405: A Calendar Called "Secrets"


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00:00:02   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 405.

00:00:10   That's one episode more than 404, which was last week.

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00:00:21   And I'm so pleased to introduce Stephen Hackett.

00:00:23   Welcome back, Stephen.

00:00:25   Hello, Federico.

00:00:26   How are you?

00:00:27   I am doing excellent.

00:00:29   despite the heat wave that is ongoing for two weeks now

00:00:33   in Rome, I'm fine.

00:00:34   Thanks to the AC, yes.

00:00:36   - That's good, yeah, it's really hot here as well.

00:00:39   I think I sent y'all a text yesterday of the heat index.

00:00:42   It was like 112 Fahrenheit, which is what, 44 C I think?

00:00:46   Brutal.

00:00:48   - Don't like the sound of that.

00:00:51   - Mm-mm, mm-mm, not good.

00:00:53   I am joined not only by you Federico,

00:00:58   But a person who is well equipped to deal with the heat, Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:01:03   Sure am.

00:01:04   Oh, thank God.

00:01:05   Okay, so Myke is here.

00:01:06   Okay.

00:01:06   I just wanted to point out something which is kind of funny.

00:01:10   People might catch it if they listen to the pro show,

00:01:12   which you can get to get at getconnecttopro.co.

00:01:15   Federico said, "Welcome back to Steven."

00:01:18   But in the timeline of the show, Steven didn't go anywhere.

00:01:21   Yeah.

00:01:22   It's weird.

00:01:24   Think about that.

00:01:24   Time is also weird.

00:01:25   Time is a weird concept.

00:01:28   If you're looking to have your mind expanded, go to get connected pro.co.

00:01:32   That's what we offer you this week.

00:01:34   Whoa.

00:01:34   Yep.

00:01:35   Follow up.

00:01:37   Follow up!

00:01:39   Apple has cut trade-in prices again.

00:01:42   Yes, this keeps happening.

00:01:47   So most, a lot of the good products, they're down like 500, no, no, sorry, like $50, $500.

00:01:54   They're down like $50.

00:01:56   - You actually have to pay Apple for them to take it.

00:02:00   - Yeah, that's how it works now.

00:02:01   There was a sale that occurred in my household,

00:02:07   Adina managed it, of both of my iPad Pros,

00:02:09   so I've sold all my iPad Pros now.

00:02:12   - Oh no, so you're not a Pro iPad user anymore.

00:02:16   - I am a normie, I have a mini and an Air.

00:02:19   I'm a normie iPad user. - Yeah, 'cause that's

00:02:20   what normal people do, they have two iPads.

00:02:22   - As we said before, regular guy over here,

00:02:25   you know, with my two iPads, regular guy.

00:02:28   Just I'm a man of the people,

00:02:29   regular guy with my iPad Air and my iPad Mini.

00:02:33   And we got significantly more for each of these products

00:02:38   than Apple would trade in.

00:02:39   I think we got more for a 2018 iPad, selling it on eBay,

00:02:44   than I would if I was trading in a 2020 iPad on the 11 inch.

00:02:50   Because people want these products,

00:02:52   so they will pay money for them.

00:02:53   It's the kind of money Apple will sell you

00:02:54   a refurbished product for.

00:02:56   But as we've mentioned many times on the show,

00:02:58   Apple don't want to give you any money to take it from you

00:03:02   because they just don't want to do that.

00:03:04   So if you're looking to trade stuff in,

00:03:06   I don't recommend going via Apple still.

00:03:08   I recommend find someone in your life to hand it down to,

00:03:11   sell it on eBay, sell it on, I don't know if Craigslist

00:03:14   is a good place to sell these things

00:03:16   or your local electronic store or something like that.

00:03:19   That would be my recommendation to you all.

00:03:23   I have some real time follow up news.

00:03:27   We previously talked about how Apple months ago

00:03:31   sued the Anisot group,

00:03:33   the creators of the Pegasus spyware tool.

00:03:37   Apple just announced a new feature

00:03:40   coming out in the next beta of iOS 16, iPadOS and Ventura,

00:03:44   which I suppose given the timing of this announcement

00:03:47   will be out any minute now.

00:03:48   They have announced,

00:03:49   now the name is kind of unfortunate given the pandemic,

00:03:52   but this new feature is called Lockdown Mode.

00:03:55   - Love it.

00:03:56   - Lockdown, Lockdown Mode is a new extreme security feature.

00:04:01   - Extreme. - That will help,

00:04:03   that will block targeted attacks

00:04:06   on high profile individuals.

00:04:08   This feature, and I'm now quoting Mark Gurman,

00:04:11   there's a bunch of articles out already.

00:04:15   This feature will severely limit messages,

00:04:17   Safari, Apple services, and other endpoints

00:04:21   that hackers usually rely on to attack an iPhone

00:04:25   using tools like Pegasus.

00:04:27   So lockdown mode will be, there are screenshots

00:04:31   already that Apple provided some members of the press.

00:04:34   It'll be available in settings,

00:04:36   and it'll block incoming FaceTime calls,

00:04:39   some Safari features, some Apple services,

00:04:41   configuration profiles, a bunch of stuff.

00:04:44   And it is designed for individuals who fear

00:04:49   they may be targeted by cyber attacks on their iPhones.

00:04:53   - So it basically makes the phone not as useful.

00:04:55   Like, I don't mean this in a bad way,

00:04:57   but like it takes away a bunch of features

00:04:59   that could otherwise be used nefariously.

00:05:02   So yeah, I'm looking at Apple's press release.

00:05:05   Message attachment types are blocked,

00:05:07   link previews are disabled,

00:05:09   just-in-time JavaScript compilation

00:05:12   and web browsing is disabled,

00:05:14   invitations and services requests,

00:05:17   FaceTime calls as Federico mentioned,

00:05:19   wired connections with a computer or accessory cannot be used when the iPhone is locked,

00:05:24   and configuration profiles cannot be installed.

00:05:27   So this just feels like a permanent thing I guess that you can put on and just take

00:05:30   it off when you want to.

00:05:32   How intriguing.

00:05:33   They've also given, announced a 10 million dollar grant to bolster research exposing

00:05:38   such threats.

00:05:41   And I have some additional follow up.

00:05:43   iOS 16 beta 3 is out.

00:05:45   Hooray! We'll install that during the episode and we'll see what happens. Maybe everything's about to change.

00:05:52   Or nothing at all. Forget everything you know.

00:05:54   MacBook Air orders. So we have some information here. Apple also announced as we're recording today.

00:06:01   MacBook Air will be available to order on July 8th. So on Friday.

00:06:07   And it will start shipping next Friday on the 15th.

00:06:12   There was something kind of funny, I think, about this,

00:06:15   which I wanted to see what you guys thought.

00:06:16   This is kind of happening the day before Apple announced

00:06:19   this.

00:06:20   MKBHD posted a video reviewing a new Asus phone,

00:06:25   and he was scrolling through his calendar,

00:06:30   and on the calendar had both the date of his briefing

00:06:33   for the MacBook Air and the embargo.

00:06:36   - Oh no.

00:06:37   (laughing)

00:06:38   - It's like, this is just,

00:06:41   This is, I'm surprised about this, honestly.

00:06:43   Like I know that a lot of people,

00:06:46   I guess it's complicated, right?

00:06:48   Like I know that a lot of people

00:06:49   that do this kind of stuff,

00:06:50   I remember John Syracuse used to say this,

00:06:52   I don't know if you do this Federico, I don't think you do,

00:06:56   is having like specific accounts that you use

00:07:00   when taking screenshots and stuff,

00:07:02   so you don't leak information in reviews.

00:07:06   - Yeah, I don't do this,

00:07:07   but I'm very careful with the annotation tools in screen.

00:07:11   - Yeah.

00:07:11   - To hide them, yeah.

00:07:13   - And this just seems like a funny thing

00:07:15   for him to like show his calendar.

00:07:17   Like just for a million reasons.

00:07:20   It's just surprising.

00:07:21   This kind of thing was just, it's just,

00:07:23   I guess it's just a mistake.

00:07:26   It was obviously a mistake that he made,

00:07:28   but like just like a funny little thing to happen.

00:07:31   But like, it's one of those things where I think

00:07:33   we were talking about this in chat and someone said like,

00:07:36   oh, he's going to get a call from Apple.

00:07:38   but like, what I gotta say to MKBHD?

00:07:41   You know what I mean?

00:07:41   (laughing)

00:07:42   What are you gonna say to him, right?

00:07:43   Like, you know, this isn't one of those situations

00:07:46   where like you could imagine maybe in the old days

00:07:49   or at some point people would be like,

00:07:50   "Oh, that's it, he's never gonna get

00:07:51   "another one of these again."

00:07:53   - Right, he gizmodoed it.

00:07:55   - But he's MKBHD, so.

00:07:57   This is a situation where they need him

00:08:00   more than he needs them, so I would expect.

00:08:03   - It's such an easy fix, just have a calendar named secrets

00:08:08   and have that calendar turned off

00:08:10   when you're videoing a phone.

00:08:11   I bet that's what he does now.

00:08:13   - I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he did that before,

00:08:15   but like something just got messed up.

00:08:16   Because this stuff, this kind of thing

00:08:18   has never happened before.

00:08:18   And you know people are scrubbing through his videos

00:08:20   all the time trying to find something, you know?

00:08:23   - Oh, definitely.

00:08:24   - Friend of the show, Jeremy Burge,

00:08:27   the namesake of the Jeremy's,

00:08:29   posted an image today of the MacBook Air page

00:08:33   and showed a, took a screenshot

00:08:37   of the USB-C to MagSafe cable that comes with the MacBook Air.

00:08:42   Because we spoke about this before,

00:08:43   but Apple has color-matched these MagSafe cables

00:08:47   to the MacBook Air design that you get.

00:08:50   But Jeremy was upset about the fact

00:08:52   that the MagSafe connector is color-matched to the laptop,

00:08:57   but the USB-C part that goes into the power brick is white.

00:09:01   And I just wanted to know

00:09:02   what the two of you thought about this.

00:09:04   - Mm, why?

00:09:07   So I saw some people say, well, the power brick is white.

00:09:09   But the rest of the cable is not.

00:09:12   I know. I think it should be also midnight.

00:09:15   Yeah, it should be.

00:09:16   I think it should be.

00:09:17   It feels like a leftover part and they just decided that it was fine to use it.

00:09:23   It looks weird. I agree.

00:09:24   Well, I mean, another example of this, I guess, is the IMAX cable, right?

00:09:29   No, but the IMAX cable is white.

00:09:31   So I'm sorry.

00:09:33   The cable is yellow, but the connector is white.

00:09:36   which is a similar thing but hmm Steven what do you think yeah I think so yeah

00:09:44   I'm gonna take the opposite I think white is fine because the power brick is

00:09:48   white mmm and it helps you you know easily identify which end is which and

00:09:54   the dark or something okay so I need two things here that I want to question you

00:09:58   about about what you just said right one that the only way you think you could

00:10:04   identify these easily as the color of them even though they are significantly

00:10:07   different shape and two you said the dark so how's that okay then my primary

00:10:14   reason is really just to argue with you just for the second conversation that

00:10:19   you know what perfectly fine this is as far as it goes for a primary reason it

00:10:23   doesn't really bother me but also I'm playing ordering a silver one for a

00:10:27   family member so it's not like there's a big contrast there what about for you

00:10:32   you gonna go on? Well so it's coming to me I'm gonna review it and then you're

00:10:38   gonna review a cable? Mary's gonna get an M2 Air and I'm buying her a laptop. Oh I thought you were just talking about the cable. Yeah hey look Federico was in the New York

00:10:47   Times for a cleaning cloth I think I can review a cable. That was actually gonna

00:10:53   be my next question if any of us were gonna buy a MacBook Air. Yes so our

00:10:58   current laptop situation in my house is I have the 14 inch MacBook Pro which I

00:11:01   absolutely adore. Mary has an M one air. And there is a 2018

00:11:08   Intel air. So like the first retina one that the kids use for

00:11:12   school and games and stuff. And that machine. It's still a good

00:11:19   laptop, but it's got a really small SSD in it. And anytime

00:11:23   they do anything remotely punishing to it, it gets really

00:11:27   loud with the fan. And so my plan was to order an M2 Air that would be Mary's. I'm going

00:11:35   to review it, give it to her, the kids can use her M1 Air and then I'm going to sell

00:11:40   off that 2018 Intel Air for whatever I can get. Probably not very much because the Intel

00:11:45   Mac market is in the toilet. But that's, that's my plan. So I get one in for review and then

00:11:50   they'll, you know, cycle through the household.

00:11:52   Nice. I want to go see him. I think I'm going to be really really really really tempted by this computer.

00:11:58   And my kind of like how I think all my computer life is shaking out is starting to like settle

00:12:06   a little bit and I think potentially this could be a part of that but I'm not 100% sure yet but I have

00:12:11   some ideas I'm working on. Federico are you interested in the MacBook Air? No I think I'm

00:12:17   I think we're fine with the MacBook Pro and yeah, yeah, I don't think I'm... yeah, I don't need it.

00:12:24   I'm fine with the MacBook Pro. I'm fine with the iPad Pro. Silvia needs a MacBook Pro anyway.

00:12:29   We'll see in the future, like maybe once I have my new office space set up, maybe down the road

00:12:38   I could consider a desktop Mac again, but not at the moment anyway. Right. I imagine these are going

00:12:45   to be difficult to come by especially if you do something that is custom ordered.

00:12:51   So if you're in the market for one of these I would uh I would get get on it on Friday you know

00:12:59   after I order mine so give me like five minutes so then you can order yours. This episode of

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00:15:01   Go to applehardwarecalendar.com.

00:15:06   - It's a great URL.

00:15:07   - Mm, it's a little dated.

00:15:10   This is not the name of it this year.

00:15:12   - Yeah, but it's still hardware though.

00:15:14   You can't get away from that,

00:15:15   no matter what you want to call it.

00:15:16   - I mean, the calendar itself is hardware.

00:15:17   - Yeah, well that's what I'm talking about,

00:15:19   is the calendar, right?

00:15:20   The calendar itself is, you know what I'm saying?

00:15:22   I'm not talking about like the conception of a calendar.

00:15:26   It's like the calendar itself.

00:15:27   - I mean, what even is a calendar if you think about it?

00:15:30   - Yeah, exactly.

00:15:32   - Yeah, like what is time?

00:15:34   I know Federico we need to like

00:15:36   We need to appreciate big money Hackett making his return

00:15:41   Oh big money Hackett over here. He launched a Kickstarter today with a $5,000 goal and he's passed

00:15:49   $12,000 already Oh big money Hackett's back everyone

00:15:54   Stand back

00:15:56   Just in time for the summer

00:15:58   When he gets his money trousers on

00:16:03   Just in time to plan another vacation. And he's gonna build a second wing onto that

00:16:09   pug cabin, you know? That's what he does.

00:16:14   Congratulations, Stephen. Are you done mocking my hard work yet? Yep, done. We're done.

00:16:19   Maybe. I can't guarantee it, actually. Yeah, so I'm back with the 2023 Apple

00:16:26   history calendar. So if you backed this last year or you heard us talking

00:16:31   about it. Last year, I made a wall calendar. The top half of the calendar is product photography

00:16:36   of my own. And then the bottom half of the calendar instead of regular holidays that

00:16:41   you know, people appreciate. This was for us Apple nerds. And last year, all the dates

00:16:47   were dates in Apple's hardware history. So like the iBook came out this day or this is

00:16:54   when AirPods Max were announced or this is when you know the HomePod was discontinued.

00:17:01   Well for 2023, I focused on software so operating systems, first party titles from Apple over

00:17:09   the years, a bunch of weird 90s stuff like I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think my

00:17:14   favorite date in the calendar is sometime in the 90s Apple made this big press release

00:17:20   about like we're going to support the IMAP standard for future email products like cool,

00:17:26   glad we got that.

00:17:27   Glad we got that

00:17:29   understood and so the dates are all softer all the dates are new and

00:17:34   I think if you enjoyed last year's you're gonna really enjoy this one too

00:17:40   And if you missed out last year now is a great time. So

00:17:42   The Kickstarter is up and running it runs through August 5th. So it's 30 days and

00:17:48   You can get the calendar you can get a digital version where you can like

00:17:53   Upload it to iCloud or Google and have all the dates you can get digital wallpapers of the images you can get stickers

00:17:59   There's a whole bunch of stuff the digital calendar still makes me laugh because for me last year. It was like a ghost

00:18:05   Because you asked me to install it to test it for you and I installed it

00:18:10   But I didn't actually want that on my digital calendar

00:18:12   I was gonna get the hard way like the actual physical calendar and for like three weeks

00:18:16   It just kept enabling itself

00:18:18   Like I would remove the calendar and it kept coming back

00:18:20   And I would know it came back because all this stuff would get added to my calendar and I start getting

00:18:25   Notifications of like oh, did you know that this was the day that the 20th anniversary Macintosh was released?

00:18:30   It's like no, I don't want it. I don't get the calendars coming. That'll be fine for ya. It took a while to get that

00:18:36   one of my favorite things over the last year, it really has brought me like

00:18:40   Real happiness is I get tweets and stuff on the first of every month of people turning the page over

00:18:46   So like on the campaign, I don't share all of the images and that is on purpose because my idea is you're gonna flip through this

00:18:54   Calendar throughout the year and see a new image, you know every every month

00:18:58   And I think that's I think that that slow exploration of it is a lot of fun and everyone synced up to which is cool

00:19:06   Right, like everyone's experiencing at the same time

00:19:09   Yeah, it's kind of a cool like community thing and and I know sometimes on your keyboard Club streams

00:19:15   you've like turned the calendar on stream which is really cool. This is how it always happens because

00:19:19   I always forget and then someone on stream says to me you haven't changed the calendar and then

00:19:23   I go change the calendar and experience the image. That's great. That tends to be how it goes to me.

00:19:28   I got like three days of the June image because I just wasn't here for all of June.

00:19:32   Yeah. It's like oh look there it goes and it's gone again. Yeah this is awesome. I'm really pleased

00:19:37   you're doing it again. I know that you were apprehensive because of the the hard work that

00:19:41   that it was last time, but I know I'm really pleased

00:19:45   that you're doing it again,

00:19:46   'cause I think it's a great thing that exists.

00:19:48   And I know that you've done a lot of work

00:19:50   on making sure that the logistics are streamlined,

00:19:52   which is also really good,

00:19:53   'cause I know it kind of took over your life last year.

00:19:56   - Yeah, the tiers are a little bit simpler.

00:19:57   So like one thing that is lacking this year

00:20:00   are the four by six prints.

00:20:02   If you really want them, there'll be an opportunity

00:20:04   to get them at the end of the campaign

00:20:06   when I send out a survey via backer kit.

00:20:08   But my impression talking to people,

00:20:12   the photos were like the least popular item.

00:20:15   And they were the most work to pack

00:20:18   because of the way they came printed

00:20:19   and I had to collate them all.

00:20:21   And like, it was a lot of hands on time with that.

00:20:23   And so it kind of made sense and wanting to simplify things

00:20:26   and keep the costs or keep the prices the same.

00:20:31   Actually, they're a little bit less than last year

00:20:33   because the printing costs and the shipping costs

00:20:35   have gone up.

00:20:36   Like the calendars are way more to print this year.

00:20:38   And I didn't want to pass that on or like make all the tiers more expensive.

00:20:43   And so it kind of made sense to me and Myke, you and I talked a lot about this,

00:20:46   about the four by six prints kind of being moved to like an optional thing at the end.

00:20:51   So if you really want those, they will be available at the end of the campaign.

00:20:54   And I'll share links about that, you know, as the time comes in early August.

00:20:58   But I'm really excited about it.

00:21:00   And I've been working on this since February

00:21:04   in terms of the research and the photography and everything.

00:21:08   And I'm really excited for people to get in their hands later this year.

00:21:11   So I'd love it if you'd go check it out.

00:21:13   It's better this time than when last time you had the idea in July,

00:21:18   then launched the Kickstarter campaign and then did all the work.

00:21:21   Right. So this time, way better way of doing it, you know?

00:21:24   Yeah. Yeah. Last year, it was a really busy summer.

00:21:29   And that led to some of the apprehension about doing it again.

00:21:34   And so one of my things this year talking with the two of you

00:21:37   and with John and with Mary and some other people like,

00:21:40   how do I spread this out over the year where the day to day

00:21:45   of impact is just a lot, a lot more manageable and like when fulfillment comes,

00:21:49   this is going to be busy and I understand that.

00:21:51   But part of it was I wanted to decide early in the year

00:21:55   if I was going to do it again so I could start on the research

00:21:58   because that is extremely time consuming and all the dates are selected.

00:22:04   I actually just got it back last week from a fact checker, and we're going through and making sure everything's good.

00:22:11   So it has been well underway, and I think it's going to be a real treat for those who back it.

00:22:19   Awesome. Really, really happy, and I can't wait to see just how big this campaign goes.

00:22:24   I hope that it smashes last year.

00:22:27   Yep. So far, it's moving faster. So we'll see what happens.

00:22:30   That makes sense though, because of the way that Kickstarter campaigns kind of start,

00:22:35   when you've done it more than once, it may move more quickly.

00:22:38   Because something that happened to many people I'm sure is, I got an email telling me that

00:22:44   it had launched because I backed your last one.

00:22:47   Right, from Kickstarter, not from me.

00:22:49   From Kickstarter, yeah, they do that.

00:22:52   Yeah, you sent me a screenshot and I was like, "Oh, look at that!"

00:22:55   And so yeah, if you're repeating, thank you.

00:22:59   And yeah, I'm really excited about it.

00:23:01   I woke up this morning like itching to push the button.

00:23:05   Yeah, I bet.

00:23:07   Federico, I installed iOS 16 on my iPhone.

00:23:12   Finally!

00:23:13   Okay.

00:23:14   I did it.

00:23:15   I did it.

00:23:16   Okay.

00:23:17   I just pressed restart to install Beta 3 on my iPhone.

00:23:20   So I'll see what happens when that comes up.

00:23:22   And I'm going to expect that, Steven, I know you've done it too.

00:23:28   Was it because I said I was doing it?

00:23:29   Is that why you did it?

00:23:30   Did I push you over the edge?

00:23:32   No, I think we basically started it simultaneously.

00:23:34   Like, "Oh, we're doing it."

00:23:37   I wasn't going to do it when I was out of town last week.

00:23:40   So yeah, I'm running it as well.

00:23:44   And I think we got to talk about the lock screen, right?

00:23:46   Because it's cool, but there's definitely some weird edges to it.

00:23:51   Of course, this is all Beta 2 impressions.

00:23:54   Right.

00:23:55   Right?

00:23:56   But there was a couple of things that I noticed and I wonder if you guys had the same kind

00:24:02   of experiences.

00:24:03   So one, at least in Beta 2, way harder to set your home screen wallpaper now.

00:24:07   Like this seems like the system always wants to just like change both of them or like do

00:24:13   it all together.

00:24:14   So that was a bit weird.

00:24:15   I expect that that's a bug though.

00:24:17   Like it like you know you press a button to customize it just doesn't do anything.

00:24:21   I ended up doing it like going around the system enough and I got it.

00:24:26   One of the big things about the iOS 16 lock screen is the depth effects that it's doing.

00:24:32   This is where if you put an image of a person it tucks the time behind their head or whatever.

00:24:39   Now here's my issue with this.

00:24:41   I had a nice picture of it and I put on the lock screen and the time went behind her head

00:24:48   a little bit and it looked nice and very artistic.

00:24:51   But then I wanted to put a complication on and it just put it on top of her forehead.

00:24:56   And so it's like...

00:24:59   That's where they go.

00:25:00   Yeah.

00:25:01   But that doesn't make any sense to me to then like, you're like, you do the obscuring of

00:25:07   the time, but then the complication bang on the head.

00:25:09   But this is the biggest issue I have with the complications.

00:25:12   You have that like that block underneath the time, right?

00:25:16   Where you can put a few up there.

00:25:18   But you can't choose where they go in that.

00:25:21   So I put two on there and I wanted them to be like left aligned, but no it put one on

00:25:25   the left and one on the right.

00:25:27   Yeah you can change the order but the spacing is kind of like the iOS dock where it kind

00:25:32   of just does what it wants to do.

00:25:34   And I found that annoying because then I wanted to have the image and then have the complications

00:25:40   on the left so none of the complications covered Adina's head.

00:25:45   It just, I don't know, I just found it weird.

00:25:47   I found it weird.

00:25:48   What I will say in general though,

00:25:50   I set it up with a different image in the end.

00:25:52   I actually used the one that I used before,

00:25:53   which is like a cartoon kind of thing that Adina drew.

00:25:57   And when you have it set up with the little widgets

00:26:00   and you customise the font and the colours and stuff,

00:26:03   it just doesn't look like iOS anymore.

00:26:06   Like, and I don't mean this in a bad way,

00:26:08   but it's going to take some getting used to for me

00:26:11   because the iOS lock screen,

00:26:13   like the fundamentals of it have looked the same

00:26:15   for a really, really long time, right?

00:26:18   like the way the time looks and all that kind of stuff

00:26:21   and just like what's there

00:26:22   and then the notifications are there.

00:26:24   It's gonna take some time to get used to, I think.

00:26:27   I don't know if either of you two have felt that,

00:26:28   that like it feels uncanny in a way.

00:26:32   - It does, yeah.

00:26:33   - Yeah, what I was struck with is how boring

00:26:37   the iPad feels now.

00:26:39   - Yeah.

00:26:40   - 'Cause it's not there.

00:26:41   And that's a bit frustrating.

00:26:43   Now, if you use an iPad in a keyboard case

00:26:47   Maybe you just don't see the lock screen very much, but I guess it's going to be next year.

00:26:52   I don't think they're going to get to it this year,

00:26:53   but I would like to see them do something with the iPad lock screen.

00:26:57   For me, I think the where the the the.

00:27:01   The iPhone lock screen falls down a bit, and this is purely because we're in

00:27:07   we're in beta land is just that the the current complications

00:27:12   that are available to you are very limited and including apples like

00:27:17   Apple has some weather ones and they got some clock ones, but like very limited

00:27:20   customization of those.

00:27:22   And so I think that this will be a real opportunity for developers

00:27:26   underscore to to really make this shine.

00:27:31   And and that's what I'm excited to see.

00:27:33   You know, once once those start rolling out later this year. But.

00:27:37   Some of the fiddliness I think could be beta.

00:27:40   One thing I don't really like is.

00:27:46   the mechanism to like place the image on the lock screen, it's like pinch to zoom, but it's also like

00:27:54   pinch to move. There's something really weird about the gestures they're using there. I can't quite

00:28:00   figure out what it's trying to do. It's a little bit odd. Because you can't just like with one

00:28:05   finger move it around. You have to like always be like pinching. I'm like yeah I know what you mean.

00:28:10   I know what you mean. And there have been several times when I'm editing and then I'll scroll

00:28:15   up from the bottom to like exit the edit mode.

00:28:18   And it doesn't save the changes because to save the changes,

00:28:20   you have to hit the done button.

00:28:22   And I've done like four times because I just keep tinkering with it.

00:28:27   And I'd like that mechanism to change.

00:28:30   I think it's it's easy to accidentally like set it up perfectly

00:28:33   and then you swipe away kind of naturally because what you do on the lock screen

00:28:37   and then all your work just disappears.

00:28:39   I do think that the whole system is

00:28:42   takes a bit of time to get used to, especially with the font options and the colors and the fact that you can even access a color picker from the lock screen now.

00:28:51   Yeah.

00:28:51   There's obviously, yeah, it's kind of strange. There's obviously like a ton of choice and they're going after the same sort of feeling, I think, that they successfully created with iOS 14, right?

00:29:04   Total control of your home screen and now in this case, total control of your lock screen.

00:29:09   I do find it hard to judge right now because of the lack of third-party widgets, obviously.

00:29:17   And like, yeah, I'm using the clock widget to keep an eye on time zones, and I'm using the

00:29:22   reminders widget to see a summary of my reminders on the lock screen, but I do feel like a lot of

00:29:29   the value will have to wait for third-party apps to start offering widgets. And when that happens,

00:29:37   I want to see how useful they will actually be for me, because I can imagine having a real-time

00:29:45   timer widget will be super useful for me to keep an eye on my current timer if that will actually be

00:29:52   real-time. So there's a performance consideration that needs to wait for when third parties actually

00:29:57   get their hands on this. My only concern right now is that these are glanceable widgets, once again.

00:30:04   These are meant to be glanceable, they're not interactive.

00:30:08   The glanceable widgets on the home screen

00:30:11   kinda got boring after a while for me.

00:30:15   Now, on the lock screen, I think it makes more sense

00:30:18   to have glanceable information there.

00:30:20   Right now, what I'm really excited about

00:30:22   is the live activities, like those interactive...

00:30:26   Well, that's another discussion there,

00:30:29   because they will be interactive for Apple apps,

00:30:31   not for third-party developers.

00:30:33   But even then, they'll have activities for...

00:30:37   Yeah, they're still gonna be good.

00:30:38   At least they will give them much more choice

00:30:41   in terms of designing custom UIs and all that kind of stuff.

00:30:44   But those are not coming with the launch of iOS 16 anyway.

00:30:47   So those are coming later.

00:30:49   Yeah, those are coming later.

00:30:51   So we'll have to see, I wanna see like,

00:30:54   I think I'm okay with these widgets

00:30:56   being glanceable once again.

00:30:57   If anything, they make more sense to be glanceable

00:31:00   on the lock screen than the home screen.

00:31:02   but I think we need to wait for third-party developers.

00:31:05   - Yeah, there is a fundamental problem

00:31:07   with the glanceability though,

00:31:09   and I understand why they did it,

00:31:11   but some of Apple's widgets or complications

00:31:15   of the lock screen don't show the information

00:31:18   until your phone sees your face.

00:31:20   And so for instance, I have the one above the time

00:31:23   that has the short date and the next calendar event,

00:31:25   which I really, really like at the top of my lock screen.

00:31:29   But if it's on my,

00:31:32   So like I have a MagSafe charging thing on my desk

00:31:35   and it's, you know, an arms reach away.

00:31:37   I can see my phone screen,

00:31:39   but because of the way the phone is, it can't see my face.

00:31:42   So if I glance down and the screen happens to be on,

00:31:45   it just says face too far away.

00:31:47   And I understand why that is, it's like a privacy thing.

00:31:51   So someone just picks up your phone and they're not you,

00:31:52   it's not gonna show them your next calendar event.

00:31:55   But that does introduce some friction

00:31:58   to the glanceability, I think.

00:31:59   and maybe there'll be a third party calendar widget

00:32:02   that doesn't do that and I'll just switch to that

00:32:05   'cause I don't have anything super sensitive.

00:32:07   I'm not in the KBHD here leaking my calendar stuff.

00:32:09   So that is a thing when you're setting this up.

00:32:13   The other one I noticed was the activity room.

00:32:16   - Well, you can't just change your settings, right?

00:32:18   This is a settings thing.

00:32:19   - It may be.

00:32:20   - 'Cause mine doesn't do that.

00:32:22   But when your phone is locked without face ID,

00:32:25   does it obscure notifications?

00:32:29   - I don't think so.

00:32:30   I don't know, I need to look at that.

00:32:32   It's installing Beta 3 right now.

00:32:34   But the other one I noticed it on was Activity.

00:32:37   And I noticed that one because the rings are grayed out

00:32:40   and then I look at my phone and they like pop,

00:32:43   you know, bright white or whatever the colors I'm using.

00:32:45   And that was a little bit jarring.

00:32:47   But overall, even in just a couple of days of using Beta 2,

00:32:52   I really like this feature.

00:32:53   And I think people are really gonna love the customization.

00:32:57   And I expect that we'll see, you know, people,

00:33:01   you know, third party developers

00:33:02   really pushing what's possible.

00:33:04   And one thing that I hadn't really,

00:33:08   I don't think we talked about it,

00:33:09   I haven't really heard much talk about it,

00:33:11   is you can do your own,

00:33:12   but Apple also has a lot of lock screen themes.

00:33:16   And one that I think is really cool is the weather one.

00:33:19   So it sets your wallpaper to like the current weather

00:33:22   where you are.

00:33:23   So I was playing with it last night and set that on.

00:33:25   I was just looking at my phone,

00:33:26   like a shooting star went across it.

00:33:28   You know, like they're doing these things.

00:33:30   I can't wait to see it when there's a, you know,

00:33:31   if it ever rains here again.

00:33:33   But there's, there's a, there's different ones you can do.

00:33:37   There's one that's an emoji one where you can select

00:33:39   multiple emoji and like the grid

00:33:41   or like the style they're in.

00:33:43   So Apple's done a lot of work on their own,

00:33:46   which I think is really cool.

00:33:48   And it, it, it makes me,

00:33:51   it makes me so sad for the Apple watch.

00:33:54   Like seeing what Apple can do here,

00:33:56   like when they really put their full force behind it is like,

00:33:59   why can't you do that more of this with Apple watch faces?

00:34:02   Because they are very similar in terms of both technology

00:34:06   and sort of like, it's the top most layer of interface.

00:34:10   And this feels so vibrant and alive and exciting.

00:34:13   And the Apple Watch just makes me sad with his watch faces.

00:34:16   - That, you know what that says to me, right?

00:34:19   Like it is the idea of these teams not working

00:34:22   with each other is what that would appear to be to me.

00:34:25   right? Like the lock screen team had this great idea about a weather lock screen

00:34:31   which would also be a really good weather watch face but if those teams

00:34:37   work together maybe they would make that together but then what ends up happening is

00:34:41   like the Apple Watch team looks at it and goes that's a really great idea and then

00:34:44   they'll put it in the next version of watchOS. Like you know I don't know

00:34:48   that's the case but like it sometimes seems like that right? I know there are

00:34:52   technical differences to like, the weather one may not be great for the

00:34:57   watch for other reasons like refresh rate or battery life. There are different

00:35:00   constraints on the watch. But holistically what we've gotten from the

00:35:05   lock screen feels like a much more like thought through idea and set of features

00:35:11   than what we get sometimes on the Apple Watch.

00:35:13   Yep.

00:35:14   I have some real-time follow-up on what is new in iPad OS 16 beta 3.

00:35:21   Yep.

00:35:21   I was just tweeting this a few minutes ago.

00:35:25   So there's big changes to the multitasking menu in Beta 3 and some improvements to Stage Manager as well.

00:35:32   So the multitasking menu on the iPad has been completely redesigned.

00:35:38   It is no longer just a small pill-shaped sort of pop-up with icons.

00:35:45   It is now a context menu with icons and text labels.

00:35:50   So all the options have text labels now. You have Zoom, which basically fills, you know,

00:35:56   basically makes the window bigger to fill the screen. It's called Zoom. You have Add Another Window.

00:36:04   That's the plus button. And you have Minimize. Minimize basically

00:36:09   removes the current window from the stage,

00:36:12   from the current workspace, and puts it back in the recent apps on the left. But that's not all.

00:36:19   They have a close button now.

00:36:21   So that was actually my very first feedback

00:36:24   that I filed a couple of weeks ago.

00:36:27   For beta one, I believe,

00:36:28   you now have a proper way to close windows

00:36:33   from stage manager.

00:36:34   And you can actually do it a couple of ways.

00:36:36   You can use this close button,

00:36:38   or you now have the same behavior as on Mac OS.

00:36:43   Command + W now closes a window.

00:36:45   - Oh, yes, that's what I wanted, the shortcut key.

00:36:48   They even have a fancy animation, like a fancy 3D animation where the window flips on itself

00:36:55   and it closes.

00:36:56   So that's pretty cool.

00:36:59   There are some other improvements to Stage Manager as well.

00:37:02   Now if you hover with the pointer over a window, thumbnail on the left, sort of the other windows

00:37:10   in the workspace, they sort of push to the right to show you the full tray on the left

00:37:15   side.

00:37:16   hover, and the window kind of like, it's like, "Oh yeah, let me make room for the apps on

00:37:22   the left." So that's cool. And they have, and this is the big news, this is something

00:37:27   that I was complaining about a couple of weeks ago, that weird window picker that they had

00:37:34   before is gone. And I was sure that like, the way that you used to be able to see multiple

00:37:41   Windows from the same app, it was a leftover from iOS 15. It was too strange. It took you

00:37:50   to this very old iPadOS 13-like expose view. That's gone. Now, if you right-click on an

00:37:58   icon in the dock, and you select "Show all windows", all the windows from the app will

00:38:06   be displayed to you in Stage Manager. So on the left side, instead of seeing all your

00:38:12   recent apps, you will see, for example, all your Safari windows. So it's much more integrated

00:38:18   with the Stage Manager UI. They're basically getting rid of one extra UI that was there

00:38:25   before. So now when you want to see all the windows from an app that supports multiple

00:38:30   Now that integrates with the Stage Manager sort of tray on the left side of the screen.

00:38:37   And I'm sure there will be a bunch of other things. Usually in Beta 3 that's when you have a bunch of changes.

00:38:43   But I can tell you, Stephen, something that will make you really happy.

00:38:48   Yeah, I just saw this.

00:38:50   In Settings Reminders there's a new setting for you.

00:38:54   you under badge count it says include due today they did it they did it they

00:39:03   did it for you thank you you're changing I would just like to give real-time

00:39:09   follow-up that I had nothing to do with but I just checked it they fixed the

00:39:12   thing so you can now more easily independently change the home screen

00:39:16   wallpaper they fit that was a bug they fixed it but that's just everybody take

00:39:21   moment and thanks Stephen for for the matting the setting thank you Stephen

00:39:25   yeah also thank you today if you're glad they did it go go buy a calendar so this

00:39:31   setting Wow big money I got strikes again this setting is called it's called

00:39:39   include due today include both overdue and due today items in badge count so

00:39:45   now the badge will match the today smart list automatically if you turn this on

00:39:49   on. That means that any tasks due today, regardless of time of day, will show up in the badge.

00:39:57   This is exactly what I wanted. This is how every other task manager works, or at least

00:40:02   they have an option for it. It was in a beta, I think last year for a little while then

00:40:08   went away. I'm so glad that it's here. I hope that it sticks. This really honestly, like

00:40:13   this was the last thing keeping me from using reminders full time. I use it actually quite

00:40:19   a bit for like ephemeral stuff like hey like the other day johnny did something from me

00:40:25   and i wasn't where i could do it i said hey remind me in one hour of this using siri and

00:40:31   it put a link to that iMessage in reminders and reminded me an hour i love all the system

00:40:36   integration stuff but the lack of a do badge based on the date was killing me um there's

00:40:42   a blog post about it you can go read that i wrote at wdc so i'm super excited to see

00:40:46   this. It's all coming up Hack It today.

00:40:49   - Yep.

00:40:50   - So I had a realization for one of the new

00:40:54   reminders features, specifically the ability

00:40:58   to create templates that you can share with people, right?

00:41:02   In iOS 16, I wanna hear what you guys think of this approach.

00:41:05   So in iOS 16 reminders, you can now create

00:41:09   reusable templates for checklists and you can create one,

00:41:13   you can create a link and you can send the link

00:41:15   somebody else, and somebody else can install that checklist, that template, on their reminders app.

00:41:22   Now, one of the things you guys know about me, that other people in the audience also, I think,

00:41:28   know about me, is that very often I get an email or I get a Twitter DM from someone who says, "Hey,

00:41:35   I'm coming to Italy for my honeymoon, for a wedding, for vacation. Can you give me advice on

00:41:43   places to stay, places to see, restaurants to eat, things to do.

00:41:47   Like, I get these kinds of emails, especially in the summer, a lot.

00:41:52   Like, a couple of emails a week, almost.

00:41:55   So I thought, obviously, like, I'm sad because I cannot reply to everybody here.

00:42:04   And also, it's a very, you know, that kind of email is a very long email to respond to,

00:42:09   because like, where are you going? Are you coming to Rome? What's your budget? What kind of things

00:42:14   are you into? But I had an idea. What if, to test this feature for my iOS 16 review, I finally sit

00:42:23   down and I take a couple of hours and I just do it, and I create a reusable checklist in Reminders

00:42:30   for all kinds of things you can do and see and restaurants to eat at in Rome. And I do that once

00:42:38   and I set it up and then the next time somebody emails me and they're asking for advice on what to do in Rome

00:42:45   I just send them to the link to that checklist in Reminders. The bonus there, like the advantage, is that Reminders

00:42:52   I think is actually great for this because it supports image attachments,

00:42:58   rich links,

00:43:01   tasks so I could have like this list actually like nicely laid out with like map links and you have the preview or

00:43:09   There could be photos like go here like there could be a bunch of information

00:43:13   inside the individual reminders

00:43:16   I think that's one way to test this feature and save time and make my readers happy

00:43:22   Because now I can just reply to everybody and say here that's the link for you

00:43:27   I have a question for you. That does sound really interesting. My question for you is

00:43:30   can't you do this with maps? Like can't you create those like...

00:43:33   Yes, I can, but maps is just maps. Like I cannot type anything.

00:43:42   You can't say you need to go here because of this.

00:43:44   No.

00:43:45   Yeah, right. I see. I see. Yeah.

00:43:47   No.

00:43:47   That makes sense then because you said because you could include maps links, right? In the stuff.

00:43:51   Yeah, I can include them or I can include links to websites or notes.

00:43:56   for people. Like if you go to this place or they try to sell you on, I don't know,

00:44:01   on like a special parking spot, don't, because it's a scam. Like those little

00:44:05   bits of advice that you need to know when you visit Rome, you know, they try

00:44:09   to upsell you on everything if you're a tourist. I can do that.

00:44:16   And a question, I mean, again, probably everybody knows this by now by

00:44:21   listening to the show. I've been looking, I just like open Twitter to see if

00:44:24   if anyone was talking about it,

00:44:25   but it doesn't seem like stage manager on any other iPads.

00:44:28   I feel like this is the thing that I'm just gonna

00:44:30   wanna keep checking in on until the final version,

00:44:34   that they've not expanded stage manager

00:44:36   for non M1 iPads, right?

00:44:38   Doesn't seem like it's the case.

00:44:40   - I am not seeing anything on that part of the world.

00:44:42   - I figure we would have heard about it by now, right?

00:44:44   Within like 15 minutes of the thing being released.

00:44:46   - Yeah, yeah.

00:44:48   - Right, it doesn't seem like it.

00:44:49   But this is just something that like,

00:44:51   it's an interesting thing to keep track of.

00:44:54   We obviously spent a lot of time talking about it on this show, but I

00:44:56   My thought was if they were gonna do it, they would probably do it now

00:45:00   But it seems like they haven't

00:45:03   Yeah, and seems like they're just not gonna do it

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00:45:42   to getting you online, not upselling you.

00:45:46   One thing I really appreciate about hover, I think you will too, is that the user experience

00:45:50   is intuitive, simple, clean and easy to navigate.

00:45:53   They're not trying to trick you into things you don't need.

00:45:56   They just want you to have a great experience buying and managing your domain name.

00:46:00   That's been the case for me for years.

00:46:02   All my domains are at hover.

00:46:04   It's really easy to manage them, see what their renewal dates are, forward them other

00:46:08   places, deal with DNS records.

00:46:11   Hover makes it all fantastic.

00:46:13   They also have monthly sales on popular top-level domains,

00:46:17   and they have free Whois privacy

00:46:18   so the bad guys don't get your information.

00:46:20   Buy your domain and start using it today.

00:46:24   You want to go to hover.com/connected

00:46:26   and you'll get a 10% discount on all new purchases.

00:46:30   That URL one more time is hover.com/connected.

00:46:34   Make a name for yourself with Hover.

00:46:36   Our thanks to Hover for their support of the show

00:46:38   and Relay FM.

00:46:40   It is quiz time, gentlemen.

00:46:42   - Oh boy. - Oh no.

00:46:44   - Oh no. - Quiz time.

00:46:46   So over the last number of weeks,

00:46:48   I've been requesting connected listeners

00:46:52   to fill in a survey called,

00:46:54   Do You Know the Passionate Ones?

00:46:57   1200 connected listeners.

00:46:59   - Oh my God.

00:47:00   - Filled out the survey. - 1200?

00:47:03   - To my questions,

00:47:04   which was many more than I was expecting

00:47:08   and has taken me a really long time.

00:47:11   So I have round one of this quiz,

00:47:15   five questions that we're gonna be going through today.

00:47:20   This is a family feud,

00:47:23   AKA family fortunes style quiz

00:47:28   that we're gonna be doing here.

00:47:29   Let me explain how this is gonna work.

00:47:32   So I will be asking you the question

00:47:36   that I asked the passionate ones.

00:47:39   So for example, I may ask them,

00:47:42   what is your favorite podcast?

00:47:44   May have been, it wasn't,

00:47:45   but this could have been one of the things in the quiz.

00:47:48   And so then connected listeners, they answer that question.

00:47:52   Your goal is to guess which is the top most answer

00:47:58   that connected listeners would give to the question,

00:48:02   what is your favorite podcast?

00:48:04   I have taken the top five answers

00:48:07   that you can score points for.

00:48:08   When you say "your", who's the "you" in "your"?

00:48:12   The listener.

00:48:14   So the quiz is for listeners.

00:48:17   Listeners answered with their answers to the questions that I gave.

00:48:21   I think I gave 20.

00:48:22   So we're trying to guess what we think our listeners say their favorite podcast is.

00:48:28   Correct.

00:48:29   Okay, so not what our favorite podcast is.

00:48:31   Not what your favorite podcast is.

00:48:34   the aggregate of these 1200 people that answered, what is the thing that they are most likely

00:48:38   to have answered to the question, what is your favorite podcast? So you are trying to

00:48:44   get in the mind of the listener. So for example, climb into the passionate ones. Exactly, you

00:48:51   got to climb into the brains of the passionate ones. Kind of stretch out in there and see

00:48:55   what's going on. Shake some trees, see what answers fall out. There are, now we're gonna,

00:49:00   As you know, right so far, the score between the two of you is Steven has 12 points, Federico

00:49:07   has 11 points.

00:49:10   Now the scoring here is quite different.

00:49:14   The top answer in any round, you will get 50 points.

00:49:17   Woah!

00:49:18   The second answer, 40 points.

00:49:21   Third, 30 points.

00:49:23   So this is if you...

00:49:24   Wait what?

00:49:25   Okay, so again, this is complicated.

00:49:27   We're gonna go through this, it's fine.

00:49:28   I know that Steven's played this kind of game before Federico, I don't think you have.

00:49:32   So we're going to walk through this together, there's no problem.

00:49:35   There are five answers.

00:49:36   I've taken the top five most given answers from the 1200 responses that I gave.

00:49:42   And from five to one, they are given 50 points, 40 points, 30 points, 20 points, 10 points.

00:49:48   You are each going to get three opportunities to make a guess.

00:49:52   Okay.

00:49:53   Right?

00:49:54   Okay.

00:49:55   I'm going to say three, I might give you more.

00:49:57   I'm going to see how it goes for the first round.

00:50:00   We're working this out as we go along, right?

00:50:02   Because there are five answers, there's two of you.

00:50:03   So in theory, in three, if you had a clean round,

00:50:06   one of you doesn't get that last pick,

00:50:07   that might be how it goes.

00:50:08   Or you might be so off base that we might want to do

00:50:11   like four picks each, right?

00:50:13   We're going to work that out as we go along.

00:50:14   But there are many points on offer available here.

00:50:18   But don't worry, we're probably going to do four rounds

00:50:21   of this quiz in total.

00:50:23   Because I have five questions for you today,

00:50:24   with 20 in total. The game here is you are trying to anticipate what our audience may answer to a

00:50:32   given question. Is that understood? Okay. Yes. Right. Well, you can feel free. Okay. Yes. Okay.

00:50:39   Feel free to ask me questions as we go through. There are some qualifiers that I will need to

00:50:43   give for some of the rounds and I'll explain those as we go. Now I'm going to do, uh, to try

00:50:51   and decide who goes first, I'm going to do a coin flip and then it will go for the rest

00:50:59   of the game in that order. Right? But actually I'll flip it each round is a better way to

00:51:04   do it. So say like if Stephen picks first in the first round, Federico will pick first

00:51:08   in the second round. Actually, again, we'll work this out. I'm going to let you guys choose

00:51:13   here so I can either do it that way or I can do it that the person with the least amount

00:51:18   points can score first in the next round which would you prefer?

00:51:24   I like the chaos of the coin flip.

00:51:26   Yeah, me too.

00:51:28   Okay.

00:51:29   So before each round we'll do a coin flip as to who will answer the question first.

00:51:34   So one last time as a recap, this is what the game is.

00:51:37   I will ask you a question.

00:51:40   For example, what is your favorite podcast?

00:51:42   You have to guess what do the connected listeners, what are they most likely to answer?

00:51:48   are five potential answers that you can score points for. The top answer gets you 50 points,

00:51:55   then 40, 30, 20, 10 for those five answers. We'll give you at least three guesses each,

00:52:02   and then we'll move on to the next round. Are we all good?

00:52:05   Okay. Yes.

00:52:07   All right. So first off, it's time for a coin flip. I guess this is where we find out how

00:52:12   well dice by pkalt works on the beta.

00:52:17   who could dice?

00:52:18   pdice.

00:52:19   right, pdice.

00:52:20   it's heads.

00:52:27   james seemed to have got in there real quick and he enabled the triple j mode.

00:52:32   oh no.

00:52:33   that was james that said heads.

00:52:34   but i also didn't ask either of you to call so that was a terrible wasted coinflip.

00:52:38   i was getting ready to say i wanted to know how far you were gonna go before realising

00:52:42   I'm gonna say Steven is heads, Federico is tails.

00:52:45   We're gonna go that way.

00:52:46   Okay.

00:52:46   Okay, we're gonna flip again.

00:52:48   Heads.

00:52:52   Boom.

00:52:54   Okay.

00:52:55   So, first question is, now just give me a minute before you answer.

00:53:01   The first question is, to the passionate ones, what was your first Apple product?

00:53:10   Now I got 1200 answers that were all written by hand to this answer.

00:53:17   I love you Myke.

00:53:19   I had to go through all of these.

00:53:21   Thank you Myke.

00:53:22   Thank you.

00:53:23   I can't imagine how many hours you spent doing this.

00:53:26   The first five questions took two and a half hours to compile.

00:53:28   And if there's a tie or there's something that comes up,

00:53:31   I hope you remember how thankful I am to you.

00:53:33   Yeah, yeah, sure.

00:53:35   Thank you.

00:53:36   So to make this an answerable question, we are going for this question, for the answers are product classes.

00:53:45   These are not model years, sizes, or variations within a model by processor.

00:53:51   So for example, if Apple made a product called the MacBook Studio, that's all I want to know.

00:53:57   I don't want to know 13 inch MacBook Studio, 16 inch MacBook Studio.

00:54:02   I don't want to know 2020 retina MacBook Studio, right?

00:54:05   I don't want any of that.

00:54:06   This is just product names.

00:54:09   So bear that in mind, right?

00:54:11   That this could be spanning across gosh knows

00:54:14   how many years I'm looking for a product class.

00:54:16   Steven, you have the first guess too.

00:54:19   What was your first Apple product?

00:54:23   - See, this is really a question

00:54:24   about the age of our audience more than anything else.

00:54:27   I'm gonna say the iPod touch.

00:54:31   Stephen, that is the third most popular answer

00:54:36   for which you score 30 points.

00:54:39   - Boom.

00:54:40   - Federico, Stephen said iPod touch.

00:54:44   - Okay.

00:54:47   I am going to say

00:54:50   MacBook Pro.

00:54:55   - Federico, that answer is not in

00:55:00   the top five answers given by connected listeners.

00:55:04   - Wow. - Okay.

00:55:05   - Off to a rough start.

00:55:07   - I'm sorry about that.

00:55:09   So Stephen, we're gonna go back around to you now.

00:55:13   This is the question of what was the first Apple product

00:55:17   from the connected listeners?

00:55:18   What is your second guess?

00:55:20   - MacBook Air.

00:55:24   - Stephen, that is also not in the top five answers given.

00:55:30   We got a bunch of Mac Pro listeners out here.

00:55:33   Mm-hmm.

00:55:34   Okay.

00:55:35   Okay.

00:55:36   So Federico, we're going to go through your second answer now.

00:55:40   I'm torn between two.

00:55:45   But I'm going to say...

00:55:49   iPhone.

00:55:51   Federico, that is the fourth most popular answer.

00:55:55   What?

00:55:56   You get 20 points.

00:55:59   okay okay so we've just iPod touch MacBook Pro MacBook Air iPhone have all

00:56:06   been picked I'm gonna go iPod mini Stephen that is not on the list yeah it's

00:56:22   not in the top five come on okay okay what I have learned now is the idea of

00:56:27   of three rounds. No, we're just going to keep going for a while until we get through a bunch

00:56:32   of them and then we go for a couple more rounds and if nobody answers, I'll cut you off.

00:56:36   Okay. Okay. So worse than this than you thought we'd be is what you're saying.

00:56:40   No, I'll actually tell you right now. This was the most surprising round I think for

00:56:46   me. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. I'm gonna go with iPod classic meaning like the standard

00:56:57   iPod.

00:56:59   Federica, iPod is the top answer. You get 50 points.

00:57:04   Wow, okay.

00:57:07   So I did combine iPod, iPod Classic, Video iPod, that's just iPod, right?

00:57:14   I just put those all in one thing, they're the iPod.

00:57:17   I also included the many U2 iPods that were included in here.

00:57:22   Just for fun.

00:57:24   Wait, how many U2 iPods?

00:57:25   There was a handful, but there really were.

00:57:27   I can't believe that that was at least, I think, five people's first Apple product

00:57:33   was the YouTube iPod to my memory.

00:57:34   I want to meet those people.

00:57:35   Just to give you, because I have this information, iPod was 22% of the overall answer.

00:57:41   Okay.

00:57:42   Wow.

00:57:43   So Stephen, we're going back around to you now.

00:57:46   Federico's in the lead with 70 points.

00:57:49   I'm going to stay on this iPod train and say iPod Nano.

00:57:54   Stephen, that is the second topmost answer, netting you 40 points.

00:58:00   There is just one answer left on the board.

00:58:03   Which can you repeat the order again?

00:58:06   Top answer was iPod, then iPod Nano, iPod Touch, then iPhone.

00:58:12   So number five is the one that is missing?

00:58:15   Yeah, the 10 points.

00:58:16   Interesting.

00:58:24   - Okay. - It came to me.

00:58:24   - It came to me. - I'm gonna go,

00:58:25   I'm gonna trust my gut here and say iPad.

00:58:30   - Federico, that is also not in the answers here.

00:58:36   - Wow. - I'm going to give you both

00:58:39   one more round.

00:58:43   - Okay. - So you get one more pick

00:58:44   each on this one.

00:58:45   - Okay, I'm gonna pick MacBook.

00:58:48   - Steven, that is not in the top five answers.

00:58:52   - No!

00:58:53   - Okay, and I'm gonna pick iMac.

00:58:58   - Federico, that is also not in the top five answers.

00:59:02   Now, I will tell you why I gave you one more round each.

00:59:06   I had to check the math on this about 20 times.

00:59:12   The fifth most popular answer,

00:59:15   garnering 10 points, was the Apple II.

00:59:18   - Oh man. - Oh my.

00:59:22   Oh, okay.

00:59:24   I like it.

00:59:26   53 people said,

00:59:29   a version of the Apple II was their first Apple beer.

00:59:34   So we have children and really old people.

00:59:38   That is all we have as our audience.

00:59:40   You were one or the other.

00:59:43   I love it. I love it.

00:59:44   I love it.

00:59:45   Isn't that bananas?

00:59:47   Could you, if you have this available,

00:59:49   could you round out the top 10?

00:59:50   If you don't have it, that's fine.

00:59:54   I can roughly give it to you.

00:59:55   So iPod, iPod nano iPod touch iPhone.

01:00:04   Apple to iPod shuffle iPod mini.

01:00:10   And then I'm Mac.

01:00:12   So wow.

01:00:13   So it's a way down Mac powerbook after that.

01:00:17   Wow.

01:00:18   and also Macintosh Classic.

01:00:20   OK, that is useful information to have.

01:00:24   OK, it is. It's amazing to me.

01:00:26   I mean, I remember during the iPod time, people say what the Halo effect like,

01:00:30   that's the first Apple device that people get.

01:00:32   Yeah. I mean, at least in our audience, that's 100 percent true.

01:00:36   Right. Like the iPods dominate that list.

01:00:38   And then the Apple, too.

01:00:41   I can't believe that's the first computer.

01:00:43   That's so good in the list.

01:00:46   Yeah.

01:00:47   That's a good computer.

01:00:48   Isn't that wild?

01:00:49   It is.

01:00:50   And it's by a big number.

01:00:51   The Apple II was 4.8%.

01:00:54   The next Mac that shows up is the MacBook Pro,

01:00:58   which I don't think-- I think I said that incorrectly.

01:01:00   It was the MacBook Pro, not the Macintosh Classic, at 3.7%.

01:01:05   So there was still quite a jump.

01:01:08   I couldn't believe it.

01:01:09   I was convinced that I'd done something wrong,

01:01:11   because it just didn't make any sense to me.

01:01:13   That divide--

01:01:14   Yeah.

01:01:15   Like it's three iPods and iPhone in the Apple 2.

01:01:17   - I love that so much.

01:01:21   That's so good.

01:01:22   - That's incredible.

01:01:23   - So at the end of the first round,

01:01:26   you were tied at 70 points each.

01:01:28   - Wow.

01:01:29   - Whoa.

01:01:30   I have goosebumps.

01:01:32   - The next question is,

01:01:34   what operating system did you use in your school years?

01:01:38   - What do school years mean?

01:01:40   - This was a question.

01:01:42   So you remember I mentioned

01:01:43   I was getting a lot of people asking for clarifying questions.

01:01:46   Is it this one?

01:01:47   This was what they were referring to.

01:01:49   But my whole point is I just want you to answer that however, whatever you think that means.

01:01:56   So that's part of the fun for me.

01:01:58   That's the meta game.

01:01:59   What do people think that means?

01:02:01   Right?

01:02:02   Okay.

01:02:03   Now again, like the last one, I'm looking for overall OS names.

01:02:06   I'm not looking for years, variations of a name or unique names for OS versions.

01:02:12   So okay, well, let's flip a coin and we can figure this out.

01:02:15   I had a question, but I don't want to play my hand.

01:02:17   Yeah, I think that's a good way to do it.

01:02:20   This one was really hard for me to accurately say without giving it away, right?

01:02:25   What the kind of answers will be.

01:02:27   So Stephen's heads again, I'm going to say.

01:02:30   Heads.

01:02:31   And it goes to Stephen again.

01:02:32   Boom.

01:02:33   You can ask a clarifying question, I may or may not answer it.

01:02:37   Is Mac OS X one entry or about 18 different entries?

01:02:41   Yeah, like do we need to say leopards? No, I've combined them.

01:02:45   Okay. Oh, so that's what I meant by variations. What's the question? What's the question again?

01:02:50   What operating system did you use in your school years? And I got 28 answers.

01:03:01   Okay. After the combining. So. Okay. That's so there's some BOS people in there probably.

01:03:07   God bless them. Can't tell you yet. I'm gonna go with Mac OS X.

01:03:11   That is the second highest answer. The combination name of Mac OS gone as Steven 40 points.

01:03:21   I guess I'm gonna go with Windows. Windows is the top answer at 50 points. This was not a surprise

01:03:34   to me, wait until you hear this, variations of Windows comprised 52.5% of the answers.

01:03:41   Whoa.

01:03:42   Mac OS 31.

01:03:45   Yeah, I was playing just the Apple game. Federico, you outsmarted me on that.

01:03:49   Yeah, that was-

01:03:50   Yeah, because we have the switchers, right? We have the switchers who said the first device

01:03:52   was the iPod.

01:03:53   And also, who had Mac OS at school? If you were answering this question of what was in

01:03:59   school-

01:04:00   I mean I did so but most people didn't that probably.

01:04:04   So Federico is playing galaxy brain level and I'm over he's playing chess and I'm playing

01:04:09   checkers is what I was going so far.

01:04:12   So I go next.

01:04:14   So is the question so I want to pick a mobile operating system.

01:04:21   But have this audience to consider.

01:04:23   I'm going to say iOS.

01:04:24   iOS you say iOS.

01:04:28   Stephen, iOS is not in the top five answers.

01:04:31   - I'm gonna go...

01:04:36   - Just do it, I know what you're gonna say.

01:04:41   - No, I'm turning between two.

01:04:44   The thing is, I don't know if Myke combined them.

01:04:47   I'm gonna go with DOS.

01:04:50   - The third most popular answer was DOS.

01:04:58   Yes! Federico 30 points.

01:05:00   Yeah, makes sense. Makes sense.

01:05:03   Makes sense.

01:05:06   That puts Federico at 150 points.

01:05:09   So Steven, 110.

01:05:11   So I need to really nail this one.

01:05:14   There's a lot to play for. We've got three more rounds.

01:05:17   Okay, okay. That one's a little better.

01:05:19   Three more questions today.

01:05:20   Android.

01:05:28   Android is not on the list, Steven.

01:05:30   Yeah.

01:05:32   Back to Federico.

01:05:33   I'm gonna go with... I'm assuming you combined all of them, so I'm gonna go with Linux.

01:05:38   It is indeed the year of Linux, as Federico gets 20 points for the 4th mobile operating system.

01:05:46   Why do you keep picking mobile operating systems?

01:05:48   I don't know!

01:05:49   Yeah, Steven, that was a really not good idea.

01:05:51   I don't know why you went with Android after striking out iOS.

01:05:56   There is one item left on the board here.

01:06:01   I'm going to give you both one answer,

01:06:03   and then I'm going to give you a clue.

01:06:05   - After we give our answers? - For one more round.

01:06:07   - Okay, okay.

01:06:08   - Well, you're going to get one more round,

01:06:09   you're going to get a clue if you get it,

01:06:10   and then you get one more round each.

01:06:13   - So we've picked Windows, Mac OS X.

01:06:17   - Okay, you have picked Windows, Mac OS, DOS, and Linux.

01:06:21   And iOS and Android, but they don't score.

01:06:24   But they don't make it. I don't think it's web OS.

01:06:28   What else is there on Windows mechanics?

01:06:39   I mean there's weird stuff. I mean there's lots of weird OS's out there.

01:06:44   This isn't the clue, but you're gonna have to get wit to get this.

01:06:47   You know what? I'm gonna get weird.

01:06:53   I'm going to say...

01:06:55   This is either going to be brilliant or it's going to sound stupid as soon as I say it.

01:07:01   But I'm going to say...

01:07:04   OS/2.

01:07:06   And I'm going to go with...

01:07:08   Oh!

01:07:09   What's the name?

01:07:10   You both just not let me out, tell him, right?

01:07:12   No, we both put our answers down.

01:07:14   Yeah, go Federico.

01:07:16   I'm going to go with what's the name of the thing that you had to print on physical paper?

01:07:22   -With the dots? -Like punch cards?

01:07:23   Punch cards. I'm gonna go with punch cards.

01:07:26   Hmm...

01:07:29   I have a-- Okay, so it's not OS/2.

01:07:37   [chuckles]

01:07:38   Right?

01:07:40   I'm gonna make a judgment call here.

01:07:43   Okay.

01:07:45   And I'm going to give this to Federico.

01:07:47   -What? -It's Unix, isn't it?

01:07:49   -It's Unix. No? -No.

01:07:50   Because I combined a bunch of answers into what I'm calling "none".

01:07:59   There was a large amount of our audience that gave some variation of there being no actual

01:08:05   computer operating system that they used.

01:08:08   Or like using Fortran or stuff like that.

01:08:11   It was like slide rule, pen and paper.

01:08:13   I had some punch cards in there and I combined these all into "none" for 10 points.

01:08:19   And I'm going to say that Federico with the answer of punch cards would qualify to get

01:08:23   in that none category.

01:08:26   It's those Apple II people kicking around.

01:08:30   What I was going to say to you is my clue was, consider the last answer of the last

01:08:34   round.

01:08:35   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:08:36   So just to give you some extra, we had two people that said Unix.

01:08:41   We had, it was 26 people that said none.

01:08:46   Did OS/2 even make it on the list?

01:08:48   12 people said iOS, 6 people said Chrome OS.

01:08:54   Chrome OS. Oh, I should have thought of that.

01:08:56   8 people said Amiga OS.

01:08:59   Amiga OS, yes.

01:09:01   We had 8 basic.

01:09:03   Basic, okay.

01:09:06   I think OS/2 is IBM mainframe OS, right?

01:09:10   No, OS/2 was like a joint thing between Microsoft and IBM.

01:09:15   Okay. Well, nobody gave me any version of that.

01:09:18   What about BOS?

01:09:19   BOS is not there.

01:09:21   Oh that's sad.

01:09:22   There was one person who said next step.

01:09:27   I love you one person.

01:09:28   Represent.

01:09:29   Yep whoever that person is.

01:09:30   If you're that person and you can prove it let me know maybe you'll get a treat in the

01:09:35   mail.

01:09:36   Just let him know and he'll email you a link to the calendar and you can buy a calendar

01:09:41   because that's...

01:09:42   You have an exclusive opportunity.

01:09:44   We have two questions down.

01:09:46   The points are 180 to Federico, 110 to Steven.

01:09:50   There's still a lot of points on the line.

01:09:52   Steven, would you like to take a break and I'll get us up for round three?

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01:11:36   I'm gonna go into question three now and to for fairness sake I'm gonna flip the coin but this time

01:11:41   Federico you're gonna be heads and Stephen's gonna be tails. And now it's gonna be tails for sure. Probably right?

01:11:47   Heads! And there you go and you announced it for yourself too which is good news.

01:11:55   The third question is what was your first iPhone? And the way that we're going to do this is

01:12:05   model numbers are now in play, right?

01:12:09   But no color or storage size variations.

01:12:13   So remember our tier list, right?

01:12:15   All of those iPhones from the tier list.

01:12:16   - Okay.

01:12:17   So the plus and max are distinct from the regular sizes.

01:12:20   - Yes.

01:12:21   - Okay, got it.

01:12:23   - What was your first iPhone?

01:12:26   Federico, we're gonna go over you for the first guess.

01:12:33   - First iPhone.

01:12:34   Original iPhone.

01:12:39   - The original iPhone is in our top five list

01:12:45   at number three, scoring Federico 30 points.

01:12:48   - Okay.

01:12:52   I'm gonna say the iPhone 3G.

01:12:57   - iPhone 3G is the top answer,

01:13:00   Steven, takes 50 points.

01:13:03   I felt good about that because it was the one that was had a much broader sales base

01:13:10   that first iPhone was only in a few countries officially.

01:13:17   So Stephen said 3G.

01:13:19   iPhone 3G.

01:13:21   Yep.

01:13:22   Okay.

01:13:23   I'm gonna go with 3GS.

01:13:25   The iPhone 3GS is also on the list scoring Federico 20 points.

01:13:29   It is the fourth highest answer.

01:13:32   You are still missing the second and fifth highest answer.

01:13:38   I'm thinking about the iPhone's life cycle.

01:13:41   I'm thinking about when were the big ones, you know, now that we have the early ones

01:13:44   out of the way.

01:13:46   And the biggest sales cycle was the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

01:13:52   So I'm going to say iPhone 6.

01:13:54   The iPhone 6 is not in the top five answers.

01:13:57   You get no points.

01:13:59   Oh no.

01:14:01   I'm gonna go with iPhone 4.

01:14:10   The iPhone 4 is the second highest answer.

01:14:13   Yes.

01:14:14   Netting 40 points for Federico.

01:14:21   I want to just confirm something real quick because I've got a little lost in my scoring

01:14:25   sheet.

01:14:26   Federico, can you remind me the answers that you've given?

01:14:30   original iPhone.

01:14:33   - Yep.

01:14:33   - Then I said 3GS.

01:14:35   - That was the one I needed to check, sorry.

01:14:36   Yeah, original iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4.

01:14:39   Sorry, just 'cause it says iPhone, it just threw me off.

01:14:43   Like it's hard to match.

01:14:44   So yes, Steven, you got the top answer on iPhone 3G.

01:14:48   iPhone 4 was the second highest answer.

01:14:50   Federico got that.

01:14:51   Third highest answer was iPhone.

01:14:53   Federico got that.

01:14:54   The fourth highest answer was iPhone 3GS.

01:14:57   Federico got that.

01:14:58   There is one answer left on the board.

01:15:00   Stephen, we go back to you.

01:15:01   - I'm gonna say,

01:15:08   first iPhone.

01:15:12   I'm gonna stay with my thought before

01:15:15   and I'm gonna say the iPhone 6 Plus.

01:15:18   - iPhone 6 Plus is not in the top five answers.

01:15:22   - Oh man. - Okay.

01:15:23   - Federico, back to you. - Okay.

01:15:25   I'm gonna do it.

01:15:29   Okay. I'm gonna go with iPhone 10. iPhone 10 is not in the top five answers. Wow. Okay.

01:15:40   I'm gonna go iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is not in the answers. Alright. We're gonna get one

01:15:51   Well, guess each.

01:15:52   iPhone 4S.

01:15:56   iPhone 4S is the fifth highest answer, netting another 10 points for Federico.

01:16:04   So just to run those through again, iPhone 3G was top, then iPhone 4, then iPhone, then iPhone 3GS

01:16:11   and iPhone 4S.

01:16:12   Very, very succinct.

01:16:15   So the first five iPhones is in a different order.

01:16:18   Yeah.

01:16:18   or a bunch of early adopters.

01:16:20   Can you round out the list?

01:16:22   You know I can.

01:16:23   So obviously we had iPhone 3G, iPhone, then iPhone 3G.

01:16:30   Sorry, iPhone 4 is in there, whatever.

01:16:33   After iPhone 4S, you've got iPhone 5, then iPhone 5S,

01:16:40   iPhone 6S, iPhone 5C, then iPhone 7.

01:16:46   What?

01:16:48   - Yep, and then after the iPhone 7 is the iPhone SE.

01:16:51   - So it's a bunch of phones in the beginning

01:16:55   and then a bunch of lower cost phones.

01:16:57   I guess that makes sense.

01:16:59   - Yep. - Yeah.

01:17:00   Go 5C.

01:17:01   - iPhone 10 had six people.

01:17:04   - Wow, six people.

01:17:05   - iPhone 13 mini was one person,

01:17:08   iPhone 11 Pro was one person.

01:17:11   - All right.

01:17:12   - It is interesting, like,

01:17:14   basically from the iPhone 10 onwards,

01:17:17   It's all single digit numbers.

01:17:18   Yeah, I guess that makes sense with like the type of show we are and just what the

01:17:24   iPhone has done, right?

01:17:25   The big hockey stick growth is over for the phone.

01:17:30   So as we finish the third question, Steven, you have 160 points.

01:17:36   Federico, you have 280 points.

01:17:39   Oh, 280 versus?

01:17:43   Can you repeat that?

01:17:44   OK, OK.

01:17:46   That was a real rough round for Stephen there because Federico walked away with 100 points

01:17:53   to Stephen's 50. But we're moving into another question. And this is, what operating system

01:18:01   is the one that you use most today? And again, like the earlier operating system question,

01:18:09   I'm looking for the overall OS name, not years, variations or unique names for OS versions.

01:18:16   operating system is the one that you use most today.

01:18:20   Let me get my P-Dice ready.

01:18:24   Federico, your hands.

01:18:26   - I'm hands, okay.

01:18:27   - Joe, it says hands.

01:18:29   - Okay.

01:18:30   (laughing)

01:18:32   - Thank you, Joe.

01:18:33   - Okay.

01:18:35   So Federico, you have the first answer

01:18:37   for what is the operating system you use most today?

01:18:40   - I really think it comes down to two choices

01:18:44   and it comes down to what you consider use.

01:18:47   - Should of.

01:18:48   - Use most today.

01:18:54   I'm gonna say iOS.

01:18:56   - iOS is the second highest answer.

01:19:00   - Yeah, okay.

01:19:01   - Of 40 points for Federico.

01:19:03   - All right, makes sense.

01:19:05   - Boy, I just,

01:19:12   I'm gonna say Mac OS. Mac OS is the top answer of 50 points. Yeah, it was either gonna be

01:19:27   Mac OS or iOS, right? Because what I use, like, do I see it on my computer, but also

01:19:33   I use my phone a lot. So it was also, like, the next answers are interesting, I think.

01:19:38   And also, like, I think the interpretation of the operating system. I think some people

01:19:42   might not even think of it. 46% of people answered Mac OS and 35.9% of people was iOS.

01:19:56   So we have the top two.

01:19:57   Top two.

01:19:58   Hmm.

01:19:59   Huh.

01:20:00   Well, I'm going to say iPadOS.

01:20:12   iPadOS.

01:20:14   Do we have a bunch of people that follow in Federico's footsteps?

01:20:19   We do.

01:20:20   It is the fourth highest answer, giving Federico 20 points.

01:20:25   That was 6.5% of people.

01:20:30   So we have the third and fifth highest answer left on the board.

01:20:37   I'm gonna say Windows.

01:20:39   Windows is the third highest answer for Steven, getting him 30 points.

01:20:44   So we have just the final answer on the board.

01:20:48   Federico, we go to you.

01:20:51   I'm gonna get weird, I think.

01:20:54   And I'm gonna say watchOS.

01:20:57   - Okay, so.

01:21:00   Someone did answer this.

01:21:05   I couldn't believe it.

01:21:06   There was one person that said it.

01:21:08   Obviously, this does not get you the fifth highest answer.

01:21:12   Like Steven, I petition for this person to contact me

01:21:16   because I need to understand you

01:21:17   as a human being a little bit.

01:21:19   (Steven laughing)

01:21:20   - Watch OS?

01:21:21   Like, you have a phone and you just never use it?

01:21:25   Very confusing.

01:21:25   - You're Kyle's the Great, you're always using your watch.

01:21:28   - Somebody answered watch OS.

01:21:30   Stephen, fifth highest answer is still in play.

01:21:34   - So we have Mac OS, iOS.

01:21:39   - Windows.

01:21:39   - Windows.

01:21:40   - I'm going to say...

01:21:48   See it's hard. I'm gonna say Android just due to its size.

01:21:55   Yeah?

01:21:56   Mmm.

01:21:57   No. Android had ten answers. Ten people said Android.

01:22:02   Wow. Okay.

01:22:03   Does not put it on the list.

01:22:05   Um.

01:22:06   I'm gonna give you one more guess each.

01:22:11   Well. Okay.

01:22:15   [Sigh]

01:22:17   Okay, let's say that there's a bunch of programmers in our audience

01:22:23   I'm gonna say a variation of Linux

01:22:26   Linux is the fifth highest answer netting Federico another 10 points

01:22:32   So Linux was

01:22:36   1.4%

01:22:41   We also had Chrome OS.

01:22:43   One person gave Chrome OS.

01:22:46   There was one person who gave Watch OS

01:22:48   10 people that gave iPad.

01:22:50   There were only, uh...

01:22:53   How many total?

01:22:54   There were eight total operating systems

01:22:56   that were given.

01:22:57   So outside of the top five,

01:22:59   which were Mac OS, iOS, Windows, iPad OS, and Linux,

01:23:02   we then also had Android, Watch OS, and, uh, Chrome OS.

01:23:10   At the end of that round, Federico has 350 points.

01:23:15   Steven has 240 points.

01:23:17   350 to 40. Okay.

01:23:20   We have one last question for today.

01:23:23   The question is, which computer do you use?

01:23:30   Again, these are product classes, not model years, sizes, or variations of in a model,

01:23:35   or by processor or anything like that.

01:23:37   So similar to the way that we answered the first Apple product question.

01:23:42   Yeah, but like, what is a computer?

01:23:44   Yeah.

01:23:45   One person said that I deleted their answer.

01:23:48   It's not a funny joke.

01:23:53   You said it, Zach put it in the Discord, someone put it in the thing.

01:23:57   And I don't know, I was like three quarters of the way through manually

01:24:02   checking 1,200 responses and, you know, funny answers.

01:24:07   I don't want them, you know?

01:24:09   I don't want them.

01:24:10   So that one just, boop, straight delete.

01:24:12   Uh, Stephen you're gonna be heads.

01:24:15   Okay.

01:24:16   Oh, that one has a reflip.

01:24:19   It's tails.

01:24:21   This is so creepy.

01:24:23   James is so creepy.

01:24:24   So Federico, you get the first ability to answer the question,

01:24:30   "Which computer do you use?"

01:24:32   Do you use?

01:24:35   use? Which computer do you use? Today or the most? No, just which computer do you use?

01:24:42   Exactly, which computer do you use? And we want product classes, but not years. Not years,

01:24:52   not models, I don't want sizes or anything like that. Alright, alright.

01:24:56   MacBook Pro. 50 points, top answer goes to Federico. This surprised me.

01:25:04   me because it was 48% and I just found that interesting that it was the top answer because

01:25:14   I don't you know I again I think this is a disproportional audience right to the to what's

01:25:19   actually out there in the world so.

01:25:22   Stephen MacBook Air.

01:25:24   MacBook Air is the second highest answer and that gets Stephen 40 points.

01:25:32   iMac

01:25:33   iMac is the third highest answer.

01:25:36   That gets Federico 30 points.

01:25:40   Mac Mini.

01:25:43   Mac Mini is the second highest, uh, fourth highest answer, getting

01:25:47   Steven 20 points. Can you see my sheet now?

01:25:50   Are we doing an accidental screen share?

01:25:52   You've just gone like boom boom boom boom through all of them.

01:25:55   So there's one left on the board.

01:25:57   Yeah.

01:26:03   - I'm torn between two.

01:26:05   - There's only two left.

01:26:07   (laughs)

01:26:08   - Well.

01:26:09   - No, there's one left. - I guess that's not true.

01:26:10   - There's one left.

01:26:10   - Well.

01:26:12   - No?

01:26:13   - Well.

01:26:13   - There's at least two left. - There's one left.

01:26:16   - No, I mean, in terms of options.

01:26:18   - Oh. - I'm torn between

01:26:18   two options.

01:26:19   I'm gonna say iPad.

01:26:25   - iPad is not the fifth highest answer.

01:26:29   - Okay.

01:26:32   My thought is we have...

01:26:37   We have...

01:26:38   Just to clarify, did you split between iPad and iPad Pro?

01:26:43   Did I?

01:26:44   Oh, damn it.

01:26:46   I mean, I can't answer that question.

01:26:50   Okay, okay.

01:26:51   I'll answer that question afterwards.

01:26:53   Okay, yeah.

01:26:54   I should have said that.

01:26:58   Okay.

01:27:00   I was thinking in the Mac line, we have Mac studio, Mac pro, maybe the Mac book left.

01:27:08   We have the Apple two, I guess maybe those people are still hanging out, but, but the

01:27:15   iPad.

01:27:16   So Federico said iPad, right?

01:27:18   Yeah.

01:27:19   All right.

01:27:20   I'm going to play dirty and say iPad pro Steven.

01:27:25   That is not in the top five answers.

01:27:27   (laughing)

01:27:29   - I don't know why you're laughing, iPad boy.

01:27:35   - Yes, no, well, I'm happy because I tricked you

01:27:38   into believing that you had an easy one on your plate.

01:27:42   - Okay. - Okay.

01:27:44   Then I'm gonna go with, again,

01:27:50   slightly few developers in the audience, Mac Pro.

01:27:53   - That is not the final answer.

01:27:56   Hmm. Hmm. Huh. Okay. Interesting.

01:28:07   What you got Steven?

01:28:08   Mac Studio.

01:28:13   Mac Studio is not the final answer. You're gonna get one more guess each now.

01:28:19   Yeah, I'm gonna just say a PC. A Windows PC.

01:28:25   The answer is custom built PC.

01:28:28   Yeah.

01:28:29   Federica will take the 10 points.

01:28:30   Okay, yeah.

01:28:33   So the top five answers were Macbook Pro, Macbook Air,

01:28:37   iMac, Mac Mini, custom built PC.

01:28:40   Going on from there, so custom built PC was 2%.

01:28:46   There was also, we had, I said Mac Mini,

01:28:51   Mac Studio came in just under the PC.

01:28:55   iPad Pro was actually just over that.

01:28:57   38 people used the iPad Pro.

01:29:00   34 people use a Mac Studio.

01:29:03   It was 43, who said some variation of a custom built PC.

01:29:08   - That is close. - It was also 23 Dells,

01:29:10   15 HPs, four Asus laptops, one Linux desktop,

01:29:15   one Razer Blade, there was one Samsung Chromebook,

01:29:20   11 people used the Surface, one person used the Pixelbook.

01:29:24   Seven people were still holding on to the MacBook.

01:29:28   - Yeah. - Nice.

01:29:30   - Wow.

01:29:31   - Five on a MacBook. - Macbook.

01:29:33   - Okay.

01:29:34   - 16 people used some version of a Lenovo ThinkPad.

01:29:38   - Hey, if I were in Windows, I'd buy a ThinkPad.

01:29:41   - There were nine iMac Pros still in use.

01:29:46   I did count the iMac Pros separate to the iMac.

01:29:48   I felt that was the right thing to do.

01:29:49   - As a quick aside, I'm not sure there's a modern computer

01:29:54   that makes me sadder than the iMac Pro

01:29:56   because it was so good and now it's so gone.

01:30:00   - Yeah, it was just one of them too.

01:30:02   That's I think that's the saddest part,

01:30:03   but I didn't even touch it.

01:30:05   - One and done, baby.

01:30:06   - So that is the end of round one of the connected quiz.

01:30:10   The points stand thusly in this round,

01:30:14   300 points to Steven, 440 points to Federico,

01:30:19   So if we go over to the overall scoring now,

01:30:23   Steven is at 312, Federico is at 451.

01:30:28   - Okay, taking the lead baby.

01:30:32   Here we go.

01:30:33   - There will be in the future,

01:30:35   three more rounds of Do You Know The Passionate Ones.

01:30:39   I cannot tell you when they will occur.

01:30:42   - Okay.

01:30:44   - That is the end of my quiz for today.

01:30:46   - All right, thank you, thank you, Myke.

01:30:48   And thank you, passionate ones.

01:30:50   Yeah.

01:30:50   Thank you for playing and passionate ones.

01:30:52   Thank you for, uh, participating except the person who said, what's a computer.

01:30:56   You do not get my thanks.

01:30:58   Except you.

01:30:58   Except that person.

01:30:59   Thank you.

01:31:00   Thank you, Craig Federighi for answering next step as your operating system.

01:31:04   Of choice.

01:31:05   Yeah.

01:31:06   Of choice.

01:31:06   Yeah.

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01:32:50   - So it's that time of year,

01:32:53   which means that Federico Faticci is preparing

01:32:57   and or working on the iOS review.

01:32:59   So I wanted to kind of set the stage

01:33:01   for connected listeners to kind of understand

01:33:03   where you are right now.

01:33:04   I'll tell you a few things I wanna know.

01:33:06   I wanna know if you're continuing with Citian.

01:33:08   I know you are struggling in the beta

01:33:11   to actually get the thing to work.

01:33:13   I want to know how you're feeling right now.

01:33:16   And I also want to know if you're putting any kind of

01:33:21   restrictions in place before you start the full writing.

01:33:24   Like, are you limiting yourself in any way?

01:33:26   These are some things I want to know.

01:33:30   - Yeah, so I'm using Obsidian.

01:33:31   I'm continuing to use Obsidian.

01:33:32   I have tried to look elsewhere.

01:33:36   And the short answer is that there's nothing else

01:33:38   on the market right now that allows me to work

01:33:40   as efficiently as Obsidian does.

01:33:43   Just the things that I'm doing in terms of

01:33:46   splitting my work between research,

01:33:48   so notes, technical documentation,

01:33:52   notes that I take during WWDC sessions,

01:33:55   and in the same app, having the actual writing material

01:34:00   for the chapters of the review.

01:34:02   There's nothing else that lets me easily

01:34:04   link back and forth and see backlinks.

01:34:07   I mentioned this, I think, on App Stories and here before,

01:34:11   but really seeing the backlinks for me

01:34:13   possibly is even more important

01:34:15   than just doing the internal linking.

01:34:19   When I'm writing a chapter, being able to see,

01:34:22   hey, you're writing the design chapter,

01:34:25   this chapter is referenced in these other notes.

01:34:29   Like, that is so valuable to me

01:34:31   because it allows me to jump back and forth

01:34:34   between the actual chapter that I will publish

01:34:37   on the website and my private notes from either PDF documents that I saved from Apple's website

01:34:46   or notes that I took during sessions. So having that two-way street between notes and the

01:34:52   writing material is essential. And plus Obsidian lets me create my own plugins. And so I am

01:35:00   I'm working once again after making last year a plugin to help me with the table of contents

01:35:07   and markdown generation of the review.

01:35:11   This year we're trying to make a plugin happen that will help me with screenshots, with image

01:35:18   attachments.

01:35:19   We're trying to speed up my work in terms of saving screenshots and turning those temporary

01:35:26   screenshots into actual uploaded images on the Mac's source CDN. And Obsidian lets me

01:35:34   do all this, right? So there's nothing else, even with the bugs that I've seen on iPad

01:35:38   OS, actually I gotta check if Beta 3 fixes that, but I'm continuing to use that and I'm

01:35:44   continuing to build on top of last year's system. If anything, I'm gonna make it better.

01:35:50   Can I ask you a question about the screenshots thing? Because I want to see. Is it that like

01:35:54   you can add the screenshots inline in the obsidian document and then they get uploaded in the background?

01:36:00   What I want to do is I want to be able to add screenshots inline.

01:36:04   And so when I say inline those will be local images, local in my file system.

01:36:11   At some point, once I confirm that all those screenshots are okay to use for production,

01:36:19   I will want a script that runs through an entire chapter and local image by local image

01:36:27   turns each one into a public PNG link to the MacStory CDN.

01:36:34   I used to do this manually one by one and I'm tired of doing that.

01:36:39   So, but like in your Obsidian file, like you're writing and you just add an image and the image

01:36:44   is you can see it.

01:36:46   - Yes, I can see it.

01:36:47   - And then you continue writing.

01:36:48   And then the idea will be that like,

01:36:50   it's doing them in the background.

01:36:51   And I'm sure you then lay it out differently, right?

01:36:54   Like using whatever it is that you do for your templates

01:36:57   for the review itself.

01:36:58   But the idea is it returns that link and just puts it there.

01:37:01   So you can have everything visual,

01:37:03   so you can be writing around the visuals.

01:37:05   I can imagine, I can understand how that would

01:37:07   not just speed up the process,

01:37:10   but also just like make more sense visually to you

01:37:13   as you're writing.

01:37:14   - Yeah, exactly. - That's really cool, man.

01:37:16   I can see why you like Obsidian.

01:37:18   But speaking of that, you mentioned deadlines and you mentioned the special layouts.

01:37:24   For reasons that will be clear soon enough, I think, time is very constrained for me this summer.

01:37:36   And as it stands right now,

01:37:40   I don't think I will have the time to give the review

01:37:43   a special layout this year, unfortunately.

01:37:46   My previous designer went to work at Apple.

01:37:49   So obviously, they cannot work with them anymore.

01:37:52   And I don't think, unfortunately,

01:37:55   that given the things that we have going on at home

01:37:58   right now, I don't think I will have the,

01:38:01   not just the bandwidth,

01:38:02   with, but like the actual time to deal with that.

01:38:06   Speaking of that, the review will have,

01:38:13   I sort of, I really wanted this to be true last year. If you remember, we,

01:38:18   um,

01:38:19   I said that the review was 30% shorter than the previous year.

01:38:24   And I told you guys that the goal was to do that again.

01:38:27   So another 30% shorter than the previous year.

01:38:32   that will need to be true.

01:38:35   It's just not that I want to.

01:38:37   It'll have to be true,

01:38:38   because otherwise the review's not gonna happen.

01:38:41   Again, given the time constraints that I have,

01:38:43   and it's all good things,

01:38:45   we haven't shared them online yet.

01:38:48   But given that I'm busy with the family,

01:38:50   given that I'm busy at home,

01:38:52   the review will need to be a shorter review,

01:38:55   much more on the conversational side,

01:38:58   much more on the perspective of the user

01:39:03   rather than the developer.

01:39:05   Obviously, you know me,

01:39:07   I'm still gonna focus on the details,

01:39:09   but I'm not gonna,

01:39:10   again, we had this conversation last year.

01:39:13   Most people don't care and don't enjoy

01:39:16   reading about developer frameworks or APIs.

01:39:20   - Hello, hello.

01:39:22   (laughing)

01:39:23   - You know, you know.

01:39:25   - So less B coverage this year.

01:39:27   Yes, let's be coverage.

01:39:29   So the review will have to be a shorter review

01:39:33   that I will write in a more compressed environment,

01:39:38   time-wise, I think later in the summer,

01:39:43   once things settle down.

01:39:45   - What does 30% shorter actually mean?

01:39:48   Like in numbers, like what does that roughly mean?

01:39:51   - I think we're talking something in the range

01:39:53   of 30 to 40,000 words.

01:39:55   - Okay.

01:39:56   to 30 to 35 would be excellent. Because realistically speaking, if I'm inspired, if I know what

01:40:03   I'm doing, I can put together a 30,000 word story, which also is still a massive story,

01:40:11   by the way. Like no one else is doing those kinds of reviews anymore. But it means that

01:40:19   I will need to be smart about having separate articles during the summer on Mac Stories

01:40:27   about features that I will not cover in my iOS review. And those that I will cover, I

01:40:34   will need to... You know me, I like to talk, I like to write. If given the opportunity,

01:40:42   I would just go on forever, you know? But that's not going to be possible this year.

01:40:48   So I will, realistically speaking, I will start writing stuff very soon, even this week,

01:40:59   and you're gonna start seeing articles, preview articles for separate features, standalone,

01:41:07   like we do this every summer on Mac Stories, I guess starting at some point in July, and

01:41:14   I think in August is when I will put in the majority of the work for the review.

01:41:21   Again, not having the special design as much as it...

01:41:26   Honestly, it sucks.

01:41:28   You know, I'm just gonna say it sucks because I really care about this stuff.

01:41:32   I guess if you...

01:41:34   I don't know.

01:41:35   It's the energy of finding a motion designer, finding a 3D artist.

01:41:43   I just don't have the time. If you are one of those people, and you know what I'm talking

01:41:49   about in terms of the iOS and iOS reviews that I do, get in touch with me, please. But

01:41:54   it just, if I had to, if I have to seek out myself, someone, and spend time explaining

01:42:00   what I'm looking for, I don't have the time for that. But I'm open, I'm open to emails,

01:42:05   is what I'm saying.

01:42:06   Yeah. If you've seen the kinds of intro animations that Federico's had before and you're like...

01:42:11   - The special images, yeah.

01:42:13   - And you're like, they're amazing,

01:42:15   or I can do that, email them.

01:42:18   - Yeah, or you can do better, or you can do better.

01:42:21   Like, please get in touch.

01:42:23   But at the moment, I don't have anybody.

01:42:25   And I don't have time to go look for anybody myself.

01:42:28   And yeah, so that's where I'm at right now.

01:42:32   I know what the, I have the chapters,

01:42:35   I know the structure of the review,

01:42:37   I know which stories we're gonna have

01:42:38   in the summer on the site.

01:42:40   And it's just a matter of spending less time thinking about the work.

01:42:48   Thankfully, I got Obsidian set up.

01:42:50   This is also part of the reason why I don't want to use anything else.

01:42:53   I have a system that I trust that lets me save time.

01:42:56   I'm going to keep using that because I don't have time to switch.

01:42:59   I don't have time to redo everything else.

01:43:01   Also, I don't need to.

01:43:02   It works well enough.

01:43:03   And the rest of the review will keep building on top of the style

01:43:09   that we, I almost think we collectively decided

01:43:14   on the show last year that was better for everybody,

01:43:18   better for me, better for the readers,

01:43:20   which is detailed but approachable.

01:43:23   That's what I'm going for.

01:43:26   - More, it's more of a conversation than a lecture.

01:43:29   - Yeah, also because like ultimately,

01:43:34   I wanna make people happy, you know?

01:43:36   I want to make myself happy with the work I produce,

01:43:39   but I want to make people happy.

01:43:41   Like I want to make something that is enjoyable.

01:43:43   And that so striking that detailed,

01:43:47   but approachable, friendly, and enjoyable is challenging,

01:43:51   but I think I can make it happen

01:43:53   and I will need to make it happen.

01:43:54   So we'll see how it goes.

01:43:57   - You got this.

01:43:58   I'm looking forward to picking up with you in this

01:44:00   in a few more weeks time,

01:44:01   and we'll see where you go once the real down in the weeds.

01:44:05   - I'm assuming like at this point you've been like watching

01:44:07   videos, taking notes, some of that kind of stuff, right?

01:44:09   Like that's kind of what you've been.

01:44:11   - Yeah, yeah.

01:44:12   And also like trying to use it,

01:44:16   use iOS and iPadOS as much as for regular work.

01:44:22   Like that's the most important part.

01:44:23   Like just let me use it and then I will write.

01:44:26   - All right, take us home, Steven.

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