398: Moon is not a Number


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   What you mugs?

00:00:09   Oh my god.

00:00:10   Welcome to Connected, episode 398 isn't it?

00:00:14   This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and Capit1 and OVA.

00:00:18   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by another couple of mugs.

00:00:23   One of them is Federico Vittucci, isn't it? Alright Federico?

00:00:26   Thank you Myke. Appreciate the introduction.

00:00:29   Thank you. Thank you, Michael.

00:00:33   What's the whispering for?

00:00:35   This is how I'm doing the intro this week.

00:00:38   Oh, no, we don't all do special intros every time.

00:00:41   I decide when I do the special intro.

00:00:44   Oh, that's, I guess you do. Can you introduce Steven then?

00:00:47   It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:52   Hello, Steven!

00:00:55   You've created so much work for me now to make that listenable.

00:00:58   Yeah, there's also massive volume differences between the two of us to begin.

00:01:02   Yeah.

00:01:03   Which is... that's fun.

00:01:04   Myke, that was incredible.

00:01:06   I've been thinking about that for a week.

00:01:09   My real worry there was I was gonna swear.

00:01:13   That was my concern.

00:01:15   Because if I slip back into my cockney roots, which by the way, I never sounded exactly

00:01:20   like that.

00:01:21   That was way more aggressive than I would normally sound.

00:01:23   Yeah, you sounded angry.

00:01:24   Yeah, well, I mean, cockneys are angry.

00:01:26   just like part of their being, you know. Another, another, fine, just, just swear and we'll

00:01:32   bleep it out. It's fine. Well, it was like, you know, so much work for me. It's not even,

00:01:37   that's why I didn't do it. Plus it would have just been, I mean, it's antagonistic enough,

00:01:40   right? I had to call them mugs, but like, you know, like I wanted to call them something

00:01:44   else kind of mugs, right? Which is what I would normally do. And that just felt like,

00:01:48   you know, you've already pressed play and you've got someone that's on you. You don't

00:01:51   need them to curse you too. You know, imagine pressing play, you hear someone shouting,

00:01:56   bleeped out from the first three seconds.

00:01:59   (laughing)

00:02:02   - So there you go.

00:02:04   - They're saying release the mic cut in Discord already.

00:02:08   - See, they know it.

00:02:09   Release the mic cut, yeah, the mic cut.

00:02:11   - The mic cut.

00:02:13   We're gonna start with some follow up.

00:02:16   iOS 15.5, watchOS 8.6 and MacOS 12.4.

00:02:21   My word, get your version numbers together, Apple.

00:02:24   They're all out.

00:02:25   Federica is--

00:02:26   It's point four point five and point six.

00:02:29   The only order.

00:02:29   - Yeah, but it's 12 and eight and 15.

00:02:31   - Yeah, it's fine, don't worry about it.

00:02:32   - Anything, anything people should know about?

00:02:35   - Not really.

00:02:36   I mean, really, the thing worth noting is that the shortcuts,

00:02:41   you know, bug fixes continue,

00:02:45   both on iOS and iPadOS and macOS.

00:02:48   Apple has now separate pages for release notes on the Mac

00:02:54   and iPhone and iPad. Actually, they're doing a really good job here. I mean, we really

00:02:58   criticized shortcuts in September, rightfully so, because it was so buggy and crashy. They've

00:03:04   been putting in the work. On each release there's a ton of bug fixes, a ton of stability improvements,

00:03:09   still a lot of work to be done, still a lot of SwiftUI weirdness, especially on macOS,

00:03:16   but they're continuing to work on this and they're publishing detailed release notes. I don't recall

00:03:23   another instance of a system app, maybe Safari? Maybe just Safari has the standalone release notes page.

00:03:31   But it's nice to see this work on shortcuts continue and nothing else really. I mean, there's some

00:03:37   wallet fixes, I think. Is 0.5 the release where if you are in a participating state you get the

00:03:45   driver's license stuff and the wallet keys? The driver's license, I mean, never give a phone

00:03:52   to a cop, but still it's pretty cool that you can have, I guess, your ID in there.

00:03:57   Yeah, not much else, but I want to see what's coming in 0.6, which we just talked about in the

00:04:06   pre-show for Connected Pro listeners. We have a little bet going during the show that we'll

00:04:13   resolve at the end of this episode, but yeah, 0.5 just came out, but there's already a beta of 0.6,

00:04:20   So we'll see what's in it. But WWDC is coming fast.

00:04:24   So I'm also curious to see if iOS 15.6 and the related updates, because there's also

00:04:30   watchOS 8.7 and MacOS 12.5. Once again, it's 5, 6 and 7.

00:04:38   And tvOS 15.6.

00:04:40   Right, I'm sorry, also tvOS. I want to see if this come out in time for WWDC.

00:04:46   I wouldn't be surprised if this had something in it eventually that they announced at WWDC.

00:04:54   You know? Good theory. So like some new little thing and it's gonna be in... Save it for the

00:05:00   rickies. I will say as well 15.5 also contains the support for the external linking thing.

00:05:10   for reader apps but I have yet to see any examples of anyone using it but it

00:05:17   has the support for that. I think it also has the use your phone as a payment

00:05:22   terminal in the US. Oh really? Mm-hmm I think so I think 15.5 brought that.

00:05:27   There's nothing else in follow-up I don't think. Liar. Steven broke a phone.

00:05:31   He broke another iPhone. Yes. Another one. So badly too. Have you got an image for the show notes?

00:05:39   Yeah, I'll put...

00:05:43   This is just so bad.

00:05:47   So he smashed the back, but I'm pretty sure you can see into the phone in one part of

00:05:52   it.

00:05:53   It doesn't...

00:05:54   It got really hot while charging.

00:05:55   Well, yeah, because you've absolutely obliterated it.

00:05:59   What kind of charging?

00:06:00   Wireless charging?

00:06:01   Yeah.

00:06:02   Why would you do that?

00:06:03   So it's currently plugged into my desk to a lightning cable.

00:06:06   Why would you do that?

00:06:07   That seems dangerous.

00:06:09   It's like, oh, I spilled some water in the lightning port and then plugged it in and

00:06:13   my house burnt down. I don't understand.

00:06:18   I dropped it from standing height onto concrete without a case.

00:06:21   Why are you always around rocks, stones, concrete? Like, why are you so much around hard surfaces?

00:06:33   Lisa asked if I have a bucket of sand to put it in.

00:06:35   That's very good, Lisa.

00:06:37   - It's a hell of a bet.

00:06:40   - Look at this, there's like a hole in it.

00:06:42   - I know, right?

00:06:43   - Yeah, it's bad, it's bad.

00:06:45   The case is kind of holding it together.

00:06:47   Well, I mean, so my suit is in my backyard,

00:06:52   there's a stone walkway to get to it,

00:06:54   there's a concrete patio.

00:06:55   - And you just can't be bothered to carry your phone,

00:06:57   so you just throw it and hope it lands on the grass.

00:06:59   - Get a foam patio or something.

00:07:02   - Yeah.

00:07:03   - Yeah, I don't know how to do something.

00:07:05   You should have a case on your phone.

00:07:07   Do you not be trusted?

00:07:08   - I did for a while and then I got tired of it

00:07:11   so I took it off.

00:07:12   - Now look what's happened.

00:07:13   - You gotta get a rugged case.

00:07:16   - I don't know if a case would have saved this one.

00:07:18   It probably would have saved it.

00:07:19   - 100% would have saved it.

00:07:20   Because the smashing impact was clearly right

00:07:23   on the back there.

00:07:24   - Yeah.

00:07:25   - Right?

00:07:25   And so that would have never made contact with the phone.

00:07:28   - The worst.

00:07:29   - Like it's hit like a little stone or something, right?

00:07:31   - Yeah, it must have hit like a little raised part.

00:07:33   The worst part is it's cracked up into like the camera plateau right up against one of

00:07:37   the cameras.

00:07:38   And the LIDAR sensor is safe though, so that's good news.

00:07:40   Well, no, you can't really see it in that photo, but there was a crack that basically

00:07:44   runs around the outside edge of the LIDAR sensor.

00:07:47   Right.

00:07:48   I have a Genius Bar appointment next week, as soon as I could get out there.

00:07:52   They're just going to tell you it's scratched, so...

00:07:54   Yeah, it's just scratched.

00:07:56   It looks like a scratch to me.

00:07:58   Some people asked if I was going to repair it myself.

00:08:00   You can't.

00:08:01   is not part of the self-service repair.

00:08:04   Historically, I don't know if it's true

00:08:06   like currently with the 13s,

00:08:08   but ever since like the eight and the 10,

00:08:10   if you break the back, it's a whole phone replacement

00:08:13   because basically everything's built in to the back.

00:08:16   - Because it got cheaper to do.

00:08:18   - Did it?

00:08:19   - Yeah, the out of warranty repair got cheaper.

00:08:21   - I would love not to have to replace the phone completely.

00:08:24   I mean, it's under AppleCare Plus.

00:08:25   I mean, I'll have to pay the service fee,

00:08:27   but just going to a new phone is such a pain.

00:08:31   So hopefully they can just fix this one.

00:08:33   - So that's, are you on, you're on Apple Care?

00:08:36   - Yes, Apple Care Plus, the damaged one.

00:08:39   So yeah, I go Tuesday morning to get it fixed.

00:08:42   - Do you think they have like,

00:08:44   do you think they have records?

00:08:45   - Like this guy is really bad,

00:08:48   charge him more for Apple Care.

00:08:50   - Like just they keep a record

00:08:51   and then like he's done it again?

00:08:53   - I mean, you can look.

00:08:54   - Do you think they just see you walking

00:08:56   and they're like, oh, he's back.

00:08:58   - He's back.

00:08:59   - The guy's back.

00:09:00   that guy, phone guy's back.

00:09:03   I mean, you can look at someone's case history

00:09:06   pretty easily based on their Apple ID.

00:09:07   So yeah, if someone wanted to,

00:09:09   they could go back and see a handful,

00:09:12   really just a couple of similar incidents

00:09:14   over the last 15 years.

00:09:16   - I would expect actually,

00:09:18   your Apple store thinks one of two things

00:09:20   when you walk through the door, right?

00:09:22   It's either one, what's he broken now,

00:09:24   or two, what is he gonna buy and return in a week?

00:09:27   - Yeah.

00:09:29   - You know? - Yeah.

00:09:30   Do you think, like, are you trying to get loyalty points or something, Stephen, for

00:09:36   breaking devices? No. Because that's not how it works.

00:09:43   You do it enough times, you get like a free iPhone case. Give him a little stamp on a

00:09:46   card and... So we're just gonna give you this case.

00:09:49   Eventually, it's like, you're costing us too much.

00:09:52   Sir, we collectively had an idea. We want you to keep this case.

00:09:56   We've been about our best minds on this.

00:09:58   -Yeah, our gift to you. -Every employee chipped in,

00:10:01   and we had this idea.

00:10:03   -Please, please, please. -Clearly, this is an issue for you, so...

00:10:06   We started a GoFundMe, and we bought you this case.

00:10:10   [laughter]

00:10:12   Oh, boy. It's annual special time.

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00:11:29   So we've already recorded this.

00:11:30   We recorded this today.

00:11:32   It was, I would say, a great success.

00:11:34   I thought it went very well.

00:11:36   Very happy with it.

00:11:37   The first round of the quiz is a trivia quiz about WWDC, of which there are 20 questions.

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00:12:20   And I really hope that you'll enjoy it.

00:12:22   It was a lot of fun.

00:12:23   I'm so pleased about this idea.

00:12:26   And it's a long running quiz.

00:12:28   So on Friday, you get the first taste of it.

00:12:32   But Myke plans to torture us with this quiz over time throughout, you know, many months,

00:12:38   years in the future.

00:12:40   So you know, keep following I guess.

00:12:44   At certain points I hope that you just hear me take a deep breath like and you're worried

00:12:48   that I've got a quiz question for you.

00:12:50   This is the kind of environment that I'm hoping to create on this show.

00:12:56   Cyberbullying.

00:12:57   Yeah.

00:12:58   It's cyber quizzing.

00:12:59   Quiz bullying.

00:13:01   All the kids are doing it.

00:13:02   Are they?

00:13:04   I don't know.

00:13:06   I don't know what kids do.

00:13:07   They do TikTok.

00:13:08   That's what they do.

00:13:09   - Oh yeah, I guess that's probably true.

00:13:10   - I might make some TikTok quizzes.

00:13:12   - Who knows?

00:13:13   - Who could tell?

00:13:14   - Who could tell?

00:13:15   - We have some follow out.

00:13:16   Myke, you were on App Stories episode 274

00:13:21   as the TVOS expert.

00:13:23   - Yep, so on App Stories,

00:13:25   Federico and John have been doing their annual wish lists

00:13:28   for various operating systems.

00:13:30   I think neither of them could be bothered to think of TVOS,

00:13:34   so they drafted me in.

00:13:35   And I had, what was it, six things, I think?

00:13:39   six features that I wanted added to tvOS to everybody's surprise because I have

00:13:44   things I would like in tvOS as the tvOS expert. Nobody thinks about tvOS more

00:13:49   than me as is proven on episode one hundred and two hundred and seventy four

00:13:56   of App Stories. Episode one thousand two hundred and seventy four.

00:14:01   He thought of things that like I couldn't even imagine. What was one of them? Like

00:14:06   Like there was one about, just give me one of them.

00:14:10   Do you remember one of them, Myke?

00:14:12   He says all of them were--

00:14:12   - Is there something that is particularly

00:14:15   in your mind right now?

00:14:16   - You said something shocking

00:14:18   that like no one had ever thought of before.

00:14:20   - Yeah. - Widgets?

00:14:21   - Widgets on the, yeah.

00:14:23   - Or was it the X-ray feature, the Amazon X-ray thing?

00:14:25   - The X-ray, so many of those ideas were incredible.

00:14:29   So yeah, go listen to the episode.

00:14:30   I mean, he's the TVOS guy.

00:14:33   And obviously we are looking forward

00:14:35   to the review of TVOS 16 in September.

00:14:40   It's gonna happen.

00:14:41   A whole new design this year.

00:14:44   - I really hope they don't do a lot though, right?

00:14:47   Like, you know, can you imagine if they're like,

00:14:49   this year we've decided to focus primarily on TVOS.

00:14:53   - Oh no.

00:14:53   - Can you imagine that?

00:14:54   Like that's it.

00:14:55   That's just the thing.

00:14:56   And then I'm stuck.

00:14:57   Like Federico does like a two minute segment on connected

00:14:59   and I have to do like a four month long segment.

00:15:01   - Imagine that.

00:15:02   - That'd be amazing.

00:15:03   - That'd be nice.

00:15:04   - It'd be horrible.

00:15:05   I'm not ready for that.

00:15:06   - Federico will be on episode 641 of Mac Power Users.

00:15:11   The link is in the show notes.

00:15:13   It won't work until Sunday when the episode goes up.

00:15:16   David and I are very glad you came

00:15:18   to hang out with us this week.

00:15:20   I really enjoyed our conversation.

00:15:21   - Thank you.

00:15:22   - I think connected listeners will enjoy

00:15:24   a lot of the themes we talk about here,

00:15:26   sort of explored in a new way over there.

00:15:29   - Different side of me.

00:15:31   - A more powerful way.

00:15:32   - Yes.

00:15:32   - Probably more serious way,

00:15:34   - I'm gonna assume too.

00:15:35   - Yeah. - Fewer Japes.

00:15:36   - Yeah, fewer Japes.

00:15:38   Lots of hashtag productivity content, you know?

00:15:42   You know, that kind of stuff.

00:15:43   - Kept talking about Obsidian,

00:15:43   I kept trying to-- - No, I didn't--

00:15:44   - Keep stop. - Keep talking.

00:15:46   It was like not even 10 minutes of two hours or something.

00:15:50   - I'm surprised actually with David and Federico

00:15:52   on the same episode. - Exactly.

00:15:54   We try to really, you know,

00:15:56   we know that Steven is here and other people are listening,

00:15:59   so just, you know, give us 10 minutes

00:16:02   is all we're asking for.

00:16:04   - Savva in the Discord has said,

00:16:06   "Myke's future quizzes will all be about tvOS."

00:16:08   (laughing)

00:16:10   - Can you imagine?

00:16:11   - The future of TV is blank.

00:16:14   - The future of TV is Myke.

00:16:16   So.

00:16:17   - That's true.

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00:17:49   - So to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day,

00:17:54   Apple once again, I think they did this,

00:17:57   I know they did this last year,

00:17:58   I think it was the first time,

00:18:00   or maybe it was a couple of times.

00:18:02   Apple kind of pre-announced

00:18:04   some upcoming accessibility features.

00:18:06   You know, this could have been something

00:18:07   that they would do as part of WWDC,

00:18:09   but I actually think is way better to do

00:18:12   as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day,

00:18:14   because I mean, it's focused around that day

00:18:18   and Apple can kind of make a bigger song and dance of it

00:18:21   in the sense of like letting people know

00:18:23   that this thing even exists, right?

00:18:24   Because a lot of articles will be written

00:18:26   that mentions, for example, right?

00:18:28   These are the features, they did it because of this.

00:18:30   Plus it also allows them to go into way more detail

00:18:33   than I think they would be able to fit into a WWDC keynote.

00:18:36   There's a long list of things.

00:18:40   I wanted to pull a couple out of the smaller ones

00:18:43   and then we can maybe talk about, I think,

00:18:44   a couple of the bigger ones that were interesting.

00:18:47   So some of the things that they had

00:18:49   were Apple Watch mirroring on the iPhone.

00:18:52   So this is like, it would let you see the screen

00:18:54   of your Apple Watch on your iPhone

00:18:57   So you can use things like voice control and like switch control and a lot of the various

00:19:03   ways that Apple have built tools to allow you to control the iPhone.

00:19:07   So you could use them on the Apple watch, which is actually I think a pretty smart way

00:19:11   of not needing to build those tools twice in ways that wouldn't necessarily work.

00:19:16   So that was cool.

00:19:18   They have more controls for watch navigation.

00:19:20   So you remember they did like the gripping and the pointing.

00:19:25   they've also got like a pinch gesture now too. There's more language support for voiceover

00:19:31   in general on the iPhone, so more languages now have included a voiceover. There's something

00:19:36   I thought was amazing called Buddy Controller. So you can attach two controllers by Bluetooth

00:19:43   to a device and they both control the same thing. So let's imagine, let's say you're

00:19:50   playing a platforming game, two people could have a controller connected to that one game

00:19:55   controlling that one character. So if somebody needed help, they needed somebody to help

00:19:59   them, maybe they have limited mobility or they just need more assistance, right? Like

00:20:03   they're struggling with the game, right? You could have two people controlled the same

00:20:07   thing. I thought that was super cool. My personal favorite was live captions because I remember

00:20:14   Google adding this to Android a couple of years ago and I was very jealous of it. So

00:20:19   So this is, it's in voice, like in video calling, I think it may be video calling, for media

00:20:26   apps and stuff like that, it will, you don't need to have audio on, you can have the audio

00:20:32   down or you can have the audio up, and it's basically using the on-device language processing

00:20:38   to show captions for what's on the screen.

00:20:40   I think this is just fantastic.

00:20:42   Like it's something that obviously is super useful for people that need it, but there's

00:20:47   also useful people that want it like me which is you know good accessibility

00:20:51   features can be used by everyone you know yeah and this is one of them and so

00:20:57   yeah I would be able to have my volume down and watch somebody's Instagram

00:21:02   stories or whatever right which I just think is like a really clever feature

00:21:06   Federica I know you wanted to talk about door detection yeah that seems really

00:21:10   impressive it's the fact that it's powered by the

00:21:16   The LIDAR sensor makes sense, so you will get it on the iPhone 12 and later, I want

00:21:21   to say, and the most recent iPads as well.

00:21:26   It seems really incredible, and the way that it works, you know, that it can not only detect

00:21:31   the distance of a door, but whether it's unlocked or not, if it can be opened by pushing or

00:21:36   by using a knob, or if there's a handle or something, and it also tells you using voice

00:21:42   over what's the sign on the door, what does it say.

00:21:45   it seems really well done. And I mean, they're talking about this in the context of iPhone

00:21:50   and iPad now, but if they ever do a wearable AR device, I mean, the potential there for

00:21:56   this kind of stuff is incredible, right? You're wearing glasses and the glasses tell you,

00:22:01   "Hey, you're looking at a door and it needs to be unlocked by pushing and it's five feet

00:22:05   away and it says, you know, this on the door." Like, that seems incredible.

00:22:11   - That's a pretty intense machine learning task too, right?

00:22:14   - Yeah.

00:22:15   - Like to work out if a door can be pushed or pulled.

00:22:17   - Yeah, they say it can tell if it's open or closed

00:22:22   and if it can be opened by pushing, turning a knob,

00:22:25   or pulling a handle.

00:22:26   - Like I don't even know that most of the time.

00:22:29   - Yeah, right?

00:22:30   Who's pulled on a door that says push

00:22:33   and then you feel silly.

00:22:34   But yeah, I mean, and this is,

00:22:36   that's the attention to detail

00:22:37   that I think is so fascinating in this.

00:22:40   If you're going to do something like door detection,

00:22:42   of course you need all of those details.

00:22:44   And with LIDAR and these other tools,

00:22:47   they really can get a good image,

00:22:50   a good analysis of what's around the phone or the iPad,

00:22:57   'cause the iPad Pros have LIDAR on them now.

00:22:59   Seems very impressive to me.

00:23:02   - And also I wanted to call out,

00:23:05   I mean, obviously as far as AR goes, live captions,

00:23:10   You know, that kind of stuff will also be applicable in the future to an AR device.

00:23:15   I don't know if you saw in Google I/O they did a demo of the translation thing?

00:23:20   They did a demo of the translation thing.

00:23:22   Obviously like doing real-time translation much more difficult than showing captions

00:23:26   for a video, right?

00:23:29   Because I imagine that in a video the system does not necessarily need to analyze the captions

00:23:36   in real time.

00:23:37   Like, you're seeing the captions in real time, but the system may be using a buffer to actually

00:23:42   pre-analyze the whole video and load the captions beforehand, right?

00:23:46   Because you're watching the video, but the system can analyze the entire video before

00:23:51   you even see it in, like, I don't know, seconds.

00:23:55   Real-time translation means the system is listening alongside you to whatever someone

00:24:01   else is saying.

00:24:02   So that's much more challenging, because there's no buffer in real life, obviously, when someone

00:24:07   is speaking. But live captions and translations, you know, obviously all of these features

00:24:13   make sense to prepare for a future in which maybe something that you're wearing gives

00:24:18   you this kind of information in real time. I also wanted to call out, you know, some

00:24:23   minor detail that caught my attention. The fact that Apple specifically called out these

00:24:30   visual customizations coming in the Books app. Besides the fact that this new...

00:24:37   there's going to be multiple themes in Books for iOS 16. They never say iOS 16

00:24:44   by name, but you know, obviously they're talking about this. And they're bringing

00:24:47   back a paper theme. So there's going to be a paper background in Books again,

00:24:53   which I thought was funny. But this visual customization with multiple themes, it

00:24:59   It makes me wonder if visual customization inside apps, maybe even outside of apps, given what Google announced at I/O,

00:25:09   will finally be a theme in 2016, given the lack of visual customization stuff in iOS 15 last year.

00:25:19   Also, that UI in books for customizing the UI, that card that pops up from the bottom

00:25:27   of the screen, I wouldn't be surprised, and a bunch of developers have confirmed, like,

00:25:32   had the same theory I've seen on Twitter, if that's one of the new SwiftUI changes,

00:25:39   like a new SwiftUI API in iOS 16, being able to do those bottom-based cards like you may

00:25:48   have seen in Apple Maps, like you may have seen to an extent in Safari, yes. And a lot

00:25:57   of developers have been asking for a SwiftUI version of that, which doesn't exist at the

00:26:01   moment, and we may be looking right at it in that screenshot.

00:26:06   You would assume so. Right? Like, if it's there. I mean, I don't know if Books is made

00:26:13   in SwiftUI, but I guess ultimately everything will be at some point.

00:26:17   But also, that visual customization stuff, please make it happen for more apps, not just

00:26:22   books. Give me that in notes. Give me multiple themes. That should be a system-wide thing

00:26:29   this year.

00:26:30   There was another story. There's a lot of little bits and bobs coming out right now,

00:26:35   a lot of press releases. We mentioned 15.6 is out and there's some enterprise press release

00:26:41   today.

00:26:42   Oh, and by the way, there's no sign of Apple Music Classical in 15.6.

00:26:47   That was the bet.

00:26:48   Yeah, I was looking, I honestly don't see anything, so I guess it's just more bug fixes.

00:26:55   For now.

00:26:56   There was an App Store subscription change that was announced on the developer center.

00:27:03   Basically now, this will allow a company like an app that offers a subscription to increase

00:27:10   the price of that subscription and have it automatically renew without explicit user

00:27:16   permission. So you as a user will be notified that the price is increasing. You get like

00:27:21   a little sheet that pops up and it tells you how much and when and you just press OK or

00:27:27   you can tap an obscured text link I'll say to allow you to go and manage the subscription.

00:27:35   it will automatically change the price unless you cancel.

00:27:40   So this was not possible before.

00:27:42   So if you wanted to increase the price of your subscription,

00:27:46   you had to create a new subscription tier

00:27:49   and ask people to change to it, right?

00:27:51   Like it wasn't, there wasn't like a flow.

00:27:54   This is the Disney+ rule.

00:27:56   I think Disney were the first company to be using this.

00:28:01   Disney have been using this.

00:28:03   Like there are examples of people who have seen

00:28:07   this thing happen to them.

00:28:09   Like a thing has popped up and said,

00:28:11   oh, your price is gonna increase from 599 a month

00:28:14   to 899 a month or whatever it was from this date.

00:28:18   This was, nobody else was, seemed to have had this.

00:28:22   Disney had this.

00:28:23   And you can see why, right?

00:28:25   Like Disney, you know, Apple wants Disney

00:28:28   to have the in-app purchase, right?

00:28:30   They don't want them to Netflix them.

00:28:32   They want them to have an in-app purchase option,

00:28:34   which Disney does for Disney Plus.

00:28:36   You can buy it through Apple's platform.

00:28:38   Disney want to put up their prices.

00:28:41   They don't want to then ask everyone, please do this.

00:28:45   So I assume they've gone to Apple and have said,

00:28:48   can you help us with this?

00:28:49   This is my assumption of this part, right?

00:28:51   This is conjecture, but I think it makes sense.

00:28:54   But I'm sure that Apple were getting this

00:28:56   from a lot of their partners, right?

00:28:58   Larger companies who want to put their prices up.

00:29:00   There are rules about how much you can increase.

00:29:03   So you can't go wild with it.

00:29:05   I'll give you some examples here.

00:29:06   So if a developer increases a weekly

00:29:09   or monthly subscription price by more than 50%,

00:29:12   and that difference is over $5, it doesn't qualify.

00:29:16   This is for the monthly one, right?

00:29:18   - So then you're in the old system

00:29:19   where people have to sign back up.

00:29:21   - Yeah, or you just can't do it, right?

00:29:23   So you have to do it other ways, right?

00:29:25   But you can't use this system.

00:29:27   And for an annual subscription,

00:29:28   developers can still raise the price

00:29:30   by 50% but can't raise it by more than $50 without requiring an opt-in.

00:29:35   So you can go anywhere up to 50% but you have cap limits that you can do that difference

00:29:42   over.

00:29:43   So if you add a $10 subscription, like a month, you can't raise it to $20 or whatever.

00:29:49   You can only go up to $15 maximum.

00:29:51   If you had a $20 subscription, you can't actually raise it by $10, you can only raise it by

00:29:56   $5.

00:29:57   even though 50% would be 10,

00:29:59   the difference cannot be more than $5.

00:30:02   Does that make sense?

00:30:03   It's a little complicated, that part,

00:30:04   but basically it's never more than 50%

00:30:07   and it's never more than a set amount of money that goes up.

00:30:11   So this feels like something that Apple are doing

00:30:16   for the companies more than for the users,

00:30:20   but this is business.

00:30:22   This is how is she gonna do it, right?

00:30:24   If you're Disney, what are you gonna do?

00:30:26   Apple want you to go through their system,

00:30:28   well then Apple have to help you out.

00:30:31   - Yeah, it's just a cost of doing business this way, right?

00:30:34   And I get that, I mean,

00:30:39   I get why companies want that flexibility

00:30:42   and it's good for Apple, like you said,

00:30:44   to keep as many people as possible in the in-app system.

00:30:47   You know, they don't want you,

00:30:49   they don't want Disney+ walking away

00:30:50   and then them not getting their cut, so.

00:30:53   - Oh yeah, that's a good point.

00:30:54   This benefits Apple too, right?

00:30:55   because if Disney successfully, this is a raise,

00:30:58   Apple just got a raise because Disney put their prices up.

00:31:00   - Right, and they're not doing like,

00:31:02   like say that Disney+ had a cost increase

00:31:05   and Apple didn't have a system like this,

00:31:07   that may be opportunity for Disney to say,

00:31:08   "You know what, why are we doing this at all?

00:31:10   "Why don't we just do the Netflix?"

00:31:11   And you just have to sign up online.

00:31:13   And so this is a way to incentivize those big companies

00:31:16   to stay within the in-app system,

00:31:19   which means Apple gets to take their cut.

00:31:21   - And especially at a time

00:31:23   when they're now offering the exemption stuff, right?

00:31:25   For the reader apps.

00:31:26   Well, you know, in Apple's defense, they do tell you.

00:31:31   - They do, and the prompt is very clear.

00:31:33   Like it says, plan, new price, old price, the starting date.

00:31:37   So I feel like it's communicated as clearly as it could be.

00:31:41   So that works for me.

00:31:43   Do we expect anything else from Apple pre-WVDC?

00:31:46   I mean, we're coming up now, what, just a couple of weeks?

00:31:49   - I mean, they've done something like every day this week.

00:31:51   I expect there will still be more stuff, little bits and bobs.

00:31:54   There might be some bad news to come, right?

00:31:58   Like they do that, like if they have like a big bad news thing.

00:32:01   What could be bad news right now?

00:32:03   Not necessarily bad news, but like stuff where there's lots of questions.

00:32:07   Like when they introduced the subscription thing, do you remember that?

00:32:10   And they changed the...

00:32:12   They added like 30 and 15 for the first time,

00:32:14   and they did a bunch of news articles, and we all believed at the time,

00:32:18   it was like, well, because if you announced this during the WWDC event itself,

00:32:21   no one will be talking about anything else.

00:32:23   They would just be talking about the money part.

00:32:26   So they did it like a week before or something.

00:32:28   And then all of the questions got worked out before then.

00:32:31   If you remember a couple,

00:32:32   I think it was maybe two years ago,

00:32:34   they did the thing where they said,

00:32:35   "Oh, now you can appeal

00:32:37   "and we're not gonna kick you out of the store anymore."

00:32:40   Do you remember when there was a whole thing

00:32:42   with hay and base camp?

00:32:43   - Yeah, hay.

00:32:44   - So, I mean, I can't think of anything

00:32:46   that's immediately on the horizon.

00:32:48   Maybe they'll do something more around like,

00:32:51   the third party payment stuff because they have been categorically failing to meet what regulators are looking for.

00:32:59   So maybe they have something bigger and maybe they'll do it before WWDC.

00:33:03   I don't know but like they have done that in the past like if there's some kind of change to the developer terms or money,

00:33:10   they do it before and I think for good reasons so it people can kind of get it out of the system before WWDC begins.

00:33:18   Because it feels like this stuff's like maybe we're a month or what three weeks

00:33:23   out. I don't have the dates in front of me but I feel like some of that stuff

00:33:26   came basically the week before and so there's definitely still time. I agree

00:33:30   with you I think there's more. They're pretty active right now right? They are.

00:33:34   So it would I would it would suggest you know so like you got like the active is

00:33:38   an active volcano right and there might be an eruption now between now and WWDC.

00:33:43   It's more likely to stay active, you know, now that it is. Or something.

00:33:47   Or something like that. But it does seem like they are just like, they're pumping out stuff right now.

00:33:53   Like, if it would have been just the accessibility stuff, it'd be like, "Oh, that makes sense, there's a day for it."

00:33:58   But like, in the past week or two, there's just been like a bunch of press releases and they're just putting things out all over the place.

00:34:05   Like, left, right, and center.

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00:35:38   have this week, we have next week, then it's the Ricky's, oh boy, then it's WWDC.

00:35:45   Oh my. Oh, it's so soon! Today we're gonna take a look back at both TVOS 15 and

00:35:54   and watchOS 8, then next week we will do Mac OS whatever it is 12?

00:36:00   12.

00:36:01   100?

00:36:02   What Mac OS is it 12?

00:36:04   100.

00:36:05   1200.

00:36:06   1200.

00:36:07   1200.

00:36:08   And then it's Ricky's time.

00:36:09   I guess it's probably worth noting now, we're recording the Ricky's in advance, so I actually

00:36:15   want to bring up something to the court if I can approach the bench.

00:36:20   If I remember rightly based on the rules, as if somebody could imagine remembering the

00:36:26   rules.

00:36:27   I have a document.

00:36:28   It begins, I mean, if any have changed, the scoring begins...

00:36:32   The document is accurate though, let me open the document.

00:36:35   Okay, the scoring begins once the episode ends, right?

00:36:38   Because if that's the case, we get an extra week.

00:36:42   Yeah, let me read it.

00:36:44   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:36:49   So we have that part of it.

00:36:51   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts

00:36:53   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:36:57   - Something could happen between when we record in WWDC,

00:37:01   right, and we're not gonna get it.

00:37:02   But it's 'cause the reason I mention it,

00:37:03   it's a longer gap this time.

00:37:05   - It is.

00:37:06   So for example, let's just say that my risky pick was

00:37:11   Apple allows third-party payment processors

00:37:15   in the App Store.

00:37:16   If they announce that before WWDC,

00:37:19   but after I made the pick, I don't get the point.

00:37:22   - Okay. - According to the rules.

00:37:23   - That's good to know for now.

00:37:25   And I'll be, I'll keep that in mind

00:37:26   when I'm working on my picks next week.

00:37:28   - Yep. - Definitely.

00:37:29   - So no, no, no, hold on.

00:37:30   Can you repeat that? - Yep.

00:37:31   - Can you repeat, I got confused.

00:37:32   So we got-- - My example?

00:37:33   - Yes.

00:37:35   - Okay, so say, just say that my Ricky's is,

00:37:39   Ricky's is is, my Ricky pick is,

00:37:42   Apple allows third party payment processors

00:37:44   in the App Store. - Yeah.

00:37:45   but they announced that, so we're recording early

00:37:49   because of some travel stuff.

00:37:51   It'll be out the regular day,

00:37:53   but we're gonna record it a few days early.

00:37:55   Say that Apple announces that before WOBD-C,

00:37:59   but after our recording, then I wouldn't get the point.

00:38:04   Now, in a way that's not new

00:38:05   because we've always recorded and released the Ricky's

00:38:09   several days before the keynote.

00:38:11   It just, there's a few more days now

00:38:13   between recording and publication that make that possible.

00:38:16   - It feels like we're usually in a downtime.

00:38:18   - Right.

00:38:19   - Where I feel like it won't be as much.

00:38:22   It's like a full week, right?

00:38:24   So we'll see.

00:38:25   Just, I want to just get that out

00:38:27   before I start working on my picks.

00:38:29   And also I wanted to say it clearly now,

00:38:34   so people don't start sending us tweets

00:38:36   if something happens, right?

00:38:37   Like everyone understands now

00:38:39   we've very clearly stated the rules, okay?

00:38:42   Let's look back at tvOS 15.

00:38:44   - All right, yeah.

00:38:45   Big, big release, right?

00:38:48   - I think, yeah, I mean, there was stuff.

00:38:51   I think there was more than 14, honestly.

00:38:53   Oh, I don't remember tvOS 14 now.

00:38:55   They all blur, you know, at a certain point.

00:38:57   - It doesn't help.

00:38:58   It doesn't help that all they do

00:38:59   is like a 10 minute segment, maybe even less.

00:39:03   - If they do that.

00:39:04   - A lot of work needs to happen post keynote.

00:39:06   - Yeah.

00:39:07   - If you're in the tvOS space like I am, you know?

00:39:10   the forums really go wild.

00:39:12   - Right.

00:39:13   - You know, TVOS forums.

00:39:14   - That TVOS underground really popping off.

00:39:17   - These things aren't on Reddit.

00:39:19   It's a private forum for TVOS.

00:39:22   TVOS 15 allowed you to be able to join WiFi networks

00:39:29   that need a web browser login,

00:39:31   which is something the Apple watch could do

00:39:33   a really long time ago.

00:39:35   But hey, we don't have to worry about that.

00:39:37   We got it in TVOS 15.

00:39:38   So if you took an Apple TV with you on your vacation,

00:39:43   you could plug it in and you'd be able to connect

00:39:45   to the hotel wifi, right?

00:39:47   - Yeah.

00:39:48   - That's the thing.

00:39:48   - A lot of companies have this or schools have this, right?

00:39:51   It's just making setting up the Apple TV

00:39:54   a little bit easier if you don't have ethernet.

00:39:57   - I think they're called captive logins.

00:39:59   - That's right.

00:40:00   In fact, this is a real throwback for you.

00:40:03   With the iPod touch, we discontinued,

00:40:05   I was watching a few iPod touch keynotes this week,

00:40:09   just sort of in the background.

00:40:11   And that's one of the reasons they said that Safari

00:40:15   needed to be on the iPod touch

00:40:17   was for captive portal login stuff.

00:40:19   So you could then download music

00:40:20   in the iTunes music store.

00:40:22   - You were just watching iPod touch keynotes

00:40:24   in the background?

00:40:25   - Yeah, just leave them running, you know?

00:40:27   - Yeah.

00:40:28   Steven, I need you to stop highlighting things

00:40:32   in the Google doc.

00:40:33   - Okay.

00:40:34   - You make it very hard for me to read.

00:40:35   - Why does he do that?

00:40:36   - I don't know why he does that.

00:40:38   Steven does this though, he does it on all the shows.

00:40:40   So we use Google Docs, right?

00:40:42   We can be in Google Docs all at the same time,

00:40:44   we can be collaborating, you know,

00:40:46   each of us can be typing, wow, this is a great time.

00:40:49   But if you highlight something as a Google Docs user,

00:40:52   it highlights it for everyone else in a different color.

00:40:56   - Yeah, it's just like a thing,

00:40:57   just like moving my hand around, you know?

00:40:59   - Can you do it somewhere else though?

00:41:02   I need my own separate highlightable.

00:41:06   - You need a fidget spinner is what you need.

00:41:07   - Yeah, this is not a fidget toy, man.

00:41:09   It's Google Docs.

00:41:11   - This is like the official cursor resting area

00:41:13   when you recall with John.

00:41:14   - This is, so as well, like, you know you get like,

00:41:18   you get like Fisher-Price toys or whatever for your kids,

00:41:20   right, and they're like meant to look like

00:41:23   things that adults do.

00:41:25   We need to get you a version of that,

00:41:27   but it's like a document.

00:41:28   It's like my first show notes.

00:41:31   and you can just click around in there

00:41:33   and do whatever you want and it's not gonna affect anyone.

00:41:35   - Change everything to Comic Sans.

00:41:37   So you were burning me about watching iPod Touch keynotes

00:41:41   and now you're burning me about my Google Doc hygiene.

00:41:44   - Well, I mean, the Google Doc thing,

00:41:46   you brought that on yourself.

00:41:47   I think you kind of brought it all on yourself.

00:41:49   I'm just intrigued, you know, like the things you get up to,

00:41:53   but I guess when you're a historian,

00:41:55   a noted Apple historian, you've got to stay up on the history.

00:41:59   - Published Apple historian.

00:42:01   - Pub published, wait, where?

00:42:05   - I mean, literally right now being published.

00:42:07   - Maxstories.net.

00:42:09   - Maxstories.net, I wrote a book, I have a calendar.

00:42:12   - Self published.

00:42:12   - Can we have a second calendar?

00:42:13   - Self published book.

00:42:15   - Wow.

00:42:17   - Wow.

00:42:18   - Well, it is self published though,

00:42:19   you know what I'm saying?

00:42:21   It is a self published book.

00:42:22   - It was a--

00:42:23   - But you are, I called you a note,

00:42:24   I called you a noted Apple historian,

00:42:26   I felt like that was good enough

00:42:27   and then you had to try and take it another place.

00:42:30   Noted, but you are world renowned.

00:42:33   How about that?

00:42:34   - I like it.

00:42:35   - Yeah, world renowned Apple story.

00:42:37   You can use another device to authorize purchases,

00:42:40   which is great.

00:42:41   - That is cool.

00:42:42   That is actually a fantastic feature.

00:42:44   - And this is good for a couple of reasons, right?

00:42:46   'Cause it can let you use face ID,

00:42:47   which is like good for making sure things

00:42:51   are bought correctly.

00:42:52   - Yes.

00:42:53   - Not just having them like randomly purchased

00:42:55   because I know like, I'm sure like the both of you

00:42:58   before then, you'd enter in your password

00:43:01   and I just had to have the setting of like,

00:43:03   never ask me again.

00:43:04   - Yup.

00:43:05   - Because like, I just can't keep typing in like,

00:43:08   swipe left, swipe right, swipe left, it's just terrible.

00:43:11   - And they did the thing, I think it may be TVOS 13 or 14,

00:43:16   where you could use your iPhone as a keyboard.

00:43:19   And at some point that even supported

00:43:21   like the auto-fill password.

00:43:23   - That's the password thing, yup.

00:43:24   Which is great, but that was still too slow.

00:43:27   But this is fantastic.

00:43:29   Friday nights are movie night in my house.

00:43:32   So we order pizza, watch a movie.

00:43:35   Oh, I like pizza.

00:43:36   And you won't like Steven's pizza though.

00:43:38   No, I don't get to eat the pizza.

00:43:40   Everybody else does.

00:43:41   Do you not get the gluten-free pizza?

00:43:43   The dairy's the problem.

00:43:44   Dairy-free cheese.

00:43:46   Yeah, dairy-free cheese is terrible.

00:43:48   Sylvia has the same problem.

00:43:49   So yeah, I get it.

00:43:50   It's no good.

00:43:51   Yeah, that is the biggest issue, right?

00:43:53   Is the dairy free cheese, it's not so good.

00:43:57   I'm sorry if you love it or like,

00:44:00   I'm sorry if you like Steven are bound to it,

00:44:03   but I think it's not great.

00:44:06   - No, it's not great.

00:44:07   - But yeah, movies.

00:44:08   - Anyways, sometimes we've written a movie or buy movies,

00:44:10   sometimes we watch something,

00:44:12   most of the time we're streaming something on Disney Plus

00:44:13   or whatever, but it's kind of nice.

00:44:15   Like if the kids want to rent something and they ask

00:44:18   and like, yeah, go ahead.

00:44:19   And then I can just like have my phone out real quick

00:44:21   and they can still have the remote even, right?

00:44:24   'Cause they don't need the remote

00:44:25   to do to like trigger it or anything.

00:44:27   This legitimately, I think is like the best feature

00:44:29   they added in tvOS 15.

00:44:31   - What was the last, what was the movie on last Friday?

00:44:34   - What was the movie last Friday?

00:44:35   - Yeah, and also what was the pizza?

00:44:37   - Well, we do one cheese and one sausage

00:44:41   from this place in the neighborhood.

00:44:43   - What does that mean?

00:44:44   - One cheese pizza.

00:44:45   - What is a cheese pizza?

00:44:47   Every pizza is cheese.

00:44:48   - No, but it's just cheese, right?

00:44:50   So like, it's like a low moisture mozzarella.

00:44:54   - Yeah.

00:44:55   No tomato sauce?

00:44:57   - Well, no, it has tomato sauce,

00:44:58   but it's like, it's everything up to the cheese

00:45:00   and then that's it.

00:45:01   You know, there's no toppings.

00:45:03   - So margarita.

00:45:03   - No, that has other stuff on it.

00:45:06   - No, no, that's not true.

00:45:07   Okay, so I'm gonna act as the immediate.

00:45:09   - Can you translate this for me?

00:45:11   Can you translate this for me, Myke?

00:45:13   - Federico, margarita, Steven, cheese, right?

00:45:17   Because there is a thing in America

00:45:19   to margherita pizza and but but Federico does not want to know what that is I'll

00:45:23   tell you that right now Federico does not want to know what that is a pizza

00:45:26   with alcohol in it and sometimes you get salt around the room do not tell me what

00:45:29   a margherita pizza no that's no he's talking about margherita the alcohol now

00:45:33   he's trying to throw you off all right and then a sausage is just like it's

00:45:37   like spicy sausage like kind of like an Italian style sausage yeah exactly which

00:45:42   is really good I'm trying to think of what movie we watched on Friday remember

00:45:46   the pizza doesn't remember the movie. I don't watch red notice over the

00:45:51   weekend. It's the picture one of those net no net no that's what we don't read

00:45:54   isn't the one of the rock and Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot great movie

00:46:00   surprising amount of swastikas in it though. I'm just going to say oh like

00:46:04   just a surprising amount. So this was an original movie and it's a lot of Nazis

00:46:09   in it and a lot of swastikas. I was very surprised by this good movie, but like

00:46:15   surprising amount of swastikas like it wasn't what I was expecting took a real

00:46:19   turn the movie and then there was lots of it and I was surprised by this but

00:46:25   otherwise funny movie okay I am filling time for you to find out your Friday

00:46:33   movie oh I'm not supposed to be looking like who am I gonna ask I'm the only one

00:46:38   here what about your purchase history I think we I'm sure we streamed it so I

00:46:42   - Oh, well then that whole story was a lie, wasn't it?

00:46:44   That setup of like--

00:46:45   - Sometimes we purchase things,

00:46:47   sometimes we stream things.

00:46:48   I wanna say Friday they just streamed something

00:46:50   that we had already seen.

00:46:52   - Right.

00:46:53   Picture in picture for HomeKit cameras

00:46:55   was added in tvOS 15.

00:46:56   - Oh yeah.

00:46:58   - As was the store tab in the TV app,

00:47:01   which still sends you to other places, which annoys me.

00:47:04   - Yeah, we've talked about-- - No, I just want that.

00:47:07   - We've talked about this before,

00:47:08   but the way that sort of the legacy iTunes media store

00:47:12   shows up across these different apps

00:47:15   and like on the phone, there's still the iTunes store.

00:47:19   Like it's just all so broken and confusing

00:47:22   and they really need to, I think,

00:47:25   have like a universal, like this is the way it works, right?

00:47:29   If you wanna buy something, it's the same flow

00:47:32   no matter what app you're in, it's a bit messy.

00:47:34   - I have to raise a complaint with the Discord.

00:47:38   Didn't I say nobody tell Federico what Americans call Margarita?

00:47:43   Didn't I tell...

00:47:43   I'm sorry but I saw that photo.

00:47:44   Didn't I say?

00:47:45   I saw that...

00:47:46   I know but this is why I said don't tell him!

00:47:48   That first photo is all wrong!

00:47:51   This is a cone of like silence or trust here, whatever it's called.

00:47:56   I said don't tell him and what did they all do?

00:47:58   They immediately told him.

00:48:00   Now look everyone, you know what he's gonna do if you tell him.

00:48:04   Don't tell him!

00:48:05   Because we just, then it's like we spend the next week arguing about pizza,

00:48:09   which is like the worst argument to ever have, you know?

00:48:13   There's no need to argue.

00:48:14   But it's gonna get that way. It's gonna get that way eventually.

00:48:17   They're all gonna start saying things to you.

00:48:20   "You don't know what this is."

00:48:21   "I don't know what that is."

00:48:22   "Oh, what's a bagel?"

00:48:23   You know what I mean?

00:48:24   Look, it's fine. They're all wrong and I'm right. Done.

00:48:26   See where we're going? We're already going there.

00:48:29   Support for the Apple Music Voice Plan.

00:48:31   A thing I always forget exists.

00:48:33   I always forget about this until I read about it.

00:48:35   That's the thing that exists.

00:48:37   Yeah. If you use the Apple Music voice plan, please tweet at iMyke and let him know.

00:48:42   I would love to know.

00:48:44   Oh, we have seen, I should have mentioned, we have seen a bunch of Apple library users, by the way.

00:48:49   Shout out to all the people who mentioned us on Twitter.

00:48:53   I want to say, I want to say at least 30 to 40 people have reached out, saying they are real

00:49:02   App Library users? Now the question is are these crisis actors hired by Apple to say that they use the App Library?

00:49:12   This is a false flag operation that I've set up.

00:49:15   I don't know that for sure. I continue to believe that Kate is one of the true App Library users, maybe alongside Myke.

00:49:27   A real user like me.

00:49:29   These other folks on Twitter I'm not sure.

00:49:32   They're part of the less than 5% of bot accounts that exist on Twitter.

00:49:39   What's next, Myke?

00:49:40   SharePlay was added to tvOS, like it was added everywhere, but the good thing that tvOS got

00:49:45   for SharePlay was enabling group workouts for Fitness Plus on separate devices, though.

00:49:50   Don't be like, don't get too excited.

00:49:53   So you and I could do a class together across the world?

00:49:56   our own devices but the TV could be one of those devices. Okay. Steven you're doing it again.

00:50:01   Highlighting yeah because you said it so I'm just gonna keep doing it. Stop it. For all of you is

00:50:08   a feature. Oh yeah, John uses this maybe. For all of you. For all of you. This is for you. For this

00:50:18   (laughing)

00:50:21   - Now what is going on?

00:50:22   We're losing threads so bad today.

00:50:24   This is the issue with recording a member show

00:50:26   before the radio show.

00:50:27   ♪ To all of you American girls in the movies ♪

00:50:30   Isn't that a song?

00:50:31   That's a song.

00:50:32   That's a song from the OC.

00:50:33   - Oh, by the way,

00:50:34   we haven't even spoken about Eurovision.

00:50:37   - Oh, that's right.

00:50:38   Should have been in follow-up.

00:50:40   - It should have been everywhere.

00:50:41   Eurovision was incredible this year for a million reasons.

00:50:44   It was great.

00:50:45   Everybody was a winner, you know?

00:50:46   Is that what your tweets were about the other night?

00:50:49   'Cause it was just, it was one of those things

00:50:50   like you're tweeting about a thing

00:50:52   that clearly needed no context.

00:50:55   You were busy with the cheese pizza, man,

00:50:57   and you were not watching TV.

00:50:58   Yeah, you wouldn't know.

00:50:59   You got the cheese going on there.

00:51:02   Yeah, I was putting some fresh basil salt

00:51:05   and extra virgin olive oil on my pizza.

00:51:07   (laughing)

00:51:09   Like you're supposed to do.

00:51:11   Just like you're supposed to.

00:51:13   With definitely, definitely regular tomato sauce.

00:51:16   Yeah, it was incredible. Everything was fantastic.

00:51:20   It was a runaway success for everyone,

00:51:23   except those that it wasn't a success for.

00:51:25   But by and large, the curse is over.

00:51:29   Europe has a new villain and it's not the United Kingdom.

00:51:34   So, right?

00:51:36   It was great.

00:51:37   In what sense?

00:51:38   It's great now, 'cause we're not the villains anymore.

00:51:42   We're loved by all of Europe.

00:51:45   and I'm happy we're back, you know?

00:51:48   - Well, you know, you don't know what you got

00:51:50   till it's gone.

00:51:51   So after Brexit, they realized how much they needed you.

00:51:55   - Well, no, 'cause there has already been one

00:51:56   because the one after Brexit

00:51:58   was when we got literally zero points.

00:52:01   - About Brexit, I just found out.

00:52:05   So there's, no, no, no, it's safe content.

00:52:08   Don't worry about it.

00:52:09   It's just sad.

00:52:10   There's gonna be elections in Viterbo, my hometown,

00:52:14   for the next mayor soon, I think like next month,

00:52:18   there is a local party.

00:52:22   Like, I don't know if it's like a list

00:52:23   or like a proper political party.

00:52:26   I just saw the signs and I was like, oh my God.

00:52:29   There is a thing now, a list in Viterbo called Ital Exit.

00:52:34   - Yeah.

00:52:35   - As the name of the party.

00:52:38   - This has been happening in a bunch of countries.

00:52:41   I'm not really sure why anyone has seen

00:52:43   what's happened to us and it's like I want some of that like there's been zero benefits

00:52:48   to my knowledge like I don't know why anybody wants to to go into this but this is going

00:52:55   to happen more and more now like cut people are going to try and do it but I don't think

00:52:58   it's going to work anyway Eurovision was amazing our song was amazing Maniskin were amazing

00:53:04   it was just all just superb I was having the best time everybody won yes everyone wins

00:53:11   except you know for you know well they weren't in it, you know anyway for all of you. They

00:53:25   said so if you use profiles on Apple TV, which is a feature that I always forget exists fuse

00:53:33   profiles on Apple TV. So multiple people have in their own user accounts, their own recommendations

00:53:38   and stuff. There is a "for all of you" recommendations which is something that is appropriate for

00:53:45   all users based on the stuff that they're watching. Which is very cool, very smart.

00:53:49   Didn't know the one true John used this, but there you go. They improved the TV controls

00:53:56   in general so like the native TV player kind of got reworked and things were a bit clearer.

00:54:02   They added the AirPods pop-up detection thing like "hey, there's some AirPods, you wanna

00:54:06   to connect them. I don't like this feature, it annoys me because I see it pop up on my

00:54:10   TV all the time and I don't like it. You can use Siri on other devices to control what's

00:54:17   going on on your Apple TV.

00:54:18   Wait, really?

00:54:19   Wait, what?

00:54:20   Mm-hmm.

00:54:21   How?

00:54:22   So you say like, if you're watching something, you'd be like, "Hey, pause this on the TV

00:54:27   or something."

00:54:28   Nah, no way. That's not a feature. No.

00:54:30   By the way, this is the truly sad thing. So all of the other look backs that we've done

00:54:36   The link in the show notes is to the apple.com page which has all the features for tvos. It is a support document

00:54:43   Truly sad right like that is truly sad

00:54:48   Let me find it and I will read this you could say it's the

00:54:52   kbase article of the week play music or start watching a movie or show with Siri commands from home pod and

00:55:00   iOS or iPadOS. And there's another article, which this could be the KBase article of the

00:55:05   week, so you could say, "Play Ted Lasso on the TV." And it would do it. So there you

00:55:11   go.

00:55:12   I can't believe I missed this thing, but okay.

00:55:18   Because realistically, you don't need it, right? You just pick up the remote and use

00:55:22   the remote. That's why I never even think to do this. I'm just not, you know, I just

00:55:29   use the remote like I'm good with that. What else do we have? HomePod mini stereo pair,

00:55:35   so they added this as a feature if you have two HomePod minis you can use those as a stereo

00:55:38   pair. And then also eARC, which is HDMI ARC or eARC. This basically allows you to use

00:55:49   connected speakers like HomePods that are connected to an Apple TV via HDMI technology

00:55:56   if you have devices that all support it, you can use them as the video output for any content

00:56:01   on the television. So if you are playing your Xbox, you can use your HomePods as the speakers

00:56:07   for that. That is TVOS 15.

00:56:10   I mean, pretty good release, I would say. Too bad that like, I forgot about half of

00:56:16   these features. Like I only remembered about the eARC and the HomeKit camera support.

00:56:21   - Yeah, I mean as well, I forgot about some of them too,

00:56:25   but because they're things that are features

00:56:28   for things I don't use already.

00:56:30   Like for example, the For All of You thing,

00:56:33   I don't use profiles, I have no need for that.

00:56:36   So I don't know that that feature exists,

00:56:38   I would never come across it.

00:56:40   Or I've never taken an Apple TV out of my home,

00:56:44   so I don't need to know about the captive thing.

00:56:47   But these are just good features for a,

00:56:50   I think, already pretty mature platform.

00:56:52   - Yeah, that's the thing, I guess.

00:56:54   It's really hard to make exciting updates to tvOS now,

00:56:59   because for most people--

00:57:00   - It should be that way, though.

00:57:01   Like, it is one of those things where it's like,

00:57:03   I want it to be boring.

00:57:05   Like, I don't, this is not a platform

00:57:08   that I want them to redesign every two years, right?

00:57:10   - No, but also, I keep thinking about the features

00:57:12   you imagined in that "Wishlist" episode.

00:57:16   And I'm like, there is still room for some creativity.

00:57:20   No need to redesign the whole thing.

00:57:21   - But I think one or two of those things

00:57:25   could pop up every year for the next five years

00:57:28   and that would be perfectly fine.

00:57:29   - Yeah, make a tvOS grid again is what I'm saying, you know?

00:57:33   - I would say it's already great.

00:57:35   It's better now than it's ever been.

00:57:36   And that isn't the same for all of Apple's operating systems.

00:57:39   Like tvOS doesn't regress, which is good.

00:57:44   They could put that on a sign.

00:57:45   tvOS doesn't regress, you can put that on a sign.

00:57:47   Print that one.

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00:59:32   Let's take a look back now at WatchOS 8.

00:59:36   You gotta wind the clock back.

00:59:38   Yep.

00:59:39   That was good.

00:59:40   That was good.

00:59:41   I didn't give you the benefit for that.

00:59:43   That was a good pun.

00:59:44   I enjoyed it.

00:59:45   Portraits face and the world time face.

00:59:49   It's so bad.

00:59:50   Portraits face and world time face.

00:59:53   Yeah.

00:59:53   I mean, I know people like portrait photos and stuff

00:59:57   and I've tried this watch face a couple of times,

01:00:00   but it just looks so, it just looks so weird.

01:00:03   To me, if you're gonna have photos of people

01:00:08   as your watch, wallpaper, watch face thing,

01:00:13   This is a nice way to do it.

01:00:16   I am just not one of these people

01:00:17   that would ever have a photo watch face.

01:00:20   No.

01:00:20   At that point, I don't know.

01:00:22   For me, I don't know why I'm wearing it, you know?

01:00:26   I love this review that Alex has a photo of himself

01:00:30   with a slingshot for some reason.

01:00:31   It's very funny.

01:00:32   Gotta show off the portrait, you know?

01:00:35   It's the way to do it.

01:00:36   Maybe he's actually dabbing in this image

01:00:39   and it's just like-- That's a good photo though.

01:00:42   He's just digitally added in a slingshot to hide the embarrassment of the dabbing.

01:00:47   Oh my god, I don't remember that photo. That's so good.

01:00:51   Oh, I think he added these photos after as updates to the review.

01:00:56   That slingshot photo is so good.

01:00:59   Okay.

01:01:02   The World Time Face is a face that I like but is too busy.

01:01:07   That's my...

01:01:09   That's what I have to say.

01:01:10   Oh, that's the face I don't understand.

01:01:12   Yeah, it is very complicated.

01:01:14   I feel like I need a degree just to understand this watch face.

01:01:17   My complaint with this now is the same as my complaint then,

01:01:22   which is like, it's actually my complaint of a lot of Apple watch faces,

01:01:25   where they are just replicating the way that analog watch faces work and look,

01:01:31   which I don't think is necessarily the best way to interpret that

01:01:36   when you have no physical constraints.

01:01:40   Right, so like, world time watch faces look like this because of the physical constraints that they have.

01:01:46   I think you...

01:01:48   then sometimes I wonder if

01:01:51   Apple's watch team are trying to reimagine any of these things or just recreate them.

01:01:58   And I would argue a little bit more reimagining could happen with some of these things.

01:02:07   I'm looking at the photos of the wartime face again, and I still don't know what I'm looking at.

01:02:13   So there's the time in the middle, and then there's a bunch of repeating numbers.

01:02:17   Like, one of the images in our story, in the bottom, like in the inner circle, it says 10, 11, 12, 12.

01:02:28   So twice 12, 13, 14, 16. What's it counting?

01:02:34   Do you want me to, I can try again to explain this.

01:02:36   - You have tried, yes.

01:02:38   Please try again. - Let me try again.

01:02:39   I'm gonna try again, all right.

01:02:41   - Start from, okay. - The hands.

01:02:42   - So the hands.

01:02:43   - In the middle.

01:02:44   - Are showing me the time.

01:02:46   - Showing me, showing you your time.

01:02:48   - My time.

01:02:49   - Do you see the arrow at the bottom?

01:02:51   Right, you see that you got the ring,

01:02:52   you got that little red arrow that's on a couple of them.

01:02:55   - Yes.

01:02:56   - Right, that is pointing to your time zone.

01:03:01   So you can see here that that's either Mexico,

01:03:04   it's Mexico for some reason.

01:03:05   Pointing in which sense it's central time. I think it's central time

01:03:10   Okay, so this yeah because Mexico City is in central time cool. So there you go

01:03:14   So you see it's pointing to the number 11

01:03:18   Yes, which is the current hour right because we just established that it's 11 32 or something. Yes, okay

01:03:25   Okay, so that's the same

01:03:28   That's the hour, right?

01:03:30   The rest of the ring that goes around you see like you got the numbers that go around

01:03:35   They are hours still so 11 12 they've got 12 twice of daylight savings in that point 12 13 14 15

01:03:42   That's actually no 15, which is again daylight savings

01:03:45   12 13 14 16 17 18 18 you see they go around, right?

01:03:50   Those are the hours in the corresponding cities that are listed. So for example, can you see Rio as you go around to the right?

01:03:59   Rio has 13 that means it is 1332

01:04:04   two because you are looking at the extra note in the hour in that place and then

01:04:09   the minutes will be whatever the minutes currently are okay it's easy for real

01:04:14   because it's aligned with the dot what about New York New York is aligned with

01:04:20   the 12 dot is it it's like what is in the middle of the name it's like close

01:04:25   enough right what about Moscow Moscow where is it's like it's in between 20

01:04:33   Yeah, Moscow is aligned with the moon for some reason.

01:04:36   With the moon.

01:04:37   I don't know why.

01:04:38   The moon is not a number.

01:04:39   Yeah, that one is unhelpful.

01:04:41   I'm not really sure why there's a moon there, but let's imagine that's 19.

01:04:45   Let's imagine that's seven because it's in the middle of the 18 and 20.

01:04:49   You see the 18, 18 and the 12, 12, right?

01:04:52   This is Apple trying to be like, "Hey, this is digital, so we can change the number arbitrarily."

01:04:57   But by doing that in the old stuff, but using still all of the conventions of an analog

01:05:02   you make it more complicated. It looks like a bug honestly like yeah why does

01:05:07   it say 12 12? It's like it's because of daylight savings but that still makes it

01:05:11   more complicated so like they're choosing places where the time zones are

01:05:14   over that yeah anyway my I have a physical watch it doesn't do this the

01:05:17   physical watch that I have is 1 to 24 the whole way around. What about the outer

01:05:21   ring of cities like the second row of cities? They are still lining up with the

01:05:28   dots so if you take a look at the dots right you see it right so like Hawaii is

01:05:34   lining up with that dot right above it where there's a Sun for some reason Los

01:05:39   Angeles is lining up with a 9 Denver with the 10 Mexico the 11 New York 12

01:05:43   Caracas 12 3 o 13 you get it honestly just the hour yeah the minutes or

01:05:49   whatever the minutes are okay thank you I'm just gonna grab my phone and look

01:05:54   at a widget for time zones. You know? There you go. Yeah. You know? This is purely visual.

01:06:00   I feel like I'm looking at the Rosetta Stone or something to decipher this. I'm just gonna

01:06:05   look at a widget. And this is my thing, right? Like, an actual watch that does world time,

01:06:11   I think is just a beautiful thing. It's an incredibly complex thing. It's like a nice

01:06:15   thing to own, right? Because like, it's doing a lot, right? There is a clever piece of physical

01:06:22   engineering that it can do this.

01:06:25   'Cause you can set it and you can set it in different ways.

01:06:27   And I just think that it's very clever,

01:06:28   it's very nice engineering.

01:06:29   With a digital watch, there's no engineering, right?

01:06:34   Like it's just software that's doing this.

01:06:37   Have the software present this information to me

01:06:40   in a clearer and easier to understand way.

01:06:42   That is my, this has been a terrible conversation

01:06:46   because it's so visual based.

01:06:48   I apologize, we will now move on.

01:06:50   Multiple timers in the timers app.

01:06:52   It got all the way to watch OS 8

01:06:54   before we got that as a feature.

01:06:55   - Ridiculous.

01:06:56   I mean, this is like table stakes.

01:06:58   We talked about this, about the HomePod too.

01:07:01   Why would you not have this from day one?

01:07:04   - The Photos app gained featured photos and memories.

01:07:09   - Great.

01:07:10   - I don't know who is looking at this on their watch.

01:07:12   - I do it all the time.

01:07:13   - Do you all sync photos to your watch?

01:07:15   - I don't know.

01:07:16   - I mean, it's doing something.

01:07:18   I don't know why.

01:07:19   I've got recent and featured outside of my country. This is just it's doing for me. Whatever the standard is. Do you?

01:07:26   Know it's doing whatever look at that. I got a memory

01:07:30   I open it and I've got my favorites some features and a memory of Father's Day 2010. Oh great

01:07:37   I have I don't have my favorites for some reason. Are you a father in 2010?

01:07:41   See what yeah. Yeah, you are. Okay. It's been a father forever man. I was born a dad really in some ways

01:07:49   There you go big data energy constant a redesign of the home app on Apple watch. Yes

01:07:55   It had some quicker access to some scenes

01:07:58   It had that little you know those little circles that are at the top of the home app

01:08:02   It had those really like it indicates things the status things and I would say some smarts

01:08:07   I want to read you this text from the watch OS 8 page because I read this today and I kind of couldn't believe it

01:08:13   when I read it

01:08:15   When one of your smart devices is activated,

01:08:18   WatchOS 8 can automatically make suggestions for others nearby.

01:08:23   For instance, if someone rings your connected doorbell,

01:08:26   you might see options like unlocking the door or turning on the entry lights.

01:08:29   I have never seen this.

01:08:31   Well, but my issue is, is can and might.

01:08:36   Why? Why does it not do it 100% of the time?

01:08:40   That's weird.

01:08:41   Sometimes it's lazy.

01:08:43   It doesn't want to.

01:08:44   It's like, nah man, I'm not going to do it.

01:08:46   This is a great feature, right?

01:08:48   If you have a HomeKit doorbell and a HomeKit lock and someone rings your doorbell, having

01:08:53   it pop up on your watch to be like, unlock the door or show me the home camera every

01:08:58   single time, I think that would be really smart.

01:09:01   But what I don't like is they put two qualifiers in this statement.

01:09:06   WatchOS 8 can automatically make suggestions.

01:09:09   If someone rings your connected doorbell, you might see options like unlocking the door.

01:09:14   They're like, it can, we're not saying that it will, and it may display an option, but

01:09:21   sometimes it doesn't want to.

01:09:23   It might do it.

01:09:24   I find that very strange.

01:09:26   I don't know how reliable this is.

01:09:27   I don't have whatever this might be device-wise, but I just found that text to be kind of funny.

01:09:35   cards and keys in wallet to support the new features added to the wallet app a

01:09:41   find my items app was added I think they split them out into my devices find

01:09:47   people find items yeah you have three find apps on the watch awesome the very

01:09:53   best feature added to watch OS 8 for the series 7 watch is the full QWERTY

01:09:57   keyboard swipe type this is the only sure that matters I love it I love this

01:10:02   This is the best feature they've done in years.

01:10:05   If I am ever going to send a message on my watch, this is the only way I want to do that.

01:10:11   And I send more messages from my watch now that they added this.

01:10:16   Because my problem with the dictation is, if you're halfway through the message and

01:10:20   it starts getting it wrong.

01:10:22   What do you do then?

01:10:25   Yeah.

01:10:26   But with the swipe typing, I have full control.

01:10:28   Every word that's wrong, I can just delete it immediately.

01:10:32   I love it. The Breathe app got redesigned. It added some new animations and stuff and

01:10:38   something called Mindful Minutes. So just like a mindful meditation kind of thing. Fall

01:10:44   detection for workouts. And this is like a specific option which I believe is always

01:10:51   on. And then fall detection is the thing that you have to opt into or is on in certain circumstances

01:10:57   based on age and health of the wearer, which I think is a thing you can set up in the family

01:11:03   thing you're here. Steven, they have this now. You've always had the full detection

01:11:09   turned on. Yeah, I do have it turned on because you're old and clumsy because I ride my bike

01:11:14   a bunch during the workout. Oh, I guess you would have always have had it on right, but

01:11:20   now it would work automatically. They added better bike workout stuff. So detection for

01:11:26   the type of bikes, like e-bikes and stuff like that.

01:11:28   And they, you know, they, if you have Apple Watch and AirPods,

01:11:31   you can use more commands just like without having to talk

01:11:34   to Siri, specifically invoke Siri.

01:11:37   An always on API for developers.

01:11:40   I think Federico added that.

01:11:41   I don't know what it means.

01:11:42   - Yeah, it means that now developers can check

01:11:44   if the always on watch face is enabled

01:11:46   that they can tune their app UI specifically

01:11:50   for the always on watch face.

01:11:52   Like they can decide what gets shown or not.

01:11:56   I have never ever seen this,

01:11:57   but also I don't have any third-party apps on my watch.

01:12:00   So, like I know that this, like I know this as a fact,

01:12:05   I haven't seen it in practice.

01:12:08   I'm sure that Carrot Weather has it, right?

01:12:11   I'm sure like of all apps, I'm sure that Carrot Weather

01:12:14   has support for the Always On watchways.

01:12:16   That's not an API, I don't know anything more than this.

01:12:19   I'm sorry.

01:12:20   - Wait, hang on.

01:12:21   - Yeah.

01:12:22   - Do you say you have no third-party apps on your watch?

01:12:24   I don't think I do. No.

01:12:27   Wait.

01:12:28   Why would I? They're useless.

01:12:30   What do you mean, why would you?

01:12:31   It's just--

01:12:32   I have fantasti-cow, carrot weather.

01:12:33   Nah, I don't need it. To-do-ist.

01:12:35   Yeah, I use reminders.

01:12:36   I don't have to-do-ist.

01:12:37   I use reminders, I use iCal calendar.

01:12:39   So you use Apple's calendar?

01:12:40   When I work out, yeah, it's fine.

01:12:42   It's like just a widget on the--

01:12:44   I'm not criticizing you, I'm just asking.

01:12:46   Like, it's perfectly okay to do it.

01:12:47   I use-- Overcast.

01:12:48   Like, I don't need anything else on the watch.

01:12:52   Like, and sometimes these apps,

01:12:53   they get installed by mistake and I just delete them.

01:12:56   - Interesting.

01:12:57   I have stuff on here that I don't use,

01:12:59   but the ones that I mentioned,

01:13:01   the ones that I use over all the time, right?

01:13:03   So like Fantastic Cal and Carrot Weather

01:13:05   and Timery now too.

01:13:08   - Yes, I really just need my watch for notifications

01:13:11   and hard stuff, you know?

01:13:13   Like just for notifications, health stuff in general.

01:13:16   I don't really interact with my watch.

01:13:20   I just wanna see what's coming up.

01:13:21   I just wanna see notifications

01:13:22   and I want to make sure that it's tracking my heart

01:13:24   and making sure that I'm not dying.

01:13:26   Yeah.

01:13:27   - Then it makes sense.

01:13:28   I mean, I don't have so many notification stuff

01:13:31   and then I, but I have those three apps.

01:13:32   There was the complications on my, my watch face.

01:13:36   I found out the, I found a complication,

01:13:37   a space for a complication the other day,

01:13:40   which I was very happy about.

01:13:41   So I used the California face

01:13:42   and I didn't know that you could put a complication

01:13:45   around the watch face itself.

01:13:48   Like one of the circle ones, not one of the corner ones.

01:13:50   I had no idea.

01:13:51   just it wasn't because I wanted to add because Timery in beta right now there's

01:13:56   a they got on the watch and went to add that in there but I didn't want to get

01:13:59   rid of pedometer++ but then I could put the pedometer number on the watch face

01:14:03   thing. I'm gonna have to install Timery. Timery is good man. That's gonna be my first third party

01:14:11   watch up I think. Yeah he's done a great job as always. Also focus modes was the thing that was added not only in

01:14:18   control center but just support for them in general on the watch as part of focus

01:14:22   modes being everywhere and that is watch OS 8

01:14:27   pretty under rule yeah I feel like it's kind of like tvOS right it's pretty

01:14:34   mature what else do you really need from your watch so it's just kind of slowed

01:14:38   down over time yeah I'm really I mean Mark Gorman said a significant update

01:14:45   coming for watchOS and I don't know about that.

01:14:48   And new ways to interact with it.

01:14:50   Fresh Apple apps.

01:14:52   Fresh Apple apps and new ways to interact and a big update for watchOS.

01:14:57   That's all he has so far.

01:14:59   I like it when we don't...

01:15:01   Like, I understand the rumors for hardware and stuff like that, I'm fine.

01:15:05   Like, it doesn't bother me, like show me the next iPhone, I don't care.

01:15:08   I really...

01:15:09   Where I like to be surprised is WWDC.

01:15:12   And I prefer it when the room was really quiet for WWDC.

01:15:16   WWDC is so much more exciting than iPhone event.

01:15:20   I agree with you.

01:15:21   Because there is genuine surprises that can happen,

01:15:24   which is just not a thing that they can do.

01:15:26   And the after is even more exciting.

01:15:30   That's the thing about WWDC,

01:15:31   because you are surprised during the keynote

01:15:35   and the surprise continues after.

01:15:38   Good and bad, though, is the problem with the afterwards.

01:15:42   Because you see a thing and you're like, "Oh my god, this is going to be so amazing!"

01:15:45   And then you find out what it can actually do and you're like, "Oh, this surprises me,

01:15:48   I thought it would be better than this!"

01:15:50   It's very emotional.

01:15:51   It's a very emotional time.

01:15:52   It's a very dramatic event.

01:15:54   Like, the drama of WWDC is the energy that sustains me for the whole summer, basically.

01:16:00   Yep.

01:16:01   I can't wait.

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01:17:02   UCQG.

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