419: Federico Got So Upset He Quit The Show


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:05   From Real AFM, this is Connected, episode 419.

00:00:09   This show is brought to you by Indeed, Bombas, and Fitbud.

00:00:13   My name is Myke Hurley and I had the pleasure of introducing Federico Petici.

00:00:17   Hi Federico.

00:00:18   Hello Myke, how are you?

00:00:19   I'm good.

00:00:20   It is also my pleasure to introduce...

00:00:23   No one else.

00:00:25   Steven is not here.

00:00:26   Someone's on vacation.

00:00:28   Steven is on a mission.

00:00:29   Oh.

00:00:30   A mission to relax.

00:00:31   [laughs]

00:00:33   Would that be relaxing? I don't think I would find that very relaxing.

00:00:37   Would someone put me on a mission to relax?

00:00:41   Well, sometimes you get a force.

00:00:43   So, like, though...

00:00:45   I'm not kidding.

00:00:47   There were times in previous summers when Silvia was like, "Look, you need to relax."

00:00:52   Like, when I was working on the iOS review, it was like,

00:00:55   "Now you are going to relax."

00:00:57   and like being sort of, you know, forced relaxation,

00:01:02   because sometimes if you tend to be like a workaholic,

00:01:05   like I tend to be, which is an unfortunate side of my,

00:01:08   of myself that I dislike more and more as time goes on,

00:01:13   but it was actually helpful to have someone tell you,

00:01:16   "Look, no, you're gonna relax now, and I don't care."

00:01:20   And so it does work in the right context, I think,

00:01:24   but not for everybody.

00:01:25   - Not for everybody.

00:01:27   mm-hmm I was 16.1 continues on the weekly beta cycle okay so we're jumping

00:01:34   straight into follow-up which oh yeah follow-up yes okay yeah this is how I

00:01:41   run the show you know yes we're back to like military style just okay topic to

00:01:47   topic you know okay okay I like it how anything that is good for you in this

00:01:54   Are you excited about it in any way or what?

00:01:58   No change, I would say.

00:02:03   And that's like, this is not a case of no change is good.

00:02:08   No. No change, bad news.

00:02:11   Because I was hoping to see some changes.

00:02:13   I don't think, as long as iPadOS, which is now at beta 12, I believe,

00:02:22   "iPadOS 16.1, now with beta either 11 or 12."

00:02:28   Oh, if you add up the two.

00:02:30   It actually says that when you update on iPadOS.

00:02:33   I think it says the number.

00:02:35   I'm pretty sure it's 11, maybe?

00:02:38   Anyway, there are no changes from last week.

00:02:43   All the bugs we talked about in terms of...

00:02:49   Remember when I said, "If I want to use my Magic Keyboard,

00:02:52   I need to disable two settings for it.

00:02:57   That still happens.

00:02:59   So I updated to the latest beta yesterday,

00:03:03   and out of curiosity, I went back to the default keyboard,

00:03:07   meaning the keyboard with QuickType,

00:03:10   a QuickType autocorrect predictions enabled.

00:03:14   And of course, as soon as I re-enabled those

00:03:19   in the latest version of iPadOS 16.1 with Stage Manager,

00:03:23   when I opened a new window in Spring or in Mail,

00:03:28   or even when I tried to reply to a text

00:03:31   in the Messages app, it just wouldn't type.

00:03:35   It wouldn't type, and it wouldn't let me use

00:03:37   keyboard shortcuts by holding down the Command key.

00:03:41   It was totally unresponsive.

00:03:44   And if I disabled, once again,

00:03:46   quick type predictive suggestions,

00:03:49   and shortcuts from keyboard settings,

00:03:53   it started working again.

00:03:55   Which makes me wonder, how can you ship something,

00:03:58   like okay, let's play this out, okay?

00:04:02   So let's say they don't fix this, right?

00:04:04   Well, they're gonna release iPadOS 16

00:04:09   in about a week or so.

00:04:11   Millions of people are gonna update.

00:04:15   They'll be like, "Oh, Stage Manager, what's Stage Manager?"

00:04:18   They're gonna enable that.

00:04:20   They open messages because they wanna reply to a text

00:04:22   or they wanna compose an email, whatever.

00:04:27   They have an iPad Pro, they have a Magic Keyboard

00:04:30   because that's the accessory that Apple sells you,

00:04:32   and the keyboard is not gonna work.

00:04:35   How's that for a first experience with Stage Manager?

00:04:38   I mean, I've reached the point where I'm just

00:04:42   looking at this in disbelief.

00:04:45   Like, I don't even know what to think anymore, honestly.

00:04:47   I don't know, like, I have asked myself, like,

00:04:50   am I losing my mind here?

00:04:51   Like, is it just me?

00:04:53   But, and I know that it's not just me,

00:04:55   because I see other people complaining

00:04:57   about the same things.

00:04:58   So, keyboard doesn't work,

00:05:00   unless you disable a bunch of settings.

00:05:02   The other stuff that I mentioned,

00:05:06   like sometimes one of your windows gets taken

00:05:09   from one workspace and thrown into another.

00:05:12   That still happens in the latest beta, and I think it has actually increased for me.

00:05:18   Like sometimes, and this is so hard to describe on a podcast, but I will try, sometimes let's say

00:05:24   that I'm in workspace number one. There's Mail and Safari and Shortcuts, and there's workspace number

00:05:31   two. There's Notes and Reminders. Sometimes when I'm in workspace number one and I am using Safari,

00:05:40   I hit Command-Tab. Sometimes what happens is that Safari gets taken out of Workspace 1

00:05:47   and put into Workspace 2. But only sometimes. Other times it takes two windows from one Workspace

00:05:58   and puts them in another. Like it totally feels like, "What? These windows are attached to a

00:06:05   string and you're just stringing them along like randomly? I don't understand.

00:06:10   So you're in a space and you press command tab and then it takes you to

00:06:14   another space but some windows come with you? Yes. Maybe they just like you the

00:06:19   most you know like that's how you know the windows that love you. No don't leave us! Take us with you!

00:06:28   But these windows have separation anxiety. Don't leave us with shortcuts that so bug you.

00:06:35   I don't, I don't, I know that we've been banging this drum for like two months and I am, I

00:06:43   have no doubt that there is a portion of our listenership that is like please stop, like

00:06:48   I don't want to hear about this anymore.

00:06:49   Yeah I get it.

00:06:50   I get it, but like I just don't understand how it, I can understand how software can

00:07:01   get into this kind of state. Like of course it's being developed right? But you've got

00:07:08   a, I mean but there is a concern when, we're going to talk about this later on in the show,

00:07:13   the expectation is it is but weeks away and again like there being bugs now, of course

00:07:19   they can be fixed in time, but when there are some bugs that have existed for multiple

00:07:24   weeks, it feels concerning.

00:07:29   And like it makes you wonder, like, let's go like very practical here.

00:07:36   Does Craig Federighi use this?

00:07:39   Like in his daily work, does he use it?

00:07:43   Like I don't understand because I feel like am I losing my mind here that I find it, you

00:07:48   know, annoying if the Magic Keyboard doesn't work?

00:07:51   Is it just me?

00:07:53   Like I don't get it.

00:07:54   I think that there is definitely a sliding scale here because I have 16.1 on my iPad

00:08:01   Air and I use my iPad Air very infrequently but I use it.

00:08:06   I don't have any of these bugs because I'm not using it like you are and that is not

00:08:11   to say that they're not there, right?

00:08:13   But I think that there could be a concern that it is not being used wide enough, yes.

00:08:19   Because I would never know that these problems existed because I never attach my 11-inch

00:08:24   iPad Air to a Magic Keyboard because I just don't use it that way, right?

00:08:28   See that's the thing, I honestly, because I also have the same setup. Again, out of

00:08:33   curiosity I was planning to keep my iPad Air on 15, but out of desperation I guess, not

00:08:39   curiosity, desperation was like, you know, let me try Stage Manager on this as well without

00:08:45   a Magic Keyboard. And I'll tell you, without a Magic Keyboard it's so much better on the

00:08:50   the iPad Air. But then I switch to the iPad Pro, you know, the flagship device with the

00:08:55   accessory... I'm not even using a third-party accessory, in which case you may have the

00:09:01   argument of "Oh, but you're using a weird access..." No, I'm using the Apple One, right?

00:09:09   And you would expect that this is the "ideal setup" that I have, right? Fancy iPad Pro,

00:09:16   a magic keyboard, and it's so much worse.

00:09:20   Like, I think it's so sadly ironic...

00:09:23   Because it does seem like a lot of the issues that you are having are like

00:09:27   external keyboard related.

00:09:30   Oh, yeah. Big time.

00:09:31   And it's so sadly ironic that

00:09:36   I see the majority of issues on the best device that Apple

00:09:43   makes using their own arguably expensive accessory with it.

00:09:49   And I mean, it's got the track--

00:09:51   like, I'm not using a third-party trackpad.

00:09:53   I'm not using a third-party keyboard.

00:09:55   This is a Magic keyboard.

00:09:57   But how come-- and again, it goes back to the question,

00:10:01   is anybody using this for actual work?

00:10:05   I'm not talking about 20-minute sprint sessions to be like,

00:10:09   oh, let me check my inbox and reply

00:10:11   to my other fellow executives in the morning.

00:10:14   You know, like, I mean, actually sit down with the thing for two hours, three hours.

00:10:18   Get real work done.

00:10:19   How come are we still here?

00:10:23   In this predicament? I don't know.

00:10:26   I installed 16.1 on my iPhone.

00:10:29   Oh, it's so much better there, right? I mean, the iPhone is fine, I think.

00:10:34   There was an app that I'm on, Debater, I've got live activity support, and I wanted to try it out.

00:10:40   and it's really nice. I'm really intrigued to see how widely adopted live activities

00:10:47   are going to be. I think especially with the Dynamic Island phone and the always on display,

00:10:54   it's actually a really cool feature because when I'm using the phone I can just see it

00:10:59   doing its thing in the Dynamic Island and when the phone is locked, well it just stays

00:11:04   there on the always on display. I feel like live activities really is the bridging part

00:11:11   of the 14 line especially because it bridges these two pieces of technology, actual physical

00:11:17   hardware that they put in the thing, but this still needs to happen and we need to see it

00:11:24   really heavily adopted. And I could imagine a situation where it actually does help that

00:11:29   you did all the work for 16, you got that out of the door, and now you have developers

00:11:34   like another month to do your live activity stuff and like it may actually

00:11:37   I wouldn't be surprised if it helps it would have helped a lot of developers

00:11:41   and development teams find the time to fully integrate this thing and I really

00:11:47   hope that they do because I think it could be really like a big change of use

00:11:55   for a lot of users like less notifications in general because the

00:12:01   phone is just like doing a thing in the background of some UI so I'm really

00:12:05   excited about it and I hope it's adopted at wide. And I actually think of all

00:12:10   the kinds of features that Apple does introduce, a big new notification type, I

00:12:16   wouldn't be surprised to see it adopted by a lot of large companies pretty

00:12:20   quickly. I'm really keen to try all of this especially with the with

00:12:29   like the time-ary live activity for running timers in the dynamic

00:12:35   calendar on the lock screen. I think that's going to be huge for me. But I'm

00:12:38   also, like, one of the first things I will try, it's not a live

00:12:43   activity but the topic of the iPhone 14 Pro, I think I'm gonna use custom icons

00:12:49   on my home screen again because of shortcuts and how the

00:12:55   confirmation banner, if you use a custom icon for an app,

00:12:59   it doesn't get in the way as much on the 14 Pro.

00:13:02   It just, you see the dynamic calendar expand,

00:13:05   and it doesn't block interactions with the screen.

00:13:08   So I think I'm gonna go all in on custom icons again.

00:13:11   It's like, I cannot wait to get rid of that ugly Safari icon

00:13:14   that I can't believe it's been, what,

00:13:17   nine years that we had to endure that Safari icon?

00:13:22   Nine years with that icon.

00:13:24   Can you believe it?

00:13:25   I don't think about it.

00:13:27   You don't?

00:13:28   No.

00:13:29   Just look at it.

00:13:30   Then you're gonna think about it.

00:13:32   I mean, you have used Safari on your iPhone now, right?

00:13:35   You don't use Chrome.

00:13:36   Yeah, I mean, look at it.

00:13:38   I mean, honestly, like,

00:13:40   it's fine because we're getting used to it,

00:13:41   but like, is it a good icon?

00:13:43   Like, I've always, like, it's so bad.

00:13:45   I mean, I love Safari, but the icon, man, it's so bad.

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00:15:27   So I'm still using Spark. Okay. And uh, I've been given it. How's it going? I mean, I'm

00:15:39   trying, I'm going, you know, I'm doing it. I'm doing the thing, right? And some of the

00:15:43   features. What's the thing? What is the thing? Like the thing, like the whole thing. Are

00:15:47   Are you finding focus? What are you doing?

00:15:49   I mean they got a thing now, right?

00:15:51   They've got their whole thing and I'm doing it

00:15:53   and I'm like giving into it in a way

00:15:56   like one of the features I like

00:15:58   I like their ability to block a sender

00:16:00   like that's just part of the thing

00:16:02   and it's like gives me the ability to screen

00:16:04   some emails, like that's cool

00:16:06   there are still features that are annoying me

00:16:08   like if I get a notification

00:16:10   and that notification is for an email

00:16:12   that should be classed in newsletter or whatever

00:16:14   if I mark it as "done"

00:16:16   from the notification, it doesn't actually do anything inside of the application, like it's still there.

00:16:20   Now I can see that that's a bug, right? But like it's still annoying me, but I can still see that it's a bug.

00:16:26   And like so I'm trying to like do what the app wants me to do now.

00:16:31   You know like I turned off SameBox as I mentioned and it's doing what you know I'm going in on their whole system.

00:16:38   I do prefer the SameLater folder so like I just never have to see a bunch of that stuff in my inbox.

00:16:44   Similarly, having the newsletters and notifications, when I was using SaneBox they were off on

00:16:49   the sidebar and I would get them when I would want to.

00:16:52   But with this system, they're still showing up in the inbox, right?

00:16:56   They're just collapsed but they're still in the inbox.

00:16:59   Which is really interesting to me, their whole thing is like "Oh we want to focus your inbox"

00:17:04   but they still put the stuff in the inbox so it doesn't feel very focused.

00:17:07   It's just like some things are a bit smaller.

00:17:12   do appear to have a roadmap. They published this roadmap. They also sent out an email

00:17:17   to customers today kind of like talking a little bit about this. It feels like a bit

00:17:24   of damage control kind of stuff, but I'm happy that they're doing it. And there's a few features

00:17:29   that I can't believe are missing that they're saying going to be put in soon, like a dark

00:17:34   mode and a column view and the ability to, um, you can't have multiple windows, which

00:17:41   I don't think I mentioned last week, I didn't realize it, but you can't open an email in

00:17:46   a window, it's just all in the one window.

00:17:48   So they're going to add that.

00:17:51   Printing, you can't print, this is something I discovered since last week.

00:17:56   And you may say "Myke, why do you print?"

00:17:58   Well I use print2pdf a lot for invoices, you can't do that at all in Spark 3 on the Mac.

00:18:06   And they've got this like, they put this roadmap out there,

00:18:10   which I appreciate, but like, I will once again,

00:18:12   ask the question, why did they do it now?

00:18:16   Like there's some of their stuff, their roadmap is saying,

00:18:19   like, oh, like within the next few weeks,

00:18:21   or in the next month or whatever, we're gonna have this,

00:18:23   we're gonna have that.

00:18:25   It's like, well, if in one month time,

00:18:26   you're gonna have this feature, that feature, that feature,

00:18:28   why did you launch it now?

00:18:30   So I'm still kind of just doing it because like,

00:18:34   as I mentioned, like their whole process,

00:18:36   the shared inbox and shared like messaging

00:18:39   and conversation process that they have

00:18:42   is really imperative for the way that I deal

00:18:44   with a lot of email,

00:18:46   that I'm trying my best to go all in on their system.

00:18:49   However, a few listeners reached out and said to me

00:18:52   that I should try Missive.

00:18:54   It's like a number of these applications.

00:18:56   - Oh, this looks really nice.

00:18:58   - I have yet to try it.

00:19:00   I'm going to try it.

00:19:01   I don't wanna just jump into this kind of thing.

00:19:03   So like all of this email is,

00:19:05   I share all this stuff with just one person.

00:19:07   It's Kerry, our VP of Sales at Relay FM.

00:19:11   This is the person that I share email with

00:19:14   and we communicate like in line in emails.

00:19:17   She might be sending an email backwards and forwards.

00:19:20   She shares it with me, says like,

00:19:21   "What do you think of this?"

00:19:22   And like asks me a few questions.

00:19:24   I answer those questions in line in the email

00:19:27   that goes away and like I do the same with her.

00:19:29   Like I'll say this thing,

00:19:30   but like, "What do you think about this?"

00:19:31   You know, that kind of stuff.

00:19:32   Missive does all of that

00:19:34   and also looks a little more traditional as an email app,

00:19:38   but Missive seems to lean into like, this is a sales tool.

00:19:43   - Yeah. - Right?

00:19:45   But like that is what I'm using it for,

00:19:47   but I like to use just one email app.

00:19:50   So like, I don't know what this is gonna be like

00:19:52   with all of my personal email as well, right?

00:19:54   So I'll say, I'm planning to try this,

00:19:58   but my point is I need to talk to Kerry about it,

00:20:01   like to see if she's willing to try this

00:20:03   'cause if she's not willing to try it

00:20:04   then I kind of can't do anything.

00:20:06   However, she is not updated to Spark 3 yet

00:20:09   because she's terrified now after my upset about it.

00:20:12   So maybe we'll try it, maybe we won't, I don't know.

00:20:16   But like, it ain't great in Spark land is what I'll say.

00:20:21   But they do at least seem focused on trying to change so.

00:20:26   - We have some real time follow, what's it called?

00:20:29   Follow, depends what--

00:20:30   Anyways, it's a real-time feedback from one true John saying, he texted me, "LOL listening to you guys and I tried to get you to use missive a year ago."

00:20:43   I remember John recommended missive.

00:20:45   I didn't listen. John was right all along.

00:20:48   Well, I think at the time Spark was doing everything we needed and maybe missive was a little bit like, "Oh, I don't know, it seems a bit salesy or whatever."

00:20:57   Yeah, it does have that sort of vibe like, yeah, sales tools, CRM.

00:21:03   But like that is what I need though. Like that is what I'm using it for. So I don't know.

00:21:08   I'm maybe gonna try it out. But that's just something that like if you're in the same

00:21:14   boat as me, this is one to try. If you're not using any of the team sharing features

00:21:19   and you're using Spark, I mean there's like a million email apps you can move to instead.

00:21:25   OK. Well, keep us posted on this journey.

00:21:29   I'll tell you if you try Mysiv.

00:21:31   I'm really curious about this because it does look very nice and more native and less

00:21:36   aspirational than Spark.

00:21:39   That's a whole vibe killer for me, by the way.

00:21:42   I need just a practical, realistic email.

00:21:44   I don't need an ideological email app.

00:21:46   It's sort of related.

00:21:49   I have a similar problem with text editors.

00:21:53   There used to be, at some point a couple of years ago,

00:21:55   I think that trend has since very much slowed down,

00:22:00   thankfully.

00:22:01   But there used to be this thing with these text editors that

00:22:05   were trying to--

00:22:07   the same things, like find your focus, no distractions.

00:22:12   And they were-- we used to have this expression.

00:22:15   They were very opinionated.

00:22:18   And the thing is, with time, I've

00:22:19   come to understand that I don't need my software

00:22:22   to have opinions, I have the opinions,

00:22:24   the software should listen to me,

00:22:26   it's not the other way around, you know?

00:22:27   - Mm.

00:22:29   - Yeah, I mean, I'm using a tool,

00:22:31   like I don't need you to lecture me,

00:22:33   I don't need you to have your own thoughts,

00:22:35   I don't need you to have your own opinions,

00:22:37   I am using you because you are the instrument,

00:22:40   I am the operator, you know?

00:22:42   (laughing)

00:22:44   - Okay.

00:22:45   - But I used to have this similar problem.

00:22:47   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:22:47   - I saw this bunch of text editors a few years back,

00:22:50   like, "Ooh, find your foot."

00:22:52   Like, some of them were playing, like, relaxing music

00:22:55   as you typed.

00:22:55   I mean, come on.

00:22:57   This is, if I wanted to relax, I would have booked a massage,

00:23:00   not open a text editor, you know?

00:23:02   So, yeah, I get you, Myke.

00:23:05   I understand you.

00:23:06   - My email app doesn't need to have a vibe,

00:23:08   neither does my text editor, right?

00:23:09   No vibes. - No.

00:23:10   - No vibes here, please. - No.

00:23:12   No vibes, just, you know, just the good stuff,

00:23:15   just what I need.

00:23:16   - Talking about vibes, Brent wrote in to the show

00:23:18   and asked, "I'm looking to buy a portable DAC to use with my M1 MacBook Pro. What would

00:23:24   you suggest?"

00:23:25   Ah, okay. So, well, this is a complicated question because obviously we don't know anything

00:23:32   about Brent.

00:23:33   Well, we know something about Brent. I think we know something pretty key about Brent.

00:23:38   Brent is the kind of person that thinks that they need a portable DAC for their MacBook.

00:23:42   Right? I think that's a pretty, like, that's a big piece of information right there is

00:23:47   what I'm going to say.

00:23:48   Brent is right because the built-in DAC on the MacBook Pro, I mean it does the job but the moment you try to connect any

00:23:56   headphone that wants to draw a

00:24:00   moderate amount of power that's not gonna work. So Brent you are making the right decision now, obviously

00:24:06   I don't know what kind of setup Brent has, what kind of equipment, whether they are new to audio

00:24:12   or not, like I don't know anything, but I will tell you this

00:24:17   Personally, I like to use a DAC that doubles as a portable one, but can also be used very

00:24:24   consistently as a desktop one.

00:24:27   It looks like a battery pack.

00:24:29   It's called the XDuo.

00:24:31   That's X-D-U-O-O.

00:24:34   The XDuo, it's the name of the brand, and the model is the XD05 Balanced.

00:24:43   It's called "balance" or sometimes you may find it abbreviated as "XDO5 VAL" because

00:24:51   it comes with a balanced connector for 4.4mm headphone jacks.

00:24:58   I really like this one because it's very compact, very dense, very high quality.

00:25:03   It's got twisting the knobs on this thing feels very good.

00:25:07   It's got switches for boosting your volume level, for boosting your gain.

00:25:13   It's got a mini OLED display that tells you your inputs, your sampling rates, where the

00:25:20   audio is coming from, where it's going.

00:25:24   And I really like this one because it's got two separate USB-C ports for charging and

00:25:30   connecting via USB.

00:25:33   And I believe it also comes with Bluetooth, but Brent, if you're the type of person who's

00:25:37   who's asking this question, you probably are not interested in Bluetooth. So this one,

00:25:44   I think it's a very good, very good entry-level hybrid DAC that you can use on the go, or

00:25:51   you can place it on your desk, connect to USB-C cable, and connect it to your MacBook

00:25:56   Pro. And I think it's going to do the job. But, but, I would also say Google, just use

00:26:02   Google for best DAC for MacBook Pro M1, maybe also search Reddit. I have never tried them myself,

00:26:13   but I've seen a ton of people recommend one of the AudioQuest Dragonfly USB DACs, one of the

00:26:20   Chord ones, like the Chord Hugo and the Hugo 2, I believe. They used to be highly recommended for

00:26:28   multiple years. The iFi, that's literally I-F-I, one of the iFi USB DACs. So this is the one I use,

00:26:38   but there's a whole world of USB DACs, whether they are portable, desktop, or a hybrid of the two.

00:26:46   So just do some research. This is the one I do, but also do some research because you know what's

00:26:53   best for you and your setup and your budget.

00:26:58   Dax.

00:27:01   Which are different from ducks.

00:27:04   Really cute animals.

00:27:05   But sound similar?

00:27:08   They're not.

00:27:09   New iPads.

00:27:11   May be coming?

00:27:12   Mark Gurman is reporting that the previously mentioned in this episode, Iowa 16.1, is slated

00:27:19   for an October release, namely the end of October. This could suggest that if there

00:27:30   is any iPad hardware it would likely debut earlier that week. 9to5Mac says that Apple

00:27:36   has previously announced new products pretty reliably during their October earnings week,

00:27:42   which is the week of the 24th as well.

00:27:46   So the 27th of October is Apple's earnings call

00:27:51   and historically in October when Apple has had new hardware

00:27:55   they have released it in that week.

00:27:57   Means we could find out about it next week

00:28:00   or we could find out about it the week after that

00:28:03   depending on how Apple is going to schedule briefings

00:28:08   or an event or a video or just a bunch of press releases

00:28:12   and or when it appears in the store.

00:28:14   But we have a kind of range of the next two weeks, I guess,

00:28:19   for anything to appear.

00:28:21   I wanted to know kind of what are the expectations

00:28:27   for iPad hardware?

00:28:29   - What are they?

00:28:32   Okay, so let's see.

00:28:36   The first one I think it's kind of obvious, the 11 inch iPad Pro doesn't have the fancy display tech from the 12.9

00:28:44   which used to be one of the, if not the complaint from the update last year

00:28:49   that we got the Liquid Retina XDR display on the big one, but not on the small one.

00:28:54   - Mini LED, right? - The mini LED, yes.

00:28:56   And I do believe that if that 11 inch iPad Pro gets Mini LED, it becomes a very, very

00:29:07   compelling package because of the display scaling feature in iPad OS 16.

00:29:14   Having tried display scaling on the iPad Air, which is about the same size, it makes multitasking

00:29:22   on a small iPad Pro so much better.

00:29:26   Because there's another, the counter argument there, it's only nice because it kind of sucks

00:29:34   on the big iPad Pro, where on the big iPad Pro you're still limited to four.

00:29:39   So if the new iPad, I guess the question would be, if they do a new, I mean they're doing

00:29:47   new iPad Pros. But what if they do four apps on the 11-inch and six apps on the 12.9 because

00:29:57   it comes with a bigger screen? Then I would say, "Mm, think about it."

00:30:02   So you think that this new hardware, they might actually do more with Stage Manager?

00:30:07   I'm thinking about it, because on the one hand it would explain all this weirdness so

00:30:13   late in the game, right, with Stage Manager. There are some precedents in Apple history

00:30:22   of software being so broken on older hardware, and then the new devices come out and it's

00:30:31   so much more stable on the new one, and you're like, "Huh, I see what they're doing here,

00:30:35   I see in where, why there were certain bugs.

00:30:39   Now, I'm thinking out loud here,

00:30:44   but it's funny to imagine a scenario

00:30:47   in which on the big iPad Pro,

00:30:49   because of the physical size,

00:30:51   you can do six apps on the M2,

00:30:54   and on the small one, you can only do four.

00:30:58   Counterargument to that,

00:30:59   imagine the people who get the 11 inch would be so upset

00:31:03   that not because of a technical limitation, but because of display size, they cannot use

00:31:09   six apps at the same time. So, I don't know. But I do believe that the 11", if it gets mini-LED,

00:31:18   then it's a very compelling product. Because it's compact, it's a lot more usable in a portable

00:31:25   scenario than the 12.9, it comes with display scaling, supports the Magic Keyboard, and it's

00:31:32   kind of the ideal size you know for an iPad. Yeah the 11 inch iPad Pro is the best iPad

00:31:37   like yeah I think generally but it has been held back by not having the best

00:31:43   screen technology. Yeah M2 I mean that's kind of a given right they're doing the

00:31:50   M2 on these new iPads why like what what does it mean for us? Nothing. Well

00:31:59   - Well, nothing, right?

00:32:00   - Most likely, right?

00:32:01   - Most likely. - Considering the M1

00:32:02   doesn't mean anything.

00:32:04   But as soon as we got something

00:32:05   where the M1 meant something,

00:32:07   they went back on it, so.

00:32:09   - So now, because they were able to put Stage Manager,

00:32:13   sort of, how do they call it, single screen?

00:32:15   The single screen Stage Manager experience

00:32:18   on the older iPads,

00:32:19   well, now we know that the M1 was not necessary for that.

00:32:22   - The M1 is for the external displays, right?

00:32:24   - For the external display support, so.

00:32:27   Again, I could see another scenario in which M2 lets you do six or eight apps on an external

00:32:37   display and M1 lets you do four.

00:32:43   What else?

00:32:46   There was the rumor of the MagSafe connection, right?

00:32:50   But it was not the good MagSafe, it was the iPhone MagSafe.

00:32:54   So the rumor, according to Mark Gurman, and I believe Mark hasn't spoken about this in

00:32:58   a while.

00:33:01   But the rumor, according to Mark, was that Apple was considering wireless charging via

00:33:06   MagSafe on the back of the new iPad Pros.

00:33:10   A bunch of problems with that theory.

00:33:14   First one, why?

00:33:15   Like does it make any sense to charge an iPad Pro like that?

00:33:22   I mean, sure, it would free up the USB-C port if you are at a desk and you want to fast charge.

00:33:32   You're gonna just stick a MagSafe Puck to the back of the Magic Keyboard, I suppose,

00:33:38   and use the USB-C one for external display, which I mean, okay, that's one theory.

00:33:46   I assume it'll have to work with the Magic Keyboard, right?

00:33:51   But that shouldn't be a problem because we have MagSafe cases on the iPhone that work through, you know,

00:33:56   they have a pass-through for power and magnets, obviously.

00:34:01   But really, I was hoping that Apple would do the good MagSafe, like the Mac-style MagSafe.

00:34:08   I think if they're going to do MagSafe, it's that.

00:34:10   I don't think it's going to be the, like, part-style.

00:34:13   It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense.

00:34:16   It really doesn't.

00:34:17   - Yeah, I don't see that happening, personally.

00:34:21   - Perhaps more RAM, right?

00:34:25   We have, how much do we have, 16?

00:34:30   32, we have 32 gigs on the iPad Pro right now.

00:34:32   So maybe they're not gonna do 64.

00:34:36   That seems a bit too much.

00:34:39   But honestly, I think if Apple is doing anything

00:34:43   that may surprise us in terms of hardware.

00:34:47   Mini LED on the small one.

00:34:50   And then I think we gotta turn our attention to accessories.

00:34:54   - Yeah, accessories, yeah, yeah.

00:34:56   - Because I feel like it's been a couple of years,

00:34:59   it's been four years since an Apple Pencil redesign.

00:35:03   And it's been two years since the Magic Keyboard came out,

00:35:07   because that was a pandemic product

00:35:09   from the first lockdowns.

00:35:12   And I kinda wanna see it, it's actually more than two years

00:35:16   and I kinda wanna see Apple try something new.

00:35:18   I think Microsoft just showed off that they're doing

00:35:21   some pretty new and interesting things

00:35:22   in terms of keyboards and cases.

00:35:25   I mean, you know me, I'm gonna say that, kickstands.

00:35:27   I wanna see a magic keyboard that has more viewing angles,

00:35:33   that has a bigger trackpad, that has a function row.

00:35:36   Like I wanna see Apple try something else.

00:35:38   - Yeah, I don't wanna see them do anything

00:35:42   with the Apple Pencil except add a button to it.

00:35:44   I think they've kind of hit the perfect,

00:35:47   like this is how this thing should look, work,

00:35:50   charging on the side, like it's perfect.

00:35:53   I would like a function button rather than the tapping thing.

00:35:56   I don't think that's where it worked out very well.

00:35:59   But yeah, I would love to see them at some point

00:36:03   have another crack at the Magic Keyboard.

00:36:05   Like how can you make it better, right?

00:36:08   Like you just mentioned the key waves, right?

00:36:11   Function row would be fantastic.

00:36:13   Is it possible to put a lot of track pad on it?

00:36:17   I don't know, but it would be nice

00:36:19   if you could find a way to make it work.

00:36:21   And right, yeah, taking the cantilever approach

00:36:26   and pushing it further, can you?

00:36:28   I don't know, but I wouldn't have imagined

00:36:31   they would have been able to make it work

00:36:32   the way they made it work.

00:36:33   So I'm willing to be surprised.

00:36:40   Yeah, if they want to fit a bigger trackpad and a functional, they probably need to redesign the whole thing.

00:36:48   Unless you add another folding element, I guess, to the back of the Magic Keyboard.

00:36:54   In which case you would have more flexibility in terms of the size of the base of the keyboard and the viewing angles.

00:37:04   I don't know.

00:37:06   I think I would love to see Apple try something else.

00:37:10   Magic Keyboard is fine.

00:37:12   It's not a, it's not an,

00:37:15   like it's not my ideal keyboard.

00:37:21   It gets the job done, given the constraints,

00:37:24   but what if Apple got rid of the constraints?

00:37:26   That's what I'm wondering.

00:37:28   And then I, honestly, like, I don't know what else I,

00:37:33   like, what else do I want from,

00:37:36   I feel like what I want from an iPad Pro is not what I'm gonna get with an update to this

00:37:42   existing iPad Pro, because what I want is a bigger iPad Pro.

00:37:46   What I want is an iPad Studio that makes Stage Manager make even more sense on the iPad's

00:37:53   display, that has multiple USB-C ports.

00:37:58   I wanna see Apple try that.

00:38:00   And what we're dealing with here instead is an update to the existing form factor.

00:38:06   It doesn't even sound like Apple is going to redesign these iPads.

00:38:10   So I mean, a second USB-C port would maybe be nice, but if you ask me, "What's the single

00:38:17   thing you would be so excited about in a new iPad Pro?"

00:38:22   I would say maybe even more apps in Stage Manager, but like, practically speaking, a

00:38:31   brand new Magic Keyboard.

00:38:34   And maybe, I guess one thing I would say is make it lighter, if you can.

00:38:41   That's not, that's always gonna help, especially with the big iPad.

00:38:47   Reduce the size of the bezels, perhaps.

00:38:50   Otherwise, I don't know.

00:38:53   Because what I want is a bigger iPad.

00:38:57   I kind of feel like in this current design, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is...

00:39:04   That's it. That's what it is. That's what it can do.

00:39:09   But hey, that's why I don't work at Apple's design team.

00:39:12   They can think about these brand new ideas. I cannot.

00:39:15   As a very simple one, I would like to see the camera move to the long edge.

00:39:19   Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yes. Good call. Good call.

00:39:24   Yeah, I wouldn't even say I want to have both touch ID and face ID because I think face ID is fine on the iPad

00:39:30   When I'm working on the iPad and it's on my desk the moment I open it, it unlocks. It's fine. Like I don't need that

00:39:38   Better speakers sure. Why not?

00:39:41   Longer lasting battery sure. Why not?

00:39:44   They're all the basics, right? But they're never yeah, not never. I don't imagine them changing the battery life

00:39:49   It's been that 10 hours forever, right?

00:39:52   Like since the original one,

00:39:53   they've just always aimed for that.

00:39:55   And that's a good, it's good.

00:39:56   Like iPad battery life is generally good,

00:39:59   but yeah, they go like listing the things now

00:40:02   where it's just like all of the stuff,

00:40:04   make all of the stuff better, right?

00:40:06   - Perhaps, perhaps if they do MagSafe,

00:40:09   it would be nice to see like the real good fast charging

00:40:13   on the iPad Pro, like the 96 watt fast charging,

00:40:17   like on the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

00:40:19   And that would be a benefit of going the Mac route rather than the iPhone route.

00:40:28   Yeah, exactly.

00:40:31   But yeah, I want to see what they do, especially in terms of accessories.

00:40:36   That would also explain, here's my other theory.

00:40:41   If they are doing new things in terms of trackpads and keyboards,

00:40:47   maybe it would also explain some of the weirdness

00:40:52   that we're seeing lately,

00:40:54   like what we were just discussing a few minutes ago.

00:40:57   -Yeah. -Right?

00:40:58   I can see that.

00:40:59   But I don't know, because I was talking about this stuff

00:41:03   with a friend of the show, Steve Tran Smith, of course,

00:41:07   And Steve suggested that this is maybe a bigger issue than just, you know, an accessory, because it does seem like iPadOS at the moment is all kinds of weird when it comes to actually registering system events like touches and drags and long presses.

00:41:28   That's what I want.

00:41:30   And I get it, and I get it, that if you think about it,

00:41:33   it's a very delicate balance

00:41:36   that you gotta strike there, right?

00:41:37   Because now you have all these different types

00:41:40   of clicks and touches that you can have.

00:41:44   You can click once on the multitasking menu

00:41:47   up in the title bar, quote unquote, title bar of a window,

00:41:53   or you can just click it outside of the menu,

00:41:56   or you can long press it,

00:41:58   or you can put the cursor on the edge to resize it.

00:42:01   Like, you have very little space to accommodate,

00:42:05   what, five different types of actions?

00:42:08   So look, I get it, that it's a very delicate balance

00:42:12   that you need to strike.

00:42:14   But I'm also looking at the calendar, and it's mid-October.

00:42:17   So, yeah, you know, how long does this delicate balance take

00:42:22   will be my question.

00:42:27   But regardless, new iPad Pros to sum up.

00:42:31   Better display on the small one would be super nice.

00:42:34   Real MagSafe on both models.

00:42:40   Hopefully that's what they do instead of iPhone style MagSafe

00:42:43   and the basics covered,

00:42:46   but then I wanna see new accessories.

00:42:49   That's how I would sum it up.

00:42:51   And stage manager, who knows?

00:42:53   Like something else that I was thinking about.

00:42:56   Imagine if they release these iPads, right?

00:43:00   And it turns out Stage Manager is super stable on these iPads.

00:43:05   Now, there are some underl-

00:43:09   Not some, there are many underlying design issues with Stage Manager

00:43:16   that are worth talking about, which I will.

00:43:19   But imagine if Stage Manager turns out to be the most stable it's ever been,

00:43:24   only on new hardware and on all the hardware it sucks.

00:43:29   That would be awkward, right?

00:43:33   I mean, or there's like...

00:43:35   It probably feels like, just like Blind Hope at this point.

00:43:41   There's like another version that they'll eventually merge in and it fixes everything

00:43:48   and the reason is because they were doing some new stuff.

00:43:51   But like that kind of thing at this stage, I feel like that just sounds like a desperate man's wish.

00:43:57   Yes, look, and I am a desperate man.

00:44:00   Yeah.

00:44:01   Yeah.

00:44:01   Wishing.

00:44:02   So, yeah, like I am, I am at that point of my extended summer, if you think about it.

00:44:13   A summer that lasts through October.

00:44:15   This is what they meant for climate change, by the way.

00:44:19   - Just longer beta release times.

00:44:22   - Yeah, this is exactly why they were warning us.

00:44:24   Yeah. - Didn't know that.

00:44:26   - Yeah, so we'll see.

00:44:27   Maybe we'll get an announcement of some kind.

00:44:32   I mean, they're not doing an event, I have to assume.

00:44:36   - Well, it seems like it.

00:44:38   We don't know the answer to that, but it seems like it.

00:44:41   - Seems like it.

00:44:42   There's been no movement on that front in terms of rumors.

00:44:45   only German speculating/thinking out loud that they're going to do press releases next

00:44:57   week or the week after that and we'll know. Otherwise I would expect these iPad Pros to

00:45:04   be a relatively minor spec bump.

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00:47:09   Federico, do you have AirPods Pro 2?

00:47:12   Yeah, I do.

00:47:13   Okay.

00:47:14   I do.

00:47:16   But I think you have more thoughts about them than me.

00:47:19   Yeah.

00:47:20   Because I haven't used them outside as much in terms of noise cancelling and whatever.

00:47:26   Okay.

00:47:28   Uh...

00:47:30   Why?

00:47:32   Ah, because I've just been so busy going, buying furniture and talking to people and

00:47:38   finishing things around the house. And when I'm not, I'm usually writing and in the writing

00:47:47   stage, I find it difficult to listen to music. And obviously I cannot listen to podcasts

00:47:54   when I'm writing. So, yeah.

00:47:56   I see you can't listen to music of words in it, right, if you're writing?

00:48:01   Nope. Sometimes video game soundtracks are good. Just instrumental things are good.

00:48:09   But yeah, I've been using them otherwise. I have a few thoughts as well.

00:48:17   Alright, well I use them a lot and I've been using these every day for the last week maybe.

00:48:24   I wanted to try out the extra small ear tips, like I was intrigued about those,

00:48:30   to see if they would be not necessarily more comfortable,

00:48:34   but I've spoken to us before,

00:48:35   that the left AirPod for me always falls out.

00:48:38   I don't know why this is.

00:48:38   I've always had that issue with in-ears.

00:48:40   The left will at some point just fall out

00:48:44   and I, or it will start to come loose

00:48:45   and I have to adjust it.

00:48:47   The extra small tips don't feel secure in my ears at all.

00:48:51   I wondered if it was maybe they were too big or too small.

00:48:53   But anyway, I'm sticking with the small.

00:48:56   I did find, and this might just be a thing

00:48:59   having used the same pair of AirPods for like two years that the ear tips feel grippier like they're

00:49:05   made from a grippier rubber. I don't know if that's the case. Similarly speaking of case the new AirPods

00:49:13   Pro case feels heavier to me. I didn't weigh them it feels heavier though. I do like the new case,

00:49:19   I like the audio sounds, I like the charging sound especially you know you put them on a Qi charger

00:49:24   and you know they're charging because it makes a little noise. I like that. I have noticed

00:49:29   that the AirPods case makes a noise sometimes when I put the AirPods in them. I haven't

00:49:34   worked out what that means. Maybe it means I need to charge it. I'm not sure. I've yet

00:49:40   to kind of work that one out. Never have I looked into it. I'll leave it a mystery. Also

00:49:45   the case, I like that it has the U1 thing like with the FireMai. I just like that it

00:49:50   has that I like that you can make it play a sound all around great improvements to the

00:49:54   case. They put that little lanyard thing there, you've seen that right Federica the little

00:49:58   thing you put the lanyard thing? I saw online that they're using that as an antenna, I think

00:50:04   that's why it's there. They needed a metal antenna and so they were like what can we

00:50:09   do here and they decided to put the lanyard thing in. Because I always thought that was

00:50:13   weird, it just seemed like a strange thing to add but I think the U1 chip uses that metal

00:50:20   area as an antenna. Interesting, that makes sense. Okay. I've noticed the audio

00:50:27   sounding immediately different even with podcasts sounds better it feels like the

00:50:31   bass is stronger like I noticed this on people with deeper voices like that

00:50:36   there's it just sounds better for that however I have noticed like with some

00:50:40   videos that I watch like I watch some video podcasts where they have a

00:50:44   tendency to bang the desk way more distracting because it's picking up

00:50:48   those frequencies more, which is just found as like a funny thing. I was like, "Oh, this is weird,"

00:50:52   but it doesn't. The noise canceling, much stronger. Now, it does not feel comfortable

00:51:02   for me to have noise canceling on with no audio playing. Like, it feels too strong.

00:51:09   If I'm listening to audio, not a problem at all. But if I like pause the audio and on noise

00:51:16   cancelling, I feel the noise cancelling in a way that doesn't feel particularly comfortable

00:51:20   for me.

00:51:23   The active transparency mode, I have yet to experience this in any way that I feel to

00:51:29   be what they're talking about.

00:51:32   Maybe I just haven't heard it yet, but I've been in some areas where I feel like this

00:51:35   is loud and nothing's changing.

00:51:38   I don't know if maybe I've just not experienced the right volumes for that, but I'm sure it's

00:51:45   but transparency mode is always great, still sounds fantastic, but I've just yet to come

00:51:50   into a scenario where I feel like it's dipping the audio at the right time. I haven't noticed that.

00:51:56   The volume adjustment is taking me some time to get used to.

00:52:00   Yeah, I cannot, I can never get it to work.

00:52:04   So I will tell you from my experience, maybe this is just a case of like, if you use them more,

00:52:09   because at first I couldn't do it and also I was having I was struggling to get the

00:52:16   gesture right for changing between noise cancelling and transparency. I think they've tweaked it

00:52:22   a little bit because I think now they're looking for multiple touches on that thing right so like

00:52:27   I think maybe the algorithm is like are they trying to adjust the audio or change

00:52:32   and it's not sure but over the last few days especially I'm noticing a much better success

00:52:39   with both of these and I think that's just a muscle memory thing so like I've now kind of

00:52:44   worked out the exact way in which I need to place my fingers to get the volume adjustment to work

00:52:49   and so now like now I'm on it I love it I love that I can change the volume now just using my

00:52:56   fingers one thing I've noticed doesn't do well with wet hands don't know why like but the

00:53:02   the noise cancelling, you can still do the change to noise cancelling, change to transparency

00:53:06   easy but if my hands are wet like I'm doing the washing up or whatever it doesn't do a

00:53:11   great job with the volume, maybe it's the swiping gets in the way, it's like a funny

00:53:15   thing but I do really like it, I really like that it's there.

00:53:22   Overall great update, I'm happy they made the update, I really wanted to update mine

00:53:26   because the battery was failing in my original AirPods.

00:53:32   Any of these little changes would have been enough for me, but I think overall it's a

00:53:36   great package of stuff.

00:53:38   I'm very happy with the AirPods Pro 2.

00:53:43   The sound quality, I could immediately tell that it was so much better than the first

00:53:47   generation ones.

00:53:48   Yeah, that's something that I've spoken about on this show a bunch, where I feel like I

00:53:52   I don't know how good I am at telling that stuff, but I could immediately tell that there

00:53:57   was a difference.

00:53:59   You mentioned that you like the audio chime that tells you when it's charging.

00:54:05   I hate it.

00:54:07   Is there a way to disable it?

00:54:08   Do you know?

00:54:09   I think there is, yes.

00:54:10   Okay, perfect.

00:54:11   Why do you not like it?

00:54:13   Because it bothers me when I place them on my nightstand at night and the sound may wake

00:54:19   Sylvia.

00:54:20   You don't want to make noise where you don't need to.

00:54:22   I don't like my things to make noises ever.

00:54:25   Just don't. Be quiet.

00:54:28   If you can tell, that's my relationship with objects.

00:54:32   I don't need you to have opinions, I need you to be quiet.

00:54:35   I'm using you the way I like you to.

00:54:37   Anyway.

00:54:39   Good, there's a setting. Thank you for telling me that.

00:54:42   I should go look for that.

00:54:44   And I guess I gotta get used to the gesture for swiping

00:54:48   for the volume control.

00:54:50   Because I can never get it to work

00:54:51   and I got frustrated after the third time.

00:54:54   I felt kind of silly just rubbing my ear like that.

00:54:57   I was like, whatever.

00:54:58   I'm just gonna change from control center.

00:55:01   I'm gonna try again.

00:55:03   I will say that I do kind of miss

00:55:11   the longer stem of AirPods.

00:55:15   - They're original.

00:55:16   - Yeah.

00:55:17   - That's a weird thing to be feeling now.

00:55:20   - Okay, yeah, it's a feeling that I've developed with time.

00:55:24   - Okay.

00:55:26   - And I think I miss it

00:55:27   because it made AirPods easier to grab.

00:55:30   I don't miss the design of the inner part

00:55:36   of like AirPods One and AirPods Two.

00:55:38   I like the way that the AirPods Pro fit my ears better,

00:55:44   but I miss the longer stem.

00:55:46   it was easier to grab, and especially now I can imagine with volume control it would've been so much easier.

00:55:53   I don't know, I feel like I'm always fumbling to grab my AirPods Pro in a way that I never was with the AirPods 1 and 2.

00:56:00   So, they're never gonna bring it back, but I just... I am now feeling that it was easier to use.

00:56:09   And, as a funny aside, Silvia is still using AirPods 2 and she doesn't want to update to the new ones with the new design.

00:56:18   And I don't know what to tell her.

00:56:20   What?

00:56:22   Oh, you remember?

00:56:24   Regular AirPods?

00:56:26   Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, there's nothing. She's just gonna have to use AirPods forever then, I guess.

00:56:32   Yeah.

00:56:33   You know what I mean? Like this...

00:56:35   They're not gonna...

00:56:36   Maybe they'll change the design again, maybe she'll like a new design more, you know?

00:56:40   Like, who knows? Maybe.

00:56:43   We can only hope, right, for her sake.

00:56:45   Yeah. Yeah.

00:56:48   Alright. I finally locked you in for an episode.

00:56:52   There's yet to be any disasters, any traumas.

00:56:57   Do you have any opinions on the Apple Watch Ultra?

00:57:00   Don't you do this to me. I will not accept this. All right. Do you think you're very

00:57:08   funny over there? Don't you think you're very funny? Haha. Everyone's laughing. You're such

00:57:17   a comedian. I thought about hanging up the zoom call. I'm sure you did. I'm sure you

00:57:23   - Look, yes, I do. I think the Apple Watch Ultra is a very good Apple Watch for a very

00:57:36   particular niche of people. I actually even think that it will look pretty good on my

00:57:44   wrist. I'll tell you that. I think I wouldn't mind it as an object, as an accessory to wear.

00:57:53   I just feel like personally it'd be kinda useless for me. Like if you came to me and

00:58:01   you'd be like "Techie, I'm a very good friend. I bought you an Apple Watch Ultra." I'd be

00:58:06   like "Oh my god, thank you so much. I'm gonna use it." Like as a gift, I would gladly accept

00:58:12   - Yep.

00:58:13   - But if you ask me, hey, how much does it cost?

00:58:16   800, 900?

00:58:17   - It's like 800. - How much is it?

00:58:18   - It's like 800. - Yeah.

00:58:20   Like would you spend that kind of money on an Apple Watch

00:58:22   that, you know, as like,

00:58:24   essentially for me, it would come down to,

00:58:28   would you spend-- - You've surely spent

00:58:29   that money on an Apple Watch before.

00:58:31   Like one of the steel ones or whatever?

00:58:34   - Exactly, and if you remember, last year--

00:58:38   - Yeah, I remember.

00:58:39   I had this realization that like,

00:58:42   I'm not gonna spend money on Apple watches again.

00:58:45   - Yeah, you went down to aluminum, right?

00:58:47   - I went down to the basic one, not even cellular anymore.

00:58:52   'Cause I'm not living that whole fantasy of,

00:58:55   oh, leave your iPhone, we're never gonna,

00:58:57   I'm never gonna leave my iPhone at home.

00:58:59   Let's face it.

00:59:00   - I'm sure I remember you said you used to do this,

00:59:03   that you would leave your iPhone at home

00:59:04   and go and take your dogs for a walk.

00:59:05   - Absolutely, years ago.

00:59:07   - Okay.

00:59:08   I tried it, I did it.

00:59:10   I was on a cellular plan for years.

00:59:13   But then it's one of those things where you have

00:59:18   these high expectations and you live in this fantasy

00:59:21   and like, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it.

00:59:24   And then over time you start doing it less,

00:59:26   but you were like, I'm still doing it.

00:59:29   And progressively so with less enthusiasm than before.

00:59:33   And then I just realized, you know,

00:59:34   I like having my iPhone with me.

00:59:38   If something happens and I wanna take a picture,

00:59:41   or I need to record a video,

00:59:43   or I wanna have a proper phone call

00:59:45   without looking like a secret agent, you know?

00:59:48   I like having my phone with me.

00:59:52   And so, yeah, I realized

00:59:56   buying the basic version of an Apple Watch

01:00:01   makes it easier to sell in the future.

01:00:04   that's something else that I realized with time.

01:00:06   It's impossible to sell expensive Apple Watches

01:00:10   on the used market.

01:00:11   Nobody wants one.

01:00:13   People just want a basic Apple Watch for sports striking

01:00:16   and heart rate. - Unless you had the ceramic.

01:00:17   I made a killing selling my ceramic.

01:00:19   - I'm sure.

01:00:21   But like the middle market for the steel Apple Watches,

01:00:25   like I don't know, nobody wants them.

01:00:26   Or at least my group of friends.

01:00:29   - Yeah.

01:00:30   - Maybe I have cheap friends, I don't know,

01:00:32   but they never wanted it.

01:00:35   So the Apple Watch Ultra.

01:00:38   I would spend double the money for a bigger screen

01:00:42   and the action button.

01:00:44   And how would I use the action button?

01:00:47   Running shortcuts on it.

01:00:48   - Don't shortcut on it baby.

01:00:50   - No, it's not even fun.

01:00:51   Running shortcuts on WatchOS, it's not fun.

01:00:54   - Not fun.

01:00:55   - Why would I do it?

01:00:56   So I am, look all jokes and funny positive jokes.

01:01:01   and funny podcast persona aside,

01:01:04   - Get out of here, Joe.

01:01:05   - I am fascinated by the Apple Watch Ultra.

01:01:07   I think it would actually look good on me.

01:01:10   - TGA would look great on you.

01:01:12   - But I don't need it.

01:01:15   If I had to spend, I would rather spend 2000 euros

01:01:19   on a 4090 GPU than 800 on an Apple Watch Ultra.

01:01:24   Because at least I know that I'm gonna use the 4090 a lot

01:01:31   for gaming.

01:01:33   Have you seen one?

01:01:35   Not in person. No.

01:01:39   Why you think I will suddenly fall in love?

01:01:42   I'm not saying you'll suddenly fall in love, I'm not saying that.

01:01:45   But, you know, there is a potential of it being an objective desire, right?

01:01:49   Like, you see it and you're like, "Ooh, you know what? That looks real nice."

01:01:53   You know what I mean? Like, I'm not saying you're gonna do that.

01:01:55   I know that's why, like, for me, what I have not seen one

01:01:59   is because I am convinced that that will happen to me.

01:02:03   That I will see one and be like, "Oh man, I really like the way that looks."

01:02:07   And I put it on and be like, "Oh, this looks real good on me."

01:02:10   And then I will buy one.

01:02:12   That's what I imagine will happen, which is why I have avoided Apple stores

01:02:16   and will continue to avoid Apple stores for the foreseeable future for this reason.

01:02:21   Because I don't want to do it.

01:02:24   So I'm not saying you will do this.

01:02:25   I'm just saying I could imagine there is a possibility, right?

01:02:28   'Cause sometimes it's just like it's a fashion thing.

01:02:30   You go, you see a thing you like,

01:02:32   you're like, "Ooh, that would look good on me."

01:02:34   And then you buy it, you know?

01:02:35   So I just wondered, I just wondered if you'd seen one.

01:02:39   - I haven't seen one.

01:02:41   Seems unlikely that I would go the impulse purchase route

01:02:45   with it, like, "Ooh, I like it, I'm gonna get it."

01:02:48   But I understand, I know that it will look good on me.

01:02:56   I know John did this the one through John yeah an Apple watch ultra now I

01:03:01   know it kept it as a secret voice for me yeah been following the tichy playbook in terms of

01:03:08   surprises and not telling me things anymore until you know it springs an army at

01:03:13   the very last moment you two have a very weird relationship you and OTJ you think

01:03:19   because you keep the secrets from each other all the time but it makes for good

01:03:23   entertainment. No I know I don't know why you do it but it's very fun it's very

01:03:26   funny it's like a as both a consumer of content that you produce and friends of

01:03:33   the both of you it results in like an especially in our small friend group

01:03:39   right which is like me you Steven and OTJ we talk all the time we have a group

01:03:45   chat right where like there is this staging of people finding out things

01:03:51   about each other so like the other day episode of max stories something came out one of the

01:03:58   expanded universe of products and might have been app stories actually and then steven

01:04:04   sent a text to the group and he's like oh ogj and i'm like oh what did he do so then i had to then go

01:04:12   you know to the podcast and like listen to the the segment and then find out that he bought an

01:04:17   Apple, this is a very strange relationship that we all have because of the surprises.

01:04:22   You gotta do it for the show man. I know you gotta do it for the show. We do a lot of things

01:04:27   for the show right? We are for the show people like for the content you're gonna do it for

01:04:31   the content but it does result in a like a strange mixture of these two things where

01:04:37   like friends and also content creators. It's very strange. Yes you touched on a very interesting

01:04:46   points on a very interesting point I think because I do this all the time I

01:04:50   can sometimes I keep things from you and Steven other times from John you know

01:04:55   John has started doing it so yeah I think it's from the outside I think it

01:05:01   looks and sounds extremely weird yeah now now it's infecting me because I've

01:05:07   been thinking about it I was like oh maybe I should just buy an Apple watch

01:05:10   ultra and just like talk about it in cortex and like none of them will know

01:05:14   you know what I mean? But like no! And I'm not gonna succumb to this to this Max

01:05:18   I don't work for Max stories. But it's fun, do it, give in to it. It's a fun way to live your life.

01:05:25   But I am not planning on the Apple Watch Ultra being that thing.

01:05:29   Keeping small secrets is a very healthy thing, like generally speaking.

01:05:34   I don't know about that. I don't know if I can necessarily sign on.

01:05:37   - It keeps the fire alive, it keeps it on your toes.

01:05:40   It's good to have little, you know, healthy,

01:05:45   non-dangerous, ethically right secrets.

01:05:49   - I think a better way to say it is keeping small,

01:05:52   harmless secrets is fun.

01:05:55   I'm not sure about healthy,

01:05:56   like I don't know if healthy is the right word,

01:05:58   but like that is my end of them.

01:06:00   Small, harmless secrets is fun.

01:06:03   - Yes, yes.

01:06:05   It's spicy, you know?

01:06:06   Spicy secret. Gotta keep the passion alive of OTJ, you don't want him getting bored,

01:06:12   you know? Exactly, like, you know, we run this thing together, might as well, you know,

01:06:18   surprise your partner. It works! Buying some flowers every now and then, you know? Keep

01:06:28   the romance going. About ten minutes ago, Steven texted me, and he said, "How's the

01:06:34   show. Which is just funny to me. He texts me and he's like, how's the show? How's the

01:06:40   show? Yeah. And I just thought it was very funny for him to text me and ask me how the

01:06:44   show's going. Just tell him Federico got so upset. He quit the show. Well, I already

01:06:49   said to him it was going well. I said, LOL it's going well. And he said, Oh boy. And

01:06:53   I was like, Oh no, no, I just thought it was funny that you texted me to ask me. What?

01:06:57   It doesn't trust us to do a good job. I don't really know why you did it. I mean, this is

01:07:02   Maybe we need to be forcing him to relax, you know?

01:07:05   Like that's what we need to be doing.

01:07:07   - That's what I told you before, like he can't relax.

01:07:11   - Yeah, he's not relaxing.

01:07:13   - He's not relaxing. - He's supposed to be

01:07:13   on vacation and--

01:07:15   - He should be out there in the woods, fishing,

01:07:19   hunting, whatever-- - Breaking products.

01:07:21   - Real men like him do.

01:07:24   - Do you think that his Apple Watch

01:07:28   is going to survive this trip?

01:07:29   - Oh, absolutely not.

01:07:32   Oh!

01:07:32   No.

01:07:33   No.

01:07:33   He's gonna crack it.

01:07:35   I would love him to break it. It would be so funny.

01:07:37   If he also breaks the big strong watch, you know?

01:07:40   One of the things that Steven does, like he's gonna cross like a creek or something.

01:07:46   Yeah.

01:07:47   And he's gonna slip.

01:07:48   Without hurting himself, hopefully.

01:07:51   Watch.

01:07:51   But the watch.

01:07:52   The watch takes the full brunt of the impact.

01:07:54   [Laughter]

01:07:56   Yeah.

01:07:57   Oh, speaking of impact.

01:07:59   My iPhone came back today repaired.

01:08:01   Really? So it's all new again?

01:08:05   It's all done. The screens are replaced. 25 pounds.

01:08:08   Now I'm gonna sell it. Okay, perfect.

01:08:12   Nice. Very timely accident.

01:08:15   Can I ask you this?

01:08:19   Couldn't you have done this last year and saved you all the drama?

01:08:23   Well yes and no. I mean it took over a week. Like I would have had no fun for a week.

01:08:28   because I did the express thing.

01:08:30   - You don't have a spare thing that you can use.

01:08:32   - No, and I also, I didn't want to do it

01:08:35   in case they're like, "Haha, we know what you did."

01:08:38   Right, and then they won't give me my phone back.

01:08:41   You know?

01:08:42   - Who's they?

01:08:43   - Apple Care.

01:08:44   - Ah.

01:08:45   I mean, just go to a different Apple store.

01:08:48   - I mean, I ended up just doing the thing,

01:08:51   I don't know if you know,

01:08:52   but it's just called Express Replacement,

01:08:53   where you do it all online and they just mail you a box

01:08:56   and you just put the thing in the box

01:08:57   and send it back to them.

01:08:59   So I did that so I didn't have to waste my time

01:09:02   going to Apple stores and waiting in lines

01:09:03   and talking to people.

01:09:05   I could just send it off to them,

01:09:07   which, you know, that takes the time that it takes

01:09:09   or whatever, but yeah, I mean, I could have done it, yes,

01:09:13   but I wasn't confident that it was going to work,

01:09:16   so I decided to just live with the scratches.

01:09:18   But now I'm gonna sell it off

01:09:22   and make some money back for my new iPhone.

01:09:27   Nice.

01:09:27   Hooray.

01:09:28   Well done.

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01:11:36   Relay FM.

01:11:39   Federico did you pay any attention to the Google Pixel event last week?

01:11:43   Ahh...

01:11:44   You don't need to have. I didn't watch it, I just watched a bunch of videos afterwards.

01:11:48   No, I... no, but I skimmed the headlines in my RSS reader.

01:11:54   As one does.

01:11:55   So I am somewhat familiar with the gist of it.

01:12:00   Talking about headlines and just where I've gone to the Verge now,

01:12:04   it's where I'm gonna be putting the show notes link in,

01:12:07   I'm gonna say I really like the Verge's new design.

01:12:10   It took a bit to stick with me, but I really like it. I know it's divisive and I understand why,

01:12:16   but I just want to go on record and say I like it. And I really like their little story stream thing

01:12:21   where their writers just get to say, like basically do tweets. I like it. I think The Verge,

01:12:27   what I'll say is I think The Verge's website now is way easier to navigate than it used to be.

01:12:32   Like whether you like the fonts or not, like they actually just have a list of stories,

01:12:37   They're not like broken down into weird categories or anything anymore.

01:12:40   I just want to put that on the record.

01:12:42   You don't need to disagree with me because I know most people in our

01:12:44   corner of the internet don't like it.

01:12:46   I just want to put out there into the world that I like it, you know,

01:12:49   because I just want to be that voice, you know?

01:12:51   Okay.

01:12:52   So that's out there.

01:12:53   Okay.

01:12:54   Thank you.

01:12:55   You know what?

01:12:55   Thank you very much.

01:12:56   If you like it, great.

01:12:58   Pixel tablet, which they pre-announced in June,

01:13:01   have mentioned again in September, October,

01:13:07   which is still not coming out until 2023.

01:13:10   - Oh God, why?

01:13:11   - Which is a very funny, like,

01:13:13   they just keep talking about it.

01:13:15   It's gonna have a feature which is so good.

01:13:18   They are gonna have a speaker dock

01:13:21   that you can put the tablet on

01:13:23   and it becomes a Google Nest Home Hub.

01:13:26   - Oh.

01:13:27   Oh, we were just speaking about new iPad accessories.

01:13:33   I kind of want this.

01:13:34   - I want this. - But it's a HomePod.

01:13:36   Can you do Apple, can you do this but it's a HomePod?

01:13:39   Please?

01:13:40   Well, I mean, what I want them to do

01:13:42   I mean, honestly, this is something I want, me and Jason

01:13:45   to be talking about this for a while anyway, like, I want Apple to

01:13:48   really lean into this stuff, and like, it's HomePod

01:13:51   audio, but with a new

01:13:54   home design, right? That integrates

01:13:57   the home app and widgets, right?

01:14:00   Like, it's a home OS, right? It's like a whole new

01:14:03   thing that I really hope that they're doing that there's been rumors of Mark Gorman spoke

01:14:07   about it a few times different devices like there's like a home pod of a screen and also

01:14:12   an Apple TV of an integrated home pod and camera right like like a full on thing which

01:14:17   all of that sounds awesome I want them to do it but this thing from Google is G I think

01:14:23   it's genius right like it is such a smart way to get people to be interested in this

01:14:28   product because now I'm like do I want that? Maybe I want that because with our new friend Matter

01:14:36   having a product like this can be way more easily integrated into your existing smart home setup

01:14:42   right? You don't have to be like oh I'm gonna be all in on Google now no if you've got matter

01:14:50   products well you can just now bring this in and now you can have this really cool

01:14:57   like home hub thing and it's going to work way better because the reason I say this we are big

01:15:03   echo show fans in the Hurley household. It's a good thing to have like a screen that has your

01:15:10   timers on when you're running them and we really like the digital picture frame kind of aspect of

01:15:16   it right but we have one of the old echo shows we have like the echo show 10 from a few generations

01:15:23   to go. Now the Echo Show 10 is this iMac G4 thing where it's got a big cylinder and the screen is

01:15:31   on an arm and it moves around and that's more than I want. It's way too involved,

01:15:36   I don't want that. I just want something that is more just screen, more compact,

01:15:43   but still the same kind of size. They make an Echo Show 8 but I don't want to go down to the 8"

01:15:50   because then it's smaller I like the size but this is like okay that is a 10 inch screen

01:15:58   looks pretty nice and like the dark part of it is small and the screen is still low to the ground

01:16:06   and it's not like built around the idea that I'm going to be having video calls on it that's why

01:16:10   the Echo Show 10 now has that arm so like if you're doing video calls it like can follow you

01:16:16   around and that's great if you're the one person that uses the echo for video

01:16:21   calls right but like I'm not that one person so I'm not interested but this

01:16:26   product is like I think I might be a little more interested as like a thing

01:16:32   that could integrate into my smart home and I could use like the Google home app

01:16:37   which I think is the main thing on the Nest Hub or whatever it is gonna use I

01:16:41   I just think it's a very cool idea.

01:16:44   I don't expect it to be a good, necessary tablet for me,

01:16:48   like specs-wise or OS-wise,

01:16:51   but as a product, I think it's kind of cool, right?

01:16:53   - I kind of love this.

01:16:56   - Right?

01:16:57   - I really like this.

01:16:58   I think it's super clever.

01:17:00   - I think they have gone from the original announcement

01:17:03   to this announcement of like,

01:17:04   why on earth are you doing this, Google?

01:17:06   This seems like a pointless endeavor to,

01:17:08   you know what, that's really smart.

01:17:10   You know what I mean?

01:17:11   So now I'm looking at them and I'm like, "Huh, somebody over there has got their head screwed

01:17:17   on right?"

01:17:18   Right?

01:17:19   Like someone is just smart.

01:17:21   Yeah, because you are effectively finding a whole new purpose for a tablet in the home

01:17:29   without changing the nature.

01:17:31   This is exactly like, you know, me, I'm going to bring this up.

01:17:35   This is exactly what I mean about the iPad and the modular nature of a computer.

01:17:41   Like a modular computer, you can fit it into different contexts.

01:17:46   This is exactly what I mean.

01:17:48   Like it's still the same tablet, it's still that device, but if you attach it to this

01:17:54   other thing, it kind of changes completely what it does.

01:17:58   I think it's so clever.

01:18:01   I would have to use a Google Pixel tablet though,

01:18:05   because we are gonna be in the market

01:18:09   for all these things soon enough, right?

01:18:12   Once we're done with furniture,

01:18:14   we're gonna take a serious look at like, okay.

01:18:17   - And you're going into like smart home

01:18:18   at just the right time.

01:18:20   - And like new house, like I'm starting fresh, all right?

01:18:25   And I'm gonna be taking a look.

01:18:27   The world of smart home is about to go bananas

01:18:31   with this matter stuff.

01:18:32   Like we're going into like a whole new,

01:18:35   I will just say I give a bit of follow out

01:18:36   to upgrade this week.

01:18:38   I looked into matter

01:18:39   'cause it's just standardized a bit more.

01:18:40   There was some stuff that I fundamentally did not understand

01:18:43   about matter, which I do now,

01:18:44   which has made me even more excited about it.

01:18:46   So if you're keen, I would recommend you go listen to that.

01:18:49   - Awesome, will do.

01:18:51   It's still in my queue.

01:18:53   - Thank you.

01:18:54   - I was catching up on my upgrade backlog.

01:18:57   - You don't need to do that, but I appreciate that you--

01:18:59   - Oh no, I like it because it's like,

01:19:01   I find it very relaxing to listen to you and Jason,

01:19:06   also because I haven't seen you guys this year.

01:19:08   - That's true.

01:19:09   Or not just this year.

01:19:10   It's been many years now.

01:19:13   - Yes.

01:19:15   So, I'm kind of in love with this.

01:19:19   But see, the thing is, okay, let's say that I buy this.

01:19:24   But then I end up with a Google Pixel tablet.

01:19:26   What am I going to do with it?

01:19:28   - Well, I mean, its primary use will be

01:19:33   to be your home hub, right?

01:19:35   Like that's its primary use.

01:19:36   You would buy this instead of a home hub.

01:19:41   Right, so you get this thing and you're like, okay,

01:19:43   instead of like an Echo or some other like Nest product,

01:19:48   I'm going to use this one.

01:19:50   But then you also have a tablet that could do media stuff

01:19:55   media stuff, maybe not for you, but maybe for somebody else in the home.

01:20:02   It being an Android device would make it infinitely better at anything you might want to use it

01:20:07   for than an Amazon device.

01:20:11   So like, just from like a responsiveness level.

01:20:13   So like, you know, they're always talking about like, you can watch video on the Echo

01:20:18   show.

01:20:19   And I'm like, I don't want to do that because this UI is a disaster.

01:20:24   But if it's an Android tablet, it's like, "I know how to do this. I know how to make

01:20:29   this work. This is going to feel better. I would very happily put 'Watch YouTube' on

01:20:35   this or whatever or browse the web for a recipe." And it's going to be vastly more responsive

01:20:42   than the Echo Show product lineup is.

01:20:46   Ooh, Jazz has a very good idea from the Discord. Use it as a rune tablet for music around the

01:20:53   the house. That's an excellent idea because we'll also be taking like audio and smart

01:20:59   home stuff is going to be the very last thing we do here. But yeah, that's also a very good

01:21:05   idea. I mean, it's Android, Obsidian runs on it, I'm just saying. But see, I mean, ideally

01:21:13   the dream, right, the dream would be that you have an iPad and you place it on a HomePod

01:21:19   dock. Yep. And when you do, the iPad switches to a specialized UI, sort of like CarPlay,

01:21:27   but for the home. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Like imagine that, and then you grab it, and off

01:21:32   you go, it's an iPad again. You know. Are they gonna do it? I really feel like they

01:21:39   should. I think they're gonna do something, but I don't think it's gonna be soon. Wait

01:21:43   Wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second.

01:21:46   Okay, galaxy brain time. Yes, give it to me. Over here.

01:21:50   Just a few minutes ago we were saying they're never gonna...

01:21:56   Why would they do the iPhone style mag safe on the iPad?

01:22:00   It doesn't make sense.

01:22:02   But it does make sense if you're placing the iPad on a dock like this.

01:22:12   Well, see, I mean, they've got like two weeks to surprise us. Otherwise, Google has just

01:22:17   got itself two new customers, you know, sometime in 2023.

01:22:22   I mean, and all of this works with Matter, you said?

01:22:27   Yeah, it should do. I mean, Google's home app is a Matter controller, like Apple's home

01:22:35   app is. And so anything within the Matter system will be able to be controlled by this

01:22:41   - Yes.

01:22:42   - This is so exciting.

01:22:43   Like I can buy, I'm gonna buy all new lights

01:22:46   compatible with Matter.

01:22:48   - All Philips, Philips are updating all their hubs,

01:22:51   so that's all gonna work. - Excellent.

01:22:52   So you're still gonna need a hub,

01:22:54   but that's gonna apply for Matter.

01:22:56   - For Philips you do,

01:22:57   because of the way they use their stuff,

01:22:59   but you don't need Matter hubs unless something,

01:23:03   so if you have a lot of Thread devices,

01:23:06   you might need a Thread hub to connect that,

01:23:09   because Thread doesn't talk to the internet,

01:23:11   and like it doesn't have networking, it's like radio.

01:23:14   So it has to have some kind of networking component.

01:23:17   But a thread, like just one hub in the house

01:23:19   for your thread devices could make it work.

01:23:21   But if you're buying all new stuff,

01:23:23   you could just get all things that are Matter certified,

01:23:25   which can be new and old products.

01:23:26   Like a bunch of devices can be and will be updated

01:23:29   to support Matter.

01:23:30   You don't have to buy all new things.

01:23:35   So like, so Philips are updating the firmware on their hubs

01:23:40   and all of their devices will be compatible.

01:23:43   - Okay, okay.

01:23:46   So Google Pixel tablet.

01:23:48   Let's see what Apple does with the new ones.

01:23:52   - They're not gonna do this.

01:23:54   I'm convinced that I will be willing

01:23:56   to put money down on this.

01:23:57   Maybe they'll do it in the future.

01:23:59   It's not gonna come in the next month.

01:24:02   'Cause I just think that they would do it

01:24:07   as part of a broader strategy,

01:24:08   which they don't seem to have right now,

01:24:11   but maybe could be building.

01:24:13   - Is that concerning?

01:24:15   That they still don't have one?

01:24:16   - No. - No?

01:24:17   - No, I'm not concerned because I feel like

01:24:21   they are turning their attention back to it,

01:24:23   and so that's to me fine.

01:24:25   If they weren't in the Matter Alliance, I would be worried.

01:24:36   but they are and they are contributing quite heavily.

01:24:40   And so I'm not so concerned about their home strategy

01:24:44   because they, whoever's running Apple's home strategy

01:24:47   considers this to be important,

01:24:49   like being in matter is important and it is.

01:24:52   So the fact that they have realized that

01:24:54   and realized that so much that they actually help form

01:24:57   the whole thing makes me feel comfortable

01:25:00   that they are willing to compete.

01:25:04   'Cause that's what this is gonna do.

01:25:05   Matter is gonna have to make people compete.

01:25:08   'Cause it's still not gonna make sense to have, you know,

01:25:11   like it's not gonna necessarily make sense

01:25:13   to have a HomePod anymore.

01:25:15   Because you wanna have a HomeHub

01:25:18   as well as having the audio.

01:25:20   No, you don't even need that.

01:25:21   You can use anything, so.

01:25:22   - Yeah, you can mix and match things.

01:25:24   - Yeah, way more.

01:25:25   So it's gonna, I think it's gonna accelerate development

01:25:29   in home automation gear and like smart home gear

01:25:33   at the same time, like competition will increase

01:25:37   and development will increase.

01:25:38   So I'm pretty bullish, as I would say.

01:25:41   - Very nice.

01:25:42   All right.

01:25:44   - I think that's it for this episode of Connected.

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