387: The Rickies (March 2022)


00:00:00   *Dramatic Music*

00:00:13   Wait a second, Federico, you're doing it.

00:00:15   Wait, what?

00:00:16   By the- Per the new-

00:00:17   Oh, the new thing!

00:00:18   I even put it in the document for you.

00:00:20   Ah, just- well-

00:00:22   You can't be trusted with this new responsibility.

00:00:24   Wait, do I- do I have to do welcome to-

00:00:27   Yeah, the whole thing.

00:00:28   the whole thing. You can eventually put your own spin on it, you know, it can be like tiki

00:00:33   style, however you want to do it. Yeah, Myke says "from Relay FM" and I say "hello and

00:00:38   welcome". Yeah, so you can... what if you just do the whole thing in Italian?

00:00:51   Coming to you from Rome, Italy, I'm Federico, this is Connected, episode 387. Today is March

00:00:58   2022. And in this very special episode, I am joined, of course, from America by Steven

00:01:05   Hackett. Hey, Steven.

00:01:07   Hello, Federico. You forgot to mention our sponsor is Electric Capital One and Memberful.

00:01:12   Well, I don't take, you know, I don't, I don't participate in that part of the business.

00:01:18   It's not my responsibility.

00:01:19   I mean, you know, Myke and I are fine to split your share between the two of us, if that's

00:01:22   what you're saying.

00:01:23   Yeah. You see, notice how he very quickly changed from take to participate.

00:01:27   Yeah. Yeah.

00:01:28   No, I heard it.

00:01:29   Yeah.

00:01:30   The thing is, though, you give me instructions, okay?

00:01:32   And the instructions say, "Episode number, date Federico introduces Steven."

00:01:37   I assume that my responsibility ends there?

00:01:40   That is a good point with the way it's structured in the document.

00:01:43   Anyway, I've not been introduced yet, so could you introduce me, please?

00:01:47   Oh, yes.

00:01:48   And we're also joined from London, England, by Myke Hurley.

00:01:52   Hi.

00:01:53   I really liked that Federico introduced himself from Rome, Italy, and then just Steven as

00:01:57   from America. I enjoyed that. Yeah, exactly. Like, nobody cares about Tennessee, honestly.

00:02:02   I mean... Well, it is, uh, it's a big week. Oh boy. An hour and 12 minutes ago, Apple

00:02:13   announced an event on March 8th. Usually, or I guess what we were assuming this time

00:02:19   is that it would be announced on the Tuesday, be a full week ahead, but they went six days

00:02:23   ahead this time. And so we ended up scrambling, ditching a bunch of topics,

00:02:28   and making some picks. So today we will be making our picks for the Peak

00:02:33   Performance March 8th Apple Event. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. Before we

00:02:38   get there though, we do want to take a minute, obviously there's a lot of

00:02:41   serious stuff going on in the world right now, and we want to pass our

00:02:46   thoughts and love to all of our Ukrainian listeners, readers, members. We

00:02:51   we know there are a lot of y'all out there.

00:02:53   We, like the whole world, are behind you

00:02:56   and support you and your country

00:02:58   against this really senseless violence

00:03:00   being taken part by Russia.

00:03:04   Federico, you had some nice tweets yesterday

00:03:06   and you put together some resources

00:03:08   where people, if they want to donate, are gonna get involved.

00:03:09   So we're gonna have that stuff in the show notes.

00:03:12   And please find a way to serve your fellow humans

00:03:17   during this time because we all need it right now.

00:03:20   Well said. It's really about...

00:03:22   Fellow humans is really a great way to put it.

00:03:24   And, you know, in our community, for when we used to do a WWDC connected live,

00:03:30   but just in general in our tiny corner of the internet,

00:03:34   we know we have met in real life so many developers, writers,

00:03:41   other podcasters from Ukraine, and we've met them in real life.

00:03:45   We know there's a thriving community of indie developers in Ukraine.

00:03:48   and many of whom we know personally

00:03:51   that we have worked with over the years personally.

00:03:55   And so this is especially close to me

00:03:59   because I know these people.

00:04:01   I have met these people.

00:04:03   It's easy to be sort of like,

00:04:05   when you see these tragedies happen elsewhere,

00:04:07   I don't know, it's easy to lose the context

00:04:11   and it always feels like it's happening somewhere else.

00:04:16   And that's a limitation.

00:04:19   It comes with our privilege.

00:04:20   It comes with many other issues that

00:04:23   force us to think that way.

00:04:25   But then when it happens to someone you know--

00:04:28   I don't know, I've been really thinking about the Ukrainian

00:04:32   people this week.

00:04:33   And I've been thinking about the people I know.

00:04:35   And it makes me sick to see what's happening there.

00:04:39   So if you can spare $1, $5, whatever it is,

00:04:42   you can donate to relief funds.

00:04:45   There are many from the United Nations, from UNICEF,

00:04:49   from your local government is quite possibly organizing

00:04:53   a relief fund.

00:04:54   There's the Italian Red Cross, for example,

00:04:55   that I included in my tweets that has one.

00:04:57   So do whatever you can, even if you don't wanna get

00:05:00   into the specifics of the conflict and the invasion,

00:05:04   you know, there's people suffering there.

00:05:05   So, and that's what should matter, ultimately.

00:05:08   - I think what we should do, I mean,

00:05:10   I don't know if I can make the decision,

00:05:12   because I mean, I'm not gonna lose the flexes this time,

00:05:14   But I think whoever's a loser of the flexies next week,

00:05:18   100% will be donating funds to one of these,

00:05:22   one of these organizations doing work.

00:05:23   - That's a great idea.

00:05:25   - Great idea. - That's a really good idea.

00:05:26   Somebody please write that down.

00:05:28   - Yeah, it'll probably be Federico

00:05:29   'cause he gives a lot of money away during the flexies.

00:05:32   - Well, if I can write them down,

00:05:33   I will, you know, will the world,

00:05:35   do you please go on?

00:05:36   - You got a lot of empty bullet points down there.

00:05:39   - Oh God, what am I gonna do here?

00:05:40   - Yes, because, so Federico's yet to finish these flexies.

00:05:44   We're gonna get to this in a bit,

00:05:45   but we're flying by the seat of our pants today.

00:05:48   - We'll get to that in a few minutes.

00:05:50   There's a whole explanation that I need to provide,

00:05:54   including a slight misunderstanding that I had

00:05:59   about the invitation from Apple.

00:06:01   So we'll get to that.

00:06:04   - You already booked your flight to California,

00:06:05   then you realized, oh, it's virtual.

00:06:07   Oh no.

00:06:08   - It's not that, it's not that.

00:06:10   - Oh no, so excited.

00:06:13   Myke, do you want to walk us through a little bit about Apple's response to some of this stuff?

00:06:18   Yeah, so I want to read a statement that Apple provided. Just give me a minute here.

00:06:23   "We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand of all of the

00:06:27   people who are suffering as a result of the violence. We are supporting humanitarian efforts,

00:06:31   providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis, and doing all we can to support our teams in the

00:06:37   region. We have taken a number of actions in response to the invasion. We have paused all

00:06:41   product sales in Russia. Last week we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country.

00:06:47   Apple Pay and other services have been limited. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available

00:06:52   for download from the App Store outside Russia and we have disabled both traffic and live

00:06:57   incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.

00:07:03   We will continue to evaluate the situation and are in communication with relevant governments

00:07:08   on the actions we are taking, we join all those around the world who are calling for peace.

00:07:12   Can either of you explain to me the maps part? Like, I don't understand that part.

00:07:18   Yeah, I saw something, I think it was somewhere online, a reporter was talking about this in

00:07:25   terms of Google Maps, but using like real-time traffic information,

00:07:36   it could give the invading force information about what roads may or may not be blocked by citizens

00:07:43   or by the Ukrainian army. Yeah, that was my interpretation as well. Like, you can use that data

00:07:49   to sort of guess where the action is happening, basically. That's interesting. So, you know,

00:07:55   obviously, Apple have also, Tim Cook wrote a letter to employees, Apple are matching employee

00:08:00   donations at a two to one level, so I think that means you put in ten dollars, they'll put in

00:08:05   another 20. I expect that's what that means. And they're offering additional support for their

00:08:11   Ukrainian employees in and out of the country. The App Store and Apple services are still running

00:08:18   in Russia. There's been, you know, this is something Apple did. This is something that

00:08:22   Ukrainian government officials were calling on Apple to do. It's kind of a little bit,

00:08:29   who knows why they've done all the things that they've done. Like I was listening to Ben Thompson's

00:08:34   Chatecary daily update today that I didn't remember this this is not the first time that

00:08:38   Apple has done this and it's usually because of currency fluctuations so it is possible that one

00:08:44   of the I'm pretty sure one of the reasons that they stopped selling hardware in the region is

00:08:48   also because like the currency is so mad there right now because of the sanctions being put on

00:08:53   them that it's just too difficult to sell stuff in the country because they can't sell on our price

00:09:00   But at the same time, all of the other things that they're doing seem to indicate like a

00:09:05   principled stance. So I'm sure that it's included in that as well. I just, that was context I didn't

00:09:10   have that I just thought was useful. Like this is not the first time Apple has restricted sales in

00:09:14   a country. They did it just recently in Turkey too because of inflation there. So, you know,

00:09:19   this is something that they, a tool in their belt that they have used before. But I think it is

00:09:23   pretty clear that they are speaking out maybe as much as they would on something like this.

00:09:30   So yeah, obviously there's a lot of tech news wrapped up in this. We're not even going to touch like

00:09:35   the social media ramifications and decisions that have to come out of it.

00:09:40   You know, we just want to make sure the people we know there and everyone else are as safe as possible.

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00:11:14   It's time to read the rules.

00:11:17   Please stand for the bill of rickies.

00:11:20   I'm standing and also typing as I add things to the show notes, so I am hunched.

00:11:24   I'm gonna do the same, I'm gonna stand and type.

00:11:26   I'm hunched right now.

00:11:28   I'm still adding my flexes, but I'm standing.

00:11:30   I'm hunching for the rules!

00:11:33   It's time to hunch!

00:11:34   [Laughter]

00:11:37   The Bill of Rickeys, last amended on January 5th, 2022.

00:11:45   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:11:50   - God, my back hurts to do this though.

00:11:53   I'm just not comfortable enough.

00:11:54   - Gettin' old.

00:11:55   There are two types of Rickys,

00:11:58   annual Rickys and keynote Rickys.

00:12:00   The winner of the annual Rickys is named Annual Chairman

00:12:03   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:12:05   for the full year.

00:12:06   This position is awarded every January.

00:12:09   The keynote Rickys winner is named the Keynote Chairman

00:12:13   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:12:15   until the next keynote is held.

00:12:17   That's the one we're playing for today.

00:12:19   Order for the annual rookies is based

00:12:20   on the winner of the previous year.

00:12:22   Order for the keynote rookies is based

00:12:24   on the previous Apple event, and the loser goes last.

00:12:28   To earn any points, everything written down

00:12:31   in the prediction document must come true.

00:12:33   No half points may be awarded in any round.

00:12:36   Picks cannot be reused by any contestant

00:12:38   within 365 days of first being made.

00:12:42   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:12:44   in the first two rounds.

00:12:46   Two points will be awarded if correct picks

00:12:48   in the risky pick round.

00:12:50   If your risky pick is wrong, however, you lose a point

00:12:53   and the other two hosts must agree that your pick is risky.

00:12:57   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts

00:12:59   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:13:03   Information must be publicly verifiable

00:13:06   to be used in scoring.

00:13:08   After the scoring is complete,

00:13:11   each host must update their official tricky

00:13:13   to reflect the new winner.

00:13:15   The large location marker is for the annual chairman,

00:13:18   while the smaller location marker

00:13:19   is for the keynote chairman.

00:13:21   Trophies should be updated at the end of scoring

00:13:24   as part of the closing ceremonies,

00:13:26   with photographic evidence provided on demand.

00:13:29   Listeners with MagTricky should hold

00:13:31   their own private closing ceremonies

00:13:33   with their magnetic trophy.

00:13:35   - In secret.

00:13:37   - In secret.

00:13:38   - Don't let anyone see.

00:13:40   - Celebrate the way you want to celebrate,

00:13:42   is what we're saying.

00:13:43   A tie in either the regular picks or the flexies

00:13:46   is to be broken by coin toss.

00:13:49   As Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping the coin,

00:13:52   dice by Peacock in relay FM mode

00:13:54   is the official way to break a tie.

00:13:56   - But it's on thin ice.

00:13:58   - It is on thin ice.

00:13:59   Thin ice by dice by Peacock.

00:14:02   (laughing)

00:14:04   As a reminder, I am the current annual chairman.

00:14:08   Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:14:10   That Twitter handle is on the line.

00:14:13   You may be seated.

00:14:14   - Oh, thank you.

00:14:15   There'll be links in the show notes

00:14:16   to the rickys.co interactive scorecard.

00:14:19   And I also wanted, and also rickys.net,

00:14:21   which is the Wikipedia,

00:14:22   I wanted to just point out a couple of things

00:14:24   that they've updated.

00:14:25   Over 800 overcast time stamped links have been added

00:14:29   to rickys.net for every single pick, flip, and rule change.

00:14:34   Every item, you can click it and it will take you there

00:14:39   so you can hear it.

00:14:40   Thank you to Jason for that work.

00:14:42   Also, it includes a guide to help people

00:14:46   put their trickies in nice order correctly,

00:14:49   because we have all struggled, so we can all use that guide.

00:14:52   You can go find out more on rickys.net about all the changes.

00:14:57   - All right.

00:14:59   So, Federico, you're the winner, so you get to go--

00:15:02   - Yes, but there's also something I need to explain upfront

00:15:05   that may or may not--

00:15:07   - You have an opening statement.

00:15:08   I have an opening statement because you need to understand how I discovered that there

00:15:16   was going to be an Apple event. So up until an hour and a half, like 90 minutes ago, I

00:15:23   was at this scheduled doctor's appointment. And so you had the week off. Yeah, I had the

00:15:29   week off. I told you guys I was not going to be on the show. But then when we sort of

00:15:37   it's speculating, "Hey, do you think they're actually going to announce the event six days

00:15:41   before instead of seven days before?" In the off chance that we were going to get invitations,

00:15:48   you know, for the event, at 6pm, I made plans with John and Alex at Max Stories, and I told

00:15:58   them, "Look, I'm going to be at the doctor's office, but if it goes out, please keep an

00:16:02   I, you know, out for invites and in that case please publish the story. So imagine the,

00:16:09   imagine this situation. I imagine this picture, this scene. I was lying face down on this

00:16:16   like, um, bed, you know, at the doctor's office. You know how they have that cut out for your

00:16:22   face, right? What kind of doctor is this? It's a massage doctor. It's a dermatologist

00:16:29   appointment so I needed to do something to my hair so I was lying face down and there's

00:16:35   this little cutout so you can rest your face and I'm wearing a mask so I'm wearing a mask

00:16:40   and I'm inside the cutout and below the cutout there's like this thin layer of transparent

00:16:48   like plastic right so I figure okay it's almost 6 p.m I guess I can because there's this cutout

00:16:56   and I can see the floor, even though there's this layer of plastic between my eyes and

00:17:01   the floor, I can still see it, you know? So if I potentially could grab my phone and look

00:17:08   at the phone from inside the cutout, now I'm not wearing my eyeglasses, there's this plastic

00:17:16   in between my face and the phone, but it's transparent and it should be good enough to

00:17:20   check my email and to tell the guys that I just got an invite for the Apple event, right?

00:17:26   Meanwhile, the guy's doing the thing to my hair. So I'm just lying face down.

00:17:29   And I told him, uh, can I check my phone real quick? And he's like, yeah, sure.

00:17:34   Go ahead. No worries. So I start, you know, I'm lying face down.

00:17:39   This person is touching my,

00:17:40   my head and I'm looking at my phone and it's slightly blurry, right?

00:17:45   Because of the plastic and because I'm not wearing glasses.

00:17:47   So it's 6 PM rolls by a six Oh one as usual, right on schedule.

00:17:52   I get an eye message from Steven and I get the email.

00:17:56   with the invitation. I take a screenshot real quick, and I go to the Mac Stories chat, and I tell Alex,

00:18:03   "Here's a screenshot. Please publish the story." At the same time, I also open Tweetbot, and I send my tweet.

00:18:11   Now, take a look at my tweet, and you will see how I had a typo, because I just discovered a few minutes ago,

00:18:19   when I sat down to record this podcast,

00:18:22   that the event name was Peak Performance with two Es.

00:18:27   - Like to look at the performance.

00:18:29   - Not Peak Performance, as I tweeted.

00:18:32   Because in my- - Oh, I didn't notice this.

00:18:35   - I tweeted, even with an exclamation point,

00:18:38   Peak Performance, but you know, I was very excited.

00:18:43   But that happened because like normally

00:18:46   I would pay attention to event taglines,

00:18:49   but in my conditions at the time,

00:18:53   yeah, I was lying face down with our glasses

00:18:55   with my face inside the cutout

00:18:58   and the phone just hovering essentially above the floor

00:19:02   as I was holding it with my right hand,

00:19:05   I couldn't see clearly.

00:19:08   So I feel like this is a very John Voorhees thing I've done.

00:19:15   John typically does these things, like, you know, blurry vision.

00:19:18   Very one-two-true John kind of moment.

00:19:21   I apologize for the typo. Unfortunately, that tweet is now too sort of engaged to remove it.

00:19:29   Right.

00:19:29   There's no edit button, obviously, so the typo is gonna haunt me forever.

00:19:34   But at least I got a story to tell.

00:19:35   I mean, can we... I guess we're the first podcast, right? No one else has recorded so soon,

00:19:41   so we can make all like the "this is what peak performance looks like" jokes,

00:19:44   we can do all of those, right?

00:19:46   Like, no one's beat us to that, so like,

00:19:50   that's what peak performance looked like for you, Federico.

00:19:52   Face down, looking through a piece of plastic.

00:19:56   Federico, you're not the only one.

00:19:57   rickys.co also had it spelled "peak" the other way.

00:20:00   I have submitted a correction.

00:20:02   I mean, it's very easy to get wrong.

00:20:04   I go first, right?

00:20:06   Because I'm...

00:20:07   You go first.

00:20:08   Okay, so...

00:20:09   You're the peak chairman.

00:20:10   So this may not be the most original regular pick that I've ever done, but my first pick is

00:20:18   a new iPad Air is introduced with a better system on a chip and 5G support. Basically, a new iPad

00:20:25   Air with a new chip and 5G. That is essentially what the rumors have been predicting for the past

00:20:31   several months. The last iPad Air goes back to, what was it, October 2020? November 2020?

00:20:39   something like that. We went the entirety of 2021 without an iPad Air update, so it's due for a new

00:20:47   refresh, and my pick is new iPad Air with a new chip M5G. Now, if you were to speculate further,

00:20:56   outside of the context of the pick, I could also see new colors, and I could also see center stage,

00:21:04   Obviously, I think the design is going to stay the same and I think it's going to keep

00:21:10   the touch ID button.

00:21:12   But for sure, new chip and 5G.

00:21:14   Question for the gang.

00:21:16   A chip or M chip?

00:21:18   A chip.

00:21:19   Yeah.

00:21:20   Yeah, I think so.

00:21:22   The current one, A15?

00:21:24   What's it?

00:21:25   A15, yeah.

00:21:26   Yeah.

00:21:27   A15, yeah.

00:21:28   M5G.

00:21:29   I think it brings it up to match the iPhone 13 and the iPad mini.

00:21:33   In the iPad mini, yeah exactly.

00:21:36   The iPad mini has an A15? I forgot that.

00:21:38   Doesn't it?

00:21:39   I don't remember, I'm sure it does, that little guy, he's so powerful.

00:21:43   He can't be stopped.

00:21:44   Little guy has an A15 bionic.

00:21:46   I love my iPad mini.

00:21:47   I love my iPad mini.

00:21:48   It's a good device, very good device.

00:21:50   It's the best.

00:21:51   Yeah.

00:21:52   Do you have a name for the iPad mini?

00:21:53   Do you have a nickname?

00:21:54   Do you know what?

00:21:55   I don't and I feel like I should, huh?

00:21:56   What about Patrick?

00:21:57   Patrick?

00:21:58   Yeah, I can, I like that.

00:22:00   I like that an awful lot actually.

00:22:02   I would suggest it's Patrick or Vincent.

00:22:05   Vincent! That's good too.

00:22:07   I'm gonna go with Patrick.

00:22:09   Because mine is like kind of purple-y, right?

00:22:13   So it's like close-ish to Patrick Star from Spongebob.

00:22:17   Mostly pink, but you know, whatever.

00:22:19   Apple doesn't understand colors.

00:22:21   Did I sell a pink smart cover? Because if they do, Patrick's gonna get an upgrade!

00:22:27   Nice, okay.

00:22:28   I love how we're just going with this. You already called it Patrick Perfect.

00:22:32   Yeah, perfect Patrick.

00:22:34   Oh, I love him now. He's the best.

00:22:38   Okay, so that's my first pick. New iPad Air,

00:22:41   new chip and 5G because we know they love 5G. They want to bring 5G everywhere. 5G, 5G.

00:22:47   They don't make a pink iPad mini smart cover. Fingers crossed, you know? Who knows?

00:22:54   They might.

00:22:55   New colors.

00:22:56   They might.

00:22:56   Pink Patrick.

00:22:57   Pink for Pat.

00:22:58   Okay, my round one pick.

00:23:02   Apple introduces a new Mac Mini with an updated design.

00:23:05   Ooh, okay, okay, okay.

00:23:07   We need to unpack this pick.

00:23:09   A new Mac Mini, an updated design.

00:23:16   Please contextualize a little here.

00:23:19   The Mac Mini will be new,

00:23:22   and it will look different to the one it replaces.

00:23:25   Right.

00:23:26   - What more unpacking do you need?

00:23:28   - Well, it's the updated design that I need.

00:23:31   - This is a round one pick, man.

00:23:33   If they put the button on the other side,

00:23:34   it's an updated design.

00:23:35   - Okay, cool.

00:23:36   Just need you to say that.

00:23:37   - You know?

00:23:38   Come on, I'm not going for risky here.

00:23:40   - I need you to say that out loud

00:23:42   so that it can be on the record.

00:23:43   - I actually don't think a new button or new port counts

00:23:47   as an updated design.

00:23:48   - Yeah, of course it does,

00:23:49   'cause somebody had to sit down and draw out a new CAD file.

00:23:52   That's a new design.

00:23:53   somebody had to design that even if it's boring.

00:23:56   - I mean, it's not wrong, Steven.

00:23:58   And it's around one pick.

00:23:59   - It's around one pick.

00:24:00   I could have just said Apple introduces a new Mac Mini

00:24:03   and that's it, I'm done, right?

00:24:04   But I'm bringing a little flavor, a little spice,

00:24:07   a little spice.

00:24:08   - A little spice.

00:24:09   - Spicy Mykey.

00:24:10   - Spicy Mykey.

00:24:12   - So I need to tell you both,

00:24:13   if you're, I'm a little jittery now, right?

00:24:15   I was super tired today.

00:24:16   I was incredibly tired.

00:24:17   I don't know why, I just felt really tired.

00:24:19   I'm halfway through a Red Bull right now.

00:24:21   That's why I'm in this mood.

00:24:23   - Mm. - Right?

00:24:24   - Okay, okay.

00:24:25   Have you ever had Red Bull before?

00:24:27   - Oh, yeah, but it's, you know--

00:24:30   - As long as you don't die on us.

00:24:30   - It's a tactically deployed tool.

00:24:33   - Right, right, right.

00:24:34   Okay, as long as you've had it before,

00:24:35   it's not like you're gonna die on the show or something.

00:24:38   We're good, yeah.

00:24:39   - It's a very different, like,

00:24:42   it's a very different buzz I get from Red Bull.

00:24:45   I get jittery. - Right.

00:24:46   - Like coffee, it's like more sustained and good feeling,

00:24:48   but Red Bull is like, I'm on edge, you know?

00:24:50   - Are you wearing your Apple Watch?

00:24:52   Yeah. Do you have the high heart rate notifications on?

00:24:55   Yeah. And I haven't gotten one yet. Okay. Cool. Cool. I'm cool.

00:24:59   I'm like 89 beats per minute, 12 minutes ago. Let me, I'll keep my eye on that.

00:25:03   Oh, 82. I'm chilled out now. I'm going down. Cool.

00:25:07   Time for another Red Bull maybe.

00:25:08   Well, my resting heart rate is apparently 60 beats per minute.

00:25:12   I don't know if this is good or bad.

00:25:14   So I'm like significantly higher than that right now. Cool. No, it's fine.

00:25:19   It's fine. So yeah. New Mac mini of any kind.

00:25:22   to you know it's a man mine 69 beats per minute nice - 420 wait what is blazing

00:25:38   hey if you're a doctor listen I just if you're a doctor don't tell me if that's

00:25:44   good or bad I don't want to know all right like don't write into me be like

00:25:48   "Oh, Michael, I'm worried about you."

00:25:49   - We do not provide nor accept medical advice on this show.

00:25:54   (laughing)

00:25:56   - No, thank you.

00:25:58   - I still don't think like port changes.

00:26:00   - Whoa, I just got up to 91.

00:26:02   Oh, I need to stop looking at that.

00:26:04   - 'Cause you're thinking about how your port changes

00:26:08   now to redesign.

00:26:09   How are you gonna get called out for that next week maybe?

00:26:11   We'll see, we'll see how it goes.

00:26:13   That's next week's problem.

00:26:14   Not this week's problem.

00:26:15   - No, no, no, we've already made this decision.

00:26:16   No, you think we did.

00:26:18   Yeah, me and Federico agree.

00:26:20   That's all that it takes.

00:26:21   A port change is an updated design?

00:26:23   Yes, because somebody had to sit down, open AutoCAD,

00:26:26   and make that a thing. It's around one peak,

00:26:28   and by keeping it so generic with updated design,

00:26:32   it could mean anything.

00:26:34   Therefore, well, I guess the only thing

00:26:39   that like if we were super nitpicky,

00:26:43   You're saying the Mac Mini has an updated design, so if they change the design of the power cord,

00:26:50   that doesn't count. Doesn't count.

00:26:52   Okay. Jason Snell's blowing up slack right now, telling me I'm wrong. I don't care what anyone

00:26:56   says. My confederico agree. If somebody had to open a design tool to make it work, that's a new

00:27:02   design. You know what? If you're all going to get so uppity about it, I'll just say Apple introduced

00:27:07   a new Mac Mini, you know? No, no, I'm fine with it. Everyone's going to cry about it.

00:27:10   No, I'm not crying.

00:27:12   No, not you.

00:27:13   So it's Jason and Steven, they're crying about it.

00:27:16   You know?

00:27:17   I'm not doing the NOMAC meaning.

00:27:20   My eyes don't approve of your design.

00:27:25   I know about 20 Macs.

00:27:27   You don't know about NOMACs.

00:27:29   That's you and Jason right now.

00:27:31   Oh, okay.

00:27:32   My round one pick is a larger, more powerful iMac is introduced.

00:27:38   Define larger.

00:27:39   bigger than the 24 inch but like the display is larger the physical size which do you mean

00:27:46   like what is larger what is large what if it gets thinner what if the volume of the iMac is smaller

00:27:53   than the one it replaces then what a it is larger than the 24 inch m1 look i don't care about any of

00:28:00   the things i've just asked you i'm just trying to show you you know how you can be a party pooper

00:28:04   on people you know. So I think this could go M1 Pro M1 Max route that's not in the

00:28:10   pick but I think... Do you really think they're gonna do this though? I didn't

00:28:15   until I saw their stupid event name and it got to me because like who

00:28:20   cares about new iPad Air and a new iPhone SE in terms of performance like

00:28:23   we already know what those things are. Show me something new. Yeah I was

00:28:28   like this is gonna be a boring event you know. And look and I'm one usually it's

00:28:33   happening in Discord, I'm just like sitting on my hands. I usually find

00:28:35   reading, like people read too far into these, right? Like analyzing the colors

00:28:40   and like, "Oh, it doesn't match the colors of the computers they release!" Like, but I

00:28:43   do think in the Apple Silicon era, their event names have all been about, like,

00:28:51   silicon performance. I agree with you. And so I kind of think maybe this is, this

00:28:56   could be the time. This one's, this event invitation is completely

00:29:00   thrown me off. I thought this was gonna be a pretty boring event but performance?

00:29:05   Like that's a weird word to use if all you've got is a iPhone SE and a new iPad

00:29:12   Air. You know what I mean? Like the other things that people think and then

00:29:15   outside of that it's a little bit up in the air but this this suggests to me

00:29:20   something powerful. Yeah. Right? Otherwise what's the what's the point? You could

00:29:26   call it anything.

00:29:28   - I mean, I think as like a sidebar,

00:29:30   the alternative could be like,

00:29:31   we see something with an M2,

00:29:33   and so that's what this is about.

00:29:35   And I think that's possible.

00:29:36   And we may or may not have some picks about that,

00:29:38   depending on what Federico finishes

00:29:39   writing in the document.

00:29:40   - But that would count, and that would be intriguing.

00:29:42   Like the M2 would be intriguing.

00:29:44   - Yeah, and it would satisfy the title of the event,

00:29:47   I think, but if the bigger iMac is gonna get the M1 Pro

00:29:52   and the M1 Max, I would imagine

00:29:55   they would like to get that done.

00:29:56   - Yeah.

00:29:57   - And not wait until WBTC or even later.

00:30:01   Now, if they're gonna go the route,

00:30:03   say the Mac Pro might, where it's like two of those chips

00:30:06   or four of those chips, maybe it's not time.

00:30:08   But if it's just straight, hey, the M1 Pro or M1 Macs

00:30:12   are in iMac now, which would be a killer machine,

00:30:14   then I think now could be the time.

00:30:16   So that's what I'm going with for round one.

00:30:19   - Would love this to happen, say that.

00:30:22   - I think it'd be really cool.

00:30:23   I've been kind of really thinking about what to do about this.

00:30:27   I've been looking at Mac pro values and boy, it's not good.

00:30:31   Hey look, you know what you're going to do.

00:30:33   Me and Fidorico have already laid it out for you. You'll buy it on Mac Pro.

00:30:38   You'll sell your Mac Pro and you'll say, and then like two weeks later you'll say,

00:30:44   "Oh man, I'm so happy to be back on the iMac Pro.

00:30:48   This is the perfect computer for me. I can't imagine doing anything different."

00:30:52   and then June rolls around and they show off the Mac Pro

00:30:55   and say it goes and sale in July and then you buy that.

00:30:57   - We'll see.

00:30:58   - It's totally fine, you know?

00:30:59   - We'll see.

00:31:00   - We've laid it out for you, it's okay.

00:31:01   You're supported here.

00:31:02   - Thank you.

00:31:04   - This is a safe space for you.

00:31:06   - Is it?

00:31:07   Does it feel like it sometimes?

00:31:09   - No, it is, it's encouraging, we're encouraging you.

00:31:11   I want you to live your true self.

00:31:13   - Now imagine if it wasn't.

00:31:15   Take the computer, man, buy it,

00:31:17   and then we'll figure out what to do here.

00:31:20   (laughing)

00:31:21   Alright, round two.

00:31:22   Alright, round two.

00:31:24   I'm going for a pick that I think it's almost obvious that because it always happens, and

00:31:32   I'm pretty sure there was a leak a few days ago, new iPhone case colors and/or watch band

00:31:39   colors are introduced at or after the event.

00:31:45   The spring collection, right?

00:31:46   They always do it for either iPhone cases or watch bands or both.

00:31:52   And they usually do it in the spring.

00:31:54   There's new springy colors that they, well, spring on us.

00:31:58   See that's it.

00:32:01   And I think the leak showed off a very cool looking bright yellow case for the iPhone,

00:32:07   which if they do that silicone yellow case, I am going to get the one because it's a good

00:32:12   looking yellow.

00:32:15   But also new watch bands.

00:32:16   I could use some...

00:32:18   I could use a refresh of the watchbands that I use.

00:32:21   So I hope it comes true.

00:32:23   Now typically they do not show these off at the event,

00:32:26   but they usually show up on the online store after.

00:32:29   I have one concern for you.

00:32:31   Okay.

00:32:32   So we are recording one day after the event.

00:32:35   What if this stuff goes, like, when the products go on sale on, like, Friday?

00:32:39   You're in trouble, boy.

00:32:40   They are up on the store always after the event.

00:32:43   That sounds like a very confident man.

00:32:46   Well, do you know me?

00:32:48   Man exudes confidence.

00:32:51   Uh-huh. And pasta.

00:32:53   What did he say?

00:32:56   What did he say?

00:32:58   Can you roll back the tape? No, that's fine.

00:33:01   You're gonna force me to listen back.

00:33:05   Imagine such a terrible castor face.

00:33:10   They're ruining it in the Discord, so it's there for you to see.

00:33:15   Ah, thank you, Kate, and thank you, Matt.

00:33:18   So usually you just go to the listing for the cases

00:33:22   and there's the new badge on some new colors

00:33:27   right after the event.

00:33:28   Yeah, all these colors now are kind of sad colors.

00:33:32   There's nothing like bright and fun right now.

00:33:35   And it's springtime, right?

00:33:36   Let's make something happen.

00:33:38   There's a pink iPhone case in here,

00:33:40   which would be great for Patrick if they put it in the--

00:33:42   Right.

00:33:43   In the iPad Mini, right?

00:33:45   #pinkforpatrick. That's what we're coming for here, gang.

00:33:50   It sounds like a weird campaign to raise awareness about something no one knows about.

00:33:56   No, I was about to say that it sounds like a GoFundMe campaign or something.

00:34:00   Yeah. I mean, it will be if they don't do it, you know?

00:34:04   Like a petition to sign change.org to do a pink.

00:34:13   And if it's like enough signatures, it goes to the president and then the president has to read it.

00:34:18   The president of Apple.

00:34:20   Of America.

00:34:21   Of America, okay.

00:34:22   Yeah, we're gonna get Joe involved.

00:34:24   Yeah.

00:34:24   Okay. Interesting.

00:34:26   My second round pick.

00:34:29   Apple's classical music service is Unveiled.

00:34:32   This is a very good pick.

00:34:33   Oh boy!

00:34:35   I wanted to use this one. I love it.

00:34:39   I didn't even consider this. Jason mentioned this during the upgrade draft, and then I remembered how

00:34:46   it popped up. There were like coders popping up in the Android app, right? It's got to happen at

00:34:52   some point. I feel like this could be an event where you could squeeze this in somewhere.

00:34:58   Now here's my question, and I mean the pick is fine. Anything that they show off about Apple's

00:35:05   new classical music service will give you the point. But just as a conversation around the

00:35:09   pick, don't you guys think it's weird that they're gonna show off a new service for classical music

00:35:17   without an actual speaker to go with it? I still think it's weird that they're selling the HomePod

00:35:25   Mini, that it's the mini version of nothing, because the HomePod regular does not exist

00:35:30   anymore and I'm just saying I guess it sure would be nice to show off this new

00:35:35   sort of spin-off of Apple Music with a proper speaker to listen to that kind of

00:35:40   content. That would be nice. I mean but couldn't they just say like oh like we

00:35:47   all of our stuff already supports lost listeners like the best way to listen to

00:35:50   classical music or something. Here's another question. Will this service be an

00:35:54   extra add-on for your Apple Music subscription? I don't know but I think it

00:36:01   will be telling because you know like one of the things that's been popping up

00:36:05   a lot recently is like Apple bidding for American sports packages. I am wondering

00:36:11   like will they include these in Apple TV+ to make it more attractive and just

00:36:16   take the loss or will they have it as an add-on for Apple TV+? And so I feel

00:36:22   like the classical music thing will be an indicator for that. I don't know which way

00:36:28   to slice it honestly.

00:36:30   Once you have all the services established, right, it only seems logical to start doing

00:36:36   add-ons. I mean, it's what cable companies and internet providers have been doing for

00:36:41   ages. We say like, "Hey, do you want to also get this in addition to the base service that

00:36:46   we give you? Why don't you pay $5 extra and you get access to this as well?"

00:36:51   It depends on whether you are going for cash or strategy, right?

00:36:55   Right, yeah. But yes, I agree.

00:36:58   I can't slice that. This is the problem with Apple. They have so much money, it's impossible

00:37:03   to work out.

00:37:04   The potentially awkward thing is that, what, you're gonna ask me for $5 extra to get access

00:37:13   to Apple Classical, which is a tailored experience for classical music and all the things that

00:37:18   gonna market it as. But what if I'm a regular Apple Music listener I will not be able to search

00:37:28   the regular Apple Music for a specific piece? Like how will this work in terms of will that content

00:37:38   become exclusive to the Apple classical experience? Will I be able to search in the sort of default

00:37:45   music app? I can't imagine they would take music away from Apple Music. But in

00:37:50   that case can they charge for it in this separate experience? I think that's the

00:37:56   tricky part. So that's why I... They already have multiple tiers of Apple Music, right?

00:38:02   So maybe you wouldn't get this in the talk plan or whatever, you know? But the

00:38:07   expensive plan they're just trying to bolt more on. Like similarly, you know, we

00:38:11   all... it was pretty clear I think that Spotify wanted to charge more for lost

00:38:15   but Apple just included it.

00:38:17   - Yeah, I think Apple's just gonna include it.

00:38:20   - I think you might be right.

00:38:21   I think you'll be right.

00:38:22   - That's my guess.

00:38:23   I think it gets real messy real quickly.

00:38:25   For exactly what you said Federico,

00:38:27   this stuff's already around in Apple Music.

00:38:30   And in contrast with the TV stuff,

00:38:33   say that Apple does win the rights to NFL Sunday ticket,

00:38:36   then that was already a paid thing elsewhere.

00:38:40   And so that's the assumption that people have about it.

00:38:44   yeah, this content is paid no matter where it comes from, but this feels very different to that and my expectation would be

00:38:50   That it is built in and probably you're right Myke probably not on the talk plan, but I mean who's using that anyway

00:38:56   So I can't imagine that's extremely popular yet

00:38:59   If ever I can't imagine either but like I wonder if something like that exists so they can then go on the top. I

00:39:08   Don't know it's hard. It's hard to work out

00:39:11   But I think I'm inclined to agree with you Steven that that they were just they will include this

00:39:15   With the thing maybe yeah, it's very interesting because this is new ground for them in the services area

00:39:22   Well, they also have University student 499. This is pounds family 1499 individual 999

00:39:28   And then they had to talk plow as well, which is even cheaper. Well, it's like five bucks

00:39:32   But I think all that those come with the same features. Yes, except talk

00:39:36   Except talk voice. Sorry, we keep calling it talk. It's called voice a new iPhone SE with 5g support is announced. Okay

00:39:44   seems like a lock seems like something they want to do the current SE is pretty old and

00:39:50   On you know boring old LTE

00:39:53   T am I right? Oh

00:39:56   Oh, I need a fifth G

00:39:59   Doing review a Federica you're on 5g right? I am on 5g all the time

00:40:05   Almost all the time.

00:40:07   Like you have it?

00:40:08   Yeah.

00:40:09   Yeah, I don't have it.

00:40:10   Yeah, 'cause you don't pay for it, right?

00:40:12   Why don't we even, why do we do show together?

00:40:14   I have a good plan.

00:40:15   And if I change to 5G, I have to pay more money.

00:40:18   Gross.

00:40:19   So I'm on 4G.

00:40:20   I mean, duh, it's 5G.

00:40:21   It's only five times better than G.

00:40:25   So.

00:40:27   Plus it lets the government hear your thoughts.

00:40:29   I mean, why would you even want to do that?

00:40:30   I don't want to lock into a contract.

00:40:32   This is my thing.

00:40:33   Yeah.

00:40:34   and you should have gotten the discount when you had your vaccination shot for 5G.

00:40:39   Oh, I missed that.

00:40:40   Yeah, missed that.

00:40:41   Sorry, bud.

00:40:42   Anyways, new iPhone SE. The pic does not address anything about the design. Maybe we'll get to that

00:40:47   later.

00:40:47   No, we're purposely not talking about that right now.

00:40:49   So that is, that's the first two rounds. So I think there's some good picks in here. I feel,

00:40:54   I'm feeling pretty good. How are y'all feeling?

00:40:56   It's...

00:40:57   Terrible.

00:41:01   It's terrible. No, not too terrible.

00:41:04   I feel terrible.

00:41:05   I feel... what's a good... mediocre. That's how I feel.

00:41:10   You know, I like a good two days notice, you know?

00:41:13   This is what I like. Not an hour. Two days. That's what I want.

00:41:16   Two days. Two days. Yeah.

00:41:18   I mean, to be fair to ourselves...

00:41:21   I know.

00:41:22   You know, we've been thinking about it for a while.

00:41:24   It's not like this hasn't been rumored.

00:41:26   So I don't want to sell this short.

00:41:27   This is my own fault. This is my...

00:41:29   I should have started planning the Ricky's weeks ago.

00:41:32   I knew this was coming.

00:41:33   It's very strange.

00:41:34   I don't know why.

00:41:35   I feel like there's like a thing where

00:41:37   I want to be like at it in the last minute.

00:41:39   And you know, I know I did the draft, Kate,

00:41:41   but the Ricky's and the draft,

00:41:42   they're completely different in my mind.

00:41:44   I can't really bring these things together.

00:41:47   - Yeah, one is fun and fluid,

00:41:49   and the other is stuck with rigid rules

00:41:52   that can't ever change to address

00:41:53   the evolving truths of society as we know it today.

00:41:57   - Is that like where you're talking about

00:41:58   the updated design thing or what?

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00:43:35   - All right.

00:43:35   - Ricky's, Ricky's, Ricky's time.

00:43:37   - Oh, it's a song now.

00:43:40   Can you sing that song a little bit louder?

00:43:42   - Then it's not.

00:43:43   - It's not hype.

00:43:46   Then it's not hyped.

00:43:47   Then it's not.

00:43:48   - Okay.

00:43:49   - Then it doesn't do things to you.

00:43:51   - Oh, this is an ASMR song.

00:43:53   - Ricky's, Ricky's, Ricky's.

00:43:56   Federico.

00:43:58   - Yeah?

00:44:00   - Drop this gem of a Ricky pic on us.

00:44:04   - So one thing you should know about me

00:44:07   is that in real life, I know the cubicle shape.

00:44:12   I like cubes.

00:44:15   Wait, what?

00:44:17   I like cubes.

00:44:18   I love cubes.

00:44:20   Yeah.

00:44:20   Cube?

00:44:21   I feel like the cube is the perfect shape.

00:44:23   Cubes are the new pyramids, man.

00:44:25   I'm telling you, like,

00:44:27   if we ever go back to, like, ancient civilization,

00:44:31   and it seems very likely,

00:44:32   given where the world is at at the moment,

00:44:35   and if we were to build, like, new pyramids,

00:44:38   I would advise, you know, leaders to build cubes instead.

00:44:44   I think they're so much better than pyramids.

00:44:46   - It'd be really hard to build the roof.

00:44:48   - You gotta raise it, you gotta raise the roof.

00:44:51   - I mean, if you're building it like with the blocks,

00:44:53   like they did the pyramids,

00:44:55   'cause you've gone back in time.

00:44:56   - No, basically first you build like a pyramid,

00:44:59   and then from the top you start going down

00:45:01   and you close out the pyramid and it becomes a cube.

00:45:04   - So there's a pyramid inside the cube?

00:45:06   - No, because then you remove the pieces

00:45:07   from the top of the pyramid.

00:45:09   And as you go-- - And then would the roof

00:45:09   fall down?

00:45:10   - No, no, no. - Okay.

00:45:12   thanks to my... anyway, cubes are cool!

00:45:16   And this preference of mine has informed my...

00:45:21   risky pick.

00:45:22   - Okay. - I'm gonna read you the text of the pick.

00:45:26   - That is what you need to do.

00:45:29   - A new base model Mac Mini is introduced with the M2 chip.

00:45:33   The new Mini is at least 30% smaller than the current one.

00:45:37   It's thicker than the existing Mac Mini, but narrower,

00:45:41   making it more similar to an Apple TV or Intel NUC.

00:45:45   Now, I'm not saying that Apple will do a Mac Mini Cube.

00:45:49   That preamble... I really wanted to say that I like cubes.

00:45:53   I'm not saying they're gonna do like a modern G4 Cube.

00:45:57   What I'm saying is that I think the base model Mac Mini

00:46:01   can be a lot smaller than it is, and we knew this before,

00:46:05   and I mean, if you need further proof of this, look at what

00:46:08   Quinn has done with his latest video on YouTube.

00:46:12   We were going to talk about this video today, but then, you know, the event happened.

00:46:17   Quinn's video about the Mac Mini that he made is so freaking good.

00:46:21   It's incredible.

00:46:22   And so I really believe that, especially, you know, you have to assume that with the M2,

00:46:26   Apple will be able to achieve even greater performance and even better,

00:46:30   you know, performance in terms of thermal performance for the Mac Mini.

00:46:35   And I really feel like if the Mac Mini line is gonna be split in two, in regular Mac Mini and a

00:46:43   more pro-oriented Mac Mini, I would assume that they're gonna keep the larger footprint

00:46:49   for the more serious Mac Mini, the one that will have the M1 Pro, maybe even the M1 Max, I don't know.

00:46:56   But if that's the case, I started thinking about this and I went like "Okay, well then how do you

00:47:02   you differentiate between them.

00:47:05   And I've long said on this show that I really

00:47:08   love my Intel NUC.

00:47:09   I love the form factor.

00:47:10   It's so much more compact.

00:47:12   And I have long felt that Apple should

00:47:14   be making a smaller Mac Mini.

00:47:16   I want Apple to make a smaller Mac Mini.

00:47:18   Therefore, I am wishing this product into existence

00:47:23   by picking it as my risky pick.

00:47:26   A smaller Mac Mini with the M2 that

00:47:29   thicker, so taller than the current mic mini, but smaller on the sides.

00:47:35   Cool, I wanted you to just like redefine that something because I wasn't getting it completely.

00:47:40   So taller, but smaller on the sides, you know, it's narrower and it's more similar to an

00:47:47   Intel NUC or an Apple TV, sort of like square shaped maybe, I don't know.

00:47:52   So like the physical footprint of the thing is smaller, but it sits smaller off the desk

00:47:57   from its top to its bottom.

00:47:59   - Yes.

00:48:00   - Very cool.

00:48:02   - I would love this product to exist.

00:48:04   And I could see, maybe by making it thicker,

00:48:07   by making it taller, you will still have room

00:48:10   for all the ports that you're likely gonna want in the back,

00:48:13   you know, USB-A, Ethernet, maybe HDMI, obviously,

00:48:16   because it's a Mac mini, maybe couple USB-C,

00:48:19   you know, Thunderbolt 4 ports.

00:48:21   And it would be such a lovely product.

00:48:24   Even if it's not square-shaped like an Apple TV

00:48:27   or an Intel NUC, but like a thicker, rectangular shaped Mac Mini that would look lovely. Sort

00:48:34   of like the product that Quinn made. I would love to see essentially an Intel NUC by Apple

00:48:40   that is a new Mac Mini. So I guess like design-wise it might be closer

00:48:44   to something like an Apple TV, right? Because that's like super like thick and...

00:48:48   Right. That's... Yeah, the Apple TV and the Intel NUC are very similar.

00:48:52   Like a funny little box shape. Yeah, a funny little box shaped thing, yes.

00:48:57   That'd be interesting.

00:48:59   So not a cube, but approaching cube territory, maybe.

00:49:02   Yeah, well, "CUBE-er."

00:49:04   CUBE-er.

00:49:05   CUBE-er.

00:49:06   CUBE-er.

00:49:07   Not CUBE-er.

00:49:08   Not CUBE-er, the video game.

00:49:11   CUBE-er.

00:49:12   CUBE-er.

00:49:13   Any comments, Stephen Hackett, before we move on?

00:49:16   Cube-shaped computers are cursed, so hopefully they don't do full cube.

00:49:20   I mean, it's not wrong, look at the G4 Cube, look at the Nintendo GameCube.

00:49:24   And the next cube.

00:49:25   That shape does not go well, historically speaking.

00:49:33   Are there any successful cube-shaped devices, technology devices?

00:49:38   Well, maybe not devices. IceCube was pretty successful.

00:49:43   Okay, that's not technology.

00:49:45   But it's not technology.

00:49:47   Yeah, I mean, the mech mini size thing is really interesting to me. They could definitely

00:49:55   go smaller. I mean if you look at Quinn's video you crack open an M1 they're

00:49:59   basically shipping air and a tiny little computer next to it. But did they do that

00:50:05   for purely budgetary reasons or did they know looking forward to the M1 Max or

00:50:11   you know things coming five years from now that hey if we shrink this down to

00:50:15   the you know the size of the Apple TV we're gonna have trouble you know the

00:50:20   thermal corner problem comes back. So I don't know. I mean, I'm sure it's all

00:50:25   those things. If they do really shrink it down, clearly they know that they're good

00:50:30   for that for years to come. But I don't know. It's very interesting to me what

00:50:34   could happen here. If they did make a cube computer, do you think they would

00:50:38   keep the Mac Mini name or do you think they'd just go for it? You know, call it

00:50:42   the cube? I think they keep the name Mac Mini. That name has way more, way more

00:50:47   cache. Man, could you imagine if they made a Mac mini cube that is like a small cube

00:50:55   like imagine this about the size of a HomePod mini like a small cube you can hold in your

00:51:00   hands sort of like the size of an Apple designer word. Imagine that, but it's a Mac mini. Now

00:51:08   that would be incredible. Apple design award as a computer is actually why hasn't Quinn

00:51:13   done that instead. Like... Yeah, he listens. Quinn! Quinn, you have to steal someone's

00:51:21   Apple Design Award and put a computer inside of it. Yes, find someone willing to give you an

00:51:26   Apple Design Award or, here's my advice for you, Quinn, drop the YouTube thing. Start doing app

00:51:34   development. That's not going anywhere. Drop the video thing, it's fine. Start doing app development.

00:51:39   You gotta play the long game here. Win an Apple Design Award for your app, then you make a big

00:51:46   comeback to YouTube with this video. Yeah. See, I'm a good business strategist.

00:51:53   The new iPhone SE has a divine... a design...

00:51:56   A divine...

00:51:57   Okay, okay. Steven, here's the thing. Steven, all right, I have a bone to pick with I'm assuming

00:52:02   Steven Hackett, because Steven Hackett does this to me in my life, where he corrects things for me

00:52:07   that I don't ask to be corrected

00:52:10   and therefore makes them incorrect.

00:52:12   - Wait, what?

00:52:13   - So I have written in this document twice now,

00:52:16   the new iPhone SE has a design influenced

00:52:19   by the iPhone mini.

00:52:20   And Steven keeps changing it, I assume it's Steven,

00:52:23   to iPad mini.

00:52:24   Steven, are you the one changing this?

00:52:25   - Yes, I forgot until you said this

00:52:27   that there is an iPhone mini.

00:52:29   So that's on me.

00:52:30   - So Steven does this.

00:52:31   I know sometimes my show descriptions change a little bit

00:52:34   and then I have to change them back.

00:52:36   'Cause Steven Hackett changes things.

00:52:37   - Sometimes you have typos and I fix them silently.

00:52:40   - You know, the guy went to journalism school.

00:52:43   - That's true, I should remember that.

00:52:46   - Have you, have you gone there?

00:52:48   Did you go?

00:52:49   - I am inferior.

00:52:51   - You are an illiterate podcaster.

00:52:54   - That's not actually too far away from the truth,

00:52:56   to be honest.

00:52:57   I mean, you love me.

00:52:58   You exchange texts with me, it's not that far away.

00:53:01   - I mean, I've seen you talk casually, so.

00:53:03   - For a man who loves keyboards,

00:53:05   you sure don't know how to use them.

00:53:06   Anyway, the new iPhone SE has a design influenced

00:53:10   by the iPhone mini.

00:53:12   It does not feature Face ID, it has a Touch ID power button.

00:53:15   - Ooh, okay.

00:53:17   Are you sure about this?

00:53:20   - Yeah. - No, of course I'm not.

00:53:21   It's a Ricky. - Cool, cool, cool.

00:53:22   Cool, cool, cool.

00:53:23   - Here's the thing I'm thinking about, right?

00:53:25   Here's the thing I'm thinking about.

00:53:27   Now the iPhone mini's going away, right?

00:53:29   We all know this.

00:53:31   But I've said that this has been much rumored

00:53:33   and it's probably the case.

00:53:35   But people still like small phones

00:53:39   and Apple designed that phone.

00:53:40   They did all the work in designing their phone

00:53:42   and they're gonna keep the SE.

00:53:44   Eventually the SE needs to move away from its design,

00:53:47   you know, the home button and the thing.

00:53:50   - It like dates back to like the six, really.

00:53:52   I mean, it's pretty old.

00:53:54   - So I was thinking about this.

00:53:55   If you were gonna redesign the iPhone SE,

00:53:58   I still think that they would keep Touch ID on it,

00:54:01   like for a while, 'cause especially because

00:54:03   I think at some point, Touch ID comes back to the iPhone in some way, right?

00:54:06   Like they put a sensor under the screen, right?

00:54:08   So it's not like that technology is going to go away.

00:54:10   And Apple are still introducing new products, right?

00:54:13   Like our friend Patrick, the iPad mini with Touch ID built into them.

00:54:18   So I think that I could imagine an iPhone that looks like the iPhone mini

00:54:23   and is kind of sized like the iPhone mini and has a Touch ID power button.

00:54:27   Do I think that's going to happen next week?

00:54:31   No, I do not think it's gonna happen next week,

00:54:33   but you know, what am I gonna do?

00:54:35   Picked it now, haven't I?

00:54:37   - It would be really interesting

00:54:40   from the like strategy perspective

00:54:42   if a new version of Touch ID shows up here

00:54:46   on the phone first, because the SE,

00:54:49   like part of the reason people like it is small and cheap

00:54:52   and for people who don't want Face ID.

00:54:54   And if Touch ID is gonna come back

00:54:56   like in a button elsewhere,

00:54:58   putting it here first is kind of an interesting move.

00:55:00   I'm not picking that.

00:55:02   Like I think that touch ID comes back

00:55:04   to the iPhone on the screen, you know?

00:55:07   That's what I think they'll do some kind of under screen.

00:55:09   - So this touch ID power button that you're predicting here

00:55:12   is not really the on ramp or something bigger,

00:55:15   it's just this phone gets this

00:55:18   and that's not really like a big shift coming.

00:55:21   - Yeah, exactly.

00:55:22   But this is like they're gonna put the one

00:55:24   that they've had in their iPads and stuff like that.

00:55:27   The last thing that tipped me to thinking this

00:55:30   was I saw rumors today that suggested

00:55:32   that the old iPhone SE will be kept around at 199.

00:55:37   - Yeah, Germin, I think, wrote that in his newsletter

00:55:40   that he was suggesting Apple do that.

00:55:42   - And so my thinking, why, oh, he was suggesting it?

00:55:46   - Yes.

00:55:47   - Okay, well, let's imagine that that's the case,

00:55:49   that he didn't suggest that he just said it.

00:55:52   This is the problem with reading headlines

00:55:53   in the actual articles.

00:55:55   Imagine that if they--

00:55:57   - Should have gone to journalism school, am I right?

00:55:58   - I know, I should have.

00:55:59   I would have definitely checked all of my sources,

00:56:01   done all of my vias and all that kind of stuff,

00:56:03   but I didn't do that because I don't know

00:56:05   the fundamentals of journalism.

00:56:07   I'm just out here spreading fake news.

00:56:10   But I imagine if they did do that, right,

00:56:12   like you could keep the old one around

00:56:15   and then introduce a new design,

00:56:16   which is like $500 or something, right?

00:56:18   So it's still cheaper, but it's not the cheapest.

00:56:21   And then over the next couple of years,

00:56:23   you bring that price down again

00:56:24   until you remove the old iPhone SE.

00:56:26   Like at some point, the iPhone SE's design

00:56:29   will change.

00:56:30   I don't think it's this time, but I think it will happen.

00:56:33   - Yeah, the current iPhone SE here in the States

00:56:37   is for 64 gigabytes, $399.

00:56:42   So knocking that down, Germin said 199,

00:56:46   but even getting it to 299, that's pretty sweet.

00:56:49   And if they can do that, like you said,

00:56:52   it does kind of open up space

00:56:54   because the 128 gig model is 449.

00:56:58   So like, you know, it's kind of mid-rangey price.

00:57:01   And so I could see this world where there's like, yeah,

00:57:04   there's like the old SE,

00:57:06   there's the iPhone SE and the iPhone SE SE.

00:57:09   (laughing)

00:57:11   The old version of the old phone.

00:57:13   - We know you love this design.

00:57:17   So we're gonna honor this design

00:57:18   by honoring the design it honors.

00:57:20   - That's right.

00:57:23   Yo dog, we heard you like this design.

00:57:25   - Yeah, so we put an SE inside of your SE.

00:57:27   (laughing)

00:57:30   - Oh, that's good, man.

00:57:32   I like, you know, like cubed,

00:57:34   like the little two or little three or whatever,

00:57:36   they do that.

00:57:37   So it's SE and then like, what is that?

00:57:39   You would notice you went to journalism school.

00:57:41   What is that?

00:57:42   Like post script, superscript or something?

00:57:44   - Superscript.

00:57:44   - Right.

00:57:45   - Superscript.

00:57:46   - Did you go to journalism school?

00:57:47   - No, but I know fonts.

00:57:48   - Oh, wow, look at that.

00:57:49   You jump right in.

00:57:50   Big font boy.

00:57:52   - I'm big in the typography industry.

00:57:54   - Big type energy.

00:57:56   I am part of...

00:57:58   Wait, is it... Are you like... Are you one of these like, "No, it's not a font, it's a typeface people"?

00:58:03   Yeah, in the biz, we call it... I'm part of big font, you know?

00:58:10   It's basically big pharma, but made of a bunch of nerds who stare at screens all day and type things.

00:58:17   You can see that the kerning is one pixel off.

00:58:19   Yeah, yeah, we talk about the kerning, about all the types of scripts.

00:58:23   Ligatures.

00:58:24   yeah although my height on those mod we have heated arguments about mono spaced

00:58:32   fonts sometimes you know mm-hmm do a spaced yeah Stephen what is your

00:58:38   Ricky pic Apple announces an update to the air pods max that support wireless

00:58:43   lossless playback to take full advantage of Apple's new classical music service

00:58:48   Oh, I didn't notice you put that part in at the end.

00:58:51   I love this. I love this pick so much. Yes.

00:58:57   Round of applause to Stephen Hackett there.

00:58:59   Thank you. Thank you. I'm not reusing my DAC pick, but I'm not not reusing it.

00:59:06   It's the same. It's like the same essence.

00:59:09   Have you read, we'll put in the show notes, like go read the support document about lossless

00:59:14   playback, it's so sad. I was like we would deliver lossless playback to your

00:59:18   device, but as soon as you use Bluetooth you don't get any benefits from it and

00:59:23   and if you use the cable for the AirPods Max it's only partially lossless, which I

00:59:30   don't know what that means, like how was something partially lossless? I don't I

00:59:35   don't really understand that but it seemed like the AirPods Max have been

00:59:39   out a year and what a little over a year yeah like a year and a half kind of year

00:59:45   and a half I think we made this joke before but is that like loss less less

00:59:48   like it's less loss less less less less less less less less less less less less

00:59:57   on the iPhone SE SE.

00:59:59   Ship it!

01:00:00   It's Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, you know?

01:00:04   It's that.

01:00:05   Yeah, it is.

01:00:09   I love this because I'm also picturing like, you know, it's the stereotype of, you know,

01:00:14   the audio file, who in this case is an Apple audio file, which is a very particular category.

01:00:20   That's you, man.

01:00:22   This is, you are talking about yourself.

01:00:24   His stack has nothing, no Apple in it.

01:00:26   It's all purchased files from the internet on his Sony stuff.

01:00:31   I mean it's not wrong.

01:00:33   No, but there's people like, I'm sitting with AirPods Max and I'm listening to high-res

01:00:39   lossless from Apple Music.

01:00:41   Like I can picture that I'm stro-- you know, there's this cat sitting on my lap and I'm

01:00:46   listening to Mozart or something.

01:00:49   You know, could be a dog, could be a-- but usually I think classical music people are

01:00:53   cat people.

01:00:54   Mm-mm.

01:00:55   Yeah.

01:00:56   I just like to, I needed to remind myself of this, so I should read it for everyone.

01:01:00   Keynote Ricky's WWDC 2021 risky pick. Apple unveils a new high-end audio product as defined

01:01:08   by a price of or over $399 or it's a standalone DAC. That has gotten worse now that I've come back

01:01:17   to read it. Like, as defined by a price of over $399? Y'all made me define what high-end meant.

01:01:25   Oh my god, oh my god.

01:01:27   Well, I don't know.

01:01:28   Or it's a standalone DAC.

01:01:30   Obviously, the only obvious one it could be

01:01:32   is a standalone DAC, so it could just be that.

01:01:34   Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think if they do

01:01:37   the classical music service, clearly that will be lossless.

01:01:39   They've done that everywhere else.

01:01:41   I think they're gonna make a big deal of,

01:01:43   not only is this app better organized

01:01:45   than anything else on the planet

01:01:46   to find and enjoy classical music,

01:01:48   but now if you want the full loss experience

01:01:51   on your Apple devices,

01:01:53   the new AirPods Max 2 support lossless.

01:01:56   And remember, there's been all that chatter,

01:01:57   including from people from Apple saying,

01:02:00   "Oh, we want more bandwidth,

01:02:02   "but Bluetooth doesn't support it, wink, wink,

01:02:04   "we're gonna do something here."

01:02:06   - Yeah, they are talking a lot about that, aren't they?

01:02:09   - Yeah, and so, you know, I feel like there's just enough

01:02:13   here to make me think this is possible.

01:02:15   - Here's the thing though,

01:02:17   I think AirPods Pro before AirPods Max,

01:02:20   that's where I think this could bite you.

01:02:23   - Mm, so maybe I should have said a new AirPods product.

01:02:27   - Yeah, that would have been better for you, but.

01:02:29   - Can I change it?

01:02:30   - No. - Okay.

01:02:31   - I don't know why, I mean, probably.

01:02:33   - I'm gonna change it to an AirPods product.

01:02:35   - How do you feel about this Federico?

01:02:37   That he's just changing it.

01:02:39   I guess it's not in the rules.

01:02:41   - I mean, you just have to decide

01:02:43   if changing those words makes it risky or not.

01:02:45   - Announces an update to an AirPods product.

01:02:48   I mean, it makes it like the one before

01:02:51   had much more passion in it. It did. It was a little risky. I would say this is a little

01:02:56   less risky. However, by adding in the classical music part, it's like there's, there's, because

01:03:04   they could do all of that and not do the classical music service. Yeah. I'm building on your

01:03:08   round two pick for sure. This one barely crosses the threshold of, of risky. It's like this,

01:03:16   This pick is sitting at customs and it's, you know, being let in by the, by the risky

01:03:21   officer.

01:03:23   This one had to declare itself because it wasn't sure.

01:03:26   Sorry, can you pop open your trunk and you open the trunk and there's this pick and it's

01:03:30   like, okay, so yeah, if you want to go for it, you can go for it.

01:03:37   But if they do do AirPods Max and you don't get the glory.

01:03:41   That's true.

01:03:42   I want glory.

01:03:43   you'll still get the pick so you know what's more important at the end of the day.

01:03:45   Oh he's going back to AirPods Max!

01:03:48   Oh this is one of those classics, this is one of those classics where we've unintentionally screwed it.

01:03:53   Maybe.

01:03:57   I feel bad for what we do to Steven with these things, you know?

01:04:00   Like I mean we're like "oh yeah you can do it if you want to"

01:04:04   and it's like "no I feel bad I'm gonna go back to my original"

01:04:07   But the glory, the glory could be his, you know?

01:04:10   I guess it's not easy to be our friends, Myke, maybe?

01:04:13   This is true for all three of us in every configuration.

01:04:17   -Mm-mm. Yeah, maybe. -Right?

01:04:19   Maybe so, yeah.

01:04:20   There is no configuration where that couldn't be said.

01:04:24   I would assume.

01:04:26   Yeah.

01:04:27   You did both call me illiterate a minute ago, you know?

01:04:30   I mean, he did. I just sort of leaned into it.

01:04:32   I mean, you didn't know what superscript was, so...

01:04:35   Well, this is how that worked. No, that was before superscript.

01:04:38   Well, it was in the context of the show, so all is forgiven.

01:04:40   Yeah, this is like a two-hour, like, you know, just lay it all down.

01:04:45   Yeah.

01:04:45   Yeah.

01:04:46   So we're going with AirPods Max.

01:04:47   AirPods Max.

01:04:49   Okay.

01:04:49   So can you read it again for the ones at home?

01:04:53   "Apple announces an update to AirPods Max that support wireless lossless playback

01:04:57   to take full advantage of Apple's new classical music service."

01:05:00   Very good.

01:05:01   Very, very good pick there.

01:05:02   Question for you.

01:05:03   How fast can you say wireless lossless playback?

01:05:06   Wireless loss is playback.

01:05:08   Okay.

01:05:09   Pretty quick.

01:05:10   Yeah.

01:05:12   How slowly can you say it, Federica?

01:05:14   Slowly?

01:05:15   Yeah, how slowly?

01:05:17   Wireless.

01:05:19   Wireless.

01:05:20   Lossless.

01:05:22   Lossless.

01:05:23   That was good.

01:05:24   Oh, I wasn't expecting playback.

01:05:26   Playback.

01:05:27   Wireless.

01:05:31   Lossless.

01:05:33   Playback.

01:05:35   (laughing)

01:05:38   What's happening?

01:05:39   Steven, are you whispering?

01:05:40   I can't hear you.

01:05:41   Steven is whispering something, but I cannot hear him.

01:05:43   I can't hear him.

01:05:44   Like Zoom is cutting him off.

01:05:45   I don't know what he's doing.

01:05:47   Some good ASMR.

01:05:48   Oh, I didn't hear it.

01:05:49   I was just sitting there silently, like patiently waiting.

01:05:52   He wants us to listen back to the show today.

01:05:55   I told you.

01:05:56   You gotta listen back to the show.

01:05:57   It's a trap from Steven.

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01:08:11   All right, it is time to read the rules about the flexis.

01:08:15   Please stand.

01:08:16   Maybe you should lay down while we read the flexi rules.

01:08:19   - I'm gonna lay down on my bed.

01:08:20   Can you tell me when we're done?

01:08:22   (laughing)

01:08:23   - Just count to 30 and then come back.

01:08:25   - My microphone kind of works down here.

01:08:28   Like the arm is like working.

01:08:30   - Good.

01:08:31   - Down on the ground, baby.

01:08:32   - Loser of the flexies must compensate

01:08:35   the winner of the flexies by donating

01:08:37   to the charity of the winners choice.

01:08:39   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexie

01:08:43   made by the loser.

01:08:45   Each host must make a minimum of five flexy picks.

01:08:48   Flexies may be reused as future flexies or regular picks.

01:08:53   And the winner is determined by the ratio

01:08:55   of correct to incorrect flexies.

01:08:57   The winner can use their chosen name during their reign.

01:09:01   Federico's is Prince Flexi, Myke is the Duke of Flexington,

01:09:04   and mine is Attorney General Flexi.

01:09:07   (laughing)

01:09:08   Money, of course, must be donated on air.

01:09:12   - You really do lose out in that naming, I think.

01:09:15   - It's true.

01:09:15   - It's just like,

01:09:17   it's like Chief Paralegal Flexi,

01:09:22   I was like, that's not really great.

01:09:26   Can we get up now?

01:09:27   Yes.

01:09:28   Please rise.

01:09:29   Oh, hang on.

01:09:30   I'm back.

01:09:31   I'm back.

01:09:32   How the...

01:09:33   That was comfy.

01:09:34   Wait a second.

01:09:35   I'm not back yet.

01:09:36   That's a little bit more involved than standing.

01:09:40   Attorney General Flexi.

01:09:42   AG Flexi.

01:09:43   Oh my god, that's so good.

01:09:47   Okay.

01:09:48   So, Myke.

01:09:49   Duke of Flexington.

01:09:51   As Duke of Flexington.

01:09:53   Okay.

01:09:54   Tim Cook mentions the war in Ukraine.

01:09:56   - Okay, makes sense.

01:09:58   - Yeah.

01:09:59   - I don't know how I feel about that,

01:10:00   but I think it would be weird for them not to do it.

01:10:03   - I agree.

01:10:03   - This is gonna have taken some work,

01:10:05   'cause I bet it was already filmed and taken care of

01:10:07   like a couple of weeks ago probably,

01:10:09   but I think it would be weird to not do that.

01:10:13   No iMac Pro or bigger iMac?

01:10:17   - But it says peak performance.

01:10:22   It's a sneak peak.

01:10:24   - It could be a sneak peak at the Mac Pro,

01:10:26   or it could just be your big old chunky Mac Mini.

01:10:29   - We'll see.

01:10:30   - Or it could mean nothing.

01:10:32   - The thick mini.

01:10:33   - I'm taking power from Federico here.

01:10:39   I'm like sourcing his energy.

01:10:40   John Turnus is wearing a black t-shirt.

01:10:43   - I like it.

01:10:44   Black, he's going for black you think?

01:10:46   - Black t-shirt, yeah.

01:10:47   I think you said that before and it was like a navy blue,

01:10:50   but I'm going for black t-shirt.

01:10:52   - Going for black, okay.

01:10:54   Apple unveils the first Mac powered by an M2 chip.

01:10:57   - Okay, which one do you think it's gonna be?

01:11:00   - I think it will be the Mac mini

01:11:02   or if they do a 13 inch MacBook Pro,

01:11:05   which we haven't spoken about yet,

01:11:06   I think that's where it will be.

01:11:07   But I expect both of those.

01:11:10   If they're going to do anything to them,

01:11:13   they would get M2 chips.

01:11:14   - I've been waiting for this to ask you guys,

01:11:16   do you think that people are gonna find it confusing

01:11:19   that there's like an M2 chip and consumer stuff

01:11:22   and Pro stuff has M1, Pro and Max

01:11:25   and that seemingly sounds worse

01:11:27   because it has a one instead of a two.

01:11:28   Like what are your thoughts on that?

01:11:30   - I don't think it's a problem

01:11:31   because I don't think people are starting at the chip

01:11:35   for the product that they want

01:11:36   and I don't think that that's going to change.

01:11:38   I think if you want a MacBook Pro,

01:11:40   you just know it's more powerful, you know,

01:11:44   and or you have other reasons for buying it.

01:11:46   I think in thin theory, a Pro purchase in the Max,

01:11:51   people know what they're getting before they go to buy it.

01:11:54   - Yeah, and I think we just gotta get used

01:11:56   to this new TikTok schedule that they have.

01:11:58   Like you get the new generation

01:11:59   and later you get the previous generation

01:12:02   in the Pro and Max configurations.

01:12:04   I think this is all new, so it looks somewhat strange now,

01:12:07   but I think we're gonna get used to it.

01:12:09   And like Myke said, like if you know, you know.

01:12:12   Like if you're one of the people

01:12:13   that wants to buy one of these machines,

01:12:15   you know what you're getting.

01:12:16   So I think it's gonna be fine.

01:12:18   - Because it's like, you know,

01:12:19   more confusing in the iPad now, like some iPads are M chips, some iPads are 8.

01:12:23   Like I just don't really know if it's gonna make much of it.

01:12:28   If anything it makes it better for non pro users because then you see the bigger

01:12:34   number like "Oh M2, I guess that's new, that's the MacBook Air I want to get,

01:12:38   the M2, not the old one." So maybe makes it better for average users

01:12:44   and it doesn't matter for pro people. Maybe. Okay. Yeah, I tend to agree, but it's

01:12:52   just a new area, you know? So what do you think too? Like, it's not

01:12:59   gonna be an issue that they would just do it? Yeah, I don't think it's a big deal.

01:13:02   I don't think so either. I do think this might be one of those things where

01:13:08   the level that we think about it is way more than anybody else would and

01:13:13   ultimately they know that and it's not that much of a problem. Yeah, exactly. No Mac gets 5G.

01:13:18   It's my final Flexi. Okay. You're not wrong. I don't think it's gonna happen.

01:13:25   Okay, time for my Flexis. How many do I have? Six of them. I went for the extra one. Oh boy.

01:13:34   No preview of an AR headset. If there's a sneak peek, I don't think it's gonna be the headset.

01:13:41   No. At this event. This is a fun one. Mac OS 12.3, so the next version of Mac OS, does

01:13:48   not come out within 48 hours of the event. We got a problem here. We're recording 24

01:13:57   hours later. Well, we're gonna get a date though, right? Yeah, yeah. Basically, I think

01:14:05   if they're gonna do it, they're gonna do it the following week. It's not coming out on

01:14:11   the day of or the day after.

01:14:13   So I'm giving myself a two-day span,

01:14:16   and I'm saying it's not coming out within two days.

01:14:19   Universal Control is demoed again.

01:14:22   The last time we saw it, it was at WWDC,

01:14:26   and I think Apple probably wants to do a reintroduction

01:14:30   of Universal Control and what it can do,

01:14:32   especially if they are introducing new iPads

01:14:35   and new Macs at this event.

01:14:37   A great way to show both of them,

01:14:39   to show off both of them together working with this feature.

01:14:43   The new Mac Mini comes in multiple colors.

01:14:46   I mean, why not, right?

01:14:48   Why just the boring silver or gray one?

01:14:51   Like multiple colors Mac Mini.

01:14:54   - Okay, so what are you saying?

01:14:56   Like more than just silver and gray?

01:14:59   'Cause Apple will call silver and gray colors

01:15:01   even though they're not colors.

01:15:02   - Comes in more colors than silver and gray.

01:15:09   I mean, your pick could just be what you said and it's fine.

01:15:12   I just kind of wanted to know what you were thinking.

01:15:14   - No, it's fine.

01:15:14   That's what I meant.

01:15:15   The new Mac Mini comes in more colors than Silverware.

01:15:17   I want an orange Mac Mini,

01:15:19   like a tiny little thing that I can put on my desk.

01:15:22   Something like that.

01:15:23   That would be nice.

01:15:24   Apple releases new AirPods colors.

01:15:27   Why are AirPods only white?

01:15:29   - Because the white earbud is like...

01:15:32   - Who cares anymore?

01:15:33   Nobody cares about the reference anymore.

01:15:35   - True, true, true.

01:15:36   - They're so stuck on this image from 20 years ago.

01:15:38   nobody cares about it anymore.

01:15:41   People know AirPods.

01:15:43   They know the shape.

01:15:44   They know they're the ones made by Apple.

01:15:46   I mean, saying that, oh, but the why to make them

01:15:50   look like AirPods.

01:15:51   No, there's so many cheap AirPods clones that I see,

01:15:55   unfortunately, my friends buy from Amazon for like 20 euros.

01:15:59   That ship has sailed.

01:16:01   So just like you do with the iPhone and with the iPad

01:16:03   and all other computers, give people

01:16:05   the choice of multiple colors for the AirPods

01:16:07   they want to wear. And lastly, Craig is wearing a blue shirt. I think we're gonna see Craig

01:16:14   demo Universal Control, and we know that Craig loves a good blue shirt. Not navy! I don't

01:16:21   think it's gonna be navy. Craig likes... he's liked blue. So I'm gonna go... but I'm hedging

01:16:27   my bets here. I'm gonna go for just generic blue shirt. I'm gonna be too specific. So

01:16:33   That's a one, two, three, four, six flexes.

01:16:36   - I also have six.

01:16:38   - For you too.

01:16:39   - A new color of iPhone 13 is announced.

01:16:42   Last year they did that purple iPhone 12.

01:16:45   - A 13, do you mean base model or 13 family?

01:16:49   - 13 family.

01:16:51   - Okay.

01:16:52   Okay.

01:16:54   - 13, I'll put family in parentheses

01:16:56   so we know what we're talking about.

01:16:57   The Intel Mac Mini is removed from sale.

01:17:01   This is obviously dependent on a more powerful Mac Mini coming,

01:17:03   but they have kept that Intel machine for sale above the M1,

01:17:07   I think holding that spot open.

01:17:09   So I think it'll be time for that machine to finally go away.

01:17:12   We do not see Jaws during this event.

01:17:16   So it's, it's all done by other people, not him.

01:17:19   It feels like he only does like the pro stuff,

01:17:22   kind of like what Schiller was doing for a while, right?

01:17:25   Yeah. If he had taken over from Schiller four years ago, we'd see more of him,

01:17:29   but they've really gotten better at having more people

01:17:34   on stage for like shorter segments.

01:17:35   So I just don't think we'll see them.

01:17:37   A revised 13 inch MacBook Pro drops the touch bar,

01:17:40   but does not add MagSafe.

01:17:43   So this is effectively the return of the MacBook escape

01:17:46   to use that term from ATP, the two port MacBook Pro.

01:17:50   I just, we talked about it last week.

01:17:52   I just do not see the touch bar surviving any contact

01:17:56   with an update to this machine.

01:17:58   - We'll see, design it once.

01:18:00   - We'll see.

01:18:01   - Do it again.

01:18:02   - iOS 15.4 and or macOS 12.3 get a release date.

01:18:07   It's kind of hand in hand with Federico's a little bit.

01:18:10   And then my last one,

01:18:11   there is no preview of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

01:18:14   I think I feel pretty strongly

01:18:16   that's a WWDC preview ship later in the year

01:18:20   kind of deal.

01:18:22   If they do show it,

01:18:27   In my mind, what that says is the headset's

01:18:30   going to take a lot of time at WWDC,

01:18:33   and they want to clear the max out early.

01:18:35   Two things on that.

01:18:36   One, they might just be ready to release it.

01:18:39   Maybe.

01:18:40   Why wait?

01:18:41   They might be ready to release it in June,

01:18:43   so they might want to shut it off now, or May, or whatever.

01:18:46   I still don't think we see AR and VR without the headset,

01:18:50   and I don't think the headset's going to be June.

01:18:52   I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just what I think.

01:18:54   Yeah.

01:18:56   WWDC will have other stuff, right?

01:18:58   I feel like the ARVR stuff, they could just give two hours

01:19:03   to it on its own, like I don't, that's just my view on it.

01:19:06   I think it would be weird to do it at WWDC,

01:19:08   but I know a lot of people disagree.

01:19:10   - We'll see, but I still think it's a little--

01:19:13   - It depends how ready it is, right?

01:19:15   Like if they're ready to ship that thing in September,

01:19:17   then they should do it at WWDC,

01:19:18   but it doesn't seem likely to me.

01:19:21   - It feels a little early for the Mac Pro,

01:19:23   but we'll find out next week.

01:19:26   That's the beauty of this game.

01:19:27   You're only in turmoil for a week.

01:19:31   - It's so funny that if they would have announced

01:19:32   all of this yesterday, I would feel like all ready for it,

01:19:35   but not even announced it today.

01:19:36   I just feel like I'm not ready for it.

01:19:38   - Really are.

01:19:39   I'm really happy.

01:19:40   I'm proud of ourselves today.

01:19:42   - Yeah, me too.

01:19:42   - We've done a good service for the world.

01:19:47   - The world, yep.

01:19:49   - If you wanna find links to the scorecard

01:19:55   over on the Rickies.co.

01:19:58   That's in the show notes, along with a bunch of other stuff,

01:20:01   including ways to support people in Ukraine.

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01:20:35   I guess on Tuesday for upgrade.

01:20:37   - Yeah, we're gonna be doing upgrade

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01:20:40   - Yep, so that should be fun.

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01:20:47   I'd like to thank our sponsors,

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01:20:51   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:20:53   Arrivederci.

01:20:54   - Cheerio.