416: The Stage Manager Manager Takes the Stage


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 416.

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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley, but don't worry about that.

00:00:18   Here's Federico. Hi Federico.

00:00:20   No, I do worry about that. Hello Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   Don't worry about me, I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.

00:00:25   You're good? You're back in your homeland?

00:00:29   Back baby.

00:00:30   All right.

00:00:31   Are you back in your homeland?

00:00:32   Well, I never left, so.

00:00:34   (laughing)

00:00:36   I was always here.

00:00:37   And we're also joined by Stephen Hackett.

00:00:40   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:41   Hello, Federico.

00:00:43   How are you?

00:00:44   I am good.

00:00:45   I feel like, I'm sure Myke feels worse than I do,

00:00:48   but I definitely feel like I am recovering

00:00:51   in a deep and profound way from last week.

00:00:54   Deep and profound.

00:00:56   That's a good way to put it.

00:00:57   a deep and profound framework.

00:00:59   - Myke wanted to reiterate how good Sticker Drop is

00:01:03   on iOS 16.

00:01:04   - It's just so good.

00:01:05   So like this is an app that we spoke about

00:01:07   very quickly last week.

00:01:09   It's an app that lets you create stickers

00:01:12   out of that new thing.

00:01:16   What is it called?

00:01:17   The way you can drag a person out.

00:01:19   - Uh, lifting the subject of a photo.

00:01:23   - Is that like the official name?

00:01:25   - Like it doesn't have a name.

00:01:26   I checked this like...

00:01:27   Why does all of that not even friggin name the thing?

00:01:30   The dynamic cut out.

00:01:31   I checked, you know.

00:01:33   So I checked the Apple website.

00:01:35   I checked the developer documentation.

00:01:37   I checked the sort of material that they send to the press in the summer for beta season.

00:01:45   They always use the phrase, "You can lift the subject from afar."

00:01:50   Like it doesn't have a name.

00:01:51   They just describe what you do.

00:01:53   do. Can we talk about though how that sort of messes up the live photo play

00:02:02   gesture? Oh yeah. It's terrible. Myke complained about this a while back.

00:02:07   I want to reiterate, it's bad. I did notice something about live photos that I don't

00:02:12   know if it's an iOS 16 thing or not. So as part of one of the like, parts of the

00:02:17   podcast, someone on my phone I think took a bunch of photos one after the

00:02:21   other and if you press and hold on the live photo it just plays through all of them like

00:02:25   a mini movie.

00:02:26   Yeah, that was added like a couple of years ago.

00:02:29   Oh really?

00:02:30   I've never experienced it before.

00:02:31   Yeah, so the idea is if you long press on a live photo and that live photo is the first

00:02:39   one of a bunch of pictures that were taken in rapid succession, they're going to play

00:02:43   through from top to bottom like a mini movie.

00:02:46   That's so cool.

00:02:47   I mean, I guess this is one of those things you have to have that to know that.

00:02:52   You know what I mean?

00:02:52   And I didn't even know it was going to happen.

00:02:55   I just wanted to see what the live photo was like and it just kept going.

00:02:58   I was like, "Oh, look at this!"

00:02:59   But yeah, the live photo thing's got worse.

00:03:01   But Sticker Drop is great.

00:03:02   So because we mentioned it on the episode, but then since then,

00:03:05   I think we all have used it to create a bunch of stickers.

00:03:09   And it's just a really great way if you're in a group chat to

00:03:13   cyberbully your friends, I think.

00:03:17   Yes.

00:03:18   In like the nicest possible way.

00:03:20   So you know, one person sends a picture of themselves in some kind of situation and then

00:03:25   you can take them and make that sticker and just keep sending it over and over again.

00:03:28   It's very good.

00:03:29   Yeah.

00:03:30   Yeah.

00:03:31   It's very nicely done.

00:03:32   Also works well with dogs.

00:03:33   And it's also a pretty cost effective way to make stickers from popular, I don't know,

00:03:42   movie characters, video game characters, anime characters.

00:03:46   Yeah, this honestly is what worries me about the app's future because that's actually not

00:03:52   allowed on the app store, right?

00:03:54   But this is like a way around that?

00:03:56   Yeah, but I mean, take it up to Apple for building this feature, you know?

00:04:01   I mean, if Apple lets you turn anything into a PNG and Marvel gets upset because people

00:04:08   are making PNGs of Spider-Man, so be it, you know?

00:04:13   So be it.

00:04:14   You heard it here first, Fedor, because it's so be it.

00:04:15   I have some important emoji news.

00:04:18   - Okay.

00:04:19   - Slack has finally gotten up to date

00:04:21   (laughing)

00:04:22   with their emoji reactions.

00:04:24   - Okay.

00:04:25   - So I don't know what happened for the last three years,

00:04:28   but they've finally done all of them.

00:04:30   I will say that I'm particularly happy

00:04:32   that they didn't just add like two years of emoji

00:04:35   or one year of emoji,

00:04:36   but still didn't do the most recent ones.

00:04:38   They had now updated it.

00:04:40   And the Mac app Rocket that I like a lot.

00:04:42   This is the one where you type colon

00:04:44   and it starts like, you can search for emoji with text.

00:04:48   That has been out of date for a little bit too.

00:04:50   They just got up to date as well.

00:04:51   So I'm happy about that.

00:04:53   So emoji, I don't know what happened

00:04:55   in the last couple of days

00:04:56   that everybody updated their emoji, but it has happened.

00:04:59   - Maybe Salesforce finally found like the text file

00:05:03   telling them how to upload new emoji to Slack,

00:05:06   you know, when they bought Slack.

00:05:07   - I was gonna make a Salesforce joke myself and you did.

00:05:10   So thank you.

00:05:11   I just did not disappoint.

00:05:14   - Don't understand how this is an issue for them, but.

00:05:17   - It's wild, but yeah, I'm glad they're there.

00:05:19   I hadn't even noticed until I saw this in the show notes,

00:05:22   and then I sent you a melty face in Slack.

00:05:24   I was like, look, it works.

00:05:26   So good.

00:05:28   I have some sad news though.

00:05:29   - Uh-oh.

00:05:30   - Oh, the iPhone 14 Pro's lightning port is still USB 2.0.

00:05:35   - No, this is not sad.

00:05:37   This is an obvious piece of follow up.

00:05:40   - Which is what we tried to tell you at the time.

00:05:42   - Nothing like trying to import 90 megabyte raw files

00:05:45   of USB 2, but here you go.

00:05:48   - Just use AirDrop.

00:05:49   - Yeah, no, I know.

00:05:50   I mean, lightning is such a bottleneck

00:05:55   that I think anyone doing serious vowel transfers

00:05:58   just bypass it any way they can,

00:06:00   either AirDrop or iCloud Photo Library or something,

00:06:02   but it's a bummer.

00:06:05   Maybe next year with USB-C, they'll go faster.

00:06:08   - So in case you don't remember, this was Steven's Ricky

00:06:10   that they would go to USB 3.0.

00:06:11   - We didn't have to bring that up.

00:06:13   - I feel like that was necessary as like,

00:06:15   why would we care about this piece of news?

00:06:17   'Cause without that Ricky,

00:06:19   this would not have made it into the show.

00:06:21   - I did just have a funny thought of like,

00:06:25   what if the iPhone 15 gets USB-C,

00:06:28   but the iPhone 15 Pro gets Thunderbolt?

00:06:30   And then I realized that was stupid.

00:06:32   Can you imagine?

00:06:34   I'd be like, what would you do with it on a phone?

00:06:36   What do you even do with it on an iPad?

00:06:38   Although...

00:06:39   - I mean, they put it on the iPad,

00:06:41   so why not put it on the phone?

00:06:42   What difference does it make?

00:06:43   - Not that you mention it.

00:06:45   Like, you should save that as a Ricky.

00:06:47   I mean, if you think about it,

00:06:50   you got, you know, it's not unprecedented.

00:06:54   You have USB-C on the iPad Air

00:06:56   and Thunderbolt on the iPad Pro.

00:06:58   - Drive a Pro Display XDR with your iPhone 15 Pro.

00:07:01   - No, but you could have super fast data transfers

00:07:05   for those raw photos that you capture on your...

00:07:08   - Or, or Stage Manager comes to the iPhone 15 Pro.

00:07:13   - No, no.

00:07:14   - But only with an external display.

00:07:15   Can you imagine?

00:07:18   - Although that's kind of like what Samsung does

00:07:20   with the Samsung decks.

00:07:22   That's essentially the idea.

00:07:23   - Yeah, yeah, decks it up.

00:07:25   - Decks it up.

00:07:26   (laughing)

00:07:28   - That's what they say.

00:07:31   You must have been paying attention to the ads.

00:07:32   - Is that like an official tagline?

00:07:35   - It is now.

00:07:37   - Okay.

00:07:38   - I mean, could be, couldn't it?

00:07:39   - Dex it up.

00:07:40   (laughs)

00:07:41   - Dex it up with the S22.

00:07:43   I Googled it, didn't provide anything.

00:07:46   Just wanted to double check.

00:07:47   - Good.

00:07:48   - Could have been like Dynamic Island all over again.

00:07:50   - Could be, could be.

00:07:51   - Speaking of, we had somebody on Twitter

00:07:54   whose username is OAnotherAlt send in a screenshot

00:07:58   of listening to this show with it in the Dynamic Island.

00:08:02   And the waveform for connected in the Dynamic Island,

00:08:05   Good looking. Good looking waveform, color wise.

00:08:08   Oh, look at that.

00:08:10   So if you have a new iPhone and you've yet to do it,

00:08:13   and you're listening to this episode right now,

00:08:15   take out your phone, look at the Dynamic Island.

00:08:18   The artwork is real good

00:08:20   because it's a nice colorful gradient.

00:08:22   This person is in SOS mode,

00:08:25   so it looks like connected SOS, like that's funny.

00:08:29   That's what we should have named the membership version.

00:08:31   We could redo it.

00:08:32   Why? Connected SOS.

00:08:34   - I don't know, it's just kind of funny.

00:08:36   - Yeah, it is kind of funny.

00:08:37   - Yeah, 'cause the dynamic Alan tries to pick

00:08:39   the primary color of the artworks.

00:08:42   Like if you're listening to "Clockwise," which is yellow,

00:08:45   the little EQ thing is yellow,

00:08:48   but I guess with "Connected,"

00:08:49   there's too many colors and too small of a space,

00:08:51   so it just does a gradient of them,

00:08:53   which is, it's fantastic.

00:08:54   I think it looks really good.

00:08:56   Do the waveforms on the lock screen

00:09:02   pick up the colors as well,

00:09:03   or is that just that a dynamic island?

00:09:05   I think it's just the island.

00:09:09   - Yeah, I think so.

00:09:11   I think there's a monochrome on the lock screen.

00:09:14   - I don't think I'd noticed it before.

00:09:16   I feel like we would have seen that.

00:09:18   - Yeah, it's just, it's kind of that gray color

00:09:20   on the lock screen.

00:09:21   I don't-

00:09:24   - It's not the dynamic lock screen, is it?

00:09:26   - It is not.

00:09:27   We'll talk more about the iPhone 14 Pro though,

00:09:29   'cause I do have feelings about some of the stuff.

00:09:32   I've spoken about the iPhone 14 now and specifically its back gloss. It's no longer attached to

00:09:37   any components which is making repairs easier and cheaper.

00:09:40   The way you said that, it's like it just floating.

00:09:43   Oh it just floats out there and you gotta grab it and like hold it tight or it'll get

00:09:49   away from you. Out of warranty a back glass repair on the iPhone 14 line is $149 rather

00:09:56   than the $500-$600 on older models.

00:10:01   - Yeah, so the way they're doing this is the iPhone 14

00:10:05   is built with a new mid plate.

00:10:07   So all of the components like the battery,

00:10:09   the logic board, the cameras,

00:10:11   all that stuff is connected to this mid plate.

00:10:14   And then the screen with the front glass

00:10:16   and the back glass are basically independent.

00:10:20   They're not structural.

00:10:22   The way these phones used to be built

00:10:24   and the way the pros are still built,

00:10:26   they didn't change it on the pros, just the regular 14,

00:10:29   is that the back glass is basically part of the housing

00:10:33   of the phone.

00:10:33   And so if you break your back glass,

00:10:35   that's why it's so much more expensive.

00:10:37   And at least last time I had to do one,

00:10:39   they actually replace your whole phone.

00:10:41   They don't just like scoop all your iPhone guts out

00:10:45   and put it in a new case.

00:10:46   So this does make it more repairable.

00:10:49   This is something we talked about when Apple launched

00:10:51   the self-service repair program.

00:10:53   Like what decisions will they make

00:10:56   when designing products with this in mind?

00:10:59   And I think this is a pretty good case of, you know, looking at, okay.

00:11:05   Not just how it's built, not just how we construct it, but how does it

00:11:09   actually like get fixed out in the world of people doing themselves or in our

00:11:13   stores and so they've made this change.

00:11:15   I don't know why it's just the iPhone 14.

00:11:18   I do think it's funny that the phone that is effectively the iPhone 13,

00:11:22   just with some slight upgrades, totally rebuilt inside, totally new.

00:11:27   the phone that looks new with this new screen and dynamic island stuff,

00:11:31   different on the outside, same on the inside. So maybe they're just,

00:11:34   they're trying to level the playing field, you know?

00:11:37   So the iPhone 14 Pro, this isn't the case?

00:11:40   Not the case, just the regular iPhone 14. And assuming,

00:11:43   assuming the plus is this way too, but we don't know yet,

00:11:46   cause no one has the plus,

00:11:47   but just the regular iPhone 14 has this new construction method.

00:11:52   If you look at the tear, the tear downs of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max,

00:11:57   they are built just like the 13 and 13 Pro Max with the exception of US phones

00:12:03   having a plastic it's not I'm sure it's not 3d printed but it looks like it is

00:12:09   like a plastic spacer where the SIM tray would be so like you don't get extra

00:12:16   battery or anything it's literally a plastic little box to hold the space

00:12:21   open. It even has the board, the under even has the sockets for like the

00:12:28   little connectors for the SIM tray because if you buy a non-US phone you do

00:12:32   get a SIM card still but in the US it is like didn't put that part on and put

00:12:35   this little spacer puck in there instead. It's hilarious. That shows you though I

00:12:40   think that they're gonna push really hard to try and get rid of the SIM

00:12:44   everywhere now. Yeah. Like I understand that they can't maybe can't do it

00:12:49   everywhere yet but now if they've got like wasted space in the iPhone go for

00:12:54   it and like I know people like but like yeah that's how people go by the way

00:12:58   that that's that sound I made that's what I see when people start complaining

00:13:02   on Twitter but like they're not gonna make a brand new phone design for

00:13:06   America right they're not gonna be like oh and we put new more battery in it

00:13:10   they're not gonna do that that doesn't make any sense more freedom like that

00:13:13   they're just gonna like remove that part and like go for it right but they're

00:13:17   not going to like completely re-architect exactly how the phone goes inside. You know

00:13:22   what I mean? Like they're just not going to do that. So they're going to have to wait

00:13:25   until they can do it in more places before they can fill that space up with, I don't

00:13:31   know, a periscope. Headphone jack. Maybe that's why they got rid of this because they need

00:13:35   space for that periscope. Yeah, they saw that website we did a few weeks ago where we built

00:13:39   our own iPhones and they were like, look, we can put a headphone port or HDMI port on

00:13:43   the side of the phone. If you don't know what we're talking about, that was a connected

00:13:47   Pro segment. Oh, how do people listen to that, Myke? Connect to Pro.co. Connect to Pro.co.

00:13:53   Get connected. No, get connected to Pro.co. Get connected Pro.co. That's the domain.

00:13:58   Pro.co. Get connected Pro.co.

00:14:01   [Laughter]

00:14:02   Leave me alone.

00:14:03   There's a link in the show notes. Big news.

00:14:07   Okay.

00:14:08   Big, big news.

00:14:09   How big?

00:14:10   It's huge. We are, as I read this out loud, at four hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:14:20   That is pretty--you weren't lying. Yeah, that's pretty big news.

00:14:24   Huge news. If you missed it, last Friday, Myke and I hosted the fourth annual Podcast-A-Thon.

00:14:31   We were joined by a bunch of friends, including Federico, and we played--

00:14:34   We did a quiz.

00:14:35   We played the quiz. Myke, do you need to read these scores out on this show to make it official?

00:14:41   No.

00:14:42   We're still new to this, you know, there's no, there's not a bill of quizzes.

00:14:44   They'll get, the next time I do a quiz, which who knows when it might happen, the next time

00:14:48   I do a quiz.

00:14:49   Now I'm worried.

00:14:51   I considered one today, but I didn't do it. I have a topic later on that I was considering,

00:14:56   like, is there a way I can make this a quiz, but then realized the quiz would be too boring?

00:15:01   So we're not doing a quiz today, but who knows?

00:15:06   Maybe there is going to be a quiz today.

00:15:07   The next time there's a quiz, I'll update the scores.

00:15:10   But if people want to get the score as it is right now, they can go and watch the Podcast

00:15:15   athon on YouTube and they can watch the segment and they can hear the scores.

00:15:18   Yep, and it's pretty early in the show.

00:15:20   But you should definitely go watch the whole thing.

00:15:22   Someone I want to give a big shout out to, Kaz Maniac, in the YouTube comments, who has

00:15:27   time stamped every segment.

00:15:28   Oh, I hadn't seen that.

00:15:30   That's incredible.

00:15:31   - Yep.

00:15:32   - That's really cool.

00:15:33   - Yep.

00:15:34   - It was a fantastic show.

00:15:35   It was so good to do it together again

00:15:38   because the last two years we've been remote,

00:15:40   as people know.

00:15:41   And that was, it was hard to pull the show off

00:15:43   and it wasn't as much fun.

00:15:45   And this year was just a real celebration of this campaign

00:15:48   and what our listeners have been able to do for St. Jude.

00:15:52   But there's still a week and a half of September left

00:15:55   and we are still fundraising

00:15:56   throughout the rest of the month.

00:15:58   We have several more,

00:15:59   We have several more live streams planned,

00:16:02   one this week and a couple next week,

00:16:05   things that we unlocked during the podcast-a-thon.

00:16:07   So keep an eye out on Twitter and Discord

00:16:10   for those announcements.

00:16:11   And we're gonna have a closing ceremony

00:16:13   streamed the last day of the month.

00:16:15   But we still have time to donate.

00:16:17   And you wanna go to stjue.org/relay

00:16:20   and you can donate there.

00:16:22   You can also still sign up to become a fundraiser.

00:16:24   If you raise $250, you get the desk mat

00:16:27   that we showed off on the podcast-a-thon.

00:16:30   We currently have 218 fundraisers running,

00:16:34   which is just incredible.

00:16:36   A bunch of people doing really good work

00:16:38   fundraising out there.

00:16:39   It's been really awesome to see that.

00:16:41   And this is important work.

00:16:43   St. Jude's work is really important.

00:16:45   When they started 60 years ago,

00:16:48   the childhood cancer survivor rate was only 20%.

00:16:52   And now, due in large part to St. Jude's work in this area,

00:16:55   it is now 80% and they're climbing toward 90.

00:16:59   And that is just incredible.

00:17:02   But even with their success,

00:17:04   cancer is still the number one cause of death

00:17:08   for children due to disease.

00:17:09   It's a tragic thing.

00:17:11   It's something that strikes a lot of families,

00:17:13   including my own.

00:17:15   And St. Jude's work here is just next level.

00:17:18   You have the best treatment, the best research,

00:17:20   the best doctors,

00:17:22   and that research is then shared around the world.

00:17:25   So if you are in another country and you think,

00:17:29   well, you know, why would I want to back this?

00:17:32   It's in America, America's healthcare system is bad,

00:17:35   St. Jude treats people for free, which is incredible.

00:17:37   Maybe in your country, dear listener,

00:17:39   that's not that big of an issue.

00:17:40   Well, let me tell you,

00:17:41   their research is shared around the world.

00:17:43   And so if a child is diagnosed with cancer elsewhere,

00:17:48   St. Jude's work here can benefit that child and their family

00:17:51   and can inform the treatments that that child will receive.

00:17:55   The global scale of it is so much bigger than I ever knew.

00:18:00   When we were there with Josiah, our oldest son,

00:18:03   when he was receiving chemotherapy as an infant,

00:18:06   you got your blinders on, right?

00:18:07   You're just focused on the next round of chemo,

00:18:08   the next MRI, the next test, the next scan,

00:18:11   whatever it may be.

00:18:12   But what I've learned in the 13 years since

00:18:14   is that St. Jude's work is really beyond any borders.

00:18:17   It is really around the world.

00:18:19   And it's been a real honor once again,

00:18:22   to take part of this campaign.

00:18:23   So we urge you to donate if you haven't,

00:18:27   go to stjoe.org/relay.

00:18:30   If you have donated, there's a fun thing you can do,

00:18:34   find a fundraiser and help someone else's team

00:18:39   raise some more money.

00:18:40   You can donate more than once.

00:18:41   And we're very close to our goal,

00:18:44   $2 million over the last four years.

00:18:47   and that, I mean, I think we used the word

00:18:49   in the live show, Myke, but that's so humbling

00:18:51   to see from our listeners and thank you all.

00:18:55   It's been an incredible month and we're still gonna talk

00:18:57   about it for another couple of weeks.

00:18:59   So please go donate, get involved.

00:19:01   There's still lots of time left.

00:19:02   - Stjoe.org/relay.

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00:20:06   I love building on Squarespace.

00:20:07   It's great to build something that looks really good.

00:20:10   It looks good on any device that someone may visit on and you have all these tools built in for seeing how your site is

00:20:17   Performing and having all that in one place in a system that can adapt and grow with you as your site needs to adapt and grow

00:20:24   It's really the place to build a website head on over to squarespace.com

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00:20:51   Our thanks to Squarespace for supporting connected and relay FM.

00:20:55   Steven, did you get your iPhone?

00:20:57   I did.

00:20:58   The better question is, have I finally set it up?

00:21:01   Because I got

00:21:02   to ask you because I knew you got it that was when I meant more than anything because I spent

00:21:06   a bunch of days of you and you just left it in a box or whatever I did so I'd said on the show

00:21:12   last week that I you know like a lot of people had some hiccups while ordering and by the time

00:21:16   I got it strained out my phone pickup was for Saturday and yours was for Friday so we had one

00:21:20   phone for the podcastathon and then I realized like three days ago that we didn't actually

00:21:26   do anything with the new iPhone on the podcastathon but that was fine but while I was there picking

00:21:30   yours up, I asked the guy I was like, Hey, no big deal. Like I totally understand if

00:21:35   you can't do it, but I have a pickup for tomorrow. Could I get that phone today? And he was like,

00:21:40   Yeah, of course, like if it's available, we'll just get it for you. And so it took a few

00:21:43   minutes to get that phone. Maybe it was like in the back of the store, like had it, you

00:21:47   know, the Saturday ones were still boxed up or something. But they they did it for me.

00:21:52   It was really awesome.

00:21:54   I was surprised at how quiet pickup was.

00:21:59   So I was there 8.30 on launch day morning.

00:22:03   That's usually been a pretty busy time at the Apple store.

00:22:07   Even like my Apple store, which is like,

00:22:08   we're a small market, right?

00:22:09   It's not busy, like, you know, big, big city store,

00:22:12   like London or Chicago or Rome or something.

00:22:15   But there were not many people there.

00:22:17   There were maybe a dozen people in line

00:22:19   without reservations, just, you know,

00:22:20   going up there trying to get one.

00:22:22   I know they space out the reservations, but there were only maybe another dozen of us or so

00:22:27   Picking up and I again like the guy who was very helpful and let me get my phone a day early

00:22:33   I was like, it's kind of quiet. He was like, yeah, it's a little it's a little slow

00:22:38   So I don't know what that means, but it's just something that I noticed

00:22:41   In the store, of course that you get to see all the colors, right?

00:22:44   They have them on the table and a couple of quick impressions

00:22:48   The purple is very much what people say it is it is a gray purple now

00:22:53   My Apple Store like a lot of them is like all glass on the front and it faces east

00:22:58   So like there's a lot of morning Sun coming in and the one that was in the Sun looks like purple

00:23:04   But the one in the shadow was like, okay, this is just a gray

00:23:06   We're like someone was painting something purple next door and some paint dust like floated over the fence and set it on this phone

00:23:13   Like it's very subdued. I think it's nice looking but it's not

00:23:17   it's not super vibrant. I do have a little pang of regret about the space

00:23:23   black. I was gonna do the black one and then I got scared that it was gonna look

00:23:28   like some of them the other recent space gray or space black phones graphite where

00:23:33   was kind of like a brownish color like not really black and so I switched to

00:23:39   white and silver which looks fantastic but the black looks really good too. I

00:23:44   I kind of wish I'd stuck with my with my initial pick there, you know

00:23:48   The colors and the pro phones have been boring for a long time

00:23:50   I think the regular iPhone colors are better this year

00:23:54   The I like that the blue is very much like the Sierra blue that the pro was last year

00:23:59   of course, they've got the red and you know, but I

00:24:02   Don't think gold's boring by the way, the gold ain't boring. The gold is its own thing like it's out there being ostentatious

00:24:09   That's the golds now, you know, but gold ain't boring gold looks fantastic

00:24:13   Yeah, you're you're a big gold boy. Mm-hmm Federico you get gold too. Yeah, I mean, yeah me too gold watches

00:24:20   Go, no, I don't have I don't have a gold watch but you should it's great. Yeah, Myke does gold gold grim glasses

00:24:27   Yep, I have a gold wedding ring now gold wedding ring now big gold boy

00:24:32   I think the best colors in recent history are the 10 are still an apple

00:24:36   I don't think as has gone back to those Heights yet, but that was kind of my my pickup and yeah

00:24:41   I just with the podcast-a-thon and then the next day we did like ziplining and went to a football game

00:24:46   I finally got it set up Monday night. Like after you were gone. I was like, okay the hurleys are gone

00:24:52   I can I like sit down and do this. I did the direct transfer which Myke I know you had a lot of problems with

00:24:57   disaster

00:24:59   Mine was perfectly flawless as it has been the last several years and so it does take longer

00:25:05   But I've had good luck with it and look everyone has a horror story about whatever way they pick right like none of these are perfect

00:25:10   You're just gonna have to pick the one that works for you

00:25:12   I know some people still back up to finder and do that whole song and dance over there USB 2.0 lightning port, but

00:25:19   Direct transfer worked for me. It took several hours, of course, and then I did it overnight, right? So I was going to bed

00:25:25   I set it up. I had him both plugged in on my dresser and then the next morning both were done

00:25:31   Right and I had it touch them because I was asleep. It's like both the alarms went off on both phones

00:25:36   That's helpful. But they were like

00:25:39   Slightly out of sync like just it was like it was very strange and I was like what is happening?

00:25:45   Then I remembered I had two phones and you know got it

00:25:47   It was two two day phones, you know day phone one day phone to the migration went really well

00:25:52   The only thing I had to sign back into was YouTube studio and I think YouTube itself but the Google apps like I mean Google

00:25:58   Built terrible iOS app, so I'm not surprised that they don't conform to what they're supposed to

00:26:02   but other than that it has been really smooth and

00:26:07   Yeah, so far admit it's only been two days because I waited because we were so busy

00:26:11   But I've been really happy with it so far

00:26:13   Thoughts on the always on display. It's weird. It takes getting used to I like everyone else who's talked about this

00:26:21   I've had the experience of oh gosh, my phone is on and I actually had it last night. So last night I went to

00:26:27   Like a small group meeting thing and had my phone out on this guy's coffee table

00:26:32   screen up and

00:26:35   Of course even after like a day I was like, oh, yeah

00:26:38   It's always on but no one else in the room had seen a new phone yet

00:26:41   And they were like like I kept people I kept catching people

00:26:44   See it like no one said anything but I was very aware that like oh

00:26:48   It looks like his phone is just on so I ended up turning it over

00:26:51   But well, I mean it kind of is right because the notifications come in they don't flash up, but they appear so like

00:26:58   Have your peripheral vision you still see the notifications on the screen?

00:27:04   Yeah, which I I want there to be more options for the always-on display so that there are a couple things I would I would like

00:27:11   to see

00:27:12   I would like an option for notifications not to come in and

00:27:16   They just appear like when it when you tap it or pick it up when it sort of comes back to life

00:27:21   The other thing I would like to see is an option to completely get rid of the wallpaper and like just have black

00:27:29   With white or whatever color you're using for the the widgets and the clock

00:27:34   That's more like what Android phones have done like the pixel and some Sam's at some phones have done this a long time

00:27:39   I was late at this party

00:27:41   But I kind of wish I had the option like totally get rid of my wallpaper and have have it a little bit simpler

00:27:47   I think right now the always-on display is like two on

00:27:51   And I'd like to tone it down a little bit. I've come around to the wallpaper

00:27:56   I actually like that the wallpaper is there now like that. I find it to be quite nice

00:28:00   What I would like is for because I mean I choose the notification count option

00:28:04   I would prefer that number to just increment for the notifications to not actually show on the screen

00:28:10   That I would like that that would be a little bit more subdued

00:28:13   For me, that's what I would like but I I felt like you did about the the wallpaper

00:28:20   But with a couple more days of use I've actually come to appreciate it

00:28:25   There is another reason though like for the notifications

00:28:28   It's not just because of the lighting like that, you know, they're appearing on the screen and catching your eye

00:28:32   The fact that if I see a notification on my phone and my phone's on the desk if I tap it

00:28:37   It doesn't actually do anything

00:28:39   Like I can't swipe it away either because I have to wake the screen up first to do that

00:28:44   Mm-hmm, as you see a notification you swipe it to like get rid of it

00:28:47   It doesn't do anything because you need to wake the phone first by tapping the screen or whatever

00:28:53   So like that kind of makes it feel broken in a way so I would prefer if it just

00:28:59   Just incremented the number and I'm thinking maybe I'm gonna turn on that feature of like I

00:29:07   Don't know if you guys had this but I remember face ID came along and you had to like authenticate by looking at the phone

00:29:14   Yeah, yes, right before the notification preview to show I turn that feature off

00:29:19   so my notifications just always came in.

00:29:21   - Me too.

00:29:22   - I'm gonna try turning that feature on

00:29:25   to see if it makes me realize more

00:29:30   when the notification is actionable or not.

00:29:32   Do I want previews to be never?

00:29:35   No, I'm gonna try when unlocked

00:29:37   and maybe I will report back on that.

00:29:39   - I've tried it too, I've just changed that setting.

00:29:42   But yeah, it's like where the lines are drawn

00:29:47   is just a little bit strange to me.

00:29:49   And if you can see these notifications coming in,

00:29:53   like it's just, yeah, it's a little bit weird.

00:29:55   And the other thing from a design perspective

00:29:59   that is really kind of jarring to me, honestly,

00:30:02   is I think I shared with y'all last week,

00:30:04   for a while now I've been running light mode in the day,

00:30:07   dark mode at night.

00:30:09   And the always on display in light mode is pretty jarring.

00:30:14   So like it's dark, right?

00:30:17   notification comes in, it is in kind of its dark mode UI,

00:30:22   but then you tap it or pick it up and it comes back to life,

00:30:25   all the now playing screen,

00:30:27   the now notifications switch to white,

00:30:29   and that's not always a smooth transition,

00:30:33   like it's actually kind of janky looking.

00:30:37   I don't know what they could do there.

00:30:39   Maybe they could--

00:30:40   - Well, you just gotta fix the way you use your phone,

00:30:41   which is dark mode all the time.

00:30:43   - Yeah, which I did for a long time,

00:30:44   and maybe I just go back to it, but--

00:30:47   - Dark mode forever.

00:30:48   - I feel like there's so many things about this phone

00:30:50   that dark mode looks better.

00:30:52   I think always on looks better in dark mode.

00:30:53   I think the dynamic island,

00:30:55   I think it's less obtrusive in dark mode,

00:30:58   but then you don't see some of the fun animation.

00:31:01   Like if you're on a black screen,

00:31:02   the face ID thing comes out

00:31:04   and like a list of little black sheet

00:31:06   and you can't really kind of see the animation

00:31:07   'cause it's all just dark.

00:31:08   Like you kind of have to like pick your mode now

00:31:13   with more things to consider.

00:31:15   So I just, I want more refinement here

00:31:17   from the always on display.

00:31:18   I don't realistically think I'm gonna get a bunch

00:31:20   of the toggles that I want,

00:31:21   but I'd be willing for Apple to revisit this

00:31:25   and kind of make some more informed decisions

00:31:28   about what's active, what's inactive,

00:31:31   what's the transition state between those things.

00:31:33   Because right now it feels,

00:31:36   it doesn't feel broken by any means,

00:31:37   but I find it surprising the way that it works at times.

00:31:41   - I said it's not great, I don't wanna paint myself,

00:31:42   but I'll say it again anyway,

00:31:43   'cause I think it's relevant to the conversation.

00:31:45   The way I've come down on it is I think that they have just decided

00:31:48   always on to them means that the phone should look like it's always on.

00:31:52   Yeah.

00:31:52   And I'm not saying I did...

00:31:54   Yeah, they did what it's called, "always on".

00:31:58   I genuinely think that they were like, "We want to make an always on display

00:32:02   and what's going to make ours different is it's going to look like it's always on."

00:32:06   And I've actually come around on that.

00:32:08   Like, I actually kind of like it because it's like that.

00:32:11   I'm not saying it's the right way to go, but I'm thinking that's what they decided.

00:32:17   And when I kind of put myself in that frame of mind, I actually have come around on the idea

00:32:23   more and I like that really it's just a sense of like the phone is dimmed or not dimmed.

00:32:28   And that's it.

00:32:31   Like, you know, I chose my lock screen picture for a reason.

00:32:36   And actually, you know, in the past I've always been a bit like,

00:32:40   like, oh, I don't actually get to see that lock screen image very much because the phone

00:32:44   is off and when the phone's not off, I've opened it, right? Like that's kind of the

00:32:48   way that I do things. Now I see this image all the time. Like I actually now maybe see

00:32:53   an idea of like maybe wanting to set up one of those photo shuffles or something a bit

00:32:58   more because I'm more likely to see the image than ever before. So having that rotate between

00:33:05   a lot of images that I like might be something that I want to do in the future. And also

00:33:09   So it has already pushed me to making some, I've made one so far and I'm going to make

00:33:16   more specific lock screens for different focus modes.

00:33:20   You know, like stuff like that.

00:33:21   So I actually think that there is a benefit in that, but it is a choice that they made,

00:33:27   I think, which a lot of people are not going to like.

00:33:31   Yeah, I think that, I think, you know, judging from the outside, I think they did exactly

00:33:36   what it's called. It's called Always On because it looks like it's always on. And I think

00:33:42   that that's where the problem lies because a lot of people saw Always On display and

00:33:47   they thought, "Oh, it's going to be like on Android." So some people had expectations

00:33:52   for... Let's say that some people had expectations for a feature that instead of being called

00:33:57   Always On was going to be called Kinda Off, which is what some Android phones do. It looks

00:34:03   kinda off, but it's not, because it shows you some very basic elements.

00:34:07   So some people wanted to have the kinda off mode, whereas Apple went always on, which

00:34:11   is like, we show you basically everything in a dim state.

00:34:15   I do wonder if that becomes an option in the future though, because I could easily see,

00:34:19   you know, a page in settings, where you go in and you're like, you know, do you want

00:34:24   to have this minimal mode or do you want to have the true always on mode?

00:34:29   I mean, Apple has done customization for wilder things lately.

00:34:34   It wouldn't surprise me if, you know, even in a point update,

00:34:38   or let's say even in iOS 17, they introduce a different mode that you can,

00:34:43   you know, you can choose multiple options for the Always On Display, essentially.

00:34:47   So you can turn it off all the way down or just, you know, keep it as it is right now.

00:34:51   I also think right now they're flexing their screen technology a bit, right?

00:34:56   my understanding like always on displays look the way they do on android phones you know that have

00:35:02   been around for a while because it was really a benefit of oled so you had an oled display you

00:35:08   would just light up the pixels that were needed and you'd save battery that way but because apple

00:35:12   uses this ltpo i think it's the the correct organization of letters you can have a display

00:35:19   that just refreshes really slowly like once a minute and that saves battery in its own way

00:35:25   Combined with I'm sure some benefits of OLED and not needing to light the screen up fully or whatever

00:35:30   but it they are flexing that technology and

00:35:34   other companies use it now, but other companies had developed their like

00:35:39   They're always on

00:35:42   Technology

00:35:45   to be

00:35:46   Or they viewed the look of their technology to be a specific kind of thing, right? And so

00:35:51   They do it the way that they do it

00:35:55   visually, say like on Android phones or whatever, even if they have this tech now, because well

00:36:00   they just made their screens to look that way and that's now become the accepted or

00:36:04   like the believed upon standard that it was actually quite minimal in its design.

00:36:08   And so now, you know, I said once a minute that everyone in the chat is saying once a

00:36:13   second they could do it however, the point is they can do it whatever they want.

00:36:17   But anyway, they have this technology where they can, they can more variably refresh what's

00:36:23   on the screen.

00:36:24   Yeah, this is also similar to what's on the always-on displays on the watch which aren't updating once a second

00:36:30   that's kind of the point and

00:36:32   They can save battery that way and they've gone for always on instead of hey

00:36:39   This is a minimal view and the widgets respond a little bit differently because of that too

00:36:43   Like if you're running a timer on the always-on display

00:36:46   It doesn't actually refresh every second you get like a minute and then like in the lip sees

00:36:51   It's some of the decisions around that are a little bit strange. I've noticed that was some third-party widgets as well

00:36:56   I don't know

00:36:57   You know if Apple is doing something to really limit how frequently those can update

00:37:03   outside of the screen technology like maybe they're more

00:37:06   conservative than the screen would allow

00:37:09   But it's another kind of difference when you're in these two modes. I want to talk about the camera for a minute. I feel like

00:37:16   The main camera is not the massive jump forward. I was kind of hoping for

00:37:23   Now I say that with a caveat off

00:37:25   I haven't done much with raw and with raw you get the full 48 megapixels and there's some and there's some amazing

00:37:31   Examples out there. I've been taking some photos with raw

00:37:35   the the difference I

00:37:37   Is unbelievable like the detail that you can get it's blowing my mind

00:37:43   Are you shooting with Halide?

00:37:45   And yes, and I also, because Halide just put the 48 megapixel update out yesterday, before

00:37:51   that I was just toggling it on in the camera, right?

00:37:54   Yeah.

00:37:55   It would make it pretty easy to do that.

00:37:56   Um, I mean, yeah, you need processing, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

00:38:00   But the detail that you can get is unbelievable.

00:38:04   Like, I've kind of come down on the, like, I'm going to shoot some photos that I know

00:38:09   I'm going to go in and tinker a lot with editing wise.

00:38:11   I'm probably going to shoot more of them in raw.

00:38:13   But also, highlight does this really great thing

00:38:16   where it shoots both.

00:38:17   You get a processed image and a raw image.

00:38:21   If I'm taking a photo of something important,

00:38:24   I'm probably going to try and use highlight for that

00:38:28   in the future so I can get both of those images.

00:38:31   So I also have the one that has a ton of detail.

00:38:34   It's really quite impressive.

00:38:38   And it is, I will say, impressive.

00:38:40   The difference is so stark in the detail.

00:38:43   It does make me wonder why they're not pulling more detail

00:38:48   from the processed image.

00:38:50   I don't understand it, but it is a surprise to me

00:38:53   that the sensor has a lot of headroom.

00:38:56   It's cool.

00:38:59   - Yeah, I mean, they're trading off performance

00:39:01   to a degree, right?

00:39:02   'Cause if you do shoot in raw,

00:39:03   at least in Apple's own camera app,

00:39:07   it is noticeably slower, right?

00:39:09   you get the little spinner and then the preview pops in in the corner.

00:39:12   Takes like two to three seconds.

00:39:13   And so I imagine,

00:39:15   I would imagine that in that rubric of decision-making like

00:39:20   performance is pretty high, right?

00:39:22   You want to be able to take out your phone and shoot a bunch of pictures really

00:39:25   quickly as your kid or dog is doing something cute. But, uh, yeah,

00:39:29   I think you're right. I think if you're shooting like, you know,

00:39:31   a portrait of your significant other and you're in the sun, it's like beautiful,

00:39:35   like, yeah,

00:39:36   flip that RAW on or use something like Halide

00:39:38   that shoots both at the same time,

00:39:40   and then you can contend with them later in editing

00:39:43   'cause RAW does give you much more control over editing

00:39:47   'cause so much more data from the sensor is included.

00:39:49   Yeah, I think that's all great.

00:39:53   I'm super happy that 2X is back.

00:39:56   That's such a great zoom length.

00:39:58   I always thought 3X was a bit much,

00:39:59   and the 3X camera has never been spectacular.

00:40:03   It's still not as good as the main shooter this year,

00:40:05   Although I do feel like ultra wide seems noticeably better.

00:40:09   Maybe that's just like a little placebo effect.

00:40:11   I don't know how much they actually improved it,

00:40:12   but seems like the ultra wide is closer to the main

00:40:16   than it ever has been.

00:40:18   And they continue to be fun photos to shoot.

00:40:22   - Yeah, and you can also thank the photonic engine for that.

00:40:25   - Yes, thank you photonic engine.

00:40:27   - Well, like it is on all of them, right?

00:40:29   So like there could be something going on there.

00:40:32   - I've not seen any of the issues

00:40:34   Some people have reported with like the optical image stabilization freaking out

00:40:38   and certain applications.

00:40:40   Apple says there will be an update to Iowa 16

00:40:43   next week that fixes that.

00:40:46   I think the beta, if you're on 16.1, also fixes it.

00:40:49   But some of those videos going around were a little scary.

00:40:52   Yeah. Yeah, seems wet.

00:40:56   The OAS just freaking out and banging the camera all around.

00:41:00   but hopefully that's not a big deal moving forward.

00:41:04   I had a couple of dynamic island things to mention,

00:41:08   because really like the dynamic island stuff is it's taking time for me to

00:41:13   kind of experience things that make me feel a certain way or not about it.

00:41:18   And a lot of it's not even there yet, right? Because live activities, I mean,

00:41:22   I'm running the 16.1 beta and like there's, there's nothing there, right?

00:41:26   It's going to take a while for apps to support it.

00:41:29   >> Mm-hmm. But so there was an interaction that I enjoyed, which I hadn't seen until

00:41:37   today, which was the compact UI for shortcuts is all in the dynamic island now, which is

00:41:42   nice. So you run a shortcut and you get a little icon of your shortcut and it spins

00:41:46   around the camera, like the little progress, which is very cute.

00:41:50   >> And a nice benefit of that is that now if you use custom icons for your shortcuts,

00:41:56   confirmation for your apps. So if you use shortcuts to make custom icons for things

00:42:00   like Safari, right? You want to replace the Safari icon with a custom one, you make a

00:42:04   shortcut that does the open app thing, and now you have a custom Safari icon, great.

00:42:11   With the Dynamic Island, that confirmation banner that used to pop down from the top

00:42:16   of the screen, now it lives in the Dynamic Island. So it's more compact, it doesn't get

00:42:20   in the way. But even better, even if you don't have an iPhone 14 Pro with the Dynamic Island,

00:42:26   That technique of using shortcuts for custom icons is better than before, because those

00:42:32   confirmation banners, they do not block interactions with the screen.

00:42:37   Even if for a split second, but it used to be in iOS 15, that using those icons was very

00:42:44   annoying because if you tapped on a custom icon, you couldn't immediately start swiping

00:42:49   or scrolling on the screen, because that banner for like 0.5 seconds was blocking interactions

00:42:56   with the display.

00:42:57   Now, regardless of whether you have an iPhone 14 Pro or not, that's no longer the case in

00:43:02   iOS 16, because those banners, they do not block interactions with the screen anymore.

00:43:08   But if you have an iPhone 14 Pro, it's even better, because the banner is now a confirmation

00:43:13   thing that Myke mentioned in the dynamic island.

00:43:16   That's really nice.

00:43:19   I have one con with Dynamic Island. It's breaking my muscle memory a little bit with getting

00:43:24   my notifications from Notification Center because sometimes I swipe down but it doesn't

00:43:29   work and it's because I've swiped on a sensor. So like where I'm trying to pull down from,

00:43:38   it's been the same place for a while but it's not working as reliably and I'm finding that

00:43:43   to be annoying.

00:43:44   Because you're swapping down over your selfie camera instead of actual pixels?

00:43:49   Maybe I'll get used to it. Like, if you swipe down from the left of the sensors,

00:43:56   it will definitely do it. Obviously, if you swipe down from the right, it's control center,

00:43:59   which is annoying. And you can, if you get it right, you can swipe down from the middle,

00:44:04   but it doesn't work for me 100% of the time where it does otherwise. So, yeah. Frustrating.

00:44:14   - Federico, what are your plans to get a phone?

00:44:16   - I'll figure them out soon enough.

00:44:19   Like I told you, I will improvise.

00:44:21   And realistically, what's gonna look like?

00:44:25   One day, I will be digging around the Apple website.

00:44:29   I'll select my model.

00:44:31   And very last minute, the Apple store nearby,

00:44:34   if it's gonna have it, I'll tell Silvia,

00:44:35   "Hey, this store has two left.

00:44:38   "Let's drive there and get it."

00:44:41   And that's what I'm gonna do.

00:44:42   - Plan it fast on this.

00:44:43   I don't want to do the whole thing.

00:44:45   Yeah, I don't want to do the whole thing where you buy it

00:44:47   and you got to wait for five or six weeks.

00:44:49   Nah.

00:44:50   I don't, like I'm already waiting for furniture.

00:44:54   I don't want to have another thing

00:44:55   that I'm supposed to be waiting for delivery.

00:44:58   Let alone, I'm just going to swing it.

00:45:00   But you know, when the day comes,

00:45:03   I will improvise and go there and pick up one in person,

00:45:08   like the good old days.

00:45:09   - This is a very different, like,

00:45:13   I'm not used to this energy from you.

00:45:16   'Cause I remember like the,

00:45:20   the like real chaotic energy you had that day

00:45:25   when the phone was gonna be delivered,

00:45:28   but it wasn't gonna arrive in the end.

00:45:29   - Yeah, that was rock bottom for me.

00:45:32   - You just, okay, you know what?

00:45:33   Now I get it.

00:45:34   You just decided I don't wanna feel like

00:45:36   any of this way anymore.

00:45:38   Fine. - Nope, exactly.

00:45:38   - I appreciate it.

00:45:40   - I don't wanna have the day one pressure.

00:45:42   I don't want to have the delivery pressure.

00:45:45   When I know that I can buy it in person,

00:45:48   I'm going to be there, pick it up,

00:45:50   open it in front of the Apple Store person,

00:45:53   confirm that the screen looks good, and drive off.

00:45:56   Wait, why are you going to confirm

00:45:57   that the screen looks good?

00:45:58   What's that?

00:45:59   Sometimes you've got dead pixels.

00:46:02   I've always done this.

00:46:03   Interesting.

00:46:04   Yeah, people do it all the time.

00:46:06   They open it up and they--

00:46:08   at the Hello screen, it's all white.

00:46:10   You can see a dead pixel pretty easily.

00:46:12   You just tell the person, "Hey, can you open this up and confirm it looks good?"

00:46:15   Yeah, and they're like, "Yeah, do it."

00:46:17   They actually tell you, "Do you want to start the setup here?"

00:46:19   I'm like, "Yeah, no, I just want to confirm that it looks good."

00:46:23   That's a pro tip.

00:46:24   You don't want to go home and have that pixel on your screen and then you've got to go back.

00:46:28   This is the thing that annoys me when people are like, "This is a 'allow me' for two minutes."

00:46:35   But this whole thing that I've seen lately with, "Oh, AppleCare is my case," that is

00:46:41   silly and I don't get it because the people who say that are people who somehow have the

00:46:47   time and patience to always go to the Apple store to get it exchanged. The real pro tip

00:46:54   is don't break your phone because I mean, what you're rich and you don't and you have

00:47:01   all the time in the world to always go to the Apple store and get it exchanged. Like

00:47:06   what? Is it just like going to a coffee shop to exchange an iPhone? Do you understand the

00:47:10   whole thing that it becomes, make sure you have a backup and give it to a person. And

00:47:16   then you've got to make sure that you have a secondary iPhone if they tell you, "Look,

00:47:20   it's going to take a couple of days," or, "It's going to take five hours." What? You're

00:47:23   not going to get text messages for five hours or two days? Like, how much time do you have?

00:47:27   Are you Warren Buffett that you're just going to have a person that just is going to come

00:47:32   in and give you another phone that's already pre-configured for you? That is so silly.

00:47:37   would you say AppleCare is my case? No, a case is a case. AppleCare is insurance.

00:47:41   Yeah, and also sometimes you go to AppleCare and they won't replace your horribly scratched

00:47:45   phone because they say it's not broken enough. And I see these nerds on Twitter and they

00:47:51   make it so easy. Yeah, just go to the Apple Store. Like, what is your job? Going to the

00:47:55   Apple Store out of sheer pleasure on a random morning because AppleCare is your case? I...

00:48:03   (laughs)

00:48:03   Wow.

00:48:04   Man, nerds.

00:48:05   Wow.

00:48:06   Didn't expect all of that.

00:48:09   I did realize though,

00:48:10   you've made this out to be like, you've changed, right?

00:48:13   Oh, I used to be in the hustle for the iPhone on day one.

00:48:16   And now you're just relaxed and mature.

00:48:17   You'll just float in the Apple store

00:48:19   in a cloud of something.

00:48:21   What I think has happened is that you now no longer

00:48:25   have the same delivery guy you used to,

00:48:27   and you feel afraid of deliveries

00:48:30   you don't have the fallback of the UPS guy's phone number in the bakery. You're out, you know,

00:48:35   fair point. You're in this new place, you don't know your delivery person, and you're scared,

00:48:40   and you don't have to be scared. It's a good theory. I do miss my previous delivery guy,

00:48:45   but see the thing is I have a doorman now. Oh, look at this guy. Oh, look at him. Like a minute

00:48:51   ago he's like, oh, what are you rich people? You don't have your own doorman to just do it for you?

00:48:57   You can't send your own doorman to the Apple store like a commoner?

00:48:59   Man to the people, I say!

00:49:03   Oh Federico, you shouldn't have said this.

00:49:05   All you're gonna get from me is the truth and nothing but the truth.

00:49:10   And this is the truth, when it comes to deliveries...

00:49:12   Get the doorman to do it.

00:49:13   I mean, we're paying for the guy, it's one of his responsibilities.

00:49:18   I need to know, is he your doorman or is he a doorman for other people as well?

00:49:24   Well, for all the people in the building, I live in an apartment. It's not just my doorman.

00:49:29   I live in a building with multiple apartments and 40 different, no, not 40, but like 30 different

00:49:35   families or something. So yeah, but we all pay a fee, obviously. So just like a rubric person.

00:49:42   No, I'm just saying, you know, it's one of the, you know, it's one of the perks

00:49:48   of these buildings and, you know, the chat wants to know the doorman's name. I don't think you

00:49:54   share that with us but in my mind his name is John I don't know why it just

00:49:57   came to mind look it's so stereotypical no it wouldn't be John it would be

00:50:02   Giuseppe so stereotypical and it's so easy I mean Michael will guess it think

00:50:09   of it first time name that comes to mind Mario yes I can't wait for his brother

00:50:22   to fill in for him one day, you know?

00:50:24   - Oh, imagine that.

00:50:25   Imagine, hey, it's my brother Luigi.

00:50:27   - Just a taller guy.

00:50:28   - He's dressed in green.

00:50:29   - But yeah, so anyway, AppleCare is not your case.

00:50:36   AppleCare is a thing that you have

00:50:39   so you don't pay to get your phone replaced.

00:50:42   Don't make it sound like going to the Apple store

00:50:45   is just like tying your shoes or something.

00:50:47   It's not.

00:50:48   - Fedrick, I need to tell you something.

00:50:50   So Myke has been using a popsocket on his phone for a long time, the phone that he broke, by the way.

00:50:55   Whoa, that had nothing to do with drop. I didn't drop it.

00:50:58   And we were together and he got a MagSafe popsocket, which is terrible. Like it's humongous

00:51:05   and ugly and terrible. And then he said something that really surprised me. I might try it without

00:51:10   a popsocket. So Myke is just going to go, potentially, just full, just no case, no nothing.

00:51:18   And I'm following up Myke. What are you doing? I

00:51:20   Would like to get rid of the pop socket

00:51:23   But the problem is I've gotten so used to being able to stand my phone and watch video or whatever that I don't think

00:51:30   I'm gonna be able to do it. Could I suggest a kickstand system?

00:51:32   No, because it's like it's either I have a I have a pop socket or I have nothing is how I feel and I

00:51:39   Don't think I'm gonna be able to go pop socketless. Hmm to be honest with you

00:51:44   I don't think I'm gonna keep the magnetic one on there. I don't like it

00:51:47   So I might just, yes huge, so I might just go like and get like another pop socket and

00:51:53   put it on this new phone.

00:51:54   But I haven't fully decided yet one way or the other.

00:51:57   I'm using mine in the orange leather case.

00:52:00   My phone is white so it kind of looks like an ice cream treat on the back but the orange

00:52:03   is nice and fun and colorful and once we're firmly into jeans weather, which we are not

00:52:08   even close right now in Memphis, I tend to go caseless wearing jeans because like it's

00:52:14   not going to slip out of my pocket, but wearing shorts or other kind of pants, I'm using the

00:52:19   leather case.

00:52:20   The doorman is my case.

00:52:22   The doorman is my case.

00:52:23   I don't know why you guys find it so funny.

00:52:27   Well, because it's very common here for modern apartments to have one.

00:52:31   I mean, maybe.

00:52:32   I mean, I've never experienced it.

00:52:34   I think you guys are thinking of like American TV shows where like people live in on the

00:52:38   Upper East Side and they have the doorman.

00:52:41   That's exactly what I'm thinking of.

00:52:42   No, it's not one of those doormen with the fancy hat and the suit and everything.

00:52:47   It's not about the hat or the suit, it's just the fact that there's somebody who

00:52:49   sits in the bottom of your building and he greets you and you come in and he takes your

00:52:53   package.

00:52:54   Oh, and he talks.

00:52:55   See?

00:52:56   Right?

00:52:57   Likes to talk.

00:52:58   This is all what I'm thinking of.

00:52:59   Like, it's not about how they dress.

00:53:00   Oh yeah, and he knows everybody's business, right?

00:53:02   Yeah.

00:53:03   He does.

00:53:04   Powerful.

00:53:05   Powerful person.

00:53:06   Yeah, he's got a ton of power, actually.

00:53:07   Do you think he listens to Connected?

00:53:09   Well, no.

00:53:11   I think he spends a ton of time on Facebook, unfortunately.

00:53:14   Yeah, sometimes comes up with these theories about modern society.

00:53:18   Yeah, that's the unfortunate downside of having that kind of--

00:53:23   Yeah.

00:53:24   Still, though, pretty lovable guy.

00:53:26   Has he Googled you yet, do you know?

00:53:28   Huh?

00:53:29   Has he Googled you yet, do you think?

00:53:31   Oh, I believe so, because he made a joke about me spending a ton of time

00:53:35   in front of computers, and I don't believe I mentioned that.

00:53:38   So, told you, you know, it's everybody's business.

00:53:42   So, but I mean, comes with the territory, you know?

00:53:46   Now I don't have to stress about the liveries anymore.

00:53:49   - That would be nice.

00:53:50   - You guys know me, you know, all the stories

00:53:53   about the missing packages from John, from you guys,

00:53:57   from Apple sometimes, like review-

00:54:00   - My calendar last year.

00:54:01   - Your calendar, like that was really stressful

00:54:04   and now that stress is gone.

00:54:05   I'm all about removing stress,

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00:57:19   It is now time for the event that everyone has been waiting for my god

00:57:24   The TV OS 16 review. Oh my god the my curly review the only one the one and only I was kind of hoping

00:57:32   Everyone would forget to be honest this year. No, we had quite a few emails and tweets about this. We don't get years off. This is a

00:57:40   Responsible. This is a duty that we need to uphold each summer. The TV OS team is hard at work day in and day out

00:57:48   Crafting this operating system. So you have to spend time reviewing it for us

00:57:54   So tell us what's new we are firmly within blinking you'll miss it territory when it comes to tv/os

00:58:00   Such a good opening line. I love it. Thank you. Thank you very much. I

00:58:05   Genuinely believe most users would literally have no idea that their Apple TV had updated

00:58:11   Like when you perform the update it gives you like three features that

00:58:16   tv/os is added and honestly

00:58:19   I have a bunch of features I'm going to tell you about today that even the tvOS update

00:58:24   doesn't tell you has been updated on your Apple TV.

00:58:29   They're seriously underplaying this platform just in general right now, including the platform

00:58:35   itself is underplaying itself.

00:58:37   A prime example of this though is where you will find a subset of the list of new features

00:58:43   for tvOS 16.

00:58:44   It is in a support document.

00:58:47   where you get a list of what is new for tvos 16 for apple tv tvos i think with 16 it may

00:58:57   but i think maybe no they had it with 15 don't even have a page on apple's website anymore

00:59:02   for tvos like at all you there just isn't one there's pages for apple tv apple tv plus

00:59:09   that kind of stuff but there is no longer like a hey here's what's happening they don't

00:59:13   have that. They don't have any kind of visual page for tvOS 16. I hope that this is not

00:59:18   the case going forward, but as of right now, that is the case. And they have like five

00:59:25   features that are on this knowledge base article. One of them is an accessibility feature called

00:59:33   hover text, which is great that they put that in there, but there are many other features.

00:59:39   The biggest feature I think that tvOS has had, I expect from a development standpoint,

00:59:46   is something called cross-device connectivity.

00:59:49   This is not mentioned in tvOS's release notes anywhere, and unfortunately I do think it's

00:59:55   going to be the age-old story of tvOS, of "this is a great idea and unlocks a lot of

01:00:03   really interesting places developers could go to, but I don't think anyone's going to

01:00:08   implement it.

01:00:09   So, this is what it does.

01:00:12   With cross device connectivity, the Apple TV can integrate with other devices like your

01:00:17   watch, your iPhone and your iPad to "unlock new experiences" on Apple TV.

01:00:22   So for example, you could make a fitness app, like Fitness Plus, that could gather data

01:00:30   or show data with a companion watch app or a companion iPhone app.

01:00:36   So you could be looking at something on your TV and the iPhone app could be giving you more information

01:00:41   So, you know potentially could do some playing field leveling the Fitness Plus although I have no doubt that Fitness is Plus thing

01:00:48   You cannot do that. Like you can't tie into the activity rings or whatever

01:00:53   But I thought it could maybe enable something like I've spoken about this before that I would love TV OS in general

01:01:01   to get a feature like Amazon's X-ray, which is where you can be watching something on

01:01:06   Amazon Prime and get information about who's on screen

01:01:10   What else is in the frame that kind of stuff? I

01:01:13   Figured maybe you know, it's imagine Netflix. For example, they could have and you could be watching something on the TV app and then the

01:01:20   Maybe on the Netflix phone app, you could be seeing information about other stuff that's on screen at that moment

01:01:27   I figured you could create say a second screen experience to sports games

01:01:32   So you could be watching a football game and get score updates on your iPad or whatever. That'd be cool

01:01:38   That's that's one of like my favorite features of Amazon Prime video

01:01:42   Like if you're watching it will show you like who's in the scene

01:01:45   What other stuff they've been in I really find it really useful cuz I don't know about y'all

01:01:50   But I feel like every time I watch something

01:01:51   because I'm terrible at this like I know I've seen this actress in something else right and

01:01:56   Prime just surfaces it for you and this would be such a cool way to bring that to you know

01:02:00   the place where we watch the most TV in the living room and

01:02:03   So I wish they would do this

01:02:05   I think we should Apple would do this for Siri, but they've got to do it

01:02:08   But in theory other companies could do this kind of stuff now

01:02:12   I figured you could probably have it as a way to make some interesting multiplayer game experiences too, right if the devices can communicate

01:02:19   So these are all like potentially really cool ideas, you know, but I don't expect to see it because

01:02:25   Because stuff like this gets added to TVOS, but developers don't adopt it.

01:02:30   User profiles.

01:02:32   So that user profile thing, which is something that I think they've added some new functionality

01:02:36   in TVOS 16 to let you create them on the device more easily.

01:02:42   Developers can tie in.

01:02:43   So Netflix can tie in so you don't ever have to see the Netflix "Who is this?" screen,

01:02:49   right?

01:02:50   When you go onto Netflix and it's like you choose the profile, you can tie that into

01:02:54   TV OS's profile, so you just do it at a system level.

01:02:57   But no developers are tying into it

01:02:59   because they don't care what Apple TV is doing.

01:03:04   They don't care.

01:03:05   Like there's such a standoffishness.

01:03:08   You know, like you think it's bad.

01:03:09   Like, you know, we complain about Google, right?

01:03:13   And they're like their apps on iPhone,

01:03:14   on iPad and stuff like that.

01:03:17   This is just par for the course of TV, right?

01:03:19   Like the major apps on the TV,

01:03:21   they don't care about anything that the Apple TV is doing, right?

01:03:26   Like, you're lucky if they'll integrate with the TV app,

01:03:30   but they don't use any of the UI stuff, right?

01:03:33   Like, you know, like the fun, like the way you get the--

01:03:35   What is that called? I don't remember the name.

01:03:37   I should know this as the TV guy.

01:03:38   Where they did it with the, like, the tiles where they can kind of move,

01:03:43   and they--

01:03:44   - The parallax?

01:03:45   - No, and they brought it with the--

01:03:46   It was the underlying technology for the--

01:03:48   - The focus engine.

01:03:49   - Thank you, focus engine, right?

01:03:51   So they don't even do that.

01:03:52   - Dynamic engine focus.

01:03:53   - Yes, exactly.

01:03:54   The photonic focus engine, focusonic engine.

01:03:57   But they don't even do that, right?

01:03:59   I hope to be proven wrong,

01:04:01   but I don't expect to see a lot of this happening.

01:04:03   Talking about fitness though,

01:04:06   Fitness Plus will now show

01:04:07   what is called intensity metrics on screen.

01:04:10   So this is when it's like,

01:04:11   there's parts of a Fitness Plus workout

01:04:13   where they're like, now's the time to push.

01:04:15   They're gonna show more of that on the TV screen.

01:04:17   Like if you do it on an iPad or an iPhone,

01:04:20   already seeing some of this, more of that is going to show up there.

01:04:24   TVOS now supports HDR10+, so there's a new feature called Buddy Controller, which I think

01:04:30   is really cool.

01:04:31   You do this in TVOS's settings, so if you have say two, because you can now support

01:04:36   Nintendo Switch controllers, so let's imagine you now have two Nintendo Switch controllers,

01:04:41   and you're playing with somebody who has maybe different accessibility needs, or maybe you're

01:04:45   playing with children, you can combine two controllers to essentially be one controller.

01:04:50   So you can have multiple controllers, multiple people. So you could have one person maybe

01:04:56   who's doing the jumping and one person who's doing the movement. And I thought, you know,

01:05:00   like parents can maybe if they're playing a game with their kids, maybe they're struggling

01:05:04   on it a little bit, they can just like, you know, just sneakily help them out. So I think

01:05:07   that's a cool feature. Luckily, this is a feature which is just in Apple settings and

01:05:12   Game developers don't need to do anything. Thank goodness because no one would do anything

01:05:17   Right. I mean I guess for this to work you have to have a game you want to play on tvOS

01:05:22   But that's a different topic. Apple arcade. There's stuff. There's some stuff. Yeah, there's some stuff

01:05:27   We now have new rich previews for Apple TV plus content in the TV plus section

01:05:34   So that's good multiple language text input support

01:05:39   This is literally one of the three features that they tell you about

01:05:42   when you update to tvOS 16.

01:05:46   I wouldn't necessarily say that this is a banner feature

01:05:50   But it's one that they really want you to know when they when they tell you when you update. It supports personalized spatial audio

01:05:57   With AirPods, of course, let's not get wild you can't do the setup on tvOS

01:06:02   But if you've already done the setup with your AirPods for personalized

01:06:06   Spatial audio on iOS you can go and it will support that profile that you've created for yourself on the TV

01:06:12   I don't think I've ever ever used AirPods with my Apple TV. I just always forget something that I could do

01:06:16   Yeah, I don't ever really think about it too. It got easier when they start doing the automatic switching thing

01:06:23   Yeah, although with the TV it just asks you all the time

01:06:26   Which I think is good rather than actually doing the switching sure they handled that right there

01:06:31   But it is a feature that's available to you if you want it unlike their other products where your AirPods just skip around for

01:06:37   Reasons that cannot be comprehended sometimes. I was at by and large I use that feature and by and large

01:06:42   I find it to work pretty well

01:06:44   I need to try it again then because I turned it off in the early days and haven't looked back

01:06:47   But as we discovered on Friday during the podcast a thon

01:06:50   Using AirPods 2 is a far worse experience in AirPods Pro in a bunch of different ways that are interesting

01:06:58   So maybe the new ones will work out for me.

01:07:02   Apple TV and TV OS supports the My Sports feature.

01:07:06   This is like one of their new cross-platform things

01:07:09   where you can tell something somewhere in Apple's platforms,

01:07:13   hey, I like the sports team, and then it

01:07:15   will follow you across platforms from thing to thing.

01:07:18   Yeah.

01:07:19   You know what I'm thinking now?

01:07:20   I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the things

01:07:23   that TV OS tells you about if you're in America.

01:07:26   Maybe, I don't...

01:07:28   So my thing that I'm telling you,

01:07:29   there's these three things.

01:07:31   That's what I saw when I updated.

01:07:33   It is possible that in other markets,

01:07:35   they're showing you other features like My Sports,

01:07:37   which I think is just a US thing.

01:07:38   And I would be surprised if it didn't show.

01:07:40   Yeah, and I actually don't think it's,

01:07:43   I don't think it's out.

01:07:44   Like I'm in the news app and I can't find it anywhere.

01:07:47   That may also be because...

01:07:48   One thing I do want TVOS to be better at is

01:07:51   if you're watching a game,

01:07:55   don't send me notifications about that game on the TV.

01:07:59   So if you're watching a movie and you have,

01:08:02   like for me, like I have, you know,

01:08:04   watch a lot of Memphis Tiger football games, for instance,

01:08:05   and it's like, oh, Memphis kickoff is in five minutes,

01:08:09   or there's a close score of the Grizzlies game.

01:08:11   It's like, if I'm already watching it,

01:08:13   I don't need the TV app to send me a notification

01:08:16   that the score is close,

01:08:17   because I can see that the score is close.

01:08:19   And I understand that Apple like doesn't want to know

01:08:21   what you're watching and for privacy reasons,

01:08:24   and that's great, like I think that's all really good,

01:08:27   but maybe a little bit, a little bit of knowledge

01:08:30   about what I'm doing would be helpful.

01:08:32   - That is weird that it does that,

01:08:35   I didn't know that it did that.

01:08:36   - Yeah, it's like, oh, Memphis kicking off.

01:08:37   - It's not doing anything to try and work out

01:08:39   that maybe you're watching it.

01:08:40   - Yeah, it's like, yeah, I know, Apple,

01:08:42   I can see it with my eyes.

01:08:44   - Like many platforms, support for Matter is coming later.

01:08:50   I guess this will probably be TVOS 16.1

01:08:53   is when it will likely ship.

01:08:55   'Cause I know that iOS 16.1 has a settings panel for Matter.

01:08:59   So, you know, but I expect Matter is going to be

01:09:02   an important thing for TVOS.

01:09:04   TVO, the Apple TV is probably most people's,

01:09:08   at least one of their home hubs if they have that at home.

01:09:11   I think it makes a lot of sense to have that

01:09:12   or a HomePod be the home hub rather than an iPad.

01:09:16   And Matter is gonna be supported on the Apple TV.

01:09:20   - Yeah, that's good.

01:09:22   I understand that the iPad is maybe more likely to have

01:09:25   than these other products, but it always seems strange to me

01:09:28   that it could be a home hub.

01:09:29   - Yeah.

01:09:30   - 'Cause you could just walk out the door with it.

01:09:31   And I've had my Apple TV set up my home hub forever,

01:09:36   and I've never had it really cause any issues.

01:09:39   It's always there, right?

01:09:40   Like I don't travel with my Apple TV or anything, so.

01:09:43   - Well, it's always plugged into.

01:09:44   - Yeah, it's just always there under the TV,

01:09:46   like quietly doing its thing.

01:09:48   - It's kind of it.

01:09:49   - Okay.

01:09:50   and I stretched it, but I have a conclusion.

01:09:53   - Ooh, that's important.

01:09:55   - I learned from all of the review greats

01:09:57   that you've got to have an intro and a conclusion,

01:09:59   which I've given you today.

01:10:01   And the most of my work was put into the intro

01:10:03   and the conclusion.

01:10:04   The rest of this was just digging around online.

01:10:07   I would like to thank Apple Insider, MacRumors,

01:10:10   and 9to5Mac for giving me some of these features.

01:10:14   I don't know where they got them

01:10:15   because Apple sure doesn't want to tell you about them.

01:10:18   I think if what we have right now, like with what I've just spoken to you about, is Apple's

01:10:24   intended plan for year over year changes, like if this is what they were like, "Yeah,

01:10:30   this is what we want tvOS to be, just this kind of amount of change."

01:10:35   I actually believe that they would have just rolled tvOS into iOS now in the way that they

01:10:41   do with the HomePod.

01:10:43   So like the HomePod gets some very basic features each year and HomePod gets its own software

01:10:50   update but it's really it's kind of iOS right like iOS kind of is there and you update it

01:10:56   on the phone and it does its whole thing.

01:10:58   Or like the studio display for that matter.

01:11:00   Yeah right like it you update the studio display via software update on the Mac it's actually

01:11:05   part of a Mac OS update more than anything else.

01:11:08   And I feel like if this was their intention, that they would have just done that.

01:11:14   So I do still feel like there are bigger things on the horizon for tvOS with new hardware

01:11:20   areas that they can move into.

01:11:22   But we have to wait for that to materialize, I think, before tvOS can make bigger jumps.

01:11:28   If they go into really pushing different types of HomePod devices and TV devices, it could

01:11:35   all be a part of tv os or like a new operating system that kind of that home os or something

01:11:40   encapsulates all of it you know like i would love to have a tv os that's got an integrated

01:11:46   like a tv that's got an integrated home pod sound bar and like a camera so i could do

01:11:50   family facetime calls or whatever right like but i think for tv os to make bigger leaps

01:11:55   it needs to have more than just that little box because i think we've pushed it to its i think

01:12:03   they've pushed it to some of its logical conclusions now.

01:12:05   Now, as I said before on the show,

01:12:07   there are things that I want to see tvOS do,

01:12:09   but I don't know if they're necessarily

01:12:11   what Apple wants to do because some of it's going to require

01:12:13   business model changes that I don't think

01:12:15   that they're wanting to do, right?

01:12:17   But if we're going to see maybe bigger jumps for tvOS,

01:12:21   I think there needs to be some hardware.

01:12:23   Or what we're seeing with tvOS 16 is the beginning

01:12:27   of the rolling in of tvOS to iOS,

01:12:29   with like this continued downplaying of tvOS's

01:12:33   own platform, it doesn't get mentioned at WWDC keynotes, it doesn't get its own pages,

01:12:39   really and by and large it's just benefiting from things that the other platforms are getting

01:12:45   because it needs to support them. I think that 2023 could be a pivotal year for Apple TV

01:12:54   and its place in the home if there's going to be new hardware for it and I hope that it,

01:12:59   I hope genuinely it gets a bigger place. I love my Apple TV. It's how I consume all of my streaming media content.

01:13:06   I think it's a great platform and it is even best when everyone's on the same page with it.

01:13:12   Yeah.

01:13:12   I can get all of my content in the TV app, all that. I think it works great.

01:13:17   Could I interest you in a new window management system for tvOS?

01:13:20   I mean the thing is like when Federico's right in his conclusions, like usually people don't just like pop in with their comments.

01:13:27   You know what I mean? Like I was building into a thing here, you know.

01:13:30   It's a solemn moment. Please continue.

01:13:33   But although they actually could do with a better picture-to-picture system.

01:13:38   Yes. Agreed.

01:13:38   Some kind of window management there actually might not be a bad idea.

01:13:43   Nevertheless, I think that advancement to tvOS has to start with hardware.

01:13:48   Like Apple's always talking about their strength for the integration of hardware and software.

01:13:53   And right now their TV efforts with hardware is showing the weakness in software.

01:13:58   They don't actually have anything to integrate the software with. Nothing's changing.

01:14:03   So, tvOS 16. That's it.

01:14:07   Well done.

01:14:09   Underwhelming.

01:14:11   I actually really enjoyed the review though.

01:14:13   Thank you.

01:14:14   See, the thing is, this whole segment, it kind of started off as a meme,

01:14:20   But I actually really dig it.

01:14:23   You're not going to learn about this anywhere else.

01:14:26   So I am actually taking it now as a service that I provide to the passionate ones.

01:14:33   Yeah, thank you.

01:14:34   I actually like the intro and the conclusion and your thoughts, and I agree with you.

01:14:39   I think the next obvious step for this is hardware, otherwise this is pretty much it.

01:14:46   I guess the only thing I would add as a consideration is what's the plan here for the

01:14:53   eventual headset? Like, there's got to be something in terms of when you're wearing something and

01:15:00   you're staring at a big screen, I'm guessing that'll be some kind of compatibility there.

01:15:05   So maybe they can still, you know, they can still get by with just a small little puck that you

01:15:11   you place next to your TV and the TV shows content that is somehow compatible with the

01:15:17   headset but I don't know. As it stands right now it's kind of boring and I agree with you.

01:15:22   I would love to have proper TV with a HomePod and an Apple TV all in one but it doesn't

01:15:28   exist and this is all we get and yeah, kind of underwhelming. But thank you.

01:15:33   Anytime well not anytime, one time a year.

01:15:36   One time.

01:15:37   That's what I mean. One time.

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01:17:07   So we're going to talk next week about the Apple Watch Ultra.

01:17:11   Reviews went up this morning.

01:17:12   I watched MKBHDs and iJustine's, both fantastic videos.

01:17:16   Go check them out.

01:17:17   Uh, but we're gonna talk next week cause I should have mine on Friday.

01:17:20   I think we're also going to get into watchOS 9 a little bit.

01:17:22   Maybe one of the only tech podcasts that you listen to, but one of the

01:17:26   hosts has actually decided to buy that thing, so we might as well wait and

01:17:29   talk about your actual experiences rather than what other reviewers have thought.

01:17:33   Doing it for the passionate ones, you know, for the connected family.

01:17:36   doing it purely for yourself, but I appreciate that you're doing it because they made it

01:17:40   orange. But we did want to talk about iOS 16.1 and in particular, iPadOS 16.1. Federico,

01:17:48   you continue to document the rather horrific state of stage manager on the iPad. Has 16.1

01:17:57   fixed it?

01:17:59   [LAUGHTER]

01:18:00   And it's getting worse.

01:18:03   So I'm in a complex situation right now,

01:18:08   because I feel like I've gone through--

01:18:12   stage manager with IPadOS, I feel like I've gone through--

01:18:16   it's like a relationship.

01:18:19   And in the beginning, it's all love and hugs,

01:18:25   and we love each other, and we're so happy together.

01:18:28   And then very quickly in this accelerated timeline,

01:18:31   you start to see the flaws and the problems

01:18:34   of the other person, or in this case, a software feature.

01:18:39   Hey, I'm not weird.

01:18:40   Look, I'm just making a point.

01:18:42   And then eventually you get to, you grow, you know,

01:18:44   if you don't find common ground,

01:18:46   if you don't find the resolution for your issues,

01:18:50   you get to despise each other.

01:18:54   And I feel like I've seen all these stages this summer.

01:18:58   Because when I started off with Stage Manager,

01:19:02   obviously it was incredible, right?

01:19:05   The idea of using multiple apps at the same time,

01:19:07   going beyond two, using three, four, that's great.

01:19:11   Like, I wanted to have that.

01:19:14   And I was willing to put up with the idea

01:19:17   of overlapping windows,

01:19:20   because the implementation seemed pretty decent.

01:19:23   And even though I didn't need overlapping windows,

01:19:26   I could get by, I figured.

01:19:30   I was a little bit unsure about the design,

01:19:32   and as I pointed out in my iPadOS 16 preview story in July,

01:19:37   there were a ton of issues, a ton of problems,

01:19:40   technically speaking, and the external display integration

01:19:43   was not working at all, and there were a ton

01:19:45   of questionable design decisions, but I figured,

01:19:48   hey, I can use multiple apps at the same time,

01:19:52   and that's cool.

01:19:53   And over time, we've gone backwards, honestly,

01:19:58   and we're still, and in the latest beta of i4s 16.1 beta 2,

01:20:03   I feel like we're still going backwards

01:20:08   in terms of stability and just,

01:20:12   I am experiencing at the moment constant crashes.

01:20:16   M.G. Sigler put it so well on Twitter.

01:20:19   It's really that at the moment in iPadOS 16.1 Beta 2,

01:20:24   using iPadOS feels like Desmond in "Lost"

01:20:28   where when he needed to put in the numbers in the console

01:20:31   every 30 minutes or so,

01:20:33   and the crashes in iPadOS are just like that.

01:20:35   It feels like I'm on a timer when I'm working on the iPad,

01:20:38   because every 20 minutes or so, it's gonna crash,

01:20:42   and it's gonna close all my windows,

01:20:43   and I'm taken back to the lock screen.

01:20:45   It's very bad.

01:20:48   It's very bad.

01:20:49   The thing about Stage Manager is that, well, two things.

01:20:53   One, Apple is still adding things

01:20:57   and sort of throwing things at the wall

01:21:00   and seeing what sticks and making concessions

01:21:04   for design decisions that probably should have been made

01:21:09   two months ago instead of now.

01:21:11   Case in point, you can now shift click

01:21:17   windows in the strip on the left side of Stage Manager to add the window to your workspace.

01:21:25   So normally when you click a window you switch between workspaces, but now if you Shift+Click

01:21:32   you add that window from the strip into your workspace. Does this also work from the dock?

01:21:41   There it is. No, it doesn't. It doesn't work from... So you do it so late in the game,

01:21:51   but you do it halfway. But then at this point I wonder, okay, you were so set. And when I say this,

01:21:59   I say this because I know what I'm talking about. You know what I mean? If you were so set on saying

01:22:05   we believe the strip, it lets you switch between workspaces because that's what people do when

01:22:11   they click on windows, which is questionable thinking from a design perspective, but OK,

01:22:16   I'll buy it.

01:22:18   Now in late September you decide, well, although I guess if you shift click maybe you want

01:22:23   to add a window to the workspace.

01:22:24   I mean, great, but at this point I wonder, should it just make it an option in Stage

01:22:30   manager and let people choose when you click a window, do you want to add it or do you

01:22:36   want to switch.

01:22:37   And if you hold down a modifier, it toggles the behavior.

01:22:40   Like, just do that instead of shipping half an option.

01:22:45   Second, now, and this is still part of the first thing, I'll get to the second thing

01:22:50   in a minute.

01:22:52   change is that now you have almost pixel by pixel repositioning of windows, but only if

01:23:05   a window covers two other windows in the background and only on the x axis. So only horizontally.

01:23:15   I was trying this out today and I thought something, like I couldn't understand what

01:23:21   was happening because it wasn't working but it was because the window was ever so slightly

01:23:26   larger than the one behind it. Why is that the thing? Why is it only that way? Why do

01:23:33   they add like these half features? I don't get it. Stop adding new half features! Why?

01:23:41   So that's the thing, right? They started off with this. This is exactly the problem we

01:23:47   talked about a month ago, when it's like you're so set on having to ship a feature, but you're

01:23:55   making these half concessions now to try and please people who are criticizing your thing,

01:24:02   and you think you're fixing the problem, but instead you're just digging yourself a deeper

01:24:06   hole and the problem is going to get deeper and deeper.

01:24:09   Because let's go back to June.

01:24:11   In June, a lot of people were saying, "Okay, you did multi-windowing, but you're not giving

01:24:17   us exact control over the position of the windows.

01:24:21   If you're going to do Mac-like multitasking, just do it right and let me control windows."

01:24:26   And Apple was like, "No, no, no.

01:24:28   It's called stage manager.

01:24:29   Like it's literally in the name.

01:24:31   Like it's called stage manager because it manages the position of windows for you."

01:24:37   And so now, in late September, you make a concession on the very feature that's in the

01:24:44   name of the thing.

01:24:46   So now you get to actually fully manage the position of a window, but with a bunch of

01:24:53   asterisks.

01:24:55   Only if it covers two windows, and only horizontally, I can reposition a window vertically.

01:25:03   - You've proven that it is technically possible to do this.

01:25:07   - Yes, yes.

01:25:09   - So...

01:25:10   - Okay, and that concludes the first thing.

01:25:14   The second thing is, I was taking a look yesterday

01:25:18   and then this morning again at the Verge article,

01:25:21   look at the latest Windows 11 update.

01:25:25   They have a 2022 update, whatever it's called, it's out now.

01:25:30   You should update, there's a bunch of features.

01:25:32   One of them is even more controls and more options

01:25:34   for the tiling window mechanism that Windows has long offered

01:25:39   and that it's gone even better in Windows 11.

01:25:43   And I shared it on Twitter.

01:25:45   Go take a look at that GIF that I shared

01:25:46   because it gives you an idea.

01:25:48   And I, as fancy writers would say, I posited this question.

01:25:53   Imagine if iPadOS 16 got this version of multitasking,

01:25:59   and improved split view with a ton more controls

01:26:03   for tiling windows.

01:26:05   And so now, see, I'm thinking, right?

01:26:08   So I'm thinking about Stage Manager,

01:26:09   because I'm supposed to write about it

01:26:12   at some point in the very near future.

01:26:14   And I'm asking this question,

01:26:18   would anybody be upset if Stage Manager went away

01:26:23   and instead you got a better split view?

01:26:26   And I keep thinking about this,

01:26:28   Like, does anybody want overlapping windows?

01:26:33   Did Apple misinterpret what people wanted?

01:26:37   And instead, they tried to sell us on this feature

01:26:41   where all we wanted really was a better split view.

01:26:45   Because the thing that I don't get is that on the Mac,

01:26:49   I could make an argument,

01:26:50   even though, as I wrote many times before,

01:26:53   like I'm not a fan of overlapping windows,

01:26:56   But I can make an argument for it on Mac OS,

01:26:59   because Windows overlap.

01:27:00   And beneath the windows, you see your desktop.

01:27:05   And so you've got that two-way relationship, right,

01:27:08   between Windows and stuff, documents, files, whatever,

01:27:12   on your desktop.

01:27:13   And you've got that bridge in between them, right?

01:27:16   So it's like, yeah, the windows overlap.

01:27:17   Because if you imagine you're blowing--

01:27:20   you blow the windows away, you see your desktop.

01:27:23   And you see your files.

01:27:24   Sort of like you have that layering going on.

01:27:28   And you don't have that with Stage Manager on iPadOS.

01:27:31   So what's the point of the windows overlapping?

01:27:36   If you're gonna be spending most of your time

01:27:40   resizing windows in a grid,

01:27:42   or some fashion of a grid on iPadOS,

01:27:47   why do they need to overlap?

01:27:50   Like, you're seeing nothing beneath them.

01:27:54   You don't see your home screen.

01:27:56   And even if you did, you can't place documents

01:27:58   on your home screen.

01:28:00   What's the point of making them overlap?

01:28:02   And I keep thinking about this.

01:28:04   Is this a case of Apple trying to be

01:28:07   too fancy for its own good?

01:28:10   We were all asking for better multitasking and better

01:28:14   external display integration.

01:28:15   And Apple heard that as, oh, you want

01:28:18   Mac-like overlapping windows.

01:28:20   And we're like, no, no, no.

01:28:22   We don't necessarily need that.

01:28:25   Just give us better controls for split view.

01:28:28   And I don't know.

01:28:30   I keep thinking about this idea.

01:28:32   But at the same time, I'm feeling like, well,

01:28:35   if Apple is going for it, I don't

01:28:37   want to be the guy left behind.

01:28:39   We've seen people who are like, oh, I'm stopping using

01:28:46   the iPad.

01:28:47   I'm not doing that.

01:28:49   If these are moving on with the times, I am begrudgingly moving on with the times, I suppose.

01:28:56   And so I'm trying Stage Manager, I'm trying to like it, but the more I use it, you know,

01:29:01   set aside the technical stuff that's so broken right now.

01:29:03   Like, I'm trying to use it.

01:29:05   From a mere design perspective, I'm like, "Why?

01:29:10   Why am I looking at overlapping windows right now?

01:29:15   Why are they overlapping with each other?

01:29:18   I don't get it.

01:29:19   And I'm realizing that I, myself, am using Stage Manager.

01:29:24   This is-- by the way, thank you guys for letting me vent

01:29:28   all these frustrations and ideas,

01:29:29   because this is good practice for the review.

01:29:32   But I'm realizing that all I'm doing, essentially,

01:29:35   is using the resize indicator a bunch every day.

01:29:40   Because all I'm doing is I'm carefully

01:29:42   resizing windows to make them fit

01:29:45   into some MOSAIC-like grid view.

01:29:49   That's all I'm doing,

01:29:50   which is precisely what I dislike about overlapping windows.

01:29:54   And that's where I'm at with Stage Manager.

01:29:57   Bugs on one side and questionable design on the other.

01:30:02   And I'm like in the middle

01:30:03   trying to make sense of all of this.

01:30:06   And I just keep thinking about this alternate timeline

01:30:10   where Apple didn't go for a Mac-like feature,

01:30:14   but instead improved upon an iPad native design.

01:30:19   But that's, you know, not what we have.

01:30:22   So.

01:30:23   - I don't really know what's gonna happen.

01:30:25   I can't put my finger on what's gonna happen here.

01:30:28   Exactly.

01:30:29   - Like to get even, to ask an even simpler question.

01:30:34   Does anybody love stage manager?

01:30:37   - I'm sure people do.

01:30:38   Like I know I understand what you're asking,

01:30:41   but you've got to assume there's at least some people

01:30:44   like this is what I want.

01:30:46   Really?

01:30:47   You think there are?

01:30:48   Yeah.

01:30:49   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:30:50   Takes all kinds Federico, you know what I mean?

01:30:53   Like there's got to be some people that are like this is what I want.

01:30:58   Really?

01:31:00   Instead of a better split view?

01:31:02   I don't know.

01:31:04   Okay.

01:31:05   Right?

01:31:06   Well.

01:31:07   Well, as James, James is making a joke, but I think it's a good point.

01:31:12   I bet the stage manager designer does. There are people inside of Apple that think this

01:31:16   is the way to go. Like I'm not saying they're right, I'm not saying they're wrong, but like

01:31:19   you got to assume that there's at least one person inside of Apple who's like, we nailed

01:31:23   it here.

01:31:24   There's a ton of smart people. Like I'm just wondering if maybe this is a Mac feature that

01:31:27   made a lot of sense on Mac OS, some sense on Mac OS, and they thought, oh, this is also

01:31:35   what the iPad people want, you know, time saved. We're just going to build it once,

01:31:39   ship it on two platforms.

01:31:40   it started. Like I do, what did this start on the Mac or did this start on the...

01:31:45   According to an article that apparently got taken down off the internet, it started on

01:31:49   the Mac like 10 years ago.

01:31:51   Exactly. And it used to be called Shrinky Dink on Mac OS X. But here's my other question.

01:31:59   If that design was scrapped, maybe that was for a reason? I'm just saying, but I will

01:32:08   say...

01:32:09   it works better on the Mac though right? It's so much better on the Mac. Yeah so.

01:32:14   And so I gotta wonder isn't it funny that the one time, the one time Apple

01:32:22   shipped a Mac like feature on iPad instead of doing an iPad first thing

01:32:30   look at what's happening. Like I don't think it's a coincidence so far I mean

01:32:35   there's been tons of people who didn't like split view, didn't like slide over

01:32:39   but not this kind of criticism, not this kind of outcry.

01:32:43   - Well, and not the kind of bugginess either, right?

01:32:46   Like even if you like the way it works,

01:32:48   if it crashes all the time,

01:32:49   it doesn't matter how good you think it is, right?

01:32:53   - Yep.

01:32:53   - I do worry that in an effort to align the iPad and Mac

01:32:58   with this feature, that they're making something

01:33:01   that is like not great on either platform,

01:33:04   like the compromises are too high.

01:33:07   I don't know how they get around that

01:33:08   because they sure seem set on like,

01:33:10   okay, this feature is gonna be on your Mac and your iPad

01:33:14   and they work the same way except in places they don't.

01:33:16   It just seems like such a mistake

01:33:18   because these platforms are so different.

01:33:21   I mean, I remember when this was rumored,

01:33:23   really thinking like, oh yeah, great.

01:33:24   Like overlapping windows make a lot of sense on the Mac.

01:33:27   They can make sense on the iPad.

01:33:29   I think they still could,

01:33:30   but I think the details around how Apple has done this

01:33:33   on the iPad just, they just don't make sense.

01:33:36   Yeah, and honestly, personally speaking,

01:33:39   it's kind of heartbreaking, really,

01:33:41   in the sense that all these years that we've been talking

01:33:45   and I've been writing these reviews

01:33:47   and pointing out all these instances

01:33:50   in which Apple was rethinking macOS features

01:33:53   for a different type of computing device,

01:33:55   for a different type of platform.

01:33:58   And now instead, it's almost as if they just gave up

01:34:01   and they were like, "Yeah, I guess we'll give them

01:34:04   the overlapping windows and the Mac feature,

01:34:07   because that's what they wanted.

01:34:09   It sort of lacks enthusiasm and it lacks, well,

01:34:13   you know, passion that we had before.

01:34:16   Like, what are the people who came up with Split View

01:34:20   and Slide Over and then when they changed Slide Over

01:34:23   and they let you put multiple apps in Slide Over

01:34:26   and then they thought of the shelf.

01:34:28   Like, I'm genuinely missing the shelf

01:34:31   and that's saying a lot.

01:34:33   if you remember, you know, the shelf that Apple did.

01:34:38   But like, where's that type of like out of the box thinking,

01:34:42   like, okay, let's rethink multitasking here.

01:34:44   It's just like, yeah, I guess we gave up everybody.

01:34:48   We just gave them desktop like multi-windowing.

01:34:51   That's it.

01:34:52   It's kind of sad, honestly.

01:34:54   I wouldn't want to be you right now.

01:34:56   [Laughing]

01:34:59   Yeah.

01:35:00   [Laughing]

01:35:01   Like for so many reasons, like one that you have a professional obligation to write about this, right?

01:35:10   You're going to one way or another write about this.

01:35:14   But also like everyone's looking at you and they're like this is what you wanted, right?

01:35:19   Like this is what you want. You wanted this. You asked for this. This is your feature for you on your platform.

01:35:27   And I wouldn't want to be in that situation.

01:35:30   And what's even worse is that I started off in June at WWDC with so much enthusiasm for

01:35:37   this and so much optimism.

01:35:38   Most surely Apple is going to improve this.

01:35:40   Shortly there's going to be, you know, for those of us who don't like manually resizing

01:35:45   Windows, surely there's going to be support for presets via shortcuts.

01:35:49   And they're going to ship this, right?

01:35:50   Because they're going to ship this because a manager said so.

01:35:53   And because they're stuck on this idea that this is going to happen in October because

01:35:59   a future iPad next spring is gonna... gotta have Stage Manager, we can't delay this because

01:36:05   also there's basically no other feature in iPadOS, so they're gonna ship this. They're

01:36:09   gonna do it.

01:36:10   The Stage Manager manager will get their way.

01:36:13   Stage Manager manager takes the stage. You're convinced that they're gonna do that? You're

01:36:19   convinced they're gonna ship it?

01:36:21   If there was a time to push this out to next year to cancel this or delay this, it was

01:36:26   last month and instead of the cancellation we got a delay in October. They're gonna do it.

01:36:31   Right, because at this point it's too... they can't keep iPads on 15 for much longer, right?

01:36:40   Like they have to push it and now this is so into the system it seems I guess too hard to pull out.

01:36:46   I don't... that I don't know, but what I hope is that at the very least and look,

01:36:55   I mean, look at us, we're begging for these things and I think it's kind of ridiculous.

01:36:59   I would say if you really think you gotta do it, disabled by default, no splash screens,

01:37:09   no promotional boxes that pop up to tell you about it, disabled. No promo messages,

01:37:18   and it's labeled as a beta. Make it super optional to get into, and you don't even get the default

01:37:26   toggle in Control Center. Wow, just bury it. Hide it. Bury it for people who really want it.

01:37:31   The one instance in which I would say enable it, put it up and show it, put up a promo message,

01:37:40   when you connect an external display. In that case, put up the promotional thing, like,

01:37:47   "Hey, this is stage manager." Like, in that case, yes.

01:37:50   Otherwise, for most people, no.

01:37:52   At least not in this current version.

01:37:55   But yes, Myke, what you said about me feeling like,

01:38:00   you know, that scene from "The Simpsons"

01:38:02   where everybody's looking at Bart, and they're like,

01:38:04   "Come on, do the thing, do the thing."

01:38:06   I feel like that. Like, everybody looking at me

01:38:08   be like, "You're happy, right? You must be so happy."

01:38:11   Like, "Ha, yeah. I'm so --" You know, looking around,

01:38:15   I'm so happy. It's awkward. Yeah.

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