415: Grab an App From the Basket


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 415! I almost said 300 but it's 415.

00:00:15   It's made possible this week by our sponsors Fitbod, Bombas and Adide.

00:00:20   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined in person by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   Howdy y'all it's me Myke Hurley and I am joined, not in person quite sadly,

00:00:28   with Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico. Hey guys, how are you? Pretty good. Yeah? Pretty good.

00:00:34   Got a big show today. So Federico, this morning all the iPhone reviews dropped and I realized

00:00:40   I'd forgotten that that was a thing that could have happened this week. Yes. I was surprised.

00:00:45   I was like, oh yeah, iPhone reviews. Like it wasn't even in my mind. Yeah, I mean you would

00:00:49   assume that the Apple Watch is next, like tomorrow or something? Oh yeah. Yeah. Well don't, the ultra

00:00:56   - Ultra doesn't ship till the 23rd.

00:00:58   - Yeah, but Series 8 though.

00:00:59   - Series 8, yeah, maybe Series 8 tomorrow

00:01:01   and the Ultra next week.

00:01:02   - I think I can tell you already

00:01:04   how the Series 8 reviews are all gonna go.

00:01:06   - Just like the iPhone 14 reviews have gone.

00:01:08   - Yeah, this is the same.

00:01:10   - A few weeks ago, we talked about

00:01:12   the Weird Fish license plate

00:01:14   that a listener had spotted in California on a Tesla.

00:01:17   And we assumed that it was all Weird Fish

00:01:19   because the license plate read WRDFSHS.

00:01:24   - Weird Fishes. - Weird Fishes.

00:01:26   I'm giving Drew credit, but about 100,000 people told us

00:01:29   - That's a lot of people.

00:01:30   - That Weird Fishes could also be the song by Radiohead.

00:01:35   - I think it is more likely it's us than Radiohead.

00:01:38   - In California on a Tesla, in Cupertino even, it's us.

00:01:42   - I think it's more likely.

00:01:43   I will say we have yet to hear from that person.

00:01:46   - We have not heard from that person.

00:01:48   - They may just be a couple of episodes behind.

00:01:50   - They could be shy.

00:01:50   - The odds are in our favor with this one, I think.

00:01:53   Why would you put a Radiohead license plate on a Tesla in California

00:01:57   instead of a connected joke?

00:01:59   Like, I just don't get it.

00:02:01   I have a question for the two of you.

00:02:03   This is not a quiz, by the way.

00:02:05   I feel like I should preface that.

00:02:07   Well, you don't.

00:02:07   So I very purposefully put my buzzer away.

00:02:11   You don't have a buzzer today to start the quiz.

00:02:14   No, there's no quiz.

00:02:15   Do you like Radiohead?

00:02:17   That's a tricky question.

00:02:20   Same.

00:02:21   Same as Federico.

00:02:22   Tricky question.

00:02:23   I can provide you with a shield here if you like before you answer.

00:02:26   I have twice in my life walked away from Radiohead headlining festivals.

00:02:32   I was at the festival, Radiohead came on and I left.

00:02:36   OK. Because I don't have any feelings for Radiohead.

00:02:39   So this is now protection for the two of you.

00:02:41   Very complicated feelings here.

00:02:45   I really like some songs.

00:02:47   I somewhat like OK Computer.

00:02:51   I really like Fake Plastic Trees and High and Dry on the album.

00:02:57   But my problem is the overall vibe that Radiohead give up.

00:03:03   I don't want to be sad for two hours.

00:03:06   I mean, I know you two love being sad with Death Cab.

00:03:10   Maybe everybody just needs one sad man.

00:03:12   But that's a different kind of sad, really.

00:03:14   Like, Death Cab is like indie sad, which is acceptable.

00:03:19   Radiohead is British said which is a whole other level of sadness like

00:03:25   in the context of like Radiohead is like

00:03:29   Some dudes from America are said which in and of itself is kind of funny when you think about it like oh, yeah

00:03:36   Some dudes from America are said like it's kind of it's kind of it's kind of cute in a way, but you know

00:03:45   Look, that's how I feel. I'm just sharing my feelings here. I love it. I want a radio

00:03:50   I don't like really said, you know, it's like gee, I know like it's the bombs me out

00:03:55   You know and so that's how I feel about radio head. Yeah, I'm in agreement with you

00:04:00   There are a couple of songs that I really like

00:04:02   But I don't ever want to put myself in that experience for a long period of time and that includes listening to an album Stephen

00:04:07   I don't think you fully answered

00:04:09   Actually, my thoughts align with Federico's the different kind of sad not my type of sad death

00:04:15   Death Cab does have a new album out on Friday though.

00:04:17   Federico and I have been texting a lot about it.

00:04:19   - Oh, okay.

00:04:20   - We're excited.

00:04:21   - Yeah.

00:04:22   - I have no doubt.

00:04:23   - We're actually not doing the podcast-a-thon.

00:04:24   It's just gonna be a Death Cab--

00:04:26   - A-thon.

00:04:26   - Album listening party.

00:04:27   - Yeah.

00:04:28   - The whole time.

00:04:29   - I mean, like, would you go to a Radiohead concert

00:04:30   and like, what, clap your hands or like jump?

00:04:34   No, you would just be there.

00:04:36   - No, you just stand there and cry.

00:04:37   - You just hug the person next to you.

00:04:39   - Yeah.

00:04:39   (laughing)

00:04:40   - Yeah.

00:04:41   - Hold me, Tom Yolk is crying again.

00:04:44   We have some Calax follow up.

00:04:45   This was sent in by our friends at the mostly retired Simple Beep podcast.

00:04:50   They do an episode occasionally.

00:04:51   And they have a Twitter account.

00:04:52   And they have a Twitter account where they mostly troll me, I feel like.

00:04:57   But a Twitter user named Michael Engle had this tweet with a 2x2 Calax, like the little

00:05:03   Calax buddy, and they stuffed it full of NextCubes.

00:05:07   And then Simple Beep sent it to me.

00:05:10   It works really well for that.

00:05:11   My NextCube is right there, you can see it.

00:05:12   Oh yeah.

00:05:13   a calaxo obviously because stephen hates that that is an ikea shelf though doesn't matter it's not

00:05:17   calax is it's just a shelf there's a calax right there yeah you hate it it's in the other room now

00:05:22   yesterday federico when we were in the other room stephen kicked the calax to prove that he didn't

00:05:26   like it it's not true it can't i didn't he's like oh calax and he came from it does have your face

00:05:32   all over it in front of me yeah i was like buddy i don't need to see this he's like yeah you do

00:05:37   i hate this thing and then he kicked it wow it was really weird

00:05:41   - Weird.

00:05:42   - It's a weird thing to do. - Weird, really weird.

00:05:44   Yeah, yeah.

00:05:46   Obviously, other parts to follow up,

00:05:47   did we all successfully place our product orders?

00:05:51   - Yes, eventually.

00:05:53   - I was beyond successful.

00:05:55   - Yes, please tell me more.

00:05:56   - I ordered three iPhones for two people.

00:05:58   - And how many of them did you get at the time you wanted?

00:06:01   - So I ordered a phone for you and me

00:06:06   for pickup Friday morning

00:06:08   so we could have them for the podcast-a-thon.

00:06:10   I on my phone was going to apply a trade in for my 13.

00:06:15   But that somehow kicked it out of the in-store pickup queue

00:06:20   and had it for delivery.

00:06:21   Now it was on the first day,

00:06:23   but we're going to be live for eight hours

00:06:26   on a show that day, so I can't be here to wait for UPS.

00:06:30   And so about six hours later,

00:06:32   I could go in and cancel the delivery.

00:06:36   So you, Myke, your phone, I'm picking up Friday morning

00:06:38   and I'm picking my phone up Saturday morning.

00:06:41   It's the closest I could get.

00:06:42   Although I'm gonna beg and plead Friday morning

00:06:44   to let them get mine.

00:06:45   - Yeah.

00:06:46   - I don't think they'll let me.

00:06:46   - You should, I don't know, say I was a genius.

00:06:49   - Don't you know who I am?

00:06:50   - Don't you know who I am?

00:06:51   You should try using that.

00:06:53   - Don't you know who I am?

00:06:54   I am Federico Vittucci.

00:06:56   I have shortcuts to run.

00:06:58   - So Steven, once again, did not place his order correctly,

00:07:02   but luckily did not mess up my order in the process,

00:07:04   which I'm very happy about.

00:07:06   - 'Cause they were actually two separate orders.

00:07:08   Because when you save a device for pre-order,

00:07:11   I couldn't put the other one in the bag,

00:07:13   so they're separate orders.

00:07:14   But what about you Federico, do you have anything coming?

00:07:16   - I got the new AirPods Pro coming.

00:07:19   So I told you guys this before,

00:07:21   I never liked the stress of getting an iPhone on launch day.

00:07:25   Like I started doing this years ago,

00:07:28   it really helped with my,

00:07:30   just because I know myself

00:07:31   and I know how stressed out and anxious I get

00:07:33   about this stuff with iPhones

00:07:36   having to be delivered on launch day, something always happens. So years ago, it was after

00:07:41   the iPhone X, I decided, you know, I'm not going to participate in this game anymore

00:07:45   with the iPhones because I know that if I place a pre-order for an iPhone, something

00:07:49   is going to go wrong. Like it's just bad karma that I have or something. So I stopped doing

00:07:54   that. So I just got the AirPods and the iPhone I will get eventually, like maybe next week

00:07:59   or something, or I'll just walk into a store because they always have walk-in units available

00:08:04   now, so whatever, I just walk into a store and get one. But the AirPods Pro, I did pre-order

00:08:12   just because I was concerned that they were going to be back-order for months and I was

00:08:16   not going to be able to find them at my local Apple store. And that in itself was an adventure

00:08:21   because I was at the beach, I took a small break before the review, I was at the beach

00:08:25   with one bar of 4G and everything was going very slowly and it was also giving me multiple

00:08:31   errors like my payment failed twice. I did not get charged. Yes, I had this too. Thankfully,

00:08:38   but eventually I did manage to get the AirPods Pro with the launch day delivery of September 23rd. So

00:08:46   it took me 15 minutes but it worked. So I tried to order AirPods Pro. I got the

00:08:52   Memoji engraving for fun. Oh nice. Did you see that? Which one? So there's gonna be a little

00:08:58   little mean multi-mic on there, which is good.

00:08:59   Nice.

00:09:00   But I ordered it.

00:09:02   It's the payment canceled.

00:09:04   I ordered it again and it went through.

00:09:06   And then an hour later I got two emails congratulating me

00:09:10   for two separate purchases.

00:09:11   I then canceled the one of the purchases.

00:09:15   And now the date on my original purchase went from the 23rd

00:09:19   to the 30th of September.

00:09:20   I don't know why, but I'm not going to be around at home on the 23rd.

00:09:26   So actually the 30th works best for me anyway, because I'm going to be at a wedding.

00:09:29   So, uh, I wouldn't have been around on the 23rd to pick them up.

00:09:32   So the 30th will do just fine.

00:09:34   But yeah, it seemed like just looking on Twitter too, there was like a lot of issues.

00:09:39   It seemed like with the purchasing this time, especially in the UK, I was seeing

00:09:44   a lot of people really struggling with actually trying to make purchases.

00:09:47   So, you know, still haven't got that right.

00:09:50   You know, still getting messed up.

00:09:52   I have some breaking news.

00:09:54   Okay.

00:09:54   straight hot off the presses.

00:09:56   iOS 16.1 beta one is out.

00:10:00   So.

00:10:01   Oh, OK.

00:10:03   And I am.

00:10:04   So maybe we'll find out something.

00:10:06   Stage Manager 2 is now shipped.

00:10:09   In iOS 16.1.

00:10:12   Is that not iPad 2 Federico?

00:10:15   Well, I'm checking the iPad now.

00:10:17   Surely it's got to be, right?

00:10:18   Well, you just ship iOS 16.1.

00:10:20   That'd be weird.

00:10:21   Well, well.

00:10:22   Maybe sus, it'd be super sus if there was no iPad beta or if there's an iOS beta.

00:10:27   Let's see.

00:10:27   Oh, of course, the iPad is still connected to the Wi-Fi,

00:10:30   which is not working today.

00:10:32   So let's see.

00:10:34   Can I freeload Sylvia's iPhone with tethering?

00:10:39   While Federico is doing that.

00:10:41   Stephen, do you want to talk about why we're here?

00:10:44   Yes, we are here because in just a couple of days on Friday,

00:10:48   September 16th, Myke, you and I will be hosting the fourth annual podcast

00:10:53   at the Han for St. Jude. We raise money all through the month of September for

00:10:57   St. Jude. St. Jude is a hospital, a research institution that treats kids

00:11:03   with cancer from around the world without regard for their family's ability

00:11:07   to pay. So what that means is that you get the world's best care and the best

00:11:12   research and the best doctors, the best treatment without having to worry about

00:11:16   about paying for it, which is an amazing thing

00:11:19   for those of us here in the US,

00:11:20   but it's well beyond the US.

00:11:22   St. Jude's reach is all around the world.

00:11:25   I wanted to tell a story about volunteering today.

00:11:29   If you've ever been in a hospital,

00:11:32   that can be pretty overwhelming, right?

00:11:34   You've gotta kinda figure out where everything is,

00:11:36   you gotta know where the cafeteria is,

00:11:38   know where to do paperwork.

00:11:39   That's in addition to all the medical stuff

00:11:41   that's going on, of course.

00:11:42   And one neat thing about St. Jude

00:11:45   that they really work hard to smooth down all those rough edges that you may

00:11:48   experience in other hospitals. So in the cafeteria they have volunteers during

00:11:55   the lunchtime and so if you're there with your kid or multiple kids or your

00:11:59   hands are full you can have somebody help you navigate the cafeteria and like

00:12:04   hold your tray and get stuff for you. You're not paying for your meal because

00:12:07   you're on campus which is really cool. You know it's just a little thing right

00:12:11   it's like oh let's have some volunteers in the cafeteria. When your hands are

00:12:14   and you're exhausted it is amazing to have someone just help you for a couple

00:12:18   of minutes. It's really cool and the people that that fill those sorts of

00:12:22   roles of the hospital are just amazing. The research, the treatment, all of it is

00:12:27   possible because people like us donate and so we do this every year. You want to

00:12:32   go to stjoe.org/relay. There you can donate directly to our campaign. You can

00:12:38   also set up your own campaign. Myke you want to talk a little bit about that?

00:12:41   Yeah, so if you want to, if you've been thinking like, "Hey, I want to do more," or maybe you

00:12:46   don't have the money to donate yourself right now, or maybe you just want to get some cool

00:12:50   exclusive Relay FM merchandise, when you go to stdude.org/relay, you can sign up to be

00:12:55   a fundraiser.

00:12:56   You can then share the link, the page that you create with your community, with your

00:13:00   friends, your family, and you can have them donate to St. Jude as well.

00:13:05   If you sign up to fundraise and you raise at least $1, you will get an exclusive Relay

00:13:11   AFM St. Jude limited edition challenge coin.

00:13:13   If you raise over $250, you will get an exclusive limited edition

00:13:18   Myke and Steven head desk mat for your own desk so you can make it look

00:13:22   incredible slash really weird for as long as you want.

00:13:24   But the really important thing is all of the money you raise goes to St.

00:13:28   Jude. It goes to further the cancer research that they do.

00:13:30   It goes to further the work that they do in saving the lives of children

00:13:34   in the US and around the world and sharing their research.

00:13:37   But also one of the great things about fundraising is

00:13:40   you're able to get the message of our campaign out to people that wouldn't

00:13:45   otherwise listen to our shows. So it's all additional money no matter how much

00:13:49   or how little you're able to raise. If it's ten dollars, that is ten dollars we

00:13:53   would never see otherwise. We currently have over a hundred and fifty people

00:13:58   that have signed up to do fundraising. Thank you so much to every single one of

00:14:01   you. There's so much incredible creative stuff and we really urge our listeners

00:14:05   to do the same. If you haven't yet go to stjr.org/relay. Find out more

00:14:09   about donating, find out more about fundraising.

00:14:11   And I think the biggest thing we'll ask you to do is to put on your calendar

00:14:16   this Friday, September 16th, 12 to 8 p.m.

00:14:19   US Eastern Time.

00:14:20   Twitch.tv/RelayFM will be the fourth annual podcast at the home for St. Jude.

00:14:24   We have eight hours of programming set out for you.

00:14:27   Tons of hijinks, tons of fun stuff. Federico is going to join us.

00:14:30   We're going to do a connected quiz as part of the podcast.

00:14:33   I think it's within the first hour.

00:14:35   So make sure he's there from the beginning.

00:14:37   If you want to catch that, I have a really fun quiz planned for these two gentlemen.

00:14:42   But we have stuff planned for the whole day.

00:14:43   I mean, Steve and I are going to be there and post it together.

00:14:45   We're so excited and we really, really hope that you'll join us and tune in for at least

00:14:50   some of it.

00:14:51   But we'd love all of it.

00:14:52   StTude.org/Relay to find out more about everything.

00:14:55   Twitch.tv/RelayFM for the podcast.

00:14:57   As we record this, we're getting ready to break $200,000 raise this year, which is awesome.

00:15:02   Thank you for those of you who've donated and we will see you online during the podcast

00:15:07   athon.

00:15:08   So we're here for St. Jude but I've also roped you into some projects around my house.

00:15:13   Yep.

00:15:14   Federico, me and Steven changed the garage door opener together.

00:15:17   When you say me and Steven, like how much was you, how much was Steven?

00:15:22   I held some tools and I also consulted.

00:15:26   I consulted on wiring placement.

00:15:29   Okay, so you held some objects and you answered a question?

00:15:36   I pressed some buttons.

00:15:37   Okay.

00:15:38   I don't know why you're treating me this way.

00:15:40   This is an unnecessary attack that I'm getting from you right now.

00:15:43   I'm being cyber bullied.

00:15:45   I was there.

00:15:46   I helped.

00:15:47   Okay.

00:15:48   Okay.

00:15:49   That's nice.

00:15:50   How did it feel?

00:15:51   I mean, I didn't screw anything or like drill anything, but I don't think Stephen would

00:15:55   have let me if I would have asked to be honest.

00:15:57   Would you?

00:15:58   Nah, you wouldn't have. Let's be real, you wouldn't have done that. Who trusts me?

00:16:01   Federica, would you trust me to start drilling things in your house?

00:16:04   I don't exactly picture you as a handy person with these things. Although you are handy with the keyboards, I should say.

00:16:12   Yeah, electronics. I could solder anything.

00:16:16   I've never seen you drill a hole in a wall or do the more...

00:16:20   I've done it!

00:16:21   You've done it. Is the wall okay?

00:16:23   I've done it. In my apartment, I've drilled things into the wall.

00:16:26   Okay.

00:16:26   So maybe this is my thing. So we're hoping to move this year and when we move, I'm like

00:16:33   maximum handy is what I'm going for.

00:16:35   Meanwhile, I spoke to Adina about me just coming over for a couple of weeks and doing

00:16:39   things for you.

00:16:40   I was not keen about how excited she was at the prospect of bringing Steven over to do

00:16:44   a bunch of projects. She was like really into that as an idea of like, Oh, that's a great

00:16:48   idea. Steven should come over for a few weeks and fix a bunch of stuff for us. And the whole

00:16:52   time which says it's kind of sad your situation yeah it's not good is it that's not good she

00:16:59   jumped at that she was like oh what a great idea she was like really into it okay yeah it's like

00:17:05   i'm standing right here i'm right next to you but hang on how it'll play out as you'll be doing

00:17:11   something and she'll just like be texting facetime or text me back hey please tell him how to do this

00:17:17   no hey oh you just learned from youtube or your dad so i'll learn from you you like my dad yeah

00:17:22   Kind of. Thanks, Daddy. I don't like that. Yeah. So what we did, we put a MiROS home kit

00:17:29   I guess, a home kit thing onto my garage so I can see when the garage door is up and down. I can

00:17:36   open it remotely. And it doesn't require like raspberry pies and stuff like other people's

00:17:41   setups. Real clean, easy to do. So thank you for the help, Myke. Anytime. It worked really well.

00:17:47   It did. It worked the first time. Every time. This episode of connected is made possible by

00:17:53   fitbod. We all balance work, family and everything else we have going on. It can be hard to make

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00:18:20   trainer lifting the weights or doing the movement so you know you're doing it correctly. I really

00:18:25   like that. It gives me confidence that I'm not going to do something I shouldn't. Personal

00:18:30   fitness is not about competing with other people. You don't want to look to others and try to stack

00:18:34   up against them doing what they do. What you need is something that works for you. That's when it

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00:19:22   So you get this balanced plan with a variety of exercises so you're not overworking anything

00:19:28   The app is simple to use it recently got updated with a fantastic new design. I mentioned the video tutorials

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00:19:39   Wear OS and apps like Strava Fitbit and Apple Health

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00:20:04   25% off your membership

00:20:07   One last time that's fit bod dot me slash connected for 25% off

00:20:12   Our thanks to fit bod for the support of the show and relay FM for it is time as the prophecy foretold

00:20:19   That Federico Vitici would publish his ios 16 review

00:20:23   It is done. How do you feel Federico? I'm feeling very good. I'm feeling very happy

00:20:29   actually

00:20:31   It went

00:20:33   It went really well better than I expected

00:20:36   Well, it went better than I expected.

00:20:39   I had a feeling/I was hoping that it would do better,

00:20:45   but still seeing it actually perform better with real numbers and results.

00:20:51   It's heartwarming. So yeah, I'm really happy.

00:20:54   I would like to ask you a bunch of questions, if I may.

00:20:59   Yes.

00:21:00   Kind of about the review itself and about some of the content.

00:21:03   because you know like you we're not going to hear like talk about iOS 16 in every specific feature

00:21:10   like people should read your review for that and you did a good job recapping a bunch of stuff on

00:21:14   app stories as well so we're not going to ask you to repeat a bunch of things but i wanted to kind

00:21:19   of talk through some stuff one because i have finished your review nice which is that is a

00:21:25   personal record for me that's faster when than when i was doing the audiobook i've read i read

00:21:31   I read it in two days, which I think is, I think, a testament to the review itself in this way.

00:21:39   Like, I am just really happy that you did whatever it is that you did that made it

00:21:44   a combination of both shorter, but also easier to read in a way that I can't explain.

00:21:51   But maybe you know what I mean?

00:21:52   Yeah, that was very, it was very deliberate.

00:21:55   And it's been really hard for me to do that because me,

00:22:00   Personally, I tend to have, you know, I have a tendency to talk a lot, especially about

00:22:07   things that I like.

00:22:09   I mean, you guys know this, like I can just go on and talk about every single detail of

00:22:13   every single thing that I like, because I'm very passionate.

00:22:17   We are enthusiasts, like that's our whole thing, right?

00:22:21   It's like you were just enthusiastic, like so you talk a lot about it.

00:22:26   and I have an opinion about something that I don't like,

00:22:29   I'm equally passionate about that.

00:22:31   And so I like to complain, you know,

00:22:33   to really explain why something is wrong

00:22:35   or not designed well.

00:22:37   But the thing that I realized over the years,

00:22:40   this is a conversation that we had multiple times,

00:22:44   that my nature as a tech observer reviewer

00:22:49   was not helping the review as a product, essentially.

00:22:55   Because people don't like something that is too technical or too long or too, you know,

00:23:05   bogged down by a lot of details and a lot of personal opinions.

00:23:12   So over the past couple of years, I really feel like this process is something that I

00:23:17   realized two years ago that I started doing last year and that hopefully I was able to

00:23:23   refine this year much more. Trying to make the review more compact by doing more work

00:23:33   up front when it comes to picking and choosing the topics and the length of the topics and

00:23:41   being more selective with the developer related features that I talk about. But even when

00:23:48   And I do have some more technical topics.

00:23:52   The style in which I present them and the extent to which I talk about them also needed

00:24:00   to be more compact.

00:24:02   And that was the first thing I did in June was sit down and be like, "Okay, I really

00:24:07   need to understand what are features that people, not my developer friends, not that

00:24:13   I don't care about those, but like, if I want to have more people discover this kind of

00:24:20   writing and enjoy this kind of writing...

00:24:22   I just have to stop here because it really made me laugh.

00:24:24   It's not like, hey developers, it's not like I don't care about you.

00:24:29   But like, here's the thing, because even the guys and the people who are into that kind

00:24:36   of stuff, like you just said, Myke, maybe, you know, on a bunch of times, maybe you skipped

00:24:42   a few chapters or you just never finished the thing. And I want you to finish the thing

00:24:46   because I think it's important that you run through the whole story, right? So in June,

00:24:51   I was like, "Okay, I'm trying to be really deliberate here. Let me understand what are

00:24:55   the things I must talk about." And that's hard because you need to imagine how things

00:25:00   are going to go three months in advance. And the second thing, I mean, obviously there

00:25:05   was also like, it was necessary for me to do this this year, because I just I knew that

00:25:14   I was not going to have the time. So like, the constraints that I had time wise, actually

00:25:21   helped the creativity, I think, like, knowing that, you know, you're going to be time limited.

00:25:28   And you're not going to have the same time that you normally have. But maybe that's something

00:25:34   that you can use to your advantage.

00:25:36   And that helped me realize, you know what, I'm just going to have fun.

00:25:41   And that's something that it was rare for me, not that I don't like what I do, but like

00:25:49   in previous years and especially five or six years ago, I always felt like this huge responsibility

00:25:55   to be like to have a more serious tone and be more solemn about some passages of the

00:26:04   review.

00:26:05   And this year I was like, "You know what?

00:26:08   I'm still going to talk about stuff in detail and I'm going to be meticulous with my screenshots

00:26:13   and my images and the kind of stuff that I want to have in footnotes, but I also want

00:26:17   to chill out a bit.

00:26:19   I want to have some fun.

00:26:20   I want to bring more of my jokes and silly things and personality into the review.

00:26:25   And that was really fun to do, like actually writing the thing.

00:26:31   I had fun.

00:26:32   And hopefully that transpires from from the writing.

00:26:35   Well, what this one felt like.

00:26:37   So I think one of the one of I've always enjoyed your reviews.

00:26:41   Please do not take this the wrong way.

00:26:42   Right. Like I've always found great value in them.

00:26:44   But like just look looking back at what you're talking about,

00:26:48   you know, and I know you were doing this in previous years of like feeling like

00:26:52   you must give full attention to every piece,

00:26:56   right? Like that every little bit that goes into iOS needs full attention.

00:27:02   And there's a few things that you've done that I think is better. One,

00:27:04   you don't do it all anymore. Right. And like you will have say,

00:27:09   John or Alex write pieces or you've done them yourself, right.

00:27:13   That you then to link back in the review of like, there's this thing over here.

00:27:17   it's not worth me getting into right now.

00:27:19   I think the other thing is you have this iOS review

00:27:24   feels like a longer Federico story.

00:27:27   Thank you.

00:27:28   So it feels closer to your iPhone reviews or your iPad reviews.

00:27:33   Like in tone feels more like your hardware reviews

00:27:37   than your operating system reviews, which took a little bit more of a

00:27:43   simple, like a serious tone or like a more flat tone to them before, if that makes sense,

00:27:51   where this just felt like you, like it just had more of your personality in it,

00:27:57   in a way that your longer articles that you've written in the past did too.

00:28:01   So I think that was like, I really kind of like just was much more engaged with it

00:28:07   because I felt like I was getting more of your opinion on things rather than like,

00:28:12   this is how everything works. That works better for me. I like it more that way.

00:28:17   That's great to hear. That's good to hear because something that I, it's not that I don't like it,

00:28:20   but like when people refer to the reviews as manuals or guides and they're not meant to be

00:28:27   that exactly. And I mean, I get it how you can, you know, use it as a guide, but I don't

00:28:34   want to present it as such. And so having more of my opinion in it. And look, this is just the kind

00:28:41   of person I am, right? I make stupid jokes and I get upset about technical details and like I,

00:28:47   you know, even in real life, like I almost, you know, having, you know, doing jokes even in the

00:28:54   more darkest situations, just it's always like my way to cope with things, like I've always been

00:29:00   this way. And so like I'm just gonna bring me into the story and if it works, great. If it doesn't,

00:29:08   And at least I had fun doing it.

00:29:12   So yeah, having the time constraint helped sort of put myself in that kind of vibe.

00:29:20   But also splitting the review.

00:29:24   I was very concerned initially about like, "Oh gosh, what am I gonna do?

00:29:29   Split iOS and iPadOS?"

00:29:31   And I had this thought in the back of my mind, be like, "But the people are not used to this."

00:29:37   And then I realized, you know what, maybe the people have gotten used to a unified review,

00:29:46   and now they're gonna get used to something else, you know, because things change.

00:29:50   Yeah, I think the split makes it more approachable.

00:29:54   I mean, just looking at the number of iPhone users who'd be interested in this versus iPad.

00:30:00   Yes, right.

00:30:01   You have made something not only shorter and I think better, but also in a way more

00:30:07   universal because it's more narrow if that makes sense yeah yeah cuz everyone

00:30:13   you know probably everyone that has an iPad by and large cares about the iPhone

00:30:17   review it's not the other way around right and this way I think I genuinely

00:30:23   think it's better for everyone and Stephen says bad for it it's better for

00:30:26   you I mean provided you're happy to do another one right like that's the I

00:30:31   don't know if it's the downside for you but you've got like an amount of weeks

00:30:36   and you've got to go back into this again.

00:30:38   Like, I don't know how you feel about that.

00:30:39   Well, it's going to be different.

00:30:41   Because I feel like with this approach,

00:30:45   I think I'm leaning toward a different direction,

00:30:48   meaning I feel like every year the iOS review will be--

00:30:54   will be the--

00:30:57   how can I describe it?

00:30:59   I feel like the iPadOS review will be a software version

00:31:03   of my iPad hardware reviews, meaning it'll be more specialized and you'll still be fancy

00:31:10   with the layout and the extras and all the things, but I feel like iOS is the main one,

00:31:17   right?

00:31:18   Even if you look at design changes or some key interactions, like I'm not going to talk

00:31:23   about the live text changes or the drag and drop the subject of a photo thing in the iPad

00:31:30   OS review.

00:31:33   The iOS review, because it's the foundational platform, that will still be the main event.

00:31:39   At least that's how I'm picturing this thing right now.

00:31:43   The iPadOS review will be like a special extra, you know?

00:31:49   So it'll obviously be shorter because a lot of the core features I already covered, like

00:31:55   Safari changes I already covered.

00:31:57   I can talk about the design of Safari on the iPad, like that kind of stuff I will cover.

00:32:02   But going back into it, I'm leaning toward that approach, and I feel like splitting the

00:32:08   review actually helps me work this way, meaning that in the iOS review I was able to just

00:32:15   focus on the iPhone, on the consumer aspect.

00:32:18   What are people going to do with iOS?

00:32:20   With the iPadOS review, I will not need to fit—that was always one of my problems—I

00:32:28   have to fit a big overarching theme that encapsulates both iOS and iPadOS?

00:32:35   No.

00:32:36   I'll just write a review from an iPad user's perspective for other iPad users.

00:32:42   I won't need to fit the iPad into this bigger vision behind a single story.

00:32:49   That's the iOS review.

00:32:50   In iOS, I will talk about iPhone, iOS, what it means for consumers.

00:32:55   iPadOS, I will talk about the iPad, what it means for iPad people.

00:32:58   And I'm just going to, I feel like this gives me more freedom.

00:33:01   It's actually like you could, you can kind of more hyper focus for each one, right?

00:33:09   Where like the iOS review, as you say, is like big and broad.

00:33:12   But in the iPadOS review, you can get really like just, I'm writing this for iPad people,

00:33:18   right?

00:33:19   Which is like, you can, I think I can imagine from what you're saying that you can like

00:33:24   hyper-focus on, I'm writing this to people that work on their iPads, like that's what

00:33:27   this is for, this review. And I think in a way that you could talk about it more nerdily

00:33:33   than you would if it was a chapter in the iOS review.

00:33:36   Yes, yeah that's exactly what I'm going to do. I think that's exactly the right approach.

00:33:40   I don't know, I'm very optimistic about it and I feel like it'll give me more freedom

00:33:47   to really go down into the details of iPadOS and Stage Manager and how all the things work,

00:33:53   while still having the kind of approach where

00:33:56   there's gonna be chapters, there's gonna be sections.

00:33:58   I'm gonna be talking about all the other things

00:34:01   like I do in my iOS review.

00:34:03   But what I think really matters here is

00:34:08   that I'm not feeling exhausted, I'm not feeling burned out,

00:34:11   which was always the case before.

00:34:13   And I'm actually feeling very energized at the moment.

00:34:17   - I wanna switch gears a little bit

00:34:19   'cause I know we've talked a lot about

00:34:21   the design elements of the review.

00:34:24   You always go through and make a lot of screenshots.

00:34:26   I feel like this year there's more video or gifs than ever.

00:34:30   Can you tell us a little bit about that angle of things

00:34:32   and maybe how it's changed?

00:34:33   - So I always feel like we live in the age

00:34:36   where most reviews these days, they happen on YouTube.

00:34:39   And what used to be called tips and tricks

00:34:42   are now TikToks, right?

00:34:45   Which is not something I do.

00:34:46   I still prefer the written content.

00:34:49   I'm old school, maybe I'm getting old and it's fine, but I really like to have my collection

00:34:55   of text and written material that I can look back years from now and just actually look

00:35:01   at it and I can print it out if I want to do something.

00:35:05   But I know that the written word only goes so far in terms of showing you what I mean.

00:35:11   And so screenshots have always been a huge part of the review, just because you need

00:35:16   the visual reference, right?

00:35:19   And I know that because I see it and I hear from people who annotate the review and they

00:35:26   actually take screenshots of the review and they send them out to relatives or parents

00:35:32   to tell them, "Hey, here's how you do this thing."

00:35:37   Which goes back to the idea of I'm fine with people using it as a guide, but I don't want

00:35:44   to think about it as a guide myself.

00:35:47   So yeah, increasing the number of images and also being more relaxed about it.

00:35:54   I don't know if you guys noticed but I was able to let go finally of my obsession for

00:36:02   having always a full battery in my screenshots and having always, you know...

00:36:07   Federica, I did not know this.

00:36:10   I don't think I remember that that was a thing that you cared about.

00:36:13   Look, I had some unhealthy habits.

00:36:18   And it's one of those things like nobody asked me to do it.

00:36:24   Nobody told me or forced me to do it.

00:36:27   I just, I made up this rule like,

00:36:29   "Oh, your screenshots are gonna be ugly

00:36:31   "if the battery is at 60%."

00:36:33   And this year I was like, "Who cares?

00:36:36   "Like I'm still gonna show you the feature.

00:36:38   "I'm still gonna..."

00:36:39   And this is how people use their phones.

00:36:40   Like it's not supposed to look like a fake thing.

00:36:43   So that saved me a lot of time.

00:36:48   And, you know, having the videos and the,

00:36:50   I don't think I have an animated GIF actually.

00:36:53   I think I have looping videos.

00:36:55   But yeah, I mean, same thing essentially.

00:36:58   And I asked Sylvia to record a video of me

00:37:02   using the video player, just because I felt like,

00:37:05   you know, I can write about the gestures

00:37:08   that you can have in the video player.

00:37:10   But I still want to show you what I mean.

00:37:12   When I talk about the acceleration of your finger

00:37:14   on the video player, I was like,

00:37:16   "Sylva, can you hover over me and take this video

00:37:19   of me using the video player?"

00:37:20   So we did that.

00:37:22   So yeah.

00:37:24   - But that was good though.

00:37:25   I had no idea the video player could do the gestures.

00:37:29   - Yeah, me neither.

00:37:30   I read it.

00:37:31   - I never would have known this.

00:37:32   - I read it and I got my phone in my pocket

00:37:33   and I found a video to do it.

00:37:35   I was like, "Oh, look at that."

00:37:36   - See, that's the problem.

00:37:37   This is one of those things where you made a great point that they basically modeled

00:37:41   it after YouTube, which I don't think I would have realized, but a big play button, play

00:37:46   pause in the middle.

00:37:47   But then YouTube doesn't have this cool feature.

00:37:50   But I had no idea that was a thing, so that was definitely a worthy video.

00:37:54   Thank you.

00:37:55   And so yeah, that visual approach, which I think is also going to come in handy with

00:38:00   iPadOS, just because of how things are shaken out on that front, I think people are going

00:38:06   to need some visual reference when it comes to explaining Stage Manager and what it does.

00:38:11   So yeah, that's... And I've also tried to be more liberal with... I actually did this

00:38:19   last year. I continued to do what I started last year. Footnotes only used for really

00:38:25   obscure references or jokes and more of those like little informational boxes, the ones

00:38:33   with the blue background used throughout the review to point out, "Hey, here's this funny

00:38:39   bit of information that maybe it's useful to you."

00:38:41   And that kind of style, those kinds of call-outs in the story, that's one of the things that

00:38:49   I am personally planning for the next version of the website, to have more of those features,

00:38:56   not just for tips but for other types of call-outs.

00:38:59   So yeah, trying to use media as something that adds to the story, not that complements the story.

00:39:12   Which may sound similar, but it's different.

00:39:14   Like, use screenshots and videos as something that adds to what I also wrote.

00:39:20   So that the two of them can go together instead of being just like, "Hey, here's a bunch of screenshots."

00:39:25   It didn't feel like there was just screenshots of everything?

00:39:28   Yeah.

00:39:29   You know what I mean?

00:39:31   Which I think is what you're saying, right?

00:39:33   There isn't really a lot of help in just like, here's a screenshot of every single thing

00:39:36   I'm talking about.

00:39:37   Yes, yes.

00:39:38   And what you said a few minutes ago about being okay with delegating certain apps or

00:39:46   features to other people.

00:39:48   There was one guy, it's always one guy, on Twitter, who was upset, no, on Reddit.

00:39:55   People on Reddit have been so nice about the review, which was also surprising.

00:40:00   But there was the one guy who's like, "No, this is BS.

00:40:04   This is not a comprehensive review," because he didn't write about some apps and linked

00:40:09   out to some other articles.

00:40:11   And there was another guy in a reply who said, "Yeah, he literally linked out to other stories

00:40:18   on his own website," which I thought was funny.

00:40:21   like he's linking you to some other article, yeah, on the same website. But that for me,

00:40:28   it was actually really hard. I see you used the website before.

00:40:31   It was actually really hard for me to let go of that and to accept that. But this year,

00:40:38   because look, I think we all know like with these things, I'm a control freak.

00:40:43   With a lot of things, for Mac stories, I'm a control freak. And I'm trying to be less of that,

00:40:50   if possible. But for the review in particular, I think it was like maybe last year, but for sure

00:40:59   this year, I came to the realization that, how can I say this in a way that doesn't, oh whatever,

00:41:06   John Sierra Cusa had it easy with macOS. It's impossible to do a comprehensive review of iOS

00:41:14   these days. Like, first of all, it is literally impossible for someone like me, because I live in

00:41:19   in Italy and a bunch of features are impossible for me to test. Like, "Oh, why didn't you

00:41:24   write about Apple Pay Cash?" Well, go figure why I didn't write about Apple Pay Cash because

00:41:30   I can't use the thing. But like, the problem is iOS, it's such a, like, it's a sprawling

00:41:38   operating system and that a single person can do it all in three months. Like, if you

00:41:46   want to try that, be my guest.

00:41:48   I tried, and it was incredibly unhealthy for me.

00:41:53   So letting go of that mindset of I

00:41:57   need to cover every single little thing.

00:42:02   No.

00:42:03   No.

00:42:04   And look, but that's where the difficulty is.

00:42:08   When I mentioned at the beginning of this topic,

00:42:11   being deliberate about the things

00:42:14   you choose to write about and why.

00:42:17   Like, it's not a coincidence that I asked John

00:42:20   to write about Apple Mail,

00:42:22   because I knew that John was gonna really test the thing,

00:42:25   especially on macOS, which I was not gonna do anyway,

00:42:29   and like all the intricacies of sending messages for later,

00:42:34   for example, when your Mac goes to sleep.

00:42:36   Like, John was able to do that.

00:42:37   And also, John sends a lot of emails every day,

00:42:40   more than I do, because he deals with sponsors,

00:42:43   And I don't.

00:42:44   So it's not like a random thing.

00:42:47   It's like, "Hey, John, I don't know,

00:42:48   grab an app from the basket and you write about it."

00:42:51   And it's like, I actually put some thought

00:42:54   into assigning the stories.

00:42:56   And that's difficult for two reasons.

00:43:00   One, it's gotta make some sense

00:43:03   in the narrative of the review.

00:43:05   And two, if you are a control freak like me,

00:43:08   it's hard to let go.

00:43:10   And so, yeah.

00:43:13   Overall, I think I did a pretty good job.

00:43:16   And for the first time ever, the review is below 30,000 words, 27K.

00:43:23   Yeah.

00:43:23   So I'm proud of it.

00:43:26   And I'm really happy.

00:43:28   Good.

00:43:28   Good.

00:43:29   And it wasn't like it was a small iOS release, right?

00:43:32   So like, it would be easy to hit 30,000 if there wasn't a lot to talk about,

00:43:36   but there actually was quite a lot to talk about.

00:43:39   I mean, obviously it was made easier for you in that there are some features

00:43:42   aren't shipping yet that you haven't been able to test and like I've heard of us has been cut out but

00:43:47   I think that was a really good thing to keep it shorter and it really did feel shorter like I was

00:43:54   just able to breeze through the thing like it worked great so my review of Federico Vittucci is

00:44:01   good. Thank you, thank you. I have a good review of Federico Vittucci, 10 out of 10. I appreciate it and

00:44:06   I'm gonna write about this in Mac Stories Weekly on Friday but the thing I wanted to mention here

00:44:12   is that I didn't change it from last year.

00:44:17   I used Obsidian and the same structure that I had last year with splitting chapters into

00:44:23   multiple files and splitting apps also into multiple documents and compiling everything

00:44:30   at the end.

00:44:32   But the thing I want to point out is that in previous years, and look, my brain is a

00:44:39   complex place sometimes.

00:44:42   It came to a point five or six years ago when I can,

00:44:46   and look, this is gonna sound so stupid,

00:44:49   but we're talking about this stuff, so why not?

00:44:52   It's like therapy.

00:44:53   It got to a point where I almost felt like my setup

00:44:58   was part of the event for some people.

00:45:02   And some people were like,

00:45:03   "Oh, I can't wait to see how he was able to get it done."

00:45:06   And so I felt like an obligation to not let the people down and surprise them every year

00:45:13   with a crazy new shortcut or system or whatever that I had in mind.

00:45:18   Like, "Yeah, I'm going to up my game once again and show you how I got it all done."

00:45:26   And again, that's not very healthy, because I already try apps for a living, but for this

00:45:34   kind of project, having to switch how I get it done because that's a thing in itself,

00:45:44   it's kind of silly. So I stuck with something that I knew, that I knew that was going to

00:45:51   work well for me. There are some tweaks and some changes that I brought that I'm going

00:45:57   to talk about, but like if you're thinking, "Oh, I can't wait to see what is done this

00:46:02   time, no, it's the same as last year with some small modifications.

00:46:08   But I guess the lesson here would be if you have something that works for you and nobody's

00:46:14   forcing you to change it, keep using it.

00:46:17   It's fine.

00:46:18   So it sounds obvious, but again, it's easy to fall into that trap of like, "Oh, people

00:46:24   are expecting from me to surprise them all the time."

00:46:28   Yeah, maybe some of them are, but also I don't want to.

00:46:35   It was better for me to just, you know, I'm gonna kick open Obsidian and start writing

00:46:40   and I don't need to fiddle around and change things and revolutionize things again.

00:46:45   Did you write mostly on the Mac or the iPad?

00:46:48   iPad.

00:46:49   Okay.

00:46:50   Almost all of it, actually.

00:46:51   Yeah.

00:46:52   Because I've been thinking we should, at some point, follow up on your...

00:46:57   Yes.

00:46:58   Yes, at some point we should, but like the summer is a really bad...

00:47:04   Like in the summer it's really hard for me to use my OS because like I need to test iOS

00:47:10   and iPadOS and I need to live with them.

00:47:13   Which is making the iPadOS side of things a bit tricky because now the new beta came

00:47:19   out and from a very like 30 second experimentation with it while Stephen was doing the sponsor

00:47:26   before, it does seem like they brought some stage manager fixes, especially for dealing

00:47:33   with Windows. But again, how long was the spot? Like two minutes. So that's how long

00:47:38   I played with it. But at the moment, I have no idea what I'm going to do for the iPadOS

00:47:44   review in the sense that I have a structure, I have a table of contents. I know that I'm

00:47:49   going to be writing about toolbars and some layout changes and all that kind of stuff.

00:47:55   Like I haven't used Stage Manager because so far it's been buggy and problematic for

00:48:05   me.

00:48:06   So we'll figure it out in the next month but the idea is I will do it with the same attention

00:48:15   to a healthy approach.

00:48:20   Like, I don't want to get into arguments with my family and friends, like, you know, I have

00:48:27   a house now and we're still dealing with, you know, stuff around, a lot of stuff around

00:48:32   the house.

00:48:33   So, I'll do it on my own terms, I guess will be the conclusion of all of this.

00:48:39   One thing I've seen a lot of people talking about iOS 16, of course, is the lock screen

00:48:43   and the widgets.

00:48:44   And a lot of folks have talked about wanting more widgets than what Apple's given us.

00:48:49   Apple's given us five spots, one above the time, four below.

00:48:54   And I'm curious what the two of y'all think about

00:48:57   wanting more than that.

00:49:00   - So here's my thing.

00:49:03   I don't necessarily think I want another line,

00:49:06   but why are there no stacks?

00:49:09   Why don't we have stacked lock screen widgets

00:49:13   like we do home screen widgets?

00:49:17   - That's a great question.

00:49:19   Personally, I fall on the side of,

00:49:22   I would love to have a second row.

00:49:24   I think anything more than a second row,

00:49:26   even on a big iPhone would be a little too much,

00:49:30   but I wonder if there's a performance consideration here

00:49:35   to keep in mind of like,

00:49:37   if you add basically double the amount of widgets

00:49:42   and all those widgets, in theory,

00:49:44   they could check for data every second.

00:49:48   I wonder if doubling the number of those widgets

00:49:51   would cause battery drain or any kind of performance issue

00:49:55   on the lock screen.

00:49:57   And I'm sure Apple thought about this aspect,

00:49:59   but still, I mean, these things are so powerful.

00:50:02   Like when they brag about like the trillion of operations

00:50:05   per second that they can perform on a photo,

00:50:08   I'm sure you can find a compromise

00:50:11   to have another row of widgets as well.

00:50:13   So I do understand the potential angle of,

00:50:18   oh, it's for performance, sure.

00:50:20   But also like if there's a company

00:50:22   that can squeeze out performance for four more widgets,

00:50:26   I think Apple can probably do it.

00:50:28   And they probably should.

00:50:29   - iOS 17, baby.

00:50:31   - There you go.

00:50:32   - No, no more raw widgets.

00:50:33   - 18, it takes two years.

00:50:35   - No, they got it all settled now.

00:50:37   Focus mode got way better year over year.

00:50:39   They can, I have faith they can do anything now.

00:50:41   - Oh, you have faith.

00:50:42   - Untouchable.

00:50:43   - Yeah, yeah baby.

00:50:45   - One last lock screen question before we wrap this up.

00:50:49   The lock screen widgets are not part of the iPad

00:50:51   and no iPad OS isn't done, your review is not done,

00:50:55   but do you think it's a miss that they're not on the iPad?

00:50:58   - Yeah, yeah.

00:50:59   And I wonder if we're seeing a repeat of what happened

00:51:04   two years ago with the home screen widgets,

00:51:06   like why are they not on the home screen?

00:51:08   And then they waited, you know, for the iPad

00:51:10   for the following year.

00:51:12   And I wonder if yours like,

00:51:13   "Why don't we have more widgets on the lock screen?"

00:51:15   And the answer is they're gonna wait

00:51:17   to bring them to the iPad,

00:51:19   and they're gonna have a whole new design

00:51:22   where you can add more widgets

00:51:25   because of the iPad lock screen.

00:51:27   And in return, you will also get that option on the iPhone.

00:51:30   It's like similar--

00:51:31   - I have a hot tag.

00:51:33   I don't think I want or care

00:51:36   about lock screen widgets on my iPad.

00:51:38   It's not like my iPhone.

00:51:39   - Also true, also true, yes.

00:51:40   My iPhone is in my pocket.

00:51:42   I grab it. I look at it, put it away.

00:51:44   Right. Like I'm checking for

00:51:45   notifications on my lock screen

00:51:47   so I get the information on my iPad.

00:51:50   I'm never like,

00:51:51   let me just quickly check my iPad.

00:51:53   Like when I'm when I'm doing something

00:51:54   on my iPad,

00:51:55   I am specifically trying to use it.

00:51:58   Like I never really see

00:52:01   the lock screen of my iPad.

00:52:02   Like I immediately just want it

00:52:04   to be ready to go for me.

00:52:07   And you can even see this

00:52:09   like the way the iPad works currently, which is as soon as you're authenticated,

00:52:13   it takes you to the home screen, right? Like my iPad Mini, I pick it up, I click the button,

00:52:19   and it just opens the iPad. Like that's how I imagine that product working.

00:52:24   I wouldn't mind like the lock screen widgets on the iPad home screen as like a way to continue

00:52:31   like putting more information on there, right? Because that can be kind of cool. You can put

00:52:35   put a bunch at the top or something, but I don't particularly feel like I would want

00:52:40   them on the lock screen as such, because I just never really think of my iPad that way.

00:52:44   Yeah, that's a good point. That's also a good point, and I wonder if maybe that's Apple's

00:52:50   perspective here of like, the lock screen on the iPad, you're just gonna see it for

00:52:55   that split second when you're sitting down in front of it, why would you, you know, why

00:52:59   would you... I mean there's an argument to be made maybe about an iPad mini and the lock

00:53:04   lock screen sort of serving a similar purpose to an iPhone, but also I get what you mean.

00:53:09   So what's the next year?

00:53:11   If they don't do it next year, then it's exactly that argument of like, yeah, the lock screen

00:53:16   on the iPad, you don't really spend time on it.

00:53:19   And so we're not going to do it.

00:53:20   I kind of view it as like the login window on the Mac, especially, and I think most people

00:53:25   do use an iPad with some sort of cover or keyboard case or something, right?

00:53:31   So like you're opening it and using it as more of a laptop type thing.

00:53:35   So I could see why it's downplayed in importance, but I think it'd be a nice option at least.

00:53:41   I could imagine they would not do an always on display on an iPad.

00:53:46   Yeah.

00:53:47   Right?

00:53:48   Like it just doesn't seem like the route for that.

00:53:53   Yeah.

00:53:54   At the very least the iPhone is the most important place for this.

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00:55:45   connected at checkout. Bombas.com/connected. Our thanks to Bombas

00:55:50   for their support of the show and Relay FM. So with iOS 16 we've got a lot of app

00:55:56   updates and I wanted to highlight some that I thought were interesting. This is

00:56:01   by no means an exhaustive list. I will actually put in the show notes a pretty

00:56:05   exhaustive list that 9to5Mac is putting together of a bunch of apps. I know that

00:56:10   Mac stories has been covering a few and I've got some links in for those as well

00:56:13   and I'm sure you've got more in the half of Federico, like different apps and stuff

00:56:17   that you want to cover, I have no doubt about that. They're in the app basket he

00:56:20   mentioned earlier. Just ruffle around there pick one out. That's a good point,

00:56:24   the app basket.

00:56:25   But there was a few that I wanted to highlight,

00:56:27   so I thought it was just some interesting stuff.

00:56:29   Lockflow is one that was on Mac stories that I saw,

00:56:34   which is just basically a way to add a shortcut launcher

00:56:38   to your lock screen.

00:56:40   - Yes, so cool.

00:56:41   - I imagine there's going to be a ton of apps

00:56:43   that either this is their entire thing

00:56:44   or this is like one of the things that they do.

00:56:47   Like I know that we'll talk about it in a bit,

00:56:50   but in Widgetsmith, there's some URL stuff

00:56:53   that you can do now as well.

00:56:54   So you could also use WidgetSmith

00:56:56   for something like this.

00:56:57   So basically, you tap any widget

00:57:01   and it can open a URL,

00:57:03   which actually goes above the stuff

00:57:05   that Dave's done.

00:57:06   There's like a I don't know

00:57:07   if you guys have seen these,

00:57:08   but it's like a bunch of tools

00:57:09   now in WidgetSmith.

00:57:10   So there's like sleep tracking in there.

00:57:14   There's activity stuff,

00:57:15   pedometer stuff.

00:57:16   My favorite is Dave put calzones

00:57:18   into WidgetSmith.

00:57:19   It's the whole thing.

00:57:20   He just copy and pasted calzones

00:57:22   and just dropped it right in there.

00:57:23   So there's now, I think, much better from my taste,

00:57:27   like timezone converter inside of Widgetsmith,

00:57:29   which is good because it ties them with my timezone

00:57:32   converting widget that I've got.

00:57:34   But LockFlow is really nice.

00:57:36   Is it using SF symbols to create the icons, Federico?

00:57:41   Do you know? - Yes, it is.

00:57:42   - It's a really nicely done app.

00:57:43   It's a very nice and simple one.

00:57:45   And it does one of these things that I've seen before

00:57:48   where they give you a shortcut to help you make it.

00:57:51   Yes. Like, which is just very always really weird and like, but in like an interesting way,

00:57:57   we're like, hey, here's a shortcut that you can put in your shortcuts library

00:58:00   that helps you create the thing. Yo dog.

00:58:02   Widget Smith as well. There's tons of lock screen options, right? As you could imagine,

00:58:11   Dave has just got loads. And also, but one of my favorite things about the new one is the new

00:58:17   widget editor, which looks a lot like the Memoji editor.

00:58:21   Yes, like it's, I think, much more simplified

00:58:24   and is way easier to make widgets.

00:58:26   It's more visual.

00:58:27   Like I think he's done a really good job of that.

00:58:30   So that's a good one that I'm using.

00:58:32   I'm using the pedometer one

00:58:35   that comes from Widgetsmith on my on my luck screen.

00:58:38   Fantastic.

00:58:39   How it's got a bunch that I like.

00:58:42   I was happy I was able to replace the kind of the top one.

00:58:46   Is it called Inline Federico, the one that goes above the clock?

00:58:49   Inline, yes.

00:58:50   Yeah. So I use Fantastic Cal there.

00:58:52   And they're doing focus filter support, which I think you liked a lot, right?

00:58:57   Yeah, that was one of the one of my favorite features, surprisingly,

00:59:00   because I went into it thinking, oh, that's kind of neat, but really not for me.

00:59:03   But the ability to like select the kind of content you want to see inside apps,

00:59:08   I think it's super cool.

00:59:09   And it gave me some some ideas for, you know, more practical focus modes

00:59:14   that I want that I want to try myself.

00:59:16   Yeah, I'm focus filters is one of these things where I'm like,

00:59:20   maybe in a few months this will be good.

00:59:22   Yeah, I think Fantastic Al's approach is really smart

00:59:24   because they already had calendar set support

00:59:27   where you could have like a weekend calendar set

00:59:29   and it hides all your work stuff.

00:59:31   And I think tying that

00:59:34   like one level up to the focus stuff is really clever.

00:59:37   But I agree with you.

00:59:38   I think it's going to take some time for developers

00:59:40   to kind of figure out where this works for them.

00:59:43   You know, maybe James and Peacock, maybe on the weekends you can't do complicated math.

00:59:48   You can just do like simple arithmetic and then you can get your scientific calendar

00:59:51   back Monday through Friday when you're at work.

00:59:54   Just an idea.

00:59:55   Just an idea.

00:59:56   Just an idea.

00:59:57   Mm-hmm.

00:59:58   But yeah, the focus fields are saying I think I need to see more apps that I use support

01:00:01   it and I hope that they will.

01:00:04   Carrot weather has obviously got tons of excellent widgets with lots of customizability.

01:00:11   than 20 different widgets in Carrot Weather. And also Carrot Weather, I do want to mention,

01:00:17   I know that we're not doing iPadOS 16, but the iPad layout of Carrot Weather is truly

01:00:22   excellent now.

01:00:23   Yeah, tell me about this, because I haven't used the new one yet.

01:00:25   Yeah, so Brian added this three column layout for the iPad version of Carrot Weather, and

01:00:32   of course it's totally customizable. So not only can you have multiple three column layouts,

01:00:38   It's like on the iPhone where you can have multiple layouts.

01:00:41   You can have multiple of these three column layouts, but each column of the layout you

01:00:46   can have a custom module section whatever in it.

01:00:51   And it's incredible because it really takes advantage of the iPad screen, especially on

01:00:55   an iPad Pro in landscape.

01:00:58   It's like it lets you build your own weather dashboard in a way and it's really neat.

01:01:03   And then you can switch between having a more complex dashboard with like all kinds of information.

01:01:08   displayed all at once across three columns, or a more simple one. So every

01:01:14   column is customizable, but you can also have multiple of these three column

01:01:18   layouts. Really well done. I wish more developers followed that approach,

01:01:22   including Apple. But hey, it's hard to beat Carrot Weather for that kind of stuff.

01:01:27   It's hard to beat Carrot Weather for a lot of things, honestly.

01:01:30   It's such a good app, man.

01:01:32   And Timery, I believe. Carrot Weather and Timery are up there in like the Olympus

01:01:37   of indie apps taking advantage of Apple's own APIs better than Apple does a lot of the times.

01:01:45   I don't think the timer updates out yet, but it is really good.

01:01:48   Not out yet, but it will be coming soon.

01:01:50   The new timer has got a bunch of cool stuff in it, as well as the lock screen widgets,

01:01:55   but I think there's some bugs in iOS that's making it a bit tricky, I think, for Joe at the moment,

01:02:01   which is a shame. But when it does come out, I would also put that on this list because obviously

01:02:06   So I'm using it and I love it.

01:02:07   Of course.

01:02:08   Uh, what else did I want to talk John flighty?

01:02:11   I haven't used these yet, but I will use this on my way home.

01:02:15   I actually built a, after reading federal coast review, I was like, I

01:02:19   should make more lock screens and tie them in my focus mode.

01:02:21   So I now have a travel lock screen.

01:02:23   I use the globe one.

01:02:25   I thought that looked pretty good, right?

01:02:27   Cause it actually shows you where you are on the world.

01:02:29   So I use that one and I put the flighty, um, lock screen widget in there.

01:02:35   So what they're saying is that it does live flight tracking and they have a

01:02:39   little indicator of kind of how long you are into your flight and like a distance.

01:02:43   And it will work in airplane mode because Flighty does anyway.

01:02:46   Like as long as you've got the data in before you put your phone into airplane

01:02:49   mode, it just shows you how long you are into your flight.

01:02:52   It's really good.

01:02:52   So I'm really intrigued about that.

01:02:54   Uh, and also you'll be able to see flight updates and stuff like that.

01:02:58   So I'm going to try that one out.

01:02:59   I'll let you know how that goes.

01:03:00   Um, and I'm pairing that on that lock screen with Tripsy, which is one of my

01:03:04   favorite apps for like planning trips and stuff.

01:03:06   And they have upcoming activities.

01:03:08   Also got an excellent IOS 16 update.

01:03:10   Yeah, I got a big update for IOS 16 Tripsy.

01:03:13   That's a great application.

01:03:14   I really recommend people try it out.

01:03:16   I feel like it's a bit of a sleeper app, honestly.

01:03:18   But like if you take any kind of trip, I use it all the time.

01:03:22   And they do really good sharing.

01:03:23   So I pay for the app.

01:03:25   But if you don't have a subscription, you can share a trip with somebody else

01:03:28   and they can just see all of the information from the trip.

01:03:30   I love that. Like I love trips.

01:03:32   I've been using it for years now.

01:03:34   They do like the whole, you can email your itinerary stuff and it puts it in the app for you.

01:03:38   Like it gives you an email address, you can email it to like all that stuff's really good.

01:03:43   I saw this app floating around today, Sticker Drop. Federico, can you tell people what Sticker Drop is?

01:03:48   So Sticker Drop is kind of genius because it's this utility that lets you create

01:03:52   an iMessage sticker or sticker pack even by using the iOS 16 feature

01:04:01   that lets you lift the subject of a photo.

01:04:04   That's the feature that we talked about a couple of episodes ago where like, why did

01:04:09   Apple build this weird and -- but admittedly funny feature, why is it such a big deal in

01:04:15   iOS 16 that lets you drag out the subject of any photo and turn it into a PNG with transparency.

01:04:22   Well this is one potential scenario.

01:04:24   There's this great line in John's review that I want to call out here because I really love

01:04:28   that line and I told John, where is it? John wrote "Today's weird API is tomorrow's clever

01:04:38   app." That's such a great John line.

01:04:42   That OTJ, he's got it going on.

01:04:44   He's got the words, you know, he's a wordsmith. That's a really good line.

01:04:49   The one true John's got it going on.

01:04:52   Yes.

01:04:53   Oh, okay. I wasn't expecting that.

01:04:55   Like Stacey's mom.

01:04:56   No, no, I got it. I just wasn't expecting you to sing.

01:04:58   You're not usually the one of us that sings.

01:05:00   Nice, nice reference.

01:05:02   Like that album, Steven.

01:05:03   So, Sticker Drop, it uses that.

01:05:05   It receives these, you drag out the subject from photos

01:05:09   or from Quick Look or whatever.

01:05:12   You drop it into Sticker Drop.

01:05:14   Sticker Drop receives the PNG

01:05:16   and it makes it into an iMessage sticker.

01:05:18   Then you go to the Messages app,

01:05:20   you tap on the Sticker Drop button

01:05:22   and your sticker is right there.

01:05:24   So essentially-

01:05:25   You can also do it from the share, so if you like...

01:05:27   Or you can do it from the share button.

01:05:30   Yeah, you kind of just like tap the thing and it highlights and you let go and it comes

01:05:34   and pops up above, right?

01:05:35   Copy and share, you press share and you can do it from the share extension.

01:05:38   That's how I did it today when I made one.

01:05:40   The deal with sticker drop is you spend $3 and you get infinite stickers, basically.

01:05:47   Because then every photo that you have, provided that it supports the subject isolation thing,

01:05:54   Or really, any image from Google Images or whatever, like any image on the web, you just

01:06:00   save it.

01:06:01   Or maybe not, you can actually, can you drag out subjects from images in Safari?

01:06:06   I think you can.

01:06:07   Then you just turn anything from the web into a sticker.

01:06:11   So that's the idea.

01:06:12   And I mean, that's one implementation of Apple's weird API.

01:06:18   Why would you do it?

01:06:19   I guess Apple was like, "Well, why not?"

01:06:20   You know?

01:06:21   And my understanding is that Apple was like, OK, so we built this cool feature.

01:06:27   And actually, allow me to take you guys on a bit of a tangent here.

01:06:34   One potential strategy that we could follow for future RICIs-- I learned this by doing

01:06:41   research for my iOS review-- we should look for clues in Apple's machine learning journal

01:06:50   website.

01:06:51   Because months ago, months ago, they wrote about their image segmentation technology.

01:06:57   That image segmentation technology is what powers the new lock screen stuff for the subject that sits in front of the clock,

01:07:06   and the ability to lift the subject from any photo and drag it out and make it into a PNG.

01:07:12   Like Apple wrote about this.

01:07:14   I'm going to leave that one for you, because I know I won't understand a friggin' word on that page.

01:07:19   I just know it right now, but if you want to go and look for clues, you go for it, but

01:07:23   I'm not going to understand what they're talking about.

01:07:24   Yeah, and yes, Kate, they have a, what is it, machinelearning.apple.com or something

01:07:30   like that?

01:07:31   And it's actually impressive because they put out all the technical papers on the, yeah,

01:07:37   it's called the Apple Machine Learning Research page.

01:07:40   And they wrote about image segmentation.

01:07:42   So anyway, my understanding of this feature is Apple created this, and they were like,

01:07:47   "Okay, that's cool.

01:07:48   we can probably use it for the iOS 16 lock screen,

01:07:50   because in iOS 16, that's going to be the key feature of the OS.

01:07:55   And then they were like, well, we have it, and it works.

01:08:00   Why not let people do that in Photos, because it's funny,

01:08:06   and maybe they can do something with it?

01:08:08   Like, you build the tool without a clear purpose,

01:08:12   but you let the people figure out the purpose,

01:08:15   I guess would be the approach.

01:08:16   And I mean, the people as an entity are doing it.

01:08:21   You look at developers coming up with these ideas,

01:08:24   you look at that TikTok video

01:08:27   that Matthew Cassinelli tweeted out.

01:08:29   - I've seen this like a hundred times today already,

01:08:31   but it is really cool.

01:08:32   - Yeah, and it's funny because Matthew's tweet

01:08:34   of the TikTok is going viral.

01:08:36   I wonder if the TikTok is viral too.

01:08:39   It's kind of weird how things spread these days.

01:08:42   But like there's a guy who's using

01:08:44   the subject isolation feature to build up a collection of his outfits in notes.

01:08:49   I mean, that's cool.

01:08:52   So like sometimes you just build the technology and you hope for the best

01:08:56   and you cross your fingers that people are not going to use it in nefarious ways.

01:09:00   In this case, they are not, at least so far.

01:09:03   So that's cool.

01:09:04   So I want to just prove to you my point of why I won't be using this journal

01:09:11   by reading the four titles of the recent research papers

01:09:16   that are on machine learning.apple.com.

01:09:18   All right.

01:09:19   Go for it.

01:09:20   Paper one, layer wise data free CNN compression.

01:09:24   Paper two, RGBX classification for electronic sorting.

01:09:29   Paper three, emphasis control for parallel neural TTS.

01:09:34   And paper four, Aceband former, detector free image matching with adaptive span transformer.

01:09:40   So if you want my friend if you want to use that you go right ahead, but I tell you right now

01:09:47   I won't understand a word of any of that, but if you look at the images and you skim it

01:09:51   I bet you can find some clues

01:09:53   You got a treater like a children's book from our perspective like let me just look at the photos here

01:10:00   Like a children's book I can have you read it to me, you know

01:10:07   and I'll just look at the images and you can read it to me. Okay, I'll think about it.

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01:12:04   So it is

01:12:06   the

01:12:08   Right on the verge the eve of new iPhones delivering and a bunch of reviews went up today Myke you and I got to spend

01:12:15   Some time watching them in my office, which is cool. I watched a couple by the verge MKB HD bunch of other people

01:12:20   Understandably, I think the iPhone 14

01:12:24   Reviews are pretty cool when compared to the 13 and I was watching these reviews and I had a thought of like

01:12:32   Most people aren't going from a 13 to a 14 most people shouldn't but if you're on a an 8 or something

01:12:39   It's time for a new phone if you're on a 10 R

01:12:41   The 14 is a huge step up

01:12:44   It's a hard product to review right because like if you're reviewing phones every year, you can only mentally compare it to other

01:12:50   phones

01:12:52   from the previous years and

01:12:54   So it's complicated. It's a very complicated thing to

01:12:58   Do I assume right like we all just compare like this phone to the last phone because we're like on that train

01:13:05   but realistically, I don't know how you could create a

01:13:09   compelling video review

01:13:12   Trying to compare this phone to the iPhone 8 or whatever. I don't know how people do it. But yeah, that's sort of thing

01:13:20   I think is is better

01:13:22   Suited for written reviews. I know Jason and others have done that of like if you have a 10, you know

01:13:28   This is what you get if you go to this phone or that phone

01:13:30   But clearly the more interesting phone any way you cut it is the iPhone 14 Pro

01:13:36   I was struck by people's different takes on the dynamic island

01:13:40   Some people found it really like interesting and intriguing

01:13:44   Neil I've tilt the verge said that the iPhone 14 Pro was like beginning of new ideas for the iPhone

01:13:50   But it seems like your interaction with it may be a little bit different than we anticipated - yeah

01:13:57   Yeah, the thing that Nilaé Patel pointed out was that it's the default behavior of

01:14:03   the island, right?

01:14:04   Where Apple says when you tap on a...

01:14:09   What's the name of something that lives on the island?

01:14:12   Like an accessory, a widget, like an activity, I guess.

01:14:16   When you tap on an activity, the single tap launches the associated app and long press

01:14:23   expands the activity into a bigger live activity. So the idea is, the behavior is kind of like a mix

01:14:34   of a widget and a notification, meaning when you tap it like a widget, it launches the app.

01:14:41   When you long press it, like a notification, it expands. And Eli said, "I think it should be the

01:14:49   the reverse where when you tap it, it expands to show you more.

01:14:53   When you long press it, it launches the app.

01:14:56   And I can imagine how that suggestion must have, you know, I wonder how the people at

01:15:03   the Human Interface Design Team at Apple feel about that because long pressing to launch

01:15:08   an app is like unheard of on iOS.

01:15:13   To long press to launch an app on the iPhone.

01:15:16   I don't think we've ever had that.

01:15:19   So, you know, in Apple's way,

01:15:21   long press expands, a tap launches.

01:15:26   So I don't know, I guess I'm curious

01:15:28   to see what it feels like in practice.

01:15:31   - Yeah, it may be one of those things

01:15:34   that we internalize really quickly.

01:15:36   And I think your point about long pressing

01:15:38   to get into an app is just not a thing anywhere.

01:15:41   I think that makes a lot of sense.

01:15:43   And I would imagine that was sort of the guiding principle

01:15:46   when putting these actions together.

01:15:49   The thing that I'm, I think, most interested in seeing

01:15:52   is how this plays out once third-party developers

01:15:58   have access to it.

01:15:59   'Cause, I mean, as we all get our phones in a couple days,

01:16:01   it's gonna be basically anything

01:16:03   that uses the Now Playing widget.

01:16:05   So like in the Verge video, it's like,

01:16:06   "Oh, Spotify works."

01:16:07   Like, yeah, because it's using the Now Playing stuff.

01:16:10   But it's gonna maybe be a little while

01:16:13   before we see some of the more interesting use cases of it.

01:16:16   That's not unlike lock screen widgets

01:16:19   or regular widgets or anything else we've seen.

01:16:21   But because this is present on every single screen

01:16:25   you ever see on your phone,

01:16:26   I think that transition may be a little more noticeable

01:16:29   than some others we've had.

01:16:31   - I think in that like with the Dynamic Island too,

01:16:34   there's like these two waves that we'll get.

01:16:36   Like the initial getting it, seeing how it works

01:16:39   with the stuff that Apple's got built in

01:16:41   and liking it for that.

01:16:42   we get used to it and then follows the iOS 16.1 when the part is in it,

01:16:49   like you get it all over again if you happen to have one of these phones of

01:16:52   like learning the usefulness of it.

01:16:54   Uh, one thing I really liked that Nilay said was, um, did we spent the whole

01:16:59   time, like he spent the whole time saying like, oh, you don't pay any

01:17:02   attention to the notch after a while.

01:17:04   Like you just forget about it.

01:17:05   But like the dynamic island, you are actually supposed to notice it.

01:17:10   Yeah.

01:17:10   You got to visit the island.

01:17:11   Yeah.

01:17:11   And it's just like a very it's like very different.

01:17:13   He also said that everything works better in dark mode,

01:17:15   which got a big cheer for me is like a 100% mode all the time.

01:17:19   I haven't even told you all about the experiment I've been running.

01:17:22   OK, so I've been trying the thing where the phone is in light mode

01:17:25   during the day and night mode at night or dark mode at night.

01:17:28   I kind of like it.

01:17:29   Oh, OK. I did notice that you had some apps light and it was upsetting to me.

01:17:34   Yeah, I was dark mode only for a long time.

01:17:36   I dropped my water bottle and I was kind of thinking about,

01:17:39   yeah, maybe I should change this up.

01:17:40   There's something that I...

01:17:42   Live in the moment. If it's a day moment, live in the day.

01:17:45   If it's a night moment, live it up at night.

01:17:47   There's something that I wanted to check in with Myke briefly.

01:17:51   I kind of wanted to get your pulse on how you feel about something very specific.

01:17:56   It's one of those things that I know you very much like.

01:18:04   How do you feel about people on Twitter after Jason's,

01:18:09   let's say an official renaming of the notch.

01:18:13   Everybody else trying to come up with these funny nicknames

01:18:16   for the Dynamic Island and an associate.

01:18:19   Don't need it.

01:18:20   It already has a funny nickname.

01:18:21   It already has a name.

01:18:22   What you got to give it a name for?

01:18:24   Like the notch didn't have a name, right?

01:18:26   You've seen the tweets though.

01:18:27   You know what I mean?

01:18:28   Like everybody's now trying to come up with like,

01:18:30   oh, and so this is called that.

01:18:33   And it's like, please stop with the nickname.

01:18:35   We don't need it.

01:18:36   Like we have a name.

01:18:38   The name is the Dynamic Island.

01:18:39   You can call it the island.

01:18:41   I think that's acceptable.

01:18:42   OK.

01:18:43   My favorite was MKBHD.

01:18:45   You called it Dynamic Island, baby.

01:18:47   Which I just like that he said that.

01:18:48   I don't know why he said it, but he said it like that.

01:18:49   And he had a surfboard over his shoulder in the shot.

01:18:51   So Dynamic Island is more than enough, right?

01:18:54   We don't need to give it another name.

01:18:56   Like I actually I can't remember who who was that.

01:18:59   I saw say this of like that

01:19:02   giving it a brand was actually a benefit

01:19:06   for Apple of like that they they because of things like the notch or whatever they didn't

01:19:11   want people to call it anything like it just was but then it got away from them because

01:19:17   people could just call it whatever they wanted to call it but now like no this is called

01:19:21   the dynamic island we have named it so you don't need to worry about naming it I am 100%

01:19:27   on Camp Apple with this one stop it it has a name you know we've got it I'm excited about

01:19:32   visiting the island in a couple of days.

01:19:34   Thoughts on the always on display.

01:19:36   I'm really surprised in the video, how little difference there is between

01:19:42   the phone being on and the phone being in, you know, kind of the lower state.

01:19:48   In fact, something we talked about a couple of weeks ago is like, well,

01:19:51   will notifications disappear when you're in always on display mode?

01:19:54   They do not.

01:19:55   They are still there.

01:19:56   And I just, I find it interesting that Apple waited until they could do it.

01:20:02   I mean, effectively, it's like the Apple Watch, right?

01:20:04   If you have an Apple Watch that supports this,

01:20:06   you'll know the difference between on and always on

01:20:11   is not very big.

01:20:12   And in the reviews we watched,

01:20:15   it was confirmed that as we knew before, right,

01:20:18   if it's in your pocket or if it's face down,

01:20:21   or if you're wearing an Apple Watch and you walk away,

01:20:23   the screen will go off completely, which is really cool.

01:20:26   If you use a sleep focus mode,

01:20:28   the screen goes completely off.

01:20:30   So that may be a way for people to get into sleep focus

01:20:33   is like their screens lit up all the time.

01:20:36   But it is, it is surprising to me

01:20:38   that Apple has been able to preserve so much of the color

01:20:42   and really the detail of the wallpaper in Always On.

01:20:45   And in his video, Marquez said that he's actually planning

01:20:49   on turning it off, that he doesn't find it

01:20:52   as useful as I think I will.

01:20:55   So I'm curious how that plays out as we all experience it

01:20:57   over the next couple of weeks of,

01:20:59   Is this something that some people really

01:21:01   can't live without?

01:21:02   And I think there could be other people who just say,

01:21:04   ah, yeah, you know, it's fine.

01:21:06   In anticipation of this, I was gonna tell y'all,

01:21:09   I actually bought a new charging stand for my desk,

01:21:12   because right now I use the Studio Neat--

01:21:16   - Material dock. - Material dock

01:21:17   that's just flat, and they announced a new one

01:21:20   a couple days ago that brings your phone up to an angle

01:21:23   so you can see the screen better.

01:21:24   So I have one of those on its way.

01:21:25   - Oh, cool. - Because I think

01:21:26   it is going to be really useful.

01:21:28   It's kind of like the the idea of the iPad status board.

01:21:31   I'm like, no, I'm like, Myke, I know you have talked about it.

01:21:34   David Sparks has talked about it.

01:21:36   The phone would kind of be that too now, right?

01:21:37   Like if you just want your weather and your next calendar event always visible.

01:21:40   I think it's going to be great.

01:21:42   But yeah, just I think it's really cool the way they've done it.

01:21:45   I'm considering not make not pop socketing.

01:21:48   Really? Just go in full natural.

01:21:52   I'm thinking about it.

01:21:54   Why? What did pop socket do to you?

01:21:57   No, popsocket did nothing.

01:21:58   It's like, cause this all this thing about putting your phone on these mag safe

01:22:02   charges now, elevate the phone.

01:22:04   So not only are you going to give up your pop socket, you're going to finally accept

01:22:09   that you can wirelessly charge your phone safely.

01:22:12   I don't believe I'll be able to do it safely, but I'll give it a go.

01:22:15   I've got, I brought with me for the new phone, I have a mag safe pop socket.

01:22:22   Now that's going to be like my first step, right?

01:22:27   and that like I'll be able to take it off more easily and maybe I won't use it anymore.

01:22:33   I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I don't know if I still need it as such. Um, but it feels

01:22:38   like my life is just becoming harder and harder with the pop socket stuck to it all the time.

01:22:42   It's just like things I want to try and do and I can't do it.

01:22:44   Oh yeah. Oh, I can. I have some real time follow up from six months ago.

01:22:48   That's a long time.

01:22:49   Your phone is definitely cracked. Your screen looks terrible.

01:22:51   Oh, I know. But no, but like,

01:22:53   I know Apple doesn't believe you, but I believe you.

01:22:55   Thank you.

01:22:56   saying at that Genius bar.

01:22:58   I would have deemed it

01:23:00   crap when I get the new phone.

01:23:02   I'm going to try again.

01:23:03   You know I've got a baseball bat in here.

01:23:05   I mean I will do.

01:23:06   I'll break it like I will break it

01:23:08   if they say no, I'll just break it

01:23:09   and just yeah for it.

01:23:10   You didn't hear that Apple.

01:23:12   Forget it.

01:23:14   Camera upgrades really interesting.

01:23:16   So MKBHD is like this is the best

01:23:19   camera around right now.

01:23:21   The Verge seemed a little less

01:23:23   excited about it.

01:23:26   In some cases, they're saying it could be pretty inconsistent,

01:23:29   but it can deliver excellent shots or some inconsistent shots.

01:23:33   So I don't know what to think, but I'm still remain very excited

01:23:37   about the camera because I want some of the extra features.

01:23:40   In general, I'm after seeing all of these.

01:23:44   I'm really excited for this phone.

01:23:46   I cannot wait for Friday.

01:23:47   Like, it looks awesome. I'm very into it.

01:23:50   Federico, what is your give me a hype check, please?

01:23:52   I'm hyped. I can't wait.

01:23:55   I really, really want to play around with the island stuff.

01:23:59   And I know the camera improvements look good to me.

01:24:03   Some photo comparisons were kind of strange in some

01:24:06   of the reviews, like, you know, the Office meme, like,

01:24:11   corporate wants you to find the picture between this picture

01:24:14   and this picture.

01:24:14   They're the same picture.

01:24:15   Yeah.

01:24:16   Some photo comparisons feel like that.

01:24:19   But like overall, I'm hyped.

01:24:21   The purple color looks great, I think.

01:24:24   and the island is exactly my kind of stuff. So yeah,

01:24:29   much more hyped than 12 and the 13 person.

01:24:35   Much more hyped than the 12 and the 13 or 12 to the 13.

01:24:40   Both.

01:24:40   Okay. All right.

01:24:42   Yeah.

01:24:43   They're doing something weird and fun and you know, yes,

01:24:49   I'll take it.

01:24:50   Yeah. I'm, I'm really excited too.

01:24:52   I'm very excited about the camera stuff.

01:24:54   And I think that Nilay is right, that the island,

01:24:59   this concept that like the iPhone home screen

01:25:02   can become more alive and animated

01:25:04   and helpful contextually is really interesting.

01:25:08   And I think it's also interesting that we got it

01:25:10   really a few years after we got widgets.

01:25:14   You know, this feels like in a weird way,

01:25:16   kind of the next step for that stuff.

01:25:18   And like, and don't hear what I'm not saying.

01:25:20   widgets 100% should be interactive.

01:25:23   Like we should have more from that technology as well.

01:25:26   But this kind of is like rounding out the story.

01:25:29   I think that, you know, the home screen has gone

01:25:31   from this is static grid of icons to something

01:25:35   that is much more customizable, flexible, and useful.

01:25:38   That's really exciting to me.

01:25:40   And so I'm excited for this phone,

01:25:42   but I'm also excited for what it could mean in the future.

01:25:46   And so, yeah, I'm hyped, baby.

01:25:47   I'm ready for Saturday to get mine.

01:25:49   I think that's it.

01:25:50   handset. Well, we'll talk about the phone more next week when we have them. Hopefully

01:25:55   we all have them. At least me and Steven will have them. Oh, Frederick is going to do. He's

01:25:58   just going to like go and shake down all the Italian. I will improvise. He's going to improvise.

01:26:05   He's going to cut a hole in the top of his phone and fill it with sand. Call it an island.

01:26:10   The dynamic. If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, head on over to

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01:26:58   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:27:01   Adios, cheerio!