431: The Rickies (January 2023)


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 431.

00:00:12   Happy New Year! It's time for the Rickies.

00:00:15   This episode is brought to you by ExpressVPN and Hover.

00:00:18   My name is Myke Hurley and I have the pleasure of introducing Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   Hello Myke, and Happy New Year.

00:00:24   Or...

00:00:25   Why, thank you.

00:00:26   Buonanno.

00:00:27   Oh, thank you.

00:00:28   It's also my pleasure to introduce our other friend

00:00:32   from America, Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:34   Hello, Steven, happy new year.

00:00:35   - Happy new year, guys.

00:00:36   - How would you say it in Tennessee?

00:00:40   - Happy new year, y'all.

00:00:41   - Okay, there you go.

00:00:42   (laughing)

00:00:43   It's exactly what I wanted.

00:00:46   (sighs)

00:00:47   - Well, we are here.

00:00:49   The world has made it around the sun one more time.

00:00:52   - Not just barely, but yeah, seems like it.

00:00:55   - So this is our annual predictions episode.

00:00:58   We're gonna do two things in this episode.

00:01:00   We're going to grade our picks we made for 2022.

00:01:04   We have gone through these, we have discussed,

00:01:06   we have scored them, so we'll talk about all that.

00:01:09   And we will be making picks for 2023.

00:01:14   You can follow along at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:01:18   We have links in the show notes to both of those,

00:01:21   the specific pages for the 2022 picks.

00:01:24   and I'm sure 20, 23 pics will be on those sites very shortly.

00:01:28   We do have some things we need to deal with in the rules,

00:01:33   and my thought was we should just read the rules

00:01:37   and deal with them.

00:01:37   Let's just jump right in.

00:01:38   How does that sound?

00:01:39   - Do you, so here's my question.

00:01:42   'Cause you know, we so infrequently do rule changes

00:01:45   around here that I think it's probably a good idea

00:01:47   to just refresh our memory.

00:01:50   Do you want to read them?

00:01:53   we wait until you've read them and then we address

00:01:55   or discuss the rule changes or do you want us to stop you

00:01:59   or do you want to stop at points to address them?

00:02:02   How would you like to do it as the reader of the rules?

00:02:04   - Let me read the entire thing 'cause I think it

00:02:08   is its own complete work and then we can go back in.

00:02:11   It's one very specific issue, I think.

00:02:14   - Yeah, okay.

00:02:15   But it's a pretty important one.

00:02:17   - It is, but I think it's just one thing.

00:02:20   I read through them again last night.

00:02:21   I don't think there's any other things

00:02:22   we need to deal with. So please stand. Okay, for the reading of the rules. I'm doing it.

00:02:26   The rookies is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes in the beginning of

00:02:31   a new year trying to predict future events. It is made up of three rounds. Each host makes

00:02:36   two regular picks followed by a risky pick. There are two types of rookies, annual rookies,

00:02:42   which are playing today and keynote rookies. The winner of the annual rookies is named

00:02:46   the annual chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account for the

00:02:50   full year. That's what we have to deal with. This position is awarded every

00:02:54   January. Hello! It's January. The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote

00:02:59   chairman and retains the right to the corresponding Twitter account until the

00:03:02   next keynote is held. After the rookies, the hosts then play a game called the

00:03:07   flexies. These two games are separate but related. Oh, I had you standing for the

00:03:11   preamble. I'm sorry. Please stand for the reading of the rules. Please remain

00:03:14   standing. Oh, wait. So I have sat down. I've sat back down again. Sit down and then

00:03:18   Stand back up.

00:03:19   I'm sorry.

00:03:20   I'm back up now.

00:03:21   Okay, well this is exercise.

00:03:23   Yes, I'm sorry.

00:03:30   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:03:33   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording,

00:03:38   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:03:41   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones would cause a point to be deducted

00:03:45   from the host total.

00:03:47   must have been approved as "risky" by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:03:52   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by publications of record

00:03:57   9-5 Mac or MacRumors.

00:04:03   Picks made for keynote rookies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:04:08   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

00:04:12   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar

00:04:17   year.

00:04:18   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual rookies by the same host.

00:04:24   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:04:28   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:04:33   In the event of a tie, dice by PCalc must be used in Relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:04:39   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins

00:04:42   in relation to the rookies.

00:04:44   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed,

00:04:48   but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:04:51   For the keynote rookies, the scoring window

00:04:56   starts when the event begins and closes

00:04:58   when the picks are scored.

00:04:59   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable

00:05:02   at the time of recording.

00:05:03   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:05:05   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:05:09   The previous loser goes last.

00:05:12   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:05:16   As a reminder, I am the current annual chairman

00:05:19   and Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:05:22   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:05:25   Those sites also have pages about managing

00:05:27   your own scorekeeping at home.

00:05:29   Please be seated.

00:05:30   - I am set.

00:05:33   - Okay.

00:05:34   We have an obvious problem here.

00:05:35   - Yeah.

00:05:36   - We all left Twitter.

00:05:38   - Yeah, yeah.

00:05:39   And the prize is use of special Twitter accounts.

00:05:42   - Well.

00:05:43   - So I don't know, the floor is open to debate.

00:05:47   - Well I think the prize changed

00:05:49   when the trophies were introduced.

00:05:50   - Yeah.

00:05:51   - 'Cause when the trophies were introduced,

00:05:53   I didn't care about the Twitter account anymore.

00:05:55   I just liked having a trophy,

00:05:58   and the trophy would accurately update.

00:06:00   So I think we can just remove that line,

00:06:04   just name the annual chairman,

00:06:07   and blank, and then just that's it.

00:06:08   - I agree, but I'm just gonna throw it up there.

00:06:12   I think down the line,

00:06:14   there should be a chairman Mastodon instance.

00:06:19   - Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

00:06:23   Now, now, now, now this is tantalizing.

00:06:27   - Chairman, plural, dot social or something.

00:06:31   - Oh, I like it.

00:06:33   And one of us gets kicked out of the instance.

00:06:36   - Yes, yes.

00:06:37   if they are not holding a...

00:06:40   - Well, that can be a project for future us.

00:06:42   - For now, I would say we removed that line,

00:06:48   but we tabled the Mastodon instance discussion

00:06:53   for future debate.

00:06:55   - It's like, it's like, it's just the three of us

00:06:59   and we cycle through this part of the instance and we isn't.

00:07:03   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:07:04   - I think it's a great idea, but...

00:07:06   - Okay. - We'll see how that works.

00:07:08   - So I've removed the Twitter references.

00:07:10   Let me reread those two bullets for you.

00:07:13   The winner of the annual Ricky's

00:07:14   is named the annual chairman.

00:07:16   This position is awarded every January.

00:07:19   The keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman.

00:07:22   And then I guess the position is held

00:07:24   or until the next keynote.

00:07:26   - Yeah, so they match up.

00:07:28   - This position is held until the next keynote.

00:07:32   - The next keynote.

00:07:33   - Okay, relatively straightforward.

00:07:35   - That's nice and nice and hand like tidy.

00:07:38   - Yeah, that feels good.

00:07:39   - Well, until chairman.social's made,

00:07:42   it's like a whole other thing.

00:07:44   - So we have gone through, like I said,

00:07:47   and we have graded our scores.

00:07:52   And last time I had won, so my picks were first.

00:07:57   So we will start grading round one right after this break.

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00:09:35   Round one.

00:09:37   I said that in 2022,

00:09:40   the 11 inch iPad Pro would get a mini LED display.

00:09:44   - No, it didn't, did it?

00:09:45   Did not get one of those.

00:09:47   - I don't understand.

00:09:49   There's a lot of iPad stuff in this document.

00:09:51   And the thing that, like,

00:09:54   if the iPad Pro had gotten the OLED,

00:09:56   A, I would have gotten the point,

00:09:58   or mini LED, I guess,

00:10:00   some new screen to match the 12 inch.

00:10:02   It also would have helped separate the 10th Gen

00:10:05   iPad Air 11 inch iPad Pro confusion

00:10:08   in the middle of the lineup.

00:10:09   It really blows my mind this didn't happen.

00:10:12   - No, they messed up.

00:10:13   - They did.

00:10:14   - Something went wrong.

00:10:15   'Cause it doesn't make any sense, right?

00:10:17   Like it doesn't make any sense

00:10:19   why they would, like,

00:10:21   why they just didn't do anything, right?

00:10:24   Like, yeah, they messed up.

00:10:27   Something went wrong.

00:10:27   - Yeah, I have no idea.

00:10:28   Like we talked about this before, the iPad lineup is all kinds of confusing at the moment.

00:10:35   No matter where you look, it's confusing in the iPad Pro sizes and updates.

00:10:39   It's confusing in the base model iPad in the sort of this confusion that you have in the

00:10:47   11-inch range of iPads.

00:10:50   It's confusing in the accessories, in the placement of the front-facing camera, and

00:10:55   11-inch iPad Pro I think is the probably the worst offender of all of these iPads. Like

00:11:00   it's sort of like an iPad Air but just barely better, but not better in the way that you

00:11:05   would expect it to be better. So I continue to think, and I believe that Steven agrees

00:11:12   with me, we'll talk about it later, that this iPad has no reason to exist anymore in this

00:11:17   current state. But yeah, we'll see.

00:11:21   Yeah, it's a mess. It really is.

00:11:24   All right.

00:11:25   Federico, you were in second place.

00:11:27   What was your round one pick?

00:11:28   My round one pick was at least one AirPods model

00:11:32   will support lossless music playback by the end of 2022.

00:11:37   Now, unless we're recording this slightly in advance,

00:11:42   unless in the next three days,

00:11:44   Apple releases a set of AirPods

00:11:48   that support lossless music playback.

00:11:52   I don't get this point.

00:11:54   I think at the time, my assumption was that we were going to get a revision

00:11:58   of the AirPods Max within the year.

00:12:01   Or even the AirPods Pro, right?

00:12:04   And they have that extra bandwidth.

00:12:06   And I also, yeah, we talked about the AirPods Pro, a second gen revision,

00:12:10   maybe having like improvements to the wireless technology,

00:12:14   able to support natively support lossless playback. But no, it didn't happen. So no

00:12:22   point.

00:12:23   It's a bummer. Isn't there a rumor that the AirPods Pro 2 may be able to do like a higher

00:12:28   bit rate through a firmware update or something?

00:12:30   Yeah, it's a rumor. It's a rumor that it's been going around for the past few weeks,

00:12:34   I think. But it's all speculation. It's, it's, it's not a thing that exists at the moment.

00:12:40   No, no, because it was, I don't remember exactly the numbers or whatever, but they spoke about

00:12:46   the fact that it had, you know, higher, was it higher, what was the higher frequency?

00:12:52   Additional bandwidth? I forget. It was kind of weird. It was like, we're mentioning this

00:12:58   thing but not what it's good for? It's like, hmm, there's something else there.

00:13:03   Yeah, it was also weird that they even mentioned it. What's the point of mentioning that? But

00:13:08   Yeah, so who knows? I don't know what's going on there.

00:13:11   My pick was...

00:13:12   Apple releases a new MacBook Air that comes with some color options

00:13:17   not previously available in this product line.

00:13:19   [bell rings]

00:13:21   Got it.

00:13:22   Where's the bell?

00:13:23   I rang it! You don't hear it through Zoom.

00:13:26   Well, that's not my fault.

00:13:27   Every time.

00:13:28   You gotta bring the bell right up to the microphone

00:13:31   and hum while you're doing it so I can hear it, you know?

00:13:33   [bell rings]

00:13:34   Thank you! See, I heard it!

00:13:35   See, that's what I need.

00:13:36   so then I'll know that you've rung the bell for me because that was correct. Midnight and Starlight

00:13:41   were added to the MacBook Airline for the M2. Well this is a nice point. It's very nice points.

00:13:47   One point in the old pocket for Mykey boy. How are you two doing? Steven, usually you do this,

00:13:54   I'd like you to do it now. At the end of round one, Steven, could you give us a points?

00:13:59   Oh, is this the attitude you're gonna have?

00:14:02   I have zero.

00:14:04   Federico has zero.

00:14:05   Myke Hurley has one.

00:14:07   Oh, that's good.

00:14:08   That's a good feeling.

00:14:09   You're gonna be insufferable.

00:14:13   I know.

00:14:14   Well, who knows?

00:14:15   Let's see if I win first.

00:14:16   Well, we know.

00:14:17   Round two.

00:14:20   Round two.

00:14:22   Boy, did I get this wrong.

00:14:24   The iPad's external display support goes unchanged.

00:14:27   Well...

00:14:28   I believe they call this a buzzkill pick. Yeah, well it's the exact opposite of that.

00:14:33   So yeah, it got a whole new system that barely works, but it's a whole new system.

00:14:38   It went changed, in fact. Took a while. Took a while to get it right.

00:14:45   Have they gotten it right? Well, that's the... Well, it took a while to get it working,

00:14:52   let's say, not to get it right. But yeah, that's not a point.

00:14:56   Not a point.

00:14:57   My second regular pick was the next generation Apple Watch will have some kind of body temperature sensor.

00:15:07   Mmm.

00:15:08   Thank you.

00:15:09   Thank you.

00:15:10   We could hear it that time.

00:15:11   That's a point.

00:15:12   And yeah, the Apple Watch Series 8.

00:15:15   Is that 8?

00:15:16   8.

00:15:17   8, but the OS is 9, right?

00:15:19   I always get confused.

00:15:21   It's watch OS 9, but watch 8.

00:15:24   - They gotta get rid of these numbers in all their products.

00:15:27   - Yeah, or just bump it up a version

00:15:31   and have parity between the iPhones and the OS numbers.

00:15:36   Anyway, there's the temperature,

00:15:40   the wrist temperature sensor,

00:15:42   you cannot use it to check if you have a fever or something,

00:15:46   but it's there and it works.

00:15:47   - Does the Ultra have this as well?

00:15:49   - I think so.

00:15:50   - I think it does, yeah.

00:15:53   But yeah, it's there, it's a risk temperature

00:15:55   and it establishes a baseline.

00:15:58   You can find it in health.

00:15:59   It's mostly designed for women's health

00:16:02   and keeping track of your ovulation estimates

00:16:04   and all that kind of stuff.

00:16:06   But physically, the sensor is there.

00:16:09   - My second pick was,

00:16:10   there will be no iPhone 14 for 5.4 inch display.

00:16:14   Hmm.

00:16:15   - Thank you.

00:16:17   - I like how much buildup there is in the home before you.

00:16:20   - Yeah, because it's like,

00:16:22   Do I want to give him his point or not?

00:16:24   It's like he's skeptical about it,

00:16:25   and then he rings the bell.

00:16:26   (humming)

00:16:29   - Yep, and we can say goodbye to the iPhone mini.

00:16:31   That's what that pic was.

00:16:33   But I was being very particular there.

00:16:36   - And just today, there's a report that Apple is quote,

00:16:38   "Very concerned about how the 14 Plus is selling."

00:16:41   So who knows what's happening there?

00:16:44   - Maybe it just turns out that that 14,

00:16:46   like that like fourth phone spot is just not a good spot.

00:16:51   Maybe it's just cursed, you know?

00:16:54   It could be.

00:16:55   It's cursed.

00:16:56   I mean, historically, this kind of hole that Apple fills of a phone has been cursed.

00:17:02   Yeah.

00:17:03   Right?

00:17:04   Like it's not meant to exist.

00:17:05   The iPhone 8 is one of them.

00:17:06   Oh, gosh.

00:17:07   The iPhone 8.

00:17:08   The 5C is one of them.

00:17:09   Just cursed.

00:17:10   Maybe the universe just doesn't want it.

00:17:12   Like that fourth phone is not supposed to exist.

00:17:16   No.

00:17:17   Yeah.

00:17:18   It could be.

00:17:20   At the end of round two, I have zero points.

00:17:25   Federico has one point and Michael has two points.

00:17:30   - Can still all change here.

00:17:32   - It could all change 'cause we're now moving

00:17:34   into the risky picks for 2022.

00:17:37   Mine was Apple, parenthetical,

00:17:40   not in a direct response to a legal case,

00:17:43   will allow developers to use payment methods

00:17:45   outside of the App Store.

00:17:48   - Oh yay.

00:17:49   You know, it's just like you have so much faith, right?

00:17:52   Like you.

00:17:53   - Well, I used to, 2022 beat it out of me.

00:17:55   - Beat that out of you, goodbye.

00:17:58   - There are some specific examples

00:18:00   where developers can do this,

00:18:01   but it's because either companies or I think mostly

00:18:06   or entirely governments sued them

00:18:09   or changed laws to make it possible.

00:18:11   They did not do it of their own free will,

00:18:13   so I do not get a point.

00:18:15   - My risky pick.

00:18:16   Well, before I, before I read the text of the risky pick, I'm asking you humbly,

00:18:20   humbly to appreciate how imaginative and creative I was with it.

00:18:26   Keep that in mind.

00:18:30   Fellow members of the jury,

00:18:32   as you listen to the texts of this risky pick, just us, there's no jury.

00:18:37   I mean, we probably are the jury, but that's not good for you. Okay.

00:18:42   iOS 16 brings major changes for system-wide design customization.

00:18:49   It continues.

00:18:50   Apple will let users choose their app icons

00:18:54   and they will introduce new App Store categories

00:18:58   for wallpaper and/or icon apps.

00:19:03   What the heck was I thinking with this one?

00:19:05   And you were excited about something.

00:19:07   Why?

00:19:09   Well, I think, so the context, I think the context was iOS 15 didn't do anything in terms

00:19:19   of UI customization despite the success of widgets and iOS 14.

00:19:26   You got to think back to last year.

00:19:28   My context was, well, 15 didn't do anything.

00:19:31   That's weird.

00:19:32   16 will do something and then Apple will have the time to realize how massive of a success

00:19:41   iOS 14 was with the whole home screen aesthetic thing and they will do big changes. There

00:19:48   was also the theory that I had in the episode where I said remember that rumor about wallpaper

00:19:55   packs that we heard a few years ago, maybe that's how Apple brings it back and you will

00:20:01   be able to buy this like, there will be like a wallpaper API and you will be able to download

00:20:08   wallpaper apps from the App Store, which I still think is a good idea, but it didn't

00:20:13   happen.

00:20:14   Obviously, we did get major customization changes, just not the way I was expecting

00:20:19   them.

00:20:20   We got them on the lock screen in a way that is even more than what I hoped Apple would

00:20:25   do on the lock screen though.

00:20:27   We didn't get wallpaper apps.

00:20:30   We didn't get custom icons for whatever you want.

00:20:33   So this pick is risky but wrong.

00:20:38   - Yeah, you were on the right track, right?

00:20:40   That like, surely they're gonna come out

00:20:42   and do some kind of customization features

00:20:46   because it was so popular when the widgets came out.

00:20:50   But you're on the wrong area.

00:20:54   It was wallpapers, but people could,

00:20:56   You know, you can't just sell them or whatever.

00:20:59   I will similarly ask to be considered my creativity

00:21:04   and my boldness in my risky pick,

00:21:09   which was the new Mac Pro will be smaller,

00:21:12   not a cube shape,

00:21:13   feature no support for the current MPX modules,

00:21:15   and/or will allow some form of expandability

00:21:19   outside of Thunderbolt.

00:21:20   It will be available in one color.

00:21:22   - This was very specific.

00:21:26   - Yes. - I remember.

00:21:27   - This was, I think when I started my specific picks

00:21:29   or like was really going on the specific pick bandwagon

00:21:32   for the Riskys, because, you know,

00:21:35   sometimes something can feel obvious, so we won't allow it.

00:21:39   But if you just add enough layers in, it becomes risky.

00:21:43   - Right. - And this was one of them.

00:21:44   - We have some of that for 2023, I think too.

00:21:47   - Yeah, we'll see.

00:21:48   - Yeah, I think you, this was, you debuted this strategy

00:21:52   like you were first.

00:21:53   you pioneered this strategy of the multi-layer risky pick where you can...

00:21:59   It hasn't gone well for me yet.

00:22:00   Well, in theory, it's one of the scientific theories that you know it's supposed to be

00:22:06   true, but you still need to prove it out. Like, what is it, string theory or something?

00:22:10   Like in theory, it's supposed to be real and it works. Well, we just, we continue to miss

00:22:16   the evidence that it works. The multi-layer pick is your invention, but we still need

00:22:23   to test it out in practice and we failed in this instance as well because all of our risky

00:22:28   picks for the annual picks were incorrect.

00:22:32   So that means at the end of the regular picks I have minus one point, Federico has zero

00:22:42   points and Myke you have one.

00:22:45   So Myke is the new annual chairman.

00:22:48   Congratulations.

00:22:49   Congratulations.

00:22:50   Thank you.

00:22:51   2022 was a good year for me with prediction games.

00:22:56   Yeah. Not with other things necessarily.

00:22:59   Not with other things. But with this.

00:23:01   Lots of other things weren't good, but the one thing that was consistently good was this.

00:23:06   Yes. Well, congratulations buddy.

00:23:09   Thank you very much. I would like to demand closing ceremonies.

00:23:12   Okay. Yeah.

00:23:13   Because trophies need to be updated. The trophy has not been updated in a really long time,

00:23:19   because Federico kept winning the keynote.

00:23:23   So there was no point.

00:23:24   So I now have my tricky right here in front of me

00:23:27   and I'm taking out the plastic discs.

00:23:29   I don't know where mine is.

00:23:30   I think it's still in the box.

00:23:32   Well, when you find it, you know,

00:23:35   you're going to have to update it.

00:23:36   So the big circle goes over London.

00:23:39   Oh yeah, you got to--

00:23:39   Oh yeah, I forgot.

00:23:40   There's a whole lot of pieces in here.

00:23:42   So people at home can update their trickies

00:23:46   or their mag trickies as they were

00:23:48   or you can go to websites and stuff and update them.

00:23:52   So I need the big one to go over London.

00:23:55   Stays in Rome.

00:23:57   - It's always sad when you lose an annual chairmanship,

00:24:03   I feel like, 'cause you get it for a whole year

00:24:04   and now I don't even know who I am anymore.

00:24:07   - Yes, see, winning the annual is great

00:24:11   because no one can take that from you.

00:24:15   For a whole year, that's yours, you know?

00:24:17   That's a good, it's good.

00:24:19   - And the keynote one can last like three weeks

00:24:21   if they do like a September and then an October event.

00:24:24   It can be really short.

00:24:26   - And also, you know, if you want the opportunity

00:24:28   to consolidate power like that one time

00:24:30   when I consolidated power for a really long time,

00:24:33   you need this to do that.

00:24:35   So I'm going for that again this year.

00:24:37   - My wooden trophy has been updated.

00:24:39   - Mine is also correctly updated.

00:24:41   When Fedorico finds his, it will also be updated.

00:24:43   Thank you.

00:24:44   Let us now move into the Flexis.

00:24:47   So I have a preamble.

00:24:49   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Rookies.

00:24:53   It consists of a series of additional picks

00:24:55   in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

00:24:58   Scoring is completed separately from the main game,

00:25:01   but like the Rookies,

00:25:02   the order of picks is set by the results of the previous

00:25:05   game and ties will be broken using dice by Peacock.

00:25:08   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:25:10   - Oh, I forgot about this part.

00:25:12   Okay.

00:25:13   (dramatic music)

00:25:16   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

00:25:21   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:25:24   Wrong picks do not remove any points

00:25:26   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:25:29   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage

00:25:31   of correct Flexis made by each host.

00:25:34   While there are no Twitter handles on the line

00:25:36   in the Flexis, the winner can use their chosen title

00:25:39   as long as they are the winner.

00:25:41   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi.

00:25:44   Myke has chosen Duke of Flexington,

00:25:46   and Steven is the Attorney General Flexi.

00:25:49   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis

00:25:53   by donating to a charity of the winner's choice.

00:25:56   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi

00:25:59   made by the loser.

00:26:01   The money must be donated on air.

00:26:04   I am the current winner.

00:26:06   - Wait, is that accurate?

00:26:09   That may not be accurate. - Because in our document,

00:26:11   I think you are the current when it comes to keynotes.

00:26:15   - Yeah, yeah.

00:26:17   - But does that, how does that work?

00:26:19   - Well, hang on, lower in the document

00:26:21   I have a history of all the winners.

00:26:23   The 2021 annual, Ricky, is you won the Flexis.

00:26:29   So you are currently, so, okay, so keynote Flexis.

00:26:34   - So does that mean that like

00:26:36   I've been Duke of Lexington this entire time?

00:26:39   Yeah. And you can be double Duke of Flexington if you get both of them.

00:26:43   Oh, ho ho ho! Okay, I like that!

00:26:47   You can pull off the famous double Duke.

00:26:50   Okay, so now I'm going to request an amendment to the Flexi's rules.

00:26:54   Oh no.

00:26:55   That we need to each have a name for if we are both.

00:26:59   Both what?

00:27:00   So we could be like double Duke of Flexington.

00:27:03   Oh, if you are both the winner of the regular?

00:27:06   Maybe like Crown Prince Flexi?

00:27:09   Oh, it's like, it's like, we should, we should use the, the Pokémon approach, I think.

00:27:14   Oh.

00:27:15   Because it's like an evolution, right?

00:27:17   So if I'm Prince Flexi, well, obviously, Myke, you gotta be Archiduke or something.

00:27:24   Yes, Archiduke of Flexington.

00:27:26   That's good.

00:27:27   That's really good.

00:27:28   I will be King Flexi, right?

00:27:30   I will be King Flexi.

00:27:32   Yeah.

00:27:33   and Steven will be what? US President? President General? President Flexi? President Flexi, right?

00:27:43   Yeah, well, I mean, what's more than AG Flexi? Speaker of the Flexi House? Speaker of the Flexis?

00:27:52   Okay, hang on, I gotta type this up, okay.

00:27:59   Federico Shelby name shall be named Prince flexi and isn't and is known as King flexi when having won both

00:28:05   the keynote and annual games

00:28:08   And uses the name King your King flexington. No, I am

00:28:13   Archduke of flexington. Is that one word Archduke? Yeah, I

00:28:18   Don't know actually

00:28:24   Yeah, when...

00:28:26   Oh, it denotes the rank of in the Holy Roman Empire, which was below that of Emperor or King,

00:28:31   and roughly equal to Grand Duke, but above that of Prince and Duke.

00:28:34   Oh, I want to be...

00:28:35   Alright, so what's above it? So Stephen is the Attorney General of Flexi, and uses the title...

00:28:42   US...

00:28:43   I like Speaker of the Flexi House. You can go with whatever you want, but I think that one's great.

00:28:47   US chain of command. Let's see.

00:28:49   Yes, okay.

00:28:50   Military chain of command. Okay, so we have...

00:28:52   Where's the better one?

00:28:54   Hang on, Attorney General, US presidency,

00:28:59   US president line of succession.

00:29:03   Who's next in the line of succession to the president?

00:29:06   So Attorney General of seven,

00:29:08   Secretary of Defense is number six.

00:29:10   Okay.

00:29:11   (laughing)

00:29:13   Secretary.

00:29:15   The Secretary of Deflects.

00:29:18   Oh my word.

00:29:20   (laughing)

00:29:22   (laughing)

00:29:24   - All right, so let me read these back.

00:29:26   The winner can use their chosen title

00:29:29   as long as they are the winner.

00:29:30   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi

00:29:33   and is known as King Flexi

00:29:34   when having won both the keynote and annual games.

00:29:37   Myke has chosen Duke of Flexington

00:29:39   and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

00:29:43   Steven is the Attorney General Flexi

00:29:46   and uses the title Secretary of Deflex when applicable.

00:29:51   And what's so good about this is we have continued that Steven has the best name.

00:29:54   Yes. Right. Yes.

00:29:56   This is the best name. A.G. Flex or Secretary of the Flex.

00:30:01   Just to make sure that we are spelling this out. It's D E F L E X. The Flex. Okay. Perfect.

00:30:09   Man, imagine, imagine, imagine if things go so horribly in the US that it's up to the

00:30:15   Secretary of Agriculture to take power.

00:30:20   Things are bad. Things are bad. I mean that could happen. Wasn't there a show about this?

00:30:28   Ah, there was. And it was the agriculture guy? Was it the agriculture guy? It was the

00:30:32   guy from 24. Oh my god, was it designated survivor? Was it? Yeah, wasn't he like agriculture

00:30:39   or something? Wasn't that like the thing? Designated survivor is what the discord is

00:30:43   saying. Oh, but it was education, not agriculture. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. That's, that's, I think

00:30:48   That's even worse, it's number 15, education.

00:30:51   Oh, is it? Okay, yeah.

00:30:52   Secretary of the Flex is just so good.

00:30:55   All right, so let's get back to scoring how we did.

00:31:00   Myke, you were the previous Flexi winner for the annual game,

00:31:06   so you go first.

00:31:08   All right, so Tim Cook says, "Metavas."

00:31:12   (bell dings)

00:31:14   This should have been my risky.

00:31:16   Yeah.

00:31:17   I was feeling it at the time, but it felt too risky.

00:31:21   So I was like, oh, that's a good flexi.

00:31:24   But he said it, he said it at the end of September

00:31:26   in an interview, he said the word metaverse.

00:31:29   - Will you put that link in the show notes for all time?

00:31:31   - Sure will, so it's in there.

00:31:33   - All right, that I am very surprised you got.

00:31:38   And I think if you had come to us as a risky,

00:31:42   I would have given it to you.

00:31:43   Like, yes, you can use it.

00:31:44   The quote was "I'm really not sure the average person can tell you what the metaverse is"

00:31:49   which is a real sick burn.

00:31:50   He's not wrong?

00:31:52   I mean I can't... can anybody?

00:31:55   Does anybody even know?

00:31:57   The metaverse is basically Fortnite, right?

00:31:59   And Roblox or something like it's...

00:32:01   Yeah Roblox more than anything else I think.

00:32:04   But I don't think that's what Facebook wants it to be.

00:32:07   Yeah well...

00:32:08   New AirPods Max.

00:32:11   Bummer.

00:32:12   Somehow no.

00:32:13   Did I get my bell, Steven?

00:32:15   Yeah, hummed and everything.

00:32:17   I didn't hear the hum or the bell.

00:32:19   Steven, can we do that?

00:32:21   I hum and you ring the bell.

00:32:24   Will it work?

00:32:25   No, 'cause it's like noise cancellation just on my channel.

00:32:29   But I welcome you to join in.

00:32:31   Okay, I wanna hum together.

00:32:33   What if we try and all three of us harmonize?

00:32:35   (laughing)

00:32:37   Or humminize.

00:32:39   Yeah, we can humminize.

00:32:41   I like that.

00:32:42   Try some in Steven.

00:32:44   No, oh, we're good now.

00:32:46   Let's do your next pick and then we can do it in real time.

00:32:48   Alright, alright.

00:32:49   A headset will not be unveiled at WWDC.

00:32:52   Hmmmm.

00:32:54   Hmmmm.

00:32:56   Hmmmm.

00:32:58   Hmmmm.

00:32:59   I like this.

00:33:00   Hmmmm.

00:33:01   Did you ever ring the bell?

00:33:02   That took so long!

00:33:03   Alright, okay.

00:33:04   So we got it.

00:33:05   Next time it comes around, we're gonna harmonize and then the bell happens.

00:33:09   Alright.

00:33:10   And iMac Pro is unveiled.

00:33:12   - Mm.

00:33:13   - That was the start of a hum.

00:33:17   - I really wanted to hum, but no.

00:33:19   - That didn't happen, that did not happen.

00:33:21   And then here was my buzzkill.

00:33:23   iPad OS multitasking remains unchanged

00:33:26   from iOS 15's implementation.

00:33:28   - Not a man of faith.

00:33:30   - So I got two out of five.

00:33:33   - Yes, that takes you to 40%.

00:33:35   - 40% ratio, okay.

00:33:37   - Up next are my picks.

00:33:39   - iOS 16 will bring a more bottom of the screen

00:33:43   centric design to at least one additional app.

00:33:47   Yeah, we got books and I got the lock screen.

00:33:55   - Why?

00:33:58   - This is never not gonna be good.

00:34:01   Steven, can this go with the rules

00:34:03   so we remember to do this?

00:34:05   I think you can't codify this connection we have.

00:34:10   I think we're gonna forget.

00:34:14   We'll see.

00:34:15   Yeah, yeah, so books and lock screen.

00:34:18   I still think there should be more.

00:34:19   I still think it's very strange

00:34:21   that basically only Safari and books have it,

00:34:24   but maybe next year's the year.

00:34:26   It's just one a year for the next 15 years.

00:34:29   Oh gosh, yeah.

00:34:30   Okay, from here, it's all downhill.

00:34:33   So I'm just gonna rattle

00:34:35   through my next four that were all wrong. Apple announces a new paid service. Wait a

00:34:40   second. Wait, does the major league soccer thing not count in this? Oh, it does. And

00:34:47   also all done. There's also the, there's also a satellite, the satellite service. You can't

00:34:55   Bring that on us! We weren't ready for the harmonizing.

00:34:58   I thought you were actually thinking.

00:35:00   [laughter]

00:35:05   You cannot just throw that in there.

00:35:07   Sorry. I'm sorry.

00:35:08   You know?

00:35:09   You get this point.

00:35:11   Well, now I went through my next three, which are all wrong.

00:35:13   Okay.

00:35:14   A new home focus device is released.

00:35:17   Oh, wait, wait, wait. Doesn't the Major League Soccer qualify?

00:35:20   Yeah.

00:35:21   [laughter]

00:35:23   The Mac studio is home focused.

00:35:25   No, it's not.

00:35:26   Apple announces a developer kit for its headset.

00:35:29   Well, no, no.

00:35:31   This next one's so stupid.

00:35:33   A more powerful Mac mini is announced,

00:35:35   but is not a quote Mac mini pro.

00:35:38   What did you mean with this?

00:35:40   The Mac studio is this in spirit,

00:35:42   but my pick was about the name

00:35:44   because the name is in quotes.

00:35:45   And I went back and listened.

00:35:46   Okay, it was a name.

00:35:47   My pick was about Mac mini pro being a name.

00:35:50   Anyways, so I didn't get it right.

00:35:51   They're still just the M1 Mac mini

00:35:53   that'll probably come up in next year's picks.

00:35:56   But--

00:35:57   - So you are tied with Myke in ratio.

00:35:59   Should be 40% again.

00:36:00   - Yes, we are both two out of five at 40%.

00:36:04   Now there is strategy in this game,

00:36:06   and this is gonna come out right now

00:36:08   because Federico, you made seven picks.

00:36:10   The rules say you just have to have a minimum of five,

00:36:15   but sometimes you gotta go for the glory.

00:36:17   So let's see how it pans out.

00:36:19   - Always go for the glory.

00:36:20   Well, it didn't.

00:36:22   So...

00:36:24   (laughing)

00:36:26   - It panned out.

00:36:27   - It panned out, yes.

00:36:29   But not the way I want it.

00:36:30   - No gold.

00:36:31   - So number one, Apple stops using the iTunes store app

00:36:36   and moves store content into dedicated apps.

00:36:40   They started doing that,

00:36:41   but the iTunes store is still with us

00:36:43   and it still has sections that are only available

00:36:46   through the iTunes store.

00:36:48   Number two, Apple brings mail extensions to iOS and iPadOS.

00:36:53   They did not do that.

00:36:54   Instead, they brought DriverKit to iPadOS

00:36:58   and nobody is using it.

00:37:00   If you know of a company that is taking advantage

00:37:03   of DriverKit in iPadOS 16, let me know.

00:37:07   I don't think anybody has.

00:37:08   Number three, Apple Notes will borrow some features

00:37:11   from the modern generation of note-taking apps,

00:37:14   like wiki-style links, a quick switcher or nested pages.

00:37:19   Big nope.

00:37:20   Number four, some Mac-only shortcuts

00:37:23   become available on iPhone or iPad.

00:37:26   Would have expected the multitasking ones to be here,

00:37:29   but number five, there are new ways to turn off the alerts

00:37:34   that shortcuts displays constantly,

00:37:36   either confirmation banner

00:37:38   or the notification for an automation.

00:37:42   [HUMMING]

00:37:44   [DING]

00:37:45   [LAUGHTER]

00:37:47   I don't know what we're humming about.

00:37:51   Like, I didn't know this was a thing.

00:37:53   Yeah, you can...

00:37:56   Well, there's a couple of things here.

00:37:59   First, you can disable the confirmation banner for automations.

00:38:02   Like, you can run an automation without the confirmation alert.

00:38:06   And second, new ways...

00:38:10   The dynamic islands could be considered a new way to not have the confirmation.

00:38:15   But anyway, there's a setting to disable the confirmation for shortcuts automations.

00:38:21   Number six, podcasts will gain audio effects for enhanced sound and trim silence.

00:38:29   Parenthesis, this was my previous Ricky.

00:38:32   Thankfully, I didn't go for it for a Ricky, but no.

00:38:36   Number seven, finally, Apple adds more filters to smart folders in Notes.

00:38:49   I think we need to...

00:38:50   It's too late now, but I think it needs to go, one of us must start and then the others

00:38:55   follow because it's impossible to harmonize.

00:38:58   We're all going at the same time.

00:39:01   There's no problems with the system that we have created.

00:39:06   I'm glad they did this Federico.

00:39:08   I find it very frustrating that notes and reminders

00:39:13   handle this so differently from each other.

00:39:14   - Yes, the inconsistency is what kills me here.

00:39:16   Like some things you can do in notes,

00:39:18   but you cannot do in reminders and vice versa.

00:39:21   There should be some more unification there.

00:39:23   And while you're at it, maybe next year,

00:39:26   here's my suggestion for Apple.

00:39:27   While you're at it, next year,

00:39:29   Unify brings some consistency to the rules and the filters

00:39:33   that you have in notes and reminders.

00:39:34   And once you establish that baseline of consistency,

00:39:38   bring this feature to mail

00:39:40   and let me create smart folders in mail.

00:39:42   - It's only been on the Mac since 2001.

00:39:44   All right. - All right.

00:39:47   - Okay, it didn't pan out for you.

00:39:51   You got two out of seven, which is 28.6%.

00:39:56   - Nice number though, I like it.

00:39:57   - Yeah, nice, nice number.

00:39:58   So you are the flexi loser, I'm sorry to say.

00:40:03   I'm also sorry to say that Myke and I now have to coin flip.

00:40:06   It comes down once again to a coin flip.

00:40:08   It does.

00:40:09   And you know, Myke has an advantage here,

00:40:12   as he's got real, real strong coin flip energy

00:40:16   flowing through him right now.

00:40:18   He does.

00:40:19   As I always do.

00:40:21   I have Dice by Peacock open and available.

00:40:24   I'm checking that it's in real AFM mode,

00:40:27   which I'm sure it is.

00:40:29   Yep, it is.

00:40:30   Are you ready?

00:40:31   I am and I choose tails.

00:40:33   - Oh interesting, you just think you get to choose?

00:40:36   - You're flipping it, you can't flip and pick.

00:40:39   - Sure I can.

00:40:40   - Yeah you can.

00:40:41   - Sure you can.

00:40:42   But anyway, all right, your tails.

00:40:45   Heads.

00:40:46   Yes. - It's impossible.

00:40:47   - What's even so good about that is like,

00:40:49   I was the one who suggested that you should get your point,

00:40:52   therefore equally mine.

00:40:54   So I was like, gracious?

00:40:56   - Yeah, you were gracious about it.

00:40:58   You were benevolent about it.

00:41:00   Yeah, and I still took the win. So that is a double win for me today.

00:41:04   Which feels pretty good.

00:41:05   Which makes you, which makes you... No, it doesn't make you anything.

00:41:09   No, it doesn't make me anything. Yet.

00:41:12   Yet. Okay.

00:41:13   But I am, well, it does make me Duke of Lexington.

00:41:16   But you are, you are Duke of Lexington. Yes. Okay.

00:41:21   And you need to pick a nonprofit or some organization for Federico to donate to?

00:41:29   Ah, yes!

00:41:29   Oh, I gotta pay up, yeah.

00:41:31   And your total, Federico, is going to be $125.

00:41:35   Nice, nice. Good money.

00:41:37   So, I'll put a link in our iMessage here.

00:41:41   Federico, I would like you to donate to Crysis,

00:41:44   which is a charitable organization in the UK

00:41:47   to help people who are experiencing homelessness.

00:41:51   It is economically disastrous in the United Kingdom right now.

00:41:56   the price of general living is really bad for a lot of people, and so this is a—

00:42:04   these kinds of charities at the moment, I think, need some help, because there are people

00:42:08   experiencing homelessness who wouldn't have before, let alone people that already were.

00:42:13   And Myke, while he does that, I do need to—we need to say this—so the last keynote flexis—let

00:42:21   look. The last keynote flexies you won. Wait. And you won this. So you are

00:42:32   currently Archduke. Hell yeah! You said I was keynote chairman when we began

00:42:41   the show Stephen. We can't trust that rules document clearly. Federico, so September

00:42:47   2020 Federico by coin flip then Myke than me flexes Myke Federico and Stephen

00:42:54   yeah yeah so I'm the keynote chairman Myke is the new annual chairman yes just

00:43:02   Duke of Lexington no I'm Archduke yeah so it's good because I won in September

00:43:09   Yeah.

00:43:10   You said I won.

00:43:11   The flexis.

00:43:12   No, you won the Rickies.

00:43:14   I won the flexis.

00:43:16   Wait.

00:43:17   Oh, yeah.

00:43:18   Well, then we go back to the updated rules then, because I think the way it's phrased

00:43:24   is confusing.

00:43:25   No, it's just in the flexis rules.

00:43:27   It's only in the flexi rules.

00:43:29   Myke is the current winner of the keynote flexis, and Myke is the winner of the annual

00:43:33   flexis.

00:43:34   So Myke gets to use Archduke Flexington until further notice.

00:43:38   Okay, okay.

00:43:39   Myke has, out of the four titles, Myke has three.

00:43:42   But Erika, you have one. I have zero.

00:43:45   Watch out, Spring. Your boy's coming for you, you know?

00:43:49   If you consolidate all four, I don't know what happens.

00:43:52   I don't think it's ever happened before.

00:43:54   I would have to give me a brand new name, you know what I mean?

00:43:56   Like, I don't know what it is. Like, Galactic Emperor or something?

00:43:59   God.

00:44:00   [Laughter]

00:44:05   At some point, at which point do you start a cult?

00:44:09   You know?

00:44:10   [Laughter]

00:44:15   What a great day.

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00:46:01   - During the show today, I registered chairman.social.

00:46:04   - Nice.

00:46:05   - If we ever decide to do that.

00:46:06   I did it with the E, right?

00:46:07   If you said Federico chairman,

00:46:09   'cause it would be multiple. - With the E, yeah.

00:46:10   Yeah, because it's exactly.

00:46:11   - Yes.

00:46:12   - Yeah, so I have that now.

00:46:13   - Very cool, very cool, okay.

00:46:15   So it is now time to make our picks for 2023.

00:46:19   We're gonna put some stakes in the ground

00:46:21   for what we think could happen next year.

00:46:24   Myke, you are the newly minted annual chairman,

00:46:29   so please, sir, go first.

00:46:32   Oh, I like that, thank you.

00:46:34   My first pick in round one is that Apple

00:46:37   will release a larger MacBook Air.

00:46:40   I hope so.

00:46:40   So this has been rumored for a little bit, actually,

00:46:43   and it keeps kind of gaining some steam.

00:46:46   It's like maybe like 15 and a half inches,

00:46:49   something like that.

00:46:49   - Yeah.

00:46:50   - I think that'd be super cool.

00:46:52   And I think it would be very popular.

00:46:54   - And I think it could replace the 13 inch MacBook Pro

00:46:57   in the lineup.

00:46:58   So you would have a 13 and 15 inch MacBook Air,

00:47:02   14 and 16 MacBook Pro.

00:47:04   It makes so much sense.

00:47:05   I've said this before.

00:47:06   It makes so much sense.

00:47:07   I'm a little afraid that Apple won't do it,

00:47:08   but I hope that they do.

00:47:10   - That's a very fair fear to have.

00:47:13   This is so sensible.

00:47:15   They won't.

00:47:16   So my first regular pick is kind of a boring one, but hey, that's how you gotta win these

00:47:22   games. Apple releases a new Mac Mini. That's the pick. My context, without, you know, this

00:47:30   is not part of the pick, just my personal speculation, I would assume it's got the same

00:47:35   design as the Mac Mini we have today. Maybe it's got an M2 inside. It would be nice to

00:47:43   have more Thunderbolt ports. I have a refurbished M1 Mac Mini and it's only got the two Thunderbolt

00:47:49   ports. It'd be nice to have more of those with the M2, with the new Mac Mini. I don't

00:47:55   know if Apple is considering like M2 Pro or M2 Max versions of that machine, but still,

00:48:03   for 2023 my sort of base hope is that we get a new Mac Mini. Could be an M3. Could be any

00:48:11   time it comes out. Could be. Maybe. But I just hope it comes out this year. My pick

00:48:15   is that WWDC 2023 follows the same format as WWDC 2022 with a small number

00:48:23   of people invited in person. All right let's get some clarification on this one.

00:48:28   So are you saying that they won't be like a, you know, people they're not gonna

00:48:35   have a convention center and people can apply for tickets? Yeah I'm saying it's

00:48:38   gonna be just like it was in 2022. Okay. Not coming back the way that it was,

00:48:43   staying the way that it is now. Hopefully plus you. I mean, that's obviously

00:48:47   unsaid. Well, I mean, I was invited the first time. It's true. You know, just

00:48:53   couldn't get over the 12-yard line or whatever it would be. So did I use that

00:48:58   metaphor correctly? No, no, it works. Okay. Fine, I guess. I don't know why you

00:49:02   picked 12, but... How many yards are there to the touchdown? Well, it depends on where

00:49:07   you are on the field, really.

00:49:09   You cross the goal line, I think is what you're looking for.

00:49:11   - What's a yard?

00:49:12   - It's like a meter, kind of.

00:49:16   - Oh, it's one of your units of measurement.

00:49:20   That doesn't make any sense?

00:49:21   - Yes. - Okay.

00:49:22   - Yeah. - True.

00:49:23   - Cool.

00:49:24   - I feel pretty good about all three of these.

00:49:26   Like, I'll say it now, I think all three of these

00:49:30   could be green in a year.

00:49:32   - Hmm, yeah, this seems--

00:49:33   - Not a lot of passion in round one.

00:49:35   But that's okay, you gotta warm up.

00:49:37   You know, you can't jump right in.

00:49:38   - No, I think that the vibe for 23 is the year of obviousness.

00:49:43   You know, just normal obvious things.

00:49:53   This is the vibe.

00:49:55   - Is that your theme for the year?

00:49:57   - Obviousness.

00:49:58   - No, it's not my theme for the year.

00:49:59   I still gotta think about a name for my theme of the year.

00:50:02   But in terms of sort of the Apple scene, you know,

00:50:07   vibe check for 23 obvious things, no surprises.

00:50:11   - I like it.

00:50:12   Round two, Myke.

00:50:14   - An iPhone gets USB-C.

00:50:16   Could be going a tad early on this one.

00:50:20   - I think it's a premature pickification.

00:50:23   - Interesting. - Pickification.

00:50:26   - We'll see, I'm going, I feel like there's a smattering

00:50:30   of passion on this one.

00:50:31   I could be going a year early, it's open to interpretation,

00:50:36   but this could have been a thing that Apple would just,

00:50:39   you know, there was, maybe they were ready

00:50:41   and willing to do anyway, at least on the Pro phones.

00:50:45   So why not just go for it?

00:50:47   And so my expectation is, this is ungraded,

00:50:50   that it will be just the Pro phones that get it now,

00:50:53   and then there will be the regular phones in 2024.

00:50:57   - I could see that.

00:50:58   And I think if they did that,

00:51:00   I actually really like that idea.

00:51:01   I think if they do that, they'll be like,

00:51:02   "Hey, now we got super fast transfer

00:51:04   "for all of your pro res."

00:51:07   And they make it about what it gives them,

00:51:09   not about the EU on their backs.

00:51:12   - Yeah, whenever they do it, they're gonna make it like,

00:51:15   it's, then they'll, I can't imagine during the keynote

00:51:17   that they're gonna start dragging the European Union, right?

00:51:20   Like it just doesn't really feel--

00:51:21   - It seems like an unwise move.

00:51:23   - I know Jaws did it, right?

00:51:24   But like it was a different environment to do it in,

00:51:27   like that Wall Street Journal thing we're joining us on,

00:51:30   but I feel like it's not the way that they're gonna go

00:51:33   when they actually show off these products.

00:51:36   - I don't know, I think all the phones will get it.

00:51:38   I don't think you are premature.

00:51:39   I think if the one I get it done in time for the EU,

00:51:42   they gotta do it this year, and if you're doing it this year--

00:51:45   - No, the rule as it is stated now is by the end of 2024.

00:51:50   - Yeah, but why drag it out?

00:51:53   - Oh, I agree, I agree, but they could release a phone

00:51:57   this year with lightning and then in September of 24 and still be technically

00:52:02   compatible with the law.

00:52:03   All right. My second regular pick is also,

00:52:07   I think a fairly safe one. Uh,

00:52:10   there will not be an iPhone 15 mini.

00:52:15   That's the pick. This is, I love you,

00:52:20   but this is one of the most boring picks you've ever picked.

00:52:23   That's how you got. Well, I am,

00:52:26   I am facing unprecedented circumstances at the risk--

00:52:30   - What are they?

00:52:31   - We are at the risk of losing democracy in the RICIs.

00:52:36   We are facing a single individual aiming

00:52:40   to consolidate power across all of four of the titles

00:52:44   that we have in the RICIs.

00:52:45   My only, my only defense strategy

00:52:50   is to go for a very boring pick.

00:52:53   Well not really because this is the wrong Rickies to do that in because my ability to consolidate

00:53:00   power is an immediate thing not a 2024 thing. I gotta think down the line don't worry I will

00:53:07   also deal with the upcoming keynote Rickies. I gotta do for I gotta I'm sorry but I told you

00:53:15   year of obviousness. I got to go for obvious picks. Make sure that we will not end up with

00:53:22   a dictatorship in the Riki's. Right. You, you're the, like, you are the

00:53:28   defendant of democracy. I am the savior of the Republic. Okay. Okay. I am like Darth

00:53:34   Vader or whatever. Yes. Or the emperor, I guess. Yes. Do you know, I'm talking about

00:53:40   Star Wars. I know that's Star Wars. Okay. No Intel Macs are left on sale as new at the end of 2023.

00:53:49   I mean that could be bold. I mean, you know what I mean? What is, what is as new? I don't understand

00:53:54   the parentheses. I want to hedge against the two of you saying, oh there's a refurbished

00:53:59   Intel Mac Mini on the refurbished store. So new computers. Okay, I go to Apple. I still think this

00:54:07   could be bold because that Mac Pro could still be, like they could still be selling the old

00:54:11   one.

00:54:12   I still don't understand the phrasing. So if I go to apple.com, so okay, not on the

00:54:18   refurbished website, that's excluded. I go on apple.com and I see an Intel Mac from three

00:54:26   years ago. Does that qualify?

00:54:28   Yeah.

00:54:29   It's the as new.

00:54:31   My pick is about what you can...

00:54:33   I find confusing.

00:54:34   Yeah, so this is what I'm trying to say is,

00:54:37   and I could change the wording,

00:54:38   but my pick is discounting anything

00:54:42   that happens to be refurbished,

00:54:44   everything is Apple Silicon.

00:54:45   So everything you buy at apple.com/store

00:54:49   that's a new product is Apple Silicon.

00:54:52   I mean, this makes sense to me.

00:54:53   So basically what it gets rid of

00:54:55   is the 2018 Mac Mini and the 2019 Mac Pro.

00:54:59   Those two would not be on sale anymore.

00:55:00   Okay.

00:55:01   And I could specify that if you guys need it,

00:55:03   but I feel like I could do an ungraded note if we want to.

00:55:08   - Yeah, if it doesn't include the refurbished storage

00:55:11   education store, like just get rid of those.

00:55:14   And I think this is bold.

00:55:17   I could imagine them having the Mac Pro still available,

00:55:21   even if they have a new one.

00:55:22   - Maybe.

00:55:23   - If it's different enough,

00:55:24   they might keep it around for a little bit longer.

00:55:27   - We'll find out.

00:55:28   I think they want to move,

00:55:29   the longer they have an Intel Mac on sale,

00:55:33   the longer they have to support it in macOS.

00:55:35   And I think they wanna move on, so.

00:55:37   - I need to get their finger out.

00:55:39   - But we'll see, I mean, yeah, this could come,

00:55:40   if my beloved 2019 Mac Pro comes back to haunt me for this,

00:55:44   you know, it's what I get for selling it, I guess.

00:55:46   Okay, so that's the end of round two.

00:55:49   I feel like we're increasing the risk a little bit,

00:55:52   except for Federico, who's being very boring this year.

00:55:55   And it's time.

00:55:57   - Unless the plus was such a disaster, you know what I mean?

00:56:00   They're like screeching brakes and bringing out a mini.

00:56:04   - Time, turn it to 11.

00:56:06   Myke, what is your risky pick?

00:56:07   - Apple shows off their headset in March.

00:56:10   They announced developer tools at WWDC.

00:56:12   Then show it off again at an event in September.

00:56:15   It ships to customers in October.

00:56:17   - This is so specific.

00:56:19   - So specific.

00:56:21   - Well, I mean, you gotta be, right?

00:56:22   So the one thing I wanna clarify with you guys

00:56:25   is the ships to customers, right?

00:56:27   - Yeah, what does that mean?

00:56:29   - Well, because, you know,

00:56:31   sometimes you can buy a thing on a certain date

00:56:34   and it starts shipping on a certain date.

00:56:35   What I'm saying is the shipping date is October.

00:56:39   - Okay, so if you can order in October,

00:56:42   but you can't get it till November, you miss this.

00:56:44   - Correct. - Okay.

00:56:46   I like the idea of this

00:56:48   because it follows the pattern of the Apple Watch.

00:56:51   The Apple Watch was announced at the iPhone 6 event

00:56:53   in the fall of 2014.

00:56:55   And then we learned more about it in early 2015.

00:56:58   and sometime in there they released, what was it?

00:57:00   WatchKit?

00:57:01   Was that the first stab at a developer platform?

00:57:04   - Yes.

00:57:05   - And then it went on sale a little bit later.

00:57:06   Like, I think that rollout would work well

00:57:10   for this product as well.

00:57:11   Who knows if your timing is right,

00:57:12   but I think the shape of it is good.

00:57:15   - Yeah, I mean, the reason I've done this

00:57:16   is I've been saying that I reckon

00:57:18   that they were gonna do it this way for a while.

00:57:20   That like, the first time that we see the headset

00:57:22   will not be at WWDC and will not be at the iPhone event.

00:57:25   Like, that's my personal feeling on this.

00:57:27   because I think it makes a lot of sense to stage it out,

00:57:31   as you mentioned, the same way they did with the Apple Watch,

00:57:34   the same way they did with the original iPhone.

00:57:36   You have space in which they can show something off,

00:57:41   get people to start thinking,

00:57:42   they can maybe start then bringing more key developers,

00:57:46   like prominent developers, to Apple Park

00:57:48   to show them the thing, because now people know about it,

00:57:50   so they can start working on stuff,

00:57:52   maybe get some advanced access to their tools.

00:57:56   Then at WWDC, give those tools to everyone.

00:57:59   People have had time to think and start like,

00:58:01   - Yeah.

00:58:02   - You know, like what it might be.

00:58:03   And then also then, they don't lose all of WWDC

00:58:07   to showing off the headset, right?

00:58:09   'Cause you show off the headset at WWDC,

00:58:11   no one's talking or thinking about anything else.

00:58:12   - That's the whole show.

00:58:14   - I think that they probably wouldn't announce

00:58:16   the developer tools at the time that they show it off

00:58:18   for the first time if they do show it off in the spring.

00:58:20   And then they can do the whole thing,

00:58:22   as you just mentioned,

00:58:23   I think this was the event that Federico was at.

00:58:25   Were you at the September event, right?

00:58:27   Where they were like--

00:58:28   I was at the March one.

00:58:32   Oh, were you?

00:58:34   Okay.

00:58:35   Yeah, March 2015.

00:58:36   You were at the one where they showed up

00:58:36   for the first time?

00:58:38   No, no, they showed it for the first time in September 14.

00:58:41   March 15 is when we got prices

00:58:44   and they played all the videos about the aluminum

00:58:47   and the stainless steel and the gold, all that stuff.

00:58:49   But in essence, what I'm saying, they will do that,

00:58:52   but in September with the iPhone,

00:58:54   would be like, "Hey, is it?"

00:58:55   And then it starts shipping later on in the year.

00:58:58   - Okay.

00:59:00   Yeah, I think your idea about it eating WBC alive

00:59:03   is totally accurate.

00:59:04   And I think maybe that really defines

00:59:06   how they would do this.

00:59:08   So who would even remember?

00:59:10   What was in iOS or macOS, right?

00:59:12   Like, they would just eat it all.

00:59:15   - Yeah, read it again, Myke, just because it's so long.

00:59:20   - It's a lot of dates.

00:59:22   Apple shows off their headset in March.

00:59:24   They announced developer tools at WWDC, then show it off again at an event in September.

00:59:29   It ships to customers in October.

00:59:31   Alright, I am bringing the passion with my risky pick.

00:59:35   All the obviousness was just a decoy.

00:59:38   I just needed to confuse my enemies.

00:59:41   I am bringing the passion with this one.

00:59:43   Okay.

00:59:44   I'm so confused.

00:59:45   Yes, I know that was the strategy.

00:59:47   I needed to confuse my adversaries in this game.

00:59:51   will release its biggest iPad ever with a display of at least 16 inches. It won't be

01:00:00   OLED. It'll have the front-facing camera on the landscape side and two USB-C ports at

01:00:07   least. It'll be called iPad Studio.

01:00:10   Oh, Federico, this is insane. I'll tell you where you lose me. Two USB-C ports at least.

01:00:20   Now you can do it.

01:00:21   That's where you lose me.

01:00:22   Now why the Surface has it?

01:00:23   It's totally doable.

01:00:25   Oh, sure.

01:00:27   It's the break that driver kit needs.

01:00:30   I find it very peculiar that your argument here is the Surface has it?

01:00:35   Well, no, it's an argument.

01:00:37   The other argument being if you're making...

01:00:38   So my idea is that Apple is making this bigger iPad.

01:00:41   It's been sort of rumored before the 14 inch or the 16 inch form factors for the iPad.

01:00:48   My idea is if you're making a 16-inch iPad, it's obviously sort of a convertible device,

01:00:53   but it's more optimized for desktop usage.

01:00:56   If you're making an iPad for desktop usage, I struggle to think that you can get by with

01:01:02   just a single Thunderbolt port.

01:01:06   If you're making an iPad that you primarily advertise as, "Oh, your place is on your desk,"

01:01:10   and then maybe there's some new accessories, maybe it's sort of kind of like a Surface

01:01:15   studio that has a stand that you can pull down, maybe it's something else. But in any

01:01:21   event, imagine if you buy a Mac and it's a desktop Mac and it's got one USB-C port. I

01:01:27   mean, that happened a few years ago. It was the MacBook, I think, and it didn't go over

01:01:33   well. And it wasn't a desktop. It was still a MacBook. If you're making an iPad that is

01:01:38   primarily optimized for desktop usage, like imagine a 16 inch tablet that you can use.

01:01:45   A single USB-C port, I think it will look very strange. The rest is just predicated upon the

01:01:52   idea that Apple is in fact making a 16 inch iPad, the front facing camera on the long side, on the

01:01:59   landscape side, it's based on the base model iPad moving the camera to what is... Can you imagine

01:02:06   holding a 16 inch iPad in portrait.

01:02:08   - In portrait, exactly, exactly.

01:02:10   - That would be horrible.

01:02:12   That would be such a bad experience.

01:02:14   - Yeah, that would be like, am I an iPad user or am I Moses?

01:02:18   Like I cannot tell the difference.

01:02:20   And lastly, the name.

01:02:24   I know that the name is also what makes this pick risky.

01:02:27   I really do believe that the studio name

01:02:31   that they introduced last year with the Mac Studio

01:02:34   is not a one-off. I want to believe it's part of a bigger strategy that will involve more

01:02:40   computers called Studio. I mean, we already have the Studio display. There's also rumors

01:02:47   of Apple making new displays in the near future. I do believe that the Studio name would be

01:02:52   perfect for an iPad. If you're making a big iPad, what better way to have that device

01:02:59   go up against the Surface Studio.

01:03:01   I should also say there's the Surface Studio 2.

01:03:04   It has a $5,000 computer that you can buy.

01:03:09   I love this device.

01:03:11   There have been some rumors about--

01:03:15   Gherman talked about a 14-inch iPad that Apple was working on.

01:03:18   And I believe that Information, a few months ago,

01:03:21   published a report on Apple also making a 16-inch iPad.

01:03:26   And the details are what I added to this pic.

01:03:31   You know, taking a page from Myke and his multilayer pic,

01:03:37   trademark registered, of course.

01:03:39   Once again, Apple will release its biggest iPad ever

01:03:42   with a display of at least 16 inches.

01:03:45   It won't be OLED.

01:03:47   It'll have the front-facing camera on the landscape side

01:03:50   and two USB-C ports at least.

01:03:52   It'll be called iPad Studio.

01:03:54   The saddest thing would be if the naming is what kills you.

01:03:57   - I know.

01:03:58   Well, you gotta take the plunge and you know, risk it.

01:04:02   - You said it won't be OLED.

01:04:04   Are you picturing mini LED or like plain LCD?

01:04:08   - Ideally, it should be mini LED like the current iPad Pro,

01:04:12   but I could also see a scenario in which Apple says

01:04:16   it's 16 inches, but you get IPS.

01:04:19   Because they all always do this stuff,

01:04:22   but it'd be a bummer and it'd be weird

01:04:24   because like they could just reuse the display

01:04:27   of the MacBook Pro, right?

01:04:28   If they're making--

01:04:29   - You know what they would say, they would say like,

01:04:31   it's all, but it's the best we've ever made.

01:04:34   - It's the best IPS and in our testing,

01:04:37   we believe that at this size, like yeah, yeah,

01:04:40   whatever, wherever, you just didn't wanna make it.

01:04:42   - Mine is related to yours,

01:04:44   but specific in different ways.

01:04:46   Apple releases a 15 inch iPad Pro,

01:04:50   which replaces the 11 inch model.

01:04:52   - Spicy, okay.

01:04:55   - Having heard Federico,

01:04:56   I would like some clarifying questions for you.

01:04:58   - Okay.

01:04:59   - Like I agree with the risk and the citizen's pick,

01:05:00   but I think it's important to do some clarifying questions.

01:05:03   15 inch, what about 14.9?

01:05:07   So you don't get it, right?

01:05:08   - It says 15.

01:05:09   - But you're saying it starts at 15?

01:05:11   - Yeah. - All right.

01:05:12   - I'm actually thinking 15.4.

01:05:14   - Okay.

01:05:15   - Then I think you should clarify that

01:05:17   because if it's 15.4, the wording of your pick says

01:05:20   you do not get it.

01:05:21   - Well, I mean, that's what I'm thinking

01:05:22   because that was an old MacBook Pro size,

01:05:24   but it could be 15.7 or something.

01:05:27   15 inch.

01:05:28   - Well, so Federico says at least 16 inches,

01:05:31   I think that you should say releases like an iPad

01:05:35   is at least, right?

01:05:36   Is at least.

01:05:37   - Yeah.

01:05:38   - I think is the important part there.

01:05:39   - At least 15, releases a.

01:05:42   - An iPad Pro.

01:05:43   - But then it actually makes it less risky

01:05:44   'cause if it's 16, then I still get it.

01:05:46   And I think it'll be a 15 inch class.

01:05:49   So you think 15 dead then?

01:05:52   An iPad Pro with a screen.

01:05:57   In between 15.0 and 15.9 inches.

01:05:59   And between 15.0 and 15.9 inches.

01:06:03   It's the only way to do this.

01:06:04   Yeah.

01:06:05   All right.

01:06:05   I mean, I like it.

01:06:06   You just made it worse.

01:06:07   15.9999 inches.

01:06:10   Yeah.

01:06:11   Why just four nines?

01:06:13   If they do 15.9998, I'm willing to lose.

01:06:19   - Okay.

01:06:20   - And the 11 inch model goes away.

01:06:22   And the reason I added that is because

01:06:25   it would simplify the problem we talked about earlier

01:06:29   where you have like the 10th gen, the Air and the Pro,

01:06:32   they're all basically the same size.

01:06:34   They're all very similar in form factor and function,

01:06:38   especially the Air and the Pro,

01:06:39   like why would you buy an 11 inch iPad Pro?

01:06:42   I think we all think it's dead.

01:06:44   And it also kind of resonates

01:06:46   with the big MacBook Air idea.

01:06:49   So we would have the 10th Gen iPad,

01:06:53   you would have the iPad Air,

01:06:55   and then you have the iPad Pro at 12.9

01:06:58   and 15 point something inches.

01:07:01   It just feels like a cohesive family.

01:07:03   - So I will mention this part,

01:07:04   like one thing that I'm concerned about

01:07:06   for my round one pick, right,

01:07:07   is I could imagine that Apple could name

01:07:10   a larger MacBook Air or MacBook Studio.

01:07:12   Like that is a possibility,

01:07:15   but I'm kind of thinking for the MacBook,

01:07:18   they may just wanna lean on the branding of Air,

01:07:20   which is, you know, their most popular.

01:07:22   - It is.

01:07:23   - So I wrap around and say,

01:07:26   I think the risk for you is I think they are more likely

01:07:29   to not have two iPad Pros

01:07:31   if they're gonna have just two really big iPads

01:07:33   and that they might give it a different name.

01:07:35   I wish you good luck with your pick.

01:07:36   - We'll see, we'll see.

01:07:38   So those are our risky picks for 2023.

01:07:43   Can you read yours again, Stephen, please?

01:07:45   Because we changed it.

01:07:46   - Apple releases an iPad Pro

01:07:47   with a screen between 15.0 and 15.999 inches,

01:07:52   which replaces the 11 inch model.

01:07:54   I always feel pretty good about my riskies

01:07:56   until I read them out loud on the show.

01:07:58   (laughing)

01:07:59   It's like, hmm.

01:08:00   - The reading out loud is the problematic part.

01:08:02   - Yeah.

01:08:03   - But we now move to the flexies.

01:08:05   Myke, what do you have?

01:08:06   - There is no iPad bigger than 12.9 inches.

01:08:08   - Wow, okay.

01:08:09   (laughing)

01:08:12   Okay.

01:08:13   I actually kind of believe this.

01:08:15   I don't know if it's going to happen in 2023, to be honest with you boys.

01:08:19   I could imagine if they do this, it's 2024.

01:08:23   Like the iPad is on an 18-month refresh.

01:08:27   They just did it, right?

01:08:28   I think 2024 is the next time that anything happens to the iPad line.

01:08:31   But they barely did it.

01:08:33   An iPhone gets a periscope camera.

01:08:35   Yeah, I like it.

01:08:36   Yeah.

01:08:37   Apple's headsets uses widgets that look similar to iOS.

01:08:41   Hmm uses what do you mean uses widgets?

01:08:45   has

01:08:47   Has widgets supports supports widgets Apple's headset has widgets that look similar to iOS

01:08:53   Apple releases an iMac of a larger screen

01:08:56   I hope so AirPods max to feature a foldable design and come with a new case that fully encloses them

01:09:02   I am manifesting here. Okay, if they ship that original case again

01:09:07   I just don't know what's happening at that company.

01:09:10   I'm manifesting and I'm going to manifest again.

01:09:13   The iPad mini gets updated featuring either a mini LED or OLED screen.

01:09:17   Oh boy!

01:09:18   This is just, those last two, they're just, I'm just fully manifesting.

01:09:22   You know they're just going to do a spec bump of the iPad mini, right?

01:09:25   If I'm lucky!

01:09:26   If you're lucky or if I'm lucky.

01:09:28   If you're lucky you're getting a spec bump and that's it.

01:09:33   Well, my first Flexi is the iPad mini will be updated in 2023.

01:09:37   Nice.

01:09:38   Okay.

01:09:39   Apple Music Classic ships in 2023.

01:09:44   Is that the name you're giving it?

01:09:46   Yeah.

01:09:47   In fact, is that the name?

01:09:48   Yes.

01:09:49   Apple Music Classic.

01:09:50   Apple Music Classic.

01:09:51   I'm telling you, Apple is announcing and manifesting here.

01:09:55   Apple is announcing Apple Music Classic tomorrow, December 29th.

01:09:59   we're recording this, they are doing it tomorrow. I can feel it. Something in the

01:10:04   universe is telling me this. Why do you think classic and not classical? Apple

01:10:09   Music Classic seems like a... But it's not called classic music. More Apple-y name. It's not what

01:10:13   it's called. It's classical music. Apple Music Classical. All right, Apple Music

01:10:17   Classical. Yeah, Apple Music Classical. Federico, do you know something? I don't

01:10:22   know anything. I don't know anything. I'm making things up as I go. If they

01:10:26   released this tomorrow Thursday December 29th I got it let me let me say it

01:10:31   publicly I do not know anything this is just my imagination please don't sue me

01:10:37   Twitter were filed for bankruptcy in 2023 going outside of the usual the

01:10:49   iPhone 15 and 15 Pro use the same generation system on the chip I think

01:10:55   this business they have this year with the 14 using basically last year's chip

01:11:00   isn't working out for them and I don't think they're gonna repeat it. There

01:11:03   may be differences that's why I said same generation and maybe you know the

01:11:06   pro has more GPU cores or whatever but... So it could be like a 16 and a 16 X or

01:11:11   whatever. Yeah exactly but not the a 15 and a 16. Why do you think it's not

01:11:16   working for them? I don't think they're selling any iPhone 14's. Because of the

01:11:20   chip? I think that's part of it. I think it's because of the chip. And I think it's probably part of the

01:11:24   design too but my pick is about the chip. Apple sells quote iPhone 15 Ultra.

01:11:32   Pro Max brand is gone. I'll be so happy. iPhone 15 Ultra. I would love this.

01:11:39   It's a good name. It's a great name. This is not the first time that Apple

01:11:44   is just straight-up ripped off Samsung's naming conventions. And they could just

01:11:48   go bananas on the big phone. Ultra is a great name. Great name. Good work to Samsung.

01:11:54   - iPhone 15 Ultra is a great name also like,

01:11:57   yeah, just get iPhone 15 Ultra, it's the best one.

01:12:00   Yeah, I like it, I like it.

01:12:03   - And obviously they use Ultra already, right?

01:12:05   They've started using it, so.

01:12:07   - Yeah. - Let's do it.

01:12:09   - I'm doubling down on an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, excuse me.

01:12:14   - Do it. - The Apple Silicon Mac Pro

01:12:16   allows third party GPUs to be used.

01:12:20   - Okay. - Well,

01:12:20   can I ask you a question? - Yes.

01:12:22   - 2B, this isn't for the pick up, just,

01:12:25   2B, I mean, you can use them in a Thunderbolt enclosure.

01:12:27   You're imagining they--

01:12:28   - No, you can't.

01:12:29   No, no, no, they've gotten rid of that a long time,

01:12:30   that's gone.

01:12:31   - But in theory.

01:12:32   - No, you can't. - They could bring

01:12:33   that support back. - On Apple Silicon.

01:12:34   Apple Silicon doesn't allow for it.

01:12:36   - That they could do that though.

01:12:37   They have the ability to add that into,

01:12:39   in if they wanted to.

01:12:40   It's a thing that Thunderbolt can do, right?

01:12:41   So like, they could decide that,

01:12:44   what they're just gonna bring that in as possible.

01:12:46   You are imagining they go inside.

01:12:48   - I can clarify that,

01:12:49   'cause I don't think external GPU support's

01:12:51   gonna be a thing.

01:12:52   We don't have to do that for the flexes.

01:12:54   - If they don't do this, then what's the difference

01:12:56   between a Mac Studio and a Mac Pro?

01:12:57   Like, I don't know.

01:12:58   - Size, I don't know.

01:13:00   Especially considering that Mark Gorman report

01:13:02   that they have stopped development

01:13:04   of a specific chip for it.

01:13:05   - The extreme, yeah.

01:13:07   - I think that really they need to have this as a thing.

01:13:10   - And lastly, kind of bouncing off

01:13:12   Federico's Mac Mini pick from earlier,

01:13:16   the Mac Mini is updated to include

01:13:18   more than one system on a chip option.

01:13:21   For example, non-grade example, M2 and M2 Pro.

01:13:25   The M1 Pro only showed up in the laptops

01:13:30   and there's a gap between the base Mac Mini

01:13:32   and the base Mac Studio,

01:13:34   'cause the Studio is M1 Max and M1 Ultra.

01:13:37   Look, there's the Ultra name again.

01:13:39   And the Pro never landed anywhere else

01:13:41   and a high-end Mac Mini and maybe Myke's bigger iMac,

01:13:45   a great place for a Pro chip.

01:13:47   And so Mac Mini's updated to include

01:13:50   more than one system on a chip option.

01:13:52   I feel pretty good about that one.

01:13:54   - Okay, very nice.

01:13:56   All right, my flexes, number one.

01:13:59   There will be new ways to invoke Siri by voice

01:14:03   instead of saying, "Hey Siri."

01:14:06   And now I just realized I may be triggering

01:14:09   other people's devices, I'm sorry.

01:14:11   But yeah. - Nah, it's pretty good.

01:14:13   - New ways to invoke Siri by voice

01:14:15   instead of using that default invocation phrase.

01:14:19   - Okay, I just have a question,

01:14:21   not ready to your flux in terms of scoring.

01:14:24   I know with Amazon,

01:14:26   you can choose a couple of different words.

01:14:29   Do you see Apple doing that or that is dropping the hay?

01:14:32   - Yeah, the rumor that we saw a few weeks ago

01:14:36   said that Apple was working on removing the hay part

01:14:40   and just saying Siri.

01:14:41   I would actually prefer like a custom invocation phrase,

01:14:44   but I understand that maybe Apple doesn't like

01:14:47   that approach and then, you know.

01:14:48   Branding baby!

01:14:49   It's branding.

01:14:50   It's branding.

01:14:51   Because Siri has such a good positive brand that people like and appreciate, you know

01:14:56   what I mean?

01:14:57   Sure.

01:14:58   Number two, Apple will revive the HomePod line with new devices.

01:15:05   I think they gotta do something here, right?

01:15:07   Is that a plural?

01:15:09   These two go hand in hand.

01:15:11   New devices, plural.

01:15:12   Yes.

01:15:13   More than one new device.

01:15:14   So if they make just a new HomePod, that is not enough.

01:15:18   They gotta make more new HomePods, excluding the HomePod mini.

01:15:23   What about an update to the HomePod mini?

01:15:25   No, it doesn't qualify.

01:15:26   New devices.

01:15:27   New device?

01:15:28   I like it.

01:15:29   Personally, what I would like to have, this was actually supposed to be my risky pick.

01:15:35   I want to have a HomePod soundbar.

01:15:37   I want Apple to make a HomePod soundbar.

01:15:40   Or just, I don't know, make wild things.

01:15:43   We talked about that idea of a HomePod with support for placing an iPad on top of it.

01:15:50   That was something that Google is doing.

01:15:52   Home, like the iPad dock thing.

01:15:53   Like, yeah, Google is doing the Nest Hub dock, whatever it's called.

01:15:57   It's supposed to be coming out in the spring, I think.

01:16:00   But yeah, do wild things and do more things with the HomePod.

01:16:04   Here's my ideal device here, right?

01:16:07   HomePod soundbar with an integrated Apple TV.

01:16:10   Mmm, yes.

01:16:11   And a camera.

01:16:12   Yes.

01:16:13   Yes, yes. That's what I want it to be. To all of that, absolutely. Number three, AirPods

01:16:19   Max 2 will ship during the year. I realize now I don't want to I don't want them to be

01:16:26   called AirPods Max 2. So let's just say second generation AirPods Max will ship during the

01:16:32   year. Number four, there is no second gen Apple Watch Ultra this year. I don't know.

01:16:41   I don't think it's on an annual schedule.

01:16:43   I don't know.

01:16:44   This just, I don't know.

01:16:46   It doesn't strike me as the kind of product

01:16:47   that they will release every year, you know?

01:16:51   - You think it's every two

01:16:52   or do you think it'd go to like an 18 month?

01:16:54   - 18 month or maybe every two years,

01:16:56   but it's like, kind of feels like the Mac Pro

01:16:59   of Apple watches that every time they do it,

01:17:01   it's gotta be special in some new and important ways.

01:17:05   I don't know.

01:17:06   I would be surprised to see

01:17:07   an Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year again.

01:17:10   I agree with what you're saying there of like they don't need to do the "hey we gave it

01:17:14   an extra hour battery life" like that's not important right? I think that there is a sense

01:17:19   in like it's got to have a new feature. Interesting. I can see that.

01:17:25   Number five? I'm hoping this happens now. Apple brings new actions to shortcuts to control

01:17:34   Windows on iPad OS. We talked about this.

01:17:38   Pure manifesting.

01:17:39   I am manifesting with this one and the next one.

01:17:41   So I'm just gonna go in order here.

01:17:43   Apple releases new developer APIs for stage manager.

01:17:47   This applies to both Mac OS and iPad OS.

01:17:50   As we talked about, there is no developer framework

01:17:53   whatsoever for stage manager.

01:17:56   I am manifesting that there will be one

01:17:59   by this time next year.

01:18:00   - I chuckled at new developer APIs because they're none.

01:18:03   (laughs)

01:18:04   Any developer API.

01:18:06   - Any developer.

01:18:07   And number seven, I'm going for seven again.

01:18:11   At least one Twitter app update will be rejected

01:18:16   from the App Store.

01:18:18   - 100%, that will happen.

01:18:20   - How will we know this though?

01:18:22   - There'll be a PR thing.

01:18:24   - Elon will tweet it.

01:18:25   - Yeah, Elon will tweet it.

01:18:27   - Actually, I think for this to be true,

01:18:28   we need a source other than Elon.

01:18:30   - I don't think that could, that is possible, right?

01:18:33   - How, Apple will never say anything.

01:18:35   - Yeah.

01:18:36   and Twitter doesn't have a PR--

01:18:37   - Well they might, they gave, they did about Parler,

01:18:40   like they gave like, you know,

01:18:43   we want them to update the moderation,

01:18:46   but like Apple gave--

01:18:47   - But no, I don't wanna clarify that though, it might be--

01:18:50   - Yeah, I don't think it's necessary for a Flexi.

01:18:53   - Okay.

01:18:54   - You guys went with seven, can I add one?

01:18:57   - Sure.

01:18:57   - I've done this before, I'm at six.

01:18:59   - Sure.

01:19:00   - All right, Apple releases a new monitor.

01:19:06   - Ooh, okay, okay, I like it, I like it.

01:19:10   Oh, you know what I also want?

01:19:12   - I've got seven, everyone else is on seven.

01:19:14   - This is not part of the pick, but just as we're talking,

01:19:18   if they're making new HomePod devices,

01:19:19   you know what I want?

01:19:20   I want a portable HomePod.

01:19:22   Give me a portable HomePod, like a Sonos Roam,

01:19:25   but it's a HomePod.

01:19:27   Oh gosh, yeah.

01:19:28   - Sonos Roam is a superb product.

01:19:30   - I know, I think I'm gonna get a pair of those

01:19:35   for my desk.

01:19:37   - They're really good.

01:19:38   I don't think you need a pair for your desk.

01:19:39   They're huge Federico.

01:19:40   - No, you're thinking of the Move.

01:19:42   - Oh, sorry.

01:19:44   - Yeah.

01:19:45   The Roam is the smaller one.

01:19:46   Still portable.

01:19:47   - The Move.

01:19:48   - Still can be used over Wi-Fi.

01:19:50   Yeah.

01:19:51   - Move is great.

01:19:53   - OTJ has the Move.

01:19:54   OTJ has the Move and he likes it.

01:19:56   - Uh-huh.

01:19:57   I heard it on AppSource.

01:19:59   - So that's it, I think.

01:20:02   We did it.

01:20:03   - Okay.

01:20:04   the flexes. If you want to find the handful of links that we have this week

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01:20:45   Apple Frames.

01:20:46   Two Apple Frames.

01:20:47   Shortcuts, app reviews, all sorts of fun stuff.

01:20:51   You can find...

01:20:52   Why are you laughing?

01:20:53   I'm fun...

01:20:54   The homepage thing is funny.

01:20:55   Look, we don't have Twitter accounts to read anymore.

01:20:57   I haven't settled on a new ending of the show, and it's very hard for me.

01:21:01   Okay?

01:21:02   to give you notes about my outro, you know? Yeah, because you don't like to promote your keyboard

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01:21:19   512 pixels. Okay, I'll just start over. Here's what I'm gonna do. You have to start over. No,

01:21:24   we're gonna rewind. This should all stay in, you know? Re-wound, okay?

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01:21:48   Anything cool coming up on max stories?

01:21:50   In January,

01:21:52   it's usually the time when I want to release a bunch of

01:21:56   shortcuts and things for people. And, uh,

01:22:00   I've been working on these Apple Frames updates for ages now.

01:22:05   I think when I come back from my break,

01:22:08   that'll be first on the list.

01:22:10   - Awesome.

01:22:11   - So yeah, in January, I just, you know,

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01:22:55   And then rebuilding it again.

01:22:56   - And returning everything.

01:22:57   - Returning everything.

01:22:59   - You're on a list at Amazon, for sure.

01:23:01   Thank you for listening.

01:23:02   We are excited about what 2023 may hold

01:23:06   and we'll have a winner again very soon.

01:23:09   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:23:11   - Glad to be there with you.

01:23:12   - Cheerio. - Bye y'all.