62: I Am Nerd Face Guy


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00:00:08   from relay FM this is upgrade episode number 62 today's show is brought to you

00:00:13   by lynda.com stamps.com and casper my name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Mr Jason Snell

00:00:20   hi Myke hi Jason Snell how are you I'm doing uh I'm doing fine it rained here in California today

00:00:25   so we don't know what to do with ourselves.

00:00:27   - Oof, well I wonder what that's gonna do for the show today.

00:00:30   - I don't know.

00:00:31   It's not raining now,

00:00:32   and the thunder and lightning have stopped

00:00:34   because in my only semi-insulated garage,

00:00:38   I have found that it's quite pleasant actually when it rains,

00:00:41   but it's audible.

00:00:42   So that would be interesting to do the rain podcast,

00:00:46   but alas, I think it stopped raining now.

00:00:48   - It has not rained here today,

00:00:50   so we are in kind of bizarro land.

00:00:52   - It is weird.

00:00:53   The sun appears to be coming out right now

00:00:55   because it is California. That's it, dry up all that rain. Get us back to the brown.

00:00:58   I bet it's still like 25 degrees Celsius when it rains.

00:01:02   It's uh it's 51 right now here. I don't know what that means.

00:01:06   Uh that's 10. Okay that's that's similar to here probably. Let me see what my

00:01:13   weatherman says. Um we have oh 16 degrees. Look at that.

00:01:19   It's the weathercast. It's warmer there too. Yeah we're uh it's all messed up Myke.

00:01:23   everything's ruined. Should we do some follow-up? Yeah I think I think some

00:01:29   follow-up would be perfect. So I've come to a decision I think about my storage

00:01:35   needs. Storage! Vertical! Vertical! And I think so I've had a few people suggest

00:01:44   this but I had seen it but didn't really pay too much attention to it which is a

00:01:48   product called the Drobo Mini. The Drobo Mini is as much smaller box and

00:01:53   and it can connect by Thunderbolt and USB 3, I think.

00:01:57   But what makes the Drobo Mini different

00:02:01   is that the Drobo Mini can take two and a half inch SSDs.

00:02:05   So this is probably the product I'm going to go for

00:02:09   because I can attach it locally,

00:02:11   which is what I want to do.

00:02:13   And it's SSD, so it will be super fast, quiet,

00:02:16   and everything else that I want.

00:02:18   - Up to four laptop drives essentially,

00:02:22   but that includes SSDs.

00:02:24   So you could get up to four SSDs in an array.

00:02:27   That's not quite a RAID because it's Drobo

00:02:29   and Drobo is not quite a RAID, it's its own thing.

00:02:33   That's interesting.

00:02:34   That's an interesting,

00:02:34   that will get you your fast silent storage, won't it?

00:02:37   - It will, but there is one,

00:02:38   there is two problems with this.

00:02:41   SSDs are still relatively small.

00:02:45   - And expensive.

00:02:48   - And extremely expensive, that's problem too.

00:02:50   So I found an Amazon,

00:02:52   'cause I wanted to take a look at the prices of SSDs,

00:02:55   what was available and what was kind of tested

00:02:58   and approved by Drobo.

00:03:00   And there are some SSDs that I found,

00:03:03   I think it was Samsung, which are a terabyte,

00:03:05   but they're 250 pounds each.

00:03:08   And the enclosure is 500 pounds.

00:03:10   - That's very heavy.

00:03:11   That sounds much heavier than it should be.

00:03:13   Oh, you mean money.

00:03:14   Okay.

00:03:15   That's still, that's actually very heavy for money.

00:03:17   - Womp, womp, womp.

00:03:19   - Womp, womp.

00:03:20   Well, we converted Fahrenheit to Celsius earlier.

00:03:22   It's only fair.

00:03:23   That's, that's yeah, it's not cheap.

00:03:26   - So I will be looking at four terabytes for 1,500 pounds.

00:03:31   - Oh my God.

00:03:33   That's like buying another, how much did your iMac cost?

00:03:35   - That's half the price of my iMac.

00:03:37   - Wow.

00:03:38   - So basically this is the solution

00:03:41   that I am planning on going for,

00:03:43   but now I need to get the money together to get it.

00:03:46   And with the iPad Pro just around the corner,

00:03:49   it might be a couple of months away.

00:03:51   But this one feels like the right one for me.

00:03:53   Again, four terabytes is a lot,

00:03:55   but it's not as much as I could get in another solution.

00:03:59   I understand that, but I have to kind of weigh up

00:04:02   what I'm looking for.

00:04:03   And I'm not looking to keep everything

00:04:06   that I make forever,

00:04:07   I'm just looking to keep a bunch of things for a long time.

00:04:11   And four terabytes is probably more than enough to do that.

00:04:15   By the time that I would need more,

00:04:17   I'm sure I could get bigger SSDs for cheaper.

00:04:20   I think I'm only using about two or three terabytes in my archive where I'm literally

00:04:26   not throwing away anything on my Drobo, my big Drobo, and although some of that space

00:04:32   will be used by Drobo because it does its thing where it's redundant, so if something

00:04:38   dies something else lives and all that, and it depends on how you set it up.

00:04:41   But yeah, that's that I mean that's a lot of space and silent, which is the other key

00:04:46   thing instead of having... the thing that I hated about having the external hard drives

00:04:50   was that I ended up with that stack. I ended up with like three one terabyte hard drives

00:04:55   in their own enclosures and they were all noisy and they were all on the chain and you

00:04:59   had to find a place for them. I just hated it. So something like this, it's a clever

00:05:04   idea and the nice thing about it is that you don't have to fill it up, right? You could

00:05:09   put two in and then buy another one later and slide that one in and it adds to your

00:05:13   storage and then you know and then add a fourth and then at some point down the

00:05:17   way down the road when the SSD prices are better take one of the smaller SSDs

00:05:21   and replace it with a bigger one and it all just kind of keeps working so.

00:05:25   I may get the enclosure and one SSD right one 1 terabyte SSD or maybe like

00:05:32   two 500 or something like that and go from there I think that that might be a

00:05:37   good place to start. Like I don't need to max it out immediately. So this is

00:05:43   probably what I'm gonna go for. It seems to tick most of the boxes and I did kind

00:05:46   of want something like a Drobo because I like the idea of the Drobo system right

00:05:52   where it kind of you don't get you don't get four terabytes by putting four

00:05:56   terabytes in it but what you get is data redundancy and that seems like a good

00:06:02   thing for me considering the setup that I have you know I have limited bandwidth

00:06:06   so I can't back up a lot of this stuff to an online backup.

00:06:11   So it wants to be offline,

00:06:14   so I like the idea of data redundancy

00:06:16   in my offline backup system.

00:06:19   If I get online and offline right way around,

00:06:22   then I'll be in a much better stead for this conversation.

00:06:24   But that's kind of what I'm thinking about doing.

00:06:26   This seems like the right solution for me.

00:06:28   So that's what I'm considering.

00:06:30   And then maybe in a couple of years time,

00:06:32   or maybe in a year or so, when we're in our own place,

00:06:36   might be able to look at something that's network attached as well as this.

00:06:40   So I have a big honking disc that is attached to this thing and then I could

00:06:45   also back up everything to something like a Synology as well. Step one, Jason,

00:06:50   step one. It's a good place to start. I'm very happy to have a big

00:06:57   drive that is, you know, one and a big logical volume because that's the other

00:07:01   problem about having those three drives is that they're three different volumes

00:07:04   so you end up having to kind of manage what goes where

00:07:07   and what's full and what's not.

00:07:09   And I hate that, I hate that too.

00:07:11   So it's nice having just a huge volume.

00:07:13   I can check all my stuff in there and it's there.

00:07:16   My problem has been, and I haven't mentioned this yet.

00:07:19   So I've been using CrashPlan as my primary online backup

00:07:23   for a while now and it works well.

00:07:28   It's not the most beautiful thing to look at,

00:07:29   but it works pretty well.

00:07:31   but I discovered the other day that it was basically failing at backing up my entire

00:07:39   server volume, which is this big volume, because it didn't have enough memory allocated to it,

00:07:45   because it runs in Java and it needs memory allocation. And I'm still struggling with that.

00:07:50   And I talked to a couple people on Twitter who said, "Yeah, that's why I ended up switching

00:07:54   to backblaze was because my data set was too big." And it's a little bit infuriating because

00:07:59   CrashPlan offers unlimited data, basically, but clearly their app by default cannot...

00:08:10   Its idea of unlimited is pretty limited.

00:08:13   And their support said, "Okay, well, why don't you add more memory to the memory allocation?

00:08:18   You click here and you type something in."

00:08:20   And I did that.

00:08:22   And it's still kind of churning, but there are rumors that there is a CrashPlan native

00:08:28   app coming that doesn't require Java. And that would be nice because this is... And

00:08:35   I paid for like three years of crash plan. So I would really rather not just switch to

00:08:39   another backup provider at this point. And also, this is what I paid for is it's a volume

00:08:44   attached to a computer in my house and I'm paying for it to be backed up. And it was

00:08:50   basically the most disturbing thing about it was that it thought it was backing everything

00:08:54   up because it was sort of backing up everything that it could see before it sort of ran out

00:08:58   of memory. And that's the worst thing is that it didn't say, "Hey, I can't back up all of

00:09:05   that because there's not enough memory," and sort of alert me. Instead, it just sort of

00:09:09   silently went about backing up not everything, and that was not cool. So this is an edge

00:09:13   case, I will admit, because I'm asking it to back up a couple of terabytes of data,

00:09:18   but that's why I've got the service is to do this. So I will report back. I'm in touch

00:09:25   with their support people and I'll report back. But it's a little bit disappointing

00:09:29   because I do have stuff on there that I want backed up, eventually backed up offline or

00:09:34   backed up online somewhere and it can take its time and back up at night and you know

00:09:39   slowly trickle out. But I thought it was doing that and it turns out that it's sort of not

00:09:43   been doing that and that's frustrating.

00:09:45   For me, that's like finding out that that happened, I don't think I could trust it anymore.

00:09:50   Yeah, well, we'll see.

00:09:54   We'll see where it goes.

00:09:55   I've already paid for a couple more years of it, so I'm not going to...

00:09:58   I'm not gonna...

00:09:59   I'm going to see if I can either get it to work or get them to give me their forthcoming

00:10:07   non-Java version if it truly exists or what, but yeah.

00:10:11   But yeah, it's, hey, it reminded me of the days back

00:10:14   when you had to allocate memory to Mac apps

00:10:16   by selecting them and choosing get info in the classic days.

00:10:20   And you know, that was like one big troubleshooting thing

00:10:24   was that you would select an app and choose get info

00:10:27   and then you'd change how much memory was allocated to it.

00:10:30   There was like literally,

00:10:31   I don't know if you remember this at all,

00:10:32   there was literally a box that would say like 900K

00:10:35   and you could put it at 1900K.

00:10:38   - No, that's before my time, I'm afraid.

00:10:39   Oh man, and this was exactly what I got with the Java thing.

00:10:43   It was like, "Oh, I'll allocate more memory.

00:10:44   "Click on the thing to bring up the console

00:10:47   "and put in this command line command

00:10:48   "and it will allocate more memory in Java for the app."

00:10:51   And I thought, wow, feeling like 1998 all over again.

00:10:56   - Ah.

00:10:58   - Yeah, they are a sponsor.

00:11:00   I use Backblaze.

00:11:01   I pay for Backblaze as well.

00:11:04   And I have them running on my laptop,

00:11:09   is connected to my home internet which is not... I don't have it running on my

00:11:13   iMac because that's connected to the LTE hotspot that I pay for. So basically

00:11:17   whenever the MacBook is on it sort of trickles data up to backblaze and a very

00:11:21   very very slow internet connection that I have. But I like that it's there and it's

00:11:27   just another place for me to... basically for me to back up my Dropbox right? So

00:11:31   it's just like a secondary place that all of that stuff goes to. Which I kind

00:11:36   like that I have that. But it doesn't cause me the issues and I really don't

00:11:40   like the idea that it looks like it's backing up what you're having and but

00:11:45   it's not that is a kind of like at that point it's kind of horrifying.

00:11:48   It's basically not seeing everything when it sets the backup set for some reason

00:11:52   because it runs out of memory or it times out or something like that and so

00:11:56   and then rather than throwing an alert it just says okay I guess this is it I'll

00:11:59   back it up. It's probably not good.

00:12:04   Also, just before we recorded today, there was an update for the Apple TV.

00:12:09   Apparently it's 9.0.1, which is what it relates to from the beta builds.

00:12:15   It doesn't say that on the Apple TV, it just says there's a software update available,

00:12:19   and there are no release notes, so there's no way of knowing what it does.

00:12:24   But I mean, 9.0.1, you'd assume bug fixes.

00:12:29   And no matter what it is, I'm happy to see the pace of release.

00:12:35   It shows that there are at least some people working on it, right?

00:12:38   That they had a 9.0.1 released basically a week after the product came out.

00:12:42   So I think that's good.

00:12:43   I think that's good to see.

00:12:44   Yeah.

00:12:45   I wish it was...

00:12:46   I'll let you provide some detail though, right?

00:12:49   Yeah.

00:12:50   I mean, my feeling about it though, it's just going to say bug fixes.

00:12:52   You know, it's just going to be one of those ones anyway.

00:12:54   So there's kind of no...

00:12:55   Sure.

00:12:56   What it's showing, there's kind of no point in seeing it.

00:12:58   But I'm just happy to see that something's going on there.

00:13:02   Let's talk about Apple TV a little bit, but before we do that, we'll follow up from last

00:13:07   week.

00:13:08   All good stuff to say this week I think.

00:13:10   Or at least less bad stuff.

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00:14:28   So it's been a week since we last spoke about the Apple TV so we both had a

00:14:34   little bit more time to play with it and I was wondering if there's any changed

00:14:39   opinions or just any kind of feelings or thoughts that you may have having spent

00:14:44   a little bit more time with the product and gotten over the initial frustrations

00:14:47   that we were finding last week?

00:14:49   Well, yeah, I think one of the challenges is I haven't set it up again, right?

00:14:55   Yeah, sure.

00:14:56   So if the complaints are about getting on board, this is when we talked about the iPhone,

00:15:00   it's the same thing, which is everybody complains about it and then they forget about it for

00:15:05   a year and then they hope that it's better and it's not and then they complain about

00:15:08   it again.

00:15:09   So I have no further complaints about setting it up because I haven't done that.

00:15:13   I wrote a piece on Six Colors about my daughter's birthday party this weekend where they ended

00:15:18   up basically playing music on the Apple TV and singing along for like an hour, loud.

00:15:26   It was kind of amazing and impressive.

00:15:29   And once I got it in the music app, just because they wanted to hear a particular song, then

00:15:35   my daughter took the remote away and pretty much was able to drive the rest of the entertainment.

00:15:42   But the one limitation was she kept navigating to the things she wanted and then pressing

00:15:49   the menu button or the play/pause button.

00:15:53   And she was like, "Daddy, what is happening?"

00:15:58   And which is sweet because that's the sort of thing that she used to say all the time

00:16:01   when she was seven and not so much when she's 14.

00:16:05   And what ended up happening was she didn't realize you could physically click on the

00:16:09   trackpad.

00:16:10   So she was moving with the trackpad and then figured she had to press a button.

00:16:15   And so I said, "No, no, you can just click, just actually click."

00:16:18   And she's like, "Oh, like real click?"

00:16:20   And she went, "Click."

00:16:21   And she was like, "Okay."

00:16:22   And then that was it.

00:16:23   They had a great time.

00:16:24   And so that was a real world kind of experience where they were able to navigate without any

00:16:30   problem and they were playing a lot of music on Apple Music Playlists and things and some

00:16:35   music videos too that they watched and they, yeah, they had a great time.

00:16:38   And then we did some--we took some pictures, we set up like a photo booth kind of thing

00:16:42   in my garage office space, actually.

00:16:45   I put up some lights and stuff, and I shared those over iCloud photo sharing, and then

00:16:51   we watched those.

00:16:52   That was sort of the last part of the party was that they were watching all the--they

00:16:55   looked at all the photo booth pictures on the TV, and there was much laughter at the

00:17:00   photo booth pictures.

00:17:01   And we just kind of kept that running as a screensaver while people picked up their daughters

00:17:07   at the end of the day from the party.

00:17:09   So yeah, so that was, I would say a positive interaction

00:17:11   with the Apple TV.

00:17:13   And I've done a couple other things this week with it

00:17:17   that let's see, we played "Crossy Road 2 Player"

00:17:21   a little bit more and had a good time with that.

00:17:23   And yeah, I have had pretty good experiences with it.

00:17:28   There's some stuff that, you know,

00:17:31   there are apps that I wish were on there

00:17:32   that aren't there yet, on there yet.

00:17:34   And I haven't used it as much as you would think

00:17:38   just because like I said,

00:17:39   I usually just watch Netflix through my TiVo at this point

00:17:43   because it serves as that.

00:17:45   And it runs Plex now too.

00:17:47   So I don't really need to go to the Apple TV for that stuff.

00:17:51   But yeah, I'd say it's been a perfectly fine experience.

00:17:54   The one thing that I would say that,

00:17:56   'cause we obviously got a lot of feedback

00:17:57   about last week's episode.

00:17:59   One of the things that people pointed out is

00:18:02   The remote itself is not,

00:18:07   how should I put this?

00:18:10   It's the remote itself is a rectangle

00:18:12   with buttons on it, right?

00:18:13   And so it's hard to detect which end is up

00:18:16   when you pick it up in the dark,

00:18:17   which I think for a remote control,

00:18:19   this is the same reason why a pure,

00:18:21   like a touch screen interface,

00:18:24   where you have to look at the screen

00:18:25   is bad for a remote control,

00:18:26   because nobody wants to take their eyes off the TV

00:18:30   in order to control the remote.

00:18:31   Well, the Apple TV doesn't have a screen, so that's good.

00:18:33   Good call.

00:18:35   But you can lose the orientation where it's not,

00:18:37   it's not, it feels symmetric, symmetrical,

00:18:41   but somebody pointed out, it's not,

00:18:44   the buttons are not, right?

00:18:45   There's the, the up-down buttons are connected,

00:18:49   the what, the plus minus buttons are connected.

00:18:52   And the Siri button is actually concave,

00:18:55   a little tiny bit.

00:18:56   The problem is this reminds me actually of,

00:19:00   it's not quite as bad as the third generation iPod,

00:19:03   but if you remember that one with the four buttons across

00:19:05   that to orient, 'cause I used to listen to that

00:19:08   when I was waiting in my room for my daughter

00:19:11   to fall asleep, after I would read the story,

00:19:14   she'd want me to stay there until she fell asleep.

00:19:16   And I did that for a little while and it was really boring.

00:19:18   So I'd have like one earbud in

00:19:20   and I'd be sitting there listening to a audio book

00:19:22   or music or something.

00:19:23   And to orient with that,

00:19:25   you had to like move your fingers on the iPod

00:19:28   to try and figure out which button it was.

00:19:30   but if you touch the button,

00:19:31   which was the only way to orient,

00:19:32   it would do whatever that button did.

00:19:35   It's a really bad design.

00:19:35   - Is that the one with the touch sensitive buttons?

00:19:38   - Yeah.

00:19:39   - Yeah, that's the problem, right?

00:19:40   - Yeah, exactly.

00:19:41   So I would say that that's the problem with this is yes,

00:19:44   if you look at it, you can orient it properly,

00:19:46   but by feel,

00:19:47   you have to sort of move your fingers across the buttons.

00:19:50   And if you accidentally press a button

00:19:52   or if you accidentally move your finger across the trackpad,

00:19:55   there's some input problems there.

00:19:56   But it is true that you can,

00:19:59   if you become savvy enough you can detect that really it's like your thumb if your thumb

00:20:04   is oriented on the on the up and down button properly you're like okay I've got it in the

00:20:08   right direction so it is there it's just really subtle maybe I guess if you were criticizing

00:20:13   it you would say maybe a little more subtle than it should be but there is it's not you

00:20:18   know it's not identical by feel.

00:20:22   So one of my big differences from this time last week is I now have one of the game controllers.

00:20:31   So I bought the Steel Nimbus controller.

00:20:35   And I would say everybody that I've spoken to about this seems to have vastly different

00:20:39   opinions about this controller.

00:20:42   I think it's pretty good.

00:20:44   The buttons are fine, the D-pad is fine, the analog sticks are a little too concave in

00:20:52   the middle for my tastes they kind of they dip in way too much so they're not

00:20:58   great to hold on to but the triggers are also really good that it weights pretty

00:21:02   well and it gives you just another way to control the UI right the d-pad

00:21:05   controls the entire UI of the Apple TV it's better than I expected for some

00:21:11   games and it has improved every game I played with it except for Beat Sports

00:21:16   because Beat Sports is excellent with the remote you played that yet no I

00:21:22   haven't you really need to trust me like if you want a good gaming experience on

00:21:25   this device that is it because it's built for the Apple TV remote where

00:21:29   others haven't been right they've been ported mainly but the controller really

00:21:33   does change the way so many games are played it's better for the four games

00:21:39   like altos adventure way better for crossy road right having a d-pad I can

00:21:44   click makes it just easy to play and I also found a game called evil Knievel

00:21:49   which I had an amazing amount of fun with. You drive is Evil Knievel on motorbikes

00:21:55   and jump things and do loops and I was playing it for hours on the Apple TV very

00:22:01   happily. I also now have it on my iOS devices. It's a really great game except

00:22:04   for one flaw in that it doesn't sync your progress across devices which is

00:22:10   kind of weird because it's a universal app on three different devices but it

00:22:13   doesn't do it doesn't sync your support. You're like you're saved but I mean

00:22:19   it's fine because I enjoy the game enough that I actually don't mind

00:22:23   replaying all the levels but it's a really fun game that works really really

00:22:27   well and when they showed me the Apple TV remote instructions I was like this

00:22:31   would be impossible to play but with the game controller you just use the

00:22:35   shoulder buttons to make him flip left and right and to make him go backwards

00:22:38   and forwards and I thought it was really good so if you are serious about this

00:22:42   like about playing games on the Apple TV I actually think that it is

00:22:46   beneficial for sure to pick up one of the remotes and the Steel Nimbus is the

00:22:52   one that I have I think it's anyone that's currently available that is at

00:22:55   least ordained by Cupertino but it does it does a good enough job I find it and

00:23:02   it does make playing games a lot of games a lot better like also geometry

00:23:07   wars which is a analog stick game it's a two stick game and I I haven't even

00:23:12   tried to play this with the remotes I don't even know how you would do it like

00:23:16   the game has been all about two sticks on multiple platforms for a long time

00:23:20   and it plays really really well with this thing with the Nimbus

00:23:25   controller so I would suggest it but I would also really suggest Evil Can Evil

00:23:30   that is my top tip of this week's episode it is a fun fun game that I

00:23:34   haven't seen much of elsewhere.

00:23:36   Huh interesting yeah I haven't I haven't seen that either but

00:23:40   but with a with a controller.

00:23:42   Yeah or play it on the iOS devices it's really good

00:23:46   on iOS devices. So yeah that's that's kind of where I am with the Apple TV. I

00:23:49   haven't spent too much time with it otherwise and just to play some games

00:23:52   here and there. Like this was funny so yesterday evening me and my girlfriend

00:23:57   were going to watch, we're currently working our way through 30 Rock and

00:24:04   we were laying in bed and I said you know I could just we could just watch

00:24:08   this on the Apple TV because we're at the point now where we have to buy the

00:24:11   seasons from iTunes because only the first three are on Amazon. I was like we

00:24:15   can just watch it on the Apple TV." And she's like "Nah." I'm like "Yeah I know." Like it's

00:24:20   just at the other side of the room but it's like well that's over there and

00:24:23   we've got this we've got the laptop right in front of us like that is our

00:24:26   way right that is just our way. And she said you know to me as I've said before

00:24:30   like when we've got our own place like we all well it's kind of in the way that

00:24:34   we want we'll put the Apple TV on our big TV in the front room and we'd watch

00:24:38   it there but at the moment it just makes a lot of sense for us but it did make me

00:24:41   think about the fact that the iPad Pro, right, is the same size as my Mac Pro, so

00:24:47   maybe that will change in a couple of weeks with the device we're using to watch

00:24:50   this stuff on. Yeah, well the iPad Pro is gonna be a, despite its name, it's going

00:24:57   to be a great TV. Yes. And movie, and movie watcher, and they know it, which is

00:25:02   why they put those four speakers in with the auto-detect, stereo, all of that is

00:25:07   because they, you know, this is the story of Apple, we've talked about it before on

00:25:10   this show, you make up, you got to learn the lesson that people are going to use your product

00:25:14   in all sorts of ways that you didn't intend.

00:25:16   And so that's why the selfie camera is better.

00:25:18   And that's why the iPad camera is better.

00:25:20   Because you know, you might not believe that anyone should take selfies or take pictures

00:25:24   with their iPads, but people are going to do it.

00:25:26   So you might as well give them a good experience.

00:25:29   And this is an example of that where the iPad Pro, no, it's probably not a product that

00:25:34   you should target at watching, you know, movie watchers.

00:25:38   This is a big screen for watching movies, and yet it's going to be really good for that.

00:25:44   And who are we to judge people who buy it just for that?

00:25:47   But also keep in mind that pro users watch movies and TV shows too.

00:25:50   So it makes... and why would you not watch it on that big beautiful screen if you're

00:25:55   not preferring to watch it on a big TV somewhere?

00:25:58   So it'll be interesting to see.

00:26:00   I am laughing at the fact that you have spent... did you get the big or the small Apple TV?

00:26:05   The small.

00:26:06   Okay, so you spent the equivalent of about $200 on this product that you were not interested

00:26:11   in.

00:26:12   Yeah.

00:26:13   Okay, because you bought the controller, the $50 controller.

00:26:15   Yeah, well, I mean, because I'm more interested in it for games than TV, though, right?

00:26:20   That's true.

00:26:21   That's always been the way, like, I like to play iOS games at home, so this is a nice

00:26:26   way to play iOS games at home.

00:26:27   Yeah, that's true.

00:26:28   That's a good point.

00:26:29   But I still don't care about it enough.

00:26:30   Like, I've bought this device so I can talk about it on this show, right?

00:26:34   Yeah.

00:26:35   I'll be sitting here going,

00:26:36   "Jason, what does the Apple TV do?"

00:26:38   And it just doesn't feel, to me anyway,

00:26:42   considering this is what I do for a living,

00:26:43   that doesn't feel professional enough,

00:26:44   which is why I put the money down on it.

00:26:46   Which is why I'll also be putting

00:26:48   an incredible amount of money down on an iPad Pro,

00:26:50   because I think I want it, but I don't know if I want it.

00:26:53   - Yeah.

00:26:53   - And I might return it.

00:26:54   We'll come back to that in a minute actually,

00:26:55   'cause we finally had the pricing.

00:26:57   But I just wanted to touch on this emoji article

00:26:59   that you wrote.

00:27:00   - Emoji vertical, woo!

00:27:02   - I really like this, 'cause you kind of,

00:27:05   - Indeed, you kind of surfaced a frustration that I had,

00:27:10   but wasn't really 100% sure in how to kind of express it.

00:27:15   So you wrote this piece for Macworld,

00:27:17   and you're basically talking about how great emoji are,

00:27:20   which they are, and all of the new emoji are fantastic.

00:27:23   I love them, I love the little nerd face guy,

00:27:25   because I had previously been using--

00:27:26   - You use them a lot.

00:27:27   - I use it all the time.

00:27:28   I was previously using the sunglasses guy

00:27:31   as a way to represent me,

00:27:33   So I would use the little sunglasses guy

00:27:35   because he wears glasses, but now I have the nerd face guy

00:27:37   and his glasses look like my glasses.

00:27:39   So it's like, that is me, I am nerd face guy.

00:27:42   So I love all the new emoji,

00:27:44   but you have highlighted a problem in this,

00:27:45   is as they have added a ton more,

00:27:48   they are becoming more and more difficult to find

00:27:51   in the Apple list that they have.

00:27:54   - Yeah, well, and it's a huge number.

00:27:56   It's the 9/1 and 10/11/1 update

00:28:02   added another 184 of these.

00:28:05   It's funny, in Indianapolis, I spent some time

00:28:08   at the release notes conference,

00:28:11   the mingle thing afterward, after dinner,

00:28:14   talking to Jeremy from Emojipedia.

00:28:16   And that was cool because he knows everything about emojis.

00:28:21   - You could say his knowledge is almost encyclopedic, right?

00:28:26   - Encyclopedic, yes, 184 new symbols.

00:28:30   And Apple is the first company to have this cover

00:28:32   the whole Unicode standard for emoji, which is cool.

00:28:35   And it's not as simple as you'd think.

00:28:37   I mentioned this in the article, and I find it fascinating,

00:28:40   even if nobody else may, which is emoji,

00:28:43   we mentioned on the show, so Upgradients know all about it.

00:28:46   Emoji fragmentation, the idea that there is no art

00:28:50   that is given to somebody to support emoji.

00:28:53   It doesn't work that way.

00:28:54   So platform owners and website developers

00:28:58   basically need to make their own emoji

00:29:00   or rely on the platform of the users,

00:29:04   but it'll come down to the platform user.

00:29:06   There's no, like Unicode,

00:29:07   the Unicode consortium doesn't have a budget

00:29:10   and go out to an artist

00:29:12   and have an artist come up with the official emoji

00:29:15   and then give that away to everybody.

00:29:16   None of that happens.

00:29:17   In fact, my understanding is that

00:29:20   that Emojipedia will sometimes help

00:29:23   because Emojipedia likes to mock up

00:29:25   potential future emoji.

00:29:26   I think that since Jeremy from Emojipedia is on the Unicode emoji subcommittee, which

00:29:32   is a great thing to say, the emoji subcommittee, bureaucracy crossed with emojis, what could

00:29:37   go wrong?

00:29:39   And I think they actually, he's helping them out by having Emojipedia do some mock-ups

00:29:46   because I think the Unicode consortium has no ability to do that.

00:29:49   They have like little silhouettes of what the emoji are supposed to be, but basically

00:29:53   it's incumbent on Apple and Google and Microsoft and Facebook and Twitter and anyone else who

00:29:58   wants to do it for their custom for their websites to build this stuff. And so it's

00:30:04   a lot of work and Apple has been dedicated. They are paying a designer to come up with

00:30:09   this consistent emoji design across iOS and OS X, which is really great. But there are

00:30:16   so many of them, and this was what my article was about, that on Mac you can bring up, I

00:30:22   I think it's control, command, space.

00:30:25   You can bring up a little floating emoji palette.

00:30:28   And it's got, and if you scroll up, it's got a search box

00:30:30   and you can put in smile

00:30:32   and it'll bring up things that have smile in the name.

00:30:34   And if you put in Germany,

00:30:36   I believe it will show you the German flag

00:30:39   and you can click on it so that you insert a German flag

00:30:42   when you intend to and not a Belgian flag, which I did once.

00:30:45   And this is what started this whole story

00:30:47   because I was sleepy.

00:30:48   And I realized that on iOS, you can't search for emoji.

00:30:52   You've got all 184 new ones and the total number

00:30:56   is some ridiculous number of how many?

00:30:59   Sixteen, twenty total emoji characters possible?

00:31:04   And you can't search for them on iOS.

00:31:05   So I think, you know, yes,

00:31:07   this is not an earth-shaking subject, it's a fun subject,

00:31:10   but emoji are fun and they're easy to type sometimes

00:31:15   and it would be nice if Apple,

00:31:18   which has been so supportive of the display of them,

00:31:22   maybe took a look at better ways to choose them

00:31:27   because on iOS especially, it's kind of hard.

00:31:31   You get to the flag segment and literally

00:31:32   they are alphabetized by their country code.

00:31:35   And you end up playing this game where you're like,

00:31:37   let's see if there's a flag near the flag that I want

00:31:40   that I recognize.

00:31:42   And then from there, maybe I can orient

00:31:44   and find out if it's alphabetically before or after that.

00:31:47   And you have to know the country codes

00:31:48   because if you're looking for the German flag,

00:31:50   you have to know that that's DE.

00:31:52   It's yeah, it could be better.

00:31:55   And on the Mac, you know, the Mac one is okay,

00:31:57   I ended up using Launch Bar,

00:31:59   although there are other sort of text expansion utilities

00:32:02   that offer this, but I use Launch Bar

00:32:04   because Launch Bar has emoji built into it now.

00:32:06   And since I already use Launch Bar,

00:32:09   I can type emoji, you know, tab,

00:32:12   and then the thing I'm looking for and it'll pop it up.

00:32:14   But I feel like the best example of this right now is Slack.

00:32:18   Slack does such a great job with emoji.

00:32:20   Not only do they have a good picker,

00:32:22   but they have a shortcut that searches the emoji dictionary.

00:32:25   So if you type a colon and start typing something

00:32:28   after the colon, it will auto-complete a bunch of options

00:32:32   for other emojis that you could pick.

00:32:34   And my gut feeling is that something like that

00:32:37   might be the way for Apple to do it on iOS,

00:32:39   is a button somewhere,

00:32:40   not just switch to the emoji keyboard and good luck,

00:32:43   but like an emoji button on the regular keyboard,

00:32:46   or I don't know, I'm not a UX designer,

00:32:48   but something that lets you very quickly go,

00:32:50   I want a smiley here and it shows you smileys

00:32:53   and you go to that one,

00:32:54   or I want a flag here and it shows you flags,

00:32:56   or I want the German flag.

00:32:58   I know the code for that and it auto-completes to that.

00:33:00   So I would like that part to be better.

00:33:02   That's what the article's about.

00:33:04   - Yeah, there's a few things about this.

00:33:06   One, talking about Slack,

00:33:08   never ever would I have imagined

00:33:10   that the emoji reactions feature that they have

00:33:13   would have actually caught on.

00:33:15   I really love using that, which is where you can add an emoji to a line of text.

00:33:20   So somebody says something and you can react by just adding an emoji to it.

00:33:25   We use that a lot, right?

00:33:26   We – yeah.

00:33:27   Yeah, absolutely.

00:33:28   I love that.

00:33:29   That was a surprise to me.

00:33:30   I wouldn't have necessarily considered that that would have actually been something that

00:33:33   we continued to use, but it's fun.

00:33:37   I think that – I believe that Apple will help surface the emoji via search or something

00:33:43   on iOS in the future, but the reason they haven't yet is because this has only really

00:33:48   become a problem with 9.1.

00:33:50   Well, it does, it does, it certainly exacerbates the existing problem.

00:33:55   Well they added so many in one time.

00:33:58   Well 9.0 added a lot of them too, right?

00:34:01   So this is, they've actually added a lot of emoji symbols very quickly in the last few

00:34:06   months.

00:34:07   By the way, Jeremy, since he's on the committee, pointed out to me that their goal is I think

00:34:11   to only add about 60, only 60 a year. So this is only going to get worse, although they're

00:34:17   not going to drop 180 at once like happened in 9.1. He says that the spec, they're shooting

00:34:24   for about 60 a year.

00:34:26   Right, okay. Well, we'll see. I mean, I expect that there will be some differences. I mean,

00:34:31   you know, some different tools.

00:34:32   Yeah, it's fun. On the Mac, there are lots of options. And on iOS, we should say, there

00:34:37   are some custom keyboards. Actually, Apple's keyboard for Chinese input, I believe, auto-suggests

00:34:46   emoji. And it may on some other keyboards, but somebody sent me a screenshot. The problem

00:34:50   is you need to know the Chinese characters to get to that point. And there are custom

00:34:56   keyboards that do a better job and have searchable emoji. And there's, in fact, Emojipedia, there's

00:35:03   a link in our notes to this because you put it in there. Emojipedia makes an app that

00:35:06   that I believe just shows you all the flags.

00:35:09   - Yeah, they worked with Quartz, the news agency,

00:35:12   to create an emoji flag search keyboard.

00:35:17   - Yeah, so there's some options out there and they're good.

00:35:21   And like I said, I'm using Launch Bar on the Mac.

00:35:23   You could set up your favorite emoji in TextExpander,

00:35:26   I mean, there's so many different ways you could do it,

00:35:28   but it would be nice.

00:35:30   I think this could be something,

00:35:33   the delight, I'll put it this way,

00:35:34   'Cause this isn't even, it's the positive show, right?

00:35:38   This isn't even a criticism of where Apple is,

00:35:39   so much as to say, I didn't realize how great it was

00:35:43   to have easy access to emoji until I used Slack more.

00:35:48   And I saw how Slack had said, you know what?

00:35:50   Emoji is kind of part of the parlance

00:35:53   of online conversation.

00:35:55   And if we make it easy for people to use it,

00:35:57   they'll use it more and that'll make

00:35:59   the conversations richer.

00:36:00   And I agree with that.

00:36:01   I feel like that was a smart move on their part.

00:36:04   I think they're right.

00:36:05   As silly as emoji, I heard from somebody this week

00:36:08   who said basically, what are you 12?

00:36:11   No adults should use emoji.

00:36:12   And it's like, well, I disagree.

00:36:15   No adults should use emoticons.

00:36:16   No adults should use LOL.

00:36:19   You know, okay, you can say that.

00:36:21   I will get off your lawn, sir.

00:36:22   But I think it adds to the richness of the conversation

00:36:26   and is fun to boot.

00:36:28   And once I saw how Slack did it,

00:36:31   where I was auto-completing into emoji

00:36:34   and I was starting to think in terms of,

00:36:36   well, if I want the German flag, that's flag DE.

00:36:39   I know what to type to get it.

00:36:41   Once that happened, or is there a snowman?

00:36:46   And you do, you know, colon S-N-O-W and you realize,

00:36:49   oh my God, there's a snowflake and there are two snowmen now.

00:36:52   Oh, it's crazy.

00:36:53   It opened up a lot of thinking

00:36:59   what could be done with emoji input that I hadn't thought of before. And that's my point

00:37:03   here is that having seen that, I look at that and I look at how it currently works on iOS

00:37:09   and even on the Mac, and I think there's an opportunity there, especially on iOS, for

00:37:13   better emoji input, and that would make everybody's online conversations a little more fun. So,

00:37:21   you know, it's an area I think that Apple could add a lot of richness to iOS, especially

00:37:28   if they if they put a little more emphasis on emoji input. It's silly. It is silly. It

00:37:34   is not going to change the world but but Myke you know you have to admit I mean in the slack

00:37:39   channel that we share and in the other slack channels that I'm into the emoji are like

00:37:44   part of the they make everything funnier and better and and I think I think richer.

00:37:50   >>I agree.

00:37:51   >>Whether it's whether it's just in the conversations or those emoji reactions which are also hilarious.

00:37:55   Merlin Mann does not agree, so if you would like to hear Merlin's view on this, listen

00:38:00   to episode 13 of Reconcilable Differences.

00:38:03   Of which whilst I was editing, I was shouting at Logic back at him.

00:38:09   It's a fun episode, especially because John really kind of parades Merlin around in this

00:38:17   episode to make him kind of the worst he can be.

00:38:20   It's a fun one for us to do.

00:38:21   I should also mention when talking about Slack

00:38:24   that another feature that I like 11 Slack

00:38:26   that is not applicable to this conversation,

00:38:29   but I wanna mention it is Slack is also great

00:38:31   because they let you make your own emoji.

00:38:33   - Yeah.

00:38:34   - And that makes that also fills me with delight.

00:38:37   We have a, in the incomparable chat room,

00:38:38   we have a Skeletor emoji.

00:38:40   It is fantastic.

00:38:43   And you know, it's fun stuff.

00:38:45   It's no different than expressing yourself with,

00:38:49   like I said, emoticons or animated GIFs

00:38:51   or acronyms or any other kind of nerd code speak that's been going on since the beginning

00:38:57   of the internet. This is just, it's pretty visual and fun and I like it.

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00:40:30   So we found out today as we are recording, which is Monday the 9th of November 2015,

00:40:37   the iPad Pro will go on sale on Wednesday the 11th.

00:40:42   - Wednesday, yes.

00:40:43   - Online and there will be stock in stores later this week.

00:40:47   So right there probably-- - Later this week.

00:40:49   I love that.

00:40:50   That's like, might be Thursday, probably not.

00:40:51   Might be Friday, probably.

00:40:53   Some places if you don't get a Friday,

00:40:54   Saturday is still part of the week.

00:40:56   - I expect it's like,

00:40:57   'cause it's just depending on the store, right?

00:40:59   I bet some stores will have them on Wednesday.

00:41:01   - Yeah, if I had to bet,

00:41:03   I would say they'll have them Friday.

00:41:05   and then some of them will get them Saturday.

00:41:08   If I had to guess, that would be my guess,

00:41:10   that they won't, that there'll be a gap there.

00:41:12   But you're right, it could be.

00:41:14   It could be that when they open sales on Wednesday,

00:41:16   they're already in some stores, entirely possible.

00:41:19   - So I will be logging on on Wednesday

00:41:23   to see if I can try and maybe reserve one

00:41:25   for an in-store pickup,

00:41:26   because that's what I like to do these days.

00:41:29   I hate waiting at home for these things.

00:41:30   Otherwise, I'll just be popping down to a store

00:41:32   later on in the week.

00:41:33   I finally, as of today, have the pricing information

00:41:38   that I've been waiting for.

00:41:39   This is the first time that any pricing

00:41:42   has been released outside of the US.

00:41:45   So I will be able to get the 32 gigabyte model

00:41:50   for 679 pounds, that is Wi-Fi,

00:41:54   and it goes up to 899 for the Wi-Fi and cellular 128 gig.

00:41:59   Doesn't have the pricing for the 128 Wi-Fi,

00:42:02   But I can assume that that will probably be in the 700 pound range.

00:42:06   It's whatever they usually add on for the cellular version, I would imagine.

00:42:10   In the US, it's always whatever it is.

00:42:13   Good point.

00:42:14   So I can just see what that amount is and just reduce it from the 879, from the 899

00:42:19   figure.

00:42:20   So it's probably around 750, 760, something like that.

00:42:23   The Apple Pencil will be available for £79 and the Smart Keyboard available in charcoal

00:42:29   grey for £139. It's gonna be an expensive week again. Well, so what did you say? The

00:42:39   base model is £679? Mm-hmm. Wow. You are really getting it in the wallet there. That's

00:42:48   a thousand dollars US. This is the usual pricing. For the £799 model. So that's two hundred

00:42:57   26 equivalent dollars more than it is in the US. That's what the VAT would do to

00:43:05   you. Wow. If you remember all of our sales tax is included in the price right?

00:43:10   Oh well that's true. That's worth remembering. That's true because then

00:43:15   then I will have to add it in but but $7.99 is is is $5.29. Yeah. And and you're

00:43:22   paying a lot more than that. I have some friends who are visiting London they've

00:43:25   been there this last week, I think they're going home soon, but one of them said, had

00:43:29   a tweet who they said, "London is great, let's live here," looks at rental prices.

00:43:36   Well, got to go back to work, back home in Canada, because yeah, things can be expensive

00:43:43   there.

00:43:44   But although you're right, you've got inclusive tax in the prices where we have the hidden

00:43:49   secret surprise taxes that just appear, yay.

00:43:52   So even though the products are more expensive here anyway, at least the tax is included

00:43:57   which means we don't have like sticker shock at the checkout.

00:44:00   Well also Apple is, and this has come up on past shows and I wrote about it at Six Colors

00:44:05   too, Apple is also I think anticipating a strong dollar continuing and they want to

00:44:11   have the stronger the dollar gets the smaller their margins get so I think that's part of

00:44:17   it too is that they're pricing based on what they think the currency markets are going

00:44:22   gonna do but still that's uh yeah that's pricey you're gonna you're gonna be

00:44:26   spending a lot of money on are you gonna get the 32 are you gonna get the 128 or

00:44:30   you're gonna go with 128 cellular I'm gonna have to go 128 because if I think

00:44:34   I'm seriously gonna use this device 32 is ludicrous all right I will probably

00:44:40   go Wi-Fi because I just tether you know I'm fine doing that with my current

00:44:49   iPad. I always have my iPhone with me. I can just tether. So that's

00:44:53   probably what I'll do. But I'll also be going in for the pencil and

00:44:58   the keyboard because I want the full experience. So there's been

00:45:03   some stuff today, some press today like Eddy Cue did a kind of half-hearted demo

00:45:08   to CNN Money which there's just been a few little bits and bobs flying around

00:45:14   today. It looks like the executives are in full PR force right now because I saw

00:45:20   like Tim Cook is somewhere in London doing something and I think he was

00:45:24   presenting to someone from the press as well today. So they're doing what

00:45:28   seems to be the usual now for a product launch right? They're making themselves

00:45:31   very visible around this period of time. So I wanted to just bring this up

00:45:36   because it's a little bit of news but I wanted to kind of talk a little bit

00:45:39   about the iPad and how we're both using them now because me and you both are

00:45:44   upgraded to the Air 2 after WWDC right because we have to take advantage of all the iOS 9

00:45:49   iPad related features. So are you still continuing to use the Air 2 if you switch back to the

00:45:55   Mini like where are you currently on this spectrum? I am using the Air 2. I haven't

00:46:03   gone back to the Mini. I still have my Mini 2 is still in a drawer and because I don't

00:46:09   know I keep feeling like I'm going to go back and look at it and and consider it again.

00:46:13   I'm actually working on a story that will probably not be out for a couple of weeks,

00:46:16   which is sort of like a survey of all the iPad models for Macworld.

00:46:21   They do this every year and now as a freelancer it's nice when they're like, "Hey, we'll pay

00:46:24   you to do this story that you used to write for free in your spare time when you worked

00:46:29   here."

00:46:30   So I'm thinking about this a lot.

00:46:32   The Air 2, or the Mini 2…

00:46:34   When you say a survey, what does that mean?

00:46:36   Oh, just like an overview.

00:46:39   I'm going to write about every single available iPad and basically say sort of like which

00:46:42   one is right for which person. Okay like a buyer's guide. It is a buyer's guide, exactly.

00:46:49   So the mini, my mini 2, I love it when I pick it up I think oh it's so light and small and

00:46:55   great but as I you know as I discovered in the last year I'm really feeling the fact

00:47:04   that I am on the precipice of needing reading glasses at 45 years old and I fought it as

00:47:11   as long as I could.

00:47:12   - You got fought.

00:47:13   - It's gonna, but it's gonna happen.

00:47:15   I mean, I've got the long because I'm nearsighted.

00:47:18   So I've got the, I've been wearing glasses since I was 18,

00:47:21   but now I'm gonna have to do that.

00:47:25   And the iPad Air 2 just has as many pixels as the mini does,

00:47:30   but they're bigger and spread out over a larger distance.

00:47:35   And when you're getting old and your eyes are going bad,

00:47:39   it's nicer for it to be bigger.

00:47:41   And I read, I do things like read comics on it.

00:47:43   And I don't, so I'm fully kind of committed to the Air 2

00:47:48   as much as I like the size of the Mini.

00:47:49   And every time I pick it up, I think, oh, you're so nice.

00:47:52   I just, I think the Air 2 is that big screen.

00:47:57   And it is more powerful than the Mini 2,

00:48:00   certainly let alone the Mini 4 that's out now.

00:48:03   That one is more powerful,

00:48:05   but it's still not as powerful as the Air 2,

00:48:07   is my understanding.

00:48:08   So, you know, it's, I love the Mini, it's really cool,

00:48:13   and I would use it if, and love it,

00:48:16   if I didn't have the Air 2,

00:48:17   but the Air 2 is just that much more, you know, bigger.

00:48:21   It's all about the screen size.

00:48:22   - So, are you finding yourself in a situation

00:48:28   where you're taking advantage of the multitasking features

00:48:31   and stuff like that?

00:48:32   Do you find them, like, do you use them seriously,

00:48:34   or do you use them as like a novel thing?

00:48:37   - Well, the way I use my iPad,

00:48:39   the multitasking features don't get used very much.

00:48:42   - Okay.

00:48:42   - I have those moments.

00:48:44   One of the ways you fight,

00:48:46   especially when you're writing,

00:48:49   'cause doing podcast stuff you kind of need equipment for,

00:48:52   but when you're writing,

00:48:54   one of the ways you fight that kind of sluggish time

00:48:57   when you fight the TDM of like,

00:49:00   you're staring at the cursor

00:49:01   and you know you need to write something,

00:49:02   and I'm not gonna call it writer's block

00:49:04   'cause I think writer's block is not a thing.

00:49:05   I think there's lots of different things

00:49:07   that make you not be able to write

00:49:08   that get rolled up into writer's block

00:49:09   and it becomes this legend.

00:49:11   But it's more like you're just staring at the screen

00:49:12   and like, I need to change what I'm doing here.

00:49:16   Sometimes I will take, like in the summer,

00:49:17   I'll take my laptop and I'll sit outside

00:49:20   and I'll try to write outside

00:49:21   because staring at the screen in the office isn't working.

00:49:23   Let's try to change the location.

00:49:25   And sometimes I'll do that with the iPad,

00:49:26   either on the keyboard or I'll get out the Bluetooth keyboard

00:49:30   and I'll go set it up at the dining room table

00:49:32   and try that as a different kind of experience.

00:49:36   and sometimes the iPad is a very nice focused experience.

00:49:39   But most of the ways that I use the iPad day to day

00:49:43   are not that, you know,

00:49:44   and so I don't use the multitasking features very much.

00:49:46   I don't even use slide over.

00:49:48   I think I forget that slide over exists

00:49:50   until I'm trying to go forward in Safari

00:49:54   and I use that gesture to go forward

00:49:55   that doesn't do that anymore

00:49:56   because it's the slide over gesture

00:49:58   and I need to press the forward button instead.

00:50:00   So I don't use it that much.

00:50:03   Mostly what I'm using is,

00:50:06   Ideally, when I leave the office at the end of the day,

00:50:09   or if I'm taking a lunch break or whatever,

00:50:12   I have a big iMac here, it doesn't come with me.

00:50:14   I have a laptop, but it just stays docked behind me

00:50:17   most of the time.

00:50:19   The iPad is what I'm using in the house.

00:50:23   That's my thing, my connection to the internet

00:50:25   is that iPad.

00:50:27   That's how I use it.

00:50:28   - You mean when you're not in the office?

00:50:30   - When I'm not in the office.

00:50:31   When I'm in the rest of the house.

00:50:34   That's how I'm using it.

00:50:35   And so for me, you know, there are moments where I'm like,

00:50:39   oh, I should split screen this and use it.

00:50:42   But most of the time I don't,

00:50:43   'cause most of the time it's, especially on that screen,

00:50:45   this is something I'm looking forward

00:50:46   to trying in the iPad Pro.

00:50:48   Even on the Air 2 screen, you know,

00:50:51   a split view with two apps, it feels a little crowded.

00:50:54   It feels a little cramped.

00:50:56   I could put Slack on one side and Twitter on the other

00:50:59   or something like that, and I have done that,

00:51:01   but it feels kind of cramped

00:51:04   and it's actually easier just to have both of them open

00:51:06   and just swipe between them.

00:51:08   So I usually just do that.

00:51:10   So, you know, I'm not using those features a lot,

00:51:12   but I do use my iPad all the time.

00:51:14   And I love it because it is fulfilling

00:51:17   the space that a laptop used to take in my life,

00:51:22   where I would have a laptop on the dining,

00:51:24   or in the like the living room, like the coffee table,

00:51:27   just so that I could flip it open

00:51:28   and look at something on the internet.

00:51:30   And it's nice to not have to worry about that.

00:51:32   and the iPad does that instead.

00:51:35   - No, I definitely use the split view stuff all the time.

00:51:38   I love it.

00:51:39   It's the thing that makes the iPad

00:51:41   a useful tool for me again, because--

00:51:42   - So what are you pairing?

00:51:43   What are you splitting?

00:51:45   - So quite a lot of the time,

00:51:48   I might be doing something

00:51:50   and then maybe an email will come in or something like that

00:51:53   and I will slide over Outlook and take a look at it.

00:51:58   I may then turn it into a multi-pane view to look at something in Chrome and bring it

00:52:06   in.

00:52:07   Say for example somebody wants to buy some sponsorships, I can bring up our sponsorship

00:52:11   calendar in Chrome and take a look at it there and compare to see what's available and then

00:52:16   I can go flick back over and look into, well I can just tap into Outlook on the right side

00:52:22   or whatever and reply to it.

00:52:24   If I'm on Twitter, if I'm in Tweetbot, I usually will have something like Slack Open as well,

00:52:29   just because they kind of just go together for me, because they're both just kind of

00:52:32   like goofing off type stuff.

00:52:37   There are still some apps that need Split View support for me, like the Google Drive

00:52:41   apps, and when I have those as well, it will go to a whole other level, where I'll be combining

00:52:48   Notes and Google Drive to do show preparation.

00:52:51   currently do that but I'm like flicking over into the multitasking view and

00:52:55   going back or I'm using notes in slide over and then I go back into drive and

00:52:59   then I slide over notes again and go back into drive. So I see only for me a

00:53:05   continuation of my use of this feature as time goes on in all honesty.

00:53:11   I feel like it is after having used it for a while now I feel like the next

00:53:17   logical step for it is a little less maintenance if that makes sense like one

00:53:22   of the problems I have with it is it doesn't always do what I what I kind of

00:53:28   I've realized I want it to do and again as a first iteration I think it's fine

00:53:33   but you know obviously there are things like the list of multitasking available

00:53:37   apps that that you you see in the slide over is not sustainable with a large

00:53:43   number of apps on your device. That is an elegant view. Yeah, and then the other

00:53:47   thing I would say is I kind of want and how you make this work with gestures and

00:53:53   have it be something that regular users can understand I don't know but I find

00:53:57   myself wanting pairs of apps to live together and so... I feel the same, yeah, so

00:54:03   I press one icon and have two apps launch. Yeah, like if it knows that when I

00:54:07   have a Tweetbot or Twitterrific open I want Slack to be with it or when I have

00:54:11   Slack open, I want a Twitter client to be with it, whatever my choice is, that when

00:54:16   I'm in the home screen and I tap on Slack, that it open in the split view with the app

00:54:22   that goes with it.

00:54:23   But if I have some other app, I have Safari open, it knows that, well, Safari is open

00:54:29   with Notes.

00:54:31   And so I will open Safari with Notes.

00:54:33   And right now it doesn't do that.

00:54:35   It sort of like you set the sidebar item, whether it's slide over or split view, that

00:54:40   the right hand side item, and that's the app that opens

00:54:43   with whatever app you open.

00:54:46   And again, makes sense for a first crack at it,

00:54:49   but I find myself wanting context there.

00:54:51   I find myself wanting these apps to know who their buddy is

00:54:55   and bring the buddy along.

00:54:56   Come on, buddy.

00:54:57   It's time for us to open up.

00:54:58   Both the apps are gonna open up

00:54:59   and that doesn't happen right now.

00:55:01   - Yeah, I think that would be nice.

00:55:03   I think that is, you know,

00:55:06   I would love to see an app like Workflow

00:55:08   have the ability to do something like that, right?

00:55:10   Like you create a custom icon that you hit

00:55:12   and it opens the two apps together.

00:55:14   - Oh yeah, that'd be nice.

00:55:15   - But it can't, right?

00:55:16   There's no way it could do that right now.

00:55:17   - No, it's gonna have to be a system thing.

00:55:21   The other thing I would say is,

00:55:23   with the work that Apple's done on proactive stuff

00:55:26   in iOS 9, especially, I think you see that on the iPhone,

00:55:30   I would love to see a proactive list of suggestions

00:55:37   of apps for the sidebar, right?

00:55:40   So it could actually make a good guess

00:55:43   about what app you probably want to load.

00:55:44   - Yeah, as opposed to just time-based.

00:55:47   Be like, oh, well, when you have this open,

00:55:49   you usually want this open.

00:55:51   - Yeah, and have it be,

00:55:53   even if it doesn't select it for you automatically

00:55:55   to have it be a suggestion at the very top,

00:55:57   because those can work pretty well.

00:55:58   I'm shocked when I switch to the proactive view and go,

00:56:01   oh, there it is, that's the app I wanted.

00:56:04   It doesn't always happen,

00:56:05   but it happens more than I thought it would.

00:56:07   So, you know, these are other directions,

00:56:10   but for me, that I think it actually does limit my use

00:56:14   of Split View because I feel like once I'm in Split View,

00:56:17   I'm also committing that I have to do maintenance

00:56:19   on Split View, I need to, then I load another app later

00:56:22   and I'm like, oh, I still had Split View,

00:56:23   I've got to close that out,

00:56:24   or I need to change apps or something like that.

00:56:26   And I'd like it to be, I'd like it to just be less work.

00:56:30   I'd like it to sort of, again,

00:56:32   how you do this is an open question

00:56:34   and what encumbrance you add on top

00:56:36   to get this stuff to be set up that way,

00:56:37   I think is an open question.

00:56:39   And it's a challenge for whoever is designing

00:56:42   that feature at Apple.

00:56:42   But wouldn't it be nice if I know that this app,

00:56:46   I always wanna open full screen,

00:56:47   but this app, I always wanna open

00:56:49   with this other app next to it.

00:56:51   That would be cool.

00:56:52   - Let's see how the, or if the iPad Pro will change

00:56:55   your opinion at least on the split view, right?

00:56:58   The more real estate may help that.

00:57:00   - Just more room.

00:57:01   Oh, that's gonna be, more room will be huge.

00:57:03   - Yeah.

00:57:04   - So we'll see, I'm becoming more and more excited

00:57:07   about the thought of it,

00:57:08   just because of how much I'm using the Air,

00:57:11   but I don't know how I would feel about the bigger device,

00:57:14   right, the added weight, the added size,

00:57:16   like all of those things,

00:57:17   all of the unanswered questions that make me consider

00:57:21   how good the potential functionality could be

00:57:24   when compared to the adding on

00:57:27   of the rest of the device, right?

00:57:29   - Well, I can't wait.

00:57:30   I mean, not only will we be able to get them this week,

00:57:32   but presumably there's a whole set of embargo reviewers

00:57:36   out there who are getting ready to drop

00:57:37   their reviews this week.

00:57:38   So there'll be a lot to read,

00:57:40   there'll be lots of things to order and spend money on,

00:57:42   and then there'll be products.

00:57:43   So it's an exciting week.

00:57:44   It's iPad, I think I did a post on Six Colors today

00:57:47   that was basically, "Hey, it's iPad Pro week."

00:57:49   It turns out, Apple released a press release that says,

00:57:51   "iPad Pro, this is the week we are excited about it."

00:57:55   So hopefully next week will be the week

00:57:56   where we get to talk about it on upgrade.

00:57:58   That should be a lot of fun.

00:58:00   - Yeah, this is relentless, right?

00:58:03   - This is the last one, I think,

00:58:05   but it has been quite a,

00:58:07   the fallout from that September 9th event,

00:58:09   which is we've got a lot of products to show you

00:58:11   and then we're gonna be dropping them

00:58:12   over the course of the next two months,

00:58:14   'cause it's two months today since that event.

00:58:17   It's been busy, they've been busy,

00:58:21   and so we've all been busy, and it's good.

00:58:24   But I feel like this is probably the last one

00:58:26   until next year.

00:58:28   - Yeah, there's nothing else, right?

00:58:29   - Yeah, there's nothing else from that event.

00:58:31   - Nothing promised, no.

00:58:33   I mean, they could call me up next week and say,

00:58:37   "Hey, we got something new, come on down and visit us."

00:58:39   But I think it's unlikely.

00:58:41   - I hope so.

00:58:41   - I think they've got some Christmas shopping to do

00:58:43   and they're done.

00:58:45   - This has been like a season

00:58:47   that I don't think there's ever been before,

00:58:49   like product release-wise.

00:58:50   - Actually, okay, so I think it's the most,

00:58:53   that's the most we've seen in a while.

00:58:55   But there was a year, and I can't remember what year it was.

00:58:58   And my colleagues at Macworld will back me up on this

00:59:01   from back in the day.

00:59:02   There was a year where the first, the Tuesday,

00:59:07   every Tuesday there was an Apple product announcement

00:59:11   for like 12 straight weeks, 15 straight weeks.

00:59:15   Some of them were minor, some of them were major,

00:59:18   but there was something.

00:59:19   There would be like an iLife rollout

00:59:20   and then there'd be a new iPod

00:59:22   and then there'd be a new laptop

00:59:23   and then there'd be an update to Final Cut Pro.

00:59:27   And there was, there was, and I talked to Apple PR

00:59:29   at the time about it, and they're like, yep, well,

00:59:31   this is, somebody obviously said,

00:59:33   what if we were just in the news forever?

00:59:34   And everything we did, we just dripped it out

00:59:36   one at a time.

00:59:37   And that was exhausting.

00:59:39   It was a lot of fun.

00:59:40   And when you're doing a monthly magazine,

00:59:42   I have always said to the people at Apple,

00:59:44   at Apple PR, when I was at Macworld,

00:59:46   I would always say to them, you know,

00:59:48   one really awesome looking new Apple product

00:59:50   every month works for us.

00:59:53   It's like, that is great.

00:59:55   'cause there's nothing better than putting a new Apple product

00:59:58   on the cover of a computer magazine.

00:59:59   It was always the best thing you could do.

01:00:02   So they did that for a while, and then there was one Tuesday

01:00:04   where it was like, "No PR?"

01:00:06   And it's like, "Let's call Apple PR, see if they're okay."

01:00:08   And they're like, "Yeah, that, it's done, it's over."

01:00:11   But they did it.

01:00:12   This is the biggest one I can remember since then

01:00:14   where there's been a real march of products over time.

01:00:17   But they did do that kind of masochistic

01:00:19   product rollout one time, where it was like three months

01:00:21   where there was something new every week.

01:00:23   It was crazy.

01:00:25   I would really love it if you could follow up on what that time was and what the products

01:00:31   were.

01:00:32   I'll look into it.

01:00:33   I'll look at the Apple PR archive.

01:00:34   I would really like to know that now.

01:00:35   But it was a crazy time.

01:00:37   We could maybe go back in time, right?

01:00:39   And we could do each one.

01:00:41   Little historical upgrade.

01:00:42   Yeah, that sounds like fun.

01:00:44   Alright, I think it's time for Ask Upgrade.

01:00:46   I think so.

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01:02:41   (imitates laser)

01:02:44   - First question comes from Jimmy.

01:02:46   - For Christmas I need real lasers.

01:02:48   - We can look into that.

01:02:49   - We saw, I'll give you some laser sound effects

01:02:52   Christmas maybe. Jimmy had a question for me this week. Jimmy would like to know

01:02:57   what case I use for my iPhone. So Jimmy let me tell you because Jimmy's just

01:03:04   joined the plus Club the only the only good club to be a part of of course and

01:03:09   #MykeWasRight. And the case that I use is just the Apple silicon case. I'm very happy with

01:03:15   the Apple silicon case it does a good job. It's maybe a little bit bulkier than

01:03:19   I would like at times but I like colors and I like the grip and it has the Apple

01:03:23   logo on it which is nice so I think it does a really good job and it's the case

01:03:29   that I like to use. Nice and simple. All right. Do you use a case? Good for you. I bet you don't, right?

01:03:36   I have the leather, I have the Apple leather case it's the same one that I

01:03:41   had on the 6 that I've just moved over to the 6s and it fits slightly more

01:03:47   snuggly on it but it still fits and I like it because it adds that extra

01:03:51   grippiness to it and so I've gotten used to it it's the first case that I have

01:03:54   used in an extended way over my entire lifetime of iPhone ownership but I like

01:04:01   it's just the black leather Apple case. Now Vic has a question for you.

01:04:06   Vic wanted to clarify something from last week's episode and Vic asked "Did I

01:04:11   hear correctly that you said that Apple would not intend to support the iOS

01:04:15   remote app on the new Apple TV. That is a quote that you said you were told from

01:04:20   the the mouth of Apple PR to your ears.

01:04:24   Well, from a guy. So what happens at these Apple

01:04:27   events is it's every device that's out there and there are lots of

01:04:32   them that's being demoed, there's an Apple employee with it that's sort of

01:04:35   its minder and those are Apple employees they can't all be Apple PR and marketing

01:04:40   people because they don't have that many of them or maybe it's marketing people

01:04:45   people, but it's not just the Apple PR team.

01:04:47   It's a lot of other Apple employees.

01:04:48   They are often not people you've met before.

01:04:51   You don't know their names.

01:04:52   They don't wear name tags.

01:04:53   They don't identify who they are,

01:04:54   but they've all been trained to say basically

01:04:57   the same things, what to demo, what not to demo,

01:04:59   what not, what to allow you to do,

01:05:01   what to not allow you to do.

01:05:03   It's all pretty well-trained.

01:05:04   And my story is that when I asked him about the remote app,

01:05:07   this guy who I didn't, I don't think I knew,

01:05:10   if I'm recalling correctly, said that they weren't,

01:05:14   I expected him to be non-committal about the remote app.

01:05:16   And he said, when I said, you know,

01:05:18   are you going to be able to use the remote app?

01:05:20   The answer was no.

01:05:20   And I was like, well, that's weird.

01:05:22   And interestingly specific.

01:05:24   And I just filed it away

01:05:25   and didn't really think about it much more

01:05:27   until the Apple TV shipped and it wasn't there.

01:05:30   So I, that's a, they pronounce it from some guy

01:05:35   who is an Apple person who was trained.

01:05:37   It could very easily have been a misstatement.

01:05:39   The fact is that remote app hasn't been updated.

01:05:42   It doesn't mean that there isn't a new Apple TV app coming

01:05:45   that is more fully functional than that remote app,

01:05:48   which is, if I'm being honest, kind of showing its years.

01:05:51   It was built to control iTunes on a Mac,

01:05:53   basically, a long time ago.

01:05:55   And it's, you know,

01:05:58   they could probably build something new that's better,

01:06:01   or they could retrofit it if they wanted to,

01:06:03   but it wouldn't shock me if there was just an Apple TV app

01:06:05   that came out at some point.

01:06:06   I'm surprised that it's not out now,

01:06:08   and that there isn't a way to more easily input

01:06:12   things like text and maybe even use to emulate

01:06:15   the Apple remote on the Apple TV.

01:06:19   Also the Apple TV only supports one Apple remote right now,

01:06:22   which I wonder about for game reasons and things like that.

01:06:26   Maybe there's a software reason why it's not doing it yet.

01:06:28   So there may be software updates

01:06:29   for the Apple TV to come as well.

01:06:31   But certainly it would be nice to have the ability

01:06:35   to remote control that Apple TV from an iOS device.

01:06:38   I can't believe that there isn't something in the works,

01:06:41   but the person told me no, flatly, when I asked,

01:06:46   and that has been borne out in the sense that

01:06:49   we're a week out with this product now,

01:06:50   and that app hasn't been updated since April.

01:06:53   - Pascal has shared a wish,

01:06:55   kind of from the Apple TV to iOS.

01:06:59   How great it would be for universal search for content

01:07:02   in the same way that you can use the Apple TV.

01:07:05   So for example, "Hey Siri, play this song in Spotify."

01:07:08   Or like, you know, "Hey Siri, play this song,"

01:07:11   and it shows you the available places

01:07:12   that you can grab it from.

01:07:14   Do you think that this is something

01:07:15   that you would be interested in?

01:07:17   I guess Spotlight goes some of the way by indexing content,

01:07:21   but it's a little bit different as like searching

01:07:23   for something that you don't know that you have, right?

01:07:25   And it's showing you, or you can watch it on Netflix

01:07:27   or iTunes or Hulu or...

01:07:29   Would you wanna see that on iOS?

01:07:31   Yeah, I mean, this is all the stuff, I don't know, it's weird, the Siri stuff and the Spotlight

01:07:40   stuff, it's all kind of mixed around, and you would like to see it all kind of intermingle,

01:07:45   right?

01:07:46   I think it would be great to have the books, I mean, apps can contribute to Spotlight on

01:07:55   iOS though, right?

01:07:56   They can do that now, they can contribute to the Index.

01:07:59   I'm not sure whether Spotify is or an app like it is capable of say downloading the

01:08:05   entire Spotify library of strings for all the songs and putting that in spotlight because

01:08:11   it may make there may be limitations on that and it might make your phone explode.

01:08:17   But yeah the more the more of this stuff the better it would be great to be able to ask

01:08:22   Siri about a song or an album and have it say here you know here it is on Apple Music

01:08:27   or you're not logged into Apple Music but Spotify has it or whatever and I think we'll

01:08:31   probably get there.

01:08:34   Next up we have a question from Rob.

01:08:36   What apps are you hoping will come to the Apple TV?

01:08:40   For me I really struggled with this question so I just thought about a couple of the things

01:08:44   that I really like that I kind of wish were there already.

01:08:47   One of them is 3s.

01:08:48   I think 3s would work really really nicely on the Apple TV.

01:08:51   Like the remote, like the touchpad on the remote is kind of built for a game like 3s

01:08:55   really.

01:08:56   And I would also like to see Overcast on the Apple TV as well.

01:09:02   I'm gonna say Overcast, I agree with podcast apps in general.

01:09:06   There's an opportunity there, Apple's podcast app isn't there.

01:09:11   Amazon video.

01:09:12   Yeah, I didn't even think of that one.

01:09:14   I didn't want it there.

01:09:15   I mean, but yeah, of course.

01:09:16   I think I kind of just wrote it off in my brain.

01:09:19   Spotify?

01:09:20   Yep.

01:09:22   There isn't a Spotify app for Apple TV yet, is there?

01:09:24   is Apple Music for my sins. So Jamie uses Spotify, my daughter uses Spotify, and at

01:09:34   her birthday party that would have made it much easier because she's got her

01:09:36   playlist and everything like that. And she insists on using Spotify even

01:09:40   though it's the unpaid Spotify with ads and low quality, even though I

01:09:45   have Apple Music, she has access to Apple Music. I don't understand it, but

01:09:50   There's kids today. What are you gonna do?

01:09:52   - Yeah, they really should. - Get off my lawn.

01:09:54   My lawn is dead. There's no water.

01:09:56   There's no lawn anymore.

01:09:57   So something like status board and other stuff like that

01:10:02   that turns your TV into kind of like an information hub,

01:10:04   I think would be interesting.

01:10:06   I'm not quite sure how you would architect

01:10:09   some of that stuff, but I would like to see it.

01:10:11   You know, their favorite games, you mentioned threes.

01:10:15   I think that's a good example.

01:10:16   Other fun games would be nice to see,

01:10:20   but those are the two that I think of as, you know, something like a podcast

01:10:24   app, something like Status Board from Panic, and yeah, other media stuff

01:10:30   like Amazon and Spotify just to load that up with every media option that

01:10:34   you could possibly imagine.

01:10:36   Tristan has asked, "Any chance of Apple releasing an iPad Air 3

01:10:41   within the next few months?" Tristan says, "I want an iPad Air, but I don't like that

01:10:46   it's last-gen technology."

01:10:48   The last gen technology thing is quite interesting because it's kind of not last gen.

01:10:55   It was always extremely overpowered, the iPad Air 2.

01:10:59   So it's kind of current gen.

01:11:01   Right.

01:11:02   Yeah, well, the shipping of the iPad Pro will mean that the iPad Pro's got a processor that

01:11:08   is much more powerful than what's in the Air 2.

01:11:14   But you're right, the iPad Air 2 was way more powerful than what came before it.

01:11:18   So like, when the iPad Air 3 comes out, there is the potential of an iPad Pro 2, which will

01:11:24   have a faster processor in it again.

01:11:26   Right.

01:11:28   Potentially.

01:11:30   My answer to this question is the chances of Apple releasing an iPad Air 3 in the next

01:11:35   three months are, let's say, what percentage do we want to ascribe to something that is

01:11:42   Highly unlikely, but you never know because Apple continues to do things that are unexpected

01:11:48   that are not in the playbook from the last five years, every now and then.

01:11:51   - Yeah, I would say 5%.

01:11:54   - It's not impossible, but I think it's highly unlikely that you'll see an iPad Air 3 before,

01:12:00   you know, first week, second week of September next year, it'll get announced.

01:12:05   And we'll do this all again, where that one will get what the iPad Pro has now, and the

01:12:09   iPad mini won't get updated because it got updated last year and we'll just

01:12:12   kind of take this little product cycle and do this for a while. Yeah I'm I still

01:12:17   I do believe now my belief is that the each iPad line will get an update every

01:12:23   two years. Yeah the pro may get updates faster than that because it's brand new

01:12:29   and they want to make up make an impression with it but other than that

01:12:35   that I here's what I would say to Tristan. I when I'm working on this Mac

01:12:39   World story, spoiler alert, I think I'm going to recommend the iPad Air 2

01:12:45   wholeheartedly as the most mainstream "If I need to get an iPad what should I get?"

01:12:50   I have no hesitation to recommend that product even though it's the same

01:12:54   product that they sold last year because it was so far ahead when it was released

01:12:59   and it's still so impressive technically and it doesn't feel like a year-old

01:13:02   product it feels like everybody got this year's product a year early. So

01:13:07   that's what I would say is I think people shouldn't have fear of buying the

01:13:12   iPad Air 2. I don't think it's gonna get replaced in the next few months and it's

01:13:17   still an incredibly impressive piece of hardware. And then finally today we have

01:13:22   a question from Scott who wanted to know what I thought of the iPad Pro keyboard

01:13:27   being US layout only and he links to the UK page and it has a note right at the

01:13:32   very top which says "smart keyboard for iPad Pro is available in US English

01:13:36   keyboard layout" which is disappointing to me because it's not the keyboard that I

01:13:42   use and... Right I know you use that funny keyboard with the pencil... We have the

01:13:49   return key... The return boot... Which is I don't know it's very frustrating I don't

01:13:56   know why Apple is releasing a keyboard in just one configuration especially when

01:14:03   they know they're doing it because they own up to it it just seems like a

01:14:07   peculiar choice to make I'll try it anyway I think I could probably get used

01:14:14   to it but I'm not overjoyed at the fact that it will feel weird to me to type on

01:14:20   this other than the fact that it just looks like a weird keyboard anyway right

01:14:26   I don't know. Obviously it's complicated enough to make it that they are only

01:14:33   currently making it one localization. I imagine that's the reason for it is not

01:14:38   that they don't like other people but that they just don't have the

01:14:41   wherewithal to make it in multiple configurations. They should have just chosen the UK layout

01:14:47   because it's superior anyway. Oh I see. That's the one they should have chosen

01:14:51   rather than the US one I think. It's the way they should have gone. It's a shame.

01:14:55   They missed out. If you'd like to find the show notes for this week's episode head on over to relay.fm/upgrades/62

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01:15:21   Thanks again to our lovely sponsors this week great people over at Casper stamps calm and Linda calm and we'll be back next time

01:15:29   Hopefully with iPad pros in our hands until then. Yeah, say goodbye to snow. Goodbye everybody

01:15:35   Ready?

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