400: The Rickies (WWDC 2022)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 400.

00:00:13   It's a big number.

00:00:14   It's made possible this week by Fitbod,

00:00:17   Memberful Electric and Capital One.

00:00:20   My name is Steven Hackett

00:00:21   and I have the pleasure of being joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:24   - Hello.

00:00:25   - Hello.

00:00:26   - Oh, I'm excited.

00:00:28   I was tired before we started,

00:00:29   Pro Show was really weird and fun, get connected pro.co,

00:00:33   and now I'm super ready for the Ricky's.

00:00:35   I got my game face on.

00:00:36   - Are you joined by anybody?

00:00:38   - Oh, and I have to, oh.

00:00:39   (laughing)

00:00:40   I'm ready for the Ricky's, nothing else.

00:00:43   Nothing else.

00:00:44   And Federikivatici, hi Federico.

00:00:48   - Yes, hi.

00:00:49   - What do you think of that?

00:00:50   Federiki.

00:00:51   - I don't like it, I don't like it.

00:00:53   - But just for this episode though.

00:00:54   - No, you sound just like any other

00:00:56   American misspelling my name.

00:00:58   - Do you ever get Federico?

00:00:59   Does anyone ever call you Federico?

00:01:01   Yes, yes.

00:01:03   That happened.

00:01:04   Vittiki, Viriki, Verici.

00:01:07   Yeah, all flavors have happened of that.

00:01:10   We've mentioned this before.

00:01:11   The best thing is if Federico is ever quoted

00:01:14   in an Italian language article,

00:01:17   which he has been in the past,

00:01:19   if you run it through Google Translate,

00:01:21   it changes Federico's name to Frederic Tendrils,

00:01:24   which is one of my very favorite things of all time.

00:01:27   But I just wanted to say upfront,

00:01:29   that on this very special episode, the spirit of the Rickies came to me in a dream

00:01:36   Hey, it's my thing!

00:01:38   and it's guiding me toward a glorious, epic, romantic event victory

00:01:47   Before, just so I can take that train off the track for a minute

00:01:53   I will just say, before we all start fighting for the next two hours

00:01:57   This is our 400th episode, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't really mean much

00:02:02   because we did a whole bunch of episodes of another show before.

00:02:05   57.

00:02:06   And it's not like an anniversary as such.

00:02:09   We actually have an anniversary in like a few weeks time.

00:02:12   I just want to say how much joy this show brings me and just to tell you that I love

00:02:16   working with both of you on this project.

00:02:18   Thank you.

00:02:19   Thank you.

00:02:20   I don't.

00:02:21   And now I'm going to burn you down to the ground.

00:02:23   Now you're going down.

00:02:25   It's a nice round number. Our nine year anniversary together is coming up, which is wild.

00:02:32   Is that a paper anniversary, right?

00:02:34   I think it is. There's something, yeah, something to that. Alumina foil.

00:02:38   It goes around again. So like eventually it's just going to go around again.

00:02:42   What, the paper anniversary?

00:02:43   Yeah, I mean you get enough of them, you're going to run out of things. Because paper's

00:02:46   usually first anniversary, but it's also... apparently it's pottery.

00:02:50   Oh!

00:02:51   Is what Matt's saying. I don't know if that's...

00:02:53   I'm gonna make y'all eat an ashtray in art class this week.

00:02:56   It's gonna be great.

00:02:57   I'm not gonna have a lot to do with an ashtray.

00:03:00   Can we do it together, but like in the scene from Ghost?

00:03:05   Okay.

00:03:06   I'll be one hand, Steven's the other hand, we're both wrapped around you.

00:03:10   That's how that's gonna work.

00:03:12   It's a pottery wraparound, guys, we're doing it.

00:03:16   What a shame that you're not gonna be in San Jose, because we could have done that, you

00:03:19   know?

00:03:20   Okay, see?

00:03:21   That's what you're missing.

00:03:22   This could be us, but you play.

00:03:23   Truly what we're missing.

00:03:24   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:03:26   If someone could make an image of that for us,

00:03:29   please send it to us.

00:03:30   No, if someone can do that,

00:03:31   they should unplug their computer

00:03:33   and throw it out the window.

00:03:34   If you're about to make that, don't.

00:03:37   No, I need it.

00:03:38   So you get in trouble.

00:03:40   We talked about connected fanfic a couple weeks ago.

00:03:43   So here we are.

00:03:44   But we didn't get any.

00:03:45   Not yet.

00:03:46   Which I'm not sure whether to take personally or not.

00:03:50   Well, you know, yeah.

00:03:51   Anyway, we've recorded this episode in advance.

00:03:54   This has ramifications for the Ricky's,

00:03:56   which we'll get into later on.

00:03:58   Just as like a, it's an important thing

00:04:00   to mention up front.

00:04:01   This episode was recorded on the 26th of May.

00:04:05   It's worth noting,

00:04:06   'cause we already spoke about Connected Pro,

00:04:07   Connected Pro members got this episode early.

00:04:11   Just an additional bonus because we love our members.

00:04:13   We also love all of our listeners, but hey,

00:04:15   we're just, you know, pushing the Connected Pro right now.

00:04:17   - I mean, regular listeners got it a few hours earlier

00:04:20   on the regular day.

00:04:22   - So everyone gets it early, you know?

00:04:23   Steven, you're kind, you're very kind to do that.

00:04:26   - Thank you.

00:04:27   - And yeah, and if you listen live to the show

00:04:29   in our member Discord or just on our website,

00:04:31   you got it even earlier than everybody else.

00:04:33   - That's true, and if you were in the document

00:04:35   before we started recording,

00:04:37   you saw what was gonna happen before we recorded it at all.

00:04:40   - Yeah, and if you were there for our rehearsal

00:04:42   that we do before every episode,

00:04:44   where we do the entire show, and then we do it again,

00:04:47   you heard it even earlier than everyone else.

00:04:48   - Well, you and I do it, Federico since the stand-in,

00:04:50   Which I find a little insulting.

00:04:52   - But it's nice to talk to the one true John every week.

00:04:55   (laughing)

00:04:57   - Interesting.

00:05:00   - If you just show up for rehearsal at some point,

00:05:03   then it wouldn't be a problem.

00:05:05   - Rehearsals, interesting.

00:05:06   Interesting idea for a podcast.

00:05:09   So yeah, 400 episodes.

00:05:11   Somehow people are still listening to us.

00:05:13   Thank you very much.

00:05:14   Yeah, that's it.

00:05:15   We love you.

00:05:16   Most of you.

00:05:17   - So this is the Ricky's episode

00:05:20   where we do our predictions to WWDC.

00:05:22   As we stand here on the 26th of May, there are no rumors.

00:05:26   There's nothing.

00:05:27   - Yes, yes, this is the necessary context for this game.

00:05:31   - And I've got to say, considering how close we are now,

00:05:33   we're like, what, a week and a half away?

00:05:35   Kind of hope it stays that way, but I don't think it will.

00:05:38   But as it's right now,

00:05:39   there's no reports of really anything.

00:05:42   There's not been any big Bloomberg article,

00:05:44   no big nine to five Mac article, no Mac rumors, nothing.

00:05:47   Right, no one's reporting on,

00:05:49   "Hey, we got this stolen build of iOS 25

00:05:52   "and we're gonna tell you all the features in it."

00:05:54   None of that's happening.

00:05:55   There's little bits and bobs

00:05:56   that we might talk about later on,

00:05:58   but nothing that I think seems like super credible

00:06:03   in the way that we would normally say.

00:06:06   Where like, according to people familiar with the matter,

00:06:09   iOS 16's gonna get wallpaper packs or whatever, you know?

00:06:12   - The people said.

00:06:14   - I heard square watch sides.

00:06:17   - You're gonna talk about that at WWDC?

00:06:19   - Oh man, that's my Ricky pic.

00:06:21   Flat-sided watch.

00:06:22   - The lack of rumors is interesting.

00:06:26   I wouldn't say, I don't think it's concerning

00:06:28   because obviously they are announcing something.

00:06:31   I think honestly, they're just doing a better job than ever

00:06:34   at locking down the software leaks.

00:06:37   I can't say the same for hardware

00:06:39   because we basically know what the iPhone 14 line

00:06:41   is gonna look like already, but that's a different thing.

00:06:44   I think with software, they have improved.

00:06:47   You know that if the last minute leaks happen,

00:06:51   and they always happen, and when they do,

00:06:53   it's usually because you've reached the point

00:06:56   where the information has been given

00:07:01   to departments like PR and marketing,

00:07:04   and it's in a lot of different hands internationally.

00:07:09   That's the thing, because when Apple announces iOS 16

00:07:13   on Monday, and the press release goes out 20 minutes later,

00:07:17   and it's already been localized in 50 different languages.

00:07:20   That means that press release went out 10 days before

00:07:23   or two weeks before to a bunch of Apple departments

00:07:27   and offices all around the globe.

00:07:28   And so it just--

00:07:29   - Website builds, right?

00:07:30   Like here's the iOS website.

00:07:32   - And website builds and localizing the website

00:07:36   and making sure that those localizations are correct.

00:07:38   And some of these people, they are contractors.

00:07:41   And I know because I've known some of these people

00:07:43   that were contracting jobs to translate for Apple, right?

00:07:47   So it's bound to happen that this last minute leaks.

00:07:51   Some of these folks are like, oh, this is fun.

00:07:53   I'm going to tell it to my guy who works at 925 Mac

00:07:55   or something.

00:07:56   So they're going to happen, but not right now,

00:08:01   which used to be that months before,

00:08:04   Gorman would have the info, because maybe there

00:08:06   were people on the inside actually working on the thing,

00:08:10   telling Gurman and other folks, you know, some details.

00:08:14   Now we don't have that luxury anymore for our game here,

00:08:17   which makes things tricky for us, but also fun.

00:08:22   - I'm excite, I mean, I honestly,

00:08:24   I hope it stays this way because like,

00:08:26   I like to be surprised by W2WDC, right?

00:08:29   Like it's fun.

00:08:30   It's the, this is what I enjoy.

00:08:32   I hope it stays this way.

00:08:33   I think at this point it does feel like way less than normal,

00:08:37   but maybe I'm misremembering.

00:08:39   it is less than normal I think. I think you're right. Yeah that's the context for

00:08:44   for this game and I think we're all I think already right? Just like last thing

00:08:50   can you imagine if like they got all the developers there and they're like hey

00:08:53   we're so happy you made it we decided this year we'd just do the bash like

00:08:58   there's nothing else and like and they just bring out like Harry Styles and

00:09:03   then that's that. Well they're keeping him prisoner at Apple Park. Yeah Apple Music

00:09:08   Yeah, he lives inside of Apple Music now.

00:09:10   [Laughter]

00:09:12   He's chained to a post in Eddy Cue's basement.

00:09:16   Oh, God.

00:09:17   And Zane Lowe brings in water and food every once in a while, and that's it.

00:09:21   Yeah.

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00:11:50   - It's time to read the rules.

00:11:52   - The rules.

00:11:52   (air horn blaring)

00:11:54   - Wow.

00:11:55   So I bring a new level of hype for the game.

00:11:59   I was running around my studio during the ad trying to find that.

00:12:03   [Laughter]

00:12:04   All right.

00:12:07   So we're standing, right?

00:12:08   Uh-huh.

00:12:09   Not yet.

00:12:10   Okay.

00:12:11   Not yet.

00:12:12   Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

00:12:13   There's a preamble first.

00:12:14   The Rickies is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes in the beginning of

00:12:18   a new year trying to predict future events.

00:12:21   It is made up of three rounds.

00:12:23   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:12:28   There are two types of rookies, annual rookies, aka the Annie's, and keynote rookies.

00:12:35   That's what we're playing today.

00:12:36   The winner of the annual rookies is named the annual chairman.

00:12:40   That doesn't matter today.

00:12:42   The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding

00:12:46   Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:12:49   After the rookies, the hosts then play a game called the flexies.

00:12:53   These two games have separate but related rules.

00:12:56   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:13:05   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:13:08   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording

00:13:13   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:13:16   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:13:20   from that host's total.

00:13:23   Pics must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:13:29   Pics made for keynote rookies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:13:34   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

00:13:38   They don't matter today.

00:13:39   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:13:44   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:13:50   In the event of a tie, dice by PCalc must be used in Relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:13:58   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping coins in relation to the rookies.

00:14:02   Coin "flips" by Jason on other podcasts are allowed but are frowned upon and subject

00:14:09   to public shaming.

00:14:11   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the

00:14:15   picks are scored.

00:14:17   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:14:23   The order of picks is set by the previous performance.

00:14:25   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:14:29   The previous loser goes last.

00:14:32   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:14:35   As a reminder, I am the current annual chairman and Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:14:40   Past results can be seen at rookies.co and rookies.net.

00:14:44   These sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:14:49   You may be seated.

00:14:50   Now that's the first time with the new rules.

00:14:52   New rules have a different energy to the old rules.

00:14:55   It feels more formal.

00:14:56   It does feel more formal.

00:14:58   We're gonna try these new rules on for size in this game, see how we feel about them.

00:15:03   Yeah, I don't have any suggested changes, but maybe some will come up.

00:15:06   Yeah, you never know.

00:15:07   You never know.

00:15:08   There might be some crimes.

00:15:10   AKA the Annie's.

00:15:12   That really got you, didn't it?

00:15:13   Hey, Dale, I forget every time.

00:15:15   Anis is good. Anis is good. I like it.

00:15:18   Should we do round one?

00:15:20   Okay. So the order of the regular picks is me, Steve and Myke.

00:15:26   Mm-hmm.

00:15:27   So I'm going first. So this is my first pick for the WWDC 2022 RIKIs.

00:15:33   Okay. My first pick is...

00:15:37   This is a big lead-up!

00:15:39   The next version of iOS brings changes to notifications.

00:15:43   Wow, I'm not sure the hype was worth that.

00:15:46   Yeah, I know, but that's how you play and win the game, as was suggested to me by the

00:15:51   spirit of the rookies.

00:15:52   The spirit of the rookies is not a passionate spirit.

00:15:55   The spirit of the rookies, first of all, is a person.

00:15:58   I had this dream of a person close to us who whispered things to me about the rookies.

00:16:05   What?

00:16:06   Was it Jason?

00:16:08   No.

00:16:09   So the next version of iOS brings changes to notifications.

00:16:11   Now, non-graded, I want to add some context around this pick to explain what I think we're

00:16:18   going to get.

00:16:19   So first of all, I think we're going to get a new design.

00:16:22   I think the current design of the notifications, like the banners that come in at the top of

00:16:28   the screen, and the long list of these rectangular notifications in Notification Center, is boring,

00:16:37   It's got to be something else.

00:16:40   I mean, there has to be another way

00:16:41   to group those notifications together.

00:16:44   And I feel like, so we're gonna get a new look

00:16:47   maybe before the notification itself,

00:16:49   maybe a new look for the buttons,

00:16:52   for like the actions that you can perform on notification.

00:16:56   - So you're including this just a simple design change

00:17:00   or are you after like structural change?

00:17:03   Or I guess either.

00:17:04   - Either. - I guess anything.

00:17:05   Anything. - Anything.

00:17:06   - Any change to notifications-- - That's pretty broad.

00:17:08   - Well, I mean, yeah,

00:17:10   that's what you do in a regular big--

00:17:12   - That's true. - But for additional context--

00:17:13   - That's true, I mean, yeah, I'm not, I'm not.

00:17:14   - I also think the more important part here

00:17:18   is the management of notifications.

00:17:20   - That's just what I want more.

00:17:22   I don't care about the design.

00:17:23   I just want to always have new tools

00:17:25   to manage my notifications.

00:17:26   - I don't think, I don't think they quite nailed

00:17:31   how you can manage notifications.

00:17:33   The notification summary is a good idea,

00:17:36   but it needs to be expanded.

00:17:37   It needs to do more.

00:17:38   It needs to be more customizable.

00:17:40   You need to be able to create multiple summaries containing

00:17:44   different apps.

00:17:45   And also, I still find it confusing

00:17:49   that apps can group related notifications together,

00:17:56   but I cannot have groups created by me.

00:18:02   And Android had this years ago with the thing called channels,

00:18:05   I think, and it also didn't go well

00:18:08   because Google did that feature

00:18:09   then they never iterated on it, I think.

00:18:12   But basically, like I wanna be able to create my,

00:18:14   like I can create my own focus modes.

00:18:17   I think the system should offer

00:18:19   some better grouping by default.

00:18:22   But then I also wanna do, okay,

00:18:24   these are, I don't know, club notifications.

00:18:27   And it's like emails from MailChimp

00:18:30   and notifications from this particular Discord

00:18:33   and notifications from this particular iMessage thread.

00:18:36   I wanna have those controls,

00:18:38   because right now all I get is a simple list.

00:18:42   And it's impossible, like once you go,

00:18:45   once you get over like 20 alerts in Notification Center,

00:18:50   I never bother to manage them.

00:18:52   It's just, I just, you know,

00:18:54   I'm giving up and I'm clearing all notifications.

00:18:57   So I don't know what I want,

00:18:59   but I know that I want something more than this.

00:19:02   Yeah, I'm not totally able to speak.

00:19:05   I want this stuff.

00:19:06   How confident do I feel about it?

00:19:08   Not very confident.

00:19:09   I feel like I've asked for some version of this

00:19:12   for like the last seven years, right?

00:19:14   Like better notification management.

00:19:17   But I guess the ray of hope was last year

00:19:23   that they actually seemed like

00:19:25   that they were trying some stuff, right?

00:19:26   With focus modes, time sensitive notifications,

00:19:29   all that kind of stuff.

00:19:31   I think that Apple took it in some not great directions.

00:19:34   I really don't like that they removed the deliver quietly option on notifications.

00:19:40   I just really liked that as an option.

00:19:41   What?

00:19:42   You only forgot about that.

00:19:43   I love that option.

00:19:44   Where is it gone?

00:19:45   Yeah, you have to go into settings and manually recreate it by unchecking and like making

00:19:50   specific choices.

00:19:53   So what used to say deliver quietly and then it would just, it would only send them to

00:19:57   the notification center when you pulled up and it wouldn't give you anything else.

00:20:01   you can still get that, but you have to go into notification settings and turn it off

00:20:07   in certain ways.

00:20:08   No banners, only in notification settings and not on the lock screen, I think is the

00:20:14   incantation you need.

00:20:16   But that deliver quietly setting was removed, I think because of time sensitive or whatever.

00:20:24   Things like that, I thought that was a really great feature and it was something I used

00:20:27   to use a lot because I've always enjoyed that since they added it of like I have

00:20:31   my notifications that I can just see on my lock screen but then if I need more

00:20:34   of them or if I don't want to see other things that might be happening I can

00:20:39   pull it up and I can see other stuff right that's below but so yeah it's a

00:20:44   shame but I would love to see more notification stuff just in general that

00:20:51   would be so good. All right I'm up next and I'm gonna say widgets gain

00:20:56   interactivity. We had this in the old style of widgets. Remember, our friend James tried

00:21:02   to shove a calculator into a widget and then Apple banned him from the App Store. And then

00:21:07   we got new widgets a couple of years ago, and they look amazing, and they can do all

00:21:11   these things. But they you can't carve out individual sections as like individual buttons.

00:21:19   You can't, for instance, have a text field, you know, I would like a widget that just

00:21:23   like lets me type something into a specific note

00:21:27   in Apple Notes, or if you're into Obsidian,

00:21:29   maybe something there, and you can't do it.

00:21:32   You can deep link into sections of apps,

00:21:35   but you don't have real interactivity.

00:21:38   I'd love to be able to stop and start timers

00:21:40   and timery from a widget without having to open the app.

00:21:44   All of these things would be so awesome,

00:21:47   and the widget technology,

00:21:52   think like way under the hood it's kind of based on similar things as like

00:21:55   complications on the Apple watch yeah but with like the timeline data and that

00:22:00   sort of thing but it's time for them to to mature past that and really become

00:22:06   kind of like little applications that are running all the time this would be

00:22:11   so welcome on all platforms I'd be great on the phone we go on the iPad it'd be

00:22:16   especially great on the Mac and it's just such a shame that these things are

00:22:21   they're basically just pretty billboards. I love them, I have a bunch of widgets on

00:22:26   all my devices, but I really want more. I really want to be able to quickly do

00:22:31   tasks, especially on the iPhone, without having to open and dig through an

00:22:35   application. So how do we, how do we qualify, like how do we recognize

00:22:41   interactivity here? I mean you have to be able to tap something on the widget and

00:22:46   and it does something about opening the application, right?

00:22:50   - Here's a few suggestions here,

00:22:52   because if you just say widgets gain interactivity,

00:22:55   there's already a couple of instances

00:22:58   in which Apple widgets are interactive on the home screen,

00:23:02   like shortcuts and contacts of all widgets.

00:23:06   The contacts-- - Contacts?

00:23:07   - Contacts is an interactive widget

00:23:10   in that if you tap the contact picture

00:23:13   in the widget on your home screen,

00:23:15   it opens a window with the contact card

00:23:18   on your home screen. - Wow.

00:23:20   - So that's a private API.

00:23:22   So I think first of all,

00:23:24   I think what Steven means here is third-party widgets.

00:23:28   - Yes, and I can even,

00:23:31   I guess I probably should clarify that.

00:23:34   - Yeah, I mean, we knew what you meant, but you know.

00:23:36   - Yeah, I meant third-party widgets

00:23:38   because I mean, my word that contacts widget is wild.

00:23:42   Like what, how did that happen?

00:23:44   I didn't even know that existed, man.

00:23:46   All right, Laura, I blanked out on my brain.

00:23:49   While we're talking about contacts,

00:23:50   I would like to air a frustration I have.

00:23:52   - Please. - You know like when you click

00:23:53   on someone's contact card or like in messages

00:23:56   where you like tap the thing and you tap little I

00:23:58   to bring up the things you can call someone,

00:24:00   you know, that you get like call, message.

00:24:01   - Oh my God, yes, yes, I know where you're going.

00:24:04   - Why does it never remember which one I want?

00:24:06   - When you try, there's something that always happens to me.

00:24:09   When you try to copy a phone number from contacts

00:24:14   and you long press, the copy button doesn't come up,

00:24:18   but it accidentally registers your touch

00:24:21   as a tap on the phone number and it starts a phone call.

00:24:24   - All I was saying is,

00:24:26   all of that contact card stuff is terrible.

00:24:28   But like, I just don't understand, right?

00:24:30   Like I only ever want to use FaceTime audio

00:24:32   to call basically everyone in my life

00:24:34   'cause it's better than a phone call.

00:24:36   But sometimes it does that

00:24:37   and sometimes it doesn't do that.

00:24:39   And sometimes like,

00:24:40   like this is the thing I do not understand, right?

00:24:42   So like, but having a Cividino, right?

00:24:43   like I'd maybe try and call her and face somebody or whatever.

00:24:46   And then sometimes it like calls an international phone number

00:24:49   that's in her contact, like her contact card.

00:24:51   Like, why are you doing this?

00:24:53   Like, why are you doing this?

00:24:54   I only ever want to do one thing.

00:24:56   And it's like the button just always says call.

00:24:59   And it's like, you'll find out what happens when you tap it.

00:25:02   That's tangent number one.

00:25:03   Tangent number two, thinking about widgets,

00:25:05   made me think about Widget Smith.

00:25:07   And I'm not sure if I've just realized

00:25:09   this for the first time, but like Widget Smith,

00:25:13   It's like blacksmith, right? Like you are making widgets.

00:25:16   Yeah. Yeah, that was the wordplay.

00:25:18   I mean, I'm just like, well, that's David's name, you know?

00:25:21   That's also why it's, that's why the joke is funny in multiple ways.

00:25:24   No, I know I get it now, right? Like now I get it.

00:25:27   But I think it's taken me this long to get that.

00:25:30   Woo!

00:25:30   I'm just like, oh, it's like Dave.

00:25:32   So, third party widgets.

00:25:34   Look, you know, I never, I never claimed to be smart, you know?

00:25:41   No, no, no, but like I had many moments like this in my life.

00:25:46   I don't know if I told you guys before, but I only realized when I was 18 that the word

00:25:52   Christian comes from Christ.

00:25:55   I realized that when I was 18.

00:25:57   So I totally get it.

00:25:58   You're realizing what words mean at a certain age.

00:26:02   So third party widgets gain interactivity.

00:26:05   I think like we'll know it when we see it, what interactivity is like, because otherwise

00:26:10   if you try to nail this down with specifics like "oh do you mean that you can tap into a text field

00:26:16   and it shows the keyboard?" or "do you mean that you can tap buttons?" like yes to all of that,

00:26:20   so let's just say interactivity and be done with that. It feels like an easy one to judge, right,

00:26:25   because it's going to be something that widgets can't currently do for third parties. And if I

00:26:30   had to guess, the keyboard access will not be on the table for these. I think at most we can hope

00:26:36   for "hey you can have individual buttons that do individual things and they don't

00:26:41   always have to open the app when they're tapped on."

00:26:44   wouldn't be surprised if it was like if you make one of these five types of

00:26:48   applications yeah oh gosh yeah now no no have this Syrian tent and this Syrian

00:26:54   tent will allow you to do the thing those are the worst ways they do things

00:27:00   my pick my first pick is no dedicated AR VR MR however you want to call it

00:27:07   hardware is introduced at WWDC hmm a negative pick yeah okay so no hardware

00:27:16   like no introduction which means they're not doing it no hardware then I don't

00:27:22   believe they're gonna show off a headset at WWDC right like is what I'm saying I

00:27:27   I don't know if there's a better way to phrase it,

00:27:30   but I think you know what I'm saying, right?

00:27:31   Like this headset that's been rumored so heavily

00:27:34   that's gonna be Apple's first foray

00:27:36   into this mixed reality world.

00:27:38   - Yeah.

00:27:39   - At this WWDC, we're not gonna see that hardware.

00:27:42   - What if, I'm just gonna throw this out there.

00:27:46   I don't think this is happening,

00:27:47   but let's just say there's an update to the iPad Pro at WWDC.

00:27:52   And in addition to the LiDAR sensor,

00:27:56   there's now some sort of new sensor on the back for AR.

00:28:00   - Well, that's why it's dedicated.

00:28:02   - But it is dedicated,

00:28:03   just that little sensor is dedicated.

00:28:05   - Okay, no device.

00:28:07   - I feel like if you're saying headset,

00:28:09   you should say headset.

00:28:10   - Okay, I mean like, but sure, I mean, I was just,

00:28:15   I didn't say headset, so it would be easier to,

00:28:18   I thought it would be easier.

00:28:19   No headset is introduced.

00:28:21   There you go, happy with that?

00:28:23   - Okay.

00:28:24   - No headset.

00:28:25   - Now they're gonna make a Bluetooth headset

00:28:26   you will lose. I don't think that's gonna happen. If Apple makes another Bluetooth headset

00:28:30   something terrible is happening. Yeah man that first one was so bad. I wanted it but

00:28:34   I couldn't buy it when I got my original iPhone because all the systems went down in

00:28:39   a corporate warehouse in the UK and I had to pay them cash which is something you weren't

00:28:42   supposed to be able to do but I still walked out of an iPhone but I couldn't take out

00:28:45   enough cash to also buy the headset which really was a benefit for me you know. Yeah

00:28:50   I don't think there's gonna be a headset. I think that may have been possible that they

00:28:54   they were gonna show it off at this WWDC,

00:28:56   but I think all of the reports and rumors

00:28:58   seem to be indicating that they won't do it.

00:29:00   I still stand by what I've been saying,

00:29:02   I think for like a year now, which is,

00:29:04   I never think that this would be shown at WWDC,

00:29:07   it doesn't make sense to me,

00:29:08   like give it its own 90 minute presentation, right?

00:29:11   Like do the whole thing,

00:29:13   'cause you can announce it six months before you ship it.

00:29:15   Like there is no reason to show this off now

00:29:18   and get developers working on it now,

00:29:20   if you're just gonna ship it in September or whatever.

00:29:23   like you show it off, give it like a good three to six months,

00:29:26   just like the Apple watch, let people build their apps for it,

00:29:29   build their experiences for it, invite people down to your new developer center

00:29:33   so they can try out the hardware like, and just roll with it that way.

00:29:37   Like this feels to me like either, I mean,

00:29:39   they could either do it with the iPhone or just do it on its own.

00:29:43   And that's how I think it's going to happen.

00:29:44   But I don't think they're going to try and squeeze this into a WWDC keynote.

00:29:49   It doesn't seem like it's necessary to me.

00:29:52   I have a problem with the way this pick is phrased.

00:29:54   - Okay.

00:29:55   - Because if you say is introduced

00:29:58   and if they only do a teaser, then you could say,

00:30:00   well, it's not an introduction, it's a teaser.

00:30:03   - Seen, no headset is seen.

00:30:07   You happy now?

00:30:08   - Okay.

00:30:09   - This pick has been like ripped in an inch of its life

00:30:14   and not needed in my opinion.

00:30:16   We all knew what this one meant,

00:30:18   but we're all happy now, no headset is seen.

00:30:20   works for me hang on a second no Apple made headset is seen done done done no

00:30:30   Apple made headset is seen huh but if it's in a video do you really even see

00:30:37   it buddy for what if you mention it what if they mention it no Apple made headset

00:30:43   is acknowledged in any way here's this is nothing I know it yes think they

00:30:48   wouldn't show it but they would mention it? Well look I'm just trying to avoid a

00:30:54   potential scenario in which what if Tim Cook goes wild and it's like oh

00:31:00   by the way guys we're working on a headset but I just wanted to mention

00:31:03   this without showing anything off. Then I get the point. This isn't a Ricky right?

00:31:07   I've made my pick is this no Apple made headset is seen that's it if they were

00:31:14   to say hey we're gonna do a headset this year but don't show it I still get a

00:31:17   point so it's not you know okay okay okay it's not seen okay I'm fine with it

00:31:23   yeah cool you know Tim Cook used to walk around and be like the wrist is an

00:31:28   interesting place you know and before the Apple watch what if he comes out like

00:31:31   yeah there's a lot of interest at Apple in the head and the face the pure eyes

00:31:37   we're really interested in your eyes we're looking right into the holes in

00:31:44   in your eyes.

00:31:45   - Well, I mean, he's been saying this stuff

00:31:46   about AR for years, right?

00:31:47   Since before AR.

00:31:48   - Oh, yeah.

00:31:50   Yeah, look, he wants to have charts and graphs

00:31:52   in AR for meetings.

00:31:53   Okay, that is round one.

00:31:55   As a recap, Federico says,

00:31:58   "The next version of iOS brings changes to notifications."

00:32:02   I say, "Third pigeon, third party."

00:32:04   (laughing)

00:32:05   - Third pigeon?

00:32:06   - Third pigeon widgets.

00:32:09   Third party widgets gain interactivity.

00:32:12   Myke says, "No Apple-made headset is seen."

00:32:16   Pigeons.

00:32:17   Pigeons, no pigeons gain interactivity at WVDC.

00:32:21   They have pigeons at Cupertino?

00:32:24   Jason posted a Pigeon gif in Discord, that's a Pokemon.

00:32:29   Well done, Jason.

00:32:30   Pigeon!

00:32:31   Pigeon!

00:32:31   Pigeon!

00:32:33   Well done.

00:32:34   Well done.

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00:34:35   Round two.

00:34:36   - So for round two, I'm going with another pretty obvious,

00:34:40   I think, feature based on what should now be a pattern

00:34:45   that Apple is following.

00:34:47   And the pick is, the next version of macOS

00:34:50   will have at least one feature

00:34:53   exclusive to Apple Silicon Macs.

00:34:56   The idea being that last year with macOS Monterey,

00:35:00   we saw some features exclusive to the M1 Macs.

00:35:04   I believe the interactivity in Apple Maps,

00:35:08   like the on-device dictation without time limits,

00:35:15   portrait mode for FaceTime, maybe?

00:35:17   - I think so.

00:35:18   And Live Text was going to be,

00:35:20   but then it ended up rolling that out to Intel Maps.

00:35:22   - But then it wasn't, yes.

00:35:24   Live Text is the one that they changed their mind about.

00:35:27   So I think in the next version of macOS,

00:35:30   which should be macOS 13,

00:35:33   there's gonna be at least one feature exclusive to the Apple Silicon line.

00:35:37   So the M1, I don't know if they're gonna announce an M2 at WWDC,

00:35:42   but yeah, at least one feature just for the Apple Silicon Max.

00:35:46   - If you have any ideas what that kind of thing could be?

00:35:49   - Well, for sure, it's usually stuff that requires the neural engine, right?

00:35:55   That's one of the obvious components that is exclusive to the M1 chip.

00:36:01   So, I would say it's usually like text-to-speech or dictation stuff, or stuff that deals with

00:36:13   the images.

00:36:15   So, for example, effects in photos.

00:36:17   So if they do, for example, new effects for videos or photos, I wouldn't be surprised

00:36:25   if that stuff is exclusive to the M1.

00:36:28   Or if they do, I don't know, for example, shortcuts now has actions for machine learning

00:36:34   or stuff like that.

00:36:36   Those could be exclusive to the M1.

00:36:38   Like stuff that deals with machine learning, the neural engine, 3D graphics, it's usually,

00:36:46   you know, best on Apple silicon and live text is, I guess, the exception that proves the

00:36:53   rule.

00:36:54   Yeah, this makes a ton of sense.

00:36:55   that we are definitely far enough into this transition.

00:36:58   I mean, they started it earlier than I thought they would.

00:37:01   I was really surprised when Monterey was slated to launch

00:37:05   with Apple Silicon only features, it felt way too soon.

00:37:09   So I think you're gonna get a green check mark

00:37:12   next to this one for sure.

00:37:13   - Question for you, probably Steven,

00:37:16   mostly based on history.

00:37:18   How long do you think it will be until a version of macOS

00:37:22   is not available for Intel?

00:37:23   Do I get a quiz point for this?

00:37:26   - No, because it's impossible, that's, no.

00:37:30   Nice try though, I appreciate the hustle.

00:37:32   - I mean, we're still tied, right?

00:37:33   - Yeah, 11, 11. - So, can't have that.

00:37:36   I mean, I think maybe two years from now, so Mac OS 15.

00:37:41   - Oh really?

00:37:43   - Oh, that's very aggressive.

00:37:45   That's an aggressive timeline. - That's faster than I thought

00:37:46   you were gonna say. - Yeah, maybe, okay, so,

00:37:48   okay, yeah, okay, I'll change it, three years.

00:37:51   We'll go three.

00:37:52   I think a lot of it depends on when exactly

00:37:56   the Mac Pro happens,

00:37:59   because other than the Intel Mac Mini,

00:38:01   which you can still buy for some reason,

00:38:03   the Mac Pro is the last Intel machine.

00:38:06   I think a lot of it, like the clock doesn't really start

00:38:09   until all the Intel machines are gone.

00:38:11   But they were pretty aggressive with Snow Leopard,

00:38:16   which was the first version of macOS

00:38:18   to drop into, to drop PowerPC support.

00:38:21   So Tiger was the transition OS.

00:38:24   Now Tiger was out for like two and a half years

00:38:26   or three years or something.

00:38:27   And then you had Leopard, which was universal.

00:38:30   And it was out a couple of years.

00:38:32   And then Snow Leopard dropped PowerPC and that felt fast.

00:38:37   And so maybe they'd be a little slower this time.

00:38:40   There's a way more Intel Max than PowerPC Max,

00:38:42   that's for sure.

00:38:43   So who knows?

00:38:45   At least three years.

00:38:46   - Okay.

00:38:47   - Okay.

00:38:48   My pick, and we're gonna talk about the,

00:38:51   what happened with this pic in a minute.

00:38:52   So let me get through it first.

00:38:55   iPad OS is updated to include a more desktop-like mode

00:38:59   with resizable and overlapping windows.

00:39:02   This was my Ricky, but it had an additional clause

00:39:08   that said, "When used with an external trackpad

00:39:14   "and keyboard," but it was deemed unrisky by the two of you

00:39:20   because of a tweet from our friend, Steve Trout and Smith,

00:39:24   about some changes pushed to WebKit

00:39:27   that sure seem like they're preparing it

00:39:30   to be in an environment on iPad OS

00:39:34   where Windows could be resizable and overlapping.

00:39:37   - This is so unlucky for you.

00:39:39   Two hours before we,

00:39:40   if he would have published this tomorrow.

00:39:42   - Yeah, I need to be clear, Zach, in the Discord.

00:39:45   This was in the document 36 hours ago.

00:39:49   Yes, yes. And I said to Steven, like, you're gonna lose because of this pick. Like, I...

00:39:57   I believe the word "mad lad" was used. Because we did not think that this was possible.

00:40:02   No, no, no. I said, I said, I took a screenshot and I said, "Steven aiming for that loss again with this pick."

00:40:10   Two days ago.

00:40:14   I mean, I'm still not convinced personally, but let's talk about it.

00:40:17   OK, so some context, because I've been chatting with STS, obviously, and I was doing some

00:40:24   reading on the GitHub commit. So there's a couple of commits on the GitHub project for

00:40:30   WebKit, which is open source, and this is not the first instance of WebKit revealing

00:40:35   some potential changes to iOS and iPadOS. So the reason why Steve thinks this is related

00:40:42   to iPadOS multitasking is, they are referring to, and I'm quoting from the commit, "multitasking

00:40:50   mode", in between quotes, that's the way they're referring to this, multitasking mode, they

00:40:55   never mention iPad, they never mention iPadOS, the commit says iOS as the platform, which

00:41:02   wouldn't surprise me if that's actually iPadOS, because internally, a ton of engineers still

00:41:07   refer to iPadOS as iOS.

00:41:10   - Well, and it's the same core. - It's referring to multitasking mode.

00:41:12   It's the same core, yes.

00:41:14   They're not really separate OSes.

00:41:16   They're the same OS with, like, a thin layer on top of UI changes.

00:41:21   It's referring to multitasking mode.

00:41:22   What's more interesting is that it's referring to this dynamic resizing

00:41:28   that can happen horizontally.

00:41:31   So the thing is, right now, there's not really dynamic resizing with SplitView.

00:41:36   Even if you place two Safari windows side by side,

00:41:40   it's the content is not resizing dynamically.

00:41:43   If you try to resize a window in Split View,

00:41:45   it's not like the Mac.

00:41:47   The content is blurred out

00:41:49   when you are resizing a Split View on iPad.

00:41:52   When you let go of the dragging,

00:41:55   then the content refreshes.

00:41:57   - And it's fixed sizes too, right?

00:41:59   - And it's fixed sizes.

00:42:02   So these commits are suggesting

00:42:04   that there may be this freely resizable,

00:42:07   called dynamic resizing, I think,

00:42:09   happening in multitasking mode.

00:42:12   - Dynamic viewport size updates.

00:42:14   - Yeah.

00:42:15   - Can I read a little bit from this?

00:42:17   It's right at the end that seems really weird.

00:42:19   - Please, yes.

00:42:20   - Add a helper method to encapsulate

00:42:22   whether or not multitasking mode

00:42:25   viewport behaviors should be used.

00:42:28   This should be true only when both desktop class

00:42:31   viewport behaviors are active

00:42:34   and multitasking mode is also active.

00:42:37   desktop class viewport behavior.

00:42:40   - There's also, Santi Santi, to better describe

00:42:43   how this flag affects the adjusted target scale

00:42:48   during dynamic resize.

00:42:51   - It sure sounds like this is gonna be a mode

00:42:53   you can enter and exit.

00:42:55   - Yeah, it does.

00:42:56   Or that something happens and it,

00:42:59   like to the system, right?

00:43:01   And then, and during this time,

00:43:04   promo, do you remember that conversation?

00:43:06   - Mm-hmm.

00:43:07   Yeah, interesting.

00:43:08   Made me think, like, when Mark Gurman mentioned that,

00:43:12   you know, when we did that Twitter space thing,

00:43:15   it just comes out and says, "Yeah, I think it'd be funny.

00:43:17   It'd be interesting if Apple explored the idea of a Pro mode

00:43:21   that, you know, changes the UI

00:43:23   if you're using a keyboard and trackpad."

00:43:25   And I was like, "Yeah, sure."

00:43:27   And now I'm seeing this, and he wrote about it.

00:43:29   He's like, "Were you guessing or not, actually?

00:43:34   Like, did you know something?"

00:43:35   Well, anyway.

00:43:36   Now, your pick, Steven.

00:43:40   And I'm just having a conversation here.

00:43:43   iPad OS is updated to include a more desktop-like mode

00:43:46   with resizable, fine with me, and overlapping windows.

00:43:51   And I think the key part,

00:43:54   and this is against my interest here, right?

00:43:56   The key part of this pick, it's not resizable.

00:44:00   It's the overlapping one.

00:44:02   Are you sure about the overlapping one?

00:44:04   I want overlapping windows, so.

00:44:07   - Okay. - Okay.

00:44:08   - So you're putting out what you want in the world.

00:44:10   - But I see what you're saying,

00:44:12   and like when I moved it from Ricky's up to a regular pick,

00:44:16   I almost pulled out overlapping.

00:44:18   And I guess I still can.

00:44:20   I mean, we simplified Myke's pick.

00:44:22   - I think you should, I think you should.

00:44:25   No, we didn't simplify my pick.

00:44:26   We made my pick way more complicated.

00:44:28   Well, we made it more specific, I'll say.

00:44:31   Yeah, I think you're not going to get that part.

00:44:35   Not, at least not the first time they do it.

00:44:37   That would surprise me a lot.

00:44:39   - I'm pulling out overlapping windows.

00:44:41   Cause I guess this really could just be,

00:44:44   hey, we have an M1 in this iPad.

00:44:46   What if we showed content when it was being resized?

00:44:48   Ooh.

00:44:49   Which is such like a holdover

00:44:53   from like the very first version of SlideOver

00:44:57   and what iOS nine, eight, whenever that was.

00:45:01   - Nine, nine, nine, nine.

00:45:03   - A lot of it was like,

00:45:04   we're gonna just put a little block of translucent material

00:45:08   over your UI until you make a choice.

00:45:10   It was so strange.

00:45:11   So maybe this is just preparing the way

00:45:13   for that being fixed,

00:45:16   but the desktop mode language makes me feel good.

00:45:20   - What you've just said there though,

00:45:21   now I'm like, are you now just saying that like,

00:45:24   if it's only split view,

00:45:25   but I still see the content moving,

00:45:27   that's your pick? Like that doesn't feel like what you're...

00:45:29   - No, my pick is a more desktop-like mode

00:45:31   with resizable windows.

00:45:33   And we just have to see what that means.

00:45:35   - See now it's...

00:45:37   - Now you see we don't like to play that way, right?

00:45:39   'Cause now it's like...

00:45:40   - Yeah, so you see now it's complicated actually though,

00:45:43   because what if they don't change anything?

00:45:47   What if you still have split view

00:45:49   with two apps at the same time,

00:45:51   but you don't have the fixed sizes anymore?

00:45:54   you can freely resize the split view.

00:45:59   You see where I'm going?

00:46:01   - That doesn't feel like desktop mode.

00:46:02   - That is that desktop mode.

00:46:04   So I kind of wonder if the overlapping qualifier

00:46:09   is what made your pick.

00:46:11   - So it sounds like I could go one of two ways.

00:46:13   - Either you take out desktop mode

00:46:16   and you just say resizable,

00:46:18   or if you want to keep desktop mode,

00:46:20   it's gotta be overlapping as well.

00:46:22   - Gotta be overlapping, right.

00:46:23   - Or just something else, like just some other.

00:46:26   - If you have some ideas.

00:46:27   - Yeah, right.

00:46:28   - If you have some other ideas.

00:46:30   - iPad OS is updated to include,

00:46:33   what about more adjustable, resizable windows?

00:46:37   Or like more customizable?

00:46:40   - I mean.

00:46:41   - Basically getting away the idea that there's a locked.

00:46:44   - More than two.

00:46:45   - One, two kind of thing.

00:46:46   - Yeah, I mean that works for me because if they do,

00:46:50   no matter what they do,

00:46:50   if it's just two apps side by side,

00:46:53   that's not your pick, right?

00:46:55   - Right, iPadOS has updated to include

00:46:57   more customizable, resizable windows.

00:47:01   It's not really a sentence that makes sense, but.

00:47:03   - Yeah, it's very clunky.

00:47:05   You might wanna reword it a little bit,

00:47:09   but basically what we're saying in the pick here is

00:47:11   if all you get is two apps side by side and slide over,

00:47:15   that's not this pick.

00:47:16   It has to be something more than that.

00:47:18   It's really I'm really after more flexibility.

00:47:22   So are you after the flexibility of the size or the number of concurrent windows?

00:47:31   I hadn't thought about that before now.

00:47:33   I mean, if I'm back in desktop land overlapping, that's kind of both.

00:47:37   But if I'm if I'm jettisoning jettisoning desktop overlapping windows, then I think

00:47:45   it's more about the way you can lay them out.

00:47:48   "iPadOS is updated to include more customizing."

00:47:51   James is making a good point for you in Discord.

00:47:53   James said, "I think the use of multitasking in the code suggests that it's more than the

00:47:58   different widths of a split."

00:47:59   You know, I was gonna say that I'm a man of passion, and the two of you think you are,

00:48:04   but you're not, so I'm going, "iPadOS is updated to include a more desktop-like mode with resizable

00:48:09   and overlapping windows."

00:48:11   You're a prince among men, you know?

00:48:13   Like, you really are.

00:48:14   Yeah, just have it, man.

00:48:16   Big overlap energy today.

00:48:17   Just why not have two risky picks, you know?

00:48:20   Why not?

00:48:21   It's nice that even in your mid-40s you haven't lost this fire.

00:48:25   That's what I like about you.

00:48:27   So I wish to be like that someday.

00:48:30   No, that's like episode 800 or something.

00:48:32   We've got a ways to go.

00:48:32   Myke, you're next.

00:48:34   You know when I mentioned before you're just putting out what you want to see in the world?

00:48:38   This pick for me is I am just putting out what I want to happen.

00:48:43   New features for tapback in messages.

00:48:47   I'm a prolific tap-back user. I think we all are, to be honest.

00:48:51   You're a tapper. You're a tapper-backer.

00:48:53   I'm a tapper and a backer. That's me.

00:48:55   I use it all the time. I wish there was more than those five options.

00:49:00   So I have a few things. These aren't scored. That's my pick.

00:49:04   New features for tap-back in messages.

00:49:06   Now allow me to give you some potential things that I would like to see and all could happen.

00:49:11   Okay.

00:49:11   More on options than those five.

00:49:14   Please.

00:49:15   like predefined, you know, like maybe they just add like a couple more options or whatever.

00:49:19   Maybe they actually go whole hog and let you use any emoji, like Slack or Discord or whatever,

00:49:26   right? Well, Slack doesn't let you use any emoji, just the ones that are approved by their parent

00:49:30   company. A predefined set of emoji that's now three years old. Yes. But my hope would be Apple

00:49:35   would allow you to use any emoji or better notification controls. I would like to be able

00:49:41   to say don't send me a full-on iMessage notification for tap backs. Yeah that's

00:49:47   the worst. Hmm. Hmm. Like I don't need I I would like a if we go back to Federico's

00:49:53   thing from earlier a specific type of like notification that I can see that's

00:49:58   got a new different look to it or something it's not like a full-on like

00:50:02   Federico thumb you know like not like a full I don't need that. I know I

00:50:08   know what it should be I know what it should be you know when you see those

00:50:11   like temporary alerts like when you connect your Apple Pencil those little

00:50:17   pill shaped... what's it called? Toast style notification? I think that's

00:50:23   that's the thing I think that's the name. Toast style? Yes I think it's called

00:50:27   Toast style alert. Is that named after the app Toast? I don't know but I think

00:50:34   that's what they are called. It's used for the the Apple Pencil notifications

00:50:40   the AirPods notifications.

00:50:42   - Oh, this is an Android Federico.

00:50:45   Oh, at least I found something

00:50:46   in the Android developers documentation.

00:50:49   A toast provides simple feedback

00:50:51   about an operation in a small pop-up.

00:50:54   It only fills the amount of space required for the message.

00:50:56   I don't know if this is a thing everywhere,

00:50:58   but Android have, they've documented it for us.

00:51:02   - But yeah, that's what they should look like.

00:51:04   - Yeah.

00:51:05   - Don't send me a full notification

00:51:07   for just an informative update about something that happened like a tap back.

00:51:12   Yeah, yeah. Like you know how like people I think quite rightly complain that like

00:51:16   if you're an Android user you get the like in the in the actual message window you get all of those

00:51:23   written down? It's terrible. iOS users get them as notifications it's written the same way right?

00:51:29   Like well so Stephen Hackett thumb like you know. Well newer versions of Android messaging app thing

00:51:36   actually shows them as like little emoji.

00:51:39   It's just iPhone users now.

00:51:41   Like if you're in a group thread with your entire family

00:51:43   who's all on iPhones except your one brother-in-law

00:51:45   who has a Pixel phone and Mary loved a message,

00:51:50   everyone gets it as an SMS.

00:51:52   It's so frustrating.

00:51:54   - So what you've just mentioned there

00:51:55   was part of why I think they could make changes this year,

00:51:58   that they might make some like under the hood changes

00:52:02   in general so that that doesn't happen for iOS users as well, right?

00:52:08   And that because of these changes, it may also allow for some more features to be added

00:52:13   to this, whether it's more options or better notification management.

00:52:18   Yeah, yeah, I like it.

00:52:20   I would like some new features for Messages in general, honestly, like why not?

00:52:24   Yes, yes.

00:52:25   Okay, so the end of round two, Federico.

00:52:28   The next version of Mac OS will have at least one feature exclusive to Apple Silicon Macs.

00:52:33   Your future event chairman, iPad OS, is updated to include a more desktop-like mode with resizable

00:52:40   and overlapping windows.

00:52:41   I don't think you're allowed to editorialize in an official capacity like this.

00:52:46   And Myke, who is the loser this time, new feature for tapback and messages.

00:52:52   Someone's got drunk with power over there.

00:52:54   How are we feeling after round one and two?

00:52:56   positive about this actually. I feel confident in 50% of my picks. Yeah, I'm

00:53:04   just repeating what the spirit of the Ricky's told me. I feel

00:53:07   pretty good. Not 100% confident, but pretty good. Pretty good. It's time

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00:54:58   - For this risky pick, I try to think about

00:55:02   when's the last time we felt

00:55:07   more productive on our iPhones?

00:55:11   My idea being that in the early days of iOS and iPhone OS,

00:55:15   there were a ton of changes that Apple was bringing

00:55:18   that actually improved the way we use our iPhones.

00:55:22   Like I'm thinking about notifications,

00:55:23   notification center, and copy and paste, obviously.

00:55:26   And we haven't seen that kind of,

00:55:29   I don't want to say innovation,

00:55:30   because we've seen innovation in other areas of iOS.

00:55:33   But like, give me new tools

00:55:36   to actually work better with my phone.

00:55:39   Maybe, you know, the last time

00:55:41   was when they added the scrolling on the keyboard.

00:55:44   when you hold down on the spacebar.

00:55:47   But also last year, they did something else on the iPhone.

00:55:50   They brought drag and drop between apps

00:55:54   from the iPad to the iPhone.

00:55:56   And that got me thinking.

00:55:58   My risky pick is the next version of iOS

00:56:03   gets split view support for multitasking

00:56:07   to use two apps at the same time.

00:56:11   Now, my thinking here, let me again,

00:56:14   let me clarify and add some color

00:56:16   that is not part of the pic.

00:56:18   I think this will work in both portrait and landscape.

00:56:22   I don't think this will be a landscape only feature.

00:56:25   I think this will work in the two orientations.

00:56:29   Now let me make my case for this feature.

00:56:32   - Okay.

00:56:32   - Phones are bigger, and maybe they're getting even bigger,

00:56:37   And Apple seems to be discontinuing the small iPhone.

00:56:41   This feature, in my mind, I think it could be exclusive.

00:56:45   It could be one of those features that they can upsell you

00:56:48   by saying this is exclusive to the Pro iPhones.

00:56:51   So the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max,

00:56:54   14, like, just the Pro models from the past few years,

00:56:58   depending on RAM limitations and stuff like that.

00:57:01   Maybe from the 11 onward or something like that,

00:57:05   but basically only the bigger phones.

00:57:07   I mean, that kind of breaks down if the rumors for this year are to be believed, that there's

00:57:13   going to be a regular phone that's the same size between the 14 and 14 Pro, and there's

00:57:19   going to be a 14 Max and a 14 Pro Max.

00:57:23   Maybe it's not so much about size, but it's about, "Hey, these Pro phones have additional

00:57:27   RAM or something else."

00:57:29   Yeah, it could be that.

00:57:31   I wouldn't be surprised.

00:57:32   I think it's going to be both things, honestly, but yeah, I agree with both of you, but I

00:57:36   I think they have to do both.

00:57:38   The drag and drop between apps would really

00:57:42   be an enabler for this feature in that now that it exists,

00:57:47   it's there and it's kind of convenient,

00:57:49   but you never really use it on the iPhone

00:57:51   right now because it's awkward.

00:57:53   You're dragging something, then you need to exit out of the app,

00:57:56   choose something else on your home screen, and then drop it.

00:58:00   Instead, with two apps on screen at the same time,

00:58:04   you can just grab something and drop it on the other side.

00:58:06   It's much more natural.

00:58:07   And the technology is already there.

00:58:09   Next, I think this will require, obviously,

00:58:13   changes to the adaptivity, auto layout,

00:58:16   and size class engine that we've seen on iPad before.

00:58:21   Apple will be bringing that to the iPhone

00:58:23   if they do this feature on iOS.

00:58:25   And that work on having this smaller, resizable windows,

00:58:31   maybe it could potentially be helpful for iPad developers,

00:58:35   too.

00:58:35   Like if Apple is allowing iPhone apps

00:58:38   to be resized at half height, maybe those changes,

00:58:45   it could be part of, I guess, a bigger series of changes

00:58:48   that they're making this year.

00:58:51   Obviously, Android has had this feature for a while,

00:58:55   for many years, actually.

00:58:56   I think Android has had Split View in both portrait

00:58:59   and landscape.

00:59:00   I don't think Apple will give you the flexibility that you have on Android.

00:59:04   I don't think that will make Split View resizable on iPhone.

00:59:08   I think it'll just be 50/50 with no options to drag to resize or anything like that.

00:59:15   The new multitasking menu that they did last year on iPad, that could also be used as the

00:59:21   interface to manage this.

00:59:23   And the way I see it, I think it's going to look like this.

00:59:26   You open the app switcher, you grab a window from the app switcher.

00:59:30   drag it up or down and you dock it on one half of the screen and then you pick something else from

00:59:35   the app switcher and you've created a split view. Or you can use the multitasking menu, which could

00:59:41   be shown up there in the title bar or not. And lastly, I will mention this to build my case.

00:59:48   The design of the new Safari that they did last year with the bottom-oriented UI is kind of already

00:59:59   ready for this potential feature. If you already have an app that contains its most important

01:00:08   controls in the lower half of the screen, if that app gets resized in a Split View,

01:00:14   those controls don't need to move at all. They can just be a pop-up that already fills half of

01:00:20   the screen, and then when you're done with those controls they disappear at the bottom.

01:00:24   So taking all this together, all these potential signs together, plus obviously the fact that

01:00:31   Android has had this feature for a while and they haven't really done anything new on iOS

01:00:37   in a while in terms of like there's this totally new thing that now your iPhone can do.

01:00:42   I think it's time to make it happen. So once again the next version of iOS

01:00:47   gets SplitView support for multitasking to use two apps at the same time.

01:00:52   I have a bunch of thoughts about this. One, I want it to happen. Two, like you, I'm very into this idea.

01:00:58   You know, and developers can opt into it or whatever. Obviously not every app is going to

01:01:03   support it. It would be just like going back to iPad multitasking, but there would be a bunch of

01:01:07   apps where this would be fantastic for. Two, I think it will work fine because picture-in-picture

01:01:12   video works great, right? And like having freedom of movement, like all of that kind of stuff, like

01:01:18   That's basically, it's not even half, it's less than half of the screen.

01:01:21   And I can very easily use the two things at once.

01:01:24   I can watch video and I can do whatever, look at Twitter or whatever, right?

01:01:28   So you can split the screen in half and it'll work fine.

01:01:31   My only question mark around it is, I wonder if...

01:01:36   No, as I'm saying this, I'm realizing the issue in it,

01:01:40   but I'm just going to say it anyway.

01:01:42   Because they're going to be releasing more bigger phones,

01:01:46   Could see a case that they wouldn't show this off until they show off the new phones

01:01:50   But then they wouldn't give anybody any time to get it. Yeah. Yeah, so I could imagine them because there's already big phones

01:01:57   Recommend people do it at WWDC and then make a bigger

01:02:01   Song and dance of it when they show off the new phones in September. I'm going

01:02:07   Galaxy brain here. Well, they're deep buried in a session somewhere

01:02:12   Maybe it's about iPad desktop mode that's coming definitely coming. They say hey, you know, we support all these size classes

01:02:19   But you also need to make sure that your apps not only can adjust width wise but also height wise and turns out

01:02:28   That's really more for this iOS

01:02:30   Split screen deal that we don't know about yet is gonna come with the new iPhones

01:02:36   I see where you're going with that. You should get your apps ready for all sorts of resizing

01:02:40   I know where you're going with this though, right? But they could galaxy brain it, right?

01:02:44   Oh, it's for this one thing, but it's also for this other thing.

01:02:46   But considering it would probably be supported on other big iPhones,

01:02:51   even if they just kept the big iPhones, I could imagine them showing off. But who knows?

01:02:55   Anyway, no matter what they do, I want it to happen.

01:02:57   Yeah, me. Yeah. Yeah. So this is mostly like one of those things that I think I'm seeing the signs,

01:03:03   but really I just want this to exist. So I am wishing it into existence by using it

01:03:09   as my risky pick. That's how it works.

01:03:13   Hmm.

01:03:14   Steven.

01:03:15   "The new version of macOS brings back Dashboard as a way to place widgets outside of the current

01:03:22   Notification Center."

01:03:23   Okay.

01:03:25   This is what happens when you need a risky pick within an hour.

01:03:28   Yes.

01:03:29   You bring Dashboard back, you know?

01:03:31   Yes.

01:03:32   This is where I'm going.

01:03:34   So why? So let me just ask you why. So the way this pick is phrased, it needs to be called

01:03:41   dashboard and it needs to be about widgets. What makes you think they won't just let you

01:03:49   place widgets on your desktop? Because then to see them, you have to look at your desktop

01:03:55   and I don't know about y'all, but right now I can see 12345678910 overlapping windows

01:04:02   on my pro display.

01:04:04   Alright, I want to ask you a question.

01:04:05   Steven, how will you bring Dashboard into your life?

01:04:09   What will you do to invoke Dashboard?

01:04:10   There'll be a button like there used to be.

01:04:12   Put it in the menu bar somewhere.

01:04:14   Right, and how will you do it?

01:04:15   I will probably remap keyboards real good to it.

01:04:18   Because what I'm thinking is,

01:04:20   most people will do a pinch gesture, right,

01:04:22   on the trackpad, or yes, like a button,

01:04:24   but you can also press a button to look at the desktop

01:04:28   or do a pinch to look at it.

01:04:30   I use a hot corner to show the desktop.

01:04:32   - Yeah, the hottest of corners.

01:04:34   I just don't think the desktop is the right place

01:04:36   because some people--

01:04:37   - I don't disagree with you.

01:04:38   - Yeah, I mean, some people keep their desktop

01:04:40   really nice and tidy,

01:04:41   like I have exactly one file on my desktop right now.

01:04:43   - Mine is empty.

01:04:45   - Other people, maybe people that I'm married to,

01:04:48   for instance, their desktops are chaos

01:04:50   and they don't organize things to a grid

01:04:54   or alphabetically or in stacks or anything and--

01:04:57   - Well, they have so many icons,

01:04:59   you can't even see the new stuff that gets added to the desktop anymore.

01:05:02   Yeah. My theoretical spouse is not that theoretically bad, but some people are.

01:05:06   And, uh, so I think, I think the desktop is the wrong place,

01:05:10   but imagine there was a UI that could fly

01:05:15   in over where you were.

01:05:16   Is that sound effect in the pic?

01:05:18   It had all your widgets and then you hit the button and it goes,

01:05:21   and it goes away and they call it dashboard.

01:05:25   Man. Can I give you an issue?

01:05:29   that I see with this pick, it will be the same widgets, right?

01:05:32   Like the same widgets that we have on iOS, the same widgets that we have on iPad OS.

01:05:36   Yeah, we have them on the Mac now. I got like five or six over in that right rail.

01:05:41   Were they going to bring dashboard to iPad, do you think?

01:05:44   Well, the desktop on the Mac is fundamentally different than the home screen on the iPad.

01:05:48   For how long? You know what I'm saying?

01:05:52   For how long, right?

01:05:54   The change isn't coming to the Mac because Launchpad is a dead technology on the Mac, right?

01:05:58   didn't ever go anywhere. Oh yeah that thing is still there. I mean like imagine

01:06:03   if iPad OS was updated to include a more desktop like mode you know. I still think

01:06:08   the desktop is like say that say that the iPad gets a true desktop like I mean

01:06:14   I don't I don't the way that I view the desktop mode on the iPad is you don't

01:06:20   get to put files back there you don't get to put folders back there it's just

01:06:24   you're in this view and then the home screen is like maybe like it's like it's

01:06:29   in CarPlay where it's back to the left or something. I think mixing widgets with

01:06:34   like freeform chaos of files and folders just doesn't make any sense. I think I

01:06:38   like it. All I want is widgets on the Mac to be better than they currently are.

01:06:43   However they choose to do that like you know so I can get both a better widget

01:06:49   experience and a better notification experience. I want both of those things

01:06:53   to happen on the Mac. Yeah. If they have to bring back dashboard to do that, let them

01:06:57   go for it. Because like right now, so like by default, I have a 32 inch screen. I can

01:07:03   see three notifications at a time. And if I hit, then I can hit nine more and I get

01:07:08   more, but then I can't see my widgets because they get pushed off the end of the screen.

01:07:11   But also like you could have a 32 inch screen and one widget and you'd still only get three

01:07:18   you know like it's wild over there. I never look at notifications like there's probably

01:07:26   a thousand stacked slack and Dropbox notifications in here I never clear them out and never look

01:07:31   at them because this UI on the Mac is useless. I have to clear out I can't have them I can't

01:07:36   have them all living in there. I can't have them. I can't do it I gotta clear it but I

01:07:42   wish it was better. Alright dashboard baby. Why not? Alright you ready? Go for it.

01:07:47   Yeah man. This is all the pick. This is not context, this is all the pick. Apple

01:07:54   gives a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro. It features the same case design as the

01:08:00   current Mac Pro. Okay I'll interrupt you at the end. Actually you know what I

01:08:03   wanted I want to stop here because I made a slight tweak and I want to I want

01:08:06   to actually stop there. Is this thing the same size? Well this is okay so originally I said it

01:08:11   features the same case but what I wanted to change this to but I didn't want to

01:08:16   change it too much and I want to ask you both what I actually want to say it

01:08:19   features a case inspired by the design of the current Mac Pro that would work

01:08:24   for me yeah is that okay because I'm I want it to look like I think it's gonna

01:08:28   look like it but it might not be it'd be weird if it was physically the same size

01:08:32   but you can't put any cards in it anymore it features a case design

01:08:39   inspired by by the 2019 mac pro thank you for that 2019 I kind of miss mine

01:08:47   oh well pause that pin in that I'm not even 20% through my pick yeah yeah we're

01:08:57   still in the pick I'll start at the beginning Apple gives a sneak peek of

01:09:01   the new Mac Pro it features a case design inspired by the 2019 Mac Pro it

01:09:07   It features more ports than any other Apple Silicon Mac

01:09:10   available today.

01:09:12   It does not have support for third-party GPUs.

01:09:16   It features a chip name that has not

01:09:18   appeared in any other product.

01:09:21   It has a starting price of 6,900--

01:09:25   at least, sorry.

01:09:26   It has a starting price of at least $6,999.

01:09:31   And it is coming, quote, "later this year."

01:09:34   My word.

01:09:36   OK.

01:09:36   Can I remove the quote as well?

01:09:38   Just like it's coming later this?

01:09:40   - Yes, please.

01:09:40   You got, yeah, because you gotta, I was,

01:09:43   that's the first thing I would have suggested.

01:09:45   - So I wanna go through these sub point by sub point

01:09:49   because what you have done, Myke,

01:09:51   if my risky pick is a single brush stroke,

01:09:56   you have a whole painting here of prediction.

01:09:59   - I like this.

01:10:00   This is what I like.

01:10:01   All right, Colin.

01:10:02   - Hold on.

01:10:03   Jason from Discord, a reminder that Myke already has this

01:10:06   as an annual pick.

01:10:08   The new Mac Pro will be smaller, not a cube shape.

01:10:10   Feature-- - I checked the rules.

01:10:11   It doesn't count.

01:10:12   Annuals and it's only keynotes, it doesn't count.

01:10:15   - Are you using the same pick?

01:10:17   - No, because it's full of loads

01:10:19   of different pieces of information.

01:10:20   - And the rules state the picks from the keynote rookies

01:10:25   cannot be reused by the host who made them,

01:10:28   who made them for the next keynote.

01:10:30   So this wasn't a previous keynote pick of his.

01:10:34   The annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

01:10:36   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick,

01:10:39   they cannot reuse it in that calendar year.

01:10:41   Oh.

01:10:43   Ah, hang on, we need to check.

01:10:45   'Cause I definitely haven't got the same language.

01:10:48   There's no way I've said all the same things.

01:10:49   Yeah, let's pull up the exact language

01:10:50   of the previous pick.

01:10:52   Annual rookies, 2022.

01:10:53   I mean, it's a very similar pick.

01:10:57   The new Mac Pro will be smaller, not a cube shape,

01:11:01   feature no support for the current MPX modules,

01:11:04   and/or what allows some form of expandability outside of Thunderbolt, it will only be available

01:11:08   in one color.

01:11:09   Like, here's the thing.

01:11:11   So on that, for me, right, I feel like it's in the same ballpark, it's not the same pick.

01:11:19   Yeah, but they're different.

01:11:20   But they're different.

01:11:21   So, I mean, you're going all in with this Mac Pro picks this year, which is fine for

01:11:26   you, but they are different, so I think it's fine.

01:11:29   Yeah, I think you're okay.

01:11:31   So a case design inspired by the tween 2019 Mac Pro. So the eyeball scoops, front and

01:11:38   back handles, I think shape to like, I think it was gonna look like that guy. I mean, I

01:11:44   would love it. I would love it if they just made they just scaled it down. Like it's just

01:11:49   a little like that little g5 on Steve Jobs desk that thing. Yeah, tiny little guy. Okay,

01:11:55   I can get behind that. I mean, it's a cool design. That's what I said. That's what I

01:11:59   I meant when I said I miss it. I love my Mac studio. It's an amazing computer.

01:12:02   Okay. But I miss the physicality of the Mac pro, right?

01:12:06   The Mac studio is not as good looking.

01:12:09   No, it's not. And you know, I try to scoop some holes in the front of it.

01:12:12   It's not gonna go so well.

01:12:13   Look, got a little melon ball.

01:12:15   Pop them out. It features more ports than any other Apple Silicon Mac available

01:12:23   today. Let me read you the port list on the Mac studio.

01:12:28   On the front, you have two USB-C or Thunderbolt ports

01:12:33   and an SD card slot.

01:12:34   On the back, four Thunderbolt 4 ports,

01:12:39   10 gigabit ethernet, two USB-A, HDMI,

01:12:43   and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

01:12:46   - I think it's gonna have more.

01:12:46   - That's a lot of ports.

01:12:48   And the original, the 2019 Mac Pro

01:12:52   had two Thunderbolt ports on the top,

01:12:54   so it's kinda like the front of the Mac Studio.

01:12:57   And then on the IO card had a headphone, two USB-A,

01:13:02   and two more Thunderbolt.

01:13:04   So the Mac Studio is already ahead of the old Mac Pro,

01:13:08   depending on what GPU it was in.

01:13:10   But you said they're gonna continue to push it farther.

01:13:12   - Honestly, I think this could be the part

01:13:15   that kills me more than anything else,

01:13:17   but I think they'll do it.

01:13:18   I think they'll do it. - I'm worried about it

01:13:19   for sure. - I mean, so part of what

01:13:20   I'm thinking here is like, it's this part,

01:13:22   it features a chip name that has not appeared

01:13:24   in any other product.

01:13:25   So I think there's some other chip, it's either M2 something or is a more powerful M1 than

01:13:32   anything else available.

01:13:33   What are the current M1 names?

01:13:35   M1, M1 Pro, M1...

01:13:36   M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra.

01:13:40   Oh, they've done Ultra.

01:13:41   Okay.

01:13:42   Yeah.

01:13:43   Yeah.

01:13:44   Ultra is what's in the studio.

01:13:45   It's the beefed one up for the studio, right?

01:13:46   So if they keep M1, M1 Extreme, M1...

01:13:51   Extreme.

01:13:52   - But I actually think, I do believe this is not in the pic.

01:13:56   This is just a mic thing.

01:13:57   I think that this will be the first M2 machine.

01:13:59   - I have a thing about this,

01:14:00   because I wandered into this on MPU

01:14:04   and we had this discussion.

01:14:06   People, I mean, the way the M1 has worked,

01:14:08   we started with the little baby M1

01:14:11   and over the course of 18 months,

01:14:12   it's gotten bigger and stronger with the Pro,

01:14:16   Ultra, et cetera.

01:14:17   The Mac Pro is gonna be at the top of the line.

01:14:19   It's gonna have the biggest, baddest chip.

01:14:22   I think it could be the first M2 Mac announced

01:14:27   and the last one to ship.

01:14:29   Because if it is later in the year,

01:14:31   which I totally think is the case here.

01:14:33   - Oh, interesting, yeah.

01:14:34   - They could put the flag out way down the road.

01:14:37   That's the other end of the M2 line.

01:14:39   - That's a good point.

01:14:40   - And in the meantime, we're gonna do Mac Minis

01:14:43   and MacBook Airs and iMacs and stuff.

01:14:44   - I think you might be right on that actually, but yeah.

01:14:46   - I don't think this is as bonkers as it sounds.

01:14:49   once you kind of put it in conjunction with the timeline.

01:14:53   - Yeah, 'cause you got six months, right?

01:14:56   Before this thing is probably gonna roll out

01:14:57   and yeah, you're right.

01:14:59   But I do think it will be M2.

01:15:00   I think as you're right, like between now and then,

01:15:05   we will have M2 machines, most likely.

01:15:08   So I think that it will have,

01:15:10   it'll either be called like the M2 Ultra

01:15:12   or it'll be like the M1 Extreme or something like that.

01:15:15   It might not start with that, but I think it will.

01:15:17   I actually don't think, this is again, not in the pick,

01:15:20   but I don't think they will offer a chip in this machine

01:15:23   that you can get in another machine.

01:15:25   'Cause I don't see why, right?

01:15:27   Like, especially because I don't think it's gonna have

01:15:31   the same level of expandability as the previous Mac Pro.

01:15:34   - Right. - I think it's just

01:15:35   pure power is its thing.

01:15:37   - I think the entry point could start with the Ultra.

01:15:41   - Maybe. - For people who do want

01:15:42   to throw in, 'cause I agree with your later pick,

01:15:45   it's not gonna support third party GPUs.

01:15:47   But a bunch of people including myself,

01:15:50   most of what I use those slots for,

01:15:51   my old Mac Pro was for storage.

01:15:53   And so an M1 Ultra with a couple of quad slots,

01:15:56   like that would fit a need

01:15:58   and it would maybe hit, let them hit a lower price point.

01:16:00   So I think it'll start with the Ultra

01:16:03   and then the upper end will be whatever this new,

01:16:07   you know, M1 Extreme quad system on a chip thing will be.

01:16:11   The reason I went with the $69.99 is factoring in ultra.

01:16:16   - Yeah, that's $1,000 more than the Mac Pro starts.

01:16:20   - Yeah.

01:16:21   Can you go to get some separation, I think,

01:16:23   'cause the Mac Studio exists now.

01:16:25   I think you've got to kind of price it that way.

01:16:27   - The Studio frees the Mac Pro up to be bananas.

01:16:30   - Mm-hmm, and that's what I think they'll do.

01:16:33   - Okay.

01:16:34   I think maybe a connected historian could verify this.

01:16:39   I think this is the most sub points we've ever had

01:16:43   to be scored in a pick.

01:16:46   - I think the only time I've gotten close to this

01:16:48   was the iPad mini, but I think this is more than that.

01:16:51   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:16:53   - This is a lot.

01:16:54   And we should clarify Federico, your pick,

01:16:58   the actual language of the pick,

01:17:00   'cause the context, let me make case for this,

01:17:02   that's not actually the pick. - No, no.

01:17:05   - Are you saying both portrait and landscape

01:17:07   is part of your pick?

01:17:09   - Nope. - Okay.

01:17:10   - Just, do you wanna do the recap?

01:17:12   It's gonna take a while.

01:17:13   - Yes, I will. - Yes.

01:17:15   - I will recap this.

01:17:16   Federico, iOS gets split view support

01:17:19   for multitasking to use two apps at once.

01:17:22   I said the new version of macOS brings back dashboard

01:17:26   as a way to place widgets

01:17:27   outside of the current notification center.

01:17:30   Take a drink of water here.

01:17:32   Myke says, Apple gives a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro.

01:17:36   It features a case design inspired by the 2019 Mac Pro.

01:17:40   It features more ports than any other Apple Silicon Mac

01:17:43   available today.

01:17:44   It does not have support for third-party GPUs.

01:17:48   It features a chip name that has not appeared

01:17:50   in any other product.

01:17:51   As a starting price of at least $6,999,

01:17:56   it is coming later this year.

01:17:58   Oh, those are all, we've done well,

01:18:01   I think, in our risky picks.

01:18:02   There's some fun stuff in there.

01:18:04   One day, I'm gonna get one of these picks right, and it's gonna be a good day.

01:18:08   You historically have been bitten by details.

01:18:12   Like one little detail, yeah.

01:18:14   But one day, I'm gonna get one of these right, and that's gonna be the one people remember,

01:18:18   you know?

01:18:19   They'll forget all the ones I got.

01:18:20   Someday it'll happen.

01:18:22   Someday.

01:18:24   Do I think it will be next time?

01:18:27   Probably not, but I'm trying anyway.

01:18:31   This episode of connected is made possible by Capital One.

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01:19:50   Capital One, what's in your wallet?

01:19:52   It's time for the Flexis.

01:19:55   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the RICKYs.

01:19:59   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple Event or

01:20:04   Year.

01:20:05   Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like the RICKYs, the order of picks

01:20:09   is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock.

01:20:16   Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:20:18   Okay.

01:20:19   Alright, here we go.

01:20:20   Alright, lie down.

01:20:21   Oh, that's good.

01:20:23   [MUSIC PLAYING]

01:20:31   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

01:20:34   Each correct to pick is awarded with one point.

01:20:38   Wrong picks do not remove any points,

01:20:40   and no partial points may be awarded.

01:20:43   The winner is determined by comparing

01:20:44   the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host.

01:20:48   While there is no Twitter handle on the line in the Flexis,

01:20:51   the winner can use their chosen title

01:20:52   as long as they are the winner.

01:20:54   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi,

01:20:57   Myke has chosen Duke of Flexington,

01:21:00   and Steven is the Attorney General Flexi.

01:21:03   Loser of the Flexi must compensate the winner of the Flexis

01:21:06   by donating to a charity of the winner's choice.

01:21:09   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi

01:21:12   made by the loser.

01:21:14   The money must be donated on air.

01:21:17   You may return to your seating positions.

01:21:22   - Hello.

01:21:23   - All right, I am the Attorney General Flexi,

01:21:25   so I get to go first.

01:21:26   (laughing)

01:21:27   - Yes, wow. - Yeah, you are.

01:21:28   - AG Flexi. - Yeah, you are.

01:21:31   - Number one, a presenter references the fact

01:21:34   that some developers are at Apple Park for the keynote.

01:21:37   It's like a, "Hey, we got people here," kind of shout out.

01:21:42   - Yeah, yeah.

01:21:43   - And the good thing about that

01:21:44   is that could be live or prerecorded, right?

01:21:46   - Yeah.

01:21:47   - That kind of doesn't matter, you know?

01:21:49   Number two, AR specific features are added to Swift or Swift UI.

01:21:54   Yeah.

01:21:56   I mean, yeah.

01:21:57   At least one iOS system app is redesigned to bring its controls

01:22:01   to the bottom of the screen.

01:22:03   Yes.

01:22:04   So following in the footsteps of maps and messages.

01:22:07   I had this in my flexes and then I realized you put it in first.

01:22:11   So, but yeah, I agree.

01:22:12   Apple's classical music service is announced.

01:22:14   Interesting.

01:22:15   A WWDC?

01:22:16   Yeah.

01:22:17   They did Apple music.

01:22:19   As we've spoken about in the quiz, they've done it twice, so why not do it again?

01:22:25   Third time's the charm. Maybe developers will care this time.

01:22:28   Number five, Mac OS 13 is called Mammoth.

01:22:33   This is a big flexy. Going for the name?

01:22:37   I think they're going for Sequoia. I think they're going for Sequoia.

01:22:40   Put in as a flexy, son.

01:22:42   Nah, I will not. I already have enough.

01:22:47   I'm going to say it's called mammoth or sequoia.

01:22:49   No, no apple.

01:22:51   This one was the last minute.

01:22:52   Add apple announces the first M two Mac.

01:22:55   Okay.

01:22:56   Okay.

01:22:58   So I've made six out of the required five.

01:23:01   Okay.

01:23:02   I made fewer than the two of you.

01:23:03   Yeah.

01:23:05   Spoilers.

01:23:06   There's more coming.

01:23:07   Yeah.

01:23:09   All right.

01:23:10   My turn.

01:23:11   One.

01:23:12   Tim presents some portion of the keynote in front of a live audience.

01:23:16   Okay.

01:23:16   Question right off the bat.

01:23:18   What does some portion mean?

01:23:21   Like he walks out on stage before they hit play on the video?

01:23:24   There's some Apple employees, I think he means.

01:23:26   Like it was prerecorded, right?

01:23:28   Yeah. But he says live audience, which makes me think developers and press.

01:23:32   I think this needs some clarification.

01:23:35   Well, I mean, I don't actually have to do this sort of like this, but like,

01:23:39   I'll tell you what I'm thinking.

01:23:40   So, because this has changed this pick a few times.

01:23:43   So like I think Tim will present live and like it will be on the video, right?

01:23:48   So people watching at home will see that Tim is presenting

01:23:51   in front of an audience.

01:23:52   Of us? Of developers?

01:23:55   Well, this is the next part.

01:23:56   OK.

01:23:57   Originally, my intention was like developers,

01:24:01   but there is at least one live audience, right?

01:24:05   As we are recording right now, me and Steven, we know we're going to be at WWDC.

01:24:10   We don't know if we will be with developers or on our own or none of the above.

01:24:14   So I think Tim Cook will present some portion of the keynote in front of a live audience.

01:24:19   If I was going to guess, I would assume it would be in front of the developers.

01:24:22   It would be weird if they had like...

01:24:24   [laughs]

01:24:25   It's like, there's developers out there.

01:24:28   You, press people, you're allowed inside.

01:24:31   But who knows though, right?

01:24:32   Maybe they do the State of the Union in front of developers

01:24:34   and the keynote in front of press. I don't know, right?

01:24:37   Okay.

01:24:37   I don't have an answer for that.

01:24:39   but there will be at least one live audience

01:24:41   and I believe Tim Cook, I've actually been wondering,

01:24:44   I don't know if I mentioned this on the last episode or not,

01:24:46   which is funny 'cause we recorded it yesterday,

01:24:50   whether they will do the entire presentation

01:24:52   like they used to.

01:24:53   - I thought they said in the initial announcement

01:24:55   was watch the keynote stream at Apple Park.

01:24:59   I don't think any part of it's gonna be live.

01:25:01   - I don't know.

01:25:02   - I mean, maybe Tim Cook or somebody comes out on stage

01:25:04   and says hello and then the AV guy in the back

01:25:07   it's play on an iPad and we watch the whole keynote.

01:25:09   - That's what I think is most likely to happen

01:25:12   'cause it would be weird if,

01:25:14   it would be weird to me if they didn't do it that way.

01:25:17   You know?

01:25:18   And then he comes out at the end and like--

01:25:19   - Yeah, they completely, like Tim Cook's not even there.

01:25:22   Like he's completely ignoring the fact

01:25:24   that people are on campus.

01:25:26   - For WWDC, when they did it in front of a live audience,

01:25:29   we'd only see Tim at the start and end.

01:25:31   - Yeah.

01:25:32   - Good morning!

01:25:33   - Good morning! - Good morning!

01:25:35   And he would say, "I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it."

01:25:39   Okay, so there may be a little note when you see it in this one.

01:25:43   Which is a flexi, it's fine.

01:25:45   It's a flexo, you know?

01:25:46   Okay, alright, keep going.

01:25:48   I'm going...

01:25:49   This is a connected extended universe pic.

01:25:53   Widgets on tvOS.

01:25:55   Wow.

01:25:56   So I spoke about this in App Stories.

01:25:57   Yes.

01:25:58   Right?

01:25:59   Why not?

01:26:00   When I said that, I was like, "I like this idea, I want it to happen."

01:26:03   Why not?

01:26:04   Pick three.

01:26:05   More apps can use a picture-in-picture style window

01:26:09   on iPadOS.

01:26:10   - Yeah, so like Quick Note, basically.

01:26:13   Yeah, yeah.

01:26:14   - Four, redesign of the home app again.

01:26:17   - It needs it.

01:26:19   - Yeah, yes, yeah.

01:26:20   - Five, there is no additional external display support

01:26:24   for iPadOS.

01:26:25   - Ooh, this one stings.

01:26:27   - Let me double that up with this was originally

01:26:30   one of my picks and I changed it.

01:26:32   but I think I still kind of believe it.

01:26:35   iPad OS multitasking remains fundamentally the same

01:26:38   as the iPad OS 15 version.

01:26:40   So by that, I mean two apps and slide over.

01:26:43   - That's very sad.

01:26:45   - It's historically been a good pick to make, right?

01:26:48   - You're not wrong.

01:26:49   - Historically, your odds over the last six versions

01:26:54   of iPad OS, you would have got points for that.

01:26:56   So I'm giving it another go.

01:26:59   Last one, seven, big improvements to SwiftUI.

01:27:03   I think SwiftUI is going to get quite a lot of time spent,

01:27:06   probably not in the keynote, but over the week,

01:27:10   you know, probably in State of the Union,

01:27:12   and then we'll see, you know,

01:27:14   they might make reference to it,

01:27:15   and there'll be a bunch of sessions.

01:27:16   But this was inspired when we were talking about shortcuts

01:27:21   on the Mac and how a lot of that was built in SwiftUI,

01:27:25   right, and it was broken in a bunch of ways,

01:27:27   or needed flexes in a bunch of ways,

01:27:29   and that this will probably trickle out for everyone.

01:27:31   But also, we should be seeing big improvements

01:27:34   to SwiftUI a lot because it's supposed to be the future.

01:27:38   - Seven flexes.

01:27:39   - Seven flexes.

01:27:40   - Those of you in the audience who may be disappointed

01:27:43   by these numbers, you know, six, seven flexes,

01:27:45   I'm here and I'm delivering the passion to you

01:27:49   with 10 hot flexes.

01:27:53   - Are they all hot?

01:27:54   They are all sizzling hot flexes.

01:27:58   Every single one of them individually is a sizzling hot flexy?

01:28:02   Yes, it's boiling hot flexes.

01:28:04   Oh, are they getting hotter?

01:28:06   They're getting hotter by the minute!

01:28:09   The boilies!

01:28:10   I don't like that.

01:28:14   I'm here and I'm bringing the passion to close up this episode.

01:28:18   All right, so, strapping, 10 flexes.

01:28:19   You certainly didn't bring it in your regular picks.

01:28:21   No I did, I played very smartly according to the spirit of the Rickies and what he...

01:28:26   Wait, did the spirit of the flexies tell you it needed to be hot?

01:28:29   No, so the spirit of the Rickies is one thing.

01:28:33   Okay.

01:28:34   The flexies are more inspired by nature, you know, it's more of a natural occurrence.

01:28:39   All right, all right.

01:28:40   The flexies are more of a...

01:28:42   Yeah, just hit us with them.

01:28:43   Number one, number one.

01:28:44   Shortcuts gets an API on iOS and iPadOS.

01:28:49   for apps to run shortcuts directly without URL schemes.

01:28:54   So basically what they have on Mac OS,

01:28:56   but also on iOS and iOS.

01:28:58   Number two, shortcuts for Mac gets personal automations.

01:29:02   - Yes, please.

01:29:03   - Please.

01:29:03   - Big missing feature from last year.

01:29:05   Number three, you will be able to set light and dark mode

01:29:10   on a per website basis in Safari.

01:29:14   - Yeah.

01:29:15   - AKA Sherlocking.

01:29:16   (laughing)

01:29:17   -I'm sorry, Noor, but I think they're gonna shirtlock that.

01:29:22   Number four. Apple brings Quick Notes floating thing, like the floating window thing, to iOS.

01:29:30   Right now, that Quick Note picture-in-picture thing is only on iPad.

01:29:35   I think they're gonna figure it out on iOS as well, or in general, they should.

01:29:40   Number five. The Music app gets an updated design in the Listen Now page.

01:29:46   I really dislike that page. The information density is all wrong and it's slow to use.

01:29:51   I think they gotta redo it. Steven, please stop highlighting my section.

01:29:55   Sorry! We have told you so many times about this.

01:29:58   We told you so many times! Oh god. Okay.

01:30:01   Just, you need, like, we need to give you a sandbox. Like, you should copy the notes

01:30:07   into your own window. Go play while we read the notes. Yes. Thank you.

01:30:13   Number... where am I? Number six. iPadOS 16. Well, no, the next version of iPadOS is more, you know...

01:30:21   That's fine, we're not gonna be like that.

01:30:24   iPadOS, yeah. iPadOS gets improved split view with at least three apps at once. At least three.

01:30:33   I like the idea of split view with seven apps and they're all just like these tiny little things,

01:30:39   you know?

01:30:39   - And sign in splits, yes.

01:30:41   Number seven, Apple releases a Safari API

01:30:45   to deal with cookie consent forms.

01:30:49   So the idea here is that those things are annoying

01:30:53   and developers are building their own extensions

01:30:55   based on their own heuristics on how to recognize

01:30:58   and accept cookie consent things.

01:31:00   I think Apple can probably do something here

01:31:02   and help out those developers too.

01:31:04   - I like that you have decided

01:31:08   that Apple introduced Safari extensions on iOS

01:31:11   and then decided to just do all the best ones.

01:31:14   You know?

01:31:15   - Yeah, yeah.

01:31:17   - I mean, why not?

01:31:18   - Have you also got one for AMP in here?

01:31:21   You wanna put that in?

01:31:22   - Not yet, not yet.

01:31:24   Number eight, you can delete messages in the messages app.

01:31:29   One of the best features of WhatsApp

01:31:31   is that I can send the message

01:31:33   and if I regret sending the message,

01:31:34   I can revoke the message, I can delete it.

01:31:37   - Yeah, so, 'cause you can delete them,

01:31:39   but they don't delete for anyone other than you

01:31:41   on that one device. - Yeah, they don't delete

01:31:43   on the other person's.

01:31:45   So I guess you can delete messages in the messages app,

01:31:48   comma, like in WhatsApp, so we know what it means.

01:31:52   Number nine, this is a big one for me.

01:31:56   Apple introduces a proper Reminders API for developers.

01:32:01   - Okay.

01:32:03   - So Reminders right now, it's based,

01:32:05   It's sort of piggybacks on the EventKit API,

01:32:08   which was originally conceived for calendar events,

01:32:11   and they sort of stuffed reminders in there,

01:32:14   but that API does not have any

01:32:17   of the modern reminders features,

01:32:19   like attachments, links, subtasks,

01:32:23   all those more advanced repeating schedules.

01:32:26   Like, none of that is in there right now,

01:32:29   so they should do a proper API.

01:32:31   And lastly, number 10, we're back to shortcuts.

01:32:34   Shortcuts gets an Excel widget on iPad.

01:32:37   - That'd be nice.

01:32:38   - Because it doesn't have it.

01:32:40   - Oh, it doesn't have one, huh?

01:32:42   - No, no.

01:32:43   - Wow, that's a surprise.

01:32:45   They're so widget focused, you know what I mean?

01:32:47   This was like funny that they didn't.

01:32:49   - So here we go, 10 hot flexes delivered to you.

01:32:54   - Boiling hot.

01:32:54   - Boiling hot flexes.

01:32:56   - Molten hot flexes.

01:32:57   - Molten hot flexes delivered to you with passion

01:33:01   at the end of this episode.

01:33:03   So that does it for this installment of the Ricky's.

01:33:07   Tune in on the week of WWDC to see how we did.

01:33:12   We're not quite sure exactly when that episode will go up

01:33:16   the week of WWDC, so I guess just follow the show on Twitter

01:33:20   and we'll let you know, but we're aiming for Wednesday.

01:33:24   - Remember 66.66% of the show will be recorded in person.

01:33:29   - That's right. - In California.

01:33:30   - That's right, we'll be together.

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01:34:16   Sorry, Jason in the discord just as triple J rules. I'll sit in. There we go. Is no,

01:34:22   it's John. John's not there. Jason fills in for Steven. Yeah, I'll be there. That isn't

01:34:27   the official rules. So unless OTJ comes out, which I don't think he's planning to.

01:34:32   Well, you won't want to check on him with that. That's all I'm going to say.

01:34:36   I'll check him. I'll check him of OTJ.

01:34:38   Wait, is Jon going?

01:34:40   Well, check with him.

01:34:42   Jon, are you going?

01:34:44   Check with him! Move on!

01:34:45   I'm pointing it out in the world, I just asked him! He'll get back to me when he hears this!

01:34:50   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:34:51   - I've realized that I've put myself in a grave situation

01:34:55   that Jason and I are sharing like a apartment

01:35:00   in San Jose for a couple of days when he's there.

01:35:04   He would have the opportunity to take me out in my sleep

01:35:06   and joined.

01:35:07   - I think you're gonna be fine

01:35:08   'cause there's gonna be another person there who I know.

01:35:10   - Underscore, underscore, you have to save me.

01:35:13   - If there's one person I know to save others,

01:35:17   it's underscore.

01:35:18   'Cause there was once at WWDC, we were at a party

01:35:22   and I was a little bit drunk.

01:35:23   And Casey gave me his iPhone and it was unlocked.

01:35:28   And I opened Twitter and Underscore took it away from me.

01:35:31   So, you know, right?

01:35:35   Underscore, he'll save you, you know?

01:35:37   - Okay, that's good to know.

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01:35:49   And until we score the picks, guys, say goodbye.

01:35:53   - Arrivederci.

01:35:54   - Cheerio.