383: The Jeremies (February 2022)


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 383.

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00:00:18   And yes, it is an odd episode,

00:00:20   so I am humbled and pleased to be joined

00:00:23   by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:24   - Hello.

00:00:26   - Hello.

00:00:27   - This is an important day today.

00:00:28   - It really is, and we will get to that.

00:00:33   But we're also joined by really the man of the hour.

00:00:37   - The contender.

00:00:38   - Yes, the sole defender of something.

00:00:43   Freedom? I don't know.

00:00:44   Federico Vittucci.

00:00:45   - Hello, hi.

00:00:46   It's me.

00:00:47   What do you call, like in law terms,

00:00:51   like what is it, the defendant and the plaintiff?

00:00:54   Am I the plaintiff?

00:00:56   - Plaintiff.

00:00:57   - In this instance?

00:00:58   Or the defendant?

00:01:00   Like am I suing the emoji or are the emoji suing me?

00:01:06   Well, I guess it depends on if you have issues with them or not

00:01:09   So maybe you become the plaintiff at the end of the Jeremy's. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay?

00:01:16   Yeah, that works. So we are doing the Jeremy's today. We'll talk about it in a little bit. Yes, but first we have some

00:01:23   Some follow-up we spoke last time about an upcoming change in Mac OS

00:01:29   12.3 which is in beta we're gonna talk more about the beta in a minute because

00:01:33   Boy, there's some exciting stuff in the betas right now

00:01:37   But there's a change coming that will affect Dropbox and OneDrive and their ability to reference files that are online

00:01:43   only we spoke last time about this the news was kind of breaking and

00:01:48   We talked about how

00:01:52   whatever's going on, like Apple needs to be really clear about what's going on and why it's happening now. Sort of strange

00:01:58   that it's happening mid-cycle.

00:02:00   Some more news kind of broke in the day since. It turns out that this is a an

00:02:07   API

00:02:09   change in Mac OS in the 12.3 beta,

00:02:12   which I think came out the day after we recorded maybe. It's in the notes.

00:02:17   I think it was a couple of days after. I think it was the end of the week.

00:02:19   - It may have been that the API that these Dropbox

00:02:24   and OneDrive use to do this is going away

00:02:26   and then they need to move fully onto the file provider API,

00:02:30   which of course actually originated--

00:02:31   - Well, they were kernel extensions before.

00:02:33   - Yes, yeah, kernel extension before API now,

00:02:36   moving out of the kernel space into the user space.

00:02:39   These changes, depending on who you ask

00:02:42   and where you read, were announced as far back as 2019.

00:02:45   So like good job getting in the last minute, I guess.

00:02:48   But very strange, I still think that it's mid-cycle

00:02:51   and I think that when Dropbox and OneDrive broke the news,

00:02:55   Apple should have then said, clarified,

00:02:58   hey, this was announced in the past, this is what's going on.

00:03:01   Instead, they left a lot of room for ambiguity

00:03:05   and honestly, given their reputation

00:03:08   in their services business, I still think my point of,

00:03:11   this is weird that Apple is like kneecapping Dropbox

00:03:16   at OneDrive in a way that is, you know,

00:03:19   will fundamentally break the service for some users

00:03:22   and they needed to really explain why that's happening.

00:03:24   And they kind of did, I guess, in the beta release,

00:03:27   but it was a weird few days there in between.

00:03:30   - It was weird.

00:03:30   It was weird, 'cause what it would seem to suggest

00:03:33   is that Dropbox and Microsoft only got like a week's notice

00:03:38   before the beta dropped.

00:03:40   - Yeah. - That's what it looks like,

00:03:41   right, 'cause they both, or maybe like, you know,

00:03:43   a couple of weeks notice or whatever.

00:03:46   And yeah, I don't know.

00:03:47   Or maybe they didn't, right?

00:03:48   Maybe they got like two months notice

00:03:49   and just they're big companies

00:03:51   and they just couldn't be bothered, right?

00:03:52   And they didn't do anything until they had to.

00:03:54   The point is we don't know,

00:03:55   but the second point is it's just like, it's super weird.

00:03:58   Like why are they doing this now?

00:04:01   Like I remember this in 2019.

00:04:04   I remember having a conversation with Federico about this.

00:04:07   - Yeah, I think we did, yeah.

00:04:09   - We were walking down the street.

00:04:10   I think we were going to get some food

00:04:12   because it was the same year that they announced updates

00:04:15   to the file provider APIs for like iPadOS and stuff.

00:04:18   - Right.

00:04:19   - And you told me, I remember Federico told me,

00:04:21   he was like, well, this is also coming to the Mac

00:04:23   because your hope was it would make files better

00:04:26   on iOS and iPadOS because they're unifying the API.

00:04:30   And it's like, okay, that all makes sense.

00:04:32   But like, it's the middle of 2022 now.

00:04:36   Not middle, you know what I mean?

00:04:37   It's beginning of 2022.

00:04:39   You know, we're like nearly, we're like multiple years,

00:04:42   right, like two and a bit.

00:04:44   How many hours does time work?

00:04:45   How many years has it been?

00:04:46   Two and a half, let's say two and a half.

00:04:48   And it's just like so, it just seems, I don't know,

00:04:50   it just seems strange to me, like just like a weird,

00:04:53   'cause it's not like, for all I know,

00:04:55   someone could correct me if I'm wrong,

00:04:57   it's not like 12.3 changes anything

00:04:59   with kernel extensions, right?

00:05:01   Not, I don't think broadly, no.

00:05:04   And in fact, the show notes, good grief,

00:05:06   the release notes for the beta very specifically call out

00:05:11   that it's the kernel extension,

00:05:13   that Dropbox and OneDrive use.

00:05:16   Like, there's not like a bunch of people

00:05:19   are using this sort of kernel extension.

00:05:21   It's pretty wild.

00:05:22   And if these companies aren't ready,

00:05:25   like Emma just put in the Discord

00:05:26   that it looks like it's going to be,

00:05:28   oh no, so in June they talked about it.

00:05:31   Anyways, like the timeline's really messy

00:05:33   and we had several pieces of feedback from listeners

00:05:37   saying like, one in particular was like,

00:05:39   I work on a big team, you know,

00:05:41   we have a terabyte of data that's online only,

00:05:44   and this is gonna like fundamentally break our workflow

00:05:46   if the Dropbox beta doesn't work

00:05:49   or we can't get on the beta, you know, things like that.

00:05:51   - Again, just to, it does work,

00:05:54   you just need one extra step,

00:05:55   which is you open the file from the finder

00:05:57   rather than opening the file from inside the app.

00:05:59   - Yeah.

00:06:00   - But the whole point of this is like,

00:06:02   I think ultimately, no matter what the case is here,

00:06:05   this is just one of those things

00:06:06   where things can become complicated or seem weird

00:06:09   when you have a company that won't talk to anyone.

00:06:12   - Yep. - At least publicly.

00:06:13   - Agreed.

00:06:14   Maybe they need a new head of PR.

00:06:15   Oh. - Hey.

00:06:16   I don't think, I don't think this would be anyone

00:06:19   head of PR's job to communicate this specific thing.

00:06:21   - No, no, but you put like a Mac development,

00:06:26   you know, evangelist and send a quote to the Verge, right?

00:06:30   Like that's all it has to be.

00:06:32   And then we don't have four days of like

00:06:34   wondering what's going on.

00:06:35   Federico, big news.

00:06:37   - Okay.

00:06:37   Beats Fits Pro is worldwide now. That includes your fine country.

00:06:44   Is it always on?

00:06:46   It's always on worldwide. Well as long as they're charged.

00:06:50   So yeah, Beats is Pro. We covered these. My wife Mary was on the show to talk about them.

00:06:55   A lot of people really seem to like them. And now they're for sale all sorts of new places, which is fun.

00:07:01   If memory serves in the time from when you announced

00:07:05   publicly to being available in Italy Federico bought and abandoned bought said they were the best AirPods ever

00:07:12   I was like earbuds ever for him changed his mind and got rid of them. Is that right? Is that timeline correct?

00:07:19   That is accurate. That is accurate. Yes. Yes

00:07:22   Decisions at the speed of light over there

00:07:25   Well, no, it's you know by the time that Apple went through this process I also had gone through my process

00:07:31   For deciding how I felt about them and yeah

00:07:36   They are good earbuds, but there's something about the shape that doesn't didn't work. I guess long term

00:07:43   For for the shape of my ears, and that's fine

00:07:47   I think do you think that the the fine people behind big Apple buddy calm are sad when things?

00:07:54   get released more broadly?

00:07:56   - Well, they must be, right?

00:07:59   Because their whole business is predicated upon

00:08:02   regional exclusivity for some accessories.

00:08:06   So they must be hoping that, you know,

00:08:10   all the cool new things launch in America first.

00:08:14   - Maybe you can get them to ship you Apple Pay Cash.

00:08:18   - Sure, sure, that's not money laundering at all.

00:08:20   - I guess that was probably like the very definition

00:08:22   money laundering one. Our friends at the New York Times have purchased... Wait, what?

00:08:30   Wait, what? When did that happen? We used to have friends there. We had friends who worked on the iOS

00:08:38   app, but they've been gone a long time. They have bought Wordle, everyone's

00:08:42   favorite smash word mobile game thing.

00:08:46   What? Everyone's what?

00:08:49   Word? Word mobile game?

00:08:52   Well no, I don't know. I want you to tell me again. What is it?

00:08:55   Everyone's Smash game?

00:08:57   Do you play Wurdle, Steven?

00:08:59   Wurdle's come into Smash, confirmed.

00:09:02   On this show right here. Wurdle's in Smash.

00:09:06   Well, how do we feel about it?

00:09:08   I hope the guy made a lot of money.

00:09:10   Yes.

00:09:11   rumors suggest that they did so congratulations to them yeah that's kind

00:09:16   of how I feel about it I've also stopped playing it I'm kind of over it now well

00:09:20   I think it's fine to you can equally you can be both happy for Josh Wardle is

00:09:29   that their name yeah yeah Wardle with the name you can both be happy for them

00:09:36   and for this outcome but also be kind of sad that it's another instance of you

00:09:41   know, the mega corporations coming in and spending lots of big money to acquire

00:09:46   something that, you know, was this cool indie delicate thing that we all loved

00:09:52   and now it's ruined forever because of capitalism and I think it's fine to feel

00:09:56   both ways about it so yay feelings, you know?

00:10:02   But also it kind of sucks so...

00:10:06   You know what, honestly, like this is just my own thing, right?

00:10:10   Like I just I'm kind of done with the game now. Like I'm I've played it enough times whatever. I'm fine

00:10:15   Like I don't it's not really like hasn't got a hold on me

00:10:18   It did me I'm not saying that I am like an indication of the world, but it did make me think that like over time

00:10:24   This less people will play this game

00:10:27   yeah, that would be my expectation because it's like a it's like it's like Pokemon go or something right that they will like always be a

00:10:33   player base for wordle, I'm sure but it's not gonna be I

00:10:39   Honestly, I feel like now it's just on a decline, right?

00:10:42   Like it's just going to be from this point, less people playing it,

00:10:45   but then it will stabilize.

00:10:47   Yeah. And I think it was like the best time for them to sell it.

00:10:50   Right.

00:10:52   They could have made probably.

00:10:54   And I think it was one of those things that was, you know,

00:10:56   it was like a pandemic flash in the pan type thing. Right. And so, yeah, good,

00:11:01   good for, good for that guy. Seriously. That's pretty awesome.

00:11:04   I mean, Stephen, I don't know if you know this, but like it was created,

00:11:08   just like basically as a gift for his partner. Yeah. It's just like such a lovely story and

00:11:14   now he's like a millionaire probably. I think it's great. Is that technically like a regift?

00:11:20   Like you take something that was a gift for somebody and then you use it for another purpose?

00:11:23   I think it's not so much if you, the person who gave the gift, takes it away and sells it. I don't

00:11:31   think that's a regift. It's something worse. If the partner took it and sold it, that's a regift.

00:11:36   This is like taking back the gift and then getting rich from the gift.

00:11:40   But hey, we can buy a house. So there's that.

00:11:43   Yeah, exactly.

00:11:44   Alright, Myke, tell us about your new AirPods Max case.

00:11:46   Gucci releases a $980 case for AirPods Max.

00:11:50   Oh wow, you must be selling those notebooks with Cortex, I guess.

00:11:53   Yep, so many. You gotta see my bag over here. It's beautiful.

00:11:57   It's a bag version of Apple's terrible case.

00:12:00   I want to read... This came from MacRumors.

00:12:03   I'm just going to read this to you because I can't say it any better.

00:12:06   Gucci's Ophidia case for… is that right Federico? Am I saying that right? Ophidia?

00:12:11   I see.

00:12:12   You know all the classic names.

00:12:14   That seems about right, yeah.

00:12:16   Ophidia case for AirPods Max is an online exclusive that brings vintage and contemporary

00:12:21   together through its archive inspired design elements. Playing with the contrast between

00:12:27   past and present, the inside of the accessory is printed with "hodiernum", a latin word

00:12:33   that means "belonging to the present day". What a bunch of nonsense. They didn't say

00:12:39   this part, this is Myke saying it. "Hodiernum", yeah, in Italian it would be "odierno".

00:12:46   But why is that inside of the AirPods case? Because it's Gucci. And like many AirPods

00:12:53   Max accessories, Gucci's case exposes the AirPods Max canopy allowing for easy carrying.

00:13:01   I don't know. It's fashion. This thing also has a strap on it. That's easier for carrying.

00:13:06   It's like a specific thing that exists. So this is the 980 dollar thing. Gucci sell a

00:13:13   non AirPods Max version of this. Like they've actually just made it as a product thing and

00:13:17   they made an AirPods Max version. I'm assuming it does the like, it's got magnets in it or

00:13:22   I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to tell people about the case that I use that

00:13:28   was recommended to me by a friend of the show and it's called David Smith.

00:13:32   It's just like a hard case that you put the AirPods in and it's got the magnets in so

00:13:35   it does the sleep/wake in thing.

00:13:37   I mean of course when you put it in a big case like this, it's so huge to put in the

00:13:41   back so like I really hope that AirPods Max 2 has folding, like it will fold so you can

00:13:48   make it smaller.

00:13:49   Like, Adina has those Sony's that everybody loves,

00:13:51   and the case is so small compared to the absolute monstrosity

00:13:56   of a case that I have to have,

00:13:57   but if I don't want to just like put my expensive headphones

00:14:00   just like barely protected in my backpack, so.

00:14:04   But anyway, these are two things.

00:14:05   One, ridiculous Gucci case.

00:14:07   Two, much cheaper case from Amazon.

00:14:09   That might be better for you.

00:14:11   - Yeah, you still, I think you should get the Gucci case.

00:14:13   Why not, right? - You think I should get it?

00:14:15   - I think you should. - Like for the clicks?

00:14:17   Do it for the clicks, do it for the tweets, you know, you're gonna travel in style.

00:14:23   Slightly more difficult than the polishing cloth, you know?

00:14:27   You know, you got the Gucci bag in the right hand,

00:14:31   OG Apple Watch Edition in the left hand on your left wrist,

00:14:37   you're gonna travel in style, I'm telling you.

00:14:40   Alright, I'll look into it.

00:14:43   Yeah, just go on eBay and google Apple Watch Edition gold like first model.

00:14:48   Was it called edition? It was called edition. Yeah, it's just edition. The gold one. You mean like

00:14:54   the actual proper gold one, right? Yeah. Yeah. That one. Okay. I'll look into it. I'll let you know.

00:15:01   You can get one cheap these days. I mean, it's been what? Seven years? Yeah. Probably more. This one is

00:15:06   only $11,000. Gee! See? See? Big savings! All right? Is that big savings? I actually don't know.

00:15:16   I mean, yeah, they were really expensive weren't they? It used to be 15 or 16 or something. Oh, Jumbo in the Discord has just let me know that it's possible to

00:15:23   personalize the Ophidia headphone case so I could put my name on it. Wow. See? See? I wonder how much

00:15:30   more that costs. What if you, what if instead of putting your name on it, you make it even more

00:15:36   legit and you have Gucci engraved on it. Do you think they would do that? I mean what if your name is Gucci? Or like maybe have like Old Navy or

00:15:51   something you know some like great pedestrian brand name put on the side of it. Or you could fake it and be like oh this is a special like collab and you have

00:16:01   something like Hermes engraved on it. Honestly I feel like if I just put off

00:16:06   white on there like then it would be worth way more. You know if I just

00:16:09   write off white on it and then like great and I can go for it, it'd be wild.

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00:17:53   Those headphones fold.

00:17:54   Yes, and you don't have to buy a $900 bag for them.

00:17:59   Mm-hmm.

00:18:00   All right, let's get into these betas.

00:18:04   So Mac OS 12.3 and iOS 15.4.

00:18:07   Did I get those version numbers right?

00:18:10   Yes.

00:18:11   Well, thank you.

00:18:12   It's confusing.

00:18:13   We're off by a point update now.

00:18:16   Let's start with universal control.

00:18:17   So this was demoed back at WWDC.

00:18:20   If you've forgotten because that was approximately 400 years ago, you can be sitting at your

00:18:25   computer at your Mac with a keyboard and a mouse and a trackpad, and then you can just

00:18:30   take your cursor to the edge of the display and the cursor jumps from your Mac over to

00:18:36   your iPad or your other Mac.

00:18:39   And unlike Sidecar, the iPad is still an iPad.

00:18:45   It's still running iPad OS.

00:18:46   You're just using your keyboard and trackpad or whatever that's hooked up to your Mac as input devices for your iPad and

00:18:53   so I

00:18:55   didn't want to but I've originally put a beta on my laptop and my iPad to play with this for the show and

00:18:59   it is

00:19:02   Wild how smooth it is and how clever it is and setting up. I think it's really pretty pretty awesome

00:19:08   Yeah, yeah, I set it up like I didn't even

00:19:12   When I first installed the betas, I didn't even know there were, like, are there settings or options that I'm supposed to configure?

00:19:19   I guess I'm just gonna try this. And it worked out of the box. So, like, I upgraded my quest to the beta,

00:19:25   I put the beta on my iPad, and it just started working. And I like how,

00:19:30   basically, your iPad or iPads, because, like, in the video that I did for Twitter,

00:19:36   you can see that I have both an iPad Mini and an iPad Pro,

00:19:39   but they both show up as displays in the display section of system preferences on the Mac.

00:19:46   And I like how, just like any other display, you can rearrange them.

00:19:52   So you can set a different height, for example.

00:19:55   So if you want to keep using a hot corner of your desktop,

00:19:58   maybe you want to raise your iPad a little bit on the vertical edge, and that totally works.

00:20:05   And I also like how when the cursor moves over to an iPad, it changes the shape to be the pointer shape on the iPad.

00:20:16   And that, I think it's really fascinating because it's sort of like this...

00:20:22   You're using one piece of hardware, in this case the trackpad and the keyboard, on your MacBook,

00:20:29   But the behavior, like how that piece of hardware is represented in the software,

00:20:36   changes accordingly to the platform, which is kind of freaky when you see it in action.

00:20:41   Like you get the cursor that looks one way on the Mac,

00:20:45   but when it moves over to the iPad, it looks different.

00:20:47   And I think it's kind of cool.

00:20:50   And what I also found quite impressive is how you can start like

00:20:54   a drag and drop operation, for example, for a file on one device,

00:20:59   and you drag it over to the other device, and you're still dragging the original item,

00:21:04   but of course you gotta be mindful of the destination, right? So if I start dragging a

00:21:10   file from my desktop on the MacBook, and I move over to the iPad, well now I'm on the home screen,

00:21:16   and the home screen is not like a desktop. I cannot drop this file on the "desktop". So I still

00:21:23   got to remember, "Oh, well, I got to touch the screen and open files and I can drop it there."

00:21:28   So there's this universal control going on, which is amazing, but you still have that contrast

00:21:35   between platforms and between these differences. For example, with drag and drop, they are a bit

00:21:44   weird in practice when you're using the thing. Like, you got to switch your mental model all

00:21:49   the time and I think it's both impressive and it makes me wonder about

00:21:55   these differences between iPadOS and MacOS at the same time. The first time

00:22:00   that you like do the universal control thing so like you take the pointer and

00:22:06   you move it off, is there it? Does the system tell you like hey here's this

00:22:13   feature you've just activated? No, there was no alert. Well, it's subtle. On the iPad at least.

00:22:20   Yeah, on the Mac the display minibar item, if you have it in Control Center,

00:22:28   it will graduate to the full minibar and it will turn blue like when you're hooked up to a

00:22:35   projector or something and then in the displays system preference pane it will

00:22:42   show your in my case my 14 inch MacBook Pro into the right the iPad mini and has

00:22:48   the wallpapers are the same you know match the devices and everything you can

00:22:52   rearrange them and then what's really cool is if you go into display settings

00:22:57   you can tell Mac OS how to use the iPad so this universal control is actually

00:23:04   called linked keyboard and mouse. This is what the in the drop-down but if you

00:23:08   change it to extended or mirror display then it goes into sidecar mode where

00:23:13   your iPad is not an iPad anymore it's just a Mac display so you can switch

00:23:18   between the two modes depending on on what you want and you can disconnect it

00:23:26   by sleeping the iPad or by up in the in the display settings hitting disconnect

00:23:33   and then it will just kind of go back to being a standalone iPad, not temporarily

00:23:39   paired with a Mac in any way.

00:23:40   That's weird and complicated.

00:23:42   The one thing I saw, like visually speaking, is this UI for when you're

00:23:49   dragging over the cursor from the Mac to the iPad. So on the Mac you get like

00:23:55   a little sort of like pulling indicator on the edge of the display, and you also

00:24:01   also get this UI element on the iPad that pops in from the side. It's like this longer

00:24:09   pulling indicator that is an icon of a Mac, sort of to suggest, "Hey, this cursor is moving

00:24:16   over from the other device onto this one." And if you keep pulling, it goes away and

00:24:23   you get the pointer on the iPad. I just took a screenshot that I can send to you guys so

00:24:28   that you have...

00:24:29   And I assume this will only work if all of the screens are on before you start the process?

00:24:38   Yeah.

00:24:39   See, because I tell you what, I just find it intriguing.

00:24:42   I mean, of course, there is a certain set of circumstances that you have to be in before

00:24:49   you start this, right?

00:24:50   You have to have two devices on and then kind of like, not even in front of you, but there's

00:24:54   two devices on, right?

00:24:56   In some proximity to each other.

00:24:58   you have to move your cursor all the way to the edge. But I just find it an intriguing

00:25:02   thing where someone who maybe doesn't really know what they're doing is just like, "Well

00:25:07   now where's my mouse?" You know? I don't know. It's just intriguing. I like the fact that

00:25:12   it just works. But I think maybe this will happen before they release it, but I feel

00:25:18   like maybe the first time you do it just being like, "Hey, here's this feature called universal

00:25:24   control." You know what I mean?

00:25:25   Yeah, there should be some onboarding something that tells you, hey...

00:25:30   It feels too intuitive, you know what I mean?

00:25:34   Like, "Hey, it just works!"

00:25:35   Yeah, but like, this has never happened before.

00:25:38   Why?

00:25:39   Because as well, the thing I find kind of funny about it,

00:25:42   I would really love to know, because I haven't played around with this.

00:25:45   I don't really want to put these betas on any of my Macs or whatever.

00:25:49   But something I'm keen about, like say we're in the same room, right?

00:25:55   and I'm using my iPad and someone's on my Mac and they just move the mouse like over.

00:26:02   Is it just gonna happen? Like do the devices have to be physically close to each other?

00:26:07   It's written on the Monterey web page I believe. So you gotta, so what I remember is you gotta be,

00:26:16   you gotta be signed into the same iCloud account. Wi-Fi on, Bluetooth on and I want to

00:26:23   10 feet? Why do I remember 10 feet?

00:26:25   Okay, there is an amount of space that the two devices have to be.

00:26:29   I remember there being something about space, yes.

00:26:33   That feels like a Bluetooth thing, right?

00:26:36   10 meters, I'm sorry, 10 meters, not 10 feet.

00:26:40   So 30 feet. Thank you, chance.

00:26:43   Isn't that the Bluetooth radius?

00:26:47   Is it? I don't know, I guess. Probably.

00:26:51   See that, but that's like, that's a big old space. I mean, and this is not a complaint.

00:26:56   It's just like, it's intriguing to me. I could imagine just, you know, getting myself into

00:27:02   funny situations sometimes, because you can do Mac to Mac too, right? Yeah. This is an intriguing

00:27:09   software feature. I'm wondering, you know, like how or if I would use it, but it is cool,

00:27:18   at least, is at least a demo, you know, it's just like a cool thing. There's something

00:27:23   that I want to mention. So the tweet that I did with the video got really popular. Yeah,

00:27:30   yeah. It's a good video, that's why. It was a very simple thing, but you know, it was

00:27:35   new, so people watched it. But with any really popular tweet, you also get a ton of people

00:27:44   telling you things on Twitter, you know?

00:27:47   And a lot of people, some of which I have muted,

00:27:51   some of which I have blocked,

00:27:52   depending on their level of rudeness to me,

00:27:54   they really wanted to tell me

00:27:58   that there was a product called Synergy, I wanna say,

00:28:02   that apparently has been doing this for years.

00:28:05   Now- - Yeah, man.

00:28:05   I used to use Synergy back in the day.

00:28:08   - Okay, cool.

00:28:09   Now, I couldn't be bothered to check out what Synergy was,

00:28:13   because I was literally talking about something else.

00:28:16   But like, cool, if you wanna tell me

00:28:18   that this other thing exists, you can do so politely,

00:28:20   or you can be a jerk about it,

00:28:22   to which I have a method on Twitter.

00:28:25   But still, it appears that the Synergy CEO

00:28:29   also wrote about this

00:28:31   because he quoted my tweet a few hours ago.

00:28:34   - Incredible. - And they have done the,

00:28:37   sort of like, what's the old meme like,

00:28:40   you know, hey IBM, welcome, something like...

00:28:45   - Yeah, this is Apple copied us and that's a good thing,

00:28:49   here's why. - Yes.

00:28:50   - This is the thing that you put up

00:28:52   when your investors are getting a bit nervous, I think.

00:28:57   I mean, the thing is though,

00:28:58   this does not control an iOS device,

00:29:02   as soon as you can't do that.

00:29:04   - Exactly, and this is not what universal control is.

00:29:09   every time Apple does something at a system level,

00:29:13   you get a lot of people telling you,

00:29:14   "Oh, don't you know that Android

00:29:16   "has been doing this for years?"

00:29:17   Like, "Oh, duh, welcome to Windows from 15 years ago."

00:29:21   Or you get the really brave ones telling you,

00:29:24   "But you know, the Linux can do this."

00:29:26   - Yeah, that's bravery.

00:29:27   - The Linux folks are, they're cute, I love them.

00:29:30   - That's courage right there, man.

00:29:32   - But it's like, okay, but except,

00:29:36   like, I appreciate, quote unquote, "appreciate" the correction, or like, I understand your

00:29:44   compulsive need to correct me on Twitter, but also the thing you are correcting me about

00:29:50   is not actually, like, factually correct, because this synergy thing, it cannot do what

00:29:56   universal control can do. So like, why are you even telling me about this? I don't understand.

00:30:02   It's like there's this urge to connect others that I don't fundamentally understand, but that's fine.

00:30:07   In any case, this synergy thing exists, I believe it's desktop only, and you gotta install a piece of software for it to work.

00:30:16   So, yeah, this is now what Universal Control does.

00:30:19   The other big feature, at least on the iOS side, is

00:30:23   Face ID unlock while wearing a mask.

00:30:27   I was running no betas a week ago and and now I have it on my phone for this and on my laptop and iPad

00:30:33   for universal control

00:30:35   this is

00:30:36   I mean it is basically what it says is face ID will unlock while you are

00:30:42   Wearing a mask. I also learned this weekend. It works if you're wearing a full-faced helmet, which was hilarious to me

00:30:48   I like picked my phone up wearing a helmet not thinking about it as like oh, I'm on the beta

00:30:53   I wonder and then it unlocked I was like, oh look at you you were doing it

00:30:56   (laughing)

00:30:58   I was so proud of it, you know, it didn't work.

00:31:00   - I can tell, I can tell.

00:31:02   Pick that energy over there.

00:31:04   - Federico, you wanna tell us a little bit

00:31:05   about the onboarding with this

00:31:07   and like the face ID with glasses?

00:31:09   'Cause there's a couple of moving parts here.

00:31:11   - No, but first I kinda wanna say,

00:31:13   rikis.co, keynote rikis, September, 2021.

00:31:18   - Oh, here we go.

00:31:19   - Federico, risky pic, an iPhone.

00:31:23   I'm sure I was partially wrong, but also I was partially right, which I...

00:31:29   Well, there's no half points.

00:31:31   I'm a glass-half-full person.

00:31:34   Risky pic, an iPhone gets an updated Face ID sensor that supports partially occluded

00:31:40   faces.

00:31:41   Now, you were all, "Oh, yeah, but how can you do a partially occluded face?

00:31:48   That's impossible.

00:31:49   They're never gonna do it.

00:31:50   It's not gonna be secure.

00:31:51   Look what we got.

00:31:52   We didn't even need a new Face ID sensor.

00:31:56   Well, I mean, I feel like you have just made up what we were saying back to you.

00:32:02   No, no.

00:32:03   I think the thing that I was saying, I think the thing that we were saying at the time,

00:32:06   at least my, probably my main complaint, was around security and my expectation is this

00:32:12   is the same.

00:32:13   I just, this just is not as secure as Face ID used to be.

00:32:16   Like this is impossible to be so.

00:32:19   Right.

00:32:20   But also you're wearing a mask.

00:32:22   So that's to be expected.

00:32:24   Right, but I bet that if there was a sliding scale of security, the Apple Watch version

00:32:32   is more secure than this.

00:32:34   Is it?

00:32:36   I would expect so, because there's two physical devices, it's like two-factor.

00:32:40   Yeah, but this one is more convenient.

00:32:43   I never said it wasn't.

00:32:45   Okay, anyway, you could have just said, like, yes, you were partially right, my dear friend,

00:32:52   and I apologize for doubting you.

00:32:54   You know what?

00:32:55   Fair enough.

00:32:56   Yes, you actually, the idea that you had was right, because you were coming from it with

00:33:00   what they did, which was, this isn't working with these face masks, we've got to do something.

00:33:06   And I said this on upgrade, and I'll say it here again too, like, I think this, the Apple

00:33:12   Apple watch thing was the thing that they could do in the meantime.

00:33:15   Like they had this idea, I'm sure in like the middle of 2020, right?

00:33:21   But this is going to take a really long time for them to get right to a level that they

00:33:25   feel comfortable putting out in the world, right?

00:33:27   You've got to go through all the testing.

00:33:29   I'm sure that they went through a face ID all over again to make sure that you are comfortable

00:33:33   that this is secure enough.

00:33:35   And so they did the Apple watch thing in the middle whilst waiting to get this correct.

00:33:39   That's how I would look at it.

00:33:41   So yes, you know what Federico, you were right.

00:33:45   Thank you. That is great to hear. I'm going to make that my ringtone just for you.

00:33:50   I think it's just for you. That's not for me at all.

00:33:54   No, no, just when you text me, it's going to play bad.

00:33:57   Ah, I see. I see, I see.

00:34:00   So Steven, the onboarding. I had to... Well, first of all, I don't know what the actual

00:34:07   onboarding for an existing user would be because on the same day that this beta

00:34:13   came out, I didn't tell you guys this by the way, on the same day that the beta came out

00:34:19   I got like a major haircut going, like I got a haircut.

00:34:26   Wait, what's a major haircut?

00:34:28   Yeah, send us a picture.

00:34:29   What's a major haircut?

00:34:31   A major haircut is like, I got like the sides and the back of my head shaved, but still long hair.

00:34:39   Pixar, it didn't happen.

00:34:40   Pixar, it didn't happen.

00:34:41   I don't have it now, but it's...

00:34:43   So basically it's more convenient to do like a man bun thing at the top.

00:34:48   Yeah, yeah, sure, but like what, is it impossible for you to get your iPhone and take a picture and send it to me and Steven?

00:34:53   We're not going to share everyone.

00:34:54   I had headphones, but I mean, you're not going to see...

00:34:58   During the next ad break you can send us a picture. You can't say major haircut and then like not

00:35:03   you know, not show people. Yeah who would hide stuff on the internet?

00:35:07   Can you see it? Anyway, Face ID was not recognizing me anymore. Wow.

00:35:13   Yeah I actually had to do the setup from scratch. Anyway, the face mask option is well optional.

00:35:27   You don't have to use it. There's a toggle that you gotta enable in Settings, Face ID, if you want to use that one.

00:35:34   And it appears that Apple also put some thought into people wearing a mask and glasses at the same time.

00:35:44   But there's a few details that we need to cover here.

00:35:48   So you can add glasses.

00:35:52   You can add support for glasses and you will have to do an additional scan with Face ID if you want to do this.

00:36:00   You can set up Face ID to recognize individual pairs of glasses, but it will not work with a mask and sunglasses on at the same time.

00:36:13   It only seems to work if you're wearing a mask and eyeglasses, not the sunglasses version.

00:36:21   So you can add multiple pairs of glasses.

00:36:25   You can do so separately in the Face ID settings.

00:36:29   And it seems to be working pretty well for me.

00:36:31   I can tell that it's slightly slower than the regular Face ID, like it takes a split

00:36:36   second more to authenticate me when I'm out and about and I don't have my Apple Watch.

00:36:42   So it's only relying on the half-available face.

00:36:47   But I always have a mask and eyeglasses on.

00:36:50   I did the separate setup. It's working pretty well. It takes a bit more to authenticate

00:36:58   me, but it's totally fine because I don't have to type in my passcode, or I don't have

00:37:04   to wait for the Apple Watch Unlock, which I still think is slightly slower than this

00:37:08   method.

00:37:09   So it's slower in your experience, the new WAV mask?

00:37:13   Yes. And it's not as reliable for whatever. Like, I just find this version to be faster

00:37:20   than the Apple Watch Unlock and more reliable, because like the problem with the Apple Watch

00:37:24   Unlock is that sometimes my iPhone unlocks even if like I'm touching the phone. This

00:37:33   happens to me all the time. I'm fiddling with my phone and I accidentally swipe up on the

00:37:38   lock screen and I can feel the tap on my wrist for the Apple Watch Unlock because it thinks

00:37:47   that my accidental gesture wanted to unlock the phone,

00:37:50   and so it talks to the Apple Watch.

00:37:52   But with this Face ID method,

00:37:54   it means that it's always looking at my face,

00:37:56   only, well, half of it, if I'm wearing a mask.

00:38:00   So I kind of prefer it to the Apple Watch Unlock method.

00:38:03   - When you do this, and you don't have a mask on,

00:38:09   is it looking for your whole face or just the eyes?

00:38:12   Do you know this?

00:38:14   Like, I'm wondering, like,

00:38:15   Because you said about speed, right?

00:38:18   Right.

00:38:18   So is it slower always than the one before?

00:38:24   You know what I'm saying?

00:38:25   No, it's slower only when I have the mask on,

00:38:29   because I just tried it again.

00:38:30   It's totally-- it's as fast as before.

00:38:33   OK.

00:38:34   Interesting.

00:38:35   All right.

00:38:35   I think the way it works--

00:38:37   and I mean, I'm sure Apple will publish

00:38:38   like the updated version of the security white paper

00:38:41   soon enough.

00:38:42   But I think the way this works is,

00:38:44   if the text that the face is half covered,

00:38:50   it checks for the top half that it knows.

00:38:53   And if that matches, then it unlocks for you.

00:38:56   But by default, it always checks for the full face.

00:39:00   At least that's how I imagine it works.

00:39:03   - And lastly, these betas come with some changes

00:39:07   to shortcuts, right?

00:39:08   - Yes, so there is one really good change

00:39:12   that I want to mention, which is especially good for all those folks that rely on automation

00:39:18   in shortcuts. And by automation I mean like the personal automation, like the shortcuts

00:39:22   that run on a schedule, basically. There is now a toggle in the Edit Automation screen

00:39:30   that is called Notify When Run. This is important, this is a big deal if you're the kind of person

00:39:36   who's got a lot of automations running, like every few minutes, for example. Before, it

00:39:43   was already possible to disable the confirmation that used to be required for running an automation.

00:39:54   So before, until I want to say iOS 14 maybe, it was necessary for you to confirm each and

00:40:00   every automation that you had. Like, if you had a shortcut set to run at 2 p.m., when 2 p.m. rolled

00:40:07   over and the automation triggered, you had to confirm, like, actually tap a button in a notification

00:40:14   to say "yes, run this shortcut." In iOS 14, I believe, Apple got rid of this. So now shortcuts can run

00:40:23   in the background without confirmation, which is great.

00:40:26   The problem is you actually still saw a notification that told you,

00:40:34   "Hey, this automation ran. It's running now," which, fine.

00:40:40   But if you're the kind of person, again, like me,

00:40:42   who's got two shortcuts running every 30 minutes on his iPhone,

00:40:47   those notifications pile up quickly and they become annoying.

00:40:51   Now those alerts can be disabled.

00:40:53   So you can toggle the "Notify when run" option,

00:40:57   and it's fantastic.

00:40:59   Now that's real automation.

00:41:01   You know, like, those shortcuts are running in the background

00:41:05   on a schedule.

00:41:06   You don't have to confirm them.

00:41:07   You don't even see them running.

00:41:09   You only see, of course, if there's any error

00:41:12   that you need to take care of.

00:41:16   But if they run successfully, you don't even know about it.

00:41:19   So that's great.

00:41:21   The other...

00:41:22   By the way, this has been especially great for me, because I've been working on this

00:41:29   wild automation that basically uses shortcuts to assemble a podcast feed for you.

00:41:35   And as you can imagine, you want that podcast feed to be updated every few minutes.

00:41:40   And now that is totally working just fine.

00:41:42   I got the shortcut that...

00:41:43   That sounds terrible.

00:41:46   I have created a system that I'm going to share tomorrow on Cloud Max Stories that turns

00:41:52   your...

00:41:53   Oh my god.

00:41:54   You know Matter, the Read Later app?

00:41:56   Yeah.

00:41:57   I built a shortcut that turns your Matter queue into a personal podcast feed.

00:42:04   And it's actually generating an XML feed that gets uploaded to your server.

00:42:11   It's like, what if Shortcut could be a mini-CMS for podcasts?

00:42:15   and you actually use it to generate a valid RSS feed on device?

00:42:20   And the answer is yes.

00:42:22   And now it's even better because that automation runs

00:42:25   and it does its thing and you don't even know about it.

00:42:29   It's fantastic.

00:42:30   Yeah, it's cool.

00:42:32   The second change, Jason mentioned this in the Discord,

00:42:36   Jon also wants me to cover this one.

00:42:38   You can now press Command-Return in macOS Monterey

00:42:44   to confirm actions like "Ask for Input", like to dismiss windows and alerts.

00:42:50   You can now press Command+Enter and it does what it's supposed to do, so that's a nice change.

00:42:55   I also wanted to mention the tagging support for Reminders actions in Shortcuts. We complained,

00:43:04   I complained, we all complained about this a while back. Tagging as a new feature of Reminders in iOS 15.

00:43:12   Now you can tag and you can filter by tag in the reminders actions in shortcuts.

00:43:19   What else? Some redesigned icons. I believe Apple is doing a redesign of all the icons for all the

00:43:25   actions in 15.4 and 12.3. And so far that's about it. More bug fixes, more reliability, still some

00:43:36   odd SwitchTY glitches, but those are to be expected.

00:43:41   There's only so much that Apple can do within the iOS 15 cycle, I think.

00:43:45   But it's getting better all the time.

00:43:48   And the one thing that I hope they get to, that notify when run toggle.

00:43:54   It's fantastic. I love it.

00:43:56   But there's still one instance where Apple has not added support for it.

00:44:03   And that is when you add a shortcut to the home screen.

00:44:07   When you run a shortcut from the home screen, you still get that banner

00:44:13   that tells you, "Hey, you ran a shortcut with the checkmark."

00:44:18   You may have seen this if you're using custom icons for apps on your home

00:44:24   screen. When you tap on one of those shortcuts and it opens the app,

00:44:28   you get the little notification banner at the end, which is not a huge deal.

00:44:33   but it's annoying because it blocks interactions with the screen.

00:44:38   Like, for that split second, when that banner is shown on screen,

00:44:43   the screen is unresponsive because it's blocking, touching the screen.

00:44:49   Just put that "Notify when run" toggle in any shortcut detail screen,

00:44:57   not just in the automation screen.

00:44:59   screen, just make it a global option so that people can now customize their icons and say,

00:45:06   you know what, when I tap this icon, I don't want to be told forever that I just ran a

00:45:12   shortcut because I know what I'm doing.

00:45:14   So right, you literally just tap the button to make it happen.

00:45:17   You don't need a confirmation of what you've already seen.

00:45:20   Yes, so please make that option available all the time in shortcuts.

00:45:24   Thank you.

00:45:25   That would be my humble request.

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00:46:58   - It is time for the Jeremy's, February, 2022.

00:47:03   - Okay.

00:47:04   - Now we are gonna set something in stone here,

00:47:09   which previously had been a bit all over the place.

00:47:12   We had, in some instances, we have done the Jeremy's

00:47:16   when the new emojis entered beta.

00:47:19   We have sometimes done the Jeremy's

00:47:21   when the emojis have been released to the public.

00:47:24   We are now hereforth going to do the Jeremy's

00:47:27   whenever the emojis are first available in beta.

00:47:30   So basically as soon as Apple shows off their imagery

00:47:34   for what the full emoji set is gonna be,

00:47:36   that's when we're gonna do it.

00:47:37   And so that is when the,

00:47:39   whatever emoji list enters the iOS beta cycle,

00:47:42   because then Federico has less avoiding required,

00:47:46   because Federico has to spend a bunch of time

00:47:49   avoiding what these emojis look like as much as possible so he doesn't put too much thought into their names because here in the Jeremy's

00:47:56   It's Federico versus the Unicode committee. Yes, we have an image. I am the

00:48:04   The plane the defendant. What do we what am I we haven't decided yet?

00:48:09   If you're upset or not by the end is to ever you to defend another of the plaintiff

00:48:13   Okay. We have an image provided by Emojipedia of every single emoji that is being added

00:48:21   as part of emoji 14.0. This is the largest emoji, new emoji set that has been added in

00:48:28   quite a while because we had some pandemic slowdowns which made for a sadder Jeremy's

00:48:33   last time. And basically what we're going to do here is we're going to take the image

00:48:37   and Federico is going to guess what these emoji are called.

00:48:43   I have a list which I have shared with Steven.

00:48:46   Steven will be scoring.

00:48:47   Well I guess the two of us will be scoring but Steven will be hitting the bell when he

00:48:51   believes Federico is correct.

00:48:54   I have taken the names as provided by the Unicode Consortium for what these emoji are

00:49:01   going to be called.

00:49:02   They are now much clearer than they used to be.

00:49:05   They used to have some really weird names, but they fixed that.

00:49:09   So that's been for a while.

00:49:10   So Federico will be doing his best to guess what the names of the emoji are.

00:49:16   Obviously there is a benefit for this episode to be looking at the image,

00:49:20   but you know, you do you.

00:49:22   This is also a historic Jeremy's because this is the first post Jeremy Jeremy's

00:49:28   because Jeremy Burge has now officially departed Emojipedia.

00:49:32   - Past.

00:49:33   and my petition to rename this after the new chief emoji officer Keith Brony to

00:49:39   call it the Bronies was declined so this is going to continue to be called the

00:49:44   Jeremy's in memory of Jeremy Bird. I'm just so excited that there will now be even more emoji that I cannot use in

00:50:00   slack. I'm so pumped about that. Did they ever even add the last ones? It's

00:50:05   impossible to keep up anymore. No, they are still stuck at e-mail at version 12.0.

00:50:10   Excellent. Which came out in 2019. Excellent work Salesforce. Good stuff. So we will do this

00:50:19   from top left and we'll go from row to row. At some point we will pause for a

00:50:25   break because we do to give Federico some time to refuel his brain.

00:50:29   So top left emoji Federico, what is it?

00:50:33   - Okay, so this is not a good start.

00:50:38   So we, what am I looking at?

00:50:43   There's a face, there's the standard emoji face

00:50:48   in a puddle of yellow goo.

00:50:54   Is it like, let me look closer.

00:50:59   I can hear you coming closer.

00:51:01   Computer, enhance!

00:51:02   Uh-huh.

00:51:03   How close are you?

00:51:06   Well, I was looking really close.

00:51:09   So, this is what you call face something, usually.

00:51:15   Or something face.

00:51:17   The word face tends to be in the name.

00:51:20   Yes.

00:51:21   And the closest I can, like the liquid part of it, because it looks liquid, it looks like

00:51:30   it's melting from the heat or something.

00:51:35   So I am torn between two ways to define this.

00:51:43   I am going to go, my official response is melting face.

00:51:50   I wanted to say like melted face but it's not fully melted it's not yet but you can

00:51:57   see that the smile is also melting which is very upsetting now yeah very good what I like okay so

00:52:05   like what I like about this you know sometimes you see this there are emoji that they create

00:52:09   and they're for whatever reason and they could be used for other reasons I don't know why this was

00:52:13   created maybe to show heat but this is a very good I'm so horrifically embarrassed emoji right

00:52:19   Like if you say something to someone that you wish you wouldn't have said, you can use the melting emoji face.

00:52:24   Which I guess is just you like, I don't know, like just dying on yourself I guess.

00:52:30   So that's one for one Federico.

00:52:33   Okay one for one, one for one. So you're gonna, you think you're gonna use this when you're really embarrassed about something?

00:52:37   That's when I would use it personally.

00:52:39   Okay. Or when you say like "oh it's really hot outside".

00:52:43   But I would use the red face with the tongue out and the sweat thing for the heat still, you know?

00:52:49   But that's for a different kind of heart.

00:52:51   I mean, it could be for any kind of heart. I don't know.

00:52:54   Yeah, sure. Anyway, anyway! Second emoji.

00:52:58   So the second and the third one, they are actually kind of related in that they involve...

00:53:06   Well, actually also the fourth one. They involve the face and hands.

00:53:11   The second one, it reminds me, so I'm looking at as, I'm not gonna get the definition of this, because this is a surprised face.

00:53:22   This is like, "Oops, I just said something I wasn't supposed to say." I think.

00:53:27   It's like, this is like the "Oops" face. How would you call it?

00:53:34   I am gonna go...

00:53:36   I should tell you Federico, because this is unfair on this, I tell you.

00:53:40   There is a weirdness to this one.

00:53:43   Oh, well.

00:53:44   I don't want to tell you the whole story yet.

00:53:47   Maybe actually I will.

00:53:48   I will tell you the whole story because it's only fair.

00:53:50   This is information that you don't have and I feel like you should have.

00:53:54   This artwork is being reused and renamed.

00:54:01   What?

00:54:02   This emoji is already available and the problem, this is one of those situations where everybody

00:54:10   else drew it a different way except Apple.

00:54:15   And so basically what happened was the emoji committee, the emoji consortium or whatever,

00:54:24   they have created a second emoji with this name.

00:54:28   Apple has taken the artwork that they were using previously, put it on this one and has

00:54:34   changed the design of the otherwise pre-existing emoji to match. I will be able to give you

00:54:41   more detail on this once you attempt to name it.

00:54:44   Okay, so I am gonna go verbose with my description of this. Face with hand covering mouth.

00:54:52   I'm gonna give it to him.

00:54:54   You're gonna give it to him?

00:54:55   Yes.

00:54:56   Alright. This emoji is called face with open eyes and hand over mouth.

00:55:03   Well, I appreciate you giving me the point, but...

00:55:07   I feel like Steven's being very kind of his scoring there, to be honest.

00:55:10   I mean, look at what's coming up later, he's gonna need the kindness.

00:55:13   Yeah, okay, I will buy that.

00:55:15   So basically what happened was, is there was...

00:55:17   Let me see, was it called Face With...

00:55:21   Smiling Eyes.

00:55:22   No, the previous one was called Face With Hand Over Mouth.

00:55:26   That was the name of the emoji.

00:55:29   And everybody else had it with, as Steven mentioned, smiling eyes.

00:55:33   So it looked very strange in some circumstances because some people looked happy and some

00:55:38   people looked shocked.

00:55:41   So what Apple has done, the previous emoji called face with hand over mouth has a new

00:55:46   appearance where they're now using the smiling eyes emoji with a hand over it.

00:55:53   There is now a new emoji called face with open eyes and hand over mouth and Apple has

00:55:57   used the old artwork for this new emoji and then created a, like, retconned the old emoji basically.

00:56:05   So there you go. The problem is that the next one is also kind of similar but we have two hands going

00:56:12   and this is more of like, like, this is more of like, oh I just saw something I was not supposed

00:56:18   to see kind of face. There's some significant scale issues with this image. Yes, like what is

00:56:23   is going on with the hands? The hands are way too small and the eyes are way too big,

00:56:27   right? This is like... We have some scaling problems. This guy, this is going to gross

00:56:34   everyone out but I apologise, this guy could put his finger directly into his pupil. See

00:56:39   this? It could go all the way in there. Because you know that's a hole, right? Did you know

00:56:43   that Federico? What? The middle of the pupil is just a hole so that you could just like

00:56:49   straight in there and so this guy could just go whoop, he could just tickle the back of

00:56:53   the eyeball what are you talking about it's a hole yeah man Stephen I'm right

00:56:57   on that right I'm not I'm not an ophthalmologist I don't know what is a

00:57:02   doctor and scientist in the discord and say yes I'm correct it's not a doctor

00:57:07   no yeah no no it's not hollow the pupil is the hole located in the center of the

00:57:19   iris what are you know so holy what you know I'm sorry to tell you no yep wait

00:57:27   well why what what oh to be fair it is covered by the cornea but it is a hole

00:57:35   anyway let's move on so like you could put stuff in it like you could use it as

00:57:39   storage I mean you store light in it Wow if you think about it anyway let's move

00:57:46   on. Before we lose all our listeners, let's move on. Are you supposed to clean it? Oh

00:57:52   god, that's gross. I don't know, maybe. We'll find out eventually. Can you? This guy could.

00:58:01   We're talking about the little ditches that we have in our eyeballs. Um, anyway. Face.

00:58:13   with hands covering eyes. That is incorrect. This is called face with peeking eye. Peeking

00:58:23   eye? Yeah, I don't like the way it's, because it's as if the eye is somehow doing something

00:58:28   on its own, which it's not, right? Oh, so it's like when you want to look at something

00:58:31   but also not look at something at the same time. Yeah, like a horror movie or whatever,

00:58:36   Okay, okay, all right, cool. Fourth emoji, also a hand going on, but half a face.

00:58:46   Interesting choice. The half face is a very strange choice to me. It's like cat in

00:58:52   half. This is like a "yes sir" sort of emoji. This is like, this is a military

00:58:59   emoji it's like it's it's like a military salute emoji like it cannot be called like yes sir emoji

00:59:08   or yes sir face it couldn't be called like yes sir face is that your is that your no no no it's not no

00:59:16   face face doing hand salute really wait what no saluting face he got the right word in there no

00:59:28   No, no, no, no. I feel like Steven, you're forgetting the rules here.

00:59:32   No, it's way too generous. Come on, man.

00:59:34   He has to be closer than that.

00:59:35   He has to get to...

00:59:37   Salute is like the... It's right there.

00:59:39   Fine. I mean... Fine.

00:59:40   Saluting face is the name.

00:59:41   I moved into the wrong column.

00:59:42   Face? What did he say?

00:59:43   Out under the bell.

00:59:44   Face doing a salute with the something something...

00:59:47   Nah, that's not...

00:59:48   Fine. Wrong.

00:59:49   Come on. You need to be harsher than this.

00:59:51   Look, Steven, I love you. Thank you.

00:59:54   I appreciate that, but unfortunately, kindness is not allowed

00:59:57   because of this other person on the show.

01:00:00   I know.

01:00:00   Federico, you protested that.

01:00:03   [laughter]

01:00:04   Don't even come at me with this.

01:00:06   Even you protested and you'd love to win.

01:00:09   Yeah, I know.

01:00:10   If you lose by one, remember this moment.

01:00:13   Yes, I will.

01:00:14   Oh boy, what is coming up here?

01:00:17   Okay, so this one is like an unfinished emoji.

01:00:22   It's like someone on the unicorn consortium

01:00:25   It's like, "Oh, I forgot to finish this one."

01:00:30   What am I looking at here?

01:00:33   It's like a sketch of an emoji.

01:00:36   It's just the eyes and the line for a face.

01:00:42   It's not even a dotted line,

01:00:49   but the outline for the face is not finished.

01:00:53   What does it mean?

01:00:55   Like what are they trying to convey here?

01:00:59   - It kind of reminds me like if you watch like a,

01:01:02   I don't know, some type of movie and like there was a murder

01:01:04   and there's like a chalk outline on the sidewalk.

01:01:06   - Yes. - It does look like that.

01:01:08   - It does look like that. - It does look like that.

01:01:09   Yeah, it does look like that.

01:01:11   - Murdered face.

01:01:12   - I think I saw a previous Jeremy's person, Jeremy Burge,

01:01:17   say this is a big year for emoji transparency.

01:01:20   There's like five emojis with transparency?

01:01:23   We'll get to them all later on, but this is the first one.

01:01:26   Wait, are there?

01:01:28   Yeah, we'll get the other ones come later on, but there's a lot of transparency in emoji this year.

01:01:33   I don't know why. I feel like this isn't a thing that I've done much of before.

01:01:36   Interesting. Based on that, I will attempt something maybe risky and give my interpretation of this emoji.

01:01:47   I am gonna go with invisible face.

01:01:50   No.

01:01:52   What is it?

01:01:54   You were very close actually, because you already said it. Dotted line face.

01:02:00   No, come on!

01:02:01   Yeah, I don't know why anybody thought that this was like, I don't know why this was a thing, like dotted line face?

01:02:08   Like I don't, I don't understand.

01:02:10   Come on, dotted line face? Like it doesn't mean anything!

01:02:13   It doesn't really, but dotted line face.

01:02:16   Okay.

01:02:19   And you said what? That the Desir's names made more sense than in the past?

01:02:25   Well...

01:02:26   What is wrong with these people? I am suing the Unicode Consortium. I am the defendant.

01:02:33   What am I? I'm suing these folks. What am I then?

01:02:37   You are now the plaintiff.

01:02:39   I am the plaintiff.

01:02:40   Currently. You might be the defendant later on.

01:02:43   I am plaintiff in... all over this emoji.

01:02:49   one. Okay, so this is obviously the face of someone who is skeptical about something.

01:02:55   I'm gonna go with a skeptical face. Oh my god. No, this is not a skeptical face. You've

01:03:05   gone too conceptual. This is just a face with a diagonal mouth. Oh my god. They're doing

01:03:12   the thing again. Well, they kind of, you know... It is weird how they say like melting face,

01:03:18   which could just be like face turning into liquid and dribbling on the ground. You know,

01:03:22   like if they, you know, but hey, that's the first line. How do these people, how do these

01:03:27   people convey emotions in real life? Like when they need to express skepticism, do they

01:03:33   like announce themselves and they're like, I am feeling like a diagonal face right now.

01:03:39   How do they talk about their... I have a diagonal mouth. Stephen, can I get a score update after

01:03:45   the first line please that is two correct and four incorrect oh my god okay okay on to line two

01:03:57   um so this emoji reminds me of a previous entry in the jeremys that was the pleading face or like

01:04:07   a face with bleeding eyes or something it's very similar to that but what what is different about

01:04:14   this one. There's tears in the eyes and the shape of the eyebrows is

01:04:21   different. This is like the face that you make when you watch your kid

01:04:28   at like the school recital or something. It's like, "Oh, look at that guy! So cute!"

01:04:35   Like you're watching your dog play at the park. But how do you define...

01:04:43   You are in the ballpark. I tell you that you are in, you are closing in on this one.

01:04:48   You're in the dog park, as they say.

01:04:49   Yeah, you're in the dog park.

01:04:52   So, but, but, but, but we know that these folks do not like to use adjectives to describe emotions,

01:05:02   right? No, but they do this time. Ah, okay.

01:05:06   Sometimes it's not an emotion. Sometimes it is just a pure description.

01:05:12   Sometimes it is a concept, right?

01:05:15   Oh god.

01:05:17   Like saluting face, for example.

01:05:19   They didn't say like face with hand on head, you know?

01:05:22   It's the inconsistency that kills me with this game.

01:05:26   Ah...

01:05:27   So you're...

01:05:31   These are tears of joy.

01:05:34   - Maybe. - Are they though?

01:05:37   Who knows?

01:05:38   OK, whatever. Emotional face.

01:05:42   And it's incorrect. This is face holding back tears.

01:05:46   Oh, come on. Okay. Okay.

01:05:50   Fine. Fine. Okay.

01:05:53   You see, you were in the ballpark though, right?

01:05:55   You know, you were saying like going to the recital, going to the park,

01:05:59   you know, you love your child or your dog.

01:06:00   The dog recital.

01:06:02   Dog? Oh my God, dog recitals?

01:06:06   I don't know. Probably. I mean, well, you got like the Kensington dog show and stuff.

01:06:10   Anyway, this is the end of the faces.

01:06:15   This is the most faces added in a long time.

01:06:18   Apparently, I don't remember as many years.

01:06:19   -Yeah, and I did horribly.

01:06:21   It did not go well. -Yeah, you didn't do great.

01:06:23   Didn't do great there. But they are hard.

01:06:24   I think they are the hardest, the faces.

01:06:26   -Okay.

01:06:28   So the next two are the opposite version of each other.

01:06:33   These are hands.

01:06:35   However, I have a problem here.

01:06:38   Is this the palm of a hand or the back of a hand?

01:06:42   I want to say it's the back of a hand because I remember the palm of the hand being different

01:06:47   in the way that emoji are drawn.

01:06:50   So...

01:06:51   Wait, so how do you do the back of a hand again?

01:06:56   So the first one...

01:06:59   Okay...

01:07:00   I'm gonna guess both.

01:07:03   The first one is back of right hand and the other is back of left hand.

01:07:09   You made a fundamental error here in guessing these both at the same time.

01:07:14   What?

01:07:15   Because the first one is called rightward's hand.

01:07:19   Nobody talks like that.

01:07:20   And then?

01:07:21   No, no, nobody!

01:07:22   Then the other one is leftward's hand, where if you would have just guessed one of them...

01:07:26   But nobody talks like that in real life.

01:07:30   Oh, I am using my rightward's hand.

01:07:32   The Unicode Consortium, that's how they talk.

01:07:35   Rightward's hand and leftward hand, they are both incorrect, I'm afraid.

01:07:40   I hope that you will learn from this for the next two.

01:07:43   I'm so upset, I'm feeling like I'm having a heart attack.

01:07:46   This is emoji number 10, please Federico.

01:07:50   Rightward's hand, what did you say?

01:07:52   Rightward's hand, leftward's hand.

01:07:55   This is like indent left and indent right.

01:07:59   This one's like to me.

01:08:01   Right words hand. Is that a word in English?

01:08:06   Right words, yeah. Is it?

01:08:08   Yeah. I mean, I would never describe what is happening here as that.

01:08:14   Okay. Well, more hands. So the next one is a hand that is about to...

01:08:22   I am gonna lose this game very badly. This is a hand that is about to pick up something

01:08:31   or a hand that just dropped something.

01:08:33   It's like, "Oh, you know, I'm about to pick up a basketball."

01:08:40   Or like, "I'm about to touch your head."

01:08:44   Or, "My hand is hovering over your head."

01:08:48   Like, "I just dropped the mic."

01:08:51   Like, all those situations...

01:08:52   It's definitely a mic drop looking emoji, right?

01:08:55   Right, it's a mic drop looking...

01:08:58   But, but the emoji, the Unicode people are not nearly fun enough to call an emoji mic drop emoji.

01:09:07   Well, there's no microphone in it.

01:09:09   There's no microphone. So the microphone, you know, could have, you know,

01:09:14   must have been already dropped. So we don't see it. Like it's cut off by the, anyway.

01:09:22   I don't know how to describe this. Like, but if I get this wrong, I may have a chance to get the

01:09:28   next one right because i learned the lesson with the previous one so yes

01:09:33   hand

01:09:39   hand

01:09:43   hand dropping something that's obviously incorrect

01:09:53   This is palm down hand.

01:09:56   Ah, okay.

01:09:59   Okay.

01:10:00   So the next one is palm up hand.

01:10:04   Good job.

01:10:06   There we go.

01:10:08   There we go.

01:10:09   Palm down, palm up.

01:10:10   Okay.

01:10:10   Okay.

01:10:11   Okay.

01:10:11   Next up is emoji number 12.

01:10:14   Okay.

01:10:14   So this is, you know what this is the index finger and the thumb sort of like.

01:10:19   It's the BTS emoji.

01:10:21   How do you call it?

01:10:21   I don't call it that.

01:10:22   No.

01:10:23   No, this is the... in Italy we do this to signify money.

01:10:27   Like, you do that with the fingers, it's like, oh, you get the money.

01:10:30   Yeah, yeah, lots of people do that, but this is the thing.

01:10:33   Like, the hand-heart thing is... I think it's BTS. I could be wrong.

01:10:40   Yes, but the thumb and the index.

01:10:44   How do you call it?

01:10:47   Okay, so I don't know. Hand, hand. My guess is hand with thumb and index fingers touching.

01:11:05   You got to give it to him. I got it so close. I feel like that's good. Hand with index finger

01:11:13   and thumb crossed. You got one word wrong. Now I will say this isn't just BTS, I've just

01:11:20   did some quick googling. This is the known as like the finger hot popular in popular

01:11:26   culture now it's just a kpop a general kpop thing but yeah I've do I noticed for like

01:11:31   money right you're like you do that thing where you rub the hand together for money

01:11:34   like come on money money money like that but if you hold it still it looks like a heart

01:11:39   and that's where that comes from in popular culture today.

01:11:43   Score update please, Steven.

01:11:45   - All right, we have four correct

01:11:50   and we have seven incorrect.

01:11:53   - Come on, come on, I'm coming back, I'm coming back.

01:11:57   So the next one is the, that's the,

01:12:00   hey you Uncle Sam wants you joined the army emoji, right?

01:12:05   - Nailed it. - Yeah.

01:12:06   (laughing)

01:12:08   like America wants you.

01:12:10   - It was eight incorrect, not nine.

01:12:15   Okay, it's corrected in the chatroom

01:12:17   'cause we've done 12 so far.

01:12:18   - So this is an, so okay,

01:12:22   so we're looking at an index finger pointing at you.

01:12:25   However, the problem with guessing this emoji

01:12:28   is that the Unicode Committee will never use you.

01:12:31   Like they will never bring like personality into this.

01:12:34   Like this is a sort of like meta discussion,

01:12:38   But I would be very surprised if they would refer to you as a person looking at the emoji as part of the name of the emoji.

01:12:47   Because, like, I think the Unicode Committee thinks that the emoji exists, like, in this sort of metaphysical space,

01:12:53   where you, as a person, is not part of it.

01:12:56   Which means that the finger is pointing, but it's not pointing at anything.

01:13:03   So I will go with hand with pointing finger

01:13:08   That's incorrect

01:13:11   This is the I think the worst name for any of the hand emoji. Yeah, I actually agree with you

01:13:16   It's index pointing at the viewer

01:13:19   The viewer I knew it they will never say you yeah, but what a weird way to say it

01:13:27   I know. Just say you if you're gonna say anything like also and if you're looking at the image of this which you should be

01:13:33   The again the scaling and the proportions this hand is as big as an entire face of the row above it. It is

01:13:41   massive one also

01:13:43   High quality images there is there is an outline of a fingernail on that finger pointing at you, but it's all yellow

01:13:51   Very strange. Oh, no, I have some issues with the hands, which I feel like I can get into now

01:13:56   which is the amount of detail in the hands. So you can see in this one, in the one we're about to do,

01:14:01   there's like lots of shading, right, which suggests like, you know, knuckles and stuff like that.

01:14:07   But on the rightward hand and leftward hand, they're just like these fleshy nothings.

01:14:11   There's not like that's supposed to be the back of the hand. There's no knuckles on it.

01:14:16   But in the next one, it's like every possible muscle that is contained within a hand is somehow

01:14:21   indicated. I don't really understand what's going on with the hand drawing. Same as like the hand

01:14:28   and like the palm up, palm down ones. There's like lots of shading to indicate muscles and

01:14:33   like areas of the hand. But Emma's put it perfectly in the Discord that the right

01:14:40   woods and left woods hands just look like inflated yellow rubber gloves.

01:14:46   They're just like these hand balloons. It's very strange.

01:14:50   Okay.

01:14:51   So, what have we got now?

01:14:53   So the next one is something that I see people doing all the time, like on TV, on Instagram.

01:14:57   I don't like this emoji at all.

01:14:59   I don't like this emoji at all.

01:15:00   But like in real life it's also something that I find deeply embarrassing, like to do this.

01:15:05   Like, like look at, like in a video, like in a photo, like no, don't do that.

01:15:10   Like nobody thinks it's funny anymore.

01:15:13   These are, we're looking at two hands forming the shape of a heart, and I will go with hands, hands forming heart shape.

01:15:24   No, this is heart hands.

01:15:27   No, no, no, no, no, it's not something that people would look at me, I'm doing my heart hands, no.

01:15:37   I think it might be what people call it actually, which is also the funny thing, it's like it's closest to the actual name of the thing,

01:15:43   which is usually a thing they don't do.

01:15:45   - Do people say, "I'm doing my hard hands"?

01:15:48   - I don't know.

01:15:49   I would like hard hand users to let me know

01:15:52   if that's what they call it.

01:15:53   - What is wrong with these people?

01:15:56   They live in an alternate reality where they cannot say you

01:16:00   and they use expressions like hard hands

01:16:03   and eastward whatever hands, like no.

01:16:07   - Eastward.

01:16:07   (laughing)

01:16:08   - What's it called?

01:16:10   What's it called?

01:16:11   - Leftward.

01:16:12   - Leftward, yeah, whatever.

01:16:14   Like, no, they made up their own language.

01:16:17   This is not, oh, God.

01:16:19   - Next up is what I actually consider this emoji

01:16:22   to be a crime.

01:16:24   I think this may be the worst emoji ever.

01:16:27   - No, this is the best one.

01:16:28   Oh, I like this one.

01:16:29   - No, I hate so much that they made this emoji.

01:16:33   I hate this. - No, I love it.

01:16:34   - I'm sure you do. - This is my favorite one.

01:16:36   - I hate this.

01:16:37   - Good times with this emoji.

01:16:40   - Is that what you're gonna give it?

01:16:40   Is that the name?

01:16:41   good times? Oh, this is like the, you know, this is a sexy emoji. It's very sexy. No,

01:16:48   no. I mean, that's what I don't like about it is this is too overt. Yeah, I love it.

01:16:56   This is a, this is the automation expert going, you know.

01:17:05   I like this one. Um, so this is nib nib. This is what you got for the nib nib. This is the

01:17:17   emoji representation of nib nib. Goodness. Ah, okay. This is that. This is a, this is

01:17:24   a lip biting emoji. I am going to go. So this is a mouth. This is a full mouth. It's a lot

01:17:31   mouth. So it's a lot of mouth happening at once. Mouth biting bottom lip. You're

01:17:40   gonna be so mad for Rico. No, no. This emoji is called biting lip. Told you it

01:17:47   was the worst. What is biting the lip? Like is it a snake biting the lip? Is it

01:17:52   a mouse? Well, this is what you call it, right? Lip biting. Yeah, but they go with the super

01:18:00   descriptive emoji like hands facing east and diagonal...

01:18:06   Human teeth by inhuman lip.

01:18:08   Alright, I believe in you on this one.

01:18:11   This is the gender neutral person emoji.

01:18:18   So this is person.

01:18:20   Okay, so I'm looking at a person wearing a crown.

01:18:23   So what are they gonna call this?

01:18:26   Person with a crown.

01:18:29   with a crown. Technically person with crown, but that will work for you. Okay.

01:18:36   Yeah. All right. You want to roll here? Come on. Okay. Okay. Okay. Next up. So they are doing the

01:18:43   multiple gender versions of an existing emoji. The existing emoji was the pregnant woman.

01:18:49   So we are looking at pregnant man and pregnant person.

01:18:58   The score currently is 7 right and 11 wrong. Not too bad I think. Not too bad.

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01:21:19   and real AFM. Okay, we're kind of moving into the second half here because there's a bunch

01:21:25   of emoji at the end that I'm not going to make you guess each of them. So there are

01:21:31   38 in total that you're guessing by the way. Okay, so we are looking at a creature. This,

01:21:39   What is it? Exactly.

01:21:41   This is a monster holding some kind of staff wearing overalls?

01:21:52   Yeah.

01:21:53   And a shirt?

01:21:55   Uh-huh.

01:21:56   This is civilized.

01:21:58   This is...

01:21:59   What is this? This reminds me. This is the kind of person...

01:22:04   This is the emoji that you're going to use to describe a person who sends you an email

01:22:08   to tell you that app subscriptions are bad. This is the kind of person who sends you an

01:22:14   email to tell you, you know, stick to technology, stay in your lane.

01:22:20   I don't know if you know this, but you are very close.

01:22:23   I don't know. It reminds me. It's a creepy little creature. It's like a golem type creature.

01:22:33   like it's an ugly little thing that is also humanoid in appearance and it's weaponized

01:22:41   because it feels like it's powerful.

01:22:44   Okay.

01:22:45   Because it's got that staff going, so it's like it feels, it thinks that it can take

01:22:53   on you, but it really can't because it's like a wooden staff.

01:22:58   Why does it have the little black eyes?

01:23:03   Don't focus on that too much.

01:23:05   So it's not an elf.

01:23:08   We can't answer these questions for you.

01:23:11   No, I'm thinking all out. It's not an elf.

01:23:13   I'm torn between two.

01:23:17   So it could either be like a dwarf,

01:23:22   or a troll,

01:23:24   or just monster, actually.

01:23:27   The big nose and the hair... I don't think they would go with monster.

01:23:35   And I... it's 50... I don't know. Because like what's with the staff and like I

01:23:45   don't think it's a person. I don't think they would use person as a qualifier

01:23:49   here. Given the modern-day usage of it I'm gonna go with troll.

01:23:56   Yes! Nailed it. Very good. This one's gonna get a lot of use. Nice. The troll would have a staff because the troll

01:24:05   they could pay the toll basically you know you gotta they will let you through

01:24:10   or not let you through so that's that's kind of their whole idea there. What's up

01:24:14   next? Now this is gonna get a... okay this is an undersea sort of vegetation going

01:24:23   No, what's it called?

01:24:25   Coral.

01:24:27   No?

01:24:28   Is that your choice?

01:24:30   Yeah.

01:24:31   (bell dings)

01:24:32   Okay, thank you.

01:24:33   There you go, there you go.

01:24:33   I was like, hang on a minute.

01:24:34   It sounded very much like you were moving on

01:24:37   through your sentence.

01:24:38   I was like, well, I don't wanna award it prematurely.

01:24:40   Is coral like, is it like a tree or not?

01:24:45   Is it like an animal?

01:24:45   They're not very big, I don't think.

01:24:47   Well, coral can take many forms.

01:24:50   But are they like living creatures?

01:24:53   Or are they more like plants? Like do they have a brain?

01:24:58   Yeah, I mean I guess it lives in the way that like plant life lives.

01:25:02   But they don't have like a brain.

01:25:05   I mean I don't know man.

01:25:06   I mean we didn't, we're not botanists here.

01:25:09   Is that even botanists? I don't know.

01:25:13   Oceanologist?

01:25:15   Underwater botanist.

01:25:17   Corrolologist.

01:25:18   Corrolologist?

01:25:20   Corrolologist.

01:25:21   Hey, you could say that this emoji, they did a coral draw. Wow. Whoa. I am sorry. I will

01:25:43   now quit and resign. I will resign from the show, effective immediately. Except no, I

01:25:53   will continue the game forever. What is this? This is what you get in the Zelda video games,

01:26:04   the little lake. This is like a lake plant. What's it called? This is the thing. I can't

01:26:13   - We're telling you, can't we?

01:26:14   - This is a lazy plant.

01:26:16   It's like a plant taking a bath,

01:26:19   sort of like floating above water.

01:26:23   They have a name.

01:26:24   - They do.

01:26:25   - And I don't know the English word for it.

01:26:29   It's like, this is kind of those lazy flowers

01:26:33   just floating above water.

01:26:36   - Right, what do you mean you don't know

01:26:37   the English word for it?

01:26:38   - They have a specific name, like coral.

01:26:41   It's not called like orange plant underwater. It's called coral.

01:26:45   I thought you were going to say like, I know the Italian word, but...

01:26:49   Well, I do actually.

01:26:50   Well, what is the Italian word?

01:26:52   Are they, are these things called nymphae in Italian?

01:26:58   Hold on. How do you spell that?

01:27:00   N-I-N-F-E-E.

01:27:04   Okay.

01:27:06   But I don't even know if the Italian word I'm thinking of is the right one, or did I just make it up?

01:27:13   Why is that...

01:27:15   Okay, so the question is why... - Who's the bonus now?

01:27:17   Why is that word in my brain?

01:27:21   Nymphaea.

01:27:23   Could be... Is it the name of a plant in Italian?

01:27:26   It is.

01:27:27   It is. - It is.

01:27:29   The name of a plant. - Okay.

01:27:30   I feel like I should help you here and just tell you that

01:27:34   they look similar but that's not the same thing.

01:27:38   Why does the base look like pac-man? Like it's a green pac-man?

01:27:43   That's the base of it. Or like a pizza with the slice taken off?

01:27:46   Leftwards pizza slice plant.

01:27:51   Flower sitting on top of pac-man base? No, okay. Floating flower.

01:28:00   This is called the lotus.

01:28:03   Oh my god.

01:28:04   I believe that what you were talking about, like so Google Translate tells me that that's

01:28:09   water lily, which is very close.

01:28:13   Like I believe that they are of similar families, but a very cursory Wikipedia searching.

01:28:19   Oh come on, it's the same thing!

01:28:21   Very cursory Wikipedia searching is telling me that they are close but not the same thing.

01:28:26   The name FAE.

01:28:27   spelled N-Y-M-P-H-A-E-A in English or Latin I guess. Yeah I know but lotus

01:28:38   flower is Nelumbo Nucifera. Close but cursory Wikipedia searching is

01:28:44   suggesting to me that they are not the same thing water lilies and lotus

01:28:48   flowers. Sorry Federica. So at a glance the next one I would have said this is

01:28:54   a half of an empty coconut. But, considering what's happening in the one after that, I'm

01:29:02   gonna... I'm thinking that this is a nest. Now, there's an empty nest and there's a nest

01:29:10   with eggs. Really? I'll stop you right there. You got them both right. It's almost like

01:29:17   you read it, that they are the exact names. Really? Empty nest and nest with eggs? Yeah,

01:29:22   - Naughty Nest, Nest of Eggs.

01:29:23   - Oh God. - Yep, you did it.

01:29:24   - Okay. - Good job.

01:29:25   - Thank you, okay.

01:29:26   - I can totally see the half coconut.

01:29:28   I can totally see that.

01:29:30   - Oh, I didn't see that until you said that, yeah.

01:29:33   - I think you're really smart

01:29:34   to have looked at the next one and realized that was untrue.

01:29:37   - Okay, okay, okay.

01:29:39   The next one is beans.

01:29:43   (bell dings)

01:29:44   Okay, okay, now--

01:29:46   - Score update, please, Stephen, score update, please.

01:29:49   Score update, we have 12 correct, 12 incorrect.

01:29:53   Oh my, oh!

01:29:54   He's pulling it back, he's pulling it back!

01:29:56   Okay, okay, okay, hold on, hold on.

01:29:59   Beans!

01:29:59   Beans!

01:30:00   [Laughter]

01:30:02   Take that!

01:30:03   Beans!

01:30:03   Lotus.

01:30:04   Beans!

01:30:05   Flower.

01:30:06   [Laughter]

01:30:06   Iswort.

01:30:07   And...

01:30:08   Stupid hen.

01:30:09   That's where you draw your strength, from the beans.

01:30:11   Beans facing the viewer.

01:30:14   [Laughter]

01:30:16   Young Goku in Dragon Ball, there were like the Balzac beans in the Dragon...

01:30:21   Well, they were called the Balzac beans in the Italian adaptation of Dragon Ball.

01:30:27   Are they also called the Balzac beans in the manga in English? I don't know.

01:30:32   But Young Goku in Dragon Ball used to eat...

01:30:36   [Laughter]

01:30:38   ...these magic beans that gained them all the strength.

01:30:43   That was before Goku was a Super Saiyan, by the way.

01:30:47   What is happening?

01:30:47   I don't know anymore.

01:30:49   Even I'm lost on this one.

01:30:51   Beans!

01:30:52   Beans!

01:30:53   Okay.

01:30:54   Beans.

01:30:55   The Senzu Beans.

01:30:56   Thank you, Matt, from the Discord.

01:30:58   That's the original name.

01:31:00   They are called...

01:31:00   He's a doctor.

01:31:01   Whatever...

01:31:02   He's a doctor.

01:31:02   That's the...

01:31:04   He's a doctor of Dragon Ball.

01:31:05   It's what I see...

01:31:06   He's a bean doctor.

01:31:07   I see MattMD in Discord, so it must be a doctor.

01:31:11   I don't know why they were called Belzak beans in the Italian version of Dragon Ball. Anyway.

01:31:17   We have to move on.

01:31:18   Yes, so the next one, what is this? This is like when Dracula is upset and drops the blood

01:31:25   from the glass that he's drinking the blood from.

01:31:28   He's like, "Oh, look, you just made Dracula mad."

01:31:32   Is that a thing? Is that a thing?

01:31:35   Well, I have to assume that Mr. Dracula or Dr. Akula, if you want to go with that,

01:31:44   must have been upset at least once and dropped the blood from the glass.

01:31:49   You think, I guess maybe if any vampire was going to drink blood from a glass, it would be Dracula, right?

01:31:57   It's like the cultured vampire.

01:31:58   Dracula is cultured, lives in a castle in Transylvania, right?

01:32:02   Which I have been to.

01:32:04   You have been to, so you are familiar with the ways of the Dracula.

01:32:08   Dracula.

01:32:10   Okay, but, but, but, this is not blood, this is red wine. However, it could also be juice.

01:32:22   It's thick.

01:32:23   It's thick, it's very thick wine. It's very thick. Which also could, you know, it could be blood, it could be beans.

01:32:32   It could be bean juice, if that's a thing.

01:32:37   It could be. Is that what you're saying?

01:32:40   But you could squeeze the beans and make it...

01:32:43   To be honest, beans of that color, like kidney beans and stuff,

01:32:47   I don't think these are kidney beans, but when you wash them,

01:32:50   this is what the juice is like.

01:32:53   It is that kind of really dark red viscous.

01:32:57   The beans, and you get the viscous red...

01:32:59   Bean juice.

01:33:00   I love me some bean juice, you know? Any day. I go for it.

01:33:07   When I'm done, I just drop it from my glass.

01:33:13   Screw this. This is terrible. Anyway, glass pouring wine.

01:33:22   That is incorrect.

01:33:23   Spilling wine.

01:33:25   No, you can't keep doing this. Pouring liquid is what you were looking for.

01:33:28   Liquid! Oh, look at these fun folks from the Unicode team.

01:33:33   Did you really expect those such hits of Wrightwood's Hand to say "pouring wine"?

01:33:42   Sure. Those people, they don't drink wine.

01:33:44   When they want to have a good time, they just drink pure alcohol.

01:33:48   Or as they say, "alcoholic liquid."

01:33:50   Yes, "Oh, I love me some alcoholic liquid for this fun night out with my Unicode committee buddies."

01:33:57   Oh, God. Okay.

01:34:00   The next one is a jar.

01:34:02   [Ding]

01:34:03   The one after that is a slide.

01:34:05   Mm.

01:34:06   It's not a slide?

01:34:07   What is it? Letter with a --

01:34:09   Whoa, hold on a second.

01:34:10   Will you calm yourself?

01:34:12   So feisty.

01:34:13   I know.

01:34:14   I feel like we should give him that one.

01:34:15   Okay.

01:34:16   [Ding]

01:34:17   But what's the name?

01:34:18   This is called playground slide.

01:34:19   I honestly don't think that this is a, you know --

01:34:22   What kind of other slide?

01:34:24   Yeah, for all those times when you want to slide,

01:34:26   not at the playground.

01:34:27   like if you're an adult. Well I guess that was because a lot of these tech companies they have

01:34:30   slides inside the buildings right so people can have quote unquote fun because they're

01:34:34   quote unquote fun. A bunch of weirdos. Yeah. Yeah and the foosball tables. But anyway. With that

01:34:41   gracious point given to you by Myke you are you are now ahead by one point. Okay this this

01:34:48   lawsuit is going extremely well. The next one is a tire. Incorrect! It is a wheel.

01:34:59   No it's not a wheel. Yes it is. It is named wheel but I think it is named it

01:35:04   correctly. Really? They should have they should call it a tire. But it's got the

01:35:08   part in the middle. Wait, these people have the arrogance to literally reinvent

01:35:16   the wheel. Yes, but Steven you're a car guy you know that the tire is just a

01:35:21   rubber part. I do know that but I don't think most I think most people when if

01:35:25   they're if that rubber outer part is present at all they would call the whole

01:35:29   thing the tire that's why I think is is misnamed a little bit. Interesting to me

01:35:34   that is just like obviously wheel but yeah. The next one is the thing that they

01:35:39   use at the end of the Titanic movie to save people except Leonardo DiCaprio

01:35:44   still dies because he doesn't have one. Spoiler alert. Well I'm sorry. What's it

01:35:49   called though? Like the life wheel. Like the life donut.

01:35:57   What's it called? Wheel of life. The life saver donut. The life hole.

01:36:04   Federica, I love you. You will not get this. No I will. No you will not. I will.

01:36:12   okay it's it's called no you're right I am gonna go with I know the Italian word

01:36:26   for it you know Stephen do you notice how he says that a lot oh I know the

01:36:32   Italian if only it was in Italian it's my English come on do you guys speak two

01:36:41   languages and you make fun of me come on you don't know how many languages I speak

01:36:45   he speaks one I speak like 1.0 0 1 yeah it speaks English and three words of

01:36:52   Romanian how many words remaining do you speak you know life-saving ring

01:37:04   there's incorrect listeners when genius will be familiar with this we'll give

01:37:09   another example of it. Steven, what do you call this? How do you read this? I would

01:37:13   call it as a life preserver. No, read what it says. Oh. Okay, I would still call it a

01:37:20   life preserver. I know, me too. A ring buoy. A what? Wait, no, you did the wrong way

01:37:25   around. Buoy? Oh yeah, no, you call them buoys, we call them boys. That's it. Sorry, I

01:37:30   got it wrong. Now I'm getting confused. You call it boys? Like boys? Yeah, boy. B-U-O-Y.

01:37:36   Like old boy?

01:37:37   In English we call it boy in American it's buoy.

01:37:40   Don't know why, just do it, it's spelt the same and everything.

01:37:43   Okay.

01:37:44   That's a ring buoy.

01:37:45   Oh okay.

01:37:46   I would have never guessed that.

01:37:49   Ring buoy.

01:37:50   I told you, I tried to warn you.

01:37:53   Yeah but still.

01:37:55   So the next one is something pretty cool actually, reminds me of my eye tattoo.

01:38:02   It's very Zelda-y to me.

01:38:04   Very Zelda-y, very 20th Century Boys, which by the way is my all-time favorite manga,

01:38:11   if you can look it up, 20th Century Boys, incredible series.

01:38:16   You mean Buoys.

01:38:17   Boy, like the British spelling of it.

01:38:21   20th Century Boys, excellent series.

01:38:26   This must be some symbolism going on, some religious thing, maybe some hand with eye.

01:38:37   I think it was really good that you decided to just eject from this as quickly as you

01:38:41   did.

01:38:42   This is called Hamza.

01:38:43   The Hamza is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the North Africa and in the Middle

01:38:50   East and is commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings, according to Wikipedia.

01:38:55   Good for them.

01:38:56   Apparently an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in some cultures or to defend against the evil eye

01:39:03   I can see that

01:39:05   We've had the evil eye before I think so this is now the defense against the evil eye

01:39:09   So now you can do a little battle with the emoji you can

01:39:12   Fun. I like that as an idea. Okay, so the next one is that's a fun one. It's a ball

01:39:18   Can we get a score update?

01:39:20   score update yes

01:39:22   14 right

01:39:24   16 wrong.

01:39:25   You only have seven... eight more, eight more, I should say, sorry, eight more.

01:39:29   I am gonna lose this.

01:39:32   Okay, so the next one is the disco ball.

01:39:36   I'm sorry.

01:39:37   No, come on. No.

01:39:38   You cannot do this to me. No, no.

01:39:41   I'm sorry.

01:39:41   No.

01:39:42   I'm sorry, I didn't do this to you. It's called the mirror ball.

01:39:45   No, no, no, no, no, nobody calls it that.

01:39:47   Technically, they can be used outside of discos. I don't know what you want from me.

01:39:51   What? No. How?

01:39:53   In which context? At the Unicode offices?

01:39:56   Any context! If you have one, you know.

01:39:58   No! You're not using this as a mirrorball! No!

01:40:02   It's a mirrorball, man. I don't know what to do.

01:40:04   It's a disco ball.

01:40:05   Where have you seen this in your life except at the disco?

01:40:09   I mean, I've seen one in like a nightclub that's not technically a disco.

01:40:14   I guess they're all discos, really.

01:40:15   Oh come on, a nightclub is a disco. You know what I mean. At a club.

01:40:19   I know what you mean. As I finished the sentence, I was on board with you.

01:40:23   But again, remember, we didn't name these.

01:40:25   Alright?

01:40:26   Yeah, Jeremy did.

01:40:27   I named this.

01:40:28   Yeah, Jeremy did it.

01:40:29   This is his last act.

01:40:30   Well, well, it's... thank God he retired or whatever.

01:40:35   This is horrible.

01:40:37   Wow.

01:40:38   Hopefully, Keith will do a better job for it.

01:40:40   Yeah, I doubt it.

01:40:41   It's part of the, you know, big Unicode thing.

01:40:49   I feel like you can go on a run here.

01:40:51   I believe in you.

01:40:52   Empty battery. No.

01:40:54   See? No, I'm sorry. See?

01:40:56   Low battery. Oh, yeah, sure. It's low. It's not it's it's all transparent

01:41:01   But it's not empty. It's low. Except the blood at the bottom of it. I mean

01:41:07   Yeah, no battery. I'm sorry. Okay.

01:41:11   crutch

01:41:13   X-ray

01:41:15   Ha the next one though, okay bubbles

01:41:22   Okay? Okay, so the next one. It's a kind of ID. Government issued ID. Now, the problem

01:41:32   is, could be a passport, could be an ID, could be a driver's license. How generic or specific

01:41:43   did they go with this one? And again, we know that there's no consistency in the minds of

01:41:48   these people. But, so we are in 2022. When were these emoji approved? Let me find out

01:41:54   for you. It was recently. This was September 14th, 2021. Because I could go with the sort

01:42:03   of cultural zeitgeist guess and say, oh, because of Olivia Rodrigo, they did a driver's license.

01:42:10   Is that the best guess? But, but, but no, but that's not like, what if, what, like,

01:42:16   Is that a good thing to do? Like, is that inclusive enough? Like, what if you don't

01:42:21   drive a car? What if... Oh, God. ID. What was it? A driver's license.

01:42:29   I don't think we can...

01:42:30   No.

01:42:31   Identification card.

01:42:32   Sir, show me your identification card, please. Okay.

01:42:37   I like the detail in this. It uses the, you know, the Johnny Appleseed name, but it's

01:42:43   Joe Appleseed here because it is the gender neutral emoji they have a little

01:42:48   signature under their picture it's pretty good.

01:42:50   Although I don't know why they copped out at one point where it's like one two

01:42:55   three Main Street city name California and then there's a zip code that I can't

01:43:00   read but why did they just say city name when they did everything else? Weird to

01:43:04   me. All right Federico you've got two more because I've grouped the last set

01:43:08   into one. What's my score? What's my score update? It's close.

01:43:13   It's real close. It is 17 correct and 19 incorrect.

01:43:19   So I've lost.

01:43:22   If you get the last two right, you're tied.

01:43:25   Okay. Equal sign. Oh no. Okay, whatever. I give up.

01:43:31   Wait, wait, wait. I feel like I've got to give him it.

01:43:36   It's literally an equal sign.

01:43:38   It is, but there's a really weird name that I don't understand. Stephen, what do you think?

01:43:43   I think we give it to him because this is really, really dumb.

01:43:46   I don't even understand why.

01:43:47   Yeah. The official name is Heavy Equal Sign.

01:43:51   Heavy?

01:43:52   Yeah.

01:43:53   Heavy. What?

01:43:55   Heavy Equal Sign.

01:43:56   Do they use that on like the plus and division signs and all those things?

01:44:01   I have no idea. I don't know why they've gone with Heavy Equal Sign.

01:44:04   Yeah, Heavy Checkmark Heavy Division Sign.

01:44:06   Heavy Plus Sign Emoji.

01:44:08   For some reason they had no equal sign.

01:44:11   Yeah, but I mean, come on. We'll give it to him.

01:44:14   Thank you.

01:44:15   Alright, come on Federico.

01:44:16   For the tie!

01:44:17   Okay, so, um, we have the skin tone variations of the handshake emoji.

01:44:27   I'm not gonna guess the exact, um...

01:44:30   Don't overcomplicate this.

01:44:33   Yeah, but...

01:44:34   Don't overcomplicate it.

01:44:38   I don't know how they name the colors.

01:44:41   They don't.

01:44:42   This is one emoji.

01:44:44   That's why I've grouped it.

01:44:46   Are you getting it?

01:44:47   This is just one emoji.

01:44:49   There's just like 30 combinations.

01:44:51   It's just one emoji.

01:44:52   Okay. Handshake.

01:44:54   Ah.

01:44:55   There you go.

01:44:56   Technically this isn't a new emoji at all.

01:44:58   This emoji already exists.

01:45:00   Yeah, yeah.

01:45:01   But they added the variations in this one.

01:45:04   You're tied.

01:45:05   Okay. Congratulations.

01:45:06   Thank you.

01:45:07   So...

01:45:07   I think that was pretty good because this is hard.

01:45:09   This is a hard set this time.

01:45:11   Beans!

01:45:13   Beans!

01:45:14   So if I tie, does this mean that the jury gets to the side?

01:45:18   Yeah, I think so.

01:45:20   That's not how law works.

01:45:21   Can we talk about how fascinating the idea of jury-jury is in America?

01:45:27   Well, it's a jury court everywhere, don't they?

01:45:30   No.

01:45:30   Why in America specifically?

01:45:32   Well, because I saw it in the movies.

01:45:34   Okay.

01:45:35   What surprises you about this?

01:45:36   The whole premise of it, that you get called up and you gotta go-

01:45:41   Wait, do you not have juries in Italy?

01:45:44   No. What?

01:45:45   Really?

01:45:46   You know, people who do this for a living decide, judge decide, not people. It's insane. No.

01:45:53   Wow, Italy does not try anyone by a jury of peers.

01:45:57   No.

01:45:57   Everyone is judged by professional judges or by a panel of judges.

01:46:00   Why would you have regular folks who don't understand anything about life judge you?

01:46:05   You know, you gotta study the law. That's the whole premise of it.

01:46:08   Right, because, okay, so the argument is it is a jury of peers, so it's a selection of people

01:46:14   Who cares about your peers?

01:46:15   that should make up society. Well, because who are the judges, right?

01:46:20   Are the judges mostly one type of person?

01:46:23   Well, people who have studied the law.

01:46:25   Right, but do they have biases? Because, anyway, we don't need to get into this.

01:46:29   This is a whole other conversation that we don't need to have on this show about beans.

01:46:32   But that's why I find jury-jury so fascinating.

01:46:35   Like, you get a little letter and you're supposed to go there and show up

01:46:38   and they give you, like, coffee and then you make a decision.

01:46:40   Yeah, but it's not as simple as that, you know, but...

01:46:42   Coming from my perspective, you've got to understand how weird and fascinating that is.

01:46:47   It's like, "Oh, yeah, that's enough."

01:46:48   Yeah, if you've lived a certain way your whole life...

01:46:51   Similarly, people that are hearing this and think that it's wild that you don't have juries, right?

01:46:55   It's the same situation.

01:46:57   Anyone that's listening to this and is thinking, "I can't believe that. How could Federico say that?

01:47:01   juries is such the obvious way to go, you are just Federico and the opposite. Just wanna

01:47:05   say that just for the... Anyway, beans! Beans! That is... Beans and jury system! Beans and

01:47:13   bean juice are... are good. Beans are good. Beans are surprisingly rich in proteins, by

01:47:20   the way. Pro-bean. Good food to eat on a regular basis, if you can, I think. I like beans.

01:47:28   So anyway, I just wanted to say that these emoji are terrible, and the people who named

01:47:33   them should feel bad because they put some people like me through this process of making

01:47:40   any sort of sense out of their nonsensical use of the English language.

01:47:46   So please stop doing this.

01:47:49   Jeremy, I love you, but at the same time I also hate you for leaving us with this as

01:47:56   your parting gift with these names. And the biting lip emoji is a war cry. Oh no that's

01:48:01   a good one, that's a good one. So. Good times. Alright Steven take us home because he's singing

01:48:12   now. He's poured enough juice out of the glass I think at this point. If you want to find

01:48:16   links to stuff we spoke about head on over to the website relay.fm/connected/383. There

01:48:23   There of course you will find links to this new set of emoji and it was the chapter art

01:48:27   so if you didn't catch on to that by now I'm sorry you missed it.

01:48:32   You can find us all online.

01:48:33   You can find Myke on Twitter as @imyke.

01:48:38   He's the host of a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:48:41   Myke, anything you want to talk about here at the end?

01:48:44   I'm very appreciative of the hard work of the Unico Consortium.

01:48:48   Just want to go on record.

01:48:52   Maybe they'll reach out and let you name an emoji next time.

01:48:56   No, that would be fun.

01:48:58   I think it'd be a conflict of interest with the game.

01:49:01   Honestly, I think at this point, if I wasn't going to be given this chance when Jeremy

01:49:06   was there, it's like never going to happen, right?

01:49:08   Like if Jeremy wouldn't let me do it, no one's going to let me do it.

01:49:10   Our boy is gone.

01:49:11   I did put my thumb on the scales once for an emoji.

01:49:14   Really?

01:49:15   And it exists, and I think it's because of me.

01:49:18   Which emoji?

01:49:19   There was no emoji of a cup of a straw in it and the reason this annoyed me was because

01:49:24   you remember when Apple had like the, well they still do right, the little categorizations

01:49:28   of like these are the types of emoji.

01:49:30   The way that they showed the food emoji was a cup of a straw in it but there was no emoji

01:49:34   of a cup of a straw in it and it really annoyed me and now there is one and I think that was,

01:49:38   well I complained to Jeremy on the first night I met him about this and now it exists so.

01:49:45   Way to be chill the first time you meet somebody.

01:49:47   Well you know.

01:49:49   You can find Federico online at Vitici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I, and he's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net,

01:49:58   a fine web publication you should go visit.

01:50:01   Thank you.

01:50:02   Anything fun going on over there this week?

01:50:03   Lip biting.

01:50:04   Hey-o.

01:50:05   The one true lip bite.

01:50:07   Just looking at the screen and biting our lips.

01:50:10   Mm-hmm, shortcuts.

01:50:13   In a provocative manner, while working on shortcuts.

01:50:16   So I love my curvy workflows.

01:50:19   You can find me on Twitter as ismh and I write over at 512pixels.net.

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01:50:37   This week we spoke about Dropbox and how to tell when an application is Apple Silicon

01:50:43   Native or not.

01:50:44   Lots of fun there.

01:50:45   Go check it out.

01:50:46   - All right, y'all, I think that's it.

01:50:47   So until next week, say goodbye.

01:50:50   - Adios, tres. - Cheerio.