427: Therapy for an Apple Blogger


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 427.

00:00:12   My name is Steven Hackett and Hover and Express Food PN

00:00:16   are sponsors, they're awesome sponsors.

00:00:17   We're gonna talk about them later.

00:00:19   But first everyone, please stand

00:00:22   for the entrance of Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   Welcome back.

00:00:24   - Don't even, don't even try and like suck up to me now.

00:00:28   That didn't do anything wrong.

00:00:30   Hang on a second. Federico's here too. Hi Federico.

00:00:33   Hello. Hi. Welcome back.

00:00:34   I have never felt such a betrayal in my life.

00:00:37   Oh come on.

00:00:38   Than what you two have done to me.

00:00:39   Surely you must have been betrayed before.

00:00:42   No. Not like this.

00:00:44   Nah, come on.

00:00:45   Not like this. I thought we had an agreement.

00:00:48   I thought that we had a pact.

00:00:50   The whole time everyone's going "Yeah Myke,

00:00:52   the passionate ones were not passionate enough for that amazing t-shirt that we made years ago,

00:00:57   So we're gonna make them pay for this by never bringing it back

00:01:01   And I turn my back for just a moment a mere moment and then t-shirts back. This is a travesty

00:01:08   Unbelievable. Not only is it back but we've sold more this time than the previous time

00:01:12   Yeah, but you see this is the thing. So as we're recording right now, we sold

00:01:16   196

00:01:18   Therefore proving the point of last time. Yes, not a lot of things are not passionate enough for this t-shirt

00:01:23   That's the point. That was the whole reason. The reason we were never gonna bring it back is because it was an amazing

00:01:29   T-shirt idea the first time and people didn't buy enough of them. So they're like fine. You've spoken with your wallets

00:01:36   Now you're never gonna get it and people are like gimme it

00:01:38   It's like well, you should have bought it the first time and now you brought it back

00:01:41   You know you decided that you two of you, although I'm most Federica

00:01:46   I want you to know I'm mostly Blaine Steven for this because I know this is I know you said it

00:01:50   but I know that this was his idea.

00:01:52   This is like, this has got Steven written all over it, this one.

00:01:55   Thank you.

00:01:55   Especially the subterfuge of changing the account, right?

00:02:00   Like you went in and like...

00:02:01   Subterfuge. Subterfuge is such a good word.

00:02:04   But he left it in one password, so I was able to go in and look at things.

00:02:07   I could have deleted, you know what, I should have removed it from sale.

00:02:10   Now that would have been interesting.

00:02:12   But you see, I wouldn't do something like that to you, you know,

00:02:15   even after I'm betrayed.

00:02:16   But I just think the point is proven again.

00:02:18   They did, the passionate ones have not bought enough

00:02:21   of this t-shirt.

00:02:21   It's a great t-shirt, but they don't deserve it.

00:02:23   - Well, maybe third time's the charm.

00:02:26   - When are you gonna do that?

00:02:27   - I don't know, when are you going on vacation again?

00:02:30   You have until today, December 7th at 8 p.m. Eastern

00:02:37   to order one.

00:02:37   Please do it for Myke.

00:02:39   - And I will say this portrayal is even occurring

00:02:41   in my own home.

00:02:42   My wife bought this t-shirt last night.

00:02:45   Which is just like, this is absolute betrayal.

00:02:48   Like I can't move for betrayal now. Everyone's portraying me.

00:02:51   Yeah, you're like Caesar.

00:02:54   Yeah.

00:02:54   When he was murdered and stabbed multiple times.

00:02:57   I also just want to clear up something because the way you've been talking about it

00:03:02   is that for some reason it's said that I hated this shirt.

00:03:05   This shirt was my idea. I commissioned this artwork. I paid for it, this artwork.

00:03:09   So I love this t-shirt. I own two of them.

00:03:11   The problem is the passionate ones didn't love it enough, so they don't deserve it.

00:03:15   And I still think they don't deserve it.

00:03:16   I understand how you feel, but you also need to understand that this betrayal made for excellent content.

00:03:23   Oh, I know, but I'm still betrayed.

00:03:27   Sometimes you gotta, you know, ignore one of your co-host's feelings to make entertainment.

00:03:33   And this is one of those instances.

00:03:35   I'm sorry you feel betrayed, Myke.

00:03:37   [

00:03:37   [

00:03:52   stuff to talk about today. Oh well, some of it just got knocked off. So maybe some work

00:03:58   that the two of you done doesn't get used now, right? Wow. Because now we're doing a

00:04:02   quiz. We're doing round four of the passionate ones. Do you remember this? Which one is it?

00:04:07   This was where I, how well do you know the passionate ones? Where I put out a quiz, like

00:04:13   a survey of the connected listeners. Hopefully just the ones that would not betray me, you

00:04:19   know, like these 200 people that bought this t-shirt, I hope that they're not in this

00:04:22   quip. Oh, it's the one where there's always the two people using a performer in the audience.

00:04:28   Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I put out a survey to connected listenership and asked

00:04:35   them a selection of questions and got some results of those questions. I've tabulated

00:04:39   the highest answers. So I will be asking the two of you, these four questions we have today,

00:04:46   I will be asking the two of you these, wait, is there four or is there five?

00:04:49   You're gonna need, I need to open, I've got a lot of tabs.

00:04:53   This is where I do, this is the one where Myke deals with a lot of tabs.

00:04:56   So I asked him a selection of questions.

00:04:58   You will be giving your answers.

00:04:59   You will be trying to predict or answer the things that you expect the passionate ones

00:05:05   to have answered the most.

00:05:08   Is that, does that make sense what I've just said?

00:05:11   So like, I can give you an example, so from previous ones, so we asked people what their

00:05:18   favorite podcast app was.

00:05:21   And the top answer was Overcast, so that got Federico 50 points, second answer Pocket Casts.

00:05:27   So you are trying to guess what you think the connected listenership would have answered

00:05:32   to these questions.

00:05:33   And there are five.

00:05:35   Five questions, okay.

00:05:36   There are five.

00:05:37   Five questions in total.

00:05:39   time though, there was last time you got 50 points per answer. This time gonna do 500

00:05:48   points per answer because the point scoring has gotten a little out of hand since the

00:05:53   last time we did this. And whose fault is that? And I don't know. Yours. No, it's not

00:06:02   mine. It's his. It's yours, yes. But it's gone a little out of hand so now I kind of

00:06:08   have had to scale appropriately. I will state just for the record because I am

00:06:13   unhappy with the inflation of points. During our episode we have coming up

00:06:19   shortly which is our year in review episode I'm gonna reset the clock. So on

00:06:25   the year in review episode the season one champion of the quizzes will be

00:06:30   crowned and then we will reset the points to go into the next year.

00:06:35   Oh, so it's becoming a seasonal thing. Okay. It's becoming a seasonal thing because at

00:06:40   the moment the point saw Stephen has 7,073 points and Federico has 5,201 points. So those

00:06:50   points numbers are too high, I think. So I want to correct that a little bit. So. And

00:06:56   how many questions are there today? There are five questions today. So Federico could

00:07:01   take the title or could take the lead after today. Yeah, it's coming home baby. I'm doing

00:07:07   it. Well, yeah, because the amount the amount of points that are available are actually

00:07:14   pretty high because I've said something slightly incorrect. It's 500 points for the top answer,

00:07:20   400 points for the second answer, 300, 200, 100. So there are an awful lot of points available

00:07:29   today.

00:07:30   Why don't we take a break first?

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00:09:29   Now I would say that it's possible Federico would have a good shot here because these

00:09:36   questions, these five questions, they're all app-based questions.

00:09:42   However previously with some of the app-based questions Federico didn't do so well so

00:09:47   So we're going to find out what's going to happen here.

00:09:50   Yeah, but I learned a few lessons.

00:09:52   OK.

00:09:53   So Federico, you're going to get the first answer today.

00:09:56   OK.

00:09:57   Because you're currently trailing behind in the scoring.

00:10:01   Our first round is, I asked the passionate ones, what to-do app do you use?

00:10:06   What to-do app do you use?

00:10:08   What to-do app do you think?

00:10:09   What to-do app do you use is the question I asked them.

00:10:13   What do you think people answered?

00:10:15   There's a few options obviously on the table.

00:10:18   I will tell you, I think I was given 48 different to-do apps.

00:10:26   Wow.

00:10:27   What I will say is actually 48 different answers.

00:10:31   I will say one person answered YouTube music, which was...

00:10:36   Interesting.

00:10:38   Maybe that person works on YouTube music.

00:10:41   I mean, I guess so, right?

00:10:43   In the app it's like, well, let me see all the bugs in this product.

00:10:46   I feel like if you out there answered this question, I need to help you.

00:10:50   So contact me, because it's not good.

00:10:52   I'm going to say that the passionate ones said they use reminders.

00:10:58   Federico, that is our top answer.

00:11:00   500 points go in your pocket.

00:11:02   Let's go.

00:11:03   Let's go.

00:11:04   OK.

00:11:05   Steven, we now move to you.

00:11:07   I'm going to say Todoist.

00:11:09   Todoist.

00:11:11   Where do you think Todoist ranks, Stephen? Do you think it's the second highest answer?

00:11:15   I think it's second or third.

00:11:16   You are correct that it is third. The third highest answer for 300 points

00:11:22   is Todoist for Stephen Aachen. We'll go back to you Federico.

00:11:26   I will go with I will say Things by Cultured Code.

00:11:31   That's good.

00:11:32   Now I guess it is expected that the passionate ones, they like

00:11:36   high quality opinionated software.

00:11:38   Yeah.

00:11:39   We'll also assume that the passionate ones do not believe in weekly repeating tasks.

00:11:44   The second highest answer was things those 400 points go to Federico.

00:11:50   Go back to you, Steven.

00:11:52   I think we're coming up on three years of them telling me they were going to fix that.

00:11:56   So it's going well over there.

00:11:58   Any day now.

00:11:58   Any day now.

00:11:59   Any day now.

00:12:00   Any day.

00:12:01   I want to counter with remember the milk, but I need to be honest with myself.

00:12:05   And it's probably number six.

00:12:06   So you got to think about this.

00:12:08   We got to think about this for a second, right? Now I'm not going to steer you one way or another,

00:12:12   right? But now would the passionate ones answer that because they know you're involved?

00:12:18   Who could tell?

00:12:20   I'll put a pin in that and I'm gonna say OmniFocus.

00:12:23   OmniFocus is the fifth highest answer. 100 points.

00:12:28   What's the fourth one?

00:12:31   It's up to you to decide.

00:12:32   Yeah, this is exactly what I want you to tell me.

00:12:36   - It's not reminders, things to do is,

00:12:41   OmniFocus is the fifth one.

00:12:44   Interesting.

00:12:46   I'm thinking about a few options.

00:12:50   I will say, interesting, I will say Fantastical.

00:12:54   - Five people answered Fantastical.

00:12:58   That is not enough to be our fourth highest answer.

00:13:01   - So we've talked, we've mentioned reminders,

00:13:03   Todoist, OmniFocus and things.

00:13:06   - Correct.

00:13:07   - I'm gonna say good tasks.

00:13:10   - Oh, that's a good one.

00:13:12   - It's a good task.

00:13:13   13 people said they used good task.

00:13:17   That is not enough to make it to the fourth.

00:13:20   Now I'm gonna give you both one more guess,

00:13:23   but I'm going-- - Just one?

00:13:25   - Yes.

00:13:26   I'm gonna suggest to you cast your mind back.

00:13:28   That's my, that's what I'm gonna say to you.

00:13:31   - Cast your mind back?

00:13:33   Cast your mind back. I will say nothing more than that.

00:13:37   So it's something that's been available for a while.

00:13:41   If that's the way that you interpret what I said.

00:13:45   Or that we talked about before.

00:13:47   Again, if that's the way that you interpret.

00:13:50   I will just, I'll also say, so OmniFocus, 77 people answered OmniFocus.

00:13:55   Answer four is 80. 80 people answered with this.

00:14:00   Cast your mind back.

00:14:01   Cast your mind back.

00:14:03   - Um, I have a few ideas, but none of them sort of relate

00:14:08   to this tip that you just gave us.

00:14:11   What is it?

00:14:13   There be an OmniFocus and, huh, I don't wanna say that one.

00:14:18   - Gonna press you for an answer Federico.

00:14:22   - Yeah, I will go with TicTic.

00:14:27   - Ooh, that's good.

00:14:28   - 26 people answered TicTic.

00:14:31   That is not enough.

00:14:32   Stephen, what is your final answer

00:14:33   and the final answer of this round?

00:14:35   - I'm gonna say none.

00:14:38   - You are correct, Stephen.

00:14:39   With 200 points was none. - Oh my God.

00:14:43   - When you said think back,

00:14:44   I remember that that has been an answer before

00:14:47   and has tripped us up, so.

00:14:48   - Yep, that was my, that was the clue I was giving.

00:14:51   - How can you go with no to do?

00:14:54   Okay, anyway.

00:14:55   - I don't know, man.

00:14:56   And Stephen, I will tell you not one person

00:14:59   answered remember the milk.

00:15:00   Holy cow.

00:15:01   Not one.

00:15:03   Not one.

00:15:04   Not one person.

00:15:05   That's...

00:15:06   Eight people answered with two...

00:15:07   Number two dude.

00:15:08   You remember that one?

00:15:09   Yeah, Federico wrote a book about it.

00:15:11   Did you?

00:15:12   Did you write a book?

00:15:13   Well, no, it was a long review that we also published as an e-book.

00:15:18   Five people answered Obsidian.

00:15:21   One person said Nozbe.

00:15:22   I don't know what that is.

00:15:23   No, yeah, it's been around for ages.

00:15:26   Yeah.

00:15:26   I would never heard that before.

00:15:28   One person, Google Docs.

00:15:30   That's Austin Evans.

00:15:32   I mean...

00:15:34   Could be actually.

00:15:35   Yeah, I think he's like a single Google doc for everything in his life.

00:15:38   He did for a while.

00:15:39   So Federico in that round you scored 900 points.

00:15:42   Steven, you scored 600 points.

00:15:45   Okay, okay.

00:15:47   So we go back around.

00:15:48   Yes please.

00:15:50   Steven will now be answering first because he scored the least amount of points in that

00:15:54   round.

00:15:55   What email app do you use?

00:15:59   - Mail.app.

00:16:01   - I just want to know, I just want to state for the record,

00:16:04   I find it frustrating when people say it like that,

00:16:07   and like lots of people wrote it in that way.

00:16:09   - Why do too, but if you just say mail,

00:16:10   'cause Apple's names are too generic.

00:16:12   - Yeah, but mail I understood, but what I preferred

00:16:14   was the people that wrote Apple Mail,

00:16:17   which was the 500 point top answer for Stephen Hackett.

00:16:22   Mail.app, don't say that.

00:16:24   You know what I mean?

00:16:25   Just don't.

00:16:26   It's fine, it has a brand.

00:16:27   You can call it mail, you can call it Apple Mail.

00:16:30   Federico, what do you think people answered?

00:16:32   What do you think the second highest answer is

00:16:34   for what email out to you use?

00:16:36   - Spark.

00:16:37   - 400 points goes to Federico.

00:16:39   - I'm gonna say MimeStream.

00:16:41   - MimeStream.

00:16:43   41 people answered MimeStream.

00:16:46   MimeStream is our fifth highest answer.

00:16:49   - Ooh, snuck it in there.

00:16:50   - 100 points.

00:16:51   - That's impressive because it's only on the Mac.

00:16:55   There were 28 different email apps.

00:17:00   - I can't even think of 28.

00:17:02   How are there 28 email apps?

00:17:04   - Well, there are a couple of Thunderbird users in there.

00:17:08   - Oh no.

00:17:09   How? Why?

00:17:12   - Oh no man, I don't know how they're doing it.

00:17:16   - Okay, okay.

00:17:17   Gmail.

00:17:19   - Gmail.

00:17:20   - That's good.

00:17:21   service Gmail is our third highest answer 300 points going Federico's pocket.

00:17:30   So once again the fourth slot is what's left.

00:17:33   Correct. 200 points available.

00:17:36   I'm gonna say airmail.

00:17:37   Nah man.

00:17:39   Seven people answered airmail.

00:17:41   Ooh.

00:17:42   That is not enough.

00:17:45   I'm gonna say Outlook.

00:17:47   Outlook by Microsoft Corporation.

00:17:51   200 points go to Federico.

00:17:53   That was the fourth highest answer.

00:17:56   Dang it!

00:17:56   I just want to answer a question from the Discord.

00:17:59   Zach in the Discord in regards to the To Do app asked,

00:18:02   "Did anyone say Emacs Org Mode?"

00:18:05   Yes, two people did.

00:18:07   It's great and...

00:18:09   I rolled my eyes at them.

00:18:11   We have one person for their email app said Chuck.

00:18:14   I don't know what that is.

00:18:15   Chuck?

00:18:16   I don't know what Chuck is.

00:18:17   One person said...

00:18:18   Like their assistant?

00:18:19   (laughing)

00:18:21   - Canine mail, Chuck email, is that one?

00:18:25   - Yeah, take control of your inbox.

00:18:27   - Oh.

00:18:28   - Delete, archive and sort batches of emails

00:18:30   in just one tap.

00:18:32   - Is the name Chuck of this service?

00:18:34   - Chuck.

00:18:34   - Chuck.email.

00:18:36   - Chuck.email.

00:18:37   - Oh, this looks bananas.

00:18:39   - This looks interesting.

00:18:41   - Is this a real product, hold on.

00:18:43   - Yeah, chuck.email.

00:18:44   - Chuck.email.

00:18:46   - I've tried many other email apps,

00:18:47   but none have come close to Chuck.

00:18:49   - Wait, why does this look nice?

00:18:52   - It has a little beaver as a icon.

00:18:56   - Wait a sec.

00:18:57   - How much email could a ch-email Chuck chuck

00:19:00   if an email Chuck could chuck email?

00:19:02   You know what I mean?

00:19:03   - Nailed it.

00:19:04   - I know what you mean.

00:19:05   - I like the way this looks.

00:19:05   - You should try it.

00:19:06   - Wait, this doesn't look bad.

00:19:08   - I look forward to the Federico Fatici book on Chuck

00:19:12   coming soon to Mac stories.

00:19:14   - Chuck, the Mac stories review.

00:19:16   [Laughter]

00:19:20   Wait, I can get Chuck Pro.

00:19:23   Uh-huh.

00:19:24   I'm putting a link to this in the show notes. It's too good.

00:19:27   So in the end of that round, Steven took away 600 points.

00:19:32   Federico took 900 points.

00:19:35   Again!

00:19:36   Mm-hmm.

00:19:37   Good job, Federico.

00:19:38   Thank you, thank you.

00:19:39   But that does mean that Steven gets to go first again.

00:19:41   No, wait.

00:19:42   Oh, yeah, okay, yes.

00:19:44   He got fewer right answers.

00:19:47   This next question is, "How do you get your news?"

00:19:51   Ooh.

00:19:52   Nice.

00:19:53   Okay.

00:19:54   Just to give you an idea, we got 64 responses to this.

00:20:01   And when was this question asked again?

00:20:03   It was months ago, right?

00:20:04   A long time ago.

00:20:05   Yeah, it was months ago.

00:20:07   I don't remember.

00:20:08   This is so open-ended.

00:20:09   Wow.

00:20:10   Okay.

00:20:11   Where do you get your news?

00:20:12   I'm gonna say Twitter.

00:20:13   500 points.

00:20:17   Boom.

00:20:18   Steven Hackett, that is our top answer.

00:20:20   That's why I asked how recent this was.

00:20:21   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:20:23   I'm gonna say...

00:20:24   How do you get your news?

00:20:27   I'm gonna say RSS.

00:20:28   Oh, that's a broad one.

00:20:30   But you're right to go broad because that is our second highest answer.

00:20:34   400 points, Ferrucovatici.

00:20:36   Uh, I'm gonna say Apple News.

00:20:38   If you like your news with a bunch of crappy ads in it, Apple News.

00:20:41   Yeah, I mean if you think about it, you know, we had Reminders was top, we had Mail was top.

00:20:50   Apple News not top, but third, 300 points go to Stephen Hackett.

00:20:54   Alright. I'm gonna say web browser.

00:20:57   Web browser.

00:20:59   People must be going to the New York Times website or the CNN website or whatever.

00:21:03   People gave some specific answers of outlets that they went to,

00:21:07   But 72 people said browser.

00:21:12   Interesting.

00:21:12   Is that enough?

00:21:13   Yes, 100 points goes to Federico Vittucci.

00:21:16   Okay.

00:21:17   So that's fifth.

00:21:17   So we are once again with the fourth highest answer as the last one on the board.

00:21:22   That's wild to me that that keeps happening.

00:21:24   Yeah.

00:21:25   So we've said Twitter.

00:21:27   Twitter, RSS, Apple News and browser.

00:21:31   Twitter, RSS, Apple News and browser is fifth and the fourth one is missing.

00:21:36   And it's Steven Stern.

00:21:38   It's Steven Stern.

00:21:39   I'm gonna say I don't keep up with the news.

00:21:42   There were 47 people who said some variation of avoiding news.

00:21:49   That is not enough for our fourth highest answer.

00:21:52   Fake news.

00:21:53   Nobody said that.

00:21:55   I'm gonna say... I'm gonna say... I'm gonna turn between two.

00:22:00   I'm gonna say podcasts.

00:22:02   - 42 people said podcasts.

00:22:06   Some people said some specific ones

00:22:08   and I did keep those if there were enough of them,

00:22:11   but that is not enough for the fourth highest answer.

00:22:13   Can I give you one more guess each?

00:22:17   - Okay.

00:22:18   - Reddit.

00:22:19   - Good one.

00:22:20   - The fourth highest answer, is it Reddit?

00:22:22   Yes it is, 200 points.

00:22:24   Going Steven Hackett's pocket.

00:22:26   You got all the answers there, which is good.

00:22:28   - That's good.

00:22:29   - So let me see if there's anything interesting in here

00:22:31   Was TV on the list?

00:22:33   Yeah, eight people.

00:22:35   Okay.

00:22:36   One person still goes to Yahoo.

00:22:38   Which is good.

00:22:40   There were a lot of like

00:22:42   Danish news outlet, Australian news outlet, you know that kind of thing.

00:22:46   BBC.

00:22:47   Sure.

00:22:48   There wasn't nothing very fun in there.

00:22:50   Yeah, so in that round

00:22:52   Steven scored 1000 points.

00:22:56   Federico scored 500 points.

00:22:59   So Federico, you get to pick first in a round which you're going to feel very conflicted by, I'm sure.

00:23:07   What music service do you use?

00:23:10   Oh god.

00:23:11   There were 18 different answers.

00:23:15   Again, how?

00:23:16   What was that Federico?

00:23:19   Apple Music.

00:23:21   So you're applying the logic from earlier, right?

00:23:24   You're thinking like, but you remember Apple News, that wasn't high enough.

00:23:28   that was third on the list so you're hoping Apple music is our highest

00:23:34   answer Federico you will enjoy a cool 500 points in your pocket because yes

00:23:39   indeed was the highest answer in this round okay okay well it's got to be Spotify it's

00:23:48   got to be next has it I think it is you know Spotify and Apple they're typically

00:23:54   at war. Does that influence the connected listenership?

00:23:59   It's next.

00:24:00   400 points goes to Stephen Packet. I just want to tell you though, I was genuinely surprised

00:24:05   by this.

00:24:06   I mean, it's the biggest one in the world.

00:24:09   No, no, no. What I'm about to say, which is 707 people answered Apple Music, 266 answered

00:24:16   Spotify. That is a huge gap I would not have expected to be so large.

00:24:23   Well, it's an Apple show, you know, that makes sense, I guess.

00:24:26   So the next three answers, they are in double or single digits of responses.

00:24:32   So we have Apple Music and Spotify.

00:24:34   Yeah.

00:24:35   YouTube.

00:24:36   YouTube Music is at 36 responses, the third answer that is 300 points for Federico.

00:24:42   I'm gonna say I don't stream music.

00:24:46   Good one.

00:24:47   Can I ask what you mean by that?

00:24:49   I don't pay for a streaming service.

00:24:52   Like they have their own personal library of music.

00:24:56   Yeah.

00:24:57   Are you saying?

00:24:58   Right?

00:24:59   Well, what are you saying?

00:25:00   I need you to tell me what you mean by "I don't stream music."

00:25:05   I'm not a customer of music streaming service.

00:25:07   Or I own my music or something like that.

00:25:10   Well, I need you to choose.

00:25:13   I need you to choose.

00:25:14   I do not pay for streaming music.

00:25:17   That is 100 points to Stephen Hackett.

00:25:19   So we have Apple Music Spotify YouTube.

00:25:23   The fourth highest answer is left on the board, as always.

00:25:26   I would be very surprised if it is one of those services for audio files and it ended

00:25:31   up in this survey.

00:25:33   What is it?

00:25:34   What is it there beyond Apple Music Spotify YouTube?

00:25:40   What was the question again?

00:25:41   What music service do you use?

00:25:44   Music service do you use?

00:25:46   Okay.

00:25:47   I'm going to go with...

00:25:49   "Plex".

00:25:50   Four people answered "Plex".

00:25:53   That is not enough.

00:25:54   I'm going to go with "Title".

00:25:56   Six people answered "Title".

00:25:58   That is also not enough.

00:26:00   Give you one more guess each.

00:26:02   What do you think Federico?

00:26:03   "Music Service Studio".

00:26:04   I'm going to go with...

00:26:06   "Web Radio".

00:26:08   I don't even know what that is and nobody said it.

00:26:11   So...

00:26:12   It's not there.

00:26:13   I'm going to say "Amazon Prime Music".

00:26:15   Amazon music had nine responses that is not enough.

00:26:19   Oh.

00:26:20   I tried to lead you to as much as I could.

00:26:23   The fourth answer is my own purchased music.

00:26:27   Isn't that the same as not streaming?

00:26:29   Nope.

00:26:30   I would argue that's the same answer.

00:26:31   Because some people just said none.

00:26:33   Okay.

00:26:34   Maybe they don't listen to music.

00:26:35   And a lot of people said my own library.

00:26:38   Okay.

00:26:39   Okay.

00:26:40   That's fair.

00:26:41   That's fair.

00:26:42   And I did, I did, I was very clear.

00:26:43   I gave you both of them and asked you to choose.

00:26:46   Yeah, no, no, no, I'm good. I'm good.

00:26:48   So in that round, Stephen cleared 500 points.

00:26:52   Federico cleared 800 points.

00:26:54   Currently today, Federico has scored 3100 points.

00:26:59   Stephen has scored 2700 points.

00:27:03   And we go into our final round for today.

00:27:06   Stephen, you will be picking first.

00:27:10   The question is, what do you use for photo management?

00:27:13   What do you use for photo management?

00:27:18   Yeah, that's good.

00:27:19   I'm going to say the Apple Photos app.

00:27:21   Are you hoping for the top answer with that one?

00:27:23   I assume so. Right.

00:27:24   Yeah. So you say it and you'll get it.

00:27:26   500 points will go to Stephen Hackett.

00:27:29   What do you use beyond that?

00:27:32   Like, I don't even know what else is there beyond photos.

00:27:37   So I would to give you some info here.

00:27:39   We had a total of 26 distinct answers.

00:27:44   863 people said Apple Photos.

00:27:47   The next four are all in double digits.

00:27:50   - Lightroom.

00:27:51   - 300 points goes to Federico Vittucci.

00:27:54   That is our third highest answer.

00:27:56   - That's good.

00:27:57   That was gonna be my next one if you didn't get it.

00:27:59   So the second place is still out for grabs.

00:28:01   Google Photos.

00:28:03   - Second, fourth and fifth.

00:28:05   - Yeah, Google Photos.

00:28:06   - Google Photos.

00:28:07   400 points for Stephen Hackett.

00:28:10   Google Photos was the second highest answer.

00:28:12   - Totally forgot that Google Photos succeeded.

00:28:14   (laughing)

00:28:16   - Google Photos had 70 responses.

00:28:20   - Should have said that.

00:28:21   Dropbox.

00:28:23   - Nobody said it.

00:28:24   - Oh man.

00:28:26   - Wow.

00:28:27   - Nobody said Dropbox.

00:28:27   - Photos, Google Photos, Lightroom.

00:28:30   - No Dropbox.

00:28:31   - No Dropbox.

00:28:32   - No Dropbox.

00:28:33   - I mean like Finder?

00:28:35   Just you just have a bunch of--

00:28:36   Five people said finder.

00:28:38   - You said a bunch of files laying around.

00:28:39   - That is not enough.

00:28:40   - That's how we used to do it.

00:28:41   We used to be big Dropbox photo boys.

00:28:43   - I know Dropbox and finder,

00:28:45   but nobody's doing that anymore.

00:28:48   Apparently.

00:28:49   - What are they even using?

00:28:51   I don't know.

00:28:52   - What are they using?

00:28:53   - Not a light phone.

00:28:55   - The fourth highest answer had 26 responses.

00:28:58   - The whatever the default is on Windows.

00:29:04   - Nobody answered anything like that.

00:29:06   So I'm gonna say no, nobody.

00:29:10   - What else is there even out there?

00:29:12   - One person said hope, which I thought was fun.

00:29:15   And they gave me a little crying face.

00:29:18   - Hope?

00:29:19   - Hope, yeah.

00:29:20   - That makes me kind of sad, but I'm not sure why.

00:29:23   - Yeah, I know, right?

00:29:24   Yeah, it is a bit sad.

00:29:25   One person said flicker too.

00:29:27   Ooh.

00:29:28   - Oh, man.

00:29:29   - One person said apathy.

00:29:33   I don't know if that's an app or they just--

00:29:35   Yeah, it's like the new version of Aperture.

00:29:37   Aperture?

00:29:39   Yeah.

00:29:40   Alright, you've got one more guess each.

00:29:42   I don't remember who, uh, went first.

00:29:44   I think it's my turn.

00:29:45   It's Steven's turn.

00:29:46   So, Steven's turn. Steven, you have one last guess.

00:29:48   I honestly don't even know what else is out there.

00:29:50   Uh, Plex?

00:29:52   No, no one said Plex.

00:29:54   I like, Plex could just be an answer to any of these.

00:29:57   It does everything.

00:29:58   Someone's using Plex for email.

00:29:59   Someone's doing it, you know?

00:30:01   It's probably Casey.

00:30:02   Mm-hmm.

00:30:03   - Rico, you have the final guess of the game.

00:30:06   - Okay, so it's either, I mean, if it's not photos.

00:30:10   Are we guessing the third?

00:30:12   No, we're guessing the fourth or the fifth?

00:30:13   - Fourth and fifth are available.

00:30:15   - Fourth and fifth.

00:30:16   I mean, Lightroom, I'm gonna say none.

00:30:22   - And you will get 200 points for that.

00:30:24   - That doesn't mean anything.

00:30:27   You have to manage photos somehow.

00:30:30   - Some people just don't.

00:30:32   None is just camera roll.

00:30:33   Some people said camera roll.

00:30:36   Enough people?

00:30:38   But like, you know, these people, they don't think about it.

00:30:41   That's the none, right?

00:30:42   They're just like, I don't pay any attention to this.

00:30:44   What you missed, the fifth highest answer.

00:30:48   20 people said iPhoto.

00:30:50   Oh my God.

00:30:52   Those people won't let go.

00:30:54   Maybe they're just mistaken.

00:30:56   Maybe they just call it iPhoto.

00:30:57   It was discontinued in March of 2015.

00:31:02   I mean it was done seven years ago, so like in this seven years you've listened

00:31:07   to connected enough to participate in a survey, but you haven't taken any new

00:31:12   photos that would justify the fact that you're moving on for my photo like I I

00:31:16   don't get it so that's the end of this round of the quizzes you tied today

00:31:22   thirty six hundred points each no way yep so the most scores are now federal

00:31:30   There you go at 8,801 points, Steven at 10,673 points.

00:31:36   So after all of that, nothing changed really.

00:31:39   Congratulations.

00:31:40   Oh my god.

00:31:41   It's incredible.

00:31:42   All this for nothing?

00:31:43   Well it wasn't for nothing, I had a good time.

00:31:44   No, no, we're helping the people still using iPhoto.

00:31:48   That's true.

00:31:49   That's the one thing that could be taken away from today is that people should stop using

00:31:52   iPhoto.

00:31:53   And that concludes the quizzes.

00:31:55   Thank you Myke.

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00:33:32   expressvpn.com/connected to learn more. Our thanks to ExpressVPN for their

00:33:38   support of the show and Relay FM. So an hour into the show we're

00:33:44   gonna do some follow-up. Federico and I have been talking about the page curl

00:33:49   animation and because they got rid of it in books and books is boring now and I

00:33:53   said no it was in Apple Maps but that came later turns out it was in Google

00:33:59   Maps before books this comes via Twitter user semi commie I'm so sorry I'm so

00:34:07   sorry that I mispronounced your name but they said I don't think that's

00:34:11   mispronounced semi commie I just assumed I assumed that I get things wrong okay

00:34:15   that's fair they found this in a keynote from January 2008 showing Apple Maps so

00:34:23   Steven was right okay that's all I wasn't here for that so I don't care

00:34:28   well done Steven well done a friend of the show self-service repair has

00:34:32   launched in Europe so that's good news made it in before the end of the year

00:34:37   Belgium France Germany Italy Poland Spain Sweden and the UK can now buy parts

00:34:43   and really expensive and heavy equipment to fix their iPhone 12 or 13 and some Mac notebooks

00:34:51   with Apple Silicon.

00:34:53   Is it not possible to buy parts anywhere for the 14 line yet?

00:34:57   Doesn't seem like it.

00:34:58   Well, I mean, it seems like Apple can't make enough parts for the iPhone 14, so maybe they've

00:35:03   just not got them on hand right now to give to people.

00:35:07   I wonder too if there's gonna be like a rolling lag

00:35:11   on those parts and okay, like in the first year

00:35:15   or whatever first 90, you know, little period of time

00:35:17   you're probably under warranty still

00:35:19   and it'll be a little bit later.

00:35:20   But my guess is right now it's supply chain

00:35:22   'cause you can't get an iPhone 14 Pro

00:35:25   before Christmas at this point.

00:35:26   Which is sad if you've waited so long

00:35:30   and now you can't get it.

00:35:31   There's something that caught my eye in that press release

00:35:34   about the self service repair.

00:35:36   And I call this Apple covering its basis.

00:35:40   So I'm gonna read, over the past three years,

00:35:43   Apple has nearly doubled the number of service locations

00:35:45   with access to genuine Apple parts, tools and training,

00:35:49   including more than 4,000 independent repair providers.

00:35:53   A global network of more than 5,000

00:35:55   Apple authorized service providers

00:35:57   supports more than 100,000 active technicians.

00:36:01   As a result, eight out of every 10 Apple customers

00:36:05   are located within 30 minutes of an authorized service provider across Europe.

00:36:10   You know, it was a complaint for a long time that,

00:36:12   "Oh, there's not an Apple store near me, I gotta drive eight hours."

00:36:15   And that's still true for a lot of people.

00:36:16   I mean, they've done partnerships with Best Buy and a bunch of other places

00:36:19   to make this easier for people,

00:36:22   and this is definitely just another example of that.

00:36:25   I'm gonna get some real-time follow-up from Vidit in the Discord.

00:36:28   "It's not the same page call.

00:36:29   There are two different APIs, if I remember correctly.

00:36:32   The old page curl, which is the one in Google Maps or Apple Maps, has been discontinued.

00:36:36   The iBooks-style page curl still exists in API form.

00:36:39   Yeah, but we're not talking about APIs, we're talking about, you know, the page curl.

00:36:44   No, but it's like there was a page curl, but it's not the same one.

00:36:47   Wasn't a good page curl.

00:36:49   It's like, where does Flipboard come into this, right?

00:36:53   Flipboard had a page curl.

00:36:54   When was that?

00:36:55   Yeah, oh gosh, Flipboard.

00:36:56   That was their whole thing, initially.

00:36:58   Flipboard was like the page curling.

00:37:00   That was like the whole thing.

00:37:01   I have seen an Apple Watch Ultra for the first time.

00:37:05   - Are you wearing it right now?

00:37:06   - I wore one for a bit too.

00:37:09   I saw one in a restaurant and then I wore one,

00:37:14   which it was David Sparks' Apple Watch Ultra.

00:37:17   'Cause you know what it's like.

00:37:18   I like, oh, I saw it.

00:37:19   I was like, oh, that looks nice.

00:37:20   So we immediately took his off and just put it in my hand.

00:37:23   I said, put it on.

00:37:24   And I did put it on and it's nice.

00:37:27   - Yeah, you like it?

00:37:28   - Yeah, I like it.

00:37:28   Yeah, I like it.

00:37:30   Did I tell the story on the show about me doing that at a drugstore counter?

00:37:33   Like the pharmacist wanted to see it and I just handed her my watch.

00:37:37   No, you didn't tell us this.

00:37:40   Yeah, I was picking up something from the pharmacy and...

00:37:43   Did you do an exchange?

00:37:45   Yeah, the woman working was like, "Oh, I run a lot.

00:37:48   I've been thinking about the Ultra, but I'm worried it's too big."

00:37:51   I said, "Here, try it on."

00:37:52   I took it off and handed it to her and she tried it on and she liked it.

00:37:54   That's really the whole story.

00:37:55   It's really nice.

00:37:56   it's when I mean for me when I wore it like what I'll say is the face like a look at the face the

00:38:03   face didn't feel too big but when I'd see it from the side it was like oh that's humongous like

00:38:08   just visually but it didn't feel really any different to my um steel series 6 like to wear

00:38:18   uh yeah I really really liked it a lot I liked that the screen was bigger

00:38:23   Yeah, but that's the end of my story. The Discord is telling me I told that story

00:38:28   on MacPowerUsers, so my bad. Well this isn't MacPowerUsers. Totally different

00:38:32   show, but David Spark's presence is everywhere, is what we're learning. I'm

00:38:37   jealous you got to see his studio, assuming that you did. I did, yeah, I spent

00:38:41   hours in Endor Studios. Looks pretty sweet in photos. It's beautiful, it's a

00:38:45   really great space. Lastly, in follow-up, a reminder that our annual memberships

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00:39:22   It's normally 50 bucks a year. You get 20% off your first year. GiveRelay.com.

00:39:27   All right, Federico, before we go, you are very excited about a new

00:39:32   cannabis view in Obsidian. Can you walk us through this? Because I watched some

00:39:36   videos and it looks cool, but also I don't really understand it.

00:39:39   Would it surprise you to know that I was the one who put this in the show notes today?

00:39:45   - Yes. - No.

00:39:47   - Oh, okay.

00:39:48   50/50 split, okay.

00:39:50   - Myke strikes me as an Obsidian curious individual.

00:39:54   - I have never been curious about Obsidian

00:39:57   until literally this feature.

00:39:59   Now I am very curious.

00:40:02   - I'll tell you, it's been a few years

00:40:03   since I was last excited about something named Canvas.

00:40:06   - Mm.

00:40:07   - Oh, oh, that sounds sad.

00:40:10   - So I'm very excited, but also very conflicted

00:40:15   at the moment, which is sort of going to be what I wanted to talk about here.

00:40:20   So this feature is currently available only on desktop for the insider build of Obsidian.

00:40:25   It's like the beta version for people who sign up and have like a paid account. You

00:40:29   get the insider releases. And I think it's coming to iPad. I don't know about the iPhone,

00:40:33   but I think I've seen one of the developers of Obsidian mention that the plan is to bring

00:40:40   it to iPad too. So the Canvas view is a brand new type of note that you can create. This

00:40:47   is like the sort of dream mind map system that I've had for years now. I think if you

00:40:54   go back and listen to very early episodes of The Prompt or maybe even App Stories a

00:40:58   few years after that, I must have mentioned this at some point, like how my dream for

00:41:05   An ideal mind map was something that would allow me to combine different types of content,

00:41:10   and not just text and images, but actual previews of web pages and previews of my documents.

00:41:17   And this is what the Canvas View does.

00:41:19   It creates an infinite canvas for you, and you can create these little nodes that can

00:41:27   be made of text, so you can have the classic text bubble and say something there, or you

00:41:33   can drop an image or, and this is where it gets really fancy, you can drop in a document

00:41:41   from Obsidian and it becomes a live preview of that document.

00:41:46   And the card that you create on the canvas, you can freely resize and move around and

00:41:52   you can click in it to edit the linked document.

00:41:56   So it's a visual card, but it's also a live preview of a document from somewhere else

00:42:03   in Obsidian.

00:42:05   The same is true for web pages.

00:42:07   So you can paste in a URL and it becomes like an inline, resizable, draggable, interactive

00:42:16   web view to any web page.

00:42:20   And all of these elements you can mix and match.

00:42:22   You can drag around, you can create connections between them, you can change the colors, you

00:42:26   You can type in your own comments.

00:42:28   So you have this rich, infinitely expandable view

00:42:32   where you can drop in whatever you want

00:42:34   and visually organize whatever you want.

00:42:36   Does Obsidian have, like, drawing tools in it?

00:42:40   Well, no, not natively, but there's a very popular plugin called Excalidraw,

00:42:46   which is what most people use.

00:42:48   -That's a good name. -Great name.

00:42:50   -It's a great name. -It's a good...

00:42:52   And is that like Apple Pencil?

00:42:54   Like, does it work?

00:42:56   Yeah, so Excalidraw is actually a very good web service,

00:43:00   and the plugin for Obsidian fully supports the Apple Pencil.

00:43:04   I have done some sketches for future redesign of Mac stories with Excalidraw,

00:43:10   and it's super good.

00:43:12   Like, both its own website, but also the Obsidian integration is fantastic,

00:43:17   because in Obsidian, of course, when you're drawing,

00:43:20   you can also insert links to other notes and pages.

00:43:24   in your drawing. So it's very, very nice. Now obviously, I'm waiting for this Canvas view to

00:43:31   come to the iPad, right? And I'm thinking, like, I have a few ideas in terms of, well,

00:43:36   this would be beneficial to me to organize, you know, maybe chapters of a long document, or maybe

00:43:44   notes that are related to the same topic. But I think what this did, what this announcement did,

00:43:53   is it really put a sort of deadline on me in terms of making a decision. And I think

00:44:02   what I would like to do by the end of the year or just over the holiday break, essentially it comes

00:44:10   down to make a choice. Do you want to use Apple Notes or do you want to use Obsidian? And if you've

00:44:17   you've been keeping track of, well, this show and App Stories for the past few months, you

00:44:23   know that this is like where, like this is the final battle of not taking apps for me.

00:44:28   Like choosing between Apple Notes and Obsidian. Now for work stuff, for the team-based stuff

00:44:37   on Mac Stories, we have made a decision. Over the years, over the past two years really,

00:44:43   with the development and launch of Calliope and the new club.

00:44:47   We ended up with this very scattered system

00:44:50   where we were using Kraft for some things.

00:44:54   But Alex, our developer, preferred to use Notion.

00:44:58   Then John and I, we used Apple Notes for some other things.

00:45:01   And so last week, we sat down and we said, all right, guys,

00:45:05   this is not working.

00:45:06   And we decided to consolidate.

00:45:09   And we're doing this now.

00:45:11   as we speak, we're going through this,

00:45:13   we are consolidating everything in Notion.

00:45:16   There's nothing really better than that

00:45:17   when it comes to like this team-based stuff.

00:45:21   I actually, I started paying for Notion,

00:45:23   I signed up for a team account,

00:45:25   and so the work stuff, the collaboration,

00:45:28   like obviously Alex's development boards and pages,

00:45:33   like all of that is already in there,

00:45:35   but also technical documentation,

00:45:38   more complex projects like Selects, right?

00:45:41   the awards that we do that require like an editorial timeline and assignments, like all

00:45:47   of that team stuff is going to be in Notion. And of course, for friends and family, like

00:45:54   with Sylvia, for example, I want to share something with Sylvia, I'm going to keep using

00:45:57   Apple Notes, right? That's just the best tool for the job. But the big question that remains

00:46:03   from me, which is why I need to have sort of this internal, I gotta do this internal

00:46:10   analysis if you will over the holiday break and finally make a choice is going forward,

00:46:16   at least until iOS 17 or whatever. Do I want to use Notes or do I want to use Obsidian?

00:46:23   And we had this conversation here on the show a month ago where I said, I don't know guys,

00:46:29   maybe I just need to use Obsidian as a text editor and I want to use Apple Notes as a

00:46:33   as a note-taking app, right?

00:46:34   We had this conversation a few episodes ago.

00:46:37   And over the past few weeks,

00:46:38   I've been using Obsidian as my text editor

00:46:41   and Notes as my note-taking app.

00:46:44   And I put together for me and for the audience

00:46:48   a list of pros and cons.

00:46:49   I feel like this is the only way that I can decide.

00:46:51   There are advantages to both products.

00:46:55   And I can go through this list.

00:46:57   Obviously, Notes has the advantage

00:46:58   of being a native product, right?

00:46:59   It's got that native feel.

00:47:02   It's very elegant, very simple, and it supports all the native features that you would expect.

00:47:07   For example, on the iPad it supports multiple windows, which Obsidian does not. It doesn't

00:47:13   support the native multi-window on iPad. It's got rich links, it's very polished,

00:47:19   it's got excellent integration with shortcuts, and it supports Quick Note on the iPad. So anywhere

00:47:27   in the system, you can hit globe Q and you get a notes window, like a floating window,

00:47:33   and you can capture anything you want. And that's one of the things I mentioned a few episodes ago

00:47:38   and connected. The speed and ease of capture of Apple Notes is unparalleled on the system.

00:47:47   It's integrated with the system in a way that no other note-taking app is when it comes to saving

00:47:52   an idea quickly. And of course it's got that background sync privilege as well, like iCloud

00:47:59   sync in Apple Notes most of the time works in the background pretty well I would say. And lastly of

00:48:07   course Apple Notes, because it's an Apple app when the next version of iOS comes out, it's gonna be

00:48:16   first in having whatever new feature iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 is going to have.

00:48:22   It gets new system enhancements every year, or at least in theory. Now, obviously, with Obsidian,

00:48:30   you have different advantages. I mean, obviously, there's an incredible customization going on.

00:48:38   You can customize whatever you want. Visually speaking, functionally speaking,

00:48:42   the keyboard shortcuts, you can make your own little operating system inside Obsidian if you

00:48:49   want. And that I think is the, I think there are two key factors for Obsidian for me. The

00:48:55   customization and also the FOMO effect, the fear of missing out in terms of the Obsidian community

00:49:03   is always coming up with new ideas, with new plugins, there's always something new in Obsidian

00:49:09   And when I was not using it, I was always sort of looking from the sidelines, being like, "Oh, man,

00:49:15   look at all these cool things happening in the Obsidian community now." But I'm using Apple Notes.

00:49:21   I decided to give Apple Notes a try as a note-taking app, and now I kind of miss Obsidian.

00:49:26   There's always been that tension for me in the past month. It doesn't support multiple windows

00:49:32   on the iPad. It does not have that native feel of Apple Notes that I just mentioned.

00:49:39   Not even close.

00:49:40   Not even close.

00:49:41   And you always get the sense

00:49:44   that you can break something in Obsidian, right?

00:49:46   If you're not careful.

00:49:47   Like maybe you enable too many plugins

00:49:49   or maybe you enable too many like CSS customizations

00:49:53   or like you always,

00:49:54   because it's the kind of product that wants you to tinker

00:49:58   around with things a little bit,

00:50:00   you always have that risk of like,

00:50:02   oh, did I do anything I wasn't supposed to do?

00:50:04   Which is not a thing that can happen in Apple Notes.

00:50:07   the very latest insider build that I just mentioned,

00:50:12   in addition to this new Canvas plugin,

00:50:15   if I'm reading the release notes right,

00:50:18   I believe plugin developers,

00:50:20   and hear me out on this because it's very interesting,

00:50:24   if I'm not mistaken, developers of plugins

00:50:28   can now request a calendar entitlement,

00:50:33   meaning that if I understand this correctly,

00:50:37   developers of plugins will be able to integrate with Apple Calendar and Apple Reminders,

00:50:42   which is a major turning point for me if this is correct, and if this also comes to iPad and

00:50:49   iPhone, because it means that having that native communication between Obsidian and Reminders

00:50:56   may finally become possible. I'm here basically torn between these two products.

00:51:04   Each has its own benefits. On the one hand, I have the Apple native product that gets new features

00:51:13   in theory on every release of iOS and iPadOS, and it's not going to break on me, and it's

00:51:22   integrated with the system, and it's got shortcuts integrations, and it looks nice and clean,

00:51:27   and it's reliable. On the other, there's this incredibly customizable note-taking app.

00:51:33   I've also been using it as a text editor that has never changed. All my Mac Stories articles,

00:51:39   I have continued writing them in Obsidian that has not changed. But you have this incredible

00:51:47   community making plugins and customizations on a daily basis. It's not native, does not support

00:51:53   like all the things that Notes does. And also, you know, personally speaking, I feel like

00:52:01   from a mere work perspective, Obsidian would give me more opportunities for content. You

00:52:10   know, I can always write shortcuts, write about plugins, and people want to know that

00:52:15   content. People are really into that type of content, I can tell you that. So from a

00:52:22   From a creative perspective, Obsidian, like the tool itself, gives me more content to

00:52:29   write about it, which Apple Notes after a certain point does not, because it's like

00:52:34   it's the Notes app, like there's nothing more you can do with it.

00:52:39   So once again, over the past few months, I have tried everything on the market.

00:52:46   For the team-based stuff, for Mac stories, we have settled on Notion.

00:52:51   notes that I want to share with my girlfriend and you know the family were using notes.

00:52:57   But for me what do I want to use? I've tried everything, it comes down to these two and

00:53:05   I don't know how I can make a decision because I sound like one day I wake up and I'm like

00:53:13   yeah Apple Notes is fine and then I think about it somewhere and I'm like oh man Obsidian

00:53:17   with all those plugins.

00:53:19   And this is just for the note-taking.

00:53:21   Once again, the text editing and the articles,

00:53:23   like all of that is already in Obsidian.

00:53:26   But for notes, it's one of these two.

00:53:30   It has to be one of these two.

00:53:32   And I don't know how to make a decision.

00:53:35   - Well, I guess maybe it will come down to

00:53:37   if these new features,

00:53:38   'cause it's obviously this new feature

00:53:40   has really started to tip you, right?

00:53:42   'Cause it looks really interesting.

00:53:44   So maybe you won't have to make a decision

00:53:46   until you know it's definitely coming to iPad.

00:53:48   - I don't know.

00:53:49   What would you guys do?

00:53:50   - I think it's tricky because for you,

00:53:53   you sort of have a gradient.

00:53:54   You have notes like, you know, regular people do.

00:53:56   Like this is the code for the block

00:53:59   or I don't know, the gift list ideas,

00:54:02   you know, regular notes stuff.

00:54:04   But then you have research that's gonna go into articles.

00:54:07   And I would imagine that sometimes

00:54:08   you have a piece of content, you're like,

00:54:09   I don't know where it is on that continuum.

00:54:14   So that's tricky.

00:54:17   So I have everything in Notes, Work Stuff,

00:54:18   Personal Stuff, it's all under mixed.

00:54:20   I keep folders of notes to kind of keep things separated.

00:54:24   But I don't know if you have it so easily separatable.

00:54:29   I don't know.

00:54:32   And it's not like you're not keeping up with Apple Notes

00:54:35   'cause you are using it for some personal sharing stuff.

00:54:38   So like you still have your toe in the water there.

00:54:40   Right, if they have some big feature,

00:54:42   you're still gonna be aware of it.

00:54:44   So as much as it pains me to say, I kind of think, stay with Obsidian.

00:54:47   It's not for me.

00:54:49   Follow your heart, man.

00:54:50   Follow your heart.

00:54:51   What's your heart telling you?

00:54:52   Uh, my heart tells me Obsidian.

00:54:54   Then do it.

00:54:55   You know?

00:54:56   The one true John just texted me and John says, you're going to pick Obsidian.

00:55:01   Period.

00:55:02   I know this.

00:55:03   Period.

00:55:04   I think he's right.

00:55:05   Stop like, you know, stop holding yourself back.

00:55:07   Go all in, baby.

00:55:09   Yeah.

00:55:10   Now, sometimes-- and this is like therapy

00:55:14   for an Apple blogger--

00:55:15   sometimes I feel like I should always use--

00:55:20   and this is a much bigger conversation.

00:55:23   Maybe we'll talk about some of these points in the future.

00:55:26   But sometimes I feel like I should

00:55:28   stick to the Apple version of something as much as possible,

00:55:33   because it's like my job to write about these things,

00:55:36   right?

00:55:36   So for example, totally unrelated to this,

00:55:39   but I've been doing a lot of research

00:55:41   for the speaker situation in my new house.

00:55:45   And I think I'm like 90% positive,

00:55:50   we are going to go with a Sonos based 7.

00:55:53   - Go with Sonos, go with it.

00:55:55   - But you know how much I researched this

00:55:59   and second guessed every step of the way

00:56:01   to get to this point,

00:56:02   because I was always like,

00:56:04   but wait, am I not supposed to use a HomePods?

00:56:08   Like, should I not stick to the Apple version?

00:56:11   That is like a weird psychological trick

00:56:14   that the Apple ecosystem plays on you, I think.

00:56:17   - Well done, man.

00:56:18   That's what it's all about.

00:56:19   - You always, at least I always have that little voice

00:56:23   in the back of my head being like,

00:56:24   but what if you don't do things the Apple way?

00:56:27   You're gonna regret it, you know?

00:56:29   And yeah, so, but with the Sonos, I mean,

00:56:34   I've done all the possible research

00:56:36   and for the budget that I have

00:56:38   and for the requirements that I have,

00:56:41   I think we're gonna be fine with the Sonos.

00:56:43   But for note-taking, I'm like, my heart,

00:56:46   I think my heart tells me Obsidian,

00:56:49   but my closeness to the apple ecosystem

00:56:53   is always whispering in my ear,

00:56:56   don't leave the native product, you know, like that.

00:57:00   And so I think I will go with Obsidian,

00:57:03   but I'm scared, that is what I'm saying.

00:57:06   Because I don't want to be in a situation where then in June, Apple...

00:57:09   Or maybe that's part of the deal, you know?

00:57:13   Maybe that's part of the life I chose.

00:57:15   Where like in June iOS 17 comes out and Apple Notes copied Obsidian and Kraft in a bunch of ways.

00:57:22   And I'm like, I'm going to switch again.

00:57:23   Maybe that's just part of the job.

00:57:25   There's like, if you go all in on Obsidian for all of the things Obsidian wants to do,

00:57:29   Apple Notes is not going to do anything that could tempt you away.

00:57:33   Because they're just not going to go that far, right?

00:57:35   Like, you're going all in on this because of stuff like this.

00:57:38   Like, oh, you can have one canvas where you can have previews, scrollable previews of

00:57:43   every single note that you've got, and you can draw links between them, and then you

00:57:46   can drop web pages in and read the web pages and they update.

00:57:50   They're not going to do all of that for Apple Notes, right?

00:57:52   Like, it's just not going to happen.

00:57:53   I don't even imagine them doing Notes linking, like the back linking stuff.

00:57:57   I don't even think they're going to do that.

00:57:59   Because I think that they're millions upon millions of customers do not care about this

00:58:04   feature and don't want it. It's a waste of time.

00:58:07   Yeah, I think maybe. See, now I'm leaning strongly toward Obsidian again. Very strongly.

00:58:15   But I also, with Obsidian, the last thing I will say, I don't want to end up, because

00:58:20   I've been down that road before and I don't want to do it. I don't want to end up in that

00:58:25   place that I was like last year, where I'm like, well, I'm using Obsidian and I want

00:58:30   to use it for everything. Like my YouTube videos, I'm going to save them in Obsidian.

00:58:35   The music I want to listen to, it's going to be in Obsidian. My read later system, oh,

00:58:39   that's going to be in Obsidian too. Like embrace Obsidian but with more balance than before

00:58:45   because at the same time I'm also, I guess I have complicated tastes for some things

00:58:53   because I do love for not taking the freedom and the customization of Obsidian, but I also

00:58:58   love me some real well-designed native app, you know, that like, for example, Music Box

00:59:05   for saving music albums or, you know, Good Links for read later stuff. Like, I like both

00:59:11   things. I like something like Obsidian, but I also like a good standalone dedicated native

00:59:18   app for one specific task. And maybe that's okay, you know, liking both ends of the spectrum,

00:59:26   Which is definitely the kind of mistake I did before.

00:59:29   Throwing too many things in Obsidian and eventually regretting that approach.

00:59:34   Just use it for notes man.

00:59:36   But all of the notes.

00:59:37   I thank you guys for letting me share about this.

00:59:41   I've got tabs open now.

00:59:43   What tabs?

00:59:44   Obsidian tabs.

00:59:45   You know like in Safari.

00:59:47   It's like aww.

00:59:48   Nice.

00:59:49   That canvas view man.

00:59:50   I don't know.

00:59:51   It's saying something to me.

00:59:53   - Yeah, I had a feeling you were gonna like it

00:59:56   because it's visual and easy,

01:00:00   like in a way that Obsidian was not before.

01:00:03   - No, it was not.

01:00:05   But the visualness, that's really interesting to me.

01:00:08   I'm gonna, yeah, I might try it out.

01:00:11   But I might be keen to wait to know it's coming to the iPad.

01:00:15   - If you wanna find links for the show

01:00:17   that you could save into your own Obsidian library,

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01:00:24   - Put that live view in your Obsidian canvas

01:00:28   and just like scroll it, you know?

01:00:30   Scroll it, baby.

01:00:31   - You can, you totally can.

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01:00:52   And Myke, I saw that you're bringing

01:00:55   Friday keyboard club back since you're back from vacation.

01:00:58   - Yep, I'm gonna be streaming on Twitch on Friday

01:01:01   9 a.m. Pacific time.

01:01:04   Yeah, mike.live.

01:01:06   See you then, bye.

01:01:08   - We still have more of the show to do.

01:01:09   You can't say bye yet.

01:01:09   - No, I'm gone now.

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01:01:35   - I'll leave it there to cheer you on.