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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 369.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   Trade Coffee, CleanMyMacX, and Pingdom.

00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hello.

00:00:23   - Hello, sir.

00:00:24   - How are you?

00:00:25   - I'm good.

00:00:26   We're also joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:28   - Hey guys.

00:00:29   Hi.

00:00:29   Hello.

00:00:30   We've got a big show today.

00:00:32   We have a lot of good stuff.

00:00:34   Are you all big Halloween people?

00:00:35   No.

00:00:37   Um, well, I wasn't one until I discovered the joy of dressing up my dogs.

00:00:44   Mmm.

00:00:46   Oh, here we go.

00:00:47   What do you do?

00:00:48   I don't think I've seen any evidence of this.

00:00:51   Oh, no, I shared pictures.

00:00:52   Oh, well, we didn't do it last year because we were in lockdown again and we were very bummed about it.

00:00:59   But a couple of years ago, we dressed up Zelda as a pumpkin and Ginger as the devil.

00:01:06   And that was incredibly funny.

00:01:08   Poor Ginger.

00:01:10   What did Ginger do to deserve that?

00:01:13   I was like a handmade costume that Sylvia made.

00:01:16   It was incredible. Honestly incredible.

00:01:18   No, but like, why does Zelda get pumpkin?

00:01:21   Ginger is the devil.

00:01:22   The devil.

00:01:23   Because she strikes me as like a very elegant devil.

00:01:29   We believe that Ginger is the more sort of stylish and elegant dog,

00:01:34   whereas Zelda is more of the likes to play rough, you know, kind of...

00:01:40   She's messy and...

00:01:42   - So she belongs in the dirt, hence pumpkin. - Yes, exactly.

00:01:47   is more like and she's you know she's kind of yeah she is she's uh she strikes me as a pumpkin

00:01:52   whereas Ginger was like yes you can be a fancy devil and we were crying like it was just so funny

00:02:00   and ideally uh we would like to dress them up again uh i really wanted to get one of those

00:02:09   skeleton dog costumes for ginger.

00:02:13   I don't think she that's going to be incredible if we find it.

00:02:17   And maybe Zelda, we can dress up as a spider or something. I don't know.

00:02:21   We'll see. You should look into spider costumes for dogs.

00:02:25   They are incredible. I'm not going to look. I don't want to do that.

00:02:28   Stephen, are you a Halloween person? No, but I have children,

00:02:33   so I have to fake it every year. So you have to be. Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

00:02:37   So what we're saying is this is the spooky episode.

00:02:42   Josiah's just wearing the Pikachu outfit

00:02:44   from the podcast-a-thon.

00:02:45   That's his Halloween.

00:02:49   Wait, does that fit him?

00:02:51   It's a little big, but it's close.

00:02:54   He's getting tall.

00:02:55   He's almost as tall as Mary.

00:02:57   No way.

00:02:58   Too long.

00:03:00   Okay, so we have some follow-up.

00:03:03   Steve had a suggestion.

00:03:05   What was the suggestion, Myke?

00:03:06   that the trophy changing that will occur now

00:03:09   at the end of every Ricky's where we have to adapt

00:03:12   our trophies to potentially correct

00:03:15   who is now the annual or keynote chairman

00:03:19   could be called the closing ceremonies of the Ricky's

00:03:23   and I would like to, I endorse this

00:03:26   and I would like to put it to the group.

00:03:28   - Obviously yes, this is a good idea.

00:03:31   - Yeah, I like it. - Okay, great.

00:03:33   So maybe we can add this in as a potential amendment now

00:03:36   'cause this is how it works.

00:03:37   We're not doing the Ricky's, so we can't.

00:03:39   - Right.

00:03:40   - And we actually might have another amendment

00:03:42   that we might wanna add in a minute,

00:03:44   but there is a, this can now be put forward

00:03:47   as an amendment for future Ricky's discussion

00:03:49   that the final trophy changing

00:03:52   will be the closing ceremonies.

00:03:54   - Currently there are five pending comments

00:03:55   in that part of the Google Doc to deal with.

00:03:58   - Let's just, so let's just do this now.

00:04:01   So there could also be a secondary sub-amendment

00:04:05   to this amendment because of magtricky.com.

00:04:09   Do you wanna tell people what magtricky.com is, Stephen?

00:04:12   - I do wanna talk about magtricky.

00:04:15   Magtricky.com.

00:04:17   Our trophies are amazing.

00:04:19   They make us feel good, they bring joy.

00:04:23   I mean, I'm not currently on it,

00:04:24   so it makes me a little sad,

00:04:25   but it makes me happy for my friends.

00:04:27   We have decided that everyone should be able to take part

00:04:31   in tracking the Ricky winners.

00:04:34   the closing ceremonies, the closing ceremonies.

00:04:37   So if you go to magtricky.com,

00:04:41   this is a site that we have put together in the last week

00:04:43   because this was an idea that happened

00:04:44   after the show on Wednesday.

00:04:46   - Yeah. (laughs)

00:04:47   - Now it's a product.

00:04:48   Magtricky is a magnetic winner,

00:04:54   a magnetic chairman tracker.

00:04:57   So it's a kit, it's a kit.

00:05:00   You get a four inch magnet

00:05:03   That is the connected globe artwork.

00:05:05   And you also get three smaller, very strong magnets, two silver

00:05:11   ones and one gold one.

00:05:13   And you can use those to keep up with who the current chairman are.

00:05:17   So for example, right now, Myke is the annual winner and

00:05:23   Federico is the event winner.

00:05:25   So you would have a silver magnet where the lines cross over London and

00:05:29   one where the lines cross over Rome.

00:05:32   If you are just now realizing that the lines intersect

00:05:35   over the cities where we live,

00:05:37   that's the Easter egg in the artwork

00:05:38   that sometimes we get tweets about it like,

00:05:40   "Oh, I just realized it.

00:05:41   We're playing into this."

00:05:42   But let's say next April,

00:05:45   when I am both the annual winner and the event winner

00:05:49   after the March Apple event,

00:05:52   then you would put the gold magnet over Memphis.

00:05:55   That's how you can keep up with who has won.

00:05:58   Each kit also comes with two stickers of the Ricky artwork

00:06:01   our friend Lex who does the wonderful rickys.co. We're very excited about this. Go check it out.

00:06:09   magtricky.com. Mag? Mag? Mag tricky. Not Mac. Who said Mac? Mag tricky. Okay, okay. Magtricky.com.

00:06:19   It's like magsafe, but it's tricky. It's not safe, it's tricky. So mag tricky. Magtricky.com. So you

00:06:26   get the one main magnet, a set of stickers, and then three smaller magnets so you can track.

00:06:30   A mag tricky pack costs $10 and pre-orders of going from now until November 11th.

00:06:39   Orders will ship by the end of the month from Steven's very own pod cabin.

00:06:43   For some reason, unbeknownst to anybody on this show, except maybe Steven, Steven chose

00:06:49   to do the fulfillment for this project.

00:06:51   Look, he's got a thing for packages, man.

00:06:53   You know, I think he does.

00:06:54   He likes to do it.

00:06:55   I have all this stuff.

00:06:59   I will say though, uh, it does require a little bit of special shipping because

00:07:04   the post office is very specific about mailing magnets.

00:07:10   And the reason is they use metal machines to sort mail.

00:07:15   And so if your package gets sucked to the side of the metal thing, it's in that

00:07:20   was, that was very good. What's that sound. Okay. Is that you?

00:07:24   Yeah. It's like a magnet. Whoa. How are you doing?

00:07:27   air in and then clapping my hands. Oh, it's so good. Have you ever thought about doing

00:07:32   sound effects for like movies or TV shows instead of podcasts? I should. I really should

00:07:37   do that. Yeah. Maybe, you know, if really ever goes under, I can do that. You got to

00:07:43   create a sizzle reel, you know, if you're just making loads of different sounds. Yeah.

00:07:48   So we have to ship them in small boxes. I tested this thoroughly. I shipped things to

00:07:53   myself I got a note from the post office about it it's very complicated so we

00:07:58   have to ship them in little boxes so unfortunately the shipping is more

00:08:00   expensive than we would like I apologize for that it's kind of it's the only way

00:08:04   to get these out so I know it's a little bit of a bummer but we did what we could

00:08:07   so mag tricky calm once you need to start shipping something in a box so

00:08:14   then it's thick enough that the magnets won't stick to something that's magnetic

00:08:17   yep you start hitting some flat rates I know like look hey me and Federico live

00:08:21   outside of the United States of America. So if you live outside the United States

00:08:25   of America, you say this is so expensive to ship to outside the United States of

00:08:28   America, we paid it too, all right? We're all in this together. If you want a mag

00:08:32   tricky and you want to be really super cool and track us with the magnets, pay

00:08:36   the shipping price. If you don't wanna, you also don't have to. Or, you know, you

00:08:41   could fly to Memphis and Steven will hand-deliver them to you in person. That

00:08:47   - That will also is a service that we provide.

00:08:49   - That is quite the promise.

00:08:51   - Yeah, it's the VIP level treatment.

00:08:54   - You know, love logistics so much, you know.

00:08:57   That's quite a logistical challenge.

00:08:58   - Yeah, I guess so.

00:09:01   Yeah, so MagTricky, you have until November 11th

00:09:04   to pre-order and they will be shipping in December.

00:09:09   - MagTricky.com.

00:09:10   - MagTricky.com.

00:09:12   We're very excited about this.

00:09:14   - As you can tell.

00:09:15   So iOS 15.1 came out, right?

00:09:18   It shipped with a toggle for the macro mode thing.

00:09:22   And everyone that I've seen report on this,

00:09:25   including our friend Federico, just says, like,

00:09:27   "Hey, they changed the macro thing

00:09:29   so it doesn't automatically switch anymore."

00:09:31   And that's what we believed was going to happen.

00:09:33   Great news.

00:09:35   I tested this.

00:09:36   It doesn't do the same macro stuff.

00:09:38   And I want to talk about this on the show to see if, like,

00:09:42   I'm doing something wrong here

00:09:44   or if everybody else is experiencing this,

00:09:46   because everywhere that I've read is just like,

00:09:48   hey, they've changed the automatic macro mode switching,

00:09:51   so now it won't do that, and all you have to do

00:09:53   is switch to the ultra-wide camera,

00:09:56   and you can take macro photos.

00:09:58   But if you do this in comparison to side-by-side,

00:10:00   one looks like it's just a really close ultra-wide photo,

00:10:04   and the other, with the automatic switching,

00:10:06   looks like a macro thing.

00:10:07   So they're doing some kind of cropping and something

00:10:10   with the automatic switching

00:10:11   that I don't think they're doing

00:10:13   if you turn off the automatic switching.

00:10:15   So like, I feel like I'm losing my mind here

00:10:17   because why is nobody talking about this?

00:10:20   - Yeah, I feel like it's very confusing

00:10:23   the way that the toggle is phrased.

00:10:26   And I think it's also confusing

00:10:28   because at least in my experience,

00:10:29   you can manually switch to the ultra wide,

00:10:33   get close to the subject,

00:10:35   and it will focus on the subject.

00:10:38   But to your point, I think you're right.

00:10:40   The difference is the auto cropping

00:10:42   because you still get the edge distortion

00:10:45   from the ultra-wide lens if you use this manual mode,

00:10:50   but you are able to focus on a very close subject.

00:10:54   Like I just did it again now.

00:10:56   The camera, if I disable auto macro mode,

00:11:00   open the camera app, switch to the ultra-wide,

00:11:03   get close to this remote in front of me,

00:11:06   it can focus on the buttons of the remote,

00:11:10   but I do see the distortion at the edges of the viewfinder

00:11:15   because I think you're right.

00:11:17   You can make it work and sort of fake your way

00:11:21   around macro mode,

00:11:23   but you get the weirdness of the lens distortion.

00:11:28   Now, I don't understand why.

00:11:31   There can't just be like a section or a button

00:11:36   in the camera app that says macro,

00:11:38   and you open it, like in my mind,

00:11:41   what should happen here is if you disable auto macro mode

00:11:46   and you wanna use macro photography still,

00:11:49   you get a button or you get a section

00:11:52   inside of the camera app.

00:11:53   Otherwise, if I disable auto macro,

00:11:57   what am I supposed to do?

00:11:58   Like if I disable auto macro, like Apple is telling me,

00:12:01   "Hey, do you wanna disable the setting

00:12:03   "that automatically switches lenses for you?"

00:12:06   And I'm like, yeah, I don't wanna have an automatic switch.

00:12:09   I wanna do it manual.

00:12:10   Okay, great, I disabled the switch.

00:12:12   And now Apple seems to tell you,

00:12:14   oh, well, now you're on your own

00:12:16   if you disabled that switch.

00:12:18   We're not gonna give you any button

00:12:20   or any explanation whatsoever in the camera app.

00:12:23   That's very confusing.

00:12:25   - So I just sent you two pictures

00:12:27   and I'll put these in the show notes.

00:12:29   So this is of my wonderful stuffed Ricky

00:12:34   that we got as a beautiful gift.

00:12:35   This is, the camera is from the exact same distance.

00:12:40   The one on the left, or like the first image,

00:12:43   is with, like in ultra wide,

00:12:46   with the auto macro toggle off, right?

00:12:49   And focused on what's going on, like a tap to focus.

00:12:54   And then the one on the right

00:12:55   is with the auto macro mode switching thing.

00:12:58   - Yeah, they're cropping it.

00:13:01   - But they're cropping it, they're also doing,

00:13:03   I think something like they're doing, I don't know,

00:13:07   some of their sharpening or whatever they do, you know?

00:13:11   And it's vastly different.

00:13:13   It's like it might as well just be

00:13:15   a completely different setting.

00:13:17   This isn't what I think people thought it was gonna be,

00:13:21   which is you'll still get the same results.

00:13:24   All you have to do is just, you'll get the same results,

00:13:28   but now you just have to go into the ultra wide.

00:13:30   They're completely different.

00:13:32   And so I would like an actual proper toggle or something for this,

00:13:36   because right now we don't have that.

00:13:38   Yeah, I hope that in the just released 15.2 beta,

00:13:45   there will be more changes for macro photography,

00:13:48   because like they thought they fixed the problem and they really didn't.

00:13:52   At this point, the camera app is so full of buttons,

00:13:57   I don't understand why just add another one.

00:14:00   I mean, you already have a problem going on with all those UI elements in the camera app.

00:14:07   Adding another button for your major new feature on the 13 Pro, what's the big deal?

00:14:14   Given all the other icons that you already have, I mean, just one more, you know?

00:14:19   Just one more.

00:14:20   I think what this feature actually does is what it says it does, but it's not what people

00:14:24   thought it was going to do.

00:14:25   What it does is it stops the macro switching, but that also turns, like it just disables

00:14:30   that feature in the way that it has been implemented otherwise.

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00:17:29   We now have a bunch of tiny topics to deal with.

00:17:32   Can I talk about AirTags?

00:17:34   Please.

00:17:35   AirTags have been out since the spring, six, seven, eight months, something like that.

00:17:40   Apple has said that the battery should last about a year.

00:17:42   You know, they're very,

00:17:43   the, you know, the little coin batteries,

00:17:49   I forget the number that they are,

00:17:50   CR 3032, I think. - Four.

00:17:52   So just number four.

00:17:54   - Number four, battery number four.

00:17:55   - Number four battery.

00:17:56   - Number four battery.

00:17:58   And I have had my first one die on me.

00:18:01   So the other morning I woke up

00:18:03   and I had a Find My notification saying,

00:18:05   "Hey, the AirTag assigned to your keys,

00:18:08   the battery's getting ready to go.

00:18:11   And by the afternoon it was totally dead.

00:18:14   I would have expected-- - Wow, you got no time.

00:18:17   - I would have expected a little more warning on that.

00:18:19   - Wow. (laughs)

00:18:20   - I don't have those batteries laying around,

00:18:22   so I went and bought a little pack of them

00:18:23   at the drug store.

00:18:24   But the one in my backpack is still like 80%.

00:18:29   The one I keep in my truck is still 100%.

00:18:32   So I don't know what happened with this AirTag,

00:18:36   or maybe because it's on my keys,

00:18:37   like it's just more active. I don't, I don't really know.

00:18:42   Uh, I'm very curious, you know,

00:18:44   if y'all have your phones handy to see how your batteries are doing on your air

00:18:47   tags.

00:18:47   And I want to hear from people if you're having a rapid air tag battery death,

00:18:52   I put, I put new, a new battery in it. It seems fine.

00:18:55   I'm gonna keep an eye on it. If this next one drains fast,

00:18:58   maybe this air tag is a little bit, uh,

00:19:01   how do you check the, uh, oh yeah, there's an icon.

00:19:05   go to items and like click each one of them and you get a little battery

00:19:09   it doesn't give you a number it just gives you an icon so i just sort of mine are all full

00:19:14   they're all full have you left that air tag steven like in the cold for example or

00:19:19   i don't think so i would have figured the one in my truck would have been if any of them were

00:19:24   going to die because of environmental factors that one right because the truck just gets parked in

00:19:28   the sun all the time but i don't know people in the discord are like yeah all of mine are totally

00:19:33   fine so maybe I just had a weird you got a dubbed battery or a dud air tag like

00:19:37   maybe one of the two maybe you have a curse Wow

00:19:41   that's a really good explanation maybe you are cursed did you consider that I

00:19:52   feel like you should have considered that like it's kind of honestly it's

00:19:56   kind of disrespectful that you came to this episode with this problem without

00:19:59   without actually considering if you had a curse first.

00:20:01   Maybe you have like a lithium curse on you.

00:20:06   Maybe you like just suck the lithium out of the battery.

00:20:11   Did you consider that?

00:20:12   Like it is the one that's closest to you most of the time,

00:20:14   like it's in your pocket.

00:20:15   Yeah, you're like a Metroid, but for lithium batteries,

00:20:18   you suck the energy out of them.

00:20:20   Just, you know.

00:20:21   Just take it and you're more lithium than man.

00:20:28   What is oh hang on what is your battery health on your phone?

00:20:33   Well my phone's brand new.

00:20:35   I wanna see what your battery health is. Go take a look at your battery health.

00:20:39   I want to see if maybe you've sucked the lithium out of your phone too.

00:20:43   Settings, battery, battery health. Yeah it's 100%.

00:20:48   Yeah just like two weeks old.

00:20:50   It's 110% so you've got 10% less.

00:20:54   Because you took the lithium right out of it.

00:20:57   Maybe. Maybe you're taking the lithium out of the air tag and putting it into the fun.

00:21:01   So I put a new battery in it and if this if it dies again quickly I'll chalk it up to like a

00:21:07   bum air tag I guess and then maybe I do like try to get applicator replace an air tag like oh that

00:21:12   would be like. Apple totally got me by the way I haven't spoken about this but they've got me so

00:21:16   bad with the air tags. You just have like dozens of them? I bought 12 of them now. That's a lot of

00:21:23   of air tax. What are you tagging bags? So I take so okay, if I buy them, I buy packs

00:21:30   of four right because you're going to find something to do with them. Eventually I have

00:21:36   four and adena has four and now I have bought another four to put on to my suitcase like

00:21:43   one on each of our main suitcase suitcases because we've not used those, but we're hopefully

00:21:47   going to use those in like a month, right? Because I don't want to be changing them over

00:21:52   because they're named, right? So like I don't want one which is like, oh I've got this tag on my

00:21:58   backpack, right? And then take that tag and put it on my suitcase and rename it every time because

00:22:04   I'm going to get confused, right? So I now just have like, well I was going to say a million,

00:22:09   I don't have a million, I have exactly 12 air tags. It's a good product! Yeah it really is.

00:22:14   That's a very good product, like I like when I, you know, like I've got my bag, like I put it,

00:22:19   you know, I put it somewhere, I leave and it's like, "Hey, you forgot your bag!"

00:22:22   I will say that that feature, the left behind feature, very unreliable for AirPods.

00:22:27   Like I have my AirPods in my pocket, and I think I just saw Emma talking about this in the Discord,

00:22:32   and it's like, "Hey, you forgot your AirPods!"

00:22:34   And I'm like, "Ah!"

00:22:36   And I'm like, "No, I haven't."

00:22:37   I don't know why it keeps telling me this.

00:22:38   It keeps telling me I forgot my AirPods, bro.

00:22:41   But the thing, I like it, right?

00:22:42   It's like, "Hey, you left your bag here."

00:22:43   Like it's just, I like that that feature works.

00:22:46   It works very reliably.

00:22:47   So at the time when I do actually forget my bag, it's not that it's purposely been left somewhere.

00:22:52   I'll really appreciate it.

00:22:54   Anchor has some fancy new things.

00:22:57   I've come back to the show with a whole list of MagSafe products.

00:23:00   It is weird that I'm the one who keeps bringing all these MagSafe products to the show,

00:23:04   but yet I own none of them.

00:23:06   Yeah, because you're afraid of wireless charging.

00:23:09   Maybe because subconsciously you are craving the MagSafe lifestyle,

00:23:14   But now you put up this persona that you hate magnets.

00:23:19   Let me tell you something.

00:23:21   So I got my new phone, right?

00:23:23   And I got a popsocket for it, as I want to do.

00:23:26   And the popsocket wasn't sticking for like a day.

00:23:29   It just kept falling off.

00:23:30   And I was like, oh, it's come for me.

00:23:32   Because people write into me and they're like,

00:23:34   how do you get the popsocket to work?

00:23:36   It's like, oh, just stick it to the phone.

00:23:37   Like, no, it's impossible.

00:23:38   And popsockets say, do not stick them to the phones

00:23:40   because it won't work.

00:23:41   So I was like, oh, my luck has run out.

00:23:43   So I ordered one of the MagSafe ones,

00:23:45   but then my PopSocket fixed itself

00:23:49   and it actually now sticks.

00:23:50   So I do have a MagSafe PopSocket now.

00:23:53   So I could, if I ever wanted to actually move over

00:23:56   to that thing and make it my lifestyle.

00:24:00   But nevertheless, I'm not here to talk about that today.

00:24:02   I'm here to talk about MagGo.

00:24:04   It's not as good as MagTricky.

00:24:06   MagGo, which is Anker's new line of products.

00:24:10   They have a whole selection of them.

00:24:11   I want to talk to you about three of these today.

00:24:14   They have the battery stand, which is a battery pack.

00:24:18   Now, of course, all of these things, it's worth saying,

00:24:20   it's not actually official MagSafe,

00:24:22   it charges at the slow speeds, right?

00:24:23   All of these things charge at the 7.5 watt slow speed,

00:24:26   right?

00:24:28   This is a battery pack, you know,

00:24:30   like the MagSafe battery pack,

00:24:33   that has a fold-out stand on the back of it,

00:24:35   so you can have it on your phone

00:24:37   and you can prop your phone up.

00:24:39   So what they've done is they've taken MagSafe and then they took Federico's idea of kickstands

00:24:45   and just merged them together. Exactly, so they have that. That's product one.

00:24:49   Then they have this other product which is like a phone mount and battery pack. So it's one of the

00:24:56   battery packs that you slide into this little mount so you can like, I don't know, dock your

00:25:01   phone, right? So you put it up in your phone, you know, like a little stand you put on your desk or

00:25:05   or whatever, but you can also, anytime you want,

00:25:07   take that thing out of there and your phone's all ready

00:25:10   to go and it also has a Qi charger in the base

00:25:13   for your AirPods Pro.

00:25:14   So now it's like, it's a phone docking station,

00:25:17   it's a battery pack, you know, are you getting it?

00:25:20   It's all of those things in one.

00:25:22   But the big one, the one that everyone's talking about,

00:25:24   the one that people in the MagSafe forums,

00:25:26   they're just going wild for this week.

00:25:29   - Why is everybody talking about this?

00:25:31   - Because people like it and this does look like

00:25:33   genuinely very cool product. It's called the charging station. It is a ball, looks

00:25:39   like a Nexus Q. It's a little ball. Good pull. And it's, yep, anytime. It's got a

00:25:44   MagSafe charger on one side, on the other side, two USB-C charges, two USB-A

00:25:50   charges, and three AC outlets. So it sits on your desk, can power everything you

00:25:57   own only one little ball for a hundred bucks. I like it. I really want that

00:26:03   product but at the moment I think they only have it available in America so it's

00:26:07   not as helpful for me. Well order a Mac tricky how to stuff it in a tiny box for

00:26:12   you. Then I can't plug anything into it can I? That's fine. When I bought my new

00:26:17   desk I got a Foley's clamp mounted surge protector. I'll put a link in the

00:26:23   shown us now and it's really great to have outlets and this has USB A and C

00:26:29   and C is power delivery just like at your desk surface you don't like fish

00:26:33   around on the floor it's uh it's really nice I like having power just available

00:26:39   you know mm-hmm this one looks even nicer yeah yeah no the had this thing

00:26:45   been out I would have done this instead of the fully thing I think but you know

00:26:49   Well you could still do this. I could I could do that. You can have all the power. I could do both.

00:26:53   I like that it's a ball. I don't think this has a lithium battery in it so you'd probably be okay.

00:26:58   That's good. I also have some uh some pretty important news. We're gonna get distinguished

00:27:03   for a second. Oh okay. This is like distinguished stuff for like only the most distinguished of

00:27:09   Apple fan. I have here an Apple polishing cloth. In the box, unopened. I guess one question

00:27:20   that I now realise, do I just not open this and it become a collector's item or do I open

00:27:25   it? Now I do have a bit of a, I don't remember if I said this in the show, I have a confession

00:27:29   to make about the Apple polishing cloth. I just bought it, I just bought it, I saw it

00:27:35   in the store, like you know I bought my MacBook Pro, I was rushing to order my MacBook Pro

00:27:38   last week and they were like hey do you want this polishing cloth and I

00:27:42   immediately thought yes I do this was before it became like a funny thing to

00:27:45   own it just my brain was like yes I want this I think it's adorable that all y'all

00:27:50   are excited about this as someone who has had one for months and months and

00:27:55   months did you get a review unit well you know I can't really talk about where

00:28:00   it came from no it comes with the probe display XDR is it the same one with the

00:28:05   Apple logo on it? Uh-huh yeah let me get it. But how am I gonna know it's the same

00:28:09   one just because you have it? I gotta get out of its case hang on. You have it in a special like

00:28:12   perspex box or something? Yeah yeah so it's great it has the Apple logo sort of

00:28:18   debossed into one corner of it a little Apple logo. So I now have one of these

00:28:23   okay do I open it on the show or do I keep it in the box forever? You should

00:28:26   open it you should open it. You need to think about your retirement and you know

00:28:30   any future possible children you know that could benefit from the investment

00:28:34   of leaving it in the box.

00:28:36   - I'm touching mine.

00:28:38   I'm using mine right now.

00:28:40   - Yeah, me too.

00:28:41   - Clean the display in front of me.

00:28:43   And here.

00:28:44   - It does feel like maybe not like a really good idea

00:28:47   to invest like in a Mac collection

00:28:50   or like an Apple focus collection.

00:28:52   - Really?

00:28:53   - I don't know, that feels like irresponsible.

00:28:54   So I should probably open it.

00:28:56   - You know, it's weird.

00:28:57   My financial advisors have something similar

00:28:58   about what to see now.

00:29:00   - None of these people know what they're talking about.

00:29:01   - Yeah.

00:29:02   - All right, are you ready?

00:29:03   I'm gonna open this little pull tab

00:29:04   to see if we can get some ASMR action.

00:29:06   I don't think that was very satisfying.

00:29:08   So it comes in a little paper pouch.

00:29:10   Oh, look at this.

00:29:11   Now I take it out.

00:29:12   Oh, it's, so it'll fold.

00:29:14   Oh, there's another piece of card in the middle that says,

00:29:17   "Safe for use on all Apple displays and surfaces

00:29:20   "for infrequent cleaning of hard-to-remove smudges

00:29:23   "on nano-texture glass, a 70% isopropyl alcohol IPA,"

00:29:28   which is also a beer, so maybe that's it.

00:29:30   Could also use beer on it.

00:29:31   Solution may be used.

00:29:33   Right, because you could have the nano texture XDR or Intel iMac.

00:29:38   Yeah, so here we go, I have a cloth.

00:29:40   I'll clean my microphone with it, hold on.

00:29:42   There you go.

00:29:44   That wasn't an Apple product, so it probably just voided the warranty of the cloth.

00:29:49   Try it on your yellow iMac you're sitting in front of.

00:29:51   Oh, it's really grippy!

00:29:53   I nearly pulled the iMac off the stand.

00:29:56   This is grippier than your average microfiber cloth.

00:29:59   So, all right, I have this now.

00:30:02   Congratulations to me, I suppose.

00:30:03   - Congratulations, welcome to the club.

00:30:05   - Big cloth boys over here.

00:30:06   - I do love that it's become a meme.

00:30:10   I love it so much.

00:30:11   - Yeah, it's the best thing to happen in a while.

00:30:14   And it's just incredible.

00:30:15   Like how all the memes on Twitter and the jokes are,

00:30:19   it's the perfect product to have some fun,

00:30:22   poke some fun, some lighthearted fun at Apple right now,

00:30:26   because they made a cloth.

00:30:27   I love it.

00:30:28   It's like very reminiscent of the book, right?

00:30:32   Yeah, I don't know who would have bought that.

00:30:34   The picture book?

00:30:35   But even more, because it's such a like,

00:30:38   like it's like a functional thing.

00:30:40   Like it's a piece of cloth,

00:30:41   but nobody usually has opinions about a polishing cloth.

00:30:46   And here we are talking about it.

00:30:49   And it's so lovingly ridiculous.

00:30:51   I love it.

00:30:53   The fact that we're even discussing a polishing cloth

00:30:55   is just perfect.

00:30:57   It's peak 2021, really.

00:30:59   - I'm having good fun now polishing everything I own.

00:31:02   It's all getting polished now.

00:31:06   - Wow, its delivery date is pushed

00:31:08   to January 11th through the 25th.

00:31:11   (laughing)

00:31:13   That is amazing.

00:31:17   - That might be a bit much, huh?

00:31:19   I'm cleaning everything now though.

00:31:21   It's all getting cleaned over here.

00:31:23   - Yeah, looking at pictures, this is exactly what I have.

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00:32:59   I like that we just spoke about two things back-to-back that can clean my

00:33:04   Mac. Oh it's true. Wow. Okay. I'm gonna leave the show now. Oh. Forever. Because of

00:33:14   that? Yeah. Let's start with AirPods 3. So these are the new AirPods. The AirPods 2

00:33:21   are still for sale, so the 3D kind of takes the middle spot in the lineup.

00:33:24   They of course look like AirPods Pro with the shorter stems and the gestures,

00:33:29   you know, the little squeezy thing, it's not really a gesture. What would you call

00:33:33   that? Little squeeze mechanism. I don't know what to call that. I don't know what

00:33:40   to think about these. Federico, what do you think? I like them personally. I think

00:33:45   they are a better fit for me compared to the AirPods 2. I believe because

00:33:51   because they're slightly bigger, like the shape of the AirPod itself that goes in-ear

00:33:59   is bigger than the AirPods 2.

00:34:02   And for me, that creates a slightly, slightly better seal, which results in, again, slightly

00:34:11   better sound quality.

00:34:13   Now it doesn't provide any sort of isolation from outside noise, and, you know, like you

00:34:20   can hear sort of everything around you. But I like the smaller case than the

00:34:28   AirPods Pro. I like that it's MagSafe, so it kind of it attaches to the MagSafe

00:34:35   portion of the stand that I have, and there's like this AirPod case sort of

00:34:39   floating on it, which is kind of funny. And I like the squeeze gestures myself,

00:34:45   like, they're consistent with the AirPods Pro, they don't have the same, like, base for example,

00:34:52   because, like, those are in-ear earbuds and, you know, they create a much better seal,

00:34:59   especially if you're using memory foam tips, so you don't have the same base as the AirPods Pro,

00:35:05   but it's a good approximation of that, and the shape works for me. I like them.

00:35:11   However, I will bring to the show an opinion, which is Sylvia's opinion.

00:35:17   Like her first reaction was, "Oh, these are bigger than the AirPods 2.

00:35:23   I don't like them.

00:35:26   They hurt my ears compared to the AirPods 2."

00:35:30   And I have to wonder if this is a factor that Apple considered in leaving the AirPods 2

00:35:35   also for sale with a price cut.

00:35:38   Because these are, like when you do a side by side comparison, you see it immediately.

00:35:42   These are bigger than the AirPods 2, and you have to believe that they're not gonna fit

00:35:47   some people's ears just as well as the older AirPods did.

00:35:53   I think I'm Team Sylvia on this.

00:35:58   Regular AirPods fit me pretty well.

00:36:00   You know, some people have trouble with them falling out.

00:36:01   I don't.

00:36:03   And these they're a little bit bigger, but they're, they're rounder.

00:36:08   I think I feel like front to back is where the size differences and they fit in my ears.

00:36:14   But I noticed yesterday I wore them during a workout and I noticed that my ear, like

00:36:18   I was just very aware of it the whole time.

00:36:20   I'm going to give them a few more days, but at this point, if I decide to send them back,

00:36:26   I think I would, uh, think I'd decide to send them back, which makes me really glad they

00:36:31   kept the AirPods two around.

00:36:33   I still have AirPods that fit.

00:36:36   But yeah, I mean, this is the problem, you know,

00:36:39   with something that's not customizable, right?

00:36:41   These are either going to fit and feel comfortable

00:36:43   or they're not.

00:36:44   - Exactly, yeah.

00:36:46   I think I'm gonna keep them myself for now

00:36:49   as like Nintendo Switch headphones.

00:36:51   Now that the Nintendo Switch can be paired

00:36:53   with Bluetooth headphones,

00:36:55   I think I'm gonna use them for that.

00:36:58   I don't wanna wear like full-size headphones

00:37:01   when I'm playing video games at night,

00:37:03   and I don't wanna unpair and manually repair my AirPods Pro

00:37:08   back and forth between the iPhone, iPad,

00:37:11   and the Nintendo Switch, which is a separate device.

00:37:13   So I think I'm gonna keep the regular AirPods

00:37:16   as Nintendo Switch headphones.

00:37:18   Right now, I am trying them as regular AirPods

00:37:21   paired with my iPhone.

00:37:23   I think I like, but I don't wanna have like a,

00:37:27   like this is not like my final opinion, if you will,

00:37:30   because it's just been like, what, 24 hours with them.

00:37:33   I like that I don't have to worry

00:37:36   about the in-ear tip anymore,

00:37:39   but I feel like going forward,

00:37:43   like this is just a novelty effect,

00:37:45   going forward I know myself

00:37:47   and I know that I will miss the custom memory foam tips

00:37:51   that I have for my AirPods Pro and the seal they create

00:37:55   and the fact that I can, you know,

00:37:57   Even the small things, like I can vacuum clean

00:38:01   and I don't hear the noise of the vacuum

00:38:04   because of noise cancellation, that kind of stuff.

00:38:07   That will not be possible with the AirPods 3.

00:38:10   So realistically, now I'm using them

00:38:13   because I'm testing them as real AirPods.

00:38:16   Realistically, these are gonna be

00:38:17   my Nintendo Switch headphones.

00:38:19   - I've had the question before,

00:38:21   so I thought I would address it here too,

00:38:24   about why I don't like the AirPods Pro

00:38:27   and it really is the rubbery fit.

00:38:32   I just don't like that feeling

00:38:34   of being completely sealed off like that.

00:38:38   And I use in-ear monitors for recording.

00:38:41   I'm wearing them right now.

00:38:42   If you watch the Podcastathon, I have them in for that.

00:38:45   But those are like custom molded

00:38:48   and I have the hard resin one.

00:38:50   So I don't even have rubber tips on these.

00:38:52   And so they're made like perfectly for my ear.

00:38:54   And if I take one out and look at the diameter,

00:38:56   the diameter that sits in my ear, it actually,

00:39:00   the contour of that looks very similar to the AirPods 2 and a much smaller than

00:39:04   the AirPods 3. So we'll see how this goes. I'm glad they're options.

00:39:09   I think this is like a really nice upgrade from the AirPods 2. Yes,

00:39:13   you don't get the active noise cancellation you get in the pros,

00:39:16   but you do get something that is nicer. That seems to sound better,

00:39:20   better battery life. So, so yeah, I think if they work for you, that's fantastic. I

00:39:26   just don't know if they work for me. And I guess Sylvia and I have similar ear situation

00:39:32   going on. Yeah. It would be going to FaceTime and like compare ears sometime. Yeah. That's

00:39:39   no weird at all. You could do that. Hello. I've returned to the show. Hello. Uh, I, hello.

00:39:47   I wouldn't be able to live, I mean, I'm not considering these, but like similarly to Federico,

00:39:54   like the reason I didn't even think about them is I really like transparency and noise

00:39:57   cancellation so I would not be able to give that up even though I know I would find these

00:40:01   more comfortable because I'm not a super big fan of the in-ear thing like I mentioned before

00:40:05   the left one just tends to fall out for me but I will accept that because I like the

00:40:10   features so much but what I want to ask you Steven is are you just going to give up on

00:40:14   AirPods because the style that you wear is going to go away and they have moved to a

00:40:21   style that is not for you. Are you going to start looking at other products?

00:40:26   Yeah, I don't know. I mean, that's definitely a concern. The AirPods 2 are still, they remain

00:40:32   a product in the lineup. They did get a new charging case that's compatible with MagSafe.

00:40:37   So like, maybe that's going to stick around as the cheap ones for a long time. But I do

00:40:41   have that worry in the back of my mind now that, oh boy, the ones that really work for

00:40:46   me may slowly go away. I don't know. I hope not.

00:40:51   Maybe it's not worth thinking about for now, right? For that reason. I could imagine if

00:40:55   someone would have said this to you when you had the Apple Watch Series 3, right? You'd

00:40:59   be laughing 25 years later when they're still selling it. So maybe it'd be a similar thing

00:41:05   with AirPods. And I actually do think they will probably keep around and support that

00:41:09   version of AirPods for a long time because they will like to keep just making that cheaper

00:41:13   and cheaper and cheaper.

00:41:14   Yeah, I mean, I think Apple wants AirPods to be well into the no thought territory,

00:41:21   you know, sort of what's what I'm looking for.

00:41:24   The impulse buy.

00:41:26   Impulse buy.

00:41:27   And they're closer, but the lower they can get them, I think the better.

00:41:30   I think Apple just wants AirPods everywhere.

00:41:32   So I'm hopeful that I can just stay on the cheap ones forever.

00:41:35   Did you buy new ones?

00:41:36   Because your battery was dying, right?

00:41:38   you sucked the lithium out of them? I did also my right one went through the

00:41:42   washer and dryer before the event that I ordered a set of air pods to just in

00:41:49   case yeah the threes didn't work out and the twos were gone so I actually have a

00:41:54   brand new set of air pods to here as well and I kind of decided like I got to

00:41:58   pick one it's in the other one back and I think I want to stay with the twos

00:42:01   probably. Did you notice that Federico like that it's another product where the

00:42:05   batteries just gone. Look honestly I think it's a thing. It died because it went through the washer and dryer. No you were having you were having

00:42:15   battery issues too that's what I remember. I mean I was a little bit and I was like

00:42:19   oh maybe there'll be new ones at work but then then the right one definitely

00:42:22   got murdered because it got washed and dried. Was that the most exciting product

00:42:26   you received this week? Not even close. Go on then, MacBook Pro time. MacBook Pro time. I

00:42:34   I also got a lot of magnets in the mail.

00:42:36   - Mine is still in China, I think.

00:42:38   - Oh no!

00:42:39   - It was shipment picked up in Shanghai two days ago

00:42:45   and there's been no updates on it since.

00:42:47   But my delivery window was up until Tuesday

00:42:49   of next week anyway, so we'll see.

00:42:52   - I did see that your calendar is in the UK now, by the way.

00:42:55   - Yeah, stop tracking my stuff, will you?

00:42:56   - Well, you're like, I just, I wanna see how long it takes.

00:43:00   I did get a MacBook Pro.

00:43:02   As spoken about last time on my desk is a 14 inch

00:43:05   with the M1 Pro, space gray.

00:43:08   I got it set up last night.

00:43:12   I used Thunderbolt to do migration assistant.

00:43:15   Man, Thunderbolt is so fast when you have things

00:43:17   that actually support it.

00:43:17   - Are you a big migration person?

00:43:19   - Oh yeah, man.

00:43:20   - Yeah, you just move on to the other.

00:43:22   - Oh yeah, there's stuff on like my home folder

00:43:24   or my Lismac Pro that probably dates from like 2008.

00:43:27   I mean, it goes way back.

00:43:29   It's fun too because all my USB-C stuff is just USB-C.

00:43:33   Like I never actually get to use Thunderbolt for anything.

00:43:36   It's the only thing that's that fast.

00:43:38   As it migrated super quickly, which was really fun.

00:43:43   So I've got it set up.

00:43:45   I used it all morning.

00:43:46   This morning I went out to a coffee shop

00:43:47   and worked for a couple hours and just on the laptop.

00:43:50   - Whoa, what year is it?

00:43:52   - I know, it was weird.

00:43:53   (laughing)

00:43:54   - That must have felt good.

00:43:55   - It did, yeah.

00:43:57   I'm boosterized now, so you know, I can just--

00:43:59   - That's true.

00:44:00   - Could do what I want.

00:44:01   - That's true.

00:44:02   - Masks are required unless you're actively eating

00:44:03   or drinking, 'cause there's also that.

00:44:05   And it's still spaced out.

00:44:06   They have like every other table taken out of the shop.

00:44:09   - Don't get confused and accidentally smash a muffin

00:44:12   into your mask.

00:44:12   (laughing)

00:44:15   - Pour coffee down my face.

00:44:16   (laughing)

00:44:19   So yeah, so I have some thoughts.

00:44:21   I don't know what order y'all wanna go in

00:44:22   or if you wanna ask questions of how we wanna do this, but--

00:44:25   - Why don't we start with size and design?

00:44:27   Let's start with size and design.

00:44:29   It's real.

00:44:30   I don't know why you ask what order.

00:44:32   You've written an order in our document.

00:44:33   Why not just go in that order?

00:44:36   Well, I don't know.

00:44:36   Maybe you wanted to like,

00:44:37   maybe you thought the display was more important

00:44:38   than size and design.

00:44:40   Can I have your conclusion first, please?

00:44:42   It's a fantastic laptop.

00:44:44   The best Apple's made in a long time.

00:44:46   I'm too jealous of you right now.

00:44:47   What did Gray say?

00:44:48   I was listening to "Cortex" this morning.

00:44:51   It was like, it's from like the angels of heaven

00:44:53   or something.

00:44:54   Yeah, it's a computer given down from the angels of heaven.

00:44:57   And he doesn't even have one yet, because we recorded it a few days ago, but that's

00:45:00   how excited he is.

00:45:02   So you do notice the thickness right away, but here's the thing.

00:45:07   The 14 inch is the same thickness as the old 13 inch it replaces.

00:45:13   It's just a boxier design.

00:45:15   So if you look at the outgoing MacBook Pro model, I guess it's not outgoing because you

00:45:20   can still buy the 13 inch, the display is tapered so that it pulls the same trick as

00:45:25   the old Intel iMacs do where it's like thick in the back and then thinner at the edges,

00:45:31   a little junk in the iMac trunk. And with this MacBook Pro, like it's just boxy and flat. Clearly

00:45:38   they have to like fit a display in here, you know, with all the fancy mini LED and everything that

00:45:43   it has, but it makes it appear thicker than it actually is, but actually the same thickness

00:45:49   going from the 13 to the 14. Now the new 16 inch is slightly thicker than the

00:45:55   Intel 16.66 inches point six four. I don't have any 16 inch machines here so I

00:46:01   can't speak to that but it does feel and look thicker than it that it actually is

00:46:06   but I think that's all down to the boxiness the feet you know like an

00:46:11   apples product imagery it's like oh my gosh this thing is on stilts in practice

00:46:15   it the feet like it looks just like the other MacBook Pros in terms of height

00:46:20   off the desk like it doesn't feel like they're up on casters or you know big

00:46:25   stands or anything who would put a computer on casters am I right who would

00:46:29   put computer on wheels silly you know mine's not on wheels anymore kind of

00:46:34   makes me sad I had to put feedback on it well you could you put it up right you

00:46:38   put it yeah cuz it's on like a side table yeah you should have built chalks

00:46:41   for it. I'm gonna be really nervous. Just hoping to earthquake. Yeah I will say this if you get one

00:46:52   of these 14 inches and it may be true for the 16 as well and the bag you use is like pretty form-fitting

00:47:00   that may be a deal like something you have to deal with so I use the Tom Bensinik 22 the little one

00:47:08   and it's made for a 13 inch laptop, this machine fits in there but after like

00:47:15   scrape the edge of the computer right past the zipper, so it's very tight, so I

00:47:20   think I'm probably gonna move, I have the bigger Cinec as well, I'm probably gonna

00:47:23   go back to that. So I thought you were gonna do your favorite thing in the

00:47:27   world. And buy a bag. Bag shopping, yeah. I do love bag shopping. You love bag

00:47:31   shopping. But I have a bigger Cinec that I probably will end up using, so just

00:47:36   Keep that in mind, like if you have like a sleeve

00:47:39   or something that may be something you have to think about.

00:47:43   Like I said, the feet aren't a big deal at all.

00:47:46   You don't notice them when you're working on the machine.

00:47:48   A couple of things about like the top half of the computer.

00:47:50   Like I said, the lid is perfectly even in terms of depth.

00:47:55   It gives it this boxy look that I just,

00:47:57   I love the way this thing looks.

00:47:59   The Apple logo is bigger than the previous 13 inch,

00:48:04   by like a noticeable amount.

00:48:06   I opened it and I was like, "Oh, I made my apple!"

00:48:09   (laughing)

00:48:10   - Why would they do that?

00:48:11   That's such a strange thing to do.

00:48:14   - I don't know.

00:48:15   I usually end up with like a single sticker

00:48:17   on the back of my laptops in the center

00:48:18   to cover the Apple logo.

00:48:19   I'm sure I'll do the same this time.

00:48:21   And MacBook Pro is not on the lower bezel, which I like.

00:48:25   I like that it's gone again.

00:48:26   It's come and gone over the years.

00:48:28   But it's etched into the aluminum on the bottom.

00:48:34   And I thought it looked cool in the keynote,

00:48:36   but I was a little afraid that it would look cheesy

00:48:38   in person, but it looks so cool.

00:48:41   And like no one will ever see it unless you're carrying

00:48:43   the laptop around, but it looks cool.

00:48:45   - It's gonna pick up some nice lint and gunk over time.

00:48:48   - Probably.

00:48:49   - Up in the bottom there, it's nice.

00:48:52   - Mm-hmm.

00:48:53   The other things in terms of size and design, I guess,

00:48:57   the keyboard being set in the black keyboard well,

00:49:00   which is double anodized,

00:49:03   So it should not, you know, wear off over time.

00:49:06   It looks super cool.

00:49:09   Now I got the space gray.

00:49:10   I kind of wish I had done the silver.

00:49:12   So I think the contrast would look better with the silver,

00:49:15   but even on the space gray,

00:49:16   like the black keyboard well,

00:49:18   and the black keys look really sharp.

00:49:21   I mean, this machine,

00:49:22   like it's instantly recognizable as a MacBook Pro,

00:49:25   but also like everything is different from previous ones.

00:49:29   And it's kind of a neat effect.

00:49:32   And I think the coolest looking thing about the keyboard is touch ID.

00:49:37   Previously on the MacBook pro was like a black glass little square, like round

00:49:43   rec you would press.

00:49:44   And on these it's like it is on the keyboards, like the one Myke you've taped

00:49:49   to the underside of your desk, or it's a key and has a touch ID ring in it.

00:49:53   That's the first time it's been with the Mac book pro and it's in black with a

00:49:56   black ring and it just looks super cool and stealthy.

00:49:59   And yeah, see, that's cool because the.

00:50:01   The iMac ones I think.

00:50:03   They have a silver ring so they didn't color match the ring.

00:50:06   Talking about color matching though actually,

00:50:08   why is the MagSafe silver?

00:50:10   - I know, it should have been space gray.

00:50:12   - Like they just made a computer

00:50:14   and like color matched to five colors, right?

00:50:17   Or six colors or whatever on the iMac.

00:50:19   Every single cable is like anodized and color matched.

00:50:22   They only had to do two, you know?

00:50:25   Come on, come on.

00:50:26   - More color inconsistencies from Apple lately.

00:50:29   - Yeah, I bet they give it a different name too.

00:50:31   but it's like mag green.

00:50:36   It's actually green.

00:50:38   Like if you look at it under a specific render,

00:50:40   it will look really green,

00:50:41   but when you get it in front of you,

00:50:42   it just looks silver, like all of Apple's colors.

00:50:45   (laughing)

00:50:46   Yeah, pro products.

00:50:47   - I do kind of wish it was color maps.

00:50:49   That would have been a nice touch.

00:50:50   Again, maybe this predates the new color stuff.

00:50:54   Like I think what we'll really see

00:50:56   is if the MacBook Air gets the iMac colors,

00:50:59   which is I think rumored now,

00:51:01   those should definitely be color matched.

00:51:03   And hopefully they could do that here as well.

00:51:05   Maybe they'll end up with a space gray one

00:51:07   for sale down the road.

00:51:08   Sometimes Apple does that,

00:51:09   they'll mix up the finishes on their accessories.

00:51:12   And so maybe in the future,

00:51:13   you could get a space gray MagSafe cable,

00:51:16   I think that'd be sick.

00:51:17   Man, y'all, having MagSafe,

00:51:21   like I got this thing out of the box,

00:51:23   got my Thunderbolt cable out,

00:51:25   had it on my table in my studio,

00:51:27   and I just clicked in the MagSafe,

00:51:30   and it was the most memory intensive thing

00:51:33   I've had with a computer in a long time.

00:51:35   - Yeah, the sense memory.

00:51:36   - Yeah.

00:51:37   (laughing)

00:51:38   It was great.

00:51:39   - If this was a TV show,

00:51:40   the camera would have zoomed into your eye, you know?

00:51:42   - Oh yeah.

00:51:43   - It would have gone into like something in the pot.

00:51:44   - And you see a little tear in the corner.

00:51:46   (laughing)

00:51:47   Magnets.

00:51:48   It's not a tricky magnet.

00:51:50   And it is, I mean, obviously like it's thinner.

00:51:55   Max safe three is a different layout than Max safe one and two on the max were, but

00:52:01   it feels and sounds just the way you remember it.

00:52:05   It's it's so good.

00:52:06   I'm so glad it's back.

00:52:08   I actually have bought a second max safe cable because I want to keep one at my desk and

00:52:11   one in my bag.

00:52:13   It is also cool though that you can still charge via USB C. So where I'm shipping everything

00:52:19   on the table that's set up, I have a little dongle for multiple USB because I have the

00:52:25   printer and the scale and everything.

00:52:27   And then I have a USB-C power cable.

00:52:29   And so I could just took, I just took this laptop and sat it down where the old one had

00:52:33   been sitting for shipping last night.

00:52:36   And it was great.

00:52:37   It was like, Oh yeah, this, like they didn't sacrifice that.

00:52:41   But the MagSafe is really cool.

00:52:43   If you have used a machine with that before in the past, this is going to feel very familiar

00:52:46   to you and very good.

00:52:48   We'll talk about the display.

00:52:50   What's next?

00:52:51   Yeah, did you just immediately disable the coolest feature?

00:52:55   No, I tried the 120Hz for a while.

00:52:59   I actually didn't notice it as immediately as I do on iOS.

00:53:03   And I was talking to Jason and Underscore earlier today for an episode of Fusion that

00:53:08   will come out this evening or tomorrow or sometime soon.

00:53:11   That's a relay for membership, by the way.

00:53:13   If you go to get connect to Pro.co, not only do you get longer ad-free episodes of Connect,

00:53:18   every week. You also get access to some other member content like Fusion, which is a monthly podcast featuring a rotating panel of Relay FM hosts talking about a specific topic.

00:53:28   Jason and David kind of put their finger on it for me, like not all apps support it.

00:53:33   Oh, that's why. It was fine for you because it wasn't working.

00:53:36   Oh yeah, because I'm like in Todoist and Chrome. But then I went over to Photos, I was like, "Oh my gosh, everything is moving so quickly."

00:53:45   So yes, I lasted a couple of hours and I was like, okay, yeah, I can't I can't do this, but that's okay

00:53:50   It is really nice

00:53:52   What I was hoping for and what is not present as far as I can tell is the thing that's on

00:53:58   iOS where you cap the promotion at 60, but it can still go down to slower refresh rates

00:54:06   With the MacBook Pro you just lock it. You can't say like an accessibility

00:54:13   there's not an option to say cap it at 60.

00:54:16   I wish there was because I feel like I could--

00:54:18   - That could affect your battery life.

00:54:19   - Yes, that's what I'm a little worried about.

00:54:21   And I feel like on my phone and iPad,

00:54:24   my battery life situation isn't really affected by it

00:54:26   because it can go down,

00:54:28   but you don't allow it to go higher than 60.

00:54:31   Maybe it's an implementation issue,

00:54:33   but I would really like to see that

00:54:35   as an accessibility option

00:54:37   so I don't feel penalized in the battery department.

00:54:40   Whether it makes a big difference or not in practice,

00:54:41   It's like it's way too soon to know right these machines have been out for two days

00:54:44   but I

00:54:46   Just like had the thought in the back of my mind. It's like oh this this this label might as well say kill your battery

00:54:52   bit of a bummer there to be honest the 14 inch size is

00:54:57   just

00:55:00   perfect

00:55:01   It is definitely bigger than 13 in terms of real estate physically

00:55:06   it's not much bigger, but the 14 inch is just it's a great size for a notebook.

00:55:12   You know, it's a secondary machine for me.

00:55:13   If I was working on it and just on it, I may want the 16, but I really like this

00:55:19   like Goldilocks in between size.

00:55:20   And I'm so glad.

00:55:21   I mean, this has been rumored for years and I'm so glad that it ended up shipping

00:55:25   as a 14.2 inch panel because the difference between that and the 13 is noticeable.

00:55:31   Hmm.

00:55:32   It feels bigger, right?

00:55:33   Like you, you notice it.

00:55:34   Yeah.

00:55:35   And because I migrated like it's it remembers things like how tall your todoist window was and I have that always in the left side

00:55:42   And it's like oh, there's a bunch of space here at the bottom

00:55:45   I can just make this a little taller if I want to and so it definitely gives you some more breathing room and

00:55:49   the the mini LED really does look I

00:55:53   Mean it looks spectacular like if you go into a video play a video and you got the black bars at the top and bottom

00:55:59   they are just

00:56:02   dark dark dark black and

00:56:05   The blooming that you get sometimes on the iPad Pro

00:56:08   Which I haven't seen because I don't have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, but I've seen images of it

00:56:14   you know people talking about it and

00:56:16   I really can't I really don't seem to notice any blooming on this

00:56:21   You know where you have like a bright

00:56:23   Like if you start it up and you have like the silver or white Apple logo on a black screen

00:56:27   Even on my pro display XTR

00:56:30   There's a glow around that Apple logo a little bit because they don't have as many dimming zones on the protosplex

00:56:36   Dr. Is this thing but they seem to have addressed that somehow and it just the screen looks

00:56:42   I mean, it just looks really really nice

00:56:45   I'm grateful

00:56:47   What do you use a laptop for like what where what are you gonna use this good question?

00:56:53   Because you have a big old

00:56:57   million dollar computer, right?

00:56:58   Like that you do, like what are you using the laptop for?

00:57:02   - So, I mean, obviously anytime I'm working,

00:57:04   not at my desk.

00:57:06   And so there's a lot of times throughout the year

00:57:07   when it's nice outside that I want to work in the yard

00:57:11   or, you know, if I'm working inside

00:57:12   or like at a coffee shop or something

00:57:13   where I want to work on a Mac.

00:57:15   I don't really work on an iPad at all anymore.

00:57:18   And not that I ever did really,

00:57:20   but it's definitely just fallen off.

00:57:23   And so anytime that I'm working away from this desk,

00:57:26   I'm on a laptop and when we used to travel it was a production machine, you know recording editing streaming and

00:57:35   This machine will fulfill that again. I'm hopeful that next year will will be out on the road some but

00:57:40   You know for me, it's just it is a secondary machine like today, you know

00:57:46   I've been was out this morning and then I recorded diffusion and I'm doing connected

00:57:50   I got to edit both of those this afternoon

00:57:53   Like it would just be asleep, you know on the side table somewhere because I'm gonna use the Mac Pro

00:58:00   But anytime I'm away from it now even if I'm just in the house and I have something to do

00:58:05   That's you know more than just looking at slack or discord. I reach for a laptop

00:58:10   Does your laptop mostly live in the house and holds it most of it in the studio and you go get it like I?

00:58:16   Keep it in the studio

00:58:19   But it will often go into the house if I feel like I've got something that evening that I need to need to do

00:58:25   Of course right now is a little bit different too because I am doing the fulfillment stuff and so

00:58:30   I'm using it more out here because I'm not I don't have that stuff hooked up to my desktop

00:58:34   But we'll see in the before times before all the shipping stuff took place

00:58:40   I I would easily keep it in my backpack actually so I could just easily take it in or out

00:58:45   It's very good the other thing about the display that I I've just realized looking at it you do you remember when they first?

00:58:53   Laminated the iPad display, and it felt like oh my gosh these pixels. I'm like are on the glass

00:58:59   There's a little bit of that going on with this laptop. I it's not

00:59:05   That exact change, but there's something maybe it's the smaller bezels

00:59:10   It really seems like these pixels are like really close to you in a way. That is very nice

00:59:18   the the image seems very

00:59:21   On top of the glass if you will

00:59:24   Mmm, okay fair enough makes um the notch is totally fine

00:59:29   Okay, there's definitely some weirdness with it

00:59:32   Our friend Quinn Nelson is all over the news right now because he made this video that went viral about

00:59:37   complaining about the notch. I texted him this morning like, "How are your mentions?"

00:59:40   I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not.

00:59:44   That's hard to tell with Quinn, you know?

00:59:47   I think it's like the mystique, right? The Quinn Nelson mystique.

00:59:50   I couldn't tell. I think at first it wasn't serious.

00:59:54   He does have a mystique about him.

00:59:56   Yeah. I could not tell if he was being for real or not.

01:00:02   But maybe that's part of it.

01:00:05   Look, the guy's just like walking, talking clickbait, I guess.

01:00:09   That's true, I guess.

01:00:10   I guess he's like, he has really sucked in what it is to be a YouTuber.

01:00:14   I should say, there's already an episode linked in the show notes, because you mentioned the

01:00:18   Nexus Q, but our podcast is back.

01:00:20   Flashback, back for season three.

01:00:22   Started last week.

01:00:24   We're talking about the IBM PC.

01:00:25   Relay.fm/flashback.

01:00:26   Dude, that's a really hard thing to say.

01:00:30   Relay.fm/slash.

01:00:31   Slash.

01:00:32   Flashback.

01:00:33   slash back slash slash slash slash slash slash back splash back splash back

01:00:45   splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash

01:00:57   Splash, splash, splash.

01:00:59   Splash, splash cast.

01:01:00   This is a show about swimming.

01:01:04   So what was I even talking about?

01:01:05   I don't know man, something about the quench.

01:01:07   Oh, the notch.

01:01:08   Oh, the notch, yeah.

01:01:09   Are you using those utilities that a lot of developers have made, like hide the notch

01:01:15   or...

01:01:17   I always find them kind of silly.

01:01:21   They are, I'll give you this, they are a really clever way to make a bunch of money.

01:01:27   that oh yeah the top-notch people are just like raking it in yeah so TJ sent

01:01:32   this one in to me oh it's free top notch is free top notch is free but it is

01:01:36   promotion it's clever it's free so people will go download it because it's

01:01:40   promoting their other apps one of my very very favorite Mac apps which is

01:01:45   clean shot which is clever if you ever take a screenshot on your Mac this is

01:01:49   the app you should use because it is absolutely superb do you use clean shot

01:01:54   either use clean no but I'm checking it out right now oh my god clean shot is

01:01:58   John does good it's so good wait it's a subscription for a screenshot it's worth

01:02:05   it okay I don't think it's a subscription it is they have a they

01:02:09   have a one of those like Steven is one of those people subscriptions no I

01:02:14   don't mind subscriptions that was just surprised stop you have to stop you have

01:02:18   have to stop you can buy it and then they also have like upload to the cloud

01:02:24   so okay that's the subscription okay right so they have two products okay I'm

01:02:29   sorry clean shot X I did not mean to sell your two good name mm-hmm I would

01:02:33   say they're not sponsoring this episode not clean shot but home about like that

01:02:37   well they are but it's not what is this is part of setup it's in setup okay if

01:02:42   you're a setup customer you can they shot in that as well so what top notch

01:02:46   does is that overlays black pixels over your top of your wallpaper uh-huh which

01:02:53   is cool I don't care like not splash flash not back top splash notch flash

01:03:00   cast box then I was just fine like it's it is a I mean you see it like but I

01:03:07   think it will fade over time I will say there is some bugginess around and

01:03:10   that's what Quinn is pointing out in his serious or not serious video where for

01:03:15   me at least what happens is the menu bar apps if you're not running something

01:03:19   like bartender or someone talk about a second they go under the notch they

01:03:23   don't wrap to the other side so then you have like back plays under the notch

01:03:28   somewhere and you don't know that it's running and you can't see it because

01:03:31   it's hiding out behind there but you can click it I think so so in Quinn's thing

01:03:36   he puts the battery behind the notch and clicks it and the battery thing pops

01:03:39   down yeah it's like I saw the two bones say and I think this might be the case

01:03:43   the people building menu bar like the menu items what are they called like

01:03:47   when it's like file edit what is that menu menu bar what is that just menus

01:03:52   but then what's the ones with the little icons like taxi spanner and like menu

01:03:58   bar apps alright so oh geez alright so the menu bar items they knew about the

01:04:05   notch and can move around it but people doing the menu bar apps things maybe

01:04:09   didn't I don't know oh like maybe they're just not allowed to go to the

01:04:12   other side so it's just like we'll just sneak on it. I don't know. And of course this is gonna be worse

01:04:15   than the 14 and the 16 because the screen is just smaller, the notch is the same size.

01:04:20   You know this is definitely the reverse sure-locking a bartender and the thing

01:04:25   that I have switched on that I used to not use, I used a long time ago and then

01:04:29   I didn't, now I am again, is the the option in bartender to show things in a

01:04:37   separate menu bar oh yeah yeah so you get like a little secondary menu bar

01:04:43   lower down yeah I'm gonna have to turn that because mine just like it just

01:04:47   spreads across the menu bar right yep but like I'm looking at my iMac right

01:04:51   now and I've got so many things it's gone past the camera so that's too far

01:04:55   if it's me it's the same on my on my MacBook Pro so so you you want to click

01:05:01   the use bartender bar to show hidden items and then it drops down below the

01:05:05   notch and it's totally fine.

01:05:07   Um, the developer of bartender has released a beta that has some

01:05:12   better support for the notch, but you know, it's a work in progress.

01:05:16   He found out about this the same time the rest of us did.

01:05:18   But, um, using the bartender bar has been enough to clear it for me.

01:05:22   So yeah, in practice, you know, this will just take a little time, I think

01:05:25   for developers to wrangle it and then, and then we'll be all set.

01:05:29   Um, I do love that the cursor goes behind it and then comes up the other side.

01:05:32   That's very fun.

01:05:33   It's like, Oh, where's it go?

01:05:34   It's gone.

01:05:35   I like it.

01:05:35   - Let's just hide it down.

01:05:36   - Let's hide it a little.

01:05:37   - Actually, now I turn this on.

01:05:38   The Bartender bar is a better UI.

01:05:41   - I think it is too.

01:05:42   And it picks up the color of your menu bar.

01:05:44   So mine is like a kind of a greenish brown

01:05:47   'cause I use a satellite photo for my wallpaper

01:05:50   and it's colored the same.

01:05:52   It just pops down right below.

01:05:53   It's nice.

01:05:54   A couple of just miscellaneous things.

01:05:56   The speakers are great, but they're still laptop speakers.

01:05:58   You know, you're not gonna replace your home pod

01:06:00   with a MacBook Pro, but they sound great for a laptop.

01:06:03   I have not missed the touch bar yet.

01:06:06   So it's nice having function keys.

01:06:09   Dictation is now a dedicated function key

01:06:12   as it's been on some of the other Magic keyboards

01:06:14   for a while, but now it's come to the MacBook Pro.

01:06:17   You also have a do not disturb button

01:06:19   and no launchpad button like I do on my desktop one.

01:06:24   So, you know, pros don't use launchpad, I guess,

01:06:27   is what we're saying.

01:06:28   - I mean, that's accurate though, right?

01:06:30   - Can you believe launchpad is still in macOS?

01:06:32   I mean, why get rid of it, I suppose is the thinking, right?

01:06:35   Just leave it there forever, but.

01:06:37   - Yeah, I don't know.

01:06:40   So yeah, all in all, it is as impressive as it seemed

01:06:45   in the keynote.

01:06:46   There's nothing about it in person that has been a let down

01:06:50   compared to what I thought after the event

01:06:52   and reading about it and seeing hands-on videos

01:06:55   by people on YouTube and stuff.

01:06:57   So really, I think Apple's at a home run here.

01:07:02   and if you're looking for a powerful notebook

01:07:05   and it works in your budget,

01:07:06   'cause you can expect these to be pretty expensive,

01:07:08   but if this is the machine for you, now is the time.

01:07:12   Apple really has resolved so,

01:07:14   I mean, basically everything wrong

01:07:15   with the previous generation.

01:07:17   - I can't wait to get mine.

01:07:19   - What is it coming?

01:07:20   - I don't know, the shipping is sometime before the second,

01:07:24   so next week.

01:07:25   - Okay, very cool.

01:07:26   Federico, have y'all ordered one?

01:07:29   You were going to, I forget.

01:07:30   Not yet, we are going to, but not yet.

01:07:33   We're still trying to sell some of the older stuff that we have,

01:07:38   and we just don't want to keep sort of growing the pile of Apple computers that we have.

01:07:45   So we're trying to get rid of some inventory, if you will.

01:07:50   And also, like, Sylvia still needs to make a decision as to which model she wants to buy.

01:07:56   I think I'm going to go with the 14-inch myself,

01:07:58   but first I really want to sell this Mac Mini.

01:08:00   Or at least I want to make sure that I have a buyer

01:08:04   for the Mac Mini before.

01:08:05   - You don't want to sell the Mac Mini.

01:08:06   I can, you know, sell the Mac Mini,

01:08:11   order the MacBook Pro, wait to January.

01:08:14   - Yeah, exactly.

01:08:15   No, I want to, yeah, I mean, I want to make sure that,

01:08:18   you know, there's a smooth, peaceful transition in place.

01:08:23   - Yeah, you want to, what is it?

01:08:24   Like a peaceful transition of power

01:08:27   - Machine to machine.

01:08:28   - So we will get two of them, but we haven't yet.

01:08:33   - Yeah, I'm also selling a bunch of stuff.

01:08:36   It's like a slow moving process,

01:08:38   but spring clean time over here.

01:08:40   - Yeah, I got my MacBook Pro go for sale, the old one.

01:08:43   And then-

01:08:45   - Then your Mac Pro.

01:08:46   - And then I sold an old iPad Pro back to Apple

01:08:51   'cause I just didn't want to deal with selling it online.

01:08:53   So I traded in and it's great.

01:08:55   - You know, our friend David's box has texted me

01:08:57   philosophy episode and he's like oh man that protos plays really nice it's true

01:09:01   but I got him back I've been talking to Casey about it Casey's trying to get me

01:09:05   to make it okay to forgive him for buying it oh really yeah interesting I

01:09:12   didn't know this is an interesting development I didn't know we're putting

01:09:15   everyone on blast here but I did get on us I did get a sparky back though

01:09:20   because he then continued listening to the episode and I got to be the person

01:09:24   who put in his mind that he's definitely gonna end up with two of

01:09:26   those magnet pros, which is 100% his future.

01:09:30   - We talk a lot more about that on the MPU

01:09:33   that's coming out on Sunday.

01:09:34   Also in that episode, we'll be talking a lot about

01:09:38   macOS Monterey, which is our final topic for today,

01:09:40   but let's take our last break.

01:09:42   - Can I just say before we do,

01:09:44   the person who put the macOS Monterey topic

01:09:46   into the show notes today was the one and only

01:09:48   Federico Vittucci, can you believe it?

01:09:50   He wants to do a Mac story.

01:09:52   - He's the Mac event chairman.

01:09:54   - I guess so, yeah.

01:09:55   That's what my magnet says right here.

01:09:57   Exactly.

01:09:58   So I went to magtricky.com.

01:10:00   Magtricky.com.

01:10:01   We're very promotion-y today, I've realized.

01:10:03   Yeah, sorry about that.

01:10:05   I'm recording standing up today and I think I feel feisty because of it.

01:10:09   That's where you stand up is when you get your money pants on.

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01:11:33   macOS Monterey.

01:11:34   Yeah, so I put in this topic because I mean it's the big macOS release that came out a

01:11:42   couple of days ago and I sort of wanted to discuss some of the highlights with you guys.

01:11:49   I'm a pretty simple man here and my one and only highlight is the shortcuts app on the

01:11:54   Mac.

01:11:55   Did you think it is the highlight of this release?

01:11:57   Yeah, I mean, it's in kind of a rough state.

01:12:05   Steven, you wrote about a really sad UI element

01:12:10   in shortcuts for Mac, which is, I believe,

01:12:13   a list picker UI.

01:12:16   - Yeah.

01:12:17   - That is really just bad and kinda,

01:12:20   I'm pretty sure the way I described it to John was,

01:12:24   it looks like a web form from a bank website in the '90s.

01:12:29   - Yeah.

01:12:29   - Oh my God, that's such a good comparison.

01:12:32   - It kinda looks like that.

01:12:33   And there's a bunch of similar UIs in shortcuts for Mac right now.

01:12:37   There are so many weird interactions in the Mac version of shortcuts.

01:12:45   Like, I was playing around with it this afternoon.

01:12:48   I put together a shortcut that I'm going to talk about in a couple of minutes as an example of some of the limitations that you can find here.

01:12:56   One of the things that I needed to do was I selected an empty parameter field in an action.

01:13:03   And when you do that on an iPhone or iPad, the variable row appears above the keyboard, right?

01:13:13   And you can tap those suggestions to add a variable to the empty parameter field.

01:13:21   So let's say, for example, that you need to show an alert on screen.

01:13:26   when you click into the empty field for the alert,

01:13:30   right above the keyboard, you see the suggestion bar

01:13:33   with the variables, and you tap the variable

01:13:35   and you add it to the action.

01:13:37   Very easy.

01:13:38   On the Mac, there's no automatic suggestion bar

01:13:44   or list whatsoever.

01:13:46   You need to right-click into the empty parameter,

01:13:51   and then there's like a contextual menu

01:13:55   that pops up and lets you,

01:13:57   and there's an option that says Choose Variable.

01:14:00   And I just thought that was very weird,

01:14:02   because I'm used to, oh, I click on an empty parameter,

01:14:06   the app helps me out.

01:14:09   It shows me previously created variables.

01:14:12   Here, I click into it, nothing happens,

01:14:16   and I need to figure out, oh, I guess it's a right-click

01:14:19   to show the contextual menu to pick an option.

01:14:24   It's just a couple of extra steps that I do not exactly appreciate in shortcuts.

01:14:31   And there's just these inconsistencies between the iPad version and the Mac version.

01:14:38   Like, for example, you need to double-click shortcuts from the main view,

01:14:46   the grid view of the app, if you want to open them.

01:14:51   and they have replaced the "more", like the ellipsis button, with the play button on the Mac.

01:15:00   I just don't understand why there have to be different interactions.

01:15:04   I guess, yeah, double click is a Mac thing, right?

01:15:09   Double clicking doesn't exist really on iPadOS as a way to confirm your action,

01:15:15   But I wonder if it was more important to prioritize

01:15:19   consistency with shortcuts rather than consistency

01:15:22   with Mac OS in general.

01:15:24   And that's a fascinating question for Apple in general

01:15:27   right now.

01:15:28   Do you prioritize consistency with apps coming from iPad OS

01:15:34   and users coming from those apps?

01:15:37   Or do you prioritize consistency with existing Mac users

01:15:41   and existing Mac apps?

01:15:42   and that's a fascinating problem to solve if you're Apple.

01:15:45   But me personally, as a shortcuts for iPad user

01:15:49   coming into the Mac version,

01:15:51   I thought it was weird that I had to double click

01:15:53   to open a shortcut.

01:15:54   Anyway, I tried to put together,

01:15:58   I tried to update one of my existing shortcuts

01:16:01   that take a link from Safari and save the link to Trello.

01:16:06   Pretty easy stuff, right?

01:16:08   I wanna take a webpage and save it as a new item

01:16:11   in a Trello board. The problem is that on iOS and iPadOS, this shortcut runs as a

01:16:18   Sharesheet shortcut. I open Safari, I'm on the page I want to save, and I hit

01:16:26   Share, run my shortcut, it takes the link from the page because shortcuts

01:16:31   integrate with the Sharesheet. Now, on the Mac, shortcuts do not integrate with the

01:16:38   share sheet at all. And that doesn't make any sense because they're everywhere else

01:16:43   though. They're in the menu bar and I didn't know that they've put them in so many places,

01:16:48   but not in the one place they are on iOS. I know exactly like why? Like again, I understand

01:16:56   that on the Mac extensions are not as popular as an iOS like share sheet extensions, but

01:17:04   You're Apple, and you should be a champion

01:17:06   of your own feature here,

01:17:08   especially because that feature is found on iPhone and iPad.

01:17:12   And I would think, again, as an iPad user,

01:17:16   being intrigued by Monterey,

01:17:19   and by the fact that I can use my shortcuts now,

01:17:22   I'm like, "Oh, cool.

01:17:23   I guess it just works like on the iPad."

01:17:26   It's the same shortcut.

01:17:27   I hit Share from Safari, and it works, but nope.

01:17:30   Like, you hit Share and the shortcut is not there.

01:17:34   Then I confirmed this with John, and John told me,

01:17:37   "Yeah, Shortcuts does not integrate

01:17:39   with the Share Sheet at all on iOS."

01:17:41   So I thought, "Huh, okay.

01:17:44   What does that mean for all of these actions

01:17:48   that I use on my other devices

01:17:50   that are based on the Share Sheet?"

01:17:53   And especially Safari actions.

01:17:55   Like, integration with Safari is one of the best aspects

01:17:58   shortcuts on the iPhone and iPad. You can take the link of the current page, you can take the selection

01:18:05   from the current page, you can get a bunch of metadata from the current page in shortcuts

01:18:10   on iOS and iPadOS. You know what I had to do? So on the Mac, and I'm checking again now, let's see,

01:18:19   menu bar, double click, this is so weird. On the Mac they have a separate Safari action called

01:18:26   "Get current URL from Safari."

01:18:30   I guess this is one of the actions, like one of...

01:18:33   This is one of the leftover,

01:18:35   like one of the actions that came from Automator.

01:18:38   You can tell because of the description.

01:18:41   Gets the URL of the webpage in the front-most Safari window.

01:18:46   The concept of the front-most Safari window,

01:18:48   that's an Automator legacy thing, right?

01:18:51   And in fact, it says, "This action can only be run on Mac."

01:18:55   So, okay, you didn't make the share sheet integration happen,

01:19:00   but you just put yourself in a corner where,

01:19:04   in order to have basic integration with Safari,

01:19:07   you had to make a separate action

01:19:10   instead of making sure that the existing ones

01:19:12   could work on the Mac as well.

01:19:15   Maybe the Safari team was just too busy.

01:19:18   Putting it in.

01:19:21   They're just like, "Hey, we got too much going on over here.

01:19:23   Yeah, leave us alone.

01:19:24   Fix the tabs.

01:19:25   Leave us alone.

01:19:26   The second thing that I had to do was more interesting and problematic, but also a pretty

01:19:33   good example of the freedom that you have in shortcuts for Mac.

01:19:37   The URL I figured out how to get from the page, but I also needed to get the title of

01:19:43   the page.

01:19:45   And other actions were not working.

01:19:47   So I realized, okay, this is a Mac.

01:19:51   has backwards compatibility with Automator stuff,

01:19:56   I can potentially just get the title of the page

01:19:59   using a very simple Apple script, right?

01:20:02   So what I ended up doing is I added this very simple check

01:20:06   to my shortcut, which says, get the device model.

01:20:10   If the device model is a Mac, run AppleScript.

01:20:14   And there's a one-line AppleScript that says,

01:20:18   tell Safari to get the name of the current tab.

01:20:21   And that's how I fixed my shortcut

01:20:24   that was working just fine on iOS and iPadOS

01:20:27   to work on the Mac so that I could do a very simple thing,

01:20:31   which is get the link and the title

01:20:34   of the current tab in Safari.

01:20:37   And I had to rely on scripting.

01:20:39   Now, this is a -- it's a --

01:20:44   What do they call it? Like a double-edged knife?

01:20:46   Is that the expression? -Double-edged sword.

01:20:48   -Sword, yeah.

01:20:50   Which is like a big knife, really, if you think about it.

01:20:52   Or it's like a... Yeah, I mean, a sword is a big knife with a different handle.

01:20:56   -So, yeah. -If you think about it.

01:20:58   It's not called a handle, though, is it, for swords?

01:21:01   It's got a name. There's a name to it.

01:21:03   -Hilt. -Hilt, yeah.

01:21:05   -Oh, my God, thank you. -Yeah.

01:21:06   I can't believe I pulled that out of my brain.

01:21:08   Wow, okay.

01:21:09   It's beautiful, right?

01:21:12   Oh, the feature doesn't exist?

01:21:14   I can just write my own script.

01:21:17   That's cool.

01:21:19   but at the same time it also kind of defeats the purpose of shortcuts, which is

01:21:22   you don't have to know scripting languages, there's visual actions. And what I find especially weird,

01:21:28   and that to me kind of sums up the state of shortcuts on the Mac right now,

01:21:33   these things were working just fine on iOS and iPadOS, but some of them, and only some of them,

01:21:40   in a very inconsistent way don't work on Monterey. And that I don't understand.

01:21:48   It's not the... It's not the... the bugginess, ultimately, that kills me.

01:21:56   It's the inconsistency of it, and the fact that I don't understand why only some of these things are not

01:22:03   working in shortcuts right now. But otherwise, now that I fix it, I'm very happy, because the same

01:22:12   shortcut now works on my Mac. And it used to be that if I discovered the link when I was

01:22:18   working on my Mac Mini, I had to hand off the link to my iPhone and then run the shortcut there.

01:22:25   Now I can run the shortcut on the Mac. It's beautiful. I like it. It's gonna be a very

01:22:29   nice time-saving tool for me. And now, on Monterey, I can also do window automation

01:22:35   with shortcuts, which is something that I want to look into. But yeah, I hope that they can make

01:22:40   it more consistent with the iOS and iPadOS versions, especially when it comes to actions

01:22:47   and the share sheet. And also the Zwift UI-related interface problems and glitches are to be

01:22:58   expected. So there's definitely some of that. And parts of the app are, as Stephen said, are very sad

01:23:06   and very strange looking. It's like this app is brand new and it looks old at the same time.

01:23:12   And I don't know why. Yeah, and some of it comes down to not being very Mac-like, and so

01:23:20   like if you have a dictionary you're putting keys and values in, you would think that double

01:23:26   clicking into that would give you a text insertion point, but you have to hit return, which is okay.

01:23:33   Like that's that is another way of doing it on the Mac

01:23:36   But then to remove a step or a block of automation from a shortcut

01:23:41   You have to hit the little X you can't hit delete or command delete. It's like

01:23:45   They've got to make this

01:23:48   more

01:23:50   More like other Mac apps if I mean people who are looking to use shortcuts on the Mac care about that stuff, right?

01:23:57   I care about it now. I'm super glad it's here. Like I have taken some shortcuts and like reworked them

01:24:02   I do find it overall easier to build shortcuts and edit them on the Mac then especially the iPhone

01:24:10   where you can like get in trouble dragging and dropping it especially in the the newer versions

01:24:15   of shortcuts but yeah there's a lot of UI stuff that's just needs some more time but we talked

01:24:23   about that a lot. Swift UI. Yeah I do like we touched on I want to go back to it I do like that

01:24:31   shortcuts are basically everywhere so you can you can bind a shortcut to a

01:24:38   system-wide keyboard command man iPad OS should have that I didn't know that was

01:24:44   one of the options yes I've been putting them in the menu bar I didn't know you

01:24:48   could do that too so if you go into a shortcut to edit it you can say that

01:24:53   it's a service and then you can give it a keyboard shortcut within shortcuts the

01:24:57   application or in the keyboard preference pane at system preferences.

01:25:00   Okay. So that's pretty cool and I wish the iPad had that. Especially you got a

01:25:05   keyboard right there. What a concept. Anything beyond shortcuts? I mean so much

01:25:11   of what's coming to Monterey isn't quite here yet and what is coming mostly is

01:25:17   iOS 15 features which is good like they should tie at the back and do stuff closer

01:25:21   together. I mean I'm happy for focus modes and I am happy for new Safari

01:25:28   because I like especially now I really like I really love tab groups it's such

01:25:33   a great feature like I just feel like I need to keep saying it because when

01:25:37   anybody talks about Safari it's like ah Safari tabs right and it's just like

01:25:42   we'll just think about that all the time but like tab groups is just such a great

01:25:46   feature. Like I love it, I use it every day. I've really like, it's really become

01:25:52   something that I enjoy. I mean Safari on the Mac has like a weird thing where like

01:25:55   you tap a link from elsewhere it just opens a new window which is like not at

01:25:59   all what Safari does on iOS. Like on iOS and iPadOS it just opens like if you know

01:26:05   it just opens a new tab in your last used tab group which I think makes the

01:26:09   most sense. But like on the Mac it's just like hey here have a new window. It's

01:26:13   like, well, all right, now it's really hard for me to move this into a tab group because

01:26:17   Windows...

01:26:18   Yeah.

01:26:19   There's, there is a setting to like...

01:26:21   Doesn't do anything, man.

01:26:22   Don't do anything with tab groups?

01:26:23   Okay.

01:26:24   Well, let me tell you, I know it doesn't, it didn't do anything with Safari on High

01:26:28   Sierra or whatever it is.

01:26:30   What is it?

01:26:31   So is that High Sierra is the current one before Monterey?

01:26:33   No, Big Sur.

01:26:34   Big Sur.

01:26:35   Big Sur.

01:26:36   High Sierra was like four years ago.

01:26:37   Yeah, isn't there, isn't there Carolina even before Big Sur?

01:26:41   Yeah, yeah.

01:26:42   - I missed my several.

01:26:43   - I don't know what I'm doing.

01:26:45   I missed so many of them.

01:26:47   I haven't tried actually that specific thing

01:26:52   on that stat feature, that setting on a Monterey.

01:26:57   Is it called Monterey?

01:26:59   Yeah, I'm so confused now.

01:27:01   Oh, Monterey, I've only tried it on a big Safari.

01:27:04   - You're thinking of Mountain Lion.

01:27:06   - Oh, please stop it, 'cause I'm really,

01:27:07   I'm genuine that I can't remember which one's which now.

01:27:11   And also focus modes.

01:27:12   I'm really happy to have focus modes.

01:27:15   That's just a feature that I really have come to like,

01:27:17   and I like that I'll be able to turn it on on one device

01:27:20   and it's on all devices.

01:27:21   So when I have my recording focus mode on,

01:27:23   it would also turn it on and off on my iMac,

01:27:26   which I should say my iMac is still on

01:27:28   whatever the version of Mac OS it's on.

01:27:32   Steven, you moved on your Mac Pro, right?

01:27:36   You moved to Monterey?

01:27:38   - I did.

01:27:39   - Can I move to Monterey on my iMac now?

01:27:41   - Yeah, totally fine.

01:27:42   - All right, great, I'm gonna do that then.

01:27:44   I only got it on MacBook Pro, which I did.

01:27:46   I mean, I was interested to do it,

01:27:47   but I don't want it to be on my MacBook Pro.

01:27:50   I wanted to have the most recent version

01:27:51   for when the new MacBook Pro arrives

01:27:53   and into Migration Assistant.

01:27:54   So I feel like that's probably, it was a good idea.

01:27:56   - Which is fun, my old MacBook Pro was still on the beta

01:27:59   and Migration Assistant was like, "Hey, you're on the beta.

01:28:02   What do you wanna do about that?"

01:28:04   Good, they've gotten a lot smarter about that stuff.

01:28:06   - Yeah, I mean, I'm into it for those reasons.

01:28:09   I'm intrigued still to try it, Universal Control.

01:28:12   I know I won't use it, but I'm intrigued to try it.

01:28:14   I think that's kind of all of macOS.

01:28:18   - I like that it's a quieter year.

01:28:19   You know, the last two years we've had a lot of turbulence.

01:28:22   You had Catalina that killed all 32-bit apps,

01:28:25   and then you had Big Sur with a redesign.

01:28:27   And it feels like Monterey doesn't really bring

01:28:31   anything super dramatic.

01:28:34   You know, talking about the laptops, right?

01:28:35   This is a pretty drama-free version of macOS.

01:28:38   I think that's what the Mac needed.

01:28:40   I do think though, like in using it,

01:28:45   especially in the era of the new iPad multitasking,

01:28:50   like I don't want that on the Mac,

01:28:52   but I do think like the split screen stuff,

01:28:56   full screen apps, mission control

01:28:58   is still pretty messy on the Mac.

01:29:01   And there is a new feature, I didn't even know about this.

01:29:03   David Sparks pointed out to me

01:29:05   that if you're in a split screen, right and left,

01:29:08   you can now replace one of those apps

01:29:10   without breaking the split screen, which is cool.

01:29:13   You can just bring another app in to tile on either side.

01:29:17   - Very iPadOS-y.

01:29:18   - It is, but y'all, just take Windows 11 window management

01:29:23   and Sherlock it.

01:29:26   - Yeah, I want it so bad.

01:29:27   - That's all you gotta do.

01:29:29   - They've really done a good job of it.

01:29:30   I want it so bad.

01:29:31   - Yeah, I use Better Touch Tool on the Mac

01:29:34   just for that, like the snapping with the corners

01:29:38   and the multiple windows.

01:29:41   You can now sort of replicate that with shortcuts.

01:29:45   In fact, one of their sort of built-in shortcuts

01:29:48   in the gallery on the Mac is just like a version of that.

01:29:53   It's called, I believe, Tile Last Four Windows,

01:29:58   but obviously, like, you shouldn't have to use

01:30:00   a shortcut for it, and it's much more intuitive

01:30:02   to just grab a window, drag it to the side or like a corner,

01:30:07   and it snaps.

01:30:08   That's so much better.

01:30:10   And I mean, eventually Apple will seal that feature.

01:30:12   It's one of those interaction things that just makes sense

01:30:16   and eventually everybody copies it because it makes sense.

01:30:19   - Anything else with Monterey?

01:30:21   - I don't think so.

01:30:23   - Well, I think that does it for this week.

01:30:26   Got a lot of ground covered.

01:30:27   We unboxed a cleaning cloth, talked about AirPods.

01:30:31   - Magtricky.com.

01:30:33   - Magtricky.com.

01:30:35   Thank you to everyone who has ordered

01:30:36   while I've been recording.

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01:30:41   and then will ship in December.

01:30:42   Magtricky.com.

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01:30:53   - Nice.

01:30:54   - You know, I thought we were gonna go the whole time.

01:30:56   (laughing)

01:30:57   Right at the end.

01:30:58   Snuck it in there.

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01:31:18   Myke is there as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:31:22   Myke, what else are you up to right now?

01:31:25   - I recommend people keep an ear out for upgrade on Monday.

01:31:30   We have an interview coming up with Tim Millet and Tom Bogle from Apple.

01:31:33   We're talking about the new Apple Silicon chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Macs chips.

01:31:40   It's really good.

01:31:41   I'm looking forward to that.

01:31:43   Those guys are awesome.

01:31:44   They're really great.

01:31:45   I can't wait for people to hear it.

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