379: The Rickies (January 2022)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 379.

00:00:12   It's a big one today, folks.

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00:00:16   Electric, Indeed, and Squarespace.

00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:20   and I'm joined as always by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hello, happy new year.

00:00:24   - Happy new year.

00:00:25   Can you say that in Romanian?

00:00:27   - No.

00:00:28   Would you like me to say Merry Christmas?

00:00:30   Crèce un ferrecite, but that's not what you want at all.

00:00:34   Let me Google it.

00:00:36   Happy New Year in Romanian.

00:00:38   - While you're doing that. - I can do it right now.

00:00:40   - Federico. - Ah, a nun ferrecite.

00:00:42   Oh.

00:00:43   You should have gotten the Happy New Year in-app purchase in Duolingo.

00:00:46   You only got the Christmas one.

00:00:48   [Laughter]

00:00:52   Duolingo Romanian, when I did it, was really bad.

00:00:54   It just didn't teach me anything of any use.

00:00:56   I did it for ages and it was just like I learned how to say rice and boy and like it's just like this is no good

00:01:02   Get pretty far with those two in a restaurant boy rice. That's all I could do just eat rice

00:01:09   Federico happy new year buddy. Hello. Happy new year to you as well. Hi. So this is a very important episode

00:01:19   We will be judging the Ricky's the annual Ricky's from 2021

00:01:26   So we'll be naming potentially a new annual chairman.

00:01:30   We'll get to all of that later.

00:01:32   And then after that, we're gonna make our picks for 2022.

00:01:34   So we've been hard at work on this for a couple of weeks.

00:01:37   I think it's gonna be a lot of fun,

00:01:39   but we have just a little,

00:01:40   just a tiny little bit of follow-up.

00:01:42   - A smidgen.

00:01:43   - A smidge.

00:01:44   - A follow-up.

00:01:44   - It's not even like a smudge.

00:01:45   It's like half a smudge.

00:01:46   - Smuh.

00:01:47   - Smidge.

00:01:48   - A smuh is half of a smudge.

00:01:50   - Smuh, smuh.

00:01:51   - Smuh.

00:01:52   - Smuh.

00:01:53   - Okay.

00:01:54   - So we have some smollow up.

00:01:55   No, wouldn't it be like, "Follow up, follow up."

00:01:59   It's half a follow up?

00:02:00   Follow up.

00:02:01   Follow up.

00:02:03   (laughing)

00:02:04   This is bad.

00:02:05   We did our annual year in review,

00:02:09   and that's always fun,

00:02:11   but I realized while editing it

00:02:14   that they also need a name.

00:02:17   Okay, so I was thinking this while we were recording.

00:02:21   I don't think they needed a name before.

00:02:23   Oh, come on.

00:02:24   No, no, no, no, no, hold on.

00:02:25   I didn't come up with a name. There was just a part in the recording where I was like,

00:02:29   "Should we name this?" and then I just let it go. And the reason was because we turned

00:02:34   it into a game. That was why. Previously it wasn't a game, but then we made it into a

00:02:39   game.

00:02:40   Yes. And ultimately everything the three of us do turns into a game.

00:02:44   Turns into a game.

00:02:45   So I have some, I have, well I have one suggestion. I suggest that we call it the Annie's.

00:02:51   Yeah, and it's the perfect suggestion. You made one suggestion, it was the correct suggestion.

00:02:55   nobody will contest it.

00:02:57   Because we were putting things on the tiki scale, which I think is a great way to keep

00:03:01   the tiki scale alive and to do the anis, I kind of think we have to come up with some

00:03:06   rules about how we score things.

00:03:09   Why do we need rules?

00:03:12   Can we just follow our instincts?

00:03:13   Yeah, can't that be there's only one rule of the anis?

00:03:17   Follow your heart.

00:03:18   That doesn't sound like us.

00:03:20   So do you want to have a rule for when something is nightmare?

00:03:23   I feel like that's the one thing we need to talk about because we didn't award a nightmare.

00:03:29   We should mirror that Supreme Court decision and saying that nightmare...

00:03:33   You know it when you see it.

00:03:35   That's how I feel too.

00:03:38   Like there wasn't a nightmare month, but like for example March 2020 nightmare, right?

00:03:45   That was nightmare.

00:03:46   Yeah that's nightmare.

00:03:47   But I don't know what the next nightmare might be so I don't feel like I want to put a rule

00:03:51   around it.

00:03:52   I kind of feel like I'm living it right now.

00:03:53   Okay, okay, that works for me.

00:03:55   I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

00:03:55   - You started this.

00:03:56   I don't know why this is a problem for you.

00:03:59   I think it's nightmare is a possible thing,

00:04:01   but it's not gonna happen very much, you know?

00:04:05   - It just so happened that it didn't,

00:04:07   that there wasn't one in 2021.

00:04:10   If things are going the way that they are,

00:04:12   there will be at least a couple in 2022.

00:04:15   So yeah, I think we'll use it.

00:04:19   - Sparingly.

00:04:21   - Unless you want to completely

00:04:23   bell curve every year, which is also a possibility.

00:04:26   Like there has to be at least one nightmare,

00:04:28   and there has to be one best I love you of every year.

00:04:30   - No, I kind of like that you know it when you see it.

00:04:33   - We still, I mean, it's still going to be

00:04:34   a bell curve type thing, right?

00:04:36   There's always going to be more in the middle.

00:04:39   Here's my question.

00:04:40   Do you think you will remember next year

00:04:42   that it's called the Annie's?

00:04:43   Do you think you will remember this?

00:04:45   - I put it in the Google Doc, so we'll remember.

00:04:48   - Make sure to also say that nightmare is on a,

00:04:53   you know it when you see it bases.

00:04:54   - Yes.

00:04:55   - Where in, oh there it is.

00:04:57   The bottom, so listen, you don't get this,

00:04:59   but the bottom of our Google Doc

00:05:01   is just full of so much like stuff now

00:05:04   because of all of the very--

00:05:05   - Junk.

00:05:06   - I didn't wanna say junk, you know?

00:05:08   - It's not junk.

00:05:09   It's rules, it's links to things we need sometimes.

00:05:13   It is the topic graveyard, which is the best.

00:05:17   - That's the junk.

00:05:18   - Completed roasts.

00:05:20   - Oh, that's a lot of stuff.

00:05:21   Do you know what this should be? A Notion document. I'm just saying. Oh my god. It's

00:05:28   ripe for the... Database disruption. Yep. Yep. I would like to just lodge a complaint

00:05:37   with Jeremy Budge. Oh. Ooh. Okay. If that's okay. So Jeremy announced today that he is

00:05:45   going to be stepping away from Emojipedia, which is something I just naturally assumed

00:05:50   was going to happen after Emojipedia was acquired. But this wasn't the thing he announced at

00:05:57   the time. And the person who's coming in to replace him is Keith Brony. And I am annoyed

00:06:03   that we didn't get to potentially call it "The Bronies" at the time when we decided

00:06:11   we were definitely calling it "The Jeremy's". And so I feel like he robbed me of that moment

00:06:17   of being able to suggest that we renamed the Jeremy's to the Bronies.

00:06:22   And so that is my complaint lodged with Jeremy Burge, previously of Emojipedia, now of just

00:06:27   Jeremy Burge.

00:06:28   We can't call him the Bronies.

00:06:31   We can't call him the Bronies.

00:06:32   I know why, that's the joke, right?

00:06:34   Because Bronies are already a thing, and I think it would be hilarious to have posited

00:06:38   it and maybe even created a fake one just for that one time.

00:06:42   Or maybe we could reach the wide Bronie.

00:06:46   We could have, see?

00:06:47   We could have had a new area to attack, but we haven't...

00:06:52   Yeah, but are you also just like, appropriating their culture?

00:06:55   We'd spell it differently. So like, it would sound like it,

00:06:59   but wouldn't say it wouldn't be spelt the same. And so then we're not taking it away,

00:07:05   or even trying to pretend that we're good at it.

00:07:07   No, it wouldn't be cultural appropriation for the Brony community.

00:07:11   Because we have tried our best to obfuscate it in spelling.

00:07:15   So there you go. My complaint has been lodged and just to confirm for anybody wondering,

00:07:21   it will continue to be called The Jeremy's forever. Yes. Jeremy of The Jeremy's now, I guess.

00:07:28   So it's Jeremy Burge of The Jeremy's. We should do the artwork. Well, we're still,

00:07:34   like, the first time we do it, it's still called The Jeremy's, but there's like in memoriam.

00:07:38   Of Jeremy? He's still very much alive.

00:07:44   Yeah, he's alive, but like digitally speaking, he has exited the connected multiverse.

00:07:54   That's interesting because I was thinking that we could kind of turn him into our Jeff Keighley,

00:07:58   as like all that Jeremy's about is an awards show and that's all he's about, like 100% of his time,

00:08:06   it's all anybody knows him for, you know? Federico, you know what I'm talking about,

00:08:10   Stephen doesn't. Instead, I was thinking he could be like the Jeff Keighley of connected.

00:08:14   Stephen's googling. Stephen's googling, right? Are you googling Jeff Keighley?

00:08:18   No, I'm not.

00:08:19   Okay, good. Don't. You shouldn't. You don't want to.

00:08:21   No, I'd kind of be bothered.

00:08:22   Yeah.

00:08:23   But no. Congratulations, Jeremy. Enjoy your emoji retirement.

00:08:27   Congratulations, Keith, also.

00:08:29   Yeah.

00:08:30   Congratulations, Keith.

00:08:31   Big Keith energy.

00:08:32   Big Keith energy.

00:08:33   So we have, uh, we got some, some work to do today. Some very important work.

00:08:38   work but before we started I just wanted to shine a little light a little light

00:08:44   of love for Lex who puts together Rickies.co he put together a massive

00:08:52   like I guess a 2.0 leading up to this and there are some amazing new features

00:08:59   there'll be links in the show notes to the annual Rickies 21 and 22 so you can

00:09:04   see those, but just some amazing things that have been added to this website, including

00:09:09   I think our joint favorite, a feature called "Ahead of its Time."

00:09:14   Oh, I love that.

00:09:15   This is so good.

00:09:17   So good.

00:09:19   When I saw this, I was like, "Oh my god!"

00:09:21   And that was how I felt, and I'm now giving you some of that energy.

00:09:24   There's also "Buzzkill."

00:09:26   It's like, if you have a Flexi or a pick that's negative, you can be labeled a buzzkill, which

00:09:33   is pretty good. Just so we can explain though, the ahead of its time is if we picked something

00:09:40   that's wrong but it later comes true, Lex goes back and updates the previous pick. So

00:09:47   like, for example, if we'd picked something and then seven months later we're right, then

00:09:53   he goes back and updates it. And then on each of our individual hosts page, like host listings,

00:09:58   because we all have our own pages with a bunch of statistics about our scores and stuff,

00:10:03   or we have our own sections in it, we get like an ahead of its time statistic, which

00:10:10   is just, it's so good.

00:10:12   30%!

00:10:13   Yep.

00:10:14   30% of my round picks came true later.

00:10:17   Yeah.

00:10:18   Wow.

00:10:19   You're ahead of your time.

00:10:21   Yeah.

00:10:22   Only 20% of mine, Myke and I are about tied.

00:10:24   Myke has won 9 of 12 coin flips.

00:10:29   I know, it's unreal.

00:10:31   What is wrong with you?

00:10:32   I've been involved in 11 of them, I think, or 10 of them.

00:10:34   I've only ever lost once.

00:10:36   It's pretty wild.

00:10:38   So yeah, this leaderboard page is just amazing.

00:10:41   Yeah, and there's also now like a timeline, an interactive timeline, showing who held

00:10:47   each award, like each championship over the entire history of the rookies.

00:10:52   like a Gantt chart which is super cool. There's a new search function which has a

00:10:57   bunch of categories which is really helpful for us when we're making our

00:11:00   picks to make because Lex also put in I feel like this is very helpful on each

00:11:06   like each item if it is eligible for being picked again within the one-year

00:11:11   rule which is very helpful. There's also some other thing called the pickies but

00:11:16   like that seems like junk I don't know what that is it's got nothing. Yeah I

00:11:18   think you got hacked. Yeah Lex by the way something terrible happened to your

00:11:22   website. Yeah, I think he left the default, like the placeholder data. I think the

00:11:27   pick is like the lorem ipsum code. It's basically that.

00:11:32   There's just like a bunch of like really bad picks in here, like I

00:11:35   don't really know. Yeah, it's default examples for like to test the website.

00:11:40   And a selection of rules that don't really make any sense. So, alright, so let's take our first break and then we

00:11:46   will start judging our picks from last year. This episode of Connected is

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00:13:22   Before we get to the rules,

00:13:24   we had a suggestion from listener,

00:13:28   Dr. Arden Burrell.

00:13:32   He's a doctor.

00:13:33   It's right there in his Twitter handle.

00:13:35   It must be true.

00:13:36   - Dr. Okay.

00:13:37   - And the good doctor recommended that we have

00:13:41   some sort of,

00:13:44   some sort of preamble

00:13:46   to explain what the Ricky's are.

00:13:49   The people coming into this

00:13:51   may have no idea what's going on.

00:13:52   - I feel like you're not following the process here.

00:13:56   - What does that mean?

00:13:57   - Well, surely this would be added to the rules, right?

00:14:00   - Well, I think it's before the rules.

00:14:02   I think it's preamble.

00:14:04   It's like, we stay with the Ricky's.

00:14:06   - It feels like it would be in the rules document, right?

00:14:09   - That you have to read the preamble every time?

00:14:12   - No, like at the opening of like a rules document,

00:14:15   it could have the explanation for what the rules

00:14:18   are even for, right?

00:14:19   - Well, we can both be right

00:14:21   because we haven't started the rules yet.

00:14:22   - No, 'cause what I was gonna say is,

00:14:24   if this is going to be a part of the rules document,

00:14:27   any amendments to the rules document

00:14:29   occur after the rules are read in their entirety,

00:14:31   and then we go back and make changes.

00:14:34   - Well.

00:14:34   - So I feel like you're not following the process.

00:14:36   - Well, maybe you can add that as a rule.

00:14:37   - I was just gonna say, there should be a rule that says,

00:14:41   no, I don't want that one.

00:14:42   - So what do we think about some sort of introduction?

00:14:44   We should, should we read the doctor's suggestion?

00:14:49   - Was the doctor ordered?

00:14:52   Yes. (laughing)

00:14:55   - Well done.

00:14:56   - Please.

00:14:57   - All right, so he writes, "The Rickies is a competition

00:15:00   "to determine which connected host has the greatest skill

00:15:03   "at predicting Apple announcements."

00:15:05   It's pretty good.

00:15:08   I feel like it lacks a certain twist

00:15:09   of the knife we're looking for.

00:15:12   - Yeah.

00:15:12   because it does say anything about a loser.

00:15:16   So maybe like who's the best and the worst

00:15:20   at predicting Apple announcements?

00:15:23   - It lacks a bit of panache, this description, I think.

00:15:27   - What about, I mean obviously the word passion

00:15:34   has to be in there.

00:15:36   - Right. - Right.

00:15:38   - I feel like, so here is my suggestion here.

00:15:41   Agree with this but it needs work. So maybe for the next Ricky's

00:15:46   This is the amendment to be made because I do feel like by us discussing the need for preamble

00:15:52   We can already have a preamble for this set of Rick

00:15:54   Yes, because you just read what the doctor suggested and what the doctor suggested is enough to understand

00:16:00   However, I would like there to be something that maybe we have written or spent some more time with

00:16:07   Okay, but so why don't we put that in as a potential change for the next time?

00:16:11   Okay, let's all stand and I will read the rules

00:16:15   There are two types of Ricky's annual Ricky's and keynote Ricky's

00:16:24   The winner of the annual Ricky's is named annual chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account for the full year

00:16:32   This position is awarded every January

00:16:35   I just want to state for all the mic fans out there. I'm sorry. I didn't shout. Let's read the rules

00:16:39   I know that there's a selection of people a small group of people that wanted that. What do you want to do it right now?

00:16:44   No, cuz it's too late now. I'll make sure to get it in for the flexes. Yeah, we got another set of rules to read

00:16:50   Okay

00:16:51   The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account until the next keynote is held

00:16:57   Order for the annual rookies is based on the winner of the previous year

00:17:02   Order for the keynote rookies is based on the previous Apple event. The loser goes last

00:17:07   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true. No half points may be awarded in any round

00:17:16   Picks cannot be reused by any contestant within 365 days of first being made

00:17:23   Can I just say it's gonna interrupt for one second? Can I just read that?

00:17:26   We're gonna talk about the rules at the end. Sorry. No, sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry order in the court

00:17:31   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds

00:17:35   Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round. If your risky pick is wrong

00:17:41   You will lose a point and the two other hosts must agree that your pick is risky

00:17:46   For keynote rookies the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored

00:17:53   information must be publicly

00:17:56   verifiable to be used in scoring

00:17:59   After scoring is complete, each host must update their official Ricky trophy's late 2021 to reflect the new winner.

00:18:06   The large location marker is for the annual chairman, while the smaller location marker is for the keynote chairman.

00:18:13   Trophies should remain in sync at all times,

00:18:15   with photographic evidence provided on demand. As a reminder,

00:18:20   Myke is the current annual chairman that is up today, potentially. We'll see if he holds on to it.

00:18:27   Myke is also the current keynote chairman. No, he isn't. Oh, he's not? Oh someone didn't update the document Federico

00:18:34   Have you not updated your trophy? Because I look at my trophy every single day

00:18:37   So I know that Federico is the keynote. No, my trophy is right. The document was wrong

00:18:41   So what you're saying is the ruled document was incorrect. That feels upset

00:18:45   It was just a what's like not really in the rules as like explainer. It's an italics

00:18:50   So we have a couple things in the rules. We need to address

00:18:52   You had one it sounded like oh, it wasn't that it was just merely. I'm sorry

00:18:56   I'm sorry I interrupted you. It was the 365 day thing really screwed us because we did our last

00:19:02   picks 363 days ago so that made things particularly tricky for me when because I made a couple of

00:19:07   picks and had to change them because it hasn't been a year since we did the annual picks so that

00:19:12   was very annoying. The trophy has been named the tricky. This is the trophy that the three of us

00:19:17   have the wooden one that lights up. Correct. So I suggest that we change Ricky's trophy late 2021 to

00:19:23   to just saying the official trophy named the tricky?

00:19:27   I don't know.

00:19:28   I feel like we need to--

00:19:29   - Just, just, there, must update their official tricky.

00:19:32   - The official trophy?

00:19:33   - To reflect the new winner.

00:19:35   - And then we have a note on trophies should remain

00:19:39   in sync at all times.

00:19:40   One, maybe we should call it the closing ceremony.

00:19:43   - Yeah, somebody recommended that, I think,

00:19:45   that this is the closing ceremonies of the rookies

00:19:48   - Yeah, I think so. - since we're updating

00:19:49   our trophies.

00:19:50   - Yeah, I like it.

00:19:51   I don't think we have to include that in the rules,

00:19:53   or we can if we want to.

00:19:54   - I think we should, 'cause I just think the idea

00:19:57   of saying it's the closing ceremony.

00:19:58   - Trophies, okay, trophies, what if we say this?

00:20:00   Trophies should be updated at the end of scoring.

00:20:05   - As part of the closing ceremony.

00:20:07   - As part of the closing ceremonies.

00:20:09   And then, obviously, since last time we were

00:20:12   in this document, we have shipped,

00:20:15   and they've all been shipped.

00:20:16   If you don't live in America, yours is on the way.

00:20:19   it's just slow, promise you it's coming,

00:20:22   that people have Magtrickies,

00:20:23   the magnetic version of the magnet,

00:20:25   and so people, as they listen to this,

00:20:27   can hold their own private closing ceremony.

00:20:30   - Correct.

00:20:31   - To update their at-home trophy.

00:20:34   - Yes, I think that should be added in,

00:20:36   it's like another line,

00:20:37   and listeners with Magtrickies

00:20:39   should also take this time to update.

00:20:41   - They should hold their own private...

00:20:46   (laughing)

00:20:46   - Closing ceremony.

00:20:48   with their magnetic.

00:20:50   - Now, what about me?

00:20:51   'Cause I have both a Tricky and a Magtricky.

00:20:54   - Well, I mean, you're just on your own.

00:20:56   - I have to listen back to the show

00:20:57   and make my own private closing story.

00:20:59   - Federico has two, but they're being held

00:21:01   in a warehouse in Italy for two weeks.

00:21:03   - For some, oh, I don't know.

00:21:05   We don't know.

00:21:06   - Beats us.

00:21:07   We have both talked to UPS.

00:21:08   - You two are very bad at sending things to each other.

00:21:11   - It includes, well, the last thing we heard

00:21:13   was the problem was is that I included holiday card

00:21:16   as a line item on the form,

00:21:19   'cause I wanted to be thorough.

00:21:20   I didn't want to get Federico in trouble

00:21:21   about shipping stuff I didn't disclose.

00:21:24   And apparently Italy doesn't like that we said

00:21:27   it had no value, so.

00:21:29   - Well, your holiday card has value.

00:21:31   Come on. - Yeah, but like,

00:21:32   yeah, but the calendar was like 50 bucks or whatever,

00:21:35   you know, and then I think we put a dollar

00:21:38   is what we decided on, but here it is.

00:21:38   - That's so ridiculous, custom stuff is so ridiculous.

00:21:41   - It's infuriating. - Can I just say as well,

00:21:42   the closing ceremonies, right,

00:21:44   so I like putting that in there,

00:21:45   because having a closing ceremony makes it possible that at some point in the future

00:21:48   we may have an opening ceremony to the Rickies.

00:21:50   Yes it does.

00:21:51   And I find that tantalizing because I don't know what that might be but I like it.

00:21:56   Clearly the rules would be part of it but maybe there's like a torch, you know?

00:22:00   Who knows?

00:22:01   I don't know if we need open flame in our offices.

00:22:05   But it would definitely raise the passion.

00:22:08   Candle lit picks.

00:22:09   Yeah, candle lit, candle, candle.

00:22:11   No, never mind.

00:22:12   Mm-hmm.

00:22:13   No, I didn't.

00:22:14   I mean if you think about it, a torch is just a big candle.

00:22:17   - So is that the rules then?

00:22:19   - I think the rules are done.

00:22:22   - Can we sit down?

00:22:24   - Yes, oh yes, I'm sorry, please be seated.

00:22:26   - Oh yeah, 'cause you're a Steven,

00:22:28   Steven stands when he records now, so you know,

00:22:31   he's always standing. - Like it's spicy.

00:22:32   - So you know, he's like a standing person,

00:22:34   so he doesn't even think about people that sit anymore.

00:22:37   - Yeah, I was thinking the other day,

00:22:38   like can I get a treadmill under this desk?

00:22:40   - Oh, we've lost him.

00:22:41   - No, I wasn't looking at that.

00:22:42   - That's it, that's the end.

00:22:44   Goodbye.

00:22:45   - Round one, Myke, you went first in 2021.

00:22:50   Why don't you read us your pick?

00:22:51   - Did that mean that I won 2020?

00:22:52   I've forgotten that now.

00:22:53   I guess it did, right?

00:22:54   - If those were the rules at the time, then yes.

00:22:58   - I guess if only there was somewhere that I could go

00:23:02   to find out this information.

00:23:04   I'm actually, I wanna know now, so I'm gonna check.

00:23:07   But I'll, 'cause that feels important to me now.

00:23:09   Was I a two year?

00:23:11   Yeah, I did.

00:23:11   I was two years, two years running.

00:23:13   Let's see if I can make it three years running.

00:23:15   My first pick was Apple announces a new Mac Pro

00:23:18   powered by Apple Silicon.

00:23:19   Uh-oh, that doesn't feel good.

00:23:22   - Oops, nope.

00:23:23   - That doesn't feel good.

00:23:24   - I seem to remember that felt aggressive at the time,

00:23:28   but hey, you.

00:23:29   - Really, did it feel aggressive?

00:23:31   I don't remember.

00:23:32   - Yeah, well, no, I think this is when we were discussing

00:23:35   what two years meant.

00:23:37   Was it two years transition from the announcement

00:23:40   or the first M1 Mac shipping?

00:23:43   I just figured it would happen before the end of 2021 and it didn't happen.

00:23:48   This, by the way, was the pick that I also suggested for what would be one of my round picks for this year's,

00:23:56   but obviously I cannot pick this anymore because it was 363 days ago like a chump.

00:24:02   So I've lost twice on this one.

00:24:05   Really?

00:24:06   Calendars?

00:24:07   So that didn't happen.

00:24:10   My round one pick.

00:24:11   I have a question for you on this actually.

00:24:13   Do you think, without the chip shortage, it would have happened?

00:24:19   No.

00:24:20   Well, I mean, I would like to introduce you to your Ricky pick later on then.

00:24:25   I mean, I don't know.

00:24:27   What does my Ricky pick say?

00:24:28   Oh yeah, look at that.

00:24:29   You're being very, very, very bullish for someone who made a very similar pick.

00:24:36   Actually, a much more aggressive pick.

00:24:38   We both sound like morons.

00:24:40   Well, I don't think I sound like a moron.

00:24:41   I think a lot of people thought that this was going to happen in 2021.

00:24:44   My pick, the iPad mini does receive a new design language in 2021.

00:24:50   Nice.

00:24:51   I have the two of you to thank for this because my pick was originally,

00:24:56   it would not be redesigned.

00:24:58   And you talked me out of that pick into the positive version

00:25:01   and I got a point for it.

00:25:02   So thank you.

00:25:03   So does that mean we also get a point?

00:25:05   Yeah, we share that one.

00:25:07   That's a third of a point each.

00:25:09   No, no.

00:25:10   As it says in the rules, no half points.

00:25:13   We could take a third of a point.

00:25:14   Oh no.

00:25:14   So I refuse to change that language because it infuriates Jason smell.

00:25:18   He, every time he's like, but what about other percentages?

00:25:21   We've just found the loophole.

00:25:23   It's a third of a point each, but we're not doing that.

00:25:26   We're not doing that.

00:25:26   All right.

00:25:27   So of course the iPad mini has the iPad pro and air design.

00:25:31   I love my iPad mini.

00:25:32   I was just talking with Mary about this the other night.

00:25:34   We were on the couch looking at something online and she had her iPad air.

00:25:38   I was like, that iPad looks enormous.

00:25:41   I'm just so used to the mini,

00:25:42   I really still love this device.

00:25:44   However many months in, it's effectively my only iPad.

00:25:48   - It's still, I love it so much,

00:25:50   but it's like, it feels bittersweet already.

00:25:54   'Cause I just know that they're not gonna update it

00:25:57   in a year.

00:25:58   Right?

00:26:00   It may, it hurts me.

00:26:02   'Cause I love it so bad.

00:26:04   But I guess I'm gonna have to see how much do I love it?

00:26:07   right when there's an 11 inch mini LED iPad potentially,

00:26:11   right, this year, how much do I love the mini?

00:26:15   We'll find out, I suppose.

00:26:18   - Yeah.

00:26:18   - What's the expression like you either die in iPad Pro

00:26:23   or live long enough to become an iPad mini,

00:26:25   something like that.

00:26:26   - That is what it says.

00:26:27   (laughing)

00:26:30   - Yup, that is, as everyone says,

00:26:37   I'm surprised I didn't think of that often used phrase when I was thinking of it.

00:26:41   I know, that's featured heavily in the movie The Dark Mode Rises.

00:26:45   Yes.

00:26:46   Yes, Steven!

00:26:47   Come on, this is the energy we're bringing.

00:26:51   Come on!

00:26:52   That's right.

00:26:53   All right, Federico, finish up round one.

00:26:57   And in round one...

00:26:59   Oh, poor iPad Mini.

00:27:03   I'm staring at it right now.

00:27:05   But I know little buddy, you're gonna have a crappy year.

00:27:08   [laughter]

00:27:10   I said Apple launches at least one iPad model with a new display tech in 2021.

00:27:17   And there was the context saying "clarify new to the iPad."

00:27:22   So of course, this is a point thank you, because of the beautiful liquid retina XDR display

00:27:29   on the 2021 iPad Pro with the mini LED technology.

00:27:35   Is it called Mini LED?

00:27:36   You didn't need that clarifier at all.

00:27:39   I don't remember why we...

00:27:42   I think because...

00:27:44   What were we expecting? We'd have it up first.

00:27:46   We said, what if the MacBook Pro, for whatever reason, comes out first?

00:27:53   And then the MacBook Pro got delayed, like, according to the rumors a bunch of times.

00:27:57   And so the iPad Pro got it first.

00:27:58   Because the rumors at the time were for both of them.

00:28:02   Like it wasn't like the MacBook Pro rumor came after the iPad, right?

00:28:07   Like there were concurrent rumors of the mini-LED technology coming to multiple devices.

00:28:12   Okay, that makes sense.

00:28:14   And also it would have accounted for OLED, I think.

00:28:18   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

00:28:21   Like it has to, and we say it has to be new to the iPad.

00:28:25   That was the context of it.

00:28:27   And so yeah, iPad Pro with the XDR display, still an amazing display, right?

00:28:32   Again, makes me sad that the iPad Mini doesn't have it.

00:28:36   Well, yeah, we'll see what happens there, but in the meantime, yes, this is fun.

00:28:41   Maybe the iPad Mini will just like get an OLED screen and like middle finger to every other iPad, you know?

00:28:47   I mean, I'm fine with it as long as it gets better.

00:28:51   - OLED is better than Mini LED, right? - You know what happened, Myke? I should...

00:28:55   Yeah, it is. Yeah, I think it is.

00:28:57   You know what happened to me a few days ago?

00:29:01   Just after not having been able to see it,

00:29:06   I saw Jelly scrolling for the first time in my life.

00:29:11   I saw it.

00:29:11   No. Now you're ruined.

00:29:13   But here's the thing. I saw it in a particular app, in a particular context.

00:29:18   I was reading an article.

00:29:19   I think it was the layout of the story with an image on the side and text on another.

00:29:24   I saw it, I could replicate it, and then I stopped seeing it.

00:29:30   Okay.

00:29:31   Like, that was weird.

00:29:33   Like I changed, like I switched to a different, like I switched to Safari and a different

00:29:36   article and I couldn't see it anymore.

00:29:38   Must have just been something about the color.

00:29:40   But I saw it.

00:29:41   That made it.

00:29:42   Because it definitely, I see it more in certain apps or use cases than others, like for sure.

00:29:47   Okay.

00:29:48   So at the end of round one, Myke has no points and Federica and I are tied with one point

00:29:53   I could still win it though with zero points.

00:29:55   Oh yeah, and we got another round and the rickys.

00:29:58   I could still win.

00:29:59   Yeah, you're not out of it.

00:30:02   All right, round two. Myke, you're up.

00:30:04   iOS 15 gives users more home screen customization options on the iPhone.

00:30:08   This is a skin of the teeth point.

00:30:11   Wait, is this a point?

00:30:13   Yeah, you can customize with multiple home screens.

00:30:17   You can just turn them off, turn them on.

00:30:19   That is customization. It's a home screen.

00:30:22   This is, look, we have to be very generous friends here to give this point, but I could argue it for

00:30:30   a couple of minutes if you need me to, but... No, I mean, technically you're getting this point on a

00:30:38   bunch of technicalities, I think, but it still counts. This is one of those, just like, the way

00:30:44   I wrote it down means that I'm lucky. Yes. Because technically you are getting more options,

00:30:53   more customization options. Sure, you're getting them. You can hide, you can rearrange the

00:31:00   pages, you can delete the pages and you can tie them to focus modes. So yeah, technically

00:31:05   you are getting more options. But this is what I meant. That's not what I was thinking

00:31:08   This is what you meant. The thing is, you get the point, but you're not getting the spirit of the

00:31:17   pick. But it still counts. You have it intellectually, but you don't have it

00:31:23   passionately. Round two, my pick, no person. Also true. Also true. No in-person WWDC 2021.

00:31:37   and there isn't gonna be 2022 either so...

00:31:41   or 2023...

00:31:42   that could be a pick later on we'll see

00:31:44   2024... can it though?

00:31:46   oh you you think they're done for good?

00:31:48   yeah i've been saying this for ages i think it's done

00:31:50   i think it's done too

00:31:51   yeah if you do three years in a row

00:31:55   virtual why would you go back?

00:31:57   then you come back!

00:31:58   because you miss people

00:32:00   but you can still have people just not ever the world

00:32:04   look i think uh okay so here's my thing

00:32:07   Obviously I'm all for, you know, we're living in this situation.

00:32:10   It is what it is, but I still miss, you know, events.

00:32:14   Oh yeah. Me too.

00:32:16   And I'm sure there are people at Apple that do too,

00:32:19   but it is a huge cost and a huge loss of engineering time at an incredibly

00:32:24   important time of the year where you can do it online and include more people.

00:32:29   But it's sad and bold.

00:32:35   But Apple's not our friend. They're just a company.

00:32:37   They're not going to do something because it just because it makes us feel sad.

00:32:40   Otherwise there will be a lot of things that they would have changed by now.

00:32:42   No, that's also true. Like the iPad mini. Yes.

00:32:45   You can insert your thing here. Right. Oh yeah. Cause I got rid of I web.

00:32:49   Yeah.

00:32:50   Oh yeah.

00:32:52   All right. Uh, Federico, you're up.

00:32:56   I said Apple launches air tags, accessories for tracking physical objects.

00:33:04   I also said the name is not set in the pic, but also that's the name.

00:33:08   So, that was the name.

00:33:10   So yeah, AirTags, I love them.

00:33:11   I just, I can tell you, they make for excellent Christmas presents.

00:33:17   I got two of them, one for my mom, one for a friend.

00:33:20   I had them custom engraved.

00:33:22   Very nice, very nice gift.

00:33:23   I got an AirTag from Apple.

00:33:25   What did you put on them?

00:33:26   Oh, on my mom, oh just their initials.

00:33:29   On my mom it was her initials and two, and one dog emoji.

00:33:34   And on my friend's initials and a heart emoji.

00:33:40   I think, yeah.

00:33:43   Yeah, it was very nice, very nice.

00:33:45   - The AirTag with the initials

00:33:47   and like one of their little Keering things.

00:33:49   It's classy, it's a classy Keering.

00:33:52   - Mm-hmm.

00:33:53   - It is the leather one.

00:33:54   - It's good looking Keering.

00:33:55   - Yeah, we got a cheap plastic one from Amazon

00:33:58   because my father, the apple, wants one.

00:33:59   - Look, I already bought you an air tag,

00:34:01   what do you want from me?

00:34:01   (laughing)

00:34:03   - Exactly, it's like, okay, look, it's a 40 euro gift.

00:34:06   This is okay.

00:34:06   - I engraved it. - You're gonna have to make

00:34:08   the, yeah. - Calm down.

00:34:10   - I'm gonna have to make the plastic

00:34:11   kitchen from Amazon work for you.

00:34:14   - Okay, so the end of round two,

00:34:15   Myke has a total of one point.

00:34:19   I have two points and Federico has two points.

00:34:22   So round two was very kind to all of us.

00:34:24   We all got all of our--

00:34:26   Could I still win?

00:34:27   If, wait, in theory, yeah.

00:34:32   - If you, I can still win?

00:34:35   - You can.

00:34:36   If you got your Ricky and we both lost our Ricky's,

00:34:39   you would win.

00:34:39   - So let's see how that goes.

00:34:41   My Ricky is.

00:34:42   - Tell us what your Ricky is.

00:34:43   - A Mac gets a screen that supports touch

00:34:45   and/or Apple Pencil input.

00:34:48   - Yeah, what would you think in here?

00:34:50   - Hey, it's a Ricky pic, right?

00:34:51   - Oh, it is, and they should totally do it.

00:34:54   I still think it's going to happen at some point,

00:34:57   but I don't think it's gonna happen in 2022 either.

00:35:01   But I think it will happen at some point.

00:35:03   - Especially the Apple Pencil.

00:35:05   Like just make, I've said this for years,

00:35:07   I wrote this in a column like five years ago,

00:35:10   just make the giant trackpad able to see the Apple Pencil.

00:35:15   It's like, you can use your Apple,

00:35:16   you don't even have to do anything with the screen.

00:35:17   Just like, let me draw my trackpad with an Apple Pencil.

00:35:19   It's right there.

00:35:21   Okay, my Ricky pic.

00:35:24   Apple has Apple Silicon versions

00:35:25   of all of its Intel Macs on sale by the end of 2021.

00:35:30   There was some clarification about this

00:35:32   because the point was brought up,

00:35:35   well, what if there's still like an Intel version

00:35:39   of a machine that's also an Apple Silicon?

00:35:40   Like maybe like how the Mac mini line is split right now.

00:35:43   And so we clarified no Intel Macs on sale

00:35:46   without an Apple Silicon counterpart,

00:35:48   but it doesn't matter

00:35:49   because there's still lots of Intel Macs running around.

00:35:52   - And my, I was so close.

00:35:54   - I can't believe you did this to yourself.

00:35:56   - I should have phrased it differently.

00:36:01   My risky pick was Apple releases a new programming app

00:36:05   for iPad that is not Swift playgrounds.

00:36:08   - Now I don't remember, did we make you say

00:36:10   not Swift playgrounds?

00:36:11   - I think we did.

00:36:12   - I think you should just put that in there on your own.

00:36:14   - Anyway, the way that this is phrased,

00:36:16   I don't get the point because the way that it's phrased,

00:36:21   but obviously the spirit of it was you will be able

00:36:23   to write apps on iPad.

00:36:25   And that's exactly the thing you can do now

00:36:28   as of a couple of weeks ago with Swift Playgrounds 4.

00:36:32   But it's not technically a new programming app for iPad.

00:36:36   So I don't get this point.

00:36:38   And it sucks that I don't get this point

00:36:41   because I knew what I meant,

00:36:43   but I cannot even argue for it

00:36:46   because it's written right here.

00:36:48   - Dude, I felt so bad when they were talking about,

00:36:51   oh, we got this new thing coming to the iPad.

00:36:53   Oh, it's this new version of Swift Playgrounds.

00:36:54   I was like, I thought about this Ricky

00:36:56   during that announcement.

00:36:57   I was like, I'm so sorry.

00:36:59   - It sucks, but that's a lesson to be learned

00:37:03   on how you phrase your picks.

00:37:05   - It always comes down to phrasing.

00:37:06   Myke got his only point because of phrasing,

00:37:10   and you missed your Ricky because of phrasing.

00:37:12   It really is the whole game.

00:37:13   This leaves us in a very interesting place because Federico, you and I are tied with one point each.

00:37:21   So we have to do a coin flip.

00:37:24   Oh no!

00:37:26   Wait, what are my Ricky's.co stats? Where's my stats page?

00:37:33   Ricky's...

00:37:33   You want to find out what your...

00:37:36   how you do... well, the two of you have done with coin flips.

00:37:38   - Okay, Federico, you have been victor

00:37:43   one out of four times with a 25% win rate.

00:37:46   I have won three out of 11, that's a 27.3% win rate.

00:37:51   So neither of us are good at this.

00:37:54   - Yeah, but there's no--

00:37:55   - Well, because I'm so good at it, that's one.

00:37:57   - Wait, why is there, this is--

00:37:58   - Yeah, Myke's win rate is 75%.

00:38:00   - Wait, wait, there's a conspiracy against me here.

00:38:05   Why am I the only one without heads and tails data

00:38:08   in the coin flips section.

00:38:10   Stephen has it, Myke has it, I don't.

00:38:12   - 'Cause it's a preference for, right?

00:38:15   You've only done it, oh I guess you've done one of four.

00:38:18   - He's done it four times, yeah.

00:38:19   - Yeah, yeah, I don't know why that is.

00:38:22   - File a radar, okay.

00:38:23   - Oh, 'cause it's equal apparently Federico.

00:38:25   You've picked, according to the Lexington Discord,

00:38:28   you have picked two heads, two tails of your four coin flips.

00:38:31   So you don't have a preference.

00:38:33   Your preference is equality.

00:38:35   - Well, I mean, that will change this time

00:38:37   because you will tip that one way or the other,

00:38:39   assuming you pick a side and not the edge of the coin.

00:38:41   Which I don't think is possible and dice by Peacock.

00:38:43   - Oh no, are we using, oh no, we're using dice.

00:38:47   - We're using dice by Peacock

00:38:47   and I have it right here, I'm ready.

00:38:49   - Okay, so I, Federico, I will let you choose.

00:38:54   - No, hold on, I'm gonna need some help here.

00:38:56   Hold on. - I need help.

00:38:57   - What does that mean?

00:38:58   - Oh, he's asking Silvio.

00:38:59   Is that technically legal?

00:39:02   - I don't know about that. - Do we need a rule for this?

00:39:04   I don't... that's, um, that's outside collusion.

00:39:08   Outside interference. From a known co-conspirator of James's...

00:39:12   Yeah, you can't do what she says.

00:39:14   I ask...

00:39:14   You have to choose your own.

00:39:16   I ask...

00:39:16   No, no, you have to choose on your own.

00:39:18   Uh-uh, tell us what you want.

00:39:20   You can force... it's not in the rules, you can't force me.

00:39:22   I mean...

00:39:23   I'm gonna follow her advice.

00:39:24   I guess we're never gonna be able to tell him...

00:39:26   We've got to put in the rules if we don't like it, because he could just say...

00:39:29   Okay, hold on, I thought about it.

00:39:31   Yeah, okay, I've made my decision.

00:39:32   Excellent, that's all I wanted to hear.

00:39:34   I believe you.

00:39:35   What is your decision?

00:39:36   Heads.

00:39:37   Steven, what is your decision?

00:39:38   Alright, you ready?

00:39:39   Yep.

00:39:40   It's not heads, it's tails.

00:39:41   Oh, come on!

00:39:42   Okay, so aside from the fact that that was James reading that out, there's a coin, the

00:40:00   coin has changed in dice by pcalc it says first there is this three J letters

00:40:07   on it what is that what does that mean I don't know maybe it's like for just no

00:40:12   that's jump in no and it says I don't know it says jollity japery jesting is

00:40:18   what the the client said that doesn't sound like anything that's worth paying

00:40:22   attention to it sounds like a fraudulent no I mean look we have to trust it

00:40:26   because... We put it in the rules. We put it in the rules. Yeah. Maybe in the future we dethrone

00:40:32   Dice by Peacock. You know, James thinks he has all the power here. He has none of the power.

00:40:36   We choose to use his application. Dice by Connected. That's what we need to make. No,

00:40:41   this is a fake coin. I will not accept the results of this coin.

00:40:50   you stole the rickies from me.

00:40:53   And on January five, you couldn't even wait a day for the full anniversary.

00:41:01   You know, you know, Federico as the new annual chairman. Oh no,

00:41:09   I hate how that I grant you clemency for your future attempted coup.

00:41:16   Wait, did you just pardon him?

00:41:18   I am not conceding that you used a fraudulent coin.

00:41:26   So Steven, this is your first annual.

00:41:29   It is.

00:41:30   Congratulations.

00:41:31   And we all know it.

00:41:33   We all know this is a fraudulent coin.

00:41:34   We all know it.

00:41:36   Come back next year with better picks.

00:41:38   Look at it.

00:41:39   No.

00:41:40   All right.

00:41:41   Oh my God.

00:41:42   We have to deal with the flexies now.

00:41:44   Okay.

00:41:45   Well.

00:41:46   But let's take a break.

00:41:47   Everybody calm down.

00:41:48   and we'll come back and grade our flexies for last year.

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00:43:39   All right, we have some real time follow up from Lex.

00:43:42   Federico has won one of five coin flips. That's a 20% win rate.

00:43:46   He has a preference for heads, which he chose three times and won zero times with.

00:43:49   [Laughter]

00:43:52   Sorry Federico.

00:43:53   It happens. I'm upset.

00:43:58   [Laughter]

00:43:59   Okay.

00:43:59   A game riddled with anomalies and irregularities and we're gonna have to take a second look at this.

00:44:07   Interesting. I cannot wait to see who your legal counsel is.

00:44:12   I'm really excited to find out who that person will be.

00:44:14   Loser of the flexies must compensate the winner of the flexies by donating to the charity of

00:44:21   the winner's choice. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:44:28   Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks. Flexis may be reused as future flexis

00:44:36   or regular picks, the winner is determined by the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis

00:44:41   and the money must be donated on air.

00:44:49   A tie in either the regular picks or the flexis is to be broken by coin toss.

00:44:54   As Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping a coin, dice by a p-calc in relay FM mode

00:44:59   is the official way to break a tie.

00:45:03   We once again need a preamble to explain what these things are.

00:45:08   So maybe we work on that for next time.

00:45:10   Do y'all agree?

00:45:12   Need a preamble?

00:45:14   Yes.

00:45:15   I was waiting, you said a few things, I was waiting for you to say a few things.

00:45:17   That's the first one.

00:45:19   Second one is, we all have our own names for when we win the flexies.

00:45:23   Oh, I forgot about that.

00:45:25   We came up with these last time, so Federico was Prince Flexi, Myke, you were the Duke

00:45:30   of Flexington.

00:45:32   mine was Senator Flexi.

00:45:34   I forgot that was Senator Flexi.

00:45:38   Senator Flexi?

00:45:39   He can't be royal.

00:45:40   He can't be.

00:45:41   There's no royal in America.

00:45:42   Is there royalty in Italy?

00:45:45   Surely you've had kings and queens in your country's history.

00:45:48   Used to.

00:45:49   Used to be.

00:45:50   Used to be.

00:45:51   Used to.

00:45:52   Well, you chose Prince Flexi for yourself, so.

00:45:53   Well, I did.

00:45:54   I did.

00:45:55   I didn't know we were following based on each other's country.

00:45:58   Well, I would assume Stephen chose Senator Flexi.

00:46:00   Yeah.

00:46:01   Yeah, I think.

00:46:02   I don't know how I feel about the fact that you just decided to go senator you were given

00:46:06   Whatever you could have wanted and you went with Senate. Well Prince isn't King neither is Duke

00:46:12   We're all like second rung down leaders here. Yeah, that's true

00:46:16   So so that's why you didn't pick. Yeah, because you didn't pick King

00:46:20   But what about?

00:46:30   I like I like Senator Flexi and then the other thing we need to just continue with what about what about chief of

00:46:38   What like what is what is what about because you got

00:46:45   General oh, that's good attorney general was really good attorney general flexi

00:46:57   And then the other thing is the bit about...

00:47:01   - AG flex.

00:47:02   - About ties being broken,

00:47:04   I think needs to be at the end

00:47:05   of the first part of the rules.

00:47:07   It needs to be at the end of the regular rules,

00:47:09   not the flexy rules,

00:47:10   because it makes more sense there, I think.

00:47:12   - Yeah, but it's a reminder, right?

00:47:15   - Yeah, but by the time, like that happened today, right?

00:47:17   We did a coin toss like 10 minutes ago,

00:47:20   but we just read the rule about it now.

00:47:21   - You're assuming that we're gonna remember?

00:47:23   Like everyone's gonna remember.

00:47:25   That's the assumption we're making?

00:47:26   - Yes.

00:47:27   - Okay.

00:47:28   - So I feel like it should just be

00:47:29   at the end of the regular rules.

00:47:33   - It's funny to me that you have now taken the stance

00:47:36   that we should, for some reason, condense these rules, right?

00:47:39   - I mean, I think we probably should, but.

00:47:41   - Well, I think history would suggest

00:47:43   that we do not feel that way, you know?

00:47:46   - Okay, so that's the flexis.

00:47:48   - Okay.

00:47:49   - Any other issues?

00:47:50   - Nope.

00:47:51   - Okay, all right.

00:47:54   - So you are Attorney General Flexi?

00:47:56   If I win.

00:47:57   Okay, I love it.

00:47:58   I really like AG Flexi.

00:48:00   You know, like, that sounds like a character.

00:48:03   It does.

00:48:04   It really does.

00:48:05   It's very nice.

00:48:06   Alright, Myke, you're up.

00:48:08   Another variant of over-ear headphones will be released.

00:48:11   I mean...

00:48:13   As I read it, I was like, well, that's correct.

00:48:15   Other companies did make them.

00:48:17   Somebody did it.

00:48:23   But no.

00:48:24   it. Apple releases a weather API. They should. Not only did they not do this, they updated

00:48:33   Dark Sky. It's still kicking. That was fun. They delayed the shutdown. That's probably

00:48:42   because they haven't got a weather API ready. Yeah, work from home, you know, got them.

00:48:47   They couldn't go outside to see what the weather was like, so they had to delay the API. Or,

00:48:52   are all in California the API just reports back 75 and sunny and there's

00:48:56   not actually an API it's like a text file.

00:48:58   New Apple TV released. Love my new Apple TV. So great.

00:49:03   iPad multitasking is overhauled again. A new iMac has adjustability that's

00:49:11   reminiscent of the Pro Display XDR stand. The thing about this is, well you didn't

00:49:16   get it, but it looks like the Pro Display XDR stand. Like the

00:49:20   foot is styled the same way. Yeah. But no, very little adjustability. I still hope

00:49:27   that the iMac Pro has this feature. I hope it does. It'd be great.

00:49:33   Because like stacking your iMac on a bunch of books just doesn't feel good.

00:49:36   That's another thing I'll say, Apple, you can try me on this one. If you

00:49:41   had a like an option to add a $1,000 stand to an iMac Pro that did this, I

00:49:49   I would probably get it.

00:49:50   Because then I don't have to get another thing anyway.

00:49:53   Right, so I'm always gonna spend more money

00:49:55   if I don't get an adjustable stand

00:49:57   because I then need to adjust the monitor.

00:49:59   So I would, if I'm gonna be already in for many pounds

00:50:04   with this thing, I would pay extra for adjustability.

00:50:08   Maybe not a thousand, but I wouldn't be happy,

00:50:11   but I do want it.

00:50:12   - My iMac, when I ran an iMac,

00:50:14   it sat on a original airport base station,

00:50:19   and, or not an original, but like the square one,

00:50:21   and then an original Apple TV,

00:50:23   'cause they were like the same size,

00:50:24   and it just fit perfectly under the iMac.

00:50:26   - So what you're saying is you've been used

00:50:27   to very expensive stands for a while.

00:50:29   - Yes, yes. - Is what you're saying.

00:50:32   - Uh-huh.

00:50:33   So you got two of your five.

00:50:35   That's pretty good, I think.

00:50:36   - That is actually pretty good.

00:50:38   I'm pretty happy with that.

00:50:39   - Federico, you're up.

00:50:41   So I said Apple releases its own game controller.

00:50:45   - This is never gonna happen.

00:50:46   I cannot believe you picked that.

00:50:48   They're never gonna do this, right?

00:50:51   - Okay, there's no need to.

00:50:53   - Unless, unless, technically,

00:50:57   you count like the thing for the headset

00:51:01   as a game controller, you know?

00:51:04   - Never say never, exactly.

00:51:05   Like there may be an Apple game controller.

00:51:09   It's a thing that you use to control a game.

00:51:11   - Well, they did release a new Siri remote.

00:51:16   - Just, I knew you were gonna say this,

00:51:18   they've removed functionality

00:51:20   from its game controlling abilities,

00:51:22   so this does not count Federico.

00:51:25   They, not only, it's not only a Siri TV remote,

00:51:29   it now does less to control games

00:51:31   than the one that came before it.

00:51:32   - Yeah, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

00:51:35   Moving on.

00:51:38   iOS gets a native feature to change icons

00:51:41   for any app you want.

00:51:43   - Surely iOS 15 got this one, right?

00:51:46   Surely.

00:51:47   - Yeah, it did not.

00:51:49   - Is there a bigger swing and a miss

00:51:52   than all the cool customization stuff

00:51:54   that they added in 14 and it blew up

00:51:58   and then they just haven't touched a sense.

00:52:00   - They just did nothing.

00:52:01   - But we'll talk about this more.

00:52:06   Moving on, Apple releases a bigger iPad Pro.

00:52:09   This also did not happen.

00:52:10   I still think they should do it.

00:52:12   Like I still think they should do like a 15 inch

00:52:14   or something or 16 inch iPad Pro.

00:52:16   That thing would be incredible.

00:52:19   It would be perfect for the current

00:52:22   like version of multitasking.

00:52:23   Like imagine like even better split view,

00:52:25   even better slide over.

00:52:27   It would be incredible with the Apple Pencil.

00:52:30   They could charge a lot of money for it.

00:52:32   They could pitch it to artists.

00:52:34   They could pitch it to writers.

00:52:36   I would love that device, like a desktop optimized iPad Pro,

00:52:41   that would look incredible.

00:52:44   It would make for an excellent sidecar display

00:52:47   if you're into that sort of thing.

00:52:50   I still want it, but it did not come true.

00:52:52   - Maybe that's the external display.

00:52:55   - At least a new...

00:52:56   (laughing)

00:52:58   Maybe that's, maybe it's the bigger iPad Pro.

00:53:01   At least a new iPhone model

00:53:04   as both Face ID and Touch ID.

00:53:07   - I don't wanna get into this today

00:53:08   'cause it's like a whole thing,

00:53:10   but I have not been wearing my Apple Watch for a while

00:53:12   and boy, is it terrible just having a Face ID iPhone.

00:53:17   - It's one of the reasons to wear one every day.

00:53:20   - Honestly, it may be one of the best reasons

00:53:22   to get an Apple Watch in this time.

00:53:24   - Conspiracy, this is why they haven't added Touch ID back.

00:53:26   - I thought you were gonna go in a real different mode there

00:53:29   so I'm pleased.

00:53:30   - Yeah, me too, yeah, me too.

00:53:32   - You don't need a mask.

00:53:33   the man keeping you down no i i thought you were gonna say that you were gonna go right back to the

00:53:38   beginning on that one where did it come from i don't know bad bad mike you said it no i didn't

00:53:51   i didn't even think it rico heard it i heard it mike and i we think alike we think like it's like

00:53:57   Yeah, I mean...

00:53:59   Stranger things are not real, have they?

00:54:04   All right, the last one is really the heartbreaker.

00:54:06   Isn't it convenient that they brought the oxygen sensor to the Apple Watch straight away?

00:54:11   Convenient, right?

00:54:12   Well, I mean, you know, Foxconn made the Apple Watch.

00:54:16   And other things.

00:54:19   Welcome to connect to the show about correlation and the pandemic.

00:54:24   [laughter]

00:54:28   All right, Federico, your last Flexi Man.

00:54:31   Just, mmm.

00:54:32   Finally, I said Widget Kit gains support for new sizes.

00:54:39   Thumbs up.

00:54:40   Okay. Yeah, yeah. And...

00:54:43   [laughter]

00:54:48   More interactivity.

00:54:49   Thumbs down.

00:54:51   I would like to introduce to my friend and or yeah

00:54:54   I'm losing this peak on a

00:54:59   So sad and bullying operators are introduced we all lose

00:55:05   this and your

00:55:09   Swift playgrounds pick man. You just got owned by like the tiniest details this year by the English language

00:55:17   Really, I got owned by the...

00:55:19   Yeah.

00:55:20   So obviously we got the new size,

00:55:22   the new Excel size on iPad,

00:55:24   but the same interactivity,

00:55:27   which is basically close to zero,

00:55:30   as of iOS 14.

00:55:33   So yeah, as you mentioned before,

00:55:36   really surprising that the most popular feature of iOS 14

00:55:40   was basically untouched in 15.

00:55:43   - And it's so sad.

00:55:46   It's very sad, which also means I got zero flexes right.

00:55:51   - So Myke has two, you have zero.

00:55:54   Let's see how I do.

00:55:56   Apple puts a cheaper display on sale

00:55:58   as a sibling to the XDR.

00:55:59   There will be a chip named M1, followed by a letter.

00:56:04   Nope, they went with Pro and Max,

00:56:07   because of course they chose

00:56:09   the most confusing names possible.

00:56:12   - That's way better than X.

00:56:13   - It is until you have to say a Mac with M1 Max.

00:56:17   Like it's just--

00:56:18   - No, you just say M1 Pro Max chip.

00:56:19   That's it, done.

00:56:21   Easy peasy.

00:56:22   - M1 MP, M1 PX, M1 MXPX.

00:56:26   Okay, we see the iPhone 12S this year, not the 13.

00:56:31   - You were so convinced.

00:56:35   What, yeah.

00:56:36   - Look, it's an S phone.

00:56:37   We all know it's an S phone.

00:56:39   - That time, yes, but that time is over.

00:56:42   Technically they're all s phones. I don't know technically we're on the iPhone 4.

00:56:47   iPhone 4.

00:56:53   Does it hiss? I could be all over that. Which one hissed? Yeah, the 7.

00:56:59   The 7. Still the most popular thing on my YouTube channel. How does that make you feel?

00:57:07   Not great about the rest of my work in my entire career.

00:57:11   (laughing)

00:57:12   - Yeah, it's also just the most popular thing

00:57:14   you've ever done.

00:57:15   - Ever done, ever, yeah.

00:57:16   Single most viewed piece of content I've ever made.

00:57:20   Okay.

00:57:21   - Enjoyed piece of content.

00:57:22   - Apple ships an AR, VR, and/or MR dedicated device.

00:57:27   (laughing)

00:57:29   - And/or.

00:57:29   - See, if you had done and/or,

00:57:31   you would have a flexi right now, son.

00:57:33   - Yeah, but you used and/or, you don't have one, do you?

00:57:36   It isn't the be all and end all, it's not the silver bullet.

00:57:38   Yeah, well the rest of my pick was bad, but...

00:57:41   - His was good. - Ships! Ships!

00:57:43   My god, Steven, what were you on?

00:57:46   I'm gonna be stealing the "and or" approach.

00:57:52   The "and or" approach is the right approach.

00:57:54   I just, live in the document, saw "and or" added to a later thing.

00:57:59   I just, the cursor was moving and I saw "slash or" get added.

00:58:04   Yeah, well, we haven't talked about this yet.

00:58:06   Yeah, it's not set yet.

00:58:08   My next flexi, no Mac gets cellular data option.

00:58:11   At this point, I kind of think it's never going to happen.

00:58:14   Why would you...

00:58:15   My thought was when we saw the new MacBook Pros,

00:58:19   like this was the chance to do it and they didn't do it.

00:58:22   So I don't think we're ever going to get this, which is a bummer.

00:58:25   I think I think Mac should have 5G connectivity.

00:58:28   Your 5G is the best thing.

00:58:30   It is.

00:58:30   You want 5G.

00:58:32   You know the thing about 5G?

00:58:34   Okay, so lastly, the iPod touch is canceled.

00:58:39   - What did it do?

00:58:40   - It did nothing, it's just still here.

00:58:42   Oh, I see.

00:58:43   (laughing)

00:58:45   - This pick is still, the way that you phrased this,

00:58:51   still so.

00:58:52   (laughing)

00:58:55   - Myke, you got two out of five correct.

00:58:58   Federico got zero out of five correct,

00:59:00   and I got one out of six correct.

00:59:02   So-- - Oh, hang on.

00:59:04   - Federico is the loser, I'm sorry buddy,

00:59:08   and you will be donating to Myke's charity of choice.

00:59:13   And your fee is $25 per wrong flexi.

00:59:19   - And Myke is the Duke of Flexington.

00:59:22   - And he is the Duke of Flexington.

00:59:24   - Hello, governor.

00:59:26   - That will be $125 donation.

00:59:29   - Woo!

00:59:30   - Oh boy, okay.

00:59:32   All right.

00:59:34   - Settle in, buddy.

00:59:35   - Right, five times 25.

00:59:37   - Wow.

00:59:38   - All right.

00:59:40   - That's not the biggest though, right?

00:59:42   'Cause I think there was one year where someone,

00:59:44   I think Federico picked like seven and got them all wrong.

00:59:47   - Yeah, this is not the biggest, but it's a doozy.

00:59:49   - It's a big one.

00:59:51   - So do you have one in mind already, Myke,

00:59:53   or do you need a minute?

00:59:55   - So I had forgotten about the charity aspect

00:59:59   until you read it in the rules.

01:00:00   So thank you for reading the rules.

01:00:01   - You're welcome.

01:00:02   - 'Cause I usually prepare, however,

01:00:04   a charity immediately came to mind.

01:00:06   This charity is called Shelter.

01:00:08   You can find them at shelter.org.uk.

01:00:11   Shelter help people with housing issues

01:00:13   or suffering homelessness.

01:00:14   That's their whole thing.

01:00:16   And so Federico, I would like you to donate $125 to Shelter.

01:00:21   - Okay, please select your location,

01:00:23   England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

01:00:26   - They're all the same.

01:00:27   Well, I live in England, so I will say England.

01:00:30   I like to, something that I try and do is to find UK

01:00:35   or England-based charities.

01:00:37   I think that makes sense.

01:00:38   - What's the...

01:00:40   - The conversion?

01:00:41   - Pound equivalent, yeah.

01:00:43   - What is $125 in pounds?

01:00:45   - How much?

01:00:47   - 92 pounds and 15 pence.

01:00:49   - Oh, let's say 95, let's say 100.

01:00:52   - Whoa, hello.

01:00:54   Look at this guy.

01:00:55   - That's fine.

01:00:56   thank you the charity will appreciate it. I can choose a title can I choose? So you have

01:01:01   Doctor Prof is Professor is Rev Reverend? Yes Reverend. Can I be Reverend? I like Professor.

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01:03:13   all of Relay FM. I had this feeling last year but I couldn't put my finger on it

01:03:18   it and I think because this year as the first time I've ever owned the annual

01:03:24   title the rules around how we pick the annual order is it's really like the

01:03:30   year two years ago right because if we were basing the 22 order on the 21

01:03:36   winners I would go first but we don't know that when we make the picks like

01:03:40   when we in the document. The way I've always felt it is if you decide you want to take

01:03:44   one of mine or Federico's picks you can just take it maybe and we just have to

01:03:49   deal with it but there's no way I don't feel that way this time I feel like we

01:03:52   all have there's no way of handling it other than that yeah so maybe it's

01:03:56   something else we can think about the the order to go first like but there's

01:04:00   there's no way around it we just all make our picks up because what else we

01:04:03   gonna do come up with them on the spot no we're professionals yeah but if you

01:04:06   would decided that you liked mine or Federico's Ricky put your own you just

01:04:10   take it and then I have to quickly come up with something else let us commence

01:04:14   with round one. My first pick. WWDC 2022 will be virtual.

01:04:21   Now I would like to raise the point of order on this pick.

01:04:25   Mm-hmm.

01:04:26   Is this technically reusing?

01:04:28   I don't think it is. So I thought about this for a long time actually. And here's my case,

01:04:33   and it's up to y'all of course. My case is, in this COVID time, every year is so different.

01:04:42   But I could apply that to literally any pick.

01:04:46   No, no, because this is a pick that's specifically tied to COVID, right?

01:04:50   If COVID wasn't a thing, the WBC pick wouldn't even be on the table.

01:04:55   They're separate events, they're separate years, I feel like I'm not reusing a pick.

01:04:59   Well, but I feel like, let's say COVID goes away, you could still make the pick for next

01:05:05   time.

01:05:06   You could still make the pick, you could always make the pick.

01:05:09   But the pick doesn't make any sense outside of the context in which we live.

01:05:13   And look, Zach Knox says "legally fine" and the spirit of the rules absolutely not.

01:05:17   I'm fine with being legally okay.

01:05:19   No, because then the reusing of the picks doesn't ever work under this.

01:05:24   Because I could just rearrange the words of the pick.

01:05:27   Matt says it well.

01:05:28   "WW21 is distinct from 22.

01:05:31   This is different than picking "the xMac we back in 2021" and then just changing the year."

01:05:36   They're different things.

01:05:37   Alright.

01:05:38   saying no okay but I felt like I had to raise it that's fine because it it is

01:05:45   not just someone reuse this pick you have it's like this is just your pick

01:05:52   every year it is kind of the same pick though it is the same it's not the same

01:05:58   different event why because you're just changing the number he's just changing

01:06:03   the year we didn't it's it's a and we didn't have on micron last year we got

01:06:07   that now, which is really what... Delta.

01:06:09   Look, that doesn't...

01:06:10   Like the context of the world doesn't matter.

01:06:13   What the pick says is what matters.

01:06:14   But the pick is informed by the context of the world.

01:06:17   I mean, if y'all vote...

01:06:21   If you guys both say I should change it,

01:06:23   then I'll pick something else.

01:06:24   But I feel like it's an okay pick.

01:06:28   I'm just saying,

01:06:29   because we're also setting a precedent here.

01:06:31   So if you put them next to each other,

01:06:33   knowing person WWDC 2021,

01:06:35   then you scroll.

01:06:36   WWDC 2022 will be virtual.

01:06:39   Like how many different ways you can

01:06:41   phrase this so that you keep having

01:06:43   this pick?

01:06:44   Hopefully the pandemic ends and we

01:06:45   don't have to find out.

01:06:46   Maybe I start rhyming it, you know?

01:06:48   So here's what I'll say.

01:06:49   I'm fine with it as long as we're

01:06:51   all OK with the potential precedent

01:06:54   that this sets.

01:06:55   This is like one of those Supreme

01:06:56   Court decision type things, right?

01:06:58   We're like, by picking this,

01:07:01   right, by allowing you to have that

01:07:03   is fine, right?

01:07:05   But then we all have to be okay with the potential ramifications of that.

01:07:09   That like numerical incrementation. So for example,

01:07:14   like I could, every year could be like iPhone 14,

01:07:19   iPhone 15, iPhone 6, I exist numerical changes, right?

01:07:23   But that's, that's where I think the distinction is that I'm,

01:07:26   what I'm saying is WBCs aren't the same as that because they're individual

01:07:31   events.

01:07:32   But they happen every year, but they happen every year.

01:07:34   But they're not a series of products on a calendar.

01:07:38   But it's an event on the calendar.

01:07:40   I mean, it sounds like you two want me to change it.

01:07:41   If that's what you want me to do, just say it.

01:07:43   I said, all I'm saying is, if we're cool with this,

01:07:47   we have to be comfortable with the precedent

01:07:50   that it could set.

01:07:51   Which, I mean, I like difficult presidents

01:07:55   'cause it can do fun things.

01:07:56   Here, all right, so.

01:08:00   I mean, we can.

01:08:02   The precedent does give me a little pause because I know the two of you and while I mean it for good, you mean it for bad.

01:08:09   Yes, I will 100% use it for bad.

01:08:12   Because also it's your precedent, right?

01:08:16   I tell you what, I will promote one of my flexies. I had an extra.

01:08:19   Okay.

01:08:20   Just in case.

01:08:21   Mm-hmm.

01:08:21   Now I promote one of my flexies up to round one.

01:08:24   Eric has perfectly put this in the Discord. Myke wants this precedent.

01:08:28   Yeah, you know what? I don't want you to have it, Myke.

01:08:31   Yeah.

01:08:31   So I'm withholding from you.

01:08:35   Okay, so my round one pick.

01:08:36   - I also like the precedent that this sets too though,

01:08:39   right, it's in the negative.

01:08:41   Like we can't just do that.

01:08:42   (laughs)

01:08:43   And that said, Myke, now you pick it.

01:08:45   (laughs)

01:08:47   I'm not gonna pick it.

01:08:50   - My undisputed round one pick that has always been this,

01:08:55   the 11 inch iPad Pro gets a mini LED display.

01:08:58   - That's a good pick.

01:08:59   - It came on the 12 inch, it's on the laptops,

01:09:01   Put it on the little one.

01:09:03   That iPad Pro would be sick.

01:09:05   Can we just agree on that real quick?

01:09:06   Like that would be awesome. - I don't want to think

01:09:07   about how good it will be.

01:09:08   We can't talk about it.

01:09:10   - It will kill the iPad Mini in our hearts.

01:09:12   All right, Federico, you're up.

01:09:15   - So my first pick is at least one AirPods model

01:09:19   will support lossless music playback by the end of 2022.

01:09:24   So basically here I am combining a couple of things.

01:09:30   First, we always said how odd it was that Apple had launched the AirPods Max, for example,

01:09:37   and then they rolled out a few months later, lost less playback support in Apple Music,

01:09:43   and the AirPods Max, the expensive headphones, did not actually support it.

01:09:48   Then we also saw how the...

01:09:56   Recently there was an interview with one of the VPs of, what's it called?

01:10:01   Not audio, audio? Is it audio?

01:10:02   Something like that, yeah.

01:10:04   They had an interview on WhatHiFi, where they basically said,

01:10:08   "Yeah, Bluetooth isn't giving us enough bandwidth to do the things we want to do with AirPods and audio."

01:10:14   And there was a recent MinchiCo report, I believe, saying that future versions of AirPods Pro 2

01:10:21   will support, AirPods Pro 2 will support

01:10:25   lossless music playback.

01:10:26   So what I think is happening here,

01:10:28   we're starting to get details

01:10:30   on the next generation AirPods Pro.

01:10:33   Apple is going to do something in terms of

01:10:36   the technology being used to go beyond Bluetooth,

01:10:40   whether it's like a custom flavor of Bluetooth

01:10:44   with some additional, like for example,

01:10:47   I saw some theories on Twitter,

01:10:49   Like what if the case was also like some kind of radio transmitter that are like a version

01:10:54   of Wi-Fi built into the case or something like that.

01:10:59   So I think Apple wants to go beyond the limitations of Bluetooth.

01:11:01   I think they want to support lossless playback in AirPods.

01:11:05   And I think we're going to see that in 2022, moving beyond this sort of weird state where

01:11:11   we're in right now where Apple is selling expensive AirPods, but they do not support

01:11:17   lossless playback.

01:11:18   Now, I also want to mention how, and this is outside of the context of the pick, if

01:11:24   they're gonna do this, I think lossless support will not be, like, the key feature of this.

01:11:32   Just like when we were talking a few months ago about, oh, Apple is gonna add lossless

01:11:37   playback in Apple Music, but they're also gonna do spatial audio.

01:11:41   And we said, they're gonna do both features, but actually, the one feature they're gonna

01:11:46   push a lot for consumers will be spatial audio, because so few people will care about lossless.

01:11:52   And here I think we're seeing the same thing. Like, Apple will support lossless, but it

01:11:56   will not be the main selling point.

01:11:59   Oh, it will be like a side effect of this other thing that they're doing.

01:12:03   A side effect of it. Like, they will pitch it as improved range, or improved sound quality,

01:12:10   or extended battery life.

01:12:11   Range is a good one. I like that as a thing.

01:12:15   I think the main consumer-facing feature would be another thing.

01:12:21   They would feature it as range or better bass frequencies.

01:12:27   They can sell it however they want.

01:12:29   But technically, it'll also support...

01:12:31   Can I ask you a question?

01:12:34   Do you think that they will still be Bluetooth at that point?

01:12:37   Or do you think that they just won't have Bluetooth in AirPods anymore?

01:12:41   It'll be some other thing.

01:12:42   I don't think Apple wants to use Bluetooth anymore.

01:12:44   I think they will have Bluetooth for Android compatibility or other devices.

01:12:51   I think on Apple platforms they want to use Wi-Fi.

01:12:55   And I will add, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bigger story...

01:13:00   Again, this is not the pick, just speculation.

01:13:02   I wouldn't be surprised if there's an even bigger story here, which is AirPlay 3 with

01:13:08   lossless playback support.

01:13:10   Okay.

01:13:11   it's like technically the AirPods are using AirPlay now or whatever, right?

01:13:19   I think that's, I mean technically they're, I mean we don't know exactly like it, they're

01:13:25   using Bluetooth, right? I think the story will be AirPods Pro support AirPlay 3, which

01:13:32   is Wi-Fi and lossless music playback.

01:13:36   Apple releases a new MacBook Air that comes with some color options not previously available

01:13:42   in this product line.

01:13:45   Colorful MacBook Air would be awesome and even though I love my MacBook Pro and don't

01:13:50   want a MacBook Air, it would be very hard to say no to like a beautiful orange laptop.

01:13:55   Yep, that is going to be a tempting computer for everybody.

01:13:59   They're going to be really fun and going to be really cool.

01:14:03   because it's definitely gonna happen one point to me well let's not get ahead of

01:14:10   ourselves round two I realized I've created the same problem for myself here

01:14:17   but I will read it and then what to do with it by December 31st 2022 no Intel

01:14:25   max where we remain on sale as new machines okay that's a repeat clearly I

01:14:31   I think. You're not very good at this. No, I'm not.

01:14:35   Have you read the rules? I mean, I do. You read the rules every time.

01:14:39   Alright, so I'm gonna rob another Flexi. What Flexis have you got to steal from?

01:14:44   Well, I'm gonna be short one now, but I've got time.

01:14:46   And I have an Apple Notes thing where I have some other things written down.

01:14:49   Mm-hmm. What was the pick? Can you read it again?

01:14:52   By December 31st, 2022, no Intel Macs will remain on sale as new machines.

01:14:59   What do you mean by new machines? What is new machines?

01:15:01   You can still get a refurbished one, but like...

01:15:03   No, this is a different pick.

01:15:05   Because your previous pick was presuming that there would still be Intel machines available.

01:15:10   Apple has Apple Silicon versions of all its Intel machines, no Intel Macs on sale without...

01:15:15   I'll leave it up to you. It's close. I think it's on the fence.

01:15:19   It's very close.

01:15:20   My fate is in your hands.

01:15:25   So your previous pick was Apple has Apple Silicon versions of all of its Intel Macs on sale by the

01:15:30   end of 2021. No Intel Macs on sale without an Apple Silicon counterpart. Which accounted for

01:15:37   maybe there's an Apple Silicon Mac Pro. Oh actually no this is that's that's closer than I

01:15:42   thought it was. It's the same. Okay that's okay that's okay. That one is closer than the WWDC one.

01:15:47   In yeah so I'm gonna go you know what I'm gonna go negative. Okay. And I hate to say it but I just

01:15:54   I just I just believe it the iPads external display support goes unchanged

01:15:59   That this this madness of I could have to explain you have windows, okay

01:16:05   It's not I don't think it's in the future for the iPad not this year

01:16:08   Wow

01:16:10   Okay, do you find that heartbreaking Federico? Is this something that you're you're no I also find it hard

01:16:16   I also find it hard to believe I think it's not gonna I don't think it's gonna get this point because I feel like

01:16:21   and

01:16:24   Jason mentioned this recently somewhere, how all the stars have aligned for this feature to exist now,

01:16:31   and it seems very unlikely that they're not going to do it. Like, there's pointer support on iPad,

01:16:38   there's new multitasking and new multi-window, there's rumors of a new cheaper external display coming.

01:16:44   I can feel this one coming, Stephen, but please don't change it.

01:16:53   OK. My second pick is the next generation Apple Watch will have some kind of temperature sensor.

01:17:03   I think it's, again, this was rumored before.

01:17:07   I think it's time for the Apple, like the it's time for the Apple Watch to gain more sensors, right?

01:17:13   And it feels like especially the times we're living in that measuring your body temperature is an obvious one.

01:17:18   So by this you mean like a body temperature sensor?

01:17:23   When I read it, I thought like, like it knows like the temperature of the room.

01:17:26   Okay.

01:17:27   I was like, why, why would I care about that?

01:17:31   I mean, you're wearing the watch on your body.

01:17:34   You're not hanging the watch on a wall.

01:17:35   So that's the Apple clock.

01:17:36   Why you would make that connection.

01:17:38   So anyway, the next generation Apple watch will have some kind of body temperature.

01:17:43   Is that like big Apple buddy?

01:17:47   That's like big Apple buddy.

01:17:50   I would like this actually.

01:17:52   you said it I'd never really considered it but why not I want to know how hot I

01:17:55   am maybe my watch kids tell me oh I can tell you you just send me a selfie baby

01:18:03   no no no need for Apple watch these eights man I can tell you this much so

01:18:10   oh man I'm blushing now all right oh man I should have stolen this pic from you

01:18:16   Myke I forgot I had apparently the ability to do that but there will be no

01:18:21   iPhone 14 of a 5.4 inch display. That's the mini size right? Yeah but I wasn't

01:18:27   gonna say mini. I originally wrote it there will be no iPhone 14 mini and I

01:18:32   was like no no they might do something silly and call the smallest one mini.

01:18:37   No like they just call the regular phone the mini but I don't want that I don't

01:18:42   think they'll do that but they could have so I went with that so the the

01:18:44   iPhone mini size is 5.4 inches and there will be no iPhone 14 with a 5.4 inch

01:18:50   display. Is it wild to y'all that that's bigger than all phones used to be not that long ago?

01:18:56   Well it's because they don't have the like the home button stuff like the physical size of it is

01:19:01   is it's not it's not yeah but i mean like the display size you know but still yeah it is it

01:19:05   is funny that's the mini and like that wasn't that different to like one of the large phones.

01:19:10   That's almost two inches large more display than the original iPhone. Hey here's something funny

01:19:14   for you because you just said that so I went to check it the iPhone 13 mini has a 5.4 inch display

01:19:19   the iPhone 7 Plus had a 5.5 inch display.

01:19:23   Whoa.

01:19:25   No way.

01:19:27   Really?

01:19:28   That's wild.

01:19:28   Isn't that crazy?

01:19:29   Yeah, they've really gotten big.

01:19:31   That's so funny. I don't know if I knew that before, like I never thought to look, but 5.4 to 5.5.

01:19:38   It feels wrong, again, like you said, the bezels, you know, they trick your mind.

01:19:42   Yeah, that's so hilarious.

01:19:44   Okay, the rookies. Here's mine.

01:19:47   Apple, parenthetical, of its own choice, not in direct response to a legal case,

01:19:53   in parenthetical, will allow developers to use payment methods outside of the App Store.

01:19:59   Okay, I have a question immediately. How do we define of its own choice?

01:20:08   Not in direct response to a legal case. So there is definitely a "know it when you see it" kind

01:20:14   of thing but here's I was thinking about this too so the change that they've made

01:20:20   for the Japanese Fair Trade Commission they had to say you know they're like

01:20:24   because of we're settling this thing right this is if like they get on stage

01:20:30   at WWDC or put out something in the newsroom say we have exciting new things

01:20:34   for developer like that's the difference if it's settling a legal case they have

01:20:38   to say so they can't pretend that that's not the reason right so that's how I

01:20:43   I viewed that, that when I look at it from an outside. Stephen, would you like to change

01:20:47   anything on what I've said? No, I think that's right. What I was thinking is, if Apple loses

01:20:53   a case about this, everyone on the planet's gonna know about it, especially the three

01:20:57   of us who are super plugged in. Or even if it's a settlement, they have to, I think they

01:21:01   have to disclose that, at least they have done. And so yeah, this is Apple, you know,

01:21:05   in my mind, if this were to come true, it's one of those, the week before WWDC, maybe

01:21:11   Maybe they quote Phil Schiller, they get him down from the cloud and you know, he talks

01:21:15   about this and they're saying, hey, you know, if you want to use X, Y, or Z, you can do

01:21:21   that.

01:21:22   I'm not saying anything about what Apple try to take a cut of that as well, what limitations

01:21:26   they may or not put on it.

01:21:27   I'm just saying payment methods outside of the app store as we know it today.

01:21:32   I'm fine with this personally because I feel like we're going to know.

01:21:38   I mean, because like ultimately anything that they do,

01:21:41   it's not because they wanted to, right?

01:21:43   So like, it's not that, but it's like,

01:21:45   basically the pick is that they are making,

01:21:48   maybe it would just be easier

01:21:50   and I would still consider it risky

01:21:51   if they just said Apple will allow developers

01:21:54   to use payment methods outside of the app store,

01:21:56   not in direct response to a legal case.

01:21:58   Just remove the of its own choice part.

01:22:01   'Cause I still don't think they're gonna do it.

01:22:03   So that works for me, Federico is gonna have to...

01:22:07   No, I think it works.

01:22:09   It makes it easier.

01:22:10   I mean, also this, the spirit of the pick is also that, so the spirit of the pick is

01:22:16   at some point Apple announces they're going to allow this.

01:22:18   Not because like judge someone orders Apple to do this.

01:22:23   Right.

01:22:24   Yeah.

01:22:25   Phil Shillators that come out on stage with a judge walking behind them with like a briefcase.

01:22:28   He comes out in handcuffs.

01:22:31   It's like, come here Phil.

01:22:34   You come here and you implement the thing on the App Store.

01:22:37   No, that doesn't happen.

01:22:39   It's like, come back here.

01:22:40   No, that doesn't happen.

01:22:41   Apple just comes out and says that either add WWDC

01:22:45   or they like to do these things right before WWDC.

01:22:50   They say, now you will have even more freedom

01:22:53   in terms of the payment methods

01:22:54   that you can now accept on the App Store.

01:22:56   Something like that.

01:22:57   You know how they like to phrase these things.

01:22:59   Not that, oh, shoot, we were forced to do this

01:23:03   and I guess we have to now,

01:23:05   But no, we're giving you even more flexibility.

01:23:08   - Even more flexibility of how you'll give us our 30%.

01:23:11   But nevertheless.

01:23:12   - Details.

01:23:15   - Pesky details.

01:23:17   - This can say, I think.

01:23:22   - All right, I love yours.

01:23:24   - All right, this is the great comeback

01:23:27   of a previous flexi that can now be reused

01:23:32   according to our rules as a regular pick.

01:23:35   iOS 16 brings major changes

01:23:40   for system-wide design customization.

01:23:44   Apple will let users natively change app icons.

01:23:47   - And. - And.

01:23:49   - And. - And.

01:23:51   They'll intro-- - Why?

01:23:53   (laughing)

01:23:54   - Why? - And.

01:23:56   They'll introduce new app store categories

01:24:00   for wallpaper and/or icon apps.

01:24:03   - I love if that's where you put the and/or, not.

01:24:06   (laughing)

01:24:08   - No, they're definitely gonna introduce a category.

01:24:11   It's just whether it's wallpapers or icons.

01:24:13   - That's my thinking, that's my thinking.

01:24:15   My thinking is.

01:24:17   - I will say, if they've done all of the other stuff

01:24:19   you mentioned before, they have to do that as well.

01:24:22   - Like, exactly.

01:24:23   So the pick is predicated on the fact

01:24:25   that they will let you modify app icons natively.

01:24:30   in a better way that is not like,

01:24:31   oh yeah, you just make a shortcut that says open app,

01:24:35   and then you load this custom JPEG from photos or files.

01:24:39   Like, there has to be a better way, right?

01:24:41   And if there has to be a better way,

01:24:42   there's also a way to monetize this on the App Store

01:24:46   and get a commission out of it.

01:24:48   All these wallpaper apps and all these like custom icon packs

01:24:52   that you can find now on the App Store, they suck.

01:24:55   Because like, I mean, some of them have beautiful wallpapers

01:25:00   icons, but the installation process is terrible, because it's like a workaround for a workaround.

01:25:06   And you have to believe that Apple has seen this, and they must be thinking there has to be a better

01:25:11   way for this. That is, like, if people like to do this stuff, fine, cat's out of the bag now, people

01:25:18   are customizing their icons, let's give them a better way to do so. And what better way to do so

01:25:23   than making, like, a native feature and Apple can get a commission out of it? Because now you can

01:25:28   can have a native icon pack or native wallpaper compatible app on the App Store and Apple

01:25:34   makes 30% out of it.

01:25:35   Wasn't there like a thing from a couple of years ago that it was coming, but it never

01:25:41   happened?

01:25:42   Exactly.

01:25:43   A couple of years ago, a couple of years ago, or like a year and a half ago or something,

01:25:48   there was a rumor that said Apple is working on native wallpaper apps that basically you

01:25:55   you install like a wallpaper-compatible app

01:25:58   from the App Store, and then in Settings,

01:26:00   you see all of the wallpapers

01:26:02   that the app is providing to the system.

01:26:04   Or developers will get an API

01:26:06   to natively install a wallpaper for you

01:26:09   without having to save your wallpaper to photos or to files.

01:26:14   You just natively install it from the app.

01:26:17   So I think it makes total sense

01:26:19   to have an icon and wallpaper API,

01:26:21   and it makes total sense to have App Store categories for both of them.

01:26:26   However, I don't want to risk it too much. I feel like icons are more ripe for that kind of attention

01:26:34   in terms of Developer Access and App Store section, and so that's why I put the "and/or"

01:26:43   in that part of the risky peak. So, again, iOS 16 brings major changes for system-wide

01:26:50   design customization. Apple will let users natively change app icons, and they'll introduce new apps

01:26:56   or categories for wallpaper and/or icon apps. That's the pick. Also, I should add Android has

01:27:05   done a bunch of visual customization this year, and Apple did not. Again, despite the success of iOS 14.

01:27:12   Very surprising.

01:27:14   Yeah, so my only--

01:27:17   and again, I'm raising a concern of my own here--

01:27:19   is the natively qualifier.

01:27:23   I feel like maybe that could be refined.

01:27:27   Users will let users natively change app icons.

01:27:31   Because I mean, at the moment, you can already

01:27:34   natively change an app icon, technically.

01:27:37   Maybe just like Apple will let users

01:27:40   choose their own app icons maybe something like that i know what you're trying to say but

01:27:46   yeah choose choose their own i think i prefer it i like this i like playing to apple's insistence

01:27:52   that everything be a store i think that's good all right you ready yes the new mac pro will be smaller

01:28:00   not a cube shape feature no support for the current mpx modules and or will allow for some form

01:28:08   of expandability outside of Thunderbolt.

01:28:11   It will be available in one color.

01:28:13   I love the final part, that it will only be available in one color.

01:28:18   I mean how many colors are they gonna make?

01:28:21   I'm gonna read it again because it's a lot.

01:28:22   Yes, okay.

01:28:23   Plus I added the Andor by the way.

01:28:27   It didn't, it previously said and.

01:28:28   Yes, I noticed.

01:28:29   I thought I got on the Andor train.

01:28:31   Also that part is particularly dicey so I figured I'd put Andor in there.

01:28:35   The new Mac Pro will be smaller.

01:28:38   not a cube shape, feature no support for the current MPX modules and/or will allow some form

01:28:45   of expandability outside of Thunderbolt. It will only be available in one color.

01:28:51   Hold on, so I just, I wanna clarify here. The and/or is a modifier for the

01:29:01   feature no support for MPX modules. Okay, so no comma there.

01:29:05   Sorry.

01:29:06   Because otherwise it could have been "oh it could be smaller, not a cube shape, no support for MP hacks"

01:29:11   The entire thing!

01:29:12   MP hacks, oh, and or!

01:29:13   Or you could also use USB.

01:29:15   That's the whole thing.

01:29:17   Because previously there was a comma there because it just went on to or, but then I added and or.

01:29:21   Okay, alright.

01:29:23   That's it.

01:29:24   I have so many feelings about this pick.

01:29:26   Mhm.

01:29:27   I don't know if you guys know this, I have a Mac Pro.

01:29:29   It's important to disclose that.

01:29:31   Mhm.

01:29:32   I think it would be smaller.

01:29:35   I mean, I can't I'm sure Apple knows but the percentage of people that have their Mac Pro completely stuffed full of stuff

01:29:42   Like cards has to be pretty low

01:29:44   It's a very big computer as far as computers go. It's very I mean not really

01:29:50   I mean, it's not that much bigger than my like gaming PC. It's very big with the handles

01:29:55   Its handles are great. They're great, but it makes the computer very big in my mind your entire pick

01:30:03   orbits around what Apple does with the GPU.

01:30:06   Because most people, well, every Mac Pro has a GPU in it,

01:30:11   you know, that takes up at least one MPX slot,

01:30:13   maybe two, maybe four, depending on the size of the GPU.

01:30:16   And so if it's all on die,

01:30:19   like we've seen with the other Apple Silicon,

01:30:21   then you don't need as many slots.

01:30:25   And maybe it's like MPX 2.0,

01:30:28   'cause you can slap just a regular PCI card in there,

01:30:31   and they could retain that compatibility.

01:30:33   So it was just very interesting.

01:30:34   I'm very interested to see where this goes.

01:30:36   - No, I, so my personal feeling here is they say goodbye

01:30:41   to cards and bring back the wonder of the external GPU.

01:30:46   Like that's gonna be the thing.

01:30:47   If you want different and or more,

01:30:50   you have to use an eGPU.

01:30:52   Because I'm convinced-- - That's wild to me.

01:30:54   - I am convinced that Apple will say,

01:30:57   our graphics are enough.

01:30:59   - I think they'll say that too,

01:31:01   but Apple Silicon doesn't have currently at least have any support for external

01:31:06   displays, external GPUs.

01:31:09   But does Apple Silicon have support for MPX modules?

01:31:13   No.

01:31:15   Right.

01:31:15   But they could just add that the same as they could add anything.

01:31:18   Out of the two things, it feels like slots are more likely. Well, we'll see.

01:31:22   Right. But eGPUs are Thunderbolt. Like they know how to use that.

01:31:26   But do they want to open that door and all the other Macs? You know, like.

01:31:29   Sure. Why not?

01:31:29   I don't know. I don't know.

01:31:31   Why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you do that?

01:31:33   I genuinely think that they are going to say that our graphics are enough.

01:31:37   Yeah, I think so too.

01:31:39   We'll see. This is the story for me next year, what they're going to do with the Mac Pro,

01:31:44   which was also the story three years ago. It keeps coming back.

01:31:47   I'm sorry Federico that it worked. I don't think it's going to be a cube.

01:31:50   I know you really want it to be a cube.

01:31:52   It's a cursed shape.

01:31:53   I just don't think they're going to do it. I really don't.

01:31:55   It's cursed for one, and two, I just think it's not the most efficient shape.

01:32:00   They should make it a pyramid.

01:32:02   I was gonna say, they've done the cylinder, and they've done a cube, what's left?

01:32:06   Cylinder, cube, pyramid or sphere? I have a peach.

01:32:11   The perfect blend of minimalism and whimsical.

01:32:15   The Mac Ball.

01:32:17   Like the Nexus Cube?

01:32:20   Just say it, the Mac Ball.

01:32:23   With the Mac Pro, we introduced wheels and we thought how great it was to move a computer

01:32:28   around so the Mac ball, we just made it a ball and you can push it wherever you want.

01:32:35   And they use the tagline, just roll with it.

01:32:38   Ah, yeah.

01:32:40   With the Oasis song as the soundtrack, just roll with it.

01:32:46   It's the Mac ball.

01:32:48   Y'all know that Apple store they opened somewhere.

01:32:50   It's like a floating sphere on the water.

01:32:52   Yes.

01:32:53   Maybe you can dig that up, put it in the show notes.

01:32:56   You know, that's a precursor to this.

01:32:59   - Again, Mac Ball.

01:33:01   - Mac Ball.

01:33:02   Mac Ball.

01:33:03   Mac Ball Pro.

01:33:04   - Apple Marina Bay Sands.

01:33:07   Marina Bay Sands.

01:33:10   - Yeah, it's beautiful.

01:33:11   - Yeah.

01:33:12   And that is in Singapore.

01:33:13   - Let's go.

01:33:14   - That's where that is.

01:33:16   I would love to go to Singapore.

01:33:18   - All right, flexies.

01:33:20   - Tim Cook says Metaverse.

01:33:22   Oh no, that's so gross.

01:33:25   (laughing)

01:33:26   Oh, it's good.

01:33:28   May I remind you, 5G, this is what cinched it for me.

01:33:32   Will he say metaverse the way I do with T as a D?

01:33:36   Like a meta, metaverse?

01:33:39   Good morning from the metaverse.

01:33:42   Good morning from the metaverse.

01:33:45   Good morning from the metaverse.

01:33:47   The bad Tim Cook.

01:33:48   (laughing)

01:33:50   That would be a bad Tim Cook if he said it,

01:33:52   but I think he's gonna say it.

01:33:53   Genuinely, I think that the term has just taken off

01:33:58   and I just feel like if they're gonna have

01:34:01   a AR/VR product, they kind of can't get away from it.

01:34:05   That's how I feel.

01:34:06   AirPods Max 2.

01:34:08   - Okay, that's all the pic says.

01:34:11   Does it mean they have to be named AirPods Max 2?

01:34:13   - I think it does.

01:34:14   Okay, well then.

01:34:16   - Well.

01:34:17   - It's written in the document.

01:34:18   - But that's not, the flexies aren't so rigid.

01:34:21   That's around the name.

01:34:23   Alright, new AirPods Max.

01:34:25   Okay.

01:34:27   A mixed reality headset will not be unveiled at WWDC.

01:34:31   Okay, so this means that if they unveil an AR or VR headset, it counts?

01:34:38   A headset will not be unveiled at WWDC.

01:34:41   [laughter]

01:34:43   Okay.

01:34:45   I don't think they'll do it at WWDC. I think they'll do what they did with the Apple Watch.

01:34:49   Like it gets its own event and then it gets the secondary event. Mmm. Yeah. I don't think it's gonna happen at WWDC

01:34:55   I think they will

01:34:57   Whenever they announce it, even if they are only announcing it for developers

01:35:02   They need to show off the product because that's what people are tuning in for right?

01:35:07   They will show off the product and I think you're gonna get it would be an hour

01:35:12   To do so this isn't so much a pic about it not happening. It's just a pic about the context in which it happens

01:35:18   Yeah, I don't think I think I actually do think they will show something off this year

01:35:23   I do not think it will be during WWDC. So what if you changed it to say a non

01:35:28   WBC event like something that

01:35:32   Captures the idea that you that it is happening just not a dub-dub

01:35:36   What difference does it make?

01:35:38   Because the more specific it is the easier it is for you to lose the point

01:35:41   But no, I don't think it makes any difference

01:35:43   difference but I'm keeping it as it is a headset will not be unveiled at WWDC

01:35:47   and iMac Pro is unveiled I was against this idea initially but I think I've

01:35:53   come around I think that's what they're gonna call the big iMac iPad OS

01:35:56   multitasking remains unchanged from iOS 15's implementation yep it's every other

01:36:01   year or every three years you know like like what Jason was saying and like what

01:36:07   Federico was saying which was in opposite to what you were saying if they

01:36:11   did some kind of like external display thing they would have to change it I'm

01:36:16   just not convinced I'm more I am more convinced in Apple's lack of doing

01:36:22   something than their action and doing something so this is very closely linked

01:36:27   to my pick about external display support yeah I think if I lose that one

01:36:31   you lose this one maybe well if they add external display what if they add

01:36:36   external display support but it's just a better mirrored mode like there are

01:36:42   versions of external displays display support that can be added that do not

01:36:47   change the multitasking I don't know about that sure there is because we were

01:36:53   talking about this from way before what does it do right now does it I don't

01:36:56   I've never even tried have to leave the screen on and everything but we'll see

01:37:01   We'll deal with this when it comes up.

01:37:02   - All right, Steven, you're up.

01:37:05   - iWIS 16 will bring a more bottom of the screen

01:37:08   centric design to at least one additional app.

01:37:11   Safari has all of its stuff on the bottom.

01:37:14   That feels like a really good move

01:37:15   in a land of bigger phones.

01:37:17   I think we're gonna see that come to at least one more app.

01:37:20   I want it to be messages, kind of, honestly.

01:37:23   Why are my pen ones all so far away?

01:37:25   Apple announces a new paid service.

01:37:28   Do you have, what is this in your mind?

01:37:30   - Service that you pay for.

01:37:33   - You have no imagination? - I don't have to invent them.

01:37:36   - All right, fine.

01:37:37   - I mean, I do think, so I don't know.

01:37:41   A new paid service.

01:37:42   - I mean, you picked it.

01:37:43   So like you just picked it with like nothing?

01:37:45   - They love paid services, they want that graph to go up.

01:37:47   I couldn't predict Fitness Plus and it's here.

01:37:49   - Lexus just said something that I saw a rumor for,

01:37:52   which is audio books.

01:37:53   I saw that there was a rumor about this a couple of days ago.

01:37:55   - It could be audio books.

01:37:57   Oh, what a great idea!

01:37:59   Yeah, you pay $8 a month and you get all-you-can-eat audiobooks.

01:38:02   A new home-focused device is released.

01:38:06   HomePod Mini gets a friend.

01:38:08   What if they release a light bulb?

01:38:09   Do you remember when everybody wanted them to release light bulbs?

01:38:11   What if Apple should just make light bulbs?

01:38:14   Apple announces a developer-focused AR/VR and/or MR kit.

01:38:20   So this is different from my previous pick where it was going to be like, they ship it.

01:38:25   This is a DTK.

01:38:26   This is a developer kit for people to...

01:38:29   Can you just call it that then?

01:38:31   Because what this says doesn't...

01:38:32   I don't understand what this means.

01:38:33   A developer focused AR/VR and/or MR kit?

01:38:37   Well that is to cover on my basis because you guys are jerks.

01:38:39   Can you not just do Apple announces a DTK headset?

01:38:43   Like that will be fine.

01:38:45   Yeah.

01:38:46   DTK headset.

01:38:47   Okay.

01:38:48   Wow, you're good with words, Myke.

01:38:49   I should be a writer.

01:38:50   a more powerful Mac Mini is announced,

01:38:53   but is not a Mac Mini Pro.

01:38:55   I don't think they're gonna be combining those names.

01:38:58   - In your mind, does that replace all of the Mac Minis

01:39:01   currently available, and it's just like one Mac Mini?

01:39:03   - I don't see why they couldn't just have like Mac Mini,

01:39:08   and they have an M1 or whatever entry level,

01:39:12   and then for $800 more, you get like a beefy one.

01:39:15   Like just the way it's always been,

01:39:16   it's just a spectrum of products.

01:39:18   Lex just raised a good point in the Discord.

01:39:21   Apple announces a DTK headset.

01:39:23   So developer transition kit.

01:39:25   Transition from what?

01:39:26   - Reality.

01:39:27   - All right, good enough.

01:39:32   - Developer kit for their headset.

01:39:38   It's headset.

01:39:39   God, I'm not turning it to Myke.

01:39:41   Okay.

01:39:41   - It's a better way of saying it.

01:39:42   Can I ask a question about the developer kit?

01:39:44   'Cause again, this might be important for later on.

01:39:45   - Yes, you can.

01:39:46   My current thinking is Apple will not release any hardware for developers.

01:39:51   They will say, "Here you go, buy a HTC Vive, plug it in, and you can make it work."

01:39:56   If they did that, is that a developer kit?

01:39:59   No, it shouldn't, like if it's made by HTC.

01:40:02   If it runs their software, it is.

01:40:04   But that's not us, no, because then it's saying that every Mac is a developer kit, which it

01:40:07   isn't, because it will be.

01:40:08   No, no, if they, if they, okay, so your exact scenario at WBC or some other event, which

01:40:14   now that you've said it makes a lot of sense to me. You know, what's his boy?

01:40:18   What's his name? Uh, watch boy. What's his name? Watch boy. Okay.

01:40:23   Kevin Lynch. Watch boy. Kevin watch boy. Kevin Lynch has said to be working on

01:40:28   the car, not this. Oh, who's working on the headset. You are. I come out on

01:40:33   stage. No, we didn't. We decided that Rubio is doing it. No, he's a Senator

01:40:38   from Florida. Riccio, Dan Riccio.

01:40:43   - Rubio, right? (laughs)

01:40:45   - Marco Rubio.

01:40:46   (both laughing)

01:40:49   - Marco Rubio, oh my God.

01:40:53   - So Dan.

01:40:56   - Head boy, Marco Rubio.

01:40:58   - Dan Rubio.

01:41:00   - Somebody from Apple comes out on stage

01:41:02   and they say, developers, developers, developers.

01:41:07   - Developers, developers, developers, developers.

01:41:10   - We are making a headset

01:41:12   and we want to put it in your hands first

01:41:14   to build great applications for our headset and its store.

01:41:18   Under your seat, you will find a MetaQuest 2 running what?

01:41:23   That's the question, right?

01:41:26   - Nothing, it doesn't need to run anything.

01:41:28   It just is like an Xcode simulator

01:41:30   and it just shows it in your eyes.

01:41:31   - Is that how the MetaQuest works?

01:41:34   Like, is that how anything works?

01:41:35   I don't know.

01:41:36   - Well, okay, you can plug a MetaQuest into a PC

01:41:40   and use it as if it's the full featured Oculus Quest.

01:41:43   - And so it pulls all of its UI and everything from the PC.

01:41:48   - Yeah, you're just using it as a screen then.

01:41:51   - I would say that in my mind,

01:41:54   the idea of a developer kit is anything,

01:41:57   any hardware Apple puts in the hands of its developers,

01:42:01   it is not gonna ship.

01:42:02   Like I don't think it necessarily has--

01:42:05   - Right, but if it's a HTC Vive,

01:42:07   that's not an Apple developer kit.

01:42:09   But I don't think they would do that anyways,

01:42:11   because their thing is gonna supposedly be so much better

01:42:14   than anything else on the market.

01:42:15   - Yeah, but a developer doesn't need the operating system.

01:42:18   - Say that sentence again.

01:42:19   Just say it real carefully

01:42:20   and think about all the words in it.

01:42:22   - A developer does not need access to the operating system.

01:42:24   - Yes, they do.

01:42:25   That's the whole point.

01:42:26   - No, they just need access to the SDK.

01:42:27   - Hey, I don't see them shipping anyone else's hardware

01:42:30   to the developers ever.

01:42:32   I think they would have something of their own.

01:42:34   Look, whatever state their hardware is at

01:42:38   when they announced this is gonna be really close to final.

01:42:40   They shipped those out.

01:42:41   - So, okay, so like James is saying,

01:42:43   we can't ship apps that have never been tested

01:42:46   on a real device.

01:42:47   Look at the Apple Watch, you had to do it

01:42:48   for the Apple Watch. - And look how crappy it was.

01:42:50   You think they wanna repeat that?

01:42:51   - Doesn't matter, maybe.

01:42:54   - I'm telling you, they're gonna do this

01:42:55   and it's gonna be Apple hardware.

01:42:56   - Okay, cool.

01:42:58   I'm pleased you've backed yourself into this.

01:43:00   - For people who, I'll speak for me,

01:43:03   I don't care at all about this product.

01:43:05   I'm not interested in it at all,

01:43:07   Except for having to talk about it.

01:43:08   I don't want one.

01:43:09   Wait, so you're not gonna be in the metaverse?

01:43:12   I'm in Tim's metaverse.

01:43:14   Appleverse Pro, that's the new service.

01:43:17   It's an ad-free version of the metaverse.

01:43:20   Nailed it.

01:43:21   Appleverse, can I hang out with Marco Rubio

01:43:23   in the Appleverse?

01:43:24   Of course you can, he made it.

01:43:27   Yeah.

01:43:28   (laughing)

01:43:30   That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

01:43:32   He got his name wrong.

01:43:33   We gotta move on.

01:43:34   Federico hit us with your first of seven flexes.

01:43:39   I'm gonna go quickly.

01:43:40   I have seven flexes.

01:43:42   First one, Apple stops using the iTunes store app and moves store content into dedicated

01:43:50   apps.

01:43:51   Do you even need it?

01:43:52   Like, I mean, most of the stuff is through TV.

01:43:54   If you want to buy a movie on your iPhone or your iPad, you have to use the iTunes store

01:43:59   app.

01:44:00   No.

01:44:01   Now they have a store tab.

01:44:03   So here's why I'm picking this, because they just added...

01:44:05   No, but doesn't it still take you to the app to buy it?

01:44:09   No, you can buy them in line now.

01:44:12   So there's a new store section in the TV app.

01:44:16   I think we're gonna get more store sections in other apps.

01:44:21   My only question is, what happens to ringtones?

01:44:25   Yes, I was getting ready to ask, where do ringtones go?

01:44:28   There's a store tab of the phone app.

01:44:32   Oh my god, yes.

01:44:34   Apple loves putting stores in everything.

01:44:36   Or they just put it in settings?

01:44:38   Like where you choose the ringtones?

01:44:40   That actually is a pretty good spot.

01:44:42   Or they just stop it.

01:44:43   They just stop that.

01:44:45   Because who's doing that still?

01:44:47   Everyone's doing it.

01:44:48   Maybe.

01:44:49   Yeah, I don't know.

01:44:50   Maybe.

01:44:51   And I think they will also bring music purchases in the music app instead of the iTunes Store

01:44:58   app.

01:44:59   So that's my first one.

01:45:00   I like that a lot.

01:45:01   Second one, this is a macOS Monterey feature.

01:45:05   Doesn't really seem to be picking up any traction,

01:45:08   but I think we're gonna get a repeat

01:45:10   of what happened to native Safari extensions,

01:45:13   which is, the pick is,

01:45:14   Apple brings mail extensions to iOS and iPadOS.

01:45:19   Now this mail kit thing exists in Monterey,

01:45:23   but it seems to be very limited

01:45:25   and with limited developer support.

01:45:28   I think there's real potential here

01:45:30   to make it a thing on iOS and iPadOS for the built-in Mail app.

01:45:35   So I don't know, it's like it reminds me of Safari extensions, like, they were not really

01:45:41   that popular when they arrived on the Mac, and of course they have, like, exploded on

01:45:47   the App Store with iOS and iPadOS.

01:45:49   So I think the same will—and also it's about time to bring some changes to Mail.

01:45:53   Third one, Apple Notes will borrow some features from the modern generation of note-taking apps,

01:46:00   like wiki-style links, a quick switcher, or nested pages, like in Kraft, basically.

01:46:08   So I think Apple will have to copy what the modern note-taking apps are doing,

01:46:14   and I think we'll get at least one feature that is either wiki-style links,

01:46:20   a quick switcher to quickly move between multiple notes and sections,

01:46:26   or the ability to nest pages inside of a note. One of these needs to happen in Apple Notes, I think.

01:46:33   Then...

01:46:36   Okay, this is an easy one. Some Mac-only shortcuts actions will become available on iPhone and iPad.

01:46:42   There are some actions that are currently Mac-only.

01:46:45   I think some of these will also become available on iPhone and iPad next year, which is this year also.

01:46:53   We are in 2022.

01:46:55   Number five.

01:46:58   There are new ways to turn off the alerts that shortcuts displays constantly.

01:47:05   I mean like the confirmation banners that you get.

01:47:10   Or, you know, I either mean like the confirmation banners or

01:47:14   Or I guess if you want to qualify this,

01:47:17   I can add some context.

01:47:19   Either confirmation banners

01:47:23   or the fact that every time an automation runs,

01:47:26   you get a notification that the automation runs.

01:47:30   Like even if you disabled ask when run,

01:47:34   you still get notified every single time an automation runs

01:47:38   that the automation is running

01:47:39   and those notifications, they pile up.

01:47:43   So either the confirmation banners that you get

01:47:45   when you tap on a shortcut on the home screen

01:47:48   or the notification.

01:47:52   Number six, podcasts will gain audio effects

01:47:56   for enhanced sound and trim silence.

01:48:01   This fun context for this pic, this was my previous Ricky.

01:48:06   I eventually settled on the iOS 16 design changes for icons.

01:48:11   This was my previous pick.

01:48:13   I think Apple will do this in podcast,

01:48:15   so basically do what Overcast is doing,

01:48:17   what Castro is doing,

01:48:18   a bunch of other podcast clients are doing,

01:48:21   because it's a thing that people expect,

01:48:22   but also, I am convinced they have been secretly

01:48:27   testing this feature in voice memos of all places.

01:48:32   Over the past couple of years, Apple added first

01:48:35   an Nsound as an effect in voice memos,

01:48:38   and I think it was last year

01:48:40   that they brought trim silence in Voice Memos.

01:48:43   My personal conspiracy theory

01:48:45   is that they've been testing this

01:48:46   before they roll it out in podcasts.

01:48:48   - Can they just test it in an internal portal podcast?

01:48:51   Why do you think they're putting podcasts in Voice Memos?

01:48:54   - Well, you test it at scale, right?

01:48:57   With voice recordings from people.

01:48:59   - Do you think that that's to be used to scale?

01:49:03   - Voice Memos is very popular.

01:49:05   - Really?

01:49:06   - Yes.

01:49:06   - Okay.

01:49:07   - I think it's a very popular app

01:49:09   a ton of folks use for...

01:49:10   - Oh, wait, hang on a second.

01:49:11   We went from "it is" to "I think it is."

01:49:13   - I think it's "yout."

01:49:14   I think people use it all the time.

01:49:15   - Really? What do people do with it?

01:49:16   - They take notes of themselves.

01:49:18   - Oh, meetings, lectures, classes, yeah.

01:49:22   Voice memos.

01:49:23   - Oh, yeah, okay.

01:49:24   That makes sense. - Tons of...

01:49:25   And the latest version is actually really good.

01:49:28   It's actually really good.

01:49:29   Like, they got folders, iCloud support,

01:49:32   the brand new app on iPad,

01:49:34   and it's on the Mac now, I think.

01:49:37   It's very good.

01:49:38   is actually really good. And I think that they have been testing those effects

01:49:43   before bringing them to podcasts. That's my theory. I mean, it would be a shame if they did.

01:49:49   Okay, that makes sense.

01:49:50   And finally, Apple adds more filters to Smart Folders in Notes. So in other Notes, pick...

01:49:59   Was this worth a seven?

01:50:00   Yes, because I am upset. I am officially... I want to put it on record, I am upset.

01:50:07   because the smart folders in Notes, they are completely different from smart lists in reminders.

01:50:14   In the same year...

01:50:16   And they need to do better for smart lists in reminders. That feature sucks.

01:50:22   And they need to do better there, but at least in reminders you can pick and choose multiple

01:50:27   filtering criteria. In Notes, a smart folder is a folder based on a tag.

01:50:33   can only do certain things though right like you can't yeah in reminders you

01:50:38   can't pick multiples of the same things I know I had I wanted to do something

01:50:42   with it and I couldn't do it and I was really upset about it that that could be

01:50:45   better for sure that's my seven fun flexes I think they are fun flexes so

01:50:50   we'll see we'll see how this goes well those are our picks for 2022 you can

01:50:56   review them at any point in the year at Ricky's Co there'll be a link in the

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01:51:42   until next week guys say goodbye are you there to cheerio bio we didn't do the

01:51:50   closing ceremonies