388: I'm a Creative Fountain


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 388.

00:00:11   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   Bombas, Fitbot, and New Relic.

00:00:16   My name is Steven Hackett and I have the pleasure

00:00:18   of introducing in person, Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Hello everybody.

00:00:22   - Hey buddy. - My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   - High five. - I'm in person.

00:00:24   - Can't fake that in editing in any way.

00:00:26   - No way to fake a high five,

00:00:28   but I can confirm that I am situated within the pod cabin here in an undisclosed location in Memphis, Tennessee.

00:00:34   And of course we are joined by our one and only Mr. Federico Vittucci. Ciao Federico.

00:00:39   Ciao Myke, and thank you for the intro. I like this new thing we're doing.

00:00:44   It's good, right?

00:00:45   I don't know, it feels new. It feels like we're just getting to know each other all over again with these new intros.

00:00:51   It keeps things fresh, you know?

00:00:55   Introducing people is a specifically new task for you, as we have learned very recently,

00:01:01   because ConnectedIntro.com, which has been put together by Zach and Matt and the Discord mod team,

00:01:08   has now got a new feature thanks to just a heroic effort from Zach and Kate, where they listened to

00:01:15   the beginning of every single episode of Connected to work out how many introductions have taken place.

00:01:22   and there's now a leaderboard, an introduction leaderboard.

00:01:25   So I'm assuming this means the person who starts, right?

00:01:29   Because now we introduce each other.

00:01:31   How does it tick up?

00:01:32   I expect it's like the person who begins.

00:01:34   And as it stands right now,

00:01:36   Stephen is introduction king with 204 intros for the show.

00:01:41   I have introduced 179 times.

00:01:46   Federico has introduced a whopping four times.

00:01:50   So...

00:01:52   I don't like that I'm losing this game. I don't like it. Can we just record 201 intros

00:01:59   done by me so that I will score first? You can. Like, there is no way in this.

00:02:05   You need to record 201 introductions, just you introducing 200 times. But it would have to be

00:02:11   200 discrete episodes because the way that it's being counted, Kate has confirmed in the Discord,

00:02:17   is the person who starts the show, like this is episode whatever of Connected.

00:02:21   So you know, you're going to slowly start taking them up there Federico, but you're always going to be behind them, I think, you slacked.

00:02:27   Well, this, I don't like it. I don't like it because I'm never going to win at this game. There's no redemption in here for me.

00:02:35   I'm always going to be third.

00:02:36   Yeah, the ratio is going to always stay pretty similar as we round robin our way through the future.

00:02:43   All over again. Like, we haven't even begun scoring the rickys and there's really already a conspiracy going on here from, you know...

00:02:50   This is all it goes back to this concept that we have shared before.

00:02:55   Big Steven controlling us.

00:02:58   Yes.

00:02:58   And conspiring against us.

00:03:01   This is all part of Big Steven again.

00:03:03   Look at him.

00:03:03   Look at him with the crown and gold medal.

00:03:05   I'm looking at him.

00:03:07   And right now he's taller than me.

00:03:10   So, you know, I've got that going.

00:03:12   Well, you know, everybody is.

00:03:13   Everybody's taller than me.

00:03:15   There's some notes from Kate around collecting these statistics.

00:03:18   Note one is that Myke settled into his intro quicker than Steven did when he took over.

00:03:23   Which makes sense because I had already been introducing the prompt before so I just adapted

00:03:26   it.

00:03:28   Steven is much more likely to change it up for a jape than Myke.

00:03:31   Tichi was not the third person to introduce an episode of the show.

00:03:35   That is my favourite part because there are, there's a selection of people listed at the

00:03:39   bottom of the document who have also introduced episodes of the show and so one of these people,

00:03:44   I'm not sure who exactly, beat Federico to the punch.

00:03:47   bud you know you're not really doing a good job with this there's nothing I can

00:03:52   do it's it's out of my hands it's out of my control and I am once again the

00:03:58   victim so there's some more I have some more important follow-up which is

00:04:02   definitely more important than talking about yesterday's Apple event so Patrick

00:04:07   did not get a new case color there were no iPad mini case colors which I'm very

00:04:10   upset about because I think Patrick would look really good in one of these

00:04:13   new spring colors. And I wanted to bring to the group, Derek wrote in to say what about

00:04:19   spelling it Pad-trick, P-A-D-T-R-I-C-K, like iPad?

00:04:25   No, well, not DT, but what about Pad-rick, D-R, Pad-rick.

00:04:31   Yeah, P-A-D-R-I-C-K.

00:04:33   Okay, we can do that. I will now have to remember to do that, but I'll try my best. I have named

00:04:38   it Pad-trick, and I did send you both a screenshot of where it says "Pad-trick has been left

00:04:42   behind, which is very funny to me. When I left the hotel and left my iPad in there,

00:04:47   Patrick has been left behind. So I'm very much enjoying Patrick's life, you know, this

00:04:52   new new entrance to the family, but he did not get a cool new suit. So I'm very upset

00:04:56   about that.

00:04:57   They did a few new colors, right? Some Apple Watch bands and some iPhone cases, but it

00:05:02   wasn't as like fully done as it has been in the past, I feel like.

00:05:06   And they look great, great colors, really bright, beautiful colors. Federico, how many

00:05:10   cases did you buy?

00:05:11   Not even one.

00:05:13   Not even one.

00:05:14   Not even one.

00:05:15   I'm keeping my plain old boring black leather case.

00:05:19   Got like yellow.

00:05:20   It's a really good yellow.

00:05:22   Some of the new solo loops are good?

00:05:26   I think Silvia wants to get the flamingo one for her Apple Watch, but that's the only

00:05:33   purchase that we may be planning in terms of new accessory colors.

00:05:37   Is that the solo loop?

00:05:39   the solo loop, the pink, what's it called,

00:05:42   flamingo, pink flamingo, something like that.

00:05:45   - Yeah, flamingo.

00:05:46   - The bright green also looks good, but not for me.

00:05:48   So I think we're gonna get that one for Sylvia,

00:05:51   but nothing else.

00:05:53   I don't know, I don't really feel like

00:05:56   colorful cases right now, because I really, really like

00:06:01   the Apple leather one that I have,

00:06:03   and the gold iPhone black leather case,

00:06:06   it's a good color combo, visually speaking.

00:06:09   I think that's it for follow-up.

00:06:10   - Okay.

00:06:11   - Anything else we need to cover?

00:06:12   - Well, I don't know.

00:06:14   Is there anything else you wanna share

00:06:16   before we get to the thing?

00:06:21   Any things you wanna share with us

00:06:23   before we fight with each other?

00:06:27   - Oh, oh.

00:06:28   There's any last friendship before that happens?

00:06:31   - Yeah.

00:06:32   Any last words before scoring the thing?

00:06:37   friendship ended with scoring.

00:06:39   - Yeah.

00:06:40   I think we should just go,

00:06:42   I think we should just get on with it.

00:06:43   - I think we just gotta write the bandaid off

00:06:45   and see who won.

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00:07:19   - Yeah, it is fancy.

00:07:20   - See, I've been told it's very fancy.

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00:08:33   It's time to read the rules!

00:08:36   I didn't want to put that in. - Wow, that was good!

00:08:38   - It felt weird to shout it in front of Steven.

00:08:40   Like he looked at me, he invited me with his eyes

00:08:43   and his hands to shout, it's time to read the rules.

00:08:46   And at first when he did that,

00:08:47   I didn't know what he was asking from me.

00:08:49   And then it clicked because it's time to read the rules.

00:08:52   - I think that was like spatial audio, which you just did.

00:08:54   - I think that's what I was going for.

00:08:55   - That's good. - Yeah.

00:08:57   - The Bill of Rickeys, you can stand if you want.

00:08:59   - I'm gonna try and stand.

00:09:00   - Myke doesn't really have room to stand.

00:09:02   I'm gonna stand. I'm gonna stand.

00:09:04   I'm more hunching today than standing.

00:09:06   There are two types of rookies, annual rookies and keynote rookies.

00:09:13   The winner of the annual rookies is named annual chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account for the full year.

00:09:20   This position is awarded every January.

00:09:22   The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:09:30   Order for annual rookies is based on the winner of the previous year.

00:09:34   Order for keynote rookies is based on the previous Apple event.

00:09:37   The loser goes last.

00:09:39   To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:09:44   No half points may be awarded at any round.

00:09:47   And picks cannot be reused by any contestant within 365 days of first being made.

00:09:52   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:09:56   Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:09:59   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point and the two other hosts must have agreed that

00:10:04   your pick was risky.

00:10:06   For keynote rookies, like we're doing today, the scoring window starts when the event begins

00:10:10   and closes when the picks are scored.

00:10:13   Scoring is now closed now.

00:10:15   Information must be publicly verifiable to be used in scoring.

00:10:19   After scoring is complete, each host must update their official tricky to reflect the

00:10:23   new winner.

00:10:24   The large location marker is for the annual chairman.

00:10:26   Mine aren't here.

00:10:27   I should have brought mine with me.

00:10:28   I can't do the updating.

00:10:29   Yeah, you have to do it when you get home.

00:10:30   Ooh, I can't have my own ceremony.

00:10:33   You do it in the privacy of your own mega studio.

00:10:37   This is very upsetting.

00:10:38   While the smaller location marker

00:10:40   is for the keynote chairman,

00:10:41   trophies should be updated at the end of the scoring

00:10:43   as part of the closing ceremonies,

00:10:44   which we promise we'll do this time,

00:10:46   with photographic evidence provided on demand.

00:10:49   Listeners with mag turkey

00:10:51   should hold their own private closing ceremonies

00:10:53   with their magnetic trophies.

00:10:55   A tie in the regular picks or the flexies

00:10:58   be broken by coin toss.

00:11:01   As Jason Snell has a well-earned lifetime ban

00:11:03   on flipping the coin, dice by a P-Calc in relay FM mode

00:11:07   is, at least for now, the official way to break a tie.

00:11:10   - Thin ice.

00:11:11   - Thin ice.

00:11:12   As a reminder, yours truly is the current annual chairman

00:11:16   and Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:11:18   We'll see if Federico holds onto his title today.

00:11:21   - Can I sit down?

00:11:21   - You may be seated.

00:11:23   Round one, Federico, you're up.

00:11:25   - Round one, I'm up first.

00:11:26   I said a new iPad Air is introduced with a better system on a chip and 5G support.

00:11:33   I gotta get my bell so I can ring it. I left it in the other room.

00:11:36   Oh, he needs the bell. We're not prepared, really.

00:11:39   I'll be right back.

00:11:40   He needs the bell so he can ring his bell.

00:11:42   Myke, do it now.

00:11:44   Do it now.

00:11:44   We have something from...

00:11:45   [bell rings]

00:11:47   There's the bell.

00:11:47   Thank you, Steven.

00:11:49   Are you excited about this new iPad Air?

00:11:52   Ah...

00:11:54   Actually, before we get to that, can I just say on last week's episode, I did bring up the idea that they may introduce an M1

00:12:02   and I believe that you two chip nerds just was like "no way, don't be so stupid"

00:12:06   That's how I remember it going

00:12:08   But I did bring this up and you were like "no, A15 Bionic 2 or something"

00:12:14   Mm-hmm

00:12:16   Well, it did seem strange at the time

00:12:19   And I think now it's obvious that they see the M1 as the baseline for everything, right?

00:12:25   It doesn't really mean anything, it just means this is the baseline.

00:12:29   The base flavor M1 is what you get in something like the iPad Air.

00:12:34   So yes, Myke, you were right, you should have used that as a pick, but you didn't.

00:12:38   You fool!

00:12:41   If you want to brag about it, you can, but...

00:12:46   Yeah, there is a system in which I could have bragged about it. You are right.

00:12:50   Yeah.

00:12:50   And now there's overlap in these products, but I don't think Apple cares that much about that.

00:12:56   I assume the iPad Pro will get the M2 and the 11 inch will get the fancy display and then there'll

00:13:01   be room between them again.

00:13:02   I think the iPad Air redesign last time proved they didn't care about the overlap.

00:13:07   Yeah.

00:13:08   I think we'll remember there was a time period where we were saying if you want to get an iPad,

00:13:12   you're probably best to get the Air rather than the Pro, because it had more modern features, new design, all that kind of stuff.

00:13:18   Yeah, and it comes and goes, right? Because then now for a few months the iPad Air, if you're okay with the base storage,

00:13:25   I guess, is probably the better recommendation.

00:13:27   And then I guess in a few months the 11-inch iPad Pro will be, again, a better recommendation,

00:13:31   because it'll have a new chip and more features.

00:13:34   I still find the sort of this mid-range of the iPad lineup kind of confusing.

00:13:41   I think the iPad lineup, and I said this last night on Discord,

00:13:47   I think the iPad lineup is at its best at the two opposite ends of the spectrum.

00:13:52   The iPad Mini and the Big iPad Pro. Those are the most obvious, easiest to explain iPads.

00:14:00   It's the biggest, most powerful one, and it's the smallest, most portable one. In the middle,

00:14:05   I find a ton of overlap.

00:14:10   There's the base model iPad, there's the iPad Air, there's the 11-inch iPad Pro, and I get it,

00:14:16   like they want to cover all possible price ranges, right? Which is why if you go to the Apple.com

00:14:22   comparison page, you can see how they cover, you know, all the price ranges within

00:14:26   $200 of each other,

00:14:28   starting from the base model iPad up to the iPad Air, then the 11-inch iPad Pro, and then the bigger one. And the iPad Mini is

00:14:34   just there, sort of in the middle. So I get it, but still,

00:14:39   I find the iPad Mini and the big iPad Pro the two iPads that have a clear role, they're easy to explain,

00:14:48   they don't have that many asterisks involved. Like, you either want the biggest possible iPad,

00:14:53   or you either want the smallest possible iPad, or maybe you want both. So, am I excited for the iPad Air?

00:15:00   I am curious about the new iPad Air, because I think there's potential for it to be, once again,

00:15:07   the recommendation for most people, right?

00:15:12   Provided that you are okay with the starting storage

00:15:16   configuration of 64 gig.

00:15:18   That's the big question mark right now.

00:15:20   - I think that that's a joke.

00:15:23   64 gigs, I think that is a joke.

00:15:25   That is so small.

00:15:26   On a device which is gonna be used for entertainment

00:15:30   as well, right?

00:15:31   Like that's such a small amount of storage.

00:15:34   And then if you do wanna upgrade it,

00:15:36   then you're bumping into the iPad Pro territory price.

00:15:40   And it's just like, yeah, I think that's a kind of a missed opportunity.

00:15:44   You know, as you were talking, Federico, and talking about those extremes,

00:15:47   I like that as a thought, like iPad is best at the extremes, right?

00:15:50   Smallest and biggest.

00:15:51   It kind of made me think, is it?

00:15:54   I could see an argument to be made for removing the smaller iPad Pro

00:15:59   completely from the lineup and just having the iPad Air take its place

00:16:03   if they made some slight tweaks to it.

00:16:05   I am a big fan of the 11 inch pros.

00:16:07   I said before, like I think that it was the best iPad,

00:16:10   but now I think if they could sort out the storage tiers,

00:16:14   because that's the biggest thing for me with the iPad Air,

00:16:18   honestly, I would say just have that rather than getting--

00:16:21   rather than having the smaller 11 inch pro,

00:16:23   especially if Apple are going to continue--

00:16:27   because I've done this in the past, right-- updating both

00:16:29   pros on a different schedule with features.

00:16:32   If you're not going to keep those the same,

00:16:34   don't have both of them is the way that I look at it.

00:16:37   Yeah, I wonder if in hindsight the display difference between the big and small pro

00:16:43   is like an aberration and moving forward the pros will remain more in lockstep.

00:16:48   Maybe, but historically though they have moved.

00:16:51   Who cares about technology history?

00:16:52   But historically right, the entire history of the pro line is the smaller one and the bigger one

00:16:58   have moved at different paces and I feel like if they're going to keep doing that

00:17:02   it gets too complicated when you've got the Air right there.

00:17:06   Like, I think maybe getting rid of the small one...

00:17:08   Here's a thought experiment. Here's a thought experiment for you both.

00:17:12   Imagine next year, a simplified lineup that is more clear in the middle,

00:17:19   where you have, maybe not next year, maybe in two years, but bear with me,

00:17:23   better iPad Air that doesn't start at 64 gigs anymore,

00:17:27   the 11 inch iPad Pro is gone, you have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, but you also have a 16 inch iPad Pro.

00:17:36   Yeah, I agree with you completely. I think it makes more sense to go bigger on the iPad Pro

00:17:41   in the long term, because then you're really making the iPad Pro...

00:17:46   You're making the iPad Pro a thing because of its size, not what's inside it, right?

00:17:54   and that ultimately then the iPad line with the regular iPad is the outlier because that's

00:18:00   supposed to be the cheap one for education that kind of thing so keep that but then you go mini

00:18:05   air and two large iPad pros I think that that is a clearer lineup for what those products are

00:18:12   supposed to be I agree with you I think that's a really good take we fixed it the tablet king

00:18:17   is spoken. Yeah. We fix it. This is the... well, I think judging by our rules, I should

00:18:25   also get an extra point because I fixed Apple. So yeah, no? Bring it up at the next rules

00:18:32   hearing. Alright, alright, cool. Alright, Myke, you're up next. Alright, my first pick

00:18:37   was Apple introduces a new Mac Mini with an updated design. Nope. I mean, I wasn't far

00:18:43   off this is I'm not gonna get this point but like I wasn't far you're in the

00:18:47   spiritual ballpark I was in the spiritual ballpark and you know like

00:18:50   this was really funny like our picks are like this I think our draft picks were

00:18:54   like this everything we thought was gonna happen to the Mac none of it

00:18:57   happened and nothing we even imagined was going to happen ended up happening

00:19:02   which is just like wild really like this event for the Mac was kind of bananas

00:19:10   right? It was very much like things we could have only wished for and they kind

00:19:15   of came it really the Mac studio came out of nowhere. I tip my cap to 9 to 5

00:19:20   Mac right because they got that but I also kind of wish they hadn't. Yes. That

00:19:25   was so it was so close to the event right and there was nothing about this

00:19:29   if this would have just come out of nowhere it would have been really

00:19:32   freaked out even more than we did. Yeah. But I don't know how they got it but

00:19:37   that was excellent reporting.

00:19:39   - The Mac Mini still feels like a bit of a question mark,

00:19:42   right?

00:19:42   It is untouched.

00:19:43   It's still the M1 with its inherent limitations

00:19:46   and the Intel Mac Mini also still for sale.

00:19:49   - I don't know why they kept that around.

00:19:51   They should just get rid of that.

00:19:52   - Yeah, and so maybe that's gonna be an M2 product

00:19:55   and it's never gonna get a Pro or Max version

00:19:58   of a Apple Silicon chip.

00:19:59   We just don't know.

00:20:00   It just feels like the questions we had

00:20:02   about the Mac Mini before this event,

00:20:04   zero of them were answered.

00:20:06   We'll talk about the Mac Studio a bit more.

00:20:08   I think it'll fit into the Rickeys portion a little more.

00:20:11   - Yes, definitely.

00:20:12   All right, my round one pick was that a larger,

00:20:16   more powerful iMac is introduced.

00:20:19   Not only--

00:20:20   (laughing)

00:20:21   - This couldn't have been more wrong.

00:20:23   - Not only was it not introduced,

00:20:25   the 27-inch iMac has been discontinued completely.

00:20:28   - I think they very clearly, our good friend John Turnus,

00:20:31   who wore the wrong color t-shirt,

00:20:33   I think our good friend John made it pretty clear that for the rest of this year there will not be one.

00:20:38   Yeah.

00:20:39   That's how that seemed to me. Federico, do you have a read on that when he's like the only thing,

00:20:43   like the next thing is the Mac Pro and we're done, basically?

00:20:45   Uh, yeah, that thing is not happening.

00:20:50   Yeah.

00:20:50   The bigger, I think it means it's not coming at least this year or at least not in the M1 generation.

00:20:58   Right.

00:20:59   Yeah.

00:20:59   But then the question is, is the Mac Pro in the M1 generation?

00:21:02   I kind of think it it may be. We can get to that though. If it's, you know, I don't know.

00:21:08   It depends. It depends on, you know, there was the rumor of the Jade 2C and the Jade 4C. We've now

00:21:15   seen the 2C version, the Ultra. We dubbed it on upgrade yesterday the M1 Extreme, but turn to

00:21:22   say... So I see this thing going around. Who's Jade? Yeah, I don't... I get so confused when

00:21:27   people start talking about Jade 2C. Like, why are we all repeating this word without knowing what it is?

00:21:32   It is the code name, apparently, for the chip.

00:21:34   Okay.

00:21:36   But I get so confused when people talk about j2cchop and j4dchess and all this kind of stuff.

00:21:42   But, Turnus said this is the final chip in kind of the M1 family, so maybe it is the M2.

00:21:49   I'll say I have confirmation of that too.

00:21:52   It is, like, you know, he said it, but yes, this is the final M1 chip.

00:21:57   There are no more M1 chips.

00:21:59   It's final forms, if you will.

00:22:00   This is it.

00:22:00   So if the Mac Pro is an M1, it will have probably Max and Ultra.

00:22:09   If it's going to have something different, it will be M2.

00:22:11   Okay, here's my pitch for the Mac Pro.

00:22:15   - Alright? - Please, this is what I want.

00:22:17   Everyone's looking for this.

00:22:19   - It's a genius take, okay? - Okay.

00:22:22   M1 generation of chips, alright?

00:22:25   The Mac Pro, one of each.

00:22:30   - I just got all of them in there?

00:22:32   - The M1 Pro, the M1 Max and the M1 Ultra in one machine.

00:22:35   Are you getting it?

00:22:36   It's not multiple chips.

00:22:38   It's a whole generation of chips all in the Mac Pro.

00:22:40   - So the Mac Pro comes with M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra

00:22:45   all in one box.

00:22:47   - You know how other computers have performance

00:22:48   and efficiency cores?

00:22:49   It has performance and efficiency systems on the chip.

00:22:52   - It's just performance and performance

00:22:54   and performance and performance cores.

00:22:56   - Yeah, that efficiency down there.

00:22:58   - It's one of each.

00:22:59   I love it. It's like the buffet of computers. It also has like 26 USB-C ports on it and

00:23:08   like four Bluetooth radios. It can do everything! Yeah, still no card slots. Okay, so at the

00:23:15   end of round one, Federico, you have one point. Myke and I are tied with zero points. Good

00:23:20   job. Thank you. I was talking to Federico. You and I didn't do so well. Still could have

00:23:26   good job to me though. I mean you were less wrong than I was. You did a good job describing how you

00:23:32   didn't get the point. Yeah that's true. That's good. I did a good job. All right Federico,

00:23:38   lead off round two please. Round two I said new iPhone case colors and or see our friend and or

00:23:45   coming into play here, watch band colors are introduced at or after the event. I would just

00:23:53   say I think I blacked out during this round because I cannot believe how this is written

00:23:58   and I'm not testing it but new iPhone case colors and or watch band colors are introduced at or

00:24:05   after the event. Hold on, Steven. Steven. I was present. Oh, no, sorry.

00:24:17   Thank you. Yeah, I was trying to play it safe to get this point.

00:24:23   New iPhone and/or iPad and/or watch case and/or colors and, you know, you could have just carried on forever.

00:24:29   Hey, we allowed it.

00:24:30   It's perfectly fine. I am not contesting it. I'm saying I forgot it was written like this.

00:24:35   So if there's one thing I've learned about programming is the role of conditional statements.

00:24:42   when you do if, then, else, you know, that sort of thing.

00:24:44   And I'm bringing that logic to my picks in this game.

00:24:48   So you gotta have multiple conditions,

00:24:51   you gotta account for multiple scenarios.

00:24:53   In which case I'm accounting for iPhone case colors

00:24:56   and/or watch bands announced at the event

00:24:59   or after the event.

00:25:01   And we got both of them after the event, obviously,

00:25:05   because they were not mentioned during the keynote.

00:25:08   We got the yellow, we got the flamingo and green.

00:25:12   I think Tim was wearing the yellow one.

00:25:14   Tim was wearing the yellow one.

00:25:16   By the way, I think Tim's blue sweater and the yellow watch band.

00:25:22   I've seen people comment on this.

00:25:23   I think it was a very subtle nod to the Ukrainian flag.

00:25:27   So I saw someone, I think this was Matt Comey, developer of Sofa,

00:25:31   like, quote tweeted this and I thought it was great.

00:25:33   Like that someone said, "Oh, here's like a subtle nod."

00:25:36   like, it's like, he could have actually made an actual nod. Like, you know, like,

00:25:39   he could have actually said something rather than, oh, I'm making a statement,

00:25:43   like, without saying anything. You can also make a statement by saying something as well.

00:25:47   Right. So I personally felt that it was a bit out of touch, that they just completely

00:25:54   avoided mentioning anything. And I get it. Things are moving fast, but you know,

00:26:01   there's still a war going on and it's, I don't know, it did feel, I was expecting, I guess,

00:26:06   better from a company that, you know, prides itself upon, you know, participating in social

00:26:10   issues and caring for the planet. So I thought that was a bit out of touch. Regardless, I did

00:26:18   get this point. There was also new Hermes band colors. Those are expensive. Straight to the

00:26:27   saw right now let me go take a look. Yeah let me go drop $800 on a watch band. It does look pretty

00:26:32   good but also like it costs like a thousand euros or something. Yeah it's ridiculous.

00:26:36   All right uh Myke you're around too big. I'm looking at Hermes bands first. Should I read it

00:26:43   to you? No no let me just take a look at these things real quick before we start. I have to go

00:26:47   all the way to the bottom. All right so they got like, these are actually pretty fun. They're like

00:26:51   they're like funky they're like they're kind of sporty looking they're called jumping single tour

00:26:56   features bands crafted from a woven textile of a vibrant design that seems to leap off the wrist

00:27:03   it says. They are $319 each. Because what you want is your watch to leap off the wrist.

00:27:10   Do look nicer. I will say maybe one of the first times I've actually thought that they look like

00:27:15   legitimately nice and or I would wear one but I will not be buying one. Okay mine was Apple's

00:27:21   classical music services unveiled. Man this is just bad news to me the whole

00:27:26   way down up and down left and right like I'm not doing good here gang I'm not

00:27:29   gonna lie this one felt like oh we've already we already know it's coming and

00:27:33   we're already starting to see like elements of it we spent two weeks

00:27:36   talking about it nothing I blame you two actually that's unfair actually more I

00:27:42   blame Federico it was poison in my mind of classical music follow-up do you think

00:27:47   It's a conspiracy. This is a conspiracy. Why did you think I kept doing it? Oh, this is a conspiracy

00:27:52   This is some like long term long term fail play. The problem is you trusting me. That is a problem. You should know better at this point.

00:27:58   I should but I can't help it

00:28:00   Just too caring. Well, let me bring this up. Okay. To a better place

00:28:06   My round two pick was a new iPhone SE with 5G support as announced

00:28:11   It's particularly egregious when he rings the bell for himself

00:28:16   himself, I'm just gonna say.

00:28:18   Well, he'll also do it.

00:28:20   You could give it to me.

00:28:21   I could do it.

00:28:22   That doesn't feel right.

00:28:23   No, see, you want to ring the bell for yourself.

00:28:25   He wants to ring his own bell.

00:28:26   You know, who's who's excited about the new iPhone SE?

00:28:30   You getting one?

00:28:32   Sylvia's mom probably is.

00:28:34   She she uses the the what was it, 2020, 2021 iPhone SE.

00:28:39   The one before this, basically.

00:28:41   Yeah.

00:28:42   And she I don't know what she does to iPhones.

00:28:44   she's always has these completely destroyed iPhones. I don't know why. Like, some people

00:28:49   drop iPhones a lot. I think something that I've realized growing up is that some people

00:28:55   are really clumsy, but not like just regular clumsy, like really clumsy. And she's one

00:29:02   of those people. So she's probably... I looked at her screen a couple of weeks ago and it

00:29:08   was all cracked up against. I was like, "How?" And, you know, it sleeps every once in a while.

00:29:14   - The phone is lips.

00:29:14   - No, I got it.

00:29:15   (laughing)

00:29:18   - Sorry.

00:29:18   - I was like, okay, okay.

00:29:20   (laughing)

00:29:22   - Oh, dear.

00:29:23   - So you're probably gonna get one.

00:29:24   - Yeah.

00:29:26   - I am personally not excited for the iPhone SE.

00:29:29   I am glad it exists for people who do care.

00:29:33   - It's the same story the iPhone SE

00:29:35   has been on for a while, right?

00:29:36   It's the old design, but it has amazing performance

00:29:40   and incredible battery life.

00:29:41   Remember it's driving a comparatively low resolution LCD screen.

00:29:47   People who buy the SE type of people hold on to phones for a long time.

00:29:50   So if you've got somebody who that fits the bill, or they really just want Touch ID, and

00:29:54   there's still some people who definitely feel that way, this is great.

00:29:58   It is a little more expensive than it was.

00:30:01   That seems like such a miss to me.

00:30:02   It went from $399 to $429.

00:30:04   Stupid.

00:30:05   Apple should have eaten that $30.

00:30:07   Just like, then Tim Cook specifically called out during the presentation that it's a product,

00:30:13   it's a value product.

00:30:15   Like, it's one of the reasons people want it, it's for value, and they made it more

00:30:19   expensive.

00:30:20   Like, okay buddy, you keep doing your own thing, I suppose.

00:30:24   Apparently they put a bigger battery in it.

00:30:26   Yeah, so two hours more battery life on the video playback test is on the website.

00:30:32   So it has a bigger battery in it, so get even better battery life than before.

00:30:35   I bet that's partial battery and then partial Apple silicon efficiency.

00:30:41   Because they may have also put the bigger battery into account for 5G.

00:30:45   5G.

00:30:46   5G.

00:30:47   And it now comes in Midnight Star Light and Product Red.

00:30:50   Mm-hmm.

00:30:51   Good-looking, if boring, colors.

00:30:54   Yep, and they keep the touch ID on button because that's what people will continue to

00:30:58   want, I think.

00:30:59   I don't know how they're ever going to get rid of that, but we'll see.

00:31:03   So at the end of our regular picks, let me give you the score.

00:31:06   Myke is in third place with zero.

00:31:10   I am in second place with one point.

00:31:13   Federico is perfect so far, two points.

00:31:16   I can't win now, right?

00:31:18   You cannot win.

00:31:19   Okay.

00:31:20   No.

00:31:21   That's very unfortunate for me.

00:31:22   So I'm gonna leave now.

00:31:23   Oh, are you?

00:31:24   Mm-hmm.

00:31:25   Okay.

00:31:26   Yeah.

00:31:27   Not interested if I can't win.

00:31:28   We'll move on to the Ricky picks,

00:31:31   which bring an extra amount of stress and anxiety,

00:31:36   depending on what your pick was

00:31:38   and if it depended on a certain classical music service

00:31:41   being introduced, but we'll get to that in a second.

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00:34:06   Ricky's time.

00:34:08   - Federico.

00:34:09   - Okay.

00:34:10   A new base model Mac Mini is introduced with an M2 chip.

00:34:14   - Going good so far.

00:34:15   - The new Mini is at least 30% smaller than the current one.

00:34:22   It's thicker than the existing Mac Mini, but narrower, making it more similar to an Apple

00:34:27   TV or Intel NUC.

00:34:30   I mean, this pick is obviously wrong, and it starts out wrong with a new base model

00:34:36   Mac Mini is introduced, and it only gets worse from there.

00:34:40   No M.2 chip, it's much bigger.

00:34:43   It's over 30% bigger.

00:34:45   It is thicker, you're right, but it's not similar to an Apple TV or an Intel NUC at

00:34:50   all.

00:34:51   to two and a half Mac Minis on top of each other.

00:34:54   And also it's not a Mac Mini anyway.

00:34:55   - And I mean, it's not the product I was looking for anyway.

00:35:00   I was looking for the new base model Mac Mini

00:35:04   and it's not that.

00:35:05   So maybe this product will come true at a later time

00:35:09   but this means I will not be able to reuse this pick.

00:35:12   - At least in the next year.

00:35:13   - Based on our rules.

00:35:14   - I mean, to be fair though,

00:35:15   you could still pick this product.

00:35:17   It's a complex enough pick.

00:35:19   Yeah, I could break it down somehow.

00:35:21   You could say at least 20% smaller and then you're fine.

00:35:25   You could do the exact same thing again.

00:35:27   Yeah.

00:35:28   So what do you all think about the overall design of the Mac studio?

00:35:32   Here's the thing that I realized last night.

00:35:34   So we watched the whole keynote.

00:35:37   I was talking about it all day, looking at images all day.

00:35:41   And it wasn't until last night where I was like, "That is not a good looking computer."

00:35:45   Yeah, I kind of agree.

00:35:47   The front's just kind of plain.

00:35:48   there's ports on the front from a usability standpoint but the back has

00:35:54   all those perforations like the old cheese grater design and it's like it's

00:35:58   just very... I'm honestly I'm surprised how much it just looks like a tall Mac

00:36:01   Mini. Yeah. That's the thing that surprises me most. The dimensions are all kind of

00:36:06   weird because we're used to the Mac Mini. If you look at the the images on Apple's

00:36:11   website when it's like tucked up underneath the display like it looks

00:36:14   like a you know pretty chunky thing. I mean that's obviously not the most

00:36:18   important thing when it comes to a computer, but a computer that is gonna

00:36:21   sit under your display, a bunch of people these are just gonna push these to the

00:36:25   back of their desk and like put a coffee mug on top of it and never see it again.

00:36:28   Yeah this is like it's very utilitarian and I'm fine with it like I would have

00:36:33   liked to have seen them do something a little bit more like the MacBook Pro

00:36:37   design amazing right iMac design amazing. This is a brand new thing they could

00:36:44   done anything and I look what they've done inside is super cool I'm not putting this machine down

00:36:49   like it is great for what it is and I'm really happy with a lot of the stuff that it has like

00:36:55   the front IO and stuff I just think is fantastic it just surprised me really that aesthetically

00:37:00   it's not much to look at so as as the resident cubicle aficionado I guess I love me

00:37:12   any kind of thick, chunky computer that approaches cube-like territory, obviously, in terms of

00:37:18   design.

00:37:19   But there's something about this that I've been thinking about, and that of course, friend

00:37:23   of the show Steve Transmith perfectly encapsulated with this tweet, that I'm gonna read to you

00:37:30   both and I wanna hear what you think.

00:37:32   Kind of funny, kind of fun that Microsoft's Studio PC is a beautiful giant drafting table

00:37:37   with pen and touch for designers. But Apple's Studio PC is a dull little metal box, packed

00:37:44   with specs for developers, video editors, and workstation-level workloads. We are definitely

00:37:49   in an alternate timeline.

00:37:51   I think Microsoft Studio PC is not named as good for what it is as the Mac Studio is for

00:37:59   what it is. Like, the Surface Studio, it should be like, the Surface Design or something like

00:38:06   that.

00:38:07   What it does differently and is good at is drawing. That's what it's made for.

00:38:15   It's cool feature is to use the pen on the screen. That is I think a more

00:38:21   narrow use case where the Mac Studio has a much broader application of studios

00:38:28   that it can be in. I think it's named better. But I do agree it is funny that

00:38:33   that the weird design, the cool design is the Microsoft one.

00:38:39   And it's Microsoft going after the, you know, artistic types, I guess.

00:38:44   And Apple is more like, "No, no, here's a super powerful box for you."

00:38:48   And it's just that, a metal box.

00:38:50   And it's uninspired, probably, but it's utilitarian and it's incredibly powerful.

00:38:55   Here you go, it's $4,000.

00:38:57   Like, I think that's kind of funny when you think about it, but I also get it.

00:39:01   and it's got a broader market, quite possibly I'm sure, because tons of different people can use it,

00:39:06   not just folks who want to design with the digital pen input. So I get it, but it's still funny when

00:39:13   you do that, you know, straight up comparison, studio versus studio. I'm also reminded,

00:39:18   Myke may remember this, I don't know if you will Federico, I think you, well you came to the Mac

00:39:24   about this time, that a lot of people thought MacBook Pro was a bad dumb name, and now we just

00:39:31   just don't even think about it. Right. And I do think Mac Studio has some of that

00:39:35   awkwardness right now as a name. I love it man. But I think it will get better with time.

00:39:40   I'm so into it like Mac Studio, Apple Studio, Display because I feel like it's

00:39:45   talking to us, like what we do. Yeah. Like I think... Mine's gonna whisper sweet things to me in a

00:39:52   couple weeks. Maybe. Well I like that name a lot. I like this brand a lot that Apple's

00:39:58   making. I want to see more studio products.

00:40:01   I'm a creative fountain today. Here's another pitch for you both.

00:40:07   Oh, Jesus.

00:40:10   Hold on. iPad studio.

00:40:13   Yeah, boy.

00:40:14   Giant drafting iPad.

00:40:16   That's that 16-inch iPad, right?

00:40:18   Yeah.

00:40:19   I think I saw Chance Miller say, do you remember that the AirPods Max were apparently going

00:40:24   to be called AirPods Studio?

00:40:25   Oh, yeah.

00:40:26   have been a way better name considering this like i love that fedorico and i'm very into

00:40:31   this brand like this speaks to me more than pro does yeah yeah because it's like pro like

00:40:40   you know it makes okay this is very much about like the meaning of words but like pro makes you

00:40:47   second guess yourself like am i pro enough studio is like yeah i work in it like i'm a creative

00:40:54   person. I have a studio. I do creative things. I want power. Like, it's not a qualifier of who you are,

00:41:00   it's a qualifier of what type of work you do. And it's subtle, but I like it more.

00:41:05   So, yes, I'm very into that, right? Because then you're like, we'll probably be like,

00:41:09   "Oh, am I actually a professional? Am I a prosumer?" No, like, studio, it doesn't even mean that you have

00:41:15   to have this machine or these products because of your day job. Like, you could just be making

00:41:22   a podcast in your bedroom on the weekends, that's your studio.

00:41:26   I'm into it. It is leaning honestly,

00:41:30   just it's branding, which makes me think I'm such a sucker here,

00:41:34   but it's branding is drawing me towards wanting to own it.

00:41:38   Right now I want an iPad studio though.

00:41:42   Oh, so do I. Yeah, iPad studio, that sounds amazing.

00:41:46   Then it can be the Surface studio.

00:41:50   what I mean like then they can make do some fun weird stuff with it or whatever

00:41:53   20 24 inch iPad and all you can do is still two apps in split view and slide

00:41:58   over they can't many shortcuts you can see it once and there's still only like

00:42:07   five like a grid of five by four app I know it's all spaced out it's just all

00:42:13   in the middle and the borders are just like 10 inches on each side. And the icons are just shouting at each other "hey, surprise!"

00:42:20   No, no, no, they're clustered in the middle like the iPad Mini. Oh no. And then there's just massive borders around the outside.

00:42:25   They're huddling together out of fear. And they'll say it's for like forearm detection, you know? Yeah.

00:42:34   So you don't actually accidentally draw a string. It has forehead detection for when you slam your head into it because something doesn't work.

00:42:39   work. Okay the new iPhone SE has a design influenced by the iPhone mini it does

00:42:45   not feature face ID it has a touch ID power button. No. Yeah. Hey look I said at

00:42:52   the time you remember you can cast back the tape I said I didn't think this was

00:42:55   gonna happen but this is my Ricky pic alright I was swinging for the fences

00:42:59   because if it did happen how cool would I look right now you know sometimes

00:43:04   that's what you gotta go for. If this had come true you would have to buy and carry an

00:43:07   iPhone SE for a year. If that thing, if that had happened I would have bought one of those

00:43:12   just as a celebration for myself. Yeah. Alright, my Ricky pic. Apple announces an update to

00:43:19   AirPods Max to support wireless lossless playback to take full advantage of Apple's new classical

00:43:24   music service. Full advantage. Not even a little advantage. Full advantage. Maximum

00:43:29   advantage. And how did that go for you? Well, you're, you led me astray with your classical

00:43:35   music bit. Federico let us both astray. Ah, you see that's the conspiracy. He gets

00:43:40   into you. Yeah, but now you're sitting across from me wearing AirPods Max taunting me.

00:43:44   Yeah, I'm recording with AirPods Max Federico. I have an iPhone SE up there, we can get that

00:43:48   down and I can taunt you. I'm using that really expensive stupid cable. Is that the

00:43:52   worst cable Apple sells? From a feel perspective and like cost... Foot life's thin, it is terrible.

00:43:59   It's... it feels like it is a single strand of human hair. Don't pinch it, you might break

00:44:04   I could it's so terrible this this cable is so bad and it's so expensive

00:44:08   But I'm using it and I got my own volume dial and I can turn federal carpet down in my ears. It's great

00:44:14   So at the end of the risky pick rounds, we all are losing a point

00:44:19   So that means Myke Myke got nothing right?

00:44:23   So Myke has Myke is Corey negative Myke sucks

00:44:27   Myke is it is it the lowest possible score of minus one? This might be my worst performing

00:44:33   I would be interested to know someone has someone has that statistic. I think this might be my worst performing Ricky

00:44:38   It is at the Ricky's co and the Ricky's net go check it out. You've done so bad. You've almost done pretty good

00:44:44   If I were to lose I will lose with a minus one if you think about it

00:44:50   I got 100% if you think about it you won the negative race

00:44:55   Yeah, is that a right race? Is that a thing can be I am one before my I am 100% that's it

00:45:02   I got 100% you were consistent. I'm very consistent 100% here's what's gonna happen

00:45:08   okay, Apple's gonna have another event and

00:45:11   All these things that Myke picked will come true then he'll be a hundred percent for future picks. Yep

00:45:16   That's gonna be amazing. I would quit the game after that

00:45:20   What's that? But then well, no, I would be the one who want to quit cuz that would mean I lose everything

00:45:25   It's true. So Myke is at the bottom at minus one. Uh-huh. I am in second place

00:45:31   So I had one right, but I lost a point in the rookies. So I am at a flat zero points

00:45:36   Federico retains the keynote chairman Twitter account. You are still the winner with a total of

00:45:44   One single point not bad. Congratulations, Federico bad Federico

00:45:49   Hello, it's me

00:45:53   keynote chairman from Italy

00:45:56   winning once again

00:46:00   The connected rikis

00:46:02   Because I am the best one

00:46:05   That's the Italian national anthem. What is that?

00:46:09   Yeah, that was the national anthem

00:46:11   Yeah, so you should make your own anthem

00:46:15   Should be an independent ricky nation

00:46:18   mm-hmm

00:46:21   Hello fellow connected listeners. It's you and you know, thank you for your support as always in these difficult times

00:46:27   but I am once again reclaiming my rightful place as... How do you reclaim something you already had?

00:46:35   I am taking what's mine once again. I can take from myself and, you know, I can take it again.

00:46:41   I can do whatever I want because I won. Okay. Okay. So... Well, we're not done yet. I'm done

00:46:46   yet, bud. We still have the flexies, so we gotta deal with that before we go, but congratulations.

00:46:54   Congratulations Federico, well played. Well played, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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00:48:34   It's time to read the rules.

00:48:38   - Wow.

00:48:39   - Please lie down for the flexy rules.

00:48:41   - Oh, do I have to?

00:48:42   - Okay.

00:48:43   - You probably shouldn't in here.

00:48:44   I don't think there's enough room.

00:48:45   - I'm gonna like, what is it called?

00:48:47   - Slouch.

00:48:48   when you're squatting. - Neal, to your flexi king,

00:48:52   your flexi attorney general.

00:48:53   - What is this?

00:48:55   - Squatting.

00:48:56   - I'm squatting.

00:48:56   (dramatic music)

00:48:59   - Loser of the flexis must compensate the winner

00:49:01   of the flexis by donating to the charity

00:49:03   of the winner's choice.

00:49:05   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi

00:49:08   made by the loser.

00:49:09   Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

00:49:14   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks.

00:49:19   The winner is determined by the ratio

00:49:21   of correct to incorrect flexis,

00:49:22   and the winner can use their chosen name

00:49:24   during their reign.

00:49:25   As a reminder, Federico's chosen name is Prince Flexi.

00:49:29   Myke is the Duke of Flexington,

00:49:31   and I, for some reason, and the Attorney General Flexi.

00:49:35   (laughing)

00:49:36   Of course, of course, the money must be donated on air.

00:49:42   Myke, do you wanna walk us through your flexies?

00:49:44   - Tim Cook mentions the war in Ukraine.

00:49:47   - Nothing.

00:49:48   - No iMac Pro, bigger iMac.

00:49:51   - That is correct.

00:49:52   Oh yes, I will bell you.

00:49:53   - John Turnus is wearing a black t-shirt.

00:49:57   - It was like a navy, right?

00:49:58   Yeah.

00:49:59   - Apple unveils the first Mac powered by an M2 chip.

00:50:03   No Mac gets 5G.

00:50:05   - So I got two out of five.

00:50:08   - Two out of five.

00:50:10   I know we talked about it earlier.

00:50:11   I do not know how Apple didn't mention Ukraine.

00:50:14   It blows my mind.

00:50:16   It's weird.

00:50:17   Super weird.

00:50:18   It's really weird.

00:50:19   Super weird.

00:50:20   Not even vaguely.

00:50:21   Mm-hmm.

00:50:22   Very strange.

00:50:23   And so I got 40%.

00:50:26   Okay.

00:50:27   So I said, no preview of an AR headset.

00:50:31   (bell ringing)

00:50:32   Oh, I dropped the bell.

00:50:32   I dropped the bell.

00:50:33   (laughing)

00:50:34   (bell ringing)

00:50:35   Oh no.

00:50:36   Mac OS 12.3 does not come out within 48 hours of the event.

00:50:41   event. And then it's just sad from here. Universal control is demoed again. Nope. Nope. The new

00:50:49   Mac Mini comes in more colors than silver and gray. I couldn't have been more wrong

00:50:53   could I really? What new Mac Mini? And it's only silver, the Mac Studio. Apple releases

00:50:58   new AirPods colors. When I read this back, I kind of couldn't believe you picked it,

00:51:03   honestly. Yeah. If they do something like that, it'll be the fall, right? I don't think

00:51:07   they're gonna do colors. I don't think they will either, but if they did, it'd be holiday

00:51:10   season right like get your kid the orange AirPods 4.

00:51:16   Craig is wearing a blue shirt.

00:51:18   There was no Craig.

00:51:19   It could have been.

00:51:21   Here's the thing this is where the publicly identifiable information comes in.

00:51:24   You could have gotten a tip that Craig was wearing blue.

00:51:26   On if you would have got a snap.

00:51:28   On yesterday.

00:51:29   We've got a picture of it.

00:51:30   Yeah.

00:51:31   He could have like holding the newspaper.

00:51:32   Yeah like a hostage photo.

00:51:35   33.33% correct for Federico.

00:51:39   Let's see how I do.

00:51:41   A new color of iPhone 13, family, is announced.

00:51:45   So the iPhone 13 has a green color, which I think looks pretty nice.

00:51:50   And an Alpine green for the Pro.

00:51:52   Thoughts on green, Federico?

00:51:55   I don't like it.

00:51:56   Okay, just in general or just this one?

00:51:59   I don't like green in general.

00:52:00   I don't like it as a color.

00:52:03   Green is good for grass and salad and that's about it.

00:52:06   Pesto, maybe, but that's about it.

00:52:08   Scoring the the flexes in our Google Doc. Yeah, and a push pesto

00:52:11   Halfway through the pesto is where the line is drawn

00:52:18   The Intel Mac Mini is removed from sale

00:52:21   Again, it's still hanging on. We do not see jaws during the event a

00:52:26   Revised 13-inch MacBook Pro drops the touch bar, but does not add mag safe that I still don't fully understand

00:52:35   I read this and I still can't get in my mind what you're actually saying.

00:52:39   Just re-release the escape.

00:52:40   That's what I'm saying.

00:52:41   No touch bar, just USB-C.

00:52:42   I don't know why you had to put the MagSafe part in it.

00:52:46   I don't know.

00:52:47   Because I think I wanted a little spice in my flexi, you know?

00:52:50   And how did that go for you?

00:52:52   Well it's marked in red.

00:52:53   I remember that.

00:52:55   iOS 15.4 and/or Mac OS 12.3 get a release date.

00:53:03   Do they have a release date?

00:53:04   So my, just what Apple has said, "In the press release for the green iPhones, it says iOS

00:53:11   15.4 will be available as a free software update starting next week."

00:53:16   Is next week a date?

00:53:18   I don't think it's a date.

00:53:19   In the English language, would you consider that a date?

00:53:22   I don't think that's a date.

00:53:24   Next week is a relative time range, it's not a date.

00:53:29   What week are they even talking about, you know what I mean?

00:53:32   It's the next one.

00:53:33   what if it's the one after, it's just a next week.

00:53:36   - They didn't say a next week.

00:53:37   - Next week compared to what? - They said next week.

00:53:39   - I don't think it's a date.

00:53:39   - And they said that the iPhone 13 would come with that.

00:53:44   - That doesn't count.

00:53:46   - So it's before the 18th.

00:53:47   - That's not a date either.

00:53:49   - But I'm saying it's not as hand wavy, hippy dippy,

00:53:52   you're saying it that it is.

00:53:54   - Okay, but still, even if it was next week,

00:53:56   it's not a date.

00:53:57   - Okay, okay, you know what?

00:53:58   I'll take the L on this one.

00:54:00   I will not ring the bell.

00:54:01   Look, if I were you, I would scream and shout for this point.

00:54:05   Yeah.

00:54:05   And I would make you feel super bad.

00:54:08   But it's not in your character to do that kind of, you know,

00:54:12   arguing.

00:54:13   This is an interesting way of approaching that.

00:54:15   Yeah.

00:54:16   We're saying if it was Myke in my shoes, he would be crying.

00:54:18   I'd be on the floor kicking and screaming.

00:54:20   I would've smashed four Macs by now.

00:54:22   Well, look, the reality is that I've won with or without it.

00:54:25   Because my next one is there is no preview

00:54:28   of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

00:54:31   Did you win?

00:54:32   I did.

00:54:33   I hope you have won.

00:54:34   I got three out of six, which is 50%.

00:54:37   Oh yeah, you won.

00:54:38   Putting me ahead of Myke

00:54:39   and definitely ahead of Federico.

00:54:40   I was only pushing on that

00:54:42   because I thought maybe I could beat him.

00:54:43   (laughing)

00:54:45   No, I had it either way.

00:54:47   So I am the Attorney General Flexi.

00:54:53   Oh, AG Flex.

00:54:54   AG Flex is back, baby.

00:54:56   Please listen to the laws that I enforce.

00:54:59   - AG Flex.

00:55:01   - AG Flex is back.

00:55:03   - AG Flex is back.

00:55:05   Now, Federico.

00:55:06   - Yes.

00:55:07   - You, my dear friend.

00:55:08   - I am your dear friend.

00:55:09   - Or the loser.

00:55:10   - I am.

00:55:11   - So we need to work up how much you need to donate

00:55:13   and where you should donate it to.

00:55:15   - Well, something for Ukraine, right?

00:55:17   - Yeah. - Absolutely.

00:55:18   - That's what I wanna do.

00:55:19   - I think that Apple makes it pretty easy.

00:55:21   I don't know if this is in Italy too, Federico.

00:55:23   - Yeah, I wanna do that.

00:55:24   - So we're being told by the discord, $100 is the total.

00:55:28   I think we're going to make an unprecedented flexi move today.

00:55:32   That's right.

00:55:33   We're all going to give the money.

00:55:34   We'll match you Federico.

00:55:35   Oh, thank you.

00:55:36   Okay.

00:55:37   That's a very kind gesture.

00:55:39   Wait, is it actually, was this a role instituted by the attorney general?

00:55:44   I would say that it is a, uh, it is a one time situation that the attorney general approves

00:55:49   of.

00:55:50   Okay.

00:55:51   Now here's the thing.

00:55:52   What, how much are we donating?

00:55:53   Is it dollars?

00:55:54   Uh, it's a, yeah, we, we donate in dollars.

00:55:57   what we've done I think so me and Federico can't do that so you just have to

00:56:01   pick an approximate number so I'll donate $100 I'm gonna donate to UNICEF

00:56:05   yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna donate a hundred euros I don't care okay I need to

00:56:09   do a hundred pounds then don't I yeah I'm gonna be that guy yeah I mean who

00:56:12   knows how much that actually is well you can't be that guy but it's for the kids

00:56:16   and I would just like to say a hundred pounds is more money than either of you

00:56:19   donated because I have the strongest look we get it you live in a rich

00:56:22   country I have the strongest currency raw Britannia strong currency dude you

00:56:27   You hit donate on the iPhone, it wants you to sign in with your Apple ID, it doesn't

00:56:31   give you the password button.

00:56:32   But also I was expecting I would get a choice of where the money was going to come from,

00:56:36   like I usually do with the App Store, which is Apple Pay, and it's like nope, your donation

00:56:40   is accepted.

00:56:41   So I don't know what card just got charged.

00:56:43   It's whatever your Apple ID is on.

00:56:44   Yeah, but I use Apple Pay with my Apple ID.

00:56:47   Whatever backs up Apple Pay I guess.

00:56:48   Yeah, we'll find out later on kids.

00:56:50   We'll find out where that came from.

00:56:51   So we've all donated, congratulations to me.

00:56:54   I'm gonna send you my receipt in just a few seconds.

00:56:59   I'm using the UNICEF website because I have a fake US Apple ID and I don't want to do

00:57:05   anything.

00:57:06   Yeah, that's gonna get you, isn't it?

00:57:07   That's how they get you.

00:57:08   They've laid this trap for you, you know?

00:57:10   Yeah, I'm using the website.

00:57:13   I've donated.

00:57:15   Well, this was a game well played.

00:57:18   Is there anything else from the event that we didn't touch on through our picks that

00:57:22   we want to talk about before we go?

00:57:23   Federico, thoughts on the studio display.

00:57:26   I like it. I think it's the right product for the right audience that was asking for it.

00:57:31   It's not for me though.

00:57:33   Oh!

00:57:34   Yeah, so a couple of reasons.

00:57:38   I think if I were to buy a monitor right now,

00:57:41   I think in my future at the moment,

00:57:45   I would rather do the research and spend the money on a proper gaming monitor.

00:57:50   I think I would really like to have one of those like ultra-wide, high refresh rates, gaming monitors.

00:57:57   And this is not that, right? So this is not that.

00:58:00   When, if we'll be moving to a new place, I want to do my research and get one of those.

00:58:05   Additionally, I could have been convinced, maybe by this monitor, if it had any kind,

00:58:14   some kind, any kind of proper iPadOS integration.

00:58:19   Like, I don't know, because it's got the A13,

00:58:21   you can now do something with an iPad Pro or an iPad Air and this monitor.

00:58:25   I mean, isn't that more on the iPad's shoulders than the display?

00:58:29   Well, I don't know. It's on Apple's shoulders, I guess.

00:58:32   It doesn't really, you know, it's not up to me.

00:58:35   Yeah, but this, basically, this display could be better for you in the future than it is now.

00:58:39   -Definitely. -It could be.

00:58:40   So I will keep an eye on this.

00:58:42   I do think that once Apple does proper display integration for iPadOS, it will not be Studio Display exclusive.

00:58:51   So, I don't know, I think I am more interested in the ultra-wide form factor and high refresh rate myself,

00:58:59   because what I want to have is a monitor that works for everything, for regular computing as well as gaming.

00:59:07   And this is not that kind of monitor.

00:59:09   Yep, that makes total sense.

00:59:12   Myke, you ordered one.

00:59:13   Yes, it is what I ordered yesterday.

00:59:15   I ordered the display.

00:59:17   I desperately need this for my work.

00:59:22   For my studio, like where I plug my laptop in every day.

00:59:25   Please, my LG is very sick.

00:59:27   Because it's just not working out for me very well with the LG and the Thunderbolt...

00:59:33   What's the name of the company that I use?

00:59:35   The CalDigit dog.

00:59:36   It's like I've mentioned this before on the show, but every day I have to plug the laptop

00:59:41   into the dock with a Thunderbolt cable then I need to grab the monitor pull it

00:59:46   towards me so I can get to the back unplug the USB-C cable plug it back in

00:59:49   tap a couple of keys and about 70% of the time it works. That is very annoying

00:59:55   I'm hoping that this product will fix this in my life that I will just plug in

01:00:01   I might have to get a different dock I expect I'm probably gonna be best off

01:00:05   with a USB-C dock now yes but that's perfectly fine because all I have

01:00:10   plugged in it's like just like a couple of USB peripherals or whatever and you

01:00:13   know so I'll say this that's gonna be better for me and I'm really excited

01:00:17   about having an actual is this 5k it is so it is the 5k it's excited about that

01:00:23   it's a hundred nits brighter than this panel was in the in the old iMac and I

01:00:29   love and the LG but it's it's otherwise the same and you know Quinn Nelson his

01:00:35   video Quinn's got to find something to poke at I understand that but it being

01:00:39   that display is like yeah that display has been around a long time but also

01:00:42   it's a good display like it's a good panel and they've put it in an enclosure

01:00:48   and with features that make more sense to a Mac user than the LG Ultrafine ever

01:00:54   did. I'm really excited to hear what the speakers sound like in these you know

01:00:59   with the Pro Display you don't have them and the LG speakers the 4k didn't have

01:01:04   speakers I don't or didn't have a camera so there's something with the early 4k

01:01:08   that was missing. The 5k speakers were garbage and so I think Apple's made

01:01:13   something that will fit the the needs of more people with this. I'm happy there's

01:01:18   a camera but it's gonna be useless to me. Yeah because of the inability to change

01:01:23   the refresh rate in the camera. I actually think I'm gonna test it out

01:01:27   with this monitor I don't expect it to be any different. I think we're gonna start

01:01:29   this as a personal crusade like I'm actually gonna file a radar and I'm

01:01:32   gonna try and stop going through the official channels for this because this is wild to me.

01:01:36   that they sell these products around the world but in office environments outside

01:01:41   it like in Europe we need the 50 Hertz refresh on the lights for it because the

01:01:46   overhead lights will make things flicker and I just there are ways to what is

01:01:52   this okay so you know overhead lighting right? You know I'm talking like in a in

01:01:55   like office environment you got the overhead lighting right? Like fluorescent lights.

01:02:00   Yeah. In Europe I think I know in the UK but in Europe they're like the Hertz

01:02:06   rate the refresh rate on the light is 50 Hertz and in America it's 60 Hertz

01:02:11   really so because of that okay cameras they're tuned like the the cameras in

01:02:17   Apple's laptops are tuned for the 60 Hertz so when you put a camera in an

01:02:22   Apple computer in a 50 Hertz environment the background flickers which is very

01:02:27   weird and disorientating how do you know this stuff because I have this problem

01:02:33   every time I use one of Apple's laptops in my studio it's trash so I have to use

01:02:39   a Logitech camera which has the ability for me to switch the refresh rate on the

01:02:45   like the on the camera itself I'm not speaking exactly correctly with the

01:02:48   terms but people can understand no no I get it so I can change that one from 60

01:02:52   to 50 and it stops doing it so I believe Apple's should Apple should have be able

01:02:57   to make this a possibility for me but they don't that is a fascinating tidbit

01:03:02   Thank you. And so I'm I'm gonna like I'm gonna see how this one fares

01:03:06   I expect it would be exactly the same but just in case and then I think I'm gonna have to make this like a

01:03:11   personal thing that I just keep shouting about and I'm gonna follow radar about it and just like

01:03:16   Something happen big refresh rate boy. I just think it's really annoying cuz like

01:03:21   Oh, yes

01:03:21   very standard in

01:03:23   offices where these computers are used and I have to and I see this all the time you have to use like a lot like

01:03:29   I'm gonna have this beautiful monitor which is costing me like

01:03:32   1800 pounds because I got the really nice stand and I got to have some crappy

01:03:36   Logitech cameras on the top of it so I can never have a video call. Yeah

01:03:40   It's a bummer. Mm-hmm. I did not order display

01:03:43   I've got that covered but I did order a pretty nicely specced Mac studio

01:03:48   That will replace my 2019 Mac Pro. So do you want to talk about it on the show? Are you gonna?

01:03:55   Are you gonna sell it? What are you gonna do with the Mac Pro Federico? See if you join me

01:03:59   I'm trying to convince Steven to keep his Mac Pro

01:04:01   Why should he to just roll it in with the rest of these freaking computers?

01:04:06   It's a lot of money tied up in it. Yep. That'd be a very expensive addition

01:04:11   Here's what I'll say. Don't sell it immediately. Mmm. See if my heart tells me to keep it flip-flop, baby. Can I have a race?

01:04:18   Who you are the CFO of the company you could just choose that if you want to I need a raise

01:04:24   What can I do? Don't sell it until you're comfortable with the Mac studio. Yeah. Oh definitely. This is what you do. Yeah

01:04:32   Emma's suggesting to give it to my brother who very often gets my older machines, but he actually just bought a 14-inch MacBook Pro and

01:04:39   Just four days ago took delivery of an LG 5k and I texted him the link to the studio display

01:04:45   I said return the LG and buy this instead

01:04:47   So, I don't know if he's done that I need to I need to see

01:04:51   If he does that James wants me to flip a coin to see if key because he's he's not something very clever and dice

01:04:57   By peacock we don't need it this week, so I do it in the pro show

01:04:59   Okay, we're gonna flip the coin in the pro show. Oh, sorry James the rules are not on your side

01:05:04   But if you go to get connected protocol, we're gonna flip coins

01:05:08   Okay, and that's why he peak how can see what he's a little afraid of that. It's time to flip the coin

01:05:13   No, that's what we'll say in the pro show, but only if you give us money. You got to give us money to get it

01:05:18   Yep, get connected to pro.co. So yeah, ordered the Mac Studio, plans to replace the Mac Pro.

01:05:24   I did the M1 Max, I didn't do the Ultra. Unnecessary.

01:05:28   Unnecessary, another $1200 or something. But I did max out the Raymond storage. So it ended

01:05:36   up being about $5,000. He got an 8TB SSD in Federica.

01:05:40   Oh my god. I know.

01:05:41   That's what's in the Mac Pro. Because of all of his research.

01:05:44   just get like a two terabyte one like a normal person? Like for some reason all of these

01:05:52   old Macworld magazines they must remain inside the computer I don't know what we think it'll

01:05:57   lose them what's gonna happen you have them outside they're just gonna fall onto the ground?

01:06:00   Could. Alright that's a problem there right we can all see this like I'm surrounded by

01:06:05   all this stuff and I just don't want a mountain of external drives on my desk and so eight

01:06:10   terabytes is the end. You're not going to need any more than that.

01:06:14   I mean, I'm at five now. Right. And my research, I was looking to

01:06:19   marry about this the other night, my research, like Dev and

01:06:22   Think collection databases exploded in size. When I was

01:06:26   preparing the my Kickstarter calendar last year, because I

01:06:30   needed a lot of dates from like, periods of time that aren't

01:06:33   easily accessible with what I had. And so my like Dev and

01:06:37   Think collection, I think it actually doubled, or more than

01:06:40   doubled in size through that and I don't foresee having like an intense research

01:06:45   period that broad in the future like if I do an article about the history of the

01:06:49   power book like I probably have another calendar or the calendar I'm gonna do

01:06:55   this year and so could that increase it by another multiple terabytes I don't

01:06:59   think here first by the way Apple calendar 2 confirmed yes yeah Apple

01:07:05   calendar 2.0 it's gonna be made of aluminum this time no it's not Wow it's

01:07:09   - Wow. - It's gonna be really expensive.

01:07:11   - Interesting, interesting, okay.

01:07:13   - This calendar has been carved

01:07:15   from a solid block of aluminum.

01:07:16   - That's right. - And has chamfered edges.

01:07:18   - That's right.

01:07:19   If it falls off your wall, it may break your foot

01:07:22   if it lands on you.

01:07:24   So yeah, there will be another calendar coming.

01:07:25   I'm in the process of already starting it.

01:07:28   But I don't think that'll double my research stuff again

01:07:30   because I only need to find all of Apple's press releases

01:07:33   from the 1990s one time, and now I have them all.

01:07:36   - James has made a great suggestion in the Discord.

01:07:39   Apple Calendar 2.

01:07:40   Like the, what was that?

01:07:41   The Mac 2 with the two brackets?

01:07:44   The Apple 2.

01:07:44   Apple 2, that's it.

01:07:45   This one right there.

01:07:46   Federico, it was very fun for me to be able to sit

01:07:48   in a room with Steven as they were showing the charts

01:07:51   that obliterated his many millions of dollars computer.

01:07:55   He was, the sounds that Steven was making

01:07:57   when they were showing those charts,

01:07:59   it was pretty incredible.

01:08:01   He was very upset.

01:08:02   If you wanna find links and stuff we spoke about

01:08:04   or look at the final scores for this,

01:08:08   We have links to all that stuff at relay.fm/connected/388.

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01:08:20   We just talked about that.

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01:08:29   Myke is the host of a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM,

01:08:32   and he's currently sitting in my office.

01:08:34   - Yo.

01:08:35   - You can follow Federico on Twitter as Vitichi,

01:08:37   V-I-T-I-C-C-I. He's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net. Go check out their hub for

01:08:43   this week's Apple event. Lots of great stuff. I love y'all's, like, "Here are all the numbers"

01:08:48   mentioned. That's always my favorite. It's always my favorite post. The little bits one,

01:08:51   is that what it's called? All the small things. All the... That one. That one.

01:08:55   Yeah. Is that why you name it that, by the way? I believe that was the intention years ago when

01:09:03   when we started doing that, yeah.

01:09:04   - Very good.

01:09:05   You can find me on Twitter as ismh

01:09:07   and I write over at 512pixels.net.

01:09:10   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week.

01:09:12   They are Bombas, Fitbod, and New Relic.

01:09:15   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:09:18   - Arrivederci. - Cheerio.