396: The Royal Nobody


00:00:00   [MUSIC PLAYING]


00:00:27   Hey, buddy.

00:00:28   Text expander. That was so funny, man. I love that you did the accent for text expander.

00:00:39   That was so good. Oh my God. Oh my God. Federico.

00:00:42   I speak two languages, you know?

00:00:46   I can tell.

00:00:48   Sometimes I do that. Hi, Steven.

00:00:50   Hey buddy. How are you?

00:00:52   Hi. I'm good. I'm good. How are you?

00:00:54   I'm good. And I have the pleasure to be joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:58   "Hello mate!"

00:00:59   It's my other language, innit?

00:01:02   You can't really do that anymore, you know?

00:01:07   You really lost that accent, man.

00:01:09   You can't tell me, listen to you.

00:01:11   I mean... fair. Fair. Fair.

00:01:14   Don't your Italian friends laugh at you? Surely they do, right?

00:01:18   Oh yeah, no, it's really become a problem now, where I am actually losing the ability to come up with certain words in Italian.

00:01:25   And really, it's come up a lot lately when I'm sending messages,

00:01:30   because I'm realizing, thanks to Silvia, who actually notices these things,

00:01:35   that the way I structure sentences in Italian is wrong,

00:01:38   because I'm structuring them in English.

00:01:41   Yep, so I sound like an idiot now in Italian.

00:01:44   Oh, that's pretty bad.

00:01:46   That's my problem now.

00:01:48   Mm-hmm.

00:01:49   [laughter]

00:01:53   You're really stuck now in the middle.

00:01:57   - So we have some follow-up, yes.

00:02:00   - Our buddy Quinn Nelson has a video up

00:02:02   about the Apple Self-Service Repair Program,

00:02:05   where he went through the process of what you can order,

00:02:09   how you order it.

00:02:10   He talked about the website being weird.

00:02:12   Something that I didn't know

00:02:13   'cause I actually didn't complete parts order,

00:02:16   but to do that, you have to find a code

00:02:19   that's like typed into the repair manual

00:02:23   to prove that you read the manual,

00:02:25   or at least know how search works,

00:02:27   before you order the parts you need.

00:02:29   - That's intriguing.

00:02:31   - It's like a escape room for parts ordering or something.

00:02:34   - Yeah.

00:02:35   - I guess they want you to know what you're getting into

00:02:38   before you order all this stuff,

00:02:40   and then you feel like you can't do it,

00:02:41   but what a weird way to do it.

00:02:44   - I guess my expectation for that is,

00:02:48   legally, they have to

00:02:51   get like a consent from you that you've read it, right?

00:02:55   Like before you blow your house up or something

00:02:58   from a thermal event.

00:03:01   Somebody, by the way, I don't wanna out this personally

00:03:06   'cause I didn't ask.

00:03:07   I had somebody message me who worked at an Apple store

00:03:10   who put together a playlist of songs all about fire

00:03:15   that they could play during the 30 minute breaks

00:03:19   from all of the thermal events

00:03:20   that would get caused at the Genius Bar.

00:03:22   (laughing)

00:03:23   So it's just, it was like 40 songs,

00:03:25   always some kind of fire element to them.

00:03:28   And they, they stared it with me in the,

00:03:31   the icon, like the image of the playlist

00:03:34   was an Apple store with smoke coming out of it,

00:03:36   like an actual one.

00:03:37   I don't know what that was from.

00:03:39   But yeah, they would just play this in the back

00:03:41   while they were waiting the 30 minutes

00:03:43   for the sand to do its job.

00:03:45   So anyway, my expectation is that like,

00:03:49   from a legal perspective, they need to get it to a point

00:03:53   where in court, there's nothing you can do.

00:03:57   Like if you went and found the code,

00:04:00   like you've done all the work, right, like as the person,

00:04:03   that like Apple has no, like you have no legal recourse

00:04:06   against them at that point,

00:04:07   moving my expectation, right?

00:04:09   Like they're just trying to cover their butts.

00:04:12   Quinn did also post a tweet that he completed a repair

00:04:17   on a device and he's making a video about that,

00:04:20   which I'm really excited to see.

00:04:21   - It's in good hands with him.

00:04:23   He really knows what he's doing.

00:04:25   I'd mentioned, I think last time,

00:04:26   that I was like, "I think he did a repair thing."

00:04:27   He talked about that in the video as well,

00:04:30   that he was a big iPhone repair boy for a while there.

00:04:33   - Yeah.

00:04:34   - I want to talk about these wild USB-C cables.

00:04:37   Federico is our resident USB-C expert.

00:04:40   What is going on with these?

00:04:42   - So we heard about these new cables last year,

00:04:47   and I guess they are official now because this new,

00:04:49   this company is the first one to actually put out,

00:04:52   you know, actual specs for the first 240 watt USB-C cables.

00:04:57   So this will start appearing in the near future, I guess.

00:05:03   This is the first company that I put out some details.

00:05:05   They're called, what are they called?

00:05:08   Club 3D.

00:05:10   Yeah, this, it's a Dutch manufacturer of USB-C cables.

00:05:15   So the idea is you're going to get these cables soon enough,

00:05:18   in the near future,

00:05:19   that are going to charge your devices super fast at 240 watts.

00:05:23   Now, none of this matters right now

00:05:26   because there are no devices on the market

00:05:28   that support 240 watt charging via USB-C.

00:05:33   But the idea is that in the future,

00:05:35   this may be suitable for gaming laptops.

00:05:38   You know, gaming laptops,

00:05:39   they usually come with these giant charging bricks

00:05:42   because those gaming laptops, you know,

00:05:43   You get the laptop version of, I don't know,

00:05:46   you get an Asus or a Dell or,

00:05:49   what's it called the other one, the Alienware one.

00:05:54   Anyway, you get one of those laptops

00:05:55   that have a 38 inside, for example,

00:05:57   and they run super hot,

00:05:59   and they also require a ton of power.

00:06:01   So the idea is, with these cables,

00:06:04   you may not need to have the giant separate charging bricks

00:06:08   for those laptops.

00:06:09   You can get just this kind of cable

00:06:11   that charges your laptop super fast.

00:06:14   Now, no existing devices can use these cables yet.

00:06:18   No smartphone, no laptop, no computer, nothing.

00:06:22   But the theoretical potential is there.

00:06:25   Now, this company specifically is going to put out--

00:06:30   and this is where the complications arise, of course.

00:06:33   USB being USB, it's going to get complicated.

00:06:37   Because this company alone, so this first company,

00:06:40   has already announced three versions of this cable.

00:06:45   My understanding is that all of them,

00:06:47   they charge at up to 240 watts.

00:06:51   However, only one, the shortest cable, the one meter cable,

00:06:55   can do 8K, 60 frames per second video,

00:06:59   40 gigabit per second data transfer,

00:07:02   and 240 watt charging.

00:07:05   But there's also a two meter version, so a longer version,

00:07:09   that however cuts off at half the data rate.

00:07:12   So it cuts off a 20 gigabit per second transfer rate,

00:07:16   but still 240 watt.

00:07:18   And then there's the weird one.

00:07:20   Another two meter cable with USB two speeds.

00:07:25   So like 480 megabit per second or something.

00:07:30   I don't know.

00:07:32   - That one's just a prank.

00:07:33   This one is just, it's just a prank.

00:07:36   This one I feel like.

00:07:37   - Or I mean, I guess if the other ones are expensive,

00:07:40   this will be like the,

00:07:42   I'm putting giant air quotes around it, cheap one.

00:07:44   Like if you just want a power cable and you don't.

00:07:47   - If you just, I think that's the idea, right?

00:07:49   If you just want a power cable,

00:07:50   you don't need to put the actual stuff in it.

00:07:53   So you make the cable cheaper,

00:07:54   but still support the super fast charging.

00:07:56   - Okay, so it does 4K 60.

00:08:00   So I guess you could also,

00:08:02   no, the one with the 20 gigabits per second does 4K 60.

00:08:06   - Yeah.

00:08:06   Yeah, so I guess it's that one is just for, I don't know,

00:08:11   power or small simple monitors or whatever, right?

00:08:14   Because I would say the 8K is maybe a bit much, you know?

00:08:19   - The thing is the USB implementers forum,

00:08:25   the USB consortium is going to of course allow manufacturers

00:08:29   to mix and match specs for the upcoming USB.

00:08:33   I think this is called-

00:08:34   - What is wrong with these people?

00:08:36   This is the USB 4 standard, I think, and they're going to allow manufacturers to mix and match

00:08:42   different specs, like Club 3D have done.

00:08:46   But potentially good news, this time they have official labels and stickers that they

00:08:53   will put out on logos, that they will put on cables.

00:08:57   So there's like an official graphic for 240W cable, 240W charging brick, 40Gbps data.

00:09:06   They have like these little cute stickers now, and maybe that's gonna fix everything,

00:09:11   maybe not, because I am sure, like I would wager lots of money right now, that they will

00:09:18   change the standard at least twice over the next two years, as it happened before with

00:09:24   USB 3, then USB 3.1, then USB 3.2.

00:09:28   So it's gonna happen again, but long story short, this super-fast charging is coming,

00:09:34   maybe in a couple of years you can buy a gaming laptop that doesn't require a separate giant

00:09:40   brick anymore.

00:09:41   And you can use it and charge it at the same time maybe, you know?

00:09:45   Maybe.

00:09:46   Maybe.

00:09:47   You can play the Addon Ring and you can play GTA 6 and charge and play at the same time.

00:09:51   Steven's favorite.

00:09:52   Steven's favorite.

00:09:53   I know, I was waiting for that one.

00:09:54   I've got a t-shirt on sale.

00:09:59   Congratulations.

00:10:00   I would like people to go check it out.

00:10:01   So can you explain it to me?

00:10:03   Oh, it's about the Lisa, local integrated software architecture. Oh, I just got it.

00:10:08   I'm sorry.

00:10:09   I didn't know this until I saw the t-shirt. I didn't get it. I didn't know this was a

00:10:16   thing like the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever you'd call it. Local integrated

00:10:21   software architecture. That's a backronym, right?

00:10:24   Oh, for sure because, you know, it was really named after his daughter, but it took him

00:10:31   years to apparently admit that, which is terrible. But yeah, so this is, it's

00:10:38   honoring the Lisa. It's got some line art of Lisa. It's on like, the shirt

00:10:42   does not have a pocket, but it's printed like on like where like the chest pocket

00:10:46   would be. Comes in a couple different colors. I'm a big fan of the black forest

00:10:50   tri-blend, like the black and green. I think it looks really nice. I kind of

00:10:53   wanted like early 80s vibe a little bit, so I did that without being sort of

00:11:00   obnoxious with the colors and I'm really pleased with how it's come out. What I

00:11:03   like about this t-shirt because Steven was sending this to me, I heavily

00:11:07   encouraged him to do this so please buy it because otherwise this is partly my

00:11:11   fault. What I like about this t-shirt is it looks like the shirt you would have

00:11:15   been given if you worked on the project right like if you made the Lisa they

00:11:18   would have given you one of these so pretend like you made the Lisa and buy

00:11:22   this t-shirt. There you go yeah yeah the building I link in the show notes and in

00:11:28   In my post on 512 about it, I talked a little bit more about the name and how it basically

00:11:35   came out like years later, like I think in Lisa's book, like a story about being with

00:11:44   her dad, and I want to say it was Bono, some musician.

00:11:49   And he was like, so the computer was named after her, right?

00:11:51   And he he admitted it.

00:11:52   But yeah, they sort of had a backwards engineer, local integrated software architecture.

00:11:59   Another example from the time period was, "Let's invent some acronym, LISA," which is

00:12:04   very good.

00:12:05   Oh wow, that's a bad burn, right?

00:12:08   Like that's rough.

00:12:10   It's pretty awesome.

00:12:11   That's rough.

00:12:12   Also, local integrated software architecture, sounds like it could be a connected title.

00:12:17   A little bit.

00:12:18   We have that history, right?

00:12:19   Of the four word titles.

00:12:21   Yeah, so yeah, they're for sale through May 12th, so I'd love if you'd go check it out.

00:12:29   I'm really proud of it.

00:12:31   Did you both buy a shirt?

00:12:32   Yeah, I bought the green one.

00:12:34   I'm buying it right now.

00:12:35   Thank you.

00:12:36   I bought the green one, so.

00:12:37   Get off our case, geez.

00:12:38   I'm not sure about the color myself, actually.

00:12:42   I don't think green is a good color on me.

00:12:46   I think you'd look good in the red.

00:12:48   I think so, too.

00:12:49   Can you imagine if he's like, "I hate red"?

00:12:50   [laughter]

00:12:52   Or orange. I think orange is also a good color.

00:12:54   I wanted the orange too, but I ended up going with green.

00:12:59   Although the red one speaks to me.

00:13:03   Yeah, I'm going with the red one.

00:13:05   Awesome. Thank you.

00:13:06   Done.

00:13:07   Do you go tri-blend or conten, Federico?

00:13:09   Tri-blend, always.

00:13:10   Always.

00:13:11   Mm-hmm.

00:13:12   I'm wearing a tri-blend cortex shirt right now.

00:13:15   I'm wearing the tiny heads tee.

00:13:17   Today.

00:13:18   [laughter]

00:13:19   Seriously, I am man. I wear it a lot when we record the show. Do you? Yeah, just as

00:13:24   like a haha to all the listeners who tell me they want one but didn't buy one in the

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00:16:10   of the show and relay FM. Apple has released more details about their

00:16:15   in-person portion of WWDC this year. So this is coming from Apple's website. I'm

00:16:21   struggling right now because Safari is crashing on me. Can I just take a quick

00:16:24   aside and just talk about like Safari on the Mac is driving me mad again.

00:16:28   Please. Yes. It just every day like I have this but like all of a sudden Safari

00:16:33   it's just beach balling on me right now. All I did was open a tab like I don't

00:16:37   I don't know what do you want from me, you know?

00:16:39   Or like I have this thing where,

00:16:41   I don't know if anybody else has this.

00:16:43   I open a tab and I type something in, right?

00:16:45   Like, you know, you use like the search, I press enter.

00:16:48   It loads the, it loads the content, closes the tab.

00:16:51   It does this to me multiple times a day.

00:16:53   I don't know why.

00:16:54   So like I say, like, I want to search

00:16:56   for like Federico Vittucci and I press enter

00:16:59   and it opens the Google search

00:17:00   and then immediately closes the tab.

00:17:02   I, this happens to me all the time.

00:17:03   Does this happen to you too?

00:17:04   This is only on the Mac, this happens to me.

00:17:06   - No, I've never seen that.

00:17:08   - So do you two use tab groups?

00:17:10   - No. - No, never.

00:17:11   - Okay, I use tab groups

00:17:12   and I reckon this is part of the problem.

00:17:14   I use tab groups a lot

00:17:15   and I think something's freaking out in there

00:17:17   because of that.

00:17:18   It's very frustrating to me.

00:17:20   I have to force quit Safari now.

00:17:22   So, just give me one second, all right?

00:17:25   I'm getting there.

00:17:26   I'm trying my best, you know,

00:17:28   but this has nothing to do with me.

00:17:28   - This is great content, I love it.

00:17:31   - I'm vamping.

00:17:32   All right, so now I'm gonna open the link again.

00:17:34   Okay, we're hosting a special,

00:17:36   Nope, we've already got that part.

00:17:38   This is the eligibility, right?

00:17:39   So attending this event is free and open to members

00:17:42   of the Apple Developer Program

00:17:44   and Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

00:17:46   Invitations will be allocated

00:17:48   through a random selection process and a non-transferable.

00:17:51   Submit your request on May 9th to May 11th,

00:17:54   and you'll be notified of your status on May 12th.

00:17:57   That's what they're going for.

00:17:58   - Okay.

00:18:00   - This celebration marks the start

00:18:01   of an inspiring week of sessions, labs, and lounges,

00:18:04   all online and with more activities than ever.

00:18:06   - I mean, I think this is basically what we expected.

00:18:10   Random selection process, I would put random

00:18:13   and again, air quotes, I'm sure they are.

00:18:15   - There will be an element of it, I'm sure.

00:18:17   - There'll be an element of randomness for some seats.

00:18:20   Some seats I'm sure will be selected.

00:18:22   You know, it closes the same day,

00:18:23   or you'd be notified the same day

00:18:25   as the final day of ordering a 512 t-shirt.

00:18:27   So Apple and I coordinated on this, clearly.

00:18:31   - Oh really?

00:18:31   - They're doing it in honor of 512 day.

00:18:33   - Oh, that's amazing.

00:18:34   - Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool of them.

00:18:37   - Gather with others in the developer community

00:18:39   to watch the keynote and the State of the Union videos

00:18:41   alongside Apple engineers and experts.

00:18:42   Explore the all new developer center and so much more.

00:18:45   What's the developer center?

00:18:47   I said this and Stephen said,

00:18:48   "Hey, that's the website."

00:18:49   And I was like, "Oh, okay."

00:18:50   - Sit down and explore a website.

00:18:52   - But I felt like, oh, okay,

00:18:53   maybe they have a new update for the developer center.

00:18:56   - Now it turns out it's also a building.

00:18:58   So this first came up of all places

00:19:00   in the Apple EPIC lawsuit.

00:19:04   I guess Phil Schiller was talking about

00:19:07   what they do for developers,

00:19:09   and he mentioned that there was going to be

00:19:11   a dedicated developer center somewhere at Apple Park.

00:19:16   And that's basically all we know,

00:19:20   is that there's going to be a place where,

00:19:23   I guess developers in Apple can interface somehow,

00:19:26   and apparently it's ready, or will be ready.

00:19:29   People will be able to see it, probably tour it

00:19:31   while out there if you're selected in this drawing

00:19:35   to go to the event.

00:19:37   I don't know what this building means moving forward.

00:19:39   Like, is it gonna be a thing where you can

00:19:43   like make an appointment and maybe Apple lets you come out

00:19:46   and work on something with them?

00:19:47   Like who knows?

00:19:48   I'm very curious what it entails.

00:19:51   - Yeah, it's weird, right?

00:19:52   Like, what do you put, like, is it like the visitor center,

00:19:55   but just a developer version?

00:19:59   You know, like it's very strange.

00:20:01   Is it gonna be like one of those schools that they have?

00:20:06   Like there's one in Italy.

00:20:08   You know what I'm talking about, like the developer academies, what are they called?

00:20:11   Yeah, I know what you're talking about.

00:20:14   I think they have one in India too.

00:20:16   Yeah.

00:20:17   It's one in Naples for sure.

00:20:19   Yeah.

00:20:20   Yeah, and James points out it'd probably be in a nice isolated place

00:20:24   so you can bring developers in without having any security issues.

00:20:29   you know, maybe this is something where if there's like

00:20:32   minor announcements throughout the year,

00:20:35   maybe Apple even does them from here, you know,

00:20:37   for select developer partners, or if they're, you know,

00:20:39   bringing somebody in, like Apple loves to do this,

00:20:42   especially if there's like a big,

00:20:45   like technology shift in software,

00:20:47   or sometimes they do it with hardware too,

00:20:49   of like, oh, we invited EA in and they got their game

00:20:53   up and running on this in just six days.

00:20:55   And you know, maybe that sort of thing will happen here too,

00:20:58   because it's sort of isolated and controlled like James said it's not just

00:21:03   wandering around the ring. Sounds like a great thing to have if you're gonna be

00:21:07   having like a mixed reality headset you know. I want people to come and try out their

00:21:12   apps on a mixed reality headset like I always think back to with this kind of

00:21:15   the Apple watch remember when they had developers go to infinite loop and like

00:21:21   try the apps on the Apple watch remember that? Oh yeah kind of. Yeah so like they

00:21:26   had like a time period from when it was announced before it came out where select developers

00:21:32   could apply and go to Apple's, I think it was infinite loop then, and you would get

00:21:37   time with Apple over a few day period and you could run your apps on their test hardware

00:21:44   for the watch. So this is the kind of thing I expect that they'll do. Going back to the

00:21:51   developer focused event, they have like a health and safety section. They want proof

00:21:55   of negative COVID test within three days, masks are encouraged and they have nothing

00:22:00   on vaccination proof required for the event and are saying they will provide details on

00:22:05   the latest requirements to attendees prior to the event. I'm assuming if things change.

00:22:09   That's less stringent than I thought it would be.

00:22:12   Well, I actually think this matches what they're asking from their employees because Apple

00:22:16   does not have a vaccine mandate and they never have.

00:22:19   Yeah, and they say that they'll provide more details. So I would imagine if the situation

00:22:24   with COVID changes drastically in California, you know, they are holding back a little bit

00:22:31   saying, "Hey, we can change these rules if we feel like they need to or if they're mandated

00:22:35   to somehow."

00:22:36   Yeah, yeah.

00:22:37   And we don't know if it's inside or outside.

00:22:39   They haven't said anything about that kind of stuff yet.

00:22:43   I just always naturally assumed that they would be performing like lateral flow tests,

00:22:47   like the antigen tests on anybody going in, but maybe they will, maybe they won't.

00:22:52   It's their choice, right?

00:22:55   People know, right?

00:22:56   Like if you are uncomfortable with that, don't apply.

00:22:59   - I mean, it says you have to provide proof

00:23:01   no more than three days before.

00:23:02   I don't think they're gonna be doing tests there.

00:23:05   I think you've got to show up with that in your hand or--

00:23:07   - Well, yeah, but you could do both, right?

00:23:10   - Maybe. - You could still do both.

00:23:12   - So yeah, I mean, my biggest takeaway of this,

00:23:14   like, yeah, it's about what we expected.

00:23:15   May 12th is like three weeks or something,

00:23:19   three and a half weeks before the event.

00:23:21   So if you're going, it's a pretty short time to plan something, but I guess.

00:23:26   Yeah. It doesn't seem like that they,

00:23:28   well at least they haven't said that they're restricting it.

00:23:30   Like they're not saying it's US only or whatever. Right. So, but yeah,

00:23:34   like if you, at least, at least they are saying like,

00:23:38   this is the date you will be told.

00:23:40   Like I like that. I think that's a really good system to be like, if you know,

00:23:45   you will be told by this time, like May 12th, 6 PM Pacific,

00:23:50   like that's it you know I guess one way or another right you got to throw your

00:23:54   name in the ring for this no no I'm not gonna do that I did say I would apply

00:24:00   for a WWE C pass this ain't it right this is not a WWE C pass I'm not I'm not

00:24:07   gonna put my name in for this no sure you don't want to see the developer

00:24:10   center be taken there never to be seen again I want to see it I would like to

00:24:15   go and see it all but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put my name in for this like I

00:24:19   I mean, it's gonna look like just everything else

00:24:22   their architecture looks like now, right?

00:24:25   - I like it.

00:24:26   You love to see it.

00:24:28   - Listener Caleb is unhappy with my Flexi title.

00:24:32   - Who chose it?

00:24:33   - I thought the Discord did and I just adopted it.

00:24:36   So Caleb wrote in, "Each time you read the bill of keys,

00:24:38   there seems to be a noticeable disdain in your voice

00:24:41   for the title Attorney General Flexi.

00:24:44   As a former US history teacher," Caleb writes,

00:24:47   "I thought I would dig in a bit to our government

00:24:49   via Wikipedia and see if there are any better possible titles I could suggest.

00:24:53   So there's about a dozen in here. Chief Flexi of the United States, Ambassador

00:25:00   Flexordinary. What is that? Ambassador Extraordinary I think is a term

00:25:08   and he's made it. Flex. If you were gonna do that I would prefer Ambassador

00:25:12   Flex-ordinaire. Yeah me too. But you know. Speaker of the Flexis, Secretary of

00:25:18   flexies, a flex majority leader, flex majority whip.

00:25:22   (laughing)

00:25:25   Isn't as dirty as it sounds.

00:25:26   No, I prefer flex majority leader.

00:25:30   Like that's just very good.

00:25:32   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Flexis.

00:25:35   Okay.

00:25:35   Undersecretary of Flexis.

00:25:38   He wrote commandant, maybe commander of the Flexis.

00:25:41   That's commandant, right?

00:25:42   Isn't that commandant?

00:25:43   Oh, that's what it is.

00:25:43   Commandant, okay.

00:25:44   Fancy enough.

00:25:45   Commandant, okay.

00:25:46   and then flex master general ag flexi is the best just yes, in my opinion,

00:25:52   attorney general flexi is still the best one. However,

00:25:55   speaker of the flexi is also true for you. Yeah, you are the speaker of the

00:26:03   flexi, but the problem is you are the speaker of the rickies always like

00:26:08   always as the rule leader. So I feel like that is just an honorary title bestowed

00:26:14   you irrespective of any win or loss. Yeah I feel like that one doesn't work

00:26:18   for that reason that's like a you know a state of being really. Yeah which is you

00:26:23   you are that being. Yes yes. These are really good. They are good. But I would

00:26:28   miss AG Flexi too much. I think I would too. I really do like Chairman of the

00:26:35   Joint Chiefs of Flexis. Right but that makes it feel like... Oh it's got Chairman

00:26:42   than a two. Oh, well then you can't do it. Yeah. Well that also makes it sound like

00:26:47   you're our bosses or something like which I don't like. Kate says that I've

00:26:51   slandered the discord they did not come up with Attorney General Flexy. Okay was

00:26:55   it you then? I guess maybe so. Right if it was you then you can't change this.

00:26:59   Yeah. You chose it you know. Well it's known to be a flip-flop-er though. Yes

00:27:04   Uh-huh. Flexi Flip-Flop.

00:27:07   [Laughter]

00:27:11   Flexi Flip-Flop.

00:27:13   You can change to that if you like.

00:27:15   FFF. Flexi Flip-Flop.

00:27:18   [Laughter]

00:27:21   These are all good, but I think I'm gonna stay put.

00:27:24   I feel like a touring general Flexi, you know, has the momentum behind it.

00:27:27   It also, I don't know, because I like a good 80s vibe, like AC Slater.

00:27:30   You know, like AG Flexi, you know, I like that too.

00:27:32   AG Flexi.

00:27:33   I don't know, it also reminds me of those TV shows like NCIS or, you know, what's the other one?

00:27:40   Like CSI, you know, let's talk to the attorney general. I don't know, it just feels very,

00:27:46   very American, you know? Get the attorney general on the phone. Crimes! Crimes have happened!

00:27:51   Yeah, so thank you, Caleb. I appreciate you looking out for me and for our government,

00:28:01   but I think I have to pass on the suggestions.

00:28:05   - Our government, the three of us?

00:28:07   - I mean, Caleb and I shared government.

00:28:09   - Ah.

00:28:10   - I'm assuming he's American as he taught US history.

00:28:13   I mean, I don't think US history

00:28:15   is being taught in other countries.

00:28:17   - Can I be a Frenchman teaching US history?

00:28:20   Why not?

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00:29:15   It's really hard to do.

00:29:16   I get it, Myke and I have had to do a lot of it

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00:29:48   So I was on one of my favorite web blogs, 512pixels.net, yesterday, and found out...

00:29:55   He's got a t-shirt for sale.

00:29:56   Yeah.

00:29:57   sorry, and I found out that 1Password 8 for Mac had been released to the public. I feel

00:30:05   like I'd forgotten about this for a long time because I wasn't using the beta because I

00:30:10   don't know why, I don't know what you two both were, I would not use a beta of my password

00:30:15   manager. That freaks me out a little bit as a thought. I don't want things like that going

00:30:21   wrong and I just wanted to ask the two of you a little bit like what your experiences

00:30:27   of 1+8 have been so far? Pretty just fine I actually really like it. Okay.

00:30:34   I love the new system-wide thing with the audio fill with the command

00:30:40   shift what's it space like that floating like universal search thing that I

00:30:48   actually really like I love the design it really works for me yeah. Stephen what

00:30:53   you like? Yeah, the design is nice. I think the universal

00:30:58   autofill like is one of the best features and one password. So to

00:31:02   fill the flesh that a little bit. Basically, it puts one

00:31:06   password at the OS level. So say you're trying to sign into zoom,

00:31:10   you can invoke one password. And they're doing a bunch of stuff

00:31:15   in the background to like know what applications in the

00:31:17   foreground and it can bring up Oh, these are your resume

00:31:19   logins and you can autofill it from anywhere. It used to be that was just

00:31:24   like trapped in your browser now it's across a bunch of different apps on the

00:31:27   Mac and that's that's pretty awesome. So this isn't like officially supported

00:31:33   like it is on iOS? Right, Mac OS doesn't have a mechanism as long as far as I'm

00:31:40   aware for third parties to do this on the Mac and so they've kind of worked

00:31:46   through like the accessibility angle to understand what's on the screen, figure out where the

00:31:51   fields are and to fill it. It's clever. I wish Apple had a more like sustainable way

00:31:57   for that to happen and maybe they will.

00:32:02   This is what makes me love like this sort of like they put all this work in and then

00:32:05   in like six weeks time Apple's like hey we've brought this feature to the Mac. But maybe

00:32:09   not though I don't know.

00:32:11   possible you know but they've they're gonna have users I guess on Monterey for

00:32:16   a while so even if Apple offered it that I'm sure they wouldn't mind having it

00:32:22   there for older older OS's. And this also might exist I don't know but maybe this

00:32:27   will exist on Windows too right for for 1Password. Yeah I was a little bit

00:32:32   confused by this universal autofill thing at first because I thought that

00:32:36   that they sacrificed the menu bar app, like 1Password Mini for it, because now by default

00:32:44   when you click the menu bar thing you just get two options. One is to open 1Password and

00:32:49   one is to open the universal search thing, which I thought was a not great move. That

00:32:55   was just like breaking how I use it. But you can change in settings to like when you click

00:33:00   that it opens the universal search thing which I only do this just so like I can get used

00:33:06   to the new behavior of a keyboard shortcut but I was very used to like just going up

00:33:10   there and clicking the menu bar too so I'm happy that it has that it's just like it's

00:33:15   just how I've used it for years right like I've just gone up there and clicked.

00:33:18   Interesting. Why is this happening to me right now?

00:33:24   But yeah so never mind. This Fiery extension doesn't follow the theme color of Mac OS this

00:33:29   This is very upsetting to me.

00:33:31   I'm sure it's a bug.

00:33:32   They'll work out.

00:33:33   Well, I mean, now it's their colors, so I don't think it's a bug.

00:33:37   Oh, that's no good.

00:33:39   They've branded it.

00:33:40   It's now a little one password icon with the silver and the blue.

00:33:44   Do you not use the extension?

00:33:45   I use Chrome.

00:33:46   Oh, yes.

00:33:47   Of course you do.

00:33:50   And I never use dark mode on my Mac, so that's why I didn't notice.

00:33:54   Yeah, there's that too.

00:33:56   Wait, what's dark mode got to do with it though?

00:33:58   It's dark mode, gotta do it, gotta do it.

00:34:00   Oh, you didn't mean, you meant the appearance color, not the light or dark mode.

00:34:05   Yeah, like, I have the little, like mine are yellow, right?

00:34:09   Because it matches my Mac.

00:34:10   Oh, yeah, I actually set mine to purple too.

00:34:13   And yeah, I didn't notice that.

00:34:15   So now I've got the little, like everything else is yellow up there except one password.

00:34:19   And I'm like, come on, one password.

00:34:20   Right, right.

00:34:22   Well, it's the one password blue though, like it's the branding, no?

00:34:26   But I don't, I mean, yeah.

00:34:28   hmm yes but everything else that I have follows the theme color as system you

00:34:36   know so I just I would just prefer if they did it that way but they haven't so

00:34:40   whatever okay I mean obviously there was so much hullabaloo right about the

00:34:46   electron stuff is that a thing like what is the hullabaloo was the hullabaloo

00:34:53   worth it is my question let me I should disclose they are a ongoing sponsor at

00:34:58   Mac power users. So there's that. I think we've talked about this on the show. I think

00:35:03   that the argument about electron on the Mac is kind of kind of dumb. I think it's really

00:35:09   an argument about how those apps are implemented. Yes. One password. Yeah, like you mean a discerning

00:35:16   Mac user is going to know there's something different about it. But it mostly looks and

00:35:22   works the way that you would expect. And that wasn't true in the early betas. This we just

00:35:27   one password on the Mac has been in beta since the fall. I think it's been a long time a long time

00:35:32   and they spent a lot of that time rightfully so fixing a bunch of those weird UI things.

00:35:39   You can tell but I don't think it's a big deal because it continues to work the way that it did.

00:35:44   You know you can like you said you can even revert the menu bar item back to the old the old method

00:35:52   that's what you want. You can still use it in your browsers. I mean, and talking with

00:35:59   them and reading through their stuff, like, if all you do is basically just use it to

00:36:04   create passwords and save passwords in your browser, you probably don't even see the app

00:36:07   all that often.

00:36:08   I mean, the app looks better.

00:36:10   It does look better.

00:36:12   You know, so, like, I know that it fundamentally bothers people, but it looks nicer than it

00:36:19   did before so I you know I don't really know what to say.

00:36:22   It says who cares like this thing about like oh it's election who cares like the

00:36:27   only people who care about this stuff. Well people care. No but why like does it do

00:36:32   what you want it to do? Great. Does it not? Don't use it. There's no need to start a

00:36:37   war about all these things like who cares like move on and try something

00:36:41   else like not everything needs to be like this crusade against products like

00:36:48   whatever the world is full of other apps use something else we don't know right

00:36:54   you can you can use the system one which I think will get promoted to like a

00:36:57   fuller app suppose it doesn't make a preference pain sooner rather than later

00:37:01   now there's a big debate like no I don't care about the debate choose another

00:37:06   password manager you know like I mean it looks nicer it works better great for me

00:37:12   you don't like it good for you try something else done I've tried those

00:37:16   other ones. And I still think one password is the best solution out there. I think it's

00:37:22   better than the system stuff, because it can do a lot more, including it now has support

00:37:26   for creating and using SSH keys, which is really cool. There are some other things though,

00:37:32   that people are unhappy with. I agree with federal code electron things, not a big deal

00:37:35   to me. They've gotten rid of local vaults, which they said this was going to be the case

00:37:40   a long time ago. And what that means is, so in the past, you've been able to just use

00:37:46   one password, if you just had it like on your Mac, you could just have it have those credentials

00:37:52   like just on your computer, right not syncing to a one password server anywhere.

00:37:57   You could also sync those through Dropbox think that iCloud support as well.

00:38:01   But now they've moved completely to the subscription model of you have to use one password eight

00:38:07   with a one password account, whether it's a personal account, a family account like

00:38:12   like Mary and I have, or a business account like Myke,

00:38:16   you and I have.

00:38:17   And so for me, that's no big deal at all.

00:38:20   I was already paying for family and teams

00:38:22   because I got benefit from that.

00:38:25   I haven't used a local vault in years.

00:38:28   And honestly, like I trust 1Password to do that correctly.

00:38:33   I know some people wanna sync it to Dropbox

00:38:35   or wanna sync it to iCloud, I understand that.

00:38:38   But from my perspective, I'm fine with it.

00:38:41   And if there is ever an app that I wanna pay

00:38:44   on a regular basis for it to continue to get better

00:38:47   and for them to stay on top of their stuff

00:38:49   is my password manager, right?

00:38:51   Because they can, with that, continue to do what they do.

00:38:56   And even a company like 1Password,

00:38:58   which has taken a lot of funding,

00:38:59   yet something else people are mad about about them.

00:39:02   I'm still fine, you know, I pay it yearly.

00:39:04   I just paid my family's one like a couple of weeks ago.

00:39:07   - Hmm.

00:39:08   - I mean, this is the way it's been,

00:39:10   this is the way it was always gonna go.

00:39:11   And they announced it a long time ago.

00:39:13   And again, if that doesn't work for you,

00:39:15   there are other solutions,

00:39:16   including Apple zone that uses iCloud.

00:39:19   But for me, I want and need the features

00:39:22   that those plans give me.

00:39:23   So I get work, Myke and I have,

00:39:26   we have a vault that we share.

00:39:30   We have a vault that we share with some of our contractors.

00:39:33   And then I have my own personal vault that you can't see,

00:39:36   but it's in my relay account, right?

00:39:37   It's my work stuff there.

00:39:39   Same thing, what secrets, you know,

00:39:41   just to keep between me and my computer.

00:39:44   Same thing at home.

00:39:45   I've got a vault, Mary has a vault, we have a combined one.

00:39:48   That is critical to how I like work with people I work with

00:39:52   and how Mary and I share login information.

00:39:55   So I'm totally fine, continue to pay that.

00:39:57   - I do understand Dev1 a little bit more,

00:40:00   'cause I can imagine that there may be, I mean,

00:40:03   I'm sure there are some customers who,

00:40:06   not necessarily just don't want a subscription service,

00:40:09   but just don't ever want to sync this stuff in the cloud?

00:40:12   Like, I think that that's a valid thing,

00:40:16   like to just be like, I don't want it ever syncing.

00:40:18   I just want it to live on my computer only.

00:40:21   And I guess 1Password 7 is still available to you,

00:40:26   but it won't be.

00:40:28   I mean, I do say,

00:40:29   I understand why that could frustrate people,

00:40:32   but ultimately 1Password is allowed

00:40:37   make its own decisions as a company, right?

00:40:39   Yeah.

00:40:39   And this is the way that they want to go to...

00:40:42   I was gonna say to be sustainable, but I don't think that's the case anymore.

00:40:46   It's not about sustainability for subscriptions now for a venture backed company.

00:40:50   It's about recurring revenue so they can continue to be profitable and valuable.

00:40:55   Yeah, and I get that. I totally do.

00:40:57   The sort of the last thing that came up in the Discord,

00:41:00   there is a open test flight for 1Password 8 for iOS,

00:41:05   and it brings a lot of this look and feel

00:41:08   to the iPhone and iPad.

00:41:10   I've only used it a little bit,

00:41:12   so I think we'll cover that once it actually comes out.

00:41:14   I don't know when that is, maybe, probably later this year.

00:41:17   - It's SwiftUI, right?

00:41:18   It's all written in SwiftUI.

00:41:20   - I have read that, I'm not positive.

00:41:23   It updates the iOS app to look and feel more like

00:41:27   the Mac app, and I think their goal with moving to Electron

00:41:32   and it uses Rust as their backend stuff

00:41:34   is to keep 1Password updated more frequently

00:41:37   and more evenly across all these platforms, right?

00:41:41   So if you ever use 1Password on Windows,

00:41:44   like no offense to the people at 1Password

00:41:45   who work on the Windows app, it's not great.

00:41:47   Like the Mac version was way better.

00:41:49   And now with this, all of their customers

00:41:52   will experience a similar workflow, look and feel,

00:41:57   you know, feature set across all the platforms.

00:41:59   And that's important because they are serving people

00:42:02   in all sorts of different markets now,

00:42:03   not just us fancy Mac people anymore.

00:42:06   - It is SwiftUI and Rust.

00:42:08   - Okay.

00:42:08   - Is the current version of the iOS app.

00:42:11   - Rust is a multi-paradigm

00:42:13   general purpose programming language.

00:42:15   - I would hate it if my vault was filled with Rust

00:42:17   'cause then it wouldn't open

00:42:18   and I wouldn't get my passwords anymore.

00:42:20   - Yeah, maybe that's what happens.

00:42:22   Maybe the old app was built on metal

00:42:23   and now it's been replaced with Rust.

00:42:26   (laughing)

00:42:28   So 1Password 8.

00:42:30   If you're using 7, go check it out.

00:42:32   I've been impressed with it.

00:42:34   Yeah, I ran the beta a long time.

00:42:35   I definitely had that thought, Myke,

00:42:36   that you mentioned, like,

00:42:37   maybe I don't want my passwords in a beta,

00:42:39   but it was solid in the beta,

00:42:41   and the release version is good too.

00:42:44   - Yeah, it just, for me,

00:42:45   it just kind of felt like something I wasn't excited enough

00:42:47   that I felt like I needed to check out

00:42:49   before they were ready to say it's done.

00:42:50   - Yeah, totally.

00:42:51   - You know?

00:42:52   Like, I was just fine with, like, just waiting.

00:42:55   And then, I mean, as soon as it came out,

00:42:56   I was like, great, I wanna go get it,

00:42:57   'cause I think visually it looks really nice.

00:43:00   But I will tell you right now,

00:43:01   I will just say this again.

00:43:03   Maybe I'm not discerning enough,

00:43:05   but if there wasn't that whole hullabaloo,

00:43:06   I would never have known that it wasn't native.

00:43:10   Like I never would have known

00:43:11   that it had anything electron to it.

00:43:12   I would just, I would not have been able to guess.

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00:44:07   It's that easy.

00:44:08   TextExpander works on the Mac, Windows, Chrome,

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00:44:13   So you don't have to like use a special ticketing system

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00:44:18   TextExpander works across all of that stuff.

00:44:21   And it's fantastic making sure that everyone

00:44:23   using up-to-date language and up-to-date like URLs,

00:44:27   That's a big thing that I do with it is I have a bunch of URLs that I need to send to

00:44:31   people on a regular basis.

00:44:32   Maybe I'm doing membership support.

00:44:34   Maybe I'm answering questions from a listener or a host.

00:44:38   I have over the years built up this collection of snippets to help not only make that go

00:44:42   faster, but what I'm more interested in is making sure that it's correct and accurate

00:44:47   that I'm sending the right URL to the right person.

00:44:51   And Tech Aspander makes it really easy to do.

00:44:53   It syncs across all my stuff.

00:44:54   It's fantastic.

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00:45:08   Our thanks to TextExpander for the support of the show and Relay FM.

00:45:12   So as we mentioned earlier in the show, WWDC is coming and I thought something that we

00:45:16   could do is at this point, as we're about to say goodbye to all of our knowledge of

00:45:22   current iOS versions is to refresh ourselves a little bit on, I said iOS but I meant just

00:45:27   OS, to take some time over the next few weeks. I kind of wanted to look at each version and

00:45:34   how it's kind of fared over the last year and maybe use it as a stage to talk briefly

00:45:39   about maybe some stuff that we are looking for or hoping for without too much pontificating

00:45:44   so we don't spoil the rookies. So I went through Apple's iOS 15 page and pulled in some of

00:45:51   the biggest features and I thought I could run through them and maybe we could stop and

00:45:55   talk about anything you guys want to share some thoughts on these features at all. Focus

00:46:00   modes was one of the biggest things added in IMS 15.

00:46:04   Yeah stop there. We got really far. So focus modes I think we all had some pretty big hopes

00:46:15   for this feature, and I really got into it for the first three, four months. Like, I

00:46:22   was really into it. Like, I did the work to set it up for different scenarios, for different

00:46:27   times of the day, different triggers, and that was the problem with it. And that was

00:46:32   why eventually I stopped using it, and why I also think it didn't really make a dent

00:46:37   in how people are using their phones. It requires a ton of work upfront. There's a ton of friction

00:46:45   on the user to get started with focus mode and to really customize it to your needs.

00:46:51   And if Apple, like if they continue working on this, meaning if it doesn't go the way

00:46:57   of screen time, where it got popular for that year that everybody was talking about like,

00:47:04   "Oh, our habits when we're using our phones, digital attention and all that kind of digital

00:47:10   well-being," like Apple rolled out the feature and then they kind of forgot about it.

00:47:15   So if it doesn't go like that, and I don't think it will because do not disturb it's

00:47:19   something more universal, something that a ton of people use. If the company continues

00:47:25   to work on this, I think they should really...

00:47:27   If they continue to focus on it.

00:47:29   Yes. Oh my God. If they continue to work on this feature, they should try and figure out

00:47:36   ways to make it easier to get started.

00:47:39   Yes.

00:47:40   easier to say, like, basically, don't punish me if I'm gonna set up five different focus modes,

00:47:46   but even things like copy and paste settings between modes. It's a ton of work to pick every

00:47:54   single individual app and every single person and customizing the settings, and it's so much work

00:48:00   that most people will be like, you know what, I'm just gonna stick with Do Not Disturb and that's it.

00:48:04   Yeah, my biggest issue with focus modes and something that I would want to see them change

00:48:09   because I just think it's a really weird decision,

00:48:12   is that everything that you choose,

00:48:16   you must choose explicitly,

00:48:18   where I would just like to remove the things

00:48:20   that I don't want.

00:48:21   Because I remember when you were running your time

00:48:25   where you were always in a focus mode.

00:48:27   I think I remember one of the things that I said to you

00:48:29   was like, how do you deal with when you add a new app

00:48:31   or a new contact?

00:48:33   You have to remember to put them in to all of the modes.

00:48:38   - I actually have a solution for that, I think.

00:48:40   So say that you, yeah, say you install a new application

00:48:44   and it has notifications.

00:48:45   When that panel comes up and says, you know,

00:48:47   one, two, three app would like to send you notifications,

00:48:51   I would love from there to say, okay, it's allowed

00:48:56   in this, this, and this focus mode.

00:48:58   Or it's not allowed in the others.

00:49:00   'Cause right now you have to step through

00:49:01   the focus workflow every time.

00:49:03   It's really, that's always struck me as odd

00:49:06   because maybe just the way I think about it,

00:49:08   but notifications and focus modes

00:49:10   are like two sides of the same coin.

00:49:12   Why can't I get to that from the other side?

00:49:15   I don't know, it seems so simple to me,

00:49:16   maybe I'm missing something,

00:49:17   but I think that would be a nice way to elevate it

00:49:22   and make it a little bit easier to get into.

00:49:25   Because if you don't do it,

00:49:27   then your systems slowly break down over time, right?

00:49:30   Because you've installed new things,

00:49:31   you have new contacts, whatever,

00:49:33   and six months down the road,

00:49:36   your focus modes don't really do what they were supposed to do

00:49:40   because you've added all this stuff

00:49:42   and they are unaware of it.

00:49:44   - Don't really know how Apple,

00:49:46   we're saying these things and they make sense,

00:49:49   but practically speaking, how do you fix them?

00:49:51   I don't know.

00:49:51   But I think as,

00:49:53   I don't put a lot of faith into Apple saying,

00:49:57   oh, now it's easier to get started with focus modes

00:49:59   because we are using intelligence

00:50:02   to determine the apps and contacts you want.

00:50:04   And like, that's not a solution

00:50:06   because I don't fully trust your quote unquote

00:50:08   intelligent Siri based system to determine the apps.

00:50:11   But make it easier for me,

00:50:14   like I mentioned copy and paste up between different modes

00:50:17   for the settings that you use, that could be one idea.

00:50:19   Another one could be what Myke said of like,

00:50:22   rather than include things,

00:50:24   start from an exclusion standpoint,

00:50:28   sort of like here's the default,

00:50:29   Just pick out the things you want to leave out.

00:50:32   So that could be another way to build a focus mode.

00:50:35   Maybe, maybe I'm just saying this,

00:50:38   maybe make focus modes shareable

00:50:40   so that people can build a template for a focus mode

00:50:43   and they can share it with you.

00:50:44   And so it's easier to get started.

00:50:46   - Maybe that will be just as successful and popular

00:50:48   as Apple Watch sharing.

00:50:50   - As soon as I said it, I thought of it.

00:50:53   I was like, you know.

00:50:57   So there was a general notification overhaul.

00:51:00   One of the things was notification summaries,

00:51:02   which I tried once and never tried again.

00:51:05   - Oh, I've leaned into it.

00:51:07   - No. - Big time.

00:51:08   - Really?

00:51:09   - Sir, you have the floor.

00:51:12   - I went through, I only have a couple of apps

00:51:14   that are allowed to send time sensitive ones.

00:51:16   And those are the ones that stick around

00:51:18   for like an hour, I think.

00:51:19   And before they end up back,

00:51:21   they sort of stick to the lock screen, basically.

00:51:24   They don't disappear into notification center

00:51:25   after you've unlocked the phone.

00:51:27   Got a couple apps that do that.

00:51:29   It's Todoist and maybe Messages, and maybe the only two.

00:51:34   And then I've got some that send me regular notifications

00:51:37   like they always have, but a bunch of stuff that like,

00:51:40   yeah, I'd like to know what's going on in here,

00:51:41   but it's not critical, I've shoved off into the summary.

00:51:46   And I've got three summaries a day.

00:51:49   I've got 8 a.m., so it catches overnight stuff,

00:51:52   noon and then 8 p.m.

00:51:55   So it kind of splits the day.

00:51:56   And it's worked out really well, actually.

00:52:01   So things like Parcel or TestFlight or,

00:52:06   I'm trying to unlock my phone as I talk

00:52:09   and find other examples,

00:52:10   but it's just a handful of things

00:52:12   that I've moved out into that scheduled summary.

00:52:17   - You think you know a guy, you know?

00:52:19   - Yeah, right.

00:52:21   So it was redesigned in iOS 15.2.

00:52:24   They now have this floating bubble type thing going on.

00:52:29   Used to be this very boring stack of notifications,

00:52:33   and in 15.2 they gave it a bit of a new design.

00:52:36   I think it shares many of the same problems of focus modes,

00:52:42   meaning you gotta do a ton of work up front, right?

00:52:45   And it's not...

00:52:46   My problem with the notification summary is that

00:52:48   It's a binary thing.

00:52:52   Like you can set up multiple summaries,

00:52:54   but you can only send notifications to one summary

00:52:58   that gets delivered at multiple times throughout the day.

00:53:02   Whereas what I would have liked to see was,

00:53:04   okay, give me a news summary,

00:53:07   give me an entertainment summary,

00:53:09   give me a gaming summary, give me a social summary.

00:53:12   Like let me set up categories of apps

00:53:15   so that I can triage my notifications like that

00:53:17   so that I know that in the evening

00:53:18   I get my social media summary.

00:53:20   And maybe in the morning, I get my news-based summary.

00:53:24   Like, that was my hope for this feature,

00:53:26   but now it's just, yeah,

00:53:28   it's just set up multiple schedules like an alarm,

00:53:31   and otherwise you just mark things as going into the summary,

00:53:34   but that's all you can do.

00:53:35   You cannot categorize anything.

00:53:37   And I realized that asking for more categorization

00:53:40   may be in direct opposition to saying,

00:53:43   require less work from the user.

00:53:45   But in this case, I would be up to see something like Apple categorizing things for you.

00:53:52   They do have, I'll share this, that there is a precedent for Apple using categories

00:53:59   to automatically organize stuff for you on your device.

00:54:03   And that's the app library.

00:54:05   So why not use those same categories to automatically create summaries for you?

00:54:11   And then you can set up the schedules you want.

00:54:13   But you could say, "Gaming notifications,

00:54:15   go into the gaming summary."

00:54:17   You know, maybe that's a direction that could be explored.

00:54:21   - Time-sensitive notifications.

00:54:23   - They're okay, some apps have been abusing them.

00:54:25   I've seen some apps that,

00:54:27   do you really need a time-sensitive indication

00:54:30   for a movie ticket?

00:54:31   Like, no, you don't.

00:54:33   (laughing)

00:54:35   - I have very few, very, very few time-sensitive,

00:54:38   like they're just, there aren't really many applications

00:54:42   or all that I think need this.

00:54:45   And also just like, I'm not particularly fond

00:54:48   of the way that iOS handles it.

00:54:50   It's like too aggressive,

00:54:53   which is why like I don't even have like calendar alarms

00:54:56   as like calendar alerts as time sensitive

00:54:58   'cause it's too aggressive.

00:54:59   You can't get rid of them.

00:55:01   And I know that's kind of the point,

00:55:03   but I tend not to like it.

00:55:05   - Yeah, I think the key there is find the one or two

00:55:08   you really need and don't put any others in that category. It also says time

00:55:14   sensitive and capital letters at the top of the notification. Way too bold, way way

00:55:18   way too bold. Really annoying. Not a big fan of that. Quick note which is

00:55:24   barely an iOS feature. Barely an iOS feature. I mean you can see the

00:55:32   Quick Notes, but this is all. Like, I actually, in the next app stories, I went down this

00:55:39   rabbit hole about Quick Notes and how it works. But basically, my problem is that it's not

00:55:46   cross-platform. It's really an iPadOS feature that was kind of tucked on MacOS and iOS.

00:55:52   On iOS, it does nothing, right? You only see the Quick Notes in the Quick Notes folder,

00:55:57   but it doesn't--

00:55:58   It's weird.

00:55:59   is weird, but it doesn't do anything. It doesn't support the swiping from the bottom to capture

00:56:06   a Quick Note. It doesn't support the highlights. If you've saved highlights from a Safari page,

00:56:13   it doesn't do anything. So this is part of a bigger thing that I would like to see, which

00:56:16   is proper multitasking on the iPhone, but I guess we'll talk about that in the future.

00:56:21   But yeah, barely an iOS feature. And also it's not an API, so I don't know. Should Quick

00:56:28   to be something that developers can customize should be...

00:56:31   Like, I would love to do anything

00:56:34   in floating Quick Note mode, personally.

00:56:38   Like, not even note-taking, right?

00:56:40   I'm just, I don't know, floating Twitter, you know?

00:56:43   That's not a terrible idea.

00:56:44   Like, I love the, um...

00:56:46   That's terrible.

00:56:47   I love the picture-in-picture on iPhone for video.

00:56:52   So, like, it totally works.

00:56:54   Like, if that's allowed, right, why not Quick Note?

00:56:58   I don't get it. Shareplay, which we spent a bit of time talking about over the last

00:57:03   couple of weeks, like none of us use it, none of us really see a need for it, but we heard

00:57:08   from lots of passionate ones that do use it. Lots of legitimate use cases for most people,

00:57:15   it's possibly a gimmick, but I haven't seen anyone in real life talk about this, but some

00:57:22   Some people have some quite actually sweet and legitimate uses for this, so great for

00:57:30   you.

00:57:33   Looking at just the general impact on the people as this entity of the general public

00:57:40   that we like to be experts of sometimes, I don't see it in real life.

00:57:47   FaceTime got a bunch of updates including a grid view for group calls, FaceTime on the

00:57:54   web and audio and visual effects like blurring the background and you could do stuff with

00:58:01   your voice to try and cut out some sound stuff.

00:58:04   Here's the thing, I don't use FaceTime really.

00:58:08   Yeah, that's the thing.

00:58:09   Right?

00:58:10   That's the problem.

00:58:11   Definitely not in groups if I ever use FaceTime.

00:58:15   I've never done a serious group FaceTime.

00:58:19   It's always Zoom.

00:58:20   - Effects for anything in Apple software,

00:58:24   like you get these effects in iMessage,

00:58:27   in clips, in FaceTime.

00:58:30   Those are the definition of a gimmick.

00:58:32   I've used it once, I think.

00:58:36   Grid view is fine.

00:58:38   So I've used it a couple of times in grid view.

00:58:40   It's fine, it's okay.

00:58:43   But I can say that I've really tried the web version though.

00:58:47   So I have no idea.

00:58:48   - I mean, why would we?

00:58:49   - Yeah. - Right?

00:58:50   Like why would we?

00:58:52   - It kind of feels like they caught up to Zoom

00:58:56   at the end of the pandemic.

00:58:57   And at that point, so many companies have signed up

00:59:01   for business plans, like Zoom accounts.

00:59:03   Like for example, Sylvia's Dance School,

00:59:05   they have a Zoom account, like a business Zoom account

00:59:08   because they do remote lessons when someone is sick.

00:59:11   Right, makes sense.

00:59:12   And now Apple comes in and say,

00:59:13   "Well, you can just use it with FaceTime."

00:59:16   And the company's like, "But why would I?

00:59:17   "I'm paying for Zoom."

00:59:19   I'm fully set up with Zoom.

00:59:20   I'm not changing my system. - And Zoom just became

00:59:22   like the word for video conferencing.

00:59:25   So too slow.

00:59:27   If all of this stuff would have existed before,

00:59:30   like if you could join them on the web

00:59:31   or join them via a link,

00:59:33   FaceTime probably would have been way up there

00:59:36   if not the dominant,

00:59:37   but Zoom was able to swipe in, like swoop in

00:59:40   because they were, you know, they were,

00:59:43   - Swiping.

00:59:44   - Swiping, I swipe him right,

00:59:45   I don't know why that came,

00:59:47   they zoomed in, is what I should have said.

00:59:49   And they got shared with you,

00:59:53   everyone's favorite feature, right?

00:59:54   - Nah.

00:59:55   - Love shared with you?

00:59:57   - I mostly just come across it as like a banner in Safari,

01:00:00   like John Voorhees shared this link with you, like, okay.

01:00:02   - Yeah, it's usually John, right?

01:00:03   John is a sharer.

01:00:05   - He is.

01:00:06   - I will say mostly for me, it's Steven.

01:00:09   I just had it earlier.

01:00:11   It said Steven shared this with you.

01:00:13   I get a lot of Steven shared this with you.

01:00:15   But maybe what that means is just me and Steven

01:00:17   go to the same things on the web a lot, you know?

01:00:20   - Yeah. - A lot of Pokemon forums.

01:00:22   - Yes, I know you do.

01:00:23   You're always on Smogon and Reddit, VGC.

01:00:27   I know you, Steven.

01:00:28   I disable this everywhere, right?

01:00:33   I just went into settings and I turned it off everywhere.

01:00:36   And I don't know.

01:00:38   I kind of feel like if someone sends me a link,

01:00:42   you know, in iMessage,

01:00:44   I'm checking out the iMessage conversation.

01:00:46   I don't need to be reminded.

01:00:48   It just kind of feels like clutter, you know, in music.

01:00:51   Like, if John sends me a link,

01:00:53   I'm going to save that link somewhere.

01:00:55   I don't need the constant reminder that,

01:00:57   "Oh, John shared this with you."

01:00:59   So, yeah, I don't think we will see any more work

01:01:04   on this feature this year in 16.

01:01:08   I'm really not entirely sure why it exists.

01:01:13   I'm not sure what problem it solves, honestly.

01:01:16   Yes.

01:01:17   And I know people could say it's a nice reminder, like you know, you go to Safari.

01:01:22   But like, I think I said this at the time, I don't, like if somebody sends me something,

01:01:28   I'm not like, oh, I really want to see that, but not now.

01:01:32   Like to the point where I go to Safari later and I'm like, oh yeah, like this doesn't,

01:01:36   You know what I mean?

01:01:37   Like I, and again, I'm sure we have listeners

01:01:40   where you are this way, but like,

01:01:42   this is a very particular and strange use case in five apps.

01:01:46   - It almost feels like a solution

01:01:49   in search of a problem to solve.

01:01:51   Meaning an engineer came up with an idea of like,

01:01:53   hey, wouldn't it be neat if I figured out

01:01:55   how to scan your IMS conversations

01:01:57   for different type of deep links?

01:01:59   And they were like, yeah, that's cool.

01:02:00   How can we make it a feature?

01:02:01   And usually that's not a really useful feature

01:02:03   because if you don't start from the problem,

01:02:05   you start from the solution,

01:02:07   nobody's really gonna use that.

01:02:08   And when we say nobody, obviously we don't mean nobody,

01:02:12   but we gotta think at scale, right?

01:02:13   And yeah.

01:02:15   - We're using the Royal nobody.

01:02:16   And the,

01:02:17   (laughing)

01:02:20   like this is, you can start from the problem

01:02:25   in this scenario,

01:02:27   if you make it open to everyone to use.

01:02:29   This is not helpful.

01:02:32   This is like a problem with so many of Apple's services

01:02:35   things, right? If you're only going to allow this in photos, music, Safari, like

01:02:42   this isn't enough. People use more than just these five things. Like,

01:02:48   if you send me a link to Apple music but I don't use Apple music, this is not

01:02:54   helpful to me. Right. Well if only there was some other way to save URLs for your

01:02:58   use later. Exactly. You know what's funny? That if you were looking for the problem,

01:03:02   you wouldn't come up with this. You would actually care about reading lists and bookmarks in Safari.

01:03:07   [laughter]

01:03:08   Because if you were starting from the problem, you would take a look at those two features

01:03:14   that have existed forever in Safari, and then instead you did a big Safari redesign, which

01:03:20   we're going to talk about in a minute, but those two features, you just took them from

01:03:24   the previous Safari and you brought them into the new one and you just left them as they

01:03:29   But instead for saving links, he didn't like,

01:03:32   hey, maybe, you know, actually time to consider

01:03:35   reading lists and bookmarks again.

01:03:38   No, what if we came up with a way to scan

01:03:41   your iMessage conversations?

01:03:43   Like, come on, seriously, that's the best answer

01:03:46   you have to saving links.

01:03:48   - And try and access them all in one place, you know?

01:03:52   Try and do that.

01:03:52   No, it's not possible.

01:03:54   - Maybe it's a branding problem.

01:03:56   You know, maybe shared with you isn't the right name.

01:03:59   What if they could name it something like "Someone pinged me with this"?

01:04:03   Oh, here he goes.

01:04:05   Yep.

01:04:07   Yep. Yep.

01:04:08   There's something there, I think.

01:04:09   What was it called?

01:04:11   The thing on Apple Music that was like this continued…

01:04:14   Connect. Oh, my God.

01:04:16   Yeah.

01:04:17   Connect. Yeah.

01:04:18   Anyway, I'm sorry.

01:04:19   Was it Apple Music Connect?

01:04:21   It was Apple Music.

01:04:22   iTunes Connect.

01:04:23   No, iTunes Connect is the back end stuff.

01:04:26   Yeah.

01:04:27   Nobody. It was called Connect.

01:04:28   Apple music connectors were like, oh, hey, I'm your favorite band.

01:04:32   And I'm like posting pictures on Apple music on my trips.

01:04:34   Like, no, they're just going to use social media like a normal person.

01:04:37   And I think it was just like YouTube and Trent Reznor for like months and

01:04:43   Coldplay, not Trent Reznor. Yeah. Coldplay. Yeah. Oh, well.

01:04:46   Safari. So got a big redesign on iPhone.

01:04:51   The main thing being moving the address bar to the

01:04:55   bottom and finally fixing the way that tabs look. We've got tab groups and extensions.

01:05:04   I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I think the new Safari, especially on the iPhone,

01:05:08   is the best work that Apple has put out in years.

01:05:11   Correct.

01:05:12   Because I feel like it's the result of a... it's a great combination of having a specific

01:05:16   vision for something, but also getting a part of it wrong at the beginning and actually

01:05:22   listening to users and iterating over it over the course of the summer. Like, so well done

01:05:30   in terms of listening to the community and being very humble about it and be like, "Tell

01:05:34   us what is wrong with this." Because we actually thought we had it, but it seems that we don't.

01:05:39   So tell us what's wrong and let's see if we can figure it out. And I think the result

01:05:45   is excellent. I've been using the new design since it was fixed in beta 5 or 6 or whatever.

01:05:52   last summer, haven't looked back.

01:05:55   Obviously on the iPad, I'm not using the new design,

01:05:57   so maybe on the iPad side, things are a little more shaky,

01:06:02   but on the iPhone, I think really well done.

01:06:05   If anything, it's a shame that this design

01:06:09   is exclusive to Safari.

01:06:11   - Yes, yeah, more stuff should be bottom centric, right?

01:06:14   Especially as these phones get bigger,

01:06:16   why do I have to reach to the top

01:06:18   in every other application for stuff?

01:06:20   I'm sorry. I'm a child. I'm a child. Stop. Stop. Stop me.

01:06:27   I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. So why did you do that? I was trying to keep it together

01:06:37   and you just had to... I'm so sorry, okay? I can't be blamed for this. I didn't say it.

01:06:44   I almost said it. I almost said it and you just ruined it.

01:06:48   I'm blushing too, this is a real experience over here.

01:06:52   What do you mean you don't use the new Safari design on iPad?

01:06:57   I don't use the unified tab bar.

01:06:59   I have the traditional design.

01:07:02   You know there's the compact tab bar mode on the iPad.

01:07:05   Nobody uses it really.

01:07:07   Oh okay, cool.

01:07:08   But it's there.

01:07:09   Because I don't remember this.

01:07:10   It's also still there on the Mac.

01:07:13   You can turn it on a Mac OS still.

01:07:16   Yeah.

01:07:17   Don't do it.

01:07:18   - Oh God, yes, that's when, yes, I remember now.

01:07:21   When the URL bar was in each tab.

01:07:23   - Yeah, super weird.

01:07:25   - Yeah, that was bad, that was a bad idea.

01:07:27   - Honestly, if it gets discontinued this year

01:07:31   on iPadOS and Mac OS, I wouldn't be shocked.

01:07:34   The use, I bet that the usage numbers for that UI mode

01:07:38   are below 10% of the user base.

01:07:41   Like I wouldn't be surprised at all.

01:07:43   - Oh God, I just turned it on on my Mac, yeah, this is.

01:07:46   It's bad.

01:07:47   And you can turn like the UI color tinting stuff back on too

01:07:51   but they're separate check boxes and separate places.

01:07:55   It's like they were punishing whoever's idea this was like,

01:07:58   you can turn it back on

01:07:59   but they're never gonna find the second option.

01:08:01   How does it look on iPad though?

01:08:03   Not great.

01:08:04   Safari.

01:08:05   No, it's bad.

01:08:07   It's bad.

01:08:08   There's a section in my review with screenshots.

01:08:11   I've only used it for those screenshots.

01:08:14   Yeah, it's not good. Turn it off.

01:08:16   Not good. Not good at all.

01:08:18   I'm looking for that.

01:08:19   Extensions is the great part, though.

01:08:21   Yes, absolutely.

01:08:22   Except for, like, if you get really into extensions, the UI to manage them is not great.

01:08:31   I wish that it was a bit more like a macOS where your preferences window can open within Safari.

01:08:40   Instead, like, it feels like there's too many taps involved, especially on the iPhone,

01:08:44   where you get this huge list and the huge list gets cut off at some point,

01:08:49   and so you gotta click the puzzle icon, manage extensions, and then you gotta go in there.

01:08:54   And it feels like a little too cumbersome if you keep too many extensions installed,

01:08:58   but otherwise, they're great, right?

01:09:00   I think, obviously, on iPhone and iPad, they don't exactly have the same capabilities as extensions on the Mac.

01:09:08   There's some things that are missing, I believe.

01:09:11   I ran into this last week when I was testing the extension for Raindrop, the bookmarking

01:09:16   service, and it behaves differently on the iPhone and iPad than it does on the Mac. And

01:09:21   I bet it's because of some limitations that occur when you're trying to have an extension

01:09:26   always running in the background in Safari. But otherwise, solid job.

01:09:32   My only reservation, but I think I'm actually in the minority here, is tab groups. I don't

01:09:38   personally use them but I know quite a few people who do. Including one of our very own here.

01:09:43   Yeah I use them to my own detriment but I do use them.

01:09:47   Why?

01:09:47   I like having things really neatly organized. Like I have a tab group for recording and like I have a

01:09:54   tab group for like relay and so like they're set up just with the things that I'm gonna need for

01:10:00   each mode that I've worked that I'm in at that moment. And then they sync from device to device

01:10:06   like all of my devices. I really like it. I do really like it.

01:10:10   Live text. Great feature.

01:10:12   Great feature. Perfect execution, I would say. Integrated system-wide.

01:10:17   It's in the camera. It's in photos. It's in Quick Look. It's now in shortcuts.

01:10:22   Honestly, I don't have anything else to add here. Maybe down the road, obviously,

01:10:28   it's happening, right? Especially if Apple gets into AR more and more.

01:10:32   I think the camera, the actual real-time integrations will go deeper than what you can do right now.

01:10:40   Obviously, Apple has to do it, if they're working on headsets and glasses, right? To

01:10:44   be able to actually sort of overlay graphics on top of recognized text, but also objects,

01:10:51   like street signs, for example, like directions and that sort of thing. But for now, for just

01:10:58   extracting text, super well done.

01:11:00   Yeah, for me, I don't use it often, but every time I do, I love it. Like, you know, it's

01:11:04   like I have to get a phone number from something or an email address or something and it's

01:11:07   on a piece of paper or like, or one for me is like somebody, like I want to, this is

01:11:14   the worst, I can't believe this is how I have to do this. Like somebody sends you something

01:11:18   in a message and you just want to copy a part of it. And so you take a screenshot of the

01:11:24   iMessage, then you can use live text to select one part of the iMessage.

01:11:28   That is genius. You know what I usually do when that happens? I copy the whole message

01:11:33   and I paste it into the compose box and then I cut the part that is relevant to me. The

01:11:38   problem is that occasionally with my stupid fingers I've done the wrong thing and I've

01:11:43   sent the message that somebody sent me back to them.

01:11:47   Yeah, why do you think I figured this thing out? Because I did that all the time. Yeah,

01:11:52   just take a screenshot and use the live text and you can copy part of it out of there.

01:11:56   It is silly that you have to do that.

01:11:58   I kind of can't believe that we still don't have text selection inside of iMessage.

01:12:02   Like, that's just wild to me.

01:12:04   We're still in this world.

01:12:06   But yeah, I don't use it often, but every time I do, I love it.

01:12:09   Like, it's a great feature.

01:12:10   Photo memories, they got changed.

01:12:12   Everybody that listens to the show knows that the three of us hate that.

01:12:15   Boo.

01:12:17   They added a bunch of privacy features.

01:12:19   There was the app privacy report, which I've never looked at.

01:12:22   Nope, never have.

01:12:24   Because I think this got added late too, right?

01:12:26   like I don't think it was in shipping 15 15.2 or three I want to yeah so it's

01:12:31   like I'm never gonna even think about it email tracking prevention who uses Apple

01:12:37   Mail I do of course you do you use Chrome and Apple Mail what kind of like

01:12:44   cursed mixture is that you are one I'd like a browser that works with web pages

01:12:51   that I need to use and Apple Mail is all I need.

01:12:54   - Okay.

01:12:54   - But yeah, I'm not using the privacy stuff.

01:12:58   - I don't like the email tracking prevention thing myself.

01:13:01   Like, look, I said this before,

01:13:03   I'm not sure Apple needs to keep inserting itself

01:13:06   into everything, like I'm making decisions for everyone

01:13:10   on their behalf, like we need them to protect us.

01:13:14   Like, if I care enough about this stuff,

01:13:18   I can use email services to do this for me.

01:13:21   I don't need Apple to do it for me.

01:13:24   And then just inadvertently disrupt lots of people's businesses.

01:13:29   You know?

01:13:31   Knowing that somebody opened your email is important.

01:13:35   And from a privacy thing, it's not the worst thing.

01:13:38   And I know that there's more than that.

01:13:40   But the fact that it also cuts out people that are trying to build businesses

01:13:44   that have email newsletters attached to them.

01:13:47   It seems a bit heavy handed to me, but that's my own view on these things.

01:13:54   And also they do, oh, I was going to iCloud Plus, where they do the private relay thing,

01:13:58   which I've never used because I don't need that or want that, and hide my email, which

01:14:02   also I don't want.

01:14:03   And so this is a thing, hide my email, somewhat I feel similar to email tracking prevention,

01:14:07   and it made Steven's life worse for a while.

01:14:10   It did.

01:14:12   Yeah, it broke with the Kickstarter stuff last year.

01:14:15   Oh, I remember that.

01:14:17   Including somebody who worked on the feature at Apple,

01:14:20   turns out.

01:14:21   Yeah, I can't say that I've used any of these features.

01:14:25   I remember trying private relay

01:14:29   and it cut my internet speed in like, by like two thirds

01:14:33   and everything was super slow.

01:14:34   And I think it got better,

01:14:37   but also I don't think I'm the type of person

01:14:41   who would need all these extra layers of protection.

01:14:46   I think there are legitimate use cases,

01:14:49   especially in certain countries,

01:14:51   for wanting your internet to be protected at all times

01:14:55   and having the tracking prevention in mail

01:14:57   and having the app privacy report.

01:15:00   I think that needs to exist,

01:15:03   especially in some places of the world.

01:15:06   But personally here, I feel pretty lucky in Italy

01:15:11   that I don't really need any of these things.

01:15:15   And if I would, I would probably just use a VPN for those times

01:15:18   when, oh, I want to watch a TV show from the United States,

01:15:23   but it's preventing me to do so.

01:15:24   I'm just going to use a VPN.

01:15:26   I think Apple will continue to ship these kinds of features.

01:15:30   But obviously, these are kind of the niche additions to iOS.

01:15:34   People are not installing the next version of iOS

01:15:37   because of the privacy improvements.

01:15:38   I mean, those are welcome, but you're not

01:15:40   rushing to update your phone because of app privacy report, right? You want the new widgets

01:15:46   or the new emoji or stuff. Yeah.

01:15:48   Question for you, I don't know the answer to this. Email tracking prevention, do you

01:15:53   get asked if you want to enable that feature?

01:15:56   There's a splash screen, yes.

01:15:58   Okay, cool. That's fine then. Now I feel better about it. Let's just say someone can choose,

01:16:03   right? Because I'm going to say like, if they don't ask for that, but they do ask for app

01:16:07   tracking transparency. So if you ask, but the difference is though, okay so the

01:16:13   difference is, I'm talking about this all through this now, with app tracking

01:16:16   transparency I get to choose per app. With email tracking prevention it's all

01:16:24   email right? Like if I say, like then no one will ever know I've opened their

01:16:29   emails even if people like I trust. Like I don't, I mostly turn off, I ask not

01:16:37   to track but not always. I leave that on sometimes because I do feel like in some

01:16:42   places we're gonna see ads I would like those ads to be the most relevant that

01:16:45   they can be. That's my own preference. I'm gonna see the ads. I at least want the

01:16:49   ads to be me. Like on Instagram. Yes I'm talking specifically about Instagram.

01:16:54   I didn't ask Instagram not to track. Like they're gonna track me

01:17:01   anyway so I might as well get the benefit out of it. That's

01:17:05   my own personal view on this stuff. At least you're gonna get the good track, you know?

01:17:08   If you need to be... I get a good tracking. I'm gonna get track, I don't want bad track.

01:17:13   I want good track. And like most of the time for me, like I say no when it's kind of like

01:17:18   to an app, I was like, I don't even know why you're tracking me. So if you're asking me,

01:17:23   I'm saying no. I don't like, you know, like there's an app that I use to check train times. And it was

01:17:29   like, do you like, why are you tracking me? You know, I know. Thank you. I'm pretty sure

01:17:35   I once seen, I once installed like a Plex, a third party client and asked to track me.

01:17:41   I was like, wait, I just wanted to watch a recorded episode of the Gossip Girl reboot

01:17:48   that John recorded for me on his Plex server. And you're tracking me. Why is it? John record

01:17:56   shows for you? Oh man, all the time. Of course he does. Big Plex buddy. John has a Mac mini

01:18:03   server set up in a closet, right, that is constantly sort of streaming American television

01:18:11   to me. So like any event I can watch. And we actually do like watch parties occasionally

01:18:17   for like the Oscars and like, you know, we didn't do the Met Gala, but you know, the

01:18:23   Oscars, the Super Bowl for the halftime show, like I actually watch and invite

01:18:27   friends over, it's fun and it's all thanks to Jon's Plex server. When

01:18:32   you initially said we do watch parties I thought you meant you and Jon but no

01:18:35   Jon's not invited. No, Jon doesn't care about any of this stuff. He doesn't care, he's just out there playing

01:18:41   playing you know Nintendo Switch games and whatnot, yeah. Steven would you

01:18:45   install the Mac Mini for me in a closet? I think Jon has it covered. That was kind of what I was

01:18:55   expecting. I just opened Safari since we're talking about it, kind of check out the UI stuff, and I got

01:19:00   a banner at the top. New Safari extensions available. Do you want to turn on quote

01:19:05   parentheses null end quote and minus one other extension? Whatever, say yes! Just live dangerously

01:19:14   man come on no - one - the - one is the best part like cuz no it's like that's

01:19:22   stupid but happens right but how do you get to - one extension if I hit turn on

01:19:28   extensions actually gonna turn one off yeah I think it means that if you turn

01:19:32   no on you go negative extensions so that's why I was 15 I can't wait to see

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01:20:42   You know, it's a good t-shirt.

01:20:44   I also bought one.

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01:20:47   I mean, who wouldn't want that? You know what I'm saying?

01:20:49   Yep. It was out before all of us were born, but that's fine.

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01:20:59   Until next week, guys say goodbye.

01:21:01   Arrivederci.

01:21:02   Cheerio.