376: The Jape That Went Too Far


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 376.

00:00:13   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:16   Mack Weldon, Hover, and StoryWorth.

00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:21   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:24   - Hello, that's me, hi.

00:00:25   - That's you!

00:00:27   - It is me.

00:00:28   We were also joined for the first time in many, many weeks by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:34   I'm pretty sure this year you took a longer time away from the show than I did.

00:00:39   I think you took a three-week gap.

00:00:41   Yes, who's never been away from the show? This guy.

00:00:44   You've missed episodes. You missed half of last week's episode!

00:00:48   [Laughter]

00:00:51   I mean, I was literally sick from a vaccine and I missed like 30 minutes. I needed to lay down.

00:00:56   I guarantee you have missed episodes this year.

00:00:59   I missed maybe one.

00:01:00   Maybe one.

00:01:02   One and a half at least.

00:01:03   Someone will go back one and thirty minutes.

00:01:06   Someone needs to go back and check who missed the least shows this year.

00:01:11   I think it's me.

00:01:12   No way.

00:01:13   No, it's me.

00:01:14   I think it's me.

00:01:15   I guarantee it's me.

00:01:16   I'll tell you what, it's not Steven.

00:01:17   I know that much.

00:01:18   I know that much that Steven's been off more than me.

00:01:21   There's no way.

00:01:22   I remember it because I have to edit.

00:01:23   In 2021, I think if you just search "the Europeans" on our website, then you'll know.

00:01:30   Yeah, Federico, you go to the beach every summer.

00:01:34   Yeah, but I missed like maybe two episodes. Like I missed a few more episodes than usual.

00:01:39   So if you missed two, you've missed two and a half, I missed two.

00:01:43   And then you haven't missed two.

00:01:45   Yeah, I missed two.

00:01:46   I missed one for being sick, I know. Yeah, I did miss a couple. And I'm just gonna rub

00:01:50   but in a little bit, you know, I had a kid,

00:01:53   had to get their appendix out, so I missed.

00:01:54   - Yeah, no, I'm not saying that it was a good reason,

00:01:57   I'm just saying it happened.

00:01:59   - Well, it's not my fault.

00:01:59   - You know? - The appendix.

00:02:01   - I never said it was your fault,

00:02:02   but the result is still the same.

00:02:04   - Yeah, yeah, there's always an appendix somewhere.

00:02:07   - Yeah, there's always an appendix getting you out of it.

00:02:10   - This is the same key that got the appendix removed

00:02:12   five times, you know, all the times you miss the show.

00:02:14   It's always the appendix.

00:02:15   - Keeps coming out.

00:02:19   - Our first point of follow up this week,

00:02:21   all it says is Myke has some follow up.

00:02:23   - I have two weeks worth of follow up for you.

00:02:25   - That's all this bullet point says.

00:02:28   - Well you think I'm gonna tell you what it is?

00:02:29   I'm not telling you what it is.

00:02:30   You're gonna find out what it is right now.

00:02:32   - Okay.

00:02:34   - So one, I see it takes Federico

00:02:36   to get Steven to try Clean Shot.

00:02:38   - Yeah, and turns out it's really good.

00:02:40   - I have been talking about Clean Shot forever.

00:02:43   Finally Federico got on the train.

00:02:46   And then when Federico says it's great,

00:02:47   Steven's like, oh I should try it.

00:02:49   - Look, it's my job to be convincing when it comes to apps.

00:02:52   - What am I to you?

00:02:54   Steven, what am I to you, huh?

00:02:55   - Am I a joke to you?

00:02:56   - Am I a joke to you?

00:02:57   (both laughing)

00:03:00   - Federica writes a website called Mac Stories.

00:03:03   - So?

00:03:04   - And he doesn't write about the Mac very often.

00:03:06   So I feel like when Federica makes a Mac OS recommendation,

00:03:10   it carries a lot of weight.

00:03:12   - How often do I make Mac OS recommendations

00:03:15   for apps you don't have?

00:03:16   - I feel like--

00:03:17   that must be more of a rare thing.

00:03:20   - I'm sorry, do you own Mac stories?

00:03:22   - I own iOS stories.

00:03:24   - So do we want to go down the spurt?

00:03:25   - He does own that.

00:03:26   (laughing)

00:03:27   - 'Cause if that's all it takes,

00:03:28   then I have better iPad takes.

00:03:30   - I think I own teaching stories, but...

00:03:32   - You won't ever think about his life.

00:03:35   - You own his biography.

00:03:36   I mean, that's actually pretty likely.

00:03:38   I don't remember anything.

00:03:41   - Yeah, I'm going to make a soap opera

00:03:44   about Federica's life, I own all the rights.

00:03:46   - Yeah, CleanShot X or 10, whatever they call it.

00:03:51   It's actually pretty fantastic.

00:03:52   And Myke, I do owe you an apology.

00:03:54   It is really good.

00:03:54   I should have listened earlier, but I really like it.

00:03:57   - It's super good.

00:03:57   It's one of my favorite Mac apps of the year.

00:04:00   - Would you give it a trophy?

00:04:03   - I would potentially give it a trophy,

00:04:04   but it's not completely my remit to do that.

00:04:08   The MagSafe Duo charger kinda sucks.

00:04:11   - No, why?

00:04:13   No, no it doesn't. - Okay, so I'll tell you why.

00:04:15   I'll tell you the two reasons it sucks.

00:04:16   if you have an iPhone 13 Pro, it doesn't fit anymore.

00:04:21   Like it just doesn't fit.

00:04:22   Yeah, the lip of the case, if you have it with a case,

00:04:25   it leaves like visible air gap all the way through.

00:04:29   - But I thought you don't use the case anymore.

00:04:31   - No, it's not my phone.

00:04:32   I don't use the MagSafe Duo.

00:04:34   This is all Athena.

00:04:35   She has a 13 Pro.

00:04:37   The 13 Pro Max is fine 'cause there's enough space

00:04:39   because of the gap between.

00:04:41   And also, used a bunch of charging bricks

00:04:43   and could not get it consistently

00:04:45   to charge both devices at once.

00:04:46   It would just charge one at a time.

00:04:48   - Yeah, you need the 30 watt Apple one,

00:04:51   which is very confusing 'cause I sold a 29 watt one forever.

00:04:55   - So I had the 29 and it wouldn't work.

00:04:57   And so I will now go back to the fact

00:04:59   that if there is only one brick that works

00:05:03   with the freaking product included, it's $129, right?

00:05:08   And if I have to have a very specific brick,

00:05:11   please put it in the box, Apple.

00:05:13   This is a $129 charger product.

00:05:15   I should get the wall plug, I think,

00:05:17   if you're going to tell me

00:05:19   that I need a very specific wall plug to get it to work.

00:05:21   So, MagSafe Duo sucks.

00:05:23   This wasn't so much about--

00:05:25   - Also, the Discord has come to realize

00:05:26   that you do not own iosstories.com.

00:05:29   - Oh, .net.

00:05:30   - Oh, yeah, .net.

00:05:32   - Yeah, 'cause Federica's on a maxstories.com,

00:05:34   so why would I try to get that?

00:05:35   - Does it not?

00:05:36   Max stories. - I don't think so.

00:05:37   - Yeah, it's that guy that doesn't wanna sell it to me.

00:05:39   It's a whole thing.

00:05:40   Oh yeah, I remember this.

00:05:43   It's a whole thing.

00:05:44   Should I email this person?

00:05:45   No, we tried multiple times.

00:05:47   I'm gonna email him right now.

00:05:49   No, no, don't poke the bear, no.

00:05:52   I was looking for the Mac Stories website.

00:05:55   I would love this one.

00:05:58   Please advise.

00:06:00   Fine, I won't send it.

00:06:05   All right, so continued follow up.

00:06:08   James is Scottish, he does not sound like me.

00:06:10   This was something that Federico said.

00:06:13   - Wait, what?

00:06:14   - That James sounds like me.

00:06:15   James does not sound like me.

00:06:17   - No, no, no, you're taking this out of context

00:06:19   to make him sound like he's--

00:06:20   - No, no.

00:06:21   - Painting with a broad brush.

00:06:23   I think what we were doing is we were comparing

00:06:25   the three of us against the triple J.

00:06:29   - But the reason--

00:06:30   - And he's the closest.

00:06:31   - That James sounds like me.

00:06:31   - It's a proximity situation.

00:06:34   - I don't know, I don't know about that.

00:06:36   My home screen's for me, not for you.

00:06:38   So they look how I want to look

00:06:40   because I want them to be that way.

00:06:41   - It's so bad.

00:06:42   I knew that it would get upset at that.

00:06:44   - Yeah, I know, I got that for two weeks

00:06:45   I've been stewing on this thing.

00:06:47   I am very precious about my beard

00:06:49   because I definitely have a baby face.

00:06:51   (both laughing)

00:06:54   And it's none of your business.

00:06:56   And I would go bald without a beard instead.

00:06:58   I would do that.

00:06:59   I would shave all my hair off and keep the beard.

00:07:01   That's what I would do before I would shave the beard.

00:07:04   I am not shaving my beard off,

00:07:07   and it doesn't matter, leave me alone.

00:07:10   Steven hates Nordic countries,

00:07:12   is the thing that I found out.

00:07:13   (laughing)

00:07:14   - Why?

00:07:15   - So in the artwork for last week's episode,

00:07:19   Steven put, on the regular show,

00:07:21   Steven put an X over the United Kingdom

00:07:24   because I wasn't there.

00:07:25   - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:07:26   On the regular show, I moved,

00:07:28   or there was an X, and then I moved the rings

00:07:30   to bypass you.

00:07:31   - On the members artwork,

00:07:33   Steven put an X over Nordic countries, not the United Kingdom.

00:07:37   I missed just by a little bit.

00:07:39   He missed significantly.

00:07:40   What does that say about the American school system?

00:07:43   Hey, you were the one who said Myke sounds like a Scottish guy.

00:07:46   Hey, look, I mean, that is way closer than what you did.

00:07:49   Seriously? You want to go there?

00:07:52   Yes.

00:07:53   You committed a much worse crime.

00:07:56   You're all near or in Europe.

00:07:58   You all have universal health care.

00:08:00   First, the original artwork didn't include Greenland,

00:08:04   and now Stevens tried to remove all of the Nordic countries

00:08:07   from the members' show.

00:08:09   - The Greenland thing wasn't my fault.

00:08:11   And to be fair, none of us caught it for quite a while.

00:08:15   - What do you mean none of us?

00:08:16   I had nothing to do with this.

00:08:17   - We all lived with that show art for a really long time.

00:08:21   - Oh, Greenland?

00:08:22   Oh yeah, the Greenland problem?

00:08:22   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:08:23   - Yeah, that's on all of us.

00:08:24   Right, we're all accidentally Greenland deniers.

00:08:28   - Yes.

00:08:29   - The Nordic country was just an error in my Photoshop.

00:08:32   - Don't say yes, we're not Greenland in Ireland.

00:08:35   - Well we were, we're not anymore, we were reformed.

00:08:37   - Oh we used to be, okay. - 'Cause we fixed it.

00:08:39   We fixed it.

00:08:40   - Wait, do people live in Greenland?

00:08:43   - Greenland is the icy one, Iceland is the greeny one.

00:08:45   - Yes, Greenland is covered in ice

00:08:47   and Iceland is very nice.

00:08:49   That's from a movie I think, but I don't know which one.

00:08:51   - I don't know what that is.

00:08:52   It sounds like a Dr. Seuss thing.

00:08:54   - That could be true.

00:08:55   - It's nice to know that I'm lacking in so much depth

00:08:58   that it's so incredibly easy for me to be impersonated by everyone.

00:09:01   I don't know what to say.

00:09:04   You, you said, Oh, I couldn't impersonate you because of your depth to set to

00:09:10   Steven. But like me, it's like, Oh, so easy. Everyone could just impersonate me.

00:09:14   I know it's that nobody gave it a go though. Did they,

00:09:17   we talked about this on the pro show,

00:09:19   but I'm not on Instagram anymore and that means that my life is more mysterious.

00:09:24   Yes, it's got, and I said, this has got that mystery about,

00:09:28   about him that you're not him.

00:09:31   - I'm old and I'm a dad and my hair is graying

00:09:34   at a rapid rate.

00:09:35   - Is it?

00:09:36   - But yeah, it's a real shocking situation.

00:09:39   - You don't notice it 'cause of the blonde.

00:09:41   - Yeah, if my hair was darker, you'd be like,

00:09:43   what has happened to that guy?

00:09:44   But at the same time, you know, a bunch of tattoos,

00:09:46   I have a cool job, I drive a pickup truck.

00:09:49   I'm a man of mystery.

00:09:51   - Yeah, and Myke is more of an open book.

00:09:54   - Yeah, that's all we're saying.

00:09:56   A very thin paperback book.

00:09:58   - Very shallow, very empty book.

00:10:01   - It's basically just a picture book, but it's fine.

00:10:04   - I am done with my followup.

00:10:07   - Thank you for coming back.

00:10:08   We did miss you.

00:10:09   - But later on in the show,

00:10:10   we're gonna be doing some connecting QA

00:10:12   and I'm picking them.

00:10:13   - God, we did miss you.

00:10:15   We are very glad that you had a good--

00:10:17   - Did you though?

00:10:19   - Can't you go to California again?

00:10:21   Can you go?

00:10:22   - You want me to go?

00:10:23   - Yeah.

00:10:24   - I'm trying to patch this up

00:10:26   and you're just pouring gasoline on fire.

00:10:28   We're glad you had a good vacation.

00:10:31   We're glad you're back.

00:10:32   - I had a great vacation.

00:10:33   - Good.

00:10:34   - Thank you.

00:10:35   - Should we do some regular follow up now?

00:10:36   - If you want to.

00:10:37   - iOS 15.2 and Monterey 12.1,

00:10:41   I don't know why those numbers are so different.

00:10:44   They're both out and good news,

00:10:46   the saddest bit of Mac UI is a little bit better.

00:10:50   So that pop up that was in shortcuts to pick from a menu.

00:10:54   It's just sad in a new way.

00:10:57   It's still bad, but it's,

00:10:59   look, my title was A Little Less Sad.

00:11:01   Fair enough.

00:11:02   Yes, it's a little less sad.

00:11:03   I mean--

00:11:04   A little less sad.

00:11:05   For--

00:11:06   I noticed you used Clean Shot to take this image.

00:11:09   Hmm, did I?

00:11:11   Yep.

00:11:12   You don't know that.

00:11:13   I do know that.

00:11:15   It still cuts off at like,

00:11:16   it still cuts off after six items in a list.

00:11:21   Yeah.

00:11:22   Which I don't--

00:11:23   And I think there's something about the scroll

00:11:24   that's really kind of janky still too.

00:11:25   - And the scroll is weird and you cannot,

00:11:27   you cannot like usually you can type the first letter

00:11:31   of an item in a list and it doesn't work.

00:11:35   There's no search bar in the list.

00:11:37   So you cannot click into a search box to search.

00:11:41   I'm pretty sure that--

00:11:41   - Someone should introduce the shortcuts team to AppKit.

00:11:45   I think they would really enjoy working at it.

00:11:46   - It's too late, that ship has sailed.

00:11:48   - Oh, catalyst.

00:11:49   - Or catalyst, yes.

00:11:53   It's a little less sad. It's getting better, okay? So it's getting better. At least my shortcuts don't crash anymore and

00:12:00   stuff like MusicBot, you know, these complex shortcuts that I have, they open.

00:12:06   They're slow and they're kind of janky in the editor, but they work. So that's, you know, better than two months ago at least.

00:12:13   The other, I think, big news is that we still don't have universal control. I don't know what happened to it.

00:12:22   That's never gonna ship, right? I mean... Oh, it's one of those! It's the air power of software features.

00:12:31   It's one of those things that starts snowballing, right? Like delay after delay after this, like, okay, yeah, this thing is never gonna come up.

00:12:39   What was the files thing? Pinned downloaded files. Yeah, is that still not there, right?

00:12:48   - Never came back. - Forget about it, man.

00:12:50   - Never came back. - That thing's gone forever.

00:12:51   - It disappeared, and I can tell you,

00:12:53   disappeared in iOS 13, beta four, beta five.

00:12:57   So that was two years ago.

00:12:59   - Steven, I have a good article idea for you.

00:13:02   - Okay. - Things that never made it.

00:13:05   Like FaceTime, open source FaceTime.

00:13:08   - Oh yeah, that's a fun one.

00:13:09   - Like stuff like that.

00:13:10   I feel like-- - AirPower.

00:13:11   - No, but software features.

00:13:13   - Software features. - Software that's just

00:13:14   never made it. - There's probably not

00:13:15   carbon 64 bits, the big one.

00:13:18   The big one.

00:13:18   They didn't, they announced it and then just unannounced it.

00:13:22   Like, "Uh, we're not doing that anymore."

00:13:24   That's a good idea.

00:13:25   All right, I'm gonna open my,

00:13:26   "No one take this idea from me."

00:13:28   Jon, if you're listening, this is a pitch for you.

00:13:30   No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:13:32   Assigned.

00:13:34   Do it right away.

00:13:35   This is the software features.

00:13:37   One true assignment.

00:13:38   That never shipped.

00:13:40   You know what I would actually genuinely love

00:13:43   is like a race now between the two of them.

00:13:46   who can get the article out first

00:13:49   and who can get it most complete?

00:13:51   That would be amazing.

00:13:52   - I feel like I would get it more complete,

00:13:55   but he would be out faster than me.

00:13:56   'Cause he doesn't have to edit a two hour show after this.

00:13:59   - But you don't know that.

00:14:01   - Oh yeah, I mean, Federico is a noted podcaster.

00:14:05   - Yeah, for app stories.

00:14:07   - For app stories.

00:14:08   It's right there in his Twitter bio.

00:14:12   - It's right there.

00:14:13   - There are new Apple TV screensavers

00:14:15   featuring countries that we don't know--

00:14:16   - Featuring my native Scotland and Iceland.

00:14:19   - And Iceland, which has never been removed

00:14:22   from a map on the show.

00:14:23   - Yep, yep.

00:14:24   Scotland and Iceland now get their own

00:14:26   Apple TV screensavers.

00:14:28   - Do y'all run the aerial screensaver on your Mac?

00:14:32   - No, but I feel like I should.

00:14:34   - I tried it and it's pretty nice.

00:14:39   I don't run it all the time, I don't know why.

00:14:41   I will say, no screensaver needs this many options.

00:14:46   Like, when you load this thing up,

00:14:47   it's like a whole application,

00:14:49   but because it's in system preferences,

00:14:51   and that UI is really bad and limiting,

00:14:53   it's just like, it's a mess.

00:14:55   Way too many things going on.

00:14:57   - My thing about that is, I don't know,

00:14:59   it just feels like it's a little janky.

00:15:01   - Well yeah, I mean, you're downloading giant 4K files

00:15:05   and replaying them.

00:15:06   - That don't belong to you, and it's, yeah, I don't know.

00:15:10   But it looks nice.

00:15:12   - It's also not super crispy on the Pro Display.

00:15:16   - Well.

00:15:17   - Because it's got two more Ks than four.

00:15:20   - Maybe you should file a bug report.

00:15:22   Maybe nobody else is doing it on a Pro Display.

00:15:24   - Federico, congratulations on MacStory Selects.

00:15:29   People should go listen to AppStories this week.

00:15:31   It was fantastic.

00:15:32   You've got a couple of posts up on the website.

00:15:35   For people who maybe haven't checked it out,

00:15:36   like tell us about MacStory Selects.

00:15:38   Well, I guess I can...

00:15:41   You can spoil it, it's on the open Internet.

00:15:44   It's been out for two days now.

00:15:46   So yeah, this is the fourth annual edition, third one with the physical awards.

00:15:53   They have a new design this year, done by Sylvia of course.

00:15:57   I really like the new design.

00:15:59   We've done the usual eight categories plus a new one.

00:16:03   So starting this year, we have established the new Lifetime Achievement Award,

00:16:08   Max Reuselax.

00:16:10   And the first recipient of it is our friend, our friend James Thompson with Peacock.

00:16:16   Yes, who lives in a Nordic country, I believe.

00:16:19   I believe and has a totally different accent.

00:16:21   With an English accent.

00:16:22   But it's totally different from Myke.

00:16:23   So that's the new category this year.

00:16:26   And I mean, go check out, you know, we have a whole list of winners and the runners up.

00:16:32   but a few highlights, at least for me. The ones that I pushed for. I really wanted to give

00:16:39   Best App Update to Tweetbot 6. We talked about this recently, sort of my switching back to

00:16:44   Tweetbot and sort of appreciating Tapbots, sort of coming back and breathing new life into Tweetbot

00:16:51   because of two things, the new Twitter API and the switch to a subscription model. So I really pushed

00:16:56   pushed for that. We basically had a bunch of... it's too kind of fancy to call it "meetings",

00:17:03   but it was basically Jon and I getting together in Rome and then having multiple calls in

00:17:08   the following weeks with me, Jon and Alex, sort of going through the long list of potential

00:17:13   picks that we had for each category, and so I really had to push for this one.

00:17:16   What was the most contentious award?

00:17:19   Tweetbot 6, both Jon and Alex were kind of unsure about, and they were initially both

00:17:25   leaning towards Sofa 3. And Best Design, it was also kind of contentious because we wanted

00:17:36   to... I was pushing for Meila. I believe Alex or Jon were pushing for Care Weather, but

00:17:44   there was also Craft. And so there was a whole discussion of like, Silvia Rizzi, the developer

00:17:48   of Reeder, and Meila also won last year with Best Design for Reeder 5. And so that one

00:17:55   we needed to figure out. The easiest one was the App of the Year, because we basically,

00:18:00   like Jon and I, when we were in person, we said, "It's going to be Obsidian," right?

00:18:05   And it's like, "Yeah, it's got to be Obsidian." And then when we talked to Alex on Discord

00:18:10   with our weekly call, I was like, "Yeah, it needs to be Obsidian." And we were all in

00:18:15   agreement there. But yeah, Best App Update and Design, they took some work. And we also

00:18:22   needed to do a ton of tests and more research for the watch category because we don't cover

00:18:29   watchOS apps a lot on Mac stories, and so Alex did most of that work. But yeah, that

00:18:36   was an app update and design that required a longer conversation than usual this year.

00:18:42   All right, cool.

00:18:43   Yeah, thank you. I'm really happy with this.

00:18:45   I don't disagree with it, but there is just a funny thing that it's an Electron app, right?

00:18:50   Your best app of the year.

00:18:51   Yes.

00:18:52   It goes back to conversations we've had on this show about how, like, ultimately it doesn't

00:18:55   matter, you know, what an app is made in as long as the app is good. Like, similarly,

00:19:01   that like, the craft, is it craft and best design?

00:19:04   Uh, runner-up, yes.

00:19:05   Yeah, and that's a, uh...

00:19:07   Reader choice.

00:19:08   Catalyst app.

00:19:09   Yes, it's a catalyst app, and yes, yes, so we got best design, it's a catalyst app. App

00:19:15   of the year, it's an Electron app. Craft also got, craft is runner-up in two categories,

00:19:20   I believe, app of the year, runner up, best design, runner up, but it's the winner of

00:19:24   the Reader's Choice Award. And this one, it was very close. So we had a different process

00:19:30   this year to account for all kinds of Club Maxx

00:19:47   And we had a poll just for Club MaxToysPlus and Premiere members in the Discord.

00:19:53   And it was very close. I believe the difference between Kraft and the second place was like...

00:19:59   Jon can maybe confirm this was like 40, 50 votes or something?

00:20:03   It was very close. And I believe it was between Kraft and Apollo?

00:20:10   I want to say? This is like a behind the scenes that were not posted anywhere.

00:20:15   People love Apollo with like an almost like a family member kind of love.

00:20:20   I love Apollo man, Apollo is incredible.

00:20:22   Like I noticed this with the upgrade he's like the amount of votes every year that we get for Apollo for best iOS app is always a surprise to me.

00:20:31   Like people just won't let it go like I don't use it I use Narwhal.

00:20:35   I just like it Apollo is too complicated for my Reddit use.

00:20:39   I feel like Apollo really works for people that like to spend a bunch of time on Reddit

00:20:45   But I don't and so it doesn't really work as well for me

00:20:48   I just very little I want and so novel is great for me. But yeah, it's just always a surprise me

00:20:54   but like I know how

00:20:56   Update like how well updated the app is and stuff. Like I understand why people like it. It's just always a surprise

00:21:01   I feel like more than a lot of apps people were just like really into it

00:21:05   Yeah, people love Christian, the developer of Apollo.

00:21:08   Yeah, he's a nice guy.

00:21:09   Nice guy. So yeah, I think it's built like...

00:21:14   Christian has been very clever in tying the customization,

00:21:20   like that story with the custom icons,

00:21:22   and the way that he has designers working on custom icons,

00:21:26   but also community submissions.

00:21:28   I think that's very smart,

00:21:29   and how he was able to integrate that with the Apollo Ultra subscription.

00:21:33   I think it's very well done.

00:21:34   well done. It's a sort of a business model that didn't exist a few years ago and now

00:21:38   it does and it's taken advantage of it in a very clever way.

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00:24:12   Did you tell him you were from the podcast?

00:24:15   I did.

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00:24:27   - Mm. - I left it at that.

00:24:29   - I'm an sweatpants influencer.

00:24:31   - Uh-huh.

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00:25:06   - We'll find out.

00:25:08   So you posted a video, a tour of the pod cabin,

00:25:12   which I did not get my credit for.

00:25:16   So you'll be hearing from my lawyer.

00:25:18   - Who's also my lawyer.

00:25:20   (laughing)

00:25:21   - You'll be hearing from him, he's also your co-host.

00:25:22   So good luck with that.

00:25:23   I have a bunch of questions for you.

00:25:25   So this is a video where you're showing off

00:25:26   the wonderful new studio and studio edition

00:25:30   that you've put into your back garden.

00:25:32   Question number one.

00:25:34   - Yes.

00:25:35   - In the thumbnail, are you hugging the building?

00:25:38   - 100%.

00:25:39   - Okay.

00:25:40   Have you ever done that before?

00:25:41   - No, but I thought it would be funny.

00:25:42   And we took a bunch of pictures

00:25:44   and it all looked really stupid with my pointing at it and stuff.

00:25:47   It's like, well, I'll just go hug it.

00:25:49   You gotta do it. I like the title too.

00:25:52   It's very YouTubey.

00:25:53   My new podcast studio for tour!

00:25:57   That's right.

00:25:58   Exclamation point, yes.

00:25:59   Yeah, you gotta play the game, you know?

00:26:01   All right, so one, the space looks really good.

00:26:04   Thank you.

00:26:04   And also thank you for not saying

00:26:06   this is where the magic happens.

00:26:08   Were you afraid I was gonna say it?

00:26:10   Yes.

00:26:11   Is it one of those expressions that you dislike?

00:26:14   - No, it's just like a thing from Cribs.

00:26:17   Do you remember Cribs on MTV?

00:26:18   - Yeah, I never really watched it.

00:26:20   But I am familiar with it. - So they would always say

00:26:22   when they go to the bedroom,

00:26:23   this is where the magic happens.

00:26:25   And that just, I was, I don't know why,

00:26:28   but I just was like convinced Steven would say it

00:26:30   and I was just pleased that he didn't.

00:26:32   - There's no bedroom out here.

00:26:34   - I noticed that pod cabin version of Steven

00:26:36   is too good to hold his own camera.

00:26:39   - Yeah, who shot this video?

00:26:40   - My brother did.

00:26:41   - It's too good to hold his own camera now.

00:26:42   Now he's got the bigger space.

00:26:44   - Well, I didn't, well, I really debated how to shoot it.

00:26:48   It's like, if the camera's just on a tripod

00:26:50   and it moves around, I can't move really freely.

00:26:53   And I didn't wanna do it with holding the camera out

00:26:55   like true vlog style either.

00:26:57   And so this felt like Mark can shoot me,

00:26:59   he can panda whatever I'm talking about,

00:27:00   we can have B-roll.

00:27:02   And I'm happy with how all that came out.

00:27:04   - Your keyboard is the Keychron Q1,

00:27:06   not the Keychron K1, different thing.

00:27:08   Oh, oh, I'm sorry keyboard god among us.

00:27:11   - Hang on. - I am sorry.

00:27:12   - You did a video showing off your studio

00:27:15   and your equipment.

00:27:17   I feel like it is your responsibility

00:27:19   to correctly name your equipment.

00:27:20   - I only noticed it once it was live.

00:27:24   It is the Q1, there's a link in the description,

00:27:26   everybody reads everything in the description,

00:27:27   it's right below the like button,

00:27:29   which everybody also should use.

00:27:30   - So smash it.

00:27:31   - Smash it!

00:27:33   - Smash the like button.

00:27:34   Federico, have you ever smashed the like button for anyone?

00:27:37   I like to caress the like button softly, gently.

00:27:44   Sometimes I tap it if I'm on iOS or iPadOS.

00:27:49   Otherwise I click it.

00:27:51   I would like to make a recommendation to people in case they don't know.

00:27:55   Your liked videos all get saved to a playlist, which is by default a public playlist.

00:28:02   Not great.

00:28:04   You know, just so you know, in case you didn't know, maybe.

00:28:09   Thank you for telling me about this.

00:28:12   [laughter]

00:28:14   Hang on, how quickly can I get the furry cuz account?

00:28:17   How would one get to such a playlist?

00:28:21   [laughter]

00:28:22   Come on, where is it? What's his account? What is it called?

00:28:26   Oh no, it's private. It's private already.

00:28:29   [groans]

00:28:30   - Ah. - Yeah.

00:28:32   Hey, there's nothing embarrassing in here.

00:28:33   I can give you, oh, this is an excellent SNL skit hotel ad.

00:28:38   Have you guys watched this video?

00:28:39   - I don't know.

00:28:40   My last comment is it is intriguing to me

00:28:44   that you have made multiple art pieces

00:28:46   from computer components.

00:28:48   - Yeah, well, you know, I'm a real refined human being.

00:28:52   - It's just intriguing to me.

00:28:54   - Somebody in the comments is like,

00:28:56   Steven, this Mac Mini is important to me.

00:28:58   Steven, I'll take all of its guts out.

00:29:01   - That was a disturbing amount of Mac Minis

00:29:03   you had on that shelf.

00:29:04   - It's a lot.

00:29:05   It's one of every body style.

00:29:07   - Okay.

00:29:08   I like how you say that.

00:29:09   Like I should then go, yes, of course.

00:29:12   - And the ones that are the same,

00:29:14   like I have a G4 and an Intel that follow the same body

00:29:16   and then all one, two, three,

00:29:20   three versions of the Intel body.

00:29:23   - Can I ask you a question?

00:29:25   - Mm-hmm.

00:29:25   - Do you think that your collection of computers

00:29:28   is an important collection?

00:29:30   - Like to the world?

00:29:33   - I'm just, you can answer that however you wanna answer it.

00:29:35   - What kind of question is that?

00:29:37   - I don't like that question.

00:29:38   That question's pretty insulting.

00:29:39   - Do you think you matter in the grand scheme of things?

00:29:43   - The reason I ask that question

00:29:46   is because you fill the requirement

00:29:48   to have every Mac mini ever,

00:29:50   and I don't know if that's necessary.

00:29:51   Now, what I would say in your defense,

00:29:54   I have a defense for you already,

00:29:55   is that you once created a collection so important

00:29:58   it got donated to a museum.

00:29:59   So therefore, the answer is that part of the collection

00:30:03   was important to human history.

00:30:05   But now I've got to wonder, are the Mac Minis?

00:30:08   I would say no.

00:30:11   - Well, maybe not everything is going to end up

00:30:14   in a museum like my IMAX did.

00:30:17   That vlog, by the way,

00:30:20   is my all time personal favorite video on my channel.

00:30:22   - Well, one is that,

00:30:23   when you went to the Harry Ford Museum--

00:30:24   - My computer's in a museum.

00:30:26   Yeah, the travel vlog I did.

00:30:28   - Sure, good vlogga.

00:30:30   - Thank you.

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00:31:57   So we have a topic which may seem strange,

00:31:59   given this is the middle of December,

00:32:00   but Federico came busting into her iMessage with it.

00:32:03   He wanted us to talk about some useful things

00:32:05   we've learned over the past year.

00:32:07   And so here we are, I don't know how we're gonna do this,

00:32:10   if we're gonna round robin life lessons or something,

00:32:12   but some useful things we've learned in 2021.

00:32:15   - I think we should just do them all in a row each,

00:32:18   - Rounding, robining in the moon.

00:32:20   - Rounding, robining.

00:32:23   - R-o-b-i-n-i-n-i.

00:32:25   - I just thought it for context.

00:32:27   I just thought it would be, you know, fun and useful to take stock of the past 12 months.

00:32:32   And, you know, it's right before Christmas and be like, "Okay, what have I learned here?"

00:32:37   So, like, before we take a break, before we take some time off, what have we learned?

00:32:42   What can be useful to...

00:32:44   Also the process of thinking about the things you've learned

00:32:49   is useful in and of itself, I think.

00:32:51   Like to sort of sit back and judge yourself

00:32:55   from the outside and be like,

00:32:56   "Okay, what have I learned this year?"

00:32:57   Like that was useful for me.

00:32:59   Like even thinking about this segment.

00:33:01   - It was nice.

00:33:02   Yeah, I enjoyed thinking about it.

00:33:05   I would like you to go first, Federico,

00:33:07   because you are the originator of this entire thing.

00:33:10   OK, thank you. So I picked sort of three potentially... These were useful to me. Three lessons. Something

00:33:20   that was really helpful for me this year is always keep a list of all the things I'm working

00:33:29   on. Like even ideas that I just had spelled out in plain English. Like always... And this

00:33:38   This may sound trivial to a lot of people, like, "Oh, of course, duh.

00:33:41   There's why you use the Notes app or something."

00:33:44   But usually, as a content creator, I would consider myself a creative person, right?

00:33:52   I have a lot of ideas.

00:33:54   And that's the thing.

00:33:55   Sometimes I have a lot of ideas, and I try to keep them all in my brain.

00:33:59   Even ideas that it's just like one idea.

00:34:02   I'm not even sure if it's feasible.

00:34:04   I'm not even sure if it's possible to do what I want to do, but it's just one idea.

00:34:09   And I've become really...

00:34:12   I've been practicing this over the past ten months or so.

00:34:17   Always keep a list of all the things on your mind, of all the things you want to write.

00:34:22   Maybe sometimes an article starts from a sentence, like for me, like just one concept that you

00:34:29   just thought of.

00:34:30   And I've become very, I think, pretty good at opening a document and saving that.

00:34:39   Like, "Okay, let me just type this out in plain English, the way that I just thought

00:34:44   about it."

00:34:45   And then later I can refine this idea, I can keep working on it.

00:34:49   Again, you don't have to do this.

00:34:52   Like this is not about a particular app or process.

00:34:55   You can use Notes, you can use Obsidian, you can use Craft, you can use email, you can

00:34:59   I message yourself, I don't care.

00:35:01   Just keep a list of the things that you have on your mind.

00:35:05   They don't need to be fully formed.

00:35:07   I guess that's my takeaway this year.

00:35:09   They don't need to be fully formed ideas.

00:35:11   Just save it there, spell it out in a way

00:35:14   that is easy for you to remember a couple of weeks from now,

00:35:17   and that will be useful.

00:35:19   - Yeah, I think that's fantastic advice.

00:35:21   I mean, for me, I've carried a little pocket notebook

00:35:24   around forever, and there are times of life

00:35:28   whatever I'm better at that than others,

00:35:30   but I think this is a fantastic lesson.

00:35:33   And honestly, sometimes I think about,

00:35:36   in seasons that I'm not good at that,

00:35:37   of thinking back on those,

00:35:39   I wonder how many ideas just slip through my hand,

00:35:42   like little grains of sand,

00:35:43   because I didn't capture them.

00:35:44   - Why do you both capture said ideas?

00:35:47   - I bet Federico uses Microsoft Word.

00:35:49   - Yeah, so for me, it's either Clippy in Microsoft Word,

00:35:54   or most of the time, it's Obsidian.

00:35:57   I have my most, really most of my time in Obsidian

00:36:01   is spent in the same note.

00:36:03   It's a single note that I call dashboard,

00:36:05   and that's where I save everything.

00:36:07   I try, sort of the bare minimum organization that I have,

00:36:11   it's like work ideas and sort of personal

00:36:16   or like hobby related ideas.

00:36:18   So I try to keep them separate that way,

00:36:20   but it doesn't matter.

00:36:21   As long as I can put it in the document,

00:36:23   even at the bottom of the document,

00:36:25   What matters is that it's there.

00:36:27   And again, for me, this is not about the process.

00:36:30   It's not about the workflow.

00:36:31   It's not about the tinkering.

00:36:32   It's about make sure that you have some way

00:36:37   to open something on your phone, on your iPad,

00:36:40   on your computer, on a web browser, whatever it is.

00:36:43   Make sure you have something that lets you type out

00:36:47   a sentence, an idea.

00:36:49   And then you can go from there.

00:36:50   For me, it's obsidian, yes.

00:36:52   And then, like, what do you do with, like, do you look at them,

00:36:57   like, do you look over them frequently or like, do you remove things?

00:37:02   Like, I'm intrigued.

00:37:03   Yeah. So that's,

00:37:07   you can think of it as an inbox. I think of it as like,

00:37:10   like the center of a mind map, if you will, like this note that I have.

00:37:16   Here we're getting more into the technicalities of the system.

00:37:21   But the way that I like to do this personally is,

00:37:25   if I think an idea has something to it,

00:37:27   has got potential, and I wanna keep working on it,

00:37:31   I make it a separate note in Obsidian.

00:37:34   So what I do, like literally what I do,

00:37:37   I select with the text cursor the line of text,

00:37:41   and I hit double square brackets,

00:37:46   and that becomes like a separate note.

00:37:51   And I can open that. It means that I can open that in a new window, and I can type more information, more comments or thoughts about it.

00:38:00   Like, for example, right now, I just had in my—because, again, I think being practical about this helps—

00:38:06   I had a single line of text that says "early experiments with better touch tool and the new notch bar."

00:38:15   That was a line of text that I had in this note.

00:38:19   And as I kept working on this, I realized, yeah,

00:38:23   I'm doing a bunch of things with this new feature

00:38:26   of this application that I think maybe there's a story here

00:38:29   in the future.

00:38:30   So I make that a standalone item, a standalone file,

00:38:35   but it's still linked in here.

00:38:39   Now, again, then it becomes about the workflow,

00:38:42   about the system.

00:38:43   The trickiest part for me,

00:38:46   because I've never been disciplined enough to do this regularly.

00:38:52   Like, when you have an idea, save it right away.

00:38:56   Like, sometimes when I'm driving, I have ideas, I ask Silvia to do it for me.

00:39:00   Like, "Hey, can you please grab my phone and type this before I forget?"

00:39:04   And I try to be very, very precise with, "You have an idea? Save it immediately."

00:39:12   And then you can worry about it later.

00:39:14   That's very nice. I don't think I have something like this. I think I'd maybe try and systematize

00:39:24   it too much, you know? Like, oh, it's going to go into Duist and it's going to have a

00:39:29   due date and like attack, you know?

00:39:31   Excellent point. Yes, that is a fantastic point. Ryan also in the Discord said, "Federico

00:39:37   discovers getting things done." Kinda, but to your point, Myke...

00:39:42   This method is what Ryan's referring to.

00:39:44   Yes, but I don't like the pressure of the structure.

00:39:48   See, I just want to, like, I could live by with a single markdown file.

00:39:57   Like, I don't want to think about, oh, does it need a project?

00:40:02   Does it need a date?

00:40:03   Does it need a tag?

00:40:04   Does it need, you know, no, I just want to open a thing and type it out.

00:40:09   You know?

00:40:10   Last question.

00:40:11   That's exactly.

00:40:12   Do you remove things from this list?

00:40:14   Yes, absolutely.

00:40:15   When it's done?

00:40:17   When it's-- yes.

00:40:19   So again, personally, how I like to do this?

00:40:23   Ideas can become multiple things in my life, right?

00:40:28   These notes, maybe it's a thing that I need to buy.

00:40:32   When it's been purchased, I remove the link.

00:40:36   Maybe it's an article that I got to publish.

00:40:38   when it's published, I move it into my archive folder.

00:40:41   Sometimes these things that I save are like,

00:40:46   look into this.

00:40:48   For example, when I have,

00:40:52   look into storing your music library in Dropbox

00:40:57   on the Intel NUC.

00:40:59   Like that's something that I wanna do.

00:41:01   - Yeah, you see, I think I would put that into Todoist

00:41:04   and I don't want that.

00:41:05   No, because necessarily interdoist, right? Like, I don't think that that's the best place for it.

00:41:11   And I feel I end up having these tasks that I just rearrange forever because, you know, I haven't done that.

00:41:19   But here's the thing for me, like, I know that doing this is something that I'm thinking about.

00:41:24   But when I'm gonna do it, it means I'm gonna have to sit down and do some research. And when I do

00:41:31   this research, I'm gonna take notes. You come across tutorials, people that's on Reddit

00:41:37   saying, "Hey, I've been doing this myself. Here's what I discovered. I save all that

00:41:40   stuff." This becomes a note. I save all that stuff. I do that. And then, all this potentially

00:41:48   useful information, I created this folder called "brain storage." And that's where I

00:41:54   I dump all kinds of things that can potentially be useful again in the future. It goes into

00:42:03   brain storage, which is like a cold storage, you know, where, like, for example, months

00:42:10   ago, I researched how to remove DRM from EPUBs. I needed to do a bunch of research, I took

00:42:18   notes, and then I was done, and I thought, "Oh, okay, I'm never gonna have to do this

00:42:22   again. And I dumped the file into Brain Storage. A few weeks ago, John asked me, "Hey, how

00:42:28   do you remove DRM from EPUBs again?" I was like, "Okay, hold on." I searched for DRM

00:42:34   and it was there in my archive. So, yeah. Saving ideas, saving things on your mind,

00:42:43   try and practice it because it can be useful.

00:42:46   What did Evan Oat call that?

00:42:47   Digital brain or outboard brain or something?

00:42:50   brain. Second brain. That was the whole thing, wasn't it? Second thing is more simple and practical.

00:42:57   I learned the importance of having a full replica of my work setup in a different place,

00:43:06   and also to make sure that it works, to test it often. I ran into this this year when we renovated

00:43:16   our beach house, and we also recently have been sort of renovating our, you know, Sylvia's

00:43:23   bedroom in Viterbo, and I've been... I've learned the importance for me to know that

00:43:30   if I need or want to get my work done from another location, to know that it's possible,

00:43:39   but it's not just that, to also know that the setup is working. Like, you can apply

00:43:44   this lesson maybe to backups as well? It's not just about backing up and making sure

00:43:50   that if disaster strikes, you have a copy of your important data. But test it. Test

00:43:56   the backup. Make sure that it works. And in my case, it was, "Yeah, you can have a recording

00:44:02   setup for doing podcasts at the beach, but have you actually tested it? Have you connected

00:44:09   all the cables and tried to record there and tested the microphone and tested the USB thing

00:44:14   and make sure that it worked. So, yeah, having a replica of my setup somewhere else and making

00:44:24   sure often that it works, that the backup system works. That was useful. And lastly,

00:44:33   this is something that I've always liked to do myself that I've done way more in 2021.

00:44:39   Broadly speaking, I've been a lot more inspired in 2021 than in 2020. I think it's been a really

00:44:45   good year for me, creatively speaking. And one of the things that I feel contributed to that was,

00:44:52   is what I wrote in this segment. "Try an app you never thought you'd use for a while,

00:45:00   and understand why other people like it." This maybe applies more specifically to my job,

00:45:08   but I think it's something that you can apply to other aspects and areas of your professional or personal life.

00:45:15   Like, when enough people enjoy something, don't judge it. Try to understand why they like it.

00:45:23   And that was useful for me specifically when it comes to apps. I also do it occasionally for video games and music.

00:45:32   Like, hey, you know, if enough people like something, it's useful to understand why.

00:45:36   Don't judge them, you know. And this has been really helpful to discover great software.

00:45:43   For example, that I, you know, maybe my first instinct would have been, "No, I'm not that type

00:45:49   of person." Like, "Oh, no, I'm not a fantastical person." Like, it turns out I am a fantastical

00:45:55   person. Just one example. I've always thought so. I know, it was a bit of a journey for me to get

00:46:01   there again. No, that you are a fantastical person. Oh well, thank you.

00:46:07   This is the kind of stuff you miss. Try stuff, if you can, try stuff that is not for, that you think is not for you

00:46:17   and try to understand why others like it. Maybe you'll come to the conclusion

00:46:21   that, you know, okay yeah I don't care about other people, this thing is not for

00:46:24   me great but at least you've tried. Very nice, very wise. I think I'm gonna try the

00:46:32   dashboard note thing. I'm very intrigued about this too but unfortunately I'm

00:46:38   gonna have to set up a Todoist I'm... which says try out Federico's dashboard note

00:46:44   thing because otherwise I don't have a place to put it. The reason why I

00:46:48   I think this system works so well these days.

00:46:51   It's the note-taking market.

00:46:54   Like, we have so many great options now.

00:46:56   And so no matter the system you want to use,

00:46:59   you can do it in Apple Notes.

00:47:00   You can do it in Kraft.

00:47:02   In Kraft, like, I used to have this dashboard in Kraft.

00:47:05   It's actually very nice because of the clean design.

00:47:08   And you can have, like, linked pages, you know, sections.

00:47:12   It's very nice.

00:47:13   You can do it in Obsidian.

00:47:14   You can do it, you know, I don't know,

00:47:17   Maybe some folks use tools like Agenda or NotePlan, for example.

00:47:22   You can still use Evernote, you can do it in Evernote.

00:47:26   You use Notion, you can totally do it in Notion.

00:47:28   Like, the tool doesn't matter.

00:47:31   It's the "try to remove as much friction as possible" that is between you and the thing you want to save.

00:47:40   And before anyone comments, tons of people do this in Drafts.

00:47:45   That's actually the reason Drafts was created in the first place, where the text starts.

00:47:52   The setup doesn't really matter. I think what's important is practice it.

00:47:59   And then you can use whatever tool you want to use.

00:48:03   What about you, Myke?

00:48:04   Understanding some of the basics of what is inside technology and playing around with it and tinkering with it

00:48:09   can help you feel less daunted by the complexity of said technology.

00:48:13   Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

00:48:15   Actually, you're dealing with this now, aren't you, Puerto Rico? Yeah.

00:48:19   Yeah, I accidentally blew the fuse in a new desktop DAC that I'm testing,

00:48:30   and tomorrow I believe I will have to open it up and put in a fuse replacement.

00:48:37   Do you know how you did that?

00:48:38   Because I'm stupid, and I did not read the manual.

00:48:41   the manual. There was a hidden switch for European voltage.

00:48:46   Oh, that sucks.

00:48:49   It was set to US voltage and my very good power cable blew the fuse.

00:48:55   Well, luckily there's a fuse.

00:48:58   Luckily there's a fuse. That's why you put the fuse in.

00:49:00   That's why they put it there.

00:49:01   So that the whole thing is not fried. But yes, to your point, Myke,

00:49:05   understanding how things work inside, that is an excellent lesson. Yes.

00:49:09   If an app is slowing you down, leave it sooner rather than later because you're just gonna leave it anyway.

00:49:15   You mentioned this because this must be something that you've learned.

00:49:18   OmniFocus.

00:49:19   Can you give us...

00:49:20   Okay.

00:49:21   Interesting.

00:49:22   I created a system of overwhelming complexity for literally zero reason other than just to try it and

00:49:30   was well aware of the fact

00:49:34   pretty soon that it was maybe more taps than was necessary and

00:49:38   And instead of doing anything about it, I just stuck with it for a long time until I

00:49:43   eventually did something about it and went back to Todoist.

00:49:47   We have the, I think, as nerds, we have the propensity to do these kinds of things, but

00:49:54   then you ultimately just create more issues for yourself later on.

00:49:59   Okay, so this makes me think of a theory that I've had for a while now.

00:50:06   Here's my theory.

00:50:07   I feel like in our community, we used to be more religious, if you will, about the app

00:50:18   that you wanted to use years ago.

00:50:21   Like it used to be a thing, "Oh no, I swear by Fantastical," or "I'm a Tweetbot guy."

00:50:27   I feel like in recent years, because of all the attention that has been drawn to concepts

00:50:33   like data portability, it's become much more common and accepted to switch between different

00:50:41   tools. And like in our community, it's a lot more normal and sort of expected to try different

00:50:48   things. And maybe subscriptions are also part of that story, because now you don't need

00:50:53   to purchase something once and pay $30. Now you can try it for a month and spend like

00:50:59   $2. And so in a way that's actually the great benefit of subscriptions that you

00:51:05   can try multiple things for a lower price. That's my theory.

00:51:13   Make a packing list in an Apple note. Check and uncheck things as you need

00:51:19   them. Do not delete things unless you are 100% going to remove them. I think you

00:51:25   and I talked about this. This is something that I do and it's fantastic.

00:51:28   I used to use clear for this but that is a whole thing.

00:51:34   So I just have like a, what I like about Apple Notes is you can have the thing where in the

00:51:39   checklist it will move them up and down, you know?

00:51:43   So if something is unchecked it goes to the top of the list and if it's checked it goes

00:51:48   to the bottom of the list and I think that's really cool because I have them in categories,

00:51:52   it does them in categories too.

00:51:53   Like if you leave some space between a selection of things,

00:51:57   it will only move them within the list that it's in.

00:52:00   Does that make sense?

00:52:01   So if you have like seven things and two lines

00:52:03   and another seven things,

00:52:04   it's not gonna move it all the way to the very top.

00:52:06   It just moves it to the top of that block.

00:52:08   And so I just have a few categories of stuff

00:52:10   and I just check and uncheck them when I need them.

00:52:13   And it's very helpful for me.

00:52:15   And it means I'm less likely to forget things.

00:52:17   - Very nice.

00:52:19   - Some strength training can help you feel a lot better

00:52:22   in your body. If you have frequent pains, it can help alleviate those pains.

00:52:25   Hmm. Hmm. You've been doing this, right? Yeah. Yeah. And it's helped me a lot.

00:52:32   He's ripped. I'm not ripped. Very not ripped, especially not right now. Uh,

00:52:38   but it's helped. It's helped me a lot and uh, I didn't think that it would,

00:52:42   but it did and I should have done it a long time ago. That's great.

00:52:45   And then the last one is making physical products is incredibly challenging and

00:52:49   incredibly rewarding in very different ways to making digital things.

00:52:55   I can imagine, especially now with the pandemic, making and shipping physical products must be very challenging.

00:53:03   Yeah, it is. But it's worth it if you can do it right, but it's real hard.

00:53:11   But all of it is different really to digital things. The satisfaction is different, but the pressures are different too.

00:53:19   It's like way higher stakes, but also I think way higher reward, like emotionally,

00:53:24   when you make a thing and then you have that thing and then people buy that thing and they

00:53:28   like the thing. It's cool. Yeah. Yeah. They are my lessons.

00:53:32   Yeah. My first one is definitely related to your final one. The first time I've ever really done

00:53:40   that with Physical Goods was my Kickstarter that launched now six months ago. And that project has

00:53:48   has taken up so much more time and energy

00:53:52   than I ever thought possible.

00:53:54   Like it just never ends.

00:53:56   And I'm very glad it was so successful,

00:53:59   but if I do one again, it will not be in the same vein

00:54:03   as this one in terms of how I put it together

00:54:05   and how the fulfillment happens and all of those things.

00:54:09   - Well, that's learning, right?

00:54:11   - I guess.

00:54:12   You know, and it did give me an appreciation

00:54:15   who do these sorts of things all the time, or on a much bigger scale than us,

00:54:20   just, I mean, really the Kickstarter just created the last half of my year in a way that at this

00:54:27   point I'm not doing another one next year because I can't go through it again. That is a great shame.

00:54:32   We'll see. I mean, if I can put the pieces together and have it happen in a way that I

00:54:41   don't have to pack 1,200 calendars and then replace a bunch of them when the post office

00:54:44   loses them myself, we'll see. But I'm also just kind of undergoing this bigger thing

00:54:50   right now of looking at my year next year and making some other schedule changes.

00:54:55   So my second lesson is about standing desks, not about physical goods. I guess standing

00:55:02   desks are physical goods in a way. But you don't make them.

00:55:04   No. I guess I could. Like a lever or something. Oh no, the Kickstarter too. Steven's standing desk.

00:55:12   I'll hand build you a standing desk.

00:55:14   It will take eight years to finish it.

00:55:17   But I work standing up, not all the time,

00:55:19   but if I'm doing a lot of admin work, I enjoy it.

00:55:21   And I actually enjoy recording standing up.

00:55:24   It makes me feistier, I think.

00:55:26   Yeah, I really like it.

00:55:28   And I know a lot of people do,

00:55:30   and I'm late to the party, but here we are.

00:55:31   - I never stand on my standing desks.

00:55:34   Not on them. - You should.

00:55:35   It would really help you with your core strength

00:55:37   or whatever.

00:55:38   - No, I just, maybe.

00:55:40   But would it?

00:55:42   - I don't know.

00:55:43   - Yeah, he said your core strength or whatever,

00:55:45   so he must be really knowledgeable about it.

00:55:47   - Yeah.

00:55:48   - He's really done the work on the sound.

00:55:50   - He's done the research, you know.

00:55:53   - You know, the whatever, whatever.

00:55:57   - Can you imagine a workout routine

00:55:59   made for people who podcast for a living?

00:56:01   It would be standing up and some vocal warmups,

00:56:06   maybe like learning keyboard shortcuts from Google Docs.

00:56:09   Okay, so I like standing at work.

00:56:11   It's fantastic people who have talked about it

00:56:13   for a long time, all totally right.

00:56:14   - Do you use a mat?

00:56:16   - Yes, I do.

00:56:17   So I have carpet tiles kind of in the area

00:56:20   where my chair lives, but I do have a mat

00:56:22   that I'll pull out to stand on.

00:56:24   And I don't know if I would need it,

00:56:25   except I'm old and my bones hurt.

00:56:29   - The mats are genuinely a good thing.

00:56:31   The ones that have the little raised bits

00:56:33   in the middle too are really good.

00:56:35   - Yeah, I don't have that.

00:56:36   Mine is just flat, but I feel like that could be an upgrade

00:56:38   at some point in the future.

00:56:41   So my next two are like a little more touchy feely,

00:56:46   but that's fine.

00:56:48   - Well we'll decide if it's fine, maybe.

00:56:50   - It's not about apps.

00:56:52   It's deeper than that.

00:56:53   So the first, these are really two sides of a coin.

00:56:57   - Are you standing today?

00:56:59   - No, I'm sitting actually.

00:57:01   - Interesting, I wouldn't have advised you

00:57:02   if you were standing.

00:57:04   - I've had no caffeine either, this is just--

00:57:06   - Just raw Steven.

00:57:07   - Just Steven unplugged.

00:57:10   These are really two sides of the coin for me,

00:57:14   and so I kinda wanna talk about them as that.

00:57:17   But so the first side is,

00:57:19   it really is like okay to take time for yourself

00:57:24   and exert effort on your own wellbeing.

00:57:27   Maybe it's just, I mean it is who I am,

00:57:32   like the oldest child, a business owner, like independent.

00:57:36   Like I feel a great obligation

00:57:39   to make sure those around me are okay and are taken care of.

00:57:43   Very often to my own detriment,

00:57:45   but this year I've had to reverse a lot of that

00:57:47   for a bunch of reasons that I'm not gonna get into.

00:57:49   And it's been a good reminder for me,

00:57:52   like yeah, it's okay to tell somebody,

00:57:54   no, you can't do something, or you have to end something

00:57:57   because you need the space or the mental overhead

00:58:00   or whatever it may be.

00:58:01   It really is okay to do that.

00:58:02   And don't let anyone tell you that it's not.

00:58:04   - I really hope this isn't the way that we find out

00:58:06   that he's leaving the show.

00:58:07   That would suck.

00:58:08   So the second one, again, the other side of the coin

00:58:13   is that being introspective about your work,

00:58:18   especially as someone who's like a self-employed creator

00:58:21   is important and I've had to learn how to push

00:58:23   the cringiness aside.

00:58:25   Like I think a lot of that sort of like,

00:58:28   I'm gonna take a personal retreat

00:58:30   and like write down my thoughts for the year.

00:58:32   Like that's just not for me,

00:58:34   but I have learned that there are things from that

00:58:36   that are valuable, even if I think sort of the whole picture

00:58:39   is really not a good fit for me.

00:58:41   So I'm not gonna like go up on the mountaintop

00:58:43   and come down with, you know,

00:58:45   the 10 Commandments for the next year.

00:58:46   But I do think that if you,

00:58:49   even if you're not self-employed,

00:58:50   but you have like a side project or something,

00:58:53   it is important at times to pull back from it

00:58:56   and think about it in a way that you can't

00:58:59   when you're in it day to day.

00:59:00   So like with the Kickstarter thing,

00:59:01   that's exactly where I am with it right now.

00:59:03   Like it's basically wrapped up

00:59:05   And now I have probably like three months

00:59:09   if I decide to start another one

00:59:11   when I need to get started.

00:59:13   And I wanna use this time to like really consider

00:59:15   like the pros and cons of it.

00:59:17   And it went, it was a huge success.

00:59:18   And like, that's really hard to argue with

00:59:20   what it did to my business spreadsheet this year.

00:59:22   But at the same time, I know the toll it took on me

00:59:25   and like my family and time away from them to do it.

00:59:28   And so I just gotta balance all that out.

00:59:29   So being introspective about work

00:59:32   and being able to detach from it enough

00:59:34   to view it from the outside,

00:59:36   which I guess is the opposite of being introspective.

00:59:39   It's, oh, that's really important.

00:59:42   So, yeah, those are my lessons.

00:59:46   Kickstarters are hard, staying desk is cool,

00:59:49   take care of yourself, think about your work.

00:59:52   - Is that a haiku?

00:59:53   - It should be.

00:59:55   - Can you do that? - Maybe someone

00:59:56   can work one up for us.

00:59:57   All right, we're gonna take our last break,

00:59:58   and then Myke is gonna make us do more Q&A.

01:00:01   - Q&A time.

01:00:02   - I don't like the sound of this.

01:00:04   Myke is gonna make us do, sounds so menacing, okay.

01:00:08   - I know, we had another topic that he removed

01:00:10   so we could do this.

01:00:11   - I am concerned, okay.

01:00:12   - Myke has questions.

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01:01:58   relay FM Matt has written a haiku Kickstarter is hard but standing desks

01:02:04   are quite nice take care of yourself that's very good it's good right that's

01:02:10   your next got to maybe get on your ribs or across my hands you know like yeah

01:02:19   Okay, like written across the house.

01:02:20   - Just get on your knuckles, standing desk.

01:02:22   (laughing)

01:02:24   - S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G.

01:02:27   It fits.

01:02:28   - No, it'd be like S-T-N-D-N-D-S-K.

01:02:32   - K-I-C-K-S-T-A-R, kickstart.

01:02:35   - All right, so questions time.

01:02:38   I was very jealous of all the questions

01:02:40   that everyone was asking.

01:02:41   Plus there were a lot of questions

01:02:42   that for absolutely no reason were burning me down.

01:02:45   So I would like to ask questions today.

01:02:48   So I am in the same document that you have been using.

01:02:51   However, for some reason, somebody else in this document

01:02:54   was marking questions too.

01:02:56   And I don't know why they did that.

01:02:58   So I've changed them to another color

01:02:59   because I didn't mark them.

01:03:01   'Cause I just thought I would get to mark them.

01:03:03   So, (laughs)

01:03:06   whoever did that, I hate you.

01:03:10   - No, the whole document's highlighted.

01:03:12   Pick your questions now, son.

01:03:13   - Steven, please stop.

01:03:14   - No, it's in Comic Sans.

01:03:16   - You're just making your own job harder

01:03:17   because this is terrible podcast.

01:03:18   - No, this is all staying in.

01:03:20   - Steven just highlighted every single question

01:03:22   in the same color that I highlighted them

01:03:24   and now changed the text of all of them to Comic Sans.

01:03:27   This is what I'm handling here.

01:03:28   All right, so first question.

01:03:31   I have a couple of questions that I think are good questions

01:03:33   and some other questions--

01:03:34   - That you think are bad questions?

01:03:36   Is that what you're saying?

01:03:36   - That are not about just being good questions

01:03:38   but about being weird questions.

01:03:41   JD asks, "What WWDC shocked you the most?"

01:03:45   - Hmm, ever?

01:03:47   I thought about this a little bit beforehand because I picked it.

01:03:50   What year was it where they did iPadOS?

01:03:53   Yeah, I was about to say that.

01:03:54   That was...

01:03:55   Two, three years ago?

01:03:56   20...

01:03:57   20...

01:03:58   19?

01:03:59   18 or 19?

01:04:01   2018.

01:04:03   It was introduced as iPadOS 13 in 2019.

01:04:07   That was my first pick.

01:04:09   Yeah, those were the most shocking.

01:04:10   I remember sitting in the audience and Casey,

01:04:13   Casey of all people showing me a tweet from,

01:04:17   I believe Steve Moser of MacRumors found this information

01:04:21   before the keynote started and Casey was like,

01:04:24   "Hey, they're renaming it iPadOS."

01:04:26   I was like, "No way."

01:04:28   And yes, they did.

01:04:30   - Yeah, and you had hoped that they would actually

01:04:31   do something with it.

01:04:32   - That's a different conversation.

01:04:35   (laughing)

01:04:37   - 'Cause we also got the Mac Pro.

01:04:39   - Yeah, but I don't know if that was shocking

01:04:42   'cause we knew it was coming.

01:04:43   - But it was shocking to look at.

01:04:45   - It's true.

01:04:47   - And Swift UI.

01:04:49   - I was gonna say Swift itself,

01:04:51   back in like 2014, 15 sometime.

01:04:55   And I'm not a developer,

01:04:56   but I could appreciate how big of a deal it was

01:04:58   for my friends who are developers.

01:04:59   - That was a really boring one though.

01:05:02   - Yeah, I mean, to us, but you know.

01:05:04   Other people were excited. - That was the same keynote

01:05:08   as the iMessage App Store.

01:05:10   - Was it?

01:05:12   - Yes.

01:05:13   - That was, 'cause we watched it at Twitter's office.

01:05:17   - Oh yeah.

01:05:19   Do you guys still have those implants

01:05:20   they put on us to get in?

01:05:22   - Yeah.

01:05:23   It's probably fine.

01:05:24   - Yeah, it's fine.

01:05:25   - BG asked, who asked who to start recording together?

01:05:29   - I was asked.

01:05:31   So.

01:05:32   - If I remember correctly,

01:05:35   see if I can get this right.

01:05:36   I initially, I had an interview with Myke

01:05:40   on an old show like a thousand years ago.

01:05:43   And then I think I asked you

01:05:45   to start the 512 podcast with me?

01:05:47   - No, I think you asked me to start Ungenius.

01:05:50   That was first.

01:05:51   - That was first, and then we did the 512 podcast,

01:05:56   which I think I asked you to do,

01:05:58   'cause I wanted a tech show.

01:06:00   And then when it was gonna become the prompt,

01:06:02   you went and asked Federico.

01:06:05   But I mean-- - No,

01:06:05   it was the other way around.

01:06:07   - No, it wasn't, come on.

01:06:08   No, I also wanted to work at Federico,

01:06:12   'cause we'd started to get to know each other.

01:06:14   And then me and you were talking about

01:06:17   doing something different.

01:06:19   And then it was like, well, what if these,

01:06:21   all these things can go together?

01:06:23   And we made the prompt.

01:06:24   And the great thing is, genuinely,

01:06:26   the prompt episode one was the first thing

01:06:28   we recorded together, which was an insane thing to do.

01:06:31   But it was great.

01:06:32   - No, no, no, he was a guest

01:06:34   on the next to last Five Hill podcast.

01:06:36   - Yes, I think that's right.

01:06:38   Is that true? I don't remember. I have zero memory of this.

01:06:41   Well, the first episode of the prompt was the first episode of the prompt,

01:06:44   which is not a way that I suggest people do things,

01:06:46   and it's not the way I do things now.

01:06:48   I always do demos. Make sure you get the chemistry right.

01:06:50   But it worked. Yeah, but we--

01:06:53   I asked-- or we-- I think I started the conversation with Federico

01:06:57   to join the show, and then we moved on from there.

01:07:00   What will happen first?

01:07:02   Apple lowers their app store cut to 15% universally,

01:07:06   or the iPad gets weather and or calculator?

01:07:08   This to me was a question that was funny on first read

01:07:14   and then I really had to think about it

01:07:17   and I genuinely can't pick.

01:07:19   - Oh, it's easy.

01:07:20   No, it's easy.

01:07:22   The iPad will get those apps

01:07:23   because Apple cares way too much about that 30%.

01:07:26   - That was about, I was about to say that.

01:07:28   I think the iPad gets the apps first.

01:07:30   - Because Apple apparently is willing

01:07:33   to drive their entire business model into the ground

01:07:36   over, was it effectively just a 15% difference?

01:07:39   Which is, just doesn't make any sense to me.

01:07:43   - I guess this is a question for me and Federico.

01:07:46   If you could take one item from the pod cabin,

01:07:49   what would it be?

01:07:50   - The cube.

01:07:51   - The G4 cube?

01:07:53   - Ooh, nice.

01:07:54   I would take his monitor.

01:07:55   No, I would take the monitor.

01:07:58   I'm not thinking old.

01:07:59   I think what is the thing that Steven has that I most want?

01:08:02   and it's the Pro Display XDR.

01:08:03   That's what I would take.

01:08:05   So, Steven, if you ever get to your studio

01:08:07   and it's not there, I did it.

01:08:09   - It's noted.

01:08:10   I will alert the security team.

01:08:13   - This is a very good question from Matt.

01:08:16   Oh, that last one was from Ryan, by the way.

01:08:18   Matt asks, "You each must choose one of your co-hosts

01:08:21   "to send a tweet from your Twitter account,

01:08:24   "and you can't get mad.

01:08:26   "Who would you choose?"

01:08:28   I'm not saying we have to do the tweet.

01:08:29   - What kind of tweet?

01:08:31   But that's the point.

01:08:33   You're just handing your keys over to somebody.

01:08:36   If we each could give one of the others to send a tweet from our account, which one would we choose?

01:08:43   Okay, I would pick Steven because I feel like Steven would be so mean,

01:08:48   and his sarcastic tweet would cut so deeply into my ego that people would be able to tell right away that it was not sent from me.

01:08:59   and therefore, you know, there wouldn't be no confusion.

01:09:03   - Yeah, but what if it were something subtle, like...

01:09:05   - No, you're not subtle.

01:09:07   You're mean, man.

01:09:08   - I'm not mean?

01:09:09   - Yes, you are.

01:09:10   When you wanna make fun of someone, you are.

01:09:12   (laughing)

01:09:14   - I'm not, yes you are.

01:09:15   - You know exactly how to point out

01:09:17   people's flaws and weaknesses.

01:09:20   That's part of the mystery about you, also.

01:09:21   - You're the one who told Jon you were going to

01:09:24   kidnap his entire family.

01:09:25   - See, but at least I'm upfront about it.

01:09:28   I could not believe that.

01:09:29   I really knew what it was like to be a listener of this show

01:09:32   when Federico said that.

01:09:34   [laughter]

01:09:37   You know, I would give Myke.

01:09:42   I'd let Myke tweet.

01:09:43   Why?

01:09:44   Because I don't think you would do anything all that bad,

01:09:48   and Federico is a little sneaky.

01:09:50   This is very interesting, because I would choose Federico

01:09:54   because I think you would.

01:09:56   (laughing)

01:09:58   - I think of the two of you,

01:10:01   Steven would do the worst thing.

01:10:04   - Wow.

01:10:05   - No, man, look, I don't think you're fully aware

01:10:09   of how much evil potential there is in you.

01:10:12   - No, I, no, see, here's the thing.

01:10:14   I think people don't realize this about Steven.

01:10:18   - I don't like this line of conversation.

01:10:21   - Like to the world, you're all buttoned up.

01:10:23   You're a nice guy.

01:10:25   But we see the true side of you.

01:10:28   It's got a baseball bat in the pot cabin.

01:10:31   And you know how it's got the screenshots

01:10:34   from our old chats from--

01:10:36   This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about.

01:10:37   It's got the blackmail on us.

01:10:39   Yeah, but it's all funny stuff.

01:10:41   Yeah, but you have the receipts.

01:10:43   You think it's funny.

01:10:44   I don't think it's funny.

01:10:45   I'm concerned--

01:10:46   Stephen has screenshots of things

01:10:48   that we said to each other, like going on 10 years.

01:10:53   Look, this is all very concerning, actually.

01:10:55   Like I'm very, I'm very, I'm.

01:10:56   - Well no, but Spherico, here's the thing.

01:10:58   You know this, right?

01:10:59   Steven keeps all this stuff.

01:11:01   So if I don't have things, he has them all.

01:11:04   - He does.

01:11:05   - 'Cause he's not gonna get rid of those screenshots.

01:11:07   - And it's got Devin Think doing all the processing for him.

01:11:10   You know, with the OCR in those images.

01:11:13   - So we can find them real quick.

01:11:14   - If we can find them.

01:11:16   - There are some funny screenshots in this folder.

01:11:19   - They're funny to you.

01:11:21   They're concerning to everybody else.

01:11:23   - And he says, yeah, yeah, it's funny, it's funny.

01:11:24   And we go along with him. Yeah, yeah, man. It's funny. It's funny.

01:11:27   We're all actually very scared. But inside you're dying. Yes.

01:11:31   It's what we are saying. Yes. I don't like how this is going. Look,

01:11:35   I have one from Federico from my birthday, uh,

01:11:39   seven years ago and it says, happy birthday buddy.

01:11:41   And it's a picture of Gil Amelio waving. See, that's nice. Yeah, that's nice.

01:11:46   But you don't just have nice things. And this is why we say,

01:11:50   Which is why I say I wouldn't trust you.

01:11:53   - Can we agree on something real quick?

01:11:55   Can we never do Q&A again?

01:11:57   - I think I could have told you this two weeks ago,

01:11:59   but now I'm here doing it, right?

01:12:01   - Why, who asked this question?

01:12:04   - Matt, one of the mods-- - Matt, why, why?

01:12:08   (laughing)

01:12:09   - That doesn't mean he can't be banned.

01:12:12   - The last one I picked was,

01:12:13   Myke, now that Jon has replaced you

01:12:15   on at least one episode of the show,

01:12:17   are you more worried about your position

01:12:18   as a co-host of this program?

01:12:20   The answer is yes, because he is,

01:12:22   John has replaced me a couple of times.

01:12:23   I think when I went on my honeymoon,

01:12:25   John replaced me as well.

01:12:27   - Yeah.

01:12:27   - So this whole thing about like,

01:12:30   I agreed that James would take over my place

01:12:34   in the triple J succession plan,

01:12:35   but it seems like John's trying to get in

01:12:38   on both me and Federico and that is a concern.

01:12:41   - I think John wants to be on the show

01:12:44   more than the other two do.

01:12:45   - I thought you were gonna say more than you two do.

01:12:48   That's the thing, I feel like Jason is very sneaky about it though.

01:12:54   Did you get from Upgrade like how Jason's like, "Hey, I got jealous for the Connected

01:12:58   trophy and so I wanted to do something with Upgrade."

01:13:01   I can tell you, if we don't pay attention to this Zoom call, those two are going to

01:13:06   take over and John and Jason especially are going to be so eager to do their own version

01:13:12   of Connected that they're going to steal the show right from under us.

01:13:16   And then when you think about it, then James started putting coded messages in his applications.

01:13:21   About, yeah. And he's like talking to our loved ones.

01:13:24   This is a genuine concern. This is bad for us, I think.

01:13:28   No, I honestly, I am ending this episode with a profound sense of concern and worry inside

01:13:37   me.

01:13:38   Impending dread.

01:13:39   Yes, I feel like, I don't know, like, you know, yeah, dread is a good word, like something

01:13:47   isn't right, you know, something's not right and I can feel it and I am never gonna do

01:13:53   Q&A again.

01:13:54   No.

01:13:55   I have one closing question for the Q&A.

01:13:58   Have you ever returned Federico's heart rate monitor?

01:14:01   No, I have not returned it.

01:14:02   Why do you think it started working out with the strength training because it's using that?

01:14:07   It took me like six years, but finally my plan is in process.

01:14:12   You needed to deep clean it, you know, and it was playing, you know, it's a long con.

01:14:17   It spent like four years saying, "No, no, no, I didn't see it."

01:14:21   And now suddenly it's working out. Yeah, okay.

01:14:23   Everyone buys that story.

01:14:25   Suddenly after so many years. Sudden. Very sudden.

01:14:29   So I feel like it's obvious that I won the Q&A, right?

01:14:33   What?

01:14:34   I mean, nobody said anything mean about me.

01:14:36   So I think I I think I won the Q&A

01:14:39   Did you listen to last week when John said he lied about saying that your hair was the best?

01:14:44   No, I think I won the Q&A

01:14:46   But did you hear that part though where John said he lied about your hair being the best?

01:14:50   I didn't hear it. Therefore it never existed

01:14:52   Wow, I think we need to have a conversation about that worldview but

01:14:58   There was a question that I did genuinely I was gonna ask it but I couldn't think of it

01:15:05   Which was because I was genuinely trying to think of it, but I think we've been pretty good

01:15:09   Which was Steve asked is there ever been a jape that went just too far

01:15:13   The Q&A that no that I think that has been but I can't remember what it was

01:15:19   It's probably sitting in Stevens folder as black man. That's actually a very good point

01:15:24   If you want to find links of the stuff we spoke about when we still had a podcast together go to relay.fm/connected/3

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01:15:44   We're all around.

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01:15:52   And seriously, if you have not gone and looked at the Mac Stories select stuff, go do it.

01:15:58   It's one of my favorite things every year.

01:16:00   Thank you.

01:16:01   You can find Myke on Twitter as @IMYKE.

01:16:05   Myke hosts a bunch of shows here on Relay FM.

01:16:08   Myke, anything, I know you just got back from vacation,

01:16:10   but is there anything you want to point people to?

01:16:12   - The yearly theme episode of Quotex will be dropping

01:16:15   within the next few days.

01:16:18   - What's your theme?

01:16:19   You just want to spoil it for us now?

01:16:20   - The year of betrayal.

01:16:22   - Wow. - Whoa.

01:16:24   - Dark. - Okay.

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01:16:49   This week we talked about Instagram returning

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01:16:54   Pretty interesting change from them.

01:16:56   - That was like three minutes of a 20 minute discussion.

01:16:58   There was a lot more.

01:17:00   - And then we talked about vaccinations

01:17:03   and social media angst.

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01:17:10   And until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:17:13   - I'll leave it there to you.

01:17:14   Cheerio.