81: Live From Interstate 280


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode number 81.

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00:00:19   My name is Myke Hurley. Of course today we have an episode all about the Apple event

00:00:26   that has occurred the March 21st Apple event, but we're doing something a little bit different.

00:00:31   Of course we're going to talk about the event and everything that went down,

00:00:34   but before we do, I want to hand over to our reporter in the field, Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:40   Good morning Myke, good morning listeners. You are listening to me coming from inside my car.

00:00:54   I am Jason Snell and this is the weirdest episode ever of Upgrade.

00:01:01   So it's 7-11 and I am making my way from my home in Marin County,

00:01:12   Northern California, just north of San Francisco. I'm going to go across the Golden Gate Bridge

00:01:17   And then I'm going to end up going through the city of San Francisco and down US 101.

00:01:27   Well, let's see, through the city of San Francisco. Well, okay, so here's the Sturbest, San Francisco.

00:01:33   They don't have a lot of freeways where you might expect there to be freeways like through the city.

00:01:38   So after I get off the Golden Gate Bridge, I have to go on the streets of San Francisco

00:01:44   through the city on Park Presidio Avenue and 19th Avenue.

00:01:54   And then on to Interstate 280.

00:01:56   And then that'll take me the rest

00:01:57   of the way to Infinite Loop and Cupertino for the Apple event,

00:02:00   which this episode is actually about.

00:02:04   I'm on the freeway now.

00:02:05   It's very exciting.

00:02:08   So before we get to the post-event part of the car cast, which is what I'm calling this,

00:02:16   I thought I would talk a little bit about the event atmosphere, because I know Myke

00:02:21   likes to do that.

00:02:23   Myke likes me to talk about it, because he's never been to one of these Apple Media events.

00:02:28   So this town hall, this is going to take place in the Town Hall Conference Center, which

00:02:32   is in R&D4 at Infinite Loop.

00:02:37   And Stephen Hackett and I over the weekend

00:02:40   compiled a list of kind of the notable town hall events

00:02:43   that have happened since the iPod introduction in 2001,

00:02:49   which I went to.

00:02:50   And there are a few before then, but we

00:02:52   decided that the history of that place--

00:02:56   internet history gets really vague before 2001,

00:02:59   so we didn't want to make any claims.

00:03:01   We feel like we're pretty confident that our list is everything that's been since 2001.

00:03:05   And it's really like one a year there have been these events at the town hall.

00:03:10   Town hall was designed almost certainly for internal communications, right?

00:03:17   Team meetings.

00:03:18   When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, there were probably team meetings in there.

00:03:22   You can have up to 300 people talking about what the vision for the group is or the company

00:03:26   or whatever.

00:03:28   As a media event area, it used to be fine.

00:03:32   The iPod event was just fine.

00:03:34   But over the years, as interest in Apple has grown, a 300-seat venue is ridiculously small

00:03:40   for any event.

00:03:41   At the end there, they did a couple Mac-related events there.

00:03:47   But in general, it's a tough ticket, and I'm fortunate to even be getting in there.

00:03:52   Also, the way that they handled this over the years has really changed.

00:03:54   It used to be you would show up in front of R&D 4, you'd just park in the parking lot

00:03:58   behind number 4, and go up and there would be a couple of fold out tables and PR people

00:04:05   with little printed out lists of people and they'd check you in and they'd give you a

00:04:09   badge and you'd go inside.

00:04:14   Actually you'd wait outside and they might have some bagels on a table over in the corner

00:04:18   but everybody would mill around outside and eventually they would let us in to this teeny

00:04:22   tiny lobby on the inside but that was super claustrophobic and then eventually they let

00:04:28   you in.

00:04:29   They have changed it now.

00:04:31   That was the way it was for a long time.

00:04:33   There was this interim step where what they did was, I don't know what usually is upstairs

00:04:38   from there but I think they changed it at some point into a briefing center or certainly

00:04:43   it's convertible into that.

00:04:45   So there's an upstairs right off of the lobby for R&D 4, which is the super narrow lobby.

00:04:55   And there's an upstairs with a large room, like a common room, that I think was meant

00:04:59   to be sort of like the hangout meeting place area for the employees who worked there.

00:05:04   And so then they started outfitting that with like, it has chairs, but they'd also like

00:05:08   put some breakfast out up there.

00:05:10   The first time we saw that, we're like, "What is happening with Apple?"

00:05:13   They're like giving us, like there were like egg stations

00:05:18   and stuff, it was bizarre.

00:05:19   We're like, what is happening?

00:05:21   But I think they decided that it was a little embarrassing

00:05:24   for them to have the folding tables and bagels

00:05:27   in the corner and they wanted to kind of do it up.

00:05:30   And also there were so many people that it was unruly.

00:05:33   So they put in that extra effort.

00:05:35   And for the last event,

00:05:37   and what I believe they're doing today

00:05:38   is they're actually having us come to R&D One.

00:05:40   There's a special parking lot at the front

00:05:42   that is usually like visitor parking that they're going to limit for this, which is good because

00:05:48   another unreported story about Apple is that parking at the Apple campus is ridiculous these days.

00:05:52   Like ridiculous. They actually have hired a valet service and they now double park cars in

00:06:01   the Apple parking lot because there's not enough room because the campus is packed.

00:06:05   So, but they for this event they've made this space available over by one infinite loop which

00:06:12   is where it's the main entrance, that's where the new company store is, it's all over right

00:06:17   as you get in and that's like what people think of as Apple headquarters is opening

00:06:23   the door to one infinite loop.

00:06:25   So just like last time I assumed today we're going to go in through one infinite loop through

00:06:29   the main entrance which is very impressive, it's much more impressive, you're led in by

00:06:33   PR people and then they take you out into the center of the loop which is where they've

00:06:38   got a waiting area and last time there was a waiting area with some tents and again they're

00:06:46   serving food because nothing gets journalists on your good side better than serving food

00:06:53   and that's where we kind of waited out. They told us to be there by nine. The event is

00:06:58   at ten. That's to shame all of the late people into getting there on time. And so we just

00:07:06   hang out there and that's where you see the people. There are people I only see at Apple

00:07:10   events these days which is pretty funny and I like to see them and I admire their work

00:07:14   and we interact on Twitter but a lot of times I only ever see them at Apple events because

00:07:21   and not for very long. I see them before the Apple event because afterward although I see

00:07:25   them we're all working on our stories. So what happens is they'll usher us in, you'll

00:07:31   get a seat, it's super tight and uncomfortable, we'll all sit there, cover the event and then

00:07:36   afterward we're usually let into a hands-on area now with it maybe outside

00:07:43   this time now that they're sort of like setting up this area outside it's

00:07:47   possible it'll be outside if it's not outside it may be there's a piano bar

00:07:51   with the famous piano that was has been a part of Apple for decades now that

00:07:56   piano bar space is right across from from Town Hall so it may be there and

00:08:03   And it may be outside, it might be upstairs, but usually there's a big hands-on area where everybody in the press can go and get their paws on the latest stuff.

00:08:12   And it needs to be capacity for 300 people because there are 300 people that fit in the venue.

00:08:17   So it's always a challenge for them. A lot of times the size of the venue is controlled by the size of the hands-on area.

00:08:24   area because even if you had an auditorium that's seated 1,000, that's not enough.

00:08:30   Like the new one will do at the new Apple campus, that'll seat 1,000.

00:08:33   That's not enough.

00:08:34   You also need an area large enough that you can take roughly 1,000 journalists and give

00:08:38   them a reasonable amount of access to a hands-on area because that's just part of the deal

00:08:43   as far as Apple is concerned.

00:08:45   So it'll be interesting to see how that's executed, but I have no doubt that the new

00:08:50   Apple Campus Auditorium will have been designed with that need in mind.

00:08:56   And that'll be interesting to see, hopefully next year.

00:09:01   So anyway, I'll see all those people in the hands-on area afterward and we won't be talking

00:09:06   because everybody's shooting video and taking pictures.

00:09:09   That area has become more and more intense over time because now people are committed,

00:09:13   a lot of them, to shooting a bunch of photos and instantly posting a gallery or shooting

00:09:18   a lot of video.

00:09:20   And that's actually a new trend that kind of bugs me as somebody who's not that invested

00:09:24   in it.

00:09:25   And I totally understand why people do it, but there's nothing worse than waiting around

00:09:29   a hands-on area trying to look at a product, only to discover that the person who's got

00:09:32   it is there with a cameraman and they're going to shoot, "Hey guys, I'm here at the Apple

00:09:38   event and let me walk you through everything about this new iPhone."

00:09:42   And it's going to take forever.

00:09:44   So you just move on, move on to another place.

00:09:47   One of these days they should probably have a special area for people doing hands-on videos.

00:09:52   I bet you that would be a better thing.

00:09:55   Anyway, when all that is said and done, my plan right now is to hop back in the car and

00:10:00   drive back home and along the way do this experimental car cast.

00:10:07   The reason for that is largely because when they have these events in Cupertino, it takes

00:10:11   me an hour and a half to get home.

00:10:14   is prime time I should really be working on something involving the event. But I haven't

00:10:19   been able to do that because I've been just sitting there driving and there's sort of

00:10:25   like nothing else I can do with that time. It's just kind of a waste of my time. And

00:10:28   I said to Myke, "Hey Myke, what if we did a podcast during my drive home from the event?"

00:10:33   So I will do a Skype call with Myke and then record my end using this microphone that I'm

00:10:37   talking to you on now. And Myke will put it together and it will have all of the magic

00:10:42   and majesty of a podcast where somebody's in a car. So now we're going to go into the

00:10:49   upgrade time machine. I'm going to throw it back to Myke and Myke is going to tell you

00:10:54   about something really cool and then we're going to move ahead past the Apple event to

00:11:01   the aftermath. Take it away Myke.

00:11:05   Thank you to our man in the field, our man on the way to the field at that point, Mr.

00:11:10   Now as Jason said when we come back from this break we will be together talking about everything

00:11:16   that happened in the Apple event from our very special show in which we're recording

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00:13:18   you so much to ministry of supply for their support of this show and relay FM. Okay, so

00:13:23   dialling in from a road somewhere in Cupertino is our intrepid man in the field, Mr Jason

00:13:31   Hello Mr. Jason Snell, welcome to Upgrade.

00:13:35   Hi Myke, welcome to Upgrade indeed.

00:13:39   I am coming to you live from the Interstate 280.

00:13:43   You might know it from the maps icon.

00:13:47   And I just have left the Apple Campus where I just finished

00:13:51   working on the Apple Media event.

00:13:55   Interstate 280 is my favorite of all the Interstates.

00:13:59   the best number of all of them 280. So we are trying something a little bit

00:14:03   different today you are we wanted to get the show out as quick as possible of all

00:14:08   of the information and you are now taking this drive and so many people

00:14:11   listen to podcasts while they drive we figured why not do a driving podcast

00:14:17   so here we are. That's right, double the cars. Double the cars. So you're on your way back now back to

00:14:24   Six Colors HQ and yes so I want to do our usual I want to talk about the event

00:14:32   obviously you were there it was a small small audience right this this is a much

00:14:36   smaller event when they do them at Town Hall yeah it's a 300 capacity I think

00:14:44   it's very small and it used to be sufficient for Little Apple events here

00:14:49   and there back in the day but Apple is so popular and successful now that it's

00:14:53   not really sufficient for anything but the kind of smallest of events.

00:14:58   And this was one of those smaller events, but still it was a tough ticket.

00:15:02   A lot of people who usually go weren't there. Um,

00:15:06   and it's probably as Stephen Hackett and I wrote about on six colors this

00:15:11   week. And as Tim Cook mentioned at the end of the presentation,

00:15:15   so that was a pretty good bit of timing. Uh,

00:15:18   probably the last event in that venue. So,

00:15:21   So did you see everybody? Like was there a good crowd there today?

00:15:24   Yeah I mean it's a lot of the same people that I usually see.

00:15:28   Jim Dalrymple, John Gruber, Matt Panzareno,

00:15:31   Rene Ritchie, you know Clayton Morris,

00:15:35   I saw Steven Levy, you know

00:15:39   the people that I see at Apple events a lot of them were there but it's a smaller crowd

00:15:42   so

00:15:43   obviously there are a lot of people who I often see at these events who

00:15:46   couldn't fit in the room so weren't there. Yeah of course.

00:15:49   So I have my notes, I was watching at home, I was watching on my iMac with my iPad Pro in front of me that I was taking notes on and reading Twitter, so I had a whole multi-screen setup going on.

00:16:02   So I figured we would go through the event chronologically and kind of talk about each of them.

00:16:09   So we started off with a video which was kind of a reminder that in a couple of weeks time, on April 1st, Apple is 40 years old.

00:16:17   old. So they did kind of a 40 second intro where they showed a lot of kind of the history

00:16:22   and the buzzwords and the colors and the product names of the company's history. I guess you

00:16:27   probably recognized quite a few things from that list including the crossed out Newton.

00:16:32   Haha that's the, that's how you deleted things on the Newton list writing with that way.

00:16:38   Yeah I recognized a lot of that stuff and I'm looking forward to going back through

00:16:43   the video and watching it because obviously it just shot by and there's probably I did

00:16:49   have an idea for a few stories based on that because I want to write about the 40th anniversary

00:16:53   too. I'm sure Mr. Stephen Hackett is already writing the complete annotated version of

00:16:59   that video and if he isn't he should probably get on that.

00:17:03   Yeah most definitely. I think he sent me a message I believe he said I should have made

00:17:09   this and it's like yeah that feels feels like this is right up your alley and

00:17:14   then Tim it was Tim time Tim came out and he said a couple of words about how

00:17:20   many Apple devices that there are and we kind of heard about this on the last

00:17:24   financial analyst called that there's 1 billion Apple devices in use right now

00:17:28   and he used this as a springboard to jump right into the FBI thing and me and

00:17:35   you spoke about this last week and I think we both came to the conclusion that it was

00:17:40   likely that this would come up in some way and Tim went at it head on and he started

00:17:46   talking about the way that our devices are personal to us and he was saying things like

00:17:53   how much power should we give the government over our data and privacy and he carried on

00:17:58   by saying like we did as Apple we did not expect to be at odds with our government but

00:18:03   We believe we have a responsibility to our customers.

00:18:05   We owe it to them and will not shrink

00:18:07   from this responsibility.

00:18:09   This was performed very well.

00:18:11   It was considered and impassioned.

00:18:14   How did it feel being in the room?

00:18:15   This got quite an ovation afterwards

00:18:18   to hear Tim so strongly talk about this FBI scenario.

00:18:23   - Well, you know, we've heard him talk about this before,

00:18:27   so it wasn't surprising, I guess.

00:18:29   And the people in the room get it.

00:18:31   It's the people in the room, it's the first five rows

00:18:34   are Apple employees or special guests,

00:18:35   and then the rest of the room is reporters covering Apple.

00:18:38   But anybody who's writing about this

00:18:40   and understands the technology industry knows,

00:18:43   knows what Apple's doing here

00:18:45   and knows what the FBI is trying to pull.

00:18:47   And I'm pretty sure that almost everybody in that room

00:18:51   believes that Apple is in the right.

00:18:53   And I was surprised, and we talked about it,

00:18:55   like you said last week, I was a little surprised

00:18:58   that this is, that it was in as depth as it was.

00:19:03   I sort of anticipated a nod to it, you know,

00:19:06   like a, you know, of course we're,

00:19:08   we take your privacy seriously,

00:19:10   you may have heard something about that,

00:19:11   but instead he, you know, to Tim Cook's credit,

00:19:15   he tackled it head on.

00:19:16   I feel like he is an incredibly,

00:19:20   I think one of his superpowers actually is that

00:19:22   he's a very, he seems like a very honest

00:19:25   and straightforward guy.

00:19:26   I just, I don't get any artifice from Tim Cook.

00:19:30   He feels like a genuine person.

00:19:35   And so when he says we care about this stuff

00:19:38   and it matters to us and we wanna,

00:19:40   when they say that they want to leave the world

00:19:42   a better place and when they say that they care

00:19:45   about the privacy and security of their customers,

00:19:48   I believe him, I don't think this is,

00:19:50   I mean, it is, the challenge is it is also PR, right?

00:19:52   This is a press event, it's a media event.

00:19:55   It's meant to be company PR.

00:19:56   It is company PR, it does make them look good,

00:19:59   but I also think they believe it.

00:20:02   And Tim Cook certainly, I think, believes it.

00:20:04   - Yeah, I definitely stand with you on the believing part.

00:20:08   You can tell he does.

00:20:10   This did feel to me like the reason of bringing this up now

00:20:12   is because there has been some public pushback,

00:20:16   maybe from the media spinning this,

00:20:18   or people that just don't believe

00:20:20   that this should be Apple's view.

00:20:21   So I definitely saw this as a time where they can say,

00:20:23   "This is why we're doing it.

00:20:25   There are customers of ours that think this is the right thing to do.

00:20:28   We wanted to give you a little bit of like background as to why we believe this

00:20:31   is important, you know, for the people watching that maybe didn't agree.

00:20:35   Having seen that like and having seen this from Apple today,

00:20:40   I can definitely see why they did this.

00:20:43   I think that it was the right thing for them to come out and say something on

00:20:47   this stage because if they didn't, you know,

00:20:49   they would have basically just been called cowards in the press.

00:20:53   Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you.

00:20:55   actually, and looking at it like that, I think you're right.

00:20:58   How could you not talk about it?

00:21:00   Like, how could you not?

00:21:01   How could you, you know, Apple today tried to release

00:21:03   a bunch of products while ignoring the huge,

00:21:06   you know, the elephant in the room, essentially.

00:21:08   So, you know, I'm glad Cook took the time.

00:21:11   I'm glad they took the time to talk about the other stuff

00:21:13   that we're gonna get to.

00:21:14   I think it needed to be said in some form.

00:21:17   We know that we've seen for the last few weeks,

00:21:20   it's a back and forth dialogue between Apple and the FBI,

00:21:24   in terms of who says what to whom

00:21:27   and what Ovid runs and what newspaper or on what website.

00:21:31   This was Apple's serve.

00:21:33   Apple got a chance in its own event to make its pitch.

00:21:38   And tomorrow, you know, tomorrow we're gonna get it

00:21:40   on a neutral court theoretically

00:21:42   in the case between the Apple FBI case.

00:21:47   And we'll see then.

00:21:49   But this was their, how do you pass up an opportunity

00:21:51   to have your swing today?

00:21:54   And so they took it.

00:21:56   - Yeah, and I think it was the right thing to do.

00:21:57   And then they took an interesting move on from here.

00:22:01   And I wanna get some thoughts from you in a moment

00:22:05   as to why they may have done this,

00:22:08   but they went into two different areas,

00:22:10   environment and health.

00:22:11   So first up, they brought Lisa Jackson onto stage.

00:22:14   I believe this is her first outing on the stage for Apple.

00:22:19   - I think so.

00:22:20   - And basically this was all about Apple's renewable energy

00:22:24   and they're recycling.

00:22:25   They're kind of the two big things they're focusing on.

00:22:28   93% of Apple's facilities currently run on renewable energy.

00:22:32   They're targeting 100.

00:22:34   And they were given some examples of facilities

00:22:36   where they're building their own renewable energy sources

00:22:40   where they can't get eco-power from the grid.

00:22:43   So that was really cool to see some of those.

00:22:46   And also they were showing about their efforts in packaging.

00:22:51   99% of their packaging now comes from recycled paper or sustainably managed forests.

00:22:58   But the really cool thing that they showed off was an R&D project called Liam.

00:23:03   And they even created a little video about this.

00:23:05   Liam is a robot that is disassembling...

00:23:08   Or not.

00:23:09   Yeah, or not.

00:23:10   He's disassembling Apple's products.

00:23:13   So they showed this little system of it detecting parts with a camera which it can remove and

00:23:20   And then it filters them so they can harvest the materials basically for use in later products.

00:23:27   This thing is crazy.

00:23:28   Yeah, I like the idea that what Apple is saying is that they're not just using their technical

00:23:35   acumen to build products, they're actually using some of their technical acumen to build

00:23:42   products that disassemble tools, that disassemble their products.

00:23:46   So that they're in a better, because that's one of the problems with electronics recycling

00:23:51   is that it's this mixed up set of waste of different kinds of metals and glass and all

00:23:59   these different things that go into this.

00:24:01   And so I think it's really interesting that Apple is now highlighting that they built

00:24:05   a tool, and she said it was built in California, they built a robot or not, that it's designed

00:24:13   to pick apart Apple products so that Apple's recycling efforts of its own products could

00:24:18   be more efficient.

00:24:19   The video is really great.

00:24:20   People should definitely check out the video.

00:24:22   It is a really impressive, cool little bit of machinery.

00:24:27   Yeah, I don't know where that video lives.

00:24:31   So I'll see if I can find that.

00:24:34   I assume it's in the presentation stream.

00:24:36   Presumably they will post all of those videos on their own at some point to Apple.com, but

00:24:42   uh... you know we're we're recording this like an hour after the event so it

00:24:47   may not be up yet

00:24:48   yeah but they will be able to be at least in the presentation for sure it's

00:24:52   not on their environment page right now but but it might be there

00:24:55   of kyle's the gray has uh... said just sent to me in the chat room

00:24:58   uh... the recycling page and the liam video is at the bottom of the recycling

00:25:03   page this is also a thing that apple viva revamped or they're pushing more

00:25:07   which is that uh... recycling

00:25:09   efforts bringing in stuff you can

00:25:12   send products to them now you can print off

00:25:15   uh... your

00:25:16   but the shipping labels for free

00:25:18   uh... i'd say something i like on the recycling page as you can see this

00:25:21   all of the images of the products they're all dinged up every single one

00:25:25   uh... they've all the scratches on them and nix taken out of them and it's

00:25:28   really fun to see apples products on their own website

00:25:32   uh... all dinged up like this so

00:25:34   that's that's really cool i like that

00:25:37   so you can get their really promoting this heavily

00:25:40   which is good stuff you know to really highlight these types of things

00:25:44   a little bit more

00:25:47   also they went into health and Jeff Williams came on stage again for this

00:25:51   if you remember Jeff he introduced research kit

00:25:55   and they had an update about research kit today they were talking about how

00:25:58   some of the

00:26:00   things that come from research kit as some of the studies have become some of

00:26:03   the largest medical studies in history and this had happened basically overnight

00:26:07   because of the amount of people they were able to get

00:26:10   onto these programs by offering these apps through the phone.

00:26:12   They showed some really great videos of some of the apps and tools that are helping discover

00:26:18   children with autism, highlighting data collection for Parkinson's and epilepsy.

00:26:22   They're really heartwarming videos, but they're a good thing to show because this is stuff

00:26:28   that Apple is helping create and they're helping provide the tools for people to go out and

00:26:32   make these apps and experiences.

00:26:35   They also showed off CareKit today, which is a new framework to build apps specifically

00:26:39   to help people take an active role in their care. So they started with a Parkinson's app

00:26:45   to try and help people understand how to take better care of themselves by logging activity

00:26:50   and logging their feelings. They also showed how you can share this information with a

00:26:54   doctor and they can update what medications you should be taking and stuff like that.

00:26:59   So again this is just another really nice thing that Apple is doing and I saw quite

00:27:06   a few people mention the "dent in the universe" line.

00:27:10   And this stuff does highlight that.

00:27:12   It can be easy when you're talking about these things as an Apple fan to sound sycophantic,

00:27:17   right?

00:27:18   That you're saying that Apple is amazing because they changed the world by making it better

00:27:21   for everyone.

00:27:22   But if this stuff really does make a difference in medical care, this is great because, do

00:27:27   you know what, they don't have to do this.

00:27:31   Yeah I think Apple, we're talking again, we talked about it last year too about their

00:27:35   core values. This is an interesting place where some Apple could just stop at selling

00:27:44   a phone right or a watch but it's got a strategy and the strategy involves making money but

00:27:51   it also involves sort of like how do we take advantage of this technology that's in all

00:27:58   of our pockets and on our many of our wrists right and some of that is health like health

00:28:03   and fitness stuff, but definitely they, and I think the reason Jeff Williams is doing

00:28:08   a lot of this is because he's so involved with the Apple Watch stuff, that this is part

00:28:12   of Apple's belief that if we've all got supercomputers in our pockets and we can start to have sensors

00:28:19   on our bodies that are all connected, that somebody needs to put all of that together

00:28:26   and all that data and be able to again make the world a better place, right?

00:28:32   And I think this is one of those areas where Apple's business motives and maybe its altruistic

00:28:40   motives are in alignment.

00:28:43   That this shows off and provides a use for this technology that they're building and

00:28:49   selling.

00:28:50   But at the same time, I think that there's the question of like, well, who else would

00:28:54   do this?

00:28:56   It's sort of up to the platform vendors to push forward on this.

00:29:00   And I don't know what Google's initiatives are in this area for using Android, and if

00:29:05   they work with hardware partners on it, they may, and they may have that too.

00:29:09   But certainly from Apple's perspective, as the platform owner, as the designer of the

00:29:13   hardware and the software for so many of these devices, for certainly the iPhone and the

00:29:17   Apple Watch, that it fits.

00:29:20   It fits with what they're doing.

00:29:22   And to me, that's what that whole first part of this presentation was about, is never forget,

00:29:28   It's a PR event, Apple wants you to know how great they are about doing those things, but

00:29:33   it doesn't change the fact that they're doing them.

00:29:36   Yeah, definitely.

00:29:38   But why do you think Apple chose to open the event in this style?

00:29:44   Why not the usual retail updates?

00:29:46   Why this kind of messaging, do you think?

00:29:51   I think this is...

00:29:52   I don't know.

00:29:53   I mean, it feels a little bit like an example of Apple rethinking its sort of standard playbook.

00:29:58   "Yes, tell us about how many retail stores you opened. Yes, tell us again how many activations you've got."

00:30:06   They did say there are a billion Apple devices currently active.

00:30:09   But, I don't know, do you have to do that every time? When do you get a chance to talk about ResearchKit?

00:30:15   Is it at WWDC? Maybe.

00:30:18   So, I think, I don't know. I think they don't need to remind us how great their numbers are.

00:30:25   Also, not to be cynical, but the iPhone sales aren't exactly shooting through the stratosphere

00:30:31   right now.

00:30:32   They've kind of plateaued.

00:30:33   So maybe they've decided this is a perfectly good time to get the focus a little bit off

00:30:36   of raw numbers.

00:30:39   And then I'll throw in there too, when Apple is trying to portray itself in this battle

00:30:43   with the FBI, especially as caring about its customers, coming out, is it maybe a liability

00:30:50   that they're one of the most profitable companies in history?

00:30:54   Does that make it problematic for them to say that they have altruistic motives and

00:30:59   they care about their customers when they're incredibly profitable?

00:31:02   And could it be seen as boasting about their success if they do that versus seeming a little

00:31:07   more humble and giving back and taking that approach?

00:31:11   Maybe that's a better approach tone-wise while they're locked in a battle with the US government

00:31:16   over these privacy issues.

00:31:18   Yeah, it definitely doesn't hurt to take this kind of stance from a PR perspective.

00:31:26   And I agree, I think as maybe some of the sales numbers get just a little bit less crazier

00:31:35   and crazier every time and they become more flat maybe, it becomes less of an exciting

00:31:40   story to show them off, I think.

00:31:42   Right, well then it becomes, yep, we made more money, we made more billions of dollars

00:31:46   on the iPhone, yep, which is less exciting than look at the iPhone growth. It's amazing.

00:31:52   We're in these new countries and look at all of our retail sales expansion. Maybe that's

00:31:58   not as big a deal now. And people are going to be much more inclined to listen to a company

00:32:05   that is talking about how it wants to make the world a better place than if it's like

00:32:11   Scrooge McDuck diving in a giant pool of gold coins, right?

00:32:15   Which is being seen as boastful and rich and all of that.

00:32:18   Those are not good things to put yourself out as being, especially when you're really

00:32:23   relying on the public to get behind you.

00:32:26   Yep.

00:32:27   All right, after this break, we're going to talk about some of the product updates and

00:32:31   announcements.

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00:35:19   This special episode of Upgrade.

00:35:22   So we move on to the Apple Watch now. Just a very quick update on the Apple Watch. Basically

00:35:32   some statistics which are not very useful. Top selling smart watch number one in customer

00:35:37   satisfaction. Market's not huge right now. Yeah take a drink on the customer set numbers.

00:35:45   I guess the biggest news is the new bands. The watch does now start at $299 so there's

00:35:51   been a price drop which is great but you know the product is getting a bit old now so a

00:35:56   price drop is not crazy. This will probably help shift some of the stock that they've

00:36:02   got in advance of new hardware later in the year. So we have a few new bands. We have

00:36:07   a woven nylon band. It's kind of like the NATO bands that people were talking about.

00:36:12   The images that Apple showed on stage, they didn't look too great to me. The images on

00:36:17   Apple's website and from Verge hands-on look nicer so I'm assuming you've seen

00:36:21   these these bands Jason what's your opinion?

00:36:26   They're not I mean they're not for me but they're nice they're there I like

00:36:31   you know we had those rumors about that they were gonna do the NATO watch strap

00:36:35   style sort of thing and instead it's more like Apple's take on that with the

00:36:40   with the woven nylon. So if you want a woven fabric band, they look nice. That's not my,

00:36:48   you know, preference in terms of style, but they look nice. And then they also did... and Tim Cook

00:36:57   actually said, I believe, "Spring colors." These are our spring colors. So it's fascinating to see

00:37:03   the fashion angle here where they refresh the colors so there are like, I don't know, I have

00:37:10   a picture of it, like 20 new bands if you count all the different colors of all the different

00:37:16   styles. There's even like the sport band, the orange that I've got, that's out. There's a new

00:37:21   orange. So see, this is what I'm saying, it's fascinating because it's all about

00:37:27   personalization and style and fashion and I think that's fun. I wish Apple would get beyond the four

00:37:34   colors of the iPhone and MacBook. I wish we would have some more fun colors in the other products

00:37:45   they make. Well all of the colors, the new spring colors, are reflected in the in new cases for the

00:37:51   iPhone. Yeah you can put a case on that. That's fine. I just, you know, I would love the iPhone

00:37:56   to get colorful again. Or colorful like the Nanos got colorful at some point. I know we've

00:38:03   talked about that before. But yeah, it's more styles and there was a statistic too. I forget

00:38:10   what it was that what a third of Apple Watch users wear more than one band. I didn't catch that,

00:38:16   but that doesn't surprise me. Yeah, and I'm one of those people. I have three different bands.

00:38:21   I switch them around. I like wearing them all and it's just kind of fun. It makes my watch feel more

00:38:27   fun to wear because it's not the same old same old all the time. I wear the orange for a while.

00:38:33   I've got the orange on now, the orange sport, and then I'll think, "Oh, I'm going to switch to the

00:38:38   black leather now," and I'll wear that for a little while and then I'll switch to the black sport.

00:38:41   It's fun to have that. I am not a fashionable person, so I'm not really doing it so much to

00:38:49   to be seen as I am to to just have kind of fun and enjoy what I'm wearing.

00:38:55   And yeah, and just have it not seem like, you know, it's like you bought a new thing

00:39:00   except you didn't.

00:39:00   You just walked in a new band for a while.

00:39:03   So the new sport bands that I'm personally interested in,

00:39:07   there is a yellow, a royal blue and the product red.

00:39:10   So I want to go to a store and look at those.

00:39:13   They have the woven nylon bands, which I want to take a look at.

00:39:18   I'm hoping that maybe they'll be in the Apple stores tomorrow.

00:39:21   I'll take a look and see if I can reserve one and go take a look at one.

00:39:24   They have a new black Milanese loop and they for the first time

00:39:28   have colors in the classic buckle.

00:39:31   So they have a bunch of colored leather and colors in the modern buckle as well.

00:39:35   So they're branching out of just the standard ones there.

00:39:38   Yeah, there was a there was like a purpley purpley or bluey kind of.

00:39:43   I'm bad with colors of classic buckle that I really I thought looked really great.

00:39:47   Yeah. And I know, I thought of you, the moment I saw this, I thought of you and I thought,

00:39:52   "Oh, Myke's going to be going to the Apple store and stare at the pretty new colors and

00:39:56   come home with a new Apple Watch band or two." I love them. I really, as you say, it's about

00:40:01   the customization thing and I like changing them up. I think it's fun. They're not massively

00:40:06   expensive. I mean, look, if you add up how much money I will have ended up spending,

00:40:10   you know, I could end up getting close to buying another Apple Watch. But my hope would

00:40:14   be that these will work on my next one too. So I think this is just a fun little thing,

00:40:20   I like to do it in the same way that people would buy clothes. So that's all that we have

00:40:24   on the Apple Watch which is not surprising, I think that was all that we expected. I think

00:40:28   maybe we got more band customisation than we thought we were going to get. Some of those

00:40:33   modern buckle and leather, the modern buckle and the clasp one and the classic buckle that

00:40:40   I think that we weren't really expecting to get all of those so you know there's more

00:40:43   there.

00:40:44   Then we move on to the Apple TV, not really much mentioned here, just tvOS 9.2 is now

00:40:50   available, it has folders and dictation, they mentioned on stage.

00:40:55   Was this Jaws giving this part of the presentation?

00:40:59   Yeah Greg Jawsiak who has been at Apple forever and occasionally appears in keynotes and other

00:41:08   media events and it was Jaws doing the... he did the iPhone, did he do the Apple TV?

00:41:14   Or was that... that would have been Tim Cook.

00:41:17   Yeah it was either Tim or Craig I think.

00:41:22   Basically the usual suspects weren't on stage today.

00:41:26   It was Tim I think.

00:41:27   Craig Federighi wasn't on stage today.

00:41:29   And neither was Eddie.

00:41:30   No, instead that was Craig Jaws.

00:41:32   So the Apple TV stuff, I mean, it's the stuff that was in the beta.

00:41:37   So people who've been following the beta know about it.

00:41:39   But you know, I think for me,

00:41:40   most notable is support for iCloud photo library.

00:41:43   The fact, and for every Apple TV update,

00:41:45   we're gonna say the same thing,

00:41:46   which is why was that not in there when it launched?

00:41:49   But it's in there now.

00:41:51   That was one of the great mysteries to me.

00:41:54   And yeah, support for dictation,

00:41:56   support for more data sources,

00:41:57   with even more on the way.

00:41:59   Tim Cook said, that was Tim Cook,

00:42:01   'cause I remember him, he got to say,

00:42:03   "Great HBO, like Game of Thrones and Veep,

00:42:05   And then of course Silicon Valley.

00:42:09   So yeah, that's all good.

00:42:11   It's just, it's funny.

00:42:13   I don't want to complain about it

00:42:14   because I think it's great that they keep iterating

00:42:16   on Apple TV and they should keep iterating on it.

00:42:19   It's a little bit funny that a lot of this stuff

00:42:22   has taken six months to get on the device.

00:42:24   But it's great that they're doing it.

00:42:26   I'm very happy to see after, you know,

00:42:29   what, a couple of years of stasis with the old Apple TV

00:42:32   that the shipping of the Apple TV last fall

00:42:36   was not the end of the conversation,

00:42:38   that they're actively adding new stuff to it to this day.

00:42:42   That's actually great to see.

00:42:44   - You know, when I hear this, and we look at this,

00:42:48   it's like, I think it would have maybe just been easier

00:42:50   for them if this just wasn't called the Apple TV,

00:42:52   it was called something else.

00:42:54   Because this was a product that already existed,

00:42:57   we're on the fourth generation of it,

00:42:58   and we took major steps back,

00:42:59   and eventually it will be better and much better

00:43:02   it already is better in some instances, but we lost some features that we were kind of clawing back over time and say well

00:43:09   It's kind of is a different product really, but it unfortunately shares the same name

00:43:14   but it would be

00:43:17   Your comparison would be to the MacBook right where the new MacBook is not the MacBook Air

00:43:22   Which means that we can complain about it being slower than the MacBook Air, but it's not the MacBook Air

00:43:29   We can't say the MacBook Air just got slower because it's a different product with different attributes. Yeah, and then with the Apple TV

00:43:35   It's just the Apple TV. So it it looks like a you know, it's progress on some fronts and regression on others and

00:43:42   You know, but it's good like like I said, it's good to see this stuff

00:43:47   I can say that maybe some of it should have been there sooner, but you know, it's there now and

00:43:51   That's good. That's raining

00:43:55   It comes the rain. Yeah, this is the one thing we were hoping wouldn't happen

00:43:59   It is coming down hard. Don't you live in California?

00:44:04   Yeah, I guess we get all of our rain in a very short burst it's right now which is right it's funny leaving

00:44:11   Leaving Apple. I it started to rain and I people were scurrying and Apple PR people were like

00:44:18   Engage rain protocol. Hey

00:44:22   because

00:44:25   The event was, as I mentioned at the beginning when I was driving down here, the event was,

00:44:31   this is like a downpour, people were like stopped on the freeway. This is amazing.

00:44:35   The event was held in town hall, but we entered through R&D1. So they had to station people

00:44:45   throughout the entire center of the Apple campus to show us where to go and more specifically to

00:44:51   have us stay away from places the public is not supposed to go. And so those people all got very

00:45:01   wet. And some of them had umbrellas, but I think when they engaged the rain protocol, that's what

00:45:07   they were doing. It was basically trying to figure out, like, can we hand out the raincoats to the

00:45:14   people or do they have everybody exit some other direction or something? I don't know.

00:45:19   In California we don't expect the rain and so it's always a surprise when it comes.

00:45:23   So moving on we have the iPhone. So iPhone is up next and basically this is all about the iPhone SE

00:45:33   which is the product name. Apple kind of did a good job here which is something I think they've

00:45:40   been criticized that lately and actually they do a good job with the iPad as well and which we'll

00:45:45   which we'll talk about in a bit,

00:45:46   of explaining why this product exists.

00:45:49   This has been a criticism of previous keynotes, I think,

00:45:53   in the tech press and on other podcasts,

00:45:57   is they weren't doing a good job

00:45:58   of explaining why the product exists,

00:46:00   but they make this very clear.

00:46:01   - Well, you're going against

00:46:02   conventional wisdom here, too, right?

00:46:03   The conventional wisdom is the future is bigger phones,

00:46:08   so why would you do something that was not a bigger phone?

00:46:12   Why in the world would you go backward?

00:46:14   And so they have to say-

00:46:15   - I'll tell you why.

00:46:16   It's because they sold 30 million four inch phones in 2015.

00:46:20   - Yep.

00:46:22   And again, this comes back to perspective.

00:46:24   We tech savvy people, we're buying the more expensive phone.

00:46:31   We are on the cutting edge.

00:46:32   We want the giant screen.

00:46:34   Our priorities are not the priorities of everybody.

00:46:38   And that's what they said is like

00:46:41   in certain parts of the world

00:46:43   and in people buying their first smartphone,

00:46:48   there are lots of scenarios where this is the phone

00:46:54   that they want, is the four inch phone.

00:46:56   And they sold a lot of them.

00:46:58   And so it may be boring to us.

00:47:01   It may be a small part of the market

00:47:04   compared to the whole smartphone market,

00:47:06   but it's still important.

00:47:08   And I think the larger story is Apple needed

00:47:11   modern product to replace the 5S, right? Because they still want a product in that slot, they

00:47:16   want a product of that size, they want a product of that price, but the 5S is just too old.

00:47:21   It's too slow, it doesn't do touch ID, it's just like, or I mean not touch ID, it doesn't

00:47:25   do Apple Pay, it's like all of these things that it can't do, the camera isn't very good,

00:47:31   you gotta do something there. And so this is, we kind of called it a couple years ago,

00:47:36   I think we talked about this a year plus ago, that at some point they were going to have

00:47:41   to decide, does the four inch phone fall off the bottom of the price list or not, and if

00:47:45   not, what do you do?

00:47:47   And this is the answer, which is, you know, we need to update the insides and make it

00:47:52   a 6S, essentially, on the inside, even though it looks like a 5S on the outside.

00:47:58   Yeah.

00:47:59   So, which is essentially what they did.

00:48:01   From a cosmetic perspective, basically all they seemed to mention on stage was Matt Chamford

00:48:07   Edges and it has all the colours and they have the reflective Apple logo.

00:48:13   There was rumours of curved glass on the edges, did you find this?

00:48:17   I'm sure you've seen and handled the SE.

00:48:22   Yes I held it in my hand.

00:48:25   It is a 5S.

00:48:28   It is a 5S through and through.

00:48:30   You would not, other than some very subtle things,

00:48:35   I'd say most notably, very subtly,

00:48:38   that the Apple on the back is different,

00:48:40   and the fact that the chamfers are matte and not shiny,

00:48:44   it is a 5S.

00:48:46   It looks no different.

00:48:51   It's that style.

00:48:52   If you're hoping for a four-inch phone

00:48:56   that looked like an iPhone 6, you're not gonna get it,

00:48:58   because it is a dead ringer for the iPhone 5S.

00:49:03   - So I guess this was one of the things

00:49:06   from the Gorman rumors that didn't really pan out that way,

00:49:10   right?

00:49:11   - Yeah, I wonder.

00:49:12   We were also talking at the event about,

00:49:15   one of the challenges about not having any leaks

00:49:17   for this product is how would you know?

00:49:20   If it looks exactly like the 5S,

00:49:26   how would you even know that it was not the 5S, right?

00:49:31   That no part leak would do it justice

00:49:34   because all the chassis at least is exactly the same,

00:49:37   or almost exactly the same.

00:49:39   So that's a way for Apple to do things in secret,

00:49:43   is not change the case.

00:49:45   - I don't know how far that's gonna work.

00:49:48   - No, probably has limited usefulness,

00:49:51   but it worked in this case.

00:49:53   - So talking about the insides of this thing,

00:49:55   It's a 6S in a small body.

00:49:57   It has the A9 and the M9, significantly improved battery,

00:50:01   has a 12 megapixel camera, focus pixels,

00:50:05   true tone flash, live photos, retina flash on the front,

00:50:09   because the phone's thicker, there's no camera bump.

00:50:13   It has Apple Pay in it as well.

00:50:14   This is, you know, for all intents and purposes,

00:50:17   this is an iPhone 6S Mini.

00:50:19   - It really is, it really is.

00:50:22   And I think some people will be surprised

00:50:25   that it's so powerful.

00:50:28   My gut feeling is that it's this powerful

00:50:33   because they probably don't expect

00:50:34   to update this product every year.

00:50:36   - Yeah, like what happened with the Mini.

00:50:39   - Exactly, right?

00:50:40   You make it, you make it with the iPad Air 2, right?

00:50:43   - Yeah.

00:50:44   - Where you make it really powerful

00:50:45   and then you don't need to update it for a couple of years.

00:50:50   And that's, I think that's what they're doing here

00:50:52   I don't think in a year we're going to see a new bumped iPhone SE.

00:50:56   I think the iPhone SE will be like this for a couple of years.

00:50:59   And then at some point, maybe, they will bump it to the iPhone 7 or 7S spec.

00:51:05   But right now, it's a 6S to all intents and purposes.

00:51:11   The processor may be clocked down, I don't know.

00:51:14   And I don't know about the RAM in it.

00:51:16   it. But yeah, I asked about the camera and they said, well, the body is different because

00:51:24   the phone body is different, but that the camera itself is 12 megapixel camera. I mean,

00:51:29   it's basically a success camera, does live photos, does big panoramas. It does all the

00:51:34   stuff that the iPhone 6s does, just in a smaller size. I think for people who really like that

00:51:42   size and are not enamored with the bigger phone other than the fact that it's the way you get the

00:51:48   latest greatest, you're essentially not going to get any compromise if you get the four-inch

00:51:54   phone right now. You're getting last year's phone, right? That is something to think about.

00:52:00   It's the current phone, but it's last year's phone. It's the 2015 specs in the 2016 product

00:52:07   and maybe the 2017 product, but right now it's on class with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

00:52:16   So do you think that there's going to be a significant amount of people that

00:52:23   go back down to the smaller size now that the performance is there?

00:52:29   Oh it's a good question. I feel like

00:52:34   I feel like it's a lot of us are going to just be used to the size and not go back,

00:52:44   just because it's like once you get the bigger screen size it's awfully hard to give it up.

00:52:50   But I do think there's a class of user who never upgraded because they wanted the small

00:52:58   size and I believe there's a class of user who upgraded to the bigger phone because they

00:53:03   wanted the latest, greatest hot phone and doesn't love the size, but it's put up with

00:53:08   it.

00:53:09   So I do think that there are people in both of those camps, I think most people aren't.

00:53:13   I think most people are going to be happy with the 6 or the 6 Plus, or 6S and 6S Plus

00:53:18   size.

00:53:19   But there will definitely be some people who go back and some people who never left and

00:53:26   now don't have to.

00:53:29   Do you have any other thoughts of your own?

00:53:31   I assume looking at this device outside of the fact

00:53:34   that you've already used a 5S before

00:53:36   and you know what iOS 9.3 looks like,

00:53:40   there probably isn't much exciting going on to talk about?

00:53:43   - I think the excitement is if you're using a 5S,

00:53:47   you're using a phone that's two years old,

00:53:49   two and a half years old now.

00:53:51   And if you update to this, the excitement is,

00:53:53   if you draw the line from the 5S,

00:53:57   It's like twice as fast and has better battery life

00:54:01   and has this much better camera and does Apple Pay

00:54:03   and all these features, every feature that has come

00:54:06   in the last two and a half years to iPhones,

00:54:08   you haven't gotten 'cause you're still on the 5S.

00:54:11   So from that perspective is where it's especially impressive

00:54:14   for the rest of us, yeah, it is.

00:54:16   If you can picture all the functionality of an iPhone 6S

00:54:20   in an iPhone 5S, that's it.

00:54:23   That's what it is.

00:54:24   Like, literally, that's what it is.

00:54:27   It has almost nothing else about it is different.

00:54:30   It's this year's model in, you know,

00:54:33   the last two years ago model's body.

00:54:37   - So this phone is starting at 399 for 16 gigabytes.

00:54:43   Do you have any feeling about the 16 gigabyte?

00:54:45   - I saw people complaining about it on the internet

00:54:50   'cause that's what people do.

00:54:53   I don't know, I feel like for the essentially free phone,

00:54:56   the free with contract rock bottom prices phone,

00:54:59   I'm kinda okay with the 16.

00:55:01   - Same.

00:55:02   - There is a 64 option for $100 more.

00:55:06   You know, when they make the case that this is a phone

00:55:10   that sells well to people who are looking

00:55:12   for a cheaper phone or getting their first phone,

00:55:17   I think this goes to that, which is,

00:55:21   this is the low phone on their price list.

00:55:24   They gotta have places where they cut back.

00:55:27   And this is not where I would complain

00:55:30   about it being base 16.

00:55:32   I'm gonna complain more about 16 as a base in an iPhone 7.

00:55:36   But the iPhone SE, I think it's understandable

00:55:40   that that would start at the rock bottom,

00:55:41   like just as low as we can possibly make it

00:55:45   and still sell it.

00:55:46   So it doesn't bother me.

00:55:48   Does it bother you?

00:55:49   In this phone, no it doesn't. Because it is cheaper and this is the phone that for many

00:56:00   people they want to be as cheap as possible so if this keeps the price down any then it's

00:56:07   every you know every penny is well saved. We did just have somebody else go over Twitter.

00:56:13   Does this have 3D touch this phone? I don't think it does right?

00:56:18   does not know. So that's the one thing that it is missing from the 6s then? Yes.

00:56:22   Okay. Yes. Yeah so as you said there's a 64 gigabyte which is $499 pre-orders on

00:56:28   March 24th available on March 31st and it'll be in 100 countries by the end of

00:56:33   May. Yep yeah and I think I think I think it'll do well for them because as they

00:56:38   put up the stats the 5s has been doing well for them and this is a way better

00:56:42   phone. So I think it's going to do well for them. All of us, again, tech nerds, are going

00:56:49   to be bored by it, but it's not for us.

00:56:52   This was, again, another strange thing today. In talking about the justification of this

00:56:56   product and then the justification of the smaller iPad Pro, they gave numbers away.

00:57:01   So they gave numbers away of how many 4-inch phones are sold, and they gave numbers away

00:57:06   about how many 9.7-inch iPads have been sold.

00:57:12   - I know, they're teasing us.

00:57:14   They love bringing out those numbers.

00:57:16   They know all the details, right?

00:57:18   And they don't have to release those in the financials.

00:57:22   And every now and then they do,

00:57:23   and this is where you see the chart from Horace Deju,

00:57:25   where he's gotten like three times

00:57:29   they've mentioned this figure,

00:57:30   and I can make a chart from that, right?

00:57:32   But it's not something we get every quarter,

00:57:34   so you have to do some intuiting of the numbers

00:57:37   and what they all mean.

00:57:38   So I love it when they do that.

00:57:40   They dropped just enough data to help their case,

00:57:43   but it's not data we've heard before

00:57:44   and we may never hear it again.

00:57:46   It's hilarious, but they did.

00:57:47   They talked about how many of those small phones

00:57:50   they've sold and how many of those

00:57:52   normal sized iPads they've sold.

00:57:54   - The last thing on iPhone, I guess,

00:57:58   it was in this segment.

00:57:59   iOS 9, sorry, iOS 9.3 is available today.

00:58:04   - Yes.

00:58:08   Yes, I've been running that--

00:58:10   - Not really anything to say there

00:58:11   that we don't already know.

00:58:12   - I've been running that beta for a while.

00:58:14   Have you?

00:58:15   I know that there was a funny moment on,

00:58:17   for people who aren't listening to Canvas,

00:58:18   which is a great show about iOS productivity

00:58:21   with Fraser and Federico.

00:58:23   They were making statements about what the iPad can do

00:58:26   based on the 9.3 beta, and somebody wrote in to say,

00:58:29   why can't my device do that?

00:58:30   And it turned out, oh, that's because you're not

00:58:32   on the beta.

00:58:35   I have nothing but my highest recommendations for 9.3.

00:58:39   I've been running the beta on that iPad Pro for a while.

00:58:41   It fixes a lot of iPad Pro problems with 9.2

00:58:45   and has been very stable for me.

00:58:47   - Yeah, outside of the issue that I had with the Pencil,

00:58:51   which has now been resolved,

00:58:53   also nothing but good things to say about 9.3.

00:58:57   Night Shift really is a fantastic feature

00:59:00   and is worth upgrading alone just for that.

00:59:02   it really will change the way that you think about

00:59:05   using your device, it's lovely, I really like it.

00:59:08   You know, it's made me go and install Flux on my Mac

00:59:12   because I was enjoying it so much.

00:59:15   I wish that they could have done it

00:59:17   or could do it with the Apple Watch

00:59:19   'cause now I have this bright blue light on my wrist

00:59:21   in the evenings.

00:59:22   - Ah.

00:59:23   - But it seems that I would assume they would have done that

00:59:25   if they could have done that.

00:59:26   Maybe the display technology is not good enough to do that.

00:59:30   Alright, let's take our next break and then we'll start talking about the iPad.

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01:02:00   Freshbooks for their support of upgrade and Relay FM. All right so I would say that this is probably

01:02:08   the main event, the iPad.

01:02:12   Oh yeah.

01:02:13   So basically the kind of the spiel for this is Phil on stage doing this.

01:02:19   He said many people are telling us that the iPad Pro is becoming their primary computing

01:02:24   device.

01:02:25   They had lots of quotes from people about how the iPad Pro and the pencil is really

01:02:28   helping those who work in design.

01:02:30   They had John Lasseter up there.

01:02:32   They had a couple of other people whose names I can't remember but I just read Creativity

01:02:36   So John Lesnar's name is emblazoned in my brain.

01:02:39   Right. They had Christopher Finn, who used to be the editor at Mac format, I want to say.

01:02:47   And they quoted him, which was fun to see somebody I know quoted as praising the pencil.

01:02:54   Basically, they have introduced what Apple is referring to as the second member of the iPad Pro family.

01:03:01   It is 9.7 inches and weighs less than a pound.

01:03:07   And Apple, again, they address why are we making this, right?

01:03:12   They are saying that the display, the 9.7 inch display, is the display that they started

01:03:18   with because it's large but easy enough to carry.

01:03:21   It's portable.

01:03:23   It's the most popular iPad size.

01:03:25   They said they sold 200 million iPads in that size since they first started selling iPads.

01:03:31   So again, you can kind of work out how many, with that number, you can now go back and

01:03:36   work out how many iPad minis have been sold, you know, up to a certain point.

01:03:39   You know, there's, Horace Dedue can run around with his hair on fire with that number now.

01:03:44   He will.

01:03:46   He was there today too, so I'm sure he was writing all those numbers down.

01:03:49   He probably already had the chart going.

01:03:52   Also, this is something really interesting, but he spent quite a bit of time talking about

01:03:57   Windows here.

01:04:00   And they basically said that the majority of people that come to Apple products from

01:04:04   Windows go to the iPad, not the Mac.

01:04:08   And then they gave a statistic that there are 600 million PCs in use that are over five

01:04:13   years old and Apple want these people.

01:04:16   So I think I've seen some people saying, "Oh, that's good.

01:04:20   They're still running."

01:04:21   I don't think the point was that Apple was saying, "Look how old all these PCs are."

01:04:25   I think their point was these people are due for an upgrade soon and they want to make

01:04:29   sure that they can be that upgrade with the iPad. And they referred to the iPad as the

01:04:35   ultimate PC replacement in more than one instance here. This is a repositioning of the iPad,

01:04:41   and I am thrilled to see this marketing message.

01:04:45   Yeah, it's funny. They talk about it in terms of Windows PCs, because they don't want to

01:04:51   trample on the Mac, which didn't get mentioned at all.

01:04:54   We'll get to that.

01:04:55   I think that's good. I was talking to John Gruber afterward, and he pointed out quite

01:04:58   rightly that it's sort of a hard sell to say this makes laptops obsolete also we

01:05:05   here are some new laptops. How do you do that? That's my feeling on this as well.

01:05:10   So you kind of leave those as separate but yeah this is seeing it as an

01:05:18   opportunity I know they feel that people use PCs for you think about a five-year

01:05:26   older PC. These are people who bought a PC, a lot of them, because they needed something to get on the internet, right?

01:05:32   Again, we have to have the perspective here of not like a super tech enthusiast, but just as a regular person.

01:05:39   There was a time, not too long ago, where there were a whole class of things that we do that we considered computer things, right?

01:05:47   And we don't anymore, because we have iPads and smartphones. We don't consider those, the computer, the personal computer is not the only way to do those things.

01:05:54   But the people who bought these PCs, some percentage of them bought them for like email or to see the web.

01:06:03   And I'm sure Apple's done a lot of research on this front. Those people are ripe to replace those things with iPads.

01:06:11   Because they don't need anything more than an iPad to do those things. My mom is like that.

01:06:19   My mom had a computer, had a MacBook Pro, to do email and the web and some photos.

01:06:26   And it was overkill, but that was sort of like the best way to get it.

01:06:30   But she replaced her MacBook with an iPad Air.

01:06:35   And it's fine, because she didn't need a computer, she didn't need a PC to do what she did.

01:06:40   And so I think that's what Apple is looking at when they're thinking of that opportunity.

01:06:43   You could also argue, we've talked about a little bit,

01:06:47   I know I've said that I think Microsoft Office is really great on iOS.

01:06:51   There are people for whom the iPad is probably fine because their idea of why they have a computer is Microsoft Office, like is Excel or Word.

01:07:01   And even for those people, there's a story for the iPad.

01:07:05   So, you know, I think it's interesting that they're going straight at old PCs, but I think it also makes sense.

01:07:13   It goes back to the initial argument about the iPad, which is for a lot of people, it's

01:07:19   that car truck argument in a way.

01:07:21   For a lot of people, you really don't need to buy another PC.

01:07:24   If you're in the market for a new device to replace your Windows PC, why would you buy

01:07:29   another PC?

01:07:30   You don't need to use it for any of those things.

01:07:33   The iPad will do it all and be lighter and better.

01:07:38   So then they go on to talk about this product in a little bit more detail.

01:07:42   So well they throw in 1 million iPad apps, you know, fine.

01:07:48   Basically we have the same display materials here, they said as the iPad Pro 12.9, but

01:07:56   they have something new called True Tone, which appears to just be in the 9.7 iPad Pro

01:08:02   for now.

01:08:03   Yeah, there are a couple features that are only in the 9.7 iPad Pro, and we're really

01:08:07   have to come up with some shorthand for these things because 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a mouthful.

01:08:16   Yeah, let's see where this ends up settling down. Maybe Marco can give it a name like he did MacBook

01:08:21   One. Yeah, I saw Michael Gartenberg and Serenity Caldwell both were calling it the baby pro.

01:08:27   So we'll see. But at least for now let's continue with 9.7 and 12.9.

01:08:34   So there's True Tone, and then really quickly, the other feature that's slightly interesting is a wider color gamut.

01:08:42   So, you know, when the 5K iMac got revved and the 4K iMac came out, they had the support for this better color gamut.

01:08:57   They show more colors than the old 5K iMac that I've got.

01:09:03   That's the color gamut on the new iPad Pro, the 9.7 inch.

01:09:06   It's got, and not on the big iPad Pro.

01:09:09   So they're putting that wider color gamut

01:09:12   into mobile devices now,

01:09:14   and this is the first one to get it.

01:09:18   - So as well as the wide color gamut was this True Tone,

01:09:22   which is basically some additional sensors

01:09:24   that measure ambient light

01:09:25   and adjust the color temperature of the display

01:09:28   to make the display look more natural looking.

01:09:31   This sounds really great.

01:09:32   I've got to say, I'm a little bit miffed that this is in just this version.

01:09:37   It's interesting to me that just after a couple of months as the iPad Pro existing, that the

01:09:44   line has not only been duplicated but bifurcated.

01:09:48   That is an interesting decision to make on Apple's part here.

01:09:52   Yeah, I guess gone are the days of everything moving in lockstep, right?

01:09:57   Now things are just sort of like new features keep coming into the product line and then

01:10:02   keep moving out of the product line.

01:10:05   I wonder, there's a whole thing to be considered about what this means for the iPad Pro, the

01:10:11   big one.

01:10:14   Now that there's pencil support in the smaller device and all these other things that are

01:10:18   great in the smaller device, the iPad Pro is now a different choice, right?

01:10:26   choice based on wanting the size more than it is wanting the features, right?

01:10:31   Because the smaller iPad now has...so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

01:10:35   I too am kind of bummed out that my iPad Pro doesn't have this sensor.

01:10:41   So you know, all these devices have ambient light sensors so you can have it auto-adjust

01:10:44   the brightness, and I always hated that and generally I've turned that off in most of

01:10:48   my devices because I always hate sitting somewhere and the lighting slightly changes in the room

01:10:52   and suddenly my iPhone gets dimmer.

01:10:55   bugs me. But this is really interesting in that now it's detecting color, the color temperature

01:11:00   of the light in the room that you're in and adjusting the white point on the display,

01:11:08   which is really cool. That's a cool idea that if you're in a room with really yellow light,

01:11:15   what happens is your eyes adapt and your eyes do what photographers would call a white balance

01:11:20   in a camera because a camera is not eyes, your eyes adapt and say that this yellow light

01:11:27   on this white piece of paper is white.

01:11:30   But your iPad doesn't change color and their demo was really smart.

01:11:35   The iPad is always just like whatever color temperature it's set to.

01:11:40   So in a yellowish light, it's still going to have this really bluish white.

01:11:46   So with this sensor, if you're in yellowish light, it's going to reset its white point

01:11:50   to that and everything on the screen is going to be yellowish.

01:11:54   Which on one level you'd be like, "Well wait, hold on a second, I don't want that."

01:11:57   But in a lot of cases you probably do want that.

01:12:01   It probably feels a lot more natural to use the device.

01:12:05   And if you've ever flipped open your iPad or your iPhone in a dim and sort of yellowy

01:12:11   lit room and then shocked at how bright and blue the light seems. This is the feature

01:12:18   that prevents that. And you can turn it on and off, so if you don't like it, it's system

01:12:23   wide, you just turn it off and it doesn't do it anymore, just like the night shift setting.

01:12:31   Then we have four stereo speakers, the A9X and the M9, like the larger iPad Pro. Then

01:12:37   accessories. This is where it starts to get a little bit interesting. So we have

01:12:41   a new smart keyboard to fit the size. Did you get to try this?

01:12:44   I did. You know they shrunk down the keys. They shrunk down the keys. The only way

01:12:52   to get a keyboard on that smaller iPad is to make all the keys smaller. So while

01:12:59   the smart keyboard, the keyboard cover on the iPad Pro, big iPad Pro, is a

01:13:06   a full-size keyboard. This isn't. This is a shrunken down keyboard. And otherwise it feels exactly the same as the other one.

01:13:13   And they tried to make the modifier keys a little bit smaller so that they could, I'm sure, maximize the amount of keycap size for all the keys.

01:13:24   But if you're used to typing on a standard-sized keyboard, this one is not going to do it for you because it's not that size. It's scaled down.

01:13:32   For some people it won't matter. It's going to really depend on your personal typing preferences,

01:13:37   but it does not have going for it what the regular, you know, the big iPad Pro keyboard

01:13:44   cover has going for it, which is it's a standard keyboard layout. This is a shrunken down keyboard layout.

01:13:50   They then say that the greatest accessory Apple has ever made, the Apple Pencil, is also

01:13:57   enabled for this hyper pro. I agree with that. They're not making a smaller version of the pencils so that's good news

01:14:04   There's like the little pencil mini is not happening. It's just a regular old pencil. That would be bad though

01:14:10   There is a new SD card reader and a new powered USB camera adapter

01:14:18   But this is only half the story

01:14:20   Because this thing has a USB cable on and Schiller specifically called out on stage

01:14:25   you can do your podcasts right from an iPad Pro.

01:14:28   - Yeah, so he mentioned podcasts on stage

01:14:31   from the iPad Pro, that blew me away.

01:14:33   That was very interesting to even mention that.

01:14:35   I know, well, podcasters want to attach microphones to it.

01:14:38   And then I looked,

01:14:39   I thought about whether I should applaud then,

01:14:42   but I didn't want to be the only one applauding.

01:14:45   And then Rene Ritchie started applauding

01:14:47   and I immediately started applauding with him.

01:14:49   And we got a round of applause for podcasters

01:14:53   using microphones on the iPad Pro.

01:14:54   Let's get real here for a moment, shall we?

01:14:57   I mean, congratulations, we have a piece of hardware.

01:15:01   - Were we not real before?

01:15:02   - Where is the software that we need to go along it?

01:15:06   Now this is an Apple's thing, but like you can, you know,

01:15:08   it's fantastic that you can use a good microphone.

01:15:13   I don't know if it's gonna power the setup

01:15:15   that I would need, who knows, we can find out,

01:15:17   maybe it would.

01:15:18   But you know, what I would want to know

01:15:22   is that I have the software to use alongside it.

01:15:25   And what I want to be able to do is to have a call,

01:15:27   doesn't have, you know, in the background

01:15:29   and also record that call.

01:15:31   Now, until that happens, nobody's doing.

01:15:34   Well, there are people, but I can't,

01:15:36   just because you've given me the ability

01:15:38   to have a better microphone,

01:15:39   that actually doesn't really help too much.

01:15:41   I mean, it's great that you can do it, but it's one step.

01:15:43   The next step is being able to record the call.

01:15:48   - Right, right.

01:15:50   And you know, when you announce a product like this,

01:15:54   you're trying to come up with an example

01:15:56   of how you'd use this.

01:15:58   It's funny that they still call it the camera connector

01:16:00   and yet everybody knows and it's even recognized

01:16:02   on stage when it's announced.

01:16:03   They're like, yeah, it's called the camera connector

01:16:05   and you can connect your camera,

01:16:06   but you can connect other USB devices too,

01:16:09   like podcasters with microphones.

01:16:10   So my question is-

01:16:11   - Why don't you call it the USB connector?

01:16:14   - Well, one, why not call it the USB connector?

01:16:17   Two, why did you bring up the podcast?

01:16:19   Did you just feel you wanted another example?

01:16:21   Why did you bring it up on stage?

01:16:22   And three, if you care enough to use that as an example,

01:16:27   will you care enough to add better support

01:16:31   for audio recording into iOS 10?

01:16:35   I guess we'll have to wait and see for that one.

01:16:37   But if they do, then we'll all point back

01:16:40   to this announcement and be like,

01:16:41   "Aha, see, that's where they were going."

01:16:44   And if they don't, we'll be like,

01:16:46   you know, sad trombone, oh well.

01:16:48   'Cause I'll say it, right, that people have been asking me

01:16:50   about it, as you can imagine.

01:16:53   I mean, the fact that you can power, this is step one,

01:16:56   this was the first thing that I wanted,

01:16:57   was the ability to use, hopefully, any microphone I want,

01:17:01   or better microphones than what's, you know,

01:17:03   the ones that currently don't work.

01:17:05   That is step one, step two is the software part,

01:17:07   and if that comes to bear, yeah, I would do it.

01:17:10   I mean, I don't think I would change

01:17:12   my everyday podcast recording, but on location

01:17:16   and stuff like that, 100% I would just use the iPad then.

01:17:20   And if Apple puts support for this sort of stuff into iOS,

01:17:25   would I have a problem with Federico doing it then?

01:17:27   No, I wouldn't.

01:17:28   My issue right now with, say, someone like him doing this

01:17:32   is purely because it just can't work elegantly.

01:17:36   There are people that do it,

01:17:37   but they have to do it in really weird ways.

01:17:39   What we're doing today is similar.

01:17:41   - That's exactly it. - I'm speaking to you

01:17:44   over your iPhone headset,

01:17:45   and then we have a recording at the end,

01:17:47   but I can't hear you as clearly,

01:17:49   that affects the way that I can interpret what you're saying

01:17:52   and I wanna hear you as clearly as I can.

01:17:55   - My better microphone is not attached to my iPhone,

01:17:58   it's attached to a recorder that is sitting here

01:18:01   on my passenger seat recording me

01:18:04   with this clip on microphone on my shirt,

01:18:08   but you can't hear that right as we record this live,

01:18:11   but in the final recording,

01:18:13   people will be able to hear that one.

01:18:14   And this is a case where if you can unify that

01:18:17   so that I can attach a good microphone

01:18:19   and record it on my end and you can hear it live

01:18:23   and then I can send you my recording when I'm done,

01:18:25   then we will have solved it.

01:18:26   But it's not, that requires some software help

01:18:30   from Apple really in order to get it to work right.

01:18:32   So maybe we'll get there.

01:18:35   And there are a few ways Apple could do it too.

01:18:38   Apple could do it, I don't wanna spend too much time

01:18:40   podcasters talking about podcasting,

01:18:41   but Apple could do it by changing things in the system.

01:18:45   Apple could also do it by supporting some of the audio

01:18:48   controls in the web browser that Chrome supports.

01:18:53   And then you could actually potentially use web apps

01:18:55   to do it, which would be a pretty sweet solution.

01:18:58   Huh?

01:18:59   But I would really rather Apple made it possible

01:19:04   to just sort of record arbitrarily from an input device

01:19:08   while other apps are running and using the same input devices.

01:19:13   That's what I really want is I want

01:19:15   Rogue Amoeba to be able to make audio hijack for iOS

01:19:19   and let me say, OK, here's my microphone

01:19:21   that I'm going to use on this Skype call.

01:19:23   Start recording it.

01:19:24   And then switch to Skype and make a call.

01:19:27   And right now you can't do that.

01:19:28   You can't have them both function simultaneously.

01:19:31   No.

01:19:31   And it would be lovely--

01:19:32   Anyway, the other piece of the puzzle was always how do you--

01:19:36   I in fact bought a USB hub the other week on Amazon,

01:19:41   specifically so that I could power a microphone

01:19:43   attached to an iPad.

01:19:45   And this will probably make that unnecessary,

01:19:49   which is pretty cool.

01:19:51   - So in the usual, what happens after these events,

01:19:53   little bits come out that you might not know about.

01:19:56   So it's an interesting thing.

01:19:58   The 12.9 inch iPad Pro transfers data

01:20:01   over that adapter at USB three speeds.

01:20:05   The 9.7 is at USB 2 speeds.

01:20:08   - Ah, ah-ha, take that, baby iPad Pro.

01:20:12   - You keep your display warmth.

01:20:14   - We got you there.

01:20:15   - There's also a new 29-watt USB-C power adapter

01:20:19   that enables faster charging on these devices.

01:20:21   - Huh, that makes sense, right?

01:20:24   Because this one's USB-C to Lightning.

01:20:28   - Yeah, yeah.

01:20:29   - Huh, preparing us for the USB-C future.

01:20:32   - Yep, yep.

01:20:35   Then also we have the camera.

01:20:38   So the camera on the new iPad,

01:20:40   it's as good a camera as I believe in the iPhone,

01:20:45   the current iPhones, but it's got a bump.

01:20:49   - Yeah, the camera bump has moved from the iPhone 6

01:20:55   to the iPad Pro.

01:20:57   It's got a bump, it's got the same bump.

01:21:01   - Yep, yeah.

01:21:02   So did you get, I'm sure you got to handle this device,

01:21:06   did you get to see if that affected anything?

01:21:09   - I didn't put it flat down on the table

01:21:11   and try to write on it.

01:21:12   My guess is that it would probably not be a very serious,

01:21:15   little, you know, it would rock a little bit.

01:21:18   But I didn't get a chance to try that out.

01:21:19   I did some sketching in my hand, which is fun,

01:21:23   because you know, on the iPad Pro,

01:21:24   you kind of need to hand put it down to do that.

01:21:26   And I was able to just hold the iPad,

01:21:29   the small iPad Pro in my hand

01:21:31   and sketch with the other hand.

01:21:34   That was pretty cool.

01:21:36   That was pretty cool.

01:21:36   But I didn't lay it down and check what the,

01:21:39   kind of like, whether it rocks too much on a flat surface.

01:21:42   I imagine somebody will complain about it

01:21:45   and somebody else will say, "It's fine."

01:21:47   And that's where it'll probably end up.

01:21:51   But it definitely has the same bump.

01:21:53   - Hmm.

01:21:55   Don't know about that.

01:21:56   It's, that's upsetting.

01:21:58   Yeah, the camera bump is such an upsetting thing.

01:22:01   for it to go onto another device, you know.

01:22:04   If you use a case, it's fine,

01:22:06   but I wouldn't use a case on an iPad, like on the back.

01:22:09   I use a case on my iPhone, so I never notice the bump,

01:22:12   but I don't think I would like it so much on a device

01:22:14   that I very frequently have flat on a desk

01:22:17   and interact with it, and if there is a rock on that,

01:22:21   I would notice that way more than an iPhone,

01:22:24   because I don't think you have an iPhone down on a desk

01:22:27   interacting with it as much as you do an iPad.

01:22:29   Maybe with the smart cover flipped around to the back,

01:22:34   it would be fine if you use it like that.

01:22:36   So it could be okay that way.

01:22:40   I don't know if it would rock on the smart cover,

01:22:42   probably not.

01:22:43   So it might still be okay, but I know a lot of people

01:22:47   like to use their devices completely clean,

01:22:49   especially the iPad, so it's a shame, it's a shame.

01:22:52   But they gotta put the camera in there,

01:22:54   but then on the other side, for most people,

01:22:56   they don't really care about the camera.

01:22:58   Do you want to know something exciting?

01:23:00   - I do.

01:23:01   - I'm home.

01:23:02   - So the car cast was a success,

01:23:05   but you're now back in your office.

01:23:07   - Well, the car cast was such a rousing success

01:23:09   that the listeners of this podcast just accompanied me

01:23:13   on a drive from Cupertino to Mill Valley.

01:23:15   You can do the math.

01:23:16   You can see how it works.

01:23:17   I went through a rainstorm,

01:23:18   but I'm home now.

01:23:21   As you can tell, because there are no more car sounds.

01:23:27   So just going back a second then so we can pick back up.

01:23:32   I mean, I assume that Apple are aware of how many people use cameras on these devices.

01:23:39   So whilst we complain that, you know, now this thing might rock on the table, depending

01:23:45   on how you use it, they wouldn't put this camera in there unless they needed to, right?

01:23:51   They didn't do it on the Pro because maybe they assumed people would take photos less

01:23:55   on that because it's so big. I assume that they know that people use this camera and

01:24:00   that's why they've gone the length to upgrading it.

01:24:04   I assume so. I think this comes back to Apple knowing things that we don't, we may scoff

01:24:12   at, but that everybody else knows. And we saw this, we've seen this the last couple

01:24:16   of times that they've updated the iPad. It feels like they are embracing the fact that

01:24:20   people use the iPad to take pictures and so they might as well put a good camera back

01:24:25   there.

01:24:26   And it took some time for them to kind of come around from the idea that it wasn't necessary,

01:24:31   but they've come around now.

01:24:33   Yeah, so we'll see.

01:24:36   I don't know about that one.

01:24:37   There are colors like cases and there are also colors of the device.

01:24:44   So you can get the device in gold and rose gold, which you can't get with the 12.9.

01:24:50   And the colored cases, like the smart covers and stuff, they have colored versions.

01:24:53   You also still can't get those for the 12.9.

01:24:56   They're really, you know, that whilst this is a pro device, 12.9 is for serious business

01:25:02   and 9.7 is for fun.

01:25:04   Monochrome.

01:25:05   Very peculiar.

01:25:06   Yeah, I don't get it.

01:25:07   It may just be that it's not worth it, that they're not enough, the sales are not big

01:25:11   enough that it's worth having that many variations.

01:25:14   - Yeah, I guess so, right? I guess so. It's just strange because they're making them now, but...

01:25:20   - Yeah, we haven't talked about the price. I mean, this is the aspect of it that's interesting too,

01:25:24   is the Air 2 was cheaper. - Yeah, so this starts at $599.32, right?

01:25:34   yep so that's that's an interesting wrinkle is that it's it's it's $599.32

01:25:40   that's where it that's where it begins and it's calling it pro all of these

01:25:43   things there are plenty of good reasons for it but it is interesting that that's

01:25:47   the case and it goes up to a massive 256 gigabytes which is now on the 12.9

01:25:55   which will take your purchase price over $1,000 if you go for the big iPad Pro I

01:26:01   I think with LTE, oh yeah, with and without LTE,

01:26:06   the 256 will take you over $1,000.

01:26:10   - Sure.

01:26:11   - $1,300 for the 256 with LTE.

01:26:16   - 256 though, that's pretty cool, huh?

01:26:18   - What would you do with that amount of space on an iPad?

01:26:21   I don't even know.

01:26:22   - I don't even know either photos.

01:26:25   - How many photos is that?

01:26:27   - That's a lot of photos.

01:26:27   - That's a lot of photos.

01:26:29   Movies but like do you really need I don't know. I guess you could fill it but

01:26:34   I'd be surprised if many people would fill it right now. All right, but we have the product line. We had the naming

01:26:40   So we have iPad mini iPad air 2 iPad Pro 9.7 inch iPad Pro 12.9 inch. That's what the slide said

01:26:48   Yeah

01:26:54   Yep, I don't really you know, it seems like Apple are referring to them as the 9.7 and the 12.9

01:27:00   I guess fine if that's how you want to do it and not something massively complicated

01:27:05   They they dropped the numbers on the iPad mini

01:27:08   I don't know why they still call it iPad air 2 when it doesn't seem like they're selling any other iPad is

01:27:15   Well, I mean that's the it's the version number right there. They're iPhone

01:27:21   Six yeah, but they don't know they oh, yeah, it's still iPad mini for it's still called the iPad mini

01:27:26   Well, I just said iPad mini on the slide, but okay. So there you go

01:27:29   They used the line at the end which they used a bunch. They called the iPad Pro the future of personal computing

01:27:36   Mm-hmm. So yeah, I think that really wraps into why we didn't see max

01:27:41   Today, I think so. I think it's a it's a different

01:27:46   different conversation different audience

01:27:49   Mac is the Mac is I would be surprised if they even I mean

01:27:53   I think the Mac is gonna get some people are gonna get the invites and get briefings and then there's gonna be a press release and

01:27:59   Some embargoes will drop and that's how we'll find out about new Macs between now and WWDC. Do you think yeah, probably

01:28:06   The rumors are that that stuff is ready to go. So that'll probably have maybe next month sense

01:28:11   I really do think that this was a this was a decision

01:28:15   to make a statement

01:28:18   about the iPad?

01:28:22   Yeah, yeah, I think so, and calling it pro is interesting because they're saying this is a

01:28:26   you know, this is a professional thing, and maybe that's also saying that

01:28:30   if you aren't thinking of this as a professional thing, then

01:28:34   um, then buy the Air 2 instead.

01:28:38   For less than it used to cost.

01:28:42   Any other thoughts on the iPad from handling it?

01:28:46   it? You know, it's an iPad Air, essentially. It is not that different. It doesn't seem

01:28:54   that different. This is something that could have been released as an iPad Air 3 and we

01:28:57   wouldn't have blinked, I think. Other than to say—and here's the argument that I think

01:29:01   somebody at Apple probably made—other than to say, "How is the iPad Pro a Pro if the

01:29:06   only thing differentiating it from this is the size?" I think that was the right decision.

01:29:12   so at that point why would you call that

01:29:14   "Pro" if there was another one that was

01:29:17   just as good but smaller. So I can see,

01:29:22   you know, you could argue that they need

01:29:26   to give the iPad Pro some kind of name,

01:29:28   the big one, and then what do you do with

01:29:31   this one then? Because now you kind of

01:29:32   either walled it off from those features

01:29:35   or you're going to have those features

01:29:36   and then why is this not Pro? So alright,

01:29:38   here it is, now it's Pro. And then it gets

01:29:41   back to what we were talking about about

01:29:42   about product lines that at that point the non-pro ones are the kind of not as

01:29:47   advanced but they're cheaper and that's what the iPad Air 2 is. And the question

01:29:54   is you know what happens to the iPad Air? Do we end up with an iPad Air SE?

01:29:58   iPad SE at some point that is essentially kind of a two-year-old tech

01:30:04   but cheaper instead of just selling the old model? It'll be interesting to see

01:30:10   what happens. What's the next step in this strategy beyond this year?

01:30:15   I'm interested to see how that plays out. So, overall, how do you feel about this event?

01:30:25   You know, it's a minor event in a lot of ways. It's a small event at Town Hall. These

01:30:34   are not other than like a couple new features these are not like huge

01:30:40   groundbreaking new products there's already a you know there's already an

01:30:43   iPad Air size and there's already iPad Pro features this is just sort of

01:30:46   bringing them together and likewise there's already iPhone 6s features and

01:30:51   there's already already the iPhone 5s design and the iPhone SE just brings

01:30:56   them together and so it's it's important for Apple's business. Apple wants to set

01:31:02   the stage for these products. These are products that actually, what's

01:31:06   interesting about them is they are more interesting as part of an ensemble than

01:31:12   they are on their own. I think, you know, what's interesting about the new iPad

01:31:16   Pro is that it's an iPad Pro with a big brother and that's how it's

01:31:21   being pitched. What's interesting about the iPhone SE is that it's the

01:31:24   four-inch iPhone in a family with two larger phones that are similarly specced.

01:31:29   I think those are both interesting, but they're both sort of supporting players.

01:31:32   Now, I think that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be the best-selling iPad of the

01:31:38   next year, right? I mean, I think that's the sweet spot. It's the new iPad and the

01:31:42   size that people are comfortable with. I think it'll sell really well. I think

01:31:45   that'll be the winner of the iPad line. So it's not like it's a minor iPad. It's

01:31:49   probably the best of the iPads and the biggest selling of the iPads. But what's

01:31:53   interesting about it is where it fits in the family, because it's stuff we've seen

01:31:57   before with a couple exceptions just not together in the same product.

01:32:05   So shall we move on to some Ask Upgrade questions?

01:32:09   Sure! We have Ask Upgrade, do I need to get back in the car?

01:32:13   No, you can stay where you are. Okay, okay, I will do that then.

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01:33:47   So we have some event-themed Ask Upgrade questions. The first comes from Rob. Who does all the

01:33:53   clapping at the Apple events?

01:33:56   The first five rows or so are reserved for Apple employees. You get Tim Cook and Phil

01:34:00   Schiller and Greg Joswiak and people like that in the first couple of rows, but there

01:34:05   are also a bunch of Apple people there. They do. And then there are also Apple-like invited

01:34:10   guests who are not press and those people will clap. Some press will clap

01:34:16   occasionally, maybe perfunctorily, but then the Apple employees will clap

01:34:21   loudly and they start a lot of applause and then once you've got an applause

01:34:23   going everybody sort of you know might politely applause. Sometimes you do,

01:34:27   sometimes you don't. I did a polite silent clap a couple of times, but

01:34:32   mostly it's the Apple employees and that's true of any Apple event. They put

01:34:37   VIPs and employees in the crowd and they're whooping it up and that helps make it seem

01:34:42   like less like a dead press conference because journalists wouldn't do it, generally.

01:34:51   This comes in from Jan.

01:34:54   About the 9.7 inch iPad price point.

01:34:57   So before it was $4.99 for 16GB, now it's $5.99 for 32GB instead of what was $64 before.

01:35:05   Why are they priced it this way?

01:35:06   Now my thinking would be that Apple feels that the additional features like the ability

01:35:11   to use the pencil, the screen stuff, and the ability to take this device, I mean, albeit

01:35:17   with more hundreds of dollars in accessories bolted on to another level, I think is what

01:35:22   they feel gives it that higher entry level price.

01:35:25   Why do you think it has the higher entry level price though?

01:35:29   I think it's that.

01:35:30   I think they're, you know, they've got the 32 and they have the Pro features and I think

01:35:39   they've just decided to embrace that.

01:35:42   It's a more expensive product, it's got a better screen, it's got the pencil support,

01:35:47   it's got the smart connector, it's got all those features that were in the more expensive

01:35:50   iPad Pro already and so this is an opportunity for them to just sort of go in on it and say

01:35:54   the people who are buying this product are people who want the Pro features and the Pro

01:35:59   features cost more. So I'm sure there's some buying psychology involved too, but I'm sure

01:36:04   some of it is the margins. This is almost certainly a more expensive product to make.

01:36:07   This comes in from Myke. For reading comics and magazines,

01:36:13   would you recommend the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro or the iPad mini 4?

01:36:17   Oh, for reading comics and magazines, I would always recommend the bigger screen.

01:36:24   Especially now with the increased color and all that sort of stuff, I guess it's even better,

01:36:28   right? Yeah, yeah. I had an iPad Mini for many years and you know it's small.

01:36:35   It was always small. Even though it's got the same number of pixels,

01:36:40   they're all so small. Unless you've got very good vision, you know you're

01:36:46   gonna end up zooming and panning and stuff. And so I think for reading comics

01:36:50   and magazines a bigger display is better. Mikkel's wrote in to ask, "Are we planning

01:36:57   on selling our 12 inch iPad Pros than a 9 inch. What about you?

01:37:00   No. No, I have no plans to do that. I, uh, we'll see how much, you know, I'll try it

01:37:07   out and I'll see. But I like the big size now. I look at my wife's iPad here too and

01:37:12   it looks like a toy. And split view and stuff like that is just so much better. And then

01:37:18   you drop in a picture in picture and it's just like, yeah, I mean, I've kind of embraced

01:37:22   that. I don't think I want to ever give that up.

01:37:23   Yeah, I'm all in on the size. It's not just the fact that it's the Pro, like what the

01:37:27   iPad Pro gets you. It really is the size for me.

01:37:30   Yeah. Yeah, plus I like the keyboard. I mean, I've got issues with the keyboard, but I was

01:37:36   using, for complicated reasons, I briefly was using an iPad Air 2 this weekend, and

01:37:43   it brought its keyboard up and I had a moment of recoil. I was like, "Ew." Like, "Ew, no.

01:37:48   Give me back my full-sized, lots-of-keys iPad Pro keyboard."

01:37:53   Yeah, so is that that keyboard is like the original iPad keyboard then? Yeah, I think so. I I

01:37:59   Didn't actually look but I don't see how it could couldn't be it's a 9.7 inch iPad

01:38:04   So it's gonna have the standard iPad keyboard. I'll take a quick sidebar about the

01:38:08   smart keyboard

01:38:10   cover

01:38:11   Still no international layout. Yeah, and I heard from somebody that that was gonna come eventually

01:38:16   But instead they made a smaller version of it Apple told Federico that it would come

01:38:21   They gave him that on the record.

01:38:24   Maybe it will come someday, but they had to build this one first?

01:38:27   I don't know.

01:38:28   It's too bad.

01:38:29   Or did they tell him the software keyboard would be changed?

01:38:32   Either or, the layouts.

01:38:34   Neither of them is true today.

01:38:37   And our final Ask upgrade question this week is, "How noticeable is the new display on

01:38:44   the 9.7" iPad Pro vs the 1290?"

01:38:47   Did you really see much of a difference from the minimal time you had with it?

01:38:51   you're asking the wrong guy,

01:38:52   'cause it's about color gamut,

01:38:53   and I can't see those colors.

01:38:55   - Could you see the temperature change stuff though?

01:38:57   Like if you were to use it, yeah, you'd see that.

01:39:00   - Oh yeah, definitely.

01:39:01   Similar in fact to the night mode,

01:39:07   it's the same thing,

01:39:10   it's changing the color temperature of the display,

01:39:11   essentially.

01:39:12   And yeah, you can tell, it's pretty dramatic.

01:39:15   Even just in what you think of as a normally

01:39:19   neutrally lit room and then you press the button

01:39:22   and you go, "Oh!"

01:39:23   And everything gets a little, in this case,

01:39:25   a little more yellow, a little less blue.

01:39:27   - Something that I'd forgotten to mention until now,

01:39:33   which is kind of weird, I think,

01:39:36   that the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4

01:39:40   are the same price now.

01:39:42   - Yes.

01:39:44   - That's weird, right?

01:39:46   - I guess.

01:39:47   I guess it's a they both do the same thing so they're the same price and you

01:39:51   just pick your poison

01:39:52   yeah maybe the mini will go down in price at a later time who knows it may

01:39:55   just be that the mini must be cheaper to produce surely

01:39:58   I don't know I mean it's got a smaller doesn't mean cheaper right some some of

01:40:05   that means many components are miniaturized and more expensive and it's

01:40:08   a relatively recent update and that means the margins are probably higher

01:40:12   right now but we'll get lower over time so probably it'll get its price cut in

01:40:16   six months or a year. Good point, good point. I have a couple of follow-up items

01:40:21   before we finish today. Yeah let's do it. Pepperoni pizza, pineapple pepperoni

01:40:25   pizza. Sweep in the world. Jason was right. You had some. I made some

01:40:31   this weekend. And then like ten other people tweeted pictures of pepperoni

01:40:34   pineapple pizza. Yeah we started a trend over the weekend. Some people were on

01:40:39   on board some people were being convinced some people really hated me

01:40:45   but I did it and I loved it Jason oh my word it was so good so good I really

01:40:52   loved it it is pizza it maybe is not the pizza that comes from places like New

01:40:59   York or Italy but I definitely made a pizza I put those toppings on it and I

01:41:05   enjoyed it very much. That's all I can ask. Everybody should just enjoy

01:41:10   what they want to enjoy and and if they don't want to enjoy it that's fine but

01:41:14   it was definitely it's one of my favorites. I don't even

01:41:20   remember how I discovered it but there there was. Yeah that is easily a

01:41:24   favorite flavor pairing because I have always liked ham and pineapple quite a lot

01:41:28   it was like one of my go-to's but pepperoni is my as of like maybe the

01:41:34   last couple of years has been my favourite. I think this might be edging it. The mix of

01:41:38   the sweet and savoury. Yeah. I'm a fan of that. And we mentioned about the upgrade merchandise,

01:41:44   all of my stuff came in. I'm so happy with it. The hoodies came out fantastically. In

01:41:49   so much now is that our faithful designer Frank has created an iPhone and Mac wallpaper

01:41:59   with the special design that was inside of the hoodie.

01:42:04   So there's two things here.

01:42:06   If you want to see what that design looked like, you can go and take a look at the wallpaper.

01:42:10   There'll be a link in the show notes.

01:42:12   And if you have seen it and you love it and you want to put on your devices with it, you

01:42:16   now can.

01:42:17   The Upgrading wallpaper exists and that design is what is printed on the inside of the upgrade

01:42:23   hoodies.

01:42:24   So if you didn't get one, now you can be jealous of all the people that did get one and you

01:42:28   should have listened to us when we told you to get one because we told you you'd want

01:42:32   it because it's also I've been wearing mine all week it's so toasty and warm I love it

01:42:38   and we've been getting pictures from people showing off their upgrade hoodies and they're

01:42:43   all members of the secret society now and those pictures have been great so thanks to

01:42:47   all the people tweeting at us those have been those have been great a lot less love for

01:42:52   the brain ball shirts but I love I think it's my favorite shirt that I've had made from

01:42:57   a podcast now. I wore the brain ball, I got the Raglan and I wore it this weekend for

01:43:03   the first time and I love it. In fact at one point I had the upgrade hoodie over the brain

01:43:07   ball Raglan and I felt like I was flying the flag. That was me over the weekend too. The

01:43:13   Raglan came out really well, I'm really happy with it. I'm pleased that we did all of that.

01:43:18   So again, I'm really pleased that we did that and I hope that everybody that has them enjoys

01:43:23   them.

01:43:24   So I think that wraps up our Apple event coverage.

01:43:27   Thank you so much for tuning in.

01:43:29   I hope that you enjoyed the car cast as it were.

01:43:34   We have a bunch of links in our show notes as always.

01:43:36   You can head on over to relay.fm/upgrades/81 to get all of those.

01:43:42   I want to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors for this week's episode, Ministry

01:43:46   of Supply, Squarespace, ITProTV and FreshBooks.

01:43:49   Jason, thank you for being on the scene and for reporting in for upgrade.

01:43:54   We obviously all really appreciate that.

01:43:58   Thank you for keeping me company, everyone, while I was driving back from the Apple event.

01:44:04   You will find a lot more of Jason's thoughts and opinions and feelings about the products

01:44:08   from today's announcement over at SixColors.com.

01:44:11   And I believe you'll be doing some stuff for other places, but you'll link to them there.

01:44:15   You should always go to Six Colors first and then go to other websites from there.

01:44:19   That's how I do all of my web browsing.

01:44:20   It's the definitive location for all of my things.

01:44:23   I begin at Six Colors and then hopefully find a link out to Google.

01:44:28   That's how I work.

01:44:29   If you want to find Jason on Twitter, he's @jsnell, J-S-N-E-L-L-L. I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E.

01:44:36   Thank you so much for listening.

01:44:37   We'll be back next week.

01:44:38   Until then...

01:44:39   Oh, I won't be actually.

01:44:40   You have another special guest next week.

01:44:42   You blew it.

01:44:43   I'll get the week off.

01:44:44   Yep.

01:44:45   Yes, I will be back with a special guest.

01:44:49   Hopefully it will be Serenity Caldwell to talk about perhaps her thoughts about this

01:44:54   and what it means for pencil lovers to have a new iPad Pro in the family.

01:44:59   But we will hopefully Serenity will be here next week to fill in for you, Mr. Hurley.

01:45:04   Goodbye, everybody.

01:45:05   Goodbye.

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