★★★★★: How Dare You?!


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 373.

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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:20   and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hello.

00:00:23   - Hello.

00:00:24   - You still sound sick, but I'm happy you're here.

00:00:26   - Yeah, I'm getting there slowly but surely.

00:00:28   The first cold you have after not having one for two years because you haven't seen anybody.

00:00:33   Uh-huh.

00:00:34   It's a real bummer.

00:00:35   Your body forgot what it was like.

00:00:36   Yeah, I had one a little while ago.

00:00:38   I think Federico is just starting to get one.

00:00:41   And now Stephen, Stephen's stuck in the middle there.

00:00:44   That's right. Just like normal.

00:00:45   We're also joined a course by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:49   Hello. I am Mr. and I am Federico.

00:00:52   So yeah, that's me.

00:00:54   Hi.

00:00:54   Hello, Mr.

00:00:56   Hi, Mr.

00:00:58   - How are you Steven?

00:01:02   - Good.

00:01:03   Glad to be back with you all.

00:01:05   I missed recording with you last week,

00:01:07   but thank you for giving me the week off

00:01:08   because no one needed to hear

00:01:10   how I sounded on Wednesday last week.

00:01:12   - Well, I'm glad you're back.

00:01:14   - We have a bunch of stuff this week.

00:01:15   We have a special guest joining us in a little while

00:01:18   to talk about Apple headphones, Apple earbuds,

00:01:21   but first we're gonna do some follow-up.

00:01:24   So a couple of people contacted me after last week's episode,

00:01:29   including Myke Dent, to suggest that I should probably

00:01:34   calm my excitement over the possibility of Apple-made tools

00:01:38   for their repair program, because Apple do not currently

00:01:43   supply their own made tools to--

00:01:47   well, one, they don't have them in Apple stores, and two,

00:01:50   they don't supply them as part of the authorized repair

00:01:54   program thing they just use like third-party companies tools that they

00:01:58   source and figure are good so who knows maybe they will for the for this self

00:02:04   service program create their own but it's most likely you'll get like a

00:02:07   wearer screwdriver or something. That's that's too bad. It's pretty sad right?

00:02:13   It's very very sad why they should they should make their own tools. I mean the

00:02:19   tools that they use now I think are different but the the brand they used

00:02:22   when I was there a hundred years ago was

00:02:24   Weha

00:02:27   That's what I meant to say. I said where I put an R in instead of a H

00:02:31   Weha was what I meant to say

00:02:32   Yeah, and I have I still have a bunch of those tools and they were really nice

00:02:36   So yeah, I have some of the screwdrivers and I think they're fantastic, but I still would like to just yeah

00:02:41   They're free. They're free spinning, which is nice. Yeah, I would just like to see what Apple would do

00:02:45   That was the whole thing. I just want to see what they would do

00:02:47   It would be like a single piece of aluminum and the screw tip is like carved into it

00:02:51   So when you break the tip off you have to get a new screwdriver and then we have this right to repair about tools

00:02:58   You know, it's like one layer down

00:03:00   Mm-hmm. I'm gonna get tools to fix your tools. Mm-hmm

00:03:03   it's just

00:03:05   Tools all the way down just tools and tools and tools your dog. Hey, I message reactions are really annoying if you're

00:03:12   In a mixed message environment for instance. I have a certain family thread

00:03:19   it's all iPhone users except one brother-in-law one who uses Android and

00:03:25   so when a bunch of the iMessage people like like a message loved a message it

00:03:31   all just shows up as text and it's super annoying. Wait you get them as text? Yeah.

00:03:34   Oh well this what I've put in this show notes is not going to help you. This is

00:03:39   going to fix it on the Android end. On the Android side. Google's done something

00:03:42   pretty smart where they are using something in the RCS protocol to

00:03:48   interpret those messages and attach them as emoji reactions to messages from iPhone users.

00:03:54   No, do it the other way around.

00:03:55   Well, Google can't do it the other way around. Apple need to fix it.

00:03:59   Why does that happen? I don't understand why Apple,

00:04:02   as the creator and sender of these messages, can't just give them to you.

00:04:06   They want to use us as iPhone customers to bully Android users into switching.

00:04:12   I don't think it works that way. I mean, if that is the case...

00:04:14   They want us to leave our Android family behind and just be friends with Apple people.

00:04:19   That's what they want.

00:04:20   I don't have any of these. Federico, do you have any group message threads with Android users?

00:04:27   I guess yours are all on WhatsApp, right? Like that's the point.

00:04:29   They are on WhatsApp. Those people, they are on WhatsApp, yeah.

00:04:32   WhatApp?

00:04:32   WhatsApp.

00:04:33   WhatApp?

00:04:34   What did you think of the show title last week, Steven? Did you like it?

00:04:36   What was the show title last week?

00:04:38   WhatsApp Ba-- uh, something.

00:04:40   Oh yes, that was very good.

00:04:42   Okay, we thought you weren't gonna like it, which is one of the reasons that we picked it.

00:04:45   No, it's funny.

00:04:47   Anytime you have a string of numbers in an episode title, it's good.

00:04:50   Not as good as the one that was just numbers.

00:04:53   Mm-hmm.

00:04:54   That was the dice rolling one.

00:04:55   Yes.

00:04:56   Episode 366.

00:04:57   With all the ads at the end.

00:04:59   Yeah.

00:05:00   We never came back to that format, huh?

00:05:02   You never brought that format back?

00:05:04   I was thinking, not yet.

00:05:06   Alright.

00:05:06   Okay.

00:05:07   I'm gonna spring it on you one day again.

00:05:09   Yeah, I guess so.

00:05:10   Federico have some good news. Oh, yeah Spotify has added a lyrics view. Well, finally, okay. Yeah

00:05:17   This was teased months ago. It's Spotify is kind of weird with these features

00:05:23   They they roll it out in select markets and they say this is coming soon and soon means like next year

00:05:28   They had now have real-time lyrics sort of matching what Apple does with Apple music, but there's a twist here

00:05:36   They teamed up with music's match

00:05:39   which is an Italian company that is, it's been around forever, it's been around for over a decade at this point, I believe.

00:05:46   They do real-time lyrics and now they power the real-time lyrics in Spotify on all platforms, including on mobile,

00:05:54   you know, on iOS and iPadOS, Android. They now have real-time lyrics everywhere.

00:05:59   Musixmatch used to be a

00:06:02   partner for real-time lyrics on

00:06:05   desktop in Spotify for desktop years ago, and then something happened and now they seem to be friends again.

00:06:12   So I'm glad that Spotify and Music Smash repaired their relationship now.

00:06:16   This is fun and all, but it seems that Apple is still doing real-time lyrics differently.

00:06:25   From an interview from a few years ago when Apple rolled out this feature, I believe it was in iOS 12 or 13 maybe,

00:06:32   Apple said they had an internal team doing the real-time lyrics.

00:06:37   So it appears that Apple is doing real-time lyrics in-house.

00:06:40   I would assume based on lyrics provided by music labels. They do the adjustments for real-time display

00:06:49   manually, internally. There's a team that does that. I believe Apple said as much in an interview a few years ago.

00:06:56   Spotify instead, and Tidal. I believe Tidal

00:07:01   also uses MusicSmatch as a partner, they have a third-party service effectively powering this database of real-time lyrics.

00:07:09   I don't understand why this is a thing that humans need to be involved in.

00:07:13   This feels like if you have the audio and you have the lyrics,

00:07:20   surely

00:07:23   the technology exists to match that up.

00:07:26   There are some touches that I really like in Apple Music. Like for example, a lot of

00:07:33   times you can find lyrics for live versions of songs that are slightly different from

00:07:39   the album version. And also they tend at least to do a really good job at separating, for

00:07:47   example, the main vocals and the backing vocals, which are in parentheses. And that's obviously

00:07:54   something that a human needs to do, you know. I mean, probably there's a computer program

00:07:58   somewhere that can detect, you know, the main vocals and the backing vocals, but it feels

00:08:03   like the sort of thing that is better done with the human touch.

00:08:09   My hope is that what's happening is they're using some kind of machine learning to do

00:08:13   it for everything, and then for the most popular stuff they have people going in and doing

00:08:19   what you've said.

00:08:20   And the same machine learning model is used to detect when you're talking to the home

00:08:24   pod and when someone else in the background is talking to the home pod.

00:08:28   I have a real problem at the moment, which is I don't even want to say out loud, but

00:08:33   sometimes I say to my wife, "Hey, cutie, it doesn't work.

00:08:37   Oh, man, every single product in my entire life just lights up at that moment.

00:08:43   Yeah, it's really bad.

00:08:44   It's driving me mad."

00:08:46   Because I am in these situations where then I'm terrified to say anything else, right?

00:08:51   Because like I've got my AirPods in and it's like, uh-huh.

00:08:54   I'm like, oh no, what have I just done?

00:08:56   I hate it so much.

00:08:58   And anyway, going back to the matter at hand, I think you might like this Federico.

00:09:02   In the Spotify newsroom post, Maniscin is featured in a little GIF at the top.

00:09:10   Nice.

00:09:11   I haven't seen that.

00:09:12   that Italian connection together music and the greatest rock band in Italian

00:09:17   history I don't see this gift where's the gift it's at the very top of the

00:09:21   page hmm and the newsroom post it just starts animating and they're just there

00:09:25   for just a second oh I see them okay you gotta let it like move through its whole

00:09:30   yeah it's a little thing nice nice unmistakable you're gonna move back to

00:09:36   Spotify now? Oh no, no they still don't have lossless playback. They still don't

00:09:43   have that? They announced that before Apple. Yeah I know, Spotify HiFi I believe

00:09:49   was the name of it. No I'm not gonna move back, I'm not interested and also like I

00:09:53   I've been slowly building back up my collection of Apple music based

00:09:58   shortcuts. I'm working on a major update for MusicBot for 2022 and that's

00:10:07   that's the kind of thing that I will never be able to do with Spotify anyway.

00:10:11   So it feels like I did the right thing and trying Spotify for six months,

00:10:17   really, for almost seven months, to really get a good understanding of why it's

00:10:24   better than Apple Music in some respects, but for the kind of work that I do and

00:10:28   for the kind of music playback that I like to have,

00:10:31   like the kind of options that I like to have,

00:10:33   I think I'm better served by Apple Music,

00:10:35   even if I do miss some of the discovery from Spotify.

00:10:39   -Yeah, but what about Tidal, though?

00:10:40   You teased this last episode.

00:10:42   -I am running a bit late in my --

00:10:45   So I set up Tidal on my Mac already.

00:10:48   I still need to try the mobile apps.

00:10:53   Basically, what I saw last week

00:10:55   was this announcement from Tidal

00:10:57   that they have a new model for paying artists.

00:11:03   So they have announced a couple of things.

00:11:07   One that they already started doing,

00:11:09   the other half of their announcement

00:11:11   is coming into effect next year, 2022.

00:11:15   So Tidal, for now, they have revised their plans.

00:11:20   They now have Tidal free.

00:11:22   There's a free version now.

00:11:23   Now for context, because this is the kind of thing

00:11:25   that we all... I think we all forgot. Title is owned by Square. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. This

00:11:34   is like Pocket is owned by Mozilla. Yeah. What did Jay-Z sold it to them, right? Yes,

00:11:40   I believe. Yes. So Jack Dorsey now owns Title. Yeah, I forgot that. I forgot that. This is

00:11:47   like Pocket being owned by Mozilla. We tend to forget that information. That one I remember

00:11:51   because it comes up more often.

00:11:53   OK, all right.

00:11:54   So they have a free version now.

00:11:57   Then they're doing Tidal Hi-Fi and Tidal Hi-Fi Plus,

00:12:01   I think is the name.

00:12:02   So they have two premium tiers, basically.

00:12:06   What I like about their announcement

00:12:07   is that they are going to basically give out

00:12:13   10% of your subscription as royalties directly

00:12:19   the artists that you listen to. And starting next year, you will even be able to... they have this

00:12:26   thing that they're rolling out in 2022 called Direct to Artist Royalty. So basically, you will

00:12:34   be able to see exactly where your money is going in terms of the actual artists that you listen to.

00:12:41   You will get this activity dashboard where you can see all the streams that you've, you know,

00:12:47   collected for each artist that you listen to, and how much money they're making off of your streams.

00:12:53   And they also will stop paying out royalties based on aggregated data, which is sort of the industry

00:13:01   practice where they aggregate all streams from users. It's very complicated, but basically

00:13:07   Tylo is saying... - They're gonna do it based on actual use rather than... - We're gonna do it based on actual use.

00:13:11   - That's pretty cool. - Starting next year, you will see exactly where your money is going. So that's

00:13:17   pretty cool I think. So they've reinvented readability is what you're saying. Except

00:13:23   they will not send you a check in the mail. I'm pretty sure this is how YouTube premium works.

00:13:30   Maybe? I think so. Which is a more modern actually worked version of this system. There's a 9 to 5

00:13:38   Mac article that I put in the show notes which is talking about this and the header image

00:13:45   is of when I think it was when Tidal was announced.

00:13:49   It's just like the list of people that are on this stage

00:13:52   and this image is just so funny to me.

00:13:54   - Duff Punk is in the image.

00:13:55   - Duff Punk, Deb Mouse, Madonna, Jay-Z, Kanye,

00:14:01   Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Usher.

00:14:03   Jack White is there, Beyonce is there,

00:14:06   Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys, and there's one person

00:14:09   I do not know who's standing next to Jack White.

00:14:12   I do not know who that is.

00:14:13   So it's funny to me.

00:14:15   Where's Jack White?

00:14:16   He is standing next to Daft Punk.

00:14:18   Oh, the guy with the hat?

00:14:21   Yeah.

00:14:22   Yeah, I have no idea.

00:14:23   I'm going to assume he's a country and western.

00:14:25   I'm going to assume the same, yeah.

00:14:27   Steven, who is that?

00:14:28   Why would I know?

00:14:29   Oh, Chris Martin's calling in over Zoom, that's nice.

00:14:32   I'm pleased to see Chris Martin calling in over Zoom there.

00:14:35   I have no idea who that is.

00:14:37   Come on, Steven.

00:14:38   I just figured if the three of us, you would be the most likely to know.

00:14:41   Nope.

00:14:42   Someone in the Discord's got to know.

00:14:44   gotta know this. Was this the guy who sung at the inauguration for Joe Biden? I don't

00:14:53   know. Anyway, it's funny to me. And that's the end of the title discussion. You're happy?

00:15:01   I mean, is this aligns with your views, the way they're doing the royalty payment stuff?

00:15:08   Is that why? Are you thinking about using it for this reason?

00:15:11   This is the kind of thing that I like, especially because I've always been using an additional

00:15:19   music streaming service as a way to trial albums before purchasing them.

00:15:26   Now, of course the thing that has changed over the past year is that Apple Music has

00:15:30   a lossless tier.

00:15:32   So I wouldn't have to use an additional streaming service, but the thing is I really like to

00:15:39   to use Rune with my desktop deck.

00:15:44   So Rune is this music app

00:15:49   that runs on my Intel NUC server at home.

00:15:52   It's the app that stores my offline personal music library.

00:15:57   And Rune integrates with two streaming services,

00:16:01   Kobuse and Tidal.

00:16:03   And so for the past few months,

00:16:04   I've been using Kobuse inside of Rune

00:16:07   as a way to try out albums before purchasing them.

00:16:12   But I figured, you know, Tidal is doing these things now.

00:16:14   I kind of want to try Tidal too.

00:16:16   I want to see what it's like.

00:16:17   And unfortunately, there's no Apple Music integration

00:16:20   for Rune.

00:16:21   I don't think that's possible,

00:16:22   or maybe Rune, they haven't done it yet.

00:16:25   Rune is really an incredible piece of software.

00:16:27   Quentin, no, sorry.

00:16:31   I need more coffee today.

00:16:34   Quinn Nelson at Snazzy Labs.

00:16:37   He did an excellent video.

00:16:38   I like Quentin.

00:16:39   We should call him Quentin.

00:16:40   Quentin.

00:16:41   We should call him Quentin.

00:16:42   Do you agree, Steven?

00:16:44   That's his given name, I think.

00:16:45   No, really?

00:16:46   I don't know.

00:16:47   No, come on.

00:16:48   I don't know.

00:16:49   Queen did a video about his...

00:16:51   Queen did a video a while back, I want to say a few months ago, maybe it was 2020.

00:16:56   He did like a tour of his music setup and he talked about Rune.

00:17:03   So go check out the video for an explanation of why Rune is excellent.

00:17:06   It's a really incredible piece of software if you care about your personal music library,

00:17:10   but I wish that it had Apple Music integration, and it doesn't.

00:17:13   So that's why I need to use an additional streaming service.

00:17:17   Jason Oldine, says Tony in the Discord, is an American country music singer.

00:17:24   So I was right, I was like half of it, it was a country and western singer.

00:17:28   So there we go, the mystery has been solved.

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00:19:24   So we are joined by our Beats Earbuds correspondent, Mary Hackett. Hi Mary. Welcome back to Connected.

00:19:31   Hey, thanks for having me back.

00:19:33   You are our person on the ground when it comes to trying out

00:19:36   various fitness headphones.

00:19:39   I believe you have had the

00:19:42   What are they called? The Beats Fit Pro, right? That's the new ones that you've got?

00:19:47   Yes, the Beats Fit Pro.

00:19:49   So let's lay the groundwork. What were you using prior to Beats Fit Pro?

00:19:54   So since our last interview concerning the Beats, I have been using the

00:20:00   Beats... what is it? Pro... Powerbeats. Powerbeats Pro.

00:20:05   Powerbeats Pro. Why do they all have Pro in them?

00:20:07   There are so many words. I don't know.

00:20:09   I also don't like Beats. As I'm saying now, Beats Fit Pro. I feel like I'm gonna say Beats Fits Pro, which doesn't...

00:20:15   Yeah, Beats Fits is very hard to say, like Beats Fits.

00:20:18   Bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits, bits

00:20:48   been using them. The battery life is still just as good. I can use them for

00:20:53   like over a week and I use them daily for about an hour and a half. Sometimes

00:20:58   one, sometimes both, and I love, yeah, I love them. Really, I think my biggest

00:21:04   complaint about them in the beginning was trying to get them in and try to put

00:21:10   them back in the case because they're such a strange shape, but like anything

00:21:14   you do it enough you just get used to it so it's not a big deal anymore I know

00:21:19   the angle that I need to insert and then you twist it back and get the good fit

00:21:23   I've been really happy with them but it's it changes not my favorite and but

00:21:30   I wanted to do my job I really wanted to try the newest beats fit pro so I did my

00:21:38   best I tried them out and I have some things to say okay cuz I guess I from

00:21:44   the way that you described your experiences with the Powerbeats Pro, it didn't seem like

00:21:48   you were looking for new earbuds. No I was not. Okay, but your commitment to your role

00:21:54   on this show will eclipse all things. Right, exactly. We appreciate your commitment. No

00:22:00   problem, no problem. Yeah, I'd start with a little pro and con list. First, just like

00:22:07   the Powerbeats Pro was trying to learn how to fit them in your ear. They have a small,

00:22:14   It's not really a loop. It's like a small rubber semi-circle, almost like a crescent.

00:22:19   Do they call that the wingtip, Federico? Is that what they call that?

00:22:23   The wingtip, yes. That's the name of it.

00:22:26   If we say it's called a wingtip, does that at all feel like the way it looks to you?

00:22:32   I don't really know.

00:22:33   It doesn't like, I don't know. When you say wingtip, it sounds like something sticking

00:22:36   out straight from your ear, which it doesn't do that. It doesn't look like you have wings.

00:22:40   Yeah, they don't look like wings at all.

00:22:43   They don't look like wings.

00:22:44   They don't make you fly.

00:22:46   I don't understand why they call it a wingtip.

00:22:49   Very misleading.

00:22:51   But it actually tucks under like a fold in your ear.

00:22:55   And I was, I don't know, I feel weird talking about my ears on air.

00:23:00   But like I had, I was tucking it in the wrong part of my ear for the longest time.

00:23:05   And I was like, these are so uncomfortable.

00:23:07   Like, and there's just not a good seal.

00:23:10   Why are these in an updated version of what I have?

00:23:13   What I have is so much better.

00:23:15   And then I actually was doing something in the car and I pushed it further than I thought

00:23:19   I should and I was like, Oh, oh, okay, these are pretty good.

00:23:26   They're just like, dangling like, just like merely like, it just is the wrong shape.

00:23:35   I don't know why this works for so many people.

00:23:37   Why did this be sold?

00:23:38   But yeah, so now that I know how to fit it in,

00:23:42   it does have good sound.

00:23:43   I feel like it's comparable to the Powerbeats Pro,

00:23:48   the bass that I talked about liking so much better

00:23:51   with these versus the Apple ones.

00:23:56   Yeah, so the fit is better, but it's just not as secure.

00:24:00   Now that I'm used to the loop going behind my ear

00:24:04   on the Powerbeats Pro, I feel like these,

00:24:06   If you're just turning your head,

00:24:08   like they're not gonna fall out.

00:24:09   They're secure in that way

00:24:10   because you've got that rubber tip making a good seal.

00:24:14   But if you're working out and like pulling on hoodies,

00:24:18   taking off over shirts, like it falls out every time.

00:24:21   Even if I'm like really trying,

00:24:23   the wing tip just really gets in the way.

00:24:26   - They're not gonna hold on as well as the Powerbeats would.

00:24:29   So it's like, it's kind of like,

00:24:30   if you'd imagine you've got AirPods,

00:24:32   these are better, the Beats Fit are better than AirPods

00:24:36   for staying in, but Powerbeats are gonna be better

00:24:38   than both of them, right?

00:24:40   - Correct.

00:24:40   - Okay.

00:24:42   Because I guess anything additional to hold on

00:24:44   is always better than nothing,

00:24:46   but the little wingtip thing, it's not gonna be,

00:24:48   like the Powerbeats, it's that whole thing,

00:24:50   it's kind of like a hearing aid, right?

00:24:52   It's kind of how it looks,

00:24:53   the way that it tucks all the way over.

00:24:55   - It really does.

00:24:56   Second thing on my no thanks list

00:24:58   is that there's no volume control,

00:25:00   and that just, it just bothers me so much.

00:25:03   I keep doing a phantom movement to reach up and touch the button on the top of where it

00:25:12   would be on the Powerbeats Pro and there's just nothing there.

00:25:14   I'm like, "Ugh!"

00:25:15   So I've got to stop and go to my phone wherever I left it or my iPad wherever I left that

00:25:21   playing something because I don't sit a lot and listen to things.

00:25:24   I'm usually moving around the house and even in the car, so I don't like that.

00:25:31   I have to be with the device that is streaming the audio all the time.

00:25:36   That annoys me.

00:25:37   Yeah, I didn't really think about that.

00:25:40   The Powerbeats, do they have actual buttons on them?

00:25:43   The Powerbeats Pro, yes, there's a button on the top.

00:25:48   It's small, but yeah, you can tap one side of it and volume up, the other does volume

00:25:52   down and then there's the circle button to stop and start.

00:25:57   And the Beats Fit Pro has the, well actually it doesn't even have a button, it just presses

00:26:02   in the whole bottom section.

00:26:07   There's not a specific button.

00:26:09   But anyway, you can stop, but you can't change volume.

00:26:13   And if you press and hold, it will change the noise cancellation, let the sound through,

00:26:20   and get rid of that pressure in your ear.

00:26:24   Which is, again, I mean like everything, it's what do you want?

00:26:29   Do you want to hear noises around you or do you not want to hear anything and only the

00:26:32   music or only what's coming through your headphones?

00:26:36   It's like having nothing in your ear.

00:26:38   Like I can hear the dog walking down the hallway.

00:26:43   Like I can hear her toenails.

00:26:45   It's really like you can hear everything if you have that open.

00:26:49   Yeah, with the transparency thing?

00:26:51   Yes.

00:26:52   I think they call it.

00:26:53   Did you use any of these kinds of earbuds before that had the noise cancellation and

00:26:58   transparency mode?

00:27:00   Only when I had very briefly used the AirPods Pro.

00:27:04   Is that a feature that you value in any way?

00:27:06   Like having that function?

00:27:07   Not really.

00:27:08   Because if I have my earbuds in, I don't want to hear anything else.

00:27:14   If I wanted to hear what was going on around me, I wouldn't have headphones in.

00:27:19   But I don't work in a, you know, I don't use them in an office space where that could be

00:27:23   handy if you have people coming in and out of your area needing your attention.

00:27:29   So do you use these mostly for, like where are you mostly using your earbuds?

00:27:33   Is it for exercise and stuff like that?

00:27:36   It is.

00:27:37   It is.

00:27:38   Usually for exercise so no one else is around me and I want to be able to pump up the volume

00:27:44   when I need it.

00:27:46   the other time so I do use them around the house to listen to audiobook if I'm doing

00:27:51   kind of a monotonous task in the house. I don't use them at work because I do have to

00:27:57   be fully, you know, that would be pretty rude as a teacher. I do have to be fully present.

00:28:01   I'm done with you now.

00:28:02   Hold on, let me get to the end of this podcast and then I'll help you. So I don't use them

00:28:08   work but yeah so for my purposes I really don't need the noise cancellation

00:28:15   it is I kind of wish there was like the AirPods there was that middle ground

00:28:21   where it's not completely transparent it's not the complete transparency but

00:28:26   it's like if if they sense a voice then it would open up and you could hear the

00:28:31   voice am I making that up or was there like kind of in between no I don't think

00:28:37   - I think, so AirPods have transparency mode,

00:28:40   which is like you can just choose it,

00:28:43   like what you've got in these.

00:28:44   But there are some, Federico, do the Sonys have that,

00:28:47   where you can, it senses that somebody's talking?

00:28:49   - Yes, they do. - And turns it on

00:28:51   automatically? - Yeah.

00:28:51   - Okay, so there are some that do that though.

00:28:53   Yeah, okay.

00:28:54   - Okay, that's what I'm thinking of.

00:28:56   That I think would be handy, but I don't need to hear

00:28:59   like the wind chimes outside

00:29:01   while I'm trying to hear it in a podcast.

00:29:02   And I could. - You'd prefer to be more--

00:29:04   - It was very transparent.

00:29:06   more smart about when it's switching between those things.

00:29:09   - Yeah, that would be nice.

00:29:10   - That is a good point.

00:29:11   I don't, that is an interesting feature

00:29:13   that I think a lot of earbuds have,

00:29:15   but Apple haven't seemed to do that yet.

00:29:17   It is just like you just choose.

00:29:19   And the, what do you, how do you activate the button?

00:29:22   Is it an actual button on the Beats Fit

00:29:24   or is it like a sensor and you have to like tap it?

00:29:27   Like does anything click?

00:29:28   - It is a button, but it's not,

00:29:30   and I'm not sure how to describe it, I'm looking at it.

00:29:32   it's like it like pushes in the bottom portion of your earbud.

00:29:36   There's not a separate button like on the power beats pro where there's it's

00:29:41   round and you push it in. But you can feel it. I mean it does,

00:29:45   it does give.

00:29:46   So this is actually interesting to me cause I've forgotten Federico,

00:29:49   you got these two, right?

00:29:51   Yes. I got this from a service called the big apple body.

00:29:56   It's a website. I am not kidding.

00:30:02   you can't get these outside of the US right now.

00:30:04   - So you cannot purchase these outside of America right now.

00:30:08   And I really wanted to try them.

00:30:09   And so I found this website called the Big Apple Buddy

00:30:13   based in New York, it seems.

00:30:15   - Buddy, buddy, everyone in the Discord

00:30:17   thought you said buddy.

00:30:18   - No, buddy, buddy as in friend.

00:30:21   - Big Apple Buddy. (laughs)

00:30:22   - Big Apple Buddy.

00:30:24   - It's just like a big guy shaped like an apple.

00:30:27   - Okay.

00:30:28   Yes, and they... so it's quite an ingenious premise. They purchase things from American

00:30:36   retail stores and they ship them to you with an extra fee on top for things that you cannot

00:30:42   buy in my case in Italy. So I got the Beats Fit Pro in white and I've been using them

00:30:49   for the past couple of weeks and yeah so I have them and yeah I have some thoughts that

00:30:55   are, I don't know, Mary you seem like this would be pretty much a disappointment for

00:31:02   you, right? I feel comfortable with my Powerbeats Pro. I don't have any reason to change to

00:31:08   these. The things that bother me about the Powerbeats Pro aren't fixed with this. Other

00:31:14   than a smaller case, that's nice. And you really, but the sound is the same. For function,

00:31:23   I really prefer the Powerbeats Pro.

00:31:26   The only other thing,

00:31:28   and maybe this is just a Mary problem,

00:31:30   but when I drop it, because it's so slick,

00:31:33   trying to get it in and out of my bag,

00:31:35   or just not realizing that my hands are too full

00:31:38   when I'm trying to leave the house,

00:31:40   when I drop it, the Powerbeats Pro, it pops open,

00:31:45   and then they both go flying across the floor,

00:31:47   and you gotta go find them.

00:31:49   - Yeah, they all do this.

00:31:49   AirPods do this as well.

00:31:51   It's like an explosion.

00:31:52   If you drop the AirPods Pro case, I don't know.

00:31:54   - Every time.

00:31:55   - It's just every single time without fail,

00:31:57   they will both fly out in opposite directions.

00:32:00   - Yeah, so these are improvement in that.

00:32:02   If that is your biggest concern with your other earbuds,

00:32:06   then here you go.

00:32:08   Beats Foot Pro is just for you.

00:32:09   Because when I drop it, they don't go flying.

00:32:12   They actually stay in, I guess,

00:32:14   because they're so much lighter

00:32:16   and they still have that magnetic pull.

00:32:19   But so it does fly open, but they stay intact.

00:32:22   So that's nice.

00:32:23   I like that you've gone full tech YouTuber with us here and you do drop tests now.

00:32:27   And you're going to do a bit, try bend them next.

00:32:30   See if they'll break.

00:32:31   The melting point is actually a little higher.

00:32:33   No.

00:32:34   Nice.

00:32:37   Nice.

00:32:38   If you run over them with a car, how do they perform?

00:32:41   Federica, what are your, what have been your experiences?

00:32:43   Do you, do you, do your opinions differ to Mary's?

00:32:46   I started out and I hated them.

00:32:50   Like I-

00:32:51   (laughing)

00:32:52   - I concur.

00:32:53   - Got this thing, it's like Big Apple Buddy,

00:32:55   what have you said me over here?

00:32:57   This sucks.

00:32:58   - I trusted you.

00:32:59   - I trusted you and all my money and the extra fee.

00:33:01   - Big Apple enemy.

00:33:02   - And the shipment to Italy.

00:33:06   But then I also realized I was putting them in wrong.

00:33:11   - Not just me.

00:33:14   You could have spoken up sooner, Federico.

00:33:16   Let me sound and feel like a ding dong.

00:33:19   - There needs to be an ear tutorial, I think.

00:33:24   How, what to do with the wing tips in your ear.

00:33:29   And now I love them.

00:33:30   Now I'm in love.

00:33:31   Now I'm smitten in love with this Beats Fit Pro.

00:33:34   To the point where, and I'm not kidding,

00:33:38   I think I'm selling my AirPods Pro.

00:33:40   - Wow.

00:33:41   - So for context,

00:33:43   always had trouble fitting the AirPods Pro.

00:33:46   Like I've changed so many different foam tips.

00:33:50   I've tried like four different brands of foam tips.

00:33:54   And I always have one that is falling out of my ear,

00:33:57   the right one.

00:33:58   The Beats Fit Pro, I actually prefer the sound.

00:34:00   I think they sound better than the AirPods Pro.

00:34:03   And they are more comfortable.

00:34:06   Now that I know what to do with the wingtip,

00:34:08   I find them extremely comfortable for me.

00:34:11   They never fall out.

00:34:13   I can sleep with them, although I've been trying to avoid doing that after I read a

00:34:18   story about a guy who swallowed an AirPod because he went to sleep with it.

00:34:22   So that's a different topic.

00:34:23   Wait, wait.

00:34:24   Yeah, yeah.

00:34:25   How did it get from...

00:34:27   I don't know.

00:34:28   See, I don't know.

00:34:29   That's the thing that is really shocking to me.

00:34:30   Like how do you go from sleeping with an AirPod in your ear to having the AirPod in your

00:34:36   esophagus?

00:34:37   I have no idea.

00:34:38   - I thought you were gonna say what I had read,

00:34:41   which was a reporter for, I think,

00:34:44   Android authority who was using some Samsung headphones

00:34:49   and got a really bad ear infection from them.

00:34:51   - No, no, this is a different story.

00:34:53   - And then I was reading more,

00:34:55   and apparently this is like really common

00:34:58   with all earbuds that if you use them too much,

00:35:01   they can give you ear infections.

00:35:02   - Clean them up also.

00:35:03   - I mean, it makes sense.

00:35:04   You aren't meant to have your ears stuffed full

00:35:07   for hours and hours and hours. And we drop them and they explode across the floor and

00:35:12   we just pick them up and put them in the case and leave the house. This is a different story

00:35:18   from a guy I believe based in the UK who went to sleep with his AirPods on to listen to

00:35:23   some relaxing music or a podcast as you do. I have no idea. And then I read on the story

00:35:29   like I woke up and I was feeling this intense chest pain and so I went to the hospital to

00:35:34   the ER thinking that I was having a heart attack. But it wasn't a heart attack, and

00:35:39   they did a scan, and they saw this little thing in my, like, just above my stomach.

00:35:46   And basically the guy had swallowed an AirPod, and it was stuck there. It's like, okay.

00:35:51   And I said to myself, I'm never going to sleep with AirPods again. But then I did it, like,

00:35:55   a couple of times, and I, like, it's a habit that I'm trying to kick. Anyway, I really

00:36:00   I really like the sound of this. I love the wingtip. I dislike the fact that they don't have wireless charging.

00:36:07   They do USB-C, which is cool, but I liked how I could place my EarPods Pro on a charging pad.

00:36:15   This you cannot do. And I love the button. I love pressing on the physical earbud itself to play and pause podcasts and music.

00:36:27   Does it not like push in your ear more when you press it?

00:36:30   No, it doesn't bother me.

00:36:32   So I've been using these Comply foam tips that I bought for my old Sony earbuds.

00:36:38   They fit the Beats Fit Pro as well, and they are very comfy.

00:36:44   So when I press in on the button, it doesn't bother me.

00:36:47   It was bothering me with the default silicone tips when I was pressing.

00:36:51   Yes, same.

00:36:52   That bothered me, but with the foam ones, it's so much better.

00:36:56   And I really like how I don't have to precisely grab the stem of the AirPods Pro, which is,

00:37:05   it's not a difficult thing to do, but you still gotta be more careful than just say,

00:37:10   "Okay, I'm just pressing this thing on my ear."

00:37:12   And you can do it more casually, like you can do it without, you know, I don't know,

00:37:16   it feels more reliable for me.

00:37:18   I get that.

00:37:19   I didn't realize until I couldn't do it on the Beats Fit Pro that I would actually grab

00:37:26   the whole section of the earbud rather than when I was gonna pause it, rather

00:37:31   than put just pushing in on the button on my ear, I would steady it between my

00:37:35   index and middle finger and then push so that I wasn't having that pressure

00:37:39   pushing into my ear and I can't do that on these. So it does it does bother me too.

00:37:44   Maybe I just need to find different tips. Mm-hmm. Yeah I've really come around to

00:37:51   with the AirPods Pro that it's there's no button you just squeeze the little

00:37:55   and like I'm not pushing into my ear.

00:37:58   I never liked that with the original AirPods

00:38:00   where you had to tap them.

00:38:01   -Yeah. -And like I never enjoyed

00:38:03   that like feeling of...

00:38:05   Like smacking yourself in the head?

00:38:06   Me trying to control like my audio

00:38:10   is interfering with my ear canal in some way.

00:38:12   I'm not into that.

00:38:13   But what I like is that they are clicky.

00:38:17   So you hear the little click when you press them.

00:38:21   It's not like you just...

00:38:22   With AirPods you get the fake click.

00:38:23   Isn't that just as nice?

00:38:25   Yeah, but you still gotta grab them with the two fingers and you need to squeeze.

00:38:29   I don't know. It's nice.

00:38:31   But really the defining moment of this relationship that I have with the Beats with Pro

00:38:37   is the realization that the wingtip was being put in wrong.

00:38:41   So good.

00:38:42   Well, there's another thing in our notes here.

00:38:44   Federico wrote some notes which I just noticed.

00:38:47   One of them says, "gestures kinda suck. One week later."

00:38:49   All caps, I love these gestures now.

00:38:52   So there was a turning point at some point, which is really very good.

00:38:55   Yeah, so I really like them and I think I'm selling my AirPods Pro really easy to sell to people.

00:39:04   Of course I'm gonna clean them up. I have a BluTac that I always use.

00:39:08   Incredible, incredible tool, material. How would you call BluTac? What is BluTac?

00:39:13   Like a... I don't know. Mary, do you know what BluTac is?

00:39:20   I don't.

00:39:21   Okay, it is like, it's the stuff that you put on the back of a poster and fix the wall.

00:39:24   Is it like a paste?

00:39:25   Oh, it's like, um, yeah, like sticky tack.

00:39:29   Yeah, there you go.

00:39:31   In Europe, I think, and I know in the UK too, it's called blue tack because it's blue.

00:39:35   Okay, we have some left to yell at.

00:39:36   So yeah, you can use that to get the Federico out of it, which is good.

00:39:43   I find it strange that the Apple products that you physically wear on your body seem

00:39:51   to depreciate less than iPhones and I don't understand, like that is the absolute inverse.

00:39:58   I've been able to sell Apple watches and AirPods for really good prices comparatively to other

00:40:06   devices and I figured, I had always just figured those are the things that people wouldn't

00:40:10   want to buy because it's either been in my ears or strapped to my body but hey you know maybe there

00:40:17   are less of them because more are nasty and people are like oh that's possible or scratched up i've

00:40:22   scratched two watches and i also think that people want like i think for the air pods people just

00:40:28   want them and they'll take any kind of discount but still that surprises me all right so i'm going

00:40:32   to take a a poll of the group here then uh maria you what are you what is your plan for beats fit

00:40:39   pro. I'm gonna sell them. You're gonna get rid of them? Yeah, I'm not gonna use them. So back to

00:40:44   Powerbeats. Mm-hmm. Interesting. Are the Powerbeats Pro your favorite workout headphones so far or are

00:40:50   they just the ones you settled on? Like do you like them more than the X? I think they are. Yeah,

00:40:55   I think, yes, because those are, that's the one I had before, right? That I had like three pair.

00:41:00   Yes. Yes, because of that. They're just not very well made or something went wrong, I don't know.

00:41:07   But these, I mean one pair, and when did we review these?

00:41:13   The Powerbeats, let me find out, I'll find that out because I can go...

00:41:18   I just listened to the episode but I can't remember.

00:41:21   That probably would have been in November of 2020, I think?

00:41:29   That was the last time you were on the show.

00:41:30   Oh no, that was for the iPhone 12 mini.

00:41:32   Oh yeah.

00:41:34   Was it November 2019?

00:41:35   Yeah.

00:41:36   - Yeah.

00:41:37   - Oh wow, okay. - November 2019 was when you--

00:41:40   - Yeah, no problems in two years, I'm sold.

00:41:44   I'm just gonna stick with those.

00:41:45   Feel like maybe I should buy a backup pair.

00:41:47   Now I'm getting kind of nervous.

00:41:48   - I was just gonna suggest,

00:41:50   I think you should buy a backup pair

00:41:52   because it's been since 2019

00:41:54   and they've not had any more versions of that product

00:41:57   and they keep bringing out different things.

00:41:59   - Yeah, I'm nervous.

00:42:01   - Federico, what are you gonna do?

00:42:03   You're gonna stick with these you think?

00:42:06   I'm keeping them. Yeah, I think I'm keeping them.

00:42:08   They have all the benefits of AirPods Pro.

00:42:11   They have the same chip, I believe.

00:42:14   So when you start up a show on Apple TV, it says, "Hey, do you want to connect to the Beats Fit Pro?"

00:42:20   Same with the Mac. Like, all the benefits. Better sound, better fit for me.

00:42:25   So I think I'm keeping these ones, and I'm selling the AirPods Pro.

00:42:28   Can I get a little bit more detail on what better sound? Like, for music?

00:42:33   Yes.

00:42:35   Because a friend of the show, Austin Evans, he likes the Beats X, which is another Beats

00:42:41   in-ear headphone, which don't have the wing tips.

00:42:44   It's basically like the Fit Pro without the wing tip.

00:42:46   And he says he finds the bass to be way better on those than the AirPods.

00:42:50   Yeah, I think it's way better.

00:42:51   I think it's way better than AirPods Pro.

00:42:53   And if I were to get even a little more technical, in my opinion, they have a slightly warmer

00:43:01   sound than AirPods Pro, for things like vocals for example. I know the mic likes to... now

00:43:07   he's gonna say "oh the mids and the highs" - the mids, the highs, the crunchy range response.

00:43:15   I prefer... it's got a better bass and a slightly warmer sound, which I appreciate when I'm

00:43:21   listening to... especially like podcasts, you know, lots of, you know, voices, because

00:43:25   it's a podcast. I meant to say Beats Studio Buds by the way, not Beats X. Austin likes

00:43:31   to beat studio buds. Oh the studio, yes, yes, yes, yes. Which are very much like what you

00:43:35   two have been trying but they don't have the little wingtip on them. I think aside from

00:43:39   that they are effectively the same. I think they also don't have wireless charging. I

00:43:45   think that's one of those things. Tichy, has Sylvia tried these? Does she like them? Oh

00:43:51   yeah she doesn't like them because of the wingtip. She doesn't, yeah. Is she putting

00:43:55   of him right? Yes, yes, we tried it again, after the big realization we tried again but

00:44:04   no she's still she's like Steven she just likes the AirPods too. She's never gonna let

00:44:10   them go those so. I feel like I'm gonna be the only person on this show or related to

00:44:15   this show I was gonna say related to this show who uses AirPods Pro. Adina has three

00:44:19   pairs so like she's she's all set for AirPods Pro she's the biggest AirPods Pro fan in the

00:44:25   She never wants to change.

00:44:26   Well, she lost a pair and then I bought her a replacement pair.

00:44:32   She had two, she lost a pair.

00:44:35   It's like a whole thing.

00:44:36   Nobody loves AirPods Pro more than that woman.

00:44:38   Well, Mary, we'll look forward to the next time

00:44:42   Beats release more headphones.

00:44:44   Yeah.

00:44:45   So we can have you back on the show.

00:44:46   Thank you very much for your continued efforts

00:44:49   for the Connected Podcast.

00:44:51   Anything for the show.

00:44:52   Thank you, Mary.

00:44:53   Thank you.

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00:45:40   Anytime I have a new project, I start at Hover.

00:45:44   All of my domains are there, and if I'm looking at starting something, you know, maybe the

00:45:48   title's not fully developed, I can use their tool and find a domain that works all very

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00:45:59   you're going to appreciate Hover. It's simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Buy your domain and

00:46:04   start using it today. Go to hover.com/connected and get a 10% discount on all new purchases.

00:46:11   That URL one more time, hover.com/connected. Make a name for yourself with Hover.

00:46:18   our thanks to hover for their support of the show and relay fm.

00:46:22   Happy thanksgiving.

00:46:24   Thanks.

00:46:26   That's how that works right?

00:46:27   Yeah.

00:46:27   That's how that works.

00:46:29   Sure.

00:46:29   I feel weird that I don't know what happened in the previous segment but everybody else does.

00:46:35   Well that's you know don't leave the room. I don't know what to do.

00:46:38   You have so much audio gear you could have just hooked up an extra pair of headphones

00:46:41   and just sat there and listened like a good boy.

00:46:44   But you wanted to go get a snack or something instead so now you have to deal with

00:46:47   all of the burns. It's snacked. I can tell you snacked. Big snack energy. We always know

00:46:54   when you snack. What did you get? Some carrot chips. What was it? What was it this time?

00:47:00   Yeah, you must have the worst snack. It's got the carrot chips. It's got the zucchini

00:47:05   chips. What is it? Dragon granola. Peanut's great. And part of an apple. Which part? Hahahaha.

00:47:16   Do you eat just the bottom part of the apple? Like which part of the apple do you eat?

00:47:23   I cut an apple up for one of my kids to have at their lunch and then I just had a couple

00:47:27   slices out of it.

00:47:28   Oh wow, you took the apple from your kids?

00:47:30   Wow from the mouth of your child.

00:47:32   Wow.

00:47:33   It wasn't in their mouth yet, that's gross. Podcast app reviews. I want to talk about

00:47:38   this.

00:47:39   Oh we're not, yeah I've skipped massively down in the document. We're not doing ho ho

00:47:43   ho happy Thanksgiving.

00:47:45   Yeah, see I was gonna fix it but now it's got to stay in.

00:47:47   So that's why I said that.

00:47:50   So this is foreshadowing of the episode.

00:47:52   Foreshadowing of Thanksgiving, woo!

00:47:55   It's coming for you.

00:47:58   We will have Thanksgiving!

00:48:00   Okay, I read this story the other day and I had to read it many times because it's perfect.

00:48:07   And it was also very confusing initially.

00:48:11   And it was very confusing initially.

00:48:13   But it's hilarious to me, which I won't talk about it.

00:48:16   So recently Apple started putting in the in-app prompt to review the podcast's app.

00:48:24   Podcast app, as you may know, has had a rough year.

00:48:28   They rebuilt it and it was pretty bad and they really struggled for a while.

00:48:33   I think that most of their ducks are in a row now, but it was a hard time for people

00:48:38   using that app, I think, for a while.

00:48:42   And it's app store reviews because it's listed in the app store because now you can remove

00:48:47   Apple apps, you know, that, that whole deal.

00:48:50   The app reviews are pretty bad.

00:48:52   So I guess Apple thought, well, we fixed it now.

00:48:54   So let's prompt users to leave reviews and maybe bring that star rating up.

00:48:59   The problem with that is people seem to have misunderstood the prompt and now that's an

00:49:06   old show.

00:49:07   That's an old show.

00:49:08   Hey, oh, hey, oh, that was speedy.

00:49:11   people seem to have misunderstood and they are leaving reviews for the

00:49:17   podcasts they are listening to as app restore reviews for the podcast app

00:49:23   itself and it's amazing well here's the question all right did people

00:49:29   misunderstand or did people understand exactly what was wanted of them what what

00:49:38   I don't think that was as clever as you thought it was.

00:49:40   - Sure it was.

00:49:41   - What did you say?

00:49:42   - Did people actually misunderstand

00:49:45   what they were being asked to do?

00:49:47   Or is this why it was put in there?

00:49:49   - Oh.

00:49:50   - Was it put in there so it raises the reviews

00:49:54   of the podcast app on the App Store?

00:49:56   - Thanks to the hard work of podcasters everywhere.

00:49:59   - Yes, this is why,

00:50:00   this is the great grand conspiracy theory of this, right?

00:50:05   - I kind of like it as a conspiracy theory.

00:50:07   So what I'm hearing is that we got to go through some of these reviews.

00:50:10   So I just opened the app.

00:50:12   I opened all greetings and reviews and sorted by most recent.

00:50:16   And you start off with some, some, some, you know, for example, user,

00:50:20   I'm Joe Biden.

00:50:21   This is the user Joe Biden.

00:50:24   What shows the Joe Biden listen to the username is I'm Joe Biden.

00:50:27   I'm Joe Biden. Brilliant list.

00:50:29   I would rather he run the country than leave app reviews.

00:50:33   Yeah. Well, you know, one thing at a time, brilliant,

00:50:36   Brilliant listening, entertaining and enlightening.

00:50:39   Okay, five stars.

00:50:41   Wonderful, four out of five stars.

00:50:44   Wonderful conversations.

00:50:46   Then you scroll down and they get a little more specific.

00:50:49   Jason Whitlock tells it like it is.

00:50:53   Five stars.

00:50:55   Thank you for, I love this podcast.

00:50:57   Thank you for doing this.

00:50:58   Five stars.

00:50:59   - Oh my gosh.

00:51:00   The featured review in the US App Store

00:51:04   is from about two weeks ago.

00:51:06   and says I'm so glad my friend introduced me to this podcast because now I'm hooked.

00:51:10   Yeah. That's the feature review. Five stars. Jason spits fire.

00:51:16   Oh, Tammy. Five stars. You're the best. Listen here in the UK. Give me a shout out. Warren.

00:51:26   My brain whistles two stars. It's a bulleted list. No ads plus free plus Apple equals good

00:51:34   pop review boxes requesting stars for app instead of stars for podcast equals bad move

00:51:39   apple bad and then they talk about how this is, I can't read all this. It's very angry,

00:51:44   but lots of things that how the app doesn't work for them. This is amazing. There haven't

00:51:48   been a lot of these, these reviews in the UK is what I'm going to say. Not bad. My friends,

00:51:53   five stars love them all. Five stars. That's why we're talking about relay shows. I mean,

00:51:59   Do you want me to read the reviews?

00:52:01   Five stars! Five stars!

00:52:03   Okay, so this review I don't understand. Five stars. The title of the review is "How dare

00:52:11   you" and the text of the review is "You will pay for what you did".

00:52:16   Oh! Oh! Oh! There we go.

00:52:19   But five stars? Like, is that an ironic five stars? I don't get it.

00:52:24   You'll pay for what you did. They give you five stars so you'll read it. If it's one

00:52:28   star you won't read the review five stars it reminds me of like when you get

00:52:32   like when you got like trolls on Twitter when someone like is a hater on Twitter

00:52:36   and says something mean to you you know what I do I like their tweet and then I

00:52:41   block them but first I like their tweet it's like hey I see what you're done

00:52:45   like you're you're you're hating it doesn't it bounces off of me like I am

00:52:50   liking your tweet and then I'm gonna block you but first you gotta see my

00:52:53   like how long do you give before the block though because these haters they

00:53:01   all they all have notifications on right right here's what I think we should do

00:53:05   okay I think that everyone should go to the App Store mm-hmm and go to your

00:53:10   particular podcast player of choice and leave a review of connected there I'm

00:53:18   I'm going to review, I listen in overcast. I'm gonna do five stars

00:53:22   and I'm going to leave a review about my favorite Apple podcast.

00:53:28   All right, hold on. Five stars. Uh, Oh no, it just said,

00:53:31   thank you for your feedback. You gotta do writer review, write a review.

00:53:35   Connected.

00:53:37   A host.

00:53:40   I think this review is about connected.

00:53:42   When they read the re the rules. There we go.

00:53:47   I found one that I think is about us.

00:53:50   I saw this podcast before hitting aisle 300,

00:53:54   right before the pink flamingos.

00:53:56   I hit play and just said, "Wackadoo,"

00:53:58   and couldn't turn them off.

00:54:00   These three are an absolute blast

00:54:02   and are great at finding gems of an already amazing show.

00:54:06   Great job, gents.

00:54:07   - When you said I couldn't turn them off,

00:54:10   I thought you meant like they were trying to.

00:54:13   - They won't stop.

00:54:14   - I couldn't stop.

00:54:15   And it's so stop!

00:54:16   (laughing)

00:54:18   I left my review for Overcast, by the way.

00:54:21   - Cool, yeah, me too.

00:54:21   - This is very funny.

00:54:22   - So let us know where you leave reviews for our show.

00:54:25   - We'd like to see them.

00:54:27   You can also actually leave real reviews for our show

00:54:31   in Apple Podcasts.

00:54:32   - That'd be great.

00:54:32   What is our star rating on Connected?

00:54:34   - Would also be good.

00:54:35   I mean, our star rating's good,

00:54:37   but like some of the more recent reviews

00:54:39   haven't been so good.

00:54:40   - Why, what are we doing?

00:54:41   - Oh yeah, people don't like the Japes.

00:54:43   No, I mean, so...

00:54:46   I don't care.

00:54:47   Do you wanna hear 'em?

00:54:48   Do you wanna hear 'em?

00:54:49   Okay.

00:54:50   Alright, go for it, go for it.

00:54:51   Okay, so here's one.

00:54:52   It's two stars.

00:54:53   This is from Orlando, who says, "It's okay."

00:54:56   And they say...

00:54:59   Orlando? Orlando, what is wrong with you?

00:55:01   Okay.

00:55:01   I'd recommend sticking to their post-Apple event shows

00:55:05   where there's actual news.

00:55:06   In recent years, the topics have slipped into siloed ping-ponging

00:55:10   between apps and features that are useful to podcasting

00:55:13   and writing for the web. Often they seem dismissive of features or ignoring of apps outside that

00:55:18   narrow wheelhouse. To be fair, Federico seems pretty tempered and thoughtful, which definitely

00:55:23   shows in the other podcast app stories. We can see who Orlando doesn't like, can't we?

00:55:28   Which to be fair, I don't write for the web, so it's not, you know, so really I actually,

00:55:34   they don't like you Steven, because you are a podcaster and a writer, so Orlando doesn't

00:55:39   like you. However, post-event shows are fun though. Great energy and insightful reactions

00:55:43   and questions. So what's Orlando is saying? If we're to take away anything from Orlando.

00:55:47   Orlando has complicated feelings. And Orlando only wants the Rickies and only if Federico

00:55:54   wins. That's what I've taken away from that. Ah, here we go. I have another, I have another.

00:55:58   It's one star. Oh. From a smile 11. Hi guys. They have zero tolerance for other nationalities,

00:56:05   especially when they start talking politics,

00:56:07   there is a lot of placement and then it says something

00:56:10   and I think Russian.

00:56:11   So that's that.

00:56:13   - Here's one.

00:56:14   - That's what it says.

00:56:15   - Here's one from art.

00:56:17   It's Rick, but with a two in the middle of it.

00:56:19   Hey, 40 guys to parade a company for base camp

00:56:23   wanting to stay off the woke wagon.

00:56:25   (laughing)

00:56:26   I love your Apple content,

00:56:27   but we're hearing your views on politics.

00:56:29   Create a political podcast

00:56:31   and get it all of your system there.

00:56:33   - Or be a decent human being.

00:56:35   If this is supposed to be that outlet, then I apologize and then we'll just stick with other relay FM shows.

00:56:40   Well, Lisa's still listening.

00:56:41   Cool.

00:56:42   Okay.

00:56:43   Oh, this person doesn't like Federico. He calls Federico a whiner.

00:56:47   Oh, no.

00:56:48   Yeah, that's not nice.

00:56:49   Oh, yeah, look, I have opinions, alright?

00:56:51   I will just say Calvin C says, "Jape City, five stars."

00:56:55   These silly boys always make me giggle. Calvin gets it.

00:56:57   I wonder if that's one true sun. Is that one of the true suns?

00:57:00   So we have four and a half out of five stars, but a lot of the recent,

00:57:03   a lot of these ones that are pinned by somebody to Apple who doesn't like us

00:57:07   are, uh, not very nice.

00:57:09   Victor from the discord said, he spelled winner.

00:57:14   No. Okay.

00:57:18   At one time I looked forward to this podcast every week,

00:57:24   but I just can't take the constant whining from Federico anymore.

00:57:28   If you like hearing someone tell you how stressful their life is while writing for a blog from the beach, this podcast is for you!

00:57:35   [Laughter]

00:57:37   If you like hearing an Italian talk bad about America, this podcast is for you.

00:57:42   Yeah, I mean, look, it's really stressful to do IUS reviews at the beach, and, you know, sometimes America's idea of democracy has been questionable.

00:57:51   Like, that's my opinion. So, you know.

00:57:55   Well, Myke, according to Viscuous, you've gone full vocal fry.

00:57:59   Have I?

00:58:00   And can barely be tolerated to listen to.

00:58:02   Oh, no.

00:58:03   Steven doesn't talk enough and Federico just complains.

00:58:06   Okay, so like what I do like, "Umm, sorry, Discus, is that what we're looking for?"

00:58:13   "Ehhhh, I can't talk. Do I complain too much?"

00:58:19   [Laughter]

00:58:21   Do I?

00:58:22   There are, just so you know, lots of very nice reviews, but the bad ones are very funny.

00:58:28   This is, these are very good.

00:58:29   These are very, very good.

00:58:31   I don't think I complain too much.

00:58:32   See that's not fair because like I love and hate things equally with a passion.

00:58:38   Like when I love something, I love something.

00:58:41   When I hate something, I truly hate.

00:58:43   Hate is not, I don't like hate.

00:58:45   I dislike.

00:58:46   When I dislike, I dislike with a fiery passion.

00:58:49   Yes.

00:58:50   Feel like I've gotten off too easily here. So here's from geek in the garden this almost back in 2017

00:58:55   So maybe I've changed I've listened to off and on for three years, but I can't do it anymore

00:58:59   Federico is fantastic and was the main reason they tuned in Stevens great, too

00:59:03   But Myke ruins the show with his constant snobbering complaints. I've unsubbed from all of the shows that he co-hosts

00:59:11   Well, he'll be glad that you're gonna be in vacation the next few weeks. So that's good you and your vocal fry. Mm-hmm

00:59:18   Oh, here's one from Canada Blizzard.

00:59:20   Just listen to a two minute rant against Trump equating him with Hitler.

00:59:23   I don't think we said that.

00:59:25   I don't think any of us would have said Hitler.

00:59:28   I'm sure I did at some point.

00:59:30   I'm sure I did.

00:59:31   Maybe.

00:59:32   Okay.

00:59:33   Why did this podcast have to go political and spend two minutes spreading lies about

00:59:35   Trump?

00:59:36   Come on guys, you're better than that.

00:59:37   Or at least I used to think so.

00:59:39   Please go back to talking about tech.

00:59:41   I mean, that was in October 2016, so we may have been a little raw at that point.

00:59:47   Here's one from Sarah 9.

00:59:49   This podcast is an absolute must in my podcast feed.

00:59:52   - So good.

00:59:53   - You have three guys with three different personalities,

00:59:55   which I must say each and every one rocks.

00:59:58   When you put the three together,

00:59:59   it's a dynamite conversation.

01:00:01   Keep it going guys.

01:00:02   You are the best.

01:00:04   Three exclamation points.

01:00:05   - That's so good.

01:00:06   I think we need to do something now that I hear a lot on,

01:00:11   I'm gonna say Normie podcasts, like regular people shows,

01:00:14   not in like tech shows.

01:00:15   - Who's the killer?

01:00:16   read the reviews that they get in a way to like bump up the reviews. So I think

01:00:23   we need to start reading reviews because we're having such good fun here. Why

01:00:26   would we not do that? So considering... Well John Hymn thinks that it's another

01:00:31   podcast made by Apple fanboys. Well that's true. I don't know what you were

01:00:35   expecting though, really. Would a fanboy have an Intel NUC?

01:00:39   Huh? Would a fanboy do that? Mm-hmm. I found a really good one. Yeah. Okay. Good,

01:00:45   good, good, good, like, like, like, I like this podcast. Good. I like this podcast. Great

01:00:50   jobs guys. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. That's what's dictating

01:01:05   the review with Siri must be like, good, good, good, good, good, good. You're good. Ah, anyway.

01:01:15   So please leave your reviews. You've got loads of reviews to leave now. Leave your review

01:01:19   of Connected on all of your favorite podcast apps and also leave your review of Connected

01:01:25   in the Apple podcast app so we can read them out in future episodes.

01:01:30   That'd be great.

01:01:32   And you and your vocal fry mic, you can go on vacation.

01:01:35   I've got to go rest my voice so the fry will go down.

01:01:39   Yeah, okay.

01:01:40   So what do we think about the in-app review prompt for reviews?

01:01:43   - Oh, we're coming back to this discussion.

01:01:46   - It's anyway the topic.

01:01:48   - You weren't done, huh?

01:01:50   - I didn't know we were gonna read our own reviews.

01:01:52   What I really wanted to get to was what y'all think

01:01:56   about the in-app review request panel.

01:01:59   Like I like that it's standardized,

01:02:01   but I mean, how do you feel when you come across one?

01:02:03   - I leave more reviews because of it,

01:02:05   but I only ever leave good ones.

01:02:07   - I leave rating, I only leave good,

01:02:09   like I only leave good ratings.

01:02:11   I don't think I've ever left like a negative review on the internet for anything.

01:02:15   Every time I open a cool new app in the app store, they quote you because you cover them

01:02:20   on Mac stories.

01:02:21   So you're all over the app store, right?

01:02:22   That's true.

01:02:23   Yeah, that's true.

01:02:24   Yeah, that's me.

01:02:25   I know.

01:02:26   Federico Vatici said.

01:02:27   I know.

01:02:28   It's always the first one too.

01:02:29   It's like you and Gruber and Rene Ritchie.

01:02:33   It's because I have a big personality.

01:02:35   That's why.

01:02:37   It's the passion that does it.

01:02:38   Do they ever write when he whines though?

01:02:40   Do you ever see those?

01:02:41   As hated by.

01:02:43   As hated by, for the reason.

01:02:45   I think that would have an audience.

01:02:47   Maybe not as big an audience, but an audience, you know?

01:02:50   So James has said before,

01:02:51   I think me and James have actually had this conversation before.

01:02:54   Yeah, we have had this conversation before.

01:02:56   I don't want to tell you what I suggested to him and he should implement it.

01:02:59   So James is saying,

01:03:00   "The in-app review is awful because there's never a good time to show it

01:03:03   and you can't guarantee it will appear or not."

01:03:05   And I made a recommendation to James, right?

01:03:08   See if you guys agree with this recommendation.

01:03:10   So like, I think James's problem is, when do you show the thing for a calculator app, right?

01:03:15   Like when is a good time to jump in the calculation? What I said to him is,

01:03:19   if somebody does a calculation multiplied by 12 or 52 and the number's really high,

01:03:25   that means somebody just calculated a very good salary, and then you should say,

01:03:29   what do you think of this app? Right? So like someone...

01:03:32   Maybe you calculate how much money you're losing.

01:03:36   Maybe, but I think it's more like, right? So let's imagine you do like something something multiplied

01:03:41   by 12 and it's like over a hundred thousand then just like what do you think of this app? Like at

01:03:45   that point oh man I love it. They just told me I'm rolling in it you know so. Yeah or if it's over a

01:03:50   million a prompt comes up and says are you interested in acquiring Peacock? See? See? Oh yes or if you

01:03:58   roll a d20 and dice by Peacock that's when you gotta ask like hey you know you roll a 20. Yeah

01:04:04   I believe Apple's Apple has some like recommendations around this in their

01:04:10   documentation and basically their ideal is that you you call this basically once

01:04:18   a user has quote demonstrated engagement within your app so you want some time to

01:04:24   go by if one of these comes up the second you open the app for the first

01:04:28   time like you're not gonna get anything good they also say to not interrupt the

01:04:33   user when they're performing time sensitive or stressful tasks and not to

01:04:38   be a pest. So allow at least a week or two between rating requests.

01:04:43   If I had an app that asked every two weeks,

01:04:45   I would find that to be pestering. That seems aggressive.

01:04:49   How do you define pest? At least every one or two weeks.

01:04:53   It's like, don't be, don't be a pet. Like it's interesting to me. Like who's,

01:04:59   don't be a pest and bold letters. I don't mind them. I agree with Federico.

01:05:03   I have these still turned on.

01:05:06   I think you can disable them entirely,

01:05:08   but I will leave a star rating

01:05:10   because you can just do it real quickly and hit submit.

01:05:12   And yeah, I think it's fine.

01:05:15   I don't think, I was trying to think over my usage of this.

01:05:19   I feel like when this first rolled out,

01:05:22   it took a little while for developers

01:05:23   to kind of figure out when it should happen.

01:05:27   And I feel like there's not really many apps that I use

01:05:30   that are too aggressive about it.

01:05:33   craft used to be craft used to do like their own panel and especially on the Mac app,

01:05:37   I feel like, and it would come up a lot of apps do this, but um,

01:05:40   cause you can still do your own, right? And my, my favorite slash least favorite

01:05:44   is the methodology where a panel comes up and it says,

01:05:49   uh, are you enjoying the app? Yes or no. And if you hit no,

01:05:54   it prompts you to send them an email and if you click yes,

01:05:58   only then does it lead you to the re to the store to leave a review.

01:06:01   Mm-hmm.

01:06:03   Send us an email that nobody wants to receive

01:06:05   and you don't want to have to take the time to write

01:06:07   because you shouldn't have to tell us why our application's bad.

01:06:10   You know, that stuff annoys me.

01:06:12   But I don't mind the prompt, honestly.

01:06:15   It was a good show.

01:06:16   It's also an excellent joke.

01:06:18   And I recommend that developers do this.

01:06:20   I think, like, Underscore was talking about this

01:06:22   on Under the Radar recently of, like, there are, I think,

01:06:25   too many developers in our circle that are, like, hesitant

01:06:29   to add things to their applications.

01:06:31   that every other developer does.

01:06:34   So just do it.

01:06:35   Like, you know, like, I interact with these

01:06:40   ratings requests constantly,

01:06:42   but I couldn't tell you the last time it happened,

01:06:44   but I know it happens all the time

01:06:46   because I see it from all of the apps that I use.

01:06:48   Like, I think that there is an element sometimes

01:06:50   of being a little too precious about some of these things

01:06:55   in our, like, extended developer community.

01:06:57   Like, but that's what James is saying.

01:07:00   saying I want to be better than them.

01:07:01   There is nothing wrong with this.

01:07:02   This is a good thing, right?

01:07:04   Like Apple's doing it.

01:07:05   I mean, potentially to boost themselves,

01:07:07   but like this is like a thing that the system does.

01:07:10   Like it's perfectly fine, right?

01:07:12   It's the same as like--

01:07:13   - I bet most users who encounter this

01:07:15   don't even know it's an option that the developer can

01:07:19   or cannot turn on.

01:07:21   - I bet you're right.

01:07:22   - I bet they think,

01:07:23   oh, this is just a thing the App Store does.

01:07:24   - Embrace things, embrace things.

01:07:26   Like these are things put into the system for a reason.

01:07:29   they benefit you. There's no downside. Like there is no downside. People aren't leaving

01:07:35   tons of really bad reviews. I'm almost confident of this. Like, if they are, they're going

01:07:40   to do it anyway. Like, you know, I would just recommend doing it. And if people using the

01:07:45   Apple munch, get some ratings, it helps in the App Store. Do you both look at review

01:07:50   scores when you download an app? Like, do you ever look at the score? No, not really.

01:07:56   Okay, I do if I'm looking for something like so if I'm if I'm like searching the App Store for a type of

01:08:03   Application and I can I don't and I haven't gone there to like well, let me go find tweetbot

01:08:08   Like I'm not checking their rating

01:08:09   But like if I'm going like if I was for example, is that an example?

01:08:13   It was like Twitter app and I didn't know about any I would look at them and see if they want

01:08:18   It was rated really really highly with loads of reviews. I would check that one out first

01:08:22   Like that's a I wish that Apple did the thing that Google did that Google give you a download range as well

01:08:28   I wish that the absolute did that so they'll say like

01:08:30   between this amount or over this amount of

01:08:33   Thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of downloads because I think that that like a helpful

01:08:38   Thing as well, like if people if it's been downloaded millions of times, it's probably pretty good. I

01:08:44   Wish they would also do that and you can do it within a within a range. I would like that but I am

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01:09:38   Looking through my library right now

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01:09:47   Even like filling out forms right so I have simple things like my address, but one of my favorite

01:09:53   Things to do a text expander is special markdown stuff

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01:10:36   -Oh, I'm back again.

01:10:40   It's me, the Thanksgiving Robin,

01:10:45   Here to wish you

01:10:47   Happy Thanksgiving

01:10:50   Mary giving of thanks to each other. No she was she was on earlier

01:10:55   Oh, that's good exact exact consistent joke in there. Do you do like Merry Christmas? Do you do that?

01:11:00   Is that like a joke sometimes we do in a thing? What are we doing?

01:11:03   What are you doing a?

01:11:06   round thanks Robin giving

01:11:08   That's good round. Thanks

01:11:12   Round thanks Robin given. Thanks Robin given. Thanks Robin. Thanks Robin given.

01:11:20   Round round Robin of things are things that we are thankful for.

01:11:28   Not things that we are thankful for. Not way. What? Also that too.

01:11:32   Thanks that we have thankful for.

01:11:34   That's what my brain immediately wanted to say.

01:11:36   Thangs that we are thankful for? Thangs that we are thankful for.

01:11:40   Thaaaaaaanks!

01:11:42   Thaaaaaaanks!

01:11:44   Please don't review the show based on this episode.

01:11:46   No.

01:11:48   Of this segment. The rest of the episode was good,

01:11:50   this segment has been a disaster so far.

01:11:52   Okay. Well, let's start.

01:11:54   Let's warm some hearts and change people's minds.

01:11:56   Wait, who goes first?

01:11:58   Should we do the thing?

01:12:00   Should we do the thing? Yeah.

01:12:02   What are we doing? Are we doing

01:12:04   dice roll or heads tails?

01:12:06   Knockout competition?

01:12:08   Three headed dice three headed dice didn't we realize there is no such thing yeah, we may have added one by now

01:12:13   I'm gonna leave a two star review until a three sided dice shows up

01:12:18   Start with three stars and reduce it every week until

01:12:22   Even a bad review if it doesn't exist so we rolling a four sided. I said there is a d3 okay

01:12:30   Well, I see two four six eight ten twelve who do we appreciate so what I don't know what you're asking me for do four

01:12:37   and we'll just ignore four so I'll tap the three dots okay I've got it d3 if we

01:12:44   have to pick who's who which which ones so I'll be one Myke you'll be second

01:12:50   Federico be third okay I'm three I'm not actually no no I want to be the number

01:12:55   four but that isn't helpful because I've only got a three-sided dies oh now you

01:12:59   got the three okay yeah yeah yeah that'll be three okay all right so who's

01:13:03   Who's one two three? Me, you, Federico. Yeah. All right. So this is who's going first, right?

01:13:10   Yeah. Yes. Two. Two. So that's Myke. All right. So now we've got to decide who goes second.

01:13:16   So we should do the old coin toss for that one. Okay. That's right. So who's going to

01:13:21   go heads and tails? Heads. Okay. Tails. Damn it. Mary came back to give the win. I lost

01:13:32   round thanks Robin no Steven your second huh yes yeah I lost everything once again

01:13:41   all right do we have flexi thanks or are they please stand for the reading of the

01:13:49   Thanksgiving to your first bullet point okay about it then I'll read my first

01:13:52   one all right all right I am first up I am thankful for these are not in order

01:13:57   Alright, first up I'm thankful for...

01:14:00   I was gonna say...

01:14:01   Apple...

01:14:02   Can you imagine?

01:14:04   Just behind the scenes...

01:14:06   Is before...

01:14:08   Don't spoil!

01:14:09   Don't spoil!

01:14:10   I just said one thing!

01:14:11   You're spoiling my things!

01:14:12   You need to bleep that out in the show now.

01:14:14   We'll see.

01:14:15   No, you gotta bleep it!

01:14:17   Come on!

01:14:18   I'll just go in there and start pulling out your stuff!

01:14:20   Is this how we're gonna play this?

01:14:21   This doesn't seem like a very thankful situation so far.

01:14:24   Read your first...

01:14:26   Apple modernizing much loved products.

01:14:30   - That's not risky enough. - Like the MacBook Pro

01:14:31   and the iPad Mini.

01:14:33   (laughing)

01:14:35   That is my first one.

01:14:37   I think that that's been one of my favorite trends

01:14:38   of the year is, it's not necessarily,

01:14:40   like some people say like,

01:14:41   "Oh, Apple returning to their Pros."

01:14:43   And that's not what I care about.

01:14:45   Like I just love that there were two products

01:14:47   that were getting a bit long in the tooth

01:14:49   and they were much loved, right?

01:14:50   A good laptop, a good old laptop and good old iPad Mini.

01:14:54   and they've done a really good job this year

01:14:56   of making two products that are super great

01:14:59   and I'm using them all the time

01:15:00   and it's like changing how I use computers every day

01:15:04   'cause I'm using these two things most of the time

01:15:05   and I love them.

01:15:06   - Up first for me is our record-breaking St. Jude campaign

01:15:11   this fall raised $701,000,

01:15:14   one and a half million dollars in three years.

01:15:17   We said at the time,

01:15:17   but totally beyond anything we ever expected

01:15:20   and so thankful that everyone gave

01:15:23   and supported and promoted it.

01:15:26   It really was an amazing month in September.

01:15:29   - It was a great activation, as they say, in the biz.

01:15:34   - I'm thankful for shortcuts for Mac.

01:15:39   I wasn't expecting to be having so much fun with this.

01:15:43   I feel like this opened up like an entirely new area

01:15:48   for what I do.

01:15:50   It's the kind of shift that, you know, it has brought back a lot of creativity in me.

01:15:56   Like I've been feeling very much inspired lately because of this.

01:16:02   Like I'm constantly thinking of new ideas.

01:16:04   I feel like I'm doing a...

01:16:07   I feel like I'm doing my job, you know.

01:16:08   I feel like I'm doing a service to my readers and to people who listen to our shows

01:16:12   in coming up with these new ideas for shortcuts on the Mac.

01:16:15   I feel like I'm at least I hope that I'm helping more people use their computers better and save

01:16:24   time and be more productive and more efficient. And so I'm really thankful that Apple made this

01:16:29   possible this year. Whoever pushed for this application to exist on Mac OS, thank you.

01:16:35   I'm glad it's here. Despite the fact that it's buggy and it's problematic right now,

01:16:40   there are so many bugs. But I know that Apple is working on it. I know they're fixing it. It's

01:16:45   It's getting better in the betas.

01:16:46   So it will get better.

01:16:47   It will be, I don't want to say perfect,

01:16:50   it will be better eventually.

01:16:52   And starting from the next update.

01:16:55   Those problems, they will go away over time.

01:16:59   What sticks is the fact that this app exists,

01:17:02   and it's the future of automation everywhere now,

01:17:05   not just on iOS and iPadOS.

01:17:06   And so I'm really thankful that that's what we got this year.

01:17:11   We were talking about this a little bit in the Pro Show,

01:17:13   which you can go to getconnectorpro.co to hear about.

01:17:16   But yeah, it is really interesting

01:17:18   that it's enabling you some different areas

01:17:21   to play around with, which is super fun

01:17:24   and everybody will benefit from

01:17:25   when you share all your great shortcuts.

01:17:27   All right, so back to me again.

01:17:29   - Yes. - Mm-hmm.

01:17:30   - Keyboards. - Oh, of course.

01:17:32   - I love keyboards.

01:17:33   I love building keyboards.

01:17:36   I love customizing keyboards.

01:17:38   I love typing on keyboards in that order of things

01:17:41   that is in order.

01:17:44   I really enjoy, I play around with this stuff all the time.

01:17:48   I stream kind of like once a week or so doing stuff

01:17:51   and it's, I don't know, I've met new friends this year.

01:17:55   Like I've made new friends because of this new hobby

01:17:58   of mine, which is really great.

01:17:59   As well as just like my general level of confidence

01:18:04   when it comes to electronics and stuff like that

01:18:07   has increased because of this and I've learned new skills

01:18:10   that I didn't have before.

01:18:11   And it's also just really nice to have a new hobby

01:18:15   that I don't have a podcast about

01:18:17   and isn't related to the work that I'm already doing.

01:18:20   And it's just my little thing that I enjoy to do.

01:18:23   And it brings me a great pleasure

01:18:25   being able to have something new to be interested in.

01:18:29   It started in 2020, but it became very serious in 2021.

01:18:33   And now I've convinced Stephen to build a keyboard

01:18:37   and he seems to really like it.

01:18:38   So you're next for every car. We'll see about that. Oh, I'm gonna,

01:18:43   you just wait. You just wait.

01:18:45   My next one kind of combines the two things that they all said,

01:18:49   but I'm just really glad that Apple is back to caring about the Mac.

01:18:54   It feels like they lost the plot there for a little while,

01:18:58   especially on the hardware side.

01:19:00   And we were now assumedly like halfway through the Apple Silicon transition and I

01:19:06   couldn't be more impressed with what they're doing hardware wise and while

01:19:10   there are software issues to address I think overall Mac OS Monterey is in

01:19:16   pretty good shape Federica like you said Shortcuts has like unlocked this new era

01:19:21   of Mac automation and that's really exciting too that Apple is not only

01:19:26   making the hardware good but making interesting moves on the software front

01:19:31   as well they can always do more but I have been just really happy with where

01:19:35   the Mac has been for, you know, for about a year now, starting with those M1 Macs last

01:19:41   November. And I'm just really excited about what the future is going to bring there. And

01:19:47   yeah, it's just, it's a fun time to be a Mac user. And that has been kind of a difficult

01:19:52   thing to say for several years. So I'm glad that it's the case.

01:19:57   Back to me. I'm thankful for vaccines. I'm thankful that, that vaccines have been made,

01:20:04   they exist. I remember when the pandemic started, how far away any potential solution or remedy

01:20:16   seemed to be. Like we were saying, "No, we're gonna have vaccines probably in a couple of

01:20:21   years. This is gonna be the problem for the next couple of years now." And it took, you

01:20:30   I've been reading some stories about the people who have been working, starting from early 2020,

01:20:37   on studying COVID, on starting a potential solution with a vaccine, and the incredible

01:20:46   research behind it, and how many people, the long hours, different companies, trying to

01:20:55   sort of find a solution in an accelerated timeframe as a pandemic was, you know, taking over the world.

01:21:02   It must have been, it was an incredible effort and I'm thankful for vaccines, not because of the,

01:21:09   I mean, obviously, you know, I'm into science, science, you know, saved my life before and so

01:21:16   I'm biased for science, of course. And I think it's cool. I think it's objectively like, it's

01:21:24   Like, the nerd in me says, "Yeah, vaccines are cool. They're neat.

01:21:28   You know, it's neat technology being applied to the human body."

01:21:33   But I'm also thankful for what it enables, which is seeing my friends again,

01:21:37   spending time with them in person again, doing things together again.

01:21:41   And now, obviously, they're not perfect, right?

01:21:44   Nothing is at the moment, and there's still so much—

01:21:49   and I'm speaking, you know, I live in Italy, and I see the things happening in my country.

01:21:53   There's still so much confusion when it comes to, you know, the vaccination card that you get.

01:21:58   We're changing regulations every week. But that's the thing, right? We are living in a situation

01:22:05   that was never a problem, was never a thing before, and we are adapting as we go. And the

01:22:12   scientific community is adapting, our governments are adapting. And the thing is, you know, looking

01:22:19   at the raw numbers, the raw statistics, vaccines are saving us. That's why I'm so grateful that I

01:22:26   got my two shots. Hopefully, you know, knock on wood and everything, I should be able to get my

01:22:31   third shot soon. And I'm glad that, you know, again, knocking on wood and everything, it seems

01:22:37   like I will be able to spend time, you know, this Christmas, this holiday season with my extended

01:22:41   family again, you know, and we're all vaccinated.

01:22:46   I remember last year was no fun.

01:22:49   It wasn't good.

01:22:50   And so please, if you can, you know, get a vaccine,

01:22:54   get it done, read about it, you know, educate yourself

01:22:59   if you're still skeptic.

01:23:01   But yeah, I'm thankful that this is possible now.

01:23:04   And it'll only get even better as more and more research

01:23:08   is going into this field.

01:23:10   The mRNA vaccines are really interesting.

01:23:13   Now that so much money has been--

01:23:15   and attention has been plowed into them

01:23:17   over the last couple of years, since the technology's

01:23:19   been around for a while, there's a possibility--

01:23:22   and work is being done-- that they could

01:23:23   be used for cancer and AIDS.

01:23:26   And it's kind of incredible.

01:23:28   It could be the real silver lining

01:23:30   that comes out of these horrible two years,

01:23:32   is that science has hopefully taken a huge jump,

01:23:36   because the entire world needed research into one very specific thing.

01:23:42   Is it my turn again? I've forgotten how round ovens work.

01:23:44   It is.

01:23:45   Alright so the one that Steven attempted to spoil earlier was a real meanie. Time with

01:23:50   my wife Idina, it's been my, the upside of not going anywhere for a long time. Like we've

01:23:57   had, this is the longest stretch of uninterrupted time that we spent together. Because I used

01:24:02   to travel a lot, right? And she used to travel too, and we wouldn't do that together sometimes.

01:24:08   But we've been together the whole time and I really love it, which is great, really.

01:24:13   I guess that's how it should be. But I don't know. I don't know if it's always as simple

01:24:17   as that. I know different people have had different struggles during this time and we've

01:24:21   only grown stronger during this period. And I don't know if that's necessary. I know that

01:24:26   it's difficult but I've really valued it and it's uh we had to you know we're all going through

01:24:32   we're still going through it and it's still rough and all that kind but like this that's been my

01:24:37   overall thing that I've taken away from this whole couple of years that I've really valued.

01:24:43   That's very sweet yeah I'm happy for you guys. Thank you. Yeah I'm thankful that I haven't had

01:24:53   any, like, COVID tragedy in my immediate family. I've got friends who have lost people or have had,

01:25:00   you know, parents in the hospital for long stretches of time, but here in the Hacket

01:25:03   household, everyone came, has come through it okay so far. Now our youngest two have their first dose

01:25:09   of vaccine, which is great, but it's a scary world, and the sheer numbers of it mean that a lot of

01:25:14   of people have had a real tragedy and I'm thankful that we haven't. And so, I don't

01:25:23   know, I was thinking about the last two years, and Myke, I agree with a lot of what you said,

01:25:26   you know, our kids were home for a long time and Mary was home because schools were virtual,

01:25:31   and that was a really, like, a good thing for a terrible reason. It's kind of what I

01:25:37   keep coming to in my mind. And that you can see good in it, even though overall the situation

01:25:44   situation is pretty bleak at times.

01:25:46   But, you know, we've been able to pull through it and that's something I'm glad for.

01:25:52   I've been in the same boat as you.

01:25:54   I also luckily have had no personal COVID tragedies, which I kind of can't believe.

01:26:02   Honestly, like, I can't believe it missed my family, but it has I should be very thankful

01:26:08   for.

01:26:09   Yeah, and in keeping with the sort of family round here, I'm just echoing what Myke and

01:26:17   what you said, Steve, and I'm thankful for spending time with Sylvia this past year doing

01:26:23   a lot of things together.

01:26:25   And also I'm thankful for my two dogs, Zelda and Ginger.

01:26:30   Dogs are the best, man.

01:26:31   Dogs are incredible, right?

01:26:34   Better than girlfriends?

01:26:35   Well, dogs are better than humans in a lot of ways.

01:26:39   you know, with time. So what you're saying is yes to my question? Well, I love all of, I love the three of them

01:26:46   unconditionally. Differently. But dogs are, dogs are unequivocally the best, you know.

01:26:54   They, dogs love humans and they expect nothing in return. They just love, you know, you know, you can

01:27:00   be a criminal, you can be, you know, you can be the best person on earth, you can be the worst

01:27:04   person on earth, your dog is still gonna love you. And that's, that's the beautiful part about dogs.

01:27:09   dogs. Unconditional love. And I'm so glad that I got to spend a lot of time, you know,

01:27:16   the four of us, our family unit, if you will, together for the past year. We went to the

01:27:22   beach, we had a lot of fun with Zelda and Ginger at the beach. And of course I'm thankful

01:27:28   that Celia played a huge role in the next item on my list that I'm going to talk about

01:27:34   but broadly speaking, you know, her design work for everything

01:27:39   Max stories in the club and the podcast,

01:27:41   like, she's incredibly talented.

01:27:43   And so I'm thankful that we get to spend time together

01:27:45   and to do things together professionally.

01:27:47   So that's something that I'm really grateful for.

01:27:50   -I am grateful for Real AFM members.

01:27:53   -Whoo!

01:27:54   -I love all of our listeners,

01:27:58   but members help in a new and important way for us.

01:28:02   Me and Steven were to talk about this a couple of days

01:28:04   days ago that it has just been nice to speak.

01:28:08   We have had a full year of this, like a full calendar year now,

01:28:12   you know, of the new membership program

01:28:14   with the direct show support.

01:28:16   And it's made a big difference for the way--

01:28:22   my general nervousness for running a small business.

01:28:26   Because advertising, still good, has been inconsistent in 2021

01:28:31   still, which is not, I don't think is a surprise. So having a level of consistent income, which

01:28:39   I know is there, has been a real weight off my mind and has allowed me to focus my attention

01:28:44   in other ways to where it was at like certain points in 2020 where it was just kind of like

01:28:49   running around with my hair on fire just trying to hold everything together. So be very, very

01:28:54   thankful for that. So if you are a member, have been a member or will be a member, thank

01:28:59   Thank you.

01:29:00   One for me is my new studio space.

01:29:04   It was something that I wanted to do for a long time and I was able to kind of put enough

01:29:11   funding together to do it and it's really nice to have space to create at home and not

01:29:19   have to go out.

01:29:20   I've worked at home now for six years and that is something that I still am so excited

01:29:26   about and and having twice the square footage to do stuff in like this morning

01:29:32   I shot a video that'll be up next week and you know I could I could leave stuff

01:29:36   set up overnight because it wasn't in the middle of the floor you know it

01:29:39   wasn't it wasn't on my desk and that has been that's been really nice and you

01:29:45   know the bummer is that no one's gotten to see it yet but as hopefully as

01:29:49   travels starts to open up and Myke hopefully you can come to Memphis at

01:29:53   some point and see it. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. Will you give me a

01:29:57   desk again? Because I think you took my desk away. I did. There's still a

01:30:01   second desk. Take my desk away. I will echo you there, Steven, actually because like

01:30:11   Mega Studio, I've actually used it for a full calendar year uninterrupted. Whoa!

01:30:15   It's great. You know, I had this place for two years, one year, didn't use it.

01:30:21   And so I've used it for an entire year now.

01:30:24   And it is really nice to have that space,

01:30:28   which I will say like echoing back to earlier,

01:30:31   like me and Adina are independent people

01:30:33   as much as we are together,

01:30:35   but having a space where I sometimes I can come away,

01:30:38   let's her do her thing, I do my thing,

01:30:39   and then we're back together in the evening.

01:30:41   So I think that's also only helped towards that whole thing

01:30:44   that I can come here, do what I need to do.

01:30:46   And she can join sometimes or when she doesn't want to,

01:30:49   she doesn't have to.

01:30:50   - Mm-hmm.

01:30:51   rather than like the two of us,

01:30:53   as I'm sure many people can appreciate,

01:30:56   being on top and trying to work in the same environment

01:30:58   isn't the same, right?

01:31:00   And so being able to work in different environments

01:31:02   and not bother each other is good.

01:31:04   I think my work, all of our work,

01:31:06   is an annoying work for the people in our lives

01:31:09   if it's happening in the same place,

01:31:12   because we make lots of noise.

01:31:14   - I am thankful for our successful relaunch

01:31:18   of Club Max Stories and all the people who signed up for it.

01:31:22   It was really-- it was kind of scary as a thing to do.

01:31:26   We've been investing so much time and money

01:31:29   into tearing down everything for Club Max Stories

01:31:33   and building it back up.

01:31:35   We built our own CMS.

01:31:37   We built an entire system that we are now

01:31:40   applying to Max Stories.

01:31:42   But last year was really challenging

01:31:44   for a lot of reasons when you're building something from scratch.

01:31:48   your own proprietary tech, and on top of it,

01:31:51   you are changing how you're asking people to give you money.

01:31:56   It's a scary thing to do.

01:31:58   It's a scary combination of things,

01:31:59   the technological aspect and the business aspect of it.

01:32:02   And so I'm really thankful that it went so well,

01:32:05   that we found so many members who were on board

01:32:09   with the idea of having this new website

01:32:13   where they can read our content and save our content,

01:32:16   where they can have another community

01:32:17   where they can chat to other users.

01:32:20   You know, it was a long project, and it was exhausting.

01:32:24   And of course, I'm really thankful to Silvia

01:32:27   for doing such an incredible job with the design of it all.

01:32:30   And to John, you know, we mentioned John often

01:32:34   on the show here for the Japes and everything,

01:32:36   but John really is an amazing partner for Mac Stories.

01:32:39   He does a ton of work behind the scenes.

01:32:42   Some of the things that I hate doing,

01:32:44   John does, and he keeps the machine running

01:32:47   smoothly, and of course Alex for building such an incredible custom tech and foundation

01:32:54   that is going to be at the center of Max Stories 5, which is our next big project that we're

01:33:00   working on right now. So I was scared and afraid, but I also knew that it was the thing

01:33:08   we had to do. Like I couldn't... Whenever I find myself in these situations and I try

01:33:13   to think, "Is there any other thing that I would rather be doing right now other

01:33:16   than this?" And when the answer is no, I know that it's the right path for me. And

01:33:20   so I'm really thankful that the new Cloud Maxories went well, that it's going

01:33:24   well, and we have some really fun things in store for the future when it comes to

01:33:29   Maxories integration. So yeah, I'm glad that that's done and that it's been done

01:33:35   well. And finally, I am thankful for my incredibly successful Ricky year.

01:33:42   Multiple Ricky wins was the consolidated champion for the vast majority of the year was just like a real just

01:33:49   absolute

01:33:51   barnstormer of success for me

01:33:53   And I'm very I'm very thankful for my own brain and my own courage

01:33:57   You're literally you are literally thanking yourself. I'm thanking myself for how good I am

01:34:03   Nobody else is gonna do it. I am thankful for everyone we get to

01:34:10   Work with to pull this thing off. We have amazing hosts across our our many

01:34:16   Many podcasts most of the podcasts on the network Myke and I aren't on

01:34:21   we we work with a bunch of people who make amazing things week in and week out and

01:34:26   who are

01:34:28   then

01:34:29   willing to

01:34:31   Put them under the the relay FM banner and as the network has grown over the years

01:34:37   It's just been amazing to work with people who?

01:34:40   who some people have known for a long time and looked up to,

01:34:43   other people have just gotten to know,

01:34:45   and I'm so excited and encouraged to show up every day

01:34:49   for work with our amazing hosts,

01:34:52   and the team behind Relay.

01:34:54   So we have both Kathy and Kerry,

01:34:56   who are doing a lot of things behind the scenes

01:34:59   to keep the company moving forward,

01:35:00   and it's a real honor to get to work with them as well.

01:35:04   - I would also like to thank Jim Metzendorf

01:35:06   for all the editing that he does for us.

01:35:08   - All the great editing.

01:35:10   If you listen to a show and it sounds like it's edited well,

01:35:13   Jim did it.

01:35:14   Jim did it.

01:35:15   (laughing)

01:35:17   And also the mod team in the Relay members Discord

01:35:22   is an amazing group of people.

01:35:24   The Discord has been just a real joy over the last year

01:35:27   and having a team of people who we work with

01:35:31   to make sure that it's safe for everybody,

01:35:34   but to also push the community forward

01:35:36   in new and interesting ways to having ideas

01:35:38   that Myke and I, to have it come up on our own,

01:35:42   to see that group of volunteers

01:35:44   really take ownership of it has been absolutely amazing

01:35:47   and humbling that people will put so much time and energy

01:35:50   into keeping the Discord the place

01:35:53   that we all want it to be together.

01:35:54   And so it's a big thumbs up for our mod team as well.

01:35:58   - Yeah, the Discord is a lot of fun.

01:36:01   I'm sure Federico will agree for the Max Service Discord too

01:36:04   but it's also a lot of work.

01:36:06   Like, it takes time and effort to build a community

01:36:11   that's enjoyable to be a part of,

01:36:14   and Stephen and I are definitely not the people

01:36:17   that put the work in on that,

01:36:19   so we have a very kind group of people to help us out.

01:36:22   -And lastly, I'm thankful for -- I put in this list --

01:36:26   good headphones, lossless music, and music in general.

01:36:30   Like, I'm thankful for --

01:36:32   You know, we got some really great music in 2021,

01:36:35   especially in the past month, you know, between, you know, some artists that I love from Adele,

01:36:40   of course, Adele's new album is just incredible. Hey, follow up that Adele album's good. Follow

01:36:46   up, it's really good. You know, Ed Sheeran, Church's we got this year. We got the Oasis

01:36:53   live from 1996. You know, all kinds of music that I absolutely love. You know, Silk Sonic.

01:37:00   I'm in love with the Cirque Sonic album.

01:37:03   And I'm thankful for this hobby that I have,

01:37:07   having good audio equipment, having multiple choices when

01:37:11   it comes to headphones.

01:37:13   And being able to sit down whenever I want,

01:37:17   enjoy some music with really good headphones,

01:37:20   it's something that brings me joy.

01:37:22   And so I'm thankful for music, for the fact

01:37:29   that we, despite all the problems with the pandemic and the lockdowns, I'm thankful for

01:37:37   the fact that some of my favorite artists were still able to produce some incredible

01:37:42   music. Maybe because of the problems, right? Maybe because of that.

01:37:46   Yeah, I think you're right.

01:37:47   And so the fact that I have new music and that I can enjoy that music with headphones

01:37:55   that I love, you know, it's something that makes me happy. So to close out this list,

01:38:02   thankful for music. The songs we're singing, thanks for all the joy they're bringing. Who

01:38:11   can live about it? Steven, anytime you want to take over. I just want to see how long

01:38:19   you were going to go. I ask in all honesty, what would life be without a song or a dance?

01:38:24   a wee so I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

01:38:28   This is the official song of Round Thanksgiving, Robin.

01:38:33   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, head on over to our website,

01:38:37   relay.fm/connected/373.

01:38:41   While you're there you can get in touch via email with feedback or follow up.

01:38:45   You can also join, become a member of Connected Pro and get longer ad-free versions of the

01:38:51   show each and every single week.

01:38:54   You can find us all online, you can find Myke on Twitter as @imyke.

01:38:59   Myke, anything you want to plug this week?

01:39:02   Uh, no.

01:39:04   Cool.

01:39:05   I'm going away man, this is my last thing for vacation.

01:39:08   I ain't thinking about nothing.

01:39:09   I'm thinking about...

01:39:10   We're trying to drag it along so you can't leave yet.

01:39:14   Nothing.

01:39:15   You can find Federico on Twitter as @vittici.

01:39:19   He's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:39:23   Federico, what's coming up over there?

01:39:24   - I'm working on this shortcut for Safari reading list

01:39:29   that I mentioned in the pre-show,

01:39:31   and Mac Sorry selects are coming up.

01:39:34   Our annual awards for the best apps are coming up.

01:39:38   Very, very soon, I'm finalizing my sections.

01:39:42   All the winners have been selected.

01:39:44   The awards are being produced as we speak.

01:39:48   They are being printed,

01:39:50   whatever the process is called.

01:39:53   Forged.

01:39:54   Forged.

01:39:55   Forged.

01:39:56   They are being forged at the moment in America.

01:39:59   So you know, it's...

01:40:00   Oh, made in the USA.

01:40:01   Made in the USA.

01:40:02   Yes.

01:40:03   And yeah.

01:40:04   Gonna have eagles on the back.

01:40:05   We have some changes this year.

01:40:08   I'm very excited about it.

01:40:09   We have new art as well.

01:40:11   So they're gonna be amazing.

01:40:14   Is this gonna be like Max Story Select Award 2021?

01:40:19   in brackets, you know? Or new Max Story selectable.

01:40:24   You'll see, you'll see, you'll see. It looks amazing. Of course, it's all thanks to Sylvia.

01:40:30   So yeah, that's coming up very soon. Not in November, but very soon.

01:40:34   December then.

01:40:35   Well, we'll see. Yes, it's December. I tried to be cagey about it and I failed. I want

01:40:44   I want to be with you, you're saying...

01:40:46   Yeah, it's December, right?

01:40:48   It's December.

01:40:49   - Can you guess?

01:40:50   - Just guess.

01:40:51   It's next month, okay?

01:40:53   But it's before Christmas, so, you know.

01:40:56   - Okay.

01:40:57   - Quite soon.

01:40:58   Soon but not yet.

01:40:59   - Soon but not yet.

01:41:00   - Someone used to say.

01:41:01   - You can find me on Twitter @ismh.

01:41:04   I host a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM

01:41:07   and right at 512pixels.net.

01:41:09   I have a new video coming to the 512 YouTube channel

01:41:11   next week about a feature in macOS Monterey

01:41:13   that I found that has been untouched

01:41:16   since the classic Mac OS.

01:41:17   It's a lot of fun.

01:41:18   - Well, we breaking, you're breaking some news here?

01:41:20   - Mm-hmm.

01:41:21   - Awesome, can't wait.

01:41:22   - I think that's 30 years old is still around.

01:41:24   - Expose. - Exactly the same.

01:41:26   You can, yeah, like I said, you can join,

01:41:29   you can follow us, you can send us feedback.

01:41:31   Oh, you should rate the show, an Apple Podcast.

01:41:35   Just go do that, we'd really appreciate it.

01:41:37   - I have a podcast that I'm listening to right now

01:41:40   and it's Talking Sopranos.

01:41:42   It's really good if you like sopranos.

01:41:44   And they do their credits at the end.

01:41:46   And every single time,

01:41:48   the one of the hosts calls it Apple Music.

01:41:50   Subscribe to us in Apple Music.

01:41:51   And every time I laugh,

01:41:52   every single time they say it

01:41:54   and every single time I laugh.

01:41:55   - You just send them an email.

01:41:56   - Go to Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Music,

01:41:59   and every single, I was like, no, as nobody told him?

01:42:01   Like, which I just find funny.

01:42:03   No one's told him.

01:42:04   - That's, that's rough.

01:42:05   They think our sponsors, StoryWorth, Hover, and Smile.

01:42:08   Thank you to our members.

01:42:10   And until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:42:13   Arrivederci.

01:42:14   - Cheerio.