392: That Looming Threat of an Identity Crisis


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 392.

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00:00:17   I am Myke Early and I have the absolute pleasure of introducing to you all,

00:00:23   Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico.

00:00:25   Hello Myke. What a nice "from Relay FM".

00:00:29   I'll give you the extra, you know, you want it, so I'll just give you the extra.

00:00:32   Yeah.

00:00:33   I have a question about the introduction thing.

00:00:36   So with it being round robin, it does mean I only ever introduce you, right?

00:00:40   Like, I think that's how this works. It's like it's not randomized in any way, right?

00:00:44   Like, I am always the person introducing Federico.

00:00:46   I think that's how this works, right?

00:00:48   Yeah, I think that's how it works.

00:00:52   Don't you want to introduce me anymore?

00:00:54   I have no problem with that at all.

00:00:56   Like, none at all. I just wondered.

00:00:58   Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, it is also my pleasure to introduce our other co-host for

00:01:06   this program from the United States of America, from Tennessee, from Memphis, from his house,

00:01:14   from his podcast cabin specifically, Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:01:18   Hello.

00:01:19   You see how I did the whole thing, like from America and then the state.

00:01:23   I thought you were going to rattle off my address for a second.

00:01:28   From Latitude.

00:01:29   I don't know about the ordering thing.

00:01:34   That's a good question for the makers of connectedintro.com.

00:01:39   Maybe they can provide us some real-time follow-up.

00:01:42   Because that's what I wonder of, like, do we need to round robin it perfectly, or do

00:01:46   we just need to round robin it?

00:01:48   So here's where...

00:01:49   Look, okay.

00:01:50   It's like...

00:01:51   Nested round robins, right? Yes. So, no that's how we could, I mean look, I don't

00:01:57   know how you do the mess on this, but like, I, you know, do one in three, but

00:02:03   then like the first time I introduced Federico, the second time I introduced

00:02:07   Steven, you know? Right. Then it goes back, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like

00:02:11   concentric round robins. Yeah. Spiraling robins. Yeah, Zach says it is a

00:02:20   normal round robin right now so what about what about like randomized robins and we call them

00:02:26   like quantum robins or something like that that's really good

00:02:31   i think that the order of who starts the intro needs to be regular round you know yeah but then

00:02:39   outside of that i mean we can go into the multiverse of madness you know what i'm saying

00:02:43   should we have rules for the robins i mean we're all thinking it right that this is where we're

00:02:48   - I wasn't. I don't know what they would be yet.

00:02:51   We'll think about that.

00:02:53   You know what? Let's just keep talking

00:02:54   'cause I don't want to do follow-up today.

00:02:57   I don't want to do it.

00:02:58   - Well, there's some follow-up we need to do.

00:02:59   - Two thirds of the follow-up,

00:03:01   I think I have explicitly asked for us never to do again.

00:03:05   Could not have made clearer

00:03:07   that I never wanted to cover

00:03:10   either of these things ever again.

00:03:12   - It's a democracy here.

00:03:14   And my third of the democracy

00:03:16   wants to talk about these things.

00:03:16   This doesn't feel democratic.

00:03:18   This feels authoritarian.

00:03:20   Like I am being forced against my will to listen to this.

00:03:23   - The first one, I will just say,

00:03:25   we got a lot of feedback about how Apple charges more

00:03:28   for black keyboards and mice on trackpad

00:03:30   than white and silver ones.

00:03:32   We understand there's a link.

00:03:34   Go look at the link.

00:03:35   - Do you have any idea what it's like to have follow up

00:03:38   that you don't want follow you across two shows?

00:03:42   This is where I am with this now.

00:03:43   - Well, you're making this last longer than it has to.

00:03:46   I was just saying, we've heard you,

00:03:48   there's a link in the show notes.

00:03:49   - Well, I'm upset.

00:03:50   - Okay, well the next one will definitely calm you down.

00:03:53   #GreenGate.

00:03:54   - This is nonsense.

00:03:55   - No man, come on. - Why?

00:03:57   - This is like from, this is from two years ago, come on.

00:04:00   I mean, geez.

00:04:01   - I just wanna share an update, that's all.

00:04:04   - No, no one wants it except you.

00:04:06   - Apple had an iOS update that was meant to fix this

00:04:09   where some iPhone models had like a green or gray tint

00:04:11   to their display.

00:04:12   An anonymous source shared an intro--

00:04:15   This is the thing that makes me most annoyed about this.

00:04:17   I feel, I honestly, oh man, this feels...

00:04:20   Are you questioning my sources?

00:04:22   No, it's just, this is just really annoying.

00:04:25   No, it just feels like being waterboarded with follow-up.

00:04:28   It's what it feels like.

00:04:29   [Laughter]

00:04:31   You're just pouring this thing on our ears because it's a podcast.

00:04:36   Because also, it's like, you may have just thought to yourself,

00:04:38   "I want to do more of that."

00:04:39   See, like, "Oh, my source is anonymous, so you know, can't prove it."

00:04:44   Are you questioning my integrity as a...

00:04:46   - Yeah.

00:04:47   - Out.

00:04:48   - Well, you just said you were a pseudo journalist.

00:04:50   Like you won't even commit.

00:04:51   - Well, I mean like is podcasting

00:04:52   or blogging really journalism?

00:04:54   I don't know.

00:04:54   - You went to school to be a pseudo journalist?

00:04:57   Wow.

00:04:58   - And also, hang on a second, hang on a second.

00:05:00   As the person with a journalism degree,

00:05:02   shouldn't you be able to answer that question?

00:05:04   - No, it means that I have the most questions about it.

00:05:06   It's very existential in my mind

00:05:08   if podcasting and blogging is journalism or not.

00:05:11   - But you should be able to answer.

00:05:12   surely you have some kind of framework.

00:05:15   Like, isn't that like the first lesson in journalism school?

00:05:19   - No, it's like if you go to school to major in philosophy,

00:05:24   you have more questions when you graduate

00:05:25   than when you go in.

00:05:26   - Whoa, yeah, but that's philosophy.

00:05:28   Like most things aren't like philosophy.

00:05:30   No, journalism isn't philosophy.

00:05:32   Like if you go to school for chemistry,

00:05:35   you don't leave and you're like, I don't know anything.

00:05:37   I have more questions than when I began.

00:05:38   Like that's bad teaching.

00:05:40   - Isn't that the whole point of the college system

00:05:42   the United States though like no okay it's just to play carry Omar and ask

00:05:49   questions that's all it is Apple has a document saying that if you have an

00:05:54   iPhone 12 and you show up with this issue so apparently it is still going on

00:05:59   for some people quote let the customer know that Apple is aware of the reports

00:06:03   and is looking into it Apple itself refers to itself in the singular I will

00:06:08   point out. Because they're American. And they say don't set up service for the issue, just tell them

00:06:13   to stay up to date software-wise. So there's not really a fix, if you're still seeing it. This was

00:06:20   great. I'm really pleased we covered this today. We'll be back soon with more. Getting the truth

00:06:25   out, you know. We spent the last couple weeks adjusting the bill of rookies. I was going to

00:06:31   just leave it until we played the game the next time in case, uh, the case of changes, but Justin

00:06:38   And the discord brought something up that I thought we needed to go ahead and address because it potentially

00:06:43   Has some like pretty big ramifications. So there's a section of the document that says

00:06:48   For the annual rookies host are forbidden from choosing any pick they made during the previous calendar year

00:06:55   Annual picks cannot be reused for the remainder of that calendar year by the host who made them

00:06:59   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks made by others from previous games. So Justin writes based on the discussion

00:07:06   I think this was intended to mean that when a host is choosing new annual picks in 2023, for example,

00:07:11   he cannot reuse any of his annual picks from 2022,

00:07:15   but quote "any pick they made during the previous calendar year sounds like it also includes 2022 keynote picks and maybe even flexes."

00:07:23   So I see where this confusion has come from. I think we can probably... I think I know...

00:07:29   I think we know what we wanted out of this and

00:07:33   And so I have a suggested change I want to get y'all's feedback on.

00:07:38   Just before that I would like to provide some real-time follow-up.

00:07:40   It is a correction for you.

00:07:42   It was Jason of Rickypedia at rickys.net who wrote in with this, not Justin.

00:07:48   Oh, sorry.

00:07:49   We'll play more to correct.

00:07:50   I probably typed it on my iPhone and then it is corrected.

00:07:54   So my source of change is the annual rookies have their own subset of rules.

00:07:59   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar

00:08:04   year.

00:08:05   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual RICIs by the same host.

00:08:11   And then all hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:08:15   All right, can I read this again just to make sure I understand it?

00:08:18   Yeah.

00:08:19   All right, the annual RICIs.

00:08:20   So where is this sitting in the rules then?

00:08:23   Like what comes before this in your mind?

00:08:26   Well, if you look in the Google Doc, you will see that the annual RICCES has its own little

00:08:32   subsection in the rules.

00:08:34   Yeah, yeah.

00:08:35   So where is this starting?

00:08:36   Oh, in that part?

00:08:38   Okay, so it says, "Pics made for keynote RICCES cannot be reused by the host who made them

00:08:43   for the next keynote.

00:08:45   Following on, the annual RICCES have their own subset of rules.

00:08:48   Once a host chooses something as an annual PIC, they cannot reuse it in that calendar

00:08:54   year.

00:08:55   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual RICIs by the same hosts.

00:09:00   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:09:04   That feels pretty good for me.

00:09:06   Jason has recommended language himself.

00:09:08   Can I read that just so we can compare?

00:09:10   Yeah, we went round and round the other day and I voted it down.

00:09:15   Hosts may not reuse their own active annual picks in any of that year's keynote RICIs.

00:09:20   Nah, that's too confusing.

00:09:22   Just like, we're mixing them together.

00:09:24   I like it's just like, we only mentioned one here and then one here.

00:09:28   That works for me.

00:09:29   I mean, it serves the same purpose, right?

00:09:31   So the idea being we can't reuse those and no one can reuse the annual picks

00:09:37   that they pick in keynote events and okay, cool.

00:09:42   All right.

00:09:43   Cool.

00:09:44   And also next year.

00:09:46   So like in 2022, you can't use the same picture you made in 2021.

00:09:50   You can't make, you can't reuse your annual pick again.

00:09:53   Didn't we decide that the annual picks would be called the Annie's?

00:09:57   We've had this conversation before right? It's in the bottom of our document

00:10:02   This is I noticed it the other day when I was looking for something else. And so if we're gonna call it the Annie's I

00:10:07   Feel like it should be reflected as such in the rules. I mean really then it's like a whole third set of rules

00:10:14   It's Ricky's flexes and Annie's that feels like a bit much

00:10:18   But like just wherever it says that annual Ricky's

00:10:22   Or like the annual rickys aka the annies have their own subset of rules, you know what I mean?

00:10:27   Or just rocks up the top, like there are two types of rickys.

00:10:31   Annies and kinis.

00:10:34   There we go, we got it.

00:10:36   No, I'm not going with kinis, I'm sorry.

00:10:39   But there's a line and I'm drawing the line at kinis. I cannot do that.

00:10:45   Just have that up the top, Steven. We're at the very top.

00:10:47   very top. So it says there are two types of Ricky's. Annual Ricky's, aka the Annie's,

00:10:52   and keynote Ricky's. That works for me, you know? Just so we remember to call it that.

00:10:57   Because I don't know why we decided that, but we did.

00:11:00   Alright, it's in there. Any other follow-up that you guys want me to not talk about, or

00:11:05   can we move on?

00:11:06   No, I just wanted to read again the language that we chose for the previous rule. "The

00:11:13   annual Ricky's have their own sub-server rules. Once a host chooses something as an annual

00:11:17   pick. They cannot, they cannot reuse it. Okay. So once a host chooses something as an annual

00:11:24   pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar year. Okay. Additionally picks me. Okay. Yeah,

00:11:31   this. Okay. I think it makes sense. Yeah. Cause what it's referring to in the calendar

00:11:35   year is any keynote reviews. So I pick something in January, like a iPadOS 17, you know, um,

00:11:42   does not, you know, introduces Xcode. None of the keynotes in 2023 I can pick Xcode in

00:11:50   iPadOS 17. And so, and same, I cannot pick it in the Anis of 2024. Right. Now, okay,

00:12:01   so all this works for me. Question for you guys though. Okay. Do these rules retroactively

00:12:08   apply to the current year because it's only April.

00:12:16   No, I've thought about this.

00:12:24   Normally the rules apply only moving forward, but I think there needs to be an exception

00:12:29   made this time that we can't...

00:12:30   No, I think we should do it.

00:12:32   I think we should just apply it because it's not hard.

00:12:34   What we're going to do is just apply the annual Ricky's rules now.

00:12:38   That's the only thing that changes.

00:12:40   So now we just can't pick anything we chose from that, which we wouldn't have done anyway.

00:12:43   I think we can slot these in and it won't be...

00:12:45   Well no, we could have picked, like if we don't apply the rules we could have picked

00:12:50   stuff from January in the next keynote.

00:12:53   But now we can't.

00:12:54   So I'm happy with the starting from now, just like from the next one, like now it's like

00:12:59   this is set.

00:13:00   So we, for the rest of 2022, adopt the rules of... and I actually don't think... the way

00:13:07   the rules are written before we wouldn't have been allowed to pick something from the annuals

00:13:11   anyway. That's true because we had no repicking within a year. Yeah. Okay. So I don't think

00:13:17   we would have been able to do that and so I'm fine with it. Let me have a quick scan

00:13:22   through the annuals real quick. That looks pretty fine. I don't think we've done any

00:13:27   um no I think we're pretty fine. There's no one's reused these picks. I want to just

00:13:33   mention one last thing while we're on this. So Lex, who makes rickys.co, has

00:13:38   made a Rickys API for who the current chairman are. What? So it's just at the

00:13:45   moment it just has keynote chairman and annual chairman. That's all it's got right now.

00:13:49   But my assumption is this will only get more complicated as time goes on.

00:13:53   I believe Jason Snell asked for this. I don't know why Jason wanted it, but Jason

00:13:59   wants it and now James is using it for the relay FM mode of dice by peak out I

00:14:05   am gonna do something with this live on the show I want a widget someone make us

00:14:12   widgets hold on you guys keep going I will make something very quickly very

00:14:18   quickly automation April over there automation April is happening live I

00:14:25   I assume, I naturally assume that just knowing Lex's work to date, that there will be more

00:14:33   in this in the future, but like this is just the basic.

00:14:37   I'm not asking for more, I don't even know what you put in it, but I just, it feels like

00:14:41   a natural assumption considering just how complex Ricky's.co has gotten over the last

00:14:46   couple of years.

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00:16:21   Okay.

00:16:22   You guys ready?

00:16:23   Yeah.

00:16:24   Hey Siri, who's the keynote chairman.

00:16:29   Okay.

00:16:30   No run the shortcut.

00:16:32   Uh, you don't even know it works.

00:16:34   Hey Siri, run.

00:16:36   Who's the keynote chairman.

00:16:38   No.

00:16:41   Are you sure you know how to do this?

00:16:45   Yes.

00:16:46   I know how to use Siri.

00:16:47   Hey.

00:16:47   Hey Siri.

00:16:48   Hey Siri.

00:16:50   Hey Siri.

00:16:54   - You sure?

00:16:54   - It's not working anymore.

00:16:56   - Yeah, 'cause you don't know how to do it.

00:16:58   - Run, who's the keynote chairman?

00:17:01   - The current keynote chairman is you,

00:17:04   Federico, my King Ricky.

00:17:06   - That's coming from the rickys.co API.

00:17:10   - Can you ask who the annual chairman is?

00:17:12   Did you not bother setting me up?

00:17:13   - No, I just added support for the keynote one.

00:17:16   - Just for you? - Because that was me.

00:17:17   It's actually quite nice because it's getting data from rikis.co.

00:17:21   It's parsing the response for keynote chairman and then it has a condition.

00:17:26   If the name is Federico,

00:17:27   there's a special condition for me with saying is you Federico my king

00:17:31   Ricky. If it's either of you guys, it's not going to have the nice message.

00:17:35   Wow. So the API should also have whoever the loser is.

00:17:39   I agree.

00:17:40   When, when I try to run this,

00:17:42   will I need to ask it seven times to run it or do I need to just do it one

00:17:47   Look, it's not my fault that Siri is unreliable and that it doesn't understand the name of

00:17:52   my shortcut and I need to say "Run, who's the keynote chairman?"

00:17:56   Like it shouldn't have to be that way.

00:17:58   You were the one that chose to have it do this, you know?

00:18:03   I didn't choose anything.

00:18:04   Well, I mean, you could have just created a shortcut that just read it aloud, you know?

00:18:10   But it needed to be for the show.

00:18:12   Automation April is happening right now.

00:18:17   Federico, can you give the top line of what Automation April is

00:18:21   to connected listeners that are currently living under a rock and are unaware?

00:18:25   Yes, it's a month-long event to showcase automation on Apple platforms

00:18:32   with a focus on shortcuts.

00:18:35   By month-long event, I mean it's something that we are running on Mac stories,

00:18:40   but it goes beyond Max Stories.

00:18:42   We are trying to do things on all the properties,

00:18:46   if you will, of the Max Stories universe.

00:18:49   So there's gonna be-- - The Emu.

00:18:51   - The Emu, the extended Max Stories universe.

00:18:53   There's gonna be special articles

00:18:55   and shortcuts on Max Stories.

00:18:56   There's gonna be stuff for club members,

00:18:59   whether they are regular club members in Max Stories Weekly

00:19:02   or the Plus and Premiere ones.

00:19:04   There's special episodes of App Stories,

00:19:06   segments of App Stories Plus.

00:19:08   We're gonna interview a bunch of folks about shortcuts,

00:19:10   a bunch of developers is going to be nice.

00:19:12   There's workshops in Discord for Discord members

00:19:16   where I just did one yesterday

00:19:18   where we got to talk about shortcuts techniques

00:19:21   and principles of design for designing shortcuts

00:19:25   that you want to share with others.

00:19:26   So there's going to be a little something everywhere

00:19:29   on all the things that we do.

00:19:31   But the cornerstone of this event is the contest.

00:19:35   There's the Automation April Shortcuts Contest.

00:19:38   and you can go to shortcuts.maxstories.net.

00:19:41   You can submit up to two shortcuts.

00:19:44   If you're a club member, you can use your existing account.

00:19:48   If you're not a club member, it's fine.

00:19:50   You can create a free account.

00:19:52   We just need a name and email address to identify you

00:19:55   if in case you're winning the contest,

00:19:57   we gotta be in touch with you, or if you have any questions.

00:19:59   But anyone can sign up for free, it's fine.

00:20:03   And the thing is, it's not just us at Mac Stories evaluating this shortcuts.

00:20:11   The three of us, we came up with this idea of assembling a panel of judges.

00:20:16   And so it's a group of 10 people.

00:20:18   In addition to the three of us, me, John, and Alex, there's Matthew Cassinelli,

00:20:23   Alex Cox, Rosemary Orchard, David Sparks, Simon Stobring.

00:20:28   Is it seven?

00:20:29   Am I forgetting someone?

00:20:30   I think I'm forgetting someone.

00:20:32   I'm sorry.

00:20:32   Alex Cox, you did say Alex.

00:20:33   I said Alex Cox, yes.

00:20:35   You always forget one. You did this in App Stories too.

00:20:38   You always forget one person. It was Simon Stovering last time.

00:20:42   Well, I mentioned Simon this time.

00:20:43   Did you say Rosemary?

00:20:45   I said Rosemary.

00:20:46   Alex, Alex, Chris, David, Federico.

00:20:49   Chris Lolly, duh, and Jason Snell. Thank you, John.

00:20:52   I forgot about two people this time, so I'm getting worse.

00:20:56   Hey, Steven.

00:20:57   So yeah, ten people.

00:20:58   Hey, Steven.

00:20:58   How do you feel about not being asked?

00:21:02   I know, I didn't even get asked.

00:21:04   It's pretty ridiculous, right?

00:21:06   Steven doesn't care about shortcuts.

00:21:08   I mean, what about me? I have like 40 shortcuts, you know?

00:21:12   You said to me that you use like 10 shortcuts

00:21:16   and yesterday you deleted like 200 from your library or something.

00:21:21   Yeah, I did. After listening to App Stories,

00:21:23   I went down from 300 shortcuts to 40 shortcuts

00:21:26   because there's just a bunch of stuff I don't use.

00:21:28   I included like three people from Relay FM so you like you guys must not complain.

00:21:35   I will not accept it.

00:21:37   I've got 42 shortcuts that's two more than Myke.

00:21:40   See, see he's got more than me.

00:21:42   I do not care so.

00:21:44   Well move let's move on to topic two shall we?

00:21:50   Okay well it's fine.

00:21:51   Shortcuts.m- automation.com shortcuts.

00:21:53   Have you had a bunch of submissions so far?

00:21:57   Yes, yes. In fact...

00:21:58   Are you concerned about how complicated somebody's shortcuts could end up being?

00:22:02   Yeah, so, okay. We tried to mitigate this as much as possible, right? We are already well in the

00:22:12   double digits of this, and I think, you know, we're gonna be in the triple digits pretty soon.

00:22:17   So, we are allowing only two shortcut submissions per user. You can go in and edit and fix your

00:22:27   submission anytime. The contest closes on April 20th, so you have time. You can include 500 words

00:22:35   as a description for both of your shortcuts, and there's a field where you can list any

00:22:41   third-party app or web API that you may be using. So just that we have a reference as to what kind

00:22:49   of integrations you're using. I am a little concerned for just the number of shortcuts.

00:22:55   It's 10 people, but some shortcuts, I bet, will be complex.

00:23:00   And so we're going to need some time to go over all of this.

00:23:03   We have a set of rules, obviously, that you need to agree to

00:23:06   if you want to participate in the contest,

00:23:08   but those are pretty generic rules, like,

00:23:10   don't steal user data and upload it somewhere

00:23:13   or you will be disqualified.

00:23:14   Like, duh, of course, we're going to do that.

00:23:18   And also, something that I want to point out,

00:23:21   yes, I'm concerned, but also this is what I was expecting.

00:23:25   And I'm encouraging folks to not feel like only these shortcuts power users should participate in this.

00:23:31   In fact, we're also considering with Jon adding a fifth category to the ones that we have

00:23:38   for something that we're kicking around this idea of best everyday shortcut or something like that.

00:23:45   Like a category that makes it clear that you can submit even a simple utility shortcut,

00:23:51   because that's the thing.

00:23:52   We are not rewarding complexity for complexity's sake.

00:23:56   Shortcuts that are complex, like MusicBot for example, they are remarkable, they are impressive.

00:24:04   But don't feel like if you have a 10 action or 20 action shortcut, that maybe it's not as long

00:24:11   or as complex as other shortcuts you may have seen. Don't feel like it's not good enough to

00:24:16   participate, because that's the kind of message that I've tried to underline as much as possible.

00:24:21   We are accepting all kinds of automations because we're also looking at other qualities,

00:24:26   like how easy it is to use, how intuitive it is to set up, how accessible it is,

00:24:32   how well it's designed. So if you have something simple that works well and that does one thing

00:24:37   well, feel free to submit it. In fact, it's quite welcome that you submit those kinds of shortcuts.

00:24:43   But that said, we are considering this fifth category to make, sort of, really stress the

00:24:49   fact that we are also rewarding this simpler but still useful everyday shortcuts. And then we're

00:24:57   going to try and make it as easy as possible for the judges to go in and evaluate. We're working on

00:25:02   this back-end UI for the panel of judges to have ratings, have notes attached to shortcuts. It's

00:25:11   going to look quite nice. And that's just a contest, right? Because there's a whole other

00:25:18   like content side of things where I've prepared 30 shortcuts for the whole

00:25:25   month to share on Mac Stories and there's the club and there's the podcast

00:25:30   but essentially we figured look April and May not much is going on usually

00:25:38   because everyone is just waiting for WWDC and the March event from Apple is

00:25:43   is, well, past. So we figured we want to do something about automation, we want to do

00:25:49   something special about shortcuts. It's fun, it's going to be a lot of work, but we love

00:25:54   doing this sort of thing, and so why not? And we want to keep doing this on an annual

00:25:58   basis. So you know me, I had tons of ideas, and Silvia sat me down and went like, "Okay,

00:26:05   look, you know you're going to do this thing next year and the year after that and so forth.

00:26:10   do it all at once. Take some of your ideas and save them for the following editions."

00:26:15   And I'm like, "Okay."

00:26:16   Make it better, right?

00:26:17   Yes.

00:26:18   Later on.

00:26:19   Yes. So I took, I literally took some ideas from the planning note that we had and I put

00:26:25   them in a 2023 section. So we're already planning next year's edition. And yeah, it's a ton

00:26:31   of work, but honestly, it's the most fun of Ed on Mac stories in a while. Like this kind

00:26:38   of stuff is pretty much what I love doing, and it doesn't feel like work. Which is concerning,

00:26:45   but also a very good sign. I think it's super cool, and I can't wait to

00:26:49   see those winning shortcuts. It's going to be fun. Not that I can help choose one.

00:26:53   Oh, and as you mentioned, we're giving away an Elgato Stream Deck XL and an Analog Pocket,

00:26:59   so yeah, there's also that. I mean, you're competing for the glory of it and for the

00:27:05   club premiere account and whatever, sure there's that, but there's literally a stream deck

00:27:11   excel and an analog pocket on the line for the best overall shortcut. And the glory,

00:27:16   sure, but you know.

00:27:17   Yeah, I'm gonna get to work on making a really good shortcut for next year.

00:27:21   Mykebot!

00:27:22   Yeah, then you'll see.

00:27:24   What if I just made a shortcut and when you open it, it like sends flowers or some sort

00:27:31   of gif to one of the judges at random?

00:27:33   Oh, I like that.

00:27:34   I mean, technically, you guys can compete because, like, I know you.

00:27:38   Can you imagine, though, if we won? That's not good, is it? That's not good for you, is it?

00:27:43   Okay, so another thing I want to mention. Another thing I want to mention. The submissions,

00:27:49   what we're going to see in the... Because people may be wondering this, like, what happens if you

00:27:54   see a shortcut submission from someone you know? And we thought about this. The backend UI will be

00:28:00   anonymized until we pick a winner. So the submissions come in, they have a random ID

00:28:05   attached. We don't see the names of the people submitting that shortcut by default.

00:28:12   But that's even more of a problem, because if I submit my killer shortcut that I have,

00:28:17   you don't want to announce the winner of this entire contest is my friend Myke, who I work

00:28:24   with.

00:28:25   At the end, there could be the problem of like,

00:28:28   oh no, I picked a shortcut that Myke made,

00:28:31   but that's why we have a panel of judges,

00:28:33   because the ratings, and like,

00:28:34   it's not gonna be like purely based on the score.

00:28:37   Like we're gonna have ratings,

00:28:38   we're gonna have like a ranking system,

00:28:41   but then we gotta get together and chat and talk about it.

00:28:44   So there's gonna be a-- - And that's where you

00:28:45   throw out my submission.

00:28:48   - And there's where I will go in in the database

00:28:51   and just delete your entry, and be like,

00:28:52   oh no, we never received it,

00:28:54   I don't know what you're talking about.

00:28:56   So you're saying the election was rigged.

00:28:58   Yes, I will very much rig this election.

00:29:01   Well, only if it applies to you both, only for you guys.

00:29:07   I will make an exception.

00:29:09   Big news, WWDC is coming back.

00:29:13   We back, baby!

00:29:14   The week of June 6th. No, we're not.

00:29:16   It is.

00:29:17   We're not.

00:29:18   All this excitement, okay, okay.

00:29:21   Apple announced this yesterday.

00:29:24   - Yeah, yesterday.

00:29:25   - Two days ago? - Uh-huh.

00:29:26   - Yesterday?

00:29:27   Here's the meat of it.

00:29:29   In addition to the online conference,

00:29:31   Apple host a special day for developers and students

00:29:35   at Apple Park on June 6th to watch the keynote

00:29:38   and State of the Union videos together

00:29:40   along with the online community.

00:29:42   Space will be limited and details

00:29:44   about how to apply to attend will be provided

00:29:46   on the Apple developer site and app soon.

00:29:50   So basically what we talked about last week, right?

00:29:53   some, I would say calling this a hybrid event is too strong.

00:29:58   This is Apple dipping their toe and having people back.

00:30:02   But at some point you can apply to go watch a video live,

00:30:06   I guess probably outside,

00:30:08   maybe that cool rainbow stage will get some use.

00:30:10   - Yeah, it's probably outside,

00:30:12   unless the weather's bad, right?

00:30:14   - Take sunscreen, you know,

00:30:15   if we learned anything from Google I/O, take sunscreen.

00:30:18   - Yeah.

00:30:19   - What do you guys think about this,

00:30:20   having people coming to watch, and it's not live, right?

00:30:25   The keynote and say the union won't be live.

00:30:27   It says keynote and say the union videos together.

00:30:30   - That I wanna go and I don't care if it's prerecorded.

00:30:35   Like I just crave human contact.

00:30:37   Is that good enough?

00:30:39   - No, I wanna go.

00:30:41   - Yeah, I also wanna go, but I'm not gonna.

00:30:44   You know, I'm not gonna, I mean, you know,

00:30:46   I've always, I never applied for a WWC ticket, right?

00:30:48   And I always said that 2021, no,

00:30:52   2020 was the year I was gonna apply

00:30:54   for an actual developer ticket.

00:30:56   And that never happened.

00:30:57   I'm not gonna apply for one of these for multiple reasons.

00:30:59   Like one, it just feels like it's wasted.

00:31:02   - You canceled the WWDC when you said that, by the way.

00:31:05   It's all your fault.

00:31:06   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what I did.

00:31:09   All right, I know what I did.

00:31:10   They don't want me to be there so much.

00:31:13   So much.

00:31:14   I cancel the entire thing, never comes back.

00:31:16   - They just dropped the whole thing.

00:31:17   But this doesn't really feel like much of a thing

00:31:20   like that in the set for what I would want, right?

00:31:24   Like what I want is to be in there in that room

00:31:27   when they're doing the whole thing.

00:31:28   And this is not that.

00:31:29   Although I do actually think my,

00:31:32   I would imagine Tim comes out and intros live

00:31:35   and then they go to a prerecorded videos

00:31:37   and then he concludes it live.

00:31:40   That's how I reckon they're going to do it with WWDC.

00:31:42   So like he'll come out and there'll be developers like,

00:31:44   woo.

00:31:45   And then he's like, good morning, like that.

00:31:47   and he's like, "We've got a great day for you all today."

00:31:49   You know how he always does that anyway,

00:31:51   like he just did it at the Apple event a few weeks ago,

00:31:53   like it was in Steve Jobs theater, right?

00:31:57   It was like a little intro and then it's a bunch of videos

00:31:59   and then it's him at the end.

00:32:01   I reckon it will be that, right?

00:32:03   And they just throw the videos and they do the whole thing.

00:32:06   To me, this whole development,

00:32:09   I think this is kind of a microcosm of what WWDC used to be

00:32:15   in the sense of like, there will be some kind of open system

00:32:18   for people to apply, but this also allows Apple

00:32:20   to bring in people that really wants to see.

00:32:23   - Right.

00:32:24   - Right, like there is maybe some high profile developers

00:32:28   or whatever that they would like to have meetings with,

00:32:31   and it gives them an excuse to bring them to Apple Park

00:32:35   to have those meetings.

00:32:36   Same as it always was with WWDC, right?

00:32:38   WWDC was a lottery system, except for the tickets

00:32:41   that Apple kept to give to developers

00:32:43   they made sure had to be there, which I think is the right way to do it, honestly. Like,

00:32:48   you know what I mean? Like if you've got like, let me think of a, like a company, like imagine

00:32:52   if it like Netflix and Disney just missed out on the lottery system. They're like, oh

00:32:57   no, we didn't win the lottery. We can't come. But it's interesting, right? Like this, this

00:33:03   to me, I mean, honestly, I know that there are at least some people on our show that

00:33:06   really hate when I say this, but like this to me just further kind of underlines the

00:33:11   point that I don't think it's ever coming back to what it was. I'm sorry but

00:33:16   like just this idea of like now they're doing this slightly hybrid thing but

00:33:19   there's even though they're gonna have an audience they're still gonna show

00:33:23   videos. But it's a progressive thing like this year it's it's just these two

00:33:28   videos next year maybe half of the sessions will be videos and half will be

00:33:33   in person like progressively. By that point they have invested so much time

00:33:38   attention and money into the online system which you can keep using it saying is better you can keep

00:33:44   using it and people keep saying is better like i don't know why you would then be like oh now we're

00:33:48   going to bring thousands of people because humans want to see each other this is like when we all

00:33:54   thought this is not the only place that people can see each other yeah but in this context and

00:33:59   in this community it kind of is well no i mean let's all go to whatever you know someone will

00:34:04   start up their own thing and look at that. No, it doesn't have the same impact or the same,

00:34:08   you know, anticipation of WWDC. This is like when we all thought, you know, during the pandemic,

00:34:13   "Oh, all concerts are gonna be live streamed from now on." And guess what? The pandemic is slowly,

00:34:20   you know, progressively, even though it's not over, but basically people, at least here in

00:34:25   Italy, don't care anymore. And guess what? Concerts are back, just as they were two years ago. So,

00:34:32   I don't have any faith in all these remote things continuing to be remote forever.

00:34:39   They're going to be a hybrid system, but based on what I'm seeing, again, based on my reality here

00:34:44   in Italy for things that we thought were going to stay remote only, guess what? They're not,

00:34:50   because people want to see each other, people want to go out and hang out in person. It's just what it is.

00:34:54   People want to see each other, but what if the organizers of that event don't want to do it anymore? Then what?

00:35:01   Oh, well, I also doubt that because I also feel like Apple feels energized by seeing all these people in real life.

00:35:08   I'm looking forward to WWDC though, just in general.

00:35:11   Yeah, me too.

00:35:12   It's not very far away at all, right? It's like eight weeks?

00:35:15   Two months. Two months from today.

00:35:17   Yeah, yeah, look at that. Pretty wild.

00:35:21   Does that fill you with dread, Federico?

00:35:25   Especially this summer when I'm going to be particularly busy for personal life reasons.

00:35:31   I'll make it work. I think we talked about this last September. With the iOS review season coming

00:35:38   up, I think I will stick to the approach that I followed last year, which is much more conversational

00:35:43   review with less philosophical stuff on top of it, you know, much more straight to the point.

00:35:51   It was very well received, so I'll do that again.

00:35:55   And, but yes, iOS 16 review season starts again two months from today.

00:36:04   It does fill me a little with dread.

00:36:06   Yes, scary possibility.

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00:37:39   Can y'all believe it has been five years

00:37:41   since Apple said the Mac Pro wasn't dead.

00:37:43   - Five?

00:37:43   - Five years since the Mac round table.

00:37:45   So our friend Joe over at MacRumors put this together.

00:37:50   - Joe Rossignol?

00:37:52   - Rossignol.

00:37:53   - Is it Joe Rossignol?

00:37:54   - And he sent me an iMessage, he's like,

00:37:55   "Hey, can you believe it's been five years since this?"

00:37:57   And sent me the link and I instantly turned to dust.

00:38:00   I was like, "Jeez."

00:38:02   So I thought it'd be a fun time to sort of like check in

00:38:05   on where we think the Mac is and maybe how, you know,

00:38:10   how this looks in hindsight, you know, all that,

00:38:12   all that fun feeling stuff about the Macintosh

00:38:14   that I love to talk about and Federico loves to talk about.

00:38:18   And I can take it or leave it, you know what I'm saying?

00:38:19   Yeah, Myke's in the middle, you know?

00:38:21   Whatever. Like the TV show.

00:38:23   Michael in the middle.

00:38:25   Now that's Malcolm.

00:38:27   Yes.

00:38:28   Yeah, his dad turns into Jesse Pinkman.

00:38:30   It's very exciting.

00:38:31   Oh, you're right.

00:38:32   It is Bryan Cranston on the show.

00:38:34   Better Call Saul's coming soon.

00:38:36   I know, so I've been rewatching Better Call Saul.

00:38:39   So, okay, okay, okay, all right, stop there.

00:38:41   - Okay.

00:38:42   - Is it a good show?

00:38:43   Like, can I get into it?

00:38:44   Is it worth it? - Yes.

00:38:45   Oh my gosh, yes, Federico.

00:38:47   - Federico, this is no exaggeration.

00:38:50   I prefer it to "Breaking Bad."

00:38:51   - Yes.

00:38:52   - Interesting additional question.

00:38:55   Does it start slow?

00:38:57   - A little.

00:38:58   - Okay, because I have this thing

00:39:00   where if a show picks up slow, Sylvia and I struggle with it

00:39:04   because we watch TV shows late at night.

00:39:06   And so we need something that keeps us focused on the show.

00:39:10   But if we know that it gets the action or the story,

00:39:14   whatever picks up later, we can stick with it.

00:39:16   - It picks up.

00:39:17   I mean, honestly, I think within the first two episodes,

00:39:20   it really picks up.

00:39:22   - Okay, okay, all right.

00:39:24   - But it's just like the start of the first episode,

00:39:26   it's a little bit like I don't understand what's happening.

00:39:29   But like it becomes clearer later on.

00:39:31   It's so good, it's so good.

00:39:34   Like, oh my God, I love it so much.

00:39:36   All right, all right, all right, all right.

00:39:37   We'll try it.

00:39:39   The Mac Pro.

00:39:40   So, five years ago was the Mac round table.

00:39:45   Sort of a--

00:39:46   No, no, stop there.

00:39:48   I know something you've done, Steven,

00:39:50   that you're not sharing on the show

00:39:51   and I don't understand why.

00:39:53   What?

00:39:53   Mm-hmm, about the Mac Pro.

00:39:55   About your Mac Pro.

00:39:57   Oh, we haven't even spoken about this.

00:40:00   It has been sold.

00:40:01   Oh, wait, what?

00:40:03   I didn't know this.

00:40:04   I knew this.

00:40:05   How did- wait a second, why did he notice but I don't notice. Did you send it to him?

00:40:09   Yeah, Federico bought it.

00:40:11   No.

00:40:12   No, he didn't.

00:40:13   Oh.

00:40:14   Did you send it to Big Apple Buddy?

00:40:16   It has been sold.

00:40:17   No.

00:40:18   I just happened to know, so...

00:40:19   Why do you know though?

00:40:21   What's going on?

00:40:25   How do you know?

00:40:26   Or do you just guess?

00:40:29   The person who Steven sold it to told Federico is my assumption.

00:40:34   I like all these gases. I like this energy. So keep going.

00:40:38   I think he's just buffing.

00:40:40   Well, am I?

00:40:43   Yeah.

00:40:44   You sure?

00:40:45   Yeah.

00:40:46   If you pay attention to the things I tell you guys, I'm surprised you haven't guessed yet why I know. So.

00:40:53   Did you hack him?

00:40:55   No. Did I?

00:40:57   Okay. All right. Legit. Do you, did you know this Federico?

00:41:01   Yes.

00:41:02   Okay. Steven?

00:41:03   That's why I brought it up.

00:41:04   How do you feel about the fact that he knows this?

00:41:06   I mean, it's upsetting.

00:41:07   I'm looking at through like our text message history

00:41:08   if I said something.

00:41:10   So did you tell him?

00:41:11   I don't think I did.

00:41:13   All right, Federico, do you know who was bought it?

00:41:16   No, I don't know who bought it.

00:41:17   Is it from the like Instagram story of a little salute guy?

00:41:22   I haven't seen any Instagram story.

00:41:25   Look, honestly, the answer is so easy.

00:41:27   Like it...

00:41:27   I don't understand.

00:41:32   How do you know?

00:41:33   Why are we recording an hour later than usual?

00:41:37   Oh, you were on--

00:41:39   Oh, David told you.

00:41:41   David told you you were on Automators.

00:41:43   (laughing)

00:41:44   Did you sell it to David?

00:41:45   No.

00:41:46   What's he doing?

00:41:47   No, we talked about my MacStudio impressions

00:41:50   for more power users, which is like connected pro,

00:41:53   but for my other show.

00:41:54   Join both and get more of me every week.

00:41:57   Is that why we're not talking about this today?

00:41:59   You're making people pay for it?

00:42:00   Well, first it'll be here eventually. Well, that's the idea.

00:42:03   I'm sorry if I ruined the surprise. No, it's good. No,

00:42:07   Myke freaking out was well worth the surprise being ruined.

00:42:10   Look, one of, one of, one of the,

00:42:12   one of my responsibilities is bringing this chaos to connected. Yeah.

00:42:17   And I feel like I just couldn't resist the temptation of bringing it up and

00:42:21   springing it on you in this segment. So that's what I did. Anyway,

00:42:25   the macro, anyway, Joe Rossino and the Mac round table. That's right.

00:42:30   That's right. On track. Yes. I mean, it is so at the time it felt so weird.

00:42:35   And I think in hindsight, it only continues to feel weird that they had this event where they invited some journalists out and they sat up, literally sat them around a table and said, Hey, we have a new strategy for Mac hardware for pros moving forward.

00:42:50   And it's like, it's just so rare for Apple to talk

00:42:54   so openly about not only future plans,

00:42:57   but also like a mistake they made,

00:43:00   and a mistake they made in a product that was still ongoing.

00:43:03   Like if you think about the butterfly keyboards,

00:43:06   they just quietly kept making them better,

00:43:08   and then replaced it,

00:43:09   and then have a repair extension program.

00:43:11   But there was never a sort of,

00:43:13   hey, we're gonna talk about this openly,

00:43:15   we're just gonna kind of quietly move things along

00:43:19   and hope people quit talking about it.

00:43:20   But in 2017, when this was going on,

00:43:25   the temperature was so high in the Mac community around--

00:43:30   - Is that a pun? (laughs)

00:43:32   - Good, right?

00:43:32   The Mac community was in a thermal corner

00:43:36   over the Mac Pro, but also over the Mac in general.

00:43:41   And so in 2017, this is kind of where things were.

00:43:48   The Mac Mini was three years old,

00:43:50   and the 2014 model everyone hated

00:43:52   'cause you couldn't open it and upgrade things inside of it.

00:43:55   There have been no iMac updates for over a year.

00:43:57   There was no new iMac in 2016.

00:43:59   The old non-Retina MacBook Air was still kicking around,

00:44:05   and the one-port MacBook was for sale

00:44:08   and pretty slow and underwhelming.

00:44:10   And the new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar,

00:44:13   which is only like six months old at this time,

00:44:15   there were a lot of stories beginning to surface

00:44:17   about how the keyboards were breaking.

00:44:19   - And people just didn't like the touch bar too, right?

00:44:21   Like that was like an immediate saying.

00:44:22   - And people didn't like the touch bar.

00:44:24   People didn't like those laptops, right?

00:44:25   Like those are just bad MacBook Pros.

00:44:27   - And the ports and all that kind of stuff.

00:44:28   I would say it was funny to me in Joe's post on MacRumors,

00:44:32   he included just a great contextual image

00:44:34   of the MacRumors Buyers Guide like on that day.

00:44:38   And it's don't buy, don't buy neutral, don't buy,

00:44:40   don't buy, don't buy for all of the Macs.

00:44:42   Like it's just like, it was just a time where

00:44:46   even the new stuff, the only thing that isn't done by

00:44:48   was the MacBook Pro and they were neutral on that,

00:44:51   even though it had been out for such a short period of time.

00:44:53   It was a time full of angst.

00:44:56   - It definitely was.

00:44:58   And in that context, the Mac Pro was aging poorly.

00:45:03   So in 2013, they got rid of the cheese grater.

00:45:05   They had this like small cylinder of a computer

00:45:09   that sat on your desk and it had limited upgradeability

00:45:12   and expandability.

00:45:14   It had, including yours, Myke, widespread GPU failures.

00:45:18   Remember, you had one of these machines.

00:45:20   - I like to try and forget that I owned that computer.

00:45:23   - Yeah.

00:45:24   - That was such a mistake for me.

00:45:26   - I know, you had a Mac Pro before I did.

00:45:28   It was garbage town, unfortunately.

00:45:31   There were no hardware updates from Apple

00:45:33   and it just didn't meet the needs of the community.

00:45:35   And so all of this is going on, right?

00:45:39   And that's not even touching like Mac OS itself.

00:45:42   People were feeling like it really wasn't

00:45:44   getting the attention it needed.

00:45:45   And all this is going on.

00:45:48   So they call people out to Cupertino and say,

00:45:49   "Look, we are committed to the Mac

00:45:53   and we're going to fix it."

00:45:55   And in hindsight, that's like the best message

00:45:58   Apple could have had at the time,

00:45:59   because people were worried that the Mac

00:46:03   was going to be going away or just slowly die on the vine

00:46:06   while Apple was distracted in their words,

00:46:10   distracted with things like the iPhone and iPad,

00:46:12   the Apple Watch was new,

00:46:14   they were building their campus at this time, right?

00:46:16   A lot of stuff going on.

00:46:18   It's also interesting because as far as I can tell,

00:46:22   this may not have been the first time

00:46:23   we heard from John Turness,

00:46:24   but it was definitely an early time

00:46:26   we heard from John Turness,

00:46:28   who now has kind of become the face

00:46:29   of the Apple Silicon transition.

00:46:31   And from everything I've witnessed from the outside,

00:46:35   seems like he's doing a really good job with Mac hardware.

00:46:38   He is in this meeting with like Phil and Craig

00:46:41   and a bunch of really respected journalists.

00:46:43   - My favorite thing, one of my favorite things about this

00:46:46   is the image in the TechCrunch article.

00:46:48   So I think it may have been the only photo

00:46:51   that was published of this thing.

00:46:53   And it's just of, it's Phil trying to like really explain

00:46:57   something and Craig is very sad.

00:46:59   And like there is just something about this image

00:47:01   that really is like, it really puts into context.

00:47:05   There's an image of a young John Turness too

00:47:07   later on in this article.

00:47:09   But like it really puts into context,

00:47:11   Like all of the photos, everyone just looks really downtrodden.

00:47:14   And there's just something about it, it's very funny to me.

00:47:16   It's like, "Oh, I'm so sorry."

00:47:18   With the puppy eyes in these photos.

00:47:21   By the way, something I just thought of,

00:47:24   if they ever do another movie about Apple,

00:47:28   like modern Apple, not Steve Jobs' Apple,

00:47:30   but like modern Apple, here's my--

00:47:32   I'm throwing this-- I'm throwing my pitch in the ring for this.

00:47:36   Eugene Levy as Craig Federighi.

00:47:39   Oh my God, yes.

00:47:41   So good that is a plus casting cuz plus

00:47:45   Little goofy you know yeah, yes, oh, I love it

00:47:50   All right, we need to get the funding to make this movie happen. We could do it. Okay. You know like Steven can write it

00:47:57   Yes, I mean obviously

00:48:00   Obviously mm-hmm who would play John Turnus

00:48:03   Yeah, yes

00:48:10   Fast

00:48:12   Picture of it was like yep got it nailed it 100% Yes, what about Phil that feels harder to me

00:48:19   Phil feel mmm

00:48:22   Savra and the discord were also recommends Paul Rudd for John Ternus, which I would also take hmm

00:48:28   I feel like that would also work out of this came news

00:48:31   they're going to build a Mac Pro and they're also going to build what they called a

00:48:38   a 27 inch iMac, you know, sort of more dedicated to pros and

00:48:43   There's even a quote in here about you know

00:48:46   we've talked about this before how the iMac was a consumer machine and over time it sort of spread and

00:48:52   kind of covered every body that it could and

00:48:55   You know now

00:48:58   Years later we see that they were good for their word 2017. We got the iMac Pro in 2019. We got the Mac Pro so

00:49:07   So and now one of those machines is gone and one is still here.

00:49:12   But all in all, like I think they were good to their word for this, that not only did

00:49:17   they reinvest in the Mac's like pro hardware side of things, but even on the bigger picture

00:49:26   that we're committed to the Mac, clearly that's still true, or we wouldn't be doing things

00:49:30   like this Apple Silicon transition.

00:49:32   Do you think that they had made the silicon decision before this or after this?

00:49:37   I don't know.

00:49:38   It was, I mean, it had to have been on the table at this point.

00:49:42   I don't know.

00:49:43   I don't know how firmly the timelines had been set.

00:49:47   I do think that like the Intel Mac Pro, I definitely think by the time that it was well

00:49:54   into development that they, that the die had been cast for Apple Silicon.

00:49:59   The, the, the proper Mac Pro.

00:50:01   Yeah.

00:50:02   Yeah, the 2019, the good one.

00:50:04   The one you had but have sold.

00:50:06   The one that I have sold to Federico.

00:50:08   Yes.

00:50:09   And yeah, it's never gonna show up, buddy, I'm sorry.

00:50:11   It's gonna get lost in the mail.

00:50:13   Just like everything else that gets sent to Italy.

00:50:15   It's true.

00:50:16   It will come back to you destroyed in six months time.

00:50:19   I'll just get a giant box

00:50:20   and there's one Mac Pro foot in it.

00:50:22   That's all that's left.

00:50:25   Yeah, so I don't know.

00:50:26   I think by the time the Mac Pro was well underway,

00:50:29   they knew what was coming,

00:50:30   But I think they also knew,

00:50:32   just like with the Intel transition,

00:50:34   that the Pro Tower would be last.

00:50:35   And so that machine was going to be sticking around longer

00:50:38   than say the Intel MacBook Air that came out in 2018.

00:50:43   - I was thinking about this

00:50:44   when we were preparing for the show today.

00:50:45   And like, it is funny that we mentioned the movie,

00:50:48   because I did have the thought about this,

00:50:51   I think yesterday, of like,

00:50:52   if there's one thing I would love to know,

00:50:55   like if I could pick one thing about Apple,

00:50:58   to get a book written about everyone talks about it this would be very high up on that list because

00:51:04   something had to give for this to happen yeah and i really want to know what that was like what gave

00:51:14   you know like they were clearly on a trajectory and then they changed course and i don't feel like

00:51:23   I could point at any one thing that was like, "Oh, this happened."

00:51:29   So now they ended up completely changing their future.

00:51:34   Because it really did change the future of Apple.

00:51:38   I think it was pretty clear at this point where they were moving,

00:51:41   and it is not where we are now, right?

00:51:44   Like, they were moving into a different area.

00:51:46   Like, the Mac was focusing on a different thing,

00:51:49   and they were maybe putting more of their focus on other platforms.

00:51:52   and just like that was the way that was going to be.

00:51:56   And then everything got kind of got upended and I would love to know

00:52:00   what it was or who it was that convinced someone that this should change.

00:52:08   Because like it wasn't in response to like a specific thing that happened.

00:52:11   Like there wasn't like a big news story and then it was like

00:52:15   obvious that they were going to do this because people were upset for a really

00:52:19   long time. They were. When we were preparing for the

00:52:21   show I put in a thing, it was a potential conversation starter of would Apple do this

00:52:25   for any other product line. And when I wrote it, I just wrote that thing and left it there,

00:52:31   the only thought that I had was iPad but then thought no it's not as bad.

00:52:35   No yeah I agree. The hardware is so good right, it's just the software is not good for some

00:52:42   people, but contrasting that the Mac was bad, the software, nothing exciting was happening

00:52:49   on Mac OS and all of the hardware options had significant problems. And so like that

00:52:56   we're not there right?

00:52:57   - Even with the iPad OS software like it's not catastrophically bad. It's I mean it's

00:53:04   not you know we can say it doesn't have enough power user options and there's always that

00:53:09   looming threat of an identity crisis for iPad and iPad OS but it's not a tragedy. I don't

00:53:18   think they need an apology for iPads.

00:53:21   No, because the hardware is just incredible on the iPad right

00:53:26   now.

00:53:26   Like across the board, it's as best as it's ever been.

00:53:29   Has been for a long time.

00:53:31   Yeah, yes, yes.

00:53:32   But the Mac, like--

00:53:34   but what's fascinating is exactly what Myke said.

00:53:37   Like, what was it?

00:53:38   Like, if you were to pin down a specific moment,

00:53:42   is it just like a culmination of things one after the other,

00:53:46   you know, blog post after blog post, podcast episodes,

00:53:49   articles on the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

00:53:52   Like, what was it though?

00:53:53   Like, what was the moment that Tim Cook looked

00:53:56   at all these options and were like, you know what, enough.

00:53:58   Like, we're done.

00:53:59   You gotta change course.

00:54:00   Like, what was it?

00:54:02   And I guess, you know, we'll never know probably.

00:54:05   - Maybe there was an ultimatum.

00:54:06   Maybe someone said, I'm gonna leave.

00:54:08   - Yeah, maybe.

00:54:09   Maybe it was that.

00:54:10   - Right?

00:54:11   Because you got to imagine there were high level fights

00:54:13   in Apple about this anyway, right?

00:54:15   like debates and you know, this person says this,

00:54:18   this person says that and they were unhappy.

00:54:20   Like there had to have been different camps

00:54:23   because they then had this very strong strategy

00:54:28   that started almost immediately, right?

00:54:29   Like someone wanted to do whatever we ended up going down.

00:54:34   - Right.

00:54:35   - But there was someone that didn't and they were winning.

00:54:38   - And it's important to remember like Apple makes

00:54:40   all of their products with Macs, right?

00:54:43   like iOS development, Mac OS development,

00:54:47   their application development,

00:54:49   all that is happening on Macs.

00:54:52   And so Apple is a really big customer of its own computers.

00:54:55   And I remember when the MacBook Pro keyboard is really bad.

00:55:00   So it kind of in the year or two after the round table,

00:55:04   hearing from friends at Apple,

00:55:08   like, yeah, we got to send our laptops in

00:55:10   just like everybody else,

00:55:12   and figure out what to do when you're without it.

00:55:14   And I don't know, I agree with you.

00:55:16   I don't think from the outside it's clear

00:55:18   there was one big thing, but really it took today

00:55:22   preparing for this episode,

00:55:23   me looking through the entire Mac line at 2017,

00:55:26   realizing that every single product line

00:55:28   had a major problem, right?

00:55:30   That there wasn't a good Mac at this point.

00:55:33   All of them had some sort of flaw.

00:55:35   Now that flaw may not have been a big deal to you,

00:55:38   but to somebody it was.

00:55:40   And I think it was just like kind of a realization of, wow,

00:55:45   like no matter kind of where you look in this portfolio,

00:55:48   there's problems.

00:55:49   And they slowly over time,

00:55:54   fixed all of them to a point now,

00:55:57   I think really the only hole in the lineup is,

00:56:01   what's the story about a bigger iMac?

00:56:05   Is the Mac studio really the replacement for it?

00:56:07   It seems like that's the answer.

00:56:09   It seems like that's the wrong answer to me.

00:56:11   But if that's all there is compared to where we were

00:56:16   five years ago, they did what they said they were gonna do.

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00:58:00   Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that Apple will this year announce a new AirPods

00:58:05   pro model and will discontinue the old version, which is unlike what they have done with the

00:58:11   regular AirPods. Apparently, Apple has cut the orders for AirPods 3 units as demand has

00:58:21   been significantly weaker than AirPods 2, according to Kuo, due to "failed product

00:58:27   segmentation strategy", reading from 9to5Mac. As a refresher, when Apple announced AirPods 3

00:58:32   last year it simultaneously cut the price at the second generation AirPods and left them in the

00:58:38   AirPods lineup. Current rumors are indicating that AirPods Pro 2 would feature lossless support,

00:58:43   a new design and quote "new health" features, I don't know what that means, coming second half of

00:58:48   2022. I feel like anyone could have predicted this right? Like there wasn't any, well correct me if

00:58:55   I'm wrong, do AirPods 3 have any features that AirPods 2 doesn't have? Yeah a different design

00:59:02   that a lot of people don't like.

00:59:03   - Yeah, but that's not a feature.

00:59:05   (laughing)

00:59:06   You know what I mean?

00:59:06   - Exactly.

00:59:07   - I know that that is the biggest difference, I think, right?

00:59:10   - Yeah.

00:59:11   - And I don't know if that is what people were looking for.

00:59:16   - Is it me you're looking for?

00:59:19   - Hello.

00:59:21   - Special audio?

00:59:23   - Okay.

00:59:24   - Nah.

00:59:25   No, these AirPods, well, I guess that's the thing.

00:59:30   - Special audio, yeah.

00:59:31   AirPods 3rd generation have spatial audio and sweat and water resistance.

00:59:36   They have a longer battery life.

00:59:38   But like an hour longer.

00:59:39   And a magsafe charging case.

00:59:42   Well AirPods...

00:59:43   Yeah.

00:59:44   Oh yeah, well yeah sure.

00:59:45   I mean magsafe in that it snaps magnetically but also like sit back and place it on any

00:59:50   wireless charging pad and it's fine.

00:59:52   So apparently skin detecting sensors as well.

00:59:55   I don't know what that means but it's something that AirPods 3 have that no other AirPods

01:00:00   including Pro has. I don't know what that means.

01:00:04   So what I saved for this segment is a little note. Was Sylvia, and I would also add Steven,

01:00:11   were Sylvia and Steven right about AirPods 3 and continuing to use AirPods 2 instead?

01:00:18   Going back to a few months ago, you may remember that we purchased a set of AirPods 3 for Sylvia.

01:00:24   She tried them for a week and she ended up not liking them, and she returned them to

01:00:30   Apple and she stucked with the AirPods 2.

01:00:34   And that primarily came down to a couple of things.

01:00:38   First and the most important one, the design.

01:00:41   The AirPods 3 were bigger and they were hurting her ears.

01:00:46   She was not used to the shape, she tried to get used to it, but they were just not comfortable

01:00:51   enough for her.

01:00:53   And the second thing is, she just couldn't really appreciate any of the changes in the

01:00:59   AirPods 3, and she said, "My AirPods 2 are fine, they sound pretty much the same, they

01:01:04   are more comfortable, they're totally okay, the battery is still okay, they charge wirelessly,

01:01:10   it's not MagSafe, but I don't care, why should I upgrade to AirPods 3?"

01:01:15   And I guess that a bunch of people have had this exact same scenario happen to them, including

01:01:22   So I guess they were right. So I just say people in the discord are telling me

01:01:27   that the AirPods 2 have spatial audio but with no head tracking. Right right

01:01:33   okay. Apple's website does not say the second generation AirPods have spatial

01:01:39   audio at all. Right. So it's hard for me to you know it's hard for me to know

01:01:45   that. Yeah I mean for me it just it just came down to the fit that yeah I don't

01:01:50   really care about those other features honestly I mean some of them it's hard

01:01:54   to even know what they did or meant but the fit on the three just didn't work

01:01:59   for me and so I've I've stuck with it with the twos and I was very glad to see

01:02:04   that the twos remain on sale because I was nervous that oh if they like

01:02:10   outright replace them and these don't work for me what will I do maybe that'll

01:02:15   still be the case at some point in the future but I've been totally happy just

01:02:20   sticking with you know what I've known. Yes as Justin was saying in the chat and

01:02:25   I mean I was big on this at the time that the AirPods third generation have

01:02:30   the squeeze controls the AirPods Pro do which for me if I was using regular

01:02:34   AirPods would be a big thing because I really hated the tapping on the AirPod

01:02:38   you know but again you say this isn't about features for you I mean it's

01:02:43   different for Sylvia but like for you it was a fit thing right maybe that is a

01:02:46   thing for a lot of people I don't know I mean genuinely if my read on this is the

01:02:52   reason that they're not selling as well is that you can now get AirPods for way

01:02:56   less money I think the price is a big thing and like that's what happened yeah

01:03:00   I don't think this is like phones right like where people are coming to the

01:03:06   purchasing decision already kind of knowing what they want not necessarily

01:03:09   going for the cheaper one and I think for AirPods people were like I will get

01:03:14   the one that costs whatever like you know the cheap I'm looking at the UK

01:03:18   site now so I don't want to say 119 pounds because most people won't know

01:03:22   what that means whatever they cost right now a hundred and twenty nine dollars

01:03:27   you can get a pod second generation for and I think it really is for a lot of

01:03:32   people like easy I'll get that one you know yeah it's interesting and I do

01:03:38   I do wonder if the shape change,

01:03:43   like if Apple feels like that kind of

01:03:45   came back to bite them a little bit.

01:03:49   I mean, I'm sure they have feedback

01:03:50   on why people return things and that sort of thing,

01:03:54   but I didn't really thought about the cost that much.

01:03:56   And I would imagine that's a much bigger reason

01:03:58   of like, you're just gonna buy a set of AirPods,

01:04:00   especially as a gift.

01:04:02   They go, "Oh, I'll just get the cheap ones," right?

01:04:04   And I'm sure that they sell tons of those because of that.

01:04:08   the very reason I think that makes a ton of sense.

01:04:10   - But then to go back to Sylvia's position

01:04:14   that Federico shared, if you have a good pair of AirPods

01:04:17   and you hadn't upgraded to the AirPods Pro,

01:04:20   why would you upgrade to the third generation AirPods?

01:04:24   - Exactly.

01:04:24   - What does it get you?

01:04:26   You know what I mean?

01:04:27   Like if for whatever reason the AirPods Pro

01:04:28   couldn't entice you, I don't know why you would necessarily

01:04:33   move to the third generation until you got to that point

01:04:36   where your battery life was really bad or whatever.

01:04:39   - Exactly, yeah.

01:04:40   Sometimes you're made the product

01:04:43   that is just good enough

01:04:44   and most people just don't feel compelled

01:04:47   to upgrade over and over because it's good enough.

01:04:49   And AirPods maybe are one of those categories of things

01:04:53   that are, you know, it's good enough, I don't need it.

01:04:55   That's the thing.

01:04:56   - Yeah, I think you're right.

01:04:59   I mean, I'm starting to get to that point again,

01:05:01   not as bad as with my original AirPods.

01:05:03   Like my AirPods Pro battery life,

01:05:05   can tell he's worsening. You know like I needed to charge it more frequently.

01:05:09   Oh on that note I changed my first AirTag battery today. I had a battery run

01:05:14   out. We've each had one now. Yeah but my other ones are totally fine. Very strange.

01:05:19   That's how mine was. I had one that I mean it was months ago and all the

01:05:23   others are totally cool so who knows. I wanted like because it was one on my

01:05:28   backpack I was like oh is it because I have it with me all the time but the one

01:05:32   on my keys, which I have more than my backpack, no problem.

01:05:35   So I don't know.

01:05:36   While we were talking about AirPods, I wanted to see from the two of you, AirPods Max 2,

01:05:42   do you think that's going to happen?

01:05:44   Yeah, yeah, I think so.

01:05:46   I think they could do some pretty interesting things by pulling the first gen AirPods Max

01:05:52   and maybe just having AirPods Max 2 with proper support for lossless.

01:05:59   could be something that we discussed a while back. Maybe even if they stop using Bluetooth.

01:06:05   There was a rumor a while back that Apple was going to work on a different standard

01:06:10   than Bluetooth for these wireless headphones. So maybe they could do the Max 2s with that.

01:06:18   But that's part of the rumor for AirPods Pro 2 is they feature lossless support. And I

01:06:23   think if they do that, they kind of have to upgrade the Max, right? Like that should be

01:06:28   the very best listening experience.

01:06:30   - Yes, yes.

01:06:31   I could see that.

01:06:33   So pull the Gen 1 from sale, keep the new ones around,

01:06:36   and they have the faster connectivity and the better audio

01:06:40   and the lossless and all that.

01:06:41   And you can continue charging a premium for them.

01:06:44   Maybe introduce some new color options too.

01:06:47   That would be cool.

01:06:49   But yeah, I think they should keep them around

01:06:50   and I think they should use them as the top of the line.

01:06:53   Here's the absolute best experience

01:06:56   that you can get with Apple headphones now with lossless.

01:06:59   That'd be nice.

01:07:00   - I mean, if we're gonna make a wishlist

01:07:02   for AirPods Max 2, right?

01:07:04   Fold 'em, I wanna fold 'em.

01:07:06   - Yeah.

01:07:07   - I wanna fold them.

01:07:08   - Have a real caring case.

01:07:10   - Yeah, I wanna be able to fold them

01:07:11   and put them in a proper case that Apple provides me.

01:07:15   And then I'll be happy, because otherwise I love 'em,

01:07:17   like for traveling, you know,

01:07:19   like now I've done some traveling again,

01:07:20   it's like, oh my God, it's fantastic.

01:07:22   Like for what I need that kind of headphone for,

01:07:25   They're just superb, but they're so big and they're so cumbersome.

01:07:30   And also this is probably a weird thing.

01:07:33   Please make them of a material that is not so cold to the touch.

01:07:39   Sometimes I grab them and they're freezing.

01:07:41   They're so cold.

01:07:42   Yeah, it's not a nice experience made of metal.

01:07:45   No, no.

01:07:46   Plus you can make them lighter by making them out of plastic, right?

01:07:48   Like an apple, you know how to make plastic things look good.

01:07:52   Like these things don't need to be metal.

01:07:54   plenty of premium plastic headphones by all kinds of manufacturers. Apple make

01:08:00   them they're called AirPods right you know just make them out of a nice plastic.

01:08:06   They're so cold sometimes I touch them like it's very cold anyway yeah gestures will be

01:08:13   cool on the on the pad but I'm not sure. You know I actually kind of like the button. I do as well

01:08:23   Well, but it'd be nice sometimes to have...

01:08:25   The crown?

01:08:26   Now, with that surface though, it'd be cool to have like, multi-touch gestures.

01:08:32   No, see, I really don't want that.

01:08:34   I know why somebody would, and, you know...

01:08:37   Two-finger swipe on the ear pad.

01:08:41   Oh god, I don't want to do any of that.

01:08:44   Pinch and zoom on the ear pad.

01:08:46   I'll tell you one of the things I really like, right?

01:08:49   You're on a plane, you're watching a video.

01:08:52   you want to hear the announcement. You can press both buttons at the same time,

01:08:56   so you go into transparency mode and pause the thing. That's great. I guarantee you,

01:09:02   if we've got this like touchpad thing, I won't be able to do that.

01:09:06   Oh, you know also what? You know what? USB-C.

01:09:09   Yes, put USB-C on it. Just do it.

01:09:15   Why are we not in charge of headphones at Apple?

01:09:17   We should be.

01:09:19   I think about it sometimes.

01:09:20   Maybe the touchpad could enable like type to Siri so you could like like Siri and you could write out like

01:09:26   IP for like skin I

01:09:30   Think it'd be great

01:09:34   Thinking for playback controls that was thinking for like text, but you want to be like

01:09:38   skip back to start of song what you call it like text to play back or something like that where you

01:09:45   if you if you want to listen to the next chapter, it's in e

01:09:50   X, T, and then you wait a second, C, H, it would be great.

01:09:54   - Yeah, you could maybe get them both going

01:09:57   and like you could do a letter or a timelapse here.

01:09:59   - Here's a terrible idea, okay?

01:10:01   - Oh, 'cause that one was a good one?

01:10:02   (laughing)

01:10:04   - That one was a creative one.

01:10:07   - Yeah, sure.

01:10:08   - But here's a terrible idea, okay?

01:10:10   Picture headphones, so AirPods Max,

01:10:12   the outside of the ear pad is a display,

01:10:17   so the people around you can see what you're listening to.

01:10:20   - That's a bad idea.

01:10:22   - Terrible idea.

01:10:23   - Or a transcript of the podcast you're listening to.

01:10:28   - Hey, what are you listening to?

01:10:29   Oh no, it's Joe Rogan.

01:10:31   Oh no, I preferred when you listened in silence.

01:10:35   - Look, it's not as bad as the Dyson headphones

01:10:40   with the breathing mask.

01:10:41   - All right, okay, we can talk about this now real quick.

01:10:44   I was convinced, do you want,

01:10:45   Federico wanted to talk about this last week on the show,

01:10:47   And I was like, no, I don't want to do that because it's 100% in April fools.

01:10:51   But it isn't.

01:10:54   What are they doing? Who made this product? Why are they doing this?

01:11:00   I don't know, man.

01:11:01   So they announced this pair of urban lifestyle headphones for city living.

01:11:10   Is that how they're pitching this?

01:11:11   Yeah.

01:11:12   Yeah.

01:11:13   In this current, you know, society, these headphones are going to help you isolate yourself

01:11:21   with music and audio, but also breathe better because of it's all kinds of terrible.

01:11:28   It's not a COVID thing.

01:11:30   It's not a COVID thing.

01:11:31   It's like an air pollution.

01:11:32   Air filtration thing because of pollution.

01:11:34   Air filtration thing, yes.

01:11:36   Yeah.

01:11:37   They apparently started this in 2016.

01:11:39   I think someone just watched the Batman movie with Bane in it and like yes.

01:11:44   That's the direction we need to go.

01:11:46   I want to wear a headphones.

01:11:47   I don't know.

01:11:49   I just don't know who they think is gonna buy this.

01:11:53   Who wants to think about this, right?

01:11:56   So like I want to make the choice that like my city's so unlivable that I'm gonna, you

01:12:02   know, like oh I want every time I'm listening to Joe Rogan I want to think about something

01:12:09   he probably denies, which is climate change.

01:12:12   And you know, like I just, you know,

01:12:15   oh my God, why?

01:12:16   It's just so bad.

01:12:17   I hate this.

01:12:18   I hate everything about this.

01:12:19   - It's so good though.

01:12:20   - I like Dyson as a company.

01:12:22   I'm so disappointed for this product.

01:12:24   - I still kind of believe this is like a meme

01:12:29   or like some kind of joke.

01:12:30   Like I don't think it's a real product.

01:12:32   Part of me wants to believe it's not a real,

01:12:35   because it's so stupid.

01:12:37   Honestly, it's not even a COVID mask. It's it's a, what is it?

01:12:41   Is it like a visor before your mouth? I don't really understand what it is.

01:12:45   It's like a, how would you describe it? Like a barrier in front of your mouth.

01:12:49   It's I don't even know. It's I hate everything about it.

01:12:54   It's like,

01:12:55   what if you took the helmet of Daft Punk but removed the glass and you just have

01:13:00   this, you just had the structure left, you know,

01:13:05   (laughing)

01:13:07   - It's so terrible.

01:13:09   - Anyway, so you see my idea for a display built

01:13:14   into the pad of the iPhone, it's not so bad now, is it?

01:13:18   Compared to this.

01:13:19   - I think that does it for this week.

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01:14:12   I get them nearly every day now.

01:14:15   - It's terrible.

01:14:16   - He sends me some kind of spider photo.

01:14:18   It's rough, man.

01:14:19   - It's terrible.

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