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00:00:33   - Hi Myke, how's it going?

00:00:35   - I am Dandy, sir, how are you?

00:00:37   - I'm doing good, doing good.

00:00:39   - I'm in a good mood because we have a Myke

00:00:41   at the movies today.

00:00:43   - We do, we do, it's a big one.

00:00:46   And as we'll remind everybody,

00:00:48   because I think some people miss this,

00:00:50   you don't have to listen to Myke at the movies.

00:00:52   Some people write in and say, "Oh, it was so long

00:00:54   "'cause you had the movie thing at the end."

00:00:55   We promise there will be nothing other than,

00:00:59   nothing like of technology value

00:01:01   after we start Myke at the Movies.

00:01:02   It's a bonus.

00:01:03   It's like the ATP post show.

00:01:05   It's a bonus and you don't have to listen.

00:01:06   Nobody's gonna test you on it.

00:01:07   There won't be a quiz on what happens there.

00:01:10   Stuff before that, there will be a quiz.

00:01:12   Check your box.

00:01:13   But not the Myke at the Movies part.

00:01:17   That's just extra.

00:01:18   - Big one today as well, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

00:01:20   - Yes.

00:01:21   - Today's Myke at the Movies.

00:01:23   I do like Myke at the Movies days

00:01:25   because I get to watch a movie for work, it's great.

00:01:28   - Yeah, that's true.

00:01:30   That's good.

00:01:31   That's sort of my incomparable experience sometimes.

00:01:33   It's like, oh man, I gotta watch this movie.

00:01:36   It's fine.

00:01:38   It's work.

00:01:39   I actually paid for the movie tickets

00:01:41   for when we saw Age of Ultron last week

00:01:42   with the incomparable gang.

00:01:43   The corporation paid for the tickets.

00:01:45   It was like, yep, this is a business trip.

00:01:47   - Yep. - Business trip to see a movie.

00:01:48   It actually was. - It was true.

00:01:49   - Totally legit.

00:01:50   Yeah, crazy.

00:01:51   - We have some follow up.

00:01:54   - We do.

00:01:55   - So I would like to start off the follow up this week

00:01:58   with a message from UpgradingEves.

00:02:01   He has, he did a warning upon us and the listeners.

00:02:06   - This is good stuff.

00:02:07   I've done some follow up research as well,

00:02:10   but explain what UpgradingEves is talking about here.

00:02:13   - This is in regards to some,

00:02:15   I think it was an Ask upgrade that we had last week

00:02:18   from Robert about syncing his documents folder

00:02:22   through iCloud.

00:02:23   we both said "that seems fine, why not go for that?"

00:02:27   This is why not.

00:02:29   Eve says "I would strongly advise against letting the Documents folder sync through

00:02:32   iCloud, Dropbox or anything else, like Chronosync in my case, at least when there is more than

00:02:38   one Mac involved.

00:02:39   Many programs save their preferences and/or working files inside the Documents folder

00:02:44   and if they are synced between two or more Macs with the same programs, these programs

00:02:48   may not be well prepared once these files change without notice."

00:02:51   Just a quick aside, I like the e-schools and programs on the apps.

00:02:55   There are exceptions, like 1Password should have a dedicated folder sync.

00:02:58   In cases like this, a sync is welcomed.

00:03:01   In all other cases, a user need either to decide on a case-by-case basis

00:03:05   if a sync doesn't distribute problems between Macs,

00:03:08   or should do a selective sync and omit the non-document folders of programs.

00:03:12   - Yeah, so I've got a few things here.

00:03:15   One is, I dispute the concept that many programs save their preferences

00:03:19   inside the Documents folder.

00:03:21   That's not true.

00:03:22   Maybe some do, I'm sure some do,

00:03:24   but most programs on the Mac save their preferences

00:03:28   inside your library folder,

00:03:32   which is not the documents folder.

00:03:33   It's a different folder.

00:03:35   And so I think there's less of an issue here than that,

00:03:39   but it's totally true.

00:03:40   There are programs that if you just dump everything

00:03:43   in your documents folder into iCloud,

00:03:45   you do risk having, or Dropbox or whatever,

00:03:49   you risk having some weird behavior

00:03:50   if you have two Macs that are running

00:03:53   and accessing that information simultaneously.

00:03:55   Things can get weird.

00:03:57   And I actually did some research on photos,

00:04:02   because somebody was asking me about this on Twitter too.

00:04:06   A lot of people have asked about putting photos

00:04:08   on a shared library, like on a server

00:04:12   or in iCloud or in Dropbox.

00:04:15   And the answer is you can't move it to the iCloud drive.

00:04:20   it will error out. Unfriendly error, by the way, not like, "I'm sorry, you can't move

00:04:26   it there." It's more like, "It can't be done!" You know, it's just a weird error. You can

00:04:30   move it to a shared volume, and if somebody else tries to open that library while you

00:04:35   have it open, it also gives you kind of a weird error. It basically says, "I tried to

00:04:41   repair this and I can't," but it won't let you open it if it's open somewhere else. And

00:04:45   if you put on Dropbox, it's really bad because you can absolutely open that library in both

00:04:50   places in Dropbox, and that creates conflicted copies, which the Photos app doesn't see,

00:04:57   and that's not good. So I do think you've got to be really careful when you sync your

00:05:02   documents, and you need to be sure that you're syncing stuff that you actually want to sync.

00:05:08   And you know, I just say caution. This is why I actually suggested last week that you

00:05:12   start moving things over and see how it goes, rather than just sort of like select all of

00:05:17   your documents folder and drag it into iCloud or Dropbox. But I think there are lots of

00:05:21   cases where it works really well, and there are especially, there are also cases like

00:05:26   Eve mentions with password where it's made to work really well, they have a sync system

00:05:33   that they use. But there are other cases where it gets really weird, and I think Eve's advice

00:05:37   is exactly right. If you want to sync something to Dropbox because you want to use that Dropbox

00:05:41   workspace and have it available in the cloud and have it be kind of a backup for you, definitely

00:05:46   consider using the Selective Sync feature and turning it off on all the other Macs so

00:05:50   that they don't see it. For photos, that's what I recommend, is if you really want to

00:05:53   have your photos library also on Dropbox just as a backup, that's okay, but put it in a

00:06:00   folder, turn Selective Sync off on all the other Macs that you have who have access to

00:06:04   that Dropbox, because you could get in some bad situations if you had multiple Macs trying

00:06:11   to open and read that library file at once. And I would like Apple to, it would be nice

00:06:17   if Apple wrote something into Photos that warns you when it tries to open something

00:06:23   from something that looks like a Dropbox folder, or actually actively writes a file into the

00:06:28   package that says, "This is open right now," that Photos checks and says, "Oh, it's got

00:06:35   the 'This is open right now' file in there. Maybe I should warn the user that they should

00:06:39   not open this. But, you know, there are various things that Apple could do, but, you know,

00:06:45   I appreciate it. So I dispute some of the details of what Eve's saying here. I think

00:06:49   it may be a little overblown, but in general, this is true. You should be really careful

00:06:53   when you sync, because some stuff, especially packages, can get really weird. They've got

00:06:58   databases in them, and then you've got different conflicted versions of databases, and things

00:07:02   can get weird really fast.

00:07:04   I do have a little bit more follow-up if you remember on last week's episode I

00:07:10   mentioned that my girlfriend had purchased an Apple watch the day before

00:07:13   and that it was going to be shipping in around sort of late May time the

00:07:19   27th was the original shipping date a couple days after we recorded it moved

00:07:25   up a week so it was going to be shipping by May 14th and then last Thursday

00:07:30   evening it was out for delivery which was very surprising to everybody. It's the

00:07:34   smaller model right? Yeah it's the 38 millimeter with the white sport band.

00:07:39   Those seem not to be constrained in the same way that the larger models are. No

00:07:43   not at all I mean it because it was you know originally was shipping in like two

00:07:46   to three weeks but it was really interesting that like it said it would

00:07:50   be the end of May then at the middle of May and then without any warning was on

00:07:54   a truck like to be delivered. She was only able to pick it up today quite

00:07:59   unfortunately we were going away for the weekend and it was being delivered to

00:08:02   her office and we had to leave like so she picked it up today so she's kind of

00:08:10   been been setting it up I think at work because I started receiving taps and

00:08:17   heartbeats and doodles and things like that from my girlfriend today now Jason

00:08:23   just sent me his heartbeat as I did now when I receive so this is something that

00:08:28   that I found quite interesting and I'm not the first person to recognize this

00:08:32   but it's a new thing for me. When I send my heartbeat to Jason or I send a doodle

00:08:37   to Casey or I send some taps to Steven, the majority of the time we're joking

00:08:41   around with each other like it's a lot of it's ironic and stuff like that but

00:08:46   doing these things with somebody, what the person that I love like romantically

00:08:51   because I love you all you know, it's a very different experience. It feels

00:08:57   very different. There is something about it where it's like this is a different

00:09:01   thing. This like receiving her heartbeat is a different like it just holds a

00:09:06   different emotional connection and I'm and I'm feeling very positive about that

00:09:11   I like that a lot I like that that is something that we now have in our lives

00:09:14   now I guess it's my case to make sure that she keeps it because she's I think

00:09:19   rightly said she doesn't she doesn't know how it's gonna fit in her life and

00:09:23   she wants to make sure that it can fit in her life so she'll be taking advantage

00:09:26   of the return window if necessary.

00:09:30   That's great. I love that she's trying it out and it'll be interesting to see whether

00:09:33   she does decide to keep it or not and how it fits into her life and how it fits in your

00:09:37   life, your lives together too. I got mine too, the one that I ordered finally showed

00:09:43   up. The black, the space gray with the black band showed up.

00:09:47   So what are you wearing then?

00:09:49   I'm wearing that one right now, but I'm still sort of in this position of not being sure

00:09:54   which one I want to keep and which one I want to get rid of. I think my wife prefers the

00:10:00   black model to the one. She says she didn't like the green band. I'm not so sure. I'm

00:10:06   not so sure I like the black on black and maybe this is the influence of our friend

00:10:10   Matt Alexander. But he's cautioned everybody about looking like too much of a nerd and

00:10:17   wearing just this all black item that it doesn't really go with anything and it's really, you

00:10:22   know, it's really heavy. And I have to admit, I kind of feel some of that. I feel like,

00:10:28   you know, I really kind of liked the lighter look of the regular sport, not the space gray

00:10:34   sport. And I like the look of this, and I like the black band, and yet I'm not entirely

00:10:39   convinced that I like this better. The only band I would ever have for the other one was

00:10:45   the bright green sport band. I would probably feel a little bit differently, but I'm planning

00:10:49   on getting at least one other band. So I'm still not sure, but I'm trying it out for

00:10:55   a week basically, and I'm gonna see whether I want to keep the Space Gray One or send

00:11:02   it back, or instead sell off the one that I got on day one.

00:11:08   I think that the more I think about the Space Gray One, like, you have less options to,

00:11:16   add to it because less bands will go with it, I think.

00:11:21   Well yeah, even the, even the, like the, there is a contrast between the, you know, silver

00:11:27   aluminum sport and the stainless steel lugs on those bands, but it's less of one than

00:11:34   it is.

00:11:35   I mean the space, the space gray is so dark that there will be much more contrast with

00:11:41   every other band that you put on it.

00:11:43   I think you could only really use the leather loops or the sport bands.

00:11:49   Yeah I think that's true and I want to use the classic buckle so that's another thing

00:11:55   that pushes me toward...

00:11:56   I think the classic buckle would look okay but you know it's gonna be dark watch, dark

00:12:00   face, dark band and then bright lugs which is weird.

00:12:06   So I don't know.

00:12:07   I'm open to it but you know what a problem to have, which Apple watch to keep and which

00:12:12   one to throw back, man. But anyway, it's fascinating because I was sure that this is the one I

00:12:18   wanted. I got the other one just entirely accidentally from a friend, and now I'm not

00:12:23   sure that I made the right choice. And I might actually like that Greensport, like I said,

00:12:31   not necessarily the green band, but the lighter-colored body.

00:12:36   Because luxury. Because luxury!

00:12:39   So it turns out that Universal owned the rights to do the standalone Hulk movies.

00:12:45   So that's...

00:12:46   It turns out.

00:12:47   This was a thing, a few people sent this in to us.

00:12:50   Well it's weird because yeah, so Universal released those and I guess Mark Ruffalo in

00:12:57   an interview said something about that.

00:12:58   Yeah, I'm unclear on the status because the Incredible Hulk is considered a Marvel Cinematic

00:13:05   universe movie there was a there was a Tony Stark cameo and I believe General Ross from

00:13:12   that movie is appearing Thunderbolt Ross is appearing they're gonna replace him with USB

00:13:17   C Ross that's it's a shame the in in the Captain America Civil War thing so yeah it's yeah

00:13:26   but it may be although I'm just unclear I don't know whether that means Universal says

00:13:29   well you can use him but only for the only for the Avengers movies I'm a little unclear

00:13:34   about why they wouldn't make a deal to move forward with a Hulk movie. Maybe Marvel is

00:13:39   saying you can't have Mark Ruffalo, maybe Universal is saying, you know, we don't want

00:13:44   to do this. It seems weird because it would seem like after the reception the Hulk has

00:13:48   gotten in these two Avengers movies, you would think it would have rehabbed the reputation

00:13:53   of the character from their two kind of lackluster features. You know, I was thinking because

00:13:58   I really like the interaction between Banner and Black Widow and how that character arc

00:14:06   has been interesting for Banner that, without spoiling more about Age of Ultron, you know,

00:14:14   maybe that would be something as if they did do a Black Widow movie or they did some other

00:14:18   kind of thing. I'd like to see more of Mark Ruffalo. I feel like they're just kind of—they've

00:14:23   got him for four movies or whatever and they're going to use him sparingly, but it is kind

00:14:26   of a shame that we can't get a broader canvas from him. Maybe, I don't know, maybe Marvel

00:14:31   thinks that the Hulk is better when he's, you know, used sparingly in these Avengers

00:14:36   movies instead of the two features that they made that were kind of flops. So I don't know.

00:14:41   But yeah, Universal is involved, so it's not as simple as Apple. Marvel. I do that all

00:14:45   the time, Marvel and Apple. Damn it. I do. I do. It's strange that Apple would not make

00:14:51   a Hulk movie. Yeah, see? But Universal being involved changes the equation there. So that

00:14:58   kind of makes sense that now it's a--they seem to have a friendlier relationship than

00:15:02   like with the X-Men movies or the Fantastic Four movies, or the Spider-Man movies used

00:15:06   to be, but it's still an issue. So maybe that answers the question.

00:15:10   -It feels to me like they're probably at stalemate. Like, Marvel want the rights to lap so they

00:15:15   get all of the control, but Universal don't want to let him go because they're hoping

00:15:20   that Marvel will want to collaborate on a movie.

00:15:22   Right, but Universal can't get Mark Ruffalo or something like that and they don't want

00:15:26   to make a movie without Mark Ruffalo.

00:15:28   Because it would be a marketing disaster.

00:15:29   Disaster, yeah.

00:15:30   Like a different Hulk.

00:15:34   Can you imagine a different Hulk?

00:15:35   That would be like having a Flash TV show and then introducing a totally different actor

00:15:39   to play the Flash in a movie.

00:15:41   Oh wait, they're doing that anyway.

00:15:45   But it's not like what Marvel has been successful with.

00:15:50   I guess we'll see. The Hulk is cool. Hulk was cool in Avengers. It's cool in Avengers 2.

00:15:54   Um, yeah.

00:15:56   Good follow up.

00:15:57   The last piece of follow up has come from Myke on Twitter.

00:16:02   Myke has actually developed a T9 text input app for the Apple Watch.

00:16:09   He currently has it running in the simulator and you'll find a link in the show notes

00:16:14   which you can find at relay.fm/upgrade/36 or in your app of choice.

00:16:19   which includes a GIF of him showing it working in the simulator.

00:16:23   Myke went on to tell me, "My current plan is to have an input text

00:16:29   and it saves us a note in an iPhone app for sharing later."

00:16:33   And releases free or open source.

00:16:35   That's pretty funny. It does seem to work.

00:16:38   It's crazy. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

00:16:43   Yeah, it's like such amazingness.

00:16:47   Yeah, it's crazy, but that's awesome. So that's that's an awesome

00:16:50   example of

00:16:54   Ingenuity will say mm-hmm

00:16:56   Absolutely, brilliant, right. Hey comes to the end the follow-up for this week

00:17:00   We have a few topics that we want to get to so mr. Jason snow

00:17:04   Could you please tell the world about Casper mattresses?

00:17:07   Oh, yeah

00:17:08   so our first our first sponsor on upgrade this week is Casper and I get to talk about that why do I get to talk about

00:17:12   this mic because I I

00:17:15   I sleep on one. I think that's the reason you want me to talk about this.

00:17:19   So if people don't know, Casper is an online retailer of premium mattresses,

00:17:24   and their prices are great. A fraction of what you will find for a premium mattress if you go

00:17:28   in the store. It's sort of like a high-tech reinvention of the mattress business. You order

00:17:33   it on the internet, a box appears at your house. A strangely small box. And in there is a vacuum-packed

00:17:41   Casper mattress. It's made of, it can get that small because it's made of latex

00:17:46   foam and memory foam in layers, which you, when you open the seal, do it in the room that you're

00:17:54   going to sleep on the mattress in because it expands, it sucks in the air, expands to fill

00:17:58   the space, and now it's a mattress. Sized like a mattress, it's a mattress. And I've been sleeping

00:18:04   on one for a few months and it's great. They use the phrase "just the right sink, just the right

00:18:08   right bounce and it is really appropriate. I was shocked at how much my old mattress

00:18:13   felt like kind of like a trampoline, like the cat would be on the other side of the

00:18:16   bed and I'd sit on one edge of the bed and the cat would be like and like jump off the

00:18:20   bed. And it's because the old bed was like way too weird and bouncy and stuff and this

00:18:24   one is super soft and luxurious but it also doesn't feel like the weird memory foam feel

00:18:29   and I know there are a lot of people who are really turned off by memory foam but by putting

00:18:33   the latex foam layer on top, you get this really nice combination that works really

00:18:37   well. When they talk about prices, premium mattresses can often cost more than like $1500.

00:18:45   Casper's got a range of mattress prices, starting at $500 for twin, $750 for full, $850 for

00:18:51   queen, all the way up to $950 for king. They're all made in the USA, right Myke? USA, USA.

00:18:57   USA, okay.

00:18:58   Okay, thank you. And you know, I really like the convenience of it. The fact that you can

00:19:03   buy this over the internet, it comes in a box. And you can, if you don't like it, you

00:19:07   can send it back. There's a hundred day period where you can return the Casper mattress.

00:19:12   So if you're afraid to try a mattress that you get over the internet, because you don't

00:19:15   know how it's going to feel, this is the beauty of the Casper system. You can actually send

00:19:19   it back if you don't like it. Laying on a bed in a showroom is not going to tell you

00:19:23   whether you like it or not, so sleep on it. Like, literally sleep on it and see what you

00:19:28   think. And yeah, so I've been sleeping on my Casper mattress and I like it a lot. And

00:19:37   they don't pay me to say whether I like it or not. That's me saying, "I like it a lot.

00:19:41   You should try it out, especially given the 100-day try-on." So here is where you go.

00:19:46   you go to casper.com, C-A-S-P-E-R dot com slash upgrade, and use the code upgrade to

00:19:52   get $50 off any Casper mattress purchase. That's casper.com/upgrade. And thank you so

00:19:59   much to Casper for supporting the show, all of Relay FM, and you know, I sleep on your

00:20:05   mattress, so thanks for that too.

00:20:06   - For supporting you at night.

00:20:08   - Yes. Yes, they give me, literally, they are supporting me at night. Otherwise, I would

00:20:13   be on the floor.

00:20:15   So earlier, I think it was earlier this week, you published one of your articles that you

00:20:22   write for Macworld.

00:20:23   Are they editorial pieces?

00:20:25   Like what are they classed as, just out of interest?

00:20:28   I think, I don't know if they're classed as, are they, I think we're calling it a weekly

00:20:33   column.

00:20:34   Column, yeah that would work.

00:20:35   And so, you know, I have, I don't know, it's a thing I write for them every week and they,

00:20:39   you know, Susie Oakes over at Macworld comes up with some ideas and shoots them past me

00:20:44   and I say yes and I write something and they pay me. It's a great system.

00:20:48   Industry! The column, that was the word I was looking for. So in this column

00:20:55   you talk a bit about Apple TV remotes because there's been some rumors, right?

00:20:59   Which one of the newspapers had the rumors? I don't know. Let's just say

00:21:04   Wall Street Journal. We'll just go with that. Oh no, it was Brian Chen, so it's the New York

00:21:08   Times. No, Brian Chen. Former Macworld printing lab testing guy, now New York

00:21:16   Times tech writer, Brian Chen. I want to take a very brief aside for just a

00:21:20   moment, because you mentioned Macworld. If anybody has not yet heard the "Welcome to the

00:21:27   Macintosh" episode about Macworld, it's just stupendous. It's at

00:21:32   macintosh.fm, episode number four called "Page Turner," which features my

00:21:37   co-hosts, Mr. J. Snell, Jon Siracusa, and Sir Andy Caldwell. That show is

00:21:42   incredible and that episode is extra special, it's just brilliant. Such good work.

00:21:47   Anyway, so yeah you kind of took this rumor and the rumor being that

00:21:54   there could be a touchscreen on the Apple TV remote, right? Or that it could

00:21:58   all be in and of itself just a touch pad of some description.

00:22:01   Yeah, yeah, touchscreen is probably not accurate but a touchpad. The idea

00:22:06   of a... there's this rumor that there's going to be a touch surface in the remote, the idea

00:22:12   that you would, you know, you'd slide your finger along a surface and it would read your,

00:22:17   you know, read your movements, and that would be how unclear whether that would be the only

00:22:21   way of interacting or a way. There might be physical buttons too. It's kind of nebulous

00:22:27   about that.

00:22:28   >>ANDREW: Because it would... I think it would be safe to assume it will probably not be

00:22:33   a screen because it would, that would feel kind of pointless.

00:22:37   Yeah, well, and it would be pointless. It would really use the battery. So you're, now

00:22:45   you're docking your remote control every day. And at that point you've got an iOS device.

00:22:49   I mean, like, if you really want that, you should use your iPhone as a remote. And we

00:22:53   can get to that because I heard from a lot of people who love using their iPhone as a

00:22:56   remote. I think it's fine for some things, including text input, but crazy for other

00:23:02   things because I fundamentally I don't want to look down. I especially don't

00:23:05   want to get my phone out of my pocket and unlock it and launch an app and then

00:23:10   look down and make sure I'm touching the right place on the touchscreen when I

00:23:14   could just like feel for a button and press it. But I think the nice thing

00:23:18   about the idea of a touchpad that might even have some buttons on it at the top

00:23:22   but there's also a place to hold it and just kind of like move your thumb up and

00:23:25   down and side to side is you don't have to look. It's not a screen.

00:23:30   all you're really doing is flicking your finger and or your thumb. That has appeal. I can understand

00:23:36   that because I do when you get in that mode with an iPhone using the remote app and you're doing

00:23:41   that to move around, it feels pretty natural. I could see how that could be something. And then

00:23:47   there's also speculation about haptic stuff that it might also, you know, do some of the vibration

00:23:53   stuff that we've seen in the Apple Watch and in the Force Touch trackpad. And maybe there's

00:23:57   something there where it's giving you feedback as you move with your finger. I'm less convinced

00:24:04   of whether that would be particularly useful or not, but the idea of a touchpad with maybe

00:24:08   some buttons at the top, because I do like physical buttons, I think it really helps

00:24:12   because you can orient your hand and your fingers on the remote without looking at it.

00:24:18   Because when I'm watching TV I don't really want to look down away from the TV in order

00:24:21   to press a button. So I think it's interesting. I think it's an interesting

00:24:26   idea that Apple might put a touch area on their remote.

00:24:32   So the more I hear people talk about this, in my mind, the image I'm drawing is

00:24:38   like what people expected the iPhone was gonna look like, you know? Like a touchpad

00:24:43   or some description and then a click wheel.

00:24:46   Yeah, yeah, sure. I mean, I'm kind of viewing like a credit card, you know,

00:24:54   or a little bit larger kind of thing that's got a touch area at the bottom

00:24:57   and something like a strip of buttons at the top maybe.

00:25:00   So guys, I keep hearing people talking about false touch being like the great savior of the button in this,

00:25:08   and I don't really know how that would work. Like, I feel like people are saying that,

00:25:13   believing that force touch could give the impression of buttons and I just

00:25:18   don't think it could do that. Like once you click down on it you might be able

00:25:21   to feel something but it can't give you the impression of a raised button. Like

00:25:26   it can't do that, right? You have to be clicking constantly.

00:25:30   Yeah or if it's doing haptics as you move across the, you know, you move the

00:25:36   idea is like as you're moving through menu items might give you a little buzz

00:25:38   but that doesn't really help you if you're watching something. And if you

00:25:43   have to move your finger a few times in order to orient, like, are they going to say, "Well,

00:25:47   to pause what you do is put your thumb on the remote and then go and move it down until

00:25:52   you feel the third buzz and then click." It's crazy. It's just, no, that's not it. So I

00:26:00   don't know. I feel like it's going to be something like the Apple remote is now that's got, you

00:26:06   know, a play/pause button and a menu button or something, and then below it it's going

00:26:09   have a touch area and that's how you're gonna do the directional stuff the up

00:26:13   down left right and then maybe you know you squeeze it essentially and there's a

00:26:17   force sensor that so when you squeeze it it it counts and maybe there's a haptic

00:26:22   involved there so you know you're not actually moving the the trackpad when

00:26:27   you click but you feel like a little buzz I could see that but like that's

00:26:30   sort of all I can envision for this.

00:26:33   There is this part of me that like here's an idea like this on

00:26:37   wonders. I know what we say it can't be and it can be this, but then I think

00:26:42   could Apple just go ahead and make a full touch device anyway? Like we all

00:26:47   think we need buttons but they're just like "No but this is super cool look what

00:26:50   it does!" Well it could have no buttons. It could totally have no

00:26:54   buttons. It could also have no buttons but different force areas so that if you

00:27:00   you know there's just a thing that says play, pause, or menu or whatever that's in

00:27:04   the it that's in the corner but it's not actually a physical button that could be

00:27:09   too there are lots of things they could do it'll be interesting to see what it

00:27:13   is I you know in the in the piece I also throw out some other things that have

00:27:17   happened in remotes lately that are kind of interesting like they like the Roku

00:27:23   and I guess the ps4 have headphone jacks yeah because you mentioned you mentioned

00:27:29   the Roku in there and I think basically it has a headphone jack in the remote so

00:27:34   you can plug in headphones to watch.

00:27:36   So you can watch something about disturbing people, right?

00:27:39   So imagine that you're in bed or whatever

00:27:40   and someone's sleeping and you can watch TV

00:27:42   by plugging your headphones into the remote.

00:27:44   And you mentioned in the article

00:27:46   that it seems like an obscure feature,

00:27:48   but I wanted to just point out,

00:27:49   'cause I didn't know if you knew this,

00:27:50   that PS4 controllers have a headphone jack in them,

00:27:53   which is mainly intended for headsets for gaming.

00:27:58   But it is possible in the PS4 settings,

00:28:02   and I'll put a link in the show notes

00:28:03   in case people need to know how to do this, to route all of the audio from the PS4 through

00:28:09   to the controller.

00:28:11   So you can just plug your headphones into your controller and you can play that way.

00:28:16   Again in the same idea you can play a video game for a disturbing little person in the

00:28:18   room.

00:28:19   Which is fantastic.

00:28:20   It's a great feature and I use it quite a lot actually.

00:28:25   Because sometimes I like to play video games with my headphones because they're better

00:28:28   than the speakers on my TV.

00:28:32   So I play that way.

00:28:33   So my son does that with the Wii U, because the Wii U gamepad, you can just play on the

00:28:37   Wii U gamepad and it's got a headphone jack.

00:28:39   Yeah, exactly.

00:28:40   Exactly.

00:28:41   I think that's a cool idea.

00:28:43   I doubt Apple will implement it, but it's kind of a neat idea, the idea that you can

00:28:50   not bother everybody else while you're watching something.

00:28:53   And then the other thing that's interesting is Amazon added a microphone into their Fire

00:28:58   TV remote.

00:29:00   So that, you know, and again, I'm not saying like full on Xbox declaring everything that

00:29:06   you want to, you know, want to do Xbox, pause the display, whatever.

00:29:11   It's ahoy console, pause the movie while I go get some soda.

00:29:17   But instead, the idea for things like voice search, because that was the number one thing

00:29:20   that people brought up about using the iPhone as a remote is that nobody likes using the

00:29:24   Ouija board, you know, where you have to move around and pick letter by letter.

00:29:27   That's awful.

00:29:28   And so what Amazon has done is said, you know, we support voice search.

00:29:31   So if you want to watch Daredevil, you press the little button and say Daredevil, and it

00:29:36   goes and finds Daredevil for you.

00:29:39   That's good.

00:29:40   That's a good feature.

00:29:42   And I could see Apple doing something like that.

00:29:44   Although you know, I wrote a speculative piece last year about Apple TV, where what I said

00:29:49   was, I wonder if Apple TV will either have a Kinect style like, you know, microphone

00:29:55   and camera that you can put on top of your TV, or whether it will be something like that

00:30:00   that you put on top of your TV that has inputs that are intelligent enough that you can just,

00:30:06   you know, talk to Siri like you talk to Dan's Amazon Echo, for example. Maybe you could

00:30:14   do that, maybe that, you know, that would be an option for Apple TV. It's all out there.

00:30:18   I mean, this is what's fascinating about what Apple will do with the Apple TV is all of

00:30:21   these things were options for them. And it'll be interesting to see what they chose, and

00:30:26   what they didn't choose, and why. Because they could totally make something that is

00:30:29   a Siri kind of thing that sits and has a FaceTime camera, and sits on your TV, and listens for

00:30:36   your commands and things like that. And if they don't do that, there will be a reason

00:30:40   why. And if they don't have a microphone on their remote, there will be a reason why.

00:30:44   They chose not to do that. But it's interesting to think about all the possibilities at the

00:30:48   very least.

00:30:49   one of the reasons they would put it in my opinion in the in the microphone and

00:30:53   it being invoked to a button is because Apple would never be able to use Siri in

00:30:58   a TV ad anymore right? Because every time the TV ad comes on it activates

00:31:03   everybody's Apple TVs and Microsoft had this exact problem. They'd be ahoy

00:31:07   telephoning it. There's something they could do that would be clever but

00:31:11   yeah that's it's possible. I mean that's the nice thing about the Amazon feature

00:31:14   is that it's a button you press it then you say something and then it goes off

00:31:18   and searches for it. It's not something that's just hovering in the room at all times waiting

00:31:23   for you to say something that sounds like a hoy telephone but isn't a hoy telephone.

00:31:28   So a hoy television. We're living in a world with lots of ahoys, Myke. There's a hoy timepiece,

00:31:34   a hoy television, a hoy telephone, a hoy metal tube. So many ahoys.

00:31:39   I did find it interesting that we didn't get the ISA anyway, one complaint about activating

00:31:44   people's—

00:31:45   Amazon echoes?

00:31:46   Yeah.

00:31:47   there aren't very many out there and since it's by invitation only right there aren't that many

00:31:51   and we were way worse about that like than we were about about the the ahoy telephone scenario

00:31:57   it was unfortunately just dan that we affected hey dan you're welcome um in regards to the apple tv

00:32:05   um are you expecting that wwdc is going to be when we're going to see some of this stuff like

00:32:11   especially presuming that we're probably also going to see a music streaming service at wwdc

00:32:16   Is that too much? Yeah, I feel like the most important question, and again, Tim Cook's

00:32:23   Apple, the rules are changing, but the question I always ask when we're looking at WWDC is,

00:32:29   "Is there a developer story?" I feel like that's the number one thing, is like, "Is there a developer

00:32:32   story?" Because you can launch anything at WWDC if you're Apple. You've got a platform, you've got

00:32:37   got a keynote, great. But you need to launch things at WWDC where you're

00:32:45   expecting the developers to get involved. I feel like that's like the the extra

00:32:49   push. And so if you ask that question of every rumored announcement for WWDC, I

00:32:53   feel like it can be illuminating. Like I said, maybe things are changing and it

00:32:57   doesn't preclude them from making announcements, but generally they try to

00:33:00   have a developer angle. So for example, music service. I don't see a developer

00:33:07   ankle there. I see that maybe, you know, it's available because they're gonna,

00:33:11   they're gonna, the rumor is put it in iOS 8.4 or whatever. It also wouldn't

00:33:18   surprise me at all given that they make lots of entertainment announcements in

00:33:21   the fall that it wait till the fall and then they announce, they announce it then

00:33:26   maybe in iOS 9, maybe in an iOS 8.4 that comes a little bit before iOS 9 comes

00:33:31   out to keep compatibility with devices that are not compatible with iOS 9 if

00:33:36   if there's any change there.

00:33:38   The Apple TV thing, it's the same thing.

00:33:41   I feel like if there's a developer story,

00:33:44   if they're gonna let you do apps,

00:33:45   if you're gonna, the developers will actually be able

00:33:48   to do something with Apple TV as a platform,

00:33:50   then it makes sense for that to happen at WWDC.

00:33:53   And if not, then they could kind of do it whenever.

00:33:56   They can do it later.

00:33:57   They can do it in the fall

00:33:58   and have it be a big holiday seller.

00:34:00   So I'm kind of up in the air on it.

00:34:03   I feel like there could be a developer story there.

00:34:05   I'm curious about the watch too.

00:34:07   Like, will they make watch announcements?

00:34:08   Will there be a watchOS 2.0 announcement as well?

00:34:12   I kind of expect there will be.

00:34:13   But Apple TV, maybe, I hope so.

00:34:17   I've been waiting for Apple TV as a platform

00:34:22   and I know developers have for quite a while,

00:34:24   in that long time and it just hasn't happened.

00:34:27   So maybe this will be the time.

00:34:28   But if they're gonna do that

00:34:29   and developers can write Apple TV apps,

00:34:33   then yes, I think they have to do it at WWDC.

00:34:36   - I think that there is a possibility for some development

00:34:40   in the music service, but CarPlay-like development.

00:34:43   Small group, accepted in.

00:34:46   Because there are other types of services

00:34:49   that you could integrate into that platform a little bit

00:34:52   and also push some information out.

00:34:55   Federico had some really good thoughts

00:34:58   on this on Connected last week.

00:35:01   There are some like, you know, you could have lyrics and you could put, you know, you could

00:35:05   have Shazam integrating and stuff like that.

00:35:07   By the way, if you've not yet tried the Shazam Apple Watch app, you need to try it.

00:35:12   I don't understand how they're doing what they're doing.

00:35:14   It's amazing.

00:35:15   Alright.

00:35:16   It's one of the most impressive Apple Watch apps that I've tried actually.

00:35:21   Like the lyrics and all that stuff, it's madness.

00:35:23   I actually don't know how they're doing what they're doing.

00:35:27   But yeah, I see that if you're gonna do an Apple TV at any point, right, it's got to

00:35:33   have apps now, right, because that's expected.

00:35:35   If you're gonna make a serious move, like if you're not just gonna continually upgrade

00:35:39   the box, like if you're gonna make Apple TV what Apple TV should be in 2015, apps is a

00:35:47   big part of that, and if apps is a big part of that, then you need to talk about it at

00:35:52   WPDC, right?

00:35:53   It just seems logical.

00:35:56   I don't know about the watch yet.

00:36:00   I don't know if we're going to see anything more at WWDC,

00:36:04   like in a real big way, other than a like, stay tuned.

00:36:08   - Well, they promised that they will give developers

00:36:11   access to more of the operating system.

00:36:13   So there could be a stay tuned,

00:36:15   and then they'll roll out more in the fall.

00:36:17   They could also do, you know, watchOS 2.0

00:36:23   and say, here's a beta of watchOS 2.0.

00:36:25   this is gonna be out in the fall,

00:36:27   you can start developing your apps now,

00:36:28   the same sort of story that they do with OS X and iOS.

00:36:32   That would be interesting.

00:36:34   Likewise, the big iPad rumors,

00:36:36   where there's this talk about like,

00:36:38   oh, there could be a big iPad and all of that,

00:36:40   that is different

00:36:42   and that there are some different developer rules,

00:36:44   that could possibly come,

00:36:45   although again, more likely it'll come in the fall

00:36:47   when they traditionally release all the iPads,

00:36:50   and that developers will have no time to plan for that.

00:36:52   But it's not beyond the realm of possibility

00:36:55   if that product is ready, that they could release that product or announce that product

00:36:59   in the summer, along with changes that developers could write to.

00:37:05   More likely, they'll have lots of mysterious APIs and lots of mysterious changes to how

00:37:09   you can build iOS apps that they will say nothing about why, but it's very obvious to

00:37:16   observers that something else, an iPad of a different screen size is coming, because

00:37:22   that's basically what happened with the iPhone the last couple of years, is it was very

00:37:24   clear that there would be bigger iPhones because they were starting to talk about different

00:37:29   tools and different ways of laying out apps. And why would you need that unless you were

00:37:34   doing a bigger iPhone at some point? So we may see some of that too, one way or another.

00:37:40   That's the fun thing about WWDC. There's the stuff that gets announced, the stuff that

00:37:43   doesn't get announced, and then the things that are hinted at in the details but not

00:37:49   announced.

00:37:50   Considering we were less than a month away there's gonna be a lot more WWDC

00:37:54   talk on the way and I'll ask this question. I don't really I don't really

00:37:58   think we need to answer right now but it's just something you know circulating

00:38:01   in my brain as we talk about this stuff. OS 10, 10.11, iOS 9, Apple TV, Watch 2.0

00:38:09   and maybe HomeKit and a music streaming service potentially. Is that too much stuff?

00:38:15   stuff like just if you just look at the developer platforms in there if you if

00:38:21   you ignore homekicks I'm just trying things in to make the list longer like

00:38:24   if you look iOS 9 OS 10.11 assuming it will be that right watch 2.0 and Apple TV

00:38:36   1.0 it's a lot it's a lot right that like that is just but do we not think

00:38:43   that they're not building all those things? I think we all think that they're building

00:38:45   all those things.

00:38:46   Sure.

00:38:47   Is it too much for Apple? Is it too much for developers? Is it too much for the event?

00:38:50   Both. I just wonder if it all needs to happen at the same time. I mean, and this goes back

00:38:55   to the age-old discussion of do we need to do these every single year? Does it need to

00:39:00   be a next?

00:39:01   And do they have to happen all at once? Do you really need to use WWDC as the platform

00:39:06   to launch all of your developer initiatives? They didn't announce the watch there, and

00:39:11   or 5,000 or whatever will watch apps at launch day, right?

00:39:14   They didn't need to do that there.

00:39:16   So you could totally do watch OS 2.0 in the fall as a beta

00:39:21   and say you're gonna ship it at the end of the year

00:39:24   or in January and you could totally do that.

00:39:27   Will they do that or will they say,

00:39:29   "Oh, but we can announce it now.

00:39:32   We got with WWDC, we gotta do it now."

00:39:35   And sometimes I think that there is an actual push and pull

00:39:38   within Apple that's like that,

00:39:40   which is there are people who are like,

00:39:41   "This is our time, we should do it now.

00:39:43   Give it all to the developers now."

00:39:45   And then there are other people who are like,

00:39:46   "It's too much, let's just do this later.

00:39:48   There's nothing stopping us, look what happens.

00:39:50   The developers are gonna love this stuff

00:39:52   regardless of when we drop it on them.

00:39:54   Why do we need to drop it on them now

00:39:55   when we're doing like eight things at once?"

00:39:58   It goes back to the age old software quality discussion too,

00:40:01   which is maybe getting these things not all

00:40:03   on a announced new version in June,

00:40:06   ship it in September schedule might be good, right?

00:40:10   Maybe stagger it a little bit.

00:40:11   But the downside of that is if you've got watchOS 2.0

00:40:16   and the features that will take advantage of that

00:40:19   would, if they would be better on iOS 9, let's say,

00:40:24   which is a good question.

00:40:27   Would they require, if you're using iOS 8

00:40:31   and there's a new watchOS update,

00:40:33   would they bar you from installing it?

00:40:36   if you weren't running iOS 9? I would think not, but it's an interesting question. I don't

00:40:42   know. These are all the questions that—you're right, we'll be swirling out there that we

00:40:45   can talk about more as we get closer, because we're, what, a month away now.

00:40:50   Mm-hmm. Yeah, just as—one last point—just as someone who has been knee-deep in iPhone

00:40:56   history recently, I do really feel like we're gonna get a Watch Roadmap event like we did

00:41:04   with the iPhone SDK.

00:41:05   - Ah, it could be.

00:41:07   - I think that they'll say,

00:41:08   we have stuff to say about the Apple Watch,

00:41:11   you know it's coming this year,

00:41:12   we're gonna have an event shortly,

00:41:14   which you'll hear more about

00:41:15   where we outlay some of that stuff.

00:41:17   That's what I think we're gonna see,

00:41:19   but we'll wait and see what happens.

00:41:21   - It could just be in the keynote.

00:41:22   I mean, and it could be that simple of,

00:41:25   we said that, you know,

00:41:27   thank you for making all these WatchKit apps.

00:41:30   We said that by the end of the year,

00:41:31   we would let you make full apps,

00:41:33   we're on track for that, stay tuned.

00:41:37   - Yeah, that's what I think it's gonna be.

00:41:38   - It could be that simple.

00:41:40   And whether they do a special event for that,

00:41:41   or it's just part of some other event,

00:41:44   or no event at all, right?

00:41:47   'Cause with a developer message like that,

00:41:48   they can do no event at all.

00:41:49   - Like when the WatchKit stuff came out the first time.

00:41:52   - Yeah.

00:41:53   - Which is, here's a bunch of stuff.

00:41:54   - Boom, here it is.

00:41:55   And everybody absorbed it and wrote thousands of apps

00:41:58   without having even touched the hardware,

00:42:00   or maybe touched it in a lab in a few cases.

00:42:03   Right, talking about TV stuff, you bought a new TV.

00:42:08   Let's talk about that.

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00:45:07   Go to squarespace.com to do that and when you decide to sign up make sure that you use

00:45:11   the offer code UPGRADE to get 10% off your first purchase and show your support for this

00:45:17   show. Thank you to Squarespace for helping us out at Relay FM. Squarespace,

00:45:21   really beautiful. So indeed beautiful Squarespace. No, don't like that one?

00:45:31   I don't think Squarespace would go for that, for our singing. Well

00:45:35   we'll see. It's extra, we have church extra if we sing. Exactly. We couldn't, so

00:45:40   we don't. So right, let's move on. So you bought a TV. Why did you buy a new TV?

00:45:47   It's a big purchase, a TV, not necessarily in cost, it's just, you know, people don't buy TVs that often.

00:45:53   So, while I was traveling, my wife was watching TV in our living room, and she's just watching a show,

00:45:59   and in the middle of the show, suddenly, our TV that we've had for five years,

00:46:02   our 42-inch LG TV, just says, "No signal." Like, okay, that's not good. You know, maybe it's the

00:46:12   maybe it's the switcher, maybe it's the TiVo, she switches to other inputs, and it

00:46:18   all says no signal. Yeah that's the problem, it could be a million things

00:46:21   right at that point. And I'm gone and you know I'm the person who set all this

00:46:26   stuff up so she's like, "Well it didn't, it didn't, it doesn't work anymore, I think

00:46:30   it's broken, I gave her some things to try, nothing worked." And she said, "All right

00:46:36   well, you know, I hope that when you come home you find out that it's broken

00:46:39   because I would hate for this to just be that I pressed some button and didn't understand

00:46:43   it. And in fact, she was completely validated. It was busted. And I did some internet searches

00:46:48   and found out people saying, "Well, essentially what's happened here, you know, on these kind

00:46:52   of models is that something happened like on the logic board basically, and you might

00:46:56   be able to get somebody to fix it for, you know, a few hundred dollars." And I had that

00:47:01   moment where it's like, "I'm already unhappy with the picture quality of this TV because

00:47:04   five years old and I bought a TV for a different room last year that was a cheap, you know,

00:47:11   it was a cheap TV. It was, I think I got it at Amazon, but it was a cheap TV and the black

00:47:16   levels on it, although not at like plasma level, John Siracusa will tell you, but were

00:47:20   so much better. It's like you could see so much how the technology has evolved in five

00:47:24   years. So I was already looking at this TV like all the blacks look really gray, you

00:47:29   know, it just isn't and I wish it was bigger and because we bought it to fit a space where

00:47:35   a TV used to be and I think I kind of underbought I thought oh well you know 42 inches or whatever

00:47:40   is plenty enough but there was room for more and I had been thinking that so I had that

00:47:44   moment of like you know what I'm not going to throw more money at this at this TV that

00:47:49   is I already don't like and just broke I'm going to let's look and get a new TV so we

00:47:56   we went to Costco.

00:47:59   I decided, then I did the whole like,

00:48:02   do I wanna invest in like a really expensive TV

00:48:04   that I'm gonna have forever?

00:48:06   And I thought, you know, I kind of don't.

00:48:08   I kind of wanna get something that's kind of,

00:48:11   you know, reasonably priced.

00:48:13   And if I can find something at Costco,

00:48:16   that is where you find a cheap or reasonably priced TV

00:48:19   that will last a few years.

00:48:21   And if it lasts longer, I'll move it to another room.

00:48:25   and that room will have a nice big TV on it.

00:48:28   So we went to Costco and indeed,

00:48:31   we found a TV that was,

00:48:34   I felt was reasonably priced.

00:48:36   And what was funny about it is it's a,

00:48:39   so it's a Vizio, which is an interesting TV manufacturer

00:48:43   that proves that advertising can elevate you

00:48:46   from being, you know, Sampo

00:48:48   to being a brand that people recognize.

00:48:50   But Vizio to me means, you know,

00:48:53   pretty decent quality, but cheap.

00:48:55   And I did some, you know, CNET searches,

00:48:57   'cause I know all the TV nerds out there

00:48:58   are gonna be like, "Oh God."

00:48:59   Like right now, John Syracuse is polishing his,

00:49:02   I don't know, you know, his laser beams to destroy me

00:49:06   for making a bad purchase.

00:49:08   But I did some research online

00:49:10   and found that this was actually

00:49:12   a pretty good quality TV for the price.

00:49:15   And compared to some of the other 50-inch TVs

00:49:18   that were available.

00:49:21   Also the wire cutter doesn't have any recommendations

00:49:23   right now because they're shifting model years,

00:49:25   so there was no consensus for what the best,

00:49:27   you know, really high quality TV was anyway.

00:49:30   So for a pretty good price, I got a Vizio 50 inch LCD

00:49:34   that is, that turns out is a 4K model,

00:49:41   for basically the same price as a 1080 model from Samsung.

00:49:46   And bought it, brought it home, hooked it up, looks great.

00:49:51   five years difference from the last one. Doesn't look as good as my mom's giant plasma TVs

00:49:55   that she's got, but you know, they don't make those anymore. And, but it looks so much better

00:50:00   than the old one did, and it's bigger, which is really nice. We watched a movie on Saturday

00:50:04   night after we bought it, the whole family, and that was a lot of fun, because it was

00:50:07   a, it was a, it was the Avengers, because we were going to go see Avengers 2 the next

00:50:11   day. And it's rumbly, and there's lots of stuff flying around. It was really great.

00:50:15   And then after the kids went to bed, we watched Daredevil on Netflix in 4K, which was also

00:50:24   interesting because they have the 4K streaming built into the TV and there's not a lot of

00:50:28   4K content out there, but Netflix does it.

00:50:31   And so we watched that and that looked really good.

00:50:33   My internet connection is apparently fast enough to support the 4K stream.

00:50:38   And it looked really nice because this is essentially a 2160p monitor.

00:50:43   - 2160p. That one hasn't crossed my mind. That isn't in my memory yet, like the other

00:50:51   dimensions, you know? 1080 and 720.

00:50:54   - 1080. Well, so this is double 1080 is what it is, which is what they're calling, you

00:50:58   know, Ultra HD kind of display. It's a double 1080. But, you know, that was sort of beside

00:51:06   the point. I think, I don't know whether there's gonna be a lot of 4K content out there or

00:51:09   not, but TV looks good, it was a good price. Hopefully it will last longer than the old

00:51:15   one or as long as the old one. The old one lasted five years. And the Netflix -- playing

00:51:20   with the Netflix 4K stuff has been fun. I want to do some more before I kind of render

00:51:24   a final judgment about whether it's just a gimmick and whether highly compressed 4K video

00:51:30   is any better than slightly less compressed 1080 video. But maybe, I mean, I think it's

00:51:36   a higher bitrate for sure, so maybe in the end it looks better. But yeah, new TV in the

00:51:43   house. 50 inches. It's nice. Nice to have a larger TV.

00:51:47   Are you able to switch between HD and 4K on Netflix? Like, can you choose which one you

00:51:57   want?

00:51:58   I don't—well, you—one Netflix plan supports it and one doesn't. But on the box, I don't

00:52:05   think you can force the HD and non-4K version.

00:52:10   I guess it would just do what Netflix does, right?

00:52:12   It just streams best quality.

00:52:13   Yeah, you press the info button and then you can actually watch and see what resolution

00:52:17   you're getting.

00:52:18   And it'll go, you know, 480, 720, 1080, 2180, and then you're all the way up there.

00:52:25   And then your TV takes off and shoots into space, I think.

00:52:29   I mean, this is really difficult on a podcast, but are you able to describe, like, what are

00:52:35   what looks better? Is things just crisper?

00:52:37   Do the colors look better?

00:52:38   Like what is so, like 4K, like I don't really.

00:52:42   - Well 4K, I mean, there's more lines of resolution

00:52:46   is the idea.

00:52:47   So it's like, I mean theoretically you could say

00:52:49   it's like retina.

00:52:50   I mean, they shoot it in 4K or the effects rendered in 4K.

00:52:54   I think that our friends in the effects business,

00:52:57   sometimes they do the effects at a lower resolution

00:53:02   and then scale it up.

00:53:03   But you know, the Daredevil stuff looked good.

00:53:06   It's more resolution.

00:53:07   There's always this debate of like,

00:53:08   can you tell the difference between 720 and 1080?

00:53:10   Some people can, some people can't.

00:53:12   Can you tell the difference between 1080p and 1080i?

00:53:15   Some people can, some people can't.

00:53:16   Can you tell the difference between 1080 and 2160?

00:53:19   You know, it looked better to me,

00:53:21   but I don't know whether that's a placebo effect or not.

00:53:23   And that's why I wanna spend some more time with it.

00:53:25   And then I'll see.

00:53:30   'Cause also I'm paying whatever,

00:53:32   or three dollars more a month for Netflix to have access to it. So I want to decide whether it's

00:53:37   even worth doing that. But it's kind of a fun thing to play with. And yeah, I do think we chase—in fact,

00:53:43   I read an article that said that Netflix is working with some like TV manufacturers and stuff about a

00:53:49   high dynamic range spec, because there's a thought that having more dynamic range in a picture is

00:53:55   actually much more noticeable to people than more dots at this point. So what's the frontier of

00:54:00   of higher quality images. I don't know. But, you know, like I said, the Daredevil episode

00:54:05   we watched looked great. And they've got some demo stuff. It's very much like the early

00:54:09   days of HD where, you know, most of the content that's available is like demos of, you know,

00:54:14   people in the ocean or like HDNet. Yeah, HDNet, which was at one point the only HD channel

00:54:23   available used to have a show that was like the sunrise. And it was literally somebody

00:54:29   set up an HD camera at sunrise in a beautiful location somewhere in the jungle or in Hawaii

00:54:36   and then for half an hour or 15 minutes or whatever it would just be that one shot of

00:54:43   the sunrise. It's like the windows in Back to the Future 2, right? Yes. Yeah, you can

00:54:51   tune it in to be anything. So that was in the early age of HD, it was like how do we

00:54:56   impress people with this.

00:54:57   Oh, I know nature photography, we'll do nature photography.

00:54:59   It's a little bit like that.

00:55:00   Like Netflix has a show that is essentially that,

00:55:02   which is nature, high definition pictures of nature.

00:55:05   There's a 4K show that is all of that.

00:55:08   But then there's some movies

00:55:09   and all of the Netflix originals now are being shot in 4K

00:55:11   'cause Netflix is pushing this as a format.

00:55:14   It's funny, you can't watch 4K on Netflix

00:55:18   on the, on my retina iMac here

00:55:20   because they don't support streaming the high res stuff

00:55:23   to PCs mostly, I think,

00:55:25   because they're afraid, probably rightly,

00:55:28   that people will intercept that stream

00:55:30   and then have this super awesome high-definition version

00:55:34   of the show to put on BitTorrent.

00:55:37   So it's only appearing, for now at least,

00:55:40   in locked-off devices like this embedded in my TV set.

00:55:43   -I think there was one thing that made me smile

00:55:49   when you were talking about the Sunrise thing.

00:55:51   When we were in Romania, there was a TV channel.

00:55:55   I can't remember the name of it, but basically it just showed a garden with a lake in it.

00:56:02   That was the channel, which is very amazing to me.

00:56:06   And Joe Steele in the chat room mentioned that this could be an interesting way for

00:56:09   you to test.

00:56:10   The Apple TV does not support UHD, which is 4K Ultra HD, so you could set up...

00:56:16   What box were you using, just out of interest?

00:56:19   Well, actually, these days I've been mostly watching Netflix on my TiVo, because it's

00:56:23   integrated into the TiVo interface, so you press it and then it launches the TiVo app.

00:56:27   So yes, I could do that, although the challenge there is you couldn't really do it simultaneously

00:56:31   because I think the 4K stream would degrade if there was yet another video stream on the

00:56:36   line at the same time, but I could definitely use that to kind of go back and forth and

00:56:40   see with the same episode of something and see if I noticed the difference.

00:56:45   I don't know if the Sunrise show is available in just HD or whatever it is, the plants and

00:56:51   animals that are highly defined. Yeah, we'll check it out. But it's a little

00:56:58   like the fireplace log shows that are on at Christmas time that are just...

00:57:03   it's a log in a fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, turn on your TV. Pretend

00:57:08   it's a fireplace.

00:57:10   For all the family to gather around.

00:57:12   Yeah. It's very exciting when they get... when the log burns out and they put in a new log.

00:57:16   That's people... that's riveting television.

00:57:19   It's like when the DVD screensaver goes to the corner, right?

00:57:24   That thing. You familiar with that?

00:57:26   Yeah.

00:57:27   Yeah.

00:57:28   Should we move on to Ask Upgrade?

00:57:30   Is it that time?

00:57:31   I think so. I think it is that time.

00:57:35   Great. So we have our sponsor of Ask Upgrade this week,

00:57:37   which is our friends over at MailRoute.

00:57:39   Jason, would you like to tell the people about the MailRoute?

00:57:43   I would love to tell the people about MailRoute.

00:57:46   Did you say the MailRoute?

00:57:47   Mm-hmm.

00:57:48   the mail route, it's a route that the mail takes

00:57:51   to get to you.

00:57:52   What is the mail route?

00:57:53   The mail route goes through mail route.

00:57:56   Mail route is a system that intercepts your mail

00:57:59   before it gets to your server.

00:58:01   So basically you sign up,

00:58:03   change what's called an MX record,

00:58:05   which is a, it's a domain-y thing,

00:58:07   but if you're running a mail server,

00:58:09   you probably understand what that is.

00:58:11   It basically says,

00:58:11   where does all my mail go for my domain?

00:58:14   And you change that to point at mail route.

00:58:15   And so mail route takes your mail in,

00:58:17   it analyzes it and then passes through only the good mail

00:58:20   and leaves the spam and viruses and bounces

00:58:22   and stuff like that.

00:58:23   They just never get to you.

00:58:24   They're kept in a holding bin at mail route.

00:58:26   This also means that mail route servers are,

00:58:29   they're taking care of them.

00:58:30   They're updating the hardware and the software.

00:58:31   You don't have to worry about any of that.

00:58:33   They get to see all this spam as it comes in.

00:58:36   And I think that improves their intelligence

00:58:38   in figuring out what's good and what's bad.

00:58:40   If there is something that is valid

00:58:43   that got filtered by mail route,

00:58:45   and that does happen occasionally,

00:58:46   although it's very occasionally.

00:58:48   You can get an email sent to you

00:58:50   with a list of all the spam that mail route filtered out

00:58:52   so you know that it's working.

00:58:53   And with one click, you can have that mail delivered

00:58:55   and even have the person who sent it white listed

00:58:58   so they're never spam blocked again in the future.

00:59:02   So since you don't have to install or maintain everything

00:59:05   and the servers that you do have now

00:59:07   are not getting pummeled by spammers,

00:59:09   which is a thing that happens.

00:59:10   And my email server that I used to run

00:59:12   just got killed by all the spam coming in.

00:59:15   I would still be running my own mail server, frankly,

00:59:17   if I had mail route back then,

00:59:18   because having somebody to sit between me and the spammers

00:59:21   would have saved me a huge amount of network traffic

00:59:25   and burden to the server.

00:59:27   Large organizations use mail route,

00:59:29   universities and corporations.

00:59:31   It's got all of the things that an email administrator

00:59:34   or an IT professional would want for mail tools.

00:59:37   There's an API for easy account management

00:59:38   and it supports LDAP, Active Directory, TLS,

00:59:41   outbound relay, and mail bagging.

00:59:43   - Mail bagging.

00:59:45   I went Batman this week.

00:59:47   - Yeah, that's good.

00:59:48   Everything you want from people handling your mail.

00:59:51   You can start a risk free trial.

00:59:52   Don't even have to put a credit card down.

00:59:54   You sign up, change those MX records and that's it.

00:59:57   Your mailbox and hardware are completely protected.

00:59:59   So there's no reason not to try it

01:00:01   because it's a free trial.

01:00:02   So all upgrade listeners will get 10% off,

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01:00:07   Here's what you need to do.

01:00:08   You need to go to mailroute.net/upgrade now.

01:00:11   Mailroute.net/upgrade for the 10% off.

01:00:14   offer and thank you to mail route for sponsoring upgrade and relay FM and me and filtering

01:00:20   out my mail and Batman.

01:00:22   I did assume.

01:00:23   Thank you upgrade and mail route.

01:00:27   I did assume right that if Batman had an email account of his own you're like bat@batman.com

01:00:34   or something or not brucewayne@batman.com.

01:00:39   bat.man. New domains all the time, right? Maybe there's bat.man, super.man, spider.man.

01:00:46   Male@bat.man. Merlin.man. I just assumed that he would get a lot of spam, right? So he would

01:00:53   use mail route to help him. You know, like those utility belt companies, they send a

01:00:58   lot of spam email. Yeah. Anyway. I'm sure, also like, you know, service on the Batmobile.

01:01:09   like get an oil change on your Batmobile, things like that.

01:01:13   Batman doesn't want to put up with that crap.

01:01:15   - Nope, that's what Alfred's for.

01:01:17   Now we're out, it's kind of like Alfred.

01:01:20   - Yeah.

01:01:21   - Anyway, I want to thank everybody

01:01:25   'cause I went into our Ask Upgrade sheet this morning, Jason,

01:01:28   and we only had a couple of Ask Upgrades

01:01:31   from last week's episode, so I tweeted about it,

01:01:33   and I think we now have enough for the next six months, so.

01:01:36   - Yeah, I think so.

01:01:37   Did you notice, by the way, that we got,

01:01:40   that spammers found #AskAffcraff.

01:01:42   - Oh yeah, I saw that.

01:01:43   I cleared them out from the Google document today,

01:01:46   but that was fun to go through.

01:01:48   I don't know what was happening.

01:01:50   I think we ended up getting inadvertently caught

01:01:52   into some sort of Spanish Q&A session.

01:01:56   I don't really know what happened,

01:01:58   but that was an interesting thing to go through.

01:02:01   - It was very strange, yes,

01:02:03   in language I don't understand.

01:02:06   And I couldn't decide whether it was intentional

01:02:09   or whether we like got trending somewhere accidentally.

01:02:14   And then that gets picked up by spammers.

01:02:17   But in the end we have this just amazing like chain.

01:02:21   There's some of the tweets are just completely

01:02:25   like there's nothing there.

01:02:27   Remember me, what?

01:02:29   Which is, oh, okay.

01:02:32   So here it is.

01:02:33   So these, it seems like it's a link to the Twitter account Upgrade Official, which is

01:02:40   from the Philippines, and it looks like it's a boy band.

01:02:44   Yeah, I think what happened was, people were saying like, "Ask something."

01:02:48   Like it was like a name of one of the people in this boy band, and then he tagged "Ask

01:02:54   Upgrade."

01:02:55   So I'm concerned now that this might happen.

01:02:58   But you know, we might be okay.

01:03:01   We'll see.

01:03:02   But our hashtag has been has been coerced by a Philippine Filipino boy band.

01:03:08   Boy band. As long as they make us members, Myke.

01:03:12   Yep.

01:03:12   I'm okay with it.

01:03:13   We did sing a moment ago, so that was our audition.

01:03:18   I don't even know what to do anymore.

01:03:21   Derek, on the "No More Events" label that pops up on the Apple Watch,

01:03:27   Derek has suggested, and Jason I'm interested to see what you think,

01:03:30   What about a one-minute daily appointment called blank?

01:03:33   Just some spaces for $23.59.

01:03:35   So it would always say, you know, $23.59 blank.

01:03:39   Would that work until Apple maybe or maybe not issues a fix?

01:03:43   Would you do that?

01:03:45   - I wouldn't do that. - I wouldn't do that either.

01:03:46   Because it's just going to say $23.59 and then nothing.

01:03:49   Yeah. Just a reminder that--

01:03:51   That midnight will come.

01:03:53   Um, yeah.

01:03:55   And then after midnight, it probably will just tell you

01:03:57   what your thing is in the morning.

01:03:58   Mm-hmm.

01:03:59   but I won't say no more events.

01:04:01   But, yeah, it's a nice hack, but I wouldn't do it.

01:04:06   -Neither would I.

01:04:08   -I've come to terms with just not having my next calendar event

01:04:11   on my watch, and I'm okay with it.

01:04:12   I was really excited that it was a possibility.

01:04:15   And if I was still in an office and I had, like,

01:04:16   10 events during the day, I would probably do it.

01:04:18   But right now, I just don't have a calendar event

01:04:20   on my watch face.

01:04:23   -I haven't decided if I'm gonna keep it.

01:04:27   doesn't bother me. No more events doesn't doesn't bother me anymore.

01:04:33   And I think I like having my next event there but I'm not

01:04:38   100% sure that I do. Do you know what I mean? Like I think that I like it there

01:04:42   but I actually don't know how often I use it but...

01:04:48   There we go. So let's move on because that one did not fly. So we have

01:04:55   Chris, sorry Derek, with mobile boarding passes on the watch are there

01:05:00   issues at the display sleeping when you turn the watch to scan? Right, so if you're

01:05:04   going on a plane and you bring up Passbook and you bring up your boarding

01:05:08   pass, if you usually like if you turn the watch away from your face the screen

01:05:12   goes off and you see in all the videos and stuff people turning their watch

01:05:16   like away from them face down onto the scanning thing. So one I was gonna ask

01:05:21   Jason do you know and two what happens with Apple Pay? Yeah so I really like

01:05:24   this because Apple did something very smart which is when you scroll to the

01:05:29   barcode in Passbook the watch face stays on if not forever then much longer and

01:05:36   it goes to full brightness. Yeah okay that's what I'd expected because when

01:05:42   you go when you're in Passbook on the iPhone it like and you go to that point

01:05:45   and you open a pass it like ramps the phone up to full brightness anyway. Yeah

01:05:50   all the other UI drops away it's just the barcode and it's at full

01:05:54   brightness and then when you move your hand away it stays on. So it's a

01:06:01   special mode for scanning that happens there. Apple Pay is all NFC so you know.

01:06:07   Oh of course. Yeah. So you don't actually need the screen to do

01:06:12   anything you just kind of wave it and it does it. I bought two hot dogs with

01:06:16   Apple Pay last week. Oh yeah at the baseball game? Yeah it worked. It worked although

01:06:22   Although the scanning, the passbook didn't work, but the guy was like, "Oh, this scanner

01:06:27   is bad at devices, you should use her scanner."

01:06:30   And I ended up scanning my passbook on my phone instead of the watch because I didn't

01:06:33   want to make people wait in line behind me at that point.

01:06:37   But it totally worked to, Apple Pay totally worked to buy hot dogs.

01:06:42   That's like half of the Apple Pay purchases I've made have been hot dogs at a baseball

01:06:45   game.

01:06:46   But you know, hey, it works.

01:06:48   I would be surprised if this is the first time you've had this next question.

01:06:52   comes from Adam. Adam has said, "I'm abandoning Picture Life for now for the

01:06:56   new Photos app, but I want to keep the Memories feature." So like many of these

01:07:00   photo sharing services, Picture Life will send you like, "on this day" kind of

01:07:06   pictures. Do you have any suggestions for this? Has this crossed your path yet?

01:07:12   No. You know, in our little document you suggested Timehop, which

01:07:18   mines your Twitter and Facebook feeds for pictures. And I would throw in that ThinkUp

01:07:24   does that too. ThinkUp does a lot more than that, but one of the things that ThinkUp does

01:07:29   is tell you about things that you did in the past. Timehop is very good at that. That doesn't

01:07:36   help -- it doesn't mind like your whole photo library, only the things you share socially.

01:07:41   I know there was -- I can't remember the name of this app, but it won't solve the problem

01:07:45   anyway but it was a I think it was something that looked at Dropbox and did

01:07:49   that for you but again that's also not probably gonna help in this scenario so

01:07:54   it feels like there isn't anything maybe maybe there's an iOS app of some

01:07:59   description that can look at in your photos library I don't know I don't know

01:08:04   and I don't think you can set up a smart album to be you know show me everything

01:08:09   that happened on today's date I don't think it works that way I don't think

01:08:13   the smart albums feature lets you select, you know, it wants you to have very specific

01:08:19   days, not like a rolling selection of a year ago today or whatever. It's a good question.

01:08:26   I think Timehop is a great suggestion. If you've got photos that you shared, Timehop

01:08:30   is great. It will tell you what your tweets and Facebook posts of the past on this day

01:08:35   are. And it's an app and there's also an email. I like it.

01:08:39   - Yeah, but it's unfortunately...

01:08:41   - It's not all your stuff though.

01:08:42   Because maybe some most of the stuff you want to remember is the stuff you don't share right the real

01:08:47   personal moments. It's surprised, not surprises me, but this feels like something Apple could do and it feels like an Apple-y feature, right?

01:08:54   It's bringing the personality into the photos.

01:08:57   If the scripting support were better and maybe it can get better because they often will improve the scripting support.

01:09:03   There is some at launch, but there could be more. If they made the scripting support better

01:09:08   then you could have an app that, you know, basically poked your photos library and

01:09:13   said, you know, look at this date in the past here and then did something and, you

01:09:17   know, put together a slideshow or something like that. But right now

01:09:21   there's nothing like that.

01:09:24   Sorry Adam. Jonathan has asked, "Would it be helpful for the

01:09:28   watch to have a network connectivity complication?" Now I had to go back and

01:09:33   forth with Jonathan a little bit on this to try and understand what he was asking

01:09:37   because I was saying, well, you know,

01:09:38   if the watch can't connect to anything,

01:09:39   it shows that little red thing with the cross through it.

01:09:43   But he's saying, well, sometimes, it's right,

01:09:45   sometimes the watch is connected to the phone,

01:09:47   but the watch doesn't know that the phone has no service.

01:09:51   I've seen this.

01:09:52   So I think, my feeling on this is yes, in theory,

01:09:55   it would be good to know,

01:09:56   but I think the watch just doesn't know.

01:09:58   So even having the complications is not gonna help

01:10:00   because I just think sometimes the watch doesn't know

01:10:03   it's not connected to the internet.

01:10:05   It sounds to me like what really should happen here is that the phone should be passing whatever

01:10:10   it passes to say, "We're not on the internet.

01:10:14   We're not connected to the watch," for that same notification, or a different one, or

01:10:21   a different icon.

01:10:22   But I feel like a complication is too much.

01:10:23   I feel like they've got the little alert spot in the top of the watch face where you'll

01:10:28   see a red dot if there's a notification, or you'll see an alert if there's...

01:10:31   - Or a little airplane, if you're in airplane mode.

01:10:34   - Or the little, like is it an hourglass or something?

01:10:37   Or a moon when it's do not disturb, right?

01:10:40   It's a moon.

01:10:42   - Yes, a moon.

01:10:43   - So I could see it there,

01:10:45   or continuing the existing warning note.

01:10:50   It seems really fiddly to have something

01:10:52   more complicated than that.

01:10:53   It would seem to me better that the iPhone is more aware

01:10:57   like I don't have service right now.

01:10:58   I'm not on Wi-Fi, I don't have cellular service, and would just tell the watch, you know, it's

01:11:04   one of those times where we're having connectivity problems.

01:11:06   It's a good question, though.

01:11:08   I have not experienced this situation, but I think that that would be the right way to

01:11:14   do it, right?

01:11:15   It's just the phone knows whether it's connected or not.

01:11:16   So the phone should share that information as appropriate with the watch, and the watch

01:11:20   should be able to adjust accordingly.

01:11:21   Rob has asked "Could we see an option in settings to allow the watch to stay on longer than a few seconds, battery permitting?"

01:11:29   This is something that we think we're gonna, that we will see. I don't see it happening because you know, if you increased it, like if you increased it by a quarter of the amount of time or twice the amount of time, you were probably decreasing the battery life by a quarter or a half.

01:11:45   and they're just not gonna do that.

01:11:48   I mean, I have to say, right, now, you know,

01:11:50   I've had this watch for a couple of weeks now,

01:11:51   I'm happy to say that, I really like it.

01:11:54   And my battery life, I mean,

01:11:55   sometimes I get to the end of my day,

01:11:57   and my days can be quite long,

01:11:58   and I'm at 50%, like, quite frequently.

01:12:03   So, you know, I wonder,

01:12:04   maybe give me an extra couple of seconds,

01:12:06   but I think an extra couple of seconds

01:12:08   is not gonna make much of a difference.

01:12:10   I feel like it would probably need to be, like,

01:12:12   twice the amount of time, and then at that point,

01:12:14   you're cutting the battery life in half,

01:12:15   I don't want to do that. It's a trade-off and I think looking at what's at hand, I think

01:12:21   Apple just made what they consider to be the best trade-off.

01:12:24   I think, so my prediction is going to be Apple's going to loosen up a little bit on the battery

01:12:29   life moving forward because I feel like Apple was terrified of being dinged for having not

01:12:36   being able to get through a day.

01:12:37   Sure, sure.

01:12:38   And maybe there are people out there who are using this thing or maybe this is in anticipation

01:12:42   of having more native apps come down the road. But right now, I feel like they overshot.

01:12:47   And again, other people may have different experiences, but everybody I've talked to,

01:12:50   and certainly my personal experience, is I don't run out of battery on the phone or on

01:12:54   the watch. It's not even close. And so yeah, could they, as an option or even as a default,

01:13:00   stretch it a little bit? Put a little, you know, let that watch face stay on a little

01:13:07   bit longer before it decides to shut off? Because I do get annoyed that it's, you know,

01:13:12   oh, it's already off.

01:13:12   No, no, no, I, I, you know, come back, right?

01:13:15   I wanted you to come back.

01:13:16   Why did you just turn off right there?

01:13:18   They could tweak that a little bit,

01:13:20   seeing it out in the world

01:13:21   and realizing that maybe they overshot.

01:13:23   Maybe they could tune it a little bit more,

01:13:26   either as an option or just as the default.

01:13:28   So it wouldn't surprise me

01:13:29   because I feel like everybody's basically saying,

01:13:31   hey, it lasts through the day, no problem.

01:13:34   Then again, they may be saving up all that battery life

01:13:36   because they know there's gonna be a, you know,

01:13:38   a wave of native watch apps down the road

01:13:40   that's gonna make it more, you know, more power use

01:13:44   in the device and drain that battery faster.

01:13:47   I don't know.

01:13:48   - I wonder, right, if the pulling for,

01:13:50   I mean, I don't know, I have no idea,

01:13:52   but when I open overcast and in overcast,

01:13:55   like the watch is sending a thing to the phone

01:13:59   to try and get data and they're exchanging stuff back,

01:14:01   that seems to me like a battery draining process.

01:14:04   That just feels like all that data being passed

01:14:07   backwards and forwards every time I open the app, it feels like there's gonna be a

01:14:11   lot going on there. So you know, I wonder what's gonna happen with

01:14:16   the battery life. I mean, I guess different things are gonna affect it

01:14:19   differently, but it might still be okay. It might be, but I do feel like

01:14:25   that it's possible that there'll either be a setting here to keep the screen on

01:14:29   a little bit longer, or that they might even tweak it themselves, because if my

01:14:34   impression is correct, watch battery life has not been a problem. And, you know, and

01:14:41   I would definitely set the time out a little higher than it's set right now in my own personal

01:14:47   life because I don't--I've never come close to running the battery down, and I have had

01:14:51   on several occasions been frustrated that it went to sleep a little bit too fast.

01:14:55   -Sure, yeah. No, I agree with that.

01:14:58   -We'll see, but it would not--it would--honestly, I think it's more likely that Apple would

01:15:03   just tweak this then it would be an option in settings only because Apple

01:15:06   likes to avoid adding fiddly options and settings but it's possible.

01:15:11   So this last upgrade for this week comes from Lex, not that Lex.

01:15:17   Not that Lex. And Lex wants to know how do you treat your Mac Docs, for example

01:15:24   screen location, what are the apps you keep in them, what are the folders, that kind of

01:15:27   I'll go first. I will talk about my MacBook Pro, which I consider to be my Mac.

01:15:33   The Mac Pro is like this dinghy over there doing its production stuff.

01:15:38   So I don't really have it set up the way I would. So I have my

01:15:45   dock is on the left. Where's your menu bar? Is it on the top? My menu

01:15:51   bar is on the top today. Sometimes I move it to the bottom, you know, just to mix it up.

01:15:55   to mix it up. I don't recommend that. Today my dock is on the left. I have it

01:16:02   down... Are those pop-up menus, drop-up menus when it's on the bottom?

01:16:06   They are. What do you call those menus? They are. Pop-up menus.

01:16:11   Yep. Mm-hmm. Good. I have, naturally, Finder. I have the App Store there. Not 100% sure

01:16:19   why looking at that, why I have it there, but it's there. I have Chrome, System

01:16:23   preferences, mailbox, messages, tweetbot, lingo which is my IRC app, slack, omni

01:16:29   focus, clear, Skype, Evernote, byword and Spotify. I then have a downloads folder

01:16:37   which is in the grid configuration and displayed as a stack and then I have

01:16:45   naturally the Recycle Pin. Or trash. I guess it should be called. I too have my menu bar at the top. Oh.

01:16:54   Yeah, that's where I like it. Trendsetter. It's traditional. It's, well, it's, you know, I've been

01:16:58   using the Mac a long time. You know, the original Mac had the menu bar at the top,

01:17:01   so. You get stuck in your ways, you know. Yeah. In my dock, I have my dock pin to

01:17:08   the right, I'm one of those people, Finder, BB Edit, Safari, Mailplane, iTunes,

01:17:18   Messages, Twitter, Photos, because I'm writing a book about photos. I'm done. I

01:17:25   wrote the book. They're producing it now. It'll be out soon.

01:17:28   Reminders, and then below that is stuff that's open, so right now Skype,

01:17:35   lingo and Slack. One of these days I will probably make Slack a permanent, in fact

01:17:40   I'm gonna make Slack a permanent resident now. Yeah. I'm gonna put it right next to

01:17:44   Twitter there. And then below that I've got documents, downloads, and Dropbox

01:17:47   folders all listed. Just, I have a question on my own, but a really good

01:17:53   question in the chatroom from Rafola. How does the doc on the right affect

01:17:57   Notification Center? What happens? Does it just push everything over? Well, in

01:18:03   Yosemite Notification Center doesn't push anything, it just slides over, so when

01:18:06   when you activate Notification Center it slides over the dock as well as

01:18:11   everything else that's over on that side.

01:18:15   I was gonna ask, MailPlane.

01:18:18   MailPlane.

01:18:19   Not mailbox.

01:18:21   No, I'm using MailPlane. You know, I...

01:18:25   So I wrote the article about like alternatives to Apple Mail, and I said,

01:18:29   well, I think mailbox is my favorite of all of the ones

01:18:32   that are sort of like general, of general use.

01:18:35   But I use Gmail, and so I use Mailplane,

01:18:39   and I've been sticking with it.

01:18:41   It's, Mailplane is a wrapper around Gmail

01:18:45   that makes it more Mac-like.

01:18:46   You can drag in stuff, and it's got Mac keyboard shortcuts,

01:18:50   and it's just a little more Mac-friendly interface

01:18:53   on the Gmail web interface.

01:18:55   And I'm finding myself just using it all the time.

01:18:57   I've sort of not gone back to Apple Mail.

01:19:00   And Mailbox, I really like the organizational features of it.

01:19:03   I feel like the Mac version of Mailbox is, you know--

01:19:08   - It's finicky tea, but it is a beta.

01:19:10   - It is a beta, will it ever be a final?

01:19:13   I really like features of it,

01:19:16   but I also get frustrated by some

01:19:18   of the other features of it.

01:19:19   And I, since I'm using just Gmail at this point,

01:19:24   on my own domain, but it's still just Gmail,

01:19:26   that's what I'm using. I, you know, I go back and forth, I try other stuff, but I find that

01:19:31   right now I'm spending more time using MailPlane than anything else for email.

01:19:37   Cool. I mean, you can just use a web browser too, but I like MailPlane because it adds

01:19:41   some Mackie stuff and runs in its own app, and you can set it as the default mail app,

01:19:46   and so if you click a mail link, it opens a new Gmail mail window. That's really nice

01:19:52   to have all that.

01:19:54   - It always interests me when people use mailbox

01:19:56   on one device but not on all devices.

01:19:59   - Yeah, and I am still using mailbox on my iPhone.

01:20:02   - Yeah.

01:20:03   - And I like it there.

01:20:04   I like the swipe to classify.

01:20:06   That's the thing is that all of the classifications

01:20:09   of mailbox are just folders in Gmail, labels in Gmail.

01:20:12   So I have access to all that same stuff.

01:20:15   What I'm not using as much is the snooze features

01:20:19   because they don't really work.

01:20:21   - I'm also a big fan of the reordering.

01:20:24   Right? Right. I don't do a lot of that, but it's one of those things that I wish the mailbox version on the Mac was a little more stable and had a little more attention given to it, because I really like it.

01:20:37   But, you know, it's—mail playing for me because I'm in Gmail all the time is—and I'm kind of used to the interface—I do like it.

01:20:48   mailbox on the Mac, it does weird things and whenever they release a new

01:20:54   update for the beta it fixes the weird things but introduces more equally weird

01:20:58   things. Like at the moment I have it in full screen right? If I open a new email

01:21:03   previously it used to just put that the compose window over the top of the full

01:21:09   screen window right? It just kept it within the application but now it opens

01:21:13   a separate full screen window which is just the worst it's the worst possible

01:21:19   thing to do and like also if I open the preferences it opens another full screen

01:21:24   window with black around it and it doesn't have a close button like it's

01:21:29   just yeah and I emailed them about it and they were like thanks for the

01:21:33   feedback and it's like that was not the response okay bug report like thank you

01:21:40   That's like, "Hey, buddies."

01:21:42   Anyway.

01:21:43   - Yeah, it's too bad because I like so many things about it.

01:21:48   And then there are things that are just super weird

01:21:50   and I feel like, you know, come on, you're a male client.

01:21:55   - Wait, what?

01:21:56   Come on.

01:21:57   - Yeah, wait, what?

01:21:59   So yeah.

01:22:00   Oh, come on.

01:22:02   (laughing)

01:22:02   - Okay, right.

01:22:04   It's time for Myke in the movies.

01:22:05   - Okay, so we're releasing you.

01:22:08   If you don't want to hear Myke talk about Raiders of the Lost Ark, you can leave now. It's okay.

01:22:12   But before you leave, there's something Myke needs to tell you.

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01:22:35   and we used to hold lots of meetings, and if I used to think about—

01:22:37   I went to Scotland for a meeting once. I got on a plane to fly to Scotland for a meeting.

01:22:42   That's insanity. And the main reason is because they didn't want to do it on a call. They wanted

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01:24:08   So that's gotomeeting.com for your free 30 day trial.

01:24:12   Thank you so much to Citrix GoToMeeting for supporting this week's episode of Upgrade

01:24:18   and Myke at the Movies.

01:24:21   Okay, so.

01:24:23   Myke at the Movies.

01:24:24   We're going to the movies with Myke.

01:24:26   What did Myke see this time?

01:24:28   It's Raiders of the Law.

01:24:29   I can't do it.

01:24:30   I can't be Elliot Kaelin singing the, uh, it's Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the

01:24:35   Lost Ark, which is not its title, but it's how it's marketed now.

01:24:38   It's just Raiders of the Lost Ark.

01:24:40   Steven Spielberg.

01:24:41   Yes, so this is one of the things that I noticed originally, it was just called Raiders of

01:24:45   the Lost Ark.

01:24:46   And then when I searched on IMDB to find some names of the characters for my notes, it took

01:24:50   me a moment to find it, because I was looking for Indiana Jones and it wasn't coming up

01:24:57   and then realized that, oh, it was just called Raiders of the Lost Ark because nobody cared

01:25:02   about Indiana Jones before the movie came out, right?

01:25:05   Indeed.

01:25:06   Why would you care?

01:25:07   Oh, Indiana Jones?

01:25:08   I haven't heard of that guy before.

01:25:09   I'm going to love that movie.

01:25:11   And they probably, I'm going to assume, didn't know that it was going to be a franchise,

01:25:14   right?

01:25:15   Because...

01:25:16   Well, I mean, I'm sure they hoped.

01:25:18   Yeah.

01:25:19   Right?

01:25:20   I mean, this is Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at the...

01:25:23   I don't know about the height of Steven Spielberg's career because he went on to have

01:25:27   this amazing career after this, but this was like the height of their fame as these young

01:25:31   producers and directors who had made these giant blockbuster films, and they decided to collaborate

01:25:38   on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and everybody went crazy like, "Oh my god, it's the next big thing."

01:25:43   So I imagine they thought it would be a big franchise.

01:25:46   And Han Solo.

01:25:47   And starring Han Solo. Exactly right. Who was, I think, reluctant, Harrison Ford was initially

01:25:53   reluctant to be in this movie because he felt it was too similar to Han Solo, but he did it.

01:25:59   So before, kind of before going in...

01:26:02   Tom Selleck was going to be Indiana Jones by the way, but he couldn't do it because of Magnum P.I.

01:26:07   Yeah. Yeah. I know. What a world. There's a parallel universe out there where Tom Selleck

01:26:13   was in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can imagine that. I mean, I'll talk about the character

01:26:18   in general in a minute, like as I go through, but I can imagine Tom Selleck also fitting that role.

01:26:23   Like in my mind I get that. Okay so, before I watched this movie, there were a couple of

01:26:35   things that I knew about Indiana Jones. Right? Okay. I knew the character, right? I knew,

01:26:43   you know, I know, I know Indiana Jones as a character.

01:26:46   Um, I know about-- Good start.

01:26:48   I know about the boulder, right? I know about the face melting, and I know about

01:26:53   sliding under a closing door. You know about,

01:26:56   about what? The face melting. What was the first one? The boulder.

01:27:01   Oh, the boulder, okay, yes. I, I, you know, I almost heard,

01:27:04   I know about Ebola. That's not really relevant to this at all.

01:27:08   The boulder, the boulder, the roll-- giant rolling boulder.

01:27:11   Didn't you get the Ebonus subplot of Francis of the Last Dawn of Jason?

01:27:15   I missed the subtext there.

01:27:17   So I'm gonna go through and as I do and and talk through my notes

01:27:22   I do very much enjoy doing this, but it is very peculiar

01:27:26   I mean

01:27:26   I'm sure you feel sort of time to to watch a movie and take notes on the movie because I don't know how you do

01:27:31   this, but I

01:27:32   Pause the movie and make some notes in a start again. Do you do that when you take notes and movies?

01:27:39   No, because it's generally no I just generally just keep taking the notes

01:27:43   So if something really amazing happens immediately after something other amazing and noteworthy then I might miss it in which case I would back

01:27:50   It up I suppose. Yeah, cuz I felt that sometimes I'd lose I like it's like 20 minutes later

01:27:55   And I don't know what's happening. It's because I realized I lost 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds

01:27:59   Something really important happened in them like that's happened to me. So that's why I pause

01:28:02   So I don't end up with more confusion later

01:28:07   So yeah, my first note is I was, you know, noting Indiana Jones. There is no Indiana Jones in the title.

01:28:13   And this is, my next note that I have here is something that I feel was pretty,

01:28:17   pretty, a pretty consistent feeling that you're gonna hear me mention quite a bit. But whilst I think a whip is super cool,

01:28:25   I don't think it's

01:28:27   probably the most effective weapon in any instance that he uses it.

01:28:31   Well, it's, it's,

01:28:33   It's tool. I think it's not his only tool. It is kind of his trademark, but it's not his only tool.

01:28:38   And I don't know, archaeologist, you're getting in and out of scrapes and funny areas,

01:28:43   and obviously it's quite versatile with what he does with it. He's very good at the whip.

01:28:48   Yeah, that's my thing though. It's like I don't think anybody could be that good.

01:28:52   Well, this is a little like when you're playing Dungeons & Dragons and somebody says,

01:28:57   "I'm going to do something with rope," right? It's like rope doesn't do that.

01:29:00   Sure, you could try to do that.

01:29:02   What do you think this rope is, this magic rope?

01:29:04   Because rope is very limited in its utility, and I think whips are similarly limited.

01:29:10   Yeah, it's like any time a grappling hook is used to cross a cavern in any movie, grappling

01:29:15   hooks do not do that in the one go.

01:29:18   I saw Star Wars, I watched Star Wars this weekend, and when Luke and Leia are going

01:29:25   across that cavern you know in the Death Star and he like throws up this

01:29:30   grappling hook from his Batman utility belt which apparently Luke had for the

01:29:34   rest of the movie that nobody bothered to mention. I don't know where, it's never explained.

01:29:39   I need to cross caverns sometimes.

01:29:42   And you know he uses that and he throws it up there and in one it like goes around and hooks on perfectly.

01:29:47   Yeah amazing. Just what you need for that in case you are trapped in a

01:29:53   place where people work that has giant bottomless pits. These things happen.

01:29:58   Workplace hazards, you know? But this isn't about Star Wars. No. I found the

01:30:03   beginning of this movie to be very mysterious, like, there's no explanation

01:30:08   to what is happening, right? You're just in in the jungle, and also, like,

01:30:13   something that I found really interesting, and I wonder how people took

01:30:16   to this when it first came out, because Indy is in this first scene, right, when

01:30:20   they're going after the idol. There is no kind of clear explanation as to whether

01:30:26   this character is a good guy or a bad guy.

01:30:29   Well in fact, if you look you'll see that he's in shadow at the beginning and his back has turned to the camera

01:30:38   and we don't actually see his face for a long time. He's mysterious at the beginning.

01:30:46   Because then it's like the people that look like they're up to no good and they have accents, right?

01:30:52   And then he's siding with these people and it's like, is this a good person or a bad person?

01:30:58   I can see how that, you know, people might have thought that because I was when I was watching-

01:31:02   He is the star of the movie so, you know.

01:31:04   Yeah but you didn't necessarily- well okay, I mean, if you knew Harrison Ford, right?

01:31:09   But I mean this is assuming knowledge of it, but anyway.

01:31:11   It doesn't mean he's a good guy.

01:31:15   then we go through the whole scene with Alfred Molina, who may be my favorite character in

01:31:21   this movie. I think he is amazing. He's just so great. All of his terror, everything,

01:31:29   is just brilliant. And they go and grab the idol. And so much of what I knew about Indiana Jones

01:31:37   happens in this sequence. In that opening sequence, yeah.

01:31:41   which is something that I found really interesting. I didn't expect to get both the boulder and the

01:31:46   sliding under the door in the same movie, let alone in the first 10 minutes. And even like the

01:31:52   replacing the idol with a bag of sand. All of these things have been played out so many times,

01:32:00   but like watching them here, it's always difficult when you're watching a movie like this. Having

01:32:05   seeing a bunch of movies that like use things that are probably unique to this

01:32:12   movie like later that become tropes because when you watch them you have

01:32:16   less appreciation I think so I try and leave those things at the door and

01:32:20   appreciate the movie what it is but it is very difficult when you have all this

01:32:23   like retroactive knowledge about the film.

01:32:27   Although the film is itself a you know it's an homage to adventure

01:32:33   just as Star Wars is really, to adventure serials of the 50s I guess and before. So

01:32:38   it's not you know it's a re-spinning of some old tropes into things that would

01:32:43   then became so influential that you saw them again afterward because of this.

01:32:48   And then again another consistent theme along with the the whip is how gory this

01:32:54   movie is. Surprised me. Well there are yeah so Zepito

01:33:01   takes the takes the idol and doesn't give back the whip, but he is not careful and gets impaled by the

01:33:08   spikes just as Forstahl, uh, Forstahl, not Straht-Forstahl, but Forstahl bought it here earlier and they find

01:33:15   his skeleton and then and then as Indiana goes under the with his whip and goes under the the

01:33:20   little dropping down door which is dropping for a very long time, he finds Alfred Molina impaled

01:33:29   likewise on the spikes and says adios, Sapido, and takes the takes the idol and and then runs away.

01:33:36   That's a pretty gory moment just just then, right? Yeah. And then later there's the face melting and

01:33:43   things that happen at the end. It's not it's not there's not quite so much in the middle, but um

01:33:48   oh well other than things involving the airplanes airplane propellers in the desert yeah okay fair

01:33:53   enough yeah I'll give it to you. I've noted down more gory parts which I'll get to. That's the gory

01:33:58   details is what you're saying. Indeed. Then of course we have the boulder, right?

01:34:03   Which this is such a huge action moment to put at the start of a movie because

01:34:09   it is so insane, right? This huge boulder chasing you and you're trying to escape

01:34:14   from it. Lots of danger, lots of excitement, and this like real like rise

01:34:19   of action right at the start of the movie reminds me of a James Bond film.

01:34:24   he's going on this little adventure which sets up the character.

01:34:27   That's definitely the model here. James Bond is absolutely one of the models for Indiana Jones and for this movie.

01:34:36   You know, the flavor is a little different, but it's definitely one of the models.

01:34:40   And then also it's that cliffhanger feel of a serial, of a movie serial, where you're coming in at the end of his adventure

01:34:45   and seeing, you know, how will he escape the rolling boulder and you back up and sort of see the action that came before

01:34:52   and now we'll see the resolution.

01:34:54   And they're trying to give you that feeling too.

01:34:55   But that's the same thing that James Bond does.

01:34:57   It's the exact same thing.

01:34:58   You're usually in those James Bond movies,

01:35:00   you're catching up on something

01:35:01   that isn't related to the movie.

01:35:02   And it's just sort of like,

01:35:03   here's what happened in this off-screen adventure

01:35:06   that James Bond had,

01:35:07   and now we're getting the resolution of it.

01:35:08   But it's definitely very Bond-like.

01:35:10   - Like Indiana Jones, I'm also scared of snakes, right?

01:35:14   'Cause he has the snake that's in the plane,

01:35:15   which also made me laugh,

01:35:16   'cause there was a snake on the plane, which made me smile.

01:35:21   So little did I know at this point that I was not set up for a good ride here.

01:35:26   There were going to be a lot more snakes as the movie progresses.

01:35:29   Yes, that is a, they're setting up his fear of snakes for later payoff.

01:35:33   And then we have in a row here, we have two in a row, massive shocks to me about this movie.

01:35:39   Shock number one is that Indiana Jones is a professor.

01:35:43   Yes.

01:35:44   I did not know this.

01:35:46   And I was extremely surprised because at first I thought, oh, like,

01:35:51   That's a surprise. He must have retired, right?

01:35:54   And now he is a professor and he is going to be called back into action.

01:35:58   But no, he is a professor who, as part of his professor duties, goes on massive adventures.

01:36:04   Which I love the thought that there are archaeologists that are teaching archaeologists

01:36:09   who are sent by "the museum" whatever that is, "the museum"

01:36:14   to go out into the world and steal things.

01:36:17   - I love the... - The university museum, I guess.

01:36:19   university museum that we must protect. I also really loved in as 80s movies will

01:36:28   be... this is in the 80s? Yeah it's 1981 I want to say. Okay great. In a great 80s

01:36:35   movie fashion all of the girls are in love with him in the class to the point

01:36:41   where I really really enjoyed the "love you" written on that one girl's eyelids.

01:36:48   genius but and the guy puts the the male student puts the apple on the desk too

01:36:55   I love that so everybody loves dr. Jones but I have to say Harrison Ford in this

01:37:01   movie is an extremely handsome man like there are points in this movie where I'm

01:37:06   like oh my god look at you absolutely no actually it's quite a shock right we've

01:37:13   seen them all scruffy in in the jungle and then you cut to him writing on the

01:37:18   chalkboard and you're like whoa whoa whoa what just happened right yeah cleans up

01:37:23   he cleans up kind of nice and that's how we we meet Dr. Jones and his element for

01:37:28   the first time and I do you know now I feel having seen these movies that

01:37:32   Indiana Jones is more attractive than Han Solo oh yeah yeah I agree so he's

01:37:39   He's just a scruffy looking nerf herder.

01:37:41   Uh huh.

01:37:43   Yep.

01:37:44   The next huge surprise for me that I was not expecting was the Nazis.

01:37:48   I didn't know that the Nazis were going to be in this movie.

01:37:52   1936 did not set off any alarm bells.

01:37:55   I just didn't expect it.

01:37:58   I was very surprised that my now I know him as an archaeology professor is going to be

01:38:03   fighting the Nazis in this movie.

01:38:07   And you know, this ties into these two points tying to "archeologists are cool."

01:38:12   You know?

01:38:13   - Archaeologists are...how many archaeology careers were launched with Raiders of the

01:38:16   Lost Ark?

01:38:17   I don't know.

01:38:18   But it's...and it's a nice...I mean, it's not...he ends up fighting the Nazis, right?

01:38:22   But it's really about the Nazis and the Nazis are after an archaeological item and the U.S.

01:38:29   government says, you know, "We don't want him to get this item."

01:38:33   And so Indiana Jones is on the case at that point.

01:38:35   So it's sort of like, who's going to get the item?

01:38:37   Who's going to get the Ark of the Covenant?

01:38:39   And then the globe-trotting adventure begins.

01:38:42   And the Nazis, pre-war Nazi Germany are the villains, which is interesting.

01:38:46   So there are no open hostilities.

01:38:47   He can move around the world, but it's very clear that the Nazis and Hitler are not...

01:38:56   It's not going to go well, right?

01:38:59   So they're good villains to have at that point.

01:39:01   - Hitler is mentioned so much in this movie.

01:39:04   I was waiting for him to make an appearance.

01:39:07   - Yeah, he appears in "The Last Crusade."

01:39:09   - Okay.

01:39:10   - In a jokey scene that I don't really enjoy,

01:39:13   but it's funny, it's so broad that I don't,

01:39:17   one of my criticisms of "The Last Crusade,"

01:39:19   which is a very good movie,

01:39:20   it's not at Raiders level, but it's a good movie.

01:39:24   It's the other good movie in the series, I would say.

01:39:26   That's gonna make some people sad,

01:39:28   but the Nazis are much more slapstick villains in that,

01:39:32   whereas they feel really menacing here, for the most part.

01:39:36   -Yeah. There is a lot of slapstick in this movie.

01:39:38   -Yeah. Hitler signs an autograph for somebody in "Last Crusade."

01:39:42   It's not -- Anyway, yeah. Yeah.

01:39:45   -Okay, so then we have -- We discover Marian, right?

01:39:51   -Marian, yeah. Marian Raven-Wood.

01:39:53   -She's drinking an awful lot of alcohol.

01:39:55   She's having -- -She's drinking the other Nepalese

01:40:00   or wherever they are, Tibetans are under the table.

01:40:03   She recovers extremely fast from the amount of alcohol that she consumed as Indi arrives.

01:40:09   She's really good at holding her liquor is the lesson we've learned about Marion.

01:40:14   And then, you know, so then, so basically Indi is on his quest now to find the Ark of

01:40:19   the Government, which is what the Ten Commandments were expected to be stowed into. There is

01:40:26   There's a whole, you know, we set up the idea of there could be magic within here at this

01:40:30   point.

01:40:31   Yeah, let me pause you just to say, and we talked about this on the incomparable episode

01:40:35   about Raiders, I think it's actually kind of a masterful scene, the exposition scene

01:40:38   that happens where they're like in the auditorium at the college and it's Indy and his mentor

01:40:43   and the two guys from the government.

01:40:47   And they explain all this stuff about the Ark of the Covenant and all that.

01:40:51   is the maybe my favorite exposition scene in any film because it's so

01:40:56   dramatic and interesting and yet it really is like a guy on at a chalkboard

01:41:00   explaining the Bible. But the other thing is it doesn't feel like I mean it is

01:41:04   exposition it doesn't have the exposition feeling to it. That's why it's

01:41:08   so good. Yeah it is being explained to these two people because these two

01:41:12   people clearly don't understand what they're dealing with and it works it

01:41:17   what I agree with you I didn't realize until now how well that scene actually

01:41:21   worked because it kind of I just took it in as information I needed. So India has

01:41:26   arrived and he has asked for it's like an amulet. The headpiece of the staff of

01:41:31   Ra which is like on a necklace in Nepal. His old mentor Abner is dead but

01:41:38   his daughter and Indy's ex-girlfriend Marion is running this

01:41:44   bar and she says she knows where it is come back tomorrow. And then some evil

01:41:51   German accents appear.

01:41:52   - Yes.

01:41:53   - You know, the most evil that you could imagine

01:41:57   a German accent to be.

01:41:58   Like it's not just a German accent,

01:42:00   there's also like a weirdness to the voice, like you know.

01:42:02   - Oh yeah, well it's almost like a Peter Lorre kind of thing

01:42:04   where it's, I think what Todt says, the Nazi in question,

01:42:08   she's like gonna get a drink for you and your men

01:42:10   when she realizes they're gonna be threatening her.

01:42:12   And he says, "We are not thirsty."

01:42:15   And it's like, oh my God.

01:42:17   - Your fire is dying.

01:42:19   - Is dying.

01:42:20   - Yeah, so creepy, yeah.

01:42:23   He's a bad guy, suffice it to say, that's a bad guy.

01:42:26   - Not only is he wearing all black,

01:42:28   and then later in the movie where he gets like

01:42:30   the nunchucks coat hanger, like what is that thing about?

01:42:34   - That's a pretty good gag though.

01:42:36   Oh my god, what's it gonna do with that?

01:42:37   Oh, he's just hanging up his coat.

01:42:39   - So this is another point, again, whilst it's cool

01:42:42   using a whip to grab a hot poker

01:42:44   whilst it's in inches from somebody's face,

01:42:47   I think bad idea.

01:42:48   I think that that is a poor choice.

01:42:51   The tools that are available at a time, I would say.

01:42:53   He has a gun!

01:42:54   Because he gets it out next.

01:42:56   But he wants to pull the poker away so it doesn't burn Marion.

01:43:00   I think that there's more...

01:43:02   He could have just easily whipped her in the face at that point.

01:43:06   Or whipped it forward into her face.

01:43:09   That's what I expect, right?

01:43:10   The force of the whip hitting the poker would have hit her in the face.

01:43:15   Indiana Jones is that good.

01:43:17   It appears so, wouldn't it? So this is where a lot of gore is occurring. There is a gunfight,

01:43:25   that happens in the bar, and there is an incredible amount of blood here. There are

01:43:32   lots of people on fire, and it's just surprising to me. There's one point where someone gets shot

01:43:39   in the head, and it's not like what you usually see in a movie. The guy gets shot in the head,

01:43:45   You see a gunshot wound immediately appear on his head. It doesn't move. He just falls forward which is actually I believe

01:43:51   After watching mythbusters what actually does happen like you don't fly across the room when you get shot sure

01:43:57   right, you just stop where you are and fall down and it's

01:44:00   Real enough looking that it was very surprising to me

01:44:04   There's lots of people with blood pouring out of their mouths after they're shot in the back

01:44:07   You get you get the thing where Indy Indy thinks he's been shot by the guy

01:44:10   But it turns out that that the guy has been shot and his mouth opens and blood pours out and he falls down

01:44:15   Yeah, it was you know, it's not a complaint. It was just surprising. I was surprised by it

01:44:22   I don't know what rating this movie was, but I in the US the US rating is PG. Yeah

01:44:28   See that surprises me

01:44:30   I feel like that you couldn't do this now and still be a PG. It would be a PG 13 now. Yeah

01:44:38   In fact, the second movie in this series is what essentially created the PG-13 rating

01:44:42   because it's even more far more brutal.

01:44:45   Interesting.

01:44:46   Interesting.

01:44:47   James Thompson in the chat room says, "I saw this film when I was eight and it did traumatize

01:44:50   me a bit."

01:44:51   So there you go.

01:44:53   My notes jump quite significantly here.

01:44:56   So I'm now straight at the point where they're having the chase in the desert town.

01:45:03   I can't remember where they are.

01:45:05   So what happens is that Tote tries to grab the medallion, but it's been in a fire, so

01:45:14   it's burning hot, and so he screams and jumps out and puts his hand in the snow.

01:45:18   I don't know why he jumps out the window.

01:45:19   He just ran out the door, man.

01:45:21   Yeah, he just runs out the window.

01:45:23   He's driven mad.

01:45:25   The thing's burning down.

01:45:27   Karen Allen picks up the thing with a cloth and says to Indy that she's coming with him

01:45:32   because they're partners and we follow the little, you know, the airplane on the map

01:45:36   montage, which we saw to get to Nepal. Now leaves Nepal and goes to Egypt where they

01:45:41   meet up with Salah, who is John Rhys-Davies, and he says that the Nazis are digging out

01:45:46   in the desert because they think they found Tanis, the lost city out in the desert. And

01:45:52   so is it the chase? Which chase are you referring to? Is it the first one where she gets, she

01:46:02   she gets kidnapped.

01:46:03   Mm-hmm.

01:46:04   So the next point on my notes, so Marion at this point is in a basket being taken around

01:46:09   by a couple of villains, right?

01:46:13   Yeah.

01:46:14   And then I just liked the bit where this is another famous scene now that I've seen it.

01:46:20   I know people are referencing it.

01:46:22   You've got the huge tall guy who's throwing the sword around, right?

01:46:25   Yeah.

01:46:26   Getting ready for the showdown and then he just shoots him.

01:46:28   Yeah.

01:46:29   Which is great.

01:46:30   The story is that Harrison Ford had the flu or something and was incredibly sick and they

01:46:33   got to the end of the day shooting that and they didn't, you know, and he was like, "What

01:46:37   if I just shoot him and we don't do a big fight scene?"

01:46:40   And they said, "All right, let's do that.

01:46:41   That's the story anyway."

01:46:43   But it's a really, it's a funny moment that Indy is just, he doesn't go in for that kind

01:46:49   of showbiz stuff.

01:46:50   He's going to, "Whatever, I can just shoot you."

01:46:51   - Well, unless there's a bullwhip involved.

01:46:53   - Unless there's a whip involved.

01:46:54   Yeah, he couldn't use the whip in that situation.

01:46:55   - Just whipped him in the eye or something.

01:46:57   - He was tired.

01:46:58   - One of the things that happens with Indy in this movie

01:47:00   and in general is that he gets beat up.

01:47:03   Like, I like that about him.

01:47:04   You root for him in part because he keeps getting beat up.

01:47:06   He gets, he's, you know, he's punched, he's bloody,

01:47:09   he's tired, you get the sense he's really tired

01:47:12   and he wants to go lie down, but he can't

01:47:14   'cause he's gotta fight the Nazis instead.

01:47:16   - So, you know, at this point,

01:47:18   Marion's put into the back of a truck full of explosives.

01:47:20   I was not expecting her to be blown up.

01:47:22   - Yeah, it is a surprise when she's blown up

01:47:25   and it's very sad. - And I thought she was dead.

01:47:28   - Yeah, well, I mean, the way it's edited,

01:47:31   it's very hard to imagine how she wasn't put in the truck,

01:47:33   but we just hear her voice and see the baskets

01:47:37   and it turns out she's in another basket

01:47:39   and not that basket, I guess,

01:47:40   but it's unclear how she gets out of the truck

01:47:43   before it explodes.

01:47:44   But at that point, Indy is essentially suicidal,

01:47:47   so he basically goes and finds Belloq, his tormentor,

01:47:49   and is like, "Go ahead and make my day.

01:47:51   "We'll both go, you know, we'll both die."

01:47:54   And they save him and talk him out of it

01:47:58   and convince him to go out into the desert

01:48:00   and try to dig in the right place

01:48:02   because we learned that the Nazis

01:48:04   are digging in the wrong place

01:48:05   because they've copied the headpiece

01:48:08   from the burn on Evel German Todt's hand.

01:48:12   And the instructions on the backside of it say,

01:48:15   take away a couple of cubits.

01:48:17   And so they're digging in the wrong place.

01:48:19   So they gotta go,

01:48:20   Jones has gotta go to the Well of Souls

01:48:23   with his little stick and the little headpiece

01:48:25   and find where to dig properly to get this artifact.

01:48:30   - So a couple of points that I had

01:48:34   leading in between these two points that we have here.

01:48:38   There's one where, you know, after Marion has died

01:48:41   and Indy's sitting at a bar and he's drinking

01:48:43   and there's a lot of close-up shots of him.

01:48:45   And it was at that moment that I decided

01:48:47   that Chris Pratt should be the new Indiana Jones

01:48:49   and they should reboot it.

01:48:51   - Yep, that might happen.

01:48:53   - Well, they've just announced Indy 5

01:48:54   and for all intents and purposes it seems like it will have Harrison Ford in it so

01:48:58   because it's Indiana Jones 5 but I feel like they could start again because

01:49:03   Chris Pratt is perfect for the role in my opinion and looks enough like Harrison

01:49:09   Ford I kind of wish that Shia LaBeouf kind of wasn't his son because Chris

01:49:13   Pratt kind of is Harrison Ford's son you know they look very very similar and I

01:49:18   would I would quite like to see that because I am a big fan of Chris Pratt I

01:49:22   I like his work. I was surprised the monkey died even though the monkey is a

01:49:27   traitor, a treacherous, treacherous traitor. He's a Nazi monkey.

01:49:31   Even though he is a Nazi monkey he eats the dates like a silly Nazi monkey and

01:49:36   then he dies. And then when we're up to the point that you're at

01:49:41   Harrison Ford goes down into the pit, like the map room I think they call it.

01:49:47   And he does all of his archaeological stuff, he points at things on the floor

01:49:50   and he brushes sand away and he finds out, you know, where the the correct place needs to be.

01:49:55   And then, you know, there's a "hoo-ha-ha" but he ends up getting out of there. And that's when

01:50:02   Marion is alive and I wrote in my notes "she's alive!" because I was very excited about that and

01:50:07   also happy. Yeah, but then he leaves her there. He's gonna untie her and then he realizes they'll know

01:50:12   that he's there if he if he has her, helps her escape. So he says "I'm gonna leave you here"

01:50:17   and that infuriates her quite rightly so and he leaves to go get his prize.

01:50:23   That's smart though to me. You don't see that sort of stuff in movies.

01:50:27   No it is it is smart but I also love that it infuriates her

01:50:30   and yeah it's a that's a I like that I like that moment a lot

01:50:34   that she's infuriated that he's going to leave her there.

01:50:39   And then there's the whole basically that they're at the point now they've

01:50:44   they know where they've got to go and they start digging

01:50:46   Um, and then, you know, I don't know why they thought they wouldn't get caught, uh, getting

01:50:53   the -- they find the Ark of the Covenant, right? Well, they --

01:50:55   It's a big -- big desert. Yeah, but it's not -- it's not far from the site.

01:50:59   Yeah. No, they can -- they can see them up there. They almost get away with it, but they

01:51:03   don't get away with it. So they toss Indy and Marion into the, uh, into the -- the -- the

01:51:09   pit after getting the -- the Ark of the Covenant out, and of course it's full of snakes down

01:51:13   there. Ah, so it's very dangerous. You go first.

01:51:15   - Yeah, there's a nice moment where Sala says,

01:51:16   "You, yes, you go first."

01:51:19   (laughing)

01:51:21   - Yeah, I didn't like all the snakes in this bit.

01:51:23   One of my favorite points, again,

01:51:27   this enforces the craziness of using a whip.

01:51:31   Marianne burns in these leg thinking

01:51:33   that the whip was a snake.

01:51:34   - Yes.

01:51:36   - It's like, "See, whip is silly."

01:51:39   I do like the whip, by the way.

01:51:40   I don't want to see him as anti-whip.

01:51:43   I just think that there are times where the whip works

01:51:45   times with a whip doesn't work. And then you know they kind of get out and then

01:51:50   there's like this horrific so basically Indy climbs up this big statue knocks it

01:51:54   down creates a hole in the wall right and then there's this horrific scene

01:51:57   right another like really and this one out of place.

01:52:02   Well there's like desiccated bodies that are screaming that have been buried on the other side of the wall.

01:52:07   And then there's the snake that comes out of the skull. Why does that happen?

01:52:13   I can't get that image out of my mind.

01:52:15   It's meant to be spooky and scary, yeah.

01:52:19   But then pay no mind to that because even though this thing has been entombed for a

01:52:23   thousand or two thousand years, through that wall is where there's people buried and then

01:52:27   through that is like a window and you can just crawl out.

01:52:30   And somehow it's remained undiscovered all of this time.

01:52:34   But no time to think about that because it's going on a plane and we need to get to the

01:52:40   plane.

01:52:41   set piece where they try to hijack the plane and there's a big Nazi who's like a bare knuckle

01:52:48   boxer kind of guy, big bald Nazi who's trying to fight Indy while they're kind of like stuck

01:52:55   in the cockpit and there's a gas leak and an open flame and you know all of these things

01:53:02   are happening at once where there's a ticking countdown and there's a guy who's trying to

01:53:06   kill Indy and there's the spinning--

01:53:07   - Marion is mowing people down with a gun attached to the plane.

01:53:12   - Yeah, a lot going on there.

01:53:14   - And then more blood.

01:53:16   - And then the guy gets chopped up in the propeller blade,

01:53:20   which we don't see, but we see him go, "Ah!"

01:53:22   And then we see like,

01:53:23   - A bucket of blood.

01:53:25   - Sound effect, and there's like a stream of,

01:53:28   a splatter of blood.

01:53:30   - And of course when they're fighting,

01:53:31   there's blood all over them, right?

01:53:32   They're getting busted open.

01:53:33   - Sure, 'cause Andy's getting beat up,

01:53:35   which again is one of his charms is that he gets beat up.

01:53:38   He's not one of these heroes who's like,

01:53:41   "I'm okay, I fell out of a..."

01:53:43   Like in the Avengers,

01:53:44   "I fell out of a four story building, I'll walk it off."

01:53:47   Like Captain America says in that movie,

01:53:49   "If you die, walk it off."

01:53:50   - I like that line by the way.

01:53:51   - Indiana Jones just gets the crap beat out of him

01:53:55   and you feel bad 'cause you know it hurts.

01:53:57   He's not one of those people who,

01:53:58   even though yes, he does get up and he continues adventuring

01:54:01   you just get the sense that he is taking damage.

01:54:04   he is really unhappy with his predicament.

01:54:06   And I think that's charming.

01:54:07   I think that's one of the things people like about Indy.

01:54:09   - I just said he's not tough.

01:54:10   He is tough, right?

01:54:11   But he's not invincible.

01:54:12   He's a professor.

01:54:13   - Exactly.

01:54:14   Yeah, yeah.

01:54:15   And he's, I mean, and that's why we root for him

01:54:16   is that although he's tough,

01:54:18   he is getting the crap beat out of him

01:54:20   and reacting like we would, presumably,

01:54:23   or at least like a human being would

01:54:25   and being like really unhappy about it.

01:54:27   And later in the movie, there's that scene

01:54:29   where Karen Allen asks where it hurt or it doesn't hurt.

01:54:32   (laughs)

01:54:33   And he looked like his elbow and his forehead.

01:54:36   There's very few parts that don't hurt on Indiana Jones.

01:54:40   And his lips.

01:54:41   And his lips.

01:54:42   Well, that's his move.

01:54:43   That's his big move.

01:54:44   That was a good move.

01:54:46   There's also more blood.

01:54:51   I forgot one of my favorite lines.

01:54:52   Truck chase.

01:54:53   Yeah, it's a car chase.

01:54:54   One of my favorite lines in the movie.

01:54:55   I do not understand the delivery of this line, right?

01:55:00   And I won't be able to effectively deliver it, but I still find it funny.

01:55:03   So they get out of the plane or whatever and then, what's the guy's name?

01:55:08   They help her, what's his name?

01:55:10   Sala.

01:55:11   Sala.

01:55:12   So Sala finds Indy and Marion in a tent and he's like, "Oh, they're loading the Ark onto

01:55:17   a truck."

01:55:18   And he's like, "What truck?"

01:55:19   Like, "I don't know why."

01:55:20   What truck?

01:55:21   He like delivers it.

01:55:22   Like, "There's a truck here?"

01:55:24   Like it was very peculiar.

01:55:25   Yeah.

01:55:26   And he's like, "What truck?"

01:55:27   And I was like, "I've never seen a truck before."

01:55:29   It's very strange.

01:55:31   Again, that's one of those transition moments where what the movie's really doing is propelling

01:55:34   you to the next set piece.

01:55:35   So he's just like, "What truck?

01:55:37   I must find it."

01:55:39   And so then he does.

01:55:41   - Then there's a great car chase.

01:55:44   There is one moment in this where Indy is in the driver's seat of the truck, right?

01:55:49   He finds his way into the truck.

01:55:51   And again, more blood, right?

01:55:52   He gets shot and his arm gets shot, splatters of blood against the window.

01:55:56   Which again, you don't usually see that in movies.

01:55:59   They just get their arms shot.

01:56:00   "Ah, my arm is shot."

01:56:01   And you might see blood on the shirt,

01:56:02   but like splattered blood.

01:56:03   And then some of the craziest stunts

01:56:06   I have ever seen in a movie.

01:56:08   - I feel like even "Avengers 2" quotes this.

01:56:10   'Cause there's a similar kind of thing

01:56:14   with a battle on a vehicle.

01:56:17   And Captain America keeps, he's on like on a truck.

01:56:19   And he's moving around 'cause Ultron is battling him.

01:56:23   And again, no spoilers here,

01:56:25   but I felt like that movie was even quoting

01:56:28   this same truck chase.

01:56:29   because yeah Indy goes out the window, he gets shot, he goes out the window, he loses

01:56:34   purchase on the hood ornament, it's Mercedes of course because it's German. He goes under

01:56:41   the truck with his whip and is dragged along well, I mean there's a whole documentary about

01:56:47   it but you know they had a stuntman who was kind of attached and so he's dragged along

01:56:51   underneath and he's got his whip and then he's being dragged behind and he pulls himself

01:56:55   back and then he gets into the truck that way and comes back and it's this whole, and

01:56:59   Meanwhile, they're like, then they're slamming against other trucks and the trucks are careering

01:57:04   off into like giant ravines that shouldn't be there because they're just out in the desert.

01:57:10   And yeah, the whole thing.

01:57:12   It's a great, it's a classic set piece, action truck chase thing where Indy is everywhere

01:57:18   in that truck before finally driving it away to the secret location that's been waiting

01:57:23   for him that is everybody is ready to be in the open air market.

01:57:28   And so they drive into the little thing and the doors close and then everybody's there

01:57:31   and the Nazis go, "What?

01:57:33   But where did it go?"

01:57:34   Yep.

01:57:35   Then they're loaded onto a ship.

01:57:37   Yes.

01:57:38   Which is where Marion and Indy finally get to rest.

01:57:40   And something I do not understand why this happens, and I wonder if you're going to know

01:57:46   where I'm going with this.

01:57:48   Marion is wearing a dress and Indy tells her it's nice and she looks in the mirror.

01:57:54   And she flips the mirror over and it hits Indy in the face and then it goes out to the

01:57:57   screams but there's a thunder it's a thunder at the same time so masks scream

01:58:02   and she's like what was that and he's like you say something I don't I don't

01:58:08   know why that happened I don't know why that I mean is it just I can see why

01:58:12   they did it right they're like oh he's so beaten up he can't catch a break he's

01:58:15   just getting hurt more but all of it was so weird yeah you know it's it's it's

01:58:20   kind of it's kind of wacky and of course he falls asleep this is their big

01:58:24   romantic moment, and he points out where she can kiss the parts that are not hurt, and

01:58:29   he points it at his lips and all that, and then he passes out because he's exhausted.

01:58:33   Then the Nazis find them in the worst submarine of all time. I'll come to why. That's my verdict

01:58:40   in a moment. They come aboard, they get the arc, which at this point has started to burn

01:58:45   out of the blocks, right? So you know there is evil magic in there, or something.

01:58:49   Or is it good magic because it burns the Nazi symbols off the box?

01:58:53   Oh yeah, that's a good point.

01:58:55   Yep, God hates the Nazis, we know this.

01:58:59   And then they take the box, they take Marion, Indy hides in the submarine and then swims

01:59:06   across the submarine and gets on the roof of the submarine.

01:59:09   The submarine, we then are treated to the submarine going across the globe, right, in

01:59:14   a little map, and it arrives at an island.

01:59:17   And Indy's still on the top of the submarine.

01:59:19   So either Indiana Jones can hold his breath for days,

01:59:23   or the submarine never submerged,

01:59:26   even though they used the periscope.

01:59:28   - This is one of the great, well,

01:59:29   and they say in their movie German,

01:59:31   'cause it's the simplest, it's like high school German,

01:59:33   (speaking in German)

01:59:34   which is dive the U-boat.

01:59:36   That it's either, either they don't dive very far,

01:59:42   or like, a flinch.

01:59:46   (laughing)

01:59:48   Or I think the implication is that there's probably a scene

01:59:51   that we don't see.

01:59:52   And I think it might've even been storyboarded

01:59:54   and like in the script where he fights his way into the sub

01:59:59   and then like is on the sub in that little portion

02:00:03   in the conning tower and then gets out before.

02:00:07   But it's just waved away.

02:00:08   Like suffice to say, Indy was fine

02:00:10   and he had great adventures on the submarine

02:00:12   and they didn't know he was there.

02:00:14   And now we're at the island in the Mediterranean

02:00:16   where this is all gonna happen.

02:00:17   It is a beautiful moment that's completely baffling.

02:00:20   Yeah.

02:00:21   - And then again, I wasn't expecting Nazis in this movie.

02:00:26   And then when there were Nazis,

02:00:27   I was still not expecting how much Nazi I was gonna get.

02:00:30   - Like a giant Nazi base with big banners and stuff.

02:00:33   - More swastikas than I think I've seen in any movie.

02:00:36   Like they're everywhere.

02:00:38   - Yeah.

02:00:38   - There was a lot of Nazi in this movie.

02:00:40   - Mm-hmm.

02:00:41   - And then they kind of go through this thing

02:00:45   and they end up bringing the Ark to this cavern

02:00:48   after Indy tries to blow it up,

02:00:51   or like he has an RPG, like a rocket launcher.

02:00:53   And he's, you know, he threatens.

02:00:54   - And they're like, "You're not gonna blow it up.

02:00:55   This is an archeological marvel."

02:00:57   And he's like, "Yeah, you're right."

02:00:58   - Yeah, and convincing, right?

02:01:00   I totally bought all of that.

02:01:01   He's not gonna do it.

02:01:02   Like, he loves Marion, but he also loves archeology.

02:01:05   And then they, you know, they basically tie them

02:01:10   to this stick on top of a hill.

02:01:13   and then we kind of get to the point where they open the arc.

02:01:18   - Yeah, they do a ritual to open the arc

02:01:21   and Belloq is dressed in like in Jewish ritual garb

02:01:25   and the Germans don't like that, oh, this Jewish ritual,

02:01:28   but he's like, well, it's Hebrew Bible, this is what we do.

02:01:31   And Belloq is, they're like, oh, the Fuhrer wants this

02:01:34   and Belloq is very much like, yeah, yeah,

02:01:37   I'll give it to him when I'm done with it, right?

02:01:38   'Cause Belloq's always got his own plan.

02:01:41   So they open the arc, what could go wrong?

02:01:43   - Everything.

02:01:44   Everything is original. - And there's sand in it,

02:01:45   so it's not a problem.

02:01:47   And then, and this is, I think, a bold choice for this movie

02:01:51   and I really like it, which is,

02:01:52   what happens next is the wrath of God.

02:01:54   Like, you know, if you're gonna believe

02:01:56   that there is a covenant of the lost ark,

02:01:58   or lost ark of the covenant, I mean,

02:02:00   and there's the 10 commandments and all that is real,

02:02:02   then at that point you need to believe

02:02:03   that the Hebrew Bible God is real.

02:02:05   And in this movie, he is,

02:02:08   and he's really pissed off at the Nazis,

02:02:10   And so he—these angels or demons or whatever they are,

02:02:15   they, you know, appear and—

02:02:18   -Shoot holes in everybody.

02:02:19   -All the Nazis die horribly.

02:02:22   Yep.

02:02:24   But Indy tells Mary to close her eyes,

02:02:26   and so they're unaffected.

02:02:27   -I don't know why that is what helps,

02:02:30   but closing your eyes apparently is all you need to do.

02:02:32   -Well, like, looking on the face of God,

02:02:34   I think is the idea.

02:02:35   It's like it's too much, and it's going to destroy you.

02:02:37   Plus, all the Nazis are bad, I guess.

02:02:40   And so, you know, they're going to get wiped out.

02:02:43   I don't think there was like,

02:02:44   wonder if there's like one Nazi soldier

02:02:46   who really didn't want to be there and hated everything

02:02:48   and was thinking of defecting.

02:02:50   And he did, maybe he got spared.

02:02:54   He had something in his eye.

02:02:56   I don't know.

02:02:57   But yeah, so all the Nazis die

02:02:58   and Indy and Marion are safe.

02:03:02   The Ark is sealed again.

02:03:06   And then that's it.

02:03:07   We cut to Washington, DC,

02:03:09   where the FBI men are told,

02:03:11   "We're putting it in someplace safe

02:03:13   where it's going to be looked after by top men,"

02:03:15   to which Indy says, "Who?"

02:03:17   Because Indy knows all the top men

02:03:18   who would be looking at it, and they just say, "Top men,"

02:03:22   and cut to a giant government warehouse

02:03:24   where the ark has been put in a box

02:03:26   and is being filed with millions of other boxes

02:03:28   just like it in this huge warehouse

02:03:30   never to be seen again.

02:03:31   The end.

02:03:32   - Yep.

02:03:34   I like that, you know, that there's just this big box.

02:03:37   this big box, like this big sort of storage facility

02:03:41   with a bunch of boxes.

02:03:43   I like that, I like that a lot.

02:03:46   'Cause it's just like, oh, there's all this stuff

02:03:48   that happens that you don't know about.

02:03:49   - James Thompson says it's basically Costco.

02:03:51   - Yep, TVs. - You are gonna be coming in

02:03:52   maybe in Costco.

02:03:53   - There was a lot of, for me, of unexpected,

02:03:58   oh, we missed, you know, face melting and head explosions,

02:04:00   of course, that happens with the wrath of God.

02:04:05   That's what that that happens there. There were a lot of unexpected things in

02:04:10   this movie. Like that seemed to be like a running thing for me. There were just

02:04:13   lots of things that happened that I didn't expect to happen. They did happen.

02:04:16   I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's just something. And it was interesting to

02:04:20   me considering that I felt like I knew this movie. How many things in it

02:04:25   surprised me. Even just the way it was made. So did you like it? They do not make

02:04:31   movies like this anymore Jason's now. That's true did you like it? I did like it.

02:04:36   Oh good. So I think of all of the films so this is like the third right so I say

02:04:42   all of but the three film films that I've watched the most this is the one I

02:04:48   have liked the most but also the one that I had the most problems with but I

02:04:52   think that those two things go hand in hand and but no and probably it's like

02:04:58   Quibbles, 'cause I think, you know,

02:05:00   Real Genius and Princess Bride,

02:05:04   they were very easy, and Spinal Tap,

02:05:06   they're very easygoing movies, and I liked them a lot,

02:05:09   but I appreciated them for what they were.

02:05:12   I didn't look at them like I did of Indiana Jones,

02:05:14   being like, maybe this is one of the best movies ever made.

02:05:16   Like, I didn't think that that wasn't what I was thinking

02:05:20   as I was watching the others.

02:05:21   So when I have that, when I put it at that level,

02:05:24   when things happen in it that I find are strange,

02:05:27   They kind of stick out to me more in my brain

02:05:29   as weird things that are happening.

02:05:31   But this is such an incredible movie.

02:05:33   It's just so good.

02:05:36   And like, I was thinking, you know,

02:05:38   when I thought to myself,

02:05:39   they don't make movies like this anymore,

02:05:41   I was thinking, what movies can I think of

02:05:44   that are like this?

02:05:45   And I think maybe the one that is most like it,

02:05:48   most recently for me, is "Guardians of the Galaxy."

02:05:51   - Yeah, that's exactly right.

02:05:52   That's "Spacing the Energon," sort of.

02:05:55   - Yeah, I felt that.

02:05:55   And Chris Pratt in that is also like this. He's not a super, you know, superhero kind of guy,

02:06:03   right? He's just a regular guy who's doing super things and has issues and all of that. That is

02:06:08   sort of like just like how Indy is, you know, he gets beat up and he's got problems and all that.

02:06:14   You know, this is Steven Spielberg is considered probably one of the greatest directors in history,

02:06:22   certainly Hollywood directors, right? I don't know whether he's in the top five or the top 20 or

02:06:27   whatever. I would argue that this may be his best film. And that I think that just because it's an

02:06:34   adventure movie and all of that, I think you need to take it—you don't have to take it seriously,

02:06:39   but I think it is, as a piece of filmmaking, it is staggering. It is—the imagery in it,

02:06:44   the shadows throughout, the lighting are—he uses shadows to tell so many parts of the story.

02:06:48   I've seen this movie like 50 times. I think the script is fantastic. It's Lawrence Kasdan.

02:06:53   The direction is great. And this is, I think, what happens when you have a world-class set of talent

02:07:00   working on a film and taking it completely seriously, even though it is in this genre,

02:07:06   action-adventure genre. This is when you get a work like this. That is, you know, are there better,

02:07:11   more serious movies? Sure. But in terms of...including ones that Spielberg has made. But in

02:07:16   In terms of the whole package and the fact that this much attention was brought to bear

02:07:21   on a movie like this, yeah, it is absolutely one of my all-time top five, maybe top two,

02:07:27   three, something like that, films.

02:07:30   And I think we're really privileged to have a director like Steven Spielberg make a movie

02:07:34   like this because he brings his A-game to this one.

02:07:38   I think more than he did in some of the other big tentpole action adventure spectaculars

02:07:44   that he made in the future.

02:07:45   I think this one is the, it's just,

02:07:47   I think it's a great work of art.

02:07:48   I actually also think it's very personal

02:07:50   and that's one of the reasons why it's so great is,

02:07:52   the reason there are all these Nazis in it is,

02:07:53   it is the, you know, it's the Jewish kid saying,

02:07:56   you know, giving the middle finger to the Nazis.

02:07:59   And, you know, later he made a much more serious meditation

02:08:01   on the Holocaust with Schindler's List.

02:08:04   But, you know, here he's, you know,

02:08:07   he's sticking it to the Nazis

02:08:09   and that is motivating Spielberg in making the movie too.

02:08:12   So it's, yeah, I think I'm glad you liked it.

02:08:15   I do think it is a spectacular film achievement

02:08:19   that just because it's a silly adventure movie,

02:08:21   you know, it can't be discounted as just being

02:08:24   an amazing work of art on top of that.

02:08:26   - Like I can't remember the exact moment,

02:08:27   but it was about 20 minutes in and I was like,

02:08:30   oh, this is really special.

02:08:31   - Yeah.

02:08:34   - And I look forward to watching it again,

02:08:38   because when I watch it again,

02:08:39   all of the things that surprised me and I found peculiar,

02:08:42   I won't find surprising or peculiar anymore.

02:08:45   And I think it was just because, and I think it was,

02:08:47   I felt like I knew the movie going into the movie,

02:08:49   but it actually turned out I didn't.

02:08:52   So when things happened in it that surprised me,

02:08:54   they were genuine surprises,

02:08:56   and it kind of shook what I thought the movie was.

02:09:00   But yeah, I mean, I wanna watch it again

02:09:04   and look out and pay more attention

02:09:06   to some of the cinematography and pay more attention

02:09:10   to a lot of the scripts and stuff like that

02:09:12   without just seeing the spectacle

02:09:14   trying to follow the plot and the story. Right, well it holds up under repeated viewing.

02:09:20   Like I said, I've seen it maybe 50 times. I'm always noticing other things. It doesn't

02:09:24   get old for me. And I'd recommend at some point you listen to episode 8 of The Incomparable,

02:09:29   which is me and-- It's now been bumped up to my list.

02:09:31   Me and Dan Morin and Jon Gruber talking about Raiders of the Lost Ark for an hour, and you

02:09:35   know, it was, you know, we call out a lot of the little details that we appreciate.

02:09:40   I would say for your next viewing, one of the things to watch is watch the shadows.

02:09:44   Just watch the shadows.

02:09:45   Yeah, see, I didn't catch that.

02:09:47   It's crazy.

02:09:48   When you start noticing the shadows, you know, just it's crazy.

02:09:53   Like in that first scene, how the shadows tell the story, like Indiana Jones appears

02:09:57   as a shadow.

02:09:58   That's the first time we see him and then throughout the way the shadows are used.

02:10:03   Yeah, I mean Spielberg, it's a beautiful thing.

02:10:08   And when I say The Last Crusade is a good movie,

02:10:11   it is a good movie, but in my mind,

02:10:13   this is on a whole other level from that.

02:10:17   This is one of the best, if not the best,

02:10:20   action adventure movie I think ever.

02:10:22   So, yeah.

02:10:24   - Yep, you got a fan.

02:10:25   You're doing well on this, four for four.

02:10:27   - Yay, woo-hoo!

02:10:29   - These are all becoming not total favorites, but favorites.

02:10:34   All of the three previous, I enjoy those movies.

02:10:38   I will watch all of them again and I like them a lot.

02:10:41   But I think Raiders has gone in there now

02:10:44   as like a, you need to watch this again

02:10:47   so it can become one of your favorite movies.

02:10:49   That's how I feel about it.

02:10:52   As I said, I found some things peculiar

02:10:55   because it was a different time

02:10:57   and maybe I'm used to different types of violence now.

02:11:00   And funnily enough, that violence, whilst more brutal,

02:11:04   is less glory in these types of movies.

02:11:07   - It's, yes, this is, now we're in the sort of

02:11:10   CGI superhero movie era, and the types of effects

02:11:13   you can do with that are different.

02:11:15   And they're not better or worse, they're different.

02:11:17   And those stories that people are telling today

02:11:19   are different, and the scale, like you look

02:11:22   at an Avengers movie and so much of the violence

02:11:23   in a movie like that is on a massive scale

02:11:25   that speaks to, I think, our fears about terrorism

02:11:29   and things like that, where we talk about cities

02:11:31   being destroyed and buildings coming down,

02:11:33   and that imagery is just endlessly played

02:11:36   in superhero movies.

02:11:37   And Raiders of the Lost Ark is not about that.

02:11:39   It's about, you know, it's about other stuff.

02:11:41   It's about some personal violence and some horror

02:11:46   and the wrath of God, right?

02:11:49   And things like that, which are supernatural.

02:11:51   There's a much bigger supernatural element to Raiders

02:11:55   than to a superhero movie.

02:11:57   - Yep.

02:12:00   - All right, Myke and the movie is successful again.

02:12:03   Woo-hoo!

02:12:04   Very. I genuinely thank you for making me watch this movie because I may have never

02:12:09   seen it because it gets to a point where it's like you haven't seen this

02:12:16   movie you maybe will never see it. Do you know what I mean? Because it's Indiana Jones right?

02:12:21   I'm 27 years old and I've not seen Indiana Jones. So I may have never

02:12:27   seen the movie so I'm so happy that that this exists. That this section exists

02:12:34   So I can find out all about all these great movies.

02:12:38   So yeah, I look forward to the next one.

02:12:40   Alright.

02:12:41   Right, I think that wraps it up for this week's episode of Upgrade.

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02:13:14   'Til then, say goodbye, Mr Snell.

02:13:17   Once again, Myke, we discovered that there is nothing that you possess that I cannot

02:13:21   take away.

02:13:22   [MUSIC PLAYING]

02:13:25   [ Music ]

02:13:29   [BLANK_AUDIO]