424: The Clicky Click (Nibby Nib)


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 424.

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00:00:16   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by my friend and yours, Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   Greetings, Stephen Hackett.

00:00:23   Hello!

00:00:24   And I'm joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:26   Ciao Federico.

00:00:27   Saluti from Italy.

00:00:29   Well, you said greetings and it only felt appropriate.

00:00:33   Ah, it's like the more fancy.

00:00:35   Yeah, to have a regional version of my, you know,

00:00:39   being welcomed onto the show.

00:00:41   It's good.

00:00:41   So yeah, yeah.

00:00:43   I'm, nevermind, I'm not gonna make that joke.

00:00:46   We should just start now.

00:00:47   No, go on.

00:00:48   What is the joke?

00:00:49   No.

00:00:49   Not going on, I wanna hear it.

00:00:50   What is the joke?

00:00:51   I was like, you know, Federico was younger, right?

00:00:53   You know, living a wild life.

00:00:54   I don't think Federico ever lived a wild life, but.

00:00:57   He was in a band, he lived a wild life.

00:00:59   I'll tell you that.

00:01:00   Out of the three of us, Federico is the most wild.

00:01:10   I don't know if this surprises y'all.

00:01:12   I never really partied.

00:01:13   Does that come as a surprise?

00:01:15   Does not surprise me, no.

00:01:16   I gotta say, Steven, you strike me as a person with potential for a midlife crisis.

00:01:23   Oh!

00:01:24   Hang on a second.

00:01:25   again. Federico, do you think that those 13 IMAX weren't one? No, no I'm talking Porsche

00:01:32   midlife crisis. You know, like that. Stephen buying a bike, you know, that kind of stuff.

00:01:38   Like a motorbike. I think, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly like that. You know, like Steve,

00:01:45   like young Steve Jobs on a Harley type midlife crisis. Dude, young Steve Jobs on a bike,

00:01:51   That's a, that's a vibe. I know. I know. It's a whole vibe. I know. I agree with you. You've

00:01:58   never seen, you've seen the photo. You've seen the photo. Yeah. And I mean the, the

00:02:03   joke that I, that I served you guys and you didn't take advantage of it, especially you,

00:02:08   Myke, you could have just said, Oh, Steven is well over his midlife at this point. You

00:02:17   I could have just said that but you know...

00:02:20   Oh man!

00:02:22   Honestly I was kind of too taken aback with the idea of that like Stephen having a midlife crisis

00:02:28   Like I think I kind of want that for you you know?

00:02:31   Like not the crisis part but like just like a thing that you find in your life and you just like

00:02:37   But like the Myke and I text with each other and we're like "hey what's going on with Stephen?"

00:02:43   And you know, I'm like, "Hey guys, I bought a Maserati!"

00:02:46   It's like...

00:02:47   - Have you spoken to Steven recently?

00:02:48   Does he seem okay to you?

00:02:50   (laughing)

00:02:52   He keeps talking about motorbikes.

00:02:53   - Yeah. Should we call Mary? Should we check in?

00:02:56   (laughing)

00:02:58   - I would kind of love for that to be a thing,

00:03:01   but without damaging consequences.

00:03:03   - Yes, exactly.

00:03:05   - A phone call.

00:03:06   - Just like a period of like three to four months,

00:03:09   and then your family's gonna have an intervention

00:03:11   and everything's gonna go back to normal.

00:03:13   No, I don't want it to get to intervention.

00:03:15   You know what I mean?

00:03:16   Like, I want it to be something that, like,

00:03:17   the family just like, "Oh, Steven, here he goes again."

00:03:20   You know what I mean?

00:03:21   And then they just, like, it's left at that.

00:03:23   Yeah.

00:03:24   Did they just reluctantly accept him

00:03:26   for the things he's doing now?

00:03:27   Okay.

00:03:29   Maybe not even reluctantly.

00:03:30   They're just like, "Here he goes."

00:03:32   Just fine.

00:03:33   He's now a motorcycle guy.

00:03:35   Yeah.

00:03:36   He wasn't, and now he is.

00:03:38   Yep.

00:03:39   But anyway, what was the joke?

00:03:41   Our joke was gonna be when you were younger,

00:03:43   you know, like you sent a text, right?

00:03:44   Like a you up kind of text.

00:03:47   - Yeah.

00:03:48   - Saluting that booty.

00:03:49   (laughing)

00:03:51   - Okay.

00:03:55   Okay.

00:03:58   - You know what the great thing about that

00:04:01   is there's two good things about this.

00:04:03   One, that is hilarious.

00:04:04   Two, you can't cut it now.

00:04:06   - Nope.

00:04:07   - We're way too deep into this tangent now.

00:04:09   I, I salute you, Steven. Well done. Thank you. I can salute you. Well done. Well done.

00:04:20   Okay. One to be proud of. Honestly, you should be proud of that. I think I actually think

00:04:25   Steven may have just died. His midlife crisis. I think that's it. Maybe it starts, it starts

00:04:31   with this. Yeah. That's the beginning of the cuff joke on a podcast. And we'll see what

00:04:38   but it goes from here.

00:04:40   - I've got good news, Myke.

00:04:43   The Apple polishing cloth is no longer reserved

00:04:46   for people like Mr. Vitici,

00:04:47   who are quoted often in the New York Times,

00:04:49   because it is on sale for $1749 for Amazon Prime members.

00:04:54   - I have one.

00:04:57   - Wow.

00:04:58   Big money Hurley.

00:04:59   - You have one.

00:05:00   - Mine came, no, I do, but it came for free

00:05:03   with my $6,000 display.

00:05:06   - Yeah, because that's big money.

00:05:08   I just bought one when it came on sale with the MacBook Pro,

00:05:12   'cause I was like, "Oh, maybe I want that."

00:05:13   Like, I ended up buying it before it was a meme, right?

00:05:16   Like, I just added it to the cart,

00:05:18   'cause it was suggested.

00:05:19   I was like, "Oh yeah, I might wanna clean the screen."

00:05:22   But it's actually, I think,

00:05:23   a terrible cloth for cleaning the screen.

00:05:25   It's way too much friction.

00:05:26   - Yeah, it does have friction, yes.

00:05:29   - You're only supposed to use one side of it.

00:05:31   - Wait, what?

00:05:32   - Let me get mine out.

00:05:33   - No, hold on.

00:05:35   - Yeah, I think you're just supposed to use the side

00:05:36   without the Apple logo.

00:05:37   No. Don't they feel slightly different?

00:05:42   Hold on. Maybe I'm making this up. Hang on. I'm gonna...

00:05:47   No, they feel the same. I don't know what you're talking about.

00:05:49   K-Bays. Apple polish cloth.

00:05:51   No, because if they made a cloth which has only works on one side, it's the worst product ever made.

00:05:57   It's not a two-sided cloth, Steven. It's a cloth. It's reversible.

00:06:03   Yeah. Man, I'm trying to find...

00:06:05   It's one piece of material.

00:06:07   Trying to find Apple...

00:06:09   Like it doesn't have... like a cloth...

00:06:11   Does a cloth have sides?

00:06:13   Well I mean this one does have the one side that has the Apple logo on it, right?

00:06:17   Mmm.

00:06:19   Like I said, it does have sides.

00:06:21   Yeah.

00:06:23   I don't know, does he feel the same though? Let me see.

00:06:25   Okay.

00:06:27   There are directions on how to clean the polishing cloth.

00:06:31   No, I don't think it has sides.

00:06:33   No, the sides are not different.

00:06:35   They're not different. I thought they were. Maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe one of them feels different because that's where you

00:06:40   sprayed some cleaning product or something. Yeah. I don't know.

00:06:43   Or you just did all of the polishing of the one side of the cloth and now you've worn it away.

00:06:47   It is a nice cloth. Put that back in the drawer. Anyways, on to regular follow-up.

00:06:53   Federico, last week you mentioned kind of off-handed that you were going to try to hook up an Apple TV

00:06:59   to your studio display, and I was wondering if you had gotten to that, because we had some emails about

00:07:04   about how you're gonna make that work.

00:07:07   - Yeah, I still have not done it

00:07:10   because I figured I'm gonna buy

00:07:11   a separate Apple TV for the office.

00:07:14   I don't wanna unplug the ones that I have

00:07:18   in the bedroom and living room

00:07:19   because it's a whole mess of cables

00:07:21   and I would prefer not to touch them right now.

00:07:26   But I can tell you that I will try this soon.

00:07:29   I will get one of the new Apple TVs for the office.

00:07:34   The adapter that I have, it's called a Club 3D adapter, which is not like a great name,

00:07:44   I know, but it's the name of this company, it's Club 3D.

00:07:48   The model I have, it's called the Club 3D, let me see, where is it?

00:07:54   Club 3D, oh my God, how many things do I buy on Amazon?

00:07:57   Club 3D CAC1336.

00:08:03   like the new version that supports up to 4K at 120Hz, or, if you are real fancy, 8K at

00:08:14   30Hz, which, I don't know anybody with an 8K display, but you can choose between these

00:08:19   two modes. Again, that's the Club 3D. It's called an Active Adapter, CAC1336. It came

00:08:29   out I think this summer, and it's got an HDMI plug on one side and a USB-C port on the other

00:08:39   side, and it's very clearly labeled. It's got arrows that say "Source" on one end and

00:08:45   "Display" on the other end. The idea is that you can plug this into your Apple TV, then

00:08:51   run a Thunderbolt cable from the adapter to the Studio Display, and it should work. The

00:08:58   The only downside that I already know of, because I did my research, is that audio will

00:09:03   not work.

00:09:04   You will not be able to pass audio to the studio display speakers, which means you will

00:09:09   either have to have HomePod minis or something on your desk, or just use AirPods.

00:09:16   But that... so that's not a concern for us, because the idea was that we are going to

00:09:22   use my office as a spare bedroom if we have a guest. And it's easy enough to, I mean,

00:09:29   I am going to have, I think in the near, well next year, I'm going to have new home pods anyway.

00:09:36   And also we are going to provide our guests, I suppose, with complimentary headphones for when

00:09:44   they're staying over if they want to watch something before bed. That's part of the full

00:09:48   on teaching service over here so so that's not a that's not a bother. Here's

00:09:56   your goodie bag. Yes. It has some hi-fi man something something something you

00:10:01   know only the best. I'm not giving hi-fi man to guess. It's AirPods Max and they're engraved with the

00:10:08   initials and you get to keep them after your trip. That's that's that's nice.

00:10:13   I think John's really gonna like it.

00:10:15   Because face it, this is John's spare bedroom, right?

00:10:19   Like that's who you're building this for. And my and my and my mom's, I suppose.

00:10:24   Hopefully at different times. Well, yeah, I mean, that's that's the hope.

00:10:29   So yeah, I have the adapter. I've been to... One true dad. I'm sorry.

00:10:35   Please, come on. No, you're just terrible. This midlife crisis is not serving you well.

00:10:42   Well, so far. I have the adapter. I am going to get a... I guess I'm gonna wait for the

00:10:48   Black Friday thing to get an Apple TV, and I will get the one with Ethernet, because

00:10:53   I just... Well, now that I'm thinking about it, though, do I want to have one with Ethernet?

00:10:59   Seems unnecessary. For guests. Nah.

00:11:03   So it's just the complimentary headphones, to be honest.

00:11:05   I mean, you're getting headphones, you're getting a Wi-Fi Apple TV, I don't care. It's

00:11:11   It's unfortunate that the adapter does not pass audio through. That's acceptable as a

00:11:17   compromise. And I guess the idea is that in addition to an Apple TV, you can use this

00:11:23   adapter for an Xbox, a PlayStation. PlayStation is especially nice because you can plug your

00:11:31   headphones into the controller, right? Into the DualSense. So yeah, I am going to set

00:11:38   this up by this weekend or next weekend and it will report back as whether it

00:11:45   works or not with the Studio Display. We also spoke about your desire for fast

00:11:52   Bluetooth switching between like the Mac and the iPad and I wonder if you could

00:11:57   update us on that. Yes, yes there's a bunch of updates here. First of all

00:12:02   something I want to say is clamshell mode on macOS. I'm realizing now 13

00:12:08   years into my career. It's excellent, right? Clamshell mode was an invention. I love it.

00:12:13   Like, I'm using it right now. The MacBook closed on my desk and looking at the studio

00:12:18   display. Beautiful thing. Why does iPadOS 16 not support this? Like, why? It's silly.

00:12:26   Anyway, beautiful thing, clamshell mode. So there has been an evolution of sorts in terms

00:12:34   of what I'm doing here. You know how it is on tech podcasts when you share an opinion

00:12:42   and sometimes intentionally you say, I would love to have some recommendations. And in

00:12:48   fact I said something similar about getting a wallet last week. I personally said with

00:12:55   intention, please send me recommendations. Right. And tons of people were kind enough

00:13:01   to send me recommendations, and I bought a wallet with a built-in AirTag folder.

00:13:06   Very good to have that info sometimes, you know. You got the power.

00:13:10   Yes. Right? Sometimes you ask for something and the people, the listeners, are kind enough

00:13:16   to spare two minutes of their time to send you a link, and that's a beautiful... I love

00:13:20   it when that happens. Other times, what happens is that you share an opinion, and regardless

00:13:27   of your intention, you also get recommendations from people, right? Even if you didn't ask

00:13:33   for them.

00:13:34   It's a double-edged sword, you know?

00:13:35   Yes.

00:13:36   That's how it goes.

00:13:37   Yes. And it comes with the territory, you know, being a white guy on a tech podcast.

00:13:43   It's, you know, I'm not complaining, but it's how it works.

00:13:45   And people are just trying to help. I mean, I don't think anyone's being... I don't think

00:13:49   our listeners are being, like, intentionally troublesome.

00:13:53   A lot of people told me, "I hear you on the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad thing. You

00:14:00   should try the Logitech stuff. The Logitech keyboard and mouse." And after the tenth or

00:14:08   so tweets, I was like, "You know what? I'm just going to do this." It went on Amazon.

00:14:12   I believe you explicitly said this.

00:14:15   I'm not going to do this.

00:14:17   You said, "Don't tell me about the company because I don't want to do it."

00:14:22   - Exactly, I said that and still, and still.

00:14:27   So in one day I just went on Amazon

00:14:32   and I ordered the MX Keys for Mac

00:14:37   and the MX Master 3S for Mac.

00:14:41   And so I've been using this for the past couple of days

00:14:44   and it's equal parts fascinating

00:14:49   and infuriating at the same time for me.

00:14:53   And there's a bunch of things

00:14:55   that I just wanted to mention here

00:14:57   because they're just opinions that I saved today

00:15:02   as I was preparing for this show.

00:15:04   The first thing I will mention is that coming from a trackpad,

00:15:08   after years of trackpad,

00:15:10   first with the Magic Keyboard for iPad,

00:15:12   which came out in 2020,

00:15:14   and then with the external Magic Trackpad,

00:15:16   going to a mouse scroll wheel is horrible.

00:15:20   The scrolling is terrible.

00:15:23   Like, it's choppy, and it doesn't feel as smooth

00:15:28   as scrolling with the Magic Trackpad.

00:15:30   It doesn't support the rubber-bending type scrolling.

00:15:35   Like, it just, it goes up and up or down and down,

00:15:39   but it doesn't, it's not like one fluid motion

00:15:42   when you're scrolling with the mouse wheel.

00:15:44   It's terrible.

00:15:45   And I don't know how to describe it,

00:15:46   but it doesn't feel as nice as the Magic Tripad.

00:15:49   You can choose between two types of scrolling with the mouse.

00:15:53   You have like the ratchety one and the fluid one.

00:15:56   You just gotta press a button and you can choose.

00:15:59   I'm not sure which one I like.

00:16:01   There's another scroll wheel.

00:16:03   - You know, with the ratchet you want,

00:16:04   if you just move the wheel fast enough,

00:16:07   it goes to the smooth.

00:16:08   - Oh, I just found out.

00:16:10   Thank you.

00:16:11   - That's the way to do it.

00:16:12   So you get best of both worlds.

00:16:15   OK, I've been setting up some of the buttons on iPadOS, which is different from how you do it on MacOS.

00:16:25   On MacOS, you have the Logy Options app, and you go in and you have this visual preview of your mouse,

00:16:31   and you can click on all the things and you can customize, and you can assign things like a keyboard shortcut to a button.

00:16:38   But that's not possible on iPadOS, because even though now there's DriverKit on iPadOS,

00:16:43   So in theory, this kind of accessory customization should be possible, but that type of integration is not here.

00:16:51   So all you can do is you can set up mouse buttons as assistive touch shortcuts on iPadOS.

00:16:57   And I've been doing that this morning, and it's nice.

00:17:01   I mean, I forgot how nice it was to be able to, say, show the dock with the press of a button,

00:17:07   or show Spotlight, or another thing that I'm doing.

00:17:10   You know the button under your thumb?

00:17:14   That one is also a customizable thing.

00:17:16   And so whenever I click that, I can reopen my dashboard note.

00:17:20   So it's like one click and it runs a shortcut, reopens my dashboard note, and I can save a thought.

00:17:24   That's cool.

00:17:25   But the problem is...

00:17:27   Well, another nice thing I want to say.

00:17:29   Switching between devices is, in fact, very nice.

00:17:32   You can just press a button, like, and then you have iPad is one, Mac is two,

00:17:37   and I can just alternate between one and two, and they instantly switch over to MacOS or iPadOS.

00:17:43   Very nice. The problem is, the MX Keys keyboard does not have the globe key, and

00:17:49   I realize that I'm now using the globe key for a lot of things on iPadOS, from QuickNote

00:17:57   to multitasking shortcuts for Stage Manager and the App Switcher.

00:18:03   there's a bunch of commands that rely on the globe key, they're just not possible with the MX keys,

00:18:08   to which you may reply "well, you can remap the keys", except you can't, because for whatever reason,

00:18:15   for whatever reason, if you have the MX keys for Mac, which is the one I have, and you go to settings,

00:18:23   keyboard, hardware keyboard, keyboard modifiers, the FN key, the function key, does not show up

00:18:30   as a key you can remap.

00:18:32   And by default?

00:18:34   No, because, see, this is one of the things you should know about me.

00:18:38   You love to shout.

00:18:40   No.

00:18:42   I was never formally taught how to use a keyboard.

00:18:49   Okay?

00:18:51   So I feel kind of ashamed to confess this.

00:18:55   I wasn't either.

00:18:57   Yeah, me neither.

00:18:58   Well, you guys are better than me. What can I tell you?

00:19:01   Well, how? How are we better than you?

00:19:02   I do something that is wrong and ugly, but I do it.

00:19:05   Like, still knowing that it's not something I should do.

00:19:09   And the thing I do...

00:19:12   Talk about a midlife crisis.

00:19:13   For what? Well, for a silly reason that I know.

00:19:17   Okay, here it goes.

00:19:19   I use the caps lock as a shift key.

00:19:24   So whenever I need to do like an uppercase key, instead of pressing shift, I press caps lock.

00:19:30   So I see the light and then I turn it off again. I never use the shift key.

00:19:35   What?

00:19:37   So if you're typing your name...

00:19:41   Yes.

00:19:42   Caps f caps.

00:19:44   Caps f caps. Yeah.

00:19:46   Wow.

00:19:46   I've been doing that forever.

00:19:49   I'm sorry. Like I told you.

00:19:53   Alright Federico, do you look at the keyboard when you type?

00:19:56   Very often, yes. I cannot... yeah, I gotta look.

00:20:00   Yeah. Okay.

00:20:01   And to add insult to the injury, I also use two fingers. I don't use... I just type with my two index fingers.

00:20:11   You're a hunt and pecker. Lots of people are like that. I'm mostly like that.

00:20:14   But that's wild to me. Like, if you know that you can just use the shift key.

00:20:21   Yeah.

00:20:22   That's really interesting.

00:20:24   Why don't you do it? Because the caps lock makes me feel more like, okay, caps lock is

00:20:29   engaged. Like, it's more like, oh, I see that it's activated. It's a stupid thing. But now

00:20:37   it's so ingrained in my muscle memory that just doing the caps, F caps, like that, like

00:20:44   caps. Type caps again. That's why I cannot use caps lock as a keyboard modifier.

00:20:50   Discord right now has been on several people are typing for like the last 45 seconds.

00:20:56   Yeah, I'm like...

00:20:57   Man, that is...

00:21:00   You didn't know this about me.

00:21:02   That's wild. Yeah, that is wild.

00:21:05   Huh. Okay. I mean, look, we all have our weird things, you know? That's just your weird thing.

00:21:12   I do like Shift as a keyboard modifier for keyboard shortcuts, obviously, and sometimes I have tried

00:21:20   to be like, "Okay, you gotta stop using Caps Lock, use the Shift method." And also, I think it actually...

00:21:27   I'm gonna give you maybe a reason why I do this. Because I use the two index fingers to type,

00:21:33   I think the problem is when Shift is something you need to hold with one finger, so that you

00:21:40   can type letters, you know, the shift version of the key. But because I

00:21:45   can only use the two fingers, I find it uncomfortable to hold shift keys while typing...

00:21:51   There are two shift keys.

00:21:53   Oh yeah, I never considered the one on the right.

00:21:55   Well of course you don't, because you never think about the shift at all.

00:21:58   For me it doesn't exist.

00:21:59   I never use the shift on the right, I don't think.

00:22:03   Yeah, so I think it all comes down to the fact that I cannot use multiple fingers to type, so it's easier

00:22:10   for me to just do caps type caps again. Alright, so, okay, how do you use copy-paste then?

00:22:19   What do you mean? Well, you say you only use two fingers to type, right? Oh, with my thumb.

00:22:24   I use the command key with my thumb. So you could use the... So you could use your thumb,

00:22:32   yes I can. I'm not a monkey. Well, I mean, the way you're describing it right now Federico,

00:22:37   I'm not sure, you know what I mean? You're saying you can only ever use two keys, two fingers at a time?

00:22:41   Well, I mean, what are you gonna do? Use your thumb to click shift on the left? Like, that's super uncomfortable.

00:22:47   Command is at the bottom. Also, spacebar, I press the spacebar with my thumb, because it's at the bottom.

00:22:53   Same. And that's the way you're supposed to do it.

00:22:56   Yeah, okay. I mean, I mostly use two fingers, but not completely, and I do use, like, my pinky finger to hit modifiers.

00:23:05   Like, I'll use my pinky to hit shift.

00:23:07   Yeah, see, that's way too fancy for me.

00:23:09   Federico, I feel like I can't believe how long I've known you.

00:23:13   And I have seen you type many times and never noticed this caps lock thing.

00:23:18   Wow. That's wild, man.

00:23:20   I do. I mean, and look, I've been writing for 13 years, so it's, you know,

00:23:25   it's not like this has gotten in the way of creating content for me.

00:23:29   But I do a bunch of weird things with the keyboard and I realize that, like,

00:23:34   For example, sometimes when I'm typing a word wrong,

00:23:41   instead of just backspacing to fix the one letter I got wrong,

00:23:45   I delete the entire word and start over.

00:23:49   That's--

00:23:51   Yeah.

00:23:51   I mean--

00:23:53   It's, you know--

00:23:55   That's fine.

00:23:55   Like, I don't think that one's much of a thing.

00:23:58   Depends how long the word is, but--

00:24:01   But yeah, the caps lock thing.

00:24:03   I know that it's very--

00:24:04   That's not weirder than the caps lock thing, I don't think you're gonna beat that.

00:24:07   No, yeah, I know that. The caps lock thing is weird.

00:24:10   But anyway, as I was saying, I wanted to remap the function key.

00:24:15   [Laughter]

00:24:17   Yeah, I wanted to remap the function key.

00:24:19   I just love how far off we got, and now we're like, "Oh no, we gotta come back."

00:24:22   There was a secondary point to this.

00:24:25   The point was the MX Keys Mini, I really like it.

00:24:28   Well, it's not the key. Is it called the Keys Mini? Probably.

00:24:31   It doesn't have a globe key. And it turns out that over the past couple of years a bunch of

00:24:35   iPadOS and Mac OS functionality involves the globe key, and not having the globe key sucks.

00:24:42   And you should be able to remap the FN key to act as a globe key, but it's not working.

00:24:49   So Logitech, you should fix this. I don't understand why this is the case.

00:24:53   What else can I tell you? I don't know where this is going. I kept the boxes for the keyboard and

00:24:59   the mouse because there's a good chance that I'll send them back to Amazon.

00:25:03   I have a question for you.

00:25:05   The mouse, what do you think of the mouse click?

00:25:09   Because I have the new 2S with the silent mouse click and I think it's awesome.

00:25:13   I love it.

00:25:15   I love that they made it quieter because I used to have, years ago, before iPadOS 13,

00:25:23   I had the 2S, I think I had.

00:25:27   And it had the clicky click.

00:25:30   You know, it's like,

00:25:31   (imitates clicking)

00:25:32   it's like, made you feel like working

00:25:35   at a government office every time

00:25:36   you were clicking the mouse.

00:25:37   (laughing)

00:25:38   But now it doesn't do that anymore.

00:25:40   It's so quieter, it's much more elegant, I love it.

00:25:43   So yeah, it feels nice.

00:25:47   Clicking things feels nice.

00:25:48   Pressing the buttons feels great for running shortcuts

00:25:52   and accessing iPadOS features, the scrolling is horrible.

00:25:56   And I know that's because, you know,

00:25:58   Apple is doing their own secret magic things

00:26:01   for scrolling and track pads and whatever.

00:26:04   So that's too bad.

00:26:06   Switching between devices, great.

00:26:08   The dedicated emoji key on the keyboard, I love it.

00:26:13   You have an emoji button that you can just press

00:26:16   and it shows you the emoji popover on macOS and iPadOS.

00:26:21   I love that thing. The lack of a globe key and the inability to remap the function key

00:26:29   is horrible, which means I am stuck in this in-between state of "do basically pick your

00:26:40   poison" type situation. Like, do you prefer these limitations of the Logitech accessories?

00:26:46   And in return you get switching between devices and customizations for the mouse?

00:26:52   Or do you want the better scrolling and the native feel of the Apple accessories, but

00:27:00   you gotta run a cable to connect them, you know, to switch them between your Mac and

00:27:04   iPad?

00:27:05   I don't know what I'm gonna do here.

00:27:08   Someone suggested a very smart thing, I think, which was you don't need to keep the cables

00:27:14   plugged in all the time into your devices. This person said, and I'm sorry for not remembering

00:27:21   your name, basically keep the cables always plugged in the back of your Thunderbolt dock.

00:27:26   Then, when you're switching devices between Mac and iPad, plug them in once so that the keyboard

00:27:34   and the trackpad pair with the iPad or the Mac, and then hide the cables again in the back of

00:27:41   of your desk until the next time you want to connect a different device. Which is better

00:27:47   than keeping the cables always shown and plugged in. I forgot about that.

00:27:53   Do Bluetooth KVMs exist?

00:27:55   What are KVMs?

00:27:57   I don't think so. A KVM is a box where you can plug a mouse and keyboard into, and then

00:28:06   you would be able to plug from it into two separate devices and flick a switch between

00:28:11   them. Right, so you would be able to have a physical switch of like device one, device

00:28:18   two. I was wondering if Bluetooth or something like that existed, you know, where you could

00:28:22   be like, oh, these are both connected to this, and then this one sends it to that one, this

00:28:28   one sends it to that one.

00:28:30   Yeah, I don't know about that. David in Discord is saying that you cannot remap the FN key,

00:28:37   that it would break the keyboard. That is not the case. Because you have your function

00:28:42   keys on this Logic keyboard, they work without pressing FN. Like, you can just press the

00:28:49   function keys and they work. Like media controls and emoji and whatever. So, in other keyboards,

00:28:55   they let you remap.

00:28:56   Who needs function keys?

00:28:58   Yeah, but really you can just press it once.

00:29:00   I'm pressing F9 all the time, man.

00:29:02   I'm just like F9ing, you know?

00:29:05   Who needs them?

00:29:06   Yeah, so I don't know what I'm going to do,

00:29:08   but I am using this right now.

00:29:11   Basically, I need to understand what I hate more,

00:29:18   the limitations of the Logitech stuff or the cables.

00:29:22   So yeah, we'll decide within a couple of weeks, I guess,

00:29:27   until I have time to return this on Amazon.

00:29:32   - And lastly, Federico, you spoke about how long mail

00:29:35   took to open and listener Ryan sent in a link

00:29:38   to a MacRumors forum and it seems to have fixed your issue.

00:29:41   - Ryan, thank you.

00:29:43   This worked like a charm and mail is now incredibly fast

00:29:48   and never been so efficient at opening mail

00:29:52   until your trick came along.

00:29:54   This is beautiful, it's all.

00:29:56   It involved deleting a cache file somewhere,

00:30:00   which I did what the MacRumors person said,

00:30:04   and I did that and it worked.

00:30:05   A properties.plist file, apparently.

00:30:10   And yeah, now mail is, you made mail great again,

00:30:14   I guess is what I'm trying to say.

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00:32:01   We like talking about weird chargers on the show and this Anker three in one really caught

00:32:08   my eye.

00:32:09   It's a charging cube so I put this in the show notes a couple of days ago and then I

00:32:14   I opened it this morning and there's a note from Federico that you got one.

00:32:18   It's beautiful.

00:32:19   I love this thing, man.

00:32:21   It's it's it.

00:32:22   I mean, first of all, it's a cube, right?

00:32:24   So you know that it's going to be a good product when it's cube shaped.

00:32:28   It's true, right?

00:32:29   Name a single cube shaped bad product.

00:32:33   I can't.

00:32:34   They don't exist.

00:32:35   You can't.

00:32:36   Everything that is cube shaped, cube shaped is perfect.

00:32:40   I mean, ice cubes.

00:32:41   The cube.

00:32:42   You know, game cube.

00:32:43   the cube apple made uh i that was the mac this charger no it was bad it looked good but it was

00:32:52   a bad computer no no the next cube can be it cannot be because they're cubes so what can this charge

00:33:02   because when you look at it it's kind of hard to work out i think because like things like fold

00:33:06   open and slide out what does it do yes so it it's a magsafe certified accessory

00:33:14   so it's not like qi charging masquerading as magsafe this is proper

00:33:18   magsafe so it can charge at what's the what's the charging rate for me 15 15

00:33:24   yeah it does that it comes with a 30 watt adapter in the box so thank you

00:33:31   anchor for doing that. So here's how it works. By default it's all closed, it looks like a cube,

00:33:40   and there's a hinge in the front of it. That you use to fold open the stand, the magsafe part,

00:33:48   where you're gonna drop your phone, and it stands upright. So I'm doing this now, I fold it open,

00:33:54   the base, I guess the upper part of the cube folds open, then it becomes a magsafe charging stand for

00:34:01   your phone. Once that is folded open, in the back, there's a charging pad for Qi charging.

00:34:10   That's where you can place your AirPods case. So your AirPods, they go beneath the phone,

00:34:18   in the back of the cube. Then, on the right side, this reminds me of that viral tweet of the guy

00:34:27   showing off a desk with all those buttons. You guys have seen that video. And then you

00:34:32   press this button and this drawer comes out. You know what I'm talking about? It's that

00:34:39   vital tweet from like two weeks ago. Like the guy showing off this crazy complicated

00:34:44   desk with a bunch of hidden compartments. I haven't seen this. No, it's a great video

00:34:51   of like, I don't know what it is, like a local TV commercial or something from the eighties

00:34:56   or the 90s, it's an old video.

00:34:58   It's like there's this guy showing off like a wooden desk.

00:35:02   And it's like, and then you press this button,

00:35:04   and this drawer comes out.

00:35:06   And want to hide your objects?

00:35:08   Well, you place this other button,

00:35:09   and this compartment opens up.

00:35:11   It's a good table.

00:35:13   Oh, come on, it's a great video.

00:35:14   You got to watch that video.

00:35:15   I'm waiting for someone in Discord to find it,

00:35:17   but I don't know it.

00:35:19   Once you fold it open,

00:35:21   you press a button on the right side of this cube,

00:35:25   and the Apple Watch charger comes out. It's like a tray. You push and it comes out.

00:35:32   And it's got a charging puck for the Apple Watch. It's like this thing is lovely. I really,

00:35:39   really like it. The one complaint I have is that, I guess in order to make it a cube,

00:35:48   so it's gotta be even on all sides, I suppose.

00:35:52   I do wish it was just a tiny bit taller,

00:35:56   because the 14 Pro Max is, like, floating just above my desk,

00:36:05   like, one millimeter above my desk.

00:36:08   Like, it's just...

00:36:11   It's basically touching the surface of the desk,

00:36:13   and I do wish it was a bit higher.

00:36:15   Similarly, it's a bit strange to put the Apple Watch on the puck, because you need to close

00:36:24   the watch band on itself, and even when you do that, you can tell that it's like... it

00:36:32   could have used like one centimeter or more in terms of height.

00:36:36   But otherwise, this is... like, I saw this at the Apple Store, got it right away.

00:36:44   It's perfect.

00:36:45   For someone like me who likes to, like especially now with the always on lock screen,

00:36:50   like being able to see my widgets and the time while I'm recording,

00:36:53   and also charge the watch and AirPods at the same time, it's perfect.

00:36:58   And it's a cube.

00:37:00   And now I will find the video.

00:37:02   I'm finding it. I found it. Someone put it in the Discord.

00:37:06   No, but that's not it. That's not it. That's a parody. No, that's not it.

00:37:11   Oh, really?

00:37:11   Hold on. Is it? Let me see. I see this tweet.

00:37:14   There's a Socrates in there. No. Okay. Hold on. So it's not the one with Socrates in it then?

00:37:21   Did you click the link in Discord? Yeah. Yeah it's not it, it's an older video.

00:37:27   This cube to me, so ugly. Like. Oh my god. I don't want this thing sitting on my desk.

00:37:33   Like on my bedside table. Where do you have this? On my desk. Obviously. So ugly. So

00:37:40   So utilitarian and like to me not a fun way.

00:37:44   That's thank you thank you BG on Discord that's the video.

00:37:49   Alright I'll watch this video.

00:37:50   That's the video.

00:37:51   That's the original.

00:37:52   Yeah.

00:37:53   And the music.

00:37:54   It is the same desk.

00:37:55   I love the music.

00:37:56   Well it might be the same desk but the guy, the original guy has a different energy.

00:38:02   And I love using the gloves.

00:38:03   I love the use of the gloves to open all the secret compartments.

00:38:06   This video is hilarious.

00:38:08   Well, I feel like if you have a desk with secret compartments, you need gloves.

00:38:13   They just go hand in hand.

00:38:15   I just love that he's talking and the very nice lady, she's like doing the job for him.

00:38:22   It's like, I don't understand the setup.

00:38:25   Why is the guy just explaining and the other person is doing the actual work with gloves?

00:38:32   Have you met men?

00:38:33   That sounds about right.

00:38:35   Yes.

00:38:36   Yes, that's the answer.

00:38:37   But yes, so the vibe of this charger is that,

00:38:43   and then you press a button and this happens.

00:38:45   Yeah, I love it.

00:38:46   And it's a cube.

00:38:48   Man, that is wild.

00:38:49   That video is wild.

00:38:51   Apple has shipped emergency SOS via satellite.

00:38:55   If you have an iPhone 14 and you live in the United States,

00:38:59   it is coming to France, Germany, Ireland, and UK.

00:39:02   In December, Federico don't get

00:39:04   into any emergency situations.

00:39:06   I guess.

00:39:07   - Ah, too late.

00:39:08   I'm already in danger.

00:39:09   - There was a, oh, my cube is falling on me.

00:39:14   There was a newsroom article, there are a couple of videos

00:39:16   I just seen had two we're gonna have in the show notes.

00:39:18   One giving a demo and the other,

00:39:21   she interviewed some people from Apple about it,

00:39:23   which is really interesting.

00:39:24   This just popped up in iOS 16.1.

00:39:28   There wasn't a software update.

00:39:30   Like it didn't come with 16.2,

00:39:31   it just wasn't there and then it was.

00:39:33   So I guess they had some sort of flag hiding it

00:39:35   And they said, yes, you can have it now.

00:39:38   It works basically the way that we expected,

00:39:40   the way Apple said that it would.

00:39:43   But what's cool is in the settings application,

00:39:47   there is a demo.

00:39:49   And so you can go find that and it turns your cellular off

00:39:53   and it tells you to point your phone to a satellite.

00:39:56   And then it does a demonstration

00:39:57   of how the text messages work.

00:39:59   So I did this, it found a satellite in about 20 seconds.

00:40:04   I'm assuming, actually I shouldn't assume that.

00:40:07   I don't know if the demo actually talks to a satellite

00:40:09   or I just was waving my phone around like an idiot

00:40:11   because it told me to,

00:40:12   but it tells you aim your phone here

00:40:15   and it was connected quote unquote.

00:40:18   And then you could send messages,

00:40:20   which took about 10 seconds to send.

00:40:23   Again, a demonstration, I don't think

00:40:24   they actually went anywhere.

00:40:26   But I thought it was really interesting that they had that.

00:40:28   So you can kind of be familiar with the user interface

00:40:31   before, you know, God forbid you need it.

00:40:33   Well it's also smart because people will try and use it, right?

00:40:39   Right.

00:40:39   If you don't put the demo in there.

00:40:41   And then you're just going to be flooding these contact centers, right?

00:40:44   I see.

00:40:45   I think that's why they put it in there.

00:40:46   It's just so like, it stops YouTubers from contacting emergency services for four days.

00:40:52   I watched iJustine's video where it looks like she's doing a vid- like a-

00:40:57   It's in Apple Park, I think, is where she's doing the like-

00:41:00   It is, yeah.

00:41:01   And she's funny, I was like, "Oh, I'm in the middle of nowhere."

00:41:03   And the camera pans over real quick to show you Apple Park.

00:41:06   And there's also just the people that she's with just keep giggling,

00:41:10   which is also very funny because she is being very funny in the video.

00:41:13   It's actually very good.

00:41:14   So the two videos, one's the interview, one's the demo.

00:41:16   And the UI, it looks so smart.

00:41:20   And I don't know how they're doing it, right?

00:41:22   Where it's like, "Just turn left.

00:41:23   The satellite's over there."

00:41:25   And then when you actually get to the point where you're sending text messages,

00:41:30   I didn't know, I thought it was all pre-canned stuff, but you get to a certain point where

00:41:34   you do start sending actual written messages.

00:41:37   I think that there's two modes.

00:41:41   What would a pre-canned satellite message look like?

00:41:45   "Help, I'm stuck"?

00:41:47   Are you hurt?

00:41:48   And it's like, what's wrong now?

00:41:50   Like "I'm hurt, I'm lost"?

00:41:52   I was picturing something like...

00:41:54   That kind of thing, so you're tapping these buttons.

00:41:56   I was picturing more like the messages that the Roomba sends you, like "Help, I'm stuck

00:42:00   on a cliff. If you're stuck on a cliff it's a good time to use this feature to be fair.

00:42:06   Yeah, yeah, it's a good one. But like I think it's, it came back to me then as I was talking,

00:42:12   I think places that have the ability to text you can text them once you've gone through

00:42:18   the initial part, but places where they rely on phone calls it's like you're relaying it

00:42:24   and then to Apple right or like to a relay center and they're passing it along so maybe

00:42:27   But it was really interesting that when you're doing those text messages, there's this compact

00:42:34   UI of the satellite connection thing.

00:42:38   So you can be texting and it can be like, "Hey, turn left now, the satellite's moved."

00:42:42   I think it's a fascinating piece of technology that they've built here.

00:42:47   Really wild.

00:42:48   I hope to never use it.

00:42:50   But when the demo comes out, I'll try that for funsies.

00:42:54   But yeah, it's really interesting tech.

00:42:55   - Yeah, and in the interview, she's talking to like

00:42:58   the guy in charge of satellite technology at Apple.

00:43:01   It's like, I didn't know that was a job at Apple,

00:43:03   but this guy has it.

00:43:05   And talking about, is it Globestar,

00:43:07   I think is their partner here.

00:43:09   And it is really fascinating.

00:43:11   And again, it's free for two years

00:43:13   from when you activated your phone.

00:43:15   So I guess the clock has already been running

00:43:17   for those of us who got launched iPhone 14s.

00:43:19   Still no information about what it looks like,

00:43:22   like it would cost moving forward.

00:43:24   but I could see myself very easily,

00:43:27   like if we're going on,

00:43:29   like this summer my wife and I were in Colorado, right?

00:43:31   Like hiking in a bunch of very remote areas.

00:43:34   If I could turn this on for a month,

00:43:37   I would have it on during that trip, right?

00:43:39   I don't need it day to day.

00:43:41   So I'm hopeful that whatever this looks like

00:43:43   when it's a paid service,

00:43:45   that it has a lot of flexibility.

00:43:46   And my guess is that it will,

00:43:48   that it'll be something you can basically turn on and off,

00:43:51   maybe like iPad data kind of so.

00:43:54   But yeah, it's here and again, hopefully no one has to use it, but if it's...

00:43:58   But I feel better, it's like the car crash detection, I feel better knowing that I've

00:44:02   got a device that has this capability.

00:44:05   Do you think we'll ever get to the point where if you pay for Apple Satellite Plus you get

00:44:10   Priority Rescue?

00:44:12   I hope not.

00:44:14   Good grief.

00:44:15   Well, I mean...

00:44:17   I actually...

00:44:18   It's an idea.

00:44:19   I think at a certain point you'll be able to have less ads through iCloud Plus and I could certainly imagine it's like oh and

00:44:27   Satellite detection like hmm. They already have the thing

00:44:31   I think it's part of iCloud Plus where there's like the when you die thing, right?

00:44:35   That's part of iCloud Plus. No, I think that's nothing that's just part of all iCloud. You have a legacy contact

00:44:41   I think they would only have a different thing

00:44:44   No, they do have the "when you die" thing. Like I don't know what the name is. Legacy Contact is the name, I think.

00:44:50   I don't think it's "when you die." It's called "when you die."

00:44:52   No, it's called "the when you die feature." The "when you die" thing from Apple. It's hyphenated. The "when you die" feature. Yeah.

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00:47:14   MacRumors posted an article based on some emails between a MacRumors reader

00:47:23   and Craig Federighi that this reader shared of MacRumors they wrote about.

00:47:30   Talking about betas and how useful the iOS beta process especially is for

00:47:38   gathering feedback and basically whether Apple think this is good enough. I want

00:47:44   to read some of Craig Viderighi's responses at that email. We can talk about it.

00:47:48   "Literally millions of people participate in our betas and many many many of them

00:47:54   want to provide feedback to help influence Apple's products. I agree that

00:47:59   the current approach isn't giving many in the community what they'd like in

00:48:02   terms of interaction and influence. We haven't yet figured out how to achieve

00:48:07   that in a practical and constructive way, we'll keep thinking.

00:48:11   The three many... yeah. I mean no duh right? Like no duh. Like of course, of course.

00:48:17   It's impossible for them to do what we would like them to do if the

00:48:28   beta continues to be three months. Well yeah. Like if they release it like to as

00:48:36   a hey here's this thing we're working on June it's shipping in September it's not

00:48:41   realistic that they could ever steer the operating system in vastly different

00:48:48   ways like the amount of instances where this has actually happened are really

00:48:53   slim, really slim. Yeah, Safari. Where they've made significant changes. Safari is like the

00:49:00   one, but that is one app, right? Like it's an app. And I feel like a lot, like say sometimes

00:49:07   stage manager, there was no way, like we can ask like, this is what we want, this is what

00:49:12   we want, this is what we want. But like realistically, I don't know how much any of us expect them

00:49:17   to massively overhaul in a three month period. I think the bigger question is not like the

00:49:25   beta period. It's post release, right? Post September, right? Like I don't think that

00:49:34   we're necessary. I know we ask for a lot, right? But for us, it's like, you don't have

00:49:40   to do it all in 12 weeks like you can do it later but they don't and i think that's i

00:49:47   think that's actually the the issue like you can have this three month period where it's

00:49:52   like beta season let's collect all the feedback we can but then that should then set like

00:49:57   maybe another roadmap which goes on afterwards which it doesn't which really at the moment

00:50:04   it feels like is like they take all of that and they're like great now we can start working

00:50:07   on the next version, you know, and then maybe there'll be something there, I don't know.

00:50:12   I don't think it's awesome.

00:50:13   I feel like there's fundamentally... so there's many things to unpack here in this statement.

00:50:20   The first thing I'm going to say is that I find the timing of this response very fascinating.

00:50:26   I do believe that these emails that sometimes Apple executives, they send out to seemingly

00:50:33   random people. They are sent to just random folks, but I think they are, and this is my

00:50:40   personal belief, I think they are carefully handpicked for PR reasons. I think these email

00:50:48   responses, they're not a random thing of Craig Federighi sitting on his couch with his family

00:50:55   watching Netflix, because that's the only place where you can watch Netflix at home

00:51:00   without other people knowing, and I'm just like, "Oh, let me fire off a quick email."

00:51:05   No, I don't think that's the case.

00:51:06   Although I do personally like to believe that Craig Federighi is like me, where every now

00:51:12   and then a piece of feedback via email frustrates him enough that he'll reply to it.

00:51:19   I think all of this is...

00:51:20   I don't believe it's true, I believe you're correct, I just like to think that he's like

00:51:25   where like every now and then like he, you know,

00:51:28   most of the time the emails that are just like

00:51:31   blind criticism, you just delete them like I do.

00:51:34   But every now and then just meet you at the wrong time

00:51:37   and you're like, you know what?

00:51:37   I'll give this person a piece of my mind.

00:51:39   You know what I mean?

00:51:40   And then off he goes.

00:51:42   I like to believe that's the case.

00:51:43   - Probably.

00:51:44   - I mean, we hear about this every summer, right?

00:51:48   Where you hear from people from within Apple of like,

00:51:51   please send your feedback in in June.

00:51:53   It's like, dude, I've had this installed three days.

00:51:55   Like I need more time than that to find issues

00:51:58   I want to report on.

00:52:00   Very clearly, this is a knock-on effect, I guess,

00:52:04   of their 12-month OS release cycle,

00:52:07   which they've been on for a long time now.

00:52:10   And it's a real mess.

00:52:13   - So yeah, I do wonder if,

00:52:17   I think there are two main questions here.

00:52:19   The first one is,

00:52:22   What does Apple think is valuable in the beta program?

00:52:28   Because I'm concerned that they only see the beta program

00:52:32   as a sort of, let's make sure that this thing doesn't

00:52:37   crash type of service.

00:52:40   Because I feel like a fundamental question

00:52:43   that Apple needs to ask themselves

00:52:45   is, do we value feedback from people

00:52:49   when it comes to the design direction of something,

00:52:53   or feature suggestions.

00:52:55   Like, the first thing they need to understand--

00:52:58   because when they say-- when Craig says,

00:53:00   we haven't yet figured out how to achieve

00:53:02   that in a practical and constructive way,

00:53:05   we'll keep thinking.

00:53:06   I think you should keep thinking about whether the feedback

00:53:11   from people is as valuable as whatever

00:53:14   your designers at Human Interface team come up with.

00:53:19   because I do have a feeling that sometimes you file a feedback request and they're like,

00:53:23   "Oh yeah, that's interesting. We'll think about it." And they're like, "This person

00:53:27   doesn't know anything about designing an operating system."

00:53:30   Yeah, that's a really good idea. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:53:34   Yeah, we're not talking about Elon Musk saying "interesting" to people on Twitter when it

00:53:40   comes to feature suggestions.

00:53:41   Interesting. I'm going to think on that.

00:53:44   And he actually does, even the silliest ideas.

00:53:49   But this is like, oh, yeah, interesting.

00:53:51   We'll think about this, and then never to be heard from again.

00:53:54   So first of all, you need to ask yourself,

00:53:57   do we value feedback from people beyond,

00:54:00   hey, this thing is crashing for me?

00:54:02   Like, do you think there's value there?

00:54:04   And the second question/problem is,

00:54:09   I wonder if all of this is based on the underlying

00:54:14   issue that everything that you file as a feedback to Apple arrives with a three-month delay,

00:54:22   basically. It's like the worst game of telephone ever, where you're filing feedback in June,

00:54:29   and you may or may not see a response to that at some point in August, right? I mean, we're seeing

00:54:38   now changes to Stage Manager based on suggestions from five months ago. So like, it's impossible

00:54:48   to file feedback and have an immediate response, because first, that's how Apple operates.

00:54:57   They, whenever you see a beta, that beta is already from two weeks ago, and so many times

00:55:05   you're like, "Hey, I have this problem." And you get, you know, behind the scenes,

00:55:09   you get the Apple engineer, there's like, "Ah, that's from the older seed. That's

00:55:13   from two weeks." I mean, Craig Federighi literally said this at the talk show in June,

00:55:18   like, "Oh, yeah, that's from an older seed. It'll all be fixed in the next version

00:55:22   that we are testing." It's like, that delay doesn't help people. But there's also

00:55:29   the problem of... because Apple operates this way, sometimes, many times actually, I wonder if they're

00:55:38   like "Okay, it's December, we are now catching up on these requests from July, do we want to add them

00:55:46   in the iPadOS..." I'm using 16 as an example now. "Do we want to add them in the iPadOS 16 cycle, or

00:55:53   you know, might as well save them for 17, and people will keep using this thing for another year,

00:56:00   but I guess we're cutting them and we're saving them for the next big release.

00:56:06   Like, this delay doesn't help anybody, and it's got this compounding effect, I think,

00:56:14   in terms of you have a time delay and you have this line drawn between users and designers,

00:56:22   And now don't get me wrong, nobody wants Apple to become a company where, you know,

00:56:27   it's like design your own feature. Like, we pay Apple good money because they have great designers

00:56:33   designing great things for us.

00:56:36   Most of the time.

00:56:37   But sometimes you have feedback about a very particular thing and

00:56:41   there's the general sense that you are being looked down upon during the beta process in the feedback system,

00:56:49   which is a whole other thing we could get into.

00:56:53   Like sometimes you get the response.

00:56:54   An engineer has determined that your bug

00:56:58   is actually something that behaves on purpose.

00:57:00   And you're like, okay. - Works as intended.

00:57:02   - Works as intended.

00:57:03   It's like, okay, I just spent 30 minutes

00:57:05   filing this very detailed request

00:57:07   and that's the response I get, great.

00:57:10   So yeah, it's a time thing.

00:57:13   It's a separation of roles thing

00:57:16   between users and designers.

00:57:19   And it's, I mean, no surprise that you're finding that this is working out as you expected.

00:57:29   And the timing is also interesting, right?

00:57:32   After this whole thing with stage manager this summer, which one way or another has

00:57:38   captured the discussion in blogs and podcasts.

00:57:46   Now you come up with this email and how many, many did he use?

00:57:53   Many, many, many of them.

00:57:56   So the three uses of many makes me think this is a conversation they've had lately over

00:58:03   and over about like, why do people dislike Sage Manager even though we had a beta program

00:58:10   for five months?

00:58:11   And I think that's why this email is coming out now.

00:58:14   Know a lot of people in the community are frustrated by this sort of thing, right?

00:58:19   like why would I take my time to file a feedback or

00:58:23   Send system diagnosis files or whatever it may be if it's just gonna be

00:58:29   Ignored or go into a black hole. Do you how do you approach that Federico? I mean, do you think that?

00:58:36   Feedback is valuable. I think it's a waste of time. Like where do you come down on it? It's sometimes it's exhausting because it

00:58:43   But I am one of those people that keeps a list of bugs, spends some time every couple

00:58:51   of weeks converting them into feedback items, and I keep track of those feedback items in

00:58:57   the same note.

00:58:58   But I do this for a living, right?

00:59:00   I literally write about this stuff, and I do this because in many cases it's in my own

00:59:05   best interest to keep track of these feedback items.

00:59:08   And, I should add, I also have the privilege

00:59:11   to be able to send these items behind the scenes to people

00:59:14   who, in theory, should be able to work on them.

00:59:17   And for the right team at Apple, it

00:59:21   works beautifully as a system.

00:59:22   Now, most people cannot do this, right?

00:59:25   Because they don't do what I do for a living.

00:59:28   And so I know that it's frustrating to spend time

00:59:35   in your day, especially for stuff that requires a detailed explanation, or steps to reproduce

00:59:42   a bug, and you've got to take a screenshot, or you've got to record a video, and you've

00:59:46   got to have all the reproducible steps. It's time in your day that's going out as, essentially,

00:59:54   you're doing free contracting work for Apple, in that case, right? You're doing a free—you're

00:59:59   a free consultant doing quality assurance for Apple for free.

01:00:07   And you don't get anything in return.

01:00:10   And I know plenty of folks who file hundreds of feedback items

01:00:15   during the summer.

01:00:17   And what do you get in return?

01:00:18   Nothing.

01:00:19   So this may sound silly, but I do

01:00:22   believe that one way to improve the feedback system

01:00:28   would be to gamify the feedback system.

01:00:32   Give people some kind of reward for filing detailed reports.

01:00:37   Give them, I don't know, iCloud subscriptions or something.

01:00:42   Give them something.

01:00:43   You gotta reward people.

01:00:47   If you're gonna ask people to do work,

01:00:49   because this is essentially work,

01:00:51   you're telling them,

01:00:53   "I give you the privilege of testing software in advance,

01:00:57   and we would like you to file feedback.

01:01:00   In return, have this little prize for you.

01:01:03   This may sound silly, but trust me, it's not.

01:01:05   - Like a, I mean, not the same,

01:01:07   but it reminds me of like the bug bounty programs

01:01:09   or whatever.

01:01:10   Like, and I know it's because the security,

01:01:12   blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right?

01:01:13   Like, can I get the idea?

01:01:14   - Ah, it's the same idea.

01:01:15   - No, but it's like, if you tell us

01:01:17   and don't sell it to a bad actor, blah, blah, I get it.

01:01:20   But it's still, it's like a thing where

01:01:23   maybe people are more willing,

01:01:25   even if it's for less money,

01:01:26   because they're still compensated for their time and effort by filling in the paperwork or whatever.

01:01:32   Exactly. Great point. But then it's also the matter of how you deal with this internally.

01:01:40   And we can know exactly how radar or now feedback works internally, but from our point of view,

01:01:48   Looks like a bit of a mess. Sometimes you get a response years, and I'm not exaggerating this,

01:01:58   sometimes you get a response years after you open the feedback item, totally out of the blue,

01:02:04   be like "Engineering has determined that this works as intended." I got an email like this

01:02:12   a couple of months ago for something that I filed in 2019.

01:02:17   Like, just how does this work exactly?

01:02:20   Like, is it like cleaning out the attic?

01:02:22   Like, how does it work?

01:02:24   Sometimes there's a person that goes in there like,

01:02:26   "Ooh, let me dust off these feedback items

01:02:29   and see what comes out."

01:02:30   Like, it just feels kind of random from the outside.

01:02:35   And I gotta imagine that it also feels

01:02:38   and looks kind of random from the inside.

01:02:41   I think it needs to be... some rethinking is in order here.

01:02:46   But the bigger question that they should ask themselves,

01:02:50   especially when it's like, I agree that the current approach isn't giving many

01:02:56   what they like in terms of interaction and influence.

01:03:01   I think that word... this is why I find this email so fascinating.

01:03:05   The use of the word influence is interesting.

01:03:09   Like, so are you okay as a company with people, the regular folk, influencing you and your designers in your fancy lab?

01:03:21   Is that okay? I think you should ask yourself this question.

01:03:25   Like, are you okay with giving people the power of influencing you?

01:03:30   So, you know, feels kind of unusual from Apple is what I'm saying.

01:03:34   The use of "we'll keep thinking about giving people the power of influence."

01:03:39   So it's interesting to say that, you know?

01:03:43   Can you imagine, I mean, I hate to say this,

01:03:45   but can you imagine Steve Jobs saying,

01:03:47   "Yes, I will love the influence of the people on me."

01:03:52   No, I don't know.

01:03:54   It feels unusual from Apple, but hey, yes,

01:03:59   let me influence you on stage manager,

01:04:02   if you let me, for sure.

01:04:03   Yes, I'm up for it.

01:04:07   - Yeah, I think frustrating is the overall feeling

01:04:10   I have about it as well.

01:04:12   And I think that's pretty prevalent in the community

01:04:14   because as you were talking,

01:04:17   I opened up Feedback Assistant on my computer

01:04:19   and was looking through the issues I've had opened.

01:04:22   And some of them have been closed by Apple,

01:04:27   some have been closed by me.

01:04:28   A couple got fixed, I never heard anything about,

01:04:30   but I noticed they were fixed, so I just closed them.

01:04:32   Like, I feel like I'm also having to do cleanup in here.

01:04:35   And I'm sure they have millions of these submitted, right?

01:04:39   I don't envy the job of having to sort through these,

01:04:42   but there's gotta be a way for people to feel better

01:04:47   about being involved in the process,

01:04:49   because Apple invites people to do this, right?

01:04:52   And if you ever talk to an Apple engineer about something,

01:04:55   or like see a conversation they're having on Twitter,

01:04:56   like it always ends in like, "Submit a feedback."

01:04:58   And that's fine, but it shouldn't feel like

01:05:04   you're just bundling something up and throwing it over,

01:05:07   over the wall, right?

01:05:09   And like, I'm looking through mine.

01:05:11   Mine are all very specific, like I had an issue in Logic

01:05:14   that I opened a ticket for three years ago

01:05:16   that it got fixed in Logic like six months ago.

01:05:19   And there's feedback about that.

01:05:22   'Cause like the Logic team is actually pretty good

01:05:23   about this sort of thing.

01:05:25   They also have the best release notes

01:05:26   of anybody with an Apple.

01:05:28   But then there's other things in here,

01:05:29   like notes and reminders and some contact stuff

01:05:34   that I've put in here over the years,

01:05:36   that some of it just got fixed at some point

01:05:39   and it never, the feedback never got looked at

01:05:42   as far as I know.

01:05:43   Other things are still open years later.

01:05:45   I just, I have no idea what's happening.

01:05:47   And I think that's one reason it feels frustrating.

01:05:49   It's not only the time and the energy, but it's the,

01:05:52   hey, like I'm trying to make this better as a user

01:05:57   or as a developer.

01:05:59   I mean, I think developers feel the same way.

01:06:01   And it's just the lack of response

01:06:05   is so frustrating and demeaning.

01:06:08   And again, I understand it's a complicated problem,

01:06:12   but there's gotta be ways that Apple can manage this better

01:06:15   or don't ask for it so much.

01:06:18   I mean, the first words out of your mouth

01:06:19   should not be file a feedback

01:06:21   if the feedback doesn't go anywhere, right?

01:06:23   And I would feel less frustrated.

01:06:26   I would feel more respected

01:06:28   as someone who takes the time to do this,

01:06:30   if Apple was a bit more transparent

01:06:32   about the process that takes place

01:06:34   when you submit a feedback,

01:06:36   and that your tickets would get some sort of response.

01:06:41   I mean, looking at this list,

01:06:43   looking at things that I've written about, a 512 pixels,

01:06:46   the blog posts are where you get things fixed,

01:06:48   not the tickets.

01:06:49   And I have for about a year or so,

01:06:52   if I write something like that,

01:06:54   I put the feedback number in the blog post,

01:06:55   and the feedback, I put the blog URL.

01:06:58   And like somehow I've earned just enough credibility

01:07:01   to like make that work sometimes for things,

01:07:02   you know, my like pet peeves, mostly in reminders,

01:07:06   but not everyone has that capability, right?

01:07:10   Most people who are doing this are opening feedback,

01:07:12   putting stuff in, it never goes anywhere.

01:07:15   And that's what turns people off.

01:07:16   That's why people and developers roll their eyes

01:07:19   when they get that response from Apple,

01:07:20   because it feels like you're just kind of being

01:07:22   swept aside.

01:07:23   And I just, I wish it was better because

01:07:26   the idea of this is fantastic.

01:07:27   The idea is I'm a community member,

01:07:29   I'm a developer, I'm a power user.

01:07:31   I may use your products in very specific ways

01:07:34   that you haven't accounted for.

01:07:36   I may hit a bug because of my particular setup.

01:07:39   And Apple should, and I think deep down,

01:07:41   Apple wants to know about those things.

01:07:43   But whether it's the overwhelming number of them

01:07:47   or developers at Apple feeling like they're above this,

01:07:50   whatever it may be, it's just a bummer.

01:07:54   And like, it could be so much better for all of us,

01:07:56   Apple and its user base,

01:07:58   but instead it just sort of breeds this frustration.

01:08:01   Occasionally we get an email from Apple

01:08:03   that gets leaked on MacRumors

01:08:05   that kind of explains something way more

01:08:07   than anything I've ever gotten back in Feedback Assistant.

01:08:10   - Maybe we should send an email to Craig Federighi.

01:08:14   - Maybe.

01:08:15   - Tell him, hey, listen to Connected.

01:08:16   - Listen to Connected.

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01:10:35   - So we're approaching the end of the year

01:10:37   and I saw a good article on MacRumors

01:10:41   where they were saying like,

01:10:42   these are the things that should happen

01:10:44   before the end of the year based on what Apple has previously told us in the past.

01:10:49   So I'm gonna pull out a couple of these and then I think we might talk about

01:10:52   some OS stuff as well which we think is gonna come based on betas. One of them is

01:10:56   Apple Music Classical. Oh yeah. No, that hasn't happened yet. No, and when Apple bought it, I think last year, they said

01:11:06   by the end of next year. Oh, it's gonna happen. So the clock suggests that by the end of 2022,

01:11:16   Apple Music classical should become a thing. What was the name of the company that they bought?

01:11:23   Primephonic? Primephonic, yeah. Yeah, so here's the, it's from August 2021,

01:11:30   was the press release and they say "Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app

01:11:38   next year combining Primephonics classical user interface the fans have grown to love with more

01:11:43   added features." So any time now we're gonna get a classical music service that'll be fun.

01:11:49   We have seen the references to Apple Music classical pop up on Android in the iTunes API for

01:11:56   like a year at this point. So yeah, it's, I mean, it's been worked on supposedly, allegedly.

01:12:05   So yeah, before the end of the year, that would be nice. 16.2 maybe. Cool. Yeah.

01:12:10   Friend of the show, the self-service repair program should be expanding to new countries.

01:12:16   So it's just in the US, right? So they said like, oh, other products and they had some

01:12:21   max and they're like oh so other countries that has yet to happen but who

01:12:26   knows I love other countries so there are a couple of interesting things and

01:12:31   then 16.2 has been in beta and I've got a couple of interesting features that

01:12:36   are in 16.2 one is a medications lock screen widget please sounds good I'm

01:12:42   looking I like I was thinking that probably be pretty nice pairing for a

01:12:45   sleep focus lock screen yeah right can we talk about medication just for a

01:12:50   second? Yeah man. You said this on the excellent State of the Apps Cortex

01:12:55   episode, which next time you have four hours dear listener, go check it out, it's

01:12:58   really good. Well three hours and 22 minutes if you listen to the public show.

01:13:02   Which is a record for a regularly published show. Yeah by two minutes. Take

01:13:07   that John and Merlin, that's what Myke said. I don't think I said that. You did.

01:13:11   Well you implied it, well it was implied. Yeah it is implied in the extra two

01:13:16   minutes. Yeah. But you said this that you you want the medication notification to

01:13:22   stand out more and I totally agree. You can make it a time-sensitive

01:13:28   notification but that is still not sticky enough I think for this

01:13:32   particular use case. Like I would like medication to stay in the dynamic island

01:13:37   or like become a live activity or like do something until I tell you that

01:13:43   I've taken it because mine, most of the time I've taken my medication anyways

01:13:48   and it's just a reminder but it should be stickier in a way. It could act like

01:13:54   an alarm, right? Mm-hmm. Like the alarms will just keep reminding you because you

01:14:00   snooze them. I also would like medications to be its own app rather than

01:14:06   going in via the health app. Yeah, it is on the watch but not on iOS. Yeah.

01:14:11   - You know what, I'm gonna submit a feedback right now.

01:14:14   - Quote, "More frequent updates" is an option,

01:14:18   as a toggle on live activities.

01:14:21   But it seems like from the screenshots that I've seen,

01:14:23   it's like per app, so in each app's settings,

01:14:28   you have a settings for live activities

01:14:31   where notifications is, and you can have a toggle

01:14:34   on some apps for more frequent updates.

01:14:37   Which I actually think might be the best way to do it,

01:14:39   even though that'd be a pain.

01:14:40   But maybe there's certain apps where you would like the live activity to be able to pull

01:14:46   from the system more.

01:14:47   So that's interesting.

01:14:49   And then one that I'm surprised about is some new settings for the Always On display.

01:14:53   So there are two toggles.

01:14:55   One is show wallpaper and one is show notifications.

01:14:58   So you can turn off show wallpaper and then when you're in Always On mode, it's just black

01:15:04   with your widgets and notifications.

01:15:06   Turn off notifications, it's just black with the time and the widgets.

01:15:09   I enabled this right away.

01:15:10   Ah, you're one of those people.

01:15:13   I mean, of course, why would you get an always on display

01:15:15   otherwise, just you want, if I wanted to see my wallpaper,

01:15:18   I would leave my phone on.

01:15:19   I want it always on.

01:15:21   Just clues in the name, you know what I mean?

01:15:24   Do you think this showed up as a response to people

01:15:27   saying the always on display was like too jarring

01:15:29   with the wallpaper?

01:15:30   Yes. 100%.

01:15:31   Why else would they, yeah, yeah, definitely.

01:15:33   'Cause it feels like such a walk back of like,

01:15:34   we have this really cool thing where we're dimming the color

01:15:37   but you know skin tones are still accurate which is not cool.

01:15:41   No, no just give me the boring stuff.

01:15:44   Just give me the Android option of a black screen with white widgets.

01:15:48   No I like the image.

01:15:49   I've really come around and I've liked the image.

01:15:51   I wish that they had these features as part of focus modes though.

01:15:56   Like I would like to in certain focus modes not see my notifications on the lock screen.

01:16:03   But this is just like in the display settings instead so.

01:16:07   - Ooh, that's...

01:16:09   - Did you also see, speaking of feedback,

01:16:10   that there's a typo on the screen in the beta?

01:16:13   They typoed the word when, they left the H out.

01:16:16   - When without the H, yeah, I saw that.

01:16:17   - It makes me laugh every time I see it.

01:16:19   - Where is that?

01:16:20   - If you look at the screenshot in the MacRumors article,

01:16:24   read the helper text at the top of the screen.

01:16:26   So always on display, dims the lock screen,

01:16:29   when you lock your device.

01:16:31   - When, when?

01:16:32   - Look, I'm sure- - That's so good.

01:16:34   - Other typos have shipped in Apple software,

01:16:36   but that's just got to be brutal if you're the one who did it.

01:16:38   There's also some watchOS stuff.

01:16:41   It seems like a lot of stuff, honestly, related to the Ultra, I feel like.

01:16:46   One is to detect, I mean, because it's like a lot of like seems like high fitness stuff, a lot of it.

01:16:51   So one is to detect when you're on like a running track.

01:16:54   And so it kind of is more aware of a running track and you can run around the track or whatever.

01:16:59   It's cool.

01:17:00   One is race routes.

01:17:02   so you can set your own custom routes that you will run

01:17:05   and you can then track your time around those.

01:17:08   - Yeah.

01:17:09   - International Roaming, which is a feature I'd forgotten

01:17:12   was coming for the Apple Watch.

01:17:13   - Oh yeah.

01:17:15   - And then this isn't technically watchOS,

01:17:17   but it is related to the watch, the Oceanic Plus app,

01:17:22   which I'm still not 100% sure,

01:17:24   like that's like what Apple's rolling net is,

01:17:28   but anyway, that hasn't launched yet.

01:17:29   So no diving for you yet, Steven, okay?

01:17:32   I'm just limited to my bathtub. Feedback number FB11796547. Medication notifications should be more persistent. Have at it, Apple.

01:17:43   Can I file a request without doing the feedback? Can I ask for something extremely specific and hope that it happens?

01:17:50   Yep, just put it out in the world. Manifest, baby.

01:17:53   - Okay, I want this to exist,

01:17:55   and I've mentioned this multiple times over and over,

01:17:59   during the summer, to people who would be able,

01:18:02   would have the power to fix this,

01:18:04   but it still hasn't been fixed, okay?

01:18:07   It's very specific, okay?

01:18:10   Reminders, smart lists, all right?

01:18:14   I wanna be able to create a smart list, okay?

01:18:17   That excludes multiple lists.

01:18:22   - Yes, dude, yes.

01:18:25   - Right now you can only exclude one list.

01:18:28   - It's actually worse than that.

01:18:30   So the MPU that comes out on Sunday,

01:18:31   we talked about notes and reminders in detail.

01:18:35   In reminders, you can only use a criteria type one time.

01:18:39   So if it's include or exclude, you can only name one list.

01:18:43   Now, smart folders in Notes has the ability

01:18:47   to select multiple folders.

01:18:49   It's like, are these written by the same company?

01:18:52   precisely what I told multiple people.

01:18:56   Like I use this very example,

01:18:57   like why is it that in Notes you can create a Smart Folder

01:19:01   and exclude or include multiple folders,

01:19:05   but in Reminders, it's not the same with Lists.

01:19:08   - Yep.

01:19:09   - Yeah, yeah.

01:19:10   So that is the feature that I am manifesting right now.

01:19:15   It will exist before the end of the year.

01:19:19   I am choosing to make this happen.

01:19:24   This feature will exist before the end of 2022.

01:19:27   You can mark my words right now, all right?

01:19:30   That's how this works.

01:19:31   - They are marked.

01:19:32   - I guess if Craig is looking to rethink,

01:19:34   what was it, we'll keep thinking.

01:19:36   Here's what we're gonna do.

01:19:38   People on podcasts will say things and they will happen.

01:19:42   - Yeah, that's like the top tier of the feedback process.

01:19:46   - That's your new system.

01:19:47   You don't need to keep thinking about this, Craig.

01:19:49   That's your new system.

01:19:50   Don't worry, everyone.

01:19:52   We're going to become the funnel.

01:19:53   We got this.

01:19:54   We're the new funnel.

01:19:55   You just keep telling us what you don't like,

01:19:57   and we'll filter it, and we'll just put it in the show.

01:20:01   And then they'll do it.

01:20:02   Precisely.

01:20:03   You want to be fast tracked with your requests,

01:20:07   sign up for Connected Pro at getconnectedpro.co,

01:20:10   and you will have priority access for your feedback items.

01:20:15   Otherwise we will be the filter between you and Apple.

01:20:20   That's what that is.

01:20:22   It's Feedback Plus.

01:20:23   Just sign up at getconnect2pro.co and you'll get fast feedback.

01:20:27   So, Steven will get his medications, stuff, I will get my smart list filters before the end of 2022.

01:20:35   Guaranteed money back otherwise.

01:20:38   What do I get?

01:20:39   I actually don't know. Ask for something.

01:20:41   Ask for something.

01:20:42   I would like to be able to shift click on the dock and add an app to a current stage.

01:20:51   Yes, yes, I agree.

01:20:53   There you go, that's what I would like.

01:20:54   Do it.

01:20:55   Okay, we'll get that before the end of the year.

01:20:57   Manifest baby.

01:20:58   Might be a little tricky with the holidays, but you know, end of the year slash first

01:21:02   two weeks of January.

01:21:03   Yeah, you just got to work hard.

01:21:05   Got to be hardcore.

01:21:06   Yeah, it's working for Twitter.

01:21:10   Yeah, Apple 2.0, all right? Everyone's gonna be hardcore.

01:21:14   Apple 2.0, three guys, one from Italy, one from the UK, another from Tennessee.

01:21:20   Oh, it's us?

01:21:21   Yes, it's us.

01:21:21   Oh, okay. I wasn't expecting that.

01:21:24   Apple 2.0 is taking feedback requests from three guys on a podcast that act as a funnel.

01:21:31   Funnel.

01:21:32   You know?

01:21:32   We are the funnel.

01:21:33   Getting all, getting the data from the people. You know, we love the people.

01:21:38   Power to the people.

01:21:39   Power to the people.

01:21:40   Power to the people.

01:21:41   No bots, just people.

01:21:42   Look, it's even cheaper.

01:21:44   Instead of $8, you pay $5 for--

01:21:47   Yeah, it's cheaper, yeah.

01:21:49   Cheaper, cheaper, power to the people.

01:21:51   Now everybody can file a feedback item.

01:21:53   Yeah, power to the people.

01:21:55   Lastly, it doesn't look like we're getting

01:21:58   any additional hardware products this year.

01:22:01   I think everything we're still waiting on is software.

01:22:03   Apple made a comment in their quarterly call

01:22:05   a couple of weeks ago that their hardware lineup

01:22:08   was set for the holidays, which is Apple's way of saying,

01:22:11   if you're willing to buy a MacBook,

01:22:12   go ahead and buy it now.

01:22:14   'Cause there's not any new ones coming.

01:22:16   Some people have pointed out that does push past

01:22:19   the two year transition to Apple Silicon,

01:22:22   'cause we still have- - Fake news.

01:22:24   - No Mac Pro. (laughs)

01:22:27   - Fake news.

01:22:28   - Me or Apple?

01:22:29   - Apple.

01:22:32   Come on, John Tinoside, so much faith in you, man.

01:22:34   - I know, where's the Mac Pro?

01:22:35   - This is how you do me?

01:22:36   Don't like it.

01:22:37   I kept the wheels off my first Mac Pro.

01:22:40   I mean my previous Mac Pro.

01:22:43   Oh, you see that, Fedorico?

01:22:44   Did you hear that?

01:22:45   First Mac Pro.

01:22:46   You know, Stephen, don't even lie to yourself

01:22:49   and everyone else, right?

01:22:51   You know you're gonna do it.

01:22:53   If it's a cube, if it's a cube, I'm, yeah, I'll do it.

01:22:57   It could be star-shaped and you'd buy it.

01:22:59   Like, it doesn't even matter.

01:23:01   I really like the Mac Studio.

01:23:02   Yeah, but so what?

01:23:03   You had computers before.

01:23:05   You know what I mean?

01:23:07   You're gonna buy it and like don't even, you know,

01:23:10   just don't lie to everyone.

01:23:12   - Yeah.

01:23:13   - That could be my midlife crisis, second Mac Pro.

01:23:16   - You could treat this computer

01:23:17   like you treat your new watch, right?

01:23:19   You can just get it and you can turn it around

01:23:21   the wrong way and just have like the back facing towards you

01:23:25   which is effectively how you wear your watch now.

01:23:28   - If you wanna find links to stuff we spoke about,

01:23:31   head on over to the website, relay.fm/connected/424.

01:23:36   While you're there.

01:23:37   - Oh, I just realized that was a reference to Connected Pro,

01:23:40   an unintentional reference to Connected Pro.

01:23:42   I've lost track of what was in the show

01:23:45   and what was in the show.

01:23:46   - It was in Connected Pro.

01:23:47   Yeah, we talked about my watch orientation.

01:23:49   While you're on the website,

01:23:53   relay.fm/connected/424.

01:23:55   There's two things that I would invite you to do.

01:23:57   One, join Connected Pro.

01:23:59   You get longer ad-free versions of the show

01:24:01   each and every week.

01:24:03   It also comes with a bunch of cool relay perks

01:24:05   access to our members only discord, a newsletter, some member only podcasts. It's a fantastic deal. Go check it out

01:24:11   You can also send us feedback or follow up

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01:24:19   In the show each week, so send us an email

01:24:21   You can find us all online. Myke hosts a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM

01:24:27   We already mentioned Say to the Apps on Cortex, but go check that out

01:24:29   It really is it was phenomenal really good job on that Myke

01:24:32   You can follow Federico's work at maxstories.net where he's the editor-in-chief

01:24:37   Anything cool coming before the end of the year you want to tease? Yes. Yes

01:24:42   I am a lot of energy in that

01:24:44   Yes, finally somebody asked me!

01:24:47   A lot of energy on this one. I am...

01:24:49   [Laughter]

01:24:51   Finally, finally!

01:24:53   Someone wants to know my opinion on things on this show.

01:24:57   [Laughter]

01:24:59   Finally, I have a voice.

01:25:01   Alright. Nine years in, this is your time. It's an eight-part course, How to Type by

01:25:09   Federico

01:25:09   I am launching a webinar. No, I've been working on version 3.1 of Apple Frames, which is actually

01:25:20   done. I just need to write it up. So maybe this week, I would really like it to be this

01:25:27   Ideally next. But yeah, it's done. It's got a bunch of cool features. I'm really happy

01:25:33   with it. And here's what I'm going to tell you. It's MaxStory Selects time again.

01:25:40   Oh, it's that time. I forgot about that.

01:25:43   It's that time of the year again.

01:25:45   Is this the trophies one or not?

01:25:46   It's the trophies one, yeah.

01:25:48   Because it didn't used to be called Selects, right? Or did it?

01:25:51   It was always called Selects.

01:25:53   Well the first edition did not have physical trophies.

01:25:58   This is our fifth Max Story Selects.

01:26:02   And we, Jon and I and Alex are finalizing our picks.

01:26:07   We are opening up the Reader's Choice Award voting this Friday.

01:26:13   And yeah, things are happening.

01:26:15   We are, because we gotta, we gotta finalize this before Thanksgiving, right?

01:26:20   of the... gotta work with the company that makes the trophies and delays, blah blah blah.

01:26:26   So yeah, it's select season again, and that's exciting.

01:26:30   And lastly, that's why I was excited, lastly, I am thinking about what else I can do as

01:26:37   one final big story before the end of the year for iPadOS 16.

01:26:44   Because as you may remember, we left things with Stage Manager, but we didn't talk...

01:26:49   I'm using the Royal Wii, Wii being me, didn't talk about the rest of IPATO at 16, right?

01:26:56   So I kinda wanna do something there before the end of the year.

01:27:02   Thank you for letting me share about my life.

01:27:05   You're welcome.

01:27:06   I'm very excited for Apple Frames 3.1.

01:27:08   Very excited.

01:27:09   Oh yeah, it's gonna be, if you're into, you know, it's, I basically made Apple Frames

01:27:14   scriptable, which is neat.

01:27:18   I made... you can now make shortcuts for this shortcut which will make more sense

01:27:23   Your dog. Well will make more sense.

01:27:27   You can find my writing at 512pixels.net and also host Mac power users here on

01:27:37   Relay FM. Like I said the episode coming Sunday is about notes and reminders.

01:27:41   Really happy with how that came out so if you're exploring those apps go check

01:27:46   out that episode when it comes out. I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, they are

01:27:50   Trade, Coffee, Bombas, and Fitbod. And until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:27:55   Arrivederci.

01:27:56   I'm going on vacation now. I'll see you later. Bye.