409: We're Were We Are Where


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 409.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors, Squarespace, Sourcegraph, and Capital One.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   Hello.

00:00:22   Hello.

00:00:23   And I am joined by Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico.

00:00:25   Hello guys. How are you?

00:00:28   Good, it's your birthday next week.

00:00:30   Yes, it is.

00:00:31   Yes, it is.

00:00:32   It's better because it's birthday next week.

00:00:34   Yeah, it happens once a year.

00:00:36   How old are you gonna be? 34?

00:00:38   Yeah, unfortunately.

00:00:40   Let me tell you, it's not a good one.

00:00:43   But I don't feel a day over 25.

00:00:45   Of course you don't, boy.

00:00:46   And you look at you, you look great.

00:00:47   Young.

00:00:48   Thank you.

00:00:49   Strong like bull. All that kind of stuff.

00:00:51   Yes, okay.

00:00:55   It's all fun and games till you're in your mid-30s.

00:00:57   I don't say that. We're not in our mid-30s yet. I'm not. And next year I'm still gonna be 34, so...

00:01:04   I'm never gonna be 35, basically. So, yeah, it goes on. It's like a leap year. It goes on, you know?

00:01:13   Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. Pick a number between one and 24. Oh my god. Again. One is again. One.

00:01:26   - 23.

00:01:27   - 21, Myke cheated.

00:01:29   That's exactly as I speak how many hours I left to back

00:01:33   the Apple history calendar. - Oh, I did not cheat.

00:01:34   I just said the number.

00:01:35   - Kickstarter. - I just said it.

00:01:36   - It ends Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern.

00:01:40   So if you were listening to this when it comes out,

00:01:43   you have a very short amount of time,

00:01:45   over a thousand backers now.

00:01:47   Everyone who's backed this, thank you.

00:01:49   This has been, it's been a lot of fun.

00:01:51   I've worked really hard the last couple of weeks

00:01:53   finishing up the photography.

00:01:54   some these guys have seen some of the shots and I'm really proud of it.

00:01:59   I would like to issue a personal challenge to 120 connected listeners.

00:02:03   There are 120 connected listeners that will have not... I'm sure there's more but

00:02:10   but there are at least 120 of you that haven't backed the calendar yet. If you do

00:02:15   Steven will beat last year's backer number so I issue a personal challenge

00:02:21   to you all show Stephen who's right it's you that's right wait I'm trying I don't

00:02:28   know what that meant I want these people to feel like yeah I'll show him I'll

00:02:41   back his kickstart you know like I feel like I'll show him because I'm assuming

00:02:51   you know like everyone that's like I really want this thing a lot of them

00:02:55   would have done it by now but now I'm trying to get to those other people who

00:02:58   are like there's no way I'm gonna do it and now I'm kind of treating it like if

00:03:02   for some reason you feel like there's no way I'm gonna get that calendar now you

00:03:05   can show who's right by getting the calendar right why would you not want to

00:03:10   do it don't you want to impress your loved ones with Apple software history

00:03:14   trivia? Oh, is that what you think this calendar does? Impress your loved ones?

00:03:22   Look, if you want to keep your loved ones, buy a calendar. How about that? I love it.

00:03:26   See, this is it. Because now we've had like a few weeks of the good sell, right? You've

00:03:31   been good cop. Now we're going to go bad cop to like pick up those stragglers. Bad

00:03:35   cop. I don't know. I feel like an effective pitch right now to get even more people could

00:03:41   be and bear with me Steven could be, hey, do you want a gift that will upset your friends

00:03:49   like a ridiculous gift that nobody will understand by a calendar about computers sitting in a

00:03:56   field like that could be also a pitch like worst gift for the 2022 holiday season, a

00:04:03   calendar. I mean, whatever you're still gonna get the money, right? Here's one. Are you

00:04:07   go into college and need friends if you put this on your dorm room door people will say

00:04:15   what's that and now you have a friend making opportunity yes also that yeah that will work

00:04:20   or if you're going to college and you don't want friends it can work the same way but that way you

00:04:29   have to bring everyone in like for like and like to say like look this is the thing that i own and

00:04:34   I like it, you know? You have to like make that part happen to yourself.

00:04:37   Please, please date me.

00:04:38   You know, you know what you should do next year instead of the classic Kickstarter video

00:04:42   in your studio? Like, I mean, we all know you by now, right? We know, yeah, you're Stephen

00:04:47   Hackett, you're doing the calendar thing with the computers and everything. But next year,

00:04:51   you take it up a notch and you do a video that is like a QVC style video.

00:04:55   Flex tape. You gotta go flex tape energy, big flex tape energy. PAM! Calendars! That's

00:05:02   - I don't know where you're gonna go.

00:05:04   You just slammed the calendar on the wall.

00:05:05   - Yes.

00:05:06   - That's good.

00:05:08   - Go to applehardwarecalendar.com.

00:05:11   - Link in the show notes.

00:05:12   The two of you know this story.

00:05:13   I don't wanna give specifics about the image

00:05:16   'cause I don't like spoiling them,

00:05:17   but I was working on a photo earlier this week

00:05:20   and there's this, Myke's been there actually.

00:05:22   There's a, not far from here,

00:05:25   there's a field where they grow sunflowers.

00:05:27   So every summer it is filled with people

00:05:30   taking engagement photos and baby photos

00:05:33   and that sort of thing, right?

00:05:33   'Cause it's like a beautiful thing, it's at sunset,

00:05:35   you go during happy hour, you go during golden hour,

00:05:38   happy hour is a different thing.

00:05:40   You go during golden hour.

00:05:41   - That went right over my head,

00:05:43   I would never have noticed that one, so I'm completely clear.

00:05:47   - And I was out there with a piece of technology

00:05:50   taking photos of it in the sunset and I got some looks.

00:05:54   I got some questions. - Pretty beautiful, though.

00:05:56   It may be one of my, if not my favorite photo

00:05:58   all of the two calendars combined, so. Check it out, thank you if you have, and if you haven't,

00:06:03   you'll be sorry. As foretold, 15 games have left. You'll be sorry? You told me to do the bad cop!

00:06:12   No, I like it, I like it, I just think I wasn't expecting it. Taking things very literally, okay.

00:06:19   15 games have left, Apple Arcade, first batch of the games that were pre-announced to be leaving.

00:06:28   we spoke about this last time. But now we know what happens if you if you launch one of the games.

00:06:35   And so what happens is you tap the icon and you get a little message that says no longer available.

00:06:44   Nice. Very nice. So it hasn't deleted them then? No, the icon apparently sticks around. It just

00:06:52   just gives you this error. It doesn't even bother to offload them from your

00:06:56   device? I don't know what the best one is, right? Like, is it better to delete the

00:07:03   game? Like, I don't know the answer to that question. I think it's, I think it's

00:07:07   a big deal for Apple to reach into someone's home screen. Like, that feels

00:07:14   like something they shouldn't do, and so... You should replace it with a U2 album. You should replace it with a U2 album.

00:07:20   They take a game, every game they take away one U2 album.

00:07:23   Replace it with Paperboy Wizard, whatever.

00:07:26   Yes, Warren Buffett Paper Wizard, best game ever.

00:07:29   Yes.

00:07:30   Which is also gone from the App Store, so there's that.

00:07:34   But you can still get it though, if you bought it, you can still download it.

00:07:36   They didn't have like fully deleted it.

00:07:38   Jetpack Joyride 2 is coming to Apple Arcade, which I'm excited about.

00:07:42   One of my favorite games of all time.

00:07:43   This is one of the games that they brought back with the Plus,

00:07:46   like Jetpack Joyride Plus, you know, when they're like,

00:07:48   here's a bunch of successful games.

00:07:50   And I guess this was probably one of the ones

00:07:52   that did well from that.

00:07:53   And so now they, I expect Apple have commissioned

00:07:57   Jetpack Joyride 2.

00:07:58   This is how I imagine it went down.

00:08:00   - I love this game.

00:08:01   I have replayed it since it showed up on Apple Arcade.

00:08:04   - Me too. - It's so good.

00:08:05   - It's a great game and so I'm excited about another one.

00:08:07   - Yeah, it's a great game.

00:08:09   - So as follow up from a couple of weeks ago

00:08:11   where I retold the story of me losing

00:08:14   picture in picture on YouTube,

00:08:16   the setting appeared for me yesterday

00:08:19   to turn on picture in picture, but it doesn't work.

00:08:23   - Oh no, come on, no.

00:08:25   - I've enabled it and when I go to the home screen,

00:08:28   it just goes to the home screen.

00:08:30   So, you know.

00:08:34   - It works just fine for me, I'm so sorry.

00:08:36   - The first they give you the switch, I guess,

00:08:37   and then maybe you have to wait another four weeks

00:08:39   and maybe it will work, but I've tried it

00:08:41   on a bunch of devices to check it wasn't a beta problem.

00:08:44   Like I tried it on my iPad mini.

00:08:46   just goes to the home screen. So I'll keep you informed as to how this saga unfolds.

00:08:52   And I have another grievance to air. Okay. I'm having an autocorrect problem.

00:08:57   Where at the moment, every time I write the word "Will", as in like "I will do this",

00:09:03   it capitalises the W. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:08   I don't know anybody called Will, I don't think. Do I know any Wills?

00:09:13   Will Smith?

00:09:14   Yeah. Do you know what?

00:09:17   Maybe that's the reason, like, lots of people are talking about Will Smith.

00:09:20   So they just capitalized the W's.

00:09:22   Look, man, it's differential privacy, OK?

00:09:24   I hate this so much.

00:09:26   Yes.

00:09:27   We just need Will Smith to go up there and smack it around a little bit.

00:09:29   Oh, my God, Steven.

00:09:32   Hey, Federico, that joke won't make it to the published episode.

00:09:35   I know.

00:09:36   Release the mic cut.

00:09:38   I'm going to put it in there.

00:09:40   Oh, wow. And you did release the mic cut.

00:09:42   Bold choice.

00:09:43   Yeah, I can't believe that you're taking a stand on this issue so late, you know?

00:09:48   I mean, you've had better jokes in the past, but it's our call, man.

00:09:52   This grievance I very much can relate with because I also have this problem, and I feel like

00:10:01   this problem specifically with autocorrect has gotten worse in the past year, I want to say.

00:10:08   Like, I don't know, I cannot point at a specific time, I just know that it's gotten worse.

00:10:14   And initially it feels like one of those things, "Hey, does it feel like it's gotten worse?"

00:10:19   And maybe it has, maybe it hasn't. But I've also heard from other people complaining within the

00:10:24   past year, and now you too, Myke, and I do think it has gotten worse. Other examples, like today,

00:10:30   for example, I wanted to type in this very document that we are looking at right now in

00:10:36   on Google docs, tiny topic.

00:10:39   And when I was typing the word tiny,

00:10:42   iOS insisted that I should type Tony instead.

00:10:45   So Tony topic.

00:10:46   - We should call them Tony topics now.

00:10:48   - Tony topics.

00:10:49   - The Tonys.

00:10:50   - The Tonys.

00:10:51   - Okay.

00:10:52   I will say this now and never remember it.

00:10:54   The next time we do an episode,

00:10:55   there's all tiny topics.

00:10:56   That is the inaugural Tonys.

00:10:58   (laughing)

00:11:00   - Insisted that I typed Tony.

00:11:05   Sometimes when I want to type "he'll," like "he will,"

00:11:10   with the abbreviation,

00:11:13   iOS thinks that I want to type "hell" instead.

00:11:15   I'm like, "No, I don't want to type that.

00:11:17   I want to type 'he'll,'" and it doesn't do that.

00:11:19   - "We're" and "where"? - Yes.

00:11:21   - "We're" and "we're"? "We are"?

00:11:23   - Yes. - And "were"?

00:11:24   - Yes. - All those?

00:11:25   It gets all those wrong? - It gets it wrong.

00:11:27   And just broadly speaking,

00:11:29   sometimes there's an obvious word that I'm typing.

00:11:35   I don't know what, just something that is so obvious

00:11:38   that that's my intention and it corrects my typo

00:11:43   to something completely unrelated.

00:11:47   And so I don't know what it is,

00:11:49   but I do think it's gotten worse.

00:11:51   I've heard enough people complain about this.

00:11:53   And I mean, you look at just these examples are ridiculous.

00:11:55   Like why, I mean, look at this.

00:11:58   Even if you like, look at the text field

00:12:01   and the document that I'm in,

00:12:04   what makes you think I want to type Tony instead of tiny?

00:12:09   Like I don't even have anyone named Tony in my contacts.

00:12:14   - Yeah, it's the thing.

00:12:15   If I was frequently talking about someone in my life

00:12:18   called Will, I would understand, right?

00:12:22   But this isn't happening.

00:12:23   So like, and again, this is one of those things.

00:12:27   Apple, I'm so happy you protect my privacy,

00:12:30   but you gotta do a good job with the basics, right?

00:12:32   If you're gonna do that.

00:12:33   And the fact that you're autocorrect can get messed up for reasons that I like

00:12:38   can't seem to be understood.

00:12:40   And in the past where they have literally had to push software updates to phones

00:12:45   to fix these things. Do you remember this? What was it? Oh,

00:12:50   the Apple had to do a software release to,

00:12:53   and it one of the things it did was fix a common error with autocorrect.

00:13:00   Man, I'm trying, I'm trying to, I'm googling furiously here.

00:13:03   Here it is.

00:13:04   November 9th, 2017.

00:13:07   It was the, uh, the letter "I" was being turned to an exclamation mark or an "A".

00:13:14   Perfect.

00:13:15   Yep.

00:13:16   That's, uh, how does that even happen?

00:13:17   You know?

00:13:19   Look, you guys are complaining about this, but you need to remember, this is the company,

00:13:25   They've taken the time that when you type a web objects on the iPhone, it corrects it

00:13:29   corrects it to the correct capitalization.

00:13:32   So look, they're doing this.

00:13:33   That's a really good point.

00:13:34   That's a really good point.

00:13:35   They're putting the energy, the like the engineering resources are going to the right place.

00:13:38   File a radar, geez.

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00:15:13   We'll talk about the studio display a little bit.

00:15:16   Everyone's favorite display.

00:15:18   (sad trombone)

00:15:21   - Why?

00:15:22   - It's time for a quiz.

00:15:24   - Oh my God.

00:15:25   - Oh no.

00:15:26   - Oh my God.

00:15:27   (laughing)

00:15:28   Oh my God, oh no.

00:15:30   - You've forgotten what it meant.

00:15:32   It's time for a quiz.

00:15:33   - Yeah, I thought you were making a commentary

00:15:34   on the studio display.

00:15:35   - Me too.

00:15:36   - Now, I will say,

00:15:38   when you said something about a studio display,

00:15:40   I pressed the button,

00:15:41   but realized my microphone was on mute.

00:15:43   So I didn't get the exact response that I wanted,

00:15:46   but now I actually like more that I can just burst into a topic.

00:15:50   Do you know the passionate ones?

00:15:51   Round three, we're going to be playing today.

00:15:55   If you have forgotten what the Do you know the passionate ones

00:15:59   sub quiz of the connected quiz means, it is a family feud

00:16:03   slash family fortunes type game.

00:16:05   I've quizzed over 1200 members of the connected

00:16:09   listenership about a variety of topics, and they give me their answers.

00:16:14   and Federico and Steven have to try and guess which are the most frequent answers given

00:16:20   around a certain topic. So like, for example, if I ask what's your favourite wearable device

00:16:26   and you said Apple Watch, that would grant you 50 points. If you give the second answer

00:16:31   40 points, 30 points, 20, 10, and therefore going down the list.

00:16:36   We currently sit in the quiz, thusly the overall scores are 652 points to Steven, 831 points

00:16:45   to Federico.

00:16:47   There are lots of points on offer for these five questions that are going to be in today's

00:16:52   round of Do You Know The Passionate Ones.

00:16:54   However boys, I'm making a slight change to the way that we play the game.

00:17:00   Just for this sub-quiz.

00:17:02   Sorry Steven.

00:17:06   release the mic off. What I'm going to be doing now is the loser of the previous round

00:17:13   will get to pick first. We will not be using a coin toss method. I'm just changing our

00:17:19   making to try and help keep the scores, I don't know, maybe try and get them a little

00:17:24   closer than they are currently. Let me ask you a question. Did James not pay up this

00:17:30   month so we can't use Dice by Peacock in August. I can't I cannot comment ongoing

00:17:38   ongoing legal matters I cannot ongoing spawn contract negotiations. Spawn contract.

00:17:43   Spawn contract. Oh my gosh that's good. So Stephen you're gonna get the first pick today because

00:17:49   you are the current overall loser. I don't like that title. Yes you are an

00:17:55   overall loser. Wow. Yeah. So we have five questions today. I polled the connected audience

00:18:04   on a number of topics and the one of the first ones, I'm sorry, I'm finding a Google sheet.

00:18:11   I'm trying to fill for time, but it's not working for me right now. The first question

00:18:15   today is what browser do you use? So I asked listenership of the connected audience. Come

00:18:24   what browser do you use? and it goes first this game is rigged already

00:18:30   Safari you say mm-hmm interesting yes I mean a runaway

00:18:37   success Stephen gets 50 points for the top answer boom Safari is in fact the most

00:18:45   used browser amongst our listeners that's a real indication that we talk to a

00:18:48   relatively specialized group of people because that ain't true on the wider

00:18:53   internet I'm gonna go with Google Chrome Federico no you're correct 40 points

00:19:05   goes to Federico is the second highest answer at Chrome or Google Chrome as

00:19:09   some people said it this one I got a lot of Safari slash Chrome which I got a lot

00:19:15   of people which I don't know how that answers the question which browser do

00:19:21   you use? People said both. I basically just split those down the middle.

00:19:24   I think that's Chrome on the Mac and Safari on iPhone I bet.

00:19:27   Oh I know why people, like a lot of people told me Chrome at work or whatever.

00:19:31   Yeah. Somebody wrote you a poem about their browsing.

00:19:35   So Stephen, there is still three more answers available for what browser do you use.

00:19:40   What is your next guess?

00:19:42   I think I'm going to go... I'm gonna go with Brave.

00:19:48   Brave! That's a brave choice. Brave is on the board but it is the fifth highest

00:19:54   answer. You get ten points for Brave. That's 24 people by the way.

00:19:58   24. I'm gonna go with Edge. Edge is also on the board, the fourth highest answer

00:20:07   Federico clears. 20 points for that. And I'm gonna round us out with Firefox.

00:20:12   this is a clean sweep 30 points goes to Steven for Firefox would you like to

00:20:21   know some of the other browsers oh yes yes I do yes one person uses something

00:20:28   called arc yeah I have the arc beta as well I don't know what this what is arc

00:20:34   it's the it's the browser from the company called the browser company oh I

00:20:39   I just thought that their browser was gonna be called the browser company browser or something.

00:20:43   Any others jump out at you?

00:20:44   Five people using DuckDuckGo.

00:20:47   Okay.

00:20:48   Opera, four people.

00:20:50   What about Vivaldi?

00:20:52   Oh yeah.

00:20:54   What is Vivaldi?

00:20:56   That's another desktop browser that's...

00:20:59   Is it based on Opera?

00:21:01   Is it based on Opera? I think it's based on Opera.

00:21:03   Vivaldi...

00:21:04   Pull one out for Opera because more people are using Vivaldi than Opera.

00:21:09   It's a browser, but fun!

00:21:11   It's also freakishly flexible and private.

00:21:14   What is it based on?

00:21:16   I'm trying to see what this is based on, but it has like a built-in ad blocker and stuff.

00:21:20   Right. They also make a mail client.

00:21:23   What about Internet Explorer? Is it on the list?

00:21:28   Did not make it.

00:21:29   That's good.

00:21:30   I've also got Orion.

00:21:33   Orion, yes.

00:21:34   One person said Reader.

00:21:36   I feel like I need to have a conversation with this person.

00:21:38   They don't look at the internet directly, they just read RSS feeds.

00:21:42   We've had friends who have tried that.

00:21:44   I don't think that that's your web browser, right?

00:21:49   Like, you can do whatever you want, but like...

00:21:51   They can only read through articles. Like, they can open other websites.

00:21:55   What does this person do if they need to Google something?

00:21:58   They can't do it.

00:21:59   They don't.

00:22:00   I don't think that this person does what they say they're doing, you know?

00:22:05   Nah, yeah.

00:22:06   So in that round, Steven scored 90 points, Federico scored 60 points.

00:22:13   Okay, nice.

00:22:14   Which means Federico gets the first crack at the next question, which is,

00:22:20   what podcast app do you use?

00:22:23   Okay, given our audience, I'm gonna go with Overcast.

00:22:29   Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That is 50 points for Federico.

00:22:32   I mean, also 77.9% of the respondents.

00:22:37   Yeah, I was going to say it's overwhelming.

00:22:38   But is this question fair? Because Steven has access to relay analytics.

00:22:43   I did not log into them to look. My hands are off the keyboard.

00:22:46   Neither of you are allowed to look at anything.

00:22:47   Yeah.

00:22:48   But what I will say, I understand what you're saying Federico. I mean, I see the rest of them.

00:22:53   But you have analytics to your shows Federico. They're the same. They're the same thing.

00:22:57   However, what I gotta say is the statistics for our show do not match this pie shot.

00:23:02   That's probably true also.

00:23:06   Okay.

00:23:07   Well, it is true. I just told you.

00:23:08   I know it is true.

00:23:10   Steven, you're up.

00:23:12   Apple podcast.

00:23:14   That is the third highest answer.

00:23:16   I was worried about that.

00:23:18   So that's 30 points for Steven.

00:23:21   Wait, wait. If it's not overcast.

00:23:26   An apple podcast is number... see I don't check analytics that's my problem.

00:23:30   I've already told you it wouldn't help you to check analytics.

00:23:35   But it would give you some... it'd give you some idea. I mean...

00:23:37   Right but...

00:23:39   You do have... hmm... I'm gonna go with... okay.

00:23:46   Pocket casts.

00:23:49   That is the second highest answer. 40 points go to Federico.

00:23:54   Okay.

00:23:54   I was torn between it and Apple.

00:23:56   Because our analytics show that Apple podcast is higher than PocketCasts.

00:24:01   So...

00:24:02   Okay, so we have a number one, two, and three. There's still four and five.

00:24:07   Okay.

00:24:08   So we go back to Steven.

00:24:10   Castro.

00:24:12   That is the fourth highest answer.

00:24:14   20 points to Steven.

00:24:16   Okay.

00:24:18   Um...

00:24:20   Hmm.

00:24:21   It's not Castro.

00:24:23   I'm gonna go with...

00:24:29   I'll do it.

00:24:32   That's Spotify.

00:24:33   Spotify is the final answer.

00:24:35   10 points go to Federico.

00:24:36   I didn't think that that would be the next guess of either of you.

00:24:40   That was a big surprise.

00:24:41   I would not have guessed it.

00:24:42   We also have on the list, Antennapod.

00:24:47   What?

00:24:48   What?

00:24:49   Downcast, Google Podcast, Podcast Addict, Podcast Player RSS Radio, and Primecast.

00:24:57   I've come across the RSS Radio one before.

00:25:01   No one...

00:25:02   Antennapod is a completely open podcast player.

00:25:06   Completely open?

00:25:07   It's built by volunteers with no commercial interest, and it respects your privacy...

00:25:11   Sure.

00:25:12   ...while giving you full control.

00:25:14   No one using Instacast?

00:25:16   Oh man, it was so good. It was so good. Not reported as such.

00:25:22   Okay.

00:25:23   The third question that I asked of our listenership was...

00:25:28   What is your points? The points in this round?

00:25:30   Very good. Very good. Thank you for... After that round, the points are 160 to Federico,

00:25:37   140 to Steven.

00:25:39   Ooh. Okay.

00:25:40   Closing that gap, boy.

00:25:42   Okay.

00:25:43   Wait, hold on. Who's closing what gap?

00:25:45   I'm coming up behind him.

00:25:47   Only in this round.

00:25:48   That's okay.

00:25:49   Before this round, Steven, you were winning.

00:25:51   So you've gone behind him.

00:25:53   You're not coming up behind him.

00:25:54   No, I thought he was winning.

00:25:56   You won the first round.

00:25:57   You won the first round, man.

00:25:58   Who was winning before you rang the bell today?

00:26:00   I was.

00:26:01   Federico's currently crushing you overall, 991 to 792.

00:26:05   And now I'm only 20 points.

00:26:07   Okay.

00:26:08   So I'm not really closing any gaps.

00:26:11   You have closed the gap by 20 points, even though we are at hundreds of points of difference

00:26:15   right now.

00:26:17   Closing an artificial gap, boi!

00:26:18   There you go.

00:26:19   I mean, technically, yes, you are closing the gap, right?

00:26:23   Technically yes, you are closing the gap a little bit more.

00:26:24   Let him think it, it's fine.

00:26:26   Okay.

00:26:27   The third question is, what is your favorite social network?

00:26:32   Ooh.

00:26:33   Okay.

00:26:35   So this will, because Federico, you did score most in that round.

00:26:39   Yeah.

00:26:40   It will be Steven's guess first. What is your favorite social network?

00:26:44   This is one tricky question.

00:26:47   Yeah, because people love and hate these things.

00:26:50   Yeah, I know a lot of people wrote a lot of commentary to me and the answers to hear, which I, again, for the next time,

00:26:56   I'm going to be very prescriptive about the kinds of information I want in these answers.

00:27:00   I don't need people to tell me what they think of everything.

00:27:03   It's not helpful when I'm trying to score these things up, but they do anyway.

00:27:08   And Twitter and Instagram both been in the news negatively a lot.

00:27:15   But these questions were asked a while back I think.

00:27:18   My gut says this so I'm gonna say Twitter.

00:27:22   Twitter is the top answer 50 points.

00:27:26   Go to Steven.

00:27:28   I'm torn between two for the second place.

00:27:32   One is the obvious one and the other is maybe...

00:27:36   a more interesting pick? Twitter took 35% of the vote by the way. 35? That's not very high.

00:27:46   Well there's some wild splitting in this one like yeah I am gonna go I'm gonna go with you

00:27:55   know I'm a man of passion and I like to risk it I'm gonna go with Discord. That's good. It is good.

00:28:01   it is it good enough to get on the board just it is the fifth highest answer so

00:28:08   ten points go to Federico I was thinking about that too Federico yeah it's bold

00:28:14   yeah it is I wasn't expecting discord in the answers to this question yeah I

00:28:20   don't think about it as a social network but I guess some people do a lot of them

00:28:24   were open and the one you know that we manages is not so unless you become a

00:28:29   a Relay FM member at relay.fm/connect2/join.

00:28:34   You can be social on our Discord.

00:28:35   Okay.

00:28:36   - You give a terrible URL, getconnect2pro.co.

00:28:38   See how much nice that it is?

00:28:40   If you have to say two slashes, it's not a good--

00:28:43   - You want to go to applehardwarcalendar.com.

00:28:46   - That's nice, that's such a huge--

00:28:48   Steven's your guest.

00:28:50   - I'm going to, it's my pick.

00:28:52   I'm gonna say Instagram.

00:28:54   - Yeah.

00:28:54   - That is the second highest answer.

00:28:56   - Yeah, yeah, okay.

00:28:57   - 40 points for Steven.

00:28:59   Alright, I'm gonna go with Reddit.

00:29:02   - That is the third highest answer.

00:29:06   - Good call.

00:29:07   - Goes to Federico, that's 30 points.

00:29:10   - So just number four is open.

00:29:13   - Just number four is left.

00:29:14   - See, I feel like--

00:29:15   - We have Twitter, Instagram, Reddit,

00:29:17   and Discord is the fifth, fourth is open.

00:29:19   - I feel like picking the fourth highest is hard.

00:29:22   'Cause like the first couple, you know, the top couple,

00:29:25   or maybe what you think they're gonna be,

00:29:27   The fifth one is like the dark horse,

00:29:29   it kind of comes in and snags a spot you don't expect.

00:29:32   But fourth, fourth just means it's just okay, right?

00:29:36   It's not beloved or massive,

00:29:39   but it's not a ghost town either.

00:29:42   So for fourth, for fourth place,

00:29:47   I'm going to say, I'm thinking about our audience.

00:29:52   I'm gonna say Facebook, just 'cause it's so big.

00:29:56   I feel like it's gotta be in the top five,

00:29:57   but it would be kind of low down in our audience.

00:29:59   So I'm gonna say Facebook.

00:30:00   - 11 people, said Facebook.

00:30:03   Is that enough?

00:30:04   - No.

00:30:05   - No, no it is not enough.

00:30:07   - Okay, well I'm proud of our audience

00:30:09   that Facebook isn't on the list.

00:30:10   Is it Path?

00:30:13   I still miss Path.

00:30:14   - No one said that.

00:30:16   - Social network, huh?

00:30:17   - I would rebuild Path.

00:30:18   Someone give me VC money and I'll rebuild Path as it was.

00:30:22   - Yeah.

00:30:23   - Day phone, night phone kind of guy, you know?

00:30:25   I can't believe this could come up again.

00:30:26   Didn't we speak about this last week?

00:30:28   - We did. - Yes, we did.

00:30:30   (laughing)

00:30:32   Yes, we did.

00:30:33   So what is your favorite social network?

00:30:36   - What is your, yeah.

00:30:37   What is a social network when you think about it?

00:30:43   Email! - Well, to some people,

00:30:44   it's a group chat app, you know?

00:30:46   To some people, it is a message board system called Reddit.

00:30:51   It's an iMessage.

00:30:54   There's a couple of choice picks that I could make.

00:30:59   - Yeah.

00:31:00   - I am gonna go with, let's see.

00:31:06   Yeah, I'll do, okay, Snapchat.

00:31:11   - 12 people said Snapchat.

00:31:14   That is not enough to make it the second highest answer.

00:31:18   And to react to a joke Stephen made,

00:31:20   eight people said iMessage.

00:31:21   - Thank you.

00:31:22   - Okay.

00:31:23   to Stephen to pick now.

00:31:25   So Snap was one ahead of Facebook.

00:31:27   That's good.

00:31:28   Yeah. Yeah.

00:31:29   Nice.

00:31:30   See, I have a question here.

00:31:32   And is it, this is not my answer,

00:31:34   but I'm just like positing, is TikTok a social network?

00:31:38   They want it to be, but I'm not sure it is.

00:31:41   Well, what I will say to you is, is Reddit?

00:31:43   Yeah. Yeah.

00:31:45   I'm gonna say TikTok.

00:31:49   41 people said TikTok.

00:31:50   Yeah, it's TikTok, yeah.

00:31:52   It's not on the list.

00:31:54   What?! What?!

00:31:56   It's not high enough.

00:31:58   I'm sorry, I just wanted to mention David in the Discord mentioned "Truth Social"

00:32:04   You will be happy to know, nobody said it.

00:32:08   Yay, thank you.

00:32:10   By the way, the bar you're trying to cover of Discord as the 5th highest answer is 58.

00:32:18   Oh, so we're not far off with TikTok.

00:32:20   You weren't far.

00:32:22   Okay, well I guess it's time for the choice picks then.

00:32:30   Where's your favorite social network?

00:32:32   I'm gonna go with...

00:32:37   Letterboxd.

00:32:39   Unbelievably, Letterboxd came up, but only four people.

00:32:43   Yay, four people, you go.

00:32:46   Not enough.

00:32:47   Great job, great job.

00:32:48   Can we each get one more pick?

00:32:49   - Can I pick?

00:32:50   - Yep.

00:32:52   - Okay.

00:32:53   - I'm gonna say micro.blog.

00:32:55   - Ooh, nice. - Six people.

00:32:56   Six people went with micro.blog.

00:32:58   So Federico, you're coming in with the final answer here.

00:33:01   - You know what, I'm just gonna say it.

00:33:03   Maybe it's not a social network, I don't care, YouTube.

00:33:07   - Only 15 people.

00:33:08   - Okay.

00:33:09   - The answer that 119 people gave

00:33:12   that neither of you could guess.

00:33:14   - Hold on, is it none?

00:33:17   - Is none.

00:33:18   Oh my god, not again!

00:33:20   There are 119 people that said some element of none or "ugh" social networks or "ew" and stuff like that.

00:33:29   To which I say to people, come on.

00:33:31   You don't have to want to use them yourself, but you don't have to be so dismissive.

00:33:37   You know?

00:33:38   Oh, look at me, I don't use social networks.

00:33:40   Two people use "be real", one person uses something called "counter.social", one person won't let go of google plus.

00:33:48   We had seven people.

00:33:49   What was that?

00:33:51   - What about Glass, the Instagram alternative?

00:33:54   Okay.

00:33:54   - Yeah.

00:33:55   What about Mastodon?

00:33:56   - Seven.

00:33:57   One person still pulling for Peach.

00:34:03   - What about Tumblr?

00:34:04   - What about Yo?

00:34:05   Did Yo get any?

00:34:06   - Eight people with Tumblr, zero with Yo.

00:34:08   Two people with WhatsApp.

00:34:10   Two people said Slack.

00:34:13   One person said Nextdoor.

00:34:16   - Oh no.

00:34:17   - No. - Nice.

00:34:18   - Oh no, no. - At the end of that round,

00:34:20   the overall score for today so far,

00:34:24   with the three questions,

00:34:25   is 230 to Steven, 200 to Federico.

00:34:29   - Okay.

00:34:30   - So you really are closing in on that.

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00:36:29   Alright, the next question, which is question number four out of five today, is "What weather

00:36:37   app do you use?"

00:36:40   Federico, you get the first pick.

00:36:43   - Carrot Weather.

00:36:44   - Carrot Weather is the top answer.

00:36:48   47.4% of the vote.

00:36:51   Not vote.

00:36:53   - Answers. - I'm talking like

00:36:55   the upgrade is now, answers.

00:36:57   This is not that.

00:36:58   - I don't even, what even are other weather apps?

00:37:03   - I will say this one has the most unique answers

00:37:07   of any question.

00:37:09   I bet it does. So far, in any category.

00:37:13   I'm gonna throw out the default weather app.

00:37:18   This one maybe of any question

00:37:22   had the most interpretations of name.

00:37:26   It is the second highest answer, the Apple weather app.

00:37:31   It was known as stock app, weather, Apple weather,

00:37:35   Apple's weather app, weather.app.

00:37:37   like so many of these, it took a while to pull this one together.

00:37:41   But Steven, you get 40 points for that answer.

00:37:43   Well, all right. Problem starts now.

00:37:46   Problem starts now boys.

00:37:49   So what is popular? Let me think about this.

00:37:53   You're an app tastemaker. You got this.

00:37:58   Yeah.

00:38:00   That's, there's one really nice app.

00:38:03   I'll risk it. Uh, I think it's called Hello Weather.

00:38:07   Hello weather.

00:38:11   That is a nice app.

00:38:12   That's what my wife uses.

00:38:13   Yeah.

00:38:14   Seven people said they use Hello weather

00:38:17   as their favorite weather app.

00:38:19   Seven is not enough.

00:38:21   This is one of those things like, yeah,

00:38:23   there's some cool indie apps,

00:38:24   but there's also massive, like big commercial apps.

00:38:28   And the question is, does the self-selecting audience

00:38:31   that filled this out, do they use those big weather apps?

00:38:35   I'm just gonna take a swing at this,

00:38:36   and I'm gonna say Accuweather.

00:38:38   - 10 people said Accuweather.

00:38:42   That did not pass the bar to make it

00:38:44   to the top five answers.

00:38:45   - Okay, wow.

00:38:47   This might be the hardest question we've gotten so far.

00:38:53   - Yes, yeah, this is very difficult.

00:38:57   - This is really hard.

00:38:58   We're gonna go for a few more rounds on this,

00:39:01   but I feel very confident that there is at least

00:39:04   one of these that you will not get.

00:39:06   So, I'm thinking if you answer this question and it's not one of those two apps, maybe

00:39:17   you use a very specialized weather app that has one of those fancy radars. Is there such

00:39:27   a thing as radar scope? There is. There is such a thing as radar scope. Yeah, one person

00:39:34   said there you go. Yikes. I'm going to say the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel.

00:39:44   Four people said the Weather Channel. That's not a matter. Yeah, okay. So we're not using

00:39:48   big, big corporate weather apps here. I'm not going to answer that question. What I

00:39:52   am going to say is there are three answers left on the board. There is the third, fourth

00:39:56   and fifth highest answer. Okay. Third and fifth, I am confident that you both could

00:40:02   get okay

00:40:06   oh I said I had an idea but it's federal because it turns I know just

00:40:14   double-check in because I get lost so I'm not telling him my idea okay so we

00:40:20   said Carol whether we set up a weather Stephen said IQ weather already there's

00:40:27   either that one or hmm could it be... Okay I have to push you for an answer Federico. Could it be that

00:40:35   they're still using Dark Sky? It most certainly could be that is the third

00:40:39   highest answer. Yeah 30 points goes to Federico. That was my that was my brainwave. It was

00:40:44   interesting to me that neither of you got it and then when neither of you said

00:40:47   it I knew I had to intervene because you were never gonna get it if you hadn't

00:40:51   said it by that point because you were both going down the route of like

00:40:54   obscure. Well yeah and in my brain it's already dead. That's what I realized

00:41:00   that like we think of Dark Sky as no more but yeah still very much

00:41:06   more. And I have another idea for the fifth one but it's Steven's Jordan.

00:41:10   I'm gonna go with Weather Underground. Nice, nice pick. Yeah but only one person

00:41:16   though. What?! Wow. That's not gonna do it for you. I was surprised by that too. I'm gonna go

00:41:21   with not boring weather. Ooh, not boring weather. Two people, so that doesn't make it either.

00:41:30   One more guess. So, Stephen, take yours and then you take one more each. I'm gonna go

00:41:34   with... you said radar scope, didn't you? There's another one that's like that. NOAA

00:41:42   weather N-O-A-A, that's National Oceanic something administration. No, it's not there at all.

00:41:49   - Wow.

00:41:50   - It's Noah, as you can, anyway.

00:41:52   Federico, your final guess, four.

00:41:55   - You just open it and it's 40 days of rain.

00:41:57   (laughing)

00:42:00   It's an Old Testament joke.

00:42:01   - I'm torn between two apps,

00:42:05   then I will say what the other one is later.

00:42:07   I'm gonna go with Weatherstrip.

00:42:11   - One person uses Weatherstrip.

00:42:13   - That's the, that's kinda like Weatherline, isn't it?

00:42:18   but it's all hand drawn.

00:42:20   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:42:21   - I don't know anything about it.

00:42:22   - Yeah, I've played with that.

00:42:24   So I only have one more pick.

00:42:28   - Yep.

00:42:28   - Kind of want to say, well, no, it's dead.

00:42:31   - You said Dark Sky was, quite likely.

00:42:34   - Mm.

00:42:35   So I don't think Weatherline works anymore.

00:42:41   - No, I think they actually shut off the data.

00:42:44   - But they sold it and it became the Fox Weather app.

00:42:47   So I'm just going to say the Fox weather app.

00:42:49   That's not on the list either.

00:42:51   Yeah.

00:42:51   The branding kind of probably killed it.

00:42:53   The fourth highest answer is the Norwegian weather app.

00:42:57   Why are what, what?

00:42:59   Yep.

00:43:00   Go Norway.

00:43:02   So one of the, one of the things that was really surprising to me in this is I got

00:43:07   so many regional apps, like apps for Australia, Mateo Swiss, just like, you

00:43:15   know like a bunch of applications with a few answers for like different countries

00:43:20   like BBC weathers in here bomb weather for Australia

00:43:25   Oz weather so there's a lot of them in there why are was the one that had 18

00:43:31   people that went for it honestly the most surprising result for me in these

00:43:38   five questions there were 13 people who said none yeah who doesn't check the

00:43:44   Which is the fifth highest answer was none.

00:43:49   Wow.

00:43:51   Which I just, I couldn't,

00:43:52   I can't get my head around that one to be honest.

00:43:54   How could you know what you never use a weather app like?

00:43:57   That blows me away.

00:43:59   Radar scope is number two paid weather app

00:44:01   in the app store right now.

00:44:02   Not, not amongst our list.

00:44:03   I was looking through this to see how.

00:44:05   Also because it's very expensive

00:44:06   and it's kind of expensive I think.

00:44:08   It's 10 bucks.

00:44:09   Yeah.

00:44:10   One person.

00:44:11   One person.

00:44:12   Wow.

00:44:14   Okay, our final question today, points currently are at 270 to Steven, 280 to Federico.

00:44:21   Ooh.

00:44:22   In this round here today.

00:44:25   This is very close.

00:44:26   Anyone could win the day.

00:44:28   Yeah.

00:44:29   Our final, our fifth and final question is, what app do you use most to keep in touch

00:44:35   with your friends?

00:44:37   Wow.

00:44:39   What app do you use most to keep in touch with your friends?

00:44:46   The first answer goes to Steven because he is currently trailing behind.

00:44:50   And it's iMessage.

00:44:51   You seem very confident.

00:44:53   I do.

00:44:54   You should be because it is 50 points at the top answer for you.

00:44:58   I mean technically the app is messages though.

00:45:02   I put together messages, iMessage, all of them.

00:45:05   I chose iMessage here as the name.

00:45:08   - Okay, I am gonna go with WhatsApp.

00:45:13   - Mm, that's good.

00:45:15   - Yeah, well this is one of those things, right?

00:45:17   You've gotta think to yourself, where are our listeners?

00:45:21   - Yeah, I know. - You know?

00:45:23   But you would be right to think it

00:45:24   'cause it's the second highest answer.

00:45:25   You get 40 points for WhatsApp.

00:45:27   - Okay, how do they keep up with friends?

00:45:29   I'm going to say, was it how they keep up with friends

00:45:33   or how they message with friends?

00:45:34   - What app do you use most to keep in touch

00:45:37   with your friends. Keep in touch. Keep in touch with your friends. It's not digital

00:45:45   touch, Steven. Mmm, that's a bummer. How do you know? Yeah, you're not looking at the

00:45:50   spreadsheet. If it's digital touch, the podcast is... If Steven would have answered this question, he would have said that, like, I'm convinced. I do like sending them, mostly

00:45:58   ironically. I know that messaging is really big in apps like Instagram and

00:46:06   Snapchat but I'm not sure that's where our audience is for that but Instagram

00:46:13   was also very high in the social network question so I'm gonna say Instagram okay

00:46:18   so 21 people said Instagram hmm enough okay I'm gonna go with Facebook

00:46:26   Messenger that is the fourth highest answer 20 points go to Federico left on

00:46:32   On the board is the third highest answer and the fifth highest answer.

00:46:36   Yeah.

00:46:37   Yeah.

00:46:38   Facebook Messenger was 76 by the way.

00:46:40   And that confirms or, you know, backs up my fourth place as the weird spot.

00:46:44   There was an awful lot of begrudgingly in that one.

00:46:48   People seemed embarrassed to say it, which was funny to have.

00:46:52   Telegram.

00:46:52   Good pick.

00:46:54   Was it?

00:46:55   I think.

00:46:56   26 points.

00:46:58   Well, sorry, 26 answers say no points.

00:47:01   Okay, Discord.

00:47:06   You're doubling down on Discord today, aren't you?

00:47:11   You'd be right to do so.

00:47:13   It is the third highest answer.

00:47:15   Nice.

00:47:16   30 points.

00:47:17   Go to Federico.

00:47:18   Nice.

00:47:19   Nice.

00:47:20   Fifth answer is available, Steven.

00:47:22   Can you get it?

00:47:26   So we've done messages?

00:47:28   WhatsApp?

00:47:29   WhatsApp.

00:47:30   Discord.

00:47:31   Discord.

00:47:32   Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram.

00:47:36   I'm looking for the fifth.

00:47:38   I feel like this is something...

00:47:40   Email.

00:47:41   I feel like it's something that's not a social network in a way.

00:47:45   If it's 2003 you could say blogging, but that's not true anymore.

00:47:48   I'm gonna say FaceTime.

00:47:52   Three people said FaceTime.

00:47:53   Oh no.

00:47:54   That's not enough.

00:47:55   And I will say, because Federico made the joke, two people said mail.

00:47:59   And one person said MimeStream.

00:48:02   That's very specific.

00:48:03   That's John Boris, bro.

00:48:04   It's like, "I want to keep in touch with my friends,

00:48:06   but only with this one email."

00:48:08   Yeah, I can't do it on my phone.

00:48:09   I'm sorry, I can't.

00:48:10   I can't.

00:48:11   Yeah, I guess that's the problem with that person, right?

00:48:14   It's either John or the MimeStream developer

00:48:16   who said that, I think.

00:48:18   Okay, I will say, you know what?

00:48:20   Slack.

00:48:21   It's good.

00:48:22   It's good. It's 18 people.

00:48:24   That's not enough.

00:48:26   Okay.

00:48:27   Did you do something silly like separate SMS from messages?

00:48:33   No. Nah.

00:48:35   I just do what people tell me.

00:48:37   That's hardly ever true.

00:48:39   No, it can be SMS. Come on.

00:48:41   But what else is it? What else is out there?

00:48:43   Well, there's things out there.

00:48:47   Oh, okay. I'm gonna go back to the social question again. I'm gonna say Twitter.

00:48:51   Five people.

00:48:53   Oh, man.

00:48:54   Yeah, okay.

00:48:54   Use Twitter. One person uses Twitterific.

00:48:57   Jason! Exclusively. I'm gonna go ahead and say Skype. Nah, that's not on there at all, man.

00:49:05   That's just not there. Nice! Alright, what was it? We're not gonna get it. No, no, no, no, no, no. You can. I want to give you a couple more, two more guesses each. You can do this. Don't give up.

00:49:21   Don't give up. I want every last point out of this game.

00:49:24   Well, we haven't said it yet, so I'm just going to put on the board.

00:49:26   I'm going to say Snapchat.

00:49:28   27 people.

00:49:30   Yeah.

00:49:31   That ain't it.

00:49:32   Okay.

00:49:33   Wow.

00:49:34   All right. All right.

00:49:35   So given the pandemic, I'm going to go ahead and say Zoom.

00:49:39   Zoom. Also not there.

00:49:42   I'll just use not like video conferencing application.

00:49:45   I will say Snapchat was 27.

00:49:48   The fifth highest answer had 28 people.

00:49:53   - So what's the size of Snapchat in our audience?

00:49:56   - But one more.

00:49:57   - But one more.

00:49:58   - But one more.

00:49:59   - But one more.

00:50:00   - Crucially, one more.

00:50:01   So Steven, you take this guess, then you get one more each

00:50:03   and that's the end of the game.

00:50:05   - Man, this is brutal.

00:50:08   We said Discord, we said Slack.

00:50:10   - What are the messaging options?

00:50:12   - What else is out there?

00:50:14   - Just stay in touch with your friends.

00:50:16   - Carrot weather.

00:50:17   and you're not doing video.

00:50:19   We're your friends.

00:50:22   - Your friends.

00:50:24   - Friends, what are friends?

00:50:26   - What are friends?

00:50:27   - Yeah.

00:50:29   - Are your coworkers friends?

00:50:31   I don't know.

00:50:32   - Zoom got shot down.

00:50:34   I assume it's not Microsoft Teams either.

00:50:36   - Nah.

00:50:38   - Is it none?

00:50:39   That'd be so sad.

00:50:40   - No, is it?

00:50:41   Oh no.

00:50:42   - Is that your answer?

00:50:44   - No, it can be none.

00:50:45   No, don't say none, come on.

00:50:46   Yeah, I'm not gonna say none. That would break my heart for our listeners.

00:50:52   Alright, well, two people were really sad.

00:50:55   Are you serious?

00:50:56   Yeah, two people said none.

00:50:58   Wow.

00:50:59   Yeah, it's pretty rough, man. I was like, I didn't like that one.

00:51:04   You can text me if you want. I don't know.

00:51:09   Give them access to the Discord or something.

00:51:12   Yeah, seriously.

00:51:14   I don't... my mind is completely blank. I mean like

00:51:18   I'm gonna do something like off the wall like in real life

00:51:21   Talking to people in real life.

00:51:24   No.

00:51:25   Oh.

00:51:25   Yeah, no.

00:51:26   Okay.

00:51:27   I didn't know what that meant because I forgot the order of where you were going

00:51:31   This is now the last guest and it's Federico's.

00:51:33   Okay.

00:51:33   I'm gonna say that they just

00:51:37   called them on the phone.

00:51:40   One person likes the phone

00:51:43   Okay, so that's to get the round over okay, okay, you're so close

00:51:49   Was it SMS?

00:51:52   No one person said SMS, okay

00:51:54   signal

00:51:57   28 people geez

00:51:59   Okay, so it's interested me 26 people use telegram 28 people use signal so signals the winner I guess of that one Wow

00:52:09   All right, so that ends today's round.

00:52:12   Steven with 320 points.

00:52:15   Federico, 370 points.

00:52:18   So Federico wins today again.

00:52:20   This is unearthed an important milestone

00:52:24   in the connected quiz.

00:52:26   Somebody has passed 1000 points.

00:52:28   Steven, you have 972 points.

00:52:32   Federico, you have 1201 points

00:52:36   in the overall connected quiz school.

00:52:39   - I am the champion.

00:52:40   - I mean, we haven't gotten to champions yet,

00:52:42   but you are currently in the lead.

00:52:44   And that's the end of the day.

00:52:47   - Signal.

00:52:48   Never saw it coming.

00:52:51   - Clearly.

00:52:52   - This episode of connected is made possible by Capital One.

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00:54:12   Before I was so rudely interrupted by the quiz.

00:54:16   - Can you imagine if I had another set of questions?

00:54:18   Can you imagine?

00:54:19   - I would leave.

00:54:22   I was gonna talk about how Apple said

00:54:25   that the studio display, some people having audio issues

00:54:29   and that the fix was to remove it from power basically,

00:54:32   which is a real pain because the cable doesn't come out

00:54:35   of the back of it, which is dumb.

00:54:37   But Myke, you did me a favor because in the course

00:54:40   of recording, Apple has released an updated version

00:54:44   of studio display firmware that you can run

00:54:48   by going to software update

00:54:50   on the attached Macintosh computer.

00:54:52   And hopefully it will fix the audio issues.

00:54:55   Which like some people were having,

00:54:56   I saw a video of audio like cutting in and out.

00:54:59   - Yeah, I've had this.

00:55:00   - Or audio playing at a high speed for no reason.

00:55:03   Like very strange stuff.

00:55:05   Hopefully this fixes it.

00:55:06   - I would have a thing where like I would play a video

00:55:09   and it would play for like a second

00:55:10   and the audio would cut off

00:55:11   and I would close the tab, do it again

00:55:12   and it would do it again.

00:55:13   So I have to unplug it, wait, replug it back in.

00:55:17   So I'm happy, I'll be updating to the new firmware

00:55:19   after we record today.

00:55:21   - Good, good.

00:55:22   Let us know next week if it seems to solve it for you.

00:55:25   - I mean, it's intimate and so this is one of those things

00:55:28   I'm only gonna be able to tell you if it happens again, you know, okay

00:55:30   It's one of those weird bugs, but I will I will I will be on it

00:55:35   Why does that why can you just not pull the power cable out? Why doesn't have a power button?

00:55:40   Why isn't it a button on the back? Yeah

00:55:42   It's not like they invented a magsafe power connector for a display and put it on the iMac. It just works, you know

00:55:49   No, it just works if you go to the floor and unplug it. Yeah

00:55:53   All right Federico, there's a story by Mark Gurman about iPad OS 16. What's going on?

00:56:00   so apparently Apple has

00:56:03   Internally decided of course. It's not official yet for probably no in September the I

00:56:09   Don't think Apple is going to pre-announce any of this

00:56:13   But according to Mark Gurman they have internally decided to delay iPad OS 16 by about a month says the story

00:56:23   The reason why is Stage Manager and the brand new multitasking mode on iPadOS 16.

00:56:30   Germin is also suggesting that Apple needs more work on Stage Manager following the release of the public beta and the

00:56:37   criticism that it has drawn from both users and developers due to its instability and general

00:56:44   bugginess and lack of polish.

00:56:47   And doing this, pushing the release of iPadOS 16 to the month of October, essentially,

00:56:54   and splitting it from iOS 16, would also bring iPadOS 16 closer to the release of new iPad hardware.

00:57:04   Currently rumored, of course, there's the M2 iPad Pro and the 10th generation base model iPad.

00:57:11   They are both on the line at this point.

00:57:14   Now, I do want to say, before we talk about whether we think this is the right approach or not,

00:57:19   I want to say that there is precedent for this. This is not the first time Apple may have decided

00:57:27   to release iPadOS later than iOS. I believe the last time this occurred was three years ago,

00:57:34   with iPadOS 13. Fun fact, that year Apple was also working on some major new features for

00:57:43   iPadOS multitasking, it was the year that they introduced multi-window. So, interesting coincidence

00:57:50   that the same year they're doing new multitasking things, they also think they need more time. But

00:57:57   yeah, this wouldn't be the first time. I hope more people adopt stage manager than multi-window.

00:58:02   Yeah, like, yes, obviously. Now, as I wrote, I'm just going to repeat what I wrote in my story that

00:58:11   we discussed from the public beta release. I like Stage Manager. I don't hate Stage Manager.

00:58:18   There's a ton of Stage Manager critics out there, but I do think it's buggy.

00:58:25   As I wrote in my story, at the time with public beta 1, it was effectively impossible for me to

00:58:32   use with an external display, which is one of the big selling points of Stage Manager, being able to

00:58:38   place windows on an external display. It's impossible to use. And the thing is, it has

00:58:43   gotten worse with Beta 4 or public Beta 2. Not just the external display integration,

00:58:52   that's still very problematic. But Stage Manager itself, on the iPad, has gotten worse. They

00:58:59   have changed the window resizing behaviors. I get more crashes than before. It just feels

00:59:08   worse than before. And it doesn't help that when it comes to the external display integration,

00:59:17   as I mentioned last week, they also denied one of the feature requests that I had made

00:59:25   that I still believe would have made the entire system so much better. My request was "make

00:59:31   it easy for users to transfer an entire workspace, so a set of multiple apps, from the iPad to

00:59:40   the display by clicking a button or something. Instead, Apple insists that you should do

00:59:47   this manually, one window at a time, which I think is the wrong approach.

00:59:51   That sounds like the iPad way to me Federico, you know what I mean? They're staying true

00:59:55   and core to iPad multitasking. Do it slowly and manually.

00:59:58   Yeah, I see, I see. I appreciate your sarcasm and I think you're right in there.

01:00:04   But it kind of defeats the purpose of having those sets on the left side.

01:00:09   So if they need more time, I think they should take the time to reassess, not just the stability,

01:00:16   but while you're at it, take stock of some of the criticism regarding the design.

01:00:23   Maybe it's time to go back to the H.I. people and say, "Hey, Design Lab, can we get another pass at this?

01:00:32   Maybe there's a few things you could polish."

01:00:34   And also, again, if you've got an extra month and you are rethinking the resources that stage manager needs,

01:00:41   I'm just going to say it.

01:00:43   Are you really sure you cannot bring this to older iPads?

01:00:47   because now would be the time to take that criticism and do something if you are delaying the update.

01:00:55   Do you think this has been delayed and it's gotten weird and buggy

01:00:59   because they're going to try and find a way to put it on more iPads?

01:01:02   Yes.

01:01:04   Do you think so?

01:01:04   Yeah.

01:01:07   Okay.

01:01:08   Yeah, I think so.

01:01:10   That wasn't what I thought you were going to say?

01:01:12   I don't think you're going to say that either.

01:01:14   It's surprising to me.

01:01:16   I do think they're making the wrong decision there. I still believe that, like, if you open

01:01:23   Twitter or Reddit or any of these places where iPad people are really passionate about the iPad,

01:01:30   about the computer they own, they are also very upset about not being able to use Stage Manager

01:01:38   even on a 2020 iPad Pro or a 2018 iPad Pro, which is a lot of people still have because it's still

01:01:43   such a great computer. But the 2021, that's... was it 2020 or 2021? When did they do the...

01:01:51   2020.

01:01:52   2020, yeah.

01:01:53   Because it came out at the same time as the Magic Trackpad keyboard, Magic Keyboard or Trackpad.

01:01:59   Yes, exactly. Not having it on that one, that's rough, because so many people bought that iPad

01:02:05   during the pandemic with the Magic Keyboard, and it's such a wasted opportunity. You know what,

01:02:11   you're just living goodwill right there on the table. You're just losing all that goodwill from

01:02:17   people by not doing this, and I continue to believe it's the wrong decision at a top manager

01:02:26   level to insist, "No, we should make this M1 only. Make it M1 only with all the extra bells and

01:02:32   whistles, external display, whatever." Just give a basic version to more people, some version of it,

01:02:39   to more people. I still continue to believe that, and if they won't do it, I will write as much.

01:02:46   That it's a waste of time. It's a shame. It's a shame that they won't do it.

01:02:50   I think anyone out there really holding their breath for

01:02:53   massive changes are going to be disappointed. I just, I hear what you're saying. I think they

01:03:01   should do the work to make it work on older iPads, but if you read this and think, "Oh my gosh,

01:03:06   "they're gonna fix all the problems with this new interface."

01:03:10   I don't know if a month's gonna do it.

01:03:11   I mean, the current beta, as we have talked about,

01:03:14   is really pretty rough.

01:03:16   There's still time.

01:03:17   Look, Safari last year shows

01:03:19   they're willing to make big changes when it's necessary.

01:03:23   I just, I have this like nagging feeling about this,

01:03:26   that when stage manager ships,

01:03:29   it's gonna be effectively what they showed off in June.

01:03:32   And those of us who want different things

01:03:34   or other features that Federer go out of,

01:03:36   which you've talked about.

01:03:37   I just, I think this month is gonna be spent

01:03:40   trying to patch up what they've got

01:03:41   and not really pushing the ball forward

01:03:43   in any meaningful way.

01:03:44   And that's a bummer, but I think it's wrong

01:03:48   going into this with super high expectations.

01:03:51   Is that unfair?

01:03:52   I mean, I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but--

01:03:54   - No, no, I'm leaning in your direction.

01:03:56   'Cause I don't think this is like Safari was.

01:03:59   Like, Safari was just like, no, this was,

01:04:03   you must change this, like this is bad.

01:04:06   Like stage manager, if they just ship

01:04:09   a better performing version of what they have,

01:04:14   it's fine, like it's good.

01:04:15   Like I agree with Federico,

01:04:17   there are more things you could add.

01:04:18   I agree, like it would be nice

01:04:19   if they could widen the scope a little bit

01:04:22   to include another iPad, if they can make that work.

01:04:24   But just shipping a stable version

01:04:28   of the current iteration of stage manager

01:04:31   is better than not doing it.

01:04:33   And I don't think that was the way with the original intent of Safari.

01:04:37   Shipping that would have been worse than not doing it.

01:04:42   So...

01:04:43   But I disagree that shipping a working version of this would be good,

01:04:47   because the external display version of this is so broken right now.

01:04:50   No, but I'm talking about they fixed that too.

01:04:53   That's what I mean.

01:04:54   But even functionally speaking, I don't want to say that they got it all wrong,

01:04:58   but they kind of did.

01:05:00   - Yeah, but it's, the thing is, this is still better

01:05:04   than the current way that you can use an iPad with a display.

01:05:09   - Doesn't take much.

01:05:10   - No, that's true.

01:05:11   - That's what I'm saying though, right?

01:05:13   Like, even if then this isn't perfect,

01:05:15   it's all in the right direction.

01:05:17   - Is that a high threshold

01:05:18   that Apple really wants to shoot for?

01:05:20   Doesn't take much?

01:05:22   I don't know.

01:05:23   - I was actually thinking about this last night actually.

01:05:25   It's like, we're probably not far from weekly betas.

01:05:28   It's gotta be coming in the next couple,

01:05:30   I mean, next week should be Beta 5.

01:05:33   And then after that, are we on the weekly cycle?

01:05:35   Like hopefully we'll see some of this shaping up.

01:05:38   Just a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff broken in there.

01:05:40   - Yeah, I wouldn't expect, for example, at this point,

01:05:44   like while we're talking about,

01:05:45   oh, don't expect stage manager to change,

01:05:47   to fundamentally change.

01:05:49   Like, I understand they are not going to do

01:05:53   real freeform resize, like on Mac.

01:05:58   Like, no, they're not going to do it.

01:05:59   They're not going to add in a month a tiling system that's

01:06:04   similar to Windows.

01:06:06   Like, no, that's not going to happen.

01:06:08   But for example, even grabbing a window, just grabbing a window

01:06:13   is difficult right now.

01:06:14   Just grabbing it, because you've got

01:06:16   to find that tiny strip of pixels

01:06:18   where you've got to place the pointer.

01:06:20   Even that very basic gesture is so hard to perform still

01:06:25   in beta 4.

01:06:26   So like, yeah, going to the home screen, I still can't believe that they have not added that if you click or tap behind like on that blank space that you go to the home screen like you can on Mac OS like on the Mac OS version.

01:06:41   If you click the desktop, you you go to the desktop right where it is so much more helpful on an iPad to have quick access to going home.

01:06:53   and I know I can swipe up, but my hand, like I'm already there.

01:06:57   My hand is on the trackpad.

01:06:59   Like, and I want to click.

01:07:01   Yeah, like let me click.

01:07:02   Yeah.

01:07:03   That is bananas to me that that doesn't work.

01:07:05   Like I don't, I just can't get it.

01:07:08   But these are the things though,

01:07:10   that they can spend a bit more time and do,

01:07:13   like that kind of stuff.

01:07:14   Or like, they could maybe do a better job

01:07:17   with the touch target of where you move the thing around.

01:07:20   they could fix the crashing issues.

01:07:22   Um, that kind of stuff.

01:07:25   I reckon that's what we're going to get.

01:07:27   I would stretch a stretch, say it supports other iPads outside of that.

01:07:33   I think this is just a case of like, they know this isn't there.

01:07:37   They may as well take the extra time and release iPadOS 16 around the same time

01:07:43   they release Mac OS, like why not?

01:07:45   You know?

01:07:46   So it will probably be 16.1.

01:07:48   Yeah.

01:07:49   And I mean, even like take care of a lot of polish

01:07:54   that's needed for Sage Manager.

01:07:55   Like one of the things that annoys me so much right now

01:07:58   is it keeps forgetting my window sizes.

01:08:02   And so I am constantly dealing with apps growing taller

01:08:07   and hiding the dock.

01:08:10   - Yeah, I see that a bunch.

01:08:11   I see that a bunch.

01:08:13   - I never want you to hide the dock.

01:08:15   Just stay above the dock and stay right there.

01:08:18   and I'm constantly grabbing them from the corner and dragging them just a little bit up

01:08:23   so that I can see the dock again.

01:08:25   - Yeah, I have something like this. - That shouldn't happen.

01:08:27   Like, you have an app, you change the size, you go to a different stage,

01:08:31   go back to the other one and it's growing bigger again.

01:08:33   Yes, yes, it's like, what? Are you just growing while I'm not looking?

01:08:37   - What are you doing? - What happens if I leave this for a long time?

01:08:40   - You know? It's like zooms in. - It grows out of the iPad.

01:08:45   (laughing)

01:08:46   - So it's leaking into my external display.

01:08:48   - You find it on the iPhone too, and it's like what?

01:08:52   (laughing)

01:08:53   - It's like a lava lamp, it just like oozes in.

01:08:55   - It's just getting really confused of universal control

01:08:58   and it's just going in the other direction.

01:09:00   - I wanna go over on that device.

01:09:02   (laughing)

01:09:04   - But yeah, it does that, it definitely does that.

01:09:08   And yeah, sometimes those apps, they flicker.

01:09:13   Like, oh, why are you, what's the flickering?

01:09:15   Why are you flickering?

01:09:16   Why?

01:09:17   It's a photo uploading website.

01:09:19   Oh man, we should have mentioned that

01:09:20   as your favorite social network.

01:09:22   I know.

01:09:23   And you should have, you should have gone for it.

01:09:24   I was in a conversation this weekend.

01:09:26   You know a lot of people have

01:09:28   negative feelings about Instagram.

01:09:30   On Rocket, they solved it, that's not their title.

01:09:34   I was like, we fixed Instagram.

01:09:35   So they figured it out, but Instagram hasn't.

01:09:37   And I was in this conversation this weekend,

01:09:39   it's like, flicker.

01:09:41   It was so good.

01:09:43   They had it.

01:09:44   They had it.

01:09:45   And I kind of wish...

01:09:47   - They were late to the iPhone.

01:09:48   That was the problem.

01:09:49   - They were, yep, just like Facebook was,

01:09:50   but Facebook figured it out eventually,

01:09:52   and Flickr did not.

01:09:53   I wish it would come back.

01:09:55   - Facebook had to buy Instagram because of it.

01:09:58   - Also, Facebook had to manipulate the minds of people,

01:10:00   but yeah, they did.

01:10:01   - Well, I mean, that didn't say they were mobile.

01:10:04   That came afterwards.

01:10:05   - Sure.

01:10:07   - But they had to buy Instagram,

01:10:08   so they had some kind of foot in the mobile,

01:10:09   'cause otherwise they were gonna get crushed.

01:10:12   And then they had to copy Snapchat,

01:10:14   and then copy TikTok.

01:10:16   And here we are.

01:10:17   (laughs)

01:10:19   - In the ruin society.

01:10:20   Yes.

01:10:22   So anyway, stage manager needs more work.

01:10:25   And personally, I would be happy with the delay.

01:10:28   So, you know, I can--

01:10:31   - I'm just happy that they're gonna do it personally.

01:10:33   - Yeah.

01:10:33   - Like, yes, it will be annoying

01:10:35   because things like iMessage editing

01:10:37   and removing messages and all,

01:10:39   none of that's gonna work, right?

01:10:41   With all your devices.

01:10:42   But that was going to be the same if you had a Mac anyway, right?

01:10:45   So you got to wait until macOS gets it for it to work on everything you own.

01:10:49   I think it makes sense.

01:10:50   The iPhone bait is pretty strong.

01:10:52   So I don't think we're going to get what we got with iOS 13.

01:10:56   Because that was the funny thing of iOS 13.

01:10:57   It wasn't just iPadOS, it was delayed, right?

01:10:59   It was actually--

01:11:00   It was the whole thing.

01:11:00   It was iOS on non-new phones.

01:11:05   So the new phones came with 13 in the box,

01:11:08   but they were the only thing that got 13.

01:11:10   and everything else got 13.1.

01:11:12   Am I remembering that correctly?

01:11:14   - Yeah, that's correct.

01:11:16   You know what I find surprising about iOS 16 at the moment?

01:11:21   Apple isn't making enough widgets for their own apps.

01:11:25   - Do you mean the lock screen ones?

01:11:28   - The lock screen ones, the lock screen ones.

01:11:31   They aren't making enough of the,

01:11:32   like I was looking today,

01:11:34   they're not even making a circular widget

01:11:37   on the lock screen for reminders.

01:11:40   They don't have one.

01:11:43   And there's so much stuff that's missing.

01:11:44   There's no music.

01:11:46   They've done nothing for mail.

01:11:49   They've made very few lock screen widgets,

01:11:52   and that I find surprising because that wasn't necessarily

01:11:54   true for the home screen widgets two years ago.

01:11:59   So I don't know. Maybe they are taking different approaches here.

01:12:03   Maybe they'll come with beta 5 or future betas.

01:12:08   I don't know, but I found that surprising.

01:12:10   I was taking a look, I was redoing my lock screen this week,

01:12:14   and I realized Apple is making very, very few

01:12:17   lock screen widgets this year, and that's strange.

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