413: The Rickies (September 2022)


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   From relay FM, this is Connected, episode 413.

00:00:13   The Rickies for September 2022. My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:17   There are sponsors to the show. One is Sourcegraph, the other is Hover, and one

00:00:21   more is Indeed. I am joined by Federico Vittigi. Hi, Federico.

00:00:24   Hello, Myke. How are you? I am very well, my friend. How are you?

00:00:28   The RICIs, I'm doing fantastic. The RICIs are exciting and I'm taking the risk today

00:00:33   to introduce also Stephen Hackett. Hello, Stephen.

00:00:36   That is a risk. That was the risky pick right there.

00:00:39   That's my risky pick.

00:00:40   I mean, look, if I win, I consolidate my power.

00:00:43   Oh, really?

00:00:45   Yeah, because I'm the annual chairman, so I could.

00:00:47   You'd be reconsolidating though, because didn't you have it and then lost it?

00:00:50   If there was only several websites.

00:00:53   There was only some way we could find this information out.

00:00:55   Unfortunately, it's impossible.

00:00:56   I'm going to rookies.co, the host leaderboard.

00:01:00   I don't think I've been consolidated.

00:01:02   There's like a...

00:01:03   I have not.

00:01:05   I last won a keynote chairmanship in November of 2020.

00:01:09   Wow, you suck.

00:01:13   Spoken from the heart.

00:01:20   [laughter]

00:01:22   Well, look, Federico is on his... Federico's on three back-to-back

00:01:28   keynote wins.

00:01:30   So someone's gonna beat him.

00:01:32   I'd hope so. I'd hope so.

00:01:34   Yeah, it's gonna be me again. I'm gonna beat myself.

00:01:37   Uh, it's just... Hello.

00:01:39   [laughter]

00:01:41   [laughter]

00:01:45   [sigh]

00:01:46   Follow up!

00:01:48   [laughter]

00:01:50   I've got some Kickstarter calendar news.

00:01:52   Oh really? Are we going back to this again?

00:01:55   Are we done now?

00:01:57   You want even more money? I mean, come on, jeez, what do you want from us?

00:02:00   I don't know, do you want my dog? I don't know, what else do you want?

00:02:04   Oh, this is tough. This is where we are today.

00:02:07   I'm giving you my money already, jeez, it's okay.

00:02:10   But some people forgot to give me any money.

00:02:13   And really, those people are the suckers, you know?

00:02:18   If you missed the Kickstarter for whatever reason, maybe you were in a coma, or you were...

00:02:26   Maybe you're a new listener.

00:02:27   Maybe you're a new listener.

00:02:27   You've started on this episode.

00:02:29   And maybe you're like, "I like where this is going."

00:02:31   Yeah.

00:02:32   You know?

00:02:32   You know, maybe...

00:02:33   Do you think if someone was in a coma, they wake up just to get your calendar?

00:02:38   Is that where you were going with this?

00:02:40   I think they sat up straight in bed and thought, "Oh no, I missed it."

00:02:43   Sure.

00:02:45   Look, I'm working Medical Miracles here, okay?

00:02:47   give me a break. So if you missed it for whatever reason, there are pre-orders open now. The link

00:02:52   will be in the show notes. You can, they'll ship in October, November with the other ones,

00:02:58   but you can grab a calendar or stickers or prints, whatever you want, it's all there.

00:03:05   And if you did back the Kickstarter, over the next 24 hours or so, the surveys will start going out.

00:03:11   So if you want to add anything to your order, add some emails about that of like, "Oh, I'd like to

00:03:15   to get one for my, you know, for my brother-in-law or people for my office a couple years ago,

00:03:20   or a couple years ago, I've only done it once. Last year someone got them for like the, like

00:03:24   all their employees, it was really cool. So you can add things now. All those links are

00:03:28   in the show notes, and thank you very much.

00:03:31   Can I get one for my new neighbors?

00:03:33   Yeah.

00:03:34   Do you think that's gonna be weird? Is that gonna be weird?

00:03:36   You take a basket of like muffins and a calendar over. It's like, hey, here I am.

00:03:41   I kind of featuring computers in a grass field.

00:03:44   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:03:46   - Yeah.

00:03:46   (laughing)

00:03:47   - Okay. - I swear I'm normal.

00:03:49   - Very normal thing to do.

00:03:51   - Okay.

00:03:53   Yeah, I see I got an email from you.

00:03:55   Okay.

00:03:56   - We got some feedback from listener Jamie.

00:04:00   Listener Jamie wrote, "I thought you might appreciate

00:04:04   "seeing that someone in Cupertino loves your tattoos

00:04:07   "so much they made a custom license plate about them.

00:04:10   at least I can't imagine what else this means. So if you click the photo, it is a Tesla Model Y,

00:04:18   I believe, and it has the custom plate WRDFSHS weird fishes. Okay, so that's one interpretation.

00:04:33   What else could it be? What else could it possibly be? It could be where real die-hard friends spend

00:04:40   Happy Sundays. Wow. Wow. I've been working on that for the last minute. Okay, I was gonna say, did you just pull that out of here?

00:04:47   I'm pretty good at acronyms, but I needed a minute.

00:04:49   I choose to believe this is our most passionate listener. And if you are the driver of this car, please get in touch.

00:04:56   You need proof. Could be weird.

00:04:59   Weird.

00:05:01   No, hmm. I choose to believe it's weird fish. Me too. Weird fishes? Weird fishes.

00:05:07   We're vicious. They're fans of me and Federica. They're not fans of Myke

00:05:10   We need a bounty that's weird. We need a bounty if you are this listener

00:05:15   We need a picture of you in front of the car. Yes, we will give you an annual membership

00:05:20   Wow, okay, bro, although to be honest you probably already subscribed

00:05:25   We'll extend it a year. Hold on, how can okay, so what if

00:05:29   Counter-argument to that what if someone really wants an annual membership and it's Franco Partino just finds the car

00:05:37   poses for a picture in front of the car but they're not the owner of the car.

00:05:40   They deserve it still. If you've gone to that level, you still deserve it.

00:05:47   Yeah sure, okay. So thank you listener Jamie, this made my day when I saw this email.

00:05:51   I absolutely love it. Can I just, let me ask, let me look at this picture again.

00:05:55   Okay, this was taken safely right? Oh no, that's unsafe, unsafe, unsafe,

00:06:02   Unsafe photo!

00:06:04   Jamie risked their life to get this picture.

00:06:08   Unsafe, Jamie!

00:06:10   Put others in danger.

00:06:11   Don't do it.

00:06:12   Don't do it.

00:06:13   Although, to be fair to Jamie,

00:06:15   to be fair to Jamie, if they would have just tweeted at us and said they saw it,

00:06:19   I would have said, "I need a picture."

00:06:21   So, if you think about it, they kind of just did what I needed.

00:06:25   But it could also be a picture taken from the backseat and then it was cropped, maybe.

00:06:30   The backseat's got a mirror?

00:06:31   got a mirror? Well like you're like angled out of the car so like you catch

00:06:34   you angle out of the car. Yeah I don't know still. I'll choose to believe what Emma suggests

00:06:40   in the live chat in the discord that Jamie is driving, someone is driving a

00:06:44   right-hand car in America and Jamie is also the passenger. Definitely what it is. Which I'm pretty

00:06:48   sure is what Jamie would tell a police officer if they asked. For sure. We're

00:06:53   real diehard friends, spend happy Sundays. Okay. Seems pretty obvious to me you know.

00:06:59   It could be like word for slow hot systems.

00:07:04   - Why would it be that though?

00:07:06   - I don't know, maybe they're big Microsoft word 98 fans.

00:07:10   - You got a slow hot system.

00:07:12   - Slow hot systems.

00:07:14   I love my slow hot system.

00:07:14   - You're working with a real slow hot system over there.

00:07:17   (laughing)

00:07:19   - So good, thank you, thank you, Jamie.

00:07:26   Michael, will you tell us about the newest entry in the connected tracking industry?

00:07:32   Yes, Quizypedia, Quizzys.net. So Jason, who put together Rikis.net, which is a wiki-style website,

00:07:41   I don't like it, like a wiki version of a wiki tracking system. There are multiple

00:07:45   rikis tracking systems, right? And rikis.net is the wiki-style version that Jason put together.

00:07:54   but now Jason has put together a Quizzies tracker.

00:07:59   This includes all of the answers

00:08:03   to all of the Quizzies segments

00:08:06   from when they were called Quizzies and before,

00:08:09   on member content and in other avenues.

00:08:12   All of the information is here.

00:08:15   I want to read a little bit from quizzies.net.

00:08:18   "Using state-of-the-art encryption

00:08:20   and only the best security by obscurity,

00:08:23   Quizypedia has all of the data, but some of it is only available to connected pro subscribers.

00:08:27   No freebooting here. The wiki can be unlocked using secret subscriber only knowledge to

00:08:32   unleash its full comprehensive power. There's like a question, like a scavenger hunt kind of question.

00:08:37   Like you have to get the question from the members, like we're in the member segment,

00:08:42   answers. Just like, so you click one of the ones that's got a padlock on it,

00:08:46   it says answer this question based on a previous member content episode. Which is very clever.

00:08:51   I like the way this is done. But overall, this is fantastic. My favorite thing about the answers,

00:08:59   you click on the contents, you go to each of the games, and you can click through and see what all

00:09:02   the questions and answers are. It's actually shockingly formatted, basically exactly the same

00:09:06   as the Google Sheet that I use to keep track of all this stuff. Really hilarious. Yeah, it's very

00:09:11   close to the way that I actually format this stuff. That's great. But there is a quote at the

00:09:16   the beginning of each which comes from the episode. My favorite one is for the...

00:09:22   where is it? There's one where Jason just writes out... yeah it's for round two of

00:09:27   Do You Know the Passionate Ones and it's this... Jason has written out the sound

00:09:31   that the hype button makes. This is really really good as always. All of Jason's

00:09:37   stuff is incredible that they put together for all this thing so you can

00:09:41   go check it out at Quizzys.net. The design is fantastic as well. Yep.

00:09:45   Very hypercardi, right?

00:09:47   Yeah! It's kind of like a big Mac OS 8.5 vibes in here.

00:09:51   Vibes that y'all are familiar with, I know.

00:09:53   Yeah, sure. It's an OS that I have fond memories of.

00:10:00   Have you ever used the classic Mac OS?

00:10:01   What do you think?

00:10:04   Okay. I am going to work on something. I want to get you in front of the classic

00:10:10   Mac OS on video. I'm gonna think about that.

00:10:13   I've done. I have. I have used Classic Mac.

00:10:16   I have never seen it in real life actually.

00:10:19   I'm gonna mail you an iBook.

00:10:20   I used like green on black Mac, whatever that was, you know.

00:10:24   Apple 2?

00:10:25   We were all like, yep.

00:10:26   Not technically a Macintosh.

00:10:28   I have also used Classic Mac. I'm just telling you things that I've used.

00:10:32   You don't have to be this way, you know?

00:10:35   It could be a different way.

00:10:36   You can choose to be a better person.

00:10:39   Yeah, you can choose to be better if you wanted to be.

00:10:43   Big news!

00:10:45   Yeah.

00:10:45   It is practically September.

00:10:47   I mean, it's basically October, right?

00:10:51   No, no, don't do that.

00:10:53   It's pretty much 2040.

00:10:55   Okay.

00:10:59   September means that all of us at Relay FM, we partner with you, our awesome community

00:11:07   and audience, to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:11:11   I want to tell you a little bit about St. Jude if you're not familiar with this organization.

00:11:17   They do absolutely incredible work.

00:11:21   So St. Jude has been around for 60 years this year.

00:11:25   So it's almost as old as me.

00:11:27   They opened their doors way back in 1962.

00:11:31   And since then, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has grown in size and capability,

00:11:37   Because their mission, what they believe is that children all over the world deserve the

00:11:43   same chance at survival when it comes to cancer.

00:11:48   Treatments developed at St. Jude have helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival

00:11:52   rate from 20% when they started to more than 80% now.

00:11:58   These are tremendous strides, but one in five children diagnosed in the US will not survive.

00:12:06   But globally, the numbers are shockingly reversed with four and five children in some developing

00:12:12   countries not surviving.

00:12:15   This is due to a bunch of reasons, limited access to high quality affordable medicine,

00:12:20   the financial burden of research and care.

00:12:23   These are challenges that a lot of countries and a lot of people face.

00:12:28   But the research and the treatments put forth at St. Jude are shared around the world.

00:12:35   In March of 2018, St. Jude became the first and only world health organization collaborating

00:12:42   Center for Childhood Cancer.

00:12:51   They have this goal to raise the survival rate of the six most common childhood cancer

00:12:58   from 60% by 2030.

00:13:00   Big audacious goal.

00:13:02   And how do they make that goal?

00:13:04   How do they make this happen, Myke?

00:13:07   Oh, by donations.

00:13:09   That's right.

00:13:10   Listeners, well not just listeners, listeners like you, people like you can donate.

00:13:15   And basically we've done this every year, right?

00:13:17   You can go to stjoe.org/relay, you can donate, you can get some awesome gifts for donating.

00:13:23   No, wait, they're not called gifts, are they?

00:13:26   What are they called?

00:13:27   There's like an official word, which is not gift for legal reasons.

00:13:31   Rewards.

00:13:32   Not a gift.

00:13:33   Incentives.

00:13:34   Maybe. There are specific words. Donation rewards. Rewards. Incentives are for

00:13:41   fundraisers, rewards are for donors. That's right. You'll get this right by October. These are the words.

00:13:44   Look, I've done this three times today. It was perfect every time, so I'm blaming you.

00:13:48   Because I wasn't expecting that anyone was gonna ask me this. I thought you

00:13:52   were just gonna say all of it and then we were gonna move on, but no, here I am.

00:13:55   So you can go to stjr.org/relay and you can donate. If you donate an individual gift

00:14:01   to $60 or more, you'll receive a digital bundle.

00:14:04   This includes a wallpaper set of the Myke and Steven heads,

00:14:08   and also a truly incredible Mac OS screensaver

00:14:13   made by James Thompson.

00:14:14   It is, when I tell you that,

00:14:18   you'll know everything you need to know.

00:14:20   If I tell you something is truly incredible

00:14:22   made by James Thompson, and it's on the Mac,

00:14:26   this thing will exceed your expectations

00:14:29   in every possible way.

00:14:30   So if you donate $60 or more,

00:14:32   you will get this after the campaign's over.

00:14:34   If you donate $100 or more,

00:14:36   you will get all of these digital incentives

00:14:38   and a sticker pack.

00:14:40   But new for this year,

00:14:41   you can sign up to start your own fundraising campaign

00:14:44   to help us reach our goals,

00:14:46   earn exclusive Relay FM merchandise,

00:14:48   and contribute to the incredible work

00:14:51   that St. Jude is doing.

00:14:53   So people who fundraise a dollar or more

00:14:55   will get an exclusive St. Jude limited edition

00:14:57   of the Relay FM Challenge Coin.

00:14:59   So we have to do a sign up,

00:15:00   Get someone to donate $1 to your fundraising campaign

00:15:04   and we'll send you one of those after the campaign's over.

00:15:06   But the real prize, if you ask me,

00:15:09   if you are able to raise $250 or more,

00:15:11   you will receive a desk mat featuring the cartoon heads

00:15:15   of me and Steven.

00:15:17   So like how we did the sticker desk thing,

00:15:20   which we are doing again this year, by the way,

00:15:23   we have made a desk mat so you can just put it down

00:15:26   when you want and you can then just take it away.

00:15:27   You don't have to be as crazy as us

00:15:29   and destroy your desk forever.

00:15:31   So these are truly amazing.

00:15:33   Steven has one.

00:15:34   I think you can put a link in the show notes

00:15:36   of your image.

00:15:38   Mine arrived today.

00:15:38   I haven't seen it yet, though.

00:15:40   So if you fundraise $200 or more, you get one of these.

00:15:43   Now, the great thing about fundraising,

00:15:45   you sign up, you go out to your friends, your family,

00:15:48   your coworkers, maybe your own community,

00:15:50   maybe your Twitch stream, whatever it is,

00:15:52   and you say, "Hey, donate to this awesome cause.

00:15:55   This organization is defeating childhood cancer, right?

00:15:59   You can spread the message like we do.

00:16:01   In doing that, you are overall raising the money

00:16:05   that we're able to collectively raise together for St. Jude.

00:16:07   'Cause maybe these people are wild

00:16:09   and they don't listen to our shows.

00:16:10   I mean, one, you should also tell them

00:16:11   to listen to our shows, but maybe they don't.

00:16:14   You know, you can go out to these people,

00:16:15   you can get money, and it all goes to St. Jude,

00:16:18   which is just amazing.

00:16:19   Maybe you do not, you're not in a position right now

00:16:22   where you can make a donation of your own.

00:16:24   Well, this is also a great way to get involved and still get cool stuff too.

00:16:28   So please go to stjude.org/relay to donate and to find out more about fundraising.

00:16:34   The Podcastathon is coming back September 16th for the 4th annual Podcastathon.

00:16:38   Steven, Myke, together in person at the campus at St. Jude, we'll be hosting an 8 hour variety

00:16:45   show featuring many Relay FM hosts and special guests. That is going to be on September 16th

00:16:49   from 12 to 8 p.m. US Eastern Time twitch.tv/relayfm, but we're going big all month. We're doing

00:16:55   streams all month. We're going to end the campaign this year of a special closing amount

00:17:02   stream. We need to come up with a better name than that.

00:17:05   Yeah.

00:17:06   But with that, we're doing tons of stuff. stjr.org/relay to learn more and donate. Let's

00:17:11   cure childhood cancer together.

00:17:13   I'm super excited to be doing this again.

00:17:14   Yep.

00:17:15   So excited.

00:17:16   Yep. I'm excited too.

00:17:17   (

00:17:32   today it's a brand new game for the Quizzys segment I have taken the Rickies

00:17:37   from two years September 2019 and 2020 I am going to read to you the three risky

00:17:45   picks that were made for each year for the iPhone event of September 2019 and

00:17:51   September 2020 all you two have to do is tell me who made each of the picks so

00:17:58   So we'll go year by year, we'll do 2019, then we'll do 2020.

00:18:02   There is 100 points available per correct answer with a bonus 100 points if you get

00:18:08   all three correct for each year.

00:18:12   So I will read the picks, I'll read all three of them, and then each of you will tell me

00:18:17   who said which one.

00:18:19   Okay?

00:18:20   Does that make sense?

00:18:22   Yeah.

00:18:23   Yeah.

00:18:24   Okay.

00:18:25   We're going to start with the Ricky's.

00:18:27   The risky picks, right?

00:18:28   So it's just the risky picks for September 2019.

00:18:31   Risky pick number one.

00:18:34   Tim Cook will thank Johnny Ive.

00:18:35   The camera will show Johnny in the audience.

00:18:38   Johnny doesn't stand.

00:18:40   Pick number two.

00:18:42   No service bundle announced.

00:18:45   Pick number three.

00:18:46   Apple announces Apple TV and game controller bundle.

00:18:50   Now I'm going to read these one more time for you, OK?

00:18:53   So I hope you are making notes or something of who--

00:18:55   when I come to you and say who said which one.

00:18:58   you're gonna have an answer for me, all right?

00:19:00   Pick number one, Tim Cook will thank Johnny Ive.

00:19:03   The camera will show Johnny in the audience.

00:19:05   Johnny doesn't stand.

00:19:07   Pick number two, no service bundle announced.

00:19:11   Pick number three, Apple announces Apple TV

00:19:14   and game controller bundle.

00:19:16   Now, as is the new custom,

00:19:17   because Federico is currently behind Steven in the points,

00:19:20   Federico, you will get to answer first.

00:19:22   You can both say the same answers if you want to.

00:19:25   I recommend you go with your hearts,

00:19:28   but you'll get the points either way.

00:19:30   So Federico, who said pick number one about Journey Ive?

00:19:34   - You did.

00:19:35   Myke did.

00:19:37   Steven did.

00:19:38   Yeah, Steven did the no service bundle

00:19:42   and I did the game controller thing.

00:19:46   - Okay, and Steven, what about for you?

00:19:49   Who said the Journey Ive one?

00:19:51   - I mean, I agree with Federico.

00:19:53   It's exactly what I had written down.

00:19:54   I wrote down one Myke, two Steven, three Federico.

00:19:58   - That is a clean sweep of points for the both of you.

00:20:02   That is 500 points each.

00:20:04   Congratulations, you know us well.

00:20:06   Let's see if this continues.

00:20:07   September, 2020.

00:20:09   Pick number one.

00:20:11   The iPad mini will be updated with a new design inspired

00:20:14   by the iPad Pro's design.

00:20:16   Pick number two.

00:20:17   A non-Pro iPad gets a LIDAR sensor.

00:20:21   Pick number three.

00:20:23   A new Apple Watch has at least one new built-in app because of an exclusive feature not found

00:20:28   on existing watches.

00:20:30   So I'll read those again for you.

00:20:32   Pick number one.

00:20:33   The iPad Mini will be updated of a new design inspired by the iPad Pro's design.

00:20:39   Pick number two.

00:20:40   A non-Pro iPad gets a LIDAR sensor.

00:20:42   Pick number three.

00:20:43   A new Apple Watch has at least one new built-in app because of an exclusive feature not found

00:20:48   on existing watches.

00:20:50   Federico?

00:20:51   I'm gonna go with iPad mini, mic, LiDAR sensor, Steven, Apple Watch app, me.

00:21:00   Okay. Steven?

00:21:02   I disagree. I think the iPad mini pic was mine. I think Myke said LiDAR and the watch sounds like Federico to me.

00:21:12   Federico, you scored 100 points.

00:21:17   Wow. Okay.

00:21:18   You were correct about yours.

00:21:20   Okay.

00:21:21   Steven, you took the full sweep.

00:21:24   By the way, I said 500 points earlier.

00:21:27   It was 400.

00:21:28   So that is now Steven has taken 800 points in today's game.

00:21:33   Federico has taken 600 points.

00:21:35   So this is that correct?

00:21:37   Hang on.

00:21:38   Let me just double check that.

00:21:38   No, he's plus 500 points.

00:21:42   He takes 500 points.

00:21:43   I made an incorrect.

00:21:44   800 to 500.

00:21:45   This has put the total scores currently at Steven with 3,673 points.

00:21:50   Federico with 2,701 points.

00:21:53   Thank you for attending the quizzes today.

00:21:55   We'll be back again soon.

00:21:57   - This episode of Connected is made possible by Sourcegraph.

00:22:01   So you've hired a brilliant developer.

00:22:02   That's awesome, but now you have to spend time

00:22:04   getting them on board.

00:22:06   If your company is growing,

00:22:08   onboarding new developers is going to be a common occurrence

00:22:11   but it's a big undertaking each time.

00:22:14   One of the biggest challenges for new hires

00:22:16   is to get up to speed with the project

00:22:18   their new team is already working on.

00:22:20   This can be especially tricky if the code bases

00:22:23   your developers are working in are already large.

00:22:26   Thankfully, Sourcegraph makes it easy to move quickly

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00:22:45   As a code intelligence platform,

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00:23:53   It's time to read the rules!

00:23:56   The Rickies is a game Connected hosts play before Apple keynotes in the beginning of

00:24:00   a new year, trying to predict future events.

00:24:03   It's made up of three rounds.

00:24:05   Each host makes two regular picks, followed by a risky pick.

00:24:10   There are two types of Rickies, annual Rickies and keynote Rickies.

00:24:15   The winner of the annual Ricky's is named the annual chairman and retains the rights

00:24:18   to the corresponding Twitter account for the full year.

00:24:21   This position is awarded every January.

00:24:24   Today we're playing the keynote Ricky's.

00:24:26   That winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding

00:24:30   Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:24:33   After the Ricky's, the host then play a game called the flexies.

00:24:37   These two games are separate but related.

00:24:39   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:24:42   I felt very anxious about not standing.

00:24:45   I forgot about the preamble.

00:24:46   Yeah.

00:24:47   Yeah, it's also the first time for me doing

00:24:49   the Ricky's in our new home.

00:24:51   And that's--

00:24:52   Oh, incredible.

00:24:53   That's incredible.

00:24:54   And I'm standing in my new room for the first time.

00:24:58   Well, not for the first time, but standing for connected.

00:25:00   [LAUGHTER]

00:25:01   Well, with the laying on the floor later on.

00:25:03   It's not like I've been sitting this whole time.

00:25:06   You've been hooching around on the floor.

00:25:07   You know, I've stood up in this room before.

00:25:10   So yeah, I'm standing. It's good. It's important to break in a new house, you know by standing

00:25:15   Sure other rooms once or twice, you know

00:25:18   Correct regular picks are awarded one point

00:25:29   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording and no partial points may be awarded

00:25:38   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host total

00:25:44   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game

00:25:50   Picks made for keynote rookies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote

00:25:56   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules, but they're not super valid today

00:26:01   Basically, once a host chooses something as an annual pick they cannot reuse it in the calendar year

00:26:07   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual rookies by the same person.

00:26:12   All hosts, however, are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:26:17   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:26:22   In the event of a tie, dice by Peacock must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:26:28   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the rookies.

00:26:33   "Flips" by Jason on other podcasts are technically allowed but are frowned upon

00:26:39   and subject to public shaming. For keynote rookies the scoring window starts

00:26:44   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored. Any information

00:26:48   used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording. The

00:26:54   order of picks is set by previous performance. The winner of the previous

00:26:57   associated games goes first. The previous loser goes last. Winners will be

00:27:02   recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:27:12   As a brief reminder, I am the current Annual Chairman and Federico is the current Keynote

00:27:17   Chairman.

00:27:18   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:27:22   Those sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:27:26   You may be seated.

00:27:29   allowed but frowned upon has to be some of the best text in the whole bill of

00:27:35   rickies. Or in just the human language. I was only partially listening to the

00:27:40   rules this time because I realized I had not done the necessary searches to

00:27:45   confirm that my picks were valid. I can confirm that they are valid. Good, good.

00:27:50   That like I hadn't re-picked them, you know, and I'm good. Well Federico you are

00:27:57   the current keynote chairman so why don't you start us in round one?

00:28:02   All right okay let's get this show on the road as they say I think that's what

00:28:07   they say. That's what they say? Yeah it's what they say. Some people say about some

00:28:10   things. Yeah some people some people do. Anyway pick number one. At least one of

00:28:18   the new Pro iPhones will have an always-on display. Right? So this should

00:28:26   be pretty much, you know, something that's like 100% gonna happen. It's been rumored

00:28:33   for more than a year. It's been "confirmed" by the usual suspects, you know,

00:28:39   friend of the show Mark Gurman and Min-Chi Kuo. The work that Apple has put

00:28:45   into the lock screen in iOS 16 and widgets and some of the privacy related

00:28:52   features of widgets, and how the wallpapers animate. All these aspects are pointing in

00:28:58   the same direction, which is the next iPhone is going to have an always-on lock screen,

00:29:02   it's going to have an always-on display that will allow you to see an always-on lock screen.

00:29:07   That's what I'm picking here. So yeah, and I think obviously it's going to be a pro feature.

00:29:14   It's going to be interesting to see—but we're going to talk about this later—it's

00:29:17   it's gonna be interesting to see what Apple does

00:29:19   in terms of how an always-on display will be different

00:29:23   from the always-on display of an Apple Watch.

00:29:26   Certainly there'll be similarities,

00:29:28   but also different options, I think,

00:29:30   because of just you have a more powerful computer

00:29:32   and a bigger battery in the iPhone.

00:29:35   So yeah, once again, at least one of the new Pro iPhones

00:29:38   will have an always-on display.

00:29:40   That's my first pick.

00:29:41   - It feels like a lock to me, man.

00:29:44   I mean, you look at how those complications

00:29:47   and the lock screen work, like it's gotta be coming.

00:29:50   And I'm really excited for it.

00:29:52   I think it's gonna make the phone a lot more useful,

00:29:55   especially in context where like you're at your desk

00:29:57   and you can just glance over and like, you know,

00:29:59   see the weather or something.

00:30:01   I'm excited for this.

00:30:02   - I have a question for the group.

00:30:05   About the like, I wonder how bright it's gonna be, you know,

00:30:11   Like I'm wondering like, what's it going to be like at night?

00:30:15   You know, like I've had my phone on my bedside table.

00:30:18   Is it going to be illuminating a little bit?

00:30:19   Sleep focus mode, baby!

00:30:21   That's where my future picks come in.

00:30:23   So, well, I'm going to pick them later, but it's fine.

00:30:26   I'm going to talk about it now, now that you mentioned it.

00:30:28   So I think there will be options for more.

00:30:32   I think there will be more options than on the watch to control the always on display.

00:30:36   And also this is going to be one of my spoilers, I guess.

00:30:40   this is gonna be one of my flexes.

00:30:42   I think there will be a...

00:30:44   Are you guys familiar with focus filters?

00:30:46   You've seen focus filters in iOS 16.

00:30:50   - I'm aware of them, but I haven't used them.

00:30:51   - So you have two types of filters.

00:30:53   There's the app filters and there's the system filters.

00:30:57   So the app filters are the stuff like,

00:30:59   when I'm in my work focus mode,

00:31:01   show me my work mailbox in Apple Mail.

00:31:04   Like that's an app filter.

00:31:06   It controls something in an app.

00:31:09   but you also have system filters.

00:31:10   And system filters, right now, there's only two of them.

00:31:13   One is low power mode, and the other is the, oh gosh,

00:31:18   low power and dark mode.

00:31:20   You can set the appearance.

00:31:22   I think always on display on and off

00:31:25   will be a third system filter in iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro.

00:31:30   So that to answer your question,

00:31:31   at night you could say, when I'm in my sleep focus

00:31:34   or my bedtime focus or whatever,

00:31:37   turn off the always on display.

00:31:40   Yeah, because I'm thinking like it can't be, I feel like it can't be like the watch where

00:31:46   when you're charging and it's on the side, right?

00:31:48   Like it does what it does.

00:31:49   Like it does that little fun feature because I think for a lot of people, including me,

00:31:55   as Steven mentioned, right?

00:31:56   Where the always on display is maybe most useful is when it's on my dock on my desk

00:32:00   charging, right?

00:32:01   Because then the phone is just out in front of me and I can just glance at it.

00:32:04   But if that turns the screen off, it's like, well, this is no good.

00:32:08   So, yeah, maybe it will be tied into focus modes in some way.

00:32:12   That would make sense.

00:32:13   All right, Myke, you're up.

00:32:14   OK. At least one iPhone will have the notch removed,

00:32:19   replaced by a hole punch style camera and sensors.

00:32:21   OK, OK. So so we need to define here.

00:32:26   Just I know what you mean.

00:32:28   Like you mean what are they calling it?

00:32:30   The pill or are they going to.

00:32:32   OK, so there's two.

00:32:33   this is the, so this is what I actually wanted to talk to you guys about this,

00:32:35   about like the wording here, or maybe we just come to an agreement we know what

00:32:39   I mean. Now there is a selection of styles Apple could take here. They could,

00:32:45   some people have said that there will be a hole punch for a camera, so like a

00:32:49   circular cut out for a camera screen, and then a more like oval one that has the

00:32:54   sensor array. There have been some people that have suggested that it will be a

00:32:58   larger oval and it will have both the camera and the sensor array in it.

00:33:02   Basically what I'm saying is there is a cutout in the screen where the camera and the sensors are.

00:33:07   Okay, so I guess a good way to understand, like regardless of the design, is there a portion of the display above the cutout?

00:33:20   Because right now there isn't. Because the notch comes down from the very top.

00:33:24   very top. Right. This is going to be like an island of black glass within an ocean of

00:33:31   pixels. Right now the notch is really an extension of the screen border.

00:33:35   Wow, you're so poetic, Steven. That's such a beautiful wording for the iPhone 14 Pro.

00:33:42   Yeah. So in my mind, this is free floating from the screen border around the outside

00:33:49   edge.

00:33:50   Yeah.

00:33:51   Hold on, I'm now changing my pick.

00:33:52   Okay.

00:33:53   - You're clarifying.

00:33:55   - From the, yeah, from the border.

00:33:57   - Now, what did he say?

00:33:58   You're like an island in an ocean of pixels.

00:34:00   - I'm not gonna make that my pick.

00:34:03   - Please, please put that text in your pick.

00:34:06   - Okay.

00:34:07   At least one iPhone will have the notch removed,

00:34:10   replaced by a cutout,

00:34:12   parenthesis, or a cutouts,

00:34:15   for the camera and sensors free floating from the border,

00:34:19   AKA an island of black glass in an ocean of pixels.

00:34:22   - Perfect.

00:34:24   - Good?

00:34:24   - I love it. - Love it, love it.

00:34:25   - Yeah.

00:34:26   - All right, we're all like on board with what this means.

00:34:28   - Yeah, because I think for your pick,

00:34:31   the specifics of like, is it one cut out

00:34:33   or is it two side by side or,

00:34:36   that feels like a little secondary.

00:34:38   I think what you're after is,

00:34:39   it's something different and new from the notch.

00:34:42   - Yeah, it's like the notch is no longer,

00:34:44   like where the sensors and camera are

00:34:46   is no longer this area that's attached to the borders, right?

00:34:49   Like the bezel is just like flowing out.

00:34:51   or AKA an island of black glass in an ocean of pixels.

00:34:54   - Let's all float on, okay.

00:34:55   - I wonder, I guess this is gonna happen, right?

00:34:58   That the camera will actually be physically lower down

00:35:02   on the phone than it is currently, maybe?

00:35:04   - Maybe. - I don't know.

00:35:05   - I don't know. - Maybe.

00:35:07   I don't know about that, maybe.

00:35:08   - Could be.

00:35:09   - Could be. - It's pretty close now.

00:35:11   It's hard to see, like you have to kinda hold it

00:35:13   to the light just the right way.

00:35:15   But I feel like the top of the camera

00:35:17   is basically touching the border.

00:35:18   So yeah, it may drop down a little bit.

00:35:21   I'm excited. I mean, I don't care about the notch.

00:35:23   Like I have quit seeing it years ago.

00:35:25   This is a way to redesign the phone without redesigning the whole phone. Right.

00:35:29   It's going to look new and it's going to feel so new. Yeah.

00:35:32   It's going to be great. Yeah. I'm so excited for this iPhone, right?

00:35:35   Like from these two, just these two things we've mentioned,

00:35:37   like I am really excited for this iPhone.

00:35:40   And I have that feeling too, like the past two years, I mean, yeah,

00:35:45   the iPhone 12 was awesome. The iPhone 12 was awesome. Last year. I mean,

00:35:50   I really like my iPhone and it takes some incredible pictures, but it was like, it was

00:35:53   okay. But this year, even though they're not changing like the design of the frame, but

00:35:58   like the always on display and the new front design for the cutouts and the improvements

00:36:04   to the camera, like all that stuff, like it's going to be so much fun.

00:36:08   Yeah, the iPhone 13 had big S energy, right? Like big S energy on the iPhone 13. Like the

00:36:15   14 is like, at least on the pro, I don't know if we're going to talk in our picks about

00:36:19   the iPhone 14 itself. Maybe we can talk about that once we've done the up picks. But the

00:36:24   iPhone 14 Pro is, I think, going to be a really big step forward. I'm excited about it.

00:36:29   All right. I was the loser last time, so I get to go last. And my round one pick is that

00:36:36   Apple shows off at least one iOS 16 feature that we haven't seen before.

00:36:40   Yeah. Yeah. This is going to happen. Yeah. I mean, sure. Yeah.

00:36:44   I can't believe this was still available to me picking last.

00:36:47   If they do a new iPhone and it doesn't have any new software feature, that would be really

00:36:52   surprising.

00:36:53   Yeah, I think you're gonna get this point.

00:36:56   I mean, why not?

00:36:57   I want to ask some clarifying questions now.

00:36:59   I kind of feel like this one just went by me.

00:37:02   But like, will the "Always on Display" count?

00:37:06   I would say, yeah, that's an iOS feature.

00:37:08   Especially if there's settings for it.

00:37:10   God, this is the worst pick ever.

00:37:13   This is absolute snoozetown, snoozefest population.

00:37:16   I mean, that's how you get points though, right? I mean, I gotta say, you want to reduce

00:37:22   the game to then. Yeah, sure. You both said at least one iPhone. Like we're all playing

00:37:28   the game, you know, but like an iOS 16 feature. Okay. Would you like me to? Would you? No,

00:37:35   do you listen to it? It's playing with you. It's playing with you. Okay. This is how you

00:37:39   feel like you want to approach the game. I don't want to change. I want to consolidate

00:37:43   power. I've never been the Consolidated Champion. It's trying to shame you into adding more

00:37:48   detail to your book. Yeah, you say that now, but like I'm looking down our document, Stephen,

00:37:51   and I'm not so sure you're really committed to that, but we maybe get to this later on,

00:37:55   you know? I'm not so sure you're committed to Consolidating Power. Look, if I get my

00:37:59   future points, I'm a genius, so. This is basically the only thing, I think, that you've actually

00:38:04   chosen that is going to happen, so like, God bless you. Yeah, look, it could be camera,

00:38:09   It could be the, I mean, I thought camera and I thought always on display, but it could

00:38:13   be something else, you know?

00:38:15   Do you ever think, like, maybe that person, as they drove past you on the road, shouted

00:38:20   at you, your pics are bad?

00:38:22   If you want to know what we're talking about, go to getconnectedpro.com.

00:38:27   You want the members episode to understand what their reference is about.

00:38:30   All right, so let me recap round one for us.

00:38:33   Federico, you said at least one of the next iPhone, Pro iPhones will have an always on

00:38:38   display. Myke said at least one iPhone will have the notch removed replaced by a cutout

00:38:44   or cutouts for the camera and sensors free floating from the border as an island of black

00:38:50   glass and then ocean of pixels. And I said that Apple shows off at least one I was 16

00:38:57   feature that we haven't seen before.

00:38:59   I'm convinced that Stephen decided to recap this because he wanted to say the island of

00:39:03   black glass thing again.

00:39:04   I just wish it could be the title so badly.

00:39:07   Round two, Federico, break some hearts with your first pick.

00:39:12   I'm sorry to say this, but I--

00:39:15   I'm not sorry.

00:39:15   I mean, I am--

00:39:17   They deserve it.

00:39:18   Wow.

00:39:19   I'm trying to be--

00:39:20   I'm diplomatically--

00:39:21   Just rip the mandate off, man.

00:39:23   I'm diplomatically sorry about this,

00:39:26   meaning I'm not really sorry, but I got

00:39:27   to keep up the facade of it.

00:39:30   There won't be a mini iPhone in the iPhone 14 family.

00:39:33   Yeah.

00:39:34   I'm sorry, but it's just what it is.

00:39:36   All I'm going to say, right, Plus Club, OK, we went out there, we made it happen.

00:39:41   Yeah.

00:39:42   They never took the big phone away, did they?

00:39:44   What it kind of did one time, but not exactly.

00:39:45   Well, it's a mini club.

00:39:47   It's a smaller club.

00:39:48   Clearly.

00:39:50   If you love your phone so much, why don't you buy it?

00:39:53   You know what I mean?

00:39:54   And I will also say that there will not

00:39:59   be a mini-sized continuation of the iPhone 12 mini, an iPhone 13 mini, there will not

00:40:06   be an iPhone 14 mini.

00:40:08   And I also feel like modern, and this is going to get me in trouble, I don't care, modern

00:40:13   iOS is not fun to use on a small display.

00:40:18   It's not designed for a small display anymore.

00:40:23   Small displays are an anomaly where even the iPad is suffering at the moment, because even

00:40:30   an iPadOS is just not made for a small display anymore.

00:40:36   And look, this is not my fault.

00:40:38   This is Apple's fault.

00:40:40   But it's just what it is.

00:40:41   We have gotten used to interfaces being able to do more things at the same time, and the

00:40:48   keyboard being of a certain size but just every feature of iOS suffers on a

00:40:55   small display and so yeah that's just what it is and people haven't bought one

00:41:01   so look just I'm just repeating this cause trying to cancel you right now

00:41:08   look they can it's canceled as the iPhone mini exactly first they

00:41:18   come for the iPhone then they come for the Federica you know and yes I've used

00:41:21   I've used a small phone Sylvia likes small phones but yeah yeah that's the

00:41:27   that Shipper sailed I'm sorry yep this is it's just one of those things right

00:41:32   like if there was enough demand they would keep making this device mm-hmm I

00:41:37   think they gave it two shots like I know I make fun of it but like this is this

00:41:40   is the simple fact like they did two of them it clearly did not sell what they

00:41:46   wanted and so they are now going to replace it with a max size phone which

00:41:51   they know so well. And I would expect that like Apple maybe took a

00:41:56   sales hit for a while by bringing the mini in and they've decided we don't

00:42:01   want to do that anymore people want big phones we're gonna give them as big a

00:42:04   phone as we can give them and so we're gonna go back to the bigger phones.

00:42:07   I should say this should go even bigger if you ask me. Yeah why not man? Why not?

00:42:12   go bigger and make it foldable I mean she's so many I'm actually I'm not sure

00:42:17   I want the iPhone Pro Max to get bigger hmm just on its own hmm right like if

00:42:25   they just made it bigger I think that my might be pushing a little bit too big

00:42:29   top point on each iPhone says Zack okay right don't you think if they made the

00:42:33   Pro Max like just made that phone bigger like it might just be too big I could go

00:42:38   Personally, I could go a bit too big.

00:42:41   But I could go a bit bigger.

00:42:43   Like, I could do that.

00:42:45   But like one centimeter higher, maybe?

00:42:49   Like, I could go for it.

00:42:51   But then, yeah, then it's gotta be foldable.

00:42:52   Like, if you want, like,

00:42:54   it's gotta be a different device altogether.

00:42:56   - Yeah, yeah.

00:42:57   All right, my pick.

00:43:00   At least one iPhone gets an upgraded main camera.

00:43:03   - For it? - Yeah, yeah.

00:43:07   it's gonna happen, it's gonna be awesome.

00:43:10   If they do it, I feel like 48 megapixel main camera

00:43:13   is what the rumors suggest.

00:43:17   I'm pretty excited about it.

00:43:18   Like it could be a very big jump in picture quality

00:43:21   for the iPhone and I really hope that it plays out that way

00:43:25   'cause I would love that, I would love it.

00:43:28   - Right, and especially because Apple doesn't typically

00:43:29   like to advertise megapixels,

00:43:31   they're focused on like increasing the size of the pixels

00:43:34   or letting more light in or doing the processing

00:43:36   the ISP that they use. They typically don't like to chase this. They don't participate

00:43:41   in this megapixel race, but when they do, when they say "oh we are actually going much,

00:43:49   much bigger than before", then it's got to be something good, I think.

00:43:53   I just think it's gotten to a certain point where they have to make a jump, because they've

00:43:57   been holding on to this 12 megapixel sensor for a really long time, this is what they've

00:44:01   been going on, just 12 megapixels. Every now and then they can jump and then they'll just

00:44:06   this 48 sensor for like another five, six years and then they'll go again, you know.

00:44:10   So I feel like this is a case of like, I have no doubt that we're going to get some great

00:44:16   pictures out of it, but just like at a certain point, people will start edging further ahead

00:44:22   of them unless they, I think, unless they kind of start to meet people where they are.

00:44:27   And this like 48 megapixel, there are still like androphones with way more than this.

00:44:31   So they're just making a realistic jump for what they can do at scale and do well and

00:44:38   produce a great image with.

00:44:40   But I'm very excited about it.

00:44:42   Alright.

00:44:43   Alright.

00:44:44   Galaxy brain time, boys.

00:44:46   Is it?

00:44:47   I need to paint a picture before I tell you my pic.

00:44:49   A picture?

00:44:50   Oh well, this bodes well for you already, okay?

00:44:53   Did you say a picture?

00:44:54   Yeah.

00:44:55   Man, that's good.

00:44:57   So just ask galaxy brain.

00:44:59   I'm up here, you know.

00:45:01   The Apple Watch lineup has a problem.

00:45:03   If you go to the Apple website and you go to the watch section, you have the Series

00:45:09   7, the Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Series 3.

00:45:13   The Series 3 is a crime against Apple's own customers.

00:45:17   It should not be for sale.

00:45:18   It's not getting the new version of watchOS.

00:45:21   Do not buy it, but it's really cheap.

00:45:23   It starts at $199.

00:45:26   The Apple Watch SE, which is like a hybrid, like it has some features from like the Series

00:45:33   4 and 5 kind of combined, it's a little bit weird.

00:45:36   It's $279.

00:45:38   It's too expensive to be the base model iPhone, or the base model Apple Watch, excuse me.

00:45:45   Especially when the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at not much more money.

00:45:50   What does the Series 7 start at?

00:45:51   Like uh, oh man, this website is so confusing.

00:45:55   for the the aluminum one. What I think Apple is going to do, I'll just read you

00:46:03   the pick. The Apple Watch SE announced in 2020 moves down in price with no feature

00:46:11   changes. Very Tim Cook move, take an old product make it the cheap one. Not graded.

00:46:17   Series 7 or a new SE 2 takes the middle price point where the SE is now. That's

00:46:24   That's my pick.

00:46:25   I don't like it as a pick because I think the Apple Watch SE is a terrible product currently

00:46:31   in its current iteration.

00:46:32   Maybe if it was cheaper, it would be better.

00:46:35   So you think that the most likely situation is that they bring the SE down in price and

00:46:42   also potentially introduce a new SE called the SE2?

00:46:47   Well that part's not graded.

00:46:49   That's the genius of what I've done.

00:46:51   My pick is that the Apple Watch SE will go unchanged

00:46:55   and just be cheaper.

00:46:57   This pick makes me sad.

00:46:59   Yeah, I don't like it.

00:47:00   It's a sad pick.

00:47:02   I'm sorry.

00:47:05   How much cheaper?

00:47:06   You think it'll go to $199?

00:47:08   It'd be nice.

00:47:09   I think that's kind of the magic number for the Apple Watch.

00:47:12   I just...

00:47:13   That's why I don't think there's gonna be a new watch

00:47:16   in that lower price point.

00:47:17   I think it's gonna be the SE from now two years ago.

00:47:21   I don't like this at all,

00:47:23   'cause I don't like the Apple Watch SE.

00:47:26   Maybe I would like it more at 200.

00:47:28   'Cause I don't like how expensive it is

00:47:31   for the features you get.

00:47:33   It's like, I'm not a fan.

00:47:34   If they were to, if Apple were to do what you did,

00:47:39   or what you're suggesting,

00:47:40   and then bring a new Apple Watch SE,

00:47:42   which picks up a couple more features,

00:47:44   like the ECG and the always on display at 270,

00:47:49   on display at 279 I think that would be way better so maybe it wouldn't be the

00:47:55   worst but so here's the question though right mm-hmm I don't think any of us

00:48:01   have picked Apple watch Pro in on any of this right and maybe it's maybe some

00:48:06   flexes I haven't looked at everyone's flexes in this potential scenario you

00:48:13   could imagine Apple have four Apple watches yeah they do they do it with the

00:48:18   phones like yeah but the iPhones the iPhone right yeah but the Apple Watch

00:48:24   has been it's on the same for iPhones on sale they have like 100 iPhone that's

00:48:30   true I think the Apple Watch is still by the iPhone 11 I think this the Apple

00:48:34   Watch is just on the same trajectory so yeah that's what I'm going with the SE

00:48:38   from 2020 stays unchanged but gets cheaper I have now just realized at this

00:48:44   moment that you can buy a new iPhone 11 on Apple's website. I did not know you could

00:48:50   do that.

00:48:51   Still hanging around.

00:48:52   You could just go to Apple's website and buy an iPhone 11. That's really interesting to

00:48:56   me.

00:48:57   You can buy an iPhone 11?

00:48:58   Yes. You could just go there right now and you can get an iPhone 11, 64 gigs for $500.

00:49:02   Not a 12? You cannot even get an iPhone 12?

00:49:06   You can get an iPhone 12 as well, but you can also buy an iPhone 11.

00:49:09   The XR was like that. The XR hung on forever.

00:49:13   It's just intriguing to me.

00:49:15   Didn't know that.

00:49:16   - So there we go.

00:49:17   - All right.

00:49:18   - That's round two.

00:49:20   To recap, Federico says there will not be a mini iPhone

00:49:24   in the iPhone 14 family.

00:49:26   Myke says at least one iPhone gets an upgraded main camera.

00:49:29   I said the Apple Watch SE announced in 2020 moves down

00:49:32   in price with no feature changes.

00:49:35   Not graded.

00:49:36   Series 7 or SE 2 takes the middle price point

00:49:38   where the SE is now.

00:49:40   Two rounds down, how are y'all feeling?

00:49:43   pretty good so far I think. I actually feel very good about my first two picks.

00:49:47   I feel very good about mine I don't feel good about yours. Yeah I feel like

00:49:52   currently there is a coin flip between me and Federico. I don't know about yours

00:49:58   Steven. Oh that's a bit... you sold me more on it than initially? Yeah. But I don't know if I

00:50:04   feel like yours is a lock. Well I feel like mine and Federico's first two feel

00:50:08   pretty locked in but who knows? Yeah well we'll see. They gotta do something with

00:50:12   Apple Watch line. It's just a matter of what.

00:50:15   I just don't want them to do what you've asked for. I want them to do something different.

00:50:20   I don't want what you're suggesting.

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00:52:21   It is now time for our risky picks.

00:52:24   I will say before we get started, I felt like there wasn't that much contention between

00:52:29   the three of us and like deciding what was risky this time.

00:52:33   I feel like we all just, we came in with...

00:52:36   - There wasn't contention,

00:52:37   but I think there were two disappointed Europeans.

00:52:41   Both me and Federico brought picks

00:52:42   that we were very happy with and they were shut down.

00:52:46   - But now they're in your flexies, I think both of you...

00:52:48   - Yes.

00:52:49   - Kept them for that.

00:52:50   So that's a good way to get a flexie,

00:52:52   is to recycle a failed...

00:52:54   - Yeah, sometimes the flexies are a graveyard

00:52:57   of the risky picks.

00:52:59   And that is the case today.

00:53:00   the flex is where the risky picks go to die.

00:53:03   That's what they call them.

00:53:06   For money.

00:53:07   All right.

00:53:09   Federico, you're up.

00:53:10   So I've been thinking about this one really for the past two weeks.

00:53:13   And I was really struggling to come up with something that I liked,

00:53:16   something that I thought made some sense.

00:53:19   And obviously, you know,

00:53:20   the rule of the,

00:53:21   of the risky picks is that it,

00:53:23   it needs to be something new that you've totally dreamed up that it,

00:53:27   that hasn't been rumored at the time of recording this.

00:53:31   And so I didn't want to go with something Apple Watch related,

00:53:36   because I'm not really familiar with the platform.

00:53:39   It felt like, OK, I need to do something with the iPhone.

00:53:42   And something that I guess you guys know,

00:53:45   that people know about me, is that I

00:53:48   prefer to do these software-related picks,

00:53:51   because I spent the whole summer testing the new version of iOS.

00:53:56   And something that I like to do as an exercise is,

00:54:00   okay, taking a look at the new version of iOS,

00:54:03   what are some signs that may be pointing

00:54:07   in a certain direction?

00:54:08   Like what are features or little changes

00:54:12   that maybe don't mean a lot right now,

00:54:16   but then are gonna make more sense once we get a new iPhone?

00:54:19   So that's sort of the framework that I use

00:54:21   to think about this stuff.

00:54:23   So I'm going with another iPhone software related pick.

00:54:26   That's also kind of about a hardware change though.

00:54:31   So the iPhone 14 Pro camera introduces some kind

00:54:36   of 3D scanning or capture functionality.

00:54:41   So I have a couple of, I want to explain this pick

00:54:46   in a couple of different ways.

00:54:47   So 3D scanning and capturing functionality

00:54:51   for the iPhone 14 Pro camera.

00:54:53   Evidence A is that weird feature of the Photos app and Quick Look and other image previews

00:55:03   in iOS 16 where you can hold down on a subject of a photo to lift it out of the photo and

00:55:10   drag it elsewhere.

00:55:14   I mean that feature is nice if you want to create transparent PNGs for stuff, but is

00:55:20   Is that really something that deserves having that kind of gesture everywhere in iOS?

00:55:32   And so I've been thinking about, like, what could you do if you could, like, what if you

00:55:37   could, I don't know, rotate the subject of a photo?

00:55:42   Basically what I'm thinking is, what if Apple introduces a brand new photo format that is

00:55:47   like the new live photos, but are 3D photos. That's basically what I'm thinking. But there's also

00:55:53   something else that I want to mention is Apple is obviously getting ready to have a headset next

00:56:00   year, it seems like. I mean, they're registering trademarks now, and it seems to be, you know,

00:56:07   pretty much a lock for 2023 in this first version. And obviously I think Apple would like to have

00:56:15   user-generated content that's compatible with the headset, right? And I mean there's some really great

00:56:23   third-party apps that already allow you to use your iPhone's camera to capture 3D scenes and 3D

00:56:32   subjects and export them out in 3D compatible programs and applications for professional use.

00:56:40   But if Apple is coming out with a headset, wouldn't it be nice if you could capture a 3D photo yourself

00:56:46   and have that be compatible or something that you can explore again, because you took that 3D photo?

00:56:55   You could explore that again in the headset environment. So this could also be a way for you

00:57:01   to generate content that will be compatible in the future with the headset. So that's what I'm thinking.

00:57:09   a native 3D capturing mode in the camera app that's just for the iPhone 14 Pro.

00:57:17   Is that... that's not... you... you willing to put any of that into the pic? Like that it's in the camera app?

00:57:23   Yeah, I think I'd like the pic to be a little more specific now that I hear you explain what you think.

00:57:27   The iPhone 14 Pro camera... oh let me... why can I not edit this document on it?

00:57:36   the federal code just wrote the word camera with the the the letter c is in lowercase

00:57:43   everything else is in uppercase and then he could no longer edit the document i don't really know

00:57:47   what happened there the iphone 14 pro camera app introduces some kind of 3d capturing it's just

00:57:55   easier to say the iphone 14 pro camera app that that that definitely helps like make like it it

00:58:02   it clarifies it a little more.

00:58:04   - Yeah, 'cause if they add it to like measure or something,

00:58:07   then you don't get it. - No, no, no, no, no.

00:58:08   I don't get it.

00:58:09   - One thing that's interesting about the idea

00:58:12   of putting it in the camera app

00:58:14   is that it puts it in front of everybody

00:58:16   'cause everyone uses the camera app, right?

00:58:18   Say that it was a new app or they shoved it into measure

00:58:21   or something else, it would be way less visible,

00:58:25   but putting it in camera is like a big move,

00:58:27   like get people used to the idea of doing this sort of thing.

00:58:30   - Just like how everyone uses cinematic mode.

00:58:33   - Exactly.

00:58:33   - I'm not gonna troll on you,

00:58:34   I'm just trolling on the fact that like,

00:58:35   I'd forgotten that feature existed

00:58:37   until someone mentioned it to me a few days ago.

00:58:39   - And I just, I could totally see Apple introduce

00:58:42   a new format for this that is like--

00:58:45   - Well, they have that format, right?

00:58:46   USDZ, could it be something to do with that?

00:58:49   - Well, do you think they would put USDZ

00:58:53   as a mode in the camera UI?

00:58:56   - No, but I'm just wondering if like,

00:58:57   it could use some of the information from that.

00:59:00   - Right, they could just mark,

00:59:02   they could market the feature as 3D photos.

00:59:05   Like I could totally see Apple doing this,

00:59:07   like, oh, now you can take 3D photos.

00:59:08   Well, what's a 3D photo?

00:59:10   Turns out it's just a USDC scene

00:59:12   that you can capture on your iPhone.

00:59:14   And then you can view, like right now it would make sense

00:59:17   because it's something that you can,

00:59:19   I could see like rotating around in the Photos app,

00:59:22   and then you could also export

00:59:24   and you could use the existing AR features of the iPhone,

00:59:28   But then you are preparing for a future in which this makes sense on a future device

00:59:33   where you can actually explore the scene in 3D.

00:59:37   I don't know.

00:59:38   This is just...

00:59:39   And I needed to come up with something.

00:59:43   Astrophotography was something else, but it's been rumored before, so it couldn't be a risky

00:59:48   pick.

00:59:49   And I just thought, you know, let's have some fun.

00:59:51   They're gonna do this brand new camera system.

00:59:55   They have a headset coming.

00:59:56   doing these new things with like subject isolation. I can see how you got to

01:00:02   something because of the subject isolation right because that is like

01:00:05   here's the thing on that as a very weird feature like Federico shared something

01:00:10   in from his review which really made me laugh you have to wait and see it but

01:00:13   because like a good point that he makes about this feature but like the thing

01:00:17   that annoys me about this feature it's made live photos much worse there better

01:00:23   be a good reason for it because if the reason right now is just like hey look at this thing

01:00:28   you can do and this is all it's for, I don't know why they've done this because live photos

01:00:34   are a proven good feature that people like right that they've made better over time and

01:00:39   like it's like a fun thing that the phone can do and it can add some dimension. This

01:00:43   does not improve my life in any meaningful way except sometimes I can drag pictures of

01:00:48   people out and send them as like memes like but I don't...

01:00:52   - Exactly. - If people use that at large, great, but I'm not sure they will.

01:00:57   What's that? Was that worth it? Like, if it just... Let's say that my risky pick is wrong, right?

01:01:02   There's nothing to do with that thing. Then the question becomes, was it really worth it to override the tap and hold just for the memes?

01:01:12   Like, I don't know. It seems so strange. And I mean, it's got its utility. I mean, I myself have used it a couple of days ago

01:01:20   because I wanted to play around with some furniture ideas with Sylvia

01:01:24   and I used it to make transparent pngs out of Ikea pictures that were JPEGs.

01:01:29   And that's super great.

01:01:30   Sure, that's super great, but like, what's it...

01:01:32   You know, it's a very particular option that you just added everywhere.

01:01:40   You know, I don't...

01:01:43   Myke in Discord says "I'm gonna use this feature to edit a photo of myself

01:01:47   into the photo of the weird fish cart to claim the bounty."

01:01:50   And that is incredible.

01:01:53   I agree with you.

01:01:56   Like, yes, you can. If you just keep holding, the live photo animation will play.

01:02:00   But like, I don't know.

01:02:02   Like, I don't know.

01:02:04   Alright, ready to move on?

01:02:06   Yeah.

01:02:06   Alright, AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly.

01:02:09   Steven, what's yours?

01:02:11   Wait, we gotta get into that.

01:02:13   Say that again, but more slowly and with more passion.

01:02:18   AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly.

01:02:21   So, really, the main issue here is not the story more compactly.

01:02:27   Tell me what the main issue is with this page.

01:02:28   The main issue is that you believe in the existence of AirPods Max 2.

01:02:31   That's the main problem, not the folding.

01:02:34   It's the headphones that's the problem at this event.

01:02:37   [laughter]

01:02:39   Just leave me alone. This is the best I could do, alright?

01:02:42   AirPods Max 2.

01:02:44   I had another one which upgrade listeners might be like Myke why didn't you pick this you said you'd pick this

01:02:50   I'll talk about it later. It's a flexi now. It wasn't allowed as a Ricky

01:02:54   This is the best I could do that there will be air pods max - and one of the main features is that they will have a

01:03:01   Function to fold them so they can be stored better than that stupid time back case that they made

01:03:07   They should do this

01:03:10   - this is coming from what Myke wants

01:03:14   The spirit of this pick is spot on.

01:03:18   The reality of this pick is very sad, I'm afraid.

01:03:22   And I mean, look, if you get this point...

01:03:24   What will be more sad is when they announce AirPods Max 2 and they don't do anything.

01:03:30   You know, like anything. It's like, oh, we put the new chip in it and congratulations.

01:03:35   Oh, that would be just sad. That would be horrible.

01:03:37   That's what's most likely to happen if there's AirPods Max 2 announced anytime next week.

01:03:42   Next week.

01:03:43   Let's go along with this.

01:03:45   Can you clarify more compactly?

01:03:48   Well, just like, you know how kind of like how those Sony's do it?

01:03:52   So like what I'll say is folding the thing at all would be a start, right?

01:03:58   Okay.

01:03:59   And I guess we'll know it when we see it.

01:04:01   AirPods Max 2 can be folded and that's enough, you know?

01:04:05   But I just wanted to add a bit more context as to why you would fold a pair of headphones.

01:04:09   Right.

01:04:10   - Right. - So it can be stored more compactly.

01:04:12   - I mean, look, if you get this big,

01:04:15   I'm gonna be disappointed,

01:04:16   but also I'm gonna be really happy,

01:04:17   because one, it means you took a leap of faith

01:04:21   and you were rewarded for it,

01:04:23   but also that we get AirPods Max 2

01:04:25   to fold more compactly, so I mean--

01:04:26   - Everyone wins.

01:04:27   - Everyone wins, yes. - Yeah.

01:04:29   - Me most, and then everybody else.

01:04:32   - You first, and then everybody else.

01:04:34   - Yeah.

01:04:35   - Okay, Stephen.

01:04:37   - Just real quick on storing AirPods.

01:04:39   I've been using regular AirPods when I go to sleep, so I've been putting them in, listening

01:04:44   to audiobooks, fall asleep, and it's good because the regular AirPods will just fall

01:04:48   out of my ears then.

01:04:50   But the case, putting regular AirPods back in the case is nonsensical.

01:04:56   They go in the wrong way.

01:04:57   Like, after you use AirPods Pro for a while, it makes sense.

01:05:03   They point in the wrong direction.

01:05:04   It makes no sense.

01:05:06   They point away, which is not the way to go in your ears.

01:05:09   That's all I want to say on the matter.

01:05:10   It's very strange.

01:05:11   Oh, you're right.

01:05:12   I guess they point a wave.

01:05:13   Yeah, I guess.

01:05:14   Yeah.

01:05:15   Yeah.

01:05:16   Makes very confusing.

01:05:17   Very.

01:05:18   And it's also just awkward to put them in where like it's almost like USB where like you you

01:05:22   know, to plug in a USB you try three times every time it's kind of like how I feel with

01:05:26   AirPods like every time I try and put them in I have to correct it like five times to

01:05:30   get it right.

01:05:31   The lightning port on the iPhone 14 Pros is upgraded to at least USB 3.0.

01:05:40   Where on earth did this come from?

01:05:42   Stop right there, because there's a lot to unpack here.

01:05:45   First, they are upgrading the lightning port to a better USB standard, but just on the

01:05:51   iPhone 14 Pros.

01:05:53   Second, I'm sorry, but I gotta ask you, which flavor of USB 3?

01:05:59   Are you sure about USB 3.0?

01:06:01   Because hey, I have a chart to send you.

01:06:04   - I said at least 3.0.

01:06:06   They could be 3.1 Gen 2,

01:06:08   if they wanna go just wild with the speed.

01:06:10   - 3.0 doesn't exist anymore.

01:06:13   - Okay, well, let's look at the chart.

01:06:15   (laughing)

01:06:18   Okay, so at least--

01:06:21   - They go backwards.

01:06:22   - At least USB 3.2 Gen 1 by 1.

01:06:27   (laughing)

01:06:30   - Just that's the slowest thing on here.

01:06:32   - This is an unprovable thing.

01:06:35   - No, it's not.

01:06:36   No, I think if they do this, they'll talk about it.

01:06:38   It'll be in the spec sheet somewhere.

01:06:40   - Yeah? - Yeah.

01:06:42   - Okay. - Yeah.

01:06:43   - Okay, you should like it.

01:06:44   - Next point.

01:06:45   - iPhone 13. - Frederick, you carry on.

01:06:46   I have a point, you carry on.

01:06:48   And if you haven't said it, I'll put my point in.

01:06:50   - No, no, no, go for it.

01:06:51   I'm looking up tech specs for the iPhone 13 Pro.

01:06:54   - They are going to upgrade the capability

01:06:57   of a port they are discontinuing.

01:06:59   - Oh, hang on a minute.

01:07:02   - Oh no.

01:07:04   - Uh oh, chance has invoked an unwritten rule here.

01:07:08   - Ah, chance.

01:07:11   - Uh oh.

01:07:13   - Let me read the headline from 9to5Mac

01:07:16   on April 19th, 2022.

01:07:19   Sketchy rumor claims iPhone 14 Pro will feature

01:07:23   faster USB 3.0 Lightning connector.

01:07:26   - I mean, it's been rumored.

01:07:27   It's been rumored, which means I can't make it a Ricky pic.

01:07:31   - No.

01:07:32   (laughing)

01:07:32   - A risky pic.

01:07:33   Oh no. - Wow, nine to five max

01:07:35   swooping in to save the day.

01:07:37   This is incredible.

01:07:38   - So this has been an unwritten rule, two things.

01:07:41   I think we should add it to the bill now.

01:07:43   - We should, we should.

01:07:44   I don't know why we've never.

01:07:45   Okay, so just as a clarification point.

01:07:48   So this goes back to the creation of two things,

01:07:52   both the risky picks and then actually the bill of Ricky's.

01:07:56   because, and this whole idea that we speak about

01:07:59   where the three of us have to agree

01:08:02   on the risky picks before the show,

01:08:05   because there was a couple of times

01:08:07   where we got really heated and Jason had to get involved,

01:08:11   it was like a whole thing.

01:08:12   Basically, the risky pick is supposed to be something

01:08:16   that we come up with as best as we can from whole cloth.

01:08:20   Like we have to just, this is a thing we come up with

01:08:24   our own and that's why they're so weird sometimes and I will agree this is super

01:08:30   weird what Steven has suggested here but if there's a rumor it yeah it

01:08:37   invalidates that but well change is dead to me I'm just kidding chance just

01:08:42   kidding okay so chance chance chance what you should do get a couple more

01:08:48   calendars yeah just buy a few more calendars it Steven can always be safe

01:08:54   - I appreciate the account of the purchases.

01:08:56   It's all that ever takes.

01:08:57   - Basically what happened here is that both Myke and I,

01:09:00   we no longer agree that Steven's pick is risky.

01:09:02   - So let's deal with the bill of Ricky's first

01:09:05   because then I gotta come up with a new risky pick

01:09:07   on the fly, which I didn't have a backup.

01:09:11   So that's gonna be fun.

01:09:12   - Well, hey, look, you could just do what I do

01:09:16   or have done, but didn't this time, get real specific.

01:09:20   - So let's fix the rules first.

01:09:22   Currently what the document says

01:09:24   "His picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game."

01:09:29   I suggest adding this sentence next.

01:09:32   "A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored."

01:09:36   Can I...

01:09:38   I would like to make a slight adjustment to that.

01:09:42   Okay.

01:09:42   And that we name...

01:09:44   9 to 5 Mac and Mac rumors in the pick.

01:09:47   Because...

01:09:49   Okay.

01:09:50   Things get real weird out there, right?

01:09:53   And I feel like you could find someone somewhere on the internet saying anything.

01:09:59   Right. Like I, for instance, if someone were nefarious and say that Federico had a risky

01:10:05   pic and I could write a blog post and backdate it as a rumor on 512 pixels.

01:10:10   Right.

01:10:11   Yeah. And we know we can't trust 512 pixels or Mac stories when it comes to rumors.

01:10:16   Fake news.

01:10:17   I mean like 512 pixels, that was the guy with the hissing iPhone. You can't trust him.

01:10:21   Fudgate.

01:10:22   trust him so a pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored

01:10:27   by 9to5 Mac or MacRumors uh-huh chance is threatening us in the discord now if

01:10:33   it's been if it's been reported on 9to5 Mac and MacRumors has been previously

01:10:38   rumored or reported on and previously rumored and just report it on yeah just

01:10:48   reported as fun. It applies in every case. Yeah, I mean, look, love you guys, but if

01:10:54   Gurman writes it, it's going to end up on 9to5 or MacRumors, so it covers the other

01:10:58   things. If Ming-Chi Kuo says something, it shows up. And also, I didn't want to pick

01:11:04   one, because, you know, we have Chance and Joe who are always hanging out in the show,

01:11:09   like I don't want to, you know, pick my favorite child, so we'll use both of them. Rest in

01:11:13   piece of Apple Insider really. Does that, do you either, do either of you spend time

01:11:17   on Apple Insider? No. I don't know. No offense Apple Insider but like... Chance, no. No Chance,

01:11:31   no. No. Oh no something horrible happened. Okay let me explain it. Chance, Chance who

01:11:39   who is a writer at 9to5 says,

01:11:40   you need to stay--

01:11:41   - He's the editor in chief,

01:11:42   he's the editor in chief at 9to5.

01:11:44   - You need to stay on my good side.

01:11:46   And he has a screenshot of a 9to5 Mac article

01:11:49   that says new foldable AirPod Macs coming September event

01:11:53   and is dated today.

01:11:55   - So good.

01:12:00   - Incredible. - So good.

01:12:02   - Incredible.

01:12:03   Okay, so we were saying--

01:12:04   - Oh, Steven, can you upload that

01:12:06   and put it in the show notes?

01:12:07   - Yeah.

01:12:08   That is so good.

01:12:09   We were saying, by the way, just quick parentheses, right?

01:12:14   Just quick break.

01:12:16   We were talking about the pill shaped design

01:12:19   of the iPhone 14 Pro.

01:12:20   MacRumors posted this rumor a few minutes ago

01:12:25   about how the two cutouts will be separate,

01:12:28   but Apple may make them into just one

01:12:31   by using black pixels to sort of blend them together.

01:12:36   And apparently this rumor came from a...

01:12:39   Get this.

01:12:40   This rumor came from an anonymous tipster

01:12:42   who sent them a screenshot in...

01:12:44   "Chinese", I wanna say?

01:12:47   The problem is...

01:12:49   I'm gonna paste this link in the Discord.

01:12:51   Right? Okay?

01:12:52   Scroll the article.

01:12:53   Take a look at that image from the tipster.

01:12:55   Tell me if you recognize

01:12:57   the screenshot on the right.

01:12:59   Is that... That's you!

01:13:00   That's my lock screen from a few days ago

01:13:03   when I was listening to...

01:13:04   I was listening to Jacks Mannequin, it says Vodafone IT in the status bar.

01:13:10   That's me.

01:13:12   I took it to see my kitchen a couple of nights ago and they ended up in the tipster hands.

01:13:19   This episode is murdering me.

01:13:21   What is going on?

01:13:23   Why is my music lock screen...

01:13:25   We can't trust Matt Groomers anymore.

01:13:27   Look, I'm not the tipster. I am not the tipster.

01:13:32   Are you sure about that?

01:13:33   But yeah, so anyway, I mean, I'm not, I'm not, I don't even know what...

01:13:37   How long ago, like, this was actually a screenshot that you took two days ago.

01:13:41   It says August 29th, I was right there in the kitchen listening, I actually told Sylvia

01:13:47   "I'm sorry if I'm gonna put on a bunch of different songs for just a few seconds each,

01:13:51   but I gotta take screenshots of the lock screen changing the artwork."

01:13:56   And she was like "yeah, whatever, you do your thing."

01:13:58   Oh my god, what is going on?

01:14:00   Yeah, so...

01:14:01   *sigh*

01:14:02   Yeah, that's my lock screen.

01:14:04   Um...

01:14:05   Oh, I found it on 9to5Mac as well.

01:14:07   So everyone's to blame.

01:14:09   But they didn't post the image, they just linked to.

01:14:11   Anyway...

01:14:12   We now need a third website to put into the Bill of Rakeys,

01:14:15   because none of these could be true.

01:14:16   So anyway, that's the parenthesis.

01:14:17   We were saying, okay, so 9to5Mac and MacRumors are the official...

01:14:21   I feel like we need a-

01:14:23   Keepers of the rumor.

01:14:24   I- yes, I think we need a line that says something like,

01:14:29   95 micrometer rumors are the officially designated keepers of the rumors or something like that,

01:14:34   you know? Just get extra fancy with the language.

01:14:36   A pic cannot be named as risky if it has been previously rumored. What about, um,

01:14:44   I can't spell, rumored? With a U. There's a U in there.

01:14:49   Yeah, I got it. Uh, okay. So Jason suggested publications of record. I would like to suggest

01:14:55   publications of record. No, no, no. Come on. No, no, no. Come on. It's good. You know,

01:15:04   it's getting into Casey territory with the nicknames and puns. And I don't like this

01:15:09   is already called the Ricky's because like, you know what I mean? Like how far we've already

01:15:15   gone so far. A pick can, we got a pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by

01:15:21   publications of record 9 to 5 Mac or MacRumors. Yeah, okay. As long as everyone agrees that in

01:15:29   our hearts it's record. Okay. We don't have to write it down. Okay, can you read the whole line

01:15:35   again for context? Correct risky picks are worth two points but wrong ones will cause a point to

01:15:42   be deducted from that host total. Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts

01:15:47   before the start of the game. A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored

01:15:52   by publications of record 9to5Mac or MacRumors.

01:15:57   Do you think we need the dot com in there?

01:16:01   No, I don't think so.

01:16:02   9to5Mac.net

01:16:03   9to5Mac.Mac?

01:16:04   Rumors.Mac.

01:16:05   This should be a .Mac.

01:16:06   Dot Mac.

01:16:07   (laughing)

01:16:10   - Rumors dot Mac.

01:16:13   - Okay.

01:16:14   - There should be a dot Mac.

01:16:16   - Steven.

01:16:18   - I did not think we would need to amend the bill.

01:16:20   - No, me neither. - So soon.

01:16:21   - But also Steven doesn't have a risky pick anymore.

01:16:24   - Yeah, that's not good.

01:16:25   - So what are you gonna do?

01:16:25   What are you gonna do?

01:16:26   - Well, I've been quietly thinking about things

01:16:29   and trying to see if they've been rumored.

01:16:31   - Now straight up, how good would it feel

01:16:33   if whatever you pick now actually comes true for you?

01:16:35   Wouldn't that be like, and then you end up consolidating power?

01:16:38   It was destiny.

01:16:39   Potentially the greatest victory in Ricky's history, if you're able to pull this off.

01:16:45   Potentially.

01:16:46   The center stage comes to the iPhone.

01:16:48   I don't see a rumor about it.

01:16:50   I see rumors about the 10th gen iPad.

01:16:53   Is it risky?

01:16:54   Well, there's an element of risk in that.

01:16:57   Well, two elements of risk.

01:16:58   One, it doesn't make sense to have it on the iPhone.

01:17:00   And two, does the iPhone have the same ultra-wide front-facing camera that the iPads do?

01:17:06   Because that's what enables the center stage, right?

01:17:11   I would say yeah, in Folly, because it seems like, to me, it seems like it doesn't make

01:17:16   a lot of sense as a feature to have.

01:17:21   Can we take another sidebar, because the Discord has a crisis of constitution, like they have

01:17:26   like a constitutional crisis right now.

01:17:28   Hey, too soon!

01:17:29   Item 6 states "Pics must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game."

01:17:36   Yes, that's technically true, but there was a rules loophole that has been fixed now.

01:17:43   No.

01:17:44   And we're just dealing with it, alright?

01:17:48   We're just dealing with it.

01:17:50   Because otherwise Steven doesn't get to make a pick and then this is everyone's fault.

01:17:55   Right.

01:17:55   Because we just added covers for this scenario.

01:17:58   Like, we previously agreed upon, yeah, this is risky.

01:18:01   Then we are recording the show.

01:18:03   9 to 5 Mac or MacRumors comes in and says,

01:18:05   "Hey guys, look, actually we reported this a year ago."

01:18:08   And we're like, well, then we agreed upon,

01:18:10   that was item number one from the rules,

01:18:13   but item number two--

01:18:14   - We agreed on the false pretenses.

01:18:15   - Exactly, so that addendum covers for that scenario.

01:18:20   I don't see what the problem is.

01:18:21   - There's also a thing where in the past,

01:18:24   rule changes have only applied moving forward.

01:18:28   but the three of us agree that this was an unwritten rule so yeah I don't feel

01:18:33   like I'm being persecuted by having to make a new pick.

01:18:36   Picks get changed during the show anyway, right? Like it's just a thing that happens.

01:18:40   We're all good with this.

01:18:42   Yeah, yeah, picks get changed.

01:18:45   So are you sure you're gonna go with center stage?

01:18:47   Is that, are you sure you don't have anything else in your heart that you

01:18:53   would really like to see? And I'm not trying to guide you away from this.

01:18:56   I just want to make sure that you're comfortable with it.

01:18:59   Hmm

01:19:04   You're sure

01:19:06   Discord suggested that I steal your two apps on the iPhone from the last time. You can do it.

01:19:13   I can't, you know what? I can do it. It's available to you. It's available to you.

01:19:18   Yeah, let's look at that exact language.

01:19:21   No, it is. It depicts it's only from each other.

01:19:26   like from each individual person can't use.

01:19:29   - I wanna see that language that Myke or the Federico used.

01:19:33   Okay, so this is a pic from WWDC 2022.

01:19:37   Oh boy, it was your risky pic.

01:19:40   iOS gets split view support for multitasking

01:19:43   to use two apps at once.

01:19:45   That's what I wanna go with.

01:19:46   I'm just gonna embrace the chaos.

01:19:48   - I prefer this to--

01:19:50   - I don't know, as part of me wants to go wild,

01:19:53   center stage is what came to mind.

01:19:56   That's not wild.

01:19:58   Like I don't think it's likely, because it just doesn't make sense to me, but it also

01:20:04   like it doesn't excite me in a way that RickyPix can, you know?

01:20:08   Like where you picking Federico's previous one, like that, I like that.

01:20:16   Like I like that, that's good, you know?

01:20:19   Yeah, I like the stealing of it.

01:20:24   And I mean, it was risky three months ago, it's risky now.

01:20:27   There's...

01:20:29   Well, is there anything in iOS 16 that suggests this could happen?

01:20:34   No.

01:20:36   Not that I've seen. You tell me. You're knee-deep in it.

01:20:40   One could make the case for, you know, Apple.

01:20:44   Well, I would still go for it,

01:20:46   because there's a couple of things that I would maybe point out,

01:20:48   which is they have improved the drag and drop on iPhone this year

01:20:53   with support for batch operations, like selecting multiple files is better, and a bunch of apps.

01:20:59   And they're using those faster, more compact pull-down menus in more apps now.

01:21:07   So generally speaking, there are some changes in iOS 16 that would make sense in a multitasking

01:21:14   environment, but this is still very risky for a lot of reasons.

01:21:20   I'm stealing your pick.

01:21:23   it. iOS gets split view support for multitasking to use two apps at once. Oh

01:21:27   and also Steven, I mean thank you Jason, they are getting rid of the small phone

01:21:33   and introducing a bigger phone this year. Yeah, I think that was the

01:21:38   reason you picked it in the first place was like if they're saying like oh hey

01:21:43   we have two big phones now and now we're doing this with the big phones like

01:21:46   there's definitely something to be said for why they would do it now of all

01:21:51   times but there's nothing necessarily software related to suggest it's going to happen.

01:21:58   Alright I'm doing it.

01:22:00   Alright so read it again.

01:22:01   Amazing.

01:22:02   What's the final text?

01:22:03   I have your exact text iOS gets split view support from multitasking to use two apps

01:22:09   at once.

01:22:10   This sets a good precedent, a precedent I enjoy.

01:22:13   And imagine if it's like in 16.1 and so in 16.1 they do stage manager on the iPad and

01:22:20   and split beyond the iPhone.

01:22:21   Oh, that would be incredible.

01:22:23   - Stage manager on the iPhone.

01:22:25   I like this because this has technically been available

01:22:29   to us for a long time, but we've just never done it.

01:22:31   And there's some, I like this, like, you know,

01:22:33   like now I can, if I'm stuck,

01:22:35   I'm just going to start rooting around

01:22:37   in the previous ones, you know,

01:22:38   you never know what might come up.

01:22:39   - So Myke, will you recap our risky picks?

01:22:41   - I most definitely will.

01:22:42   Federico said, "The iPhone 14 Pro camera app

01:22:45   introduces some kind of 3D capturing functionality."

01:22:48   That feels like a week ago we spoke about that.

01:22:51   So much has happened.

01:22:52   I said AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly.

01:22:57   And Steven said iOS gets split screen,

01:23:00   iOS gets split view support for multitasking

01:23:05   to use two apps at once.

01:23:06   Split view support, split view support.

01:23:08   There you go, I got it in the end.

01:23:09   - Split view support.

01:23:10   - Split view support.

01:23:12   - Split view support.

01:23:13   Okay.

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01:24:48   relay FM. Okay well did this episode has gone places. This is a big big moment for

01:24:55   you Federico. Why? It's time to read the rules! He gets to do the laying down you

01:25:00   know. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That's true. You get to lay down on the floor for the first time. Well let me do the preamble.

01:25:04   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the RICKYs. It consists of a

01:25:09   series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

01:25:14   Scoring is completed separately from the main game but like the RICKYs the order

01:25:18   of picks is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be broken by

01:25:22   using dice by Peacock. Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:25:27   Hold on I'm still getting down. One sec.

01:25:30   Oh when you get older it's harder to get up and down you know.

01:25:33   [MUSIC PLAYING]

01:25:41   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

01:25:44   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

01:25:46   Wrong picks do not remove any points,

01:25:48   and no partial points may be awarded.

01:25:51   The winner is determined by comparing

01:25:53   the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host.

01:25:56   While there are no Twitter handles

01:25:57   on the line in the Flexis, the winner

01:25:59   can use their chosen title as long as they are the winner.

01:26:02   Federico shall be named as Prince Flexi. Myke has chosen Duke of Flexington and I am the Attorney General Flexi.

01:26:10   It always makes me laugh every time.

01:26:12   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of the winner's choice.

01:26:18   The amount of the donation is

01:26:20   $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser. The money must be donated on air. Steven is the current winner.

01:26:29   Why don't you have to lay down because I'm reading you could take the microphone down there

01:26:35   We can't take my computer down there

01:26:38   I have 10

01:26:42   What 10 okay because I came into the episode with six and earlier on in the show

01:26:50   I saw that you both had seven so I added a seventh

01:26:55   No, I had six I had six and then I had it at seventh during the show

01:27:00   We'll get to we'll get to my additions at the end the kid

01:27:04   Put them in order I want

01:27:06   That'll be really weird I put all the additional ones in the middle that's right four through seven or new

01:27:15   The keynote is a pre-recorded video the iPhone 14's entry price is the same or higher

01:27:25   the 13 minis price of $699. The iPhone 14 Pro comes in a total of five colors.

01:27:32   It's it was four at launch for a while. They've added a fifth one. I think they're gonna go five from the bat this time.

01:27:38   Apple mentions at least one feature quote coming later.

01:27:43   Apple shows off at least one new MagSafe accessory. The A16 is built on a 3 nanometer process.

01:27:50   These are the ones that I added.

01:27:53   The new high-end Apple watch is named Apple watch Pro

01:27:56   The iPhone 14 Pro switches to titanium for the side rails

01:28:01   That was a Ricky pic they got kicked out earlier by y'all because it was rumored and we remembered that was one

01:28:09   We did actually do the searching and it was on night

01:28:11   And this is only because I found it when I was doing my prep for the draft

01:28:16   So this one was just in my head so I could just tell you

01:28:21   Center stage comes to the iPhone and lightning is updated to be faster than USB 2.0

01:28:26   There it is. Still alive and kicking.

01:28:30   I never got to make my point about lightning. I've just realized.

01:28:34   Okay.

01:28:35   You are presuming that they are going to update the lightning port

01:28:39   the year before they're expected to change it to USB-C.

01:28:42   Yeah.

01:28:43   Yeah? Why do you say it like that?

01:28:45   That was the best part.

01:28:48   Because it's so bad and say that they, you know, they're doing 4K videos,

01:28:53   say they do 8K video or something.

01:28:55   It's a crime that it's 2.0 speeds.

01:28:57   And I could see them doing this, uh, as maybe as like a holdover if they're,

01:29:02   you know, don't do it next year.

01:29:03   It could buy them some time if the EU thing doesn't pan out.

01:29:06   So I have 10.

01:29:08   Myke, you have 10 now too.

01:29:11   What are you doing?

01:29:11   Well, Federico started writing more.

01:29:15   He's now currently up to 11.

01:29:16   So like, I just felt like I needed to keep going.

01:29:19   So I have some really bad ones that I added to the end.

01:29:22   And like-

01:29:23   - Hey look, this money is gonna go to stjude.org/relay.

01:29:26   So the kids are the winners.

01:29:28   - Look at the last one.

01:29:29   Look at the last one, Myke.

01:29:30   Oh my God.

01:29:31   - Well, I ran out of ideas.

01:29:33   Look, if I get down to number 10

01:29:35   and I've come up with something else, I'll replace it.

01:29:37   But currently this is the best I have, okay?

01:29:40   - All right, Myke, let it rip.

01:29:42   - The new iPhone color is purple.

01:29:44   - Which iPhone?

01:29:45   Just any iPhone?

01:29:46   "A new iPhone color is purple."

01:29:48   "A new iPhone color is purple."

01:29:51   "A new iPhone Pro color is purple."

01:29:54   This is actually what I was trying to get at.

01:29:56   That's what I meant the whole time.

01:29:58   Risky pic over here.

01:30:00   No, this is heavily rumored.

01:30:02   I know, I know.

01:30:04   Okay, "Astro photography feature."

01:30:07   This is not a sentence.

01:30:09   I don't fully understand what this means.

01:30:12   These are two words.

01:30:13   People keep saying it.

01:30:15   So I put it in there.

01:30:17   There's no verb in this.

01:30:20   It's not a sentence, but you can't.

01:30:22   No one can get involved in my flexi

01:30:24   bits. That's true. It is what it is.

01:30:26   As long as no one else has said them, I

01:30:27   can say whatever I want.

01:30:29   Okay.

01:30:31   Like this one, satellite communication

01:30:35   features for iPhone and Apple Watch.

01:30:38   Yeah. The emergency calling thing.

01:30:39   I'm not saying that.

01:30:40   It's just like, will it communicate for

01:30:42   satellite? You know what I mean?

01:30:44   I mean, they talk to GPS satellites.

01:30:45   now. Then I'm already won. Okay I like this one. Alright this was

01:30:54   originally a risky but I just never petitioned it to you because I didn't

01:30:57   like it enough but Apple gives a new name to the A15 chip found in non pro

01:31:02   iPhones. Okay so a little background on this the rumor is the standard iPhone is

01:31:08   not getting a new processor. Mm-hmm. So you're saying instead of the A15 Bionic

01:31:12   they'll call it the A15 something else to make it sound new.

01:31:15   Yeah, Trionic, you know, like we've done it for the third time. I don't know.

01:31:19   Oh, so it's it so not the number but the...

01:31:23   They just name it, it's the A15 something.

01:31:25   A15 Sonic. Why not? Do it.

01:31:29   Yeah. Start the super like...

01:31:31   A15 Turbo.

01:31:36   A15 Bionic Plus.

01:31:39   A15 Bionic Max.

01:31:40   Okay, all right.

01:31:44   New Apple Watch.

01:31:45   This was the risky pick that was declined that originally came from something Jason

01:31:52   prognosticated on upgrade and I really liked it but it wasn't deemed risky enough.

01:31:56   The new Apple Watch is a series 8 watch.

01:31:59   It may technically be an addition but no new name like Pro or Max.

01:32:03   Just a part of the series 8 family.

01:32:06   Six.

01:32:07   I understand you don't like it.

01:32:09   I get it.

01:32:10   Yeah. Six. At least one iPhone model does not have a shipping date of September 16th.

01:32:17   This one I think it's really interesting. Again, why? Do you think the big ones maybe?

01:32:23   I don't know.

01:32:24   Oh, you don't know. Okay. I thought you had a theory or something.

01:32:28   My theory is the supply chain's f'd up and so like they're just something's gonna not

01:32:33   go right, you know, like and they're just gonna be like, oh, the Pro Max phones come

01:32:38   in September 20th or whatever, you know?

01:32:40   Okay, okay, all right.

01:32:43   Seven, someone is...

01:32:45   [Laughter]

01:32:47   What is this?

01:32:49   They were entering fiction territory here, okay.

01:32:53   Pick seven, someone is wearing the new Apple Watch while riding a skateboard.

01:32:57   [Laughter]

01:32:59   Why?

01:33:01   Because I wanted this watch to be called the Apple Watch Extreme.

01:33:05   Oh my god, imagine if Tony Hawk is on stage.

01:33:08   Yeah, and he's riding the new... Do you remember the model and athlete?

01:33:14   It wasn't him.

01:33:15   Yes.

01:33:16   Yes.

01:33:17   Federico was there at that event.

01:33:20   I was there.

01:33:21   Christy Templeton Hall?

01:33:25   Yeah, it was something like that.

01:33:26   It was a name like this. It was somebody I don't think I'd ever heard of before or after,

01:33:31   but she spoke for like half an hour in the original introduction of the Apple Watch

01:33:37   about like a triathlon that she did while wearing the Apple Watch.

01:33:42   So that's what they're going to do with Tony Hawk.

01:33:44   Tony Hawk's going to kickflip out onto the stage.

01:33:46   That will be the only live portion of the keynote

01:33:50   as Tony Hawk comes out into the kickflip while wearing a Apple Watch.

01:33:54   That's not the pick, but the pick is someone is wearing the new Apple Watch while riding a skateboard.

01:33:59   -Okay. -Okay.

01:34:00   Pick eight, we do not see John Turnus.

01:34:02   These are the bad ones.

01:34:03   Pick eight, we do not see John Turnus.

01:34:05   Yeah, he does Mac stuff and we're not gonna see Mac stuff here.

01:34:08   And I'll be sad because I like it when he's there.

01:34:11   Me too.

01:34:12   Number nine, no trailers for Apple TV+ content.

01:34:17   Pick ten, Tim Cook says good morning.

01:34:19   Okay.

01:34:20   Can you do your Tim Cook please?

01:34:27   Good morning!

01:34:28   Wow, that's pretty good.

01:34:29   It's pretty good right?

01:34:32   This came up because a couple of days ago Stephen said this to me and I did it back

01:34:35   and he's like "Why do you do a better job than me?"

01:34:37   It's like "I don't know man."

01:34:39   Good morning!

01:34:40   Mine sounds like a Muppet.

01:34:41   So bad, so bad!

01:34:42   It's like Kermit the Frog is CEO of Apple.

01:34:46   Yeah.

01:34:47   Alright, alright, so I have 11 flexes.

01:34:50   Number one, number one.

01:34:52   On the always on lock screen for iPhone 14 Pro, you see notifications in count mode.

01:34:58   Eh, eh, eh.

01:35:00   What?

01:35:01   It's the Count from Sesame Street.

01:35:03   Oh, just Count.

01:35:04   Yeah.

01:35:05   I want to see your notifications!

01:35:09   I am Count's notifications.

01:35:10   He's never seen the Count.

01:35:12   Well we don't have Sesame Street.

01:35:13   But I will put in a Count reference just for you in my review.

01:35:17   Sesame Villa?

01:35:19   He's like Dracula basically.

01:35:21   So that's why I do my...

01:35:22   No, I am familiar with Count, like I've seen pictures, but we don't have Sesame Street

01:35:28   here.

01:35:29   Number two.

01:35:30   Number two, faster MagSafe charging in at least one of the new Apple's.

01:35:36   I like it.

01:35:36   Oh, interesting.

01:35:39   Number three, and I'm going against my own wishes here, but I think I will be right.

01:35:45   iOS 16 is released on Monday, September 12.

01:35:50   Number four, at least one new watchOS feature or app is introduced alongside the new Apple Watch.

01:35:57   So, something new in software.

01:35:59   Good.

01:35:59   Number five, number five, number five, Ted Lasso season three trailer.

01:36:04   Wow.

01:36:05   Yeah, I can see that.

01:36:06   Bold.

01:36:07   I kind of like it though.

01:36:08   Mm-hmm.

01:36:09   I would love it.

01:36:10   I don't, I actually don't know when it's due.

01:36:13   I think they, I looked it up, I think they finished filming a couple of months ago maybe?

01:36:19   Okay.

01:36:20   So they wanted to get it out by year's end, I think I saw in an interview.

01:36:25   Yeah, I mean that would be the expectation.

01:36:27   There's no official date, but season 3 was expected to premiere sometime in the fall of 2022.

01:36:33   All right, so yeah, you could be pretty spot on with that one.

01:36:35   Soon, but not yet.

01:36:36   But not yet. Yeah, some people would say that.

01:36:39   There will be a system filter for "Always on Display" in focus.

01:36:44   So this is what I meant, like, they will add a third system filter option to toggle the "Always on Display" on and off.

01:36:52   And that will be in the focus settings.

01:36:55   settings. Now, this is risky because maybe there will be no way to confirm that this is an option,

01:37:00   in official ways, but we'll see. Number seven, you will be able to control which data types to show

01:37:08   on the Always On Lock screen. Again, this is matching what you can do on the Apple Watch.

01:37:13   On the Apple Watch, in the Always On Display settings, you can say "hide this data from these

01:37:20   complications", and I would expect that you should be able to do the same with widgets

01:37:24   on the Always On lock screen on the iPhone. So, for example, say you have a Reminders widget,

01:37:29   maybe you don't want to show that on the Always On display, there's going to be a setting to hide it,

01:37:33   just like on the watch. Number eight. The new big non-Pro iPhone is called iPhone 14 Plus.

01:37:42   Why not? I don't think they're going to call it 14 Max, because I feel like...

01:37:47   You don't think they're going to call it 14 Max?

01:37:50   I think they want to leave like Max as like this is the maximum option you can get.

01:37:57   So you can get iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus or Max.

01:38:02   Like I think they want to leave Max alone, you know?

01:38:05   Leave Max alone.

01:38:07   Yeah, don't bug Max.

01:38:08   Leave Max alone.

01:38:09   Leave Max alone, man.

01:38:12   But what about like TV Plus, Fitness Plus, iCloud Plus?

01:38:17   No, man.

01:38:17   Plus is the services now.

01:38:19   I don't care. Why not? I mean, I can say whatever I want. You said someone will ride a skateboard

01:38:25   while introducing the Apple Watch. Oh, jeez.

01:38:28   Hey, look, look, look. No, don't let that... Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying

01:38:33   you can't make this pick. I'm just asking you if... What you thought about what I just

01:38:40   said.

01:38:41   I thought about it.

01:38:42   Okay.

01:38:43   And I decided that it's still, you know, it's... I think they will probably prefer to differentiate

01:38:46   there.

01:38:47   You think there's gonna be four distinct brands of phones still?

01:38:51   14, 14 plus.

01:38:52   14 pro, 14 pro max.

01:38:54   Easy peasy.

01:38:55   You know?

01:38:56   Alright.

01:38:57   Number nine.

01:38:58   Oh damn, this doesn't do anything except it's interesting.

01:39:02   There's a picture of a clear case on 9 to 5 max as iPhone 14 plus.

01:39:06   Whoa, okay.

01:39:08   Really?

01:39:09   Yeah.

01:39:10   I could see it.

01:39:11   You know, separating the pro line a little bit more.

01:39:14   This leak should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism for the time being.

01:39:18   Says Chance.

01:39:19   Chance wrote the article.

01:39:21   That doesn't invalidate this.

01:39:22   The Flexi's no problem for this.

01:39:25   Flexi's a free game.

01:39:26   Number nine is a completely different set of rules.

01:39:29   Bands for the new Apple Watch "pro" are not backward compatible with other Apple

01:39:36   Watches.

01:39:37   I think you're right about this.

01:39:39   I think people are going to freak out.

01:39:41   No!

01:39:42   You see?

01:39:43   I mentioned this, Jason said something to me, it's like, well it's just a different

01:39:46   size.

01:39:47   I can't use these bands on the smaller watch.

01:39:50   Well, it depends how much bigger it is, I guess.

01:39:54   No, like, I have the biggest Apple Watch right now, right?

01:39:58   I can't take the band of this Apple Watch and put it on the 42mm one or whatever, because

01:40:03   it's physically larger.

01:40:05   So if this one's bigger, then it won't work.

01:40:08   Like it's just fine.

01:40:09   And then I get the point.

01:40:10   And then I win.

01:40:11   Yeah, yeah, you do, but I'm saying like Stevens like people will like will freak out, but no it's a no

01:40:15   I think that I didn't say the freakout would be justified

01:40:17   But I think people who have had the biggest watch will be sad number 10. We do not see

01:40:24   AirPods max - I

01:40:26   Love it

01:40:30   Number 11 Apple introduces new fitness plus workouts like workout types. Yeah work

01:40:37   Whatever. Yeah, okay type. Yeah. Yeah

01:40:41   I kind of feel like something is missing from these flexes though.

01:40:44   We don't have to see the AirPods Max 2, you know, they might just keep it secret and but are still right.

01:40:49   You know?

01:40:51   They might just like not put it make it.

01:40:53   By see he means they're not announced.

01:40:55   Should I say we do not we do not feel AirPods Max 2? Like which which sense do you want me to use?

01:41:01   We don't taste it.

01:41:02   If they're small you won't feel it as much.

01:41:06   I kind of feel like something is missing here.

01:41:08   Yeah, you got to go for 12.

01:41:10   I feel like, you know, it's a lucky number.

01:41:14   I don't like 11.

01:41:16   Look at those two equal numbers.

01:41:19   I don't like it.

01:41:20   They're staring at me.

01:41:22   It's like, it's like a inseverance.

01:41:23   So they're scary.

01:41:24   Now I'm going to add a number 12.

01:41:26   Apple, no, what am I typing today?

01:41:29   - Really struggling.

01:41:30   - You don't know how to use Google Docs anymore.

01:41:32   You've been, you've been like poisoned by obsidian.

01:41:36   Apple introduces a brand new kind of MagSafe accessory.

01:41:42   No, no, I have that.

01:41:43   Ooh.

01:41:44   Oh, you, where?

01:41:45   My Flexi number five.

01:41:47   Apple shows off at least one new MagSafe accessory.

01:41:50   Sorry, bud.

01:41:51   Apple introduces a second kind of...

01:41:55   I don't like 11. I don't like it.

01:42:00   I really don't like it.

01:42:02   I really don't like it.

01:42:03   Well, you shouldn't have... you didn't have to pick 11. You came into this with seven.

01:42:07   Can I suggest a flexi to you? Oh, he's typing. Tony Hawk will make an appearance.

01:42:13   Yep, done. Nailed it.

01:42:19   Tony Hawk will make an appearance at the event. And look, this also counts. This also counts if

01:42:23   Tony Hawk is physically at the event, but not in the video.

01:42:26   If Tony Hawk got an invitation to this and we didn't, I'm gonna freak out.

01:42:32   I think that does it for the Ricky's this time. We will see next week how we did. If you want to find

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