407: A Computer Desk With a Bed on Top


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00:00:07   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 407.

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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley, and I have the pleasure of introducing Federico Vitucci,

00:00:20   who isn't here.

00:00:21   So now I will introduce Steven Hackett.

00:00:23   Hi, Steven.

00:00:23   Hello.

00:00:24   I figured we got to keep the thing, right?

00:00:26   So Connected, is it connectedintro.com?

00:00:29   connectedintro.com

00:00:31   It says that I need to introduce Federico, but he's not here

00:00:34   So I figured I didn't want to mess it up by introducing you immediately because then I feel like it's gonna throw everything off

00:00:41   Yeah, you can't break the rotation. No

00:00:44   It's just us Federico had some stuff going on. He's good. He's okay. We talked to him earlier today. To be fair to Federico

00:00:52   Steven basically forced Federico off the episode this week for self care reasons, which was good

00:00:57   I think Federico ended up just taking the time. Yeah, but I think without you basically

00:01:02   Like what is like bullying but you're being nice to someone

00:01:07   What is that? I said, let me just read what I sent him

00:01:12   so this is from

00:01:15   Yesterday I said I've got some stuff in the document Federico. Are you taking the week off?

00:01:21   I think you should if you want even if you're free to record you should sleep

00:01:25   But then but it started after last week's episode

00:01:28   I've been building the case for a while because he's busy this week with some other stuff

00:01:31   I was like you don't need to worry about us like you go do what you need to do and again everything's fine

00:01:36   It's all good stuff, but we can handle the show for you. You know, this is what we do

00:01:40   There's three of us good building times. Y'all done it for me. We've done it for you. It's no big deal

00:01:46   Yep, I do miss him though. No, sorry. I mean I would miss you if you're gone. Yeah, whatever you don't say that

00:01:54   Usually when I'm gone the two of you just make fun of the fact that I'm not there and then move on

00:01:58   You know, so you miss me, you know, maybe I should just leave now

00:02:01   You do it on your own see miss me then you miss me the next 90 minutes

00:02:06   I will be talking about open doc everybody buckle in

00:02:10   You know, isn't it kind of incredible that we've we've never had to do that like one of us like no, that's not true

00:02:17   I've I did an episode episode

00:02:20   - it was some big round number 200 or 250 or something. It was me and John and

00:02:26   Underscore. Yeah, but that's not you on your own is it? That's what I'm talking about

00:02:30   Yeah, but no one but no single voice podcasts are bad unless they're like three minutes long

00:02:34   At least in the way that we do it, right if it's some like mystery thing that you're building up that's different

00:02:39   But yep, I'm not gonna talk about computers for an hour and a half alone

00:02:42   I mean I could you could but it'd be the end of the show

00:02:46   - Uh-huh.

00:02:48   I feel like there's a potential members episode

00:02:50   in there somewhere.

00:02:51   - Maybe, I could just discuss the various versions

00:02:53   of beige Apple used over the years.

00:02:55   - Just a Steven lecture, you know?

00:02:58   - We're gonna have one later in the show.

00:03:00   - Can't wait.

00:03:01   - That last topic.

00:03:02   - Yep, can't wait.

00:03:03   - Let's start with some follow-up though.

00:03:05   - Follow-up.

00:03:06   - The question that has been burning in everyone's mind

00:03:09   is slate gray still stuck in your spotlight on your phone?

00:03:13   - No, but I got a new one.

00:03:14   - Ooh, what is it?

00:03:15   just the word, letters T-E-S.

00:03:17   - TES.

00:03:19   - TES.

00:03:20   I have gen, I have connect, this is what it says now.

00:03:22   Connected starts at 1730.

00:03:25   Well, oh it started, sorry.

00:03:27   Then there's a zoom link, so it's join connected,

00:03:29   and then there's also a turn on, do not disturb option,

00:03:31   which those are really great, I think they're great.

00:03:33   And then I've got a link to general settings and TES.

00:03:38   - Hmm.

00:03:39   - I miss, I miss slate gray, to be honest.

00:03:41   - General settings, it's a pretty high rank for a setting.

00:03:45   one day it could be like a kernel setting.

00:03:47   - That's good.

00:03:47   - See kernel works on a couple different levels there

00:03:50   'cause it's like a military thing and a computer thing.

00:03:53   - Colonel Panic is always concerned about something.

00:03:55   - Colonel Panic.

00:03:57   Colonel Panic at the disco.

00:03:59   - So I have been running the notifications count option

00:04:04   that Federico mentioned last week.

00:04:06   - Yeah. - This is in Iowa 16.

00:04:07   So this is where now it just gives you a little,

00:04:11   basically at the bottom of the home screen,

00:04:14   like a little number basically of how many notifications you have and you can tap it

00:04:19   and it will show you the most recent ones and it's only counting the most recent ones

00:04:23   and then if you minimize those again that goes away until there's new ones that come

00:04:27   in again.

00:04:28   I love it.

00:04:29   This is a great setting.

00:04:32   It is really good.

00:04:33   I feel like my whole lock screen notification situation is kind of bad right now.

00:04:40   I think part of it is due to the new design.

00:04:42   Like I feel like I lose things

00:04:45   because they sort of fall off the bottom,

00:04:48   if that makes sense.

00:04:49   And I don't know, I don't know if I need fewer things

00:04:52   to go to the lock screen or maybe we need to try this.

00:04:54   - What do you mean?

00:04:55   - This minimal version like.

00:04:56   - What are you losing?

00:04:57   - 'Cause say like I get a reminder of like,

00:04:58   hey, do this at 3 p.m.

00:05:01   - Yeah.

00:05:02   - I feel like in the old version where notifications

00:05:04   took up more space on the screen,

00:05:07   that wanna get lost in the other notifications

00:05:09   I have coming in it was like easier to scan what I had, you know missed over the last little bit of time

00:05:15   But now because you really only see two or three and then they stack up and good and like fall off the bottom

00:05:21   I don't know. Maybe I just have an internalized thing to swipe up and see more of them something about it

00:05:26   They're like I see fewer of them and that's not great the way that I've had my phone set up in the past

00:05:31   Okay, I mean I you know, I I don't know what's happening there for you

00:05:39   but I understand what you're saying but like I don't get that.

00:05:45   So I don't know.

00:05:46   I don't know do you spend a lot of time like pulling on the notification thing to see what's

00:05:51   under there?

00:05:52   Never.

00:05:53   I need to internalize that a little more.

00:05:54   Yeah well there you go then.

00:05:55   You've got to internalize that.

00:05:56   That's what's going on for you.

00:05:57   So there's count, stack, and list.

00:05:59   Maybe I'll try list for a while.

00:06:01   I had it on stack.

00:06:03   Yeah.

00:06:04   one of those things where, okay, so in iOS 16, settings, notifications, display as, you

00:06:11   have count, stack and list, there was no explanation about what those things do or look like. And

00:06:16   there really should be. Like, how would you how do you know what those are?

00:06:20   Yeah, I, because I tried to turn it on the count one for a while, and it didn't seem

00:06:25   to do anything. But it wasn't until there was a new notification that I realized what

00:06:30   count meant. Right? So yeah, I agree. But again, this is better, right? Like I could

00:06:36   imagine they'll put it at the bottom of that screen, show you what it looks like. They've

00:06:39   done that kind of stuff in notifications before. Like maybe it's just not, they just haven't

00:06:43   built that part out yet because it is a bit odd.

00:06:45   A little bit strange.

00:06:47   But I do really like it. I like this feature a lot. I'm a big fan.

00:06:51   We just celebrated World Emoji Day. Happy birthday, Jeremy. This is when draft emoji

00:06:59   are released.

00:07:00   People always ask, are you gonna play "The Jeremy's?"

00:07:02   Which if you're not familiar, "The Jeremy's" are the game

00:07:05   where we show Federico pictures of new emoji

00:07:08   and he tries to guess the names

00:07:10   to usually hilarious outcomes.

00:07:12   We will play that game whenever Apple announces

00:07:15   their artwork for this.

00:07:17   So the Emojipedia artwork is draft artwork.

00:07:20   It's meant to be an example.

00:07:22   And some of Apple's artwork usually ends up looking

00:07:24   like Emojipedia is to a degree.

00:07:26   Sometimes it doesn't, just depends.

00:07:28   But whenever Apple announces there's probably this, maybe like in the later this year, early next year, we will play the game.

00:07:36   I've lost track because I know it's changed like of when we will expect it.

00:07:41   Like I can't remember anymore.

00:07:43   What I will say, dear listener, if you're one of the people who's like, when do they play that game?

00:07:49   Don't worry, because Steven didn't know either.

00:07:51   And now it's in the Google Doc for all time.

00:07:53   Yeah.

00:07:54   Steven text me and asked me, do we do this now?

00:07:57   I'm like, nope, 'cause I remember having thought this way

00:08:01   sometime last year and I checked it.

00:08:03   Now we just do this when actually Apple,

00:08:07   it's when Apple releases their imagery as well.

00:08:10   Like, so we have to wait for that part to occur

00:08:13   and that can sometimes be before it reaches iOS

00:08:16   or maybe it's at the same time or whatever.

00:08:18   And it's when they release the full set.

00:08:21   So basically we're always waiting for Emojipedia

00:08:24   to publish their article of like, here's all the emoji,

00:08:27   which they're always have been first in the past.

00:08:29   Yeah. And Federico stay sequestered from all emoji news.

00:08:33   I noticed John linked to this news on max stories.

00:08:36   Federico can't touch it.

00:08:39   You know that that could just be like Federico logging in as John, right?

00:08:42   There's also a possibility.

00:08:43   Yeah, but I like to think that our friend has full integrity when it comes to

00:08:47   this.

00:08:47   Yep. He does take these things very, very seriously. So he does.

00:08:50   There's some weird ones in this proposal,

00:08:54   but you can go and look at those for yourself.

00:08:56   Yeah, we can't really talk about it.

00:08:57   Odd choices in here, as there always is.

00:09:00   There's fewer and fewer things to do as time goes on.

00:09:03   So they're gonna get stranger.

00:09:05   Well, I guess.

00:09:06   He's definitely not gonna know what some of these are.

00:09:07   No.

00:09:08   I don't know what some of these are.

00:09:10   No.

00:09:11   No.

00:09:12   If you're wondering why we do this on July 17th,

00:09:14   why is World Emoji Day when it is,

00:09:16   I wrote a piece over on 512 last week

00:09:19   about the reason is July 17th

00:09:23   and the reason the calendar emoji has July 17th

00:09:26   is because that was the day in 2002

00:09:29   that Apple introduced iCal and it shipped later that year.

00:09:33   But its icon used July 17th as an Easter egg

00:09:36   from when it was announced.

00:09:37   Just like how on iPhone imagery from Apple,

00:09:41   the time is always set to 9/41.

00:09:43   That's about the time in the keynote

00:09:45   when Steve Jobs announced it.

00:09:47   That's kind of like a fun Easter egg.

00:09:49   And of course now the icon changes

00:09:51   with the current date all the time, but some history there.

00:09:55   So I wrote that up and shared it.

00:09:57   Happy World Emoji Day, everybody.

00:09:59   - Yeah, 'cause obviously the next part is like,

00:10:02   the first emoji that Apple made for the calendar

00:10:08   also included that date on it.

00:10:10   So then when Jeremy was looking to celebrate

00:10:12   and create World Emoji Day, chose that date.

00:10:15   And since then, a lot of third party manufacturers

00:10:18   have changed their calendar emoji to include the date on it, which I think

00:10:22   that kind of stuff is very funny.

00:10:23   Yeah, me too.

00:10:24   Because now they've been dragged along because Apple wanted to do it this way.

00:10:29   I got some news for you, Myke.

00:10:31   Okay.

00:10:32   Relay FM merch store is back.

00:10:34   Wait, what?

00:10:36   Do you remember in Titanic and the lady's like, it's been 82 years.

00:10:41   That's how I feel about the Relay merch store.

00:10:43   Uh huh.

00:10:43   But we got shirts, baby.

00:10:45   We got four awesome new shirt designs.

00:10:48   These are network shirts.

00:10:49   You might be thinking people sell shirts all the time.

00:10:52   Shows sell their own shirts and Relay FM,

00:10:56   the the global brand as we are now, I just decided.

00:11:00   We now have our own permanent merch store, which you can go to relay.fm/store

00:11:05   and you will find that we have four shirts that will be on demand printing.

00:11:11   So you can go in whenever you want. There's no rush.

00:11:13   There's no like three weeks and then they're going to be gone forever.

00:11:16   You just go in, you order all you want, and it will be shipped to you by our friends at

00:11:20   the Cotton Bureau.

00:11:21   It's fantastic.

00:11:22   I've been corrected saying that it's 84 years.

00:11:25   My apologies to the Titanic.

00:11:27   You know who would have corrected you?

00:11:29   Federico.

00:11:30   Because he friggin loves that movie.

00:11:32   He is big into Titanic.

00:11:34   I think I heard him say recently he has or is waiting to get the Blu-ray.

00:11:38   Wow.

00:11:39   And he's like super excited about it.

00:11:41   I don't even think I've seen that movie.

00:11:44   What?

00:11:45   I think I saw it once a long time ago, I don't remember it.

00:11:47   I saw it in theaters as a kid.

00:11:50   I don't think my parents were aware there was nudity in it.

00:11:52   Yeah, I don't think that was appropriate.

00:11:54   Like, just for a bunch of reasons I know it's appropriate.

00:11:56   Like, well I saw Jurassic Park in theaters.

00:12:00   The guy gets eaten off the toilet.

00:12:02   It was terrifying.

00:12:03   Yeah.

00:12:03   I actually spent a lot of the movie facing the other direction.

00:12:08   Mmm.

00:12:08   Because I couldn't handle the dinosaurs.

00:12:11   but I could see in the like projection, I could see what was going on.

00:12:16   So I could see it very small,

00:12:17   which was much more manageable for me than seeing it big on the screen.

00:12:22   Big money hack it.

00:12:23   It's me.

00:12:25   How's your Kickstarter going?

00:12:26   It's good. As of this recording, we have 15 days left.

00:12:30   So we're halfway through.

00:12:32   Who's this we? Who's this we?

00:12:33   The collective 811 people who have backed us so far.

00:12:37   Oh, you got consider it like it's all of your project.

00:12:41   We are now the whole world 812 people so far. Thank you all. Yeah, 15 days to go. So we're in

00:12:50   the you know, getting ready to be in the back half of the campaign, which is exciting. I this week

00:12:54   shared the artwork for the stickers. So our friend jelly who does some other stuff for us. If you've

00:13:01   seen the stickers we use for the podcast, a thon last year of like the mic and Steven heads, he did

00:13:06   all that our work. He did the stickers for last year's campaign and people loved them. So we did

00:13:11   four more for the campaign this year. There's a trash can Mac Pro with a broom next to it,

00:13:19   as if it's an actual trash can, which is hilarious. When it has a little lid, it's so good. There's a

00:13:26   20th anniversary Mac claim show iBook and then a very happy first generation iPod being snuggled by

00:13:35   its own headphones. They're very good. Jelly's very talented. Yes, they're so awesome. So yes,

00:13:41   if you have been on the fence, you only got two weeks left, so hop on in, the water's fine. Man,

00:13:47   Kickstarter campaigns, they last so long, right? It feels like a lot, like, emotionally to handle.

00:13:53   It does not feel that way to me. 30 days? It's just like a lot of time to be like,

00:13:59   just checking the thing. That's true. It's open on my phone and my Mac just all the

00:14:05   the time. But yeah, time's ticking away. And I'm we're at

00:14:08   hard at work in the background getting stuff ready. So very

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00:15:57   connected and supporting all of relay FM? I'm hopping mad Steven. Oh no! I'm hopping mad.

00:16:04   My picture in picture is broken on YouTube. Oh that's the worst. And I know how this happened

00:16:11   and I'm it makes me even more hopping mad. So I opted into the beta feature that they had

00:16:17   a number of months ago right? You could if you were a premium subscriber you could opt into a

00:16:22   a beta and you'd get picture in picture and that beta has stopped but it just

00:16:27   seemed like everybody well by and large it seemed like people that had opted in

00:16:31   they just kept the feature yeah that's how it worked for me a couple of days

00:16:34   ago there was like a thing popped up in my YouTube it's like try out this new

00:16:37   beta feature and there's some nonsense but I was like all right I'll go see

00:16:42   what it's about just me looking at that took away the picture in picture they

00:16:47   didn't tell me this but it just stopped working and doing some searching on

00:16:51   Twitter which is where I always go for these kinds of things.

00:16:53   Yes.

00:16:54   It basically said that people would like, they tried out a new one of these beta features

00:16:59   and it removed picture-in-picture. So, and this is the weird, the second part that annoys

00:17:05   me is Google has announced that they are rolling out picture-in-picture for all premium subscribers

00:17:11   starting July 11th. Why is it like, what is, why not just enable it? Like what's gonna

00:17:17   happen?

00:17:18   It's not like it's extra server load to have picture-in-picture.

00:17:21   It changes nothing to them. Just enable the feature.

00:17:24   Yeah, it's bad.

00:17:25   I don't know why.

00:17:26   So someone's a server in the Discord saying,

00:17:28   "You can enable it again by disabling the other beta

00:17:30   that you're enrolled in."

00:17:31   Tried that, doesn't work.

00:17:32   So now I'm just like every day checking my settings

00:17:36   to be like, "Is today the day

00:17:38   that they're going to add this setting back to my account?"

00:17:40   (laughing)

00:17:41   No, and I've tried,

00:17:43   sometimes you can force these things a little bit

00:17:46   by deleting the app and reinstalling, right?

00:17:49   I don't know why, but I've had this happen

00:17:51   some apps before like it seems to like push you forward through the process but no that

00:17:56   has not worked and I'm really annoyed about this because I use it so much like I use this

00:18:00   feature so so much and I find it very frustrating now that when I am watching a video and I

00:18:06   want to go like when I have it on in the background I always still want to be able to very quickly

00:18:11   access the video even if I'll hide it you know sometimes I hide it and then something

00:18:15   happens in like a podcast that I'm listening to I consume a lot of podcasts on YouTube

00:18:19   It's just what I do now. I want to be able to tap it, you know, and see what

00:18:25   has happened that people are laughing about. And I can't because now I have to

00:18:29   open up the YouTube app again. It's very annoying and I just don't get it YouTube.

00:18:33   Like what is what is wrong with you? Like I don't know why it took them so long to

00:18:39   put this feature in the first place. Like and now I don't understand why they're

00:18:43   taking this, as they call it, very slow rollout of this feature to premium subscribers.

00:18:49   It's so frustrating.

00:18:50   *sigh*

00:18:52   Yeah, it was weird that it was in a beta for premium. Like I... it was... it's annoying.

00:18:57   It's a great feature.

00:18:59   I understand why they've given it to premium because one of their issues is like the ads,

00:19:05   right? Because like I can imagine it's not as easy to serve ads with the picture in picture

00:19:11   thing. So if you just give it to premium people, they don't get ads anyway. So like, fine,

00:19:14   it works, right? Yeah. It's just really, it just, I find it very frustrating.

00:19:17   That's a bummer.

00:19:18   So like, I don't know how long it's going to take before I get access to this feature

00:19:22   and I'm finding it really annoying and I'm hopping mad about it.

00:19:26   You have a MacBook Air.

00:19:27   Oh, I do have a MacBook Air.

00:19:29   And I want to talk to you about it. I know you've only had it a couple of days.

00:19:32   Uh, yep. A day and a half.

00:19:34   I would love to hear your, uh, your thoughts as they are so far.

00:19:38   Okay, so I have a midnight M2 MacBook Air that has an 8 core CPU, 10 core GPU, 8GB of

00:19:48   RAM, 512GB of SSD storage.

00:19:52   Maybe when you hear me describe that you realize I didn't pick this, this is what Apple sent

00:19:56   me because this is not the configuration that I would choose.

00:20:00   I don't know why they chose to send me 8GB of RAM, but they did, but I got the 512GB

00:20:06   the 256 SSD probably so the storage would be fast.

00:20:09   Yeah.

00:20:10   Because they have that thing with the 256 SSD.

00:20:13   But it seems like they were very forthright when talking about that.

00:20:18   Like there were a bunch of reviews who mentioned it and mentioned it like haven't been confirmed

00:20:22   by Apple that it's the same as the MacBook Pro.

00:20:26   You know for a bunch of reasons like the 256 is not worth it anyway and this is another

00:20:31   reason.

00:20:32   256GB of storage on a laptop is not enough and I know that it makes the computer a couple

00:20:38   of hundred dollars more expensive but it's worth it and now at least with the universal

00:20:42   memory system even if you got 8GB of RAM if you had a bit of storage space left in that

00:20:49   512GB you could do swap right so you could benefit from even if you had lower RAM so

00:20:55   it really is worth getting the really it's this is a complicated machine to buy if you're

00:21:00   going to get a 256? It is I think kind of the optimal setup is the base CPU and

00:21:07   GPU 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gig SSD like that's kind of the base I think that's

00:21:14   makes it a livable machine especially if you're you know most people buying a

00:21:19   machine like this it's gonna be around for a long time and the 8 gigs and the

00:21:25   256 it's just not gonna it's not gonna hold up I don't think I'm happy they

00:21:30   sent me midnight because I wanted to see it because I was really intrigued by

00:21:35   that color and like I can confirm like it's covered in fingerprints but I love

00:21:41   the color like and the fingerprints just does not bother me you know I can't

00:21:46   stand fingerprints on a screen that's the worst but I don't care about

00:21:52   fingerprints on the outside of the computer. But it doesn't affect me in any

00:21:56   way really. Yeah, how do you feel about the the blue? Like it in some lights in

00:22:02   some circumstances it feels very blue and in other times it doesn't. Like do

00:22:06   you like that sort of difference that it has? I mean I think the blue looks better

00:22:10   than the silver, the gray, and the starlight. Like in any way, right? If it

00:22:17   looks blue it looks better than them and if it looks black it looks better than

00:22:19   them yeah I think that yes the color does look different in different light

00:22:23   but so does space gray to me though right sometimes it looks silver and

00:22:27   sometimes it looks like dark silver sometimes like I have a space gray

00:22:33   MacBook Pro and very frequently I look at it and I don't know what color I own

00:22:40   if I've forgotten like I look and I'm like I what what color is this so I

00:22:44   silver or space grey but yeah so I've been using this machine in place of my

00:22:50   MacBook Pro so just as a refresher to people I have a fifth the 14 14 inch

00:22:56   MacBook Pro that is my main computer I put it in my bag take it to studio take

00:23:05   it home every day I use it at home not so much but I do use at home if it's a

00:23:09   if I'm gonna do any work that I'll grab it instead of using my iPad mini which I

00:23:13   use for basically everything else while I'm at home like reading and video and

00:23:18   all that kind of stuff and then I use the MacBook Pro while I'm at the studio

00:23:25   to do everything except recording and editing podcasts so all of my other work

00:23:31   it is the computer that I spend the most time on easy throughout my day I have

00:23:37   replaced that with the MacBook Air and have quickly come to learn that the

00:23:42   MacBook Air is a better computer for this than the MacBook Pro. Because of the

00:23:48   the thinness and lightness? The thinness and lightness. It is kind of incredible to

00:23:53   me how different this machine feels to just move around like picking up, putting

00:23:59   down, all that kind of stuff. It's really kind of incredible. Like I put it next to

00:24:03   my MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is slightly thinner than the bottom part of

00:24:10   my MacBook Pro. So like if you if you open the MacBook Pro right you've got

00:24:14   the screen and then you've got like what the keyboard deck is on and then like

00:24:18   all of the rest of the machine right. The closed MacBook Air is thinner than that

00:24:23   part of my MacBook. -Predictulous. -Quite significant and whilst it is still not as

00:24:28   light as I want it to be like I want like 12 inch MacBook kind of lightness

00:24:34   right. This machine is incredibly light it feels I mean many people have said

00:24:40   this but it does feel more like an iPad than a Mac in its kind of thinness and lightness

00:24:48   and its kind of moveability. I am very taken by this computer. I've had it plugged into

00:24:55   my studio display for the last couple of days and I just did a migration from my MacBook

00:25:01   Pro and I mean migration assistance is great. I still find these weird little things like

00:25:07   backblaze gets really upset. It does. Because it, I understand, because like it

00:25:11   thinks it's the same computer and like and I think it does a good job where it

00:25:15   like it freezes the backup. And it walks you through how to fix it which is

00:25:19   very easy to fix. Yeah not a big deal. I prefer they do that then it go wrong

00:25:24   right? And then like I had a weird thing where like I had to change a bunch of

00:25:29   sentence in Alfred to get it to search stuff properly again because it was

00:25:33   thinking it was the other computer it was kind of weird but by and large

00:25:37   migration assistant is awesome like it's great it works so good and it's so fast

00:25:42   now with Thunderbolt oh yeah so fast and SSDs on both ends like it it rips yeah

00:25:47   it's I think I was transferring I think I said like 1700 megabytes per second

00:25:52   pretty good point and so it moved everything real quick especially because

00:25:56   I don't I just uncheck Dropbox to move everything over because my Dropbox is

00:26:02   online right primarily I mean plus also this has significantly less storage space than

00:26:08   my MacBook Pro like I would not have been able to fit everything I had downloaded from

00:26:13   Dropbox onto this computer.

00:26:16   So yeah I mean I don't really know what else to say other than that it's the computer you

00:26:22   would expect it to be right like trackpad's great, keyboard's great, the screen is perfectly

00:26:29   fine. The biggest thing that I noticed is the brightness. Like it is not as bright as my MacBook

00:26:34   Pro. ProMotion stuff I don't feel like I notice very much on laptops. I notice it on my phone

00:26:40   the most. But yeah I've been using it on my studio display with all of the apps open that I would

00:26:45   usually have which is lots of apps for me. I always have lots of apps open and it's been working great.

00:26:50   This has been doing a better job than my M1 MacBook Pro did because I used to have problems

00:26:56   of that all the time where it would hit RAM limits and stuff. And I had 16 gigabytes of

00:27:01   RAM on that machine. So I think maybe Apple's done some work optimizing Mac OS.

00:27:08   Maybe. I had that happen for the first time ever the other day and it was because Calendar

00:27:13   was taking like a terabyte of memory. I got 64 gigs of the stuff. What are you doing?

00:27:19   But I also mean, I have 16 gigabytes of memory on my M1 iMac and I never have that problem

00:27:26   It seemed to be just on that MacBook Pro. I had some kind of memory leak issue, I think.

00:27:31   The thing about the thinness in particular, you know, there was that article we talked

00:27:39   about last week where Apple says they designed the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air at the

00:27:44   same time. They obviously look that way, right? Like it's the same kind of design language.

00:27:50   And I was actually I'm actually surprised at how well that design language translated

00:27:56   to a much thinner machine.

00:27:58   I think it looks great.

00:28:01   What I like about the current lineup discounting the M2 13 inch MacBook Pro because that machine

00:28:09   is just an oddball.

00:28:10   But if you look at the pros, the real MacBook Pros and this new Air, like Apple seems content

00:28:15   again to let the consumer machine be consumer II and let the pro machine be what pros want

00:28:23   and need. And in the let's call it the USB C touch bar era, you know, from 2015 2016

00:28:31   up till now, really the the the differences between the air and the pro weren't that important,

00:28:38   right? Okay, you had more ports, you had the touch bar, and they were faster, right? They

00:28:43   were more powerful. But now you have the pro with ports and features that aren't on the

00:28:50   consumer machine. And Apple seems fine with that with differences. And I think that's

00:28:55   good because it actually gives people it gives people better options, right when you're looking

00:29:00   we talked about this a ton during this time period, but you know, if you were looking

00:29:05   to buy a consumer notebook, four years ago, it's like we have the MacBook and you had

00:29:11   the MacBook Air which is old and then you have the 13 inch MacBook Pro with no

00:29:17   touch bar you know dubbed the escape like it was a confusing mess and the the

00:29:23   lines between what this machine is and what this other machine isn't weren't

00:29:28   always clear I like now that they are clear and I think the thinness is part

00:29:33   of it right it's yeah you're trading performance and you're trading some

00:29:37   ports, but this machine is cheaper and it's thinner and lighter. And if those are the

00:29:42   things you care about, you don't care about the other stuff so much. It's like the air

00:29:46   is a clearer when than it was before. And I find that to be pretty refreshing when like

00:29:52   thinking about this product line and talking about it with people even giving advice to

00:29:55   people trying to buy something. I feel like yeah, it's pretty clear there's sort of these

00:29:59   two paths you can take. You either get the really good consumer machine and there's some

00:30:04   and MOS and Pro machines, if that's what you need,

00:30:07   I think all that's much better than the situation

00:30:10   we were in a few years ago.

00:30:12   - I mean, I think it's becoming clearer, right?

00:30:15   Obviously the price part isn't yet,

00:30:17   but we've seen this before where new products

00:30:20   enter the lineup and they're state of the art

00:30:23   and they're more expensive

00:30:24   and it takes some time for that to change.

00:30:27   Like I think the real clear one for a lot of us

00:30:30   is the first Retina MacBook Pro.

00:30:33   - Yeah.

00:30:33   was really expensive compared to the others.

00:30:37   And it was a big gap between that

00:30:39   and that lasted for a while,

00:30:40   but it ended up eventually getting weeded out.

00:30:43   And like, we're gonna get there, you know?

00:30:45   It's like similarly, like you can't get any other size

00:30:48   of non-new MacBook Pros, only one of them, right?

00:30:53   The 13.

00:30:55   And that's gonna go away eventually.

00:30:56   And eventually the MacBook Air is gonna go away

00:31:00   and we'll end up with just this design,

00:31:04   but it will take a few years or whatever,

00:31:05   for whatever reasons that might be.

00:31:08   But like, this is an expensive computer.

00:31:10   - Yeah, it's not a $1,000 laptop.

00:31:13   It's for a decent one, a $1,400 or $1,600 laptop.

00:31:18   - Yeah, I did have like a thought,

00:31:19   'cause I was like, I was looking at,

00:31:21   if I price one of these out,

00:31:23   was it what it would cost me for what I want?

00:31:26   And it's like 2,100 pounds.

00:31:28   - Yep.

00:31:29   And I'm like, man, things were cheaper

00:31:33   when I was buying iOS devices.

00:31:34   (laughing)

00:31:36   Right?

00:31:37   But I did have the thought today though,

00:31:38   of in the long run, I think I'll win

00:31:41   because I was spending like a thousand pounds a year

00:31:46   on a new iPad.

00:31:47   - Yeah.

00:31:48   - But I won't update these Macs for years,

00:31:52   would be my expectation, because we would,

00:31:56   I would feel the need to have the newest iPad

00:31:59   because it would have significant new features every year, right?

00:32:03   At least hardware features.

00:32:04   Yes, up until a certain point, right?

00:32:07   Which is why I didn't update some of my iPad, like one of my iPad Pros I was still running

00:32:11   the 2018 version, like the 11 inch, which I was using frequently, but I just hadn't

00:32:17   updated it because there wasn't a particular need to.

00:32:19   And I figure in the Mac line, all the new stuff is happening right now and then it's

00:32:24   going to be years before there's something that would make me want to upgrade is my expectation

00:32:29   of these machines because like new chips isn't it like when they update the MacBook Pro,

00:32:36   if they update the MacBook Pro this year with an M2 Pro I don't need that.

00:32:40   No.

00:32:41   Like I don't need it because my M1 Pro is so incredibly powerful so like I think you

00:32:45   know in the long run that I would end up probably making it back again in that sense like it

00:32:52   would like amortize over many years. Sure, that's a good business term. That's good.

00:32:56   So like I've been I've been in a bit of like unsure about my computer situation

00:33:03   at the studio for since I got the studio because things just kept changing right

00:33:07   around me from like COVID to computers that I was using to what travel meant

00:33:12   and all that kind of stuff. You didn't expect Apple to drop a yellow iMac and

00:33:16   blew up everything. Yeah, yeah, but really like that the yellow iMac, I bought the

00:33:22   yellow iMac as like a trophy of a personal goal which was to actually get

00:33:26   some Apple hardware on an in like before the before available to the

00:33:32   general public. So let me ask you this, so if you bought that iMac partially for

00:33:36   that is that a machine that you keep forever as like a collection item? Yeah.

00:33:39   Yes. Yeah it is, yeah. I was gonna say if you don't you need to ship it to me and

00:33:43   I'll keep it here for you. That could also be an option if I don't want to

00:33:47   keep it around. It could be on loan from Myke Hurley. I'll send it with a

00:33:54   little plaque that you can put next to it. But my expectation is I'll keep this. So here's what

00:33:58   I'm thinking right now is the iMac will go home and become a home computer with

00:34:09   of like multiple people having an account on it and stuff like like these machines as

00:34:15   opposed to but in a way that I have never had a computer before.

00:34:18   Yeah. I mean you could set it up where like unity now can both log into it. Yeah. You

00:34:24   know you could have photos downloaded to it. You could have as backups like a home computer.

00:34:30   It's a good thing like an actual home computer that never turns off right like just goes

00:34:34   to sleep or whatever and yeah you can put it in a desk called the computer desk. Do

00:34:37   Do you have those growing up? We had one. Oh yeah, the computer desk and it had like

00:34:41   a place for the tower. I had a computer desk with a bed on the top. What? You know, so

00:34:47   it was like a bunk bed. Okay. But the bottom bunk was a computer desk. I was very confused

00:34:52   for a second. I was like, why is there a bed on the desk? You heat the bed with the computer.

00:34:58   And so what I'm thinking is this goes home. Yeah. Where it was always eventually going

00:35:02   to go. My MacBook Pro comes to this desk and it is effectively at that point a desktop

00:35:10   computer. Sure. And then the MacBook Air takes the "this is my computer" mantle. Yeah, I

00:35:18   think that makes sense. And I become two laptops will be my computers. That's what I'm thinking.

00:35:23   The multi-macbook lifestyle. Because then I then have the flexibility, depending on

00:35:31   the type of trip that I take as to which laptop I take right if I'm gonna be

00:35:35   recording a bunch of shows while traveling then I could take the MacBook

00:35:38   Pro and then I have the most power with me at all times

00:35:42   crank through things quickly yeah if I'm not gonna be doing that I could take the

00:35:46   MacBook Air but then also the MacBook Air moves back and forth to me all the

00:35:49   time so I'm not settled on this I put an order in for a MacBook Air okay while I

00:35:56   decide because I wouldn't get it for like six or seven weeks right so but I'm

00:36:02   thinking about it I only have this MacBook Air from Apple for like two more

00:36:06   weeks or something it was a pretty short loan because they're in high demand so

00:36:10   I'm working it out but I think yeah we haven't got we haven't got the space for

00:36:17   these things you know people need them that's right I think your plan makes a

00:36:21   lot of sense and I think that the the MacBook Pro being sort of the desktop

00:36:26   like where work gets done I think that'd be pretty sweet. The only thing that

00:36:29   bothers me is I don't have a computer to sell to make some of the money back so

00:36:35   every time I update a Mac in my lineup I have something to sell and it pays at

00:36:40   least 50% of the price. Yeah that's a bummer. But this MacBook Air I have nothing I

00:36:44   have no computers to sell to help fund it which is bugging me because it's a

00:36:49   lot of money. The one we ordered gets here. It was supposed to be here Friday, but now

00:36:53   it's scheduled for Tuesday, I think. So it'll be okay. Be next week. And it's a silver one.

00:37:01   Basically loaded except for the high end GPU. That'll be Mary's machine. Are you going to

00:37:04   spend any time with it first? Or are you just going to set it up? Okay, no, I'm going to

00:37:07   spend a couple weeks with it. I'm running Ventura on my MacBook Pro. I don't think I'm

00:37:12   going to migrate. I think I'm just going to set up like some basic stuff on it and use

00:37:16   it around the house and I'll plan a writing review for 512 and then I will

00:37:21   do the migration dance around from her M1 MacBook Air to this one and set it up

00:37:29   for her and honestly I think I'm gonna because she uses it in one of those I

00:37:33   think 12 South makes it the book arc so what it's called it's like a curvy piece

00:37:38   of aluminum and it sits closed yeah I just bought one today because they've

00:37:43   I was wanting to get one for a while and they have now updated, like made a new insert.

00:37:50   Oh good, good.

00:37:52   For, right, for the new size of MacBook Pro.

00:37:56   So I actually just bought a book art today, the 12 South thing.

00:37:59   Oh yeah, there you go, looking on their site right now.

00:38:02   So I think this new MacBook Air will probably just fit in it.

00:38:06   If it doesn't, I mean, I think it'll be okay.

00:38:09   - They also said on their website that they are going

00:38:12   to make a new insert for that one.

00:38:15   - Okay, I'll keep an eye out for that then.

00:38:17   I'm gonna leave it using USB,

00:38:20   because she has a ultra fine 4K, the small one.

00:38:24   Right now, her MacBook Air charges for mid.

00:38:26   I'm gonna leave all that the same and just leave,

00:38:28   put the MagSafe just like in her desk drawer

00:38:31   so if she needs to use it elsewhere,

00:38:32   she can just take MagSafe with her.

00:38:34   But I'm just gonna basically just gonna drop it right in.

00:38:36   And I think I think if I did it without telling her,

00:38:40   I'm not I'm not sure she'd even notice a difference

00:38:42   for a while because that laptop stays docked 95% of the time.

00:38:47   I mean, she could use it.

00:38:48   In fact, when the M1 iMacs came out,

00:38:50   I asked her I was like, you know, these look really cool.

00:38:53   Is this something that you want to switch to?

00:38:54   'Cause like you have a MacBook Air,

00:38:56   but it just never uses a laptop.

00:38:58   But she does occasionally like the flexibility of it.

00:39:01   So I don't want to take that away from her.

00:39:03   And that M1 has just been back there

00:39:05   behind that display for a long time chugging along. Yeah I just I haven't I

00:39:09   didn't even unwrap the charger and the MagSafe cable that was in the box it's

00:39:15   like oh yeah it's gonna be a pain to wrap this back up again just like like I

00:39:20   don't charge my MagSafe I have a MagSafe and it's great but because I'm using

00:39:25   these computers mostly at fixed positions right like I just plug in the

00:39:29   cable that goes to my studio display which charges ever charge my laptop

00:39:33   otherwise and if I ever need to I already have USB-C cables all over the place.

00:39:37   You know so if I was using it more as like a laptop I would like have that at a

00:39:42   desk but I don't think that that's a good thing to do anyway like if you're

00:39:45   using a laptop on a desk every day you should have a monitor or you should have

00:39:49   the laptop raised and use an external keyboard and mouse ergonomically that is

00:39:54   better for you but I'm happy that MagSafe is there like I keep it in my my

00:40:01   travel charging thing because I love it when I'm away because I could just that's

00:40:05   when I would use it it's just like a laptop on the desk right yeah like a

00:40:08   couple of days or whatever and magsafe is awesome for that but otherwise I USB C

00:40:14   is great I mean maybe I would use the USB sorry maybe I would use the magsafe

00:40:18   more with the MacBook Air because then I only have one USB C port available to me

00:40:24   and it's not really something I think about the MacBook Pro where I have a

00:40:27   bunch of them. Yeah, yeah, that may be nice. I mean, I do basically the same thing. My

00:40:32   magsafe is in my backpack. And I have a, I forget, it's a pretty big one. Pretty big

00:40:39   USB C charger on my desk plugged in and like the MacBook Pros plugged in or sometimes I

00:40:44   charge my iPad on it. So whatever needs to be charged. And around the house, we have

00:40:49   quite a few like behind the couch, I have a long lightning and a long USB C cable. And

00:40:54   And I can, you know, if I'm on the couch working,

00:40:56   I can plug my Macbook Pro into that.

00:40:59   I'm glad they kept USB-C charging in addition to MagSafe.

00:41:03   It's like really is like the best of all worlds

00:41:06   because you can charge with either one.

00:41:08   And if you're on the Pro, you can charge from either side,

00:41:10   which is nice in some situations

00:41:12   to be able to charge from the right-hand side.

00:41:14   And you do lose that with the Air

00:41:16   because MagSafe and both ports are on the left-hand side.

00:41:19   So if you're, you know, when you're setting up a Macbook Air

00:41:22   you have maybe fewer options exactly with placement

00:41:26   and that sort of thing.

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00:43:32   - So a couple of days ago, Apple Arcade,

00:43:36   the Apple Arcade page in the App Store,

00:43:39   gained a new category, a sad category.

00:43:42   - Yeah.

00:43:43   "Leaving Arcade Soon."

00:43:47   It's sad.

00:43:47   It's the name of this category. It's pretty sad.

00:43:50   There's a total of 15 games in this "Leaving Arcade Soon" category.

00:43:56   I looked through these.

00:43:57   I have either not played or not heard of any of these games.

00:44:01   Me neither.

00:44:02   I'm not saying that I am the harbinger of what's good on Apple Arcade.

00:44:06   I don't check Apple Arcade frequently.

00:44:09   Still, for me, with Apple Arcade, it's like if somebody...

00:44:11   If I see people talking about a game online, that's on Apple Arcade,

00:44:16   is kind of how I find out about stuff.

00:44:17   Yeah.

00:44:18   But for me, that has always been the way I find out about new iOS games.

00:44:21   Mm-hmm.

00:44:22   What has kind of come to light from reporting from MacRumors and others?

00:44:29   There's a Twitter account that I follow called,

00:44:32   I think it's like, Killer Arcade or something like that.

00:44:35   There's like a-- I'm going to find this.

00:44:37   There's like a really good--

00:44:38   There's a lot of these accounts that are really good in the game space.

00:44:42   Killacao is this Twitter account.

00:44:46   And they have always done a really good job of Apple Arcade reporting

00:44:49   right back from the beginning of Apple Arcade.

00:44:53   That they keep track of everything.

00:44:55   They have an air table, which you can go check out.

00:44:59   Fancy.

00:45:00   And they did some reporting as well, which corroborated what MacRumors had reported.

00:45:05   that this is the end of the original three year deal that a bunch of developers got when

00:45:10   Apple Arcade launched. Or like they were given this deal at launch but maybe their game came

00:45:16   later but this is the end of that three year original deal. And so it would appear that

00:45:22   these 15 are the 15 games from that original set of deals that Apple have decided they

00:45:28   no longer want to renew with. So my expectation here is that these are the games that have

00:45:34   not seen a lot of interaction or playtime or buzz about them from that original set.

00:45:41   Now from a developer perspective I actually think this is pretty good because all of these

00:45:46   developers retain the rights to these games even in the instances it seems where they

00:45:51   were made for Apple Arcade like Apple commissioned them into existence which is the case with

00:45:56   some of these games not all of them like just in general with Apple Arcade sometimes a game

00:45:59   is being developed and Apple buys it basically like quote unquote buys it or in other cases

00:46:05   like Apple like people came to Apple with an idea and Apple gave them a bunch of money

00:46:09   as a producer to go and make that game. But it seems like these developers are all retaining

00:46:14   the right set of games. So in that instance, a couple of things can happen. They can be

00:46:19   relaunched on the App Store or elsewhere. Like a lot of Apple Arcade games pop up on

00:46:24   other places. They can't pop up in other mobile subscriptions or on Android in general but they

00:46:30   can pop up on say like Nintendo Switch or something and that happens quite a bit. But now people could

00:46:35   go ahead and do it. Hey you could maybe get Netflix to give you money. Netflix does this now.

00:46:39   They like, if you have a Netflix subscription there's like a bunch of games that you can get

00:46:42   that are like standalone games on iOS. They just did a, what was the name of the game that they

00:46:48   just there's a game there's a strategy game into the breach which is a really

00:46:53   great game that's been on PC I think and now it's on iOS via the Netflix thing

00:47:03   it's a fantastic strategy game into the breach really really good I don't know

00:47:08   why Netflix is doing it I know why Netflix is doing this but I don't know

00:47:11   what they think it's gonna get for them we'll see but like you get it for free

00:47:15   if you're a Netflix subscriber so you just log in and you get access to this

00:47:18   game. They're doing the thing that Microsoft wouldn't do which I'd we know

00:47:22   like Apple wanted Microsoft to put all of their individual game titles like all

00:47:27   their titles as individual games rather than just having an Xbox Game Pass app

00:47:32   but Netflix is for some reason doing wanted to do it this way these are all

00:47:36   individual games and then you sign in with them because they're not cloud

00:47:39   streaming like Microsoft would have wanted to so I guess it maybe works a

00:47:42   bit better for them this way. So it's good for the developers but what's bad

00:47:45   for is bad for consumers if you play these Apple arcade games you will no

00:47:50   longer have access to these games and it appears that unless the developer does

00:47:55   something you won't get access to any saved content or trance or like game

00:48:01   progress progress it's all gonna lose you're gonna lose it if they relaunch

00:48:05   on iOS unless the developer does some thing you can't is possible I've seen

00:48:09   this done before you installed the new app and it takes the information from

00:48:14   the old app but that's got to happen before these games leave Apple Arcade so

00:48:20   I don't know what's gonna happen maybe we'll see over the next number of weeks

00:48:25   if any developers can do it quickly but they've got to do it before I mean I'm

00:48:30   intrigued to see what happens like do these games just delete from your phone

00:48:35   like what happens it's you know there's a little bit of a disincentive for

00:48:40   developers to even do that because Apple Arcade there's no in-app purchase

00:48:44   And if you relaunch this as something with an app purchase,

00:48:49   like how do you map that over?

00:48:52   Right?

00:48:53   There's a lot of weird edge cases there.

00:48:56   And these, I mean, this is really a good reminder

00:48:58   that Apple Arcade apps and games, like,

00:49:00   I mean, they are real apps,

00:49:01   like they're really on your phone, you're really playing them

00:49:03   but in a way they're kind of like streamed content.

00:49:05   Like these will just go away.

00:49:08   My guess is that the icon will be like grayed out

00:49:10   in your phone, you tap it and it'll say, you know,

00:49:12   this is no longer available in Apple Arcade or something.

00:49:15   I don't think they're gonna just yank them off the phone

00:49:17   and leave people wondering what happened, but--

00:49:20   Either way, it's not great, right?

00:49:22   Yeah, it's a bummer to see it.

00:49:24   I mean, at the end of the day, it is business,

00:49:26   and if these weren't working for Apple for whatever reason,

00:49:29   I just don't know, like, why would Apple

00:49:32   wanna get rid of anything from Apple Arcade?

00:49:34   Like, even if something wasn't performing well,

00:49:36   I mean, I guess, are they paying developers

00:49:38   to keep their games Apple Arcade only?

00:49:40   Oh, yeah.

00:49:41   So maybe, so it's the bottom line.

00:49:43   - My expectation is all of the other developers

00:49:46   just got a renewal in their contract.

00:49:47   - And these people didn't.

00:49:48   - And like they got paid more money.

00:49:50   Yeah, and these people, these were the ones that didn't.

00:49:52   So like, of the games where they were

00:49:54   that original three year,

00:49:56   they probably just renegotiated with them

00:49:59   and gave them more money.

00:50:00   These are the games that Apple

00:50:02   doesn't want to give more money to

00:50:03   because these were probably the ones that didn't get any,

00:50:07   that didn't get past the actual amount of engagement

00:50:11   that Apple were looking for.

00:50:12   Like, do you remember that thing, that report,

00:50:13   where they were looking to try and find games

00:50:15   that were more engaging?

00:50:16   And people thought that it was gonna be bad,

00:50:19   but it seems like the quality is still maintained,

00:50:22   but they've just broadened the amount of types of games

00:50:24   that they'll have.

00:50:25   But these are the ones that maybe didn't pass that.

00:50:28   I mean, this is a shame, but it's business.

00:50:33   - Yeah.

00:50:34   - All of these developers, I would say,

00:50:37   probably got a pretty good deal out of this.

00:50:39   If you are one of these developers and you didn't,

00:50:41   and you want to let me know, get in contact with me,

00:50:43   you could tell me.

00:50:44   But my expectation is a bunch of people

00:50:47   got to make their game because of this.

00:50:49   And the fact that Apple isn't retaining any rights,

00:50:52   it seems, that just seems like a win.

00:50:56   And you got to make your game.

00:50:57   And I'm sure that helped.

00:50:59   I mean, maybe it's tricky for you

00:51:00   if you were hoping to get that renewal, right?

00:51:03   Like money wise.

00:51:04   But that's game development.

00:51:06   that's what it's like. This is what happens. The thing is, maybe you made it impossible to know.

00:51:12   This stuff comes up a lot with Xbox Game Pass and the PlayStation 3 games that they do and stuff,

00:51:18   but you may have made more money this way with Apple than if you put it out there on your own,

00:51:24   because Apple also would have done some marketing for you and you're in that tab for a while,

00:51:30   especially when there weren't a lot of games there. How well would you have done without that?

00:51:34   Like if you were just going out there into the big bad world of trying to get people

00:51:37   to know about your game, like it's likely that you probably got some money.

00:51:44   As Vidit says in the chat, and it is a good point, it is possible maybe developers didn't

00:51:49   want to renew the contract as well.

00:51:50   Like it's probably a bit of both.

00:51:54   It may be in some cases, like I don't know.

00:51:57   I expect it's some or one, some or the other.

00:52:02   I would be surprised. I mean, I don't know.

00:52:05   Because the thing is, clearly Apple are offering enough money to some of these bigger companies

00:52:11   who are keeping their games. Like there are still some big companies that are keeping

00:52:14   their games but they probably got the most money anyway because they were bringing customers

00:52:17   that are owning. But anyway, this is going to happen. This is the first time this has

00:52:21   happened. But this is just going to keep happening. This is what it's like and this is what this

00:52:24   stuff is going to be like. Games rolling in and out of Game Pass. Games rolling in and

00:52:28   out of the PlayStation 3 game stuff. The Epic Games Store does this, games rolled in and

00:52:33   out, that's what these things are all about.

00:52:35   Let's talk about the butterfly keyboard. Remember that?

00:52:38   So yeah, I saw a lot of headlines to this today, and I'm going to include an article

00:52:42   to the BBC, which is not a place we would usually link to, but they had a pretty nice

00:52:47   summary of it. So Apple's MacBook Pro and MacBook and MacBook Air keyboards were the

00:52:54   butt-buttful- I don't need to tell our listeners about the butterfly keyboard. If you don't

00:52:58   the one I'm talking about. I will include a link in the show notes to a very weird episode

00:53:02   of Upgrade where we did a dramatic retelling of the whole story. There was a class action

00:53:07   lawsuit brought against Apple from some individuals in a bunch of states across the US. Apple

00:53:12   has paid $50 million to settle this. They are claiming no wrongdoing, which is a funny

00:53:18   thing to me. Like $50 million is a lot of money, but hey, we didn't do anything wrong.

00:53:24   Because basically the claim is saying that Apple knew this was happening and kept selling

00:53:29   products, which I mean is definitely true.

00:53:32   They tried to improve it but they knew this was happening.

00:53:36   The settlement, if it's approved and gold goes through, is being reviewed, could see

00:53:42   customers receiving up to $395 if they had to replace multiple keyboards, $125 if they

00:53:48   replaced one keyboard or $50 if they had to replace keycaps on a keyboard.

00:53:53   So I guess this is probably just US only as well, but there you go.

00:53:57   Probably I think I saw something that's not even in every state in the US, but...

00:54:01   It's probably of the eight states that levied the...

00:54:03   I don't think Tennessee is one of them, but you know, I'd be in for 125 bucks.

00:54:07   I had a keyboard replaced on my 2016 MacBook Pro.

00:54:10   The E key fell off, just completely broken.

00:54:15   And I think Mary had a 12 inch MacBook for a while.

00:54:18   I think it had two keyboards over the course of its life.

00:54:22   I'd, you know, it's a bummer.

00:54:25   I mean, this is a closed chapter now, thankfully,

00:54:28   but it was a problem for so long.

00:54:30   And I'm so glad we don't talk

00:54:32   about the stupid keyboards anymore.

00:54:33   - Yeah.

00:54:34   - I thought about them so much for such a long time.

00:54:37   - You sure did.

00:54:39   - There are seemingly no new betas this week,

00:54:42   at least as we record this,

00:54:44   but macOS Monterey 12.5, iOS and iPadOS 15.6,

00:54:51   and watch OS 8 point something are all out.

00:54:56   Mac OS moderate includes mostly Safari and TV app fixes.

00:55:03   - That's the same as iOS.

00:55:05   - Same as iOS.

00:55:06   iOS also includes some issues with settings

00:55:11   and like device storage.

00:55:15   So like that screen and settings

00:55:16   has always been kind of janky, like super slow to load.

00:55:20   and there was apparently some issues there

00:55:22   that it would, once it showed your device storage was full,

00:55:25   once you got rid of stuff, it would still show it as full.

00:55:27   So they've got that worked out.

00:55:29   My expectation is these are the last

00:55:32   kind of major versions of these OSs.

00:55:34   I mean, we're-

00:55:35   - I thought that 15.6 would include that lockdown mode.

00:55:38   - I thought that was coming in 16.

00:55:40   - No, they also said it was coming to 15.

00:55:42   - Oh, were they?

00:55:43   Yeah, so then maybe there'll be a 15.7.

00:55:44   There might be.

00:55:45   We will see.

00:55:47   But either way, we're definitely-

00:55:49   in there and they just didn't put it in the release notes. It's that secretive. Well,

00:55:55   I mean, Apple does this anyway. Oh no, it says it's coming with iOS 16. I looked at

00:56:01   it now on the thing. You were right. I thought it was also coming to 15, but #StevenWasRight.

00:56:07   Thank you. Thank you for that. Either way, we're definitely towards the end of these

00:56:12   OS's. I mean we're now what probably two months from iOS 16? Yeah. Geez. You know

00:56:21   Mac OS may be a little bit longer than that so so yeah we're reaching the end

00:56:24   of this. We expected beta 4 today probably because these rolled out beta

00:56:28   4 it may be maybe later today maybe tomorrow they may wait a week but

00:56:33   generally tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow it could be I mean I know they've done that

00:56:39   before to my memory they've done that before like they go off day yeah a

00:56:42   little bit I don't think they want to wait a whole week at this point so if

00:56:45   they don't if they have it to really if they have one to put out there but

00:56:50   generally they don't like doing public and beta releases the same day I think

00:56:54   they've done this in the past where on a day that we would expect a beta there's

00:56:58   been a public release so you know as those are out you know go do your

00:57:02   software update thing and you know we'll be saying goodbye to I was 15 in Monterey

00:57:07   soon enough I guess. This episode of Connected is brought to you by Capital One.

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00:58:31   Capital One, what's in your wallet?

00:58:33   I'm gonna steal your thunder a little bit, Myke.

00:58:35   - Okay.

00:58:36   - I wanna talk about the Apple TV.

00:58:38   I know this is your-

00:58:39   - It's my baby.

00:58:40   - It's your baby.

00:58:40   - Mm-hmm.

00:58:42   - I wanna talk about some about the hardware

00:58:43   and the software and kind of see what we think

00:58:46   kind of the present and future of the Apple TV could be.

00:58:49   So currently there are two models for sale.

00:58:52   There's the Apple TV HD.

00:58:55   It's $149 for 32 gigabytes of storage.

00:58:59   This is the one that was originally announced

00:59:01   in September, 2015.

00:59:03   It was the first one, like the future TV is apps.

00:59:05   It's powered by an A8.

00:59:07   It does come with the new Siri remote, which is good.

00:59:11   - Now. - Thank heavens.

00:59:13   It didn't initially, I think they've changed that

00:59:16   at some point.

00:59:17   There's also the Apple TV 4K, which is $179

00:59:21   for 32 gigabytes of storage and $199 for 64 gigabytes of

00:59:26   storage. There've actually been two generations of this.

00:59:29   The first one was in September of 17 with an A10 fusion,

00:59:33   but it was updated a little over a year ago with the A12

00:59:38   Bionic HDMI 2.1, the new color balance

00:59:43   feature, high frame rate, HDR, and some other stuff.

00:59:46   They're really expensive, but they are, we will get to that.

00:59:49   But looking forward, there are some rumors about what future hardware could entail. Looking at an

00:59:55   a 14 with four gigabytes of RAM up from the three that's currently in the Apple TV 4k. And then

01:00:03   another new Siri remote is rumored. My hope and kind of assumption is that this would support

01:00:10   find my like there'd be a U1 chip in it and you could find it in your couch cushions. I can't

01:00:16   imagine they're making massive changes to it so soon and I think the remote's pretty good so

01:00:21   hopefully it would just be find my support. I want to talk about the hardware first like there's been

01:00:26   a lot of discussions including on our show about should the Apple TV be more should it be

01:00:31   a soundbar that has this in it should it be some sort of HomePod type thing like do you

01:00:38   or should they go the other way should it be a little dongle you plug in the back of your TV

01:00:43   like a Chromecast or some of the Amazon products. What do you think about that?

01:00:47   Do you see their sort of current form factor and cost being the right way to go still?

01:00:54   Or ever? Was it ever the right way to go? Form factor, no. Cost, yes. I don't think Apple should

01:01:02   make a stick because they should just continue doing what they're doing, which is integrating

01:01:09   the TV app into everywhere that will take it. If you want the Apple TV experience, you

01:01:19   can just get a Fire TV stick or you can get a Roku or whatever and you'll get everything

01:01:26   you need because all of the TV apps that you would use, say like your Netflix or whatever,

01:01:32   it's the same on every platform basically. And this way you get access to all of the

01:01:36   content that you buy from Apple from iTunes or whatever in the TV app plus

01:01:42   you get the ability to watch all of their streaming shows in the TV app and

01:01:46   you can get that on basically any smart TV now and on everything else so I don't

01:01:52   think it makes any sense for them to make a smaller stick personally. This is

01:01:58   not Apple's world to make cheap hardware yeah because they never make it cheap

01:02:03   enough so it will only annoy people more when they make a stick and it costs $99

01:02:10   right like that I don't think it's worth them going in that direction I think

01:02:16   that there is something to be said for them to continue to have something like

01:02:20   the current 4k like the Apple TV 4k of like it's a box and that box has storage

01:02:28   in it and you can put games on it if you want to that come from Apple arcade

01:02:31   right? Like then that's the next step and then they should have a bigger step

01:02:35   which is integrating a HomePod and an Apple TV into one experience. Yeah. With

01:02:41   a center stage camera on the thing and you do FaceTime calls and it's like I

01:02:45   mean genuinely like this is something me and Jason have spoken about a lot on

01:02:48   upgrade it's like this idea of a HomePod and an Apple TV and you put them

01:02:54   together and you make like a sound bar that has everything inside of it you

01:02:58   you could put a center stage camera on it and you could do FaceTime calls for family

01:03:02   on the TV and like they should just go in that direction.

01:03:05   That'd be sweet.

01:03:06   That's what I want.

01:03:07   That's what I want them to do because I am a massive fan of both the Apple TV and Home

01:03:14   pods connected to them.

01:03:15   I have a Home pod stereo pair, like an OG Home pod stereo pair with my Apple TV and

01:03:20   it's how I watch all of my television is on my Apple TV.

01:03:23   I do not watch television in any other way.

01:03:26   I love it.

01:03:27   everything we'd integrate with a TV app because that's how I prefer to consume

01:03:30   it as well we were talking about Netflix in the pro show I think maybe we were

01:03:36   complaining about the Netflix app today in the pro show this has been a very

01:03:40   media focused overall connected experience today if you want to hear

01:03:43   more about that go to get connected pro.co you'll also help me pay for a

01:03:47   MacBook Air you do that please sign up become a member and I wish that

01:03:54   everything was there including Netflix really is the only major service that I

01:03:58   used it doesn't support the TV app and I would like that but I really love it and

01:04:03   I love the sound of the home pods I love how easy it all connects together I

01:04:07   would like them to go the next part and make a sound bar and then you could also

01:04:12   add home pods to that experience and then you could have a full surround

01:04:16   sound experience I think it would be pretty pretty great yeah it would be

01:04:20   really cool to have just one thing that was like all entertainment, covered the

01:04:25   soundbar angle and brought some more computing into the living room with

01:04:29   things like FaceTime. I agree with you I think the stick idea is the wrong way to

01:04:35   go for Apple. I felt less strongly about this before the Apple TV app and AirPlay

01:04:42   and HomeKit came to a bunch of TVs directly like my LG TV has all that

01:04:47   stuff just built into it like I can airplay directly to the TV. I can control it with

01:04:53   HomeKit directly. Since they've broken out some of that stuff and put it on TVs directly,

01:04:59   I feel like that kind of lets the Apple TV be more of what it is without so much pressure

01:05:04   to bring it downstream. I mean, I still I would like it to be closer to the sort of

01:05:10   $99 price point as opposed to $179 for the 4k, but that is what it is, I guess.

01:05:18   I do think that there is some element to the Apple TV hardware that still kind of hangs

01:05:24   on to the idea of this is going to be an app and game platform like the storage tiers.

01:05:31   No one really needs the 64 gigabytes, I don't think.

01:05:34   I mean, I don't even know how much space I'm using on my 32, probably hardly any.

01:05:39   I just I wonder if some of those decisions that the Apple TV kind of operates within now are from

01:05:45   the future of the TV as apps kind of mindset still and they haven't been able to

01:05:50   To move past that since Apple arcade now, they can't move past it. Yeah, I guess I guess not that's the problem

01:05:57   Like like clearly that the the overall developer community decided they weren't gonna make apps

01:06:03   It's like it's just streaming services that make apps really

01:06:07   and then you get some ancillary stuff but it's not popular

01:06:10   but then there's games and the only real games that receive any attention on

01:06:15   the Apple TV are Apple Arcade games because Apple pay

01:06:20   developers to do the whole experience they want the app on the iPhone, the

01:06:24   iPad, the Apple TV and the Mac and it's one of the ways that games find

01:06:28   its way to the Mac and to the Apple TV is being part of Apple Arcade

01:06:31   but because they do that they kind of can't give up the storage stuff

01:06:35   unless they want to make Apple arcade a quote unquote less desirable thing.

01:06:40   The flip side of all of this is the software and over its lifetime,

01:06:47   starting in 2007, Apple's had a lot of different ideas.

01:06:51   So in 2007, sort of the original Apple TV,

01:06:54   which is actually basically kind of like a small Intel Mac,

01:06:56   it basically worked like an iPod.

01:06:59   You would sync media from iTunes across your network.

01:07:03   had an internal hard drive to store all of that on it. The UI

01:07:07   was very similar to front row. Do you remember front row? That

01:07:10   was awesome. Again, it was like a weirdo, Intel Mac that ran a

01:07:14   weird version of Mac OS 10. And that was the first Apple TV and

01:07:19   it was out for three years. And it wasn't ever a huge seller.

01:07:24   Like I think people who were into them were really into them.

01:07:28   But it was because it was basically an extension of

01:07:30   iTunes, like you had to really be in that ecosystem. And in 2010, they sort of made

01:07:37   the shift to the much smaller like black box that we know now, no real internal storage.

01:07:45   And this kind of version of the Apple TV was, you're basically going to stream everything.

01:07:50   So we're not syncing stuff across the network anymore. It's like a hard turn the other direction.

01:07:55   You got to stream content from the iTunes store, you can rent content from the iTunes

01:08:00   or you can stream from computers in your local network.

01:08:02   So if you had a, you know, an iMac in your office

01:08:06   and it had your media library,

01:08:07   you could stream it across your local area network

01:08:10   to the TV.

01:08:10   - I think this was the first one I had.

01:08:13   - It was probably most people's first one.

01:08:15   'Cause I think it was also $99.

01:08:17   I think it's when they got the big price cut.

01:08:19   - What did it look like?

01:08:21   - It was like the current Apple TV, but shorter.

01:08:24   - Yeah, I had this one.

01:08:25   - Small little black box.

01:08:27   It ditched all the component and composite stuff that was on the first one just for HDMI.

01:08:34   And it ran like a weirded embedded version of iOS.

01:08:38   It wasn't really an OS in and of itself.

01:08:42   Kind of a strange thing.

01:08:43   And it came with the remote that had like a click wheel and a menu button and a play/pause

01:08:49   button.

01:08:50   That was the remote before the bad remote.

01:08:51   Before the bad remote.

01:08:53   And it had eventually so there was this one and then in 2012, there was a 1080 version.

01:08:59   So the 2010 was 720p with an updated UI.

01:09:02   And in this timeframe, you start to see some apps like Netflix and a couple of others,

01:09:08   there was a YouTube app, but not really at all the way that we saw them in 2015, which

01:09:14   is kind of the beginning of the current era of tv OS, tv OS got its own name.

01:09:20   the future of TV as apps was the sentence,

01:09:22   you know, it was streaming games

01:09:24   plus a bunch of regular apps,

01:09:26   which that category just didn't ever do anything like.

01:09:29   - We're talking shopping.

01:09:31   - Shopping.

01:09:32   - And home buying.

01:09:33   These were two of the things

01:09:34   they thought people were gonna do.

01:09:35   - Just blast through Zillow on your Apple TV.

01:09:38   - Yeah, because for some reason

01:09:40   you wouldn't just do that on your iPhone.

01:09:42   Yeah, this was, you know,

01:09:45   this was the one of two times

01:09:48   that Apple have tried to make the iPhone again.

01:09:52   They did it here and they did it with the Apple Watch

01:09:54   of like, the Apple Watch can do everything rather than,

01:09:59   and they learned with the Apple Watch faster, I think,

01:10:02   of like, we're going to focus on what this thing

01:10:06   is best at, right? - Yeah, agreed.

01:10:10   - Which is like, it's going to do the things

01:10:14   and we're gonna focus and we're gonna continue

01:10:15   to build the device around that.

01:10:17   and they just never did that with the Apple TV.

01:10:18   And I mean, I feel like I know why, right?

01:10:20   I bet they sell way more Apple watches

01:10:22   than they do Apple TVs,

01:10:23   and they just learn faster and focused and doubled down

01:10:26   on what makes that product a good one.

01:10:29   - Yeah, I think so.

01:10:30   And even in the time since 2015,

01:10:34   I think we've seen even more of that sort of

01:10:37   coming into focus of what this is.

01:10:38   They've sort of dropped the regular app thing.

01:10:42   Apple Arcade is obviously a component that wasn't there,

01:10:46   But we've seen more and more of the TV app

01:10:49   kind of take over the experience.

01:10:52   And all of your, most of your content providers

01:10:56   can plug into that, Netflix.

01:10:58   But--

01:11:00   - Well, they all can.

01:11:01   - Yes, some of them choose not to.

01:11:04   - And I think it's for perfectly fair reasons.

01:11:07   That Netflix want what they want.

01:11:09   I think Apple and Netflix need to like come together

01:11:14   and to work this out.

01:11:14   I think Apple need to give Netflix a little bit more of what they want.

01:11:18   Netflix need to give Apple a little bit more of what they want.

01:11:20   This is like what Apple and Amazon did.

01:11:23   That's how Amazon got added to the TV app.

01:11:25   They settled a bunch of business and this is one of the things that came out of it.

01:11:28   But we've seen that TV apps sort of take over everything.

01:11:32   Of course now it's also on iOS and the Mac and everything else.

01:11:35   And I think where they are now software wise is actually pretty good.

01:11:40   Like yeah, I'd love to see Netflix and others in that system.

01:11:43   But I feel like overall, we're in a better place with the Apple TV than we've ever been

01:11:48   software wise. But I think there are still things they could do. Like, I mean, you mentioned

01:11:56   Netflix. I think that's the top of the list for everybody. I think you spoke about this,

01:12:01   I think on App Stories with Federico and John, but bringing widgets to the TV app would be pretty

01:12:07   sweet. You know, you already have some of that kind of there's a control center and there's like

01:12:11   like HomeKit integration where you can see like,

01:12:14   if you have a camera hooked up to HomeKit,

01:12:17   it can show you your preview.

01:12:18   And if a scene changes in your home,

01:12:21   you get a little notification.

01:12:22   Like they could do more, I think,

01:12:23   to integrate the TV with the rest of the house

01:12:25   and the rest of the sort of other stuff

01:12:27   you have in your life.

01:12:28   The discussion about FaceTime, other things earlier,

01:12:31   I think also related to this.

01:12:33   But I think in terms of, it's a box you plug into your TV,

01:12:37   the software is better than it's ever been.

01:12:39   Even if it's a bit static,

01:12:40   I think they've sort of leveled off and I don't really foresee any like big,

01:12:44   massive changes again, unless the industry changes out from underneath them.

01:12:48   I feel like they've kind of finally settled on this is what this thing is and it

01:12:52   works well enough for most people.

01:12:54   Yeah. There are a little bits and bobs like that I wish they would do,

01:12:57   but I agree with you by and large, they've kind of hit the sweet spot.

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