371: Roast my iPhone Home Screen


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 371.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hack

00:00:19   and I'm joined by a very cheery Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hello. - Hello.

00:00:24   And you know, like, I don't know.

00:00:28   Federico seems like he's in a good mood too. He has a new computer. Hello Federico.

00:00:32   Hello. Hi. I'm in a good mood. Good. Myke isn't.

00:00:36   It's just faking it.

00:00:37   No, Myke's in a bad mood. He's just doing it for the show because he's an entertainer.

00:00:40   He's a professional, but he's not. I'm a professional. Yeah. But even,

00:00:45   even entertainers are sad, you know, sometimes

00:00:49   Myke is kind of sad, but we're going to cheer him up today. So that's,

00:00:54   that's the goal of this episode to provide good entertainment and cheer up.

00:00:58   Myke, maybe.

00:01:00   Do you want to start by telling me how I was wrong about romance?

00:01:04   Is this the beginning?

00:01:06   So don't mind, but we got this interesting follow-up

00:01:09   from UnknownCabbage, interesting username,

00:01:14   follow-up on 300 Like the Romance,

00:01:17   where on the last episode, I said--

00:01:19   there was some kind of discussion about 300,

00:01:22   the movie, which is set in Greece, in ancient Greece.

00:01:27   And I said, oh, why am I confused with 300

00:01:30   like the Romans?

00:01:31   And then I remembered, oh, because Kanye was wrong

00:01:34   in the lyrics of a song where he said,

00:01:39   I keep it 300 like the Romans.

00:01:42   And Unknown Cabbage wrote to us saying,

00:01:44   "Kanye has many flaws, but this line was actually clever,

00:01:48   not incorrect.

00:01:49   The Roman numerals for 300 are CCC, by which Kanye

00:01:54   meant "cool, calm, and collected". Instead of saying "I keep it 100", which is a common

00:02:00   phrase for meaning "keeping it real", he said "keep it 300". So the 300 he's talking about

00:02:05   is actually Roman numerals, not the Greek 300 from the eponymous movie. But I'm sure

00:02:10   he was aware of the crossover and the play on words, and I bet he liked the mental image

00:02:15   of the 300 from the movie, even though he's definitely not saying the original 300 were

00:02:20   So, this is interesting. Like, I feel like I buy this theory. Other people online buy this theory.

00:02:31   I don't know what to say other than if Kanye did it on purpose, we all know that Kanye was, is, used to be, still is, a very good lyricist.

00:02:44   And in that case, this is some really cool follow-up.

00:02:49   I didn't know about the CCC Cool, Calm and Collected.

00:02:53   Like, I didn't know there was a thing about that.

00:02:56   It's not an expression I've come across before myself.

00:03:01   Yeah, I'm still not convinced about this because of the following line in the song,

00:03:06   but I actually can't read that line on air.

00:03:09   Like, I'm still not convinced about this.

00:03:11   Like if you read the next line, if you just google the lyrics, I think he is referencing...

00:03:16   Yeah.

00:03:17   Trojan horses?

00:03:19   Yes.

00:03:21   Which is Greek, like the Spartans.

00:03:26   Yeah.

00:03:27   But why would he... because he's bringing Romans and Trojan horses together.

00:03:33   Exactly.

00:03:34   So I'm still not convinced, personally, about this.

00:03:39   I think that he may have just been as confused as I was.

00:03:43   Yeah, maybe.

00:03:44   This is Black Skinhead, by the way.

00:03:46   This is the song that we're talking about, right?

00:03:49   You will have heard this song before because it is in every single trailer for an action

00:03:53   movie ever in the office.

00:03:54   Or a video game.

00:03:55   Or video games.

00:03:56   Yes, yes, yes.

00:03:57   That sound.

00:03:58   No, no, no.

00:03:59   It's that one, isn't it?

00:04:03   That is the one.

00:04:04   I think we've had this a few times on the show.

00:04:07   I think this first came up, I think it came up most recently when we were talking about

00:04:13   spatial audio, which by the way I want to recommend to people, there is so much more

00:04:17   spatial audio stuff now and it's getting so much better.

00:04:21   They have released Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and it's beautiful and haunting.

00:04:27   Like the album.

00:04:28   Is it?

00:04:29   I kind of felt like that mix was horrible myself.

00:04:32   The mix wasn't like, I didn't find it very special, but it had a bit more depth to me.

00:04:39   But anyway, what I'm saying is there's lots of stuff now, and some of the stuff I think

00:04:45   is really good, and so I think it's worth trying out.

00:04:48   The best that I have found recently was from Federica's recommendation, which is "Kind

00:04:53   of Blue" by Miles Davis.

00:04:54   It's absolutely stupendous.

00:04:56   I also found recently, I'm probably not the only person to have found this, if you long

00:05:01   press on the audio like the volume and you've got your AirPods Pro or Max in, you can toggle

00:05:07   the head tracking of spatial audio on and off. I think this is a 15.1 feature. You used

00:05:13   to have to go into accessibility to turn that off. It used to be like you could turn on

00:05:18   spatial audio on and off and spatialize stereo on and off. But when you have those on, you

00:05:21   can now turn off the head tracking portion if you want to, which I think is pretty good

00:05:26   that they give you that there. Sometimes I like it when I'm just listening to some music,

00:05:30   Most of the time I don't, but sometimes it can be interesting.

00:05:34   So I like that I have the option.

00:05:36   We were talking about 300s because of MagTrickys, because we have sold I think around just over

00:05:41   300 MagTrickys.

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00:06:11   Do it.

00:06:12   Do it now.

00:06:13   I have my kids helping pack them in advance.

00:06:15   Yeah, if you don't do it, like look, Myke has already said, you want to make Myke more

00:06:19   sad?

00:06:20   I don't think so.

00:06:21   More sad?

00:06:22   So magtricky.com.

00:06:23   I have new HomePod minis. Why? Plural minis. Because they came in orange. They? How many?

00:06:34   Well, we'll get to that. To back up a minute, I had three original HomePods. One in my office,

00:06:45   one in the kitchen, and one in our bedroom. The one in our bedroom died, and I replaced

00:06:50   it with a HomePod mini. I didn't have AppleCare or anything on them, they were out of warranty.

00:06:54   More recently, the one in my studio is not completely dead, but it keeps forgetting that

00:07:01   it's connected to Wi-Fi. Like, I have to reset it up all the time, and I have like factory

00:07:07   reset it and all the stuff, and they had an orange HomePod mini. I was like, "Well, I

00:07:12   like orange computer things." And so, I ordered one.

00:07:16   First off the bat, like, the color is amazing. There's a link to a tweet of mine of the

00:07:20   show notes. It the packaging is is great. The color is fantastic. And I had never tried

00:07:29   even with the two home pod or three pods. I never tried the pairing. The stereo pair.

00:07:35   Yes, thank you the stereo pair. And so I picked up what was supposed to be a second home pod

00:07:41   mini I was going to have a studio pair here in my office. So like, I like listening to

00:07:45   stuff like if I'm working not at my desk you know I could have the home pods going

00:07:50   but when I went to order the second one I was having trouble with the Apple like

00:07:56   the App Store app and it was like just freaking out this is like well I'll just

00:08:01   go to the web and add them to my cart at the web and I wasn't really paying

00:08:07   attention and I bought two because you had already had one in your right so I

00:08:12   I now have two orange HomePod minis that are set up,

00:08:15   and I have a third HomePod mini that's orange

00:08:18   that is not set up.

00:08:19   And this is where I'm just gonna sweeten the deal

00:08:22   a little bit for the MagTricky.

00:08:24   One person.

00:08:27   - Oh, this is good.

00:08:28   Oh no.

00:08:28   - One person who buys a MagTricky,

00:08:30   your box will also include an orange HomePod mini.

00:08:34   - Oh my God.

00:08:35   - Oh wait, you're being serious?

00:08:37   - Oh my God.

00:08:38   - I thought you were gonna be like, you'll get a sticker.

00:08:39   - No, I'll give him an orange HomePod mini.

00:08:41   - Wow.

00:08:42   Wow.

00:08:43   Is this technically legal?

00:08:44   - I don't know.

00:08:46   Sure.

00:08:47   Yeah, I mean, it's just a business giving away something.

00:08:50   - Okay, cool.

00:08:50   So magtricky.com, you have the chance to win

00:08:54   a HomePod mini in our age.

00:08:55   - I guess some rules, you can't be related to us and win.

00:08:58   Buying more than one MagTricky

00:09:00   doesn't make your chances go up.

00:09:02   What I'm going to do is I'm going to paste

00:09:03   everyone's order numbers into a,

00:09:05   spread into like a ram.org thing

00:09:07   and pick an order number at random.

00:09:09   I'll mail it in.

00:09:10   - Yeah, see, I wouldn't have agreed

00:09:11   what you just said there, because I like the money, I would have said the more you buy.

00:09:15   But I think you're probably making the right decision.

00:09:18   Yeah, I mean, look, if this was for the podcast-a-thon, the more you give, the more chances you would

00:09:22   have. But this is just commerce. And I'll ship it anywhere in the world. So if you live

00:09:27   in someplace not the US, you're still eligible. Those are the rules. We'll make it happen.

00:09:33   Wow. I wish you would have done this last week. I know there was nothing you could have

00:09:36   done about it, but...

00:09:38   What if I win one?

00:09:39   Well, you're related to us because you're you, so I would draw again. Well, I don't

00:09:45   need another HomePod mini anyway. James says, "What if I'm in the line of

00:09:50   succession?" I would say the triple J are not eligible. Okay. Correct.

00:09:55   So where does the relation to us end? I feel like the triple J is far enough out.

00:10:01   I don't know. I feel like we need rules for this. It's time to read the rules!

00:10:06   I don't know if I'm not eligible, Myke isn't, I assume our partners aren't either.

00:10:14   Because they're related to you?

00:10:15   Triple J aren't.

00:10:17   Triple J aren't.

00:10:18   How deep does it go?

00:10:20   What about the triple J's children?

00:10:22   No one in the line of succession to the show.

00:10:24   Okay.

00:10:25   Okay.

00:10:26   Okay.

00:10:27   Okay.

00:10:28   All right.

00:10:29   All right.

00:10:30   Fair enough.

00:10:31   So yeah.

00:10:32   So if you order a Mac tricky and you get a big box, you've won.

00:10:35   That's pretty cool. Do you like the orange? It's so good. It's very vibrant.

00:10:42   It's really nice. I really want to see the yellow and blue in store because

00:10:47   if they're the same like vibrancy and brightness I think I think all three

00:10:52   will be like really fun. I kind of do wish... okay so a couple of the details.

00:10:58   The cable is the same power cable that came with the orange iMac so it's braided

00:11:04   lighter orange power cable which looks really nice but the top is white and I

00:11:11   kind of wish the top was tinted to match the orange a little bit better or maybe

00:11:15   they'd use the dark top yeah but IMAX have white borders so it's similar there

00:11:20   right yeah yeah or maybe they've done the dark top, could have been nice

00:11:25   mmm but it looks good so yeah they only have three colors right

00:11:32   orange blue and yellow and then white and midnight I think they changed the

00:11:36   color name from the black to midnight I think no space gray

00:11:42   space gray blue yellow orange white they are they are options

00:11:46   Steven I think I accident I think I accidentally blocked you on Twitter

00:11:51   what when when I open you when I open your tweet for the for the HomePod mini

00:11:58   Oh God okay I accidentally blocked you. I wonder how long this has been. Oh yeah it

00:12:07   says follow I will follow you now. Yeah. Wow how long has that been for? I don't

00:12:13   know. That's so good. I think it happened just now when I was clicking around

00:12:19   because I'm not used to using an actual. You did the stealth unfollow right? That's

00:12:24   what you just did to him. Okay, okay, I'm still following Myke. Let me just check my friends. I'm following Myke.

00:12:29   What about John? Am I following John?

00:12:32   Yeah, you follow each other. What about Steven again?

00:12:36   Okay, yeah, we follow each other. I'm sorry Steven. I don't know how that happened.

00:12:41   That's hilarious. Is it because I made a joke that you got a MacBook Pro and I said, "Hey,

00:12:45   you finally got a real computer," so you blocked me in anger? No, I really didn't do anything. I saw your reply.

00:12:51   Maybe he didn't read that it was you and he just thought it was like a random emoji person and just immediately blocked them

00:12:58   Yeah, that's what I reckon happened

00:13:00   No, no, I think I was doing something now when I was like

00:13:04   Using the Twitter web app in Safari for Mac and I'm not used to it

00:13:09   So I must have clicked something that I wasn't supposed to click that that is my theory anyway

00:13:14   Yeah, it must have been Matt makes a good point the discord that it must have been today since we applied to each other

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00:15:47   Mr. Fattichi.

00:15:48   - Hello, that is me.

00:15:49   - Tell us about your Macintosh book professional.

00:15:53   - I am a Mac user now, so you've all been warned.

00:15:58   I am a Mac person, again.

00:16:02   - What have you been warned about?

00:16:04   - He's gonna put the Mac back in Mac stories.

00:16:05   - You've been warned, I'm back.

00:16:07   I'm back. - Poor John.

00:16:10   - I'm taking names, you know?

00:16:13   Back on Mac OS.

00:16:15   Well, back to the Mac.

00:16:17   I mean, sure, yes.

00:16:18   I have a MacBook Pro review unit on loan from Apple.

00:16:23   It's a 14-inch model, M1 Macs,

00:16:27   64 gigs of RAM, two terabytes of storage.

00:16:30   Nice.

00:16:31   It's a very, look, it's a very nice computer.

00:16:33   It's a great machine.

00:16:35   I personally love the look, the chunky,

00:16:38   you know, thick boy look.

00:16:40   I love it.

00:16:41   I'm just gonna tell you the stuff I love

00:16:42   about the hardware up front.

00:16:43   The keyboard is fantastic.

00:16:45   The screen is amazing, the speakers they sound great.

00:16:48   And mind you, this is my first exposure to,

00:16:51   like I haven't personally owned a Mac laptop since 2013.

00:16:56   That's when I bought my MacBook Air,

00:17:02   which eventually became the Mac Mini in 2018.

00:17:05   And I've used on and off occasionally,

00:17:07   Sylvia's MacBook Pro, a 2017 one.

00:17:12   So I was still stuck on the idea of the touch bar and the butterfly keyboard.

00:17:17   So I'm new to all of these, you know, the Magic Keyboard and the, you know,

00:17:23   a better typing experience on a MacBook.

00:17:29   I love it. The screen is fantastic.

00:17:30   And you're new to Apple Silicon, right?

00:17:31   And I'm new to Apple Silicon, yes.

00:17:32   I'm going to talk about that in a minute.

00:17:34   So from a hardware standpoint, it's an incredible machine, I think.

00:17:39   I was very happy about the inclusion of MagSafe.

00:17:42   about the USB-C ports. Apple sent me, they asked me, "Do you want an Italian keyboard

00:17:49   or a US or UK keyboard?" And I told them, "If possible, anything US or UK is ideal for

00:17:55   me because I never use an Italian keyboard." I actually prefer the US and UK layout because

00:18:00   of the easier access to square brackets, for example. The problem is, because they sent

00:18:05   in UK model. I also had a UK power brick, so now I cannot use the fancy 96 watt adapter

00:18:13   because there's no Italian plug. Why did they do that? I guess they didn't have in the warehouse

00:18:21   that ships press units. I'm guessing they didn't have the combination of Italian European

00:18:28   power adapter and European plug with UK keyboard because that's built to order. You can order

00:18:33   them right and it comes normal like yeah you can do that on the apple story did y'all see how far

00:18:39   back ordered that power adapter is yep i checked last night i was like okay you know what i'm just

00:18:44   gonna buy another one it comes in january yeah which one the 96 watt yeah no the big one is the

00:18:52   six watt the biggest one no it's 140 is the biggest one okay but for so which one is back

00:18:59   order the biggest one or the 96 watt? The 140 watt delivers here in December. For me the 96 said last

00:19:08   night in Italy January. Late December to January that's what it said for me last night. I've got

00:19:15   middle of November. Actually no I could get one on Friday. Maybe it improved then okay. Yeah

00:19:20   check again. Yeah with the 141 that's the one I was looking at earlier and it's uh yeah it's

00:19:25   It's mid-December.

00:19:26   Yeah.

00:19:27   Okay.

00:19:28   Maybe I can get one then.

00:19:30   Anyway, the screen is incredible.

00:19:33   I really love the colors and the almost edge-to-edge look.

00:19:38   The notch doesn't bother me at all.

00:19:40   And we knew this, right?

00:19:41   I knew that everyone who was making a big deal about the notch is the same kind of people

00:19:45   that were making a big deal about the notch on the iPhone and the other displays that

00:19:51   Apple has done before.

00:19:53   It's totally fine.

00:19:54   It doesn't bother me.

00:19:55   I think it's actually quite clever how they extended the display into the top edge of the screen.

00:20:01   So not a problem at all. I didn't notice promotion. In fact, I don't know if I'm

00:20:09   looking at promotion at all or not. I have a theory where maybe you don't notice promotion

00:20:17   on MacOS as much because of the way animations are designed on iPhone and iPad.

00:20:24   I think maybe on the iPhone and iPad, the way things animate on screen, and because

00:20:32   you're constantly scrolling with your finger, you notice that more.

00:20:37   And maybe on macOS you don't, but also it's my understanding that the story around supporting

00:20:43   promotion right now on the Mac is kind of weird at the moment in different apps.

00:20:49   But yeah, I don't notice that.

00:20:50   I'm not sure if I'm looking at it or not.

00:20:52   Regardless, the screen is incredible. I watched some videos on it. It was really nice.

00:20:57   It's not a lightweight computer, I would say, especially coming from an iPad Pro,

00:21:06   but also coming from Sylvia's previous 2017 MacBook Pro. This is a thicker, heavier computer,

00:21:15   and I had her hold the computer for a few minutes yesterday and she told me, "I mean, yeah, I'm gonna

00:21:22   get one but it's gonna bother me when I'm gonna throw these in my bag and I

00:21:27   need to go to my dance school how heavier this is gonna be and so I will

00:21:32   say I got used to it incredibly quick I have initially had this feeling this is

00:21:37   heavier I don't know about this and then within a couple of days I stopped

00:21:41   noticing I think when you hold it in your hands you feel the weight you put

00:21:46   it in a bag put that bag on your back it's not that much of a difference I

00:21:49   I think. That's my experience anyway.

00:21:52   Battery life is incredible. Honestly incredible.

00:21:56   Like, I've been using this all day, and including doing like the initial indexing of mail, photos,

00:22:05   you know, all the things that it needs to process up front, like my music library, all those things.

00:22:11   I've been testing Sidecar. I have been testing my recording setup.

00:22:18   In fact, I have sidecar going on right now even, and I'm not connected to battery.

00:22:24   So I've been doing the show on battery power.

00:22:27   I'm not connected to power and I still have 50 and I still have 51% battery left.

00:22:35   It's like how I cranked up the brightness.

00:22:38   I mean, it's wild.

00:22:40   What this could.

00:22:41   Yep.

00:22:41   And the funny thing is I think you have the one that has the worst battery life of the three.

00:22:47   like the theory of options you could have.

00:22:49   - I guess.

00:22:50   - The 14 inch with the M1 Max, which is what you have, right?

00:22:55   - Yeah.

00:22:56   - That has the worst battery life of the three of them.

00:22:59   - Imagine if it was the best.

00:23:00   - And it's still incredible.

00:23:01   - Yeah.

00:23:02   - That's the 16 inch, the 16 inch is the best.

00:23:04   - Right.

00:23:05   And I mean, and of course apps, they open incredibly fast,

00:23:10   especially the ones that are not being emulated

00:23:12   via Rosetta emulation.

00:23:14   I mean, you click on Mail and it just opens.

00:23:18   And you click on Photos and it opens.

00:23:21   Like, I'm not used to that kind of experience.

00:23:24   On my Mac Mini, I mean, it was a fast computer,

00:23:26   but you still got that occasional double bounce

00:23:30   in the dock when you click on an icon.

00:23:31   It's like, bounce, bounce, then it opens.

00:23:34   That doesn't happen anymore.

00:23:36   So that's very nice.

00:23:37   Now, oh, and it's a silver computer.

00:23:41   Looks nice.

00:23:42   I would have preferred Space Gray,

00:23:43   "Hey, Apple sends you a unit, you get the unit, and you keep quiet."

00:23:47   So it's a nice silver, so I'll take it.

00:23:52   Now, the software story is more interesting to me,

00:23:57   because I've been working on iPadOS for the past of, I don't know how many years, seven, eight.

00:24:03   But I'm fascinated by Monterey for a couple of reasons.

00:24:07   First is the ability, of course, to use on M1 computers,

00:24:11   on Apple silicon computers to use iPad and iPhone apps, which I've installed some of

00:24:17   them, but also of course in Monterey there's shortcuts. And so I was really intrigued by

00:24:22   that. Now, we've talked about this before, John has covered this before in his review,

00:24:29   Jason has talked about this on Upgrades and Six Colors. Shortcuts on the Mac is just weird,

00:24:37   and it should have been called a beta version of the app. There isn't a single feature that you can

00:24:44   point your finger to and say "that's why it's weird." It's a collection of rough and unfinished

00:24:51   UI elements or interactions with actions, missing actions. It's a bunch of unrelated things that all...

00:25:04   It's not like they seem unfinished. They are unfinished.

00:25:08   And it's exactly why you label that kind of product a beta.

00:25:12   Right? For example, Steven has covered the saddest UI element of macOS, which is the little dialogue

00:25:21   that pops up when you need to choose an item from a list. That is such a sad element, honestly, and

00:25:26   using it in practice is even worse. It's a horrible UI element. I tried to use MusicBot,

00:25:33   which is my shortcut for Apple Music that brings up a list of actions.

00:25:38   And that list is just so sad on the Mac.

00:25:41   But there's other things, like, for example, last night I was trying to...

00:25:45   You know, there's the action called "Run Shortcut".

00:25:49   It's an action that lets you run another shortcut.

00:25:52   And the shortcut name is a parameter, so you need to click into it.

00:25:57   And on iPhone and iPad, you click into it and you can choose

00:26:01   from your shortcuts the one you want to run. That doesn't work on the Mac. You click into it,

00:26:07   and it forces you to pick a variable. And it's like, no, that's not what you're supposed to do.

00:26:12   And that was very strange to interact with. I was very surprised by the lack of additional

00:26:21   UI control actions, meaning there are no actions to say, for example,

00:26:29   in this application, click this item in the menu bar.

00:26:34   Like, that kind of UI scripting that is so common in AppleScript or Automator,

00:26:40   I'm actually not sure if Automator had it, but BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro,

00:26:45   all of these pre-existing automation utilities on the Mac, they had that kind of feature.

00:26:50   It's absent from shortcuts, unless you write some AppleScript and you do some UI scripting

00:26:56   manually on your own, which is not fun and I do not recommend that. That is absent. There are some

00:27:03   window management options in shortcuts for Mac, but they are so slow. Like, I couldn't believe

00:27:09   how slow they are to execute. There's one that is actually made by Apple, one shortcut featured in

00:27:15   the Shortcuts Gallery for macOS, that is like "Tile the last four windows", which is a fun idea. You

00:27:24   You take the last four windows that you've recently used on your computer

00:27:28   and you tile them as a grid on the screen.

00:27:31   That's fun, that's useful.

00:27:32   The problem is that it takes like 10 seconds to run on a MacBook Pro.

00:27:38   And it's just...

00:27:40   That, to me, seems like...

00:27:43   This is the brand new sort of...

00:27:45   The highlight of your macOS release this year, this new app.

00:27:50   the Mac version of a popular app coming from an iPhone and iPad, you've added some Mac-only

00:27:57   actions. You would think that those actions were super polished and featured high performance

00:28:04   and they were fast and intuitive, but they really aren't fast. I mean, it took me a few

00:28:12   minutes to put together the same action in BetterTouchTool, and it takes two seconds

00:28:17   to rearrange my windows, I can't believe that those actions in shortcuts are so slow.

00:28:24   And yeah, and I've been running into all kinds of issues, really from a performance perspective,

00:28:33   shortcuts on iPhone and iPad is so much faster to run shortcuts than shortcuts on the Mac.

00:28:41   the same shortcut is so much faster on iPhone and iPad than on a MacBook Pro, it's really

00:28:48   strange. I don't understand why that's the case. You would think that, if anything, it

00:28:53   should be faster on a MacBook Pro, but it's not. And so, this... Like, I'm gonna keep

00:29:01   playing around with this, because there are some really nice things that I like. Like,

00:29:04   For example, I like being able to trigger a shortcut with a global hotkey on Mac OS.

00:29:11   I like that there's menu bar access.

00:29:14   I like that there's some basic windowing integration.

00:29:17   I like that there's finder integration.

00:29:19   So I'm going to keep at it.

00:29:20   But boy, is it slow and unfinished.

00:29:24   You got to hope it's going to get better, right?

00:29:26   Like they're going to...

00:29:27   Next year.

00:29:28   Yeah, we'll do it next year.

00:29:30   I gather some other quick first impressions. This is like my first run experience with

00:29:35   macOS coming from HyperOS. When I installed Discord, I downloaded the Discord app from

00:29:43   the web, and I thought it was very strange that I got this dialogue saying, "To open

00:29:49   Discord, you need to install Rosetta." And I personally know what it is. I feel like

00:29:56   That kind of dialogue is more for people in the know.

00:30:00   Like, does the average user need to know what Rosetta is?

00:30:05   And do you need to see this dialogue?

00:30:07   It felt to me like this is supposed to happen in the background.

00:30:10   And also, why is it not pre-installed by default?

00:30:13   Like, why isn't the emulation stuff already in the OS?

00:30:17   And why do you need to show me that dialogue?

00:30:20   And I'm like, yeah, okay.

00:30:21   Yeah, I don't understand why that is needed to be...

00:30:25   Like, why don't I just include it?

00:30:26   I never got that, like why don't they just include it?

00:30:30   Would it make the machine worse?

00:30:34   Like I never really got that.

00:30:37   - Very quickly in setting up macOS,

00:30:40   you realize how incredibly more customizable it is

00:30:43   than iOS and IOS.

00:30:45   There are so many options.

00:30:47   There are so many things you can do, right?

00:30:49   But even without installing third-party apps,

00:30:53   and maybe this is something that I fully know

00:30:56   that this is going to sound so obvious to all of you.

00:30:59   But coming from iPadOS, you get that different perspective

00:31:03   of things.

00:31:05   Even the simple things, like so many preferences

00:31:09   for the dock on macOS.

00:31:12   Imagine if we had these many options for the dock on iPad.

00:31:16   We have the dock.

00:31:17   There's the dock on iPadOS.

00:31:20   But you don't have all those preferences.

00:31:22   And it's nice that you can customize the accent colors.

00:31:27   I really like the new UI color stuff

00:31:31   that they've done on macOS.

00:31:32   And I wish that there was more consistency there

00:31:35   in terms of system customizations

00:31:37   that you can apply on macOS.

00:31:39   I feel like those should be available

00:31:41   on iOS and iPadOS as well.

00:31:45   But yeah, you do realize very quickly,

00:31:46   oh, I can do all kinds of things.

00:31:48   Hot corners.

00:31:50   Like, I still love that feature.

00:31:51   I used to be super into that feature years ago, and I was very pleased to see that it's

00:31:56   still here.

00:31:57   It actually gained a couple of new tricks.

00:32:00   You can now summon Quick Note, which I'm going to talk about in a minute.

00:32:03   But yeah, hot corners, that kind of stuff.

00:32:06   Why is it not an iPadOS?

00:32:08   It should be an iPadOS.

00:32:09   There's a pointer now.

00:32:10   I should be able to take advantage of all these features.

00:32:16   There are also so many different settings to grant permission for the whole security

00:32:25   and privacy or accessibility stuff.

00:32:29   Oh my, like any...

00:32:31   It seems like every time I download something that is semi-audio or video related, I need

00:32:39   to grant permission to do...

00:32:42   I'm not even reading the dialogues anymore.

00:32:44   I'm like, "Yeah, okay.

00:32:45   I'm either typing in my password or I'm holding the finger on the Touch ID button, whatever.

00:32:52   Just let me in.

00:32:53   You know, like, if I told you I want to use Discord, just let me use Discord.

00:32:56   Like, instead of being typing in my password like 20 times in the past 24 hours, and I

00:33:03   don't even know what I'm--

00:33:04   And I assume you had to install a-- when you put Audio Hijack, you have to install the--

00:33:11   That was an adventure because I had to reboot in recovery mode, and from recovery mode,

00:33:19   open the system utilities, and from there, I had to disable full security, and it was

00:33:27   a whole thing.

00:33:28   I needed to follow an online tutorial by Rogamiba, like all the steps that I needed to follow.

00:33:34   You get the sense that Apple really dislikes all these things that were pre-existing to

00:33:40   to macOS before, but at the same time, they also know they cannot get rid of them. And

00:33:48   so instead, they put in all these different roadblocks that you need to work around and

00:33:53   you need to grant multiple levels of permission to. I just wish there was a single, easy-to-do

00:34:01   like kill switch for these kind of things. Like, let me put in my password five times,

00:34:09   maybe, in a row, but then don't ask me anymore for anything? Like, I wish that it was like

00:34:15   that. Like, I'm gonna do it. Like, let me do a one-time thing, even if it lasts five

00:34:22   minutes but I don't have to do it anymore. Instead, this is like a constant drip of authentication,

00:34:30   grant permission, typing your password, touch it. It's like, enough, all right? So that

00:34:36   was annoying.

00:34:37   Also, when you get a new Mac, you have to do it again, even if you do Migration Assistant.

00:34:43   Oh, I didn't know that.

00:34:45   I didn't do the Migration Assistant.

00:34:46   I started fresh.

00:34:48   So this is the last thing I want to mention, maybe.

00:34:53   Window management on macOS is bad.

00:34:57   It's really bad by default.

00:34:59   Yeah, I just gave in and just let everything overlap.

00:35:03   I've just given up, and it just is what it is.

00:35:06   I am a big believer in the snap behavior from Windows.

00:35:11   That is why I installed Better Touch Tool immediately,

00:35:15   because it comes bundled with that kind of feature,

00:35:17   where you grab a window, you drag it toward one area

00:35:22   of the screen, and it creates a window that is like half

00:35:26   the size, or it fills one quarter of the screen,

00:35:28   that kind of behavior.

00:35:30   But window management on the Mac,

00:35:32   it's not bad because I don't understand the overlapping.

00:35:34   I'm fine with the overlapping. I struggle with the rearranging of windows.

00:35:41   Like, I still don't understand what the green button does, for example.

00:35:46   I fundamentally dislike the fullscreen mode, because when I think of full...

00:35:51   Like, what I want to do is, I just want to take a window.

00:35:55   I always want to stay in the same desktop, right?

00:35:58   I don't want to switch spaces, whatever they're called.

00:36:01   I just want to take a window and make it the biggest possible size, starting from the top left corner of the screen,

00:36:08   until it fills the entire screen with the dock being on the right.

00:36:13   That's what I just want to have one app at a time,

00:36:16   but not in full screen, because I want to get the menu bar, you know...

00:36:20   Double-click the top of the window.

00:36:23   But it doesn't do that. It doesn't do that.

00:36:26   Depending on the app, it will. Like if you just double-click the top of the window.

00:36:31   No, for me, like if I double click Safari, it doesn't fill it until the very edge of the dock.

00:36:37   What you want Federico is to hold down the option key and then go over the green button and select

00:36:43   zoom. Zoom? Yeah, so the green button has multiple modes, enter full screen or tile left or right,

00:36:51   and then if you hold option you can zoom. It does the same thing with as the double clicking.

00:36:57   it doesn't fill the whole screen from the left to the edge of the dock.

00:37:04   It doesn't do that. It just, like, it stops.

00:37:07   -Yeah, it's right. I'm trying it. -It stops before.

00:37:10   And, look, I just want to have a very easy way to say,

00:37:14   "Okay, random window, become quote-unquote full screen."

00:37:20   Where by full screen, I mean, feel the screen, maybe.

00:37:25   Like, because I don't want to see other overlapping windows.

00:37:28   I just want to see you, but I don't want to use full screen

00:37:30   mode because full screen mode takes me out of the current space.

00:37:33   Windows does this in a good way where you just drag the window to the top of the

00:37:37   screen, like you would do if you were trying to change space and it just goes,

00:37:41   it spills the whole screen up.

00:37:42   Yes.

00:37:43   Like, even trying to, like coming from

00:37:47   iPadOS, Split View, which is available on macOS, is so confusing.

00:37:53   You can tile windows to the left or right by holding down whatever, the green button.

00:38:00   But it doesn't work like on iPadOS, where...

00:38:05   On iPadOS, when I tile a window to the left or right, I can then choose a different app

00:38:12   that I want to put on the other side with the dock, with the home screen, or with Spotlight.

00:38:18   Like, I can either tap an icon on the home screen, or I can grab an icon from Spotlight

00:38:27   or the dock, and I can drag it to tile the other side.

00:38:33   On the Mac, on iPad, on the Mac, when you tile the first window to one side of the screen,

00:38:40   on the other side, you see all your other windows that are currently open.

00:38:47   You don't see the dock.

00:38:49   You can't use Spotlight like on iPadOS to search, drag, and place.

00:38:55   You only see those currently open windows, but some of them, they say, "Not available

00:39:02   for SplitView."

00:39:03   It's just so confusing, honestly.

00:39:05   It's honestly so confusing.

00:39:08   Why?

00:39:09   Like, why is this so different from iPadOS?

00:39:12   I just want to take two apps and place them side by side.

00:39:16   I don't understand how something could be not available for Split View, because you

00:39:20   can move the windows however you want.

00:39:23   That doesn't make any sense to me.

00:39:24   I was trying this today and there was a little area at the bottom of the right side of the

00:39:28   screen that said "Not available for Split View".

00:39:31   It's like, what?

00:39:34   It honestly, and I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I honestly prefer the drag and drop

00:39:40   multitasking on an iPad OS.

00:39:42   so much easier to just say "Yeah, take icon, boom, place, drag, done." There's all these

00:39:47   preconditions that need to happen on macOS to make Split View happen. And also, when

00:39:57   it happens, it's not the kind of Split View that I want. So that's still my problem. It's

00:40:02   not the kind of Split View that I want, which is one window on the left, other window on

00:40:06   the right, dock on the right. I'm still in the desktop space. No, it takes me to a separate

00:40:13   space. It's also honestly confusing. So I'm just using BetterTouchTool.

00:40:18   And I just want to just reconfirm to everyone who's listening to this, Federico knows about

00:40:22   the apps that you can use to do this. He mentioned he used one, BetterTouchTool. Everyone uses

00:40:27   their own app. He's not saying this doesn't exist. He's saying it should exist in MacOS,

00:40:32   right?

00:40:33   I mean, it's funny to me the two things you've complained about the which are both totally valid the security preferences

00:40:40   BS when you set up a new computer and then the window management both of that those things have so much

00:40:48   Legacy baggage in them like mission control only exists as a brand to pull together

00:40:54   spaces and split-screen all this stuff they've added over time and

00:40:59   It's just gone out of hand

00:41:02   It's ridiculous.

00:41:04   And you shouldn't have to get, like, I know third-party apps.

00:41:08   The thing that I wanted to do here was, I'm coming from iPadOS, where those third-party apps

00:41:14   cannot exist, and I want to see what the default macOS experience is like. You shouldn't have to get a third-party app to get

00:41:21   a better windowing system, to get a better multitasking system.

00:41:27   that defeats the point of like the OS maker should do a better job.

00:41:33   And I honestly think this is also confusing.

00:41:35   Yes, I'm pleased that you can modify the system.

00:41:38   I am doing it myself, but that's besides the point.

00:41:42   The point is the default behavior should be better.

00:41:45   And this feels like a confusing mix of different metaphors,

00:41:50   some that are somewhat familiar with iPadOS,

00:41:54   but they don't quite behave the same way,

00:41:56   and some that are just so perplexing, like not available for split view.

00:42:00   How is that possible?

00:42:02   Anyway, very last thing before we move on.

00:42:05   Did they forget about QuickNote on Monterey?

00:42:09   Have you guys tried QuickNote on Monterey?

00:42:13   No, because I can just copy and paste or use the share extension.

00:42:17   Like, I don't know why it's needed on the Mac.

00:42:20   So you can use it?

00:42:22   Like, I assign Quick Note to the bottom right hot corner,

00:42:27   sort of like the bottom...

00:42:28   -Yeah, it's the default. -Yeah.

00:42:30   It's there by default.

00:42:31   It's kind of mimicking iPadOS.

00:42:33   But when you do that, you get this little floating thing

00:42:37   that says "New Quick Note."

00:42:40   And I click it, and it opens the first note

00:42:44   that I have in the Quick Notes folder.

00:42:46   I don't think there's a way to switch

00:42:48   between multiple Quick Notes.

00:42:51   Like on IPRS, you get the little page indicators,

00:42:53   you get the little dots that let you move across multiple Quick Notes.

00:42:57   It doesn't seem like it's possible here.

00:43:00   This feature on the Mac, it feels like someone on the Notes team was like, in late July,

00:43:07   was like, "Oh, no, we forgot to do the Quick Note thing on Monterey.

00:43:12   What's the easiest way that we can ship it?"

00:43:14   And I guess it's like, "Get it done by mid-August!"

00:43:19   you know, and this is what we got. But like, this is not the real QuickNote.

00:43:24   But it's completely different from iPadOS. It doesn't have the same benefits of being able to

00:43:30   switch across multiple QuickNotes. It's too bad. So yeah.

00:43:36   So what you're saying is you want the real QuickNote to stand up?

00:43:39   No, what I'm saying is that there's this incredible hardware and this incredible

00:43:46   degree of customization and I cannot wait to dig in again and spend some time with the MacBook Pro

00:43:52   and with shortcuts. But shortcuts is a beta, it's in a bad state, and I'm very surprised by how

00:44:00   inconsistent and unintuitive window management is on macOS. I have something weird and funny for you.

00:44:09   So the bottom right corner for Quick Note doesn't work for me unless I'm holding the command key.

00:44:15   Why? Don't know. Okay. But it's what it says in Hot Corners. If I go to Hot Corners, it

00:44:24   says Command Quick Note. And if I hold the Command key and go to the bottom right, the

00:44:30   Quick Note window pops up. If I don't do that, it doesn't pop up. I don't know why. I don't

00:44:35   know why. I mean, I get the option to turn Command on or off by pressing the Command

00:44:40   key. Okay. I don't know why mine's set like that. I didn't change it. Friends don't

00:44:46   let friends use Quick Note. Well, welcome back to the Mac Federico. Yeah, I'm excited

00:44:51   to see what you do with it. How many people have I upset today? Probably a lot.

00:44:56   But like, those people are also probably pretty happy that you're using

00:45:02   a Mac, so. Yeah, yeah. It's, yeah, I really want to make some, I really want to make

00:45:07   some Mac shortcuts and look into that better

00:45:10   touch tool integration.

00:45:11   Yeah, I have a bunch of ideas, so it's gonna be fun.

00:45:14   Yeah.

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00:47:43   - So, "Roasting Time." - ♪ Roasting time ♪

00:47:46   ♪ Dun-na-na-na-na ♪

00:47:47   (laughing)

00:47:49   - Okay, so, "Roasting Time." - What are the words

00:47:53   for that song?

00:47:53   - ♪ I know who I want ♪

00:47:56   Anyway, roasting time.

00:47:58   So we are gonna be roasting iPhone home screens today.

00:48:02   So we've done this two times in the past.

00:48:04   We've roasted menus, menu bars.

00:48:07   - Roasted menus.

00:48:08   - Menu bars.

00:48:09   - I don't like the edit menu in Tweetbot, burn.

00:48:11   - The issue is the next one is roast my dock.

00:48:14   And I have to be so careful about how I say that every time.

00:48:17   I don't know why, but my brain wants to say other things.

00:48:20   And I just don't want people to make any compliments

00:48:25   about my decking.

00:48:26   It's like, I would hate that, you know?

00:48:28   - Right. - 'Cause I don't have any.

00:48:29   - Makes sense.

00:48:30   - So we're doing iPhone home screens this time.

00:48:33   The three of us have taken screenshots of our home screens

00:48:36   and we have put them in the document.

00:48:38   (coughs)

00:48:40   Sorry.

00:48:41   (both laughing)

00:48:44   I was trying to hold it back and I couldn't do it.

00:48:46   - Yeah, that's good.

00:48:47   - So we have taken some screenshots,

00:48:49   we've put them in the document.

00:48:50   We haven't looked at them,

00:48:51   so there's just links for the three of us

00:48:53   and we haven't looked at them.

00:48:54   and we're just gonna take this in turns as we do.

00:48:56   The way that we're gonna decide who goes first,

00:48:59   second and third,

00:49:00   and we're gonna do a dice by pCalc three-sided dice.

00:49:04   - Look, if this reads out in one of our spouses' voices,

00:49:09   I'm gonna quit the internet,

00:49:12   because James didn't know we were doing this today,

00:49:14   and if he has somehow programmed it this quickly, I quit.

00:49:18   Like, I'm just done.

00:49:18   I'm leaving the internet.

00:49:20   - Technically, it isn't a three-sided dice,

00:49:23   So I'm gonna use a four-sided diet

00:49:24   and it's gonna be one, two and three.

00:49:26   I will be one, Stephen will be two, Federico will be three.

00:49:30   - You're just assuming you can assign?

00:49:32   - It's how we're linked in the document.

00:49:34   We already have Myke, Stephen, Federico.

00:49:37   All right, so first is gonna be?

00:49:40   - Three.

00:49:41   - Federico's going first.

00:49:42   All right, so Federico goes first.

00:49:47   So let's take a look at this.

00:49:48   What have we got here?

00:49:49   We've got main and additional.

00:49:51   Wait, do we need to do the rest of the order?

00:49:53   Or we'll just do it...

00:49:54   Nah, we'll just get to it when we get to it.

00:49:56   We don't need to do it now.

00:49:57   Wow.

00:49:58   Alright, so what is main and additional?

00:50:01   What is this?

00:50:02   Additional is just additional pages based on focus modes.

00:50:06   Which is the...

00:50:07   Oh yeah, you're a big focus guy.

00:50:09   I just listened to App Stories today and Federico's doing some wild stuff.

00:50:15   At some point we're going to get into some focus mode inspo, but that time is not the day.

00:50:19   we'll do the inspo eventually. But yeah, so the idea is that I keep a single page on my iPhone at

00:50:24   all times, and on the iPad. Like I always have just one page on, and on the left of the page

00:50:31   there's the Today page, and on the right there's the App Library, which I never use. I wish that I

00:50:36   could turn it off, or I wish that the right page was Search or something else. Oh okay, so we have

00:50:42   the home screen and we have the Today page where you're putting a bunch of widgets on it. That's in

00:50:46   the main. And then additional, there's three?

00:50:49   Yeah, I just showed off the, I believe, the music page, the reading page, and the shortcut

00:50:57   that lets me switch between different focus modes to give you an idea. So this is the

00:51:02   same approach that I described on App Stories where on both the iPhone and iPad, I keep

00:51:09   a shortcuts widget at the very top on the iPhone, it's in a corner of the screen on

00:51:14   an iPad that has two shortcuts, one called Focus Modes, the other called Reset Focus.

00:51:22   Now, the idea here is that my devices are always in a Focus Mode. There's a default

00:51:28   Focus Mode that I called Personal. I describe this approach on AppSeries, but to sum up,

00:51:35   I'm always in this default sort of Do Not Disturb mode, where I allow my close friends,

00:51:41   you both, John, my mom, Sylvia, and critical apps like Home, Pushcut, Shortcuts, and my

00:51:55   heart rate notifications from the watch, but I basically block everything else. So I am

00:52:01   always in this kind of "do not disturb" mode that allows a selection of people and

00:52:08   apps to notify me. And of course I also allow WhatsApp because I want to see if my friends

00:52:13   or Sylvia are texting me. I also have a collection of activity-based focus modes. And the ones

00:52:23   that I use most on my iPad and on the iPhone are the music and the reading modes. So the

00:52:30   idea here is that when I want to just relax to read something or to listen to some music,

00:52:36   I want to block more apps and I want to silence more people. So for example, in the music

00:52:43   mode...

00:52:44   It's got a better way to say that.

00:52:46   Well, it's what it is. I don't want to see notifications from... There's a higher threshold

00:52:55   of disturbance that I allow. So in that mode, for example, I only allow my mom and Sylvia

00:53:04   and no one else.

00:53:05   Wow.

00:53:06   If I'm listening to an album, it's fine.

00:53:10   I'll catch up with you guys later.

00:53:13   But you know, those 30 minutes for myself,

00:53:15   I feel like I deserve those.

00:53:17   So now the trick here is,

00:53:21   what I really like about my approach is that

00:53:23   that widget that is in the top spot on my home screen

00:53:28   is always there.

00:53:29   On the other pages, I always put the widget there.

00:53:33   You may ask why.

00:53:36   The idea is that I want to give the illusion to myself, really.

00:53:40   I want to trick my brain into thinking that I'm not switching between multiple pages.

00:53:47   I am refreshing the current page with a different set of icons and widgets.

00:53:51   >> And different apps and widgets.

00:53:53   >> Because it creates that kind of illusion.

00:53:55   If you switch between focus modes using shortcuts, and if you reset to the default focus mode using a different shortcut,

00:54:02   it doesn't look like you're moving left and right between pages.

00:54:06   It's always refreshing the one page.

00:54:09   And that's a very nice visual trick.

00:54:12   I really like it.

00:54:12   And it's the same on my iPad,

00:54:14   it's on the iPad Pro, on the Mini, and on the iPhone.

00:54:19   Underneath those two widgets, focus modes and reset.

00:54:24   I'm just going to say right here,

00:54:25   this is too much explanation and not enough roasting.

00:54:28   I just want to let you know this.

00:54:31   This isn't like Federico gets to talk about his grand vision here.

00:54:34   It's Steven and Myke get to say,

00:54:37   "What on earth is going on with Federico's home screen?"

00:54:40   You're not jumping in, so I'm just going to talk.

00:54:43   Well, I was waiting for you to finish, and you weren't finishing,

00:54:46   so now I've jumped in, because it's time for me to...

00:54:49   It's time for us to tear this thing apart.

00:54:51   Where's your task manager?

00:54:52   How do you know what to do during the day?

00:54:54   It's reminders, and it's in the left

00:54:58   of the, I'm using, so in the dock,

00:55:02   the icon with the arrow facing up

00:55:05   is an app called Remind Me.

00:55:08   Super easy way to add new reminders.

00:55:10   And then I-- - I was gonna ask,

00:55:12   it's a beautiful icon.

00:55:14   - Yeah, it's real pretty.

00:55:16   And on the left, there's the--

00:55:17   - What is it called?

00:55:18   Remind Me.

00:55:19   - Remind Me.

00:55:20   It's fast entry for reminders.

00:55:23   It supports natural language,

00:55:25   and it's got like, you can have little presets for times.

00:55:28   And you can set priorities, which I use for the critical and soon smart list.

00:55:35   That is one new feature of iOS 15.

00:55:38   So there's a widget for that.

00:55:40   It's impossible to find this app with a Google search.

00:55:43   Yeah, this just-- I cannot.

00:55:45   You're going to have to give us a link to this one, because, yeah, that

00:55:48   is an unfindable application.

00:55:51   It's a really nice icon.

00:55:52   I thought this was like some Federico Vittucci special,

00:55:56   let me create my own icon for an Obsidian explosion.

00:56:00   No, no.

00:56:00   It isn't.

00:56:03   Speaking of which, Obsidian in the dock, huh?

00:56:05   Yes, yeah, I spend a lot of time in Obsidian every day.

00:56:10   It's where I take notes, write, save thoughts.

00:56:14   I don't do the thing, tending to your digital garden.

00:56:19   I think that's a bunch of--

00:56:22   Zetacastan.

00:56:24   Why I just don't understand why you need two selections of shortcuts.

00:56:29   You could have so many more icons on your home screen.

00:56:32   If Apple frames is like dashboard menu, whatever that is,

00:56:36   all that stuff was just one swipe away under the main shortcuts, which it,

00:56:41   I understand you want that to be consistent across the focus modes.

00:56:43   I think that's very clever, but you're just like double shortcut it all the way.

00:56:47   I don't understand the question.

00:56:53   You have on your main home screen, you have two separate short card widgets.

00:56:57   Make it a stack.

00:56:58   No, I dislike stacks because I always forget that they exist.

00:57:04   I don't like the way they are designed.

00:57:07   I think stacks are badly done and useless.

00:57:09   So you have like an object permanence issue.

00:57:12   We also have talked about the elephant in the room.

00:57:16   You're using light mode on your phone.

00:57:19   That hurts me.

00:57:22   I don't care.

00:57:23   So...

00:57:25   Fair enough. This is good.

00:57:26   This is good Roasting Energy.

00:57:28   Dark mode is also...

00:57:31   Well, okay, now some people like dark mode.

00:57:34   I feel like dark mode has a bunch of problems when it comes to low contrast

00:57:38   between UI elements.

00:57:40   I prefer the contrast of light mode.

00:57:42   I've never noticed a low contrast issue with dark mode.

00:57:46   Well, you know, yeah.

00:57:48   What is a Marvis?

00:57:51   It's an Apple Music client. It's an Apple Music player.

00:57:55   So Marvis is what I...

00:57:59   So, okay, this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

00:58:02   Federico, I just want you to know,

00:58:05   so much of what you've said to most people sounds ridiculous already.

00:58:09   So we're in the territory anyway, so you can just keep going.

00:58:12   Alright, so for the past two months, I've been using last.fm again.

00:58:17   And I subscribed.

00:58:18   No, I wasn't ready for it.

00:58:19   I was wrong. What I said was wrong. What you said was ridiculous.

00:58:25   No, hold on because it gets worse. It gets worse.

00:58:29   Are you scrubblin?

00:58:30   I subscribed to Last.fm Pro.

00:58:33   Oh my god, he's scrubblin baby. He's back on the scrubbles.

00:58:38   Yeah.

00:58:39   Oh, they still call it scrubbles as well, huh? I'm just on the website.

00:58:43   They do. If you go to Last.fm...

00:58:45   Oh, god! I'm not gonna put Last.fm in the show notes, because it will tip it off to people.

00:58:51   No one should have to have that spoiled for them.

00:58:54   Marvis can scrabble by default.

00:58:56   Oh, boy. Why?

00:58:58   Because, look, Jason Tate from Chorus.fm, which is my favorite music website, he got me back into this, so he's to blame. Jason is to blame.

00:59:08   But I actually really like how they give you weekly and monthly stats about the music you listen to.

00:59:15   I really like that idea. You get this fan, this really beautiful breakdown of the songs, the albums, and the artists that you've been into lately.

00:59:23   It's a, if you care about music, it's a nice way to see how your habits are shifting.

00:59:30   And I fully, like...

00:59:32   So it is a third-party Apple Music client.

00:59:36   Which is great in and of itself, regardless of the scrolling that is built in by default.

00:59:43   It's a highly customizable client that lets you put together your own view, basically.

00:59:49   And so when I open Marvis, I see like, I was able to put together a section that is "My

00:59:56   Recently Played Albums".

00:59:58   And then you can do "My Recently Added Albums".

01:00:02   And then you can do "Show me the last 10 songs from this playlist."

01:00:06   Like you can design your own homepage, and it's really well done.

01:00:11   But then it also scrabbles.

01:00:12   Do you have a custom icon for Marvis?

01:00:14   No, it's one of the default ones that you can use.

01:00:18   Oh, yeah, that's what I meant.

01:00:19   Sorry, because the one in the App Store is not that one.

01:00:21   I wanted to make sure I was putting the right application on it.

01:00:24   But that's from the...

01:00:25   Yeah, the default one from the App Store is ugly.

01:00:27   But this one is really pretty.

01:00:28   Myke, get a load of this.

01:00:30   I'm on their app store page.

01:00:31   Uh huh.

01:00:32   Interact with your music and fall in love with your library all over again.

01:00:36   That's featured on Mac stories.

01:00:39   Where is the editorial clarity and transparency?

01:00:44   There's none.

01:00:45   Big Marvis money.

01:00:46   Oh, tweetbot.

01:00:48   Yeah.

01:00:49   Yeah.

01:00:50   He's on Twitter all the time.

01:00:51   He says he's not, but he is all the time.

01:00:54   No, no, no, no.

01:00:55   It's more of the tweetbot is interesting to me.

01:00:57   Not Twitter.

01:00:59   Yeah.

01:01:00   When did that happen?

01:01:03   Two months ago.

01:01:04   You guys were busy with the... you were not paying attention to me.

01:01:08   You don't pay attention to me anymore.

01:01:10   I'm not...

01:01:11   Are you asking if I look where you tweet from?

01:01:14   I look where you tweet from.

01:01:16   Sometimes.

01:01:17   It's creepy.

01:01:18   I take a look at your screenshots.

01:01:22   Just kinda wanna keep an eye on you and see what you're up to.

01:01:26   You know?

01:01:27   look at your screenshots but I didn't see how long I've been looking at this screenshot for the last 15

01:01:31   minutes and didn't recognize Tweetbot was there. I've shared my home screen a bunch you could have caught Tweetbot

01:01:37   weeks ago. But I just said I'm not very good at finding it. It's all these blue birds they look the same to me

01:01:43   what am I supposed to say? Why Tweetbot? I think they're doing some really nice things with now that they are

01:01:49   subscription based I like that they are updating frequently and I realized about myself

01:01:55   myself, I want to try Timeline Sync again. Like, I want to try different ways to use

01:02:02   Twitter again, which is, I catch up with Twitter at different moments of the day. And that's

01:02:10   impossible to do unless you have Timeline Sync. You could use the algorithmic timeline

01:02:15   on Twitter, but that's not really the point. The other way to do it, and I'm not saying

01:02:20   I'm right or wrong, but the other way to do it is, what I do is, I just don't care about

01:02:24   reading anything everything anymore but the thing is I'm not saying that like

01:02:28   I'm better or worse than anybody I'm just I just gave up on that and I get it

01:02:33   but I realized I I was I had missed a few things like interesting articles and

01:02:39   apps yeah and and John kept like by the fifth time that John told me oh didn't

01:02:46   you see on Twitter I'm like no I must have missed it I realized something had

01:02:51   to change. Really people needed to send things to you in case you did actually

01:02:56   miss it. You know? This is why in case you missed it exists.

01:03:02   Because of this situation. Mail, your mail, I don't really have much to say about that but I just

01:03:10   don't understand how people can use the mail app and get by life. I don't like

01:03:15   the placement of the shortcuts icon because the color of the icon like it's

01:03:20   eaten by the wallpaper?

01:03:22   Yeah, look at that.

01:03:23   I need more contrast between the icon and the position of the wallpaper.

01:03:27   I like the wallpaper, you know, you've been in a very like chill...

01:03:30   Is this a Federico Vittucci gradient like creation?

01:03:34   I think so. I think it was made with shortcuts actually, yeah.

01:03:38   Very nice. It's good. It looks real good.

01:03:41   So you're using in your Today view, which is very funny to me how extensively you're using the Today view.

01:03:46   Maybe more than ever it seems like at this point, which is very intriguing.

01:03:49   You're using the widgets the widget for show me some apps was it

01:03:55   Because all the series all that Siri suggests is apps so it may as well just be called show me some apps

01:04:05   It's also funny how it looks like a double height dock. You know what? I don't like

01:04:09   How the two badge? Yes. Oh my god slightly be breaking outside of the border of the widget

01:04:16   It's so broken

01:04:19   - It's horrible. - Who would let that happen?

01:04:21   - Apple! - It's horrible.

01:04:22   [Laughter]

01:04:24   There's a way to deal with this.

01:04:25   Honestly, my main problem with my home screen

01:04:27   is that I wish I could put another row of icons in.

01:04:32   And there's a space for it.

01:04:34   Like, look at the empty space

01:04:38   between the dock and the second row of icons.

01:04:43   I wish that this home screen was a little tighter

01:04:45   and that I could put in more icons.

01:04:49   I have a whole bunch of problems with widget layouts and widget sizes and the home screen grid,

01:04:54   but this is the worst one in my mind, which is, let me have more density for icons.

01:05:02   Or maybe even five icons in the dock.

01:05:05   I don't understand why they have to be so spaced out.

01:05:08   Like, let me put in a fifth one.

01:05:10   Yeah, they let you put 116 in the dock on the iPad.

01:05:13   The iPad Mini is ridiculous. You need a magnifying glass to get it out.

01:05:17   And in here, you just know just four because of the original iPhone.

01:05:23   I don't care about the original iPhone anymore.

01:05:25   This is not 2008.

01:05:27   Let me put 10 icons on the iPhone.

01:05:29   I don't care.

01:05:30   It's my problem then.

01:05:31   But yeah.

01:05:32   Are those two in your Today View, those two single squares,

01:05:36   are they both different reminders lists?

01:05:38   So one is the default Today List.

01:05:44   The other is a smart list that you can now create in iOS 15.

01:05:50   So that aggregates reminders that are due in the next day with high priority.

01:05:56   I like that they put the little gear in there. That's cool.

01:05:59   Yeah.

01:06:00   To show that it's smart. I actually kind of like that. I think that's pretty nicely done.

01:06:03   Yeah, I think so.

01:06:04   Alright, so I don't know about you, Steven. I think I'm done with the main home screens here.

01:06:10   I don't think I have any more comments.

01:06:12   I think I'm good too.

01:06:13   Alright, so let's take a look at these additional ones right off the bat

01:06:18   What I assume is the reading focus

01:06:22   You have a shortcut

01:06:25   Single shortcut widget that takes the space of four icons and then you have some icons and you have a wide widget underneath it

01:06:32   But on the music focus you flip-flop those where you have a wide widget and then four icons and a single short like single

01:06:40   widget so why

01:06:42   Why the inconsistency?

01:06:44   Also, could we just make fun of that single shortcuts widget? It just says reading list with the Safari icon floating in it.

01:06:50   Yeah

01:06:52   That one's a little sad. That's a sad widget. Now that you mention it, it bothers me

01:06:57   I guess I hadn't noticed it before because I never see them side by side

01:07:02   But yeah, they should be consistent I think so I will have to rearrange the... So good has come from the roast

01:07:10   Yes, yes, this is a good point.

01:07:12   Or bad, depending on how you think of it.

01:07:14   The reading list shortcut, what does that do?

01:07:17   It's so sad. That is actually a Siri shortcut,

01:07:21   meaning it's the only way to open reading lists with shortcuts,

01:07:28   is to use one of those donated actions from the system,

01:07:34   and that's all it does.

01:07:35   It's a single action shortcut that opens reading lists in Safari.

01:07:39   Sorry. Now, that shortcut shouldn't be there. I didn't finish this home screen in time,

01:07:47   because I'm not using Reading List for Read Later links anymore. I don't know if you guys

01:07:54   saw, I'm using Reminders to keep my...

01:07:58   I heard this.

01:07:59   ...Read Later items.

01:08:00   So you have your tasks in Reminders, and your Read It Later things.

01:08:08   That's right.

01:08:11   What's wrong with that?

01:08:12   Why?

01:08:13   I can kind of get reminders.

01:08:15   I can kind of get reminders, right?

01:08:17   Because it does like the link previews and you can...

01:08:20   Exactly.

01:08:21   I get that.

01:08:22   No, I've been sending emails to Instapaper of tasks that I want to do.

01:08:25   I get it.

01:08:26   Yeah, yeah.

01:08:27   I fax my bills to Pocket and they pay them for me.

01:08:33   I get it.

01:08:35   Because with shortcuts, you can do some really nice things when it comes to just picking

01:08:42   articles.

01:08:43   Like, those articles, they stay in their own lists.

01:08:47   They don't bother me.

01:08:48   They don't have due dates.

01:08:49   But with shortcuts, I can use Reminders as a database, basically.

01:08:54   And you can do shortcuts like open random article, and I can save them in different

01:09:01   in like I have two lists, one called short stories and the other called long stories.

01:09:06   Oh, what goes to nuts.

01:09:08   Yes, the articles are saved with shortcuts because when I'm saving an article it checks

01:09:20   the word count of the article in Safari and it knows where to save.

01:09:25   No, but what? That's so good.

01:09:27   But where do you draw the line?

01:09:28   at 2,000 words I believe oh yeah it's pretty good wait you can sit 2,000 words

01:09:36   sure you read his iOS reviews yeah but still though 2,000 words is sure how

01:09:43   long does it take to read 2,000 words I actually don't know 50 minutes how long

01:09:47   does it take yeah 15 it's pretty clear yeah okay I thought that would take me

01:09:52   way longer yeah this is more of a micros than a federal yeah it's actually

01:09:57   out of myself. It's actually 20, it's 2,500, but yeah, basically it's a pretty short story.

01:10:03   Okay, and there are reminders. You have music and Marvis right next to each other.

01:10:07   Yes. Yeah, that's a good question. Why is that? I mean, if Marvis is so good,

01:10:13   why do you need the Apple Music app? I'm surprised you haven't complained about anything else.

01:10:18   Another thing, um, we're not done yet. Okay, because of, because of, I can feel the rose coming.

01:10:26   I know where it's going.

01:10:28   I'm looking right at it.

01:10:30   I know where it's going.

01:10:32   Because of lyrics, Stephen.

01:10:34   Because of the real-time lyrics.

01:10:36   That is a good feature in Apple Music.

01:10:40   Yes.

01:10:42   In Marvis, you can also quickly open music by double-tapping the mini-player at the bottom of the app.

01:10:52   the app. So if at any point you can switch over to the Apple Music app

01:10:56   because you want to control, you want to check the lyrics or, you know, there are

01:11:00   some features that you cannot see in Marvis. You can do so by double-tapping

01:11:04   the progress bar in Marvis, but I figured, you know, this is a music home screen.

01:11:09   I'm also putting it there.

01:11:12   I feel like the recently added albums widget that you

01:11:16   picked these albums for this screenshot because one says screen violence

01:11:23   that's a recent album yeah but like did he listen to it so it's a screen

01:11:27   violence on the home screen roast so I'm saying but my biggest problem here and

01:11:32   it is on all of your screens is you have a comma splice in your focus modes

01:11:38   shortcut no it's not yes it is pick a focus mode comma change your home

01:11:45   screen semicolon boy oh god I'm leaving the show I don't care about any of this

01:11:52   anymore bye oh geez can I get to my point now cuz like yeah what's your

01:11:58   point I thought you go after the comments why I know what it I know what

01:12:02   it is I know what it is I like that you know you may think to yourself hey on my

01:12:06   music home screen why would I need a reddit widget well the reason is so you

01:12:11   you can find out.

01:12:12   The top news in the audio files subreddit.

01:12:14   - Oh, look at that.

01:12:15   - At any moment, at any time, you might need it.

01:12:18   Hey, what are the audio files up to?

01:12:21   Can't wait a second.

01:12:22   Must get that headline directly on the home screen.

01:12:25   I don't want to go into any Reddit manually.

01:12:29   No, no, that's going to come to me.

01:12:32   I cannot wait a second.

01:12:35   What are the audio files complaining about today?

01:12:38   Stacked mono speakers, far superior than stereo.

01:12:41   Everyone knows that.

01:12:43   - I need my audio file inspo, you know?

01:12:46   It's a good way to see what the audio files are doing.

01:12:50   All these audio files, they have very large rooms,

01:12:53   and they have a cat, and they must have,

01:12:57   they have a lot of money, I suppose.

01:12:59   They take these pictures where nobody's ever around,

01:13:03   they have fancy setups.

01:13:06   I like those pictures.

01:13:08   It's one of those things where you're like,

01:13:09   it's like Pinterest, but for audio people, you know?

01:13:12   - It's inspo.

01:13:13   - It's inspo, it's audio file inspo, you know?

01:13:16   - Or inspo.

01:13:19   All right, I think I feel like we can release Federico now.

01:13:23   - And look at the subreddit.

01:13:25   - Oh, you shouldn't.

01:13:26   - These people have really bad cable management.

01:13:28   - Probably because if you tighten the cables too much,

01:13:31   the music can't get through.

01:13:32   - You need it to naturally follow the curve.

01:13:34   - It doesn't flow, you're choking the music

01:13:36   if you tie them.

01:13:37   (laughing)

01:13:39   - That's how you get discordant beats.

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01:15:51   - Now, by the way, for the record,

01:15:52   I wanna say that I will not accept

01:15:55   a comma splice correction by someone who doesn't believe

01:15:57   in the Oxford comma.

01:15:58   - Oh, it's getting worse.

01:16:00   I went to college to write as a journalist.

01:16:04   I feel like I have the high ground here.

01:16:05   You went to college in America.

01:16:07   I live in Europe.

01:16:08   Yeah, but the Oxford comma is not a hard and fast rule.

01:16:13   There are two schools of thought on it.

01:16:15   Yeah, and one is wrong.

01:16:16   There isn't a right or wrong.

01:16:17   Oh, yeah, there is one.

01:16:18   I agree.

01:16:19   I mean, I agree.

01:16:20   The Oxford comma is a fantastic device

01:16:22   because otherwise things just don't make sense sometimes.

01:16:25   I like how you're talking as if this

01:16:27   is going to remain in the episode.

01:16:28   - Myke, roll the dice again.

01:16:31   - I'm gonna heads or tails this one

01:16:32   because there's only two of us.

01:16:34   So I'll be heads and you'll be tails.

01:16:36   - Cruci.

01:16:37   - That's Sylvia.

01:16:38   (laughing)

01:16:41   - This is gonna happen forever.

01:16:43   I don't even know anymore,

01:16:45   like when we're gonna get these and who we're gonna get.

01:16:47   So Steven, it's your turn to be roasted.

01:16:51   Do you wanna spend 25 minutes explaining focus modes?

01:16:55   - Let's see how many car masks we find here.

01:16:58   (laughing)

01:17:00   - Oh, I really hope that there's a spelling error somewhere.

01:17:03   - Oh, see, he blurred out the commas in the widget.

01:17:07   See all those commas?

01:17:09   He blurred them out.

01:17:10   - I blurred out some things in my calendar

01:17:11   'cause it had my details about where my children are.

01:17:14   That felt like something I shouldn't have put on the internet.

01:17:15   - Yeah, but there could be commas.

01:17:17   There could be comma issues in those calendar events.

01:17:19   - He was using the Oxford comma,

01:17:21   but now he's too ashamed of like,

01:17:22   he's built up this persona against the Oxford comma.

01:17:25   So now he needs to blur out the widget.

01:17:27   So I use two home screens.

01:17:31   - It's not even that.

01:17:31   - And then the app library.

01:17:34   So I don't use focus modes,

01:17:36   I don't change out my home screens

01:17:37   depending on what creative mood I'm in like Federico.

01:17:40   So yeah, I mean, I really don't think

01:17:45   you're gonna find anything wrong with this.

01:17:47   So.

01:17:48   - Where's your wallpaper from?

01:17:49   Like I'm putting it in the show notes,

01:17:50   but where does it come from?

01:17:51   - It is from a collection that Knupsy did.

01:17:54   So I probably actually shouldn't give that away, so.

01:17:56   - No, you shouldn't share this.

01:17:58   If you have to pay for this, then you cannot be in the show notes.

01:18:00   - So you can see it in the background,

01:18:02   but it won't be in the show notes.

01:18:04   - All right, my initial thing that I noticed,

01:18:08   actually, I noticed like seven things at once,

01:18:10   but the first one that I need to mention is like,

01:18:12   "Hey, you need to add a task?"

01:18:14   - So that's a stack, because I do believe stacks are useful.

01:18:18   Normally that would be my task list,

01:18:21   but again, there were things in there I didn't want to share,

01:18:22   so I just dropped in the new task thing there

01:18:25   as a placeholder.

01:18:26   That's a nice way out of that.

01:18:27   Normally it is my list of tasks.

01:18:28   So which one of these is the home screen or the one on the left?

01:18:31   OK, one on the left.

01:18:33   OK. Is the Bible so you can pray for a better home screen?

01:18:37   Yes.

01:18:40   Yeah, that's true.

01:18:41   Is it so you could pray that you don't have to use group me anymore?

01:18:47   Yeah, I'm stuck in group me.

01:18:48   It's bad.

01:18:49   What is that about?

01:18:51   I got a group of friends that group me is where

01:18:55   - Still. - Where everyone is, yeah.

01:18:57   - I know every time we,

01:18:59   I know we have this conversation every time

01:19:01   and I just love, I love so much that it's there.

01:19:03   - And it's on the home screen right now

01:19:05   because that's particularly chatty right now.

01:19:08   - Hold up, group me, Slack, Discord, iMessage.

01:19:13   - Yeah.

01:19:15   - Got a lot of-- - Big chatty boy over there.

01:19:16   - Got a lot of friends.

01:19:18   - He's got a lot to say.

01:19:20   - Slack is how we run our business.

01:19:22   Discord is where our wonderful members are.

01:19:25   Get connected pro.co, you can be in the Discord.

01:19:28   iMessages, social stuff, friends, family,

01:19:31   and then GroupMe is just this one particular group of people

01:19:34   with this group, a couple of these group threads

01:19:36   that I stuck in.

01:19:37   - The phone.

01:19:41   - Yeah, the phone.

01:19:43   I'm an adult.

01:19:44   I have to make phone calls.

01:19:45   - That doesn't mean anything.

01:19:46   - I have to make phone calls.

01:19:48   I get phone calls.

01:19:50   - Do you have to have the app on the home screen

01:19:52   - To receive a phone call?

01:19:53   - You don't need the iPhone.

01:19:54   (laughing)

01:19:55   It doesn't work like that.

01:19:57   - I spend a lot of time recording each week

01:20:00   and I like to see if there's a badge

01:20:02   if I missed a call or a voicemail or something, so yes.

01:20:05   - The-- - Well, not yes.

01:20:07   - I got three kids at three of my schools.

01:20:09   Like, I need, you know, I get phone calls.

01:20:11   - Yeah, no, no, no, no, but what,

01:20:13   you said to receive a phone call,

01:20:14   you have to have the home screen.

01:20:16   - Oh, right, sure. - You don't have the home screen

01:20:16   and that's not true.

01:20:17   - I do receive a lot of phone calls,

01:20:19   but it's on the home screen 'cause I have to make calls

01:20:20   That's a good way to get to voicemail and stuff quickly.

01:20:23   - It's nice to see you got your dream journal

01:20:25   always at hand there, day one.

01:20:27   - Always at hand.

01:20:27   - The camera in the dock.

01:20:28   - Why do you use the white Slack icon?

01:20:30   Oh, camera in the dock?

01:20:32   What is that? - Camera in the dock.

01:20:34   Camera in the, I just wanna say camera in the dock.

01:20:36   - Let me answer the Slack question first.

01:20:37   The other two Slack icons I find displeasing visually.

01:20:42   - That I actually agree with you, the white icon

01:20:45   is the best icon. - No, no, no.

01:20:46   We'll find out about the best one shortly.

01:20:47   - No, the purple one's bad.

01:20:50   How do you know what one I've got?

01:20:51   - Well, I can just look into the show notes real quick.

01:20:53   - Don't look yet, that's the whole point of this.

01:20:55   - We all know you're using the purple icon.

01:20:57   - Yeah, and don't change it now

01:20:58   and re-upload your screenshot.

01:20:59   - Why would I?

01:21:00   I'm already using the best one.

01:21:01   Anyway, this isn't about me.

01:21:02   Why is the camera in the box?

01:21:04   - Because I want the camera to be in the same place

01:21:06   if my phone is locked or not.

01:21:07   I've explained this a hundred times, and it--

01:21:09   - So when you unlock your phone,

01:21:12   do you press and hold the camera icon?

01:21:13   - No, but it's in the same place, so I can just tap it.

01:21:16   - But you're not just tapping it when,

01:21:18   see, 'cause what you're trying to say here is,

01:21:19   "Oh, I need consistency of place."

01:21:22   But you don't have consistency of action.

01:21:23   - Well, that's Apple's fault.

01:21:24   I can only control what I control.

01:21:26   - Right, but I don't think that that means,

01:21:28   to me, that doesn't play what you've said.

01:21:30   Because if it's meant to be a muscle memory thing,

01:21:32   the muscles can't remember that.

01:21:34   It's two different actions.

01:21:35   - I want it in the same place.

01:21:36   - All right, what's Unwind?

01:21:38   - It's a Mac, sorry, Sparkcast.

01:21:40   - It is like a mindful breathing app.

01:21:43   Yeah, why don't you mock me about my anxiety now, huh, Myke?

01:21:45   Come at me.

01:21:46   - Yeah, ha ha, anxious boy.

01:21:48   I heard your joke Federico and it was good.

01:21:50   What did he say? What did he say?

01:21:52   It's a podcast.

01:21:53   (laughing)

01:21:56   You always losing things, Steven?

01:21:59   You lose things a lot?

01:22:01   The Find My?

01:22:02   Yeah.

01:22:03   Yeah, out of everything,

01:22:06   that is probably would be the first to go

01:22:07   if I had another app to promote onto the home screen.

01:22:10   Honestly.

01:22:11   Are you constantly in the settings there?

01:22:12   You know, you go to tweet some stuff.

01:22:13   Always.

01:22:14   Hey, settings used to be in my dock.

01:22:15   This is a very,

01:22:16   I've matured.

01:22:17   strange page. Like it starts... This is weird, like I... It doesn't have a theme, it doesn't

01:22:24   have an activity, it's like just random things. So I guess like... There are things here that

01:22:30   like I don't know what... No, I guess the approach is just apps that you use, but they're

01:22:35   not grouped in any particular way, because even the last row, there's home and ring,

01:22:40   and one may think, okay, this is like the home row, but then you have YouTube and settings.

01:22:45   So like, I like, here's Google maps, Google maps, find my like, okay, location, you know,

01:22:54   but then Google docs and the Bible.

01:22:55   Well, that kind of makes sense.

01:22:58   Like it's a document, it's Google docs, it's Google maps to find things and then find my

01:23:02   frequently, like copying things from the Bible into Google docs.

01:23:06   Is that what you do?

01:23:07   Look at the show notes every once in a while.

01:23:08   There's some good wizard in there copying them from the Bible and the scriptures finding

01:23:12   putting them in day one.

01:23:14   It's weird to me, Google Maps on the second screen is weird to me.

01:23:22   Because if you feel like you need maps, I feel like you just want them right there immediately

01:23:27   or you just, I don't know, search or just like use CarPlay.

01:23:31   I don't know.

01:23:32   It's like weird to me that you deem Google Maps important but not more important than

01:23:36   good lengths.

01:23:37   I do use Google Maps and CarPlay a lot.

01:23:39   It's on the second screen hanging out.

01:23:43   How many parcels do you get that you need right there?

01:23:45   Well a lot recently because I've been doing the fulfillment of the Kickstarter and now

01:23:49   the MagTricky.

01:23:51   Stuff coming in all the time.

01:23:52   Wait, are you tracking everyone's parcels?

01:23:54   No, no but stuff coming in.

01:23:56   So like I had to order more stickers.

01:23:57   I got to order more magnets.

01:23:59   That's ridiculous.

01:24:00   It's like copy and paste 1000 tracking numbers.

01:24:06   post office. It takes 20 minutes to open the application. The Pozol service sent me a cease

01:24:18   and desist. Yeah this second screen is like the first screen, group me strange, I can't

01:24:25   believe you're using another task manager, he's on good task now, but we already knew

01:24:29   he was doing that. Yeah it's pretty great. What other widgets are in these stacks? Let

01:24:35   - Let me get my phone.

01:24:35   Okay, so under the calendar,

01:24:39   there's a WidgetSmith one with the time zones

01:24:42   for San Francisco, New York, London, and Rome.

01:24:47   I use that quite a bit.

01:24:49   And I use like, what is it?

01:24:52   What's the ugly app that we found?

01:24:54   The clock?

01:24:55   Is that what it's called?

01:24:57   Yes, the clock.

01:24:58   I use that if I need more fine grain time zone stuff,

01:25:02   but the widget's close enough.

01:25:03   gets me there most of the time.

01:25:05   - Okay.

01:25:06   - The carrot stack is two carrot weather widgets.

01:25:08   One, the first one is the one you see there.

01:25:10   And then the second one is a radar

01:25:12   of the Memphis area where I live.

01:25:17   So I got my carrot stack.

01:25:19   - You live in Memphis?

01:25:20   - Underneath photos is day one.

01:25:23   And I have it set to the memory.

01:25:25   So I see one year ago, four years ago, six years ago.

01:25:28   So let's see, six years ago,

01:25:31   It's a screenshot of an iMessage between Myke and I.

01:25:34   Look at that.

01:25:34   - That's nice.

01:25:35   Is it a good one or a bad one?

01:25:37   - You were trying catchphrases.

01:25:41   So you had Boom Shakalaka and Scrum Diddly Dumptious.

01:25:44   (laughing)

01:25:45   - Oh, that's nice.

01:25:46   Well, I was--

01:25:47   - And we decided that was the one.

01:25:48   Scrum Diddly Dumptious. - Interesting.

01:25:50   Scrum Diddly Dumptious is what we're actually

01:25:52   looking for there.

01:25:53   I don't know what I needed that catchphrase for,

01:25:54   but that's good. - I don't know.

01:25:55   And then under the good task one,

01:25:57   I mean, it's good task.

01:25:58   It's usually my list of tasks.

01:26:01   - Okay, what is Good Links?

01:26:04   Is this like an Instapaper?

01:26:05   - Yeah.

01:26:05   - Or something?

01:26:06   - Read later, yeah.

01:26:07   - See, there's not much to say, it's pretty good.

01:26:10   - No, we said a lot.

01:26:11   - Pretty good.

01:26:12   - No, we said a lot, it's--

01:26:14   - It's not good.

01:26:15   - It doesn't really sell you as a person, this home screen.

01:26:19   - No, you have a bad home screen system here.

01:26:22   It's like, it's bad.

01:26:24   It's like, there's a lot of chat apps.

01:26:27   - Yeah.

01:26:28   And then there's like, just that second screen is so weird.

01:26:32   This is like a home screen.

01:26:33   It's got so much stuff on it.

01:26:35   This is like the home screen you get at Walmart.

01:26:38   This is like a home screen you just...

01:26:40   I'll have that one please.

01:26:42   Grabbed at a department store.

01:26:44   It's like, it's a bunch of stuff.

01:26:46   YouTube.

01:26:47   It's all things I need.

01:26:48   It's like, why is it there?

01:26:50   Do you not search?

01:26:52   I do.

01:26:53   Anything that's not on here, I search for.

01:26:55   So okay, so if you want to watch a YouTube video, right, do you scroll to the page and

01:27:00   hit the icon?

01:27:01   Yeah, it's a tough choice.

01:27:02   It's a swipe and tap.

01:27:03   It's between the Bible and YouTube.

01:27:06   Do I want to learn from God or from NKVHD?

01:27:10   So...

01:27:11   D.U. is an interesting choice there too, I think.

01:27:14   Why?

01:27:15   I use it for medication reminders.

01:27:17   You're going to mock me about my anxiety again, Myke?

01:27:19   Jeez.

01:27:20   Yes.

01:27:21   So your phone, you need the phone on the home screen so you see if you had a missed call.

01:27:27   But your medication, you're fine to not see if the badge is there.

01:27:30   Well the phone app doesn't send me a notification every 15 minutes like Do does.

01:27:35   That's true.

01:27:36   That's true, alright.

01:27:37   He's right about that.

01:27:38   Yeah, that's what Do is so good at.

01:27:40   I don't like this character you're creating for me by the way, that I have issues with

01:27:43   people with anxiety, this is not fair.

01:27:47   I don't like this.

01:27:48   Toxic masculinity, Michael.

01:27:49   Michael. Here we go. Now we're taking it too far. Again, we're not on me yet.

01:27:57   So let's do you. Are we done with Steven? Are we gonna release him? I think

01:28:01   we are. I think we are. We're done. So basically no changes were necessary. Thank you.

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01:29:35   So you can go ahead and open mine.

01:29:37   is this thing that I realized I didn't add after I saw Federico's which is my

01:29:42   like today thing. Oh yeah. But all that's in there is just a couple of like

01:29:47   shortcuts widgets with a bunch of shortcuts in them so that's the only

01:29:51   thing I use that for it's probably not that important I don't know you can tell

01:29:55   me if you feel like you desperately need it and I can give you another screenshot

01:29:59   but I'm not gonna put it in. See look you are using the purple slack icon. The best one.

01:30:04   I already told you. And the purple craft icon. Can we talk? That's not purple. What?

01:30:10   It's blue. Deep blue. Talk about what? The wallpaper, Myke. It's the best wallpaper.

01:30:18   I have no, there's no comment on this. It's great. It makes me feel happy. It's an

01:30:22   abomination. It's too busy. When I see it, it makes me feel happy. You want to take my

01:30:25   happiness away? Yeah. Yes. That's fair. That's fair. For the greater good. Well, you're never

01:30:31   gonna take it away from me so... Looks like the wallpaper from a doctor's office in the 70s?

01:30:39   Hotel. It's actual a photo of wallpaper in a hotel. Oh, I see. And this wallpaper is the wallpaper on

01:30:47   all of my devices. It's on my iMac, it's on my Mac Pro, and it's on my iPad. Isn't it?

01:30:51   Doesn't it bother you how the labels of the icons are not readable against the wallpaper?

01:30:59   I don't need to read them. I know what they are.

01:31:02   It'd be nice to be able to turn them off. I wish we could.

01:31:05   Yeah. I'm not like, "What app is that? Which is this? Oh, it's Discord."

01:31:09   That never happens to me. I don't know how you... Maybe it's difficult when you

01:31:13   have 25 home screens because of your various

01:31:15   like focus modes that you go through every day. I only see one at a time.

01:31:18   I can remember my apps. Just see one at a time. I got three items down here.

01:31:23   - Why, why?

01:31:25   - Why?

01:31:26   - Why is Timery, which is a great app, it's a great widget,

01:31:31   you have multiple Timery widgets,

01:31:33   which I guess we'll get to.

01:31:35   Why is it in the bottom right?

01:31:36   That seems like prime real estate for tapping an app icon.

01:31:40   That's why in my home screen, the widgets are where they are

01:31:43   because that's sort of far away from my thumb.

01:31:45   - It's prime real estate for one of the most important

01:31:49   things that I do on my iPhone which is open time-ery and set timers I also have

01:31:54   shortcuts underneath that for adding time to my time widget.

01:32:00   Have you thought about not time tracking?

01:32:02   No.

01:32:02   Interesting.

01:32:03   Why would I do that?

01:32:05   It's very freeing not to know.

01:32:07   Not to know what you're doing? Oh that sounds so free.

01:32:10   Stuff gets done.

01:32:11   Does it?

01:32:12   How often, okay look I love James but as we know he's a trader, how often are you using a

01:32:17   calculator that you needed on your home screen?

01:32:19   a lot. I use pcalc multiple times a day. But why not on your mac where you do your work?

01:32:25   You pull out your phone? Yeah. Like it on the phone? Yeah, I like it on the mac. I have the

01:32:32   little menu bar, but I also use up my phone a lot. So I don't know, it's there. I like it. I

01:32:38   like looking at the icon. I have it there. It's there. Well, there's nothing I would replace it

01:32:42   with, so I'm gonna keep it there because I do calculate a lot. I calculate. I'm calculating.

01:32:48   you also have the wrong icons for one password and overcast I was about to say

01:32:54   that thank you I am a dark mode user the applications have dark UI it wouldn't

01:33:01   like so for example overcast yeah right then why isn't todoist black yeah and

01:33:07   you have the red icon with the red badge all of todoists icons are ugly as that's

01:33:12   That's true.

01:33:13   That's why.

01:33:14   That's true.

01:33:15   They're all terrible, so I chose the red one.

01:33:18   Yeah, that makes it like the badge is like a wart growing out of the side of the icon.

01:33:23   They look so wrong.

01:33:24   Plus red is pretty prevalent in the application.

01:33:27   So like the overcast one for example, right?

01:33:29   It's orange and white.

01:33:31   There is no orange and white in my overcast.

01:33:34   It's blue and grey.

01:33:35   See, I used the dark mode in overcast, but I used the orange icon because in my mind

01:33:39   orange is like the brand color for overcast.

01:33:42   And orange should be in the dark mode too, I don't know.

01:33:44   Well he's redesigning it.

01:33:45   Make that happen, Marco.

01:33:47   Maybe it will, and then maybe I'll change it, but for now I'm blue and grey the whole

01:33:51   way, as they say.

01:33:53   Camera and Instagram, right next to each other.

01:33:55   Yep.

01:33:56   What, do you think I take all of my photos in Instagram and look at the Instagram feed

01:33:59   in camera?

01:34:00   What, what, what?

01:34:01   I just...

01:34:02   They're two completely different applications.

01:34:03   Why do you...

01:34:04   I mean, why do you need a camera on the home screen?

01:34:05   I got in trouble for camera on my home screen.

01:34:08   Because camera also serves as the photos.

01:34:11   for both. The issue with yours wasn't that you had camera. You could just use

01:34:16   camera from control center and put photos on the home screen. No because

01:34:20   then when I want, no because I don't I don't need that. Now I have both right? I

01:34:23   understand people always say this but I have both so I can use this one

01:34:27   application and just have a second tap I get to the camera roll and it's

01:34:31   fantastic and I love it. If I need to go to anything else I can tap again. I love it.

01:34:36   Look at this fancy boy that wants to see how much he's walked and all

01:34:41   the exercise is only 15 minutes of exercise though why do you need to know

01:34:48   how much you've walked today like how is why I like it I like to know what if you

01:34:56   don't feel the ring you're gonna go out for a walk at 11 p.m. no no I don't care

01:35:02   about meeting the goal I just like to know how much I've done this used to

01:35:06   just say the number and I tried out this I tried out this new one yesterday yeah

01:35:11   It looks nicer than just the number for sure.

01:35:13   - That's why I did it.

01:35:14   It looks, it's a bit more visually appealing.

01:35:16   - I think I know what it is

01:35:17   and I assume it's why it's blocked out,

01:35:19   but what is Train Beacon?

01:35:21   - It shows me train times between two locations,

01:35:24   which is my home and my studio.

01:35:26   - Which is obviously why it's blurred.

01:35:28   It's what I figured about, I just wasn't familiar with it.

01:35:30   - It's a cool one.

01:35:31   This, that's the stack by the way.

01:35:32   So it's two widgets.

01:35:34   One is one direction, one's the other direction.

01:35:35   - Oh, that's good. That's clever.

01:35:37   Notes and craft are side by side.

01:35:40   - Yup.

01:35:41   - Why are you splitting your notes apart?

01:35:43   - Because Kraft only has things to do with Cortex brand,

01:35:46   everything else is in notes.

01:35:47   - Your other company.

01:35:49   - My other company, yeah.

01:35:50   - Without us in it.

01:35:51   - Without you two in it, yeah.

01:35:52   - The other company also gets a widget on the last page.

01:35:56   - Yeah, there's no relay widget.

01:35:58   - Trying that one out.

01:35:59   So the reason, both the activity and the Kraft widget,

01:36:04   they are there because I'd previously had the,

01:36:08   I only had this third page because we had the fundraising widget.

01:36:11   Yeah.

01:36:11   Mm-hmm.

01:36:12   And then I just wanted to see, like, I'm with that page at the moment,

01:36:15   I'm just trying out other widgets and these were the two that I picked.

01:36:19   Uh, Relay isn't even in the stack.

01:36:21   It's just, uh...

01:36:22   Yeah, it's his old company.

01:36:24   Wait, what are we talking about?

01:36:26   What do you...

01:36:27   I mean, the Cortex brand, your fancy new company with your new best friend has a widget.

01:36:33   I don't have a Relay FM craft.

01:36:36   Prime spot on the home screen on the third page,

01:36:39   fancy widget, it gets blurred out

01:36:41   because of all the secrets.

01:36:42   - Secrets, ooh, we're making secret pins.

01:36:44   - Yeah, there's a lot of secrets.

01:36:46   Let me tell you, I'd say this,

01:36:47   there's no nice way for me to say it

01:36:48   as such, 'cause I say it the way that it is.

01:36:49   I made the mistake of intermingling all of my Relay FM,

01:36:53   everything with everything in my life, right?

01:36:55   So like, I don't have personal notes,

01:36:57   'cause personal notes and Relay FM notes, same place.

01:36:59   Like everything's all mixed in, all my email,

01:37:02   all in the same place, everything's all in the same place.

01:37:04   And so I decided with Cortex brand, I would not allow for that.

01:37:08   And I'm setting up, like I use a different email app.

01:37:11   I used it like just so it's all on its own thing.

01:37:13   So I'm in that mode. - Where is it?

01:37:14   - I get all that there.

01:37:15   - Where is it? - Where is what?

01:37:16   - The different email app. - Where is what?

01:37:18   - The different email app.

01:37:19   - Oh, it's not on my home screen.

01:37:20   It's Gmail.

01:37:21   I don't get enough email there that I need to worry about.

01:37:25   I use the Gmail app on my iPhone.

01:37:27   And my Mime stream, I don't know.

01:37:31   - Mime stream. - Mime stream.

01:37:33   MAMASTREAM on my Mac.

01:37:35   MAMASTREAM!

01:37:37   MAMASTREAM, that's good.

01:37:39   That's really good.

01:37:41   I have Gmail on my iPad home screen, but I don't have it on my iPhone home screen.

01:37:47   Yeah, that's for a different time.

01:37:49   Hmm.

01:37:51   It's all very busy.

01:37:53   Very busy.

01:37:55   I think because of the wallpaper, and the other thing that I've just noticed is that you're a big fan of Serif typefaces in WidgetSmith.

01:38:01   typefaces in Widgetsmith. I think that also makes it look busy.

01:38:05   Yeah, what's wrong with that?

01:38:08   I just think that looks really classy.

01:38:11   Clutter on the home screen is clutter in the mind.

01:38:15   Wait, where's the clutter? I don't see any clutter.

01:38:18   Oh, you don't see any clutter here! You don't!

01:38:21   No, there's no clutter!

01:38:23   It's impossible to clutter it! You can't clutter it, you can just fill it.

01:38:27   Yeah, it's impossible to clutter it more. That's what you mean, maybe.

01:38:31   - I mean, look at this.

01:38:31   - No, I've just filled it.

01:38:33   That's all I've done.

01:38:34   And I'll just say out of everyone,

01:38:35   I just have one home screen that has app icons on it.

01:38:39   The two of you, it's like, oh, I put them everywhere.

01:38:42   I have restrained my app icons.

01:38:45   - Oh, you've restrained yourself.

01:38:46   - You two, you two are just like, oh, I need more.

01:38:49   I need to throw this stuff over here

01:38:51   and this stuff over here.

01:38:52   I need 17 home screens.

01:38:53   - I mean, he's using focus modes,

01:38:55   which is a total fad anyways.

01:38:57   And you have two screens of widgets,

01:39:00   I mean, that feels a bit much.

01:39:03   - I am a big, big App Library user, just so you know.

01:39:06   - Not search?

01:39:07   - I use search too, but I use the App Library a lot as well.

01:39:10   - It just opens the App Library, it's like,

01:39:12   "Hmm, what am I in the mood for?

01:39:14   Oh, utilities or creativity?"

01:39:17   - Yes, what would pair nicely with this wine?

01:39:19   - You know what it does?

01:39:20   Hey, Federico, you know that widget that you love so much

01:39:24   with the Siri suggestions?

01:39:25   It's just that, but more of them.

01:39:27   - Yeah, but at least it doesn't categorize them.

01:39:30   It's like, yes, I want to do, I want to do creativity now.

01:39:34   Why do I care about categories?

01:39:35   What do I care about categories?

01:39:37   Nothing, but it shows me more applications I want to use.

01:39:39   Badges, badges for Discord, but no badges for Spark.

01:39:48   No, because badges for Spark would be terrible.

01:39:53   It's got to stay on your email better.

01:39:55   I have badges.

01:39:56   I'm not, I'm not sure why I have badges for Discord.

01:39:59   I go back and forth.

01:40:00   I do just for the admin channel.

01:40:03   Or maybe I just have push notifications for that

01:40:05   and no badges, I forget, but.

01:40:07   I don't think you can choose where you want your badges.

01:40:09   Yeah, then I think I have no badges on Discord,

01:40:11   but I get push notifications in the admins and mods

01:40:14   in case somebody does something we need to address.

01:40:16   What is the Mega Studio Timer?

01:40:19   Oh yeah.

01:40:20   What are you tracking?

01:40:22   Why specifically a Mega Studio Timer?

01:40:24   It is time spent dealing with stuff here.

01:40:29   connected pro listeners will know I had internet issues today.

01:40:32   So that was an hour and 17 minutes up to that point of trying to fix my internet

01:40:36   problems. So you're tracking everything in your day? No, no, no.

01:40:40   Like if I wasn't working, like wasn't actively working on something,

01:40:45   there's no timer running. This was like,

01:40:47   I was spending a bunch of time today. Like there was also some other stuff.

01:40:50   I was just like setting some stuff up at the studio. So I was tracking that.

01:40:54   Um, it's very rare actually. It's kind of funny.

01:40:56   It's very rare that the mega studio timer is used,

01:40:59   but it's just turns out to be that today I used it a lot

01:41:02   because of things outside of my control.

01:41:04   - I also find, and we've talked about this,

01:41:07   but I find your time tracking system to blow my mind

01:41:11   because your top categories are things like editing

01:41:15   or recording or show prep.

01:41:17   And when I was time tracking, I did per show

01:41:21   'cause I wouldn't know how much time I spent

01:41:22   on connected versus MPU, et cetera.

01:41:25   - Their tax.

01:41:26   - Yeah, but then you gotta, it's like one layer down.

01:41:28   So it's like your camera, open the camera,

01:41:31   open the camera app to look at your photos.

01:41:34   - But it's not so important for me

01:41:36   that I have to know a top level

01:41:39   which show I'm spending time on.

01:41:40   - See, I mean, that's what really kind of surprised me

01:41:43   'cause I wanna know that.

01:41:44   In fact, I track my income monthly based per show.

01:41:49   So I can know like, oh, I'm spending eight hours a week

01:41:52   on this show and it makes this or 10 hours versus that.

01:41:56   It's very easy for me to get that information in Timery

01:42:00   and also in the toggle website.

01:42:02   You just, instead of filtering by project,

01:42:04   you just fill up a tag.

01:42:05   I have both pieces of information,

01:42:09   which is also very helpful.

01:42:11   - Federico.

01:42:12   You and I both have social apps in our doc.

01:42:17   - Yeah.

01:42:19   - Myke's doc is all business.

01:42:20   Do you notice this?

01:42:21   You notice this flex on us?

01:42:23   Like, do you really think to do this?

01:42:24   Do you, Federico, do you really think

01:42:26   to do us as in Myke's iPhone dock,

01:42:28   or do you think he switched it with messages

01:42:30   for the screenshot?

01:42:31   - No, no, I think it's, you know,

01:42:33   I mean, the man is running two companies.

01:42:35   He's an easy boy. - I know.

01:42:36   - He's all about work, no time for social.

01:42:38   - I'm very busy.

01:42:39   I don't care about my friends.

01:42:41   I don't leave that you make me money.

01:42:44   (laughs)

01:42:45   - I just wanna know who you left unread in messages for this.

01:42:48   - Who was that?

01:42:51   - He used to hang out with us,

01:42:53   used to, you know, spend time on Twitter,

01:42:55   do the memes, now it's all business, #hahabusiness.

01:43:00   So yeah.

01:43:01   - That is me actually, that's my,

01:43:03   the haha business guy is my spirit animal.

01:43:04   - He's doing GTD, he's doing Spark,

01:43:07   he's doing some browsing.

01:43:09   - There are some stacks here by the way,

01:43:10   Fantastic Cow lives under Carrot weather.

01:43:12   - Interesting.

01:43:13   - That's just where that is.

01:43:14   - I figured you'd want the calendar front and center,

01:43:16   I just actually just realized this,

01:43:17   you don't have a calendar front and center.

01:43:19   - It's smart rotating, and otherwise I know where they are,

01:43:23   it's nice and easy for me that way,

01:43:25   I like, I actually kind of like it. I at first thought, oh, I don't know if this is going to work for me.

01:43:29   So the smart rotate's pretty good. I haven't ever tried it.

01:43:32   I would say so because I very, I would say I very infrequently feel like, oh, this isn't what I want.

01:43:38   Like, I don't feel like I have that feeling because if I did, I would not have stuck with it, you know?

01:43:45   I think another stack you could do is combining the steps and the fitness,

01:43:52   and they just have like a buff mic but they're not the right they're not the right shape we can

01:43:58   make a widget smith widget however you want can you make a medium step counting widget maybe

01:44:04   yeah maybe i could do that actually because that's the activity is is new like i wasn't sure if that

01:44:10   was something that i wanted i actually do actually really like that widget i think it's a really

01:44:15   nicely done so i may do that but then i'm gonna have to change stuff up because if i want it on

01:44:20   that second home screen still. I'm gonna, you see, now to me to do what I've done there,

01:44:25   I have to like... It cascades. Mess that up big time. It cascades. I mean, one thing you

01:44:30   could do is you could have your two photo widgets side by side because... I kind of like

01:44:36   that they're not side by side. I like that they're, I like the diagonal. I like the diagonal.

01:44:43   It's just a thing. I don't want them side by side. Why, if, you know, then I would just

01:44:47   have a medium, which I like that they break things up. I would say clearly I have the

01:44:52   best home screen because the only thing... No, I think I won the... I think I obviously

01:44:56   won the roast. No, no, no. I... yeah, you won the roast by having the worst and then

01:45:03   I've had the best. So I lose the roast, but that's perfectly fine. I had the best narrative

01:45:09   around my home screen. So... No, because really that narrative has only opened you up for

01:45:16   further mocking, so I don't actually think that it's worked in the way that you want

01:45:20   it to. The narrative fascinates people, and you know that I'm a man of the people, so

01:45:25   the people will agree with me. Are the people using focus modes? I don't think they are.

01:45:30   Yes, our people are. And you would never know because you can't reach them. Anyway, I'm

01:45:37   hungry and dinner is, I ordered pizza tonight, so if you guys can please. You said roast

01:45:42   too many times I think is the problem. Yes and if you can let me go I would like that pizza.

01:45:47   It's good to know that I won the roast. Also it was exhausting to, it's actually exhausting to

01:45:53   roast you guys like it's. Because you have to work so hard to try and find things that are

01:45:59   wrong with my home screen. Yeah no it's I don't like complaining too much. It's, it's, it's.

01:46:06   Is that true? Is that true?

01:46:09   Well, we're not to my friends.

01:46:12   You know, I mean, you're fine, you know.

01:46:15   I had to push myself to my limits here.

01:46:18   It requires a lot of energy.

01:46:20   I'm so lucky to find things that were wrong with me.

01:46:21   No, that's, oh God, no.

01:46:24   I get it, it's okay. You've lost the roast.

01:46:26   I understand.

01:46:27   No. I understand.

01:46:28   No, you don't. You don't understand.

01:46:30   If you want to find links to our iPhone home screens

01:46:33   to make your own judgment,

01:46:35   You can find them in the show notes.

01:46:37   They are at relay.fm/connected/371.

01:46:42   Also links to the other stuff we spoke about,

01:46:43   including MagTricky.

01:46:46   MagTricky.com.

01:46:48   Orders end this week on Thursday, November 11th.

01:46:52   I'm gonna shut 'em off.

01:46:54   So get your order in.

01:46:55   One.

01:46:56   - Win an iPod Mini.

01:46:57   - Win a HomePod.

01:46:59   - HomePod Mini. - HomePod Mini.

01:47:01   - iPod.

01:47:03   - I don't wanna give an iPod Mini away.

01:47:05   - Okay.

01:47:06   - So go do that, magtricky.com.

01:47:08   You can find us all online.

01:47:10   You can find Federico on Twitter as Vitici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:47:14   He's his tweet bot, you know?

01:47:16   Did you know?

01:47:17   - I do now.

01:47:18   - I do now.

01:47:19   Yeah, he's the editor-in-chief of magstories.net.

01:47:22   Federico, anything fun coming up on Magstories?

01:47:25   - We are working,

01:47:27   we have finalized the list of Magstory selects,

01:47:31   But we are announcing the readers,

01:47:35   we are opening up the Readers' Choice Award voting process

01:47:40   this Friday with some news from last year, so stay tuned.

01:47:46   We'll announce it on Friday.

01:47:48   - Okay.

01:47:49   With some news.

01:47:51   - Yes.

01:47:52   - Instead of trophies, the winners all get a puppy.

01:47:54   - I would love to do that, but no, it's still a trophy.

01:47:59   - Okay. - This year.

01:48:00   Is it a trophy of a puppy?

01:48:02   - Yes, you got it.

01:48:05   - Oh, it spoiled the surprise.

01:48:07   - It's a picture.

01:48:09   - That makes so much sense.

01:48:11   - Steven, you spoiled everything.

01:48:14   - I'm sorry.

01:48:15   - Steven, why?

01:48:16   - Yeah.

01:48:17   - Now he's gonna have to change it.

01:48:18   - Yeah.

01:48:19   - That was gonna be it.

01:48:20   And now it's gonna be something else.

01:48:21   - Now it's gonna be a picture of Steven

01:48:23   inside of each trophy.

01:48:24   There's a photo of Steven from different points,

01:48:28   different eras of his life.

01:48:30   and every award category will have a comma splice in it.

01:48:34   - Best comma Mac app.

01:48:37   That's how we're gonna do it.

01:48:39   (sighs)

01:48:40   Some bloggers used to write like that, so.

01:48:42   - I mean, honestly, I don't understand

01:48:45   what a comma splice even is.

01:48:47   I don't know what it means, so.

01:48:49   - He's got a degree in journalism, so believe the guy.

01:48:52   He got a degree from a university in America.

01:48:55   - He never mentioned that before, Stephen.

01:48:57   Do you have a journalism degree?

01:48:58   in America, you know?

01:49:00   So, you know, it's the real deal.

01:49:02   - The home of journalism in the New York Times?

01:49:05   Wow.

01:49:06   - From the land of the free

01:49:07   and the land of the journalists.

01:49:09   So, you know, it's-

01:49:10   - Wow.

01:49:11   - Yeah.

01:49:12   - Yeah.

01:49:13   - I had no idea.

01:49:14   - You can find-

01:49:15   - That's so cool.

01:49:16   - Myke on Twitter.

01:49:17   - Do you feel like you're putting your journalism degree

01:49:19   to good use?

01:49:20   - That's a great question.

01:49:21   (both laughing)

01:49:23   - Was the money worth it in the end?

01:49:24   'Cause now you can identify commerce splices

01:49:28   widgets perfect you could follow Myke on Twitter I am YKE Myke tell people about

01:49:35   our stream on Friday depends on the internet but yeah if my internet is

01:49:43   working on Friday at 9 a.m. Pacific 12 Eastern Time 5 p.m. GMT

01:49:50   Steven and myself and Jason Snell are gonna be on Myke.live my twitch stream

01:49:56   We're gonna be building keyboards together, which will be a lot of fun.

01:50:00   I'm gonna help Steven put together a keyboard and then the keyboard that I build, I'm sending

01:50:03   to Jason Snell.

01:50:05   Internet permitting.

01:50:06   I have a giant pile of boxes here to go through.

01:50:10   That's keyboards take boxes.

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