433: The Best Alarm is the Alarm


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00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 433.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   Hello.

00:00:21   Hello.

00:00:22   I was just trying...

00:00:24   What were you... Was that a British accent?

00:00:27   No, I was just saying hello. Like...

00:00:29   But it didn't sound like it was, it just didn't sound like you.

00:00:33   It had like a different effect to it. Anyway.

00:00:35   It was me.

00:00:36   And I have the pleasure of introducing Federico Vittucci.

00:00:39   Hello!

00:00:40   Hello!

00:00:43   Hey fellow kids, how are you?

00:00:46   Howdy doody. Good.

00:00:48   I need passion.

00:00:50   So I want the passionate ones to go fill out.

00:00:53   Oh, not from us. Okay.

00:00:54   No. Not today.

00:00:56   please go to the link in the show notes

00:00:58   and fill out the Do The Passionate Ones Know You form.

00:01:03   I will make this the last reminder,

00:01:05   so before our next episode, I will close off.

00:01:09   Yes, this is a threat.

00:01:10   I will close the submission.

00:01:12   So this is for a future Quizzies segment.

00:01:15   Please, if you could go and fill out

00:01:17   the Do The Passionate Ones Know You form.

00:01:20   You are trying to guess things

00:01:23   that Steven Federico like or don't like in their lives.

00:01:26   And I will use this as a future game of the quizzies,

00:01:31   the first quizzies of 2023.

00:01:34   So please go fill this out before our next episode.

00:01:37   Thank you very much.

00:01:38   - We had some feedback from listener Jose

00:01:41   about the survey and the quizzies and the whole thing

00:01:46   'cause you were going to reset the scores this year, right?

00:01:51   and they suggested that we do seasons

00:01:53   and we can keep up with the seasons.

00:01:55   And so in the 2022 season, you know,

00:01:58   I had X number of points,

00:01:59   Federico had X number of points,

00:02:01   and then that kind of gets stored historically somewhere

00:02:04   and then we can keep track over time.

00:02:07   - Yeah, it's just the plan.

00:02:08   I mean, it's not like every year

00:02:10   it's like erased from our memories.

00:02:12   Like I will know that Steven won the first year.

00:02:15   - Yeah, but I think we need to know the scores.

00:02:17   I think the numbers are important.

00:02:18   - There are many tracking websites

00:02:20   that will have this information

00:02:21   as well as my own spreadsheet,

00:02:23   which will have this information.

00:02:24   Do not fear.

00:02:25   - Is it tracked on websites?

00:02:29   - Yeah, Jason of Wikipedia made Quizypedia, right?

00:02:34   - That's right.

00:02:36   My bad, I'm sorry.

00:02:38   I wanna talk about my Mac Mini.

00:02:40   We're going to--

00:02:41   - Why?

00:02:42   Any particular reason?

00:02:43   - Well, we'll find out later in the show

00:02:45   if Apple released a new one or not.

00:02:47   No way of knowing right now.

00:02:49   But the new one starts at $599, which is pretty sweet.

00:02:52   And I have, I've got a Mac Mini in active service.

00:02:55   It is a base model from 2018,

00:02:59   you know, when they went space gray and it got good.

00:03:02   And it is like a DVD player and it runs Homebridge.

00:03:05   But it's my last Intel Mac in service.

00:03:08   I was like, you know, at some point I'm gonna replace it.

00:03:10   I was like, maybe this is the time.

00:03:11   But it runs Homebridge and I'm afraid to touch it.

00:03:15   So, and you guys are making fun of me for this

00:03:17   because you think Homebridge is really fragile, doesn't make any sense to me. So

00:03:21   I don't know, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't understand the Homebridge

00:03:24   Home Assistant lifestyle. I feel like you're just signing yourself up for a

00:03:28   future problem. That's how I approach these things. Like, small home stuff is

00:03:33   already complicated enough. I just feel like you're only setting yourself up for

00:03:36   a failure. But what else is running on that Mac Mini? It runs Time Machine

00:03:43   backups, like the server component for it, for a couple laptops in the house,

00:03:47   and it runs what is it runs Plex which I don't really have anything in for a

00:03:54   minute during the pandemic I thought I would get into Plex and I just didn't

00:03:58   because I don't steal media anymore so don't even know what I'd put in it you

00:04:02   don't have to steal the media you can just yeah but that's what most people do

00:04:06   you think Casey's buying all that stuff he has in his Plex library? No I know he's not

00:04:09   I know I know he's not cuz there's things on there you can't money can't buy

00:04:13   You know what? I mean? Yeah, it doesn't run a ton, but you know, it's some point

00:04:17   I'm just thinking about doing it and a quick Google search while I was talking does show it seems like it's pretty easy to move

00:04:22   in between but the reason I use home bridges I've talked about this is to get my ring and my

00:04:28   Home security system which has like its own app, which is terrible to bring that into home kit

00:04:33   And so I really like having home bridge. I find it very useful to have that stuff in

00:04:39   In homekit, but I'm also a little afraid of it. I

00:04:43   Had a home bridge set up here at the studio for a while and then just one day the homebridge

00:04:50   app just said that the server clock was wrong and

00:04:55   That was the end of it. What were you running it on?

00:04:58   a

00:05:00   Raspberry Pi. Yeah, I've found it to be less reliable than running it on a Mac Mini

00:05:06   but that doesn't mean that on a Mac it's perfect.

00:05:09   I've had a better experience running Homebridge

00:05:13   continuously in the background on Mac OS than on a Raspberry Pi.

00:05:17   But it's still not ideal.

00:05:20   I wanted something low energy, low overhead,

00:05:22   which is why I went the Raspberry Pi route.

00:05:25   But just ultimately,

00:05:27   those things just feel like they're going to break eventually.

00:05:31   So my kind of feeling with Smart Home stuff is

00:05:35   I don't want to get used to something and then it not work anymore.

00:05:40   So I try and stay official and use like, if I'm, you know, try and get as much stuff homekit

00:05:46   as possible and or use get used to using an app.

00:05:49   Right.

00:05:50   So like, I have a ring security thing here at the studio.

00:05:53   I just use the ring app like the ring app is fine.

00:05:56   Like, yeah, that's just it because I don't want to get used to it all being in homekit

00:06:02   and then just doesn't work anymore and then I'll get annoyed.

00:06:05   So I just try and minimize my potential future frustration.

00:06:10   Because all of these things, it only takes one change on ringside and it might not work

00:06:15   anymore or might not work for a period of time until the community fixes it.

00:06:20   If I have something, like I find a piece of equipment that's a little bit more esoteric

00:06:23   and then no... you know what I mean?

00:06:25   That's kind of how I feel about these things.

00:06:27   And so look, we've already seen it's hard enough for Apple to keep HomeKit the way that

00:06:31   they want it to be, you know what I mean?

00:06:32   let alone something like Homebridge. Yeah, that's fair. I mean, I run it on my Mac Mini because I already had that

00:06:39   running, right?

00:06:42   Yeah. But, uh, I

00:06:44   like having the stuff there really for automation more than anything else. Like, when I leave the house, I get a little notification like,

00:06:50   "Hey, did you arm your security system?" And

00:06:52   the, again, like the, it's like a, some sort of like

00:06:56   generic app that then gets branded by my

00:06:59   Security company at the house, right? Like they don't have any control over it and it doesn't offer any of that stuff. So

00:07:05   It is nice

00:07:08   So maybe I'll take this on it looks like I mean there's I'll put a link in the show notes

00:07:12   How to back up and restore so maybe it's not too bad

00:07:15   Yeah, you let us know how it goes for you will do

00:07:19   I don't know if I'm I don't think I'm upgrading the mini at this point

00:07:21   But if I do at some point in the future

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00:09:16   weird week this week there's a bunch of Apple products it's like in January

00:09:21   it's November in January over here I think I think that's literally what this

00:09:26   is yes because John Gruber links and during fireball that the the video that

00:09:34   they posted to the Apple's website had 2022 in the URL yeah it's like this is

00:09:39   obvious like they did this stuff was probably meant to be done at some point

00:09:42   They just couldn't make it happen.

00:09:44   The end of last year ended up being a bit of a disaster for manufacturing.

00:09:48   I really liked that we got a mini kind of keynote for this.

00:09:52   Like a 20 minute, well produced, could have been in the middle of a keynote video.

00:09:57   My own personal expectation is this was a 20 minute part of a keynote video.

00:10:03   That's what I actually think this was personally, but whatever.

00:10:07   It's probably not that unique of a take.

00:10:11   by future CEO John Ternus, big fan.

00:10:14   I liked that we had this video

00:10:19   because it kind of made it that everybody got the information

00:10:24   rather than just people that got briefings or whatever.

00:10:26   Like we all could share in this info

00:10:28   outside of newsroom posts or whatever, right?

00:10:31   It was like, here is everything.

00:10:33   And I thought that was really great.

00:10:34   Like I liked the video a lot.

00:10:36   I found it very informative.

00:10:39   And I also could understand why that like,

00:10:41   if this is all they could release now, it was not worth having an event, right?

00:10:45   But this is so much better than just his three posts on the Apple newsroom site, right?

00:10:50   Yeah. Yeah. And the video was cool because it had an Apple's almost before, but it had a bunch

00:10:56   of creators and like, including our friend Austin, which like I sort of screamed, I was like, Hey,

00:11:01   hey guys, it's Austin. Very reminiscent of, I think what could have been part of a,

00:11:07   bigger keynote like you add this with today's announcement of the HomePod and you throw in some Apple watch saved my life as someone in

00:11:13   Our discord said yesterday and a retail update

00:11:17   it's like you can see the shape that this event was supposed to be before we got sliced up and I mean

00:11:23   Who knows why it got delayed?

00:11:24   But it is definitely interesting to see kind of how it rolled out and I can't imagine this was the original plan

00:11:30   So we got a bunch of things right? We got

00:11:34   New M2 chips so the pro and max chips we got Mac mini and we got the MacBook Pro

00:11:39   I would like to start talking about the M2 Pro and max chips specifically

00:11:44   Because I don't know what you guys were expecting for these chips, but they have exceeded my expectation

00:11:52   Because I feel like M1 to M2

00:11:55   Wasn't huge differences right it was pretty small actually the difference between the M1 and the M2 chips right

00:12:03   It added like the video encoding thing right if I'm remembering correctly like into the system on a chip

00:12:09   Yeah, but from a power and performance standpoint not like not a huge difference

00:12:14   but the m2 pro max are between

00:12:18   20 and 40 percent faster like for like to the m1 pro max so like

00:12:24   20 percent greater CPU 30 percent greater GPU 40 percent faster neural and the m2 max

00:12:30   Specifically allows for 96 gigabytes of RAM in the MacBook Pro which couldn't happen before. That's awesome. I'm blown away by this and I

00:12:38   kind of I'm very surprised like very surprised because it's showing that

00:12:44   The base chip does not dictate the performance of the higher level chips, which is what I'd assumed would be the case and

00:12:54   It also makes me wonder well

00:12:58   Is it always gonna be like this like will the m3 be 20% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU than the m2 Pro like

00:13:06   What it like I've I've felt like the m2 originally like the standard m2 told the story

00:13:13   Going forward right that the m1s were just hugely more powerful

00:13:17   Than Intel and then the m2 would be like smaller

00:13:21   You know it kind of like what the Intel chips would be like every year or two right smaller

00:13:27   performance increases, but these are huge performance increases.

00:13:31   And like, it's not just the percentage.

00:13:33   There's then like 20 to 40% faster performance in a bunch of

00:13:37   applications compared to the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

00:13:42   It's wild.

00:13:43   The number of like cores from the M1 Pro to the M2 Pro,

00:13:47   it went up a little bit and same thing on the GPU side.

00:13:50   And those cores are better because they're based on the M2.

00:13:55   I mean I was I was surprised too. I kind of thought that

00:13:58   You know if you took a graph of like the M1 M1 Pro M1 Max

00:14:04   And then you graph the M2 M2 Pro and M2 Max it basically be parallel lines

00:14:08   And that's not what we got and that's that's exciting

00:14:12   I mean, I think if you're I think if you're disappointed in this in terms of like performance

00:14:18   I have two thoughts on that one. I think they've done a better job than we expected

00:14:23   But but secondly it was always going to be this way right like the jump from Intel to Apple silicon was a one-time

00:14:29   You know hair a blown back kind of thing. It was blowaway as Apple may say

00:14:34   And it was always gonna settle down to something a bit more

00:14:39   Pedestrian as they got into the rhythm of these releases and I feel like they've they've exceeded that bar

00:14:46   But even if they had met that bar, I think it would have been fine

00:14:49   I mean the same thing happened when they switched from PowerPC to Intel, right?

00:14:52   Like the MacBook Pro is four to time time four to five times faster than the PowerBook

00:14:56   Well, the second MacBook Pro wasn't four to five times faster than the first one right? I guess this is how these things work

00:15:02   I don't think if you have an m1 Pro or m1 max machine in your life

00:15:07   I don't think you've got to upgrade to this

00:15:09   Unless you're one of those people that really is living at the edge of what your hardware can do

00:15:14   I think this is a great opportunity to move to Apple silicon if you haven't already but

00:15:20   But very exciting nonetheless, and I think that if this is an 18 month cycle, which is about where these things have landed

00:15:27   Roughly, I think that's pretty good

00:15:29   And and you know the cadence of Apple silicon is still a bit unknown

00:15:33   because this does seem like it happened later than Apple wanted and

00:15:37   two

00:15:40   Plot points on a graph aren't enough to call a pattern yet

00:15:42   But I am excited about the future if they can keep this up and they keep the cadence pretty regular

00:15:49   I think it's gonna be really successful. So, Morogfire in the live chat and the

00:15:56   Discord is saying that the Pro Max got an additional two efficiency cores, the

00:16:00   GPU got three and six cores respectively from Pro Max. Okay. Still, the CPU

00:16:07   performance being 20% higher is like, I mean, that there is, these are just bigger

00:16:11   jumps than I expected them to be. And I, so the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro,

00:16:17   That came out in 2021, like fall 2021, right?

00:16:22   Yeah, it was October.

00:16:23   I think it was October 21.

00:16:26   I think it was October.

00:16:27   And it was kind of around that time.

00:16:28   So I expect this was supposed to be a 12 month ish.

00:16:33   Yeah.

00:16:34   You know, it's closer to 12 months than it is to 18 months.

00:16:37   It feels like and what it would have expected to have been.

00:16:41   So again, that just surprises me.

00:16:43   They're going to do it every year.

00:16:44   You get these kinds of gains every year.

00:16:45   I don't know but I'm surprised about the year-over-year performance. Yeah, and the and it wasn't just

00:16:51   In the MacBook Pros not just system on a chip stuff. And so they also got

00:16:57   HDMI 2.1 for the first time

00:17:00   I think the first time in a Mac period and you can now drive up to an 8k display and you can have other displays

00:17:06   at a higher frame rate

00:17:07   That's that was something that was a little surprising last time around that was only HDMI 2.0 this time

00:17:13   I think they had to do it like 2.1 has been out a while. It's

00:17:16   Becoming standardized on a bunch of other stuff. So I'm glad they were able to move to that

00:17:20   And we also got I think that could be for a promotion studio display. It could be I had that thought

00:17:27   Cuz you know

00:17:30   2.1 can push some pixels man. It really can so yeah

00:17:33   I think it's possible that they are leading up to this and doing it over HDMI

00:17:41   Instead of Thunderbolt would be really interesting

00:17:43   So because they have they collapsed right years ago all their stuff into Thunderbolt and now at the HDMI port back it gives them

00:17:51   Flexibility they didn't necessarily have just over the Thunderbolt bus and I think that's I think that's really interesting to keep an eye on

00:17:58   Mmm, I don't know what Thunderbolt can push in terms of frame, right? Yeah, I think a lot of it has to do

00:18:05   my depth here, but I think a lot of it has to do with

00:18:09   when you adapt out to HDMI, I think you get a hit and

00:18:13   Like basically other than Apple. There's very few people out there doing true Thunderbolt displays out in the rest of the market

00:18:22   There's stuff that USB C but not necessarily Thunderbolt. I think you need the additional say

00:18:27   Most of them are gonna do like they do display ports play for USB C. Yeah. Yeah

00:18:34   Thunderbolt 4 not sure how many Thunderbolt 4 can do up to 240 frames

00:18:39   OK, nice.

00:18:43   Yeah, but most of the other displays they were doing, DisplayPort over USB-C, and that's

00:18:47   definitely not 240. Yeah, but this would give you

00:18:51   as you say, Simon, if we can remove my weird speculation about

00:18:55   Studio Display, you could get a higher frame rate display, as you

00:18:59   guys are talking about, and plug it into the HDMI port, right? And then you'd be

00:19:03   you'd have a much better experience, I would expect. And one that's

00:19:07   much more, for lack of a better word, open, right?

00:19:09   Like HDMI can drive almost anything, so.

00:19:13   - Yep.

00:19:14   - It is, it's exciting there.

00:19:15   And we also got Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3.

00:19:20   And I know Federico, you've been talking about, you know,

00:19:23   that like the Wi-Fi in the place that you moved

00:19:26   and maybe what you want to do with that.

00:19:28   And 6E is the future.

00:19:29   - I went with Wi-Fi 6 instead of,

00:19:31   I went with 6 instead of 6E

00:19:33   because that seemed a little unnecessary.

00:19:36   - The 6E Eros are so expensive.

00:19:39   - That's the other thing.

00:19:39   - Yeah, I went exactly.

00:19:42   It's like, I probably don't need this fancier 6E stuff.

00:19:46   I just went with the Eros that have the regular Wi-Fi 6.

00:19:50   And they've been excellent.

00:19:53   But yeah, I mean, it's nice that the future-proofing

00:19:56   that you know, with having 6E,

00:19:57   which I guess, you know, in 18 months,

00:20:00   it's gonna be more, I don't wanna say standard,

00:20:03   but it's gonna be more popular for sure.

00:20:04   So it's nice to have.

00:20:06   The biggest news though, color matched MagSafe cables in the box.

00:20:11   The MacBook Air has this and now the Pro gets it.

00:20:14   True.

00:20:15   Yep, I got a beautiful midnight cable.

00:20:16   Ooh, I bet that's nice.

00:20:18   Makes sense.

00:20:19   It's a beautiful cable, yeah, it's really nice.

00:20:21   I wish the power brick was that color too though, because it just goes into the white

00:20:24   brick which just isn't as fun for me, but I do like the color matching.

00:20:29   No, I genuinely, I think the biggest news is 22 hours of battery life.

00:20:34   Yeah, that's on the 16 inch with I think it's like the biggest battery you can put on a plane in the US

00:20:39   Right, that's wild to me and and part of that

00:20:43   I think probably is tied to those those additional efficiency cores where

00:20:48   Mac OS and this hardware really work together

00:20:51   To do as much as it can on the efficiency cores now if you push it

00:20:56   It has no problem lighting up the performance cores

00:20:58   it's not like it's begrudgingly going over there and turning those on but

00:21:03   background tasks the stuff we do every day right it can run on those efficiency cores and

00:21:09   22 hours of battery life

00:21:12   Is outs I mean it's astonishing to me

00:21:15   And you know I've got the 14 inch m1 pro Mary uses it I have the m2 air and their battery life is great

00:21:22   But this seems this seems really cool, and I think it's I think it's an hour or two more than the previous one

00:21:28   But it's a wild number

00:21:32   It's 18 on the 14 inch which is still

00:21:36   Bananas good. Yeah, I mean that stat is like Apple TV app movie playback

00:21:41   So like, you know, you're grading it on a curve depending on what you're actually doing with the thing

00:21:46   but the fact that it can get 22 hours is is

00:21:50   is wild that's just

00:21:53   An obscene amount of battery. Yeah, you can you can you can watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back and

00:22:01   You're still gonna have battery in your computer.

00:22:03   How many Star Wars can you watch?

00:22:05   I don't know how many of them did they make.

00:22:08   Like 15.

00:22:09   They made more.

00:22:10   They recently made more, right?

00:22:12   Yeah, maybe one called Andor, which is really good.

00:22:16   Andor.

00:22:17   Like Andor?

00:22:19   No, the guy's name is Andor.

00:22:21   Ah, okay.

00:22:22   It's like Federico Andor Tichy.

00:22:25   Every time recently I have said something

00:22:27   and or something, I hear Andor,

00:22:30   the guy instead in my...

00:22:32   And do you see the season 3 trailer for Mandalorian?

00:22:36   Mandalorian?

00:22:37   Yes!

00:22:37   So good!

00:22:38   I am so excited!

00:22:40   Yes!

00:22:41   Yes!

00:22:41   It's gonna be lit!

00:22:42   Federico, have you watched Last of Us yet?

00:22:44   Have you watched Last of Us, Federico?

00:22:46   Not yet, but I think I'm gonna start it tonight.

00:22:50   I think so, I gotta start it this week too.

00:22:52   I have my sweet sweet HBO Max subscription

00:22:55   with my VPN and everything because they do it in Italy

00:22:59   but I don't want to see the Italian version.

00:23:01   I wish I could get HBO Max.

00:23:03   Just sign up.

00:23:06   I get it with another service.

00:23:08   I can get the show with a service called Now TV here.

00:23:12   Oh yeah.

00:23:14   But I would prefer to just have HBO Max.

00:23:17   Okay.

00:23:19   I need one or two Johns to sign up for me or something.

00:23:22   Like I tried. I can't sign up.

00:23:24   They won't accept my card. I don't have one of these.

00:23:26   - Oh, I did this all myself.

00:23:27   I have my fake US App Store account

00:23:31   and you can send up for HBO Max from, yeah.

00:23:35   - Oh, that's clever.

00:23:36   - Because it's easier.

00:23:37   You just, you do it through that

00:23:39   and then as long as you connect via VPN,

00:23:41   you don't need to create like a separate HBO account

00:23:45   like on a website.

00:23:47   Just do it through the App Store.

00:23:47   - While we're in this like, these nests of weird things,

00:23:52   talking about App Store accounts,

00:23:54   - Why can't I use Apple Pay on the Mac App Store?

00:23:56   - You can't?

00:23:59   - Wait, does it not offer it?

00:24:01   - You cannot use Apple Pay on the Mac App Store.

00:24:04   - I cannot remember the last time I bought something

00:24:06   from the Mac App Store.

00:24:07   - Same.

00:24:08   - I wanted to buy something today

00:24:09   and I didn't want to put it on my personal card.

00:24:11   I wanted to put it on my business card.

00:24:12   So I ended up not buying it.

00:24:14   It's like, don't know what to do now.

00:24:16   - Got 'em.

00:24:17   - The property forgot to do it?

00:24:20   Like it's, maybe it's as simple as that?

00:24:22   - No idea.

00:24:24   I have no idea.

00:24:25   I'm having so many problems with like,

00:24:27   since we moved with billing stuff with Apple.

00:24:30   So like every receipt that I get has my old address.

00:24:33   I have changed it in every conceivable place

00:24:36   to the new address.

00:24:37   Like I can't find my old address anywhere

00:24:40   in any Apple ID, anything anywhere,

00:24:43   but it still keeps sending all my subscription things

00:24:46   to my old, to like, it's like billed to my old address.

00:24:48   - You gotta email. - I just don't know

00:24:49   what to do about it.

00:24:50   - You gotta email Eddie, he can fix it for you.

00:24:53   It's like, Colin, stop writing blog posts, fix my address.

00:24:56   - He did write a blog post, it was wild.

00:24:58   - Stop doing that, fix my address instead.

00:25:00   - He's a man of the times, right?

00:25:02   No one's on Twitter anymore, people are blogging again.

00:25:05   Anyone speaks of that.

00:25:07   - You think that was him blogging?

00:25:08   - It was gonna be a mastodon soon enough.

00:25:11   - He was-- - Pterodactyl.

00:25:12   - He was floating in his pool and he had a MacBook,

00:25:15   the old 12 inch MacBook, that's his favorite.

00:25:17   He was typing away.

00:25:20   Don't think too hard about my envisioning of that in my mind.

00:25:24   - That's nice. - No, no, I'm thinking.

00:25:26   I'm obsessed now with that thought.

00:25:28   - Can we talk about the Mac Mini?

00:25:30   - Please, please. - They did it.

00:25:32   They did the thing.

00:25:33   - They did it.

00:25:35   It was so-- - Kind of though.

00:25:36   - It was so weird that the M1 Pro

00:25:39   only showed up in the MacBook Pro last year,

00:25:42   or two years ago.

00:25:43   And the Mac Mini, meanwhile, had the base M1.

00:25:47   And then the Intel version from 2018 was still for sale

00:25:50   until this week and it seemed like such an obvious hole

00:25:53   in the lineup and I don't know why they never put the M1 Pro

00:25:56   in the Mac Mini, but they've done it this time

00:25:59   so you can get an M2 or an M2 Pro.

00:26:02   That means you can spend anywhere from 599

00:26:06   up to like six grand on a Mac Mini.

00:26:08   Like all the options on the M2 Pro.

00:26:12   And I think something that's actually kind of important here

00:26:15   is that you can now get a Mac Mini

00:26:17   with more than two terabytes of internal storage space

00:26:20   because the M1 and M2 have lower storage capacities.

00:26:24   The M2 program is up to eight terabytes.

00:26:26   And so if you're using a Mac mini

00:26:29   and need a bunch of storage or just a bunch of power,

00:26:33   now you can do this.

00:26:34   And it kind of slots in between the basic Mac mini

00:26:38   and then the Mac studio above it.

00:26:40   - The 599 starting point is just incredible for,

00:26:46   this base model machine is still more powerful than most people will ever need.

00:26:51   Yeah. Like in the conceivable future for them. Right.

00:26:54   Like eight core CPU, 10 core GPU, eight gigabytes of Ram,

00:26:59   256 gigabytes of storage for $600.

00:27:03   That is a great deal. It's a great deal.

00:27:07   The storage is a little bit.

00:27:09   $500 for education. That's awesome. So good.

00:27:13   - Yeah, the storage is a little bit of a bummer, but--

00:27:17   - Yeah, but just buy a hard drive

00:27:18   and stick it out the back.

00:27:19   - I guess so. - You know, like it's,

00:27:20   you know, I think for that, for $600,

00:27:24   like, that is so good.

00:27:26   I think that is so good.

00:27:28   Is it cheaper than the Intel machine?

00:27:31   I think it is. - It is.

00:27:35   - I think so. - Yeah.

00:27:36   'Cause the Mac Mini-- - Can you imagine that?

00:27:38   They put the price down.

00:27:40   What is going on? - Yeah.

00:27:41   The Mac Mini started life as like the cheap Mac,

00:27:44   or I think the first one was 499,

00:27:46   and then it crept up over time,

00:27:48   and they haven't gone back to that 499 price point,

00:27:51   but 599 is pretty close.

00:27:53   And in this era of inflation, I guess,

00:27:56   maybe it's as close as they could get.

00:27:58   But it's, I feel like with this one,

00:28:01   they've kind of brought the Mac Mini full circle,

00:28:04   where it's now by far the most inexpensive Mac you can buy,

00:28:10   but also if you need a beefier one,

00:28:12   you can crank it up.

00:28:14   And that is what was so cool about the last Intel one,

00:28:17   that 2018 space gray one,

00:28:20   because you could just throw all sorts of cores

00:28:22   and memory and storage at that thing.

00:28:24   And yeah, the price went up,

00:28:26   but if you needed a Mac Mini with some real horsepower,

00:28:30   that was really kind of the first time you could do that

00:28:33   because they had kind of neutered the Mac Mini before,

00:28:35   making it just dual core.

00:28:37   And so now they've kind of stayed with that pattern

00:28:41   in the new Apple Silicon era.

00:28:42   And I think it's great.

00:28:43   I think a lot of people have been waiting for this,

00:28:45   especially the M2 Pro.

00:28:47   And my guess is the M2 Pro one will sell better

00:28:52   than the base one, even though it starts at 1299,

00:28:53   it's a big price jump.

00:28:55   I think that a lot of people want a Mac mini

00:28:58   that has a bit more horsepower than the base model.

00:29:01   So you got options now, which is cool.

00:29:04   It's a shame that they didn't do anything to the design.

00:29:07   - I know.

00:29:07   It's been the same for a decade.

00:29:08   - They don't even have the colors.

00:29:10   Like they used to have the dark one, right?

00:29:12   They don't have that.

00:29:13   It's just silver, it's all silver.

00:29:14   - Yeah.

00:29:16   - Would have been nice.

00:29:17   - Victor points out inflation adjusted

00:29:18   the original Mac Mini would cost $770.

00:29:21   (laughs)

00:29:22   - It's a deal then.

00:29:23   - Yeah.

00:29:24   - You know what I'm saying?

00:29:25   It's a deal.

00:29:26   - I'm thinking about this machine.

00:29:28   You know, I just got a refurbished Mac Mini

00:29:31   with the M1 like a couple of months ago.

00:29:35   In hindsight, I probably should have waited, maybe.

00:29:38   I don't know, still, I'm thinking about this, I don't know.

00:29:41   Maybe I could, I mean, realistically, this is a machine

00:29:46   that I should use like twice a week just for podcasting.

00:29:51   I don't wanna do anything else on macOS.

00:29:55   - You're probably good with what you got.

00:29:59   I'm probably good with what I got, you know, realistically speaking,

00:30:03   I think the next version of my quest is going to run just fine on it.

00:30:06   And it's been working just fine to handle like my room music

00:30:11   library, always on in the background,

00:30:13   connected to a Thunderbolt drive on my local network.

00:30:16   I am going to set up the, uh,

00:30:21   my, did I tell, did I release this information publicly on the show?

00:30:26   I got Michael to send me an HD, what's it called?

00:30:32   HD Home Run TV.

00:30:33   Oh yeah.

00:30:34   From the UK.

00:30:35   I can't remember if we spoke about this on the Pro Show or not, but yeah, I bought a

00:30:39   HD Home Run.

00:30:40   It came in a really nondescript box and then I mailed it to Federica.

00:30:45   Yeah.

00:30:46   Yeah.

00:30:47   So now I'm going to set it up and so that I can set up live TV in the office where I

00:30:53   I work via this TV tuner, they're super nice.

00:30:58   But yeah, I think I'm probably fine with the M1 Mac Mini.

00:31:00   I don't think I need, like I'm really,

00:31:04   that M2 Pro machine, like it's super cool looking

00:31:09   in terms of the specs and like it's still very, very compact.

00:31:12   - Yeah, and you get four Thunderbolt ports,

00:31:15   which is more than you've got.

00:31:17   - But I don't really need it, that's the thing.

00:31:18   Like even with the four Thunderbolt ports,

00:31:20   which I'm super happy to see,

00:31:22   I still don't need it, which is too bad, you know?

00:31:25   It turns out when you write and when you edit,

00:31:28   you don't need to be too fancy.

00:31:30   So maybe I should be a video creator.

00:31:33   - Maybe you should.

00:31:34   You get like six 8K displays and run, what is it?

00:31:37   27 streams of 8K or whatever nonsense

00:31:39   they usually throw out there.

00:31:40   - Maybe I should, maybe I, yeah.

00:31:43   - You could transfer your data at 40 gigabits a second

00:31:46   with Thunderbolt 4.

00:31:47   - Yeah, I did that so fast.

00:31:49   - Think about the bit rate.

00:31:52   You could do multiple streams, it says,

00:31:54   of 4K and 8K ProRes video in Final Cut Pro.

00:31:58   Do you wanna do that?

00:31:59   - Okay, yeah, you don't need,

00:32:00   why are you doing like a sales pitch right now?

00:32:04   - I don't know, you said you wanted to be a video creator.

00:32:05   I'm trying to encourage you on your dreams.

00:32:08   - I'm just thinking out loud, okay, all right.

00:32:09   - Gonna be a vlogger.

00:32:10   - I'll tell you what I'm really intrigued about.

00:32:12   I don't know how Steven will feel about this.

00:32:14   I can't wait to see the benchmarking

00:32:17   between the M2 Pro Mini and the M1 Pro Studio.

00:32:20   (laughs)

00:32:22   - Interesting.

00:32:24   - Yeah, which Mac studio did I get?

00:32:26   Oh, well, the studio is Macs and Ultra, right?

00:32:31   So not the Pro, 'cause the Pro only had up in the laptops.

00:32:35   So my Mac studio is the M1 Macs.

00:32:37   It may still hold off the Mac Mini,

00:32:39   but probably not by much.

00:32:41   - We'll see, right?

00:32:42   I'm just intrigued, like how close will it get?

00:32:45   'Cause I just think it will be funny

00:32:46   considering the size differences of the two of them,

00:32:49   You know the holes you got in the back of your machine a lot of holes

00:32:52   Lot of holes. I do wonder about noise on the on the m2 Pro. I guess we'll we'll see how that goes

00:32:58   So Fedorica you talked about you and your your Mac mini. What about you Myke? Are you?

00:33:04   New home, you know new you

00:33:07   Interested in a new home new Myke. Yes. That's what I'm getting at

00:33:13   Yeah, the the what I have, you know

00:33:15   So I've been running now for many months this like two laptop life that I have right where

00:33:23   I bought the MacBook Pro the 14 inch MacBook because I was really excited about it and

00:33:28   I was running my iMac and then I got even more excited about the MacBook Air so then

00:33:34   got the MacBook Air.

00:33:35   I used the MacBook Air as my daily machine and then the M1 Pro MacBook Pro is just sitting

00:33:40   here docked to a couple of displays all the time.

00:33:43   And so I feel pretty confident now that for me, it will be laptop and desktop, but the

00:33:52   mini is not what I want.

00:33:54   This M1 Pro is fine.

00:33:56   At this point, I'm actually keen on seeing if Apple do a bigger iMac with a really nice

00:34:05   display.

00:34:06   I think you're going to be waiting a long time for that.

00:34:08   Yeah, but I have a very powerful M1 Pro, MacBook Pro sitting here doing the job for the time.

00:34:15   I don't, you know, for me, I don't have any desire to change to anything else right now.

00:34:22   So I'm just going to stick with this.

00:34:24   Like if they do a bigger iMac, that might be really interesting.

00:34:28   Outside of that, I have no desire.

00:34:31   I really like having my main computer be a laptop that I can plug into a display.

00:34:36   that works really nicely for me because I you know I'm my main desk is nowhere

00:34:44   near my home right so like I like having a laptop for my main machine but the

00:34:50   MacBook Pro as acting as a desktop is not a thing that I need it's just

00:34:54   because I have this machine and it's super powerful so it is best used in

00:34:59   this configuration but ultimately I'm realizing again it's like what I want is

00:35:04   some kind of desktop machine, most likely, but there isn't a...

00:35:08   Apple don't currently have a product where I'm like, "That's what I want."

00:35:12   This mini is really nice, but I don't feel like I particularly want that more than the

00:35:18   laptop that I've got right here, so I'm not going to make any moves for a while.

00:35:23   I want to see what the rest of this year holds, because I want to say, "Will they do a nice

00:35:28   display?

00:35:29   What could that mean?

00:35:30   Will they do anything to a bigger iMac?

00:35:32   Who knows?"

00:35:33   I don't think we're gonna get a bigger iMac this year. So maybe I'll just stick with us for a few years

00:35:37   I actually kind of think the m2 Mac mini

00:35:40   It makes me feel like that big iMac may not come ever that maybe they're content with. Okay, we got a couple of different desktops

00:35:47   We have the studio display

00:35:49   Maybe they're gonna have more displays in the future and that that sort of optionality is enough in their mind

00:35:56   I hope not. I think the big iMac is an important machine

00:35:58   I think a lot of people really like it, but I think Apple maybe de-emphasizing it

00:36:03   So like a lot if they do a bigger IMAX, so many MAXs like the MAX studio threw a spanner

00:36:09   in the works of everything.

00:36:10   It did.

00:36:11   We still have a Mac Pro to come.

00:36:13   I know that's just hanging out there in John Turnus's you know secret lab next to the weight

00:36:17   machine probably.

00:36:18   Again, if you have an M1 Pro or MAX I don't think you got to go out and replace it but

00:36:24   I think if you were hanging on to an Intel Mac Apple continues to move the ball forward

00:36:28   in Apple Silicon and these new machines look really really impressive.

00:36:33   say that I was talking to an unnamed developer friend of ours. James. I'm not

00:36:38   gonna say who it was. They currently have an M1 Max MacBook Pro and they are

00:36:43   immediately going to upgrade because Xcode is like 20 to 30 percent faster I

00:36:48   think it was. That actually sounds like underscore. I'm not gonna say who it was.

00:36:52   You said it twice and both times I said I'm not gonna say because that's

00:36:56   up to them to spill the beans right but I just thought that that was really

00:37:00   interesting is like if that's your work like that is a meaningful time

00:37:05   difference like so I would not saying people should upgrade but there are

00:37:10   reasons that someone might want to upgrade even from the previous year's

00:37:14   machine which is not what I was expecting at all anytime there's a

00:37:19   announcement like this I sort of reconsider my setup I'm not changing

00:37:25   anything but really do you know it's for a long time I've been desktop and

00:37:32   notebook so I've got the Mac studio and other MacBook Air but there are times

00:37:36   where I think could I go back to like one powerful like really nice you know

00:37:43   maybe a 14-inch MacBook Pro use it at my desk and then when you take it somewhere

00:37:48   I have all my stuff with me I don't think I want to do that but partially

00:37:52   I really love the M2 MacBook Air like it is I think Myke you've said this too

00:37:56   It's one of my favorite Macs ever made like there's just something about the M2 Air

00:38:00   That feels really special and I've been using it a lot over the last couple weeks

00:38:05   I've been doing some stuff outside outside the office away from my desk and

00:38:08   It's so good. Like it's light. It's small. It's powerful. So I don't know

00:38:14   I think if you are a laptop as a desktop person, you know

00:38:18   Like Myke said you've got we got a lot of good a lot of good choices

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00:39:44   So we go from a selection of products that are really great, meaningful updates,

00:39:51   things that we were looking for pushed in the directions we wanted. Let's now talk about the

00:39:57   brand new HomePod. It's the new HomePod, which is the old HomePod, kind of. But the screen fell in.

00:40:04   Yeah, it uses the screen I think for the mini, but, or you know, bigger, but that sort of look.

00:40:10   Mm-hmm. I was so surprised that these look the same. In fact, if you if you look at my blog post, I make a joke

00:40:16   I use the old photo like oh wrong one. Here's the new work. They're the same. I thought it would be a ball

00:40:22   I thought it was gonna be like a home pod but bigger like in my mind

00:40:25   They're gonna take the home pod and scale it up in Photoshop, you know 200%

00:40:29   But it uses a very similar design, but guys it's now white and midnight

00:40:36   Not space gray, so I can't tell the difference in the photos. Why is it white and midnight? What is wrong with this company?

00:40:44   They don't make white anymore. They make starlight. Well, why?

00:40:48   Didn't that home?

00:40:50   Round right like you can't do a starlight home pod

00:40:53   You know, can you imagine like so ours is in our kitchen and we have a space gray one

00:40:58   It's my only of my three original home pods that still work and like I didn't put a white one in there because I didn't want

00:41:04   to get dirty and the starlight is already off-white is like that looks

00:41:08   like someone spilled a bunch of almond butter all over it or something so and

00:41:12   also like maybe I need to see some images that looks like the same color as

00:41:17   it doesn't look like midnight midnight is like a blue color this is this images

00:41:21   don't look blue it looks like space gray just black yeah it's so confusing and

00:41:27   I'm so disappointed that I didn't do the colors the HomePod mini colors outside

00:41:33   of the iMac are the best colors Apple has right now. Like I've got two orange

00:41:37   ones, I've got one on each side of my studio, and they look so good, they're

00:41:41   vibrant and they're fun. The HomePod should have been that, but this design is

00:41:46   more or less reused. Now the inside is mostly new as we'll talk about, and in

00:41:51   some ways worse than the previous one actually, but the design is basically the

00:41:56   same except the top panel now looks like what's on the HomePod mini, which is

00:41:59   nicer than what's on the original HomePod I think. Inside the new HomePod is

00:42:05   the S7 system on a chip that came out in the Apple Watch Series 7 I guess like a

00:42:10   year and a half ago. The original one used what the A8 I think and so moving

00:42:16   it to the the Apple Watch system on a chip just like the HomePod mini but it

00:42:21   means that it only has 802.11n wireless networking the old one had 802.11ac

00:42:26   and it's Bluetooth 5.0 so it is behind the rest of the products other than I

00:42:32   guess the Apple watch. I haven't heard ATEM 211n in what feels like 12 years.

00:42:38   I know, I know. It's fine on a watch like who cares but and it's probably fine on the home pod too but it's

00:42:45   kind of funny to me that it's a downgrade. I mean it's gotta be right like

00:42:48   this is a streaming music device if it's got to be okay but it's still just like

00:42:54   It's also a HomeKit hub. Yeah. So I don't... Yeah we'll get into that in a

00:43:01   minute. There's a lot of stuff that it does that apparently the HomePod mini

00:43:04   could also do. This didn't turn it on. Just funny to me. Yeah. The price is $299.

00:43:09   So the original HomePod a hundred years ago was $349 and then when they didn't

00:43:15   sell any of them they cut it to $299 and a bunch of people bought them on sale

00:43:21   even cheaper than that. Like I didn't pay even $299 for any of my HomePods. Like they

00:43:25   were on sale at Target and Best Buy and Amazon all the time. I would have liked to see $249

00:43:31   I think for me at least the price like the HomePod mini is $99 bucks. I'm not sure this

00:43:37   one as good as they sound is not worth the extra $200 bucks but it's better than $349

00:43:44   so I guess there's that. Yeah I don't think a lot of people would hear $200 a difference

00:43:49   in this. I haven't heard it yet but I mean it's a big difference. Yeah I mean

00:43:54   I've heard the old one and the old one sounds good but I don't think it's $200

00:43:57   better than the minis especially if you're like me and you have a pair of

00:44:01   minis. Pair of minis sound pretty dang good and that's still you know only two

00:44:09   thirds of the cost of one of these things. Mm-hmm. So Federico can you tell

00:44:13   us about the sensors and like the smart home stuff that it's getting? Yeah so

00:44:17   So this one has this new built-in temperature and humidity sensors. So you can measure your

00:44:24   indoor environment, like for how cold or hot it is and the humidity level, and you can

00:44:31   connect that, of course, to HomeKit automations. So for example, if you have a HomeKit like

00:44:38   a fan or heating system or a humidifier or something, you can put together an automation

00:44:45   that when a certain temperature is reached then of course something should happen. I am curious to

00:44:52   see what happens here because if memory serves, the Home app by Apple has historically been kind of

00:45:00   weird when it comes to creating automations for sensor value thresholds. So this thing, like for

00:45:11   For example, if my humidity is between 50 and 60 percent, like this type of trigger,

00:45:19   has long been supported by the HomeKit framework.

00:45:24   So the HomeKit API lets you do this.

00:45:27   For many years though, it's never been possible to put together these automations based on

00:45:34   thresholds of values in the Home app by Apple.

00:45:40   You had to use something like Home Plus, which is a third-party app, to do this automation

00:45:46   that is actually based on the native HomeKit framework.

00:45:50   There just wasn't a native UI exposed in the Home app.

00:45:54   Now, I haven't checked 16.3, but based on...which, by the way, I meant to interrupt you before,

00:46:01   Myke, but then you were going on about the Mac Mini, so I felt kind of bad.

00:46:05   Yeah, you were talking about it, and it's like, yeah, I'm just leaving.

00:46:09   Just doing your job on our podcast.

00:46:11   Just you, just what's going on about the mechanics,

00:46:14   like I'm being respectful.

00:46:15   But breaking news, 16.3 release candidate is out

00:46:21   for developers with official support

00:46:23   for the second generation HomePod.

00:46:25   So that's coming out.

00:46:28   Anyway, I haven't checked 16.3 yet.

00:46:31   I assume based on what Apple is saying

00:46:34   that there will be better support for these types of things,

00:46:38   given that they mentioned automations for temperature and humidity.

00:46:42   So, hopefully, you will no longer need a third-party app if you want to do an automation

00:46:46   based on a threshold of values from a HomeKit sensor.

00:46:49   The other new smart home feature is this sound recognition functionality.

00:46:56   Sound recognition has been a feature on the iPhone for a while,

00:46:59   I think for the past couple of years I want to say, iOS 14 maybe.

00:47:04   You've been able to set up the Sound Recognition features in the Accessibility section of Settings,

00:47:09   and your iPhone could alert you if it detected something like a smoke alarm, or a baby crying,

00:47:14   or a doorbell ringing. Incredible accessibility feature for someone who's deaf. And you can have

00:47:20   your iPhone tell you, "Hey, look, this type of sound coming out of a device in your home."

00:47:27   Incredible feature. Now, this is also coming to the HomePod, and specifically Apple mentioned that

00:47:33   that the HomePod will be able to listen to alarms for smoke and carbon monoxide

00:47:38   and it will send you a notification directly to your phone. So instead of the

00:47:44   phone doing the listening the HomePod can do it too but just for smoke and

00:47:49   carbon monoxide alarms which is cool. I had to really think about this when I

00:47:54   read the feature right? Yeah. So I was like I mean the alarm lets me know the

00:48:00   alarms going like I just sit and really think about it but I was like oh but

00:48:03   maybe if I was out of the house like I figured that then I was like like I had

00:48:07   to really think about it I was like well the best alarm is the alarm but yeah in

00:48:14   my studio I've got a fire like a smoke and carbon dioxide alarm that's

00:48:19   compatible with ring for that reason so if I'm out of the house if I'm gone I'll

00:48:23   know if the pod cabins on fire and likewise our home security system has

00:48:27   smoke alarms that you know they would call me and say hey you know there's

00:48:31   something going on there is a peace of mind that that brings but you've had to

00:48:36   had you know connected system before and so I think this is actually low-key

00:48:40   pretty cool that if you're out of the house and you have this set up and

00:48:45   hopefully it's easy and to set up and kind of me they prompt people to set it

00:48:48   up honestly like if when you open the home app it could it could be really a

00:48:52   good thing for people yeah it's good because you don't have to buy new

00:48:56   equipment. Yeah, and you know hopefully everyone's got you know just the base at

00:49:00   the least the basic smoke detector that you know beeps and if they've tuned this

00:49:05   well enough to hear it that's a big deal. Another new feature is this new

00:49:09   confirmation tone. There's a new confirmation sound when Siri does

00:49:14   something to control an accessory that is not like that doesn't show like a

00:49:17   visible change or maybe it's located in a different room than the HomePod. So

00:49:23   So like for example, if you control your heater or something that doesn't have a visible change

00:49:31   like a light, there's a new confirmation sound.

00:49:34   So it should be more clear than before whether a serial request for a HomeKit accessory that

00:49:41   doesn't show you immediately what it does has in fact performed what you asked.

00:49:46   You know what I want out of this Federico?

00:49:48   I want this to work for lights that are not in the room

00:49:52   the HomePod is in.

00:49:53   - Well, they say, or for accessories

00:49:56   located in a different room.

00:49:57   - Okay, yeah, that's what I want.

00:49:58   I want to be able to say, hey, turn off the den light

00:50:01   and I'm in the bedroom.

00:50:02   I can't see if the den light's on or off,

00:50:04   but I would like to know that it happened.

00:50:06   - Well, all of this is better than,

00:50:08   - Yeah.

00:50:09   - The bedroom light has been turned on.

00:50:11   - Yeah, yeah.

00:50:12   - That's the best thing for me here of like,

00:50:16   if it just stops shouting at me.

00:50:19   Yeah, like I don't need it.

00:50:21   -Yeah. -The sound is good.

00:50:23   And finally, the ambient sounds feature,

00:50:26   which again has been around for a while,

00:50:28   again, the past couple of years,

00:50:30   they have their own little white noise feature going in iOS and iPadOS,

00:50:35   and the HomePod.

00:50:37   Those ocean rain sounds, wind sounds, all that kind of stuff,

00:50:41   they have been remastered.

00:50:43   So there should be better, higher quality ambient sounds.

00:50:47   And apparently the automation story goes on here as well,

00:50:52   because you will be able to add these sounds

00:50:55   to a HomeKit automation, a scene,

00:50:58   or an alarm that you set on the HomePod.

00:51:02   So better rain for your automations.

00:51:06   - It's like automation April over here,

00:51:08   you know what I mean?

00:51:08   - It's like, you know what they're doing?

00:51:10   Automation April, you know, I made an automation

00:51:12   that plays the sound of a thunderstorm when I open the door.

00:51:17   It's just spitballing here.

00:51:19   Luckily, the HomePod Mini is going to be getting these features with iOS 16.3.

00:51:23   Yeah, this is the plot twist here.

00:51:25   The HomePod Mini...

00:51:26   Because I was going to be super mad if this didn't happen.

00:51:29   Because like, none of this, right, is like...

00:51:32   especially like the sound recognition thing,

00:51:34   like none of this seems like it requires a brand new HomePod at $300 to do.

00:51:40   Especially when we know the mini has had this sensor in it for its entire lifetime

00:51:44   It's been locked away in there a little temperature humidity sensor doing nothing and it looks like iOS

00:51:50   16.3 will enable it which is which means you now have you know, not in addition to all the

00:51:58   Hopefully better automation stuff. You just have a status of like any room you have a HomePod mini in you know

00:52:04   The temperature and humidity so for me in my office

00:52:07   I have like I even forget who makes it. I bought it a long long time ago

00:52:12   It's a home kit enabled is a little box and it just sits on the bookshelf and has a little like

00:52:18   Screen that tells me the temperature and humidity and it shows up in home kit

00:52:22   Well, you know if that thing kicks it then I've got home pod minis that can do it too, which is cool. I

00:52:27   Have some real-time ooh

00:52:30   Follow up, I guess I don't know from 9 to 5 Mac

00:52:35   Fan of the show, Chance Miller, reporting that the original HomePod just got its own

00:52:40   release candidate for 16.3.

00:52:43   And get this, a bunch of these features are also coming to the original HomePod.

00:52:47   Good.

00:52:48   So, there's a new-

00:52:49   They put a temperature sensor in there.

00:52:51   How did they do it?

00:52:52   Turns out it was always there.

00:52:55   No.

00:52:56   It doesn't have that, but you will get the confirmation tone stuff that we just spoke

00:53:02   about.

00:53:03   So it'll play this new sound when controlling accessories that doesn't show a visible change

00:53:08   or are in a different room.

00:53:10   And apparently, you will be able to set up recurring automations via your voice.

00:53:17   So you will be able to say, "Hey, assistant, every time I open the door,

00:53:21   turn off the lights," or something like that?

00:53:23   "iOS 16.3 brings iCloud Advanced Data Protection features to worldwide."

00:53:28   Ah, nice.

00:53:30   That's the best piece of news.

00:53:31   I'm so excited about that.

00:53:33   So now I am more protected than before.

00:53:36   I don't understand this hump up. I don't get it.

00:53:38   I mean, the thing is, I think...

00:53:42   I don't get it.

00:53:43   Obviously, the reason why they pulled the regional is that they really wanted to have

00:53:46   a device that was going to be matter compatible.

00:53:48   This one is matter compatible.

00:53:51   What is the proper terminology when you are a matter controller?

00:53:55   Controller.

00:53:56   So I think they really wanted to have a new one with proper official matter integration.

00:54:02   This one does it.

00:54:03   I'm not sure why the original couldn't be though.

00:54:06   I am not sure either.

00:54:08   Or maybe they really wanted to have the temperature sensors.

00:54:12   I do not know.

00:54:13   The thing that strikes me as a little bit confusing is, so this is the same, this product

00:54:21   looks the same as it did five years ago when the first one came out in 2018.

00:54:27   And it costs the same, you know, despite plenty of competition that we have in this space.

00:54:32   I mean, I know I've done the research lately.

00:54:34   The thing is, for the longest time you could have said, well, but the HomePod sounds better.

00:54:39   There are some differences in the internals with the new one.

00:54:44   We did a bit of comparisons for the Max Stories article.

00:54:50   This one has fewer tweeters compared to the original HomePod.

00:54:55   Even though it looks the same, it's got five tweeters inside instead of seven.

00:54:59   And everyone's leaving Twitter.

00:55:02   Fewer tweeters.

00:55:02   I know, right?

00:55:03   It's tweeting less.

00:55:04   It's tweeting less.

00:55:05   And the shape of those speakers is also different, which, you know,

00:55:12   Quinn Nelson pointed out on Mastodon today.

00:55:15   So I'm definitely interested in knowing how this sounds compared to the first one.

00:55:22   And it just feels a bit, I don't know, it just feels a bit uninspired.

00:55:26   That's all. Like, if this is the end result,

00:55:30   like it's the same with the new sensor inside

00:55:34   and actually fewer components for sound, why the long wait?

00:55:39   I mean, I don't know. We'll never know, right?

00:55:42   There's never going to be someone who comes on the show and be like,

00:55:44   "Hey, I'm from Apple, actually, let me tell you why this came out."

00:55:47   I don't understand why this needs to exist in this form

00:55:51   when the HomePod mini exists.

00:55:53   In this form, that's the thing.

00:55:55   Obviously, a HomePod needs to exist, but I don't know.

00:56:00   We were expecting more exciting things, I think.

00:56:03   We were expecting... Are you?

00:56:06   At some point in the future, I think it will be vastly different to this.

00:56:12   Like a display, magsafe integration of some sort?

00:56:15   Who knows?

00:56:16   But like I've always wanted, it's like a soundbar with a camera in it.

00:56:20   Right, like they do like the whole thing.

00:56:22   So I found a support article by the way.

00:56:24   The original HomePod can be set up as a HomeHub, which is a Matter Controller, but it doesn't

00:56:28   have a Thread Radio in it.

00:56:30   So it can't do Thread-enabled Matter accessory stuff.

00:56:35   It's like yes and no.

00:56:37   If you want a home hub and you want your home pod to be a home hub and you want the best

00:56:43   matto experience you would want the new one or the mini.

00:56:46   I just, I don't know, I don't get it.

00:56:49   I find this whole thing pretty disappointing to be honest.

00:56:52   So are you going to buy one?

00:56:53   No, I'm all in on Sonos baby.

00:56:55   No one's taking me away from that.

00:56:58   I mean I have two original home pods, I'm not replacing those with these.

00:57:02   I'm not going 600 pounds into this for when I really don't think that I won't get any

00:57:10   benefit out of any of this.

00:57:13   What I have thought of doing and what I probably will do in the future for smart home control

00:57:19   is to get a couple of home pod minis and use them just as smart home controlling audio

00:57:25   things.

00:57:26   That's all I would really want it for.

00:57:28   I wouldn't want to go to the level of buying these big ones and having them as the TV speakers

00:57:33   anymore. I think I'm going to go with a soundbar in the future for that. Because I think it

00:57:39   would just be better in the space that we have now. But yeah, so once everything's done,

00:57:45   then I'll probably get HomePod Mini. Like one upstairs, one downstairs. But that's as

00:57:52   far as I would go. This product is not interesting to me, personally.

00:57:56   Yeah, I mean, I thought about this for like 15 seconds.

00:58:00   I was like, "Hey, do you want a new HomePod?"

00:58:02   And then I sat for 15 seconds, and then I said, "No, I don't need one."

00:58:07   Because really, they could have made this more exciting.

00:58:11   Here's the thing.

00:58:13   There are some things that I really need at this point,

00:58:16   which is obviously matter support. We get that.

00:58:19   Pretty good audio quality.

00:58:21   Of course, even if it sounds worse than the original HomePod,

00:58:24   home pod it's still gonna sound good I think. It sounds great. But... The home pod sounds great.

00:58:30   And of course the other feature multilingual Siri and it doesn't have it. So it doesn't have

00:58:37   the features that I need and it doesn't have the features that I want. The features that I want was

00:58:43   like a new design, maybe some kind of display, we talked about having like I don't know some kind of

00:58:48   docking station for your phone. I think other companies are doing more exciting things on this

00:58:53   front and they have more variety, they have more choice and so it doesn't have

00:58:57   the features that I need, it doesn't have the things that I want, why would I get

00:59:02   it? You know? So yeah, it's pretty underwhelmed I think is a is a good word

00:59:09   to describe this. I feel the same way. I think if our big one in the kitchen

00:59:14   died I would consider this because the way our house is laid out that's pretty

00:59:18   central and it's nice to have good music in there but I'm not gonna replace the

00:59:23   HomePod minis in my office or the HomePod mini in our bedroom with this. I'm

00:59:28   really happy with the mini especially for the money and this is out there if

00:59:32   you want it and I think a pair of them you know using eARC and all that stuff

00:59:36   would be cool but I just I don't have a place where it fits especially at its

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01:01:05   Capital One, what's in your wallet?

01:01:07   So I wanted to get you guys' thoughts on third party Twitter apps going away.

01:01:14   Me and Jason spoke about it a bunch on upgrade, but I think this is something

01:01:18   that we probably all have some very complex emotions over.

01:01:24   And also now the Twitter developer account

01:01:29   has confirmed, in essence, that what they have done

01:01:32   was purposeful, even though it doesn't make any sense

01:01:35   by saying that they are enforcing

01:01:38   their longstanding rules for the third party API.

01:01:42   My thought was that the rule of the third party API

01:01:45   is that it doesn't work.

01:01:47   That's the only rule that they are standing by.

01:01:50   We are enforcing our long-standing API rules.

01:01:52   That's what they're saying,

01:01:53   which is just ridiculous, the whole thing.

01:01:56   And so I just wanted to see what you guys felt about it.

01:01:58   Like, do you have any simple or complex emotions

01:02:01   about Twitter apps going away?

01:02:03   - Obviously, I'm personally sad and nostalgic.

01:02:10   I mean, this is, I think,

01:02:12   the most common feeling to have about these apps.

01:02:15   if you've been around in our community for a while and you've been doing this for how

01:02:19   long we've been doing this, you know that they're just apps, but in many ways they also

01:02:24   represent, I think, a period of our lives when, you know, Twitter was more fun and we

01:02:30   all got to know each other or we were in the process of getting to know one another. I

01:02:35   mean, I'm pretty sure that our first private interaction was a DM on Twitter using one

01:02:40   of these apps. And so it's not just about the apps. I mean, sure, the apps were great,

01:02:45   but it was about really that period of our lives.

01:02:49   This show exists because of it with the DM.

01:02:51   Exactly. So like they're just apps.

01:02:53   I DM'd Federico to ask him if he wanted to be a part of this show that me and Steven

01:02:57   wanted to make.

01:02:58   Right, right. But they have, they're apps that have real personal consequences in a

01:03:05   a good way. Like, they led to, you know, careers and connections and all of that.

01:03:10   And I think also, I don't know, they take me back to a time when, you know, I know

01:03:17   that the expression, you don't like this one, Myke, but, you know, Twitter apps

01:03:22   being a UI playground. It's overused and we've heard it before.

01:03:26   I like it. I don't like when these things then become like memes.

01:03:31   I know. I know. I know. I know. I won't become one when, you know, the general public appropriates

01:03:37   these expressions and they keep using them over and over and over.

01:03:40   It was a beautiful turn of phrase that then just everybody used. But like, I agree with

01:03:44   that sentiment completely. Like I was just thinking about it, right? Like Paul to refresh

01:03:47   came from a Twitter app. Like, you know, like so many of these Twitter apps, like tweet

01:03:52   bot, Twitter effect, the ones now, they like revolutionized UI design.

01:03:57   The word tweet came from a third party app.

01:04:00   Exactly.

01:04:01   I just mean like the overall effect on all applications.

01:04:07   So much of it came from just Twitter apps.

01:04:09   100%.

01:04:10   Yes.

01:04:11   So there's that personal aspect of like, you know, man, good times.

01:04:15   Then there is of course the fact that I think in our scene, in our little corner of the

01:04:27   internet, a lot of things are changing right now. It feels like we're living, I don't know, maybe

01:04:33   it's just me, but at least I feel like we're going through this transitional phase with Twitter and

01:04:38   Mastodon, Apple coming out with a new platform. It just feels like it's another of those changes

01:04:45   that in this tech niche of the internet we are witnessing right now. It's not, I don't know,

01:04:54   at least for me, doesn't feel like a stable period.

01:04:57   It feels like it's a period of change.

01:05:00   And it's exciting, right?

01:05:02   But it requires bandwidth, and it requires focus,

01:05:05   and it requires time to adapt.

01:05:07   And Twitter apps going away is another of those changes

01:05:11   to add to the list.

01:05:13   And lastly, of course, the third thing I'll point out

01:05:17   is that this is yet another case of a guy with no taste,

01:05:23   Right? And with no decency, with no class, really.

01:05:27   I think it all comes down to that.

01:05:29   Elon Musk is a man with no class, no elegance.

01:05:33   He's just a buffoon with money, throwing that money around,

01:05:36   thinking he's smart enough to outsmart everybody else.

01:05:40   When in fact, he's just a rude boy with a ton of money,

01:05:43   maybe less than before, actually.

01:05:45   - A lot less.

01:05:46   - Just making, a lot less than before.

01:05:48   Just making silly decisions with no elegance.

01:05:52   and no taste, no respect for what came before, which is unsurprising. I mean, we all sort

01:05:59   of knew this was going to happen. This is exactly what we know. What some of us said,

01:06:04   "Oh, he's going to do this for sure." Some people were like, "No, I actually think, you

01:06:08   know, Musk is good for a company." I mean, yeah, we all see how this is turning out.

01:06:14   You know, it's just another example of a guy with money, you know, just breaking his new

01:06:22   toy because it's not working the way he thought it was going to work.

01:06:27   And so I am honestly sad for those developers.

01:06:31   I mean, imagine being a developer, you know, imagine the Tapbots folks.

01:06:36   They have annual renewals coming up for Tweetbot.

01:06:41   And of course, we all knew that building a business on top of a foundation as shaky as

01:06:47   the Twitter API was always going to have an element of risk, a high element of risk.

01:06:53   You had to be ready.

01:06:55   But at the very least, give them the decency of a heads up of like, you know, just anything

01:07:04   but this.

01:07:05   And then you try to explain yourself with a super short tweet in which you claim that

01:07:13   you're just applying the existing, what did they say, guidelines, whatever?

01:07:18   API rules or...

01:07:19   API rules, sure, sure.

01:07:21   You just...

01:07:23   Twitter is in free fall at the moment in all regards.

01:07:28   the product, the service, the community, the financial aspect of the company. And it just

01:07:36   feels sad to watch. It feels sad for those developers. And I hope that they can find

01:07:45   a sustainable business elsewhere. Of course, I'm thinking back, I was taking a look at

01:07:51   some of my old posts from Mac stories, you know, that era of 2009, 2010, with the screenshots

01:07:58   of Tweetbot and Tweetbot in 2011, but the screenshots of Twitterrific and all those

01:08:04   Twitter clients. Good times, good times. And I'm glad, I'm glad that I have the screenshots,

01:08:09   you know, if only for historical purposes. Let me just say that now more than ever with

01:08:14   these things, I understand why Steven likes to screenshot and archive everything.

01:08:19   Yeah, yeah.

01:08:20   - Yeah, yeah.

01:08:22   - I saw a video a couple of days ago,

01:08:26   I'll try and find it and put it in the show notes,

01:08:27   of someone doing a walkthrough.

01:08:30   I think it might have been the official walkthrough video

01:08:33   of the first version of Tweetbot.

01:08:35   It's like, damn, that was an app.

01:08:38   - Yeah, man.

01:08:39   - Like that first version, it's just like,

01:08:43   - It was mind blowing.

01:08:44   - Yeah, it was very, very special.

01:08:47   This is, I'm not saying what the app is or is not now,

01:08:50   but like back at that time, the UI and audio design was just,

01:08:55   it was next level.

01:08:57   It was super good stuff.

01:08:58   - It was the first app I think I ever left

01:09:01   the sound effects on for.

01:09:03   - Yeah.

01:09:03   - Because it was like all these little bleeps and bloops

01:09:06   and I mean look, Twitter, all of these did a good job.

01:09:10   And Federico, I 100% agree with you.

01:09:12   Torpedoing small businesses and their apps,

01:09:18   literally in the middle of the night

01:09:20   and not saying anything to them,

01:09:22   and then you have this like super aggressive

01:09:25   but vague tweet about,

01:09:26   oh, we're just enforcing the rules we've always had.

01:09:28   Like Jason said on upgrade, it's cowardly.

01:09:31   It's completely inappropriate and immature.

01:09:36   And I get from a business sense,

01:09:39   like maybe why they wanna do this,

01:09:40   they're trying to get into advertising and make that work.

01:09:44   But there were so many other ways they could have done it.

01:09:46   and they took the cheap shortcut to just cutting them off.

01:09:51   Didn't even do it completely,

01:09:52   'cause there are some clients out there that still work.

01:09:54   They just drew an arbitrary line.

01:09:56   Anybody above that line in terms of users got cut off,

01:09:59   and it's terrible.

01:10:01   And I think for a lot of people in our community,

01:10:05   it's yet another strike against Twitter's current leadership.

01:10:10   And it just makes me sad,

01:10:13   because it does mark the end of an era

01:10:16   for these apps, right?

01:10:19   And you know, we mentioned Tweetbots original design,

01:10:22   like these apps, I mean,

01:10:24   Twitterific started as like a Mac menu bar app

01:10:27   way back in the day.

01:10:28   And then it was when you could like jailbreak

01:10:30   before the app store, Twitterific was there.

01:10:32   Like these apps have marked huge moments

01:10:36   in our collective history as a community

01:10:39   and they didn't get a proper goodbye.

01:10:41   You know, they just got shut off at night with no warning.

01:10:45   These developers got, you know, caught off guard by it.

01:10:49   And it just stinks.

01:10:51   It really does.

01:10:53   And it makes me sad.

01:10:55   - I wanted to ask Myke,

01:10:56   have you thought again about your plans for

01:11:00   sort of your presence online

01:11:04   with the exception of your podcasts?

01:11:06   - I mean, this doesn't make any difference to, right?

01:11:10   'cause I wasn't using these apps, right?

01:11:12   - Right.

01:11:13   - But I mean, obviously I've been thinking about it a lot.

01:11:16   Like I'm talking about it a lot on various shows and stuff

01:11:19   and like trying to work out how things feel.

01:11:23   Like right now, not being on any kind of,

01:11:27   I don't even know what to call it,

01:11:28   like Twitter-like social network.

01:11:29   Is there a name?

01:11:30   Is everyone in the Fediverse,

01:11:32   have they given it a name yet?

01:11:33   What is this type of social media?

01:11:35   Is there a name for it?

01:11:36   Like short form text social media?

01:11:39   Like, I just figured that if considering there are now so many competing services that maybe

01:11:44   there was some kind of like agreed upon name for what these kinds of things.

01:11:49   Yeah, microblogging.

01:11:50   Says Myke in the Discord.

01:11:52   Let's go with that, right?

01:11:53   These microblogging services.

01:11:55   I actually kind of, at the moment, like I'm enjoying my time away from it.

01:12:04   It was a distraction for me in a lot of ways and I'm liking not having that distraction.

01:12:10   It's actually been pretty good.

01:12:12   I think at some point I will want to do something but I don't know what.

01:12:19   The ability to be able to share some kind of occasional observation somewhere, right?

01:12:26   Like that isn't a tweet.

01:12:28   Sorry, that isn't on a show.

01:12:31   The idea though of having a website, right, say like probably closer to Steven than you

01:12:40   Federico right, is like what the types of websites are right, because 512 is more personal

01:12:46   than Max Stories is.

01:12:48   Is that fair to say?

01:12:49   I mean Max Stories is multiple people so.

01:12:50   Yeah.

01:12:51   Right?

01:12:52   Yeah.

01:12:53   So the idea of doing something like that right now, I don't have time for that.

01:12:56   Like I have my hands full building Cortex brand like in the sense of like having something

01:13:01   else that's not my podcast, that's what that is. I'm putting a lot of time into that.

01:13:07   The idea of even having a blog where people might expect me to post something every now

01:13:12   and then, that just feels terrifying to me right now. It's like some kind of expectation

01:13:17   thing to exist. The feedback system that we have has completely replaced the only thing

01:13:23   I felt like I was missing, which was the ability for listeners to be able to get in contact

01:13:28   with me and tell me things about episodes. It's been a great success so far. I don't

01:13:33   know if you agree, Steven, but like I've been very happy with that tool.

01:13:36   - Me too.

01:13:37   - Because now people are sending me in corrections to me, questions to me, like all that kind

01:13:41   of stuff. It's brilliant. Love it. I think it's still an open question for me as if Twitter

01:13:46   was useful in promoting things, but like I don't, I felt like the answer was no. I don't

01:13:51   know the answer to that yet though, right? That's going to be something I'll work out

01:13:55   down the line. So you know maybe one day there is a Myke Hurley account on

01:14:00   Mastodon that's effectively write only for me you know like I don't necessarily

01:14:08   read anything at all like don't follow things or don't read replies or whatever

01:14:13   but is a like a basically a bot but to be honest like I don't even really know

01:14:18   if that that just feels inauthentic for me so it's I'm kind of like I'm either

01:14:22   in or I'm out and right now I'm out like and I'm good with that for where I am right now.

01:14:28   I know to a lot of people it's unsatisfying as an answer but like my non-use of Mastodon

01:14:35   is not a judgment of your use of it right? Like that's not what this is. I'm not saying Mastodon

01:14:42   is bad but my usage of microblogging services got bad for me. Yeah I think that makes sense.

01:14:51   maybe I'm gone forever or I just need a long time away to reset habits but I need that time away now

01:14:59   which is not a thing that I had done before, it's a thing that Steven had done to great effect in the

01:15:04   past many times but this isn't something that I've done for any more than like you know I did it once

01:15:11   as like a podcast experiment on analog right where it's like I was doing it for the experiment right

01:15:18   But it was never like well, I'm gone now, but like this is like I'm gone now

01:15:22   and I'm just seeing what that is feeling like I

01:15:26   Really am like I'm super happy with the time that I chose to pack it in like I feel like I got it just at the

01:15:30   Right moment. I like I wasn't too early wasn't too late as it's like

01:15:34   beautiful sweet spot like for me

01:15:36   And then everything just it was like the wall started crumbling down

01:15:41   Maybe what I'm saying is maybe I was the final piece at the puzzle

01:15:44   You know what? I mean could have been for everything could have been started really really gone bad

01:15:49   Yeah, man. I feel a little bit differently about this because I have 512 I

01:15:54   Do

01:15:57   Think at some point I will explore mastodon a little bit but like Myke right now

01:16:04   I'm I'm pretty happy without anything

01:16:07   Anything like this now, I'm still checking mentions and a couple of accounts like the show accounts and the

01:16:13   the network account and I can just tell you on Twitter,

01:16:17   it's just completely dead.

01:16:18   Like there's nothing going on over there anymore.

01:16:20   - I think they might be broken.

01:16:22   - They could be broken.

01:16:24   - And at least one account, like so, you know,

01:16:26   I'm only checking on the Cortex account at the moment

01:16:29   'cause it's the only one I'm posting to.

01:16:31   Like I don't know how long that's gonna last,

01:16:32   but that was always a manual thing.

01:16:35   There was no bot that posted to it.

01:16:37   And the mentions that I sometimes have seen in like the,

01:16:41   like the all of it tab, whatever they call it,

01:16:44   and the mentions tab is just like,

01:16:46   the mentions cut off at some point in early January,

01:16:50   but the old tab has new mentions in it.

01:16:52   So like, something's broken somewhere for me, I don't know.

01:16:57   - So like Myke, I am really happy with the feedback form,

01:17:03   but I do miss seeing the conversations

01:17:05   between other people to a degree.

01:17:09   And that I think at some point,

01:17:12   I may end up checking in on Macedon occasionally,

01:17:14   but for now I want a break.

01:17:17   And I've been off Twitter, I don't know how long.

01:17:20   Time is a flat circle, but for now I'm pretty okay

01:17:26   with where I am and that may change in the future, right?

01:17:30   But I do think my sort of issue of like having a place

01:17:34   to share things, I have that solved in a way

01:17:35   that Myke maybe doesn't.

01:17:37   And that is helping tide this over, but we'll see.

01:17:42   I mean, I don't know long-term.

01:17:44   I think for me, it was an opportunity to kind of step back

01:17:48   and consider how I use these things.

01:17:50   And I mean, I have noticed like some days,

01:17:55   like substantially more time in my day

01:17:57   and substantially less stress in my day.

01:17:59   And I like those things.

01:18:01   And one nice thing about the feedback tool

01:18:05   is that if someone says something

01:18:08   that I would want to debate,

01:18:09   like there's no way for me to do that.

01:18:11   I mean, I could put it on a show and talk about it.

01:18:14   I could copy and paste their email address

01:18:16   out of our CMS and email them randomly,

01:18:18   but that is not something I want to do.

01:18:20   And so I feel like I,

01:18:23   I mean, I wasn't arguing a lot on Twitter before,

01:18:26   years ago I did a lot,

01:18:27   and not 'cause I was young and foolish,

01:18:28   and I grew out of that, thankfully,

01:18:30   but not everyone has.

01:18:32   And I feel like the feedback tool has dialed that down

01:18:35   even more and that's something that I didn't really consider when we were building the

01:18:39   feedback tool but it's been a nice side effect of it.

01:18:42   Federico, I'm sure you're having a great time on Mastodon.

01:18:48   Like I expect you're enjoying it.

01:18:51   Oh yeah, I'm having a lot of fun.

01:18:56   It's nice to have – I actually think I have a bigger audience there than on Twitter, even

01:19:02   Even though the numbers are, you know, are smaller.

01:19:06   But I know that it's all real active people who are actively using Mastodon right now,

01:19:12   and it's been going super well as a way to just talk about stuff, share articles, answer

01:19:17   questions from readers and all of that.

01:19:20   It's great.

01:19:21   Maybe you were shadow banned on Twitter.

01:19:24   Maybe I was.

01:19:25   Maybe I was.

01:19:26   I mean, serious, that was a joke, but in a serious note, like potentially there not being

01:19:31   in an algorithm might mean that people are seeing

01:19:33   your content more as well, right?

01:19:35   Like that could actually be a thing.

01:19:37   So, I mean, I also, the impression I've gotten

01:19:40   from other friends that are there is like,

01:19:41   there is a, I mean, what it sounds like to me

01:19:44   is what Twitter used to sound like early on,

01:19:46   where like people are just excited

01:19:48   to be on Mastodon right now,

01:19:49   and there's like a desire for content.

01:19:52   So like, there's just a lot more conversation happening

01:19:55   because it's like a thing.

01:19:56   When Ivory comes out, like I will download it

01:19:59   and sign in and see what that app is like.

01:20:01   'Cause every screenshot I've seen,

01:20:04   it's like it looks really pretty

01:20:05   and I just wanna see what it's all about.

01:20:07   I'm never around when there's open spots, right?

01:20:12   It's like it's just, I never see it.

01:20:14   But also it's like at this point, I'll just wait.

01:20:16   Like I'm not, I don't need it now

01:20:18   if I'm not gonna use it anyway, right?

01:20:20   So I'll just wait for it to come out.

01:20:21   Like, 'cause I'm just intrigued

01:20:22   'cause it looks like a tap box of,

01:20:25   they're doing more on the design of that app

01:20:27   than I was expecting them to do.

01:20:28   Like what this doesn't feel like,

01:20:30   you correct me if I'm wrong,

01:20:32   it doesn't feel like Netbot,

01:20:34   which was just Tweetbot but with App.net

01:20:36   just a different color.

01:20:37   - No, it's more like you can tell

01:20:41   that it's based on the foundation of Tweetbot,

01:20:43   but it's going in its own direction.

01:20:45   - And so I wanna see what does like a brand new design

01:20:48   from Tapbots in 2023 look like,

01:20:51   I'm just intrigued about that.

01:20:52   I'm also really intrigued to see whatever IconFactory do.

01:20:57   I really recommend people read Craig Hockenberry's beautiful blog post about this.

01:21:04   And you know, his kind of like sign off was really encouraging to me where he's like,

01:21:08   "Hey, we might do something else." Like, there's a lot of stuff going on right now

01:21:13   all over federated social media. And, you know, imagine if they can do something that was like

01:21:19   Twitterific, but for all of this stuff, right? Like that influential, you know? Like so,

01:21:26   I'm really excited about what this opportunity could hold for developers because there was a

01:21:35   reason that this all worked on Twitter before and it wasn't because of Twitter. Like it was

01:21:40   the community being excited about a service and then adopting the applications of people that

01:21:48   made them and you know support in those apps and so like I hope that that happens again because that would be fantastic and

01:21:55   But you know, I just need to work out what my place is in all of it

01:22:01   This was just a time for me to take a break, you know

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