401: Mouth Bells


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00:00:02   - From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 401.

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00:00:17   My name is Myke and I am joined by Federico.

00:00:20   Hi Federico.

00:00:21   - Hello Myke.

00:00:22   - I think I forgot my surname for a second there.

00:00:24   (laughing)

00:00:26   - Your name is Myke.

00:00:27   You know, look, it's fine.

00:00:29   - Your name is Myke. - I'm just Myke.

00:00:30   - And that's all we need to know about.

00:00:33   We are also joined from a man who used to be in Tennessee,

00:00:38   is now in California.

00:00:42   His name is Steven.

00:00:43   Welcome to the show, Steven.

00:00:45   Also no last name for you. - No last name.

00:00:46   (laughing)

00:00:48   Hello Federico, hello Myke.

00:00:50   Greetings from sunny San Jose.

00:00:52   - I'm in San Jose too.

00:00:54   - Yeah, but it's not sunny where you are.

00:00:56   That doesn't make any sense.

00:00:58   you're inside.

00:00:59   Quick, quick question for you.

00:01:01   Quick question for you.

00:01:02   Give us one fun fact about California.

00:01:05   I've gotten five COVID note of exposure notifications since landing.

00:01:10   Fun fact.

00:01:11   Thank you.

00:01:12   We don't have that system in my state.

00:01:14   And so I landed and my phone was like, "Hey bud, you want to turn this on?"

00:01:18   And I said, "Yes, please."

00:01:20   And boys, it's stressful.

00:01:22   Do you now wish you hadn't?

00:01:24   Kind of.

00:01:25   Yeah.

00:01:26   (laughing)

00:01:28   - Well.

00:01:28   - Should we address the weird fish in the room?

00:01:32   - There's a huge update to 512pixels.net/DoesMykeHaveCOVID.

00:01:37   (laughing)

00:01:39   - Do you remember when we did this?

00:01:41   Do you remember this and why we did this?

00:01:44   Like this was webpage.

00:01:46   - Oh, because you had a cold.

00:01:47   - Yeah, 'cause you felt bad and you tested negative

00:01:49   when we all thought you had COVID, turns out.

00:01:51   - Wasn't it the episode where I sprayed

00:01:53   the thing in my nose?

00:01:54   - Yes.

00:01:55   Yeah, yeah, yeah. We convinced you.

00:02:02   Well, I've been doing a lot of spraying because what you'll find out is yes, Myke has really

00:02:07   big COVID, serious COVID. I tested positive upon arrival in San Jose, which is awesome

00:02:13   for everyone except me. I've been stuck in my hotel room. I very much have COVID. I am

00:02:21   not in a good physical space right now, but here I am.

00:02:26   - Yeah, I'm so sorry.

00:02:28   I mean-

00:02:29   - It's been a really, really tough couple of days,

00:02:32   more emotionally than physically,

00:02:34   but this is where I am in my life.

00:02:37   - But hey, look at it this way.

00:02:40   Next year or in two years, three years, like in the future,

00:02:44   you look back on this and it'll be a story.

00:02:46   - So I've been thinking about it a lot.

00:02:48   This is a great story.

00:02:49   This is one of the all time stories.

00:02:51   Yes.

00:02:52   I'm aware of this and I know I'm living in it right now, right?

00:02:55   Right now it's not so good.

00:02:57   It sucks now.

00:02:58   No, I know it sucks now.

00:03:00   But these moments, you gotta withstand what's going on right now.

00:03:07   You gotta be strong, hold strong.

00:03:08   It'll pass and then it'll become a story.

00:03:12   And then you'll be the guy that other people will say,

00:03:14   "Hey, you know, I know a guy who actually lived in California."

00:03:17   Like, that's a perfect story, but I'm sorry right now.

00:03:21   Yeah, it's bad right now. Great story.

00:03:23   Because we're always going to talk about it, right?

00:03:25   In like five years time, we'll be like, "Oh, do you remember the first WWDC when I got co--"

00:03:30   Like, I'm aware of this and like, you know, I've got the story.

00:03:34   The story I would prefer to have is, do you remember that time when I went to Apple Park

00:03:39   and then went to Steve Jobs Theater and sold them--

00:03:41   Like, I would prefer that story, like, right now.

00:03:44   But maybe in a few years time, you know, this will be a fun story.

00:03:50   But right now, well, it's always going to be a fun story for other people, including right now, you know.

00:03:56   But for me, it's not so much.

00:03:58   It's not so much fun. I mean, I had gone to bed because you flew out the day before me.

00:04:03   And I had gone to bed, you texted me overnight, and I woke up early because my flight was at like 7am.

00:04:08   and the first thing on my phone was a text message from you with just a photo.

00:04:13   I won't say what the text message said, but...

00:04:16   I mean, you could say it, but it's editing work for you.

00:04:19   It was upsetting.

00:04:20   It's a lot of bad words.

00:04:22   Mary was kind of like halfway awake.

00:04:24   She was driving me to the airport, and then I said some things out loud.

00:04:27   She's like, "Wait, what happened?"

00:04:28   And I told her, and yeah, it's so heartbreaking.

00:04:31   I did wave at you from across a courtyard.

00:04:33   Yep, Stephen was going to throw a tub of sour cream at me.

00:04:36   I just want everyone to know that he was threatening to do that.

00:04:39   Yeah, yeah, because you needed some, y'all, I think some other people got new groceries

00:04:44   and you were like, "Oh, can you get me some sour cream when you go?"

00:04:46   I thought of like rolling it across the courtyard.

00:04:48   But yeah, I'm so sorry.

00:04:50   And I really wanted this to be your first year since this, you know, this new format.

00:04:57   But there is always next year.

00:04:59   And everyone, I will say...

00:05:01   I mean, who knows at this point?

00:05:03   You know what I mean?

00:05:04   Like, who knows what's gonna happen to me?

00:05:05   I will say every single person who has stopped me

00:05:09   like at Apple Park or around, every single person is like,

00:05:13   please tell Myke I'm so sorry.

00:05:15   And so a lot of people feel bad

00:05:18   and I hope you feel better soon.

00:05:21   I know you've got to work out like when to go home, but--

00:05:24   I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

00:05:26   You may just live in California for a bit.

00:05:28   Well, I'm supposed to be here until Monday.

00:05:32   We weren't leaving until Monday.

00:05:34   But now I don't know.

00:05:35   It's all very complicated.

00:05:37   There's like, what is legal and what is right?

00:05:40   Like, I think legally I can just get on a plane.

00:05:43   You don't have to test to go back to the UK.

00:05:45   - But you shouldn't do that.

00:05:46   - Exactly, right?

00:05:47   So like, plus I don't think I could do that right now.

00:05:52   - Oh, this is a very fascinating ethical question.

00:05:54   - It is, right?

00:05:55   - Like if something is right for you,

00:05:58   should it also be legal in a broader sense

00:06:00   like you as a person in society. We can't get into that today, we're too busy. No, no,

00:06:05   let's push everything to the side and dig into this a little bit, you know. I will say as well,

00:06:11   like again for connected listeners to passionate ones, because you mentioned it Steven, like

00:06:15   it has been absolutely overwhelming the reaction that I've been getting. You know, I was a little

00:06:23   bit nervous to post that tweet, right? Like there is a non-amount of shame with coronavirus,

00:06:30   right? When you get it you're like, "Oh man, I done messed up," right? And it feels weird,

00:06:37   but it has been... The amount of tweets that I've gotten from listeners who understand why this is

00:06:44   so emotionally devastating to me, it's been quite an emotional couple of days for that too. So thank

00:06:51   you to everybody that's been so nice to me. So let's move on. We have some follow-up from

00:06:58   from Wikipedia editor Jason.

00:07:00   And I'm gonna read this because it is amazing.

00:07:03   In 2019, the connected host had a remarkably successful year

00:07:07   with perfect scores all around in the main game,

00:07:09   which I had forgotten.

00:07:10   I forgot that we all went three for three.

00:07:12   - Yeah, that was when we had to institute

00:07:14   the incredibly complicated system of coin flipping.

00:07:16   - Yeah, oh yeah.

00:07:17   - We had to do the three way coin flip path,

00:07:19   which is where we found out Jason can't flip.

00:07:21   - Yes, however, Steven was forced to buy a round of drinks

00:07:24   due to his incorrect, not graded,

00:07:27   but actually kind of graded picks.

00:07:28   which was like the old version of the flexies.

00:07:30   Those pics were new modern features for mail

00:07:34   and iCloud photo sharing for families.

00:07:37   Jason goes on, "Well, I'm happy to say

00:07:39   that Steven has now been vindicated after 1,097 days.

00:07:43   Both of his incorrect pics have come true.

00:07:45   This is amazing.

00:07:46   As a result, the 2019 WWDC game is the first

00:07:51   to have all of its pics conclusively answered."

00:07:55   - Wow.

00:07:56   - That's wild.

00:07:57   I can't believe that has ever happened, right?

00:08:00   Like, I know, obviously it's happened,

00:08:02   but that seems such a weird thing to me

00:08:04   that we ever have gotten to a place

00:08:06   where every pick could come true,

00:08:09   especially with some of the stuff we pick these days.

00:08:11   Yeah, so I thought that was amazing.

00:08:13   Jason, thank you for pointing that out.

00:08:15   That has made my day.

00:08:16   Wow, that's so cool.

00:08:18   Congratulations.

00:08:20   Did you ever buy those drinks?

00:08:21   I don't think you did.

00:08:22   Probably not.

00:08:23   No, I don't think you did.

00:08:24   I don't remember that happening.

00:08:26   I think that was why we turned it into charity, because you wouldn't buy this alcohol.

00:08:30   Maybe, maybe.

00:08:31   How did I get the risky pick? I'm looking at this 2019 prediction. Apple will bring

00:08:38   back some kind of app list or launcher UI element on iPad.

00:08:43   App library. Was that 19?

00:08:47   No, it wasn't 19.

00:08:50   Who knows?

00:08:51   Why did I get this point?

00:08:53   Don't question it too much.

00:08:54   I'm sure that I begged for it. I mean, knowing me.

00:08:57   Yeah, we were not as stringent then, right? With the way that we grade.

00:09:01   So we were letting things fly left, right and center.

00:09:04   Oh, okay. As Jason said, that was when you threatened to call the police.

00:09:08   Oh, yeah.

00:09:09   That episode was wild.

00:09:12   I actually dialed 911 on my phone in front of you guys.

00:09:16   And I had to take your phone away from you, which upset people.

00:09:19   We had a couple of listeners that were upset that I took your phone away from you,

00:09:23   because like for some reason they think I shouldn't do that but what people need

00:09:26   to understand is we were doing a live show and Federico was actually calling

00:09:29   the police which is a crime so I don't really know what people want from me

00:09:35   yeah what was it the 20s for 2019 there was a US 12 huh should we just move on

00:09:45   We should move on so a collection of

00:09:49   WDC follow out

00:09:51   There's a bunch of shows on relay and in the max stories extended universe

00:09:56   Being recorded this week so far

00:09:59   There's an MP you up that David and I did yesterday live from Apple parks like podcast setup, which is really cool

00:10:06   There's upgrade episode 410

00:10:09   Federico you and John did a

00:10:12   App stories episode 277 your response to the keynote you guys have another one coming

00:10:18   That I don't know if you want to tell people they go every day man app stories just like daily

00:10:23   Yeah, daily daily stories. I found the Ventura wallpapers

00:10:27   So those are up over on 512 pixels if you want some of that tasty new tasty new wallpaper

00:10:33   Oh, you know why I got the point though. Hey, we got he's been doing this the whole time. Yes, we listen to anything

00:10:38   No, I listened to all of that. I got the point because they did the new window picker for

00:10:49   multitasking in iPadOS 13, Expose. They did Expose for Windows and I convinced you guys

00:10:57   that that was worth considering a new app launcher for iPad.

00:11:02   I don't think I'd agree with that now. No, we wouldn't.

00:11:08   - No, I still agree.

00:11:08   - But it's in the past, you know?

00:11:10   - It's in the past, it's in the past.

00:11:12   - Maybe if you throw it into the police,

00:11:13   we still would, you know?

00:11:15   - We'll see about that, we'll see about that.

00:11:17   - So Steven, did you have a nice experience yesterday?

00:11:20   - I really did, so...

00:11:22   - Good.

00:11:23   - Yeah, that's it, that was great.

00:11:25   (laughing)

00:11:26   - Five out of five.

00:11:27   - Yeah, 100%, Gold Star, Tim Cook.

00:11:29   No, it was really cool.

00:11:30   So, a lot of developers, way more people here

00:11:34   than I thought they would be.

00:11:35   And the media group was like pretty much

00:11:38   who you would expect to see.

00:11:39   It felt like a pretty normal sized media group.

00:11:41   It's always funny 'cause it's like us

00:11:43   and then like the guys from the Verge

00:11:45   who are like a little more real than we are.

00:11:47   And then there's like, I was next to like

00:11:48   an associated press photographer at one point.

00:11:50   It was like, what is he doing here?

00:11:53   But yeah, so we went into Apple Park,

00:11:58   like through the gate and where,

00:12:03   I'm sure everyone's seen photos by now,

00:12:04   But the stage was outside of the ring

00:12:07   and the crowd was kind of sitting

00:12:09   and like we were pretty far back.

00:12:11   We were in the shade where Cafe Max is at Apple Park.

00:12:15   The full height glass doors open up,

00:12:18   which like the scale of this building is so hard to explain.

00:12:21   Like it's like seeing the curvature of the earth almost.

00:12:24   Like it never ends, it's so huge.

00:12:27   And so the seating was back into Cafe Max

00:12:30   and the media section was a couple of floors up

00:12:33   overlooking Cafe Max, but no one actually went to the inside

00:12:37   part of the ring. And now that I've seen it, I understand why

00:12:41   it was never going to work in there. That is really heavily

00:12:46   wooded. There are tons of trees and plants and like picnic

00:12:51   tables and stuff all inside that area. I think the clear spot

00:12:55   where the rainbow stages is not nearly as big as I thought it

00:12:58   was. And so I think they found a way to let people into Apple

00:13:02   Park, but not like all the way through the building. But it was

00:13:06   it really was just amazing to see it. I mean, the

00:13:08   architecture and the landscaping, I sent my wife a

00:13:11   bunch of photos. She is a really big like state and National Park

00:13:16   fan, like she loves nature and plants and landscaping and

00:13:20   stuff. I sent her a ton of photos like I was I was telling

00:13:24   Marco he and I were walking together and I was like, if you

00:13:27   just sat us down here, like you would never know that you were

00:13:30   at the headquarters for like the world's most

00:13:33   like valuable corporation.

00:13:35   'Cause it's just like a beautiful place to be.

00:13:37   And so we watched the keynote and the screen was amazing.

00:13:42   The sound was amazing.

00:13:43   We were pretty far back.

00:13:44   We could still see really well.

00:13:45   Could hear the audio was incredible.

00:13:47   And then after the keynote,

00:13:49   the media were escorted up the hill to Steve Jobs Theater,

00:13:55   which again is outside of the rings.

00:13:56   Actually kind of far away from the building.

00:13:59   and we got hands on time with the MacBook Air.

00:14:01   And that, the Steve Jobs theater,

00:14:05   like the photos do not do it justice.

00:14:08   It is this glass building with this roof.

00:14:11   There are no visible supports.

00:14:14   And there's been a lot of writing

00:14:15   about the construction of this building,

00:14:16   like how all the conduit and electrical and stuff

00:14:18   is like in the seams between the glass.

00:14:21   But it seems like an impossible feat.

00:14:23   Now we didn't get to go downstairs.

00:14:25   It was all on the ground level, but it really was beautiful.

00:14:28   It was really a treat.

00:14:30   None of us knew we were gonna get to do that.

00:14:33   And it was cool to be in there.

00:14:35   The new MacBook Air is really impressive.

00:14:37   Maybe we can talk about that later.

00:14:38   But the whole experience was just amazing on Apple Park.

00:14:42   And then you have this whole thing across the street,

00:14:44   the developer center,

00:14:46   which I've been in a couple of times now.

00:14:48   And it's built for Apple to interface with developers

00:14:51   throughout the year.

00:14:51   And I don't know if even they know exactly

00:14:55   what that will look like.

00:14:56   it feels like a building built for a world without COVID

00:14:59   a little bit, honestly.

00:15:01   But they have multiple rooms set up with labs, with IMAX,

00:15:04   where you can bring a developer and a designer

00:15:06   in to work on something.

00:15:07   They've got workshopping rooms.

00:15:09   And then down the center of the building,

00:15:11   they have what they call back a house,

00:15:13   which is what they call it in the Apple store,

00:15:15   where Apple employees can like move

00:15:17   in between the workshop rooms from behind them.

00:15:21   And they can manage the IT and the AV

00:15:23   in each of the rooms from like the central corridor.

00:15:25   really impressive. And I think that we are seeing Apple move to a position where they

00:15:30   want to be in more constant contact with developers and, and be just more communicative, communicative

00:15:39   throughout the year. And that's only a good thing, I think. And like talking to underscore

00:15:44   about it, and they're gonna talk about this on the under the radar that will come out.

00:15:48   He's really excited about it and really impressed that the money Apple has spent doing this.

00:15:52   And I think that we will see the benefits of that moving forward.

00:15:56   Yeah, I really want to see that place too.

00:15:58   I would say the thing I was most jealous about yesterday was you going into the Steve Ross

00:16:03   Theatre.

00:16:04   That place just looks so awesome.

00:16:05   It just looks so awesome.

00:16:06   Plus, we have a conception of it.

00:16:09   Everything else, it looked really nice, but I haven't seen it enough.

00:16:12   I don't understand it, like Jefe Maxx and stuff, but the Steve Ross Theatre, it's like,

00:16:16   "Oh, we see it all the time."

00:16:17   The presentation's done from there.

00:16:20   It looked really cool.

00:16:21   It looked really, really awesome.

00:16:22   Yeah, it was.

00:16:23   And yeah, I mean, that's kind of been what we've been up to.

00:16:28   It's only a day really.

00:16:29   I mean, it was yesterday, June 6th,

00:16:31   that was the majority of it.

00:16:33   There's a couple of things today

00:16:34   and depending on like briefings and stuff,

00:16:36   but all in all, I think the experience was really great.

00:16:39   And I think a lot of people,

00:16:41   I think especially developers who were here,

00:16:44   like it's a big deal to be here, right?

00:16:46   And I think, I mean, my educated guess

00:16:50   is that this is what WBC is going to be.

00:16:52   That there will be a small percentage of people

00:16:55   that can come through the lottery and there'll be media

00:16:59   and then the rest will be virtual.

00:17:00   Like I think this is the template moving forward

00:17:02   because it's the best of both worlds

00:17:04   and it lets Apple do it on its own terms, right?

00:17:09   They can still do all the videos in advance.

00:17:12   They're not taking a thousand employees

00:17:14   or 2000 employees to San Jose.

00:17:16   They can do it all just on campus.

00:17:19   I would expect that this is the template from here on out.

00:17:22   - All right, enough with the nice things.

00:17:24   Now say one bad thing.

00:17:25   - Yeah, say a bad thing.

00:17:26   - Say a bad thing.

00:17:27   - One bad thing.

00:17:28   - Say one bad thing about it.

00:17:29   - Come on, there must be one.

00:17:30   - Come on, it's too nice.

00:17:32   Just even a small thing.

00:17:34   - Anything. - Come on.

00:17:35   - Okay, so the, okay.

00:17:37   - Yeah.

00:17:38   - The paper towels in the bathroom,

00:17:40   paper towels in the bathroom, really bad.

00:17:42   - Oh.

00:17:43   - Like they tore when you tried taking them out

00:17:45   of the dispenser and like this didn't feel good.

00:17:47   I'm sure they were like eco-friendly or whatever.

00:17:49   - I was gonna say, you know what that is?

00:17:50   That's the environmental nonsense, isn't it?

00:17:53   - Yeah, but yeah, the bathroom itself, pretty sweet.

00:17:57   Paper towels, big thumbs down.

00:17:59   - I'm surprised they're not using like a air dryer thing.

00:18:02   Surely that's even better for the environment.

00:18:03   - I think that spreads germs or something, I don't know.

00:18:06   Don't quote me.

00:18:07   - Hey, look, take it from me, everything spreads germs.

00:18:10   You know?

00:18:11   - That's all right.

00:18:12   - Take it from me, okay?

00:18:13   Germs, they're finding their way, you know?

00:18:15   Germs find a way.

00:18:16   - Big COVID boy.

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00:19:47   - I have some quiz questions for you.

00:19:50   - Oh.

00:19:51   - Oh no.

00:19:52   (laughing)

00:19:53   - You see, you think, you think, oh, he's sick.

00:19:55   He's not gonna do anything with your bra.

00:19:57   - No, we're never safe.

00:19:58   We're never, not even when you're sick.

00:20:00   Come on, man.

00:20:01   You're sick, come on. - You're never safe from me.

00:20:02   - You're sick.

00:20:03   - You're never, like this is the bonus COVID round

00:20:05   of the Connected Quiz.

00:20:07   This is just something you made up. It was never meant to have a bonus.

00:20:12   Federico, I've made all of this up, you know?

00:20:15   Everything I'm doing is made up.

00:20:17   You know? But I have three quiz questions for you today.

00:20:21   And they'll focus on the WWDC keynote, which I'm expecting you've both seen by now.

00:20:27   What color was John Turnus' Apple Watch?

00:20:29   Federico, I'm gonna come to you first.

00:20:31   Oh shit, I have no idea, man.

00:20:35   The Apple Watch or the band?

00:20:37   Here's Apple Watch, the Apple Watch itself.

00:20:39   The device.

00:20:40   I think that they matched, but I want to, yeah, the device itself.

00:20:43   I didn't pay attention.

00:20:45   Of course you didn't.

00:20:46   Do you think I picked the things that you would be paying attention to?

00:20:49   That's too easy.

00:20:50   You said they were matching.

00:20:52   Because what I wanted to do was ask you what color was John Turnus' t-shirt,

00:20:55   but that was too easy because he only ever wears one color of t-shirt.

00:20:58   I don't even know the names of Apple Watch colors.

00:21:01   Yeah, but I just want the like, you tell me what the color is, you know?

00:21:05   You can give me the Apple product name or the actual color closest to that product name. I'll accept both.

00:21:10   No, I actually need to remember which colors it comes in.

00:21:14   Oh...

00:21:14   Hold on, I'm looking at... Like, is there a dark gray one? I don't know.

00:21:18   I don't know. Steven, do you have a guess while Federico's doing whatever he's doing?

00:21:22   You know, I feel like John Ternus and I... We're kind of...

00:21:25   Oh, there's a bunch of colors. Oh my god.

00:21:27   Like, we kind of have similar interests. I'm gonna say he was wearing a titanium Apple Watch.

00:21:32   Okay, Federico, I'm gonna come to you for an answer now, please.

00:21:36   Which one is titanium?

00:21:39   Uhhhhh...

00:21:43   I'm gonna go with titanium as well.

00:21:46   You are correct, he was wearing a blue one.

00:21:48   Which was a surprise to me, that's why I picked this.

00:21:50   I was just surprised he was wearing a blue Apple Watch, but he's wearing a blue Apple Watch.

00:21:55   Question number two. iOS was the longest segment of the keynote.

00:21:59   Which OS was the second longest?

00:22:01   Stephen, I'll ask you first.

00:22:03   'Cause Federico was supposed to answer the first one first,

00:22:05   but he didn't.

00:22:06   - iPadOS.

00:22:07   - Okay.

00:22:09   Federico, which--

00:22:10   - Second longest. - Second longest.

00:22:12   - Second longest.

00:22:13   iPadOS.

00:22:18   TV.

00:22:19   - TV OS is negative.

00:22:20   iPadOS, you're both wrong, it was macOS.

00:22:23   macOS took 19 minutes and 20 seconds of the keynote.

00:22:26   iPadOS is 15 minutes, 25.

00:22:29   - Geez.

00:22:30   - Right?

00:22:31   Surprising, huh? In Mac OS they spoke about a lot of stuff that came to iOS, iPad OS, right?

00:22:37   Like stage management stuff was all in the Mac OS segment.

00:22:39   Last question.

00:22:42   You both have to text your answers to me.

00:22:44   Name two of the new watch faces.

00:22:47   Oh boy.

00:22:49   If so, I'm asking for two-

00:22:51   Do I have to text them to you?

00:22:52   You have to text me the answers. Apple are calling three watch faces new.

00:22:57   I want the names of those new ones. I want two of them.

00:23:01   but I will give a point to the person who gets the most correct.

00:23:04   So if one of you only gets one of them right, right?

00:23:07   Because so far, you've both scored nothing.

00:23:10   So I kind of want someone to have a point at least today.

00:23:14   Okay, I'm typing.

00:23:16   I texted them to you. I don't know though.

00:23:19   Okay, so they're two that you've given me, Federico, right?

00:23:23   Mm-hmm. Okay.

00:23:25   Steven wins.

00:23:26   So Federico, you sent to me Metropolitan and Gradient,

00:23:29   Apple on their website don't have gradient listed as one of the new ones. But Steven

00:23:35   sent to me lunar calendar, playtime, and metropolitan. Playtime and metropolitan are two of the ones

00:23:40   listed. I don't know if lunar calendar is the name of that one. That's like one of the

00:23:45   refresh ones. But Steven got two. No, lunar's new. No, no, no. Astronomy is redone. Hey,

00:23:50   I'm going, you go to Apple's website. You go to Apple's website. That's what I said.

00:23:55   - No, no, no, dude, listen, I'm gonna read to you.

00:23:58   - Yeah, you tell me.

00:23:59   - Did I make up a gradient watch face?

00:24:01   - No, it's been around, I think.

00:24:02   - Did I do this? - They have had it for a while.

00:24:04   They changed it up a bit.

00:24:05   - WatchOS 9 introduces four new faces,

00:24:08   lunar, playtime, metropolitan, and astronomy.

00:24:13   - Well, I mean, I believe you,

00:24:16   but when I went to the website today, it was three,

00:24:18   but it doesn't matter anyway.

00:24:19   - I'm reading the press release.

00:24:20   - Oh, but I'm not looking at the press release.

00:24:22   So I went to Apple's watch page, the watch OS page, right?

00:24:26   You go down and it says,

00:24:28   "New watch faces to help you face today.

00:24:30   Introducing Metropolitan, blah, blah, blah, blah,

00:24:33   Playtime, blah, blah, blah, blah, and Astronomy."

00:24:35   So they only have three.

00:24:36   - So they don't list them. - And then they have more.

00:24:38   They have Luna, it's like a separate thing.

00:24:39   You're right.

00:24:40   I wasn't paying enough attention.

00:24:42   However, that, you still get the point.

00:24:44   Simon got the point, 'cause he named the most correct.

00:24:46   - I feel like I get three points.

00:24:48   - No, you get one point. - Okay.

00:24:50   - And now this has done something

00:24:51   that has not been done so far.

00:24:53   Steven is now in the lead with 12 points

00:24:55   to Federico's 11 points.

00:24:57   - We're finally not tied.

00:24:59   - Finally, the tie has been broken.

00:25:02   Steven is currently leading.

00:25:04   Until the next time on the Connected Quiz,

00:25:06   who knows when it could be?

00:25:08   - I did not expect that today.

00:25:09   - Enjoy this while it lasts, man.

00:25:12   I'm giving it to you out of compassion.

00:25:15   - I love this.

00:25:16   I love this energy.

00:25:17   This is the energy I'm looking for,

00:25:18   but now it's time to read the, I can't do that.

00:25:21   It's time to read the rules.

00:25:22   - No, do it.

00:25:23   - I can't, I actually can't get it out of me,

00:25:26   is the problem.

00:25:27   I have limited capacity right now.

00:25:29   One of you two need to say it instead.

00:25:30   - Federico, you gotta do it, 'cause I gotta read 'em.

00:25:32   - It's time to read the rules.

00:25:34   - Oh, wow, that was great.

00:25:36   That was amazing.

00:25:37   - The Ricky's- - I was excited.

00:25:40   - The Ricky's is a game- - I loved it.

00:25:43   - Stop!

00:25:43   The Ricky's is a game connected host play

00:25:47   before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year,

00:25:50   trying to predict future events.

00:25:52   It is made up of three rounds.

00:25:54   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:25:57   There are two types of rookies, annual rookies,

00:26:00   AKA the Annie's, and keynote rookies.

00:26:03   The winner of the annual Ricky's is named

00:26:04   the annual chairman.

00:26:06   That's not what we're playing today.

00:26:08   The keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman

00:26:10   and retains the rights of the corresponding Twitter account

00:26:13   until the next keynote is held.

00:26:15   After the Ricky's, the hosts play a game called the Flexys.

00:26:17   These two games are separate but related.

00:26:20   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:26:22   - This is a complicated, oh here we go.

00:26:25   Oh.

00:26:26   - Can you stand?

00:26:27   - I'm up now, you know.

00:26:29   It's probably for the best.

00:26:31   (dramatic music)

00:26:34   - Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:26:41   The language used for regular picks must be finalized

00:26:44   and agreed upon during recording

00:26:46   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:26:49   Correct, risky picks are worth two points,

00:26:51   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:26:54   from that host total.

00:26:55   Picks must have been approved as risky

00:26:57   by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:27:01   Picks made for keynote rookies cannot be reused

00:27:03   by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:27:06   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

00:27:09   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick,

00:27:11   they cannot reuse it in that calendar year.

00:27:14   Additionally, picks may not be used in back to back annual

00:27:18   rookies by the same host. All hosts are allowed to reuse picks

00:27:22   previously made by others. Scoring is complete during

00:27:26   recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete. And

00:27:30   even have a tie dice by p calc must be used in relay FM mode to

00:27:33   pick a winner. Jason Snell has a lifetime ban of flipping any

00:27:37   coins in relation to the rookies coin flips by Jason on other

00:27:42   podcasts are allowed but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:27:47   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the

00:27:51   picks are scored.

00:27:53   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:27:58   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:28:00   The winner of the previous associated game goes first, the previous loser goes last.

00:28:05   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:28:08   As a reminder, I am the current annual chairman

00:28:11   and Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:28:14   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:28:17   Those links are in the show notes.

00:28:19   These sites also have a page about managing

00:28:22   your own score keeping at home.

00:28:24   Please be seated.

00:28:25   Federico, you got to go first.

00:28:27   So why don't you kick off round one?

00:28:30   - So in round one I said,

00:28:32   the next version of iOS brings changes to notifications.

00:28:37   - Yeah, big time.

00:28:39   - There's no bell?

00:28:41   - I didn't pack one.

00:28:42   - Ding!

00:28:43   What?

00:28:44   - Oh, come on!

00:28:46   - I didn't think about it.

00:28:46   - This is so sad.

00:28:48   - Is there not an app for that?

00:28:50   - Yeah, but then I gotta like run the sound in.

00:28:52   Do you want me to put them in?

00:28:53   I'll just do them with my mouth, okay?

00:28:55   Big mouth bells.

00:28:56   - Shouldn't put bells in your mouth.

00:28:57   - This is so anticlimactic, man.

00:28:59   - I'm sorry.

00:29:01   - Do you know what, hey Federico?

00:29:03   - Yes.

00:29:03   - I bet if David needed a bell, we'd have brought a bell.

00:29:07   You know, if Mac Power users needed a bell,

00:29:10   all we'd have, you wouldn't move for bells.

00:29:13   It'd be tripping over bells.

00:29:13   - It would have bought the whole church, not just a bell.

00:29:16   - Yeah, if we needed one for Mac Power users,

00:29:18   Apple probably could have just provided one to us

00:29:20   'cause we were there.

00:29:21   - Oh my God, you hear this?

00:29:23   You hear how he treats us now?

00:29:24   I have coronavirus, you know?

00:29:27   I shouldn't be treated like this.

00:29:29   - Wow, your business partner is on his death bed.

00:29:34   - All right, all right, all right, all right.

00:29:36   I am still sick, okay? Let's not talk about that.

00:29:39   I am on a sickness bed.

00:29:41   Okay, yeah, we're supposed to make him feel bad, okay?

00:29:44   All right, all right, all right.

00:29:45   I'm on my deathbed.

00:29:47   I shouldn't say this.

00:29:48   I feel like this is really bad luck to say that.

00:29:51   I am sick though, you know?

00:29:52   I don't think I should be bullied.

00:29:54   This is cyber bullying.

00:29:55   Tell us about notification changes, Federico.

00:29:57   Federico, call the police.

00:29:59   Hey, Siri.

00:30:02   No, no.

00:30:06   No? No, no. So, notifications, changes are interesting for a couple of reasons. There's

00:30:14   the design change. So from a visual perspective on the new lock screen, those notifications

00:30:20   are now anchored at the bottom of the display. The idea being that they have this new customizable

00:30:26   lock screen where you can change the wallpaper and integrate widgets. They call them widgets,

00:30:32   but I think it's kind of weird that they're calling them widgets because they're really

00:30:36   complications and they're based on the same technology. They're not widgets at all are they?

00:30:40   They're not widgets at all. It's weird for two reasons. There really are complications and

00:30:44   they're based on the same technology of complications from the watch. And you still have

00:30:50   the actual widgets on the page to the left of the lock screen. So it's like you have widgets and you

00:30:58   have widgets. Like everything is called a widget. Okay, well, sure, whatever. Like what is it? What

00:31:02   - What even is a widget, man?

00:31:04   - I know, I know, there's deep questions, deep questions.

00:31:07   - Especially now we've got those special notifications,

00:31:10   right, that look like widgets, but are not widgets.

00:31:13   - I'm excited about that.

00:31:14   - And that's the second thing.

00:31:16   So those are called, so regular notifications,

00:31:19   they stay to the bottom of the screen.

00:31:20   You can actually swipe them down

00:31:22   and you will see the minimized UI for notifications.

00:31:26   It's a badge, basically, looks nice.

00:31:29   And Notification Center, you can still swipe up

00:31:31   and it's unchanged.

00:31:32   But then there's the live activities.

00:31:35   So these live activities are like rich notifications

00:31:40   that look like widgets, but they're not widgets.

00:31:42   They really look like widgets though,

00:31:44   but they are real time.

00:31:46   That's the big difference.

00:31:47   So these live activities, they are not available now.

00:31:50   The API will be available later this year.

00:31:54   So this will not be available at launch for sure for iOS 16.

00:31:58   They pitched this as a way for companies like, you know, for sports apps, for example, for

00:32:03   news apps or for food ordering apps.

00:32:06   They used Uber as an option and like that's so good, right?

00:32:11   That it would just rather than getting six notifications for every Uber drive.

00:32:15   Exactly.

00:32:16   I did think about the Uber one.

00:32:17   To get the one thing.

00:32:18   You know, in the Uber app, sometimes the car like spins in circles on the street.

00:32:22   I think that'll be there in the widget.

00:32:25   The widget just like flips around a few times.

00:32:27   Where is it going?

00:32:28   Don't go that way.

00:32:29   Yeah, so instead of multiple alerts,

00:32:33   you get the one notification that updates in real time.

00:32:36   Nike is also an example.

00:32:39   And I believe Apple is actually using

00:32:41   the Live Activities Framework already in,

00:32:44   at least in two places.

00:32:46   The now playing controls for music and audio.

00:32:50   Those are live activity now.

00:32:53   And I also believe that the timer,

00:32:55   Timer on the lock screen is now a live activity at the bottom of the lock screen.

00:33:02   Right, but Apple gets the play/pause though, right?

00:33:05   Like no one else is going to get that.

00:33:08   Yeah, they get the special thing.

00:33:11   And same with the timer.

00:33:12   I believe there's a pause and cancel button.

00:33:15   So yeah.

00:33:18   And then we have, I mean, there's changes to focus modes,

00:33:21   but those are not really about notifications.

00:33:23   So for notifications we have the new placement, the new minimized mode when you swipe them to the bottom of the screen,

00:33:31   and these special notifications called Live Activities that are coming later this year.

00:33:36   These were not graded in my pick. I did cover maybe a new design and maybe new management features.

00:33:45   We did get them, I mean technically, you know, minimizing notifications is a management feature,

00:33:51   But I was thinking about more on the lines of like organizing your notifications,

00:33:56   which is not something we got at all.

00:33:58   Yeah. Can we talk about focus modes? I don't think we're going to talk about it.

00:34:02   Otherwise I don't think it's in anybody else's picks. Um, it's pretty cool.

00:34:07   Right. That they,

00:34:07   they've actually iterated on a thing they introduced last year, like surprise.

00:34:12   Yeah. But it's good, good additions though. Right.

00:34:16   Like what it feels like is what shipped last year was very much like halfway towards the

00:34:23   final product.

00:34:24   It's just like the screen now and where you create focus modes just look like it's had

00:34:30   a bit more polish.

00:34:31   That screen always looked a bit janky in the sentence.

00:34:34   Like it just didn't look right to me.

00:34:36   Now it looks nicer.

00:34:37   It's got more iconography and stuff and they added the main thing I wanted where you can

00:34:41   opt out stuff rather than needing to opt everything in.

00:34:44   So it's good.

00:34:45   cool. They tied in the new lock screen stuff to it too so you can have lock

00:34:49   screens and home screens. I think it's really good I'm happy because I like

00:34:53   focus modes and I'm really excited about that API. What is it called like focus

00:34:58   something API? Focus filters. That is amazing. That is like I really hope

00:35:04   we see a lot of developers integrate that because that is like really good.

00:35:08   It'd be sweet to turn off my email, my work email over the weekend you know?

00:35:13   Yeah, yeah, right? Like seriously, that's such a good idea because it helps force it

00:35:19   more for you. Like because this is where we are these days. You can't just turn off your

00:35:24   email app, right? For most people because then you're not going to get any personal

00:35:28   email either. So I haven't seen if there's, I haven't really looked into the sessions

00:35:34   yet. I was planning on doing that today. I hope that there is a session about that, about

00:35:38   the focus activities thing or whatever it's called. I've forgotten already because I want

00:35:43   to learn more about that. That looks awesome.

00:35:44   - One thing I also want to just insert here,

00:35:47   because this feature falls into this category,

00:35:49   quite a few things announced coming later this year

00:35:52   or later in a later update.

00:35:55   I think we've talked about this over the last,

00:35:57   maybe three or four years,

00:35:59   things that have been announced

00:36:00   and have slipped to 0.1, 0.2, 0.3.

00:36:03   And it finally feels like this year,

00:36:05   Apple is kind of acknowledging that.

00:36:07   It's like, yeah, this stuff will be available later

00:36:10   and just setting that expectation.

00:36:13   I'm curious how that plays out in the future.

00:36:15   Like, is that just a thing because of the time we're in

00:36:18   and Apple still work from home partially

00:36:21   and there's been a lot of back and forth with that

00:36:22   within the company or are we just settling into a future

00:36:25   where yeah, not all this stuff is available in the fall?

00:36:29   - Or it just rolls out like between September and December

00:36:31   kind of thing, right?

00:36:32   Like little bits and bobs.

00:36:33   But also like, I mean, I don't know,

00:36:35   like it's all later this year, right?

00:36:38   Like everything they announced comes later this year.

00:36:40   - I mean, yes, but I mean,

00:36:42   But them saying it means it's not in the point O, right?

00:36:46   Is that what you think?

00:36:46   'Cause it felt like they said it so much,

00:36:48   it kind of felt like everything.

00:36:51   More than once the actual phrase was like,

00:36:52   coming in a later update, so.

00:36:54   Okay, cool.

00:36:55   Right. Okay.

00:36:56   But yeah, I am very excited about these lock screen

00:36:58   and notification changes.

00:36:59   The live activities like,

00:37:02   'cause again, I follow several sports teams, right?

00:37:04   You just get so many notifications

00:37:06   and you can't put them in the summary

00:37:09   'cause you don't know what's going on in the game,

00:37:11   but then your phone's blowing up all the time.

00:37:13   Like it's gonna be so fantastic

00:37:15   just to have like a little widget at the bottom of my screen

00:37:17   I can see what's going on and--

00:37:19   - Going on in a big game, keep your eye on the big game.

00:37:21   Going for the big game.

00:37:23   Just on that lock screen thing, not on the iPad.

00:37:25   - Yeah, why? - Why?

00:37:26   - Why did they do this?

00:37:27   Why? (laughs)

00:37:29   So all the lock screen customization stuff.

00:37:31   - We should clarify the customization.

00:37:33   Customization is not on the iPad.

00:37:35   - Yeah, well that's what we all wanted though.

00:37:38   Like that's the big feature.

00:37:40   I mean, it's like iOS 14 all over again,

00:37:44   when they did widgets on the home screen,

00:37:46   but not on the iPad.

00:37:48   And so everybody for the following year was like,

00:37:50   oh, I'm sure they're bringing widgets to the home screen

00:37:52   in iPadOS 15, and they did.

00:37:54   - We already have our first iOS 17 wishlist feature.

00:37:57   We've already got it.

00:37:58   It's only been a day and we got it already.

00:38:00   - Do you guys think it's ridiculous

00:38:02   that these numbers are getting so huge?

00:38:04   Like iOS 17, I don't know, it sounds weird.

00:38:08   I'm on the Jason Snow train and he just said we should just name everything after the year now.

00:38:13   Like this should just be iOS 22.

00:38:15   Because the numbers are getting so high, like it just kind of starts to sound ridiculous.

00:38:20   Like everything should just be named with the year that it came out.

00:38:23   I agree. Because even if you thought, well they should just use names for everything.

00:38:28   Most people can't keep up with the Mac OS release names.

00:38:31   I forget them. I know the most recent one and even that I forget sometimes.

00:38:35   It's hard to keep up.

00:38:36   - Genuinely, what are we on now?

00:38:37   Is it Monterey?

00:38:39   - Yes.

00:38:40   - No, yes, now it's Monterey,

00:38:42   but the new one is Ventura.

00:38:43   - Ventura, I'm not gonna forget.

00:38:45   I love that name.

00:38:46   - Ventura.

00:38:47   - Ventura.

00:38:47   - That's a nice name, Ventura.

00:38:49   - Yeah.

00:38:50   - Ventura.

00:38:51   - My pick, third party widgets gain interactivity.

00:38:55   - Wow.

00:38:56   - That's good, that's a good sentence.

00:38:57   I am not surprised about this.

00:38:59   I didn't think it was gonna happen.

00:39:00   - I got shot down by somebody we know

00:39:03   who makes widgets for a living,

00:39:05   basically explaining how they work.

00:39:07   He's like, "Yeah, you're not gonna get that."

00:39:07   I was like, "Okay."

00:39:10   - Whoops.

00:39:11   You should have spoke to the Smith of widget.

00:39:13   - I guess so, yeah.

00:39:14   - But why though?

00:39:15   Like shouldn't they exist?

00:39:16   Like I get it.

00:39:17   Technically speaking, that framework does not allow

00:39:20   for interactive widgets, but they should exist.

00:39:23   Like I don't care which framework you use.

00:39:25   I still think they should exist.

00:39:27   And it's silly that they don't.

00:39:29   - It's, for me, it is the consistent insistence

00:39:34   on the phrase glanceable.

00:39:36   They said glanceable about a thousand times yesterday.

00:39:39   - Look, I don't want to glance at anything.

00:39:40   Like I'm going to glance at the lock screen.

00:39:42   Yes.

00:39:43   - They want you to be glancing.

00:39:44   - I don't want to be glancing.

00:39:45   - Well, I mean, especially, I mean,

00:39:46   so obvious that they're doing the always on display, right?

00:39:49   Like I know that people started finding code to it,

00:39:51   but like you see that lock screen,

00:39:52   so like why would I need all this stuff on my lock screen?

00:39:54   Like most of the time I'm unlocking my phone

00:39:57   and I see my lock screen.

00:39:58   Like I don't need complications on my iPhone's lock screen

00:40:02   unless they're always visible.

00:40:05   - And it's such a tell that even from a visual standpoint,

00:40:09   those complications, like the font style,

00:40:13   the way that it's rendered, it's already like semi-dimmed.

00:40:17   Like I can totally see that work

00:40:20   for an always on lock screen, it's so obvious.

00:40:22   - It's why they've gone with complications over widgets,

00:40:25   right?

00:40:26   Like that's why they've gone this route

00:40:27   because they know how to render those in a way

00:40:31   where it's not high graphics, it's simple color, mostly.

00:40:34   It's like an easy thing for them to do, right?

00:40:36   Where like, imagine trying to render a widget,

00:40:39   like with how complicated they can be visually

00:40:42   in an always on state.

00:40:43   Like I don't know how that would work very well, so.

00:40:46   - Yeah.

00:40:47   - But yeah, no interactivity.

00:40:48   It is a bummer, I want it, right?

00:40:50   But-- - Me too.

00:40:51   - I'm not surprised they didn't do it.

00:40:53   - All right, you're up next.

00:40:55   - No Apple made headset is seen.

00:40:57   Everyone needed to calm down. This wasn't happening.

00:41:02   You know, everyone just calm down. Later. It's coming later, alright.

00:41:07   It's happening but just not now.

00:41:09   I was surprised though that basically nothing in the keynote about AR.

00:41:15   Which when I then think about it, it's like, well yeah of course because they've got a bunch of stuff they're working on.

00:41:20   But they can't tell you about it yet.

00:41:23   The only thing that I saw that came out afterwards is this room scanning thing. Did you see this?

00:41:28   Yeah.

00:41:29   That's clearly a thing that you can see why they're doing it right. But, yep. Nothing

00:41:34   on the headset. Not yet.

00:41:36   Alright, so the end of round one. Federico has one point, I have zero points, and Myke

00:41:43   has one point. So we have a tie.

00:41:46   Excellent.

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00:43:39   Round two, my pick was the next version of macOS

00:43:42   will have at least one feature

00:43:44   exclusive to Apple Silicon Macs.

00:43:47   - Okay.

00:43:48   - Steven, the bell.

00:43:50   - Ding!

00:43:51   Such a good bell. - Thank you.

00:43:52   - So pleased you brought it.

00:43:54   - There's actually a couple, at least.

00:43:56   So first of all is the FaceTime Live Caption feature

00:44:01   that was previously announced

00:44:03   with the accessibility functionalities

00:44:06   that Apple put out with the press release last month.

00:44:09   That's Apple Silicon only.

00:44:10   And also the new reference mode for color.

00:44:14   When you use an iPad Pro with a liquid XDR display

00:44:19   and a Mac with Apple Silicon.

00:44:21   Yeah, this is mentioned in a footnote

00:44:23   on the feature page for reference mode.

00:44:27   So there's at least a couple,

00:44:29   I think 95 Macs as an article

00:44:31   with a roundup of these features.

00:44:33   I don't know, is there more than these two?

00:44:35   But anyway, I set a list to 1.

00:44:38   There's a list 2 that we know of already, so that's a point.

00:44:43   Yeah, good job.

00:44:45   I don't understand this reference mode thing.

00:44:47   What is going... I didn't get it at the time, and I don't think...

00:44:50   It's going to...

00:44:52   It's about that, like, complicated color stuff that folks like, you know,

00:44:57   Quinn do sometimes.

00:44:59   Like, it matches...

00:45:00   Oh, this is a Quinn feature?

00:45:01   Oh, kinda, yeah.

00:45:03   - It's, you know, the Pro Display XDR

00:45:06   has those reference modes built in,

00:45:08   and they're basically bringing a subset of those

00:45:10   to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

00:45:13   - I didn't know the Pro Display,

00:45:14   or I didn't remember that the Pro Display

00:45:15   had reference modes, but it makes sense that it does.

00:45:17   - And so if you have like a MacBook Pro,

00:45:21   you can now use, and currently it's the only,

00:45:23   the 12.9 inch iPad Pro has this screen,

00:45:26   but I would imagine that that screen may filter down

00:45:29   in the coming times.

00:45:31   So this is another thing that makes the Pro Display kind of

00:45:34   obsolete.

00:45:36   - Useless.

00:45:37   - Useless is a good word, thank you, useless.

00:45:40   And like another reason that anybody that bought

00:45:43   that monitor should like be upset, you know.

00:45:48   - iPad OS is updated to include a more desktop-like mode

00:45:52   with a resizable and overlapping windows.

00:45:56   - Your boy did it, he done did it, didn't he?

00:45:58   Bell yourself, there you go, amazing.

00:46:00   I can't believe you got this genuinely.

00:46:02   - I was so worried because they initially showed

00:46:05   stage manager with just one window.

00:46:07   I was like, oh no.

00:46:09   And then he drug another one out

00:46:12   and everyone in the whole Apple Park

00:46:15   turned toward me and applauded.

00:46:16   - Wow, really?

00:46:17   Man, we didn't see that part.

00:46:19   That's so cool for you.

00:46:20   - No, just Jason Snell and I smiled at each other.

00:46:22   Really, that's all that happened.

00:46:23   - But was there also a nod?

00:46:25   Like they just might have nod, like?

00:46:27   - Yeah, Craig Federighi came over

00:46:29   and thanked me for the idea.

00:46:31   - Oh, wow.

00:46:32   Again, that's so cool.

00:46:33   We didn't get to see that.

00:46:34   - Thank you for the ideas just five days ago.

00:46:36   That's amazing, man.

00:46:37   - Well, I mean, if you've used it,

00:46:38   it's a little buggy right now, so.

00:46:40   - It feels five days old.

00:46:43   It's weird.

00:46:43   It's weird, huh?

00:46:46   How much time have you two spent with this feature?

00:46:49   - A few hours, yeah.

00:46:51   - Okay.

00:46:52   Steven?

00:46:53   - Yeah, about half an hour.

00:46:57   and it was on an 11 inch iPad.

00:47:01   I would imagine on the 12.9 it's better.

00:47:05   It is cool to have like more than one like overlapping window

00:47:10   but to me and Federico,

00:47:12   I wanna see what you think about this.

00:47:14   To me, it feels like something to be way more useful

00:47:17   on an external display, which iPadOS will now support.

00:47:20   You know, you can move stage manager like have,

00:47:23   and you can have separate instances on the display

00:47:26   on the iPad, which is really cool. It is M1 only.

00:47:30   - Yes, which a bunch of people are upset about on Twitter.

00:47:34   Which I'm gonna get to this in a minute.

00:47:35   But what you can also do is you can,

00:47:37   if you're doing the iPad with an external display,

00:47:41   you can say, okay, on the external display,

00:47:43   it's stage manager.

00:47:44   But the iPad, I'm gonna keep using in regular mode.

00:47:47   So you can do regular split view or regular full screen

00:47:51   on the iPad and then overlapping windows

00:47:54   with Stage Manager on the monitor.

00:47:56   So you can do that.

00:47:57   You can mix and match the environments.

00:48:00   But external displays are Stage Manager only, obviously.

00:48:02   The M1 exclusivity.

00:48:06   I think it's funny, I saw a bunch of people on Twitter

00:48:09   say with a certain degree of certainty,

00:48:15   there's no reason for Stage Manager to be M1 only.

00:48:18   This can also work on an iPad Air from two years ago.

00:48:22   And I'm curious to know which engineering team they work at Apple.

00:48:25   Because obviously, I mean, they are so sure about these statements.

00:48:29   I'm generally curious to know.

00:48:32   Maybe they have more color there.

00:48:36   Federico's blasting off.

00:48:39   Watch out, everyone.

00:48:40   No, I'm like, imagine if I engaged in a conversation with like,

00:48:45   I don't know, any kind of doctor on Twitter, like,

00:48:49   "No, this doesn't make sense. Like, what authority do you have? You know, what degree or job title?"

00:48:57   I don't know, like, I honestly don't understand. I guess so many people say, "Oh, but this is ridiculous, it's..."

00:49:03   Like, we can't know. Like, how do you know if there's anything in the M1 that made this possible?

00:49:10   Like, could it be a strategy? I'm sure, but like, I can be skeptical of it, but like,

00:49:17   Some tweets were really detailed, like "oh I know for..."

00:49:21   I'm pretty sure they said that it's because of the M1 and the virtual memory.

00:49:29   Like, am I...

00:49:31   No, somebody said "I know for a fact that the virtual memory swap can be done on an A12Z as well."

00:49:38   I would like to know the fact.

00:49:40   I mean like this might be one of those things where it's like if you have the one terabyte one,

00:49:45   right, but like they're not gonna do that, right?

00:49:47   like this works on everything with the M1 and the 1TB 12.0, like this is like, this is silly.

00:49:53   Anyway, what do you think about it? I think it's exciting and scary, it's not the right word.

00:50:05   I'm confused, I guess, right now. I'm confused because I was not expecting this. I was more

00:50:13   expecting something along the lines of, like, a tiling mode. But there's also the thing

00:50:21   that StageManager, it tries to solve some of the problems with overlapping windows for

00:50:29   people like me. And what it does is also, well, it's upsetting a bunch of other people

00:50:38   that are totally okay with overlapping windows. So my impression is that with Stage Manager,

00:50:44   Apple is trying to go after this very specific area of a Venn diagram of Mac users and iPad

00:50:54   users and those who wanted more Mac features on the iPad, but also that segment of people

00:51:00   who say, "I want more from multitasking, but I dislike or historically have disliked

00:51:08   overlapping windows. Can you make that happen, but in a nicer way for me?" Which I recognize

00:51:15   is a very specific niche to go after, but it seems to me like, especially on iPad, is

00:51:19   what they're doing. Like, with the windows that are... Like, the system tries to automatically

00:51:24   arrange them for you, and obviously the counterargument is, "But that's not the point of overlapping

00:51:30   Because the point is that from a spatial perspective, you're supposed to place a window somewhere

00:51:35   and it should stay there. It shouldn't move and the system shouldn't interfere with you.

00:51:39   And I get it. Like, I totally get it. But also that's what I dislike about overlapping

00:51:44   windows. It's, you know, having to do the precise "Oh, just go here and then I'm going

00:51:47   to place my window here." Like, I really don't like that.

00:51:51   Also, trying this on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro makes me wish for a 15-inch iPad Pro even

00:51:59   more, right? Yeah, I'm using it on an 11. I got an 11"

00:52:06   Air yesterday. It's gonna be tricky on an Air or on an 11"

00:52:12   iPad Pro. It really does make me wish for a bigger iPad Pro. And I also feel like it's

00:52:22   strange in how it's been implemented at the moment. There's a technical discussion here

00:52:28   to be added. Somebody also mentioned this in the, the coder mentioned this in the Discord

00:52:32   as well, and Steve Tran Smith was talking about it on Twitter last night. The way that

00:52:39   the resize happens on iPad with the size classes is kind of weird and jarring from a visual

00:52:47   perspective. On the Mac, when you resize a Mac catalyst app, it's a live resize. On iPad,

00:52:53   you resize a window, the window is switching between different size classes, meaning that

00:53:00   a lot of UI elements just jump around and reflow as you resize, and it's very odd-looking,

00:53:08   it's like jittery almost when you resize a window. And that's because the whole system

00:53:13   is based on size classes. So, I don't know how I feel about it. It also doesn't help

00:53:21   that beta 1 of iPadOS, not the best one, you know, of all the betas, it seems, so far.

00:53:27   And so, like, you can see that this feature is gonna be one of those things that Apple

00:53:33   is gonna hopefully, like, ask for a ton of feedback to people and ask to, like, "How

00:53:39   can we make this better?" There are so many inconsistencies right now. Like, for example,

00:53:43   I don't understand why the resize handle, the little black thing that shows up in the

00:53:49   bottom corner of a window to resize it. Sometimes it's in the bottom right, other times it's

00:53:55   in the bottom left. And I honestly don't understand why. Sometimes when you go with the pointer

00:54:01   over the title bar of a window, because you want to resize it, sometimes it latches onto

00:54:09   the multitasking menu instead. So like, you're trying to resize but you actually click the

00:54:14   multitasking menu, and that's not great. Then, I think it's gonna be, right now, and I mean

00:54:22   it's not even been 24 hours, but I am struggling to understand with Stage Manager what the

00:54:30   story is for managing multiple windows from the same app. Like, how do I get to a screen

00:54:39   that shows me all the windows from Safari. And also why...

00:54:45   You have to do the thing you always did, right? Like, press and hold and do the thing and

00:54:50   show all windows... That's how you do it now.

00:54:52   Is that the only way? Okay, so the shelf is done?

00:54:55   It is a way that works, you know?

00:54:58   Right, right. So I guess it's gonna take some time, because this is another multitasking

00:55:02   metaphor that they... Actually, no, multitasking system that they are adding on top of, like,

00:55:08   Split View and Slide Over, they're not gone.

00:55:11   Like you can still use them.

00:55:13   They're still there.

00:55:14   But this is like...

00:55:15   One of the things that's funny about this is in Stage Manager, which is a name that's

00:55:19   really gonna take a while to sink in for me.

00:55:22   Sorry, because they have center stage and all that stuff now, right?

00:55:25   So it's hard.

00:55:26   But if you want to look at just two apps at once, you see less than Split View.

00:55:33   Right.

00:55:34   Yes.

00:55:35   Not only is the doc, you can kind of get the doc to go away, but you can't stretch the

00:55:39   app to fill the whole screen.

00:55:41   There's always the border around it.

00:55:44   And so I kind of don't, I don't get that, you know?

00:55:48   This is going to take time.

00:55:49   This is going to take time.

00:55:53   What it also doesn't do is, so right now, for example, I'm looking at a workspace with

00:55:59   three apps, two small ones on the left side and on the right side and a bigger one, a

00:56:04   Safari one in the center, which is great, because the system makes it front and center for me.

00:56:09   But what if now I decide, OK, I now want to extend this window to fill the whole setup without

00:56:17   exiting Stage Manager? You can press Globe+F, but that makes it fullscreen, and it makes the

00:56:25   Stage Manager tray on the left go away. And I don't want that, I just want to... I guess what

00:56:31   what it's called, "resize to fit", I guess is what I'm looking for, but that's not supported

00:56:38   right now. So these are all a bunch of beta 1 issues, and this is the time for actually

00:56:45   filing those requests. We make fun of this all year long, but this is actually the time

00:56:52   to do it.

00:56:53   This feels like, to me, if something's going to change a bunch over the beta period, I

00:56:59   think this will be the thing that changes a bunch. Yes. And don't get me wrong, this

00:57:03   is not like Safari. Safari was bad, right? This is not bad. It's just so new, it's weird.

00:57:10   Yeah. Right? It's new, yes. It's new, it's so weird, and also it's breaking... I mean,

00:57:18   we can't blame ourselves here. This mode is breaking a 12-year-old muscle memory that

00:57:24   we have on the iPad. Obviously we cannot get used to it in 24 hours, you know? So it's

00:57:30   totally okay, I think, to feel the way. But there's a bunch of cool stuff, like app pairs,

00:57:33   finally, right? You can pair things together and they'll live it together. Like, there's

00:57:37   a bunch of stuff in here that's like, "Oh yeah, this is the new foundation," right?

00:57:42   Like, "This is it?" I was actually working with it today and I was like, "You know, this

00:57:46   is actually nice." And I really love the window tray on the left, like, clicking just once

00:57:52   to switch between app pairs or workspaces, that's super cool! And it's exactly what I

00:57:58   wanted. Like, all this from... I honestly think it's gonna be great for me, but how

00:58:04   do I feel now? I feel confused because I don't know what I'm doing.

00:58:08   This is like the true shelf over here, right? On the side. I don't like how it looks.

00:58:14   So now you see what I'm... Like, why did they waste that name last year? Why?

00:58:19   this part even have a name? Is it? Because it got a name? This little bit on the side?

00:58:25   I don't think so. I don't like how it looks though with the apps kind of like

00:58:29   the way they're like oriented. But you know why it looks that way? Because this is gonna be what

00:58:35   working in AR looks like. Oh my god. Oh my god Federico. Yeah. Yeah. Wow I hadn't thought of that

00:58:44   man yeah yeah yeah it's always living on the left side geez also wonder on the

00:58:51   Mac if you use your dock on the left side yeah that's gonna I guess like they

00:58:56   move over with the docks visible I haven't played with Ventura yeah I've

00:58:59   seen I've seen pictures of that like it just shifts it all like you can still

00:59:04   use the dock on the left everything just kind of I find it interesting that this

00:59:08   is on the Mac as well I mean they kind of opened this segment talking about

00:59:12   Mission Control, which has been around since OS X Lion, and like how it's kind

00:59:17   of messy and like I don't think it is, but this is like another, it's like

00:59:22   another example on Mac OS of them layering multiple window management

00:59:27   tools on top of each other, because Mission Control itself includes expose

00:59:31   and spaces, and now you have this, which is like a separate thing, and you get to

00:59:37   it from Control Center, you know, maybe this will end up being on the keyboard,

00:59:42   as a keyboard shortcut at some point in the future.

00:59:44   But it's like, I think it's less useful on the Mac

00:59:48   than it is on the iPad probably.

00:59:51   I think Apple's reasoning for it is they want these devices

00:59:54   to be closer together and more fluid to move between them.

00:59:57   So like, if you have an iPad and a Mac

00:59:59   and you really like this,

01:00:00   you can work the same way on both devices.

01:00:03   I think Apple's totally fine with that duplication.

01:00:06   I just think it feels a bit more grafted onto the Mac

01:00:09   than I expected.

01:00:11   I like that they did it though.

01:00:13   Right, because that's making a statement

01:00:16   I think is important,

01:00:18   of moving these two platforms forward together.

01:00:22   I think I might dig it on the Mac, you know?

01:00:26   So I'm not going between like, spaces anymore.

01:00:29   It's all just one desktop,

01:00:30   and I just have the apps open that I need

01:00:32   at any one moment.

01:00:33   Like, I could imagine no longer using spaces,

01:00:37   like just having, using Stage Manager.

01:00:41   - Yeah, we'll see, we will see.

01:00:43   - I think it could work for me.

01:00:44   - All right, Myke, what was your round two pick?

01:00:46   - New features for tap back in messages.

01:00:49   - Ding.

01:00:50   - This is skin on my teeth here,

01:00:52   I didn't even know about this.

01:00:53   If without Stephen Hackett, I wouldn't have got this point.

01:00:56   But Stephen sent something to the group chat today.

01:00:59   Tap backs will no longer spam your SMS group chats

01:01:02   from nine to five Mac.

01:01:04   So this is the feature that Google added

01:01:07   to Google messages basically.

01:01:10   And I believe I did talk about this on our last episode.

01:01:15   Like I have a memory of mentioning this one thing.

01:01:17   This isn't what I wanted.

01:01:18   What I wanted was more like actual like tap back options.

01:01:22   Yeah.

01:01:23   But it's now doing that thing where if you're in a--

01:01:26   It's arguable whether--

01:01:27   Skin of my teeth, man.

01:01:28   It's arguable whether this count or not, but--

01:01:32   I mean, it is a new feature for tap back.

01:01:35   So arguably, it's not the spirit of the pick.

01:01:39   It really is not a new feature, but technically you could say,

01:01:46   "Wait, no, it's a new feature in Messages."

01:01:50   See, if you said "in iMessage," it wouldn't be a point.

01:01:56   Sure, but I would never say that.

01:01:57   But you said "in Messages."

01:01:59   Yeah.

01:02:00   But you said "in Messages."

01:02:02   So technically, SMS, you know, technically you could be

01:02:07   an iPhone user using Messages without iMessage.

01:02:11   You could be a person using regular SMS

01:02:13   in the Messages app.

01:02:15   So it fits the way the pic has been phrased.

01:02:19   - So, as someone who's in a family thread

01:02:22   with some Android users who also has iPhone users

01:02:27   in that thread who don't understand why this happens,

01:02:30   like, this is gonna be a game changer for me.

01:02:33   That's why I was excited to see it.

01:02:34   and I agree it's not the spirit of the pic,

01:02:37   but it's the letter of the pic, but I think it gets it.

01:02:40   - So just again, to recap,

01:02:42   if we don't follow what we're going,

01:02:43   if you're in a group chat with mixed devices,

01:02:48   if you would do a tapback,

01:02:50   instead of it actually animating the tapback

01:02:52   and showing a little thumbs up on the message,

01:02:54   it sends another SMS message, which says,

01:02:57   "Steven liked this,"

01:02:59   and every single tapback gets its own message.

01:03:03   - It's terrible.

01:03:04   But now in iOS 16, even on SMS messages,

01:03:07   Apple is interpreting the SMS

01:03:10   that otherwise would have been sent

01:03:11   and just animating the little thumb up

01:03:14   like Google does for Google messages.

01:03:16   So there we go.

01:03:17   I will take that.

01:03:18   Thank you, Steven.

01:03:20   - So at the end of round two, Federico has two points.

01:03:24   I have one point and Myke has two points.

01:03:27   So we will see going into the risky picks how we do.

01:03:33   But first let's take a break.

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01:05:15   - Oh, that's so good.

01:05:17   I was gonna ask 'cause I saw that they made it.

01:05:19   - Yeah, I had lunch with some of them yesterday

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01:05:30   - That makes me so happy that you saw them.

01:05:32   That's cool.

01:05:33   That's really great.

01:05:34   - Risky pick time.

01:05:35   Federico, you're up.

01:05:36   - I read this pick today four times

01:05:38   and I couldn't understand it.

01:05:40   My brain's messed up, obviously.

01:05:41   I was like, I don't understand, but go on.

01:05:44   - I said iOS gets split view support

01:05:48   for multitasking to use two apps at once.

01:05:52   I wanted to get split view on the iPhone

01:05:54   and I didn't get split view on the iPhone.

01:05:56   - 'Cause I kept reading this as like,

01:05:57   Well of course it has split view, it's had split view for years.

01:06:00   Yeah, iOS is the key word here.

01:06:01   iOS.

01:06:02   IOS.

01:06:03   So there was nothing here, right? Didn't Quick Note though?

01:06:09   We'll scan them on Quick Note.

01:06:10   That's a different... we'll get to Quick Note later.

01:06:12   Oh, is it a pick later on?

01:06:14   Uh...

01:06:15   It's a flexi later on.

01:06:16   Oh, okay, fine, we'll talk about it later then. Sorry.

01:06:19   Yeah, didn't get it.

01:06:20   And I still think it should happen.

01:06:23   Historically this means I'm gonna get the pick next year or in two years but I will get it

01:06:27   and I still think they should do it but it's not this year.

01:06:30   I still think this is not outside of the realm of possibility to happen in September.

01:06:37   Mmm because the funds are getting bigger?

01:06:40   Yeah.

01:06:41   Are they getting bigger?

01:06:43   There's gonna be two big ones. They're not getting bigger but they will have two big funds now

01:06:48   and I could see it being a thing for the big phones or at least the pro phone

01:06:53   because the pro phone maybe both pro phones are both big phones

01:06:57   because there's gonna be some weirdness right because they're either gonna have

01:07:01   that we know we know the range is kind of like too regular size too big right

01:07:05   so they will now oh we have two big phones and now on the larger phones you

01:07:10   can do this or there's the other thing of the both the pro phones are supposed

01:07:13   to be getting a new chip where the old phones aren't right so I could imagine

01:07:17   I imagine saying, and with the power of the M or A29 or whatever it's going to be, you

01:07:23   can do two apps at once.

01:07:25   I could still see this happening for one of those two reasons.

01:07:28   I think it could still be a thing.

01:07:31   My pick, the new version of macOS brings back dashboard as a way to place widgets outside

01:07:37   of the current notification center.

01:07:39   What a surprise to you.

01:07:41   Come on, man.

01:07:42   We told you.

01:07:43   We told you.

01:07:44   Okay.

01:07:45   So like seriously.

01:07:46   But it was risky.

01:07:47   Look, if you don't have any guts in your risky pick, you're not doing it right.

01:07:52   But there's this gut, sir.

01:07:53   I mean, look at the gut.

01:07:54   I mean, this is reckless.

01:07:57   It's not having guts.

01:07:58   This is just...

01:07:59   Yeah.

01:08:00   Like, and even for you, the guy who, you know, runs on a bike and falls in a, you know, and

01:08:06   the waterfall and the rocks and all the things you do.

01:08:08   That's true.

01:08:09   This is reckless, even for you.

01:08:11   So...

01:08:12   Genuine question.

01:08:13   Have you broke anything in the last couple of, like, is anything broken?

01:08:16   Mm-mm.

01:08:18   You sure?

01:08:19   Yeah, I haven't broken anything.

01:08:20   All right, just the way you answered,

01:08:21   it seemed like you were trying to hide something.

01:08:23   Have you broken any hearts, Stephen?

01:08:25   Oh, he's always breaking hearts, that guy, you know?

01:08:29   Always breaking hearts.

01:08:30   Yeah, there's no changes.

01:08:31   They didn't do anything, right?

01:08:32   I can't believe this.

01:08:33   I'm furious about this, that they are continuing with Mac OS

01:08:39   Ventura to--

01:08:40   that's what I've decided to say, by the way.

01:08:42   It's fun.

01:08:42   OK.

01:08:43   They have decided to keep the notifications and widgets

01:08:45   exactly the same it's like what are you doing it's terrible it's such a bummer

01:08:50   yeah that's terrible but Myke my friend yeah boy my dear friend guts walk us

01:08:58   through every single point the peak that was supposed to be locked in for sure

01:09:05   they are going to do this Apple gives a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro and they

01:09:11   They sneak peeked so many things, right?

01:09:14   But not this one, which is something they have already confirmed.

01:09:18   They will show us, but yet they have not yet done it.

01:09:21   They sneak peeked a bananas version of CarPlay, but not this.

01:09:25   By the way, that looks wild, right?

01:09:28   Like that's what the car team has been doing.

01:09:30   I want to come back to that in a second.

01:09:32   Yeah, because it's kind of a, kind of really strange in places, like some really questionable

01:09:38   decisions I think in that CarPlay UI.

01:09:40   Alright, let me read this and we'll talk what let's read this set all the thing and then we'll do that

01:09:45   Okay, okay. Okay. You want you need to start do you like we gotta go now? I

01:09:51   Thought there's so many we could round robin the sub picks. All right, here we go

01:09:56   Okay, Apple gives a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro

01:09:59   It features a case design inspired by the 2019 Mac Pro it features more parts than any other Apple silicon Mac available today

01:10:05   It does not have support for third-party GPUs

01:10:08   It features a chip name that has not appeared in any other product as starting price to six thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars

01:10:13   And it's coming later this year

01:10:15   It's all fake it's all fake news it's fiction it's a apple silicon fanfiction

01:10:23   Not a word not a peep no

01:10:32   Okay, do you want to go at carplay or do we settle the Ricky's now? Okay, let's settle the Ricky's.

01:10:37   The final score.

01:10:40   Federico has one point.

01:10:42   I have zero points. No, we have two. I have two points. Oh, no. What? Wrong. You have done it.

01:10:50   You've done a terrible job. Oh, wait. No. Yeah, I forgot how the risk... I should listen to the rules.

01:10:55   Yeah, I'm literally using the website to

01:10:58   calculate these. Okay. I should have listened to the rules because obviously we all lose

01:11:01   points because of our risky picks. Federico has one point. I have zero points. Myke has

01:11:06   one point. So we need to coin toss between the two of you. Everyone in the chat is getting

01:11:12   upset at me for not remembering the rules. I have COVID. All right. You got to leave

01:11:15   me alone. My brain, the guy's on his death bed. Okay. Just exactly. My brain is full

01:11:21   of who knows what right now, you know, viruses. Yeah. There's all sorts of weird fish all

01:11:26   up in me yeah I'm 5g I got 5g Bill Gates is all up in here you know what I'm

01:11:32   saying leave me alone apparently not enough 5g that's true

01:11:35   I wish I could have added another booster so let me get my phone and I'm gonna coin

01:11:40   toss between the two of you want to do it oh yeah I guess you should do it

01:11:43   right yeah yeah I should do it because I'm the third party here so hang on do

01:11:46   you have the current test flight yeah I've got the latest build I'm getting my phone hang on

01:11:51   Federico, how do you feel about going up against the coin flip king?

01:11:55   I feel like I'm going to win this time.

01:11:58   Can you imagine if this like one of the side effects of COVID is I lose my luck for coin flips?

01:12:04   James Thompson came to me in a dream.

01:12:07   And what did he say?

01:12:08   Told me I was going to win the coin flip. Told me I was going to, you know, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot make James accent myself.

01:12:17   Try it though.

01:12:18   - It's got a very... - What's your best Scottish accent?

01:12:21   No, I am unable to. I'm unable to. My tongue doesn't move like that.

01:12:28   I don't know how to make those sounds.

01:12:31   Do you know anything that Scottish people say, though?

01:12:34   Scottish people...

01:12:38   Yeah.

01:12:39   Well, I think the only Scottish person I know besides James was Desmond from Lost, the TV show.

01:12:48   And he kept saying, "See you in another life, brother."

01:12:51   But that's not really Scottish, isn't it?

01:12:54   You know.

01:12:55   That was really good. No, I've never heard a Scottish person say that before.

01:12:58   I don't think that's a thing.

01:12:59   I'm sure that was the Americanized version of a Scottish person, so...

01:13:03   I feel like if James came to you in a dream, this is collusion?

01:13:07   No.

01:13:08   This feels like collusion.

01:13:10   It was a...

01:13:11   It was a regulated dream.

01:13:14   No collusion.

01:13:15   No collusion whatsoever.

01:13:16   Perfect dream.

01:13:17   Yeah. I would say that Myke is heads. Okay. Why? Why is it? Why are you choosing for us?

01:13:26   Yeah, I feel like it's one of us has to choose. I don't know. What have you choose? You have

01:13:30   to choose who chooses. You have to choose the choosing. Federica. Federica, you were

01:13:35   the chooser. Yes. Heads. Okay. And that's the side of the coin with the teal band around

01:13:40   it, right? Who knows what James has done? Who knows what James has done? You know, it

01:13:44   It could be anything in there.

01:13:45   You might flip it and it's a glass flyer.

01:13:47   - Which size is the head?

01:13:48   - You'll find out.

01:13:49   The app will tell you.

01:13:50   Just press the, this is why you shouldn't be trusted

01:13:52   with this.

01:13:53   This has taken you so long.

01:13:54   - Are you ready?

01:13:56   - Yes, we're ready like 10 minutes ago.

01:13:57   - I've never done this before.

01:13:59   - I can tell.

01:14:01   - Calm down.

01:14:01   Okay, here we go.

01:14:03   - Due to situations beyond my control,

01:14:09   this placeholder voice isn't that of a real human being.

01:14:13   I'm actually at least 500% better. It's heads.

01:14:16   Yes! Thank you, robot! I knew it! I knew it!

01:14:21   I was screwed by GLaDOS.

01:14:23   I knew it.

01:14:25   That's no way to live.

01:14:25   Thank you.

01:14:26   This is collusion. This is collusion.

01:14:29   I knew that Dream Thompson was right.

01:14:33   Dream?

01:14:34   Dream Tho- Dream Thompson said to me, "Federico, I cannot make a Scottish accent, I'm sorry.

01:14:41   you are going to win the coming flip. Federico? Yes. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you.

01:14:48   Congratulations. I'm sorry. I kind of wanted you to win. It's kind of unfair really when

01:14:54   you think about it, right? Like a guy on his deathbed, you take the win from him. You gotta

01:14:58   stop saying that. You have to stop. Federico started it, right? So now I'm going to do

01:15:03   so my chest is burning right now. You know that? That's how I'm feeling. I keep getting

01:15:07   It hurts a lot, you know.

01:15:10   This is hard work, I'm here, you know.

01:15:12   I feel like people need to appreciate me more, but...

01:15:15   We appreciate you, but you know...

01:15:17   Not you two, I know you two appreciate me.

01:15:19   Even though you feel like you should steal the win from me, you know what I'm saying?

01:15:22   Yeah, you know, now I feel bad if you...

01:15:25   I'd just like to say, my wife is in the Discord and has requested that we all stop saying that phrase.

01:15:30   So I think, I feel like now we kind of have to appreciate what she's requesting.

01:15:35   Requesting so we have now put a moratorium on that phrase so carplay

01:15:39   coming

01:15:41   late next year

01:15:43   really far out

01:15:45   You know a lot of modern cars have more than just the central

01:15:49   infotainment

01:15:51   infotainment screen they have

01:15:53   digital dashes and multiple displays

01:15:56   Go look at photos of like the new

01:16:00   Kia or hondai electric SUVs. It's a good example

01:16:04   I think multiple screens and what Apple has laid out here is a vision for what

01:16:11   carplay could look like extending further and further and they've done

01:16:15   some of that in the current carplay but this is really a rethinking of it where

01:16:20   it can replace the entire digital dash and carplay will be interacting with

01:16:26   sensors and information coming from the car itself so carplay would be able to

01:16:31   show speed and fuel or charge level, mileage, all of these things. And I think

01:16:39   at least at this point, like we can quibble about details in the UI and

01:16:43   there's definitely things to wonder about and some of their layouts and

01:16:46   design, but I think it's mostly conceptual at this point, which makes it

01:16:50   even weirder to show it off. My only thought as of why we saw it is that if

01:16:56   they are going to car makers, it will leak and they would rather show it off

01:17:02   themselves than it leak out due to some like engineer at Audi posting a picture

01:17:07   on Instagram. But it's weird. I think it looks nice. Yeah, I thought it was weird. I

01:17:13   thought it was weird that they have some info like the music all the way to

01:17:19   the right side where the passenger is. Like, who wants that? Like, if I want... I think

01:17:24   I think all of that's like the concept part,

01:17:27   and I would imagine that it would be mostly customizable.

01:17:30   I think the details are like not worth getting into

01:17:33   in the designs at this point, 'cause it's so far out.

01:17:36   - Just as well, like in cars that have those kinds

01:17:39   of screens, that side is controllable, like customizable

01:17:44   by the person who's over there, right?

01:17:46   So like you could imagine that like the passengers decided

01:17:48   they want the music there.

01:17:50   - And that's already happening in some cars now.

01:17:53   - Yeah.

01:17:53   So it's Apple getting on board with where car makers are going.

01:18:00   To me it's totally foreign because in my truck it's like a tiny little third party carplay

01:18:04   screen that's like seven inches across or something.

01:18:08   But in new, especially higher end cars, more and more the entire dash is becoming a screen.

01:18:14   I mean some of the new Lincolns are like, I think they in particular have boasted about,

01:18:18   you know, it's like we have 48 inches of screen in front of you.

01:18:22   And we could talk about whether that's a good idea or not.

01:18:25   I kind of think maybe it's not.

01:18:27   But Apple wants to be available on all of those screens.

01:18:31   And so that's what they're showing off.

01:18:33   Federico, what do you not like about it?

01:18:35   Not just that thing.

01:18:36   I thought that some placements were a bit strange.

01:18:40   Yeah, I would agree with you.

01:18:42   Like if you're in the car, what song's playing?

01:18:46   And you have to like look into the right wing mirror.

01:18:49   But yeah, you'd hope it's pretty customizable.

01:18:53   I think this is a bold thing to do, to be like, we're going to show you your speed and

01:18:58   all that kind of stuff, right?

01:19:00   Like that is, we're really getting into the weeds now on the information and you kind

01:19:06   of hope that they do a good job of displaying it.

01:19:09   But this would be a thing where like, if I was in the market for a car in 2023, I look

01:19:15   at this and I'm like, even more now would I, I think I would want CarPlay, EnableCar

01:19:21   to get some of these features. I mean, again, I don't know, I don't drive, but like, the

01:19:25   way they've got the maps with the like the speedometer overlaid and stuff, I think that

01:19:30   looks really nice. I don't know how useful it is.

01:19:33   And some other car main factors have done that on their own. But the idea here is let

01:19:38   your iPhone run it all. The other thing I would say about CarPlay is they said that

01:19:45   available in 98% of new vehicles sold in the United States. Elon...

01:19:52   That doesn't make sense to me. From the way that everybody talks about it, it seems like

01:19:56   loads of Tesla's are sold. Tesla's are only like a percentage, 1% of new cars.

01:20:02   There are a lot here in California, like they're everywhere, but out in the real country like

01:20:07   it's...

01:20:10   So they are massive percentages of certain markets.

01:20:13   - Yeah, and like people we know who listen

01:20:15   to fancy Apple podcasts, you know, it's a bigger,

01:20:18   and I think they have bigger mind share

01:20:20   than they do market share.

01:20:21   - They gotta add this Tesla, man.

01:20:22   Like it looks like Apple even made a version

01:20:24   for the Tesla screen.

01:20:25   - I know, it's ridiculous.

01:20:26   And then they also said 80% of people consider carplay

01:20:29   a must have when shopping for a car,

01:20:32   which I definitely agree with.

01:20:33   - That felt like straight out of the presentation

01:20:35   they give to car manufacturers.

01:20:37   - Oh yeah, that was a straight copy and paste.

01:20:39   But you know, for us, like, I mean,

01:20:41   I retrofitted it into my truck,

01:20:43   but when we bought my wife's car a couple of years ago,

01:20:46   it was on her list.

01:20:47   She was like, she wanted something with CarPlay.

01:20:49   And clearly a lot of people will think that way.

01:20:52   And Apple is adapting CarPlay for this future,

01:20:56   whether we like it or not,

01:20:57   whether you think it's a good idea or not,

01:20:59   they are adapting to be more usable in this future

01:21:04   where CarPlay started and cars kind of like mine

01:21:08   like a central screen, you know, seven to 10 inches,

01:21:11   put CarPlay there, but now they have to adapt

01:21:14   to this world where more and more vehicles

01:21:16   are like rolling video games.

01:21:19   - We didn't do the closing ceremonies,

01:21:22   but I guess we can't.

01:21:24   I haven't even got my, didn't bring my turkey with me.

01:21:28   So again-- - Well, nothing changed.

01:21:30   Anyways.

01:21:31   - Oh, of course it didn't.

01:21:32   So I guess the closing, hang on,

01:21:33   I'm just gonna clap for Federico.

01:21:35   (clapping)

01:21:36   - Thank you. - Good job Federico.

01:21:38   Thank you.

01:21:39   Good win.

01:21:40   Good win.

01:21:41   I'm actually happy that you won because my tapback thing really kind of just skated in

01:21:45   there so like it would have felt like I don't know some kind of hollow victory.

01:21:48   I would have taken it right but I'm happy you won.

01:21:51   If it couldn't be me I'm happy it's you.

01:21:53   This podcast, this very episode of Connected right here, it's sponsored by iodine.

01:21:59   What an interesting way to start.

01:22:01   I like that.

01:22:02   It's good energy.

01:22:05   They're introducing something cool.

01:22:06   the All SSD Pro Data.

01:22:09   It's the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs.

01:22:13   Conventional storage forces a trade-off

01:22:16   between big, slow hard disks or smaller, fast SSDs.

01:22:21   And without redundancy, your data isn't protected.

01:22:23   But now with Pro Data,

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01:22:30   Pro Data is the first All SSD Thunderbolt RAID device

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01:22:42   It's incredibly powerful with storage performance

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01:22:47   For the first time, multiple Thunderbolt connections

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01:22:56   This means that all your digital assets

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01:23:01   checksums and enterprise grade encryption while remaining super fast to access.

01:23:07   Pro Data features a sleek industrial design that fits as well in a laptop bag or a DIT

01:23:14   cart which is direct ingestion technician I think.

01:23:17   So if you're out on a film shoot, someone is ingesting data all the time, it's going

01:23:22   to look great there, it's going to look great on your desk, you can take it with you.

01:23:25   Shipping right now in 12 and 24 terabyte capacities

01:23:30   is up to three times the size

01:23:32   of the largest built-in Mac SSD.

01:23:34   And with the flexibility of Thunderbolt daisy chaining,

01:23:37   many Pro Data devices can be connected to a single Mac

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01:23:42   Pro Data even supports connecting

01:23:45   up to four computers simultaneously

01:23:48   and dividing its unique SSD storage pools

01:23:50   into distinct containers,

01:23:52   each with their own configurable password,

01:23:55   encryption keys, RAID levels, and file system formats.

01:23:58   Using iodine's storage handoff technology,

01:24:01   containers can be handed off in real time

01:24:03   between collaborating MACs with one click.

01:24:07   Supercharge your setup with the fastest Thunderbolt storage

01:24:10   for M1 MACs and the fastest Thunderbolt array,

01:24:13   iodine pro data.

01:24:15   To learn more, visit iodine.com.

01:24:17   That's I-O-D-Y-N-E.com.

01:24:20   There's a link in the show notes.

01:24:22   Our thanks to iDyne for their support of the show

01:24:25   and Relay FM.

01:24:26   - It's felt like a very Steven product to me

01:24:29   when they came in, I was like,

01:24:31   this has got Hackett written all over it.

01:24:33   - I really want one.

01:24:34   - I'm sure you do.

01:24:36   (laughing)

01:24:38   - All right, it is time for the Flexis.

01:24:40   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Rookies.

01:24:44   It consists of a series of additional picks

01:24:46   in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

01:24:50   Scoring is completed separately from the main game,

01:24:52   but like the rookies, the order of picks

01:24:54   is set by the results of the previous game,

01:24:57   and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock,

01:25:00   which I totally know how to use now.

01:25:02   Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:25:04   - I am actually going to take a lie down for a second,

01:25:08   but to do that, I have to unplug my headphones,

01:25:10   so I'll just arrive.

01:25:11   - Yeah, count to 30.

01:25:13   - I'm gonna take a guess, I'm gonna take a guess.

01:25:15   (dramatic music)

01:25:18   Hosts must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

01:25:26   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

01:25:28   Wrong picks do not remove any points, and no partial points may be awarded.

01:25:32   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct flexis made by each

01:25:37   host.

01:25:38   While there are no Twitter handles on the line in the flexis, the winner can use their

01:25:41   chosen title as long as they are the winner.

01:25:44   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi.

01:25:46   Myke has chosen Duke of Flexington, and I am the Attorney General Flexi.

01:25:52   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of

01:25:56   the winner's choice.

01:25:57   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser, and the money must

01:26:03   be donated on air.

01:26:06   Please be seated.

01:26:07   Well, just go ahead.

01:26:10   It'll reach us at some point.

01:26:12   He'll show up.

01:26:13   So I'm the Attorney Flexi General, so I get to go first.

01:26:15   I'm back.

01:26:17   Oh, hello.

01:26:18   I made it in time.

01:26:19   I'm getting ready to read my Flexis.

01:26:21   Flexi number one.

01:26:24   A presenter references the fact that some developers

01:26:27   are at Apple Park for the keynote.

01:26:29   Ding!

01:26:30   This was not in the stream, not in the keynote itself,

01:26:34   but it was 100% referenced by a presenter,

01:26:37   Tim and Craig came out on stage in the beginning.

01:26:39   Okay.

01:26:40   This is fundamentally different from Myke's pick later on.

01:26:43   Well, we'll see.

01:26:45   Number two, AR specific features are added to Swift

01:26:48   or Swift UI.

01:26:49   So not mentioned in the keynote,

01:26:50   but it is mentioned on Apple's developer site.

01:26:55   If you scroll down, there are some additions

01:27:00   within the ARKit 6 release.

01:27:04   And specifically mentioned is RoomPlan,

01:27:07   which we mentioned earlier in the show.

01:27:08   - You did the work, huh?

01:27:09   You're putting the miles in on these flexes.

01:27:11   powered by ARKit room plan is a new Swift API

01:27:16   that utilizes the camera and LIDAR scanner

01:27:18   to create a 3D floor plan of a room.

01:27:21   So there we go.

01:27:22   At least one iOS system map is redesigned

01:27:26   to bring its controls to the bottom of the screen.

01:27:28   I would argue that lock screen,

01:27:30   the lock screen is part of this.

01:27:32   - What do you think it's an app?

01:27:34   - It's not. - What do you think it's an app?

01:27:35   - But it's part of Springboard, which is like-

01:27:37   - Nah, get out of here.

01:27:38   Don't even come at me with that nonsense.

01:27:40   Don't start saying springboard.

01:27:42   People only say springboard when they got a point to prove

01:27:45   or they want to show how smart they are.

01:27:47   - I know code names, backboard, springboard.

01:27:50   - Come on.

01:27:51   - Whoa, what's next?

01:27:52   You're gonna thank the people in MarCom?

01:27:55   What are you gonna do?

01:27:57   - You said app, you said app.

01:27:59   It's not an app.

01:28:01   - Great point from Kate.

01:28:02   Is it in the app library?

01:28:03   - Find your springboard in there, go on.

01:28:05   Search for it.

01:28:06   Does it come up?

01:28:07   No.

01:28:08   - Ridiculous.

01:28:09   the lock screen even part of springboard anyway?

01:28:11   - I think it is.

01:28:12   - Yeah, how do you know?

01:28:13   How do you know?

01:28:14   Which springboard team are you on at Apple, Stephen?

01:28:19   - I saw a springboard engineer talk about it, so I--

01:28:21   - No.

01:28:22   - Fine, fine.

01:28:23   If you don't wanna give it to me, that's fine.

01:28:26   But I protest.

01:28:27   - It says app.

01:28:29   - But the whole lock screen,

01:28:32   the whole first part of the phone,

01:28:34   redesigned to bring everything to the bottom.

01:28:36   - Yeah.

01:28:37   it's bigger than an app. And you shouldn't have said app should you?

01:28:41   Apple classical music services announced no Mac OS 13 is called mammoth no Apple

01:28:48   announces the first m2 Mac. I got one and a half first Macs the new MacBook Air

01:28:56   which is beautiful and the completely ridiculous and un physically unchanged

01:29:03   Sorry, Steven. For that pic, don't get upset. It's in our rules. Any information used in

01:29:09   scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording. So, is it publicly verifiable

01:29:16   that the customizable lock screen is an app?

01:29:18   I mean, James Thompson said yes.

01:29:20   What's James, though?

01:29:22   James Thompson is not a...

01:29:24   James Thompson is not a...

01:29:25   Okay, well, look. If you're listening live and you're an Apple engineer who can answer

01:29:28   this in the next three minutes, please get in touch.

01:29:31   - But they have to answer in public.

01:29:32   Remember this is the rule

01:29:33   'cause Federico got some secret messages and we can--

01:29:36   - Send me a tweet.

01:29:37   Send me a tweet.

01:29:39   So the M2 Max.

01:29:40   The M2 is a incremental but impressive update over the M1.

01:29:45   20% faster CPU.

01:29:48   I forget what the GPU number is, but it's even better.

01:29:51   The M2 13-inch MacBook Pro has the touch bar.

01:29:56   It does not have MagSafe.

01:29:58   It is the same 13-inch MacBook Pro we've had for too long.

01:30:03   I do not know why it exists.

01:30:05   It's only $100 more than the M2 MacBook Air.

01:30:08   This would have been the perfect time to kill it,

01:30:10   and it lives on.

01:30:10   - Price points, it's price points, right?

01:30:12   It's all price points. - But it's only $100 more

01:30:15   than the MacBook Air.

01:30:16   - They love the price points.

01:30:17   It's, you know.

01:30:18   - It's bad.

01:30:20   No one should buy that computer.

01:30:21   - There are some Touch Bar devotees out there, right?

01:30:25   They want it.

01:30:26   The new MacBook Air slots in at $1,199.

01:30:29   So the M1 MacBook Air sticks around at $999.

01:30:32   They were unable to bring the M2 down in price to $999

01:30:36   for whatever reason.

01:30:38   But it's a really impressive looking machine.

01:30:41   So it is like a thinner MacBook Pro.

01:30:43   They've gotten rid of the wedge.

01:30:44   It looks super modern.

01:30:46   Y'all talked about this on upgrade,

01:30:47   but the finishes are dumb.

01:30:48   Like, why does Silver and Starlight and Space Gray

01:30:52   and Midnight all live together on the same product?

01:30:55   they're very subtly different from each other.

01:30:57   - When those colors are right there,

01:30:59   they're just right there, the iMac is right there.

01:31:02   Like I really can't get my head around this.

01:31:05   - It's a bummer, but I am really interested in this machine.

01:31:08   I think it's gonna do really well

01:31:09   and I hope to get my hands on one next month

01:31:12   when they are for sale.

01:31:13   - You wanna get one?

01:31:14   Do you want one just 'cause you want one

01:31:17   or do you want one 'cause you think

01:31:19   it would replace something?

01:31:20   Like what is your thought?

01:31:22   - I wanna check it out because the MacBook Air

01:31:24   the most popular Mac. And so, anyways, so at the end of my flexes, I have three out

01:31:32   of six correct. That puts me at 50%. Myke, can you do better?

01:31:36   We'll find out. One, Tim presents some portion of the keynote in front of a live audience.

01:31:42   Now I need to ask a question. Why did you get your part, but I didn't get mine? Why

01:31:47   do you get a present of references to the fact that some developers are at Apple Park

01:31:51   for the keynote? Why did you...

01:31:52   I would argue that this is...

01:31:54   Huh, is this a point?

01:31:57   I have publicly verifiable information.

01:32:00   Steve Trount Smith has sent me a tweet.

01:32:03   Poster board...

01:32:04   What does Steve Trount Smith know?

01:32:05   Listen, let me finish.

01:32:07   Poster board and paper board, the two new apps providing the lock screen and wallpaper

01:32:11   stuff in Iowa 16.

01:32:12   Damn it, Steve.

01:32:13   Couldn't you just keep quiet?

01:32:16   Show me this.

01:32:17   I don't believe it.

01:32:18   Show me this.

01:32:19   Here, I'll send you the tweet.

01:32:20   I'll put the tweet in Discord.

01:32:21   I don't know how Twitter works.

01:32:23   - The tweet is in Discord.

01:32:24   - But this is on the Mac.

01:32:25   What is this?

01:32:26   What's the Mac got to do with anything?

01:32:27   - The Mac includes a complete version of iOS

01:32:29   for Mac catalyst.

01:32:30   - Now it doesn't.

01:32:31   - Yes it, listen to me.

01:32:32   Yes it does.

01:32:33   (laughing)

01:32:34   - I just like how magic it is.

01:32:36   I like how--

01:32:36   - And for the iOS apps to run.

01:32:40   And so he's just poked around in there and there it is.

01:32:43   - Well, I have a question.

01:32:44   - I get the point.

01:32:45   - Which is maybe more aimed towards Steve Tran Smith

01:32:47   than you.

01:32:48   Why did Steve just tweet this like into the world

01:32:51   rather than at you.

01:32:52   - So more people see it.

01:32:54   - Because Steve is listening live

01:32:55   and he wants to bring the chaotic energy of--

01:32:58   - That's so funny.

01:32:59   He's just like, I'm just gonna put this out there.

01:33:02   Did he then send it to you directly

01:33:04   to make sure you saw it?

01:33:05   - He texted me the URL to the tweet.

01:33:08   - Steve, you're an agent of chaos.

01:33:09   All right, here's the thing.

01:33:10   All right, you can get that.

01:33:11   - So I'm now at 66.7%.

01:33:13   - Look, it's fine.

01:33:14   We now know, Steven, that you are one of those people

01:33:17   who go about in their lives finding loopholes.

01:33:22   - So you know what this is?

01:33:23   This is that Steven conspiracy.

01:33:25   They're all Stevens, right?

01:33:26   I'm assuming Steve is a Steven, right?

01:33:30   That's gonna be my natural assumption.

01:33:32   They're all ganging up.

01:33:33   But all right, so fine, you got that one.

01:33:35   Congratulations to you and your pick.

01:33:38   But now we need to go back to litigation.

01:33:40   Why do you get your pick one, but I don't get my pick one?

01:33:43   - 'Cause my pick was not about something in the keynote.

01:33:46   and yours says present some portion of the keynote.

01:33:48   The keynote was streamed.

01:33:50   There was no live-- - But for you,

01:33:51   for you as in the audience, when did the keynote begin?

01:33:54   Like, would you not say the keynote began

01:33:57   when Tim Cook came on stage?

01:33:58   - Up until that point,

01:34:00   Tim Cook is not technically a presenter.

01:34:02   - Yeah, what presenter?

01:34:03   - The keynote is what's in the YouTube video.

01:34:05   - Presenter of what?

01:34:06   - You know what, you know what, fine.

01:34:07   You know what, I-- - So, Steven,

01:34:08   if you get the point, Myke gets the point.

01:34:11   - You won't be gracious to me,

01:34:12   but I will be gracious to you.

01:34:13   I'll give you this.

01:34:14   - What do you mean, I'll be gracious to you?

01:34:16   - Who's not being crazy? - You didn't wanna give me a point that I deserved.

01:34:19   But you got it. We've given you it. And I'm giving you yours.

01:34:22   - Oh, I'm getting it? Fine, you can have it. - Okay, hold on, hold on.

01:34:24   No, hold on, hold on. Let's try to be objective about this.

01:34:28   - Okay. - If we were to be extremely objective with no feelings in the middle,

01:34:33   this is not a point for either of you.

01:34:36   Because technically, in that moment, the keynote has not started.

01:34:40   The keynote is what you can also watch at home.

01:34:43   So in that moment, Tim Cook is not a presenter.

01:34:45   In that moment, Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple.

01:34:48   Also for Myke, the same is true.

01:34:50   Tim presents some portion of the keynote

01:34:52   in front of a live audience?

01:34:54   No, because that's not the keynote.

01:34:56   - I'm actually leaning towards Federico,

01:34:58   neither of us should get these points.

01:34:59   - Yeah, but Federico benefits from us each losing point.

01:35:02   - No, no, I lose anyway.

01:35:05   No, I lose it.

01:35:07   No, guys, I...

01:35:09   - I think actually Federico has 10 flexies.

01:35:11   the likelihood of him being able to beat us seems very slim.

01:35:14   And one of them that you've marked as correct is not even correct.

01:35:18   So I don't...

01:35:19   Okay, so we'll get to that later on, I suppose.

01:35:22   Yeah, I am actually on the side of this, right?

01:35:25   Okay.

01:35:26   Okay.

01:35:26   That's not how it works.

01:35:27   All right, so carrying on.

01:35:29   So I'm back at 50%.

01:35:30   Okay, excellent.

01:35:33   Back to mine.

01:35:34   Pick two.

01:35:35   Widgets on tvOS.

01:35:36   That did not happen.

01:35:37   No.

01:35:38   More apps can use a picture-in-picture style window on iPadOS.

01:35:41   No, it did not happen.

01:35:42   No, it didn't happen.

01:35:43   Four, redesign of the Home app.

01:35:46   Yes, good job.

01:35:47   Ding.

01:35:48   It looks so good.

01:35:49   I got exactly what I wanted.

01:35:50   Five, there is no additional external display support for iPadOS.

01:35:54   No.

01:35:55   Very wrong.

01:35:56   Six, iPadOS multitasking remains fundamentally the same as the iPadOS 15 version.

01:36:01   Very wrong.

01:36:02   I will say fundamentally, you know, this isn't really a...

01:36:07   Yes, it has been.

01:36:09   The fundamentals are the same.

01:36:10   They've just built on top of that, you know.

01:36:12   Foundationally, multitasking has remained exactly the same.

01:36:17   But then they've added a new thing, you know,

01:36:19   we've added stage center, whatever.

01:36:23   - Yeah, look, nobody believes you, okay?

01:36:25   Not even, you don't even believe yourself.

01:36:27   - Look, I've got coronavirus.

01:36:29   - Move on. - All right, okay.

01:36:32   Pick seven, big improvements to Swift UI.

01:36:34   - Ding!

01:36:35   The chart stuff looks incredible.

01:36:38   Have y'all seen that?

01:36:39   I don't understand it, but people seem excited about it.

01:36:41   What is this?

01:36:42   You can use SwiftUI to build charts and graphs

01:36:46   based on a data set.

01:36:48   And from what I read, again, I haven't watched the session,

01:36:51   a lot of it seems really easy to hook up.

01:36:55   Can't I just do this in numbers?

01:36:57   Like, I don't understand.

01:36:57   Yeah, but not if you're a developer.

01:36:59   I don't think you can.

01:37:01   I'm such an idiot.

01:37:02   It's not for me.

01:37:03   All right, Myke, you got two out of seven,

01:37:08   which is 28.6%.

01:37:11   - Going great.

01:37:11   - T.G., hit us.

01:37:13   - Yeah, yeah, this is a tragedy over here.

01:37:15   So I don't understand who marked this one as correct,

01:37:18   because it's not.

01:37:20   Shortcuts gains an API on iOS and iPadOS

01:37:23   for apps to run shortcuts directly without URL schemes.

01:37:26   - Is it not the AppIntents thing?

01:37:28   - No, well, no, it's not that.

01:37:30   So once again, I mean, I love Shortcuts,

01:37:34   and I love the Shortcuts team,

01:37:35   but they are so bad with their names. This year they are introducing a feature called,

01:37:42   you guys are ready for this, App Shortcuts. And it's capitalized, okay? So the feature is called

01:37:50   App Shortcuts. And App Shortcuts, and this is very confusing, I think it's confusing because

01:37:56   maybe I need to learn better from a session what this does, but App Shortcuts, let me read you

01:38:01   this. App shortcuts are available... okay, with no user setup required, app shortcuts are available

01:38:09   as soon as your app is installed in iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS, and can be run from the shortcuts

01:38:17   app, Spotlight, and Siri. With support for parameters and synonyms, app shortcuts let

01:38:23   people interact with your app through Siri more naturally. I guess this is different from before,

01:38:31   because you don't have to donate the shortcut to Siri anymore?

01:38:35   Yeah.

01:38:36   I've found some sessions.

01:38:39   I'll put one of them in the show notes.

01:38:41   I gotta watch them still.

01:38:43   Yeah, but this is definitely different, right?

01:38:46   But it isn't what you were asking for, right?

01:38:49   No, this is not what I was asking for.

01:38:51   This is not a point.

01:38:52   So we've now had Siri shortcuts, app shortcuts, and shortcuts.

01:38:57   They said Siri shortcuts during the presentation too,

01:39:00   which made me chuckle. - And everything is called a shortcut.

01:39:03   So, yes, very unfortunate.

01:39:06   - Implement, here's one for you.

01:39:08   Implement app shortcuts with app intents.

01:39:11   - Yeah, all of that is great.

01:39:12   Great job, great names.

01:39:14   It's not confusing at all.

01:39:16   This one, the second Flexi, I have not personally verified.

01:39:20   Maybe you guys can help me.

01:39:21   - I have two sources that I talk to

01:39:23   who are running Matura for this.

01:39:25   - Oh, very unfortunate.

01:39:26   Then shortcuts for Mac gets personal automations.

01:39:30   I am shocked. I am shocked.

01:39:32   This is weird. This is very strange. Why would you not add that?

01:39:36   It'd be so good on the Mac.

01:39:38   Moving on to flexi number three we have "You will be able to set light and dark mode on

01:39:42   a per website basis in Safari." Great feature, in my mind. Did not happen.

01:39:49   Number four, "Apple brings Quick Notes floating thing," for lack of a better word, "to iOS."

01:39:54   Yes.

01:39:55   And yeah, it's there. You can use it. You can trigger it from Control Center and it

01:39:58   pops up no matter what you're doing. And it lets you capture deep links, screenshots now

01:40:03   even. It's actually very cool. The screenshot thing in Quick Note, I haven't seen anybody

01:40:10   talk about this, maybe I should include it in this article that I'm doing tonight. In

01:40:14   Quick Note, and it's more impressive on iPad because of the floating windows, if you press

01:40:19   the "more" button in the Quick Note window and you select "take screenshot", it's going

01:40:26   take a screenshot of what's on screen except the quick note window. It's very nice.

01:40:33   Oh!

01:40:33   Yeah, yeah.

01:40:35   Does it do that for picture in picture? I don't think so, right?

01:40:38   No, no. It takes a screenshot without the quick note. So that's neat.

01:40:44   Number five, the music app gets an updated design in the listen now page.

01:40:49   They freshened up the page a little. There's new colors, new icons, new fonts,

01:40:54   but it's not a new design. It's not an updated design and it's not the spirit of the pig.

01:40:59   Number six. iPadOS gets improved split view with at least three apps at once.

01:41:05   Ah, I mean...

01:41:06   No, it's not split view.

01:41:08   It's a different feature.

01:41:09   It's a different feature. I gotta be objective.

01:41:10   Wow, I mean, I would give you that.

01:41:12   See, I'm all grown up. I'm a big boy now. Big boy teach, you know. I'm a benevolent

01:41:18   leader also.

01:41:20   Number seven, Apple releases a Safari API to deal with cookie consent forms. Again,

01:41:26   great idea in my mind, not a feature. Number eight, you can delete messages in the messages

01:41:32   app, like in WhatsApp. And we got this. You have a 15-minute window to delete and edit

01:41:40   your messages in iMessage. Very nice.

01:41:42   I'm excited about this.

01:41:44   Number nine, Apple introduces a proper Reminders API for developers. Nope, they're adding new

01:41:51   exclusive features to the Reminders app. I don't think there will ever be a new API at

01:41:56   this point. Like, if they were gonna do it, they were gonna do it this year, I think they

01:42:00   just want people to use Reminders.

01:42:03   And lastly, and this is potentially something that will come true in a later beta, but as

01:42:07   of right now it's not true, Shortcuts gets an Excel widget on iPad. And it did not get

01:42:14   in beta one. That feels like something you're right that could come like that

01:42:18   could that could pop up at any point because that's how widgets have always

01:42:21   have been for the last couple of years right like some point during the process

01:42:25   oh here's the widgets now. So that puts us Federico two out of ten at 20% Myke

01:42:33   two out of seven 28.6% and I retain the attorney generalship at 50% with three

01:42:41   out of six congratulations thank you you got the law on your side I do that means

01:42:47   Federico you were once again donating I think we all knew that was gonna happen

01:42:53   though right he had ten so you you got eight wrong and it's $25 Oh per donation

01:43:03   Wow.

01:43:05   So that comes to a total of $200.

01:43:09   - Federico.

01:43:10   - And I would like you to send $200 to Moms Demand Action.

01:43:17   They're a group urging for gun safety legislation in the US

01:43:22   and they need your $200.

01:43:24   - Yeah, Moms, what's the name?

01:43:26   - Moms Demand Action, I've put a URL

01:43:28   in the Google doc for you.

01:43:30   - Moms Demand Action, .org.

01:43:33   Take action is the name of the button.

01:43:35   I love it.

01:43:36   Call back to the prompt.

01:43:37   - We love take action.

01:43:38   - How?

01:43:41   - We could do the,

01:43:42   we could try out collaboration in pages again, right?

01:43:45   That was what did it last time.

01:43:47   That was where take action came from

01:43:48   because we tried to do collaboration in pages.

01:43:51   I don't understand those collaboration features

01:43:53   that they've added.

01:43:54   Like I don't, I feel like I don't know what it's doing.

01:43:57   Right?

01:43:58   Like, hey, you can just collaborate.

01:43:59   And it's like, but what does that mean?

01:44:01   I'm very confused about this.

01:44:02   So we'll have to try that out at some point.

01:44:03   - Time will tell.

01:44:05   - A good follow up too, by the way,

01:44:06   just while Federico's doing his donation.

01:44:08   They added the SharePlay feature I wanted.

01:44:10   SharePlay and messages.

01:44:11   - Done.

01:44:13   - Oh, Federico's made his donation.

01:44:14   - Thank you Federico.

01:44:15   - Very dramatic.

01:44:16   But how cool is that though, right?

01:44:17   That you can do SharePlay without the call anymore.

01:44:19   Just do it with messages.

01:44:21   I think that's great.

01:44:22   I'm pleased they added that.

01:44:23   - I'm also really excited about the freeform app,

01:44:25   like the whiteboard type app.

01:44:28   I think that's gonna be cool.

01:44:29   - Do I show notes in it?

01:44:30   I'll put my show notes on the left side of the freeform.

01:44:32   You have to scroll over and get them, you know?

01:44:34   - Circle things, find them. - It's gonna be great.

01:44:35   - Find one. - My question is,

01:44:37   can I use freeform single player, basically?

01:44:41   Like, single player? - Single player!

01:44:42   - It's a standalone, it'll be an app on all the devices.

01:44:46   It's just collaboration is a feature of it.

01:44:48   - Speaking of single player,

01:44:49   Federica, did you see all the Nintendo controllers

01:44:51   got added to-- - Yeah, that's gonna be

01:44:54   in the article that I wanna post tonight.

01:44:57   It supports the Switch Pro Controller,

01:44:58   and it supports the joy cons as well.

01:45:01   And you can even choose, I think,

01:45:02   to recognize them as individual joy cons

01:45:05   or like the unified thing, you know,

01:45:08   left and right side or standalone.

01:45:10   - We have verified Federico's donation.

01:45:13   - I think that does it this week, guys.

01:45:15   If you wanna find show notes,

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01:45:40   Myke hosts a bunch of other shows.

01:45:42   (crowd booing)

01:45:43   Loud car going by.

01:45:44   - Federico Zara here.

01:45:45   He's gone.

01:45:46   - Yeah, I'm gone, man.

01:45:47   (laughing)

01:45:48   - And he hosts a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:45:51   You can find Federico on Twitter at @Vittici,

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01:46:12   I'd like our sponsors bombus indeed clean my Mac X and iodine and until next week guys say goodbye

01:46:20   I'd even that you cheerio. Bye y'all