429: Lucy's Football Factory


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 42.9.

00:00:11   I'm your host, James Thompson,

00:00:13   and I've been instructed by connectedintro.com/jjj

00:00:17   to introduce the one true John himself, Mr. John Vohies.

00:00:22   Hey James, how you doing today?

00:00:23   It's good to be here,

00:00:25   and I've been instructed by our robot overlords

00:00:28   to introduce our good friend, Mr. Jason Snell of Six Colors.

00:00:32   Hey, Jason.

00:00:33   - Oh, hey, John and James.

00:00:35   It's good to hear your voices again.

00:00:37   You know, it really doesn't feel like a whole year

00:00:39   since we did the last one of these.

00:00:42   - No, it doesn't.

00:00:42   - Yeah, I mean, the "Pikis" episode,

00:00:44   the Holly "Pikis" episode, right?

00:00:46   I mean, we're here every week.

00:00:47   I just mean the "Pikis," that's what I mean, right?

00:00:49   - Exactly, exactly.

00:00:50   - All right, well, it is our traditional,

00:00:54   before we get to the "Pikis,"

00:00:55   Big episode, big show this week.

00:00:59   Big show, very important show.

00:01:01   Not like the usual Connected,

00:01:02   but much more important than that.

00:01:04   It's our traditional Connected Christmas episode, right?

00:01:06   - Yes, yes.

00:01:07   - It's the holidays, and I've been instructed

00:01:10   by connectedintro.com/exchange, I guess,

00:01:14   to introduce the Triple J Gift Exchange,

00:01:16   where we give each other presents.

00:01:18   It's much easier when these intros are done,

00:01:20   assigned to us randomly, I love it, it's great.

00:01:23   We give each other presents in a little round robin,

00:01:25   and we are filled with the spirit of the holidays

00:01:27   and that is how it works every single year.

00:01:29   And James, I believe you get to start

00:01:31   the round robin this time.

00:01:32   - Yes indeed, it's your present.

00:01:35   I am pleased to further expand the range

00:01:38   of number based products in the Peacock family.

00:01:41   Now I would like to introduce you personally

00:01:43   to Curling by Peacock, which is a bespoke watchOS app

00:01:47   for all your curling needs made just for you, Jason.

00:01:50   A test flight build will be available

00:01:53   as soon as App Review approves the first build.

00:01:56   - I can't wait to see how, I did, I mean,

00:01:59   I guess you got my documentation for the curling app

00:02:03   I wanted you to write for me and you didn't say anything

00:02:05   and I thought I had offended you by demanding

00:02:08   that the developer I know in my life

00:02:10   to write an app just for me,

00:02:12   but I guess you just were working in the background

00:02:14   and didn't tell me about it.

00:02:15   - Yeah, I just wanted to surprise you.

00:02:17   - Well, that's very nice of you, that's very kind.

00:02:20   I can't wait for that TestFlight invite, I'll get on it.

00:02:23   John, I got something for you.

00:02:25   Now I want to tell you what I didn't get for you.

00:02:27   I know that's terrible, right?

00:02:29   - That is a weird way to start, but hey.

00:02:31   - Well you moved to North Carolina, right North Carolina?

00:02:35   - I did, yes.

00:02:37   - That's a state, right North Carolina?

00:02:39   - It is, it's on the left coast, the right coast.

00:02:41   - It's just with South Carolina is my understanding.

00:02:44   - It is, it's right to the north of it, funny enough.

00:02:46   - That's great, well so I wanted to get you something

00:02:48   barbecue related, but honestly,

00:02:51   All of my thoughts about barbecue I realized are sort of like Texas barbecue and like smoked

00:02:56   brisket and stuff and I know that North Carolina barbecue is totally different.

00:03:01   And I got actually really intimidated by the idea of getting you the wrong barbecue gift.

00:03:05   So instead I'm going to throw it back to your past and give you a little shot of nostalgia

00:03:09   and I'm going to get you a Chicago snow globe so that every time there's a horrible blizzard

00:03:15   in Chicago you can just look at the globe and laugh and laugh because you're in North

00:03:20   Carolina where it is warmer than Chicago I'm assuming I don't know it is no it is

00:03:26   it is much warmer than in Chicago and strangely enough there is a big storm

00:03:31   bearing down on Chicago at this moment and so each morning yeah each morning as

00:03:38   my wife and I are having breakfast we sit at the kitchen table we open up the

00:03:41   weather app and we take a quick look and maybe we send a text or two to our

00:03:45   friends back in Chicago and just kind of make fun of them fun of them a little

00:03:49   And it's probably smart that you didn't go with the barbecue,

00:03:51   Jason, because people are very particular

00:03:54   about their regional barbecue in different parts

00:03:56   of the country, whether you're in Texas or Memphis

00:03:58   or here in North Carolina.

00:04:00   I'm starting to learn North Carolina.

00:04:02   North Carolina is mostly about the vinegar-based sauces.

00:04:06   - Yeah. - Right?

00:04:08   Very thin, very good.

00:04:10   But you can get the other kinds here, too.

00:04:13   - I love all barbecue, and so I would love to have

00:04:15   some real, maybe when I visit North Carolina sometime,

00:04:19   we'll go do some barbecue things.

00:04:22   I just, I wasn't gonna, my knowledge of it is zero,

00:04:24   so I wasn't gonna, I didn't wanna make a faux pas,

00:04:26   because then somebody, your new North Carolina friends

00:04:29   are gonna see this thing that is not North Carolina barbecue

00:04:31   in your house, and they're gonna say,

00:04:33   you're obviously from the Midwest

00:04:36   and don't know anything about barbecue,

00:04:37   and I just, I don't need to do that to you, so.

00:04:40   - No, I need to fit in as best as I can here right now,

00:04:43   because we are brand new to the area.

00:04:45   All right, let me tell you a little bit

00:04:48   about what I got James.

00:04:49   So James has a big anniversary coming up

00:04:53   in just a couple of days in fact

00:04:54   from the time we record this,

00:04:55   which is the 30th anniversary of Peacock.

00:04:58   And you know, he's been working on this app

00:05:02   for a really long time on all these different platforms

00:05:05   and I figured he might be a little tired of doing that.

00:05:06   I thought, you know, the reason this app even exists

00:05:09   is so James has something to do his calculations on.

00:05:13   - That's true.

00:05:14   So what I did was I commissioned a bejeweled TI-42

00:05:19   just for James, so he can hang it up,

00:05:23   stop making software, and use a real calculator

00:05:27   with all sorts of glitter and shine all over it.

00:05:31   - I mean, A, just the gift of retirement

00:05:34   is the best gift that you could give me.

00:05:36   That's what I absolutely need right now.

00:05:38   But yes, I love the sparkle on this,

00:05:40   and I think the TI-42 is of course an excellent touch.

00:05:45   - I am happy for James if he retires,

00:05:49   but sad because I was hoping that he would work on it

00:05:53   for 42 years, for no reason, just for fun.

00:05:56   - If I work on it-- - Yeah, that's true.

00:05:58   - If I do 42 years, the curse is broken.

00:06:00   I think that's how it works.

00:06:02   - Fair enough.

00:06:03   James, what do you have?

00:06:09   So, John, I have it on good authority

00:06:11   that you really like game controllers and collect them.

00:06:14   - I do, I have a problem.

00:06:15   - We're actually, this is an intervention

00:06:19   so much as a present.

00:06:21   But I would like to introduce you to another bespoke product

00:06:26   which is Controls by Dice by Peacock,

00:06:29   our first hardware project just for you.

00:06:32   All the buttons of the controller

00:06:34   are actually made from dice

00:06:36   and I find that the really sharp defaults

00:06:39   give you that just good force feedback.

00:06:41   - That's very kind of you, James.

00:06:44   I really like that.

00:06:45   I feel like having dice on my controller

00:06:48   is gonna be good for my hands too, you know?

00:06:50   Just kind of like a massage therapy for my thumbs.

00:06:53   - Yeah, you can just roll things as well

00:06:56   just by flicking your thumb over the buttons.

00:06:58   - Yeah, yeah, that's excellent.

00:07:00   Thank you so much, James.

00:07:01   All right, I've got one for Jason as well.

00:07:05   And you know what, it's clear from Jason's hobby, curling,

00:07:10   that deep down he really,

00:07:11   he doesn't want to live in California.

00:07:13   - Finally I have a hobby.

00:07:15   I just like, I love that everybody's like,

00:07:17   ooh, Jason has a hobby now.

00:07:19   Finally, after all these years

00:07:21   of just talking about computers,

00:07:22   he does literally anything else

00:07:24   and everybody's focused on it.

00:07:25   Well, thank you, thank you.

00:07:26   - Yes, yes, yes.

00:07:27   It's a hobby that hasn't turned into a podcast yet.

00:07:30   - Yet.

00:07:31   - But what I got you is I'm gonna teleport you

00:07:34   into my snow globe so that you can live there

00:07:38   in the cold, frigid Chicago weather for eternity

00:07:43   and curl in the outdoors anytime you want.

00:07:47   - Yeah, if he wants to live somewhere cold,

00:07:48   he could just come to Scotland.

00:07:50   - The home of curling, that's where it was invented.

00:07:52   All right, well, I'm gonna turn the tables then.

00:07:54   Thank you, John, and I'm going to,

00:07:55   here's my gift for James.

00:07:58   James, for 10 pounds, I got you a curling session

00:08:04   It is tricurling.com/rink/hamilton-ice/rink.

00:08:09   24 minute drive from your house, I checked.

00:08:14   I know you don't drive,

00:08:15   but you do live with somebody who does.

00:08:17   And it's fun for couples too.

00:08:19   They have a session there Friday at noon.

00:08:22   There will be coffee and biscuits and curling.

00:08:25   So I guess be there or I dare you.

00:08:28   How about that?

00:08:29   I dare you.

00:08:30   - Well, I do respond well to dares as you know,

00:08:34   But yeah, I mean, I like coffee, I like biscuits.

00:08:38   Curling, we'll see.

00:08:39   - We'll try it out.

00:08:40   - But I need to do the research.

00:08:42   - How's college already?

00:08:43   - I need to do this product right.

00:08:44   Exactly.

00:08:45   - So we have a packed show, but we've done,

00:08:50   we are infused with Christmas spirit now, which is great.

00:08:54   And that means that it's time for our first sponsor.

00:08:57   Now, as many of you know, the suits at Real AFM

00:09:02   no longer let us read the ads on this show

00:09:04   because of the incident.

00:09:07   - Yeah, I mean, my lawyer has advised me

00:09:08   not to comment at this time, but you know, I'm--

00:09:12   - You know what you did. - We all know what happened.

00:09:14   - We all know what happened. - We're all there.

00:09:16   I mean, the livestream really knows.

00:09:19   If you downloaded it in the first day

00:09:20   that it was available, you also know,

00:09:22   but then obviously that was scrubbed

00:09:25   and that episode was changed. - We had to redact that,

00:09:26   yeah, yeah. - Yeah.

00:09:31   So here is that ad read by one of those suits

00:09:34   because we can't do it.

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00:11:30   Our thanks to Membrful for their support of the show and Relay FM.

00:11:34   It's time for the PICCIES, the annual contest where we do our picks for what will happen

00:11:39   next year, next year, and please stand for the reading of the PICCIES charter.

00:11:49   It will be introduced by me as instructed by connectedintro.com/whoreadsthecharter.

00:11:58   We have really automated everything.

00:12:01   It's better this way.

00:12:02   There are two types of pickies, annual pickies and WWDC pickies.

00:12:06   No other pickies shall ever be introduced.

00:12:08   Okay, right.

00:12:10   So I feel that I'm going to be difficult for most of this segment, but you know how

00:12:14   we're the triple J?

00:12:15   I feel that limiting ourselves to two pickies is just off-brand.

00:12:20   I hear you, but it's right there in the rules.

00:12:22   No other picky show ever be introduced.

00:12:24   However, we can do our annual Constitutional Convention episode, which as everybody knows

00:12:29   happens on Jason Voorhees Day, which is the first week that has a Friday the 13th in it.

00:12:34   It's actually coming up so soon.

00:12:36   It's January the 11th, so it's just in a few weeks.

00:12:39   And that's our Constitutional Convention.

00:12:40   I look forward to changing all this stuff.

00:12:41   Okay, so all the rules can change, but they can't change until then.

00:12:44   The winner of the annual pickies is named Grand Admiral Pinkerton and retains the title

00:12:50   for an entire year.

00:12:53   The WWDC Pickies winner is named the Cupertino Shindig King as we amended in our May 11th

00:13:00   episode and retains that title until the next WWDC is held.

00:13:06   Order for annual pickies and WWDC pickies is based on the winner of the previous year.

00:13:12   The winner goes second.

00:13:14   The losers flip a coin to determine who goes first

00:13:18   and who goes third.

00:13:19   Jason is the only person who is allowed to flip a coin

00:13:23   and cannot use an app to do it.

00:13:25   - So, to earn any points,

00:13:30   I'm reading this very carefully,

00:13:32   everything written down in the prediction document

00:13:34   must come true.

00:13:36   And this is where it all falls apart for me.

00:13:38   - Are we doing this?

00:13:39   - Not everything that was written down

00:13:41   in the prediction document came true this year,

00:13:44   therefore legally nobody gets any points.

00:13:47   I mean, I'm a professional logic wizard,

00:13:49   and I think the meaning of this rule is unambiguous,

00:13:53   and thus--

00:13:53   - Is this reverse Polish logic that's happening now?

00:13:56   I don't know.

00:13:56   - The whole competition is null and void,

00:13:58   and I would be saying this all regardless

00:14:00   of whether or not I had won or lost this year.

00:14:04   And I say we have to completely rewrite all the rules

00:14:07   for next year, because this is just nonsense.

00:14:10   - Everybody loses what you're saying, James.

00:14:12   - Take it to Jason Voorhees day, that's what I'm saying.

00:14:15   - Yes. - That's the day for it.

00:14:16   There are no half points awarded in any round,

00:14:20   but other fractions are allowed.

00:14:22   - I mean, have we considered decimals?

00:14:24   Like say 0.49999 recurring?

00:14:28   I mean, it's technically not half point.

00:14:30   - Take it to the Constitutional Convention, I guess.

00:14:33   - Oh, man.

00:14:34   - That's your answer to everything.

00:14:35   - It's got my answer, well, that's right there, yeah.

00:14:38   - Yeah, that's why we have it.

00:14:39   - It's how it's been done for years, James.

00:14:41   Why would we change it now?

00:14:43   - Oh, James is just being difficult.

00:14:46   - I don't know why. - Three point, as usual.

00:14:49   This is why he doesn't read the ads anymore.

00:14:52   Three points are awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:14:55   in the first round.

00:14:57   - Two points are awarded for any picked

00:15:00   deemed correct in the second round.

00:15:01   And I don't have any problem with that one.

00:15:03   - One point will be awarded for correct picks

00:15:05   in the lightning round.

00:15:07   Any pick that comes true in the first half of the year

00:15:10   is worth double.

00:15:11   - Don't forget the second half.

00:15:15   - All right, the first half is defined to be

00:15:18   the total number of seconds in each year divided by two.

00:15:22   I think that's like James slipped that in there.

00:15:25   - Yeah, I don't remember that one, but.

00:15:27   - We did that for WWDC because, you know.

00:15:28   - All right, that was one of those

00:15:29   May Constitutional Convention changes.

00:15:31   Okay, yeah, you're right, you're right.

00:15:32   Jason Voorhees in May last year.

00:15:34   All right, fine.

00:15:36   Your total percentage expressed as a fraction of wrong answers will be multiplied by five and deducted from your final score.

00:15:43   All calculations are performed using IEEE 754 floating-point numbers, not integers.

00:15:49   Leave it to the numbers guy. I'm glad you're here, I don't understand any of that.

00:15:52   The two other hosts must agree that at least one of your picks is not obvious, one is pretty cool, and one is quite sneaky.

00:15:59   Every pick has to be related to Apple or the tech industry.

00:16:02   No picking things that the picker of the pick could make come true by themselves or by inducing others,

00:16:08   including taking a job at Apple or ruining an entire social media company in the space of a month.

00:16:14   Nope, I don't know what that's about. No picking things that are not provably true or false.

00:16:19   Whether or not you can prove a negative is best left for the philosophers.

00:16:24   No altering the prediction document after the show is over. We all remember what happened in 2020.

00:16:32   Not to mention back in June.

00:16:34   "After scoring is complete, each host must place the official Picky's refrigerator magnets in the proper configuration on their refrigerator for the next year.

00:16:44   Winner at the center of the door, second place at the lower left corner, third place at the lower right corner.

00:16:51   In the event that your fridge is not made from a ferrous metal, you must secure them by some other means."

00:16:57   - True, it's true.

00:16:58   The winner of each competition will be given access

00:17:00   to the WWDC Shindig King and Picky's Admiral accounts

00:17:04   on all social media platforms currently

00:17:06   or hereafter devised as appropriate.

00:17:09   As we all know, these accounts were removed from Twitter

00:17:11   after we were said to have been impersonating the hosts

00:17:13   of some other podcast.

00:17:15   Fortunately, they changed that rule the next day,

00:17:17   but we are not gonna take any chances.

00:17:20   And I am the Cupertino Shindig King, of course,

00:17:22   because I made my dramatic seven point victory at WWDC.

00:17:26   Seven points for me, five points for John,

00:17:28   negative seven points for James,

00:17:30   which means that in a world where absolute value matters,

00:17:33   James and I tied.

00:17:34   - Look, I like to think that I did just as well as you,

00:17:36   only in a different direction.

00:17:38   - That's fair enough.

00:17:40   There is definitely a universe in which you are the winner,

00:17:43   it's just not our universe.

00:17:44   All right, let's score the 2022 pickies.

00:17:46   We're here at the end of the year.

00:17:48   The first round, as we said, were three points.

00:17:51   John chose Apple introduces a standalone display,

00:17:55   not connected to a laptop or an iMac,

00:17:57   I love that detail there.

00:17:59   Well, it has a display that costs less

00:18:03   than any pro display XDR.

00:18:05   John, you got it.

00:18:07   - I did, six points for me.

00:18:09   - First half of the year, so you get the bonus there

00:18:12   and it's a six point win for you for that one.

00:18:14   - Yeah, yeah, exactly.

00:18:15   I'm staring at one of them right here on my desk

00:18:17   at this very moment.

00:18:18   - James chose, "Apple will introduce a Mac in 2022

00:18:22   "whose multi-core Geekbench score is more than twice

00:18:24   as fast as any existing Mac from 2021. And I'm sad to say, as all Mac users are, that

00:18:31   the Mac Studio, while fast, is only slightly faster than the existing Mac Pro on Geekbench

00:18:39   multi-core. Sorry, James.

00:18:41   I mean, what can I say? Apple lied to us about completing their product refresh to ARM in

00:18:47   two years and they just didn't do it.

00:18:48   You were misled.

00:18:49   So this is their fault.

00:18:50   Yeah, they lied.

00:18:51   pick and it wasn't. It's too bad.

00:18:55   Alright, I picked that iPadOS gets non-mirrored external display support, which is, correct,

00:19:03   worth six points because it happened in the first half of the year. And I know what you're

00:19:06   going to say, which is that that didn't actually ship until later in the year, but

00:19:10   I'll just point out that the developer Beta 1 of iPadOS got this feature in early June.

00:19:17   Then they took it away and then they brought it back. But it got it.

00:19:21   I don't think that counts as getting it,

00:19:23   but I think we're gonna have to roll beta versions out

00:19:26   in our new version of the rule.

00:19:28   - I mean, you just said gets, right?

00:19:29   I didn't say ships.

00:19:30   I didn't say final version.

00:19:32   I just said gets.

00:19:32   - What does get mean?

00:19:34   - No, I think Jason gets this one.

00:19:37   We did not specify. - What does get mean?

00:19:39   - Right, right, right.

00:19:40   - I get it in quotes under protest from James.

00:19:45   All right, John and I are tied with six points.

00:19:47   James is at zero, not down in his preferred negative space,

00:19:52   which is interesting.

00:19:54   - I always live in a negative space, you know that.

00:19:56   - Okay, second round, worth two points each.

00:20:00   John, you chose, at WWDC, Apple will introduce

00:20:05   a home strategy that includes at least one new product.

00:20:07   I was looking over my Macworld predictions

00:20:10   the other week from last year.

00:20:12   Like you, I was suckered into believing

00:20:14   that Apple had a home strategy.

00:20:15   - You're right, right, or at least one was coming,

00:20:17   but no, no, no such luck.

00:20:19   - Maybe someday.

00:20:22   Maybe 20, are we suckers?

00:20:23   Well, I mean, stay tuned for the pickies

00:20:25   to find out if we're suckers enough to try that again.

00:20:27   - Yes, we are.

00:20:28   - James, this is gonna be a trend.

00:20:30   We're just, we'll start it here.

00:20:32   A developer kit will be introduced

00:20:33   for Apple's mixed reality headset at WWDC,

00:20:36   but the headset itself will not actually ship

00:20:38   to consumers during 2022.

00:20:42   I mean, it is true that it didn't ship to consumers.

00:20:46   I think that's worth 0.4999 recurring points

00:20:50   because it didn't ship to consumers during 2022.

00:20:52   So I was half right.

00:20:54   - John, what do you think about this?

00:20:56   I feel like his key pick here is

00:21:00   the developer kit will exist.

00:21:02   And then he's picking a non-existing thing

00:21:05   continuing to not exist later on in the pick,

00:21:07   which is kind of a buzzkill.

00:21:08   - I mean, you're basing your previous one

00:21:10   on things that are introduced and then go away

00:21:12   and then come back and whatever.

00:21:13   We know the headset exists.

00:21:14   We just haven't seen it.

00:21:15   - This was about developers, James.

00:21:17   I think this, I don't think you'd get this one.

00:21:20   On any level.

00:21:21   - Wow, John.

00:21:24   - And you told me that you'd be able to be bought, John.

00:21:27   - People say that I'm not getting this.

00:21:29   - I'm harsh, I was willing to give James

00:21:31   like 1/15th of a point or something for that,

00:21:34   but you're just like, no, it's not gonna happen.

00:21:37   - Rules are rules, rules are rules.

00:21:38   - Oh yeah, I think you're right, rules are rules.

00:21:40   The pickies are very serious when it comes to the rules.

00:21:42   All right, I chose to guess that anyone

00:21:45   who wants an Apple headset will be able to buy one

00:21:47   by the end of 2022 without becoming a developer.

00:21:50   Womp, womp, yeah.

00:21:52   - I mean, maybe nobody wants to buy one,

00:21:54   have we considered that?

00:21:56   - This is a very sad round.

00:21:58   - Yeah, so our score after round two

00:22:00   is the same as after round one, six and six and zero.

00:22:05   Now we will do the lightning scoring of the lightning round.

00:22:09   Pick one, John said,

00:22:12   "Eddie Q will return to an Apple keynote

00:22:13   "to talk about services but will not dance."

00:22:16   Didn't happen.

00:22:17   - Nope.

00:22:18   - James said, "At least one Mac will be introduced in 22

00:22:20   "that is available in regular Pro

00:22:22   "and Mac's processor configurations."

00:22:24   - It signed it plausible.

00:22:26   - It did, it really did.

00:22:28   And I said, "Universal control would ship before WWDC."

00:22:32   It did.

00:22:34   - Bing, bing, bing.

00:22:34   - That's two points for me.

00:22:35   - Two points.

00:22:37   - All right, pick two of the lightning round last year.

00:22:39   John said, "Notes will gain smart folders

00:22:41   based on tags and other metadata.

00:22:44   - Yay, we got that.

00:22:46   - Yeah, it did. - And you get two points.

00:22:48   - It did.

00:22:49   I thought Notes was gonna gain a lot more than that,

00:22:51   didn't happen, but you correctly picked the thing

00:22:54   that Notes gained at.

00:22:55   James said the Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

00:22:57   (laughing)

00:22:59   Oh, do I have to go on?

00:23:01   Will not support discrete graphics cards

00:23:03   or any other forms of PCIe cards for expansion.

00:23:05   I mean, it might, yeah.

00:23:07   - That part's right.

00:23:08   - It totally might be true.

00:23:10   - Like that statement could be true.

00:23:12   - It might. - We just don't know.

00:23:13   - It might not, yeah.

00:23:15   And I said, here's me saying, oh,

00:23:17   John picked a notes thing, I'll pick a notes thing.

00:23:19   Notes will add cross-linking in iOS 16,

00:23:22   like all the cool kids.

00:23:24   No, no, I heard that there was a podcast,

00:23:28   I think it was a Mac Stories podcast

00:23:30   where Federico said that, talking to you, John,

00:23:33   that it was strongly implied, it was like,

00:23:36   you know, some people think that they're gonna add

00:23:37   backlinks to notes.

00:23:40   (laughs)

00:23:42   And I'm sitting there seething,

00:23:43   it's like, that's me, I was the one who thought that.

00:23:45   (laughs)

00:23:47   Oh well.

00:23:47   In pick three, John said the 13-inch MacBook Pro

00:23:51   would be discontinued, I wish.

00:23:54   - I thought that was a lock.

00:23:56   - I did too.

00:23:57   How would they keep that computer around?

00:24:00   Like why would you do that?

00:24:01   It's a terrible idea.

00:24:03   They did.

00:24:04   James said Apple will announce that Apple Arcade

00:24:06   will have AR and VR titles at the launch of their headset.

00:24:09   I mean, they could have, they could have done that.

00:24:11   - I mean, I think a lot of these picks

00:24:13   are probably spot on for next year, but yeah.

00:24:17   - You're a man ahead of your time.

00:24:19   - That's it. - Yeah.

00:24:20   And I predicted that I would set foot

00:24:23   on the Apple Park campus by invitation.

00:24:27   And this happened twice.

00:24:31   - Did you influence this one?

00:24:34   - Yeah, I was gonna say.

00:24:35   - No, no, this is the thing is that I,

00:24:38   look, if the pick had been that I would set foot

00:24:40   on the Apple Park campus not by invitation,

00:24:43   that would be something I could control.

00:24:44   But I can't control whether they invited us on the campus.

00:24:47   And now I feel like I should have picked in the ring,

00:24:49   'cause I've been in the ring twice this year,

00:24:52   which is, I would never have predicted that.

00:24:55   I thought that they would take us like they do

00:24:56   off to the Steve Jobs Theater, where it's sort of like,

00:24:59   it's far enough away that the smell of the general public

00:25:02   doesn't waft into the precious spaces of the people

00:25:05   who work on Apple products, but no, they let us in there.

00:25:08   They let our stink right in there.

00:25:10   - Yeah, they let the commenters in, me included.

00:25:13   - Unlike the two of you, I was explicitly invited

00:25:15   never to set foot on the campus again.

00:25:17   - You know what you did.

00:25:18   You know what you did.

00:25:19   - That's the special invitation.

00:25:21   - All right, pick four.

00:25:22   John said Apple will finally update Safari reading list.

00:25:27   - I'll tell you, Jason, we did get one single

00:25:31   shortcuts action related to Safari reading lists.

00:25:34   Does that count?

00:25:36   - No.

00:25:37   (laughing)

00:25:39   I might have backed you in another time

00:25:41   when you had backed me, but no.

00:25:43   I think you get nothing.

00:25:44   - Yeah, I was again thinking I would give you

00:25:47   one twelfth of a point, but James just said no,

00:25:50   and I'll go with that, all right.

00:25:52   James said the headset, (laughing)

00:25:55   do I have to go on again? - Read it carefully.

00:25:56   - Will have a sensor that can detect mouth shapes

00:25:59   and other facial expressions.

00:26:00   So, so, so, the Meta Pro headset

00:26:03   that got introduced this year has exactly this feature.

00:26:06   It has a sensor so it can match your mouth movements

00:26:09   and stuff. - Just wrong company as well.

00:26:10   - I said the headset.

00:26:12   I didn't specify the Apple headset in my pic.

00:26:15   - That was in all your previous pics or anything.

00:26:17   - Yeah, but I mean, I think you're making a assumption there.

00:26:20   - I'm not even gonna give you 1/19th of a point

00:26:22   for that one.

00:26:23   - I think you should take away a point

00:26:24   for that argument right there.

00:26:25   That's such a bad argument.

00:26:26   I'd take away like two points for that.

00:26:28   - And I keep trying to make fetch happen.

00:26:30   I said that there would be a Ted Lasso bit

00:26:34   that they would film and run in an Apple event.

00:26:36   Yeah.

00:26:38   - This is like a bit now.

00:26:39   - Yeah, I keep predicting it.

00:26:42   This is like my new Spinal Tap.

00:26:44   They're gonna make a This Goes to 11 reference

00:26:46   for the iPhone 11 or iOS 11 or Mac OS 11,

00:26:50   and they never, ever, ever, ever did it.

00:26:52   I mean, I guess once they said this goes to 11,

00:26:56   but they didn't, like, Spinal Tap didn't appear,

00:26:57   and I kept thinking, you bring out Spinal Tap at that point,

00:27:00   and they didn't do that.

00:27:01   Ted Lasso, clearly Jason Sudeikis is like,

00:27:03   "I'm not making your promo videos, that's not gonna happen."

00:27:06   - I mean, they can't even seemingly finish the third season

00:27:09   'cause we're still waiting for that.

00:27:10   So they have no time to be filming random skits.

00:27:13   - Maybe they have extra time 'cause they're too busy

00:27:15   rewriting all their scripts

00:27:16   and the actors are standing around, I don't know.

00:27:19   Anyway, I missed that completely utterly.

00:27:21   Pick five, the last round of the lightning round,

00:27:23   which the lightning round, we should maybe consider

00:27:25   during Jason Voorhees day renaming it

00:27:28   'cause it goes on forever.

00:27:30   Pick five, Apple will introduce a classical music focused app

00:27:33   is what John said.

00:27:35   John, you know, I guess technically there were 10 days

00:27:38   left in the year, but.

00:27:39   - I think it seems more likely we'll get a standalone

00:27:43   scar focused app at this point than this classical music.

00:27:46   - I have been hoping for this press release all week,

00:27:49   but nope.

00:27:50   - They promised, they promised, they literally said.

00:27:52   - They did.

00:27:53   - By the end of the year.

00:27:54   - They promised a lot of things and they just haven't had.

00:27:57   - Okay, but anyway, by the rules, we're scoring it now,

00:28:00   so this is it.

00:28:01   So, James, you said, "No Apple executive will say

00:28:03   "the words metaverse, blockchain, or NFT

00:28:06   "during any Apple event in 2022."

00:28:10   This is amazing, James, because I thought

00:28:15   you didn't get this, and I had to re-consult the picks,

00:28:18   because there was an event at which an Apple executive

00:28:22   was asked about the metaverse and said,

00:28:25   I believe, was it Josuwiak?

00:28:27   basically said, "We're not gonna talk about the metaverse,"

00:28:29   or something like that, and I thought,

00:28:30   "Aha, that's it for James," but it wasn't an Apple event.

00:28:35   - Yeah, I mean, this is the one prediction

00:28:38   that I am very glad that I got right,

00:28:40   because I can't see any of this stuff being aligned

00:28:45   with Apple's kind of corporate culture, so--

00:28:47   - Right, hard to imagine. - I'm very glad.

00:28:49   - Well, one of your competitors rebrands itself

00:28:51   using part of the word metaverse as its name.

00:28:53   You're never gonna use that name, right?

00:28:56   - Yeah, yeah.

00:28:57   - Right, right.

00:28:58   - I picked, Apple will introduce a new service

00:29:00   with a monthly fee option.

00:29:01   It seems like, again, that that would have been a given.

00:29:04   I didn't know what the service was.

00:29:06   I just figured they'll try to find something

00:29:07   to charge us for.

00:29:09   That didn't happen, didn't happen.

00:29:13   So the scores after the lightning round, we're not done,

00:29:16   but here's the score after the lightning round

00:29:18   before the extra calculations are made.

00:29:20   I have 10, John has eight, James has one.

00:29:22   Now we go into calculation mode.

00:29:25   I got four out of my seven picks wrong, which equates to the decimal of 0.571428571, which

00:29:35   is multiplied by five.

00:29:37   That means that I'm deducting 2.857142855 from my total score, leaving me with a total

00:29:43   score of 7.142857145.

00:29:47   Jon, you got five of seven wrong.

00:29:51   - I did.

00:29:52   - 0.714285714 times five,

00:29:55   deducting 3.57142857.

00:29:58   We should maybe specify when it's Jason Voorhees day.

00:30:01   Maybe we should specify how many significant digits

00:30:05   we need in this calculation.

00:30:06   - Yeah, I think so.

00:30:07   - But you're so good at reading these numbers, Jason.

00:30:08   - I didn't want to leave it to chance.

00:30:10   So your total is 4.42857143.

00:30:13   And James, boy, James, six out of seven wrong.

00:30:16   - Yeah.

00:30:19   0.857142857 times five, so we deduct 4.285714285.

00:30:24   For a total, now you're back where you belong,

00:30:27   minus 3.28714285, meaning I am Grand Admiral Pickerton,

00:30:32   with 7.14 to John's 4.43 to James's minus 3.29.

00:30:39   So please place my magnet at the center

00:30:46   of your refrigerator door.

00:30:47   John's will go in the lower left corner,

00:30:48   James will go in the lower right corner.

00:30:50   - Yeah, I always knew maths was gonna prove to be

00:30:53   my downfall sooner or later.

00:30:54   I live in the corner of shame now.

00:30:56   - You do, you do, but you know,

00:30:57   you're in that really comfortable negative territory

00:30:59   that you're so used to, so you know,

00:31:01   you got that going for you.

00:31:02   - Yeah, you didn't even win in absolute value this time.

00:31:05   Like, you became last in both.

00:31:06   (laughing)

00:31:08   In absolute value and in regular, all right.

00:31:10   - That's an accomplishment.

00:31:11   - Well, I do think, congratulations for James

00:31:13   for fulfilling his destiny and scoring negative

00:31:15   for both things this year.

00:31:17   (laughs)

00:31:18   - Yeah, I mean two wrongs don't make a right sadly.

00:31:21   Look, the problem is I believed in Apple's headset

00:31:25   more than Apple believed in Apple's headset,

00:31:27   but I'm not gonna make that same mistake again this year

00:31:30   by picking lots of headset things.

00:31:33   - All right, good.

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00:33:13   for their support of the show and Relay FM. Thanks Stephen! That was great,

00:33:19   we couldn't have done that. All right let's move on. It's time for the 2023 picks.

00:33:25   It is and we're going to start with round one. We've each got a pick here and this I call this

00:33:33   the Mac round based on what you guys all picked and I'm gonna lead off.

00:33:37   Yes, I think we should say I need to flip a coin here.

00:33:40   Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the coin.

00:33:42   You're running roughshod.

00:33:44   Yeah, John, I mean connectedintro.com/newpix did tell you to lead this off but you missed

00:33:48   the important point.

00:33:50   Before the show began I flipped a coin, John is going to go first, I go second, James goes

00:33:54   third, and now John you may make your first round three point selection.

00:33:59   - All right, I don't get any points deducted

00:34:01   for just being eager, do I?

00:34:03   I hope not.

00:34:05   All right, my pick.

00:34:06   The MacBook Pro will be updated.

00:34:08   A MacBook Pro will be updated.

00:34:11   Okay?

00:34:12   - I mean, that seems like an extremely brave choice there.

00:34:15   I can't see them doing that in any way.

00:34:17   - Well, they just, I mean, but they just,

00:34:20   well, no, 'cause the 14 and the 16

00:34:22   have been out there a long time.

00:34:23   You're right, that's a good pick.

00:34:24   Very, very, I mean, it's an easy pick,

00:34:27   but I think it's a good pick.

00:34:28   my first run pick is going to be the Mac Mini

00:34:33   will get an update.

00:34:34   And you're thinking to yourself,

00:34:35   oh, well what an easy pick, like John's pick.

00:34:38   Any Mac Mini update prediction is fraught with peril.

00:34:41   That's all I'm going to say. - It really is.

00:34:43   - 'Cause every time you think it's obvious

00:34:45   that they're gonna update the Mac Mini,

00:34:47   they're like, nah, we'll let it ride

00:34:48   another couple years. - No, we're just gonna

00:34:49   leave it for five years and then we'll come back to it.

00:34:52   - The rule, I think, is that any product

00:34:55   that has Mini in the name is on like a five

00:34:57   to seven year product cycle.

00:34:59   - Ah, I want to believe though.

00:35:02   I want to believe.

00:35:03   - I think it'll happen.

00:35:04   So that's my choice.

00:35:07   - Speaking of believing,

00:35:09   my pick is the Mac Pro will finally be introduced.

00:35:12   I cut this one right down to just that.

00:35:15   They're gonna introduce it.

00:35:16   Not saying they're gonna sell it,

00:35:18   but they're gonna introduce it.

00:35:19   - Let's clarify this.

00:35:20   You mean an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, right?

00:35:24   I think if, honestly, if Tim Cook gets up on stage

00:35:28   and introduces an Intel Mac Pro,

00:35:29   I think I should get points just because

00:35:32   for the sheer audacity of Apple doing that.

00:35:35   - Okay, well, they're locked in.

00:35:39   The Mac Pro will finally be introduced, great.

00:35:43   Let's move on to the second round.

00:35:45   These are worth two points each, Jon.

00:35:47   - All right, I think it's gonna finally happen this year.

00:35:49   This is a little, for me, this is a little bit

00:35:51   like your Ted Lasso pick, Jason,

00:35:53   which is Apple's gonna release logic

00:35:56   or final cut for the iPad.

00:35:58   - Wow, I have predicted this in previous years, John.

00:36:02   - Have you?

00:36:03   Yeah, I guess you have. - And I got the scars.

00:36:04   I got the scars to bear witness to it

00:36:07   'cause it just hasn't happened.

00:36:09   - It's kind of embarrassing, really.

00:36:12   - Does John get the point if they ship some Mac OS emulator

00:36:15   that runs on the iPad that can then run logic

00:36:17   or final cut? - No.

00:36:18   - No, I mean a real-- - For the iPad.

00:36:20   - Yeah, an iPad OS app.

00:36:23   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:36:24   I'm kind of starting to feel like it's never gonna happen.

00:36:27   But I know, I did go to an Apple briefing this year

00:36:30   where I mentioned this and I was told something like,

00:36:33   "We understand." (laughs)

00:36:35   And I was like, "What does that mean?"

00:36:37   - We understand the words that came out of your mouth,

00:36:39   Jason Snow. - We get that you're

00:36:40   disappointed by it, but we don't care.

00:36:42   I don't know.

00:36:43   I don't know what it means.

00:36:44   Does it mean that they've got something in the works or not?

00:36:46   All right, here's my pick.

00:36:47   I'm gonna just leave it real simple,

00:36:49   which is I'm going all in on that big MacBook Air rumor,

00:36:53   and I'm gonna say there's gonna be a bigger MacBook Air.

00:36:55   And yes, that does imply that the name will be MacBook Air

00:36:57   or MacBook Air, I don't know, plus, max, whatever.

00:37:01   I don't care, but it'll be a MacBook Air.

00:37:03   It won't be like MacBook Max or MacBook Plus

00:37:06   or I don't know what MacBook.

00:37:08   It'll be like a bigger MacBook Air.

00:37:11   - I think we need a MacBook Grande at this point.

00:37:15   - Yeah, I think what they need is they need to have air

00:37:17   and then put a heavy word after it

00:37:20   so they kind of cancel each other out.

00:37:21   - What would that be?

00:37:23   Backward air gold.

00:37:24   Backward air lead is not so good,

00:37:28   but gold, you could do backward air gold.

00:37:30   Great, sure, anyway, just bigger, bigger.

00:37:33   - So my pick, like Santa,

00:37:35   I'm just gonna keep believing in this.

00:37:37   Apple will introduce a mixed reality headset.

00:37:42   And again, I use the word introduce

00:37:44   because I don't 100% believe it will ship.

00:37:47   I feel like we're all like Charlie Brown running after that football right now.

00:37:52   I just wrote my macro predictions articles and I absolutely predicted this because I

00:37:58   feel like from everything we know, it's been out there and it's coming and it missed

00:38:06   its window which should make us even more confident that it will happen next time.

00:38:12   - I think there's still the potential that they will look

00:38:15   at the sort of fudding reception to the MetaQuest Pro

00:38:20   and maybe say that we're not gonna do it.

00:38:23   - I mean, maybe.

00:38:25   - Yeah, it's hard to know at this point.

00:38:27   I mean, there are a lot of things between supply chain stuff

00:38:30   and the reception of Meta's headset.

00:38:32   It does kind of put a cloud around everything.

00:38:35   - There's been a lot of discussion as to whether

00:38:37   there is a market or a use case for this product

00:38:40   because if it is really a sort of $2,000, $3,000 thing,

00:38:44   who is it for?

00:38:45   - I think it's just like the Apple Watch,

00:38:48   you can send your heartbeat to people with it.

00:38:50   (laughing)

00:38:51   - But I'm predicting that it's gonna happen,

00:38:53   so I'm negative and positive.

00:38:55   - All right, all right.

00:38:57   Well, we've got another round to go.

00:38:59   So let's move on to the lightning round.

00:39:02   What are we on?

00:39:03   Lightning round two.

00:39:04   I'm gonna predict that Apple will finally do it

00:39:07   and they're gonna increase the free storage tier

00:39:10   for iCloud.

00:39:11   (laughing)

00:39:13   - Well, you brought this one on yourself, really.

00:39:15   - I did, I did.

00:39:16   - Wow, I don't even have anything to say.

00:39:20   I mean, of course, they should have done it 10 years ago,

00:39:23   but they haven't done it yet.

00:39:24   So what, John, what is gonna motivate them to do it now?

00:39:27   And do you have a prediction, separate from your picks,

00:39:30   about what it's going to be?

00:39:31   - It'll be more, it won't be enough,

00:39:35   but it will be driven by the fact

00:39:37   that the cameras just keep getting better

00:39:39   and the video files are so large

00:39:42   that it's gonna drive them to do it.

00:39:44   That plus HomeKit secure video,

00:39:46   there's so many reasons to increase it,

00:39:49   I feel like we've gotten to the point

00:39:51   where that dam just has to break.

00:39:53   - Okay, here's my round one pick.

00:39:56   John, get ready, hang on to something.

00:39:58   - I'm ready.

00:39:59   - Apple classical music service.

00:40:00   (laughing)

00:40:01   - There you go.

00:40:03   - I'm taking it.

00:40:04   I'm taking it from you because, you know,

00:40:07   I get this wrong if they introduce it on like New Year's Eve.

00:40:10   'Cause it's not 2023.

00:40:12   But I don't care.

00:40:13   I think it's gonna be one of those things

00:40:16   that they just sheepishly push out

00:40:17   in like January or February.

00:40:18   - So a separate service, something that actually costs

00:40:21   separate from Apple Music itself is what you're saying.

00:40:24   And a service versus an app.

00:40:27   - I just, I don't, actually I don't want to even specify,

00:40:30   just like something classical music, Apple thing, right?

00:40:34   Like I'm not saying charge for separately,

00:40:36   I'm just, there will be something.

00:40:38   - 'Cause there's a lot of ways they could do it.

00:40:40   Yeah, there are a lot of ways they could do it.

00:40:41   They could dump it into the existing app,

00:40:43   they could charge separate for it,

00:40:44   there's a lot of things, but.

00:40:45   - Classical music thing finally arrives, how about that?

00:40:49   - There you go, that's perfect.

00:40:51   - I mean, this is really a show of Lucy's footballs.

00:40:53   It's just a, we're all just picking these things.

00:40:56   - It is all, like we're the football factory, basically.

00:40:59   - All the way down.

00:41:00   - We got all your footballs here.

00:41:02   - So my pick, a timely one perhaps,

00:41:08   Apple will announce their own social network

00:41:11   based on the Mastodon protocols.

00:41:13   Now I'm not saying they'll call it Mastodon,

00:41:15   but I think it will interoperate with Mastodon.

00:41:17   - All right.

00:41:21   - I mean it means that they get to,

00:41:23   like they could put their own employees on it

00:41:25   and they could control them.

00:41:28   - So are you saying they're basically gonna do it,

00:41:29   do some sort of activity pub type of thing?

00:41:32   - Well, no, I think that they looked at what MacStories did

00:41:36   and they thought that is the approach for us.

00:41:38   - Yeah, it is, well, we're trendsetters.

00:41:40   I mean, there's all of one of us out there.

00:41:42   All right, yeah, I don't see this happening, James,

00:41:46   I'm sorry to say.

00:41:47   - Well, you know, we'll see what happens with Shweta.

00:41:53   - All right, all right, round two.

00:41:55   My first pick is go-- - Round two for real.

00:41:57   - Yeah, it's gonna be Apple releases a new

00:42:00   or updated accessory for the iPad.

00:42:02   And this is not part of the scored pick,

00:42:04   but what I'm thinking here is it's time

00:42:06   for a new Magic Keyboard, because that thing's been around

00:42:09   since it was introduced.

00:42:10   Mine's a little long in the tooth,

00:42:12   and before I buy a new one to refresh it,

00:42:16   I wanna get, you know, I'd like to have

00:42:17   some new features or something.

00:42:19   - Well, I think it's gonna depend if they change

00:42:22   the form factor of the iPad or the iPad Pro.

00:42:26   - Yeah, which they might not.

00:42:27   - So John, I'm gonna go with you here.

00:42:29   I don't know if this is gonna be a pick later or not,

00:42:31   but I will say, I think there's a possibility

00:42:33   that the iPad, the big iPad announcement in 2023

00:42:38   might be that rumored larger iPad Pro, right?

00:42:42   Like they could do that off cycle

00:42:43   and then update the other ones in 24.

00:42:46   And if they do it off cycle, well, I mean,

00:42:48   there's definitely gonna be a new accessory for that.

00:42:50   So if that happens, I think you get this pick too.

00:42:52   And we all know like the iPad is as much about

00:42:55   its accessories as it is about itself.

00:42:57   - Exactly. - I just, the question is,

00:43:00   what new iPads are there going to be in 23,

00:43:03   other than maybe an iPad Air?

00:43:05   I would love for them to refresh that,

00:43:07   but if they don't, I don't know, I don't know.

00:43:09   It's an interesting question.

00:43:11   - I think we could even see like an Apple Pencil 3

00:43:13   or something like that.

00:43:15   - Yeah, it's possible, it's possible.

00:43:17   It's been a while since we've had an accessory,

00:43:18   and unfortunately, a long time since we've had

00:43:21   much of a design change in the iPad itself.

00:43:23   It's a weird lineup now, so it's a little bit

00:43:25   like the MacBook Pro.

00:43:26   It's in a weird transitional phase.

00:43:29   - Yeah, yeah.

00:43:30   So I think this will happen, it's just,

00:43:32   will it be in 23 or not?

00:43:33   I think that's the risk there is, will the iPad.

00:43:35   - Yeah.

00:43:36   - I'm so sad about this year's iPad Pros

00:43:38   that I'm like, ugh, not until we're gonna wait two years

00:43:42   for another iPad Pro.

00:43:43   All right, here is my prediction,

00:43:45   and this is a little esoteric,

00:43:46   but I'll explain myself in a moment.

00:43:49   An Apple executive will be present at the awarding

00:43:51   of a trophy for a sporting championship.

00:43:53   Okay, Apple wants to get into sports streaming.

00:43:57   Apple has signed their deal with MLS.

00:43:59   I think the most likely scenario is that we will see,

00:44:02   again, they don't have to hand the trophy over or something,

00:44:05   but like that we will see an executive from Apple

00:44:08   at probably the MLS cup presentation.

00:44:11   - On the stage basically,

00:44:14   as part of the crew that hands it out.

00:44:16   - Could be one of the other cup competitions

00:44:18   that's happening, could be something

00:44:20   we don't even know about now, but I feel like I just wanted to make a prediction about

00:44:25   Apple being a visible presence.

00:44:27   And Apple is going to be so integrated with MLS, people don't really understand.

00:44:32   Literally every MLS jersey will have an Apple TV logo on its sleeve.

00:44:37   It's going to be everywhere in MLS this year.

00:44:40   And I had this vision of like, it's not going to be like Tim Cook is here to hand the trophy

00:44:45   But I do wonder if if Tim Cook or Eddie Q or somebody else is gonna be like

00:44:50   nearby on the state on the stage or thereabouts

00:44:54   When the trophy is awarded so present at the awarding of a sporting trophy is my pick as well

00:45:00   I mean I I was gonna say as long as they don't give Tim a flag to wave I think we're good on this one

00:45:05   Yeah, well, I mean, I think I I would like to see Tim holding a trophy awkwardly like he held a beer Stein

00:45:14   Yeah, and and K in the discord is asking if Eddie Q attends the formula one gala

00:45:21   Does that count I'm like, well, maybe we'll see I'll keep an eye out doesn't have to be on stage

00:45:28   Present at the awarding of a trophy is all I'm saying if we can get evidence that there was an Apple exec at

00:45:35   Present there when the trophy is awarded. I think I'm gonna count it and that means yes. Yes James

00:45:43   This means that if Tim Cook is in a luxury box at the Super Bowl

00:45:46   And they award the trophy on the field and he's still there and we can get some evidence that he's still there

00:45:52   That totally counts but that's not gonna happen. So Tim only cares about college football. Anyway, James. What's your round two pick?

00:45:58   So my round two is Lucy's football

00:46:02   Apple will sell their mixed reality headset to consumers by the end of the year. I

00:46:11   I don't actually believe that this is likely.

00:46:15   - I think you like it down there in the negative,

00:46:16   don't you?

00:46:17   (laughs)

00:46:18   - It really does.

00:46:19   - It really depends, and I'll know early on

00:46:22   if this is gonna happen.

00:46:22   I think if they do an event in spring

00:46:27   to introduce this thing, and there's developer kits

00:46:29   and stuff, then I think they'll ship it by the end of year.

00:46:32   If they introduce it at WWDC,

00:46:34   I don't think it's gonna happen.

00:46:36   - Okay, round three, Jon.

00:46:39   Apple will introduce an update to the AirPods Max.

00:46:43   I think it's time.

00:46:44   I mean, the AirPods Max have been out for a while.

00:46:46   I think Apple's been doing a lot of work

00:46:48   to make the AirPods Pro sound better.

00:46:51   I think there's probably things they can do

00:46:53   to improve the quality of the AirPods Max too.

00:46:56   Maybe they'll use some sort of new codec.

00:46:59   It seems from an interview that I think an engineer

00:47:02   did with what hi-fi that that's maybe not

00:47:06   in the cards just yet, but I do think they'll

00:47:08   reintroduce a new version of the AirPods Max

00:47:12   that's improved in some way.

00:47:14   - I agree with you, I had this in my Macworld predictions

00:47:16   and so it was on my board for this.

00:47:17   I think this is a good pick.

00:47:18   It's about time and maybe they'll address

00:47:20   some of the stupid things they did in the original version.

00:47:23   And I'm just gonna say the AirPods Pro announcement,

00:47:26   AirPods Pro 2, they mentioned the increased bandwidth

00:47:29   and then never said why.

00:47:31   And I still think the case is that they've got

00:47:34   a firmware update that is gonna enable

00:47:36   some sort of enhanced quality or something,

00:47:39   not necessarily lossless, but higher bit rate or whatever,

00:47:43   and maybe they're even waiting for the AirPods Max

00:47:46   and then they'll do it on both, I don't know,

00:47:47   but I've got conspiracy theories.

00:47:50   Okay, mine is going to be Apple will not offer,

00:47:53   as it currently doesn't, the ability to sideload

00:47:56   iOS software anywhere in the world in 2023.

00:47:59   This is my prediction, is that they'll get ahead

00:48:01   of ourselves, there are rumors out there

00:48:02   that they're gonna offer this eventually,

00:48:04   but I'm going to say that nobody's going to make them

00:48:06   do it at any point in 23 and that if it does come, it will be in an iOS update that happens

00:48:13   in 24.

00:48:15   So that's my...

00:48:16   Don't hold your horses about like outside app stores.

00:48:20   I mean I can see this even if they've got the EU leaning on them, they'll say "Oh we're

00:48:24   working on it, we're working on it" and they'll drag it out as long as possible.

00:48:29   I mean just to be clear, it is possible to sidelight iOS software currently just not

00:48:34   in any sort of...

00:48:36   - Ability added by Apple.

00:48:39   - Yeah, yeah.

00:48:39   - Yeah, James.

00:48:43   - Mine is a simple one.

00:48:45   Twitter will go bankrupt during 2023.

00:48:48   I mean, it's like--

00:48:49   - Oh, John, is this too obvious?

00:48:51   - It may be too obvious.

00:48:54   - At the rate that they're going, like in just over a month,

00:48:58   like I couldn't imagine that you could destroy

00:49:02   a company so fast and they have, so--

00:49:05   - I'm a little worried that we're gonna see this pick

00:49:07   in 12 months and go, what was Twitter?

00:49:10   - I'll tell you, my fear is that Twitter will go bankrupt

00:49:14   in like the next nine, 10 days, and I won't get the pick

00:49:18   because they're already got the great New Year's Eve

00:49:21   bankruptcy. (laughs)

00:49:23   - Yes. - Wow, wow.

00:49:25   Yeah, that happens.

00:49:26   You wanna get out of the news cycle

00:49:27   when you file these cases.

00:49:29   I think it could happen.

00:49:30   I really do think it could happen,

00:49:31   but I don't think it's, I think it's gonna be a while.

00:49:33   Elon's got a lot of money that he can pour into that thing

00:49:36   and drain his pockets before he's actually gonna--

00:49:39   - Yeah, have you seen how low Tesla stock is going?

00:49:42   - Oh, I know, I know. - That's his money.

00:49:43   - I know. (laughs)

00:49:45   - Also, bankruptcy is about protection from creditors, right?

00:49:47   And they do owe a lot of money,

00:49:48   so it may just be a trick to not have to pay what they owe

00:49:52   and then move forward.

00:49:53   - Yeah, I'm not saying that this is a Twitter

00:49:55   that will have gone away and shut off all the servers.

00:49:58   I think they will go into some kind of restructuring mode.

00:50:01   - Right. - Right, round four.

00:50:03   - All right, my first pick is Apple Arcade

00:50:06   will add online multiplayer support for its games.

00:50:09   I think this is probably my riskiest pick of all of them.

00:50:12   - I love it though, I would love to see this.

00:50:14   I mean they've already got all the collaboration stuff

00:50:16   they built this year,

00:50:18   so maybe next year is game collaboration.

00:50:20   - Right.

00:50:21   - There are APIs that exist for doing multiplayer stuff.

00:50:24   They don't work, but they do exist.

00:50:26   - Yeah, I mean, I think it's gonna be something

00:50:28   that's targeted at kind of a more mainstream

00:50:31   type of console type of game,

00:50:33   Apple is definitely kind of toying around

00:50:36   with the edges of that industry,

00:50:38   but they're not really in it yet,

00:50:39   and I think this would be one way

00:50:40   for them to try to get into it.

00:50:41   - Good for the headset too, right?

00:50:43   The headset, games are absolutely gonna be a thing

00:50:45   on the headset, and you gotta have proper multiplayer support.

00:50:50   - I think the one thing that I would say against this

00:50:53   is any third-party developer that's coming to Apple stuff

00:50:56   is gonna have their own stuff,

00:50:58   and they're not gonna use Apple's, so we'll see.

00:51:01   But for Apple Arcade stuff,

00:51:03   'cause they're also gonna keep down that path, right?

00:51:05   And that's the stuff that Apple can control

00:51:07   a little bit better.

00:51:07   - Yeah, yeah.

00:51:08   What James said though is really at the root

00:51:10   of a lot of the problems with Apple and gaming,

00:51:12   is that Apple likes to make their own things

00:51:14   and everybody's got their own solution that isn't Apple's.

00:51:17   - All right, I'm going to say,

00:51:19   speaking of things that might happen because of legislation,

00:51:22   I'm gonna predict that we're gonna,

00:51:24   Apple will ship a wireless keyboard

00:51:27   that is charged via USB-C.

00:51:31   I'm not saying anything about mice or track pads,

00:51:33   although I suspect that will happen too,

00:51:35   but we need to be in the phase now

00:51:37   where Apple is getting rid of things

00:51:39   that charge via lightning,

00:51:41   and I think that this is gonna be the year

00:51:44   where we get an updated,

00:51:45   and probably not changed very much,

00:51:47   but an updated keyboard that's charged via USB-C.

00:51:51   So that'll be my pick.

00:51:52   - I think this is a pretty solid pick

00:51:55   when we get the next iMac or something like that,

00:51:58   they're just gonna refresh.

00:52:00   My only question is if it's in 23 or if it's in 24, but other than that I think it's inevitable.

00:52:04   I'm just going to go out on a limb about 23.

00:52:07   I think the fact that they revved the remote for the Apple TV to be USB-C, I think it's

00:52:12   just everything from now.

00:52:14   Yeah, I agree.

00:52:15   Yeah, no, it's definitely time.

00:52:17   I'm kind of tired of having a lightning cable within reach just to charge my trackpad and

00:52:21   keyboard.

00:52:24   My pick is also legislation related.

00:52:27   Apple's plans to introduce full encryption for iCloud backups will face a legal challenge

00:52:32   from the US government.

00:52:35   I mean, it's certainly going to face legal challenges from other governments, but I think

00:52:38   the US specifically.

00:52:39   Yeah, and I'm glad you specifically said legal challenge because there are lots of challenges

00:52:44   from the US government where it's like somebody in the FBI goes, "Oh, Apple."

00:52:49   And that's not the same as saying we're actually going to take them to court over this.

00:52:53   And so I think that's an interesting, I like the riskiness of it, but it's a reality that

00:53:02   this is definitely possible.

00:53:03   I think the question is just, does an incident happen that leads to this?

00:53:08   Yeah.

00:53:09   All right, it's time for round five.

00:53:12   And I've got to pick that really, I feel like I have to steal this from Jason from last

00:53:17   year, which is notes is going to add linking between notes.

00:53:19   John, John, you did it.

00:53:21   You can't steal other people's footballs.

00:53:23   - You did it.

00:53:24   Well, I mean, yeah, that's the other way.

00:53:26   I wanna be jealous, but I also have that moment of like,

00:53:29   don't you see what they did to me?

00:53:30   Now they're gonna do it to you.

00:53:32   - They are, they are probably, but I can hope.

00:53:35   I can hope and dream.

00:53:36   I hope that they get cross-knit linking.

00:53:37   - A friendly Apple way of, I mean, we already know,

00:53:40   like linking two notes in general, like via,

00:53:45   from another app or from shortcuts, like there are issues.

00:53:49   It would be nice if they kind of overhauled notes

00:53:52   so that it was very, you're always able to link

00:53:54   to a specific note and then had that ability

00:53:57   to create those links within a note to another note, right?

00:54:01   Like wouldn't it be nice?

00:54:02   I'm talking myself into it now, good luck.

00:54:04   - Look, it's technically possible to kind of pull out

00:54:07   the identifier for these notes and create your own links,

00:54:11   which Federico has done.

00:54:12   - Yeah, it's hard.

00:54:14   - Yeah, it's not simple and what I'm talking about

00:54:16   is an actual consumer friendly way to do this

00:54:18   by simply typing the name of the note

00:54:20   or looking it up with search or something like that.

00:54:22   - Even if it's like a rich preview kind of thing

00:54:24   where they like put another note,

00:54:26   you can put a link to another note

00:54:27   as a little rich preview in a note

00:54:29   and then you click on it and it opens it.

00:54:31   It's gonna be the training wheels version

00:54:33   of one of these other note taking apps, but still.

00:54:36   I would love that.

00:54:37   I am going to predict vaguely

00:54:40   another new Apple display will ship.

00:54:42   Again, I will say yes, of course,

00:54:44   I do not mean attached to a laptop or an iMac.

00:54:48   I mean a standalone, I'll put it in there,

00:54:52   another new Apple standalone display will ship.

00:54:54   What form will it take?

00:54:55   Will it be an update to the Pro Display XDR?

00:55:00   Will it be a rumored new extra fancy mini LED thing

00:55:05   that goes above the studio display?

00:55:10   I don't know, don't ask me.

00:55:11   I'm just saying now that Apple's in this game,

00:55:13   they're gonna get into it even more with another product.

00:55:16   and if they're gonna do the Mac Pro in 23,

00:55:20   why would they not do this too?

00:55:23   - Yeah, I think the Mac Pro is absolutely the point

00:55:26   where you'd introduce something like this.

00:55:27   - And the XDR feels old now, right?

00:55:29   Even though it's amazing, it's also like

00:55:31   actually using older tech than it's in other Apple products.

00:55:34   - Right.

00:55:35   - And you know, if this thing is gonna be more expensive

00:55:38   than the current studio display,

00:55:40   then the Mac Pro is like the kind of timeframe

00:55:42   that you wanna point us out.

00:55:46   - All right, James, what's your pick?

00:55:48   - So my pick is, mine is really sort of the evolution

00:55:53   of one of your previous ones is,

00:55:55   I say no new product from Apple will ship

00:55:58   with a Lightning connector in 2023, nothing.

00:56:01   And I am explicitly not counting Lightning

00:56:04   to USB-C dongles here, 'cause I can see them doing that,

00:56:07   but nothing in terms of keyboards, phones, computers,

00:56:11   anything is gonna have Lightning on it.

00:56:13   - So if they did a new AirPods Max

00:56:16   that charged via lightning, you would lose this pick.

00:56:19   - I would lose this pick.

00:56:20   - Okay.

00:56:22   Maybe.

00:56:22   We will now be scouring all minor Apple hardware updates

00:56:27   to find something that ships with lightning.

00:56:29   Like what if there's like an iPhone SE update in the spring

00:56:33   with a lightning port, you're out.

00:56:35   - I mean, I think if you call it an SE3 or a whatever,

00:56:39   and it's actually a new product, then I think yes, I lose.

00:56:42   That's the risk.

00:56:44   Yeah.

00:56:44   OK.

00:56:46   All right, we'll see.

00:56:46   We'll see.

00:56:49   Right, well, next week is the Connected Year in Review

00:56:53   episode, which is going to be great.

00:56:55   We're rating each month of 2022 based on our famous Voorhees

00:56:59   scale.

00:57:00   I don't need to remind the regular listeners how

00:57:02   that goes, but it goes like this.

00:57:06   At the bottom, you have, of course, Worst I Hate You,

00:57:09   Awful, Awful Plus, just below average, just above average,

00:57:14   Believe, Believe Max, and then at the very top, Dream.

00:57:18   I believe we might have an illustration of it.

00:57:20   - Yes, there is, I'll put it in the show notes.

00:57:23   There's one month that is definitely a worst I hate you.

00:57:26   (laughs)

00:57:27   - Yes.

00:57:28   - But there's also some Dream.

00:57:30   I think there's some chances for some Dreams in there too.

00:57:32   It's possible.

00:57:33   - I think so, I think so.

00:57:33   You get a little, a Dream month is always good to have

00:57:35   in the midst of all the worst I hate yous.

00:57:38   Yeah, I mean the three of us sadly won't be live here next week, but we'll have a pre-recorded

00:57:45   Connected episode ready to go.

00:57:48   And the triple J will be back on Connected in 2023, we promise.

00:57:52   Of course.

00:57:53   I'd like to say thanks again to John for being here.

00:57:56   Oh, thanks for having me.

00:57:58   And thank you, Jason, for coming along as well for the ride.

00:58:01   Thank you, and thank you to James.

00:58:02   I'm going to wrap it around, even though James tried to subvert the Constitution and destroy

00:58:07   everything.

00:58:08   managed to make it through this episode and of course you can send us your

00:58:12   feedback on the Relay FM discord. You can send us an email if you like. You're

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00:58:46   I've been Jason Snell, they've been James Thompson and Jon Voorhees.

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00:58:51   Bye.

00:58:52   Adios.

00:58:53   See you later.

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