432: Spaghetti Features


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 432.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by our excellent sponsors,

00:00:15   ZocDoc, Squarespace, and Capital One.

00:00:17   I'm one of your co-hosts, Federico Viticiu,

00:00:19   and it's my pleasure to introduce to you all,

00:00:21   Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:22   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:24   - Hello, Federico.

00:00:25   Happy New Year.

00:00:27   - Happy New Year to you as well.

00:00:28   How are you?

00:00:29   - I am great.

00:00:30   It's a new year, new us.

00:00:34   - New year, new you, us, new us.

00:00:37   Are we new?

00:00:38   Maybe. - No.

00:00:39   Same Japes as always.

00:00:40   - Well, the Japes are unchanged, yes.

00:00:43   - I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci,

00:00:45   but also Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:47   Hello, Myke.

00:00:48   - Why did Federico get into, why did you do that?

00:00:51   - 'Cause I forgot how we do it. - Why did you go backwards?

00:00:53   - I forgot how we do it. - Okay, cool.

00:00:54   - To be perfectly honest. - I will note,

00:00:55   there is a special kind of intensity

00:00:58   even Federico starts the show.

00:00:59   - I know.

00:01:00   - Like it always catches me off guard

00:01:02   even though I know he's about to do it.

00:01:03   - Yeah, sometimes I have to bump down his volume

00:01:05   a little bit at the beginning,

00:01:06   'cause it's like, it's kind of loud.

00:01:08   - Wow, you take away from the magic of it.

00:01:10   - It's just coming in too strong.

00:01:12   - Did you guys see Apple's doing this

00:01:14   Apple Business Connect thing

00:01:15   where you can put your company on Apple Maps?

00:01:18   - I saw that it's on Mac stories.

00:01:22   I saw that John posted something.

00:01:24   - Kind of thinking about putting a relay on there.

00:01:28   - Yeah, I spend the whole day painting

00:01:30   and fixing things around the house, so yeah.

00:01:32   - Why would you do that, Steven?

00:01:34   - I could like change the phone number randomly,

00:01:36   so like you hit call and sometimes you get Casey

00:01:38   and sometimes you get Rosemary.

00:01:39   - Wow, that's a good, no, I just get Casey.

00:01:42   - All the time.

00:01:43   - Why would you?

00:01:44   - It feels like we're gonna need a HR department.

00:01:47   - Yeah, I'm not doing it.

00:01:48   - If you do this.

00:01:50   - Speaking of addresses, I made a joke.

00:01:55   I don't know when this came out

00:01:56   because we recorded a bunch of episodes in advance

00:01:58   and then took like two weeks off.

00:02:01   But I got two lovely handwritten notes

00:02:03   in the relay PO box, one from Katie and one from Giovanni.

00:02:07   Both very nice, both of you have very nice handwriting

00:02:10   and wrote very nice things to us.

00:02:12   So thank you, I really enjoyed that.

00:02:15   - I don't know why this is,

00:02:17   like I don't know why this happened.

00:02:18   - Do you want me to just read out the PO box number

00:02:20   people can send me letters?

00:02:21   - I mean, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened before.

00:02:23   - I didn't read it, no, no, I just said it was out there

00:02:25   people found it I guess but it's I think as I have we I think we had the

00:02:31   conversation then and then subsequently me and you have had this conversation

00:02:34   again I'm like do you really want to bring this on yourself oh because I had

00:02:38   another idea that you did talk me out of yeah it's just like Stephen does things

00:02:43   I get excited and then like gets himself into a situation which is upset about

00:02:47   like logistics right so like when we did the mag tricky Stephen was like I'll

00:02:52   I'll ship them." And I was like, "Please don't do that."

00:02:54   And he's like, "No, it's no problem."

00:02:56   And then he hated it.

00:02:57   And then just a couple of weeks ago,

00:02:59   we had a very similar conversation where it was like,

00:03:02   "I'll do it."

00:03:03   And it's like, "If you do this, you're going to be so upset."

00:03:05   And like you are, and especially this one was like,

00:03:08   probably forever, you were going to have this problem going on.

00:03:11   So I just caution you right now.

00:03:13   - Steven, is this something that sort of carries over

00:03:18   into your personal life?

00:03:19   Like you getting yourself into things?

00:03:22   Sometimes. I feel like I'm... Despite the fact that you should know better? Sometimes.

00:03:26   I feel like it's worse at work because I just like trying crazy things and no one

00:03:29   can tell me no except for Myke. And Myke really can't tell me no, he just talks

00:03:33   sense into me. Which is good. Interesting, interesting. But it's true. It's true.

00:03:42   If you want to send me a nice letter though, it's P.O. Box 241714, Memphis, Tennessee 38124.

00:03:50   - A nice letter or an ice letter?

00:03:54   (laughing)

00:03:55   I guess I could also try to send you an ice letter.

00:03:57   - Like one of those swan sculpture things?

00:04:01   (laughing)

00:04:04   - It's not a very big PO box.

00:04:06   You're not like shoving it in there.

00:04:08   - If somebody sends an ice sculpture,

00:04:10   I will give them a thumbs up.

00:04:13   - If someone sends an ice sculpture,

00:04:14   I'll log back into Twitter and tweet a picture of it.

00:04:17   (laughing)

00:04:19   - You know it's gonna happen now, right?

00:04:22   - See, here's the issue, right?

00:04:24   All right, so I'm gonna give you a scenario here, Steven,

00:04:27   I'm gonna play this out, which is, again,

00:04:28   I still don't know why you've decided to do this,

00:04:30   but you brought it on yourself now.

00:04:32   I've listened to many podcasts over time

00:04:34   where they have had issues with the post office

00:04:37   after making their PO box public,

00:04:40   because what you need to understand is,

00:04:43   and you know this, right,

00:04:44   not just letters can be sent to PO boxes.

00:04:46   someone could send an ice sculpture to the PO box.

00:04:49   Someone could just send you a nice gift,

00:04:51   but like our PO box is the size of a shoebox.

00:04:53   So.

00:04:55   - Yeah, the way it works, you get a little note in there,

00:04:58   then you have to go to the counter.

00:04:59   And at least at our post office, the lady doesn't like me.

00:05:01   She's kind of mean to me after the calendar debacle.

00:05:05   And not debacle, she didn't enjoy that I delivered

00:05:09   1300 calendars over the course of a month.

00:05:11   But you go and you're like, hey, I have this,

00:05:14   give me the ice sculpture.

00:05:15   - So how do you think it's gonna be now that there's all

00:05:18   these letters and parcels that are gonna start appearing

00:05:21   at the PO box?

00:05:22   - Don't send me anything that doesn't fit

00:05:24   in a standard letter envelope, how about that?

00:05:26   - I think you don't know how the internet works.

00:05:28   - Well, yeah, I have faith in the person that works.

00:05:30   - Just by saying, please don't, right?

00:05:33   Please don't.

00:05:35   - If you send me something bigger than a letterbox,

00:05:38   I will cut you out of the membership program

00:05:40   if you're a member, how about that?

00:05:41   There's a little skin in the game now for you.

00:05:43   No more connected pro for you.

00:05:44   - Well, but that just affects you, financial writer.

00:05:48   - I don't know how we got from doing a podcast about Apple

00:05:53   to threatening people.

00:05:55   - Yeah, that's like.

00:05:56   - Okay.

00:05:59   Kate says that the PO box is listed

00:06:01   on a page on the website.

00:06:02   What?

00:06:03   - I mean, there is a legal need for it to be listed,

00:06:06   I think, in the privacy.

00:06:08   - Oh yeah, it's on like the terms of the privacy page,

00:06:11   I bet.

00:06:12   - 'Cause of GDPR or something.

00:06:13   Which is probably how KT and Giovanni found it.

00:06:17   - Maybe, maybe.

00:06:18   Anything else to follow up when you talk about?

00:06:20   - Steven has two monitors now.

00:06:22   - Oh.

00:06:23   - Steven has two studio displays.

00:06:25   That's the thing that he did over the time.

00:06:28   - MacPower user members already know this.

00:06:29   - Well, but also do readers of your website

00:06:32   where you posted an article about the fact that you did it.

00:06:34   Like that's what I've linked to in our show.

00:06:37   - Yeah, that's why.

00:06:38   - You didn't really keep it particularly secret

00:06:40   to just MacPower users listeners

00:06:42   when you said, after just a few weeks,

00:06:46   I've fallen in love with the setup

00:06:47   of a pair of studio displays.

00:06:49   It's not like a secret.

00:06:50   - You're not gonna say anything,

00:06:51   you're just gonna say, hmm?

00:06:52   - Hmm.

00:06:53   - That's your comment.

00:06:54   - I mean, it's in the article,

00:06:55   I wanted two screens and--

00:06:56   - Oh, so you're saying read my blog.

00:06:58   Okay.

00:06:59   - This was the way to do it.

00:07:00   Can you read my blog?

00:07:02   This is big flip flop.

00:07:04   This is big flip flop energy right here, man.

00:07:08   Is it?

00:07:08   - It's nice that I think we're gonna talk about this later.

00:07:11   I think it's nice to change things up, you know?

00:07:15   Keep yourself on your toes, you know, with things,

00:07:18   including our setups.

00:07:20   I mean, sure, it's nice to have a setup that works for you

00:07:23   and it's stable, but after a while, like, you know,

00:07:27   we work in our, I want to say bedrooms.

00:07:29   I don't work in my bedroom anymore,

00:07:31   but I did it for many years.

00:07:33   None of us do anymore, but you know, we work from home

00:07:36   and it's fun to change things up.

00:07:38   It gets boring after a while, you know?

00:07:40   The flip-flop is not saying that I justify Steven because Steven takes it to the extreme

00:07:45   But in small doses the flip-flop is not previous the flip-flop is coming

00:07:50   Mm-hmm. Is it a flip-flop though that no because the studio display didn't exist when I brought my pro display XDR

00:07:56   No, but that's what I'm saying. The flip-flop isn't from what you've done now

00:08:00   It's about what you're going to do

00:08:02   Because you've now done this and like you're gonna Apple's gonna release a nicer monitor this year and then you're gonna go to that one

00:08:09   I mean I did save the boxes for these two displays.

00:08:12   You know.

00:08:13   Like here's the thing, it's good to know yourself, right?

00:08:16   Yeah.

00:08:17   And like, so I think that's a great thing, like keep the boxes because you're inevitably

00:08:19   gonna sell them in like three months time because you'll get like Studio Display Pro

00:08:23   or something, you know?

00:08:24   Maybe.

00:08:25   But yeah, they're quite nice.

00:08:26   I like having two displays.

00:08:27   Fancy.

00:08:28   I'm sitting in front of them right now.

00:08:30   So you're just like, you have these two displays and you're like just dragging windows across

00:08:35   displays like feeling really professional about them.

00:08:38   I know you're not familiar with the concept of good window management being an iPad user.

00:08:42   There's an energy today, man!

00:08:44   But on the Mac, you just put stuff where you want it!

00:08:48   We should take two weeks off, like, this is wild!

00:08:52   You sir make assumptions about me.

00:08:54   But you don't know the whole truth.

00:08:57   I've been up to things.

00:08:59   I listen to app stories, I know you're sitting there with a Mac Mini and you want a Mac Pro.

00:09:04   No, not quite.

00:09:06   What if it's a Cube?

00:09:07   will be revealed in due time. So anyways, yeah, two studio displays. I definitely

00:09:13   recommend if you get the studio display, definitely get the adjustable stand. I

00:09:17   think that's the one you have, Myke, as well. It's fantastic. The speakers are

00:09:21   great. The blog post is about, I wanted to have music coming out of both of them

00:09:25   and I was like, "How do I do this? How do I do this?" I was like, "Oh, Loopback can do

00:09:29   it." Because of course it can, and so the blog post just shows you how to do it

00:09:33   for the, you know, four people who have the similar setup. So I have two, two thousandths,

00:09:37   one that is just hilarious to me that like you're like no because I think you said this to me,

00:09:41   I have two sets of speakers so... Might as well use them. I just want music out of all of them,

00:09:46   yeah. But also where, what about the stick things? I, they are retired after like 15 years. No.

00:09:53   Yeah. Wow. The stick speakers, what are they called? Sound sticks. Is it Harman Kardon? It is.

00:10:01   And mine were like the really, really old ones.

00:10:04   And I think I'm sure I've shared this before,

00:10:06   but the right one was hot glued together.

00:10:08   It was really, I still have them.

00:10:10   They're in a box in the attic safe and sound.

00:10:13   Stephen, no one was questioning if you was keeping them.

00:10:18   Right? You?

00:10:20   Oh, did you get rid of something?

00:10:23   No, come on. No.

00:10:24   (laughing)

00:10:26   There was not a question on anyone's mind.

00:10:28   Stephen, can you do me a favor?

00:10:31   Of course.

00:10:31   Can you please fix a typo in the story?

00:10:34   Oh no, where's the typo?

00:10:36   Hot glue holding it together and together as a typo.

00:10:40   Oh, to get her to her.

00:10:42   Yeah, fix that.

00:10:43   To get her.

00:10:44   To get her.

00:10:45   To get her.

00:10:46   To get her.

00:10:47   Let me just take a screenshot of that.

00:10:51   Just so I know.

00:10:54   Also, let's talk about the mug.

00:10:56   Scrub Daddy.

00:10:57   You've got to listen to ingenious, man.

00:10:59   It's like a whole thing.

00:11:00   Scrub Daddy life Federico, it's the best.

00:11:03   - Okay, interesting.

00:11:04   I gotta find--

00:11:05   - Big Scrub Daddy energy.

00:11:06   I got Scrub Mommy at home now too.

00:11:08   - Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy.

00:11:10   - Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy.

00:11:12   - America's favorite sponge.

00:11:14   - It is the best sponge.

00:11:15   It is so good.

00:11:17   Scrub Daddy. - Scrub Daddy.

00:11:18   - Scrub Daddy. - Okay.

00:11:19   All right.

00:11:21   - Scrub me Daddy.

00:11:21   - Steven has embraced Scrub Daddy

00:11:25   as part of his persona now.

00:11:27   - Oh, I see.

00:11:27   - Yeah, you wanna see the tattoo.

00:11:29   (laughing)

00:11:31   - Where do you have it?

00:11:32   - I can't say.

00:11:33   You'll find it when you scrub me.

00:11:37   - There's no need to go on.

00:11:39   Yeah.

00:11:41   - Is that like in general?

00:11:42   (laughing)

00:11:44   - We've been doing the show nine years.

00:11:46   It's time.

00:11:48   Anyways, moving on.

00:11:51   Our friend Ryan has put together a cool GitHub page

00:11:57   that pulls a bunch of cool stats about show length

00:12:00   from Relay FM.

00:12:01   And there's other sites out there that do this.

00:12:03   Different people have tracked different things

00:12:05   over the years, which is incredible to me.

00:12:07   Ryan's, you can go through here and you can click on a show

00:12:10   and it gives you the longest and the shortest episode

00:12:12   and then you can see the average and that sort of thing.

00:12:15   Myke, do you wanna walk us through some of our own stats?

00:12:18   - Yeah, there are a couple of specific things.

00:12:21   The longest episode of Connected is episode 24,

00:12:25   a whole website in the palm of your hand.

00:12:28   This was when we did the like walkthrough

00:12:31   of the original iPad introduction keynote.

00:12:33   - Nice.

00:12:35   - Trying to recapture the magic

00:12:37   of that episode of the prompt, right?

00:12:38   The iPhone one.

00:12:39   And then the shortest episode is episode 90,

00:12:45   a set of unlucky coincidences, which is 48 minutes long.

00:12:50   I cannot tell any reason why this episode

00:12:52   is 48 minutes long, but it was.

00:12:55   And it was the episode where we introduced the IMAX T-shirt

00:12:59   that we did, 'cause Steven had just finished

00:13:01   his IMAX collection, and so we did like a commemorative

00:13:04   IMAX T-shirt with the three of us as little

00:13:06   cartoon characters, and Federico as Dave Grohl

00:13:09   in this thing.

00:13:11   Our average episode length is an hour and 28 minutes,

00:13:15   which I think is pretty good, to be honest.

00:13:18   I think it's kind of what we aim for,

00:13:19   so it's good to know. - It's not bad.

00:13:21   - Specifically an hour and 28 minutes is what we aim for,

00:13:24   So I'm happy that we met that.

00:13:26   - Yeah, we had many talks, you know, nine years ago.

00:13:29   We were like, hey guys, I always dreamed of doing like a show

00:13:32   that's an hour and 20 minutes long each week.

00:13:34   And you both were like, yeah, that's gonna be challenging.

00:13:37   And we don't know if we're gonna pull it off,

00:13:39   but turns out we did.

00:13:40   Really happy about that. - 88,

00:13:42   that's the one to go for, right?

00:13:43   - Yeah, yeah.

00:13:45   - I have like a little thing here,

00:13:46   which is just like, if I just go,

00:13:48   it's not 'cause it's not a quiz.

00:13:50   - You can't do that. - But it's like,

00:13:51   yeah, but it wasn't the full thing, right?

00:13:53   It's just like a little thing, which is more just like, I'll play that sound when I have

00:13:57   like a half a buzz.

00:14:00   It was more like a fifth.

00:14:02   I'll give it to you again.

00:14:04   All right.

00:14:05   It's just like, just enough to know that it's there.

00:14:10   And that is like a sound for Quizzys admin.

00:14:14   Welcome everyone.

00:14:15   We're doing some Quizzys admin.

00:14:16   You may remember in the past we have done on the Quizzys.

00:14:20   Oh, by the way, the scores are resetting.

00:14:22   So that's admin thing number one.

00:14:24   So the next time that we do the quizzes, we will be starting from score zero.

00:14:28   Can you give us a recap of our scores last year?

00:14:32   We will do this when the quizzes next happen because I will do the official resetting of

00:14:36   the scores then.

00:14:37   Got it.

00:14:38   That's just like admin point number one.

00:14:40   Admin point number two, I need help from the passionate ones.

00:14:44   So in the past, we did a survey called "Do You Know the Passionate Ones?" where you

00:14:50   guys had to guess the answers to a Google form right so I put out a Google

00:14:56   form it had like what's your favorite app and you had to try and guess the

00:14:59   preferences of the passionate ones I'm now flipping this around we will in the

00:15:04   future be playing a couple of rounds of a game called do the passionate ones

00:15:09   know you who okay so this will be questions about you two the listeners

00:15:17   will give their responses and you will have to try and guess what they think you like.

00:15:23   What they think of us. Wow. I like it. That's brilliant. I like it. But it will be like,

00:15:30   so they will be like, let's imagine what is Federico's favorite food. That's not in there,

00:15:35   but that's an example, right? Tricky question. You will both be guessing that answer. So

00:15:39   it won't just be Federico guessing that about himself. Federico will guess it about himself

00:15:43   and Steven will guess it about Fedorico and vice versa, you know, so you'll both get a chance to score points on those.

00:15:49   I like it. So that will be coming in the future. There'll be a link in the show notes for this

00:15:54   Google form. Please go fill it out and at some point over the next few weeks who could know when

00:16:00   we will do the first round or do the passionate ones know you.

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00:17:43   I want to talk about our website for a second if you would permit me

00:17:46   I know Myke you and Jason spoke a little bit about this on upgrade, but I want to do it here as well

00:17:53   people probably familiar with the fact that there have been some changes on some social media websites and

00:18:00   Some of us are not on them anymore

00:18:02   And for for years Twitter has been the the main way that we have gathered feedback and follow-up

00:18:09   You know people will reply to an episode tweet or just or just you know

00:18:13   Reach out on Twitter directly and that was fantastic for a really long time

00:18:17   but times have changed and in looking at how we wanted to

00:18:22   gather feedback and follow up moving forward. We really wanted to be able to build something that was

00:18:28   both really easy to use for everybody because yeah, there's always been an email link on the web page and you know

00:18:35   that will continue to be there but a lot of people

00:18:38   felt like that was the only way because they weren't on Twitter or whatever and so

00:18:43   or weren't in the Discord. And so now we've got a form at relay.fm/connected/feedback. Very simple form.

00:18:51   You plug in your name, email address, and a message. You can make it anonymous. If it's marked anonymous,

00:18:56   we actually don't see your name on the back end. It is truly anonymous even to us.

00:19:00   And we really just wanted something that was easy

00:19:02   for everybody to use and then easy for us and our other hosts on Relay to just have one place to go look for

00:19:09   for all their feedback and follow-up items. We do have plans to expand this.

00:19:15   So if you're a member and you're in the Discord, we want to be able to tie the

00:19:20   bot commands in Discord. Right now you can do several different commands to like provide feedback to certain shows and right now those go into

00:19:28   Google Sheets and we want to bring those into this system as well.

00:19:32   So we have plans to expand it over the coming months, but as a 1.0

00:19:36   it's out there now and we really think it's the the best way to send feedback and follow up. Again,

00:19:42   the email is always there, but we think that this is easier for everybody.

00:19:45   And there's like additional things we want to add like that you could denote if something was

00:19:50   Follow up or feedback or answers to questions or whatever like say like ask upgrade or whatever you'd be able to

00:19:57   Choose that when you're honest and that will be per specific show, right?

00:20:01   So each show would have their own set of things like if we were doing connected QA

00:20:06   We might turn that feature on for a little bit, right? So you could send in connected QA questions that way

00:20:10   Yeah

00:20:11   It does appear in the show notes for every episode too, and it's on the website. There's just a button that says submit feedback

00:20:17   We also have short URLs. So we have connected feedback calm

00:20:23   But I also bought something special for connected Federica. I think you might enjoy this

00:20:27   You can also send in your feedback by going to file a feedback calm nice

00:20:33   Nice, so that's you can if you want to file a feedback as people often like to tell us we should

00:20:39   There's a new way to do that. Just go to filerfeedback.com.

00:20:43   I love it.

00:20:44   File a feedback.

00:20:45   Great domain.

00:20:46   Yes.

00:20:47   Thank you.

00:20:48   I also got a domain. The forwarding isn't working yet because I bought it just this

00:20:51   morning. But longthigh.social will also go there.

00:20:55   Wow. That should also be my new Mastodon instance if you don't end up using it. The long thigh

00:21:01   social.

00:21:02   Long thigh dot social. This is like how I own 123 membership dot com and it goes to

00:21:08   connected membership of like, it's just a fun URL, but maybe it's less memorable,

00:21:12   but long thigh dot social, I think is for the real connoisseur, right?

00:21:16   Right. Yeah. It's like, you know,

00:21:19   like if you know, you know, long thigh dot social.

00:21:22   Connoisseur is a great word to describe the kind of people we try to appeal to on a weekly basis, you know?

00:21:29   Yeah, I love it. I love it. I think it's a great idea to have this feedback form, you know,

00:21:35   make it easy for people to send you thoughts and notes and links, whatever,

00:21:38   without, because you know, it's not nice to send an email, you know,

00:21:42   who likes to open an email just to send feedback to a podcast?

00:21:45   Instead you just go to a website and you type in a few words,

00:21:48   click submit and you're done. Boom. Super easy. Good idea. Very good idea.

00:21:52   Myke, I have a feedback item for you actually from Kate. Uh, they wrote,

00:21:56   I wrote this as you were recording, love the show. Thanks Kate.

00:21:59   Is there a deadline for filling in the, do the passionate ones know you form?

00:22:03   Not yet. I mean, I'm gonna see how the responses go over the next week and I'll give you like time

00:22:10   So maybe on next week's episode I'll say all right, you got one last reminder or clothes on whatever. Okay, whatever

00:22:15   So don't freak out about it, but do you know don't run but walk to it, you know, what? Yeah the phone walk to the form

00:22:22   I got a couple other feedback items now that we're in this part of the show. Okay?

00:22:26   It's just like a new second when we do live live. Yeah, where I go to the CMS and read things

00:22:33   Connor wrote in saying that I could shorten my name to SecDefFlex.

00:22:41   Remember Secretary Deflex? They apparently are in part of the Department

00:22:49   of Defense and there they refer to the Secretary of Defense as

00:22:54   SecDef, so SecDefFlex. It's pretty cool. SecDefFlex. SecDeflex.

00:23:01   Sector flex. If you say it fast it gets weird. I mean you could say some

00:23:07   some spicy things there, you know what I mean? That could be a real tongue twister.

00:23:12   I think anything you say fast enough can be weird. Just try and say Steven real fast, like multiple times.

00:23:23   Eventually it's gonna be weird. Yeah, you might summon him.

00:23:28   Hi! Anything else from the CMS? There are a couple that I'm that I'm gonna hold

00:23:34   until we do the next round of Ricky's because there's a couple people have

00:23:37   rules questions but there's one more title suggestion so we discussed what

00:23:43   would happen and we are just one game away from it happening where someone

00:23:47   holds you know all four titles so they the annual chairman the keynote

00:23:52   chairman they win they won the annual flexis and the event flexis which is

00:23:58   me I'm the person yes if you win the next keynote Ricky's then you would have

00:24:04   this assumedly drew wrote in to say personally I think when or if someone

00:24:09   consolidates power in the way that Myke may soon they should be given the title

00:24:13   daddy connected I like that isn't it all right like so I could be like what would

00:24:26   what could I what could I be right so I've got what why am I Archduke

00:24:32   Flexington again if you have both the annual and event flexes yeah the annual

00:24:41   and event flexes right so I so if I won okay so if I won the next keynote

00:24:49   Ricky's and the next keynote flexes I could be like the do we have a name for

00:24:57   the both chairmanship we don't right so I could be like because I've referred to

00:25:03   it before as the consolidated so right where do they think I could be the

00:25:07   consolidated chairman he's Archduke flexing turn daddy connected Myke Hurley

00:25:13   that's pretty good right yeah wow that's pretty good these are the types of

00:25:18   things you can look forward to on the show from now on with our new feedback form.

00:25:21   Yeah. Apple is back from Christmas break as well. Just yesterday we got a bunch of

00:25:26   betas including iPadOS and iOS 16.3 beta 2. Federico how is that going?

00:25:33   I really didn't want to start the year with this kind of energy but here we are

00:25:38   again I guess. There's nothing new in, well there's really nothing new in iOS I

00:25:44   I think there's only like one minor change

00:25:46   to how emergency calls work.

00:25:50   And there is not no, like there are no big changes

00:25:55   in iPadOS.

00:25:57   We all sort of hoped, thought that,

00:26:00   oh, surely Apple is gonna take some sweet time

00:26:03   after the release of iPadOS 16 to, you know,

00:26:05   listen to feedback and go back to the drawing board

00:26:07   for some features, maybe add some settings, you know,

00:26:10   spend some time over the holiday break

00:26:12   thinking about things and whatnot.

00:26:14   They shipped one change to Stage Manager in 16.3 Beta 2, and it's arguably a regression

00:26:23   from a previous behavior.

00:26:25   And it's the kind of change that makes me realize, or well, no, it doesn't make me realize,

00:26:31   it confirms my suspicion that at this point, the team in charge of Stage Manager has no

00:26:37   idea what they're doing anymore.

00:26:39   They're just throwing spaghetti features at the wall and trying to understand what works

00:26:44   and what doesn't. Specifically, so if you recall, last summer it used to be possible

00:26:53   in a workspace in Stage Manager. So you've got a bunch of windows open, right? You're

00:26:57   in a workspace and you have overlapping windows. Suddenly you want to focus on one of them.

00:27:04   It used to be that, and I'm talking like July, August, maybe early September, it used to

00:27:11   be that you could hit GLOBE F, you would temporarily make the selected window full screen, you

00:27:21   would maximize the window, and it used to be that you could hit GLOBE F again to restore

00:27:28   the previous size.

00:27:29   It was basically this very nice toggle that allowed you to take a workspace, you got multiple

00:27:34   overlapping windows, you want to focus on one of them for like two minutes, you do GLOBE

00:27:39   you do what you got to do and then Globe F again and you're done. I love that feature.

00:27:44   That feature didn't make the release of iPadOS 16. It was removed for whatever reason.

00:27:49   So the iPadOS 16 that shipped in October allowed you to Globe F a window,

00:27:58   so to turn a window into full screen while remaining in the active workspace.

00:28:06   So let's say that you got Safari Mail and Reminders in a workspace.

00:28:11   You select Safari, you hit Globe F. The iPadOS 16 that launched in October allowed you to

00:28:19   maximize the Safari window.

00:28:22   Reminders and, what did I say, Mail, would remain in the background, right?

00:28:27   And you would stay in that workspace just with Safari covering the other apps, because

00:28:32   you hit Globe F.

00:28:34   Now, in 16.3 Beta 2, this has completely changed.

00:28:40   Apple has completely changed the behavior of Globe F.

00:28:44   So now, if you have a workspace with multiple windows,

00:28:48   you select one of them and you hit Globe F,

00:28:50   what happens is that the selected window

00:28:56   becomes its own standalone workspace in full screen.

00:29:02   The other windows from the workspace, they get thrown back into the strip as a separate workspace.

00:29:11   So to go back to my previous example, you got Safari, Mail, and Reminders.

00:29:15   You select Reminders and you hit Globe F. In 16.3 Beta 2 what happens is Reminders become a

00:29:21   full screen space. Mail and Safari, they are booted out of the workspace, thrown back into

00:29:31   the strip as a workspace separate from the one of reminders now in full screen.

00:29:37   I don't like it. I can understand why they did it and I disagree with them.

00:29:48   The thing is, I understand how this works. I also think you're wrong about it because I feel like

00:30:00   Like Apple must have thought, "Oh, our users find it confusing that full screen now means

00:30:06   maximize, but there are still things behind the active window."

00:30:11   Because my concern, my fear is that this is what Apple is thinking, that they shipped

00:30:16   something that allowed you to make windows overlap and then they felt guilty about it.

00:30:24   So now they're trying to remove all instances in which, "Oh, there may be something on screen

00:30:30   behind the window that you don't see. So what do they do to fix this? Well, what if we change

00:30:36   the behavior of globeF, so now it makes a window fullscreen and it makes it its own

00:30:42   separate space. This is all wrong. I'm sorry, this just, it's not good. It's not good. If

00:30:50   you, the only way, I was talking to a friend about this behind the scenes, the only way

00:30:59   I could maybe sort of accept this, is do this, okay?

00:31:05   Get the other apps in the background, put them in the separate workspace.

00:31:11   But let me toggle again, GloBeF,

00:31:15   and put back those windows in the workspace as I left them.

00:31:20   It should be like a temporary...

00:31:23   It should be a temporary toggle.

00:31:26   But at that point, why not just return to the behavior of last summer,

00:31:34   where you could hit Glow Bef, make it full screen, hit Glow Bef again,

00:31:37   and you would see your windows?

00:31:39   Because in this state, in 16.3 Beta 2, this is another instance,

00:31:46   it's another example of Stage Manager rearranging things for you on your behalf.

00:31:51   It's just another item in that list of,

00:31:55   Here's all the instances in which stage manager

00:31:58   knows better than you and rearranges windows for you.

00:32:02   You make a window full screen by hitting Globe F,

00:32:04   well now the other windows in your workspace

00:32:06   are not there anymore.

00:32:08   I wish it was a joke, it's not a joke, it's how it works.

00:32:14   - It's very upsetting that they are doing

00:32:19   such drastic changes this far in.

00:32:23   that aren't the ones that people are asking for.

00:32:27   - No, no. - At least in our community.

00:32:29   - Like, yeah, no, they must justify this by saying,

00:32:34   "No, but we have the emails from people, you know,

00:32:37   sent to Craig and Tim Cook." - Which they may well do, right?

00:32:40   - I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure they do.

00:32:43   And hey, if you wanna follow those voices,

00:32:45   you know, be my guest, do that, you know,

00:32:51   Maybe we'll explore some alternatives.

00:32:54   We'll talk about this later, but yeah.

00:32:56   I don't understand this feature.

00:32:59   I don't understand this behavior.

00:33:00   You know what?

00:33:03   I'm honestly like running out of patience here.

00:33:06   Like if you can't ship, if you don't,

00:33:09   if maybe you, I don't know if the problem is that they don't

00:33:13   if they can't or they don't want to,

00:33:16   ship a multitasking, multi-windowing system

00:33:20   that works for pro users.

00:33:22   I honestly, and the thing is,

00:33:24   I honestly don't wanna care anymore.

00:33:26   It is what it is.

00:33:30   Let them do this crazy dance of,

00:33:34   we are in January, 2023,

00:33:36   we're still waiting for basic enhancements to stage manager,

00:33:39   and now they're changing the behavior

00:33:40   of what full screen means.

00:33:42   Like you just make up your mind already.

00:33:44   Anyway, yeah.

00:33:47   Apple was rumored to have a big year this year.

00:33:50   Over the weekend, Mark Gurman, in his newsletter,

00:33:53   had a whole bunch of stuff.

00:33:55   A headline seems to be that the AR/VR headset

00:33:59   is on track to be announced in the spring

00:34:02   with some sort of additional details

00:34:04   or developer story at WWDC and then launching in the fall.

00:34:08   That is dangerously close to Myke's risky pick

00:34:12   for the year.

00:34:13   We'll see how that pans out.

00:34:16   But in the wake of this, Gurman reports that basically everything else Apple works on is

00:34:21   going to have a pretty slow year.

00:34:23   So not big changes in iOS, iPadOS 17, MacOS whatever comes after Ventura.

00:34:32   A slower year for hardware as well.

00:34:34   The 15-inch MacBook Air seems to be on track, but that's about it.

00:34:38   No bigger Mac, no smaller MacBook, no bigger iMac, no larger iPad, and the Mac Pro seems

00:34:46   to be a pretty subdued upgrade over the Intel version. Curious what you guys

00:34:52   think about this. You're at a headset baby. That's what you gotta do. Push it all to the side.

00:34:57   It's all gotta go to the side. Like if you're gonna be serious about it, this has to

00:35:01   be the focus, right? That everything else has to take a backseat for this thing

00:35:05   or it's not gonna work. Well... And like everyone, you can have your own opinion

00:35:09   like I know like it's an interesting dovetail what Federico was just talking

00:35:12   about right like mm-hmm and I know why that will frustrate people like when if

00:35:17   iPad OS 17 doesn't have a lot or iOS 17 Mac OS whatever it's gonna be number was

00:35:22   doesn't have a lot of features it's gonna be frustrating or like if not a

00:35:27   lot of hardware ships this year it's gonna be frustrating but like if they

00:35:32   are serious about this brand new platform this big new hardware like this

00:35:39   has to be the focus of the year for a bunch of reasons whether it's for Apple's own internal

00:35:44   engineering or for like lightning load on developers to encourage them to explore this

00:35:49   development environment like you they got to go all in on it or don't do it and I think that

00:35:57   means like from a messaging perspective from like a focus for the year like it's headset headset

00:36:03   headset if it's going to work they got to go that I feel like they got to go that and then that

00:36:08   ties in with what my pick was, but what has been rumoured at this point quite a lot of like,

00:36:13   it will be basically every time Apple stands in front of an audience this year,

00:36:18   it will include some messaging about this product. And I think that's kind of the way it's got to be.

00:36:23   I think it's kind of it's kind of an odd topic to discuss because this is a product that we haven't

00:36:30   seen, that it's not out yet and we're already saying, "Oh, do I agree or disagree with this?"

00:36:35   Like I have no idea what my opinion is.

00:36:38   Like literally, like I see all these opinions,

00:36:41   like how can you have an opinion on something that is not?

00:36:43   Like, you know, but I'll say that maybe I have questions.

00:36:48   I see these rumors and I have questions.

00:36:52   And I just hope that, like I'm wondering

00:36:56   if we will be worth it to do all this

00:36:59   in the name of the headset, like will it be worth it?

00:37:02   you know, and broadly speaking,

00:37:05   I love VR gaming.

00:37:10   It's one of the things like,

00:37:11   I am so excited about PlayStation VR too, you know,

00:37:14   for example, it's coming in February, right, Myke?

00:37:17   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:37:19   - Yeah, I think you're more excited than PlayStation,

00:37:22   you know, it's a conversation for another time.

00:37:25   - But that's the thing, like,

00:37:26   I know that wearing a headset for, you know,

00:37:29   short bursts of playtime, both by myself and with friends.

00:37:34   It makes for great multiplayer sessions,

00:37:38   especially if you had a few glasses of wine,

00:37:40   like everybody's laughing.

00:37:41   There's one of us wearing the headset, like it's funny.

00:37:44   I did it before, it's great.

00:37:46   I am, I continue to be very skeptical about the idea

00:37:52   of wearing something on your face.

00:37:55   Like it's literally like a headset,

00:37:57   like a visor on your face when you're not playing.

00:38:02   Like I really, really fundamentally struggle

00:38:08   to imagine a scenario in which I'm home, Sylvia's home,

00:38:13   and I'm the jerk wearing the headset

00:38:15   and be like, "Oh, let me be.

00:38:16   I'm in my little fancy AR world.

00:38:19   I don't wanna talk to you or whatever."

00:38:21   Like I really struggle to imagine that,

00:38:23   like that sort of a physical isolation

00:38:26   and sure Apple is going to have the outward phasing display.

00:38:29   By the way, I really want to see what that's going to look like in the end,

00:38:32   if it's awkward or not.

00:38:34   But I think it's a very fundamental question of, you know,

00:38:38   we are already surrounded by technology that isolates us, you know,

00:38:44   and it's one of those things where like, and I try to make an effort

00:38:47   and I know that my friends are trying to make an effort, you know,

00:38:49   like for example, when you go out at dinner with people,

00:38:52   try and put your phone face down on the table so that, you know,

00:38:55   we're not looking at our phones or trying to put on do not disturb so we don't look at our notifications.

00:39:00   And so when it comes to putting something literally in front of your eyes, blocking you out from people,

00:39:07   it's something that makes me very skeptical.

00:39:09   At the same time, I know that for very specific applications

00:39:14   there could be lots of value there.

00:39:17   And down the road in the future when this technology becomes less obtrusive, like, or if they can make, you know,

00:39:24   regular eyeglasses that show you information in front of your eyes.

00:39:28   Like, sure, that's going to be awesome.

00:39:29   But the question I have, will all of this be worth it for a headset that I can only

00:39:38   realistically imagine wearing for like an hour at a time if I'm not bothering other

00:39:43   people around me by wearing it and therefore isolating myself from what's

00:39:48   surrounding me? Will it be worth it?

00:39:50   Right, but if you think the idea of AR glasses is a good idea, they can only get to that with this.

00:39:57   So like, if you... Well, do you need to get to this in public?

00:40:02   Yeah, that's what I was going to say. You could get to this and never ship this thing.

00:40:06   Yeah. No, I don't know if that's possible. Genuinely, I don't know if that's possible.

00:40:10   Like, I'm not going to build it for Apple by wearing the headset.

00:40:17   Right, but it's like you get to the iPad by having an iPhone or like whatever.

00:40:25   You know what, I feel like that there is...

00:40:27   Or let me ask you this though, let me ask you this and answer honestly.

00:40:31   Or is it the hunger for having a new hit of a product?

00:40:36   I mean, well that's always there. Like that's part of it for sure, right?

00:40:41   But I do think it's both things.

00:40:44   I think that they have to start with something.

00:40:49   You can't go straight to AR glasses,

00:40:52   like really advanced AR glasses.

00:40:53   Especially again, that would take a really long time,

00:40:57   a lot of money and a lot of investment to get right.

00:40:59   If people don't like the headset,

00:41:02   then they just don't need to continue, right?

00:41:04   But if they're going to go all in on AR glasses

00:41:08   before they do anything,

00:41:09   well, you don't have any way of testing

00:41:12   even the beginning of the market, right?

00:41:14   I feel like if the future is AR glasses,

00:41:18   I think you've got to start here.

00:41:20   Right?

00:41:21   Which is like, you know, we had big desktops before we had laptops.

00:41:24   Like, I think that that's the path.

00:41:26   Right. But yeah, for me, there's like the line in the sand for me is,

00:41:32   you know, put something on your face.

00:41:33   Like, I really cannot go past that point.

00:41:36   Like, sure, I, you know, they're making giant monitors.

00:41:39   Okay. They're making a watch for your wrist.

00:41:42   All right.

00:41:43   They made phones small, and then they made phones regular,

00:41:46   and then they made phones big.

00:41:47   OK.

00:41:48   And then they made computers big and small, Mac Mini.

00:41:51   They made a cube.

00:41:52   They made an iMac.

00:41:53   OK.

00:41:53   They made an Apple TV.

00:41:55   Sure.

00:41:55   They made an iPad.

00:41:56   Fine.

00:41:57   They made an iPad Mini.

00:41:58   All right.

00:41:58   Good.

00:41:59   But something on your-- and they made the AirPods.

00:42:01   Great.

00:42:02   But something in front of your eyes and your forehead?

00:42:06   You're just wearing it?

00:42:07   Like, for how long?

00:42:09   I don't know.

00:42:11   Even VR, like after a while it makes you look like an idiot.

00:42:15   You know?

00:42:16   It's just there.

00:42:18   Like put something on your face and look silly.

00:42:22   But these are arbitrary lines though, right?

00:42:24   Like you're good of all of these things up until that point and that's the line that

00:42:29   you've drawn and like I would argue that society is also drawing that line, right?

00:42:34   And I'm not saying that that isn't the line either but like these are just lines that

00:42:39   drawn until they're redrawn?

00:42:41   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:42:41   I think for me, it's pretty clear cut.

00:42:44   Like anything that goes in front of your mouth

00:42:45   and goes in front of your eyes, it's kind of awkward.

00:42:47   - So no Dyson headphones for you then.

00:42:49   (laughing)

00:42:50   - Exactly, like have you looked at those?

00:42:52   Like, I mean, come on.

00:42:54   (laughing)

00:42:55   I don't know.

00:42:56   Look, the thing is, I am excited.

00:42:58   I wanna make this clear.

00:43:00   I am excited about this technology.

00:43:02   If they made eyeglasses with AR features,

00:43:06   I would buy a pack of them.

00:43:08   Like I would literally buy five of them. I just use a different one each day.

00:43:13   I don't know why, but I would do it. Just see it's an exaggeration to drive home my point.

00:43:17   My problem is, you know, covering my face. Anyway, yeah.

00:43:23   We'll see. It may be a very weird year to cover Apple if this blueprint comes to pass.

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00:44:54   first purchase and to show your support for the show. Our thanks to Squarespace

00:44:58   for the support of connected and relay FM. It's a new year, some people set resolutions and I

00:45:05   thought it would be fun to talk about some new year's tech resolutions that we may have and

00:45:11   we will do this in true round robin style. Myke do you want to kick us off? As you can imagine

00:45:18   I eschew the resolutions idea. Ah yes here we go. I have a whole personal brand around

00:45:26   resolutions not being a thing. So I will be expressing mine as themes. So I have three

00:45:33   themes and it's fun. My first one is optimism. So I'm going to treat this as a year of optimism

00:45:40   specifically around the upcoming headset because what I don't... So I'm remembering, the reason

00:45:49   I thought about this is there was a number of years ago, I don't remember what was happening

00:45:53   or why I did this, but I decided that I was going to have a year of optimism around Apple products

00:46:01   because there was a malaise at the time. Everyone was upset about everything, hardware, software.

00:46:08   It was the year of the MacBook Pro keyboard. It was that period of time.

00:46:12   I think you're right, yeah, because I remember it was, I think it was the first...

00:46:17   2016 or something.

00:46:19   Maybe the first San Jose WWDC. It was the scooter year, I think.

00:46:22   Like, maybe it was the second San Jose WWDC.

00:46:25   And it was just like, I was getting tired of being mad and sad on my content.

00:46:31   Right? Like, I just didn't want to be that way anymore.

00:46:32   So I chose, I was going to try and see the positive side of things.

00:46:37   So I am choosing the optimism side of this.

00:46:40   So here's what I will say as a...

00:46:42   Some counterpoints to Federico's arguments.

00:46:46   I'm not going to count all of them because some of them I do agree with.

00:46:48   like shutting yourself off from the world is something that I'm concerned about but my hope

00:46:53   is that they're gonna find some way of making it a bit better and or like you just use it for an

00:46:57   hour at a time or whatever like to be honest using our phones shuts us off from the world as well it's

00:47:02   just in like a different kind of way. Here's what I'm pitching for why I'm gonna be optimistic about

00:47:07   this. I like VR. I like VR in general. I like VR for uh for games. I've tried some productivity

00:47:14   stuff in VR and I think it's really interesting so I want to stay open-minded about that especially

00:47:19   to see whatever Apple is doing because I'm going to naturally assume that the software experience

00:47:25   is better than the software experiences I've tried elsewhere because if it's not then there's no

00:47:29   point in them doing it right? I am holding out judgment for like an iPhone OS level of wow

00:47:40   Right? Like, at some point, they're going to wow us again in a similar way to that.

00:47:47   It could take another 15 years, right? But, you know, I remember back to how it felt to watch

00:47:54   that keynote and for them to take what we thought they were doing and display it to us in a way that

00:48:03   we never could have conceived of. Like, they just built an operating system that didn't look or act

00:48:08   like anything else that had existed before.

00:48:10   Do I believe they're going to do it this time?

00:48:13   Yes and no, I don't know.

00:48:15   But I feel like this is the first place

00:48:18   where they where they have that opportunity again.

00:48:21   Like not going to happen with the iPad,

00:48:22   wasn't going to happen with the Apple Watch,

00:48:25   but a thing where you could create this beautiful 3D environment

00:48:29   with whole new ways of working, of like of how software can work,

00:48:34   of how notifications can look, how apps can look, experiences like

00:48:37   this is the first, I think, time where since the iPhone,

00:48:42   they will be able to truly wow us.

00:48:45   And so I'm, at this point, months, you know,

00:48:48   between three to six months before we're going to see it,

00:48:50   I am choosing to believe that that is a possibility.

00:48:53   And that headset hardware that they have could be very,

00:48:59   I think it will be very interesting,

00:49:00   whether it's good or bad, it's going to be interesting.

00:49:02   But nevertheless, this whole endeavor

00:49:06   will be fertile ground for interesting shows.

00:49:09   And so I am choosing to be optimistic,

00:49:12   even if my co-hosts are pessimistic,

00:49:14   that's still interesting content,

00:49:16   'cause we can debate it.

00:49:18   But I am choosing to be optimistic and positive

00:49:22   about whatever it is that they're gonna make.

00:49:24   Because at this point, you can just choose one path

00:49:27   and I'm purposely choosing glass half full.

00:49:32   - You mean like glasses half full?

00:49:33   - Yes.

00:49:34   Although that wouldn't be so good if the glasses were only half full, right?

00:49:39   Cause then one eye is going to work.

00:49:41   My first one is fixing my iCloud shared photo library.

00:49:46   So when this feature came out,

00:49:48   I turned it on and basically dumped my wife and I's basically our entire photo

00:49:53   libraries into one shared family photo library.

00:49:57   It's a disaster in there. There's a bunch of photos.

00:50:02   I don't know why or how.

00:50:03   There's a ton of photos that she's taken over the years

00:50:05   that have just no location data.

00:50:08   There's things with wrong dates, lots of missing faces,

00:50:11   nothing has tags.

00:50:12   This is made worse that your shared library

00:50:16   doesn't have albums.

00:50:17   You can still have albums in your own library.

00:50:20   So I'm gonna keep some albums for like,

00:50:22   she doesn't need my photos that I take for articles

00:50:25   and stuff that I keep, right?

00:50:26   Like of hardware and things.

00:50:27   But for family photos, I had a bunch of those in albums.

00:50:31   And I want to get to a point where between faces, GPS, maybe some specific tagging, I

00:50:38   can find anything I want.

00:50:40   But it's a mountain of work.

00:50:42   I slowly chip away at it.

00:50:43   Like if I have kind of a quiet afternoon, I might open photos and, you know, put half

00:50:47   an hour in.

00:50:48   I have a couple of smart albums, one for images with no location, one for images with no tag.

00:50:54   So I can start to sort through these things, but it's going to be great when it's done.

00:50:59   is just a lot of work between here and there. But I'm very excited about it. Very side

00:51:06   question. I'm happy, I know you love photo management so it's gonna be great, but

00:51:10   just as a this is not connected but I just wanted to know. No it is connected

00:51:14   it's literally the name of the show. Did you fix the advanced data protection

00:51:17   thing for Mary? I have not tried again so when I tried getting the key it would

00:51:23   just sit there and I've not made it back to that but I need to also the clock's

00:51:30   ticking Apple it's a new year I want this feature come on give it to me give

00:51:35   it give it to Myke it's gonna come right after the Apple card I'm sure so my

00:51:39   first resolution theme is - yes I want to explore more technology outside of

00:51:49   Apple. The year of Linux! The Linux on the Italian desktop. Well I got it on my Steam deck so I'm

00:52:01   halfway there. To be fair it was the year of Linux last year for that reason. It literally was.

00:52:07   Maybe the most successful year Linux has ever had. Finally. No but the thing is 2022 was a

00:52:17   a challenging year for me in terms of covering the things I want to cover.

00:52:22   And they, you know, I mean, look at iPadOS and how they butchered my boy, you know,

00:52:28   look at what they did to my boy.

00:52:36   His windows are everywhere.

00:52:41   And as I can, as you can tell from the previous segment,

00:52:47   I'm tired of complaining.

00:52:49   Like, I don't work for Apple.

00:52:52   I'm not their consultant.

00:52:55   I love tablets.

00:52:57   I just, I love convertible computers.

00:52:59   And I love the iPad.

00:53:01   I love the idea.

00:53:02   I firmly believe in the idea of a computer

00:53:05   that can be many computers, you know?

00:53:08   It's just something that makes me happy.

00:53:10   And I'm tired of feeling upset

00:53:14   every time I try to use iPadOS and it doesn't do what I want to.

00:53:19   And so I've been thinking about this over the holidays.

00:53:22   I've been thinking about this for the past few months.

00:53:24   You know, I don't want to end up in a situation where I hate

00:53:30   the things I want to write about.

00:53:33   And I don't like, you know, me, I don't like to be locked into options.

00:53:39   I don't like to be forced to do something.

00:53:42   So there's many things that I want to do. And I also think doing this will be good for me as a

00:53:49   person. I love technology and I feel like over the past few years, maybe four to five years,

00:53:57   I haven't been knowledgeable enough about other technology. And there's a world out there,

00:54:06   like I don't want to try Linux on the desktop, but there's a world of Android devices,

00:54:11   of Windows devices, of web services that like are not just apps for Apple platforms, like

00:54:19   stuff that you can try and works everywhere.

00:54:22   And I feel like I don't know enough.

00:54:24   And I feel like I'm pretty boxed in at the moment.

00:54:29   And I don't like that feeling.

00:54:30   And that combined with like every single time, you know, I find something that upsets me

00:54:36   about IPadS or a new beta comes out and there's a change that upsets him like you know what

00:54:43   maybe it's time to try something else and so this year I want to become more knowledgeable

00:54:47   about other things and I've been doing things behind the scenes we'll talk about them soon

00:54:54   you know and I've been moving in that direction because I think it's I and I think it'll make

00:55:00   me a better writer about Apple stuff if I also know how the bigger world of technology

00:55:08   operates and what it looks like.

00:55:10   So yeah, that's what I want to do this year.

00:55:11   I want to explore other options for technology outside of Apple because I feel like I don't

00:55:15   know enough about them and I feel pretty dissatisfied with the technology that I use at the moment

00:55:21   and I don't like feeling dissatisfied but also I'm not in a position of power at Apple

00:55:27   to change things the way I would like them to be.

00:55:29   So maybe try to try something else

00:55:31   and see if the grass is greener on the other side

00:55:34   or just a different type of grass,

00:55:36   or maybe it's not green at all.

00:55:38   Like, let's see what the grass looks like.

00:55:40   So yeah, I guess in 2023, I will touch grass,

00:55:44   as the kids say.

00:55:45   (laughing)

00:55:47   - I feel like you've seen Avatar too many times,

00:55:49   you know what I mean?

00:55:49   Like, what color's the grass in a reality, you know?

00:55:53   It's Pandora grass, is what he's looking for.

00:55:56   Have you seen the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i dual screen foldable laptop?

00:56:01   Oh, have I seen that?

00:56:02   I think it's in I really think it's an incredible idea.

00:56:06   But you guys should.

00:56:09   I want you to buy that computer so we can talk about it.

00:56:12   So I want to know what you think of that computer.

00:56:14   Don't worry, Myke, I got you covered.

00:56:17   We'll have plenty of things to talk about this year.

00:56:21   That is that's round one.

00:56:23   We've been moving around to.

00:56:25   Mine is completing an inventory of my Apple collection. I don't have an updated

00:56:33   inventory. My old system was literally an Apple Note and so I built a very fancy

00:56:38   Google spreadsheet that has like lots of drop downs and things so I can say oh

00:56:42   this is a desktop this is the year this came out all those things. I'm very

00:56:46   excited about it. I have started on it I've gotten a little bit into this but

00:56:50   this is a project that I fully intend on having complete hopefully in the early

00:56:55   part of the year. And one reason I did it in Google Sheets is so I can make it

00:57:00   public so people can poke around in there and they have questions about

00:57:04   something, you know, hit me up on the feedback form, for instance.

00:57:07   Google Sheets. Rest in peace, Devon. Yeah, Google Sheets is an interesting choice

00:57:11   for this, like, because Notion and Craft can also be public. I looked at a bunch

00:57:15   of things here. I looked at Airtable. I looked at, what is it, I looked at

00:57:22   something else that was like an online spreadsheet thing. I looked at Notion,

00:57:25   looked at Kraft, but I was like, you know what, I already spend all day in Google Docs and

00:57:30   Sheets and know how it works really well and I want to do this once and then just

00:57:34   update it over the years and I don't think Google Sheets is going anywhere. So

00:57:38   it felt like a very stable option. Trust Google not to get rid of things. If they get rid of

00:57:44   Google Sheets the world will explode. Something bad happens. I'll put a view link in the

00:57:49   Discord so people can kind of see what I'm talking about here. So you guys can look at this as well

00:57:54   Got manufacturer product name. Oh, it's good-looking. Thank you. This is the new like drop-down style that they're that they're rolling out

00:58:03   Pretty sweet you released specs condition and then coverage if I've written about it or talked about it somewhere

00:58:10   I'm gonna try to have those links there as well, which is mostly for me. So I know like what I own

00:58:16   Yeah, versus what I've talked about. Can it go in the show notes? Yeah. Yeah, it can go in the show notes

00:58:20   Just understand that it's very clearly not done. Like there's 12 rows in here

00:58:25   There's gonna be like 160 when I'm done. All right, so my

00:58:28   Second theme is to finalize my smart home setup

00:58:34   And I'm almost there. So to give you an update we settled on the two Amazon echoes as

00:58:42   speakers for my TV

00:58:44   With the fire TV stick everything is working beautifully, you know

00:58:48   going with that

00:58:51   But there's other things that I want to finalize more specifically recently. I discovered that our

00:58:57   house is

00:58:59   wired

00:59:00   into this built-in home automation system

00:59:04   Based on a standard called K and X. I think it stands for

00:59:10   connects at least that's

00:59:12   That's bad.

00:59:13   That's so bad.

00:59:14   Connected.

00:59:15   It's very bad.

00:59:15   That's what we should call the show.

00:59:17   Yeah, connects.

00:59:19   So anyway, KNX.

00:59:21   And basically, I discovered that,

00:59:26   so the building company wanted to sell me

00:59:29   this gateway device that would give me access

00:59:33   to an app on my phone to control things

00:59:36   like every single electrical outlet,

00:59:39   every single light switch,

00:59:41   and all the blinds, like all the windows in the apartment.

00:59:46   And then I was like, interesting, but I did some research

00:59:51   and I discovered that there's a world out there

00:59:55   of compatible third-party gateway devices

01:00:00   that need to be professionally installed

01:00:02   by technicians in your home.

01:00:03   It's not something you can do yourself.

01:00:07   And so basically I found this way to have,

01:00:11   basically bring HomeKit and Alexa compatibility to my home

01:00:17   by actually physically wiring a gateway device

01:00:22   into my home automation system.

01:00:25   Which means soon enough I will be able in theory

01:00:29   to have access to every single thing in HomeKit.

01:00:34   every light switch, every outlet, all the windows,

01:00:39   like open the windows and close the blinds, whatever,

01:00:44   like all of that.

01:00:46   Humidity sensors, air quality sensors, the temperature,

01:00:50   the heating system, the AC system,

01:00:54   like every single thing will show up in HomeKit

01:00:58   because there will be this bridge and it's not software,

01:01:01   it's a hardware bridge.

01:01:03   It actually requires ethernet,

01:01:07   so I will have to wire the entire apartment,

01:01:11   and I've been talking to this company,

01:01:13   local in Rome, about it.

01:01:15   But that will give me much, much greater access

01:01:19   in terms of controlling my home from Siri and Alexa.

01:01:23   That's also the thing that I really wanted to have,

01:01:25   compatibility with two systems at the same time.

01:01:29   It's gonna be an expensive job,

01:01:31   but I really want to do it.

01:01:33   And the thing is, this will allow me to finally fix something

01:01:36   that has always bothered me,

01:01:38   which is if you use Philips Hue lights,

01:01:41   but you turn off the light switch,

01:01:44   the light stops working,

01:01:45   unless you want to install the switches from Philips,

01:01:48   which I don't want to do,

01:01:49   because we have nicer looking physical switches

01:01:53   in the house.

01:01:55   But this way, I will be able to control the switch itself.

01:01:59   - So what it does.

01:02:01   Yes, I can basically say power on or power off.

01:02:04   So I will no longer basically I will only use the Philips Hue light itself for the color,

01:02:11   but the power will be a separate accessory.

01:02:14   Like I will actually be able to physically control the the power switch for every single light in every single room.

01:02:21   Go for it. Do what you want.

01:02:22   Philips did make a change where now you can you can have the power on retain like it can retain the color.

01:02:30   - So just like a cool thing. - Yes, and I've done that.

01:02:32   And I've done that, but the thing is,

01:02:34   if somebody presses, physically presses the switch

01:02:37   in the wall and cuts the power to the light.

01:02:40   - You can't turn it on.

01:02:41   - You can turn it on.

01:02:42   - Yeah. - Because there's no longer power.

01:02:44   - Yeah, it's like they went halfway,

01:02:45   but it's like as far as they can go.

01:02:47   Like there's nothing else that they can do about it.

01:02:47   - And I mean, you can fix this by replacing the switches

01:02:51   with some compatible switches that,

01:02:53   but I really don't wanna do that.

01:02:54   I just wanna have the nice switches

01:02:56   that came with the apartment.

01:02:58   But yeah, I will be able to control those.

01:03:01   So this will require technicians come over.

01:03:04   We're going to, you know, a nice side benefit of this is that I will have

01:03:08   Ethernet everywhere, so that will be cool.

01:03:11   But yeah, that's a.

01:03:15   It's going to take a while,

01:03:15   but it's something I really want to finish up in the next few months.

01:03:18   I found KNX.org.

01:03:21   That's the official organization website.

01:03:24   It's I want to read you some of the benefits of KNX for your home.

01:03:28   Reduce your energy consumption by automatically switching off the lights when you forgot during a busy morning.

01:03:33   Adjust your heating from a distance for a warm welcome.

01:03:36   Give unwanted intruders no chance!

01:03:39   Close the shutters at night when you're away.

01:03:42   All right.

01:03:43   That's nice.

01:03:44   You know what I mean? Calm down, everyone.

01:03:46   Wake up in the morning by slowly opening your shutters.

01:03:49   Create a cozy light atmosphere in the evening or set up a routine to give the impression that you're home when you're not.

01:03:56   Also, the tab title includes the words official website in brackets so you know, they're they're serious

01:04:02   My second theme is very similar to Federico's and that it is smart home related. I'm not smart homes not a theme

01:04:08   I'm not going smarter home. There you go. There's my theme to theme you have four F's

01:04:13   That's the name of your theme right the year for it, which is it's very good

01:04:19   But I'm not coming in here and trashing it you can come in and trash in just a year of smart home

01:04:22   That's fine. You can do whatever you want

01:04:25   smart home so similar to Federico like I'm also building out a new smart home

01:04:30   infrastructure not familiar to Federico I have a house built in the 70s so do

01:04:37   not have the wiring for KNX you know what I mean like there's none of that

01:04:40   and that ain't in there so I'm buying products as we're like building out our

01:04:47   house now with smart in mind so I'm trying to stay in the home kit world

01:04:53   wherever I can but where I can't I will want the best kind of thing so for

01:04:58   example we have a nest thermostat it's not in homekit but it's really great on

01:05:02   its own or like we have a Roomba right which is not in homekit but it's really

01:05:06   great on its own so like these are things that you can automate you have to

01:05:09   touch them that's what I'm trying to do like if I can't get something in this in

01:05:13   homekit just be good and automatable on its own I want everything to be

01:05:17   organized really well so like I'm taking the time to like put everything into

01:05:21   to Home Pass, right?

01:05:23   So I've got all of the HomeKit codes all saved,

01:05:27   which is a great app.

01:05:28   It's Home Pass, right?

01:05:29   Is that it?

01:05:29   Yeah, Home Pass.

01:05:30   I'll put a link in the show notes to that app.

01:05:32   And I'm trying to get my actual HomeKit views arranged

01:05:36   in the way that I want them to.

01:05:38   Also, just more sensors around the house for just data.

01:05:42   So I've got temperature and humidity sensors in each room.

01:05:46   And then once I've kind of got all that kind of stuff

01:05:49   set up the way that I want, with lots of research,

01:05:51   which is going to be a very long process to do this stuff.

01:05:54   I then want to be a bit better about automating things,

01:05:57   but not in a really complicated way.

01:05:59   I want to do just home kit automations

01:06:02   and just do some nice stuff.

01:06:05   I don't want to get in a situation

01:06:06   where the house is going wild

01:06:07   when people walk in and out, right?

01:06:09   We're not going to understand it,

01:06:10   but just nice simple stuff, like entranceway,

01:06:14   put a little sensor in that will just turn on the light

01:06:16   when someone comes in if the door's been opened.

01:06:18   Stuff like that.

01:06:20   Not like, by the setting of the sun

01:06:22   on the second Wednesday of every quarter,

01:06:25   you know, like none of that kind of stuff.

01:06:26   So what I'm saying is,

01:06:28   don't even tell me to install Homebridge,

01:06:30   I'm not doing it, right?

01:06:31   Like, I ain't doing it.

01:06:33   But you're the smart, you're the smarter home.

01:06:35   That's what I'm gonna call you.

01:06:36   - I think you guys are both gonna really enjoy

01:06:37   where this leads you.

01:06:38   It's great.

01:06:39   - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

01:06:41   - This episode of Connected is made possible by Capital One.

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01:08:01   All right, Federico, you wanna kick off the final round?

01:08:03   - Yeah, so my final theme is to get more serious

01:08:08   about PC gaming.

01:08:09   - Yeah, baby.

01:08:10   - This is something that we've been talking about this

01:08:13   for a while, Mac has been pushing me to do it.

01:08:15   A friend of the show, Steve Transmith,

01:08:18   has been pushing me to do this for a while.

01:08:20   I wanna build my own gaming PC eventually this year

01:08:25   with a sweet, sweet NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU inside.

01:08:30   Like, I really wanna do this.

01:08:33   I wanna get more serious about it.

01:08:35   I've been waiting for options

01:08:39   in terms of the most compact form factor I can find,

01:08:44   you know, while keeping in mind that it is an NVIDIA 4090,

01:08:52   which is a huge, ridiculously large graphics card.

01:08:56   But yes, as I've been using for the past couple of years,

01:09:00   I've been using this compact pre-assembled PC.

01:09:03   I have a Corsair One compact gaming tower

01:09:08   with a 3080 Ti GPU inside.

01:09:12   And while I've been super happy with it,

01:09:16   it doesn't really fit with the design

01:09:20   of the apartment anymore.

01:09:22   At the moment, it's hidden behind the TV in the living room

01:09:26   and you can see it when you walk in,

01:09:28   even though we've tried our best to hide it

01:09:31   and Sylvia doesn't like it.

01:09:33   And even though I love playing on it,

01:09:36   I also don't like the fact that it's visible in an otherwise pretty modern aesthetic that

01:09:41   we're going for in the living room.

01:09:43   But I do have a pretty large cabinet underneath the TV where a horizontal form factor would

01:09:53   fit super nicely.

01:09:55   And there are, you know, there's a, there are, I had like this, the guys who assembled

01:10:02   the furniture, I had them put in like holes

01:10:07   for cable management and ventilation,

01:10:09   because I told them there were gonna be electronics in here.

01:10:12   And plus, anyway, it's not a problem

01:10:16   to keep the door of the cabinet open

01:10:19   when I'm playing a video game or something.

01:10:21   So yeah, eventually I want to sell the Corsair One

01:10:28   and I want to build a PC with a 4090 inside.

01:10:33   Yeah, so that's really the plan for this year.

01:10:38   I don't know if there will be a 4090 Ti in 2023,

01:10:43   but I don't think so.

01:10:46   But for me, that's the baseline now.

01:10:48   Like, if I'm building a PC,

01:10:50   there's going to be, at a minimum,

01:10:52   there's going to be a 4090 in it.

01:10:54   Then we're going to need to have a discussion

01:10:56   about the form factor, which case I want to go for,

01:10:58   do you know which CPU I want to put in it,

01:11:03   but that's a discussion for another time.

01:11:05   At some point this year,

01:11:06   maybe in the second half of the year, I want to do this.

01:11:09   - You get all the parts,

01:11:11   I'll come to Rome for the weekend.

01:11:13   - Nice, yes, okay.

01:11:15   - We build it.

01:11:16   'Cause I am, not doubting you,

01:11:19   I'm worried about like 40/90 small form factor,

01:11:25   first PC build. Like, that feels like a recipe.

01:11:28   It needs to be extremely well researched. And most likely, like it needs to be a build

01:11:36   that we can copy from someone else. Like it needs to be something that someone else has already done.

01:11:41   Let me introduce you to youtube.com, right? Like this is gonna be that.

01:11:45   I know, I know, I know.

01:11:48   But I'm very excited for this. I think you're gonna love it.

01:11:51   Me too.

01:11:51   PC building is great fun. It's terrifying, but it's great fun.

01:11:56   It is fun.

01:11:56   Yeah.

01:11:57   My last theme, my tech theme of this year is relevance.

01:12:03   It's a good one.

01:12:04   So this is something I'm very worried about at the moment, like very focused on, and I'm trying to,

01:12:09   it's like something I'm thinking about a lot for the rest of this year. I want to make sure

01:12:13   that I'm keeping in touch with what's important to our audiences without using Twitter or Mastodon,

01:12:20   and how I do that and how I make sure I stay in touch with the conversation.

01:12:24   This also actually does a little bit tie in with the headset thing, right?

01:12:30   That like I'm trying to force my curmudgeonly ways out, right?

01:12:34   And so just in case that people are like, "ah, these guys, they hate headsets. They're old."

01:12:41   You know? So I don't know if that's a thing, but it's a slight thing,

01:12:45   but really it's more just like knowing what people care about and what they want

01:12:50   to hear us talk about. So that's the thing that I'm pretty focused on for this year is trying to

01:12:56   make sure that I remain relevant. That's a good one. I like it. My final one is sort of the inside

01:13:02   out version of yours. But it's to enjoy life free of social media. And part of that a sub theme or

01:13:13   topic or resolution is to continue to like get

01:13:17   Weirder stuff on 512 pixels. So non Twitter have a mastodon account. Don't look at it having this gram account

01:13:24   Don't look at it. But

01:13:26   There have been a couple of things already that would have been a tweet that end up being a blog post

01:13:33   So the thing we mentioned earlier in the show were like two pseudo displays and using loopback to get audio from both of them

01:13:38   That have been like a single tweet with an image, right?

01:13:41   But instead I wrote up as a blog post

01:13:43   I think it's more useful to people as a blog post if someone has a setup like this and they're

01:13:48   Googling for it or they you know read it like oh, that's a good idea

01:13:51   You know even just the other night

01:13:54   I posted a thing about how I mount my iPad mini to my bike in my gym my little gym corner of the garage and

01:14:01   Again could have just been a tweet or like an Instagram story or something was like no I'm gonna ride it up

01:14:06   I'm have a blog when I have links and

01:14:08   I'm having a lot of fun doing that sort of stuff.

01:14:11   I do have the problem that Federico you have expressed about MacStory's design in that I currently have no way to

01:14:19   Like this is a actual article. This is like a weird thing. Yeah, I still don't know what to do about that

01:14:26   I have a couple of ideas. I don't like any of them and so

01:14:28   Not yeah

01:14:30   I really like this theme because like I've been thinking about the very same things like it's also what I want to do

01:14:36   Yes, I love this. Yeah, so finding a way to make all that work within WordPress within

01:14:44   you know, my site, because it's very old, has a lot of weird stuff in it in terms of how things work.

01:14:52   Like I don't like my WordPress install doesn't take advantage of hardly anything new in WordPress.

01:14:58   And so maybe it's time to embrace some of that stuff. And maybe I've got to break old stuff. I

01:15:02   I don't know but there's there's definitely that's like two sides of a coin for me. It's being off of social media

01:15:08   basically entirely and spending more effort in

01:15:12   blogging and linking to things and that sort of thing on 512 so

01:15:17   I'm excited by that already just I mean this started the end of last year, but

01:15:23   Being able to see how it's already gone

01:15:25   I'm encouraged by and some of those posts that I wouldn't be posting before have done really well

01:15:31   And so continuing down that road but finding a way where it kind of fits within the structure of the blog a little bit better.

01:15:38   Microblogging.

01:15:41   Microblogging. Myke, have you thought about having some place to like put things like a blog?

01:15:45   Yep. Yep. I have.

01:15:47   Okay.

01:15:48   I don't know the answer to that today. Like me and Brad are just talking about it on the pen I have today and he

01:15:52   has been using microblog more.

01:15:56   micro dot blog and like I was looking at his thing like his micro blog and I was

01:16:00   like yeah maybe I should but I don't know the answer is yeah I've been

01:16:04   thinking about it but I also know me and I know that I'm likely to start it and

01:16:09   not keep it up so mm-hmm the answer is like yeah I've been thinking about it

01:16:14   but I'm not jumping into anything yet yeah and how so I'm looking at Brad's

01:16:17   now like and how do you not just treat it like Twitter again but I think that's

01:16:23   fine though right because like you just put in stuff out there so people can

01:16:27   read it if they want to but if it's that there isn't any replying there's no

01:16:32   conversations I can't see anything that anybody else is saying or reply to that

01:16:35   like which is kind of the stuff that I'm trying to move away from yeah so really

01:16:40   like I thought like like tumblr like I don't know you know but yeah I thought

01:16:44   about it but also I haven't really contributed much to like Twitter is like

01:16:50   as a conversation piece for a while and haven't felt any like bad effects from

01:16:56   that you know like it's not like I have so much to say like I have a lot to say

01:17:01   I have a lot of podcasts to say on yeah but sometimes you may have something to

01:17:05   want to share that's not podcast II you know yeah I mean and I do a bit of that

01:17:09   on Instagram and I've been thinking about sharing stuff on Instagram more

01:17:14   like being less precious about that and like I did that today I could just post

01:17:19   to the picture of my desk like so I'm trying to be a little bit precious little

01:17:23   less precious about my Instagram that's just a stock that is already a network

01:17:27   that I enjoy and want to keep want to keep using so I think I might just do

01:17:32   that for a little while but I'm keeping my feelers out for like is there

01:17:36   something else for like I haven't like what you just said right okay here's a

01:17:41   picture of my desk like what I didn't do is I don't have any links on X's

01:17:44   Instagram post right hmm but I could do that where I'm like oh if you like I got

01:17:49   this thing and this thing and this thing.

01:17:50   'Cause people are like, "What is that thing?"

01:17:52   And I can just tell them, like I can't link them

01:17:55   because it's Instagram.

01:17:56   - I'm excited about our collective year together, boys.

01:17:59   I really am.

01:18:00   - Me too.

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01:19:15   And until next week, boys, say goodbye.

01:19:18   - Arrivederci.

01:19:18   - Bye bye.

01:19:19   - Oh, no cheerio?

01:19:21   You threw me off my game.

01:19:23   - Sometimes, that's what,

01:19:24   I say bye bye on ingenious sometimes.

01:19:26   I don't know why.

01:19:26   - Okay, well.

01:19:27   - Cheerio.

01:19:28   - Bye y'all.