403: He Can't Stop Merging


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00:00:08   Hello, and welcome to Connected, episode 403.

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00:00:15   Indeed, and TexExpander.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I'm very pleased to be joined

00:00:20   by Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   Hello, I'm back.

00:00:23   Welcome back, son.

00:00:24   I was stuck in Texas last time to add to my trip of terror,

00:00:28   you know?

00:00:29   Why not also get, not that like, you know, Texas is that bad,

00:00:32   but I wasn't expecting to be there, you know?

00:00:34   I'm not going to say anything particular about any place, you know?

00:00:38   Especially if I keep getting stuck there.

00:00:40   This is the second time I've been stuck in Dallas in three months.

00:00:42   Yeah.

00:00:43   So, you know, I don't want them to not let me in.

00:00:46   And I would like to, and I have the pleasure, I should say,

00:00:48   of being able to introduce to you all Federico Vittucci.

00:00:51   Ciao Federico.

00:00:52   Ciao, Myke. It's good to have you back.

00:00:54   Good to be back.

00:00:55   You went and you conquered America and you came back.

00:00:59   I did not do that. I didn't do that.

00:01:02   (laughing)

00:01:03   - I think it conquered you.

00:01:04   - Yeah, well, something conquered me.

00:01:06   It wasn't the United States of America.

00:01:09   - Man, it's good to have you back though.

00:01:11   Last time, Federico and I spoke about California names

00:01:15   of macOS releases, and we had a couple pieces of follow-up.

00:01:20   One is something someone had sent me in an email.

00:01:23   I'd forgotten that I'd written it.

00:01:24   Back in 2017, I made a list of bad guesses for macOS names

00:01:29   because California has some just wacky place names.

00:01:35   And I think my favorite is,

00:01:38   or I've got some favorites, macOS Death Valley is good.

00:01:42   Surprise Valley.

00:01:46   And then I can't pronounce it, but it's spelled ZZYZX.

00:01:51   - That's what they should call it.

00:01:52   - MacOS-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z

00:02:22   YouTube video okay this is Zizax Zizax Zizax Zizax Mac OS Zizax there's gonna

00:02:32   be an easier way to write that than this I like Mac OS Sutter Butts Buttes? Is that what that is?

00:02:42   I think it's buts. I think it's buts.

00:02:44   Subtle buts.

00:02:45   Subtle buts.

00:02:46   You said buts.

00:02:50   Oh, Mac OS YOLO County? I mean, come on.

00:02:54   That's the year when they just put iOS on the Mac, right?

00:02:56   They just called it YOLO County.

00:02:58   Mac OS Mount Baldy Wrightwood?

00:03:02   Hey, Baldy.

00:03:05   There's one we're all hovering around, but no one's gonna say it, right?

00:03:09   From this list?

00:03:11   Is there?

00:03:12   Mac OS Russian River Valley?

00:03:14   You wouldn't do that.

00:03:16   Oh, I didn't see that.

00:03:17   Yeah, that's not good. That's not good.

00:03:19   My quest Lost Coast.

00:03:22   Mono County.

00:03:23   Mono County. Yeah, you don't want to get that.

00:03:25   This is a great list, Steven.

00:03:26   Thank you.

00:03:27   The funny thing is if one of these gets picked one day.

00:03:30   Oh yeah.

00:03:31   Needles?

00:03:32   Needles.

00:03:33   Mac OS Needles.

00:03:34   California has some weird place names.

00:03:38   They do.

00:03:40   On the side of names they have used, listener Yan Yan, Yan Yan, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,

00:03:50   I don't know which way to pronounce it. They put together a map of released

00:03:57   AkuOS names. So you can look at this, it's pretty sweet. Custom map on Felt.com, which is kind of a

00:04:03   cool website you can make custom map stuff. You can see him, he's got the wallpapers there.

00:04:08   They haven't really gone into Northern California.

00:04:11   It's all kind of been central or southern.

00:04:13   - I guess that's where they're from maybe, I don't know.

00:04:16   - I guess so.

00:04:17   But it's kind of cool to see all those areas

00:04:19   and there's lots of options.

00:04:22   They could do this forever, I think.

00:04:23   Although at some point,

00:04:25   I just wish they would align the numbers to iOS and iPadOS

00:04:30   because Mac OS 13 versus iOS 16,

00:04:34   like it's all very hard to keep straight.

00:04:36   I don't dig it.

00:04:38   - Happy Hackett Day two days ago.

00:04:40   It was Hackett Day.

00:04:41   So Federico, I want to tell you a thing

00:04:43   that happened on Monday, right?

00:04:45   Monday was June 20th.

00:04:47   Me and Steven were on a call together.

00:04:48   We have a call every Monday.

00:04:50   During the call, we both said, "What is Hackett Day?"

00:04:53   This is on the calendars.

00:04:55   - Yeah, I don't remember. - Hackett Day, June 20th.

00:04:58   Do you don't remember either?

00:05:00   - No, no idea. - No.

00:05:03   Okay, so do you remember the Hackett number?

00:05:05   - Is it the number of computers per household?

00:05:10   - Computers per person in Steven's household.

00:05:14   The original calculation of the Hackett number was 20.6,

00:05:18   therefore making the 20th of June 26th, right?

00:05:22   The 20th of the sixth Hackett day.

00:05:25   I don't know why we decided this,

00:05:26   like why we went this far with it, but we did.

00:05:29   So happy Hackett day.

00:05:31   - It seems so unlike us to take something too far.

00:05:33   - I know, but I feel like we didn't need to give you a day.

00:05:35   But we did. So June 20th, Hackett day.

00:05:39   So I thought it would be fun for Hackett day.

00:05:42   I think we've done this in the past to get an updated version of Stephen's Hackett number.

00:05:47   Because if you remember, the Hackett number is a constant.

00:05:51   It's fixed.

00:05:52   It's 20.6.

00:05:53   Now we can do this calculation again and we can find out what Stephen's extended Hackett number is,

00:06:02   which is the changing Hackett number over time.

00:06:04   Am I correct in that?

00:06:06   Correct.

00:06:07   Is that how that works?

00:06:08   Yeah, so initially it was 20.6 devices per person in my household.

00:06:15   In 2021 it went up to 32.8.

00:06:19   So I'd added some things in the...

00:06:21   You sure had.

00:06:22   That's a lot of things.

00:06:23   There's a lot of people in your house.

00:06:25   Yeah, five people.

00:06:27   So I spent about an hour on Monday updating this.

00:06:31   By the way, Justin Hamilton created a website which we'll put in the show notes so you can

00:06:37   calculate your own Hackett number if you would like to.

00:06:40   So I've updated it and the new number is 43.2.

00:06:47   Woah, it's doubled!

00:06:50   It's doubled from two years ago.

00:06:53   The year over year change is very similar.

00:06:56   That's a very bad thing.

00:06:59   Would you like the breakdown?

00:07:00   Yeah, but how could you have doubled though?

00:07:03   A lot of it's iPods, I feel like, because I did a bunch of photos and stuff of them

00:07:07   and they're small.

00:07:08   It doesn't matter what it is.

00:07:09   They're small.

00:07:10   The current count is 59 desktops.

00:07:15   Fifty-nine.

00:07:17   And somehow, amazingly, the same number of notebooks.

00:07:23   59 notebooks.

00:07:24   Wow.

00:07:25   Well, now every time you buy one, you have to buy another.

00:07:27   I know.

00:07:28   That's right.

00:07:29   10 iPads, four Newtons, 28 iPhones, 56 iPods.

00:07:34   - Well, one thing, you need three more iPods.

00:07:38   - I need three more iPods.

00:07:39   - Make sure you get to work on that

00:07:40   so you're 59 of everything.

00:07:42   - Yeah. - That is horrific.

00:07:43   - Only four Newtons.

00:07:45   - Well, there's only like,

00:07:46   I think there's only five Newton devices.

00:07:51   - Oh, that's a shame, you're missing one.

00:07:52   - What about the fifth one, though?

00:07:53   - Yeah, where is it?

00:07:54   - Yeah, I'm missing one.

00:07:56   I'm missing the 130, I think.

00:07:57   - Oh, ridiculous. - Let's see.

00:07:58   - That's everyone's favorite.

00:07:59   There was the original, oh no there's more than that, original 100, 110, 130, yeah I'm

00:08:04   missing a couple it looks like.

00:08:05   You call yourself a collector.

00:08:08   It's unforgivable.

00:08:10   So that's my new shame.

00:08:12   This is so high.

00:08:14   I thought that it had really slowed down but the year over year is very similar so.

00:08:21   What I can tell you is it hasn't actually slowed down, it has continued at quite a rate.

00:08:26   I did mine by the way.

00:08:28   Let's hear yours.

00:08:29   Well, my Hackett number is five.

00:08:39   Which is a really big difference, especially considering as well there's only two people

00:08:44   in my household, right?

00:08:46   Yeah.

00:08:47   So my Hackett number, mine is 3.5.

00:08:54   I want to know the, give me the, give me the breakdown Federico.

00:08:57   desktop mm-hmm that's my gaming PC yep three laptops and I don't want to get

00:09:04   into the details of the third one yet what no I won't help three iPads pro

00:09:16   air and mini mm-hmm zero Newtons and two iPhones and two people in my household

00:09:24   Right. No iPods. No. I have two desktops, two laptops, six iPads, two of them are

00:09:34   about to be sold off. But I have six right now. Zero Newtons, two iPhones, three iPods,

00:09:40   two people in my household. Comes to five. Zach wants to know if we're counting

00:09:46   our Steam decks as computers. And if those are computers, then the calculation...

00:09:51   They are neither desktops nor laptops.

00:09:53   Because then I should count my Aya Neo and my Steam Deck as well, but like...

00:09:58   They don't count.

00:09:59   They don't count.

00:10:01   You know, when you think about it, like, what's a console, you know?

00:10:05   [laughter]

00:10:07   And what is an open platform?

00:10:09   Are iPhones consoles?

00:10:11   That's the question.

00:10:12   Because then I'm not going to count my iPhones either.

00:10:14   [laughter]

00:10:15   Oh, okay, so Kate has called me out.

00:10:17   Good.

00:10:18   Apparently last year I counted five Newtons.

00:10:20   So maybe I miscounted one.

00:10:22   Oh, you've lost one.

00:10:23   [laughs]

00:10:25   So that makes the extended Hackett number now 43.4.

00:10:30   By the way, consider it--

00:10:32   Alright, so the way Kate has called you out here,

00:10:34   this needs to be addressed.

00:10:36   Kate has a spreadsheet of their own,

00:10:39   where they are tracking you.

00:10:41   They have a better inventory of my collection than I do.

00:10:43   So I would like to institute--

00:10:45   bring to the table right now

00:10:48   that we officially denote Kate as the real AFM historian.

00:10:52   - I agree.

00:10:54   - Excellent.

00:10:54   - Yes.

00:10:55   - That it's been passed.

00:10:56   Congratulations, Kate, you are now known

00:10:57   as the real AFM historian.

00:10:59   Because this isn't the first thing like this I've seen.

00:11:01   I mean, it's let alone all the title collections

00:11:04   and stuff that Kate does,

00:11:05   but the fact that they are keeping their own statistics.

00:11:08   - Yeah.

00:11:09   - And also I do find frequently if I say,

00:11:12   oh, I know I've spoken about this before,

00:11:15   why did I say it?

00:11:16   Kate will usually be able to give me a link to that.

00:11:18   And Zach also points out that I forgot about my Intel NUC and I have two of those actually.

00:11:25   So my number jumped from 3.5 to 4.5.

00:11:30   Right, out of control. I'm sitting pretty over here man. And I'm gonna be even less soon.

00:11:37   I think I'm gonna get you each a Newton for your birthdays.

00:11:39   I will love it. I want to have one of those Newton's than they have on For All Mankind season 3.

00:11:44   I know. They're so cool. We have another date to celebrate real quick.

00:11:49   Mm-hmm.

00:11:50   We just passed nine years podcasting together as a trio.

00:11:54   That's awesome.

00:11:55   Wow. Nine years?

00:11:57   Yeah.

00:11:58   And people still put up with us?

00:12:00   It's amazing.

00:12:01   Well, it might not be the same people.

00:12:03   That's true.

00:12:04   Right, right, right.

00:12:06   There's like a lifespan.

00:12:08   I listened to our first episode together this week.

00:12:12   You poor thing.

00:12:13   It's not good, but there was one thing that really jumped out at me. Well a couple of things one

00:12:17   It was like iOS 7 reactions, which is really funny to listen to but also

00:12:22   There is a joke in the first episode of the prompt about API and bees

00:12:27   Because the word for bees is API in Italian, I guess well, it's not API, but it's say

00:12:35   It's spelled the same

00:12:38   How do you pronounce bees in Italian?

00:12:40   Appi

00:12:41   - Happy, okay, so it's spelled the same.

00:12:43   - Happy, yeah, it's the same letters, yeah.

00:12:46   - There was a joke, you had said a friend

00:12:49   had been watching WWDC and he was like, why--

00:12:51   - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:12:53   You're misremembering the, oh, sorry, the original,

00:12:56   the joke in episode one.

00:12:58   - Was a friend who had watched WWDC

00:13:01   and had asked you about it.

00:13:03   The joke that is, the much more famous version of the joke

00:13:05   is our live Chicago show where you talked about your mom

00:13:08   making a similar comment.

00:13:10   That's because this happened twice.

00:13:12   Like, I think it actually happened multiple times in my life.

00:13:15   But like, I remember...

00:13:17   But I think the funny thing is when you told us that story in Chicago,

00:13:21   I didn't remember that this was a thing.

00:13:23   No, me neither.

00:13:24   Right?

00:13:25   That felt like news to me, you know?

00:13:27   Yeah.

00:13:28   That's hilarious.

00:13:30   Have fun.

00:13:31   In nine years!

00:13:32   Yeah, man.

00:13:33   So, next year...

00:13:35   Ten years.

00:13:37   What do we do next year?

00:13:39   Well, I hope that we would be able to celebrate a live show next year. That would be my hope.

00:13:45   I just want you to have the tattoo that Federico and I have by then.

00:13:49   Stop bugging me about it, all right? I've got a plan. I just need to put it into action.

00:13:56   Face tattoo.

00:13:58   It's a neck tattoo.

00:14:00   Neck tattoo, yes.

00:14:03   Neck tattoo.

00:14:05   Look, it's easy. You get a teardrop on your left eye and a small weird fish underneath your right eye.

00:14:12   I have a request for listeners of the show. There is a link in the show notes called "Do You Know the

00:14:21   Passionate Ones?" Federico and Steven, do not click this. This is not for you to see. This is for future

00:14:29   Quiz questions. So this is a questionnaire that I would like our listeners, the passionate

00:14:37   ones to fill out, asks them a bunch of questions about the devices and apps that they use.

00:14:43   This will form future rounds in Family Feud style. So some questions we will do in the

00:14:50   future, it will be for example, of connected listeners, what is their favourite blank?

00:14:58   and then the two of you have to guess what the most popular answers are.

00:15:02   So this is going to be rounds of a future quiz.

00:15:05   So if you go to the show notes, fill out the form, fill out as many questions as you want,

00:15:10   I will collect these up and later on in the future we will be doing some connected quiz

00:15:15   questions based on these answers.

00:15:17   I appreciate your commitment and your cooperation.

00:15:23   real-time follow-up if you now go to 512 pixels dotnet slash does Myke have the

00:15:28   tattoo you can see the current status of Myke's tattoo how many does Myke

00:15:34   something something websites exist right now like how many of them just the two

00:15:40   just does Myke have the tattoo and as Myke have kovat which I've also updated

00:15:44   I just wanted to remind you the last time you set one of these up it kind of

00:15:48   come back to bite you in a sad way? I don't think I'm responsible for... I'm not

00:15:54   saying you're responsible, I just like, I just want you to be aware of the fact

00:15:58   that this could end up being a sad thing again, you know? And you've done that. You are

00:16:02   responsible for the energy that you put out into the world, that you breathe

00:16:06   into the universe, so that's something we're thinking about. You were sad like a

00:16:11   week ago when you had to update one of these pages, and yet here you are again

00:16:14   making another one. This episode of Connected is made possible by Trade

00:16:20   Coffee. Myke, you've had a lot of experience with Trade Coffee. Will you

00:16:25   tell us about it? I love Trade Coffee. I love the variety that I've gotten from

00:16:30   Trade Coffee, even within the preferences that I gave. I've had so many different

00:16:36   great coffees from a bunch of different roasteries. When we were in San Francisco,

00:16:41   I was out walking around one day while I was recuperating and I saw one of the

00:16:48   the coffee brands that I'd received at home as a roastery called Ritual. I was

00:16:53   like I've enjoyed their coffee at home and I was able to do that with the

00:16:57   pleasure of Trade Coffee. Yeah that's the magic of Trade Coffee. They test

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00:18:30   Our thanks to Trade for their support of the show

00:18:32   and Relay FM.

00:18:34   I wanna talk about iWork briefly.

00:18:36   - Take action, baby.

00:18:37   - Take action.

00:18:39   Version 12.1 of iWork is out

00:18:41   and a couple of pretty,

00:18:43   actually I think pretty cool features.

00:18:44   So in Keynote, there is now a way

00:18:48   to create dynamic backgrounds

00:18:51   that move behind your text or images,

00:18:55   whatever you have on your slide.

00:18:57   So I've actually been working on a keynote for something

00:19:00   and I turned these on and you can change the speed

00:19:03   and the colors and it's like a very kind of,

00:19:06   well, it can be vibrant and wild if you want it to be,

00:19:08   but I made just like a very subtle,

00:19:09   like blue and green kind of background

00:19:12   that slowly moves over time.

00:19:14   And I think it adds a nice touch to things.

00:19:18   And with pages, for the first time since they unified iWork on the Mac and iOS,

00:19:25   like a decade ago, Mail Merge is back.

00:19:28   So now you can use that feature to create personalized documents with information

00:19:35   from a mailing list or from your contact list.

00:19:38   Something that hasn't gone a long time, and there've been workarounds and they've

00:19:43   actually been like whole like other applications that have sprung up to do

00:19:46   this on macOS.

00:19:48   But now, I guess after a decade,

00:19:49   Apple realized they needed it back in Pages.

00:19:51   And Dan Morin has a good article in Six Colors

00:19:54   kind of diving into mail merge and how it works

00:19:56   and what you can do with it.

00:19:57   And for people who need it, this is really nice

00:19:59   'cause a lot of people move to Office

00:20:01   or to some other application

00:20:03   because this feature is so important to a bunch of people.

00:20:05   - I don't understand what mail merge is.

00:20:08   First of all, can you explain to me

00:20:10   why it's called mail merge if it's in Pages?

00:20:14   Shouldn't it be called Pages merge?

00:20:16   I think it's about that you're like bringing a mailing list into your document because it's also called mail merge in in Microsoft

00:20:23   What does that mean? What like do people just carry around mailing lists?

00:20:28   Like what is a mailing list like a list of email addresses?

00:20:31   Okay, like in MailChimp. So you have your document. Uh-huh. Okay, so say that you're gonna send a letter to the triple J

00:20:38   Okay, so you have a letter it's written. It's signed by your attorney like a like a physical

00:20:44   paper letter

00:20:46   Yeah, or like maybe you're gonna email them a PDF or something, right?

00:20:50   But like you needed it to look official so you have your fixed, you know document and at the top you have a field

00:20:56   that has

00:20:58   first name last name and what you can do with mail merge is you can point a list of contacts at those fields and

00:21:06   Create documents then are filled out automatically for you

00:21:11   So instead of having to like copy and paste that over and over you can do it programmatically

00:21:16   So you have a list of contacts and you have the same document with some empty fields and then you say create multiple

00:21:24   Copies, but each of these fields needs to be filled in with the information for that contact

00:21:30   Yes, and you repeat this process for all the contacts in the list

00:21:33   So if I had a hundred people in a list, would it give me a hundred documents at the end? Yes. Yeah

00:21:40   - Yeah.

00:21:41   - Oh, okay.

00:21:42   Do you know who I bet has used this a bunch?

00:21:44   John.

00:21:45   I bet John Voorhees really knows about mail merge

00:21:47   and like loves it.

00:21:48   - He's a mail merger for sure.

00:21:51   - Yeah, I think he really likes it.

00:21:53   - OTJ is 100% mail merged.

00:21:55   - Yeah, he's been merging for decades, you know?

00:21:58   I think it's, yeah.

00:21:59   - Let me ask him.

00:22:00   - The other big use is to print address labels.

00:22:04   So like if you're doing holiday gift cards yourself,

00:22:07   and this is where there have been other apps on the Mac

00:22:10   to do this, but you can bring in a bunch of contacts

00:22:14   and print like a sheet of, you know,

00:22:15   like you run like a sheet of labels through your printer

00:22:17   and then take them off and put them on an envelope.

00:22:19   You can now do that in pages more easily.

00:22:21   - I have fired off a message to John Voorhees, to OTJ,

00:22:26   to ask him if he likes mail merge,

00:22:28   and he has replied, "It's hot," with a fire emoji.

00:22:31   - Wow, settle down, John.

00:22:33   - John loves to merge.

00:22:34   He loves to merge.

00:22:36   He can't stop merging.

00:22:38   No, we found his thing. This is his thing.

00:22:41   Mm-hmm.

00:22:42   You know? Don't Yakis Yami, loves?

00:22:43   And he uses it with... I use it with shortcuts, whatever that means.

00:22:47   I don't know what that means, but...

00:22:48   Oh, yeah!

00:22:49   John has a...

00:22:49   Yeah, no.

00:22:50   [Laughter]

00:22:51   Guys, I made a mail merge shortcut years ago for John.

00:22:57   So John has...

00:22:58   How could you have done that when you didn't know what it meant?

00:23:01   I am sorry. So, well, that's because I got...

00:23:04   My problem is the terminology, where everybody just keeps repeating the same words, like "Mail Merge! Mail Merge!"

00:23:11   "It's back!" It's like, "What is Mail Merge?"

00:23:14   John just came to me with a specific problem, and I understood the specific problem, which is...

00:23:20   Whenever we do giveaways, and I have promo codes, I want to send out these promo codes to a list of people.

00:23:27   I don't want to do the manual copy and paste every single time in mail. Is there a way to automate that?

00:23:33   And he told me, I now remember that he told me that that sort of process was called mailmerge.

00:23:41   I didn't call it that, I just figured, you know, this is something that I understand

00:23:45   as a problem.

00:23:46   Well, you did in the shortcuts archive.

00:23:48   It's called mailmerge.

00:23:49   Yeah, because he told me like, this is mailmerge.

00:23:52   And so yeah, that was what, three, four, five years ago, maybe.

00:23:58   I just, I really think it's a bad name.

00:24:00   the name doesn't really sell the feature. Yeah, do you want to know what I thought it was?

00:24:05   So like, I know this phrase, right? I've known this phrase for years. I didn't know where anybody

00:24:10   had used it. I just know the phrase. I thought it meant like combining two email accounts. Yeah,

00:24:15   me too. That's what I thought it meant. You just have two mail accounts and you want one email

00:24:19   account, so now you merge your mail. I'm sure the guy who came up with mail merge is the same person

00:24:26   who later created Mime Stream. Like it has to be the same person. I'm sorry but it's a really bad

00:24:35   mail merge. You're not merging mails. Nice feature. I'll never use it. Reviews of the M2 MacBook Pro

00:24:45   are out. So our friend Jason has a review over on Six Colors and I just I love his headline,

00:24:52   the future wrapped in the past. So good. It's so good. That's a very Jason Snelly headline right

00:25:00   there. Big Snell energy. So you should go read his review. He's got some charts. The M2 is as

00:25:06   faster as Apple said it is basically, especially in single core. In multi-core, it's totally crushed

00:25:14   by the M1 Pro and Max and Ultra, as you would expect as they have more cores. You were saying

00:25:19   this to me earlier and I agree it's kind of sad that this is the first m2 computer like yeah it

00:25:27   is it's good at what it does I couldn't be less interested in it and I don't know it's kind of a

00:25:34   bummer I know why it exists I get why it exists I hope this is the last one and then they find

00:25:40   something better to replace this computer with but it's kind of like okay you know because the

00:25:47   The problem is, I think one of the reasons it's exciting is we kind of know what the

00:25:51   M2 was going to be, right?

00:25:53   And that's not a bad thing, it's just like the M2 is going to be a little bit faster

00:25:57   than the M1 and do some stuff it couldn't do, but it's not going to blow the doors off

00:26:01   anything.

00:26:02   But it would be more exciting to talk about the M2 if it's wrapped in a brand new machine

00:26:07   like the MacBook Air.

00:26:08   We're getting it here first, which is just, you know, it's not really much to say about

00:26:14   it, you know?

00:26:15   It's just a weird timing thing.

00:26:18   I would imagine that Apple would have wanted something else to bring in the M2, maybe this

00:26:23   in the air together, maybe ultimately in a parallel non-COVID universe.

00:26:27   This machine isn't here and it is replaced with a 15-inch air or something else.

00:26:33   But it is here and there are, and Jason goes into this, there are reasons to get it, right?

00:26:40   If you need a little bit better battery life than the air, if you're doing sustained workloads

00:26:45   where the active cooling would make a difference, which is a very edge case, because remember

00:26:49   on the MacBook Pros, like with the M1 Pro and the M1 Max, you can run them without the

00:26:55   fan spinning. In fact, Apple says most of the time the fans don't even spin in those

00:27:00   notebooks. And so it's really only at the edges that the active cooling makes a big

00:27:04   difference, I think. Or, and there are people out there who like the touch bar. And I would

00:27:08   imagine, and I would have said this last year too, but I'm going to say it here, I think

00:27:12   definitely the last machine that's gonna have the touch bar. So there are purposes for this machine.

00:27:17   It does also give people, we talked about this last time, a pro machine without spending $2,000.

00:27:24   And I get that. I think for most people, especially if you're looking at to join the Apple Silicon

00:27:30   era, the the new Air, or even the M1 Air, honestly, which I used my wife's last night for a while,

00:27:37   'cause I forgot how great that machine is.

00:27:41   There are better options for less or similar money

00:27:44   than this thing.

00:27:46   It's just a hard sell unless you're in one

00:27:47   of those really narrow categories.

00:27:50   - I have no thoughts about this computer.

00:27:52   I said it last time.

00:27:54   I think it's boring.

00:27:55   - If me and Steven are struggling,

00:27:56   Federico's got nothing, right?

00:27:59   - Honestly, I'm listening to you guys

00:28:01   and I agree with everything you're saying.

00:28:03   I don't have an opinion and I don't think I should.

00:28:05   - It's hard to have an opinion about this computer.

00:28:07   - I'm like, okay.

00:28:09   I mean, I knew it was gonna be a bit of a quiet embargo day

00:28:13   when I saw a couple of articles and I didn't,

00:28:16   like I followed a bunch of tech YouTubers,

00:28:18   none of them made a video about it.

00:28:20   It's like-

00:28:21   - No, this will be in the MacBook Air video

00:28:24   of a bunch of people, right?

00:28:25   They will put this in there as well.

00:28:27   - Right, and it may be, I just don't know,

00:28:30   it may be that Apple didn't see these very widely

00:28:32   knowing that the air is coming

00:28:34   and not wanting basically the rhetoric

00:28:37   to be what we're talking about of like,

00:28:38   yeah, this machine doesn't really make much sense

00:28:40   for the majority of people.

00:28:42   But I do continue to be excited

00:28:44   about the march of Apple Silicon.

00:28:48   I came across some of the other day,

00:28:50   someone had commented about,

00:28:52   oh, this is really like, you know, M1 part two,

00:28:56   or like, it's really not as exciting as like,

00:28:58   but that's how it was always going to be.

00:29:01   You only get that big four to five, six times faster

00:29:06   when you change architecture, right?

00:29:09   Now we are in the mode where like,

00:29:11   yeah, it's gonna be incremental from here on out.

00:29:14   And some years will be better than others.

00:29:16   Like there have been years on the A series chip

00:29:18   where they're dropping two times performance on something

00:29:22   and other years it's 20%, right?

00:29:24   Just depends on what's going on.

00:29:26   That's totally fine because the Apple Silicon machines

00:29:29   are already starting out so far ahead. I just don't I don't see

00:29:34   a reason to get worked up about about the differences between

00:29:37   the M one of the M two in a negative way. I think it's

00:29:39   exciting that Apple is marching forward as quickly as they are.

00:29:42   It's a bummer. This is the first machine bring this new

00:29:46   generation in but you know, I think over the next few months,

00:29:49   we'll see the M two spread out to things like the Mac Mini and

00:29:53   the 24 inch iMac and will be you know, kind of off to the races

00:29:57   to see what they do on the high end.

00:30:00   - I mean, I also kind of, I don't really know

00:30:03   what to say to people that are hoping for more.

00:30:06   When we've had all these M1 chips, right,

00:30:09   like the four variants of it,

00:30:12   and they have all been astronomically more powerful

00:30:15   than the other one in the line,

00:30:18   that it's kind of like, there's not gonna be,

00:30:21   like the M2's not gonna start to get towards the M1 Pro.

00:30:25   - Right. - No.

00:30:26   because then there's what's the M2 Pro.

00:30:29   So like...

00:30:30   - Yeah, and the big difference between the standard chip

00:30:34   and Pro and Max, it's not clock speed, right?

00:30:37   It's the number of cores, especially on the GPU side.

00:30:40   And so, yes, the M2 is faster than the M1 in single core,

00:30:45   but as soon as you get out of the same family of chip,

00:30:51   as soon as you start moving up the line,

00:30:53   then the core count as it increases,

00:30:58   like it spreads that out, right?

00:31:00   It spreads the gap between this.

00:31:03   Like I don't feel bad about my recent Max Studio purchase

00:31:08   because the M2 is out,

00:31:09   because it is so much faster in multi-core

00:31:12   and a lot of my workflow takes advantage of that.

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00:33:01   the support of the show and Relay FM. Beta 2 is out. I think Federico, you've been installing

00:33:08   it in the background. Is that done?

00:33:11   installing now on my iPad Pro. It's done on my iPhone and I was just playing around with it.

00:33:17   Okay, so a couple of things I've noticed on the lock screen. There are two new options for color

00:33:25   wallpapers. Before there used to be only two filters, right? The natural color filter and

00:33:32   the black and white one. They have added Duotone and Color Wash as two new additional filters when

00:33:40   when you're putting together color wallpapers on the lock screen,

00:33:43   I don't see other changes in terms of new widgets,

00:33:47   or placement of widgets, or anything else.

00:33:49   So just new color options there.

00:33:51   I have seen a slight redesign for some shortcuts actions,

00:33:57   like when you're choosing from a list or entering some text in an alert.

00:34:03   Those are looking much, much nicer than before,

00:34:06   and they're actually, like, this is not beta 2,

00:34:09   but in general they are a lot faster than iOS 15.

00:34:14   - It's immediate now.

00:34:16   There's no stupid animation that takes forever.

00:34:19   Like they're choosing from a list thing

00:34:22   in previous versions.

00:34:23   It was even just really slow to appear

00:34:25   or the animation was slow.

00:34:27   Now it's like straight away.

00:34:28   I've been appreciating that.

00:34:29   - I don't see anything else that jumps out at me.

00:34:32   No new icons, no new widgets.

00:34:38   I don't see anything at the moment. I think maybe some bigger changes could be on the iPad with Stage Manager,

00:34:44   but that's taking a while to install on my iPad. I'm taking a look at Widgets. I don't see anything else in here.

00:34:50   No changes in music. I don't think there's a ton of stuff happening on the iPhone, honestly.

00:34:57   Yeah, I don't see just some refinements for the lock screen and some refinements for shortcuts.

00:35:03   I'm sure other things will come out but this is just based on five minutes of

00:35:08   usage. Nothing major jumps out at me right now.

00:35:13   So I have iPad OS 16 up and running now on my iPad. I would say in general stage

00:35:20   manager feels a little bit more responsive but I haven't yet seen

00:35:23   anything that seems particularly new. This is beta 2? One question I have... yes.

00:35:28   Okay. One question I have for you Federico, something I noticed I didn't

00:35:32   if it was there before. Were there keyboard shortcuts to switch between window sets? No.

00:35:38   They've added that. So, globe left and right will move you between windows sets. And that's

00:35:44   what they call them. Oh, okay. They call them window sets. Okay. So you've got globe up

00:35:49   shows the app switcher, globe down is show all windows, globe left is previous windows

00:35:54   set, globe right is next. Globe down is show windows? Show all windows. Nice, okay, so

00:36:00   There's a keeper shortcut for that now.

00:36:02   Okay.

00:36:03   - Something I noticed, this was probably the way before.

00:36:07   It's kind of funny.

00:36:08   I just did that on an app.

00:36:09   So I have two windows open in Timery,

00:36:12   one in two different, like one on its own

00:36:15   and one in a set and I did globe down

00:36:18   and it showed me an empty screen.

00:36:19   So they've added it, but it isn't,

00:36:24   at least for me here, it's not doing anything.

00:36:26   Question I had for you that I wasn't sure.

00:36:29   - Oh yeah, when I also do the show or windows,

00:36:31   it doesn't work.

00:36:32   But in Stage Manager,

00:36:35   an application that has multiple windows

00:36:38   still can't be in multiple sets.

00:36:40   It can just be on its own or in a stage

00:36:43   is what I'm experiencing here.

00:36:45   That seems very odd to me.

00:36:46   - No, you can have different windows

00:36:48   from the same app in different sets.

00:36:50   - How?

00:36:51   - Good question.

00:36:53   You either grab a window from the sets on the left side

00:36:58   or my iPad is installing in front of me.

00:37:03   So I cannot try.

00:37:05   - Okay, I got it working now.

00:37:06   Like it seems inconsistent, but yes, you're right.

00:37:08   I did just get it working now and that works.

00:37:11   So this is one of those things where like,

00:37:13   I know why a lot of people didn't have multiple windows

00:37:16   in their iPad app.

00:37:18   - Because you couldn't see them.

00:37:19   - I heard you talk about this in app stories.

00:37:21   You've got to do it now,

00:37:22   because this is a big difference to be able to,

00:37:26   to have all of the instances of an app that you would want

00:37:31   to have these kind of sets the way that you might want them.

00:37:35   - Because they are literally sitting

00:37:36   in front of your face now.

00:37:37   So you can see all those windows.

00:37:39   And if you're not supporting multiple windows,

00:37:41   you're gonna have not a great experience for the user.

00:37:46   So multiple windows and drag and drop at a bare minimum.

00:37:51   These are things that have existed since IPOS 13.

00:37:55   So it's been a few years now,

00:37:56   But yeah, you gotta do it.

00:37:58   The addition of keyboard shortcuts is very nice.

00:38:01   I wonder if they're lifting some of those limitations,

00:38:06   maybe not yet.

00:38:07   Two other things that I've noticed,

00:38:09   you can now back up your iPhone over cellular,

00:38:14   finally, if you want to,

00:38:16   and they have made it easier to delete the lock screens

00:38:21   by swiping them up.

00:38:24   Like you can swipe up an app on the iPhone

00:38:26   to remove it from the app switcher.

00:38:29   Now, before it was kind of weird

00:38:32   because you needed to long press a lock screen.

00:38:36   Now you can just swipe up and a trash icon appears

00:38:39   and you can just delete it.

00:38:41   So that's cool.

00:38:42   But yeah, I don't see it.

00:38:44   - Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a ton.

00:38:46   I'll be really keen to see what you have to say

00:38:48   about Stage Manager.

00:38:50   I mean, to me, on my iPad Air,

00:38:52   it feels a bit more responsive.

00:38:55   - Feels snappier.

00:38:56   doing things the way I would particularly want, like there's still only one resize point by touch,

00:39:04   which I don't like. I still feel like they fundamentally have the wrong

00:39:11   window picker. I think the UI that they have, and like in the two weeks I've spent using

00:39:17   it's not called window manager, stage manager, in the two weeks that I spent using it, that is where

00:39:23   I'm sort of, I draw the line, which is they have a bad design, like visually speaking,

00:39:30   for the window picker. By window picker I mean... You mean the thing on the left, right? No, no, no,

00:39:35   not that. That's cool. For what you just mentioned, Myke, for picking multiple windows from the same

00:39:42   app, it's so disconnected from everything else. Like, honestly, the shelf was a better design,

00:39:52   because it was tiny and compact.

00:39:55   Like, now, when you want to pick one of the windows

00:39:59   from the same application,

00:40:01   you're taken into this fullscreen UI

00:40:05   that is totally disconnected from Stage Manager.

00:40:09   Whereas what I would like to get is,

00:40:12   you long-press on an icon or something in the dock,

00:40:17   and you get a pop-up with all your windows,

00:40:20   kind of like the shelf, and you just pick one and drag it into Stage Manager and you're done.

00:40:25   So that is the point of friction for me at the moment.

00:40:29   I don't want to raise your hopes up, but like, the "show all windows" thing is just straight up

00:40:34   not working for me right now. But that might mean that maybe they're gonna change it,

00:40:39   but like when I press "show all windows" I just go to a blank screen.

00:40:43   Hold on, hold on. Go into that blank screen, swipe with your finger to the right,

00:40:49   Do you see anything?

00:40:52   Oh, well the stage manager thing has appeared.

00:40:57   Because it used to be before that when you clicked in beta 1, that when you clicked "show all windows"

00:41:03   it was like, the windows were there, but they were scrolled all the way to the left

00:41:09   and then they popped in. So what it's now showing me is all of the stages where a window appears

00:41:15   appears, and then I can tap one.

00:41:17   Yeah, OK, that's different then.

00:41:20   Interesting.

00:41:21   This is funny.

00:41:21   This is very funny.

00:41:23   Yeah, they're hidden, and then I can make them appear.

00:41:26   So they're adding keyboard shortcuts.

00:41:27   That's good.

00:41:29   They're potentially putting in some work

00:41:30   into the window-picking UI.

00:41:33   I think if we're going to see bigger changes,

00:41:35   we're going to see them in Beta 3, which is also,

00:41:38   apparently, according to Mark German,

00:41:40   going to be the public beta.

00:41:41   And we knew as much before, right,

00:41:43   with the rumors leading up to WWDC, Gherman said,

00:41:48   beta 2 and 3 are potentially lagging a bit behind

00:41:52   compared to previous years.

00:41:54   What we can say right now is that actually,

00:41:59   iOS 16 beta 2 is one day early

00:42:04   compared to iOS 15 beta 2 last year,

00:42:08   because last year, beta 2 came out this week

00:42:12   on the Thursday. Beta 2 this year came out on the Wednesday as we're recording this.

00:42:20   So far they are on track, if anything they are actually earlier than last year, but of

00:42:25   course the delay could be in the Beta 3, and so we could see a Beta 3 maybe later, mid-July,

00:42:32   and a public Beta after that. And if we're going to see bigger changes, those could be

00:42:38   for the first public beta, right?

00:42:40   They wanna make sure that they lock in those changes

00:42:42   to Stage Manager before a much bigger audience

00:42:45   gets their hands on the beta.

00:42:47   - I mean, I haven't seen anybody losing their mind

00:42:50   about them having added Stage Manager to other iPads,

00:42:53   so I'm assuming that that has not happened as of now,

00:42:57   if it happens at all.

00:42:59   Very good conversation you two had last week.

00:43:01   - Thank you. - I was really happy

00:43:02   I didn't have to be a part of it.

00:43:03   (laughing)

00:43:06   I enjoyed listening to it.

00:43:07   I didn't want to make it.

00:43:09   It's just like, I find it's such an exhausting topic to me.

00:43:12   So I'm pleased that you guys did it.

00:43:16   - Myke, do you want to tell us about

00:43:18   capture autofill on iOS 16?

00:43:22   - Oh yeah, yeah.

00:43:23   So I've got a couple of things that are in iOS 16 beta one

00:43:26   that I just thought were really interesting.

00:43:28   One is replacing capture with what's called

00:43:31   a private access token.

00:43:33   And I'm gonna read from, this came from a session at WWDC.

00:43:37   Private access tokens are a powerful alternative that help you identify HTTP requests from

00:43:42   legitimate devices and people without compromising their identity or personal information.

00:43:47   We'll show you how your app and server can take advantage of this tool to add confidence

00:43:52   to your online transactions and preserve privacy.

00:43:55   So basically, you know when you have to do a capture and you have to like pick all the

00:43:59   things that are a stop sign or like drag this puzzle piece to the correct place or like

00:44:05   type this thing you can't read this will eventually hopefully remove the requirement for that because

00:44:12   effectively what it's doing this is as you can imagine apple so it's privacy focused

00:44:16   it's not giving any user info to the server or the cdn or whatever it's just confirming this

00:44:25   is a real human being so fastly and cloudflare they're two cdns they've already added they're

00:44:32   you

00:44:51   just communicating to the CDN. This is a real person. So this is a really great technology

00:44:56   that I hope, I mean I don't know the, like I don't know if it is an open source technology,

00:45:02   I hope so. It's kind of reminded me in essence of that like the password replacement thing.

00:45:09   I don't remember the name of it now, but you know what I'm talking about right? Like passkeys.

00:45:13   Passkeys.

00:45:14   It reminded me of that, of like we'll just take care of this for you and we'll just get rid of

00:45:18   of this annoyance you don't have to deal with anymore. So I think this is really good and

00:45:22   I hope that it rolls out. At the moment this kind of doesn't really feel like something

00:45:27   that specific apps I guess don't really have to take advantage of this, just the services

00:45:31   that they use. So I guess the hope is Google will, right? Because I would assume, I know

00:45:37   for me personally most of the captures I see are the Google ones, right? You know when

00:45:41   you have to like pick the two things. But my understanding is Google uses this as a

00:45:45   way to train their algorithms so I don't know if they kind of want to get rid of it.

00:45:50   I guess we'll see over time. Right, is that an urban myth?

00:45:53   No I think it's true.

00:45:54   Or is that true? That they use it, they're using it to test for like car stuff?

00:45:58   It's got to be, I mean it's always like driving related things like show me the bridges,

00:46:03   show me the you know palm trees.

00:46:05   Because it used to be other stuff and then it became only car stuff right?

00:46:09   Yeah I feel like that's all I see.

00:46:11   I also, I'm a proud subscriber to Club Max Stories.

00:46:15   Thank you.

00:46:16   Although, I think I used to pay, but now I don't anymore.

00:46:20   But I'm still a subscriber, I don't remember.

00:46:22   If you made me free, thank you, otherwise I pay.

00:46:24   I think I did like last year, and I told you, but then you forgot.

00:46:27   Who knows, but thank you if you comp me.

00:46:30   Sure.

00:46:31   I wanted to pick two things that I found in a great article that Federico wrote called

00:46:35   "5 Iowa 16 Features You May Not Have Seen Yet".

00:46:38   You should subscribe to Club Max Stories to find out the other three, I'm only going to

00:46:41   tell you two of them.

00:46:43   One is to add CCV cards to credit card, Autofill, this is fantastic because I get so frustrated

00:46:51   with this.

00:46:52   I use 1Password right but sometimes 1Password doesn't see the credit card number or whatever

00:46:58   but Apple does.

00:46:59   Alright Apple's little thing pops up and I just want to press it because it's right there

00:47:04   but the one thing it doesn't do is add the security CCV number but now you can add this

00:47:08   in iOS 16 to your credit card info and it will add that for you which is great.

00:47:12   The other is something that Federica found the other day and was very excited about and

00:47:16   I was very excited about and was showing us screenshots in iMessage is unit conversion

00:47:22   baked into the system via the same way that it does the data detector stuff.

00:47:28   So when you see a thing, you see a line underneath it.

00:47:30   So if you send somebody a time, like say you're like, "Hey, let's meet at 12 p.m. Eastern

00:47:35   time," you could tap that and it will give you your local time and then allow you to

00:47:39   add an event.

00:47:41   or if someone says to you 36 degrees celsius you could tap it and find out the fahrenheit

00:47:46   or if it's like currency measurement stuff like that i think this is brilliant and it's

00:47:51   this is to me like smart phone right like computer should be smart and do this for me

00:47:59   yeah yes i've heard this this phrase smart phones but like seriously like this is this

00:48:05   is exactly the kind of thing it should be doing i should never have to ask my iphone

00:48:10   to convert something. It should always be ready to do it without me ever needing it.

00:48:15   Especially stuff like this. The basic things, right? Time, temperature, currency. You know,

00:48:20   it's funny to me that this will work when Siri so frequently fails for me with time

00:48:25   zone conversions and now I'm happy that I'll never have to go through that issue because

00:48:30   it will just be able to do it right there for me. So I think that's great. Especially

00:48:33   when I have some friends, I'm not going to name them, who only give to me their own local

00:48:39   time zone when we could all use a different time zone. My issue is not that you both want

00:48:45   it in your own time zone. It's that when we do that it causes potential errors. That's

00:48:49   what I don't like. I don't like errors, you know?

00:48:51   But that's just life. Life has potential errors.

00:48:54   Yeah, but I don't like errors. Well then, you're in for quite a ride.

00:48:59   Look, I had COVID, okay? You know? Oh, come on.

00:49:02   You gotta be nice to me. How long is this thing gonna be now? For years?

00:49:07   forever. For as long as I still feel like my chest is burning, like it is right now.

00:49:12   Okay. When I can forget that I had it because I have no symptoms, then you can be mean to

00:49:17   me again. Right now, you've got to be nice to me.

00:49:20   Let me tell you some nice things then. They have definitely added a specific category

00:49:26   for keyboard shortcuts for Stage Manager. So, Command-F, that was in there before, for

00:49:31   full screen, now it's called Zoom. So you're zooming into a window in Stage Manager.

00:49:36   Command-F is "find" in like every other application.

00:49:40   I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

00:49:41   Globe, globe, globe-F.

00:49:43   Okay, okay, that I can forgive.

00:49:45   I was like, if-

00:49:46   Hold on, because it gets better, Steven.

00:49:47   They have added a command for minimizing windows,

00:49:52   but it's not called minimize.

00:49:55   However, the shortcut is, and I'm getting this right,

00:49:58   command-M, like on the Mac,

00:50:02   but it's called removeWindow.

00:50:05   So when you do Command + M in Stage Manager,

00:50:08   you don't minimize it, you remove a window from the set.

00:50:12   It's okay, it's Command + M though.

00:50:16   That's minimize.

00:50:17   - I'll tell you that does not work in messages.

00:50:19   (laughing)

00:50:21   That is a conflicting shortcut in messages

00:50:23   that shows keyboard shortcuts, apparently.

00:50:26   - They have added a new keyboard.

00:50:28   - Do these people talk to each other

00:50:30   when they work on these things?

00:50:31   (laughing)

00:50:35   I've got messages open and all it's doing is like opening and closing the text field.

00:50:39   Amazing. They have added a keyboard shortcut for bringing in another window, so that's nice.

00:50:48   Basically, when you press Ctrl + Glob up, it now shows you the home screen, so it's like what they

00:50:55   did last year with Split View. Now the same works in Stage Manager. And, thankfully, they have

00:51:04   added a keyboard equivalent for moving a window to an external display. So now there's a hotkey

00:51:12   to do that. It's Ctrl+Globe... what's it called? Like, the reverse backslash? Is that the name?

00:51:20   Reverse backslash? I guess. Anyway, there's a hotkey... - Slash? Wait, front slash... forward slash!

00:51:26   - No, it's not the forward one. It's the other one. Backslash. Just backslash? Is that the name?

00:51:33   What's the name of... not the forward one, the other one?

00:51:39   It's not a forward slash.

00:51:41   Reverse- Slash.

00:51:42   Backslash.

00:51:43   It's just slash and backslash.

00:51:45   Backslash!

00:51:46   Backslash, right?

00:51:48   Backslash exists.

00:51:49   What's happening?

00:51:50   Forward, reverse, backslash.

00:51:53   No.

00:51:54   What's it called?

00:51:55   Slash or backslash?

00:51:56   Oh god.

00:51:57   Anyway, backslash?

00:51:58   Is that the name?

00:51:59   Federico.

00:52:00   Federico.

00:52:01   Federico, Federico, I tell you what, set in iMessage, paste the character that you are

00:52:07   seeing and we can tell you what it is. So you send that one to us in iMessage and then

00:52:13   we can tell you whether it's forward slash or backslash.

00:52:17   What's the name of this?

00:52:18   Okay.

00:52:19   Backslash.

00:52:20   Backslash, okay.

00:52:21   That's a backslash.

00:52:22   And the other is forward slash.

00:52:25   Forward slash.

00:52:26   Okay.

00:52:27   Or just slash.

00:52:28   Or just slash.

00:52:29   See, that was my confusion.

00:52:30   OK, so there's Ctrl+Globe\ to move a window to another display.

00:52:38   So you don't have to use the multitasking menu anymore for that.

00:52:41   But that's about it, in terms of changes, I think.

00:52:44   You still can...

00:52:46   Like if you try to right-click on a window set on the left, it still does nothing.

00:52:53   Which is still weird to me.

00:52:56   I think you should be able to right-click on a Windows set and have a context menu or

00:53:02   something, right?

00:53:03   I can't be the only one wishing for that.

00:53:06   Let me do something here.

00:53:08   But no, it does nothing.

00:53:09   Even if it's just to break it up, right?

00:53:12   Like close all of these or...

00:53:14   Yeah, break it up or move it to a display or something like that.

00:53:18   I just stuffed away my external monitor and I put it into my drawer.

00:53:22   So that's the cool thing about this.

00:53:25   This portable monitor, by the way, I think I said this on Unwind with Jon, and I'm going

00:53:30   to say it before, has to be one of my favorite tech purchases of the year.

00:53:34   It's the C-Force.

00:53:35   You've gotten a lot of miles out of this thing, for sure.

00:53:39   Like loads of different uses.

00:53:40   It's incredible.

00:53:41   Loads of different uses.

00:53:42   It has, so it's called the C-Force OLED display.

00:53:46   It's a 15.6 inches portable OLED display.

00:53:51   And it's incredible.

00:53:52   Like with the iPad Pro, you can run a single cable from the USB-C port on the iPad into

00:53:58   the display, it powers the display, and it sends the appropriate video signal to use

00:54:04   it as an external monitor in iPadOS 16.

00:54:08   I use it with the Nintendo Switch, I use it with the Steam Deck, I've used it with the

00:54:12   Aya Neo, it's incredible.

00:54:14   You can use it with the MacBook Pro, obviously, if you want.

00:54:18   What is it called?

00:54:19   C-Force, as in the letter C.

00:54:22   As in-

00:54:23   - Oh, I was searching.

00:54:24   - S-E-A.

00:54:25   - No, no, C.

00:54:26   - I was just getting both.

00:54:26   - No, no, no.

00:54:27   (laughing)

00:54:28   C- - It's like the Navy.

00:54:30   - C-Force.

00:54:31   - The C-Force.

00:54:32   - Like the C-Force, yeah.

00:54:33   It's the C-Force display.

00:54:35   - CF015 Next, 4K OLED,

00:54:38   HDMI and USB-C random plug portable display.

00:54:43   - Yeah, that's mine.

00:54:44   Yeah.

00:54:45   - Cool.

00:54:46   And the shirtless.

00:54:47   - Incredible panel.

00:54:48   I think it's a Samsung panel actually.

00:54:51   So it looks fantastic.

00:54:53   Great for gaming for sure,

00:54:55   but also works in productivity related scenarios.

00:55:00   So yeah.

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00:56:58   I made a purchase.

00:57:00   M2 MacBook...

00:57:01   No, I'm just kidding.

00:57:03   Oh no, I'm sorry.

00:57:04   I have real time said follow up.

00:57:08   Oh no.

00:57:10   Let's pour one out for poster board, the application that used to be.

00:57:16   Yeah.

00:57:17   You could invoke it from shortcuts in iOS 16 beta one, but that's no longer possible.

00:57:24   That's not surprising.

00:57:25   That's a bummer.

00:57:26   I'm sorry.

00:57:27   So go ahead, Stephen.

00:57:29   So I've made a purchase, the new 35 watt dual USB C charger from Apple.

00:57:37   Okay.

00:57:38   The compact one.

00:57:39   two versions of it. There's a big boy and a little boy. I got the little one.

00:57:44   Is it like in volume? It's pretty big. Because like they're just arranged differently. One is

00:57:51   wide and one is tall. Wait, wait, there's two of them? In some markets. Am I some market? In US,

00:57:58   Canada, China, Japan and Mexico. Otherwise they use the other one. However, what I will say for

00:58:05   the other one, the taller one, is it has the interchangeable duck head. They're not all called

00:58:13   duck heads are they? But interchangeable adapters. So you could use one thing in a bunch of different

00:58:19   places. So that is the benefit at least. If you were taking it to America you'd just need one of

00:58:24   the little America things and you could swap that on instead of the Europe one. So I think it's just

00:58:31   just because they haven't found a way to make

00:58:34   a collapsible one for other markets yet, I guess.

00:58:38   - It's pretty nice.

00:58:39   The compact one also has like grooves on the side

00:58:42   for like put your like thumb on to like unplug it

00:58:44   and plug it in, which is kind of a nice touch.

00:58:46   And the prongs fold flat.

00:58:49   It's interesting how they work.

00:58:50   So it's 35 watt total,

00:58:55   not 35 watts per USB-C port.

00:58:58   So if you connect a Mac and an iPhone or an iPad,

00:59:03   it'll split it 17.5 watts each.

00:59:07   But if you connect something like an Apple Watch or AirPods,

00:59:10   they can just pull 7.5 watts,

00:59:13   leaving the other 27 and a half

00:59:15   for whatever is in the other port.

00:59:19   So it's doing a balancing act depending on what's plugged in

00:59:23   but I got this for our kitchen

00:59:25   where we were habitually like unplugging and replugging

00:59:30   different cables in to just a single,

00:59:33   I think it was a like an 18 watt,

00:59:36   like the old iPad one USB-A.

00:59:38   So it'd have like a lightning cable,

00:59:40   but then also a micro USB for some other stuff.

00:59:44   And now I've just got this thing

00:59:46   and it is definitely bigger.

00:59:47   And it's a little weird for an Apple thing.

00:59:50   It's like the ports are on the bottom.

00:59:55   So the cables come down like down flat against the wall instead of out, which I actually like in the situation that I'm using it.

01:00:02   I think it'd also be nice like behind a bed or something because it's snugger to the wall than the more traditional Apple style where it's sort of long ways out from the wall.

01:00:13   So I can see uses for the compact one and seems fine charging stuff, you know, doing what it's supposed to do and has been well received in my household.

01:00:24   It's funny because this adapter style, we have one that Apple makes in the UK, it's

01:00:31   the standard one. And it collapses in on itself and has the plug in the bottom with the grooves

01:00:38   on the side. So it's just intriguing to me that they haven't found a way to make the

01:00:42   more powerful one when we already have this design style. This is fine, I've gone all

01:00:47   in on this mini X plug that Gray found which is tiny and it's 66 watts and it's

01:00:55   it's GAN and it has two USB C ports and a USB A port and can do up to 66 watts

01:01:02   I'm all in on this one so this gets a big recommendation from me by the way

01:01:08   for a similar product that that has more features yeah I've got one in my bag for

01:01:13   like travel, but I didn't need that much juice in the kitchen, and so...

01:01:20   Isn't that where you keep the juice?

01:01:22   I've taken a slightly different approach instead. I have purchased a series, really,

01:01:31   multiple of those Anker Nano 2 GaN chargers. These output up to 65 watts,

01:01:43   and they're so small, like I've bought four of them, and I've basically placed

01:01:48   them in each drawer of the house. So like if you're looking for a charger, there's

01:01:53   a charger, and it uses, you know, 65 watts. It's good enough for anything really.

01:01:59   iPads, Nintendo Switch, laptops. I mean it's not as fast as MagSafe, but it

01:02:07   gets you there. And it does one, right? You can charge one? And it's one, and

01:02:11   And it's like this small cube that you can hold in your hand.

01:02:15   It's very nice, actually.

01:02:17   And I have multiple of these scattered, essentially,

01:02:20   throughout the house.

01:02:21   And it works.

01:02:22   We love it.

01:02:23   But I also have that wild--

01:02:25   I also have that wild hyper battery

01:02:27   that I received finally after the Indiegogo campaign

01:02:32   that outputs--

01:02:34   I don't know, how much is it?

01:02:35   240 watts or something?

01:02:37   Like it fits the, like it's the,

01:02:42   it cannot get any bigger than this

01:02:44   if you wanna go on an airplane with this battery.

01:02:47   Like this is the maximum capacity for--

01:02:51   - Is this the 245 watt USB-C battery pack and GAN charger?

01:02:56   - Yeah, yeah.

01:02:57   - And it's got the little screen on it, right?

01:02:58   - It's got the little screen.

01:02:59   It's amazing because it shows you

01:03:00   when you're charging the battery,

01:03:02   how fast you're gonna charge it

01:03:04   and how long it's gonna take.

01:03:07   or if you're charging from the battery other devices,

01:03:12   it shows you the charging rate

01:03:15   that they're pulling from the battery.

01:03:17   And it's got two 100-watt plugs, ports, sorry,

01:03:22   and two 65-watt ports.

01:03:28   So if I wanna charge my MacBook Pro,

01:03:30   I can just use the 100-watt port, and it's incredible,

01:03:35   because I believe the 14-inch Pro tops out a 96-watt charging for USB-C,

01:03:42   so that's great.

01:03:43   Otherwise, I just use the 65-watt one for my Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck.

01:03:48   And yeah, I love this thing, but it's so...

01:03:50   It's like you can hurt somebody with this thing.

01:03:54   It's so heavy, but...

01:03:56   I found another product for you.

01:03:59   It's called the 12 South to 12 South 3-in-1 charger.

01:04:06   It is like many of these products, it does three things.

01:04:09   It has a 7.5 watt magnetic Qi charger, an Apple watch charger and a 5 watt Qi charger

01:04:15   in the base.

01:04:16   So you could have your iPhone held up, you could put your Apple watch behind it and you

01:04:22   put your AirPods on the little base and it would charge them all.

01:04:24   Somewhat slowly but it would charge them all.

01:04:26   What I like about this product is it has a built in temperature control that pairs with

01:04:32   voltage protection for keeping, as it's quote, "for keeping the entire package from overheating

01:04:37   when you're topping up all three devices at once."

01:04:40   I think that's cool.

01:04:41   I feel like, you know me, I want to know things have that in it and I feel like not a lot

01:04:45   of companies say that they do this and so I think that's cool.

01:04:49   So I would feel confident having this thing by my bedside to charge everything.

01:04:54   putting the air and air power. That's what they're doing. Keeping it cool.

01:04:57   It doesn't keep it cool, it just recognizes that it's hot and turns it off.

01:05:01   It could have a fan. Put a fan in there.

01:05:04   Federico has one of the fan in, right?

01:05:07   You used to. Remember when I received that charger that had like a fan, you could hear it.

01:05:14   It was like a white noise machine for your nightstand.

01:05:19   Yeah, because it was doing what AirPower was trying to do, right?

01:05:23   It was like seven charging coils in one pad.

01:05:27   Place anything anywhere and it's gonna charge.

01:05:30   Bad idea.

01:05:31   Bad idea.

01:05:32   Man, we were really into that, like as a human species, until a few years ago.

01:05:38   And then I think we all sort of accepted that it's preferable to avoid a house fire

01:05:44   and just have distinct placements for devices.

01:05:48   That was a weird moment in human history.

01:05:50   - Not particularly hard to just put the thing down

01:05:53   on the charger, you know?

01:05:55   Like in the place where you're supposed to,

01:05:57   rather than a requirement to have a pad

01:06:02   where you can arbitrarily put the thing down.

01:06:04   I don't know how helpful,

01:06:05   I don't really think that's very helpful.

01:06:07   But you know, I'm an anti-chi person anyway, so.

01:06:12   - Is that a particular trait

01:06:16   that you describe yourself with.

01:06:19   Like, that's a very--

01:06:20   - Anti-chi, yeah. - Anti-chi person.

01:06:23   That's a very specific thing.

01:06:24   - Anti-wireless.

01:06:25   I'm trying to think of a better phrase for this.

01:06:27   I haven't got it yet.

01:06:28   - Yeah, yeah.

01:06:30   We learned today that you don't like that

01:06:33   and you don't like when people talk to you

01:06:35   in other time zones.

01:06:37   That's useful information to have about you.

01:06:40   - Never speak to me--

01:06:41   - In another time zone. - In another time zone

01:06:43   about wireless charging.

01:06:45   I don't want to know.

01:06:46   You keep it to yourself.

01:06:47   - Yeah, that's where you draw the line, yeah.

01:06:51   - I want to talk about WeatherKit for a minute.

01:06:53   This was something that definitely got some attention

01:06:57   the week of WWDC.

01:06:58   So Apple bought Dark Sky a couple of years ago now.

01:07:02   I feel like it's been a minute.

01:07:03   - It was more than one WWDC ago.

01:07:06   - I think we talked about this

01:07:07   in the run up to WWDC last year.

01:07:09   - Yeah.

01:07:10   - But they have a new framework called WeatherKit.

01:07:15   kit powered by Apple weather is what they're saying. And if you read the

01:07:19   description, it is basically dark sky. So current weather conditions, 10 day

01:07:25   hourly forecast for temperature, precipitation, wind, UV index, and more.

01:07:31   And of course, the thing dark sky, I think was probably most famous for

01:07:34   minute by minute precipitation for the next hour, in addition to severe weather

01:07:40   alerts in some regions. So they've taken Dark Sky, which had an API, it's in a lot

01:07:46   of third-party weather apps now, and they have rebundled it as WeatherKit.

01:07:53   It's a Swift API, they didn't even, I guess, bother putting it in

01:07:58   Objective-C, so it is all Swift. I mean, if they're making something brand new,

01:08:02   yeah, why would they? They're not gonna be. It's gonna be in Swift now, and it's

01:08:05   kind of like, I'm sorry, if you're not gonna learn Swift... if you're a developer

01:08:10   you were refusing to learn Swift,

01:08:12   I got bad news for you, right?

01:08:14   Like at this point, you've got to understand, right?

01:08:17   Like this is where they're going,

01:08:19   whether you kind of want it or not.

01:08:21   - And what's cool is, so there are platform specific APIs

01:08:25   for iOS 16, Mac OS, tvOS, watchOS,

01:08:29   but there's also a rest API for other platforms.

01:08:32   So they're giving you more options there.

01:08:34   And as you would imagine from Apple,

01:08:36   it's very privacy focused.

01:08:38   And so they say that location is only used

01:08:42   to provide weather forecast.

01:08:44   It is not associated with anything personally identifiable

01:08:47   and is never tracked between requests.

01:08:50   So anytime you request new information,

01:08:53   they're not linking that with previous location data.

01:08:57   And they've got some pricing information up

01:09:00   up to 20 million calls a month, which is $1,000.

01:09:04   I don't know what happens if you need more than that,

01:09:07   but they've got those calls.

01:09:10   It's 500,000 for free, which is cool.

01:09:13   And it goes up from there to that 20 million cap.

01:09:16   And that is about half the cost of the dark sky data.

01:09:20   You know, one reason that weather apps

01:09:22   basically all have in-app purchases

01:09:25   is to pay for that weather data.

01:09:28   It's not free.

01:09:29   Apple is being really competitive

01:09:31   with this pricing, it looks like.

01:09:32   So I think this is great.

01:09:34   I spoke to a couple of developers who work on weather apps

01:09:37   And every, basically everyone I talk to is very excited about it, uh, both about

01:09:42   the, uh, the features in this, but even the transition from dark sky, um, Brian

01:09:49   Mueller who makes carrot weather, uh, says that it seems like they've providing

01:09:53   for really excellent transition.

01:09:54   If you're using those older APIs and a lot of, uh, folks are also just.

01:10:00   Very happy about the way it's being implemented from the privacy perspective

01:10:05   to the REST API for bringing it to the web.

01:10:09   There does seem to be a challenge

01:10:11   that it does require iOS 16.

01:10:14   So if your app maintains backwards compatibility with iOS 15

01:10:18   you may have to do some work there

01:10:22   to maybe have two different code paths, at least for now.

01:10:25   But it seems like it's gonna be a real winner.

01:10:28   And I think this is what we all thought

01:10:30   when they bought dark skies.

01:10:31   Like, yeah, you should not only make

01:10:33   your own weather app better,

01:10:34   which they definitely have, but it can also,

01:10:38   it would be great if Apple had a framework

01:10:40   to deliver weather data to third party developers.

01:10:45   And I know that in Carrot Weather,

01:10:46   I actually don't use Dark Sky as my source.

01:10:50   I use it, I have the option to like use it for precipitation,

01:10:55   but I use a different source for the other weather data.

01:10:57   And I may set that all back to Dark Sky,

01:11:00   or I'm definitely gonna check out the Apple weather option,

01:11:04   assuming that it's gonna come to care

01:11:06   at whether it sounds like it will, but pretty cool.

01:11:09   And I think this is a good example of Apple.

01:11:12   I mean, really this is a service, right?

01:11:14   It's a service to developers, but users will benefit too,

01:11:17   especially with the privacy angle.

01:11:18   There've been several stories over the years

01:11:20   about whether services or applications

01:11:25   basically wholesaling location data.

01:11:27   And that is not gonna be possible

01:11:30   at least at the Apple weather API level.

01:11:34   And that is a good thing.

01:11:35   It's basically how I assumed Apple would do it.

01:11:37   And so I'm pumped.

01:11:40   - So it says on the Dark Sky website,

01:11:42   support for the Dark Sky iOS app ends on December 31st, 2022.

01:11:46   Support for the Dark Sky API ends on March 31st, 2023.

01:11:51   So I guess going back to what you're saying

01:11:53   about the iOS 16 part,

01:11:55   I guess there could be a hope from developers

01:11:57   that by March 2023, probably the majority of their user base would be on 16, and so

01:12:04   they would be able to drop it, right? By then, maybe, I don't know. But I do have a couple

01:12:08   of thoughts on the pricing. One, I believe I saw Brian Karat tweet that...

01:12:14   Brian Karat.

01:12:15   I mean, this is how I think of him. You know, he's a Karat.

01:12:19   Yeah, it's our whole family, Brian Karat, Joe Timery.

01:12:22   Yeah, the Karat family.

01:12:23   Mm-hmm.

01:12:24   Yes, I do do this. I don't know if developers like this or not, but at least I'm saying

01:12:29   the names of their apps, right? I feel like they must appreciate that.

01:12:31   I don't think James Peacock has ever complained.

01:12:33   That's a good point. Or James Dice.

01:12:35   James Dice.

01:12:36   You know, people could call me Myke Relay if they wanted. I wouldn't care, you know?

01:12:41   I think I saw him say that he would need way more than the limit that Apple has, and that

01:12:49   wouldn't surprise me, that that 20 million calls a month would not be enough. I am sure

01:12:54   Apple will do a deal with you.

01:12:57   Right?

01:12:58   Like, if you need more than 20 million, I mean, they probably already know who you are

01:13:02   anyway, right?

01:13:03   I'm going to assume Apple would just kind of be like, they know the biggest weather

01:13:07   apps on the platform, I'm sure they would be able to work out a deal with you.

01:13:11   And I'm sure this is just a scalable thing.

01:13:13   If you need more, you just pay more.

01:13:15   But they have to kind of, they just got to top it out at some point, pass that, you talk

01:13:19   to them.

01:13:20   The other thing that I was going to mention is I'm actually, this maybe is weird, but

01:13:24   I'll get there by the end.

01:13:25   I'm happy Apple is charging for this,

01:13:28   because if it was free,

01:13:32   I would be worried about the developers of weather apps,

01:13:37   because I'm just gonna naturally assume

01:13:40   there is a markup in the in-app purchase.

01:13:44   This is business.

01:13:45   I'm assuming that when you pay for a weather app,

01:13:51   you are not just paying the exact cost

01:13:55   of your percentage of their fee, right?

01:13:59   If that was the case,

01:14:01   I need to have some conversations with weather developers

01:14:04   to tell them why they're running businesses poorly, right?

01:14:07   You're not just paying for the cost.

01:14:08   So if Apple didn't charge for this at all,

01:14:13   then app developers are gonna start getting questions

01:14:17   about like, why do I need to pay you every month

01:14:19   for this weather service app.

01:14:22   You know what I mean?

01:14:23   So I'm happy Apple is actually charging

01:14:25   because it allows the status quo to continue.

01:14:30   That even if you choose to use Apple weather

01:14:35   as your service in weather app A, B or C,

01:14:40   you still have to pay for it

01:14:41   'cause it still costs the developer money.

01:14:43   So I just like that they have kept that status quo

01:14:46   because they could have made this freely available

01:14:50   like many other things are in Apple's platforms

01:14:53   that in theory would still cost money,

01:14:56   but they make them freely available.

01:14:58   - And a free service may attract government interest, right?

01:15:03   If they're coming into a market

01:15:05   and saying we can do it for free.

01:15:07   - That's a good point too.

01:15:09   Yeah, I'm just happy that they're continuing to charge

01:15:11   'cause it lets whether app developers still charge.

01:15:13   And it's one of the apps types that I think makes a lot of sense for

01:15:17   subscriptions because it has a fee and it's just like easy, right? Um,

01:15:21   and I'm just pleased that it's not going to like make it difficult for these

01:15:24   people to continue running their businesses.

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