410: For Years We Forgot to Put the Percentage There


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00:00:07   From Elay FM, this is Connected, episode 410.

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00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley, and I would usually be introducing Federico

00:00:21   Vittucci to the podcast at this moment, but Federico is away today

00:00:25   for it is his birthday.

00:00:26   So I will now hop over Federico, or do the old Italian hop, as they call it, and introduce

00:00:31   Steven Hackett to the podcast.

00:00:33   Hello.

00:00:34   How are you?

00:00:35   Not...

00:00:36   It's not my birthday.

00:00:37   Not yet.

00:00:38   You've got a long time, but it will be eventually.

00:00:40   I think we should send Federico a present.

00:00:44   Okay.

00:00:45   What I would like the connected listeners to do is to open Twitter, send Federico a

00:00:50   tweet with your fourth most used emoji.

00:00:54   Okay.

00:00:55   I'm gonna do this now, so I've got my phone.

00:00:57   Going to OpenTweetBot.

00:00:59   I'm going to--

00:01:00   - Fourth in what direction?

00:01:01   - Okay, so let me, Viticci, so I'm on the emoji keyboard.

00:01:05   So under the frequently used, I think it is down.

00:01:09   So one, two, three, four down.

00:01:11   - Oh no, I'm sending him a sad emoji.

00:01:15   - Oh no.

00:01:17   - Wow.

00:01:18   - Mine is the melting face one.

00:01:19   - He's gonna think something bad's happened.

00:01:22   I've sent Federico the melting face emoji.

00:01:25   - So I sent him like the disappointed one.

00:01:27   You know, I think that's what it's called.

00:01:31   - Yeah, I think so.

00:01:32   - Oh, poor Federico.

00:01:34   - So we'll see what people send him.

00:01:36   I'm excited about that.

00:01:37   We have some follow up.

00:01:38   We've heard from a lot of folks with the will, will, may,

00:01:42   may type autocorrects,

00:01:43   basically any word that's also a name.

00:01:45   iOS wants to capitalize this.

00:01:47   And a bunch of feedback was like,

00:01:48   I had not noticed this before.

00:01:50   Thank you for ruining my phone.

00:01:52   Sorry about that.

00:01:53   - Uh-huh.

00:01:55   - It's not our fault, it's differential privacy.

00:01:57   - It's still happening to me.

00:01:59   - Oh yeah, mine is a real mess.

00:02:01   - It's very upsetting.

00:02:04   Maybe one day it will stop,

00:02:05   but I'm not expecting that it will.

00:02:08   - We also heard from quite a few people

00:02:11   following up on Apple weather.

00:02:13   Federico had commented that it doesn't seem super accurate

00:02:17   where he is in Rome, and a bunch of people outside the US

00:02:21   have basically said the same thing,

00:02:22   that Apple weather is incorrect a good bit of the time,

00:02:26   especially when compared with a weather service

00:02:29   that is more local to them.

00:02:31   We heard from several people in Australia

00:02:33   where this is true,

00:02:34   where their weather services that are,

00:02:37   I guess, more finely tuned to what they experience

00:02:41   compared to Apple weather,

00:02:43   which is trying to do it around the world.

00:02:46   And hopefully this is just growing pains.

00:02:49   I mean, a lot of this data is available that Apple could buy access to and bring it into

00:02:55   their own algorithms and what is building the forecast data and the rain data for Apple

00:03:01   weather.

00:03:02   But if it is truly abysmal outside of a few select countries, then it's going to be, I

00:03:09   think, a rough start for this new service.

00:03:11   I have a thought about this.

00:03:13   Are we potentially going to be getting ourselves into an Apple Maps kind of situation?

00:03:18   Do you think weather is important enough?

00:03:21   You remember the whole like iOS 6 maps disaster?

00:03:24   I mean, what do you think?

00:03:26   I think it's a little bit different because there are so many other options for weather

00:03:34   and with maps basically they were booting Google Maps out of the default slot.

00:03:39   So I don't know, I think people will be upset, especially because in the stock weather app

00:03:43   you can't change the data source like you can in Carrot weather and a bunch of other

00:03:50   like nice third-party weather apps.

00:03:52   So it may actually be good for those other weather apps that are more locally focused

00:03:58   than Apple's own.

00:04:00   But yeah, I'm interested to see how this shakes out over the fall as more people get access

00:04:04   to it.

00:04:05   I haven't spent a ton of time using the Apple weather app because I just don't need it.

00:04:12   like looking at it right now like it seems pretty comparable to to carrot

00:04:16   weather and in carrot weather I use dark sky so I would expect there's at least

00:04:22   some kind of data sharing going on there I think even if it was super bad I don't

00:04:29   think it would be as much of an issue as Apple Maps was like I would say that the

00:04:36   Apple or like the Maps app on the phone is much more

00:04:40   important than a weather app, you know, just the situations that it can find you in and like the bad things it can drop you into

00:04:48   you know

00:04:49   like if you're being directed to the wrong place if you get yourself into a dangerous situation because the turn-by-turn is not good enough if

00:04:55   Like you lose where you are in the street because you know getting good street like it's very different to like

00:05:00   yeah, it's 25 degrees today rather than 20 degrees or like

00:05:05   like, it's raining now and I didn't know it was going to rain. You know, like those things

00:05:10   I don't think are as important, but hey, we'll see.

00:05:14   Yeah, I think that's all fair. I do think the weather app is a lot nicer in iOS 16.

00:05:20   Like I'm not going to be switching away from Carrotweather. It has a lot of features that

00:05:23   I really like, but it is way nicer and bringing a lot of information that people just didn't

00:05:30   have access to before if they were just using the stock app. I also really liked the weather

00:05:34   wallpapers they have and it's one that I wish I could set just the home screen to the weather

00:05:41   and use my own lock screen but Apple doesn't let you do that. The weather ones are married

00:05:45   together. But I would totally use like the weather wallpaper just behind my home screen

00:05:50   all the time.

00:05:51   Oh you can use that as a home screen thing. I had only, I just assumed it was lock screen

00:05:56   only. I hadn't tried that.

00:06:00   You can't use it independently just on the home screen.

00:06:03   It's lock screen or both.

00:06:05   That's very strange isn't it?

00:06:07   Yeah because I think it'd be cool to have that behind your icons all the time.

00:06:10   Especially when it's like stormy and stuff it's very exciting.

00:06:13   Yeah I haven't played around with that yet but I'm just looking now like when they changed

00:06:17   it but I don't know it doesn't look like it.

00:06:21   That's one of the options.

00:06:22   Mm-hmm.

00:06:23   No just like you choose photos which is strange.

00:06:25   Zach points out that we are 10 years from the launch of Apple Maps.

00:06:31   Wow.

00:06:32   That makes me feel old.

00:06:34   Because we talked about it on the prompt, I'm sure.

00:06:40   Uh...

00:06:41   Whoa-ee.

00:06:42   10 years ago?

00:06:45   Yeah.

00:06:47   No, we started the prompt nine years ago.

00:06:50   Yeah, I was going to say that doesn't feel right.

00:06:54   - Yeah. - That kind of timeframe.

00:06:56   - Yeah, the prompt was June 19th, 2013.

00:06:59   - Okay.

00:07:02   - And that was, yeah, 'cause we launched

00:07:04   the summer of iOS 7, 'cause a lot of those early shows,

00:07:07   we talked about iOS 7 a lot.

00:07:09   - Yeah, man, summer of iOS 7, that was a good time.

00:07:12   (laughing)

00:07:13   - Unless you put it on your carry phone.

00:07:14   - No, it was a great time, it was a great time.

00:07:17   - It was, it was fun.

00:07:19   Remember how thin that text was?

00:07:20   It was unusable. (laughing)

00:07:21   - It was great.

00:07:22   (speaking in foreign language)

00:07:24   - Yeah, ultra, ultra, ultra light.

00:07:26   - No.

00:07:27   - It's like if a hair, you know,

00:07:29   like fell on your phone screen, like is that a letter?

00:07:32   Is that a hair?

00:07:34   - Johnny knew what he was doing.

00:07:37   We just couldn't appreciate his brilliance.

00:07:40   - It's true.

00:07:40   And now he's gone.

00:07:42   - Now he's gone.

00:07:43   - I wanna update you on some sleep tracking stuff.

00:07:46   - Okay.

00:07:47   - We spoke about this a couple of weeks ago

00:07:49   about Apple's built-in sleep tracking

00:07:53   and sort of all the other features they tie to it,

00:07:55   like bedtime and wind down and all those things.

00:07:58   And we talked about using the watch for sleep tracking

00:08:00   and for the last two weeks I've been doing it.

00:08:04   So since we talked about this, I was like, you know what,

00:08:06   I'm gonna make a real run at tracking with the watch.

00:08:09   I'm doing the thing where I charge the watch every morning

00:08:12   as I like get a shower and like get ready

00:08:14   and then charge it for a little while at night,

00:08:16   usually about dinner time.

00:08:18   And that's been no problem.

00:08:20   Like I've got the Series 7,

00:08:21   the battery life is totally good enough

00:08:23   with just like a little bit of charging,

00:08:25   you're good to go.

00:08:26   And I don't even have it plugged into something

00:08:28   that can fast charge it.

00:08:29   You know, the current watches can fast charge

00:08:31   with a larger power brick.

00:08:32   I forget the exact details,

00:08:34   but mine is just plugged into like a multi USB thing

00:08:36   that has been plugged into forever behind my bed.

00:08:39   And that's totally been fine.

00:08:41   I've not had any days where I've all of a sudden

00:08:44   like 4 p.m. hit the low battery thing, right?

00:08:46   So I've been able to manage that really well.

00:08:48   But I decided to give Apple's sleep tracking a shot.

00:08:53   Now I am using Iowa 16 and watch OS 9,

00:08:56   so some of these details may be a little bit different

00:08:59   in the public releases, I'm just not sure,

00:09:01   because I didn't really use them a lot,

00:09:03   or at all really, previously to this.

00:09:05   So if some of this is a little bit different on your phone,

00:09:08   it may just be because I'm on the beta.

00:09:09   But I've been able to set Apple sleep tracking up

00:09:15   in a way that doesn't drive me bananas.

00:09:18   And there are actually some real upsides

00:09:20   to using their system.

00:09:23   So at first you have the schedule.

00:09:26   And I know that for you and Federico in particular,

00:09:30   probably him more so than you,

00:09:33   that's just kind of like a problematic thing

00:09:34   because of your schedules and where you work

00:09:37   and where you live and all those things.

00:09:39   But for me, I've been able to basically set two schedules,

00:09:43   one for the weekday, and then one for the weekend.

00:09:48   And so during the week, every day is basically the same,

00:09:52   especially now that school's back in,

00:09:53   I'm getting up, getting kids to school, all that stuff.

00:09:55   And then all weekends, I don't wanna sleep late usually,

00:09:58   and so I can, I still have a schedule set for that.

00:10:00   What is nice about these schedules

00:10:03   is you can customize basically how it works.

00:10:07   And so if you're in the alarm tab of the clock app,

00:10:11   it shows up there and you can tell it basically change the next time the phone is going to

00:10:21   wake you up.

00:10:22   And so say that it's Friday evening and I want to sleep in Saturday past my weekend

00:10:26   alarm, I can change that wake up just for the next day.

00:10:29   Now you do adjust that little wheel, right?

00:10:32   Yeah, the UI is strange.

00:10:33   Yeah, Adina does all of this.

00:10:34   She listened to the show and she's like, "Look, I do all of this."

00:10:36   And I'm like, I know, but like, I know who I am as a person.

00:10:40   And I, for me to feel comfortable

00:10:43   that I'm going to wake up the next day,

00:10:44   I have to set seven alarms.

00:10:46   - Yeah, so I do still have like a backup alarm

00:10:49   like three minutes later.

00:10:50   And I've always done that.

00:10:51   I've always had like two alarms back to back,

00:10:53   but it's not as intrusive as it seems

00:10:56   because you have options to turn off wind down

00:11:01   and the sleep reminders.

00:11:04   And those were things that sort of the nagging of it always bothered me.

00:11:08   I never cared for the wind down and it can do a bunch of different things.

00:11:11   Like I think wind down can like set your, like the screen

00:11:14   brightness and some other stuff.

00:11:15   Yeah.

00:11:16   I actually do use those features.

00:11:18   Interesting.

00:11:19   So, cause you don't need to have an alarm in the morning for that.

00:11:21   I have the wind down stuff all set up now on a sleep focus, the kind of thing.

00:11:26   Okay.

00:11:27   And it like, it does this weird thing with the color of your screen.

00:11:29   Like notification center goes really weird, almost like negative looking.

00:11:33   It's, it's very interesting.

00:11:34   Mm-hmm, so I'm not using

00:11:36   wind down for anything

00:11:40   But I am using a custom

00:11:43   lock

00:11:45   screen for

00:11:47   My sleep mode my sleep focus. So I have sleep focus turned on now

00:11:50   It's tied to the sleep thing in health, which is really weird. Like I feel like sleep because it

00:11:55   It traverses these different features, right? It's a focus mode. It's also in health. Like it's just kind of we're heading it up

00:12:03   (laughs)

00:12:05   It's a focus mode.

00:12:06   It's a health app.

00:12:07   - Are you getting it?

00:12:09   - You know, it's an alarm system.

00:12:11   (laughs)

00:12:12   This isn't just one.

00:12:13   - Yeah, so I really just changed the lock screen

00:12:15   to have some more like nighttime based things.

00:12:19   So like sunrise, the next alarm set,

00:12:22   Apple watch battery level,

00:12:25   just in case I messed up charging and I should--

00:12:28   - Well, that's interesting.

00:12:29   - And I should say,

00:12:31   backing up to the battery thing for a second,

00:12:34   you can set an option to have notifications

00:12:37   about battery charging, so it will remind you

00:12:39   if you haven't charged it before bed

00:12:41   and it thinks it's gonna not make it.

00:12:43   And if it's on charging, it will tell you

00:12:46   when the watch reaches 100%,

00:12:48   so you could grab it off the nightstand.

00:12:50   You know, maybe you still got a stand ring

00:12:51   or something to close, so that's all pretty nice.

00:12:54   So all in all, this actually has worked for me

00:12:57   a lot better than I thought it would.

00:13:00   I still think the setup is really too fiddly

00:13:02   and there's kind of like a lot of stuff going on.

00:13:04   But if you spend some time dialing back the options

00:13:07   exactly the way you want them,

00:13:09   you can, I think you can get this to a pretty usable state.

00:13:12   Now, if I'm out and about late past the bedtime I've set,

00:13:17   then yeah, my phone's gonna go into the sleep focus mode,

00:13:21   but it would do that if that was set on a schedule anyways.

00:13:23   And it's very easy to undo that and say,

00:13:25   "No, no, I'm not in bed yet."

00:13:28   And I'm using sleep plus plus as a third party app

00:13:31   by our friend Underscore to look at all the data.

00:13:34   It's on the health app too.

00:13:35   I tried auto sleep and auto sleep is beautiful,

00:13:38   but ultimately overwhelming to me.

00:13:40   It's like, I don't need this fine grained of information.

00:13:44   I kind of just want to know like,

00:13:46   okay, what time was I in bed?

00:13:48   What percentage of that was I awake or deep sleep,

00:13:50   that sort of thing.

00:13:51   And again, auto sleep is really nice

00:13:54   and you should definitely check it out

00:13:56   if you're looking into this.

00:13:57   But for me, Sleep++ being much simpler worked better for me.

00:14:01   And so I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and I don't know if I've like

00:14:06   really learned anything except that I actually,

00:14:09   I think I sleep a little better than I thought I did. Maybe it's,

00:14:12   it's interesting day to have,

00:14:14   and it's been interesting to set it up and see how it all works together on iOS

00:14:17   now.

00:14:18   So I haven't done this underscore developer of Sleep++.

00:14:21   He said that strangely, sleep++, he should call it that, sleep++.

00:14:27   he texted me and said, "You just got to do it."

00:14:28   And I was like, "Ah."

00:14:30   My issue, here's the thing I can't get over.

00:14:32   I don't want to sleep my watch on.

00:14:33   I don't want to do it.

00:14:35   I need to get over it.

00:14:36   I think it's too hot in the UK right now.

00:14:38   And so like, I don't want to sleep.

00:14:40   Maybe once it cools down a bit over here, I might try it.

00:14:44   But right now the idea of wearing my watch to sleep,

00:14:46   just, I don't like the thought of that at all.

00:14:49   - That's taking some getting used to.

00:14:51   And I'm using the Sport,

00:14:53   whatever the one with the Velcro in it is.

00:14:55   I forget all their names, Sport Loop.

00:14:56   - Sport loop.

00:14:57   - Sport loop and changing out the watch band

00:15:00   is kind of annoying doing it twice a day.

00:15:02   So I've just been wearing the sport loop just all the time.

00:15:05   And it's fine.

00:15:05   It gets very sweaty if you work out in it,

00:15:07   but that is pretty comfortable to sleep in.

00:15:10   I wouldn't want to sleep in something more,

00:15:13   I guess more rigid, like some of the rubbery ones,

00:15:16   but that definitely takes some getting used to.

00:15:18   And the first couple of nights I was very aware of it.

00:15:20   Like anytime I turned over,

00:15:22   I felt like I had this huge weight on my wrist.

00:15:23   Like, oh, let me bring my watch over here.

00:15:26   But even in a couple of weeks that's faded.

00:15:28   - I need to, but at the moment I'm trying to also

00:15:30   get used to falling asleep with AirPods in.

00:15:32   So like, you know, I'm doing that.

00:15:33   By the way, on that I'm using original AirPods,

00:15:37   not AirPods Pro, just sleep in.

00:15:39   - Oh good.

00:15:40   - Because it's more comfortable.

00:15:41   And also like, I know this could be an issue.

00:15:45   Like having earphones that go in your ears

00:15:48   is not good for like really long time periods.

00:15:51   So I've gone with the original AirPods

00:15:53   'cause they also fall out when I actually fall asleep,

00:15:56   right, like I like move my head or whatever

00:15:58   when I'm sleeping.

00:15:58   I always wake up and they're just like in the bed, you know?

00:16:02   But it's, we had like a pair of AirPods 2 in the house

00:16:05   that no one was using, so I've now taken those

00:16:07   and they are now my sleeping headphone.

00:16:09   - Do you have trouble like finding them the next morning?

00:16:13   Do they get lost?

00:16:14   - They're usually just around,

00:16:15   they're usually like underneath me somewhere

00:16:18   and it works fine.

00:16:19   - I was going to suggest you could like tie a little thing

00:16:21   between them and then I realized that's a terrible idea.

00:16:24   - That's a quick way to choke yourself, you know?

00:16:27   I was thinking that maybe I wanted to get the new AirPods

00:16:30   because the problem with the original AirPods

00:16:32   is the stem is really large and it presses on my ear.

00:16:35   So I'm thinking maybe I want just the newer ones.

00:16:37   They're the ones you use?

00:16:38   No, you use AirPods too, right?

00:16:40   - I do.

00:16:41   - With the big silly looking ones now to me.

00:16:43   - Yeah, they stick out like a mile.

00:16:45   - They look ridiculous now because they look like,

00:16:48   I looked like I could hold them in my fist.

00:16:51   That's kind of how it feels to me.

00:16:54   - Wolverine for AirPods.

00:16:56   - Okay, well I'm happy to see,

00:16:58   am I happy to hear that sleep tracking is good for you?

00:17:00   I don't know, 'cause that makes me feel like I gotta do it.

00:17:03   - I think you should at some point, but I mean,

00:17:04   you should, the wearing the watch is a big thing.

00:17:08   And so if that's gonna be uncomfortable,

00:17:10   wait till it cools down.

00:17:11   - I'll try it.

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00:19:11   I wanna go back in time a little bit.

00:19:12   - Okay. - To 2010,

00:19:14   the iPad is new, it's announced, maybe you got one,

00:19:18   but you need to do some real work on it, you know.

00:19:22   You don't wanna be consuming content,

00:19:25   you'll be making content.

00:19:26   And Apple has just the accessory for you,

00:19:28   a $69 nice keyboard dock accessory for the iPad.

00:19:32   You remember this thing?

00:19:34   - Of course I remember it.

00:19:35   - So I bought one for reasons, for the calendar.

00:19:40   - Okay.

00:19:42   And I sent you a photo of it and you were like, yeah, I had one and I had totally forgotten

00:19:47   about this.

00:19:48   I forgot that it existed and I forgot that you owned one.

00:19:50   So will you give us a, you know, a 12 years in review of the keyboard dock?

00:19:57   Do you think I still have it?

00:19:59   I mean, no, but you know, you could give, give us the reason you got it maybe.

00:20:03   Well, okay.

00:20:04   So let's just roll back in time.

00:20:06   I mean, there are a couple of reasons.

00:20:08   I mean the main reason I got it was because I wanted all the accessories for my iPad,

00:20:15   you know what I mean?

00:20:16   Like I was just excited about the iPad and I wanted accessories for it.

00:20:21   In the same way that I nearly bought the, when I got my original iPhone, I nearly bought

00:20:26   the hands-free thing.

00:20:27   Oh yeah.

00:20:28   You know?

00:20:29   I think it was bad.

00:20:30   And the only reason I didn't buy it was because Carphone Warehouse's system went down and

00:20:35   they were only taking, they couldn't take card payments because too many people were

00:20:38   trying to buy phones at the same time and it was the first time that had ever happened

00:20:42   and they weren't prepared for that and so I had to pay cash and I could only get out

00:20:46   enough cash from the ATM machine to pay for the iPhone. So I didn't get the hands-free

00:20:52   set but I did get the keyboard dock and for me it was just like well this seems like a

00:20:57   good idea right like this is the perfect like screen to write on you know maybe I think

00:21:03   back then I fancied that I could maybe be an Apple blogger you know I tried that a few

00:21:08   times. So I was like well this is the perfect minimal writing machine you know

00:21:13   that's what cool kids wanted, they wanted minimal writing machines you know

00:21:16   distraction free writing environments all that kind of all those kind of

00:21:21   buzzwords and I thought I need one of those and so I bought the keyboard dock

00:21:26   and what I ended up actually using it for and then I later on kept this going

00:21:32   with other products. So like as I moved to probably some form of lightning based iPad

00:21:40   as well, I would get like a magic keyboard and put it in front and have a little stand

00:21:44   as I used to use this for my podcast notes back in the day. So I would be recording on

00:21:52   a Mac and I never wanted to touch the Mac in case I somehow messed up something with

00:21:56   the recording. And I was also I think at that time using an 11 inch MacBook Air so I was

00:22:00   terrified of that machine being able to cope with anything I was trying to throw at it

00:22:04   at that time. So I would take all of my notes in Markdown in some app of some description

00:22:11   using a keyboard attached to an iPad and so I would just be taking my notes and they would

00:22:17   just be copy and pasted into a Squarespace field and that was good to go, you know?

00:22:21   Yeah, I never used one in the time period, I don't think. I mean, I had an original iPad

00:22:30   and I used it with, you know,

00:22:33   like Apple's Bluetooth keyboard at the time.

00:22:35   Eventually when our friends, Tom and Dan,

00:22:38   they had their foldy iPad keyboard thing.

00:22:42   What's that thing called?

00:22:44   The canopy.

00:22:45   Wow.

00:22:46   Used one of those for a long time.

00:22:48   And then of course now, you know,

00:22:49   Apple's got a wider range of them.

00:22:51   And I used some third-party keyboards over the years too,

00:22:54   but it's been kind of fun to have this thing around.

00:22:57   And like you put your iPad in it,

00:22:58   The iPad is in portrait mode because the 30-pin dock connector was on the short side like

00:23:03   the lightning or USB-C port is now.

00:23:05   It also makes sense for what it's to be used for.

00:23:10   And Apple, with that original iPad, launched iWork for the iPad.

00:23:16   And so you had pages and keynote and numbers, and they were like 10 bucks apiece, I think.

00:23:21   But yeah, you could open up pages or some other document, Evernote or whatever you were

00:23:27   doing.

00:23:28   type away. So it's kind of been fun to have one around this week and I mean it

00:23:33   is literally just a keyboard with like a piece of plastic on it. It's very funny

00:23:36   like it's how simple it is but I think a lot of people probably got a lot of

00:23:40   typing done on that thing. It's kind of funny really I was gonna

00:23:45   ask do you have an iPad that this works on and then realized who I'm asking? Yeah

00:23:51   I got a couple original iPads. They are heavy and thick. So have you actually

00:23:55   been doing a bunch of writing one of these things? I wish yeah I should I

00:24:01   should have it up to the side you know for my for my notes. Man so you had an 11

00:24:08   inch MacBook Air and this this would have been bigger on the desk that little

00:24:13   laptop. Probably. I love it. The original iPad. Yeah. Yeah.

00:24:19   of its weird back curved sides. I'm gonna just do it again because I can't stop. I'm

00:24:26   nearly done with the After Steve book so I'm not gonna have any more stories to

00:24:29   tell from it. But one of the things that was interesting in 2015, apparently

00:24:35   Apple's design team completely redesigned the iPad but it was deemed

00:24:40   too expensive and so the design was shelved right? Like this is one of the

00:24:44   things that I spoke about and I've been fascinated to try and understand what

00:24:48   that iPad was. I wonder if it was the flat side we got three years later. The

00:24:53   way that is told in the book seems to suggest that it was a design that never

00:24:56   came because it talks about making the iPad like significantly lighter. Hmm. I

00:25:02   wonder if they were they were gonna make it out of a different material. Maybe.

00:25:07   Maybe we're about to find out. Maybe in October. Well because they haven't they

00:25:13   haven't redesigned that iPad right? Yeah the original. It's still the original

00:25:17   iPad is still still it's still doing its thing. Yeah, it's very much like the that

00:25:22   the current design of like the regular not no adjective iPad is basically the

00:25:27   iPad Air. It's that sort of feel. That's that was a long time ago. I mean, the

00:25:33   iPad Air was what 2013 or 14 sometime in there. It's been a minute. We should talk

00:25:40   about iOS 16 beta five. This dropped on Monday, which was fine. I was I was

00:25:46   expecting beta five this week, but I kind of thought, Oh, it'll

00:25:48   be Tuesday or Wednesday. And then I pick up my phone on a

00:25:51   Monday. And there's a text from john is like, hey, beta five is

00:25:54   out. It's like, wait, what? It's Monday, the big change here on

00:25:58   the iPhone, at least is you can now put the battery percentage,

00:26:03   make that visible all the time on a phone with face ID. So with

00:26:08   the iPhone 10, get the battery indicator on the right hand

00:26:12   side, but the percentage was only available when you swipe

00:26:15   down into control center and it's been that way ever since. And back in the day, I had

00:26:21   the battery percentage, but with the iPhone 10 and later, I got used to not having it.

00:26:26   But now you can turn it back on. And there's a couple of interesting design decisions,

00:26:31   I think the numbers are pretty big within the little glyph of the battery. And the background

00:26:37   stays as if the battery were perfectly fully charged. When you go to low power mode, it

00:26:43   turns yellow and then if you're 10% or below it turns red which is 10% it

00:26:50   doesn't go at 20 isn't 20% the low battery warning no but if you don't have

00:26:56   low power mode on oh and maybe 10% yeah yes low power mode makes it yellow sorry

00:27:04   I misspoke so it's 20 at 20% it will go red unless you turn on your low power

00:27:08   mode? I think so. That would be consistent with how it is now and

00:27:13   there's what people are now telling us in the discord. I think the design is fine.

00:27:17   There were a couple of things on Twitter floating around, we'll have them

00:27:21   in the show notes, of people who sort of designed it thinking, you know, redesigned

00:27:26   it thinking that oh it should also show like the battery, the range, you know,

00:27:32   the fill of the battery should actually get smaller as the number goes

00:27:35   down but I feel like the number does that for you and it is most legible with a solid

00:27:41   background so I guess they didn't think they needed to do that but I thought it was interesting

00:27:47   that people responded so strongly to this design.

00:27:50   I have not seen a concept that I thought looked better than what Apple's come up with and

00:27:55   I'm not one to usually say this kind of stuff because I think it can be a bit tiresome but

00:28:00   I think this is one of those situations where they thought through every option and they've

00:28:07   given the one that is the clearest, most legible.

00:28:11   I can't imagine Apple's software design team were like, "Hey, we did this in one!"

00:28:19   Like our first idea here was the perfect one, let's not change it!

00:28:24   I imagine that they went through all of these, like what would it be like if it changed color?

00:28:28   what would it be like if it was going the whole way down?

00:28:32   Like all these kinds of, and like the whole,

00:28:34   no, I just think it's like, they just did it this way.

00:28:37   'Cause I also think for Apple,

00:28:39   they've been pretty clear, I think,

00:28:41   with the way that the battery stuff has worked

00:28:43   for the last few years.

00:28:44   Like 20 to 80, it's just whatever.

00:28:48   When it gets to 20, you're in a problem.

00:28:50   And like, that's how they're showing it to you right now.

00:28:52   So like when it gets down low, that's when it should,

00:28:54   when you're below 20, that's when it gets the little sliver.

00:28:58   I think the rest of the time, it's just like whatever, just show me the number.

00:29:01   Like I don't need to see an accurate percentage fill of the battery.

00:29:09   And like I don't, there is no utility in that at all for me.

00:29:13   Like the number, as you said, the number shows the thing.

00:29:15   And it starts to become messy.

00:29:19   Like for a big chunk of the time, you would have like half of the number

00:29:25   or a part of the number is a different color

00:29:27   to the other part of the number, right?

00:29:29   - I think that'd be really distracting,

00:29:30   but having that change all the time.

00:29:33   - And so I think this is just the best option

00:29:36   because they change the graphic when you go below 20, right?

00:29:41   And they show it as the little sliver,

00:29:43   but because then it's gone past the number.

00:29:46   - Yeah.

00:29:47   - Right, so like if you had it like anywhere from like 80%

00:29:51   all the way down to 20%,

00:29:52   there's just going to be a gradient

00:29:54   of like what part of the number is in a different,

00:29:57   no, no, no, this is cleaner.

00:29:59   I think they went with the right option here.

00:30:02   - Yeah, I do too.

00:30:03   What do you think overall about the return of this?

00:30:08   I mean, did you use it in the pre-Face ID phones?

00:30:12   - Yes.

00:30:14   - And are you using it now in the beta?

00:30:15   - Yeah, I mean, it turned on on its own.

00:30:17   - Yeah, it did, which I thought was interesting.

00:30:20   - And I've just left it on.

00:30:22   I mean it's fine like now I have the percentage because I would quite frequently want to check

00:30:26   the percentage of my battery so I pull down from control center and now I don't need to

00:30:29   do that. I think there's a reason they've decided to do it now but I'm not sure what

00:30:34   that reason is. I expect it's related to the iPhone 14 Pro but I don't know how right like

00:30:41   is this something to do with the always on display or is this something to do with the

00:30:45   noxious phone design like I think it's one of those things like I don't think this is

00:30:50   they just like all of a sudden someone's like oh my gosh we forgot to put the

00:30:55   percentage the whole time like years we forgot to put the percentage there right

00:30:58   like 2017 or whatever exactly and it's not like there's been a crusade over the

00:31:05   last six months to bring this back like people have wanted this for ages and

00:31:09   people were really upset when it went away and I feel like I haven't heard

00:31:12   anybody talk about this in a long time so I expect it's related to the iPhone

00:31:17   14 Pro which is supposed to get both of those features but I'm just not sure how yet.

00:31:23   I've got it on for now.

00:31:25   Casey tweeted something really interesting that it just adds stress and like I get that

00:31:30   and I think actually he's like mostly right.

00:31:33   I don't know if I'll keep it on forever.

00:31:35   Right now I have it on because again just my experience in the betas has been is the

00:31:39   battery life's pretty bad still and I find myself keeping a closer eye on my phone battery

00:31:46   this summer than I have in a long time and so I've got it on for now we'll see

00:31:53   if it if it stays on long term. I don't believe this but if Casey was here on

00:31:58   this show with me right now the thing that I would do because I like to make

00:32:01   fun of Casey likes him to poke fun at me I like poke fun at Casey right what I

00:32:05   would say is buddy if that's one of the biggest stresses in your life I want

00:32:08   your life. Yeah yeah that's true. Like all the things in my life that I could get

00:32:15   stressed about seeing the number of the percentage of my battery is not one of

00:32:18   them yeah but I do understand where he's coming from of like if this is something

00:32:23   that you see like oh man I need to charge your phone like you most like 90

00:32:27   percent of the time you actually don't need to charge your phone like your

00:32:30   phone's gonna be fine like like you you can get these phones to such big

00:32:35   batteries now you're probably good but like I do wonder like so if you don't

00:32:40   see the percentage do you just never stress about your battery life like I

00:32:43   I don't know which one is the right way around.

00:32:46   But I will say, if you look at a number and you're like,

00:32:48   oh man, I need to charge my phone,

00:32:49   you should probably turn the feature off

00:32:51   'cause you are thinking about it too much.

00:32:54   For me now, it's just like, honestly, I look at my phone.

00:32:57   For me, I'm getting the pleasure of like,

00:32:59   man, the battery life on this phone is good

00:33:01   'cause I just, at the end, I come to the end of the day

00:33:03   and I'm still in double digit percentage numbers.

00:33:06   I'm like, yeah.

00:33:07   - He did put hot take with fire emoji,

00:33:09   so take that with a grain of salt, I guess.

00:33:11   - And he also turned off replies.

00:33:13   I was actually pretty proud of him in this moment,

00:33:16   but Casey turned replies off to that tweet.

00:33:18   I was like, he's learning, you know?

00:33:21   - This option is not available on the mini phones,

00:33:24   I guess because of the size that it takes up.

00:33:27   - That's 'cause the battery's so bad.

00:33:28   (both laughing)

00:33:30   They don't want people knowing.

00:33:32   'Cause you just, you turn the screen on of an iPhone mini

00:33:34   and you just watch it start ticking down.

00:33:36   - Maybe, maybe.

00:33:37   One feature I really am glad they've added

00:33:42   is a copy and delete option when dealing with screenshots.

00:33:47   So we've all done this a thousand times,

00:33:50   take a screenshot on your phone.

00:33:52   You don't wanna save it,

00:33:53   you're gonna copy it out to iMessage or something.

00:33:57   And there's a share sheet option in that screenshot UI,

00:34:02   but very often I would just copy it

00:34:06   'cause it's just quicker to go into Discord or Slack

00:34:08   or wherever and paste it in.

00:34:10   but now there's an option for copy and delete.

00:34:13   So it puts it on your clipboard,

00:34:15   but it does not save the screenshot to photos.

00:34:18   And this like perfectly fits

00:34:20   with the way that I use this feature.

00:34:22   I'm sure Apple, when they designed it,

00:34:24   it was, oh, people just use the share sheet,

00:34:26   but then I got a bunch of screenshots to contend with.

00:34:28   This is so good and my hat is off to whoever got it in here.

00:34:33   - Yep, this is exactly one of those things

00:34:35   where this is just, this feature is made by somebody

00:34:39   who uses this feature, right?

00:34:41   This is exactly what this tells you.

00:34:44   If you're looking for this, by the way,

00:34:45   'cause I was confused, it's under the Done button.

00:34:48   So you take the screenshot, you press Done,

00:34:51   and then you get save to photos, save to quick notes,

00:34:54   save to files, copy and delete, delete screenshot.

00:34:56   So you gotta copy and delete,

00:34:58   and then it immediately puts it on your clipboard

00:35:00   and then just deletes, and then also, therefore,

00:35:02   gets rid of the thing,

00:35:06   like the UI.

00:35:09   So that's why for me,

00:35:10   even if I was gonna put it in the share sheet,

00:35:12   this is faster

00:35:13   'cause then I still have to press done and then delete

00:35:16   or like press the trashcan or whatever.

00:35:19   So this is actually quicker.

00:35:20   'Cause most of the time for me,

00:35:22   if I'm sending somebody a screenshot,

00:35:25   I also then have something to tell them.

00:35:27   So like, and if I'm putting it in Slack,

00:35:28   for me like Slack's whole thing is not awesome.

00:35:31   What do you call it?

00:35:34   The share sheet thing.

00:35:35   So I would prefer to take a screenshot, copy it,

00:35:38   and now do the copy and delete, then paste it into Slack,

00:35:41   add my text and send it all in once, right?

00:35:43   So that feels like good Slack etiquette

00:35:46   rather than like sending a screenshot

00:35:48   and then following up with the text.

00:35:50   So like somebody gets the notification,

00:35:51   they open it, it's just a screenshot.

00:35:53   It's like, "Oh God, what's wrong with this?"

00:35:54   - Yeah.

00:35:55   - You know, Steven is typing.

00:35:56   So I don't know what to do now, you know what I mean?

00:35:58   - Hello.

00:35:59   - Yeah, I think I've said this before.

00:36:01   Steven is very bad with this, you know,

00:36:05   like when people say like, "Hey, I need to talk to you."

00:36:07   Or, "Hi, I've got something to say."

00:36:09   Steven does this, he's one of those people.

00:36:11   He's like, "Hi, I need to tell you something, send."

00:36:14   And then starts writing the rest of it, not good.

00:36:17   That's toxic, that's your toxic trait, right?

00:36:20   That's your toxic trait, is that.

00:36:23   - I was listening to the waveform podcast this weekend.

00:36:26   - Yeah, this is what made me think of it.

00:36:27   - Marquez was like,

00:36:28   "I use different calendar and task apps sometimes."

00:36:31   It's like, dude, that's not a toxic trait,

00:36:32   that's just being a nerd.

00:36:34   - Yeah, he--

00:36:34   - And he talked about remember the milk,

00:36:36   which made me happy.

00:36:37   - Oh my God.

00:36:38   Yeah, see, where he was coming from was good initially,

00:36:42   right, which is the idea of people who set alarms as tasks.

00:36:47   - Yeah.

00:36:48   - Right, that's the toxic trait.

00:36:49   - That's my mother-in-law.

00:36:50   - Using different apps is not a toxic trait at all.

00:36:54   Well, maybe it is, but I do it too,

00:36:56   so I'm gonna say it isn't.

00:36:58   - Yeah, but yeah, using alarms as tasks management

00:37:03   is an abomination.

00:37:05   - Yeah, using Dew as a task manager is bad enough.

00:37:09   (laughing)

00:37:11   Alarms is another step further.

00:37:13   - Yeah, I'm not using Dew.

00:37:14   I've got my medications in the health app.

00:37:17   - I use Dew for a bunch of things,

00:37:18   but I don't use it as like task management.

00:37:21   It's like simple reminders. - Right, it's like,

00:37:22   take out the trash or pay the light bill.

00:37:26   That's a task. - Yeah, exactly.

00:37:28   I'm not like, prepare for connected, is it?

00:37:32   - Right.

00:37:33   - I am also by the way here again, burning Casey.

00:37:37   - Wait, does he use do as his task manager?

00:37:39   - Oh yeah, yeah.

00:37:40   - Yeah, but I mean like,

00:37:41   he doesn't have as much going on as we do.

00:37:43   - I mean, what, he's got like,

00:37:44   he's got a do thing that says worry about your battery.

00:37:47   You know what I mean?

00:37:48   That's as much as he's got going on.

00:37:50   - Think about running ethernet in my house.

00:37:52   (laughing)

00:37:53   Watch the car.

00:37:54   - Check the garage door.

00:37:56   - Check the garage door, yeah, that's right.

00:37:57   - You know, all the big Casey tasks.

00:38:00   hug my, hug my, uh, Synology. Be one of the best human beings on the planet, you know,

00:38:05   like all the typical Casey Tucks. I do love him. So do I. I also love to make fun of him.

00:38:10   Yeah. You know? That's true love, I feel like. Mm-hmm. Can we talk about this playing live

00:38:15   visualizer business on the-- Yes, amazing. --block screen? Is it? Oh, I love it. Oh,

00:38:19   it's so good. It's so useless. But that's why it's so good. Come on. Don't you remember

00:38:23   Good Apple, Whimsical Apple? Come on. Okay, so can you explain what this is for people?

00:38:28   In the now playing live activity, because it's a live activity now, the now playing

00:38:33   screen, in the top right hand corner, there's now just a little visualiser which is live

00:38:40   and accurate-ish to the audio that's playing.

00:38:45   Why not have it there?

00:38:46   It's fun.

00:38:47   What I actually do think there is utility to it, which is it shows you some audio is

00:38:51   playing which I tell you where that's useful.

00:38:54   You've got your AirPods in and it hasn't connected.

00:38:57   Yeah, and you can now see that there's audio playing somewhere, but maybe it's not where you want it to be. I like it

00:39:04   I just think it's nice

00:39:06   It could be useful maybe but I just like the way it looks it's I think it's like a fun little thing to have

00:39:10   I'm not sure that it's worth the space. What else is gonna be there? Nothing else is there? Yeah, that's fine

00:39:16   We can have white space

00:39:17   But why when you can put a fun little feature though or you can make the text a little wider so you can see more

00:39:22   of your song title

00:39:23   Ah, who needs that? It'll scroll. You'll get it eventually.

00:39:26   Yeah. I do like on this lock screen now playing UI, in the bottom right you have like the AirPlay

00:39:34   option and if you connected to CarPlay, it shows the CarPlay icon. Like it is useful to see where

00:39:39   audio is going. Yeah, the problem is the AirPods Pro SF symbol is weird looking. And that's what

00:39:47   they replace it with and I believe it's an SF symbol. It looks very strange.

00:39:51   I mean, it's a good use for that.

00:39:52   It looks like Birdo from Mario 2.

00:39:55   [laughter]

00:39:57   And I'm not the first person to say this,

00:39:59   because I think people compared the AirPods Pro to Birdo initially.

00:40:05   But this, the little symbol looks a lot like Birdo,

00:40:08   and it's very weird.

00:40:11   So that's what I had to say on the matter.

00:40:15   Talking about betas, we've got Beta 5.

00:40:17   We're talking about iOS.

00:40:19   How is the beta on the Mac?

00:40:22   Basically, mostly unchanged. Stage Manager is fine. It's not buggy like it is on the iPad.

00:40:28   Okay. Setting the Settings app is still garbage and weirdly broken and hard to use. But you know,

00:40:34   compatibility wise, I haven't had any issues. I'm running it on my notebook and like it's it's been

00:40:39   fine. The battery life is fine. I do have this issue. I don't know what beta it is. I tend to

00:40:44   blame Ventura, but I don't really have a reason for that. But like my Safari bookmarks get scrambled,

00:40:49   like all out of order, it's like three times a day.

00:40:52   Like I'll be sitting on my working on my Mac studio,

00:40:55   which is running Monterey, and all of a sudden

00:40:59   my bookmark folders are in the wrong order.

00:41:02   And that's a little frustrating.

00:41:03   But, you know, that's iCloud and beta.

00:41:05   Like if that's the worst that happens, honestly, I'm doing OK.

00:41:08   I am still very

00:41:12   excited about using stage manager on the Mac.

00:41:16   I think it makes more sense on the Mac than the iPad,

00:41:19   just because you have more space.

00:41:20   You know, maybe that's different

00:41:21   if you're using a 13 inch iPad Pro,

00:41:23   but I don't, haven't had one of those in a long time.

00:41:26   And I haven't used the beta on one of those.

00:41:28   So using a beta on like a, you know, 11 inch, you know,

00:41:32   iPad Pro or Air,

00:41:33   the couple of times I've gotten to play with it,

00:41:35   it just feels a bit cramped.

00:41:36   I don't know.

00:41:37   I'm not using it.

00:41:38   Like it doesn't really jive with the way that I work,

00:41:40   but it's fine.

00:41:42   - I just like, I find myself like I'm using my Mac

00:41:45   and I have so many apps open.

00:41:47   And I'm like, I think I would like to have these in stage manager rather than

00:41:51   having like six spaces. I don't want six spaces. I don't, I really,

00:41:56   I don't want to use spaces at all anymore now that stage manager is a thing that

00:41:59   exists. So I'm excited about it. I am excited about it.

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00:43:46   - 1Password 8 is now available for iOS.

00:43:50   - What did it eat?

00:43:51   - Actually nothing, which is kind of interesting.

00:43:55   What it didn't eat was 1Password 7.

00:43:57   - Oh, it's good.

00:43:59   I wasn't setting you up, but I'm glad you took it.

00:44:01   - Because 1Password 7 is still on the App Store.

00:44:05   1Password 8 is its own app.

00:44:08   And I find that strange to start with.

00:44:12   I haven't looked into this. I should have now. I just said it like,

00:44:15   I don't know if they've said why they're doing this. I mean,

00:44:18   I can imagine why because it's at a different direction and maybe they don't want

00:44:22   to deal with like people getting upset about a forced, uh,

00:44:26   update, you know, like if it's all different, it looks different,

00:44:30   but I don't know what their plan is for moving people over.

00:44:35   So seven,

00:44:37   7 also still supports some syncing options that they're not using moving forward.

00:44:43   Okay.

00:44:44   And so they did this on the Mac as well.

00:44:47   8 is a separate SKU than 7 because some people are still using those older sync methods and

00:44:53   aren't ready to move.

00:44:54   I mean, I expect at some point then there's going to be one password and one password,

00:44:58   classic or something.

00:44:59   Yeah, I don't know.

00:45:00   I feel like they've got to drop the numbers at some point.

00:45:02   I don't know why the numbers need to be there.

00:45:04   - I think this is the best way to go about it,

00:45:06   even if it means that the adoption

00:45:08   of the new version is slower.

00:45:10   I mean, 1Password 8 on the Mac in particular

00:45:14   came with a lot of conversation about it,

00:45:19   being Electron and being so different.

00:45:21   And I think they learned from that.

00:45:23   And I'll say this, I mean, 1Password 8,

00:45:27   I was on the beta for a long time.

00:45:29   The final version, there are some bugs in it

00:45:31   in terms of layout and UI stuff,

00:45:34   which we'll get to in a second, but overall, I really like it.

00:45:38   And I really like on the phone. Yeah. Okay. It's fine.

00:45:42   Sorry. I just wanted to check. I wasn't sure which one you mean.

00:45:44   Yeah. Sorry. It's fine on the Mac, but on the phone, I really like it. Uh,

00:45:47   mainly for the customization. So yeah.

00:45:50   On the sort of main screen of the app,

00:45:53   you can hide and add sections and you can rearrange them. So they have, uh,

00:45:59   some of those really cool called pinned fields.

00:46:01   So it's just like the small UI at the top for anything you pin.

00:46:05   And so.

00:46:06   You can pin like your Twitter password and just shows up as a little item at

00:46:10   the top and you tap on it and copy it.

00:46:13   Um, that's really cool.

00:46:15   I would imagine if you have like a two factor authentication number, you need

00:46:19   often or something, you know, but you can basically pin anything from any entry up

00:46:24   there at the, uh, at the top, which is really cool.

00:46:26   And then you have, you know, favorites, which has been part of one password

00:46:29   forever. But then you have some smart lists. So recently created, recently used,

00:46:35   recently modified and frequently used. And I've got a couple of these turned on

00:46:41   because if very often I will change the password or a detail or create something

00:46:46   new, and then I'll need it on my phone. Like maybe I'm setting it up on the Mac

00:46:50   for some new app I'm trying and then I needed on the phone. Like having those

00:46:54   there with quick access is actually pretty cool.

00:46:58   And I think this customizable main screen, uh,

00:47:02   is a great addition to this app. I'm really, I'm really digging that direction.

00:47:06   The frequent recent thing is a smart,

00:47:09   cause I set up a bunch of favorites once upon a time and then stopped needing

00:47:14   that or like the list changed and I was lazy and didn't change it.

00:47:20   And so like the favorites part for me is kind of a bit like

00:47:23   old and busted, then there's just like a bunch of

00:47:25   incomplete stuff in here that I also don't really use

00:47:28   'cause I just tend to search for things.

00:47:30   But this is just like a great way to surface stuff.

00:47:32   I need you to tell me how I pin things.

00:47:35   - Yeah, so like, you know, find a login or something

00:47:38   and then you long press on some part of it.

00:47:42   - Pin to home.

00:47:43   - So like, so I'm looking at like my Apple ID password

00:47:46   and then there's a pin to home

00:47:48   and then it will show up there.

00:47:50   Oh, so one-time passwords is where this is best.

00:47:53   I think so.

00:47:54   Because just pinning a password seems, I mean, I guess you could do it.

00:47:59   I'm going to think about what I'm on.

00:48:01   Yeah, if it's something you need often, but I think it's pretty, pretty clever.

00:48:05   I wouldn't mind something like this on the Mac.

00:48:07   And you can set it where if you tap on the pinned item,

00:48:10   it copies or you can set it where it shows it in large type.

00:48:14   So say that you have a password, you enter manually a bunch,

00:48:18   you could have it on there and tap it to get it in large type

00:48:22   so you can type it on your other device.

00:48:24   It's well thought through and it's all using Swift UI

00:48:28   and some of the visual weirdness I've seen,

00:48:31   I think it's just because it's Swift UI.

00:48:33   It's using Rust for the backend like they do

00:48:36   on the Mac and Windows and Android,

00:48:38   but Swift UI is the UI choice.

00:48:41   And I find that interesting

00:48:42   'cause the Mac, they went with Electron

00:48:44   and I don't know the reason why they split that.

00:48:47   It feels like those decisions were not made at the same time.

00:48:51   I don't know that.

00:48:52   I find that using SwiftUI for it is just really interesting,

00:48:55   'cause it is a bit complicated app,

00:48:57   and it does give it a nice modern look,

00:49:00   but obviously different from where they went on the desktop.

00:49:04   - Yeah, the thing that I am struck by,

00:49:05   which is a surprise to me,

00:49:06   is now the 1Password on the phone and the Mac

00:49:10   look more different than they have ever looked,

00:49:12   which is, that was not what I was expecting.

00:49:15   Like, now I'm surprised that there is functionality

00:49:20   in the iPhone version that's not in the Mac version.

00:49:24   I mean, I guess there are some similarities,

00:49:26   but they're also different, if that makes sense,

00:49:28   which I find peculiar.

00:49:31   That wasn't what I was expecting.

00:49:33   Like, I can't customize all the stuff here

00:49:36   on the Mac app, like a can on the phone, right?

00:49:39   I don't got any of those features, which is odd.

00:49:41   So yeah, I've noticed some buggy things.

00:49:43   Like, we're talking about that customization field.

00:49:45   like when you go to the home screen and you customize

00:49:47   and there are like these little drag things,

00:49:49   they work for me like the actual dragon works for me

00:49:52   like 10% of the time where I try and drag something

00:49:54   like most of the time it just doesn't end up

00:49:58   doing the dragging.

00:49:59   What I will say though, this is the least Swift UI

00:50:02   looking Swift UI app that I've used.

00:50:04   It just doesn't look like other apps

00:50:08   and I'm not saying that's good or bad.

00:50:10   It's just, I feel like a lot of apps that I've used

00:50:13   in SwiftUI, I maybe would be able to tell, but this one not.

00:50:18   And what that maybe tells me is I'm using loads of SwiftUI apps

00:50:21   and I don't even know about it.

00:50:23   Because you can get--

00:50:25   I think what it is is--

00:50:27   one of SwiftUI's big benefits is that you can get up and going

00:50:31   pretty quickly.

00:50:33   And so I think a lot of developers

00:50:35   where maybe they just want to get up and going,

00:50:37   from a design perspective, they use a lot more system control.

00:50:41   and clearly you don't need to use a lot of system control.

00:50:45   So I guess similarly, actually now I'm saying it,

00:50:47   WidgetSmith doesn't look like any other app

00:50:50   that I use either,

00:50:51   and I know that Dave's using SwiftUI for that,

00:50:53   so I guess there is stuff that you can do here

00:50:56   which isn't necessarily just using the out of the box stuff.

00:50:59   - Right.

00:51:01   - I'm upset that they do not offer a dark mode icon.

00:51:05   - Oh no. - Just a silver icon.

00:51:07   I was using the dark icon and then I just have a silver icon

00:51:10   and I would like a dark icon back, please.

00:51:13   'Cause now the icon on my home screen has changed

00:51:15   and I don't want that to happen.

00:51:17   But it's happened.

00:51:18   - Yeah, bring it back, 1Password.

00:51:20   - Yeah, I would say overall I'm happy with this.

00:51:23   'Cause I would say for me, like,

00:51:24   the Mac app has been great.

00:51:26   Like 1Password 8 on the Mac, it's been great.

00:51:28   I don't have any problems with it.

00:51:30   - No, I mean, I ran the beta of that too

00:51:33   and they made a lot of progress.

00:51:35   And I've said this before on this show and on MPU,

00:51:39   where 1Password is a current sponsor,

00:51:43   but that doesn't make any difference to me

00:51:45   in terms of the way we cover it.

00:51:46   In terms of like the religious fight over Electron

00:51:53   on the Mac, if it's good or bad for the platform,

00:51:56   I just find uninteresting.

00:51:57   Like if these technical decisions work well

00:52:01   for the companies and it means that 1Password

00:52:04   gets updates everywhere more quickly

00:52:07   and it still works with all my browsers

00:52:10   and it still has the little menu bar app.

00:52:14   And now they even do things like the,

00:52:16   like one of my favorite things on the Mac

00:52:17   is the full, like basically fill a password anywhere

00:52:21   where it like screen reads

00:52:22   and figures out what the fields are.

00:52:24   I love that thing.

00:52:25   And it is awesome to log into something

00:52:28   like the Mac App Store,

00:52:29   where I feel like I'm logged out every three days,

00:52:32   to just use one password there without copying and pasting.

00:52:35   And so I've got no problems with these directions

00:52:38   because the feature set continues to get better.

00:52:41   And--

00:52:42   - I like the idea of that feature.

00:52:45   My problem is it does not work 100% of the time.

00:52:48   - Yeah, it's not flawless for sure.

00:52:50   - And so because of that, I don't use it.

00:52:53   Because I never know if I'm like gonna try and do the thing

00:52:56   and then it doesn't work

00:52:56   and I have to copy the password anyway.

00:52:58   - That's fair.

00:52:59   - So I just bring up the little, the new little mini thing,

00:53:03   which I actually quite like.

00:53:04   you know, I just press like command and backslash

00:53:07   and it just pops it up.

00:53:08   And then you can navigate that

00:53:09   with the keyboard really easily.

00:53:11   So I just do that.

00:53:12   - So that's, yeah, what's one password eight?

00:53:15   I'm digging it on the phone.

00:53:17   I'd like to see some of the customization come to the Mac.

00:53:19   I think that'd be really cool.

00:53:20   Especially the pen things.

00:53:22   That is super awesome.

00:53:24   - I've unified the backend, split the front end

00:53:27   and in the same position again.

00:53:29   (both laughing)

00:53:31   - I bet these features end up in the desktop app

00:53:34   some point. I hope so. Amazon is buying iRobot for 1.7 billion dollars.

00:53:42   Look Jeff Bezos needs a lot of Roombas for that big house of his.

00:53:46   Yeah iRobot make Roomba and the mop one I forget the name of.

00:53:53   Mop bot? Mop bot. We'll call it mop bot. I don't think it's called that. We can find out the

00:54:00   answer though these things are available to us they call the Rava Rava I don't

00:54:05   know why it's not just called the room bum up like I don't know why they needed

00:54:08   a second brand they make handheld vacuums I did not know that every time I

00:54:13   see the iRobot branding I'm like wait is that the room book company it's just

00:54:17   they have air purifiers now it is wild to me that they kept that name going as

00:54:22   long as they did well they lead into it right that they didn't just rebrand the

00:54:26   company to just Roomba. Yeah but it's like the iRobot OS is like the software

00:54:31   they built for them they've they've gone nobody nobody knows the brand right no

00:54:36   I don't think about the movie yeah and it's also a book right yes as a movie's

00:54:42   based on a book so yeah Amazon's buying them for 1.7 billion dollars the CEO is

00:54:49   gonna stay on and run the company so it's gonna be I expect will just be

00:54:56   call iRobot or maybe Amazon make them change the name to Roomba but same as

00:55:01   Ring, same as Eero, these are companies that have continued to run somewhat

00:55:07   independently or you know but I'm sure like like Eero you'll be able to sign in

00:55:12   with your Amazon account at some point which just makes sense. This is a time

00:55:17   people keep saying I just listened to Ben Thompson say this today this is the

00:55:22   time for acquisitions because stock prices are down so if you're a company

00:55:25   with cash you can just buy up the company if you've had your eye on for a

00:55:28   while and so that's happening. Here's my hope for this. My hope is that Roombas

00:55:36   get cheaper now because Roombas are expensive like I'm always surprised how

00:55:42   expensive the top-of-the-line Roombas are. They are expensive products. My hope

00:55:47   now is that with Amazon they might drive the prices down a bit because that's

00:55:51   Amazon's thing they sell their own hardware stuff really cheaply right like

00:55:56   compare it compared to other products of that class the echoes are cheap products

00:56:04   yes yeah they're subsidizing it with everything else they do right and people

00:56:08   point out in the discord that like Eros but Eros weren't very expensive for

00:56:12   their product class Roomba's are expensive products so I would hope that

00:56:16   that that would be the case but also I'm I'm like it I think like anybody that

00:56:22   gets a Roomba I love Roomba yep like the products are fantastic and now this

00:56:28   means that the company won't go out of business which I'm really happy about

00:56:31   right and now they're less likely to go out of business because now Amazon has

00:56:36   to go out of business and if Amazon goes out of business we've got a lot more

00:56:39   problems the internet doesn't work any that our robots not working yeah exactly

00:56:43   So I'm pretty I'm pretty jazzed about it to be honest. The CEO sticking around is

00:56:49   is very similar to how other things have gone. So when they bought Eero which was

00:56:57   rumored to be like 98 million dollars they paid basically nothing for Eero but

00:57:01   Eero was apparently kind of in bad financial straits at the time. Their CEO

00:57:07   and most of the leadership team stayed on and when they bought Ring for a

00:57:12   similar amount of money to them buying iRobot, the CEO and leadership stuck

00:57:19   around. This seems to be how Amazon likes doing this. We're like these companies,

00:57:22   from what I've heard of interviews of the Eero guy whose name escapes me, they

00:57:28   basically still operate like companies, you know, they're within Amazon and then

00:57:32   they can can work and navigate the Amazon infrastructure, but they're still

00:57:38   doing their own thing, their own product development, and honestly I think

00:57:41   think that that has worked pretty well for Amazon, especially when you contrast

00:57:47   it to like what happened with Google and Nest, right? Like Nest was independent

00:57:52   within Google, then it was an alphabet and they folded it in and everybody left

00:57:56   and it was like, they've run into the ground.

00:57:58   And then they, they unfolded it again, and then did nothing with it. Right?

00:58:04   Because it's its own brand again, isn't it? Nest by Google?

00:58:07   - I think so, but it's interesting.

00:58:12   There's a lot of reasons Amazon would want to do this,

00:58:17   I think, I mean, it's another kind of smart home

00:58:21   type business and they can integrate it

00:58:23   with their assistant and everything.

00:58:25   There's already a skill for the Echo line

00:58:28   where you can ask the tube to run your vacuum,

00:58:31   but there's obviously concerns here from some people

00:58:36   about what does this mean from like a privacy perspective

00:58:40   because Roomba is at least like the new,

00:58:44   sort of higher end ones.

00:58:45   Mine's a couple years old now,

00:58:47   but it was like the nicest one when it was for sale new.

00:58:51   You know, it does map my house and if you go in the app,

00:58:55   like, I mean, the map kind of looks like it was drawn

00:58:56   by a four year old, but like it kind of gets,

00:58:59   you know what my house looks like.

00:59:01   You know, quite frankly, like I don't see,

00:59:04   Like what's Amazon going to do with that compared to what they already know about

00:59:08   me in terms of purchasing and my purchasing at Whole Foods. And yeah, you know,

00:59:12   and I mean, I get like, I'm a guy with ring cameras and a Euro system.

00:59:16   Like I'm fine with Amazon products in my household if you're not.

00:59:20   And that's where you've drawn your line. That's fine.

00:59:23   I will ask, I will ask, I was just asked the question flatly. You'll be nice.

00:59:26   What do you think Amazon want the layout of your home for?

00:59:29   What do you think they're going to do?

00:59:30   I don't know. That's yeah.

00:59:31   Amazon don't care about the shape of your living room.

00:59:35   You give them everything already.

00:59:38   You buy from them.

00:59:40   - Yeah. - Right?

00:59:41   That's all they want.

00:59:42   They just wanna know what products you buy.

00:59:43   They don't wanna know what dust is under your sofa.

00:59:47   Like they don't care about that.

00:59:49   And I know that they do the ring thing with police,

00:59:55   but like that's a different thing, right?

00:59:57   I'm not talking about that.

00:59:58   - That's bad news, right?

00:59:59   and Ring lacked into encryption and some others.

01:00:03   Like Ring's been problematic.

01:00:05   And I went into the ecosystem knowing all that

01:00:07   and you can turn, you can change all your settings

01:00:09   to make that basically better.

01:00:11   And you know, if I don't know how much the Roomba can see,

01:00:16   right, in terms of like its sensors or like a camera,

01:00:20   and I get that, right,

01:00:21   and everyone has to make their own decisions.

01:00:23   - Every technology company gives information

01:00:27   to police when compelled to.

01:00:30   Like, none of them don't do that.

01:00:32   - Yeah, well, it's the law.

01:00:34   - Yes, so like maybe Ring do it more than others.

01:00:38   Like, sure, but you cannot buy technology

01:00:42   assuming that that won't happen to you.

01:00:45   It can all happen to you.

01:00:47   It might be different, the information that they give,

01:00:49   but like, is your security camera less or more risky for you

01:00:54   than your iMessages?

01:00:56   because if you use iCloud backup,

01:00:59   then your iMessage information can be given to the police.

01:01:02   So like, you know, there is no,

01:01:06   there are ways to protect you from all this stuff,

01:01:09   but then you can't benefit from a lot of the things

01:01:12   that you would like to benefit from,

01:01:13   like backing up your phone, right?

01:01:16   Good luck backing up your phone without iCloud.

01:01:19   So like, I get, like it is healthy to be skeptical,

01:01:23   but like just to naturally assume

01:01:25   that every company or like every company that's not Apple

01:01:29   is gonna give your information away to the government,

01:01:31   like Apple do it as well.

01:01:33   So let's just put all of our cards on the table here.

01:01:36   - Yeah, I think that's well said.

01:01:39   I'm not, you know, I'm not gonna be taping over

01:01:43   the sensors on my room, but I'm gonna continue to use it.

01:01:47   You know, for me, it's like where my line sort of fell

01:01:51   in this is that, I mean, we use HomePods in the house,

01:01:54   mostly because I switched everything to home kit,

01:01:58   worked a little bit better,

01:01:59   and the HomePod, like the one big HomePod I have left

01:02:02   that's still alive is in the kitchen

01:02:03   and it sounds incredible,

01:02:04   and we listen to a lot of music on it.

01:02:06   You know, for me, like I wouldn't put one of these,

01:02:10   one of these smart home things with a camera,

01:02:11   like in the bedroom, right?

01:02:13   Like my wife would not want that, I don't want that.

01:02:14   So I would not have like an Echo Show.

01:02:16   I would not have that in the bedroom.

01:02:17   But my iPhone sits on my nightstand

01:02:20   and it's got four cameras on it, right?

01:02:21   Like, so there's, none of these lines are perfect.

01:02:24   And it's really about kind of wherever you fall

01:02:27   and how you think about these things.

01:02:29   For me, I'm not worried about it.

01:02:31   I'm not worried about iRobot being run to the ground.

01:02:33   Like Amazon, I think has done a pretty good job

01:02:36   with these other purchases.

01:02:37   There are, there have been hiccups, like no doubt.

01:02:39   But if the alternative was them going away

01:02:43   or being bought by Google,

01:02:44   which has a bad history of managing these companies,

01:02:46   like I'm pretty okay with this

01:02:48   as a long time Roomba customer.

01:02:51   As I said before if it keeps remember around and now maybe does something about trying to make things cheaper and/or

01:02:57   Integrative other products that I own in a better way like I'm into it personally

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01:05:02   I've got a camera when I talk to you about Myke. Okay. Is it a ring?

01:05:07   And I put a ring camera on top of it and it just drives around what

01:05:13   Oh, that's double trouble baby. Double trouble!

01:05:17   Yeah, there's a button that goes right to the Department of Justice.

01:05:21   They've had a busy week.

01:05:25   Mm-hmm. I picked up an Opal C1.

01:05:29   Okay. This has been, you know,

01:05:32   around

01:05:34   Some tech youtubers have talked about it. It's

01:05:37   effectively, I mean it's it's a chunky webcam and it has a

01:05:42   Big ol Sony sensor a 4k sensor that my understanding is is very similar to what's in something like the

01:05:50   Like the rx100 line. It's not that it's not a sensor. That's that big

01:05:55   I don't think but it is sort of similar incredible low-light

01:05:58   A really fast f 1.8 lens. It's a very nice webcam as it should be for

01:06:05   $100 but you can reserve and get in line and I got my invite to purchase one a couple weeks ago

01:06:11   And I did and now I'm here to report on it

01:06:14   So I had an invite come for a couple of weeks ago as well and I decided not to do it

01:06:19   Okay, because it's $300 and I thought to myself

01:06:23   I don't want it for $300 now. I would say at the time I didn't need a webcam

01:06:29   Mm-hmm. Well now I've got the MacBook Pro plugged into an LG display

01:06:34   Yeah.

01:06:35   And I don't have a webcam.

01:06:39   So now if I ever need to do video while I've got my podcast gear, I need to take things

01:06:46   apart.

01:06:47   Which is fine, I can just go take my Brio from my PC and plug it in.

01:06:51   It will be easy enough to do.

01:06:53   But like, because I just got the studio display, so I was like, well I don't need the camera

01:06:57   anymore because I have the iMac, but no I don't have that.

01:07:01   But I don't, I think I'm going to take that $300 and I'm going to put it into a pot to

01:07:07   save up for another studio display for my recording desk.

01:07:12   Because I have a 32 inch OG in front of me right now, which is too big.

01:07:16   But I'm just reusing the monitor that I had been using previously for my other thing.

01:07:23   And ah, good point from Pastor Boy.

01:07:26   Continuity camera was the other thing I wanted to try out.

01:07:29   I don't I'm not going to bother getting camo or I'm not going to go into that

01:07:33   Doing that right now because continuity cameras just around the corner at this point

01:07:37   And I have a webcam here at the studio that I use when I stream

01:07:41   But yeah, I am so intrigued though. I watched a

01:07:45   Friend of the show David Sparks did a video about one

01:07:49   Which I assume maybe been another reason what pushed you to it. You seem pretty jazzed about it. Yeah, it's it's pretty sweet

01:07:56   So I've I was using the LG Brio which is a 4k and I had a version with a little magnetic mount for the pro display

01:08:02   This is definitely

01:08:05   better than that camera, but I'm not sure it's worth $300 unless you make your living on

01:08:12   Doing a bunch of stuff with your webcam, right? It has

01:08:16   You know physical features it is USB C

01:08:19   Which is really nice and it comes with a a little mount with little legs so you can kind of you know

01:08:25   make it squeeze the top of your display and it's got a pivot so you can angle it down because

01:08:30   You know ergonomically the top of your screen should be

01:08:32   above your eye line and then it's sort of looking at the top of your head so you can you can angle it down and

01:08:37   it has a

01:08:40   magnetic lens cover and an LED when it's active so, you know

01:08:45   When it's active and you can actually put a physical lens cap over it when you're not using it and it's super smart

01:08:52   So if you take the lens cap off the camera wakes up if you put it on the camera goes to sleep

01:08:56   But on the software side, it's a little bit weird. They have a Mac mini bar app that runs all the time and

01:09:04   It gives you

01:09:06   control over

01:09:08   what the camera is doing and so you have

01:09:12   a bunch of

01:09:14   Camera settings so you can lock the focus

01:09:17   You can record just within their app if you just need to do like a little little something

01:09:22   You can change the bokeh. So you can like really kind of blow out the background again. It goes down

01:09:28   The the bokeh goes down to f is 0.7

01:09:32   You can add a logo you can zoom as face lock which is like center stage where it sort of follows your head around

01:09:39   Which is kind of funny

01:09:41   And there's also some audio settings because it does have microphones and microphones do sound

01:09:46   Really good. It's the best sounding webcam I've ever had but you got to have that Mac app. It does install a system extension

01:09:53   so you've got to go into

01:09:54   system settings or assistive preferences and

01:09:58   Allow that which is fine. Do you got to do the rebooting?

01:10:01   No

01:10:02   The only audio had actually only one that has to do that that I've ever come across is that because it's the first time

01:10:07   It's the first time right because you have to go in and say reduce system

01:10:11   Security and then they'll all be fine after that I think

01:10:15   think? Maybe. I didn't have to reboot or anything. The software's fine. I mean, you know, it's

01:10:20   like another thing in my menu bar, but I have a million things in my menu bar, so it's fine.

01:10:24   And you have a 400 inch wide display. 32 inches, yeah. Same as you. I love how a minute ago

01:10:32   I said 32 was too big and you agreed with me. I have a much bigger desk than you do.

01:10:37   And I don't have a second monitor next to it like you do. That's true. Well, this desk

01:10:41   is is small and beautiful a desk that's a big desk yes covered in your face this

01:10:46   this is really it's more your desk than mine you can you could use this as a

01:10:51   stand like a more standalone thing it doesn't have to be clipped to the top

01:10:54   your display the bottom has a quarter 20 on it so you can screw it on to a plate

01:10:58   to put on a tripod or something and it does get warm after a little bit which

01:11:04   is kind of weird but even in like 1080 mode which I have mine in because zoom

01:11:09   and some of the applications sort of balk if you if you have it set to the full 4k, but it's really nice

01:11:15   no one needs a $300 webcam including me, but if

01:11:20   You you know say that you want to start streaming or something like if it was between this or like

01:11:26   Something like an rx100 or something and then you're gonna like pipe it into your computer

01:11:30   I think I would look at this first just because

01:11:33   It has a lot of stuff in software and is simpler to manage than like a you know setting up

01:11:39   a quote unquote real camera as your webcam.

01:11:42   Did you use it to take your new profile photo?

01:11:45   No, that was with my Sony camera.

01:11:47   Okay.

01:11:48   My big one.

01:11:49   Some people had autofocus issues.

01:11:51   Okay.

01:11:52   Mine seems okay.

01:11:54   You know, maybe that's the software thing.

01:11:56   The software is definitely like in beta.

01:11:59   And so it says beta on it.

01:12:01   Like it's, I mean, it's not even widely available to purchase.

01:12:04   Like this is a very young new product.

01:12:07   So, uh, I have not had the autofocus issues, but if you do, my hope is that

01:12:12   they could fix that in the software side.

01:12:14   Yeah.

01:12:15   I think some of the invite stuff is hype.

01:12:18   Oh yeah.

01:12:20   I do think that it can come back to bite you because if I would have just

01:12:23   been able to give them my money, I would have one of these.

01:12:26   It's a good way to hide.

01:12:28   Uh, I don't know if they're doing this, but it's a good way to hide supply chain

01:12:32   issues, right?

01:12:33   Sign up for an invite to buy it.

01:12:35   We're making them as fast as we can.

01:12:37   I mean, that might have been part of the reason that they did it, because this was a post-pandemic product.

01:12:44   Like, the pandemic changed what people wanted from their cameras.

01:12:49   People were upset with their laptop cameras, and so this company sprang up and took a lot of investment from a lot of interesting people and developed a thing.

01:13:01   It's the same--I know you mentioned it's the Sony thing.

01:13:05   Is it true that this is the same sensor that's in the Pixel phones?

01:13:10   I heard that once, but I don't know if that's true.

01:13:12   Oh, that may have been what I was thinking when I said the RX100.

01:13:15   I think it may be.

01:13:17   I think it's a Sony sensor, but it was used in the Google Pixel, I believe.

01:13:24   Like it's actually a smartphone sensor, which surprised me.

01:13:28   Yes, The Verge, in their review, which I'll put in the show notes,

01:13:32   the show notes says that it is the same sensor that was in the first pixel

01:13:36   because that was one of the when I found that out that actually turned me off it

01:13:40   the way this thing looks makes it look like it's got like some serious hardware

01:13:45   in it you know but yeah but really it is just a smartphone and I already have one

01:13:50   of those mm-hmm that was and that this is these were like some of the things

01:13:53   that led to me thinking that when my time came around I was like no I'm good

01:13:59   And like now with continuity camera now, I'm like, no, I'm really good. Like I'm gonna have a bit

01:14:06   I'm feel pretty confident that the iPhone

01:14:09   Video camera will produce better image quality probably this well

01:14:15   Yeah, it's it's not as good as the iPhone, but it's definitely the best

01:14:20   Non-real camera I've ever hooked up to my to my computer

01:14:24   Sure, let's like the best webcam you can get. Yeah, but most people including me don't actually

01:14:29   Don't actually need it and but I think it's interesting. I mean mainly because of what you said right this came out of

01:14:35   The the world that we were all thrust into in 2020

01:14:39   I can it was really hard to buy a webcam like I remember our brother, you know

01:14:43   Like everyone else I was working from home all of a sudden

01:14:45   I was looking for a webcam and there just weren't any and I had an extra so I just I gave him

01:14:49   Gave him an old

01:14:51   LG one that I had or somebody I don't know but it's

01:14:55   This is a meeting

01:14:57   You know the need that people have and it's taken them a couple of years to get it out like like you would imagine anything

01:15:03   Else that's hardware and software, but it is really impressive. Is it is it worth it for most people again?

01:15:08   No, but if you have this need I think

01:15:11   Pretty easily. It's the the nicest best thing on the market for it and it does look cool. It does look I guess the

01:15:19   Flexibility is good. Right like and I have been a person who struggled with

01:15:24   Flexibility in cameras right like I've been moaning about this for months about not being able to change the refresh rate

01:15:30   Can you do that here like 50 or 60 Hertz? Can you do that or did it have anti flickering?

01:15:36   options in their software I don't see anything in

01:15:41   here about the

01:15:44   refresh rate, but I would I would assume it was okay with that.

01:15:48   Sometimes it's just called anti flickering or like that kind of stuff.

01:15:52   Yeah, I don't, I don't see anything about that either. Um,

01:15:55   there are some filters you can apply if you want to like highlights and shadows

01:15:59   and stuff. Uh, you can mainly set a bunch of stuff like white balance and exposure.

01:16:03   I have all that to be automatic. Um, and there's also gesture control.

01:16:07   So you can like do a peace sign and the video toggles on and off or

01:16:12   draw on the video like that's all fine but mostly kind of uh kind of silly i think i don't know how

01:16:21   useful that is in real life oh you can put your logo on it too or you can like put a little logo

01:16:25   on there update it's called anti-banding and there's three settings uh 50 hertz 60 hertz and

01:16:30   auto there you go so that's this would work for you take for me but the iphone camera doesn't do it

01:16:37   yeah but then you're like taking your phone out like putting in a mount like

01:16:41   There's something to be said about having something that's dedicated.

01:16:44   I agree with you and also as a popsocket user I don't even know if any of these mounts will work for me

01:16:49   so like it might be like a whole thing that I need to work out later on

01:16:51   but I could probably just use a glyph from Studio Neat

01:16:54   but I don't very frequently need a webcam where I record podcasts

01:17:01   like that's the only place for me where I...

01:17:03   Just because of your setup.

01:17:04   Just because I would usually take video calls in front of the studio display

01:17:10   which does now work properly. I don't know why.

01:17:13   My studio... sometimes... I go through these

01:17:16   phases where sometimes the studio display will accurately change to

01:17:19   the what I need it to so it stops banding or flickering,

01:17:23   but sometimes it doesn't. Well they had an update for it just last week maybe

01:17:26   that took care of it? I haven't run that update yet.

01:17:30   So I'm confident that that update will break it because that

01:17:33   that's happened before in the past. Probably.

01:17:37   So that's yeah, that's the the opal c1. It's really expensive, but really nice.

01:17:42   Thanks so many things.

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