16: The 2014 Upgradies


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00:00:15   the first ever Upgradeys Awards,

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00:00:34   My name is Myke Hurley, and I have the absolute pleasure

00:00:36   of being joined by my co-judge

00:00:38   for the first ever Upgraders Awards, Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:41   - Hello, Myke, it's good to be here.

00:00:42   Do you have your tuxedo on?

00:00:44   - I sure do, listen to this.

00:00:45   This is me tightening my bow tie.

00:00:47   There you go, you can hear that, right?

00:00:49   That comes through in the audio.

00:00:50   - Totally clear, loud and clear.

00:00:51   - Bow tightening.

00:00:54   So we do have a very special episode today.

00:00:57   We spoke about this a little bit.

00:00:58   We're going to be doing our first ever

00:01:00   of what I hope will be the annual Upgradeys Awards,

00:01:03   where we have a selection of categories

00:01:05   that have been thought up by myself and Jason,

00:01:08   and also suggested by some of our

00:01:11   as of yet unnamed listener group,

00:01:15   which we're gonna get to shortly.

00:01:17   But of course we do have a smidge of follow-up.

00:01:20   - Of course.

00:01:21   - And some #AskUpgrade.

00:01:24   That's catching on like wildfire now, you know.

00:01:26   I see that the Mac Power users team

00:01:29   are using the recipe that we have.

00:01:33   - Yeah, I had lunch with David Sparks,

00:01:38   little Glennon, little name dropping.

00:01:40   I had lunch with David Sparks last week

00:01:43   when I was here in LA where I'm back now

00:01:46   on my way back home and we were talking about that

00:01:49   and I told him about that, if this then that script

00:01:52   and he was like, "Oh, we should do that."

00:01:53   I said, "Yeah, you should totally do it and just go ahead."

00:01:56   So yeah, it's catching on, the hashtag,

00:01:58   podcast hashtag thing.

00:02:00   And it's working for us too, so that's great.

00:02:02   Oh, follow up Myke, we gotta make a decision

00:02:06   about what we're gonna call our listeners.

00:02:08   - Yes, so, I think I mentioned this last week,

00:02:13   but now it's happening.

00:02:15   Today we are going to come to a decision.

00:02:18   This is an episode all about decisions.

00:02:20   Yes.

00:02:22   And we've had lots and lots of suggestions.

00:02:26   And I think we kind of have this down to four options now.

00:02:30   Yes.

00:02:31   Upgraders, Upgradients.

00:02:33   Simple.

00:02:34   Upgradients.

00:02:35   We have listeners.

00:02:36   Listeners, we refer to our listeners as listeners.

00:02:38   I think it's very common.

00:02:40   And listener Myke and listener Jason

00:02:43   and various other listeners, right?

00:02:45   So I think that that needs to be considered.

00:02:47   And then somebody wrote in and suggested

00:02:49   something regarding ahoy telephones.

00:02:52   - Yeah, I guess there's something there.

00:02:55   You know, maybe shipmates or something.

00:02:57   But I mean, me personally,

00:03:00   I would like either upgraders or upgradians.

00:03:04   - Yes, I know you would.

00:03:06   - What do you think, Jason?

00:03:08   - I have to say, part of me wants to just say,

00:03:11   they're listeners. (laughs)

00:03:13   - Yes, of course. - They are listeners,

00:03:14   they are listeners, they are listeners to the show,

00:03:16   and that's simple.

00:03:16   So I'm going to reserve that as a more understandable honorific for all listeners and to address

00:03:24   them as listener so and so.

00:03:25   I think that's something I want to keep.

00:03:28   As long as I can keep that I am okay with either upgraders or upgradians.

00:03:34   What I like about upgradians, although it is a super nerdy word and maybe that's one

00:03:38   of the reasons I like it, I also like that it doesn't have any existing meaning and that

00:03:42   was what I think that listener Diane wrote in about that that Upgrader is

00:03:46   already a thing so Upgradians is a little extra so I'm okay with Upgradians

00:03:51   being the official like Trekkie name for the show and then listener being an

00:03:56   honorific that we can also bestow on on all listeners because they are listeners

00:04:00   and Upgradians. And settles it Jason. All right done. Upgradian. I like Upgradians. I hope the rest of the show goes that easily. I know. I like Upgradian. I like

00:04:11   I like that, I think that works quite nicely.

00:04:14   I hadn't thought of, you know, really put too much thought

00:04:16   into the idea that it is unique to the show,

00:04:19   which is quite nice.

00:04:21   I do like, obviously listener is fun,

00:04:23   and I like saying like, listener Bob,

00:04:25   I think that's quite funny.

00:04:26   But, you know, we need something special for this show,

00:04:31   Jason, you know, for people to pledge allegiance.

00:04:32   - We will still refer to listener Bob,

00:04:34   but listener Bob is an upgradeian.

00:04:36   Until they renounce their upgradeian ship, if they wish,

00:04:41   and then we'll probably read those on #AskUpgrade and be sad.

00:04:45   But that'll never happen.

00:04:47   - I think even more, the people in the chat room

00:04:52   are definitely the upgradients.

00:04:54   They are right there, they're involved, they're contributing.

00:04:58   But we do also, of course, have the remote upgradients

00:05:03   who send us email and tweets via the hashtag.

00:05:06   Which is nice.

00:05:07   - The super crazy fans are listening live,

00:05:09   but not everybody can listen live

00:05:10   when we record the show and that's fine.

00:05:11   There are no classes of upgrading, see I'm working on it.

00:05:16   There are no classes of upgrading, you're all upgrading.

00:05:18   Some of them are in the chat room

00:05:19   and listening to the live stream and some of them aren't

00:05:21   and that's fine, we love them all, equally.

00:05:23   - Yes, you can be a crazy person

00:05:27   and a crazy fan from far away.

00:05:29   - And if you would like to be one of our official enemies,

00:05:33   first off you need to get us an enemy sponsor

00:05:35   and then you can be as Wayne Dixon suggested

00:05:38   the chat room just now a down gradient.

00:05:40   >> Ooh!

00:05:41   There's so many layers here.

00:05:43   >> I know.

00:05:44   >> This is getting deep.

00:05:46   We're getting deep.

00:05:48   >> All right.

00:05:50   You put in another piece of follow-up, which is something I think we talked about and I

00:05:53   wrote about on Six Colors, which is that The Wire, The Wire was released, the great HBO

00:05:59   drama series, was released in its HD widescreen version over the weekend.

00:06:06   So this is something I don't remember if we actually spoke about this on the show, but

00:06:10   I know that I first heard about this from Six Colors.

00:06:13   Like when you originally posted it, I think was it in December?

00:06:18   It feels like longer ago.

00:06:19   Yeah it was early December.

00:06:20   It was earlier this month when David Simon wrote about it, and I was surprised that it

00:06:26   went from him writing about it to it being live in the same month.

00:06:32   That was kind of amazing.

00:06:33   But I know that at the time when it was being discussed and when we first heard about it,

00:06:38   everybody was kind of concerned that it would be just like what's known as like pan and

00:06:44   scan.

00:06:45   So effectively taking the original 4x3, because all that we believed we had was a 4x3 version

00:06:53   of the wire.

00:06:55   So they would basically chop off the top and bottom and zoom in on stuff.

00:06:59   Yeah, it's not even pan and scan at that point.

00:07:00   It's just a zoom.

00:07:01   zoom. But it turns out they did shoot it in 35mm film, which means they shot it in 16x9.

00:07:07   The film is 16x9. The way they shot it, the 16x9 is on the film. That's the way that they

00:07:13   crop the shot, that's the way the cameras are made. And then they would just put tape

00:07:17   markers on the sides to box it in 4x3. And at the very beginning it sounds like they

00:07:23   shot it sort of to cheat on 16x9 in case it ended up being in 16x9. And by the end of

00:07:29   the first year I think they just decided HBO was never gonna fund them to do 16 by 9 HD

00:07:37   and they were going to embrace what they were already broadcasting in which was standard

00:07:40   death 4 by 3 aspect ratio standard TV aspect ratio and so I believe they although they

00:07:45   shot the rest of the series on film and with the ability to capture the 16 by 9 image at

00:07:52   that point on they were you know they didn't even you know worry about a little about what

00:07:57   was in the sides of the frame, it was as if those frames were not, the 16x9 widescreen

00:08:02   areas were not there. And that became a problem when somebody said we would like, you know,

00:08:09   if we didn't talk about it, I definitely talked about it on some podcast, I'm on a lot of

00:08:14   podcasts, about the idea that black and white TV, you know, used to be, they started colorizing

00:08:20   TV shows because they couldn't sell black and white TV anymore, and I feel like 4x3

00:08:25   Deaf TV is becoming unsellable in today's TV market. People have widescreen TVs and

00:08:30   HD TVs and they want to see things in that format. And so HBO is thinking we've got 100

00:08:35   episodes of The Wire and we don't, you know, for them to continue having value we need

00:08:39   to upgrade them, huh, to HD and widescreen. And the problem is, like you said, the problem

00:08:46   is they're not the same shape and if you just put the box, the 16x9 box in the middle of

00:08:52   4x3 picture you're cutting off the top and the bottom and if you use the whole frame

00:08:56   of film you're gonna have like lights and people and weird stuff on the sides of the

00:09:02   screen because they didn't care about what was on the sides of the screen which is actually

00:09:06   what's happening apparently on some cable channel is running reruns of Buffy the Vampire

00:09:11   Slayer in HD widescreen and they're like there's a tumbler that collects these things there's

00:09:17   like stagehands in the shots. It's crazy. Like nobody had any quality control on that

00:09:24   release. But apparently David Simon was shown, the creator of The Wire, was shown what HBO

00:09:28   was working on and said, "Well actually, we have some problems with this." Which is really

00:09:33   interesting that they did go to him and they delayed this release for like four or five

00:09:36   months because of that.

00:09:40   Yeah, so he, David Simon was involved in this and they basically like digitally edited out

00:09:47   and painted, what they call digitally painted over some of the basically crew just standing

00:09:53   at the edges.

00:09:54   Yeah, so what they did, I mean they hired somebody who was one of the producers or cinematographers

00:09:58   on the show to go through it.

00:10:00   They basically said, "Okay, we're going to pay you to, you've got some free time right

00:10:04   now, we're going to pay you to go through the HD transfer for us and come to us with

00:10:09   things where we you feel like we need to make creative decisions and and uh because we can't

00:10:14   look at everything ourselves you know a busy tv producer making a new show whatever and so it was

00:10:19   a combination there are there are shots that they they that they cropped differently whether they

00:10:24   went back to the wide or they went in close um sort of like shot by shot there were shots that

00:10:30   they changed uh to get the effect they were looking for which is great that's you know

00:10:34   that it wasn't just put a frame in and roll the episode, they would go shot by shot.

00:10:39   And then there were certain cases where they wanted to go wide and there was stuff that

00:10:43   they had to paint out.

00:10:44   And so they did, which I think is great that they went to that trouble, which obviously

00:10:48   Fox didn't do with whatever Buffy episodes are running on that cable channel.

00:10:54   And hopefully if they ever do a Blu-ray release or a streaming HD release of those Buffy episodes,

00:10:59   either take them back to 4x3 or they put in some effort to fix them up. I mean Joss Whedon,

00:11:06   the creator of Buffy, has said, and Buffy is my favorite TV show of all time, I'd love

00:11:10   to see it in HD because I know they shot it on film, but he said look, other than the

00:11:13   one episode we shot in 16x9, we shot the show in 4x3. That's what it was meant to be, it

00:11:18   was always in 4x3. Other shows they did, Angel, the spinoff, was shot in 16x9, it can come

00:11:23   out in 16x9, but they didn't shoot the show in 16x9, they shot it in 4x3. So, um, they

00:11:29   That's--it's an interesting thing, this idea of the intent--intention of the creators,

00:11:34   and what Simon pointed out in actually a really great thread on his post about this is people

00:11:40   are making a big deal about 16x9 and 4x3, about aspect ratios, but going from SD to

00:11:45   HD is actually a creative change too.

00:11:47   They mastered the show for SD, and the way he put it--although I think he used lots of--I

00:11:52   think he dropped the F-bomb several times, but the way he put it is, "We got away with

00:11:56   a lot of stuff because it was an SD.

00:12:00   We would actually look at the monitors and say, "Can you see that car in the background

00:12:03   that is totally from the wrong time?"

00:12:05   Or "Can you see that sign that proves that we're in a completely different location than

00:12:09   when we're claiming to be?"

00:12:11   Well in SD, you couldn't.

00:12:13   But in HD, you can.

00:12:15   And so that's an issue too.

00:12:17   The show wasn't intended to be seen at this level of detail and a lot of problems emerge,

00:12:23   and that they had to deal with that too.

00:12:24   And I think that's kind of fascinating.

00:12:26   from from this perspective of the creator trying

00:12:28   Trying to do something with a show that is not what it was originally intended and I like Simon's attitude

00:12:35   He's a notoriously cranky guy and I love his work. I think his books are great. Actually if go read go read the corner

00:12:42   Go read homicide a year on the killing street a fantastic book

00:12:46   And then the wire is one of the best dramas ever

00:12:48   He can be a really cranky guy and yet his attitude toward this is really good

00:12:52   is like, look, HBO owns it, they let us have some creative input in it, we're creating

00:12:56   an alternate version of the work. If you want to see the original intent, that's the 4x3

00:13:02   SD version of the show. That is what we made when we made it, and some of the stuff that's

00:13:06   in the HD is better, and some of it is worse, but it's different, and it's not the original

00:13:10   intent of the artist. But we also recognize that if we only had that version, nobody would

00:13:16   see it. Right? Nobody would watch it, because nobody would want to stream it, it's already

00:13:20   a problem, nobody wants to see a 4x3 SD show. So he sort of, I feel like you could watch

00:13:26   the HD version of The Wire and not feel like the creators are over your shoulder going

00:13:31   "no no no, this isn't right" that they had some creative input to make it okay. But it's

00:13:38   fascinating to think about that, that technology is driving artists to hopefully make changes,

00:13:44   in other cases just companies to wholesale make changes to the work and the product can

00:13:49   suffer greatly because of it. So I haven't seen any of The Wire in HD but I

00:13:57   would like to. I actually watched The Wire for the first time

00:14:02   this year. I think we talked about that at least briefly. Yeah I've watched all

00:14:07   of it but the last season because I kind of didn't. Last season is not very good.

00:14:11   I mean it's good TV it's not good for The Wire I guess and he's

00:14:17   He's grinding a lot of his axes about journalism since he worked at the Baltimore Sun.

00:14:21   He gets really angry about journalism in that.

00:14:24   That's where you have your most kind of like obviously evil and obviously, you know, angelic

00:14:29   characters is in that fifth season where, you know, he kind of, the whole point is that

00:14:33   nobody's good or bad and in the fifth season he's like, "No, no, that editor is really

00:14:37   bad and this reporter is really good."

00:14:39   Like, come on, David Simon.

00:14:41   But it's totally worth watching.

00:14:43   It is not an upper, it is a downer, but it is about, it's a show about the systemic failure

00:14:47   of governments and cities.

00:14:48   I mean it's not a real happy topic, but it is brilliant and funny and tough to watch,

00:14:55   but it's great.

00:14:58   So we have a couple of, just a couple of Ask Upgrades today.

00:15:03   So we have @Gen215, "What are your hobbies, interests, or passions that are currently

00:15:08   among the topics, not among the topics that you explore in your podcast. So what do we

00:15:13   love doing? We're gentlemen with many podcasts.

00:15:15   Exactly. And I think for both of us they span across many different genres. But for me,

00:15:23   I think some of the things that I enjoy that I don't record about, I love building Lego

00:15:28   sets. It's something I don't do an awful lot of because it's expensive. But maybe once

00:15:35   a year I'll have a good Lego set that I like to build. I like music but I don't

00:15:40   make podcasts about music and I enjoy food and eating out and stuff like that.

00:15:44   So it's a passion of mine and I don't I don't make any shows about that either.

00:15:49   Right. Not yet. Not yet. I took out a lot of my... by making me

00:15:55   incomparable as broad as it is I mean that's literally like all of my pop

00:15:59   culture interests. Yeah. And so you know in a different world I would I would

00:16:03   have done a show about movies or a show about TV and say well you know I read comics or

00:16:08   I read books and but I just poured those all into the incomparable so that all of that

00:16:12   kind of cultural consumption just kind of goes out the window because I've got the shows

00:16:16   at the incomparable that cover it. So this was a really interesting question and I appreciate

00:16:21   the listener @gen215 for for does he have a name did we look up he or she have a name?

00:16:29   I'm sure they do. I'm gonna look it up just in case because that's one problem

00:16:34   with that is it doesn't grab the ask upgrade does not grab the given name

00:16:38   Thomas listener Thomas is who Gen 215 is. Upgradeian. Upgradeian, well yeah and a

00:16:46   good friend. Anyway I appreciate this question I would say well first off I'm

00:16:50   a parent of a 10 year old and a 13 year old and although friends of mine had a

00:16:54   parenting podcast turning this car around which you can listen to which is

00:16:58   John Moltz and Lex Friedman and John Armstrong who is not a friend, he's not an enemy, I

00:17:02   don't know him, but they do a podcast.

00:17:05   I don't like that guy.

00:17:08   Actually you know on the podcast he seems perfectly fine although he's, although a little

00:17:12   confession, he's a divorced dad and listening to his stories about being a divorced dad

00:17:16   just makes me sad, it just makes me sad.

00:17:19   My parents never, my parents were together until my dad died so I was not a child of

00:17:24   divorce and I've been married for 20 years and and I just think it's sad to

00:17:28   think about you know that having to navigate those issues and but anyway

00:17:32   it's a good podcast turning this car around you should check it out I don't

00:17:34   do a podcast about parenting I'm not sure I want to because I certainly don't

00:17:37   have all the answers all I have is a lot of questions and I think the danger in

00:17:42   those podcasts which I don't think those guys have but the danger in talking

00:17:46   about parenting at all as you get in a very it's very easy to get in a here's

00:17:49   what I do you should do it too which is almost always not true because that's

00:17:54   just not how it works. Every kid is different, every situation is different. And then the

00:17:58   other thing is you will get people whenever you talk about parenting who will tell you

00:18:02   you're doing it wrong because there is a whole class of people who think they know how to

00:18:08   take care of kids and really improve their self-esteem by telling you that you don't.

00:18:14   And I wrote a column for Macworld once about how on a long car trip like the one my family

00:18:18   and I are going to take tomorrow, I gave my kids, I think back then it was like a video

00:18:23   iPod and they could watch a movie in the car and I had people saying you're a terrible

00:18:26   parent because you should be playing the license plate game and having long meaningful conversations

00:18:33   with your five-year-old about something crayons maybe and those people are awful so parenting

00:18:41   I will put on the list and I think I don't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole but there

00:18:44   it is I'd say writing I am a writer and although I write about technology and in my spare time

00:18:50   I sometimes write about fiction and things like that and I'm on the board of National

00:18:55   Novel Writing Month and I think writing and editing in general is really important in

00:19:00   my life. I don't talk about it a lot in specific and Dan Morin and I actually have been talking

00:19:07   for a little while about some time getting around to doing a podcast that's about writing

00:19:13   and I think that would be a lot of fun and having guests on and talking about different

00:19:16   aspects of being a writer, fiction and non. And I think that would be a lot of fun, but

00:19:20   right now it's not on the list. And then the last one I put in here is beer. I like beer.

00:19:25   I have only been drinking beer since I was about 28 or 29. I was not a beer drinker in

00:19:30   the most, let's see, the traditional beer drinking years of college age and the like.

00:19:39   But I discovered beer in my late 20s and I enjoy it quite a bit. And I enjoy trying different

00:19:45   beers and learning about different kinds of beer and different styles and it's a

00:19:49   lot of fun and I don't do a podcast about that either but I do enjoy it so

00:19:53   that's my answer yeah I mean I I like coffee but I'm not I'm not as crazy

00:20:01   about coffee as many people are like horror I drink coffee with milk in it

00:20:07   well I I like I like tea which is funny the American has is the tea drinker and

00:20:14   the English guy is the coffee drinker. I don't drink coffee at all, so I don't understand

00:20:18   that. I do drink tea, I just don't, I mean, I have some opinions about it. Dan Morin wrote

00:20:23   a piece in the magazine a couple years ago right at the beginning about making tea, and

00:20:27   you know, I have some opinions about how I like to make at least my tea, but I just don't

00:20:32   have a lot to say about it other than I like black tea, I have a few different kinds, I

00:20:36   like making, you know, loose tea in a pot when I can, and you know, when I'm traveling

00:20:39   like this I have, you know, tea out of those little tea bags for a couple of weeks and

00:20:43   I miss my teapot. But is that a podcast? There you go. This can be our vertical, Myke. We

00:20:49   can do like a Lego vertical, and a beer vertical, and a tea vertical, and a coffee vertical.

00:20:54   That's where those things can go. The upgrade is the place for them, in the verticals, at

00:20:58   the front of the show.

00:20:59   So like, for what the incomparable is for your pop culture stuff, upgrade is for literally

00:21:06   everything else.

00:21:07   Yeah it's a it's a just a place we can just dump every I mean treat with serious

00:21:14   care the things we don't have any other place to talk about maybe maybe so I

00:21:19   mean this podcast unlike my other podcasts is more about sort of like us

00:21:24   talking about stuff and somebody said to me when we were talking about what is

00:21:28   this podcast about working at home or is it about technology

00:21:31   I think the answer is it is a it is the one place that I have where I can just

00:21:34   talk about stuff that interests me and although technology is going to be a

00:21:38   primary focus, I do feel like in some ways this is the place where I can go

00:21:42   off topic with you and talk about stuff in my life and you can do the same.

00:21:46   You've got some other places where you can do that including analog where you

00:21:49   can really do that but for me this is sort of the place where I have more

00:21:53   freedom to do that than on something like the incomparable I think.

00:21:57   Yeah and I like that. I do like that. I like that a lot. I think it's fun.

00:22:02   We have Upgrading Bob sent in a...

00:22:07   Listener Bob, come on, Listener Bob!

00:22:09   I'm really going for it.

00:22:10   Prime A Listener Bob and Upgrading.

00:22:12   Okay.

00:22:13   He suggested a...

00:22:15   I've seen this product before as a way to help us out when traveling abroad.

00:22:20   It's just the PlugBug by 12 South.

00:22:23   And they make a product called the PlugBug World.

00:22:26   So basically the PlugBug is a Macbook power adapter that also has a USB port built right

00:22:37   into it.

00:22:39   What you do is you kind of plug it into your... you sort of pop off the socket, the plug socket

00:22:48   from the power brick that you have.

00:22:52   then you can clip the plug on top and it allows you to continue to charge your MacBook through

00:22:57   the adapter that it needs but also adds a USB cable so you can charge multiple devices

00:23:01   at a time is what I'm trying to say basically. It's a nice little thing and it comes with

00:23:07   a bunch of adapters so you can take it with you wherever you want around the whole world

00:23:13   and charge it there.

00:23:14   I have Apple's international adapter kit and then I have a plug adapter and that served

00:23:26   me well.

00:23:27   Even just having those two when I go to the UK or Europe, that has served me pretty well.

00:23:31   Just having a couple that I can plug in anything and then one that I can plug in any Apple

00:23:37   anything.

00:23:40   But that's good.

00:23:41   Thank you Upgrading and Bob, Listener Bob.

00:23:44   So I think that that's actually brought us to the end of our...

00:23:50   Goodbye everybody!

00:23:51   ... protocol and we'll be back next time.

00:23:54   So we're gonna get into the real meat of the show now.

00:23:56   So we've mentioned this a little bit and so what we have now is the upgrade-ies.

00:24:00   Now the upgrade-ies is basically me and Jason decided...

00:24:04   It's your idea.

00:24:05   It's your idea.

00:24:06   Me and Jason decided we wanted to do an end of the year show where we spoke about some

00:24:10   things that we liked this year.

00:24:11   So I decided that we would turn this into an award show called The Upgradies.

00:24:17   These are the Upgradies for 2014.

00:24:20   I would like to do The Upgradies every year.

00:24:23   Maybe if I keep suggesting things like this, there won't be an upgrade next year, but who

00:24:28   knows.

00:24:29   So what I would like to do at the end of every year is for me and Jason to award our favorite

00:24:36   items with an Upgradie.

00:24:39   I am actually going to email the winners of all of the upgradees and give them the artwork.

00:24:45   Yes, because there's also artwork for the upgradees that people haven't seen yet.

00:24:50   You are a madman, this is what I'm saying.

00:24:52   You not only invented the upgradees, but then you created the logos for the upgradees.

00:24:56   Well I had our fantastic designer, Mr. Frank Towers @forgottentow on Twitter.

00:25:04   He's done a lot of incredible work for us, like all of the sort of logo and artwork and

00:25:09   and he took the upgrade logo and turned it into an award,

00:25:14   which is very beautiful.

00:25:16   - It is.

00:25:17   - There are multiple versions.

00:25:19   - It's not his fault, Myke, it's your fault.

00:25:21   - Oh, I know, this was purely my doing, I made him do it.

00:25:25   I've put it in the chat room, and people will see it,

00:25:28   it's in the show notes, which are relay.fm/upgrades/16,

00:25:31   and depending on the podcast client that you use,

00:25:34   it will also actually show up in the little description,

00:25:36   when you bring up the description,

00:25:37   You may see the image as a few podcast clients that actually do show images that are embedded

00:25:42   so you'll be able to see it and it's very beautiful and you can enjoy it that way.

00:25:47   I'm very happy with the artwork.

00:25:51   So I will be sending that artwork, Jason, to people that probably don't want it.

00:25:55   Yeah, so check your spam filters everybody, unless you're using Nailroute, in which case

00:25:59   it will protect you from Myke's emails.

00:26:01   But we'll get to that.

00:26:03   Everybody just blacklists me.

00:26:07   So basically this is the way it's gonna go.

00:26:08   We have a bunch of categories.

00:26:10   Some was suggested by me and Jason, some was suggested by the Upgradients, and that will

00:26:15   be listed where necessary.

00:26:19   What we're gonna do is me and Jason have both picked our personal choices, our favorites.

00:26:25   Nominees.

00:26:26   Nominees, there you go, we have two nominees.

00:26:29   And in some cases a few more than that, depending on the topic.

00:26:33   And then basically you are about to hear the judging ceremony as well as the award ceremony.

00:26:39   So myself and Jason will be probably in some cases arguing over which should be the winner

00:26:46   of the upgradey.

00:26:47   And if we cannot come to a consensus decision, we have all of the upgradeians in the chat

00:26:52   room who are going to be there for us to provide the final judgment over who will win the upgradey

00:27:02   that category. I hope that that is clear for everybody. Jason do you do you feel

00:27:07   like you fully understand the rules? Unfortunately I do. I'm very happy that

00:27:16   you are indulging me in this. I can tell how happy you are you're cackling madly.

00:27:21   I love award ceremonies I think I think that award ceremonies are fantastic and

00:27:27   and if I ever get to do them,

00:27:29   trust in me that I will find a way to do them.

00:27:33   - Yep, well I don't get to be involved

00:27:35   in the Eddy Awards anymore, so why not?

00:27:37   Why not do this?

00:27:38   Let's make it a thing.

00:27:39   - Sure.

00:27:40   - Why not?

00:27:41   - I wish I'd put more time into it,

00:27:42   but you know, that's okay.

00:27:44   Maybe next time.

00:27:45   - You know the things that you like,

00:27:47   and so I think we're gonna be absolutely fine.

00:27:51   This is gonna be great fun.

00:27:53   So the first category for today

00:27:57   is the best iOS app of 2014.

00:28:01   This award though is brought to you by our friends

00:28:04   at lynda.com.

00:28:07   You can kickstart your new year and challenge yourself

00:28:09   to learn something new with a free 10 day trial

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00:28:54   and you'll get to see the new courses

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00:28:58   London.com have highlighted for us,

00:29:00   for me to let you guys know about some things

00:29:02   that they think that you'll enjoy,

00:29:03   like iOS app development training,

00:29:05   and Swift essential training.

00:29:07   But in the time that I spent with London.com,

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00:29:13   So you can learn how to effectively use software products

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00:29:37   by visiting lynda.com/upgrade.

00:29:39   That's L-Y-N-D-A dot com slash upgrade.

00:29:43   Go ahead, I challenge you to learn something new in 2015.

00:29:46   Thank you so much lynda.com for supporting this show,

00:29:48   all of Real AFM and also for helping us out with the best iOS app of 2014. Now, I have

00:29:55   made my suggestion. My nominee is Overcast by Marco Arment and Jason, who is your nominee.

00:30:02   My nominee is Editorial, which is, I believe, by Ole Zorn. Is that right?

00:30:09   That is correct. That is correct.

00:30:10   All right. Good. What do I win?

00:30:12   You win.

00:30:13   Oh, no, it's not a game show. Wait a second.

00:30:15   win the ability to tell me why you think that editorial is the best app of the year?

00:30:20   Well editorial, so I don't write all the time on my iPad. I mentioned

00:30:29   as much on my episode of Mac Power Users that I think came out last week. I spend

00:30:34   most of my writing time on a Mac keyboard but I do sometimes write on an

00:30:38   iPad when it's more convenient when I don't have a Mac around and editorial is

00:30:44   just the it's the writing tool that stuck with me the most it's got a markdown

00:30:47   mode it's got a web preview that's really nice it's got a whole bunch of

00:30:51   macros even if you don't write Ruby code you can use their their macro language

00:30:57   to connect different actions together and do lots of kind of cool stuff and a

00:31:01   customizable software keyboard so it's very easy to enter in sort of markdown

00:31:07   code and things like that while I'm writing I wrote I think my last piece if

00:31:12   not the last two pieces I wrote for the magazine for example I wrote in

00:31:15   editorial and I wrote a couple of my last columns for Macworld as well in

00:31:21   editorial and it's a you know it is not my preferred writing environment that is

00:31:28   BBEdit on the Mac but it is a really pleasant way to do writing on iOS and so

00:31:35   although I'm never going to be probably at the level of Federico Vittucci with

00:31:39   his commitment to iOS, I'm impressed by how powerful editorial is. So that's why.

00:31:46   Why did you go with Overcast, Myke?

00:31:49   So I think listening to podcasts is one of the key things that I do with my iPhone. I

00:31:56   think if you were to sort of manage out, like, what are the main things that I do with my

00:32:02   iPhone on a daily basis it's use Twitter and listen to podcasts and

00:32:09   maybe play the occasional game, check email, but even when I'm doing a lot of

00:32:13   these things podcasts are playing as well. It's a key thing for me in

00:32:18   my life is listening to podcasts and you know there will be many people that have

00:32:23   a greater statistic than me but for example Overcast has saved me 26 hours

00:32:28   from speed adjustments. You can get that in the little settings

00:32:32   screen at the bottom and can tell you that. And people send me this every now

00:32:36   and then I've seen like 47 hours and things like that. You guys are incredible

00:32:39   but also kind of crazy a little bit as well which I like. But I must say that

00:32:45   this app, I think what Marco has built is an app that not only is very good, like

00:32:52   Overcast kind of is very good. It's missing some features, but the thing is

00:32:58   like some of the features that it's missing, like streaming and stuff like

00:33:01   that, I've actually now kind of adjusted the way that I use apps like this

00:33:06   because Overcast is so good. So because this app is so good I've

00:33:14   adjusted the way that I consume podcasts for it. And I don't think that there

00:33:21   are many apps that I personally do that kind of thing for, you know, where I will adjust

00:33:24   part of my workflow for that, for something like that.

00:33:28   And also, it has some features now that are kind of indispensable for me.

00:33:33   There are other really great iOS apps for listening to podcasts that I really enjoy,

00:33:38   like Castro and Pocket Casts, but now I'm so used to the Voice Boost stuff and the Smart

00:33:45   Speed stuff, and it's such a killer feature for me that I don't want to look anywhere

00:33:49   else for a podcast app. So for me, Overcast is definitely the winner.

00:33:58   So now I think in potentially a cheating fashion, I can see ahead in this document.

00:34:07   Yes, I was about to mention this myself. Basically, which one of these awards would you like Overcast

00:34:12   to win, Myke? Well, I just want Overcast to win an award,

00:34:16   because I think it's that good. So the next--

00:34:19   would you prefer that editorial win an award or your choice in the next category win an

00:34:23   award is what I'm saying. I'm actually okay with Overcast winning this category, let me

00:34:29   put it that way. And I agree with you about Overcast, in fact one of the reasons I chose

00:34:32   editorial is because I was trying to not have every category have us agree and I saw that

00:34:36   you had picked Overcast, it has changed, it is my default, I own every podcast app too,

00:34:41   and the fact that Marco did all the extra work on, and everybody's like "oh yeah you're

00:34:45   friends with Marco" it's like well you know I send email to Marco from time to time and

00:34:48   we have chats about things and all of that but I've never been to his house

00:34:51   I've only met him a handful of times it's like no you know what I

00:34:56   like Marco but I don't use Overcast because I like Marco and I like a lot of

00:35:01   these other apps too. What Marco did that was really intelligent and put raised the

00:35:05   bar for podcast apps to spend all that time on that audio engine and by

00:35:09   doing smart speed and by doing voice boost it puts that app above the rest

00:35:15   and yeah it doesn't do streaming and there are other things about it that I

00:35:17   wish were better and that had more features you know and everybody out there

00:35:22   wants chapter support Myke but anyway I think there are things that obviously he

00:35:30   can improve and that he and that he's working on but all that effort that he

00:35:34   put before he even announced the product into this the those special audio

00:35:41   features like it's the first podcast app that I had I can listen to it more than

00:35:45   1x because the audio artifacts at in in other podcast apps at higher speeds just

00:35:52   drove me nuts I couldn't listen they sounded too awful and it wasn't worth it

00:35:56   and now I can do a gently you know slightly more than 1x on podcasts and it

00:36:01   sounds fine and that's that's huge so for that alone it is probably the iOS

00:36:08   app other than other than maybe a Twitter app and a web browser that I use

00:36:12   the most and I like it so I think it's perfectly fine for us to give that the

00:36:16   upgradey. And also you know I know the statistics for our listenership and

00:36:23   Overcast is hugely dominant so I know it's popular you know and I'm adding

00:36:31   that into the you know Marco as a friend type scenario you know but it's like

00:36:36   you know looking at those statistics I know it's a popular app I personally I

00:36:41   would like this to be the best iOS app of the year. So Marco, check your spam

00:36:46   filter. Myke has sent you a prize. So the next category is the best newcomer for

00:36:54   iOS app and you had put Overcast in this category and I have put Workflow in here.

00:36:59   Now one of the things that I like about editorial is some of the incredible

00:37:08   things that can happen with editorial and the way that it's pushed iOS forward,

00:37:11   right? Because I know Federico Vittucci very well and I see the insane things

00:37:18   that he does with that app. Like we were talking about this on the last episode

00:37:22   of Connected about like what apps would have to go to... like if an app switched

00:37:29   to Android, what app would it have to be to make you follow it, you know? So if... so

00:37:35   So basically Federico said that if editorial went Android only, he would have to switch

00:37:38   to Android.

00:37:40   Because so much of his revenue generation with his website is dependent on that app,

00:37:47   because he has so many things automated in it.

00:37:51   So it's like if you think about that, Federico Vittucci, the iPad guy, this app is so important

00:37:58   to him that he would have to seriously make that consideration.

00:38:01   So you can see how powerful it is.

00:38:03   the thing is I don't understand how to do a lot of the stuff that Federico

00:38:07   knows how to do in their app. But the app that I do understand how to do

00:38:12   this kind of stuff in is Workflow. And it's a very new app, but I seriously I

00:38:16   cannot think of an app this year that has blown my mind like Workflow

00:38:22   does. And I actually use it every day now, which I hope that I would. But these

00:38:27   kind of things, there was a time where I really liked the idea

00:38:30   of Launch Center Pro and the things that I could do with callback URLs. But where I use

00:38:35   that app every day, I use it for basic things. I use Launch Center Pro as a launcher for

00:38:40   my various Google Docs that I use because I can set up URL actions. So I can go in there

00:38:45   and select I want the upgrade doc or the connected doc or something like that and it just opens

00:38:49   them up. Because otherwise, and then it flicks between the many, many apps that Google makes

00:38:54   you use on iOS. You have to use two applications to get to one document, but that's a discussion

00:38:59   for another day. But it never really ingrained in me to use a lot of

00:39:03   the powerful features of it. But workflow, I'm using it every single day.

00:39:08   Earlier today I wanted to put some tweets into a document and Federico had

00:39:13   shown me or at least created this action which allowed you to copy something

00:39:20   and then you could go and add another item to the clipboard. So you'd end up

00:39:27   with like three, say like I copied three tweets in total by running this workflow, so it would

00:39:33   just append the most recently copied thing to the previous copied thing.

00:39:38   It's kind of weird to explain, but then you end up with multiple copied items on a pretend

00:39:43   clipboard.

00:39:45   Just little things like that, and it's super powerful.

00:39:47   And I genuinely think that this app deserves recognition for the incredible things you

00:39:55   do a bit that you simply could not do before. I agree with you. I wish that it

00:40:01   was... I don't know, I think the directory and the sample workflows need to be

00:40:09   better. I think it's still a little... Yes, definitely. You have that... there's a

00:40:14   bar that they get you over which is how to use the app and then there's this

00:40:17   other bar which is how to do anything useful and that one is a lot harder and

00:40:22   and this is one of those cases where I feel like using Automator or AppleScript or something like that on the Mac

00:40:26   where I've got a bunch of different windows open and I can be looking up ways to help and suggestions

00:40:30   that's one of those ways where having one app open at a time in iOS

00:40:34   it makes it really hard because if Workflow is open

00:40:38   and I'm trying to figure out how to do something in Workflow

00:40:42   it's harder to do that because I'm just in Workflow. And then the other thing

00:40:46   I've realized with Workflow is I have a harder

00:40:50   time debugging or getting an idea of what is the output in any particular step.

00:40:56   So I feel like there needs to be some more debugging stuff put in there.

00:40:59   Because sometimes I start to build a workflow and I'm like, well, what's there

00:41:03   at this point in the workflow?

00:41:05   And, um, I don't know.

00:41:07   And then it's like, well, you could drag in a thing that says display the text

00:41:10   or something like that, but it's just, it's all kind of hacky and I wish it

00:41:13   was just a little bit, um, it's, it's brand new and they're gonna, they're

00:41:16   gonna do that sort of thing, but it's true.

00:41:18   true, even one of the basic baked in workflows, which is just finding your current location

00:41:22   and sending a text message to somebody you specify saying how long it will be before

00:41:26   you get home, I immediately put that on my home screen. That's great to tell my wife,

00:41:30   you know, I'm at this address, I'll be home in 24 minutes, and it's, you know, it's querying

00:41:35   a traffic server and figuring out the distance and figuring out the time to drive and sending

00:41:40   that into a text message. That's great. And Joe Steele wrote a wonderful workflow that

00:41:46   lets you create one of those super fave things and a tweet and man I'm gonna use that every

00:41:51   day in 2015 I'm gonna superstar something somewhere cause it's a lot of fun and it uses

00:41:58   regular expressions which I know how to write and so text munging and things should be pretty

00:42:04   exciting too so I support this this is why I said we could go with Overcast for best

00:42:10   iOS app I think Overcast has had the biggest impact on my life as an iOS user but as a

00:42:14   a brand new app with a huge amount of potential, I think workflow is really exciting and bringing

00:42:19   that power that previously only maybe the Viticis of the world understood to a broader

00:42:25   audience, not necessarily the broadest audience, but a broader audience.

00:42:29   So I think we're decided on that as well. This is great, this is like a real democracy

00:42:34   happening here.

00:42:35   Mm-hmm. I don't want to go to the chat room unless we absolutely have to.

00:42:39   And I think that...

00:42:41   They scare me.

00:42:42   It may have to start with the next.

00:42:44   - Yeah, I think so.

00:42:45   - For what I think would be a good reason

00:42:48   that will become apparent.

00:42:49   So we now want to talk about the best Mac app

00:42:52   of the year.

00:42:54   So for me, I mean, I think for both of us,

00:42:57   neither of these apps are new apps,

00:42:59   but they're apps that we use a lot.

00:43:02   So they're currently our favorite best apps.

00:43:06   So on the Mac for me, it's Fantastical.

00:43:09   - Great app, great app.

00:43:12   Just on the Mac, I think.

00:43:13   - Yes, I would love, I still would love

00:43:16   a more blown out dedicated app than just the menu bar app,

00:43:20   like more akin to what you see on iOS,

00:43:23   like on the iPad for example,

00:43:25   just so I could see more at a time.

00:43:28   But just the power that I have with Fantastical

00:43:33   in being able to very quickly and easily to set my tasks

00:43:38   in just natural language, it just works so well for me

00:43:42   I can fire off a keyboard shortcut, it opens it up, I can just start typing things in,

00:43:46   and as if by magic I have an appointment set.

00:43:49   One of my favourite things about Fantastical, and this isn't something that a lot of people

00:43:53   know, I don't think because every time I mention it people are surprised, you can, it does

00:44:00   a great thing with time zones as well.

00:44:02   So where I set things in multiple time zones all the time, so let's say me and Jason decided

00:44:07   we wanted to record, he will say to me "oh can we record at my 11am next week?"

00:44:11   I'll go fine and then I'll just open up FantasticOwl and just write upgrade at 11am PST and it

00:44:17   just recognizes it and sets it in my local time.

00:44:21   That is so powerful for me and it makes this app an absolute lifesaver that I don't have

00:44:28   to use multiple apps to work it out.

00:44:30   And also when it's coming to a time where there's a time change, having FantasticOwl

00:44:36   do all of that math for me as well is super cool.

00:44:40   So that's my pick, Jason what is yours?

00:44:42   Well I thought long and hard, I use a lot of different Mac apps including Fantastic

00:44:46   Cal and I thought about it, I thought about Skype Call Recorder from Ecamm Software which

00:44:54   I couldn't do podcasting without.

00:44:57   It's a really great, I mean I could use something else it wouldn't be as good, I would not choose

00:45:02   to do podcasting without Call Recorder.

00:45:07   are so many different choices but as I said earlier I do most of my writing in

00:45:11   BB edit and the new version of BB edit came out this year they pulled from Mac

00:45:17   App Store it's just available from bare bones for various reasons and you know

00:45:21   the fact is starting a new website I spent a lot of time editing files in BB

00:45:27   edit and yeah using transmit for FTP and I use coda for a little while also from

00:45:31   panic but BB edit has been the thing that I've been using to write stories in

00:45:36   markdown to edit CSS to edit HTML files it's to do lots of search and replace

00:45:41   it's the app that I probably spend the most time in and spent the most time in

00:45:47   in 2014 so it's hard for me not to say that as probably for most of the past

00:45:53   15 years my Mac app of choice is BBEdit. So this is where we're going to need the

00:46:02   help of the chat room so I think so everybody in a chat room if you can kind

00:46:06   of just start throwing in what you think should be the winner for this the key

00:46:11   reason being I've never used BB edit oh well you should just agree that I'm

00:46:15   right then because you trust me so I mean I would say that I think that and I

00:46:21   hear a lot about BB edit and I am familiar with the fact that is

00:46:27   incredibly powerful and it seems like one of those apps that for people that

00:46:31   use it. It is just an indispensable app. Like, you know, you kind of, for those of

00:46:39   you that need it, it's just there, you know, and it's got everything in it and

00:46:42   it seems to have all these bundles and stuff like that that I don't fully

00:46:45   understand, but it definitely seems like a powerful application. Oh yeah, and it's

00:46:52   been around forever. I think one of the one of the nice things about it is that

00:46:55   it's moved with the times. I mean, it was originally written, I mean, it

00:47:01   had to come through going to Xcode it was from classic Mac OS to OS X it

00:47:08   supports a lot of the Unix features in OS X that were not there when it was

00:47:11   conceived of originally there are lots of text editors out there I also don't

00:47:15   use it for what is probably its primary purpose which is editing code I mean

00:47:18   most of what I'm doing is writing in markdown there's a vote in the chat room

00:47:23   for Sublime Text which is a very popular text editor among people who don't mind

00:47:27   editing a text file in order to edit your preferences?

00:47:30   Boo!

00:47:32   You call yourself a Mac user? Come on! There needs to be a preferences pane.

00:47:35   That's my rant about Sublime Text.

00:47:39   So, BBEdit is fantastic.

00:47:41   Skipper L in the chat room makes the point that it's great, but there are other great

00:47:45   text editors. Well, there are other text editors.

00:47:48   Many of them are good.

00:47:50   Sublime Text is not one of them. Ha! Burn! I'm sorry, I can't get past that.

00:47:54   Text it to the walls.

00:47:55   Yeah, I know it's going to have editors at war.

00:47:57   Here it comes.

00:47:58   I just, I can't get past the fact that Sublime Text,

00:48:00   when you choose preferences, it brings up a text file

00:48:03   and says, edit this to change your preferences.

00:48:05   It's like, yeah, up yours.

00:48:07   I'm sorry, that is ridiculous.

00:48:08   That does sound horrible.

00:48:09   That sounds horrible.

00:48:10   But yeah, it's not, I don't endorse it.

00:48:12   But Fantastic Hell has broader appeal

00:48:15   and I use it and love it too.

00:48:17   So even though the chat room has also voted your way,

00:48:21   I'm going to graciously just agree that we'll choose FantasticAl.

00:48:26   Excellent.

00:48:27   Thank you very much, everybody, for that.

00:48:30   Congratulations for FantasticAl for being the winner of the best Mac app upgrade.

00:48:36   So in the style of the previous two, we now have the best newcomer Mac app, and we've

00:48:43   actually voted unanimously on this one.

00:48:46   Yes, all two voters voted unanimously.

00:48:49   And we've gone from Mailbox. Jason, why is Mailbox your favorite?

00:48:56   What's really crazy about this is Mailbox is still a beta, it's owned by Dropbox now.

00:49:03   And a couple months ago, Chambon of the Suite Setup came to me along with Stephen Hackett

00:49:10   and said, "Would you like to write about alternatives to Apple Mail?" And I said, "Okay, how many

00:49:15   could there be and it turns out there are an awful lot and I tried them all and I actually

00:49:22   decided I really like Mailbox. It is far from flawless, it doesn't work with anything but

00:49:28   Gmail accounts including Google Apps for domains which is what I have or iCloud, those are

00:49:35   the only mail servers it works for right now. You really need to use it on the iOS side

00:49:40   and the Mac side for it to work but what I like about it is it doesn't have a lot of

00:49:44   features. I don't want a lot of features. There's an app out there that has every

00:49:48   feature imaginable. If you want that app you can go get it. But what Mailbox is

00:49:53   great at is it's simple and it lets you treat your inbox like a to-do list. And

00:49:57   not only does that mean you can reorder messages to, which I do, I use my inbox as

00:50:02   a to-do list. So you can, you can, I would leave messages in my inbox forever

00:50:07   because I was like I gotta get back to that person and I can't file it because

00:50:10   because then I'm never gonna respond to them.

00:50:12   What mailbox lets you do is very easily with a swipe

00:50:15   of your trackpad on the Mac and of your finger on iOS

00:50:19   is delete, archive, file away in a folder basically

00:50:24   or set it with a schedule basically

00:50:30   to boomerang back into your inbox.

00:50:32   Which means you can sit there and go,

00:50:34   I'll deal with this tomorrow,

00:50:35   I don't need to deal with that ever,

00:50:36   I'm gonna delete that one,

00:50:37   I'm gonna deal with that next week,

00:50:39   I'll deal with that eventually,

00:50:41   and process your mail rapidly so that what you've got

00:50:44   in your inbox is your inbox of stuff you should deal with

00:50:47   now and not a whole collection of things

00:50:50   that you should eventually deal with,

00:50:51   and it lets you sort of prioritize.

00:50:52   And I think it's a really nice conceit.

00:50:54   It's not for everyone, but I think it's good.

00:50:58   It's my primary Mac mail program.

00:51:02   I will say I also use MailPlane,

00:51:07   which is basically a macified window into the Gmail web interface because

00:51:13   MailPlane's direct access to search is the best if you use Gmail, but

00:51:19   Mailbox as a day-to-day kind of mail processing app, it was my

00:51:23   favorite of all the ones I tested and I think the truest proof here is

00:51:27   that I haven't gone back to mail.app, which every other mail alternative I've

00:51:31   tried I've given up. It's not for everybody, I've heard from a

00:51:34   bunch of people since that story went up on sweet setup are like but what about

00:51:37   this but what about that it's like well like the story says it's not for

00:51:39   everybody it doesn't work with all the services there are some other options

00:51:42   out there I think there are not a lot of great options I think there's some that

00:51:46   are that are coming on that that have a lot of potential but right now mailbox

00:51:52   has done an amazing thing just by sticking in my dock and and allowing me

00:51:57   to take mail.app out and that's I think that's impressive so there.

00:52:03   - Yeah, I mean, I love mailbox on the iPhone.

00:52:06   So mailbox on the Mac then becomes like the defacto.

00:52:10   You kind of, you need to use the system together

00:52:13   to get the most out of the system.

00:52:15   Otherwise, weird things start happening to your mail, right?

00:52:19   'Cause when you start setting something

00:52:20   to pop up again tomorrow,

00:52:22   and you start reorganizing things, it's not gonna happen.

00:52:25   You're not gonna see a lot of that stuff reflected

00:52:27   in other mail clients.

00:52:29   So you kind of go all in if you really wanna get in on this,

00:52:33   which is why I did it on the Mac app,

00:52:34   because it allows you to really use the system

00:52:37   to its fullest.

00:52:38   And the Mac app still has some work to do.

00:52:40   It doesn't have as many configurable swipe gestures

00:52:46   as the iPhone does.

00:52:48   There are just some things that are missing.

00:52:50   So for example, I have one on my iPhone

00:52:52   that allows me to swipe to mark a message as read or unread,

00:52:56   and that just doesn't exist as an option at the moment.

00:52:59   But a lot of those things are, I assume, comings,

00:53:03   it is still in a beta, but even in a beta state it's the app that I most like to use

00:53:07   on my Mac and I feel like I'm able to process and deal with my email better than I ever

00:53:12   have before.

00:53:15   So the next category is for best game.

00:53:18   Now we have an iOS game category coming up shortly, but this is for the best console

00:53:23   game.

00:53:24   So me and Federico Vittucci, we have a show on Relay FM called Virtual and we did our

00:53:29   Game of the Year episode last week and we didn't actually crown a Game of the

00:53:35   Year because it's quite a difficult thing to do so I had to sit and do some

00:53:39   real thinking about what I thought would be the best thing for me to go with in

00:53:44   this category. So we both picked a selection of games and I took a look at

00:53:48   that and I picked out from that my favorite iOS game and my favorite overall

00:53:53   game of the year. So for me it was what was the game that I have enjoyed playing

00:53:58   the most this year? What's the game that has given me the most fun? It's actually

00:54:02   a game that's on the Vita. It's now on the PS4 and it's coming next year to the

00:54:08   Wii and 3DS I think. It's a game called OlliOlli which is O-double-L-I-O-double-L-I

00:54:16   it's all one word. And OlliOlli is like a mix between a Tony Hawk game and Mario.

00:54:22   It's a skateboarding game and you effectively have to get from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen

00:54:31   like the old Super Mario Brothers, like the scrolling world.

00:54:34   You see everything side on and you go from left to right and then at the end you finish the level.

00:54:41   You have goals you need to complete, like you have to score this amount, you have to pick up these things, that kind of thing.

00:54:46   Again, like the old Tony Hawk's games if you played them.

00:54:49   It's got fantastic music, has a really cool art style, like this 2D art style.

00:54:54   It's really challenging. It actually started life as an iOS game.

00:54:59   And then the guys at Roll7, who are a UK design company, a UK development company,

00:55:05   decided that it actually was a game that would benefit from physical buttons.

00:55:08   So they brought it over to the PS Vita and it did really well actually.

00:55:12   It scored really well, like lots of eights and nines out of ten.

00:55:16   And I think of all of the games I played this year, it's maybe been one of the most fun experiences that I've had from a video game.

00:55:24   So it's OlliOlli.

00:55:26   Sounds good.

00:55:28   It's not really my thing, but...

00:55:30   And for platforms that I don't have.

00:55:32   [laughs]

00:55:34   What is yours?

00:55:36   This is going to be a hard one.

00:55:38   I decided to go with, I think, the game...

00:55:41   not only that I probably had the most fun playing,

00:55:44   not on an iOS device this year,

00:55:46   but also the game that prompted me to buy a Wii U,

00:55:49   which is Mario Kart 8.

00:55:50   Mario Kart's great,

00:55:52   and we played Mario Kart on the Wii endlessly,

00:55:55   and now we have Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U,

00:55:58   and it's beautiful in HD and a lot of fun,

00:56:01   and we bought the downloadable content pack,

00:56:04   which adds more drivers and crazy,

00:56:06   like Legend of Zelda themed tracks and all that,

00:56:09   and it's a great family game we can play you know we've got multiple Wii controllers

00:56:14   so we can all race against each other

00:56:16   uh... it's just it's a lot of fun and uh... you know it's Mario Kart so if

00:56:21   you played Mario Kart you know it's Mario Kart and

00:56:24   uh... it's that simple it is just a huge amount of fun to play I'm not a big fan

00:56:28   of serious uh...

00:56:29   car racing games

00:56:31   uh... but Mario Kart is not serious and I like it, my kids like it

00:56:36   and uh... so I would have to

00:56:38   I would have to mention it as the best game on a console this year that I played.

00:56:46   So Mario Kart 8 is what I choose.

00:56:48   Mario Kart wins.

00:56:49   Alright, yay!

00:56:50   So I, I'm going to talk about this shortly, but I received a Wii U for Christmas and I

00:56:57   love Mario Kart.

00:56:58   Like it's so good.

00:57:01   It only hasn't made it into my game of the year lists because I didn't have a Wii U at

00:57:07   the point where we picked them and I wouldn't have wanted to suggest it then

00:57:12   because like to suggest it for this one because I haven't really had it for a

00:57:15   long time but in the the relatively short time I've had playing the game

00:57:21   it's just fantastic and I and I wouldn't want to not give it the award because it

00:57:30   is that good and I hope that Nintendo accept the upgradey graciously on the

00:57:36   box art for the Platinum Edition. I'm sure they will. So let's move to iOS. Yes.

00:57:43   For me, when I was thinking about this, I took a look at the iOS game that I have

00:57:49   played and enjoyed the most. And for me it has to be threes. I think I may have

00:57:57   played threes every single day since it came out. Wow. I play threes constantly.

00:58:04   like when I mentioned earlier about you know I listen to podcasts a lot of the

00:58:08   time I listen to podcasts like if I'm traveling you know I come commuting I

00:58:13   will be playing threes whilst listening sometimes I actually sit at home and

00:58:17   listen to podcasts like just chilling out like and I'll be playing threes at

00:58:22   the same time you know I kind of you know like what I was saying earlier like

00:58:26   I kind of treat I treat podcasts at many people the way that many people treat TV

00:58:31   shows and movies like it's my favorite form of entertainment so sometimes I

00:58:35   just choose to listen to them you know I don't have to be traveling or whatever

00:58:39   while I'm doing it and a lot of the time my accompaniment is threes I'm not that

00:58:45   good at threes I'm like mid you know like middle of the road I guess most of

00:58:52   my friends are much better than me like my high score is is like 29,000 or

00:58:57   something like that which is a good score but I mean I know people that have

00:59:01   ridiculous scores. 29,616 is my highest score on threes, but I just

00:59:08   think it's like the perfect iPhone game. It is infinitely playable because

00:59:14   there isn't a progression as such, you know, there isn't like a story, so it

00:59:19   doesn't get old in that instance. And it's perfectly playable with one hand.

00:59:23   It's fantastic on the 6+ because you can move the tiles around from

00:59:29   anywhere on the screen. You don't need to be touching a specific part of the

00:59:33   screen, so it works perfectly in one hand no matter where your hand fits on the

00:59:38   screen, you know, so you can just do it with one thumb. I love Threes, it's

00:59:44   easily my iOS game of the year. This one was really hard for me because there are

00:59:49   the games that I played the most and then they're the ones that I feel like

00:59:52   are the most kind of worthy of appreciation. So Threes is on my list

00:59:58   there's no doubt about it. Crossy Road is on my list, as ridiculous as that game is,

01:00:02   the fact is it was so compulsively, compellingly, addictively playable, just

01:00:08   you could just play it anytime and you can play it quickly. I mean in some ways

01:00:12   a perfect mobile game. I have a different sort than threes because it does demand

01:00:17   100% of your attention while you're playing it, whereas threes you can pause

01:00:21   at any point. Monument Valley is on that list because although it doesn't take a

01:00:25   long time to complete so it's not going to be something that lives with you. It is a

01:00:29   really wonderful experience that has stuck with me in terms of the imagery and the story

01:00:35   and the sounds and I think about it a lot. I think as a work of art it's really great

01:00:40   and then of course we got the expansion pack this year. There's a game called Rules which

01:00:45   I really, really love. I wrote about it on Six Colors a couple of weeks ago where you

01:00:49   get a 4x4 grid of cards and you've got a succession of increasingly complicated rules that you

01:00:54   have to follow in order to clear the board before you can move on and there's

01:00:58   a ticking clock. I think that's a lot a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Space Age,

01:01:02   the retro scrolling adventure, and I really... I don't know, it's hard to make a

01:01:12   final decision. If I'm being honest, the game that I probably

01:01:16   spent the most time on this year is Flappy Golf by the developers of Super

01:01:21   Stickman golf they made a flappy bird joke using their physics and golf course

01:01:26   and it's a fantastic game it is so great it is better I think than Super Stickman

01:01:32   golf partially because it is not junked up by the free-to-play like buy some

01:01:38   coins buy some hats junk that they put in Super Stickman golf too. It's got ads

01:01:43   that you can pay to turn off but it's just a it's great golf courses and I

01:01:49   loved the fact that you really need to understand the physics of when you're

01:01:52   flapping the the golf ball to its destination and the goal is to do it and

01:01:56   get it in the hole in as few flaps as possible and it's just I played every

01:02:02   level every single level and I don't do that with most iOS games I don't go

01:02:06   through every single level I play it for a while and I'm like oh well this is fun

01:02:09   and then I just kind of move on because that's what happens so if if this award

01:02:14   goes to the game I played the most hours it's probably Flappy Golf. I kind of feel

01:02:20   like I need to say Monument Valley though because even though I didn't

01:02:23   spend the most time on it because it doesn't last that long, I feel like it is

01:02:27   a just a wonderful piece of work and award worthy for being beautiful and

01:02:32   interesting and yes it's not a super challenging puzzle but that's not what I

01:02:37   was trying to get out of it. I wanted that experience and I hate using such a

01:02:40   squishy word as experience but that's what it was. It was like a story, it was

01:02:43   storytelling interactive storytelling and gently challenging and beautiful and

01:02:49   immersive and all of those things that I think we hope more more iOS games can be

01:02:54   so in the end monument valley by a nose over flappy golf and and crossy road and

01:03:01   not not flappy bird just it's two things that were that were that were creative

01:03:07   that were spawned by Flappy Bird? So I kind of think that there is no game more

01:03:17   award worthy than Monument Valley. Yeah. Maybe of all of the games that I've

01:03:23   played this year it's the game that deserves the most awards because it is

01:03:29   so... I mean people aren't... I don't think people will like this but I consider it

01:03:34   groundbreaking in what it has achieved and what it has done for iOS and some of

01:03:42   the paths that it has opened for people now and to prove that you can kind of

01:03:49   come from nowhere and have this incredible success which flies in the

01:03:53   face of convention and I think Crossy Road has actually benefited from the

01:03:58   fact that Monument Valley exists because where they are vastly different games

01:04:04   with vastly different models of monetization.

01:04:09   I think potentially, I mean I don't know this,

01:04:14   but I can imagine being with developers across the road,

01:04:17   looking at Monument Valley, seeing how it didn't do

01:04:20   what everyone told you you need to do,

01:04:22   and was sort of a success.

01:04:24   So for me, I think if you're gonna look at a game

01:04:27   that has maybe made the biggest impact,

01:04:30   and maybe has also made a big impact on me,

01:04:33   I think Monument Valley would have to be the winner.

01:04:35   - All right, well that's it then.

01:04:37   - Yep, that is it.

01:04:38   Monument Valley wins the upgradey.

01:04:40   - But there are a lot of great choices here.

01:04:43   - Oh, it's been a fantastic year.

01:04:44   - So many great choices, yeah.

01:04:45   - All of the games that you mentioned,

01:04:47   I give a plus one to every single one of them.

01:04:50   Space Age is a excellent game that I loved.

01:04:55   Crossy Road is so much fun.

01:04:57   I only haven't really considered Crossy Road

01:04:59   because I actually don't think for me

01:05:01   that it's got the same lasting power.

01:05:03   And a game like that, I think, needs to have lasting power.

01:05:07   Like Threes is on my list,

01:05:09   not because it is a groundbreaking video game,

01:05:12   'cause it's very simple, but they're very simple games.

01:05:15   They should be endlessly playable,

01:05:17   and Crossy Road is fun,

01:05:19   but it's kind of dying off for me a bit now,

01:05:22   where Threes hasn't.

01:05:24   Threes came out in January, and I'm still playing it.

01:05:28   - The problem with Crossy Road,

01:05:29   and Threes seems to have this less,

01:05:30   although threes you do need to get these very high scores to win there is the

01:05:34   challenge I think as you're going is greater than Crossy Road. I think after a

01:05:41   point in Crossy Road you are you're trying to get a score so high that the

01:05:48   whole first five minutes you're playing is prelude and you know I got good

01:05:53   enough across the road that most of the time I can get into the hundreds and you

01:05:57   know fifteen percent of the time I can get into the high hundreds and you know what?

01:06:04   If the game comes down to you know five or ten minutes of frustration of getting to your

01:06:09   little avatar to the point where you're fifteen away from your high score and then it's one

01:06:14   minute of intense play to get above or fail, I don't know, I feel like the balance is off

01:06:20   then and I don't know if there's any solution on a game like Crossy Road but I feel like

01:06:24   threes, you're working the numbers in threes and looking at the colors and

01:06:29   looking at the numbers and all that, is you're kind of getting into a state of

01:06:32   like this, you know, it's like a trance almost where you're playing the game

01:06:36   and that's part of the appeal of the game and then you want to get a high

01:06:39   score too. And Crossy Road doesn't have that, I feel like. I can sort of get in a

01:06:44   trance sometimes with Crossy Road, but again it was a lot more pleasurable when

01:06:48   I was trying to get to 70 than now that I'm trying to get to 250, if that makes

01:06:54   any sense. Yeah it does it does. Yeah. Okay so our next award is gonna be for

01:07:00   our favorite movie of the year. This award is brought to you by our friends at

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01:10:01   start here, go anywhere. Yay! So Jason, we are moving into the favorite movie of the

01:10:09   year would you like to tell listeners what your favorite movie of this year

01:10:11   has been? I would like you to start I think that the that it will go better

01:10:16   this way so you you let me know what you think. Okay okay so my favorite movie of this

01:10:23   year is it's not the best movie I've seen this year but it's I think it's my

01:10:27   favorite and and and I actually do I don't know if you're one of these people

01:10:31   Jason but I do consider a huge difference between those two things that

01:10:35   your favorite doesn't have to be the best and the best doesn't have to be a

01:10:37   favorite. I'm with you. And I think the best experience I have had in a movie

01:10:43   theater this year is seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. I've actually I love Marvel

01:10:50   movies but I've missed a couple I haven't seen Thor 2 and I haven't seen

01:10:54   Captain America. Don't don't see Thor 2. Yeah I'm now gonna skip it because I've

01:10:59   heard from your shows that it's not worth it but I've yet to see Captain

01:11:03   America and I am it's it's probably the next movie that I'm gonna watch. The first

01:11:07   one or the second one? The second one, The Winter Soldier. I've seen the first one.

01:11:11   So I've just kind of missed some of the movies this year. But Guardians of

01:11:18   the Galaxy was so much more than I expected it was going to be. There were

01:11:24   so many unknown elements in this story for me going in. There were some actors

01:11:32   that I'd never seen in a movie before, some actors that had never been in a

01:11:36   blockbuster movie before like Dave Bautista who is a professional wrestler or was a professional wrestler

01:11:42   And there were just you know

01:11:44   And there's there's elements like you have Vin Diesel saying like three words over and over again

01:11:49   That seemed pretty peculiar. You have Bradley Cooper who is an absolute A-lister playing a raccoon

01:11:56   Yeah, just the voice. Just the voice of a raccoon

01:11:59   I didn't know a lot about their story

01:12:02   which is for every other Marvel movie that I have seen has not been the case

01:12:07   I've been very familiar with the stories of everybody else so there were a bunch

01:12:13   of things I was like I'm not sure about this and I had a smile from

01:12:19   ear to ear for like the entire two hours it was an just an absolute rip-roaring

01:12:26   success for me like all of the unknown elements ended up being the best parts

01:12:31   uh... i'd absolutely loved

01:12:36   dracs right is is

01:12:38   was yeah doctor

01:12:39   hilarious absolutely hilarious

01:12:42   obviously everybody loves group

01:12:44   uh... just all of these things and just

01:12:46   chris pratt is an absolute superstar

01:12:49   like yes he was so good in this movie and i just i absolutely adored it

01:12:55   uh... so for me it's been my favorite movie i've seen this year

01:12:58   Well, I liked Guardians of the Galaxy a whole lot.

01:13:02   And I'm going to cite Incomparable #207, where we talked about it.

01:13:08   But I like it a lot.

01:13:09   And I feel like it's difficult for me to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy in a way, because

01:13:15   I feel like I just didn't like it as much as a lot of people did.

01:13:19   I think that it got so hyped up and some people loved it so much, and I thought it was good.

01:13:23   I thought it was really good.

01:13:24   And in fact, I've watched it a couple of times since it came out on home video, and I've

01:13:28   appreciate it more every time and I think that's a sign of me forgiving its

01:13:33   flaws and also not being quite as swayed by the hype that everybody

01:13:39   else went in to, you know, everybody else was sharing before I went in to see the

01:13:44   movie the first time because sometimes that happens you get a movie really

01:13:47   hyped and even if it's good it's not as good as you expected because everybody

01:13:51   said "oh my god it's the greatest thing ever" but I liked it a

01:13:54   lot I like it more every time I watch it it is so entertaining it has so many

01:13:59   good things going for the performances there are a lot of really good

01:14:02   performances and I can kind of forgive the movie its flaws but it definitely

01:14:06   has them the whole there's a there's about a 20-minute chunk where they're

01:14:10   trying to download information about Thanos and Ronan and Nebula and Gamora

01:14:15   and how they're all related to each other and it it turns out the movie was

01:14:19   originally Thanos was the villain and then Marvel basically came in and said

01:14:23   "No, no, no, Thanos is gonna be the villain in Avengers 3 or whatever and so you can't use him now."

01:14:29   And so then they made it Ronan and Thanos sort of appears in the background and everything became,

01:14:34   honestly, I think that broke a lot of parts of the movie because suddenly it wasn't Gamora rebelling against her father.

01:14:40   It was Gamora rebelling against the guy who was sent by her father and that's not, you know, it's not as dramatic.

01:14:48   And I think Gamora, some of her best character development happens before we meet her, which

01:14:52   is unfortunate.

01:14:53   I like that character, but I think that there's sort of a mistake that happens there with

01:14:59   how she's introduced.

01:15:00   There's a deleted scene that adds a lot to her character, which is a shame of all the

01:15:05   scenes to be deleted, that that scene got deleted.

01:15:07   And there's some bits of the dialogue that don't thrill me that I think is the director

01:15:13   being a little too cute and pandering a little bit too much to a kind of 12-year-old boy

01:15:18   audience that I didn't really appreciate but it's a it's a really fun movie and

01:15:22   the fact that it was a success and the fact that I like that and I like even

01:15:26   more the fact that Marvel took a chance with a movie like this because this

01:15:28   movie by all rights should not have worked and Marvel now is printing money

01:15:32   right so they should be able to just right just play it safe and instead

01:15:38   they're doing the other thing which is we are riding so high that we can take

01:15:41   risks and this is a huge risk and it totally paid off and and there are very

01:15:46   few movies that I put in the same level again we're talking about favorites and

01:15:49   and the feeling you get when you leave the movie theater as Guardians of the

01:15:52   Galaxy you know start the Star Wars movies fall into that camp where it's

01:15:55   just it's fun I had a hugely fun time at the movie theater the Firefly movie

01:16:01   Serenity I would say is in that camp I just came out of the movie like totally

01:16:04   excited some of the early Star Trek movies like Star Trek 2 and 4 when I

01:16:08   came out of the theater as a teenager I was like wow that was really awesome

01:16:11   there's not a lot of movies that make me feel like that there are a lot of movies

01:16:14   where you nod solemnly and go "yes that was a very good important movie" find film for

01:16:19   all to consume and consider but Guardians of the Galaxy was like "wow that was fun"

01:16:23   and we named our cat Rocket so there you go.

01:16:28   So a hit with the family at least.

01:16:29   Yeah I know everybody, well it was that or Groot and we didn't think he was a Groot he

01:16:33   was more of a Rocket.

01:16:34   We'll see if we get a dog or something maybe we'll have Groot and then we'll have a nice

01:16:37   pair.

01:16:40   So my choice is a movie you haven't seen so this will be interesting to see how it goes

01:16:43   and although we talked about movies that have had that are fun and the movies from Marvel

01:16:48   that have surprised, I don't, I haven't seen a lot of movies this year because we have

01:16:51   with my kids at the ages they are, it's become problematic for us to find time at home to

01:16:55   watch movies on video after the kids have gone to bed because it's too late and there

01:17:00   are movies that the kids can't watch because they're inappropriate for their ages and that

01:17:05   it makes it very hard for us to see those movies.

01:17:07   So I haven't seen as many films as I would like this year.

01:17:10   So I'm going to go with a favorite and I'm going to follow you in the blockbuster vein

01:17:15   and say I really think The Winter Soldier is perhaps the best Marvel movie.

01:17:22   And I say that because on one level Captain America, I think he's kind of boring and his

01:17:25   most interesting story was the story of him in World War II and they told that in the

01:17:29   first movie which I like a lot, directed by Joe Johnston.

01:17:32   I think that's a really good movie.

01:17:34   But The Winter Soldier has a totally different vibe.

01:17:37   It's not really a Captain America movie, it's a Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.

01:17:42   It's paranoid, it's got a great use of Robert Redford in a spy, 70's spy kind of vibe role,

01:17:50   which is great.

01:17:52   It deals with a lot, not to spoil it because you haven't seen it, but it deals with a lot

01:17:56   of modern issues and surprisingly, I mean, it's as subversive as a summer popcorn movie

01:18:01   can be.

01:18:02   It airs the questions about what is your government doing in your name and what is patriotism

01:18:08   and is patriotism following your orders as a government agent or is patriotism knowing

01:18:12   when the government is doing something wrong and standing up against it.

01:18:16   And all of that is in the Winter Soldier along with a bunch of fantastic action scenes and

01:18:20   some great Samuel L. Jackson stuff and some great Scarlett Johansson stuff and great Captain

01:18:25   America stuff.

01:18:27   The Winter Soldier by the way is not Captain America, it is a different character in the

01:18:30   movie but I've discovered that lots of people just thought that Captain America was the

01:18:33   Winter Soldier.

01:18:35   Okay, anyway, I like it a lot.

01:18:37   I think it's actually a, again, I was really surprised at how good it was because I didn't

01:18:42   know what I expected but I didn't expect it to be as great as it really is.

01:18:47   So "Incomparable #190" by the way, titled "The Cloud is Run by Hydra" is the episode

01:18:54   where we talked about it and I liked it a lot.

01:18:57   Big fan.

01:18:58   find links to both of those in-comportable episodes in our comprehensive show notes for

01:19:02   this week which are relay.fm/upgrades/16. We are going to need the chat room's help

01:19:07   on this one as I haven't seen one of the movies. But I am familiar with the Winter

01:19:12   Soldier story, I've read the comic. Oh good, good, yeah. It's sort of told in

01:19:17   shorthand in the movie because it's not really about the reveal of who the Winter

01:19:21   Soldier is and when it comes it's not quite as dramatic because you haven't had months

01:19:25   and months to ponder the storyline. It's just all in the movie. But a lot of good stuff

01:19:32   in there.

01:19:33   So there aren't a lot of votes coming through in the chat room for these two, which I don't

01:19:38   know what about that. However, Joe Steele is saying Winter Soldier is greater than Guardians.

01:19:47   Up guardians of the galaxy from Dented Meat.

01:19:52   I'm gonna cede to you on this one because you have seen both movies.

01:19:58   And Joe Steele has seen both movies.

01:20:03   And there are more, as we're saying, there are more Winter Soldier votes coming through.

01:20:07   Moises Chuyon's in the chat room saying "I just got here, what do I do?"

01:20:10   It's like Moises, just say which one is better, Winter Soldier.

01:20:13   Oh there we go, Winter Soldier.

01:20:15   We're gonna give it to the Winter Soldier, but super footnoted runner up to Guardians,

01:20:19   which is a super fun, great movie.

01:20:22   I think Marvel, you know, Thor 2 I didn't like at all, but Marvel is doing some amazing

01:20:27   stuff and obviously the rest of the movie industry is taking notice and is trying to

01:20:32   replicate what they're doing and so we're going to get franchised to death in the next

01:20:35   five years, but you've got to give it to Marvel.

01:20:39   This run has been amazing in terms of general quality when it could really have not been

01:20:45   very good and it has been very good.

01:20:48   Man of Steel.

01:20:49   It sounds like Thor 2 is the only black mark on an otherwise impeccable record.

01:20:54   I hate it.

01:20:55   Yeah, so Thor 2 has the same problems.

01:20:58   Now we're going to be doing a movie podcast and we're running out of time, we need to

01:21:01   move on, we've got more categories.

01:21:02   But Thor 2, like the worst parts of Guardians of the Galaxy, gets mired in this weird mystical

01:21:08   sci-fi complicated weirdness that I think is just not necessary.

01:21:14   And I think it owes something to Marvel's, like they've got their little black book of

01:21:17   continuity that they're trying to throw in there for the fans and Thor 2, you know, throws

01:21:22   away I think the things that were best about the original Thor which is him on earth and

01:21:27   uses, plays up the stuff that's the worst which is this really bizarre mytho alien sci-fi

01:21:35   Asgard stuff that's not good so I don't recommend it.

01:21:41   It's loud.

01:21:42   I'll give it that.

01:21:43   It's very loud.

01:21:45   So alright what's next?

01:21:46   favorite book, the issue being here is I think this may be the first year that I

01:21:52   can remember that I have actually I have not read a book this year like cover to

01:21:59   cover. All right well we're gonna I'll tell you what Liz I'm gonna I'm gonna

01:22:03   cite since since I added this category and you were like okay I don't have

01:22:08   anything to say here I think we're going to give some honorable mentions and to

01:22:12   move on I just want to plug three books I read that I really enjoyed this year

01:22:15   year which is The Golem and the Genie by Helene Wecker which is about a golem and a genie

01:22:22   who meet in New York City in Manhattan amidst the great immigration of the mid to late 19th

01:22:29   century.

01:22:30   It's great.

01:22:31   Ancillary Justice which is by Ann Leckie and won all the sci-fi awards for good reason.

01:22:38   It's a really good space opera-y kind of book with some shades of Ursula Le Guin thrown

01:22:44   I think. And Station Eleven, whose author now totally escapes me, Emily St. John Mandel

01:22:54   is her name, a really, really good post-apocalyptic story that is not super zombie-full. There

01:23:02   are no zombies in it, but it's not like one of those really gross, nasty, dirty apocalypses,

01:23:06   nor is it a clean, shiny, friendly apocalypse. It's kind of in between, and it's a little

01:23:10   like lost and then a bunch of the stories kind of intersect except it has

01:23:14   a really great ending and I liked a lot so those are my three book

01:23:18   recommendations for this year and we can move on and we'll just tip a hat to them

01:23:21   thank you books what a great name Emily St. John Mandel is hmm I see what you

01:23:27   can remember it though it doesn't necessarily roll off the tongue yeah

01:23:30   once you get it it's in there forever but I haven't committed it to memory

01:23:33   just yet so this one will be fun favorite gadget of the year without a

01:23:38   a shadow of a doubt for me it is the iPhone 6 plus. I love this phone I think

01:23:46   it's the best iPhone Apple have ever made come at me bros it's got the

01:23:51   greatest battery life it continues to to surprise me every day it's basically I

01:23:58   tell you what the easiest way for me to explain the iPhone 6 plus is it's and

01:24:04   And this is basically Apple's marketing copy.

01:24:07   It's everything I like about an iPhone but more of it.

01:24:11   And for me, that ticks all the boxes.

01:24:14   But for many, it doesn't.

01:24:17   It has changed the way I use my iPhone, but some of the changes that it's made are for

01:24:22   the better.

01:24:23   I love this device.

01:24:25   It's now the only iOS device I need and use, because it fits so perfectly in the spot that

01:24:31   I need it to fill.

01:24:33   but I totally understand why people don't like it.

01:24:36   Jason, over to you.

01:24:37   - I think that's a, if a boy,

01:24:41   if I picked the iPhone 6 here,

01:24:43   it would really be a tough fight, wouldn't it?

01:24:44   I'm gonna pick the 5K iMac.

01:24:46   I've written about it on my site,

01:24:48   we've talked about it here.

01:24:49   I did not come into this year thinking I would buy an iMac.

01:24:53   At no point did I consider that

01:24:55   as one of my office setup strategies was buying an iMac,

01:24:58   and I bought a 5K iMac.

01:24:59   And why did I do it?

01:25:00   Not just because of the screen,

01:25:02   although the screen is beautiful,

01:25:03   but also because of the power of it.

01:25:06   The fact that this is a,

01:25:07   it scores better than the low-end Mac Pro at some tests.

01:25:13   It is kind of Mac Pro-ish power in an iMac

01:25:17   with a retina display,

01:25:18   and the only way you're gonna get desktop retina

01:25:20   from Apple this year, or next year probably, maybe.

01:25:24   It's a pretty spectacular computer.

01:25:27   I love it, it's so fast.

01:25:29   The screen is amazing.

01:25:32   and it's probably the most powerful computer I've ever bought

01:25:35   when you think about it, like even relative to the time

01:25:39   because I don't know if I've ever spent this much

01:25:42   money on a computer before and to get something this

01:25:45   feels like this top of the line also is a rarity for me. I usually am sort of in

01:25:50   the mid-range but I kinda couldn't resist

01:25:52   and it is a fantastic piece of work. It's also nice to see Apple making a Mac

01:25:56   that is so awesome and that it isn't all just sort of like recycling all the old

01:26:00   Mac stuff.

01:26:01   there's still some real life in the Mac yet.

01:26:04   So that's my choice is that I liked it so much

01:26:08   when I reviewed it, I bought one.

01:26:09   How about that?

01:26:10   - I think I'll give you this one,

01:26:13   mainly because I have nothing against the iMac.

01:26:16   And I know that you have,

01:26:20   you don't like six plus,

01:26:23   but I don't neither like nor dislike the iMac.

01:26:26   I've seen it and I think it's fantastic.

01:26:27   And I would, it's a computer

01:26:29   that I would very much like to own.

01:26:31   just don't need one. I don't dislike the 6 Plus. I chose the 6 as the

01:26:38   phone that I wanted to get and I prefer the 6 and I think the 6 Plus is has a

01:26:42   narrower audience and you're in it and that's great. I think I you know I think

01:26:48   it's not a replacement for an iPad but I think it is a it's really cool to see

01:26:54   Apple doing the 6 Plus and and going over that ground that sort of like

01:26:58   previous regimes at Apple said "no no we're never gonna do a phone like that"

01:27:01   and they did a phone like that and it's good and I think that's great but I will

01:27:05   accept graciously your passing on the 5k iMac so thank you. So in the same vein

01:27:12   as suggested by Upgrading Justin what is your favorite non Apple gadget of the

01:27:19   year? Clearly he knew where the favorite gadget category was going. For me I

01:27:24   I picked the PlayStation 4. It's just the best games console that I've played this year.

01:27:32   I mean, I have all three. I now have a Wii U, I have a PlayStation 4, and I have an Xbox One.

01:27:38   And I very, very much like my Wii U. I think it's fantastic. It has some things about it,

01:27:46   which are brilliant. The fact that you can kind of play it from any room. You don't have to have

01:27:50   have the TV on, that kind of thing. But if you're looking at like a pure, you want

01:27:55   a games console, a next-generation games console, the PlayStation wins. Because it

01:28:02   knows what it wants to be and it's that. The Xbox One also wants to be everything

01:28:08   else in your living room. And a lot of the experience of using the Xbox

01:28:13   One suffers from that. And Microsoft made some very stupid choices that they had

01:28:19   to go back on over and over and over again.

01:28:22   And I think that there are many things

01:28:26   about the PlayStation which it's, you know,

01:28:28   and Sony are very focused on making a console

01:28:33   and an experience what they call for the players.

01:28:36   It's the marketing strategy, but I genuinely believe in it

01:28:40   because a lot of their decisions that I see,

01:28:44   it's very much focused on creating

01:28:46   the best gaming experience that they can.

01:28:49   and I think that they achieved that.

01:28:51   And for a next gen console,

01:28:53   the PlayStation 4 for me is the choice.

01:28:55   And considering that video games

01:28:58   is kind of my other major passion, definitely that.

01:29:01   And also looking into 2015,

01:29:03   the PlayStation lineup is killer.

01:29:06   Like Microsoft can't hold account to it in my opinion.

01:29:08   So I think if you're gonna get one, it's the one to get.

01:29:11   - Yeah, I have a Wii U

01:29:13   and I am very specifically not picking it here.

01:29:16   although I really do enjoy, like I said, Mario Kart.

01:29:19   I subscribe to the same thing that John Siracusa

01:29:22   has said on several podcasts,

01:29:23   including when he was on isometric and on ATP,

01:29:26   that Nintendo is very good at the kind of

01:29:29   in-game experience, and the rest of it is kind of awful.

01:29:33   I find, yeah, its menu system impenetrable and weird,

01:29:37   and it, you know, I don't know,

01:29:40   and that the little console thing

01:29:42   with the screen on it is strange,

01:29:44   and has huge potential that almost no game actually takes advantage of, which is frustrating.

01:29:49   Like even in Mario Kart you can't have a mode where one car is using that screen and can

01:29:57   only see what's on that screen and everybody else doesn't see them or something.

01:30:01   It's just not used very much.

01:30:02   We have Nintendo Land and it's used there, but otherwise not.

01:30:05   So I can't really pick that.

01:30:09   So I'm tempted, I don't know, I think I had the LIFX light bulbs on here for a while,

01:30:15   which are WiFi light bulbs that are kind of fun to play with and I've enjoyed playing

01:30:18   with them and sending them to different colors and things like that and my daughters enjoyed

01:30:21   playing with those too.

01:30:22   I think I'm going to go with the TiVo Mini here only because I bought a TiVo this year,

01:30:27   went back to TiVo, or late last year maybe, and the TiVo Mini is great because you attach

01:30:33   it in another room to your Ethernet network and it's like you've got another DVR and it's

01:30:39   TiVo has a great interface and it gives you access to live TV and all your recorded programs

01:30:47   and YouTube and Amazon and Netflix and I don't actually need another TV Streamer box other

01:30:54   than for iTunes stuff on any of my TVs because the TiVo will cover, it's my Netflix and Amazon

01:31:01   Instant Video box and all my DVR recorded shows and live TV and a couple months ago

01:31:07   they change the price to $150 for the TiVo Mini and there's no service charge because

01:31:12   TiVo previously was $100 and you had to pay $6 a month and I immediately bought one because

01:31:17   I thought that was a pretty good deal.

01:31:18   That sounds so ridiculous to charge $6 a month for it.

01:31:21   Well, TiVo...

01:31:22   But it's effectively just like a relay box.

01:31:23   I think really what TiVo is doing is TiVo has some problems with its business model where

01:31:27   they have these monthly fees and essentially what they're doing is saying you should buy

01:31:30   lifetime service but we're going to lower... we should embed lifetime service in the cost

01:31:35   of the box but that will raise the price we can't make a business on that so

01:31:38   we'll do a monthly fee and then give you the option of paying for a lifetime and

01:31:42   I think I hope that their experiment with the TiVo Mini will lead them to

01:31:47   embedding lifetime service in the hardware they sell and just saying look

01:31:52   this is the cost and then we're not we're not gonna charge you for anything

01:31:55   more you know who knows if they'll even be around in a few years but I really

01:32:01   think that TiVo DVR is still the best experience out there I have tried some

01:32:04   of the others I think they're fine I think the TiVo is better. TiVo's iOS apps are good

01:32:09   but the Mini has been really fun because suddenly all the TVs in my house have access to our

01:32:14   DVR and streaming and everything else and live TV without having different DVRs in different

01:32:20   places which I did at one point and the streaming on the TiVo Mini is pretty elegant. You can't

01:32:27   even tell that you're not watching it on the DVR when you do it. So I'll throw it out there.

01:32:31   I'm happy for this one to go to the PS4. I don't have one. I still have a PS3, an

01:32:35   Xbox 360, and the Wii U, all of which are pretty comparable on technology. Sad

01:32:40   trombone for Nintendo. But I'm one of those kind of one-generation-past

01:32:46   people, but I like the way that Sony made a product that is not... I think it was a

01:32:51   misfire from Microsoft to say, "Don't even play games on it, just use it

01:32:56   to watch TV." I think that was a mistake, and Sony focusing on gamers is good. So I

01:33:01   I will endorse your choice there.

01:33:03   - Congratulations PlayStation.

01:33:05   - Yeah.

01:33:06   - The worst gadget that we've used this year

01:33:08   is an interesting correlation between the two.

01:33:13   So I've picked the LG G Watch,

01:33:17   which is one of the first Android Wear devices.

01:33:20   Kind of my main problems with the G Watch is that it's ugly.

01:33:25   It's just a kind of like a rectangular thing,

01:33:28   like slab of thing.

01:33:30   There were some really nice things about it, I think, that there was some stuff about Android

01:33:34   Wear which is very interesting, at a time where they were kind of like the front runner

01:33:40   in showing their hand what a graphical user interface could look like on a wrist device.

01:33:48   That really kind of deeply ties into your phone.

01:33:51   But the problem itself, I think, was the device.

01:33:54   There were so many weird things about it.

01:33:57   I think that I was, I think I spoke about this on connected.

01:34:01   Is it connected or the prompt?

01:34:04   I can't remember, but I'll find the episode where I spoke about it at length

01:34:06   and put it in the show notes.

01:34:08   There were just weird things about it, like when I had to reset it

01:34:11   and I had to like read all these like manuals and documentation

01:34:15   to find out that I had to like

01:34:17   put this little pin into a thing in the back to turn it off.

01:34:21   It was just this weird.

01:34:23   It was just so many weird things about it.

01:34:25   The charging cradle drove me crazy.

01:34:27   it didn't get good battery life, the screen resolution was poor, it kind of just wasn't

01:34:34   a device that is good.

01:34:37   Yeah and really quickly, I only used it or handled it momentarily, but I think the Moto

01:34:45   360, which my friend, good friend Andy Anako has found lots of great things about it and

01:34:51   that's fine.

01:34:52   I think the Android Wear watches are all very interesting.

01:34:54   My problem with the Moto 360 is it makes a big deal about being round and it's actually

01:34:59   the flat tire where the bottom is not part of the screen and so it's not round, it's

01:35:03   roundish with a flat thing at the bottom and I just make me a design snob I guess.

01:35:09   If you're gonna make a round watch it should be round.

01:35:11   It should really be round.

01:35:12   It should not be round with a thing cut off on the bottom.

01:35:15   I think that's stupid.

01:35:16   So do better.

01:35:18   Boo.

01:35:19   Uh, yeah.

01:35:23   I mean, I don't really subscribe to the annoyance of the roundness, or calling it a 360.

01:35:32   I think that, for me, I always felt that that kind of worked, and their reasoning for why it isn't perfectly round kind of made sense to me, that the display drivers went there.

01:35:40   See, that's not a good... yeah. Oh, gee. We made a round watch, but we couldn't really make it round because we couldn't get the hardware to do it.

01:35:47   Well, guess what? Then don't do it. I think. I just think that is a bad excuse.

01:35:52   I think if you're going to make a product that's round, it should be round.

01:35:55   I can't not look at that product and see the flat tire now. I just can't.

01:35:59   And a round smartwatch is not a bad idea. I'm actually a little disappointed that

01:36:03   Apple couldn't make it work and that their watch is going to be

01:36:06   rectangular. But that's the brakes. But I think I feel like,

01:36:10   yeah, I just can't take it. That round watch that's not round,

01:36:14   just it kills me. Again, I totally agree that this is completely just a surface thing but

01:36:20   I would rather explore an Android Wear watch that was not round that was owning its shape

01:36:27   I guess. But it's fine. We can move on. There are better things to talk about in this upgrade.

01:36:33   Or do we have to pick one? I'll give you the LG G Watch if you want. That's fine. I don't

01:36:37   care.

01:36:38   I think I would say the G Watch because they both suffer from some of the same problems

01:36:41   but the 360 looks better where it doesn't look perfect.

01:36:44   I agree, I agree. I like the look and then there's just the

01:36:48   sad trombone when you see the flat tire. But we'll go with the G Watch.

01:36:51   Congratulations LG. Check your spam filter for your worst gadget award.

01:36:57   UpgradingOz wanted to suggest our favorite tech story of the year and I

01:37:03   think for me I've been thinking about this because we're putting together a

01:37:06   kind of a look back across the year on connected that we're doing this week.

01:37:11   And I was thinking about what is not necessarily my favorite acquisition,

01:37:17   there's lots of those, you know, what's my favorite gadget release? But I think for

01:37:22   me, I think my favorite story of the year that happened within our space was

01:37:27   when Tim Cook wrote his fantastic editorial for Business Week and where he

01:37:31   came out as being gay. I just think that it was so inspirational and just there

01:37:39   so many you know things that I would want to quote time and time again

01:37:43   forever and ever from this piece that I just think of just so fantastic and he

01:37:48   had and I genuinely and you know you shouldn't have to feel this way but I

01:37:52   have such respect for him for his courage in doing this and for his like

01:37:58   screw you attitude for the world that you know where there are so many people

01:38:04   in the world there are so many people unfortunately in America that would have

01:38:07   a problem with this and would then you know there may be people that don't ever

01:38:11   want to buy Apple products again now because of this but he decided he wanted

01:38:16   to do it and I'm sure he had to really convince the board but he decided and I

01:38:20   genuinely believe a lot of this came from him he decided that he wanted to do

01:38:24   this because he thought it was important for the world and and I think that it is

01:38:29   and I think this did the kind of what this what this has the effect this will

01:38:35   have on young people I think is so powerful and I think that it actually--

01:38:41   this is more than anything Tim Cook will ever do--this is him leaving the world in

01:38:45   a better place than when he came to it. So that's why it's my favorite story of

01:38:49   the year. Yeah, it's--that's a really great choice and yeah this is--I mean

01:38:58   there's more here that we could we could go on forever about this. I feel like

01:39:01   Like there was a lot of conversation, especially when I think Gawker or Valleywag did a story

01:39:07   about Tim Cook being gay a couple years ago, and there was a reaction of like, "Why are

01:39:11   you pulling this guy out of the closet if he wants to be in the closet?

01:39:15   Let it be his business."

01:39:17   And although I understand that and subscribe to that at the time, I think the complexity

01:39:23   of this issue is, well this showed what the value is of letting somebody choose their

01:39:30   time and place because he was able to eloquently describe his situation and he did that by

01:39:35   choosing to talk about it when he wanted to talk about it. I do think that there is something

01:39:41   to the argument that, you know, at the same time it is, I don't know, it's almost like

01:39:47   an idealistic argument. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it's a big deal, you know, and

01:39:53   no it shouldn't be a big deal, and with each one of these kinds of stories it becomes less

01:39:57   of a big deal. And so the good thing is that Tim Cook is out and it matters less than it

01:40:02   did even a couple years ago, but it still matters and it's chipping away and changing

01:40:07   the way our society views these issues and I think that's great. And it was a beautiful

01:40:12   moment. So although there's a whole conversation to be had about this, I think one of the things

01:40:16   that I've learned in the last few years is this is a complicated question of privacy

01:40:24   and defending your own personal privacy versus staying in the closet.

01:40:31   It's a really painful, complicated issue and it's really also not an issue that I deal

01:40:36   with personally and so it's very hard to talk about it from the outside.

01:40:41   But I think what's great about this story is that by choosing his time and his method

01:40:49   Business Week. Tim Cook got to say it in the way that he wanted to say it and I

01:40:54   think it had a powerful effect and that is what's great about this story. So I'm

01:41:00   happy to acclaim this. I was taking a different tack when I saw Tech's story and

01:41:03   your story wasn't in here. I was thinking of like an individual story that I liked

01:41:07   this year. So I will mention that and then I will acclaim your choice as the

01:41:11   winner here. One of my favorite individual Tech's stories this

01:41:15   year was by Matt Honan at Wired, he's now at Buzzfeed, but he was at Wired when he wrote

01:41:20   this, called "I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days, Here's What It Did

01:41:23   to Me," which is a wonderful, ridiculous experiment about how Facebook adjusts what you see based

01:41:30   on you liking things. And it was funny and informative and sort of very much what Matt

01:41:37   Honan does the best. And I enjoyed that story a lot as a single sort of bit of tech journalism

01:41:43   for the year but you know Tim Cook's story not quite journalism but a I think it's fair

01:41:49   to say that that was the link of the year so good job Myke.

01:41:52   Thank you I haven't read that Matt Honan piece but I will now.

01:41:56   It's funny and I actually I am a Facebook friend of Matt Honan and so I watched as this

01:42:02   happened horrified by what was happening to Matt liking everything he saw.

01:42:07   Literally it reinforces the like oh you liked that now we're gonna show you this yes I like

01:42:10   that too well now we're gonna show you this yes I like that too and it's

01:42:15   horrifying so anyway if you ever heard of or read the book yes man it was

01:42:20   turned into a movie that Jim Carrey starred in oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

01:42:23   reminds me of that basically a British writer comedian radio presenter and

01:42:29   producer called Danny Wallace basically for an entire year said yes to

01:42:34   everything it's one of my favorite books I love cool and it was yeah it's a very

01:42:40   similar kind of idea yeah sort of made me think of all right we're getting into

01:42:44   my favorite part of the show now Myke okay so we are now into the favorite

01:42:50   text grew up oh this is gonna be good so I don't know how we're gonna choose I

01:42:59   I think you I think I would give you the anyway so I was hovering with this topic

01:43:05   but for me I kind of I thought about what is maybe the thing that the company that created this

01:43:12   thought would get the biggest fanfare but actually failed the most catastrophically and I think it's

01:43:18   the Amazon Fire phone. Amazon made such a great hoo-ha about this phone and they had their teaser

01:43:27   videos and they had like a jobs-esque presentation and the presentation was quite good and there were

01:43:33   things that came out of it that looked very interesting. Also any

01:43:37   Jeff Bezos presentation is good because there are charts with no numbers

01:43:41   on them, just lines going up, the Bezos charts which are beautiful.

01:43:45   Just random axes. Yes. It could actually be, you know, the chart could be

01:43:51   demonstrating how much money they lose and it's just like an

01:43:54   increasing number. Look how this chart goes up! The chart goes up, it's really good.

01:43:59   or how many Kindles are returned every year?

01:44:02   The Amazon Fire Phone, I think as we speak today,

01:44:07   like they were selling it for like a buck, I think.

01:44:10   - With contract, but this is the brand new,

01:44:13   top of the line, amazing, blow your mind,

01:44:15   Amazon Fire Phone and they're just trying

01:44:16   to unload them now, yeah.

01:44:18   - And just like across the board,

01:44:20   it has been terribly reviewed

01:44:23   and I think Amazon have even said

01:44:25   that it kind of like,

01:44:26   it didn't do what they thought it was gonna do.

01:44:28   I think Bezos said in an interview, well, you know, we do the first version and then

01:44:31   we learn from it and we do the next version, which is true because the first Kindle was

01:44:35   terrible too and they just kept on going and maybe they'll get it right.

01:44:40   There's a fundamental premise here, which is does Amazon need to make a phone?

01:44:43   Are people so tied?

01:44:44   I mean, I'm an Amazon customer, just maybe not just as much as an Apple person, but I'm

01:44:48   in the Amazon ecosystem too.

01:44:50   I'm a Prime subscriber.

01:44:51   I love Amazon.

01:44:52   I buy a bunch of stuff from them and I'm a Kindle user too.

01:44:55   And I look at the Fire Phone and I'm like, why?

01:44:57   No, never.

01:44:58   - Just make good apps, like just make a range of good apps.

01:45:01   You don't need to make a phone.

01:45:04   Like you barely need to make a tablet.

01:45:06   So you definitely don't need to make a phone, it's stupid.

01:45:10   It's silly, Amazon, just stop it, stop that.

01:45:14   Jason, what do you have?

01:45:15   - Well, it's hard to be bad.

01:45:19   I'm gonna go a little bit broader and say

01:45:21   that my favorite tech screw up this year was Uber,

01:45:23   screwing up everything.

01:45:27   There is no end to the number of things Uber screwed up this year, but a few highlights.

01:45:30   They, at a, and this is a joke, at an off-the-record dinner, which should not exist, and in fact

01:45:40   was, a journalist was there and was not put off the record and therefore reported it,

01:45:45   an Uber executive talked about how they were going to investigate the private lives of

01:45:51   journalists who had been critical of them in order to counteract their negative coverage,

01:45:57   which is pretty awful and scary.

01:46:01   We also discovered several instances where Uber employees or even prospective employees

01:46:06   in the Uber offices were able to access personal travel records for celebrities and other people

01:46:12   and find out where they were going to and from at what various times.

01:46:16   So that's kind of awful.

01:46:18   So many bad things about Uber.

01:46:21   I think my favorite Uber story though is also the fact that they did, they've gotten so

01:46:26   criticized for surge pricing, which on one level makes sense economically, but on another

01:46:31   level comes across to people as just sort of horrendous gouging.

01:46:35   The highlight of which was during the hostage siege in Sydney, Australia, Uber tweeted specifically

01:46:43   that they were helping everybody out by sending more cars to downtown Sydney so that people

01:46:47   could flee and surge pricing was in effect. So, "Hey everybody, we just tripled the

01:46:51   price of all of your rides to get out of town where there's a hostage situation going on,

01:46:55   but there will be lots of cars there for you to pay us." Just bet, I mean this is one of

01:46:59   those, I mean just, it's just not that all the things they did were bad this year, but

01:47:05   the way they did them and the way their reputation has grown, just a spectacular failure by them.

01:47:13   and time will tell whether it affects them.

01:47:16   My gut feeling is that it will open the door

01:47:19   for some competition,

01:47:21   where there are gonna be enough people who are like,

01:47:24   let's try something that isn't Uber and see how that goes.

01:47:27   They're pretty well entrenched

01:47:28   and their attitude has served them well up to now,

01:47:30   but I do wonder if perhaps this will lead to something

01:47:34   that looks like Lyft,

01:47:36   their competition with the silly pink mustaches

01:47:38   has gotten much more serious

01:47:39   and is dropping the mustaches

01:47:41   and some of the fist bumping

01:47:42   and other weird things they're doing,

01:47:43   and trying to actually take it to Uber.

01:47:45   And I hope they succeed,

01:47:46   because Uber has been very, very bad.

01:47:50   - The fact that I just Googled and found

01:47:52   a TechCrunch listicle about Uber's worst screw-ups

01:47:56   of the year.

01:47:57   (laughing)

01:47:58   - 18 worst screw-ups.

01:48:00   - There's 11, there's 11, 11 slides.

01:48:02   - It was that kind of year.

01:48:04   - I will give this to Uber,

01:48:05   just because at the start of the year,

01:48:07   they're a darling, at the end of the year,

01:48:09   they are like the most revered company on the internet.

01:48:13   People hate them.

01:48:15   - Yes, you mean reviled, I think.

01:48:17   - That's what I meant.

01:48:18   Well, I can say revered, but it's wrong, I meant reviled.

01:48:20   - Is that a Britishism, revered means reviled?

01:48:24   - Yeah, it's spelled differently.

01:48:25   It's spelled R-E-V-I-L-E-D, revered.

01:48:29   - With a U in there somewhere.

01:48:30   Okay, got it, got it.

01:48:32   - We have three awards now, which I've been excited about,

01:48:36   looking forward to, about podcasts.

01:48:38   - Mm, podcasts.

01:48:40   - First off, this is suggested to us by our gradient, Dan.

01:48:45   Our favorite non-tech podcast of the year

01:48:48   could not be Serial.

01:48:50   - Right.

01:48:51   - I actually probably wouldn't have given it to Serial

01:48:53   in the end anyway.

01:48:55   I very much enjoyed Serial, but--

01:48:57   - I did too.

01:48:58   - I think it fizzled out a little bit for me.

01:49:00   And I started to feel a bit bad about it, just in general.

01:49:03   A show that I came to this year,

01:49:08   and I adore, adore, adore is Hello Internet

01:49:11   by CGP Grey and Brady Haran.

01:49:14   So much so that I have kind of listened to every episode.

01:49:19   I came in about, maybe about halfway through at the point

01:49:22   where I started listening.

01:49:23   And I kind of went back and listened to every episode

01:49:27   that I'd missed.

01:49:29   And I've actually then gone back

01:49:31   and listened halfway through again all in the same year.

01:49:34   It's just pure entertainment for me.

01:49:35   I love it so much.

01:49:37   it's I think the closest thing to hypercritical,

01:49:41   since hypercritical.

01:49:42   And that was how the show was actually described to me

01:49:45   by a friend of the show, _DavidSmith.

01:49:49   You know, he said like, "CGP Grey is maybe the closest

01:49:53   "to John Siracusa in his meticulousness

01:49:56   "and the comedy that ensues because of it."

01:49:58   I really just suggest that people go to hellointernet.fm

01:50:06   and kind of just look through the descriptions

01:50:08   of the episodes, find the one that you think

01:50:10   might appeal to you most and listen to it.

01:50:12   Because the show kind of,

01:50:14   it doesn't really follow news that much.

01:50:17   Any news that does follow, the discussions

01:50:20   that come from it are not tied to the news.

01:50:23   And it's also, it's a really interesting look

01:50:25   into a different world.

01:50:27   Gray and Brady are both YouTube stars.

01:50:31   So they talk about a lot of the things

01:50:33   that happen in the YouTube world,

01:50:35   which we don't really hear about in our little tech bubble.

01:50:38   And I love, I absolutely adore this podcast

01:50:42   and I think everybody should listen to it

01:50:43   and it's just an absolute favorite.

01:50:46   And it's actually just my favorite podcast, period.

01:50:51   And it's my favorite non-tech podcast.

01:50:54   - So they talk about the YouTube world

01:50:55   but it's not a tech podcast.

01:50:57   - Well, no, it's not.

01:51:01   I mean, they talk about the things

01:51:02   that happen in their lives.

01:51:04   It's that's what it's about.

01:51:05   like it's a lot of it is framed around the fact that they do things for YouTube

01:51:09   so they talk about creating videos but they don't talk about the technical

01:51:12   stuff about them like a lot of it is just like what happens in their lives

01:51:15   and sometimes they talk about iPhones but then sometimes they talk about plane

01:51:19   crashes and something you know it's it's like it is like the epitome of two dudes

01:51:24   talking because they just talk about anything like it's a great episode where

01:51:27   they talk about the flags of the United States of America which was what I think

01:51:31   think Myke the first episode that I listened to and it's hilarious and

01:51:38   really really excellent so I you know I would maybe suggest that one I'm gonna

01:51:43   find it and put it in the show notes but yeah that that that was I think my first

01:51:47   episode and I loved it I loved it a lot I've got one on my overcast I just

01:51:53   haven't listened yet so I will listen should so my choice is not gonna come as

01:51:57   surprise I've said repeatedly that this is my favorite podcast, period. My favorite

01:52:02   podcast is The Flop House which is a comedy podcast about three fellows who

01:52:08   watch a bad movie before they record the episode and then immediately they then

01:52:13   turn on the microphones and talk about what they've just seen and the rule is

01:52:17   that the movie should, with some rare exceptions, it should be a movie that's

01:52:24   recently available on video and that was a flop either critically or financially

01:52:28   or both and hence the name the flop house and the the flop house people are

01:52:34   very funny the two of them are writers for the Daily Show one of them is the

01:52:39   head writer for the Daily Show they are also getting into comic book writing the

01:52:43   head writer for the Daily Show Elliot Kaelin he is also writing the new comic

01:52:47   spider-man and the x-men which is pretty funny because if there's anybody who can

01:52:51   nail Spider-Man's really annoying humor it's Elliot Kaelin because he's that guy

01:52:57   he would be if he was Spider-Man he would be making the same stupid jokes

01:53:00   that Spider-Man should make anyway it's it's great it's funny it comes from

01:53:05   recommended by John Syracuse I think it went from John to me and then from both

01:53:10   of us to Merlin Mann and everybody speaks the good word about the flophouse

01:53:14   but it is legitimately my favorite podcast I think I think before the

01:53:20   Flop House, my favorite podcast, was probably hypercritical but it's the Flop House now.

01:53:26   It's just hilarious and you don't need to have seen the movie.

01:53:29   In fact, I recommend you don't see the movies because they're really awful and listening

01:53:33   to funny people go on tangents and also just demolish the terrible things about this movie

01:53:38   that they just saw.

01:53:41   There's nothing better.

01:53:42   It's every other week and on Saturdays it gets posted and it's a must listen as soon

01:53:47   as it comes out.

01:53:48   I love it.

01:53:49   house the flop house is one of those shows that I have tried to get into a

01:53:55   bunch of times but just haven't mm-hmm don't start from the beginning no

01:54:00   matter what John Saracusa says you got to start and start in the middle

01:54:03   somewhere Merlin has a list of episodes that are worth starting with but I love

01:54:08   it I gotta say I love it so I think we're a real problem here yeah I think

01:54:14   think so cuz I I won't allow I'm not gonna give this one to you yeah I'm not

01:54:21   gonna I'm not gonna give this one to you so we're kind of a hmm we're we're a

01:54:28   point where we we have to have the chat room vote on this so this is between

01:54:34   hello internet and the flop house I think the problem that I have here is

01:54:41   Merlin. I think Merlin is my problem because I think people listen to what

01:54:49   Merlin says. You should listen to what Merlin says. That's fine for the flop house.

01:54:53   That's fine for Merlin and it's fine for you. I think that's how that saying goes.

01:54:56   Do you know where I can find Merlin's list of episode? Joe Steele in the chat

01:55:02   room is pointing out, "Bullet to the Head" is probably the episode to start with.

01:55:05   Okay. "Mirrors" is another great one to start with with a flop house. Okay. So it

01:55:10   It is the flophouse, the flophouse is one.

01:55:14   And Dented Meat is asking in the chatroom why don't start at the beginning, even though

01:55:19   Syracuse says they had so many technical problems at the beginning and actually Elliot doesn't

01:55:23   even become a host until about 10 episodes in that early flophouses are, as somebody

01:55:28   in the chatroom said, it's just literally just buzzing sounds.

01:55:32   They sound terrible.

01:55:34   So I would start, you know, I would start, I don't know where, like I would sample those

01:55:38   episodes, Bullet to the Head, Mirrors, those are two good examples, and then go from there

01:55:42   and maybe you dip back to like number 20 or 25.

01:55:45   But I think the early episodes are really rough sledding.

01:55:49   I would not recommend them.

01:55:50   And you can start a little bit later and get most of the jokes and it's fine.

01:55:54   I'm adding The Flophouse and those episodes to my overcast because if you guys are gonna

01:56:03   make me lose this.

01:56:05   If you're gonna not like it, you need to do the full-on commit to trying it and then you

01:56:09   can not like it.

01:56:10   It's okay to not like it, but...

01:56:11   Yeah.

01:56:12   Episode 34 and episode 133.

01:56:17   There you go.

01:56:18   So we got a...

01:56:19   Try those.

01:56:20   A big, a big yap there.

01:56:21   But I'm gonna go with it and I'm sad, but congratulations to the Flop House for taking

01:56:29   the award there.

01:56:30   Yay!

01:56:31   And they can also check their spam filters for...

01:56:34   - Yes, Dan McCoy, check your spam filter.

01:56:37   - Talking about checking spam filters, Jason,

01:56:39   our next award, which is gonna be

01:56:44   for our favorite tech podcast of the year,

01:56:46   is brought to us by our friends at MailRoute.

01:56:49   Jason, take it away.

01:56:51   - I love talking about MailRoute

01:56:53   because I do use MailRoute and Myke doesn't,

01:56:55   so he can't talk about it and I can.

01:56:57   What an opportunity.

01:56:58   MailRoute is a service that lets you live life

01:57:02   without spam or viruses or bounced email in your inbox.

01:57:06   It sits between your mail server and the internet,

01:57:09   takes in all the mail,

01:57:10   and then uses its really intelligent filtering

01:57:12   to filter out the junk.

01:57:13   And it really does a very good job.

01:57:15   You only see legitimate mail that comes through.

01:57:18   You don't have to use client-side spam software.

01:57:20   I use it even though I've also got Gmail's filter

01:57:23   because I think it does a really good job.

01:57:25   And then Gmail's filter ends up catching a mailing list

01:57:28   that I didn't realize that I subscribed to,

01:57:30   which is also good, I guess.

01:57:32   but I like the mail route is out there.

01:57:33   It's really easily configurable for me as a regular person.

01:57:36   If you're an email administrator or IT professional,

01:57:39   it's great for you too.

01:57:40   They've got all the tools that you might want.

01:57:42   There's an API for account management,

01:57:44   supports the whole checklist of things you love,

01:57:47   like LDAP, Active Directory, TLS, Outbound Relay,

01:57:50   and Myke's favorite mail bagging.

01:57:51   - Mail bagging.

01:57:53   - Everything you want from people

01:57:54   who are handling your mail.

01:57:55   No hardware or software to maintain.

01:57:57   Like I said, it lives in the cloud.

01:57:58   It's a server up there in the cloud,

01:58:00   and then it delivers clean mail to your inbox.

01:58:04   Easy to set up, reliable,

01:58:05   trusted by large universities and corporations.

01:58:09   I love the fact that I get a little email every day

01:58:11   that says here's the mail we filtered out

01:58:13   and I can look at it very quickly

01:58:14   and click on a link if I want it to whitelist

01:58:16   and deliver a message from somebody who shouldn't be on it.

01:58:19   So if I see Myke Hurley is in there

01:58:21   and it's something about the upgradees

01:58:23   and I didn't even know that was an award

01:58:25   but maybe I actually won it

01:58:26   and maybe this isn't somebody claiming

01:58:28   to be a Nigerian prince giving me an award

01:58:30   if I transfer a million dollars into his bank account, I can click that link in my email.

01:58:34   The message will be delivered and all future messages from Myke will also be delivered

01:58:37   because he'll be added to the whitelist. I don't advise that you add Myke to your whitelist.

01:58:43   That could be dangerous because he may send you things. Anyway, if you want to remove

01:58:47   spam for your life, if this sounds good, try it out. Go to mailroute.net/upgrade. You get

01:58:51   a free trial and if you decide to buy 10% off of MailRoute for the lifetime of your

01:58:58   account so mailroute.net/upgrade and thank you so much to MailRoute for being a good

01:59:03   friend and sponsoring Upgrade.

01:59:08   So we are now onto our favorite tech podcast of the year.

01:59:12   This was suggested to us by Gary.

01:59:14   He wanted us to talk specifically about our favorite tech shows.

01:59:18   I just think you can't beat the Accidental Tech Podcast.

01:59:22   I think that it's as good as a tech podcast in 2014 could be.

01:59:30   I agree with you.

01:59:31   It has the mix of hosts that everybody wants.

01:59:35   They have what I consider to be the three great archetypes now, where you have the person

01:59:43   who's more the user, you have the extreme power user, and then you kind of have the

01:59:49   power user.

01:59:51   And I think that that really works.

01:59:55   'Cause what you're doing is you're meeting all people

01:59:58   in that scenario.

02:00:00   Sometimes it's a little too heavy on the tech for me

02:00:04   and developer stuff because I don't understand any of it.

02:00:09   Like this week's episode, a huge portion of it

02:00:12   is about things that I literally have no idea

02:00:16   what anybody's saying.

02:00:18   But the great thing about ATP is I still love

02:00:21   listen to it and and that is what that's why I know this show is good because

02:00:27   they can they can literally be talking gobbledygook to me but I still want to

02:00:33   listen and then you have incredible moments like the windows of Syracuse

02:00:37   County the after show of episode 96 is potentially the best that the show has

02:00:43   ever been and you should listen to it because it is hilarious fantastic an ATP

02:00:50   they are approaching a hundred episodes and it's as good as it's ever been if

02:00:55   not better I think that they put a great amount of work care into the show and it

02:01:00   shines every week and it's an absolute joy I agree with you I decided that I'm

02:01:06   going to nominate somebody and then switch my vote to you because that's

02:01:09   what's gonna happen because I think a TV is the best but I want to I want to

02:01:11   throw in we can't nominate anything that we are ourselves a podcasting about so I

02:01:16   I am going to nominate Analog featuring Myke Hurley and Casey Liss of Accidental Tech Podcast.

02:01:22   Who would have thought that Casey would be considered the greatest tech podcaster by

02:01:27   default now?

02:01:28   Who the hell is Casey?

02:01:32   It is a tech podcast that's also not a tech podcast and what I like is the premise which

02:01:35   is that you're talking about feelings and being a human being, dealing with things that

02:01:41   come up and emerge from technology issues in various ways.

02:01:45   I love that as a premise and I think you guys handle those issues incredibly well.

02:01:51   And there have been many good episodes.

02:01:53   I encourage people to look back on and check out some of the episodes in the catalog for

02:01:58   analog because it's not just a session of podcasting as therapy, although it can be

02:02:04   that, but it's more than that.

02:02:06   And I think we as tech podcasters give short shrift sometimes to the human element, the

02:02:15   emotional element of how this thing impacts our broader lives, how these different aspects

02:02:21   do.

02:02:22   And I think Analog helps give you a little window into that.

02:02:26   I also put out a shout out to The Rebound, which is a new podcast featuring Lex Friedman

02:02:30   and Dan Morin and Jon Moltz, which is short and fun and funny and not on any podcasting

02:02:37   networks you have to go find it, but it's good and you should listen to it because those

02:02:42   guys are really funny.

02:02:44   whilst we're doing this I will also make a shout for the clock for clockwise as

02:02:48   well because it's so different more than anything else more than the content or

02:02:53   how great you guys are because it's it's unlike any other texture that you listen

02:02:58   to because of its restrictions and that makes it quite interesting and plus it's

02:03:03   you're gonna get 30 minutes which I mean as rare approach as we're into two hours

02:03:08   now. There aren't a lot of tech podcasts that have that respect for your time.

02:03:14   We would only go over 30 minutes if it was an end-of-year

02:03:19   episode that was completely off format, but otherwise you'll find that every

02:03:24   episode is 30 minutes long. That's a hint about this week's episode.

02:03:27   There is one quick thing I want to say about upgrade.

02:03:32   Tell me more! Oh, we forgot about that! The winner!

02:03:38   analog we spoke about on this week's episode episode 20 and it's the after

02:03:44   show right at the end and then me and Casey have this conversation sometimes

02:03:47   that do we worry that we're too honest on the show because one of the main

02:03:52   things that I am concerned about and another cases as well that people come

02:03:55   away from that show thinking that we're not very nice people that's a concern

02:03:59   that I have and it's because of the honesty that we have and and and some

02:04:03   people I know stop listening to show because they think that we're too self

02:04:06   involved but like that's kind of what the show is about we are being honest

02:04:11   about ourselves and it kind of has to be that way and one of the things to say is

02:04:16   we talk about the things that many people who have a platform of any kind

02:04:22   consider to be taboo you don't talk about the things that we talk about and

02:04:27   that's why I I love making the show why I actually think that it's a very

02:04:31   important show and some of the episodes that I do on that of that show are some

02:04:35   of the best stuff that I do I think because I kind of lay it all bare.

02:04:39   Well the episode with Stephen Hackett where he was talking about talking about dealing

02:04:44   with his son's cancer.

02:04:48   Just amazing right I mean just it was a great episode and in case he talking about you know

02:04:54   fears that he has for his child and you know I if every podcast were that yes it would

02:05:00   be a problem because it would be like oh my god it is every podcast is therapy now.

02:05:05   but having a podcast like that with room to talk about those issues

02:05:08   I'm really glad that podcast exists and again if it were every podcast I would

02:05:11   not

02:05:12   say that but it's not it's an outlier and I like it because

02:05:15   it's an outlier. Are we gonna decide an ATP?

02:05:18   Yeah. So congratulations to those three. Marco, check your spam filter again.

02:05:25   Yeah, wow, Marco is the runaway success here.

02:05:29   That guy. Favorite podcast newcomer.

02:05:32   This is an interesting category that I wanted to add.

02:05:36   Jason would you like to lead off with that?

02:05:38   Sure, I checked the dates and in fact Isometric on 5x5 debuted this year and so I'm going

02:05:43   to nominate it as a favorite podcast newcomer.

02:05:46   It is a gaming podcast and I'm not really a gamer but partially because of what's happened

02:05:51   this year with Brianna Wu and being attacked by Gamergate it's become more than just a gaming

02:05:56   podcast but the fact is, you know, a lot of these shows it's true of anything, it's true

02:06:02   of a movie or certainly like a sitcom and a lot of podcasts that's true too, it's about

02:06:07   the cast.

02:06:08   It's about the people and how they interact with each other and you get a certain combination

02:06:11   of people together and it's just magic.

02:06:13   And isometric is magical.

02:06:15   It is when it's on it is so funny and the characters I almost said the people who are

02:06:21   kind of characters right they the way they interact and their inside jokes and their

02:06:27   dumb jokes and their laughs and all of that it is delightful to listen to even when I

02:06:32   I don't care so much about the subject matter.

02:06:34   And then they have a guest on, like John Siracusa was on the other week, and he's a listener

02:06:38   and so he's kind of in with what they're talking about, plus he's a gamer, and that ends up

02:06:43   being really amusing.

02:06:45   And having had Brianna on a few incomparable episodes, I also love, she's an agent of chaos,

02:06:52   she will like things that other people don't like, she's not afraid to make statements

02:06:56   that are not what the consensus is, and that leads to a lot of hilarity too.

02:07:01   So I think that's been a real gem of a podcast this year and it really is owed more than

02:07:06   anything else to the chemistry between the hosts.

02:07:09   It is a really enjoyable show from start to finish.

02:07:14   I love Isometric.

02:07:16   It does a bunch of things that can be terrible in podcasts but they do them so well.

02:07:22   Whenever they start the show there's just so much noise, you know, like everyone's screaming

02:07:26   and laughing.

02:07:27   kind of with those four it works so well.

02:07:32   You're just tuning into a party that a bunch of friends are having and I get that sometimes

02:07:35   as feedback from the incomparable.

02:07:37   I like listening because it sounds like it's a bunch of friends having a good time and

02:07:40   I think well we are and so that's good but then I want to hear it on isometric I'm like

02:07:44   oh yeah it's like a bunch of friends having a good time together that totally you know

02:07:47   that carries a lot of weight even when I don't care about the games they're talking about

02:07:50   or even understand what they're talking about which happens frequently.

02:07:53   Because it's one of those things with that type of style you can either go really really

02:07:57   wrong are really really right and they nail it and and I love that it's so

02:08:01   diverse and they actually talk about a lot of the games that I like to play as

02:08:07   opposed to just like what's the biggest triple-a title available right now and

02:08:12   they just have great fun doing it but I think for me my favorite new show of

02:08:17   this year and one of the reasons I give it to the show is because they it's very

02:08:23   rare that a new podcast from people that have never been a podcaster before from

02:08:29   episode one can create a show that is instantly interesting, fun and

02:08:40   engaging and it's defocused and I speak about this show constantly because it's

02:08:46   one that I think people should listen to. Defocus kind of is a mix between two

02:08:53   things. It is two guys, Dan and Joe, and people will know the name Joe Steele.

02:08:59   Joe Steele, fake name. He's one of the hosts and basically this show

02:09:05   is like the two of them kind of like having fun and kind of like goofing off

02:09:11   and poking fun at each other, crossed with movie reviews. And some of the

02:09:18   Christmas episodes I think have been my recent favorites. And one of the

02:09:23   great things about Defocus quite frequently I listen to this show and I

02:09:28   don't I've never seen the film that are talking about but I listen to it anyway

02:09:35   because this is very much the same sort of thing and you over by symmetric

02:09:39   because they're so entertaining to listen to oh yeah and I'm thinking of

02:09:46   cats per mango which is episode 21 they're tools talk about a bunch of

02:09:51   trailers, including the Age of Ultron trailer. That episode, I think I was nearly crying

02:09:57   by the end of it. They're talking about podcast CPMs, and Joe comes up with the fact that

02:10:04   CPM stands for Cats Per Mango, which doesn't make any sense, but it's just fantastic.

02:10:09   It doesn't make any less sense than what CPM actually stands for, so that's just fun.

02:10:14   Exactly. And they create really great show art. There's a lot of fun art. And also, these

02:10:20   guys they come from a different movie background so like they both work in

02:10:24   visual effects and so it adds a really really different look to like a

02:10:31   different viewpoint on the movies and a bunch of stuff they say I have no idea

02:10:37   what we're talking about like they talk about like the something something on

02:10:42   the something something and that's kind of what it is but it's the same thing of

02:10:45   ATP for me even though I don't know what these guys are talking about I really

02:10:48   really enjoy it so I don't know where to go with this one Jason because I am a

02:10:53   big fan of both shows but for me I think defocused is the biggest surprise as

02:10:59   well as being a great show because it kind of came from nowhere for me

02:11:05   defocused is is really good I met I got to meet Dan of defocus Dan the other day

02:11:14   we had a little meet up in Phoenix and he was there that was that was a lot of

02:11:18   fun and Joe Steele felt really bad really bad to be there he couldn't he

02:11:23   couldn't be there he's in the chat room today instead is it the same Joe is it

02:11:27   the same no I don't think so who knows I I don't know I Joe votes for isometric

02:11:35   and I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with a host of defocus co-host of defocused and

02:11:39   say I I feel like if we split this into two where it was like podcast newcomer

02:11:43   and and podcast surprise or something one of the things before we before we

02:11:47   issues that I wanted to say about Defocused is, Defocused, because it's by two guys who

02:11:51   listen to all the same podcasts that so many of us listen to, I find it kind of delightful

02:11:55   in the sense that it's almost like the footnote inside all the other podcasts, because they

02:11:59   assume knowledge of what Merlin said or what ATP was about or whatever. They just kind

02:12:05   of assume that that is happening. And I'm very amused by that, because I feel like it's

02:12:11   a podcast about movies, it's a podcast about two guys, and it's also a podcast about that's

02:12:15   floating in this world that we're inhabiting with all these other tech

02:12:19   podcasts and it's a lot of fun but I would probably pick Isometric. They've

02:12:23   been on longer and I'm more surprised that I'm

02:12:27   interested in listening about movies that I like and defocused and Isometric I

02:12:30   don't care about the games almost ever and I still enjoy listening to them so

02:12:34   I'd probably lean in that direction but this is a tough one I admit it.

02:12:37   Let's go Isometric because I am a fan of it and it's a great show and I

02:12:43   think that it should be awarded. So we're considering as well Joe is being

02:12:47   incredibly humble we will take his humbleness as an excuse so yeah we're

02:12:52   gonna go vice-a-metric. Joe did suggest a moment ago Jason I think this is quite a

02:12:55   good idea for us both to listen to an episode so I will listen to episode 133

02:13:02   of The Flop House and you will listen to episode 16 of Hello Internet and we

02:13:08   will we will visit that in our podcast follow-up vertical in next year or

02:13:13   future episode. Best holiday gift? We're in the last leg now. We're almost here. We're almost done guys.

02:13:21   Hang on guys, we're nearly there. Hold on. These are going to be quick ones.

02:13:26   Alright people, here we go. Best holiday gift suggested by UpgradingDan. For me it

02:13:33   was my Wii U. Big fan, love the Wii U, Jason. And I recommend as a great

02:13:39   holiday gift I did on the site, Marvel Unlimited subscription, you can get it as we speak,

02:13:44   I think it maybe is like two months for nine dollars or something like that, but if you've

02:13:47   got a friend who's a Marvel comics fan, just buy them a year for any gift. It's like 70

02:13:53   bucks I think and it's a great deal, it totally pays for itself and if not, at least buy them

02:13:58   a month or two, it's a great service for somebody who loves Marvel comics or loved in their

02:14:03   childhood and would like to relive that.

02:14:05   So I think my document has misled you.

02:14:09   I actually think this was the favorite holiday gift that you received.

02:14:12   I can't speak to that because I got very little for the holidays.

02:14:17   We bought a bed because our old bed needed to go and we bought a bed and as a result

02:14:25   of buying that bed we didn't really buy a whole lot else.

02:14:28   I got a cheese cutter so some mincego is going to get chopped on that baby.

02:14:34   So is this a thing?

02:14:35   Let's just say the Wii U is the winner.

02:14:36   How about that?

02:14:37   Hooray for Wii U!

02:14:39   Upgrading Todd.

02:14:44   What hardware has changed your life the most this year?

02:14:47   For me, the Pebble, I think.

02:14:49   Just because...

02:14:52   If I think...

02:14:53   The Pebble is not the most life-changing product I've used this year.

02:14:58   But it is...

02:14:59   that I've had, it's the one that's made the biggest impact

02:15:01   on my, it's made the biggest change to my life.

02:15:06   And basically what I'm trying to say is,

02:15:08   now when I get a notification, when I feel that vibration

02:15:11   in my pocket, I instinctively look at my wrist.

02:15:14   That is a big change in my life,

02:15:16   whether I have the pebble on or not.

02:15:17   So like, all of the other devices that I own

02:15:21   have filled a place that was previously filled,

02:15:24   like previously had by the device that it replaced.

02:15:29   So my iPhone 6 Plus is fantastic

02:15:32   and it has so many more great things,

02:15:34   but it's just the previous iPhone.

02:15:36   But the change from my previous watch to this one

02:15:40   is way bigger and this is so much more than a watch.

02:15:43   It has made an actual tangible change to me as a person

02:15:47   in a habit that I now have that I didn't have before.

02:15:50   So I would say the-- - Interesting.

02:15:53   I put down the retina iMac because that has, you know, having a fast computer and it's in my office that I now work in every day.

02:16:02   I can't say it's totally changed my life in the same way that it's added an entirely new ecological niche like it has for you, Myke, but it's certainly a very different experience and I love it a lot.

02:16:16   The other answer I could give here is that my daughter having an iPhone for the first

02:16:22   time has changed my life a lot this year.

02:16:24   That I can do find my friends with her and see where she's at, you know, are you back

02:16:28   here yet?

02:16:29   Where are you now?

02:16:31   I don't spy on her so much but there's a lot of like, she should be home by now, is she

02:16:35   okay, oh she stopped by the store on the way home, kind of stuff.

02:16:39   And sending her iMessages and things like that too.

02:16:43   been a big change this year positively to have her be a little more connected

02:16:47   because she's connected to you know Instagram and to her friends but she's

02:16:50   also connected to us and and honestly today's new generation of kids if you

02:16:57   want to interact with them one of the ways you need to interact with them is

02:17:00   online that's one of the ways they communicate so you don't want to close

02:17:05   out that as a communication vector because sometimes that's the best way to

02:17:07   reach them so I would throw that out there as well but I don't know how to

02:17:11   pick these because these are so personal. I like your story. I like young Snell

02:17:17   receiving an iPhone. I like that. That is a huge change to two lives. That's true.

02:17:24   Okay my daughter's iPhone wins. Oh by the way my daughter dropped her iPhone when

02:17:28   we were in Phoenix and shattered it so she no longer has it. Huge change again! I

02:17:33   think I think she's going to use money she received as presents for the holidays

02:17:38   and go to the Apple Store and get one of those nice replacements, the non-warranty

02:17:45   replacement fee that they do if you shatter your screen. So I think she's

02:17:49   going to learn an important lesson about what it costs when you drop your iPhone.

02:17:53   Ironically, she dropped it within about a foot of where I dropped my iPad mini

02:17:57   last spring and shattered its screen. My mother's kitchen is a graveyard. The tile

02:18:03   on that floor is a graveyard for iOS devices and my wife and I vowed we will

02:18:08   never put tile anywhere in our home.

02:18:11   There must be so much crushed sapphire in that tile.

02:18:15   Oh, she's, she's, my daughter is so sad about it.

02:18:18   She was really, I mean, it was really sad.

02:18:20   You know, I think if it's ever going to teach you a lesson about taking care of your hardware,

02:18:24   that'll do it.

02:18:25   She was, I could see the lesson being taken as I watched through the tears, each tear,

02:18:30   a little bit of the lesson, but I think it'll all be okay in the end.

02:18:33   But it has meant a lot to her and it's been great for us.

02:18:36   So great winner.

02:18:37   Did you cry when you dropped your iPad?

02:18:40   No, I was just really mad.

02:18:42   I was really mad.

02:18:45   But it came out differently for my daughter.

02:18:48   The tears were definitely there.

02:18:50   So R.I.P. my daughter's iPhone, but also you won an upgradey.

02:18:56   I'm sure that will take all of the pain away.

02:18:58   So our final upgradey of 2014, as suggested by listener Freddy, is for the best vertical

02:19:06   of 2014. I have gone for brain balls. I don't know how anything could beat the brain ball

02:19:11   vertical. Well, but Myke, I have gone for ahoy telephone, and I will point out that

02:19:17   the climax, if you will, of our ahoy telephone vertical was when a listener wrote in to point

02:19:22   out that when he and his wife, or partner, I forget, were involved in some private time

02:19:28   in the boudoir, there, that was my French pronunciation, Chambon, they accidentally

02:19:35   triggered Ahoy Telephone and I think that was a really special moment not just for them

02:19:41   but for us this year but I think we should throw this out to the chat room, chat room

02:19:45   vote now on whether you prefer Brain Ball or Ahoy Telephone as the vertical of the year.

02:19:50   You were making a terrible pun there right? I just wanted to...

02:19:54   The climax?

02:19:55   Yeah.

02:19:56   Oh yeah.

02:19:57   Okay just checking.

02:19:58   That was intentional, that's why I said so to speak or whatever I said that was yeah,

02:20:01   yeah that was intentional.

02:20:02   Oh, the brain ball votes are coming in.

02:20:05   Oh, wait, okay, so it's leveling out already.

02:20:08   So what we have is the chat room.

02:20:12   We're waiting on basically one vote to swing this.

02:20:16   Joe Steele votes for Ahoy Telephone.

02:20:20   I think the Ahoy Telephone saga is an interesting one because it was born from such anger at

02:20:25   me.

02:20:26   Oh yeah.

02:20:27   We were frustrated and then we made everybody else frustrated too.

02:20:32   Wow, this is really tough.

02:20:35   I think Ahoy Telephone has just about won it.

02:20:41   The scales have been tipped in the favor of the Ahoy Telephone, so congratulations to

02:20:46   Ahoy Telephone.

02:20:47   To us, maybe?

02:20:48   Yes, vertical of the year.

02:20:49   Vertical of the year.

02:20:50   To Siri.

02:20:51   Congratulations, Siri.

02:20:52   You win.

02:20:53   Ahoy Telephone.

02:20:54   You did it.

02:20:55   Jason, we've done it.

02:20:57   we've come to the end of the upgrade-ies.

02:21:02   I would like to award you with the best Jason

02:21:06   on this podcast.

02:21:08   - Thank you.

02:21:09   - So congratulations to that.

02:21:10   I've really enjoyed this.

02:21:11   I hope other people have enjoyed it.

02:21:13   If anybody's listened this far, they must have enjoyed it.

02:21:17   - I guess so.

02:21:18   Myke, I would like to award the award for best Myke

02:21:21   on this podcast.

02:21:21   Unfortunately, it went to Marco Arment.

02:21:23   I don't know how that happened.

02:21:25   And then the Blue Yeti came in a close second.

02:21:30   - Yes.

02:21:32   - There were no winners except for Marco on this show.

02:21:37   So thank you so much to listening.

02:21:39   Thanks to--

02:21:40   - Thank you Upgradians.

02:21:42   - Thank you Upgradians, you have now been named

02:21:44   whether you like it or not.

02:21:45   Thank you to lynda.com, Squarespace, and MailRoute

02:21:48   for helping make the Upgradies possible.

02:21:51   Thank you to Frank Towers for helping us out

02:21:54   the fantastic artwork for the Upgradies, the first annual Upgradies Awards.

02:22:00   No, don't call it that. It's not annual until you do another one.

02:22:03   Well, I'm going for it. It's the first annual.

02:22:06   Oh, Myke.

02:22:06   It's every year, and this will be the first one.

02:22:09   Thank you, Jason, for indulging my love of award ceremonies.

02:22:17   You're welcome.

02:22:21   And thank you all for listening. The show notes are at relay.fm/upgrade/16.

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02:22:43   Oh, Happy New Year.

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