393: Roast my Desk


00:00:00   Federico, it's your turn.

00:00:03   Oh, I wouldn't have remembered that either.

00:00:07   It's in the top of the document.

00:00:09   Yeah, but like we've done how many hundreds of episodes where you start?

00:00:14   It's true.

00:00:15   We got to take time to get used to this. It's normal for you.

00:00:26   From really FM. This is connected episode

00:00:28   393 my name is Federico. I'm from Italy and it's my pleasure. First of all to thank our four sponsors today

00:00:35   Bombas indeed novel and Bambi and also it is additionally my pleasure to introduce one of my co-hosts

00:00:42   Specifically the one from the most recently discovered country in our group. Mr. Steven Hackett

00:00:53   How does it feel to be in a recently discovered country? It feels it feels it feels okay

00:00:58   Yeah, you know well welcome to the show. Thank you your your show also. Yes. It is our show together

00:01:05   It is my pleasure to introduce

00:01:10   really the

00:01:12   He's not the oldest person on the show. He's like the middlest host the host from the middle. Mr. Myke Hurley

00:01:19   Hello, it is my pleasure to be here

00:01:23   Time zone you're in between me and Federico

00:01:25   Middle is brother

00:01:28   You've said it last week Michael in the middle Steven. You cannot say the same joke again, okay?

00:01:33   Look at that. Yeah. Yeah, what's it?

00:01:36   It's been highlighting this point on a weekly basis now like the sort of Myke being in the middle like we get it

00:01:44   Steven I think I am in the middle, too

00:01:46   Right like if you imagine I am always in the middle right whenever we do live shows it's

00:01:52   It's, I'm in the middle, Federer comes on my left,

00:01:55   Stephen's on my right, so I am always in the middle.

00:01:57   Yeah, that's actually right.

00:01:59   And we've always done them that way,

00:02:01   except the first one, it was swap the other way around.

00:02:03   Even the podcast-a-thon, you and I sat that same way,

00:02:07   where I was to your right.

00:02:08   But our very first live show, it was all wrong,

00:02:12   'cause I was on it the whole time,

00:02:14   so I sat in the same chair.

00:02:16   Which is-- No one doesn't,

00:02:17   I mean, that one kinda counts. That one doesn't count.

00:02:19   It doesn't count.

00:02:21   Really the genesis of our live shows was that one in that we did in a hotel basement in Chicago

00:02:26   That's where I mean we can trace a lot of things back to that episode

00:02:31   But that was kind of like the first idea of how we do a live show

00:02:35   And I think we stayed in that same seating arrangement ever since it's the one I surprised you with a iBook g3

00:02:41   Mm-hmm and the bees the bees are the thing the bees

00:02:44   That's the real at some point you all stood up to play like a iPhone game on your phone

00:02:50   Yeah, I went I went rogue and started playing AR basketball.

00:02:54   Well, let's start with some follow-up. We have some, speaking of bees, speaking of bees,

00:02:59   some very important API news. Jason Snell is out there just requesting things of people,

00:03:08   and he usually gets gets what he wants. He had wanted an API for Ricky's information,

00:03:15   so rookies.co/api, there is a now a JSON file call.

00:03:20   I don't know what this is called.

00:03:25   A JSON for JSON is what it is.

00:03:28   And you can poll who is the keynote

00:03:32   and annual chairman at any given time.

00:03:35   - And there's a little bit more information too.

00:03:37   I think it's been growing over the last week.

00:03:40   There's like more data being put into the API.

00:03:44   Yeah, they're exposing the location Twitter and Memoji profile image as a PNG,

00:03:50   but also there's already some examples of the API, including, and I cannot believe I'm saying this,

00:03:57   there's an Obsidian plugin for this. Now what? You can...

00:04:03   This part I don't fully understand.

00:04:05   You? There's a plugin that you can download for Obsidian and you can install it in Obsidian,

00:04:10   and it installs a command, it seems, that's called, let's see, "Paste annual chairman".

00:04:18   And basically, for whatever reason, if you ever want to quickly paste the correct chairman

00:04:27   information in Obsidian, you can install a plugin for it that checks the Ricky's API and returns the

00:04:36   correct chairman data point for you. This is incredible. There's also a widget that was made

00:04:45   by Raymond Velasquez to display a very nicely formatted version of this data in Scriptable.

00:04:55   So Scriptable, the JavaScript app by Simon Storring, it lets you create custom widgets

00:05:00   for the home screen and those custom widgets are actually based on code. So you can draw all the

00:05:05   graphics and the text layout and all that kind of stuff in JavaScript, and you can render

00:05:10   all that out to a widget. And there is a very nice widget for the Ricky's API now. You can

00:05:17   see the keynote chairman and the other chairman, and there's the picture of the trophy. What's

00:05:21   the name of the cup?

00:05:25   Oh, what is it? Hang on, I'm going to the Ricky's page. There's a very particular name

00:05:31   for it that Lex created.

00:05:34   It is called...

00:05:35   The Passion Cup.

00:05:36   The Passion Cup.

00:05:37   Yeah, so that's a very nice widget.

00:05:40   And looking at the...

00:05:43   I'm looking at the API web page.

00:05:45   Yeah, they have a whole new section for API uses.

00:05:49   So I guess if you're making something with this API, maybe a shortcut, maybe something

00:05:52   along those lines, I guess get in touch with Lex and you can probably end up on this page.

00:05:59   I have no idea about the Obsidian plugin.

00:06:02   That's incredible.

00:06:03   Hilarious.

00:06:04   I do hope people enjoy doing these things.

00:06:08   Well, you know, we're not forcing anybody.

00:06:09   No, we're not.

00:06:10   I just hope that people do it out of enjoyment and love,

00:06:12   you know?

00:06:13   That's the hope.

00:06:14   That is the hope.

00:06:16   So thank you, whoever is playing around with this.

00:06:19   Thank you, Lex, obviously.

00:06:20   Because I know I love it.

00:06:21   It's cool.

00:06:22   I don't understand why anybody needs this information

00:06:24   in their obsidian, but I'm happy that it exists.

00:06:28   Sometimes you're just looking at Markdown,

00:06:30   and you must think, I wonder who's

00:06:32   chairman of comer. Let me just fire off this plug-in. I didn't tell y'all I got some mail

00:06:40   the other day from fur kids. I'm looking at rickys.co/charities. I had to really think

00:06:47   about what that was for a minute. I'm like hang on a minute, what's this? Are we into

00:06:52   dangerous territory here? It's a charity. It's a rescue and shelter charity for animals

00:07:00   and I donated $100 for losing the Flexys to Federico

00:07:04   in September of 2020.

00:07:06   - Oh, I didn't even know this charity page existed.

00:07:08   - Yes, it's also a newer feature.

00:07:10   - That's so good.

00:07:11   - And it has, yeah, I'm on their mailing list forever.

00:07:14   So they sent me a thing.

00:07:17   - UNICEF is the winner though,

00:07:18   if such a thing could be considered.

00:07:20   - 'Cause we all donated.

00:07:22   - Yeah.

00:07:23   - Myke has never, oh, you made one donation.

00:07:25   You donated to St. Jude once.

00:07:27   - Yeah.

00:07:29   along with coin flips, Flexis is the thing that I've done the best in.

00:07:33   Federico, I wanted to check in on Automation April.

00:07:36   I know you guys have been doing some stuff, so get us up to date.

00:07:40   Well, it's a week two of Automation April.

00:07:43   It's been going really well.

00:07:44   We received a ton of submissions for the Automation April contest.

00:07:48   So that's still ongoing.

00:07:50   You have another week to submit your shortcuts.

00:07:52   The contests, the entries, they close next Wednesday,

00:07:57   But about this time, I think, on the 20th.

00:08:00   So you've got another week to submit up to two shortcuts.

00:08:03   And we already started evaluating with the judges

00:08:08   all the shortcuts that people have been submitting,

00:08:10   but they're still sending them.

00:08:11   So you've got another week.

00:08:13   We will also be hosting another workshop next week,

00:08:18   I think, before the contest wraps up.

00:08:20   So that's going to be useful.

00:08:22   We're going to be talking about some more advanced techniques.

00:08:25   Maybe it's going to give you some last-minute ideas for something to submit for the contest.

00:08:30   We've also been busy on the content side.

00:08:33   So just today, for example, I shared 10 more shortcuts on Mac Stories.

00:08:39   So these are all free for everybody.

00:08:42   They are in the article. They are, of course, in the Shortcuts Archive, which is now approaching 280 shortcuts, I believe.

00:08:50   Whoa!

00:08:51   Yeah, well, I think we're going to be at 300 by the end of the year, for sure.

00:08:54   sure, because once I share my other 10, as I mentioned before, I prepared 30 shortcuts

00:09:01   for Automation April. Today I'm up to 20 that I've shared on Mac Stories. So once I share the last

00:09:08   batch of 10, next week we're going to be at over 280. So by the end of 2022 I think we'll be at 300

00:09:16   for sure. So I shared 10 more today. There's a bunch of, you know, there's shortcuts for everybody

00:09:22   in there. There's one that I really like for multitasking on the Mac where it lets you

00:09:28   create like, it's called Split View Presets. So the idea is that you create your own presets

00:09:34   of two apps that you want to put together side by side quickly. And then you choose

00:09:40   from a list of these presets and the shortcut arranges the windows for you.

00:09:44   Oh, I'm going to get this one.

00:09:46   Yeah, so for example, I find myself often doing Safari plus Obsidian, you know, or Discord

00:09:52   and Messages. And that's the idea. You make your own list of two things and you make your

00:09:58   own presets and then choose from a list. And another one that I really like is this automation

00:10:03   that I set up on my iPhone, because I've been trying the Twitter app again just to refresh

00:10:10   my knowledge. You know, I do this every few months. I want to see WhatsApp. I want to,

00:10:14   you know, check out the algorithmic timeline again.

00:10:16   I want to try Twitter Blue again, which I can.

00:10:20   Don't ask me why, but, you know, with my fake US accounts, yes.

00:10:24   I found a way.

00:10:26   But the Twitter app...

00:10:27   Elon hooked you up.

00:10:28   The Twitter app, now when you copy a link, it appends these ugly tracking parameters

00:10:32   to the tweet, and I really dislike them.

00:10:36   So I created this automation that cleans up the links for me whenever I close Twitter.

00:10:40   It runs in the background.

00:10:42   tell me anything even, but it cleans the links for me, so that when I go into Discord or

00:10:48   messages and I paste the link to a tweet, that's the cleaned version of the link. It

00:10:55   doesn't have the junk at the end, so that's cool. And yesterday, the one true John shared

00:11:00   this really incredible thing that he built, which is called MyTunes. So basically, a good

00:11:06   way to describe it is John created his own private personalized MTV channel using a combination

00:11:15   of shortcuts to actions. So basically John found a way to turn YouTube videos for music

00:11:22   stuff that he finds online every day. He saves them offline and he uses the channels app

00:11:30   running on his Mac mini server to build this private TV channel. It even shows up in the

00:11:39   channel's TV guide as a custom channel and wherever it is, it can tune into his own TV

00:11:46   station essentially.

00:11:47   And the TV station...

00:11:48   OTJ TV.

00:11:50   That TV station is called MyTunes.

00:11:52   No, it should be called OTJ TV. Come on.

00:11:55   Or it could be called, you know, one of those, what are they called? Like one of those like

00:12:00   local broadcasting, like, I don't know, give me an example. Like, you know, you know, like

00:12:08   American TV, the local versions of certain broadcasts. Like an affiliate? Yeah, they

00:12:15   have very specific names with numbers and acronyms in them. Stephen, you need to help

00:12:21   here. Oh come on like... Yeah affiliates like okay so like our local CBS station, CBS is a national

00:12:29   thing, their local affiliate is like WREGTV channel 3. Yeah exactly that kind of stuff. It's an affiliate.

00:12:35   Yeah OTJTV. OTJTV. Ochdv. Federico I have a question for you. Yeah. Have you yet faced the possibility

00:12:48   that you made Year of Luigi this?

00:12:50   Yeah.

00:12:52   Automation April.

00:12:53   Yeah.

00:12:54   Has it crossed your mind yet that you might become in,

00:12:57   like might hit a Year of Luigi like problem?

00:13:00   What does that mean?

00:13:02   Where it stretches outside of April.

00:13:04   A Year of Steven.

00:13:06   No, it's impossible.

00:13:06   I am literally gonna be...

00:13:08   Well, he does say that.

00:13:09   What if you got 75,000 of submissions?

00:13:13   Well, it won't matter.

00:13:17   I will be done by the end of April.

00:13:19   - Interesting. - So someone will do it.

00:13:22   So I can suggest that the passionate ones submit their shortcuts

00:13:27   to see if you can do it.

00:13:29   I will not be-- I know for a fact that I will not be dealing with this in May.

00:13:34   So no matter what, I'm going to pull a bunch of all-nighters, I don't care.

00:13:37   I'm going to be, you know, if the judges won't be able to help me,

00:13:41   and I think they will, but in that case,

00:13:43   I will just personally check out everything that I can.

00:13:46   because I need a break in April in May so I'm this will get done I've already

00:13:52   Stephen I've already suggested to Federico I've given him a name already if

00:13:57   he needs to extend it another month right Federico do you remember the name

00:14:01   that I gave you for if you're gonna do it in May nope no automation nope I sent

00:14:10   this to him and John I said you two are so lucky that I don't work with you

00:14:14   It's terrible because as Federico said he would need to say it every single time automation

00:14:22   is terrible right like you can't you know it doesn't work automation April is better

00:14:27   automation but if you need to extend it that's just sitting there for you or you could go

00:14:35   to automation August if you really are in trouble.

00:14:38   of this is gonna happen so it will I am sorry but these are all terrible ideas

00:14:44   you want to May June no so how do we get you lying there yeah yeah that you have

00:14:52   to take a break in July July July July nation no if you're set all the way up

00:15:02   to September now shortcut September yep yeah so this is not gonna happen none of

00:15:08   None of this is going to happen. October

00:15:10   tobermation, octo mation,

00:15:14   so this is all I like the energy here, but this is none of this is going to

00:15:23   happen so okay, the entries, so you're never going to talk about automation

00:15:26   again after April

00:15:27   after a all out of your system after April, I'm going to be, you know all

00:15:34   shortcuts out for at least a month, you know, until June, until iOS 16. So keep sending

00:15:42   your entries. You got another week to do that. And then we're going to take 10 days to evaluate

00:15:48   and test and judge everything. And in the meantime, we'll keep sharing things, right?

00:15:53   On Mac stories, we got more interviews, plans, the Discord stuff, the giveaways. We have

00:15:59   that, it's really beautiful system for giveaways now that is so good. Like we don't need to

00:16:04   to use Google Forms anymore in Discord. The Mac Sorrys bot now has this nice system for

00:16:10   entering giveaways and picking random winners. So thank you, Alex, for doing that. You just

00:16:15   gotta click a button and the bot does it all on its own. So that's cool. And that's it.

00:16:20   We're just busy writing, making shortcuts, doing things, running into Apple bugs, as

00:16:25   always. Today I shared a shortcut where it copies a link to the clipboard, right? Easy

00:16:35   enough. You just use the Copy to Clipboard action. But if you check out my shortcut,

00:16:39   you will see that I have two copy actions back to back in the shortcut, and you may

00:16:43   be wondering why two actions for the same thing. Well, turns out sometimes just one

00:16:48   copy action is not enough. Sometimes you use the Copy action and it doesn't actually copy,

00:16:54   But if you put another copy action after that, that works.

00:16:57   It's like it needs a little extra nudge to copy things to the clipboard for you.

00:17:02   So that's fun, you know.

00:17:04   Hopefully all this stuff will be fixed in iOS 16.

00:17:07   It's like I never set just one alarm in the morning, you know?

00:17:10   Just set two.

00:17:11   Sometimes I need more than one.

00:17:13   Sometimes you gotta do the same with shortcut actions.

00:17:14   Just make sure there's another one.

00:17:15   I actually set like ten, but that's a story for another time, I guess.

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00:18:56   roast me daddy

00:18:58   The only reason to keep doing this recurring segment is I get to say it we got to find more things to roast just

00:19:11   Yeah, we'll find it. I'll just go back around to the start again. I was thinking about this right like in about a

00:19:17   Six to nine months from now we do iPhones again

00:19:20   They're gonna change or we can do like the meta episode where it's roast my roast where we go over previous roasts and love it

00:19:28   Roast each other over those how you do it, but today we roast in desks

00:19:33   Yes

00:19:35   This was very fun to me because we knew we were gonna do a roast and I thought to myself

00:19:40   We should roast desks. I didn't tell anyone and then Steven said let's roast desks and I was like brilliant

00:19:45   That's when you know, you found the right thing, you know, what do they call that?

00:19:49   Simultaneous creation. Is that what they call that?

00:19:51   simultaneous ideation

00:19:54   ideation

00:19:55   Ideation that's a good word

00:19:57   Ideation is a good word, right?

00:20:00   ideation ideation

00:20:02   ideation

00:20:04   Why just one had just idea?

00:20:07   Ideation because like having the idea right so it sounds like ID action ID

00:20:13   Automation

00:20:17   Okay, let's start with Stevens desk

00:20:20   So can I clear the picture now and I'll put it in the discord? Okay. Let's see

00:20:26   Mmm, why?

00:20:28   Okay

00:20:30   Okay, so I mean one thing that's immediately obvious to me having just actually been in Stevens pod cabin

00:20:36   is this desk is now touching the wall?

00:20:40   - Right. - Where previously,

00:20:42   there was a big cabinet that had a very large computer

00:20:45   and it had a bunch of holes inside.

00:20:47   - Yes, yeah, the Mac Pro is gone,

00:20:49   and so the desk slid down closer to the wall,

00:20:52   away from the door a little bit.

00:20:53   - Okay.

00:20:54   - So the first thing I've noticed is that

00:20:58   it looks like you are in the center of the United States

00:21:02   because your face is there.

00:21:05   (laughing)

00:21:06   Wow, Steven's planted his flag.

00:21:09   That's right.

00:21:10   Yeah, a lot of people ask me about this.

00:21:12   My wallpaper comes via a Mac app called Downlink

00:21:17   and it pulls real-time satellite images

00:21:19   and sets it as your wallpaper every X number of minutes.

00:21:23   And I've used it on both my computers.

00:21:25   I've used it forever and I really like it

00:21:27   'cause it's always like slightly different, you know,

00:21:29   depending on what the weather's doing.

00:21:31   And I like weather.

00:21:32   So this is actually your desktop.

00:21:33   It's not a screensaver.

00:21:35   It is a desktop, yeah.

00:21:36   It's not-- Your wallpaper.

00:21:38   The clouds don't move,

00:21:39   just the picture's updated every 20 minutes or whatever.

00:21:42   Oh my God, that stream deck is so big.

00:21:44   Yeah, it's the XL.

00:21:45   That's the XL, that's the one we're giving away.

00:21:49   How many buttons is that?

00:21:50   Four times--

00:21:53   24?

00:21:55   No, more.

00:21:56   27?

00:21:57   32?

00:21:58   116.

00:21:59   32, it's 32 buttons.

00:22:01   32, 32, yeah. 32 buttons.

00:22:03   Eight by four.

00:22:04   And I have all but four of them taken up right now.

00:22:06   So a few things to pick apart here.

00:22:10   Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, it's, you know,

00:22:12   it's basically perfect.

00:22:14   What's with the rocks on the left?

00:22:18   Oh yeah, look at those rocks up there.

00:22:19   Yeah, so that's the window

00:22:21   that used to be on the outside of the building

00:22:22   and now it's in the middle of the building.

00:22:24   Those rocks are from two different beaches

00:22:26   that we've taken family vacations to.

00:22:29   Isn't that illegal?

00:22:30   Wow, you've stolen from nature?

00:22:32   I think you're not supposed to do that.

00:22:33   Well, I did twice, and they're up there.

00:22:36   And now you've admitted to it on an international podcast.

00:22:39   I won't say where, a case of jurisdiction.

00:22:41   Yeah.

00:22:42   Purposes, you know, purposes.

00:22:43   Why all the pens, and follow-up question,

00:22:48   why a first-generation pencil in the mug?

00:22:51   It's actually a first and a second-generation pencil.

00:22:54   Also a mug from Waffle House?

00:22:58   Yeah, a friend of mine stole that

00:23:01   from Waffle House for me in high school.

00:23:03   Why so many stolen things?

00:23:05   It's just those three things.

00:23:06   You just happened to name--

00:23:08   Yeah, there's quite a lot of theft occurring in this desk.

00:23:10   It's just the three things that you happen to pick up on.

00:23:13   This is the desk cover thing.

00:23:14   So far.

00:23:15   Yeah.

00:23:16   Everything we might mention may be stolen.

00:23:18   It's a lot of pins.

00:23:20   Yeah, I don't know.

00:23:20   They just kind of pile up in there.

00:23:22   Well, yeah, 'cause you take them from people.

00:23:24   Is the Mac studio stolen?

00:23:26   No, I paid good money for that.

00:23:27   Don't worry.

00:23:28   Yeah, whatever.

00:23:29   Sure.

00:23:30   Those toy cars definitely stolen from your children?

00:23:33   No, well no, stolen from my childhood.

00:23:36   You brought them with you like for the last 60 years?

00:23:39   Like wait, do you mean that those were actually yours when you were a kid?

00:23:43   Okay, so the Lego car on the right was like my prized Lego creation when I was a kid.

00:23:49   Years and years ago my mom gave us like the big bin of Lego we had as kids and I fished that out.

00:23:56   - The keys on the bottom.

00:23:57   - Yeah. - That's smart.

00:23:58   - Yeah, so you can do things off road.

00:24:00   - It's ready for all weather.

00:24:02   - The pickup was like my favorite Hot Wheels

00:24:03   and now I drive a Toyota pickup

00:24:05   that's not all that different from that, so that's fun.

00:24:08   The third one is the Mars Rover.

00:24:10   I don't know where I got that.

00:24:11   It was a gift from somebody and it's just next to it.

00:24:14   - Harmon Sound6. - Why are you using a mouse

00:24:17   from 1965?

00:24:19   - Yes, also that.

00:24:20   - It's the only one I've used that doesn't hurt my hand,

00:24:23   which is also why the keyboard you and I built together

00:24:25   on my desk right now. Does it hurt your hands?

00:24:30   Is it wired because it's charging or because you use it wired? It is wired

00:24:37   because the battery doesn't really hold a charge anymore. So it's wired because

00:24:41   you leave it wired right? That's the active answer to that question. If the battery

00:24:45   doesn't work anymore you now have a wired mouse. It does use one of the

00:24:51   little Logitech dongles and there's one hanging out behind the Pro display. Even

00:24:55   you use it plugged in? It doesn't work as a USB mouse. Oh my god, really? Memphis

00:25:02   Tigers? Yeah. Home visitor? What is this? Is this a clock? It's a clock with the calendar.

00:25:09   It's a sports thing though, right? Yeah, it's supposed to look like a scoreboard. Wait, the Memphis Tigers

00:25:15   are not the Memphis... what's the other team? Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are the NBA team, Tigers is

00:25:21   the college team so that's supposed to look like a like a football scoreboard I

00:25:26   guess. No but Grizzlies are the basketball team. Yeah NBA basketball team. And the Tigers are the...

00:25:32   College basketball team. College basketball. College soccer team. Oh they're all of those things. Yes any of the

00:25:39   college teams from the University of Memphis are called the Tigers. Oh okay.

00:25:44   Because that's the university's thing right? That's the university's mascot. I

00:25:48   I have a question about the sound sticks, the Harman Kardon sound sticks.

00:25:52   I never noticed that the basses were black and I don't know why they did that.

00:25:55   They should be clear, right?

00:25:56   They should be clear. Why are they black?

00:25:58   I don't know.

00:25:59   Is it possible they're just dirty?

00:26:01   [Laughter]

00:26:02   Have you considered that?

00:26:04   It's possible. They are pretty old.

00:26:05   How are you feeling about having that big old computer, that thick computer on your desk?

00:26:10   It's fine.

00:26:11   How does it feel? Are you okay with it? Not too loud?

00:26:14   No. I can only hear it if I really like sit and try to focus on the sound.

00:26:17   Oh, Stephen, you've just been roasted in the Discord by James.

00:26:23   Mine are not black. I have the originals.

00:26:27   Okay, so mine aren't the original.

00:26:29   Wow, Stephen Hackett, famed collector, no longer has the original sound sticks.

00:26:34   You've got the repuff version of the sound sticks.

00:26:36   To be fair, I didn't pay for the sound sticks either. They're not stolen. They're not stolen.

00:26:41   Wait, wait. I didn't pay for them, but I have them.

00:26:44   Yeah, years and years ago when I was consulting a client gave them to me.

00:26:48   They were like cleaning out their office, so "hey do you want these?" and I said "yes" and I've had them ever since.

00:26:52   Did you pick them up, look in the mirror and say "hey do you want these?"

00:26:57   No.

00:26:59   Oh to be fair though, James's are silver, they're not clear.

00:27:04   Yeah.

00:27:05   I don't know, there's something about this desk, smells fishy to me.

00:27:12   Well part of the problem Federico is you know as you can note here this is not a

00:27:16   whole the whole desk is it? Do you want the whole thing? Yeah. Well there's

00:27:20   clearly a whole other part of the desk. Okay hang on a second I'll back up and take a whole

00:27:23   picture hang on. It's too mmm. It's manicured. I'm not listening to you anymore.

00:27:27   Yeah it's it's it's yes. It's fishy. Yeah. Something fishy going on. You see how he

00:27:33   has these $6,000 computer but he has to put a webcam on the top of it? Yes.

00:27:37   Well, to be fair, it is about a webcam and the one in my studio display, but my studio

00:27:42   display didn't cost $6,000, you know, so I'm gonna say.

00:27:46   Also, who does this guy think he is? Look, he has an Elgato key light for when he has

00:27:50   conference calls.

00:27:51   Oh, that's an Elgato one? That's an Elgato one?

00:27:55   Yeah.

00:27:56   It's like, oh, gotta make sure people see me at my best.

00:28:00   Look at me, I look good.

00:28:01   Yeah. I haven't got enough light in here already. Let's have a light on when I'm on a conference

00:28:06   call. Hi, it's me, Steven.

00:28:07   Still taking a picture? How slow is he?

00:28:10   I don't know what he's doing right now.

00:28:12   Maybe he's doing a panorama or something. I know he has a big desk.

00:28:15   Seriously, what's taking him so long?

00:28:17   Stephen, are you like there and just making fun of us now?

00:28:20   No, I was taking a picture, but I realized I had a picture of my family on my desk,

00:28:24   because I needed to move, so then I retook the picture.

00:28:26   Oh, okay. So you took a really, really, really long time.

00:28:28   We were making fun of the fact that you have a key light on your desk.

00:28:30   I do. Yeah, I do a bunch of video meetings.

00:28:33   You look best in those conference calls.

00:28:35   Yeah, but like do you need to be well lit? I don't know. Do you?

00:28:38   Lit all the time.

00:28:39   You tell me I guess.

00:28:40   [Laughs]

00:28:43   Is that what we don't see?

00:28:45   Yeah.

00:28:45   On the desk.

00:28:46   Alright, I'm sending you all the whole picture.

00:28:48   Alright.

00:28:49   Where? On Discord or iMessage?

00:28:50   In iMessage. I'm putting a tweaked version in Discord. Just a second.

00:28:55   See, I knew there was more stuff going on.

00:28:58   This is a whole different perspective for this desk. Okay.

00:29:03   Look, oh look at that Coca-Cola vanilla in the trash can.

00:29:06   Steven's been getting crazy.

00:29:09   - Where'd you see the trash can?

00:29:10   Oh, I see, I see.

00:29:11   - You've always gotta look under the desk, man.

00:29:13   That's where people hide their shame.

00:29:15   - Is that vanilla Coca-Cola?

00:29:18   Is that a thing that exists?

00:29:18   - Yeah, because Steven bought me a vanilla Coke

00:29:20   and then drank it.

00:29:21   - Accidentally.

00:29:23   Forgot it was yours.

00:29:23   - It was very funny.

00:29:24   I only bring this up 'cause he's like,

00:29:25   "Myke, I've gotta tell you something.

00:29:27   "I'm really sorry.

00:29:27   "I drank that vanilla Coke that I bought you."

00:29:29   I was like, "I don't, it's fine.

00:29:30   "I'm fine with it."

00:29:31   But he was very upset about the fact

00:29:33   did that. Wow. Okay, okay, okay. What is that black piece of plastic on the desk next to

00:29:42   your lamp? Oh, that is where I had a fracture of my kids and I took that down for the public

00:29:47   photo. Okay, fair enough. If only there was an app to easily block out people's faces

00:29:53   from a picture. Yeah, you should look into that. What is the power strip? What's that?

00:29:59   fancy about that like why why uh i like having outlets at the top of the desk that has a

00:30:03   couple usbs and then i got my is there anything special about it like it looks like a power strip

00:30:09   that costs a lot of money yeah it came it came from the same company that makes the desk so it

00:30:14   was a little expensive okay um all right so what's with the what what are the tools underneath the

00:30:23   the lamp and follow up, what is the blue character hanging from the lamp?

00:30:28   That's a super Grover.

00:30:29   What is it?

00:30:30   It's a Sesame Street thing.

00:30:32   Okay.

00:30:33   Very first gift Mary ever gave me was like a little super Grover because we talked about

00:30:37   him and she got me a little Christmas ornament and he used to hang in my car for the rear

00:30:43   view mirror but now he hangs in here.

00:30:44   Well done, well done because we have additional information here now.

00:30:48   I'm looking at the dock.

00:30:50   So find your timer, Google clone.

00:30:53   - We're not roasting the dog.

00:30:53   - No, no, no, we've done that before.

00:30:55   We don't need to roast the dog today.

00:30:56   - Well, it's on the desk, so just double checking.

00:30:59   - We don't need to roast the dog today.

00:31:02   I agree with Kate that the second image is fun

00:31:04   because the first image is on Steven's desktop.

00:31:07   So it's like desk within desk now.

00:31:10   - Yeah, that's good.

00:31:11   - Which is good.

00:31:12   - In-ear monitors?

00:31:13   - Yes.

00:31:14   - Are you wearing those now?

00:31:15   - Yep. - Okay.

00:31:16   - Right now.

00:31:17   - Okay.

00:31:17   - Zooming in, I don't see any wax on them,

00:31:19   so good work on that.

00:31:20   - Thank you.

00:31:21   on the ear hygiene. Thank you. Good job there. I don't know, this feels more real as a desk

00:31:32   of a busy person, so thank you for the honesty. Although I don't like how we had to request

00:31:39   the additional photo evidence. Sorry. It's almost like you wanted to hide something from us. Well,

00:31:44   he did. He was away and he was hiding, right? Like, we know that. We know that now, but we'll

00:31:49   never truly know what was hidden. I feel like I kind of escaped with that much roasting.

00:31:53   Wait, we're not... who said we're done? I never said I was done. Why is the trackpad on the mouse

00:32:01   pad and the mouse off the desk? So I... when I record, I use just the trackpad because the

00:32:06   mouse button is loud and the mouse, because it has to stay plugged in because it's ancient,

00:32:11   just kind of gets scooted up above it and then I just move the trackpad over. Right. Normally it's

00:32:15   Normally it's on the left like it is in the...

00:32:17   I just noticed something that was hiding in the background and it's very creepy.

00:32:23   Okay.

00:32:24   I'm pasting this in the Discord.

00:32:26   Why is there a Mac Mini hanging from the scene in the background?

00:32:34   I did.

00:32:35   I explained it.

00:32:36   What is going on there?

00:32:37   How ominous though, what is there like that?

00:32:38   What?

00:32:39   Yeah, I explained it in my video tour of the pod cabin.

00:32:43   That was a Mac Mini that was like my brother's first video editing machine and then it was

00:32:51   relays for a live streaming server and then when we retired it, I turned it into that

00:32:56   thing.

00:32:57   It's like a mobile.

00:32:58   When Steven retires, he's going to make computer art.

00:33:04   Oh, I should do it now.

00:33:05   Then I could retire now.

00:33:06   You already do.

00:33:07   You have multiple things in your studio.

00:33:09   Yeah.

00:33:10   You haven't seen the iMac mouse dreamcatcher.

00:33:14   Do you want a picture of that?

00:33:16   Are you being serious?

00:33:18   Yeah, let me take a picture of this.

00:33:19   You made a dreamcatcher out of iMac mouse?

00:33:22   Yeah.

00:33:23   Wait, what?

00:33:24   That's not a joke.

00:33:25   When did you do this?

00:33:26   I think it was up when you were here.

00:33:27   Hang on, I gotta take my headphones out.

00:33:28   I'm gonna take a picture.

00:33:29   Oh, I don't think of that as a dreamcatcher.

00:33:31   It's kind of like a dreamcatcher.

00:33:33   Hang on, we'll see what the Discord says.

00:33:34   Alright, yeah, that's fine.

00:33:36   What else have we got here, Federico?

00:33:38   You just got...

00:33:39   No, that's the only thing, I think.

00:33:42   He got a big sticker on his laptop.

00:33:44   Yeah, NASA.

00:33:46   You see that drawer? You know he stuffed all of the secrets in that drawer.

00:33:50   Yeah, I think I can make out a USB-A dongle, like that little white plastic thing in the drawer.

00:33:56   It's just more stolen stuff. He just threw it in that drawer.

00:33:59   I was trying to make out anything else in the trash, but all I can see is the Coca-Cola.

00:34:03   Yeah.

00:34:06   You can tell a lot of things by immense trash, you know?

00:34:08   No.

00:34:09   Oh, he's back.

00:34:11   Hello.

00:34:12   Where's the stream catching him?

00:34:14   I'm putting it in Discord right now.

00:34:16   All of these images will be in the show notes too,

00:34:19   if you're not listening live, which is most of you.

00:34:21   Oh my god, this is more creepy than the Mac Mini.

00:34:24   Yeah, I don't think we can do Roast My Shelves today.

00:34:27   No, jeez.

00:34:29   That would take a six-part episode series

00:34:33   to roast Steven Shelves.

00:34:36   Roast my Calax.

00:34:38   (laughing)

00:34:39   This pox just hanging from the shelves,

00:34:44   they remind me of like some old people in Italy,

00:34:47   they season sausages by hanging them from the ceiling.

00:34:50   They also do this with prosciutto sometimes,

00:34:54   like they're just hanging that there,

00:34:56   like seasoned meats, you know, just hanging there.

00:34:59   - He's aging the mice, that's all right.

00:35:01   - He's aging the mice.

00:35:03   Oh, this is a cool shelf though.

00:35:06   Thank you.

00:35:07   - For another time.

00:35:09   From my perspective, Steven, you are released.

00:35:12   - Okay, I feel pretty intact.

00:35:14   - Okay.

00:35:15   - Oh God, I'm gonna be destroyed now.

00:35:17   - We'll find out.

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00:37:19   - All right, it's teach you time.

00:37:22   So what we got?

00:37:22   We've got two things here.

00:37:23   We start with the deck.

00:37:25   We've got like the desk and then also the shelves.

00:37:28   - And the above desk.

00:37:30   Alright, so the desk image includes the above desk, but we're not going to pay attention

00:37:34   to the above desk part of the first image.

00:37:36   We'll zoom and enhance to that later.

00:37:39   My immediate question is, I can't tell if that's a reflection of your dog in a mirror

00:37:44   or a painting of your dog sitting on something else.

00:37:47   That is horrifyingly good.

00:37:50   It's a painting, right?

00:37:51   It's a print.

00:37:52   It's a photo.

00:37:53   It's a photo?

00:37:54   Okay, I was going to say, if somebody's painted that, that person needs to, I don't know,

00:37:57   go to the Louvre.

00:37:59   It's a photo. It's a really good photo that a couple of friends of mine gave me for my

00:38:03   birthday last year.

00:38:05   I noticed you don't have your trash can where we can see it. So you don't want us to know

00:38:09   about your...

00:38:10   I don't have a trash can. I don't have a trash can.

00:38:12   Wow.

00:38:13   In the... under my desk.

00:38:14   Okay.

00:38:15   It's a very small space so...

00:38:16   It is.

00:38:17   ...there's not enough room for a trash can.

00:38:19   I don't believe that at all.

00:38:21   Well...

00:38:22   You just don't... you just don't want us to look in the trash.

00:38:24   My Roomba now lives under my desk, so that's literally... and I sit on the other side.

00:38:30   So where does the trash go then?

00:38:33   If I want to throw something in the trash I gotta get up and go in the kitchen and trash

00:38:37   it there, you know?

00:38:39   I feel like this desk setup is a bit of a lie.

00:38:43   No it's...

00:38:44   Oh god.

00:38:45   Yeah, you know what, actually, we gave you a lot of crap, Steven, for saying that your

00:38:50   desk was a lie.

00:38:52   This desk looks like a lie.

00:38:53   Nothing is plugged into this MacBook Pro whatsoever.

00:38:57   - Yeah, that's...

00:38:59   - Wait, do you not record plugged in?

00:39:01   - Sometimes I don't.

00:39:02   - Yeah, where's all your audio gear?

00:39:04   - Yeah, where's your microphone?

00:39:06   - It's in the notes, like it's everything,

00:39:08   but it's missing the audio gear.

00:39:11   When I'm not recording my audio gear,

00:39:13   every single time I'm done recording,

00:39:15   I put it back into the closet so that it does...

00:39:18   I don't like having stuff around.

00:39:21   I like having a clean desk as much as possible.

00:39:23   But as you can see, that's not really--

00:39:26   - Seems like a lot of work for someone who podcasts

00:39:27   as much as you do. - Yeah, I know.

00:39:28   But also I really dislike the idea of having cables

00:39:30   just lying around all the time.

00:39:32   I don't have enough room to clamp my microphone.

00:39:35   - Man, you're gonna have a great time

00:39:36   when you get to my desk.

00:39:37   (laughing)

00:39:38   - Yeah, I know.

00:39:39   I can't imagine.

00:39:40   So every single time I am done recording,

00:39:46   I unplug everything and I put it back into the closet.

00:39:49   Also, sometimes I don't record plugged in.

00:39:52   Like for example, right now my battery is at 11,

00:39:55   no, not 11%, it's at 1000.

00:39:57   (laughing)

00:39:58   Not 1000, oh my God, what is it called?

00:40:00   100, 100%.

00:40:01   Did you say 1000?

00:40:03   Yeah.

00:40:03   Cent?

00:40:04   An extra zero.

00:40:05   Miele.

00:40:06   (laughing)

00:40:07   Miele.

00:40:08   Got that GaN charger going.

00:40:09   (laughing)

00:40:12   When I'm all topped up, sometimes I don't plug it in.

00:40:17   and just record on battery power.

00:40:19   I like to live dangerously.

00:40:21   - Yep.

00:40:22   Well, I can see the charger anyway,

00:40:23   so it's not very far away.

00:40:24   - Yeah, it's right there in the back.

00:40:26   - It's right there.

00:40:26   I can see it, it's sitting right there.

00:40:28   I'm pointing at it next to some papers.

00:40:30   - I know we're gonna get to the upper section later,

00:40:33   but on the shelf, you have like a little clock

00:40:36   and temperature thing it looks like.

00:40:38   - Yes, it's the, it's not called the El Gato anymore.

00:40:42   - E-Kobe?

00:40:43   - No, the Eve. - Eve.

00:40:44   - Eve, yeah.

00:40:45   - Room, Eve room, maybe?

00:40:47   Eve room, yes.

00:40:48   You've got a vase with a flower in it,

00:40:50   I'm sure, assume that has some sort of

00:40:52   sentimental value to you.

00:40:53   I honestly don't know why it's there.

00:40:55   It's been there for years.

00:40:57   You know what, Steven?

00:40:59   Funnily enough, when I saw it, I was like,

00:41:01   he doesn't know what that flower's about.

00:41:02   I don't, yep, I honestly have no idea.

00:41:05   I just know that it's there, it's supposed to be there.

00:41:07   I don't know why.

00:41:08   Next to that, you have a spray bottle of something.

00:41:12   What is that?

00:41:13   What is that?

00:41:14   cleaning product for screens.

00:41:17   - Why is it on display?

00:41:19   - So prominent.

00:41:20   Like you won't have your microphone out,

00:41:23   but that will.

00:41:24   There's three things on this shelf.

00:41:26   That's one of them.

00:41:28   - Yeah, so I find myself cleaning my displays

00:41:33   on a regular basis.

00:41:36   I think- - Very dirty screens over there.

00:41:38   - Well, the thing is- - There's this pasta sauce

00:41:40   all over them. - So both Ginger and Zelda,

00:41:43   They like to, like sometimes just smell the screen.

00:41:47   I don't know why.

00:41:48   And they leave their, you know,

00:41:50   their nose prints on the screen.

00:41:54   And so I gotta clean it.

00:41:55   And also I gotta be honest, I gotta be honest, okay?

00:42:00   I still, it's been months

00:42:02   that I've been using this MacBook.

00:42:05   But still on a, maybe not daily basis,

00:42:08   but more than once per week,

00:42:12   I just accidentally touch the screen.

00:42:14   You know, I just, yeah, I just touch it like it's an iPad.

00:42:19   And so it's got all my gross dirty fingerprints all over it.

00:42:21   And so that's why the cleaning product is there.

00:42:24   But I should also be honest about the cleaning product.

00:42:28   I got it as a joke.

00:42:29   Remember when I was doing the memes

00:42:32   for the Apple polishing cloth?

00:42:33   - Oh yeah.

00:42:35   - Yeah, so I wanted to do like this serious comparison

00:42:38   between like the Apple polishing cloth

00:42:40   and a cloth that I got from Amazon.

00:42:42   But the only cloth that I could get from Amazon

00:42:45   in a couple of days included the cleaning product.

00:42:47   And then I never had the time to do the actual article

00:42:51   about the Apple polishing cloth.

00:42:52   So I was stuck with the Amazon cloth

00:42:55   and the cleaning product.

00:42:56   So yeah, I'm still using the cleaning product.

00:42:59   - You kind of played yourself really.

00:43:01   - Yeah, I kind of played myself.

00:43:02   I kind of wish it like 12 years or something.

00:43:04   - I mean, did you?

00:43:05   Because you ended up in the New York Times.

00:43:06   - But friendship has ended with New York Times, right?

00:43:09   Well, the New York Times copied me.

00:43:12   - Yeah, 'cause friendship has ended.

00:43:12   - I don't know if you guys have seen,

00:43:14   it's ended with New York Times.

00:43:15   I'm no longer Mr. Vitici, now I'm, you know,

00:43:19   I'm just upset now. - A persona non grata.

00:43:21   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:43:21   - Mr. Aykroyd created something called Wortlebot.

00:43:24   - The New York Times made Wortlebot,

00:43:26   but Wortlebot is also my shortcut from January.

00:43:30   So anyway, I hope the New York Times lawyers

00:43:33   don't get in touch with me.

00:43:34   Okay. - Wait, you do have a lawyer.

00:43:36   Why don't you get in touch with them?

00:43:38   Well, because it's in your times, you know, it's very likely that they have many more

00:43:42   lawyers and money that I have. And also I don't care.

00:43:45   Are they better than Jon though? You know what I mean?

00:43:47   Yeah, well, Jon, Jon doesn't have that fire in him anymore. You know, it's not only a

00:43:54   teachers person anymore. Jon is now a very quiet, non-lawyer type of person. You know,

00:44:02   I don't want to, I don't want to awake the beast, the lawyer beast that sleeps within

00:44:07   Because once you do that, you might never stop him, right?

00:44:10   Yeah, exactly.

00:44:11   And that's the problem.

00:44:12   Then he wrestles the company away from you.

00:44:14   If he gets a taste of the court again, you know, it's never going to write for me anymore.

00:44:23   Why is your Ricky on its back?

00:44:26   I don't know why.

00:44:27   Okay.

00:44:28   Your honor.

00:44:29   The crown's going to fall off.

00:44:30   Yeah.

00:44:31   I must have bumped against it at some point.

00:44:38   Too much bass in those headphones.

00:44:40   Yeah.

00:44:40   We've already spoken about your really expensive audio gear in the past.

00:44:44   Okay.

00:44:45   Your hand-built audio gear.

00:44:47   Yeah, so we don't need to talk about that.

00:44:48   We don't need to talk about that.

00:44:50   If you would like to, Steven, please.

00:44:52   There's just something funny to me about this picture.

00:44:54   We have really nice audio equipment, and you have two really nice sets of headphones,

00:44:58   and you have a really nice cleaning product displayed

00:45:01   for friends and family to see.

00:45:03   But it's just like on,

00:45:05   and I know you live in a small place,

00:45:07   but like the audio,

00:45:09   like the percentage of space the audio equipment takes up

00:45:12   is greater than anything else in this picture, right?

00:45:16   Like you make your living from your MacBook Pro

00:45:18   and your iPad.

00:45:19   I don't even see an iPad anywhere

00:45:21   unless that's folded up there on the left.

00:45:23   Like- - No, it was in the kitchen.

00:45:25   - Okay, so what is on the left?

00:45:27   So that's the portable display and the keyboard that I use for my gaming PC.

00:45:34   So once again, it's a small place, I don't have enough room for a desk with a gaming monitor.

00:45:41   I don't know, I talked about this, maybe it was not on this show, maybe it was on remaster, I think it was on remaster probably.

00:45:47   No, the most place you spoke about it was with Jon, so it's MaxStories on one, part of the email.

00:45:53   Yes, so I have a gaming PC now and I realized that when I was playing video games at night,

00:46:02   and that's the only moment when I get to play video games, the PC is connected to my 4K TV,

00:46:07   to the TV that we have in the bedroom, but the TV was bothering Sylvia at night, like

00:46:12   the flashing images and lights, and just the TV on was bothering Sylvia.

00:46:16   So I came up with this system where I have this 3 meter long HDMI cable and a 4 meter

00:46:25   long USB-C cable.

00:46:27   And every night when I want to play games from the gaming PC, I turn off the TV and

00:46:32   I unfurl these cables and I connect them to this portable gaming monitor that I have.

00:46:40   So honestly, this portable display, quite possibly my favorite tech purchase of the

00:46:45   year, it's a portable 4K OLED display.

00:46:52   It's called the C-Force or something.

00:46:54   It's really good.

00:46:55   I believe it's a Samsung AMOLED panel, and so every night it looks kind of ridiculous

00:47:01   what I do.

00:47:02   I fully understand that it's ridiculous.

00:47:04   So I have a USB-C cable with power that comes out of my nightstand.

00:47:09   I have an HDMI cable and a USB-C cable that come out from behind the TV.

00:47:14   I unfurl everything and I put this portable display on my lap and I can play in bed without

00:47:21   bothering Sylvia with the giant TV that it doesn't have to stay on anymore.

00:47:26   Instead, I play video games from my PC with this portable monitor and these giant cables,

00:47:33   like these super long cables that I run all over the bedroom.

00:47:37   And then when I'm done playing at like 4am or something, very quietly I need to roll

00:47:42   them back up again without waking up Silvia and the dogs.

00:47:47   Yeah, so that's what I do every night.

00:47:49   One day you are going to have a cable disaster.

00:47:52   Or one day I'm going to have a proper desk where I get to play my gaming PC stuff.

00:47:56   That's true, that's also very true.

00:47:59   So the reason why that display and the keyboard, that's the Logitech K400 keyboard that I use

00:48:06   with my gaming PC they are on the desk because there's not enough room to place them anywhere else

00:48:11   so they just stay there. Can't they go in the closet with the microphone? Yeah I guess they could go in the

00:48:19   closet. I guess you're right they could go there. There's something about this image where your

00:48:24   MacBook Pro looks like it's 11 inches. It's the 14 inch one. I know it is but it just looks really

00:48:31   small I'm not really I can't work out why it's the mile that is pretty huge

00:48:35   yeah that might be it next to the because it's just like I can't conceive

00:48:39   of just how physically large that amp thing is that's that's what it is

00:48:44   it's really not large but it's it's it's a chunky it's a it's a unit you know like

00:48:49   it's definitely a unit it's very dense. What are the parts on the side that stick out?

00:48:54   Heat sinks. Heat sinks. Really? Giant heat sinks. Yeah that thing puts out a lot of

00:48:59   of power. It's one of the few amps in the world that can, at this size, right, because

00:49:04   I mean you can get bigger amps, but for that price range and that size, they can drive

00:49:10   the -1.6 V, the headphones on the top, on the left, that you can see up on the shelves

00:49:17   and at that price range and that size, it can drive those at a comfortable volume level.

00:49:25   So should we move above desk?

00:49:27   Please whenever you want.

00:49:29   All right, we're above desk.

00:49:31   Now, yeah, there's two sets of headphones up here.

00:49:38   One is the HiFi Man Susvara and the other is the Abyss Diana Phi V2.

00:49:45   Right.

00:49:46   Yeah.

00:49:47   As you know, of course.

00:49:52   What is a bunch of cables?

00:49:54   This Abyss Diana 5...

00:49:56   Whoa!

00:49:59   Well, don't Google the other one.

00:50:01   Hee-hee!

00:50:02   Don't Google the other one.

00:50:03   Okay.

00:50:05   Hold on a second.

00:50:07   Let me Google that one.

00:50:09   Okay, I mean, there wasn't that much of a jump.

00:50:11   I mean, obviously, it's more.

00:50:13   Fair enough.

00:50:15   Okay.

00:50:16   What is this Abyss one?

00:50:18   Are these wireless?

00:50:19   No. No, no, no.

00:50:20   You can see all the cables that I have.

00:50:22   Well no, because the the Hi-Fi Man ones I can see the cables built into them.

00:50:25   Oh no, they're just not plugged in, but no it's not.

00:50:30   So they are very different headphones, very different...

00:50:34   I don't need to talk about this, you're just gonna make fun of me, very different...

00:50:37   Someone likes music I guess, you know what I mean?

00:50:40   You know the meme, I'm the guy who likes music.

00:50:43   Somebody please find a video, guy who likes music, it's one of my favorite videos of all time.

00:50:46   Oh, it's more than a meme, right? It's like a whole thing.

00:50:49   It's a whole thing.

00:50:50   It's like it's built a whole career out of that.

00:50:52   Yeah, yeah.

00:50:53   I don't really wanna get into it, you know?

00:50:55   I'll leave it for the passionate ones

00:50:59   they can go look themselves.

00:51:01   I think we spent a lot of time

00:51:02   talking about your audio gear in the past, you know?

00:51:04   So inside these two cubes,

00:51:06   you have all of your retro video game stuff.

00:51:11   So you've got a Game Boy, is that an original?

00:51:14   It's not a Game Boy.

00:51:14   Ha ha, it's not a Game Boy.

00:51:16   Well, there's a, well, no,

00:51:18   Steven means the one on the left, right?

00:51:20   Yeah, and it's not a Game Boy.

00:51:22   It's a case that looks like a Game Boy.

00:51:25   Okay, it's a case of the Game Boy.

00:51:27   The case is for the analog pocket, right?

00:51:30   Yes.

00:51:31   Okay.

00:51:32   There's some irony in that, I guess.

00:51:34   Putting on the skin of your enemy or something.

00:51:38   Analog pocket.

00:51:39   And these things are kind of on display,

00:51:41   but you also play them, so I guess you want them accessible.

00:51:43   The PS Vita is purely for display, right?

00:51:46   The what?

00:51:47   The PS Vita.

00:51:48   Oh, the PS Vita. No, I play with it. That's a PS Vita that I... It's not my original PS Vita, my original PS Vita.

00:51:56   It's all scratched up and I broke one of the joysticks. So last year during the lockdown, I got a used PS Vita in really good conditions from eBay.

00:52:08   and the guy was kind enough to preload it with a custom firmware and all the emulator stuff.

00:52:14   So I mostly play it for the PSP compatibility for emulation,

00:52:21   because I tried, I mentioned this on remaster last year,

00:52:25   I tried playing on the original PSP hardware,

00:52:30   but the spinning disks of the PSP, the noise that they make were bothering my dogs,

00:52:38   at night. And obviously the PS Vita doesn't have spinning mini discs. So that's... you

00:52:46   can play PSP games on the Vita and that's what I've been doing.

00:52:50   What's next to it? The little screen?

00:52:52   Yeah, what is that?

00:52:54   That is something that I will... that I finish doing the setup. I will set it up eventually

00:53:04   when I will have a new...

00:53:06   This is your scrubbler?

00:53:08   Yes, it's my Raspberry Pi powered display for my scrubbling.

00:53:18   It's a real time scrubbling display that shows whatever I'm listening to on Apple Music.

00:53:29   If I'm listening on the Mac, I have this utility called "Neptune" that mirrors my... that scrubbles

00:53:37   my stuff to Last.fm, and if I'm on the iPhone or iPad, I use Marvis, and that also scrubbles

00:53:44   to Last.fm.

00:53:45   And I copied all of this from Jason Tate of Chorus.fm, really great music website.

00:53:53   Jason did this tutorial last year on how to do a physical Scrubbler thing, and so that's

00:54:00   a Raspberry Pi Zero connected to a compatible Square display.

00:54:09   For Scrubbles.

00:54:10   For Scrubblin'.

00:54:11   For Scrubblin'.

00:54:12   All for the Scrubblin'.

00:54:14   Jason and the Discler pointed out that you have Pokémon Pinball in the Unlocked Pocket,

00:54:19   and I wanted to ask you if the Rumble works.

00:54:22   I still gotta test it, but I will...

00:54:24   Because I have Pokemon Pinball, and was playing it in my analog pocket, and I replaced the battery,

00:54:30   but it doesn't work. You know, maybe this is something that I can bring back to life, but

00:54:35   it wasn't working.

00:54:36   Okay, yeah, I will try it and let you know.

00:54:38   Now that big wooden box, where did you get that?

00:54:42   What's in it?

00:54:43   What's in the box?

00:54:43   Well, because I have one of these.

00:54:46   That is a box for...

00:54:50   Is that from our live show?

00:54:52   Well, because I have one from the live show.

00:54:54   That's right.

00:54:55   It was the worst.

00:54:56   I came first place in what was before the Rickies and got the worst prize, which was

00:55:03   that big wooden box.

00:55:04   To store your diskettes.

00:55:07   It was the worst prize.

00:55:08   That is a box that came with my high resolution audio player, the Astell and Kern player that

00:55:18   I have.

00:55:20   came in this wooden box. I removed the foam from inside the box and now I'm

00:55:27   using it to store cartridges for old Game Boy games. Okay, because it looks just

00:55:32   like the old Mac floppy disk box that Steven gave me. No, no, no, it's a

00:55:40   repurposed box from from music player that I got. I want to talk about your

00:55:46   pins. Okay. So when Myke was here, he suggested that I get a like a pushpin,

00:55:53   like a cork board to put my pins in, and I've done that. I think it looks pretty

00:55:57   good. I just don't love like the unevenness and messiness of it being

00:56:02   around the edges of the cubes. Yeah, that's on purpose. It's, it looks, it's,

00:56:07   it's, you know, fun and jazzy. It's fun. It's, it's hippie, you know. It's like, yeah, I

00:56:13   I don't care about I like that you have some internal relay pins that white iPod one is my favorite pin

00:56:20   We've ever done, but the gold fifth anniversary is also very good

00:56:23   You know we sold the flipped one where it was blue on the outside. Yeah, hold on the inside. Yeah

00:56:29   Which Hard Rock Cafe did you go to where do you see that?

00:56:34   Right above air mail is Paris Paris Paris. Yeah. Yeah, there's some old painting here that I

00:56:42   That particular area, that little corner of airmail and breaker.

00:56:46   They're not around.

00:56:47   Is airmail still around?

00:56:48   I don't even know.

00:56:49   I think it kind of is, but it's also, yeah.

00:56:51   There's some pins in here that I don't really know what they are for, but, you know, somebody

00:56:57   mailed them to me years ago and I just thought they looked cool and just dropped them.

00:57:00   Yeah.

00:57:01   See, that's when you get into danger because who knows what you're displaying, you know?

00:57:04   Yeah.

00:57:05   You have two Peacock pins, which feels like a lot.

00:57:09   Yes.

00:57:10   Yes.

00:57:11   Well, James made a lot.

00:57:12   true which is maybe the bigger problem I think all the WWDC pins are in here the

00:57:24   Nintendo switch one I got from Amazon because I know the Nintendo switch one

00:57:28   we were given those we were given those at a meetup you're right yeah those are

00:57:32   good I've got a lickability one as well that's a good pen the lickability one

00:57:36   yeah I have a US flag I don't know why it was also WWDC pin I think you got the

00:57:41   flag of your home nation? And since your Apple ID is American, I assume they gave you an

00:57:48   American flag.

00:57:49   I honestly think that's what happened.

00:57:53   I think that's exactly what happened.

00:57:56   Oh, that's so good. Once again, you played yourself.

00:58:02   For a long time, I was so paranoid that I also kept a fake name in the fake US account.

00:58:08   Oh, wow. What was it?

00:58:10   It was something stupid like "Titchi Tachi" or something like that.

00:58:14   Oh yeah, definitely American. Very American. They're not gonna catch that one, are they?

00:58:19   Yeah, yeah.

00:58:20   Yeah, I'm surprised you haven't brought up a very specific... well, two specific things in here.

00:58:26   There's one thing that I see. You have the Nothing earbuds.

00:58:33   Yeah, that's one. Yep.

00:58:34   Yeah, I have those too.

00:58:36   Yeah, they look amazing.

00:58:37   Yeah, they look amazing, they sound like crap.

00:58:41   I just use them for my Nintendo Switch as Bluetooth headphones, because hey, now five

00:58:46   years later you can now do Bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch, and so I just keep

00:58:50   them there.

00:58:52   I like that the case supports wireless charging, so I can just place it on my charger on the

00:58:58   nightstand.

00:58:59   Yeah, that's cool.

00:59:00   And even, yeah, and they just charge and that's fine.

00:59:03   What is this thing in front of the Game Boy?

00:59:05   Ah, that was the second thing.

00:59:06   I don't know what that is. That's the cartridge saver thing, right?

00:59:09   That is a little accessory to, to make your own,

00:59:15   you know, make your own backups. Yeah. Of, of, of.

00:59:18   Yeah. Who's the gamer now, son? No, not game, a thief. You're a thief.

00:59:23   So you're a thief. Yes. So this is called the epilogue, which is not,

00:59:28   which is different from analog.

00:59:30   I don't know why this very similar sounding companies are making.

00:59:33   - Before the prologue.

00:59:35   - Before the prologue, yes.

00:59:37   Wait, no, the epilogue is--

00:59:38   - Wait, no, it's after the prologue, yeah.

00:59:39   - Epilogue is at the end. - Ah, dang it.

00:59:40   - Prologue is-- - I messed up my own joke.

00:59:42   - Oh, well, how's your journalism degree now, huh?

00:59:45   - So it's called the GB operator,

00:59:48   and it comes with a Mac app that you gotta associate with it

00:59:52   and it's honestly amazing.

00:59:55   You put in the physical cartridge and it recognizes the game.

00:59:58   It lets you back up your save data.

01:00:01   And I think they are working on a firmware update

01:00:06   that is actually let you back up the entire game

01:00:10   to a ROM file.

01:00:12   Because right now, all you can do is plug in the cartridge

01:00:15   and play the game in the emulator within the official client,

01:00:20   or you can just back up the saved data,

01:00:24   but you cannot create a ROM file.

01:00:27   And I think they've heard the feedback from people

01:00:30   and they're gonna let you create ROMs.

01:00:32   But it was incredible because I was able to take

01:00:34   like 25 year old games, put them in the operator,

01:00:39   take the save files and paste them

01:00:45   into the Delta emulator for iPhone.

01:00:48   You know, the one that comes with Alt Store,

01:00:50   like the kind of jailbreak but not jailbreak thing,

01:00:55   and they worked.

01:00:56   So that was cool. - That's wild.

01:00:59   backing up your own saved data,

01:01:01   and then you place them into this emulator for the iPhone,

01:01:03   and it recognizes that, so that was cool.

01:01:06   Not sure it's worth like $100,

01:01:08   but a piece of plastic is not cheap.

01:01:11   - I think I'm ready to release you.

01:01:13   - Okay, wow, that's not too bad.

01:01:16   - Not too bad.

01:01:17   - Steven, are you happy to release Federico?

01:01:19   - I am.

01:01:20   If you love somebody,

01:01:22   if you love somebody, let him free, you know?

01:01:25   - Yeah.

01:01:26   - That's what they say.

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01:03:01   - I have two desks.

01:03:04   - You just had to be extra.

01:03:05   - Okay, he's already bragging.

01:03:07   Okay, we got it.

01:03:08   We got it, you're rich.

01:03:10   - Federico is like set up on a card table

01:03:12   and you got two desk over there.

01:03:14   - The first one is my main desk.

01:03:17   This is where I spend the majority of my time walking.

01:03:20   I just realized that your main desk and your streaming desk are the same thing.

01:03:27   Same desk? It's the desk you have.

01:03:29   Yeah.

01:03:30   That's the biggest desk.

01:03:32   Yeah, it's a great desk. I love mine.

01:03:34   Wait, which one is the main one? Which one is the streaming one?

01:03:37   [Laughter]

01:03:39   Wait, what?

01:03:41   No, I'm confused now.

01:03:43   I have the main desk split in half, you see?

01:03:46   No, I don't see.

01:03:47   What are you talking about? Are you looking at desk one?

01:03:50   Myke's desk one?

01:03:51   Yeah.

01:03:52   I think he's trolling you.

01:03:53   Obviously the one with the cameras and the lights is the streaming one.

01:03:56   Oh, so the second one is the podcasting one.

01:03:59   Yes.

01:04:00   Okay, okay, I get it.

01:04:01   Alright, one desk.

01:04:03   We're looking at main desk, right, which is desk one.

01:04:06   Just call it one, don't say main.

01:04:08   Just use the same terminology that is in the file name.

01:04:11   Right, well I was going to do that,

01:04:13   but then I would get confused because this is how I think of them.

01:04:15   This is my main desk and I have my recording desk.

01:04:17   So this is my, we're looking at my main desk right now,

01:04:19   now which is the big desk. And on that desk you have on the right hand side

01:04:25   your MacBook Pro and Studio Display. Yep. And on the left you have your streaming

01:04:32   PC with cameras and lights and keyboards and stuff. There's a lot, there's a lot.

01:04:37   I wish they were separate. I wish they were two different things. Why? Because

01:04:41   this like, I don't even show mine, but like I have my streaming PC set up on a

01:04:46   different desk it would why that why they have to be side by side why can't

01:04:51   you have some more room they don't need any more room mega desk I have a whole

01:04:55   other desk that I'm sitting at right now I don't need three desks just for me

01:05:01   you'll have two already exactly well I don't need a third I'm not a monster

01:05:05   might as well go for you're not a monster what I will say is when whenever

01:05:10   I do move studio I will I will get another desk there it is but just how it

01:05:15   right now I don't want to redo the entire studio to bring in another desk

01:05:19   and have it all set up properly so there's so much stuff yeah going on

01:05:24   there's loads of stuff like what's with the rolls of colored material they are

01:05:32   desk mats and why so many I mean can you just use why so many headphones why so

01:05:40   many headphone cables well I mean we all have our vices this is mine I don't know

01:05:45   I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have any thing like that.

01:05:47   [Laughter]

01:05:48   Exactly.

01:05:49   Alright, we all have our collections.

01:05:51   You have like ten...

01:05:52   This is my collection.

01:05:53   Well, one of my collections.

01:05:55   So above that, you got your PC back there.

01:05:58   Mm-hmm.

01:05:59   And you've got all of your Elgato lights and cameras and everything set up.

01:06:03   Yep.

01:06:04   What GPU are you running in that PC?

01:06:06   I have a AMD 6400.

01:06:11   Okay.

01:06:13   So it's the, I think, was originally the bottom of the line of the new generation of AMDs,

01:06:20   but now they've brought in lower cards.

01:06:22   Let me go to PC Potpicker and I can tell you.

01:06:26   I'm willing to forgive the multiple keyboards because I know you stream here and that's

01:06:30   your thing, so.

01:06:31   I don't need your forgiveness.

01:06:33   Okay well then I don't forgive you for having two keyboards on the PC side.

01:06:37   I mean it's not the keyboards, it's like, I don't know, this whole setup.

01:06:40   It's chaos.

01:06:41   I think it's chaos. So there's many parallels for me between this desk and Myke's home screen.

01:06:48   Wait, wait. Just before we carry on, just before we carry on, I have the Radeon RX 6800 XT.

01:06:55   Okay.

01:06:55   That's my graphics card.

01:06:57   68? Okay. All right.

01:06:58   6800.

01:06:59   The worst thing in this picture is that you didn't take the sticker off the corner of your

01:07:04   LG display on your PC.

01:07:05   Oh yeah, look at that!

01:07:06   Yeah, the one that says Nvidia G-Sync.

01:07:08   Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed.

01:07:09   I want to know why I have G-Sync, you know?

01:07:11   I'm a gamer. Sure, sure. Yeah, how would you know the features there if it didn't tell you all the time?

01:07:16   I'd forget I had G-Sync. Yes, yes, it's like he's looking at it. Yes, yes, I have the

01:07:20   NVIDIA G-Sync one. I'm ready for G-Sync. Yeah. This, I draw a parallel here between

01:07:31   the chaos on this desk and the chaos of your home screen on your iPhone. So I think you are a

01:07:39   visually chaotic person. I'm chaotic good, you know? Neutral. Come on, don't do that!

01:07:46   Nah, no, no, you're not good, you're not good, I'm sorry, you're neutral.

01:07:50   Neutral. All right, I'll be kind of neutral, fine. So I am assuming that the busyness

01:07:56   of this desk doesn't bother you. No, because I'm always doing things, I need this stuff because

01:08:04   because I'm always doing stuff.

01:08:05   Right, but why does the stuff need to be displayed?

01:08:13   What stuff is displayed?

01:08:15   Like, I want to know what you're talking about.

01:08:16   Multiple keypads?

01:08:18   Alright, so I can explain some of this stuff to you, right?

01:08:21   So obviously I need two keyboards for the two computers, right?

01:08:24   You can see that, right?

01:08:25   Or you could get one keyboard that switches between them.

01:08:30   How many pads of headphones do you have?

01:08:32   Do you know what I mean? Like, what do you want from me?

01:08:33   Two! We're okay.

01:08:35   Yeah? Don't say two, because we saw a third.

01:08:37   And I know that's not all that there is all.

01:08:39   I've been selling... I've been se... Okay, anyway.

01:08:42   Okay. Alright.

01:08:44   Are you telling me you have three pairs of headphones?

01:08:47   Because I also know you have AirPods. You also have AirPods Max, right?

01:08:50   I don't want to get into this.

01:08:52   Right.

01:08:53   You have more, right?

01:08:54   My point is, you aren't seeing all of my keyboards.

01:08:57   There are things put away.

01:08:58   No, all I'm saying is that this is a very messy desk.

01:09:01   Oh, I'm not saying it's not. But it is like...

01:09:05   And you're fine with it.

01:09:06   Yeah, because the stuff that's there is stuff I want to be there.

01:09:10   Okay. As long as you want it, it's fine.

01:09:14   I have one keyboard that has quiet switches in it and one keyboard that has loud switches in it.

01:09:18   Because depending on what kind of stream I'm doing, I need a different type of keyboard.

01:09:23   So when I'm recording with Austin, I need quiet switches because you don't want to hear the typing, right?

01:09:29   And then when I'm streaming for keyboard stuff, people want the noise and I want the noise.

01:09:33   So then I switch to the loud keyboard.

01:09:35   OK, but for example, those tools that are next to the pink and blue mouse.

01:09:42   Yeah.

01:09:43   Do they have to be there all the time?

01:09:45   Like when you're done with them, why don't you just place them back into a drawer or something?

01:09:50   That desk side is primarily used for my keyboard projects.

01:09:54   They are keyboard tools.

01:09:56   whenever I'm sitting there doing stuff with keyboards, which is even more than just when

01:10:01   I stream because it's like a hobby of mine, I like to just do those tools. I need them.

01:10:05   They're like, they're as important to me as having like a knife or a pen or whatever on the desk.

01:10:09   Right, but when you're done with it, with a knife and a fork at home,

01:10:12   you place them back into a jar or something.

01:10:14   Right, but I didn't say a knife and a fork, I said a knife and a pen,

01:10:17   because if you look on the right hand side, I've got a knife and some pens,

01:10:19   and Steven had knives and pens.

01:10:21   I have the same knife you do, actually.

01:10:22   Okay, so I guess you're not, you're not big into putting things away.

01:10:26   Look at the left, look at the thing on the left. That is a storage system.

01:10:31   System is a word.

01:10:32   That is all stuff put away. No, it is. There are boxes and there's like containers and that is all

01:10:39   like taken care of over there. The stuff that's on the desk, I want it on the desk, you know?

01:10:44   That, I put lots of things away. My studio is pretty tidy, I think.

01:10:49   My favorite thing about the desk is that that water bottle, which is a very good Relay FM

01:10:55   water bottle could destroy so many things. Yeah. It could destroy your laptop which is

01:11:02   pointing away from you for some reason. I guess so you can see the apple will go the

01:11:05   right way. No, I just put it down however I put it down. What difference does it make?

01:11:09   It's always closed. Yeah. It's just however I plug it in. It could destroy one of one,

01:11:13   two, three, four, five keyboards. Yeah, but I have a... I've put the thing in so it's

01:11:19   not going to spill. That... I have a different thing to you. I've got like one of the straw

01:11:25   Yeah, no, I've got one too on mine.

01:11:27   Yeah, but water doesn't pour out of that thing. It needs a sucking motion.

01:11:30   I just like the danger, like the element of danger.

01:11:34   Yeah, that's... I couldn't live with that.

01:11:37   I have an open can on this desk right now.

01:11:41   That I'm on right now.

01:11:43   You like to live dangerously, my friend.

01:11:46   I mean, like, look, there's a mess. Like, what do you want from me? I'm a human being.

01:11:49   There's essentially no cable management.

01:11:51   Cable management is for sickos, all right?

01:11:54   What? Real human beings live like me.

01:11:58   No.

01:11:59   Yes.

01:11:59   I can assure you they do not.

01:12:01   I assure you.

01:12:03   No, look, here's what you two need to understand.

01:12:06   No, no, no, no.

01:12:06   Cable management is for people like you.

01:12:09   Everybody else lives like me.

01:12:11   They just have their cables.

01:12:12   No, that is an excuse for someone who's just lazy to do some very basic cable management.

01:12:18   It is basically cable management.

01:12:20   Everybody's like me.

01:12:21   No, no, it's not true.

01:12:22   You're just lazy.

01:12:23   People live like me.

01:12:24   people live like me. There are a couple things that I want to point out. One, you have your

01:12:29   Eero on the floor. Yes, thank you, that was one of my things. If it's anything like mine, they get hot.

01:12:34   And the Philips Hue Bridge is also just laying there for whatever reason. Yeah, I mean, what,

01:12:40   am I gonna put them on the wall? Where do you want me to put them? I mean, my Eero is at least

01:12:44   sitting on top of my battery backup. No, no, all the Eeros live on the floor, that's where they live.

01:12:49   No, no, no, it's not like a rule or something, no.

01:12:54   That's where they go.

01:12:55   It's not a room, bud.

01:12:56   I have three arrows, they're all on the floor.

01:12:59   The other thing, and maybe you can clear this up.

01:13:01   That's on you.

01:13:02   Because in this picture, I see one, two, three,

01:13:06   four power strips, and I only see one thing

01:13:10   plugged into the wall.

01:13:11   Are these all daisy chained off each other?

01:13:15   Yeah, but.

01:13:16   You know this is like.

01:13:18   One of them has a smart switch.

01:13:19   So all of the PC stuff,

01:13:22   I don't want to just have that on all the time.

01:13:24   - Okay.

01:13:25   - So you'll see that one on the right,

01:13:26   there's a big thick box,

01:13:28   which one of the things is plugged into.

01:13:29   That's a smart switch of some kind.

01:13:31   So I can turn on everything that's on the left-hand side.

01:13:33   - You know, this is a fire risk, right?

01:13:36   - Definitely.

01:13:36   - So, it's a protecter, what do you want from me, you know?

01:13:42   What am I gonna do with my life?

01:13:43   - It's just so many things in one outlet.

01:13:45   - I think there's a smoke detector in here.

01:13:47   probably on the floor somewhere.

01:13:49   Yeah, there's a smoke detector in here.

01:13:51   It's under the Philips Hue Bridge.

01:13:52   No, it's up on the ceiling where they belong.

01:13:56   I also like that I think the only thing plugged into that Ethernet switch is the Hue Bridge?

01:14:02   No, no, no, no, no.

01:14:04   The arrow's plugged in there too.

01:14:05   Okay, I was going to say, if that's the only thing plugged in there, you don't actually

01:14:08   need the switch.

01:14:10   That's the pro move right there.

01:14:12   Okay.

01:14:13   I like to add latency to all of my stuff.

01:14:17   I like to have as much electrical interference as possible in my networking.

01:14:20   The Eros plugged into the Hue Bridge, the Hue Bridge is like this.

01:14:23   No it's not, it's good.

01:14:25   Multiple packs of stickers, multiple notebooks, a box full of pens?

01:14:30   Those packs of stickers, that's for a project that's currently ongoing.

01:14:34   My notebooks, I use both of those every day.

01:14:36   One is my theme system journal and one is my notebook.

01:14:38   They are different, they have different purposes.

01:14:41   Wow. #ad.

01:14:42   Cosxmerch.com, what do you want from me?

01:14:44   I think we each get a cut.

01:14:46   The analog pocket in the clear case. That's honestly the best thing on this desk is the analog pocket in the clear case.

01:14:52   Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon Pinball, Pokémon Yellow, Red and Blue.

01:14:57   Yeah, this is another ongoing project. Behind it is some batteries. I need to take them apart.

01:15:01   Right, you're taking... Okay, good job, good job.

01:15:03   See, the desk on the left is my projects desk, you know? That's where my projects live.

01:15:11   What's in the white cardboard box?

01:15:15   Which one?

01:15:16   The square one.

01:15:18   The one on the desk?

01:15:20   Leaning under the desk?

01:15:21   Yes.

01:15:22   That is the Teenage Engineering PC case.

01:15:24   OK.

01:15:25   Oh, wow, that's a small box.

01:15:27   That's a small box.

01:15:28   OK.

01:15:29   Yes, flat packed.

01:15:30   What's in the flowery package?

01:15:34   This thing that says Hydrangea on it.

01:15:37   Some key caps.

01:15:38   Samsung SSD just laying there on top of the PC?

01:15:43   - Oh, that's part of like a whole thing

01:15:44   for transferring video footage

01:15:46   from when we do the back markers to my MacBook.

01:15:48   I haven't worked out a better way of doing it right now.

01:15:50   So it's, that is like, I unplug it and plug it in

01:15:54   to the other thing, unplug it and plug it in.

01:15:56   I need to work out about a solution,

01:15:57   but I just haven't got it yet.

01:15:59   - Yeah, set a network share up or something.

01:16:01   - I thought about that,

01:16:02   but I just know that's gonna cause me issues.

01:16:04   Like I just know that's,

01:16:05   'cause it's gonna be slower to transfer the footage, right?

01:16:09   Because this way I could just upload it.

01:16:11   - Especially where that switch is.

01:16:12   Yeah, I know. It's got to go through the HuBridge.

01:16:14   I can upload it to YouTube directly from the SSD

01:16:18   rather than needing to transfer it to my MacBook Pro.

01:16:21   - Isn't all this just messy to clean and dust

01:16:26   on a regular basis?

01:16:30   - Dust must, you know what I'm saying?

01:16:32   - Well, now this makes sense because this feels

01:16:35   like the desk of a teenager.

01:16:37   - I'm the common man, all right?

01:16:39   I don't do cable management.

01:16:41   The common man with a MacBook Pro and a custom built PC on the same desk.

01:16:45   With a desk one of two, the common man.

01:16:47   You're just using this argument, but you don't realize that you're contradicting yourself

01:16:52   because the common folk do not have three keyboards, two computers and the gaming PC

01:16:57   and the streaming stuff and the flowery box with the key caps inside, you know, they don't

01:17:02   run a notebook company also, but they do dust.

01:17:05   I'm not common man.

01:17:09   I'm still Myke from the block, you know?

01:17:11   I don't dust.

01:17:12   Yeah.

01:17:13   Okay.

01:17:14   I never lost that, you know?

01:17:15   But this makes sense.

01:17:17   If you don't have responsibilities,

01:17:18   you can keep a desk like this.

01:17:20   Honestly, I feel like I am getting away with this.

01:17:23   This is so much easier than I thought this was gonna be.

01:17:25   No, it's messy and I hate it.

01:17:27   Yeah, yeah.

01:17:29   We're not, no more digging into anything.

01:17:31   We're all good.

01:17:32   No, let's move on to the next one.

01:17:33   No, no, hang on Federico.

01:17:34   Just also problematic. Hang on, hang on.

01:17:35   He said that as if there's something in here

01:17:38   that he's relieved we haven't talked about yet.

01:17:40   Not really. I just thought you'd be like, "What's this? What's in that thing? What's this?"

01:17:44   And I have to not list what's in the other nightmare.

01:17:47   Okay, so there's something that I meant to ask you about.

01:17:49   There's a...

01:17:51   Besides the flowery box, there's a little thing with a display on it.

01:17:56   Scales.

01:17:57   Scales.

01:17:59   Thwaite keyboards.

01:18:01   HomePod mini.

01:18:03   What's the thing in front of the HomePod mini?

01:18:05   A desk vacuum, and it's amazing.

01:18:07   So you don't dust, but you have a desk vacuum.

01:18:10   Yeah, because I don't need to dust because I use my desk vacuum.

01:18:12   You know that it's not dusting everywhere, right?

01:18:16   Yeah, but dusting, what does dusting do? It just moves the dust around.

01:18:19   So you get rid of it.

01:18:20   It picks it up.

01:18:21   No, you just don't.

01:18:22   It picks it up, man.

01:18:23   I just vacuum it. I vacuum it.

01:18:25   Wow.

01:18:27   Okay.

01:18:29   The USB hub to the left of the PC screen

01:18:33   looks like you bought the cheapest thing you could on like Amazon.

01:18:38   100% that's what I got yeah. I hate that thing. I hate it so much. It looks so bad. Yeah I hate it.

01:18:44   But I just it was one of those things where you know you when you're working on a project and you

01:18:49   need something quickly that's what I bought. I hate it. I just haven't worked out what else to

01:18:57   get replace it with yet. This I this is messy. Yeah. I would feel way better about it if you took

01:19:04   five minutes with some velcro ties and tied down the power cables going up to all of your lights.

01:19:10   Here's the thing. Just tie them to the stand. That's how mine are. Just wait a minute, all right.

01:19:16   I did do it and then I added a bunch of stuff and a bunch of stuff changed and it all got messed up.

01:19:21   At some point I am going to do a little bit more cable management again. Just because they're

01:19:26   right in front of your eyes, you know. It's all just gone out of control, you know. Like,

01:19:31   Basically in the time that I've been in this studio, when I've had this desk, every piece of equipment that's on this desk has changed.

01:19:37   So like, eventually I'm gonna get around to cable managing it again, but it ain't today.

01:19:43   But honestly, I don't even think it's that bad. But you know, what am I gonna say?

01:19:48   So I don't know, I don't know what else we haven't picked up.

01:19:51   There isn't anything, I just thought you were gonna give me a harder time then.

01:19:55   Honestly, I think I'm getting away with this one pretty easy.

01:19:58   Because I know what you two are like, you clean freaks. You know what I mean?

01:20:01   I'm a regular guy. No, again, regular people do not think like you.

01:20:06   I'm a regular dude. Nope. Let's talk about desk number two. The number one thing about this desk

01:20:15   that jumps out at me... No, it's not. Whatever you say is the number one thing. It isn't the number one thing.

01:20:19   Is the candle that says leather period as the label. You're telling me you open this image

01:20:27   And the number one thing is the candle.

01:20:30   I mean, your bad wallpaper is here.

01:20:32   The number one thing?

01:20:34   I know it has my face on it.

01:20:35   This desk, what I have to look at constantly.

01:20:39   I don't even, I don't even see the candle.

01:20:41   Does the candle smell like leather?

01:20:43   My wonderful wife bought it for me for our anniversary

01:20:46   because we celebrated whatever anniversary

01:20:47   is the leather anniversary.

01:20:49   Whoa, what did you get her?

01:20:51   Hey.

01:20:52   (laughing)

01:20:53   Wow, okay.

01:20:54   I bought her a handbag.

01:20:54   (laughing)

01:20:57   - Also the desk mat, that was also from the anniversary.

01:21:00   Two leather things.

01:21:01   - First reaction from this desk.

01:21:04   Smaller than the previous one.

01:21:06   - Yeah, it is, yeah.

01:21:07   It's fully smallest desk.

01:21:08   - My first reaction, my first reaction was cozy,

01:21:13   cozy desk.

01:21:15   - I much prefer this one.

01:21:16   Visually, aside from the horrificness of Steven's face,

01:21:20   I much prefer this desk.

01:21:23   This desk is more like what I would want everything to look like.

01:21:26   My first reaction was also, where does he place his hands?

01:21:30   Like, there's no room.

01:21:32   Oh yeah, there is. This is the...

01:21:34   I have a lot of space, like I put my hands on top of the notepad.

01:21:37   My hands go... one goes on the... like next to my mouse.

01:21:41   The other, I rest my hand quite a lot on the Wacom tablet,

01:21:44   because it doesn't do anything, unless the pens touch it.

01:21:46   So the Wacom tablet is the one on the left, the black one.

01:21:48   The black thing.

01:21:50   The big black thing, yeah.

01:21:51   So anyway, we have established that you like this aesthetic about you, right?

01:21:55   This messy sort of like, I like to think I'm a regular person aesthetic.

01:21:59   Yeah. You're not. Okay. Got the cleaning cloth folded there on the base of the iMac.

01:22:04   So the fat Pikachu. Yeah. Card.

01:22:08   Yup. Surfing Pikachu. V-Max. Best, best Pikachu for sure.

01:22:13   I love my curvy Pokemon. I like it. I like it. I just want to say that I like it.

01:22:16   Um, the vertical monitor, right? Yeah.

01:22:20   Why?

01:22:21   If you remember, before I had the iMac,

01:22:24   sorry, yeah, before I had the iMac, I had a Mac Mini here

01:22:27   and then I needed a monitor for it, and I just bought whatever half-decent monitor I could find.

01:22:31   And then when I got the iMac, I wanted a little bit more desk space,

01:22:35   and I already had this monitor, so I just used this monitor.

01:22:40   It's great, I've got all my audio hijack stuff, Zoom is up there.

01:22:43   What's with the little greyish-bluish thing with the hole in it?

01:22:50   And what happens if you put your finger in it?

01:22:54   Chop!

01:22:54   My finger's in it now and everything's okay.

01:22:56   Is it a nib nib?

01:22:58   There's no problem.

01:22:59   That is called the Penwell Craftsman.

01:23:02   It's somewhere for me to put my pen.

01:23:04   Oh, but it doesn't do anything to them.

01:23:06   It holds the pen, yeah.

01:23:08   It gives the pen a nib nib.

01:23:09   Okay.

01:23:10   The keyboard with the white, black and pink keys.

01:23:15   Is that Kirby?

01:23:16   Is that Kirby in the top left?

01:23:18   Actually, legally, that is not Kirby, that is Corby.

01:23:23   What is it called?

01:23:25   Corby?

01:23:26   Nice.

01:23:27   Nice.

01:23:28   This is from a keyboard friend of mine.

01:23:31   She makes them, her name is Tiny.

01:23:33   She makes really amazing keycaps.

01:23:36   And one of the range that she has is the Corby range.

01:23:39   And the mouth is big enough that you can put your finger in it.

01:23:43   And it nib nibs.

01:23:44   And it nib nibs.

01:23:45   Nice.

01:23:46   Got a nib nib there from my Corby. That's good. Tell me about the lamp on the right mainly because I want a lamp like this

01:23:53   I love this lamp so much. It's by a company called an angle boys

01:23:58   angle boys

01:24:00   Angle poise

01:24:05   Uncle boys uncle boys lamp company. No, it's angle poise ankle boys

01:24:14   Ankle boys. They love ankles.

01:24:16   It's an ankle boys lamp.

01:24:18   I have one of the Paul Smith ones.

01:24:20   I just like the colors of it a lot.

01:24:21   And I like it. Yeah.

01:24:22   Yeah. I want a lamp like this.

01:24:24   Really good lamp.

01:24:25   And I have a hue bulb in it.

01:24:27   So next to the candle, the leather candle.

01:24:32   What's that?

01:24:32   Is that something for your nose, for your allergies or something?

01:24:35   I have...

01:24:36   Some lotion?

01:24:37   Some Ollie Now Ectoin Spray.

01:24:41   It's like a nasal, you know, like unblock your nose.

01:24:45   And then in front of it is hand cream.

01:24:47   Yeah, hands get dry podcasting.

01:24:49   Did you get a hit of that spray today?

01:24:54   I can get it. Let me do it right now. I hate it.

01:24:56   [Laughter]

01:25:00   Again, again, again.

01:25:02   There she goes.

01:25:03   Ah, I don't like it at all.

01:25:06   I got to do the other nose. I got to do the other nostril now.

01:25:08   I got to balance it out.

01:25:09   What is this show?

01:25:15   Oh, it goes up to the brain, man.

01:25:21   Okay.

01:25:22   Oh my God.

01:25:25   It went out on date in 2017.

01:25:27   Wow.

01:25:28   No wonder it's so bad.

01:25:30   Oh my God.

01:25:31   Why did it even give me this?

01:25:32   Why did she give me this?

01:25:34   It's so old.

01:25:35   Why did she give me this?

01:25:36   Did it expire before you got married?

01:25:39   expired five years ago oh yeah that's not good I can taste blood oh no no wait

01:25:51   yeah you know that like it iron taste in the discord now why I do know why did

01:26:02   you give me this you gave you gave me this like six months ago oh I don't feel

01:26:08   good guys that's gone right to my head have we done something have we have we

01:26:13   gone too far that's in the trash yeah

01:26:19   maybe Carter from the discord asks has anyone died on a relay show before yeah

01:26:25   but it could happen that don't feel right you do it all for the show again

01:26:30   so like she's saying she got me this a while ago all right what I will tell you

01:26:34   you, beautiful wife of mine. 2017! It wasn't that long ago. It was 100% during the pandemic.

01:26:42   If I brought it here to the studio, which we signed a lease on in 2020, it was already

01:26:46   three years old before it could have come here!

01:26:49   You got married in 2018 or 19, right?

01:26:51   Yes! It predates our marriage!

01:26:53   Yeah, that's what I thought.

01:26:56   Anyway, I don't want to get into that. It's not "roast my marriage" today.

01:27:01   I've roasted my nostrils though, you know what I'm saying?

01:27:04   Yeah, yeah.

01:27:06   I think this desk is, I think it's definitely neater and tired than the other one, mostly

01:27:11   because of its size.

01:27:12   Yeah, it has to be, right?

01:27:13   I think Federico's first impression of being cozy, like that's where I land too.

01:27:17   Like I kind of like that you're just here, it's got blankets and stuff around it because

01:27:22   it's where you record.

01:27:23   Eggs, yes, yes.

01:27:25   And maybe they're like, there's a fireplace on the right and maybe you're drinking some

01:27:30   whiskey or something, it's very cool. I don't know, maybe it's the lights. Yes, I got a candle.

01:27:35   There is definitely an aesthetic here that I wish the other desk could have, just it can't. I can

01:27:40   send you some more stickers. You know what really makes this desk? Federico. Federico. Yes. Guess what I just

01:27:46   noticed. Zoom in on the bottom left hand of the picture. There's the Touch ID keyboard. Yep.

01:27:54   glued to the bottom of the desk.

01:27:56   Velcroed.

01:27:57   Velcroed.

01:27:57   Where?

01:27:58   Where?

01:27:59   Look, look at the pic, look at the sticker of me.

01:28:02   It's gold.

01:28:04   Yeah, it blends in.

01:28:05   Oh my God, it's gold.

01:28:06   Yeah.

01:28:07   I see it, I see it.

01:28:09   Oh, that's genius.

01:28:11   My skin has got a real headache, man.

01:28:13   Yeah, you're gonna die.

01:28:14   I'm gonna die.

01:28:16   We're gonna wrap up the show, but I mean, yeah.

01:28:21   I'm ready to release you.

01:28:23   Yes, we can release you the better job.

01:28:28   Man, I got off so easy today. Did you not see the other arrow on the floor?

01:28:33   Well, I just... no.

01:28:35   Actually, that arrow is not just on the floor. That arrow is lying on top of sound foam.

01:28:43   Oh my gosh.

01:28:44   You know, like the foam for noise?

01:28:46   I don't know, I mean at this point we're just, you know...

01:28:51   I think I got off real easy, except for the decongestant. That was the worst part. Aside

01:28:57   from that, everything else was fine. Besides the fact that there's a very serious risk

01:29:02   of dying. What happens if you spray, like, how many years? Five-year-old decongestant

01:29:09   in both nostrils. That's why we have follow-up on the show. Yeah, follow-up. Myke didn't

01:29:14   make it. Follow-up. We are at the morgue. Follow-up. Welcome to One True John's time on Connected.

01:29:21   That's right.

01:29:22   We're in the OTJ season.

01:29:24   Mm-hmm.

01:29:25   Oh, God. Okay.

01:29:27   Oh, no, wait. It's James, right?

01:29:29   James in the succession.

01:29:30   So, if James Thompson's here next week,

01:29:33   the decongestant took its hold.

01:29:36   Yep.

01:29:37   If I die in the next week,

01:29:39   you guys are going to feel real guilty now

01:29:41   for making that joke. You know that, right?

01:29:42   Well, mostly because I was like,

01:29:44   "Take a hit. Come on, come on, do it."

01:29:46   You know, the peer pressure.

01:29:48   And then like, you know.

01:29:49   Yeah, there's a lot of evidence

01:29:50   that's gonna be used against us in the trial.

01:29:52   It could be potentially incriminating, and in that case...

01:29:54   Although to be fair, like, Idina is involved.

01:29:57   Yeah, she's straight up murdered you.

01:30:00   No, no, no, not her. There's no straight up. This is the three of you.

01:30:03   I mean, we just did it for the show, like, in Kurt.

01:30:07   Yeah, see Federico, you are the only one out of the three people mentioned here

01:30:11   that I will say was pure of heart, because both Steven and Idina get money if I die.

01:30:15   I don't think we do if we murder you.

01:30:18   There you go.

01:30:20   Yeah, but you were hoping you'd get away with it.

01:30:22   I mostly did it for the shows.

01:30:24   Like I thought it was funny.

01:30:25   Federico, they're going to pin this on you, man.

01:30:27   Why?

01:30:28   Because they don't get any money, right?

01:30:31   If they murdered me.

01:30:32   So they'll say you did it.

01:30:34   No, it's on the record saying, what is that?

01:30:37   I didn't know what it was.

01:30:38   And then you blamed your own wife.

01:30:40   Federico, here's the concern.

01:30:42   Steven edits.

01:30:43   Steven could edit out the part where he says it.

01:30:46   Look, honestly, I'm going to keep my own backup of this call.

01:30:50   I think that's a really good idea this time.

01:30:52   [Laughter]

01:30:54   So, there's Discord logs that are pointing to, you know, a new saying to Adina,

01:31:01   "Why did you place this, why did you give this to me months ago?"

01:31:04   So it could be like a long con that Adina planned this whole time.

01:31:09   So I have my own backup of this Zoom call, and I can submit it as Exhibit A in court.

01:31:17   And also I have an excellent team of lawyers.

01:31:19   One of them is a very angry one.

01:31:21   With one knee.

01:31:23   One knee, you know, he lost the other knee in another trial.

01:31:29   So.

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01:33:19   I have some real-time follow-up from Carter who has consulted a medical professional during

01:33:25   the show to confirm that I'm going to be okay.

01:33:29   That even nasal sprays, they just lose their effectiveness over time.

01:33:33   They do not become poisonous, toxic, or harmful.

01:33:36   I'm sure that's a reputable situation you found yourself in.

01:33:43   Medical professional, you know?

01:33:45   All right, Federico, tell us about your Apple Watch charging.

01:33:48   I'm so upset. I want to see very upset.

01:33:53   So I don't know what happened.

01:33:56   Well, I guess I do know what happened because I needed to look it up,

01:33:58   and I realized that there's many other people like me.

01:34:01   Why is no one talking about this?

01:34:03   Why is no... Turns out people are talking about it.

01:34:07   WatchOS 8.5 completely broke fast charging on my Series 7 Apple Watch,

01:34:15   with the otherwise very good and very nice Belkin charger that I have.

01:34:22   And it turns out this is not a problem of my back in charger, it's a WatchOS 8.5 problem.

01:34:28   There's multiple articles talking about this.

01:34:31   It totally broke fast charging on my Apple Watch.

01:34:33   But that's the thing that really upsets me here.

01:34:37   It's not that it broke fast charging, so now it's doing regular charging.

01:34:41   It went from fast charging to slow charging,

01:34:46   meaning that this watch basically doesn't charge anymore, or rather it picks up like

01:34:52   5% in, I don't know, 4 hours or something.

01:35:00   There's no fix for it, it seems. So my watch is fully updated to the latest version of watchOS.

01:35:05   It doesn't fast charge anymore. It doesn't regular charge anymore. It slow charges now, meaning that

01:35:13   once it dies on me and

01:35:16   I place it on the charger, I can pick it up the next day to have it be at a hundred percent again.

01:35:22   And I don't know what I'm supposed to do here.

01:35:25   So this is charging slower than the slowest charging?

01:35:29   It's charging slower than the slower charging.

01:35:33   It went from fast charging to slower than usual charging.

01:35:39   To incredibly slow charging.

01:35:41   Maybe all of the very various many many many possible products that you have bought over the years

01:35:47   which you've put this thing on top of and finally fried it.

01:35:50   Well, but this is a Series 7 Apple Watch, and I've only used it with either the Apple

01:35:58   MagSafe Duo charger.

01:36:00   Then I gave that one to Silvia, and I switched to this official MagSafe one that I bought

01:36:05   from the Apple Store, made by Belkin.

01:36:08   So it's only ever been on two chargers.

01:36:12   And a bunch of other people, you know, I don't know if you guys know about this, but I'm

01:36:17   very online as a person. Yeah, I've looked at other people online and other people

01:36:26   online have the same problem as me. And there's no... the thing about it is that

01:36:31   there's no fix for it. They just... what? They just don't care? They sell like... the

01:36:37   Series 7 was already like a boring update. I guess fast charging was one of

01:36:40   the perks and now it's broken. It doesn't work anymore. Now you know how I feel

01:36:48   about Apple Care. I didn't get it for this watch. I'm just saying like have you

01:36:53   contacted Apple support? No, no I guess me doing the podcast is contacting them.

01:37:00   Hey look I get you right? I feel you on that one for sure. You know like I

01:37:04   I sometimes when something is very specific,

01:37:09   like a shortcuts bug that I really care about,

01:37:12   I file a radar, I talk to the right people

01:37:15   and I do what I can do.

01:37:17   But for this kind of thing,

01:37:18   well, I'm gonna talk to an Apple specialist

01:37:21   on the support website

01:37:23   and they're just gonna tell me something.

01:37:25   - What they're gonna say is,

01:37:26   what's they'll say is it up to date?

01:37:28   Then they'll ask you to turn it off.

01:37:30   Then they'll ask you to restore it to factory settings.

01:37:32   - Yeah.

01:37:33   - That's like the worst possible thing to tell someone

01:37:36   'cause it's like, I know this won't fix it

01:37:38   and what you're asking me to do

01:37:40   is like reset my entire iPhone.

01:37:42   When I did my AirPods Pro replacement,

01:37:44   they wanted me to reset my phone to factory settings.

01:37:48   I was like, yeah, sure, I did that already.

01:37:50   No problem.

01:37:51   Apple care, man.

01:37:53   - Yeah, I just don't wanna follow a checklist.

01:37:55   I just don't wanna follow a checklist that I already know.

01:37:58   It's not gonna fix my problem

01:38:00   because there's hundreds of other people

01:38:02   reporting the same issue online and I'm just surprised there's no fix for it I

01:38:08   guess. Genuinely though even though I've now just said all of those things because

01:38:12   it is so easy to restore a watch have you tried doing that like I'm just

01:38:16   asking. No no I guess I should do it also because like my watch is pretty easy to

01:38:21   restore. And of all of their devices the watch is the easiest right?

01:38:25   Nobody even like, also like I don't really customize it I use one of the

01:38:29   basic watch faces and I have like what three complications on it.

01:38:34   You're the common man.

01:38:36   See I am the common man.

01:38:38   Because you even have the Aluminium Apple watch too right?

01:38:41   I am a man of the people. I've been saying this on the show for the past few years.

01:38:50   I'm a man of the people. I think like the people. I talk to the people and the people talk back to me.

01:38:57   Do you hear them right now?

01:39:03   They are in the room right now.

01:39:09   They're all giving me the thumbs up.

01:39:10   I did it right.

01:39:11   They're all nodding, so I guess I must be saying something right.

01:39:16   But yeah, I guess I will try that.

01:39:18   It's easy enough to restore.

01:39:20   Did you check... can you do battery health?

01:39:23   Is that a thing on these devices?

01:39:25   You can't...

01:39:26   I realized this today in selling my Series 6 Apple Watch.

01:39:33   The guy on the website asked me, "Hey, can you tell me the battery health?"

01:39:37   And I realized, "Oh, I didn't know that was a thing that I could check."

01:39:40   It exists, but only on the watch itself.

01:39:43   You gotta open the settings up on the watch.

01:39:46   So not in the watch app on the iPhone.

01:39:48   Directly on the watch.

01:39:50   You go to Settings, Battery, you scroll kind of to the end, there's the battery page, and

01:39:55   then you tap battery health and you got the same info that you got on the iPhone

01:39:59   and my series 98% this is the series 7 7 right the the 6 that I'm selling from

01:40:07   last year was a 90% which you know why it's bad 90s it's like a year and and

01:40:20   Like a year and a half? Maybe more, actually. A year and seven months? Yeah, a year and a half.

01:40:28   It's not too bad, 90%, I think. But anyway. So, Zack's saying that, you know, their series 6 is also down to 90%, so thank you, Zack.

01:40:40   So that seems to be in line with other people.

01:40:42   You should, uh...

01:40:44   But my series 7 is not charging anymore, so I'm very upset.

01:40:47   So if you leave it all night,

01:40:50   I'm going to wake up the next day. It's not going to be fully charged.

01:40:54   That is a problem.

01:40:55   Yeah. Yeah. It's a horrible, it's horrible. Like you gotta,

01:40:59   you gotta talk to Apple about this.

01:41:00   You got to restore it and then have them replace it or repair it or whatever.

01:41:04   Sorry. I have to, I'm sorry to say that. I agree. Like one,

01:41:07   you need to do the restore just to say, you never know. Right.

01:41:09   Isn't there like a concierge service where like you pay,

01:41:14   Like, I would honestly pay a monthly or annual fee when things happen, you don't have like...

01:41:21   See, it's not the... it's not the having issues because problems happen.

01:41:26   It's finding the time to deal with them.

01:41:29   Yeah, this really sounds like a common man problem that you've got here.

01:41:33   You're thinking of Big Apple Care Buddy, where they just take care of your repair for you.

01:41:37   Let me tell you, Federico, you can pay for Apple Care.

01:41:40   And do you know what they do?

01:41:42   They don't do nothing for you.

01:41:44   Because they say, "That's not scratched."

01:41:47   - You're really taking your one example

01:41:49   and applied it to the whole system.

01:41:51   - It's the only example I have.

01:41:52   I have a 100% failure rate.

01:41:54   - Wait, don't they have a service for businesses

01:41:58   where like if something breaks,

01:41:59   the Apple person is gonna come to you

01:42:02   and fix it on site? - Apple Business Essentials.

01:42:04   And I doubt it's in Italy.

01:42:06   - They have a heat, remember,

01:42:07   tichi-tachi, it's not in Italy anyway.

01:42:08   - Yeah, but the Apple watches.

01:42:11   - Look, I got the Italian Apple ID

01:42:13   for when I wanna pretend.

01:42:15   - Mail the watch to John and let John deal with it.

01:42:18   - Yep, this is what we call a John problem.

01:42:22   - This just seems like a very simple,

01:42:24   straightforward yet unfortunate hardware issue.

01:42:26   And they'll take care of it for you.

01:42:29   - Apple Business Essentials is US only.

01:42:32   - No, I don't know, I gotta find a solution for that.

01:42:34   I gotta find, block some time.

01:42:37   I'm going to sit down and be like, okay, I am dealing with this today.

01:42:41   You know, you need someone to put it, put it on your schedule for you. Yeah.

01:42:46   Yeah. Just like a common man. Common people do this all the time.

01:42:50   Common people think like me, they talk like me,

01:42:54   they do podcasts like me. I don't know. I don't know why.

01:42:59   Yeah. Common people like you, right? Common people like me. That's also,

01:43:04   Was that a reference? That was a reference, right?

01:43:07   Myke and I get it. Myke and I get it. Steven doesn't. But Myke and I, we get it.

01:43:12   Yeah.

01:43:13   I took her to the supermarket. I don't know why, but I had to start her somewhere.

01:43:19   So I started there.

01:43:22   There.

01:43:22   Alright, we've lost it now. I'm more nasal spray than man. Alright? Like I'm done.

01:43:27   Steven, please wrap it up.

01:43:29   Okay, if you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, pictures to our desks,

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01:43:56   It'd be be a good time to have those going again. Spoilers. What they're coming to there that they start to roll out in a month?

01:44:03   Yeah, okay. Well go join. You'll be the first to know when they come out

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01:44:17   No, you need to send those on Twitter. You can find Myke as I

01:44:20   My ke Myke is that was the host of a bunch of other shows here on relay FM and

01:44:26   Do you have anything you want to plug?

01:44:29   No Friday keyboard Club

01:44:31   It's on Friday

01:44:33   At some point I'm gonna do that thing with the touch ID button. Oh, yes. Let us know that's gonna happen. Yeah

01:44:40   It's probably gonna be I reckon it'll probably be next week. Okay. I'm waiting for the iFixit stuff to come

01:44:46   You can find Federico on Twitter of a tgvi ti CCI be sure to pay attention to all the cool

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01:45:18   I like to thank our four sponsors bombus indeed novo and Bambi and until next week guys say goodbye

01:45:25   I do that you cheerio. Bye y'all