406: The iPhone is Touching You Back


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00:00:08   Hello, and welcome to Connected, episode 406.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I have the pleasure of being joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   Why, hello there.

00:00:23   Hello.

00:00:24   Oh, and I am joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:26   Hi, Federico.

00:00:27   Hi.

00:00:28   Hello.

00:00:28   also here I forgot that I had to do the next bit you think I would have gotten

00:00:33   used to this by now but I haven't I was waving at the wall as I said that hi

00:00:39   hey big money hack it oh mm-hmm how's your kick start going it's good let me

00:00:45   look we go to this Lincoln can you hear us over the sound of money $1,638 yeah

00:00:53   yeah, yeah, yeah, 734 backers, three weeks to go.

00:00:58   So yeah, till August 5th to go back it.

00:01:00   And I'm on track for it to be bigger than last year,

00:01:03   which is amazing.

00:01:03   Bigger money hacking.

00:01:04   Thank you to all 734 of you.

00:01:07   But there's a lot more of you out there

00:01:08   who haven't backed it yet.

00:01:09   So go get on it.

00:01:10   Steven is, Steven is inviting you

00:01:13   to fund his Kickstarter campaign.

00:01:14   I am.

00:01:15   Come with me on this journey of creation.

00:01:18   I got an Instagram ad yesterday for something,

00:01:21   I don't know what it was.

00:01:22   I can't remember, but it said,

00:01:24   "Such and such account invites you to follow them."

00:01:27   And I was like, "Ooh."

00:01:29   - My favorite, but also least favorite part of Instagram

00:01:32   is when they do suggestions of people you should follow.

00:01:34   And it's like, so and so, comma, whom you may know.

00:01:38   It's like such a weird bit of copywriting.

00:01:40   - Well, 'cause they're not sure, right?

00:01:43   - They're Facebook, they're sure.

00:01:44   - They think you might know.

00:01:46   - They're sure.

00:01:47   - Or maybe, yeah, they know.

00:01:48   They just don't want you to know they know.

00:01:50   - Exactly.

00:01:51   They're like, "I don't know, maybe you met him sometime.

00:01:54   I don't know, how could I know?

00:01:55   I'm just Facebook.

00:01:57   I don't know."

00:01:58   That's how they go.

00:01:59   - That's how they go.

00:02:00   Public betas are out.

00:02:01   Federico, y'all had a trio of stories over on Mac stories

00:02:08   covering iOS and iPadOS, Mac OS Ventura, WatchOS 9.

00:02:12   What is sort of your sense of the state of these betas

00:02:17   and has there been anything surprising

00:02:21   so far as more people have jumped on board?

00:02:23   - Like I said in the story,

00:02:26   I think things are pretty okay on the iPhone.

00:02:30   On the iPhone side of things, widgets are,

00:02:34   there aren't that many obviously in Apple's own apps,

00:02:37   which is a bit surprising.

00:02:38   I was kind of hoping Apple to, you know,

00:02:41   I was kind of hoping to see them add more widgets

00:02:43   for their own stuff, but they're working--

00:02:45   - On the lock screen, do you mean?

00:02:46   - On the lock screen, yes.

00:02:48   Lock screen widgets.

00:02:49   but they're working and the multiple wallpapers system is working.

00:02:54   I think things are a bit more rough on the iPad with Stage Manager on iPadOS at the moment,

00:03:00   like in terms of stability and performance.

00:03:04   I still get daily soft reboots of the iPad, like it doesn't actually reboot, the springboard

00:03:11   just crashes.

00:03:14   like external display support is kind of unusable for me at the moment, in that whenever I try to

00:03:20   do something with an application that has multiple windows open, usually one on the iPad,

00:03:27   one on the external display, the thing just crashes. And I think last week I found a way

00:03:32   to reliably and consistently crash the iPad when using an external display. So I guess my advice

00:03:39   would be if you want to really try out Stage Manager, fine, but keep in mind that if this is

00:03:47   your only iPad that you're also using for production work, it's not super stable right now.

00:03:53   And you still have the occasional, or maybe not so occasional, weirdness with Stage Manager if you're

00:04:00   using the kind of app like Obsidian, for example, that is not super native or doesn't really use

00:04:07   all the latest and greatest iPadOS APIs, you may be in, not for a bad time, but for some

00:04:14   adjustments like...

00:04:15   You're in for a bad time.

00:04:17   Like this is what happens.

00:04:20   I was using Google Docs today with universal control.

00:04:24   I was typing stuff into Google Docs on my iPad and the suggestions bar was floating

00:04:30   halfway in the middle of the screen, like the little, like what do you call it, the

00:04:35   quick type bar.

00:04:36   I don't know if it has a different name now.

00:04:38   And there was no keyboard that was just floating there.

00:04:42   And then when I moved my keyboard,

00:04:44   like kind of back to my Mac,

00:04:46   I got just the top row of software keyboard popping up in,

00:04:51   but only in the application.

00:04:53   It wasn't like outside the application window.

00:04:56   - Yeah.

00:04:56   - It was just in the application.

00:04:57   Yeah, I mean, yeah, why not, right?

00:04:59   - Why not?

00:05:00   - I mean, type some numbers, kind of stuff like that.

00:05:03   It's good for me.

00:05:04   - Yeah, yeah.

00:05:05   So that kind of stuff happens.

00:05:08   Overall, though, I'm using it, and it's OK.

00:05:12   It is making me faster, stage manager,

00:05:15   I mean, as I wrote in the story.

00:05:17   But yes, some apps are not that fun to use.

00:05:21   Overall, I already have seen one example of a friend of mine

00:05:27   who's not into usually tech stuff,

00:05:31   But he saw the beta on my iPhone and he got really curious.

00:05:36   And then I explained,

00:05:39   I'm actually working on this article for Monday

00:05:41   because like the public beta is coming out.

00:05:44   And on Tuesday he showed me that he had the public beta

00:05:47   up and running on his iPhone.

00:05:49   And he said like,

00:05:49   - You're an influencer.

00:05:51   - I really want, well, that's the thing though.

00:05:53   Like I think lock screens,

00:05:56   like multiple lock screens with widgets,

00:05:58   they're really gonna resonate with people.

00:06:00   - It's good looking.

00:06:01   - My eyes love how my lock screen looks.

00:06:04   Like I got the time set up,

00:06:06   like in I'm using the New York font.

00:06:10   I think it just looks like so good.

00:06:13   It just looks so good.

00:06:14   I think you may have mentioned this in app stories

00:06:16   I don't remember, but like, and I agree with you now,

00:06:19   like I wasn't sure at first,

00:06:20   but I think this is going to take off again.

00:06:21   'Cause you can't, the widgets aren't the thing

00:06:25   that's making the like aesthetics this time.

00:06:28   It's actually what Apple's given.

00:06:30   So like between the clock and the depth effects and the colors that you can put on things

00:06:37   and like the kind of filters you can put on images and stuff, I think people are going

00:06:41   to really, really dig it.

00:06:43   And then they can also add a few little widgets.

00:06:46   But like I don't, there isn't really as many options for the aesthetic stuff I feel like.

00:06:50   Like you can't make widgets look a different color and stuff like that.

00:06:55   But it's going to help.

00:06:56   But I think that people are going to really dig it.

00:06:58   I think it's going to be pretty popular again.

00:07:00   Yeah, yeah, I agree.

00:07:02   We're going to, later on in the episode,

00:07:05   we're going to talk about some of our favorite features of

00:07:07   iOS 16, just some little bits and bobs.

00:07:09   But I did want to just touch on the fact that I think you are

00:07:12   both running the watchOS beta, right?

00:07:15   Oh, yeah.

00:07:16   Yep.

00:07:17   Yeah.

00:07:17   Why?

00:07:18   I don't know.

00:07:21   General curiosity?

00:07:22   Yep.

00:07:23   Is it bad?

00:07:25   Good.

00:07:26   What is it like?

00:07:27   Is it okay?

00:07:28   It's okay.

00:07:29   The beta is basically fine.

00:07:30   I haven't had any real stability issues.

00:07:32   I've only been running it a couple of days,

00:07:33   so it's still early for me.

00:07:35   The battery life definitely isn't amazing.

00:07:38   I'm still making it through a day

00:07:39   and I've got whatever the current big size watch is.

00:07:42   What is it?

00:07:43   44 millimeter?

00:07:44   I forget the numbers.

00:07:46   45?

00:07:47   72.

00:07:48   I have the 72 millimeter.

00:07:51   Dinner plate on your wrist.

00:07:54   You got an iPad on your wrist.

00:07:56   Yeah, my watch says 45 on the back.

00:07:59   I took it off to look.

00:07:59   Okay, then that one.

00:08:01   It says a lot of things.

00:08:02   45 millimeter stainless steel and ceramic case,

00:08:06   Sapphire crystal, GPS, LTE, WR-60M Apple Watch Series 7.

00:08:11   This, I just read the whole thing to you.

00:08:13   Oh, that's good.

00:08:15   Do you remember that time when there was that

00:08:18   like prototype that showed up on eBay

00:08:20   and it had really weird letters on it

00:08:22   and we made it the episode title?

00:08:23   I do, that was good.

00:08:25   I don't remember what it was, but yeah.

00:08:27   All right.

00:08:28   So, but you're, why did you both do it?

00:08:30   Like, it was just curiosity for you, Federico.

00:08:32   Did you, was there any specific reason for you stealing?

00:08:35   - Yeah, I take my job seriously.

00:08:36   I want to see what the betas are doing.

00:08:37   - That's unnecessary.

00:08:39   - We're flexed.

00:08:41   Do you consider the Apple Watch part of your job?

00:08:44   Like, is that?

00:08:45   - No, it's not.

00:08:45   Yeah, I don't have an Alex to cover the Apple Watch for me,

00:08:49   but yeah, I mean, I was curious as well.

00:08:51   I also wanted to see what the, you know,

00:08:54   They've changed some of the design stuff where like the notifications are like teeny tiny

00:08:58   banners that come in from the top, which is super weird.

00:09:01   I don't actually don't like it that much because I think they're easy to miss.

00:09:05   That's the best part.

00:09:06   No.

00:09:07   Really?

00:09:08   Oh, interesting.

00:09:09   So this is just when you're doing something on the watch, right?

00:09:12   Yeah.

00:09:13   The little banners are small?

00:09:15   I think it's anytime the screen is in the sort of awake mode.

00:09:18   Yeah.

00:09:19   So like if you're doing something.

00:09:20   Yeah.

00:09:21   We're like looking at.

00:09:22   Yeah.

00:09:23   occlude what you're looking at, it's just kind of strange.

00:09:26   But, and we'll talk about it in the next section by iOS 16,

00:09:29   but it's the watch is sort of the part two

00:09:33   of the medication feature and it's its own app on watchOS.

00:09:38   And it's nice to have those reminders there.

00:09:41   But, you know, it's not a huge change.

00:09:43   I mean, watchOS has kind of been like the structure elements,

00:09:48   you know, they've moved around so much in the beginning.

00:09:50   Remember they had like glances in the beginning and then they had the doc.

00:09:56   Oh my god, what were glances?

00:09:58   What's a glances?

00:09:59   Wasn't it glances?

00:10:00   No, no, no, I remember the word.

00:10:03   Oh, what were they?

00:10:05   They came up from the bottom and...

00:10:07   What are you talking about?

00:10:10   Yeah.

00:10:11   Glances.

00:10:12   By the way, it was 88XXBain.

00:10:15   That was the...

00:10:16   That's right.

00:10:17   Here we go.

00:10:18   I found an article from 2015 about glances.

00:10:21   Basically, it was like a scrolling horizontal list

00:10:24   of kind of what the doc is now in watchOS,

00:10:28   but a worse version of it 'cause it was early days.

00:10:33   But over the last couple of years,

00:10:35   they've settled down in terms of where things are.

00:10:38   And other than like the medication app

00:10:40   and the new notification style, it's pretty much what it was.

00:10:44   - Man, this is, I don't remember this.

00:10:47   No, me neither.

00:10:48   At all. No.

00:10:49   I don't, I do not remember this feature,

00:10:52   this glasses feature.

00:10:53   Huh.

00:10:56   It may have only been a year.

00:10:57   I mean, it was, remember like the first couple of versions

00:11:00   of watchOS, they were just moving stuff all around,

00:11:02   trying to figure out what it was.

00:11:03   The Siri, Siri watch face.

00:11:05   Siri, exactly.

00:11:07   Siri watch face.

00:11:07   That's still a thing.

00:11:08   I used that for a while.

00:11:09   Yeah, still a thing, I used it for a while,

00:11:10   but they don't do anything to it.

00:11:11   It's just.

00:11:12   Because I, there's a new watch face that I really want.

00:11:17   it's called the Metropolitan watch face and so I've been like toying around

00:11:22   putting the bater on my Apple watch just to try that watch face but like I don't

00:11:25   know if I'm committed to this idea yet. I might give myself a treat to like to

00:11:30   wait you know like I'll wait until September for a simple little treat.

00:11:32   And I'm definitely still making it to the end of the day I mean it's not like it's 6 p.m.

00:11:37   and my watch is entering low-power mode but I'm definitely before I was ending

00:11:41   the day at 50% battery or something you know it may be 35% now or 40%

00:11:46   now so it's definitely using a little more power that's very common on the

00:11:50   betas the iPhone beta for me in particular has been pretty bad in terms

00:11:54   of battery life but they always improve that as they go so I'm not I'm not

00:11:58   worried about that long term I have one more question for you both have you

00:12:02   tried the haptic keyboard yes I enabled it right away and I love it I enabled it

00:12:09   it and I turned it off. No. Yeah, I don't know what it is. I just like, I tried it and

00:12:17   then all of a sudden I was like I don't want to do this anymore. No, you gotta give in

00:12:22   to it. Just let it be for a while and then you just get used to it. I'm gonna turn it

00:12:27   back on again. It's like you're touching your iPhone to type and the iPhone is touching

00:12:32   you back. That's not what I want from it. I mean I always like it on Android phones

00:12:38   And I don't know why I turned it off.

00:12:40   I'm going to turn it back on again then and I'll see how I feel.

00:12:43   Where is it?

00:12:44   It's in a weird part of the operating system.

00:12:46   It's in sound and haptics.

00:12:48   Yeah, it should be in keyboard.

00:12:49   Yes.

00:12:50   Keyboard feedback and then there's a toggle for haptic.

00:12:53   All right, I'm going to try it.

00:12:55   It's in like two levels of places you don't expect it to be.

00:13:00   I know.

00:13:02   Just try for the weekend and see if it lasts.

00:13:05   I'm going to try again.

00:13:06   We can report back.

00:13:07   So Federico, you guys have these, this trio of stories. Some point in the fall,

00:13:12   you're going to have a set of reviews for reviews of these OSS.

00:13:16   What's the relationship between like these public beta impression stories,

00:13:21   which you have only been doing for a couple of years with the full review.

00:13:25   Like, does this make the review process easier? Does it,

00:13:29   do you feel like you're locked into something you said earlier?

00:13:32   Like what's the relationship there?

00:13:34   No, that's a good question. I think it's a way for me to start setting some themes, some concepts,

00:13:42   and it actually makes the review easier, because then you have something that you already said,

00:13:48   so you already have a discussion that's already been framed in a certain way. You can say,

00:13:56   like, for example, "In July, I thought such and such, but turns out that I still agree with that,

00:14:03   or that things have changed. Like you've already established a narrative and that makes it easier

00:14:09   when you're starting a huge project. Like you're not starting completely blank, there's already

00:14:14   something that you've already said, so you can start from that. And that makes it easier,

00:14:19   at least for me. And also, technically speaking, it makes it easier because, and I've been doing

00:14:26   this for, like you said, for a few years now, some of the things and like some of the sections

00:14:33   will actually be reused in the review. This is something that I've done before.

00:14:37   We had this conversation a few years ago, like, what's the point of rewriting the same thing over

00:14:45   and over if you've actually already written the thing? So some sections will serve as sort of like

00:14:51   the basic structure of a chapter of the review, for example, so I know that I can reuse, if not

00:15:00   just the actual, like, the whole block of text, but if anything, like, the order of

00:15:08   things, the structure of things. Like, when I'm talking about Stage Manager, first I'm

00:15:12   explaining what it is, and then I've explained what it does in this and this way. Like, that

00:15:17   also helps the making of the review, which I haven't started yet, so it was fun to...

00:15:25   But I've seen, for example, like, that story that I've done for the public beta, I was

00:15:29   able to get it done in two days, and that's 8,000 words that I've written and edited in two days.

00:15:36   So I think over time what I'm realizing about me is that I work better under very intense pressure

00:15:45   and super close deadlines, and that story went really well and people really liked it. So

00:15:51   that's something that's different about me in 2022, I guess, than when I started Mac Stories.

00:15:58   I used to hate deadlines and it took me like weeks and weeks to finish like even an app review

00:16:04   But I'm not like that anymore. I prefer having the looming deadline, you know

00:16:09   Over me. So yeah, that's something I learned I guess

00:16:14   Federico's gonna start the iOS review on September 1st

00:16:18   That's when he's gonna open up Obsidian for the first time

00:16:21   Well, you joke about it. Well, it may not be September 1st, but it's definitely gonna be August

00:16:27   So we'll see, we'll see.

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00:18:21   the link in the show notes let them know you heard about them from us. Our thanks

00:18:25   to Sourcegraph for their support of the show. We were talking a little bit about

00:18:30   public betas and I wanted to dive in a little bit more to iOS 16. You know this

00:18:36   is one of those years where I feel like the iPad is sort of taking a lot of the

00:18:41   spotlight obviously with Stage Manager but there are a lot of cool things in

00:18:46   iOS 16. We've talked a lot about the lock screen but I'd like to go a little bit

00:18:50   a little bit past that and talk about some of the other things we're enjoying.

00:18:55   I wanted to talk about the search screen. So there's a couple of things going on

00:19:01   with the search screen that I enjoy this year. As well as it still being

00:19:05   accessible via the pull down, there is also that button where they used to just

00:19:10   be the little dots. There's now a search button. I like that they've put something

00:19:14   in that space because it's been wasted space on the iPhone for

00:19:19   years so if they're not gonna make it so you can put another row of app icons

00:19:23   which is what I would prefer then then you may as well put something there so

00:19:28   and I've actually been finding myself hitting the search button on the home

00:19:32   screen as well as doing my kind of like instinctual pull down it's just fun to

00:19:37   have but I like a few things about this screen I like it feels nice and fast

00:19:44   which is good and it has some like genuinely good contextual stuff so right

00:19:48   Right now on my search screen it says connected started at 5.30 and it has a button that says

00:19:54   join connected and it says it will take me out to zoom.

00:19:57   It knows it's a zoom call and it also says turn on do not disturb which I realise now

00:20:02   I had not turned on do not disturb so the phone is good for me right.

00:20:05   It's giving me information I want.

00:20:08   It's showing me some like it had in the past has shown me recent conversions and stuff

00:20:12   like that that I've got going on in there so I can convert some stuff and I had something

00:20:17   pop up recently which I have my AirPods in and it said "usually at this time" and it

00:20:23   was to resume in overcast.

00:20:25   I feel like this is some stuff that's existed before but they have way nicer compressed

00:20:31   it and I think are showing it to me in a way where I am for once which I feel like is quite

00:20:37   rare thinking "oh this computer is quite smart, it does know what I want and it is giving

00:20:42   what I should be doing in these moments.

00:20:44   So I'm appreciating it for that.

00:20:46   - Yeah, I'm really liking the new Spotlight as well.

00:20:50   Like the faster access on the home screen is really nice.

00:20:54   They've also fixed both on the iPhone and the iPad,

00:20:57   the problem of running shortcuts from Spotlight.

00:21:00   At least I think they fixed it.

00:21:03   So it used to be that either Spotlight was super slow

00:21:07   in finding your shortcuts, or it couldn't find them at all.

00:21:11   Like, sometimes, actually so many times, it happened to me in iOS and iPadOS 15,

00:21:16   that I typed the exact name of a shortcut in my library,

00:21:21   and Spotlight just couldn't find it, like, at all.

00:21:25   Now, it finds the thing I'm looking for.

00:21:29   I think they're doing something to rank those shortcuts

00:21:33   based on how many times you run a specific one,

00:21:37   if there's multiple matches for your search,

00:21:39   but I'm not 100% sure on this one.

00:21:42   But still, what's nice about this is the combination of

00:21:46   reliably and quickly finding your shortcuts,

00:21:49   but also when you run those shortcuts,

00:21:51   they're so much faster than before.

00:21:53   Oh, I love that.

00:21:54   I love how fast that is now.

00:21:56   Shortcuts are so much faster,

00:21:57   but when you combine that with Spotlight,

00:22:00   and especially on iPad or on the iPhone,

00:22:02   as you mentioned from the home screen,

00:22:03   you just swipe down, type, run, done,

00:22:06   and you're like, you're out of it in four seconds?

00:22:08   That's so well done. It's very nice.

00:22:10   Yeah, I'm really liking that.

00:22:12   I do have a weird thing.

00:22:14   You know, it's all this strange stuff in betas.

00:22:16   For the last week on my screen here, it just says "Slate Gray".

00:22:23   Did you search for "Slate Gray" at some point?

00:22:26   No. I'm sending you both a screenshot.

00:22:29   Okay.

00:22:30   It's there right now. This screenshot I took a couple of days ago is still there.

00:22:34   "Slate Gray".

00:22:35   just says slate gray and then underneath says slate gray and it has a little box

00:22:41   next to it that I guess is slate gray but I tap it and I can't do anything

00:22:46   that's weird I'm sorry really strange it is strange I searched for the ecobee app

00:22:52   a few nights ago on mine and it is like stuck as the only suggestion in this

00:22:57   screen it's like every time I pull it down it wants me to open the ecobee app

00:23:01   It's very excited about being in there.

00:23:03   - Slate gray.

00:23:04   - Slate gray.

00:23:05   - Slate gray.

00:23:06   - Overall, I like this.

00:23:08   And I think you're right, Myke.

00:23:09   They have tried this over the years.

00:23:12   I mean, there's been some weird ideas around this.

00:23:15   Like, do you guys remember probably iOS 8 or 9 or 10,

00:23:19   sometime in there, they would put app icons,

00:23:22   like where the flashlight is,

00:23:23   on the iPhone 10 class of phones.

00:23:25   It's like you would go into Starbucks

00:23:27   and like the Starbucks icon would just appear

00:23:28   on your lock screen in the bottom corner.

00:23:30   and lots of weird ideas around surfacing things

00:23:35   in different areas of the OS.

00:23:37   And I really think this is the best place for those things.

00:23:40   And I think this is some of the best stuff they've done

00:23:44   where, you know, Myke, you brought up the example

00:23:46   of like join the connected call, go and do not disturb.

00:23:49   I've had very similar things suggested to me

00:23:52   that exactly what I wanted to do,

00:23:54   exactly when I wanted to do them.

00:23:56   And I don't ever really remember being impressed

00:23:58   with this stuff from Apple in the past,

00:24:00   but it really feels like whatever they've done this year

00:24:02   to improve this stuff, I feel like it's gotten

00:24:05   way, way smarter and way better.

00:24:08   - Yeah, I'm very happy.

00:24:10   - It's still hit or miss for me for some things,

00:24:12   like a good example that I saved

00:24:14   because I wanted to remember this.

00:24:17   So on the new lock screen, the system suggests,

00:24:20   rightfully so, a lot of photos featuring Sylvia, right?

00:24:25   Because the system guesses that, you know,

00:24:27   This person is in thousands of photos over the years,

00:24:31   and you're always together, so I'm

00:24:33   going to assume that you want to see this person

00:24:35   in your wallpaper suggestions.

00:24:37   Great.

00:24:38   But how can the same system that makes that suggestion,

00:24:43   therefore sort of infers maybe that this person also

00:24:47   associated with this contact, you

00:24:49   talk to this person on iMessage, and you live together.

00:24:53   How can the same system also suggest--

00:24:56   and I saw this a few days ago, for Sylvia's birthday,

00:25:00   that I make a phone call to her to wish her happy birthday.

00:25:05   - Yes, okay.

00:25:06   - Like, why?

00:25:07   (laughing)

00:25:08   You make really clever suggestions on one side,

00:25:12   and then like, what, you think this is like my grandma

00:25:15   or something, that I'm gonna make a phone call to her?

00:25:18   Like, "Hey, I saw that it's your birthday, happy birthday."

00:25:21   Like, why?

00:25:23   That doesn't make any sense.

00:25:25   And the suggestion said, "As found in your contacts,

00:25:29   "call Sylvia to wish her happy birthday."

00:25:32   - Which is a good feature, I guess, right?

00:25:36   To surface that stuff.

00:25:37   But then also, like, understand me.

00:25:40   Do I ever make phone calls, iPhone?

00:25:42   You're the phone.

00:25:43   Do I ever use the phone app?

00:25:44   No, no, right?

00:25:46   Like, maybe send an iMessage to Sylvia

00:25:49   and wish her happy birthday.

00:25:51   You know, we could try that.

00:25:53   But no, yeah, I know what you mean.

00:25:54   Some of that stuff is like...

00:25:56   The problem with all of these things is when the device is always trying to seem like it's so smart

00:26:02   and then it gets things so wrong, you know?

00:26:05   Like, I always find that to be such a funny thing and it makes it more glaring when it does get wrong.

00:26:10   But anyway, slight gray.

00:26:12   Something I like, the new medication tracking in the Health app.

00:26:18   This is something that has allowed me to stop using for tracking medications

00:26:23   the Dew app, because it's so much nicer.

00:26:27   You can set it up in Health.

00:26:29   There's also a standalone watch app for medications.

00:26:33   But what is cool is that you can basically search on the iPhone.

00:26:39   You go into the medications section of the Health

00:26:42   app on your iPhone, and you search

00:26:45   for a specific medication.

00:26:47   You can search now.

00:26:49   OK, this is necessary context.

00:26:51   I'm using my iPhone with the US region,

00:26:54   so I'm assuming that the results I got

00:26:57   for medications I never heard of

00:27:00   were based on the region in my settings,

00:27:03   but I just searched for a regular like vitamins

00:27:06   and I got the generic result.

00:27:08   But I think based on Alex's overview on Mac stories,

00:27:12   I think the idea is that by searching

00:27:14   for the specific medication by brand,

00:27:17   you can make sure that there are no weird interactions

00:27:22   between the medications you're taking

00:27:24   and for example, things like alcohol intake,

00:27:27   also tracting health.

00:27:29   Like I think that's the idea,

00:27:32   but yeah, it wasn't finding Italian medications for me.

00:27:35   What I like is, so the watch app, which I mentioned,

00:27:38   you can log medications and stake in on the watch,

00:27:42   but there's also the notifications on your iPhone

00:27:45   And, you know, those are rich notifications with a little preview and the actionable buttons

00:27:51   like "log is taken".

00:27:53   You get the little icons and stuff.

00:27:56   And you get the little icons and you can choose the little shapes and colors of the medications.

00:28:02   It's fun.

00:28:03   I like it.

00:28:04   There's some medication shapes in here that I didn't know existed.

00:28:06   Like here's a heart with a line in the middle.

00:28:10   As medication if you have a heartbreak.

00:28:13   - Yeah, it is a really nice feature.

00:28:16   You can customize a bunch of it.

00:28:17   You can export a PDF out of health

00:28:21   with your current medications and it has your name

00:28:23   and date of birth and stuff at the top.

00:28:25   You know, a lot of times as you go visit a doctor,

00:28:27   you've got to provide this.

00:28:29   I would like a little more control over the reminder of it.

00:28:34   So if you get a notification,

00:28:37   then you can log the medication as taken or skipped,

00:28:41   and then it records the time of that into health.

00:28:44   So if I go back yesterday,

00:28:45   I can see exactly what time I took medication.

00:28:48   The only way to snooze it though,

00:28:50   is to say, remind me in 10 minutes.

00:28:52   And I like a lot of other people,

00:28:54   including you Federico,

00:28:56   am coming from Do, D-U-E,

00:28:58   which is this reminders app that its whole thing

00:29:00   is reminding you constantly until you do something.

00:29:03   And so I had my medications in there and I said,

00:29:06   hey, if I don't respond to this notification,

00:29:09   send me another one in 15 minutes.

00:29:10   And I would like a little more insistence from the medications app until I interact

00:29:17   with it.

00:29:18   I mean, I have them set as the time sensitive notifications, but I would like even more

00:29:24   presence because I have a bunch of other notifications, the medication will kind of get lost.

00:29:28   I would like something a little more in my face about reminding me.

00:29:33   But all in all, I think the features great.

00:29:36   I love the way you can customize how they look.

00:29:39   and you can set the background color

00:29:40   so you can very quickly at a glance see what's going on.

00:29:43   And then in watchOS 9, it is its own application,

00:29:47   which is something we've seen

00:29:49   between iOS and watchOS in the past

00:29:51   where a sort of big iOS app may get broken down

00:29:54   into several smaller watchOS apps.

00:29:58   Like if you look on your watch, there's like find items,

00:30:00   find people, find devices.

00:30:03   Like it's kind of funny they broke Find My into three,

00:30:05   but I think it makes a lot of sense.

00:30:07   And I don't know, you know, what all went into this

00:30:12   to get it over the finish line,

00:30:14   but I'm really glad it's here

00:30:15   'cause it was a big oversight in the health app.

00:30:18   It seemed like such an obvious thing they should have added.

00:30:20   And I think all in all, they did a pretty good job of it.

00:30:24   - It's interesting 'cause I don't have the ability

00:30:28   to search for medication.

00:30:31   I have to just manually enter all the information in.

00:30:34   There's no searching for me.

00:30:36   I guess they have this as a US only.

00:30:38   Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

00:30:39   So I can add all the information in manually,

00:30:42   but I have to add it all in myself.

00:30:45   So I'm not going to get those, like these medicines clash

00:30:49   or anything like that.

00:30:50   And also it's just like, everything's manual.

00:30:52   I have to add in the, like the strength of the medication

00:30:54   all that kind of stuff.

00:30:55   Make sure you don't accidentally add the US medications

00:30:58   otherwise they're going to charge you.

00:31:00   (laughing)

00:31:03   - Microtransactions in health for American users.

00:31:07   - Sign you up for a subscription plan to your pills.

00:31:11   - I mean.

00:31:12   - They are honestly, how far are Apple away from doing that?

00:31:14   You know what I'm saying?

00:31:15   - Exactly.

00:31:16   - How far away are they from doing that?

00:31:17   - As soon as I said, I was like,

00:31:18   oh, I just made a really funny joke,

00:31:20   but then reality hit me and I realized,

00:31:22   I can actually sort of see that.

00:31:26   So yeah, anyway.

00:31:28   - I wanna talk about the now playing screen.

00:31:30   - Okay.

00:31:30   They have the new full screen now playing,

00:31:34   is what I'm talking about.

00:31:36   So on the lock screen, now when you're playing audio,

00:31:40   it takes over your entire lock screen.

00:31:42   The artwork is full and large.

00:31:45   It slides under the clock, of course,

00:31:48   and changes the color of the backgrounds.

00:31:51   I actually really like this feature.

00:31:53   I expect it's going to be pretty divisive,

00:31:56   and I think Apple knew that.

00:31:57   It's very easy to get rid of it.

00:31:59   In case you don't know, by the way, if you just tap the artwork when you're on the lock

00:32:03   screen, it shrinks and then you can tap it and it's in the little live activity and it

00:32:09   will come back and fill up the lock screen again.

00:32:11   I think that's kind of cool.

00:32:13   I think that it does, what I like about it most is how good a job it's doing of showing

00:32:18   content from Overcursed for me.

00:32:21   So I'm getting the artwork, I get chapter artwork.

00:32:24   So if there's a chapter that I'm listening to, has specific artwork, that changes and

00:32:28   And so I see the chapter artwork large, which is great because it's bigger than anywhere

00:32:32   else you would see it really, which is kind of fun.

00:32:36   And also it shows chapter names in the live activity.

00:32:39   So I think all of that is like really good.

00:32:41   I don't know what they're doing or like how it's being displayed to the system that it's

00:32:45   working so well with third party apps that I don't think have done anything to like be

00:32:50   specific about it.

00:32:51   I don't think.

00:32:52   Um, so yeah, I just thought it was really good.

00:32:54   I just liked the design too.

00:32:55   I just think it looks really, really nice.

00:32:58   And they they get rid of your lock screen wallpaper and they replace it with like a

00:33:01   smeary color thing based on the color of the artwork.

00:33:05   So if I'm listening to app stories, it's like blue and purple.

00:33:08   But if I'm listening to you know, the pen act, it's like warmer colors to match that

00:33:13   it is it is really nicely done.

00:33:15   I tend to be using it small and not like the full screen.

00:33:20   But it is nice that it's just a tap away.

00:33:22   I mean, when you use mic you shared a screenshot of this a few days ago saying how much you

00:33:27   liked this and I was like wait how do you do that I was like digging through

00:33:29   settings and you like no no just tap the artwork and it goes in between that's

00:33:34   uh that's pretty sweet mm-hmm I like it I think it's I think it's really good I

00:33:39   think why not just do something with it but yeah I also just in general like

00:33:42   just seeing that and the clock live activity I'm getting like pretty excited

00:33:46   for that like whenever that will come you know you get like delivery stuff and

00:33:49   all those kinds of things like I don't want six notifications for one thing

00:33:53   anymore so I'm excited about that. Have y'all come across the new timer UI on the

00:33:59   lock screen? Yes. The live activity. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's pretty sweet. I like

00:34:05   that it's orange which is fun. In an earlier beta there was this really

00:34:08   dramatic transition every time a second counted down on the timer. Oh did I get rid of that?

00:34:14   Yes. It was good because... It's much calmer now. It was like the numbers would kind of get

00:34:20   all blurry as it went from one to the other.

00:34:22   It was weird.

00:34:23   But the issue was the animation was getting cut

00:34:26   into a square, even though it wasn't a square shape.

00:34:28   Yeah.

00:34:29   So like it would transition and it would like try

00:34:32   and like make this like poof kind of thing around it.

00:34:34   But then it would like hit this wall

00:34:36   and the animation would end.

00:34:37   It was weird.

00:34:38   So it looked terrible.

00:34:40   Yeah.

00:34:40   It was very funny.

00:34:41   It's way, way better now.

00:34:43   All in all, I think this new style,

00:34:46   this new live activity style,

00:34:48   seeing what Apple's done with it,

00:34:49   I'm with you, Myke, definitely makes me excited about what this is going to be

00:34:53   like once third parties can do it.

00:34:55   And that's not at launch that Apple said that's coming in a later version of Iowa

00:34:59   16. So that's not going to be, you know, in Federico's initial review probably,

00:35:04   but when it shows up,

00:35:05   I think it's going to only do more to make the lock screen not only more useful,

00:35:10   but like more tidy as well.

00:35:12   One thing I had to miss until I heard Federico heard you talk about on app

00:35:16   stories is that you can condense your notifications

00:35:20   to basically a bulleted list.

00:35:22   Can you explain this?

00:35:23   - Yeah, so that's the new compact mode for notifications.

00:35:28   So by default notifications now sort of rolling

00:35:32   from the bottom of the display,

00:35:34   they don't just come up in the middle of the lock screen

00:35:36   and that's because they wanna free up some space

00:35:38   for you to see widgets on your wallpaper, makes sense.

00:35:41   But also, if you want, you can minimize the notifications

00:35:46   at the bottom, and you can do that by swiping them down

00:35:50   on the lock screen, and they become like this little badge

00:35:55   at the bottom, basically that right now, for example,

00:35:57   for me, it says two notifications.

00:35:59   And you can tap that, and it'll show you

00:36:02   your notifications again.

00:36:03   And if you don't wanna see them again,

00:36:05   you just swipe them down and they minimize.

00:36:08   I believe there's also a setting.

00:36:10   There's a setting to do this.

00:36:13   So if you go into Notifications, Display As, Count.

00:36:19   It's called a Count Mode.

00:36:21   So you have Count, Stack, and List

00:36:24   as the new three display settings for notifications

00:36:28   by default. And it says, pinch the notifications list

00:36:32   on the lock screen to change layouts in context.

00:36:35   So you can also pinch, I suppose.

00:36:37   Yeah, and it works.

00:36:38   It's kind of weird to do on your iPhone with two hands,

00:36:42   but you can also pinch.

00:36:43   My theory is that this count mode

00:36:47   will be the default for the always-on lock screen

00:36:52   on the iPhone.

00:36:53   My theory is that on the iPhone 14 Pro,

00:36:57   with the always-on lock screen, you

00:36:59   will see the time, your widgets, and the count

00:37:03   for the notifications.

00:37:04   Because that's just the bare minimum amount of stuff

00:37:08   you can probably see in always-on lock screen mode.

00:37:12   I'm going to try this.

00:37:13   But when you pull up, they just show up as normal, right?

00:37:16   In Notification Center?

00:37:17   Yes, yes.

00:37:18   OK.

00:37:19   When you pull up, Notification Center is unchanged,

00:37:22   still looks the same.

00:37:23   This is just for new notifications, right?

00:37:26   And there's also the distinction that needs to be made

00:37:28   between regular new notifications

00:37:33   and what are they called, persistent notifications,

00:37:37   those that won't go away, like reminders, for example,

00:37:40   if you're set to have persistent banners,

00:37:43   those will not go away, they will stay pinned

00:37:46   on the lock screen, just like the medication reminders.

00:37:50   They are persistent notifications, so they stare

00:37:52   sort of there, anchored at the bottom of the screen.

00:37:57   But yeah, you have three new modes.

00:38:00   And I like the count one,

00:38:01   because then I just see the wallpaper.

00:38:05   count notifications. It's like Count Dracula.

00:38:08   - Yes.

00:38:09   - He like sneaks in and he's like,

00:38:10   you have two notifications, like that.

00:38:14   That's count notification.

00:38:15   - Yeah.

00:38:17   - Your mom is trying to read you.

00:38:19   - Have you ever seen the joke in the shortcuts app

00:38:23   for the count action?

00:38:26   - No.

00:38:26   - I don't think so.

00:38:27   - Open shortcuts, create a new shortcut

00:38:31   and search for the action called count.

00:38:34   Okay, shortcuts, new shortcut, search count.

00:38:39   - Check out the description for that action.

00:38:41   - This is just like the count in "Sesame Street,"

00:38:43   but instead of a vampire, it's a shortcuts action.

00:38:47   That's cute.

00:38:48   That's good.

00:38:49   That's cute.

00:38:50   - It's a nice Easter egg.

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00:40:41   - So as we're recording this, tomorrow, the MacBook Air,

00:40:45   the M2 MacBook Air, goes on sale.

00:40:48   Be available for people, some people who preordered,

00:40:51   five people who preordered.

00:40:53   We'll get them tomorrow.

00:40:54   It's like a golden ticket kind of situation.

00:40:57   Tim Cook brings it directly to your house.

00:41:00   Federico will notice, like with the Gabe Newell deliveries

00:41:02   with the Steam Deck, that's what's gonna happen

00:41:04   for all MacBook Air deliveries tomorrow.

00:41:06   Steven, do you know what I'm talking about?

00:41:10   - No.

00:41:11   - So do you know who Gabe Newell is?

00:41:13   - No.

00:41:14   - So he kind of created, well, he's like the head of Valve

00:41:17   and Steam and stuff.

00:41:18   I walked past him once in a hallway.

00:41:19   We spoke about that once.

00:41:21   So imagine he's like, well, you don't have to imagine.

00:41:24   He's like the CEO of Valve and Steam.

00:41:27   You know what that is, right?

00:41:28   - Yes, of course, yeah.

00:41:30   - There was a selection of Steam Deck orders

00:41:31   that he delivered personally in a truck

00:41:34   and they made a video about it.

00:41:36   And what's great about the video is most of the people

00:41:38   did not know who he was.

00:41:40   - That's awesome.

00:41:41   - And it was just very funny.

00:41:42   It was very funny.

00:41:43   So that's gonna happen with all the MacBook Air, all this.

00:41:47   Anyway.

00:41:49   - Wait, who at Apple is gonna deliver them

00:41:50   that people don't know?

00:41:52   - Tim Cook.

00:41:53   - But people know Tim Cook.

00:41:54   - Maybe not everyone.

00:41:55   - It's Jeff Williams.

00:41:57   - Yes, Jeff Williams or John Turness.

00:42:01   - Could be.

00:42:02   I'd accept a delivery from John Turness.

00:42:04   - Hey, you would.

00:42:05   Anyway, the design, people like the design,

00:42:11   reviews are out now.

00:42:12   People like the design, obviously.

00:42:14   And I, seeing it now in video,

00:42:17   watched a couple of videos today,

00:42:19   I'm very excited to see one of these computers.

00:42:22   They look so good.

00:42:23   it looks so, so good.

00:42:24   Being just like no more wedge anything anymore,

00:42:27   just like a really thin MacBook Pro, I like it.

00:42:32   - Yeah, the machines are definitely cut

00:42:33   from the same cloth.

00:42:35   Evans Hankey and some others did this interview

00:42:37   with GQ in the UK about it.

00:42:40   And there's not a lot of great new information in that,

00:42:43   but they talk about how they developed these machines

00:42:45   at the same time.

00:42:47   And if you watch the videos, I've watched a bunch of them,

00:42:51   but I don't think any of them really capture

00:42:53   like how much it in person looks and feels

00:42:56   like a squished down MacBook Pro.

00:43:00   Oh, here he goes again Federico.

00:43:03   He's like, oh, I've seen it.

00:43:05   I've touched it, you know?

00:43:07   Here he goes.

00:43:08   Yeah.

00:43:09   Thanks Steven, yeah.

00:43:10   I've forgotten about that for a little while.

00:43:12   There was this really cool hands-on

00:43:13   at the Steve Jobs Theater

00:43:14   that a bunch of us got to go to.

00:43:15   Oh, was there?

00:43:16   Oh yeah, where was I?

00:43:17   Thank you for reminding us.

00:43:18   Yeah, you were--

00:43:19   Where was I?

00:43:19   watching TV or something.

00:43:21   I must have gotten lost that day.

00:43:23   There's a couple of quotes that I like from that interview

00:43:26   that Evan Tanki gave.

00:43:27   Evan Tanki is like, they are in charge of industrial design.

00:43:31   They're one of the two people that took over

00:43:34   Johnny Ives' role when Johnny-- who is now completely gone 100%

00:43:39   see you later.

00:43:40   They canceled the thing we've loved from,

00:43:42   which probably never existed, really.

00:43:44   Anyway, Evan Tanki says, we don't really

00:43:46   have to play any kind of games of shape or form to make it look thin and I think

00:43:51   that's one of the most lovely and remarkable things it's quite honest and

00:43:55   simple I appreciate that like this that's talking about the wedge right

00:43:58   like the old wedge used to make the MacBook Air look thinner than it was

00:44:02   because it was super thin on one side it's like teardrop design kind of thing

00:44:05   I don't have to do that anymore they could just make a thin laptop and then

00:44:09   speaking to what Stephen just said I think he says it was the first time we

00:44:13   ever set out to do a family of products together." Now that seems like a statement that I can't

00:44:18   believe. I mean, she said it, so it must be true, but like that seems... Oh no, we have two computer

00:44:24   lines! When did this happen? That seems really weird, right? But I guess maybe they don't always

00:44:29   redesign them at the same time? Like I think that might be the difference, right? I think so. That

00:44:34   you can borrow from other designs, which they always do. It's like they make a product and then

00:44:40   other products borrowed from that design but I guess they sat down and they were like all right

00:44:43   we're redoing the laptops and they did all three of them at once because it really does look the

00:44:49   same but there are differences which are interesting to me so there is no macbook air branding anywhere

00:44:55   on the macbook air yeah not even on the bottom where the macbook pro it's uh debossed into the

00:45:02   aluminum maybe it was a some sort of issue they couldn't do that on the bottom case i think they

00:45:07   this one to make something super clean and I am glad the branding has gone from underneath

00:45:14   the display that's come and gone over the years with different machines and different

00:45:19   designs but I'm glad that it's just super clean and minimal and I mean the Apple logo

00:45:25   is bigger on the back and there's a funny shot and some of the reviews comparing like

00:45:29   old MacBook Airs and the new one the Apple logo is just so dominant on the back but other

00:45:34   Other than that, it's basically nothing saying that it's a Mac other than, oh, it looks like

00:45:40   all the others.

00:45:42   So the design looks, it looks really good.

00:45:45   I've seen people talking about the fingerprints that get all over the midnight one.

00:45:51   Seems like it gets very fingerprinty.

00:45:53   That was definitely true in the hands on, like Apple people were like wiping them down

00:45:59   in between people touching them.

00:46:01   And I'm sure a lot of that will had to do with COVID even then the midnight one

00:46:05   was just fingerprinty and I was

00:46:09   I was a little surprised by that because the the space gray doesn't really do that that badly

00:46:15   But there's something different I guess about the midnight the color or the finish something about it

00:46:20   It really shows them. So I think I think the midnight looks really cool and if you look in the videos

00:46:25   I mean the folks doing these initial reviews

00:46:28   I mean, they all have great lighting and everything, so you can really see what it looks like.

00:46:32   It is pretty, but that's going to be the trade-off, and for me, it's not a trade-off I would want.

00:46:40   I don't like the color so much that I'd be willing to put up with the fingerprints.

00:46:43   I don't know, but it's pretty.

00:46:46   I would still go midnight.

00:46:47   I would still go midnight.

00:46:48   Yeah, me too.

00:46:49   It's so pretty.

00:46:50   It looks nice.

00:46:51   The other ones, I've seen these colors before, you know?

00:46:54   I'm bored of them.

00:46:55   Give me the blue one.

00:46:56   Mm-hmm.

00:46:57   Life's too short to care about fingerprints, you know?

00:46:59   Exactly.

00:47:00   Give me the pretty computer, yes.

00:47:01   What am I worried the FBI is gonna come after me, right?

00:47:04   'Cause I can get my fingerprints off the laptop?

00:47:05   Like what's the problem, you know?

00:47:07   (laughing)

00:47:09   The other thing I didn't realize physically

00:47:12   about this machine, I didn't even like pick up on it,

00:47:15   again in the very exclusive and cool hands-on we had.

00:47:18   How many more times are you gonna mention it?

00:47:20   This is three times now.

00:47:21   This is so unnecessary.

00:47:23   Three times you've said it now.

00:47:26   There's no speaker grill on this machine.

00:47:29   So on the previous Air, they were super skinny,

00:47:33   you know, down the sides of the keyboard.

00:47:35   And even on the 14 and 16, that's where they are.

00:47:37   Now here's the secret, dear listener.

00:47:39   That's not where the speakers actually are

00:47:42   in the laptops for the most part.

00:47:43   Like on the MacBook Pros,

00:47:44   they're basically at the very bottom of that grill.

00:47:46   But they make the grill big to make it look nice.

00:47:49   This MacBook Air, the speakers are,

00:47:51   where they are on the chassis,

00:47:53   are sort of where the exhaust vent is,

00:47:56   like in the inside of the hinge.

00:48:00   So when you open the machine,

00:48:01   if you look down in there,

00:48:02   there's openings to let air and heat out.

00:48:05   The speakers are in there somewhere.

00:48:07   And so the sound sort of just comes out of the laptop.

00:48:11   And in the Verge video,

00:48:14   they have the M1 MacBook Air,

00:48:17   the M2 MacBook Air,

00:48:18   and then the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

00:48:20   and the new Air is right in between the other two

00:48:23   in terms of sound quality.

00:48:24   It's not as good as the MacBook Pro.

00:48:27   Like just as an aside,

00:48:29   the MacBook Pro speakers are so good for a laptop.

00:48:32   - Yeah.

00:48:33   - It's silly how good they are.

00:48:35   The M2 Air isn't quite as good as that,

00:48:38   but if you're coming from an Intel MacBook Air,

00:48:41   they're gonna be substantially better.

00:48:44   And again, it's something that cleans up

00:48:46   the look of the machine.

00:48:47   And I think actually makes the machine look

00:48:50   a little bit more modern

00:48:54   without all the laser burned holes and the aluminum.

00:48:58   It's just clean and sleek, but yeah,

00:49:02   not as good as a MacBook Pro speaker wise,

00:49:04   but I think for what people do with a MacBook Air,

00:49:06   it's gonna be more than good enough.

00:49:09   - I think with the MacBook Pros,

00:49:11   it does help balance out the design a little bit 'cause--

00:49:14   - Especially the 16, you gotta have them on the big one.

00:49:17   Because it'd be those just wasted weird space down the sides.

00:49:21   But yeah, if that, where would they,

00:49:22   there's nowhere to even put them on this MacBook Air.

00:49:24   Like what you put them like next to the track pad,

00:49:27   that'd be so weird to have the holes there, right?

00:49:30   So like, I kind of like, I like it.

00:49:32   I just think again,

00:49:32   it keeps the kind of aesthetic of this design going,

00:49:35   which is just this like very clean,

00:49:38   very futuristic looking laptop.

00:49:41   Steven, I want to get your kind of feelings

00:49:43   on the M2 discussion.

00:49:44   Like there's a lot of talk about like thermal throttling compared to the MacBook Pro.

00:49:51   Yeah.

00:49:52   And like how warm the machine can get and just like general performance conversation.

00:49:58   Yeah, so as we know from the M1 generation of machines, that MacBook Air and that MacBook Pro

00:50:07   basically operate the same way until you get to really heavy sustained workloads.

00:50:12   and then the single fan that turns inside the MacBook Pro

00:50:16   gives it just a little bit of an edge

00:50:20   when it comes to those longer sustained workloads.

00:50:24   So in the real world, that means exporting a video

00:50:26   from Final Cut or Premiere,

00:50:28   maybe doing a big build in Xcode,

00:50:30   bouncing a project out of logic, right?

00:50:34   Where this gets complicated is that the difference

00:50:38   between these two machines continues into the M2 era.

00:50:43   And at the edge where you're really pushing

00:50:45   sustained workloads, the difference is a little bit greater

00:50:49   between the Air and the Pro where people have seen

00:50:52   the M2 MacBook Pro, the 13 inch,

00:50:56   they have seen that thermal throttle and get pretty warm.

00:51:00   And that's happening a little bit more quickly

00:51:03   on the M2 Air.

00:51:05   In my estimation, this is not a big deal at all

00:51:10   for a couple of reasons.

00:51:13   The biggest is that we have to remember

00:51:16   the trade-offs for this machine were made

00:51:19   with the customer for this machine in mind, right?

00:51:23   So this MacBook Air, while you can certainly buy it

00:51:27   and certainly run a YouTube career off of it,

00:51:30   I don't think that's what Apple has in mind

00:51:33   for this product.

00:51:35   If you are going to do big development projects,

00:51:39   you can totally do it on this machine.

00:51:42   It's just that the 14 and 16 are better suited

00:51:44   with the trade-offs they make to be thicker and heavier

00:51:47   with much better cooling.

00:51:49   So you've gotta kinda pick what trade-offs work for you

00:51:53   and your workload.

00:51:55   And for the vast majority of people who buy a MacBook Air,

00:52:00   if they ever run into this,

00:52:02   it's going to be extremely infrequently.

00:52:05   If you're buying this for knowledge workers,

00:52:08   if you're buying it for students,

00:52:10   you're buying it for home use,

00:52:12   even if you're buying it for like what I use my laptop for,

00:52:15   which is basically just going around on the web,

00:52:19   doing admin stuff for our company

00:52:21   and very occasionally editing a podcast,

00:52:24   I don't think I would ever hit it.

00:52:25   And it just, it means when you watch these reviews

00:52:29   and you see like, okay, we ran Cinebench for 30 minutes.

00:52:32   Yes, the MacBook Air is going to be slower

00:52:34   in those tests than the Pro because of the cooling.

00:52:38   And it's important to know that,

00:52:40   but for most people, most of the time, it doesn't matter.

00:52:44   And so I don't think it's a big deal

00:52:47   that this machine throttles before the Pro.

00:52:49   I'm not surprised by it.

00:52:51   I'm not surprised that it's a little bit

00:52:53   bigger of a difference than the M1.

00:52:55   This is a more powerful chip with more cores,

00:52:57   But I don't think at the end of the day,

00:52:59   I don't think you should make a buying decision

00:53:01   based on this, unless you're in the situation

00:53:04   where the Air is all you can afford.

00:53:07   Then like you just need to know that, yeah,

00:53:09   you are making this trade off

00:53:10   at the very edge of performance.

00:53:12   But like I said, for most people,

00:53:14   most of the time, not a big deal.

00:53:15   - Apple did confirm to The Verge that this has,

00:53:21   I would say an issue that the M2 MacBook Pro has,

00:53:24   The base models of both the Air and the Pro only has one storage chip on it, like one NAND flash chip on it for the SSD.

00:53:34   So the storage performance, like the read and write, is slower than the M1 base models.

00:53:41   This is only on the base models, and I assume that this is a supply chain thing.

00:53:48   But this came out as a thing that the M2 MacBook Pro had and then I expect that the verge asked Apple because in

00:53:56   Dan C if it's review he mentioned that Apple confirmed to them that was the same

00:54:01   So it is a bit this is a I think that is one thing that I think people would feel more

00:54:07   I expect right if the the read/write speeds are slower on the SSD

00:54:11   Then they were even on the m1 models as a frustration

00:54:16   But basically I guess it's if you can make any upgrade on this machine from the base model

00:54:23   I would assume probably the storage will be the best one for you now considering this limitation

00:54:28   the SSD speed thing is a problem and it's a decision that I wish Apple had made had made differently because

00:54:36   And we're talking in terms of like what makes a difference performance wise day to day

00:54:41   disk speed is basically the top of the list and

00:54:45   That's that's real bummer to see that the the base

00:54:48   Model of both these machines those users are gonna get penalized not only for having an SSD

00:54:54   It's probably too small

00:54:55   But for having one where the performance is cut so badly that is that's a bummer and I agree with you Myke

00:55:02   If you're in the market for one of these I would not do that base storage if at all possible

00:55:07   Upgrade it not only so you have more breathing room in terms of space

00:55:11   But so you also don't get stuck with that the slower disk speeds

00:55:15   The problem is that turns a $1,200 computer into a $1,400 computer.

00:55:20   It does.

00:55:20   That's the issue.

00:55:21   Yeah.

00:55:22   And that is a thing that people are pressing on, I get it, the price, right?

00:55:26   It is more expensive and it's one you can point to especially when the old ones stood around.

00:55:30   But I think that if we think about Apple's last attempt at a thin and light $1,200 computer, right?

00:55:37   Which is the MacBook.

00:55:38   This is clearly a vastly better machine for the money.

00:55:41   Oh yeah.

00:55:43   You know, I was expecting that people were either going to say this is a fantastic laptop

00:55:48   or it's way too expensive and it feels like people were more leaning on the this is a

00:55:52   great laptop than pushing on the expensive part.

00:55:56   Because things are better, right?

00:55:57   Like the camera still isn't great, but it's way better on this one than the previous one.

00:56:02   You benefit from things like MagSafe, so you actually have two USB-C ports and a headphone

00:56:07   jack, right?

00:56:08   So you've got more ports.

00:56:09   The screen is bigger.

00:56:10   People are not going to like the notch.

00:56:11   always not gonna like the notch but like kind of whatever the screen is bigger

00:56:16   and brighter there are and it just looks cool and it's like a lot going on for it

00:56:22   I think that that that 35 watt power adapter thing people are gonna love that

00:56:27   like I know that us as nerds are like well you know it actually isn't as

00:56:31   powerful and then if you plug a second thing in you're only getting half the

00:56:35   power to the laptop I don't think I think like I imagine you give that to

00:56:40   somebody in your life and like, wow, I could also charge my iPhone at the same

00:56:43   time. This is awesome. Yeah. Right? Like I just, you know, I just feel like people

00:56:47   are really gonna dig it. So I think this is a great machine all in all. I'm, I

00:56:52   still want to get my hands on one. I have not ordered one. Steven, you ordered one,

00:56:56   right? I did. Yeah, so we have a silver one coming with the base CPU, GPU, but two

00:57:05   terabytes of storage and I was gonna do 16 gigabytes of RAM but I ended up doing

00:57:10   24 because as I explained last week

00:57:12   this is basically like the last piece of the puzzle and like getting the rest of my family onto Apple Silicon and

00:57:18   I don't want to do anything else with those setups for a long time. So I opted for the 24 just for longevity

00:57:24   but

00:57:26   It comes as early as a week from today. So that's like the the opening of my

00:57:32   Delivery window and it's open through

00:57:36   like the next week.

00:57:37   So hopefully I'll have some impressions here

00:57:40   before too long.

00:57:42   You know, beyond my hands-on impressions earlier.

00:57:45   - Yeah, well. - Right.

00:57:46   - At Apple Park. - Okay.

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00:59:43   Oh my God.

00:59:45   What?

00:59:46   It's time for a quiz.

00:59:48   Oh no.

00:59:49   I found it.

00:59:50   That's what I was looking for.

00:59:51   I've been thinking to myself, what is the thing?

00:59:54   You know, like what will do it?

00:59:56   And it's that St. Jude Play Live button, the hype button.

01:00:00   It's time for a quiz.

01:00:01   I enjoyed round one of Do You Know the Passionate Ones so much last week that I want to do another

01:00:07   one.

01:00:08   I'll just set the record straight here.

01:00:10   I'm not doing another one next week because it takes two hours at least to get these quiz

01:00:15   questions together and I can't do it next week.

01:00:17   Again, I reckon maybe two more rounds from the initial questions that I asked so they

01:00:23   will come at a future date.

01:00:25   As a quick reminder, this is a Family Feud/Family Fortune style rules.

01:00:30   I put out a quiz to connected listeners to ask them a series of questions.

01:00:35   I will be asking Stephen and Federico to guess the top five answers that were collected from

01:00:46   the overall responses.

01:00:48   So for example, if I asked like, we did this last time, what was your first iPhone?

01:00:54   And if you said iPhone 3G, that was the top answer.

01:00:57   And Steven got 50 points for that.

01:00:59   And it carries on from there.

01:01:01   There will be a selection of rules for each question,

01:01:03   which I'll go through again as we go through them.

01:01:05   I will give-- some people wrote in and said,

01:01:08   why did you give 50 points as the top answer?

01:01:12   Why not just do five so it's more in line

01:01:13   with the previous scoring?

01:01:15   So to people who ask those kinds of questions,

01:01:18   who says that it will always be one point per answer?

01:01:21   Wow.

01:01:22   There could be questions that give a thousand points in the future, you know?

01:01:25   Who knows? Like, I don't know. There's loads of different formats we're doing here.

01:01:30   And this is just the second format that we tried. So, boys are you ready?

01:01:34   Uh, yes. I think.

01:01:38   Alright, so we've got five questions again today, like we did last time.

01:01:42   The first question today... Actually, I'm going to do the coin flip first, right?

01:01:48   Let's do the coin flip first, so I don't give you additional time to think about it.

01:01:51   it. So we'll do a coin flip to decide who gets to answer first out of the two of you.

01:01:58   Steven, you're going to be heads. And Steven, I don't know if you could hear that. My volume

01:02:05   was quite quiet, but it was heads. Okay. So the first question for the passionate ones

01:02:12   that they have answered today is what phone do you use today? That was the question. What

01:02:21   phone do you use today? Now what we're looking for here, I will take model numbers but no color or

01:02:29   storage size variations. Okay. What phone do you use today? Stephen you have the first answer.

01:02:38   iPhone 11 Pro. Stephen you get zero points for that answer. Oh um oh boy.

01:02:50   - Boy, iPhone 13 Pro Max.

01:02:55   - Federica, 40 points goes to you.

01:02:58   That is the second highest answer on the board.

01:03:03   iPhone 13 Pro Max.

01:03:05   We go back to you, Steven, for your second guess there.

01:03:10   - iPhone 12 Pro.

01:03:13   - Will he be get back on the board this time?

01:03:15   Yes, he will.

01:03:16   That is the third highest answer.

01:03:19   The iPhone 12 Pro was what you said, right?

01:03:22   - I did.

01:03:23   - Yeah, that is the third highest answer.

01:03:25   That gets you 30 points.

01:03:27   - Okay.

01:03:28   iPhone 13 Pro.

01:03:31   - That is the top answer.

01:03:33   T.G.'s playing the game today.

01:03:35   Fing's Federico up to 90 points.

01:03:37   Federico's got the top and second answer.

01:03:41   Steven has the third most popular answer

01:03:44   and then also one that had nothing.

01:03:46   So Stephen, you have the next guest, please.

01:03:50   - I was gonna say our audience,

01:03:51   way newer phones than I thought.

01:03:54   - Yes.

01:03:55   - I'm gonna say the regular iPhone 13.

01:03:57   - That is not on the list, Stephen.

01:04:00   You have lost out again.

01:04:04   The iPhone, just the iPhone 13 did not show up.

01:04:07   I will go through later on and we can talk about

01:04:10   where some of these came for you.

01:04:12   But iPhone 13, not on there.

01:04:14   - Man, dying.

01:04:15   iPhone 12 Pro Max.

01:04:18   - Federico, that is the fourth highest answer,

01:04:23   netting you another 20 points.

01:04:25   - Fifth one is interesting now.

01:04:29   - Oh, something I forgot to do, by the way,

01:04:31   was to give the overall scoring

01:04:35   as we were coming into today.

01:04:37   - Oh yes.

01:04:37   - So I'm just gonna calculate that real quick

01:04:39   because I have to remove some things

01:04:42   from my incredibly complicated spreadsheet

01:04:44   so I can go back to the scores as we started today.

01:04:47   So as we come to the beginning of today,

01:04:50   Steven is on 312 points

01:04:54   and Federico is on 451 points.

01:04:58   - Okay.

01:04:59   - As we start today.

01:05:01   - Fifth most popular phone.

01:05:03   Can you give us the top four again?

01:05:06   - I most certainly can.

01:05:07   They are the iPhone 13 Pro,

01:05:11   the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro,

01:05:15   and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

01:05:17   - So there's not even like a--

01:05:18   - I found that really interesting, by the way,

01:05:20   that they split out like that,

01:05:21   that it was exactly like Pro, Pro Max, Pro, Pro Max.

01:05:26   - And the 11 Pro was not on the list.

01:05:28   But I'm gonna say the 11 Pro Max is.

01:05:33   - Yeah, good guess.

01:05:34   - The iPhone 11 Pro Max is not in the top five.

01:05:41   Interesting.

01:05:42   The SE owners are back to get us.

01:05:44   Interesting.

01:05:46   Oh.

01:05:50   Oh.

01:05:50   I do wonder-- It hit me.

01:05:52   It just hit me.

01:05:52   The people bought a model thinking it may go away.

01:05:58   Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

01:06:00   I'm gonna go with iPhone 13 mini.

01:06:02   iPhone 13 mini Federico is not on the list.

01:06:08   Ooh, okay.

01:06:10   That was exactly my thought process

01:06:12   and I would have picked it next.

01:06:14   Gosh, I mean, what else is there?

01:06:20   Trying to think about like recent phones

01:06:25   maybe people liked and wanted to like hold on to.

01:06:28   I'm just gonna shoot my shot here, the iPhone XR.

01:06:33   - iPhone XR?

01:06:36   - Yeah, it's fine.

01:06:37   - Not on the list.

01:06:38   - People may want to hold on to it.

01:06:40   Federico, I think you went, yeah, you go now and you get one more go each after this one.

01:06:46   Okay, I'm gonna go with the plain iPhone 12.

01:06:55   The plain iPhone 12 is not in our top five answers. You have one more shot each.

01:07:06   - Jeez.

01:07:07   iPhone 12 mini.

01:07:12   - Is the fifth highest answer.

01:07:15   - Oh, nice.

01:07:17   - So Steven will pull in an additional 10 points.

01:07:21   So just to recap, Federico had 110 points from that round

01:07:26   and Steven 40 points as Federico got the first, second

01:07:31   and fourth highest answers.

01:07:33   Stephen with the third and fifth highest answer.

01:07:37   So some statistics for you.

01:07:39   The iPhone 13 Pro accounted for 23.6%

01:07:44   - Nice.

01:07:45   - Of the 1200 people that answered.

01:07:48   The iPhone 13 Pro Max came in at 13.3%.

01:07:53   The 12 Pro Max was 6.6%.

01:07:58   The 12 Pro was at 8.5%.

01:07:59   I gave those in the wrong way round,

01:08:01   but you get the point.

01:08:02   The iPhone 13 mini was 5.8%, but the iPhone 12 mini,

01:08:07   which was the one that made it to fifth, was 6.5.

01:08:10   - Okay, wow.

01:08:12   - Then the lowest down answer,

01:08:14   what would have been the sixth answer,

01:08:15   would have been the iPhone 12, which is at 6.1%,

01:08:18   then it would have been the 13 mini.

01:08:20   And then the iPhone 11 was 5.1%,

01:08:25   which was the next one after that.

01:08:28   Which was, that was a surprise to me.

01:08:31   I don't know, that just carried on from there.

01:08:35   Oh sorry, the iPhone 12 had 6.1%.

01:08:37   This is really hard to look at.

01:08:39   I can't show it to you, but it's really hard to look at.

01:08:42   iPhone SE people are asking about.

01:08:44   This was complicated because

01:08:48   I had to combine all of the SE models

01:08:52   because it was very,

01:08:55   because people were writing them in,

01:08:57   I couldn't feel confident in which model of SE

01:09:01   people were talking about but it didn't end up being an issue because it was

01:09:04   only 2% of the responses so well if it would have been higher I think I would

01:09:09   have tried to do something about that but it got really it got really

01:09:13   complicated people are asking David in the chat is asking were there any non

01:09:18   iPhones yes there are a lot of there were a lot of Samsung phones but it was

01:09:23   like one or two and it was various models a few Xiaomi's and a handful of

01:09:27   OnePlus phones as well. Someone using a Nokia 8.3 5G, I don't even know what that is,

01:09:33   but one of those is in there.

01:09:34   - Interesting, okay.

01:09:35   - And a handful of Google Pixel phones as well. There's a lot of votes splitting on

01:09:40   those really, you know, like because there's so many models of these phones, they split

01:09:45   across, you know, that if they were more consolidated, they might have had a slightly better chance.

01:09:50   But yeah, I was genuinely surprised that about 40% of the vote was the most recent iPhones,

01:09:59   the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max.

01:10:01   I guess that makes sense.

01:10:02   And then the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 12 not making it into that top five was interesting

01:10:07   to me.

01:10:08   I'll say many owners in the audience really shooting yourselves in the foot not buying

01:10:12   the 13 mini, right?

01:10:14   The rhetoric is...

01:10:15   Well, because they knew.

01:10:16   Yeah.

01:10:17   They knew at that point it wasn't going to come back, you know.

01:10:18   - It's a self-fulfilling prophecy at that point too,

01:10:21   I think a little bit.

01:10:22   Like, I mean, is a phone canceled if no one buys it?

01:10:26   You know?

01:10:27   - Exactly. - Who knows?

01:10:28   - So that is the first round.

01:10:31   Second round, what is your favorite wearable device?

01:10:36   What's the question asked, the passionate ones?

01:10:39   - Favorite wearable?

01:10:41   - Yeah, these are product classes, not model years, sizes,

01:10:46   or numbered revisions.

01:10:47   - Whoa, okay.

01:10:49   - So we're talking straight up product classes.

01:10:51   So for example, I mean,

01:10:54   like if we go back to laptops as an example,

01:10:57   it was like just MacBook Pro,

01:10:59   not MacBook Pro model year, whatever,

01:11:02   not MacBook Pro this size.

01:11:03   This is just straight up product classes.

01:11:06   - Okay. - Follow?

01:11:07   - Yes.

01:11:08   - Okay. - Okay.

01:11:09   - So we're gonna flip a coin

01:11:11   and Federico is gonna be heads.

01:11:13   - Tails.

01:11:14   - Okay, but it's tails, so.

01:11:16   - Obviously.

01:11:17   - So you said that for yourself, you know what I mean?

01:11:21   - Being first hasn't helped me at all so far, so.

01:11:24   - This is a very good point.

01:11:25   This is a very good point.

01:11:26   So favorite wearable, Steven, you're up first.

01:11:29   - Apple watch.

01:11:30   - You got 50 points is the highest answer.

01:11:33   - Obviously, yeah.

01:11:34   AirPods Pro.

01:11:36   - Is the second highest answer,

01:11:37   that's 40 points to Federico.

01:11:40   - Is that the answer for all AirPods?

01:11:43   - Nope, that was just AirPods Pro.

01:11:45   I appreciate that you asked.

01:11:46   - So you did separate them a little bit.

01:11:48   - AirPods Pro is its own product.

01:11:51   - Yeah, product classes.

01:11:53   - That's a product class.

01:11:54   - Okay.

01:11:55   - You see, but who's saying,

01:11:58   right, so Apple Watch, that's its own thing, right?

01:12:02   - Okay, I was just trying to clarify.

01:12:05   - Well, no, you weren't clarifying.

01:12:06   You said I did it wrong.

01:12:07   I'm Quizmaster, all right?

01:12:09   You don't come to me with your questions.

01:12:11   I come to you with questions.

01:12:13   I'm gonna say the regular AirPods.

01:12:15   - That is 30 points for Steven.

01:12:18   Do you feel better now?

01:12:19   - I do.

01:12:20   - You wanna complain again?

01:12:21   - No.

01:12:22   - No, no, you should get your 30 points.

01:12:24   - I'm gonna go with AirPods Max.

01:12:28   - Will that be a clean sweep?

01:12:30   No, it will not.

01:12:31   AirPods Max did not find its way onto the list.

01:12:35   - Wow.

01:12:39   So we have three of the top five.

01:12:40   mm-hmm I'm gonna go with Fitbit Fitbit is not in the top five I am gonna go

01:12:52   with Beats Fit Pro interesting three people said Beats Fit Pro that did that

01:13:01   was not enough to make you and I respect you hmm

01:13:07   14 people said Fitbit by the way. So not great there either. AirPods Max was 12.

01:13:14   More people with Fitbits than AirPods Max. I'm not familiar enough with the

01:13:19   Beats products I feel like. So you said the Beat Fit Pro? They're the little...

01:13:27   I'm gonna say Powerbeats Pro by Beats. Powerbeats Pro, just two people.

01:13:35   so that is not enough to make it onto the list.

01:13:38   One of them was probably my spouse.

01:13:40   Yep.

01:13:40   Okay. Wearable device.

01:13:44   Wearable.

01:13:44   Yeah. I'm going to give you one more chance each

01:13:46   and I'm going to give you a clue.

01:13:47   Are...

01:13:49   These are our product classes.

01:13:53   Like, are there generic names in this list?

01:13:56   What does generic name mean?

01:13:59   I'm not... This is already going to give you the answer to this question,

01:14:01   but like, can you give me an example?

01:14:05   No, it's because you wouldn't be able to reply.

01:14:09   I'm gonna go with the Sony XM4 headphones.

01:14:17   Do you mean the Sony WH-1000 XM4?

01:14:21   Three people answered, so that's not enough.

01:14:23   Wow, okay.

01:14:24   So we're really good at picking obscure wearables.

01:14:27   Well, I mean, you're picking things...

01:14:29   You're having a good run, right?

01:14:30   Like, everything you've said is on the list.

01:14:33   it's just not in the top five hmm okay hmm so we've picked Apple watch

01:14:43   AirPods Pro you have picked Apple watch which is the top answer AirPods Pro

01:14:49   which was the second highest answer and AirPods which is the third highest

01:14:52   answer things you have picked that are not in the top five AirPods Max, Fitbit,

01:14:57   Beats Fit Pro, Powerbeats Pro and the Sony XM4.

01:15:00   Yeah, okay, okay, okay.

01:15:02   So this is Steven, this is your...

01:15:06   Yeah.

01:15:07   Turn.

01:15:08   I'm just just confirming here and then Federico you get one more, then I'm gonna give you a clue.

01:15:12   I'm gonna say the...

01:15:14   What is it? The Oya ring? Whatever it is?

01:15:19   The Ura ring?

01:15:21   Yeah.

01:15:22   Well, it made it to four people.

01:15:25   Then yes.

01:15:27   one person spelt it really wrong which is funny to me they spelt it like a u h a but i knew what

01:15:33   they meant you know there's a lot of that you know there's a lot of that like europe yeah there's a

01:15:39   lot of like people write full sentences to me uh in these answers it's like what am i supposed to

01:15:46   do with this i'm gonna go with these with a with a different kind of pick i'm gonna say a regular

01:15:56   watch at the fifth highest answer with 10 points is analog watch okay okay now

01:16:07   Federico you have negated my clue there is no clue now okay okay so I can still

01:16:14   one more on the board okay yeah analog watch you're gonna get one more round

01:16:24   each. Man, I don't know. What else is out there? I guess what constitutes wearable. Oh, oh!

01:16:34   I'm gonna say an Oculus headset. Wear it? That is the first answer that isn't on here?

01:16:46   No one thinks about that as a wearable. One person said MetaQuest. One person said MetaQuest.

01:16:53   Okay.

01:16:54   But so that's not enough.

01:16:56   And...

01:16:58   I'm gonna go...

01:17:00   So I get one more?

01:17:01   Is that right?

01:17:02   Yeah.

01:17:03   This is the final guess.

01:17:04   I am going to go...

01:17:06   I guess...

01:17:07   I guess the problem is what you considered wearable.

01:17:10   Yeah.

01:17:11   In your...

01:17:12   In your...

01:17:13   Uh...

01:17:13   Classification?

01:17:14   Um...

01:17:16   Oh, you know what?

01:17:17   I'm gonna go with sunglasses.

01:17:23   wait, we have one person said snap spectacles. We had, I think someone said

01:17:31   those Ray Ban things, but I can't find them so yeah the answer is no okay so

01:17:37   what was it none oh that's a trick question that's not a trick I've done

01:17:43   it before I've given you this before the question of what was your operating

01:17:48   system? I think one of the answers in the top five was none. I had to include this because none

01:17:57   was answered by 4.5% of people. Wow. So it was such a huge... because then from there the highest was

01:18:06   1.3% so it was four times the next answer. They don't wear anything. They don't wear no clothes.

01:18:15   They wear nothing on them. If you think about it everything is wearable. Apple

01:18:20   watch is 56.2%, AirPods Pro was 17.2%, regular AirPods was 8.4%,

01:18:27   Nunn was 4.5%, Analog watch was 1.4%, AirPods Max was 1.1%, and then it

01:18:35   kind of just went down from there. Oh sorry Fitbit was 1.3%. 0.8% of people,

01:18:41   still rocking a pebble. Wow! That's more than the Garmin's. I was gonna say Garmin

01:18:50   if I had another shot I was gonna go with like one of the Garmin smartwatches

01:18:53   but yeah okay. Hey do you think the pebble people like getting stoned? Nice I

01:19:00   like that. Just as a comparison 0.9% of people said Apple Watch SE so it's

01:19:06   basically as many people. So there was 9 people that were in Apple

01:19:10   watch SE and there are eight that said Pebble. Now of course because of the way

01:19:17   it's questioned those people may have just thought that meant of all time. So

01:19:21   the results now at the end of the second round is 160 points to

01:19:25   Federico, 120 points to Steven. Okay. So we're gonna do the third round now. The

01:19:34   question is, actually I'm gonna do the client flip first and I'm gonna say

01:19:38   say, "Tales for Steven."

01:19:41   - Heads.

01:19:42   - Federico gets to answer first.

01:19:44   - Okay.

01:19:45   - The question is, "What is your favorite computer?"

01:19:50   - Wait, we did this last time.

01:19:52   - No.

01:19:53   - Didn't we?

01:19:54   - We did first computer and current computer.

01:19:56   - Okay, so these are the questions we did last time.

01:19:58   First Apple product, operating system at school,

01:20:02   first iPhone, OS you use most, which computer do you use?

01:20:07   - Okay, all right.

01:20:08   This question is, what is your favorite computer?

01:20:12   Okay, what are you looking for?

01:20:14   Product classes.

01:20:15   They are not model year sizes or variations of in a model by name or processor.

01:20:20   Okay.

01:20:21   MacBook Pro.

01:20:22   Wow, you didn't even give me any chance.

01:20:23   I was too busy trying to complain to someone in the Discord

01:20:27   who said I spelt "favorite" wrong because I put a "u" in it.

01:20:29   But I didn't even get time to burn that person down

01:20:31   because Federico's coming in there

01:20:33   and claiming the top answer of 50 points for MacBook Pro.

01:20:37   I'm gonna go with MacBook Air.

01:20:39   Steven's coming in and taking the second highest answer, getting 40 points for MacBook Air.

01:20:46   I'm torn between two.

01:20:52   iPad Pro.

01:20:57   He speaks from the heart, you know?

01:21:01   I feel like this one comes with a lot of expectation from Federico.

01:21:05   Like it's not just wanting the points, it's also wanting like the life validation that comes with this answer.

01:21:13   You get life validation to the tune of 20 points.

01:21:16   iPad Pro was the fourth highest answer on the favorite computer list.

01:21:20   Okay.

01:21:21   How does that feel? Is that good? Is that enough?

01:21:23   Feels good, feels good.

01:21:24   Okay, you just wanted it in there, right?

01:21:26   It has to be in there.

01:21:28   It has to be in there. Okay.

01:21:32   I'm gonna go with iMac.

01:21:35   That's a bold one, Steven.

01:21:39   Actually, before I answer you, why iMac?

01:21:42   I think, I mean, a lot of people who have used a desktop, it's what they've used.

01:21:47   It's fun and colorful.

01:21:48   I feel like even if you don't own one, maybe you used one in school or have a fond memory of it somehow.

01:21:53   So the "On the board" is the third and fifth highest answer.

01:21:58   Which one do you think it is?

01:21:59   I think I got the third one.

01:22:01   I think the third.

01:22:02   You're correct, it gets you 30 points.

01:22:05   iMac is the third highest answer.

01:22:07   So all that is left on the board is the fifth highest answer and you've run it so far.

01:22:14   You've run the table.

01:22:16   So you've got 50 points for MacBook Pro, 40 points for MacBook Air, 30 for iMac, 20 for

01:22:22   iPad Pro.

01:22:24   70 points each so far in this round.

01:22:30   I will go with a PC.

01:22:35   - PC.

01:22:38   Unfortunately, the streak has been broken.

01:22:41   PC is not in our top five answers.

01:22:43   - Kind of thought maybe the gaming PC people

01:22:46   would come out storm.

01:22:48   - It was there.

01:22:50   It was there.

01:22:51   Custom built PC was 2.8% of people.

01:22:54   - Okay.

01:22:55   - But not the favorite, interesting.

01:22:57   - 28 in total, which is actually kind of funny.

01:22:59   28, 2.8.

01:23:00   - So we've got MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad Pro.

01:23:07   - Mm-hmm.

01:23:09   - So the question is like, is it a Mac or another iPad?

01:23:12   - Yeah.

01:23:13   - And...

01:23:14   - But Steven.

01:23:17   - Yeah.

01:23:18   - What is a computer, you know?

01:23:19   - What is a computer?

01:23:20   - I think about six people put that in.

01:23:23   - Of course they did.

01:23:24   - They would just, oh no, three.

01:23:26   I left them in on this one.

01:23:27   Three people.

01:23:28   - Chaos.

01:23:29   do really is just for those three people I just want them to know that they're

01:23:33   not as funny as they think they are right because each one of those three

01:23:37   people were like haha here's my original joke hmm right but it wasn't it wasn't

01:23:43   that good on Twitter sometimes so you get a bunch of replies that all say the

01:23:46   same thing yeah when I was when I was doing that I was thinking of that exact

01:23:49   thing which is like if you have a fun joke I do this if I see someone's tweet

01:23:53   something I got a funny joke I just check the answers like that check the

01:23:57   tweets I should say like the responses have people made this joke has this

01:24:01   joke been made 20 times if it has I'm not gonna make it you know this is a

01:24:04   vice that I would like to impart upon everyone it's good her social media guru

01:24:10   I'm going to say iPad air interesting just six people answer that I put it

01:24:21   that is not enough. I'm gonna go with Mac Studio. Mac Studio? Coming in there with

01:24:30   Federico. Why Mac Studio? Well, because I think people have a tendency to think

01:24:36   their favorite thing is their most recent thing. People who got the Mac

01:24:42   Studio seems to be seem to be really into it, so that was my thinking. Not

01:24:47   enough of them, just 22 people put Mac Studio on the list, which does not put it in the top

01:24:51   Wow. It crushed the iPad Air though. Yeah, I really did. Poor iPad Air. 22 to 6. Yeah.

01:25:00   It's not great. I'm gonna go with Federico's thinking. I do think there's something to

01:25:05   explore another time where we think the most recent thing is the best or favorite thing.

01:25:08   That's really something we should explore. But I'm gonna go with the Mac Pro. I combined

01:25:17   Mac Pros as you would imagine. Oh no, that's not a good sign. 15. 15. 15. Yeah.

01:25:26   The Mac Studio destroyed the Mac Pro. Yeah, well that's true in a lot of ways I don't

01:25:31   want to think about so. Yeah. Okay, okay, so I'm torn between two. I was gonna say

01:25:40   one more round but I'm enjoying this one too much actually. So I want you to keep

01:25:44   I feel like it's something silly that we're just overlooking.

01:25:50   I don't know.

01:25:53   We're out of Macs just about.

01:25:54   There's one more.

01:25:55   No.

01:25:56   I'm gonna go with Mac Mini.

01:25:59   21 people said Mac Mini.

01:26:03   So less than the Mac Studio.

01:26:05   Wow.

01:26:06   Come on.

01:26:07   So we're out of Macs.

01:26:08   Cut the Mac Mini.

01:26:09   How many people...

01:26:10   I know it's 21, but Mac Mini, you know.

01:26:13   There's some passionate Mac Mini people out there.

01:26:15   - Sure.

01:26:16   - I got the small. - There's 21 of them.

01:26:18   - Small life. - We know that.

01:26:18   We know at least there's 21.

01:26:20   - We said PC, and you, Myke, interpreted that

01:26:26   as custom built PC.

01:26:28   - Because I, yeah, I mean, yeah, sure.

01:26:31   I did interpret that as custom built PC, yeah.

01:26:32   - So I feel like PC notebook is still out there,

01:26:36   but I don't see that being the fifth

01:26:39   most favorited computer by our audience.

01:26:43   But we're out of Macintoshes, unless we do something old,

01:26:46   which I don't think we're gonna do.

01:26:48   Maybe the Apple II people came out in force again.

01:26:51   - Yeah, I was thinking about that.

01:26:53   - You know what, in honor of those heroes,

01:26:56   the Apple II. - You're going for it.

01:26:58   - Oh, Steven.

01:26:59   - You went for it.

01:27:02   - That was, this is a very good guess.

01:27:04   We heard from actually quite a number of those people.

01:27:07   - I did, I really enjoyed those emails.

01:27:09   - That all of them listened to the show,

01:27:10   so I expected to hear from a bunch of them.

01:27:12   But only eight of those people were willing to say

01:27:15   it was their favorite computer.

01:27:17   - They didn't show up for this one, I'm sorry.

01:27:21   Okay, well.

01:27:22   - One more round.

01:27:24   - Yeah, and there's one missing iPad.

01:27:26   Well, there's two missing iPads,

01:27:27   but I guess I'm going with iPad mini at this point.

01:27:31   - Just nine, just nine people.

01:27:34   - Come on.

01:27:35   - Which I was pretty upset about that to be honest.

01:27:38   - Is the answer none again?

01:27:40   'Cause I can't, I can't handle that.

01:27:42   I will tell you, no, it is not none.

01:27:44   I will give you that.

01:27:46   It is not none.

01:27:47   There is something on this list.

01:27:49   - What in the world could it be?

01:27:51   - Give us one more round.

01:27:53   Come on.

01:27:54   It's gotta be something.

01:27:55   - All right, you'll get one more go.

01:27:57   So Steven, you get two.

01:27:58   Federico, you get one more.

01:28:00   - Okay, thank you.

01:28:02   So Steven's up now.

01:28:04   - I'm gonna go PC laptop.

01:28:05   - No, it's not on there.

01:28:06   - Yeah.

01:28:07   - So the thing about custom built PCs,

01:28:09   that's what people answer.

01:28:10   People don't build their own laptops, right?

01:28:11   so that I have a bunch of laptops on this list, right?

01:28:15   But none of them are gonna get you what you want.

01:28:18   - And you're not willing to combine all PC laptops

01:28:20   into one broad category?

01:28:22   - No.

01:28:23   Even if I did, it wouldn't be enough

01:28:26   to get the fifth highest answer.

01:28:27   - Okay, that's what I wanna know.

01:28:28   I wanna know that you're not holding out on me.

01:28:28   - There will be like 10.

01:28:30   I've got three people that have got various Dell XPSs.

01:28:34   - It's a good laptop.

01:28:35   - Two people that have got like a XPS 15.

01:28:40   We've got one person who put framework laptop and basically answer framework laptop anywhere they could.

01:28:46   I've seen that in it so many times.

01:28:48   I think people that have those are pretty passionate.

01:28:51   They are.

01:28:52   I'm sort of thinking if Myke said the answer is not none.

01:28:58   You got one more round, right?

01:28:59   Yeah.

01:29:00   Yeah.

01:29:00   We each have one more pick.

01:29:02   I'm gonna tell you something. This isn't gonna help you. I'm gonna tell you this.

01:29:04   42 people gave this answer.

01:29:08   Yeah.

01:29:10   To put that into context, the iPad Pro got 85.

01:29:14   So I'm sort of wondering if they tried to be clever with this answer

01:29:27   and it's not necessarily a computer?

01:29:31   What's a console, you know?

01:29:34   You know what, at this point, I mean, what am I gonna guess?

01:29:38   like a random obscure computer? No, I'm gonna go with iPhone.

01:29:43   iPhone is answered. 24 people. Okay. Making it more than the Mac Studio or more than

01:29:52   the Mac Mini? Not enough. Wow. Steven, you have the final guess here. With this I'm

01:29:59   gonna lean into maybe people didn't give you a complete answer and so the number

01:30:04   is artificially high for just plain simple iPad. Yeah. 21 people. No, that's not it.

01:30:15   I'm about to blow a hole in your recency theory when I tell you the fifth

01:30:22   highest answer with 42 responses is MacBook. Wow! MacBook. Really? MacBook. More

01:30:35   than the Mac Pro, more than the Mac Studio. That picks up people who love the

01:30:39   12-inch little one like Underscore and Casey, but it also picks up people who

01:30:44   like the white and black plastic ones. Dang, I should have thought of that. Yeah.

01:30:47   I got five iBooks.

01:30:49   Yes!

01:30:51   If they were in there, I don't remember now,

01:30:53   but I would have combined those that you just mentioned.

01:30:56   But similarly, iMac benefited from a lot of older iMacs in there.

01:31:03   So iMac G4 and stuff was all in that list.

01:31:07   They all got compressed into iMac.

01:31:09   So iMac got that bump.

01:31:12   But MacBook.

01:31:14   That's incredible. Okay.

01:31:16   Okay. So at the end of the third round, we're at 230 points to Federico, 190 points to Steven.

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01:33:02   Okay, so we move into the fourth, the penultimate question in today's passionate ones round.

01:33:11   The fourth question, oh I should do my coin flip first, so we're going to say Steven is

01:33:17   heads.

01:33:18   Heads!

01:33:19   Okay, what I always like when that happens is it's always Federico saying it to himself,

01:33:24   you know, like in those moments.

01:33:26   So Steven, you're going to get the first pick at the question, what is your favorite ever

01:33:31   iPod. Favorite ever iPod. Your favorite ever iPod. Again, product classes, not models.

01:33:42   iPod Nano. I like it when you're so, you know, I haven't even got the time to move over to

01:33:49   the different tabs in my spreadsheet. When you come in there and get the top answer,

01:33:54   That's 50 points going to Steven there for iPod Nano.

01:33:57   I'm going to go with just iPod, the classic basically.

01:34:05   Are we going to do it?

01:34:06   I don't know. We'll see.

01:34:08   That is the second highest answer.

01:34:10   40 points for Federico.

01:34:12   Don't let me down, Steven.

01:34:14   Pick the third highest.

01:34:15   iPod Mini.

01:34:18   Steven, let me down.

01:34:20   Oh, no!

01:34:21   That's the fifth highest answer.

01:34:23   You get 10 points for iPod mini.

01:34:25   - Dang.

01:34:26   - Okay.

01:34:28   - Say you too.

01:34:29   You too iPod, say it.

01:34:32   - No.

01:34:34   - Well, that wouldn't count.

01:34:36   That got wrapped into iPod.

01:34:37   - That doesn't mean he can't guess it.

01:34:39   - Right.

01:34:40   (laughing)

01:34:41   That's a good point.

01:34:42   - Play the player, not the game.

01:34:45   - iPod Touch.

01:34:47   - Is the third highest answer.

01:34:50   Going to Federico.

01:34:52   Okay.

01:34:53   Any points?

01:34:54   iPod shuffle.

01:34:55   Yeah.

01:34:56   Hold on one moment. I'm just filling in my point spreadsheet here because I accidentally

01:35:03   gave Federico 10 points to a Memphis Steven. So I figured that everyone, well, maybe except

01:35:09   Federico's happy that I had to fix that. So that is now fixed. You said iPod shuffle.

01:35:14   I did.

01:35:16   iPod shuffle is not in the top five.

01:35:18   Wait, how many iPods are there?

01:35:21   tell me history boy wait what we've done classic what's there what's the the

01:35:30   rank you have answered top answer iPod nano that was Steven Federico got iPod

01:35:37   and iPod touch for second and third and the fifth highest answer was iPod mini

01:35:42   at ten points for Steven and shuffle is not in the list and shuffle is not in

01:35:47   list that's all the big categories you've you've done something here have I

01:35:52   you didn't yes I you didn't lump all big iPods into one camera yes I did what

01:35:58   else is there the fourth highest answer worth 20 points is it the YouTube iPod

01:36:04   no I told you already not that would have been counted in iPod along with

01:36:08   iPod class you have iPod photo and video in video photo all the generations of

01:36:14   the original you two and classic are all just iPod there's literally nothing left

01:36:18   mm-hmm huh okay none 20 points goes to wait was it his turn yeah I said yeah

01:36:33   yeah come on I'm sorry I don't like nothing being a possible answer 57 people

01:36:41   said it. 48 people said shuffle. Amazing. And 51 people said iPod mini. So it's one

01:36:48   of those things where like, where there are more people that said none than two of the

01:36:53   actual iPods. Like I have to put it in there. Because again, it's like the answer is what

01:36:58   are people answer? That's what you're playing. Yeah. I guess that speaks to the age of the

01:37:02   audience as well. Like if a hundred people said Zune, it would have been on the list.

01:37:09   Because I'm not judging like that, right?

01:37:11   It's like, what are they answering?

01:37:14   So the breakdown was 358 people said iPod Nano, which is 35.4%.

01:37:23   And 348 people said iPod.

01:37:26   I was genuinely really surprised at the fact that the iPod Nano beat iPod because of how

01:37:32   many iPods there were.

01:37:34   Yeah.

01:37:35   And how long it went for, right?

01:37:37   but I guess the Nano like I think people feel more strongly if they love or hate a certain generation of Nano and

01:37:42   They were more affordable. I get it

01:37:46   iPod touch was 148 people at

01:37:51   14.7%

01:37:54   Then none was 57 people at 5.6%

01:37:59   the iPod

01:38:03   Mini was 51 people.

01:38:06   The iPod shuffle was 48.

01:38:09   Okay.

01:38:10   So at the end of that round,

01:38:12   it's 320 points to Federico,

01:38:15   250 points to Steven.

01:38:18   Okay.

01:38:19   You can, Steven can actually still win this round today.

01:38:24   It is possible.

01:38:26   I'm going to flip a coin

01:38:27   for our final question of the day.

01:38:29   And I'm going to say Federico is heads.

01:38:33   Tails.

01:38:34   Okay.

01:38:35   And I'm just going to say first, I think for Steven's sake, especially when looking at

01:38:39   him wanting to win this, I think this might be best for him because this question is,

01:38:45   what is your favorite app?

01:38:49   Your favorite app.

01:38:51   What is your favorite app?

01:38:52   Oh, this is a good one.

01:38:55   No qualifiers on this one.

01:38:58   And I'm going to play to the fact that we're a podcast and I'm going to say Overcast.

01:39:02   cast yeah top answer whoa 50 points thank you going to Steven amazing as you

01:39:11   can imagine this was the highest amount of actual usable answers that I got from

01:39:20   after or everything was counted up together there is a total of 258 apps

01:39:25   in this list there's so many that have just won. How many did you remember the

01:39:33   milk get? I will answer that question for you either when you choose it or

01:39:38   afterwards. Okay I will go with I will go with Safari. Safari is not in the top five.

01:39:48   Wow okay Safari was answered by 25 people huh big big web energy okay

01:40:03   Federico I'm actually pretty surprised that you've struck out on your first

01:40:06   guess that why was not expecting that big att boy over there should have had

01:40:12   John play for you I'm gonna say tweet bot tweet bot is the fifth highest answer

01:40:20   so Stephen collects another ten points I'm gonna go with hmm hmm

01:40:29   Federico shaken right now yes you could feel it no I just want to state right

01:40:36   now it is now in this round 320 points to Federico 310 to Stephen you see

01:40:42   Yeah, that turned around?

01:40:44   That turned around fast.

01:40:46   I will go with shortcuts.

01:40:48   Shortcuts is not in the top five.

01:40:50   (laughing)

01:40:52   You're overthinking this, man.

01:40:54   I see.

01:40:55   So it's all third party apps.

01:40:56   So it's all third party apps. Shortcuts, 11.

01:40:59   Wow.

01:41:00   Okay, okay.

01:41:00   I see how this question was answered then.

01:41:03   All right, cool.

01:41:04   I'm gonna say,

01:41:08   trying to think of categories that people are,

01:41:11   amped about, right, people have strong opinions about. I'm gonna say OmniFocus.

01:41:18   OmniFocus is not in the top five. You're back in the race, Federica.

01:41:25   Okay, okay.

01:41:26   OmniFocus was answered by seven people.

01:41:30   Timery.

01:41:31   Ooh.

01:41:32   I see you're playing like the passion, right? You're thinking like, what do people really

01:41:37   love?

01:41:38   Yeah, that's a good answer.

01:41:40   Just four people. Not a good answer. It's not in the top five. What? Okay. This is like... I don't even know. Okay.

01:41:49   Man, we're getting murdered. What? I'm actually really surprised about this. This is great. This is brutal.

01:41:58   You have the second, third, and fourth highest answers available.

01:42:03   My guess is that Instagram is on the list, so I'm gonna say Instagram. Instagram is on a list.

01:42:09   - Oh no.

01:42:10   - But it is not on the list you're looking for.

01:42:12   Three people.

01:42:14   - Wow.

01:42:15   - Said that Instagram was their favorite app.

01:42:17   - Hold on, hold on.

01:42:19   - Oh, here he comes.

01:42:20   Stand back.

01:42:21   - Apollo.

01:42:22   - Oh, that's good.

01:42:23   - Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

01:42:25   There you go.

01:42:26   Second highest answer.

01:42:27   I cannot believe.

01:42:28   So Federico, remind me, you do a public vote, right?

01:42:32   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:42:34   I gotta think like that.

01:42:35   I gotta think like that.

01:42:35   You're right.

01:42:36   - Because there's somebody who does the upgrade-ies.

01:42:38   Yeah, I'm, yeah.

01:42:39   Apollo is always number one.

01:42:42   Yes, I know, I know.

01:42:43   Every single time, so.

01:42:45   I know.

01:42:46   That was why I was specifically surprised

01:42:49   that Federico would not set Apollo.

01:42:51   Don't worry, don't worry, I got you, I got you now.

01:42:52   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:42:54   Okay, that's, yeah,

01:42:55   that's changed the way I'm gonna think about it.

01:42:57   And I'm gonna pick Carrot Weather.

01:43:01   There he goes, they're back on the board.

01:43:04   The third highest answer goes to Steven.

01:43:07   Okay, okay.

01:43:10   I am going to go, I'm torn between two,

01:43:13   but I'm gonna go with drafts.

01:43:15   - Drafts was answered by 17 people.

01:43:20   Is that enough to make it the fourth highest answer?

01:43:23   No, it is not.

01:43:26   - Okay.

01:43:27   - If I get this right, it's gonna be so glorious.

01:43:32   - Do you know why it will be glorious?

01:43:34   - Because it's obsidian.

01:43:35   - Because, no, because you will tie.

01:43:37   And I will tie and I'm gonna pick his favorite app and I'm gonna say it's Obsidian.

01:43:41   You should totally tie with Obsidian. Yes, go for it. Yes.

01:43:44   If this was pro wrestling and things were like concocted, that is how this would end.

01:43:54   Mm-hmm.

01:43:55   But 21 people answering Obsidian is not enough.

01:43:59   Not enough.

01:43:59   Okay.

01:44:00   Well, they're too busy manicuring their perfect knowledge systems.

01:44:05   Yep, those people, they wrote their answers in obsidian, I didn't see them.

01:44:09   Yeah, well the sink is kind of iffy, you know?

01:44:11   They can't get it to me.

01:44:13   Based on what I usually see, in public votes, I'm gonna go with things.

01:44:19   Oh.

01:44:21   So this is again, this is going back to that like, you know, the beautiful design and the things people care about.

01:44:29   But at 19 people, not enough.

01:44:31   Wow.

01:44:32   I'm gonna keep this one going. I'm loving this. This is great.

01:44:39   This might be, I think, the highest amount of times you've both struck out. There's eight

01:44:44   things you've given me between the two of you that are not in the top five.

01:44:47   Yeah, that's bad. Favorite app? I'm gonna stick with my feeling that it's some sort

01:44:58   of knowledge app, and I'm gonna say craft.

01:45:01   Yeah, good pick. Yeah.

01:45:03   Yeah, good pick. Now,

01:45:05   Obsidian was 21 people, right? Yeah.

01:45:09   Croft is just 20. Ooh.

01:45:12   Not enough.

01:45:15   Huh.

01:45:18   Is it none?

01:45:21   [laughter]

01:45:23   No, no.

01:45:25   Let me just check, did anybody say that? One person.

01:45:29   One person hates apps one person one person

01:45:31   No

01:45:32   Actually to two people one person said not applicable one person said none because it was the two I didn't bother combining them

01:45:38   Those people have no joy. Yeah

01:45:40   Wow

01:45:42   Interesting

01:45:49   So Federico, yeah you a second

01:45:52   So I'm gonna give you your answer then I'm gonna give you just a bit of a clue

01:45:56   and then I think I'm gonna give you two more rounds each.

01:45:59   Okay so it's my turn now?

01:46:02   Yeah.

01:46:03   No, yeah okay it's my turn now.

01:46:05   Uh cool so you know I will go with...

01:46:11   He said craft already so that doesn't apply.

01:46:16   Oh!

01:46:17   Reeder.

01:46:18   Didn't need to give you that clue because Federico got it.

01:46:25   Yeah.

01:46:26   was the fourth highest answer. There was a total of 31 people. Okay. It said reader.

01:46:34   You see how we started to get really small at that point? Yeah. Because you had

01:46:38   25% of people said overcast, then 9% of people said Apollo. 4.1% of people said

01:46:45   Karat weather, and then it started going down from there into much much smaller

01:46:49   numbers. I do like that we have two RSS based apps in there. That's fun. People

01:46:55   love RSS and social media. So tell me about remember the milk. Ah yeah where is it?

01:47:00   Remember the milk... I want to know about shortcuts also. Oh you said it already I

01:47:06   think. Unfortunately you didn't fill this out Steven so no people. Wow. Wow. Harsh.

01:47:13   Shortcuts, 11.

01:47:17   Yeah, you said 11 people, okay.

01:47:19   11.

01:47:20   Notes, Apple Notes, 2.

01:47:23   Wow.

01:47:26   What about Discord?

01:47:27   One person said App Store.

01:47:30   Jon.

01:47:31   10 people said Discord.

01:47:36   What about Slack?

01:47:37   'Cause I think Slack won an early upgrade-ies,

01:47:40   And my guess is that it's fallen from grace big time.

01:47:43   - Zero.

01:47:44   - Yeah.

01:47:45   Yep.

01:47:46   - Zero people said so.

01:47:47   - It went from cool to being the business app, right?

01:47:48   - Yeah, yeah.

01:47:50   And I mean, it wasn't even just, it was that for sure,

01:47:52   but also that they just stopped doing anything to it.

01:47:54   That people like us cared about

01:47:56   and just went in a different direction, right?

01:47:58   We spoke about this kind of stuff a bunch

01:48:00   on the show before.

01:48:01   Are there any others that you are interested

01:48:04   in knowing more about?

01:48:05   - Castro, Pico.

01:48:08   Castro, yeah Castro got 11? No 10. Peacock got 1. Messages got 6.

01:48:21   What about Spotify? Spotify was 4. Wow. Okay. That's the end of the quiz.

01:48:32   At the end of today's quiz, Federico has 380 points, Steven has 340 points.

01:48:39   That makes Federico the winner again of the passionate ones round quizzes.

01:48:44   This brings the overall score to Steven at 652 points, Federico at 831 points.

01:48:52   Wow, okay.

01:48:54   He's a man of the people. It cannot be denied.

01:48:57   I can't wait for the day when I just think up a 1000 point question.

01:49:01   That's gotta be good.

01:49:02   I don't know what it's gonna be.

01:49:04   I don't know what it's gonna be, but like at some point I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna

01:49:08   do it.

01:49:09   So that's the end of the quiz for this episode of Connected.

01:49:13   And it's the end of the episode.

01:49:14   Look at that.

01:49:15   Goodbye, rest of the topics.

01:49:17   Myke came in, you know?

01:49:18   See you later!

01:49:19   Yeah, we have a topic we've bumped out a couple times now.

01:49:23   We will eventually get to it.

01:49:24   We will, we will.

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01:50:00   If you haven't read their impressions and previews of the public betas, go check them

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