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00:00:27   glass my name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Mr Six Colors, Mr Jason Snell.

00:00:32   Hi Myke, I uh I'm uh orange today. Orange today. Orange you're glad it's Monday Jason. Yeah oh

00:00:42   look at look at you look at you with the puns. Fair you know I've been working hard on that one.

00:00:48   Yeah yeah you worked you were here nothing wrong with orange that's the sad thing about it. How's

00:00:53   it going? It's another week. We're counting down. We're just about, as we record this,

00:00:58   it's the last day of August, so we're just about free of the interminable month of August,

00:01:03   the dog days of August where the tech news slows to a crawl and tech podcasts begin talking

00:01:10   about subjects that are not interesting because there's not a lot to talk about. And we're

00:01:17   getting revved up for Apple News in September, as is the tradition, so I feel like we're

00:01:23   on the precipice here. I feel like this is where we turn the corner and we leave summer

00:01:28   behind and we head to fall.

00:01:30   Talking about that, about tech podcasts, talking about things which aren't interesting.

00:01:37   Last week in podcasting land was Mouse Week.

00:01:44   I feel like we already covered this like several weeks or months ago and now everybody's just

00:01:49   getting caught up with upgrade. But be that as it may.

00:01:52   So we spoke a little bit about input things last week and then ATP spoke about mice and

00:02:00   then we spoke about mice on connected and then also again me and Grey spoke about mice

00:02:06   on cortex.

00:02:09   So if you like input devices this is your month.

00:02:12   This is a sweeping vertical on mice.

00:02:17   I was fascinated by the ATP discussion.

00:02:21   I'm so backed up on podcasts, but I did listen to the ATP discussion about mice and I'm fascinated

00:02:26   by it because I have not used a mouse as my regular pointing device since like 1994, 1993.

00:02:37   I just haven't used a mouse.

00:02:39   I've used a track ball and now I use the track pad,

00:02:43   the magic track pad.

00:02:44   So it was fascinating to hear on ATP in particular,

00:02:49   podcasters trying to describe the various hand positions

00:02:53   of and the heights of mice and things like that.

00:02:56   That's pretty funny.

00:02:58   Oh, actually I do have a, I have a relevant anecdote.

00:03:00   Oh my God, I have a relevant anecdote to tell you.

00:03:02   And it's this, we had my son's birthday party

00:03:04   over the weekend and it was, the theme was video games

00:03:08   because my son loves video games and we actually played, I don't know if you've heard, and

00:03:14   forgive me if you've talked about this on your video game themed podcast, but Runbow,

00:03:20   which is a game for Wii U, just came out.

00:03:23   - I haven't played it yet, but it's on my list because this is one of the very rare,

00:03:31   what is currently being referred to as an indie game, a Nintendo indie game. There aren't

00:03:36   a lot of them, Nintendo are making a real push at this now, they are creating this thing

00:03:42   called Nindy and it's like this little program that they're doing and they're doing some

00:03:47   really, really interesting things as part of the Nindy program.

00:03:51   So they marketed this, I actually got an email last week from Nintendo saying "Runbow is

00:03:55   out, you should play Runbow" and I looked at it and it looked cute and it was a $15

00:04:02   download. And the thing about it that's the most interesting is it offers group play up

00:04:08   to nine people in front of one television. And I thought, we have eight boys coming over

00:04:14   for my son's birthday party. And they love games. And the whole theme is video games.

00:04:21   It's like bring your computer or bring your iPad, we'll play games, we'll have pizza,

00:04:25   we'll have cake, there'll be presents, and then we'll play more games, and then we'll

00:04:28   wake up in the morning, we'll play more games. This was the whole plan. So it turned into

00:04:32   a runbo party, essentially, because once they started playing that, they couldn't stop.

00:04:37   It was Steve Lubitz said in the relay Slack chat when I was talking to him about this,

00:04:43   that it was, you know, his kids were playing it and it was at like Super Smash Bros. level

00:04:48   of enthusiasm, and I can attest to that too. And the brilliant thing about it is, so the

00:04:53   Wii U, you can have up to four controllers plus the actual big Wii console handheld thing

00:05:01   Gamepad. The gamepad, that's it. The ridiculous gamepad. Cool, but ridiculous. So that's five

00:05:07   input devices up from the Wii, which had four. But each of the Wiimotes can have the nunchuck

00:05:13   attached to them. And we have four Wiimotes with four nunchucks. And the way Runbo works,

00:05:19   the nunchuck can be used by a separate person from the Wiimote. That's genius. That is amazing.

00:05:24   So you have to be close because they're tethered, but you just sit next to each other. And I'm

00:05:28   not sure we ever had nine, we did have eight at one point playing simultaneously. So that's

00:05:33   brilliant because you can get the entire group involved instead of just four or five people

00:05:38   with the most multiplayer versions that you can get for the Wii. But on top of that, as

00:05:43   a parent looking at it, I really appreciated how the game was built. It had multiple game

00:05:47   modes, it's got a run, it's got a race, a king of the hill, it's got a bunch of different

00:05:51   customizable characters which are brilliant, the art direction is brilliant, the music

00:05:55   is fantastic. It's like a Saul Bass title sequence from the 60s, is what it struck me

00:06:01   as being like. Super stylized and cool, and the concept is very colorful because Runbow

00:06:07   is run and rainbow put together, and the idea is that there are all these platforms on this

00:06:11   game that are different colors, and a rainbow basically sweeps over the screen, so for every

00:06:19   three or four seconds a new primary color, or a new color pops over the entire screen,

00:06:24   And whatever color platforms match the color that goes to the background, essentially they

00:06:30   disappear.

00:06:31   So if you're standing on an orange platform and everything turns orange, you fall.

00:06:35   So there's this added -- it's great.

00:06:37   And there's a mode where the person on the gamepad is playing the color master, and basically

00:06:41   they're in opposition to all the players who are running on screen, and they're dropping

00:06:45   bombs and throwing paint to sort of ruin everybody's experience.

00:06:51   then you try to see who, whether they can, somebody can reach the goal before the color

00:06:55   master destroys everybody. So many variations. It's a $15 game and the boys were playing

00:06:59   it forever. So that was great. So that turned up to be most of the time for it. And I highly

00:07:04   recommend Renbo if you've got a Wii U. So good. And it puts, I love to what you were

00:07:11   saying, I love that Nintendo is trying to do this because indie games, clever indie

00:07:15   games like this really can help increase the value of the Wii U. Because right now the

00:07:19   story on the Wii U is basically it's for first party titles. And I really like the first

00:07:23   party titles that are on the Wii U, but I don't regret buying the Wii U because my kids

00:07:28   really love the Nintendo games that are available for the Wii U plus our old Wii games, but

00:07:33   it's a whole added dimension. If you had a bunch of these really great downloadable indie

00:07:37   games that were also coming to the Nintendo platform, that would make it even more impressive

00:07:45   and exciting. So I'm glad that we discovered this one. But one of my son's friends came

00:07:52   over with a laptop and they wanted to do some Minecraft stuff. And he was baffled by our

00:07:59   house. He was like, "Do you have a mouse in our house?" Because he was using my daughter's,

00:08:05   he didn't bring a laptop, he was using my daughter's iMac. And they were playing Minecraft.

00:08:09   And it has her, her, her iMac has my old trackball that I used to use before I got the magic

00:08:16   track pad.

00:08:17   And he's like, do you guys have a mouse?

00:08:20   And we had a whole conversation.

00:08:21   It's like, do we have a mouse?

00:08:22   Is there a mouse in the house?

00:08:24   And the answer is, this is turning into a Dr. Seuss, by the way, is there, could there

00:08:28   be, you know, have you possibly, could you possibly souse where there's a, no, I can't

00:08:33   do it.

00:08:34   Is there a mouse in the house?

00:08:36   And there isn't.

00:08:37   Maybe I've got a mouse, a USB mouse,

00:08:39   like buried at the bottom of this giant plastic bin

00:08:42   I have full of cables and old hard drives and stuff.

00:08:44   Maybe there's one there that like I bought a used Mac

00:08:48   at some point and they threw in this mouse

00:08:50   and I never used it, but no,

00:08:51   we have no mice in the house at all.

00:08:53   Just a magic track pads and track balls.

00:08:58   And it was just a funny moment.

00:09:00   So I had that realization that we are just saying,

00:09:03   we're not a mouse house.

00:09:04   - Mouse-less house.

00:09:06   the house has no mouse. So anyway, that's a whole, that's our birthday party vertical

00:09:13   right there, Myke. I know you weren't expecting it. I wasn't expecting it either, but there

00:09:16   it is. We talked about video games and we talked about how Jason's house has no mice

00:09:21   in it. Of either kind, I hope. Ben wrote in. Anyway, follow out. That was really great

00:09:32   follow-out and birthday party follow-up. So Ben wrote in about we were talking

00:09:38   again and again and again as we have many times in the past about pen and

00:09:43   paper versus... We also have no pens in our house. No that's not true we do have pens

00:09:46   in our house. Yeah I would I would send a care package if you didn't, don't worry. He wrote in to talk to say to us that he

00:09:54   finds that computer screens disconnect him from the physical space whereas pen

00:09:57   and paper lets him stay more engaged with the speaker when he's taking notes. I

00:10:01   I can attest to this, I find, you know, we talk about like distraction-free writing environments.

00:10:07   Well, pens and paper have no distraction, right? There's nothing jumping out of them.

00:10:11   I think that that is a really just great succinct way of putting that, like the difference between

00:10:16   them.

00:10:17   Yeah, I mean, you can get your, like if you're on a tablet and you're using a pen or you're

00:10:27   typing. I think you could get it set up to the point where you could try to stay engaged,

00:10:33   but you are absolutely right that the interface of pen on paper is as simple. There's no interface

00:10:40   to fiddle with. Doodling is the closest you can get to fiddling with the interface on

00:10:43   a pen and paper. And you're not going to get any notifications and you're not going to

00:10:47   have any temptation to switch to different apps. All you have is the pen and the paper.

00:10:52   I would also argue, especially for me, and especially if we're talking about tablets

00:10:57   as a thing for note-taking, you can, it's easier to take notes not looking at a piece

00:11:02   of paper and like looking at what's in front of you.

00:11:06   You're not gonna, you're not gonna be like, "Oh, I wrote on my leg," right?

00:11:11   You're going to put pen on, you know, ink on paper and even if you're not looking.

00:11:18   So there we go.

00:11:19   what happened in some time, few weeks time maybe when we find out if we're gonna get

00:11:23   this magical pen in the iPad. Jim wrote in to tell us that he has found some

00:11:29   third-party watch bands on eBay. We were talking last week about third-party

00:11:34   bands for the Apple Watch and how both of us were kind of unsure about it. Jim

00:11:38   was really happy with the results. One of them is looks very much like a level

00:11:42   loop like you show me this picture and I at first thought he was showing us his

00:11:47   Apple level loop for comparison but no he bought that level loop from eBay and

00:11:51   then also a black Milanese band. What did I call that? Is that Loop as well?

00:11:58   Yeah Loop. Milanese Loop. Looks nice in the black I think. It does. I think that's a

00:12:03   nice look. I think and Jim said he's very happy I mean obviously 35 I think 35

00:12:10   pound 35 dollars I can't remember where Jim was writing him from but it was 35

00:12:14   of your local currency. And I agree they do look really good. But my kind of hesitation remains

00:12:24   that I don't know how I feel buying a watch strap that doesn't have the Apple approved and created

00:12:35   lugs. I'm just worried that it's gonna break or slip off or something gets lodged in there or I

00:12:40   I don't know what.

00:12:41   Yeah, I need to...

00:12:45   I'm curious.

00:12:46   I mean, this comes down to what people's experiences are.

00:12:48   Like is this...

00:12:50   Does this work?

00:12:51   Is this good enough?

00:12:52   Or are they...

00:12:55   The ones that we saw the pictures of, Jim says he's happy with them.

00:13:00   They look good.

00:13:01   That's just my hesitation is, do they...

00:13:03   When you look at them in real life, do they look good and do they fit and feel good?

00:13:09   and then do they last or are they kind of crappy and they fall apart? I don't know.

00:13:14   I don't know.

00:13:15   >> But for 35 pounds, I mean, they can last for -- I could get four of them, right?

00:13:21   >> Apple's margins are so large too that if somebody else wants to take this down, you

00:13:25   know, clearly what Apple wants to do is have this lug licensing program thing where you

00:13:28   use their lugs and it's sort of like that's how Apple makes some money off of the third

00:13:33   party sales but you know there's nothing stopping somebody from trying to do something like

00:13:40   this my question is just what's the quality but they definitely look very nice and you

00:13:46   know it's I'm having this because my wife is her anniversary is coming up and her birthday

00:13:51   is coming up and she wants an Apple watch and we were talking in the car yesterday about

00:13:58   bands and about the different models and this is the challenge is that you know when we

00:14:03   talk about Apple Watch bands we're not just talking about the price of the bands which

00:14:07   are you know the bands aren't cheap the Apple bands but the Apple bands are all color matched

00:14:13   other than the sport bands with the stainless model and I mean let's leave addition out

00:14:17   of it they're color matched with the stainless model and the stainless model is more much

00:14:23   more expensive than the than the sport model so you start talking about like well if you

00:14:28   wanted the Milanese loop, then you get that with the stainless, and now that band doesn't

00:14:35   just cost what it costs, you've also now upgraded to the stainless model of the watch. And one

00:14:41   of the interesting things with something like this is it's not just cheaper, but if you

00:14:46   could get a loop that's color matched to a sport instead of stainless, that's a different

00:14:53   story too. So there's a lot there, and I don't know what we're going to do with what

00:14:58   Lauren wants for her watch I think she's still I think she should probably get a

00:15:02   stainless but I think she's gonna balk at the price of it. So she wants one but

00:15:08   hasn't yet got one? Hasn't yet got one we're gonna go to the Apple Store and

00:15:11   she's gonna do she's gonna do I told her she has to try them on she has to see

00:15:15   what the leather yeah and what the what the modern buckle looks like and what

00:15:18   the what the you know what the different watches look like because all she's ever

00:15:21   seen are my band my current one and the one that I had the day that they shipped

00:15:25   and she knows one thing which is she doesn't like the bright color bands.

00:15:29   She kind of thinks the black is okay and she saw the white and she says she thought that was pretty nice.

00:15:33   So, yeah, we're going to do that, but it's just funny because that's part of the Apple Watch shopping experience

00:15:40   is you start to talk about these other band types and then it becomes a whole thing about,

00:15:43   "Well, does that mean I get the stainless steel watch too?"

00:15:45   Because as Stephen Hackett would say, you know, if the lugs don't match then you're just, you know,

00:15:51   you know, you're asking to be laughed at, which I don't agree with but I see it.

00:15:56   It's better if they match.

00:15:58   I think it's so important to go to the Try-On because every

00:16:01   opinion I created for myself about what the straps would feel like was 100%

00:16:05   wrong in every single instance, right? So you do have to try them on.

00:16:09   You do.

00:16:10   The funny thing over time, I always said I'm gonna get the Milanese, I'm gonna get

00:16:13   the Milanese, I don't think I'm gonna get it. Like I have four sport bands and I

00:16:21   I love the sport pants.

00:16:23   I have absolutely no feeling now of needing anything else.

00:16:31   I talked so much about getting the classic buckle because I love the black leather band

00:16:40   with a classic buckle-like look and feel and plastic watch bands have always bothered me

00:16:47   because they get all sweaty and weird. And when I started running, I started running

00:16:52   again a couple months ago and I switched to the sport band just because I thought I don't

00:16:57   want to run with this leather band, I'm going to sweat all over it, it's going to ruin it,

00:17:03   and I'll just swap on the leather band at other times. Well, I've been wearing the sport

00:17:07   band since then. And I like the leather band, and if I was dressing up and going out to

00:17:12   dinner or something like that. I might swap into the leather, but for, you know, working

00:17:19   in my garage and going for runs and sweating and things like that, the sport band's been

00:17:24   fine and it doesn't bother me at all, which really surprised me because I cannot begin

00:17:31   to describe how much I dislike plastic watch bands. I just I hate them because they leave

00:17:43   my wrist feeling kind of weird and damp and it's just I don't like it and yet here I am

00:17:50   with the with the sport band. I mean I know I know it's played out now but they're not

00:17:59   plastic right there this other thing which is funny because you know it's like oh fluoroelastoma

00:18:04   but they don't feel like plastic to me they do have a different feeling um and i guess that you

00:18:09   know that's the special plastic that they ended up making yeah i think that's i think that's exactly

00:18:15   it which is uh uh it it's it's better you know it's nicer and uh so so i'm i'm kind of with you

00:18:25   So, the Trion was really great and we're gonna definitely do that for Lauren's watch.

00:18:33   So I'll report back if she gets one, what it is.

00:18:37   And you know, I've been encouraging her to, I think the stainless would be fine, I'm happy

00:18:42   with her having a nicer watch than me.

00:18:45   But we'll see how, we'll see what she says when we go to the Apple store.

00:18:48   I have to say, the Trion was one of those things where Apple really demonstrated their

00:18:54   knowledge of their own product, like they knew that you needed to try it on, like, and

00:19:01   how important that that would be for the buying process.

00:19:04   And how many people, you know, like, I don't think that Adina would have bought one unless

00:19:08   she would have tried it on.

00:19:09   She didn't want one really.

00:19:11   And then she tried it on and was like, "Yeah, I want one now."

00:19:15   So these things were on.

00:19:18   Alright, should we wrap up the close up the old follow up bag or whatever it is and move

00:19:25   on to topics?

00:19:26   Great idea, Jason.

00:19:27   Let's indeed close the follow up bag.

00:19:31   I'm closing it now.

00:19:33   I'm tying a knot.

00:19:35   It's just a slip knot.

00:19:36   You can untie it later.

00:19:37   It'll be pretty easy.

00:19:38   Now I'm tossing it in the corner.

00:19:39   Alright, follow up bag is away.

00:19:41   Myke, now what?

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00:22:21   Righty-ho, so the Apple invitations have gone out,

00:22:25   the event invitations for the event

00:22:27   that's going to happen on the 9th,

00:22:30   which was the exact day that I didn't want it to happen,

00:22:33   because I'll be on a plane.

00:22:34   - Yeah, you're gonna be in the air while this all goes on.

00:22:37   - Yep, and I land pretty much as soon as it ends.

00:22:40   No wifi on the plane, so I'm gonna have,

00:22:43   I'm gonna, it's gonna be like 2010 or something for me,

00:22:48   where I will be checking six colors at the end.

00:22:52   Well, not that that existed,

00:22:53   and I maybe would have looked at Macworld

00:22:54   for your great live blogging,

00:22:56   and find out exactly what was announced.

00:22:58   So it's all gonna be a big surprise to me,

00:23:00   and who knows when I'll get to actually watch the video,

00:23:02   if at all.

00:23:04   Probably by the time I've landed,

00:23:05   there will be a thousand think pieces

00:23:07   and 20 podcasts all published for me to devour.

00:23:10   So we have the event, the event is Siri focused,

00:23:16   is the invitation.

00:23:17   the invitation, sorry.

00:23:18   The invitation is Siri focused.

00:23:19   Is Siri focused?

00:23:20   Who knows what the event will be focused on.

00:23:21   We can take some good guesses, but I would like to get some early ideas and predictions

00:23:26   from the man with the plan, Mr. Jason Snell, about what we might see next week.

00:23:31   So what do you think we're going to get?

00:23:34   Well it's always an iPhone event, right?

00:23:36   September iPhone, it's always been that way.

00:23:39   So I think, you know, we'll get new iPhones.

00:23:42   If we had to follow the conventions of previous iPhone or Apple iPhone releases, it will be

00:23:47   what?

00:23:48   It'll be the 6s and 6s Plus, I imagine?

00:23:53   And then the old models will, you know, be brought down.

00:23:58   Reports are that the 6 Plus will stay in the product line, which I find kind of baffling.

00:24:03   I guess the old models are easier to make and cheaper to make as time goes on.

00:24:10   So I just, we're going to have a lot of different models out there, it sounds like.

00:24:13   Sounds like they'll still be the 5S, and then they'll be the 6 and the 6 Plus and the 6S

00:24:20   and the 6S Plus, and they'll all be there at various different, you know, various price

00:24:24   points.

00:24:25   Was it 9 to 5 Mac who said that the 5C will be discontinued?

00:24:29   Could be, could be.

00:24:31   That's not surprising to me, because it's at the bottom of the line now, so they may

00:24:34   just bump it off.

00:24:37   Or they may keep it around but only in certain markets, that's another possibility.

00:24:41   But at some point you gotta, you know, even if the margins on it are pretty good, at some

00:24:45   point you gotta make it hit the end of its life.

00:24:48   So that wouldn't surprise me.

00:24:50   Of course, for all of our talk about a new version of a small phone, there's no sign

00:24:57   of that in the supply chain, so it's not gonna happen almost certainly.

00:25:03   I'm holding out hope that it may happen at a future time because I think that not having

00:25:09   a small phone at all on the price list would be problematic, but who knows, maybe Apple

00:25:13   doesn't care.

00:25:15   But I hope that they will update that at some point next year.

00:25:18   They could even do it, honestly, they could even do it in the spring and just put out

00:25:23   a press release that says, "Oh yeah, we updated the 5S, now it's the 5S2," I don't know what

00:25:30   it would be the 6M. Just make some letters and numbers out there.

00:25:35   So what would the lineup be missing then? The 5S wouldn't be able to do Apple Pay, right?

00:25:42   But that's probably the only big thing that it couldn't do?

00:25:45   Right. So you'd have the four, in terms of sort of the way that they're marketed in,

00:25:51   certainly in the US, that is the free phone, that becomes the free phone, free with contract

00:25:58   or essentially walk out for a lot of these plans now it's walk out the door without paying

00:26:04   anything for it and then agree to pay it over time so it's the lowest of the of it's the

00:26:10   baseline price zero essentially and then up from there you have the steps up so you would

00:26:16   have you would have a six that would be your hundred dollar and then you would have the

00:26:21   the 6s at the at the 199 along with maybe the 6 plus the old 6 plus the mic was right

00:26:30   phone and then up from there you'd have the 6s plus and then within that then you'd have

00:26:37   that those would be the base configurations in terms of of storage so then you go up from

00:26:43   there Apple's happy to let you give them all the money if you want to if you want to do

00:26:47   that so I think I think we're just gonna see that it's gonna be another turn of the wheel

00:26:49   and we talked in previous shows about force touch being a possibility there and some more

00:26:55   kind of haptic feedback than we're used to seeing. The rumors are upgraded, optics upgraded

00:27:04   camera in general, front and back, and that seems reasonable.

00:27:08   >> Yeah, it seems like they're going to put a really good camera, like not at least. So

00:27:12   German is doing what German does and there's piecemeal leaks coming out now.

00:27:18   them out. Yeah, that's right. And what he's saying for the iPhone 6 line would be a

00:27:25   larger front FaceTime camera so it would have a better camera. I don't think that they say

00:27:33   what it's gonna have but it will be better. And a software flash so the screen

00:27:38   will flash. Oh yeah, sure. Which I think is smart. I think it's a good idea. And also a

00:27:45   rose gold? Have you seen this? Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's another color variation that

00:27:50   they're gonna do which is the rose gold which is the, you know, it's the pinky

00:27:54   gold version. So they'll have colors that match all the watches then? Yeah, I guess

00:28:01   so. I guess that's that's more or less right. So they'll have every they'll have

00:28:04   something for the watch bodies effectively. But also, I mean, you know,

00:28:09   they're already anodizing, throw another color in the lineup. I don't have a skin.

00:28:12   - Why not?

00:28:13   - But you know, I like the rose gold color watch.

00:28:17   I think it's a nice color.

00:28:18   I wouldn't buy it myself personally,

00:28:20   but if I was gonna get a gold,

00:28:21   maybe I would go for that one.

00:28:23   And I think it's kinda pinky, right?

00:28:26   So it's probably gonna sell.

00:28:27   I reckon that would sell quite well,

00:28:29   depending on who they're trying to attract with that.

00:28:32   I think that's a smart move.

00:28:33   It's not gonna get everyone, but I think it's,

00:28:35   if you can add something in the lineup

00:28:37   that's not too difficult to do,

00:28:38   and it's gonna make a lot of people happy,

00:28:40   then go for it.

00:28:42   Which is why I still, I mean I just want to see them go full on, let's go with colors,

00:28:45   but I don't know when we're going to see that, but I think, you know, just do one silver,

00:28:51   one black, and then four or five colors.

00:28:54   That's what I would like to see.

00:28:55   The iPods are all anodized aluminum.

00:28:57   I mean, you would think that they could do that and have, you know, have them be in all

00:29:01   the colors.

00:29:02   Yeah.

00:29:03   I just assume it's the complexity at scale for iPhone sales numbers that makes that a

00:29:09   nightmare.

00:29:10   - You carry, everywhere that sells iPhones now has to carry

00:29:13   all the different models and then somebody comes in

00:29:14   and says I wanna buy it right now and instead of saying

00:29:16   yes we've got it, you say well we don't have it in blue

00:29:20   but we do have it in orange, would you like orange?

00:29:22   And they'll say no, only Jason is orange today

00:29:24   and they leave and then you've lost a sale.

00:29:27   So you don't wanna do that.

00:29:28   - You think you've gotta have three storage sizes,

00:29:31   six or seven color variations and in some markets,

00:29:36   phones for different networks or whatever.

00:29:37   - Yeah, it's too much.

00:29:38   Yeah, it's too much, but I would love to see it.

00:29:40   You know, do something like MotoRolo does, the MotoMaker type thing.

00:29:45   You buy it online, pick the color you want.

00:29:47   That's what I was going to say was maybe it's an online order only color variation, right?

00:29:53   It's like if you want us to do it in blue or orange or red or whatever, we'll do that for online orders only.

00:29:59   But in the stores, it's these three colors, these four colors.

00:30:03   But still, hey, more colors is good. People like colors.

00:30:06   It is an expression of their personality. They get to choose a color, at least, you

00:30:11   know, from a limited palette, but they still get to make a choice. And that's good.

00:30:15   So what else are we going to see next week, Jason?

00:30:19   Um, let's see. Well, the rumors are there's a new Apple TV that's coming. Now, this is

00:30:26   the rumor—sorry, I should stop and laugh here. There it is again. A rumor that we've

00:30:31   seen before, but maybe we won't see it again. It sounds like this is pretty solid, that

00:30:36   the new Apple TV hardware is finally going to happen. And the implication, I think, behind

00:30:40   having Siri as the center of the invitation, not only is it just kind of a cheeky joke

00:30:46   of, you know, maybe Siri knows what Apple is going to do next, but there are products

00:30:51   that involve Siri that will be shown. And, you know, the iPhone has Siri and that's nice.

00:30:56   But what if, as the rumors foretell, Apple TV had Siri as well, like Siri Remote or something

00:31:04   like that where you could ask the Apple TV for something and, you know, use the same

00:31:09   kind of technology to do that. And that's one of the rumors. So, looks like the new

00:31:13   Apple TV thing might happen, and I'm really excited to see if this new Apple TV has an

00:31:19   app store, has an API, the ability for third-party developers to develop for it, a game story

00:31:25   behind it, and other apps too. But, like, I'm intrigued by the idea of Apple trying

00:31:31   to use its power in iOS development, the fact that there are so many iOS developers and

00:31:41   so many iOS games and being able to sort of transfer that—try anyway—to transfer that

00:31:48   to the living room, because they have a huge advantage in mobile, and if they could transfer

00:31:54   that to the living room, that could be powerful for them.

00:31:58   I'm gonna steal this idea from a good friend of the show, Mr. James Thompson.

00:32:06   The outside bet, the magical thing that could happen is they unveil the TV and bring out

00:32:16   Nintendo as the first game demo.

00:32:21   Well they're working with that developer on iOS games, right?

00:32:25   Dina.

00:32:26   Yeah.

00:32:27   be that far a step for them to say? They're still saying end of the year

00:32:31   before the end of the year they'll have the first Nintendo game on smartphones.

00:32:36   Still wouldn't it wouldn't be that would be kind of crazy to say hey here's a

00:32:39   Nintendo game you can play on a box attached to a TV that's not a Nintendo

00:32:43   box. Yeah you want to sell the App Store that's the way you do it. Yeah that would be

00:32:47   that would be pretty wild. Yeah and then Apple chucks a ton of money at them to

00:32:52   give them an exclusive. You know, it's not too crazy a bet, but it's still just crazy

00:33:00   enough. But it would be a home run if they could manage it. Because they're going to

00:33:05   do their usual partnership stuff, because the idea being there will be an SDK, right?

00:33:10   That's kind of the big thing, because they're saying that, well, all of the rumors are indicating

00:33:14   that the streaming service isn't ready. So they really need to push on the development

00:33:18   stuff.

00:33:19   So this is the, and it's the holiday quarter.

00:33:21   I mean, we talked about this before.

00:33:22   The holiday quarter is huge for Apple.

00:33:24   What better, I mean, this has been,

00:33:26   I made this argument like four years ago

00:33:28   and it didn't come true, which is an Apple TV

00:33:31   with an SDK, with an app store, with a game story to tell.

00:33:35   Could be a huge seller at the holidays

00:33:38   because not only does it give you access to Netflix

00:33:40   and all of those things, but it's a game console

00:33:42   for 150 bucks or 200 bucks that plays all of these games.

00:33:46   And they've got the iOS game library

00:33:49   to, you know, not all those games translate,

00:33:51   but some of them do.

00:33:52   I mean, I've been playing Pac-Man 256,

00:33:54   that translates perfectly fine to a controller

00:33:57   with physical buttons.

00:33:59   And the rumor is that the Apple TV controller

00:34:01   has both physical buttons and a touch,

00:34:05   a little touch pad thing on it.

00:34:07   So you could actually do swiping and the like as well.

00:34:10   So it'll be interesting to see.

00:34:12   With so much of this,

00:34:14   the rumors tell us a lot about the technology.

00:34:17   And you could argue that there's no point

00:34:20   in watching the thing.

00:34:22   Like you're gonna be in the air, it's fine.

00:34:23   You know everything that's gonna happen

00:34:25   because all the rumors are gonna be out there.

00:34:27   And by the time you get on that plane,

00:34:29   I would say within a high degree of certainty,

00:34:35   you'll know what the hardware is

00:34:36   that's gonna get announced and what its features are.

00:34:39   But what you won't know until you get off that plane

00:34:42   is how Apple tells the story of those products.

00:34:46   And to me, that is why it's always worth watching these Apple events, even if you feel like

00:34:52   you know everything that's going to happen.

00:34:54   Because it's not what the products are, it's what Apple says the products are, that I find

00:34:58   fascinating.

00:34:59   Because how do you sell an Apple TV?

00:35:02   How do you sell that box and say, "Here's another thing to hook up to your TV."

00:35:05   "Well, I've got things hooked up to it."

00:35:06   "Well, no, but you really want this one to be hooked up to it."

00:35:08   "Well, why would I want that?"

00:35:09   And then they have to answer that.

00:35:11   And in this case, I think one of the answers is, it plays games.

00:35:14   You know all those games you'll like on your iPad and your iPhone?

00:35:16   well they're gonna be versions of those for this thing that you can play with your family

00:35:19   and it comes with a controller plus you can use your your iPhone and your iPad as controllers

00:35:23   plus you can buy more controllers and they've got motion things in them so they're kind

00:35:27   of like the Wii and they you know there is a story to be told there if that's the story

00:35:31   they're gonna tell I also am curious if they're gonna be first party games if there are games

00:35:36   for the Apple TV would Apple build some games they did that on the iPod back in the day

00:35:41   they had put like poker for the iPod. I don't think they need to anymore. I don't think

00:35:45   do? I don't think they do, but I'm just, I'm wondering, do you do something like Wii Sports

00:35:51   just to show what's possible on the platform, or do you just go to your developer partners

00:35:57   and say, "Psst, do this," and have them make it? Probably, probably they don't. The world

00:36:02   does not need Apple to get into game development, but I wonder then if they're not going to

00:36:08   do it, they need to show off the platform, the best things about this platform, and tell

00:36:12   that story and that means game demos. It means having developers who know about the platform

00:36:17   who can say, "Look what we did with this controller," you know, remote thing, whatever it is, whatever

00:36:23   it's called. So that's what I'm really looking forward to with the Apple TV. Like the iPhone,

00:36:28   I feel like, you know, the iPhone pays the bills, iPhone is really great, so they're

00:36:33   going to sell a lot of them. It's the most important thing that'll get announced. But

00:36:35   we also kind of know what the story is that they're going to tell with the iPhone. Everybody

00:36:39   loves the iPhone. It's great. This one's even better because it's got this and that. Look

00:36:42   look how many people are using Apple Pay, now there's this new--people on the watch

00:36:46   love the Force Touch, so we're bringing that in. You can sort of tell how that story is

00:36:50   going to be sketched, but how are they going to sketch the story of the Apple TV? I think

00:36:54   it's a tougher sell. And how much do they go into games? They certainly, with the iPod

00:37:00   Touch, used to really lean into games in October, right? And be like, "The holidays are coming,

00:37:05   it's a great game platform, buy it for your kids and they'll play games on it." So do

00:37:08   Do they do that with the Apple TV or do they just sort of allude to it?

00:37:14   I don't know.

00:37:15   I'm fascinated to find out.

00:37:17   I struggle to see, at least I won't feel that they will have a commitment to games until

00:37:23   they give us a controller with a bunch of physical buttons on it.

00:37:26   Not like a couple of buttons and a touchpad because that's not how console gaming works

00:37:31   and not just because that's how it's always been, it's because if you are looking at the

00:37:35   TV screen and not your hands, you're not going to look down. You can't use a touchpad effectively

00:37:43   because you know it's not you can't tap for where the character will go because you're

00:37:47   not looking at the screen right you need to be able it's and as well like a lot of iOS

00:37:53   games will not be able to be ported in without significant changes to the way that they work.

00:37:58   Well so 9to5back says that there will be the existing remote the or the you know this rumored

00:38:05   remote that they're going to offer but that they'll also have Bluetooth controller support.

00:38:10   So I feel like the current iOS devices have that like like you know you can buy these

00:38:15   third-party controllers I just mean like I won't buy from Apple a commitment to gaming

00:38:21   developers can be committed to gaming and make the exact games that they want to make

00:38:26   and have support for these controllers but I won't buy a commitment from Apple until

00:38:31   they actually make a real controller for a games console like Amazon did with the Fire

00:38:38   TV.

00:38:39   That's a good question.

00:38:41   Would Apple make, boy can you imagine the John Siracusa rant about an Apple made video

00:38:46   game controller?

00:38:47   Oh my god.

00:38:48   It probably wouldn't be as good as their parties could make.

00:38:50   But I just want to see them make it, right?

00:38:52   Because the Amazon one is okay, but at least they made it.

00:38:56   Yeah, I think that is a good question.

00:38:59   Would Apple bother?

00:39:01   Or would they say, "Yeah, no, third parties are gonna make it, it's fine."

00:39:03   Because it says something about the platform that it's like, "Yes, we also make available

00:39:08   this controller."

00:39:11   And that's one of the ways they'll have to sell it is, are they gonna sell this remote?

00:39:13   It's like, look, right out of the box, you've got a remote that has a multi-axis controller,

00:39:19   and you can wave it around and it's just like the Wii remotes used to be, except much smaller,

00:39:25   and it does all the things that they do.

00:39:26   Plus you've got your phones.

00:39:27   Or do you say, you know, also we have a, you know, we have a pro controller that you can

00:39:32   buy it's 50 bucks and you know, you can use those with games too.

00:39:37   Or will they say we have a great partner who's going to make a pro controller that works

00:39:41   and all the Bluetooth pro controllers work.

00:39:42   I think I think you're right.

00:39:44   I think it's not necessary, but maybe it sends a message if they say, yeah, we've got an

00:39:48   Apple pro controller.

00:39:49   Yeah.

00:39:50   And then John can talk about that for eight hours.

00:39:53   You know because like you know you bring up you bring up the Wiimote again, and I agree with it

00:39:58   But the Wiimote is still buttons and it had gyroscope right covered in buttons

00:40:03   It's a problem the problem is a touchscreen or a touchpad

00:40:07   Will not work as well. I think there are physical buttons on the rumored Apple TV remote

00:40:14   Yeah, but it's like okay

00:40:17   So the other thing is if you want to make a game controller

00:40:20   It can't double as a remote because ergonomically they have to be extremely different things

00:40:25   That's that's probably true

00:40:30   If you want to know about the ergonomics of game controllers, I have a great episode of hypercritical for you. Mm-hmm

00:40:37   Yeah

00:40:40   Yeah, oh, I mean a thin remote that doubles as a wiimote is not gonna be the same as a wiimote

00:40:45   There's no doubt about that

00:40:46   Yeah, because the Wiimote was still built to be held and it was chunky and it had specific

00:40:51   parts in it that you would hold it.

00:40:52   But that was not a good controller for the hand, right?

00:40:56   But like you look at the gamepad, the gamepad is way thicker than it needs to be.

00:41:01   Because if you open one of those up, there's massive spaces in it.

00:41:04   But they made it so it could be held.

00:41:06   They think about the ergonomics, right?

00:41:09   And that's why like a remote and a controller are fundamentally different things.

00:41:14   Right.

00:41:15   So you need both, right?

00:41:16   that's cheap and small and is not ideal but it can be used and then you've got an alternative

00:41:23   that is better that needs to be available. I don't know, we could really go down the rabbit hole and

00:41:30   we may have already, we're already halfway down about Apple TV and gaming. I'm also curious about

00:41:35   other apps if they talk about, you know, here's Major League Baseball that's made this amazing

00:41:39   new app that has all these features like because the Major League Baseball app for example for

00:41:43   PlayStation is, it's just amazing. I think the Xbox One version is too. Amazing! And

00:41:48   then the Apple TV one is, it's fine, you know, it plays games, you can watch a baseball game.

00:41:56   But the PlayStation version is even better than the version that's on iOS actually, it's

00:42:01   got like event data where you can go, you can say like, "Oh, let's jump to when, on

00:42:09   this archived game, let's jump to when the next run was scored. And you can do it. You

00:42:14   can see, oh, they got a hit there. Let's jump to there. And so, you know, whether it's

00:42:19   Major League Baseball or somebody else, somebody who's maybe a video provider saying, look,

00:42:23   we're going to build an app for this that really takes advantage of this platform as

00:42:26   well. That'd be interesting to see. Do they do that? Do they have somebody like Netflix

00:42:32   or HBO Go or Major League Baseball or somebody in that vein to talk about the entertainment

00:42:40   possibilities that can be built out of this that aren't games but like, you know, video

00:42:45   and other interfaces like that. I don't know. We'll see.

00:42:48   If they don't have the cable service thing that they're going to make ready, then most

00:42:52   definitely they will because otherwise they'd be like, "Here's the Apple TV. It has no TV

00:42:56   on it."

00:42:57   - Yeah, well, right, but is it part of the,

00:43:00   is it just like, hey, we've got the same old things you love

00:43:02   which is menus of things you can pick from and watch a show?

00:43:05   Or do they say, this is gonna be great

00:43:06   for your channel providers too,

00:43:08   because look at this amazing new HBO Go app,

00:43:10   it's so much better than the old one because of X, Y, and Z

00:43:14   and here's a developer at HBO to tell you

00:43:16   how easy it was to build this amazing thing.

00:43:18   That would be a different story than like, yep,

00:43:22   it's also got HBO on it.

00:43:24   - All right, let me take our second break

00:43:26   and we'll get back to this. We spoke way longer about the Apple TV than I was expecting.

00:43:30   Yeah, me too.

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00:47:06   still holding on to my theory that they're gonna unveil the new iPads. I

00:47:10   know it seemed like a jam-packed event but I'm standing by that I think my

00:47:17   theory being that I spoke about this and connected first I still think they're

00:47:21   gonna do it because they really will want to put the iPads front and center

00:47:25   to make sure they get as many people as possible to see them and the best place

00:47:28   to do that is at the iPhone event which is why they're gonna unveil the Apple TV

00:47:33   there as well but I'm still holding out for the iPads. I don't think so. Yeah it

00:47:40   feels it does feel less likely as the days go on but I'm still I'm still gonna

00:47:44   hold on to it because if I'm right great if I'm wrong everyone forget about it. Well by

00:47:48   pattern the new iPads would come in October I feel like if Apple is trying

00:47:51   send a message that the iPad is important. Killing the October event and

00:47:56   moving it all into September at the end of the iPhone event is a really bad way

00:48:00   of signaling that the iPad that they're still bullish on the iPad. If they want

00:48:03   to make a splash with a new iPad model that is going to you know change how the

00:48:08   world thinks of the iPad, putting that in the iPhone event I think is is not

00:48:12   giving it a big stage. I think it's overshadowing it with other stuff so you

00:48:17   Well, I mean, the iPhone event is the biggest stage though.

00:48:21   It is, but then, you know, do you want to, this is the question, do you want to be the

00:48:24   star of a smaller event or number two or three on the agenda in a larger event?

00:48:31   I think that's the question.

00:48:33   Do you want to open for the Rolling Stones and have people throw things at you?

00:48:38   Or do you want to have a nice concert in a decent sized hall where you're the star?

00:48:45   a bad metaphor, but that's what I'm getting at here. I feel like, I don't know, I think

00:48:51   it says not good things about the iPad if Apple stuffs it into the phone event, because

00:48:56   one, they've gotten rid of the iPad as its own event, and they feel the need to have

00:49:01   it be part of the iPhone show. If they're launching a brand new iPad and iPad Pro, wow,

00:49:09   I think they need more time to talk about it. If there's truly new iPhones and new Apple

00:49:14   TV with things to talk about it would be a very stuffed schedule if they did that

00:49:19   so I'm not I'm not saying they won't I'm just saying that I if I had to pick I

00:49:22   would say it's more likely that they'll do it in October as they've done in the

00:49:25   past talk about the iPad and how great it is and maybe even have some other

00:49:29   products like new Macs to drop for the holiday quarter and do that all in

00:49:35   October but you know never say never they could absolutely pack it all in to

00:49:39   one event in September. Okay, no, I see it. I get what you're saying. We'll see. I'm just

00:49:44   gonna hold out hope. No, good. That's good. We gotta have, uh, that'll be your big question

00:49:50   when the plane lands and you can turn on your phone. Was Myke right? Was Myke right? We'll

00:49:56   find out. Is that an international flight that you're on during that? Yeah, that's to

00:50:00   Portland. That's all, well actually, that first flight, the flight that I'm on during

00:50:04   the event is to Canada. And I arrive in Canada, I will be refreshing my phone incessantly

00:50:11   and then get on a flight down to Poland.

00:50:14   Wow, you're flying London to Vancouver?

00:50:17   I believe it's Vancouver, yeah.

00:50:19   Alright, okay, well we'll have some fans waiting for you at the gate. No, we won't.

00:50:23   I won't be leaving the airport so they won't see me.

00:50:27   They won't see you. They'll be outside just touching the glass walls and saying "Myke's

00:50:31   there somewhere and it'll be not creepy at all.

00:50:34   Feel free to come on down but you won't see me. Anything else? I mean I think that we're

00:50:39   gonna see some watch bands or something. Something for the holiday season.

00:50:43   Yeah so watchOS2 is I think the big question because iOS will come out they'll you know

00:50:48   they'll say oh because this is all gonna happen on September 9th and they'll probably say

00:50:52   this come this will all be on sale starting the 18th the following Friday that's the pattern

00:50:56   so that's probably what they'll do and they'll probably say iOS 9 will come out you know

00:51:01   next you know maybe like the 16th something like that they'll release the

00:51:05   final version of iOS 9 because it'll be on those phones the question is watch OS

00:51:09   2 does watch OS 2 come out then or does watch OS 2 come out later because we've

00:51:16   got we've still got OS 10 to come out and so I think it's an open question

00:51:21   will they talk about the watch I mean I'm sure they'll talk about it will they

00:51:24   talk about watch OS 2 coming out next the following week or will they say

00:51:29   it'll be out this fall, push it off a little bit, and then if they do an

00:51:32   October event, talk about it then, release it then, and also maybe make some

00:51:37   announcements then about different bands or things like that. I don't know.

00:51:41   My feeling would be watchOS2 and iOS 9 same time. That would be my feeling.

00:51:48   It feels like a one-two punch to me and I think in a lot of people's minds

00:51:52   they're connected in a way. Yeah it may depend on what shape watchOS2 is in.

00:51:58   [laughter]

00:51:59   What shape do you think it's in?

00:52:01   I think it's pretty good. I think it's actually doing really well.

00:52:05   I've been using it for the last few weeks and uh...

00:52:08   I would think that they would come together and I think that, you know,

00:52:14   if they mention it, it would feel like just a good time to say

00:52:19   "Oh, we have a whole new range of bands coming for the holiday season

00:52:24   and these are all the new sport band colours" and etc. etc.

00:52:27   cetera cetera cuz I do think that there will be new bands for Christmas just

00:52:32   something else something a little bit more just to help shift some more

00:52:35   watches and some more watch related stuff. Yeah why not? Why not do that and and

00:52:41   whether it's yeah right whether it's selling more watches with those bands or

00:52:44   whether it's selling bands to existing watch owners I think a refresh look

00:52:50   September 9th when they do this event that will mark the year anniversary of

00:52:55   the announcement of the Apple Watch.

00:52:56   - Yep, which is why I think they'll give some time to it.

00:52:59   - Yeah, so I think that's probably a good idea.

00:53:02   Like I said, if it's two-packed, they may decide,

00:53:06   let's just talk about this in October,

00:53:07   if they've got an October event on the way,

00:53:09   but they may very well talk about it then.

00:53:11   It's been in our consciousness for a while now,

00:53:14   and so you wanna remind people that it's there,

00:53:16   and the release happened a while ago now.

00:53:19   So for the holidays, you need to rev up enthusiasm,

00:53:22   And so talking about it, releasing the new version

00:53:25   of the operating system, and yes, maybe some variations.

00:53:29   I've wondered for a while now

00:53:31   if they would do material variations on the watch.

00:53:34   If they would do a different version of the watch

00:53:37   that's still the same internals

00:53:38   and it's still running the same software,

00:53:40   but is different in some way.

00:53:42   It's a different color, a different material.

00:53:45   And I don't think that will happen, but it might.

00:53:49   certainly new bands would make a lot of sense.

00:53:53   And/or here are favorite third parties and the bands that they've created.

00:53:59   They could do that. It seems, I wouldn't bet on that.

00:54:01   Apple should have more of their own because it'd be crazy not to. I mean all you need

00:54:04   to do is just throw some different color inks in the fluoroelastomer part.

00:54:08   You would think.

00:54:09   Because they had all those ones, I mean there's that picture, you can find it, they did it

00:54:13   at a fashion show, right? Some fashion show somewhere.

00:54:15   And the Star Wars thing, J.J. Abrams had like a midnight blue, he had one that does not

00:54:21   exist in stores that he had, that he obviously had gotten from Apple.

00:54:25   So I don't know, I don't know.

00:54:28   So you'll be in the room, right?

00:54:29   I will.

00:54:30   I believe Dan Morin and I will both be there.

00:54:33   Both received invites for six colors, so we should be in the room.

00:54:36   The room being the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, which is not an event, a place that Apple

00:54:40   has used before, I believe.

00:54:43   In San Francisco it's a few blocks down, it's at 7th Street I think, so it's a little further

00:54:47   away.

00:54:48   The Yerba Buena is at 3rd and Moscone is at 4th, so you know, 3 or 4 blocks further down

00:54:56   and it's on the other side of Market Street.

00:54:58   So essentially what is that, 6 or 7 blocks away from the usual suspects?

00:55:05   And it's a big venue which I think is good because so many of these Apple events, they're

00:55:10   so jam-packed full of people.

00:55:12   It's really uncomfortable for everyone involved.

00:55:15   The Flint Center last year was the worst.

00:55:17   It was just the worst.

00:55:19   We were in the last row.

00:55:22   There were photographers bumping up against us.

00:55:25   It was just an uncomfortable place to be

00:55:27   because it wasn't that big

00:55:28   and there were a lot of people there.

00:55:29   So this is a big venue.

00:55:30   So hopefully it'll be better for all concerned logistically.

00:55:34   I'm looking forward to it.

00:55:37   So yeah, seeing that real-time follow-up,

00:55:40   somebody's saying, "Oh, it might've been used

00:55:41   for the Apple II announcement.

00:55:42   Well, let's just say in my history covering Apple,

00:55:45   they've never done an event there.

00:55:46   And if they had an event there in prehistory,

00:55:49   those people are all probably retired

00:55:52   and living on an island now.

00:55:53   So anyway, that's Stan and I will be there

00:55:57   at whatever, 10 o'clock in the morning on the ninth,

00:56:02   celebrating the end of our time at Macworld too

00:56:07   as a part of that.

00:56:09   because that's all bound up in this too is that was our last that was the last day basically that

00:56:15   we were all working at Macworld and the next day everybody got laid off. What's the game plan?

00:56:23   Remains to be seen I mean we'll have two people in the room so we'll probably do the live tweet

00:56:30   thing and I think that's what it worked pretty well the last time is Dan did the live tweet

00:56:35   thing and I took notes and planned to you know write something but but but do

00:56:41   a little bit more of the the contemplation thing now the real

00:56:44   question Myke and this ties into what we've been talking about the last couple

00:56:47   of weeks is the real question is do I bring a pen do I fold to full grouper

00:56:52   and just bring a pen in and and a field notes let me buy something for you

00:56:57   that's the question I've got I've got some lovely pens and I've got some field

00:57:02   notes book so I could do that maybe I will maybe I won't I don't know it's

00:57:08   nice for me to be on Twitter and make comments here and there as the events

00:57:12   going on but I'm certainly planning on being more in the moment of watching the

00:57:16   event rather than frantically typing and things like that let Dan do the frantic

00:57:22   typing because he's good at it are you working on any reviews right now like

00:57:27   Like are you now scrambling to get anything done ahead of next week?

00:57:31   So no.

00:57:33   So Dan and I will probably work together on an iOS 9 something or other, but I have not

00:57:40   written a word of it.

00:57:41   You know our friend Federico has written tens of thousands of words about iOS 9.

00:57:44   I think he's up to a billion now?

00:57:46   I think it's a billion words.

00:57:47   Approximately a billion words.

00:57:50   I haven't done that.

00:57:51   I've been using it but I haven't written it and I feel no need to write a 10,000 word

00:57:55   review of iOS 9.

00:57:56   So I think Dan and I will work on something and we will collaborate on something for Six

00:57:59   Colors about iOS 9.

00:58:02   But you know, I don't feel like the obligation to write a giant review of everything.

00:58:08   Now I am hoping very much that I will be able to review the new iPhones when they come out.

00:58:14   I did that last year.

00:58:17   Whether it's for Macworld or for Six Colors remains to be seen, but I would very much

00:58:20   like to do that.

00:58:21   I would very much like to review a new Apple TV, should it emerge.

00:58:26   And I am working on an El Capitan review for Macworld, but I don't anticipate El Capitan

00:58:32   coming out.

00:58:33   I will be really hating life if El Capitan comes out at the same time as the iPhone,

00:58:39   because I can't write all those reviews at once.

00:58:41   So I should probably start writing an El Capitan review too, but I'm anticipating that'll be

00:58:44   more of an October thing.

00:58:46   And so I haven't written a word of that either.

00:58:50   I've just been using it and taking notes.

00:58:54   So yeah, this is gonna be that period where I end up writing huge number of words, not

00:59:00   a billion, but I haven't written any of them yet.

00:59:04   I keep thinking that every now and then somebody's gonna be like, "Oh, I bet Jason's writing

00:59:08   a bunch of stuff."

00:59:09   I'm like, "Nope.

00:59:10   Mm-mm.

00:59:11   Nope, not yet."

00:59:12   I'm just using the stuff.

00:59:13   I've been using iOS 9, I've been using WatchOS 2, I've been using El Capitan, but I haven't

00:59:17   gotten to the point where I sit down and write.

00:59:20   Because quite honestly, that's never really worked for me.

00:59:23   I kinda like don't wanna come in early in the game.

00:59:26   I wanna wait until late in the game

00:59:27   so that everything is kind of more fully formed

00:59:30   and I've had more experience using it.

00:59:32   That's impractical if you're doing something

00:59:35   of the length of John Syracuse's OS X reviews

00:59:38   or of Federico's iOS reviews.

00:59:42   But I'm not trying to write 20,000 words about this stuff.

00:59:46   So we'll see.

00:59:48   So that's sort of what I'm doing.

00:59:50   And honestly, right now I'm trying to clear the decks, because I know how busy it's going

00:59:55   to be. Plus, we're going to XOXO, so this event's going to happen. I'm also going to

00:59:59   be at a conference—this happened last year, too—I was at a conference with the phones,

01:00:05   trying to think of and write the review. I wrote a lot of that review on the train from

01:00:09   Portland to Seattle last year. It was crazy. So I know that's going to happen again to

01:00:14   some degree. So I've been doing a lot of work the last couple of weeks to get things out

01:00:18   of the way so that I can take a week or two and just focus entirely on the new products.

01:00:28   Talking about the new products, when do you think they're going to come out? When do you

01:00:31   think the new iPhones will actually come out?

01:00:34   I think it's that if it follows the pattern it will be the following week after the event,

01:00:41   so that would be 18th and then you would probably see first reviews from the press in the 15th,

01:00:48   16th range, but who knows.

01:00:51   - So I've yet to decide whether this, for me,

01:00:53   is a good or bad thing.

01:00:54   So if they were gonna come out,

01:00:58   like if the event was the week earlier, it was this week,

01:01:02   and then the phones came out on the 11th,

01:01:05   then they would have come out during XOXO,

01:01:07   which they have for many other years,

01:01:10   many other times they've come out during.

01:01:12   So in that scenario, I could have bought one there, right,

01:01:16   in Portland and not had to have the sales tax,

01:01:19   but then I would also be lining up

01:01:21   on the first day of the conference to buy a phone.

01:01:24   The other scenario is they come out when I'm at home,

01:01:28   so I can just get one when I'm at home,

01:01:30   which is what will happen now.

01:01:31   But the bad part of that is I will likely line up

01:01:35   because I have had such bad experiences

01:01:38   with delivery drivers on iPhone day,

01:01:40   they just don't work, there's too many orders,

01:01:43   these delivery companies can't cope here.

01:01:45   But that means the day after I arrive home from a transatlantic flight, waking up at

01:01:54   the crack of dawn to go to an Apple store to get in line.

01:01:58   Fun.

01:01:59   There's no good scenario, however if the thing is I want to disrupt my life in the

01:02:05   least way and get an iPhone then the way it's gonna go is better.

01:02:09   Because I don't want to spend one of the mornings of my holiday standing outside and

01:02:14   Absolutely not. So I'll just go and pick one up hopefully on the Friday or so. I

01:02:20   think I'm gonna go completely off contract this time. Good, good for you.

01:02:24   I'm a little bit fed up with just dealing with these companies so I'm gonna reduce

01:02:29   the price of my plan, get a SIM, like month-to-month plan and get a, get an

01:02:37   off-contract phone I think. So last thing I want to mention on this is what's

01:02:42   happening with this show because that's all over the shop because if we do a

01:02:47   show next Monday there's no point in it existing right?

01:02:51   Indeed and it's also a holiday in the US it's Labor Day it's the day that Americans take all

01:02:57   their white pants and put them away until the next spring I don't know if

01:03:02   you were aware of that it's very important.

01:03:04   It sounds very important.

01:03:05   Don't wear white after Labor Day it's a key factor key thing you have to take off your white Apple Watch

01:03:10   sport bands at that point. So I'm not going to even be here. And what is the point? We

01:03:16   would do that show, it would post Monday evening and then you know 36 hours later would be

01:03:22   completely invalidated. So we're not going to do it.

01:03:25   No, we're not going to do it. So like there is a place for these types of shows that we've

01:03:29   done today and we could do it on Monday but the thing is because you're going to be there

01:03:35   it feels like there should be a show after the event which there will be. Now obviously

01:03:39   Obviously I won't be broadcasting from a plane, so Stephen Hackett is going to fill in and

01:03:44   he will be taking my duties next week and the show will go out, will be recorded and

01:03:50   will be released on Wednesday at some point after the event.

01:03:54   Wednesday evening probably after the event, Wednesday evening, Wednesday night.

01:03:57   So we're hoping we'll do a special upgrade with me and Stephen Hackett on the 9th in

01:04:02   the evening.

01:04:03   So day of, and we're hoping to do clockwise then too, so it's going to be a marathon of

01:04:07   post-event podcasting, but we do hope to do both of those things on Wednesday.

01:04:13   So don't listen for Upgrade on Monday and its usual drop date next week.

01:04:18   We're going to wait and do it right after the Apple event.

01:04:20   And then, bonus, then we're all going to XOXO Festival in Portland, and I'm flying home

01:04:30   the following Monday morning and you're staying in Portland for a few days.

01:04:34   So what we're going to do is we're going to record an upgrade while we're together.

01:04:39   It'll be our, what is that third, fourth together live upgrade?

01:04:44   Maybe it's just the third.

01:04:46   And we'll do that over the weekend.

01:04:47   We'll do that probably on the Sunday and I'm not sure we'll stream it live, but regardless

01:04:51   that episode will come out more or less maybe a little bit earlier than usual.

01:04:55   And we'll talk even more about the aftermath of the Apple event and that'll be Jason and

01:04:59   Myke in person, which is always fun.

01:05:02   And then we'll be back on our normal schedule after this.

01:05:04   - We will.

01:05:05   So there you go.

01:05:06   Scheduling stuff's the best part of all podcast discussion.

01:05:09   - It is my favorite.

01:05:12   - Should we get onto Ask Upgrade?

01:05:13   - I think it's time.

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01:08:34   week's show. Code "Liftoff" for 10% off your first purchase. In to Ask Upgrade we go. Jason,

01:08:40   would you like to kick off?

01:08:41   [J] Sure, yes. We got an email that made me laugh out loud last night from listener Kristof

01:08:47   who said, "Why do people get so emotional/angry/outright hostile about Tap to Click,

01:08:52   a relatively innocuous software feature that I'm fairly sure is not even able by default.

01:08:57   Its mere mention seems to cause otherwise rational people to become frenzied internet attack dogs,

01:09:02   and I can't for the life of me think of another software feature that provokes this kind of

01:09:05   reaction. Myself, I've used tap to click for as long as I can remember, I've found it to be

01:09:09   entirely unproblematic, except of course when I'm foolish enough to mention it on the internet.

01:09:14   I'm directing this question to you because your particular expression of hostility was somewhat

01:09:19   muted suggesting your infection with this dynamic is mild in character and that you

01:09:23   might therefore be able to master your feelings Jedi style and offer a rational answer to

01:09:27   this baffling conundrum. Great letter. Great letter. And my answer is I actually, I, you

01:09:34   know, I don't like Tap to Click and that's just the problem. The problem I think when

01:09:39   you're somebody who has your, who broadcasts your opinions on the internet for a living,

01:09:44   more so than if you're just a person on the internet, is you end up having to respond

01:09:50   to people who want you to defend, like, "Why? Why did you choose this? I love this other

01:09:54   way." And honestly, with something like Tap to Click, I've just sort of been worn down

01:09:58   by all the people who are the zealots who enjoy Tap to Click so much and don't understand

01:10:04   why everybody doesn't use it. And I think, I suspect that's what other people feel as

01:10:09   well. It's like if you don't use Tap to Click, if you don't like Tap to Click, you

01:10:14   have heard from so many users of Tap to Click about how great it is and how

01:10:20   people, everybody should use it and why you should use it and why you're wrong

01:10:23   not to use it. And I think it kind of wears you down and after a while you say,

01:10:27   "Oh god, Tap to Click, I hate Tap to Click." Not because you actually hate the

01:10:32   feature, but you hate talking about it because people keep telling you,

01:10:35   "No, it's great! Why don't you like it? You shouldn't mention it. Don't forget it. You

01:10:40   should always mention it." And it just gets tiring. So I think this is a case where my

01:10:45   problem is not with tap to click as a feature. It just doesn't work for me. When I find it,

01:10:49   I do find it unpleasant when it's turned on and I immediately turn it off because I misclick.

01:10:54   My fingers do whatever needs to be recognized as a click when they're moving across the

01:10:59   trackpad and it causes annoyances and, you know, it bugs me. So I turn it off. So I don't

01:11:05   like it. I absolutely don't like it, but I think it's more than that. I think it's that

01:11:09   after a while you get tired of the people saying, "Have you heard the good news about

01:11:13   tap to click?" You're like, "Yes, I know about tap to click. I don't like it. Stop talking

01:11:18   about it." I suspect, I don't know for sure, Kristof, but I suspect that is one of the

01:11:23   reasons behind it. So I think, just as you feel that my infection with this dynamic is

01:11:28   mild in character, I would return that to you as well. You two seem very polite and

01:11:33   and rational and not just telling me,

01:11:37   why can't you use tap to click?

01:11:38   And so I appreciate the question and that's my answer.

01:11:41   That's all I got.

01:11:42   - I do.

01:11:43   I will remain resolute that I use and enjoy tap to click.

01:11:47   I am a hybrid clicker.

01:11:49   I use tap to click and I use to click to click.

01:11:52   I don't even know what the other one's called now.

01:11:54   - Click.

01:11:55   - Click to click.

01:11:56   - Click to click.

01:11:56   - No, no, you click, you click.

01:11:58   You don't click to click.

01:11:59   - Yes you do.

01:12:00   - The click doesn't lead to a click.

01:12:01   The click is the click.

01:12:02   - No, at least.

01:12:02   Tap emulates a click through a tap.

01:12:05   - I feel like maybe on a Force Touch trackpad,

01:12:07   it is click to click.

01:12:08   I don't even know what it is anymore.

01:12:09   Push to click.

01:12:10   (laughing)

01:12:11   - Let's not talk about the Force Touch trackpad.

01:12:13   That's a whole other can of worms

01:12:14   that we'll have to click on later.

01:12:16   - Interesting point here from Steven.

01:12:18   Steven said, "Is the Tactic Engine a given

01:12:21   for the iPhone 6S?

01:12:22   I haven't heard anyone discuss

01:12:23   how awesome it could be in an iPhone."

01:12:25   So I'm thinking, so thinking about this.

01:12:27   'Cause obviously Force Touch

01:12:29   would probably bring with it the haptic, right?

01:12:31   So you press on something and you feel it.

01:12:33   - Right.

01:12:34   - Could the haptic engine replace

01:12:35   the standard vibrate motor in the iPhone?

01:12:38   And if it does, could it be strong enough in a pocket

01:12:41   and would it be silent?

01:12:42   - It's a good question.

01:12:44   And I think, I imagine all of the stories

01:12:47   that Apple would tell about this.

01:12:48   And I think that I'm intrigued to find out

01:12:50   because it could, could it replace it?

01:12:52   Could they use the existing vibration motor?

01:12:55   Could they upgrade the existing vibration generator

01:12:59   in the iPhone to one that's more subtle

01:13:03   or has more variety to it.

01:13:09   I doubt that Apple is gonna put two different vibrating

01:13:13   items inside the iPhone, although it's not impossible.

01:13:16   But I think this is the question is,

01:13:19   will there be subtleties of vibration patterns

01:13:23   and things like that, that are more than the current iPhone

01:13:27   is capable of, or is the vibration motor in the iPhone

01:13:31   currently capable of a lot more than the software

01:13:33   does to drive it?

01:13:34   I don't know.

01:13:34   I think it's, I don't know enough about it.

01:13:36   And I'm really curious to find out how they approach this,

01:13:38   that if they decide you really do need haptic feedback

01:13:42   for this, you can't just have it be pressure sensitive,

01:13:47   then what do they do?

01:13:48   And is the current placement of the vibration on the phone,

01:13:52   does it, is it effective at being haptic feedback

01:13:56   where your brain connects your press

01:14:00   with the feel of the vibration

01:14:01   and makes you feel like you depressed something.

01:14:04   Is that what they want?

01:14:05   I'm really interested in seeing what they do here.

01:14:09   'Cause I think you make a very good point.

01:14:11   There's already a vibration thing in the phone.

01:14:15   So how does that change with Force Touch?

01:14:19   - I feel like there's a great little ad

01:14:21   in a lady sitting in the office

01:14:23   or a guy sitting in the office

01:14:25   and their phone's on silent and they're in a meeting

01:14:29   and you hear (imitates phone ringing)

01:14:31   and then they do it, they show what the new life

01:14:34   of the iPhone 6 is, where it's just completely quiet

01:14:37   and it's tapping you.

01:14:38   I think that there's a little video in there

01:14:41   which could be fun.

01:14:42   So I think it would be interesting to see the Taptic

01:14:45   find its way to the iPhone.

01:14:46   - Yeah.

01:14:48   - Wimsey asked, "My mom wants to record an audio book

01:14:51   "for the first time.

01:14:52   Someone recommended a snowball and audacity for starting. What are your thoughts?

01:14:57   So this would be the blue snowball. I would suggest if possible if the budget stretches get

01:15:02   a blue yeti instead of a snowball. They're both fine but the yeti is better than a snowball so

01:15:08   if you can do that do that because I don't actually think there's a massive cost difference between

01:15:11   the two. It depends on what's on sale and when. Yes. The snowball is is affordable that's the first

01:15:18   podcast mic I ever used. Is that the first one you used?

01:15:21   No, the first ever microphone I had was a Logitech headset. The first sort of real

01:15:25   microphone was the Yeti.

01:15:26   All right, well I had the Snowball for years and it was and it is fine. The Yeti is better.

01:15:30   Not only does it sound better, it's got a headphone jack so you can hear yourself and

01:15:34   that's very important because when you can't hear yourself you could be too loud, you could

01:15:38   be popping all of your P's, you could be far away from the microphone turning away and not realizing

01:15:43   that people can't hear you and so having that feedback is really great but it is

01:15:47   maybe $40 more so if you if you have a budget a limited budget the the you know

01:15:53   the eddy is not may not be within it but the eddy is I think the best cheap

01:15:57   all-purpose podcast mic even now there's more competition but it's still up

01:16:01   relatively it sounds pretty good in especially in the less echoey

01:16:06   environments sounds pretty good it's not that expensive it's pretty solid yeah

01:16:10   And also Audacity, if you're using a Mac use GarageBand it's easier to use and

01:16:19   understand. If you're using a PC, Audacity is the best thing I know of. I actually

01:16:25   use Audacity still for some stuff. It has pretty decent noise removal tools and

01:16:34   there's some stuff that it can do in taking stereo files and turning them into

01:16:38   or monophiles and stuff like that, I find easier and faster to do with Audacity than

01:16:42   the other app. I've been meaning to try out Adobe Audition for their noise removal stuff

01:16:48   because Marco recommends it, that's on my list, but Audacity is very very powerful,

01:16:53   it's just ugly as sin and really really confusing. But if you can understand it and/or you need

01:16:59   something that's free, go with Audacity in my opinion. It does everything you're gonna

01:17:04   need. I can't actually, I don't really understand how it exists but it does so

01:17:08   go for it. Yep I think that's perfectly reasonable.

01:17:14   Alastair asks given the new security features in LCAP do you think it's still

01:17:19   necessary to run antivirus software on OS X? They're still there. Yeah my

01:17:27   answer to this Alastair is I don't think it's ever been necessary. It's always

01:17:32   been superfluous to run antivirus on a Mac? I never have, never ever have.

01:17:39   Back in the OS like system 7 days we had viruses on floppy disks but on OS 10

01:17:46   never never I think I had it on once when some IT person put it on like Mac

01:17:51   at work and then I think we all disabled it and went back to not and in fact

01:17:56   right now the truth is that the stuff that's most threatening to you is going

01:18:00   to be stuff that's that's zero day essentially it's not going to be in

01:18:03   there so it you know in the virus definitions database and all of that so

01:18:08   I don't know I I don't think I don't think it's necessary right now just do

01:18:13   the you know don't run flash unless you have to keep gatekeeper turned on so you

01:18:17   know buy your stuff from the buy your stuff from the Mac App Store or have it

01:18:22   be stuff that's signed by known developers and stay out of the dark and

01:18:27   scary parts of the internet and you'll probably be fine.

01:18:32   My feeling would be if you think it's currently necessary to run antivirus software on OS

01:18:36   10 it will always be.

01:18:38   Sure, sure.

01:18:39   That's my feeling.

01:18:41   James asks what product or technology do you think will be Apple's growth engine over the

01:18:46   medium and longer term?

01:18:47   I would say medium iPhone, longer term Apple phone.

01:18:51   The next generation iPhone.

01:18:54   the iPhone will, I think for as long as we can see into the future, a small handheld

01:19:03   computer will continue to be Apple's big product.

01:19:05   And if you're looking for growth beyond, or a replacement for growth as the iPhone growth

01:19:11   eventually slows, I'm not sure that's a product that's even been envisioned yet. I mean, I

01:19:16   guess if Apple gets into cars and that becomes a successful thing, that would be another

01:19:20   growth area for them, but nothing is going to grow, I think, like the smartphone market

01:19:25   in the next maybe even 30 years, because this is the moment where these computers are in

01:19:33   everybody's pockets all over the world. It's going to be hard to top that in a rapid expansion,

01:19:38   which I'm not saying it won't happen. I think it's a lot less likely to happen. This is

01:19:44   a very special thing, and I think people make a mistake if they think that it's repeatable

01:19:49   on a regular basis, something like the smartphone market.

01:19:51   It's a very special moment in, I'd say, human history

01:19:55   when this product has come to pass at a time

01:19:58   where it can spread as it has spread.

01:20:00   So, you know, I do think we will reach a point

01:20:03   where there are lots of doom and gloom stories about Apple,

01:20:05   even more than now, talking about slowing iPhone growth,

01:20:09   just because the smartphone market's going to slow.

01:20:11   At some point, it's just going to have to.

01:20:13   There won't be new people to find who want smartphones.

01:20:17   Although, since Apple focuses on the higher end of the market,

01:20:19   you do have this possibility that in markets that have lower

01:20:24   standards of living, there will be an initial flood of Android

01:20:28   phones.

01:20:28   And then Apple will sort of feed the second generation

01:20:33   or the third generation of sales in those markets

01:20:35   as people in their middle class and upper classes

01:20:39   decide that they want to pay the premium for a more

01:20:44   expensive and better quality phone,

01:20:46   like an iPhone that was previously maybe not what people were buying because they were

01:20:50   buying these cheaper phones that were being sent to that market initially. I don't know.

01:20:56   But yeah, yeah, that's going to happen though. There will be that moment where it's like,

01:21:00   Oh God, the iPhone growth is slowing and it will still be an enormous business for Apple.

01:21:05   Enormous. But if you're looking at it from an investment standpoint, people will freak

01:21:09   out because investment is all about growth. And I think that is, as Tim Cook has a fiduciary

01:21:14   responsibility as the CEO of Apple. I think that's why we see them investigating things

01:21:19   like cars, is why not? They've got the cash now and they know that they're going to need

01:21:24   new markets. So maybe, you know, you put some money in cars and see if a bet on cars pays

01:21:30   off because that would be another growth area. It might not ever be as big as their smartphone

01:21:34   business, but it would be a growth area and growth is what investors like to see.

01:21:38   I don't see the watch ever being that...

01:21:43   No, no I mean...

01:21:47   I think it's fundamentally not what people will want like for as long as we have the

01:21:52   internet people want a screen to see it at you know.

01:21:56   Yeah not at the volumes that are required for it to be a huge growth engine I mean it's

01:21:59   a nice addition to the to the portfolio but it's not it's not gonna be and never was going

01:22:05   to be like the next iPhone.

01:22:08   I just don't think that's going to happen.

01:22:11   - Justin asks, "Will a model of the new Apple TV

01:22:14   include Apple functionality?

01:22:16   Like for example, maybe it would be a wifi router

01:22:19   or a time machine."

01:22:20   I think it's not a bad idea, you know,

01:22:21   the one device to rule them all,

01:22:22   but I think at a certain point you end up having

01:22:24   to put too much stuff in it.

01:22:26   - Yeah, I think I would love to see a product that does that,

01:22:29   but it seems like they won't do that.

01:22:32   One of the topics we were going to talk about

01:22:34   and we didn't this week, we'll have to push it off

01:22:36   and talk about it someday, is our home networks.

01:22:40   And I've got a cable modem and I've got a router

01:22:43   that I'm using just to route traffic.

01:22:44   And then I've got a separate,

01:22:46   one of those flat airport extremes

01:22:48   that's just doing the wifi.

01:22:50   That should probably be one box.

01:22:54   And for various reasons, it's not.

01:22:55   But when I look at this question, I think,

01:22:58   wouldn't it be great if we had something

01:23:00   that was a multitasker like that?

01:23:02   But I think it's unlikely

01:23:03   because it's gonna make it bigger,

01:23:04   it's gonna make it more complicated.

01:23:06   And Apple wants this thing to be small

01:23:10   and cheap, as cheap as they can make it.

01:23:13   And that's probably too much, but it would be nice.

01:23:16   It would certainly be nice if it knew

01:23:18   that you had an airport on your network

01:23:19   and offered to extend the base station,

01:23:22   even if it didn't do all the routing,

01:23:24   if it was just an extender kind of thing.

01:23:27   That would be nice.

01:23:27   It would also be nice if it,

01:23:29   like the current Apple TV,

01:23:32   You know it should hook into your stereo or a speaker or something so it's also a driver for

01:23:38   Like Apple music playback and their airplay stuff, which I imagine it will

01:23:42   Okay, and then we have

01:23:46   Next up from finally actually from Kevin Kevin says have you seen my car keys I have Kevin

01:23:52   They're in the last place that you're gonna look yep, and that wraps up. I was gonna create this week

01:23:58   - We ended strong, finished strong.

01:24:01   - I know, so next time me and you record,

01:24:04   we'll be in person, so I'll look forward to that.

01:24:06   And I look forward to listening to the show

01:24:08   and hearing your opinions of what happens

01:24:11   at the Apple event.

01:24:13   - Yeah, you'll get settled in Portland

01:24:15   and then you'll be able to download

01:24:17   that new episode of Upgrade and hear all about

01:24:19   what Steven and I think of the new stuff.

01:24:23   Maybe Dan too, we might have Dan.

01:24:24   - Yeah. - He'll be around.

01:24:25   Maybe we'll pop Dan in on that one too.

01:24:27   Why don't you try and get Dan to scare the bejesus out of Steven?

01:24:31   Oh that's nice, pull a Puerto Rico you mean?

01:24:34   Yeah.

01:24:35   Yeah, that would be fun.

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