384: A Very Well-Known Ophthalmologist


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 384.

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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett.

00:00:20   I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi.

00:00:23   - Hello, we're back.

00:00:25   And we're back with our friend Myke Hurley.

00:00:27   - Ah, hi.

00:00:29   How is everybody?

00:00:30   I'm exhausted. I feel super weird. I apologize already.

00:00:34   Why are you exhausted? Tell us more about it.

00:00:36   I recorded a really, really long thing before.

00:00:39   So today as we recorded this, we did two things for The Panadict.

00:00:44   It is our 500th episode and also today is our 10th anniversary of working together on the show too.

00:00:52   They just ended up incredibly just lining up.

00:00:56   We didn't do anything special for it. They just lined up.

00:00:59   We recorded a three-hour episode, which was like a very listener intensive feedback show.

00:01:06   Like people wrote in a bunch of stuff to us and we promised we'd read every message.

00:01:10   I finished recording that show like 20 minutes before we started recording.

00:01:19   So I'm a little bit all over the place in the moment.

00:01:22   Congrats though. I mean that's an incredible milestone.

00:01:26   I can't believe you haven't blogged about this.

00:01:29   Like, I can see the headline already on, like, a Medium blog or something.

00:01:33   Like, I recorded 500 episodes for a podcast about pants.

00:01:38   Here's everything I learned.

00:01:39   -Here's everything I learned. -Like, super click-baity, you know?

00:01:42   Yeah. I'm not really sure what I've learned yet, though.

00:01:44   I have to think about that.

00:01:46   [laughs]

00:01:46   Nothing. Nothing.

00:01:48   -It's just a blank post. -It's what I learned.

00:01:51   [laughs]

00:01:53   Well, congratulations.

00:01:54   I remember it I cannot I refuse it's not that I can't I refuse to believe that it's been 10 years I

00:02:01   Don't I don't understand how that's possible at all

00:02:06   Well, we started the show in 2012. No, I understand how math works but like holy crap decade

00:02:12   Unbelievable. Yeah, it's crazy, right? Yes. Congratulations. Thank you. All right, so here on the non pin show

00:02:21   We were on episode 384. It would be episode

00:02:24   441 if you count the prompt that gives you some context of how long you've been doing the pen addict

00:02:29   It's over a year. Yep more episodes than we've been doing this show

00:02:32   but for now

00:02:35   384 episodes we start with follow-up two things about the

00:02:39   Jeremy's the game that we played last week cannot believe we forgot and says on me because actually have it further down in the show notes

00:02:46   where like my Jeremy's template is. I just missed it. We didn't tell people about the

00:02:50   website. So you can go to thejeremys.herokuapp.com, link is in the show notes, and there is put

00:03:00   together here all of the picks for the Jeremy's over the last many years. You can see all

00:03:07   the guesses Federico made and if he eventually got it right or eventually got it wrong. It's

00:03:13   amazing and you should go check it out.

00:03:15   The good thing about this page specifically and why it's worth looking at it sometime

00:03:20   afterwards which I always enjoy doing is that Jason lists every guess Federico makes, not

00:03:27   just the one that was correct.

00:03:30   That's the best part about this which is always fun to look back on.

00:03:34   Beans has been in my head a lot recently.

00:03:42   sent in the PDF for the proposal for biting lip emoji.

00:03:47   Okay.

00:03:48   And I just want to read some of this.

00:03:50   Please.

00:03:51   This is from the introduction.

00:03:53   Humans have a long experience with nonverbal communication.

00:03:57   Before we had words, we needed to try to rely on groaning and gesturing.

00:04:00   These old habits stuck...

00:04:02   Whoa!

00:04:03   Wait, what?

00:04:04   Okay.

00:04:05   These old habits stuck.

00:04:06   This is an interesting energy.

00:04:07   And it's hardwired in our brain that we even just, just, we even gesticulate while speaking

00:04:15   on the phone or while on a podcast, while obviously the other person can't see us.

00:04:21   And then they go on to, "Biting and chewing lip can indicate a range of emotions, including

00:04:25   fear, anxiety, and discomfort in a situation, or perhaps the person is worried or insecure."

00:04:32   but also lip biting can be iconic of flirtation

00:04:36   and exercising restraint.

00:04:38   - Okay.

00:04:40   - So, and it goes on and on with Google search results,

00:04:44   multiple usages.

00:04:46   This person who put this together really puts flirtation

00:04:49   and fear and anxiety sort of on the same level

00:04:51   throughout this document.

00:04:52   So, you know, maybe they've been burned in the area of love

00:04:56   and it comes coming out in their PDF, but here you go.

00:04:59   - Yeah, there's tons of examples for pain,

00:05:02   anticipation, excitement, arousal,

00:05:06   which is another category.

00:05:08   - Okay, so my least favorite thing about this,

00:05:11   I have two least favorite things.

00:05:14   Least favorite thing number one is

00:05:16   in the introduction thing,

00:05:17   they've put in a bunch of imagery as like examples

00:05:20   and there's three stock images

00:05:22   and then there's an image of Harry and Megan

00:05:25   on their wedding day.

00:05:26   And it's just like, I'm not really sure why.

00:05:29   He's buying his lip.

00:05:31   Yeah, but like why this image

00:05:32   and then three random stock images, you know?

00:05:35   Like I don't understand the--

00:05:37   The first one gives, you know.

00:05:40   Like popular context, but I feel like

00:05:43   there are probably a million movie scenes

00:05:45   that you could pick from.

00:05:47   Also the zwidge that they suggested

00:05:49   was a mouth plus a tooth,

00:05:50   and I don't like that as a thing.

00:05:53   And also just this, I just still cannot believe this emoji.

00:05:57   I just can't believe this emoji is a thing.

00:05:59   - It's the best one.

00:06:01   - You know, there's a lot of other emoji in this document.

00:06:05   - Biting lip is expected to have high usage.

00:06:08   - Right.

00:06:09   - When it comes to Google, biting lip greatly outperforms

00:06:11   the median smiley emoji dueling face.

00:06:14   - This is a very formal, this is a very formal proposal.

00:06:19   - Yeah, I mean, you're submitting it

00:06:21   to like a consortium committee type thing, right?

00:06:23   You've got to try and make it, even though,

00:06:25   even though like, look, this is what's kind of funny to me really about this proposal

00:06:29   is like, the people that made this proposal, what they're looking for is a sexting emoji,

00:06:35   right? It's justification for... But they have to present it in such an official way.

00:06:42   That duality is very entertaining for me. Exactly, it's so professional, but done in

00:06:47   a way to justify the thirst behind this emoji, which makes it so perfect. It's like from

00:06:54   From the dawn of time, human beings have commuted.

00:06:57   It's like, alright, okay.

00:06:59   Don't you know that biting a lip is like, look, I get it.

00:07:02   Also I enjoy, right, like, the way they've stacked this.

00:07:06   Lip biting can be a trademark of insecure shy types, but also lip biting can be iconic

00:07:11   of flirtation or exercising restraint.

00:07:13   No, not also.

00:07:15   Not also.

00:07:16   I was like, oh, I'm so nervous right now, lip bite emoji.

00:07:19   No one's gonna do that.

00:07:22   Under the section labeled "Breaking New Ground," the author is right.

00:07:26   Other than "Smirking Face" (aka Sexual Face, Smug Face, and Suggestive Smile), there aren't

00:07:32   any other emojis effective at communicating the tension that comes with flirtation.

00:07:37   Water droplet guy, peach, heart eyes, eggplant, but none that convey the emotional complexity

00:07:43   that comes with relationships.

00:07:45   Right, right.

00:07:49   But the biting lip does.

00:07:51   The biting lip really speaks to emotional complexity.

00:07:54   Anyway, that's enough of that.

00:07:56   - You took that further than I was expecting, Steven.

00:08:02   - Just the whole document, it's just--

00:08:03   - I'm a sophisticated person.

00:08:06   I don't send the peach emoji, I send the biting lip one.

00:08:09   - I'm gonna read the next piece of follow-up

00:08:12   because I feel like I put this out into the world,

00:08:14   so I should just continue pulling it out.

00:08:16   - No, no, no, please don't, no, no.

00:08:17   - It doesn't feel fair.

00:08:18   It doesn't feel fair for other people

00:08:20   clear it out to have to read it no there is no clearing up I was right the first

00:08:24   time and this is just more information from Rafi indeed the pupil of the eye is

00:08:28   a hole no which lets light in and the image is then projected on the back of

00:08:34   the eye just like in a camera also like a camera the pupil gets smaller when

00:08:38   there's more lights and like smaller larger you know the pupil is black

00:08:41   because it's dark inside the eyeball because it's a hole and you're looking

00:08:45   inside the eye. This is also why you get red eyes when taking picture with a flash right

00:08:52   in front of the eyes. The flash simply lights the inside of your eyeball showing the red

00:08:59   color inside our head. This comes from Rafi, who I can only assume is a very well known

00:09:07   ophthalmologist. No, I don't care. Why send this piece of follow up? Kate's asked a great

00:09:13   question. Kate asked a really great question. Why are we doing this again? The reason is

00:09:17   Stephen put this in a document and I just decided to read it. Holes. Just holes. Holes

00:09:25   in the eyes. Moving on. Let's talk about feet. If you think about it, the pupils are just

00:09:31   like the nostrils of the eyes. You know? Enough about holes. Feet. Right? Much better. From

00:09:41   Lip bike. Let's go to feet now. We're doing the whole anatomy thing today.

00:09:48   That's the theme of today's episode is we're covering the entire anatomy.

00:09:52   The gang discovers the human body. This is what we're doing today.

00:09:56   Friend of the show, Matt Van Ormer. Let's talk about Matt's feet.

00:10:04   aka the foot mod, has bought and reviewed the Steam Deck pedal.

00:10:10   Ultimately, there's kind of nothing surprising from this, like it is what we thought it was.

00:10:17   Matt did note that it was very well made, like the hardware is very well made and in use was

00:10:21   really enjoyed. It's got three buttons on it kind of, right? Three pedals.

00:10:26   Two on each side are raised higher than the one in the middle, which you can kind of see from

00:10:31   from the imagery, but this helps you,

00:10:34   no, or is the one in the middle raised?

00:10:36   There's a difference in height between the two

00:10:38   on either side and the one in the middle.

00:10:40   And this helps you kind of feel with your feet

00:10:44   which button you're pressing.

00:10:45   So it's very useful in use.

00:10:48   Did either of you buy one of these, by the way?

00:10:50   - No, no, but there's a section of this post

00:10:55   called Alto Automation.

00:10:58   (laughing)

00:11:00   - It's sold out basically immediately.

00:11:05   So a lot of people are into foot automation.

00:11:07   - Or toe-mation.

00:11:09   - Toe-nation.

00:11:10   - All toe-mation.

00:11:12   - All toe-mation.

00:11:13   - Oh, did he use it barefoot?

00:11:15   Do we know?

00:11:17   - I don't know.

00:11:17   Matt is in the Discord.

00:11:18   Matt, did you use it barefoot or with socks or with shoes?

00:11:21   We would like to know.

00:11:22   This is a very important follow-up.

00:11:24   Do you like the pictures that Matt included

00:11:26   with his dog in there?

00:11:28   - I do, very good, especially good dog.

00:11:31   - Mostly socked, but sometimes barefoot, so there you go.

00:11:36   - Very good, very good, okay, okay.

00:11:39   Yeah, one of the best dogs I've seen

00:11:41   from the follow-up segment.

00:11:43   We've seen a few over the years.

00:11:45   It's an extremely good dog.

00:11:47   Look at those eyes, yeah.

00:11:49   Look at the gracious pose, yeah.

00:11:51   Very good dog, very good dog.

00:11:53   - Do you think dogs have holes in their eyes?

00:11:55   - Yeah. - Can you please, no.

00:11:57   I'm quitting how do you quit zoom close a call you can never quit zoom okay

00:12:09   should I consider the steam deck pedal should I you already have one considered

00:12:15   it like it's only a matter of time until you get it quote unquote for your work

00:12:20   so it's like one shortcuts for serious shortcuts no maybe stop oh my god maybe

00:12:29   you could program one of the pedals to quit zoom you know so if I keep talking

00:12:37   about things you don't like bang and then you're gone I could check it out at

00:12:41   the podcast yeah I could look into that yeah I may added a role in discord just

00:12:47   for Matt named foot mod.

00:12:49   - Accurate.

00:12:49   - That's there for all time.

00:12:51   Just as like a related plug in, I think two weeks from now,

00:12:56   now this, not the next episode,

00:12:57   but the one after that on MPU,

00:12:59   we're getting deep into the stream deck.

00:13:01   So I'm like, I like burned down my whole stream deck set up,

00:13:04   have rebuilt it.

00:13:04   I wanted to check out the foot pedal, but it was sold out.

00:13:07   So if you're stream deck curious,

00:13:09   we have an MPU coming that I think you will like a lot.

00:13:11   - I am actually, so I will look forward to that.

00:13:13   Well, I mean, you didn't have, you know, don't have one.

00:13:18   You've never had one.

00:13:18   - I do have one.

00:13:19   I had one before you.

00:13:20   I set it up again and I've never used it.

00:13:22   I set it up with it.

00:13:23   I spent an afternoon setting it up

00:13:25   and I just don't ever press it.

00:13:26   I never think to press the button.

00:13:28   I think maybe I'm just not a Stream Deck person,

00:13:29   but I will listen to that Mac Power Users episode

00:13:31   and then make my final decision.

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00:15:13   - So Apple has announced a new thing called Tap to Pay

00:15:17   on the iPhone.

00:15:18   This is kind of like somebody reminded me on Twitter

00:15:21   about this, about, you remember they did the Find My Network

00:15:25   before they announced AirTags?

00:15:26   - Yeah.

00:15:27   - I think it might be something similar here.

00:15:29   They're announcing they're doing this thing

00:15:30   and then maybe they're gonna announce something else,

00:15:32   probably like NFC and an iPad or whatever, right?

00:15:35   maybe I'm just gonna make some kind of accessory to put an iPad in, whatever, so you can make

00:15:39   like a point of sale terminal. Basically what it's doing is unlocking the functionality

00:15:44   inside of the NFC chips in iPhones so that an iPhone can be used like a contactless payment

00:15:51   terminal. So instead of using one of those big things on a desk or you know you've got

00:15:56   like the little square reader or whatever, it's just bang straight on the iPhone, easy

00:16:01   to go. Now Federico, I see you have a bunch of questions in the document. Yes I do. I

00:16:05   think I might be able to answer for you, so maybe as a better way to talk about this,

00:16:09   why don't you ask these questions to me? I am glad you are here to provide answers to

00:16:13   my questions. My questions are developed on two separate fronts. There's the more, the

00:16:22   questions about this announcement and then in a broader context of payments in America.

00:16:28   But in the context of Tap to Pay on the iPhone, can you explain to me why this is a big deal

00:16:34   according to a lot of people? Because when I shop here in Italy, I have never, and I'm

00:16:39   not, this is not an exaggeration or anything, I have never seen the, like, the things that

00:16:45   I've seen in America, like those iPads in coffee shops or something. Everybody here

00:16:50   as a standard POS, point of sale terminal, that accepts contactless payments or the chip-based cards.

00:17:00   Literally everyone has it.

00:17:03   See, the reason I think I can help you specifically is because the UK has a kind of a hybrid system,

00:17:09   where we are, like Europe, everywhere has contactless payments and you can use anything.

00:17:17   It's not like there are places in America where it's like,

00:17:19   "Oh, you can do contactless,

00:17:21   but you sometimes have to put your card in."

00:17:22   And sometimes Apple Pay works, and we're the same as you.

00:17:25   But something that I see here that I also see in America

00:17:28   is small businesses with these more modern systems

00:17:32   that either look like an iPad or are an iPad,

00:17:34   or they use these little things that plug into an iPad.

00:17:37   And this tends to be relatively new or small businesses

00:17:40   or people that are setting up, say,

00:17:43   you have like a farmer's market kind of thing or whatever, right? Where it's like you can't

00:17:49   have a checkout system because you're outside and there's nowhere to plug in or whatever.

00:17:54   So you'll see a lot of the time.

00:17:55   Maybe I've just been to the wrong places then.

00:17:57   I don't know. Like it depends what's around you, what's local to you. I mean, my expectation

00:18:02   probably is a lot of the businesses that you frequent have been around for a long time.

00:18:07   You know what I mean? So like they're just more established. I don't know. Like I've

00:18:11   There's a lot of places that I frequent in the UK that are more artsy places and they're

00:18:16   new and they're trying to make it work and they've only been in their business for three

00:18:21   weeks and they've got a little square reader kind of thing.

00:18:24   So the benefit to what Apple's doing here is you don't have to use the hardware provided

00:18:33   by the company, which I'm sure comes with some kind of fee.

00:18:37   This would remove that, so you don't need to worry about that anymore.

00:18:41   And also for a lot of people, especially in very constrained environments, or as I say,

00:18:48   like a farmer's market or something, they don't need another piece of hardware.

00:18:52   So like for example, when I used to help Brad out at the pen shows, we would always need

00:18:57   to use his phone because it was the only one that had the Square Reader in it.

00:19:02   But if we could all just sign into an account, which would be his account, and just use say

00:19:07   the Square app and then it can just take the payment because it's on anyone's phone, that's

00:19:12   going to be way better as a system for a lot of people. This isn't going to be the case

00:19:17   for everybody. I'm sure in a lot of coffee shops they're still going to want a dedicated

00:19:21   terminal. There's a company that I see a lot now called Clover. I see those in the UK,

00:19:27   I've seen them in America as well, where they make a really nice thing. And it's just a

00:19:31   point of sale system, but it's modern looking. It looks like those kind of iPad focused ones,

00:19:35   like it's an actual contained unit, people are still going to use that. But this would

00:19:39   allow for small businesses, new businesses especially, to not have to get these like

00:19:46   any point of sale hardware, whether cheap or expensive, they could just use their phone

00:19:53   or their probably an iPad instead.

00:19:55   Okay, that's cool. I'm never going to see this in Italy, but okay, that's...

00:20:01   - You might, you might, because honestly,

00:20:03   there might be some companies that want

00:20:05   a different experience and this is gonna be

00:20:08   probably free to them to use,

00:20:11   if it comes outside of the US.

00:20:14   Which I reckon it will, 'cause like they're working,

00:20:15   one of the people they're working with,

00:20:17   I think the only company they've announced

00:20:18   they're working with so far is Stripe.

00:20:21   And Stripe is very international, so considering

00:20:24   Stripe will be the facilitator of the payments here,

00:20:28   I don't see why they couldn't roll this out.

00:20:30   This isn't like Apple Pay Cash, where Apple's working with a specific bank or whatever to

00:20:35   make that work.

00:20:36   I could imagine that this would roll out faster than say the peer-to-peer payment stuff would.

00:20:41   And my second question, not related to, what's it called, Tap to Pay?

00:20:47   Tap to Pay.

00:20:48   Not related to Tap to Pay, but more in the broader context of like all these apps and

00:20:54   services that let you do person-to-person payments, usually in America. Like, they seem

00:21:00   to be a big deal for American users, like CashApp and Venmo, like everybody's using

00:21:07   them. And I saw a video on Twitter a while back that was actually a TikTok video that

00:21:13   a friend of the show, Rob, found again for me today, so thank you, Rob. So it's basically

00:21:20   video of someone explaining why these services are so popular in America to do the peer-to-peer

00:21:28   payments and explaining the difference between the American bank system and the European

00:21:34   bank system where in Europe I can send money to someone basically for free in two seconds.

00:21:42   But like this thing with like these services like Cash App and Venmo, that's just not a

00:21:48   thing here.

00:21:49   Yeah, it's like we have it too. It's like imagine if your bank worked as easily as Venmo,

00:21:55   because that's what it's like in Europe and in the UK as well. And I'm sure in a lot of

00:22:00   other places. We don't have fees for these transfers and they happen immediately across

00:22:05   banks. It's not even for the same bank.

00:22:08   But this is not true in America, hence why they are popular, these services.

00:22:12   Yeah, it's filling, it's like filling a hole left open by our bad, like our bad system,

00:22:20   right?

00:22:21   If we had what y'all have in Europe, this wouldn't be as exciting to us.

00:22:25   This could be a reason why maybe Apple's never really pushed on Apple Pay Cash, because there

00:22:29   isn't really that much of a need for it.

00:22:31   Whereas this one specifically could be used in other countries, because it's not really

00:22:36   about a failure of the banking system as such.

00:22:40   more that just like these days small businesses would just prefer much more flexibility and

00:22:46   this would enable even more flexibility because there's always an iPhone in the middle of

00:22:50   these square transactions or whatever and now you don't need to have that hardware that

00:22:56   gets between the phone and the customer. So it's pretty cool I'm pleased that they've

00:23:00   done this. I think this is an interesting thing. I am just wondering is there another

00:23:05   shoe to drop here? Exactly like it can be iPhone only right?

00:23:10   So it definitely seems like this is something

00:23:12   that future iPads will support.

00:23:14   So you can like have, be that person, right?

00:23:16   We have like an iPad.

00:23:18   I mean, my favorite coffee shop,

00:23:20   like they use iPads with like the square reader,

00:23:22   but I've even been other places,

00:23:23   like if you go to, especially like a temporary store

00:23:28   or like a festival or something,

00:23:29   it's like iPad minis and those little credit card readers.

00:23:32   It's like, man, all that could just go away.

00:23:34   So I would bet good money,

00:23:37   and maybe this will be a prediction

00:23:38   in a future Ricky's episode that future iPads will support

00:23:42   whatever hardware is needed to make this work.

00:23:45   - I think I saw on six colors,

00:23:46   I think Dan wrote the article that like, and it's true.

00:23:49   I had a vague memory of this and I was pleased

00:23:51   somebody found it.

00:23:52   Like iPads have had NFC chips in them before,

00:23:54   they've just not been turned on.

00:23:56   But like, it just seems like it was like,

00:23:59   it was cheaper for them to put them in

00:24:01   than not put them in kind of thing.

00:24:03   You know, sometimes you get like weird hardware in a device.

00:24:05   It's like, why is this sensor here?

00:24:07   Like there's that weird sensor in the HomePod mini, right?

00:24:09   That doesn't do anything, right?

00:24:11   It's like a temperature sensor or something.

00:24:13   Am I losing my mind here?

00:24:15   It seems like nobody's on board with me.

00:24:17   - Yeah, I got nothing.

00:24:18   - Okay, well, anyway, someone knows what I'm talking about.

00:24:23   - Anyway, payments, right?

00:24:25   (laughing)

00:24:27   - I'm off in like my little fever dream over here.

00:24:31   Have you not heard about the secret chips

00:24:32   nobody knows about?

00:24:33   - It's just your body, it's fine.

00:24:35   - They're hiding them in there, Federico.

00:24:36   There's NFC everywhere, man.

00:24:38   It's fine. You go play over there with your chips.

00:24:42   All right, so cool.

00:24:44   So payments, huh?

00:24:45   Money, money, money.

00:24:47   It's important these days.

00:24:48   Makes the world go round, is what I say.

00:24:50   That's why Apple is doing it.

00:24:52   Oh, Matt in the foot mod came up

00:24:54   with the Bloomberg article about a humidity

00:24:58   and temperature sensor from a HomePod mini.

00:25:01   Believe it now, Bloomberg said it.

00:25:02   He don't believe it when I said it.

00:25:03   Mark Gorman says it.

00:25:04   He like, "Oh, it's so true."

00:25:05   when Myke says it, it's like you're--

00:25:07   - Well, I mean, when has Bloomberg ever been in trouble

00:25:10   for a story that may or may not have been super accurate?

00:25:12   - Footnote, Bloomberg was responsible for the--

00:25:15   (laughing)

00:25:17   - Yeah, boy! - We're not doing that.

00:25:18   No, we're not doing that, no.

00:25:20   That's worse than the pupil, I'm sorry.

00:25:23   (laughing)

00:25:25   - Everyone has a hole in their foot where the light comes in.

00:25:29   (laughing)

00:25:30   - God, okay.

00:25:32   Oh my God. - Oh, God.

00:25:35   Please keep talking about banks and payments.

00:25:39   Let's talk about betas.

00:25:40   OK.

00:25:40   Let's talk about that.

00:25:41   I can actually tie all this together if you want.

00:25:43   iOS 15.4 beta 2 includes the functionality for the tap

00:25:48   to pay.

00:25:49   So that's one thing.

00:25:50   And second, just in general, I'm really

00:25:53   excited about this face ID of mask.

00:25:55   I'm not running the betas.

00:25:56   I'm just going to wait.

00:25:58   But because I-- now when I have to use Apple Pay in the local

00:26:03   coffee shop and I have to put my code in right I'm like oh man I can't wait

00:26:08   until I don't have to do this anymore or like a couple of days. You don't have to do it now.

00:26:12   Just put the bag on. I don't want to put the bag on my phone. And also like I was in IKEA yesterday and I

00:26:17   couldn't remember the PIN number for a card. It's like a card I don't use very

00:26:21   frequently so I had to like I could put the card in I was like oh no I've

00:26:24   forgotten and then I had to open one password put in my master password find

00:26:29   I was like I hate doing that so embarrassing you stand in there for like

00:26:32   two minutes where you search up the stuff. So I'm very excited about the face ID mask thing.

00:26:36   Just hold your breath, take your mask off real quick, that's bad advice.

00:26:41   No, you see, I don't like doing it, right? Like, it's not me, I don't like looking like that guy,

00:26:45   you know? Like, I don't want to be that guy who's like, "Oh, I pulled his mask down." Like,

00:26:49   like a fool. They added some stuff with Beta 2, Look Down to Unlocked, it kind of reminds me of,

00:26:56   like, the whatever on the iPad or something like that, right? Where they point, like, "Hey, the

00:27:00   face things over here. Because I think it needs your attention, is that right Federico? Like it

00:27:04   needs... Yeah. It has to have... you have to be looking at the phone so like you can't turn off

00:27:10   the attention detection thing for that. I think that's accurate, yeah. Right? Yeah. I think it's

00:27:16   like the attention detection thing. It's really good. I've been running the beta and it's such a

00:27:22   good feature. It's so useful. The change in shortcuts is like made tech press

00:27:29   people happy. Where you can run some automations without notifications. Not

00:27:36   all of them. The one that I use the most often which is replace a home screen

00:27:39   icon with a shortcut. That still shows the banner which is frustrating but I

00:27:45   think people are excited about this and it feels like another slow step towards

00:27:49   maybe shortcuts can just like do stuff in the background

00:27:53   all the time.

00:27:54   - Yeah. - Not bother me.

00:27:56   - They still have a bit of work to do there.

00:27:58   Like for example, automations like in,

00:28:01   any kind of automation in shortcuts

00:28:05   does not exist on Monterey at all.

00:28:08   If you want to run shortcuts on the Mac on a schedule,

00:28:10   you got to use like Chrome jobs or external utilities,

00:28:14   like better touch tool with time triggers

00:28:17   or something like that,

00:28:18   because they don't have like the automation tab

00:28:21   in the Mac app, it's just not there,

00:28:24   which is kind of weird.

00:28:25   But what you mentioned for the home screen icons,

00:28:29   I was hoping that they would,

00:28:31   we talked about this last week,

00:28:32   that they would add like a toggle

00:28:34   in the shortcuts details page

00:28:37   that lets you do what you can do with automations,

00:28:41   which is notify when run.

00:28:43   But it's as of beta two, it's still not there.

00:28:46   I still want to kind of believe

00:28:48   that they're gonna add this to the shortcuts inspector,

00:28:52   or maybe as a toggle, it could even be like an option

00:28:56   that you only see when you add a shortcut

00:28:59   to the home screen, like in the icon picking,

00:29:02   like sort of final confirmation screen,

00:29:04   there could be maybe an option there.

00:29:06   I don't know.

00:29:07   I feel like it's odd to have that inconsistency right now

00:29:12   where an automation like--

00:29:13   - My only question to this was like,

00:29:15   what if they do what you suggested in your Ricky pic?

00:29:18   Like homes, this was one of your Ricky pics,

00:29:21   like customization stuff?

00:29:23   - Yep, yep.

00:29:24   - So maybe they wouldn't want to offer this

00:29:26   'cause they've got like a thing

00:29:27   they're gonna do with app icons.

00:29:29   - Maybe, maybe, because like using a shortcut

00:29:33   to install a custom icon for an app

00:29:35   is a kind of a silly work around.

00:29:39   - Yeah.

00:29:39   - You're not supposed to make a shortcut

00:29:42   if you want to customize your home screen.

00:29:44   and we're all in agreement there.

00:29:46   It's a workaround that people have discovered.

00:29:49   Apple actually made it better.

00:29:51   If you recall, before iOS 14.2, .3, maybe,

00:29:56   basically after this became a thing,

00:30:01   before that, these kinds of shortcuts,

00:30:06   they would still open the shortcuts app first,

00:30:10   and then it would take you to the app

00:30:12   that you wanted to launch from a custom icon.

00:30:14   And then Apple realized,

00:30:15   "Oh, millions of people are doing this.

00:30:17   "I guess we gotta make it a little better for them."

00:30:19   And so now those custom icons, those custom shortcuts,

00:30:23   when you tap them from the home screen,

00:30:25   they just go straight to the app that you're launching.

00:30:28   But it didn't used to be like this.

00:30:30   It used to be worse.

00:30:31   So Apple made it a bit better.

00:30:33   But now they could make it all the way better.

00:30:35   And it seems like they don't want to.

00:30:38   And the inconsistency is weird because arguably,

00:30:41   an automation that runs in the background

00:30:44   and can do all kinds of things,

00:30:47   I mean, it's technically more dangerous

00:30:49   than a shortcut that you run as an icon

00:30:52   from the home screen, you know?

00:30:54   But still, there's an option there

00:30:56   and not when you wanna add a shortcut

00:30:58   with a custom icon to your home screen.

00:31:00   I don't get it.

00:31:02   - Marina in the Discord had a question.

00:31:04   Does the iPad also get Face ID with a mask on?

00:31:08   - I don't think it does.

00:31:10   - Do you think they'll do that?

00:31:11   - Maybe, I don't know.

00:31:12   I can see why they wouldn't just because they like don't think they need to.

00:31:17   You know what I mean? Like I could see that being like a blind spot,

00:31:20   but I think it would be good to have it.

00:31:22   I wonder if it has anything to do with the,

00:31:25   the iPad's ability to do face ID from more angles.

00:31:29   Like I wonder if that makes it more or less complicated. I just don't know,

00:31:33   but it would be nice. Like if you have, if you can do it, it should.

00:31:38   So maybe there's a reason that it can't.

00:31:41   - Isn't it weird that the iPhone never got the ability

00:31:43   to do it from multiple angles?

00:31:46   - I think it is.

00:31:46   I think it's super weird.

00:31:47   - Why is that?

00:31:49   Why is that?

00:31:49   If the iPad can do it,

00:31:51   and it seems like the sensors are basically the same.

00:31:55   Hmm, I don't know.

00:31:57   - I'm so used to the iPad Mini now with the Touch ID.

00:32:02   It's like I never even considered the Face ID iPads

00:32:06   needing or not needing this feature.

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00:34:35   So the Six Colors Apple Report Card

00:34:40   was just released earlier this week,

00:34:42   or maybe last week now.

00:34:44   I don't know how time works.

00:34:46   But one of the sections--

00:34:47   - It was this week, it was like two days ago.

00:34:49   (laughing)

00:34:50   - We didn't talk about it,

00:34:51   but I didn't have power for like a week.

00:34:52   - You didn't have power, so what do you know?

00:34:55   - Yeah, Memphis had this big ice storm,

00:34:58   I didn't have power for almost a week,

00:34:59   so like I'm, I, seriously, if we weren't recording today,

00:35:02   I wouldn't know what day it is because I'm so off.

00:35:05   But it's fascinating, go read it.

00:35:06   All three of us are lucky enough to participate in it,

00:35:09   which I always enjoy.

00:35:11   But one of the sections that always gets

00:35:14   pretty much a rough score is HomeKit,

00:35:16   Apple's smart home platform.

00:35:18   It's a weird ecosystem because Apple,

00:35:21   like HomeKit's kind of invisible.

00:35:23   They have the home app, which is not very good,

00:35:26   but then there's all these other parts of the service

00:35:28   that aren't even exposed and the home app

00:35:31   and other apps can build on top of it.

00:35:32   but Apple doesn't make any hardware for it,

00:35:34   other than the HomePod and the Apple TV,

00:35:36   which can act as basically HomeKit hubs,

00:35:40   so you can use and access your stuff

00:35:42   when you're away from your network.

00:35:43   But they don't make cameras or lights or anything,

00:35:45   they leave all that up to the third party

00:35:47   sort of world to make stuff.

00:35:49   And the three of us have all experimented with HomeKit

00:35:53   and Smart Home stuff over the years.

00:35:55   So I kind of wanted to touch base with the two of you

00:35:57   and see kind of where things are

00:36:00   with your Smart Home stuff,

00:36:01   What do you think about HomeKit in particular?

00:36:03   Are you looking to move past it?

00:36:04   Are you looking to engage more with it?

00:36:06   Kind of the lay of the land,

00:36:09   and Federico gave this section a very good name

00:36:12   that we should recognize.

00:36:13   So Federico, what are we doing today?

00:36:16   - Because you mentioned, like,

00:36:17   why don't we go sort of round-robin style,

00:36:20   talking about our setups and all the different rooms

00:36:24   that we have in our homes.

00:36:26   I thought we could call this a room-robbing.

00:36:30   So, you're welcome.

00:36:31   - It's very good.

00:36:33   - Really good.

00:36:33   - Are we gonna actually do this around Robin's style?

00:36:36   - I mean, we can.

00:36:38   - I mean, why else?

00:36:40   - Well, Steven said that.

00:36:42   - Yeah.

00:36:43   - I mean, we have to now.

00:36:45   - It's a room Robin.

00:36:47   - Okay.

00:36:48   - You know?

00:36:48   I'll go first because I came up with the title,

00:36:52   which grants me rights to--

00:36:54   - Makes you king of the room.

00:36:55   - Makes me the king of the room.

00:36:58   So I will say that, first of all, Myke,

00:37:01   I enjoyed your quote in the Six Colors report card.

00:37:06   For context, for those who have not read it,

00:37:08   Myke said that Apple spent all of its energy

00:37:11   building the home set for the keynote videos.

00:37:14   (laughing)

00:37:16   - You know, like, I don't know if you ever have this,

00:37:18   like, when I fill out the report card,

00:37:21   it's like it's just going to Jason.

00:37:23   - Yes, it's like, yeah.

00:37:25   - And then when it's published, I'm like,

00:37:28   But the design may be a little...

00:37:29   Oh no, what have I done?

00:37:30   Did I say that the right way? I don't know.

00:37:33   This was meant to be for you and you only.

00:37:36   No, I know it's not that.

00:37:38   Like, I know that it's...

00:37:40   But like, it feels different.

00:37:41   But anyway, he sent it to me beforehand

00:37:43   and I didn't ask him to remove it.

00:37:45   But like, it was one of those things that I was like,

00:37:46   I was maybe a little unnecessarily snarky there,

00:37:49   but nevertheless.

00:37:50   That was good, that was good.

00:37:51   So I will say that my smart home setup

00:37:54   has been simplified a lot over the years.

00:37:57   That's partly because we're still renting a very small place.

00:38:02   There's not enough freedom for us at the moment to install the things we would like to install or to change.

00:38:08   Some of the things we would like to change, like a new thermostat for example, or redoing all of the lights,

00:38:14   redoing all of the light switches. We can't do that.

00:38:16   And until we find a new place that is ours and that we fully control, that sort of stuff is not available for me.

00:38:23   And I have also simplified, because I realized that sometimes, you know, you can easily overdo

00:38:31   home automation stuff to the point where it gets in the way. And sometimes it's just, it's better

00:38:38   to have something that is easy and, you know... - Have you met my friend Homebridge? - Exactly, exactly.

00:38:45   And so when I say this, I say this because I know what it's like to go really deep down the

00:38:52   the rabbit hole of like turning everything

00:38:54   into a HomeKit appliance or making everything a switch

00:38:59   in the Home app that you can also control with Siri.

00:39:02   You can overdo this stuff,

00:39:04   just like you can overdo any kind of automation, right?

00:39:08   You just gotta figure out what works, what sticks for you,

00:39:12   what is easy and reliable and consistent.

00:39:15   In the context of home automation,

00:39:16   what makes it tricky is it's not just for you,

00:39:19   it's also for other people who live with you,

00:39:22   which is something that is another topic to consider.

00:39:25   Like you may think that something that you just set up

00:39:27   in HomeKit or Alexa or whatever is cool,

00:39:30   but remember, it needs to be usable by other people

00:39:33   in your household as well, including kids, possibly.

00:39:36   So yeah, it's a whole topic,

00:39:39   but essentially I have a very small place

00:39:43   and Myke has seen my place, can confirm that it's small.

00:39:47   The one true John has seen it.

00:39:49   Steven hasn't because Steven has never,

00:39:51   Steven hates Italy, Steven hates Europe.

00:39:53   The thing about your apartment, it's a small apartment, massive balcony.

00:39:58   It's like half of the apartment is balcony.

00:40:02   Yeah, yeah.

00:40:03   Yes, but there's a whole story there, but we cannot get into that here.

00:40:07   Anyway, we have three Logi Circle 2 cameras.

00:40:14   These are the second generation Logi Circle that got updated to support HomeKit Secure Video,

00:40:20   which we are using on all three of them.

00:40:23   I have one in the entrance room of the apartment,

00:40:28   I have one in the kitchen/living room,

00:40:31   and another in the short hallway that connects the living room to the bedroom and the second bathroom.

00:40:38   These are the three cameras that we use most of the time that we set up with HomeKit Secure Video.

00:40:45   Outside on the huge balcony that Myke mentioned, I have an old D-Link Ommina camera.

00:40:56   So yeah, I wanted to start from the first room that I want to cover,

00:41:02   it's the balcony and the entrance, because they're camera-related.

00:41:05   There's two cameras, two Hue lights, so there's one white only,

00:41:14   and outside there's a colored one, just because we spend more time in the spring and in the summer outside with friends.

00:41:21   And it's nice to have some accent colors there.

00:41:25   And in addition, outside we also have the Eve weather sensor.

00:41:31   This is a Thread-compatible temperature sensor that can live outside.

00:41:37   I also forgot to put this on the list, but on the balcony we also have the

00:41:43   Eve Energy. This is a smart plug that is also thread compatible. I basically repurchased all

00:41:52   of these HomeKit accessories last year when I wanted to make sure that I had thread compatibility

00:41:58   everywhere as much as possible. It has improved reliability, but not as much as I hoped, honestly.

00:42:06   this Thread Radio stuff. It's not as foolproof as I hoped it would be. So yeah, basically when

00:42:14   the first two rooms of the apartment, which are... I think of them as one thing, because they were

00:42:20   supposed to be one thing, but it's a whole... Sorry. - If we're around Robbing-ing, should it not move on now?

00:42:27   - Yes, I am gonna let you move on, but I just wanted to recap. Entrance and balcony, LogiCircle2,

00:42:34   2U lights, an old D-Link omni that really should change eventually,

00:42:38   Eve weather and Eve energy. Nice, Eve weather, that's the one. Eve weather. Eve weather.

00:43:03   So in my entrance, I guess, really like the front of my house, I've got a ring camera looking out.

00:43:10   I used Nest stuff for a long time, and I bought one of their sort of new generation cameras,

00:43:16   and we talked about on the show, it was so abysmal, I just ended up replacing my other

00:43:23   couple of Nest cameras with ring stuff. I know people have, and it's a good conversation to have,

00:43:28   about ring and privacy and the stuff they do. You can turn all of it off now, you can have

00:43:32   end-to-end encryption turned on their, at least their new hardware, I have that turned

00:43:37   on everywhere. It makes some of the alerts a little slower but I'm fine with

00:43:40   that. So we've got a ring camera looking at the front and then I have an

00:43:45   overhead light on our front porch that is set to come on an hour before sunset

00:43:53   and stay on an hour after sunrise, so it's on at night. You may think, "Oh, well

00:43:59   how you doing that? You have like an app? No, I have what's called an "Intermatic

00:44:03   STO1". There'll be a link in the show notes. Love the STO1. That's the, that's the,

00:44:08   that's the good one. That's the good one. That's the good one. So this goes where you put your

00:44:16   regular light switch, and you can use it as a regular light switch, you can just

00:44:19   push it and it clicks like a regular switch, but this has a timer in it and

00:44:27   and you can tell it where you are, and it knows,

00:44:32   due to I guess internal programming,

00:44:34   'cause this thing's not on the network,

00:44:35   like it's all built in logic.

00:44:37   - Yeah.

00:44:38   - It knows when sunrise and sunset is,

00:44:39   it knows when daylight savings time is,

00:44:41   and so you can program it.

00:44:42   This came with our house, by the way,

00:44:44   this was here when we bought the house,

00:44:48   and I haven't changed it.

00:44:49   - Do you think this thing survived Y2K?

00:44:52   Like, do you think it handled it?

00:44:53   - I mean, it still works now.

00:44:54   - I guess, right?

00:44:55   - So, yes.

00:44:56   - I'm sure it will survive Y3K.

00:44:58   - If my house is still here in a thousand years,

00:45:01   then have at it.

00:45:03   (laughing)

00:45:05   And I mean, I don't think,

00:45:07   I don't know if I would have known

00:45:09   to look for something like this.

00:45:10   I probably would have tried to find something

00:45:12   smart and clever, but it totally gets the job done.

00:45:15   And it came with the house, so it has stayed

00:45:18   'cause it is really reliable.

00:45:20   There's a note on the website that's fantastic.

00:45:23   It says, "Not for use with sun lamps, saunas,

00:45:26   or loads that could cause personal injury

00:45:28   if timed incorrectly.

00:45:30   - Oh, what is that?

00:45:33   What happened?

00:45:34   - Yeah, someone died in a sauna is what happened.

00:45:37   - No, it's the last part.

00:45:39   Loads that could cause personal injury

00:45:42   if timed incorrectly.

00:45:43   - Like a breathing machine or something?

00:45:46   I don't know.

00:45:47   - Someone was using one of these to wait something

00:45:50   and it just hit the time wrong and it fell, right?

00:45:53   Like that's what happened here and I wanna know.

00:45:55   - I didn't mean electrical loads, not like a load of rocks.

00:45:59   - Yeah, it's just holding a big row of rocks, as you say,

00:46:02   and then switch goes off, rocks fall down.

00:46:06   - Anyways, you get 'em at your hardware store.

00:46:08   Really simple, I just have the PDF manual and Apple Notes,

00:46:11   and if I ever wanna make adjustments,

00:46:13   but I've been happy with it, so I have this thing,

00:46:17   which is like smart home stuff before smart home stuff.

00:46:21   But as far as the front of my house, that's about it.

00:46:25   I honestly, so that's it for yours?

00:46:28   Yeah.

00:46:29   I don't know if you'll believe me when I tell you that for our home security system,

00:46:36   kind of which is the only thing in our entrance way, I am using a canary.

00:46:41   No, still? I mean come on, it's been 20 years.

00:46:45   I'm still using the same canary that I've been using.

00:46:51   Are they still around?

00:46:52   you know what I couldn't believe this they updated the app a couple of weeks

00:46:56   ago and added new features to the canary I assumed I was the only customer home

00:47:05   kit support no are you sure there's not like a single engineer that is creepily

00:47:12   watching you no I don't know I mean isn't that couldn't that be the thing

00:47:16   of all of this stuff who knows what did you name your canary I remember it

00:47:20   having a name. Buster. Buster! He's at Bust the Bad Guys. He busts the bad guys, you know?

00:47:24   That's right. He's gonna take care of it for you. So what did they add? They added...

00:47:29   They actually do a lot of stuff. They've added audio alerts for

00:47:35   professional monitoring. Oh, that is professional. Better real-time

00:47:39   conversations with their two-way talk system. Yeah, they've, I don't know, they

00:47:45   keep doing things. It surprises me to be honest. But I'll tell you this thing,

00:47:49   rock-solid like still works like the day I bought it I've had this thing since

00:47:54   January 2016 I do not we do not have problems with it and it doesn't you know

00:47:59   it doesn't go off all the time you know like it's not like one of it's not very

00:48:03   sensitive but I know it's still working like if we leave the blinds open or

00:48:08   whatever like sunlight can still affect it just like any of these things but

00:48:12   that canary that's still that is still going that thing and I think it's

00:48:16   awesome. That's great. I've looked for a while like could I find something that

00:48:22   did everything in one unit? No, it's still the only one. What we like about it is

00:48:28   it's always doing it you know it's always available like for video calling

00:48:32   when we want it, turns on and off when like the video camera turn on off when

00:48:36   when we wanted to, has a speaker in it, has like a heat sensor, smoke sensor,

00:48:41   everything all in one new unit. I think it's awesome and I love it and it's

00:48:46   not that expensive to run as the service. I've been very happy the whole time.

00:48:51   They now seem they give you free cameras if you sign up for the service now so

00:48:55   you know I can't speak to the longevity of Canary like I'm not necessarily

00:49:01   advocating people jump in now but we are still very happy with ours. Should I go

00:49:07   next yeah we're back to the Robin again we're back we're back to me okay neither

00:49:12   neither me or Steven have expansive balconies to talk about so right right so

00:49:17   the kitchen is a bit more interesting for me I have another LogiCircle 2

00:49:21   which I mentioned before more you lights we have two of them now we have the

00:49:29   original HomePod is back because as I mentioned the while back the echo is

00:49:35   gone again. Alexa is gone once. We actually sold... And it is impossible to keep up with... Look it's very

00:49:45   easy and I'm telling you I sold the echoes again. The experiment did not

00:49:51   last even even a year I think. They're gone. They've been purchased by a close

00:49:58   friend of ours and they now live in a better home which is actually a dense

00:50:02   school but still. That is a better home. It is a better home. They're actually using

00:50:07   the intercom feature at the school with the two echoes it's in a very clever way

00:50:13   it's nice. So now we are back to have the original home pod, one of those

00:50:19   one of the home pods that I physically bought in America and the

00:50:24   last WWDC that I attended in person so it's a nice gift from that era that it's

00:50:31   it's never coming back.

00:50:32   - You were your own Big Apple Buddy.

00:50:34   - Yes, I was my own Big Apple Buddy

00:50:36   before Big Apple Buddy existed.

00:50:40   So there's a HomePod that we mostly use for,

00:50:43   so it's set in English.

00:50:47   I could set it in Italian

00:50:49   because it's now available as an option,

00:50:51   but I didn't because of,

00:50:53   like Sylvia never uses the HomePod via voice.

00:50:57   I occasionally do,

00:50:59   And at this point, I would prefer to ask questions

00:51:03   to the assistant in English.

00:51:05   I would feel kind of weird asking them in Italian.

00:51:07   I don't know why.

00:51:08   Well, no, I guess I know why.

00:51:09   All of my other devices are set to English.

00:51:12   I use Siri in English.

00:51:13   I wouldn't even know.

00:51:14   Like, I'm actually using-- like, my Italian is getting worse.

00:51:18   My friends are making fun of me.

00:51:20   Silvia is making fun of me, but I'm also kind of concerned.

00:51:22   Like, it was getting worse before,

00:51:24   but now it's gotten much worse.

00:51:27   Like I tried because I very rarely, especially like writing in Italian,

00:51:34   it's very concerning.

00:51:36   Like I, you know, I write in English, I talk in English a lot of hours each day.

00:51:41   And the pandemic happened and we've been in isolation a lot.

00:51:47   And is Sylvia just more forgiving?

00:51:48   Oh, Sylvia is getting worse too, actually.

00:51:51   In terms of like using like English words instead of Italian words.

00:51:56   Oh, because you two speak in Italian to each other.

00:51:59   We do, we do, we do.

00:52:00   But it's sort of become this hybrid language at this point.

00:52:04   Yeah, it's very weird and funny

00:52:06   and concerning at the same time.

00:52:07   Anyway, we mostly use the HomePod as an AirPlay receiver

00:52:11   in the music app, you know, selecting as a destination.

00:52:14   Then we have an Apple TV that we use

00:52:17   when we want to watch Netflix or something, you know,

00:52:19   at dinner instead of regular television.

00:52:22   This is an Apple TV 4K.

00:52:25   I upgraded the remote last year, and it's very good.

00:52:28   Very good remote that I also mentioned

00:52:31   in the Six Colors Report Card.

00:52:33   I love it.

00:52:34   The latest addition to the kitchen

00:52:37   that is not a HomeKit device at all, but is essential,

00:52:42   because it's a home server that I use for something else,

00:52:46   it's an Intel NUC.

00:52:48   We mentioned this one before.

00:52:49   It sits above my TV, right next to the modem from my ISP.

00:52:55   I love it. I love that little thing. It acts as a music server for me.

00:52:59   Runs the excellent Roon, that's R-O-O-N. It runs the excellent Roon software with my personal

00:53:08   offline music library that I then stream and listen to with the setup that I will describe

00:53:16   for the bedroom later. But yes, this one lives in the kitchen, it's plugged into my Orbi

00:53:24   via ethernet and it's very tiny and compact and it's been running for months without having

00:53:31   to ever reboot it.

00:53:33   It's super reliable, I love it.

00:53:35   It's amazing to me how much love the Apple TV remote got.

00:53:40   I mean, in the episode of Upgrade, Jason was like, "Yeah, I burned out my whole TV setup

00:53:45   because this remote was so good."

00:53:47   Mm-hmm, great remote.

00:53:49   Pretty wild.

00:53:50   In my kitchen I have the only remaining big home pot.

00:53:55   I had three, two have died, the one in the kitchen lives on, and it's great in the kitchen,

00:54:03   mostly.

00:54:04   The multiple timer thing is a lot better.

00:54:08   The sound is still amazing, and I don't have any plans on replacing that if and until it

00:54:16   fails.

00:54:17   One new thing in the kitchen is the addition of some hue light strips under our cabinets

00:54:25   that shine down on the countertops.

00:54:28   We have not had under cabinet lighting in our kitchen and we looked at some options.

00:54:34   At some point early on in the pandemic I got some like regular just LED kind of bar lights

00:54:41   you could touch and they would come on.

00:54:44   But they ended up not really being bright enough and they were a little bit finicky

00:54:48   to use.

00:54:49   And so I was like, well, I know the hue light strip stuff works really well.

00:54:53   When we get to the office, I have a lot of hue light stuff out here.

00:54:56   Let me just get a light strip for that.

00:54:58   So I have that running under a couple of cabinets and I have a scene in HomeKit so we can just

00:55:04   say turn cabinet light on and it comes to the brightness and the color temperature we

00:55:09   like.

00:55:10   But of course it can be any color or any brightness.

00:55:13   So sometimes it's fun to mix that up.

00:55:18   And it's been like a nice fun addition in the kitchen to have that hue light strip.

00:55:23   I think if I were going to, you know, if we were like do a kitchen from the start, I would

00:55:30   not use, like this is overkill probably for our use.

00:55:35   And there's a lot of like real like nice options for like kitchen lighting.

00:55:38   But as far as a retrofit, I was pretty happy with how it came out.

00:55:41   Do you stick them on like you stick them on with the way that they like the adhesive that comes on the back of them?

00:55:47   Yes, and then I did the same thing out here. I got a metal staple that's wide enough

00:55:55   so it doesn't puncture the light strip right and

00:55:57   Put that there as well to help hold it up and it's it's been fine. Okay now

00:56:03   It's not like over the stove or anything. There's not like a lot of steam or humidity

00:56:07   Where it is, you know, that would be a factor I think but it's kind of off to the side in the kitchen

00:56:12   It's been fine for probably going on a year. Say your kitchen. That's my kitchen. That's it

00:56:18   We've already done the entrance. So the door is open

00:56:21   You can come in

00:56:23   To the kitchen in my home. I only have one small home thing in my entire kitchen a robot wait

00:56:31   No, it's the echo show

00:56:36   So we use one of the... so like we are a split household like for the way that we

00:56:43   interact with our smart devices. It's not that like one of us chooses one over the other

00:56:49   for all the time or whatever. Like I'm sometimes I will ask the Echo and sometimes I will ask Siri.

00:56:55   But like for us there are some stuff that like the Echo does and it just does better than the HomePod. Like I've mentioned it

00:57:01   before but you know, we use a shopping service that has an

00:57:05   echo skill that allows us to add things directly to our shopping list and it's

00:57:10   such a killer feature for me where it's like I'm cooking and I have used the

00:57:14   last of a certain ingredient and I can just add it to the actual cart of our

00:57:21   grocery provider. That's pretty cool. Like that is so much better than adding it

00:57:26   anywhere else because I add it anywhere else I still gotta add it to the cart

00:57:29   later on. So still things like that measurements and stuff like that I much

00:57:33   prefer having a screen than just having it audio. Our echo show has been getting

00:57:38   a bit long in the tooth I think we have the second generation which we got in

00:57:43   2019. Sometimes it's a little slow to respond like it feels like it's genuine

00:57:49   like getting old like a person gets old like it sometimes it gets a little

00:57:53   confused or like you'll ask it to do something and it can't hear you. This is the saddest thing I've ever heard about a robot.

00:58:01   Sometimes, sometimes like the screen is black, like it's fallen asleep or something.

00:58:06   It's really weird, genuinely it's really weird.

00:58:09   Oh my god.

00:58:11   We also use it for like a digital photo frame kind of thing, you know?

00:58:16   Like we will have, we have like images of some of our favorite vacations and playing on a loop.

00:58:24   So I think I'm going to upgrade this.

00:58:25   I would love Apple to make a product like this.

00:58:27   I don't know if they're going to, even if they do,

00:58:29   I don't think it's going to do everything that I want in the way that I want it to.

00:58:32   So we're probably going to remain with the Echo Show.

00:58:35   And plus I'll say that there's like a thing that we'll do is like,

00:58:39   we'll say like the name of the assistant, whether it's Siri or Alexa,

00:58:42   we'll just say like, turn on living room.

00:58:44   And like in it with the Echo that just turns on the lights.

00:58:48   But with Siri, it turns on everything.

00:58:52   The TV comes on, everything comes on.

00:58:55   And like, that's not what I want it to do.

00:58:57   and I also just really like that command.

00:58:59   And the way I get around it,

00:59:01   'cause I do ask Siri this a lot,

00:59:02   is I'll just say living room lights and it works.

00:59:05   - You just have to be a little bit more specific with it.

00:59:07   The other way to do it is to set scenes

00:59:09   and then call the scene name.

00:59:11   But HomeKit could be--

00:59:14   - Siri doesn't like it because the name

00:59:15   and the scene are the same.

00:59:16   And I found that to be inconsistent.

00:59:18   I found it to be less inconsistent with the echo.

00:59:21   Look, with the echo, it kind of does it

00:59:22   the way that I expect it to.

00:59:23   - Yeah, I was gonna say HomeKit sort of

00:59:25   makes bad assumptions sometimes

00:59:28   with some of the voice commands.

00:59:29   So if you're all home kit, like I have no,

00:59:32   I mean, I have a, what,

00:59:33   like the little baby Amazon Echo Show out here,

00:59:36   I don't wanna use it very much,

00:59:37   it's kind of over on the shelf,

00:59:38   basically being a fancy clock,

00:59:39   but with home kit, you kind of have to like work around

00:59:42   some of that stuff.

00:59:44   And that's a little frustrating

00:59:45   because when you're setting it up,

00:59:47   to Federica's point earlier,

00:59:48   which is like a really good point about all this stuff,

00:59:51   you have to do this in a way,

00:59:52   like if you live with other people,

00:59:53   that they have to be able to use it.

00:59:55   And if it's like, oh, we have to say this Cernit texturing

00:59:58   in just the right way, or everything will come on

01:00:01   or everything will go off and you just meant the light.

01:00:02   It's like, that makes it frustrating for other people to use

01:00:05   who aren't the nerds or who--

01:00:08   - And this is, I know Adina would not accept the fact

01:00:10   that she now has to be specific.

01:00:13   Like she just internalized the light.

01:00:14   And I honestly, most of the time will ask the Echo

01:00:17   to turn the lights on and off just as simpler.

01:00:20   But in general, I prefer HomeKit

01:00:23   for the smart home automation stuff.

01:00:26   Everything I buy, I try and make sure

01:00:28   that it's home kit enabled,

01:00:29   just because I find it to be fast

01:00:31   and I like having it all on my iPhone,

01:00:33   just like all in control center or whatever.

01:00:35   It's like typically what I'll use.

01:00:37   But you will hear as I go through,

01:00:39   I don't have a lot of home stuff at home.

01:00:41   I have more at the studio,

01:00:43   but even then I think I'm,

01:00:44   compared to the two of you,

01:00:45   I actually think I'm the most basic of the three of us.

01:00:48   So, but yeah, that's it for my kitchen,

01:00:51   just the Echo Show.

01:00:52   - Okay, I would be super into a home pod with a screen.

01:00:56   I think that'd be really cool.

01:00:57   And I would put it in the kitchen.

01:00:59   That's where it would go for me, for sure.

01:01:01   - That would be my hope, right?

01:01:02   That I could replace what I have, but I don't know.

01:01:06   We'll see.

01:01:07   - All right, my hallway is very simple.

01:01:11   I only have two devices, three if you count

01:01:15   the Dyson hot and cool fan that we have,

01:01:20   but it's not HomeKit compatible.

01:01:22   used to be HomeKit compatible via Homebridge two years ago,

01:01:29   but I found that eventually too unreliable to keep it around

01:01:33   for my taste.

01:01:34   And so now we control the Dyson fan using the remote,

01:01:38   because it comes with a physical remote,

01:01:40   or via the Dyson app on our iPhones.

01:01:44   We do have, though, HomePod Mini.

01:01:47   So this is one of the two HomePod Minis that we have.

01:01:50   This used to be, by the way, these two HomePod Minis, they used to be a stereo pair in the

01:01:56   bedroom for the LG TV that we have, using the ARC sound out thing, but that also turned

01:02:05   out to be too unreliable for our taste, and so we split up the stereo pair, and we just

01:02:12   went back to using a HomePod Mini in the hallway, and another in the bedroom I'll talk about

01:02:17   later.

01:02:18   So in the hallway we have this IKEA cabinet with a HomePod Mini on top of it and a LogiCircle2

01:02:25   camera.

01:02:27   No smart lights here, just this HomePod Mini that we use to put on some background music

01:02:32   when we want.

01:02:34   Otherwise it also serves as another Thread Radio in the house.

01:02:39   So the hallway is very simple, Dyson fan that is not compatible with HomeKit, unless you

01:02:45   want to use HomeBridge.

01:02:46   LogiCircle to the camera and a white HomePod Mini.

01:02:50   - I don't have a hallway.

01:02:52   I mean, I do have a hallway.

01:02:54   - I don't have a hallway, really.

01:02:55   But it's the entrance for me.

01:02:57   The entrance and the hallway are one and the same thing.

01:03:00   It's all I have.

01:03:01   - I guess I'll just do like what I labeled in my section,

01:03:04   interior rooms.

01:03:06   So just kind of like stuff that's randomly in the house.

01:03:11   So we have a white HomePod Mini in Mary and I's bedroom.

01:03:15   It replaced a full blown HomePod when it died.

01:03:18   I would do yellow probably for our room, or maybe blue,

01:03:21   but I bought it before the colors came out.

01:03:24   I have iHome Smart Plugs.

01:03:27   I have several of them.

01:03:29   Some of them are seasonal,

01:03:30   like I use some for Christmas lights,

01:03:31   but I have one that's permanently like in the den,

01:03:35   one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

01:03:38   And they just put regular, in two cases, floor lamps,

01:03:42   the ones like a bedside lamp into HomeKit.

01:03:46   And the iHome switches just plug into the outlet,

01:03:47   the lamp plugs into the front of it,

01:03:49   and it just toggles on and off with a command.

01:03:52   It also works with the Amazon Echo family of products.

01:03:56   There's a lot of HomeKit only,

01:04:02   or Amazon Echo only plugs now.

01:04:08   I bought these a long time ago,

01:04:10   and there is an iHome app that you can use,

01:04:14   although they also talk directly to HomeKit.

01:04:16   I keep the iHome app around because,

01:04:19   in case you need to update one,

01:04:22   or if anything's acting weird,

01:04:23   you can do a reset with the iHome app.

01:04:26   If I were to replace these now,

01:04:29   I would look for something that was just HomeKit native

01:04:32   100% that you didn't need its own app

01:04:34   to kind of be the intermediate step.

01:04:38   But I did get the job done.

01:04:39   My only complaint, and I ran into this the other day

01:04:41   after my power came back out of the storm,

01:04:43   is that these things don't rejoin the network

01:04:46   like the right way,

01:04:48   or it may be that my network takes longer to come up

01:04:50   than these things,

01:04:51   but if the power's out and the power comes back on,

01:04:55   I have to like go around and unplug all these things

01:04:57   and plug them back in for it to see the wifi.

01:04:59   So maybe it's like a order of operations thing.

01:05:01   And that's really annoying.

01:05:03   Like maybe they just give up trying to connect

01:05:05   to the network after a few seconds, I don't know.

01:05:08   But it's something that I've noticed that if anything weird

01:05:12   happens with the network or the power,

01:05:14   these things often need a reset.

01:05:15   So I just have to go around and unplug them

01:05:17   and plug them back in like some sort of caveman.

01:05:21   And then lastly, we spoke about this in previous episodes,

01:05:26   we bought our first OLED TV last year.

01:05:28   We got the 48 inch LG, the exact same TV Myke,

01:05:31   you and Adina have.

01:05:33   - Yeah.

01:05:34   - It's fantastic.

01:05:35   Man, I just had no idea how good TVs were

01:05:38   'cause my last one I bought in like 2010.

01:05:40   But it's really great.

01:05:41   We have the Apple TV, the new one,

01:05:45   or maybe not the new new one, but the one before it,

01:05:47   the first 4K one with the new remote

01:05:50   and a Sonos Beam as the soundbar.

01:05:54   And I don't really use the Sonos Beam on its own,

01:05:57   although it is available for AirPlay and HomeKit stuff,

01:06:01   but I don't, I just basically just use it as a soundbar.

01:06:05   But what is nice is the LG TV is in home kit

01:06:09   and you can airplay directly to it without the Apple TV.

01:06:11   So I can tell Siri just to turn off the TV

01:06:15   or turn on the TV and that works perfectly.

01:06:19   I've been really impressed with that.

01:06:20   I really love this LG OLED.

01:06:23   Everyone says they're really good and everyone is correct.

01:06:26   That's been a really nice addition to our house

01:06:28   over the last, I guess maybe year or so.

01:06:31   - I guess you can use the Sonos Beam

01:06:33   like a Sonos too, right?

01:06:34   Not just airplay like it's just it's the Sonos

01:06:37   And I think I would if our TV our TVs like not in our main like living space like my house

01:06:44   Has like a big living room dining room as you come in and then it's kind of like a TV room

01:06:50   We're like a separate den and that's where the television is

01:06:53   And so that room is not huge if that if our TV was in the big open space

01:06:58   I would probably use the Sonos beam as a speaker

01:07:02   But we have the HomePod not far away.

01:07:05   So I just didn't really pan out that I'm using it for all the features.

01:07:07   So I could have gone cheaper with my soundbar.

01:07:09   I kind of regret the Beam purchase, honestly, but it is what it is at this point.

01:07:13   Alright, so I'll do my living room now.

01:07:17   Okay.

01:07:18   So we have a stereo pair of the original HomePod there.

01:07:23   Still going great.

01:07:24   We use that attached to our Apple TV.

01:07:27   Like it's basically just our TV speakers.

01:07:29   It's kind of the only thing we use it for.

01:07:31   put music on it occasionally but we're not really big like just have music on

01:07:35   in the house people. Hue lights we have like hue lamps there we have the same

01:07:41   LG OLED Steven. I think the only thing that is unique for us that you don't

01:07:45   have is we have a power strip by a company called Meros. Mm-hmm. These are

01:07:50   available on Amazon. They're really cool. They're like they're power strips where

01:07:53   you can turn the whole thing on and off or it's got like four plugs and a bunch

01:07:57   USBs and you can set it to turn each one of them on and off whenever you want and

01:08:04   on a schedule and it's all in HomeKit. I really like that actually. Very easy to

01:08:08   automate it and stuff like that. Yeah. It's a cool, it's a really cool product.

01:08:12   That's our living room. I don't have a ton of stuff at home I don't think. I know

01:08:16   when you first set it up you had issues with the HomePod stereo pairing in the

01:08:20   Apple TV. Has that gotten better over time with subsequent updates? It's 100%

01:08:23   fixed. Really? Absolutely 100% fixed. Yeah I don't have any problems at all.

01:08:27   And can you use the Minis as a stereo pair now?

01:08:32   Stereo pair? Yes.

01:08:34   Okay. Obviously not going to sound as good.

01:08:36   I bet your HomePod stereo pair sounds awesome.

01:08:38   Sounds so good.

01:08:40   I bet.

01:08:41   Yeah, I'm actually really pleased that we did it.

01:08:44   It really sounds excellent.

01:08:48   I'm sure the Minis sound good too,

01:08:50   but this sounds real good.

01:08:51   So I'm very happy that we ended up

01:08:53   kind of leaning into that and doing it.

01:08:56   All right, let's take a break here,

01:08:58   and then we will finish our round room robin

01:09:02   that we're doing today.

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01:09:22   Is it the backend or the frontend?

01:09:24   Is it the cloud provider, something on the network?

01:09:26   There's a lot of things to check and to test

01:09:29   when you have an outage or some other issue going on.

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01:10:50   Alright, the last room of my house is the bedroom and...

01:10:55   It's where the magic happens.

01:10:57   It's where... this is actually where the fun happens, but like for real, and I'm especially happy with my desk setup right now.

01:11:05   I don't have a dedicated office space. My office has a desk in the corner of our bedroom.

01:11:12   That's for the special business. It's in there.

01:11:14   This is where I'm talking to you from right now.

01:11:17   I like it, no, I like it.

01:11:18   standard stuff first. We have an LG B7 from 2017, 55-inch OLED TV. We love it. I would eventually

01:11:29   like an upgrade for 120Hz refresh, HDMI 2.1, that kind of stuff, but this still works absolutely fine

01:11:38   for my PS5, for my Apple TV, and the picture quality is great. We love it. We use it a ton.

01:11:45   We watch a ton of movies and TV shows in the bedroom before sleep or after dinner.

01:11:50   It's very comfy and big and beautiful. We love the LG makes good televisions.

01:11:56   There's an Apple TV, like I mentioned. We also upgraded the Siri remote here.

01:12:02   And the second HomePod mini is also in the bedroom on a shelf next to an e-room sensor.

01:12:12   This is another indoor temperature and humidity sensor. We have a bit of a humidity problem in the

01:12:18   winter season over here, so it's important to keep an eye on it. We have a dehumidifier, but it's not

01:12:25   smart at all. It's a pretty traditional one, with a basic display, no wi-fi, no Bluetooth or anything,

01:12:34   and when necessary, it's got wheels on it, so we can carry it from the bathroom into the

01:12:39   the bedroom to dehumidify a little bit. The fun stuff is at my desk. Now, I've been working

01:12:47   on this setup for the past three years, and you guys know me, a hobby of mine besides

01:12:55   video games and consoles in general, it's music equipment.

01:13:00   Scrubbling.

01:13:01   It's a scrubbling, man. It all comes down to the Scrubble, right? At the end of the

01:13:08   we do all this for no other reason than the scrubbling.

01:13:13   Just for the scrubble.

01:13:14   It's all for the...

01:13:16   I do it for the scrubbling, I'll be honest.

01:13:20   I do it all because of that.

01:13:22   We don't have kids, but we do have the scrubbles.

01:13:25   So it's all in the name of the scrubbling.

01:13:30   All right, so last year I upgraded my desktop deck

01:13:36   to a bigger, more powerful, better sounding model.

01:13:41   It's still a Matrix Audio DAC,

01:13:45   but I upgraded from a Matrix Audio Mini iPro 3

01:13:50   to the bigger, nicer,

01:13:54   Matrix Audio Saber 3.

01:13:58   - Oh good, yeah, that's the one.

01:14:00   - Well, yeah, I know you were gonna make fun of this.

01:14:03   I don't care. - They said the previous one,

01:14:04   specific loads could kill people.

01:14:07   (laughing)

01:14:07   Please that you've moved to this one.

01:14:10   - Yes, so you guys can make fun of it as much as you want.

01:14:14   I absolutely love my DAC.

01:14:17   And I mention it in the context of home automation

01:14:21   because it's also an AirPlay receiver.

01:14:24   It supports AirPlay 2 and it shows up in HomeKit

01:14:28   as an AirPlay device, which is a nice touch.

01:14:31   But the DAC is important for a couple of reasons.

01:14:34   It's a Rune-certified playback destination device,

01:14:39   meaning that in the Rune software,

01:14:42   I can select my X Saber 3 as a playback destination device.

01:14:47   However, the DAC alone wouldn't do much

01:14:51   because on top of it, there's my also new,

01:14:55   well, new, I got it last year.

01:14:57   It's been with us for a few months now.

01:15:00   It's Milo.

01:15:02   Milo is here.

01:15:03   specifically Milo hey man I'm gonna post a picture in the discord of my setup

01:15:08   Milo is my new best friend Milo is my headphone amp 24,240

01:15:16   scrabbles that's a lot of scrabbles man look that's not Milo Milo is the black

01:15:20   thing on top of the deck with that with the with the fin spoken out of it that's

01:15:26   That's the giant hintsink that it's got.

01:15:30   You gotta keep that Ogg Vorbis cool, you know?

01:15:33   Yeah, it's the flak, it's the flak, man, come on.

01:15:37   Ogg Vorbis, I'm not an animal, come on.

01:15:39   There's a real interesting scale issue with this image,

01:15:43   like where Milo originally looks small, and then when you start looking at the other things around it,

01:15:49   it's like, "Oh, Milo's a big boy."

01:15:51   Milo is a chunky boy.

01:15:53   He's a big old boy.

01:15:54   Big old boy that's got a ton of power inside of it.

01:15:57   He had to get a special power condition cable for it and everything.

01:16:02   Anyway, it's one of the few amps that can power my headphones.

01:16:07   It's a whole thing, I'm super happy with it, it sounds incredible.

01:16:10   I got it from this family-run business based out of San Jose in California.

01:16:16   This is actually like a family-run company, very old school, I love it.

01:16:19   talk directly to the guy to get this handmade for you. It's an incredible experience, super

01:16:26   fun and kind people. If I ever make it back to San Jose, I want to go visit their store,

01:16:32   because they have like a sort of like showroom, museum of sorts. Very good people, very cool

01:16:42   experience purchasing this and waiting for this to come to Italy. And most of all, it sounds

01:16:46   incredible. So what's nice about this is, usually I just use Rune to stream my

01:16:57   FLAC library to the DAC that sends its signal to the amp, and I listen with my headphones.

01:17:05   But I can also choose, if I want to listen at lower quality, but if I just want to try something

01:17:11   from Apple Music or from any other AirPlay source, I can. And I usually do that if I

01:17:18   want to try something out on Apple Music before actually buying the album and purchasing the

01:17:25   album for my offline personal music collection. The DAC shows up in Control Center, it shows

01:17:32   up in HomeKit, and I can control playback there. It's very nice. It's a nice way to

01:17:37   to try something out on Apple Music

01:17:39   before committing to a full-on purchase.

01:17:42   Lastly--

01:17:43   - Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.

01:17:45   I'm looking at the website for the Milo,

01:17:47   the Wells Audio.

01:17:49   I just wanna share the name to some of their other products.

01:17:53   So you have Milo, you have Commander.

01:17:57   That thing is huge.

01:18:00   You have Majestic.

01:18:02   Enigma 2.

01:18:06   You want to get enigma one the load on the enigma one could sometimes kill people. Yeah. Yeah head trip head trip to whoa

01:18:14   Head trip to level two. That's the real as the real one. That one's $15,000 by the way, so don't don't buy that

01:18:22   Look at the last one in the list dragon dragon

01:18:26   One is the real deal it doesn't have a price it doesn't have a price

01:18:35   There's no price on it.

01:18:37   Nope.

01:18:38   Wow.

01:18:39   Oh, wait, hang on.

01:18:39   No, there kind of is.

01:18:41   Level three Dragon Tube headphone amplifier, $5,500.

01:18:45   Wow.

01:18:47   I can't tell.

01:18:49   This company makes serious things, don't they?

01:18:52   Yes, yes.

01:18:53   I think maybe even more than serious,

01:18:55   this all looks handmade.

01:18:57   And not in a bad way.

01:18:58   Yeah.

01:18:59   Well.

01:19:00   Just looks like someone's putting this together.

01:19:00   This is what their website says.

01:19:02   Yeah.

01:19:03   All Wells Audio products are custom built in the USA

01:19:06   for the best parts money can buy,

01:19:08   allowing us to accommodate special feature requests

01:19:10   by customers.

01:19:11   And then there's a biting lip emoji, that's weird.

01:19:14   - In my case, I wanted to have a specific knob

01:19:19   for the volume.

01:19:20   And so I got this,

01:19:23   I believe it's called the Goldpoint Attenuator.

01:19:26   Maybe you can pick up the nice sound that it makes.

01:19:31   Hold on, let's see.

01:19:32   [typing sounds]

01:19:36   Yeah, okay. That's a big old dial.

01:19:39   Yeah. It's a very nice feel and a very nice way to control volume.

01:19:44   Anyway, the last item on my desk, I actually need to thank one of my idols from my teenage years.

01:19:54   Back when I used to be in high school, I used to read this music website called Absolute Punk.

01:20:00   Now, Absolute Punk, you've probably been on the forums, that was back in the MySpace era.

01:20:07   People my age, people my age, you all know what I'm talking about.

01:20:11   You know, when Fallout Boy were a new band, you know, you've been on Absolute Punk.

01:20:18   I'm sure.

01:20:19   Yeah, just people my age and your age.

01:20:21   That generation, you know what I mean.

01:20:23   Nobody, you know, that generation.

01:20:25   Maybe Stevens, age two, but like people...

01:20:27   Oh yeah, I'm familiar with this.

01:20:29   Okay, well, I don't think you are, but I'll believe you for the sake of the show.

01:20:34   Absolute Punk is now known as Chorus FM.

01:20:38   It's my favorite music website, and Jason Tate still writes Chorus FM.

01:20:42   Now, Jason, a few months ago, did this very cool side project that we also linked on Mac

01:20:50   Stories, I believe.

01:20:52   Jason turned a Raspberry Pi into a portable standalone display, this is what Myke was

01:21:01   making fun of a few minutes ago, for your Last.fm scroubles.

01:21:07   So this is a tiny, square-shaped display that in real time updates and shows you a bunch

01:21:15   of stats from your Last.fm account.

01:21:19   And I thought that was an... because it updates in real time, as you start listening to something,

01:21:25   in apps like Marvis, for example, on iPhone and iPad, which is an Apple Music client,

01:21:31   or on the Mac, you can listen in the music app, but then have something like Neptunes,

01:21:35   for example, that instantly scrabbles what you're listening to.

01:21:39   In real time, this shows up on the Raspberry Pi display.

01:21:43   It's basically a physical, now playing screen.

01:21:47   And I loved the idea so much that I ordered the parts, and actually a bunch of them had

01:21:54   to be shipped to me from the Voorhis family.

01:22:01   Some parts started in Chicago, went to Ireland, and then from Dublin they came to Rome.

01:22:08   So thank you to the Voorhis family, as always, for the assistance here.

01:22:13   I built it all.

01:22:15   It took me a few tries to... because you're getting essentially this Raspberry Pi Zero,

01:22:23   it's called.

01:22:24   You're getting just the board of a Raspberry Pi, and then you connect the display.

01:22:29   And then you need to follow a bunch of instructions, but it was also a weekend project for me,

01:22:34   and now it's done, it's set up, and when music is playing, it shows up on the Raspberry Pi.

01:22:41   music is not playing, I get stats, which I also posted with the photo on Discord. So

01:22:47   that's my desk. It's very fun. It's a lot of Scrobbles. Yeah. Every day is Scrobblin'.

01:22:53   I think I made that joke last time. I think you did. You always do. It never gets old,

01:22:59   and I understand why you do. Thanks. I think. I mean, I'm an easy target with the Scrobbling,

01:23:05   So I get it, I get it.

01:23:08   Alright my office.

01:23:10   If you saw my video tour I did on my YouTube channel, you've seen a lot of this, but lots

01:23:16   of hue lights in here.

01:23:18   I've got one in my desk lamp.

01:23:20   I've got two sets of shelves.

01:23:22   They have the hue strip lights on them so I can control them.

01:23:26   I have each shelving unit as a group and so I can say like turn on wood shelves and they're

01:23:30   all three levels come on all at once.

01:23:34   handy. I have an iHome temperature and humidity sensor so it just plugs into

01:23:41   the wall and it basically just reports temperature humidity into home kit so I

01:23:47   can see like Federico said I have a humidity issue out here sometimes and

01:23:51   I run a dehumidifier and that can kind of keep me in the loop about what's

01:23:55   going on out here as far as that's concerned. It got really cold in here and

01:23:59   the power was out I would imagine but in that power so how cold nobody knows.

01:24:03   a pair of HomePods Mini in orange and they sound pretty good as a pair. I

01:24:11   realized after I talked to you about that a second ago, Myke, that I do have a

01:24:15   pair of them and they sound pretty good. So I have a set of those and then the

01:24:22   sort of the wildest thing on my whole HomeKit network or I guess my SmartHome

01:24:27   network because these aren't like... these are in HomeKit via HardwareBridge

01:24:31   which a lot of these, I mean, HUDA is the same thing,

01:24:33   a lot of these companies have like a bridge

01:24:36   that you plug into power and ethernet

01:24:37   and it talks to their accessories and it talks to HomeKit.

01:24:40   But I have two smart shades over the two big windows

01:24:44   in my new studio from a company called Serena,

01:24:48   which are actually owned by Lutron,

01:24:50   they make the smart light switches and stuff.

01:24:53   And they're like custom made to fit these windows,

01:24:56   you pick the color and everything.

01:24:58   By far one of the biggest expenses

01:25:00   putting this office together but it's fantastic to have them in HomeKit so I

01:25:06   can open or close them via Siri or buttons on my stream deck or the home

01:25:13   app but I also have an automation setup that 15 minutes before sunset close the

01:25:20   shades and so they just you know every day 15 minutes before sunset if they're

01:25:26   not already closed, then they'll close themselves and they're great.

01:25:33   I cannot recommend them due to the expense. This is Quinn Nelson's fault. I was

01:25:38   talking to him about outfitting HomeKit stuff. He's like, "You need these." He's a

01:25:43   very bad influence, but here they are and it's pretty cool to have shades

01:25:47   on your smart home network, I gotta say. Why do Lutron have so many brand

01:25:54   names it's weird right right like cassette a by Lutron Serena by Lutron

01:26:00   why not just they're almost worse than the walls audio family of maybe like the

01:26:07   thing with the walls audio thing is they're all just single products right

01:26:11   that they make we're like Lutron have like all these sub brands that make

01:26:16   multiple products is it also the cassette a but yeah you said about

01:26:20   Lutron and I see one here it's like outdoor smart plug from Caseta by Lutron

01:26:25   why not just call it the Lutron outdoor smart plug? Like why does it if you're gonna also

01:26:30   always put Lutron in there there's no point sub-branding it. It reminds me of

01:26:35   that meme image with the label on the t-shirt Mark Jacobs by Mark Jacobs by

01:26:42   Marc Jacobs. Marc by Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs.

01:26:47   For Marc Jacobs.

01:26:49   They look nice, those shades. They're there.

01:26:57   Is that the end of the pod cabin? I think it is. I was trying to think about other

01:27:02   smart home stuff. I guess I can talk about my network a little bit if we

01:27:05   wanted to go that deep. Well, I've still got two more rooms to go. Okay, why don't

01:27:09   don't you take us to your bedroom and then we'll loop back around. Because we've done a really bad

01:27:13   job of like, for some reason Stephen had interior rooms not bedroom, I don't know. Yeah it's a

01:27:20   lumpy Robin today. So take us to your bedroom and then Federica and then we can just like talk about

01:27:27   our network so quick and be done. But I haven't done the studio yet. Oh yeah. Oh god this is gonna

01:27:32   go on forever. Well I mean I can't be held responsible for this. Federica you started the round Robin by

01:27:38   doing two rooms so you know I wanted to speed it up you know it's a mega no no

01:27:44   bedroom echo dot hue lamp Dyson hot and cool fan that's it oh I forgot to talk

01:27:51   about a room burrelly we have a room yeah I do too it's rolling around

01:27:55   somewhere so that's the end of the bedroom now we can move back around to

01:27:58   Federico again I'm done like I got nothing else to Federico's done so now

01:28:04   we move back around again to Steve's small apartment I was gonna mention my

01:28:08   network I've got three wired Eero Pro base stations which is fantastic if you

01:28:14   use something like Eero or Linksys or any other sort of mesh network and you

01:28:19   can do it and a lot of people like Federico can't be doing a bunch of holes

01:28:24   and running wires everywhere but if you can I really recommend having your base

01:28:28   stations all wired with Ethernet so they use Ethernet as the backhaul I found it

01:28:34   to be much more reliable and faster having done that.

01:28:37   And so a couple of era pro base stations in the house

01:28:40   and one out here in the studio,

01:28:42   there is ethernet linking the studio back to the house.

01:28:45   It's been in place now since I built this

01:28:47   the first time around.

01:28:48   And especially when you're doing things like cameras

01:28:53   that may be on the outside of the house

01:28:54   or the more smart homes that you add,

01:28:57   it's network congestion.

01:28:58   And so if you're finding issues with connectivity

01:29:01   with some of this stuff,

01:29:03   Definitely check out Mesh Networking.

01:29:05   I like your stuff, they've been a sponsor.

01:29:07   But a lot of the good brands out there too.

01:29:10   It can be worth the sort of investment.

01:29:12   And it's a pain, right?

01:29:13   It's a pain to redo your network.

01:29:14   But if you're adding more and more smart home stuff,

01:29:17   like the network is really the glue

01:29:18   that holds it all together.

01:29:19   And that's really why I wanted to mention it.

01:29:22   - I don't think this is gonna take me very long

01:29:24   to do at the studio 'cause I have a lot of the same product.

01:29:27   The only thing, we have a Ring security system.

01:29:30   We have the previous version,

01:29:32   the one that is now but the only difference is just the way it looks. I like it. It's

01:29:36   got like one box, it's got everything I needed like the alarm system, security, like the

01:29:43   sensors and all that kind of stuff. I got one too. Couple of cameras. In the pod cabin.

01:29:47   We have some Hue lamps. And you know sharks. There's sharks circling. Yeah, they do that

01:29:52   too. It's funny how Ring provide that but Ring Sharks is a real good service. I have

01:29:58   some Hue lamps and I have a Hue switch for those lamps as well. Linked just so I could

01:30:01   I have that by the door in case I just want to turn it off when I'm leaving.

01:30:05   I have an echo pair that I never use.

01:30:08   It was a bad purchase.

01:30:11   The echoes don't really do very well in this space.

01:30:14   I don't know why.

01:30:15   I think maybe they shouldn't have two so close to each other.

01:30:18   I don't know what it is.

01:30:19   It doesn't work very well.

01:30:20   I have a HomePod mini.

01:30:22   It's what I use to do any voice commands here because I've just got everything hooked up

01:30:27   by Home with the Home app.

01:30:30   accept ring. I hope that matter, which is the thing that we have not spoken about today

01:30:34   because who the frick knows when it will come or what it's actually going to be. I hope

01:30:38   that matter will be able to help with that, like make that better for me in the future,

01:30:42   like connect these things together maybe. I have here a couple of radiators, like regular

01:30:50   radiators and I have a thing that Eve make called the Eve Thermo radiator kit. So basically

01:30:56   you replace the radiator valve with these smart valves and it can turn them on and off

01:31:01   and you can adjust the temperature and stuff. I really like that because this studio can

01:31:04   get pretty cold because it's just a big brick room and so I like that I can turn that on

01:31:10   or I can automate that as well if I want to so that was a real game changer for me honestly.

01:31:16   I have another one of the Dyson fans here, it's the hot and cool air purifying fan. We

01:31:21   got one for home and I loved it so much I got one for here. That was before I got the

01:31:25   radiator valves because I didn't know that was a thing so I was trying to use

01:31:28   that to heat the room and that didn't really do a good job but I like having

01:31:31   that and then an Apple TV I have a regular I have like a Panasonic TV it's

01:31:35   like our old TV from home it's not very it's not smart at all and I have an

01:31:41   Apple TV that I use for that I don't have any fancy speakers or anything here

01:31:45   I might do a home pod mini pair here actually get like a second home pod mini

01:31:49   and set them up there I might do that I haven't thought about that yet might do that

01:31:52   That's Megastudio. Cool. And the round robin is complete. The robin is finally

01:31:57   done around. Nice job, thank you. I think that's it. We have toured our houses,

01:32:03   been down the hall, stopped in the bedroom. Yeah, Myke's door is open, so.

01:32:09   Always open. You wanna come over? My door is open. Okay. You can find links to all the stuff we

01:32:16   spoke about over on the website relay.fm/connected/384. There you can

01:32:22   get in touch with feedback or follow up there's an email link there on the side

01:32:25   of the page you can also join connected pro and you'll get a longer ad-free

01:32:31   version of the show each and every week this week we talked about portable

01:32:37   gaming like handheld pcs and emulation through dolphin was a lot of fun

01:32:41   basically weird small computers are awesome that we all agree on that yes

01:32:45   you can find us all online you can find Federico on Twitter as Vitici V I T I CCI

01:32:50   and he's the editor-in-chief of max stories dotnet. Federico, what's going on

01:32:55   at max stories? Nothing, we're just waiting for the Nintendo Direct. Nothing

01:33:00   else is going on. Yes, it's a couple of hours, I'm really excited about it.

01:33:04   Metroid Prime on Switch, baby! It's happening! This episode will, like, that would have

01:33:12   happened. You would have been disappointed before this episode is

01:33:14   released. You can also follow Myke on Twitter I M Y K E. Myke hosts a bunch of

01:33:22   shows here on Relay FM. Myke what are you up to this week? I don't know man, my brain's

01:33:28   falling out of my ears. I've been recording like six hours straight today. I don't know what's

01:33:33   happening anymore. Go listen to Panatic 500. Go do it. I'm gonna listen. You could

01:33:40   at least listen to the start. I'm gonna try to listen. Yeah I want to listen to you

01:33:44   all cry together then that'll be it we are known to do that I've been in person

01:33:49   when it's happened while recording and while not recording both very intense

01:33:54   around the two of you couple of cry guys pull it together you can follow me on

01:33:58   Twitter as is mh did you hear that everyone that was some toxic masculinity

01:34:02   from Steven there wow okay you know they won't accept that boys can cry you know

01:34:06   I'm just saying it's intense I don't say it was bad mm-hmm you said pull it

01:34:10   together you know I just feel like you know let me and Brad express

01:34:14   our feelings. I do think it's time to cancel you, Steven. We've all decided, we all got together.

01:34:21   So I'm sorry, but yeah, you've been cancelled. So... Oh, why don't you end the show then?

01:34:29   Steve, Federico, you gotta end it. You gotta end it now. You used to be able to find

01:34:35   find Steven on Twitter @ismh or on his website 512pixels.net. Thanks to our sponsors this

01:34:44   week. They were three sponsors, if I'm not mistaken Bombas, Fitbot and New Relic. So

01:34:51   thank you to our three sponsors. All three of them. Thank you very much for your support

01:34:56   and thank you to our listeners, whether you listen to the regular show or Connected Pro.

01:35:00   Myke, where can people find Connected Pro? GetConnectedPro.co

01:35:04   All right, thank you Michael, thank you to all the members of our Discord as well.

01:35:10   You're really missing out if you don't join Discord, and until next time, say goodbye Myke.

01:35:15   Cheerio!

01:35:16   Arrivederci!