374: Myke's Advocate


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 374.

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00:00:20   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined

00:00:22   by my dear friend, Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:25   - Hello, it's me. - Hello.

00:00:27   - And just me.

00:00:28   Just you, Myke is on vacation.

00:00:31   It's just me and you this week.

00:00:33   - Yes, and we can finally talk about the Mac.

00:00:36   I mean-- - We're talking about the Mac,

00:00:38   finally, we're going to do some listener questions

00:00:42   that just like, as a spoiler, really,

00:00:45   I did not know what to expect.

00:00:47   And we got some really weird questions.

00:00:48   So that's gonna be fun.

00:00:49   - We got some weird town going later, yes, yeah.

00:00:54   - But first we start with follow-up,

00:00:57   and I have very important follow-up for you, Federico.

00:01:00   - Okay.

00:01:01   - Listeners may remember that we have physical trophies

00:01:04   for the Ricky's now made by our friend Matt.

00:01:07   - Sure.

00:01:08   - They're made out of wood, they light up,

00:01:09   they're fantastic.

00:01:10   Mine is like right here on my desk,

00:01:11   just to the right of my display.

00:01:14   I love it.

00:01:14   We were unable to use them as soon as we wanted to though,

00:01:17   because yours got lost in the mail.

00:01:20   Well, I have big news.

00:01:22   It has, after maybe like six months,

00:01:26   Returned whoa, Matt it showed up. No at his house today. It's back in America

00:01:33   they couldn't send it to you for some reason and so they

00:01:38   They gave it back to gave back to Mac for months. So what they say I was correcting not six months four months

00:01:43   So it is back

00:01:45   That is incredible. I'm so glad that it's back home. It is quite quite the international travel

00:01:52   Poor trophy. Yeah, I just went to Europe for a little while found itself

00:01:56   and then came back.

00:01:58   - It literally spent the summer in Europe.

00:02:01   (laughing)

00:02:03   - Then it came home.

00:02:07   - Came home for Thanksgiving, basically.

00:02:08   - It did, it did.

00:02:09   So all I know is there are plans for this fourth trophy.

00:02:14   I don't really know what that means.

00:02:16   I'm afraid to know what it means,

00:02:18   to be perfectly honest with you, but it may show up again.

00:02:22   Related to this, Federico, the post office

00:02:25   also lost your stuffed little Ricky character, remember?

00:02:30   - Oh yeah, yeah.

00:02:33   - And I have a new one of those coming to me

00:02:36   and I'm gonna put it in a UPS box

00:02:37   with your Magtricky magnets and ship it to you.

00:02:40   - Thank you so much.

00:02:41   - When it shows up.

00:02:42   - Thank you.

00:02:44   - Third part of this follow-up,

00:02:45   has your hardware calendar showed up for me?

00:02:47   - Nope, so I think that got lost as well.

00:02:51   - I may send that via UPS as well.

00:02:54   - Yes, I think you may wanna wait for that to come back

00:02:58   and just make a single box and I'll pay you the UPS.

00:03:02   - Yeah, I'm just gonna ship you a giant box of things

00:03:05   that belong to you.

00:03:07   - Thank you, yes.

00:03:08   - Do you want anything else from America?

00:03:10   You want some cookies or some misinformation or something?

00:03:13   - What is it?

00:03:14   John is usually like my American retail smuggler,

00:03:18   but then I discovered Big Apple Buddy, of course.

00:03:22   - Yes, I heard you talked to Mary about that

00:03:24   in the most recent episode. - Great service.

00:03:26   They're now sending me promotional emails

00:03:28   every time they have a sale going,

00:03:30   which is exciting. - Nice.

00:03:31   - No, I don't think I need anything from America

00:03:34   at the moment. - Okay.

00:03:35   Well, keep me posted. - Yeah, thank you.

00:03:36   - So once that all shows up,

00:03:38   I'll just send you a box of things.

00:03:40   - Perfect.

00:03:41   - One thing I could put in there is a nice screwdriver.

00:03:44   How does that sound?

00:03:46   Sound pretty good?

00:03:46   - Okay, I'm actually in need of a better screwdriver.

00:03:51   - Are you?

00:03:52   There is nothing better than a good hand tool.

00:03:56   Maybe I'm showing my dad life off, but--

00:03:59   - No, not at all.

00:04:01   Just a little.

00:04:02   - If you're gonna do a job, you want the right tool.

00:04:03   So Coda and Peter, amongst others,

00:04:06   wrote in about Apple's tool.

00:04:08   So we've talked about this in light of their repair program

00:04:12   they're gonna start next year,

00:04:13   where you can order parts and tools.

00:04:15   The brand we looked at last week,

00:04:18   Weha, W-I-H-A, Weha, I don't know how you would say it.

00:04:23   That's what they used to use, I have a bunch of those still,

00:04:25   but now the brand they use is called Wira,

00:04:27   which I think is what Myke said,

00:04:29   and then I corrected him to the wrong brand.

00:04:31   Anyways, there's a link in the show notes to this tool.

00:04:35   It looks amazing.

00:04:36   It's like a whole set with like a handle

00:04:39   and a bunch of drivers and stuff.

00:04:41   And you can pick it up for a cool 120 bucks.

00:04:43   - How much?

00:04:44   Wait, what?

00:04:45   On Amazon, this kit is $123.

00:04:50   - Okay.

00:04:51   - Probably not gonna be what Apple sells.

00:04:55   And this thing's really fancy.

00:04:56   Like you can set the torque you want.

00:05:00   So like you only need like this amount of pressure

00:05:02   on a screw and then it will stop at that point.

00:05:04   Like it's-- - Okay.

00:05:05   - No one actually needs this.

00:05:06   This is very fancy, but if you wanted to know

00:05:09   what they're using, that's what they're using.

00:05:11   - Okay, I know what to get you for your birthday.

00:05:14   - Yeah, $123 screwdriver, please.

00:05:17   - Professional screwdriver kit, that's what I'm getting at.

00:05:20   - The link in the show notes to Amazon,

00:05:22   you know, it'll be an affiliate link,

00:05:24   so go buy some screwdrivers.

00:05:27   - Okay, all right.

00:05:28   (laughing)

00:05:30   - So hopefully that's the end of our tool talk

00:05:33   until this program opens up, and I'm excited about it,

00:05:37   you know, gonna repair some phones or something.

00:05:41   I don't know.

00:05:42   - Maybe.

00:05:43   Last week we also spoke about reviewing the podcast.

00:05:47   A bunch of listeners, Federico, have gone out

00:05:50   and reviewed the show, which is very kind of them.

00:05:53   - Yes, yes.

00:05:54   - And I thought maybe we could just

00:05:57   take a look at that real quick.

00:05:58   - Okay, I wanna start with an email I got.

00:06:00   I got an email from listener Marcos.

00:06:03   I believe Marcos is from Brazil,

00:06:06   and he personally emailed me this review

00:06:10   that they left on the App Store.

00:06:14   I really like the vibe, the show.

00:06:15   So this is a five-star review.

00:06:17   - That's nice. - And the subject is,

00:06:18   with them, I feel connected.

00:06:20   - Nice. - Ah.

00:06:21   - I really like the vibe the show gives.

00:06:24   Each one of the three compliments the other.

00:06:27   It is a great experience.

00:06:29   My only complaint is when Federico starts the show with "Ciao".

00:06:33   You see, I am from Brazil and we speak Portuguese.

00:06:37   The word "Ciao" for means goodbye.

00:06:39   Federico always confuses me with these words and I think the show is ending before I get

00:06:44   to know who won the RICIS. One out of five would not recommend. JK, great show. This

00:06:50   is actually a five star review. Thank you, Marcos. I didn't know that. Well, I guess,

00:06:54   yeah, the thing with ciao is we use it both ways in Italy. It's both to say hi and to

00:07:01   say goodbye. It's always ciao. That's all confusing. Depending on your intonation, like

00:07:06   Like you know what it means obviously, and depending on context, I mean, it's clear.

00:07:11   I guess when it's said on a podcast or where it's written on a page, it could be confused.

00:07:18   It's more of a universal, contextual sort of greeting, I guess?

00:07:24   And it works.

00:07:25   Like in real life, you know...

00:07:26   I mean, right?

00:07:27   It's like if you meet someone, obviously you're not saying goodbye.

00:07:30   Right.

00:07:31   Unless you're just being rude.

00:07:32   You know, it's like, "Get out of here!"

00:07:34   Let's say goodbye.

00:07:35   (laughing)

00:07:36   I've got a couple I just wanna touch on.

00:07:39   All the dark mode said, "You will pay for what you've done."

00:07:42   But five stars, so that's good.

00:07:44   That's good.

00:07:47   Someone called us the most entertaining Apple podcast,

00:07:50   so thank you, David.

00:07:51   - Thank you.

00:07:52   - I'm not sure HandyThink's got the point of the assignment.

00:07:55   They said, "Best podcast app."

00:07:57   This is the best podcast app.

00:07:59   "Multinational, nonsense school,

00:08:00   "but gotta love this player."

00:08:02   Maybe we're-- - Interesting.

00:08:03   Do you think we're overcast or something? Well, to be fair,

00:08:07   if we are, if we, if connected is playing in overcast,

00:08:12   we are overcast in that moment. That's true. Right?

00:08:16   It's like team Apple basically. And in that moment we are overcast.

00:08:21   That's true. Yeah. Very, very meta. Yeah. Yeah.

00:08:25   Really like podcast players just become whoever speaking through them. Right.

00:08:29   - Exactly, that's what I meant.

00:08:32   - Like a prophet or something, you know?

00:08:34   Just keep hearing the voice from above.

00:08:36   - Yes, pretty much.

00:08:38   - Pretty much, yes, it's great.

00:08:40   Lots of nice reviews, thank you all, please.

00:08:42   - Please continue, please continue leaving reviews,

00:08:45   preferably just for connected and only five star reviews.

00:08:49   I'm just saying.

00:08:50   - Yes.

00:08:51   - You know, those are, the ideal review

00:08:54   is the connected one with five stars.

00:08:56   So I'm not trying to game the system here,

00:08:59   I'm just saying we like those. Yeah. I don't think it's gaming the system. No.

00:09:03   I mean, Apple likes people to interact with their platform.

00:09:07   So we're really doing Apple podcast a favor. We're just pushing engagement.

00:09:11   That's right. Yeah. So, so if anything, we are doing Apple a favor, you know?

00:09:16   Yeah. That's what we're here for. That's not what we're here for. Apple's fine.

00:09:21   So thank you for all your reviews. That's very kind.

00:09:27   Made my day to look through those.

00:09:29   Federico, let's take our first break.

00:09:31   How does that sound?

00:09:32   - All right, let's do it.

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00:11:16   Did you have a good Cyber Monday?

00:11:19   - I think it was pretty good.

00:11:20   I got a stream deck.

00:11:21   So yeah, it was a pretty good Cyber Monday.

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00:13:40   We have a, I don't wanna say this is a ghost story

00:13:44   to talk about.

00:13:45   - Well, it kinda is.

00:13:46   - But it kind of is.

00:13:47   Mark Gurman has been on the beat for a while now,

00:13:51   saying that Apple is continuing to work

00:13:55   on something like AirPower,

00:14:00   or some sort of multi-charger.

00:14:04   What do you make of all this?

00:14:05   - I feel like Mark is really on Team AirPower,

00:14:10   and it's been, since the beginning,

00:14:14   is been reporting about this product ever since, you know, what was it, 2017?

00:14:19   Yeah, talking about this.

00:14:21   Yeah, it was the iPhone X.

00:14:23   Yeah, so the idea is that Apple is still working away at this sort of multi-device charging

00:14:31   pad or charging station, whatever it's going to look like. I feel like they have to keep

00:14:38   working on this, right?

00:14:40   They may have abandoned the original AirPower idea,

00:14:43   but I also feel like it's kind of weird

00:14:47   that that sort of product doesn't exist coming from Apple.

00:14:51   You got companies like Berkin, for example.

00:14:54   They just announced the new version of the,

00:14:58   what's it called, the three-in-one charger that they have,

00:15:01   the Boost Pro charger.

00:15:03   And the latest version,

00:15:04   which I still cannot get from Italy, by the way,

00:15:07   You need Big Belkin Buddy.

00:15:10   - Oh my, yeah, oh my God.

00:15:13   Steven, BigAppleBuddy.com,

00:15:16   Belkin Boost.

00:15:19   - Do they have it?

00:15:20   - Let's see, hold on, hold on.

00:15:24   - No.

00:15:24   - They don't have it, no.

00:15:27   - Look, you're a famous Apple Pro blogger.

00:15:31   - Look, I'm gonna get in touch with the Big Apple Buddy.

00:15:33   - Get in touch with Big Apple Buddy and say look.

00:15:35   - And be like, hey, Big Apple Buddy.

00:15:37   - Or, you know, John's listening.

00:15:38   Get John to mail you one.

00:15:40   Or I guess I can mail you one with all your other stuff

00:15:42   that I owe you.

00:15:43   - In that big UPS box.

00:15:44   (laughing)

00:15:45   We'll see.

00:15:46   Anyway, I think it's kind of weird when the likes

00:15:49   of Bakkin are making this kind of charging pads.

00:15:52   They're not like free form as well as AirPower,

00:15:56   but like what's the downside?

00:15:59   You have a spot for the iPhone,

00:16:00   you have a spot for your AirPods,

00:16:02   and you have a spot for your Apple Watch.

00:16:03   And the Apple Watch charger supports the new first charging

00:16:07   of the Series 7. So Apple has something like this, which is the MagSafe dual pad, portable

00:16:14   sort of travel charging pad. I still have it. I really like it. I think it's too expensive

00:16:19   compared to what you can get from the competition. So I think they should keep working on this.

00:16:25   MagSafe is now in the picture, right? And it wasn't when AirPower was announced with

00:16:31   iPhone X. So maybe, you know, the arrival of MagSafe is sort of breathing new life into

00:16:39   this idea internally at Apple, so I really hope that they do come up with something based

00:16:43   on MagSafe and the new fast charging for the Apple Watch eventually.

00:16:47   Yeah, I'd never really... the free form nature of AirPower where you can just sit your stuff

00:16:54   down wherever. Like that was cool, but were people really like really hungry for that?

00:17:02   I mean, I've got the material doc by our friends at Studio Neat and it's got MagSafe and the

00:17:07   Apple Watch so I can put my AirPods on it too. I'm totally fine having like, this is

00:17:12   where this goes and this is where that goes, but all sort of in a self-contained little

00:17:18   place, right? Like that's just on my nightstand and that's where my things go to charge at

00:17:22   at night.

00:17:23   And I just, I don't know if the AirPower,

00:17:26   like free-for-all, you know, free-range charging

00:17:30   is something that I really need or want, you know?

00:17:33   I'm totally fine with these things go where they go.

00:17:36   - I think actually maybe in hindsight,

00:17:39   it's actually better to have these charging pads

00:17:42   where you have sort of clear instructions

00:17:46   as to where to place the device.

00:17:50   because I feel like maybe it could be a problem.

00:17:53   Like you would always have that sense of uncertainty.

00:17:57   Like, have I placed the thing right?

00:18:00   And especially now with MagSafe,

00:18:02   I think it makes more sense to have an exact spot

00:18:05   where you're like, okay, here's where I placed my iPhone.

00:18:08   It snaps on magnetically and that's it.

00:18:11   And I can rest assured that this thing

00:18:13   will be charged overnight.

00:18:15   And when I pick it up in the morning, it's a 100% battery.

00:18:18   So I think Apple should do this still.

00:18:22   It should be something like the Belkin one.

00:18:24   It should take advantage of MagSafe and the new charging

00:18:27   that they have for the Apple Watch.

00:18:29   I am surprised that this thing still doesn't exist.

00:18:33   If the problem-- if all the delays-- because we've

00:18:36   been getting these rumors since last year,

00:18:38   that Apple was still actually working on something

00:18:41   like AirPower internally.

00:18:43   Some of these so-called leakers who

00:18:46   were talking about this last year, I think.

00:18:49   And I think if the holdup is having the freeform placement,

00:18:56   just let it go, just use MagSafe

00:18:59   and have separate areas for the devices.

00:19:01   Nobody will care and everybody will just get the Apple one.

00:19:05   Because when you get the Apple version of something,

00:19:08   it's usually good enough for most people.

00:19:09   And I don't think the MagSafe Duo is as versatile

00:19:13   as Apple thinks it is.

00:19:15   - No, especially at the price.

00:19:17   - Yeah.

00:19:17   - I mean, we've got one,

00:19:19   'cause it is fantastic for travel.

00:19:21   Like we had a camping trip over the,

00:19:24   towards the end of the summer

00:19:25   and we'd bought one of these and it's nice.

00:19:27   And one thing like MagSafe gives you like,

00:19:29   it's like, yeah, like I know for sure

00:19:31   that this phone is charging because it clipped in place.

00:19:35   And something I had not considered

00:19:37   until we just started talking about it is,

00:19:39   surely Apple knew MagSafe was on the horizon in 2017, right?

00:19:44   like I'd imagine these things take a long time.

00:19:46   - Good point.

00:19:47   - So it was like there was there one team working

00:19:49   on air power with this like free for all like charging mat.

00:19:53   And then like down the hall, someone's working on mag safe

00:19:55   thinking you don't have to put it anywhere.

00:19:57   'Cause it was just gonna like, you know,

00:19:59   go right where it belongs.

00:20:00   Very strange to me.

00:20:01   - Yeah, so I'm gonna try and get the back in one

00:20:06   in the meantime.

00:20:07   I do wonder, you know, this kind of accessory,

00:20:13   if the rumor is true, I could see this being one

00:20:17   of the things that Apple releases before the spring.

00:20:21   Like, they usually launch stuff in the winter, right?

00:20:24   When everything calms down.

00:20:27   Didn't they used to do the battery cases

00:20:30   in like around the holiday season?

00:20:35   - Yeah, I think because it's like, hey, you can just get this

00:20:37   'cause everyone you know has an iPhone

00:20:39   and it's a good gift for 129 bucks

00:20:43   or whatever.

00:20:44   So yeah, I mean, they're definitely not above like

00:20:47   accessories pretty late in the year.

00:20:50   Like we got the head pods.

00:20:52   What are they called?

00:20:53   The AirPods Max?

00:20:54   - The AirPods Max.

00:20:55   - Head pods.

00:20:57   You know, they were in December.

00:20:59   - Oh yeah.

00:20:59   Was it last year?

00:21:01   It was last year, I think.

00:21:02   - Yes, it was last year, I think.

00:21:05   Apple announces AirPods Max.

00:21:08   - And it was just a press release, right?

00:21:10   - December 8th, 2020.

00:21:12   - So almost a year ago next week.

00:21:13   - Wow.

00:21:15   - We can have a throwback episode next week.

00:21:20   - Yeah, that's when, that's also,

00:21:22   I'm gonna be getting my booster shot

00:21:24   before the episode next week,

00:21:25   so that's gonna be interesting to see how it goes.

00:21:28   - So you're gonna be sleepy,

00:21:30   and I'll talk about headphones I don't own.

00:21:32   - Excellent, excellent, okay.

00:21:35   - We may need Jon to join us next week.

00:21:37   - Maybe Jon, please, if you're listening,

00:21:39   I think he is listening, please,

00:21:41   there's a good chance you may have to clear schedule

00:21:44   for next Wednesday at my seven.

00:21:46   - Come on, the show next week.

00:21:48   So we've talked about MagSafe a lot.

00:21:49   I mean, it continues to be something

00:21:52   that I really enjoy using.

00:21:53   Like I've got a puck on my desk,

00:21:56   that one on my nightstand.

00:21:58   You know, I don't use it in the car.

00:21:59   I tried a couple of the, in fact Belkin was one of them,

00:22:03   the MagSafe like car mounts,

00:22:06   they all still required plugging in via lightning,

00:22:08   which is fine for me because I use wired CarPlay in my truck

00:22:11   Although spoiler alert, this box right here,

00:22:14   can you hear this?

00:22:15   (clicking)

00:22:16   - Yeah.

00:22:17   - This is a wireless CarPlay receiver

00:22:21   that I'm gonna review.

00:22:22   I haven't opened it yet.

00:22:23   - Wow.

00:22:24   - So I'm gonna give that a shot,

00:22:25   but I think the vents in my truck are like weird

00:22:29   because any sort of mount I've ever tried,

00:22:32   most of them like clip into the vents,

00:22:33   you know what I'm talking about?

00:22:34   And they would just like flop down.

00:22:36   Like they're not very robust, I guess.

00:22:41   So no fancy car mount for me with MagSafe.

00:22:44   Which is probably good anyways,

00:22:47   'cause I got a car plate right there.

00:22:48   So the phone goes in like a little storage thing

00:22:52   next to the shifter.

00:22:53   - Right.

00:22:55   - Where does your phone go when you drive?

00:22:57   - I have a back in car vent MagSafe thing.

00:23:02   - Okay, so your vents are good.

00:23:04   You got good vent energy.

00:23:06   - Yeah, good vents.

00:23:08   The MagSafe attachment that they have is really strong.

00:23:12   It never detached, even with the precarious conditions

00:23:17   of the roads in Rome, it never actually detached.

00:23:21   Actually one of my favorite accessory purchases

00:23:24   of the past year, it's really, really good.

00:23:27   It's really good, really good.

00:23:28   - The Discord pointed me to the Spigen OneTap Pro

00:23:32   designed for MagSafe fast wireless car charger,

00:23:35   parentheses, magnetically levitate

00:23:37   and fast charge iPhone 1312 models, even the max model.

00:23:41   - It's a magnetic levitate, so it's okay.

00:23:45   - Levitate.

00:23:46   It's right there in the Amazon.

00:23:48   Who is searching Amazon for levitate iPhone stand?

00:23:52   - I guess some people are.

00:23:55   - I mean, clearly it's in the name.

00:23:56   Like they know what they're doing, I guess.

00:23:58   - I love how it says at the end of the parentheses,

00:24:02   even the max model.

00:24:04   - Even the max model.

00:24:05   - Even the max model.

00:24:07   - Yeah.

00:24:08   - That's perfect.

00:24:10   - I don't think I'm gonna buy this, but that's cool.

00:24:12   Levitate.

00:24:14   You like turn a corner and your phone just levitates

00:24:19   right out the window.

00:24:20   - Just hovering there.

00:24:22   - So yeah, we may be reviewing AirPower in the future.

00:24:28   This is what Mark Gurman says.

00:24:30   Still working on it.

00:24:31   It seems like such an obvious move for Apple

00:24:35   to do more charging accessories.

00:24:37   Everybody needs them and they could do something nice,

00:24:40   but maybe they're happy to let Belkin and others do it.

00:24:42   Who knows?

00:24:43   - And they really are.

00:24:45   The reason why I keep bringing up MagSafe

00:24:46   is that they really are embracing MagSafe everywhere.

00:24:49   Even the AirPods, they have it now.

00:24:52   The AirPods 3 and I think we all sort of collectively

00:24:57   forgot about this, but Apple is now selling AirPods Pro

00:25:00   with a MagSafe compatible case.

00:25:03   - Yeah.

00:25:04   - There's a new slightly updated revision

00:25:06   of the AirPods Pro with the MagSafe case.

00:25:08   And so they really are embracing MagSafe.

00:25:10   They should be doing more MagSafe stuff.

00:25:13   And all they are doing is the case wallet

00:25:15   and the MagSafe Duo.

00:25:17   I really would like to see Apple do more MagSafe accessories.

00:25:20   - Yeah, just go wild with it.

00:25:21   Put magnets and everything.

00:25:23   - It's easy money for them.

00:25:24   People are gonna get the Apple version of anything.

00:25:25   I mean, people are buying a polishing cloth from Apple.

00:25:28   - Yeah, I mean, you talked to the New York Times about it.

00:25:33   - Yeah, exactly.

00:25:33   Mr. Vitici talking about polishing cloths on the Times.

00:25:37   - I think about that like three times a day.

00:25:39   It's like, oh yeah, Federico,

00:25:41   talking about the cleaning cloth on the New York Times.

00:25:43   - I was cleaning up my iKonur Drive today,

00:25:45   and I stumbled across the audio recording of the interview

00:25:50   that I did on the phone with the New York Times.

00:25:51   I was like, man, that was, what a wild week.

00:25:54   (laughing)

00:25:57   With the memes and the tweets

00:25:59   and then the New York Times interview, it's, yeah.

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00:28:12   Federico, you wrote this piece, it really caught my eye,

00:28:15   and I wanted to talk to you about it.

00:28:17   You wrote this on a website called Mac Stories.

00:28:21   Mac stories, oh, I get it, Mac stories.

00:28:23   Mac stories, macstories.net.

00:28:25   - They had me as a guest just for this article.

00:28:28   - Oh, yes.

00:28:29   So you sent them a cold email saying

00:28:31   that you write guest posts.

00:28:34   - I wrote an email with the subject,

00:28:36   guest post collaboration.

00:28:38   And I started the email with,

00:28:41   dear sir or madam, I would like to request

00:28:46   a paid guest post collaboration.

00:28:49   And attached, I sent a Word file written with Microsoft Word

00:28:54   and they published my story.

00:28:56   So that was cool.

00:28:57   - But it is cool.

00:28:58   - But they didn't pay me though.

00:29:00   - Well, what's for the exposure?

00:29:01   - This guy, believe his name is Jack, Joseph, John.

00:29:06   - John. - John.

00:29:08   John, he told me, yeah, you know, it's for the exposure.

00:29:13   This is a great opportunity for you.

00:29:16   You're gonna go places and everything.

00:29:18   It's like, okay, I guess I'll do it.

00:29:20   - So you wrote this piece and in this piece,

00:29:23   you talk about how there seems to be a disconnect

00:29:26   between the teams writing apps like Reminders or Notes,

00:29:31   I think those are two of the examples you use,

00:29:33   how those apps get new features,

00:29:36   but those features aren't exposed in shortcuts.

00:29:39   So for example, Reminders got tags and smart list folder,

00:29:44   you know, slash folders this year and good stuff,

00:29:49   but the shortcuts, you know, side of the things,

00:29:53   like don't have any access to those new features.

00:29:56   And I wanna read back to you something you wrote.

00:30:00   This is the part that really jumped out at me.

00:30:02   If I had to guess, much of this problem boils down

00:30:05   to Apple's internal structure

00:30:06   and how different teams communicate,

00:30:08   whether or not they are aware of each other's latest work.

00:30:11   And then you mentioned tags and reminders not being there.

00:30:14   We can't know the answer to this question.

00:30:15   All we know is the predicament we're currently in.

00:30:18   The reminders, actions and shortcuts for iOS and iPadOS 15

00:30:21   have no tagging support whatsoever.

00:30:23   This is it.

00:30:24   - Despite tagging in SmartList being the highlight

00:30:27   of the Reminders update this year.

00:30:30   - Right.

00:30:31   - It's like the thing in Reminders,

00:30:32   and you sort of lay out this argument of like,

00:30:36   who is responsible for this?

00:30:37   Is the Reminders team responsible for going

00:30:39   and making sure their shortcuts actions are updated?

00:30:42   Or is like the shortcut squad who are busy, you know,

00:30:45   porting to SwiftUI and having a bad time on the Mac,

00:30:47   like are they responsible for going around

00:30:51   and making sure they support everything

00:30:52   these other teams are doing?

00:30:55   Like, brilliant question, and I think you've really nailed

00:30:58   like what's going on here.

00:30:59   - Thank you, yeah.

00:31:01   That's the thing, right?

00:31:02   So when people come into shortcuts,

00:31:05   they look at the library of built-in actions,

00:31:10   which is the greatest advantage of shortcuts.

00:31:12   Even start like, even from the very first version

00:31:15   of workflow from now seven years ago,

00:31:18   I believe the workflow anniversary is coming up.

00:31:21   Let's see, Workflow, Mac stories.

00:31:23   It was December, 2014.

00:31:26   - Has it been that long?

00:31:28   - Yeah, December 11, 2014.

00:31:30   That's when I published my review of Workflow.

00:31:33   But even from that very first version,

00:31:36   the biggest advantage of Workflow was you open it up

00:31:40   and it's got hundreds of actions for the things

00:31:44   and apps already on your system, right?

00:31:47   And as time went on, of course, Apple added more actions,

00:31:51   more apps got shortcuts integration, but we're now at a point where I think there are two

00:31:58   underlying problems that I would like to see Apple address in the near future, maybe next year.

00:32:07   The first one, which is the least concerning one, I think, is the disconnect between multitasking

00:32:18   and windowing control on Mac OS and on iPad OS.

00:32:22   There are some shared concepts in how you

00:32:26   manage multitasking and how you manage windowing between the Mac and

00:32:30   iPad OS. The Split View terminology, for example, is the same.

00:32:34   How you can tile windows is sort of similar.

00:32:38   Basically, Apple did a bunch of windowing

00:32:42   actions this time in Shortcuts for Mac. None of those exist in

00:32:46   iPadOS, SplitView should be unified, I think. These actions should be more consistent between

00:32:54   platforms. These are the two platforms that support multi-windowing and more complex multitasking

00:33:01   than an iPhone, and these actions, they should be consistent everywhere.

00:33:05   But the more concerning problem for me is exactly what I described in the story, which

00:33:11   is there's shortcuts, the shortcuts app in iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. And every year, Apple

00:33:19   releases new versions of these operating systems. And these OSes, they come with either new

00:33:26   or updated apps. And Apple makes a big deal out of the new designs or the new features

00:33:32   that they've added to the apps. Look at reminders, Facetime notes. They got a redesign years

00:33:39   ago, and every year Apple adds some major new functionality to those apps. Now, I would

00:33:47   expect that there should be, you know, that the apps and the shortcuts integrations for

00:33:55   those apps, they should advance in lockstep, right? That's what you would expect. But this

00:34:02   is not what's going on right now. If you remember years ago when we used to have, you know,

00:34:08   used to be concerned and worried about the Mac versions of Apple's system apps being

00:34:16   one or two years behind their iPhone and iPad versions. This is what's happening now with

00:34:21   shortcuts. The actions for many, many Apple apps are at least a couple of years behind

00:34:29   the features that Apple shipped in the apps themselves. Tagging in reminders is an excellent

00:34:37   there are still, for example, photos. The Photos app got some major search updates over

00:34:46   the years, like how you can search for people, objects, like that's been around for three,

00:34:50   four years, I think. And the photo search integration in Shortcuts has no idea whatsoever

00:34:57   what it means to search photos for content or people or places. There's tons of little

00:35:03   things like that. And it makes me wonder, is it too optimistic to think that shortcuts

00:35:12   as an extension of those apps should be updated alongside the app? Or am I right in what I'm

00:35:20   saying here and Apple should do better? Now I'm going to flip this problem.

00:35:25   Okay.

00:35:26   And maybe think about it this way. Imagine if reminders got updated, right? Or notes

00:35:31   got updated. But the share extension of reminders didn't. Right? So imagine if one of the—because

00:35:40   this is the problem with—not the problem, but the reality of modern Apple apps. They're

00:35:45   not just about the app anymore. They're not just about the little icon that you put on

00:35:50   your home screen anymore. They have a Siri integration. They have a shortcuts integration.

00:35:54   They have keyboard support on iPad. They have a widget. They have a share extension. Like,

00:35:59   They have all these separate but related components.

00:36:04   And all of them, right, all of them they get updated every year.

00:36:09   Reminders gets tagging, gets smart lists.

00:36:13   You can see those features in Siri.

00:36:15   You can, well, maybe to an extent in Siri, you can see them in the shared extension.

00:36:19   You can see the keyboard support on iPad.

00:36:20   You can see them in the widget, of course, but not in shortcuts.

00:36:25   So there's always these shortcuts being the one module, if you want to call it that, that

00:36:30   is lagging behind.

00:36:32   Now, I'm also aware that I really think Apple is... they know about this.

00:36:40   I think they are, and this is my personal theory based on conversations that I hear

00:36:45   from time to time, I think they are making some changes to make sure that this doesn't

00:36:50   happen anymore.

00:36:52   And that's ultimately why I published that story.

00:36:54   story came out in Mac Stories Weekly for club members and then I decided, you know, I'm

00:36:59   gonna post this for free on Mac Stories as well. Let's face it, you know, Apple, they

00:37:05   look at websites, they listen to podcasts and what we do...

00:37:09   Hey Tim!

00:37:10   What we do, yes, hi Tim Apple. What we do, what we say to an extent can steer or can

00:37:17   help steer things in a certain direction, because, you know, it's obvious, right? Look,

00:37:25   people are talking about this, people are responding to this, maybe we should do something

00:37:29   here if our users are reacting to this kind of problem. And that's why I decided to put

00:37:35   it out on MicroStories, this is the time to file your feature requests, you know, before,

00:37:41   you know, when Apple is, you know, I don't want to say they're finalizing their work

00:37:45   on iOS 16, but this is the time to do it, right?

00:37:49   - Yeah, they know what it's gonna be,

00:37:50   or they're getting close to it.

00:37:52   - I think the big picture problem here is,

00:37:57   I hope that Apple can come up with a process internally

00:38:02   to make sure that shortcuts actions, they are,

00:38:06   here's another way to look at this, Steven.

00:38:08   I hope that Apple comes up with a process

00:38:10   so that shortcuts actions do not end up like watch faces.

00:38:14   - Hmm.

00:38:16   - That get released and never updated again.

00:38:19   - Yeah, I get the sense that it's,

00:38:24   the problem is these teams,

00:38:26   or part of the problem is these teams are really busy

00:38:30   and Shortcuts just doesn't have the priority

00:38:33   that new features have.

00:38:35   And I think what Apple should do is,

00:38:37   like basically just have a rule.

00:38:40   Like if you implement a new feature in a system app,

00:38:43   you need to expose that to shortcuts

00:38:46   and they need to go back and catch stuff up.

00:38:50   I mean, just this morning, I was working on a shortcut

00:38:53   because it's a different topic,

00:38:56   but I'm exploring Apple Notes again

00:38:59   after being in craft for a year.

00:39:00   - Interesting, okay.

00:39:02   - And I was like, hey, I wanna make a shortcut

00:39:05   that I can put in the share sheet

00:39:06   and I can pick from a list of my podcasts

00:39:09   and append whatever the share sheet saw

00:39:12   to that note for that podcast.

00:39:15   'Cause I just save links and stuff throughout the week,

00:39:17   and then when it's time to prepare for a show,

00:39:19   I can open the Apple note and see what I've collected,

00:39:23   compare it with what y'all have collected, everything else.

00:39:25   Best I can tell, nearly impossible to do,

00:39:28   because like the append note action is super janky,

00:39:32   and Notes just doesn't have a lot of good support

00:39:36   and shortcuts, which is a shame because like Notes is,

00:39:39   I mean, let's see if you agree with this,

00:39:42   - It's maybe the best example right now

00:39:44   of Apple taking a system app

00:39:46   and really implementing on it year after year after year.

00:39:50   Like it was a joke for years.

00:39:53   - I would say reminders is a close second.

00:39:56   - But you remember like the old notes,

00:39:57   like we're gonna sync with an IMAP folders.

00:39:59   Like what are you doing?

00:40:00   Don't do that.

00:40:01   - Yeah.

00:40:02   - And it's world-class now,

00:40:04   but then you go to interact with it in shortcuts

00:40:06   and it's like, you know, good luck.

00:40:09   It's very frustrating.

00:40:10   - Yeah, yeah, Notes is like the Notes actions.

00:40:14   This is in the story also,

00:40:15   like the Notes actions were released what, three years ago?

00:40:18   - Probably, yeah. - 2018, 2018 I think.

00:40:20   And they never got updated, never.

00:40:24   They are still limited to plain text, for example.

00:40:30   And Notes very famously, it can hold rich text,

00:40:33   it's got rich formatting controls.

00:40:36   It can do link previews, link thumbnails.

00:40:41   It can do tables.

00:40:42   It can do attachments within a note.

00:40:45   If you try and pass an image or a PDF in shortcuts

00:40:50   to the note action, you know what happens?

00:40:54   It creates a note with a plain text file name

00:40:59   of that image or PDF document.

00:41:03   - Yes, that's what I wanted.

00:41:04   - It literally puts in IMG_23.png.

00:41:09   - Oh my gosh.

00:41:11   - Yeah.

00:41:12   - That hurts.

00:41:13   That hurts so bad.

00:41:14   - Yeah, so I really think your suggestion is the right one.

00:41:17   Obviously we do not work at Apple.

00:41:19   We do not know how functionally speaking

00:41:23   these teams cooperate and communicate,

00:41:25   but I think it's generally like a good rule of thumb

00:41:28   to say if there's a new feature,

00:41:30   make sure this feature works in Siri,

00:41:32   share extension, keyboard shortcuts.

00:41:35   Like, you have to consider this sort of ecosystem

00:41:40   of surrounding components, right?

00:41:45   These features that sort of gravitate around the app,

00:41:50   and you need to make sure that those features

00:41:53   are all up to date as well.

00:41:55   I hope that, well, I think Apple is aware of this.

00:41:58   I think they're doing things around this.

00:42:01   Obviously, it doesn't help that the shortcuts roll out

00:42:05   this year was rocky, to say the least.

00:42:09   The SwiftUI redesign was really,

00:42:14   still is problematic, right?

00:42:18   There's still a lot of issues.

00:42:20   It's getting much better on the Mac with the beta.

00:42:25   In fact, I believe Monterrey 12.1 Beta 4

00:42:28   just came out a few minutes ago.

00:42:30   So I'm gonna update to that right away because the shortcuts fixes are plenty in Monterey.

00:42:36   I have to assume that the shortcuts team was very distracted by that ongoing situation

00:42:44   with 50i.

00:42:46   But once that's in a...

00:42:48   I don't wanna say settled, but once that's in a decent state, I hope that they can take

00:42:56   a good look at all these actions and say, "Okay, how can we modernize them?" Because

00:43:01   it's such a shame, you know, to only add new actions. Apple adds new actions every year,

00:43:08   but they should also consider the existing ones and make sure that they get updated for

00:43:13   how that feature has changed over time. Yeah, hopefully they can make that work because

00:43:21   they've made such a big deal of it being like the future of automation and saying that on

00:43:26   on the Mac is like a pretty serious statement, right?

00:43:30   It is a, it's a big deal to a lot of people.

00:43:34   And if they, if they don't take it seriously

00:43:38   then it's hard to get, you know, third parties

00:43:40   or users to take it seriously too.

00:43:42   I think they risk that by letting their stuff grow stagnant.

00:43:46   (sighs)

00:43:46   Shortcuts.

00:43:47   What are you gonna do? - I know, I know.

00:43:49   - Make a shortcut to make me feel better.

00:43:51   - I'll try.

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00:44:37   They have all these power options as well.

00:44:40   So there's some custom CSS on that site

00:44:43   and you would never know

00:44:43   because it's all very seamless to integrate.

00:44:46   It's really cool.

00:44:48   They have these great looking templates,

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00:45:41   So you're a Mac user now.

00:45:44   - I'm trying to be, like I'm testing this MacBook Pro

00:45:48   that Apple sent me, I'm playing around with it.

00:45:50   I want to write about it. I am writing about it already in the context of shortcuts, but

00:45:56   I, you know, I have a lot of catching up to do here. And I wanted to, you know, I wanted

00:46:04   to briefly talk about this. We have, as we said at the beginning of the show, we have

00:46:09   an excellent Q&A segment coming up. But before we get to that, I wanted to share some sort

00:46:14   of an appreciation segment for some of the techniques and some of the utilities that

00:46:21   I'm sort of rediscovering as I familiarize myself with Mac OS again. That doesn't mean

00:46:29   that I guess I've seen some people say this, "Oh, you're a Mac user again." I still prefer

00:46:35   writing on my iPad Pro, I still prefer actually working on my iPad Pro, but I'm actually having

00:46:41   fun with this MacBook Pro a ton. And something that really bothered me years ago is no longer

00:46:48   an issue, which is all my automations, all my shortcuts are here now. So honestly, without

00:46:54   shortcuts on the Mac, I don't think I would enjoy this MacBook as much as I am right now,

00:47:00   which is another topic, but still. So yeah, I'm rediscovering some Mac OS things, some

00:47:05   some apps, some ideas that are fun. And I want to mention a few of these, just in random

00:47:14   order of appreciation. Rocket, the emoji utility. This is really an excellent app. So Rocket,

00:47:24   it lets you enter emoji anywhere in any text field on Mac OS, sort of by using the same

00:47:30   syntax of Slack, so you type a colon and then you start typing something like

00:47:34   "eyes" or "smile" or "waving", right? And it suggests emoji that match that name.

00:47:40   Which is cool, it works in any text field, right? It works in iMessage, in Mail,

00:47:46   in Slack, in Discord, in Tweetbot, right? It works everywhere. But the thing that

00:47:52   really makes it special for me is if you get the Pro version, which I believe is

00:47:57   like a $14 purchase, you can add your own custom definitions for emoji. So for

00:48:04   example, I didn't like the waving suggestion for the emoji of

00:48:09   the hand that says "hello". I wanted to associate the words "hello" and "hi"

00:48:15   with that emoji, because those words, they match the way that iOS suggests those

00:48:23   emoji above the keyboard. And with Rocket Pro you can do that. You open the main app,

00:48:31   you select emoji, and in a sidebar you add your own custom suggestions, custom words

00:48:37   to trigger emoji. And next time you use Rocket, you type a colon, and then you type "hello"

00:48:42   and you see that emoji. And it's excellent. And I've been going in and adding my own definitions

00:48:47   for emoji, it's really, really well done. And it makes—this is one of those things

00:48:51   that you can only get on Mac OS because this kind of utility, you know, that you type something

00:48:56   and a custom UI pops up above the cursor just cannot exist on iOS and iPadOS. So great time

00:49:03   saver, especially the pro version with the ability to add your own custom things. Do

00:49:08   you use Rocket, Steven? I do. It is fantastic. And yeah, I just I love being able to type

00:49:16   the colon key anywhere, because I'm so used to that from Slack and now Discord, that I

00:49:23   do want it absolutely everywhere. It's great. It's one of those things where if I'm all

00:49:27   like my wife's computer, it's like, "Oh, why doesn't this work?"

00:49:30   Second thing, Better Touch Tool. Like, I think we're all familiar with Better Touch Tool.

00:49:34   Better Touch Tool is amazing. This is like, you can create custom triggers for any sort

00:49:40   of action that you want to speed up and automate on your computer. The amount of

00:49:45   triggers available in BetterTouchTool is kind of ridiculous, to the point where

00:49:50   there are so many you probably don't even know that you can do something that

00:49:57   you think it's impossible, but you can actually do it with BetterTouchTool.

00:50:02   Just a few days ago I discovered, for example, that you can have custom hot

00:50:08   corners as a trigger in Better Touch Tool. So you know the hot corners

00:50:14   feature of macOS, which by the way I still think hot corners are like the

00:50:18   unsung hero of macOS. Such a great feature that I've been using forever.

00:50:23   But I wanted, and again there's an argument here, why didn't Apple make this?

00:50:29   I wanted to trigger a shortcut when the cursor went over the

00:50:37   bottom right hot corner on the display. And that's not possible. But in Better Touch Tool,

00:50:44   you can, under the other category of triggers, you can add a trigger for a hot corner. And

00:50:52   of course, Better Touch Tool has been updated for Monterey. It's got a Run Shortcut action,

00:50:58   and it's literally just that. You say Custom Trigger, Hot Corner, Action, Run Shortcut,

00:51:04   it. Now when I place the cursor on the bottom right corner, my shortcut runs.

00:51:10   Really, really excellent. And there are triggers for anything, right? I made a

00:51:17   custom gesture trigger, which is a three-finger double tap. So anywhere on

00:51:23   Mac OS, I can double tap with three fingers and it runs a shortcut that I

00:51:29   chose. You can do keyboard shortcuts, of course. You can do

00:51:33   custom hotkey triggers. I believe the developer is working on something

00:51:40   called the notch bar, which is like replacing better touch tools, previous

00:51:45   touch bar integration with something for the notch on the new MacBook Pro. You can

00:51:50   actually use the notch itself as a trigger, which is kind of ridiculous. If I place the cursor under the

00:51:57   notch and click do something, like I haven't done that but it's possible. So

00:52:02   Yeah, Better Touch Tool, really incredible for any kind of action that you want to either

00:52:09   chain together, like do two things in a row, or as I think it's really my favorite Shortcuts

00:52:18   companion right now, because you can run Shortcuts from Better Touch Tool, but you can also do

00:52:25   it the other way around.

00:52:27   In Shortcuts, you can use better touch tools, actions, and there are like 50 different actions

00:52:35   that BetterTouchTool provided for shortcuts on Monterey.

00:52:39   So really fantastic sort of two-way integration between BetterTouchTool and shortcuts going

00:52:45   on right now.

00:52:47   I am rediscovering, of course, Keyboard Maestro.

00:52:51   Yes, another great.

00:52:53   Yeah, Keyboard Maestro does a lot of things that shortcuts can now do, but it also still

00:52:59   does a lot more that shortcuts cannot do. For example, the shortcuts window management

00:53:07   actions right now are really broken and super slow to use.

00:53:10   So slow! What is it doing?

00:53:12   I don't know. I don't know. It takes like 30 seconds to run. I have no idea. I wanted

00:53:19   to create a macro to basically replicate how I create split views on my iPad, but on the

00:53:27   Mac. Like, I wanted to take the front post window, tile it to the left side of the screen,

00:53:33   bring up a picker, like a picker UI, to choose the second app, and the second app gets placed

00:53:41   on the right. Basically sort of what I do on the iPad, but done in a macro, automated

00:53:47   fashion on macOS. And Kibra Maestro lets me do that. There are some wild actions here,

00:53:56   like move and resize front window, and you can use maths, like you can use calculations

00:54:04   to get the window size exactly right. There are actions that ShortCasts doesn't have,

00:54:10   this is an excellent one. Pause macro until the front application changes.

00:54:17   I was looking exactly for this kind of feature because what I was doing is I'm

00:54:22   using the picker UI that Keyboard Maestro has to let me manually pick the app that

00:54:29   I want to tile to the right side of the screen. But I was running into a problem

00:54:33   where Keyboard Maestro was activating the picker but it was also continuing the

00:54:39   execution of the macro and it was failing and I wanted to have sort of

00:54:44   like a smart pause action. I was thinking I just want this to pause

00:54:49   until I'm done and sure enough, keyboardmeister has an action for it.

00:54:53   Yep, it's got a built-in pause. It's a built-in pause but it's the kind of like

00:54:58   it's a pause that you can configure. Yeah. Like and one of the options is until the

00:55:03   front window changes. Like yes, that's exactly what I wanted. So yeah, I'm using

00:55:08   I'm using Kibra Maestro a lot for windowing related automations.

00:55:12   Really well done.

00:55:13   And of course there's a bunch of other things you can get really esoteric with Kibra Maestro.

00:55:17   But I'm taking things slow, starting from the basics, and I really appreciate how complex

00:55:22   it is, how rich it is.

00:55:24   Like it's got this deep catalog of actions.

00:55:28   And again, good example of something that you can do on macOS that you cannot do on

00:55:34   iPadOS. Kind of ironic how I'm using this to replicate some iPadOS behaviors on the

00:55:41   Mac. I thought that was funny.

00:55:44   Especially all the window management stuff. It cracks me up. But I'll have in the show

00:55:49   notes, we have done Mac power user episodes on both BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro,

00:55:55   like went really deep on both of them. You can totally use them at the same time. Like

00:55:59   obviously overlap and some of what they do, but they're both like pretty classic power

00:56:06   user tools on the Mac. And I've been really encouraged that both of them have jumped into

00:56:14   the shortcut support with both feet. Like I was a little afraid when that when shortcuts

00:56:19   first got announced that kind of sucked the air out of the room for these other automation

00:56:24   tools and so far I think the opposite has been true where now these tools can do even

00:56:30   more because they integrate with shortcuts and that's really exciting to me.

00:56:35   And lastly I want to mention CleanShotX.

00:56:40   This is...

00:56:41   Oh yeah, you and Myke are all about this app.

00:56:42   This is so... like it does a lot of things.

00:56:45   I don't need a lot of things from it, but the three things that it does are excellent.

00:56:51   Again, I'm not taking advantage of all the options that this app provides, but I'm going

00:56:56   to mention a few that I've come to really rely on.

00:57:00   You can take a screenshot, and it's got the same UI that you got on iPadOS and iOS with

00:57:06   a floating thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the display.

00:57:10   You can hover with a pointer over that thumbnail, right?

00:57:15   And as you do, there's a copy button.

00:57:18   So you can copy the screenshot to the clipboard, and that's it.

00:57:23   Without saving it, without having to dismiss it manually.

00:57:28   You can dismiss it manually if you want, but you can just take a screenshot, hover, copy,

00:57:33   done.

00:57:34   Like, you're not saving anything, you don't have to do anything else.

00:57:37   Then you open Slack or Discord or Twitter and you paste.

00:57:40   That's like, I want that from iPadOS and iOS as well.

00:57:45   You can sort of do it on iPadOS.

00:57:48   This is a teachy-tip, like, not so well-known option in iPadOS.

00:57:54   When you take a screenshot, when you get the floating thumbnail, you can long-press the

00:58:00   thumbnail to invoke the sharesheet, which of course has a copy button.

00:58:06   That gesture is so broken, the timing is super weird, the visual feedback of it is super

00:58:11   weird, but it works.

00:58:13   This thing that CleanShotX does is better, because you can just hover, click the copy

00:58:17   button and you're done. These thumbnails you can drag over shortcuts in your dock.

00:58:25   So if you've added a shortcut to your dock, and again go check out the story that John did about

00:58:33   these different ways to turn shortcuts into apps. He published that on Mac Stories today.

00:58:39   But you can drag these thumbnails over shortcuts in your dock and that will be treated as a file

00:58:47   input. So you can... That's cool. Yeah. So I add it to my dock, a shortcut that uploads images to my CDN.

00:58:55   All I need to do now is take a screenshot, grab the thumbnail, drag it over my upload shortcut

00:59:02   in the dock, and it runs. And it takes that image as input. And lastly, I love how in CleanShotX,

00:59:10   when you take a screenshot of a window, of a single Mac window, it doesn't do the drop

00:59:18   shadow like transparency thing that always looks kind of weird.

00:59:22   Yeah, it looks old.

00:59:24   It looks old.

00:59:25   It frames the window with your desktop wallpaper.

00:59:32   It puts like a...

00:59:34   It pads the window with some of your desktop wallpaper.

00:59:39   It looks so much better and personalized because it takes from your wallpaper.

00:59:46   And there are some other nice touches like when you take screenshots or when you record

00:59:50   video because CleanShot can also record video, it automatically hides all the icons on your

00:59:56   desktop so everything looks always more professional when you take a screenshot.

01:00:01   It can do GIFs, it can do videos, it's really well done, but these three features are the

01:00:05   ones I love the most about CleanShot.

01:00:08   Okay, I've downloaded it because now you and Myke have both spoken so highly of it. So it's it's now my minibar

01:00:15   Little little icon up there. Nice. And according to Zach, oh, thank you, Zach for sharing this in the discord

01:00:22   See why the discord is useful so that you can get these tips from people like Zach

01:00:26   Zach says you can right-click on the system on the system screenshot pop-up

01:00:30   So the Apple one on Mac OS to copy to the clipboard. So this is nice

01:00:35   The Apple version also supports this. Apparently you can right-click and copy.

01:00:41   I still kind of prefer the CleanShot version where you just hover and copy.

01:00:45   But yeah, CleanShot comes with a bunch of other options and I really recommend you check it out.

01:00:50   I have remapped the default keyboard shortcuts for screenshots to CleanShot,

01:00:56   and I've been using that since basically day one that I got my MacBook Pro,

01:01:02   because John and Myke, they were speaking both so highly of CleanShot, and they were right.

01:01:06   This is cool. All right, I'm gonna check it out. I have it installed.

01:01:10   All right. All right.

01:01:11   How do you feel, I mean, coming from an iPad where you, you know, pretty famously can't run these,

01:01:20   like, system utilities all the time, right? Like, you can run shortcuts, but you gotta go to the

01:01:26   shortcut or trigger it from the share sheet or something. And with the Mac, you can have these

01:01:31   utilities like Hazel also comes to mind, these utilities that are basically

01:01:35   available to you all the time everywhere, it's a really different way of thinking

01:01:41   about things. Yeah. Do you think, I mean I'm sure you want this on iPadOS, but

01:01:46   like do you see a world where something like BetterTouchTool or Keyboard

01:01:51   Maestro could even be possible on iPadOS, or do you think Apple views this as

01:01:55   like, well that's a thing for the Mac but not in this world that we have now? Well

01:02:00   I feel like I don't think we're ever gonna see utilities like well

01:02:04   No, I don't want to say I don't want to use the expression never

01:02:06   I think it's it's very unlikely that we're gonna get those kinds of utilities on an iPad. I do think that shortcuts

01:02:14   Should and will grow I'm very confident that it will I think it should grow exponentially on iPad OS in terms of

01:02:20   system-wide application control I think those I think more

01:02:27   automation on iPad will come from shortcuts. I

01:02:31   still think

01:02:33   obviously iPadOS is, you know, now that I can do a proper

01:02:37   comparison between the two, it's very clear to me how iPadOS is a

01:02:43   condensed, sort of more distilled, maybe, version of macOS.

01:02:48   I still actually, like honestly, like I've been trying this computer for a month now and

01:02:54   And what I said on day one is still true.

01:02:57   I still prefer the multitasking of iPadOS.

01:03:01   I never manually resize windows on Mac OS.

01:03:04   And sure, maybe old habits die hard.

01:03:07   Maybe I need another month with Mac OS

01:03:09   to become a, you know, a resizable window guy.

01:03:14   But I still think there's aspects of iPadOS

01:03:18   that I prefer myself to Mac OS,

01:03:22   just because they're so much more clear and yeah, distilled is a good expression, I think.

01:03:29   It encapsulates what I mean.

01:03:30   It's like the same feature but stripped down of things you most likely do not need.

01:03:38   But at the same time, I still think there should be more system-wide sort of like extension

01:03:45   points on iPadOS.

01:03:48   like the copy and paste menu, you should be able to add extensions from apps there. You

01:03:54   should be able to customize that menu. You should be able to have utilities running in

01:03:59   the status bar or in Control Center, like custom things that are always there. And I

01:04:03   think Apple can get to the point where they take some of the benefits of macOS and the

01:04:10   wild ecosystem of utilities that you can install on a Mac, and I think they can distill that

01:04:17   down to a more sort of curated, if you will, approach where you're like, yeah, now you

01:04:22   can install extensions in the copy and paste menu, or now you can trigger your shortcuts

01:04:27   from anywhere with the keyboard shortcut.

01:04:29   Like taking some of the essentials, and this is what they've been doing, you know, these

01:04:36   past five years with iPad, right?

01:04:38   Taking the core of something coming from the Mac, simplifying it, modernizing it for iPad,

01:04:46   bringing it over to iPadOS. And I think they should consider doing this for these kinds

01:04:52   of system-wide things that you can do. Why not? iPadOS, I think, is in need of... It

01:05:02   needs some new life in it in terms of pro stuff. This is a point that I actually made

01:05:11   in my review in September. iPadOS 15, it's more intuitive for a lot of people, but it

01:05:20   doesn't ultimately unlock anything new for existing users like us. It doesn't bring any

01:05:27   major new changes. I mean, sure, the shelf is in there, but it doesn't add more split-view

01:05:34   controls or options. Sure, there's the keyboard stuff, which is great, but it doesn't really

01:05:42   unlock system-wide triggers for shortcuts, for example. That sort of stuff. I feel like

01:05:49   iPadOS 16 would be a good time to really do new power user things, whether it's shortcuts

01:05:58   in more places, new extension points, external display integration. I feel like iPadOS 15

01:06:06   was about updating the foundation, you know, having this new baseline, and I would like

01:06:11   to see more macOS features be updated, simplified, distilled, use whatever verb you want to use

01:06:19   for iPadOS 16 next year.

01:06:23   - It'd be cool.

01:06:23   And it's, the thing that really kills me about it is,

01:06:28   it's not like the iPad lacks the horsepower

01:06:32   to have something available to you all the time.

01:06:35   Like it's purely a software play, right?

01:06:38   Like your iPad Pro is an M1 in it.

01:06:40   Like it can run something in the background all the time,

01:06:43   but it feels like it's one of those things

01:06:44   where it's still sort of chained to the past maybe.

01:06:48   Well, I'm glad you're checking out cool Mac apps.

01:06:52   I love that you are.

01:06:53   Do you feel like there's something missing

01:06:55   that you want to explore, or are you just having a good time

01:06:59   seeing what's out there?

01:07:00   - I barely dip my toes in the stream deck ecosystem.

01:07:06   Again, go listen to the pre-show for more context on this.

01:07:11   That's an aspect that I wanna explore more.

01:07:13   Much of my attention has been going into the shortcuts

01:07:17   for Mac sort of story and narrative lately,

01:07:22   like what's going on there, what can you do?

01:07:25   I feel like I wanna try and figure out more

01:07:30   the multitasking and windowing situation.

01:07:34   I still think I must be missing something

01:07:38   because I still find myself, and again,

01:07:41   I'm sure that one of the factors here is 10 years,

01:07:45   nine years of iPad muscle memory.

01:07:48   I am going into my almost 10 years of working on an iPad.

01:07:53   2012 is when I started considering it as my main computer.

01:08:00   So I'm sure that a decade of muscle memory

01:08:03   doesn't help here, but I wanna try and understand better,

01:08:06   can I be more efficient?

01:08:11   Ultimately, that's the question.

01:08:12   Can I be more efficient

01:08:13   if I use more than two windows at once?

01:08:15   And again, maybe a 14-inch computer

01:08:18   is also not the most ideal device for that.

01:08:22   I don't know, we'll see.

01:08:24   But yeah, I wanna learn more about Stream Deck

01:08:27   and this kind of physical triggers for automations,

01:08:31   looking more into integrating shortcuts

01:08:37   with Kibra Maestro and AppleScript,

01:08:40   and figuring out over time

01:08:45   the advantages of multitasking.

01:08:48   And maybe I'll try this and I realize at the end,

01:08:52   yep, I've tried it.

01:08:54   More than two apps, not for me.

01:08:58   But maybe there's a way, I don't know.

01:09:00   But that's definitely what I'm gonna explore

01:09:02   over the holiday break, going into next year and beyond.

01:09:06   - Well, keep us posted as you explore.

01:09:09   It's fun to keep up with this

01:09:11   because a lot of us have been using these for a long time

01:09:14   and you definitely bring a fresh set of eyes to these tools

01:09:18   because like you said, you have this decade long

01:09:21   sort of muscle memory with the iPad.

01:09:24   Looking forward to you buying a Mac Pro next year.

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01:11:00   So if you're a content creator, a business owner, and you're looking to diversify your

01:11:05   income and to give your audience an easy way to support you, go check out memberful, you

01:11:11   can get started for free at memberful.com/connected.

01:11:15   There's no credit card required to try it.

01:11:17   That's memberful.com/connected.

01:11:20   Go see what it can do for your business.

01:11:22   Our thanks to Memberful for their support of the show

01:11:24   and literally all of Relay FM.

01:11:28   Q&A time.

01:11:29   - All right, how do you wanna do this?

01:11:31   - Yeah, we have this spreadsheet.

01:11:33   Since yesterday, we have had 202 things

01:11:38   added to this from people.

01:11:40   We're not gonna do all 202, I'm sorry.

01:11:43   You and I have each selected some,

01:11:44   so maybe we just alternate

01:11:47   and we'll do this for a little while.

01:11:49   - Okay.

01:11:50   - So we've highlighted some that we both like,

01:11:51   so why don't you pick one and then I'll pick one.

01:11:54   And it's not really around Robin

01:11:56   'cause there's just two of us.

01:11:57   It's a flat Robin.

01:12:00   - It's been a good co-host to let the other talk, really.

01:12:04   It's a basic podcasting 101.

01:12:07   Okay, this comes from Zach.

01:12:09   in the Discord.

01:12:11   If you have to pick one member of the triple J

01:12:14   to replace Myke, who would it be?

01:12:16   - So we have Jason Snell, we have Jon Voorhees,

01:12:20   and we have James Thompson.

01:12:22   Jon's been on the show the most.

01:12:25   - So to replace Myke, also let's consider

01:12:27   who we are replacing.

01:12:28   - Okay, so who replaces Myke?

01:12:30   I mean, James kinda sounds like him.

01:12:33   - Okay, so James has the language advantage.

01:12:36   - Yeah.

01:12:37   - Kinda sounds, although James sounds more British

01:12:40   than Myke at this point.

01:12:41   - True.

01:12:42   - You know, Myke and his vocal fry.

01:12:45   (both laughing)

01:12:48   - Okay, so James replaces Myke.

01:12:54   And this is all really easy.

01:12:55   John replaces you because you work together

01:12:57   and so we still have the Mac stories contingent.

01:13:00   - Jason replaces you.

01:13:01   - Yeah, 'cause we both like old Macs.

01:13:03   - And space.

01:13:05   - And space.

01:13:06   - So yeah.

01:13:06   - We each have custom keyboards now.

01:13:10   - Right.

01:13:11   So yeah, James is set to replace Myke

01:13:14   in case of a hostile takeover.

01:13:18   I think in that case, yeah, James Thompson

01:13:20   would be Myke's replacement.

01:13:22   - Zach. - Okay.

01:13:24   Okay.

01:13:25   That was pretty good.

01:13:27   - Yeah.

01:13:28   - Here's another question from Zach.

01:13:30   We'll just stay with Zach for a second.

01:13:32   What would it take for Apple to actually excite

01:13:35   and interest you about AR/VR with their inevitable headset.

01:13:40   We had other questions about this, like would you buy it?

01:13:43   Would you buy it just because you had to talk about it,

01:13:45   not because you actually wanted it?

01:13:47   It's like, well, what do you think?

01:13:48   Are you excited?

01:13:49   - Okay, so here's how I see this.

01:13:55   I am deeply skeptical that,

01:14:00   I need to phrase this in a way that,

01:14:03   well, you know what, I don't care.

01:14:05   I think most of the, a lot of the sort of metaverse ideas

01:14:10   that we are seeing now, I think it's delusional

01:14:17   to think that people will hang out more than two hours a day

01:14:23   in a virtual world instead of seeing other people.

01:14:31   And I think the sort of the pandemic showing us how much people ultimately crave

01:14:39   human contact. People, whether you like it or not, people want to see each other.

01:14:44   People want to touch each other. You know, they want to say each other. Yeah.

01:14:47   I mean, you know that that's what I mean. They're like people, they, they, they,

01:14:50   we are wired as human beings in a way to be social animals.

01:14:58   Yeah. To connect.

01:15:00   Yes, hence the name of the show.

01:15:03   So I think it's a bit delusional, like what?

01:15:09   Instead of cooking dinner, I'm just gonna isolate myself

01:15:13   from my family and my friends and be like,

01:15:15   "No, sorry guys, I'm in the metaverse."

01:15:18   But, so I'm very skeptical of that.

01:15:21   But I think it's like every time I see these demos

01:15:25   of actually useful AR applications.

01:15:32   I'm like, yeah, that is cool and useful and something

01:15:35   that I would like to use ideally.

01:15:39   A few days ago, there was somebody on Twitter.

01:15:42   I believe Steve Transmith retweeted them.

01:15:47   They had made a custom Snapchat lens

01:15:50   to show you when you're on a train

01:15:55   to show you information about the town or city you're passing by.

01:15:59   It's like population, weather, you know, that kind of info.

01:16:02   Like, you're in Berlin.

01:16:04   Like, you're in Viterbo, you know, that kind of stuff.

01:16:06   It's like, that was cool.

01:16:08   Like, imagine looking out the window, you're on a train,

01:16:10   and you get contextual information

01:16:12   about the city that's there.

01:16:15   And I see these applications for, like,

01:16:17   you're at the supermarket, you're just

01:16:19   looking at the label on a box of cereal,

01:16:22   and you get nutritional facts in front of your eyes.

01:16:24   Like, that's cool.

01:16:27   I struggle to imagine that people are going to walk around places wearing visors.

01:16:35   It was one thing to say, you know, it was one thing to go from cell phones to smartphones.

01:16:42   Objects that you hold, I think they do not cross a threshold of potential weirdness,

01:16:50   like as a factor.

01:16:51   Like, how much is this potentially weird as a thing to do socially and in public?

01:16:57   Going from the cell phone, like Nokia cell phones, to iPhones, kind of the same thing,

01:17:03   you're holding something in your hand.

01:17:06   But to go out there in public and wearing something on your face, it's gonna be weird,

01:17:11   man.

01:17:12   Like, let's face it, it's weird.

01:17:14   But if they can figure out a way to make this small and extremely lightweight and fashionable

01:17:21   and maybe integrate it with your eyeglasses, I think it's got potential.

01:17:28   I still feel very strange about it.

01:17:35   Like having a computer that can process anything you may be looking at, I think it's going

01:17:43   to be a big barrier for people to accept going forward. In a way that other devices, when

01:17:51   we were talking about them before they came out, like when we were talking about the Apple

01:17:55   Watch before it came out, I remember us on this very show having all kinds of conversations

01:18:01   like, "Oh, this is going to be so cool." Imagine like it's tracking your heart rate. Imagine

01:18:05   with workouts. Imagine when you're out and about and you want to get directions on your

01:18:09   wrist, like we were talking about all these things, but that's still something that you

01:18:13   put on your wrist. Like the potential weirdness of it is relatively low. It's a watch with

01:18:19   a display. Cool. But something on your face like that to me is still like the thing that

01:18:29   I think it's always funny is when I see this sort of Silicon Valley bros on Twitter be

01:18:35   like how the future is AR. I want to spend time in the metaverse all day. And I'm like,

01:18:41   buddy, do you have a social life? Do you have a family or friends? Do you have other people

01:18:44   looking at you or not? Or like, do you just hang out with your bros wearing headsets,

01:18:50   you know, smoking cigars, whatever they do in Silicon Valley? I have no idea. I think

01:18:54   that's right. But like, are you surrounded by normal people also or just your other,

01:19:01   know VC startup bros. So that for me is is the the problem right now is it's

01:19:08   cool I want to see if it can become something that is socially and morally

01:19:15   to an extent acceptable. Yeah it is a big jump and the the the previous attempts

01:19:23   Google class have not gone well right it is a bigger move from something that

01:19:30   that's just on your wrist and even thinking about that like

01:19:32   There are times where like you look at your Apple watch because I messes coming in and whoever you're with is like

01:19:38   Oh, do you need to go right like there's still a little bit of

01:19:41   Cultural

01:19:43   Stuff around a watch that isn't completely broken just because the Apple watch has been successful

01:19:49   Max wants to know what will it take for Steven to play a Pokemon game?

01:19:54   I have played Pokemon games before like you know Gameboy, and we were little and played them, but not recently

01:20:00   Okay, I thought you were gonna say Pokemon go that doesn't count no I can actually and I've played what's the Pokemon game on the switch?

01:20:08   Switch Pokemon I've played that with my kids

01:20:11   You know walking around getting you have Pokemon. Yeah, really yeah

01:20:17   Maybe because they didn't know what to do not that I really knew what to do

01:20:21   But all right

01:20:24   Can I ask another one sure is this fun one? This is this come from Maddie from discord also, I believe yes

01:20:30   Maddie is from discord Maddie wants to know what do you do for fun outside of work? What do I do for fun?

01:20:38   What is outside of work? No, it's getting

01:20:40   It's a very busy year I

01:20:44   Mean anyone who knows me at least like it's not surprised like I enjoy bike riding. I like fishing

01:20:53   I like reading, I enjoy photography.

01:20:57   So yeah, I enjoy all those things.

01:21:01   But the simple things are just as important, right?

01:21:04   Like taking the kids to the park or family picnic,

01:21:07   just like time away from the computer is always fun.

01:21:12   What about you?

01:21:13   Collecting Pokemon cards.

01:21:15   - Well, so yeah, video games are a huge part

01:21:18   of my downtime.

01:21:20   It does kind of bleed into work sometimes because of remaster or video game show here

01:21:26   on Relay, but I still mostly and largely play video games for my personal enjoyment. Huge

01:21:33   Pokémon fan myself. I have all the consoles, thankfully, so I can pick and choose whatever

01:21:39   I want to play. Right now I'm going through this game called Kena, Bridge of Spirits on

01:21:43   on PS5, really gorgeous, really fun game. I enjoy... I'm not a huge book person, but

01:21:50   I'm... You know, I'm that guy. I'm not a book guy, I'm jealous of other book people. And

01:21:57   I'm very jealous, in a good way, of Jason Snell, for example. I saw Jason say "I'm going

01:22:01   through my eighth or ninth book in November." Like, how? How have you read nine books in

01:22:10   the same month. I probably read nine books in the past decade. So it's something that

01:22:16   I always aspire to be, but maybe I should just be honest with myself. I prefer reading

01:22:21   articles on the web and I prefer listening to music. Listening to music with good equipment

01:22:27   is one of my recent hobbies from, you know, in adult life. I'm really happy with my setup.

01:22:34   I do enjoy trying different headphones. I do enjoy spending some of my money on this

01:22:40   It's something that brings me a lot of joy, so to speak.

01:22:44   It's fun.

01:22:45   And otherwise, you know, the simple things are good.

01:22:48   Like you said, spending time with Silvia, playing with my dogs.

01:22:52   I like going to the mall, you know, now that we can again.

01:22:55   It's a simple thing, but I like going to the mall with Silvia and the dogs and just, you know, browsing, shopping around.

01:23:00   I like having drinks with friends and I like watching junk TV, like Big Brother.

01:23:08   other and that's a stuff like I you do like TV I do the simple things are

01:23:15   simple but they are important yes so Matt C asks a technical question you can

01:23:22   have an iPhone with 50% more battery but it's a portless would you take that

01:23:28   trade? Uh, yeah. I'm at the point where, uh, yep. 50% more. Yeah. But no port. No port.

01:23:43   If he had said double, maybe it's an easier trade. Doubled. So double the battery, but

01:23:48   no port. Yeah. Let's say double that. I think that makes it clearer which one you would

01:23:52   So, my first reaction was yes. My only concern is, like, there's nothing I do that requires

01:24:02   a cable now, I mean, besides charging, nothing I do requires a cable, but I would miss two

01:24:11   things. One is... So I'm gonna have to say no, ultimately, because I wanna be able to

01:24:20   plug in an external DAC. I'm sorry, I need to be that guy. I want to be able to plug

01:24:26   in my DAC via a cable. Sure. And I want to be able to install side-loaded software via

01:24:34   AltStore. You're still on that scene, huh? Oh yeah, big time. Especially now that, have

01:24:41   you seen my tweets about backing up my Game Boy cartridges from yesterday? Yes, what is

01:24:46   that device called? It's amazing, it's called the GB operator. It's this little

01:24:51   cartridge reader, basically, that lets you back up physical Game Boy cartridges, so

01:24:57   Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, but not just that, it lets you

01:25:01   back up your saves as well. So I can now take my original save file from, say,

01:25:09   Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Ruby from 2003, and I can load that up in All Store,

01:25:15   running on my iPhone, and I can continue playing

01:25:19   from where I left Toph in the physical game on the iPhone.

01:25:24   So that's cool.

01:25:25   - That is cool. - So yeah.

01:25:27   I keep the port, yeah.

01:25:31   - I don't use a port for anything except CarPlay.

01:25:34   And again, I'm going to review this wireless CarPlay adapter

01:25:38   that's been sitting on my desk for a while.

01:25:40   So maybe that would change my mind,

01:25:43   But I also don't have,

01:25:45   and a lot of new cars have wireless charging pads in them.

01:25:48   I don't have that.

01:25:49   So I would need to like retrofit that in for long trips.

01:25:51   But other than the car,

01:25:53   like that's literally the only time I plug my phone in.

01:25:55   I mean, I guess on occasion,

01:25:57   one thing that is nice about charging with a cable

01:26:00   is you can do fast charging, right?

01:26:02   So like if you're really in a tight spot,

01:26:06   it's gonna be faster than wireless or MagSafe charging,

01:26:09   but that's not very often.

01:26:11   The 13 Pro Max is basically a two-day phone for me.

01:26:14   Like, it can be very easily, the battery life's ridiculous.

01:26:18   But I don't know.

01:26:20   I don't know.

01:26:21   - Marlys from Discord, she wants to know,

01:26:25   if you could get away with stealing one segment

01:26:28   from another show, what would it be?

01:26:31   (laughing)

01:26:34   - I like Q&As.

01:26:35   This is fun.

01:26:37   So, you know, maybe we take, take ass upgrade.

01:26:40   (mimics laser noises)

01:26:43   Those are my lasers.

01:26:44   I would still, I wanna say upstream from upgrade.

01:26:49   Jason has a standalone show for that.

01:26:55   He doesn't need that segment on upgrade anymore.

01:26:58   It's got the standalone show on relay for entertainment.

01:27:02   It's got downstream.

01:27:03   We can do upstream.

01:27:05   We can take that.

01:27:06   We can steal that.

01:27:07   And Myke would still be able to talk about it

01:27:08   'cause he's on this show too, you know,

01:27:10   when he's not on vacation. - Exactly.

01:27:12   So when you think about it,

01:27:14   connected actually is the optimal place for AppStream.

01:27:18   Jason can keep doing his standalone show,

01:27:22   Myke can keep talking about it,

01:27:24   but now you and I can bring on our, you know,

01:27:29   entertainment industry expertise.

01:27:33   - Do we have that expertise? - Shut up.

01:27:35   This doesn't matter right now.

01:27:36   I'm just justifying the stealing right now.

01:27:39   - That's a good question.

01:27:45   That's really good.

01:27:45   Okay, let me scroll through here.

01:27:48   BG asks, what are your scheduling/time management strategies?

01:27:54   Do you open your to-do app?

01:27:57   Do you start going down the list?

01:27:58   Do you put everything on your calendar?

01:28:00   This is a common question.

01:28:02   Like how do you divide calendar events

01:28:06   and tasks to complete?

01:28:08   So I have-- so I don't know if this answers the question,

01:28:11   but I think I mentioned this before.

01:28:14   I updated how I sort of schedule my days

01:28:19   and manage my time this year, a couple of months ago.

01:28:22   I still follow that approach, which

01:28:26   is I think some people would probably

01:28:29   call this time blocking, which is I've basically allocated

01:28:35   certain blocks of my day to certain types of work. And it's the same schedule every week.

01:28:42   Of course I make modifications if necessary, like I can be flexible, I can make adjustments.

01:28:47   But roughly speaking I know that for example on Monday morning from 11 to 1 pm it's writing time,

01:28:54   or that you know Tuesday morning it's admin time and research time. Like I try to follow that

01:29:03   strategy. And then when I do, I, so if it's writing time, I have a writing smart list

01:29:08   in Reminders and I go in there and I'm like, "Okay, what am I supposed to be writing now?"

01:29:12   And so I use that combination of trying to keep some kind of sort of office schedule and

01:29:20   checking out what's in my list of things to do in my task manager.

01:29:27   - So for me, I only put things on my calendar

01:29:30   that blocks of time.

01:29:33   So like recording connected and editing connected

01:29:36   are each a couple hours on my schedule every Wednesday.

01:29:40   But I also have a lot of tasks due today that sort of,

01:29:43   for me, tasks sort of fill in the gaps

01:29:46   between podcast recordings, meetings, appointments,

01:29:51   that sort of thing.

01:29:52   And so for me, almost everything ends up in a,

01:29:55   Like I also have a task for like edit and publish connected.

01:29:58   So I'll check that off, you know,

01:30:00   in a few hours when the show goes up.

01:30:02   For me, the calendar is more about making sure

01:30:04   nothing else interrupts when I'm supposed to be

01:30:07   doing something, if that makes sense.

01:30:10   But there's no right or wrong answer to this, I don't think.

01:30:12   Like I know a lot of people who just manage everything

01:30:14   on their calendar, right?

01:30:15   If they've got something due,

01:30:17   they just put it on the calendar for that day.

01:30:18   But I like my to-do lists.

01:30:21   - Okay, let's see.

01:30:25   This was a good one. Justin wants to know.

01:30:27   Uh oh. Justin is an agent of chaos.

01:30:30   Yes, Justin is. Do you know how to drive stick?

01:30:35   I do. I have a fun story for everybody here.

01:30:41   So a few weeks ago, I was waiting for Sylvia.

01:30:45   She had a doctor's appointment.

01:30:48   I was just waiting for her in the car outside with the dogs.

01:30:52   and I was, dogs were, you know, in the backseat,

01:30:55   and I was just minding my own business,

01:30:57   getting some work done on my iPad Pro.

01:30:59   And I was there, very chill, like it was a rainy day,

01:31:02   so the rain was falling by, I was in my car,

01:31:05   the dogs were sleeping, I could hear Ginger snore,

01:31:09   and at some point, bang!

01:31:11   I hear that, and I turn, and a lady

01:31:14   just crashed her car, trying to back up

01:31:19   from her parking spot into another car.

01:31:22   Oh, so they didn't hit you. They hit another park car, another car. And so now,

01:31:26   so that was very awkward, right? Because I was like, okay, what do I do now?

01:31:30   Right. Obviously heard and seeing this person. You're a witness, right?

01:31:34   I am a witness. So just, let's just play cool. Pretend that like,

01:31:37   I have my headphones on or something. Um,

01:31:40   or do I go out and offer to help her and

01:31:45   see what's happening. So, um,

01:31:49   So I decide for the latter, right? So I open the door like, "Hey, I said you bumped into the other car."

01:31:57   So thankfully, I don't know how, but it was literally just a scratch.

01:32:02   And I polished the other car with my hands like, "Okay, that's fine."

01:32:06   There was like no big damage or anything.

01:32:09   But this girl, she was like in her 20s or something.

01:32:12   She was like, kind of panicking. I was like, "Yeah, it's okay. Don't worry."

01:32:18   She was like, "Can you back up for me?

01:32:23   Can you drive my car and back up for me because I can't do it?"

01:32:26   And so I look at her car, I look at the shift.

01:32:30   It's like, "Is that an automatic car?"

01:32:33   And she's like, "Yeah."

01:32:34   And I was like, "I'm sorry.

01:32:36   I only know how to drive manual, like stick.

01:32:40   I cannot do...

01:32:42   If you let me do...

01:32:43   If you make me do this, I'll probably do even more damage because I don't know how to use

01:32:47   a car without, what's it called, a clutch? Yeah. Or without a stick. It's like, I am

01:32:53   gonna, I was like, I tell you what, why don't you go the other way around? I am going to

01:32:57   remove my car so you can go the other way around. Okay. And you don't have to back up.

01:33:02   So that's what I did. I prefer to move and go somewhere else than to have, you know,

01:33:09   to try and use her automatic. I mean, you just like, I select the gear you want and

01:33:14   I don't know. It's it's weird to do it without a clutch. No, no, no, no, no, no not for me. I'm sorry

01:33:21   I can drive stick, but I've never owned a manual shift car. All of my cars have always been automatics

01:33:28   Just kind of a bummer. I've always wanted it just hasn't ever happened

01:33:32   But I haven't driven a stick probably in like four years, but I could do it if I needed to

01:33:38   Justin asked another another chaos question. Maybe we we end the show with this one since Myke isn't here

01:33:44   What's your most hot take about him? Oh

01:33:47   Yes, okay, okay

01:33:50   So first of all, I think here's a proposal a formal proposal Steven. Okay, why don't we keep reusing this?

01:33:58   Amazing list of questions also next week like we got so many that I feel like I want to answer

01:34:05   Yeah, we can do a Q&A section next week. Yeah. Yeah, we I mean we still have so we have like 50 more

01:34:12   I would like to get to

01:34:14   My most hot my hottest take yeah about Myke

01:34:18   I feel like you know how he likes to have

01:34:22   this this wild

01:34:24   Busy home screens and wallpapers with all kinds of colors. Yeah

01:34:29   - Yeah.

01:34:30   - I think he does that mostly to prove a point

01:34:33   and to have him look different.

01:34:36   I don't think those home screens are actually good.

01:34:40   I think it does it because he knows that we get upset

01:34:44   and that we get sort of emotional about those.

01:34:48   - That's good.

01:34:49   - But I don't think if that sort of,

01:34:54   if that mechanic wasn't in place of us being like,

01:34:58   "Oh, look at your home screen."

01:34:59   It's like, I don't think it would do it.

01:35:01   I think it would have a gradient wallpaper,

01:35:04   like a color or something.

01:35:05   But it's, I mean, it must see

01:35:08   that those home screens are too busy.

01:35:11   So I think it does it for the show of it.

01:35:14   - Interesting.

01:35:17   That's pretty hot, man.

01:35:19   - What about you?

01:35:21   - I'm gonna go a little more personal.

01:35:23   He's not here.

01:35:24   - Oh, okay.

01:35:26   I think he's too precious about his beard.

01:35:30   (laughing)

01:35:32   Every year we plan the podcast-a-thon, right?

01:35:35   Like it's gonna be here again before we know it.

01:35:38   And every year it comes up,

01:35:41   we have all these meetings planning, right?

01:35:43   Like hours and hours of planning, which is fantastic.

01:35:46   I love the team we work with, but it's a lot.

01:35:48   And every year it comes up,

01:35:50   "Hey, if we raise X amount of money,

01:35:53   maybe Myke shaves his beard,

01:35:55   you know, the way that I have the last few years

01:35:57   during the podcast-a-thon, and he won't do it.

01:36:02   He has made an identity around his beard

01:36:05   in a way that was maybe cool in like 2013 or 2014,

01:36:10   but in 2021, it's just like a little tired.

01:36:12   I know that I'm one to like, you know,

01:36:16   I like mixing up my look, I'll cut my hair,

01:36:18   I'll grow it out, have a beard.

01:36:19   Right now I just have a mustache again.

01:36:21   Like, I like mixing it up, and he's kind of been the same.

01:36:24   He's kind of been stuck in the beard rut,

01:36:27   and I think he needs a little bravery

01:36:29   to try to mix it up some.

01:36:31   - Oh my God.

01:36:33   To be fair, so to play Myke's advocate, I guess.

01:36:38   I guess Myke is the devil in this case.

01:36:41   (laughing)

01:36:43   I have tried to shave my beard.

01:36:48   I did shave my beard during the first lockdown.

01:36:51   - I remember, yeah.

01:36:52   - I'm never gonna do it again.

01:36:54   I looked like an overgrown child, you know?

01:36:58   No.

01:36:59   Do you think you think Myke has like a baby face under there?

01:37:01   I think it does because I know that I do.

01:37:04   And I think we're in the same situation here.

01:37:07   It's just never gonna do it again.

01:37:10   Like I would rather like be,

01:37:14   I've been bald before, right. When, you know, I've been bald,

01:37:18   but honestly I would rather consider

01:37:24   putting on like a fake beard rather than like a toupee

01:37:28   or something for my hair.

01:37:30   Like without a beard, that would just be so bad.

01:37:34   - So let me ask follow up.

01:37:36   So if the time comes and you lose your hair, right?

01:37:40   Like, you know, not due to medication,

01:37:42   but like, you know, Matt Alexander, his hair fell out.

01:37:45   - Yeah, yeah.

01:37:46   - But Matt rocks the bald plus beard,

01:37:48   which I think really works for him.

01:37:50   - I think that's my goal eventually.

01:37:51   Like I know--

01:37:52   - You think that's your future at some point?

01:37:53   - Yeah, yes, yes.

01:37:55   - It's a strong look.

01:37:57   - Yeah.

01:37:58   - But I'm just saying Myke needs to get out of his shell

01:38:00   a little bit, that's what I'm saying.

01:38:02   - My plan is no hair, long beard, neck tattoo.

01:38:07   That's my strong look for my mid 30s, I think.

01:38:13   - Okay.

01:38:14   - Yeah.

01:38:15   - Well, they're coming up on you quick.

01:38:17   - Yeah.

01:38:18   - Wow, well, this was fantastic.

01:38:20   We'll get to some more of these.

01:38:21   I mean, there's like,

01:38:22   Now there's 203 in here.

01:38:24   Just keep adding them as we talk.

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01:38:49   It's nice, short and sweet, right?

01:38:51   I couldn't believe that that URL was available by the way.

01:38:53   I was stunned that it was free.

01:38:57   You can find us online.

01:38:59   Federico is the editor-in-chief of maxstories.net.

01:39:03   But most of the time he's just hanging out on Twitter

01:39:05   at Vitiici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:39:08   Federico, anything cool coming up on maxstories

01:39:11   we should look out for?

01:39:12   - I keep saying maxstories selects,

01:39:14   so I've already said that.

01:39:15   - Where is it?

01:39:16   Where are the trophies, man?

01:39:17   It's December.

01:39:18   They are being manufactured and they will be shipped to John's house soon.

01:39:24   So, that's coming up and you know what is coming up?

01:39:29   Issue 300 of Mac Stories Weekly.

01:39:32   Whoa!

01:39:33   This Friday.

01:39:34   And there's gonna be a special story from me, something that I haven't done in a while,

01:39:40   and we're bringing back someone special just for issue 300.

01:39:46   Is it me?

01:39:47   So no, it's not you, you're not special.

01:39:50   - Wow.

01:39:51   (laughing)

01:39:53   Now I'm just like thinking about people

01:39:54   who used to work for you and wondering who it is.

01:39:57   - So let's see, it's gonna be awesome.

01:40:00   - That's cool.

01:40:01   300, that's wild to me.

01:40:03   - 300, yeah, yeah.

01:40:06   - You can find me on Twitter as ISMH.

01:40:09   I'm on a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:40:11   And go check out the 512Pixels channel on YouTube.

01:40:15   I just put a new video up this week

01:40:16   about the voices of macOS.

01:40:18   That was a lot of fun.

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01:40:26   Until next time, Federico, say goodbye.

01:40:29   - Arrivederci.