411: on my phone ;)


00:00:00   [MUSIC PLAYING]

00:00:03   From Relay FM, this is episode 411 of "Connected,"

00:00:11   your favorite show that's hosted by three people.

00:00:14   Imagine that.

00:00:15   One of them lives in Italy, and that's me.

00:00:17   Today's show is brought to you by Electric Sourcegraph,

00:00:20   memberfull and indeed.

00:00:21   I'm one of your co-hosts, and it's my pleasure

00:00:25   to introduce the other of the three co-hosts, Mr. Steven

00:00:29   Hackett from America. Hello, Steven.

00:00:32   - Hey, Federico, welcome back.

00:00:33   - Thank you, thank you. It's great to be back here.

00:00:36   - It's my pleasure to announce the other of the two co-hosts,

00:00:38   Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:39   Oh no.

00:00:43   - Hello, my name is Myke Hurley

00:00:45   and welcome back to the Quizzies.

00:00:48   I have named it.

00:00:49   - Oh my, what?

00:00:50   - I've decided it's called the Quizzies now.

00:00:52   The connected quiz. - Is it happening now?

00:00:54   - Oh yeah, I got one. Yeah, I got one.

00:00:56   - Yeah, he hit the button.

00:00:57   - I hit the button, that's what the button means.

00:00:59   Hit the button, it's time for the Quizzies.

00:01:01   I also bought thequizzies.com, couldn't believe it was available.

00:01:03   I have it now.

00:01:04   Oh my god.

00:01:05   It's time for the Quizzies.

00:01:06   Ok, I have a new one for you today.

00:01:10   Oh god.

00:01:11   We're doing something completely different.

00:01:12   We're not going back to the passionate ones.

00:01:14   I have some more rounds of that later on.

00:01:17   But I had something else that I wanted to do with you today, ok?

00:01:21   The two of you are going to compete to guess what is on my home screen.

00:01:25   You will be taking it in turns to guess the apps or widgets on my home screen.

00:01:30   Just the names of the apps, you don't need to guess the type of widget if you want to

00:01:34   guess that there's a widget.

00:01:36   There are 100 points available for every correct guess of an app or a widget.

00:01:41   But there's a little bit of a bonus available.

00:01:44   There is a bonus 200 points available if a guess that you make of an app is in my doc

00:01:51   if you say so.

00:01:52   So for example, if you said, "App A," and you want to double down and say, "I believe

00:01:58   this is in Myke's dock," you can get an extra 200 points if you're correct.

00:02:02   But if you get that guess wrong, you lose the 100 points for that app.

00:02:08   Wow.

00:02:09   Wow.

00:02:10   So it's like a big...

00:02:11   So you'll be taking it in turns to guess which apps or widgets are on my home screen.

00:02:15   You just need to guess the names of the apps, and you can get an extra 200 points if you

00:02:19   you guessed that an app is in my dock.

00:02:23   It was a reminder for people.

00:02:25   The current scoring is Steven is at 1,172 points.

00:02:30   Federico is at 1,401 points.

00:02:34   Based on the new rules, Steven will get the first guess.

00:02:38   So Steven, you got to guess of an app on my home screen.

00:02:43   Or widget.

00:02:43   - I'm gonna just swing for the fences.

00:02:47   And I'm going to say that Todoist is in your dock.

00:02:51   - So you're going for all of it.

00:02:53   You're going for Todoist is in the dock.

00:02:56   And Todoist is on my home screen.

00:02:59   You'd be correct in both.

00:03:01   That gets you 300 points starting out the game.

00:03:05   - Yes.

00:03:06   - Federico, your guess is next.

00:03:09   - What would you keep in your dock?

00:03:14   If you're task manager.

00:03:15   Hmm. I'm gonna say that Safari is in your dock.

00:03:22   So you're guessing both Safari and the dock.

00:03:25   Yeah. Yeah.

00:03:27   You would also be correct at 300 points for Federica.

00:03:30   I was not expecting you to both be going straight for the dock answers here, but...

00:03:36   Alright, so that's half of... that is two apps and half of the dock filled.

00:03:42   - Yeah, okay. - Okay.

00:03:44   Steven, you're up next.

00:03:47   - I think I'm gonna go back to the doc.

00:03:50   I'm liking this.

00:03:52   - I feel like I'm at a disadvantage here

00:03:53   because you've seen Myke more recently than I have.

00:03:56   So you probably glanced at his home screen.

00:03:59   - I mean, I'm not a creeper.

00:04:02   - Well, that's debatable.

00:04:06   Sure.

00:04:08   - Myke's a businessman.

00:04:10   So I'm going to say that Spark, his email client of choice, is on his dock.

00:04:14   Oh, interesting.

00:04:15   You think Spark is my email client of choice still? You confident in that?

00:04:20   Yeah.

00:04:21   Yeah. You'd be right on both. That's another 300 points for you.

00:04:24   Oh boy.

00:04:26   There's one dock app left, but of course a lot of other apps.

00:04:30   Um,

00:04:34   I'm going to go with

00:04:39   Overcast is on your home screen

00:04:41   Yep

00:04:45   Will you tell us if we guess something on the home screen that's in the dock or are you gonna leave that fourth dock slot open

00:04:52   for other guesses

00:04:53   I'm not gonna tell you because okay, for example, we could get to the end of this game

00:04:58   You could both take another guess. You don't have to make these guesses at the same time, right? Okay. Okay, right

00:05:04   I'm gonna say that

00:05:06   One password is on your home screen

00:05:08   screen you'd be correct I'm gonna say that fantastical is on your home screen

00:05:15   that is a widget but that still counts you're correct I'm gonna say that you

00:05:21   have a timer a widget on your home screen as well you just flexing no no

00:05:28   it seems something you do you're a big time tracker boy yeah you're right yeah

00:05:33   This so far, Stephen at 800 points, Federico at 500 points. It's Federico's guess.

00:05:39   I'm gonna say that... wait let me think... I'm gonna say that music is on your home

00:05:50   screen. I'm sorry to say Federico, music is not on my home screen. Wow. You don't

00:05:56   listen to music? I do, but I tend... music is an app that I tend to search for. I

00:06:03   don't know why, but it didn't make the cut. Interesting. Yeah, that's fascinating

00:06:09   to me. I would have guessed music for sure. Sorry to say. Wow. I'm gonna go... I'm

00:06:16   gonna go with another widget, and I'm gonna say that you have a Carrot Weather

00:06:20   widget. You'll be right. Mm-hmm. That's good. That feels like a pretty common one

00:06:26   for people who know about Karat Weather. I'm gonna say that Messages is in your

00:06:32   dock. Messages is on my home screen. Messages is not in my dock. Interesting.

00:06:40   So this one, so you gain no points for that guess, but it's off the

00:06:45   board. Wow, that's really interesting. Wild, yeah. I'm gonna go with Apple Notes on the

00:06:55   home screen that is correct I'm gonna go with craft on your home screen and in

00:07:03   your dock on that I am only giving you my something I didn't mention earlier

00:07:09   I'm giving you just my main home screen ah wait what right that's everything

00:07:14   that you're picking here it's just my one main home screen I thought was

00:07:18   are multiple pages. Yeah. Because like, well, so we're out of slots because like Steven

00:07:26   has already guessed like three widgets. So how is that possible? Are you using stacks?

00:07:30   Oh no, there's like, there's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

00:07:34   eleven, twelve. There's twelve more apps to go. The fact that I didn't clarify that makes

00:07:40   me feel bad. So I'm. Yeah, I feel like we should, I feel like we should be able to guess

00:07:44   anything on any of your home screens. All right then yes, wait what did you say Federico?

00:07:49   Craft on the home screen and in the dock. Okay it's on my home screen not in my dock so you

00:07:53   still get no points anyway. Okay. But we've at least clarified that and that was right,

00:07:59   that was that was poor quiz mastering from me. So craft yes but also no. Okay. I know you're a big

00:08:09   Widget Smith fan since we're now looking at all of your home screens I'm gonna say that there is

00:08:14   at least one WidgetSmith widget somewhere on your home screens.

00:08:19   You'd be correct.

00:08:21   There's probably more than one.

00:08:23   Yeah, there's a bunch.

00:08:25   Yeah.

00:08:26   I'm gonna go with Discord.

00:08:28   Correct. Discord is on my home screen.

00:08:30   Federica, you're back in the game now.

00:08:32   I'm gonna go with Instagram being on the home screen.

00:08:35   Instagram is indeed on the home screen.

00:08:38   I'm gonna go with Photos being on the home screen.

00:08:43   I have both the photos on the home screen.

00:08:46   No, I don't have photos on the home screen, sorry.

00:08:48   I have a photos widget on the second screen, is what I meant to say.

00:08:51   Mm-hmm.

00:08:52   I don't even think I've...

00:08:53   I'm furiously changing my scoring sheet right now

00:08:56   because I'm now adding in a bunch of stuff that wasn't there before,

00:08:59   but can confirm that you have those points, Federico.

00:09:03   It's now 1,200 to Steven, 700 to Federico.

00:09:06   [laughs]

00:09:08   I'm going to say that you have...

00:09:11   Peacock on your home screen.

00:09:14   You're correct.

00:09:15   Could I get bonus points if I guess the icon?

00:09:17   I'll give you one bonus point.

00:09:19   Okay.

00:09:20   [laughter]

00:09:21   I'm gonna think about this now.

00:09:23   Uh-huh.

00:09:24   I think you're using the six colors one.

00:09:27   You're correct.

00:09:28   Yes!

00:09:29   That's your one bonus point.

00:09:29   So Federico, one bonus point is now available to you

00:09:32   if you can guess an icon variant in any app you choose.

00:09:35   [laughter]

00:09:36   (laughing)

00:09:39   - It's so dumb.

00:09:41   - Perfect, perfect.

00:09:42   I'm gonna say that you have YouTube on your home screen.

00:09:48   - I don't.

00:09:50   - What?

00:09:51   - Nowhere?

00:09:52   - I don't, nowhere.

00:09:53   - Wow.

00:09:54   - I only have app icons on my first screen.

00:09:58   The other two screens are just widgets, by the way.

00:10:01   Remember, I'm an app library boy.

00:10:03   - Oh yeah.

00:10:05   Or spotlight, I guess.

00:10:06   - Both, maybe? - Yeah, both.

00:10:09   - So is it back to me?

00:10:11   - It's back to you.

00:10:12   - I'm gonna go with DUE, D-U-E.

00:10:16   - Steven, you're crushing this.

00:10:17   That's another 100 points.

00:10:19   - I'm gonna go with Narwhal.

00:10:22   - I'm sorry, Federico.

00:10:23   You're doing a really great job of picking the apps

00:10:26   that I use a lot.

00:10:27   (laughing)

00:10:28   They're just not on my home screen.

00:10:29   - It's fascinating.

00:10:30   - Yeah, that's why I mentioned I was at a disadvantage

00:10:33   because I haven't seen your home screen in a while.

00:10:35   Well, I mean, we do the home screen roasts.

00:10:37   It hasn't changed since then, I don't think.

00:10:40   But we were not allowed to look at that.

00:10:41   So take your hands off the mouse, Federico.

00:10:44   No, I wasn't.

00:10:46   Okay.

00:10:49   I feel like all the easy ones are gone.

00:10:52   I don't agree with you.

00:10:53   Oh, did Federico guess Slack?

00:10:57   Then I guessed Slack.

00:10:59   You would be correct.

00:11:00   Slack is on my home screen.

00:11:01   All right.

00:11:02   I don't know, I feel like I'm getting destroyed today.

00:11:04   I know that I wasn't in good shape, but geez, I'm doing really bad.

00:11:08   I feel like I'm losing all my progress that I've made across multiple episodes in just one game.

00:11:14   Well, this is what I was going to say.

00:11:15   You did very, very well in all the passionate round.

00:11:19   Yeah, you're a man of the people, but I'm a man of the mic.

00:11:22   Well, I guess I don't really know you anymore.

00:11:25   That would be the problem.

00:11:27   As I said, you know...

00:11:29   Here's the thing.

00:11:30   Stephen is clearly observing a surface level version of me, right?

00:11:33   of what's just the apps that are on my home screen.

00:11:36   You are like picking the deep apps.

00:11:38   - All up in the app library.

00:11:40   - That's useless though.

00:11:41   - You know Narwhal.

00:11:42   - It's useless though.

00:11:43   - For this quiz, yes, I will agree.

00:11:45   There's still a lot to play for.

00:11:49   There's a lot left.

00:11:51   - I mean, I'm like what, 700 points behind or something?

00:11:55   - You're 800 points behind.

00:11:56   - Yeah, see, I mean, geez.

00:11:58   - But there's one, two, three, four, five, six,

00:12:03   7-8 there's 9 to go plus a dark spot so yeah well I forgot who's turn it is mine mine I don't even

00:12:16   know I'm gonna go with on your home screen what would you put app store no app store no

00:12:31   - Well, jeez, I spent too much time with Jon.

00:12:34   - Not a monster.

00:12:35   Who puts App Store on their home screen?

00:12:37   - I do.

00:12:38   - Yeah. - Really?

00:12:39   - I guess you do need some stories.

00:12:41   - It's a max stories thing.

00:12:41   - You gotta get the, and the app stories, you know,

00:12:43   it's where he gets the stories about the apps.

00:12:45   - There's a lot left than I thought there would be.

00:12:47   - There's a lot left.

00:12:48   I don't know if there's a lot that you're gonna guess,

00:12:51   but we'll see.

00:12:52   - I think everybody's gotta navigate.

00:12:54   You live in a big city, so I'm gonna say

00:12:56   that you have a Google Maps icon somewhere.

00:12:59   - You'd be correct.

00:13:01   gonna say that you have wallet somewhere. I do not have wallet. Who would have wallet on their home screen?

00:13:08   I would. Do you have wallet on your home screen? Yeah for for you know loyalty cards and stuff.

00:13:16   We need to we need to do a home screen roast. Do you I feel like there's something in the widget space that is just like

00:13:30   sitting right in front of me I can't think of. We did carrot weather, we did

00:13:34   time-ary, we did photos, we did widget Smith. Do you have an Apple Notes widget?

00:13:40   No. I'm gonna say that you have shortcuts somewhere. Correct. The drought's over for

00:13:48   Federica. Mmm, we'll see. It's tied to turn-in now. I mean I'm still in this. I can

00:13:54   probably still swing for a tie if Steven does horribly. You can, I think, still

00:13:59   swing for a tie but it's that I would tell you I got that one bonus point so

00:14:04   ah I have one I have one you still have the ability I'm gonna at any point

00:14:09   Federico you can tell me one of the apps that we've picked what if you think if

00:14:13   you can name the icon style that I'm using at one point you could do that at

00:14:18   any point mmm does that take a pic slot or could we just know is out there you

00:14:23   can it didn't for you okay you've already had your one bonus point you

00:14:27   You can't get any more.

00:14:28   But I wanted like four more.

00:14:29   Well, you can't have them.

00:14:31   I will say at this point, singular points, not so helpful in the quizzes, but...

00:14:36   Yeah, but it's about the passion.

00:14:42   Whose turn is it?

00:14:43   Passion points.

00:14:44   Yours, Steven.

00:14:45   Mine?

00:14:46   Okay.

00:14:47   I should do a better job of keeping track of that.

00:14:48   Yeah, you're falling down on the job.

00:14:49   That's my learning today.

00:14:51   I don't know about this one, but I...

00:14:55   Do you have a...

00:14:58   Do you have a widget showing the fitness rings?

00:15:01   - Wow, I do.

00:15:03   - Wow. - The activity widget.

00:15:05   - Is it in a stack somewhere?

00:15:07   - I'm not gonna tell you where it is.

00:15:08   No, it's not.

00:15:09   - Really?

00:15:10   - I do have it, yeah.

00:15:11   It's on my third widget page.

00:15:13   - Wow.

00:15:14   That was a reach.

00:15:15   I'll take it though.

00:15:16   - I'm gonna say that you have clock somewhere.

00:15:19   - Look at him.

00:15:20   - Really?

00:15:21   in here. Okay, you don't have music, but you have clock? I need alarms every day. They're

00:15:28   right there in control center. Yeah, control center, control center. I have clock. That's

00:15:36   the hundred points of Huet Federica. Wow. So I would say there's, left on the board

00:15:44   from looking at this, there's one you probably won't get. There's one you should be able

00:15:49   to get this is for both of you and there's another one you should be able to get one maybe there's

00:15:54   only four left okay right and you split yep you've got four left and the dark one is still open and

00:16:00   the final dark spot yep can you see if the dark one is something that we haven't named at all

00:16:06   steven are you happy for me to answer this this is an advantage above that's fine you have

00:16:12   One of you has named it already.

00:16:14   I... is it my turn?

00:16:16   Yeah.

00:16:16   Yeah.

00:16:17   I kind of want to take a swing at that fourth dock.

00:16:21   Slack in your dock?

00:16:23   No it's not.

00:16:25   So you lose 100 points.

00:16:26   Okay.

00:16:27   You are free to guess that as many times as you want by the way.

00:16:30   Sure.

00:16:31   I'm gonna say that you have uh...

00:16:33   Google Docs somewhere.

00:16:35   I do not.

00:16:36   I see where you guessed that but I use shortcuts.

00:16:38   Mmm.

00:16:39   Yeah.

00:16:40   Okay.

00:16:40   Google Docs.

00:16:41   Okay.

00:16:41   Yeah, that's good.

00:16:42   I'm going to go back to the dock again.

00:16:44   Okay.

00:16:46   I'm torn between two.

00:16:47   I'm going to stick with my previous one that you are a businessman.

00:16:51   So I'm going to say you have overcast in your dock.

00:16:56   I didn't think you were going to go there, but you did nab it.

00:17:00   That's it.

00:17:01   Okay, I get a bonus point if I say what icon you use.

00:17:05   No, I told you you'd get one of those.

00:17:06   Okay.

00:17:07   And you used it already.

00:17:09   Are we still playing the game?

00:17:10   Yeah.

00:17:11   I mean here's what I do I'm gonna give you both two more guesses. Okay yeah yeah

00:17:16   we need to move on. Yeah so wait so that'd be three for Federico I think

00:17:22   there'll be two more rounds. Okay. You have Whatsapp somewhere? No I very rarely

00:17:34   use it I try to use it as infrequently as possible. Alright so we've got two

00:17:40   guesses each right give you a couple of clues now okay well it's one clue they're

00:17:46   both widgets okay the the one app that so there are two apps remaining two

00:17:52   widgets one of those apps I really don't think you will get I seem to remember

00:17:59   that you use some sort of widget for mass transit but I have no idea what it

00:18:06   is. I don't even know any apps in that category really. So I'm gonna I'm gonna

00:18:11   go with Reader, the RSS client, on your home screen somewhere.

00:18:15   No. Even though it doesn't make any sense for me to play this game anymore I'm

00:18:19   gonna swing for the fences and say that you have the Transport for London app or

00:18:23   widget somewhere. Close, but no. Well I have another one, so. Yeah, there's one more pick.

00:18:31   doing starting do you have the canary app on your home screen no do you have

00:18:41   tube map so that's the end that what you were missing the two apps city mapper

00:18:48   that's the one you wouldn't have gotten it is a mostly London focused getting

00:18:54   application. Camera. Camera. Which is often the two of you used you use to make

00:19:04   fun of me. Mine's on the dock where it belongs. Oh weird. The two widgets you

00:19:10   missed. The transit one is called Train Beacon. Train Beacon! You're both right. I do have one but it

00:19:16   wasn't it. The other one which I was expecting you to get, Lockit. Oh yeah. It

00:19:21   It was the app which both of you demanded I add you as friends to and I said I wouldn't

00:19:25   because you'd stop using it after a week and then you both stopped using it after a week.

00:19:29   So I was right.

00:19:30   It's true.

00:19:31   Didn't they raise a bunch of money?

00:19:32   Yeah.

00:19:33   Why?

00:19:34   What are you doing?

00:19:35   Because the app is incredibly popular so go for it.

00:19:38   Okay, the end of that round, the scoring was Federico at 900 points, Steven at 1801.

00:19:47   Federico, do you want to take your one bonus point option to pick an icon variant?

00:19:52   Why would I?

00:19:53   For the passion.

00:19:55   Sure. I'm gonna say that you use the dark mode icon for overcast.

00:20:04   No, I use the orange one.

00:20:06   See, I mean...

00:20:07   It's not been your day Federico!

00:20:08   Please, put me out of my misery here.

00:20:11   The overall scores now are Federico at 2,301,

00:20:17   Steven at 2,973 in the quizzes.

00:20:22   Ooh boy!

00:20:23   So Steven has finally taken the lead after over a month of being behind.

00:20:29   That is the end of today's round of the quizzes.

00:20:32   We'll be back again in the future for more.

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00:21:58   support of the show and relay FM. Follow up! Federico, last week when you were gone

00:22:04   We spoke about the iPad keyboard dock and you chimed in an iMessage saying that you also had one.

00:22:11   Yeah, I remember having one of them and it was a very weird accessory. I mean,

00:22:18   I think I used it for like a couple of weeks back in the days of the original iPad and then

00:22:23   I stopped and it sat in like a closet for years and just a few years ago I found it again and I

00:22:32   I throw it away.

00:22:34   So that was a very sad story.

00:22:35   It was weird, and it forced you to use

00:22:38   the iVarying portrait.

00:22:39   The keyboard was fine, if I remember that correctly,

00:22:43   but just the general keyboard integration

00:22:46   back in the days of the original iPad

00:22:48   with iOS 3.2 or something,

00:22:50   it was really abysmal.

00:22:54   You could just copy and paste

00:22:56   and maybe format text in notes.

00:22:59   I don't even remember if pages,

00:23:01   I guess Pages maybe was around the very first version of Pages.

00:23:04   It was.

00:23:05   But you didn't have Command-Tab,

00:23:06   you didn't have any system-wide keyboard shortcuts,

00:23:08   you didn't have anything.

00:23:10   Yeah, that was a weird product that I used very briefly and then forgot about.

00:23:16   But now I feel nostalgic about it,

00:23:18   just because it's an old thing from a bygone era.

00:23:22   I'm not nostalgic because it was a good product, though.

00:23:26   It's a simpler time, really.

00:23:27   Yeah, it was. It really was.

00:23:29   when the iPad was a portrait device, right?

00:23:33   Like, that's how we all used it.

00:23:36   The keyboard was just a fixed thing,

00:23:38   and you just drop it in there, and that was the end.

00:23:40   Like, the idea of, like, I'm going to use this on the go,

00:23:43   like we think of now, no, none of that complexity.

00:23:47   You just set it, get ready to work, you know?

00:23:50   -There are some keyboards now

00:23:51   that allow you to type in portrait,

00:23:54   and some people really like it,

00:23:55   especially, like, if you're a writer,

00:23:57   and you can put an iPad Pro in portrait, you can see a ton of text on a single screen.

00:24:03   So there are some benefits now in the modern era of iPadOS to use an iPad in portrait,

00:24:11   but not like...

00:24:13   I've seen some people do this and I've done it, but not with a keyboard dock accessory

00:24:17   that forces you to put the iPad in portrait.

00:24:22   Maybe you can put it on a stand and you can rotate the display and now you can type in

00:24:25   portrait and there are some advantages to that but not in a sort of fixed type

00:24:31   of accessory like this. Federico you remember on and you listened to last

00:24:36   week's episode Steven was very excited about his $300 webcam the Opal C1.

00:24:41   The Opal yeah. Me and Steven two days later on a video call and his camera

00:24:46   wouldn't work. Obviously yeah. And he was unplugging it, re-plugging it, unplugging

00:24:50   it, re-plugging it, nothing. So he had to just sit there on a zoom call with just

00:24:55   It's a black box. That was Steven's contribution to that call.

00:24:59   So the software, you know, is doing a great job.

00:25:02   Doing a great job for him. Right, Steven?

00:25:04   - A simple reboot fixed it.

00:25:07   - You had to restart your entire computer

00:25:09   to get your webcam to work is what you're saying.

00:25:11   - It looks great though, and it works.

00:25:13   - Have you guys seen that Insta360 one?

00:25:16   - The one that moves?

00:25:17   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:25:18   - Little arm.

00:25:19   - I thought about it.

00:25:21   I was like, no, I'm not doing it.

00:25:23   I refuse, but I thought about it.

00:25:24   That's like, what if Center Stage was a physical product?

00:25:29   Exactly.

00:25:30   I think I prefer it that way, to be honest.

00:25:32   I saw Center Stage for the first time in action

00:25:35   on a call with Myke, he had it on.

00:25:36   I really don't like it as a participant of a meeting,

00:25:40   watching someone else's framing move around.

00:25:44   It's very distracting.

00:25:46   It's annoying.

00:25:47   Yeah.

00:25:48   But I just leave it on, 'cause honestly,

00:25:51   I don't think I know how to turn it off, so.

00:25:53   It's like a flex that you have the studio display.

00:25:55   - Well, I mean, it's not much of a flex.

00:26:01   - It's not, 'cause it looks bad.

00:26:03   - I tried to have a call yesterday

00:26:03   and it was doing that flickering thing again.

00:26:05   So I had to unplug it

00:26:07   and just use my MacBook webcam instead.

00:26:10   - Yeah, yeah.

00:26:11   Who's $1,200 camera doesn't work now, son?

00:26:14   - I didn't, no, I didn't buy it for the camera.

00:26:17   - I mean, you also got a 5K display, I guess,

00:26:20   for your money.

00:26:21   - Yeah, that was mainly what I was buying it for.

00:26:24   Secondarily was like the hub focus.

00:26:27   Tertiary was the camera.

00:26:29   - I mean, Steven, you did buy a hipster camera

00:26:32   from an unknown company.

00:26:34   - That's true.

00:26:35   - Yeah.

00:26:37   - It does look cool though.

00:26:39   - Well, sure, but it's also a webcam.

00:26:44   (laughing)

00:26:45   - I should get a bunch of dongles

00:26:47   and hook my old eyesight camera up to this thing.

00:26:51   - You should.

00:26:52   - It may look better than mics.

00:26:53   So we'll move around.

00:26:54   - Yeah.

00:26:56   Well, I mean, that could be a positive or negative,

00:26:58   depending on where you're coming from.

00:27:00   - That's true.

00:27:01   The Opal can do that too.

00:27:02   You can turn it on and off

00:27:04   in their little Mac menu bar utility thing.

00:27:08   And I feel like in just testing it,

00:27:10   it doesn't seem as aggressive as the Studio Display.

00:27:13   Like the Studio Display feels like it moves around a lot.

00:27:16   - Well, I guess you can tune it, right, with the Opal.

00:27:19   you can say how aggressive you want it to be.

00:27:22   Good luck getting a sentence for an Apple webcam.

00:27:25   - A couple of weeks ago on the pro version of the show,

00:27:28   which if you're not familiar with,

00:27:29   is an ad-free longer version of the show.

00:27:32   You can get it at getconnectedpro.co, connectedpro.co.

00:27:37   What is the URL?

00:27:38   - Getconnectedpro.co.

00:27:39   - Getconnectedpro.co.

00:27:41   Couple weeks ago, I spoke about a purchase that I had made

00:27:45   and the conversation has like spilled out

00:27:47   into Discord and Twitter.

00:27:48   And I've gotten some people asking like, what is this about?

00:27:50   So, as a special treat, I'm going to drop in

00:27:55   that conversation here, if you're listening

00:28:00   to the public show with ads in it.

00:28:03   And if you're a Connected Pro member,

00:28:04   you've already heard it,

00:28:05   so we're just gonna move forward for you.

00:28:07   But I thought people should hear about this

00:28:09   because it keeps coming up other places

00:28:12   and people seem confused.

00:28:13   And so I kinda wanna let everybody in on what happened.

00:28:16   (music)

00:28:19   Alright, I want to stop everyone before we start anything.

00:28:22   Not to stop the show, but just I want to tear this up.

00:28:25   I opened the document, pro topic, it says "Gummy Bears"

00:28:28   and I genuinely do not know which one of the two of you

00:28:33   would write this and I'll tell you why.

00:28:35   Because before anyone says anything,

00:28:37   before anyone says anything,

00:28:39   gummy bears, I don't know.

00:28:40   Maybe Steven's related to this somehow, I couldn't tell.

00:28:43   But you know, like gummy bears, that seems like an American thing, so maybe Stephen will put it in.

00:28:48   But I am a consumer of the Max Stories extended universe.

00:28:52   And I know that there are some episodes of Max Stories Unplugged, maybe it's that one,

00:28:58   where just Federico asks Jon about different food things and Jon has to explain them.

00:29:04   But me as a non-consumer of sugar, basically at this point, it wasn't me.

00:29:13   You think I should have fried gummy bears?

00:29:15   I mean, they're probably not very good, but you can get them.

00:29:17   No, I don't eat that stuff anyway.

00:29:19   No, it wasn't me. It wasn't me with the gummy bears.

00:29:22   It wasn't me.

00:29:23   Alright, so what's gummy bears about then, Steven?

00:29:25   So here's the thing. Sometimes you're up late at night, maybe you're buying school supplies and other things on Amazon,

00:29:32   and you think, "I deserve a little treat."

00:29:35   And there's a brand of gummy bears that are gluten-free and you don't have any weird stuff in them that I can't eat,

00:29:42   And I've had them before, I've only found them in airports.

00:29:46   I was like, I would like to get a little bag of these,

00:29:49   like a little treat.

00:29:50   I don't eat much candy or much stuff like this,

00:29:52   it was gonna be a treat.

00:29:53   And I was ordering some other stuff,

00:29:56   and I was like, I'm gonna order two bags of these.

00:29:58   The order goes through, don't think much about it.

00:30:01   Yesterday, I get an Amazon notification

00:30:04   that some stuff has been delivered,

00:30:06   including the gummy bears.

00:30:07   So I go on my front porch,

00:30:10   and I immediately know that something is wrong.

00:30:13   (laughing)

00:30:15   Because the box is huge

00:30:18   and extremely heavy for a cardboard box.

00:30:22   Yeah!

00:30:23   Oh, well, you know, we had some school supplies,

00:30:26   maybe there's some paper or something in here.

00:30:28   So I take it in the kitchen, I get my knife out,

00:30:30   I open it up.

00:30:31   What I have done. Amazing.

00:30:33   I did order two bags of gummy bears.

00:30:37   Okay.

00:30:37   What I neglected to notice, I was on my phone,

00:30:42   kind of doing other stuff, it was late at night,

00:30:45   is that this is not a normal size bag of gummy bears,

00:30:49   this is a five pound bag of gummy bears.

00:30:53   Oh boy.

00:30:53   And there's two of them.

00:30:55   That is, hold on.

00:30:56   And they're not individually, I'll send you a link,

00:30:59   they're not individually wrapped as if, you know,

00:31:02   you could like make snacks out of them.

00:31:05   It's just a five pound bag of loose gummy bears.

00:31:10   - Oh, why?

00:31:13   - I don't, I don't know.

00:31:14   - Why?

00:31:15   - Why would you ship them like this?

00:31:16   - Why did they make that?

00:31:18   - It's 2.2 kilos of gummy bears.

00:31:21   - Why did they make it like this?

00:31:23   - I don't know.

00:31:24   My hope was, oh, they'll just be in individual bags

00:31:27   and like, we'll give them out at Halloween or like.

00:31:29   - You've got candy for the next seven years, you know?

00:31:32   - This is like a lifetime supply of gummy bears.

00:31:34   I know. So here's the thing. How do I keep these from going bad? Because once you open

00:31:40   this bag, which I had to to understand the situation inside, because immediately I was

00:31:46   like, oh, I'm going to return these. They're non-returnable because they're food. Can't

00:31:50   return them. These I own 10 pounds of gummy bears. Can you make, I don't know, jello out

00:31:56   of them? Can you melt them? I don't know. That's actually a pretty good idea. Can you

00:32:01   So what I've done is one bag is still sealed and in the pantry.

00:32:08   The other one I opened and I ended up... pouring isn't the right word because

00:32:13   gummy bears don't really pour like a liquid. They sort of bled out of the bag

00:32:19   and I put them into a gallon-sized ziplock baggie. So five pounds of gummy

00:32:24   bears will fill a gallon-sized container. Why would you just

00:32:29   transferred them from one bag to another bag? Because I can reseal the gallon size bag. I can't

00:32:33   reseal the factory bag. So on my kitchen counter I just have a gallon size bag of

00:32:42   gummy bears staring at me. Let me tell you, my family has not been incredibly

00:32:47   kind about this. I'm sharing a picture with the two of you of me holding these

00:32:52   bags because as this was unfolding, Mary was in the kitchen. I said, "No, close..." As

00:32:57   soon as I realized what I'd done is I close your eyes. Oh my god. These are so big! Oh and the live photo is just screaming. And I put your hands out and I put one of the bags in her hand as if it was a newborn baby. You know like I've

00:33:12   spoke about this before, I love live photos. This is one of those perfect live photos that

00:33:16   tells so much more of the story because it is just Mary just like losing it.

00:33:22   This is great, man. Oh my god.

00:33:24   Okay, just wanted some gummy bears, alright?

00:33:26   Just wanted a little treat.

00:33:27   I just wanted some gummy bears.

00:33:29   You maybe thought it was getting 12 gummy bears because there's a number 12 on the bag?

00:33:35   Well, I thought the only time I've seen these again are in like the airport stores.

00:33:40   And they're like a... I mean, it's still too many gummy bears for one man to eat, but it's like a normal-sized package.

00:33:45   Or I see you buy like a bag of chips or something.

00:33:48   Okay, here's an idea. Here's an idea.

00:33:50   actually two ideas. Idea number one,

00:33:52   you dress up as Santa and you give out candies,

00:33:56   like at a mall or something.

00:33:58   It's a good way to get put in prison.

00:33:59   That's a good way to get arrested.

00:34:01   Yes. Or,

00:34:03   or you make sure they don't go bad at the very least until

00:34:08   Halloween and then just give them to kids. Yeah.

00:34:12   Or maybe I just gave it to the first kid who comes by at Halloween.

00:34:15   It's like, here you go. Now it's your problem.

00:34:18   or you just give them one or you put them in a bowl and add some hot water and see what

00:34:25   happens. You could just melt them all. You might as well just see, just, just Google

00:34:33   some experiment that you can do with like five pounds of gummy bears. What, like what

00:34:38   actually are you going to do with them? I don't know. Okay. How long do you think they'll

00:34:43   I don't know.

00:34:45   Can you melt gummy bears?

00:34:47   Hold on.

00:34:48   I'm sure you can.

00:34:50   I mean, you can melt anything.

00:34:51   You can melt gummy bears over the stove in a saucepan.

00:34:54   Do they have liquid in them?

00:34:56   No, they're just like gelatin, you know?

00:34:59   I don't know, turn them into gelatin shots or something.

00:35:02   Or there's some guys have melted gummy bears into a mega bear.

00:35:08   Mega bear.

00:35:09   There's also something you could do.

00:35:10   You can get like a big gummy bear mold.

00:35:16   You could be like Willy Wonka.

00:35:17   Wait, wait, wait.

00:35:20   Use them somehow for the podcastathon.

00:35:24   Yeah.

00:35:25   Yeah.

00:35:26   At least one of the bags.

00:35:27   I think the unopened bag will probably show up in the podcastathon.

00:35:31   You should fill a computer with it.

00:35:32   You should do the mega bear though.

00:35:35   You should do the mega bear.

00:35:37   Every once in a while during the Pocassetown you take a bite out of the mega bear

00:35:41   I'll eat the right side you eat the left side me in the middle. Yeah

00:35:46   You should do I mean do something

00:35:50   Is my recommendation to you do something

00:35:55   So in the not what I thought was gonna happen the five pound bag. They say a serving size is nine gummy bears

00:36:02   That's 70 servings

00:36:05   of gummy bears

00:36:07   Within the five pound bag those serving sizes is such BS though. That means there's six hundred and thirty roughly

00:36:14   Individual gummy bears in that bag. It's not my proudest moment. I'm proud of you

00:36:18   There are five different methods to melt gummy bears apparently according to foods guy.com

00:36:25   The final one is boiling water

00:36:28   Microwave oven saucepan

00:36:35   Over a double boiler?

00:36:37   What's what's what's a double boiler? It's when you put water in something. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. I get it

00:36:43   Yeah, yeah, and then just boiling water. So anyways, if anybody wants a snack during the show, let me know. I got you covered

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00:38:48   show and relay FM. We are in what I call big beta time. We saw beta 5 last week, we saw

00:38:57   beta 6 this week, so we are now, I suppose, in that weekly mode now. There's a lot of

00:39:06   devices rebooting over here, all the time now.

00:39:08   How does this feel for you Federico? How are you enjoying the weekly betas?

00:39:14   I'm not doing well.

00:39:16   - Oh, that's so sad.

00:39:18   I'm sorry.

00:39:19   At least they don't seem to be changing a lot.

00:39:23   - No, it's just that I'm behind.

00:39:24   - Yeah.

00:39:25   - It's just that. - Understood.

00:39:27   - I honestly don't know if I'll be able

00:39:30   to push the iOS reviewing time.

00:39:33   It's just been a lot happening in my life this summer

00:39:36   with buying a house and everything.

00:39:39   - I don't think connected listeners know this.

00:39:41   Congratulations Federico.

00:39:42   Federico bought a home.

00:39:43   Yay! Thank you. First time Federico. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That's a

00:39:49   bigger thing. That will take a lot of your time away from you. Yeah, so that's why

00:39:52   you know I've said like that's why I couldn't come to WWDC. That's why you

00:39:57   know I was so busy and my schedule has been all over the place. I mean some of us would

00:40:01   say WWDC wasn't worth it so you didn't miss much. Well, yeah. My experience was it

00:40:10   was kind of a waste of time but some of us would argue that some of us got to

00:40:15   spend time with the with the m1 or m2 MacBook Air yeah it's great I was

00:40:19   actually thinking I'm so pleased you didn't come because you probably would

00:40:23   have come with me yeah that would have been a whole thing yeah and I would have

00:40:28   infected you I had this thought two days ago where I was like oh my god I am so

00:40:32   happy because there would have been nothing worse for me than to give it to

00:40:39   someone else and then couldn't go. Right? Yeah. And that probably happened to you.

00:40:43   Yeah. And that was exactly when we were basically in the middle of a move,

00:40:48   you know, packing everything in boxes. And I would have felt

00:40:51   horrible to just leave Sylvia there. You're a good boyfriend. Thank you.

00:40:57   Thank you. So obviously I'm very happy because of how my life has changed this

00:41:01   summer. But when I think about work, I feel, you know, a bit of a sense of dread

00:41:08   and anxiety lately because like, because you know,

00:41:12   so does Apple. If you believe Mark Gurman.

00:41:15   Yeah, that's where I'm at right now. And I know that ideally,

00:41:22   I know that this happened before that I was behind and that I published the,

00:41:27   I published the review a month late. Now this shouldn't be the case this time,

00:41:31   because I've already made the decision that I'm, um, that,

00:41:33   that I'm splitting the review in two parts. Um,

00:41:37   There's gonna be iOS and iPadOS.

00:41:38   And I know that when I do find the time to write the review,

00:41:43   I am going pretty quickly.

00:41:44   I'm pretty, like I'm almost done with the biggest chapter,

00:41:48   which is the lock screen and widgets one.

00:41:51   But I don't know, will I be ready in three weeks?

00:41:53   Because that's really what we're looking at here, right?

00:41:55   We are realistically,

00:41:57   and I don't know if you guys have seen,

00:41:58   but just a few minutes ago,

00:41:59   Mark Gurman reported that Apple is planning to hold an event

00:42:03   for the iPhone 14 on September 7

00:42:06   with devices going on sale on September 16th,

00:42:10   which means that iOS may be launching either on Monday the 12th

00:42:14   or on Wednesday the 14th of September.

00:42:19   Maybe they do it on the 8th, you know?

00:42:21   Or maybe they do it two years ago, which is the following day.

00:42:25   Hey, do you remember 2020? That was awesome.

00:42:27   We want to do that again. It's coming out tomorrow.

00:42:29   You know? You never know. Maybe they dig it.

00:42:33   Yeah, so we'll see. We'll see.

00:42:36   But to answer, that's a very long way to answer your question how you're doing.

00:42:40   Not well, but like I'm happy because of everything else.

00:42:46   A little bit stressed when it comes to this stuff.

00:42:48   And I know that I'm not the only one.

00:42:50   Like I know that developers are feeling the same kind of thing.

00:42:52   Like, you know, this is happening maybe a week earlier than we expected.

00:42:58   And it's fine.

00:43:00   Like it's fine.

00:43:01   It'll be fine.

00:43:01   The review will be done eventually.

00:43:03   So I don't want to stress too much about it.

00:43:07   It's like they always say, you know,

00:43:09   like a delayed iOS review is eventually good,

00:43:12   but a rushed iOS review is forever bad.

00:43:14   That's an excellent reference that I acknowledge, Myke.

00:43:18   -Well done. -They do say that.

00:43:20   They do say in Japan, I believe they say that.

00:43:24   It's an ancient proverb.

00:43:26   It's an ancient Japanese proverb.

00:43:28   Do you know, I found this out recently, that like...

00:43:31   It's misquoted, yeah.

00:43:33   It's actually a misquote. It's like it was a quote in a magazine article.

00:43:39   Anyway, that's like a whole thing. An ancient magazine.

00:43:43   Well, it's filmed like the 90s, so basically.

00:43:46   Yeah, it's forever ago. I wasn't even born yet.

00:43:49   Well, so weekly betas. Nothing is really... I mean, we're not looking at drastic changes right now.

00:43:58   I believe the biggest change in this beta cycle in August has been the battery icon.

00:44:03   And even there, there's like a whole controversy surrounding that battery icon.

00:44:10   Are you into it, by the way?

00:44:11   So, I was initially, and then I noticed one of those things that you cannot unsee.

00:44:21   And once I did, I'm not sure I'm into it anymore.

00:44:25   Go on, tell us.

00:44:27   -Spoil it. -The inside of the battery icon does not...

00:44:33   Like, even if it says 35, you see the number 35, and that's the percentage,

00:44:40   but the inside of the battery is full of juice, even if it says 35.

00:44:45   It only changes if you're below 20, which is silly.

00:44:48   That's a silly design.

00:44:49   No, we spoke about this.

00:44:50   Because the issue would be, as I was saying about the thing,

00:44:54   It'd be too hard to read if you had it going down the hallway.

00:44:57   No, there's ways that you can-

00:44:58   No, I don't think so. I think this is perfect. I love it.

00:45:01   No.

00:45:01   No, it's silly that you show like 30% and it's the full battery glyph.

00:45:07   I have 34 batteries is what it means.

00:45:10   No, no.

00:45:12   My battery is full 30 times over.

00:45:14   There's gotta be a better way to show that. Come on.

00:45:17   There has to be. I mean, they have designed more difficult things before.

00:45:23   You just don't have the numbers and then you get what you want back.

00:45:27   But I do have a meta question for both of you.

00:45:30   Is it about Facebook?

00:45:32   What do you make...

00:45:33   No, no.

00:45:34   You've seen that thing, right?

00:45:36   The Mark Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds thing?

00:45:38   Yes, that was excellent.

00:45:39   Oh my God.

00:45:40   What on earth?

00:45:41   It's basically animal crossing but it certainly cuts you off.

00:45:43   What is that?

00:45:44   What is he doing?

00:45:45   No, but I do have a question and I think I know the answer from Myke, but I still want

00:45:51   to hear it on the podcast. What do you make of all the people who, when the battery icon

00:45:59   and the percentage was added back in the beta suddenly became sort of life coaches on Twitter

00:46:08   saying like, trust me, you don't need to see the numbers. It'll make you feel better. Trust

00:46:14   me, it removes a huge source of stress from your life. And I've seen so many of these

00:46:19   tweets, yes like Casey, who we love but sometimes as, you know, interesting tweets and opinions.

00:46:27   But there's other people like him, many of them, and I just found it funny that suddenly

00:46:33   everybody is a life coach when it comes to bad re-percentages.

00:46:37   Here's what I say, right? We all have our little things that stress us out, right? And

00:46:41   that's unique for everyone. I feel like if one of the biggest stresses you have in your

00:46:48   life is the battery icon I would like your life there is that's how I feel but

00:46:55   hey look we all have our things right you know like I'm sure I have a bunch of

00:46:58   things and people are like if for example I could be like oh I'm worried

00:47:03   that my quiz isn't gonna be good enough right and then I'm sure that there are

00:47:06   a bunch of people like if that's your biggest worry today I wish they had your

00:47:11   life so you know so it's all personal but yes I do find it silly just turn it

00:47:16   That often, if you don't like it, is a very easy fix to the stress, right?

00:47:19   Like, you don't need to worry about it.

00:47:21   We don't need think pieces.

00:47:23   When you wake up in the morning and you see a number, what does number mean?

00:47:26   What does it mean?

00:47:27   You know, what's number?

00:47:29   How can you associate a number with energy if you think about it?

00:47:34   I mean, I will say, if you are so concerned because the batteries aren't accurately displaying

00:47:40   the fill level, I think there are bigger things to worry about too.

00:47:45   I'm hitting everyone now.

00:47:47   I can't be stopped now. You've set me off.

00:47:50   I'm just like left and right, you know, everyone's taking bullets now.

00:47:54   Stephen, what's your opinion that I can smash down?

00:47:57   I have it turned off because I think it's ugly.

00:48:00   [laughter]

00:48:01   Anyway, so the beta, yeah, there's the battery.

00:48:07   Nothing much is really changing at this point.

00:48:10   like they have settled on the 8, I believe, fonts for the lock screen, for the clock. By the way,

00:48:17   here's the thing I just wrote about this in the review, and I wanted to ask you both. What do you

00:48:22   think of the fact that when you change the colors of the fonts on the lock screen, and this is

00:48:27   potentially one of the things that now will make you notice this and you're gonna hate me,

00:48:33   Why is it that it changes the clock, changes the widgets above and below the clock, changes the

00:48:42   message for Face ID, like your face is too far away, but it doesn't change the status bar and

00:48:48   it doesn't change the glyphs for the flashlight and the camera?

00:48:52   Oh, that's weird.

00:48:53   Why is that?

00:48:55   Huh.

00:48:56   Why do they remain white?

00:48:59   I mean, luckily for me, I just have the system one, like, you know, like where it tries to detect,

00:49:05   and just with my image it just shows white. I haven't changed the colors, but now I don't want to,

00:49:10   because it would bother me.

00:49:11   And if you do, you will notice that, oh, I just found this incredible purple color that goes really well with my lock screen,

00:49:19   but oh no, the status bar and those buttons at the bottom are still white.

00:49:24   Anyway, yeah. And another thing that I would like to mention while we're on the topic of betas,

00:49:32   shortcuts. So I tweeted about this yesterday, just another example of what I assume to be a ZwiftUI

00:49:42   related issue in shortcuts. Now there's another thing on Twitter, I don't know if you guys have

00:49:48   SwiftUI angst right now.

00:49:49   There's a lot of SwiftUI angst, and whenever there's angst about something, there's the

00:49:54   other camp of like, "Oh, no, actually, SwiftUI..."

00:49:58   I don't want to get into that.

00:49:59   Is there angst on all sides?

00:50:02   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:50:03   Everybody likes to pick a fight, and I don't care.

00:50:06   What I do care about is the quality of the software itself.

00:50:08   Now, could be SwiftUI, could not be SwiftUI, doesn't matter.

00:50:12   The problem is that by beta 6 shortcuts on the iPhone...

00:50:16   So let's discard for a second the iPad, because that's coming later.

00:50:19   So let's give the iPad version the benefit of the doubt.

00:50:23   But the iPhone version, in beta 6, so this thing is shipping in three weeks.

00:50:28   It's probably being flashed on the iPhone 14 units in China right now, right?

00:50:36   This app is still so buggy at the moment.

00:50:39   Showed up on the iPhone?

00:50:41   Yes.

00:50:42   OK.

00:50:43   you try to, like, you tap on an empty field

00:50:47   because you want to put in a variable and you choose the variable and then the variable disappears. Like, imagine if in Xcode

00:50:55   you typed something and then you clicked somewhere else and what you just typed

00:51:02   disappeared.

00:51:03   Like, that's the equivalent of what's happening in shortcuts.

00:51:06   Now you choose a variable, you tap somewhere else, and that thing that you just entered

00:51:12   disappears.

00:51:14   Or like the drag and drop is still so janky.

00:51:17   It used to be better before, and now it's worse than it ever was in iOS 15.

00:51:25   Like you try and drag actions around, and they kind of flash on screen in the wrong

00:51:30   position, and then they reposition themselves in the right spot.

00:51:35   so weird. And I don't know, I was kind of hoping that last year was the pinnacle of

00:51:43   my, you know, "Hey, let's complain about the bad state of polish and, you know, general

00:51:49   stability in shortcuts." But I'm getting concerned that I will have to do this again in September

00:51:55   because this thing is not getting any better, honestly. Am I becoming that guy complaining

00:52:01   about, I don't know, I don't want to, but like, you know. You aren't, you're a guy. I'm a guy.

00:52:07   Because you're complaining. I don't, you know, it depends on the definition of like that guy,

00:52:14   you know. Yeah, I don't want to be that guy with the blog, like, oh, Apple used to do better

00:52:21   interfaces. Here's what I'll say, if something's broken, like if something doesn't work, right,

00:52:29   Like they've fundamentally broken something.

00:52:33   I can more easily take the complaint.

00:52:36   When someone's like, "This isn't Mac-like," or whatever,

00:52:39   that stuff doesn't sit as well with me.

00:52:42   Because I'm just kind of like, "Things change."

00:52:45   You know what I'm like?

00:52:46   Yeah, yeah. Look, I'm totally--

00:52:48   I'm always in favor of Apple doing weird Apple things.

00:52:52   You know, me, I just want them to destroy everything

00:52:55   and rebuild everything and make it weird.

00:52:57   I'm fine with that.

00:52:58   but just general like basic interactions

00:53:03   of the thing you're making, like those should work.

00:53:07   - I would like to turn this conversation over

00:53:08   to Steven Michael Hackett for a statement at this time.

00:53:13   - The settings app is bad.

00:53:15   - This is what I was wondering

00:53:16   if you were gonna talk about.

00:53:17   - Yeah, I don't care.

00:53:19   I agree with Rico, like things should change and evolve

00:53:22   and the old system preferences was bad.

00:53:24   It was like locked in this tiny box

00:53:26   and it was like little rabbit holes

00:53:29   you had to go down to change stuff.

00:53:31   But the new one--

00:53:32   - Bunch of weird icons.

00:53:33   - Straight up unusable in places

00:53:35   and very confusing in places.

00:53:37   And I don't see how they're gonna have settings

00:53:40   in a good enough shape to ship in October, but we'll see.

00:53:43   - Boys, you should see TVOS, TVOS, woof.

00:53:46   Oh, wow.

00:53:47   - Super stable, right?

00:53:48   - Oh my, no, you don't even wanna know

00:53:50   what they're doing over there.

00:53:51   - Oh, really?

00:53:53   - They can't even talk about it.

00:53:54   I can't even talk about it.

00:53:56   Because there's nothing to talk about.

00:53:57   It's just not TV like anymore.

00:53:59   It's the real problem.

00:54:00   It's not TV like.

00:54:01   It's not TV like.

00:54:03   I remember back in the day,

00:54:05   those were the good old days when apps

00:54:07   were the future of TV.

00:54:08   Yeah, that's what I'm looking for.

00:54:10   Wow.

00:54:11   Yeah, that was good.

00:54:12   When you could just, you know,

00:54:13   I used to do this all the time.

00:54:14   We'd just sit on the couch, just to shop on my TV, man.

00:54:19   Where's my Twitter app gone, you know?

00:54:21   You know, those were the days of TV-like interactions,

00:54:26   I know.

00:54:28   - I do wanna talk about the Gurman thing real quick.

00:54:30   Federico, you touched on it.

00:54:32   He had an article just as we went live

00:54:35   that he expects the iPhone and Apple Watch event

00:54:38   to be September 7th,

00:54:40   with hardware launching on Friday the 16th.

00:54:42   This is a quote from his article in Bloomberg.

00:54:45   "The company intends to stream the event online

00:54:48   "rather than holding an in-person gathering

00:54:51   to continuing an approach it adopted at the start of the pandemic.

00:54:54   We should say Apple, by the way, is forcing people back to the office starting in

00:54:58   September. Uh, so that's also going on with them. And two days before, yeah. Uh,

00:55:03   you know, I, I,

00:55:04   his reporting doesn't seem to rule out something like WBC where like,

00:55:09   it's a video, it's not an in-person thing,

00:55:11   but there could still be media there for hands-on. I don't know,

00:55:15   but it seems like he's leaning towards,

00:55:19   This is going to be how it's been in previous years and no one's fine

00:55:22   California in September.

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00:57:39   So Stephen you wrote a I'm gonna say abnormal review of the MacBook Air

00:57:46   because it was quite beautiful I think and wasn't all speedsy and feedsy you

00:57:52   weren't talking about thermal throttling or how much pro work can be done and I

00:57:58   think you're gonna buy one. I mean technically already did. For you I mean.

00:58:02   It was just slated for my wife. Has it been passed along now to its intended

00:58:08   recipient? It has not. I haven't made a final decision yet but yeah I'm

00:58:14   really happy with how this this came out. The hook for the review, and you should

00:58:19   go read it, I'd appreciate it if you would, of the song lyric and like this

00:58:23   idea of like your head says one thing your heart says something out something

00:58:27   else that came to me a couple weeks ago, because I've been using the MacBook Air, the M2. I

00:58:32   don't remember when it showed up. But it's been my notebook for quite a while. And just

00:58:36   because we've been at the end of the summer, and like school starting, I've actually found

00:58:40   myself working on a laptop a lot more than I normally do. So I've had a lot of time with

00:58:44   it. And this idea of like the 14 inch MacBook Pro really is the perfect notebook for me.

00:58:51   I love the size of having the HDMI port and the SD card slot, the battery life and the

00:58:56   performance. It is fantastic. The 14 inch MacBook Pro, Quinn

00:59:00   Nelson says on Twitter that you know, looking back in five or 10

00:59:02   years, the 14 inch MacBook Pro will be one of those like

00:59:05   perfect laptops. But there's something about the air that

00:59:09   speaks to me on a more sort of emotional level of this thing is

00:59:15   it's like very Mac like in a way that I can't quite put my finger

00:59:20   on and there's just something about the design and the weight

00:59:23   and the thinness that is really striking now.

00:59:27   And I say this in the review,

00:59:28   like one of the problems with the 2015, 2016,

00:59:33   like that era, Apple made the MacBook Pro to MacBook Air.

00:59:38   Like I have in the review as a screenshot

00:59:40   from their presentation in the fall of 2016.

00:59:43   And they're boasting that the 13 inch MacBook Pro

00:59:47   is thinner and smaller and weighs the same

00:59:51   as the 13 inch MacBook Air.

00:59:53   you know, the old pre retina air.

00:59:55   And I remember watching that keynote

00:59:58   and that was one of the moments like,

01:00:01   I don't think I liked that.

01:00:03   Like Apple's gone back to the MacBook Pro

01:00:06   being a pro machine and it kind of lets the air

01:00:09   be the most MacBook Air it could be

01:00:11   and the MacBook Pro be the most MacBook Pro it can be.

01:00:14   And something about that is really exciting to me.

01:00:17   And I've never really been a MacBook Air user.

01:00:19   I had one for a little bit of a stretch years ago,

01:00:22   but I've mostly been on a series of MacBook Pros over the years and something about this one

01:00:27   and it's kind of intangible and fuzzy and I think that comes across in the review

01:00:31   something about it's just like it's a really special machine somehow and one that I've really enjoyed using

01:00:37   I adore it, I think it's fantastic

01:00:41   I don't know why just that we're calling the 14-inch MacBook Pro a perfect computer

01:00:46   this also feels pretty perfect to me for doing what it's supposed to do

01:00:51   Mm hmm. I love it.

01:00:53   Yeah, I think you're days away from ordering one of your own.

01:00:58   My wife doesn't really care.

01:00:59   She wasn't really looking for an upgrade.

01:01:01   It was really just we spoke about this a while back.

01:01:03   So the plan is you're just going to absorb.

01:01:07   So there's an Intel MacBook Air that my kids are using for like school

01:01:11   and homework and stuff that it has the butterfly keyboard

01:01:15   that apparently is like starting to fail.

01:01:17   And the battery life's not very good.

01:01:20   And like anytime I walk by and a kid is doing anything, I can hear the fans like screaming like that machine needs to be semi retired and actually need an Intel Mac for a couple of like weird retro computing things I've been playing with in my off time.

01:01:34   And some of the tools I need don't don't run Apple Silicon.

01:01:38   You do retro computers.

01:01:40   I'm you know, I've got them all here.

01:01:42   It's like I should try to dabble in, do more things on them.

01:01:45   So I had no idea.

01:01:46   Yeah.

01:01:46   I've like gone down this road.

01:01:47   Jason has of like getting a oh, you're mocking me.

01:01:50   I see what you're doing. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm looking at you. Yeah, I'm trying to use them more. And an Intel Mac makes some of that easier. So my thought was, okay, Mary's M one MacBook Air will get become the homework machine. And she'll get the M two air, her computer lives in like a 12 cent 12 South thing behind an LG display. She never uses as a laptop, I could change it and she may never know. And she doesn't really care. For me, it was like getting that Intel MacBook Air sort of out of

01:02:20   heavy use and being all Apple silicon in the house.

01:02:25   So I don't know what I'm going to do.

01:02:27   If I decide that I want to use MacBook Air,

01:02:30   what I will probably do is actually set my 14 inch up

01:02:33   for her.

01:02:34   - I was going to say, yeah.

01:02:35   - And then I still have it around,

01:02:37   like leave a user on it for me.

01:02:39   Cause there are times where having HDMI port

01:02:42   and like all the Thunderbolt ports is useful for me.

01:02:45   But those times are way more infrequent than they were

01:02:50   before the pandemic.

01:02:51   And I can still do all that with dongles and adapters.

01:02:53   It's just nice not to.

01:02:54   So I don't know.

01:02:56   I'm giving myself another--

01:02:57   - I think that's a good plan.

01:02:58   - I'm giving myself some more time to decide.

01:03:00   - Mary could really crunch through

01:03:02   all the spreadsheets and stuff, you know?

01:03:04   - Yeah.

01:03:05   - The M1 Pro or whatever it is you got inside of it.

01:03:07   - Yeah, M1 Pro.

01:03:08   - On that, I'm very happy

01:03:10   with my current laptop arrangement.

01:03:12   - Okay, tell us.

01:03:14   - With the MacBook Pro,

01:03:16   used as my kind of like recording editing machine.

01:03:18   I've got it in the 12 south thing, I've kind of sorted that out now, it sits kind of behind

01:03:23   where I have my lamp and stuff on my desk.

01:03:25   Still not happy about how big this LG monitor is but this is just kind of where I am right

01:03:29   now.

01:03:30   I was editing an episode of Cortex which is pretty intensive for me in logic because there's

01:03:36   a lot of stuff going on.

01:03:37   That MacBook Pro was just ripping through it.

01:03:39   Like I have the M1 Max, I don't remember why I did that but I do have that.

01:03:47   very, very powerful and everything moves very, very quickly and I'm very, very happy with

01:03:51   it. So it's working great for me. And that's what I have on my Mac studio. It's, it's fantastic.

01:03:57   You know, if we were still in the time that we were in, in like 17, 18 and 19 where we

01:04:02   relay was doing a lot of live shows, we were doing panatic stuff. Like I was doing more

01:04:07   stuff just like non relay stuff like, you know, around town, I would hold on to the

01:04:12   14 inch, no question, but I'm not doing any of that stuff anymore.

01:04:17   And I don't know when we're going to be back on the road in a big way.

01:04:20   Not this year.

01:04:21   I mean, this year is practically over in terms of like trying to play in a live event.

01:04:25   And so, you know, I can get away with something that is is more limited in terms of IO and

01:04:33   and speed and power.

01:04:34   And that's not to say that the the M2 MacBook Air is slow.

01:04:37   It is not.

01:04:38   I mean, I've edited on it.

01:04:39   It's fantastic.

01:04:41   it's sort of a weird thing. I didn't, I really didn't get this

01:04:44   into review because I didn't know quite how to how to get to

01:04:47   it. And so I wanted to talk about it with y'all. There's I

01:04:51   think there's a funny thing going on with the M two in

01:04:55   particular, I think there's a couple aspects to it. One, it is

01:04:59   a incremental update over the the M one, which we all like, if

01:05:05   you're surprised by that you have a bang attention like

01:05:07   that's how these things work, you get a really big jump when

01:05:11   you change platforms. So when they went from PowerPC to Intel,

01:05:15   the MacBook Pro is four times faster than the PowerBook,

01:05:18   right. But the next MacBook Pro wasn't it was 10 to 15 to 20%

01:05:22   faster, because that's how that's how things work. The M

01:05:26   two is better than the M one and basically every measurable way.

01:05:30   But some people I feel have shown some like disappointment

01:05:35   in that fact. So I think that's one angle. There's another angle

01:05:40   and this is the one that I think is even harder to put my finger

01:05:42   on. I think there are some out there who have reviewed them,

01:05:46   some builders have gotten them who like, dismiss the MacBook

01:05:53   Air, because it's not a pro, or because it doesn't meet their

01:05:58   very specific, you know, niche needs like yeah, if you're doing

01:06:03   a bunch of 8k video, you probably do need the most laptop money can buy. But I feel

01:06:09   like it's this machine's kind of been it hasn't enjoyed the limelight that it should. Because

01:06:17   it's like the entry level in a weird way. That's not even quite what it is. But there's

01:06:21   something there that feels a bit weird and how this machine is talked about. I kind of

01:06:25   went into it thinking, yes, we're gonna be great. It could do everything I need to do.

01:06:29   The MacBook Pro will be faster, you know, kind of write the air off as like the entry

01:06:34   level consumer device.

01:06:36   But Apple Silicon is so good, the consumer device meets the needs of like 98% of people.

01:06:42   And there's just some weird disconnect there.

01:06:44   Do you all feel that?

01:06:45   Does that make any sense at all?

01:06:46   It does.

01:06:48   And I have three theories.

01:06:49   Mmm, perfect.

01:06:51   Federico, do you have any that you'd want to share before I give my three theories?

01:06:55   Well, I don't have three theories.

01:06:58   have any theories? Well no I don't think I do. The price is a problem. If this

01:07:04   machine was $9.99 I think reviews would focus on it being value more

01:07:11   and I think a lot of level-headed publications are like this is a really

01:07:19   good computer but it's expensive so maybe you'd be better off with the M1

01:07:24   MacBook Air and that like is a big ding on it right? You even mentioned it in

01:07:29   yours right? So like that's problem number one. Problem number two I think is

01:07:34   the bigger thing you're seeing which I think we spoke about it's not great but

01:07:41   like what Wartmussberg was talking about it, reviewers viewpoints and like the

01:07:45   work they have to put through a machine and I think the M1 was so powerful that

01:07:51   it allowed a lot of people that are YouTubers to do their significant editing work on it,

01:08:00   right? And so they've kind of gotten used to this power meant I could do this, but it turns out

01:08:06   maybe the MacBook Air just isn't that great for that, but they've gotten into this mindset of

01:08:11   like, well, I can't do my work on it, so I don't know if I can recommend it. And that is something

01:08:14   that all reviewers fought to, like I just said it about like what I do about the podcast stuff,

01:08:21   but for me and for you guys too I think like we can speak a little bit more generally about it

01:08:29   because the majority of work that we do is not very taxing on these computers where and like our

01:08:35   peaks of work that we're doing is less than somebody who's doing as you say like four streams

01:08:42   of 8K video, right? So like people that come from that perspective, they've gotten used to like

01:08:49   Apple laptop means perfect like power, power, power and haven't like reframed for what this

01:08:55   machine should be because the last few, you know like what Jason said a Mac Pro in your backpack,

01:09:00   right? Like that idea I think could just become prevalent and so people were like new chip means

01:09:06   it's going to be super powerful like we're going to jump up again so like there was just maybe a

01:09:10   an incorrect framing when they were going in. The other part which I think we're seeing a lot of is

01:09:16   the M1 machines created a bunch of really interesting content because they were so powerful

01:09:22   right? So like the first M1 MacBooks or whatever because you were like wow this is so incredible

01:09:28   look at these benchmark speeds like this is amazing. The M2 machines just don't have that so

01:09:35   So I think people are creating different content like thermal throttling, which is just like

01:09:41   not a thing that people should be concerned about on a MacBook Air, like realistically,

01:09:47   like you should not be concerned about this.

01:09:49   It's like, what do you think you're doing on this computer that when it thermal throttles,

01:09:54   like that's a problem.

01:09:55   Like you just wait a little bit longer.

01:09:57   Like it's not an issue, right?

01:09:59   not like the machine can't handle regular tasks and the fans are going bananas, right?

01:10:05   Like this just isn't a thing, but I think it's become a thing because there needs to be something

01:10:11   else for people to make their YouTube videos about. So they're my three theories about like the weird

01:10:16   kind of response in some corners of tech internet about the Mabica.

01:10:20   Those are some very good theories, yeah.

01:10:22   They are good.

01:10:25   And then some people just quote Death Cab lyrics and like, you know, they do beautiful reviews.

01:10:30   Why not?

01:10:31   Exactly. Why not?

01:10:33   Yeah, the context of the machine is important.

01:10:35   I mean, the value of it is definitely diminished because of the price.

01:10:40   And really the base price isn't the price that most people should pay because you probably should upgrade at least the storage.

01:10:47   Especially with the SSD thing, right?

01:10:49   And that, I think without that things could have been a little bit different.

01:10:53   But then it's like, for the price thing, gets even worse.

01:10:56   That, yeah, so it's messed up.

01:10:59   Mm-hmm, yeah.

01:11:01   So yeah, we will--

01:11:02   This will settle out, right?

01:11:04   Once we get used to what these machines are again.

01:11:06   I think we just had like a couple of rounds of computers

01:11:09   that were just like blowing the doors off of everything.

01:11:13   Where I think people that are using it like me and you and Jason as well, right?

01:11:18   where it's like, oh, this is actually the best small laptop Apple's ever made, maybe.

01:11:24   Yeah.

01:11:24   Because it's like very capable, looks great, and is just feels impossibly thin,

01:11:30   like and light is really kind of amazing.

01:11:33   And in a way that doesn't really jeopardize it. I mean, sure, they're startling at the edges,

01:11:41   but like most people, including us, I think podcasts are never going to hit it. So it's fine.

01:11:47   I'm not I'm not worried about that.

01:11:49   Federico, I was watching an MKBHD video a couple of days ago and I thought of you.

01:11:53   He had a product called the Storm 2 Battery Bank from a company called

01:11:59   ShahGeek.

01:12:01   Yeah, I bought one.

01:12:03   You bought one? Okay.

01:12:04   This screamed to me as a Federico Vittucci product but

01:12:08   I'm actually not surprised that you bought.

01:12:12   Wait, it's see-through?

01:12:13   Yeah.

01:12:15   and it's got a little screen on it that gives you a bunch of details about what you're charging

01:12:19   oh my

01:12:20   see i was right

01:12:22   all right what's the size of this battery is it better than the one i have

01:12:26   i don't know they're big though they're big big batteries

01:12:29   it tops out at 100 watts

01:12:36   yeah

01:12:37   i mean it's a big it's nice though

01:12:39   i really shouldn't buy another trunky battery

01:12:43   sylvia's gonna kill me

01:12:44   And they have a little one because I think the big one needs like an AC, like a barrel charger.

01:12:49   Yeah, I got the little one.

01:12:51   But the little one I think you can charge by USB-C. I don't know if you can charge the big one

01:12:56   at all by that. Maybe it's like if you want to charge it faster.

01:12:59   But it's kind of cool. It's got a little screen on it and stuff. As MKBHD pointed out, which I

01:13:05   think was really a good point of like, can you imagine trying to take this thing in a bag on an

01:13:09   airplane it looks like a bomb it looks like a bomb right like it looks like a

01:13:16   bomb yeah it looks dangerous even though it's like but any he pointed out which

01:13:20   is very funny printed on it says airline safe which is true because the battery

01:13:24   size but yeah you are not TSA are not gonna be happy with you if you take this

01:13:30   no they're not gonna be happy with a plastic box that shows see-through

01:13:34   batteries all stacked together I have no idea that these batteries look like this

01:13:39   All these batteries look like this inside. It's all smaller batteries stuck together

01:13:46   with some, you know, with some logic board that handles the power delivery. That's all

01:13:53   they do. It's been like this forever because there's really, if you think about it, there's

01:13:57   really no innovation happening in the lithium-ion space when it comes to batteries. It's all

01:14:02   about density and making them chunkier. That's where the quote unquote innovation is. Now

01:14:09   Now they've figured out displays. Now everybody's doing these tiny displays on top of batteries.

01:14:15   I really want to purchase this, but I shouldn't, in keeping with the theme of being a good

01:14:20   boyfriend that you mentioned a few minutes ago. Because I should say I'm very happy with

01:14:26   the hyper battery that was delivered to me as part of a Kickstarter campaign a couple

01:14:32   of months ago that's a big it's the two the two hundred and forty four to five

01:14:39   watt battery that has a tiny OLED display on it it saved us this summer

01:14:46   with the move and everything you know we forgot we always forgetting to charge

01:14:51   things and it's incredible that you can charge a computer like a MacBook with

01:14:55   that is it see-through it's not see-through what I mean you know see

01:15:01   through and and unrelated, but I want to spend a positive, just a positive

01:15:10   sentence in favor of the magsafe battery. Remember that thing? The apple

01:15:18   say fairy pack. I've got one in my backpack. We used it at the beach this

01:15:23   week and it was very nice. It did what it was supposed to do, which is very

01:15:29   slowly charge an iPhone that you forgot to charge overnight while at the beach without

01:15:34   having to carry a big chunky battery with you. Everything else about it sucks. Thank

01:15:40   you for spending that positive sentence. It got, it got less positive at the end. Yeah.

01:15:45   In the look, what I'm trying to say is in the right conditions, it's a very, it's a

01:15:52   very in the right circumstances, it does what it's supposed to do. Outside of the right

01:15:59   circumstances, you shouldn't buy one. But this week, we just had we just stumbled upon

01:16:05   the right conditions for it. And it was nice.

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01:18:03   Roast me baby.

01:18:04   You kind of had the same haircut and beard for a long time, maybe it's time to change

01:18:09   that up.

01:18:10   - Oh, geez.

01:18:11   Actually, I did change my haircut,

01:18:12   so that's what you don't even know.

01:18:13   - You need a weird fish tattoo.

01:18:16   - That's just, whatever, like don't bug me.

01:18:19   - Wait, what are we doing?

01:18:20   (laughing)

01:18:22   - Roasting our early App Store purchases.

01:18:25   - Wow, okay.

01:18:27   - We're gonna look at our first 10 downloads

01:18:30   from the App Store.

01:18:32   Thank you to Wes for the idea.

01:18:34   I'm gonna make an adjustment to mine, potentially.

01:18:37   We'll get there in a minute.

01:18:39   Steven, why don't you go first?

01:18:43   - So this is starting with the bottom of the list.

01:18:46   This is my first download from the app store.

01:18:49   iTunes remote.

01:18:52   You're listening to music on the couch,

01:18:56   your iMac's way over there.

01:18:57   You want to skip the next song, how do you do it?

01:18:59   You just whip your brand new phone out.

01:19:01   - You're literally an iPod collector.

01:19:04   - Yeah, I wasn't then though.

01:19:07   Oh, you weren't?

01:19:09   Not really.

01:19:10   Like you haven't always been this way?

01:19:12   Like I thought you were born old and a collector.

01:19:18   Yeah, so iTunes, iTunes remote.

01:19:22   Do we want to round robin this?

01:19:25   No.

01:19:26   Or go with just, I just keep going.

01:19:27   No, just go all the way through.

01:19:29   Rip the band-aid off.

01:19:30   All right, up next, an app that was really useless

01:19:34   with no backgrounding, no push notifications,

01:19:37   But aim, instant message.

01:19:40   I forgot that it obviously didn't have

01:19:42   either of those things.

01:19:43   What was your away message?

01:19:46   Probably like--

01:19:47   A Death Cab for Cutie lyric?

01:19:49   On my iPhone, winky face, you know?

01:19:52   Call me.

01:19:53   Call me, roast me baby.

01:19:55   No, I think you were the type of guy

01:20:01   who have a Death Cab for Cutie lyric.

01:20:05   So when I, oh yeah.

01:20:06   I mean, I used one two days ago.

01:20:08   I remember on my Mac in college, I used ADM for instant messaging.

01:20:15   Yeah.

01:20:15   And ADM had this feature where it would, and AIM probably had this too, but where

01:20:20   you could set your status based on what was playing in iTunes, and then you would

01:20:25   forget and be listening to something embarrassing and someone would call you on

01:20:28   it.

01:20:28   Federico, did you use MSM messenger?

01:20:31   So I was literally about to ask you this.

01:20:34   Yeah.

01:20:35   This was the Europe one.

01:20:36   Okay, so I think AIM was popular in America because of AOL.

01:20:40   We had MSN, Messenger.

01:20:43   And yes, absolutely.

01:20:44   I was so sad when it was discontinued.

01:20:48   Actually, I don't know why or how, but a couple of years ago, took it upon myself as a sort

01:20:53   of mission to figure out if I could find the original animated emoticons from MSN.

01:21:01   That was before Emoji.

01:21:02   Oh, yeah.

01:21:03   They had that style to them, you know, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

01:21:09   Now I'm sure that somebody has probably recreated them now, but yeah, MSN.

01:21:13   The little hug.

01:21:14   The winky face was creepy on MSN.

01:21:16   Yeah, I was, I was big and I was the guy who would leave the cryptic messages on

01:21:22   MSN to sort of make other people understand, like,

01:21:26   like it was basically sub-tweeting people before Twitter, the away message.

01:21:31   There was an art to the away message that only few people could master.

01:21:36   I think I had a lot of Panic! at the Disco lyrics, but.

01:21:39   Oh, that's good. And it's, it's totally a gone, like it's gone.

01:21:44   Like MSN or AIM, they're both gone. Away messages. Like in general.

01:21:48   There was an article that like a couple of months ago. Yeah. And Wired, I think.

01:21:53   Wired, they should bring back the away message.

01:21:56   And I sort of agree with that because like, it's a fun idea.

01:22:00   has it, right? Yeah, kind of, but Slack is boring. I mean, it's all about work. That's true. Slack is

01:22:06   boring. I agree with that. Does Discord have them? Kind of? Kind of. But we just need straight up

01:22:16   away messages again. Some would do it. Yeah, yeah. Obviously another banger article by Laura Goode.

01:22:21   Yeah. She's such a good writer, my word. Alright. Up next was an app that a lot of young people were

01:22:28   really excited about. A lot of hype leading up to this launch. It was the

01:22:34   yellow pages. You could look up phone numbers. Why? It had Safari. What did you need the yellow pages for?

01:22:43   Look, out of these ten, this is the one that I really don't understand why I downloaded it.

01:22:48   It is weird, man. It is weird. Maybe just because I could. Maybe just because it was there, you know?

01:22:52   I mean, you guys remember how it was in the early days? You download anything.

01:22:55   Oh, I've got a lot of that. Don't you worry.

01:22:57   Are the yellow pages in America like he works in Italy,

01:23:02   the like businesses and shops have are on the yellow pages and then you get the

01:23:06   white pages for regular people.

01:23:07   Exactly the same. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So it's the same.

01:23:11   I don't know why that's one of the things we share, but we have all things.

01:23:15   I don't know why, why I don't know. Why yellow?

01:23:19   But I remember my parents had them, you know,

01:23:21   they had both the white and the yellow pages and you get out,

01:23:24   whichever you need and you know, look something up and find a plumber or

01:23:27   whatever. It was great.

01:23:28   And it took, and it took forever for those things to stop coming to our

01:23:31   doorstep.

01:23:32   Yep. Oh, I saw one recently.

01:23:34   No way. Yeah. Yeah. There was a stack in our apartment building and I'm like,

01:23:39   what are you doing? You can hurt somebody if you rolled up like the white pages.

01:23:43   Yeah. Oh yeah. Well, that's one of those things like just a strong person thing,

01:23:47   right? Can you rip the yellow pages? Yeah. Ah yeah. That was the thing.

01:23:50   - Mm-hmm. - Another thing, yeah.

01:23:52   - You should see how many I've ripped.

01:23:54   - Well, Steven couldn't rip anything

01:23:55   because he had the Yellow Pigeons app.

01:23:57   - That's right. - On his iPhone, so.

01:23:59   (laughing)

01:24:01   Okay, what's next?

01:24:03   - They should have made that,

01:24:04   like in the idea of like apps at the time, right,

01:24:07   which I have a couple of examples of these,

01:24:09   that like you could swipe to rip.

01:24:11   - Yeah, like the beer app,

01:24:13   like you tip it back and it's like a beer.

01:24:15   - Or the lightsaber app.

01:24:16   - Oh, man. - Oh, that was fun.

01:24:18   - That I think is in my top 20 probably.

01:24:20   we had kept going out, we would have hit that eventually. Up next is Google.

01:24:24   Because you need an app to search the web, I guess.

01:24:27   Well, if it was available, you know, it was available.

01:24:30   And I think I mean, I don't know, this is a long time ago. But I have a memory that

01:24:35   the interface for like Google search on mobile web was still really simple. And the

01:24:41   app was definitely like nicer to use and to look at.

01:24:43   Oh my god, the yellow page is absolutely just still says

01:24:47   Of course it does. Up next, I've got Facebook, which was probably on everyone's early phones.

01:24:53   The first Facebook app was really bad. Remember it was like a grid and you would like click an icon

01:24:57   and take that part of the app. It was horrible. Yeah. Yeah. But you need to remember in 2008,

01:25:04   Facebook was cool. Yeah, it was. It was cool. Was there a newsfeed? I don't know if the newsfeed

01:25:10   existed in 2008. It didn't exist. I think you could just go to a friend's wall and

01:25:16   leave a message. Yeah, right under walls. Walls. Man, better times. The next app is called

01:25:25   Light. It just turned your screen white so you could use your phone as a

01:25:30   flashlight. Ah, because there was no flash. There was no flash. And you were just

01:25:36   doing what, like walking around in the dark? Yeah. With your iPhone? Yeah, you never

01:25:39   know you're taking the garbage out you know you don't stop on a raccoon i was with uh someone

01:25:45   the other day an extent let's call them an extended family member who has like a iphone 8 probably

01:25:52   and straight up still using some like third-party flashlight app and i just couldn't bring myself

01:25:58   to do anything about it it's like oh it's in control center i can't have that conversation

01:26:01   federico is a good boyfriend and you're a bad family member maybe now did you notice how he

01:26:08   We said, let's just call them an extended family member, like the shade.

01:26:12   Yeah.

01:26:13   I didn't want to be too specific, you know?

01:26:16   Opsec.

01:26:17   Yeah, sure, sure.

01:26:18   It's no one I live with, let's say it that way.

01:26:21   I wouldn't expect that anybody that was in your house, you would say they were an extended

01:26:25   family member.

01:26:26   You would expect that your children are not extended family members.

01:26:29   Look at my old mama, she's like, look at this cool flashlight app I found.

01:26:35   No!

01:26:36   out of here extended family member.

01:26:38   (laughing)

01:26:40   - Net News Wire is next.

01:26:42   There was a Google Reader app

01:26:44   and there was a Google Reader mobile website

01:26:47   but Net News Wire was there

01:26:49   and apparently I downloaded it early on.

01:26:51   - This doesn't surprise me that you have Net News Wire.

01:26:54   - I was into RSS way back, even before the iPhone.

01:26:58   - You were before the iPhone?

01:27:00   - Yeah, I used Google Reader

01:27:02   and there was a Mac app called Vienna that I would use.

01:27:06   Oh, that's a deep cut. You guys remember. Do you either of you know what I'm about to say?

01:27:12   I don't know. Right, we're talking about RSS before the iPhone.

01:27:16   Uh, no. No. Fever. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The self-hosted RSS thing. I did it for a while.

01:27:28   From Sean Inman. I had an- I tried many times to do it and it would not shock you both to know I

01:27:34   couldn't get it to work. I had a fever instance running on my personal Mac mini

01:27:40   server for years and I also had the mint analytics for Mac stories for years.

01:27:48   I'm so sorry Myke. Yep same I tried to get that to work couldn't get that to

01:27:53   work either. You know I just can't do that like there I know my limitations

01:27:59   all of this kind of stuff is one of them. I ran mint on 512 pixels for a long time

01:28:04   Up next, OmniFocus for iPhone.

01:28:08   - Yeah, you already had that nerd energy.

01:28:12   - That's right.

01:28:13   - Even in the early app store.

01:28:14   - Money, I bet that was expensive.

01:28:15   - That probably was expensive.

01:28:16   - That was like $30.

01:28:18   - Yeah.

01:28:18   - You've always been big money hackers, it seems.

01:28:22   Spending money left and right on the app store

01:28:24   back in the day.

01:28:25   - Except for 2008, I probably had to skip lunch for a week

01:28:27   to pay for OmniFocus, but that's fine.

01:28:29   - Hey, but I have this cool task manager.

01:28:31   - I got this cool task manager with a purple icon.

01:28:34   (laughing)

01:28:36   - It's like one task by lunch.

01:28:39   - I've tried basically every weather app,

01:28:41   but it started with Weatherbug,

01:28:44   which is a still very popular weather app.

01:28:47   It's fine.

01:28:50   I mean, most of these big weather apps like AccuWeather

01:28:52   and these others, they're all basically the same.

01:28:54   They're all pretty busy.

01:28:55   They got ads in them.

01:28:56   Some of them, I don't know about Weatherbug in particular,

01:29:00   but some of them sell your location data and stuff.

01:29:05   But yeah, weather bug.

01:29:06   And last but not least is mobile photos.

01:29:11   - Photos, photos.

01:29:14   - With an F.

01:29:14   - I believe it's photos.

01:29:16   - Photo.

01:29:17   - A Flickr browser and uploader.

01:29:21   - Wow.

01:29:22   - 'Cause Flickr was huge in 2008.

01:29:24   - This app has literally everything.

01:29:27   The worst name ever and it's for Flickr.

01:29:29   It's a browser and uploader.

01:29:31   Yeah, it's incredible.

01:29:33   Mobile photos.

01:29:35   That is peak 2009.

01:29:37   Yeah.

01:29:38   Let me look this up, actually.

01:29:39   Does it even exist anymore?

01:29:41   I don't think it does.

01:29:43   Probably can't get it.

01:29:43   Mobile photos.

01:29:46   Actually, it's on the app store.

01:29:49   Does Flickr still exist?

01:29:51   Oh, no, it says not available.

01:29:53   Yeah.

01:29:54   OK, I found the website.

01:29:55   I'm going to put the website in Discord so everybody can enjoy this.

01:29:59   mobilephotosapp.com. Yeah, it is

01:30:02   Wow, this is

01:30:05   Oh yes

01:30:09   App by Carl von Randolph. I love it. The flags, the shiny flag buttons

01:30:16   This is fantastic. Yeah, those are ripped straight out of iChat

01:30:20   Yeah, that picker UI, the wheel for picking the sorting options. Ooh

01:30:28   I've said this before

01:30:30   This I really still miss like the black glossy look that iOS used to have I

01:30:35   Could not miss anything

01:30:37   This is so ugly everything about this is so ugly, I don't understand how you can miss it

01:30:46   It doesn't make sense to me

01:30:48   This is like this is like people people say these things people say these things

01:30:53   people who believe these things are like, like Stephen, like people who walk in the ruins of a medieval town and be like

01:31:01   Oh man, do I miss when we didn't have when we didn't have bathrooms or when we didn't have you know

01:31:08   water that we could drink man those were

01:31:11   Simpler times. I'm sure they were they were simpler times

01:31:17   I'll tell you guys right now if you open this mobile photos website on your Mac

01:31:22   and just like I just want I don't know why I did this but just just shrink this

01:31:26   window like you'd like down to it's like as if you were trying to get it to go to

01:31:31   an iPhone. Terrible things happen to this website. The phone like there's like an outline of the phone with

01:31:40   screenshots inside for some reason the phone starts moving and the screenshots

01:31:45   stay in the same place. It gets real bad. Responsive web design didn't exist back then.

01:31:51   Can we roast mobile photos instead of Steven?

01:31:54   I think we just did. I think we just did.

01:31:57   Let's find... I found their Twitter account. Mobile photos version 3 just released including

01:32:03   iOS 7 iPhone 5 support in June of 2014. Wow, a year late on iOS 7.

01:32:09   I have no doubt this was great back in the day. We're not making fun of the... This is

01:32:13   just a sign of the times, you know, like this is just what it is.

01:32:18   Alright so my ten, alright so this is my first ten I don't think are very indicative of much

01:32:24   and there's quite a bit of overlap. I want to run through them real quick and then I

01:32:29   would love if you would ordain me the ability to read the second ten that I have because

01:32:34   I think that it's more interesting. Right so here's the first ten. iTunes remote, Facebook,

01:32:40   AIM, NetNewswire, we've already spoke about all these.

01:32:44   I don't even know why I downloaded AIM, honestly.

01:32:46   Shazam.

01:32:47   Nice.

01:32:48   Because that was cool back then, right?

01:32:50   That was cool.

01:32:50   I have an app, right?

01:32:52   Because like Shazam, you used to call Shazam on the phone.

01:32:57   Do any of you remember this?

01:32:58   What?

01:32:58   Wait, what?

01:32:59   Yes.

01:33:00   Shazam existed before the app.

01:33:01   Wait, what?

01:33:02   And I don't think I'm making this up.

01:33:06   Are you hallucinating?

01:33:07   You used to call them and then they would text you the name of the song.

01:33:12   Wait, what?

01:33:13   Someone go to Wikipedia, confirm that I'm correct.

01:33:16   Are you sure about this?

01:33:18   Like you used to call somebody on the phone like, hey, listen to this.

01:33:20   Uh-huh.

01:33:21   It's like, what is it?

01:33:23   And then they just text you back?

01:33:24   Here you go.

01:33:25   Initially in 2002, the service was launched only in the UK and was known as 2580.

01:33:31   The number was a shortcode that customers dialed from the mobile phone to get the music recognized.

01:33:35   the phone would automatically hang up after 30 seconds.

01:33:38   The result was then sent to the user in the form of a text message

01:33:40   containing the song title and artist name.

01:33:43   See?

01:33:44   -Wow. -That is incredible.

01:33:46   -This is why you guys don't know it, 'cause...

01:33:48   -It's UK only. -Right?

01:33:50   Oh, there it says, "Shazam launched in the US on AT&T in 2004,

01:33:53   offering joint with music phone."

01:33:57   I don't know what that is, but, yeah, you just call them

01:33:59   and they text you.

01:34:00   -I kind of want to do it now.

01:34:02   -I don't know if it still works.

01:34:03   It sounds very, it sounds fancy. Anyway.

01:34:06   I think the most interesting in my top 10 is at number 6, which is Evernote.

01:34:11   Nice. That's probably my 20. If we win another 10 for me.

01:34:14   I'm pretty disappointed it wasn't in your top 10, Steven.

01:34:16   It's in my top 10. So I got you there, buddy. Yeah.

01:34:20   Solitaire by Mobilityware.

01:34:22   Let's see. Solitaire.

01:34:24   Solitaire game. It was still available, updated as of two years ago,

01:34:29   and it touts that it's the best solitaire on the store,

01:34:33   as it says, with no ads.

01:34:35   They love that they have no ads.

01:34:37   Rotary Dialer.

01:34:38   This is an app that says,

01:34:41   "Cannot connect to the App Store."

01:34:43   I don't know what this did, honestly.

01:34:45   Like, I can take some guesses,

01:34:46   but I don't think it would have been able

01:34:47   to make a phone call.

01:34:49   'Cause it doesn't really seem like something

01:34:50   that the App Store of 2008 would allow you to do.

01:34:54   I have an app called To Do by Erika Seddon,

01:34:57   which is just-- - Oh, nice.

01:34:58   the most basic to-do app, right?

01:35:00   Like that was what it did.

01:35:02   It was just simple to do stuff.

01:35:04   - Some breaking news.

01:35:05   Remember the milk app number 14.

01:35:08   - Oh, that's pretty good actually.

01:35:10   Then I have an app called Gerbo Match.

01:35:14   I don't know what this is man.

01:35:16   Right now it says Gerbo Match Child Development Edition.

01:35:19   I don't know what this is.

01:35:21   I assume it's like a matching game.

01:35:23   - Gerbo?

01:35:25   - Gerbo, J-R-B-O.

01:35:26   - What's a Gerbo?

01:35:28   - So here we go, I found a video.

01:35:30   - Okay.

01:35:30   - On YouTube, I'll put it in the Discord.

01:35:32   It is a, yeah, it's a matching app.

01:35:35   Like a matching game.

01:35:36   - Here's the next ones, all right?

01:35:38   - Okay.

01:35:39   - British Airways.

01:35:40   Now this made sense because the day after I got my iPhone,

01:35:44   3G with the App Store, I went to Paris.

01:35:46   - Big money early.

01:35:47   - I just remember this is happening.

01:35:49   Like, that was not a big money trip.

01:35:51   That was my first trip as like a quote unquote adult.

01:35:53   That was the exact opposite of big money,

01:35:55   let me tell you that.

01:35:57   light like Steven. Then I have super monkey ball. Nice okay. This is why I wanted to mention this.

01:36:03   This was like the game right because they put the accelerometer in the 3G, they did it on stage.

01:36:09   I remember Scott Forstall played it, it was like a whole thing. Then platinum solitaire,

01:36:14   big solitaire boy. Then I have an app called band. Band? Band. Now I don't remember if this was like

01:36:25   Do you remember that jailbreak application?

01:36:27   Installer?

01:36:29   No, there was an app when the phone was in jailbreak

01:36:32   and then it became an app later on and it was like a rhythm game

01:36:38   B-A-N-D not B-A-N-N-E-D is the name of the app

01:36:42   Do you remember there was a rhythm game on the iPhone and it became a big deal?

01:36:47   I don't think this is it but I'm wondering if it was like this

01:36:50   or maybe this app banned just let you

01:36:52   Oh, tap tap prevent.

01:36:56   So I'm wondering if this app was like that,

01:37:00   or if it was just like, hit some symbols, hit some symbols.

01:37:03   It could be either.

01:37:05   Then Comic Touch.

01:37:07   Comic Touch?

01:37:08   By Plask, who made Comic Life.

01:37:12   Do you remember Comic Life?

01:37:13   It came on every Mac, and it let you make comic strips.

01:37:16   Like, you could take your images,

01:37:18   and you could put speech bubbles on them and stuff.

01:37:21   So I'm gonna show you both the website,

01:37:24   'cause it's again just like another beautiful time capsule.

01:37:28   The Comic Touch website,

01:37:30   I'll put that in the show notes too.

01:37:32   This is just like, so like of its time.

01:37:36   - Beautiful.

01:37:37   - And I love it, I love it.

01:37:38   I just think it just looks so good.

01:37:40   - At least they're using an iPhone 5.

01:37:43   - Yeah, I mean they kept working on it for a while.

01:37:46   Guess what's next, Weatherbug.

01:37:49   Ah, there we go. Then I have alarm free. We don't want to pay for your alarms. So you've always been

01:37:56   a problem. It is a self-defense slash emergency alarm application with a rapid movement and free

01:38:03   fall detector. Now I... Wait, wait a second. So it's not wake me up in the morning, it's hit this if

01:38:11   you're being attacked. Yeah, so I expect back in the day this was one of those applications that

01:38:17   was like press this button and an alarm sound will happen right and then over time became

01:38:22   something more because my next one is an app called Carling Tap which was actually iBeer

01:38:31   but then it got bought by I believe got bought by a beer company called Carling and this

01:38:36   was the one where you would tip the phone and it would look like you were drinking a

01:38:39   beer then the last one do either of you remember the game Dabblob D A Blob yeah I do it was

01:38:47   Wasn't there also on the Wii?

01:38:50   Oh that went everywhere man.

01:38:52   Yeah.

01:38:53   Yeah it was a Wii game.

01:38:56   Yeah so there you go.

01:38:57   That is my, I just thought that some of mine were more like indicative of its time a little

01:39:02   bit than my original set.

01:39:04   Very nice.

01:39:05   Okay.

01:39:06   Now just as a note Federico, yours is at a different time right?

01:39:10   Not 2008.

01:39:12   Mine is from...

01:39:14   Or is it?

01:39:15   I think it's actually from 2008.

01:39:18   - Okay.

01:39:19   - Yeah, because I managed to get an imported iPhone.

01:39:23   Yeah, yeah.

01:39:23   - You just didn't add the original one,

01:39:25   but obviously you had the second--

01:39:26   - Maybe it wasn't July 2008,

01:39:27   but it was like a few months later,

01:39:29   maybe toward the beginning of 2009.

01:39:31   That's when I really got into the whole Apple scene.

01:39:35   Anyway, first app I ever downloaded,

01:39:38   which I guess is really,

01:39:39   there's some beautiful poetry to this,

01:39:41   because it's still a problem that I struggle with every day.

01:39:45   My first ever app was ReadItLater, which now shows up as Puckit,

01:39:50   because it was rebranded as Puckit.

01:39:53   But ReadItLater was the first app I ever downloaded,

01:39:57   and I'm still unhappy with my ReadLater solutions on the iPhone.

01:40:02   I'm trying to remember ReadItLater.

01:40:05   It had the yellow icon, like the logo was like an arrow pointing right.

01:40:12   And originally it was a Firefox extension.

01:40:15   Yes. And later the developer, Nate, uh,

01:40:19   made it an iPhone app and then a few years later,

01:40:24   uh, it became Pocket. And then it got acquired by Mozilla.

01:40:29   And now Pocket is part of Firefox. Uh, but yeah, read it later.

01:40:34   It was my first ever app. Uh, then of course we have Facebook.

01:40:38   Yep. Because it was cool. We have PayPal.

01:40:42   You're making those deals, baby.

01:40:44   Well, I was working at the eBay shop, right? I was working at...

01:40:48   That would make sense. Where's eBay in this list?

01:40:51   Did they have an app early on?

01:40:53   Maybe they didn't.

01:40:54   I believe they, maybe they didn't, but I had PayPal because, you know, I got to check those transactions, man.

01:41:00   So that's what I needed to do. Then I had Classics.

01:41:04   Now, Classics, I believe, was one of the first EPUB readers on the App Store.

01:41:10   And that was, you know, with this skeuomorphic design with the shelves.

01:41:17   And then later was kind of Sherlock to buy Apple with iBooks.

01:41:23   Yeah.

01:41:24   And I want to say, so Classics was part of the whole, like, delicious generation of apps.

01:41:32   Remember that? Like, you know, with the, you know, I, I,

01:41:35   I want to say that five years ago, maybe four or five years ago,

01:41:39   the developer of classics came back with something else,

01:41:44   but I wasn't really a music app or something. I don't know.

01:41:47   So some real time follow up.

01:41:49   I apparently downloaded eBay in August of 2008.

01:41:54   It's the earliest app in this list that I can actually hit open on.

01:41:58   That's still on my device today. So I could download eBay.

01:42:01   I guess I just I just cared about the money. I just cared about people and didn't want.

01:42:05   Yeah, yeah, you were just in business for the money.

01:42:07   I sure was.

01:42:08   And still am.

01:42:12   Anyway, next is 1Password Pro. This has the old icon with the key.

01:42:21   The key.

01:42:22   With the key, the old icon with the key.

01:42:24   Why did they get rid of the key? Why are they just a lock now? Where'd the key go?

01:42:29   Did they lose the key?

01:42:31   Because if they lost the key, I don't know if I can trust them.

01:42:34   Well, now the key is your face, right?

01:42:36   Or your fingerprint.

01:42:38   It's true.

01:42:39   So now you are the key.

01:42:40   You are the key now.

01:42:41   And yeah, it's true.

01:42:43   I'm the key holder.

01:42:45   Next is sketches.

01:42:46   Now, I don't know why.

01:42:48   I guess it was one of those like,

01:42:49   "Hey, let me show you. I can draw on my iPhone."

01:42:52   I am a terrible drawer and I never sketch stuff.

01:42:57   So I don't know why I have sketches in here.

01:43:00   I mean why did I have the comic touch app you know it's just like things you get because you're like oh look what this

01:43:07   phone can do now you know. Evernote is on the list I mean you know pour one out

01:43:13   for Evernote yeah great application at the time I don't know what they're doing

01:43:18   now. Around Me now Around Me I think it's still well around I think it's made in

01:43:23   Italy. I'm not sure what purpose it serves now. I think it's like a

01:43:30   Google Maps companion app that shows you like points of interests and businesses

01:43:36   nearby. I remember around me. It was cool but I think now between Apple Maps and

01:43:41   Google Maps and just you know looking up a store on Instagram for example. I don't

01:43:47   know if you got I do this all the time like when I want to go to a restaurant

01:43:49   for example, I look them up on Instagram before I search for them on Google.

01:43:54   - Interesting. - Well, because you can see the pictures.

01:43:57   And even better, like at iFAC, don't look at the feed of the restaurant itself,

01:44:04   but look at the tagged photos.

01:44:06   Look at the photos the restaurant is being tagged in,

01:44:08   so you can see the actual meals and the actual photos.

01:44:11   - What do people think? - Then I have Google, obviously.

01:44:14   Shazam and I guess in this top 10 the only weird thing would be Wild West Pinball.

01:44:26   This is the only game I have in my top 10 is Wild West Pinball.

01:44:32   I vaguely remember Wild West Pinball but not really.

01:44:38   - Wild West Pinball.

01:44:41   So I don't know, yee-haw?

01:44:43   - Yee-haw baby.

01:44:45   - I don't know.

01:44:46   If you allow me, because I think there's also

01:44:49   some interesting things later in the purchase history.

01:44:54   Things, obviously, by Kotri.

01:44:56   - Money for teaching, they only focus as expensive.

01:45:01   Woo, $700.

01:45:02   - Let me sink my tasks over Bonjour Wireless.

01:45:06   - Yeah, used to do that.

01:45:07   It's basically the I am rich app of task managers.

01:45:12   All that eBay money going into task managers.

01:45:16   Darkness, I don't remember this.

01:45:19   It was called Darkness, Sun and Moon.

01:45:22   Actually it looks like this purchases were made

01:45:25   in between the spring and summer of 2009.

01:45:29   So a few months later than I remembered.

01:45:31   But Darkness, I don't know, it showed you

01:45:34   The sunset and sunrise times, maybe?

01:45:38   Very cool icon, very cool purple icon.

01:45:40   - Couldn't Weatherbug do that?

01:45:42   Why didn't you have Weatherbug like us?

01:45:44   - I don't know, but I don't have a weather app in here.

01:45:47   I've always had a lovey relationship with weather apps.

01:45:50   For example, weather forecasts for this week at the beach

01:45:55   have been incredibly wrong.

01:45:57   I feel like I cannot trust weather forecasts anymore.

01:46:00   - You need to get a weather station like Jason.

01:46:03   I think I really do.

01:46:04   I think maybe you need it.

01:46:06   I think I really do.

01:46:07   Then we have FireTask Legacy Edition.

01:46:13   FireTask.

01:46:17   GTD task manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

01:46:20   FireTask.com.

01:46:22   It's modern, it's modern.

01:46:24   So this is-

01:46:25   I think it still exists.

01:46:27   It looks very nice.

01:46:29   Maybe I should try switching to it.

01:46:32   I don't remember using this, but it's in there.

01:46:35   - Fire task.

01:46:36   - Then, hold on, Docs2Go, standard.

01:46:40   - Oh, Docs2Go, baby.

01:46:44   - Docs2Go.

01:46:45   - Now we're talking.

01:46:47   - Hold on, Docs2Go.

01:46:50   - I have some personal news.

01:46:52   Apparently I have downloaded Fire Tasks

01:46:54   at some point in the past.

01:46:56   Got the little download button next to it.

01:46:58   - All right, I need to search for it too now.

01:47:01   Myke, you're gonna like the next one.

01:47:03   Do you remember this game, Knights on Rush?

01:47:06   Yeah.

01:47:08   Come on, Knights on Rush.

01:47:09   Oh, I need Knights on Rush.

01:47:12   Google it, you will see the icon.

01:47:14   Oh yeah, I remember this.

01:47:16   Oh yeah, Knights on Rush.

01:47:18   Then just last three, EchoPhone for Twitter.

01:47:24   Whoa.

01:47:24   Why is EchoPhone my first ever Twitter client?

01:47:29   It was really popular.

01:47:30   And not something like... what was the name? Tweeter Later? No, Tweeter Later.

01:47:36   Do you guys remember? Tweeter Later and Tweeter Later New.

01:47:40   How do you... Do you remember, by the way, the whole trend to name things new, but like...

01:47:45   M-E-U-E. How do you pronounce that? New. How do you say that?

01:47:50   I've never downloaded Firetusk.

01:47:53   - It'd be shit. - Firetusk Pro, $12.99. Woo boy.

01:47:57   Yeah. Is that the one you're talking about? Did you just search your purchase or something?

01:48:00   Uh, I was on their website and then clicked it and then it took me to the app store and I was,

01:48:06   I was there. Lastly, I had I am plus pro.

01:48:12   So I have man, I just searched the word like just like search like twit like to see what

01:48:21   Twitter app came up like in my purchase history. There's a lot of stuff in here, man. I downloaded

01:48:25   I downloaded EchoPhone for Twitter on November 18th, 2008.

01:48:29   Two days later, I downloaded Tweety.

01:48:31   (laughs)

01:48:32   I guess it didn't stick.

01:48:34   - My favorite is an app that I don't think exists anymore.

01:48:37   Like I hold onto this for too long, Icebird.

01:48:40   Do you remember Icebird?

01:48:41   - Google, you can Google the Icebird review on Mac stories.

01:48:45   I still, it was so cool.

01:48:46   - What about Birdhouse, remember, or Birdfeed?

01:48:48   That was a nice Twitter find too.

01:48:49   - Yeah, Birdfeed was cool.

01:48:52   Icebird was cool.

01:48:54   Iceberg. I downloaded IMT pain at some point. Twitter later was great.

01:49:02   What was the name of that one you just said? The Twitter app?

01:49:06   Twitter later? Bird feed.

01:49:11   "Brisley buys bird feed, goes free as bristly for iPhone." That's what came up.

01:49:16   Yeah, that's right, and it went away.

01:49:19   The last one I have that I want to share with you is GPSed.

01:49:23   Track your trips! Exclamation point.

01:49:26   [laughter]

01:49:28   GPSed. I've been GPSed.

01:49:31   Oh, it's got a D in it.

01:49:32   It's got an ED. GPSED.

01:49:35   But just GPS is uppercase and ED are lowercase.

01:49:39   GPSed.

01:49:40   I just found, like, MGC, there was a review of Birdfeed on TechCrunch.

01:49:44   Oh, yeah.

01:49:44   I remember this app. Oh my god, this was a good app.

01:49:47   That's probably where I found it and why I downloaded it.

01:49:49   Bird feed. Finally an iPhone Twitter client to match Tweety's speed and simplicity.

01:49:54   Yep. It was great.

01:49:56   It had the little indicator of the text.

01:49:59   Mm-hmm.

01:50:00   Like, the characters.

01:50:02   So good.

01:50:03   Twitter apps, man.

01:50:04   They used to be a Design Panacea.

01:50:07   Or whatever it was called.

01:50:08   Playground.

01:50:08   What was the phrase?

01:50:10   Design Playground.

01:50:11   That's the "i" and "c" together.

01:50:13   Just because it's a word you don't like,

01:50:15   it doesn't mean you've got to use it everywhere.

01:50:17   Well, you know, Twitter clients are a design playground.

01:50:21   They still are.

01:50:22   Mm-hmm. Are they?

01:50:24   Yeah, because the Twitter app,

01:50:25   it looks like it was designed by children.

01:50:27   I've gone back to using the Twitter app, by the way.

01:50:30   Oh, why?

01:50:31   Because I'm not using Twitter very much at the moment.

01:50:33   Like, this is not a choice that I made.

01:50:38   I just realized I stopped using it as much.

01:50:41   And so now, if I'm going to check anything,

01:50:44   I just check the official app because I get everything I need and then just leave.

01:50:48   I'll leave you guys with something that we'll discuss in the future. For the past two weeks

01:50:54   or so, I haven't been using the Twitter app and I haven't been using the website. But

01:51:01   don't look it up, don't cheat. Oh, I know what you're doing. I'm using something, I'm

01:51:07   using a client that you guys don't know. What do you mean I don't know? How do you know

01:51:13   I don't know. Yeah, isn't it the aviator, aviation...

01:51:17   Aviary. Aviary? Nope. Well, can I just look it up now then?

01:51:21   No. But you said I'm not gonna know, so what's... No,

01:51:25   we'll talk about it next time. Leave the surprise, leave the...

01:51:28   All right, all right, all right. You know, leave the doubting people, a cliffhanger,

01:51:32   and with a cliffhanger. Well, to find out more,

01:51:35   come back next week. Until then, if you want to find links to the stuff we spoke

01:51:40   about, those links are in the show notes in

01:51:42   in your podcast app.

01:51:43   They're also on the web at relay.fm/connected/411.

01:51:48   There you can sign up. - What is this?

01:51:49   I've looked and that's all I'm gonna say.

01:51:52   What's he doing?

01:51:54   Interesting, okay.

01:51:55   - Tweet it from Windows Phone.

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01:52:31   - It does.

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01:52:33   - Happy birthday.

01:52:34   - Happy birthday.

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01:52:45   - Arrivederci. - Cheerio.