381: Roast my iPad Home Screen


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 381.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I'm joined by Mr. Federico

00:00:21   Faticci.

00:00:22   Hello.

00:00:22   Hi, how are you?

00:00:23   I am good.

00:00:25   How are you?

00:00:26   I am good.

00:00:27   I'm doing very well.

00:00:28   I'm excited for today's show.

00:00:29   Me too! Lots of good stuff today.

00:00:31   We're also joined by our friend Myke Hurley.

00:00:33   This is unacceptable.

00:00:35   What?

00:00:36   This is unacceptable.

00:00:38   This is an odd episode.

00:00:41   And on odd episodes, I'm introduced first.

00:00:44   But is the chairman now? And he can decide to do whatever he wants.

00:00:48   Is this the decision you've decided to make as chairman?

00:00:51   This is the chairman perk.

00:00:53   To reverse the order.

00:00:54   That you are freed from the requirement to remember odd and even?

00:00:57   Is this what you're giving yourself?

00:00:59   Free to introduce people in whatever order you prefer.

00:01:03   What did it is someone had their cursor up at the top and like selected the Federico line.

00:01:09   So at the top of the document we have in Comic Sans two lines.

00:01:13   It says "Even episodes Federico, odd episodes Myke."

00:01:17   And I got it backwards because someone's cursor confused me.

00:01:21   No, that's not true because I put my cursor up there after I realized you put Federico first.

00:01:27   I think it was as I was saying his name maybe.

00:01:29   Dendro Kostka. Because you know what happened? I thought to myself,

00:01:32   this feels like, I thought immediately, like, it feels like Federico's always introduced first,

00:01:37   and then so I went and checked the top of the document, and then was horrified with what I found.

00:01:42   Travesty, backstabbing, all that kind of stuff.

00:01:46   That really just sounds like some sort of, um, maybe we should talk to somebody about that.

00:01:50   Like you always feel like you're, you're in second, playing second place to Federico.

00:01:54   I mean a lot of it's still that way.

00:01:55   Well, that's the whole thing. Well, I have this whole thing. I'm sure I've told you this before.

00:01:59   I feel like I shouldn't say this in public, but I'm going to say it anyway.

00:02:02   I have this thing where, like, I think everyone's taller than me.

00:02:07   Yeah. Oh, really?

00:02:07   So, like, people that I really respect or, like, people who I think are super creative or whatever,

00:02:13   I always think, like, both of you, I think you're taller than me, but I think I'm taller than both

00:02:17   of you or, like, I'm the same height as Federico. But I have this thing of, like, I always,

00:02:23   in my memory, I'm looking up at people.

00:02:25   And that's not good, is it?

00:02:26   That's like an inferiority complex.

00:02:28   Yeah, you need to talk to somebody about that.

00:02:29   I think it's worse when you actually can't say inferiority on the first try.

00:02:33   That's not good either.

00:02:34   You gotta work on that, buddy.

00:02:36   What's your height in centimeters?

00:02:39   Uh, hang on.

00:02:42   180 something?

00:02:45   I think we're the same height.

00:02:46   Ask Siri.

00:02:48   What is six feet one inches in centimeters?

00:02:52   Man, it's just taking so long. 185.

00:02:55   You're 185? I'm 183.

00:02:59   I mean, I might be 183, right? Like, centimeter is way more precise than feet and inches.

00:03:05   We're about the same height. Like, I know that to be true.

00:03:08   Yeah, and you're both like an inch taller than me, because I'm six feet.

00:03:12   But the weird part of it is I am as tall or taller than most of my friends.

00:03:17   But I always think I'm smaller.

00:03:20   Do you think, Myke, that this height complex is because you took the expression "look up to people too literally"?

00:03:28   [laughter]

00:03:31   I mean, I think this is the problem, right?

00:03:35   I think that that is exactly it, is I am looking up to people too much.

00:03:41   You can do so, you know?

00:03:44   Not literally, I mean...

00:03:46   Well, this I mean it doesn't happen literally except in my brain. Anyway, we were talking about

00:03:51   Who is the tallest like in our group? I mean Jeff Veen is but he quit his podcast

00:03:57   So he don't count anymore. Jeff is a hundred and seventy-five feet tall. So like he's a tight Jeff Veen is very tall

00:04:02   Syracuse is tall

00:04:04   Yes, I bet Syracuse is probably the tallest. I mean, I can't tell you genuinely if John is taller than me

00:04:11   I don't know. I mean cuz I assume everybody is something John's like six two or six three

00:04:15   Okay.

00:04:16   He's a tall man.

00:04:18   But other than that, Jeff Veen was the tallest.

00:04:20   I think Myke and I are the same height and I don't think Syracuse is tall like us.

00:04:26   I don't think so.

00:04:27   Federico thinks everyone's smaller than him.

00:04:30   Yeah, I also gotta look into that, right?

00:04:33   I mean, I have some pictures here and like, John is towering over you,

00:04:40   but I don't know if you're both standing straight, right? Like, that's the problem.

00:04:44   how can I tell you're like kind of like hugging Merlin a bit in this picture

00:04:47   and also don't like old people get shorter anyway

00:04:50   I think Syracuse is about the same height as us honestly looking at some some photos of John

00:04:56   Syracuse that I have in my photos library it's kind of kind of a toss-up I think

00:05:02   I have a video here which I just found which is a fun moment for me

00:05:05   which is the first time that John and Federico met and Federico pronounced Syracuse

00:05:12   The way we say in Italy, it's "Ciracusa."

00:05:19   Is that right?

00:05:20   It's right for a giant.

00:05:26   We've been talking about what perks the annual chairman could enjoy.

00:05:31   Myke, you think that maybe I should just introduce Federico first every time.

00:05:35   That feels more like a perk for Federico.

00:05:36   No, I think that's what you've clearly chosen.

00:05:37   That's not what I'm choosing.

00:05:38   That just feels like what you've chosen because that was what you did.

00:05:41   Look, I'm just happy when I get the episode number right the first time because that definitely

00:05:46   doesn't always happen.

00:05:48   But Michael on Twitter suggested that we change the tagline of the show art to say "Technology

00:05:55   Without Borders from Steven and Friends" since I'm the annual chairman this year.

00:06:00   That feels pretty good.

00:06:01   I mean, I don't like this, but the point is you get to do, in theory, whatever you want.

00:06:07   But as I was completely shot down in the last episode for this,

00:06:11   we still need to set the rules, right?

00:06:16   The U3 wouldn't allow for my idea, which was just...

00:06:19   U3?

00:06:20   U2.

00:06:21   So not only are we tarvin' you, we outnumber you.

00:06:24   Shut up!

00:06:25   You're bullying now. Cyberbullying.

00:06:27   Myke, do you think these tall people are in the room with us right now?

00:06:32   Do you see Syracuse right now?

00:06:34   (laughing)

00:06:36   - I don't think I would want that.

00:06:41   I love Jon, but I feel like if he was in here,

00:06:43   in my studio, he would have so many things to complain about.

00:06:46   I don't think I could handle that.

00:06:49   You wouldn't accept my just the annual chairman

00:06:52   gets to make the rule.

00:06:53   So you can say whatever you want,

00:06:56   but there has to be like checks and balances put in place

00:06:58   based on what you two required.

00:07:00   So you can propose this if you like,

00:07:03   but my belief is you had to get some kind of vote

00:07:05   or something you wanted done.

00:07:07   I don't remember that.

00:07:08   - Well, we'll see.

00:07:08   I haven't heard the show speak to me yet, you know?

00:07:13   - What does that mean?

00:07:14   - You know, sometimes you just know what the answer is,

00:07:16   right, and I haven't had that.

00:07:18   The spirit of "Connected" has not visited me

00:07:20   in the night yet.

00:07:21   - Yeah, it's the Google document that speaks to you.

00:07:23   - The spirit of the Google document?

00:07:24   - The spirit of "Connected" lives in the Google document.

00:07:27   I think so.

00:07:28   I think the spirit of "Connected" lives

00:07:30   in the Google document.

00:07:31   That is why we cannot switch from Google Docs ever for this show.

00:07:36   It's just a ghost that appears in the middle of the night and asks you for your

00:07:39   password. That's the spirit of the Google document.

00:07:43   It whispers, sign into the correct account, please.

00:07:46   You know who is tall, by the way? John Gruber is tall.

00:07:51   Yes. Okay. John Gruber is very tall. Yes.

00:07:55   John Gruber is taller than John Siracusa. It's the thottest John of all the Johncys.

00:07:59   Well, how tall is the one tall?

00:08:01   I was gonna say one tall John, jeez.

00:08:04   What is wrong with me?

00:08:05   One true John.

00:08:06   Yeah, but I mean, I feel like a lot of our friends

00:08:09   are like a little bit taller than me.

00:08:11   Like I think Gray and I are about the same height,

00:08:14   but Casey's a little bit taller.

00:08:15   Casey's hair is also tall.

00:08:17   That's true.

00:08:18   That gives him about seven inches.

00:08:19   It's a lot of hair product there.

00:08:21   Lots of weird little bits of follow-up today.

00:08:26   Okay.

00:08:26   I think this is the entire segment.

00:08:28   Yes.

00:08:28   The segment name where I talk about bathtubs. We had quite... Is that what you're

00:08:35   wanting to bring in as chairman? We have bathtub segment. Bathtub segment. Yes. We had

00:08:42   several good... I'm fine with that. Several good suggestions. Tumas suggested tub grade, which is

00:08:51   perfect in every way. I've had a thought that I would like to bring to the group.

00:08:59   Okay. We all have like zoom recorders right? Yeah. Yes. Okay. So like member puck

00:09:10   three of us in the bath not together but kind of together. You realize we are

00:09:17   approaching only fans territory. Yeah people pay for that kind of stuff. I

00:09:21   I mean sure, but it's I guess not what I expected my career would become.

00:09:25   This is the thing, would people want to pay to hear a show of us in our own individual

00:09:31   bathtubs?

00:09:35   How do you know that I'm not in my bathtub right now?

00:09:38   The sound, I feel like I would hear it.

00:09:40   We would hear the water.

00:09:41   And also if people check out Connected Pro, get connectedpro.co, we were sharing images

00:09:47   with each other, or YouTube mostly, were sharing images with each other and then sending me

00:09:51   screenshots of them.

00:09:53   And you didn't look like you were in the bathtub.

00:09:56   You don't know that I didn't build a bathtub into the slab of pod cabin.

00:10:00   That is a very good point, and I could imagine you doing that because you are such a bathtub

00:10:04   freak.

00:10:05   Can you imagine that it's like there's a button on the wall and the floor opens and there's

00:10:08   a bathtub just like ever present?

00:10:10   You've got a couple more kickstarts to go before that one.

00:10:13   That's true, yeah.

00:10:14   Please buy my calendar this summer.

00:10:16   Gotta make some more cat endorsement.

00:10:18   You are the James Bond villain equivalent of a bathtub, right?

00:10:23   Where it's like you have like a lair and you press a button

00:10:26   and then like the bathtub appears

00:10:27   from underneath the ground.

00:10:29   I think this is a good direction for the show, honestly.

00:10:31   To upgrade.

00:10:32   We had a lot of feedback on the photos widget conversation

00:10:36   that we had last time.

00:10:37   There seems like there's a bug right now

00:10:39   that if you delete a memory, it will just come back.

00:10:43   So I tried this, actually the day after we got this

00:10:46   this note, there was a memory that I didn't,

00:10:49   it's not that I didn't want it,

00:10:49   I just didn't care about it.

00:10:50   I was like, oh, well maybe I'll try this.

00:10:53   And so I deleted the memory.

00:10:55   And not only has it come back in the photo widget,

00:10:57   it is like stuck in the photo widget.

00:11:00   I feel like it's been there six out of 10 times

00:11:03   I pick up my phone since the day I deleted it.

00:11:05   So it seems to be a bug in iOS 15,

00:11:08   where if you delete a memory, not only does it not die,

00:11:11   it comes back stronger.

00:11:12   So be warned.

00:11:15   like Hydra images.

00:11:16   The thing is as well,

00:11:20   I don't know if I recall this particular thing happening,

00:11:22   but I believe it does.

00:11:23   But part of the issue is you delete a memory,

00:11:26   but those images just come back in a new memory,

00:11:28   which is titled a different thing, right?

00:11:30   - It's even named the same thing?

00:11:32   Like it is this- - No, I'm sure

00:11:33   that is happening, like I believe it.

00:11:34   But my point is like, even if it doesn't,

00:11:36   it's like the system isn't learning

00:11:38   and it's just still showing you those images,

00:11:40   because you can't say,

00:11:42   why do I want to delete this memory, right?

00:11:45   As like, you know, I want to delete this memory

00:11:46   'cause I don't want pictures of these people

00:11:48   or of this time period or of this location,

00:11:50   but you can't really do that effectively.

00:11:54   - We also got some feedback that if someone is set up

00:11:59   in like the faces feature, you can then tell

00:12:03   that photos don't feature this person as often.

00:12:08   And we touched on this,

00:12:09   but I kind of wanted to like clarify it a little bit.

00:12:11   So this is an example, like you don't want memories

00:12:15   or widget stuff of maybe your ex.

00:12:18   Well, you can't just go in, like we had suggested,

00:12:21   go into photos and just go through and find them all

00:12:24   and tell photos, hey, these photos, don't put them in

00:12:27   memories, don't put them in the widget.

00:12:29   Instead, you have to have your ex hanging around

00:12:31   as a face record in photos, which you probably don't want.

00:12:36   And you can't actually tell it never to feature them,

00:12:40   just to feature them less.

00:12:42   It's just like-- - It's not great.

00:12:45   - No, it's like there's so many obvious loopholes in this.

00:12:48   They really need to revisit it.

00:12:50   They really do.

00:12:51   - I wonder if any of these limitations

00:12:54   are brought on by like the on-device learning

00:12:57   as opposed to a cloud-based learning system.

00:13:00   Where like, if all of the rules are just being set

00:13:04   on-device with on-device processing,

00:13:06   you maybe can't have a set of metadata

00:13:09   which is synced between the devices as clearly, right?

00:13:12   Federico, is it still doing that,

00:13:14   that it's all kind of localized to devices

00:13:17   and then some stuff is shared?

00:13:19   It's gotten more complicated over time, I think,

00:13:21   to understand. - I think so.

00:13:22   Yes, I think so.

00:13:25   They're still doing that big sort of offline index

00:13:30   of all photos content that is downloaded for sure

00:13:35   when you set up a device.

00:13:38   I also think that periodically, and there was an article or something about this, or

00:13:42   a white paper maybe, like the frequency that Apple uses to update this sort of on-device

00:13:51   index of photo contents.

00:13:55   Someone will find it.

00:13:56   There was a schedule, I think, that basically Apple is able to push updates to your device,

00:14:01   but then your device still does all the actual indexing offline on-device.

00:14:07   of a strange system which I don't really understand myself.

00:14:11   Real time follow up, a few people have posted in Discord that if you select "feature this

00:14:16   person less" you can say "never feature this person" but it's not as simple as that because

00:14:22   then you do still need to keep their faces in the photos record, right? And it's just

00:14:30   not enough. It's not enough and it's not flexible enough. Because then if you remove that person

00:14:34   from the faces record, then they're going to come back again.

00:14:38   What a mess. You could just view faces in photos as like a group of people you never

00:14:43   want to see, except when you look at faces. We have some really big news. Federico, I

00:14:50   need your help.

00:14:52   Well, I think maybe first we need to start from the story, from the sort of email we

00:14:58   got and how we've been keeping all of this information as a surprise from Myke too.

00:15:05   Yeah, I don't know anything.

00:15:07   Yeah, Myke doesn't know anything.

00:15:10   So why don't you go back to last week,

00:15:12   Steven, and offer some context on what happened after the show.

00:15:16   So in last week's show, we shared that I mailed Federico a bunch of stuff via UPS,

00:15:22   and it has been sitting in a warehouse for a month. And I said, look, if anyone out there

00:15:26   there, listen is connected. If you can help us with this, if you can point us in the

00:15:29   right direction, please reach out. We got an email from a listener who is a pilot

00:15:36   for UPS in Europe. No way! Pilot is the best part! I know. Yes. And apparently this person has

00:15:48   access to to basically inquire on any tracking number and so I said...

00:15:56   Yeah, they're a pilot, of course they can, do everything they want, right?

00:15:59   Yeah, they can just walk in there and get it. They hand-delivered it to Federico.

00:16:03   So we sent them the tracking number, said okay, we submitted an internal inquiry, and it made its way up to a...

00:16:12   I don't want to give exact details because I wasn't given permission to give details, but a high up person

00:16:18   a person with a very impressive title

00:16:21   inside of UPS's Europe operations.

00:16:25   They spoke to the person who is like in charge of UPS

00:16:28   in Rome, they found, they got to the bottom of it

00:16:32   and within one and a half days of this email,

00:16:37   Federico has the box.

00:16:38   - You should not be allowed the level of power

00:16:42   that you have.

00:16:43   Like this is not good to have this.

00:16:45   - You gotta put into the world what you want out of it

00:16:47   And I wanted Federico to have his box.

00:16:48   I have the box.

00:16:51   This is the noise that he made.

00:16:53   The stuff inside.

00:16:56   So first of all, I guess I should say that...

00:16:58   Do we have any idea why?

00:17:00   Did they give any idea why it was stuck?

00:17:03   Oh, there was an invoicing problem in the system.

00:17:06   Yeah, something silly.

00:17:08   Steven filled out the paperwork wrong?

00:17:10   No.

00:17:10   Is that what we're coming back to?

00:17:11   That Steven incorrectly put something?

00:17:13   So I want to offer some context here.

00:17:16   first of all, I want to say that Stephen Hackett

00:17:18   is kind of cheap when it comes to boxes.

00:17:20   This is a reused Amazon Prime box.

00:17:23   - It is.

00:17:24   It's what I had handy.

00:17:25   - It's an Amazon Prime box.

00:17:27   It's not personalized at all for me.

00:17:30   And there's a piece of tape.

00:17:32   There's a piece of tape that says, "Wow, now,"

00:17:36   and then it's cut off.

00:17:38   I guess it was some sort of message.

00:17:40   It says, "Wow, now."

00:17:42   - Yeah, some sort of Amazon advertises on their tape,

00:17:44   which is terrible.

00:17:46   - Anyway, we are opening the box right now.

00:17:50   - I've always kind of liked the advertising on the tape.

00:17:52   So you gotta put something on there.

00:17:54   - I hope I don't cut myself.

00:17:56   Okay.

00:17:57   - It's up to you now.

00:17:58   It's out of my hands.

00:18:00   - Everything smashed to pieces.

00:18:01   - Okay.

00:18:02   - It's in the box.

00:18:03   - Hold on, hold on.

00:18:04   - It's just destroyed.

00:18:05   - Okay, I'm opening the box.

00:18:07   - If we know anyone in the USPS,

00:18:09   I have a parcel that's lost.

00:18:10   (laughs)

00:18:11   If you know.

00:18:12   - Oh, this smells like Steven.

00:18:14   It does smell like Steven in here.

00:18:16   Oh, that's good. I'm jealous of that.

00:18:17   Very good.

00:18:19   There's a...

00:18:20   Oh, wow. Okay, so first object.

00:18:23   There's a calendar in here.

00:18:29   Excellent.

00:18:31   Is it a good calendar?

00:18:33   Let's see.

00:18:33   I'm gonna make a giant mess of everything.

00:18:36   It sounds like you're going to.

00:18:38   Yes.

00:18:39   How do I open this calendar, Steven?

00:18:41   Oh, okay.

00:18:42   There's a little tab.

00:18:44   Mm-hmm. Pulls right open.

00:18:46   Oh, nice paper smell. Okay.

00:18:49   The calendars do smell good, don't they?

00:18:51   The Apple hardware calendar for 2022.

00:18:55   Oh, this is so nice, man.

00:18:57   Thanks.

00:18:58   Oh, look at that font. Wow. Nice.

00:19:00   Nice, nice. Okay.

00:19:03   There's a dog cow.

00:19:05   Federico, you should be an unboxer.

00:19:07   Wow, this iPod photo is incredible. The one with the iPod Nanos in all colors.

00:19:12   That took a long time. That is so good. I love it and it sm-

00:19:15   Smells so good, man. I love it. Okay. So this is the calendar. It says thank you at the end. Oh nice touch

00:19:22   This project has been an unbelievable thrill and I have been blown away by your support. Oh, that's nice

00:19:29   Okay, so that's the calendar

00:19:31   What else is in this box?

00:19:35   Only you can tell us. Yeah. Okay. Let's see

00:19:38   There's a

00:19:42   Something with some koala themed gift wrapping paper.

00:19:50   I'm gonna open this.

00:19:52   What?

00:19:53   I am opening it.

00:19:55   Oh my god, it's the little...

00:20:01   Oh my god, it's the...

00:20:04   What's the name of the little...

00:20:06   Ricky.

00:20:07   It's Ricky.

00:20:08   Is it Ricky?

00:20:09   It's from Ellen, right?

00:20:10   Yes.

00:20:10   There are stuffed ones?

00:20:11   Yes.

00:20:12   With the stuffed one, yes, with the little crown.

00:20:16   Oh my God.

00:20:17   Yours has a crown?

00:20:18   Mine has a crown.

00:20:20   Oh!

00:20:21   It's incredible.

00:20:23   I'm gonna take a picture right now.

00:20:26   Oh my God.

00:20:26   So Steven, do you have just,

00:20:28   you just have plain OG, right?

00:20:30   'Cause I have medals.

00:20:32   Mine was plain, but now it has,

00:20:36   when I get near it has some sort of energy field of winning.

00:20:39   It's hard to really describe.

00:20:40   There's something intangible about it.

00:20:42   Oh, okay, there we go. I wonder where this is going.

00:20:44   Mine has a crown. Mine has a crown.

00:20:47   It's incredible. It looks fantastic.

00:20:50   And it feels so good to touch.

00:20:51   It's great, right?

00:20:52   Mine just sits here right on my desk in front of me all the time.

00:20:55   Oh my God. And it smells like my grandma.

00:20:58   Oh, this is weird.

00:21:00   With the kneading and the...

00:21:02   There's a lot of smelling in today's episode.

00:21:03   I wasn't expecting so much smelling.

00:21:05   Oh, I like... I'm a big smell boy. I like to smell everything.

00:21:09   Okay, that's great.

00:21:11   This this crown is great. Is that is that knitted to the crown?

00:21:15   Like no, no, it's I don't know what.

00:21:18   Well, maybe I don't know.

00:21:20   It's it's different material.

00:21:21   OK, I think it's still yarn, though.

00:21:23   I think it might be just like sparkly yarn.

00:21:25   OK, so there's more padding in the box than what?

00:21:30   OK, what else?

00:21:31   There's some colored yarn that holds a card.

00:21:38   OK.

00:21:39   Oh, there's a message from Alan.

00:21:42   Ah, you don't need to read that on the show. That might be a personal message.

00:21:46   I don't think it's personal. It's just a very nice message.

00:21:49   Okay.

00:21:50   So, I mean, I don't think there's anything secret in here.

00:21:53   Hi, Federico. Sorry for the first one.

00:21:55   Sorry, the first one got lost on the way.

00:21:58   I hope you like this little guy when he finally gets to you.

00:22:01   Thanks for all you do, Alan.

00:22:03   Alan, thank you so much. This is a...

00:22:05   And there's yarn holding the card.

00:22:08   This is so lovely, Ellen. Incredible. Thank you. Thank you. Really nice handwriting, too.

00:22:14   Okay, there's more stuff. All right, let's see.

00:22:19   There's a... Ah, this is a holiday card from the Hackett family. That blew up the entire UPS system.

00:22:33   They wanted to know the value of this holiday card.

00:22:37   Yeah, that was the problem with the card, right?

00:22:38   You know, I sent UPS Italy a very stern email a couple of weeks ago.

00:22:43   They were asking me for a market value of the holiday card.

00:22:48   They wrote to me saying, "We cannot determine the market value of the following items.

00:22:53   Holiday greeting card."

00:22:55   I replied to them saying that it was unacceptable, that I literally wrote,

00:22:59   it's unacceptable that you are holding a gift from a friend of mine hostage in your system.

00:23:06   So maybe that was an unfortunate choice of words because maybe I upset them?

00:23:10   Maybe.

00:23:11   What is the market value of a holiday card? Like what is the answer to that question?

00:23:17   Like this is priceless to me, it came from a friend, now what are you gonna do?

00:23:21   Wow, did you know that Steven on this holiday card wrote "I'm the new chairman,

00:23:29   you suck. Wow, thank you, Steven. Whoa! Which is weird because I shipped it a month before we did the

00:23:35   Ricky's. I was so confident. You cheated. That's that's proof of best proof of fixing. Yes. Ricky fixing.

00:23:42   There's more stuff in the box. Of course there is because this needs to continue.

00:23:47   More. There's a little bag, this little bag featuring postcards of Steven's old Macs, like the photos

00:23:58   from the calendar. Oh yeah, these are your extras. The prints. Oh my god, there are the prints.

00:24:03   Oh, there's an apple. What's it called? The Pippin? The Gringen Con. Oh my god, Steven.

00:24:10   Power PC. These are so good. Look at this guy. It's basically like Federico Christmas at the moment.

00:24:20   It is. It was supposed to be.

00:24:22   And there are stickers.

00:24:25   There are stickers, yeah.

00:24:27   Oh my god, these are going to go on my iPad Pro.

00:24:31   I resisted the temptation of putting stickers on the iPad Pro so far.

00:24:34   There's a little iPod sleeping in the sock.

00:24:39   My god, these are so cool.

00:24:40   I wouldn't recommend doing that yet,

00:24:43   because I feel like you might only get a few months out of those stickers on the current iPad, right?

00:24:48   I feel like if you really love the sticker...

00:24:50   The magic keyboard, is it gonna...

00:24:51   They changed the magic keyboard last year.

00:24:53   Oh, okay. Fair enough.

00:24:54   They're not gonna change it again.

00:24:55   Okay. I thought you were gonna put them on the iPad itself.

00:24:57   Hold on, there's more stuff in the box.

00:25:00   No way!

00:25:01   But wait, there's more.

00:25:03   This is the last item.

00:25:05   Box is done.

00:25:08   Get out of the way. Come on, Jesus.

00:25:10   Freaking box.

00:25:11   There it goes. There it goes.

00:25:12   Alright. Oh, God, I made a giant mess of everything.

00:25:17   Okay, there are magnets in here.

00:25:23   This is the official connected magnet.

00:25:30   So there are stickers with the Ricky's, the Ricky's trophy sticker.

00:25:37   And, oh my God, this, the mag tricky.

00:25:41   It smells incredible.

00:25:43   Have you smelled the back of the mag tricky?

00:25:46   I feel like it's probably not good for you.

00:25:48   Oh my God.

00:25:49   This smells like you're inhaling that is going to kill me.

00:25:53   And I love it.

00:25:53   Oh my God.

00:25:55   It smells incredible.

00:25:57   I have not smelled my magic tricky.

00:25:59   Okay.

00:26:00   So I have two of them.

00:26:02   I have two of them.

00:26:05   I'm going to keep one in the box and there's the little, Oh God.

00:26:11   Okay.

00:26:12   I have the magnets, which are two silver ones

00:26:16   and a bigger golden one.

00:26:18   These are really strong magnets.

00:26:20   They're very strong magnets.

00:26:21   How is that possible?

00:26:22   They're much stronger than I anticipated,

00:26:26   but I had to buy them in bulk,

00:26:28   and so they are what they are.

00:26:30   They're so strong that it's, this is a funny thing.

00:26:33   Unless you put the magnet on something magnetic,

00:26:36   it is not possible for me and you to be helpful.

00:26:41   So if you put the magnet down on like a wood or something and you try and put one of the

00:26:47   silver things on me and Federico's locations, they just fly together.

00:26:51   So you have to kind of put it on something.

00:26:53   It's a magnet.

00:26:54   What were you expecting?

00:26:55   It goes on something.

00:26:56   So.

00:26:57   So.

00:26:58   So.

00:26:59   And your golden magnet goes to?

00:27:00   No, so there's been confusion around this.

00:27:03   My thought was you use the silver ones for the winners unless someone is combined and

00:27:09   they get to use the gold one.

00:27:11   - Okay.

00:27:12   - 'Cause you have two silver, so right now,

00:27:13   one would be on Memphis and one would be on you.

00:27:15   - All right.

00:27:16   - And when I win the next event one,

00:27:18   I would get the gold one over Memphis.

00:27:19   - Wait, I am the keynote chairman right now?

00:27:21   - Aren't you?

00:27:22   Or is that Myke?

00:27:23   - No, it's Federico.

00:27:24   - I think it's Federico.

00:27:25   - It's me?

00:27:26   Oh, well done, me.

00:27:26   Okay.

00:27:27   - So on the Wikipedia, rickys.net,

00:27:31   Jason has actually got a guide, which is hilarious

00:27:33   because we all clearly very much need the guide

00:27:36   of how to explain for both the official

00:27:39   wooden illuminated tricky and the mag tricky,

00:27:41   'cause they are different,

00:27:42   because on the tricky, the real tricky trophy,

00:27:46   the annual is the larger circle.

00:27:48   - Yeah.

00:27:49   - At least someone's keeping track of this.

00:27:51   - Yeah, 'cause you can't really like overlap magnets

00:27:55   in the same way that you can the--

00:27:57   - Can I destroy the little padding,

00:28:00   the plastic bags filled with air?

00:28:02   - Yeah, please. - Can I do it?

00:28:04   - Uh-huh.

00:28:05   - Oh, that was underwhelming.

00:28:08   yeah that was pretty oh this is got this is gonna make more noise hold on oh

00:28:15   no how do you feel about popping balloons are very good you like doing it

00:28:25   okay yes especially to kids wait as in like a kids got a balloon you pop it or

00:28:33   You ready for Pop It?

00:28:34   It may have happened on occasion.

00:28:38   He's such a prankster.

00:28:39   He is.

00:28:40   I know, right?

00:28:41   Oh, god.

00:28:42   So I made a mess of everything.

00:28:46   This calendar is going to go on my desk, like above my desk.

00:28:52   The Mag Tricky will go on the fridge.

00:28:55   The stickers will go on the Magic Keyboard.

00:28:58   And where's Little Ricky going to go?

00:29:00   On my desk.

00:29:01   Next to my next to my amplifier.

00:29:04   Here you go.

00:29:05   So the saga of the shipping is finally complete.

00:29:09   It is.

00:29:10   It's complete.

00:29:10   Thank you unnamed.

00:29:13   Pilot.

00:29:13   Well, we know your name, but we cannot share your name.

00:29:16   Thank you listener pilot for your service.

00:29:20   Thank you for your service.

00:29:22   Whenever, whenever I have the same, we like pilots.

00:29:26   I think of the catch me if you can movie

00:29:29   and like how pilots are presented as like these super like fancy people that everybody respects.

00:29:35   I think a pilot's that way like in that movie.

00:29:38   Yeah.

00:29:39   I think people do treat pilots like that.

00:29:42   Yeah.

00:29:42   Like they have that certain energy when they walk through the airport.

00:29:45   Yes, they have that sort of big plane energy.

00:29:49   I mean luckily they walk confidently which is what you want to see.

00:29:54   Like if I don't want to see my pilot like shuffling nervously towards the plane, you know?

00:30:00   Like your pilot is the crappy little guy.

00:30:02   Well like they like walk up to the door and turn around and walk back and then go "oh I don't know"

00:30:06   and then they go on. I don't want that.

00:30:08   We all know that Myke wants his pilot to be taller than he is.

00:30:10   100%. Well I know my pilot's taller than me, right?

00:30:15   That's how I always imagine it. The pilots are always bigger than me. Big people.

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00:32:14   So last time we spoke about Wordle and Federico's WordleBot

00:32:18   And there's an update to the WordleBot which we'll get to in a second. I was trying to tell a very quick antidote and oh my god

00:32:25   I'm all over the place today. What is the word not antidote?

00:32:28   Anecdote. There you go. A very quick antidote about Wordle today. I woke up this morning and

00:32:35   Everyone I saw posting online was solving the Wordle in two

00:32:40   therefore today I did not play Wordle because I knew I wouldn't get it in 2

00:32:43   and so I was like I don't want to play this and feel bad

00:32:46   so I didn't get it in 2 either don't worry about it. Okay cool well I know

00:32:50   what it is now because I asked Adina I was like what was Wordle today she told

00:32:53   me and I realized I wouldn't have got it in 2.

00:32:55   I think it was very much a like starter word Wordle for people today so like it

00:33:00   worked out pretty well for a lot of people.

00:33:01   Anyway so Federico posted an update to the Wordle bot

00:33:05   to make it more accessible. Now this was surprising to me because

00:33:09   So I'm definitely showing a, and I'm fine to say it,

00:33:12   we all don't know everything, this was a surprise to me

00:33:15   because I had assumed that the Wordlebot that you had

00:33:19   was more accessible because you added explainer text

00:33:25   with the emoji, right?

00:33:26   So the thing that you did was like,

00:33:29   oh, second line, two correct letters, one incorrect.

00:33:33   So I thought, oh, that is obviously more accessible

00:33:37   than how it was prior.

00:33:38   And the way that you did it was like, oh, now it outputs an image.

00:33:42   And I couldn't understand how this would be better

00:33:45   because an image is like an image, right?

00:33:49   Like if you can't see the image clearly, how could it be any better?

00:33:54   So could you explain how, why, and then what you did?

00:33:58   So the way that I approached this initially is exactly as you mentioned.

00:34:03   I thought just by adding the explainer text on each line,

00:34:07   This is going to be more accessible than the default sharing mechanism of Wordle.

00:34:13   And it was, but it wasn't enough, because it still was not fixing the main problem.

00:34:20   There's a core problem with the way that Wordle shares results as a block of emoji.

00:34:26   And specifically, the problem is that people who rely on screen-reading technologies like

00:34:33   voiceover, when voiceover hits one of those tweets that contain all the, you

00:34:39   know, contain the grid of all the emoji from your moral results, if you listen

00:34:45   to what voiceover does, it sounds horrible, because it basically starts

00:34:51   reading green square, gray square, gray square, green square, yellow square, and so

00:34:56   forth for each line and each emoji on each line. It's not a good experience,

00:35:01   It's not a pleasant experience.

00:35:05   And my shortcut, the original version of my shortcut, was not doing anything to fix that.

00:35:10   Images -- and this sounds funny because for years we've been told and we thought, you

00:35:15   know, sharing an image, like sharing a screenshot of text on Twitter is not accessible.

00:35:23   And by default, it is not.

00:35:24   It's still not accessible if you do that.

00:35:27   The thing though is that now on Twitter you can share an image and you can attach an alt text attribute to that image.

00:35:37   You can attach a description to the image.

00:35:41   And this is important because when screen readers like VoiceOver, they read out loud

00:35:48   a tweet that contains an image, if that image contains the alternative text, they are going

00:35:54   to read out loud that description to people who use VoiceOver. It's like you can add a

00:36:01   caption to the image that you share on Twitter that VoiceOver, in this case on all Apple

00:36:08   platforms, VoiceOver will read, thus making the image more accessible than the block of

00:36:15   emoji. Because VoiceOver is going to say image, description for the image, and it's going

00:36:21   to read your description of the image that you attach to your tweet.

00:36:25   So I have improved Wordlebot to support two different output formats.

00:36:32   The classic one with a block of emoji and the description for each line.

00:36:38   So you're going to have your classic line of emoji and next to the line a summary.

00:36:46   Or you can now export your emoji grid as a PNG image.

00:36:51   It saves to your photo library.

00:36:53   You can attach the image to a tweet, and either on the Twitter website, in the Twitter app,

00:37:00   in Tweetbot, and in any other compatible client that supports accessible images, you can open

00:37:06   the alt text field for the image, you can hit paste, and you will have the line results

00:37:15   already filled in, that will serve as your description for the image that you are attaching

00:37:21   to your tweet.

00:37:23   So that folks who use VoiceOver, when VoiceOver reads the tweet on the timeline, it will say

00:37:28   "image", "description for the image", "line 1", "2 perfect", "1 partial", and so forth.

00:37:34   How do I see the alt text description on an image?

00:37:39   I can't, right?

00:37:40   You have to use VoiceOver.

00:37:41   I think in the Twitter app you have, it's only shown if you use VoiceOver.

00:37:46   I'm not sure if in third-party clients, some of them allow you to see it, even if you have

00:37:54   VoiceOver disabled.

00:37:55   Okay, yeah.

00:37:57   They're saying in Discord that you can't.

00:38:00   Apparently on Android they do, which is odd, but it might be like an Android accessibility

00:38:05   option.

00:38:06   But yeah, okay, fair enough.

00:38:07   Well, this is cool to do this then.

00:38:09   This seems complicated though.

00:38:10   It was because there's no, there's no, you would think, oh, in shortcuts, I'm sure there's

00:38:17   a way to say, take this emoji text and make it into an image. There is not, there's no,

00:38:27   in shortcuts there's no action that explicitly lets you do text to image. You can do it implicitly,

00:38:36   Meaning you can take a text action, put images from input after it, and you will get an image.

00:38:47   But there's no control over how that image is put together.

00:38:51   Meaning you cannot style the size or the proportion or the alignment of the text at all.

00:39:00   Why is your Wordle formatted in a circle?

00:39:03   I don't know, man.

00:39:05   Don't ask me.

00:39:06   There's nothing you can do about that by default.

00:39:09   Now, there are some third-party shortcut utilities

00:39:13   that have actions to do that.

00:39:16   However, I did not want to have any third-party dependencies

00:39:20   into this shortcut.

00:39:21   This is a very popular shortcut that has really taken off,

00:39:25   and I don't want to add any complication to people

00:39:28   in saying, "Oh, but make sure you install

00:39:31   this third-party app from the App Store."

00:39:33   It's not a great experience.

00:39:35   So I remembered from my Apple Music Wrapped experiments

00:39:40   a few years ago, I remember that there was a way

00:39:44   to sort of work your way around text to image conversion

00:39:49   in shortcuts by using this ridiculous workaround

00:39:54   that involves creating a local webpage

00:39:58   and using HTML to turn text into an image.

00:40:03   I know it's ridiculous, but it works.

00:40:05   And so I did some Googling and someone on Reddit,

00:40:09   which I linked on Mac stories

00:40:12   and also credited them in the shortcut,

00:40:14   had this exact same problem last year.

00:40:17   And they came up with a solution for converting emoji

00:40:21   to images in shortcuts.

00:40:24   You're basically loading this HTML data as a URL,

00:40:29   and then you're saying crop the URL,

00:40:32   which is totally ridiculous, but it works.

00:40:35   I had to modify that to get the exact dimensions

00:40:39   that I wanted, and I also needed to figure out

00:40:42   how to turn a grid, this is a fun,

00:40:46   it was a fun programming problem for me,

00:40:49   like how do you turn a grid of emoji into one image?

00:40:54   Because if you think about it,

00:40:55   I only had a way to get a single emoji

00:40:59   and make it into an image.

00:41:01   But what I needed to do was, I needed to start two repeat loops, basically.

00:41:08   Because what I needed to do was, OK, I need to break it line by line

00:41:14   and do all the emoji on the same line,

00:41:18   and I need to merge them horizontally,

00:41:21   so that I have one image that is just one line of all the squares next to each other.

00:41:27   But then I also need to merge them vertically, right?

00:41:31   Because I need to put one line after the other.

00:41:34   And so it was fun to solve this

00:41:36   with multiple repeat loops in shortcuts.

00:41:41   Basically, for those curious,

00:41:43   I'm splitting the grid of emoji by line,

00:41:47   and then I'm splitting the line by character.

00:41:50   And the shortcut iterates through all the characters

00:41:53   and then merges all the lines,

00:41:55   and you end up with a single PNG

00:41:57   that is saved into the Photos app.

00:42:00   So that was fun.

00:42:02   Shouldn't be this difficult though,

00:42:04   to make an emoji into an image in Shortcuts, but it works.

00:42:09   - Thank you for your service.

00:42:10   - You're welcome.

00:42:11   It was fun.

00:42:13   - So like Steven has a bathtub segment,

00:42:16   I feel like I should have a segment

00:42:18   where I bring products that I find on the internet

00:42:22   to the two of you that I think you might be interested in.

00:42:25   Today I have two charging related products.

00:42:28   They tend to be charging related things too, I realize.

00:42:31   I have the Mophie MagSafe Compatible

00:42:35   three-in-one travel charger, catchy name from Mophie there.

00:42:40   But this is a very interesting

00:42:42   and I think kind of cool product.

00:42:43   It is a fold-up charger like the MagSafe Duo,

00:42:47   but it has three elements to it.

00:42:49   It is fully MagSafe certified compatible.

00:42:53   so it charges up to 15 watts.

00:42:55   So it gets the full power that MagSafe can get.

00:42:58   That's in the middle.

00:42:59   On either side of it, you have a little AirPods tray.

00:43:01   So it's a Qi charge, which has like a molded part,

00:43:04   which would fit AirPods.

00:43:06   Obviously, I don't know how that's gonna work

00:43:08   as they change AirPod cases, et cetera, et cetera,

00:43:10   but we'll see.

00:43:11   And also a watch charger.

00:43:13   They can both charge up to five watts.

00:43:15   It comes with a cable and a 30 watt brick to power it all.

00:43:19   And a cute little pouch.

00:43:20   It's 149, oh $149.95 available from the Apple store right now.

00:43:25   I think it's just in the US,

00:43:30   I guess I couldn't find it in the UK

00:43:32   'cause I would have bought this product

00:43:33   because I think that this is a really good looking product.

00:43:36   - I can ship it to you.

00:43:37   - But now I just realized I can't do the MagSafe

00:43:40   because of the PopSocket, but anyway.

00:43:43   - You know, you made fun of the name,

00:43:45   but I think these chargers have the best names of anything

00:43:48   in our sort of world because it's exactly what it is.

00:43:53   So go, what is that?

00:43:54   Oh, it's a three-in-one travel charger.

00:43:56   You totally get it.

00:43:56   - Fair enough.

00:43:58   You are completely correct.

00:43:59   It's a boring name, it's a long name, but it works.

00:44:02   The next one is a, this is purely for Federico, this one.

00:44:07   It is a Belkin MagSafe charger.

00:44:09   It is $60 from the Apple Store.

00:44:11   It's available in black or white,

00:44:13   comes with braided cable that's two meters in length,

00:44:15   which is twice that of Apple's.

00:44:17   It does the full 15 watt speed.

00:44:19   But the reason it's just a Federico is this MagSafe charger has a kickstand.

00:44:23   Come on.

00:44:25   They have kickstands so you can charge and watch things, but it doesn't matter

00:44:30   what it is because old kickstand teachy over here, super into it.

00:44:34   Both of these are available on Apple's website, which that's why I reckon

00:44:39   that they are like a rare thing.

00:44:41   These are both fully MagSafe certified, these products, which isn't

00:44:45   a thing that we see very much.

00:44:47   Yeah, but is it available in Italy?

00:44:49   Like, that's my problem with all the Belkin stuff.

00:44:52   It's not available for me.

00:44:54   Neither of these products are available for me either.

00:44:57   So, we're gonna have to get, I guess, one true John on the case.

00:45:00   Oh, wait a second.

00:45:02   Or, what is it, Big Apple Buddy?

00:45:04   Wait a second, wait a second.

00:45:07   So, this one with the kickstand is not available.

00:45:11   However, I just searched the Italian Apple Store,

00:45:15   and I think that finally the 3-in-1 Belkin charging pad

00:45:20   is available for me in Italy.

00:45:23   - What is that one?

00:45:24   What is that one?

00:45:25   - The one that we talked about a while back

00:45:27   that does the fast charging for the watch.

00:45:29   I think it's this one.

00:45:30   - Oh, Belkin Boost Charge,

00:45:31   Boost Up Arrow Charge TM Pro 3-in-1 wireless charging pad

00:45:36   with MagSafe.

00:45:37   - Okay, that's a bad name.

00:45:38   - I think it's finally available for me.

00:45:42   Guys, don't buy it.

00:45:43   Don't steal it from me, alright?

00:45:45   Please, I need this thing on my nightstand.

00:45:48   Are you worried that everyone in Italy is currently buying it because you're talking about it?

00:45:52   Yes.

00:45:53   Are they all taller or shorter than you?

00:45:56   No, see that's the thing. I think that everybody is listening to me all the time.

00:46:00   That's one of my things.

00:46:01   Interesting.

00:46:02   I mean, to be fair, they should.

00:46:04   Have you ever seen the Truman Show?

00:46:07   No, no, listening as in following my advice.

00:46:11   Oh, they're just... it's not like a creepy thing. Everyone's just like...

00:46:14   It's a pleasant thing.

00:46:16   Oh, this isn't like an "I think people are listening to me, it's bad."

00:46:19   It's like, everyone pays attention to my every word because it's so good.

00:46:22   Everybody pays attention to me.

00:46:24   This is like a weird MagSafe... a weird air power, this thing.

00:46:29   Yes, this is weird air power and it does Apple...

00:46:32   It's like air power from another dimension or something.

00:46:35   Yes, it's boring air power, which is exactly what I wanted.

00:46:39   You've got the three separate positions and you put the things down and they charge.

00:46:45   And it comes with fast charging for the Apple Watch Series 7, which is the new thing this year.

00:46:51   I just found a product on Apple Store.

00:46:52   They must have added a bunch of stuff today.

00:46:54   The Belkin Secure Holder with Wire Cable for AirTag.

00:46:58   Oh, this is new.

00:47:00   Must be new, right?

00:47:01   This is exactly what I'm looking for for luggage stuff.

00:47:05   It's like, basically you lock it into place and it never comes off until you unscrew it

00:47:10   again, I guess, as like a key or something.

00:47:12   I could take one of those.

00:47:13   Do you see they've even got, there's one of an image, Steven, you'll like it.

00:47:16   It's like attached to a Pelican case.

00:47:18   Oh, where is this?

00:47:19   I need to find this.

00:47:21   Well, I put it in the Discord, it's also in the show notes.

00:47:24   But this looks cool.

00:47:25   That does look cool.

00:47:26   I hope they have this on the UK website, I bet they don't.

00:47:28   But I'll do whatever I want.

00:47:30   They come in white or black.

00:47:32   Mm-hmm.

00:47:33   Yeah, I'm ordering a couple of these.

00:47:37   Is this something that I want?

00:47:38   Oh, it's on the UK store!

00:47:40   Hooray!

00:47:41   Hooray.

00:47:42   I'm going to get one of these because this is exactly what I wanted when I was still

00:47:46   trying to...

00:47:47   Oh, it's sold out.

00:47:48   So that's good.

00:47:49   No!

00:47:50   I expect it's like not yet available.

00:47:54   They've got the thing up but it hasn't actually been made available here.

00:47:57   But I'll look forward to that because that's exactly what I was looking for.

00:48:02   And so concludes my tour of Apple's new accessories.

00:48:06   Thank you for your service, Myke.

00:48:09   Anytime.

00:48:10   I'm stuck using Apple Pay to buy one of these Belkin things.

00:48:14   I can't read an ad yet.

00:48:16   Oh, we've got to like, just spend some time for you here.

00:48:20   Yeah, come on.

00:48:21   There we go.

00:48:22   Just like jump a little bit.

00:48:23   Because I'm on an Intel Mac, so it has to like talk to my phone for me to do it.

00:48:26   It took a long time.

00:48:27   Yeah, that can be a little bit unreliable.

00:48:29   Yes.

00:48:30   I've agreed.

00:48:31   - Okay, now it's done.

00:48:33   Now we can move on.

00:48:34   This episode of Connected is made possible by TextExpander.

00:48:41   I'm gonna tell you all a story.

00:48:42   Okay, our system says please feel free to riff,

00:48:45   so I'm gonna tell you a story about TextExpander.

00:48:47   When a long time ago, well a lifetime ago,

00:48:50   when I was a Mac genius, it was really important

00:48:53   to have like really succinct case notes.

00:48:57   So like if someone came in and their iPhone

00:48:59   had a big scratch on it and they think

00:49:01   that we should replace it under warranty.

00:49:04   Just for instance, I don't know anybody that's happened to.

00:49:07   We will need to always gather set amount of information

00:49:11   in the notes, like the type of damage,

00:49:13   what the customer said happened,

00:49:16   other information about the case or the product.

00:49:20   And the guy that we all worked for

00:49:22   had on each of the MacBook Pros at the Genius Bar,

00:49:26   had TextExpander installed.

00:49:28   And so if you came in with a broken iPod,

00:49:31   I still remember it was IIPOD.

00:49:34   So it was like I-I-Pod,

00:49:36   and that would expand automatically

00:49:38   all the stuff we needed to put in for an iPod.

00:49:40   Then we could just tap through and enter the serial number

00:49:43   and what the customer said happened

00:49:45   and what we're gonna do to fix it.

00:49:47   And it made all of our notes uniform.

00:49:50   So if you were working on something

00:49:51   and then you were out for two days,

00:49:54   someone else could come in and see what you did

00:49:55   and pick up where you sat things down.

00:49:58   And that's when I started using TextExpander.

00:49:59   That was a lifetime ago, but I still use it

00:50:02   because it makes things like data entry and support email

00:50:07   and just overall communication more simple

00:50:12   and more consistent.

00:50:14   So you put your content into TextExpander

00:50:17   and you give it an abbreviation.

00:50:20   And then whenever you type that abbreviation,

00:50:22   no matter what app you're in,

00:50:23   if you're on a bunch of the other devices,

00:50:25   it automatically expands.

00:50:27   And it can do really clever stuff too,

00:50:29   like insert dates and times,

00:50:30   it can move the cursor around for you.

00:50:33   I've got some that load up like dropdown, like fields.

00:50:37   And so I can say, you know,

00:50:39   I need something out of this form

00:50:40   and it drops down with all the items

00:50:42   that I've told TechExpander about in advance.

00:50:45   It makes work way faster and way more consistent.

00:50:49   I use it on my Mac, I use it on my iPhone and iPad.

00:50:51   I have it installed on my PC.

00:50:52   It works on Chrome as well.

00:50:54   And as a listener of Connected, you get 20% off your first year.

00:50:58   So visit textexpander.com/podcast to learn more.

00:51:02   That's textexpander.com/podcast.

00:51:06   Our thanks to TextExpander for their support of the show and Relay FM.

00:51:10   Roast me, baby.

00:51:12   We're doing it again.

00:51:13   Roast me.

00:51:15   So, okay.

00:51:17   So I got to say something here.

00:51:19   Does it have to be as mean as the last time?

00:51:24   What happened last time that you said that you didn't have a memory of it being me?

00:51:28   I don't know, we were very mean about it. You guys were both mean to me.

00:51:31   Why?

00:51:32   Because you roasted me.

00:51:34   But like, what was mean about it?

00:51:37   I don't know, the whole thing.

00:51:38   Well, here's the thing. Hey, I tell you what, right? You're going last, right?

00:51:43   We're on our list. It's going to be me, then Steven, then Federico.

00:51:47   You have the ability, Federico, to set up how you're going to be roasted.

00:51:53   You know, if you come at me when you look at my screenshots here,

00:51:57   you know, then I'm gonna clap back at you.

00:52:01   But if you, you know, roasts don't have to be mean.

00:52:05   They can be, you know, we can just, you can just comment on my stuff.

00:52:09   But it's when you start saying stuff like, "Oh, how can you even see your icons of

00:52:13   that wallpaper?" Then, you know.

00:52:14   I think of roasts as a clickbait thing to get people to listen to the chapters.

00:52:19   Right.

00:52:19   We don't have to be mean to each other.

00:52:21   No.

00:52:21   Well, you both were mean to me.

00:52:23   Okay, well we'll try to behave this time, but let's start with Myke.

00:52:25   [laughter]

00:52:27   I don't remember being mean, I apologize.

00:52:30   It was very, very, very, very mean, very...

00:52:32   Scarring?

00:52:33   Kindergarten mean, you know?

00:52:35   Kindergarten mean.

00:52:37   Yes, yes.

00:52:38   Right.

00:52:38   Anyway, look at this wallpaper.

00:52:41   [laughter]

00:52:43   What sucker has this?

00:52:44   Well, some can't. So we are roasting iPad home screens.

00:52:49   iPad home screens today.

00:52:51   We've done... you guys have done Mac docs before I had a Mac.

00:52:56   I guess maybe we should do an addendum at some point for my MacBook Pro doc.

00:53:00   Well, I mean, you had one, but you just weren't really doing anything with it.

00:53:03   So I guess maybe we could do that as a mini topic in the future, as Federico's...

00:53:07   I think we did that when you were at the beach one week.

00:53:10   Yes, yes. And also my Mac mini was not with me physically.

00:53:14   Oh, okay, cool. That's a good... we can put that info later on. Let's get Federico.

00:53:18   Plus your menu bar's madness.

00:53:21   Are we doing dock or menu bar for you?

00:53:23   You didn't do it. Is it dock or menu bar,

00:53:25   the one that you didn't do?

00:53:26   I think it was dock, right?

00:53:27   -I think it was dock. -I don't remember.

00:53:29   I didn't do the dock, yeah.

00:53:31   We've done iPhone home screens,

00:53:33   and now we're doing iPad home screens.

00:53:35   And now I would like for context here to say that

00:53:40   I was the only one in this group of people

00:53:44   that bothered to use an iPad Pro,

00:53:49   these two just took a screenshot of an iPad Mini.

00:53:53   Well, I mean, I could have taken a screenshot of my iPad Pro,

00:53:56   but that would have been useless to you because I don't use it.

00:54:00   Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK.

00:54:01   So I took a screenshot of the iPad I use every day,

00:54:05   not one that I use once every few weeks.

00:54:08   And again, you've gone mean already.

00:54:11   You've gone mean.

00:54:12   No, I'm not.

00:54:13   See, I know I am not mean. I am doing it out of love. Like I'm just saying, you know, to

00:54:21   make you better as a person. All right, cool. So again, you are setting the energy that

00:54:27   you want by the time we get round to yours. So I have two screens for you. They're in

00:54:33   the, you have them. I've put them in the notes. They're available to you. What would you roast

00:54:40   Okay, what is it gonna take? What is it gonna take for you to change this wallpaper?

00:54:47   Finding a better image that I like more.

00:54:48   Put a price on this wallpaper.

00:54:50   There is no price. What do you mean put a price?

00:54:52   No, there must be a price. Okay, would you change your wallpaper if I sent you right now $1,000?

00:54:58   Wow.

00:54:59   No.

00:55:00   How about $2,000?

00:55:01   Well, because you like it.

00:55:03   $5,000.

00:55:04   Yeah, I'll do it for $5,000. I'll change my wallpaper for $5,000.

00:55:09   Okay, would you do it for four and a half?

00:55:11   No, I've set up five now, that's my price.

00:55:13   Zach wants to know if you would do it for $68.7 billion.

00:55:17   Yeah, I'll change everyone's wallpaper.

00:55:18   I'll find a way to go around

00:55:20   and change everyone's wallpaper for $68.7 billion.

00:55:24   Okay, so wallpaper is not gonna change.

00:55:26   You know what's quite funny to me?

00:55:26   I have this image open, right, and I'm looking at it.

00:55:28   Behind it is my iMac desktop, same wallpaper.

00:55:32   (laughs)

00:55:34   So I'm liking some kind of recursive nightmare.

00:55:38   I would like to focus on the bottom right corner

00:55:42   of this home screen.

00:55:44   In the dock, there's the app library.

00:55:47   That icon, is that the economist?

00:55:50   - It's also on the home screen.

00:55:52   - It's also on his home screen.

00:55:53   - That's on the, oh my God, you're so adult and fancy now.

00:55:58   - I read the economist every morning now.

00:56:02   - Oh, you do.

00:56:03   In your top hat and your monocle.

00:56:07   sitting there with your iPad mini? Well before when I was reading comic books at

00:56:11   my top pack at Monaco it didn't really work so I just switched to the

00:56:14   economist. Okay before we go any further we need to roast Apple a little bit for

00:56:20   the iPad mini. How bad are the margins on the home screen? It's so stupid! The spacing it's so bad why? Like there's

00:56:29   there are so many problems with the with the home screen in general I mean we

00:56:33   mentioned before on the show, like, how there's limited flexibility with stacks,

00:56:38   you cannot mix and match widgets of multiple sizes, the spacing and

00:56:44   the sizing of the shortcut widget, which is also in this home screen, is so bad,

00:56:49   like, why are the shortcuts in the shortcut widget so huge? I feel like you

00:56:55   could fit double the number of shortcuts in the shortcuts widget and it would still work.

00:57:00   like I could fit a whole row of app icons on either side of the grid right

00:57:06   like that that margin the margin so much on that side I feel like it's not as

00:57:14   noticeable in like when you're holding the iPad but in the screenshots it's

00:57:21   really bad well I I was looking at the screenshot I didn't notice it until you

00:57:25   mentioned it now I can't stop noticing it because you just get used to it right

00:57:29   but it's not great. So yeah Apple must do a better job here. Okay, shortcuts.

00:57:38   Mega temp. What do you think it might do? You're setting the temperature of

00:57:46   Mega Studio? I have HomeKit radiators, like HomeKit radiator valves. Oh okay. And so it

00:57:53   just turns them, it's like just it basically activates either on or off

00:57:56   Like so I tap it and it's like do you want it on or off and either turn the radiators on or turn the radiators off

00:58:00   Oh, no. Oh, no. Well, I just I've been looking at this in discord, but it's open in a new tab in Safari. Uh-huh

00:58:07   Your background image is a picture of wallpaper at this hotel in LA

00:58:13   Yeah, but your photo includes a seam in the physical wallpaper

00:58:17   Yeah, and so like the leave doesn't line up like if you look next to the TV app icon

00:58:22   It makes it so much worse what you need to understand very clearly is I don't care

00:58:26   - Right. - Move down eight inches.

00:58:28   - What you think about this?

00:58:30   I don't know. - That's what I was saying.

00:58:32   Like, what would it take for you to care?

00:58:34   - But the thing is- - And apparently $5,000

00:58:36   is the answer. - I don't think

00:58:37   this is leaves.

00:58:38   I know this is wallpaper.

00:58:40   Wallpaper has seams.

00:58:42   It makes sense to me that it's there, right?

00:58:45   - I wanna Photoshop it and like fix it for you.

00:58:48   - So just let me double check here.

00:58:50   You know that by, when we say setting a wallpaper

00:58:54   on your home screen, (laughing)

00:58:54   don't mean a physical wallpaper.

00:58:56   - Wait, what?

00:58:57   I thought you could only choose actual wallpaper.

00:59:01   - This is like the tall people and looking after them.

00:59:04   You don't have to do that literally.

00:59:06   - I've lost in my life.

00:59:09   - Okay, okay, hold on.

00:59:10   Shop rep and shop rep iOS ellipsis.

00:59:15   - Yeah, okay, so this is like,

00:59:17   that is called show prep iOS 15.

00:59:20   So I technically, it doesn't need to say that anymore,

00:59:23   But I've not decided which one of these two I want to keep.

00:59:26   Because the one on the left, what it does is it will say,

00:59:28   hey, what show, sets a timer, and then opens the Google

00:59:32   Doc for that related show.

00:59:35   The show prep iOS 15 one opens a split screen

00:59:40   of Safari, Google Docs, and slides in the Apple

00:59:46   Note in a slide over.

00:59:50   And I just haven't decided which one of those I prefer.

00:59:52   So I've not gotten rid of one or the other yet.

00:59:56   - Okay, okay.

00:59:58   That's nice.

00:59:59   - 'Cause sometimes they're doing all of the show.

01:00:01   It's like, it's not always what I want.

01:00:02   Sometimes with some shows, I just want to read the document.

01:00:05   Like I don't need Safari to be there.

01:00:07   So like, I just haven't decided

01:00:09   which one of these two shortcuts I'm gonna keep.

01:00:11   So what I would probably do is just rename the other one,

01:00:14   like, and keep them both,

01:00:16   because then I can just choose

01:00:18   whether I want the whole shebang

01:00:20   or I just want to open the Google document.

01:00:22   - My last question for you, Myke,

01:00:23   is the fantastical widget.

01:00:25   You have the Excel fantastical widget,

01:00:28   which is a very nice widget.

01:00:29   However, is the heat map on the calendar ever useful

01:00:34   considering that all the days are yellow?

01:00:36   - I know.

01:00:37   This is a particular issue that I have.

01:00:40   Like, I wished this could be more relative, right?

01:00:44   Well, like, I always have.

01:00:45   Because you can see a subtle shade of orange on bees here days, but it's very faint.

01:00:52   Of the three options, I prefer this one.

01:00:55   I don't like the dots because that's not useful to me at all.

01:00:58   I don't like it to just be blank.

01:01:00   There are occasions when this is useful to me, but it's rare.

01:01:05   But I like having the date thing there anyway, and so I just choose one of the three.

01:01:10   Just so you know, there's some stacks.

01:01:11   So there's Carrotweather on the Fantasti-Cal.

01:01:14   cow. Okay. There is a shortcuts underneath Timery, which is just timer related shortcuts

01:01:21   and the photos widget in the bottom right corner. There is a Widgetsmith photos widget

01:01:27   and also a Widgetsmith timezone widget. The only one of those that I have automatically

01:01:33   changing is the carrot and fantastic cow one. Well, I mean, besides the wallpaper, um, and

01:01:42   the economist and the economist and narwhal which I still don't understand why

01:01:48   like every time this every time I try to use Apollo

01:01:52   Apollo is simple! I feel like the only way I can get it to a point where I want to use it is by

01:01:56   setting 7,000 preferences first and every time I try I just give up this is

01:02:03   one of your things it's one of my things you don't want to change your mind about

01:02:07   I tried so many times with Apollo.

01:02:10   I'm surprised that Steven hasn't asked a question.

01:02:14   I've got a couple of things.

01:02:15   Okay, good.

01:02:15   Okay.

01:02:16   You have Instagram, which does not have an iPad app.

01:02:18   There you go.

01:02:19   Yeah, but it's a really nice website.

01:02:21   Is it?

01:02:22   That web view is really good.

01:02:23   Is it?

01:02:24   Yeah.

01:02:25   Yeah, yeah, okay.

01:02:26   And you use it enough to want it on your--

01:02:29   I love Instagram.

01:02:29   I love Instagram.

01:02:31   My biggest problem with this,

01:02:34   I like the widgets at the top.

01:02:35   I like the icons beneath them.

01:02:36   you'll see that mine is laid out in a similar way.

01:02:39   What I don't understand is the spatial relationship

01:02:43   between the Timery widget and the Photos widget,

01:02:48   which here is showing you some sort of food

01:02:50   that you've cooked that looks like eyeballs.

01:02:51   - Brussels sprouts, it's Brussels sprouts.

01:02:54   - It's eyeballs.

01:02:54   - Eyeballs sprouts.

01:02:55   - Why are these two like not in a--

01:02:58   - I like it.

01:02:59   - It feels very strange.

01:03:01   - I don't want them stacked up against each other.

01:03:03   I like them kind of split apart like that.

01:03:05   - Okay.

01:03:06   I like it, but I just I think visually this makes the most sense for me. You don't think the rest of it

01:03:12   I agree with most of your app choices

01:03:14   I don't like the icon you use for slack or for overcast or for one password, but that's fine

01:03:21   It's totally your call the aubergine slack one is the only one that makes like recognizable against all of the other

01:03:26   multicolored

01:03:28   App icons that exist in the world. Yeah, it does look like photos and I try to go back to it

01:03:33   sometimes but I just can't do it. I use overcast in dark mode so I only ever see

01:03:36   gray and blue so orange would make no freaking sense to me and what was the

01:03:40   other one you didn't like? One password. Again, one password's always in dark mode

01:03:44   so like why would I want to see the light mode icon? Alright well so that's

01:03:48   your first... I have a second screen. Yeah let's do your second screen. It's not really that

01:03:53   much of anything. There's the... this is the new time-ery extra large widget. Yeah.

01:04:00   where we can see that you worked for five hours on Monday.

01:04:05   - Yep.

01:04:06   - Five and a half on Tuesday.

01:04:07   - Yep.

01:04:08   - And we can see what they're broken up against.

01:04:10   A lot of it's blurred out for secrets.

01:04:13   And then you have, is that a craft widget?

01:04:17   - Yeah.

01:04:18   - For Cortex brand.

01:04:20   So we can't see that you're making a boomerang

01:04:22   or whatever it is y'all are doing over there.

01:04:24   (laughing)

01:04:25   And then is this the transit thing

01:04:28   that you have on your iPhone?

01:04:29   - It's called Train Beacon.

01:04:31   - Train Beacon.

01:04:32   - And it's just like widgets that you can get

01:04:35   from place to place.

01:04:36   You can say from X station to Y station,

01:04:39   and then it shows me all of the train times

01:04:41   between those locations.

01:04:43   - Why no apps?

01:04:45   Why not kind of even it out with the first screen?

01:04:47   - I don't really feel like I need any more apps, genuinely.

01:04:51   Like between the dock and the first screen,

01:04:53   like there's no other apps that I feel like I need

01:04:55   that amount of access to.

01:04:59   I want more widgets on this screen,

01:05:01   I just haven't worked out which ones.

01:05:03   Like the plan is like, so over time,

01:05:05   I've added more widgets to this screen.

01:05:07   And so like just as more cool widgets appear,

01:05:09   I just put them on this screen.

01:05:11   - Yeah, I guess it is nice to have like a landing place

01:05:13   for them.

01:05:13   - And it's just there,

01:05:14   like this is almost just reference stuff.

01:05:16   Like I don't really spend a lot of time on this screen.

01:05:18   Like really it was mostly because I wanted to make sure

01:05:20   I had the train one on there,

01:05:21   'cause I do use that the most frequently.

01:05:24   And I didn't want to put it on the main screen

01:05:26   because I just didn't really feel

01:05:28   like I knew where I could go.

01:05:29   And then I would have to get rid of app icons.

01:05:31   So I was like, oh.

01:05:32   And I like the time reset.

01:05:33   I like just having all the charts or whatever.

01:05:35   So I just go for that.

01:05:38   OK.

01:05:39   No comments on my doc or anything.

01:05:41   It's just aside from the icon choices you didn't like.

01:05:44   Man, I agree with all the app choices.

01:05:46   I know you use Spark.

01:05:49   I think the three most recent apps

01:05:52   is like totally an individual thing.

01:05:54   I don't think I have that on on my iPad mini.

01:05:57   - I like it enough.

01:05:58   I use Tweetbot now by the way to look at Twitter,

01:06:02   but just every now and then I like to look

01:06:04   at Twitter's notifications thing

01:06:05   'cause it just can be a bit better.

01:06:07   And for searching, Twitter's better than Tweetbot.

01:06:10   - Yes.

01:06:11   - But I'm mostly using Tweetbot

01:06:14   as like my Twitter experience.

01:06:15   However, I am--

01:06:16   - And that's not on the dock anywhere.

01:06:18   - No, I don't have any Twitter apps on home screens

01:06:21   or whatever, like I just don't do that.

01:06:24   And I will say I'm disappointed

01:06:27   in the Mac version of Tweetbot.

01:06:30   I feel like the iOS version is doing a lot more cool stuff

01:06:34   than the Mac version.

01:06:35   - Yeah, because it's the old version,

01:06:37   like the Mac is still stuck on Tweetbot.

01:06:40   - And I don't understand why,

01:06:41   'cause it's a subscription app now, right?

01:06:44   - Yeah, they should, I--

01:06:46   - The Mac app is still a separate purchase, I think.

01:06:49   - Huh.

01:06:50   I don't think it's gotten like lumped in.

01:06:52   - It's not up to speed with the subscription plan yet.

01:06:54   - It's very peculiar to me 'cause it's like,

01:06:56   I feel like they're adding loads of stuff to the iOS app.

01:07:01   And so I just kind of wonder why they're not touching

01:07:04   the Mac app at all.

01:07:05   Like I just, I don't know, it's just like strange.

01:07:07   'Cause like it feels like there's stuff being added

01:07:09   to the iOS app, which is like,

01:07:11   hey, we've made a nice new design for the profile.

01:07:14   It's like, great, this is nice, but I didn't need it.

01:07:15   I would kind of like you to maybe do something

01:07:17   with the Mac app, but hey, I'm gonna get that man

01:07:19   in the business. So this is kind of where I am my iPad mini. I feel like I got off that one pretty

01:07:24   well. I knew the thing that I knew was going to happen happened outside of that. I feel pretty good.

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01:09:02   All right, my turn.

01:09:04   - Okay, also an iPad mini?

01:09:06   - Yes.

01:09:07   - Okay, what is this background?

01:09:09   - It is the dark theme Monterey background.

01:09:12   I like my iPad to feel like it's a real computer,

01:09:14   So I give it a Mac OS wallpaper sometimes.

01:09:16   - Wasn't your--

01:09:17   - Oh yeah, I use an iPad mini for that.

01:09:19   - It wasn't your whole thing about the iPad mini

01:09:21   that you were happy it didn't make you feel that way

01:09:24   about it being a real computer?

01:09:26   - I'm there, but it's not there yet.

01:09:28   You know, coaching it along.

01:09:30   - Motor Trend.

01:09:31   - Yeah, I got sucked into some like car reality show.

01:09:34   And so it's there in the Apple firm.

01:09:35   - Oh, what's that?

01:09:36   What's the car reality show?

01:09:37   - What is the name of it?

01:09:38   I'll find it for you.

01:09:39   - Motor Trend.

01:09:40   - Motor Trend. - New cars.

01:09:43   "Kobo Rakuten."

01:09:46   "Rakuten Kobo."

01:09:50   "Rakuten.

01:09:51   Why?"

01:09:52   I have an old Kindle Oasis with the push buttons, because that's the way you should turn pages

01:09:58   in an ebook reader, and one of the buttons has died on it, and it's way out of warranty,

01:10:04   and this was happening about the time that our friend Jason was writing about the Kobo

01:10:08   readers, how great they are.

01:10:10   So I bought one and like did DRM things and all my books are on the Kobo and I've been

01:10:17   I bought a couple books.

01:10:20   It's weird I'm not completely sold on it yet.

01:10:23   I feel weird that like what happens when I want to read a book that's not available on

01:10:27   Kobo that's only on Amazon?

01:10:29   That hasn't happened yet but maybe it could I don't know.

01:10:32   So that used to be the Kindle app but now that I'm reading on a Kobo this is the Kobo

01:10:36   books app in its place.

01:10:38   What is the Kobo?

01:10:39   the icon is horrific.

01:10:40   -Tobu, what is the Kobo app like?

01:10:42   -It's okay. -Okay.

01:10:44   -It's, um, I mean, it's, I think it's very similar to the Kindle app.

01:10:48   Like, it's pretty basic, but fine.

01:10:51   -You have a very, like, straight-laced home screen.

01:10:55   Everything's in rows. -Mm-hmm.

01:10:58   -Yeah. -You know?

01:10:59   -Mm. -It's like three widgets, two app rows.

01:11:02   -Mm-hmm. And this is the only screen.

01:11:04   -Yeah, I noticed that. There's a lot of light blue.

01:11:08   There's a lot of light blue icons in the world.

01:11:10   - There's a lot of blue.

01:11:11   - And I think it looks nice with the purple wallpaper.

01:11:14   - It's not a very exciting home screen.

01:11:16   I think the most exciting thing on this home screen

01:11:18   is the Bible.

01:11:19   (laughing)

01:11:21   - I was gonna say that, you beat me to it.

01:11:23   - At least you have a chance to read, you know,

01:11:28   the holy word on this home screen.

01:11:30   - I think this came up when we did my iPhone as well.

01:11:33   - Yeah, it's never gonna stop, I'm sorry,

01:11:35   and I apologize for everyone.

01:11:37   - It's quite the range, you know, on the same row.

01:11:41   You go from Apple TV and Hulu to the Bible.

01:11:44   - It is. - That's right.

01:11:45   - In context with other things is it really,

01:11:48   it's like it feels like nothing else is important enough.

01:11:51   But I guess, you know, someone's gonna get to YouTube.

01:11:53   It's just like.

01:11:54   The reader icon though, you chose that blue.

01:12:00   - Yes.

01:12:00   - The brown looked bad against the wallpaper.

01:12:05   And the red made it look very confusing with good links,

01:12:10   which is right next to it.

01:12:11   And so blue it was.

01:12:13   - I think we've spoken about this before,

01:12:14   but Todoist has no real good app icons.

01:12:17   - Nope.

01:12:18   - They're all just like, which one will you accept?

01:12:21   - Yeah, I accept this one.

01:12:23   I don't like the solid red one

01:12:24   'cause the badge kind of blends into it.

01:12:26   And so mine is white with the red checks.

01:12:29   It's not great, but I feel like

01:12:30   it's one of the least offensive ones.

01:12:32   What is the mototron show you're watching?

01:12:36   - Oh, I didn't even actually look.

01:12:37   Let me see.

01:12:38   I don't actually have my iPad out here.

01:12:39   - There's something I need to ask you about.

01:12:41   - Okay.

01:12:42   - On this home screen,

01:12:43   but it's not about the home screen itself.

01:12:46   It's about the photo that is shown on the home screen.

01:12:49   There's Mary picturing in this photo.

01:12:52   She's making a funny face.

01:12:55   She's sitting at a desk.

01:12:56   On this desk, there's a pair of Pikachu headphones.

01:13:01   Whoa!

01:13:02   Can you provide some context here?

01:13:06   Why do you keep these things from us?

01:13:08   You know we wanna know if you've got Pikachu headphones.

01:13:09   Why do you have Pikachu headphones?

01:13:12   Our youngest child is very into Pokemon.

01:13:15   And for his birthday or something last year,

01:13:17   we got him some Pokemon headphones.

01:13:20   So this photo's from last year

01:13:22   when Mary was teaching remotely,

01:13:24   the beginning of the pandemic.

01:13:26   And she also sees she has a webcam and like a light.

01:13:29   This is kind of like where she talked from, right? Yes. Yeah. Um,

01:13:33   like a real like that. I rolled that work bench in for her to use as a desk.

01:13:37   Pikachu have funds, man. So you keep these things from us. Yeah.

01:13:41   Mary is the best thing on these homes. It's true. Mary and the Bible. I think,

01:13:46   um, a single, a single test flight beta and it's overcast.

01:13:52   Yeah. I don't, I have other betas, but they're all on my iPhone.

01:13:56   Like I don't do any time tracking on the iPad.

01:14:00   So Timery's not there.

01:14:02   I think Slack is a beta, but it doesn't show in the doc.

01:14:06   - Home. - Okay.

01:14:08   Home, yeah.

01:14:09   - Just like, what do you need the app icon for?

01:14:14   - I have, we have a lot of HomeKit stuff going on now.

01:14:17   - Okay. - And the iPad is actually,

01:14:19   the iPad Mini is kind of a nice,

01:14:20   if I use it mostly like in the evenings,

01:14:23   And on my iPhone on the Today View,

01:14:27   I have several widgets that are like shortcuts

01:14:30   that trigger HomeKit stuff.

01:14:32   But on the iPad, I find it really easy to just open it

01:14:34   and like find the button.

01:14:35   So there it is. - But like not

01:14:36   Control Center though?

01:14:37   Like you don't, it doesn't work for you?

01:14:39   - Oh, it just, I don't know, it's just right there.

01:14:42   It seemed easy enough.

01:14:43   - I know you just, you seem to be refusing to tell us

01:14:48   what this Motor Trend thing is.

01:14:49   You keep saying, "I'm gonna go find out."

01:14:51   - Yeah, there's something about it.

01:14:52   and then you just stay quiet about it.

01:14:55   And then I ask you again.

01:14:56   - 'Cause it's a little embarrassing.

01:14:58   - Yeah, see, I knew it was,

01:14:59   and that's why I need you to tell me what it is

01:15:01   so then you can live it.

01:15:04   - There's something, you know what bothers me here?

01:15:09   There's something shady about this home screen.

01:15:12   It feels like you're hiding something.

01:15:14   This is the home screen of someone who's hiding something.

01:15:17   - Wow.

01:15:18   - Either a page or something else in the app library.

01:15:21   This is the home.

01:15:22   This goes back to your mysterious character

01:15:27   that we mentioned a while back.

01:15:29   There's something else on this home screen,

01:15:32   like either in the today column,

01:15:34   you must have some really embarrassing widget in there,

01:15:38   or something else in the app library

01:15:40   that you're not showing.

01:15:41   This is a home screen that you prepared for this episode.

01:15:46   - It's really not,

01:15:47   or I would have hidden the Motor Trend one.

01:15:50   - It's really that I don't use my iPad Mini

01:15:52   for almost anything more than what you see here.

01:15:56   Like occasionally I will open something in Google Sheets

01:15:59   or like a text editor, like I have iA Writer

01:16:03   and a couple others installed.

01:16:05   But this iPad is mostly like reading and social media stuff.

01:16:10   And so this really is like,

01:16:12   if I was gonna do a second screen,

01:16:13   I don't even know, it would look like mics.

01:16:15   I'd be like, I'd have some widgets,

01:16:16   but I have no other apps that I use

01:16:18   on a regular basis on this thing

01:16:19   other than this grid.

01:16:21   Federico, I reckon it's the content

01:16:23   inside of these applications,

01:16:25   was where the real secrets are.

01:16:26   Like what's in good links, you know?

01:16:28   I think, yeah, because otherwise this looks like

01:16:32   one of those marketing home screens from apple.com.

01:16:35   Oh look, it's perfect.

01:16:36   This person has a calendar, a picture of his wife,

01:16:40   the Bible, and Apple Music, and Apple TV.

01:16:43   It's like, yeah, okay.

01:16:45   When it is, it's like, you know like the mob,

01:16:48   they like buy a store and then they keep the shop front the same right so it's

01:16:52   like it's like you know it's like a fake store whatever that's what this is

01:16:56   it's like all of the all of the action is going on inside of these applications

01:17:01   but like out on the front the front it all seems like just hunky-dory you know

01:17:05   it's pretty hunky-dory yeah it seems like it I'm taking music see you listen

01:17:10   do you listen to music on your iPad or like what is what are you doing I do so

01:17:16   I have a Bluetooth speaker set up in the in the garage and so I'll use it out there from working on something

01:17:22   and also use that speaker sometimes for

01:17:25   Apple finish plus if I don't use my AirPods for whatever reason so yeah the music it doesn't get a ton of use

01:17:31   But I felt like it was enough to put on the iPad same with overcast all right

01:17:36   I have nothing more like I was relatively unscathed

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01:19:40   Federico Vittucci's iPad Pro. The first thing I was struck by was I was

01:19:46   gonna say "hey how do you get the text to be so small?" and then I realized oh no

01:19:51   wait this is a bigger iPad. That's why like there's so much more space in the

01:19:56   shortcuts widget and stuff like that. So I mean I'm struck by a bunch of things

01:20:01   so I'm just gonna, Stephen if you're happy I'm just gonna start picking some

01:20:04   of these apart. Okay. What is share menu? Share menu is a... well first of all you

01:20:10   obviously do not read MacStories Weekly which pains me greatly but still. I have

01:20:18   MacStories Weekly goes into my RSS client and when I have some time I'll go

01:20:22   through and read it. I don't read everything because MacStories Weekly is

01:20:25   a lot of incredible information for a low low price but sometimes it's more

01:20:30   information than I want to consume at any point.

01:20:34   Share menu is my replacement for the shortcut integration with the share sheet.

01:20:39   I don't know if you remember how Workflow used to be, that you had...

01:20:44   If it helps, I do remember you talking about us on Mac stories, so I do...

01:20:48   No, sorry, on App Stories. That's the name of your show, right?

01:20:51   Okay.

01:20:51   So, you know, at least I got that part of the Federico Vittucci Empire.

01:20:55   Thank you.

01:20:56   So Workflow used to have a run Workflow extension in the share sheet,

01:21:00   that when you tapped it, it showed you a grid

01:21:01   of your shortcuts with colors.

01:21:04   I miss that because now you get all the individual shortcuts

01:21:07   in the share sheet.

01:21:08   And I just prefer to have a single place

01:21:11   where I can trigger all of my shortcuts

01:21:13   and see their colors,

01:21:16   which by default shortcuts doesn't do anymore.

01:21:18   So I built a shortcut to run other shortcuts.

01:21:22   And usually I trigger it from my share sheet.

01:21:26   However, I also built Share Menu

01:21:28   so that I can use it as a widget from the home screen.

01:21:32   And you may say, but there's no sharesheet there.

01:21:34   In that case, it takes whatever is in my clipboard.

01:21:38   So the same extensions that I see in the sharesheet,

01:21:42   I tap this shortcut and I basically run another shortcut.

01:21:47   There's a list in alphabetical order that says

01:21:50   up to abuse or weekly link or Apple frames.

01:21:55   And whatever is in my clipboard

01:21:57   becomes the input for another shortcut.

01:21:59   It's just a launcher, basically.

01:22:01   It's a launcher for other shortcuts.

01:22:03   - This was the second screenshot that you shared of us.

01:22:07   I think you shared one earlier.

01:22:08   I don't know what changed,

01:22:10   but the second one has helped me understand something

01:22:13   I didn't understand about the first one,

01:22:15   which is that you have music at a picture-in-picture thing.

01:22:18   I was like, what is that window?

01:22:20   Just like not in the grid.

01:22:22   How are you doing that?

01:22:26   So this is going to be an article on Mac Stories at some point soon, I hope.

01:22:29   He won't read it.

01:22:30   Yeah, I won't read it, so I might as well just mention it to you here.

01:22:34   It's this new thing called Floating Player, and it's exactly what it is.

01:22:41   It's custom picture-in-picture for what is playing in music.

01:22:46   This is meant to solve a very specific problem, which is I do not like to reach out to Control

01:22:52   Center to see what's playing.

01:22:54   Because I guess you can slide this off to the side, right?

01:22:57   Yes, but in this case you may see how I kept the bottom right corner of my iPad home screen

01:23:05   empty so that floating player can sort of be tucked in there and it doesn't bother anything

01:23:13   else, like it doesn't float on top of anything else because that spot of my home screen is

01:23:17   empty.

01:23:19   I wish that it was properly aligned with the rest of the widgets, but the picture-in-picture thing snaps to other corners of the screen.

01:23:29   But yes, this is an iPhone utility that you can install on the iPad, you run it in compatibility mode, it's fine.

01:23:37   But it's one of the things that has been made possible by iOS 15, because developers can now do custom picture-in-picture in iOS 15.

01:23:45   And this developer figured out how to do basically a now playing screen,

01:23:50   but it runs in picture in picture.

01:23:53   And you can skip play and pause. It's nice.

01:23:56   And it shows you the album art. So that's cool.

01:23:59   And this is pulling from Apple's music app, though, right? That's cool.

01:24:05   Yeah, whatever is playing in the music app.

01:24:08   Or in my case, I use Marvis as my main music player,

01:24:12   because I like to scrabble.

01:24:14   I like to scrabble, man.

01:24:15   -He's still scrabbling? -I need to scrabble.

01:24:17   -He's still scrabbling! -I'm still scrabbling.

01:24:18   I'm scrabbling all the time.

01:24:20   I'm all day scrabbling.

01:24:21   -That's what I do. -Every day I'm scrabbling.

01:24:23   What -- Have you had any interesting data

01:24:26   presented to you from your scrabbling ways?

01:24:29   Well, okay, so I -- Yeah.

01:24:33   I absolutely love the Last.fm reports that they do.

01:24:37   They do weekly and monthly reports

01:24:39   that are actually way more useful than whatever Apple is doing with the Apple Music Replay thing.

01:24:46   The Last.fm reports are actually cool. I love them. I'm having a bit of a problem,

01:24:52   like, as we speak. Like, this morning I wasted two hours. Context. This whole Last.fm thing started

01:25:01   because I was following the advice of friend of the show, friend of Mac's story, Jason Tate,

01:25:06   of Chorus FM. Chorus FM is my favorite music website. If you are about my age, you may remember

01:25:13   a website called absolutepunk.net from back in the day. Chorus FM is the new absolute punk.

01:25:21   If you were into the whole emo punk rock scene in the mid-2000s, you know what I'm talking about.

01:25:27   Jason is still running the website, but it's now called Chorus FM. Jason turned me on to Last.fm.

01:25:35   Jason also built this very cool project which we linked on Mac Stories. It's a Raspberry Pi

01:25:42   connected to a very small like four inch display that sits on his desk and shows him all the time

01:25:50   whatever he's playing on Apple Music at the moment. He built this with the Last.fm API

01:25:58   so that it shows him, like, real-time Scrobbles.

01:26:02   And so I ordered the parts to also build this Last.fm,

01:26:09   like, my real-time Scrobble display.

01:26:11   -Scrobble bot. -I got a Raspberry Pi Zero,

01:26:15   like, what's it called?

01:26:16   Raspberry Pi Zero, W. W stands for Wi-Fi.

01:26:21   And the screen --

01:26:22   Actually, Jon shipped the screen to me from the U.S.

01:26:27   I have all the parts, but my Raspberry Pi Zero is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

01:26:33   It just doesn't want to do it. I followed all the tutorials, all the things.

01:26:37   It just doesn't want to connect to my Wi-Fi.

01:26:39   I wasted two hours this morning trying to get it on the Wi-Fi, but nothing.

01:26:44   Just not anywhere.

01:26:45   I don't know anything about this thing, but what I'll ask is,

01:26:48   does it support 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks?

01:26:52   No, but I turned it off.

01:26:54   I already knew there was going to be a potential problem,

01:26:56   So I'm running my network on the 2.4.

01:27:00   I followed all the online tutorials.

01:27:02   It just doesn't want to do it.

01:27:04   So, hey, if you had this kind of issue

01:27:06   and you have a Pi Zero W with an Orbi network by Netgear,

01:27:11   hey, let me know on Twitter, maybe.

01:27:13   Anyway, Last.fm, very useful.

01:27:15   I love it.

01:27:16   I'm a pro subscriber.

01:27:17   I listen to Marvis, which is also in my dock

01:27:20   right there with the blue icon.

01:27:22   Scrubblin'.

01:27:23   That's one of my favorite moments of this show ever.

01:27:27   When you admitted to being back on last FM, it was just like incredible.

01:27:33   I feel like we've got to ask the thing that everyone wants to know.

01:27:37   Okay.

01:27:38   What is weak board?

01:27:39   Oh, that's a good task.

01:27:41   That's good task.

01:27:42   Okay.

01:27:44   Interesting.

01:27:44   They have the Kanban, the Kanban view mode.

01:27:47   And, uh, and I like it because it's, um, three days at a time is our, like to

01:27:53   think about like my schedule. Apple does four days in the calendar widget above.

01:28:00   I would prefer to choose like three days like just show me the three the next

01:28:05   three days. That would be really nice if you could just like look at those two

01:28:08   widgets and they were like in sync. Match India! Yes, yes! Federico what you have right

01:28:15   now would be so upsetting to me. I know. If I had to look at this all the time.

01:28:22   matching like that? I try not to care but again maybe someone else has made the calendar

01:28:31   widget that I want. Basically what I want is the Apple widget because everything about

01:28:36   it works for me except let me choose the number of days. Let me choose that. Three days. Today,

01:28:44   tomorrow, day after tomorrow. That's it. That's all I want but they won't let me do it. So

01:28:51   While we're on our good task thing, I'm finding out interesting things about you. Just like

01:28:58   looking at this list. We've got like, "T's YouTube watch later system." So like these

01:29:05   patented, trademarked, copyright, Federico Fattucci Twitter teases. They are pre-planned

01:29:11   and scheduled and everything.

01:29:12   Look at the one above it. "Start writing Switch Frame."

01:29:16   That's a Nintendo Switch thing, surely.

01:29:18   It's like, yeah, yeah.

01:29:20   Apple frames or the Nintendo switch or something we are doing next week on Mac stories that we are going to announce on Friday

01:29:27   Well, it's overdue by a few hours to get started announced at the announcement

01:29:31   No, I mean the thing the thing I've already written. It's the announcement that's going out on Friday

01:29:36   Let's go through some of the apps on the dock because you use some apps that people may not use you've got Safari app store

01:29:44   spark files

01:29:47   Yes

01:29:49   Working copy. Yes, which is the text editor that you work use with git

01:29:54   Yeah

01:29:57   For the git commits and all that jargon. Yeah. Yeah good tasks. We just mentioned

01:30:02   Yes, the next one is I forget the name of a base the fast entry for Apple reminders, right? Yes. Remind me fast

01:30:09   Yes, that's the name. Oh look, it's called that

01:30:12   It's called that but it's a funny. It's a funny lovely lovely

01:30:18   Don't doubt that either. Name's still funny.

01:30:20   Great person.

01:30:21   Name is still funny.

01:30:22   Great person.

01:30:23   Name...

01:30:24   Look, I love when apps own what they do.

01:30:29   Like imagine if Timery was called Track Your Time.

01:30:34   Better than the terrible toggle app lets you.

01:30:37   That's the full name of Timery.

01:30:41   It's a very...

01:30:42   What is this?

01:30:43   Remind me faster.

01:30:44   I guess.

01:30:45   Yeah, sure.

01:30:46   What does it do?

01:30:47   Timery, music, what's the one next to music?

01:30:52   - Liar?

01:30:53   - Marvis for the Scrobbles.

01:30:55   - It does look like liar,

01:30:56   that's what I thought it was at first.

01:30:58   Messages, just smack dab in the middle.

01:31:02   - That's such a weird place, I mean,

01:31:03   I guess I understand 'cause it's next to Discord,

01:31:05   but like, it's just weird to me to have messages

01:31:08   like so far in, but it's just a personal preference thing.

01:31:11   You know, I just always have it towards an end.

01:31:13   - It's the little messaging corner.

01:31:15   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:31:16   Yeah, then you have Discord, photos, reader with Apollo.

01:31:22   What is this brain icon?

01:31:25   Yes.

01:31:26   This is some big brain stuff going on right here.

01:31:30   So this is an icon.

01:31:32   Big brain.

01:31:33   So what if I told you that I made a shortcut?

01:31:36   What, you?

01:31:37   No.

01:31:38   That lets you make icons based on SF symbols.

01:31:44   Anyway, I get this is an icon that I made myself.

01:31:47   Can I have that shortcut, please?

01:31:48   Yes, please.

01:31:49   Ah, now you want it, huh?

01:31:51   Yes.

01:31:52   Because now I know what it is.

01:31:53   I couldn't have wanted it before I knew what it was.

01:31:55   As soon as I found out what it was, I wanted it.

01:31:57   Like, what's the issue here?

01:31:59   Anyway, in this case, this icon is used for a shortcut that

01:32:05   is called capture.

01:32:07   When I tap it, it opens--

01:32:09   so this is the obsidian corner.

01:32:10   So this, I thought you were saying

01:32:12   that this was the shortcut to create the icon.

01:32:14   No, you made this.

01:32:16   - No, no, no.

01:32:17   The icon was made with that shortcut.

01:32:20   - Right, I want that one.

01:32:21   - And I used it, okay.

01:32:23   I used it for an Obsidian, to launch Obsidian

01:32:28   and trigger a command called On My Mind

01:32:31   that lets me save a quick thought into my dashboard.

01:32:34   - Right.

01:32:35   - It's all it does.

01:32:36   It launches Obsidian and it displays an input field

01:32:40   to type some text.

01:32:41   And when I hit Done, the text is prepended

01:32:46   to a section of my dashboard,

01:32:48   meaning it goes to the top of the list.

01:32:50   So it's the latest thought that I had that is,

01:32:54   well, on my mind, that's what the section is called.

01:32:57   - This is like, I could imagine if Apple were writing this,

01:33:00   it would be appended to top or appended to bottom, like.

01:33:03   - Yes, appended to top, appended to top, yes.

01:33:08   That's exactly what they would call it.

01:33:10   Look, it's not prepended. It's appended at the top.

01:33:13   It's like...

01:33:14   Indent left and indent right.

01:33:16   Indent left.

01:33:17   Oh, God.

01:33:18   Yeah, sure.

01:33:20   Then there's Obsidian.

01:33:22   And the next icon is also made with the shortcut

01:33:26   that I mentioned before.

01:33:27   And this is another Obsidian launcher

01:33:31   that just opens my dashboard.

01:33:33   It opens my dashboard note in preview mode

01:33:36   So that I see all my fancy sections and rich links and all the things that I've saved.

01:33:42   You're using my favorite Tweetbot icon.

01:33:45   The New Year icon. So good.

01:33:47   It's a very good one.

01:33:49   And then shortcuts.

01:33:50   And then what is in your app library there?

01:33:54   I know you would ask about that.

01:33:56   ExpressVPN is the top left one.

01:33:58   ExpressVPN, I use it for HBO Max and Showtime

01:34:03   because I want to watch Yellow Jackets and Showtime.

01:34:05   So that's what I'm using it for.

01:34:07   - Is that some kind of game?

01:34:08   - Sofa, I think that's an alternative icon for Sofa,

01:34:11   the media tracker.

01:34:13   - Ah, okay.

01:34:14   - The megaphone icon is an internal Mac Stories application

01:34:18   called ReleaseBot, made by the one true son, Finn Voorhees,

01:34:23   to keep track of updates from the App Store.

01:34:29   So we track app updates using ReleaseBot,

01:34:33   And yeah, I love it.

01:34:36   It's a great app, but it's only for us.

01:34:38   So what are you using craft for?

01:34:41   It's a shared Max stories documentation and show notes with John.

01:34:45   We don't use, we haven't used Google Docs in like a year at this point.

01:34:49   I would love to use craft for our show, but it just won't work when we're

01:34:53   recording. Like it's just, cause you know what we're like,

01:34:56   we're moving stuff left, right and center all over the place.

01:35:00   Look, I think you think craft is slower than it actually is.

01:35:07   It's not as immediate as Google Docs.

01:35:09   I think I know based on a test that I did like a year ago,

01:35:14   unless it's gotten any better.

01:35:16   I think it has gotten better, a lot better.

01:35:18   I'm sure it's always getting better.

01:35:21   But what I want is what I have, which is instant.

01:35:24   And no one can do that, it seems like.

01:35:28   Yeah, but Kraft is nicer than Google Docs, so...

01:35:31   I mean, sometimes.

01:35:32   I mean, it's also fine for App Stories,

01:35:34   because we're not recording App Stories live.

01:35:37   There isn't a lot of like,

01:35:39   "Oh, we need to change this in real time.

01:35:41   We can just stop and change it and start over."

01:35:44   This is the iPad home screen

01:35:46   of somebody who's hiding something.

01:35:48   No, no, no, you cannot just use my...

01:35:52   You cannot use my line on me.

01:35:54   There's no apps except what's in the doc.

01:35:57   - Exactly, that's what you can do on an iPad Pro

01:35:59   on a real computer.

01:36:00   You can put all your apps in the dock

01:36:02   and summon the dock from anywhere.

01:36:04   - I mean, I can put as many apps in the dock

01:36:06   on my iPad Mini and then just can't launch them.

01:36:08   I can't launch them anymore, but I can have them there.

01:36:11   - They're tiny dots.

01:36:12   (laughs)

01:36:13   - I can just use the Apple Pencil to launch all my apps.

01:36:16   - The thing that really,

01:36:18   I see this in your iPhone screenshots too,

01:36:20   is that you use light mode.

01:36:21   - Oh yeah, I really don't like dark mode.

01:36:25   I use dark mode on my phone all the time,

01:36:27   and on my iPad I use it all the time,

01:36:29   but on the Mac I don't like it.

01:36:31   But you just seem like you'd be a dark mode person.

01:36:34   - No, it's too low contrast for me.

01:36:37   And dark mode, I've tried to use it,

01:36:41   but I've done like, okay,

01:36:43   I'm gonna go a full day with dark mode.

01:36:46   And at the end of the day, I feel nervous about it.

01:36:49   Like, my phone is not my phone anymore.

01:36:52   I just cannot live with it.

01:36:54   It's too low contrast and everything is dark and I feel like I need to squint all the time to read text.

01:37:01   I really don't like it.

01:37:02   I don't know how Myke does it, honestly.

01:37:04   I'm 100% dark mode 100% of the time on 100% of my devices.

01:37:09   Light mode is just too bright.

01:37:11   I mean, are you still 100% brightness guy as well?

01:37:17   No, no, I switched to auto brightness a few years ago and I caved.

01:37:21   I feel like your eyes will ultimately thank you for that.

01:37:24   Because I was thinking about this recently.

01:37:26   Also for battery life.

01:37:27   Yeah, that too.

01:37:28   I was thinking about this recently with the iPad,

01:37:30   like in it having like a million nits

01:37:32   and was worrying about your eyes.

01:37:35   So I'm pleased that you're not searing

01:37:37   your retinas with this.

01:37:40   Do you want to know where the wallpaper is from?

01:37:42   I assume you made it from a shortcut.

01:37:44   No, I wish that I could do that sort of gradient

01:37:48   with the shortcut.

01:37:49   There's a bunch of colors in here that I cannot do.

01:37:52   I don't think you can do that kind of gradient

01:37:54   with CSS in HTML.

01:37:55   If you can, please let me know.

01:37:57   And I can work on it.

01:38:00   I stole this wallpaper.

01:38:01   Where from?

01:38:03   From Apple.

01:38:04   Wait.

01:38:05   It's like the big wallpaper heist.

01:38:09   So I recently went to the Manage My Apple ID page.

01:38:17   And I noticed that there was an animation that I really liked.

01:38:22   It was like multiple colored dots moving around the Apple logo.

01:38:26   And I thought, "Oh, those are some nice colors.

01:38:29   I want to steal that graphic."

01:38:32   And so I inspected the source, like a real hacker.

01:38:37   And I realized that the dot animation

01:38:40   was actually some fancy CSS effect

01:38:44   that Apple is doing on top of an image.

01:38:48   This is the image that they use.

01:38:50   - Oh yeah, I see that.

01:38:53   That's nice, that animation.

01:38:54   This is an appleid.apple.com.

01:38:57   - Yeah.

01:38:58   - This looks like a design for WWDC

01:39:01   that it didn't use or something.

01:39:03   - It's very nice, right?

01:39:05   Like surprisingly nice for the Apple ID webpage.

01:39:09   I noticed those colors and I thought those rainbow colors,

01:39:12   they're really nice.

01:39:13   And so by looking at the source,

01:39:15   I realized that this is actually some fancy animation

01:39:17   that Apple is doing to impose this,

01:39:20   sort of superimpose these dots on top of the image.

01:39:24   The image is the wallpaper that I'm using.

01:39:27   - This is replaced that page

01:39:29   with the picture of the person, right?

01:39:32   - Yeah, it's newly redone.

01:39:34   - Yeah, it's way better looking than that annoying image,

01:39:37   which I would feel like we're all very familiar with

01:39:40   having to go to create like, what are they called? App specific passwords or something?

01:39:47   Yes, that's exactly how it happened. I needed to create an app specific password for Fantastical

01:39:54   and that's how I stole wallpaper from Apple.

01:39:57   I hate that system with a fiery passion.

01:40:00   Me too.

01:40:01   Because one, they make me do it. Two, I have to periodically clean it out because, oh,

01:40:07   used them all. Why is there a limit to this? Like, it's very annoying to me, that whole system.

01:40:12   Man, I pulled this image, Federico, it's tiny! It's only like 756 pixels across.

01:40:19   Yeah, you can zoom it. Oh no, you know what I did? I used the Pixelmator Pro.

01:40:24   Yeah! Super resolution, baby! That's good!

01:40:30   And then I pinch to zoom and it's fine, it doesn't bother me.

01:40:33   - This is the iPad wallpaper of like a real power user

01:40:38   right here.

01:40:38   You inspected the source,

01:40:40   you up-rezzed it with machine learning.

01:40:43   - I'm a hacker.

01:40:44   Yeah.

01:40:45   - You really are.

01:40:46   You're like a modern hacker who uses machine learning.

01:40:49   - I looked at the DOM of the webpage

01:40:52   and I saw that the JS was making a request to an image,

01:40:56   all the fancy words.

01:40:58   - And the DOM.

01:40:59   and the DOM, and the XML, and all the things.

01:41:03   -Loadset. -And now...

01:41:06   -Loadset. -What is that?

01:41:07   -Loadset. -Loads...

01:41:10   Yeah, it loads --

01:41:11   It lets me choose a fantastical calendar set.

01:41:16   I have one called -- one that is just the default one,

01:41:20   one for podcasts,

01:41:23   and another for music and video game releases.

01:41:26   -Very nice. -And the nice thing about it

01:41:28   is that each set loads also a specific view.

01:41:34   So like the main set loads a week view,

01:41:38   but for example, music and video game releases,

01:41:40   they switch to the month view

01:41:42   so that I see multiple releases in the same month.

01:41:45   - I'm obviously assuming Fantastic Hell

01:41:46   does not have the widget you want either, right?

01:41:49   - No. - No one's got it.

01:41:51   - No, it does not. - No one's got it

01:41:53   for the week, huh?

01:41:54   - So yeah, this is a one screen.

01:41:58   I never used the app library, by the way.

01:42:01   Big Spotlight user.

01:42:02   I told you how I disabled,

01:42:05   oh no, I mentioned this on AppSource, I think.

01:42:07   I disabled all the content sources in Spotlight,

01:42:09   except for names of apps and shortcuts.

01:42:14   - You don't want it to be surfacing stuff to you, basically.

01:42:17   - Nope, I just want it to be a launcher.

01:42:20   - I'm not sure if I've ever found that useful.

01:42:23   - Me neither.

01:42:23   - I feel like the only time I've ever wanted it

01:42:26   give me stuff like it doesn't give me the thing I want you know I'm like oh

01:42:30   where is this whatever I'll search for it maybe it will be shown to me from the

01:42:35   files app no that's not gonna happen so that's the home screen see that wasn't

01:42:41   too bad was it yeah it was fine less mean I liked it thank you I almost accept

01:42:50   your wallpaper even at this point I think it's kind of cute and charming so

01:42:53   You know, look, here's the thing about the... I've already defended myself in this one, so I'll defend myself in it again.

01:42:59   It makes me happy.

01:43:00   It's fine.

01:43:02   You know?

01:43:03   Like, I know it's weird...

01:43:04   But I just want to remind you that you will change it for $5,000, so everybody's got a price, including you with your wallpaper.

01:43:11   Look, at a certain point I had to say yes, right?

01:43:14   Because otherwise people are going to think that there's something wrong with me.

01:43:18   Mm-hmm.

01:43:19   When realistically...

01:43:20   You did it for the optics, right?

01:43:22   I wouldn't do it. If you gave me five grand, I wouldn't do it.

01:43:25   You know?

01:43:25   I'll just say this at the end of the show.

01:43:27   There's people here.

01:43:29   They're...

01:43:30   Why?

01:43:31   You know, I'm not going to put a price on my happiness.

01:43:33   That's why you should have answered in the first place.

01:43:35   Yeah, but I didn't have a good answer for it then,

01:43:37   because you blindsided me by starting to offer me cash.

01:43:40   You know?

01:43:41   Yeah, and you like cash.

01:43:43   Well, not enough to change my wallpaper.

01:43:45   It doesn't.

01:43:46   Okay, how about ten?

01:43:47   No, I just told you.

01:43:48   It's not happening.

01:43:50   It's not happening.

01:43:51   (laughing)

01:43:53   All right.

01:43:54   - I think, well, except if it was 68.7 billion,

01:43:57   because then I would just buy the Beverly Hills Hotel

01:44:00   and then just go look at the wallpaper every single day,

01:44:03   'cause I live there.

01:44:04   - You would, in that case, you would wear the wallpaper.

01:44:07   - You can, actually.

01:44:08   That's the thing you can do.

01:44:10   - You can make a suit out of that wallpaper.

01:44:12   - They sell that.

01:44:13   - Okay, so there you go.

01:44:14   Why haven't you bought it?

01:44:15   - 'Cause it's all really expensive, the merchandise.

01:44:18   - But I'm giving you $5,000.

01:44:20   I don't even know if that would pay for some of the stuff that they sell in that case.

01:44:23   Oh wow, okay.

01:44:24   It's pretty mad.

01:44:25   Because the wallpaper design is like, it's just theirs.

01:44:28   They're like very protective of it.

01:44:30   Because people like me enjoy it.

01:44:32   I think that does it this week y'all.

01:44:34   Please let me go eat.

01:44:35   I'm starving.

01:44:36   No one stop, you know.

01:44:40   Please release me.

01:44:41   Please release me.

01:44:43   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, head on over to the website relay.fm/connected/381.

01:44:48   There will be links to all of our iPad home screens there as well so you can see and follow

01:44:55   along.

01:44:56   You can find us all online.

01:44:58   Myke is on Twitter as @imyke.

01:45:01   He hosts a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:45:04   Anything else you're up to this week, Myke?

01:45:05   Oh, I'm on Friday.

01:45:07   I'm streaming as I usually do at Myke.live and we're doing something called State of

01:45:13   the caps which was named come up with by Matt who's one of the mods of the

01:45:18   discord and I'm just gonna talk about some of my favorite keyboard products of

01:45:21   the last year and I'm only doing it because the name of this stream is so

01:45:24   good so we're doing that you can find Federico online of a tichi v it I CCI

01:45:31   he's the editor-in-chief of max stories dotnet and I guess the writer of

01:45:35   whatever switch frames is yes let's find out more later this week you can find me

01:45:41   on Twitter as ISMH and I write over at 512pixels.net. I'd like to thank our

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01:46:01   as part of Connected Pro. I think that does it, so until next week guys, say

01:46:06   goodbye. See you later. Bye y'all.