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00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected, Episode 377. I'm Jason Snell and I am joined as usual by James Thompson.

00:00:15   It's good to be finally back. Thanks for looking after the show for the last few weeks. Some interesting guest choices also.

00:00:21   Well, yes, of course. We're also joined by Mr. John Forhees, who never, ever misses an episode of the show. Hi, John.

00:00:27   No, I don't think I've ever been off this show. It's been tough sometimes, but yeah,

00:00:33   I'm a bad penny. I just keep turning up.

00:00:35   That's good. I mean, I like the commitment that James seems to have failed to make to

00:00:39   this show.

00:00:40   Well, some of us have things to do.

00:00:43   Wow, wow. I think that cuts deep.

00:00:47   It's true. It's true, but it hurts. Oh, James. All right, you know, we should stop with the

00:00:52   nonsense and get down to business because we've got a lot. We've got a packed show.

00:00:55   The show document is overflowing this time because it's the Connected Holiday Special.

00:00:59   And of course, as always, we begin the Connected Christmas episode with our gift exchange,

00:01:07   the Triple J gift exchange, and we open our presents. It's a tradition like none other.

00:01:13   It doesn't feel like a year since we last touched one of these.

00:01:16   Oh yeah, I know. I mean, it seems like a long time, but you know, hey, it comes around quickly.

00:01:21   That's COVID time for you.

00:01:22   is flexible, it happens. It's like, what is time even now? But I love this. It's a great

00:01:26   tradition. We go around round robin style as is our tradition and give each other a

00:01:31   presence. They're not on the show. The presence happen at a later date or immediately during

00:01:36   the show or, you know, it's not something like, "I don't have this stuff here because

00:01:40   it's supposed to be a surprise, you see, and we can't trust one another to not open the

00:01:44   packages." So anyway, James, why don't you kick off the round robin? What do you have

00:01:48   for me? Me in particular?

00:01:50   Yeah, I know you're important here.

00:01:52   So I have commissioned your favorite artist, Jen Bartell, I believe,

00:01:57   to draw you a sketch of a micronaut holding up a similarly colored iMac.

00:02:01   Oh!

00:02:02   And kids, if you don't know what micronauts are,

00:02:06   you were probably not a child in the late '70s.

00:02:10   They were kind of like translucent robots that I'm going to say,

00:02:13   without any shred of evidence,

00:02:16   that they were the inspiration for the original iMac.

00:02:20   And I'm just gonna drop a picture of one.

00:02:23   - Jen Bartell is my favorite artist,

00:02:25   a comic book artist working probably.

00:02:27   And micronauts are a formative toy from my childhood.

00:02:31   You posted the picture, these are time traveler.

00:02:33   A lot of the micronauts were made of die cast metal.

00:02:36   So they're way heavier and like higher quality

00:02:38   than you'd expect a cheap toy to be.

00:02:40   But they needed, actually this fits in

00:02:42   with our conversations about Apple

00:02:44   and Apple always wanting to have like good, better, best

00:02:46   and keeping its profit margins.

00:02:48   You got to have a low cost product.

00:02:51   So I think, in fact, Time Traveler was like the iMac

00:02:54   or the MacBook Air of the Micronauts

00:02:56   because he was made more cheaply so he

00:03:00   could be sold at a lower price than the rest of them.

00:03:02   Yeah, definitely.

00:03:03   Yeah, cheap clear plastic.

00:03:04   Exactly.

00:03:05   Exactly, well, that is delightful.

00:03:06   I can't wait to see a modern artist who

00:03:09   I love drawing a Micronaut and an iMac.

00:03:12   Will it be-- is it a G3 iMac or is it one of the 24-inch iMacs,

00:03:15   James. No, it's a G Street one. I mean, you've got to go for the true translucent plastic

00:03:20   compatriot. Yeah. Okay, John, here's yours. I, for you, see, this is going to be so disappointing

00:03:26   after that because James has just outdone me again. I wrote a shortcut for you. Oh,

00:03:31   nice. Just for you. What does it do? Okay, it's going to wish you a happy holiday. If

00:03:35   you run it tomorrow or this week, it's going to say Merry Christmas, but it varies based

00:03:39   on the date. It will always wish you something, but it changes throughout the year. I have

00:03:45   caveats, it doesn't work on the Mac right now. Shortcuts crashes, what can you do? I

00:03:49   hope it will work at some point, there will be a holiday where it will say I can't believe

00:03:52   I'm working on the Mac. Doesn't work right now. And you can't really automate it to display

00:03:56   like every day like I wanted it to, but you could make a widget on your iOS home screen

00:04:00   that you could tap and then it would look and see what holiday it was. Anyway, I hope

00:04:05   you like it, it's just for you. If I could mint it as an NFT so it could only be run

00:04:10   by you, I would.

00:04:12   Oh wow, thank you.

00:04:13   But I can't, so it's just a shortcut for you.

00:04:15   Oh, well, it's just a shortcut that—it's a widget that I poke at every day of the year,

00:04:19   thank you.

00:04:20   Yeah, and you won't be that surprised because there aren't that many holidays, but who

00:04:22   knows?

00:04:23   Perfect.

00:04:24   Okay, Jon, what do you have for James?

00:04:25   All right, for James.

00:04:26   James, I made you a trophy.

00:04:29   I made you the world's greatest calculator app trophy, and it's really meant to sit

00:04:34   right alongside your Eddie from Macworld back in the day.

00:04:37   So you know, I got—but I felt like that wasn't quite enough.

00:04:41   I mean, you know, trophy's no big deal, right?

00:04:43   You've got a million of them.

00:04:45   I also got you some beard oil because we know, James,

00:04:48   how precious you are about your beard.

00:04:50   - Oh boy.

00:04:51   - I mean, I hope that this trophy is quite shiny

00:04:53   so that I can look in it and I can see my beard

00:04:56   because yes, you are right that everybody in the UK

00:05:00   really likes their beard.

00:05:01   - James, I'm just gonna remind you again,

00:05:03   who got you that Macworld trophy?

00:05:05   (laughing)

00:05:07   - Someone in the room.

00:05:08   - It was a legitimate process,

00:05:10   but who is your guy in the room, okay?

00:05:12   - There is no collusion in the trophy market.

00:05:15   - All right, James, what do you have for Jon?

00:05:17   - So I have got Jon, this is very special.

00:05:20   It is a year's membership,

00:05:22   and you know how we like to support other podcasts.

00:05:24   So it's a year's membership to The Prompt Pro,

00:05:27   and I think they're on episode 434 now.

00:05:31   It's a great podcast.

00:05:32   I think it's about how to use the terminal app or something,

00:05:35   but it's by friends of the show,

00:05:37   Myke Federico and Steven, or as we call them, the MFS.

00:05:41   - I mean, some people pronounce it MFS,

00:05:43   but MFS is more polite.

00:05:45   - This is a family show.

00:05:48   But I think we should have them on our show one day.

00:05:51   - Oh, that would be a good idea.

00:05:52   You know, who would have thought that you could get

00:05:54   over 400 episodes all about the terminal?

00:05:56   I mean, am I right?

00:05:57   - Yeah, well, those guys are just, they work hard, right?

00:06:00   So you should do that.

00:06:01   Well, relay.fm/membership,

00:06:03   if you want to be a member of our show, Connected,

00:06:06   or of the prompt, you can do that right there.

00:06:09   Okay, John, what do you have for me?

00:06:13   - I do have something for you, Jason.

00:06:16   I talked to Apple and I pulled some strings

00:06:19   and I got them to agree to stop fiddling around

00:06:22   with the Photos app so you could have it year off

00:06:25   from writing your book.

00:06:27   And they also, they went a step further though.

00:06:30   They said that they're gonna take that engineering time

00:06:33   and they're going to implement a proper audio system

00:06:37   on the iPads that you can start recording all of your shows

00:06:41   on your iPad Pro.

00:06:42   - I am impressed that you talked to somebody

00:06:45   who has that power, but I guess you're that well-connected,

00:06:48   which fits with the name of the show, so that makes sense.

00:06:51   That's probably why the show is called what it is,

00:06:53   I would think.

00:06:54   - That's where it started.

00:06:54   - That Jon is so well-connected.

00:06:56   All right, last in the Christmas gift exchange,

00:06:59   it's me for James.

00:07:00   James, I bought you a pound of dice.

00:07:03   Did you know that they sell dice by the pound?

00:07:06   They do.

00:07:07   - I did.

00:07:08   - It's a sorted dice.

00:07:09   It weighs a pound.

00:07:10   I'm sorry, I didn't do it in metric.

00:07:12   - I did the conversion

00:07:13   and I did actually weigh some dice just there.

00:07:17   And I think that's about 13 complete sets worth of dice.

00:07:21   So that's great.

00:07:22   - Yes, I have to warn you.

00:07:23   They are just loaded by weight.

00:07:25   So I can't, they may not be sets at all.

00:07:27   They may be just kind of weird dice.

00:07:29   They might have weird like textures or something.

00:07:32   I don't honestly know because that's what happens

00:07:34   when you buy dice by weight.

00:07:36   But I hope that there are some gems in there.

00:07:37   - I think you shouldn't use the term loaded

00:07:40   when you're talking about dice.

00:07:41   Otherwise I might get in trouble with Tony.

00:07:43   - All right, well, that was great.

00:07:45   I think we're all looking forward to getting our gifts

00:07:47   and gift exchange.

00:07:49   Let's do this again next year.

00:07:51   I love it.

00:07:52   - It's a holiday tradition.

00:07:55   - We have of course another great tradition

00:07:57   for the end of the year coming up.

00:07:59   But first, James is going to tell you

00:08:01   about our sponsor this week, James.

00:08:03   - So this episode of Connected is brought to you

00:08:07   by Unchecked Corruption and the Lifetime Award-winning

00:08:10   Peacock, the only scientific calculator that can order food

00:08:13   from local restaurants, tells you when your website is down,

00:08:16   and is also a pizza oven.

00:08:18   Jason, I believe you had to calculate

00:08:20   a special number recently.

00:08:21   How did that go?

00:08:22   - It didn't go great, honestly,

00:08:24   because I was trying to multiply

00:08:26   and then I needed to clear the calculator

00:08:27   and I can never remember the difference between the AC button and the C button.

00:08:31   (Laughter)

00:08:32   I just pressed the AC button a bunch of times. Is that what I'm supposed to do?

00:08:35   Well, that sounds wonderful. Go to peakout.com/connected and you can save yourself the time it would

00:08:40   take to Google for it. Thanks to Peacock for their support of this show, and by support

00:08:44   I mean the large envelope of cash.

00:08:47   Thank you to our sponsors. With that, it brings us to that time. I know everybody who listens

00:08:52   connected once this. It is time for the pickies. Our annual contest. Ah, the pickies. We do our

00:08:59   picks for what is going to happen next year. And so, I have to ask everybody, please stand

00:09:05   for the reading of the Pickies Charter. Rule number one. There are two types of pickies.

00:09:12   The annual pickies and WWDC pickies. No other pickies shall ever be introduced. Two. The winner

00:09:20   Winner of the annual pickies is named Grand Admiral Pickerton and retains the title for

00:09:25   a full year.

00:09:27   3.

00:09:28   The WWDC Pickies winner is named the San Jose Shindig King and retains the title until the

00:09:34   next WWDC is held.

00:09:36   4.

00:09:37   Order for annual pickies and WWDC pickies is based on the winner of the previous year.

00:09:43   5.

00:09:44   The winner goes second.

00:09:45   The loser flips a coin to determine who goes first and who goes third. Jason is the only

00:09:51   person allowed to flip a coin, and he cannot use Nat to do so.

00:09:57   To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:10:03   There are no half points awarded in any round, but other fractions are allowed.

00:10:09   Three points are awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first round.

00:10:15   Two points are awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:10:17   in the second round.

00:10:18   - 10, one point will be awarded for correct picks

00:10:22   in the lightning round.

00:10:23   - 11, any pick that comes through

00:10:25   in the first half of the year is worth double.

00:10:27   - 12, your total percentage of wrong answers

00:10:30   will be multiplied by five

00:10:32   and deducted from your final score.

00:10:35   - Okay, I gotta jump in here

00:10:36   because this is one of those places

00:10:37   that I said I wanted last time.

00:10:39   I said I wanted to do a rule change.

00:10:40   - Yeah, fair enough.

00:10:41   - As many listeners may remember,

00:10:44   we had an argument about what percentage meant

00:10:46   and whether if it was 25%, you multiplied by 25

00:10:50   or you multiplied by 0.25.

00:10:53   So I wanna specify we mean decimal percentage

00:10:56   so that we're deducting 1.25 instead of 125.

00:11:00   - Yes, in my former life as a lawyer,

00:11:04   we would have said this in a contract

00:11:05   as we'd say that it was expressed as a fraction.

00:11:09   So the percentage is expressed by a fraction

00:11:12   is what I would say.

00:11:13   Yeah, it's almost as if this rule was added, so we'd need to use a calculator at some point.

00:11:16   Hmm.

00:11:17   Well, either...

00:11:17   Okay, let's do express as a fraction.

00:11:19   I trust the law language of John here, as always.

00:11:22   That's fair.

00:11:23   All right.

00:11:23   Number 13.

00:11:25   "The two other hosts must agree that at least one of your picks is not obvious, and that one of your picks is pretty cool."

00:11:31   All right, 14.

00:11:32   "No picking things not actually unrelated to Apple or the tech industry."

00:11:37   So, again, this is a place where we need to change this.

00:11:40   We need to remove one of the negatives from that statement.

00:11:42   Otherwise, I'm going to redo all my picks.

00:11:45   Oh, I see. It's not actually unrelated. Oh, no.

00:11:50   Yeah, see, Boolean logic will get you every time.

00:11:53   John, do you have any law recommendations for us here?

00:11:57   How about something really simple like,

00:12:00   "Everything has to be related to Apple or the tech industry."

00:12:02   Okay, great. Let's do that. Everything. I'm going to do it right now.

00:12:05   Everything has to be related.

00:12:09   Every pick has to be, okay, that's our new rule.

00:12:14   - I think that's our record there.

00:12:17   That was a triple negative we had going there.

00:12:20   - Well, we are the triple kurties.

00:12:22   - I wish the, yeah, whoever wrote this.

00:12:25   - Somebody needs an editor.

00:12:26   - Yeah, seriously.

00:12:28   - Okay, number 15, no picking things

00:12:31   that the picker of the pick could make come true

00:12:33   by themselves or by inducing others, including,

00:12:37   and this is important, taking a job at Apple.

00:12:40   - We all know what that's regarding.

00:12:41   Number 16, no picking things

00:12:43   that are not provably true or false.

00:12:46   Whether or not you can prove a negative

00:12:48   is best left for the philosophers.

00:12:50   - Number 17, no altering the production document

00:12:53   after the show is over.

00:12:55   We all remember what happened in 2020.

00:12:58   As an aside, I'm going to mint this as an NFT,

00:13:01   so we all know that that means

00:13:03   it'll be unalterable and uncopyable.

00:13:05   - That's good.

00:13:06   blockchain that's where it belongs yes okay number 18 and we're into the

00:13:10   important stuff here after the scoring is complete each host must place the

00:13:15   official pikis refrigerator magnet in the proper configuration on their

00:13:19   refrigerator for the entirety of the next year and that's winner at the

00:13:23   center of the door second place in the lower left corner and third place in the

00:13:28   lower right corner all right that's right we we need to sell those next year

00:13:32   because people are gonna love those. Yes. Yeah, and I do want to put in a proposed rule change

00:13:37   here because if your fridge door is not made from a ferrous metal like mine, you're allowed to use

00:13:44   Blu-Tack or some other adhesive substance to secure the magnets because they keep falling off

00:13:48   my fridge. I'm going to propose a separate rule that James needs to get himself a new fridge,

00:13:53   just saying. Well, I mean, if it comes out of the show's budget, then fine. See, I don't think this

00:13:57   rule change is necessary because all the rules say is that you must place the magnets in the

00:14:02   in the configuration. It doesn't say anything about, I mean, their magnets.

00:14:05   So I guess it-

00:14:06   So if they fall on the floor, I can just put them away?

00:14:08   No, they must remain in the configuration, but you can place them there by any means.

00:14:12   So if you wanted to like superglue them on or something, you could do that, but you have

00:14:15   to be prepared to pull them off and move them.

00:14:17   Well, I don't need to because I win every year. So, you know, it's fine. I can just

00:14:21   superglue them.

00:14:22   That's not true. That's not true. You don't win every year.

00:14:24   One last chance.

00:14:25   You say that now because-

00:14:26   He's doing it again.

00:14:27   every year. Number 19, you know, that's what you do every year. You claim you always win every year,

00:14:33   but you don't always win every year. We shall see. Number 19, the winner of each competition will be

00:14:41   given access to the official competition Twitter accounts @WWDCShindigKing and @PikisAdmiral,

00:14:49   as appropriate. All right, and that's the end of the rules. Everybody can sit back down. That was

00:14:55   the official Picky's Charter being read. 2021 winner was James, just to recap. He is both

00:15:04   Admiral Pickerton and the Sanitization Dig King.

00:15:08   Yeah, as always.

00:15:10   No, not as always. Okay, let's just get to the picks. Let's start arguing about this.

00:15:14   People want to hear the picks. And per the rules, I need to flip a real coin to determine

00:15:19   who goes first and who goes third. Jon, I'm going to let you call it Heads or Tails, and

00:15:25   if it comes up the one you called,

00:15:26   we gotta specify all this 'cause of shenanigans,

00:15:29   if it comes up the one you called, you get to go first.

00:15:31   - All right, I call tails.

00:15:33   - All right, tails.

00:15:34   Now, how do I flip this thing?

00:15:35   It came up tails, so you, John, get to go first.

00:15:43   In the first round is the three-point round.

00:15:46   What do you have?

00:15:47   - Well, my first prediction, my first picky,

00:15:49   is that Apple's gonna introduce

00:15:51   a standalone display next year.

00:15:53   And it's not one that's connected, obviously,

00:15:55   to a laptop or to an iMac.

00:15:57   I'm talking about a standalone display that's less--

00:16:00   that costs less than a Pro Display XDR.

00:16:04   I feel that we should have a rule about not being

00:16:06   able to reuse your picks, because you pick

00:16:08   this every single year.

00:16:10   It's going to be true someday.

00:16:12   Someday.

00:16:12   I actually-- I like him throwing away his three points year

00:16:15   after year after year on the white whale that

00:16:17   is the standalone Apple display.

00:16:19   It's like AirPower.

00:16:20   It's the new AirPower, I think.

00:16:21   I just want to say--

00:16:22   I just want to officially handicap this,

00:16:23   that I fear that Jon is actually correct this time.

00:16:26   And it's killing me that Jon won the coin flip,

00:16:30   because I think this is the year,

00:16:31   that 2022 is the year where it's going to happen.

00:16:33   - So my pick is that Apple will introduce a Mac in 2022

00:16:37   that is more than twice as fast

00:16:39   as any existing Mac from 2021.

00:16:42   - All right, we need to clarify this, James.

00:16:44   What do you mean by twice as fast?

00:16:46   Come on.

00:16:47   - Let us clarify this in terms of, say,

00:16:50   the multi-core benchmark--

00:16:54   Or what is it?

00:16:55   Geekbench.

00:16:56   Yeah, let's go with Geekbench as a good--

00:16:59   because I think, yeah, the single core is probably not

00:17:02   going to be twice as fast.

00:17:04   But I think the multi-core is definitely--

00:17:07   I'm figuring they're just going to add in some more processes,

00:17:12   basically, into this thing of the sort of M1 Mac style,

00:17:17   but just with more processes.

00:17:19   So this is basically, okay, so this was the four core,

00:17:23   this is the rumored four die Mac Pro

00:17:26   is probably what you're predicting here

00:17:27   because a two die might not actually be twice as fast,

00:17:31   which is-

00:17:32   - Yeah, that's why I put in the padding

00:17:34   to just say twice as fast

00:17:35   because I figure if we get a four die one,

00:17:38   it's definitely gonna do it.

00:17:40   - And my other question is about introduce as a term.

00:17:43   How can we score it if it is introduced but not shipping?

00:17:48   Well, by the legal language of my prediction,

00:17:52   I think that I would get the points.

00:17:54   - I don't like that.

00:17:55   I think it needs to ship.

00:17:56   - All right, okay, fine.

00:17:58   This is my three points, but I will because-

00:18:02   - Well, how can we get a Geekbench score if nobody has it,

00:18:05   if it's just been announced?

00:18:06   - Well, what will happen is it will be in the hands

00:18:09   of some journalists who will accidentally upload

00:18:11   their Geekbench score as happens every year.

00:18:14   - Okay, actually, you know what?

00:18:15   I'm gonna give it to you.

00:18:16   I think this is fair as it is

00:18:18   because if there's no score, then you don't get it.

00:18:20   There has to be, somebody has to have a score.

00:18:22   And I'll just point out to the rules, James,

00:18:24   you can't upload a fake Geekbench score

00:18:28   in order to win this.

00:18:29   'Cause we'll know, we'll find out.

00:18:30   - We'll figure it out.

00:18:31   - That is covered under the rules of inducing others

00:18:34   and so on, so yeah.

00:18:35   - All right.

00:18:36   - All right, all right.

00:18:37   It has to be available on the internet.

00:18:38   I mean, we're not talking about a Geekbench score

00:18:40   that someone told you about that they ran

00:18:42   and didn't upload.

00:18:42   This has to be something that Jason and I

00:18:44   can see on the web.

00:18:46   - Well, my three point pick is going to kind of piggyback

00:18:49   on John's a little bit, because John stopped my pick there.

00:18:51   I am going to say that iPadOS is going to finally,

00:18:56   finally, finally, finally get non-mirrored

00:19:00   external display support.

00:19:03   - Talk about the pick that comes up every single time.

00:19:06   - I know, it's you and me.

00:19:09   I'm hoping that the picks will make it true.

00:19:12   It hasn't happened yet, but I'm still gonna hope

00:19:13   against all evidence.

00:19:15   I feel like everything is lining up.

00:19:17   We have pointer support in iPad OS.

00:19:19   We got the keyboard support in iPad OS.

00:19:21   We got new windowing that was introduced in iOS 15.

00:19:24   We've got that great standalone display

00:19:26   that Jon is gonna make happen with his pick.

00:19:29   - Indeed. - And so I'm just gonna

00:19:31   ride in there and say, "How would Apple do this

00:19:32   "without finally having it be the last piece

00:19:34   "of the puzzle for iPad OS?"

00:19:35   So that's my choice. - Yeah, well,

00:19:36   I hope you're right, I hope you're right.

00:19:38   All right, well, that's it for round one.

00:19:40   Why don't we head into round two?

00:19:42   And, you know, - Okay.

00:19:43   - I'm gonna kick it off.

00:19:45   with at WWC, Apple will introduce a new home strategy

00:19:49   that includes at least one new product.

00:19:53   What do you guys think of that?

00:19:55   I think it's very vague, but--

00:19:57   Well, that's what scoring is all about.

00:20:00   Do they have an existing home strategy?

00:20:03   Oh, well, no, that's true.

00:20:05   Maybe I should not say new.

00:20:07   Apple will have a home strategy

00:20:10   and will introduce a new home product.

00:20:12   Yeah.

00:20:13   - Yeah, I like this pick because I also want to believe

00:20:18   that there will be something.

00:20:19   And I like the vagueness of it because you can get

00:20:22   these two points if you get that Amazon Echo-like

00:20:26   - Right, the screen.

00:20:27   - Thing that has a screen and a center stage camera maybe

00:20:30   and sits in your kitchen and is also a HomePod.

00:20:33   If they did the soundbar,

00:20:34   if they do something we don't even know,

00:20:37   bring back airport, like anything will get you that point.

00:20:42   But honestly, I think I would still call this a non-obvious pick because it requires Apple to have a home strategy.

00:20:49   Yeah.

00:20:50   Okay.

00:20:51   Uh, so my pick, I, I'm going to be betting heavily on, uh, AR and VR in my picks this year.

00:21:00   So if Apple doesn't do any of this, I'm just completely out there running.

00:21:05   So my pick is a developer kit will be introduced

00:21:08   for Apple's mixed reality headset at WWDC,

00:21:12   but the headset itself will not actually ship

00:21:14   to consumers during 2022.

00:21:17   Now there's a couple of things that can trip me up here.

00:21:19   One, if it's only an AR headset,

00:21:22   then I don't know that I get the mixed reality,

00:21:24   but I'm fairly sure that developers

00:21:29   are gonna get something,

00:21:29   but I don't think consumers are gonna get anything

00:21:31   until next year.

00:21:33   - I'm just gonna read my pick now

00:21:34   because it's in direct opposition to your pick.

00:21:36   My pick is--

00:21:37   - I noticed.

00:21:38   - Anyone who wants an Apple headset

00:21:40   will be able to buy one by the end of 2022

00:21:42   without becoming a developer.

00:21:45   That's my choice.

00:21:46   So you're saying there will be something,

00:21:47   but it won't ship to consumers.

00:21:49   I will say that if you wanna buy one,

00:21:51   I'm not saying it'll be a good buy,

00:21:52   I'm not saying it makes sense

00:21:53   that people spend the money on it,

00:21:55   but that regardless, if you wanna get one,

00:21:58   you'll be able to put down money to buy one

00:21:59   by the end of 2022.

00:22:01   Without, 'cause I knew you guys were gonna ask,

00:22:04   without spending $99, becoming a developer,

00:22:07   and then buying an Apple headset.

00:22:08   They can just go get one.

00:22:10   They can order one online,

00:22:11   or maybe go into the Apple store, I don't know.

00:22:13   - Well, I think this is an interesting one

00:22:15   because we're gonna have some rules language

00:22:18   on be able to buy one.

00:22:22   What does this mean?

00:22:23   But I'm prepared to accept this as a pick.

00:22:28   - How about order?

00:22:29   Can I change it to order?

00:22:30   Would that make it better or worse for you?

00:22:31   - No.

00:22:32   - No, okay.

00:22:33   - Because like, you know, you could order one

00:22:35   and it doesn't ship until 2024.

00:22:38   So I'm not gonna let you have that.

00:22:40   - Okay, I'll take it.

00:22:41   Jon, you okay with it?

00:22:42   - Yeah, I think I'm okay with this.

00:22:44   - You're spoken like a man who's watching

00:22:46   his two competitors kill each other

00:22:48   while you just run on by.

00:22:49   - Yeah, exactly.

00:22:50   I mean, yeah, that's fair.

00:22:52   - Says the man with the home strategy.

00:22:53   All right, that brings us to the lightning round

00:22:55   of the pickies.

00:22:56   This is basically a draft.

00:22:58   Multiple selections are allowed.

00:23:00   We're gonna do up to five rounds.

00:23:01   You can drop out at any point

00:23:02   If you want to chance it on the percentage deduction that's in the rules, you have to

00:23:08   do some math to do that.

00:23:09   So I leave that to James.

00:23:10   But you can also do all five rounds, which is generally what we always do.

00:23:14   We limited it to five because there was that one time that James picked 12 things and the

00:23:17   show was too long.

00:23:19   But it worked.

00:23:21   James also won this last time because he was using Peacock in the background.

00:23:25   Oh yeah, he was calculating his odds.

00:23:28   Exactly.

00:23:29   Yeah, that's true.

00:23:30   I mean, it's really bad podcasting if you just

00:23:32   drop out after one pick.

00:23:34   But if it's strategically favorable,

00:23:36   James will just do whatever he wants.

00:23:37   Yeah, where's the excitement in that?

00:23:39   Where's the excitement?

00:23:39   Yeah, we usually do five picks.

00:23:40   I'm in this to win.

00:23:42   I'm not in this for podcasting.

00:23:44   We know it.

00:23:45   We know it.

00:23:46   All right, so we'll alternate picks.

00:23:48   No duplication of picks because it's a draft.

00:23:50   And Jon won the coin toss.

00:23:51   So Jon, what's your first pick in round one?

00:23:53   All right, I'm going to say that Eddy Cue is going

00:23:57   return to the next Apple keynote to talk about services, but he won't dance, unfortunately.

00:24:03   Oh, I love a stagecraft pick. This is like a non-stagecraft pick, but still,

00:24:09   stagecraft is involved. So, Eddie appearance without dancing.

00:24:12   Yeah, it's been too long since we've seen Eddie, you know? My favorite, literally, my absolute

00:24:17   favorite WWDC was the music one where Eddie and Drake were up there, and I'm hoping that we'll

00:24:22   we'll get that again, but I think the reality is

00:24:26   we'll probably just get Eddie talking about services

00:24:29   and maybe something else that's one of my other picks.

00:24:32   - Oh, okay.

00:24:33   - I don't wanna give it away

00:24:34   and have one of you guys swipe it.

00:24:36   - No spoilers.

00:24:37   Okay, James. - Okay, mine is,

00:24:38   at least one Mac will be introduced in 2022

00:24:41   that is available in regular Pro and Macs

00:24:45   processor configurations at once.

00:24:47   - All right, I was writing my Macworld article

00:24:50   previewing the 2022 in the Mac,

00:24:54   which I think might be posted just now.

00:24:56   And I was trying to, I was thinking about the same thing

00:24:59   and I was trying to think, and I'm just gonna say it,

00:25:02   James, your pick, I saw it in the doc

00:25:05   and I added it to my article

00:25:07   because I thought it was really interesting.

00:25:08   But this is the part that I stumbled on,

00:25:10   is what Mac model spans the M1 or M2

00:25:15   and the M1 Pro and the M1 Macs?

00:25:20   Do you have any thoughts?

00:25:21   I mean, you're picking at least one and that's fine,

00:25:22   but I'm curious what you think

00:25:24   is the most likely Mac to do that.

00:25:26   - I think the iMac is one

00:25:29   and I think the Mac Mini might be another,

00:25:32   but I think the iMac is probably my safe bet for this,

00:25:36   that we are gonna have, with the same industrial design,

00:25:40   we are, not the same colors possibly,

00:25:42   but the same industrial design,

00:25:44   we're gonna have a regular Pro and Macs configuration

00:25:47   that you can buy.

00:25:49   - Very interesting.

00:25:50   I could see it for the Mini too,

00:25:52   but I think probably iMac is the better bet.

00:25:54   - Yeah, I think the Mac Mini might be the better bet,

00:25:56   but I'm also unclear whether they're going to,

00:25:59   something that maybe somebody could pick if they want to,

00:26:01   but I wonder about if we're gonna see a Mac Mini Pro,

00:26:05   and if the reason that they have shipped the one Mac Mini,

00:26:07   and then the other Mac Mini is still in the price line,

00:26:09   is they may make a split there,

00:26:12   and have like an M1 Mac Mini,

00:26:14   and then the Pro and the Max be the Mac Mini Pro,

00:26:18   or something like that.

00:26:19   - Right.

00:26:19   - But I agree, I think James's best bet here

00:26:21   is probably that they release an iMac Pro

00:26:24   that comes in three chip configurations

00:26:25   or something like, or a high-end iMac

00:26:27   that comes in three chip configurations.

00:26:29   Whatever it's called.

00:26:30   Okay, my choice is gonna be

00:26:32   universal control ships before WWDC.

00:26:35   - All right.

00:26:36   - I mean, it's good to be optimistic.

00:26:39   - See, this is the thing is it seems obvious

00:26:41   and yet is it obvious?

00:26:42   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:26:44   It feels to me like this is the kind of thing

00:26:46   that's going to ship in the spring

00:26:48   when new M1 Macs, or not M1, but you know,

00:26:51   Apple Silicon Macs are introduced,

00:26:53   because it's a perfect time to show it off again,

00:26:55   is at a March or April event.

00:26:57   - Right, hey, remember this feature

00:26:59   that we announced previously?

00:27:01   - It still works, and it works with these new computers too.

00:27:03   - I don't know, I think you cannot guarantee it,

00:27:07   but I'm gonna pick it, 'cause I'm optimistic

00:27:10   that it'll ship before WWDC.

00:27:12   Round two, Jon, what do you have?

00:27:14   - All right, round two.

00:27:15   I am gonna go with something a little safer,

00:27:17   a little safer bet this time.

00:27:18   I'm going to predict that the Notes app

00:27:23   is going to gain smart folders

00:27:24   based on both tags and other metadata.

00:27:27   - Yeah, yeah, I think you're right.

00:27:30   Strangely missing from iOS 15, right?

00:27:31   Like it's in Reminders, but it's not in Notes,

00:27:33   which doesn't make sense.

00:27:34   - Yeah, I mean, this seems to be

00:27:35   where the market's going as well.

00:27:37   So yeah, I could see this certainly being a thing

00:27:40   that Apple introduces.

00:27:41   - I bet they had that feature

00:27:43   and then they just couldn't ship it and they delayed it

00:27:45   because it usually notes and reminders move in somewhat

00:27:48   of a lock step and for reminders to get those features.

00:27:50   Yeah. - Right.

00:27:51   They're usually pretty close.

00:27:52   - And there's, you know, people will say it's Sherlocking

00:27:54   and all that, but it's not because if it's an obvious

00:27:56   feature, I don't think it counts as a Sherlock.

00:27:58   - Yeah. All right, James.

00:28:01   - So mine, looking forward to the Mac Pro,

00:28:05   the Apple Silicon Mac Pro will not support

00:28:08   discrete graphics cards or any other form of PCIE cards

00:28:12   for expansion.

00:28:13   So like the new one, or the current one,

00:28:17   it's an old school style, you know,

00:28:21   Power Mac type case that you can slap lots of cards in.

00:28:24   But I think that that is gonna be a one off

00:28:27   and I think they're gonna have, you know,

00:28:29   I'm not saying it's gonna be a perfect cube,

00:28:32   but I wouldn't rule it out.

00:28:33   (laughing)

00:28:35   - I am right now making myself a note

00:28:38   for the story that I'm gonna write

00:28:39   in two to three years time about that golden era

00:28:42   of eGPUs that we had for about a split second with Max.

00:28:46   So, I kind of am with you, James.

00:28:49   - I think Apple just like at this point is like,

00:28:52   we can beat like Nvidia and all that at their own game,

00:28:56   whether they can or not remains to be seen.

00:28:58   But I think they just don't feel they need

00:29:02   the discrete graphics cards anymore.

00:29:03   They can do it all on their own silicon.

00:29:05   - Yes, because gaming doesn't require that.

00:29:07   They've got, they're the champions of casual gaming

00:29:11   and you can do that on Apple Silicon.

00:29:12   Maybe you don't need a discrete GPU for that.

00:29:15   - I agree with you about the GPU.

00:29:16   I think that Apple's gonna say,

00:29:17   "Look, we will sell you 128 GPU cores if you want,

00:29:21   and that's gonna need to be good enough."

00:29:24   And I think what we've seen with the,

00:29:25   for at least the markets that they really care about,

00:29:28   that with the MacBook Pro,

00:29:31   with the high-end Pro Max chip,

00:29:34   well, Max chip, M1 Max, Pro Max, I'm so confused,

00:29:37   'cause they're Max and they run the M1 Max chip.

00:29:40   Anyway, they've shown that the GPU power is pretty good.

00:29:43   So I'll get that.

00:29:44   I think where you might get bitten here, James,

00:29:46   is this any other form of PCIe cards?

00:29:49   Because what I think Apple might offer

00:29:53   is pathways for storage and IO expansion

00:29:58   that might be internal.

00:30:00   Storage especially takes up,

00:30:04   I mean, I know you can add like things

00:30:05   and chain them off with Thunderbolt,

00:30:07   but I wonder if they've listened to customers

00:30:09   who want to put beefy storage things inside a box that is all self-contained and if that's

00:30:14   the only expansion that they're going to offer.

00:30:17   I think all the expansion they're going to have is external. I don't think they're going

00:30:20   to have any internal expansion. I think because they've got, you know, all the various thunderbolts

00:30:26   and whatever coming.

00:30:27   What about memory though, James? What about memory? I mean, I could see memory being a

00:30:31   thing that would be an internal storage, internal add-on.

00:30:34   I think Apple will just they'll sell 128 gigabyte thing and if and that's going to that's going

00:30:40   to have the majority of it's going to cover the majority of customers and they're not

00:30:45   going to build a box that can be turned into something for anybody.

00:30:48   All right that's a cool pick I think it is definitely a not obvious pick I'm gonna piggyback

00:30:55   on John again John you know if you had lost the coin flip this would have made me look

00:30:59   much more original but since you picked the Apple notes I'm gonna I'm gonna go with that

00:31:03   and I'm gonna say Apple Notes is gonna get on the notes cross linking train in iOS 16.

00:31:09   They're going to do that thing where they're gonna do the Obsidian, Kraft, Roam Research,

00:31:15   etc., etc. thing. They're gonna do it in a way that frustrates power users of those apps,

00:31:21   but that Apple thinks is sort of an appley way to do it for everybody else who uses Notes.

00:31:25   So you combine that with tags and other metadata and kind of like making Notes a more kind

00:31:30   Notes has come a long way, but it's still got more places

00:31:33   that it could go, so I think they're gonna ride that train.

00:31:36   - Yeah, I can see that happening.

00:31:37   I think they'll do it with like colorful little pills

00:31:39   or something that are your links back instead of,

00:31:41   you know, those ugly just text-based links.

00:31:44   I think it'll be, yeah, if they do it,

00:31:45   they'll do it a little bit like how they've done

00:31:47   with tagging with having a cloud of tags,

00:31:51   but a cloud of links maybe, I don't know.

00:31:53   It'll be interesting to see what happens with that.

00:31:55   It's kind of a power user feature,

00:31:57   but it feels like Notes is ready for that kind of thing.

00:32:01   - All right, good, I thank you for your endorsement.

00:32:02   Yeah, we're hoping for big things for Notes in 2022

00:32:05   is what we're saying here.

00:32:07   - All right.

00:32:07   - Okay, what's your pick, Jon?

00:32:08   Round three.

00:32:09   - For round three, I'm gonna go out on a limb

00:32:11   and I'm gonna say that the 13-inch MacBook Pro

00:32:13   is gonna be discontinued because I think

00:32:16   what we're gonna get, we're gonna get a refresh

00:32:20   of the MacBook Air, which is 13 inches,

00:32:22   and we've already got the 14 and 16

00:32:24   of the new MacBook Pros.

00:32:26   There's no place in the lineup for a 13-inch Pro

00:32:29   at this point, I don't think.

00:32:30   We'll have a beefier Air and we'll have the 14 and 16.

00:32:33   And that makes a lot more sense than having

00:32:35   that oddball 13-inch MacBook Pro in the lineup.

00:32:38   - I want to believe.

00:32:39   You know how I love it when blood fills the streets

00:32:41   as Apple destroys products?

00:32:44   Like, I love it.

00:32:45   And this product is an odd one out, right?

00:32:48   It's just there to hold down the bottom of the price list.

00:32:52   And so I could see them updating it

00:32:53   with the new chip options and taking off the touch bar,

00:32:58   but otherwise leaving it kind of as it is.

00:33:01   But I think you're right, it makes more sense for Apple

00:33:04   to come up with a MacBook Air focused strategy.

00:33:08   And I'm actually a little disappointed

00:33:10   that we haven't heard rumors

00:33:11   that Apple is gonna do a couple MacBook Airs,

00:33:13   maybe like a 12 and a 14 or a 13 and a 15.

00:33:17   And there are rumors that they're gonna make a big iPhone

00:33:21   that's not a Pro Max, but just an iPhone Max.

00:33:24   Sort of like saying, look, we know you don't want

00:33:26   to spend the maximum amount of money,

00:33:28   but you want a bigger phone.

00:33:29   So maybe at some point they could do that

00:33:31   with a MacBook Air and like throw a bigger screen

00:33:34   on a MacBook Air, but still let it be a MacBook Air

00:33:36   and be cheaper instead of this 13 MacBook Pro nonsense.

00:33:39   So, it's a good pick.

00:33:40   - Now that Apple is basically controlling all of the things,

00:33:44   it's just a question of, you know,

00:33:46   what chip you put in which case?

00:33:50   And they can do all sorts of things.

00:33:52   And I think they should definitely be flexible enough

00:33:55   that if you wanted a low end, but big screen product,

00:33:59   you can get one.

00:34:00   - All right, James, what's your choice?

00:34:02   - So continuing on the AR headset, VR headset,

00:34:07   I think that Apple will announce that Apple Arcade

00:34:11   will have AR and VR titles at the launch,

00:34:14   at the consumer launch of their headset.

00:34:16   - Okay.

00:34:18   - I wanna ask you about AR.

00:34:20   You mentioned this in an earlier pick

00:34:22   and I wanna ask about it again.

00:34:23   Are you thinking that you're gonna be able

00:34:26   to like see out of these things

00:34:27   or is it gonna be one of those things

00:34:29   where you're seeing a view of reality filtered

00:34:31   through the cameras that are on the outside of the thing?

00:34:33   - Oh, I think it will be a view

00:34:35   of reality filtered through cameras.

00:34:37   I mean, I think that still counts as augmented reality

00:34:40   because what you're seeing is, you know,

00:34:42   as close as they can do it,

00:34:46   it just looks like you're looking through a little window.

00:34:48   but I think it's gonna be entirely done through cameras

00:34:51   because projecting stuff directly into your eyes

00:34:55   or whatever, I think that technology is too far away.

00:34:58   - Or even transparent lenses that where they can,

00:35:00   they can reflect down like an overlay over,

00:35:03   like that's asking a lot of engineers.

00:35:04   - Yeah, I think like if they're gonna ship something in,

00:35:08   you know, the next six months to a year or whatever,

00:35:11   it's gonna be not a million miles away

00:35:14   from where an Oculus Quest is.

00:35:16   - Yeah.

00:35:17   - Yeah, I get this pick.

00:35:18   The only thing that I would suggest is that it's not going to be 2022 because Apple and gaming is

00:35:25   they're not exactly at the forefront. So I think it'll happen eventually, but I think it'll be more

00:35:29   like a 2023 thing. I think with this stuff, they're just going to, they're going to pay like a whole

00:35:36   lot of money AR and VR developers throw money at them. So they've got some stuff that they can say,

00:35:40   look, if you subscribe to Apple arcade, you also get games on this thing. Yeah, that could be,

00:35:45   I mean, that's essentially how Apple Arcade went down when it was launched,

00:35:48   was they just threw a bunch of money at people and said, "Here, make your game work with our thing."

00:35:53   And that's essentially what happened. And it's not like they have a shortage of money,

00:35:56   and they definitely want to promote this thing. If I had to guess a sort of a timeline based on

00:36:01   James's picks — James, tell me if this is what you're actually thinking — is there'll be a

00:36:05   developer kit announced at WWDC, and people will be evangelized on it. And then, like,

00:36:10   toward the end of the year, Apple will make an announcement that they're going to launch it,

00:36:15   and maybe that rolls into 22, but they will have made the,

00:36:18   they maybe they announced that they're going to ship it in the fall.

00:36:21   Does that, does that sort of fit with your timeline here?

00:36:24   I don't, it's hard to say, but I think the one thing like when they did like Apple TV and things

00:36:30   like that, developers could get an early version of that. And they had like, I think it was a couple

00:36:36   of months Headstar and similar. I have one of those Apple TVs.

00:36:41   But the AR/VR stuff is such a different way of doing it.

00:36:46   I mean, the Apple TV, you know,

00:36:47   it's basically like writing an iPhone app.

00:36:49   But this is, I think, you know,

00:36:51   this goes way beyond the picks,

00:36:52   but I think they're gonna have to introduce,

00:36:54   you know, whole UI frameworks, new things for this device.

00:36:58   - Okay, I guess what I'm asking though is that you did a,

00:37:02   you picked that this would be a developer kit,

00:37:04   but you're also saying when they launch it,

00:37:05   they're gonna have titles.

00:37:06   So those are like developers who were brought in

00:37:08   before the launch of the developer kit?

00:37:10   - No, I'm saying that when they,

00:37:13   Apple is going to announce that it will have titles

00:37:15   at the launch of the headset.

00:37:16   I'm saying that announcement will happen next year.

00:37:20   - Okay.

00:37:21   - I'm not necessarily saying that the titles ship,

00:37:23   but I think as when they do their,

00:37:26   at WWDC, they're obviously gonna talk about

00:37:29   the consumer headset, not just say,

00:37:31   oh, we've got this thing, it's only for developers,

00:37:34   everybody else look away.

00:37:35   So they're gonna talk about it

00:37:37   and they're gonna like say what their goals are

00:37:40   and what kind of things they wanna do.

00:37:42   So yeah.

00:37:43   - Jon, I feel like this headset thing

00:37:45   is our opportunity to dethrone James.

00:37:47   - I think it really is.

00:37:48   He's all in this year.

00:37:49   - Has to be done.

00:37:52   You've gotta be brave with your picks.

00:37:54   You know, you need passion.

00:37:55   So I'm told.

00:37:56   - Yeah, it's true.

00:37:56   Well, I'm gonna do the thing that I always do

00:37:58   that you guys give me a hard time for,

00:37:59   which is I try to include myself

00:38:01   in at least one of my picks.

00:38:02   So here it is.

00:38:03   - It's always about Jason.

00:38:04   - It is, it is.

00:38:05   It's always about me.

00:38:06   picking myself. Come on! So this is my choice and I know that we're in a rough time right

00:38:10   now in terms of the pandemic, but I'm going to choose to look on the bright side and be

00:38:13   optimistic and I'm going to predict that I will set foot on the Apple Park campus this

00:38:19   year by invitation. I'm not going to break in.

00:38:23   - Does this count if you go for a job interview? - No, because of the rules. I can't induce

00:38:28   it. I would have to agree to that. If they really secretly wanted to offer me a job by

00:38:34   a mysterious figure saying, "Come to the Alpa Park campus and go in this entrance and we

00:38:38   will tell you more will be revealed then at Cafe Max or whatever."

00:38:42   I'd be like, "Okay."

00:38:43   - Meet me in the underground parking lot in spot E31.

00:38:47   - What I'm really saying is, what I'm trying to encompass with this pick is, first off,

00:38:51   there might be an event with limited press at the Steve Jobs Theater, but also potentially

00:38:55   that they might do a briefing in person because those happen in briefing rooms. So I don't

00:39:00   want to just pick the Steve Jobs Theater. And if there's something else where they have

00:39:04   Sometimes they do weird stuff.

00:39:05   Apple hasn't done this so much,

00:39:06   but sometimes they do weird stuff where they're like,

00:39:08   "Come to see our AR thing,

00:39:11   and it'll be out by the rainbow in the center."

00:39:15   But that would still be an invitation to Apple Park.

00:39:16   I'm just saying, I will get back to Apple Park,

00:39:19   which I have not been into since 2019 iPhone event,

00:39:24   I think, so yeah.

00:39:25   - Well, I wanna exclude the visitor center, Jason,

00:39:28   'cause I don't want you driving down there this weekend

00:39:30   and buying a T-shirt.

00:39:32   - First off, the visitor center's not gonna invite

00:39:34   me and two it's not the campus right it's across the street it's very deliberately kept apart from

00:39:39   oh they don't they don't let the uh the uh the apple store buyers in the real campus that's

00:39:45   there's the gates and the you can go up to the roof and you can look at apple park through the

00:39:50   trees and you can see like a little glimpse of it but no they it is very there's a big wall all

00:39:55   right i just want to clarify that because i don't want i don't want any you know shenanigans like

00:39:59   like we had last year.

00:40:00   - Oh no, no shenanigans.

00:40:01   - I think that this is actually a fairly solid pick

00:40:04   because I had a draft pick which I'm not picking this time

00:40:08   but I think that they're not gonna have WWDC

00:40:12   but I think they are gonna get,

00:40:15   when they have this headset reveal,

00:40:18   they're gonna get people down to try it on

00:40:21   because unlike most of the other products,

00:40:25   I think actually using it in person

00:40:27   is gonna be such a big thing about it.

00:40:29   - All right, John, we're in round four

00:40:32   of the lightning round, what's your choice?

00:40:34   - All right, well this pick is probably

00:40:36   wish casting on my part, but you gotta lead

00:40:38   with your heart sometimes, so I'm gonna say that Apple--

00:40:40   - It's part of the passion.

00:40:41   - It is, it is.

00:40:42   I'm gonna say that Apple finally updates

00:40:44   Safari Reading List because they haven't touched it

00:40:46   since they created it, basically, and I would just,

00:40:49   all I want is something like folders, for instance,

00:40:51   or offline mode that actually works.

00:40:54   - Are you saying that Apple is the kind of company

00:40:57   that puts out features and then just never touches them again.

00:41:00   It happens once in a while, once in a great while,

00:41:03   but, or, you know, by great, I mean, most of the time.

00:41:06   But yeah, it does happen.

00:41:08   I think this is wish casting, but I love it.

00:41:10   It is wish casting, I understand.

00:41:12   James.

00:41:13   Okay, now this is my furthest out pick, I think.

00:41:18   The aforementioned AR/VR headset

00:41:22   is gonna have a sensor on it that can detect mouth shapes

00:41:25   and other facial expressions.

00:41:27   And the reason that I'm saying things like this

00:41:29   is so that when you're having a FaceTime 3D call

00:41:33   with somebody, this thing can animate your face

00:41:41   of your avatar or whatever based on your actual expressions.

00:41:45   - Wow, this is, you're heavy into the Memoji land here.

00:41:50   - Well, you know, Tim loves his Memoji.

00:41:53   Just imagine the front-facing sensor on an iPhone,

00:41:58   but that pointed down at your face.

00:42:02   - I mean, I'm okay with this pic.

00:42:03   I came to the realization a little while ago

00:42:05   that Memoji is one of those stealth features

00:42:08   that Apple has been talking about a lot,

00:42:11   thinking that it's just like,

00:42:12   why are they trying to make Memojis happen so hard?

00:42:15   And now I realize that it's because of AR and VR,

00:42:17   that they want everybody to have a personalized avatar

00:42:20   for themselves once they do a FaceTime

00:42:22   where they're wearing a headset.

00:42:23   - And they added like arms and stuff

00:42:26   in one of the recent updates.

00:42:27   Yeah, I think we're heading for full Memoji,

00:42:32   Memojification.

00:42:34   - If it's between the Memoji and Mark Zuckerberg's avatar

00:42:40   in the metaverse, I'll go with Memoji every time.

00:42:42   That's what I'm just saying.

00:42:44   - I don't love the Memoji art style,

00:42:46   but at least we're not all using Bitmoji,

00:42:49   'cause I really don't like Bitmoji.

00:42:51   Sorry to everybody who likes Bitmoji. I do not like them.

00:42:53   I'm gonna make a stagecraft pick now,

00:42:55   which is at some point in 2022,

00:42:57   there will be a video made for an Apple event

00:43:00   of some kind featuring Ted Lasso,

00:43:03   a pre-filmed Ted Lasso bit.

00:43:05   They're gonna do a Ted Lasso bit.

00:43:06   They're shooting the third season of Ted Lasso,

00:43:09   and I think that there will be something in there

00:43:10   that'll be like a little comedy bit that they will use.

00:43:13   I think Apple is not going to stop trying to exploit

00:43:16   Ted Lasso at every point,

00:43:19   And I think that this is now that they've won all the awards

00:43:21   and all of that and are back in production,

00:43:23   now is the time where they're gonna say,

00:43:25   "Can you make us write up a little comedy bit

00:43:28   "that we'll do for the next Apple event?"

00:43:31   And that they will.

00:43:32   So that's my pick is just like,

00:43:34   never underestimate Apple's promotion of Ted Lasso.

00:43:37   - I can totally see a slightly nervous Tim backstage

00:43:40   being given a pep talk by Ted.

00:43:42   I mean, that just feels like it's so surprising

00:43:45   it hasn't happened already.

00:43:47   - Yeah, that's true too.

00:43:47   They could do it then.

00:43:49   Well, now that they're in production, they couldn't do it.

00:43:51   They could do it with the cast, but they're right.

00:43:52   Jason Sudeikis could just come out and shoot that somewhere.

00:43:55   They could do a fake backstage in London.

00:43:56   There are lots of ways to do it.

00:43:57   I'm just saying, how will they resist?

00:43:59   So I don't think they will.

00:44:00   - I'm hoping for the Claymation version,

00:44:02   like the little Christmas short that they did

00:44:04   with a little Clay Tim coming out on the stage.

00:44:06   - Oh man, the Apple holiday special in Claymation.

00:44:09   - Yes.

00:44:10   - That's what we need.

00:44:11   Next year, we should do our holiday special in Claymation.

00:44:13   Nobody will know.

00:44:14   We could do it now.

00:44:15   We could just say we're in Claymation now

00:44:16   and nobody would know.

00:44:17   - We are.

00:44:17   What are you saying? Of course we are.

00:44:20   - Of course we are. We are.

00:44:21   That's officially it.

00:44:22   Last round, Jon, what's your last pick?

00:44:25   - All right, well, you know that Apple bought

00:44:27   Primephonic in 2021, and I think that we will see in 2022

00:44:31   the introduction of a classical music-focused app.

00:44:36   I think this is kind of a lock.

00:44:37   They've all but said that they're doing this,

00:44:40   and I think that music is ripe for a little bit of a refresh.

00:44:47   both with breaking out something like classical music,

00:44:50   which doesn't fit the model of the music app

00:44:53   as it exists today, but also possibly,

00:44:57   and this is not part of the pick,

00:44:58   splitting out streaming and owned music.

00:45:01   I really think that that ought to be done at some point.

00:45:03   I'm not sure that that'll ever be done,

00:45:05   but I think classical is different enough

00:45:08   that they will in fact do a separate classical app.

00:45:11   - I've got a suggestion for the name of the app, Jon.

00:45:13   Classical music.

00:45:15   (laughing)

00:45:18   - That would be very, very appropriate, Jason.

00:45:21   - Right, we got music, classical music.

00:45:24   - The problem with that is it's too long

00:45:26   to fit on an iPhone screen.

00:45:28   So I think it's just gonna be classical.

00:45:31   - Oh, maybe it'll be like class dot dot dot music.

00:45:35   - Classy.

00:45:36   - Yeah, that's good.

00:45:39   I'm just saying, and Apple Music's right there,

00:45:40   so just Apple, it's classical music.

00:45:43   Come on, make it happen. - Classical Apple.

00:45:44   - Classic. - Oh, James?

00:45:46   - So this is also wish casting in a way.

00:45:50   My pick is that no Apple executive will say the words

00:45:55   metaverse, blockchain, or NFT

00:45:58   during any Apple event in 2022.

00:46:01   - Oh, I think that's a good call, actually.

00:46:04   - I agree.

00:46:05   - I will be really disappointed if they do.

00:46:07   (laughing)

00:46:08   - So will I.

00:46:09   - I'm not mad.

00:46:11   I'm just disappointed you used that word.

00:46:14   No, I think you're right. I think even if Apple did things that were involving the metaverse,

00:46:17   the blockchain, and the NFTs, I think that they wouldn't call it that because Apple's

00:46:24   too proud and they would be like, "No, no, no. This isn't blockchain. This is using secure

00:46:28   encryption technology to verify your..." They would tech it up and Apple it up and they

00:46:33   wouldn't call it blockchain.

00:46:34   And pretty much any company that's announced something with NFTs has had to do a notes

00:46:38   apology about three days later saying that they have dropped all plans to do it. So I

00:46:44   should say any reputable company.

00:46:46   I like it. And I like the Stagecraft picks, so thank you. I am gonna go way out on the

00:46:54   limb, guys, with the vaguest of picks, and yet I think it's risky because you never know

00:46:58   with Apple. I predict, and I'm picking for my last pick, the last pick of the pickies

00:47:03   for this year. Apple will introduce a new service with a monthly fee option.

00:47:09   - classical music - huh? could be anything! I don't care but I just it's like Apple

00:47:15   will find another way to pull money out of your wallet. - I can't see that it be

00:47:20   the classical music thing because they're not gonna pull all the existing

00:47:22   classical music out of the Apple music app but yeah I could see definitely them

00:47:26   doing something. Apple love services revenue. - yeah I don't know what it is I

00:47:32   actually that's why I think it's a tricky pick is I don't know whether it's... that would be another

00:47:37   name we could call this the trickies well nah that's not gonna get you. Tricky pickies so I do think that

00:47:43   I struggle to figure out what it is but I have faith in Apple. I've got a suggestion and I

00:47:51   think it's going to be a difficult one. They do a paid service around health. Interesting.

00:47:58   Interesting.

00:47:58   So for $10 a month, we will tell you

00:48:03   if you've got a deadly disease, or I don't know, whatever.

00:48:05   But they could do something.

00:48:07   I think there's a lot in the health space,

00:48:09   which is also very highly regulated.

00:48:11   But if, say they introduce new sensors on an Apple Watch,

00:48:15   which go beyond the kind of like,

00:48:17   just base consumer level stuff, like, I don't know,

00:48:21   blood sugar monitoring and that kind of thing,

00:48:22   maybe they have a service that goes along with that.

00:48:26   So what you're saying, James, is your Apple Watch can tell you whether you're about to

00:48:29   die but only if you pay $9.99 a month?

00:48:33   Well I don't think Tim is going to announce it like that, but yeah.

00:48:37   It would be a shame if something happened to you.

00:48:40   Nice buddy, you've got that.

00:48:42   Shame if something happened to you.

00:48:43   All right, well that does it.

00:48:44   That wraps up the annual pickies and we'll just have to be back here in a year to do

00:48:50   the calculations and figure out how we all did.

00:48:55   - I'm feeling pretty confident.

00:48:57   - I'm feeling really good about my picks this year.

00:48:59   - I feel like the WWDC will tell all

00:49:03   because that'll be James's all or nothing bet on AR.

00:49:07   - Yeah, definitely.

00:49:09   - And of course I imagine the connected listeners,

00:49:12   our favorite connected listeners,

00:49:14   the connected as I like to call them, the connected.

00:49:17   I'm sure somebody out there has already created

00:49:21   a a picky's spreadsheet, which is got all of the deductions

00:49:26   for points and all of that in there

00:49:27   and the extra bonuses for the first half of the year.

00:49:30   And, and I'm sure it's already there.

00:49:33   So thank you for that.

00:49:33   And we'll watch out for that.

00:49:34   Let's move on.

00:49:35   But before we do that, we have our next sponsor.

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00:50:30   - Exactly.

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00:50:40   It doesn't really work so plus.

00:50:42   - Connected dollar sign had problems

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00:50:45   - Yeah. - It's true.

00:50:46   - You know. - It's also a little too real.

00:50:47   - Yeah.

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00:51:06   All right, we have lots of leftover questions

00:51:08   in the connected Q&A doc, so we're gonna blow them out.

00:51:11   We're gonna do a lot of Q&A for the rest of the show,

00:51:14   this holiday special.

00:51:16   Now, we have 20 loaded up in the show dock,

00:51:19   and I have a dice by Peacock here with a D20 loaded

00:51:22   and ready to go.

00:51:24   And so I'm gonna roll the dice,

00:51:26   and we're gonna answer some questions.

00:51:29   Do you, you guys ready?

00:51:31   - And we're gonna stay here until we've done all 20.

00:51:33   - All 20, that's right.

00:51:35   - There's gonna be a lot of repeats next to the end,

00:51:38   but we'll just keep going.

00:51:40   - Yeah, yeah, you're right.

00:51:42   It's just gonna be how it is.

00:51:43   Okay, here we go.

00:51:46   13. TM Trains writes, "What road trip, i.e. driving in a car to get places,

00:51:52   would you want to go on that you haven't yet?" Hmm. So, here's how I think I'll answer this.

00:52:00   I've got two answers. In the U.S., I'd say the Grand Tetons. I've not spent nearly enough time

00:52:05   out west, especially in Wyoming and in the northwest parts of the U.S. So that's where I'd

00:52:11   I'd go in the US, but abroad, I'd go all over Italy.

00:52:15   I'd like to see both coasts and go from the south

00:52:19   to the north and end up in the Alps.

00:52:21   So I'd like to see more of Italy.

00:52:22   I've only seen Rome and Florence so far.

00:52:24   - James, what do you think?

00:52:25   - Well, for driving a car, I think,

00:52:28   so my answer is gonna be the States.

00:52:31   And I'm picking that because it means one of two things.

00:52:34   Either somebody has built an extremely long bridge

00:52:38   between the UK and the US,

00:52:40   Or I have one of those cars that I can just drive into the water and I can just go along

00:52:46   and then I'll drive up on a beach somewhere.

00:52:48   Maybe Hawaii.

00:52:49   Oh, you're James Bond is what you are.

00:52:51   Well, I can't really comment on that, but they are casting the new one.

00:52:58   And yeah, so that's what I would like, but I would actually like to do a car road trip

00:53:01   of the States.

00:53:03   How about, we're actually talking about doing this at some point.

00:53:07   and I want to drive to visit our friends in Edmonton, which is way the heck up there.

00:53:16   So we would be driving through Nevada and Utah and Idaho and Montana and then through

00:53:22   a whole lot of Alberta to get all the way up to Edmonton and then maybe come back going

00:53:27   through like by Banff and through the mountains and then down and into Washington and Oregon.

00:53:32   I have done that. Yeah, I've done the Canadian Rockies years ago and it was fun. Yeah, I'm

00:53:36   I'm looking forward to that.

00:53:38   All right, let's roll the dice.

00:53:40   - Eight. - Eight.

00:53:44   This is from David S.

00:53:46   "How do you use messages?

00:53:48   Do you use the subject field or read receipts?

00:53:51   How often do you send Memojis?"

00:53:54   Lots of questions here.

00:53:54   "How long do you keep your messages,

00:53:56   30 days, one year or forever?

00:53:57   And do you sync them with iCloud

00:53:58   or do they live separately on each device?"

00:54:00   - Well, I think I use messages

00:54:03   not a million miles away from how I used SMS.

00:54:06   I don't use many of the features.

00:54:09   I do use read receipts, which I like,

00:54:12   although they can be a problem.

00:54:14   I keep my messages forever.

00:54:16   (mumbles)

00:54:17   And I don't have messages in iCloud switched on,

00:54:21   but they still sync between all the devices.

00:54:24   Whether they're backed up is another matter.

00:54:28   But yeah, I don't really do anything fancy.

00:54:30   And I sent Memojis for about a day

00:54:33   when they were introduced.

00:54:34   And yeah, I think it's the thing that I do now

00:54:41   that I didn't do is I react to things, you know,

00:54:44   with a little thumbs up or a heart.

00:54:46   All right, so subject field, never.

00:54:48   Never used it, and if someone uses it with me,

00:54:51   I think I would probably block them in terms of--

00:54:54   (laughing)

00:54:55   I'll keep that in mind.

00:54:57   Keep that in mind, guys.

00:54:58   In terms of read receipts, only with my family,

00:55:01   not with friends and other people.

00:55:03   Memojis, no, not really, hardly ever,

00:55:06   maybe a couple of times.

00:55:07   And I archive everything, I keep it all.

00:55:11   But I don't really get hung up on whether or not

00:55:13   my messages are on every single device.

00:55:17   If I feel like I have to start fresh on an iPhone

00:55:19   or something, I'll do that and I won't worry

00:55:22   about having all those old messages on there.

00:55:25   But yeah, I sync everything with iCloud too.

00:55:27   So I think that's it.

00:55:29   I will ask you guys one question.

00:55:31   I'm gonna have a follow-up question here.

00:55:33   As a friend of the show and listener myself,

00:55:35   is that I wanna know whether you hesitate

00:55:38   to send a message to somebody in a faraway time zone

00:55:42   because you're concerned about sending a message

00:55:44   very late or not.

00:55:46   I mean, personally, I will answer this first,

00:55:48   which is I don't.

00:55:50   I feel like that's on them.

00:55:51   I know enough people in enough places

00:55:52   that if they don't know how to put on Do Not Disturb,

00:55:56   that's kind of on them and they can,

00:55:58   I'll send it even if it's middle of the night for them.

00:56:00   - Yeah, my problem is more at the very early end of things.

00:56:03   It's like, do I send this message knowing that,

00:56:06   I've got up and I'm looking at something,

00:56:07   but they're asleep.

00:56:09   But as you say, A, for start,

00:56:11   you do get the little notification now

00:56:13   that says that they have notification silenced.

00:56:15   So you can be reasonably sure in that case,

00:56:18   but yeah, people should figure out

00:56:22   how to put do not disturb on.

00:56:23   - So I'll answer the follow-up question first.

00:56:26   I'm also very much in the feeling of,

00:56:28   I'm not gonna worry about it

00:56:29   because they should be using Do Not Disturb.

00:56:31   And I assume that everybody that I'm communicating with

00:56:33   has probably got stuff like that set up.

00:56:37   I think about it, but I usually don't worry about it.

00:56:39   I work with so many people like James,

00:56:41   who are in far off time zones,

00:56:43   that I just think of things to tell them and I tell them.

00:56:46   And I figured that they'll get up in the morning

00:56:48   and they'll see it and then they'll answer me.

00:56:49   And then I will be asleep

00:56:50   and then I will see it the next morning.

00:56:52   and then for the few hours that we're awake together,

00:56:55   we could have a conversation.

00:56:57   I just had this bite me.

00:56:59   Well, it didn't really bite me,

00:57:00   but it made me worried for a minute,

00:57:02   which was that I sent a question to Rosemary Orchard

00:57:07   about a podcast that she had done for "The Incomparable."

00:57:12   And if she did the map capture for "Total Party Kills,"

00:57:16   so she had a video file and I couldn't find it,

00:57:18   and I was like, "Okay, I'll just ask her in the relay slack."

00:57:21   "Do you have that file?" And it was 4 a.m. UK time, 3 a.m., and she answered me. And

00:57:28   I was like, "Oh no, did I just wake you up?" And she said, "No, no, I was up." You know,

00:57:32   she had some insomnia or something and she was up. And I was like, "Oh, thank God." Because

00:57:35   I had that moment of like, "Oh no, a thing that I don't really need immediately at all.

00:57:39   I just wanted to lay it there so she'd find it the next day." But she said it was fine

00:57:43   and she was actually up. Or she was lying to me and very polite, which is also possible.

00:57:46   I have noticed that my waking hours have slipped more towards sort of the US time zones because

00:57:55   I'm just talking to the likes of you all the time and I don't go to bed until like

00:58:00   2, 3 a.m.

00:58:01   I might have slipped closer to Europe, but that's a whole other story.

00:58:06   As for the rest of this question, I'm similar to Jon. I don't use the subject field. I

00:58:12   I do use read receipts.

00:58:13   I just leave them on, I don't care.

00:58:16   I never send em emojis and I do iCloud messages in the cloud

00:58:20   and basically assume that they'll stay there forever.

00:58:23   So yeah, that's it.

00:58:25   Shall I roll?

00:58:26   - Yeah. - Go for it.

00:58:28   (drumming)

00:58:31   - 11.

00:58:31   - Max R.

00:58:33   If Apple was going to force another album

00:58:36   into people's music libraries, what would they pick?

00:58:40   So I'm gonna say that Coldplay fits the same vibe these days

00:58:45   and would be equally roundly mocked

00:58:48   if it appeared in a music library.

00:58:50   So yeah, some terrible Coldplay album.

00:58:54   - Hmm, interesting.

00:58:55   Well, you know, one thing that I actually have found

00:58:58   the U2 album very useful for

00:59:01   is that whenever I see it showing up in my Airplay list,

00:59:05   I know that there's something wrong with one of my home pods

00:59:07   because it's got this special status inside music

00:59:11   where if it's not connected to the rest of your library,

00:59:15   it'll still always connect to Age of Innocence.

00:59:17   But I'm gonna go with a Bruce Springsteen,

00:59:20   a future Bruce Springsteen album.

00:59:21   I'm thinking that Bruce Springsteen,

00:59:23   while he's an icon and a great musician,

00:59:26   is really not quite with the current times

00:59:30   and I assume not super popular with the youngest generations.

00:59:34   So I'm thinking Bruce Springsteen.

00:59:36   I think that is a great pick, 'cause What You Want,

00:59:38   and I love you too, but that's not a good album.

00:59:41   - No, it's not.

00:59:42   - And it's not, it's just, it's not a good album.

00:59:44   Apple wants to be cool, but they need to find somebody

00:59:50   who's gonna be happy that they bought literally

00:59:54   everybody in the world their album.

00:59:56   - Yeah, they wanna be cool like a dad wants to be cool

00:59:59   and with about the same success rate.

01:00:04   - Yeah, so I'm just gonna say Billie Eilish.

01:00:06   They're gonna pony up for Billie Eilish

01:00:07   and they're just gonna give her album away to everybody.

01:00:09   Maybe it's an EP or something.

01:00:10   Maybe it's not a whole album, but like, yeah.

01:00:13   - That's a good pick

01:00:14   because she is on an Amazon Echo after all.

01:00:16   I mean, you know, that feels like that's in the same vein.

01:00:21   - Yeah, I mean, all these tech,

01:00:23   if you're a big artist like that, it's great

01:00:25   because all these tech companies

01:00:26   are just throwing you money and so you take it.

01:00:30   - Absolutely. - You do, you take it.

01:00:32   Jeremy, I'm incredibly hyped by how AR and VR could change how we interact with others

01:00:42   in the world. What piece or idea of future tech are you most looking forward to in your

01:00:47   lifetime?

01:00:48   Well, I hope this is my lifetime. I would like some medical tech that directly interfaces

01:00:54   with my nervous system and lets me switch off specific pain receptors and things like

01:00:59   that because I don't know how much longer I've got left but it would be nice to be

01:01:04   able to enjoy it.

01:01:05   All right.

01:01:06   I'm going to go with … I've had a Roomba now for about six months and I kind of like

01:01:11   it.

01:01:12   The little guy gets around my house, sweeping up my floors but what I really want him to

01:01:17   do is to clean the bathrooms and I want a robot to do that for me.

01:01:21   I haven't had a robot do that and that would be great to kind of put that short of the

01:01:25   side and let a robot take care of it.

01:01:27   tech or self-driving cars. I'm just gonna say it. I don't think it's actually gonna happen,

01:01:30   but I am gonna hold out hope that there would be self-driving cars at some point, especially by the

01:01:37   time that I'm older and not able to drive well. Or if I can't see well or whatever it is, like,

01:01:43   I really would love at that point to be able to still have mobility. And I don't know if it's

01:01:49   actually gonna happen, but I would love that. Let's roll the dice. All right.

01:01:56   Three. Ryan, is Universal Control ever going to ship?

01:02:01   I say yes in the spring as a demo at the next event.

01:02:05   I'm going to say yes it's going to ship because it's not like hardware, you know,

01:02:10   you can keep changing stuff in software up to the last minute and you can always push it off,

01:02:15   but things like, you know, the air power, it's, you know, you're kind of locked in on a design

01:02:22   fairly early and it's not as flexible, but software, yeah, you can you can scrap it and

01:02:26   you can start again. Which, who knows, they may have done.

01:02:29   Uh, I picked it. So yes, is my answer. Before WWDC it will ship. Maybe it won't all be there,

01:02:38   maybe it won't be as originally conceived, but I think it will ship.

01:02:40   15. 15. Justin Hamilton, if you opened a connected

01:02:47   cafe, what kind of food would you serve? Wow.

01:02:51   Oh good question. I've got one for this. I would serve pizza first of all, but I

01:02:57   would also have an extensive and excellent beer list. But here's the thing,

01:03:02   I would have one bad beer on my list and if you ordered that beer you would be

01:03:09   kicked out of the bar and banned for life. Wow. That is how I would decide who

01:03:14   my customers are. So that's the Connected Cafe right there. Pizza and beer, but with

01:03:19   a threat if you pick that one beer that you'll never be able to come in again.

01:03:24   Oh for my pick, possibly similar lines, I just wrote down "revenge served piping hot."

01:03:31   James, revenge is a dish best served cold. What are you talking about?

01:03:36   It's not. You want it hot, trust me.

01:03:39   Ah well, John, it's a theme of this episode, John keeps picking my things because pizza and beer is

01:03:44   absolutely what I would pick. I thank you, John, for not saying I'm also going to put a bad pizza

01:03:48   on the menu and it's got pineapple on it because that would offend me. Oh no no no I'm into

01:03:54   pineapple pizza myself Jason. All right we're relaxed up on that one. We're okay. I'm looking

01:03:58   forward to this pizza beer and revenge cafe but we are coming up. I am going to serve burritos

01:04:06   because I'm from California and everybody should like burritos. Burritos are good, especially good

01:04:10   burritos are good, so you can have burritos at our place. And that's the Triple J Cafe opening in

01:04:16   locations in San Francisco, Chicago, and Glasgow.

01:04:20   - Yes.

01:04:22   - All right, here goes the dice.

01:04:24   - 17.

01:04:28   - We haven't had a double yet.

01:04:29   - I know that I could calculate the probability,

01:04:31   but I'm not going to.

01:04:32   - Don't do it.

01:04:33   17 is Sam.

01:04:35   Keyboards, what's the deal?

01:04:38   - So I say keyboards a passing fad.

01:04:41   You know, in the brave new world of AR headsets,

01:04:43   we're gonna be typing directly onto tables

01:04:46   or in the air or something and physical keyboards.

01:04:48   - Boo.

01:04:49   - Gonna be like a thing for old people.

01:04:53   - Wow, you are all in on this James,

01:04:56   all in on this AR thing.

01:04:57   - James, are you wearing like AR goggles right now?

01:05:00   - I couldn't possibly comment.

01:05:03   - Oh.

01:05:04   - If I had a developer prototype,

01:05:06   you know, I'd be under NDA.

01:05:08   - What I like, I didn't use mechanical keyboards

01:05:11   for a long time and keyboards like the deal is

01:05:13   that you need to type letters and so you need a keyboard.

01:05:15   but I like, assuming Sam is asking about mechanical keyboards

01:05:18   or enthusiasm in keyboards,

01:05:19   I really like the sound and the tactility of it.

01:05:20   And that's why I say to James,

01:05:23   you're gonna need to replicate the sound

01:05:24   and the tactility of it.

01:05:25   Sound you can do, tactility, you're gonna need something.

01:05:29   Maybe it's just gloves or something

01:05:31   that will give you some force

01:05:33   as you're doing your typing on the table.

01:05:35   I'm willing to accept that that's a possibility,

01:05:37   but that's what I want is I wanna be able to do it by feel.

01:05:40   And it's hard to do it by feel

01:05:41   when you're literally feeling nothing.

01:05:42   - Yeah, no, I get that.

01:05:44   - There could be some kind of little device

01:05:46   that you place on the table that, you know,

01:05:48   at least makes it vibrate in ways

01:05:51   when your fingers are over the keys or something.

01:05:53   - You have a haptic feedback table.

01:05:55   Yeah, sure, James.

01:05:57   - Or just gloves, just the haptic feedback gloves.

01:06:01   - It's like a giant magic track pad.

01:06:02   I don't know what the deal is with keyboards.

01:06:05   It's not something that I've personally ever been into.

01:06:07   I actually like the Apple keyboards a lot.

01:06:10   I have experimented with like Logitech MX keys

01:06:14   in those keyboards in the past,

01:06:16   but now that I have Touch ID on my keyboard, I love it.

01:06:21   And I actually kind of like the shallow throw

01:06:22   of the Apple keyboard.

01:06:24   So that's kind of how I go with things.

01:06:27   - That's right.

01:06:28   That's the deal, that's fine.

01:06:29   Everybody should use the keyboards that they like.

01:06:31   I think that some people don't like

01:06:33   the laptop style keyboards, which Apple now fancies.

01:06:36   I think Apple is absolutely making the right decision

01:06:40   in, since most people use laptops,

01:06:42   to make laptop style keyboards the norm.

01:06:44   And they've been doing that for a long time.

01:06:46   And I think that's perfectly fine.

01:06:47   That said, I prefer the ones with more travel

01:06:51   and more clickiness.

01:06:52   And I love the magic keyboard for iPad.

01:06:54   I think it's great,

01:06:55   but I would prefer a mechanical keyboard

01:06:58   if I could help it.

01:06:59   That's fine.

01:06:59   I'm not a,

01:07:00   something we said before the show about like

01:07:01   pronouncing Jif or Gif or whatever.

01:07:04   Like there are more than one way of doing things

01:07:07   and there's not just one right or wrong way.

01:07:09   - That is right.

01:07:10   - You can pronounce things different ways.

01:07:11   you can like different keyboards, it's okay.

01:07:13   Right, roll the dice.

01:07:15   - 14.

01:07:19   - Still haven't gotten a double, we are lucky today.

01:07:22   Brants wrote, "What piece of media, if any,

01:07:24   helped you get through the deepest

01:07:26   and longest parts of quarantine?"

01:07:28   - Well, for me, it started with Animal Crossing

01:07:31   on the Switch and there was Ted Lasso as well.

01:07:34   But really, the thing that helped me most

01:07:36   through the worst parts of quarantine

01:07:40   your first quarantine, however you want to put it,

01:07:42   was playing the White Sparrow set of adventures

01:07:45   on Total Party Kill.

01:07:46   That was a great set of things

01:07:49   and, you know, basically hanging out with your friends.

01:07:52   -Yeah, that was fun.

01:07:53   And that's -- We played that out,

01:07:55   the White Sparrow adventures on Total Party Kill.

01:07:57   We played them out this year on the feed,

01:07:59   but they were very much a height of lockdown project

01:08:03   where we were all not going anywhere or doing anything,

01:08:06   and we spent our spring and a little bit of summer

01:08:09   playing a lot of D&D, which has taken a year to roll out. But I agree with you, James. That was

01:08:14   a real—it was just nice being with people, even if it was on Zoom and having fun and playing a game.

01:08:18   That was a real sanity helper. I think that I'm going to go with music in general, but

01:08:24   specifically Phoebe Bridger's Punisher album was an album that I had on repeat for a lot of 2020. So

01:08:30   that album helped, even though it's kind of a moody album at times. And maybe you could have

01:08:36   it sent me into a deeper funk. I liked it a lot. It helped in general, but music is

01:08:45   something, I don't know, I did about a thousand hours of music in 2020, but that was right

01:08:51   at the top of the list.

01:08:52   Steve McLaughlin It's funny how music connects you with a

01:08:54   particular time. I had that where there's a NaNoWriMo that I wrote a novel in, you know,

01:09:00   in a month, and there was a very particular Image and Heap album that I played over and

01:09:05   over and over and every time I hear it I think of that time. For 2020 it was Notes on a Conditional

01:09:10   Form by the 1975. That was the album that I had. Apple did its little thing, its little

01:09:15   like 2020 and rewind at the end of the year for my Apple Music account and it was like,

01:09:20   you listen to and it was every track on Notes on a Conditional Form at the top and then

01:09:24   some other stuff. And I was like, yep, that's about right. I just listened to that album

01:09:27   over and over. And it's, you know, these days I listen to a lot of playlists. I listen to

01:09:31   to a lot of the Apple Music curated playlists.

01:09:34   So I'm listening to a lot of singles or tracks,

01:09:36   but not whole albums.

01:09:37   But every now and then an album just completely captures me.

01:09:40   And last year it was "Notes on a Conditional Form."

01:09:43   This year it was a Church's album, "Screen Violence."

01:09:45   Same thing.

01:09:46   - Yep, great album.

01:09:47   - And for TV, it's "Taskmaster."

01:09:49   I was introduced to "Taskmaster" last year

01:09:50   and found every episode.

01:09:52   And we watch those as a family

01:09:53   because my daughter came home from college

01:09:55   and my son was of course logged down with us.

01:09:57   And so we were all just,

01:09:58   'cause he's a high school student,

01:09:59   so we were all just in the house all the time.

01:10:01   and that was one of our kind of nesting things that we did as a family is just we watched

01:10:05   Taskmaster and there are not that many shows that will get all of us together and enthusiastic

01:10:10   but that if you haven't seen it there are episodes on YouTube it's a UK game show sort

01:10:16   of comedy show sort of where a bunch of comedians have to do silly tasks and it is hilarious

01:10:22   and that was our pandemic save like life saver for us as a family.

01:10:26   - And I believe a lot of it is on YouTube officially.

01:10:29   - Yes, it is officially on the Taskmaster channel.

01:10:31   Even if you're in the US, you can see a lot of episodes.

01:10:34   It's great.

01:10:35   I'll roll the dice.

01:10:36   I'm gonna cross out Brant's here.

01:10:38   I gotta keep track of what we've already covered.

01:10:40   - Yep.

01:10:41   (dice clacking)

01:10:43   Six.

01:10:44   - Another original.

01:10:45   This is from JD.

01:10:48   What is your favorite food?

01:10:51   - I'm gonna say beef Massaman curry with Thai basil.

01:10:54   And this was a dish that I had the first time I came to the US

01:11:00   in Mountain View, of all places.

01:11:02   And I spent about a decade--

01:11:04   or more accurately, my wife spent about a decade

01:11:08   trying to recreate that dish.

01:11:10   And it turned out it was the Thai basil, which

01:11:13   was the little addition that made it perfect.

01:11:17   And that is absolutely my favorite.

01:11:18   Interesting.

01:11:20   Pizza's a food group for me.

01:11:22   So I already started a cafe with pizza.

01:11:24   I'm gonna choose pizza for my favorite food too.

01:11:27   - Ah, that's good.

01:11:28   My favorite food is peanut butter.

01:11:29   I realized this like five years ago.

01:11:32   I always would say like favorite dish.

01:11:34   And so I would say like flank steak or something like that.

01:11:38   There's a favorite dishes out there.

01:11:39   I'm doing a soy ginger marinated flank steak.

01:11:41   That's really great.

01:11:42   But food period, it's peanut butter.

01:11:45   I had peanut butter every day.

01:11:47   I'll eat it as a snack.

01:11:48   I like it in stuff.

01:11:50   I like the flavor of it in cookies or whatever.

01:11:52   I just, I love it.

01:11:53   And I know that it's not for everybody, but it is for me.

01:11:56   And if I ever became a vegetarian,

01:11:59   I would subsist on peanut butter.

01:12:01   That's what I'm saying.

01:12:02   - It's a good thing you don't have any co-hosts

01:12:03   with the peanut allergy.

01:12:05   - I have a question for you, Jason.

01:12:07   What's your position on pretzels

01:12:10   with peanut butter on the inside?

01:12:12   - I kind of get it.

01:12:14   I don't love them, but I get it

01:12:16   because you've got the little pretzelly crunch

01:12:18   and you've got the salty flavor.

01:12:20   I'm not gonna say what you probably expect me to say,

01:12:23   which is it's just pretzels getting in the way

01:12:25   of good peanut butter.

01:12:26   'Cause it's, I get it, it's not my favorite,

01:12:29   but I don't think it's offensive.

01:12:32   Like I can see why people would wanna find other ways

01:12:35   of enjoying peanut butter,

01:12:36   and it's a lot less messy if they're inside the pretzel

01:12:39   than like outside it.

01:12:41   - That is true.

01:12:42   I think they usually use an inferior peanut butter,

01:12:45   which is part of the problem, I think.

01:12:47   - Yes, oh, that's for sure.

01:12:49   I mean, I use the natural peanut butter

01:12:52   in my day-to-day life, the kind that you have to stir up

01:12:54   or the peanut oil separates.

01:12:56   And I know that a lot of people,

01:12:59   they've engineered peanut butter, they add sweetener to it,

01:13:01   or they add a different kind of oil that is shelf stable

01:13:04   and doesn't separate at room temperature.

01:13:06   I prefer the natural kind.

01:13:09   The stuff that's in the pretzels is undoubtedly

01:13:11   the most adulterated peanut butter, right?

01:13:13   It's gonna be the stuff that the oil's been replaced

01:13:16   or removed and the sugar's been added.

01:13:18   So it's not really peanut butter anymore,

01:13:21   but it's got that flavor.

01:13:22   It's a nice flavor.

01:13:23   I like it.

01:13:24   - All right, very good.

01:13:25   - Now for our gifts next year,

01:13:27   I'm gonna write down to get you a peanut butter maker.

01:13:31   Just put peanuts in the top

01:13:33   and peanut butter comes out the bottom.

01:13:34   (dice clacking)

01:13:36   - Six.

01:13:37   - Oh, we already did six.

01:13:38   - That's a double.

01:13:39   - Yeah.

01:13:40   (dice clacking)

01:13:43   - 10.

01:13:44   Matt V, you're both successful writers on the internet.

01:13:48   Burn, James, burn.

01:13:50   Any advice for writers starting out

01:13:52   well past the blocking heyday of yesteryear?

01:13:54   - Yeah, I mean, I'm just a humble,

01:13:55   lifetime award-winning developer, but what do I know?

01:13:58   (laughing)

01:13:59   - Wow. - Nothing about writing.

01:14:00   - I don't know, Jason, where do you wanna go?

01:14:02   I think where I would go with this

01:14:04   is that there's no one path that works for everybody.

01:14:08   Just look at me and Jason.

01:14:09   We have very different backgrounds, for sure, so.

01:14:13   - I didn't go to law school?

01:14:14   - Yes, and I didn't. - You didn't work in a magazine?

01:14:16   - No. (laughs)

01:14:18   - People ask me about this every now and then,

01:14:21   and what I say is, the great thing about being

01:14:23   on the internet today,

01:14:24   I know that it's not the same as it was,

01:14:26   but the great thing on the internet today

01:14:27   is if you're interested in something,

01:14:28   first off, you can always publish it yourself.

01:14:30   - Right.

01:14:31   - And that shows your writing to the world.

01:14:33   And you may get an audience from that,

01:14:35   but also you're showing your writing to the world

01:14:36   and other people will take notice.

01:14:37   Or if you wanna approach somebody and say,

01:14:39   "I would like to write for you,"

01:14:41   you can say, "Look at what I write."

01:14:43   And that does two things.

01:14:43   One, they can read your writing and say,

01:14:45   "Oh, this person can write."

01:14:46   And two, this person is interested in the subject matter

01:14:50   that they're writing about,

01:14:51   which is what I want to use them for.

01:14:52   And that is not something, it used to be like,

01:14:56   here's a clip from my college newspaper,

01:14:57   or like, I would hear from people

01:15:00   who wanted to write for Macworld,

01:15:00   who'd be like, "I have nothing published anywhere

01:15:03   that you can read."

01:15:04   And it was not that understandable even in like the 2000s,

01:15:08   but it's certainly not understandable now.

01:15:09   So I'd say number one thing is write.

01:15:11   Also, you'll get better.

01:15:12   The more articles you write,

01:15:13   if you say, "I want to write about apps,"

01:15:15   like John in Federico,

01:15:17   the more of those articles you write,

01:15:18   the better you'll get.

01:15:20   And then you start taking the old ones down

01:15:22   and keeping the newer ones and saying,

01:15:23   "See, look at my app writing, it's good."

01:15:25   And I think that that is a huge,

01:15:28   as somebody who's been on the other side,

01:15:29   looking for good writers,

01:15:31   having that evidence in public view of your enthusiasm

01:15:34   and of your capability is the number one best thing

01:15:38   when I'm looking for a new writer.

01:15:40   Yeah, that's absolutely true. I mean, I think the fact my writing has improved so much just over the

01:15:46   last five years or so that I've been doing this kind of full time. And it's all just because I've

01:15:51   written like 1800 stories or something since I started in the late 2015. And, you know, that's

01:15:58   kind of what it takes is just constantly writing. And I'm with you, Jason. I mean, we actually are

01:16:03   always on the lookout for somebody to write with us and do some freelance work. And it's always,

01:16:09   We keep an eye on everybody who's writing about Apple.

01:16:13   It may not always look like we are, but we are.

01:16:16   And there actually aren't that many people doing it

01:16:19   kind of on a consistent basis right now.

01:16:21   But if we're ever gonna add somebody to help us out,

01:16:24   it's because they've got that catalog of writing

01:16:28   that they've already done that we like, we think's good,

01:16:30   and shows an interest.

01:16:32   - Yeah, so invest in yourself and put in that time

01:16:37   and do the work and maybe you start not posting it

01:16:38   and then when you're proud of it, you post it.

01:16:40   Nobody needs to read it right away, but it's out there.

01:16:43   And then somebody may notice

01:16:44   or you can send a link to somebody and it's doing,

01:16:47   you can do that all yourself now, which you couldn't before.

01:16:49   You can't like put your articles in a magazine

01:16:51   back in the day, but you can just do it on the web now.

01:16:54   And it's fine.

01:16:54   - And I would say that all of this advice

01:16:56   does actually cross over for development as well.

01:16:59   You know, if you want to write apps,

01:17:01   it's exactly the same thing.

01:17:02   It's just keep writing, keep doing things.

01:17:05   And no, it's not, life's not fair, right?

01:17:09   Like you're not necessarily gonna be seen

01:17:11   and you may not be as good at it as you wanna be.

01:17:13   And there are all sorts of caveats there.

01:17:15   - Yeah, there's all kinds of luck involved too,

01:17:17   but it's like you put yourself in a position of having luck

01:17:20   by actually doing the work first.

01:17:22   - Exactly, and you would be surprised,

01:17:24   as somebody who's dealt with a lot of freelance writers

01:17:26   over the years, you would be surprised what you can get

01:17:29   by honing your craft, which is by doing it

01:17:32   over and over again, by being visible, showing your work,

01:17:35   by having an enthusiasm, and then the last one

01:17:38   that I'll throw in there is in being reliable.

01:17:40   Because let me tell you, you get that chance,

01:17:43   you make your deadlines, and it's like lights go off,

01:17:48   a rainbow appears to editors when you ask somebody

01:17:51   for something and they give it to you.

01:17:53   And if you don't, you're just forget it.

01:17:56   I loved at Macworld finding writers who were on time

01:18:03   and did good work and were responsive.

01:18:06   And these seem like logical things,

01:18:08   like, well, of course, who would not do that

01:18:11   if they want an opportunity?

01:18:12   Oh, you would be surprised.

01:18:13   There are lots of people who want an opportunity,

01:18:15   but then won't be timely with it or will do a shoddy job.

01:18:18   And it's like, you just wasted your opportunity.

01:18:21   So back in the day, by the way, a little side note,

01:18:24   Dan Morin came up to me on the floor at Macworld Expo

01:18:26   and said, "I would like to be a writer.

01:18:27   "What should I do?"

01:18:28   And actually what I told him back in the day,

01:18:30   you don't have to do this so much now,

01:18:31   was tidbits that is still published, Adam and Tanya Angst and a bunch of other people

01:18:37   work on, I guess it's Adam and Josh centers and a bunch of people work on tidbits. But

01:18:44   they would often publish articles, but they didn't pay for outside writers, but they would

01:18:50   sometimes publish articles by outside writers. And I think Dan actually did an article or

01:18:54   two there. But that's the beauty of like having Squarespace or Medium or something. It's like

01:18:58   Like you don't need anybody to keep any gate for you

01:19:01   to just get started.

01:19:03   Dice?

01:19:04   - Let's do it. - Dice by PCalc.

01:19:05   Here we go.

01:19:06   - Three.

01:19:10   - We already did three.

01:19:11   - It's repeats from here on in.

01:19:14   - 18.

01:19:17   - Oh, this is from high definition image of Big Bird.

01:19:20   What single decision by Apple would you reverse and why?

01:19:25   So I would say making services revenue a big profit center

01:19:29   because I feel it's led to a number

01:19:30   of very questionable decisions of light.

01:19:33   - So I've got an old one and a new one.

01:19:36   My old one is something that I've mentioned before recently

01:19:40   which is the elimination of the airport line of routers

01:19:43   because I feel like those would be the perfect fit

01:19:47   for some sort of home strategy,

01:19:49   the home strategy that we're hoping

01:19:50   that Apple will come up with in 2022.

01:19:52   But getting rid of them, I think, was short-sighted.

01:19:56   Maybe they weren't making money,

01:19:57   maybe it was too much R&D to keep up

01:19:59   with the Eros of the world and other routers.

01:20:01   But I think there was value there to Apple

01:20:04   beyond just the dollars that came in

01:20:06   on profit margins with routers.

01:20:08   And that's been squandered, and I'd like to see that.

01:20:11   I wish that those would come back.

01:20:13   Then close second would be rebuilding shortcuts

01:20:18   with SwiftUI in the same year

01:20:19   that they were moving it to the Mac.

01:20:21   And this one is obviously very close, cuts very close

01:20:25   for the work that I do.

01:20:27   And I just don't, I mean I think SwiftUI is great

01:20:31   and I think it is the future of developing UIs

01:20:34   on Apple's platforms, but I don't think an app

01:20:37   like Shortcuts was the right candidate for it

01:20:40   at this particular time.

01:20:41   And I'm sure these things are tied together

01:20:44   that moving to the Mac and doing everything in SwiftUI,

01:20:49   there was a hope that there would be some sort of synergies

01:20:52   and savings there.

01:20:54   Instead, I think what Apple ended up with was a distraction

01:20:57   that has kept them away from improving the actions

01:21:00   and other fundamental features of the app itself.

01:21:05   - I mean, I will say that, you know,

01:21:07   SwiftUI isn't gonna get better unless Apple has internal apps

01:21:11   that are using it.

01:21:12   You know, it's the same thing with Catalyst,

01:21:15   which is used for messages and podcasts and other apps.

01:21:19   You know, so it's good that they have something

01:21:21   that is pushing the technology more than other apps,

01:21:24   but I think they probably didn't mesh together as well

01:21:29   that they hoped, and it's been a difficult year.

01:21:33   - I think it was just a little too early.

01:21:34   I agree with you 100% that they should be pushing,

01:21:36   you know, they should be dogfooding all this stuff

01:21:38   and pushing it forward using their own apps,

01:21:40   but I think that this was probably not the right app

01:21:43   to do it with, especially since they had to do all the work

01:21:46   to bring automator actions over to the Mac

01:21:49   into shortcuts and other things that were,

01:21:51   you know, just launching that as an app itself,

01:21:54   no matter what technology you use,

01:21:57   I think was probably a big job

01:21:59   and adding SwiftUI to that pile made things worse, I believe.

01:22:03   - Yeah, I wanna give the crowd-pleasing answer here,

01:22:06   except I think it's the wrong one now,

01:22:08   which is whatever happened in the mid-2010s

01:22:09   where Apple kind of took its eye off the ball of the Mac

01:22:12   and we got like a weird Mac Pro

01:22:14   and we got the butterfly keyboard

01:22:16   we got the laptops that nobody seemed to love that took the ports off and all of that. But

01:22:22   the problem with that is that Apple Silicon wasn't ready to go. And I think maybe that

01:22:26   it was really a combination of both. They knew they wanted to do their own thing and

01:22:31   they were kind of biding their time and also losing their way a little bit. And the fact

01:22:34   is it's all basically resolved now. So I could change it so it was a little bit better in

01:22:40   the late 2010s. But I think we'd end up more or less where we are now regardless. So I'm

01:22:46   I'm gonna go back to like the 2010, 2011,

01:22:50   and I wanna whisper in somebody's ear,

01:22:52   maybe Eddy Cue, I don't know, maybe it's Tim Cook,

01:22:56   and say, "Don't have the attitude

01:23:00   that if the App Store is bringing in a lot of money,

01:23:05   that means you shouldn't change your policies."

01:23:10   I know that's really conceptual,

01:23:11   but I think the root of a lot of Apple's failure

01:23:14   in terms of the quality of the App Store,

01:23:16   in terms of the relationship with developers,

01:23:20   and in terms of the take and how contentious that's been,

01:23:23   their take on how much money developers

01:23:26   can make in the App Store.

01:23:28   I think a lot of it is rooted in the fact

01:23:31   that Apple had such an instant hit with the App Store

01:23:33   that they just decided either charitably

01:23:36   not to mess with success or uncharitably

01:23:39   were so arrogant about their success

01:23:42   that they thought that they hadn't made any mistakes,

01:23:45   when in fact they had built it

01:23:46   on a questionable technical foundation

01:23:48   and they were alienating developers,

01:23:49   but they were laughing all the way to the bank.

01:23:51   And so if I could do some whisper in someone's ear,

01:23:54   you should really not get complacent

01:23:58   because in the long run it will cause a lot of turmoil

01:24:01   and your stuff isn't as good as you think it is.

01:24:03   That's what I would do.

01:24:04   - Yeah, no, that's a really good one.

01:24:06   I mean, I think a big part of that

01:24:07   is how Apple fell backwards into gaming

01:24:09   and how gaming became a big thing on the App Store.

01:24:12   you know, despite Apple's, kind of, lack of understanding of the the gaming market.

01:24:17   Apple always goes backward into gaming. Never forward, only backward.

01:24:22   Eight.

01:24:26   Duplicate.

01:24:26   Three.

01:24:30   Duplicate.

01:24:31   Duplicate.

01:24:31   This is going to be great.

01:24:33   Eleven.

01:24:34   Duplicate.

01:24:35   Two.

01:24:38   Two!

01:24:40   is from three raccoons in a trench coat. If you could swap places with a relay host,

01:24:44   who would you choose?" So I have a lot of problems with this question. Am I inhabiting their body or

01:24:49   just taking over their whole life in my body? I think you're just taking over their podcast.

01:24:55   Well, I mean, like, I could do with the body of somebody younger, so, you know, who's the youngest

01:24:59   relay host? I would happily swap places there, just so that I don't have to put up with this one.

01:25:06   But I, yeah, I, answering the wider question,

01:25:11   I don't know.

01:25:15   I mean, it's a question of like,

01:25:17   you wanna take over somebody,

01:25:20   do you wanna take over somebody

01:25:21   because you wanna like podcast with their partner

01:25:25   or something?

01:25:26   It's a difficult one.

01:25:27   I don't think I can answer this with like,

01:25:30   being rude to one or other people.

01:25:32   - Oh, okay, well, I'm just gonna say

01:25:34   that I would take over Mac power users from Steven

01:25:36   and then it would just be me and David Sparks.

01:25:38   And I, you know, we would be great

01:25:39   'cause we both remember old Macs from using them

01:25:42   and not just from, you know, finding them on eBay.

01:25:45   - Well, you know what I'm gonna go.

01:25:46   I'm gonna go with Matt Alexander

01:25:48   because I think he really paces himself well.

01:25:50   I mean, he's got the very best ratio

01:25:54   of total number of episodes to longevity on the network.

01:25:57   So, I mean, you know, low workflow and longevity.

01:26:03   It's a great combination.

01:26:05   - Well, I didn't want to insult anybody on the network,

01:26:07   but apparently my co-host is back in there.

01:26:10   - We're okay with it, yeah.

01:26:12   - Yeah.

01:26:12   (clapping)

01:26:14   - Two. - You just did two.

01:26:15   Come on, Dice by Peacock.

01:26:17   Oh no!

01:26:18   - Two. - Oh no.

01:26:19   (laughing)

01:26:20   - Do I have to read the question again?

01:26:21   - One. - One.

01:26:22   Marlies, both your co-hosts are canceled,

01:26:24   but you managed to escape the wrath of Twitter.

01:26:26   Who would you start a new podcast with to replace Connected?

01:26:30   - Well, you know, Jason and John know what they did

01:26:32   to get canceled.

01:26:33   But I would really, I think as I said before,

01:26:37   I'd like to do something with Myke, Steven or Federico

01:26:39   one day and I was thinking that we should have

01:26:41   a succession plan for this podcast.

01:26:44   If anything happens to us.

01:26:46   - Oh, that's dangerous though,

01:26:47   because then it motivates them to make something happen

01:26:50   to us so that we're not getting taken over.

01:26:51   - Yeah, I mean that's true, but you know,

01:26:53   I think we should give them a chance.

01:26:57   - Never name your successors, James.

01:26:59   No, never name your successors.

01:27:01   It's trouble.

01:27:02   when you're gone, they can all sort it out together, but you don't motivate them in any way.

01:27:06   This is, if I learned anything from dictators of the past, that's what I learned.

01:27:10   - Okay, so we're gonna just hold on to our power, okay.

01:27:13   - Yeah, I think so. I think so we gotta consolidate the triple J power, I think is the way that works.

01:27:19   You know, I'm gonna go with Federico because this kid from Italy, he's an up and comer,

01:27:24   he really is. And I've had a show in mind for a while, and I think I'm gonna call it Apple Stories.

01:27:31   I bought Apple stories.net a long time ago,

01:27:35   and I think it could make a good podcast.

01:27:36   I think we'll, you know,

01:27:37   we'll talk about Mac apps or something.

01:27:39   - I was also gonna pick Federico,

01:27:40   'cause I thought that he doesn't talk about,

01:27:42   I like the iPad Pro and like iPad life a lot,

01:27:45   and I don't think he talks about it enough.

01:27:47   So I would give him like,

01:27:48   I think we could talk about the iPad,

01:27:50   but since you took him, I'll spread some love around.

01:27:53   I already do a show with Myke, right?

01:27:55   So I'm gonna do Steven.

01:27:57   I've taken his spot on Mac Power Users,

01:27:59   but we will create some other kind of show about the Mac

01:28:02   that Steven and I can do instead after "Connected" is canceled.

01:28:07   -You could maybe do, like, "Laser Rider Power Users"

01:28:10   or something like that.

01:28:13   -All right. That's -- "Laser Rider Power Users."

01:28:16   I'm looking forward to that. Let's roll the dice.

01:28:19   -10. -Duplicate.

01:28:20   -14. -Duplicate.

01:28:24   This is good podcasting, people.

01:28:26   -3. -Duplicate.

01:28:27   - It's what they pay for.

01:28:30   - What am I looking for here?

01:28:31   - Eight.

01:28:32   - Seven, four, five.

01:28:33   - Nine.

01:28:34   - Nine.

01:28:35   - Seven.

01:28:36   - Seven.

01:28:37   - It heard you, it's listening.

01:28:38   - Matt C, what is your hottest take about your two co-hosts?

01:28:42   - I'm gonna say that Jason is much more spicy

01:28:45   than he appears, particularly after he's had a drink

01:28:48   because his language becomes filthy.

01:28:51   - Yes.

01:28:51   - John is a kingpin-like figure who just controls things

01:28:55   from the shadows and like tries not to draw attention

01:28:58   to himself, but really is pulling all the strings.

01:29:01   - I think you're giving me too much attention here, James.

01:29:05   I'm a little concerned.

01:29:07   You know what?

01:29:08   Here's what I can tell you about these two guys.

01:29:11   Jason, he's an excellent mini golfer.

01:29:14   Not many people know about this,

01:29:15   but I've seen him in action.

01:29:17   I've seen him in action on a hot summer day

01:29:19   and he's very good at mini golf.

01:29:21   And James, he may not be the greatest mini golf player,

01:29:25   but he's great at powering a bar on wheels.

01:29:28   This is very true.

01:29:30   - Those are accurate.

01:29:31   I would say that John,

01:29:37   let's see, what's my hottest take about John?

01:29:41   That John should be on more podcasts about that.

01:29:46   He's just not, I want more John in my life.

01:29:48   I know that seems like a hot take,

01:29:49   but it's like John wants to be restrained

01:29:51   and keep work-life balance.

01:29:52   And I think he needs like 10 more podcasts to keep up.

01:29:54   All right. And James should go to bed earlier. James is up at all hours. We get text from him

01:30:03   at all hours. He really is. All right, people, we are switching to a new die because there are

01:30:08   six questions left and so we're going to go to a d6 and I'm just going to read them in order.

01:30:12   Four. That is one, two, three, four.

01:30:19   rohoho, maple syrup or honey?

01:30:22   - Definitely maple syrup.

01:30:24   Good stuff from Canada, not the cheap stuff.

01:30:27   - Hmm, why can't we have both?

01:30:29   I mean, I use honey more than I use maple syrup,

01:30:32   but I like both.

01:30:33   I guess I'll have to go with honey

01:30:34   since I use it more often.

01:30:36   - Same as Jon.

01:30:37   I love maple syrup, but I use honey in my tea every day,

01:30:40   and I could not go without.

01:30:42   So I could, I mean, I could, but why would I do that?

01:30:46   Also, America makes good maple syrup too.

01:30:49   - That's true, Vermont, right there.

01:30:51   - Yeah, come on.

01:30:52   (claps)

01:30:53   Two, which is Brian,

01:30:56   technology with see-through shells is overdue for a comeback.

01:30:59   Time traveler, which product needs them first?

01:31:03   - I'm gonna say AirPods or any other wearable,

01:31:06   you know, like the headset or whatever,

01:31:08   because it just looks more cyberpunk

01:31:10   if you can see the bits

01:31:12   and they're connected to your ears or whatever.

01:31:14   Just, you know, that full, you're a cyborg look,

01:31:18   That's what I want.

01:31:19   - That's very good. That's very good.

01:31:20   I think I have to second that only because

01:31:23   when you look at things like iPhones and laptops right now,

01:31:26   they're 90% battery and who wants to just look at a battery?

01:31:28   So I'm going with the AirPods too.

01:31:31   - I'm gonna say the iMac.

01:31:33   They're gonna do a throwback edition of the 24 inch iMac

01:31:36   that's got a plastic back and you can look inside

01:31:38   and see everything that's in there.

01:31:39   And it'll be colored, you know, it'll be a nice color,

01:31:41   but you'll also be able to see the back of a monitor

01:31:43   and stuff.

01:31:44   Cool.

01:31:45   - Three.

01:31:46   three, one, two, three, Brant's. If you had the power at Apple to make one and only one

01:31:54   hardware change to an existing Apple product, what would that change be?

01:31:59   MG - I'd say bring the headphone socket back, and I'm not just saying this to pander to

01:32:05   the audience. I think it is genuinely useful in a wide variety of situations still, you

01:32:10   know things like if you're trying to do music or you're trying to do like edit a

01:32:16   podcast or whatever and you want very low latency sound headphones way to go

01:32:22   I have to use the USB-C to headphone jack connector every

01:32:26   time I added a podcast on my iPad. I think that I'm gonna go with more RAM in

01:32:31   the 24 inch M1 iMac because I think that would be my machine right now if it had

01:32:37   just a little bit more RAM in it.

01:32:38   - I'm torn between, I think I'm gonna make my runner up

01:32:43   a 12 inch MacBook Air.

01:32:45   I just make it smaller.

01:32:46   That's an existing Apple product.

01:32:47   I'm gonna make one change, which is smaller.

01:32:50   Smallify it.

01:32:53   And alternately, if you would prefer,

01:32:56   the iPhone Pro mini, minify it, make it smaller.

01:33:01   I like those smaller devices, make them smaller.

01:33:04   And with all the features, smaller package.

01:33:06   [dice clacking]

01:33:08   - One.

01:33:09   - One.

01:33:10   Cube of ahh!

01:33:12   Follow-up is a dish best served.

01:33:15   - With an unexpectedly different flavor

01:33:17   than you might've been expecting.

01:33:19   - Reheated, obviously, 'cause it's follow-up.

01:33:24   - I would say spicy hot with a side of Japes.

01:33:26   - All right, and we'll serve that in our restaurant

01:33:32   for the starting that has come out of this.

01:33:35   -All right, only two questions left.

01:33:37   -She'd flip a coin.

01:33:39   -Heads. -Heads is Ben.

01:33:43   Ben, how early is too early for shops to play Christmas music?

01:33:47   -December 23rd. I hate it. Make it stop.

01:33:50   -Any time before the weekend after Thanksgiving in the US.

01:33:54   -I actually agree with Jon.

01:33:55   You can send it to December 1st, but if you're in America

01:33:58   and you've got Thanksgiving there

01:33:59   as your bulwark against Christmas creep,

01:34:02   that's when you do it.

01:34:03   Black Friday.

01:34:04   Thanksgiving Day is too early.

01:34:06   - Don't you mean Black Friday month?

01:34:08   - Yeah, exactly.

01:34:10   Last question.

01:34:11   And you get a gold star, Ryan P,

01:34:13   because you're the last question.

01:34:15   What's a place you traveled to pre-COVID

01:34:17   and haven't visited since COVID

01:34:19   that you would like to return to?

01:34:22   - I typically go on a vacation around this time

01:34:25   to Gran Canaria because it's like four hours away

01:34:28   and is lovely and sunny in December.

01:34:31   But my other answer that I'm gonna say is Jason's house

01:34:34   because I would like to come back and visit.

01:34:35   - I will say coffee shops for working

01:34:38   because I have not done that since pre-COVID.

01:34:41   And I did it a little bit, I guess,

01:34:42   when I was in Dublin recently.

01:34:44   And I realized how much I missed

01:34:47   kind of the change of pace and scenery

01:34:49   and working somewhere else.

01:34:50   I will admit though that it wasn't just a coffee shop.

01:34:53   I also worked a little bit at a pub in Dublin,

01:34:56   but that's fun too,

01:34:57   but I'm gonna try to stay out of bars around Chicago.

01:34:59   - Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

01:35:01   Yeah, I am gonna say the UK.

01:35:03   Ireland, close second, and it's right there,

01:35:07   but Europe in general, and the UK in particular,

01:35:10   I have -- I like visiting -- I can visit Myke in London.

01:35:12   I can visit my other friends in London.

01:35:15   And I can go up to Glasgow and say hi to James in Saskia.

01:35:18   And it's great, and I miss it.

01:35:20   And that's -- like that road trip,

01:35:23   the other trip that we're talking about now.

01:35:25   So, Lauren and I were going to --

01:35:26   for our 50th birthdays, we're going to go to Australia.

01:35:29   And, well, that didn't happen.

01:35:32   So I'm now realizing that we might actually end up,

01:35:36   it may be more likely that we go to something like the UK

01:35:41   at some point when things are better again

01:35:44   than when they'll let us back into Australia.

01:35:47   So maybe it'll happen,

01:35:49   but that's what I'm thinking about now.

01:35:51   I think that's all the questions, believe it or not.

01:35:53   20 questions, we played, connected 20 questions.

01:35:57   We did it. - Another holiday tradition.

01:35:58   - It's a Christmas miracle.

01:36:01   So next week will be the Connected Year in Review episode.

01:36:05   It's gonna be great.

01:36:06   It's prerecorded.

01:36:07   I think the way to describe it is we rated the months

01:36:11   of 2021 based entirely on the Voorhees scale.

01:36:14   - Yes, yes. - It's true.

01:36:15   - It's gonna be nice.

01:36:16   - It's gonna be nice, but we'll be back here

01:36:19   on Connected in 2022.

01:36:21   - Absolutely.

01:36:22   - But until then, James Thompson, thank you for being here.

01:36:26   - Hi, it's always a pleasure to podcast with you both.

01:36:28   - Always, and Jon Voorhees, as always, thank you.

01:36:31   Ciao Jason!

01:36:32   Thanks to everybody else out there for listening.

01:36:36   See you later, we promise.

01:36:38   [BLANK_AUDIO]