56: The Migration Experience


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00:00:08   from relay FM this is Upgrade and this is episode number 56 today's show is brought to you by

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00:00:20   fracture photos printed in vivid color directly on glass my name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined

00:00:25   to buy, Mr. Jason Snell. Hi Myke, how's it going? Very well sir, how are you? You know,

00:00:33   I am doing a lot right now. I'm kind of exhausted, I think I didn't go outside yesterday. I haven't

00:00:42   been outside today. I'm feeling like a little, yeah, I'm feeling kind of like a crazy person

00:00:47   who lives in a cave right now, because I've been doing so much stuff for the last, I mean,

00:00:53   arguably since the Apple event.

00:00:55   So that's almost three weeks ago, but yeah, it's been a pretty crazy last couple of weeks.

00:01:00   Is that peak money-making season?

00:01:02   Yeah, it is.

00:01:03   It is.

00:01:04   I don't really think of it as the peak money-making season, but it's certainly a busy season.

00:01:09   It's a peak money-making season for Apple, that's true, and it's very busy for people

00:01:11   who write about Apple products.

00:01:13   So yeah, I got the, you know, there's iPhone stuff.

00:01:18   I got iPhones on Thursday, and so I've been working on that.

00:01:23   I did a first look on Macworld by the time this post,

00:01:28   my review should be up on Macworld.

00:01:30   And in the background, I'm also working on El Capitan

00:01:32   because El Capitan should be coming out on the 30th.

00:01:35   So I've been working on my review for that.

00:01:38   And then I think maybe I made some,

00:01:42   either I wasn't thinking or I made some mistakes about,

00:01:45   the iPhone release is about a week later

00:01:46   than it was last year.

00:01:47   They pushed it back a little bit.

00:01:49   So there was a little more of a gap

00:01:51   between the event and the release.

00:01:53   And whether I was planning on it being like it was last year

00:01:57   or whether I just wasn't thinking about it at all,

00:01:58   I can't remember,

00:01:59   but I also made a whole bunch of commitments to,

00:02:02   you know, I'm gonna be on this show.

00:02:03   I was on the new Screensavers this weekend, you know,

00:02:06   which was a lot of fun with Lea Le Port,

00:02:08   but that took three hours.

00:02:10   - I'm really looking forward to watching that actually.

00:02:13   - We did a total party kill session

00:02:16   that was four hours long last night and in between I'm writing these articles that I

00:02:20   have to write. So it's been, I went down to the South Bay for a couple of meetings last

00:02:28   week on different days so that's many hours out of the house. So it's just been a kind

00:02:33   of crazy time and crazier, I made it crazier than it needed to be by agreeing to some stuff

00:02:40   not realizing it would be during a crazy time which maybe is my fault. So as a result, yeah,

00:02:45   This is what happened last year, more or less.

00:02:48   And I told my wife at the time that just because I was starting this new thing where I was

00:02:51   doing this myself and I was suddenly working all weekend and insane hours and all of that,

00:02:56   that it wouldn't be like that forever.

00:02:59   And that was true, but we're back to that time of year where that is actually, you know,

00:03:03   that is true for the last two weeks.

00:03:05   That's been the case where other than like planned things like, you know, we're going

00:03:10   to go somewhere for these hours.

00:03:13   Other than that sort of thing, it's been pretty much all work for the last couple weeks.

00:03:17   Pretty crazy.

00:03:18   So I'm a frazzled mess right now is what I'm trying to say.

00:03:22   >>Dawg, in about a year, we'll come to that a little later on in the show today.

00:03:27   We have an Ask Upgrade question about your one year at Six Colors.

00:03:32   But we'll get to that a little later on.

00:03:33   But before we do that, should we address some follow-up and follow-out?

00:03:36   >>Yeah, let's do it.

00:03:37   >>So I want to talk about my iCloud woes again.

00:03:40   >>Oh, good.

00:03:41   It's been an interesting week for feedback. My feedback in regards to this show has three,

00:03:48   it's taken three different kind of avenues. One avenue is people telling me that I shouldn't be

00:03:57   saying negative about Apple. Sure. Well that's inevitable if you say something negative about

00:04:02   Apple people will say you shouldn't do that. However I have had way more people agreeing with

00:04:08   me because this is this this is this specific thing the iCloud stuff and the

00:04:13   watch stuff seem to be problematic for many people oh yeah and the other thing

00:04:18   has been people telling me what they have done to fix their iCloud problems I

00:04:22   have seen so I just give you a couple of things some people tell me to reinstall

00:04:29   so to reinstall iOS 9 from scratch people telling me that I was definitely

00:04:34   on the beta, I can assure you that I'm not, people telling me to just reboot my device,

00:04:41   people telling me to install Yosemite on the Mac, I don't know what that one was about,

00:04:46   but that was another one. The list just went on and on. So the conclusion that I drew,

00:04:50   that iCloud is broken in some way and it needs a reset of some kind, but that reset differs

00:04:56   person to person. Like there is an issue at the moment with iCloud and it requires something,

00:05:02   but it seems like they are vastly different, because I tried obviously rebooting it. I'm

00:05:07   not, I have, uh, you know, I have, I'm running Yosemite and El Capitan on two different Macs.

00:05:13   Um, I am not having these problems with my iPad as I mentioned. So it's kind of all over

00:05:18   the map. What I did do, I told you last, last week that you should log out and back in just

00:05:23   to try that. And that's the same premise, right? Which is something is weird. So let's

00:05:28   change the iCloud state to something else and see if that resolves what's going on,

00:05:34   question mark.

00:05:35   So I did log out and log back in of iCloud, which is a horrific thing to do, because everything

00:05:40   beeps and flashes.

00:05:42   Yes, it throws little boxes in your face, like "please enter a password, please, please

00:05:47   enter a password, I beg you!"

00:05:49   But it is the right thing to do, I think, because it is so baked into so much stuff,

00:05:55   just signing out and never signing back in again which some people may do is a

00:05:59   terrible idea. It worked. So when I signed back in again I was able to perform an

00:06:06   update and I got back up, sorry. But now it's broken again on the new phone.

00:06:16   Found out last night. Just checking. I thought, "Oh shit, just check." Because I have a weekly

00:06:20   OmniFocus reminder, like a weekly OmniFocus task at the moment to remind me to just

00:06:26   back up my phone to my Mac, right? Just plug it in, back it up, do it once a week.

00:06:30   Once a week is fine for me because I don't feel like I'm gonna lose too much

00:06:34   stuff. Most stuff gets pushed into the cloud in some manner anyway. So I thought,

00:06:39   let me just check before I say, you know, before I delete this task, because, you

00:06:42   know, because I don't need it anymore. And my 6S+, I can't get that

00:06:47   right. 6S+ is not backing up to iCloud at the moment and I tried to perform

00:06:53   two backups and they both failed so this morning I signed out of iCloud again

00:06:57   back in and it did perform an update. However I'm not convinced that it is

00:07:02   updating, that it is backing up everything. I keep saying update when I mean

00:07:06   backup as well, I'm all over the shop today. I'm not convinced that it is performing a

00:07:11   full backup because for example when I look at what's in the next backup just

00:07:16   the pure storage amounts taken up is way more. So it's saying that currently

00:07:21   the current iPhone I have which is I've given it the name Myke was right

00:07:27   which I very much enjoyed when I had that idea and the backup size currently

00:07:31   is three gigabytes but the next backup size there is four gigabytes of photos

00:07:36   now I haven't taken a gigabyte photos in the last six hours so I have no idea

00:07:40   what's going on maybe maybe photos are being downloaded from iCloud or

00:07:45   or something. I'm not 100% sure what's going on but it did perform a backup so it's now

00:07:50   a case of me keeping my eye on this again. So I will urge again everybody who's listening

00:07:55   who thinks that their phone may be backing up to iCloud just to double check because

00:07:59   there is something wrong right now and I'm not sure if it is tied to the beta in some

00:08:04   way having run the, you know, if you have run the betas and then go on forward to the

00:08:10   standard release versions if because you ran the betas it's done something crazy to your

00:08:14   iCloud. A couple of people wrote in to remind me that that £7.99 a year 25

00:08:23   gigabyte tier for my iCloud storage was probably not really worth holding on to

00:08:29   anymore considering that a new, that now the 50 gigabyte is something like £9

00:08:35   a year, £9.48 a year, so I have upgraded to the 50 gigabyte now because

00:08:43   when they changed the pricing it's now made it way more worthwhile to just go

00:08:47   for that so it was bugging me about iCloud backup and also reminding me to

00:08:51   put you know oh you should be doing all your photos it sounds like okay whatever

00:08:54   just get the 50 gigabytes and I'm good so that's that and the last thing the

00:08:59   new phone has fixed my tethering problem oh good so that's one of these things is

00:09:05   fixed so that's that so I will I will continue to update people in iCloud

00:09:11   corner over the next couple of weeks. But there is there's something going wrong. I

00:09:15   have had a few people say to me that they were having these problems but the 9.1 beta

00:09:19   has fixed them. So potentially in a couple of weeks time it will all go away again. But

00:09:26   there does seem to be an issue. I'm happy that I'm not alone and I'm hoping that something

00:09:30   is being done about it.

00:09:33   That's good. That's good. I... This isn't really iPhone review related so I'll mention

00:09:39   here I think is my observation while transferring to a new phone last week is that this just

00:09:48   isn't simple enough.

00:09:50   Like there's too much like if you do if you restore from an iCloud backup which I think

00:09:54   is a very common thing because a lot of people use iCloud backups now you have to re-enter

00:09:58   in all your passwords.

00:10:01   So even if it all works fine you have to enter in all the passwords again and if you if you

00:10:08   use the encrypted backup method, which uses iTunes, there are issues there too.

00:10:13   It is true that if you restore from an encrypted backup on iTunes that you don't have to re-enter

00:10:18   in most of your passwords.

00:10:19   You still have to enter in your iCloud ID, and you have to put in your Apple Pay security

00:10:25   code, and you have to retrain Touch ID, which I kind of understand from the way they're

00:10:29   built technically to be secure and to have the software not know sort of what the secrets

00:10:34   are.

00:10:35   But even then, you have to deal with iTunes, and iTunes is a gigantic pain, especially

00:10:42   if you haven't synced to it for a while, it says "I want to transfer your content" and

00:10:47   that can take forever, and then even though it did transfer my content, when I came back,

00:10:51   it still needed to download a whole bunch of apps from the App Store, even though those

00:10:54   apps were sitting on my device, which was frustrating, and I keep thinking about people

00:11:00   who rely on tethering, right?

00:11:02   have metered data or just people who have metered data in any instance. It's like, wait

00:11:06   a second, this data is on my phone and yet you're going to redownload it from the internet

00:11:09   anyway? So that's kind of frustrating and just having to resort to iTunes. And I had

00:11:13   that moment where I thought, you know, Apple needs to make this, especially in a world

00:11:18   where people are potentially going to be upgrading their iPhones every year, this needs to be

00:11:21   better. This needs to be so much better. Apple needs to put some work into having, you know,

00:11:25   somebody on Twitter said to me, why can't you put two phones next to each other and

00:11:30   say, "All right, I want to transfer from A to B." And I know there are technical reasons

00:11:35   why that might be difficult, but...

00:11:37   My integration assistant exists?

00:11:39   Yeah, even if, you know, there might be space considerations, the new phone, although the

00:11:44   new phone, if it's completely empty, you know, could it take, could it receive a big data

00:11:49   packet from the other phone and then do things with it and then reboot or something? Or even

00:11:55   if you used a computer as an intermediary and you needed to do that, perhaps there would

00:11:59   be a simpler way than going through iTunes where you could plug in the phone and launch

00:12:03   the iPhone migration utility and press a button and have it suck everything in and then hook

00:12:08   up the new phone and press a button and have it do that. But whatever the approaches are,

00:12:14   and iCloud kind of is like that except then you enter in a million passwords because it

00:12:20   seems like people are also confusing iCloud Keychain which is used for logging into websites

00:12:26   and auto-filling in Safari, iCloud Keychain does not, to my knowledge, remember your Gmail

00:12:32   password, right? Or anything like that. Anything that's saved as a stored password in the system,

00:12:37   in preferences, those are flagged as being passwords and they're not backed up because

00:12:42   they don't want to put your passwords on iCloud. So it's, you know, it's kind of a mess. And

00:12:47   although it's better than it was, I feel like this is one of those areas where Apple needs

00:12:51   to make it a better experience for its customers. You're more likely to upgrade your phone if

00:12:58   it's an easy experience to upgrade your phone and you don't lose data, lose, you know, have

00:13:05   a frustration where you have to look up passwords. You know, let's make it as easy as possible

00:13:11   so that people are really enthusiastic about upgrading and don't have their upgrade experience

00:13:15   sort of soured by having a painful upgrade. And I haven't even mentioned the Apple Watch

00:13:20   which it feels like Apple just completely forgot or punted about the fact that people

00:13:25   were going to buy new iPhones and need to repair their Apple watches because there's

00:13:29   no transfer procedure at all for an Apple watch to move between phones. You have to

00:13:33   unpair it, it wipes itself, then you need to repair it, and then it loads from a backup

00:13:39   which may not contain all your data. I lost a couple of days of fitness data even though

00:13:44   I followed what I thought were all the proper steps. And again, I understand technically

00:13:48   why but it shouldn't. It's not a good experience. It needs to be better.

00:13:53   Alright, Jason, you've lit a fire in me now. I had so many problems setting up my phone.

00:14:00   I'm sorry to everybody who tuned in hoping I'd feel better. I have many nice things to

00:14:04   say later in the show about my 6S+ because Myke was right all over again. But I do want

00:14:11   to talk about my setup process. Before we do that, let me thank Fracture. So, Fracture

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00:16:17   your fractures when you get them so they're beautiful they really are so I I feel and

00:16:26   I agree with you that there are many problems here and what I think is Apple's current stance

00:16:30   on privacy is making iPhones set up harder and more frustrating?

00:16:34   Yeah, I mean they've made their lives more difficult and again their stance on privacy

00:16:39   I think is rightly so.

00:16:41   It's a lot easier if you're Google and you have all the things in the cloud to do things

00:16:46   with all of those things.

00:16:48   And Apple, I mean total tangent, but when I talk to Apple about the Photos app for Mac,

00:16:54   which I wrote the book about and I'm going to do an update of that for El Capitan and

00:16:57   and how all that stuff syncs, it's the same thing, right?

00:16:59   Which is because they're not going

00:17:01   to put all of your facial recognition

00:17:03   data in the cloud, which is in part, at least,

00:17:06   for privacy reasons, it makes a lot of things

00:17:09   more complicated in photos.

00:17:11   Because if you have two Macs syncing to iCloud Photo

00:17:13   Library, they can't share the face recognition database

00:17:17   because it stays on the machine.

00:17:19   So there are a lot of these cases

00:17:21   where Apple's strategy, which is we

00:17:24   could argue about which came first,

00:17:25   whether it was that Apple's business model leads to these kind of privacy things or whether

00:17:31   it is a choice to have privacy and then that permeates the products, but either way it

00:17:36   makes their job harder.

00:17:40   So I have said this many times, like I think that my idea of privacy is different to many

00:17:49   others in that I'm willing to accept trade-offs where I think that I get

00:17:55   benefit from them. So I would really love if I could say to Apple, even if just on

00:18:00   this one occasion whilst I'm doing this back up, take the data and just promise

00:18:05   me you'll delete it afterwards. And I know that that is so ideal but it doesn't

00:18:09   bother me if they have it anyway, right? And I'm talking about like health data

00:18:12   and Apple Pay information and I know that, well the Apple Pay information is slightly

00:18:16   different because there's so many legal reasons why they can't have your credit

00:18:19   cards on file in that way so they can make purchases blah blah blah blah blah

00:18:22   get all that because that's needed so people can't steal your data from your

00:18:25   phone all that kind of stuff but there are so many things now that you you

00:18:30   perform a backup you set up your phone and it's like you now need to enter this

00:18:35   in again and you need to enter this in again this and again and this and this

00:18:39   and this oh and if you do the iCloud backup and restore which we try and push

00:18:43   to you is the preferred one some of this data just will not come over so it's

00:18:47   It's gone.

00:18:48   Imagine you sell your phone and you don't know.

00:18:51   It's gone.

00:18:52   Again, for good reasons, right?

00:18:53   For good reasons why those things are flagged as not to be backed up, because you don't

00:18:56   want to have this device resident security stuff.

00:19:01   What's the point if you then put it in the cloud, because then they get your password

00:19:04   and if they get your iCloud password, then they have all of your other app passwords

00:19:09   and service passwords and all of that.

00:19:12   It's a huge issue.

00:19:13   totally understood why you wouldn't do it but boy that leads to this whole

00:19:18   other set of problems. But then my other question is why can't I do an encrypted

00:19:22   iCloud backup? Like Apple, don't Apple claim that iMessage is encrypted and

00:19:29   they don't have the keys? Right so the idea would be you'd set your

00:19:34   iCloud backup with a password and I think the challenge

00:19:38   yeah I mean I am not an encryption expert so I think that would be the

00:19:43   question is there may be a technical reason why, but yeah, I've had that same thought,

00:19:47   which is, you know, let me encrypt, let me do something to provide extra protection so

00:19:52   I can do something that protects this even more. Because I think what you want is another

00:19:58   layer. You don't want it just protected with the iCloud layer. That's why they don't save

00:20:03   that stuff. You would want another element. So even if they broke into your iCloud account,

00:20:08   they couldn't rifle through your disk images for all of those secrets because they would

00:20:13   be extra encrypted. One reason may be because of technical challenges involving incremental

00:20:19   backups. It strikes me as being impossible, but I don't know, again, this is not my area

00:20:25   and this is the thing that's difficult. I think neither of us are saying that these

00:20:29   are not difficult problems. It's just when we think of sort of the bar Apple set in terms

00:20:32   of the user experience, this stuff is problematic. And there may be good reasons why this stuff

00:20:39   is the way it is, some of which may be technical, some of which I suspect are probably organizational

00:20:45   or things that they have legacy software. I was talking to Leo Laporte this weekend

00:20:50   when I was on the new screensavers about, he was like, "Why does it keep asking for

00:20:55   my iCloud password? It keeps asking me over and over again." And I've had that experience

00:21:00   too sometimes and you know my gut feeling there is that there is stuff that Apple could

00:21:05   probably build that made you get prompted a lot less but there are a bunch of different

00:21:14   systems and they're not really quite connected right because they were built separately over

00:21:18   time and I think that's part of this too is you know which is again there are lots of

00:21:23   reasons but all we can see as users which is who we are is that it's not a good experience

00:21:29   and that that's a place where Apple should do better.

00:21:32   And Apple may very well know that it needs to do better there.

00:21:36   But it remains that the Apple Watch transfer experience was poor

00:21:41   and a lot of these iPhone migrations are not particularly strong.

00:21:45   And it would seem to me, like I said earlier, that, gosh,

00:21:48   if your Apple and iPhone sales are the most important thing you do,

00:21:51   that finding ways to reduce the friction on getting a new iPhone

00:21:55   should be pretty high up on the priority list.

00:21:59   I completely agree. So the thing that I found the most frustrating though was

00:22:07   the Apple Watch. Like it's probably one of the worst user experiences I've had

00:22:14   of an Apple product. The fact that I have to delete my watch and all of the data

00:22:18   on it to pair it with another device. Like that is madness. And I know I feel

00:22:24   like I have an understanding of why because a lot of the data is shared from

00:22:29   one to the other and that kind of thing but it's like that is crazy

00:22:34   yeah it's um again technically the way the Apple watch is set up it is set up

00:22:46   with pairing right it's set up with this slave relationship it is tied to your

00:22:54   iPhone it is it is a little satellite of your iPhone okay but you would think

00:23:05   that you could build it so with keeping in mind that people do change their

00:23:09   iPhones you would think you could build it in a way so that there's a transfer

00:23:15   process of some sort like how do I make it so I can authenticate on two devices

00:23:19   two iPhones and make this easier yeah sometimes you're gonna lose your device

00:23:23   you're gonna it's gonna fall in the river and you're gonna need to restore

00:23:27   your Apple watch from a backup on a new iPhone but what if you've got both

00:23:30   devices and you just bought a new iPhone is there a way that we can make this

00:23:33   process simpler than the idea that you're going to wipe the Apple watch

00:23:38   have it be a complete blank and then go to the new phone and restore and then go

00:23:43   through the Apple watch setup again because that's what it is now basically

00:23:49   Yeah and it's it's kind of just this it's just crazy to me I mean because my

00:23:55   problem was I was having some issues downloading apps from the App Store

00:24:01   because I did an iTunes backup but I had this same thing where half of my

00:24:07   apps didn't install they just weren't there like they just weren't there at

00:24:12   all and I had to sit for about three hours and basically recreate my phone

00:24:17   again. Yeah. Because even the apps that were showing on the home screens as

00:24:22   being there weren't downloading. I had to go in and manually download them all.

00:24:25   There was this bug with app thinning. Yeah. Which it turns out is a problem and

00:24:30   Apple ended up having to issue a tech note about it and actually now when you

00:24:34   do a migration there's a there's like a warning about app thinning that comes

00:24:39   across that they've inserted in the process somewhere somehow using some

00:24:43   sort of flag that they can set. And it did strike me that app thinning, one of the disadvantages

00:24:48   of app thinning, which the idea that you could drop out resources that are not for your particular

00:24:51   model of device, is that it does make it harder or impossible, essentially, to do a completely

00:25:01   free-from-cloud restore. Because if I've got iPhone model A, and I've got a 6s, and I just

00:25:09   bought the shiny new iPhone 7, right?

00:25:11   And it's got a shiny new processor

00:25:12   and we've got app thinning.

00:25:14   And the resources that I need for the 7

00:25:16   are not the same as the 6.

00:25:17   Then I can't do an iTunes backup encrypted

00:25:21   with all of my apps on it

00:25:22   because even if the apps are the same,

00:25:24   the data is not the same anymore because of app thinning.

00:25:26   So that adds a whole other layer of complication.

00:25:28   Unfortunately, it bit everybody this time

00:25:31   because of the bug in app thinning that made everybody,

00:25:35   they warned everybody should update all of their apps.

00:25:38   I guess they changed a flag which turned app thinning off,

00:25:41   it sounds like.

00:25:42   So if you did an update, it would download the full app

00:25:44   instead of the thin version.

00:25:46   And then you could do an upgrade.

00:25:48   But I don't think I lost apps other than some beta apps,

00:25:52   which that happens if you're not in test flight or whatever.

00:25:56   I think I lost some of those, but I didn't lose them.

00:25:58   But I did have that ghostly,

00:26:00   oh, these need to redownload.

00:26:01   And that redownload process is also not that great

00:26:04   a lot of the time where it stalls.

00:26:06   I had like 30 apps that just said waiting

00:26:08   and it was unclear what we were all waiting for.

00:26:11   And I did a restart, and then I ended up logging out

00:26:14   and logging back into the app store.

00:26:15   And that is the thing that finally kicked it off.

00:26:18   - See, I didn't think to do that.

00:26:19   I just sat and was like,

00:26:21   I've basically just downloaded everything again.

00:26:23   But the great, the really weird thing,

00:26:25   and it's not weird, but it felt weird,

00:26:27   was that even though like I downloaded the app,

00:26:30   that wasn't, like I downloaded an app from the store,

00:26:33   but all my data was in it.

00:26:34   It was very strange.

00:26:35   Like I know that the data comes over,

00:26:36   like that's how the iTunes backup process works now is my understanding, is that you

00:26:41   backup the data to iTunes and the data comes back over to the phone but then the apps come

00:26:46   from the store. I can't think, I don't know why they're doing this. I don't know why everything

00:26:54   that I update doesn't come straight over again. It might have something to do with. Purchase

00:26:59   transfer maybe wasn't complete but it was a whole big rumor roll and basically this

00:27:05   part, the fact that I spent so many hours dealing with it, was what annoyed me the

00:27:08   most about having to, for example, re-enter Apple Pay and do the watch,

00:27:11   because I was already spending so much time doing all of that, I then had to go

00:27:15   in and add all this stuff in again, which was a pain. It was definitely a pain. But

00:27:22   yeah, I think that this stuff could be better. I don't know what the tools are

00:27:25   to make it better. Well yeah, that's the thing, and I don't doubt, I don't think,

00:27:31   think, and this is the thing, when I think people who follow Apple and like Apple stuff

00:27:36   get frustrated by media coverage of this that makes stupid assumptions and then the Macalope

00:27:42   comes in and knocks them on the head. And I don't want to make any dumb assumptions

00:27:45   here. I don't want to assume that Apple thinks this is all great, right? Because I bet you

00:27:51   there are lots of people at Apple, and maybe even at the executive level, but I'm sure

00:27:55   there are people down in the trenches who know that this is frustrating and probably

00:28:00   know exactly why this is as frustrating as it is. And my guess, like I said, is that

00:28:05   there are lots of legacy issues here, lots of things, different web services that grew

00:28:09   up over time and are all connected in different ways to iOS. And even if Apple is very clear

00:28:14   that they want to push them all together, and in some cases maybe have pushed them together,

00:28:18   it's just not all there yet. It's very, you know, that's why I'm always hesitant—we've

00:28:22   talked about this on the show before—I'm always hesitant to say, "Well, here's the

00:28:25   solution," because you don't actually know what the internal issues are. It is kind of

00:28:30   black box but we can look at it from the outside as users and say wow this isn't

00:28:34   any better like you know especially if you go through it once a year you once a

00:28:38   year you've got your little check-in and like how's the migration experience

00:28:41   going with with iCloud and with getting a new iPhone and we get to check in and

00:28:45   see and you know you you over that year you're like oh well this is probably

00:28:49   improved in the last year and then you and then you go into it you're like no

00:28:52   it actually is not any bet better and in fact with the addition of the Apple

00:28:56   watch it's kind of worse and with the app thinning thing it got it got extra

00:29:01   complicated and worse so you know that that's the bottom line is that is that

00:29:06   it's got to be better it needs to be better. I mean this does go to my

00:29:11   general feeling right now and kind of the flag that I'm waving is that my I'm

00:29:17   concerned that these devices are getting too complicated as they're having to add

00:29:21   new features constantly. They're getting way, way too complicated for a new user,

00:29:27   for a less technically advanced user, and/or people are just completely

00:29:33   missing that some things even exist in their phones. Yeah, it's a tough,

00:29:38   because they are more complex, right, and so Apple wants to add features and make

00:29:42   these things more complex without making them more complicated, and that is tricky.

00:29:46   And yeah, you get a new phone and it asks, you know, there's like a wizard over

00:29:51   like the old Microsoft concept of a wizard. There's an assistant, there's this thing that walks you

00:29:56   through like, would you, you know, would you like to turn on location services? Would you like to

00:30:00   turn on touch ID? Would you like to log into iCloud or make an iCloud or an Apple ID? You know,

00:30:07   would you like to send information to Apple? Would you like to send information to third-party

00:30:11   developers? You know, it, it, there's a lot like going on to a new iPhone is like a job interview

00:30:18   a little bit. There's a lot of stuff before you get to the home screen and can start launching

00:30:23   apps. And, you know, there are reasons why all of those questions are there. And I'm

00:30:27   not saying that maybe they should all go away, but the fact is, you know, it used to be easier.

00:30:34   And with every new feature, it seems like it gets a little more difficult. And with

00:30:37   every new security and privacy feature, it gets a little more complicated. There's another

00:30:41   screen you need to go through. And yeah, you only have to go through it once a year or

00:30:44   every two years, I'll grant you that. But still, I see people get new iPhones and have

00:30:51   this same frustration. This happened the last time my wife got a new iPhone. She was like,

00:30:57   "Oh, it's asking me about this and that and this now." It's like, yeah, you gotta do it.

00:31:01   And it feels like work and it may be necessary, but it doesn't necessarily lead to a super

00:31:07   happy, joyous experience, which let's be clear here,

00:31:11   getting a new iPhone should be

00:31:14   a super happy joyous experience, right?

00:31:16   It should be, it should be.

00:31:18   And everything that happens that makes it less of that

00:31:21   is something that there's gotta be somebody at Apple saying,

00:31:24   "We gotta do better,"

00:31:25   because that's their whole business.

00:31:27   I mean, two thirds of their businesses

00:31:29   is selling new iPhones.

00:31:30   So the onboarding experience of a new iPhone

00:31:33   needs to be as awesome as possible.

00:31:35   And I think it's not.

00:31:37   The complexity thing, I don't blame Apple for it, but it's just the situation that they're in.

00:31:43   These things have to become more complex as the demand for new features increases as well.

00:31:48   Like there's nothing they can do about it, right? They've got to put new stuff in these devices,

00:31:52   but there is an issue that it makes them more complex.

00:31:55   Yeah, well, I mean, you add Touch ID and then you need to set up Touch ID every time,

00:32:00   and you've got all the data stored in the secure element where it can't come back out.

00:32:04   And so you can't just copy, first off,

00:32:06   even if the hardware and this new touch ID sensor,

00:32:08   so who's to say that the whole training process

00:32:11   and the hardware is not different under there?

00:32:13   Like even if you could pull out your ID information,

00:32:16   your fingerprint information and transfer it,

00:32:18   would it work?

00:32:21   Or has the hardware changed and the specs have changed

00:32:23   and it actually needs you,

00:32:25   but even if it doesn't need you to retrain because of that,

00:32:27   it needs you to retrain because they put security in place

00:32:30   to not get that data out.

00:32:31   And you know, that's a choice

00:32:33   and it's, I think, maybe a good choice,

00:32:34   but it does mean that's a whole set of training

00:32:36   that you have to redo when you move to the new phone.

00:32:39   And you could, you know, adding an Apple watch

00:32:41   complicates it further and it's just, it's all in there.

00:32:44   It's a hard problem.

00:32:46   And I, you know, we see both,

00:32:48   both of us see Apple struggling with it.

00:32:51   And I think we have to say they're struggling with it.

00:32:53   This is, you know, there's a lot of room to grow here.

00:32:57   - I don't think anybody does a good job

00:32:59   of this type of stuff, like the migration process,

00:33:02   but Apple is not doing a good one either.

00:33:05   And that's the one that I go through the most.

00:33:08   - Yeah, and our expectations are pretty high.

00:33:09   - Like Google's is worse.

00:33:11   It actually brings over less information.

00:33:13   Especially go from device vendor to device vendor.

00:33:16   It's my own experiences with it is,

00:33:20   it's been very hit or miss

00:33:21   as to what it actually provides you with.

00:33:24   - It's been a while since I used an Android phone,

00:33:27   but the last time I did,

00:33:27   my impression was if it's stuff you've got in Google

00:33:30   and your Google ID unlocks it,

00:33:31   you are in good shape. And everything else, meh, not so much.

00:33:36   Alright, I want to get over this hump and actually talk about some happy things and

00:33:41   some good things about my new device here. Before we do that, let's take a moment to

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00:36:20   So I reserved my phone on the Apple Store app late one night in Portland and

00:36:27   it was the best decision I have made in a long time because I was planning

00:36:33   to go to the store because I'm fed up of the lackluster delivery companies we

00:36:37   have here in the UK. I arrived at the Apple Store that I wanted to go to. I

00:36:43   I kind of got there about half past eight in the morning.

00:36:45   I think the store was open to eight maybe.

00:36:48   The line to get a phone was huge, hundreds of people deep.

00:36:53   And the line for reserving was like 20 people deep.

00:36:55   So I felt very good about that.

00:36:57   You just get your time slot, you get in the line,

00:37:00   and then when your time slot comes up,

00:37:01   they will call, say like,

00:37:02   "Oh, the 845 time slot, please come forward."

00:37:05   You go there, and I just gave them my name,

00:37:07   and a guy come and collected me from the line,

00:37:10   and we went into the store.

00:37:11   it was crazy busy in the store.

00:37:13   Like they had hundreds of iPhones

00:37:16   sitting on that big counter at the back, you know?

00:37:18   You know the one like the right at the very back?

00:37:20   I think it's the Genius Bar in this store anyway.

00:37:23   They had loads and loads of phones there

00:37:25   and there was just store members

00:37:26   running two and four, two and four,

00:37:28   two and four all day like picking up.

00:37:29   - Did you pick one close to you

00:37:30   or did you pick one that you know is less,

00:37:32   you know, less busy?

00:37:34   Or did you have any strategy about which store you picked?

00:37:36   - I just picked the closest

00:37:37   'cause I knew I was gonna be leaving early in the morning.

00:37:39   It's a relatively busy one,

00:37:41   but all Apple stores in London are busy

00:37:43   because they're big stores in big malls.

00:37:46   We don't have like local stores like in some cities.

00:37:50   We have like five or six and they're all huge,

00:37:53   including two of the largest in the world.

00:37:55   And I actually think the Covent Garden

00:37:56   is the biggest Apple store per square foot in the world.

00:38:00   So here goes a little fact for you.

00:38:04   - Nice tip.

00:38:04   Good trivia. - The Covent Garden store

00:38:06   is beautiful and it is huge.

00:38:08   It's the nicest Apple store that I've been to.

00:38:10   Anyway, but I went to one in a mall here in Stratford in London because it's the

00:38:16   one that's closest to my home. And I kind of ruined everything for this

00:38:21   poor guy because I wanted to buy a watch band as well and it ruined everything

00:38:26   for him because he had to like get someone to go into the back to pick one

00:38:30   up and he was like we were waiting we were chatting for a few minutes and you

00:38:33   know we just chit-chat and he was very nice. We're talking about how busy the day was

00:38:37   and stuff.

00:38:38   But they're optimized for, you know, "Come and get your phone and leave, come and get

00:38:42   your phone and leave, next, next, next."

00:38:43   And you were like, "Oh, a watch band, please."

00:38:45   Yeah, I think they might actually be kind of targeted on that day, maybe, to do that.

00:38:50   Like, you know, the amount of pickups that you had.

00:38:52   But I bought AppleCare, so that probably balanced it out for him, because I expect that, you

00:38:56   know, if you sell AppleCare, you are probably, you know, in good books.

00:39:00   I'm sure that is still a retail thing, like, "Yes, well done, AppleCare."

00:39:04   I buy it because the phone's so big, right?

00:39:06   more likely that I'll drop it and I actually had the closest call of all time whilst walking

00:39:12   to the Apple store with my old phone in my hand I hit it and it span out and I just caught

00:39:19   it before it landed the ground it would have smashed to pieces which I thought was quite

00:39:23   funny I just get there like oh I broke it can I buy a new one but whilst whilst the

00:39:29   we were waiting for the watch man to come and the guy was kind of getting a little bit

00:39:34   patient so he went into the back so I'm kind of just standing there and then I

00:39:38   heard one Apple Store representative ask her manager, she said can I quickly pop to the

00:39:44   loo and the manager says very quickly yes that shows how busy they were. She

00:39:49   felt like she had to ask and when she did he was like yeah but you have to be

00:39:53   super fast so I was like yeah that's how busy they are on these days. Look the guy

00:39:58   told me like he was there at like five in the morning or something like that

00:40:00   it's yeah I can't even imagine what these days are like for the Apple Store

00:40:04   stuff. But yeah I bought my 6s plus in white and silver. I have a midnight blue

00:40:13   case and I bought a midnight blue watch band and I also have a orange case as

00:40:19   well. Silicon cases. I went a bit crazy with it but I really love these colors

00:40:24   the orange and the midnight blue I love them both so I'm very happy that I got

00:40:29   them both. Do you have your own iPhone? Do you buy one? I don't have one yet.

00:40:34   Okay. So that is to come. I just decided since I was going to get the review units and I wanted to

00:40:39   spend time with them that I would just deal with getting a phone later. And you got your review

00:40:45   unit the day before, right? Or something like that? On the Thursday. Okay. And what model do you have?

00:40:51   Well, it's the... I have the 6S and the 6S Plus. Space Gray 6S and it's a Silver 6S Plus.

00:41:03   I'm surprised you didn't go for one of the funky colors, especially on the Plus, because

00:41:08   I know you won't leave the house without them.

00:41:09   Well, you don't get to choose.

00:41:11   They sort of ask what you want.

00:41:13   My understanding was that everybody wanted the rose gold, and I said I didn't care if

00:41:17   it was rose gold or not.

00:41:18   Yeah, because I guess if you're going to be taking photos, take photos of the new one,

00:41:22   right?

00:41:23   That makes sense.

00:41:24   So my feelings with the phone, once I'd actually gotten it through Upgrade Hell, that might

00:41:31   be a new segment on the show. Everything. It's a new name of the podcast. It's Upgrade

00:41:36   Hell on relay FM. Everything on this phone feels faster. It's crazy. Oh yeah. Typing

00:41:44   feels faster, like there's no feel lag on the keys. The speed and the snappiness is

00:41:50   definitely noticeable. Like there's no, this is one thing that I was noticing on my 6 Plus

00:41:58   was the like a little lag when you pull down to search for an app.

00:42:03   That's gone with the 6S+ for me.

00:42:06   There's no lag there when you do the little pull down to search for apps in Spotlight

00:42:09   Search.

00:42:13   The home button is way clickier.

00:42:15   It's way clickier.

00:42:16   Yeah, and I expect that Touch ID something to do with that.

00:42:19   Yes, that's, well I mean it's a new sensor right?

00:42:22   So that's, it's whatever that is in that button, it's new.

00:42:26   It's a different one than the last one and it definitely feels and sounds clickier.

00:42:32   There's more to it than there was in the six models.

00:42:35   The Taptic Vibrate motor is awesome.

00:42:38   I agree.

00:42:39   Feels better and is way quieter.

00:42:41   It was like every time I had a message on my 6+ before I turned vibration off basically,

00:42:49   it was like an airplane was taking off.

00:42:52   So loud, but now that I have fixed that and it's great.

00:42:56   Touch ID is like fast to the point that it's too fast.

00:43:03   It's crazy.

00:43:04   Well, I saw somebody on Twitter speculate that maybe the reason that Apple hasn't invested

00:43:10   a lot in lock screen complications or that sort of idea on the phone is that you're never

00:43:16   going to see the lock screen.

00:43:18   You put your finger down and boom, it's gone.

00:43:20   They made live wallpapers though.

00:43:22   - Yeah, I know.

00:43:23   I know it's just funny 'cause I'm almost never gonna see

00:43:26   unless I'm, even when I just try to push my thumb down

00:43:30   on the button to bring up the lock screen

00:43:33   to check the time, let's say, it unlocks.

00:43:37   - Yeah.

00:43:38   We both know that there is another button

00:43:42   that performs this action,

00:43:43   but that's not the button I've ever pressed.

00:43:46   - No, that's exactly right.

00:43:48   Well, yeah, it is a, yeah, the Touch ID is crazy fast.

00:43:52   - Because even before Touch ID days,

00:43:54   I press the home button and then swipe to unlock.

00:43:57   - Sure. - That was how I did it.

00:43:59   So like-- - Yeah, me too.

00:44:01   - I can't imagine myself getting out of this idea,

00:44:04   but luckily we don't need our phones

00:44:06   to see the time anymore

00:44:07   because we have tiny computers strapped to our wrists.

00:44:09   - Exactly right, so it doesn't matter.

00:44:11   So instead we can press that side button

00:44:13   and then do a 3D touch on the screen

00:44:15   and watch everything move.

00:44:18   I would like to suggest, I tried to tweet this but people were misunderstanding me so

00:44:24   I deleted the tweet.

00:44:25   I would like to play a game with everybody here which I think is kind of crazy.

00:44:31   If you lock your phone and press the lock button so the screen lights up and just tap

00:44:37   your finger on the home button.

00:44:39   So like you try and make sure that you get a good contact with the metal ring.

00:44:45   tap it as quickly as you can and it surprises me just how little information

00:44:50   it needs to read it. Like a millisecond it's doing this reading in because you

00:44:55   can just tap it very very fast and the phone unlocks. I am kind of, my mind is

00:45:01   kind of blown about this. I think this is... 3D touch is awesome, really really

00:45:07   great but this touch ID thing feels like a massive technical achievement

00:45:12   that they're under playing. I don't know how they've managed to do this it's

00:45:17   crazy because of the size of the leap that they've made like it's instant now

00:45:23   like I'd you know I'd pretty much you could make it faster but I don't even

00:45:28   know if it would be purposeful like I guess what the only way to make it

00:45:32   faster is like you never even see the lock screen anymore like you just press

00:45:36   it and it's already unlocked before your eyes can perceive that the lock screen

00:45:40   there, like I guess it's the only other thing you can do, right? I don't know. I

00:45:46   really feel the additional weight. It's, well, it's noticeable and it is more noticeable

00:45:53   on the Plus because it's I think 20 grams heavier on the Plus, which, you know, to put

00:45:59   it in perspective, if you've used the Apple leather case, it's like, it's that, essentially,

00:46:05   because it's basically, because the case is larger on the 6 Plus than the 6, it's

00:46:09   the weight of the Apple case for your device. It's like, you know, that's the extra weight.

00:46:15   And then you can put a case on there and now you're back to even, you know, another 18, 16

00:46:20   grams more weight. I think it's, I think you get, you get used to it, but, but if you, if you're

00:46:27   just going directly from one to the other, you can absolutely tell. The only other dimensions,

00:46:32   I think, are not noticeable at all. You have to bring out the, the, the calipers to measure them,

00:46:36   them but the weight is you can tell it's heavier. I mean I've only had it a few

00:46:40   days but I'm not used to it. It reminds me of the retina iPad. You remember how

00:46:48   that got heavier and it was like it's not that much heavier but you notice it

00:46:52   every time you pick it up. It's it's it's denser I mean it just feels it just

00:46:56   feels denser but yeah yeah it's true I I don't think it's a big deal at least on

00:47:03   the 6s, you know, on the 6s plus it may be a bigger deal. It's about 20 grams and it

00:47:09   sounds like the reason for this is the Touch ID stuff, that they have to have another layer

00:47:15   of sensors back there that's the 3D touch streaming. Sorry, yeah, the 3D touch. It's

00:47:20   the strain gauges basically. It's that layer that is measuring your pressure and that means

00:47:26   according to all the iFixit teardown, you know, the screen is heavier than it was because

00:47:30   it at. Well that would make it would make sense that it's something like the

00:47:34   screen right because if it's heavier on the plus it has to be something that's

00:47:38   large and obviously is the the the it look a for example it was like a

00:47:42   component that doesn't make any sense right because not all components are

00:47:46   bigger because it's a bigger phone but the screen is... If it was like the

00:47:49   Taptic Engine it's replacing battery so is it that much denser than the battery

00:47:53   it's replacing but on the screen you're adding an entire new layer of something

00:47:58   to the screen? 3D touch. So I struggle to activate the 3D touch multitasking.

00:48:06   Mm-hmm. Oh the multitasking, yeah. Yeah I have adjusted 3D touch in the

00:48:12   settings to the lowest because I've mentioned this before and I really do

00:48:18   like 3D touch but I kind of still stand by like it's not a pleasant experience I

00:48:24   I think to press harder. I don't really, I don't like that. Like tapping is nice to me.

00:48:30   It's a nice way to interact. But the pushing, I don't know. There's just something in my brain

00:48:34   which is like this is a little bit weird. I'm very sensitive at the moment. I don't have them,

00:48:40   but I'm thinking a lot about RSI. So I think I'm just overly worried about anything that's kind of

00:48:47   weird with my hands. Does that make sense? Like I'm a little bit, I've been getting a bit more

00:48:52   wrist pain again recently even though I've changed all of my equipment to try

00:48:56   and combat this so anything that kind of feels new and different like that is

00:49:03   just a little bit strange to me because my way of thinking is like is I'm

00:49:08   holding it in one hand and then like pushing with one thumb and I'm just

00:49:13   concerned that it's like a hyper extension of some description I don't

00:49:17   know I don't know enough about this stuff I don't know the science but it's

00:49:19   just something I've been thinking about. But the actual, if you put that to the side, which

00:49:24   most of the time I'm not worrying about it, I really do like 3D touch. I think that the

00:49:29   multitasking gesture is a little bit too difficult to perform with a case. I have no problem

00:49:35   reaching with the 6 Plus. I know that many people do, but we've mentioned it before,

00:49:39   I have big hands.

00:49:40   Yeah, I can't, there's a gesture on, so if you push from the left side, I keep saying

00:49:47   I think that feels like a good verb to me, rather than to 3D touch something.

00:49:52   If you push on the left side and start to swipe, it reveals the app switcher, which

00:49:57   is a nice gesture, like with a normal swipe where you're moving back through the interface,

00:50:04   it's a nice shortcut that is complicated if you have a case, because then the case is

00:50:10   sitting there at that edge, and it's a little harder to do it, you've got to be a little

00:50:14   more careful when you do it.

00:50:15   is also a gesture if you continue that swipe all the way across the screen where you just

00:50:20   quickly jump back to the previous app and it lets you kind of toggle back and forth

00:50:24   and that's a gesture I can't do on the iPhone 6s Plus because my thumb doesn't go that far.

00:50:30   Yeah, see I can do it. So, my issue with it is I most of the time don't know if I've successfully

00:50:41   triggered the first part of the action until nothing happens. Like you can kind

00:50:46   of, you do it a little bit and it kind of starts to fan away and then you know

00:50:51   you've done it but I think it's because I have a case because as well the new

00:50:55   silicon cases there's a higher lip on them than there was before which makes

00:51:01   it even harder like the lip that kind of went around the screen is higher. Now

00:51:04   this is probably to further protect your screen in case of it dropping which is

00:51:09   good but it's making that gesture harder but I don't I mean I'm trying it out

00:51:13   right now but I'm pretty fine with the double tap of the home button I don't

00:51:18   know if I needed this personally myself I have kind of worked out a way of doing

00:51:24   it that works more often than not which is kind of like pushing with the tip of

00:51:28   my thumb and then rocking my thumb backwards it's this is difficult to

00:51:34   explain kind of like rocking my thumb backwards like rolling it across the

00:51:39   screen anyway I can't explain this is too difficult but I love the peak and

00:51:44   pop stuff I like that I can read messages without marking them as read or

00:51:49   taking the badge off so like you can read a message oh yeah I message and it

00:51:55   doesn't show as read so you still have like the little number like one message

00:52:00   on red and it doesn't change the read receipt because sometimes I've sent

00:52:03   things that people want me to work on or to do something for them but I just want

00:52:07   to check what it is now and I know I'm gonna do it later so I like to know that

00:52:11   the badge is there so it reminds me to take care of it but I also don't want

00:52:14   people to think that I'm ignoring them so I like that that's a really good

00:52:18   thing I love the Dropbox implementation so you can peek into folders and get and

00:52:25   you can peek into previews of documents it's really great in Safari I don't

00:52:30   really use Safari still. I'm still using Chrome. So I'm waiting now for third parties

00:52:36   to implement this across the board. I think that this will be a really really

00:52:40   great thing for third party apps. I think this is the next interaction method.

00:52:46   It does add a whole new layer, like you know, it really does. You can do

00:52:50   other things you couldn't do before and I'm excited for what third parties come

00:52:56   up with that is outside of Peek and Pop. I want to see the next

00:53:00   portal refresh from 3D Touch. So that excites me. The cursor trackpad is the

00:53:08   best creation that Apple have ever come up with. So yeah you just do a 3D Touch on the

00:53:14   keyboard and it goes into cursor mode like with the two fingers on the

00:53:19   iPad but the difference is the two fingers I find a lot of times the iPad

00:53:24   thinks "oh you just you just type something and it messes it up" whereas

00:53:28   with this it seems much more precise like when you push a little bit harder

00:53:31   suddenly you're using a trackpad and it's very clear and there aren't

00:53:34   mistakes about what key you pressed and then you can move the cursor around

00:53:38   which is very nice I imagine that's even extra nice on the success plus.

00:53:42   Yeah because I don't have to reach up to the text field you know it is very I love

00:53:47   that I really do love it. If people you know I would say like check out it's in

00:53:51   accessibility settings by the way for you to change the the amount of force

00:53:55   required to activate the 3d touch. I would suggest just check that out see if

00:54:01   maybe you like it lighter or stronger. I was way happier when I when I set it to

00:54:05   lighter. It just just works for me to have it nice nice and light. You know I

00:54:10   like apps like Launch Center Pro and Workflow have integrated with the quick

00:54:14   actions which is cool. I'm really excited to see what you know now that devs have

00:54:20   the devices, where can we can we go with that? That is really cool to me, so I'm

00:54:26   like that. So all in all, the phone itself, I think it's fantastic. Like, it's, it was,

00:54:32   I was thinking about this yesterday, this really does feel like more than an S

00:54:38   revision. You know, I, we say that, but some of the S revisions have had some

00:54:44   pretty impressive features, but this one is, you know, the difference between the

00:54:48   speed of the of the S the 6s and the 6 is so much more than the difference

00:54:54   between the 6 and the 5s it is so much more this is a huge speed speed upgrade

00:55:01   let alone that it also adds the 3d touch and the touch ID sensor and the 12 megapixel camera and the 5

00:55:08   megapixel front-facing camera. We haven't even spoken about the cameras the camera

00:55:13   is incredible like the I mean I don't know a lot about this stuff but it's

00:55:19   gonna sound so stupid but you know how I think it's the focal length like when you

00:55:24   can you can focus on something that's really close and it makes everything in

00:55:28   the background blur I've been able to take pictures using that method but I

00:55:32   could never do before the front-facing camera is awesome the software flash is

00:55:39   fantastic it's so bright I really like live photos is there have making me have

00:55:46   to think about photos a little bit more than before because I have to think do I

00:55:50   want this one to be a live one not but but I really like it I think it's kind

00:55:56   of cool I think it's cool but I am disappointed in how it is how should I

00:56:01   put this it's a cool idea I really like the idea the way it's implemented right

00:56:06   now the video that it shoots is so low quality it's like 15 frames a second and

00:56:12   it's you know it's it's a 4x3 but it's like 1080 basically but it's not it's

00:56:18   not a very high quality image and you contrast that with the the 12 megapixel

00:56:23   still and I keep thinking I'd almost rather have it be a series of 12

00:56:31   megapixel or maybe a little bit less stills around it rather than a low-res

00:56:35   video because every time I touch that high quality image what I get is a low quality

00:56:41   movie. And, you know, it's impressive technology and again this may be one of those cases where

00:56:46   this is the way the sensor is built and the way the processor and the device works. This

00:56:50   is what they could do. But when I look at this I think, boy, this is going to be really

00:56:56   good in a couple of years when it really looks like a Harry Potter picture. Where right now

00:57:01   Now it's a really good picture that then goes back to a kind of mediocre video.

00:57:07   And they're still working it out.

00:57:11   It's a new feature.

00:57:12   So it's a good idea, but it's a new feature.

00:57:13   So in 9.1, I guess, when you drop it at the end, if you drop your phone, it will stop

00:57:18   the live picture instead of having your live photo include you putting the phone down.

00:57:25   But it might also want to measure the data when you're picking the phone up so that you

00:57:29   don't end up with the opposite of that.

00:57:31   I'm sure they could do that if they wanted to and truncate it at different places, but

00:57:35   it's a fun idea and I look forward to the day when every picture we take is taken like

00:57:42   this where you captured a moment but you also got a few seconds around it.

00:57:47   Think about that.

00:57:49   When you press the button it captures the second and a half, it goes back in time and

00:57:53   captures the second and a half before you press the button, which means that it's capturing

00:57:57   video when you're in that mode all the time. It is always capturing video and buffering

00:58:02   it so that if you need it, it will use it. That is pretty amazing.

00:58:07   I have to say though, I like that it's low frame rate. I don't want video around the

00:58:13   photo, I want something that is kind of a little bit different. So if I just take a

00:58:17   video, I like that it's, I mean, yes, it could be higher quality, but that's not 60 frames.

00:58:24   I like that it's like you know personally like I like that it is a

00:58:28   little bit like I love that the audio is there and the audio is is running at

00:58:34   like regular speed you know like it's not cut up in any way but the the I kind

00:58:39   of just like that it's not a video I like that it's got something a bit

00:58:45   different about it I I feel like the reason that it's 15 frames a second is

00:58:49   because they want it to feel not like a video yeah that maybe there's a technical

00:58:54   reason that they're doing that too, but I think it makes a statement that this is not

00:58:59   a video, it's a series of stills. The thing is it is a video and the quality is so much

00:59:04   less than the quality of the stills that I'd almost rather, again, you know, there are

00:59:08   probably reasons why, but I'd almost rather see it and as a future direction perhaps as

00:59:13   a series of stills, perhaps, you know, instead of it being this resolution, it's a higher

00:59:18   resolution at 10 or 15 frames a second around that still that you wanted. And it's like

00:59:24   a burst mode kind of except it's always there that would be because that's my one that's

00:59:29   my one chance also I don't I'm sure they'd experiment with it a bunch of ways I kind

00:59:34   of don't like the fact that when you when you push on it to activate it it it takes

00:59:40   your still and then it fuzzes it out and then it shows you the video because that seems

00:59:45   it seems kind of weird to me but I understand that that given that the picture isn't quite

00:59:50   the same that it can't really like fade into it or but that would be the ideal

00:59:54   for me the ideal gesture would be that when I when I press it the the picture

00:59:58   just kind of winds backward and then place forward and then winds backward

01:00:01   and place forward or something like that instead of kind of drawing the curtain

01:00:05   for a minute and then playing the video but you know I it was a hard challenge

01:00:11   regardless of it so I feel like it's a good you know it's a it's a fun feature

01:00:15   and as apps support it and understand what the heck this format is so you can

01:00:20   share it online that that will make it more fun and you know I just imagined a

01:00:26   couple generations out that this could be just that much more cool and

01:00:30   impressive than it than this first iteration. Mykey R and Mrs. Super in the

01:00:35   chat room have pointed out the what I was trying to say was debt fulfilled.

01:00:39   Yeah. That was what I was going for so I wanted to just clear that up even though

01:00:45   the tweets have already come. Yes. Some people tweet, some people tweet while

01:00:49   they're listening. I understand that. And there was a great pleasure, there's a

01:00:52   great pleasure to replying and just saying "keep listening" knowing that it is

01:00:57   addressed later in the episode. I do love the people that then listen and then say

01:01:03   "oh no you just said it" like I like that. But I get why people tweet because it's like I'm not gonna

01:01:07   wait till the end like you can take my notes and forget you afterwards it's crazy. Yeah no I

01:01:12   I do that and I'm in the car listening to podcasts all the time and I'm like, "Oh, I

01:01:16   have a comment. I disagree with John Syracuse about something." And then, you know, by the

01:01:19   time I get out of the car, it's gone. I'm going to wherever I'm going and it's not going

01:01:23   to even happen. So I get that like if you have the ability to send a tweet or something

01:01:27   about something we said that you just do it immediately before the moment passes. It's

01:01:30   just funny sometimes where you're like, "Yeah, actually, I think you're -- I know where you

01:01:33   are in the show. Wait two minutes. There it is."

01:01:37   We all got there together.

01:01:39   Yep.

01:01:40   Do you have anything else to say about the 6S?

01:01:44   - Oh, well, I mentioned that it's way faster.

01:01:49   I really do like 3D touch, yeah, the camera.

01:01:54   So I didn't have to do a super in-depth camera test

01:01:57   for Macworld where my review has run

01:02:01   because Chris Finn is doing a whole review of the cameras.

01:02:06   But just to say the 12 megapixel upgrade is nice.

01:02:09   I think that for a lot of people, the quality is, you know, it's better, but it's not gonna

01:02:17   blow you away about how much better it is, 'cause it's better, and it's fine.

01:02:22   But on the plus, you get the optical image stabilization on video as well as still, when

01:02:28   last year it was just still, I think?

01:02:32   Or maybe it was just video.

01:02:33   Now it's both.

01:02:34   So that's an improvement.

01:02:36   And the really thing is the selfie camera.

01:02:38   The selfie camera is crazy better, and I'm going to have my daughter do a bunch of selfie

01:02:42   tests for me, because she's an expert at selfies.

01:02:45   But it's because you've got not only a much better camera, but they've got the selfie

01:02:51   flash mode, which is using the screen as a flash, and it's not just like drawing a white

01:02:55   box on the screen.

01:02:57   They actually are driving the screen brightness 300% of normal up to 300% of normal brightness,

01:03:02   so it's way more bright than just putting a white rectangle on the screen.

01:03:06   And then they're also doing what they do on the front of the camera with the True Tone

01:03:10   Flash, which is they're detecting the color composition of the image and adjusting what

01:03:14   color is on the screen when it flashes so that it's the most kind of harmonious color

01:03:19   set for the flash.

01:03:20   So there's a lot going on with that.

01:03:23   And this is one of those cases, it's a little bit like upgrading the camera on the iPad,

01:03:27   where somebody at Apple's like, like the rest of us, are like, "Nah, first time I didn't

01:03:31   even have a camera," right?

01:03:32   It's like, "Yeah, nobody needs a camera."

01:03:33   And then, "Well, we'll put a camera on there because, you know, maybe you'll need it for

01:03:36   something. And then people are everywhere taking pictures with their iPads and you're

01:03:39   like, "Oh, well if they're going to do it, maybe we should make that a better camera."

01:03:43   Well, that seems to be where they've gotten with the iPhone now, which is like, "Yeah,

01:03:46   selfies, that is a thing and our selfie game is not particularly strong."

01:03:49   So...

01:03:50   Because previously it was for like video calling. That was why it was there.

01:03:53   It's the FaceTime camera. I mean, it's literally, they want it there. And if you're streaming

01:03:59   video on a FaceTime call, how good does that video really need to be? And what they have

01:04:04   done here is admit that selfies is a thing and they need to be better at it

01:04:10   and now they are much better at it because that camera is way better and

01:04:13   then they put the flash in too. I mean it's not it's not perfect because it's

01:04:16   still you know it doesn't have an actual flash and it's got some tech challenges

01:04:21   but it's so much better than it was before. We should say that Ahoy!

01:04:27   Telephone is now on optionally but it can be on all the time because they

01:04:31   integrated the motion coprocessor into the main chip,

01:04:34   which means that they can offload a bunch of other

01:04:36   kind of low power mode stuff.

01:04:38   So it can listen to you all the time,

01:04:40   wait for you to say Ahoy telephone.

01:04:42   And also you can train your voice.

01:04:45   It asks you to speak some key phrases when you train it

01:04:48   to activate Ahoy telephone with the hope being that

01:04:51   your tone of voice and my tone of voice are different enough

01:04:54   that you can activate my phone by saying Ahoy telephone.

01:04:57   So I want to test it, I want to try it.

01:05:01   I want to see if it works.

01:05:03   Will you allow me to do this?

01:05:05   Because in theory, I expect a large portion of our audience have upgraded.

01:05:10   So they should have gone through this process where if I say those words, their phones won't

01:05:15   go off.

01:05:16   So I want to see if it works for other people listening to the show.

01:05:20   Okay, and then people can let us know if it works or not.

01:05:22   Yeah, I apologise to everyone who hasn't upgraded or who this does set off, but I'm going to

01:05:29   say it right now and I'm gonna say in a moment so I'm giving you enough time to

01:05:31   skip forward just a little bit. One time for science. But I'm gonna say it is one

01:05:36   time for science and we'll see if my own phone goes off. Okay, ready? Yep.

01:05:40   Hey Siri. My phone didn't do anything. So alright. That's awesome. So there you go.

01:05:47   Okay. Doesn't do anything! So if it worked, well I would love to know if you have a

01:05:53   6s or a 6s plus and your Siri just started up, I want to know

01:05:58   because mine didn't right so you're you may have Myke's phone oh do you know who

01:06:03   did though and who's doing stuff my little watch guy he's gone crazy over

01:06:08   here so he just said okay that word so that's awesome if it what what I would

01:06:13   like to know what if you have a 6s or 6s plus and you are are you sorry to start

01:06:17   up I want to know mine but the phone didn't do a thing didn't do a thing

01:06:23   That is interesting.

01:06:24   All right, let's take a break, do some Ask Upgrade.

01:06:28   Yeah, let's do it.

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01:08:53   - So the first Ask Upgrade this week comes from Richard,

01:08:58   and Richard would love to know and would love to have

01:09:00   an update about how Now That Six Colors is a year old.

01:09:04   How has it been for you?

01:09:05   And what are you thinking about doing going forward

01:09:08   if you considered membership or that kind of thing?

01:09:12   - Yeah, I referenced on Twitter, I referred Richard

01:09:14   to the post I made about the redesign

01:09:16   and then the post I made about being week 52

01:09:19   of Six Colors a couple of weeks ago,

01:09:20   both of which I mentioned that I am planning

01:09:22   on doing a membership thing

01:09:23   and I just haven't gotten to it yet.

01:09:25   Looking at what Federico Vittucci has done

01:09:28   with Mac Stories, that was actually very much

01:09:30   what I was planning, including the same vendor.

01:09:32   And seeing his implementation has actually made me

01:09:35   move up my timeframe on that because I've been dealing

01:09:39   with the fact that I need to build a member site,

01:09:42   which means I need to do a WordPress install

01:09:45   and put in this plugin and all of this.

01:09:46   And what Federico has done is really interesting

01:09:48   is he's using Memberful, which is the site

01:09:51   that lets you manage your membership list.

01:09:54   And he just links to his implementation on their site.

01:09:58   So he hasn't had to build this special custom thing,

01:10:01   which is what was holding me back.

01:10:03   And so I may do that.

01:10:06   So yes, my goal is to have a membership

01:10:09   for Six Colors where people can support me directly,

01:10:11   which leads to a lot of nice things

01:10:13   like me taking less freelance work

01:10:16   and maybe even being able to bring on more writers,

01:10:19   but certainly write more myself at the site

01:10:21   instead of taking that freelance work on

01:10:22   and writing articles elsewhere

01:10:24   and supporting me also as a different revenue stream.

01:10:28   So when times may get tough and sponsors may not be there,

01:10:32   I've got another reason to keep doing Six Colors

01:10:34   because there are readers

01:10:36   who are paying me to write there instead.

01:10:37   So I'm working on it.

01:10:39   It'll definitely happen by the end of the year.

01:10:41   I hope it'll happen a lot sooner than that,

01:10:42   but I have to get through this crazy week

01:10:44   and actually maybe go outside and see the sun at some point.

01:10:49   But once this last crazy period is over

01:10:52   and we've entered a calmer, less hectic period,

01:10:57   then I will do that.

01:10:58   But otherwise it's a lot of fun.

01:11:00   It's going well.

01:11:01   I was able to bring on Dan Morin to write two days a week,

01:11:05   which is great 'cause I wanted more content on the site

01:11:07   and I was doing some freelance stuff,

01:11:09   so I thought I would add Dan into the equation.

01:11:11   And that's been fun and that's been good for Dan

01:11:14   because he's got a bunch of different stuff going on,

01:11:16   including a novel that he's trying to get published.

01:11:19   And so being able to kind of give him some stability

01:11:22   in terms of what he's working on

01:11:23   has also been a nice benefit of it.

01:11:25   So I've been pretty happy with it.

01:11:28   I would say the big surprises for me in the last year

01:11:30   have been I'm doing more freelance than I expected.

01:11:33   I actually wasn't planning on freelance work at all.

01:11:36   And so I'm doing more of that than I expected.

01:11:39   And that's been a nice bonus because, you know,

01:11:42   maybe the let's say I'm not getting quite as much

01:11:46   from the incomparable as I thought that I would

01:11:48   in my initial calculations.

01:11:50   I think Relay has been a pleasant surprise

01:11:52   as a part of my income, as part of my job.

01:11:57   Thank you, thank you very much.

01:12:00   So the mix is a little different than I expected

01:12:02   and there's a little more freelance in there.

01:12:04   But in general, I really enjoy coming into my office

01:12:08   every day and going to work and it's been very enjoyable.

01:12:12   And the more my old job recedes away from me,

01:12:15   the more I know that it was,

01:12:20   I was completely burned out and unhappy

01:12:22   and needed a change.

01:12:26   So it's been nice to get some distance from that

01:12:29   and realized that I was doing a lot of things

01:12:33   that I didn't want to do.

01:12:35   And these days I'm doing a lot of things I do want to do.

01:12:38   So that's better.

01:12:39   - I just saw somebody just sent me a link

01:12:44   to say that Tweetbot 4 has now been submitted

01:12:46   to the App Store.

01:12:47   So we have that if any, you know,

01:12:49   that's important news to me.

01:12:51   I know it's not important to you.

01:12:52   - That's good for people who use Tweetbot.

01:12:54   - Yep.

01:12:55   Yep, not you.

01:12:58   I have Tweetbot.

01:12:59   I know you do.

01:13:00   I'm very, it's nice to see the one year thing.

01:13:04   I'm looking forward to the membership stuff and looking forward to talking about that

01:13:06   on the show with you.

01:13:08   And whilst you were talking about that I checked my own calendar because I was like, I feel

01:13:11   like it's ramping up.

01:13:13   And I quit my job on October 8th.

01:13:17   So now thinking about it, 2014, I went independent four weeks later in November.

01:13:25   You must have been a subconscious influence for that.

01:13:30   You were surrounded by people who were leaving their jobs.

01:13:32   That is definitely true.

01:13:34   So that, I mean, I know like, you know, there's a whole big story about me doing it and why

01:13:38   I did it and I did it really much, very much on a whim, but it wasn't, it wasn't a snap

01:13:43   decision.

01:13:44   It was, it was a decision that had been brewing for a long time that a certain event just

01:13:49   made me do it, which was my shoelaces broke.

01:13:52   I'll put a link in the show notes to the episode of Analog where I told the story,

01:13:58   which is a story that I love very much, and if you're going to be at Release Notes in

01:14:02   October you're going to hear part of that story again.

01:14:05   Oh good, I will be there.

01:14:07   Good, you get to hear it again.

01:14:08   I'm looking forward to it.

01:14:11   With potentially some visual aid.

01:14:14   Nice.

01:14:15   So there you go, that'll be fun.

01:14:19   Let's move on with Ask Upgrade.

01:14:22   The koala, Timer Koala Sing,

01:14:24   it's a joke from a long time ago.

01:14:26   I think it was a connected joke.

01:14:29   Do you know what?

01:14:30   I think it was a prompt joke.

01:14:31   - It was a prompt joke.

01:14:32   I actually remember listening.

01:14:33   The funny thing is I was on the bus going to work

01:14:36   and we were talking about Timer Koalessing

01:14:38   and what Federico said was Timer Koala Sing.

01:14:41   And I thought, well, that's really funny.

01:14:43   That's like a timer and a koala that sing.

01:14:47   And somebody also thought that was funny and made it their entire, like,

01:14:51   pseudonym online identity, V-Timer, koala sing.

01:14:54   So, but I remember very clearly listening to that episode of The Prompt.

01:14:58   - Yep, episode one. - Back in my day.

01:15:00   - I didn't know that you were listening. How nice of you.

01:15:02   - Oh, yeah.

01:15:03   While I power slide around infinite loop,

01:15:06   I'm listening to The Prompt and connected now.

01:15:09   - So, the koala asked, "Now that Peek and Pop allows archiving

01:15:12   without going to the next message automatically,

01:15:15   will Myke switch to mail.app?"

01:15:16   So this is a long-running thing for me, but my main frustration with the mail app is how when you archive an action a message

01:15:23   It brings up the next message automatically therefore

01:15:26   Enabling it as red. I

01:15:29   hate that

01:15:31   My main issue though is the Mac not iOS that for this

01:15:35   iOS has never been so much of the problem because it's easier to mark a message as red

01:15:39   But the reason I went to bring this up because it's kind of like a no

01:15:44   I'm not gonna move back to the mail app

01:15:46   at the moment anyway. Because at the moment I am frustrated with my mail setup

01:15:52   in general. I'm currently using Mailbox everywhere but I'm looking for a new

01:15:57   solution because I'm not confident that Mailbox are doing a lot to push their

01:16:00   platform forward. Yeah it's been awfully quiet over there and I've been using

01:16:04   Spark. Is it Spark? Yeah I love Spark but it's only on one platform.

01:16:10   Yeah. So the reason I say this and is because with these types with the types

01:16:16   of mail apps recently, it's very beneficial to have it everywhere because

01:16:25   they manipulate your email, right? You put these snooze things on and it will pop

01:16:29   back up. But if you're outside of the ecosystem, like if you're using some

01:16:33   other app or some other system on one device and then another device, you end

01:16:37   up with a scenario where your email is all kinds of crazy. And there are things

01:16:41   that are in your inbox and maybe shouldn't be in your inbox because you

01:16:43   think they're gonna be in your inbox in a week but they're there now because this

01:16:46   app doesn't like it gets all kinds of messed up I don't like it I like to use

01:16:50   a system that is all in everywhere so I'm currently looking into stuff right

01:16:55   now I am I really really want to use the new Outlook app because everybody that I

01:17:01   know that uses it loves it but the problem is their Mac app is not like

01:17:06   their iOS app nope so I can't I'm hesitant of going into that system

01:17:12   because I do email everywhere. I don't have a dominant device. I do all my

01:17:18   devices, so for me it's very important that if I am using features that are

01:17:23   core to the platform that they follow me around from device to device,

01:17:27   which means I will probably end up sticking with mailbox. Also, mailbox,

01:17:33   we'll see, because I do question whether that, and I like mailbox a lot, but I

01:17:37   question what development is actually happening at Dropbox involved mailbox

01:17:40   now. But Peek and Pop can come to anything, right? So it's in mail today, but it should be in lots of

01:17:46   other things soon on iOS, you know, on iPhone anyway. And so it may not matter what app you're

01:17:54   using because they may all implement Peek and Pop in some way or other. I'm all over the place now.

01:17:59   I'm using MailPlane on my Mac, which is just the fancified version of the Gmail interface,

01:18:06   web interface, it puts it in its own app with its own kind of some Mac extras. And then on,

01:18:12   I was using Spark on the iPhone. When I transferred to the new iPhone, I can't get it to load,

01:18:17   I think, because I have to, there's like beta credentials and things, because I think it was

01:18:19   on a beta version. So I have to get that, but I've been using Apple Mail because of writing about

01:18:24   iOS 9 a little bit. I've been using Apple Mail on my iPad because Spark doesn't work on the iPad.

01:18:33   I'm all over the place too.

01:18:34   And the nice thing about using, since I use Gmail,

01:18:37   is that these, whether it's mailbox or Spark,

01:18:41   they end up saving everything in IMAP mailboxes,

01:18:44   which is basically labels in Gmail.

01:18:46   So I don't get to use those features on the desktop,

01:18:49   but at least I can see those messages

01:18:51   'cause they're filed in a place I can see.

01:18:53   I can see all the special folders

01:18:55   that they file things into.

01:18:57   But yeah, ideally you'd have the same approach everywhere.

01:19:01   Google inbox I've thought about trying because since I'm using Gmail, Google inbox is sort

01:19:07   of that because they've got apps for iOS and then it sort of integrates into the web interface

01:19:12   but right now I'm just I'm drifting.

01:19:16   Then I thought maybe inbox would be a good option but I also use iCloud so I want all

01:19:24   of my email like in one place in one place I don't want three different email apps so

01:19:30   is probably why I will end up sticking with mailbox but I really need to hope

01:19:33   that they're doing something like the Mac app is seeing updates right I'm on

01:19:38   the beta it's not fantastic but it's okay it's doing the job for me and it's

01:19:43   getting updates but like for example their Twitter account nothing they're

01:19:47   not tweeting nothing so like I want to see I want to see split screen on the

01:19:53   iPad more than peak and pop right you know we're not seeing anything like that

01:19:57   that so I've now installed another email app, I've installed dispatch on my iPad

01:20:02   because it has split screen because I really want a split screen email app

01:20:06   because that is really really really useful to me but yes it's very

01:20:13   frustrating right now now I'm thinking like you know so I was like I know how

01:20:16   great dispatch is that's a great email app but they don't have a Mac app right

01:20:20   you end up in this scenario I go round and around every few months trying to

01:20:24   find a new solution for this because I'm never happy with my email setup but I

01:20:29   always end up coming back to mailbox because it's the only one that gives me

01:20:33   what I want everywhere. Yeah. So there you go. Email! Email. Alright let's move on.

01:20:41   So the next Ask Upgrade is from John. How many watch straps do you own and which

01:20:46   ones do you have a favorite I have three now I know I was gonna mention earlier

01:20:55   but you were just so fancy with all of your watch bands I have a I have my

01:21:01   black sport band I have my black leather old style which I'm really regretting

01:21:06   buying now because they made a new one that's that look that I got to get my

01:21:11   hands on at Apple the other day. It was really nice. The new leather band, the black leather

01:21:17   and the brown leather bands are so nice and the old one is so thin and papery, but I've

01:21:22   got it and it looks good, it just feels kind of weird. And then I picked up a new orange

01:21:28   sport band.

01:21:29   >> CHIPPS. Wow, how great is the orange?

01:21:30   >> MATT STONE. It's great, well and it's really great with the black, the space grey sport

01:21:35   too. Little orange black thing. And as a fan of, my baseball team is orange black

01:21:40   colors so that it gives me a little extra thing but I like the orange it's

01:21:43   nice so that's that's for me now my wife her new stainless Apple watch came with

01:21:50   the white band white sport band and I got her the the midnight blue which is

01:21:55   nice and we got a $30 leather band on eBay and it's actually pretty good it's

01:22:00   not great but it's pretty good so I have I think six sport bands now I have black

01:22:08   white, blue, green, midnight blue and the orange. And I... the black I think is the

01:22:20   nicest feeling of them all but it's not my favorite like it's because they all

01:22:24   do feel differently. Subtle but they do feel different. But I love the new

01:22:28   colors the most. The midnight blue and the orange. I really really love those

01:22:33   colors. I'm also gonna get a red at some point and then I still I want to see the

01:22:39   other ones in person. I love the sport bands they're not cheap they're not

01:22:42   massively expensive but I really like them a lot. I like having different

01:22:47   colors sometimes I match them to what I'm wearing like I just like them I

01:22:51   think they're really nice I think that they're awesome like I've often thought

01:22:55   oh I wanted a Milanese but I'm not gonna get one of those now and I'm thinking I

01:22:59   quite like the look of the saddle brown leather but no I'm just gonna keep buying

01:23:02   sport bands. I like them a lot. I think they're really comfortable, they're really cool looking,

01:23:07   and they're really useful as well. Not useful, but they feel good the way you put them on,

01:23:12   take them off. I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan. So I'm just gonna keep getting them.

01:23:16   All right. So there you go. That's it for me. I love them. I think that they're really,

01:23:22   really cool. It's fun. It's fun. And I bought the eBay non-Apple Apple watch band as an experiment,

01:23:30   just because I was curious what the quality was. We talked about possibly doing that. I actually

01:23:34   I've actually thought about going and sometimes I can find them and sometimes I can't. Sometimes

01:23:37   they sell a uh a space gray Milanese loop which is which intrigues me because it would actually

01:23:46   match my space gray watch. I think it would be really cool if you were able to I don't know if

01:23:52   you would want to and or if you could buy a bunch and review them because I haven't seen a lot of

01:23:59   a lot of people giving reviews of popular ones of these or just from a few different

01:24:05   manufacturers because I bet there are people that want to buy this stuff but like for me

01:24:09   for example I'm not going to trust eBay reviews or whatever I want someone that I trust to

01:24:14   tell me what they think. Well I'm not sure even if I get one that I like that the next

01:24:18   one wouldn't be bad because you're talking about like kind of like I don't know if they're

01:24:23   disreputable but they're kind of not reputable places that you're buying them. But we'll

01:24:30   see how the one that Lauren got wears. It looks nice. I mean, what it is is basically

01:24:36   a somebody has made their own Apple Watch lugs and with an adapter that will go to sort

01:24:44   of standard watch band stuff and is putting them together and then selling them. And there

01:24:50   There are also places that are making, you know, that are building adapters that'll let

01:24:54   you do that with whatever watch bands you've got.

01:24:56   So it's gonna vary, and then there's an official Apple program for this too.

01:25:01   So...

01:25:02   Still waiting to see stuff coming from that.

01:25:03   Yeah, hasn't happened.

01:25:05   I got a note from that GetClick product that is just that.

01:25:11   It's the lugs, and they're making the lugs and send them to you, and then you just use

01:25:15   any standard watch band on them, saying that they were starting to ship. That was a product

01:25:20   I thought I would never get, so maybe I'll actually get it.

01:25:22   >> I still don't trust that. I just don't trust it.

01:25:24   >> Yeah, well, we'll see. We'll see.

01:25:26   >> Like, I'm sure they work. I'm sure they work. But I just don't like the idea of it.

01:25:31   Like, I just want the official stuff.

01:25:33   >> The lugs on Lauren's leather band probably didn't slide in quite as smoothly as an Apple-constructed

01:25:43   one would. They did go in, I didn't have to force it, but I had that moment of like

01:25:47   "I bet this experience is not as good." But you know it was it was an interesting

01:25:52   experiment. I really did buy it because I was curious about what an off-brand

01:25:56   Apple Watch band looked like and you know it looks fine, looks like a watch

01:25:58   band. And Rajeev asks "What's Apple's rationale behind not syncing the iPhone

01:26:05   clock alarms with the Apple Watch clock alarms?" I don't know what their rationale

01:26:09   is, but I think for me I'm happy that that doesn't happen because far too often in my life I have

01:26:16   multiple devices making sound at the same time. Like you get a FaceTime call and six devices ring.

01:26:23   I don't want all of that to to sync up to. Yeah, I could see an update that allowed the concept of

01:26:30   a shared alarm. I'm trying to think of a scenario like you're, you know, you want to set an alarm on

01:26:35   your Apple Watch using Siri but have it be for tomorrow morning on your iPhone

01:26:42   or something like that maybe there are some scenarios there but yeah I mean it

01:26:45   does seem simpler to just say if you set an alarm on your on your watch it's on

01:26:48   your watch and if it's on your phone it's on your phone and then they stay

01:26:51   apart and maybe that's maybe that's okay yeah it's you know yeah I just don't

01:26:59   want it. I just don't want it. So I think that's it Jason Snell. Yeah I think so.

01:27:04   If you'd like to find show notes for this week's episode head on over to

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