414: I am Michael Jordan


00:00:00   Good morning!

00:00:01   Good morning.

00:00:01   Good morning.

00:00:02   [MUSIC PLAYING]

00:00:05   From Reel FM, this is Connected, episode 414.

00:00:15   Today's show is brought to you by Squarespace, Hover,

00:00:17   and Bombas.

00:00:18   And this is a very special episode

00:00:20   because we're recording this on Apple Event Day

00:00:23   right after a keynote.

00:00:24   And we're going to judge some Reekies here.

00:00:26   [BELL RINGING]

00:00:27   one of your co-hosts from Italy,

00:00:29   where it's 40 minutes past midnight.

00:00:32   - Woo! - I'm Federico,

00:00:33   and I'm joined by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:36   Hello, Steven.

00:00:37   - Hello, Federico.

00:00:38   I've looked forward to this all day.

00:00:41   During keynote days, we're all really busy, right?

00:00:44   Like, we all have shows to do,

00:00:46   you have Mac stories to run,

00:00:48   I'm trying to do some blogging.

00:00:50   We don't talk to each other very much

00:00:51   during the event or after the event,

00:00:52   'cause we're off working on our own things.

00:00:54   And so none of the three of us know what we think about these things.

00:00:57   So I've been looking forward to this all afternoon.

00:00:59   Yeah. I think typically I haven't introduced you yet.

00:01:03   Who are you? Who are you?

00:01:05   Well, for so long, you basically got into topic four by the time you've done your intro.

00:01:09   What do you want from me?

00:01:10   You wait in the queue and then you get introduced and then you can speak.

00:01:14   We are also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:01:17   I don't even want to be here anymore.

00:01:19   Come on, Myke.

00:01:20   I'm getting excited.

00:01:21   You know, I'm tired.

00:01:24   What I was gonna say is I think typically, you know, during like a friend that we chat, right?

00:01:29   We chat all the time.

00:01:29   During the events, there is like a scale of who is the most talkative between our usual group chat,

00:01:36   which is us three and the OTJ, where I feel like you and Jon are the most chatty.

00:01:42   And then I say the occasional thing and we get like one text message from Federico for the entire hour and a half.

00:01:47   Yeah.

00:01:48   He's like, cool.

00:01:51   It usually just says iPhone and that's it and then he's done.

00:01:56   So yeah, he's right.

00:01:57   I know a little bit about what Stephen thinks, I know nothing about what Federico thinks.

00:02:03   Okay, okay.

00:02:04   Great.

00:02:05   Yeah, and the September event is really the bad one for me in that regard because that's

00:02:10   when I'm panicking/confirming that I'm good to go with iOS and making some small adjustments

00:02:19   to the review, which we can talk about later. But yeah, the September one is bad for me

00:02:25   and I guess the October one is also going to be bad because now they split the releases.

00:02:29   So yeah, I'm going to be more chatty in the spring event, I guess.

00:02:34   We'll look forward to the spring event then.

00:02:36   Me too. So let's talk about that. What is your plan for your iOS 16 review?

00:02:41   Yeah. So as I officially announced today, look at me, it spins to my Twitter profile.

00:02:48   That must mean it's real, you know. It's serious when that happens.

00:02:52   Yeah, there's no bots on Twitter.

00:02:54   There's no... I'm not one of them. I can tell you I'm not a bot. This podcast is not being

00:03:00   recorded by an AI. The iOS 16 review will come out on Monday, so day one of iOS 16 launch

00:03:07   day. It's... Well, as I say, it's ready. It's good to go. I'm still doing the final tweaks,

00:03:15   final edits. But yeah, it's gonna be ready by Monday. There will be a bunch of perks for

00:03:21   AppSource listeners, for club members especially. There's gonna be an ebook version, there's gonna

00:03:26   be some shortcuts. It's gonna have a different style than usual, both spiritually, stylistically,

00:03:36   both in the text and visually speaking. Some changes this year, all around the review.

00:03:44   And I mean, there's only one person so far who's read the entire thing.

00:03:48   Obviously, it's the one true John.

00:03:49   One true proof reader.

00:03:50   One true reader. I'm really happy with it.

00:03:53   I was very concerned today that I was going to have to make big changes

00:03:56   to accommodate for some of the features of the 14 Pro.

00:03:59   They turn out to be smaller changes to some things that I've written.

00:04:04   It's got this central theme that I talk about in the intro and in the conclusion.

00:04:09   I think people are going to like it.

00:04:10   And I can tell you, it's for the first time in forever?

00:04:15   I'm pretty sure it's below 30,000 words.

00:04:20   20... 28? 29?

00:04:22   Yes!

00:04:22   But yeah.

00:04:23   I'm gonna read it all.

00:04:24   [Laughter]

00:04:25   It's finally something you can read.

00:04:26   I don't have to skip. There's always like one chapter I usually skip.

00:04:29   I don't remember what chapter it is now.

00:04:30   I promise. I promise you. There's no boring chapter.

00:04:34   There's no chapter that is too technical for you.

00:04:37   [Laughter]

00:04:38   Everything is up to my standards of enjoyment and engagement.

00:04:43   Yes.

00:04:45   I have two questions about the image that you tweeted.

00:04:48   One, why is the review on your personal calendar

00:04:53   at 4.23 PM?

00:04:57   Shouldn't it be on a work calendar at a regular time?

00:05:02   First of all, I don't have a work calendar.

00:05:04   My personal calendar is my, I have a family calendar

00:05:07   And I have a podcasts calendar.

00:05:09   Everything else that is not like things with Sylvia

00:05:12   or things for the podcasts, everything is blended together.

00:05:15   Like in this calendar, I put both like this kind of stuff,

00:05:19   but also like buy tickets for concert.

00:05:21   Like I don't have, everything is mixing together.

00:05:25   For the time, I wanna, first of all,

00:05:30   you should know that 23 is my Latin number.

00:05:33   - I know that, yes.

00:05:34   - 'Cause you're Michael Jordan.

00:05:37   For a bunch of reasons, one of them being that I'm Michael Jordan, sure.

00:05:40   [laughter]

00:05:44   There's...

00:05:47   There's many reasons, but it's actually a thing that I've been doing for quite some time.

00:05:54   If you look at last year's teaser, you will see that I used the exact same time, 4.23 PM.

00:06:01   Oh, wow.

00:06:02   Yeah.

00:06:04   And this year, of course, I've done the 4/23 again,

00:06:08   because usually that's about the time

00:06:09   when I like to publish the reviews,

00:06:11   like my afternoon to give people a few hours to read it.

00:06:15   But I figured 4/30--

00:06:16   - And to make sure that the CDNs have propagated.

00:06:18   - Exactly, 4/30 is boring, 4/23 has my lucky number in it.

00:06:22   Also 23, excellent song by Jimmy Eat World.

00:06:26   - That's true.

00:06:29   - It's a recurring number in my life, so.

00:06:31   - Okay.

00:06:32   Second thing is it's not really a question as so much. I want to repeat the joke

00:06:37   I did over I message but you're playing the foundations of K of decay by my chemical romance great choice

00:06:42   Yes, thank you, but I think you should have saved that for the stage manager part of your iPad review

00:06:47   Should that be the vibe of the iPad OS review

00:06:53   Everything is in shambles like post post

00:06:58   Otherwise, if you spend any time on Apple Twitter, right, there's enough time for them

00:07:03   to fix it.

00:07:04   That's what I keep seeing everyone saying, they're going to fix it.

00:07:06   So I wouldn't count it out just yet.

00:07:09   Everyone's like, it's going to be fixed.

00:07:11   That's why they delayed it.

00:07:12   It's going to be fixed.

00:07:13   So you know, it could be fixed.

00:07:15   You know, I haven't written anything about iPadOS.

00:07:22   Like zero words so far.

00:07:25   I have at this moment, as I'm finishing the iOS 16 review, and very likely I will have

00:07:32   to get to work on Tuesday immediately, I have no idea what I'm going to do.

00:07:39   For the first time in a while, I have no idea what I'm going to do about the biggest feature

00:07:47   of iPadOS, the new multitasking, I have zero clue as to what I'm going to do.

00:07:53   So that's gonna be fun because usually I live with the thing, you know, like with the changes

00:08:03   to iPadOS.

00:08:04   I use them, I live with them, and I can form an opinion.

00:08:09   But the problem is the thing is so broken that it's impossible for me to live with it.

00:08:15   So yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do there.

00:08:19   We'll see.

00:08:21   But I do like the idea of that kind of vibe for iPadOS that's even suggested.

00:08:28   So maybe more my chemical romance, more emo vibe, very dark style.

00:08:33   Hmm, I need to think about that.

00:08:36   Did you see that iOS 15.7 beta 1 became available today?

00:08:41   I saw that.

00:08:42   I'm not sure what's new in it.

00:08:44   Why are they still...

00:08:46   What is going on?

00:08:47   Maybe it's like AirPods?

00:08:50   Maybe.

00:08:51   The new watches or like something, but that was just very funny to me.

00:08:55   It's like, oh, still going, huh?

00:08:57   Okay.

00:08:58   Yeah, it's still on.

00:08:59   I mean, maybe setting up an Apple watch if you don't want to get 16 like say if you haven't

00:09:06   well doesn't know what was nine.

00:09:08   Okay.

00:09:09   So maybe you have an iPhone seven.

00:09:13   You can put 15.7 on it and set up an Apple watch.

00:09:18   I don't know.

00:09:19   I wrote a haiku for you to review Stage Manager.

00:09:24   - Oh, I swear he's been so quiet over there.

00:09:26   - Okay, give me that, give me that.

00:09:28   All right.

00:09:29   - O Stage Manager are so broken inside.

00:09:32   Oh no, I messed this up.

00:09:34   - Wait, was that the end?

00:09:34   Oh no, I messed this.

00:09:36   No, that was six syllables.

00:09:37   You messed up that last line.

00:09:38   - No, yeah, I have six syllables.

00:09:40   My last line is a fix is in the cards,

00:09:42   but that's six syllables.

00:09:43   - Why don't you say like a fix is,

00:09:46   A fix is in cards.

00:09:49   There you go.

00:09:50   - Fix is.

00:09:50   - You're like the worst poet ever.

00:09:52   That's why.

00:09:53   - Isn't Art Haikus like your whole thing?

00:09:56   - Five, seven, five.

00:09:57   Yeah, but you know, it's late, 6 p.m.

00:10:00   - It's not that late, don't even.

00:10:02   - Let's move on.

00:10:03   Big news, this is September.

00:10:06   September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

00:10:08   and for the fourth year running,

00:10:11   those of us at Relay FM and you, our audience,

00:10:14   or working together to raise money

00:10:16   for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:10:19   I wanna tell you a little bit about St. Jude.

00:10:21   It was started 60 years ago.

00:10:24   That's even older than me,

00:10:26   if you can believe it, by a couple of years.

00:10:29   In those 60 years, they have grown in size and capability

00:10:33   because they believe that children all over the world

00:10:36   deserve the same chance at survival.

00:10:39   And that's, I mean, think back 60 years,

00:10:41   the world was a different place, right?

00:10:44   Cancer was really, really bad 60 years ago,

00:10:48   but because of St. Jude's work,

00:10:50   they have brought the survival rate for childhood cancer

00:10:53   from 20% up to 80%.

00:10:56   However, cancer still kills more children

00:10:58   under the age of 14 than any other disease.

00:11:03   That's really scary.

00:11:05   But progress is being made.

00:11:07   It's carried out by researchers

00:11:09   who are among the world's most highly cited scientists.

00:11:13   That research is then shared with the world

00:11:15   to help doctors and patients elsewhere.

00:11:17   In fact, St. Jude is, as of March 2018,

00:11:21   the first and only world health organization

00:11:24   collaborating center for childhood cancer.

00:11:27   They have this big goal to raise this arrival rate

00:11:29   of six common childhood cancers to 60% worldwide by 2030.

00:11:34   So how do we get there?

00:11:35   We get there through all of us coming together

00:11:38   and supporting this work.

00:11:40   So you wanna go to stju.org/relay there,

00:11:43   you can donate.

00:11:44   Donors who make an individual gift of $60 or more

00:11:48   will get a digital bundle that includes some wallpapers

00:11:51   and this wild Mac OS screensaver

00:11:53   made by our friend James Thompson.

00:11:55   And if you make an individual gift of $100 or more,

00:11:59   you also get a set of stickers

00:12:01   on top of that digital bundle.

00:12:03   But if you wanna fundraise yourself,

00:12:04   if you wanna go out and raise money in your network,

00:12:06   in your circles,

00:12:07   and we have over 100 people already doing this,

00:12:10   which is really awesome.

00:12:11   You get some really cool merchandise

00:12:14   for the amount of money you raise.

00:12:16   If you raise $250 or more,

00:12:18   you will receive what my show notes call a unique desk mat.

00:12:23   This thing has the cartoon faces of Myke and I all over it,

00:12:26   kind of a reinvented look of his desk.

00:12:28   But unlike his desk, you can undo it easily.

00:12:30   You can just take the desk mat away

00:12:31   when you're tired of looking at us.

00:12:32   But the thing is amazing, I've got one here.

00:12:34   But if you'd raised just $1 or more,

00:12:37   you'll receive an exclusive St. Jude limited edition

00:12:41   of the Relay FM Challenge coin.

00:12:43   Guess what I'm holding?

00:12:45   Someone guess.

00:12:46   - Do you have it?

00:12:47   - I got it an hour ago.

00:12:50   (knocking)

00:12:51   - Oh, it's nice to know.

00:12:52   - Okay.

00:12:53   - Is it good?

00:12:54   Do you like it?

00:12:54   - It's really good.

00:12:55   So on one side, it has Relay artwork,

00:12:57   the other side, it has St. Jude artwork.

00:12:59   And if you fundraise and raise a dollar or more,

00:13:03   you will get one of these coins.

00:13:04   All this stuff goes out after the end of the campaign,

00:13:07   but super excited to get it in your hands.

00:13:09   You may be wondering, Steven,

00:13:11   I got an Apple watch to buy.

00:13:12   I got iPhones to buy.

00:13:13   I don't live in Memphis.

00:13:15   I don't even live in the United States.

00:13:16   Why would I care about this?

00:13:17   Well, go back to what I said a second ago.

00:13:19   St. Jude's work impacts the lives of kids with cancer

00:13:22   and their families from all around the world.

00:13:24   They treat patients from all over the world.

00:13:26   They come here for the best treatment on earth.

00:13:28   And if they can't make it here or they have local resources,

00:13:32   St. Jude is helping there as well.

00:13:34   It's really, really cool.

00:13:35   St. Jude helped to bring kids suffering from cancer

00:13:40   from Ukraine over to Memphis

00:13:42   to help them continue their treatment.

00:13:44   - Isn't that amazing?

00:13:45   - When the war broke out.

00:13:46   - Absolutely amazing.

00:13:47   And I've gotten to meet a bunch of these families

00:13:49   over the years and they're all amazing people.

00:13:52   The kids are all really special.

00:13:54   I wanna tell you a story real quick.

00:13:57   My oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor

00:13:59   when he was six months old.

00:14:00   And we spent about two years in treatment

00:14:02   with chemotherapy and surgeries and all sorts of stuff.

00:14:05   And there was one night, it was pretty late,

00:14:07   and I was pretty down.

00:14:09   It's just, you're tired, it's hard to deal with.

00:14:11   And in the room across from us, I noticed the,

00:14:16   like the window, like the curtains over the sliding door

00:14:19   kind of moving back and forth.

00:14:21   And this sort of like two-year-old boy

00:14:22   like popped out from behind the curtains and like popped back

00:14:25   and he wanted to play peekaboo with me

00:14:26   kind of across the hallway.

00:14:28   And so we kind of played in the curtains for a little bit

00:14:30   and they are still friends of ours to this day.

00:14:32   They don't live in Memphis,

00:14:33   they came here for their son's treatment

00:14:35   and their son and my son are both doing really well

00:14:39   because of St. Jude.

00:14:41   The work is amazing.

00:14:42   So once again, you wanna go to stjude.org/relay

00:14:46   to donate and find out more about fundraising.

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00:16:16   It's time to read the rules.

00:16:19   - Oh my God, okay.

00:16:20   - Yeah, it's like trying to show you

00:16:21   still awake there, buddy, you know,

00:16:22   just suckering you in with a whispering.

00:16:23   - The Rickies is a game connected host.

00:16:26   That's us play before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year trying to

00:16:30   predict future events. It's made up of three rounds. Each host,

00:16:35   each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:16:40   There are two types of rookies, annual rookies and keynote rookies.

00:16:43   The winner of the annual rookies is named the annual chairman and retains the

00:16:48   rights of that Twitter account for a full year.

00:16:49   This time we're playing the keynote rookies.

00:16:52   The winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights of the

00:16:55   of the course buying Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:16:58   After the rookies, the hosts then play a game called the Flexis.

00:17:01   These two games are separate but related.

00:17:03   Every time freaks me out, because I think you forget to tell me to stand.

00:17:07   Yeah, the preamble, you know?

00:17:09   I have a question.

00:17:10   Uh-huh.

00:17:11   Do the rules that you're about to read include the revision?

00:17:13   Yes.

00:17:14   Okay, good.

00:17:15   Yes.

00:17:16   I wanted to just double check that we were included in the revision today.

00:17:18   Yes.

00:17:19   Yeah, we made a change last week.

00:17:20   This is a living document, just like Federico's iPad OS review.

00:17:23   Yes.

00:17:24   Well, this is a living document that's currently had a lot of work put into it.

00:17:29   Yeah.

00:17:30   Because I've had a review as a living document that has had zero work.

00:17:34   You know the difference?

00:17:35   You know what the difference is?

00:17:36   We're actually fixing the rules.

00:17:37   They're on the act of development.

00:17:40   Yeah, look, another four weeks and we can get them right.

00:17:42   People keep saying that.

00:17:43   Yeah, for sure.

00:17:46   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:17:47   [Music]

00:17:54   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:17:57   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording

00:18:02   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:18:04   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:18:07   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host total.

00:18:11   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:18:17   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by publications of record,

00:18:22   9-5 Mac or MacRumors.

00:18:26   Picks made for keynote rookies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:18:30   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

00:18:33   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar

00:18:38   year.

00:18:39   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual rookies by the same host.

00:18:44   All hosts however are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:18:48   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:18:53   In the event of a tie, dice by p-calc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:19:00   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the rookies.

00:19:05   Coin "flips" by Jason on other podcasts are allowed but are frowned upon and subject

00:19:12   to public shaming.

00:19:13   Any is good because it's like we wouldn't even trust him to use the app, right?

00:19:17   Yeah, yeah.

00:19:19   Real or virtual coins? Banned.

00:19:23   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes

00:19:29   when the picks are scored. Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable

00:19:34   at the time of recording. The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:19:39   The winner of the previous associated game goes first, the previous loser goes last.

00:19:44   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:19:47   As a reminder, I am the current Annual Chairman and Federico Vittucci of Italy is the current Keynote Chairman.

00:19:53   Past results can be seen at rookies.co and rookies.net.

00:19:57   Exact links are in the show notes.

00:19:59   These sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:20:02   You may be seated.

00:20:05   So I listened back to last week's episode today and I had forgotten about the music you play.

00:20:11   It's good right?

00:20:12   When you when you do that, yep, I forgot about it.

00:20:14   It's fun, it's fun to put that together.

00:20:16   All right Federico you are defending your title so you're up first.

00:20:20   Okay so round one of the regular picks I said

00:20:26   at least one of the next pro iPhones will have an always on display.

00:20:32   Were you both as surprised as I as to how little a deal was made of this during the keynote?

00:20:38   It was like 45 seconds. They were kind of like, "Finally, we did it! Jeesh, alright, let's move on."

00:20:46   I actually just mentioned this a few minutes ago. I did a town hall thing for the club discord

00:20:51   members. Like, we all went into this event thinking, "No, the always-on display is gonna be

00:20:58   the big deal for the iPhone 14 Pro.

00:21:01   It's going to be like all the signs from WWDC

00:21:05   are pointing in this direction.

00:21:06   This is the software, the hardware feature.

00:21:09   They've been keeping a secret in software.

00:21:11   Yeah, the answer was yeah.

00:21:13   I mean, there you go, one minute.

00:21:15   Now we have an always on display

00:21:17   because turns out the big software change

00:21:19   was something else that did not leak

00:21:22   in its actual form and behavior.

00:21:26   So, yeah, I was very surprised by this.

00:21:29   - I was also surprised at how little this,

00:21:34   how little it actually dims.

00:21:36   Like if you look at the GIF on Apple's page,

00:21:38   - Right.

00:21:39   - It's much closer to the Apple Watch

00:21:41   than I thought it would have been.

00:21:42   It's basic, you know,

00:21:43   I kind of thought maybe the wallpaper will go away

00:21:45   or go really far in the background.

00:21:47   At least in their product imagery,

00:21:49   it's not a huge, huge difference.

00:21:52   Not what I was expecting.

00:21:53   It kind of looks like what the sleep focus does.

00:21:57   - It does, yeah.

00:21:58   But it doesn't even--

00:21:59   - So I'm really intrigued.

00:22:00   I'm really intrigued.

00:22:01   - But it doesn't seem to blur the wallpaper

00:22:03   the way the sleep focus does.

00:22:05   They made a comment in the keynote about

00:22:08   if you have a picture of a human,

00:22:10   like most of us do on a lock screen,

00:22:11   like it does what it can when it brings the brightness down

00:22:13   to like preserve skin tones and stuff.

00:22:15   - Wait, you think most of us have a picture of a human

00:22:17   on the lock screen?

00:22:18   - I do and Myke does.

00:22:19   So that's most of us.

00:22:20   - I would say most people do.

00:22:22   I would say most people do. Interesting. Interesting.

00:22:25   I know you have a picture of a Nintendo three D S but most people put their

00:22:29   loved ones on their lock screen. I have a picture of my wife. Me too. My wife.

00:22:33   I have a picture of my wife, not your wife.

00:22:36   I have a picture of Federico on my lock screen. I have John.

00:22:43   Yeah. I think, I think I understand you don't Federico. I think most people do.

00:22:47   I think most people have a human being of some description as dead as their

00:22:50   luxury but but I would bet pets are number two like people dogs and then

00:22:56   whatever else yeah specifically dogs stem fish then cats yeah I had a bird

00:23:02   for a while was that your bird Steven no so in 2019 I spent you into bird

00:23:10   watching no let me tell the story it's more fun to guess yeah I in 2019 I

00:23:20   I spent a week in Maine with my family at this camp.

00:23:22   It's really awesome.

00:23:23   And one afternoon I took a kayak out on this huge lake

00:23:28   and there were some rocks by the lake

00:23:29   and there was a bird on top of the rock.

00:23:32   And it's like, maybe y'all have had these moments.

00:23:33   Like I have them in nature sometimes.

00:23:35   It's like, just like a very like peaceful feeling.

00:23:37   Like, you know, the rest of the world kind of disappears.

00:23:40   And I kind of had this moment with this bird on this rock.

00:23:43   And so for a while it was my lock screen,

00:23:44   but now it's back to my wife, Mary, not Adina, my wife.

00:23:49   Your wife Adina?

00:23:50   You said Adina comma my wife, right?

00:23:54   - Yes.

00:23:55   - That's what you said, right?

00:23:56   You made it worse, I think.

00:23:57   - Yes.

00:23:58   - Look, it's 6 p.m., I'm doing my best, okay?

00:24:00   When you get old, you go to bed early.

00:24:02   Myke, you're up.

00:24:04   - Oh, so everyone knows my pic, right?

00:24:09   Listen to my pic, these are my words.

00:24:11   - No, they're not your words!

00:24:12   - These are my words, it's written down, it's my pic.

00:24:15   At least one iPhone will have the notch removed,

00:24:17   replaced by a cut out for the camera and sensors free floating from the border

00:24:23   aka an island of black glass in an ocean of pixels it's written here I must have

00:24:29   said that Stephen roll back the tape who said it I said it I just said it no

00:24:36   this was the poem one of my absolute favorite moments in keynote history when

00:24:42   they said dynamic island I could not believe it

00:24:46   [Music]

00:24:48   Okay. At least one iPhone will have the notch removed, replaced by a hole punch style camera

00:24:54   and sensors.

00:24:55   Okay, okay. So, so we need to define here, I know what you mean. Like you mean, what

00:25:03   are they calling it? The pill?

00:25:06   Okay so there's two. This is the, so this is what I actually wanted to talk to you guys

00:25:09   about this, about like the wording here. Or maybe we just come to an agreement, we know

00:25:13   what I mean.

00:25:14   Now, there is a selection of styles Apple could take here.

00:25:17   They could, some people have said that there will be a hole punch for a camera,

00:25:21   so like a circular cut out for a camera and screen,

00:25:24   and then a more like oval one that has the sensor array.

00:25:27   There have been some people that have suggested that it will be a larger oval

00:25:31   and it will have both the camera and the sensor array in it.

00:25:35   Basically what I'm saying is,

00:25:37   there is a cut out in the screen where the camera and the sensors are.

00:25:40   Okay, so I guess a good way to understand, like regardless of the design, is there a

00:25:49   portion of the display above the cutout? Because right now there isn't. Because the notch comes

00:25:56   down from the very top. Right, this is going to be like an island of black glass within an ocean of

00:26:04   pixels, right? Right now the notch is really an extension of the screen border. Wow, you're so

00:26:09   - Popo Eric, Steven.

00:26:10   Such a beautiful wording for the iPhone 14 Pro, okay.

00:26:15   - Yeah, so in my mind, this is,

00:26:17   it is free floating from the screen border

00:26:21   around the outside edge.

00:26:23   - Yeah.

00:26:24   - Hold on, I'm now changing my pick.

00:26:25   (upbeat music)

00:26:27   I have no idea how this happened.

00:26:31   Steven is a prophet.

00:26:33   - It turns out.

00:26:34   Yeah, it's wild to me.

00:26:36   - What are the chances?

00:26:37   - My Twitter mentions, as y'all did, I'm sure,

00:26:40   just went wild with this.

00:26:42   - No, it's just, I didn't.

00:26:43   I think everyone was just tweeting at you.

00:26:45   - Maybe.

00:26:46   The name is really interesting,

00:26:47   but what I did not see coming,

00:26:50   and what, again, just, it's the day of the keynote,

00:26:52   so we haven't seen it,

00:26:54   but what caught me off guard

00:26:56   is how much cool stuff they're doing with it.

00:26:58   Like, you can tap it, and it will like,

00:27:01   like, your Now Playing is hidden in there,

00:27:03   and then if you're running a timer,

00:27:05   You get the little timer icon up there.

00:27:08   It's really cool the way they're using this space

00:27:11   to like show the Face ID animation.

00:27:14   I just didn't expect it to be as interactive

00:27:18   or as animated as it is.

00:27:20   I think that's actually really cool.

00:27:22   - This has to be one of my favorite things

00:27:24   that Apple has done in a while in terms of software.

00:27:27   And even what I just said is inaccurate

00:27:31   because it's not just software,

00:27:32   which I think it's the most fascinating thing about this dynamic island,

00:27:36   jokes on the name aside, it's not software, it's not hardware.

00:27:41   It's, it's a, it's a blend of the two,

00:27:45   which I find really fascinating.

00:27:47   What I find most interesting about it is that it's one of those features.

00:27:51   It's one of those innovations, uh, that in hindsight,

00:27:55   it looks so obvious and it looks so natural,

00:27:58   but none of us were able to imagine it, right? If it is,

00:28:02   if it's so obvious, then why none of us picked it last week as a risky pick.

00:28:07   And that is a sign of a great innovation, something that you cannot imagine,

00:28:12   but that a bunch of people have been studying and designing and refining for years.

00:28:17   And when you see it in its final shape, it looks obvious.

00:28:21   In hindsight, what's fascinating here is picking up the signs that Apple has left over the years

00:28:29   that have led to the dynamic island now.

00:28:32   It's very likely, and that's why I'm also happy

00:28:35   that I do my annual iOS reviews,

00:28:37   because you can go back and start checking

00:28:39   all these little elements that Apple has been placing

00:28:43   here and there in iOS for the past few years

00:28:46   to build toward this kind of feature.

00:28:49   It started off with these pill-shaped notifications

00:28:55   that pop up from the top of the screen,

00:28:58   or pop down, I guess, from the top of the screen.

00:29:02   They first did those with the Apple Pencil connection

00:29:05   on an iPad.

00:29:06   Later, they did them with AirPods,

00:29:09   Bluetooth connections. - Oh yeah, super smart.

00:29:12   - Clipboard integration.

00:29:13   All those, Split View on the iPad as well.

00:29:18   - Copy paste.

00:29:20   They put that on there. - Copy paste, yeah, yeah.

00:29:22   So they started doing those pill-shaped alerts

00:29:25   years ago. A couple of years ago they did this entire initiative in iOS 14, I want to say, called

00:29:33   Compact UI that was all about telling developers, "Hey, why don't you rethink some of your key

00:29:38   interactions to be smaller, to be more compact, to use iconography and symbols in a clever way,

00:29:48   to have these multiple levels of nested menus,

00:29:52   like make everything smaller,

00:29:54   try to save users a few taps here and there.

00:29:57   And then, and this is why I think this is so fascinating,

00:30:02   live activities.

00:30:03   One of the two main features, I would say,

00:30:07   in iOS 16 at WWDC,

00:30:09   there were widgets and live activities.

00:30:12   And we all thought, oh, obviously widgets are pointing

00:30:17   to the always on display, that's going to be the software feature that we see now that

00:30:24   is hinting at the next iPhone. This always happens. We all focused on that. But in reality,

00:30:31   maybe I think live activities were a bigger deal. Because the concept was, now you have

00:30:37   a way to keep an eye on real-time updates from your favorite apps, and it's built on

00:30:41   top of WidgetKit, it's all done with SwiftUI. Now you can keep an eye on

00:30:46   news, sports, Ubers, food delivery apps, all that kind of stuff.

00:30:52   And I think it's been positively received as a feature we all thought,

00:30:58   "That's cool. Sure, if you're using your iPhone, you gotta go back to the

00:31:03   lock screen if you want to keep an eye on these real-time updates, but that's

00:31:06   still fine. The thing is, these live activities will also work in the Dynamic Island, and

00:31:15   they will be part of the Activity Kit framework, which developers can build live activities

00:31:22   for. And that's where the genius part of this integration lies. Live activities were not

00:31:30   just part of the lock screen as this bigger idea of customization and having more glanceable data.

00:31:38   That's one side of the story. The other side of the story is, on iPhone 14 Pro, those real-time

00:31:44   updates are actually real-time, and you can see them always in the dynamic island. And compact UI

00:31:53   comes into play here, because those live activities, by default, they're minimized.

00:31:59   Now, I'm not sure what the exact wording is,

00:32:01   I haven't checked out the Human Interface Guidelines yet,

00:32:04   but they will be minimized in the Dynamic Island.

00:32:07   When you tap, or tap and hold, I believe, on the island,

00:32:12   they will expand to show you the same design that you can see on the lock screen.

00:32:17   So, like, I find all of this so fascinating, because at a macro level,

00:32:21   they've been building toward this exact feature for the past few years.

00:32:25   you don't get to this point without doing all the work that's been done before. With CompactUI,

00:32:31   with SwiftUI and WidgetKit, with SF symbols, arguably, because you're going to have to show

00:32:36   some glyphs in there, and obviously with those kind of notifications that we've been

00:32:41   seeing for the past several years. But also, it shows how at WWDC just a few months ago,

00:32:48   they had this feature, they showed it to us as part of the lock screen, but as it turns out,

00:32:54   it's part of the entire iPhone experience, whatever you're doing on a 14 Pro, because the

00:33:00   dynamic island is always there, and it's something that no other, I'm pretty sure I can say this,

00:33:06   that no other smartphone manufacturer has done it like Apple in this case,

00:33:13   with all the integrations that they have. I don't think they can, I don't think anyone else can do

00:33:17   it, because like if you're looking at Android, just the way that things are split up, like if

00:33:21   if Samsung came up with this, it would be incredibly difficult for them to get third

00:33:24   parties to develop specifically for this, right? Like I just, you know, Google could

00:33:29   come up with it for Android, but then they've got to get all the everybody to put it in,

00:33:33   right? Like it's, it just doesn't work like that. Now I'm fascinated by this. I do have

00:33:36   a question for you. I don't know if you know the answer to this. You mentioned live activities

00:33:40   and activity kit. Does activity kit do anything other than live activities? Not right now.

00:33:45   Okay, so like live activities are a part of Activity Kit, but Activity Kit is what developers

00:33:52   will call it and live activities is what consumers will call it probably.

00:33:56   Yeah, Activity Kit is the name of the framework.

00:33:59   It's like Widget Kit, it's the name of the framework.

00:34:01   Widgets is the public name.

00:34:03   Live activities are the public name.

00:34:05   And also pay attention to something here.

00:34:08   Apple will have an advantage with their own live activities, such as the Now Playing Controls

00:34:14   or the timer for example because those are using private APIs that make the activity interactive.

00:34:21   Developers cannot do that. Developers cannot build live activities like the music one or the timer

00:34:27   one where you have buttons that you can press. I actually feel like for the Dynamic Island I don't

00:34:34   care about the active like about the interactivity. I agree. Before a typical live activity I would

00:34:41   like more of it but I could but I'm also okay without it too but you know what I mean but

00:34:45   like for the dynamic island my expectation is most of the time if you tap one of those

00:34:50   what you would like it to do is open the app right I'm expecting but yeah I'm incredibly

00:34:57   excited for this feature it looks really cool.

00:35:00   Yeah it's cool that it brings a whole new interaction type to iOS out of what should

00:35:06   could have just been oh it's a slight industrial redesign we got rid of the notch now we have

00:35:11   this thing, right? I didn't expect them to bring functionality with the design. I

00:35:16   mean there were stories last week about what's the area around the, you know, what

00:35:21   we now know is the dynamic island. What, you know, how are they gonna fit things

00:35:25   around there, right? Because the inset and the safe areas are gonna change, but this

00:35:29   is, this is really cool. I was really excited to see it. I'm looking forward to

00:35:34   getting my hands on to it. All right, we're ready to move on from this one?

00:35:37   yeah that sounds that sounds good okay my pick was Apple shows off at least one

00:35:42   iowa 16 feature that we haven't seen before I mean take your pick multiple

00:35:50   yes I felt like there was a bunch of them we have the emergency SOS via

00:35:54   satellite we have the all the island stuff that we just talked about we have

00:36:01   stuff in the health it's using the Apple watch too so this is kind of watch OS

00:36:06   kind of iOS but the the using the temperature sensors for cycle and ovulation tracking, which

00:36:13   is really, really cool. A lot of stuff, a lot of hardware stuff, crash detection is

00:36:18   an iOS crash detection. That low key is like maybe the most important thing they announced

00:36:25   today. I really think it is and it's cool that it's on the iPhone as well. But you know,

00:36:31   a lot of more monocars like my wife's car has this right my wife's car. If she's in

00:36:35   in an accident, it will call like Toyota

00:36:40   or whatever company they use and like report an accident

00:36:42   in her location and stuff, right?

00:36:44   But my truck's older, it doesn't have any of that, right?

00:36:48   A lot of people's cars don't have that

00:36:50   or they don't wanna pay for it and we don't,

00:36:53   Apple's just got it built into the new watches

00:36:56   and new phones, I think it's, the crash detection

00:36:58   is really cool, I was really excited to see that.

00:37:01   Yeah, there'll be stories, there'll be lots of stories.

00:37:05   Can we talk about this for a second?

00:37:07   Tangent time.

00:37:09   They announced, you know, Jeff Williams is out there

00:37:11   talking about the Apple Watch,

00:37:12   but they always play this video

00:37:13   about how the Apple Watch saved people's lives.

00:37:16   - I know where this is going.

00:37:17   - And a couple of years ago,

00:37:19   it was our friend Kyle riding a bike

00:37:20   and getting in shape, right?

00:37:22   This year, there was someone in a plane crash,

00:37:25   someone who got trapped in a garbage truck,

00:37:27   which is just the most horrifying thing I can think of.

00:37:30   - That was my favorite one.

00:37:31   That's the weirdest one.

00:37:33   - Yeah, there was a dude who had a bear in his cabin.

00:37:37   - Yeah.

00:37:38   I mean, those are real stories, right?

00:37:40   I mean, you gotta assume that Apple verified the stories

00:37:45   because they mentioned, like, we always receive letters,

00:37:47   but like, okay, so what if I write

00:37:49   the most incredible story to Apple and it's fake, right?

00:37:53   So you gotta assume that they actually verified

00:37:56   the truth of these stories.

00:38:01   - So, but yeah, the dude who fell into the trash compactor,

00:38:04   I mean, that was something.

00:38:05   - That's horrifying.

00:38:06   - I mean, our friend James was one of these stories too.

00:38:12   And he had had-

00:38:13   - Wait, did he fall in a trash compactor?

00:38:13   - No, he had a heart episode.

00:38:16   So he was one of those stories too,

00:38:18   'cause he had some heart troubles

00:38:20   and Apple Watch saved his life.

00:38:22   He didn't fall in a trash compactor.

00:38:23   - You know, I think Apple is,

00:38:26   I think they take some heat,

00:38:27   at least on social media of like,

00:38:28   "Oh, buy this divisor, you'll die."

00:38:30   I mean, that's one way to look at it.

00:38:32   But the way I look at it is I can have something,

00:38:35   like for instance, she's not gonna hear this,

00:38:37   so I'll talk about her.

00:38:38   My mom had a fall a few years ago and it was really bad.

00:38:42   And earlier this year,

00:38:43   we gave her an Apple Watch with fall detection.

00:38:46   I was like, wear this all the time.

00:38:49   Take it off once you're in bed

00:38:51   and put it on before you get out of bed.

00:38:53   And it really gives me a sense of peace,

00:38:58   you know, like a peace of mind that if something happens,

00:39:01   I will know about it, right?

00:39:03   And so this stuff is important.

00:39:04   It does impact real people.

00:39:06   Like, yes, they obviously use the flashiest ones

00:39:08   in these videos, but I think it's cool

00:39:11   that technology can do that for us.

00:39:14   - I told my mom I wanted to get one for her for that reason

00:39:17   and she did not appreciate it.

00:39:18   So.

00:39:19   (laughing)

00:39:22   Yes, that was kind of how it went.

00:39:23   I think I should have maybe started with a different reason

00:39:25   for why I wanted to get her an Apple Watch.

00:39:27   I don't think she's really she would love it. Yeah. My mom is known for climbing mountains. She is

00:39:33   I saw her out there last weekend. So at the end of round one, we have a perfect tie

00:39:38   We all got our first round picks, correct. I mean

00:39:43   No

00:39:45   Perfect tie like zipper. It literally is a perfect time

00:39:49   Yeah, no partial points or points for stealing my no genius. So there are no spiritual points

00:39:55   There are no half points like an equal like it's not like

00:39:59   Some pics are more equal than others is what you're saying. That's not cool. I think so. I think so. Let's move on round two

00:40:06   Federico kick us off

00:40:08   There won't be a mini iPhone in the iPhone 14 family

00:40:13   Yeah, so

00:40:16   6.1 6.7 inches the mini there's no iPhone 14 mini

00:40:22   They're keeping the iPhone 13 mini for sale. If you're one of those people you want to buy a spare you can

00:40:27   There's no 14 mini, I'm sorry we knew this was gonna happen

00:40:35   You gotta believe that it still stings for people who were holding out any degree of hope

00:40:41   That Apple would change their minds on this they didn't

00:40:44   There's no mini iPhone and look if they didn't make one. It's because they didn't sell enough of them

00:40:50   So, you know, take it up to Team Apple.

00:40:53   Take it up to Team Apple.

00:40:55   Late last week, the rumor broke of the plus name coming back in the regular 14 line.

00:41:02   What do you all think about that?

00:41:03   I mean, I don't think it's the right name.

00:41:05   Really?

00:41:06   Yeah, I mean, I said this on the show last week.

00:41:08   I think plus should be used for services now.

00:41:11   But you see that my thinking was correct, that they're saving Max like, and I think

00:41:17   Gruber wrote about this last night, like I think in Apple's mind, max means, you know,

00:41:24   not just big, but also bigger and fancier. Like it's not just the big size, it's more

00:41:33   features, it's more expensive, you know. And plus is just, I guess, plus in services means

00:41:41   something, plus in hardware means bigger size.

00:41:44   So yeah, but like in the iPhone 14 Pro right now, the max doesn't have any different features that are regular

00:41:51   So why isn't it called the iPhone 14 plus? No, you lost me there

00:41:55   Like why is it not the iPhone 14 Pro Plus like it's the same as the iPhone

00:42:01   14 Pro like there isn't any difference this time

00:42:04   So by that logic, it would just be the iPhone 14 Pro Plus, right? Because there's nothing different about it compared to the smaller size

00:42:11   Yeah, I don't think it's so much about about that

00:42:13   but it's furthering the distance between the regular line and the pro line.

00:42:19   From that angle it makes sense to me and I get what you're saying and

00:42:24   you're not wrong I mean the the internal logic of Apple's naming has never

00:42:28   been Apple's strong suit. But I'm glad they went with it I think it makes it a

00:42:33   little bit easier to talk about.

00:42:35   Just real quick, I don't know if they're gonna change this.

00:42:38   I just thought I'd check it was super weird. You can buy an iPhone 12 for $599

00:42:42   right now oh wow you can buy an iPhone 13 for $599 now I got it I got to think

00:42:50   the iPhone regular iPhone 12 is gonna go away yeah what's you know what I mean

00:42:56   like it's the same price mm-hmm very strange find the first it is very it is

00:43:02   very strange so you can get both the 12 and the 13 of the same price same price

00:43:07   yeah are you sure hundred percent I checked I checked you three times I

00:43:10   I thought surely that's the mini, no it's not.

00:43:12   - But why?

00:43:13   No, that is--

00:43:14   - Maybe one of them's like,

00:43:15   maybe there's like a trade in price thing going on there,

00:43:18   but like, and I don't,

00:43:21   my hope is they'll change it when the iPhone 13 goes on sale,

00:43:24   but like, it's just strange.

00:43:25   - No, I mean, you're right.

00:43:26   You can buy both the 12 and the 13.

00:43:30   Huh, well, okay, all right.

00:43:33   - It's weird, very weird.

00:43:35   I think that there's a base storage difference too,

00:43:39   Which makes it even stranger.

00:43:41   Oh, I don't know.

00:43:42   It's very odd to me.

00:43:43   But anyway, you can get 12.

00:43:45   What's the 14 gonna be?

00:43:48   What does that start at?

00:43:49   That doesn't start at 599.

00:43:51   - It's the same as the 13 regular, not the mini.

00:43:55   - Only in the US, the race prices in Europe.

00:43:58   - So I don't know what's going on.

00:43:59   I don't know what's going on with the 13 and the 12.

00:44:02   Like the 13 and the 12,

00:44:03   you can buy them both for 599 right now.

00:44:05   And I don't understand that.

00:44:08   but then the 14 is 799 obviously.

00:44:10   It's very peculiar.

00:44:11   - Yeah, that's strange.

00:44:12   - Very peculiar.

00:44:13   - It's 12 regular and 13 mini, says Zach.

00:44:16   That's what I'm getting tripped up on.

00:44:18   - Oh, okay.

00:44:19   - Okay, so this is a pointless thing to go over.

00:44:24   - Just skip right over that.

00:44:26   - What were we talking about?

00:44:27   - It's your pick, it's your turn.

00:44:28   - At least one iPhone gets an upgraded main camera.

00:44:31   - All of them did, right?

00:44:34   - Yes, the cameras got upgraded across the board.

00:44:37   main cameras and Apple now calls it main camera not wide camera. It was so

00:44:41   confusing to say wide and ultra wide now it's main and ultra wide if you ask me

00:44:45   should be called main and wide like get rid of ultra wide you know people just

00:44:51   people call it the wide camera anyway. Because now it's strange if there's no

00:44:55   wide lens right now we got ultra wide where's wide? Like ultra wide compared to

00:45:02   what? Like, I don't know. Even the front-facing camera is improved. Yes. So you got all the

00:45:09   upgraded cameras for this. And they've all, they've all got that, what is it called,

00:45:14   Fot- photon engine. Action mode? What are they calling it? No, the photonic engine. Photonic engine, yeah.

00:45:20   Photonic engine, which I don't know, I don't know what it does. Like, it takes, I think my

00:45:26   understanding is that it takes deep fusion and applies deep fusion before in

00:45:33   the process. It's like when you're putting salt in your pasta before the

00:45:37   water is boiling or something like it does that. It makes a big difference

00:45:40   though so if it's the same thing like right it's always good to put the salt

00:45:46   in early because you benefit from that through the cooking. See I think they should call it

00:45:50   now shallow fusion because it happens sooner it's like closer to the surface.

00:45:54   Right, you should be in charge of Apple marketing, Steven.

00:45:58   Is it actually deeper? Because it's happening sooner, right? Is it deeper Fusion now?

00:46:04   A deep and open Fusion.

00:46:06   My hope though is that this will actually improve the issues that I have with Deep Fusion,

00:46:11   which is that I think it makes images look dark.

00:46:13   Or it's going to make them worse. It can only go two ways.

00:46:18   No, no, because they particularly said that it will be more detail and like more vivid

00:46:23   bright colors and it's like that's what I want so you just wait for it don't do

00:46:28   this to me camera like don't take this away from me

00:46:34   48 megapixel camera I'm hyped for the pixel I think it's gonna be amazing

00:46:38   whatever that means quad pixel camera it's binning right it's just pixel

00:46:43   binning yeah so I can give you a very simple explanation the way I understand

00:46:48   it please so you have 48 megapixels right and instead of taking all of the

00:46:53   information from each one of those let's just say 48 megapixels they put them

00:46:58   together so you just sample them of like as a as a set of four instead so it's

00:47:05   called quad pixel is that what they call it so they are able to pull more

00:47:10   information out but they can let more light in for each actual fake pixel

00:47:15   quote-unquote that they are actually sampling the image from so it's like if

00:47:18   If I have 14, 8 different pairs of shoes, I put them together in 12 sets of 4 similar

00:47:27   shoes and then I just pick one from the set.

00:47:30   I don't know if that...

00:47:32   It's kind of like that.

00:47:33   If that has helped you understand...

00:47:36   It has.

00:47:37   Good.

00:47:38   But I don't know if you have understood based on what you've said.

00:47:41   I think I have understood.

00:47:43   I think I have understood better than you in fact.

00:47:47   - Okay then, this is an interesting turnabout.

00:47:51   Explain to me, now I understand better than you do.

00:47:55   - I was testing you.

00:47:58   - In these events, it's always easy to say,

00:48:02   oh, this phone did this first,

00:48:03   that other phone did it first.

00:48:04   I'm gonna do that just for a second.

00:48:06   The Google Pixel, all eight of them they've sold,

00:48:09   also features car crash detection.

00:48:11   So if you have a Google Pixel,

00:48:13   go turn that on in settings, please.

00:48:15   It could save your life.

00:48:16   Who told you about that?

00:48:18   - Nine to five Google.

00:48:19   - How did you just search for it?

00:48:21   - They contacted you?

00:48:22   - I just, no, I just swiped over to Twitter

00:48:24   and it was the top thing, so.

00:48:25   - Oh, so you're reading Twitter?

00:48:26   Well, me and Federico are talking about shoes.

00:48:28   - Just checking in, I check in when we record.

00:48:31   - Professional over here.

00:48:32   - We were having a really important conversation

00:48:33   about shoes and you.

00:48:35   - Chance texted to me because I'm his favorite.

00:48:37   So far, we're all tied.

00:48:39   Here comes my pick and boys, let me tell you,

00:48:43   I thought I had it.

00:48:45   I actually thought I had it until the Apple site

00:48:48   came back up.

00:48:49   The Apple Watch SE announced in 2020 moves down in price

00:48:54   with no feature changes, parenthetical not graded,

00:48:58   series seven or SE two takes the middle price point

00:49:01   where the SE is now.

00:49:03   I didn't get this.

00:49:05   Apple has abandoned its lowest price point on the watch.

00:49:09   And I am honest, honestly, I mean,

00:49:12   pick a side that cost me the regular picks,

00:49:15   actually really surprised by this.

00:49:17   Would you say you are, what's a good word, flabbergasted?

00:49:22   (laughing)

00:49:23   When you start the dad joke,

00:49:25   you have to have the dad joke in mind.

00:49:26   Wasn't that dad joke he was just asking you flabbergasted?

00:49:30   I was just trying to find an English word

00:49:33   that encapsulates the word.

00:49:34   Oh, see now I feel bad.

00:49:36   Yeah.

00:49:36   Yeah, yeah, so the new Apple Watch SE,

00:49:40   which is basically, I don't,

00:49:44   I'm very unclear what is new in the new SE,

00:49:47   but Alex just posted something on Mac Stories

00:49:50   you'll put in the show notes, you can read about it.

00:49:51   But it starts at 249.

00:49:53   They've gotten rid of that 199 price point

00:49:55   that the Series 3, which thankfully is gone,

00:49:59   that price point has been abandoned.

00:50:00   I'm just really surprised.

00:50:02   - Thank God the Series 3 is gone.

00:50:04   - That's the important thing.

00:50:05   - I'm sad for your pick, but that's the important part,

00:50:09   the series three is gone. I'm not sad for the pick. I'm happy for the... I'm happy the pick's wrong.

00:50:14   Because you remember he was... oh I'm gonna consolidate. I'm gonna consolidate. You remember that?

00:50:17   We haven't judged the Ricky picks yet, so let's just... don't count your chickens till they're hatched.

00:50:24   I guess yes, yeah, that's actually a good point. Yeah, you could still... you could still tie?

00:50:28   Yes. I mean, and you know, losing the coin flip as I always do. But uh, the SE starts at $249.

00:50:37   The Series 8 starts at $399. The Ultra starts at $799.

00:50:42   And we'll talk about the Ultra in a little bit.

00:50:44   But yeah, this is the Apple Watch Series, you know, kind of lineup moving forward.

00:50:49   So, there you go.

00:50:51   So at the end of our regular picks, Federico has two points,

00:50:55   Myke has two points, and I have one point.

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00:52:33   We now enter the Risky Picks section of this game,

00:52:37   and I will go first.

00:52:39   My Risky Pick was the iPhone 14 Pro camera

00:52:42   introduces some kind of 3D capturing functionality.

00:52:47   Now, obviously we didn't get any of this,

00:52:50   but I will say that I'm,

00:52:55   I guess the new thing this year is Action Mode.

00:53:00   I was surprised to not have like a new photo related gimmick in the 14 Pro.

00:53:08   Like cinematic mode?

00:53:09   Well, yeah, no, I mean there's action mode.

00:53:12   Well, there's adventure mode.

00:53:14   Yeah, that one.

00:53:16   Which is just better stabilization?

00:53:18   Yes, that's what, yeah.

00:53:21   I think there's a lot of, I think you're gonna do a lot of weird software stuff in that.

00:53:26   So like I reckon you're probably only getting some of the image.

00:53:29   -Yeah, probably so. -Just punched in quite a bit.

00:53:32   But I was really expecting it to be like a new photo mode,

00:53:36   whether it was going to be astrophotography,

00:53:38   which we did not see,

00:53:41   or something else like I thought 3D capturing,

00:53:43   but like anything about photos, not videos.

00:53:46   And instead for photos, they did the new 1X, 2X, 3X mode

00:53:52   on the Pro line, but that's about it.

00:53:54   So it's not really a new photo functionality.

00:53:57   It's like, if anything, restoring the 2x option.

00:54:01   I don't get this, and I'm sad about it.

00:54:04   - AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly.

00:54:08   - I mean, this was a bold prediction.

00:54:10   We did get an appearance of AirPods Max

00:54:15   in the AirPods Pro segment.

00:54:19   There was a person on a train wearing AirPods Max.

00:54:23   That's the only sight of headphones that we got at the event.

00:54:28   But yeah, they cannot be folded more compactly

00:54:32   because they do not exist, Myke.

00:54:34   - No, I am excited about AirPods Pro 2 though.

00:54:37   - Me too, very much so.

00:54:41   I'm gonna order them right away.

00:54:43   Finally, the volume control thing that we always wanted

00:54:46   that you should be able to use a swipe gesture

00:54:49   to control the volume.

00:54:50   The sampling that they're doing

00:54:52   for the adaptive transparency mode is super cool.

00:54:55   It's basically sampling the environment around you

00:54:58   at 48 kilohertz, essentially.

00:55:01   It's like it's taking 48,000 samples per second.

00:55:04   That's exactly what it is.

00:55:05   So yeah.

00:55:07   And the case-- - Is that

00:55:07   the noise cancellation?

00:55:08   - Yeah, it's the adaptive transparency,

00:55:10   which is the new feature where

00:55:12   when you are in transparency mode,

00:55:16   if there's like a sudden loud noise,

00:55:19   it's gonna adapt to hide that noise.

00:55:22   That's really cool.

00:55:23   - That's always done that a little bit, right?

00:55:25   Like I feel like if I would hear a siren, it would cut it,

00:55:29   but maybe this is doing it way better.

00:55:32   - Yeah.

00:55:33   - I don't know.

00:55:33   I feel like I've experienced that before,

00:55:35   but I think maybe they're doing a much better job of it now.

00:55:38   - Yeah, I guess they are.

00:55:40   Yeah.

00:55:41   Sadly, no colors, still just white AirPods Pro.

00:55:46   Just kind of boring.

00:55:48   - Can we talk about the charging case?

00:55:51   - Yeah.

00:55:52   - So it still uses lightning, not USB-C.

00:55:55   It keeps MagSafe compatibility and Qi compatibility,

00:56:00   but now you can also use the Apple Watch charger.

00:56:04   - So good.

00:56:05   - Yeah, if you're just on a multi-day hike

00:56:07   with your watch and AirPods, that's really cool.

00:56:09   Have they built a tiny reverse air power in this case?

00:56:13   - Wait, what?

00:56:14   - How?

00:56:15   - It's like a tiny reverse air power.

00:56:17   You can charge it with anything you want.

00:56:19   Oh, is that, wait, so, okay, I get what you're saying now.

00:56:23   The actual AirPods case is reverse air power

00:56:28   because it can be charged by anything.

00:56:33   - Except USB-C.

00:56:34   - Well, with a dongle.

00:56:35   - Kind of cracked me up.

00:56:36   It also has a little cutout on the side for--

00:56:41   - Lanyards. - Like a wrist strap.

00:56:42   You guys remember the old iPod Touch that had a lanyard

00:56:45   or like a wrist strap thing that came with it?

00:56:46   - Oh yeah, and the shuffle.

00:56:48   No, I'm thinking of the Shuffle though.

00:56:49   The Shuffle came with Alanya, the original one.

00:56:52   Yeah, the first Shuffle was, yeah.

00:56:54   But there was also a touch with a little button on the back

00:56:57   and a little wrist strap went onto it,

00:56:59   like a little, like a Wiimote kind of thing.

00:57:02   You apparently can also buy,

00:57:04   I think it was the AirPods 3,

00:57:05   you can get them for $10 less

00:57:07   if you don't want wireless charging in them.

00:57:10   Why does that exist?

00:57:11   Why did they make that now?

00:57:13   I don't know.

00:57:14   Why is that, like why?

00:57:16   and it's such a small price difference.

00:57:19   I don't understand that at all.

00:57:21   - Don't you wanna save $10?

00:57:23   - You'd give that $10 to St. Jude?

00:57:25   - Yeah, but like if I'm already, what,

00:57:27   $160 in or whatever?

00:57:29   - If you don't care about them, give me $10 then.

00:57:32   - Okay, I'll give you $10.

00:57:33   I'll give you $10.

00:57:34   What do you want it for?

00:57:35   - He's gonna give it to St. Jude.

00:57:36   - I wanna buy some pizza.

00:57:38   - How do you want me to send you this $10?

00:57:40   What's the best way for me to send you $10?

00:57:42   - No, I don't want $10 from you.

00:57:43   I was just making a joke.

00:57:45   I don't know how to do it.

00:57:46   I'm just saying like I'm a man of my word.

00:57:48   If you asked for $10, I would say give me $10.

00:57:49   - I don't need your dirty money, sir.

00:57:52   - Y'all would be goofier because it's late,

00:57:54   but y'all are very serious and literal

00:57:55   and I don't know what to do with it.

00:57:58   - It's hard.

00:57:59   This is hard.

00:57:59   This is very difficult, the situation.

00:58:02   - It's the only way to keep up with the time.

00:58:03   Look, it's almost 2 a.m. for me, okay?

00:58:05   - Okay, well, speaking of hard and difficult,

00:58:08   you remember last week I had to change my pick

00:58:12   because it was previously rumored.

00:58:13   My previous risky pick was the iPhone 14 Pro switches to titanium for the side rails.

00:58:19   It didn't.

00:58:20   I got that flexi wrong.

00:58:22   I stole one of Federico's old risky picks from WWDC and I said iOS gets split view support

00:58:28   for multitasking to use two apps at once.

00:58:32   Well, that's my question.

00:58:35   Now I got it wrong.

00:58:37   I got it wrong, but spiritually I got it right.

00:58:40   We all get to say the same thing.

00:58:42   Federico you say it. I think Steven should get the point because the dynamic

00:58:47   island lets you use two apps at the same time. No. I said it. He said split view. I got it

00:58:54   wrong but I'm in the spiritual ballpark. I mean technically you are correct. Yeah

00:59:01   but it comes down to wording and I think look. Yeah but that would say that

00:59:05   control center is split view multitasking. No it's model it takes over the screen

00:59:10   It's not like...

00:59:12   I appreciate where you're going, because we wanted to go there. This is a funny thing.

00:59:16   I like the idea of it. I think it's fun. I don't like the idea of it so much. I'm willing to give Stephen the point.

00:59:22   I think we all knew what this was and we didn't get it. So, no point for me, but I'll take the high five from y'all for being in the ballpark.

00:59:33   Look, you get the real, well not the real win,

00:59:36   you get like a real good moral win for Dynamic Island, right?

00:59:40   Like you can come away from this and read my pick,

00:59:43   which says Island in it, and you can forever try

00:59:46   and remember that you were the one that came up with it,

00:59:48   even though it's in my pick.

00:59:50   - Should I play the clip again?

00:59:51   - You can play the clip as many times as you like.

00:59:53   It still will be immortalized on all of the websites

00:59:57   in Myke's pick.

00:59:58   - Well, but all the websites, what they should do

01:00:00   is they should specify that the expression was created by Stephen Hackett.

01:00:05   They can do that without amending the text, so they're gonna have to find some way of

01:00:09   adding that.

01:00:10   Oh, I'm sure they will.

01:00:12   I have no doubt.

01:00:13   I have no doubt.

01:00:14   These people, they could do some things.

01:00:16   Stephen, can you sum up the score for us, please?

01:00:19   At the end of the Risky Picks, Federico has one point, Myke has one point, and I have

01:00:29   no points.

01:00:30   So I am the loser.

01:00:31   You know what that means.

01:00:32   It's time to break the tie.

01:00:35   Are you ready to face the person who is actually known as coin flip champion?

01:00:40   Having successfully picked 69.2% I have a win rate of my coin flips.

01:00:48   Nice point two.

01:00:49   Nice point two.

01:00:50   Nice.

01:00:51   I have done 13 coin flips as part of this game and I have won nine of them.

01:00:56   I have been a part of more coin flips than either of you and have won more than both of you combined.

01:01:01   Federico, how do you feel?

01:01:02   Wow, that's quite the accomplishment. You must be proud of yourself.

01:01:06   What a pretty smile on that head, but why not give some coins to a worthy cause instead?

01:01:12   That is a beautiful poem, I believe read by Rosemary Orchard.

01:01:15   Sounds like Rosemary.

01:01:16   Federico, you've won. This is a rigged game.

01:01:19   This is a rigged game.

01:01:20   I am the savior of the coin flipping once again

01:01:24   Triumphing in this game. This has been wrecked by Jay by James trying to seem like he

01:01:30   Isn't rigging is now rigged it for Federico. This is an exact repeat of

01:01:35   Wbdc

01:01:37   2022 what in which Federico won by coin flip and then it was Myke and then it was me

01:01:42   So, I don't know if you can call it rigged rigged rigged again. That's rigged twice rigged twice in a row collusion

01:01:48   It's been rigged twice in a row. Congratulations Federico, but you rigged it.

01:01:51   Thank you. No collusion. I am very happy.

01:01:54   No, there's definitely been a collusion.

01:01:55   Some people may say that. So, can we read the poem again? What did it say?

01:02:01   I mean, I can flip it again.

01:02:02   Do we have the text?

01:02:03   No, but I can flip it again and just see what happens.

01:02:06   Well, we may need to do it for the flexi. So let's hold off on that.

01:02:10   That's a good point. That's a good point.

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01:04:21   This show and all of relay FM. It's now time for the flexes. You ask us to lie down

01:04:26   We both might not come back to the show

01:04:28   Okay, we'll make we'll make a exemption today. Thank you

01:04:33   Or tomorrow as it is for y'all the flexes is a game held after each edition of the Rickies it consists of a series of

01:04:40   additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year

01:04:44   Scoring is completed separately from the main game

01:04:47   But like the Rickies the order of picks is set by the rules of the previous game and ties will be broken using dice by Peacock

01:04:54   Please sit as I read the rules

01:04:57   Please stay awake as the rules are read

01:05:01   *laughs*

01:05:03   Hosts must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

01:05:15   Each correct pick is awarded with one point. Wrong picks do not remove any points, but no

01:05:20   partial points may be awarded. The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct

01:05:25   flexis made by each host. While there are no Twitter handles on the line in the flexis,

01:05:30   The winner can use their chosen title as long as they are the winner

01:05:33   Federico shall be named prince flexi. Myke has chosen duke of flexington and I am the attorney general flexi

01:05:41   Loser of the flexi must compensate the winner of the flexi by donating to a charity of the winner's choice

01:05:46   stjou.org relay

01:05:49   The amount of the donation is 25 per wrong flexi made by the loser

01:05:53   The money must be donated on air and I am the current winner so I get to go first

01:05:59   Okay. The keynote is a pre-recorded video.

01:06:05   We got reports from people there that this was just like WWBC. Apparently Tim Cook came out

01:06:13   and said something and waved and then hit play on a movie and people got to watch it and that was

01:06:19   that was the event. I think it's pretty much what we expected. This is how they're always going to

01:06:23   The iPhone 14 entry's price is the same or higher than the 13 mini's price of $699.

01:06:30   As we discussed in the main picks the iPhone 14 takes over the iPhone 13's price of $799.

01:06:39   Not a price hike in the US but around the world and a lot of markets

01:06:45   these iPhones are more expensive than they were a year ago or you know yesterday.

01:06:50   Mmm-hmm

01:06:53   Number three. The iPhone 14 Pro comes in a total of five colors.

01:06:59   Four colors.

01:07:00   Four.

01:07:00   Thoughts on the purple, gang?

01:07:02   It looks great.

01:07:04   It does look great.

01:07:05   I would love to get one of those, yes.

01:07:08   I will say, spoilers for upgrade, Jason told me it's not very purple.

01:07:13   Oh no.

01:07:14   He compared it to kind of like how the blue is in the midnight colors.

01:07:21   Where it's like it can sometimes look purple, but most of the time does not look purple at all

01:07:26   Well, that's a bummer. Yeah, I don't like the sound of that

01:07:30   there's also

01:07:32   The gold which looks the same as last year was there a change of the gold that you know my know about Myke

01:07:39   Nope. Okay. So the gold there is the silver which looking at pictures

01:07:44   I saw some back and forth on Twitter for people who were there the back seems

01:07:49   White now as opposed to sort of the slightly off-white

01:07:52   it's been the last couple of years but then with the the raw stainless around the edges and

01:07:56   Then space gray has been replaced with space black and there were some pictures. I think it was graphite last year

01:08:03   Maybe but it seems like this is the darkest iPhone

01:08:06   Pro that we've ever had and it kind of gives me vibes of like the iPhone 7 or maybe the iPhone 5 and

01:08:14   I think black is the way I'm gonna go this year because I really like that dark finish

01:08:19   I don't love black stainless, but I'm gonna go with it this year, I think.

01:08:23   So the colors on Apple's website reminds me of the color of the 10s.

01:08:32   That like brownie color.

01:08:34   Oh no, do you think so?

01:08:36   That's what it looks like to me, because it doesn't look black to me.

01:08:40   Like again, you never really know until you see these things, but it doesn't look black

01:08:46   and it doesn't look gray, it's got that kind of...

01:08:50   I don't know, it looks a little weird to me.

01:08:54   The way to do this is wait for MKBHD's video

01:08:57   because he'll have the color correct in his video.

01:09:01   What I don't understand is why they've called...

01:09:03   why they've just called this one space gray,

01:09:05   like when there's no standard space gray anyway.

01:09:08   I don't know.

01:09:09   Why is it space black when it's not actually really black,

01:09:12   even if it isn't gray, you know what I mean?

01:09:14   Like it just looks gray to me still.

01:09:16   I don't. Yeah.

01:09:18   Yeah. So if it's bad in the hands-on videos by people who like know what they're

01:09:22   doing, uh, I'll probably go white. Cause I liked the purple,

01:09:25   but I don't think I'd want to carry it for a year. And I just don't like,

01:09:28   I just don't like gold.

01:09:29   Federico would you ideally go purple?

01:09:32   Ideally yes, but I also want to see it in person if I can. Otherwise,

01:09:37   I'll probably stick with the gold. I think.

01:09:41   Gold's good though, right? You know what I mean? You can't go wrong with that.

01:09:44   Beautiful. Beautiful gold.

01:09:46   My next pick Apple mentions at least one feature quote coming later.

01:09:52   Yeah, again, take your pick. There are several. There was a story about iCloud family shared

01:10:00   library thing coming later. And we're talking to Jason about it. And of course, Jason was

01:10:04   like, you need iPad and Mac OS to be out as well. Or those pictures disappear for people.

01:10:11   I was like, oh yeah.

01:10:12   So my assumption is that that's gonna come

01:10:15   at the release of Mac OS and iPad OS,

01:10:18   at least I hope so, but coming later.

01:10:20   - You guys know that the one true John

01:10:24   is in trouble now, right?

01:10:25   - Yes, 'cause he put a bunch of his family photos

01:10:29   in one of these and now his wife can't see them

01:10:31   on her phone.

01:10:32   - Yep, now his wife cannot see any pictures of the kids.

01:10:36   I believe. - He's got one true problem

01:10:37   over there, you know what I mean?

01:10:40   Oh, John.

01:10:41   Yeah, you do it for max stories, you know.

01:10:45   That's a real John thing though too, right?

01:10:47   Like why did he put the actual family photos in it?

01:10:50   You know, he could have just put a bunch of screenshots in there.

01:10:53   Look, I know, but hey, at least he owns it and now it has a problem to deal with.

01:11:02   I mean, it's probably, is there a solution to this?

01:11:07   No, not even upgrading to...

01:11:08   Does he still have that fake child in his iCloud account?

01:11:12   Courtney Voorhis, yes.

01:11:16   Obviously, she's mentioned in the story that he did a few days ago.

01:11:21   Courtney Voorhis is back for the occasion.

01:11:23   The fake child that Jon set up years ago to test family sharing that he was never able

01:11:28   to delete.

01:11:29   And Courtney Voorhis is now part of the extended Voorhis family as an additional child.

01:11:38   child now gets access to some previously restricted content for her Apple ID, I believe. So she's

01:11:47   growing, you know. Kids these days. Kids these days.

01:11:51   That's good news. They grow up so fast.

01:11:54   What do you believe in?

01:11:56   Oh yeah, there she is, Courtney, age four.

01:11:58   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:12:00   Wow.

01:12:01   Yeah.

01:12:02   That's good. Man, that's going to be following him around for a real long time.

01:12:05   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:12:06   I have six more flexes six more. Okay. All right, Apple shows off at least one new max if accessory

01:12:13   The a16 is built on a three nanometer process. It's for

01:12:18   one nanometer

01:12:21   I missed it by this much. That's but it's quite a big much though, right? Like I know it's really mean it's a it's a

01:12:26   25% of the process I guess so I don't know how nanometers work. They're small

01:12:31   The high-end Apple watch is named Apple watch Pro

01:12:36   it's not the Apple watch ultra I love ultra I love the name I love the name

01:12:41   too can we talk a little bit about the positioning of this watch for a second

01:12:45   Apple's not selling it as this is the nicest watch we make they're selling it

01:12:50   as if you do hardcore things you want this hardcore watch and I know on

01:12:56   upgrade Myke you and Jason have talked a lot about this about how the narrative

01:13:00   over the last couple months has shifted on this watch from extreme sports rock

01:13:04   climbing, diving, mountain biking too. It's just the nice watch for people who want

01:13:09   more and the way I viewed this and have thought about today is they're selling

01:13:16   it as you do extreme sports, you want a watch that can go with you anywhere and

01:13:21   will survive anything, this is the Apple Watch for you and I think that's cool.

01:13:25   Yes or no Federico? For you? No. No. No. I will say for me, no Steven. I'll let you

01:13:34   know September 23rd when mine shows up.

01:13:36   - Wow. - So far, yes.

01:13:39   - Yeah, so far, yes.

01:13:40   So I did not trade in my Series 7

01:13:43   because I am concerned about the size.

01:13:45   And if it's just too big, I'll just stick with my Series 7,

01:13:48   which is also titanium.

01:13:50   But yeah, I'm excited to see it.

01:13:53   I have a lot of questions about the new button,

01:13:55   the action button on the side.

01:13:57   - Action.

01:13:58   - Action button, they said,

01:14:00   or someone said on Twitter from Apple

01:14:01   that you can program it to run a shortcut. That's really cool. And

01:14:07   you can set it up to move through workouts like that they

01:14:10   have the multi sport activities in watch os nine. So if you're

01:14:14   doing you know, swimming, biking, skydiving, whatever you

01:14:18   string together in your workout, you can move between them. And

01:14:21   so I think that's pretty cool. And I thought they gave a pretty

01:14:23   good explanation about why the crown is bigger and then the and

01:14:28   the side button is there, you know, big and there's a word for

01:14:31   that Quinn Nelson said it on Twitter. It's like a is it

01:14:34   crown for crown protector on guard, crown guard. And like,

01:14:38   yeah, we want you to be able to use it with gloves on. I dig it

01:14:42   like I understand why it's that way. And so I'm a little sad.

01:14:45   I'm more than a little sad. The series eight doesn't include

01:14:48   titanium anymore. Because I really think that's a great,

01:14:50   it's a great balance between the aluminum, the weight of the

01:14:53   aluminum, and the high end look of the steel and you get the

01:14:57   sapphire cover glass, but it weighs way less than the steel.

01:15:03   So a little sad that the you know, it seems like the addition

01:15:07   has gone. There's no titanium, there's no ceramic, it is

01:15:10   stainless and aluminum for the regular Apple Watch Series eight

01:15:15   and just titanium and just 49 millimeters for the ultra.

01:15:20   There's not even two sizes of the ultra. It's just the big

01:15:23   Chunky 49 millimeter case which again I'm a little worried about on my wrist

01:15:28   So I'm playing it safe by not trading in my watch yet

01:15:30   But if you aren't getting an ultra and again opposition to the group series 8

01:15:36   Like do you have any interest in a series 8 watch? I would sit it out. Yeah, I am

01:15:40   Yeah, I'm probably am too like a not sure like yeah, I think I just gonna keep the 7 that I have

01:15:46   You know

01:15:48   I'm not interested in

01:15:50   and the 8 for me. I do wanna, I wanna try on the Ultra and just see, like, 'cause it

01:15:57   looks cool, but I don't think I'm gonna like it for me, but I still wanna see it.

01:16:03   Yes, I do wanna try it. And look, honestly, like, I'm not into anything, you know, adventure

01:16:10   or extreme sports-

01:16:11   Adventure blogging!

01:16:13   No, but that programmable button is cool. Now I don't want to be the guy who buys

01:16:20   an Apple Watch Ultra just because it's got a programmable button. But,

01:16:24   theoretically, it's a cool feature. It is a cool feature. That's what I'm gonna say.

01:16:28   And it looks good in its own way. I like the orange. I like that they put orange

01:16:32   on the crown. Me too. I am convinced Steven bought this because it was orange.

01:16:36   The orange is cool. I think the bands look cool. What band did you go for? The

01:16:41   The bands are great.

01:16:42   - Let me go back to the page.

01:16:44   I went with the orange Alpine loop.

01:16:46   - Yeah, see, I'm gonna,

01:16:47   I think I'm gonna buy one of those.

01:16:49   Like I'm just gonna buy one of those bands

01:16:50   'cause I think they will work on the bigger watches.

01:16:53   - They will.

01:16:54   So the bands that come with the Ultra, they are more,

01:16:57   it's like a hundred bucks a band

01:16:58   if you buy them individually,

01:17:00   but they will work with the bigger case size that you have.

01:17:03   Now, the thing to look out for if you care about this

01:17:06   is that the lugs are titanium colored.

01:17:09   if not, they may actually be titanium.

01:17:11   - Yeah, I know.

01:17:12   - So you're gonna have a mismatch with the gold.

01:17:13   Some people don't care about that.

01:17:14   I've basically given up caring about that,

01:17:17   but I am excited about the Alpine loop.

01:17:20   If I keep this watch,

01:17:21   I probably will also order at some point the Trail loop,

01:17:24   which is basically the sports loop,

01:17:26   but has a little bit of like an orange fixture on the back

01:17:30   if you do the black and gray one.

01:17:32   I think that's nice looking.

01:17:33   - It has a little pull tab too,

01:17:34   so you can easily adjust it as well.

01:17:36   - Yeah, I'm excited about it.

01:17:37   - I figured you would be.

01:17:38   Back to my Flexi, speaking of titanium,

01:17:40   the iPhone 14 Pro switches to titanium for the side rails.

01:17:45   I still think they maybe could do this in the future,

01:17:47   but in hindsight, this design work on this phone

01:17:52   was gonna be about the new display.

01:17:55   Center stage comes with the iPhone and shocking everyone,

01:18:00   lightning is updated to be faster than USB 2.0,

01:18:05   did not come to pass.

01:18:07   - Hmm, what a surprise.

01:18:08   - Shocking. - Shocking.

01:18:09   - Hey, we're gonna get to y'all's flexies.

01:18:11   You know, don't throw a rock from your flexi glass house,

01:18:14   as the proverb says.

01:18:16   - Okay, so my flexies, a new iPhone Pro color is purple.

01:18:20   - Yes.

01:18:22   - Astro photography feature.

01:18:24   - No, right?

01:18:26   - No.

01:18:26   - No, I don't know who put it in green in this one.

01:18:29   - Now it's red.

01:18:30   Okay. - Thank you.

01:18:32   Satellite communication features for iPhone

01:18:35   and/or Apple Watch.

01:18:38   that happened. Can we talk a little bit about the UI that they've put together for this?

01:18:43   It's it seems really, really cool and like well thought out. And they've said they've

01:18:47   worked on it for years. And I believe it looking at what they've done. So the the most common

01:18:53   way this works. And, you know, I've had friends and family members like go to Africa doing

01:18:59   work and you have a satellite phone, but it's really bulky and big and heavy and really

01:19:03   expensive. And it has this big external antenna. It's a big mess. And to get around some of

01:19:11   that they it's kind of like the find my UI when you have a U one chip, like it gives

01:19:17   you an arrows like point your phone at the sky here and then move it you know, this direction

01:19:21   as a satellite moves overhead. And they've worked to make the messages smaller because

01:19:25   the data throughput is very small. And they even have a little UI where you go through

01:19:30   of like, Oh, I have, you know, this sort of emergency, this is going on, it can package

01:19:37   all that up and send it and it Apple routes it to the closest emergency services.

01:19:45   Some emergency services take text and some places you can like text emergency services

01:19:49   like hey, my house is on fire and they like send you a thumbs down emoji and a fire truck

01:19:52   emoji and they come put your fire out.

01:19:54   A lot of places don't have that.

01:19:57   if you if you're in a situation or location where that's not available, it goes to a relay

01:20:01   center that Apple has people trained and they will call emergency services on your behalf

01:20:09   and be the intermediate between you satellite and emergency services. So really well thought

01:20:16   out really cool. Free for the first two years of ownership of the phone. After that, we

01:20:22   don't know how much it costs. We don't I think really know about coverage like where this

01:20:27   will work and where it won't. They were very adamant like it works best if you have a clear

01:20:31   view of the sky. So like don't fall down a cave. This won't save you. But if you break

01:20:36   your leg in a field, you'll be okay. So I think it's cool. But I think it's use is going

01:20:41   to be really limited and no doubt Apple is going to get letters about the people that

01:20:45   saves I think that's really cool. For most people. I don't think this is a reason to

01:20:48   go upgrade your phone.

01:20:49   you would know if you're already that kind of person.

01:20:52   I think so. In fact, I sent this to my brother who I was talking about earlier who has been

01:20:55   to Africa several times with a satellite phone. I sent him an article about it. He's like,

01:20:59   "Oh, that's really cool. It's one less thing to carry." We will learn more as this unfolds.

01:21:04   This is not shipping or not coming at launch. It's coming later in the year, in November

01:21:09   maybe. I expect that we'll see some more coverage of this as this feature rolls out.

01:21:15   Apple gives a new name to the A15 chip found in the non-Pro iPhones.

01:21:20   I thought they'd done this.

01:21:21   I was very confused because they referenced the A15 Bionic as found in the Pro phones,

01:21:29   even though both phones had the A15 Bionic in them.

01:21:31   But the A15 Bionic in the iPhone 14 now has the extra GPU that was in the Pro models.

01:21:39   Very slippery the way they talked about this.

01:21:42   Yeah, it's odd.

01:21:43   I don't like the way that this was positioned in the keynote.

01:21:46   - New Apple Watch is a Series 8 watch.

01:21:48   Wasn't true.

01:21:50   It makes me wonder like how often this would get updated.

01:21:52   I wonder if it would be very frequent.

01:21:54   We'll see.

01:21:55   The Ultra.

01:21:57   At least one iPhone model does not have a shipping date

01:21:59   of September 16th.

01:22:01   I got that one right.

01:22:02   October 7th for the Plus, right?

01:22:04   - Yeah.

01:22:05   - The sacrificial iPhone.

01:22:07   - Or they think it,

01:22:08   maybe they think it's gonna be really popular

01:22:10   and so they want, I don't know.

01:22:11   I'm curious as to why that's the one.

01:22:14   - I have a theory.

01:22:15   - Okay.

01:22:16   - There are part shortages and they just chose

01:22:18   to prioritize the other phones

01:22:21   because they're phones that replacing system phones

01:22:23   in a lineup.

01:22:24   - Yeah, maybe.

01:22:25   - The plus doesn't replace anything

01:22:27   so they can launch it a little bit later.

01:22:29   Where am I?

01:22:31   Seven.

01:22:31   Someone is wearing the new Apple Watch

01:22:33   while riding a skateboard.

01:22:34   I cannot describe how much I was hoping this would happen,

01:22:38   but it didn't happen.

01:22:39   And that montage of people doing hardcore things,

01:22:42   I was like, we're gonna get it.

01:22:43   We're gonna get a clip of a dude on a skateboard.

01:22:45   - No, you see, skateboarding wasn't hardcore enough.

01:22:48   Sorry, skateboarders.

01:22:49   But compared to the other things that were happening,

01:22:51   you know, it was like--

01:22:52   - Get a real hobby.

01:22:53   - That's not what I'm saying at all.

01:22:54   But it just didn't feel like it was extreme enough, I guess.

01:22:59   - Did y'all notice the detail that Tim Cook

01:23:02   had a regular Apple Watch on,

01:23:03   and after the Ultra was announced, he was wearing an Ultra?

01:23:06   - Yes.

01:23:06   - Yes.

01:23:07   by the way Tim Cook jacked his arms are huge yeah swole he always skips leg day

01:23:13   like everybody else oh I don't know about that I haven't seen his legs but I

01:23:17   could see his arms today and big arms you know think Tim Cook is a

01:23:23   big shorts guy probably not I can't imagine he is no I think it has to take

01:23:28   a lot for maybe he wears shorts when he works out but maybe that's it

01:23:33   maybe no I think he wears a suit when he works like he dresses up more is this

01:23:37   CEO is the CEO but the only time he wears a suit is if he's in front of

01:23:41   Congress or he's with Donald Trump I mean or at the G when he's working out

01:23:45   yeah or when he's working out yeah look it's it's likely what do you know anyway

01:23:49   you don't go to the same gym when he's making macros by hand in Texas he's in

01:23:54   a suit we do not see John Ternus which is always a shame he wasn't there no

01:24:00   trailers for Apple TV plus content there was a severance cameo but no trailer

01:24:06   Yeah.

01:24:06   And Tim Cook says good morning, which he did.

01:24:08   He did say that.

01:24:09   [DING]

01:24:11   He did.

01:24:12   That's really good, Myke.

01:24:13   It's really good.

01:24:14   That's actually pretty good, right?

01:24:15   I'm happy I added those three at the end.

01:24:16   So thank you for encouraging me to do that, Steven.

01:24:19   Very nice.

01:24:20   When I was looking at this document earlier,

01:24:22   grading some stuff, I was like, oh, man,

01:24:24   like Myke's editions did so well.

01:24:26   It's annoying.

01:24:27   Well, because they're stupid.

01:24:28   They're stupid.

01:24:29   That's why.

01:24:30   But I was encouraged by your late gaming.

01:24:35   All right, Federico Vatici, you are up.

01:24:37   And number one on the always on lock screen for iPhone 14 Pro, you see notifications in

01:24:42   count mode. This is not correct because you see them. You see them in the regular mode.

01:24:50   Like it doesn't force you to use count mode. Not a point.

01:24:55   I am not always on.

01:24:56   Yes.

01:24:57   Number two.

01:24:58   Faster.

01:25:02   Number two faster magsafe charging in at least one of the new iPhones

01:25:07   Number three iOS 16 is released on Monday September 12. Yes

01:25:11   It's coming out on Monday. My review will be ready

01:25:14   Number four at least one new watch OS feature or app is introduced alongside the new Apple watch

01:25:21   Yeah, you got the planning of things here. You got all the Apple watch ultra

01:25:27   you got the temperature sensing, a bunch of things.

01:25:30   It's got its own watch faces.

01:25:32   That GPS thing where it can show you where you've been.

01:25:34   Dual GPS.

01:25:36   And the waypoint mode where it like,

01:25:38   it sets your trail and you're like, that's super cool.

01:25:41   That's so cool.

01:25:42   That's coming to other watches.

01:25:43   That is in watchOS 9 apparently, not just the Ultra.

01:25:48   Me too.

01:25:49   We've all been in a situation where you're in a city

01:25:52   with tall buildings and your phone doesn't know

01:25:55   where you are.

01:25:55   And it's really frustrating if you're, say, you know,

01:25:59   say you're from the South,

01:26:00   you don't live in a big city.

01:26:02   Sometimes you go to a big city for work

01:26:03   and you get lost and get scared, hypothetically.

01:26:06   (laughing)

01:26:08   - You get scared?

01:26:09   - You get scared, yeah.

01:26:10   - Number five, "Ted Lasso" season three trailer.

01:26:15   Now, number six and number seven,

01:26:16   as we feared, we are unable to judge them right now.

01:26:23   I may be correct, I may be incorrect,

01:26:26   but because we are unable to publicly verify them,

01:26:29   unless something happens in the next 30 seconds,

01:26:34   we will have to deem these incorrect.

01:26:37   So if you wanna save me, now's your moment.

01:26:42   - You have until the end of the sentence.

01:26:43   - Yeah.

01:26:44   Number six, there will be a system filter

01:26:47   for the always on display in focus.

01:26:51   This is the idea that in focus mode in iOS 16,

01:26:54   you can have app filters to hide content

01:26:57   and system filters to set system behaviors.

01:27:00   On the iPhone 13, you can set dark mode,

01:27:03   you can set low power mode.

01:27:05   My idea is that you could set always on display on and off.

01:27:08   But the thing is, we don't even know at the moment

01:27:10   if you can turn off the always on display.

01:27:15   - It's always on.

01:27:16   Oh, worldwide.

01:27:17   - And I checked, yeah, always on.

01:27:20   I checked all the YouTube hands-on videos I could find.

01:27:24   I checked all the Twitter videos I could find.

01:27:27   Nobody opened settings for the always-on display.

01:27:30   Why are you doing this to me?

01:27:32   Why do you hate me?

01:27:33   People who go to Apple events and don't open settings.

01:27:36   Or don't ask these questions.

01:27:38   Are you on Myke's payroll?

01:27:40   Did Myke pay you not to open settings

01:27:42   so that I could lose this point?

01:27:44   - That's how I roll.

01:27:45   - We'll never know.

01:27:46   - It's been an expensive day for me.

01:27:48   I've had a lot of YouTubers to pay off.

01:27:49   They're not cheap.

01:27:51   I know, I know.

01:27:52   But you are in that scene, so it wouldn't surprise me.

01:27:55   Am I?

01:27:57   Numbers, yeah, you kind of are--

01:27:59   The scene of collusion.

01:28:01   Well, obviously, you are not new to collusion,

01:28:04   and you are also in that scene, and fancy people with cameras

01:28:08   and all that.

01:28:09   Number seven, you will be able to control which data types

01:28:15   to show on the Always On Lock screen.

01:28:17   Again, my idea is this is going to be just like on the Apple Watch, where you can literally

01:28:21   go into Settings and say "Disable Fantastical" or "Disable Reminders", whatever, to show you

01:28:28   data in Always On mode.

01:28:31   I'm guessing there will be this setting, but then again, I cannot verify it at the moment.

01:28:37   I installed the simulator.

01:28:39   The simulator doesn't have these settings, so there's no way for me to check.

01:28:44   I may be correct, eventually.

01:28:46   I may be... what's the word for it?

01:28:48   For when they do something after you die posthumously?

01:28:52   - Posthumously, yeah. - Correct?

01:28:53   Yeah.

01:28:55   I will be that eventually.

01:28:57   - We will provide follow-up if in the future you...

01:29:01   You know, so you can at least save face, you know?

01:29:04   - Number eight.

01:29:05   The new big non-pro iPhone is called iPhone 14 Plus.

01:29:10   (bell dings)

01:29:10   - That's a good pick.

01:29:11   - Yeah, that's a good pick.

01:29:12   - Good pick.

01:29:13   - Number nine, the real surprise here for me.

01:29:16   Bands for the new Apple Watch "Pro", in this case called Ultra, are not backward compatible

01:29:23   with other Apple Watches. Turns out they kinda are. I believe you can put them on the 45?

01:29:32   Yeah.

01:29:33   Yeah. 42, 44, and 45. So, I mean, yeah.

01:29:39   Well, they'll go on, I think, the 42, but it's not gonna look good.

01:29:42   I mean...

01:29:43   because I'm sure it will stick out over the edges, but you can do it if you really want to.

01:29:48   I think the big thing here is that the lugs work, and yeah, like the band itself may look a little

01:29:54   silly, but I don't think the lugs will stick out. I think the lugs will be flush.

01:29:58   We are to number 10. We do not see AirPods Max 2.

01:30:02   I love that you had a flexi against his Ricky. I just like that bit of gamesmanship.

01:30:09   Yeah, yeah, thank you.

01:30:11   Number 11 is up for debate.

01:30:13   It's orange in the document right now.

01:30:15   The pick says, "Apple introduces new Fitness+ workouts."

01:30:20   They put out a press release just for Fitness+,

01:30:24   and a bunch of changes that are coming.

01:30:26   It's gonna be available in 21 countries later this fall,

01:30:29   and they are launching new workouts.

01:30:33   Now--

01:30:34   What are they?

01:30:36   The same, so I'm quoting the price release.

01:30:39   Fitness+ will also launch the latest RT Spotlight series

01:30:42   with workouts featuring the music of Mary J. Blige,

01:30:45   the Rolling Stones, and The Weeknd.

01:30:47   Additionally, Fitness+ will debut its newest collection,

01:30:50   Pilates for More Than Your Core,

01:30:52   and expand its team of world-class trainers

01:30:55   by introducing the Unoaga trainer,

01:30:57   Dice Ida Klein, I'm guessing that's the name.

01:31:01   - Well, I mean, this is the question,

01:31:02   is like, what's a workout?

01:31:04   because like that clauses of an existing type, right?

01:31:08   - Right, so I think--

01:31:10   - My wording here is pretty generic.

01:31:12   - It is, and I think that's why you get it.

01:31:15   I think if you had said new fitness plus workout types,

01:31:18   you would not get it.

01:31:20   But I think your vagueness lets you get it.

01:31:22   - I'm pretty sure that I was vague on purpose

01:31:25   when I said it. - Probably.

01:31:26   - Because I know that they do like,

01:31:27   what's the name of the thing where you run

01:31:30   and you listen to--

01:31:31   - Time to walk, time to run.

01:31:33   - Yeah, that thing.

01:31:34   I said Tim Cook says good morning, so I'm not particularly gonna fight.

01:31:37   I just give it to you.

01:31:39   I think we give it to you.

01:31:40   Yes.

01:31:41   Yeah.

01:31:42   Also, it won't matter because I'm gonna still lose, but just for...

01:31:45   Nah, well, not as bad as others of us.

01:31:48   Who loses most is the...

01:31:51   That's the real game of the flexies.

01:31:52   It's coming down to the wire probably here.

01:31:55   Number 12, the real tragedy.

01:31:56   Wait, this is 11, right?

01:31:58   This is...

01:31:59   Wait.

01:32:00   Yeah, it's 11.

01:32:01   An extra number got added here.

01:32:02   11.

01:32:03   - Did it seem flexy?

01:32:04   - No, I think you had 11,

01:32:06   unless something just got deleted.

01:32:07   - Let me check an outside source, hang on.

01:32:10   - What up?

01:32:11   - All right, so you had always on lock screen,

01:32:15   faster mag safe.

01:32:17   - No, that you, no, you did it.

01:32:19   - I had 12, I had 12 guys.

01:32:21   - Where does it go?

01:32:22   - Let me run through what Rickys.co has, okay?

01:32:25   Always on lock screen, you see the count mode.

01:32:29   Faster mag safe charging.

01:32:32   - Yeah.

01:32:33   16 release date, at least one new watch OS feature, Ted lasso season three, there

01:32:39   will be a system filter for always on display and focus. You will be able to

01:32:43   control what data types are on the always on lock screen, the iPhone 14 plus,

01:32:49   Apple watch pro bands, AirPods Max 2, Apple introduces new Fitness Plus

01:32:56   workouts, Tony Hawk. Well then why does it say 11 in your document? Because

01:33:02   Stephen messed something up. There you go, it's fixed now. There we go, fixed it. Just a formatting issue.

01:33:06   All right. Thank you. So number 12, Tony Hawk will make an appearance at the event. Worst news. I am

01:33:13   appalled at this

01:33:15   tragedy here. It was a tragedy because then we both would have got one, wouldn't we? Because Tony Hawk could have come out,

01:33:21   he would have been riding a skateboard. Obviously. It would have been better even than the island thing.

01:33:27   Yeah. It's the only thing that could have overshadowed

01:33:30   dynamic island is Tony Hawk. Now this is coming down to a math calculation here. So

01:33:39   obviously Myke is the winner of the flexes. He is. Thank you. Congratulations Myke. Prince

01:33:45   Flexington. I've done the math. You've done three out of ten and I've done four out of twelve.

01:33:53   Wait, five out of twelve. Five. One, two, three, four, five out of twelve. You've got to do the

01:34:00   the math. So Myke got six out of ten that's 60%. Federico got five out of

01:34:07   twelve that's 41.7%. I got three out of ten that is 30%. So it is Myke and then

01:34:18   Federico and then me. Okay, all right. So how much money do you need to donate?

01:34:23   Well it's $25 per wrong pick and I have seven wrong picks that is a hundred

01:34:30   hundred seventy five dollars okay mm-hmm I would like you to donate mm-hmm

01:34:36   specifically to the sub campaign for st. Jude dog slash relay of the connected

01:34:47   informatic wiki verse for st. Jude okay this is put together by Jason who does

01:34:53   was Wikipedia and this will get them past their milestone

01:34:58   that they'd set to add an API for Wikipedia.

01:35:03   - Amazing, amazing.

01:35:05   - $175, I'm putting my email address in here.

01:35:08   Display name, Steven Hackett is the flexi's loser.

01:35:12   - Yeah.

01:35:12   - I am, all right, so next I'll take a sticker pack.

01:35:17   (laughing)

01:35:20   - Do you need one?

01:35:22   - All right, so let me put my debit card in here.

01:35:24   - Can you give us your debit card number, please?

01:35:26   - Yeah, if you just read it out,

01:35:28   I'll make sure that Jason has it.

01:35:30   - Yeah, that's how you do it.

01:35:32   Don't you know it's a trend on podcasts these days

01:35:36   to give out your card number publicly?

01:35:38   - All right, I've donated $175

01:35:41   to the Connected Infomatic Wikiverse

01:35:43   for St. Jude campaign.

01:35:45   - Wonderful.

01:35:46   - I have a suggestion.

01:35:48   - Oh.

01:35:49   - In the spirit of September.

01:35:51   No, but then what did I win for?

01:35:53   Oh, that's on your conscience, really.

01:35:55   I'm donating, don't you worry.

01:35:57   I've made donations and I'll continue to make donations.

01:36:00   Okay, well there we go.

01:36:01   $175 off to a great cause.

01:36:04   If you look at this exact thing,

01:36:06   I've already donated $100 to this exact sub campaign.

01:36:09   Go make your own donation, stjude.org/relay.

01:36:14   We'd love to have your support.

01:36:16   We'll be talking about this all September.

01:36:18   Before we go, Myke,

01:36:19   Tell people what we're doing next Friday.

01:36:21   - Oh my gosh, yes.

01:36:23   September 16th from 12 to 8 p.m.

01:36:27   US Eastern time at twitch.tv/relayfm

01:36:31   is the fourth annual podcastathon for St. Jude.

01:36:36   Federico is gonna join us for a segment.

01:36:38   I will pre-announce for connected listeners,

01:36:42   there will be a quiz.

01:36:43   The quizzes will be making their way to the podcastathon.

01:36:49   I have already got my quizzes.

01:36:51   I will let you know in advance.

01:36:53   I'm not gonna tell you what it is,

01:36:54   but if you remember one of the rounds that I did

01:36:56   that you really enjoyed,

01:36:58   I think from one of the original quizzes

01:36:59   was a fill in the blanks round.

01:37:02   - Oh yeah.

01:37:03   - Right?

01:37:04   I'm bringing back a fill in the blanks round.

01:37:06   - Oh boy.

01:37:07   - To the podcast-a-thon.

01:37:08   So twitch.tv/relayfm, September 16th

01:37:12   from 12 to 8 p.m. US Eastern Time.

01:37:16   Twitch.tv/relayfm, I said that already.

01:37:18   The fourth annual podcast with on for St. Jude broadcasting live from the

01:37:23   St. Jude campus in Memphis, Tennessee.

01:37:25   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about this week, head on over to

01:37:29   the website, relay.fm/connected/414.

01:37:34   Uh, while you're there, go donate stjude.org/relay.

01:37:39   You can find us all on Twitter.

01:37:41   You can find Federico as Vittici, V I T I C C I.

01:37:45   He of course is the editor in chief of max stories.net.

01:37:48   Be sure to check out his Iowa 16 review on the 12th.

01:37:53   So that it's going to be awesome.

01:37:55   I'm sure we'll be talking about that very soon.

01:37:57   You can follow Myke on Twitter as I M Y K E Myke and I will be in person and just

01:38:02   a few days, and we're going to be doing some live streaming as we've unlocked

01:38:06   actually a couple now milestones on the, uh, the St Jude fundraising.

01:38:11   So, uh, we'll be sure to announce that in discord and on Twitter, we're not quite

01:38:15   sure when they're going to be, but we will keep everyone posted on that.

01:38:18   You can follow me on Twitter.

01:38:20   We're gonna, we're gonna, I think for the third time, take apart my iPod classic.

01:38:24   Yes.

01:38:25   In fact, it was told to me just today that we had that as two separate

01:38:28   milestones, so I combined them into one.

01:38:30   What?

01:38:32   Yeah, I don't know.

01:38:33   Yeah.

01:38:33   They're like, oh, you hit this one, but you didn't hit it yet.

01:38:35   I was like, oh, that's in there twice.

01:38:36   Okay.

01:38:36   Just fix that.

01:38:37   Uh, you can follow me on Twitter as ISMH.

01:38:40   I write over at 512 pixels.net.

01:38:43   Uh, I'll say on Mac power users, the episode is going to come out a couple of

01:38:46   days.

01:38:46   We're going to talk about a bunch about Iowa 16.

01:38:48   So, and it'll be a nice thing to go along with Federico's much better in depth

01:38:53   review.

01:38:54   So, uh, check all that stuff out.

01:38:56   Uh, thanks to our sponsors for making this episode possible.

01:38:59   They are Squarespace hover and Bombas.

01:39:02   And until next week, guys say goodbye.

01:39:05   I'll do that.

01:39:06   You Jerry.

01:39:07   Oh, bye y'all.