404: The Non


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected episode 404.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Pocket Casts, Sourcegraph and Elektrik.

00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:19   Hi Federico.

00:00:20   Hello my beautiful friend, how are you?

00:00:21   Oh, hi!

00:00:24   Now I'm in a good mood.

00:00:26   Yeah, you should be.

00:00:28   You good? How you feeling? How are things?

00:00:31   I'm good.

00:00:33   You're good? Awesome.

00:00:34   We're also joined by handsome man from Tennessee,

00:00:39   Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:42   Hi, Steven.

00:00:43   Hey, boys.

00:00:44   How are you?

00:00:45   I'm good.

00:00:46   We just did some very special pre-show

00:00:51   for Connected Pro members where Steven was very active

00:00:55   in terms of content.

00:00:57   So if you want to hear a lot from Steven,

00:01:01   make sure to sign up for Connected Pro

00:01:03   because you can hear Steven talk

00:01:05   and talk and talk for 10 minutes.

00:01:07   - Nonstop.

00:01:08   - What's nonstop?

00:01:09   Really, we needed to stop the guy

00:01:10   because he just kept going.

00:01:11   - He wouldn't shut up.

00:01:13   - Yeah.

00:01:14   - So we had to start the show.

00:01:15   Getconnectedpro.co.

00:01:17   - We have some follow-up we need to contend with.

00:01:20   - Oh, okay.

00:01:23   - Jen wrote in.

00:01:27   There's a grave error in the Bill of Rickies as read on air.

00:01:31   The A&E's do not actually refer to the annual Rickies.

00:01:34   Rather, they were designated as the gamified year in review,

00:01:39   wherein months are judged on the tichi scale.

00:01:42   So just to put some--

00:01:45   - I also had this thought Federico, when I read this,

00:01:48   I was like, we didn't do that.

00:01:50   Yes, we did. - What?

00:01:50   - Yeah.

00:01:51   - So last year for the year in review episode,

00:01:55   We grade it every month on the Chi Chi scale

00:01:58   from Nightmare to Best I Love You.

00:02:00   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:02:02   - You are right.

00:02:03   - So what we need to, it's actually a very simple fix

00:02:06   in the Bill of Rickeys.

00:02:07   All we have to do is pull out the phrase,

00:02:10   AKA the Annie's and the Bill of Rickeys.

00:02:12   - It's not in there.

00:02:13   - Yes it is.

00:02:14   It's in the preamble.

00:02:15   - Oh, so it's not actually in the Bill of Rickeys.

00:02:17   - Right.

00:02:18   - This is why Jen's follow up is so good,

00:02:22   because they mentioned as read on air,

00:02:25   It's not in the published public version of the Bill of Rickies.

00:02:28   Really?

00:02:30   And also, another thing for great follow-up from Jen,

00:02:33   the second part is the game was played in episode 378,

00:02:37   but was also named in 379 follow-up as well.

00:02:40   Supposedly, this is in the Google Doc.

00:02:42   I kept expecting someone to bring up this oversight,

00:02:45   but this episode, it was brought up again.

00:02:47   So what I like about this is Jen first thought,

00:02:50   "That was just a mistake. I'll let him go."

00:02:53   But we did it again.

00:02:54   So they're like, "All right, I kind of let this stand."

00:02:56   And then they wrote in, you know?

00:02:57   - Jen came with the receipts, as the kids say.

00:03:00   - Yeah, 'cause the tweet also had a link

00:03:02   to the episode where we spoke.

00:03:03   - So Jen, thank you, I've corrected the preamble.

00:03:06   You know, in the last episode,

00:03:08   Kate was named the official historian of Relay FM,

00:03:12   a title, by the way, that we had given them previously

00:03:14   on a live stream.

00:03:15   - Geez, are you being serious?

00:03:18   What is wrong with us?

00:03:19   - I don't know.

00:03:19   - Who told you that?

00:03:20   Did Kate tell you that?

00:03:21   - Kate told us that.

00:03:22   - Yeah, okay.

00:03:23   So maybe Jin can be the parliamentarian maybe.

00:03:28   Okay, can we create a special category in the members discord sidebar that says historian

00:03:35   and just put Kate in there?

00:03:37   Like we do with OTJ?

00:03:38   Yes.

00:03:39   Alright.

00:03:40   If there's any mods listening, can you just go do that for me?

00:03:44   Kate, don't do it yourself because that feels kind of sad really.

00:03:47   Yeah, yeah.

00:03:48   I think Zach's gonna do it.

00:03:49   It's like the Obama with the medal on Obama meme?

00:03:52   It's like that.

00:03:53   [Laughter]

00:03:54   Yes, I love that.

00:04:00   So the additional thing is I put a screenshot in our show document, which is a screenshot

00:04:05   of our show document, which says "The Annies, the annual year in review.

00:04:09   Months are graded on the teacher's scale with inferior minus being the lowest possible score.

00:04:14   Nightmares, quote, you know it when you see it."

00:04:17   So we'll be doing that again at the end of the year.

00:04:19   the, and it actually kind of makes sense, the annual Rickies should not have its own

00:04:26   name, right? Because then it would have to be the Annies and the Keenies, right? Because

00:04:29   why would the keynote Rickies not have their own name as well? They're all just the Rickies.

00:04:34   Some are for keynotes and special events, and some, and one is for the annuals. It's

00:04:39   all the Rickies. So I'm happy that Jen wrote in, because this needed to be addressed.

00:04:43   Look, we're stuck in a web of our own making with this podcast at this point, so thank

00:04:49   you to everyone who helps keep it straight.

00:04:51   So I would also just like to make a plea to every single one of our listeners at this

00:04:56   point.

00:04:57   Please never stop listening to this show because we will never gain another new listener because

00:05:01   I think people coming to this show as a new listener, this is just... it's just incoherent.

00:05:08   So we'll have to make a pact that nobody can stop listening to the show and therefore we

00:05:14   will maintain our audience forever. Is that fair?

00:05:17   Yeah, but there needs to be a threat involved. Like if you stop listening, something bad

00:05:24   happens to us.

00:05:25   We know who you are.

00:05:30   Like if you stop listening, something horrible will happen to us, but we can tell you what...

00:05:36   Maybe we should make the podcast like a chainmail letter thing.

00:05:40   Not only can you not stop listening, you have to share this podcast with 10 of your friends

00:05:44   or there's going to be a curse on you.

00:05:46   Ooooh.

00:05:47   Ahhh.

00:05:48   I like that.

00:05:49   Yes.

00:05:50   Good, right?

00:05:51   I don't love it.

00:05:53   Why?

00:05:54   Are you uncomfortable with curses?

00:05:56   A little bit.

00:05:57   Yeah, what's the deal?

00:05:58   Have you been cursed before?

00:05:59   What's the deal?

00:06:00   What's the deal with curses?

00:06:02   Yeah, Stephen, what's your problem with curses?

00:06:05   You know?

00:06:06   Have you ever been cursed?

00:06:08   Like do you know?

00:06:12   I don't know, maybe.

00:06:15   We should find out. We should go to uh... What's the name where you go?

00:06:20   You know, hey, tell me if I have like if I've been cursed or something.

00:06:24   I don't know.

00:06:25   Yeah, you go you go to the guy or the lady whatever like what's the name of the profession?

00:06:31   Who do I go to if I am cursed?

00:06:34   Help us out, chat room.

00:06:36   An oracle?

00:06:37   Kinda like an oracle?

00:06:39   Like a...

00:06:41   Come on, there's a name.

00:06:43   Fortune teller.

00:06:44   Yes, thank you.

00:06:45   No, no, fortune teller tells you fortune.

00:06:48   They don't help you with curses.

00:06:50   The clue's in the name, you know?

00:06:52   Like, what's the name of the person that does, like, the tarots?

00:06:55   The cards, for example.

00:06:57   Well, that's a fortune teller.

00:06:59   Right, so I'm thinking of that.

00:07:00   But do they know about curses?

00:07:02   Well, depending on the cards, they may tell you that you've cursed.

00:07:06   But Ken, they can't do anything about it though, right?

00:07:08   Well, they...

00:07:09   Well, I don't know.

00:07:10   Look, it's like going to the doctor, right?

00:07:12   You have to see your general practitioner and then they send you to a specialist.

00:07:16   So what you're saying is, fortune tellers are the general practitioners of curses?

00:07:21   Yes.

00:07:22   And then you go see them and you have to go to a specialist.

00:07:24   So what I can tell you is that when I was little, my mom went...

00:07:29   So I don't believe in any of this stuff, okay?

00:07:31   But my mom, for whatever reason, she does or used to.

00:07:35   So when I was little, like very little, like seven, I think.

00:07:39   So she went to one of these, you know,

00:07:42   Conner is like one of these fortune tellers or whatever.

00:07:45   (laughing)

00:07:46   - Just saying, you know, just say how you feel, you know?

00:07:48   (laughing)

00:07:49   - Yeah.

00:07:50   - Who's curse now, buddy?

00:07:51   - So basically, so when she came back home,

00:07:54   it was like, what did the wizard or whatever tell you?

00:07:58   And so this guy asked for like a hundred euros

00:08:03   and the response was that my mom has really bad luck

00:08:07   when it comes to traffic and parking her car.

00:08:10   Like that's everything the guy told her.

00:08:13   - Does it everybody?

00:08:14   I mean, it's extremely generic.

00:08:17   - When she arrived for the appointment,

00:08:19   he did see her crash the car.

00:08:21   It was like, I know what's her deal.

00:08:23   - That's like going in and be like,

00:08:25   one day next week, you will wake up tired.

00:08:28   The worst part, the worst part is that my mom was so sure that he was right.

00:08:33   It's like, oh, he's totally right.

00:08:34   I have so much bad luck when it comes to finding a parking spot everywhere I go.

00:08:39   I was like, mom, that's just normal for normal people.

00:08:44   Like that happens all the time.

00:08:46   No, no, but I'm especially unlucky when it comes to driving around and finding a parking spot.

00:08:51   That's my experience with these folks.

00:08:57   Just before we move on, I have a secondary question I would like to ask you both.

00:09:00   Okay.

00:09:01   Just because I feel like it's in the vein.

00:09:03   And you could just... yes or no? That's all I'm asking for, alright?

00:09:06   Does this count for the quiz?

00:09:08   [Laughter]

00:09:10   Um... I don't think it can!

00:09:13   Okay, okay.

00:09:15   [Laughter]

00:09:16   The question is, do you believe in ghosts?

00:09:19   You see, I kind of feel like I can score this.

00:09:22   [Sings]

00:09:24   No.

00:09:24   Federico?

00:09:25   Yeah, yeah, ghosts I do.

00:09:28   Alright, I don't want any more. I'm no two, but that's all I wanted.

00:09:32   Right? I just feel like we're entering this paranormal world together.

00:09:36   I just want to set some stakes, you know?

00:09:38   Big time, yeah, ghosts big time, man.

00:09:41   I don't believe some other things, but ghosts, yeah.

00:09:45   I mean, what else are you going to do when you die? Just hang around and you're invisible. That's so cool.

00:09:50   No, that's just it. You're done.

00:09:53   You know? I mean, it depends on what you believe. I believe.

00:09:56   Have you seen Casper in the movie? That's exactly what they look like.

00:09:59   He was a friendly ghost.

00:10:01   I have seen him. Casper the friendliest ghost? The friendliest ghost, you know.

00:10:05   On CAPTCHA training, remember we were talking about CAPTCHA training?

00:10:08   What a pivot!

00:10:09   I know.

00:10:10   Jose wrote in to say, which is a good reminder,

00:10:16   "The original Google CAPTCHA helped train their OCR algorithms when they were doing

00:10:21   their library project to scan every book in the world.

00:10:24   Do you remember that?

00:10:25   It used to show you like weirdly printed words and you had to write down what they were?

00:10:30   And now we just have to say this is a stop sign, this is a stop sign because they're

00:10:33   trying to train their Waymo cars.

00:10:36   On the Hackit number, Sarah wrote in and asked, "Do Apple TVs contribute to the Hackit number?

00:10:41   They're not laptops or desktops, not iPods or iPhones, which have been counted.

00:10:46   iPhones and iPods have hard drives, so do Apple TVs."

00:10:49   I mean if Apple forgets about tvOS I feel like we can also forget about the Apple TV.

00:10:53   I don't think it should count but I did just want to know how many Apple TV's Steven has

00:10:57   is why I wanted to ask this question.

00:10:59   So last year in the report that Kate gave us last week I had told you how many X serves

00:11:06   in Apple TV's and a bunch of other stuff.

00:11:08   The Hackett number is as it is calculated on Justin's website.

00:11:13   But as far as number of Apple TVs, I don't actually know, like, probably four?

00:11:19   No, this is the question.

00:11:21   I don't know.

00:11:22   Are any of those actually in use, or is it like four?

00:11:24   Yeah, I've got a 4K that's in use.

00:11:26   So one is in use and three are old.

00:11:28   I'm guessing they're all the old ones, like the big ones.

00:11:32   Uh, yeah.

00:11:33   And I have an original, which is cool.

00:11:34   Yeah, that's what I mean.

00:11:35   The old big ones.

00:11:36   Or do you mean, like, what do you mean by original?

00:11:39   The original one looked like a thin Mac Mini.

00:11:41   Yeah, the silver one.

00:11:43   Yeah, I've got the silver one and then I've got probably one of each like the little black pucks.

00:11:48   Oh, the little black pucks. Okay.

00:11:49   Remember it was $99 for a while? That was cool.

00:11:52   No, I remember that. Do you remember it was originally called ITV?

00:11:55   Yep. Yes, I do.

00:11:59   I'm really happy that that didn't work out for them because that's a bad name.

00:12:04   Apple TV is a better name.

00:12:05   It is.

00:12:06   iWatch.

00:12:08   I would like to just ask connected listeners again to help out with a future quiz segment,

00:12:14   multiple quiz segments for the connected quiz by filling out the "Do You Know the Passionate Ones"

00:12:20   survey. You can find the link in the show notes. I have been very surprised by just how many people

00:12:27   have filled it in so far. So I think this is going to be a really good representative sample

00:12:32   of connected listeners, to address some follow-up, to address some questions I'll say that I've

00:12:39   gotten from some listeners who want clarification on the questions, kind of the point of the

00:12:44   way they are written is I want you to answer what you think the answer is.

00:12:49   That's kind of the point.

00:12:51   Because with this kind of game, the real meta-game is that Steven and Federico have to try and

00:12:59   guess what the majority of listeners would say. So I will give a little bit of

00:13:04   context. There's a question where I reference when you were at school what

00:13:10   was X and people are saying to me what do you mean by school and my answer to

00:13:17   them is whatever you think it means. Yeah the whole point of the game is how well

00:13:21   we know the listeners. You've got to get into the mindset of the listeners right

00:13:26   Because in a question like that, it's like, how old do you think our listener base is?

00:13:31   And how old do they think we are?

00:13:33   Exactly.

00:13:34   Something I think about a lot.

00:13:36   Very. Is it very or not? I don't think it's a middle.

00:13:41   I think the majority of our listeners either think we're old or really young.

00:13:45   And I don't think anybody thinks you're our age.

00:13:49   We also found out that quite a few people think I'm a short person.

00:13:55   the tallest of us. Where did this come up? Ah, years ago at WWDC at least like

00:14:01   multiple people said well you talk slower obviously because they have smart

00:14:06   speed but also that I'm taller than they expected. Well you know I always

00:14:09   thought you were taller. Yeah but that's psychological. So height wise Federico is

00:14:18   the tallest, Myke is in the middle, I am the shortest and I'm six feet tall you

00:14:24   guys are both... I'm a smidge over. Like Myke, you're like an inch taller than me

00:14:28   if it goes like an inch taller than you. By the way, the word I was thinking

00:14:31   about before is "chiro-mancer," but that's still wrong because a chiro-mancer is

00:14:38   someone who predicts a person's future by reading the lines on the palms of

00:14:43   their hands. So I was thinking of that word, but it's not the correct profession

00:14:48   anyway. What about necromancer? Well, that has to do with the death,

00:14:52   doesn't it? Well... Isn't a necromancer someone who brings the dead back from, you know...

00:14:59   That's what I thought but it just says here as a dictionary definition a person

00:15:03   who practices necromancy but I guess what is necromancy? The supposed practice

00:15:07   of communicating with the dead especially in order to predict the

00:15:11   future. So again it's all still, it's all future-based. I want someone to tell me

00:15:16   if I've had a curse in the past not if I'm gonna have a curse in the future, you know what I mean?

00:15:21   Am I currently cursed now? Who's telling me that? No one.

00:15:24   Right. Well, no, there are people who supposedly do that, but I don't know.

00:15:29   But we don't know what they're called.

00:15:31   We don't know what they're called.

00:15:33   This is the problem. We can't find them.

00:15:35   If you are familiar with a person who identifies ongoing curses, let us know.

00:15:42   Are we done with whatever that was?

00:15:44   Yes.

00:15:45   It was a good follow-up.

00:15:47   Just in case you hadn't already guessed, we recorded this episode very in advance, and so,

00:15:54   you know, there could have been so much news, but you're not going to hear about literally any of

00:15:58   it. You're going to hear about necromancy. If only we could know about the future, then...

00:16:04   See? See? We needed to have a necromancer, a kyromancer, and a fortune teller - this is like

00:16:13   like a start of a joke on this episode. And also chiropractor because my back is

00:16:17   a bit stiff at the moment. That wouldn't be too bad either. But yeah. For the record,

00:16:24   we're recording this the day after episode 403. It's hard to do two of these in a

00:16:29   row, but we're gonna do it. Oh yeah. This episode of Connected is brought to you

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00:18:25   Some weeks ago in episode 397, we did a impromptu tier list ranking of iPads.

00:18:33   It was iPads that we did, wasn't it? No, iPods.

00:18:36   iPods.

00:18:37   iPods.

00:18:37   iPods.

00:18:38   I didn't just get that wrong, I forgot. It was iPods.

00:18:42   Ooh, I had COVID!

00:18:44   Leave me alone, I got COVID.

00:18:46   And now we're gonna do iPhones.

00:18:49   So we are going to rank.

00:18:51   This was a point, me and Steven had a conversation about this and I think he allowed my thinking

00:18:58   to go forward here, was we will rank every single iPhone model, all of them.

00:19:05   We have, we're using a tier maker list, as we did before, we're going to have Steven

00:19:10   share his screen with Federico and I so we can see this together and we will put a screenshot

00:19:17   in the show notes of the completed tier list when it's done.

00:19:20   "Steven, would you like to boot up the screen sharing and we can get this rock and roll?"

00:19:25   So this is all of them, right?

00:19:26   We're doing all the phones, including all of the six models.

00:19:31   Steven was like, "Should we do..."

00:19:32   This is just a... whatever.

00:19:35   My thinking was, say for example, the 6 and 6 Plus, very different phones.

00:19:44   So these aren't...

00:19:46   I will say this is not in great order here.

00:19:49   we might have to reorder this a little bit as we go.

00:19:52   - Probably jump around a little bit.

00:19:53   And I mean, the best of our knowledge,

00:19:56   none of these are missing, but we'll do our best.

00:19:59   - I did a scan through and it looked complete to me.

00:20:03   - Okay.

00:20:04   - Should we go in order?

00:20:06   Like we'll go, how would you guys like to do this?

00:20:08   Would you like to go in historical order?

00:20:11   - Yeah.

00:20:12   - So this list has 2G as the original,

00:20:16   so the original iPhone.

00:20:17   So we're gonna go S to D again?

00:20:19   - Yeah.

00:20:22   - Does anyone wanna open the bidding?

00:20:23   - S tier, baby.

00:20:25   It's the first one.

00:20:26   - Our original iPhone is S tier.

00:20:28   I mean, it's the original one.

00:20:31   So, you know, by...

00:20:33   It's the phone that started a revolution.

00:20:37   - Yeah.

00:20:37   - Historically speaking, it's S tier.

00:20:40   Now, obviously by today's standard, it's...

00:20:44   - It doesn't even make this list.

00:20:45   (laughing)

00:20:46   It doesn't even have apps!

00:20:48   Look, it's got web apps, okay?

00:20:51   And finally iOS 16 beta 2 makes web apps that go full screen work nicer.

00:20:59   I've said this and I don't know if it's true.

00:21:01   Did the original iPhone get the App Store?

00:21:04   Yeah.

00:21:05   It did?

00:21:06   Yeah, the year after.

00:21:08   I couldn't remember if that was 3G only.

00:21:10   No, no.

00:21:11   It did have pretty short software support.

00:21:14   I think iOS 3 is the last version it got.

00:21:17   I don't think it got iPhone OS 4.

00:21:19   But yeah, I mean, Federico is right.

00:21:21   Like it started the whole thing.

00:21:22   It was incredible.

00:21:25   I mean, if you used a smartphone before this,

00:21:28   you know that they were nothing like the iPhone

00:21:30   and now everything is like the iPhone.

00:21:32   So I think S tier it is.

00:21:35   - Yeah.

00:21:36   - Yeah, for me personally,

00:21:37   like I don't wanna rank too many of these

00:21:40   on their like historicalness.

00:21:43   - Oh, well then--

00:21:43   definitely. Yeah, but like I guess a good way to approach it is in

00:21:49   the context of the era when it came out, was it a great product and what kind of

00:21:56   impact did it have later? Because otherwise obviously like the latest

00:22:01   iPhones are the best ones, but that's just from a technological point of view

00:22:08   like yeah it's got better camera, better software, it's faster battery, less longer,

00:22:12   better display. But I think it's more important to consider the big picture of

00:22:18   these devices, like we did with the iPods. Let's say S tier for now.

00:22:23   I don't think this one's gonna move from there, to be honest. But yeah, we'll see.

00:22:27   Alright, next. iPhone 3G. What's the... So, this is a weird one. So the 3G... So we

00:22:36   never officially got the original iPhone in Italy. If you wanted to get a

00:22:39   on regional iPhone, you needed to purchase one on eBay, which is what my boss, my one

00:22:45   and only boss in my life at the time did. He bought a couple of American iPhones that

00:22:51   you needed to unlock to work on the Italian network. And if you wanted to do that, you

00:22:56   needed to do the first version of the jailbreak, which you guys remember Installer on the regional

00:23:03   iPhone, like before Cydia there was Installer, yeah. Then the following year we got the iPhone

00:23:10   3G. I never bought an iPhone 3G. I stuck with the original iPhone and then I got the 3GS

00:23:19   the year later. So I never got the 3G myself. I had a 3G. I had the original and then I

00:23:25   had 3G. We could get the original. What I'll say for the 3G is obviously it got 3G which

00:23:33   which was a huge deal, speed wise.

00:23:35   - And GPS.

00:23:37   - And that was what I was gonna say.

00:23:38   That was a massive deal, the GPS,

00:23:40   'cause that, I got my iPhone 3G three days

00:23:45   before I went on my first trip on my own as an adult.

00:23:51   I went to Paris.

00:23:52   Knowing that I was gonna be able to look on a map

00:23:54   and know which way I was pointing was a huge deal to me.

00:23:58   So I rate this one quite high.

00:24:00   I don't think it's higher than B-tier, but you could say,

00:24:05   'cause I'm sure we're gonna have a lot of conversation

00:24:08   compared to the 3G to the 3GS soon,

00:24:11   but the 3G I think was a big deal

00:24:14   because of adding both 3G speeds and GPS.

00:24:18   I think that made it pretty important.

00:24:20   - I would back up a B-tier.

00:24:24   It also brought the headphone jack flush,

00:24:26   which was a big annoyance with the first iPhone.

00:24:28   - Oh yeah, oh yeah.

00:24:30   - I think B-tier is good.

00:24:32   It showed that Apple could rapidly innovate on the phone.

00:24:36   Right, having 3G networking out a year later

00:24:39   was a big deal.

00:24:39   - With a new design.

00:24:41   - Yeah.

00:24:42   - Different design, yeah.

00:24:43   - A year later, we got the 3GS.

00:24:44   The first time Apple had an S phone,

00:24:47   first time they recycled a design.

00:24:50   This added a faster processor for the first time.

00:24:53   It also included a compass and pretty basic video recording.

00:25:00   I did not have, I don't think I had a 3G,

00:25:03   but I did have a 3GS, I had it in white.

00:25:05   Remember that, you could get it in white.

00:25:07   It was great, but it definitely,

00:25:10   I feel like it falls short of the 3G,

00:25:12   even though it added a lot more stuff,

00:25:15   you know, again, year on year,

00:25:17   I don't think it was as big of a deal as the 3G,

00:25:20   and I don't know, like I enjoyed my time with it, but.

00:25:25   - I'd like to offer a correction to myself.

00:25:27   I said that the iPhone 3G let me know what way I was facing.

00:25:31   It didn't, it showed me where I was on the map.

00:25:33   It needed the compass to tell me which way I was facing.

00:25:35   - Right. - So I didn't get that

00:25:36   until later. - Which is wild

00:25:37   that they didn't ship at the same time,

00:25:39   but I guess that is what it is.

00:25:40   - Yeah, but still, just the GPS was a huge deal, right?

00:25:44   Anyway, like you could see where you were on the map.

00:25:46   The 3GS is the only iPhone I skipped.

00:25:50   - It was the first iPhone that I bought with my own money.

00:25:53   And I loved the 3GS.

00:25:57   I have so many fond memories of the 3GS,

00:26:00   because it's also the phone that I started really

00:26:03   doing Mac stories with.

00:26:05   And so I remember I have all these memories of all these

00:26:08   apps that I was testing on the iPhone,

00:26:10   and I needed to write all these reviews,

00:26:12   because I had just started the website.

00:26:16   And so I was really going wild with installing apps

00:26:19   from the App Store.

00:26:20   And the App Store was so young.

00:26:22   I loved the 3GS and especially because it was my,

00:26:25   like I could do video and you know,

00:26:29   the first version of Google Maps, man, those,

00:26:33   I would, I don't think the 3GS is S tier.

00:26:36   I would push for an A tier,

00:26:40   but I could accept also a B tier maybe, high B tier.

00:26:45   What are you guys leaning?

00:26:48   - I don't think it could break B tier, to be honest.

00:26:51   - But it's 2B.

00:26:52   - That is good, 'cause I think it added enough

00:26:55   on top of the 3G that the 3G added on top of the 2G.

00:26:59   And like, I don't think either of them really break out,

00:27:02   especially when we're about to talk about the iPhone 4.

00:27:05   - Okay.

00:27:06   All right, so we can give BTS to the 3DS.

00:27:09   iPhone 4, and we're now in 2010.

00:27:14   So there's a before and after the iPhone 4.

00:27:16   The before is obviously the leak.

00:27:19   the iPhone that was lost in a bar, found pictures and the unit itself given to Gizmodo, who

00:27:27   published an article and Steve Jobs got upset and then the police got involved and it was

00:27:32   a whole story. And famously, this is still when Apple was announcing new iPhones in June.

00:27:40   And so Steve Jobs joked on stage like, "Stop me if you've seen this before, but trust me,

00:27:46   really haven't seen it yet. But that was a wild story. And the iPhone itself, to me,

00:27:54   I will just come right out and say it, this is to me an S-tier iPhone. The scene for the

00:28:01   first time, the retina display, was incredible. I remember being one of the first people in

00:28:08   Viterbo who got an iPhone 4 and I remember my friends asking me to if they

00:28:16   could just look at the display and try out the camera to see what it was gonna

00:28:22   what it was gonna look like. Was also the first phone with a gate.

00:28:28   Zantana gate was the iPhone 4. Yeah we had that we had the issue with the

00:28:34   white finish not shipping until the very end we had issues with the the

00:28:41   proximity sensor they had a couple software updates to fix all that it

00:28:44   definitely had a bit of a marred entry I think a lot of people would say that

00:28:49   it's the most beautiful iPhone or one of those beautiful iPhones and it brought

00:28:53   the retina display like I think it's a tier if not s I would push for an S tier

00:29:00   I mean also the design of the iPhone 4 it influenced like what the 4s the 5s

00:29:12   and the SC right and then the 13 and then it came back in fashion again so

00:29:20   like I mean the iPhone I think the iPhone 4 is a clear sort of you know

00:29:27   moment in Apple's history, which is like this is an iconic design that has aged very well.

00:29:37   It's back in fashion again, but also at the time it felt like such an incredible upgrade

00:29:44   from the 3GS and it ruined the older iPhones. Once you saw that display, it ruined everything

00:29:52   else.

00:29:53   I think it's an S tier.

00:29:55   I think it's an S tier because of what it was at the time and the story, the leak and

00:30:00   the antenna gate and the special press conference for antenna and the bumpers.

00:30:05   Remember the free bumper?

00:30:07   Free bumper was awesome.

00:30:08   That was a great little case.

00:30:10   Never a better iPhone case than the bumper.

00:30:13   And you can still try and get them today, but they just don't work as well.

00:30:16   You know, like that was the best iPhone case.

00:30:18   It was the perfect case.

00:30:21   Up next we have the 4S, which was the first fall release iPhone.

00:30:27   And again, recycling the design of the 4, this phone brought Siri with it.

00:30:33   And remember, Siri was just locked to the 4S and eventually it came to the iPad and

00:30:38   they slowly rolled it out across their devices.

00:30:41   But it was the...

00:30:43   The 4S sort of helped cement the pattern, right?

00:30:46   3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S.

00:30:49   and they've been in that, they were in that pattern for quite a long time. It's a solid

00:30:54   phone, it's also the phone, no the 4 is what, there was a Verizon version of the iPhone

00:31:01   4, the 4 was the first time it was beyond AT&T here in the US. But it was like halfway

00:31:06   through right? It was like, it wasn't immediate. Yeah the 4s is a solid phone but you know,

00:31:12   it definitely lives in the shadow of the 4 in a big way. This means nothing really, but

00:31:18   this was announced the day before Steve died, right?

00:31:22   Like this doesn't make a difference for the tier list.

00:31:25   It doesn't make it like a D tier phone, but.

00:31:27   - Remember that people thought it was called 4S

00:31:29   because it meant 4Steve?

00:31:31   Personally, it was a fine phone, but like Siri,

00:31:38   I mean, it was kinda, I mean,

00:31:41   it still is kinda terrible for a lot of things.

00:31:45   I mean it was, it was, it was fun. Like, Siri was fine, right? Like, Siri was fine.

00:31:51   It was okay, but I also remember a ton of people getting upset that the iPhone 4 did not get Siri.

00:32:00   Just like, just like people are upset now the stage manager is for M1 iPad only.

00:32:05   That's not a thing that people get upset about.

00:32:07   I would say C tier.

00:32:10   Yeah.

00:32:11   There's no, you know, this is not really notable, I feel like.

00:32:15   Like these, the other phones that we've mentioned, I don't really feel like, but it's not bad.

00:32:18   It was perfectly fine for the time, but like, looking back, I don't think it's mega exciting.

00:32:24   I mean, what else was new besides Siri? Like a better camera?

00:32:29   I think it had better video in particular.

00:32:31   It had an 8 megapixel camera with a 1080p video recording. It was also the first, it also had a A5.

00:32:39   it wasn't the iPhone 4 we didn't mention this right it was the first Apple A branded chip.

00:32:45   Yeah I would agree with the 4s getting the C tier it's not really D tier because it wasn't a

00:32:52   terrible phone but it was an okay update so C tier good for me I think. All right up next we have the

00:33:00   iPhone 5. The first time an iPhone got a bigger display remember it was the same horizontally but

00:33:08   but it grew vertically.

00:33:09   And it brought LTE,

00:33:12   and it brought a revised design with an aluminum back.

00:33:16   So they got rid of the glass back from the 4 and 4S,

00:33:18   so it weighed a lot less.

00:33:20   I remember the primary thing about the iPhone 5

00:33:22   was you picked it up and it felt fake.

00:33:25   This didn't weigh anything.

00:33:27   It was really cool.

00:33:29   And came in silver and white, but also came in slate,

00:33:34   which is like this really cool dark black color.

00:33:37   And it was before the space gray era,

00:33:40   but I thought the black,

00:33:42   the slate iPhone 5 looked really cool.

00:33:45   - And it was the first iPhone of a lightning port.

00:33:47   - Yeah, I was about to say,

00:33:50   I have no recollection of this generation of iPhones

00:33:54   besides the lightning connector.

00:33:57   Like that's, I didn't really like the design

00:34:01   of the 5 and the 5S.

00:34:04   I thought it felt kind of cheap

00:34:07   because it was so much lighter than the,

00:34:09   like I didn't really like the aluminum back.

00:34:11   Yeah, I don't have a ton of fond memories for this one.

00:34:17   - As you can imagine, I loved it

00:34:20   'cause the screen got bigger.

00:34:22   So I was a big fan of this phone.

00:34:24   I mean, I'm not one of the people,

00:34:25   like there are some people that say

00:34:26   that this is the best looking iPhone ever made.

00:34:28   I'm not one of those people,

00:34:30   but I think that this phone is good for these reasons, right?

00:34:34   LTE, bigger screen, lightning connector.

00:34:38   It also had a much better camera,

00:34:42   the Sony 8 megapixel camera.

00:34:44   I mean, I would say this is a,

00:34:46   I would say this, for me, starts at a B.

00:34:50   - Yeah, I was thinking B,

00:34:51   or maybe we break the seal on the A tier.

00:34:53   - I would be happy if it going into A,

00:34:56   but I think it would be tricky

00:34:57   because Federico seems to really not like it.

00:34:59   - For the iPhone 5 A tier,

00:35:02   Let's keep it in B tier and we can reevaluate.

00:35:04   Yeah. Okay. It's B tier it is.

00:35:07   We have an A tier coming up anyway, so.

00:35:10   5C now.

00:35:11   Yeah, yeah, no. Yes. I'm serious.

00:35:15   Oh, I am 100% thinking the 5C is our first D tier phone.

00:35:21   What?

00:35:22   What?

00:35:23   What? No, no.

00:35:24   Why?

00:35:25   This is like...

00:35:26   Why?

00:35:27   It was incredible and weird. The one time that Apple did something weird, we're not

00:35:31   rewarding them for doing so it came in colors and it was plastic. They made bad decisions like just

00:35:37   bad decisions the case with the none in it? Yes stupid yes no stupid it was great it was like

00:35:46   so avoidable so avoidable just don't put the holes on that area no it was the cross iPhone no

00:35:55   It looked incredible.

00:35:56   And it was, there was a green one?

00:35:59   - I don't think I could have this be A tier.

00:36:02   - Oh my God.

00:36:03   It's like the iPod Nano all over again.

00:36:06   - It is.

00:36:07   - This is wild to me.

00:36:08   I mean, look, you can outvote me,

00:36:10   but I just want to get it on the record.

00:36:12   - You hate fun.

00:36:13   That's the problem.

00:36:13   - No.

00:36:14   No, I love fun.

00:36:16   But they ruined this one.

00:36:18   - It was also the first time,

00:36:19   and really kind of only time,

00:36:21   Apple deviated from the old phone gets cheaper

00:36:26   and the 5 went away.

00:36:28   The 5S is, or the 5S was new,

00:36:30   we'll talk about that in a second.

00:36:31   The 5C was basically the iPhone 5 in a new enclosure

00:36:36   with a slightly updated FaceTime camera.

00:36:39   Assuming that was because the 5 was too expensive to make

00:36:42   or they needed something cheaper to make at the cheaper end,

00:36:45   but it was the only time and it was super colorful.

00:36:49   It came out with iOS 7

00:36:50   And so there was a lot of interplay between the hardware colors and the wallpapers that

00:36:55   were set by default.

00:36:56   I agree with Federico.

00:36:58   I think it should be rewarded for being unusual.

00:37:02   Yes, yes.

00:37:03   I mean, look at it.

00:37:04   I want to just make, I want to make one final statement and you can put this wherever you

00:37:08   want.

00:37:09   Okay.

00:37:10   I think it is weird to A or S tier a phone that none of us chose to own as our phones.

00:37:15   I skipped this generation entirely.

00:37:17   I went from a 4S to a 6.

00:37:19   So you hated all of the 5s?

00:37:21   No, I just... I think that year Mary got a 5s.

00:37:24   Wasn't this when you were on Android?

00:37:26   Uh, that's also possible.

00:37:28   Yeah.

00:37:30   Oh yeah, you did the thing.

00:37:32   Yeah, you did the thing.

00:37:32   Didn't you do the thing where you used like, Droid for a year or something?

00:37:38   I had a Palm Pre and a Droid.

00:37:41   Yeah, you did that.

00:37:42   Was it called 512 at the time or was it still Fork Bomber?

00:37:49   I think it was Folk Bomber then, it probably was Folk Bomber.

00:37:51   It may have been Folk Bomber.

00:37:53   So where are we putting this?

00:37:54   So Myke doesn't want to do A tier.

00:37:58   We wanted to do D tier.

00:38:00   We're not doing D tier.

00:38:01   No, we don't have to do D tier.

00:38:02   I know what we're doing D tier for, personally.

00:38:06   Oh, me too.

00:38:06   I have a bunch of D tiers already scanned out.

00:38:09   Oh, it's going to be great.

00:38:11   It's going to be a real valley of D tier for a while.

00:38:15   I think we go B tier as a compromise.

00:38:18   I would be perfectly fine with that.

00:38:20   But it's an A tier in our hearts.

00:38:22   Okay.

00:38:22   Yes, yes, yes.

00:38:24   Fine.

00:38:25   Alright, yeah, we'll go with B.

00:38:27   So we skipped the 5S, so...

00:38:30   What was the 5S? I honestly don't remember.

00:38:34   Touch ID.

00:38:35   Touch ID!

00:38:36   64-bit, A7.

00:38:38   The M7 motion code processor.

00:38:41   Oh yeah, I was into that.

00:38:44   Came in gold.

00:38:45   Yeah.

00:38:45   For the first time.

00:38:46   Solid phone.

00:38:48   If you didn't like the 5 design, it didn't change at all.

00:38:51   But Touch ID was the first biometric security on an iPhone, right?

00:38:57   I think the 5S should be pretty high.

00:38:58   Yeah.

00:38:59   So I will make a pitch here just like not to put it in a ranking, but just as like a thing.

00:39:05   I think that Touch ID was as big and important to the iPhone as the Retina display.

00:39:10   I don't disagree.

00:39:12   I don't think this is S tier.

00:39:13   I wouldn't say S tier.

00:39:15   I think this is my first A tier phone.

00:39:19   - Agreed.

00:39:19   - Now that you reminded me of what it was

00:39:21   with touch ID and the M7,

00:39:24   all the new generation of fitness apps,

00:39:26   like pedometer plus plus came out in this era, I think,

00:39:31   because of the M7.

00:39:32   - It did.

00:39:33   This was the first 64 bit.

00:39:36   Yeah, dual core system on a chip with the A7.

00:39:38   This phone was a big deal.

00:39:39   Plus, I mean, if we put the 5C as B tier,

00:39:43   - This has to be higher.

00:39:44   - Let's go iPhone 5C, yes.

00:39:49   Yeah, this is an A, not S tier

00:39:51   because like I don't exactly remember

00:39:53   like off the top of my head what was new in the 5S.

00:39:55   - No, I don't think this is an S tier.

00:39:56   - But now that you mention it, it is A tier.

00:39:59   At the time, it was a great upgrade.

00:40:02   Yeah, now I remember.

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00:42:02   - All right, so next in the list, we're now in 2014.

00:42:07   iPhone 6. So iPhone 6, a couple of things. Brand new design and the first time that Apple is selling the new iPhone in two versions.

00:42:19   This marks the debut of the Plus family of devices. So we have the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which is the bigger one, which also marked the start of the Plus Club, as it was known at the time.

00:42:34   So the iPhone 6, and I'm pulling up the specs here, so the iPhone, the base model iPhone 6 was a...

00:42:44   What kind of display was it? 4.7?

00:42:46   4.7 inches.

00:42:48   And the plus was 5.5?

00:42:50   5.5.

00:42:51   Yeah, 5.5.

00:42:52   So it was a 1080p display on the 6 Plus.

00:42:57   and brand new design with the rounded edges. This is the kind of design

00:43:04   that's gonna be around for a while. Touch ID, better camera, front facing cameras

00:43:12   now doing 720p video recording. There's an 8 megapixel camera on

00:43:18   the back. What else was worth noting on the 6 family? I think that's about it.

00:43:24   it. It was a huge salespike for Apple. There was so much pent-up demand for larger iPhones.

00:43:31   Yes. And they struggled with that for years to come because the 6 was such a huge high point.

00:43:37   Phone sales for a while after that looked bad in comparison. They eventually sort of

00:43:42   rided the ship with Wall Street, but it was this huge explosion. I don't love the design,

00:43:49   and I think it's aged pretty poorly in terms of how it looks.

00:43:54   And it started a just terrible time of iPhone design.

00:43:58   With the rounded edges and...

00:44:00   Just the iPhone 6 design stuck around for so long.

00:44:06   Yeah.

00:44:06   Like it's still around, right?

00:44:09   Yeah, the SE still uses the same basic design.

00:44:11   So I think 6D.

00:44:15   Whoa.

00:44:16   Yeah, I don't disagree.

00:44:18   Because 6 plus, right? S. That's where I am baby.

00:44:26   I actually disagree with this. Okay, so let's handle the 6 first. I don't think we can give it a D.

00:44:32   I think D is truly terrible.

00:44:33   Well look what it did, right? Design-wise, the iPhone was so boring for so long.

00:44:40   But we didn't know that at the time, right?

00:44:43   But we're not ranking how we knew it at the time.

00:44:46   I'm not saying we do.

00:44:46   Really?

00:44:47   but I think that it deserves a benefit of a doubt above a D. I am willing to put it in C.

00:44:54   Okay, you know what? Put it in C because then I know where we're putting the seven,

00:45:00   all right? They're for many good reasons. And I say six plus. Six plus is an S tier.

00:45:07   Uh-uh.

00:45:08   A tier.

00:45:09   No, it's A. It had a critical flaw. Do you remember the problem with the six plus?

00:45:13   What, the bending?

00:45:16   that was the bending but it didn't have enough memory and so it was slow compared to the other

00:45:23   phones. I think 6S+ is S tier. I think 6+ is probably A. Yeah because the 6+ was doing,

00:45:29   it didn't have enough memory for the downscaling that the display was doing. Okay, the only reason

00:45:35   I went with it is because it was the first big one. That was why I wanted to put it in S, so it's

00:45:40   like it's slightly historical but you know what, I think that actually works pretty well. Let's put

00:45:44   6 Plus in A and let's just straight away just put 6S Plus in S like that's taken care of, right?

00:45:51   - Yeah, I love the 6S Plus. - Such a great phone.

00:45:54   - Yeah. - I don't normally do this,

00:45:56   but I want to read something from my review of the 6S Plus just for some context. I'm also really

00:46:02   happy with how this reads years later. So the 6 Plus wasn't perfect with just one gigabyte of RAM,

00:46:07   it struggled under load. It had been years since I saw an iOS device stumble like the 6 Plus could,

00:46:13   and I got old quickly. Those extra pixels were just too much for the internals to handle at times.

00:46:18   The 6 Plus was kind of like that kid at prom who clearly just borrowed one of his dad's suits.

00:46:24   It was passable, but not great. That's funny. I have no memory of this, like the 6 Plus having

00:46:33   this memory issue. No memory of it all. That's funny. But that's a good, I like that analogy.

00:46:39   Thank you. I was happy with that.

00:46:41   I'm also checking out, now that you mentioned this, Stephen,

00:46:43   I also looked it up and I also had a story about the 6S Plus

00:46:47   called "How the 6S Plus is Reshaping My iPhone Experience."

00:46:50   And I just remembered that on the 6S Plus,

00:46:54   we also got the new Touch ID, second generation Touch ID.

00:46:58   Oh, yeah. It was...

00:46:59   Was on the 6S Plus.

00:47:01   3D Touch. And 3D Touch.

00:47:03   Which is a feature I still miss.

00:47:06   Yeah, I agree.

00:47:08   The iPhone 6S Plus is more than faster chips.

00:47:11   It brings a nimble, more productive iOS experience

00:47:14   that makes everyday interactions better.

00:47:16   - Wow, look at your home screen.

00:47:18   Editorial, outlook, dispatch to do,

00:47:23   man, some good stuff in there.

00:47:25   - Peek and pop, remember peek and pop?

00:47:27   - Peek and pop. - Peek and pop, baby.

00:47:29   - Our friends, peek and pop.

00:47:30   So what about the regular 6S then?

00:47:34   - So it got the better touch ID, obviously.

00:47:37   It got the 3D touch.

00:47:39   Rose gold.

00:47:40   Rose gold, which was actually really good looking.

00:47:42   It was good looking.

00:47:44   4K, it could do, the 30 frames per second.

00:47:47   A9, live photos, come on.

00:47:51   Oh yeah.

00:47:52   This is a good phone.

00:47:53   So we wanna go B?

00:47:55   Yeah.

00:47:56   Yeah.

00:47:57   I would go B.

00:47:57   Yeah.

00:47:58   'Cause it's not A, I feel like.

00:48:01   Up next we have the first iPhone SE,

00:48:04   which recycled the five,

00:48:07   and well really it recycled the 5S design,

00:48:10   but had the guts of the 6S minus 3D touch.

00:48:16   So this was great for people,

00:48:19   remember at this point,

00:48:20   a lot of people still really wanted that smaller phone size.

00:48:23   It definitely had its fans,

00:48:26   including my spouse who used an original iPhone SE

00:48:29   for a long, long time.

00:48:32   But it held the price point open to, I guess,

00:48:36   but I'm not particularly excited about any iPhone SE.

00:48:39   - So here's the thing with the SE, right?

00:48:43   The three of us don't care about this phone at all, right?

00:48:46   Like, just don't care about it.

00:48:48   I know people care about it, I'm not one of these people.

00:48:51   The iPhone SE, when it debuted, I guess,

00:48:55   was good for people who wanted this,

00:48:57   but then the problem with it is it stuck around

00:48:59   for too long, I feel like?

00:49:01   - Yeah, it really got old before the SE2 showed up.

00:49:04   - So I feel like for me, any good is weighed out

00:49:08   by just how long it stuck around for,

00:49:10   just four years. - Yeah, it kinda overstayed

00:49:13   its welcome, I think.

00:49:15   Like, it's enough with the original SEs.

00:49:17   - I would say, I mean, so this is the question, right?

00:49:20   Are we gonna D tier all the SEs?

00:49:23   - I think this one gets a C.

00:49:25   - No, no, not the, mm.

00:49:28   I wouldn't D tier the latest SC.

00:49:32   - What would I though? - I would.

00:49:34   Let's get to that when we get to it, but that's my question.

00:49:36   I mean, I could, for me, if I was going to rank any of them higher than a D,

00:49:42   it would be this one.

00:49:43   Like, and we'll put it at a C, because like, people really dug it.

00:49:49   I think it had the most momentum behind it.

00:49:51   Yeah, I mean, and also like, if again, this comes in whenever we need it.

00:49:55   Historically it was a weird and odd and like they brought the name SE to it

00:49:59   What does that mean and all that kind of stuff and I would say I say we could go see with this one

00:50:04   Yeah, we can go see okay. Yeah, but not any higher than that

00:50:09   I've got one word to describe the next iPhone courage

00:50:13   No the courage to move on yep from things that some people still want this has got to be the easiest

00:50:20   - D tier, D tier.

00:50:23   - D tier.

00:50:23   - Yeah.

00:50:24   - D tier phone, D tier phone.

00:50:27   And I know we're gonna get these nerds who are like,

00:50:29   "But what about Jet Black?"

00:50:31   Don't care, don't care.

00:50:33   - It was cool.

00:50:34   - The problem with the iPhone 7

00:50:36   was the headphone jack removal.

00:50:39   - And yes, that is like 95% of it.

00:50:43   - Yep.

00:50:44   - But also they recycled the design for the third time.

00:50:47   And this was the first time we had seen that.

00:50:51   - So it was like, oh, well that's not what I wanted.

00:50:53   But the problem with the headphone jack removal

00:50:56   was there was no reason for it.

00:51:00   The reason was they were getting rid of it now

00:51:05   so they could get ready for the iPhone 10, right?

00:51:10   But they got rid of it early,

00:51:11   like they sacrificed the iPhone 7.

00:51:13   And I know why they did that, like that's fine,

00:51:16   but like it was just annoying at the time, right?

00:51:18   - Look, honestly, I still feel like it's kind of

00:51:22   a silly decision to get rid of the headphone jack.

00:51:26   Like it still comes up, I see this with Sylvia,

00:51:29   it still comes up a bunch of times every year

00:51:32   that like she needs to connect an iPhone

00:51:35   with a headphone jack to something.

00:51:36   And it's like, I gotta get the adapter.

00:51:40   So I don't know.

00:51:41   - Yeah, I love AirPods and would never go back,

00:51:45   but at the same time, it's just a strange thing to me to have gotten rid of it.

00:51:49   When it like, yeah, so I think this is an easy D tier for that reason.

00:51:54   It was just like, it was just an annoying thing.

00:51:56   It made the phone annoying.

00:51:57   It was annoying to talk about it at the time.

00:52:00   Like it had good, well, the 7 Plus had some good features.

00:52:04   Like it was the first phone to get a telephoto lens.

00:52:06   - Yes.

00:52:08   - So I feel like that would bump the 7 Plus up.

00:52:10   - Yeah, because the 7 Plus was the first one

00:52:12   to have the dual camera.

00:52:14   - Yeah, first iPhone with two cameras.

00:52:16   - I think seven plus is A tier.

00:52:20   - Wow, that's a big difference.

00:52:22   - Solely because of the camera thing,

00:52:23   because it showed us what was possible.

00:52:27   And Android phones have been doing this for a while,

00:52:29   Apple wasn't first, but it showed us iPhone users like,

00:52:31   "Oh, you can really do these other things."

00:52:34   - Yeah, you know why I'll agree with you?

00:52:36   Because I was very much on the bigger screen

00:52:41   and I convinced the two of you

00:52:42   and we all went to bigger screen

00:52:43   we were the plus club, right? And everyone's like "it's stupid with your big phone" and

00:52:48   then we got a feature that no other phone got and it was a really good one and everyone

00:52:52   got really jealous. So I will also agree with ATR for that reason.

00:52:57   Was the 7 plus also when portrait mode was introduced?

00:53:01   Yes.

00:53:02   Yes it was.

00:53:03   Oh yeah. Easy ATR.

00:53:04   It was the first one where they did the like "here's a preview of a feature we're working

00:53:08   on" you know?

00:53:09   Yeah for sure ATR then.

00:53:11   Now we have talked about the iPhone that everyone forgets.

00:53:14   (laughing)

00:53:16   The iPhone 8.

00:53:17   - D tier.

00:53:18   It's nothing, this phone did nothing.

00:53:22   - It had, we turned the glass back for wireless charging,

00:53:25   but that's about it.

00:53:27   - Yeah, yeah, that's, nobody, do we, I don't,

00:53:32   I honestly feel like there's kind of a, this must,

00:53:35   there must be a conspiracy theory

00:53:37   that the iPhone 8 never actually existed.

00:53:39   It's the Mandela Effect phone, right?

00:53:41   Yeah, yes, yes.

00:53:43   Do you know anybody who got an iPhone 8?

00:53:45   No.

00:53:46   Me neither.

00:53:47   How can we know for sure that the iPhone 8 existed?

00:53:50   It is weird because why...

00:53:52   I feel like not a lot of people would have chosen this phone.

00:53:56   They either would have kept their previous phone,

00:53:59   or got the X, right?

00:54:02   Like if they were upgrading that year, you'd maybe get a X,

00:54:05   or you would get an 8.

00:54:06   Now, I'm sure as many people in the Discord are already telling us the person that they know that had them

00:54:10   I'm not expecting that many like people that would listen to this show would necessarily choose an 8 that would surprise me

00:54:18   But maybe it was a price thing, you know, I don't know

00:54:21   Maybe like you could get one for free on a contract and the 10 was was

00:54:25   Super expensive again, like to mention what you said before this is now the fourth time we've had this design

00:54:31   Yeah, I know, D tier, and I would say the same for the 8 Plus.

00:54:35   Yeah, because I don't think it did anything any different.

00:54:38   No, no.

00:54:39   Unlike the 7 Plus, now the features were, you know, we had the telephoto there, these phones, like, why would you...

00:54:46   Well, I'm sure there were reasons, but in the grand scheme of things, this has to be one of Apple's

00:54:53   lowest points in terms of...

00:54:55   The iPhone 8 existed so they could charge a thousand dollars for the iPhone X.

00:55:01   Mm-hmm. That's the reason the iPhone 8 exists because they they couldn't have only made one phone that year and it cost

00:55:07   $1,000. Yeah still boring

00:55:09   Boring, boring phone. Yeah, boring, boring phone.

00:55:12   iPhone 10 or let's just face it

00:55:16   iPhone X and so people pronounced it for years

00:55:21   And still do. Yep. I'm just gonna say that for me. This is an S-tier iPhone

00:55:28   I agree with you.

00:55:30   Because of all... because this is like, just like the iPhone 4, this was another clear

00:55:35   moment in Apple's history when you look back and you can say, in that moment, that device

00:55:42   changed things.

00:55:44   The notch, the liquid retina display, the new design, the glass back.

00:55:50   The one negative aspect of the iPhone X was that there was no 10+ that year.

00:55:56   For that, we would have to wait the following year.

00:55:59   But at least the screen size was, it like, sat in the middle, right, of the two, so it

00:56:04   was, it was fine.

00:56:06   Yes, yes, and I, I remember one of my, one of my favorite stories, how I received the

00:56:12   iPhone X, I remember, I don't know if you guys remember, but you, you guys received

00:56:17   your iPhone Xs on the Friday, and in that week, there was a national UPS strike in Italy.

00:56:24   - I remember, 'cause I remember how upset you were.

00:56:27   - And I was so upset because I really, really wanted to get one.

00:56:31   - I think you just didn't respond to messages for a few days

00:56:33   'cause you didn't want to see us talking about our iPhone 10.

00:56:36   - I was so upset and I was very jealous of everybody else.

00:56:39   Like, I'm just gonna get out of the internet for a few days.

00:56:43   And because I wanted to get this phone

00:56:46   as quickly as possible on the morning of the Monday,

00:56:50   after the weekend, I had arranged

00:56:53   to get the phone number of the UPS delivery guy.

00:56:58   And I called him and we met in the middle of the street

00:57:01   as he was doing other deliveries in my neighborhood in Rome

00:57:06   so just that he could grab the package for me

00:57:08   and give it to me like two hours before it would--

00:57:10   - It's when you grease the palm.

00:57:12   - Yeah, that's when I-- - Grease the palm.

00:57:14   - Where it all came from, like,

00:57:15   "Hey, can I get your phone number

00:57:17   in case I need special treatment for some deliveries?"

00:57:22   Yeah.

00:57:22   - I need special treatment.

00:57:24   (laughing)

00:57:25   I love that.

00:57:26   I'm deciding.

00:57:27   (laughing)

00:57:28   I need special treatment.

00:57:28   - I mean what?

00:57:29   You're not gonna do me a favor?

00:57:30   You're not gonna do me a favor of me,

00:57:32   such a lovable guy?

00:57:33   Come on.

00:57:34   - Such a lovable guy.

00:57:35   - Man of the people. - So handsome.

00:57:36   - So iPhone 10, great phone.

00:57:38   - S tier.

00:57:39   - S tier, easy.

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00:59:09   the iPhone 10 R

00:59:12   people thought this was an iPhone 5c

00:59:17   and it it kind of was I mean it was colorful it was cheaper than the 10s and

00:59:24   especially the tennis max it the size was interesting it was actually in

00:59:29   between the two so it was yeah it was kind of like a slightly bigger iPhone 10

00:59:36   but not as big as the max it was the in-between phone I really I really liked

00:59:41   the 10r and really enjoyed the colors and I used one for a while I ultimately

00:59:47   though missed having the telephoto camera. But I think the XR is better than

00:59:55   than people think it is. Yeah, I liked it a lot and I bought it as a gift from

01:00:03   my mom at WWDC 2018. Oh yeah! Yeah, I bought one for my mom. Yeah, yeah, she used it

01:00:13   until six months ago. Yeah, great phone. My mom still stood us on her tenor. I just went

01:00:18   to check. Well, I was 16-run on it and it will, so I don't need to upgrade her. Because

01:00:23   my mom is very happy, she just doesn't want to change her phone. She just likes her phone

01:00:27   and she doesn't want to change it. So like, I would love to give her a new iPhone, but

01:00:31   it's just easier for me to wait until she can't have the phone anymore, right? So I'm

01:00:36   just going to let it go another year or two, I guess. But I bought her the Coral One in

01:00:40   in a clear case and she loves it.

01:00:43   And it's a great phone.

01:00:44   I mean, one of the good things about this phone

01:00:46   compared to the XS was it had better battery life.

01:00:49   - Yeah.

01:00:50   - 'Cause it was running an LED display.

01:00:52   - That's right.

01:00:53   - And I know one of the things that people don't like

01:00:55   about this phone is that it was 720p, right?

01:00:57   And I understand that.

01:00:59   Is that right?

01:01:00   It was 720, right?

01:01:01   Because of the dimensions?

01:01:03   I know that the display was a thing.

01:01:07   - It was 1792 by 828.

01:01:11   So it was a little bigger than 720, but it wasn't 1080.

01:01:14   - So I know that people didn't like that.

01:01:16   - It was the same density as the other LCD iPhones,

01:01:21   like the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or 7 or 6 Plus,

01:01:27   but because of its size, people wanted it to be more dense.

01:01:32   It's not that it looked worse than previous phones,

01:01:34   it just wasn't as good as the OLED.

01:01:36   So I mean I would put this in B tier.

01:01:39   - Yeah, I'd get behind that.

01:01:41   - I was gonna go for A tier,

01:01:43   but yeah let's put it in B maybe.

01:01:46   - I really like this phone.

01:01:48   We have the 5S, the 6 Plus and the 7 Plus in A tier.

01:01:51   I'm not sure the XR belongs there.

01:01:54   - That was my thought too.

01:01:55   - Like I really like this phone,

01:01:58   but I don't think that it deserves that.

01:02:02   - Okay.

01:02:03   - iPhone XS.

01:02:05   a D tier for me. Mm-hmm. Well I would like to know why. Horrible camera. Horrible camera.

01:02:10   Camera. The HDR in particular was so bad. Photos from that era in my library, they look horrible.

01:02:18   And we had an episode about this, I remember off connected, where Steven and I complained.

01:02:24   Myke was sort of okay, I think, at the time with it. I didn't have the same feelings, but I know

01:02:30   it was something that lots of people felt but like for me I didn't experience

01:02:35   that but I know this was a problem a lot of people had with the phone yeah so I

01:02:40   would have no problem putting it as a detail I mean because really it didn't

01:02:44   add a lot so it was faster it had dual SIM support and better water resistance

01:02:50   like that was oh well yeah so the tennis what we maybe maybe we'll feel we would

01:02:55   rate the XS Max a little higher because it was bigger? I think the Max is C.

01:03:02   But it was still a horrible camera. But we got a bigger screen. But it was bigger.

01:03:06   Again. Well we can go C too because it grew bigger than before. Yeah.

01:03:13   Yeah, C for the XS Max and D for the XS. Yeah. Because I know that was why I liked

01:03:19   this phone particularly, the the Max one, because... Because it was bigger than before. So from

01:03:24   5.5 to go back to the larger the iPhone tennis max had a I'm trying to find it

01:03:33   now and what I wished I wish that Wikipedia had like consistent ways that

01:03:39   they mark this information 5.8 and 6.5 for the max yeah okay 6.5 it's a big

01:03:48   screen that one Mac tracker baby it's all it's all there oh that's a good idea

01:03:53   - Up next we have the iPhone 11.

01:03:57   So this is the mainstream phone for this year,

01:03:59   starting at 699, 6.1 inch LCD.

01:04:04   So the same display as the iPhone XR,

01:04:08   but it had dual cameras.

01:04:10   So it had the regular wide camera.

01:04:13   And then the second camera was, was this the ultra wide?

01:04:18   - Yeah, it was the ultra wide on the 11.

01:04:21   I feel like, this is anecdotal, but that's all I got.

01:04:26   I feel like I didn't see a lot of 10s and 10s's

01:04:31   out in the world, but I feel like all of a sudden

01:04:34   the 11 was just everywhere.

01:04:36   Like even more so than the 10R.

01:04:39   - It's because they had a phone at the standard,

01:04:44   well, not the standard, it was at a lower price point.

01:04:47   - Yeah, 'cause the 10R started at 749

01:04:50   and the 11 started at $699.

01:04:52   So this was, okay, the mainstream phone

01:04:56   now has face ID for realsies.

01:04:58   - A13, you mentioned the ultra wide,

01:05:00   which was a good thing.

01:05:02   It's came in a bunch of great colors,

01:05:03   including that purple, that mid-cycle purple.

01:05:06   It's a good C-tier phone, I feel like.

01:05:09   - Yeah, iPhone 11 C-tier, I think I'm fine with that.

01:05:15   I think I had one.

01:05:17   I think Sylvia maybe used an iPhone 11.

01:05:19   I don't, so the iPhone 11 family still had the

01:05:23   curved edges though, right?

01:05:25   - Yeah, the last breath of that design.

01:05:29   - Yeah, so glass back, but with the curved edges.

01:05:32   Yeah, okay.

01:05:33   And it came, why do I remember the red version?

01:05:38   Was something different about it?

01:05:40   That maybe the red version was available

01:05:41   at launch this time?

01:05:43   - I think so.

01:05:44   - I think it was, yeah, 'cause the purple came

01:05:46   halfway through.

01:05:48   So iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

01:05:52   First time that we're seeing the triple camera system.

01:05:57   I have a lot of fond memories for the 11 Pro Max,

01:06:02   because that's the phone that allowed me

01:06:04   to do the photographic tour of Rome

01:06:08   during the day and at night.

01:06:10   The ultra wide camera was,

01:06:14   still feels like a great innovation on a phone.

01:06:17   Like it's such a fun thing to experiment and some scenes and some subjects they lend themselves very well to the ultra-wide camera.

01:06:28   I personally feel like 11 Pro Max is A tier and 11 Pro is B tier.

01:06:36   Or also maybe both A tier. I could also go with that. I don't know, what do you guys think?

01:06:41   I'm struggling with this one a little bit. But I don't know why.

01:06:46   I think maybe I just don't really have a lot of particular feelings about this.

01:06:51   I guess I would be happy with A actually, because of the three camera system.

01:06:56   The three camera system was a big deal and I don't think that there's any reason to break

01:07:01   these up from each other.

01:07:03   Right, because these had feature parity between them and the only difference was the size.

01:07:11   I mean, we were all, now this is what, three years ago they were talking, so it's 2019,

01:07:19   but we all had fun at the time with ultra-wide shots.

01:07:23   It was a thing for a while, you know?

01:07:25   You're right.

01:07:26   Too bad about the curved edges, that's gonna get fixed with the next phones, but yeah,

01:07:33   8-tier for the 11 Pro and Pro Max, I think it feels good.

01:07:37   It's the iPhone 8 design but inside it is it's all new with the A13 Bionic

01:07:47   from the iPhone 11. D tier. Stop. Who wants to see this design now? You know what I

01:07:54   mean? And this was back in 2020. Silvius MAM has this phone and it looks and

01:08:01   feels so old. Like so many things of iOS are now so different, like even the way you activate

01:08:08   Control Center. Like using this phone is horrible. And I know because I had to set it up for

01:08:14   her with the App Store and Family Sharing and all that kind of stuff. It's a bad phone,

01:08:20   it's old. It's like, "Hey, do you want to have this phone that looks like eight years

01:08:24   ago? Sure, here you go. No, thank you."

01:08:27   We are now up to the iPhone 12 family and I think we go in order of size.

01:08:33   So let's start with the 12 mini down at the bottom.

01:08:37   I'm gonna go ahead and say honorary A tier just because a ton of people love it.

01:08:44   And those who have one...

01:08:47   I don't want to get the tweets.

01:08:49   I just so we might as well just do it because I you know every iPhone 12 user will speak

01:08:55   about the mini, we'll speak about the mini, like all five of them, like they will all

01:09:00   tweet you, you know?

01:09:01   Look, they love it.

01:09:02   And I just don't want to get those five tweets.

01:09:03   Yeah, let them love it.

01:09:04   I mean, because they're about to get real sad, right?

01:09:06   So like we might as well just let them have it.

01:09:08   Yes, exactly.

01:09:10   They're about to get, they're going to have a rough second half of the year, I think.

01:09:15   So let's just give it the A tier.

01:09:17   Give them something, you know?

01:09:19   Yeah.

01:09:20   iPhone 12.

01:09:21   I mean, so all these phones, we should, so we should back up.

01:09:22   All these phones have the flat sided design.

01:09:26   The mini and the regular have aluminum.

01:09:28   Where the Profones have steel bands.

01:09:30   I actually think the aluminum looks better, but even though I carry a Profone, I think

01:09:36   the look is nicer with the aluminum.

01:09:39   All of these are OLED, so LCD is officially out of the line for new phones now, which

01:09:46   I think it's great that they were able to bring this across the entire

01:09:51   lineup. The 12, I think is probably

01:09:56   B or C. I feel like it's not...

01:10:00   Oh, I put it as an A tier.

01:10:01   Really? The regular 12?

01:10:03   The 12?

01:10:03   Yeah. OLED on the regular phone is awesome.

01:10:09   MagSafe?

01:10:10   Yeah. Yeah. MagSafe. The colors were also pretty good.

01:10:14   - Yep.

01:10:15   - And I think you were confused.

01:10:17   I think the purple was mid-cycle on the 12, not the 11.

01:10:21   - Okay.

01:10:22   - Yeah. - Whatever.

01:10:23   HDR video?

01:10:25   - Yeah.

01:10:26   - On the base model 12?

01:10:28   - Yeah.

01:10:29   - Oh, that was a pretty good phone.

01:10:31   - Yeah. - Yeah, this is a great phone.

01:10:32   - So B, A or B?

01:10:34   - I would put it as an A tier phone.

01:10:36   - And yeah, it feels like one.

01:10:38   12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

01:10:39   So if I remember this correctly.

01:10:43   - S tier.

01:10:44   the 12 Pro Max marked the return of the feature differences

01:10:49   between the Pro Max camera and the Pro camera.

01:10:54   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:10:56   I mean, it didn't end up being as big a deal

01:10:58   as we thought it was going to be.

01:10:59   - But it was something.

01:11:00   - But it was something.

01:11:02   - What was it?

01:11:03   - 'Cause they had the big sensor,

01:11:05   the big sensor in the Pro Max.

01:11:06   - That's right.

01:11:07   So Myke, you said S tier for both.

01:11:10   - I think the iPhone 12 is the best iPhone ever made.

01:11:13   like the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

01:11:15   - Why not the 13 Pro?

01:11:17   - 'Cause I think that the 12 Pro was so striking,

01:11:21   like so awesome looking and had this great set of features.

01:11:24   And then the 13 just kind of like added to it.

01:11:26   Like, you know, like when you think about the best ever,

01:11:28   like you, as we're talking about it here,

01:11:30   sometimes you got to put in a bit of history, right?

01:11:32   Where like the 13 is really just a small improvement

01:11:35   over the 12, but like the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max,

01:11:41   5G, LiDAR, LiDAR I don't care about.

01:11:45   5G is actually a good feature, like if you have it.

01:11:49   MagSafe, it got the incredible gold,

01:11:54   which I just think is the best looking phone ever.

01:11:57   I could S tier both of these.

01:11:58   I think that the 12 line is an S tier line of phones.

01:12:02   I just think they nailed it.

01:12:04   I'm trying to remember now, because in my mind,

01:12:07   the 12 Pro and 13 Pro lines kind of blend together because of the pandemic.

01:12:12   Yes.

01:12:14   But now that you mentioned it, I do feel like I prefer the 12 Pro, if only because it was striking

01:12:24   at the time. Because in my mind, it's kind of weird, but in my mind, I still have the 12 Pro Max,

01:12:31   but no, I have the 13 Pro Max, which is also saying something, I guess.

01:12:36   But yeah, I can go with that.

01:12:39   S tier, both of them.

01:12:41   I just think this is a fantastic phone.

01:12:43   Like, I love it.

01:12:44   Like, this is the only phone for me where I was like,

01:12:47   the whole time I had it, I'm like, this just still continues to look good.

01:12:51   Yeah.

01:12:52   Like, I took the case off and I became caseless

01:12:54   because I love the look of this phone so much, you know?

01:12:57   And again, when the iPhone 13 Pro rolled around and it looked the same,

01:13:00   I was fine with it because I thought that the phone looked so good.

01:13:04   Like, I think it's the best looking phone Apple's ever made.

01:13:08   It's, and I, for me, it's like very tippy top.

01:13:12   Look at that, that's look nice without a case.

01:13:14   So what, where does that leave the 13 line?

01:13:19   We've got mini, regular, pro and pro max.

01:13:22   So better cameras, better processor, but not really game changing.

01:13:29   Slightly smaller notch?

01:13:31   Yeah, very slightly smaller notch.

01:13:34   Yeah.

01:13:35   What else is new?

01:13:37   A15.

01:13:38   Yeah, okay, whatever.

01:13:39   A15.

01:13:41   The 13 Pro, right?

01:13:44   So just to try and break something up.

01:13:45   The 13 Pro is a big deal because of promotion,

01:13:48   which me and Federico really care about.

01:13:50   Steven, not so much.

01:13:51   Yeah, I've got it turned off.

01:13:52   Yeah, yes, yes.

01:13:54   The 13 is good.

01:13:56   Like, it's a good improvement.

01:13:58   like I would say so if because I think to rank these we might have to do them a little bit out of

01:14:01   order if you don't mind like I think yes 13 pro and 13 pro max are A tier yes I think I know where

01:14:08   you're going yeah the iphone 13 yeah B tier yes and 13 mini C tier C tier because like they I think

01:14:19   they all just go down yeah yeah perfect perfect the last phone we have on here is the iphone se

01:14:25   third generation which is not on this list yeah there's another one wait

01:14:30   there's another one it got 5g d-tier goodbye honestly the fact that it's not

01:14:38   in this screenshot is perfect because like it doesn't even deserve to be on

01:14:42   the list it's just like whatever man you do you so d-tier yeah it's d-tier yeah

01:14:48   that would be d-tier we have now reached the final form of this tier list in in S

01:14:55   S tier, let's see how we feel about this again.

01:14:59   Original iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 6S Plus,

01:15:04   iPhone 10, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

01:15:09   - I think we got that completely correct.

01:15:11   - Yeah, yeah.

01:15:12   I feel like I'm looking at the thumbnails.

01:15:16   I feel like, especially if you consider the 12 Pro

01:15:20   and Pro Max the same phone,

01:15:22   Each of them represents a major shift in the iPhone history.

01:15:27   Original iPhone, iPhone 4, 6S Plus,

01:15:31   and the Plus is specifically because we mentioned

01:15:34   the performance issues of the S Plus the year prior,

01:15:38   the X, and then the 12 Pro.

01:15:41   Yeah, I feel very good about this.

01:15:42   And in D tier, let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum.

01:15:47   In D tier, we have the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8,

01:15:51   the iPhone 8 Plus, the XS, the ST second generation,

01:15:56   and the ST third generation.

01:16:00   - So I think the biggest spread we have

01:16:03   is seven to seven plus, right?

01:16:05   - Yeah.

01:16:05   - Because seven is D, seven plus is A.

01:16:09   I don't think we have a bigger-

01:16:11   - Look, these phones in D tier, they had it coming.

01:16:14   If they didn't wanna be in D tier,

01:16:16   they maybe shouldn't have been boring phones.

01:16:19   But yeah, especially the iPhone 8, man.

01:16:22   The iPhone 8 is rough.

01:16:24   I'm sorry, you know, iPhone 8 owners.

01:16:28   I guess you like it, but it's not a good phone.

01:16:31   - Something we didn't mention about like why the XS Max

01:16:35   is very firmly in C tier is its name.

01:16:39   - XS Max.

01:16:41   - XS Max?

01:16:42   That is a terrible name for a phone.

01:16:44   These are the phones that we knew about

01:16:49   with the leak from Apple's CDN, right?

01:16:52   925 Mac found the images and the names before.

01:16:56   And people said, "Surely that's not the name."

01:17:00   Surely they're not calling it iPhone XS Max.

01:17:04   'Cause these were the images

01:17:05   where they obscured the notch.

01:17:07   Yes.

01:17:08   They had like the swooping black wallpaper.

01:17:11   Yeah, it was like a planet, right?

01:17:12   Like they had like different planets on them

01:17:14   and it took up, was it that one?

01:17:16   And it took up like half the screen

01:17:17   or is it, I'm thinking of a different one.

01:17:19   - I think so.

01:17:20   - They did that for a while.

01:17:21   They don't seem to really do that anymore

01:17:22   which I think is the right move.

01:17:24   - Let's do one more thing.

01:17:27   If you guys will allow me here.

01:17:29   Look at the S tier and each of us,

01:17:32   we pick an absolute favorite from the S tier.

01:17:37   - I mean, I've already spoiled mine.

01:17:38   It's the 12 Pro Max.

01:17:39   - 12 Pro Max?

01:17:40   - It is the happiest I have been with an iPhone

01:17:42   since the original.

01:17:44   And like the original, I was happy because it was the first one,

01:17:48   but like the 12 Pro Max just gave me everything I was looking for.

01:17:53   I was so excited except for the promotion display,

01:17:56   but that wasn't enough of a knock. Like that was on the edge that year.

01:17:59   Uh, I'm going to go with the,

01:18:02   I'm torn between the 6S Plus and the 10. I'm going to go with the 10.

01:18:06   I just love that thing so much.

01:18:08   I agree. I'm going to go with the 10 as well.

01:18:10   It really felt like the future, didn't it? It was awesome.

01:18:12   It felt so cool.

01:18:15   And it was the first time in a long time

01:18:18   where the phone was really exciting.

01:18:22   Because the 6S and the 7, a lot of it was the design,

01:18:26   I think, with the aluminum back

01:18:28   and the antenna lines and stuff.

01:18:29   But yeah, the X felt like the future.

01:18:31   I mean, using Face ID felt so cool.

01:18:34   - It felt impossible, really.

01:18:35   It felt like we were not supposed to get the phone

01:18:38   for another two years, but we got it.

01:18:41   And so, yeah.

01:18:42   Man, it looks so good in white too, with the stainless steel.

01:18:45   - Mm-hmm. - Mm-hmm.

01:18:46   Chef Kiss. - I think I had the black one.

01:18:48   I think I had the black one, which was kind of brown.

01:18:51   Right, was that the one that was brown,

01:18:52   or was it the 10S that was kind of a brownie color?

01:18:54   - That was the stupid 10S that also looked brown.

01:18:57   (laughing)

01:18:58   - It was like chocolatey brown.

01:19:00   Yeah, it was weird.

01:19:01   But you can see an image of our ranked tier list.

01:19:05   I've got a screenshot.

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