399: Never Deal Abadhand


00:00:00   [MUSIC]

00:00:08   Hello and welcome to episode 399, we're almost there, of Connected.

00:00:16   This week's show is sponsored by Squarespace, Straight Coffee, and Indeed.

00:00:20   My name is Federico Vittucci and I am joined by a person whose name,

00:00:26   I've actually been doing some research on this,

00:00:28   The name of my co-host is a popular name of Greek origin derived from the word "Stefanos",

00:00:35   which means "crown" or "garland". It was a prominent biblical name that was made famous by

00:00:42   Saint Stephen. Welcome to the show, Stephen Hackett.

00:00:46   Wow. Hey, Federico.

00:00:48   Garland Hackett.

00:00:49   Garland Hackett.

00:00:51   What's up, crown?

00:00:52   Crown boy.

00:00:55   Steven was stoned to death, so I don't hope it doesn't end that way for me.

00:00:59   Well, that's a... I didn't want to go any further in the origin of your name, because it...

00:01:05   Just don't do whatever they did, you know?

00:01:07   Yeah.

00:01:09   I mean, they were doing the right thing and got stoned for it.

00:01:11   Anyways, I am joined by someone. Their name also means things. Their name is Michael,

00:01:18   and you may think, "That name probably doesn't have any real meaning," but it really does.

00:01:25   it has a lot of meanings. I love, I'm loving this this time to from idea to

00:01:31   Google right like this is what we're hearing. The name Michael is of Hebrew origin and it

00:01:37   means who is like God or gift from God so Myke Hurley is literally our gift

00:01:43   from God on the show. Yeah it's a variants of the name are very popular in

00:01:49   multiple countries but this one is from the United Kingdom. Hello Myke Hurley.

00:01:54   Hello, you know Federico, I've heard that before obviously and was really hoping that

00:02:01   you were going to stumble across that exact meaning of Michael. He who is like the Lord

00:02:05   is what I've heard before, which, you know, obviously you can tell from me, I heard that

00:02:10   once, took it to heart, you know, and this is how I've lived the rest of my life.

00:02:13   You're so humble about it too, which is really cool.

00:02:15   I mean, look, when you hear that, what's the point of being humble anymore, you know?

00:02:20   We are so blessed to have Myke Hurley on the show.

00:02:24   Hashtag blessed.

00:02:28   Thank you for gracing us with your presence today, Michael.

00:02:32   Anytime for you boys.

00:02:33   We're going to start with some follow up.

00:02:35   Just a couple quick things today.

00:02:38   We spoke last time about Apple's changes to the subscription price system where developers

00:02:45   will be able to change description pricing within a certain amount. And it brings up

00:02:50   a pop up in the app for users to be notified of the change. And we talked about how big

00:02:58   companies think we talked about Disney plus and other streaming services. There are obviously

00:03:02   companies that would benefit from it. Hans on Twitter wrote in about this as well and

00:03:08   says, Well, it looks to mainly please big companies. I think it might even be more substantial

00:03:13   for smaller developers given current inflation rates. Many might well have to increase prices

00:03:20   in coming months and dependent on customers to do so. And yeah, something I hadn't thought

00:03:25   about but definitely makes a lot of sense. I think in as this feature, I don't know this

00:03:31   feature is actually out yet, but I would expect that we will start to see this across a bunch

00:03:36   of apps potentially in the next, you know, few months. Who knows?

00:03:42   we get to look forward to a variety of meltdowns now.

00:03:46   - Mm-hmm. - As developers try to do that

00:03:48   and their user base collectively implodes upon itself.

00:03:52   - Yeah, I don't envy developers having to think about this

00:03:55   because there's no winning.

00:03:57   If you're in a situation where you have to do this

00:04:00   to keep your business sustainable,

00:04:01   like that's already a really hard situation to be in,

00:04:05   but knowing that you're gonna get burned down on Twitter

00:04:08   and other social networks because of it,

00:04:10   it's gotta be even worse.

00:04:11   You wanna take this one about Brandon, from Brandon as the TV OS guy?

00:04:15   Yes, so this is tangentially related to TV OS.

00:04:19   So last week we were talking about, I surprise you both with the knowledge that you can control

00:04:24   your Apple TV via Siri on another device, right?

00:04:28   So Brandon wrote in with another multi-device Siri thing that you can do.

00:04:32   So this is what Brandon had to say.

00:04:34   Sometimes I ask Siri to do things just to try.

00:04:37   I love that about Brandon, you know?

00:04:39   That's like optimism.

00:04:40   Several months ago, I asked Siri on my kitchen HomePod to stop an alarm on my wife's iPhone

00:04:46   in another room, and it did it.

00:04:49   Now we use this feature all the time.

00:04:51   You can ask Siri to snooze or stop alarms and timers on any family member's device from

00:04:56   any other family member's device or HomePod.

00:04:59   If you don't know which device it is, just say "Stop the nearby timer or alarm."

00:05:03   Sometimes Siri will confirm, sometimes it just stops.

00:05:06   I thought it was pretty cool.

00:05:08   Wow, I had no idea this existed, so thank you Brandon.

00:05:12   Turns out these devices are smarter than we get them credit for.

00:05:15   Should we apologize to Siri? I don't know.

00:05:18   No. Well let me find out.

00:05:20   Hey Siri, I'm sorry. We let off.

00:05:23   I'm so sorry Siri.

00:05:26   Okay.

00:05:28   No need to apologize.

00:05:30   Oh, okay.

00:05:31   There you go.

00:05:32   Siri, I'm sorry. It said no need to apologize. I have my phone muted.

00:05:36   Dude, you got the silent treatment. Siri's not ready to forgive you.

00:05:39   I keep... Is there a setting to make Siri silent when your phone's on silent?

00:05:43   Uh, I don't know. Maybe... Is the volume down on your phone?

00:05:46   Probably.

00:05:46   That would be it.

00:05:48   Because I'm recording a podcast, you know? Don't want it to go off.

00:05:51   Well, but I just don't touch my phone and I keep my phone on silent.

00:05:56   I don't need to worry about the volume, you know?

00:05:58   Do either of y'all ever have your phone off silent?

00:06:00   No.

00:06:01   Yeah. On... Did you say off silent or on silent?

00:06:05   Does your phone ever make noise?

00:06:07   No, never. Yeah, mine either. Yes, it's interesting, right? I don't ever do it. Idina doesn't do it

00:06:14   I know when Idina does do it though because for some reason she uses like the clown horn sound for a message noise

00:06:21   Yeah, and the first time I heard that, I'm like, I don't know about this

00:06:29   So Federico, the answer is it's the worst one, is what it is.

00:06:33   Sounds, text tone, what's it called?

00:06:38   I have some real-time follow-up when you search it.

00:06:40   Zach says there is a setting and Siri responses, spoken responses always,

00:06:46   when silent mode is off, only with...

00:06:49   Yeah, I have always, but silent mode is also on.

00:06:52   So the idea is I want to hear Siri, but I don't want to hear any other sounds from the system.

00:06:58   What's the name of this tone, Myke?

00:07:00   Is it honk?

00:07:01   It's horn, it's this one.

00:07:03   (honking)

00:07:04   That's terrible.

00:07:05   Give it to us one more time.

00:07:08   (honking)

00:07:09   The funny thing is it's in alert tones

00:07:11   and then in a sub menu called classic, which is funny.

00:07:14   Yeah, the old sounds.

00:07:16   Yeah, and it's this one.

00:07:17   (honking)

00:07:19   Why does she use that?

00:07:20   I don't know, she thinks it's fun.

00:07:22   I ask, "Why do you do this?"

00:07:23   She's like, "I think it's fun."

00:07:25   My one is set to hello, but I never hear it

00:07:28   because I always have my phone on silent.

00:07:29   And Adina has her phone on silent all the time too,

00:07:32   but sometimes it gets turned off

00:07:34   or she's turned it off,

00:07:35   or like she's expecting a phone call or whatever.

00:07:37   And then she gets a text message.

00:07:38   And like, imagine what that's like when,

00:07:40   you know, you got like friends

00:07:42   that like send you multiple messages

00:07:43   over and over and over again.

00:07:44   I think we all do that to each other, honestly,

00:07:46   but you don't really notice it when the sounds are not on,

00:07:48   but sometimes she'll be out of the room

00:07:50   and her phone's just going, "Diddle-a-diddle-a,

00:07:51   "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

00:07:53   I'm like, "Oh my God, this has to stop."

00:07:55   She's a wonderful person though, and I love her.

00:07:56   Yeah, but sometimes like she makes...

00:07:58   She listens to the show, that's the problem.

00:08:00   She makes questionable decisions about technology sometimes, like I can never forget the AirPods thing.

00:08:06   And now the clown horn...

00:08:08   Today I called her, I needed to speak to her, so I called her and she answered and it wasn't working.

00:08:12   And it turned out because her AirPods were in another room outside of the case touching the table, so they were connecting to the AirPods.

00:08:19   [Laughter]

00:08:21   This is what's going on.

00:08:23   Very, very capable, very smart, very incredible woman.

00:08:28   - You don't need to keep saying that

00:08:29   because she listens to the show.

00:08:31   - She listens to the show, Federico.

00:08:32   (laughing)

00:08:35   - It's your problem now.

00:08:36   - Well, yep. - I'm sorry.

00:08:38   - Yep, yep.

00:08:39   I would like to recommend people listen to episode 641

00:08:43   of Mac Power Users, which stars Federico and Steven.

00:08:48   Well, stars Federico, Steven's always there.

00:08:51   (laughing)

00:08:53   Along with David.

00:08:57   It was a really great episode where Federico was talking

00:09:00   about kind of his increased use of the Mac.

00:09:03   But I did notice a thing to me.

00:09:05   It was really interesting listening to this show

00:09:07   with the both of you on it.

00:09:08   I had this realization,

00:09:10   Steven is very different on Mac power users.

00:09:13   - 'Cause that's my grownup show.

00:09:15   - I know we all have them, right?

00:09:17   We all have like, we're all different on different shows,

00:09:19   But like, I was struck by it more because Federico was on.

00:09:23   - Yeah.

00:09:23   - So like, I'm hearing the sounds that I'm hearing

00:09:26   and you're like really serious.

00:09:28   - And Federico was serious too.

00:09:30   I mean.

00:09:31   - Yeah, but he's the guest, so it's like a different thing.

00:09:33   Like I don't notice it so much, you know?

00:09:35   - You know, that's the connected factor.

00:09:37   It reminds me, you know,

00:09:38   have you ever seen the movie "Eyes Wide Shut", right?

00:09:41   So essentially it's like,

00:09:44   when connected is like our private club,

00:09:47   when we can be free to be our true selves.

00:09:50   Our true selves, no masks here, you know.

00:09:51   No, exactly.

00:09:53   But whereas in the other shows, we gotta keep up in appearance.

00:09:57   We gotta keep up our more serious persona.

00:10:00   Whereas on Connected, we're free to do whatever.

00:10:03   So yeah, that's...

00:10:03   We have our best selves, our true lives.

00:10:05   Yeah.

00:10:06   Speaking of our best selves and our true lives,

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00:10:45   Our one this time was the very first installment

00:10:48   of the connected quiz.

00:10:50   It's where I am picking Steven and Federico

00:10:52   against each other in a long running quiz segment

00:10:56   that could appear in the pro show, in the regular show,

00:11:00   as topics, as a surprise, as member content,

00:11:04   all kinds of stuff.

00:11:05   You'll be able to hear the first installment there.

00:11:09   We've heard from a lot of people who really enjoyed it.

00:11:11   There have been lots of suggestions for names.

00:11:13   Currently I'm just calling it the connected quiz.

00:11:16   The Quizzies was the most suggested name.

00:11:19   Ryan has mentioned the Hurleys is the thing.

00:11:22   There is no name for the quiz yet.

00:11:24   I don't want to force a name on the quiz.

00:11:26   Ricky's, Annie's, these things just came to us.

00:11:28   Jeremy's, so I like it when things just come to us.

00:11:31   You know, I'm gonna let it live and breathe for a while.

00:11:34   It's just the connected quiz for now.

00:11:35   Maybe we give it a name later on.

00:11:37   Speaking of which boys, I have some quiz questions for you.

00:11:40   - Oh no.

00:11:41   - What? No, no.

00:11:42   - Oh my God, what's happening?

00:11:43   It's happening, no!

00:11:44   We have two questions.

00:11:46   Oh no!

00:11:47   They're happening right now.

00:11:49   Well no, I wasn't ready.

00:11:51   I would like to give everybody,

00:11:52   unfortunately this is a spoiler if you haven't listened to it,

00:11:55   but the points currently stand at 10 apiece.

00:11:59   Steven with 10 and Federico with 10.

00:12:01   That's where we are right now.

00:12:03   If you want, there was a lot of drama

00:12:05   in getting to these scores,

00:12:06   which you can hear in the membership show,

00:12:07   but also you want to know why are they at 10 points each?

00:12:10   Who could know?

00:12:10   I have two questions for you

00:12:12   and they are both in honor of the Rickies next week.

00:12:16   So next week is episode 400

00:12:20   and it is going to be the Rickies for WWDC.

00:12:23   So I have two Rickies related questions for you both.

00:12:28   Question number one,

00:12:29   next week we'll be hosting the WWDC Rickies.

00:12:33   What date was the first WWDC episode

00:12:36   officially known as the Rickies published?

00:12:40   - No, I have no idea.

00:12:41   specific date? I'm looking for the date Closest Wins. Next week we will be

00:12:48   hosting the WWDC RIKIS. What date was the first WWDC episode officially known as

00:12:54   the RIKIS? If you are listening live and in the Discord please do not guess because it

00:12:59   helps my co-hosts here. So it was because if you may remember I give you a little

00:13:04   bit more context for this. We did predictions, we did like games and all

00:13:11   kinds of stuff. We did things that led up to becoming the Rickies way before we

00:13:17   did the Rickies but there was a the first time we ever referred to it as the

00:13:21   Rickies and I would like to thank Lex of Rickies Rickies.co Rickies.co right?

00:13:29   Is that the website? Yeah Rickies.co for some of this information that I pulled

00:13:33   when preparing for this and so Steven I will come to you first.

00:13:37   Oh gosh. Officially known as the Rickies. I mean you really just stab it in the

00:13:48   dark right? I'm gonna say yes June 1st 2019. Okay Federico? I'm gonna say June

00:13:59   Hold on. So if I was traveling before the week... No, it's gotta be earlier than that.

00:14:09   I'm gonna say May 30th, 2019. So you've basically picked anything earlier than

00:14:18   my date? Believe it or not, the answer is June 17th, 2020. Oh, so I get it! So you

00:14:28   You get it.

00:14:29   - Oh my God. - Nice one.

00:14:31   We were doing games, right?

00:14:33   We were doing all sorts,

00:14:35   but the Ricky's first appeared in 2019,

00:14:39   September of 2019 was the first time

00:14:42   we ever called our game the Ricky's.

00:14:44   - Wow.

00:14:45   - Wow.

00:14:46   - How about that?

00:14:47   So we have never done the Ricky's with an audience.

00:14:51   We used to do games, we used to do the tiki scale.

00:14:55   - Yeah.

00:14:56   - I have a second question for you.

00:14:57   Federico, I'm coming to you first.

00:14:59   What was the date of the first WWDC predictions episode

00:15:04   that included a risky pick?

00:15:07   - Ooh.

00:15:08   - The date of the WWDC episode that included a risky pick?

00:15:12   - The first one to have a risky pick.

00:15:15   - I mean, if we've done the Rickeys in 2020,

00:15:17   then it seems logical that the name matured

00:15:22   over the course of a year.

00:15:24   because I struggle to imagine that we've been using Risky

00:15:29   for two years, and then we just came up with Ricky

00:15:34   two years later.

00:15:35   - Yeah.

00:15:36   - So I'm gonna stick with May 30, 2019.

00:15:41   - Okay.

00:15:44   Steven?

00:15:45   And I'm gonna stick with mine, June 1st, 2019.

00:15:49   May 28th, 2019 was the first time.

00:15:53   - Ooh, okay.

00:15:56   - That risky pick was used.

00:15:58   It was in the WWDC.

00:15:59   - So it was the week before.

00:16:02   And I was, so I remember this because I have this memory

00:16:07   of traveling to the airport on June 2nd,

00:16:11   which is a national holiday over here.

00:16:13   And there was a ton of traffic

00:16:14   because people were going to the beach

00:16:15   and I was leaving for London.

00:16:17   - Yeah, and it was the year I had to travel.

00:16:20   I was like flying on my wedding anniversary.

00:16:23   So it was, we scored risky picks in our last live show,

00:16:28   but we hadn't given the game a name yet.

00:16:32   It was just predictions.

00:16:35   - Yeah.

00:16:36   - But we had riskies, but because after that time,

00:16:40   I think it may have been in that September episode,

00:16:43   I think Steven called it Ricky instead of Risky.

00:16:46   - Yeah, accidentally, accidentally said Ricky.

00:16:48   - And then it became the Ricky's.

00:16:51   So we finished these two questions, still tied, 11 points each.

00:16:56   So until next time, that was the Connected quiz.

00:16:58   Okay.

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00:18:35   Apple have released their pride bands for the year.

00:18:38   I don't know when exactly this became a tradition, uh, but it became a tradition.

00:18:44   If I'm remembering rightly the first time they did a pride band, it was for

00:18:47   employees only and then I think the following year they made them for sale

00:18:53   widely and then it has been a thing that they have done pretty much ever since

00:18:58   they have two pride bands this year they're both sport loops which is

00:19:03   interesting like because it seems like apples kind of gone all in on the what

00:19:08   do you call it what is the one where it's all one thing and you can't attach

00:19:12   it. But solo loop? So they've gone back to sport loops which is the ones that

00:19:20   connect with velcro like a velcro kind of thing or hook and loop systems I

00:19:24   think hook and loop. You were right I just I found this article

00:19:29   on iMore. Boy the original Pride Band looked so awesome. The first Pride Edition band

00:19:34   launched at Pride in 2016 and like you said was only available is actually only

00:19:40   available at the event and then in 2017 it was launched for sale and they've had

00:19:45   versions ever since. This has been going on several years now. Oh yeah because they

00:19:49   did like a Pride celebration right? Apple and Apple Campus. The original one, the

00:19:57   original one's good. My favorite is still the solo loop one that they did

00:20:02   last year I think. That's a beautiful watch band. That's still currently

00:20:08   available even though they have these two new ones. One of the new ones is the rainbow

00:20:13   stripe on black and the new one is much more muted and it's got, it's mostly white in the

00:20:23   colours of faint and then the word pride in the kind of swooshy apple font that they use

00:20:28   for hello is kind of written out. Which looks like technologically an incredibly complicated

00:20:34   thing to do. Like trying to thread it out that way, I don't know, it just looks complicated.

00:20:42   And then they have new watch faces that match that kind of thing, like woven looking.

00:20:47   Yeah, the watch face is wild looking.

00:20:49   I struggle to read one of the watch faces.

00:20:53   It's unreadable. It is unreadable. Like it looks really nice, but that is like a, you've

00:20:58   got to take an extra second to look at the time which I'm not into. That's an idea but

00:21:05   these are really nice. These are really really nice. I do still like that other one. I still

00:21:10   want to get one of those loop things just to try it out but I haven't done it yet.

00:21:15   Apple's shipping dates keep on slipping. They're slipping away.

00:21:21   Slipping dates.

00:21:22   Slipping dates.

00:21:23   Slip and slide.

00:21:24   I came across this article on Macworld, they've got some specifics. But you know, up until this

00:21:30   point, I feel like Apple's done pretty good job isolating themselves from supply chain constraints.

00:21:36   I think a couple of quarters ago, they made a shift or like, yeah, there's some components that

00:21:41   are both in the iPhone and the iPad, and we're going to prioritize the iPhone. And that makes

00:21:44   sense, right? They are effectively the iPhone company, it's half of their revenue, roughly any

00:21:50   given quarter. But in the quarterly call just a month ago, and I pulled this out of Jason's

00:21:59   This is Tim, which is a great, it's a great name for this article, where the call is transcribed,

00:22:06   Apple says that they believe that they're going to miss between four and $8 billion

00:22:11   in sales because of supply and COVID related disruptions. And we're starting to see that

00:22:18   I think play out a little bit in the ship dates.

00:22:21   So as most, so some things you can still get basically

00:22:25   within a few days, depending on where you are.

00:22:27   These dates are from the US store,

00:22:29   but most iPhones are available within just a couple of days.

00:22:33   There are a couple of specific skews.

00:22:35   Like I kind of just went and built a bunch of iPhones

00:22:37   and some of them have slid out to like mid June.

00:22:40   So two to three weeks out,

00:22:42   which is a little definitely unusual with the iPhone.

00:22:45   But some products are two to three weeks out,

00:22:49   like the MacBook Air, some are pretty close,

00:22:52   the Mac Studio, the iMac within a week or two.

00:22:54   But if you want a Mac Studio with the Ultra,

00:22:57   it's eight to 10 weeks.

00:22:58   The Studio displays eight to 10 weeks out.

00:23:01   The MacBook Pro, most of them are eight to 10 weeks out.

00:23:05   And that can't be pleasant for a company

00:23:09   that prides itself on its operations.

00:23:12   but also means that if you need one of these machines

00:23:15   for a new employee or you're going to school

00:23:18   or something like that, you better plan ahead

00:23:21   because you may get lucky and walk into an Apple store

00:23:23   and they have something in stock.

00:23:25   But if you're ordering online

00:23:27   or if you're doing a custom order,

00:23:29   you may be waiting a while.

00:23:31   - I'm surprised about the Mac Studio and the studio display

00:23:35   that there's still that,

00:23:36   it's been like that for the entire time

00:23:37   that those products existed.

00:23:38   - Yeah, they never really have dropped.

00:23:41   And I mean, a lot of people,

00:23:43   including our friend John Voorhees,

00:23:44   had his ship date for his move around a bunch, right?

00:23:49   And I'm sure it's discouraging

00:23:51   if you're trying to get your hands on one of these things.

00:23:52   But I think that Apple's preview of this problem

00:23:57   is definitely gonna be true,

00:23:59   that some of these things,

00:24:01   it's gonna push them out of the quarter,

00:24:03   it's gonna hurt their quarterly results.

00:24:04   The numbers will be down where otherwise they wouldn't be.

00:24:08   And I was curious what the two of you thought

00:24:11   about, do you see this impacting any like new products?

00:24:15   So next week we're gonna play, actually tomorrow,

00:24:19   we're gonna be playing the Ricky's and you know,

00:24:21   maybe there'll be guesses about Apple hardware.

00:24:25   Do you think that in this sort of environment,

00:24:28   Apple would say, well, the new MacBook Air is ready,

00:24:30   but maybe we should wait until we have more on hand?

00:24:33   Like, do you all have any thoughts about that?

00:24:36   I saw a link today and I can't find it now.

00:24:41   I can just see a bunch of rewrites.

00:24:42   I don't know where it came from first.

00:24:44   That there is potentially, it looks like at the moment,

00:24:48   like going to be a delay on at least one of the iPhones.

00:24:52   - Yeah, I saw that too.

00:24:53   - 'Cause at the moment, like,

00:24:54   you've got like a few things going on right now

00:24:56   where it's like, we're already still feeling,

00:24:59   we're still feeling the facts of the 2020 lockdowns

00:25:03   and shutdowns, right?

00:25:04   because the supply chain moves slowly.

00:25:07   But currently there are lots of lockdowns

00:25:11   and government enforced lockdowns

00:25:13   in a lot of places in China.

00:25:16   Like a lot of cities in China

00:25:17   are going through this right now.

00:25:20   Because China has a zero COVID policy.

00:25:25   They want no cases, which is,

00:25:27   I mean, it's basically impossible to do that currently.

00:25:30   Unless you do what they're doing,

00:25:32   which is you make everyone stay at home.

00:25:35   But that means that then things like this will stop

00:25:39   for until the next time.

00:25:40   But yeah, like I found it on MacRumors

00:25:43   that development of at least one iPhone 14 model

00:25:46   is three weeks behind schedule due to Chinese lockdowns

00:25:48   and in a worst case scenario

00:25:50   could impact initial production volumes

00:25:51   according to a new report today.

00:25:53   I expect for the next at least a year,

00:25:56   every iPhone will see supply constraints

00:26:00   like the Mac studio and the studio display.

00:26:03   Like the iPhone, they'll put the most effort they can

00:26:05   into it for sure, but the iPhone also has the largest

00:26:09   volume of people trying to buy it.

00:26:11   Like I wouldn't be surprised if this iPhone is back

00:26:13   to what it used to be like when if you didn't get it

00:26:15   immediately, you wait a month.

00:26:17   Remember that like back in those days, like,

00:26:19   because I feel like the last couple of years, at least,

00:26:22   it's been better, right?

00:26:23   That you have like a little bit of time to like get in

00:26:25   and put your order in and as long as you get your order in

00:26:28   when the store comes up for you, you'll be fine.

00:26:30   But it used to be that if your store took three minutes longer

00:26:34   to come online than other people,

00:26:36   well, now you're not getting the iPhone on launch day.

00:26:38   It's like an impossibility for you.

00:26:40   And I wouldn't be surprised to see that kind of thing happen

00:26:42   again this time around, because it

00:26:44   seems like they're struggling across the board to get

00:26:46   all kinds of component parts, right?

00:26:48   Yeah, I saw that story too.

00:26:50   And I think for that reason, I don't

00:26:52   know if they want to really announce hardware right now

00:26:57   and say, oh, we are announcing this,

00:26:59   but actually it's launching in July.

00:27:01   I don't know, that would be kind of weird.

00:27:04   - Like if they were gonna do stuff at WWDC?

00:27:06   - Yeah, if they were gonna do stuff at WWDC.

00:27:09   I don't think there's gonna be hardware in my RICIs.

00:27:16   This time, just because the timing is really weird right now

00:27:21   and I don't know, I could see, I could honestly see

00:27:24   if they have hardware to release,

00:27:26   but the supply chain is having issues.

00:27:28   I could see what they did a few years ago,

00:27:30   which is press releases in July and August.

00:27:33   I could actually see that if the situation improves,

00:27:36   that is, in China and the other places they rely on

00:27:40   for the supply chain.

00:27:41   Yeah, I mean, no one is better in the world at this

00:27:44   than Apple, and I think seeing that they are now

00:27:48   struggling with this, I think, clearly shows

00:27:51   how bad the situation is, right?

00:27:54   And it may be that they, and I don't know,

00:27:56   I think Apple has alluded to in the past

00:27:58   where they've had certain components stockpiled.

00:28:03   - Legacy nodes.

00:28:04   - Legacy nodes, right.

00:28:05   They've had things queued up,

00:28:08   but I would imagine all those plans they had

00:28:11   or all the backup components they had laying around,

00:28:14   it's all gone now because they have done a pretty good job

00:28:18   up until this point.

00:28:20   Other than the Mac Studio and Studio Display,

00:28:22   which are kind of when this started.

00:28:24   If you needed a MacBook Air a year ago

00:28:26   or six months ago, it was pretty quick.

00:28:29   And now they're in a situation where this has lasted

00:28:32   longer than they probably anticipated

00:28:35   and this is kind of where it is now.

00:28:37   - It's wild to me that the other laptops that you mentioned,

00:28:40   like the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are seeing it,

00:28:42   because like in theory, you would assume

00:28:45   it's not a new product, right?

00:28:46   Like that is a system that they would have had

00:28:48   worked out a long time ago.

00:28:50   But if you're struggling with that

00:28:53   and the iPad Air and everything,

00:28:54   Like it's just showing that like,

00:28:56   they just don't have anything.

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00:31:23   We got some breaking news.

00:31:26   The WWDC keynote is the first day of WWDC.

00:31:29   Oh, no way.

00:31:30   Calm down.

00:31:31   No, they used to do it at the end.

00:31:34   You should do it at the end.

00:31:35   Keep people in town, you know, you go to a bunch of sessions and then you learn at the

00:31:39   end of the week what you learned about Apple announced the keynote June 6 10am Pacific,

00:31:46   it will of course be streaming at apple.com and the developer app on the Apple TV on YouTube

00:31:53   platform State of the Union, which is sort of like the developer keynote, it goes into

00:31:57   more detail about some of the technologies announced very often. The keynote will not

00:32:03   include code on slides, but the platform State of the Union will it's kind of the

00:32:07   the one I really struggle with state of the union man. Sometimes it's very interesting

00:32:12   like tidbits but sometimes like I'm just watching somebody write Swift and I can't I can't handle it

00:32:16   and the Apple design awards are that evening at 5 p.m pacific so all that is on Monday. A couple

00:32:27   weeks ago invitations started rolling out to people who put their name in for the lottery

00:32:33   and there seems to be a second round of that going on.

00:32:36   We saw some more Friends of Ours developers end up with invitations earlier this week.

00:32:42   And yeah, so this is moving forward.

00:32:46   WWDC, man. Anybody else going that we know?

00:32:49   This is so weird.

00:32:51   So there is going to be some form of a media event for WWDC this year,

00:32:57   and we are all invited to the media event.

00:33:01   Unfortunately though only 60% of the show can make it.

00:33:04   66% of the show can make it?

00:33:06   Mhm.

00:33:07   That's alright. 66.66?

00:33:10   Uh oh.

00:33:11   Oh no.

00:33:11   The number of the beast.

00:33:13   Me and Steven are going to be there. Federico can't do it.

00:33:14   My heart is dying because I will miss seeing him but...

00:33:18   Yeah, there's a variety of reasons why it's really impossible for me to come this year

00:33:27   for stuff that I haven't talked about online, like all good things like no huge problems,

00:33:33   but things that are more important right now. So and also, you know, I guess we are

00:33:40   out of practice for this kind of stuff. Like I cannot right now where I am, I cannot plan

00:33:49   things with like a 13 day notice, you know.

00:33:53   The last 24 hours have been wild.

00:33:57   Some of them more stress I felt in a really long time.

00:34:00   It's been just because you got to like get it together, you know, like it

00:34:05   usually on a WWDC, we're all going to be there anyway. Right.

00:34:10   So it's like this had all been planned three months ago.

00:34:12   And like you used to buy the plane tickets in February.

00:34:16   and book a hotel room like four months before.

00:34:20   And that's okay, that works.

00:34:22   But two weeks before, as you can imagine,

00:34:24   it's not just the stress of it, it's also the cost of it.

00:34:27   Like right now, these things are wildly expensive.

00:34:31   - It's really, really, really, really expensive to fly.

00:34:33   - If you're coming from Europe, right?

00:34:36   So, and it's, I mean, it sucks because I like obviously,

00:34:41   I haven't seen you guys in two years,

00:34:45   three almost. Well, no, three years. That was 2019. And I, you know, this is not like

00:34:55   real WWDC, but it's like the beginning of maybe going back to a regular WWDC. Or a beginning

00:35:02   of the new WWDC. Whatever it might be, right? Like, which is more than this, whatever this

00:35:08   is. Yeah. And I think they're gonna settle on this, right? The idea being there's always

00:35:15   going to be the online component. You will always be able to follow sessions remotely

00:35:21   and have the online labs. That online component is not going away. But my theory is that Apple

00:35:29   really wants to have an in-person component again, for a variety of reasons. First of

00:35:35   all, they like it. They like to see people. They like to see developers. I can imagine

00:35:41   that the energy of an in-person event beats seeing positive tweets and compliments online.

00:35:51   Just seeing people must be nice. I also feel like Apple must be thinking that in person

00:35:58   they can control the message and the networking and the narrative more, because they can show

00:36:07   you around places, because if you're part of the press, you can have in-person communications

00:36:13   and meetings. It's a more controlled environment if you're Apple. And lastly, I feel like,

00:36:23   going forward, we may see this sort of a hybrid approach, where the keynote will once again

00:36:29   be in person, but it'll obviously be streamed online. Sessions will probably go to a mixed

00:36:40   format where some of them will be pre-recorded, others will not. Labs will be split. There

00:36:47   will be online labs and there will be in-person labs. And the capacity of the event will no

00:36:52   longer be 5,000 people, it will be maybe half of that. So double the capacity of this year,

00:36:57   which is about a thousand people, I guess.

00:37:00   So I think maybe they'll do that hybrid approach, but what they're doing this time with, you

00:37:06   know, inviting people and then having a few extra invitations and then setting up a few

00:37:11   things with the media, it suggests to me that they want to do some in-person things again

00:37:21   and perhaps those things will be growing next year.

00:37:25   I think you might be right because I'm surprised by it.

00:37:27   But I think that that kind of thing that you're explaining of like

00:37:32   not going back to like what it was,

00:37:35   but having something that sits in the middle that can tick a lot of those boxes,

00:37:39   but not like revert it for people that had gotten a lot out of WWDC being all virtual.

00:37:44   I actually think that there is a line that they can kind of meet there,

00:37:49   which I think that they're starting to attempt this year.

00:37:51   And we'll see what it's like in future.

00:37:53   So like maybe WWDC is always at Apple Park now, right?

00:37:57   And it's like a controlled amount of people

00:37:59   that they can bring in and they can have all of the events

00:38:02   in a day or two because they've got this like

00:38:05   developer center, which like, I don't know what this is.

00:38:07   I don't know if I'll get to see it.

00:38:09   And it's kind of weird, like I'm thinking now,

00:38:10   like I was always really convinced that it's like,

00:38:12   oh, they'll just have like a video that they made

00:38:15   in advance and they'll just show it to the people.

00:38:17   But now I'm not sure, right?

00:38:19   Like will they do an on-stage presentation

00:38:23   they used to like I don't know what it's gonna be like right no nobody knows yet

00:38:27   I guess you guys just wait and see what happens in a week and a bit from now but

00:38:32   yeah it's I'm intrigued obviously I'm really excited because my first ever

00:38:36   event that I've been to yeah congratulations thank you I'm really

00:38:40   that's why like it is it is complicated and it's not ideal because again it's

00:38:47   like I wasn't we weren't expecting this to happen and also it's like as we

00:38:53   saying we're out of practice for this kind of thing like this two-week notice is kind

00:38:57   of what they always give but they haven't done it in a long time because so it's just

00:39:01   very it's all like a kind of a complex thing but i wasn't going to miss this because it's

00:39:06   my first choice what chance well i will say obviously it's more complicated to travel

00:39:11   these days i will do everything i can to be there but who knows right travel is is complicated

00:39:18   now yeah i'm i'm excited to go it's going to be definitely

00:39:23   different than previous years, but I think it'll be fun to see the changes and yeah

00:39:28   I actually was already going to California at the end of the week. And so I sort of just rearranged my

00:39:34   Existing trip to add a few days to the beginning of it. It's gonna be interesting. I mean some of the

00:39:40   Stuff has begun to trickle out about the people the developers who were invited to it

00:39:45   They're gonna get to see some tours and this there's gonna be some inside stuff some outside stuff

00:39:49   I think it's gonna be it's just gonna be so

00:39:52   Interesting because like y'all are talking about we don't really know what this wbdc is, right?

00:39:58   Like is this what it is for a while longer? Is this a transition into something more like what we used to have?

00:40:05   we just don't know and

00:40:07   Apart from all of the announcements as we're all excited about of course want to see what they've been up to

00:40:12   Just the the event on like the meta level is super interesting. I think to all three of us

00:40:17   I have no idea what it's gonna be like for me. I always take lots of notes during these

00:40:27   presentations.

00:40:28   Yeah, that's very hard to do.

00:40:30   This is my assumption. Do I just give up the... I'm just like, "Well, I'm not even gonna bother

00:40:35   trying to sit and watch it." I guess that's what I'll do, right? But it's just a very

00:40:39   different experience for me. I'm always like, "All right, laptop out, off we go," and I'm

00:40:42   writing down everything possible. But I feel like that's not gonna be something I'm gonna

00:40:46   to do or want to do.

00:40:47   So that's going to be weird.

00:40:48   - I've only been to one in person in 19

00:40:51   and being in the room, like my notes from that year

00:40:53   are pretty sparse because it feels like it goes faster

00:40:57   when you're in the room.

00:40:59   And it's also like harder to hear.

00:41:02   Cause like there's people are cheering

00:41:04   and clapping and stuff.

00:41:05   And like, if I'm just at home on my couch, like,

00:41:07   it's just me, I'm not clapping, right?

00:41:09   I'm trying to take notes.

00:41:11   So yeah, I'm curious how that's going to go because,

00:41:13   you know, we all have shows to record afterwards

00:41:16   and throughout the rest of the week.

00:41:17   But one thing I've enjoyed over the last couple of years

00:41:21   is I've been able to rewatch

00:41:23   or at least skim the keynote again in the evening

00:41:26   before I have to record anything.

00:41:28   And that's impossible to do when you're traveling

00:41:31   and just due to time constraints normally.

00:41:34   So it'll be fun.

00:41:36   I think Federica is right.

00:41:37   We're all a little bit rusty at this,

00:41:38   but at the same time, I think so is Apple.

00:41:41   And I think we're all gonna

00:41:42   kind of be figuring it out together.

00:41:45   - Yeah, yeah, I mean, obviously if I would have done it,

00:41:48   if I didn't have other things happening in my life,

00:41:52   like, and even if it was a very expensive,

00:41:55   like just if the timing was different, I would have done it.

00:42:00   So I'm hoping that, you know, next year things,

00:42:03   I'll be able to make it back

00:42:04   because I've been really missing this.

00:42:06   My advice on the notes would be don't take notes

00:42:11   during the presentation.

00:42:13   Instead, save your first reactions and your questions,

00:42:18   because those you're gonna forget.

00:42:20   Notes, you can always take about stuff and features.

00:42:23   - So good.

00:42:24   That's such good advice.

00:42:25   Oh my God, Federico, you're a genius.

00:42:27   I love that.

00:42:28   - I've been through this before.

00:42:29   - You've done a lot.

00:42:30   How many have you done?

00:42:31   Like six?

00:42:32   - Five.

00:42:33   - Five. - Five.

00:42:34   - Yeah.

00:42:35   - Like, I mean, keynotes in general.

00:42:38   'Cause you also did the Apple Watch one, right?

00:42:40   - Oh yeah.

00:42:41   Oh, keynotes.

00:42:42   Maybe seven? Because you also did that one in New York, right?

00:42:46   Yeah, I did the one in New York. Did I do another in San Francisco?

00:42:51   I don't think so. I think you only, outside of...

00:42:54   I did the Apple Watch.

00:42:56   Outside of WWDC, I think you went to the Apple Watch and the iPad and New York one.

00:43:01   Yeah, I think that's right. So I've done...

00:43:04   And people may say, Myke, why are you so weirdly familiar with this? And it's because I'm always

00:43:09   involved in Federico's travels one way or another.

00:43:11   I've done six keynotes total, four WWDCs and two keynotes.

00:43:16   And yes, Myke was always involved

00:43:20   because I was very much a newbie

00:43:23   when he came to traveling years ago.

00:43:26   I'd never done it before.

00:43:27   And Myke was my teacher.

00:43:29   - I remember how excited I was for the Apple Watch one.

00:43:32   I think I was more excited than you.

00:43:34   I just kept looking for you in photos all day.

00:43:37   Do you remember that?

00:43:37   - Yeah, yes.

00:43:39   - Like I just kept drawing.

00:43:41   I was using like, what was that app, Skitch?

00:43:44   Was that the app with the pink heart?

00:43:46   Was that what it was called?

00:43:47   - Yeah, yes, yes.

00:43:49   - I was using that and like finding

00:43:51   people would be posting pictures

00:43:52   and I would draw little arrows and post them.

00:43:54   - Oh, that event was funny.

00:43:56   And like, there's a ton of stories that maybe

00:43:59   a few years from now I'll be able to tell.

00:44:01   It hasn't even been--

00:44:02   - When you write your book.

00:44:03   - It hasn't even been 10 years, you know?

00:44:05   So the statute of limitations does not apply, I guess.

00:44:09   - Was that like three more years?

00:44:11   it was 2015 right? It was 2015 so someday I'll be able to, there's a ton of wild stories from that

00:44:17   event so someday, someday I'll tell those stories. I'm still under NDA or whatever I guess yeah.

00:44:22   Are you? Probably not right? Who knows? Who knows? I mean if he was could he tell us?

00:44:34   you know? Oh, exactly, like I don't even know what is NDA, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know what it means.

00:44:42   Never deal a bad hand. That's all one word, a bad hand. A bad hand. A deal a bad hand.

00:44:51   A couple of things on the invite, like you know, the the Memoji thing is fun, like it's just like

00:44:59   a fun thing. Lots of people have been posting images of the Power Rangers movie artwork,

00:45:06   which is like so perfect, it looks just like it, which is weird. But a couple of things,

00:45:11   one, I mean they've meant, we've seen this a bunch of times, so it isn't like new, but

00:45:15   I don't think we spoke about it. What do you guys think of that font on the webpage? It

00:45:19   looks like a new San Francisco, right? That's a new, what are they calling it in some people

00:45:25   on Twitter are quite some friends. SF wide, I think I've seen people quite, yeah.

00:45:28   I think that's right. It looks good. It looks great.

00:45:31   I think they wanted to do a new typeface for like this display type things, so posters,

00:45:38   marketing materials. They've been using SF Display so far, which is part of San Francisco

00:45:43   Pro, which would be the regular version of San Francisco. And I think they're making

00:45:47   the right call in having a proper display typeface for this kind of things.

00:45:52   I think it's too cool to use in like iPhone marketing.

00:45:56   Um, like it's too, it has too much of an attitude, I think to it,

00:46:00   like in a good way, but for stuff like this, I think it works really nicely.

00:46:04   And like, I could imagine this on like iOS promo pages or whatever.

00:46:07   Right. Um, but like to use this on a billboard would be, I think would be odd,

00:46:12   but I love, I love the way it looks.

00:46:14   When I see it, I hear the sound from the inception.

00:46:18   I'm interested.

00:46:20   Swiftly approaching.

00:46:21   Boooooooom.

00:46:22   We're a bunch of nerds.

00:46:24   But I like, I think it looks cool.

00:46:30   It's hard to, I mean it shows up in weird places.

00:46:33   Like I'm now struggling to find it on their website, but it was in the...

00:46:37   On the WWDC website, right?

00:46:39   Yeah.

00:46:40   Yeah.

00:46:41   And it was on the original kind of like promo page, but all of that stuff's kind of changed

00:46:45   now.

00:46:46   They changed also as well, just on a separate note,

00:46:50   Apple have tightened the COVID restrictions

00:46:54   for developer attendees.

00:46:55   So they sent out an email which says,

00:46:58   well, this is from MacRumors,

00:46:59   it says Apple informed developers

00:47:00   they will need to wear N95 masks while indoors

00:47:04   and a negative FDA approved COVID antigen test

00:47:07   is required the day before.

00:47:09   Attendees will need to upload their negative test results

00:47:11   to Apple's portal before arriving at Apple Park.

00:47:14   This is different.

00:47:15   original thing was tested in 72 hours and optional masks. So this is much more controlled

00:47:19   than, than it was before. So that's intriguing to me. I mean, it's not a surprise, right?

00:47:25   Like apparently COVID is rising in the Bay Area. I mean, like it is, it rises and falls

00:47:30   all over the place, right? They changed their working at the office plans for Apple employees.

00:47:35   So I was wondering if they were going to, what the response would be like that for this.

00:47:40   And it's that they're like locking things up a bit tighter than they were. It was all

00:47:44   are very much like, "Eh." And now it seems like they have like a real, "This is the defined plan."

00:47:49   I think someone on Twitter had seen a list of exactly what tests you have to do. Here in the

00:47:55   US, the at-home tests seem like they will be fine, which is good, because trying to find some other

00:48:00   tests like the day before would be difficult. I'm glad they're doing it. You know, someone who's

00:48:04   going, like, I'm glad to see them stepping this up a little bit in response to the numbers in the

00:48:11   Bay Area. So there's also the student aspect of WVDC where students can submit projects

00:48:18   this year in the Swift Student Challenge. Some winners have been named and they will be getting

00:48:27   cool WVDC jacket and a customized pin set, something they've done for a few years.

00:48:33   If you ever want just like a real good time, about two weeks after WVDC, just search WVDC jacket

00:48:40   on eBay because people flip them and of course now you can get a lot of them cheap. You can

00:48:46   get one from 2016 for $25.

00:48:48   I have the 2018 denim jacket, the Levi's one. Underschool gave it to me.

00:48:54   Yes, that's the coolest one I think.

00:48:56   They did a cooler one I think the next year maybe.

00:49:00   Is that the one with the emoji printed inside?

00:49:03   No they did two denim jackets. Mine might not be from '18, I might be misremembering

00:49:07   But they did they did the denim jacket. I have the first one then they did one the year after where it wasn't so blatantly

00:49:13   WWDC printed I think they may have stitched in black rather than white. Yes. Yes the 19

00:49:19   I'm looking at me baby 19 is a bomber jacket

00:49:21   the outside is black with WC in black, but the inside is like bright orange with a bunch of

00:49:27   Memoji and no that's what I'm talking about

00:49:30   I remember that one but they did two denim jackets to denim Levi's jackets and one of them the one I have was the first

00:49:37   one and they did another one. We all know the best one is the black leather one with

00:49:41   the aqua tent on the back. The black leather one. Yes. Oh, you have that one, right? Yeah,

00:49:47   James gave it to me. Yeah, that's very serious, that one. Also, student, what do they call

00:49:54   it, student, what's the name of this program? The Swift Student Challenge? Yeah, but they

00:50:03   didn't have a different name before scholars to busy scholars scholars that's

00:50:07   what I'm thinking of scholars yeah I don't call it that anymore but they get

00:50:12   air pods - they get in a pair of air pots yeah it's awesome is there air pots

00:50:17   three or air pots Pro air pods Pro clearing out the inventory before the

00:50:24   new airport I think I need to be one of these because my AirPods Pro battery is

00:50:27   dying oh my god boys my air pods now they don't last more than two days like

00:50:31   even with the battery case I'm charging them all the time. This happened the first time.

00:50:35   Do you remember this? This happened before like the battery started going in the original AirPods

00:50:41   and then they brought out AirPods Pro and we replaced them. I'm really hoping for AirPods Pro

00:50:44   2 because my battery is no good anymore. Yeah it's that time again. They're dying.

00:50:51   It's very sad. I'm not noticing that because I sold my original ones and I've been using the

00:50:57   custom red painted ones that I got from colorware last year.

00:51:01   God, you did that! I forgot about that.

00:51:04   I got my sexy red AirPods Pro with a black case. So I swapped them mid-cycle basically.

00:51:12   And I sold mine actually a couple of days ago on the internet to a guy from somewhere.

00:51:19   What service do you use for selling?

00:51:22   It's an Italian service. It's Italian only, I don't want to ship abroad.

00:51:26   Ill eBay. That's what they call it.

00:51:30   It's kind of like eBay, but it's like Craigslist.

00:51:33   Right.

00:51:34   But you don't have to meet up in person.

00:51:36   Okay.

00:51:36   So many people try to propose that, like, "Can you deliver this?"

00:51:40   "Nope, I am not taking cash from a stranger in a parking lot."

00:51:44   We do stuff like that all the time. Like, not old.

00:51:46   But when we sold my iMac, we did just collection only.

00:51:50   Yeah.

00:51:50   Stuff like that. Because I wasn't going to ship that, right?

00:51:53   There was no way. I didn't even have a box, right?

00:51:56   Yeah, this is a funny thing. So I sold my iMac Pro.

00:51:59   So you had a stranger come to you?

00:52:01   Yeah, but we don't give them our address, just tell them a place to meet us, right?

00:52:05   Yeah, I'm not doing that. I'm afraid, you know, somebody's gonna pull a knife.

00:52:09   But the thing was, there was no other way for me to sell that iMac Pro, right?

00:52:12   Like, I didn't have a box.

00:52:13   Yeah, I didn't have boxes either. I just, I make my own boxes.

00:52:16   Yeah, but the iMac Pro is giant and heavy.

00:52:19   It's gonna break, right? Like if I ship the iMac Pro, that thing's not gonna make it.

00:52:23   That's the reason, right? We don't do this for other stuff, we just ship it.

00:52:26   Idina saves boxes, she'll put to like package them up and send them off like whatever like

00:52:30   so Apple watches or AirPods or whatever but there was nothing to do about the iMac like

00:52:34   this is the only way it was gonna work the guy arrived he had one of those bags.

00:52:39   Wait like an iMac bag?

00:52:40   The iMac bag yeah so like this guy is an iMac flipper clearly right like he arrived and

00:52:47   he was like he was ready to go he knew what he wanted to check he was like on it he was

00:52:50   like did you do the thing where you have to take it off of iCloud like iCloud.com which

00:52:54   Which is the thing by the way, if you ever sell any Apple device now you have to go to

00:53:00   iCloud.com and remove it there.

00:53:02   It doesn't matter if you've removed it all on the phone and wiped the phone, you also

00:53:06   have to do this otherwise it's activation locked.

00:53:09   This is a nightmare, but it's a thing.

00:53:12   Zach in the Discord has found the 2017 jacket had the white printing on it.

00:53:18   The 2018 jacket, the WWDC part was just a pin, so the jacket was otherwise just a black

00:53:25   denim Levi's jacket.

00:53:26   The laziest WWDC jacket.

00:53:28   No, it was good because then you just had a black denim jacket.

00:53:34   I like it, it looks good on me, but it says WWDC 2018 in huge lettering on it, right?

00:53:41   So it's not as conspicuous or inconspicuous or whichever one I meant to say.

00:53:48   also get to pick a thing to do. So considering people are going to be at Apple Park all day

00:53:53   basically because they're doing the keynote and the State of the Union and then the design

00:53:59   awards there is a section in the middle of the day where you get to choose as part of

00:54:03   a tour either Apple Park Hills which I guess is the land around Apple Park, the fitness

00:54:09   center, you can go see Apple's gym or Cafe Mac. This is a funny thing right? This is

00:54:16   like a funny little thing. You literally go see a guy named Jim who works at Apple.

00:54:21   I think you misread that. You go to see Apple's Jim. Oh, jeez. Jeez.

00:54:27   Whaa. Yeah. I'm sorry. It's all Steven's fault. He gave me, he gave me this disease. I'm sorry.

00:54:35   Uh-huh. It's not the Fennace Plus Center. It's literally where the employees go to

00:54:39   work out. Yeah. Or where they go eat lunch in the cafeteria. Or you see some trees.

00:54:43   Apparently it's an incredible gym though.

00:54:46   Probably, but it's like it's a gym.

00:54:48   I mean, you know what gyms are.

00:54:50   But like, so James says like Cafe Max has a great, has great food and I believe that,

00:54:55   but I don't think you're eating there.

00:54:56   Yeah.

00:54:57   I think you're just going and looking at it and leaving.

00:55:00   So this is like being at the zoo, right?

00:55:02   I mean, you get to see like, now you can see Apple employees in their natural habitat as

00:55:07   they eat lunch at Cafe Max.

00:55:10   Like is that what's going to happen?

00:55:11   they're gonna show you around and you can see people from a distance and be

00:55:15   like oh those are Apple employees. I don't know this for sure, but I expect every employee that doesn't have to be at Apple Park on this day is told to stay home.

00:55:25   Yeah it's not real Apple employees, it's actors paid to act like they work there.

00:55:30   Right, okay. You know what I mean though? Like this is gonna be such a

00:55:33   disruption and like unless you need to be there for some reason I imagine

00:55:38   that you're not going in that day. Alright, here's a funny question for you

00:55:44   know, you both. Some non graded predictions, just having a conversation

00:55:49   here. Love it. Okay, okay, no pressure. Apple designer

00:55:54   words, what are we thinking in terms of who's gonna win? Oh man, that's a hard

00:55:59   question. You know, spitballing, just out there, come on, come on, some theories. I

00:56:03   I need to look at who won 2021.

00:56:06   - Kraft won.

00:56:07   - I believe Kraft did win something, right?

00:56:10   But I want to just get--

00:56:11   - But no, was it the best app of the year?

00:56:14   Let's see, Apple Designer words.

00:56:15   - I really feel like I'm not the best person.

00:56:18   Like I feel like I should be asking,

00:56:20   you know what, I'm going to change,

00:56:21   can I flip this around?

00:56:22   Can I ask you two?

00:56:23   'Cause like, I don't feel like I'm as plugged in

00:56:25   to the new apps as you two are, especially you Federico.

00:56:29   Maybe you're going to make predictions too, actually.

00:56:30   So we can all do it, right?

00:56:31   I guess you're going to,

00:56:33   You have some, I'm sure, right?

00:56:34   - I'm actually looking at myself right now.

00:56:36   - So they also, they do, did they do a,

00:56:41   like they give a game, like a, what do they call it?

00:56:45   Arcade game of the year?

00:56:46   Yeah, they do like, do they do that?

00:56:47   - They do.

00:56:48   - It's all complicated now.

00:56:50   It's like inclusivity winners, delight and fun winners,

00:56:52   interaction winners, social impact winners,

00:56:55   visual and graphics winners, innovation.

00:56:57   Like it's much more complicated these days,

00:57:00   probably in a good way, but like more people can win.

00:57:02   I mean, I don't know.

00:57:05   Honestly, I have no idea because a ton of these, like, the apps that I use and the WePick

00:57:13   at Mac stories are very different from the apps that Apple promotes, which is, that's

00:57:18   the problem.

00:57:19   I feel like they could potentially give an award to that driving game for Apple Arcade

00:57:27   based in Tuscany.

00:57:29   What's it called?

00:57:31   like, Gear Club Stradale, I think that's one of the...

00:57:36   The one that they showed off at the March event, with the cool graphics,

00:57:40   that's something that I could see in like the...

00:57:43   what's it called? Good cool visuals category, or like best game.

00:57:47   I'm thinking of like what else made an impact on Apple Arcade in the past year.

00:57:56   I don't think they were given a Word2MBA 2022,

00:58:00   which is always promoted like in the front page of Apple Arcade.

00:58:04   Thumper is another release, but that's a port from a console game.

00:58:09   So I think Gear Club, as a good shot, has been promoted in the game category.

00:58:16   For apps, though, I honestly have no idea.

00:58:21   I could see Glass, the photo app, the Instagram alternative.

00:58:28   I think Apple really likes that one.

00:58:30   It's a good message too, right?

00:58:32   Yeah, it's a good message.

00:58:34   NotWords, the new ZachGauge game, I think that has potential to get something.

00:58:40   And I'm gonna throw it out there.

00:58:44   I think maybe for Delight and Fun, one of the...

00:58:48   You guys have seen those. One of those not boring apps.

00:58:52   Oh, one of them won last year.

00:58:54   Oh, it won last year. Okay.

00:58:56   Well, it's not winning this year. The weather one, I think. Not boring weather. It was a finalist of the visuals and graphics

00:59:02   category. Ah, it was a... oh, they had finalists.

00:59:06   Oh, yeah, because they did the thing where they pre-announced like the shortlist of

00:59:11   Yeah, the finalists, huh? Interesting. We'll see

00:59:15   Yeah, I think Glass will maybe see, get something this year. I'm gonna be completely honest

00:59:21   I have no idea. I have no idea for this because I don't feel like I'm very good at this kind of stuff.

00:59:26   I don't download enough apps.

00:59:28   Well, you should listen to this podcast about apps.

00:59:30   I do. But you just said yourself you don't talk about these kinds of apps.

00:59:34   Well, I talk about...

00:59:36   Right? They're not going to put Obsidian in there, are they? Or like...

00:59:39   What about... Because I also feel like they could potentially

00:59:44   give an award to some Safari extensions from the past year.

00:59:49   Honestly, I think they should give one password.

00:59:51   Well, no, they're not giving one password one because it's now an Electron app and they're not giving an...

00:59:56   It also won... It was a finalist last year of the Inclusivity Award.

01:00:00   Alright, well, let's see.

01:00:02   Maybe they... I wonder if they'll do the finalists again because those came out a few days before WWDC.

01:00:07   So maybe next week we'll get the announcement of the finalists.

01:00:11   Interesting. Okay.

01:00:12   Alright.

01:00:13   Not that it will matter for us because we're recording next week's episode tomorrow.

01:00:16   Yeah.

01:00:18   We're going to forget that this ever happened, this conversation.

01:00:21   No one's going to remember this in four weeks time or whatever it is when we'll finally have nothing to talk about.

01:00:26   All right, so yeah, Myke and I will be at WBDC and we're going to FaceTime Federico the whole time.

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01:02:50   Okay, we are concluding our exit interviews for last year's WBC announcements.

01:02:57   No, look backs, they're look backs.

01:02:59   I've been saying exit interview in the chapter.

01:03:02   I know, but other shows do exit interviews.

01:03:06   They used to, they didn't do it last time.

01:03:07   thing other people do. We do look backs. What is an exit interview? When you

01:03:12   quit a job or leave a job like in a big corporation like yeah they sit well they

01:03:18   sit down with you and they want to know like tell us everything that's bad and

01:03:22   good about your job. So the looksie-backsie at Mac OS Monterey. Why do

01:03:28   we need to do that? Let's uh let's start with shortcuts. Federico. Are you doing this one?

01:03:35   Huh? I'm the mad guy.

01:03:38   Alright, because I've done all of them.

01:03:39   I mean, for now.

01:03:40   I'm the mad guy.

01:03:41   Okay, fine. No, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

01:03:44   You know, like, with, I will say-

01:03:46   I would suggest you start with shortcuts though.

01:03:49   With Federico's help today, thank you for filling some of this into the document Federico,

01:03:53   I appreciated it. And then I went through Apple's macOS Monterey page and added in some

01:03:59   other points. We will start off as suggested by the wonderful Stephen Garland. Shortcuts

01:04:08   for Mac. Shortcuts for Mac's really good, right? Should we move on?

01:04:13   Yes, that's all we're gonna see.

01:04:15   No, come on. This is the biggest thing, right? Like this is the biggest thing added to Mac

01:04:18   OS. I mean, and I would argue like realistically, I think for a lot of users, one of the biggest

01:04:23   things added to Mac OS for many years.

01:04:25   - Yeah, it's been the biggest deal for a minute, I think,

01:04:29   for a bunch of different reasons,

01:04:31   and the way they did it is super interesting,

01:04:33   but I'm not Federico, so.

01:04:35   - Nobody is.

01:04:36   - Well, I mean, yeah, it's--

01:04:38   - That's true.

01:04:38   - Well, this is a very philosophical thing you just said.

01:04:41   Can anyone--

01:04:42   - Who even is Federico?

01:04:43   - Yeah, well, anyway, yeah.

01:04:46   I don't wanna get into that again.

01:04:47   - Yes, you do.

01:04:48   (laughs)

01:04:50   - You know me, but not right now.

01:04:55   So shortcuts for Mac, I think it was off to a really rocky start, and that's putting it kindly.

01:05:02   The app was incredibly buggy and crashy and visually glitchy last year, and those problems,

01:05:12   they were really bad during the beta season. But the thing is, September came and a bunch of people,

01:05:20   you know, myself included and JSON obviously, we all thought "Oh, this is gonna be labeled a beta."

01:05:25   Which is, you know, there's plenty of precedence for this. I mean, Apple has done it with Universal

01:05:29   Control, for example, which just exited out of beta in 15.5, so it's not unusual for Apple to say

01:05:36   "We have this new feature, but we're calling it a beta because we need to do more tests out in the

01:05:41   open." Shortcuts for Mac should have been labeled a beta, and it wasn't. And instead it was just

01:05:46   rolled out as this, you know, fully finished 1.0 to take all your shortcuts and make you,

01:05:51   you know, help you use them on the Mac. And that was true, technically speaking, but in practice

01:05:57   it was really bad. And what I noticed is that maybe Apple didn't realize just how bad that

01:06:05   first version was at launch, and they... it's like they realized that in September or whenever

01:06:14   Monterey launched, I don't remember, and they were like "Oh, we had no idea it was

01:06:20   this bad for you guys." And so they started reaching out to the community

01:06:25   and I can tell you they really listened to complaints that I had, that other

01:06:30   people had, and then they took notes and they, you know, they followed up like

01:06:36   "What can you describe? Why you have this problem and what would

01:06:41   you like to see instead?" And they got back to work. And honestly, they spent the past

01:06:46   six, seven months just iterating on the app and polishing the app. And they've done a

01:06:51   bunch of things that I appreciate, like, for example, continuing to reach out to the community.

01:06:57   I know that they've been in touch with the feedback system, but also privately with folks

01:07:02   that use the app, with some power users from the shortcuts subreddit, for example, which

01:07:08   is great, but they've also been documenting what they've been doing. Out in the open,

01:07:14   they have detailed release notes for shortcuts on iOS and shortcuts on MacOS, which is unusual

01:07:21   for Apple apps to have their own changelogs and documentation on the website. So that's

01:07:27   good. And they've polished shortcuts for Mac a ton, especially in the past two releases

01:07:32   of MacOS monetary. It's still not great. There's still some, well, it's still not perfect.

01:07:38   - Well, nothing ever really is. - It's pretty great.

01:07:40   - It's pretty great now.

01:07:42   There's still some, well, that's the situation is that

01:07:47   the weirdness that is left in shortcuts,

01:07:51   I wanna say it's not really about shortcuts anymore.

01:07:54   It's about SwiftUI, and that's the problem.

01:07:57   The shortcuts team can only go so far

01:07:59   when it comes to fixing some problems

01:08:01   that are about the framework they used,

01:08:04   not necessarily the shortcuts app.

01:08:07   - Prediction is not a prediction.

01:08:08   I actually expect quite a lot of changes

01:08:10   to SwiftUI this year because of this.

01:08:13   Like--

01:08:14   - Developers have been really complaining

01:08:15   about SwiftUI over the past few months.

01:08:17   - Well, but this is Apple's biggest task

01:08:21   that they have completed in SwiftUI, surely, right?

01:08:23   Is the shortcuts app.

01:08:25   And so I imagine a lot of internal, like,

01:08:29   errors and bugs have been logged for this.

01:08:32   - Yeah.

01:08:32   And so the shortcuts app that we have today,

01:08:35   On Monterey, looking back in this,

01:08:38   what are we calling this, Luxibax?

01:08:39   - Just a look back.

01:08:41   Just a look back, you know, that's all it is.

01:08:43   - I prefer Luxibax, it's nice, it's cuter.

01:08:46   So I think what we have today is so unique on macOS.

01:08:51   The shortcuts app on macOS Monterey,

01:08:53   I'm gonna go out and say this,

01:08:55   is the best version of shortcuts we have.

01:08:57   Because, yes, because--

01:09:00   - You're right, no, you're right.

01:09:01   There is no argument about it.

01:09:03   I find, I don't know if you feel this,

01:09:05   I don't want to stop at your toes,

01:09:06   I feel like it's easier to edit big shortcuts on the Mac.

01:09:11   - It's easier, it's easier to edit.

01:09:14   Again, there are still UI quirks here and there,

01:09:18   but it's the fastest one, it's the most efficient one.

01:09:21   And this is the most important point.

01:09:24   It's the only one, it's the only version of shortcuts

01:09:26   that combines two worlds, two eras of automation in one.

01:09:33   the old era of scripting and Mac stuff,

01:09:37   and the new reality of shortcuts combined together,

01:09:40   and the cherry on top is it's got a bunch

01:09:44   of Mac-only integrations that shortcuts on iPad

01:09:48   and iPhone doesn't have.

01:09:50   Like you can have global hotkeys, you have the menu bar,

01:09:54   you have the quick actions in Finder.

01:09:56   And I think the vision behind shortcuts for Mac

01:09:59   It's like this perfect balance of trying to reach

01:10:04   all flavors, all kinds of power users.

01:10:08   So it's a shame that when it came out,

01:10:11   it was very problematic, but the vision behind it,

01:10:17   that was always there and it's only gotten better.

01:10:21   So they've done a pretty good job here, I think.

01:10:24   - Yeah, I think that really this divert,

01:10:27   just the fundamentals of shortcuts on the Mac

01:10:30   are way more powerful and better

01:10:32   than we would have imagined them to realistically be

01:10:35   when we were asking for shortcuts on the Mac.

01:10:38   - Yeah.

01:10:39   - Right, to us like, oh man, wouldn't it be amazing

01:10:41   if we could get global keyboard shortcuts?

01:10:43   Yeah, but it's like, all right,

01:10:44   but what about a menu bar app

01:10:47   that doesn't need to open the thing at all?

01:10:49   And then what about also you can do it from the command line

01:10:52   and you can also integrate it really easily

01:10:54   into like Raycast and Keyboard Maestro

01:10:59   and all that kind of stuff, right?

01:11:00   - Great point, like all these apps on the Mac,

01:11:03   they can integrate with shortcuts directly,

01:11:06   like no more of that URL scheme stuff.

01:11:09   - Which is never a thing you would have expected, right?

01:11:12   Like let alone everything else that we've got.

01:11:14   So it's a big start and like, I'm really excited now.

01:11:18   Like I'm excited because look,

01:11:19   every year they always add stuff to shortcuts.

01:11:22   They've always, every year,

01:11:23   Like it's one of the only things that Apple puts effort into every year.

01:11:28   I think you want to say every year there's a redesign in shortcuts.

01:11:32   Along with that redesign, there's always new stuff, right?

01:11:37   And like a lot of the things that Apple introduces,

01:11:39   they take it year on year off kind of thing with it.

01:11:42   You know, like look at widgets, right?

01:11:44   Like widgets kind of got nothing except it came to the iPad

01:11:47   and it seemed like that was such a big deal, right?

01:11:49   But Shortcuts, that team, they put stuff out every year.

01:11:53   And so now we're going to get whatever they add on both platforms.

01:11:57   And so like, I'm pretty, I'm pretty excited about it.

01:12:00   The Safari redesign, which we've mentioned a bunch of times and tab groups.

01:12:04   I continue to use tab groups all the time.

01:12:08   I continue to be frustrated by them.

01:12:11   Does Myke still use tab groups?

01:12:14   Oh yeah, man, every day, all the time.

01:12:15   But I still have that issue where like if I do a search via the Omnibar or whatever

01:12:20   Apple calls it, the tab just closes.

01:12:24   This happens so much and it happens randomly.

01:12:27   And I hate it.

01:12:28   But yeah, I still use it.

01:12:29   Like, you know, I use it today.

01:12:30   Like I really like that I can be on my iPad or I can be on my Mac and I've like got like

01:12:35   my recording tab group open and I've like got all my show docs open.

01:12:40   It's like today I was taking all my notes on my laptop of like in the connected document.

01:12:44   And then when I sit down on my iMac, this is the tab group that it's always set to here.

01:12:49   It's all just ready.

01:12:50   Everything I need is open and my windows are open.

01:12:52   They're all sitting there waiting for me.

01:12:53   I love it.

01:12:54   As somebody who uses multiple devices like I do across an iPhone and iPad and two Macs,

01:13:00   this is one of my favorite things that's been added to Apple's platforms in years.

01:13:04   It's perfect for me and the way that I use my devices.

01:13:07   It's janky in places, but I can take that.

01:13:11   I take the annoyance because ultimately I get kind of what I'm looking for.

01:13:14   I don't use Safari tab groups, but I basically use shortcuts to kind of make my own.

01:13:19   So I have a shortcut for each show.

01:13:22   Interesting.

01:13:23   So if I hit, uh, and I have them on my stream deck on the Mac, but also having

01:13:27   the menu bar and that's on my phone, iPad.

01:13:29   So I can, I hit the, you know, the MPU button on my stream deck.

01:13:32   It opens a new window and it has all the tabs I need to work on.

01:13:36   MPUs outlines.

01:13:38   And that, that works pretty well.

01:13:41   I mean, he's the Mac power user.

01:13:43   - It sounds like it, it sounds like it, doesn't it?

01:13:46   - Yeah.

01:13:47   - Talking about that, what about the Mac low power user?

01:13:49   I never even think about low power mode on the Mac.

01:13:51   - It's a weird setting.

01:13:52   So it's buried in the battery system preference pane.

01:13:56   This is what Apple says about it.

01:13:57   Your Mac will reduce energy,

01:13:59   your Mac will reduce energy usage.

01:14:02   My word, that's a bad sentence.

01:14:04   Your Mac will reduce energy usage.

01:14:06   - Reduce energy usage?

01:14:07   - To increase battery life.

01:14:09   - Reduce energy usage, reduce energy usage.

01:14:12   - To increase battery life.

01:14:13   - I see, sounds.

01:14:14   - And operate more quietly.

01:14:16   I don't know what it does past that

01:14:18   because there's very little about this

01:14:20   on Apple's support site.

01:14:22   There's the way it's set up in settings,

01:14:24   you can have it automatically enabled

01:14:27   if you're on battery and automatically disabled

01:14:29   if you're on your charger.

01:14:31   That's how my MacBook Pro was set up.

01:14:33   I don't know if that's the stock setting

01:14:36   or I turned it on at some point,

01:14:39   but I had no idea that when my laptop wasn't charging,

01:14:42   it was in low power mode because everything seems to work.

01:14:47   Like I don't know what it turns off.

01:14:48   I've gone on the iPhone,

01:14:49   it quits background mail refresh

01:14:52   and photos updating and stuff.

01:14:54   Yeah.

01:14:55   - Oh, so much changes.

01:14:56   Like the brightness can only go up so far

01:14:59   and it like adjusts it more aggressively.

01:15:01   - Yeah, so I'm not quite sure what this does,

01:15:04   but it's there.

01:15:06   If you're super into it,

01:15:07   there is this Mac app called Cool Down

01:15:10   where that lets you basically put a toggle in your menu bar

01:15:13   to turn low power mode on and off.

01:15:17   - Interesting.

01:15:18   - Boys, the Mac is awesome, right?

01:15:20   Like, the Mac's so good.

01:15:22   You know, I was getting this from listening

01:15:24   to Federico and Mac power users a bit,

01:15:26   like, you know, just kind of like reflecting a little

01:15:29   on where I am as a Mac user. - Where are you going

01:15:30   with this?

01:15:32   - Just this idea that like,

01:15:34   there's a thing that Apple has, which is low power mode,

01:15:37   and someone can build an app which lets you activate it

01:15:40   from somewhere else in the system.

01:15:42   - Imagine that.

01:15:43   - Like I just love it, I love it, it's great.

01:15:44   - Yeah.

01:15:45   - Focus modes. - Yeah.

01:15:46   - Came to the Mac, Quick Note came to the Mac.

01:15:50   Does it do anything?

01:15:52   - Quick Note on the, okay, Quick Note on the Mac, all right?

01:15:57   So in theory, you can enable this.

01:16:01   Where are hot corners in desktop settings?

01:16:04   So in theory, you can show the Quick Note floating thing

01:16:08   on the Mac if you associate it with a hot corner.

01:16:12   But it's so weird, like, the way that it works.

01:16:16   It's not like this...

01:16:19   It opens this floating thing that I think defaults to the

01:16:24   to the last... either to the first

01:16:28   note in your Quick Note folder or the most recently modified note.

01:16:34   The animation is really strange compared to iPadOS, but then when you open it, it's not like it's this regular window, it doesn't have anything special.

01:16:45   It kind of feels to me like QuickNote was always meant to be an iPadOS feature, and they did the bare minimum work to make it happen on macOS.

01:16:54   I'm not even sure that on macOS it supports capturing the deep links like you can on iPad.

01:17:01   Like I don't I don't think it actually works

01:17:03   with a you know

01:17:05   Capture like ad link quick note is a truly weird it is

01:17:10   I can't think of a feature where they added it decided it needed to be in all platforms

01:17:16   But it works fundamentally different on all of them. Oh, yeah, it works with the with the I'm sorry the

01:17:22   Deplinking it works, but it's got this different menu where it's called add

01:17:28   which I don't think it's a terminology that Apple ever used, like App Links.

01:17:33   App Links, you know. App Link.

01:17:35   It's Ad App Link. This is a very strange name. And it brings up a pop-up, like I've never

01:17:41   seen this before. It brings up a pop-up with the list of deep links you can save from the

01:17:49   Mac. This is so weird. It's like it was made from two different teams, honestly. Ad App

01:17:57   Links.

01:17:58   - App links. - App links.

01:18:00   - Mail extensions.

01:18:03   - Wah wah.

01:18:04   - What was this?

01:18:06   - So in the previous era, there were mail extensions,

01:18:11   but they weren't like officially, Apple didn't ban them,

01:18:17   but like they were like weird things,

01:18:19   kind of hacky things to extend functionality

01:18:22   into mail.app.

01:18:23   With mail extensions, they were doing it

01:18:25   like Safari extensions.

01:18:26   Like there is a now blessed way to do this and-

01:18:30   - Melkitt.

01:18:31   - Yes.

01:18:31   - It's called Melkitt.

01:18:33   - But extremely, extremely limited.

01:18:36   A lot of things that were in previous male extensions

01:18:40   weren't possible in the new ones.

01:18:43   In fact, the new ones only had like four main categories

01:18:47   of things they could do.

01:18:49   I, to this day, don't think I've come across one

01:18:51   like out in the wild.

01:18:54   We tried with John, with the one true John,

01:18:57   a couple of months back to do a roundup.

01:19:00   Like I had this idea of like,

01:19:02   hey, shouldn't we do a roundup of native male extensions?

01:19:06   And he's like, yeah, sure, I'll look around.

01:19:07   And he came to me a couple of days later,

01:19:09   being like, "Tichy, I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any."

01:19:12   (laughing)

01:19:14   - Where do you find them?

01:19:15   Where are they?

01:19:17   Where did they go?

01:19:18   - Honestly, I don't know.

01:19:20   I honestly, where did they go?

01:19:22   I have no idea.

01:19:23   Like on the App Store?

01:19:24   Yeah!

01:19:25   I don't know.

01:19:26   I don't know.

01:19:27   I mean I just searched mail extensions on the App Store and it didn't give me any, like

01:19:30   it said like a bunch of apps but I don't know if any of them, none of them look like they're

01:19:34   actually... maybe one?

01:19:36   Send companion?

01:19:38   Prevent embarrassing emails.

01:19:40   What?

01:19:41   Maybe this is one.

01:19:42   Maybe this is one.

01:19:44   It looks like one.

01:19:45   Be more productive, save time, and avoid embarrassing mail moments.

01:19:50   companion is a privacy aware extension for Apple Mail that enables the following features.

01:19:54   That's it!

01:19:55   Auto text, attach reminder and review alert.

01:19:58   Do you often write the same email fragments?

01:20:01   Auto text saves your composed snippets.

01:20:04   Attachment reminder.

01:20:05   Based on keywords you define, it will remind you of a missing attachment.

01:20:07   That's actually pretty good.

01:20:09   Wish you ever had a second chance?

01:20:11   With review alert you have!

01:20:12   Review alert delays your send action allowing you to briefly review your email for the most

01:20:16   common mistakes.

01:20:18   Two pounds 49 pence.

01:20:20   Guys I think there is one mail extension on the Mac App Store and that's the one.

01:20:25   That's it.

01:20:26   I think in one year we've seen one mail extension.

01:20:31   Oh well.

01:20:32   See?

01:20:33   Who's the one true John now?

01:20:34   You know John is a name and it has many different meanings.

01:20:41   It's the most common mail given name so there's some irony in calling him the one true John.

01:20:46   No, that's the reason.

01:20:47   Well, that's exactly the point.

01:20:49   That's why we did it.

01:20:50   He is the one true John.

01:20:52   'Cause there is a bunch of Johns, right?

01:20:55   And us is the one true John.

01:20:58   How many Johns do you know?

01:20:59   Thousands.

01:21:00   Name another Johns.

01:21:01   Thousands.

01:21:02   Yeah, name first one off the top of your head.

01:21:03   Go.

01:21:04   John?

01:21:05   Voorhees.

01:21:06   No!

01:21:07   See?

01:21:08   True John.

01:21:09   The true John.

01:21:10   Yeah, Syracuse.

01:21:11   John Carpenter?

01:21:12   - Carpetor?

01:21:13   - I've got, I have eight johns in my contacts

01:21:16   on my computer.

01:21:18   It means that God is gracious.

01:21:21   God is merciful.

01:21:22   - Universal control.

01:21:24   - Late to the party, but it's here.

01:21:26   - Yep, did his thing.

01:21:27   Just in time.

01:21:29   Airplay to Mac.

01:21:30   - Oh, I just saw the Sin Companion app icon.

01:21:34   - Yeah.

01:21:36   It's great.

01:21:38   - That's something.

01:21:39   - It's great.

01:21:40   It's great.

01:21:41   - Why?

01:21:41   - Yeah, so send to Mac AirPlay to Mac thing.

01:21:46   This feels like something I wish they had done

01:21:49   about 10 years ago,

01:21:51   because I think the most common use case for this,

01:21:55   maybe before COVID,

01:21:57   is you have a Mac mini or something in a conference room

01:21:59   and you need to Air Mac, AirPlay, Air Mac, gosh,

01:22:03   you need to AirPlay something to it.

01:22:05   But then the Apple TV kind of came along.

01:22:08   But if you, but so, you know, if there's that use case,

01:22:11   I guess too, like if you're, like what I thought of,

01:22:14   before we had a television, we used an iMac,

01:22:16   or a string of iMacs really, as our TV,

01:22:18   and it would have been cool to be able to AirPlay to it.

01:22:21   And there've been, since the beginning of AirPlay,

01:22:24   Mac utilities to do this.

01:22:28   I think one was called AirParrot?

01:22:30   Do you guys remember that?

01:22:31   Something parrot?

01:22:32   - Yeah, I think I do actually.

01:22:34   - But now it's built in, which is good.

01:22:37   I don't know why it took so long.

01:22:38   - I think that company actually,

01:22:40   I think a company actually put it to making this work on Windows,

01:22:44   because I was looking a while back for like AirPlay utilities for my gaming PC,

01:22:48   and I think I landed on their website.

01:22:52   Isn't the same company that makes the app called Reflector?

01:22:56   Yeah, I think so.

01:22:57   They... yeah?

01:22:58   And they have squirrels in the game or something.

01:23:01   - Air Squirrels is the name of the company. - Yes, yes.

01:23:04   Yeah, yeah, yeah. That one. Okay. Yeah, they're still around.

01:23:07   - Squirrels make air power, ditto and reflector.

01:23:11   - Live text is one that I really enjoy.

01:23:14   In fact, I used it preparing for this show.

01:23:16   That quote that I read from the low power mode setting,

01:23:20   I took a screenshot of System Preferences,

01:23:22   opened it in preview and copied the text into Google Docs.

01:23:27   Live text, such a great feature.

01:23:29   - How does it work in preview?

01:23:32   'Cause it doesn't have that button, right?

01:23:34   Like the iOS has that little button.

01:23:35   you just you literally just select the text like it's in a pages document or

01:23:39   something it's weird how little UI there is for it and preview yeah I would like

01:23:44   that to be that button I also wished that clean shot could integrate it into

01:23:49   their app me too I don't know if it should be there should be a live text

01:23:54   API I actually hope it's one of the things that Apple does like better like

01:23:58   actually open up the framework and let developers make it deep and open it

01:24:01   It should be a deep and open framework.

01:24:03   It should be.

01:24:04   Yeah, LiveText is great.

01:24:05   Actually, so, you know, it just gave me an idea for a flexi that I am gonna see.

01:24:11   A live flexi.

01:24:12   Privacy.

01:24:14   One of the things that, so you got like all the other stuff that we spoke about, but the

01:24:19   recording indicator in Control Center, that little orange dot, which is the bane of my

01:24:23   existence, is always there in the menu bar because I'm always doing something with audio.

01:24:29   So on my iMac, that little orange guy is always up there telling me, "Zoom and audio hijack.

01:24:35   Thank you, Control Center."

01:24:36   I wish it could go away.

01:24:39   I can't get rid of it.

01:24:41   And then it got all the other stuff like the iCloud Plus stuff, like private relay, hide

01:24:45   my email.

01:24:46   I think we spoke about it before.

01:24:48   Voice effects for FaceTime and other VoIP apps in Control Center.

01:24:52   I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal, I think, lately about like, "Here's this feature

01:24:58   that will make you sound better on Zoom.

01:25:01   It's like, and it's always funny when I realize that these features that we know,

01:25:05   but the majority of regular people have no idea that they exist.

01:25:10   And judging from the reactions that I saw on that tweet or that article, like a ton

01:25:14   of people had no idea this feature existed.

01:25:17   Which, by the way, and this is just, I want to open a quick parenthesis here, there's

01:25:22   this format of tweets.

01:25:25   Oh my god, yes.

01:25:27   Uh-huh. I'm sorry, you know, you know, you've got me already.

01:25:30   You know, I was going to say it.

01:25:31   Yeah. Yeah. There's this,

01:25:34   I know you, my friend. Um,

01:25:38   there's this format of tweets and I have also realized

01:25:44   there's these people that have specialized in these tweets because they,

01:25:49   they try to do it multiple times of like,

01:25:52   here's this iPhone feature that you didn't know existed

01:25:56   that's gonna change your life.

01:25:58   And it's like, these tweets,

01:26:00   they usually contain like a video or photos,

01:26:03   but they're structured like TikToks.

01:26:05   I don't know if you guys have ever seen

01:26:06   like these tech influencers on TikTok.

01:26:11   Like the way that they- - I get them on Instagram,

01:26:12   like in my suggestion, you know?

01:26:15   - Yeah, and so I see these viral tweets go by

01:26:19   every couple of weeks, and it always makes me think,

01:26:22   because, like, on one hand, it's funny that, you know, all these people on Twitter are

01:26:27   trying to copy each other to be the next one to have the viral tweet about an iPhone feature.

01:26:33   But on second thought, it also makes me think about, like, all these things that I take

01:26:39   for granted, there's so many people that have no idea they exist. Like, there's still...

01:26:43   Like I saw a tweet with thousands of likes about how you can scroll with the cursor if

01:26:52   you hold down the space bar on the iPhone keyboard, that's like a feature that has existed

01:26:56   for three years, and still so many people have no idea about it.

01:27:00   Yeah, I mean, it's the thing you can feel.

01:27:02   I actually had this the other day, like, with this thing where I was on a FaceTime call

01:27:07   and I'm in for ages and I was going to change the volume or the brightness, and I was like,

01:27:11   "Oh yeah, that feature's there and I can blur the background."

01:27:13   Like, I'd forgotten that that was a thing.

01:27:15   But I know what you're talking about, right?

01:27:18   The way these tweets are usually written is something along the lines of "Why did nobody

01:27:24   tell me this existed?" or like, you know, like "What, they've been keeping this from

01:27:29   us and we didn't know about it?" Like that's kind of how they're written. And there's like

01:27:33   a couple of instances of things which I believe are real, like people actually feel that,

01:27:38   but then they go so viral. This is why like the Wall Street Journal is writing this article.

01:27:44   I believe all these large tech websites now have like a total "do this" kind of thing,

01:27:50   like "write it this kind of way" so it goes viral.

01:27:54   At some point you know that it becomes this manufactured surprise. You're not really

01:28:00   surprised about this feature. You knew about this feature by you are presenting your "discovery"

01:28:07   of the feature as if you just accidentally, randomly stumbled upon it. And I just think

01:28:15   it's funny. It's so, yeah. I like when I see people that I follow tweet like this and they

01:28:20   have like five likes on their tweet. It's very funny to me. I find it very funny to

01:28:24   me. It's like you shot your shot, but it didn't work that you did it. You and I, we have the

01:28:29   same thoughts about these things. It's funny. You know that Steven is just like, he just

01:28:34   wants everyone to be happy and like just live a good life and like you know and

01:28:38   then me and Federico are being like hahaha. I'm a bad person like honestly I am. Now I'm just

01:28:49   thinking about how I wish I could I could free myself of Twitter but I find

01:28:53   myself unable to. Oh I know right. Yeah I want to be done. I know how you're feeling.

01:28:58   Anyways I don't use any of those features you talked about voice effects

01:29:03   private relay hide my email that's all turned off mm-hmm and then obviously

01:29:08   share play huge stuff I actually also whilst on this FaceTime call the other

01:29:14   day saw a share play button for the first time and pressed it was not

01:29:17   impressed with what happened I won't change the app but the implementation of

01:29:21   share play just feels like they did it so they could like put it in a slide

01:29:25   somewhere to make Apple happy honestly it's like this is pointless what is this

01:29:30   even. Yeah, so that honestly macOS monetary was mostly about shortcuts and the new Safari.

01:29:36   They had, we should have mentioned, they had that one feature in Finder which is the redesigned

01:29:43   go-to folder menu that looks like Spotlight which is actually kind of nice. It is nice. Yeah,

01:29:48   that's nice, but that was about it. And they finally got rid of proxy icons which I know is

01:29:53   like a thing that everyone's like has been waiting for them to do forever, like get rid of the proxy

01:29:57   I can't write this a thing everyone wanted please put him for us from the proxy icons

01:30:01   They put him back a lot of people have a lot of opinions about no

01:30:04   No, my understanding is like everyone hated them and we're like get rid of these proxy icons. Like this is stupid get rid of them

01:30:12   Why is no one told me?

01:30:15   Proxy icons, please remove them and Apple was like, okay listen as we've heard from you

01:30:20   We're gonna get rid of the proxy icons proxy icons, man. And that was our final look back now

01:30:25   we're gonna look back at all of our various look backs. Three episodes ago we talked about one year of iOS 15. We should do like this meta meta

01:30:38   episodes where like the episode is about ourselves talking about the episode. I

01:30:45   mean we do that it's called the year in review. Oh yeah. We do it. That's the

01:30:51   thing we've been doing that. Maybe we should at some point do a review of the

01:30:55   years in review. Oh no, that's a fun idea. Let's reach back further. We go

01:31:00   further and further in. You know, like what were we talking about on our first

01:31:04   year in review episode and is that necessary in our lives now? I think that

01:31:08   does it y'all. I think we're done. If you want to find links to the stuff we

01:31:13   spoke about head on over to the website relay.fm/connected/399.

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01:32:10   he'll be in your podcast player live from California in a couple weeks that's

01:32:15   exciting. Yeah man yeah man I think I'm recording three shows well let me

01:32:20   California. You can follow Federico online at Vitici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I. He is the editor-in-chief

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01:32:37   to thank our sponsors, Squarespace, Trade Coffee, and Indeed. Until next time, where

01:32:44   we're making picks for WBCC, say goodbye.

01:32:47   I do that you. Cheerio.