35: Where The Fluoroelastomer Meets the Road


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00:00:31   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by the jet ride-in,

00:00:34   limousine ride-in, Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:37   - I think technically maybe I have done those things today.

00:00:40   'Cause I called an Uber to go to the airport.

00:00:43   - That works as a limousine I guess.

00:00:44   - It wasn't really a limousine,

00:00:45   it was like a Honda Accord or something, but yeah.

00:00:48   Toyota Camry.

00:00:49   - It's traveling style.

00:00:50   - Yeah, hi Myke, how's it going?

00:00:51   - I am very well sir, how the devil are you?

00:00:54   - Oh, it's good to be home,

00:00:54   it's good to be back in proper time.

00:00:57   I was in evil time for a while, but now I'm back in proper time.

00:01:00   Good.

00:01:01   On the West Coast, back in the best coast, back in my chair for the first time in a week,

00:01:06   and glad to have my crazy six weeks of mostly travel behind me.

00:01:11   So you've been out in New York and Boston.

00:01:13   You recorded a couple of shows with people in person.

00:01:16   Did you record Clockwise?

00:01:18   I recorded Clockwise in Lex Friedman's office.

00:01:21   Right.

00:01:22   But Lex wasn't on it.

00:01:24   And then-

00:01:25   For Lex!

00:01:26   Well, he didn't really have a two-person recording setup, and I had already scheduled a guess,

00:01:31   so it was fine.

00:01:32   Then he recorded The Rebound with Dan Morin and John Moltz, and I wasn't on that.

00:01:36   I was working while they were in there doing that.

00:01:38   And then in Dan Morin's living room, we recorded this week's Incomparable, and went from, you

00:01:44   know, usually we bank an episode for six weeks or something lately, and this one went from

00:01:48   recording to posted in about 15 minutes.

00:01:53   And I had to take out one F-bomb that Ms. Caldwell dropped, and everybody looked at

00:01:56   her, not because she's, you know, "Language, please."

00:01:59   It's an Avengers reference, but they looked at her because they knew that this means I

00:02:04   had to actually edit the episode very poorly.

00:02:07   I just like found the F-bomb, took it out, and now it just is a jump cut.

00:02:11   But I did that, and then we did a TV.

00:02:14   Our Game of Thrones, one of the regulars on our Game of Thrones podcast thing is Brian

00:02:19   Hamilton, and he's in Boston too.

00:02:20   So he came over to Dan's place and Dan Morin and Tony Sintolar and Brian Hamilton and I

00:02:24   watched an episode of Game of Thrones and did a little podcast about that.

00:02:27   And then I went to sleep and got up at an ungodly hour to come back to the West Coast.

00:02:32   You're happy to be back in the West Coast?

00:02:35   Yeah, it's good to be home.

00:02:37   Although it's way warmer in Boston than in San Francisco today.

00:02:39   Wait, what?

00:02:40   That's not how it works.

00:02:41   That's not what you preach.

00:02:42   No, that is.

00:02:43   There's a moment where the switch flips and suddenly it's always hotter in Boston than

00:02:48   San Francisco.

00:02:49   half the year it's always colder and then it's always hotter and now they're

00:02:52   gonna have like an 80 degree day today so not like that here that's okay that's

00:02:56   that's they're gonna be hot and miserable pretty soon they've had such a terrible

00:02:59   winter that they deserve their their little spring that they're getting I

00:03:03   hope you don't get the snow I hope that's not how that would that does not

00:03:07   how that works okay good no that would be upsetting you you'd end up I think

00:03:12   just stuck in the garage and you just have to stay there yep that was one of

00:03:17   those things by the way did you notice I said garage? Yeah yeah I see it's just

00:03:22   like just like when you you were spelling things you spelled like honor

00:03:27   or something without the U and it was just horrible and now you just said

00:03:30   garage instead of garage. Should be garage I'm sorry everybody.

00:03:33   Yeah. Can't help it. We'll revoke your monocle and top hat if you keep that up. Also Dan

00:03:38   Morin who does not have enough has not gotten enough of me in the last few days

00:03:42   is in our chat room so hi Dan. It's been a great week in my fair country by the

00:03:46   way. Oh yes? Yes, I hear a royal baby was born. You would be correct. And we have

00:03:53   Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diane. That's what we have, which is Diana, sorry. I think

00:03:58   it's Diana. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. Now again, I wonder who they named that after.

00:04:03   Anyway. And Elizabeth. And Elizabeth, yes, of course, that's a good name. Yeah, it's

00:04:09   nice. I like these things. Yep. Well, Pip Pip and cheerio to you. Congratulations to

00:04:15   all of the United England Kingdom. I don't know why I felt like I had to mention that,

00:04:20   like, they listen, you know? Just in case. They have a livestream. Shout out to the Winsors.

00:04:26   Yeah, that's right, good. Big week. Nice. Hey, babies are nice. It's good that people

00:04:33   are having babies. That's nice. Keeps the human race going. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Generations

00:04:38   of future tabloid journalists are very thrilled that there's another princess in the world

00:04:41   now. Indeed. These things do fill me with pride. Patriotism? Yeah, it's nice. It is

00:04:50   very nice. Do you say patriotism? No. Ooh, I don't know anymore. I would say patriotism,

00:04:55   but I don't know. But you may not be English anymore, so. Yeah. Alright, fair enough. Who

00:05:00   knows. Should we do some follow-up? I think that's a really good idea. So we have self-identified

00:05:04   Upgrading Pete. I like the club of self-identifiers, by the way. Yes. This is something that Pete

00:05:11   that Pete was writing in about his Apple Watch.

00:05:13   My Apple Watch experience got a lot better

00:05:15   when I got over the compulsion to return the watch face,

00:05:18   to the watch face after I was done with an app.

00:05:20   Truth is, the watch returns itself to the face

00:05:23   after you drop your wrist and wait for a minute or two.

00:05:25   And my habit of using an app, finishing it,

00:05:27   and then resetting the watch to the watch face

00:05:29   before I dropped my wrist was unnecessary.

00:05:31   I've trained myself to use an app

00:05:33   and just lower my wrist when I'm done.

00:05:35   After a few days, it feels natural.

00:05:36   So a couple of things about this,

00:05:37   so just to clarify that and wrap it up,

00:05:39   About the idea that like instead of having to take yourself back to the watch face

00:05:43   The watch will do itself now. You can actually change that perfectly can change that

00:05:48   I believe yeah in the in the app

00:05:50   You can change where what happens that you go whether you go back to the app or whether you go back to the watch face

00:05:55   after some timeout period

00:05:57   So I wanted to I mean and I have a good tip for anybody that's missed it

00:06:01   You can then just double tap the crown and it will take you back to the most recently used app

00:06:05   Which I've been using a lot

00:06:07   that's a good top tip but I'm going to bring this up because that is a good

00:06:10   piece of follow-up is just like a usage thing from Pete but I want to ask you

00:06:15   this Jason I am a little bit neurotic with my phone I before I lock my iPhone

00:06:21   I must return it to the first home screen if I if somebody takes my phone

00:06:27   and they do something unlock it and I see what they've done I have to unlock

00:06:31   it put it back to the first home screen and lock it again so this this idea of

00:06:35   the watch doing itself is quite pleasing to me after any utility is done. So you

00:06:40   know in theory like a minute within a minute there might be things I'm still

00:06:44   doing and the watch is turning itself off right so I don't want it to do that

00:06:47   because it turns itself off so quickly but I wanted to wonder one do you find

00:06:51   the idea of it returning to the watch face helpful and two what do you do when

00:06:55   you lock your phone? Are you crazy like me or are you normal like everybody else?

00:06:58   I am not crazy like you although sometimes I will do that but I'm doing

00:07:05   it less because I'm reminded that I don't need to worry about it. And the most likely scenario is,

00:07:09   I might want to go back there soon. I actually have wondered about changing that setting to the

00:07:16   returns to the app because I try not to use apps very much, but when I do use them, I get a little

00:07:21   frustrated that I go back a little bit too much later and then I have to go find the app again,

00:07:27   or I guess double tap to go back to the app. I didn't even know about the double tap thing.

00:07:32   Somebody instructed me that this little piece of paper that I ignored that was on top of

00:07:36   the, or was like in the little envelope with the extra band that says Apple Watch on it,

00:07:40   and has instructions on how to put on a watch band, which I thought was ridiculous.

00:07:44   If you unfold it, on the other side, there's actually like a little set of watch tips that

00:07:49   I completely, or it's on that same side, in fact, little watch tips that I missed, because

00:07:53   it's like, you could charge it, and it has a watch face.

00:07:56   But it turns out it's also got a little diagram where it says double click for last app, which

00:08:01   I didn't know.

00:08:02   >> Yeah, it's like a mini user guide hiding in there.

00:08:04   >> Yeah, so it's not exactly a manual.

00:08:06   It is literally, I think, packing material, but they printed some things on it that are

00:08:11   kind of interesting.

00:08:12   But I don't do that.

00:08:15   I don't worry about it anymore.

00:08:16   I've learned...

00:08:18   It's a learning experience, right?

00:08:19   We've been talking about the 1.0 experience and one of those things.

00:08:22   I've learned to not worry about what state my watch is in.

00:08:27   that you know if if I just put my wrist down it's just it's going to take care of itself.

00:08:32   I don't need to worry about it. It's going to roll that up into the notifications list

00:08:36   if I ignore it and it's going to go back to the watch face and everything's fine so don't

00:08:41   worry about it.

00:08:42   What did you think of the packaging in general? We didn't really talk about that last week.

00:08:46   We both got the sport so bear in mind the sport and the steel they have different packaging.

00:08:51   They do. I was impressed I think I said on six colors that you know does anybody box

00:08:57   better than Apple. You can make a Floyd Mayweather joke here, but I'm not going to do that.

00:09:03   Well done.

00:09:04   Ding, ding. Now you got to do the two because that would be the boxing bell, right? Ding,

00:09:08   ding. But they do such a great job. It's a beautiful box. I mean, I laughed because it's

00:09:12   kind of ridiculous. I kind of expected it to come in like a blister pack. You know,

00:09:17   just there's a watch here and you rip it out. I mean, maybe not. But the fact that there's

00:09:21   this big heavy cardboard box and inside it there's the long plastic watch, fancy watch

00:09:27   box and inside that is the watch and then there's this extra little thing that you pull

00:09:35   out that's got the extra band in it and all of that. I mean it's elaborate, it's nice.

00:09:40   I mean this is, they're trying to send the message that you know you're buying a $400,

00:09:45   know, $350 at least dollar product when you buy one of these. And so I thought it was—I

00:09:52   was impressed by it. I mean, it's theatrical and it's maybe a little bit silly, but they

00:09:58   do a really great job trying to make you have that feel of like, "Oh, this is an experience

00:10:01   to open this box." And we joke about unboxing and stuff like that, but it is kind of—you

00:10:05   do—you just got this thing you spent a lot of money on. It does kind of feel good to

00:10:08   have it be, you know, a little unveiling happen in your house while it's going on. What did

00:10:13   you think?

00:10:14   I want to come back to the box in a moment. I did think there was way too much packaging

00:10:21   in this and it reminded me of all kind of like first as Apple's product generations

00:10:27   go on the packaging gets smaller and smaller.

00:10:31   Yeah like the original iPad box that big cube and it had a whole bunch of stuff in it. I

00:10:38   was taken by the fact that inside the giant thick heavy cardboard box there was a giant

00:10:44   plastic thing because I also thought Apple kind of got away from unnecessary plastic

00:10:49   in their packaging. So I expected the watch to be in the box, not in a plastic thing in

00:10:55   the box because it's I mean literally the whole idea was they were simplifying their

00:10:59   packaging and using less kind of bad materials but and it's because luxury as we would say

00:11:05   but still you've got a plastic insert inside a plastic box inside a tray inside a giant

00:11:13   cardboard box. And it did kind of overlap with the Apple and the Environment film

00:11:18   you know? Where they're saying about like how much better they are and I'm sure look I'm

00:11:23   sure that all of that stuff is like super like made of recycled materials

00:11:27   and all that kind of stuff but it does pose a weird... Do we need the big

00:11:31   plastic thing? I guess it's a watch case and they wanted to say look it's just

00:11:34   like every other watch it comes with a little watch case that you can that you

00:11:37   can have but it seemed kind of wasteful to me. But the boxes themselves, the

00:11:41   design is probably purposefully reminiscent of swatch what boxes you

00:11:47   familiar swatch watches yes I never I've never had one but I was Myke I grew up

00:11:52   in the 80s I am I am from the swatch watches from that era like laid out flat

00:11:58   in these long plastic boxes I'll include a Google image search in the show notes

00:12:04   so you can see them nice they used to come in and you would open them in the

00:12:08   same way that you pop them open on one side and they would fold open it's very

00:12:11   similar to that and I think that that is a cue and I'm sure I saw somewhere when

00:12:17   there was like some images I think in like a AppleCare document or something

00:12:22   or on 9to5max at some point before the watch was released or it might have been

00:12:27   WWDC images something like that that someone was talking about I think Johnny

00:12:32   I saying that he used to like swatch watches or something when he was a kid I

00:12:35   could have just made all of that up but we'll go with that anyway but they did

00:12:39   remind me that and I liked it. I thought the packaging, I thought the whole unboxing experience,

00:12:43   which Apple is so good for and it's part of the whole product, I thought that that was

00:12:47   a really great, but I would also like to see them slim that down a bit for the next one

00:12:51   because it maybe was a bit superfluous in some places.

00:12:54   >> We know they can do this and they do a great job at it, but it did, I noticed that

00:12:59   it felt like it was one layer too many, and again, you're going to hear from people, like

00:13:03   watch people especially, who are going to say, "You've got to have the box. You've got

00:13:07   have the watch box, but they had the big box and then the little box and it just, and it's

00:13:11   the big heavy box. It's not like a flimsy outside box that has the, then you get to

00:13:15   the inner box and you're like, "Oh, here's where the real watch box is." It was like

00:13:19   a giant box that would normally have a computer in it and inside that is a plastic box and

00:13:24   inside that is a watch. But it's beautiful and it certainly makes the whole thing an

00:13:29   experience and that is part of what this is about and that's what Apple excels at. So

00:13:32   I, you know, I can't fault them too much, but it did feel a little bit over the top.

00:13:36   it was pretty cool. And it took, I swear it took less than an hour when people started

00:13:42   getting them for somebody to point out that if you, how should I phrase this, if you remove

00:13:48   the extra watch band that comes with it that's tucked away in that little thing and then

00:13:52   just look at the insert and have a childish mind, a juvenile mind, you will laugh because

00:14:01   there's a shape that is really stupidly juvenile. Yeah. And I cannot believe that got past

00:14:06   quality control. Because there's a long part with the watch band and then there's a more

00:14:13   bulbous part. Anyway. Kind of like real genius. Yeah but it is it's like real genius. Real

00:14:19   genius would say you know can you do that with a watch? Maybe. Yeah. Alex wrote in to

00:14:27   ask us about what we thought about T9 input for the watch. This is my favorite Apple Watch

00:14:33   question ever. So T9 input for people that are maybe not familiar was a type

00:14:37   of predictive texting before phones had full keyboards and you would basically

00:14:42   you would be able to type with the number pad and each number I think from

00:14:46   number two onwards would have a letters add letters associated with it. So it would be like

00:14:51   2 would be ABC, 3 would be DEF and so on. Yeah. And you would before predictive texting you

00:14:57   would have to type them out so if you wanted the letter C you'd have to type

00:15:00   the number two three times but quite quickly right so you'd be like "d-d-d" and be like

00:15:03   "c" and then you go to "e" and then "d-d" on three. Anyway then T9 came along where

00:15:09   you would just tap the letters once and the the phone would work out what you

00:15:13   were trying to say so what Alex is saying is what about T9 input for the

00:15:18   watch as a way to remove the amount of keys needed to be displayed on screen

00:15:23   and we're already seeing calculators so in theory there is enough space. Jason

00:15:26   what do you think about T9 input?

00:15:30   I don't even know how to answer this question.

00:15:32   I think it's, if you know, maybe somebody should write an app that is the T9 app for

00:15:38   the Apple Watch, but it just, you know, I find, what I'd say is I think voice dictation

00:15:42   is doing, is great.

00:15:45   And you also have your phone nearby.

00:15:46   I found Siri to be good.

00:15:48   I found the predictive answers to be okay.

00:15:51   And I've also found the fact that you can set six of your own to be very, very useful

00:15:56   because I have some messages that I reply to people that are extremely similar and I now have like

00:16:02   canned responses. You can do this if you don't know in the messages portion of the

00:16:07   watch app. So on the watch app on the phone in messages there is a section which says

00:16:16   "default replies" and you can set six default replies which will show up in the default replies

00:16:22   when you go for a message. Sometimes they're at the top, sometimes at the bottom, I don't

00:16:25   know why that happens, but there you go, you can do that. So they're there for you.

00:16:30   What have you put in there? Like cheers mate, ahoy, telephone.

00:16:34   Every day my mom texts me and asks me how I am and every time I say I'm all good and

00:16:39   send a little X as a kiss, that's in there. And then a couple of just standard things

00:16:44   that I'll say to my girlfriend. So yeah, there we go. I think I've spoken maybe on other

00:16:49   shows and maybe on this show that we have like similar messages that we send

00:16:52   each other. Many couples have their own little language that they have you know

00:16:55   the words that they say so I have some of those in there as well. That's nice.

00:16:58   But we're gonna get to this. She's bought an Apple watch for her own but we're

00:17:03   gonna get to this. This is something I want to talk about today after we thank our

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00:19:48   All the great shows!

00:19:49   All the great shows.

00:19:51   So I'll bump this up in the topic list because I mentioned it now.

00:19:54   So this weekend my girlfriend ordered an Apple Watch which I was surprised about.

00:20:01   She'd mentioned wanting one and when we went to the store for the try on she really liked

00:20:06   it and kind of decided that she was going to get one.

00:20:09   But she didn't buy one immediately.

00:20:10   just said that she'd wait and then I was gonna try and pick her one up when I was

00:20:15   in San Francisco right because if they're available in stores then which

00:20:18   could be June time I could save us some money but this weekend after spending

00:20:24   some time with some family where I was demoing some of the watch features to

00:20:27   people she looked on a store saw that the one that she wanted was only two to

00:20:32   three weeks shipping and bought it so I think that's really interesting because

00:20:39   that's an example of somebody in the wild seeing seeing a watch somebody

00:20:42   seeing it and knowing what it is and then making a choice rather than having

00:20:46   it be this oh I've seen the ads and maybe the try on or something like that

00:20:51   but she's actually seen you using it yeah like and as well her her feeling of

00:21:00   it is I'm not really sure if this is gonna work for me or if this is gonna be

00:21:05   something I like but I want to try it." Because as well like she always has

00:21:11   her phone on silent like even phone calls she always has it on silent she

00:21:16   goes to her phone when she wants to interact with it so she says like "I will

00:21:20   maybe only have messages on there" and she's disappointed that you can't have

00:21:25   like iMessage VIPs only show up right it shows everybody. Yeah that's

00:21:31   definitely a feature I wish they had. Yep I think that's an iOS 9 feature for sure

00:21:35   or it's such an easy one.

00:21:38   Like VIPs everywhere, right?

00:21:40   Everyone that's in your friend's wheel was a VIP

00:21:42   and you know, 'cause you can set them different

00:21:44   to the favorites on your phone,

00:21:45   like it just seems like a perfect thing to me.

00:21:47   So it's interesting that she's wanted to do that.

00:21:52   Like, I mean, and she likes the stuff,

00:21:55   you know, the idea of us being able to communicate

00:21:57   with each other in fun and new ways, right?

00:21:59   But we're not sure of how well that will stick.

00:22:02   If it does stick, I think it will, but we'll see.

00:22:04   But she's very much just like,

00:22:05   I don't know how much I'll use it,

00:22:07   but I wanna try it because I'm interested in it,

00:22:10   and I think that it might be fun.

00:22:12   But I don't know if, you know,

00:22:15   if it will be something that works out for me

00:22:20   in the long term.

00:22:21   And I said to her, look, you got a 14 day return window,

00:22:23   like, get it now, and then decide if you like it,

00:22:26   you've got two weeks to try it out,

00:22:27   and if you don't like it, you can just take it back.

00:22:30   It was also funny that the white sport in 38 millimeter

00:22:32   shipping in two weeks, right, shows the differences at least here as to what's shipping, because

00:22:37   some of the other models, the 42s, they're like July.

00:22:40   So there you go, I just thought that was really interesting.

00:22:44   Because she doesn't have to wait until July to try, I mean that would be the worst.

00:22:48   So then we would have just waited until I went and picked one up for her, but it's great

00:22:52   it's going to be here in the next couple of weeks.

00:22:54   That's cool.

00:22:55   Well, it'll be interesting to see how she reacts and whether she decides she wants to

00:22:59   keep it or not.

00:23:02   But I mean, I'm enjoying it.

00:23:05   I got to travel with it this time, which was kind of interesting.

00:23:08   I also got to see a couple of models that I...

00:23:11   So Lex Friedman has a stainless with the Milanese loop.

00:23:18   And I got to see that and try that on.

00:23:21   And that was interesting.

00:23:22   I decided...

00:23:24   So Lex is in ad sales and wears shirts with collars and buttons every day, it seems.

00:23:32   I am, I am a, you know, a writer, editor, podcaster who wears t-shirts and is a slob.

00:23:38   I think the stainless and the Milanese loop looked really nice with like a collared buttoned

00:23:44   shirt.

00:23:45   It looks, it looks really fashionable to me.

00:23:48   It also, in watching Lex's, I thought, I don't want that.

00:23:53   That's not, it's not for me.

00:23:55   So that was, that was good because I had at one point thought of buying the stainless

00:23:58   steel watch, not with the Milanese loop, but and I just I decided I didn't like the shiny,

00:24:03   I really prefer the matted, you know, the matte colors of the sport models. And then

00:24:08   Dan Morin has my ordered model. He's got the black, the space gray with black sport band

00:24:18   model, and it looked good, although I have to admit I'm actually a little torn because

00:24:23   Because I like the lighter sport model too.

00:24:27   So I'm not quite sure.

00:24:28   And I've got the voice of Matt Alexander in the back of my head saying, "Don't have a

00:24:32   big black thing on your arm!"

00:24:36   And I kind of get that, that it's really heavy because it's dark.

00:24:40   You know, it's dark band, dark body, the whole thing.

00:24:43   And I'm kind of liking the light, you know, silvery matte color of the sport edition that

00:24:51   I've got.

00:24:52   little torn there, but it was really nice to be able to see those in person. And we

00:24:55   had a bunch of, we had a group of like six people and half of us had Apple watches. John

00:25:00   Syracuse had tried my Apple watch on. It was the first time he's worn an Apple watch. So

00:25:03   that was kind of fun in the movie theater. He was like, Hey, can I try on the watch?

00:25:08   And so what did he say? He was just tapping around and I had him unlock it and he was

00:25:13   just tapping around and looking at it and he didn't wear it as long. I think he was

00:25:16   more concerned about like how it felt on his wrist. And he asked me, you know, how, whether

00:25:21   I was comfortable with him and all that, but you know, he, I don't know.

00:25:25   I don't want to speak for him.

00:25:27   He didn't make any declarations, but he was definitely gathering, you know, gathering

00:25:31   intel, gathering information about it, because he hadn't put one on before.

00:25:34   I imagine like a Johnny Five input kind of moment, you know, he's scanning it and just

00:25:39   taking a look, see what he thinks.

00:25:42   It could be.

00:25:43   He assimilated all data at that moment, but he didn't, it was actually, sitting next to

00:25:50   John watching movie was really funny because I you know he was I was taking

00:25:53   note of the parts of the movie that he that he laughed at the most it was kind

00:25:58   of interesting it's like that one that joke for John and then Dan was on the

00:26:01   other side of me and he would he would laugh out loud at something I'd be like

00:26:04   that one worked for Dan it was a little weird because these are people I don't

00:26:06   I've never like watched gone to the movies with before so but we did get a

00:26:11   little yes in the movie theater there is an Apple watch try on program if you

00:26:15   happen to be sitting next to me that's a good service you offer yeah it is I did

00:26:19   I didn't bring the little wipe down rag though.

00:26:22   I have to say I used my shirt.

00:26:23   - So how's it been traveling with the Apple Watch?

00:26:27   As you said this week, you've been out and about.

00:26:29   Like, have you, have you,

00:26:31   do you have any kind of different feelings about it

00:26:34   now that you've been out and about in the world?

00:26:36   - I feel like moments of brilliance

00:26:38   and moments of frustration is a good way to put it.

00:26:41   Well, I spent a day on, on Thursday,

00:26:44   I walked around Manhattan.

00:26:46   I spoke at this conference

00:26:48   that was at the Roosevelt Hotel.

00:26:52   And then I went up to the Bloomberg building

00:26:54   and had lunch with some friends.

00:26:55   And then I walked across town and saw Lex for a little bit.

00:26:59   And then I walked much further downtown for a meeting.

00:27:04   So I did about pedometer plus plus said,

00:27:07   you know, whatever, 16,000, 17,000 steps and seven miles,

00:27:10   something like that.

00:27:11   I was like, whatever, just walking around town 17 miles.

00:27:16   I had people-- well, 17,000 steps.

00:27:18   seven miles. But it's, you know, that people are like, "Oh, you should take a cab." It's

00:27:23   a nice day, and I'm never in Manhattan, and I'm going to walk, because why would I not

00:27:28   do that? So I got good things and bad things about it in that experience. One is the GPS

00:27:33   proximity. You're like, GPS accuracy in Manhattan is terrible because all the tall buildings

00:27:38   block the sky, which is where GPS comes from. And so the maps on my wrist was just a disaster.

00:27:48   It didn't know where I was. It kept saying, "Go to the street," while I was on the street.

00:27:54   It was not helpful. It didn't help me. I used it in Boston. It was much better. I was in

00:28:00   Somerville and walking down the street, and it's low buildings, and it was fine. But in

00:28:04   the tall buildings in Manhattan, it was just not any help.

00:28:07   That said, I also had some really great moments where the watch, I feel like, did exactly

00:28:11   what it was supposed to do. I was walking up to Bloomberg to have lunch with my friend

00:28:15   Kelly and she texted me to say, "Okay, we're going to meet at 1130 at this location." And

00:28:20   I was walking with my bag and walking up that direction and I get the little tap on my wrist

00:28:27   and I look and it's the text from Kelly and she says, "We're going to meet here." And

00:28:30   I went, "Tap, okay." Sent the okay, kept walking, didn't break stride, didn't stop and pull

00:28:35   my phone out of my pocket, just kept on going and I thought, "That is what this is for.

00:28:40   That is how this is supposed to work." So little bits of that and then the little moments

00:28:45   of frustration too. Also I was listening to music and podcasts and I was using the remote

00:28:49   app and so I was able to like pause and change the volume and stuff like that without taking

00:28:56   my phone out of my pocket.

00:28:57   That works really well actually. That works really well. I find that to be very responsive.

00:29:04   I was surprised how well that did actually work.

00:29:06   I love turning the crown to change the volume. That's really neat.

00:29:10   Didn't know you could do that.

00:29:11   Oh yeah, in the remote glance, if you turn the crown, it makes the volume go up or down.

00:29:15   So I just thought you had to tap the plus and minus.

00:29:18   No, no, you can use the crown. You're sort of trained that the crown can't do anything,

00:29:22   because app developers don't have access to the crown, but Apple has access to the crown,

00:29:26   so it works in the remote glance. You can do that, which is neat. So I had a good,

00:29:31   it was a good experience. It lasted. I never had anything remotely resembling a battery issue.

00:29:36   It lasted. I feel like Apple really overshot. I think Apple was so worried about,

00:29:41   stories about people's watches running out that they gave themselves a lot of room to

00:29:47   like more heavily use the watch than maybe as an actual normal profile just to make sure

00:29:54   that it could get through the day. And so I never came close. But yeah, I had a good

00:30:01   time. It was a nice little addition and being in, you know, traveling and being in places

00:30:06   is where I'm not usually, and keeping my phone in my pocket

00:30:09   and looking at little notifications on my watch,

00:30:12   it worked great.

00:30:13   Occasionally somebody that I was meeting with

00:30:15   would notice that I had an Apple Watch on,

00:30:17   and a lot of times they wouldn't,

00:30:18   because it's just a watch.

00:30:19   So a little bit of both, and then they'd ask me about it,

00:30:21   and if they wanted to see it, I'd show it to them.

00:30:23   But a lot of people don't even notice, and I like that.

00:30:26   I was at a dinner, and I got a tap on the wrist,

00:30:30   and it was one of those moments where I thought,

00:30:31   no, this is really good, 'cause if I had my Pebble,

00:30:33   everybody would've heard the buzz,

00:30:35   and seen it light up.

00:30:37   And instead it was just a tap.

00:30:40   And I could say, I can either, you know,

00:30:42   I can wait until there's an appropriate time

00:30:45   to check and see what's going on.

00:30:47   And nobody needs to know that I got that but me.

00:30:49   And I liked that a lot.

00:30:50   I thought that was really, really good

00:30:51   because so many notifications are obtrusive.

00:30:54   And this was completely unobtrusive,

00:30:57   which was, that was pretty nice.

00:30:58   So I'm liking it.

00:31:00   I'm liking it so far.

00:31:00   I'm not liking bringing another charger with me.

00:31:04   Although, I sort of just brought an iPhone plug

00:31:08   and the watch plug and the same power adapter

00:31:11   and did it that way,

00:31:13   so I could sort of do one or the other,

00:31:15   but it is one other cable to bring.

00:31:17   It's like, I gotta bring my watch charger on my trip now,

00:31:20   plus my iPhone charger, plus my iPad charger.

00:31:23   - I have, I bought one, an extra one,

00:31:28   and just threw it in my travel bag.

00:31:31   I actually threw the sport one in my travel bag

00:31:33   and then had the little metal one which I have on my table. It's so frustrating that

00:31:37   that thing does not stick to the table. So I got some like um I don't know what you guys

00:31:42   call it like we call it blue tack I don't know it's like a you put posters on the wall

00:31:47   of it. Yeah okay. Maybe some it's like a tacky thing it's not glue but it anyway. It's like

00:31:54   oh it's like posting like putty yeah. Yes temporary adhesive type stuff I stuck that

00:31:58   to the back stuck it to my bedside table so it doesn't move around and every night I just

00:32:02   place my watch on it but it doesn't fly all over the place I'm gonna get a stand

00:32:05   at some point I just haven't decided which one I want to get yet

00:32:09   I like 12 South have a really nice-looking one which I'm interested in

00:32:13   and that's probably the one that I'll get but I don't think they're shipping

00:32:15   yet at least I'm still waiting for it like an email it's called the high-rise

00:32:19   for Apple watch yeah so I wanted to go back to something you mentioned a moment

00:32:24   ago as well about the lighting up thing because I don't about this on the

00:32:28   weekend I think a bunch of people didn't really get what I was talking about

00:32:31   with the pebble and with the Android Wear watch, I wore both of them in business environments when I was working in my marketing job

00:32:40   when you get a notification on those things, they light up

00:32:43   and originally when I got the Apple Watch I thought "oh that's going to be frustrating because it doesn't do that because you have to raise your wrist"

00:32:50   but the reason Apple has the wrist raising is primarily because of battery life

00:32:54   that's why I expect that that exists, right?

00:32:56   right so it doesn't by not lighting up the screen every time you get a

00:32:59   notification it probably keeps the battery life down but there is also a

00:33:02   hidden utility in that because when I was sitting I was talking to somebody or

00:33:06   sitting down at a meeting and my screen would light up people would look at it

00:33:09   and also especially with the Android one because it's big bright color screen

00:33:14   like the Apple Watch is it would draw people's attention away so it was

00:33:18   actually not just affecting my attention because it was vibrating on my wrist it

00:33:23   It was affecting other people's attention because it would draw them to the wrist as

00:33:26   well and also people can read what's on there which is typically not what you want.

00:33:31   So the tapping thing is so good for that because I know it's there, there's no screen light

00:33:37   up to tell me that anybody else is there or to break my attention even further and then

00:33:40   I can come to it when I need to.

00:33:42   There is a real utility in that which is apparent once you've used a competing type of device

00:33:48   I think.

00:33:49   Yeah, I mean, you can also do this with, you know, your phone in silent mode in your pocket,

00:33:54   although even then you can often hear silent phones vibrating everywhere.

00:33:58   Yeah, this is totally not the same as that. I have, um...

00:34:01   Yeah, I agree.

00:34:03   If the watch is against something, it makes an ungodly noise. I don't know if you've come

00:34:08   across this yet. So like, for example, if, you know, me and my girlfriend are watching

00:34:12   a movie in bed and I have my hand behind my head so it's resting on the headboard, if

00:34:17   the watch goes off it's like it's crazy it's a crazy sound but you know it has

00:34:23   to be resting against something I think yeah I've never experienced that because

00:34:27   I it's in do not disturb basically by the time I take it off and it stays

00:34:33   there until morning yeah but this is like in the day or in the morning or in

00:34:38   the evening like it's not like night bedtime but yeah yeah but it's against

00:34:42   yeah I don't know I haven't experienced that but that might be true but yeah

00:34:45   it can it can go crazy for it but but it's it's not so much it's madness what

00:34:51   one of my favorite things is when you get like a heartbeat thing from someone

00:34:54   and you look at it and you can see the whole thing shaking have you seen that

00:34:58   no like if you look really closely you can see the watch like shape vibrating

00:35:04   right because it's got this intense like which is you know it's natural but you

00:35:08   if you look at just the like the edge you can see it shaking when the when the

00:35:12   when it vibrates for the heartbeat or something.

00:35:16   - Wow.

00:35:17   - I don't have mine set to the extra super boost either.

00:35:21   So I don't know, maybe mine is really sensitive,

00:35:24   but I don't think that it is.

00:35:26   But yeah, 'cause you can bump it up, can't you?

00:35:28   You can say like, give me,

00:35:30   oh no, I have my haptic strength to the top,

00:35:32   but I don't have the prominent haptic one.

00:35:34   So maybe mine is stronger than yours in general.

00:35:38   I don't know if you changed the strength of your haptic.

00:35:40   >> I have it at max, but not the prominent,

00:35:43   you know, the pre-buzz thing, yeah.

00:35:46   >> But it works well.

00:35:48   I am experiencing the feeling of haptic taps.

00:35:51   Sorry, not haptic, phantom taps. That's what I'm talking about.

00:35:56   >> Oh, phantom taps, where you're convinced

00:35:57   that you've got a tap, but there's no tap there.

00:35:59   >> Uh-huh. Have you had that feeling?

00:36:01   Have you had that experience?

00:36:03   >> No, I've actually been really happy

00:36:06   to not have had that experience,

00:36:07   Because I expected I would and perhaps I will, but I haven't had it yet.

00:36:11   I haven't been convinced that there's a tap there when there isn't one.

00:36:16   How are you feeling about the watch in general?

00:36:19   Like are you overall happy?

00:36:21   Because I know you said you've got some things that are frustrating, but overall are you

00:36:25   feeling good about it?

00:36:27   I am feeling good about it.

00:36:29   I mean I'm wearing it all day.

00:36:30   I'm using it.

00:36:31   It's not frustrating me in the sense that it's not running out of battery.

00:36:35   I used the Pebble for a couple years, so I'm going from that and the integration, listening

00:36:39   to you on last week's Connected talking about how, you know, Pebble just couldn't integrate

00:36:43   with iOS very well at all, and Apple gets to control the platform and control the watch,

00:36:49   and so it's better integrated.

00:36:51   It's still got moments where it reminds me of Pebble where, like, the weather app is

00:36:55   closed in the background and is no longer updating the temperature and the temperature

00:36:58   is wrong or the location is wrong.

00:37:01   I went from New Jersey to New York City and it still had Lex's hometown listed for a while

00:37:06   as my weather. And I thought, why is that not updated? And that was something Pebble

00:37:10   did a lot, which is rely on an app to be open that got closed. And iOS needs to do a better

00:37:17   job of saying, "Oh, somebody wants to know what that app has to say. I need to reopen

00:37:20   it so I can get data from that app." But generally, yeah, I'm enjoying the experience. It's comfortable

00:37:25   to wear. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing something outlandish. It feels just like I'm

00:37:29   wearing a watch. I find value in what it has to offer. I feel like some of the apps are

00:37:34   really interesting, a lot of them are not interesting, but that's okay because we also

00:37:39   know that the developers just don't have that much, you know, that many tools in their paintbrush,

00:37:45   you know, or in their paint, what is it? I was gonna say arsenal, but arsenals don't

00:37:50   hold tools, they hold weapons, and that was a mixed metaphor. So instead I just destroyed

00:37:53   the metaphor entirely. You know what I mean. They don't have that many tools to use to

00:37:57   to build these apps right now, and they built them all sight unseen. And you know, like

00:38:01   I know Marco Armet is working really hard to do an entirely new approach now that he's

00:38:07   seen the actual watch. Like he had his, here's what it's going to be theoretically, and then

00:38:12   he gets the watch and he's like, oh no, I should do some things differently. And I think

00:38:17   that a lot of developers are doing that too. So I think we're, it's just such early days

00:38:21   that it's uh I'm enjoying it but I'm also appreciating that it's got a long way to go.

00:38:27   How about you? Are you liking it? Happy about it?

00:38:31   It's part of my life now. Like it's just part of like first thing I do when I wake up in

00:38:36   the morning put the watch on because now that's the way that like my watch and phone work

00:38:41   together right it makes sense because together they like when the watch is on my phone is

00:38:48   fine again because it's usually in do not disturb mode so pretty much all the time now like before

00:38:53   it was just in the evenings but now I don't need my phone to do anything because my watch can tell

00:38:59   me about the things I want to be told about. I'm trying to still get to the point where I'm happy

00:39:06   with the notification balance like there are still things that are coming through I'm like do I really

00:39:12   want those to come through like I get enough email that I would prefer it to

00:39:18   not bother me every time but I also like to be able to just archive email from

00:39:23   the watch or like set them to show up tomorrow in mailbox so I'm like trying

00:39:28   to work out shall I just have them not tap me or like you know I'm still trying

00:39:32   to work out like how do I want that balance to work I have no mail

00:39:36   notifications right now? None. I like to be notified about email because there

00:39:43   are things that come through that I like to jump on immediately. Sponsor requests

00:39:47   for example, I like to get to those straight away. I could set up my email to

00:39:52   be more smart to try and work that stuff out but I might go down that route if I

00:39:58   decide to keep notifications on. I haven't just I just haven't decided yet

00:40:02   about how I want to deal with that. I've just been told that I've earned another

00:40:07   hour towards my stand goal which is nice that's always good to know.

00:40:10   Oh good for you. It just told me to stand. It told me every hour on the plane

00:40:14   stand up now. Thank you.

00:40:16   I actually want to talk to you about that. The fitness stuff in a minute to see how you feel about that kind of stuff.

00:40:24   But yeah I'm just trying to work. That balance notification I really want to

00:40:30   really want to work out more and I do feel now that I keep saying it but

00:40:37   there has to be better support in iOS 9 for developers to be more fine-ground

00:40:42   about their notifications and stuff like that. I think that that is a must and it

00:40:46   is real low hanging fruit now again. So I really hope that we see more of that.

00:40:51   Now I want to take a break but I want to talk to you about being out in the real

00:40:55   world and with the watch a little bit more and people's reactions to it

00:40:58   but also the activity fitness stuff because me and you haven't spoken about that at all.

00:41:03   But before we do that we have a great sponsor, a great new sponsor, and this is Making Light.

00:41:08   Now Jason I believe that you should be familiar with these guys.

00:41:12   I am familiar with these guys.

00:41:14   I've been talking to these guys for a little while and they've sent me some of their stuff

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00:42:37   time. I was really surprised about how well this has worked for me and when I am like,

00:42:42   when I need to crunch on something now, like I'm sitting down, I have some show prep to

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00:42:50   I'm struggling with it. I grab a making light candle, I light them up, and it changes the

00:42:56   room and that change and that like that feeling of knowing that once I light this candle I

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00:43:10   Well so we got them and my daughter was excited about it and what we decided to do was try

00:43:16   to do something like in the evening and light a candle.

00:43:19   And like I said, my daughter was really excited

00:43:21   about doing that.

00:43:22   And so we actually had some matches from Matt Alexander,

00:43:27   speaking of whom.

00:43:28   I really liked the idea.

00:43:33   They have different scents that are kind of interesting

00:43:35   and they're pretty, they're in these little metal containers.

00:43:39   And I liked the idea.

00:43:40   It actually reminded me of when Casey talks about vinyl

00:43:44   and talks about the ritual and how there's power in that.

00:43:46   I think that we are, these things exist for a reason

00:43:50   because they do focus us or stop and make us contemplate.

00:43:53   And whether it's something like trying to be more productive

00:43:55   at work or trying to take some time out of your schedule

00:43:59   to just set the mood or change the mood a little bit.

00:44:03   It's a really interesting, not to liken it to something

00:44:07   like a tap on the wrist telling you to stand up,

00:44:09   but it's a little bit like that.

00:44:10   It's like an opportunity to take a pause

00:44:14   and reflect a little bit and just change your path

00:44:18   a little bit in your day.

00:44:19   And that's been kind of a fun experience.

00:44:22   And like I said, my daughter is also just obsessed

00:44:24   with the fact that all the candles smell different.

00:44:27   So she enjoys that part of it too.

00:44:31   - Each month we're making like you receive

00:44:33   enough that you're gonna get yourself

00:44:36   20 two hour rituals of focus.

00:44:38   You can like maybe 20 days or something like that

00:44:40   'cause the candles have gotten them enough

00:44:43   for that kind of burn. This comes in the form of two candles, a box of wooden matches and

00:44:47   a preview sample of next month's featured fragrance. Each candle is poured by hand by

00:44:52   a small family company in Indiana. They have a fantastic workshop which you can see on

00:44:56   their website. They have over 40 years of history in candle making. They have the skills,

00:45:01   the people and the tools to make you something truly special. They're made from 100% botanical

00:45:06   soy wax, fragrances infused with essential oils and all that lovely stuff. Making light

00:45:10   It costs just $24 a month for free shipping anywhere in the USA.

00:45:14   They have Canadian shipping for an extra $5 a month and UK shipping for an extra $10.

00:45:19   Listen as this show can get $5 off their first order with the promo code UPGRADE.

00:45:23   So go find out more for yourself at makinglight.us.

00:45:27   And if you need any more convincing, they have a really great and fun video that you

00:45:30   can watch there too.

00:45:31   It's featured front and centre on the website.

00:45:33   Just click the play button and you can check it out.

00:45:35   Thank you so much to Making Light for supporting this show and all of Relay FM.

00:45:40   sponsor. Yeah that's a lot of fun. So have people noticed the watch on your wrist

00:45:47   in the world? Has anybody asked you anything? People that maybe know about this stuff or don't know?

00:45:52   Well okay so like on the flight this morning the guy sitting next to me had a

00:45:57   an iPad in a in one of those keyboard shell things that turns it into a lap a

00:46:06   a laptop. And I was thinking, wow, that's hardcore. First I was like, what kind of laptop

00:46:12   is that? It looks like some kind of knockoff MacBook air. And then I looked at the screen

00:46:16   and I thought, that's an iPad. This is one of those crazy hard shell turn your iPad into

00:46:21   a laptop thing. He noticed, but you know, he was proven at that point to be a, uh, apparently

00:46:29   a fairly hardcore Apple person. Cause he would turn his iPad into a, that's pretty hardcore.

00:46:34   I think. I had other people who had no idea at all. And then other people who noticed,

00:46:39   but it took them a long time. And I, you know, I don't know how different people process

00:46:44   people wearing watches. And it's also like, am I wearing it where I've got a sleeve over

00:46:47   it versus, versus not? It is a very bright green wristband. I have no idea whether that

00:46:55   that ties into it or not, because like I said, I usually am wearing like a black leather

00:46:59   band and it's intentionally as boring as possible but I don't know I mean people would ask about

00:47:06   it and say you know how do you like it and all that but a lot of people didn't even notice

00:47:10   too so I think because it's a watch you know it watches come in all shapes and sizes and

00:47:15   I'm not sure John Gruber wrote about this I'm not sure anybody who isn't a watch person

00:47:20   or these days an Apple person even notices watches.

00:47:24   I think the the bright bands are more noticeable if you have one of the metal

00:47:31   bands or the leather bands I think that watch is more inconspicuous but I think

00:47:36   these these bright sport bands draw attention to them and then when people

00:47:40   have their attention drawn they see what it is because I've had people ask like

00:47:44   I've had some friends ask when we've been out with friends and stuff they

00:47:49   notice it and I've had a couple of people that I don't know ask me what I

00:47:51   think like in stores and stuff I have had more of that but I think it's

00:47:55   because I have this really bright blue watch on my arm. What about the

00:48:02   activity and fitness stuff? Have you been using any of it? Have you used the

00:48:05   workout app? Are you checking out your fitness rings? Like is any of that

00:48:09   landing with you? Not yet. I actually didn't realize that you had to trigger a

00:48:15   workout for it to like notice that you went for a hike or a walk so I

00:48:21   I haven't used that feature.

00:48:22   Well, it does this exercise thing that I haven't worked out yet, and that doesn't come from

00:48:27   the workhouse, but I don't know where that's coming from.

00:48:29   The tracking, yes, I've noticed that, and it's another little prod, although again,

00:48:34   when you're traveling, I had my day in New York where I could walk around a lot, and

00:48:39   I had other days where I couldn't do anything.

00:48:41   I couldn't go anywhere.

00:48:42   And so I still have to...

00:48:44   I'm actually thinking that this week is gonna be my chance to do a little more exploration

00:48:49   with that, 'cause I just haven't...

00:48:50   I've been noticing the standing goals and honestly, I've been so focused on the traditional

00:48:58   pedometer kind of metrics that the rings, I'm not quite sure how to interpret them yet.

00:49:05   I feel like their initial settings are also, or at least how I initially set it, it was

00:49:09   for really like, I was giving the watch low expectations because I would have days on

00:49:14   this trip where I felt like I didn't do anything and it's like, "You're at your goal."

00:49:19   And I thought, wow, was the goal to just keep breathing?

00:49:21   Cause I did that, but I did very little more than that.

00:49:24   So I haven't, I haven't gotten that piece of it yet.

00:49:28   I'm intrigued by it, but I just haven't,

00:49:31   I haven't taken advantage of it at all.

00:49:33   I would say at this point, I'm not,

00:49:35   I'm not going to say like,

00:49:36   like Marco said on ATP this week that, you know,

00:49:39   he just doesn't, you know, exercise.

00:49:43   I do a little, but, but I haven't,

00:49:47   I've got other things, other tools that I use to kind of meter my progress and I haven't

00:49:54   yet figured out how to adapt or replace those with things that come from the watch.

00:50:01   So I have been more noticeable of this kind of stuff because the activity app is there

00:50:09   and it's pointing me to things.

00:50:11   I have yet to do much about it but I'm more conscious of it than ever before so that's

00:50:15   probably a good thing.

00:50:16   The standing stuff, I am very much enjoying that it is making me do that because I am

00:50:22   standing, I'm getting up and walking around the house more often than I did before so

00:50:26   it is having an effect on my life which is a good one.

00:50:30   But it's also weighing on my mind more about how active I am in the day.

00:50:34   That's probably a good thing.

00:50:37   And the fact that it's there just giving me these very gentle reminders.

00:50:41   Like it's not going, I don't feel like I'm being bullied by the watch, right?

00:50:45   But I feel like it's reminding me like, "Hey, you should maybe focus on moving around a

00:50:50   little bit more today."

00:50:51   I saw one where it was like, "We're approaching the evening and you're less than halfway to

00:50:58   your move goal, so maybe you should do something about that."

00:51:02   And so it's like, "Yeah, okay, that's quite cool.

00:51:04   I like that."

00:51:05   So I'm thinking more about it, which is probably a benefit about the watch that I haven't fully

00:51:12   you realized yet but it's probably a good one.

00:51:16   - Yeah, and again, one of the most powerful things

00:51:19   can just be to say, hey, you know, to get your attention

00:51:23   to what we were talking about with the sponsor earlier.

00:51:25   It's just a break, just you know, think about this.

00:51:28   I've written about using an app break time on my Mac

00:51:33   to do the same thing to basically say,

00:51:34   hey, you should take a break, you should get up.

00:51:36   Just you get in the zone sometimes and you think,

00:51:40   I got a lot of work to do, I'm gonna move to this,

00:51:41   now I'll do this, now I'll do that, and to have somebody tapping you on the shoulder

00:51:45   or the wrist and say, "Do something else," or, "Did you know that you need to walk more

00:51:51   today?

00:51:52   You haven't really been that active today.

00:51:53   You should do something about that."

00:51:55   That's good.

00:51:56   That is useful.

00:51:57   And that's, you know, it's not going to cure you of, you know, your sedentary lifestyle,

00:52:03   but it can make you stick your head up and say, "Oh, yeah, right.

00:52:08   I have been meaning to do that thing that I never get around to doing and maybe it improves

00:52:13   your chances of remembering to do it.

00:52:15   >> So do you want to move on?

00:52:19   >> Yeah, I don't think I've got anything more about the watch right now other than to say

00:52:24   what we, you know, sort of what we said before.

00:52:26   I like it.

00:52:27   I'm enjoying wearing it.

00:52:28   I find it useful.

00:52:30   I don't know if I, you know, it's definitely not a must-have kind of product.

00:52:35   It's not.

00:52:36   fun, it's a fun product, but the Pebble wasn't a must-have either. It was fun and interesting,

00:52:41   and it allowed me to change the way I interact with my phone and reduce some of my interaction

00:52:48   with my phone and let me... I also have... I guess this would be the other thing I would

00:52:53   say. I mentioned this last week. I really like the ability to put my phone down somewhere

00:52:57   where I'm not and know that I can attend to a lot of what it does without it. I like that.

00:53:04   I like that if I'm in another room, I know if something comes through.

00:53:09   I don't need to have my phone with me.

00:53:10   I can plug my phone in, I can leave it on the counter and not worry about it.

00:53:14   I really like that.

00:53:15   I like, I feel a little less tethered to it, and I know that's funny because the watch

00:53:20   is tethered to it, but I feel less like I'm cut off from this important information source

00:53:26   if I don't have it with me.

00:53:28   So I like that part of it.

00:53:31   I don't love when the phone rings and I have to decide whether I'm going to run to get

00:53:37   the phone or if I'm going to answer on my watch because I still haven't gotten over

00:53:41   answering on my watch seeming like a ridiculous thing to do.

00:53:45   I've done it a bunch and I think it's fine.

00:53:48   All right.

00:53:49   We'll see.

00:53:50   I just I gotta get I gotta get used to that idea of that answering it on my watch is a

00:53:56   thing that I can actually do without just rolling my eyes thinking that I'm a ridiculous

00:54:01   person. So, but you know that? That is just the feeling. For this watch, you know, to

00:54:08   be successful, one of the ways for it to be successful, there are probably lots, is to

00:54:12   change your relationship with your phone and make it that your phone time is a little more,

00:54:22   It comes with meaning that your phone time is there because you want to do something

00:54:27   on your phone and have it less that because that's the only way to interact is through

00:54:31   the phone.

00:54:32   So you pull the phone out and now you're checking all your different apps to like put one more

00:54:36   like step between you and the phone and being able to take it out of your pocket and know

00:54:41   that if something really comes up you will know about it but you don't need to have the

00:54:45   whole thing in your pocket all the time.

00:54:47   And I have already noticed some of that.

00:54:49   So that's kind of a fun experience to go through.

00:54:54   I think people kind of get used to just hearing a lot of this stuff, right?

00:55:00   This reminds me of when I used to listen to podcasts when the original iPhone came out.

00:55:05   There is lots to say about it.

00:55:07   People have lots of thoughts about it and lots of thoughts on it.

00:55:11   And it's kind of...

00:55:15   This is how it's going to be.

00:55:17   we're going to keep talking about it and we're going to keep having changing opinions on

00:55:21   it and it's like then an app's going to come out that we want to talk about, you know,

00:55:24   it's going to be an interesting kind of feeling and I think it's something we're just going

00:55:29   to have to get used to.

00:55:30   Yeah, yeah, I think so. But it's fun. I mean, we've, and we talked about it last week, the

00:55:34   1.0 thing, I love that this is new because we're all experiencing it and we're all learning

00:55:41   things about ourselves and how we, what our relationship with our phone is and how having

00:55:46   something on our wrist can be different. There are people who, like Marco, who have never

00:55:51   worn a watch, who are now wearing a watch, and they are experiencing like, what is a

00:55:56   watch about, right? And then there are other people who have that realization like, "Oh

00:56:01   yeah, this is why people do wristwatches instead of pocket watches." It is easier to check

00:56:08   the time when you can glance at your wrist instead of pulling something out of your pocket.

00:56:12   Everybody's having different experiences of how it fits in their lives, and this is where

00:56:16   the rubber meets the road in terms of how technology affects people.

00:56:19   \ \

00:56:20   \ The fluoroelastomer meets the road.\

00:56:22   \ Thank you. Yes, this is where the fluoroelastomer

00:56:26   meets the road, Myke. You nailed it. Ding. Because this is new tech that we're not entirely

00:56:34   sure of how it works and how it's going to fit into our lives. And in changing things

00:56:39   about our lives, it reveals things about how we live our lives. And that's really interesting

00:56:44   too. So that's the fun of being on the cutting edge, of being a gadget nerd and having these

00:56:48   new gadgets that people haven't had before, or people in our community haven't had before,

00:56:54   and prior to a couple years ago people haven't had. That's a lot of fun. It's not for everybody,

00:56:59   but I love it. I love that we're all, you know, we all have opinions and they differ.

00:57:03   Somebody on Twitter the other day, I made a statement on Twitter the other day that

00:57:08   I feel like, it was based on what our conversation was, I feel like the app stuff is still too

00:57:11   prominent and that I'd almost rather not have an apps display at all and have the last pain

00:57:18   of the glances be an app list rather than have an apps honeycomb thing because I feel

00:57:24   like glances are really good between glances and notifications you should be able to get

00:57:29   to apps and that manually going and launching an app seems kind of ridiculous to me and

00:57:35   somebody on Twitter said I completely disagree I hate glances and I love going to the app

00:57:40   picker and she might be right. You know, she and I might be both have valid opinions. I

00:57:47   might be right, I might be wrong. We don't know. We don't know whether one of us is an

00:57:52   oddball or whether we're 50/50 or whether one of us, you know, two weeks down the line

00:57:58   goes "Oh, no, now I get it." We don't know and that's fun. I love that. I love that about

00:58:04   this part of the life cycle of a product.

00:58:06   So now I have more to say about apps.

00:58:08   So...

00:58:09   Yeah!

00:58:10   Um...

00:58:11   I definitely stand by my feelings that like, calling it the home screen and having it be like this is...

00:58:18   I'm still getting used to it, I still think it's kind of weird. But anyway...

00:58:22   In now leaving my phone around the house and me being in different places in the house,

00:58:27   there are sometimes I need to check things and like, let's say I want to read an email, right,

00:58:33   that's come through and I'm like,

00:58:35   I want to just see what that says,

00:58:37   I can open up the mail app and read it, right?

00:58:40   And I can mark it as unread and come back to it again later.

00:58:42   Or if I want to send a text message

00:58:46   or there's like a chain of messages come through

00:58:50   and I've dismissed them but now I want to go back in

00:58:51   and read them and do something about them,

00:58:53   I can open the messages app and get to that.

00:58:55   Or if I want to check what's coming up on OmniFocus,

00:58:57   I've been doing that a bunch

00:58:58   and I can open the OmniFocus app to do that.

00:59:00   or I've added like, I use Dew for like alerts and reminders

00:59:05   for some things that are happening later in the day,

00:59:06   like I'll remember to take out the trash in 20 minutes.

00:59:10   I don't really put that stuff in OmniFocus.

00:59:11   I can open Dew, use Siri and say,

00:59:14   remind me to take out the trash in 20 minutes.

00:59:16   It does all the text passing that it usually does

00:59:18   and then will just, it quite simply adds it in

00:59:23   and then it reminds me in 20 minutes.

00:59:24   Like I've started to use some of the apps a little bit more

00:59:28   and I'm starting to see more utility in some of them that I designed really well.

00:59:33   Yeah, they're not bad at all, and some of them are incredibly clever. I just feel like

00:59:39   I think there's this question of how do you get to them? And like my number one way to

00:59:44   get to an app is that I tap on a glance or a notification, or that's maybe number one

00:59:48   and number two. Sometimes I go out and fish for an app in the sea of little app icons.

00:59:54   So, you know, maybe we'll get used to it and realize that it's really great.

00:59:58   Or maybe at some point Apple will be like, "Oh, yeah, this isn't the right metaphor here."

01:00:02   But we'll see.

01:00:04   But it's interesting.

01:00:06   I am surprised at how...

01:00:08   I feel like developers talk down the capability of these apps so much that I'm now surprised

01:00:13   when they do things.

01:00:14   That's a good point.

01:00:15   It's a good job developers for saying, "No, no, no, we can't do anything with WatchKit.

01:00:19   Sorry.

01:00:20   No, can't.

01:00:21   Nope.

01:00:22   hopes up because there's nothing, literally nothing we can do. It's just gonna be a big

01:00:25   spinning thing that says wait for better apps to come later this year. And then you get

01:00:30   the apps and you're like, oh, look, look at what it's doing. It gave me the baseball score

01:00:35   or it lets me control my podcast playback, even though, you know, it's not super powerful.

01:00:41   It's and we know what's happening behind the scenes and how it's kind of being driven by

01:00:45   the iPhone. But in the end, they can be cool. They're not all cool, but some of them are

01:00:50   very cool.

01:00:51   So you have something else that you just throw in a document here.

01:00:57   Yeah, I just want to mention this, and this wasn't in our document, but so Dan Morin has

01:01:02   an Amazon Echo.

01:01:03   I told him he should buy one and write about it for six colors and then, you know, and

01:01:08   if he didn't like it and regret it, we would pay for it because, you know, I want to write

01:01:12   about it sometime.

01:01:14   And it's, if people don't know, it's this little tube, metal tube that is like, it's

01:01:20   It's like Siri in a tube.

01:01:21   It's Siri embedded in a Bluetooth speaker, essentially.

01:01:26   So it's got access, it's voice control.

01:01:29   It's got access to Amazon's kind of like cloud stuff

01:01:32   behind it.

01:01:33   And I just wanted to say that I saw it

01:01:36   and it was kind of neat.

01:01:37   Like it's not gonna win the awards

01:01:39   for best speaker or anything.

01:01:40   And yet, you know, it was, it sounded pretty good

01:01:42   and it's a Bluetooth speaker.

01:01:43   And then you can do stuff like,

01:01:45   especially since Amazon has their Prime Music Library,

01:01:48   which is a pretty decent library of music.

01:01:50   It's nothing fantastic, but it's pretty decent.

01:01:52   And Dan was showing me, you can just say,

01:01:55   and that device is called Alexa.

01:01:58   So I guess I'm gonna say, ahoy, ahoy, tube.

01:02:06   Play jazz.

01:02:09   - I think Dan is the only person

01:02:10   that's gonna have this problem.

01:02:12   - Yeah, okay, well, let me put it this way.

01:02:13   I'm gonna play jazz in Dan's house now,

01:02:15   'cause you say, "Alexa, play some jazz."

01:02:18   And Alexa says, "Playing some jazz music

01:02:20   from Amazon Prime Music."

01:02:23   And it just plays jazz.

01:02:25   And it's tied into,

01:02:26   I think it's got a Pandora integration.

01:02:29   So you can have it play music.

01:02:30   You can ask it the typical Siri things.

01:02:31   It's not quite as good as Siri.

01:02:33   Like with Siri, you can kind of stumble around and say,

01:02:36   "Did the Giants play tonight?"

01:02:37   And it'll say, "Oh, the San Francisco Giants

01:02:39   beat the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight."

01:02:42   With Alexa, you have to say it more specifically than Siri.

01:02:47   Siri gives you more latitude.

01:02:49   But that all said, I think it's a cool idea.

01:02:51   The microphone is really good.

01:02:52   You can be a couple of rooms away

01:02:54   and it will pick up your command.

01:02:59   It's got a little light ring on the top.

01:03:01   So when you say the name, the ring sort of spins.

01:03:03   And then, so it's like the little spinning Siri icon,

01:03:06   except it's on the top of this device so you can see it.

01:03:09   So it's a neat idea.

01:03:11   It was a lot of fun.

01:03:12   And Dan has a Wemo light timer switch thing,

01:03:16   So you could say, Alexa, turn off the light

01:03:19   and the light turns off and she says, okay.

01:03:22   - Oh, that's nice.

01:03:23   - I thought that was pretty cool too.

01:03:25   And they just announced if this, then that integration

01:03:28   or as you like to say.

01:03:30   - If.

01:03:32   - If.

01:03:33   - Yeah, Mark was upset 'cause I didn't give enough teas.

01:03:35   - Not enough teas.

01:03:36   There's lots of teas at the end there.

01:03:37   If.

01:03:38   If this and that integration means you can do things like,

01:03:43   Right now you can say, Alexa, put marshmallows on my shopping list, and she'll put it on

01:03:48   the marshmallow, or on the Amazon shopping list.

01:03:52   But there's if this, then that integration, so your shopping list and your to-do list

01:03:55   can get pushed to to-do list apps and reminders and things like that.

01:04:00   They don't have to just stay inside sort of Amazon's little ecosystem.

01:04:04   And my thought was, and Dan mentioned this too, so Dan's thought was, and I agree with

01:04:08   it, I'll put it that way, full credit to Dan, it actually feels like a product that should

01:04:12   be made by Google or Apple in the sense that they have better ecosystems behind them. Amazon,

01:04:17   it's a little bit weird. It's like, you know, Amazon, I don't think of Amazon as providing

01:04:21   a to-do list for me, right? There are other options, but the if this, then that stuff

01:04:26   makes it, kind of gets it out there into a wider bit of integration. So it's a weird

01:04:31   product. You still have to sign up to be invited to buy it, which is also weird. But I kind

01:04:36   of thought it was cool. Again, in the sense, a little bit like what we were talking about

01:04:39   with the Apple Watch, it certainly doesn't seem necessary, but it's fun and you know,

01:04:46   it's also a Bluetooth speaker I believe, so you can also just play things through it through

01:04:51   this metal tube even if you're not telling it what to do with your voice. So anyway,

01:04:57   I thought it was neat and it turns the light on and off. I thought that was a lot of fun.

01:05:01   Dan's really annoyed because it worked. He's in the chat room now and he's telling us that

01:05:06   it did do it. So maybe we should say like, "Hey Alexa, turn off the light and just see

01:05:11   what happens."

01:05:12   Oh yeah, that'll turn off Dan's light. It's true. "Hey, Alexa, add marshmallows to my

01:05:20   shopping list." Sorry, Dan. It's like I'm still there, Dan.

01:05:25   What I don't understand though is why the naming thing is so crazy to me because you

01:05:32   can't set your own name, which I'm sure it said you could in the product.

01:05:36   - You can say, I believe you can only set Amazon

01:05:40   and Alexa as the name.

01:05:41   - Yeah, so I don't know why they call it the Echo.

01:05:44   It doesn't make any sense.

01:05:45   Like if you can call it either Amazon or Alexa,

01:05:49   why is it not called the Amazon Alexa?

01:05:52   - I think the reason that they used it

01:05:54   is they wanted to personalize it

01:05:55   and they wanted a series of sounds

01:05:57   that is less likely to be vocalized in normal speech,

01:06:02   in English.

01:06:02   - But yeah, that makes sense.

01:06:03   - I really think that's the reason.

01:06:05   It's like to avoid the Ahoy telephone problem, right?

01:06:08   - But then why do they call it the Echo?

01:06:10   - Because you talk and it says things back to you?

01:06:15   - But why not call it Alexa like Siri is called Siri?

01:06:19   - I almost wrote in,

01:06:21   or maybe Alexa is Amazon's intelligent agent technology,

01:06:25   but the product is not that, I don't know.

01:06:29   Dan reports that his light's not on.

01:06:31   Alexa, turn the light on.

01:06:34   Take that, Dan.

01:06:36   But, you know, yeah, it's a weird product.

01:06:40   And actually, one of my thoughts was,

01:06:42   what if a next generation Apple TV did that?

01:06:44   What if it was tied in?

01:06:45   What if it had ties to Apple's services?

01:06:47   And even when the TV was off, what

01:06:50   if you had the ability to instruct it and have

01:06:53   it tell you things?

01:06:53   I don't know whether that is something Apple wants to do

01:06:55   or if that's a little too far afield for a TV product.

01:06:57   But it struck me that there's maybe a product category there,

01:07:01   and that it's kind of funny that Apple and Google

01:07:03   aren't making that product because I think they've got more of the technology behind

01:07:07   it than Amazon does and yet Amazon is the one who's made this product because Amazon

01:07:11   is crazy and will make anything apparently. But I thought it was cool. It was a lot of

01:07:15   fun to play with at least and it's got an iOS app so you can actually look and an Android

01:07:19   app and you can look and see like you can go through past things that you've said to

01:07:25   it stuff like that. Yeah.

01:07:27   Is there a review coming?

01:07:29   I don't know. Dan is saying he's unsubscribing from our show.

01:07:34   I don't know. It would be nice... Did he write about it on Six Colors?

01:07:38   He may have. I've been traveling so much that he has...

01:07:41   He wrote about it once, I wonder, and he mentioned it in a...

01:07:45   Clockwise, in Clockwise 84, he talks about it a little bit.

01:07:48   But maybe there's more there.

01:07:50   Or maybe there isn't in this.

01:07:52   Or maybe Dan is tired of us.

01:07:56   Dan just texted me a picture of all the terrible things that we've been doing to his Alexa.

01:08:03   Can we get that picture in the show notes?

01:08:05   Yeah, yeah, he just sent me his shopping list with marshmallows on it.

01:08:11   I really hope that Dan's the only person, because otherwise we're gonna have another

01:08:14   one of these hella telephone numbers.

01:08:16   Again, we're gonna have to go to Ahoy Metal Tube if we have to.

01:08:20   That may have to happen.

01:08:21   I really hope that like there is a small overlap of people that have that product.

01:08:26   Oh god, if we've gotten in trouble for this then...

01:08:30   At least it wasn't me this time.

01:08:32   Who's got an Amazon Echo? Come on! There can't be that many people who've got that.

01:08:37   I'd like to think so. We do actually have one more small topic this week that we're

01:08:43   gonna talk about at the end of the show. Yes. Because it's about, we're gonna talk about

01:08:46   about Age of Ocran.

01:08:48   - Yes.

01:08:50   - But we don't want to talk about it now because--

01:08:51   - No, not everybody's seen it.

01:08:53   Not everybody wants to hear us talking about movies

01:08:55   and not everybody has seen it.

01:08:56   - Exactly, so we're gonna do our ask,

01:09:01   oh my word, what's happened to me today?

01:09:04   - You said ask.

01:09:04   - Yeah, our ask--

01:09:05   - Boy, we're gonna have you saying ax pretty soon.

01:09:09   Axe upgrade.

01:09:10   - Never, that will not ever happen.

01:09:12   - Good, I hope not.

01:09:13   - We're gonna do our ask upgrade segment.

01:09:16   Ask Upgrade. Ask Upgrade, which is brought to you by our friends at MailRoute. Jason,

01:09:20   please tell the people. Oh, MailRoute. So we just did an incomparable

01:09:26   about Age of Ultron, and in talking about MailRoute, I suggested that if you imagine

01:09:33   a world without spam viruses or bounced email, perhaps you're imagining the Age of Ultron,

01:09:39   where Ultron filters all your spam. But no, this is not a dystopia. It is a utopia. It's

01:09:46   It's the real world.

01:09:49   Upgrade listeners can get a very special deal on mail route, by the way.

01:09:51   So listen at the end of this explanation.

01:09:54   But let me tell you how Upgrade, I want to call it Upgrade.

01:09:57   Mail route works.

01:09:59   Mail route is kind of a magical service.

01:10:02   It lives in the cloud.

01:10:03   You don't have to buy any hardware or software.

01:10:04   You don't have to install or maintain anything.

01:10:06   You point your MX record for your domain.

01:10:08   This is the thing that tells the internet where your email should go.

01:10:12   And you point it at mail route.

01:10:13   MailRout takes in everything that comes in across the transom of the internet, all the

01:10:16   junk, all the spam, everything that you don't want, and everything that you do.

01:10:21   And then their smart servers filter it out.

01:10:24   They know what spam looks like.

01:10:25   They know what viruses look like.

01:10:27   Those never get delivered to you.

01:10:28   And then the stuff that is good, that you do want, does get delivered to you.

01:10:32   So your email server and your inbox never see the bad stuff.

01:10:36   The bad stuff doesn't go in your spam folder that is on your computer.

01:10:40   It never gets there.

01:10:41   It doesn't have to take time to download that stuff.

01:10:43   junk just never even appears. It stays up on mail route, and there's some nice tools

01:10:47   for you to check and see what got filtered if you want to check and see if something

01:10:51   got misfiltered. I almost never see something get misfiltered, maybe once a month. And then

01:10:56   with one click, you can whitelist that sender and automatically have it delivered to you.

01:11:01   So as a desktop user, makes me happy. If you're an email administrator or an IT professional,

01:11:05   they have all the tools fully buzzword compliant, everything that you need for somebody who's

01:11:10   going to provide a mail service to you. There's an API for easy account management, support

01:11:18   for LDAP and Active Directory, TLS, outbound relay, mail bagging.

01:11:22   Gregor: Alexa, please bag my mail.

01:11:25   Adam, Alexa, add mail bagging to my to-do list. Everything that you'd want from people

01:11:32   handling your mail, it's in there in mail route. And here is the previously foreshadowed

01:11:37   deal. This is not valid for Ultron, by the way. This is only valid for humans. Not valid

01:11:42   for Alexa either, frankly. Go to mailroute.net/upgrade. That's the name of the show. That's how they

01:11:50   know that we sent you. You will get a free trial. You will get 10% off. You will not

01:11:55   get 10% off your first order or 10% off an order. You will get 10% off the lifetime of

01:12:01   your account by signing up. And there is a free trial, so you can give it a shot even

01:12:06   If you're not sure, before you buy, you can give it a shot and test it out and find out

01:12:10   if it's right for you.

01:12:11   mailroute.net/upgrade.

01:12:12   And thank you so much to MailRoute and not to Ultron for sponsoring Upgrade and supporting

01:12:18   Relay FM.

01:12:19   Thank you, MailRoute.

01:12:21   So I have a few Ask Upgrades for us.

01:12:23   So this one comes from Upgrading Robert.

01:12:27   I have a question regarding iCloud Drive and the OS X Documents folder.

01:12:31   I was thinking of moving my entire Documents folder, only 3.4GB to iCloud Drive to have

01:12:37   access to all of my documents from anywhere that I am.

01:12:40   Do you believe that this idea, placing all of my documents in iCloud Drive makes for

01:12:44   a sound strategy?

01:12:46   Does iCloud Drive work like Dropbox in that sense?

01:12:48   I assume there would still be a local copy on my Mac that I could continue to backup

01:12:52   with Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner.

01:12:55   As someone who's been reviewing Yosemite, iCloud and all of its options I'm curious

01:12:59   as to your opinion?

01:13:03   This is a good one.

01:13:05   Because I haven't even considered this.

01:13:07   But it makes sense in theory, because then apps that you use on your iOS devices could

01:13:12   easily get access to that by going into the document picker.

01:13:15   What would be the harm in doing this?

01:13:18   Other than iCloud chewing it all up, but in theory that doesn't happen, right?

01:13:24   Right.

01:13:25   If you've got the space for it, you could totally do it.

01:13:28   Um,

01:13:29   3.4 gigs is not a lot.

01:13:31   Yeah, my only hesitation, but if you buy a lot of extra storage space for say, Photosync

01:13:35   and you've got 200 gigs left over, then you're in really good shape.

01:13:39   Um, my feeling is Dropbox gives you more information about what it's doing.

01:13:46   Uh, iCloud Drive is a "it just works" kind of thing where I feel like I don't have a

01:13:51   lot of feedback about what it's transferring and what it's not transferring. But, yeah,

01:13:58   you've got cloud storage. I would say you might want to try it out with some stuff and

01:14:04   see how it goes. It does auto sync in the background, it does a lot of those Dropbox-y

01:14:08   things, and if you've got the space available, then take advantage of it and see if it works

01:14:13   for you and if it makes your life easier to have that stuff syncing across your devices.

01:14:18   I think it's a perfectly valid thing.

01:14:21   My take on iCloud Drive is that it's probably not the best product for somebody who is more

01:14:26   finicky and technical and wants people like probably the listeners of the show who want

01:14:31   to, you know, are not satisfied with a smaller solution when a bigger one that's more complicated

01:14:39   and gives them more options will do.

01:14:41   But you know, iCloud Drive is Apple's attempt to do Dropbox for everybody.

01:14:45   I mean, just super simple built-in Dropbox essentially is what it is.

01:14:50   So yeah, I'd say give it a try.

01:14:52   I don't think it's going to eat your data and you can back it up because those files

01:14:55   are on your hard drive.

01:14:57   They should back up just fine.

01:14:59   So give it a try.

01:15:00   I think I wouldn't copy maybe everything.

01:15:02   I'd say try it with some of your documents that you use and see how it goes and maybe

01:15:07   move some more then and like do it gradually and see what happens.

01:15:11   That's what I would say.

01:15:12   We actually have more iCloud and space related questions. This one comes from Michael.

01:15:19   I'm using photos of iCloud library enabled. The space in iCloud is vastly different to that on the disk. Is this normal?

01:15:27   Uh...hmm. That's a good question. I don't know if that's normal. There are lots of weird things going on with space.

01:15:38   the space that your photos library lists is complicated

01:15:43   because it's first off, they're like the hard links

01:15:49   and stuff, but it should be a rough,

01:15:52   roughly what you're doing.

01:15:54   Although, let's see, I mean,

01:15:55   there's some things that don't sync,

01:15:56   but the media all syncs.

01:15:57   I don't know.

01:15:59   This is a good question.

01:16:00   It could be that the way that the sizes are measured

01:16:02   on your local disc versus in the cloud are different

01:16:07   that they actually measure the space differently.

01:16:10   It could be that you have duplicates that,

01:16:15   it shouldn't be that you have duplicates that are local,

01:16:19   that it doesn't bother

01:16:20   because it knows that they're duplicates,

01:16:21   although that's possible.

01:16:22   I don't think they transcode videos,

01:16:26   although they do transcode or convert your,

01:16:29   you've got a lot of pings, like screenshots and stuff.

01:16:32   Those all get converted to JPEGs, which are much smaller.

01:16:34   that's one example where things get converted. So I don't know vastly

01:16:38   different if it's still if it's done uploading and it says it's the same

01:16:41   number of photos in both places that is a little bit weird but I I don't it's so

01:16:47   early yet I don't have any I don't have an experience to match this so I'm not

01:16:51   quite sure what's going on there.

01:16:52   >>My only thought on this was the optimize disk space thing so you could have less

01:16:59   on the disk because

01:17:01   >>Sure yes if

01:17:02   >>It's physically less on the disk

01:17:03   If optimized disk space is turned on,

01:17:05   that would be the case, absolutely,

01:17:06   that you wouldn't have all those photos on your disk.

01:17:08   So the space in iCloud would be vastly larger

01:17:12   than the space on your disk.

01:17:14   But I don't know, I assumed that wasn't what he was asking,

01:17:17   but I don't know.

01:17:19   So there are some reasons,

01:17:21   but I would say make sure that the number that you're seeing

01:17:24   is the number that's in iCloud.

01:17:26   It's not resizing your photos or anything like that.

01:17:30   If you're doing iCloud photo library,

01:17:32   It's not resizing them.

01:17:34   And in fact, it's keeping the originals

01:17:36   and your edited versions.

01:17:38   So it should be in the ballpark.

01:17:41   -So this next question comes from Will,

01:17:44   and Will has asked, "Upgrade.

01:17:46   Curious to know what our thoughts are

01:17:49   on SoundCloud's podcast platform update."

01:17:52   And mentioned that timed comments

01:17:54   seem like an interesting thing.

01:17:56   -Yeah, so -- -So this is out of beta now.

01:17:58   -Yeah, it's been there for a long time.

01:17:59   In fact, we used this on the Macworld and Clockwise podcast

01:18:03   back at IDG because we were in the beta

01:18:05   and our chapter marks came through as comments

01:18:10   in SoundCloud, which is kind of interesting.

01:18:13   And people can leave comments

01:18:14   and it's a kind of a cool idea.

01:18:17   I don't know a lot of the details.

01:18:19   When it was in beta, it was kind of weird.

01:18:23   It was like hard to find the download URL.

01:18:24   SoundCloud really wanted plays.

01:18:27   If you weren't in a podcast app,

01:18:28   they really wanted the plays to be in their embedded player,

01:18:32   which is a problem because sometimes you want the MP3 URL

01:18:35   to pass somewhere or to link to.

01:18:38   And so it got kind of frustrating,

01:18:39   like they were playing hide the MP3 with the user,

01:18:43   which I really didn't like.

01:18:44   I also didn't love the fact that they showed every play.

01:18:47   So like everybody knew, if you use SoundCloud,

01:18:49   everybody knows exactly how many people downloaded

01:18:51   every episode that you did.

01:18:53   - I checked this, you can turn that off.

01:18:55   - Yeah, so this is the thing,

01:18:57   it seems to not do that anymore. So that's cool. And I think they got better about the

01:19:02   download URL thing too. So I think it's great that there's another player. I taught a class,

01:19:07   I mentioned this in a previous show about podcasting, and then I just spoke at this

01:19:12   conference about podcasting. One of the questions is, where do I put my files? And there are

01:19:16   not a lot of great answers because your web hoster is probably not going to get behind

01:19:21   you posting an hour of podcast every week. You at some point are going to need somebody

01:19:27   to host that stuff. And adding SoundCloud to the list adds another player here. And

01:19:33   SoundCloud seems to really want to be the container of sound on the internet. And so

01:19:38   them supporting podcasting is really cool. That said, I don't use it. And I don't know

01:19:46   if I would want things like formal commenting from listeners on SoundCloud because then

01:19:52   it's on SoundCloud and it's on their site and it's not on my site. It's not on Relay,

01:19:56   it's not on Incomparable, it's over on SoundCloud and that's what they want is they want to

01:20:02   draw everybody to their platform. So I like it as another option and for some people it

01:20:09   may be really great. I'm not entirely sure it's one that I particularly want to participate

01:20:13   in but maybe. I think it's great that it's finally public because that was in beta for

01:20:16   like what two years something like that a long time. So when people used to ask

01:20:20   me about SoundCloud before and like why I didn't use them or what I thought about

01:20:24   them I said I wasn't gonna go near it until they had a business model because

01:20:27   during the beta it was just free and now they have a business model which is

01:20:31   awesome because you can pay right and you get upload time increases and you

01:20:37   get additional statistic information which is kind of like what Libsyn has

01:20:41   as well right the more you pay the more data you get but I would still not go

01:20:47   with them myself I may say check them out if you're interested and mine is

01:20:50   because the company that I use Libsyn have been in business for over 10 years

01:20:54   and they've been doing this for 10 years and I know that what they do works I

01:20:58   haven't used SoundCloud I'm not interested in using a brand a brand new

01:21:03   but a new thing when my old thing works great like especially for something

01:21:09   which for me is so important.

01:21:10   I might test it out and play around a little bit more,

01:21:12   but for now I'm gonna stick with where I am.

01:21:16   - Right, well it's nice that there are more options.

01:21:19   You're right, it does actually make a lot of us uneasy

01:21:22   when it's something that's being given away for free.

01:21:25   Instead of, I feel good about paying Libsyn.

01:21:27   As strange as it sounds, it's like look,

01:21:29   on some levels I feel like given how much data

01:21:33   is being transferred there,

01:21:34   I'm not sure I'm paying them enough, honestly,

01:21:36   but I'm glad that they have a business

01:21:37   and I'm paying them, I feel like comfortable in that.

01:21:42   And with SoundCloud, it's like,

01:21:43   why are they giving everybody free podcasting?

01:21:45   What's the end game here?

01:21:46   And like I said, I think maybe the end game is

01:21:48   you get to host your podcasts

01:21:50   and we get your content in our ecosystem

01:21:52   where we can auto tag it and connect it to other things

01:21:55   and just kind of keep people in SoundCloud.

01:21:57   But that's a little like YouTube, right?

01:21:59   And we know how the YouTubers feel

01:22:01   about everybody being in YouTube

01:22:03   is there may come a time when they say,

01:22:05   we're gonna put ads in your content

01:22:07   And if you want to sell ads, you need to cut us in,

01:22:09   or you need to go somewhere else,

01:22:12   but we're really the only game in town.

01:22:13   And that's the scary part of that kind of situation.

01:22:16   But the SoundCloud people are cool.

01:22:18   I've met them.

01:22:19   I met some of them when I was in Berlin a few years ago.

01:22:22   And it's a cool service,

01:22:24   and I think people should check it out.

01:22:25   But they should also check out Libsyn

01:22:27   and see if their ISP lets them post files

01:22:30   for their podcast too.

01:22:32   Yeah, it's good.

01:22:33   I like people making,

01:22:35   I like businesses making tools for podcasters

01:22:36   because that doesn't happen a lot and it's a good sign that there's more of that now.

01:22:42   And last question today from Rob, what does the Apple Watch, we spoke a little bit about

01:22:49   this earlier, what does the Apple Watch consider exercise that fills the ring, the exercise

01:22:52   ring? Is it based on heart rate? I assume that is the case.

01:22:56   Yeah, I think it's time above a target heart rate. I think that's what it is. It's like

01:23:00   you have to have enough time above the target heart rate. That's, you know, aerobic exercise.

01:23:05   It's like you're you if you don't lift your heart rate like walking is great being active

01:23:10   and not sedentary but if your heart doesn't go above a certain rate that it you know whatever

01:23:15   it's it's using as its baseline it doesn't consider that exercise because you're not

01:23:20   you know it's nice to take a walk but but if you're not raising your heart rate you're

01:23:25   not really getting exercise.

01:23:27   Yeah that makes sense to me.

01:23:29   I wondered if you knew but if you don't then that makes sense.

01:23:34   I think that's my educated guess but I don't know for sure.

01:23:37   Cool, so, spoiler on time.

01:23:40   [music]

01:23:44   Right, so I didn't want to spend a ton of time on this.

01:23:47   Sure, because this is not Myke watches a movie, you know.

01:23:51   Yeah, we're doing that next week.

01:23:52   Next week.

01:23:53   So I need to watch a movie this week.

01:23:55   And of course you did a great episode of The Incomparable

01:23:58   that I'm about halfway through, which is a lot of fun.

01:24:03   Andy isn't totally breaking my heart yet.

01:24:07   He's kind of slightly breaking it.

01:24:09   -Andy's not feeling the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

01:24:12   That's true, but I think him not absolutely loving it

01:24:16   and questioning -- I think Andy and Iko

01:24:20   has a lot of existential thoughts about, like, you know,

01:24:23   "Is this a movie or is it part of a franchise?

01:24:25   Did we get what we paid for versus could they have been

01:24:30   a little more, you know, ambitious and in certain ways.

01:24:34   And I like being challenged by Andy.

01:24:37   He didn't sort of like hijack the podcast

01:24:40   where we all end up just kind of pelting him with questions,

01:24:43   which is sort of what happened

01:24:44   with the first "Avengers" episode we did.

01:24:46   But, you know, I think Andy raises a lot of valid points.

01:24:49   What I said on the podcast about,

01:24:52   that we did yesterday about "Age of Ultron" is,

01:24:54   it's kind of like not a movie.

01:24:55   It's like something new.

01:24:56   This is a new, these franchise continuing story,

01:24:59   feature films. They have to be feature films because they need to charge people a lot of

01:25:03   money. They need to earn a billion dollars to pay for these giants, all these special

01:25:06   effects and the actors and all that. But they're kind of not movies, right? They're installments

01:25:11   in a collection of things. It's not a TV series quite, but it's not just a movie either. Like,

01:25:17   I remember when I saw the sixth Harry Potter movie, I very much had the reaction like they

01:25:21   should have put a "previously" on Harry Potter at the beginning because really what I was

01:25:24   watching was two and a half hours of the latest episode of an annual released television series

01:25:31   that goes to theaters, but is much more like a television series. It's recurring characters.

01:25:36   We see them again. It's the next year. What's the next story? There's a story arc, and then

01:25:40   there's an individual plot in the movie, but there's a bigger story arc. And the Marvel

01:25:43   movies are like that. I feel like the Star Wars movies are probably going to be like

01:25:46   that too. DC wants to do it with their superhero movies. So I thought Andy asked some interesting

01:25:51   challenging questions about like the nature of what are you trying to get out of this

01:25:54   thing? And is this a movie you enjoy or is it kind of part of a larger thing? And yeah,

01:25:59   he totally isn't under the spell of it. But at the same time, he thought it was better

01:26:02   than the last one and saw the positive as well as the negative in it. And I thought

01:26:05   that was a good conversation to have because they are, these are not like, you know, movies

01:26:11   as we used to think of them. These are franchise installments or something. That all said,

01:26:17   I had a great time. So I really liked it. Did you like it?

01:26:22   I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I got to see it like 10 days ago because it was released early in the UK.

01:26:28   The premiere was here and my understanding was the government gave like a ton of money to Disney.

01:26:35   It's like in tax breaks and stuff. They shot a lot of it here and it's a thing that's happening

01:26:39   more and more especially with the Marvel movies. Many of the Marvel movies including the last Iron

01:26:44   movie were released earlier like by like two weeks nearly in the UK which is

01:26:48   great for me because we very rarely, Disney is typically very bad at this

01:26:52   with their animation they release things here like a month two months three

01:26:56   months late it's really weird and it was one movie I can't remember which one it

01:27:00   was one of the Pixar movies where it was getting ready to be released on video in

01:27:05   the US before it came out here so you know it can suck and I don't really understand why but we

01:27:12   got it a bit early which is great and I think the thing that I've heard so far

01:27:16   that I didn't agree with especially with Andy and I think a couple other people

01:27:21   on the panel was the action scenes I loved every single one of them the fight

01:27:25   scenes the fight scenes that were confusing I loved them because they were

01:27:29   confusing because I feel like they were meant to be they were meant to just be

01:27:33   chaos like you just fog or crazy stuff is happening yeah like the first one

01:27:38   like the first the first one like the first scene the assault on the castle-y

01:27:43   thing yeah and it was just kind of like for me it was like this is all crazy no

01:27:48   one really knows what's going on because the Avengers felt kind of ambushed in

01:27:51   that scenario for us the amount of people that were there right and then it

01:27:55   was kind of just like here is a bunch of superheroes like smashing into stuff

01:27:59   like for a bit and I feel like it was kind of like let's get this one out of

01:28:03   the way because the other ones later have more meaning to them yeah and it

01:28:07   It was kind of just--

01:28:08   - I mean, not to get all meta on it,

01:28:09   but you could argue,

01:28:10   I feel like sometimes I was arguing this last night

01:28:13   to not a lot of reaction is,

01:28:16   the action is there because people want action

01:28:19   and the action was great

01:28:20   and there are those moments

01:28:21   that look like comic book panels

01:28:23   and although I have some problems with the opening,

01:28:26   the great thing about the opening

01:28:27   is it establishes the characters.

01:28:28   That they're fighting kind of is beside the point,

01:28:31   character wise, plot wise.

01:28:33   It opens the movie with a bang,

01:28:36   But that's also, you know, what's, I think,

01:28:38   the most important thing in that entire 20 minutes

01:28:40   is the dialogue.

01:28:41   It's the interactions, it's the humor,

01:28:43   and the interactions between the characters.

01:28:45   It's like the explosions make it all go down better.

01:28:48   But, you know, what we're really doing is like,

01:28:50   checking with your friends that you haven't seen for a while

01:28:53   and what are they up to?

01:28:54   Oh, they're assaulting a castle.

01:28:55   Tell me more, right?

01:28:57   - And there were also some parts there

01:28:58   that were set up for the rest of the movie,

01:29:00   like Captain America and Thor are now like a duo.

01:29:04   That wasn't in any other movie, but now they're like,

01:29:07   they use each other to make their own attacks more,

01:29:12   they hit harder, right?

01:29:14   - Yeah, I love hitting the hammer with the,

01:29:16   or hitting, using the hammer to hit the shield

01:29:18   is a pretty awesome move.

01:29:20   - There was a bunch of that.

01:29:21   And just in general, there was a lot more,

01:29:23   especially in the action scenes,

01:29:24   interplay between the characters,

01:29:26   which shows them as a team.

01:29:27   And I really loved all of that.

01:29:30   - That's the whole point of the movie is,

01:29:31   I mean, Serenity on The Incomparable called it

01:29:33   a capstone of the, you see everybody in their own movies and then this is where you get

01:29:38   them together and the whole point is yes it is overstuffed but the whole point is you

01:29:41   get to see them together. That's why you do a team up. It's like you know, hey Iron Man,

01:29:47   Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, they're all talking to each other and the Hulk and

01:29:51   they're all, you know, we don't get to see that when they're off in other movies but

01:29:55   here they're all together bouncing off each other and that's fun.

01:29:58   I was very happy for the character development in general.

01:30:02   Yeah.

01:30:02   Hawkeye's character development, like, that whole arc of like,

01:30:07   he seems to be crazy again, oh it seems like he's working for the other side, right?

01:30:13   There's that whole like, you know, I don't know if you caught that, but like when he's on the phone and he's saying like,

01:30:16   "Yes, Marlin, they work for you."

01:30:18   And I was like, "Ooh, Hydra."

01:30:20   And then it was like, "Oh no, wait, family on a farm."

01:30:22   And it's like, "Whaaat?"

01:30:23   And I love when it goes to the farm, I don't know if, I hope other people will get this reference.

01:30:27   it reminded me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie when they go to like the super

01:30:31   sad house. Do you remember that? It's like one of the turtles movies and they go to like

01:30:36   this weird house in the country and they hang out for a few days and everyone's sad.

01:30:39   - I know nothing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I totally get it. It's your

01:30:44   defeated heroes have to like lick their wounds and rededicate themselves to... I love scenes

01:30:49   like that in these kinds of movies where they have to, you know, talk... they have to talk

01:30:55   amongst themselves and it's good for character moments and then they rededicate themselves

01:30:59   and then they go back out and fight the bad guy again. It's good stuff. And I thought

01:31:04   they did a really great job of it. And in the Hawkeye's secret farm with his secret

01:31:10   wife who is Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks. And I had that moment of like, has

01:31:14   it been that long that now she plays a mom? She was a high school student just like the

01:31:19   other day on Freaks and Geeks and now she's Hawkeye's wife but I thought she was great.

01:31:26   That's a hard part to just be, "Well you're going to be the wife and mom of a superhero."

01:31:31   But they did some good casting and she was really great.

01:31:34   And that was just all very unexpected and I was very very happy to have all of that.

01:31:40   I liked, I see the criticism, but I liked the Black Widow's increased storyline as well.

01:31:49   I understand why it upsets people, and I get it about it being that she's in love with

01:31:55   someone, but it was kind of the same for Bruce Banner as well.

01:31:59   Like we kind of, if you've only, I mean, if you look at Mark Ruffalo's character, like

01:32:05   Mark Ruffalo has had the least amount of time in the movies, potentially?

01:32:10   Exactly. He has absolutely had the least amount. He's only in the other Avengers movie. That's it.

01:32:15   And I think, I mean, I don't know, I'd really like to see what Marvel and Disney's take on if the previous Hulk movies are canon or not?

01:32:24   Well, so the Ang Lee one isn't, but the Edward Norton one is.

01:32:27   Okay.

01:32:28   That's the one that's got Tony Stark having a drink

01:32:30   with the general in the one scene

01:32:33   to make it kind of like tied in, but not.

01:32:36   But I kind of want a Hulk and Black Widow movie now.

01:32:39   - Yes, me too.

01:32:40   - Because if they're afraid of doing a Hulk movie

01:32:42   and Black Widow's in all the shield movies,

01:32:43   I mean, you could argue that although she hasn't had,

01:32:45   she hasn't been a title character,

01:32:47   she is super important in Winter Soldier.

01:32:50   She's, I mean, she is a key to that film.

01:32:52   - She is as important in Winter Soldier

01:32:54   as Captain America is.

01:32:56   - I think that's right.

01:32:57   I mean, it's like her and Nick Fury and Captain America is what that movie is.

01:33:01   - It's like a body cop movie though.

01:33:02   - Yeah, it is.

01:33:03   It is.

01:33:04   We're down at the police station, except it's super police station.

01:33:06   - Super police.

01:33:07   Super corrupt Nazi police.

01:33:09   - So you're right.

01:33:10   I mean, we need to be on guard on the trope of like, "Oh sure, the only woman in the Avengers

01:33:13   and she's got a love interest."

01:33:15   But at the same time, the Hulk, you know, Bruce Banner, that is, it's happening to both

01:33:20   of them.

01:33:21   They also, it's not a relationship from the comics.

01:33:26   So I feel like it's also a reaction to how great they were together in the first Avengers

01:33:29   movie, which they were, and saying, "Well, that's really interesting."

01:33:33   And I think it does.

01:33:34   The thing is, yeah, we can talk about, you know, does this put her in a girlfriend context?

01:33:38   And that can be an issue.

01:33:39   But I love that it tells us some things about her character.

01:33:43   I think I really enjoyed the scene where she says, "Everybody I know wants to kill people.

01:33:49   I'm surrounded.

01:33:50   Everybody I know is in the business of killing and hurting people and breaking things.

01:33:55   And you are the only person I know who doesn't want to do it, who's fighting with everything

01:34:01   they've got to not kill people.

01:34:04   And I like that because that's what's interesting about Banner, right?

01:34:06   Is he is as reluctant as you can get.

01:34:10   And so the fact that she's attracted to that because he's the resistance.

01:34:17   Also that she's sort of like the Hulk whisperer now is also kind of cool because we remember

01:34:21   that she was really terrified of the Hulk in the first Avengers movie on the

01:34:25   alligator carrier. That's kind of a cool little bit too. So I thought that was fun.

01:34:29   I think I do think you got to be on guard but I think generally I think Joss

01:34:33   Whedon did a good job making Black Widow have more depth and be a more

01:34:41   interesting character and so I thought that was good.

01:34:44   I did take from it as well that that she was the one with the control in the

01:34:49   relationship which was a different kind of take you know especially if you're

01:34:54   saying like I get like the idea of the girlfriend complex but I would argue

01:34:57   that potentially Bruce Banner fills that role because he is like she has actual

01:35:05   control over him and if you were looking at it like the way that those things

01:35:08   they usually played out it maybe was slightly flipped the way that I know she

01:35:13   actually has control over him by you know and not only just these emotions but

01:35:19   she's the only one that can control the Hulk which is very interesting as a

01:35:24   thing. Yeah yeah no I liked I liked I liked all that stuff what else what else

01:35:29   you got this is you know I talked about it for an hour and a half yesterday so

01:35:33   I really I really liked and saw the idea of let's not kill everyone I liked that

01:35:38   I feel like that they didn't take it too far in my opinion like the idea of

01:35:46   searching, scanning buildings, checking for civilians like I appreciated that

01:35:51   and liked that and felt that they did a really good job of that. I genuinely

01:35:56   believe though that like raising that town above the rest of the earth was

01:36:00   like a metaphor of all that kind of stuff like this is an isolated area and

01:36:06   And I really loved Wren's idea of this being incomparable, that it was everybody was reacting

01:36:12   that way because of PTSD from New York.

01:36:15   Didn't think of it that way, thought that was really smart.

01:36:18   I agree.

01:36:19   The idea that they went through a situation where there was this horrible destruction

01:36:24   and that they were trying not to.

01:36:26   And although I do agree that you can read it as a commentary on Man of Steel.

01:36:32   - Yeah, I think it was a commentary on Man of Steel,

01:36:35   but the like the in-story reason is because of New York.

01:36:39   - Yeah, well, and I think it's broader than that.

01:36:40   I think that, I think it's also just like these

01:36:44   are who our heroes are, is that, I mean,

01:36:46   there's that moment where Hawkeye,

01:36:48   who we've been set up to be like,

01:36:49   oh, he's totally gonna die,

01:36:50   'cause we've seen all the signs of him saying goodbye

01:36:52   to his wife and kids and all that stuff, right?

01:36:54   But then he sees the kid trapped under the rubble

01:36:56   and he's sitting in his safe, you know, little chair

01:36:59   and he has a look on his face, he's like,

01:37:01   "Oh, geez, I gotta go out there.

01:37:04   Probably gonna get me killed,

01:37:05   but I can't leave that kid there."

01:37:07   - Was very surprised they killed off Quicksilver.

01:37:09   That surprised me.

01:37:10   That seemed like a really good character

01:37:12   with a lot of space to grow.

01:37:14   - So here's the thing.

01:37:15   Quicksilver's not really much of an Avenger.

01:37:16   He's much more of an X-Men character,

01:37:18   and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are shared

01:37:21   between the X-Men and Avengers franchises.

01:37:24   And there was a Quicksilver

01:37:25   in the latest X-Men movie, in fact.

01:37:28   So in hindsight, I'm not surprised

01:37:31   killed him off because he's not really an Avengers kind of character and Scarlet Witch

01:37:37   is very much an Avengers character. So it sort of makes sense. Like they don't really

01:37:43   need him. They go together. They're a pair. They're brother and sister. They're the children

01:37:47   of Magneto, except they can't say that in this movie because they don't own Magneto.

01:37:50   That is a different studio that has Magneto. But that actually leads into something that

01:37:57   I also wanted to point out, which is when I started to read comics, Avengers comics

01:38:02   in the eighties, the two leaders of the, of the Avengers were not iron man and captain

01:38:07   America. They were the vision and the Scarlet witch. And so seeing vision and the Scarlet

01:38:11   witch, and they even put a scene cause Joss Whedon is not that much older than me. He

01:38:15   even put in a scene where vision flies and saves her and like puts his arms around her

01:38:20   and lifts her up into the air. And I thought, Ooh, because they're married in the comics,

01:38:25   least in the 80s they were married, Vision and the Scarlet Witch, and they were the power

01:38:29   couple of the Avengers. And so it was fun to see those characters because those are

01:38:33   sort of like my Avengers are a little more like the Avengers we see at the end of the

01:38:37   movie where it's the Vision and the Scarlet Witch in the mix. So that was a lot of fun

01:38:42   actually to see those characters. I thought Vision was really neat because it's Paul Bettany

01:38:45   who's been the voice of Jarvis all along. And now he gets to be the android with the

01:38:52   red skin and a little mind gem and he's floating around with his cape and I thought that was

01:38:57   kind of cool.

01:38:58   And I like that plot twist that Ultron's building his evolved body to rule over the earth and

01:39:06   they steal it and replace him with Jarvis and create the vision.

01:39:11   That was a lot of fun.

01:39:12   I liked that whole character creation.

01:39:15   I'm very interested in what is next for the Avengers now because the movie kind of sets

01:39:20   it's up at the end like New Avengers and it's like whoa but now I don't understand where

01:39:25   like everybody fits and I guess that's the next like two years worth of movies to tell

01:39:29   me how that all works out. I was very happy with the movie overall I really really enjoyed

01:39:37   it I came away from it and had very good feelings about it and

01:39:40   it was fun I enjoyed it a lot and my family was trying to see it this weekend and they

01:39:44   didn't make it so I'm gonna have to see it with them next weekend and you know what I'm

01:39:47   looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to watching it again. It was a lot of fun.

01:39:53   And I do think, given where they're going, I think we were going to be in one of those

01:39:57   situations where we're going to have a movie where the new Avengers are really involved,

01:40:01   these new people we've been introduced to, and then there's going to be that moment where

01:40:05   they have to kind of call in Tony Stark out of retirement to help solve whatever. I think

01:40:10   some of that may go on. But it'll be fun. You can lose track of your characters when

01:40:16   you have too many characters and that's true but also how long are all these actors going

01:40:19   to be able to do these parts so I think that I think it's good to have some of those new

01:40:22   characters in the mix because like Robert Downey Jr. is not going to want to be Tony

01:40:26   Stark or at least be Tony Stark as Iron Man doing lots of stunts and stuff for a whole

01:40:32   lot longer you think so good to have some other people who can come in and you know

01:40:38   fly around and stuff.

01:40:39   You bet so thumbs up from me.

01:40:43   And next week we are going to talk about Raiders of the Lost Ark.

01:40:45   We are indeed.

01:40:46   Which you have not yet seen.

01:40:47   Which I have not yet seen.

01:40:49   So that's something to look out for next week.

01:40:51   Awesome.

01:40:52   But that about wraps it up for this week's episode.

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