368: Eaten by the Italian Post Office


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 368.

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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:20   and I'm joined by my friend, Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:24   - Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:26   - I am good Federico, how are you?

00:00:28   - I'm doing extremely well, thank you.

00:00:31   - Good.

00:00:32   We're also joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:34   - Say it.

00:00:35   - Say it one last time.

00:00:38   - Just give it to me.

00:00:39   - His Royal Highness, the consolidated chairman.

00:00:44   - Thank you so much.

00:00:45   Thank you.

00:00:46   Hi, hello everybody.

00:00:47   - We'll see if you retain that today

00:00:50   'cause we will be scoring our picks

00:00:52   from Apple's Unleashed event,

00:00:54   talking about the news, our impressions as we go.

00:00:57   Very exciting stuff.

00:00:59   But first we have some important follow-up

00:01:01   about Australian radio.

00:01:03   (Joe laughing)

00:01:05   There we go.

00:01:05   That's all we do on the show.

00:01:07   A bunch of people sent us this

00:01:08   as if we knew it was already a thing, I don't know.

00:01:12   Triple J.

00:01:13   I can't believe you didn't mention.

00:01:15   I can't believe.

00:01:16   Wow.

00:01:17   I can't believe.

00:01:19   Joe, why is no one talking about this?

00:01:22   (Joe and Matt laughing)

00:01:25   Triple J, which is the group that we have put in place for adequate succession planning for this show.

00:01:34   Yes, Jason, John and James.

00:01:35   Yep, Jason, John and James. Triple J is a radio show in Australia.

00:01:40   Okay.

00:01:42   It's an entire radio station.

00:01:44   It's a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

00:01:49   So does it mean that...

00:01:50   Is ABC in America also the Australian Broadcasting Corporation?

00:01:54   Yes.

00:01:55   Wow. Yeah, they just expanded.

00:01:57   Wow, those are shredders.

00:01:59   Man, okay.

00:02:00   And it's government funded.

00:02:03   Because Australia did that.

00:02:05   Let me get this right. Hold on.

00:02:06   It's like PBS.

00:02:09   Yes.

00:02:10   Nice.

00:02:11   Good job.

00:02:12   I cannot believe that for government funded television,

00:02:16   you didn't go to BBC.

00:02:17   I just cannot believe that you went to PBS.

00:02:21   I don't know what the BBC is doing now.

00:02:22   I saw yelling about it in Discord and then I just...

00:02:24   Oh BBC, I like, there's that guy that I like on BBC, the Graham Norton show.

00:02:31   Oh okay, yeah, alright, yeah.

00:02:33   It's funny, it's very funny.

00:02:34   He's very funny, yeah.

00:02:35   Graham Norton does our Eurovision commentary.

00:02:39   Oh really?

00:02:40   Yeah, and he's so, he is hilarious for Eurovision.

00:02:44   I really recommend, by the way, people that watch Eurovision, if you're able to get the

00:02:48   BBC feed, it's worth it.

00:02:51   He is, he has a kind of a style which is, was also from the person he replaced, a guy

00:02:57   called Terry Wogan.

00:02:58   But basically he just makes fun of everything for the entire evening.

00:03:02   It's incredible.

00:03:03   It's so good.

00:03:04   Nice.

00:03:05   The Discord wants us to know that PBS isn't very much government funded.

00:03:08   They have some government funding.

00:03:10   Hence my point of the BBC.

00:03:11   Oh no, that's too bad.

00:03:12   Well actually, BBC is not government funded either.

00:03:14   It's publicly funded.

00:03:16   So we're into a whole world of mess.

00:03:19   So it's only Australia.

00:03:20   It's only Australia that has government funded radio.

00:03:23   You know what now though?

00:03:24   Now everyone from Australia that wrote to us about triple J is going to write and say,

00:03:28   well actually, well actually they're not really government funded.

00:03:31   You know, send a feedback email to triple J at Wikipedia.org.

00:03:39   I'm sure somebody will respond.

00:03:43   You all sit down for this.

00:03:45   They've changed Safari again with just days to go.

00:03:48   Impossible.

00:03:49   Monterey ships and after they shipped the bad tab design in Big Sur, so people have been using it

00:03:57   so they have

00:03:59   put the favorites back in between the tabs and the

00:04:03   Address bar the tabs look like old Safari 14

00:04:07   They're still the compact mode and you can still set it to be the colored thing up at the top

00:04:12   But now that's an advanced who knows

00:04:16   Can you can you so if you now put the tabs back to look like old tabs, can you still get the color?

00:04:23   No, it's only for compact mode

00:04:27   It's only for compact mode and it's an advanced settings

00:04:31   Like you you gotta go you gotta enable compact and then go into settings Safari

00:04:37   advanced I so much wasted work like the

00:04:43   - Just four months.

00:04:45   Like I'm typically not one of these people

00:04:48   that's like, I think you hit these people a lot.

00:04:50   It was like, oh, I feel for the engineers, right?

00:04:53   Like, 'cause it's like these people,

00:04:55   they're doing their jobs

00:04:56   and they're doing their work, et cetera.

00:04:57   But like, I genuinely feel really sorry

00:05:00   for the people that had to work on the Safari team

00:05:02   over the last three to four months.

00:05:04   Like this is, it's just been a,

00:05:07   this is just a disaster.

00:05:08   This is just a disaster.

00:05:10   I hope this becomes one of the classes at Apple University,

00:05:15   the thing that they have internally,

00:05:17   like how not to do a redesign.

00:05:19   - What we did to Safari.

00:05:21   - Yeah.

00:05:22   - The Safari 15 class.

00:05:23   - It must be generally useful as a learning experience

00:05:27   for how to not repeat this kind of process ever again.

00:05:31   It's kind of funny that this always happens with Safari.

00:05:34   So history always repeats itself with Safari

00:05:37   and changes to the top bar.

00:05:39   It's kind of incredible that it happened once again to Safari.

00:05:44   But yeah, I mean, they undid essentially all of the things that were not working before.

00:05:52   Or I mean, the most egregious things that were not working before.

00:05:56   So the old tap bar design is back, the favorites have been moved back,

00:06:01   and the iPhone was already fixed before.

00:06:03   before. So basically Safari, all that changed is on the iPhone they added tab

00:06:12   groups, they changed the way that the tabs look in like the all view mode and

00:06:18   then they moved the address bar to the bottom. Yeah. And then on the Mac and iPad

00:06:23   they just added tag groups. And a sidebar. And a sidebar. That's gonna be like the

00:06:28   ultimate overall change. Yeah, and like the sidebar like still isn't perfect, still wasted,

00:06:34   like it still feels like a waste of space, it's not customizable, you cannot put like, it's only

00:06:41   basically a place for tab groups and it's still a little too challenging I think. Gruber wrote about

00:06:46   this as well, to get to your reading list or to get to your bookmarks, reading list still feels

00:06:52   like abandonware at this point, like no signs of life whatsoever over the past four years.

00:06:58   Reading this is one of those features that I know people use, like you, but I still think nobody uses it.

00:07:03   Yeah.

00:07:03   Right? You know what I mean? Like, no, they make it so hard to use, surely no one's using it.

00:07:08   I know. But really, there's plenty to like at this point in the new Safari. Like, you have the tab groups,

00:07:15   you have the customizable start page, extensions, obviously, you have the new design on the iPhone,

00:07:21   like there's plenty to like and this is all like this change in 15.1 and the public version of Mount Airy is

00:07:28   exactly what we wanted which is the old Safari design with the new features. So

00:07:34   Yeah, I'll take it. One thing that I just can't I just can't reconcile is

00:07:41   this decision coming after they put it out to Big Sur. Like did they have really bad public feedback too?

00:07:48   Did they just not know? Like, I agree with you. It's like, what? They were going to change it again?

00:07:54   I don't know why they did that. Why did it ever go to Big Sur? I don't understand.

00:08:00   That is like...

00:08:02   Ultimately, my question is

00:08:04   Why did you have to wait for public feedback?

00:08:08   Like, can't you just sit down, look at it and say, "Well, yeah, this is bad."

00:08:15   Don't you see it yourself? Like, and I guess we'll never know the answers.

00:08:19   But they got all the public feedback, right? Like, from the betas, they got it. Like, they knew it.

00:08:24   Right, but...

00:08:25   Right? There's surely no more feedback that they had to get that they hadn't already gotten.

00:08:30   I guess the bigger question is

00:08:31   Why and how did this ship in the first place?

00:08:35   That's my, like, my concern here. It's like, who forced who

00:08:41   Internally to make this design happen only to be shown months later that it was not actually working for anyone

00:08:48   But I guess we'll never know the answer to that

00:08:51   Yeah, I still think that it might it might not be as simple as that either like you can get used to things quite quickly

00:08:58   Like I got used to I mean, I know a lot of people really don't like a

00:09:01   Lot of the stuff in so far. I got very used to it very fast

00:09:05   I think it can creep up on you. I I think that there is a way to look at it

00:09:10   which is like, you know, Craig Federighi walked into a room

00:09:13   and he drew on a whiteboard what he wanted

00:09:15   and then made everyone do it, right?

00:09:17   Which I think is a lot of what people are imagining.

00:09:20   I'm not saying it did or it didn't happen,

00:09:21   but I think that's one way that people imagine

00:09:23   that this has occurred, right?

00:09:25   But then the other thing is like a bunch of designers

00:09:27   had a bunch of ideas

00:09:29   and they started implementing them slowly

00:09:31   and then it ended up where we are.

00:09:33   And it was kind of like, I don't really like this analogy,

00:09:36   but it's like a boiling the frog kind of analogy.

00:09:38   They just kind of like kept,

00:09:40   like they decided they were gonna change Safari.

00:09:42   So people just started adding a bunch of things.

00:09:44   And then by the time it got to the release,

00:09:46   they kind of hadn't, they were too close to it.

00:09:50   And maybe did too much at one time

00:09:53   where they would have maybe done these things

00:09:55   a little bit more slowly,

00:09:57   everybody may have gotten on board of it.

00:09:59   - I have a difficult question to ask.

00:10:01   Do you guys feel like remote work

00:10:06   could have been an issue here?

00:10:08   Why would it make a difference?

00:10:09   I understand what you're asking, because there was a change, but I don't know what I would say.

00:10:14   My counter to that would be, is this the only time Apple's ever had a questionable UI design?

00:10:21   Well, not this bad, you know, like, and so universally panned.

00:10:28   I think it's a perfect storm thing.

00:10:31   Like probably bad UI design in the most important application.

00:10:36   I think this would have been way more excused

00:10:39   if it was done to files or like, you know,

00:10:43   like it was just the wrong app to change so much on.

00:10:47   I really do think it like that all of this stuff

00:10:50   could have been added, but it needed to be done

00:10:52   over multiple years.

00:10:54   I think it was too much at one time.

00:10:57   I know what you mean though, like it's a change, right?

00:11:01   Could it have been-- - Like you're trying

00:11:04   find a correlation essentially between like, why did this happen? Oh, is it because of

00:11:09   this thing? But you know, it could potentially not be related at all. I had no idea.

00:11:14   I really think it is like six things, right? Like six more things and they all came together

00:11:19   and it resulted in something that a lot of people didn't like. And a lot of people really

00:11:24   didn't like. I do think there's a possibility that the people with an Apple who want people

00:11:30   to be back in the office may use this as fodder for their point of view.

00:11:35   Yeah, if we were all here, maybe we want to screw Safari up so bad. I don't know.

00:11:39   No, I can see that. Honestly, like, yeah, I can see that. Anyway, none of this matters,

00:11:47   because Safari is old again. So yeah, go use tabs. They're pretty now.

00:11:53   Federico, you wanted to talk about the addition of Pilates in Fitness Plus.

00:11:59   Yes, yes, I do. So as I mentioned before on the show, I've been slowly but surely doing

00:12:06   Pilates with Silvia, who is a licensed instructor, I guess that's the proper way to describe her,

00:12:13   for the past year. When I saw that Apple said we're adding Pilates to Fitness+, I was really

00:12:19   interested to see how that looks like. And I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed

00:12:25   by the classes and the videos that I've seen so far.

00:12:29   I started up a trial just to see what it was like.

00:12:34   And to sum it up, because I don't want to get into the technicalities of everything,

00:12:39   but to sum it up,

00:12:41   "Pelates" is all about, sort of, first of all, the very basics,

00:12:46   like having a sense of your body and controlling your breath.

00:12:53   And there's all these very basic steps that you have to do in also what they call pre-Pilates classes,

00:13:01   just to make sure that you have this foundation, right?

00:13:04   Before you start doing more basic, intermediate, and then advanced exercises.

00:13:10   So what you're saying is you need classes for the class.

00:13:13   Yeah, no, it's actually called pre-Pilates, because you have to be prepared to what you're about to do.

00:13:19   Do you have post-Pilates classes?

00:13:21   Oh, you have cooldown, I think. That's what it's called.

00:13:25   But basically, it's things like, OK, learn how to breathe properly, right?

00:13:31   And learn how to hold your stomach or how to hold your navel, for example.

00:13:35   How to, you know, not strain your neck, like all these very basic things.

00:13:41   And when I when I opened Fitness Plus, none of these things were covered.

00:13:47   you go back through the list of videos and it just starts in the middle of a class and an exercise.

00:13:54   Like, it doesn't... There's nothing that tells you "Start here" and if you try the first video,

00:14:01   the first class, it doesn't tell you anything about, like, "Here's how to breathe" according to,

00:14:08   like... "Pelates" is an actual discipline, like, it's actually documented. Like, the guy,

00:14:14   the guy, the Polaris guy's name was...

00:14:16   Mr. Pilati.

00:14:17   Mr. Pilati.

00:14:18   Like, the guy actually wrote a book on...

00:14:21   Mr. Pilati is my father.

00:14:24   I'm Pilati's junior.

00:14:26   You joke about that, you joke about that, but there's actually like a whole succession

00:14:30   line to Joseph Pilatis, I believe it was his name.

00:14:34   Oh, it is actually Mr. Pilati!

00:14:36   Yes.

00:14:37   Well, there we go.

00:14:39   So there's actually like, there's an actual book and it's actually documented, like here's

00:14:44   the different ways you're supposed to do this thing. And the Fitness Plus version, it completely

00:14:52   ignores all of that. There's no class that tells you, "Okay, you start here, and before

00:14:59   you get started, here's how you breathe, here's how you order your stomach, here's how you

00:15:04   sit down, here's how you do these things." Because if you don't follow those things,

00:15:08   you're just going to hurt yourself. Like, if you start from zero...

00:15:10   Because they have these intro things. Do they not have an intro to Pilates?

00:15:16   I didn't see it. I didn't see it. And if you don't have those basics covered and you go

00:15:24   from zero to, you know, doing this moderate like exercises and you don't know what you're

00:15:32   doing, you're going to hurt yourself. Because I can tell you that a lot of people think

00:15:35   that Pilates is like this relaxing thing,

00:15:37   like very chill yoga.

00:15:39   It's not, it really isn't.

00:15:41   And you can hurt yourself in a bunch of different ways

00:15:45   if you don't pay attention.

00:15:47   And instead, the feel that I got

00:15:49   from the Fitness Plus videos was

00:15:52   they're trying to sell it to you

00:15:54   like any other kind of workout with the music,

00:15:57   like with the R&B and the hip hop music in the background.

00:16:02   Like I can tell you from experience

00:16:03   from other websites that I've tried,

00:16:05   like actual like Polaris focused websites that have video courses and,

00:16:10   you know, Sylvia pays a subscription to one of them. Um,

00:16:12   this feels like a version of yoga mixed with like

00:16:19   listening to music. It doesn't feel like Polaris at all. So,

00:16:23   um, it's like yoga plus, yeah,

00:16:26   it kind of felt like a lot of people think that that's what Polaris is though.

00:16:30   Exactly. And that was, that's ultimately like,

00:16:32   My conclusion is this feels like an Apple version of what people think Pilates is, by what they've heard about it.

00:16:42   It's not like an actual... I say official in the context of following the guidelines of, you know, Mr. Pilates.

00:16:51   So what you're saying is Joseph Hubertus Pilates would be spinning in his grave if he found out what Apple was doing with Pilates.

00:16:59   Yeah, and he was very flexible, so I have to assume it's a very small grave. He's all curled up.

00:17:03   Oh, God. I wish I wouldn't have said that now.

00:17:07   Probably.

00:17:08   He's stretching in his grave.

00:17:09   He's stretching, yeah.

00:17:11   I mean, you look at photos of the guy, though. Like, he was in his 80s, and he was ripped.

00:17:15   So, I mean, yeah. Mr. Pelares, you know, didn't want to mess with him.

00:17:20   Oh, my God. Look at this guy.

00:17:23   I know, right?

00:17:24   He's serious.

00:17:25   Yeah.

00:17:26   He's doing a lot of hanging around here in these Google searches.

00:17:30   Yeah. Very flexible. Very flexible. We all learned something today.

00:17:35   Are we done with all that? Are we done with the history lesson?

00:17:38   I think so. That's good. That's like a little ingenious right in the middle of connected.

00:17:42   Turns out. Turns out. Well, it is time for the Ricky's. There'll be a link in the show

00:17:51   where you can see the winners and losers.

00:17:54   That link obviously contains spoilers,

00:17:56   so I'm warning you now instead of at the end of the show,

00:17:58   like we did last week.

00:18:00   I'm improving as a host is what we're doing.

00:18:03   Good work, A*.

00:18:05   Before we get to that, though, we need to take our first break.

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00:20:04   - All right.

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00:21:39   is the current annual chairman and the current keynote chairman. That second

00:21:43   Twitter handle is on the line. All right. Can we sit down again? Yes, sit down. Okay. Now before we get to the picks and the

00:21:52   scoring the two of you each have a box that has been shipped to you. Finally! Oh

00:21:57   Oh, okay. And this, what is in this box was...

00:22:02   Hang on, hang on, I've had my box... Where is it? Is it on here anywhere?

00:22:06   Okay. Since July.

00:22:09   Federico's got eaten by the Italian post office.

00:22:13   Look, I was at the beach, okay? So, you know.

00:22:15   And so we had to then ship him a second box,

00:22:21   three-day shipping from the US to Italy to get it here in time for this. That was

00:22:25   was very expensive. Is it a brand new box? Yes, because the original never showed up

00:22:30   again. It's gone. Oh, so someone has one of these. There's one more of whatever this is

00:22:36   in the world. Yeah, the unknown Ricky is out there. What's inside of this thing? Well,

00:22:42   we're gonna get to that in a second. I will say it's very expensive to ship something,

00:22:46   so thank you for becoming connected members to help us pay for that. It was almost $200

00:22:54   ship that to Federico in four days from the US to Italy. So this is what's in

00:23:00   this box was created by our friend and wonderful moderator of the relay FM

00:23:06   member discord Matt van Ormer von van go the van the first time you said that

00:23:13   allowed it is yeah I would say that's that's his name on the box then I have

00:23:19   an invoice yeah my Matt yes thank you Matt the two of you now may proceed

00:23:26   opening the box if you can make it a SMR e you know stick your mics down there I

00:23:30   have a knife here with me okay yes good okay I'm opening the box get up

00:23:44   attention so I don't cut myself well there's a lot of packaging Matt says

00:23:47   van like the car that's good vanormer don't spoil it for me Myke oh my god oh

00:23:56   my god what is this it has a cable let me know when you're both open and I will

00:24:02   explain it okay I'm opening the box okay there's a bunch of plastic wrap and some

00:24:08   right I've got some a rubber band and a bunch of acrylic sheets what what is

00:24:15   this? Matt? This is, I've got a card it says MVO woodworks.com. Woodworks? Yes. Matt made the

00:24:24   tray that my PC was on. Matt also made some custom key cap pullers for me. Why is there a cable? You're

00:24:33   gonna need to plug that in. It is weird to see something made of wood and then a cable coming

00:24:38   out the back of it. Is this a bomb? No. Are we allowed to say that on the show? Sure. There's a rubber band.

00:24:44   yeah why why are there pieces of transparent plastic have you gotten to

00:24:50   the wood piece yet I mean I've got it out it's all out like okay it's out so

00:24:56   this is the official trophy for the Ricky's interesting and how it works

00:25:02   hold on a second hold on a second hold on a second because I feel like I should

00:25:06   set a little bit of a stage here so the reason that the Twitter accounts exist

00:25:11   is because in theory we should have a trophy.

00:25:16   - Yes.

00:25:17   - But we wouldn't have a trophy because we knew

00:25:20   that the three of us would not ship them around the world

00:25:23   because mostly of Federico as being an issue,

00:25:26   as has been proven by the fact that I had my one of these

00:25:30   for three months now.

00:25:32   - Yeah, I've had mine a long time too.

00:25:34   - Okay.

00:25:35   - That came up I think at episode 277, according,

00:25:39   Matt is in the Discord.

00:25:42   So what this is, this is a reconfigurable trophy.

00:25:47   - Oh my God, I see how it works.

00:25:49   - So one of the, and Myke,

00:25:52   maybe you can take a picture of yours

00:25:53   and we'll put it in the show notes, people can see this.

00:25:55   One of the acrylic pieces,

00:25:56   and they're all wrapped in plastics,

00:25:58   you need to take the plastic sheeting off of them,

00:26:00   and I would recommend finding a way to store them.

00:26:02   I'm storing them in like a Ziploc bag.

00:26:04   So on the trophy is the globe from our show art,

00:26:08   and it says the Ricky's scorekeeping across borders.

00:26:11   One acrylic piece has the lines around the globe.

00:26:16   And then the other acrylic pieces have small

00:26:20   and big circles of all of our locations.

00:26:23   And so for instance, right now, Myke holds both titles.

00:26:28   So we would have the lines, the small London circle

00:26:33   and the big London circle.

00:26:35   So it's highlighting his two awards.

00:26:37   - Oh.

00:26:38   - But say that I win today, then we swap out our pieces.

00:26:42   So London is circled and Memphis is circled.

00:26:45   So we all have a trophy and our trophies are all in sync

00:26:48   and we can all see when we look at them

00:26:50   who the current winners are.

00:26:52   - This is incredible.

00:26:54   - So if you plug that into USB,

00:26:56   there's a little switch on the side

00:26:57   and it's lit from the bottom.

00:26:59   - Okay, I have a lot of sheets, right?

00:27:01   So I guess I have enough sheets.

00:27:03   - You kind of got to sort through them

00:27:04   and figure out which one goes where.

00:27:06   So there's which one's the big circle

00:27:08   and which one's the little circle, does it matter?

00:27:11   - I don't think that really matters in my mind.

00:27:13   - I feel like annual should be the big circle.

00:27:15   - Okay, and event being the little circle?

00:27:17   - Annual should be the big one?

00:27:18   - Yeah.

00:27:19   - Remember, we're gonna have to adjust the rules

00:27:21   to account for all of this.

00:27:23   - Yeah, 'cause I feel like now at the end of every Ricky's,

00:27:27   we need to synchronize trophies.

00:27:29   - No, I'm always gonna keep it set to mine.

00:27:31   - No, no, no, no, no, it has to be in sync.

00:27:35   because this is the answer to not having a trophy.

00:27:38   - You can only have it to you when you've earned that.

00:27:41   - Oh my God. - That's right.

00:27:42   - And the way that you've earned that is by winning.

00:27:45   - Yeah, don't worry about that.

00:27:46   - So I have currently the big one for the annual winner,

00:27:50   that's Myke, and the little one for the keynote winner,

00:27:53   that's also Myke.

00:27:53   - I'm struggling to work out my--

00:27:55   - Yeah, it takes a little while to kind of figure out

00:27:57   which ones they are, but you can get it.

00:27:58   - Okay, so I've got it now, I've got it set up with me.

00:28:01   But there's a place on the back to keep them.

00:28:04   - Yes.

00:28:05   - Oh nice, okay.

00:28:06   - It's a little storage compartment.

00:28:07   - Yeah, I had them in a plastic baggie

00:28:09   because I've had mine for a while

00:28:10   and then I built an office and stuff,

00:28:12   so I didn't wanna damage them.

00:28:13   - So I have mine set up correctly now.

00:28:16   So here's a thought, does the rings around the earth,

00:28:19   does that go in front or behind of the?

00:28:23   - I think it goes the closest to the wood.

00:28:27   I think it looks best that way.

00:28:29   - You're gonna have some pictures of something

00:28:31   in the show notes for this, right?

00:28:32   - I asked you to, but sure.

00:28:34   Well, I took a picture of mine, but that's it.

00:28:38   That's all I've done.

00:28:39   I took a picture and I put it in the Discord.

00:28:41   - What's the current, oh, my case, right.

00:28:44   So where's the big annual one for London?

00:28:48   - Pretty good, right?

00:28:49   - Not in Russia. - This is incredible.

00:28:51   But wait, we haven't addressed something.

00:28:54   It has a cable.

00:28:55   - Yeah, you plug it in and it's lit.

00:28:57   There's a switch on the side.

00:28:59   - What? - Yep.

00:29:00   Go plug it in.

00:29:01   - You haven't lit it up yet?

00:29:02   - You haven't given this information.

00:29:04   - It's amazing.

00:29:06   - I haven't lit up.

00:29:07   Whoa, look at that.

00:29:09   Oh my God.

00:29:11   All right, I'm gonna take a picture of this.

00:29:13   Obviously the picture in the show notes will include me.

00:29:16   - Yeah, Matt put a picture of three of them

00:29:18   with good detail, that'll be in the show notes.

00:29:20   - Oh, there you go.

00:29:21   So there you go, we got it now.

00:29:22   So you don't need mine, but I am the current winner

00:29:25   currently, which is good.

00:29:26   I'm pleased that we got to open this first

00:29:28   so I get to look at myself.

00:29:29   So I guess the point now is, right,

00:29:32   - This is genuinely an incredible idea.

00:29:34   - It's amazing.

00:29:35   - Who had this idea?

00:29:37   - Well, there is a blog post in the show notes

00:29:40   that Matt has written.

00:29:41   - Oh my word, well how did that come around?

00:29:43   - Because Matt and I have been working on this

00:29:44   for like a year.

00:29:45   (laughing)

00:29:46   - Wow.

00:29:47   - So Matt has written a blog post.

00:29:49   Matt, maybe he can put that in the Discord

00:29:52   so people can see that.

00:29:53   - Oh my God, I'm looking at my beautiful trophy right now.

00:29:56   - I, I-- - This is so pretty.

00:29:58   in May, sent him a message that said,

00:30:01   "Trophies in all capital letters."

00:30:03   And he said, "I can make it happen."

00:30:05   And then we were, he did all the design

00:30:07   and I got pictures of it and it's amazing.

00:30:11   This is truly, I mean, it's truly astonishing

00:30:15   how great this looks.

00:30:15   - This is really just solving the problem

00:30:18   of the three of us, right?

00:30:19   We're obviously gonna keep the Twitter accounts

00:30:21   because, you know, it's public record.

00:30:24   - Yeah, the trophies are for us.

00:30:25   - But I love this idea

00:30:26   that we now have synchronized trophies.

00:30:29   So should we make a proposed rule amendment,

00:30:31   which we'll put into place next time?

00:30:33   - Yes.

00:30:34   - So the proposed rule amendment, I guess would be

00:30:38   after the scoring of the Ricky's,

00:30:44   the three hosts must synchronize trophies

00:30:48   and confirm via with photographic evidence.

00:30:55   After scoring is complete.

00:31:00   After scoring is complete, each host must...

00:31:04   Must update their official Ricky's trophy to reflect the new winner.

00:31:12   The large...

00:31:15   This is so cool. I adore this.

00:31:20   The blog post on Matt's website is just...

00:31:24   I have no words, Matt. Thank you so much.

00:31:26   This is...

00:31:28   Like, the thought and care that went into all of this

00:31:31   is just incredible for a stupid thing

00:31:33   that we do on a podcast.

00:31:35   Like, this is fantastic.

00:31:37   - Oh, something that I hadn't noticed,

00:31:40   'cause I kind of have mine sitting below me a little bit,

00:31:42   when you are at EyeLine with it,

00:31:45   it just illuminates the rings from the acrylic.

00:31:49   Like when you're looking slightly from above,

00:31:52   you don't get that effect as much, but.

00:31:54   - Yeah, I think it's best like on a shelf.

00:31:56   - Yeah, I'm gonna put it on my Cal-ax,

00:31:58   that's where it's going.

00:32:00   - That's a shame.

00:32:01   (laughing)

00:32:03   Okay, so.

00:32:04   - Surely it's better than that.

00:32:06   - The large location marker.

00:32:09   - No, I think I'm actually gonna keep this on my desk

00:32:12   along with the, my Ricky's stuff toy.

00:32:14   - Yeah, I'm keeping it on my desk, I think.

00:32:16   - Yeah, I gotta find a good place for this.

00:32:17   - I still don't have that one.

00:32:18   I have no idea what happened to mine.

00:32:21   - Did you not get the stuffed toy?

00:32:22   - No. - Oh man, that's lost.

00:32:24   Matt, there is a connected fan in the Italian postal service

00:32:29   and they're just stealing everything Ricky's related.

00:32:32   - That seems possible.

00:32:34   - There's a mole in the system there.

00:32:36   Man, this is just incredible.

00:32:39   This is so good.

00:32:42   - After scoring is complete,

00:32:43   each host must update their official Ricky's trophy

00:32:45   to reflect the new winner.

00:32:47   The large location marker is for the annual chairman.

00:32:49   Well, the smaller location marker is for the keynote chairman.

00:32:53   Trophies.

00:32:54   - Wait, hold on, where is this?

00:32:55   Where is this?

00:32:56   - I put it down.

00:32:57   - It's at the bottom of the document.

00:32:59   - Should remain in sync at all times.

00:33:04   - I'm gonna need to find someone special to put this.

00:33:06   - I have so many things on my desk now

00:33:08   that are just from the show.

00:33:09   That's kind of ridiculous.

00:33:11   - Wait, Ricky's trophy.

00:33:14   I'm going over this amendment.

00:33:17   Ricky's trophy should have in parentheses the model name of the Ricky's trophy.

00:33:22   In this case would be "Late 2021".

00:33:25   That seems fair.

00:33:26   In case it's updated at some point.

00:33:28   I could imagine...

00:33:29   Cut out of aluminum.

00:33:30   Yeah, oh...

00:33:32   I'm just kidding. I wanted to say the same forever.

00:33:35   Okay, read this again, Steven, please.

00:33:37   After scoring is complete, each host must update their official Ricky's trophy,

00:33:41   "Late 2021", to reflect the new winner.

00:33:44   The large location marker is for the annual chairman,

00:33:47   while the smaller location marker is for the keynote chairman.

00:33:50   Trophies should remain in sync at all times.

00:33:52   - Okay.

00:33:55   - Feels pretty good.

00:33:55   We can always tweak it if we need to.

00:33:58   - Oh, I mean, we love an amendment.

00:33:59   - Yeah.

00:34:00   Now, you didn't mention the photographic evidence.

00:34:04   - That we have to send pictures.

00:34:06   - Trophies should remain in sync at all times

00:34:09   with photographic evidence.

00:34:13   - Provided.

00:34:14   provided on demand.

00:34:17   - I was just gonna say, like an immediate throw down.

00:34:21   Any point.

00:34:24   - I could text you in four weeks.

00:34:26   - Send me an image!

00:34:28   - Matt, seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

00:34:35   This is incredible. - Yeah, this is incredible,

00:34:36   man, I adore this.

00:34:38   Thank you, Matt.

00:34:39   This is, oh my God, this is so good.

00:34:40   - There are pictures and Matt's blog post

00:34:43   in the show notes.

00:34:46   Definitely go check out the blog post.

00:34:47   It's really cool.

00:34:49   Matt makes some amazing things.

00:34:51   Go buy a cutting board from him.

00:34:53   - Or a keycap puller.

00:34:53   They're really good. - Or a keycap puller.

00:34:55   Yeah, he has like the renders of them

00:34:57   as he was figuring out how to put it together.

00:34:59   It's all so good.

00:35:00   Laser cutting, I mean, it's amazing.

00:35:04   - So good.

00:35:04   (sighs)

00:35:05   - I'm glad y'all like 'em.

00:35:06   It was well worth the wait.

00:35:08   - Oh, definitely.

00:35:08   I love it.

00:35:09   I adore it.

00:35:10   - Okay.

00:35:11   Now they're saying there should be a webcam

00:35:13   on his trophy. Now that's an interesting proposition. I don't know how I feel

00:35:18   about that. I think it's a particularly difficult for Federico considering his

00:35:21   recording places in his bedroom. Yeah that could be bad. You need a studio Federico,

00:35:26   why don't you have a studio like us? Yeah, why don't I have a bigger apartment?

00:35:30   That's the bigger problem. I guess so. Surely the studio should come first

00:35:36   so you can put a webcam on your trophy. I am convinced that Silvia will understand.

00:35:41   Yeah, she'll be fine.

00:35:43   Priorities, you know?

00:35:44   Yeah, I'm sure.

00:35:45   Let's take a break.

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00:37:38   Round the first.

00:37:40   Myke, you got to go first as the reigning champion.

00:37:44   What did you pick?

00:37:46   Apple unveils a new MacBook Pro.

00:37:51   Should we just go through the first round and talk about the MacBook Pro?

00:37:54   Yeah.

00:37:55   Yeah.

00:37:56   Yeah.

00:37:57   said at least one new MacBook Pro model has an upgraded webcam with a higher resolution.

00:38:05   And I said at least one new Mac model announced ships in November. Nope, they're coming out

00:38:12   next week. Yeah, I mean they do ship in November, but they're also shipping in October. So that

00:38:18   didn't work for you. So that's one point for each of you. No points for me. Mm hmm. Just

00:38:24   a bummer. Great for Steven as we finish the first round. Not off to a great start, Steven.

00:38:28   Really strong, strong work there by the Mac guy. It's not going to get any better for me.

00:38:32   New MacBook Pros, can I just say? Oh, man. It's like they did everything everybody wanted.

00:38:41   They listened. It's got ports. It's super powerful. The screen seems ridiculous. Like,

00:38:48   I think these machines are wins all the way around. I honestly do.

00:38:52   Here's a, I have a question.

00:38:55   Federico, are you going to get one?

00:38:57   - Yeah, I am.

00:38:58   - Did you get one?

00:39:00   - Not yet, but I will.

00:39:01   - Okay, you are going to order it?

00:39:02   Okay.

00:39:03   Cause I know that we'd mentioned this a long time ago,

00:39:06   I think that you were considering just like,

00:39:09   you were waiting for whatever this was going to be.

00:39:11   And then it would just be the like,

00:39:13   you're recording computer no matter where you are.

00:39:15   - Yes, yes.

00:39:16   The plan is to sell the Mac mini that I currently have,

00:39:20   which is a 2018 one.

00:39:22   I'm gonna sell the Mac Mini, sell the display, I think.

00:39:27   I'm also tired of this ultra fine 4K display.

00:39:30   It's ugly and chunky and--

00:39:31   - So you would just use the MacBook's display?

00:39:34   - Until I find, if I get tired of waiting for Apple

00:39:38   to make one, I may get a new one,

00:39:41   which is more elegant and bigger, maybe 5K,

00:39:44   maybe like one of those ultra wide displays.

00:39:47   - There's a 6K monitor that you might like.

00:39:50   I got a 6k one. It's called the Pro Display XDR? That's the name of it. Yeah, I'm not

00:39:55   slightly out of my budget

00:39:57   unfortunately. You don't forget the stand

00:39:59   Yeah, I think I'm selling the Mac Mini and I'm getting a 14 inch Mac Pro

00:40:06   And I'm gonna use that as my recording computer and maybe who knows maybe maybe I will like working on a MacBook again

00:40:12   You know for general things I doubt it, but still I'm gonna get one

00:40:17   Stephen I assume you've already ordered one. Mm-hmm. I see me've already ordered one and then cancelled it and ordered another one. No

00:40:23   No

00:40:26   Would you say that?

00:40:28   What in my password suggested never might what makes you think?

00:40:32   The kind of person who does that flip-flop. I did order one. I have a 14 inch

00:40:40   with the end with a 10 core m1 Pro with the 16 core GPU

00:40:46   32 gigabytes of unified memory and 2 terabyte SSD in space gray and it is coming on launch day

00:40:51   So I'll have it for next week's show

00:40:53   You actually have a date

00:40:56   Yeah, I got it. I was in there early and it is coming on launch day because I have a date range. Yeah

00:41:02   No, I have October

00:41:04   26th

00:41:06   Lucky mines 29 to November 2nd. Mm-hmm right now my polishing cloth is gonna arrive on the 27th

00:41:14   So I have that going for me.

00:41:16   Yeah, I got one of those two.

00:41:18   I'm gonna work on a... I'm gonna do a review.

00:41:20   I've already had one because I've got a Pro Display XDR.

00:41:23   Mmm.

00:41:24   Oh, so you're one of the hipster...

00:41:26   You wanna hear it?

00:41:27   Polishing cloth people.

00:41:28   I'm going to rub it on the microphone.

00:41:30   Man, it sounds so polished now.

00:41:35   Wow, it sounds...

00:41:36   I can't wait for Steven to come back.

00:41:38   Clearly his voice is gonna be better. Yeah.

00:41:40   Try and talk.

00:41:41   Hello.

00:41:42   Wow!

00:41:43   Wow! It finally cleaned him up.

00:41:45   It's like they removed all the dust from your voice.

00:41:49   And now you sound so much better.

00:41:51   My voice is a little dusty.

00:41:53   I like to think of it that way.

00:41:55   Yeah, sure.

00:41:56   So which models did y'all get?

00:41:59   Oh, I got exactly the same as Steven,

00:42:01   except I got 64 gigabytes of unified memory.

00:42:04   64?

00:42:05   Wait, so that means you got the M1 Max.

00:42:08   I got the Pro.

00:42:09   Oh, sorry, yeah, no, I got the M1 Max.

00:42:11   I got an M1 Max.

00:42:13   Wow, big big big laptop energy over there. Big laptop energy. I got the

00:42:17   Apple M1 Max. I got the 10 core CPU 24 core GPU version. I got a 96 watt power

00:42:24   adapter because you need that apparently. 2 terabyte SSD 64 gigabyte unified

00:42:29   memory. Comes with an accessory kit. I don't know what that means, but yeah

00:42:33   that's what I got. I went big. It's an expensive like it's expensive computer.

00:42:39   I'm actually going to sell my iMac Pro.

00:42:42   - Whoa.

00:42:44   - Yep.

00:42:45   - What?

00:42:46   - Yep.

00:42:47   I don't need it anymore.

00:42:48   - What are you gonna,

00:42:49   so you're just gonna work on a laptop?

00:42:51   - No, no, no, no, no.

00:42:52   See, this is the thing.

00:42:53   I have my iMac, my M1 iMac in front of me.

00:42:57   My Intel iMac Pro, it just sits at home.

00:42:59   It is my, uh-oh, in case there's COVID,

00:43:03   like lockdown computer.

00:43:05   But I don't need that anymore.

00:43:08   'cause I could just use my laptop

00:43:10   and especially this laptop,

00:43:12   which is gonna blow that thing into pieces of dust.

00:43:16   So I never use that machine anymore.

00:43:19   I do all my recording in the studio

00:43:21   and if I, for whatever reason, couldn't,

00:43:23   my laptop would more than be able to handle

00:43:26   anything I needed it for.

00:43:27   So I'm gonna be, like to help fund this machine,

00:43:31   I'm gonna be selling my iMac Pro and my MacBook Pro

00:43:35   because I don't need that either.

00:43:36   - Yeah, I'll be still on my M1 MacBook Pro.

00:43:39   - Yeah.

00:43:40   And then I'll have this boiler computer.

00:43:43   I don't really know where it's gonna sit for me.

00:43:46   Like I know, like my MacBook Pro right now,

00:43:49   it's like the machine I do basically all of my work on

00:43:51   except recording and editing.

00:43:53   But I feel like the speed of this MacBook Pro,

00:43:57   it might be even nicer to edit on.

00:43:58   I don't know, we'll see.

00:44:00   The iMac will probably still do the job just fine.

00:44:04   But yeah, I'm super excited for this computer.

00:44:06   My only thing that I'm like bummed out about

00:44:10   is the screen portion,

00:44:13   because the screen of the laptop is incredible, right?

00:44:18   It's 120 frames per second mini LED screen.

00:44:23   I dock my laptop to an LG monitor.

00:44:28   And so I'm not really sure what to do about that.

00:44:32   I don't really--

00:44:34   - Have you heard the good news of the Bro Display XDR?

00:44:36   But that won't even get me, that's not mini LED

00:44:39   or 120 frames per second, right?

00:44:41   So like, even, you know, even if I was to do that,

00:44:44   it's not actually gonna give me a better use of it at all.

00:44:49   So I don't really know what to do

00:44:51   because I know that like a 14 inch screen

00:44:55   is not what I want to be working on all day.

00:44:58   Like I like having a 30 inch monitor

00:45:00   or 28 inch monitor, whatever it is I have.

00:45:03   So I have all of that screen real estate,

00:45:04   Like a 14 inch is going to be too small.

00:45:07   Like any laptop would be smaller than I would want

00:45:11   for when I'm sitting at my desk, right?

00:45:13   So like, I'm not really sure about that part.

00:45:16   Like I don't really know how that's gonna manifest itself.

00:45:19   I know it's gonna be amazing whenever I use it

00:45:21   in the laptop configuration

00:45:23   and maybe I'll find ways to do that more,

00:45:25   but I really care about my ergonomics

00:45:28   and I wanna be sitting at a table with a good chair

00:45:32   and sitting just right with the keyboard in front of me

00:45:34   and monitor like my eye level and all that kind of stuff.

00:45:38   So I'm not really sure.

00:45:40   'Cause even like, you know,

00:45:41   Kimball is saying a 16 inch to get.

00:45:44   The 16 inch is still not big enough.

00:45:46   Like it's still not a monitor, right?

00:45:49   Like the iMac that I have in front of me,

00:45:51   it's 21 inches, right?

00:45:52   That is like the bare minimum that I would want

00:45:55   for a desktop machine.

00:45:57   Like I would now having lived with like a 30 inch monitor

00:46:00   for a while, I would struggle with this 21

00:46:05   as my all the time monitor.

00:46:09   Like if the 21 inch for the iMac,

00:46:12   that's why I have the second display, remember?

00:46:14   I just forgot about that, I'm looking right at it.

00:46:16   I have the second display for my iMac off to the side

00:46:19   to put things, other windows on.

00:46:21   Like it wouldn't be enough.

00:46:23   So I would want a much larger display

00:46:26   and no laptop's really gonna do that for me.

00:46:30   So I don't really know, but it does look amazing.

00:46:32   It's super powerful and I'm very excited.

00:46:35   But it is one of those things where like,

00:46:37   this is why I desperately want an Apple made external display

00:46:42   because in theory, it would match and exceed

00:46:45   what this laptop can do.

00:46:47   - But the search for display continues though.

00:46:49   Like now we have this new higher baseline of,

00:46:54   well, now we want to display that as promotion and mini LED.

00:46:58   So in a way, even the Pro Display XDR is kind of updated

00:47:03   at this point.

00:47:04   - Well, there isn't a search for it.

00:47:06   I mean, from my perspective,

00:47:07   I'm not gonna look for something.

00:47:08   I'm just gonna wait.

00:47:09   I am convinced Apple are going to make a display

00:47:12   at some point.

00:47:13   Like I'm convinced of it.

00:47:14   It makes sense.

00:47:16   They have this new display technology, as you say,

00:47:19   that like even their best display,

00:47:22   which is an obscene amount of money, doesn't support.

00:47:25   And so, you know, it's either they're gonna make it

00:47:28   themselves or they're gonna have a new LG monitor

00:47:30   or whatever, right?

00:47:31   But like at a certain point,

00:47:33   a ProMotion Mini LED display is going to be needed.

00:47:38   And I'm assuming that they are going to make that.

00:47:43   But right now that just doesn't happen.

00:47:46   - Man, that's gonna be so sweet.

00:47:48   - Yeah, my sort of assumption now is that

00:47:52   if we're gonna get this, it'll be with the big iMac.

00:47:55   - There was a report from a display analyst

00:47:58   that there is a new iMac, a 27-inch iMac,

00:48:01   with all of this technology coming early next year.

00:48:06   It was originally reported as an external display,

00:48:08   but was corrected to say, actually, no,

00:48:10   that it was a display for an iMac.

00:48:13   But I just gotta assume that these things

00:48:16   will eventually come together.

00:48:18   - Yeah, I'm a little surprised that rumor says,

00:48:21   or that report says 27, I think 30 inches at 5.5K

00:48:26   would be about right, but we'll see.

00:48:28   We will see.

00:48:31   But all in all, I'm super pumped about this, super--

00:48:34   - This looks so cool, man.

00:48:36   Everything about it, the ports, MagSafe, everything.

00:48:39   - Yeah, I mean, it shows that Apple is listening.

00:48:42   You know, it's sort of the story that started

00:48:44   with the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro.

00:48:45   This is like chapter three or four of that,

00:48:47   of really listening to what people want

00:48:49   and need out of their high-end Macs.

00:48:51   That's good.

00:48:52   - Yep, really, it's really great.

00:48:54   I'm very excited for this computer

00:48:57   because, you know, it's like, I was so excited.

00:49:01   We all were so excited last time

00:49:03   just for like benchmarks, right?

00:49:06   And this thing's gonna be just a monster, right?

00:49:11   Like especially the Macs variant.

00:49:13   It's gonna be an absolute monster.

00:49:16   Like, you know, they were mentioning, I think,

00:49:17   about like it can do some video exporting stuff faster than the Mac Pro

00:49:22   because of the integrated like handling a video into the system on a chip and I

00:49:27   cannot wait to see some of that stuff. And not just faster than my 12 core but

00:49:33   the the M1 Mac's system on a chip because it has like twice as many video encoding

00:49:41   blocks as the M1 Pro and both of them have ProRes support so it's basically

00:49:46   get an afterburner built into the system on a chip is faster and can render more

00:49:51   streams of 4 and 8k than a 28 core Mac Pro with an afterburner in it. So it's

00:49:59   just gonna, your laptop is just gonna absolutely decimate my Mac Pro in terms

00:50:03   of this. How you feeling about that? Like no jokes but like how you feeling about

00:50:06   that? I still really love having a desktop. I really love having all the

00:50:11   stuff inside the tower. I for about 30 seconds thought you know maybe if I got

00:50:17   a 16 inch I could drive it with the pro display it's what David Sparks is gonna

00:50:20   do. We talked about that on MPU 611 which is be out sometime today but for me...

00:50:26   Can I make a prediction by the way? Because obviously I haven't heard that

00:50:29   make power uses but he said it in slack today. I guarantee you within four months

00:50:33   David has two MacBook Pros. Because he said he wanted to keep

00:50:39   small one to like going out with he's gonna get a 14 to replace that 13 I'm

00:50:43   convinced of it oh maybe but but I really like having a desktop so you know

00:50:48   when there's a new Mac Pro whatever that looks like that's what I'll move to and

00:50:52   I really like having the big desktop and then a nice notebook so I mean I knew

00:50:57   the day was coming I'm a little surprised a 14-inch MacBook Pro is

00:51:00   what's gonna beat it but yeah but I also think it's really cool well could we

00:51:05   We don't know.

00:51:06   Yeah, we don't know.

00:51:07   There's things, they've said things it can do.

00:51:09   Yeah.

00:51:10   We gotta see when like people with benchmarks, you know, people like Quinn and Marquez and

00:51:18   all these people actually have them in hand, you know, then we can really see.

00:51:23   But it seems like it's gonna get beat.

00:51:26   But one of my favorite things about this announcement is that you can spec a 14 and 16 inch basically

00:51:31   the same.

00:51:33   And so you're not limited to the smaller system on a chip

00:51:38   and the smaller notebook.

00:51:39   And I think that's pretty cool.

00:51:41   - Yep, there's no change anymore.

00:51:43   I think they have a marketing line on their website

00:51:47   about that somewhere.

00:51:48   Like it's very reminiscent of like the iPad stuff

00:51:53   or whatever, right?

00:51:54   Like you can just, you just choose the size screen you want

00:51:57   and everything else, it's the same.

00:51:59   Oh, you can choose your size, choose your chip,

00:52:02   - Let it rip, that's what the...

00:52:04   (laughing)

00:52:05   - It'd be so much fun to write those.

00:52:07   - Yeah, it seems like a good job, right?

00:52:10   That does seem like a fun job to have.

00:52:12   - Yep.

00:52:13   - Yeah, I'm...

00:52:14   Oh, I guess this 'cause this didn't come up.

00:52:18   Two questions, it's all under the idea of design.

00:52:23   I wanna know how you both feel about the feet and the notch.

00:52:27   - I mean, I don't really care about the feet.

00:52:30   I actually think it looks kinda cool,

00:52:32   But about the, I'm sorry about the what? The feet, the feet.

00:52:36   There's very prominent feet on this machine. Yeah. Myke's into feet.

00:52:39   Is that, is that a, is that a pro? Is that a problem?

00:52:45   Like, no, no, no. I don't think anyone's saying it's a problem.

00:52:49   Do you ask who, because some people have opinions.

00:52:53   I don't know if they do. I kind of don't care. But it's,

00:52:55   it's something that looks kind of different and I just wonder what you thought

00:52:59   about it. Like, then they're not, it's a design element now in a way that the feet of the

00:53:04   laptop haven't been before. Let me see, are there pictures? Because if you just go to

00:53:09   the website, right, like if you go to the little things there, the feet are in all of

00:53:14   the images and like it wasn't a thing they had before. Even if you looked at a laptop

00:53:17   from that angle before you would see the little kind of like rubbery black, dumb feet that

00:53:22   they had on. Right. But if you look at the product imagery, it's not in any of those

00:53:26   Like the new ones are, it is a design element of this machine.

00:53:31   Like they have...

00:53:32   The real question is, can I screw wheels into these feet?

00:53:35   Probably not. Why would you?

00:53:37   Probably not, but maybe 12 South will create some kind of like...

00:53:41   It's not a skateboard, Steven. It could be.

00:53:45   16 could be.

00:53:46   They look like, from the side, they look like camera bumps.

00:53:50   Yeah, I saw someone compare that.

00:53:54   Like that does actually look a little bit like the camera bump on the iPhone 13.

00:53:58   The notch is fine. I actually, I'm actually happy that there's a notch

00:54:03   because it makes the Mac feel newer.

00:54:06   Like it makes it feel more modern.

00:54:09   It's like, I don't know, I feel like the notch gives me this illusion of,

00:54:15   oh, it's modern like an iPhone 10 style design.

00:54:19   And so I'm actually happy there is one because I think it's fun

00:54:22   then now you have all these different ways for apps to adapt to the menu bar.

00:54:27   And yeah, I just...

00:54:30   It looks new and new, you know, like, you know, it creates...

00:54:33   What was it? The line of Mad Men, it creates that itch, right?

00:54:37   It's people, you know, it resonates with people.

00:54:39   People respond to new and I respond to new and the notch looks new.

00:54:43   So I'm happy that it's there because it makes it look different.

00:54:47   And it's fun.

00:54:47   I feel like it's a little bigger than it needs to be,

00:54:49   but I understand that it's like, it's for the future, right?

00:54:54   Like they definitely don't need a notch of this size

00:54:57   just for that 1080p webcam.

00:54:59   - That's where Face ID is gonna move in.

00:55:01   - Yeah, like it's gotta be, right?

00:55:03   Like they really don't need that amount of size.

00:55:07   It's massive compared to the camera that goes inside of it.

00:55:12   Like, you know, yeah.

00:55:14   So, but my kind of feeling on it is like,

00:55:18   it's mostly unused space on a Mac.

00:55:21   So what's the harm?

00:55:23   - And moving the menu bar up there

00:55:25   still gives you 16 by 10 area beneath it.

00:55:29   There's a bunch of stuff floating around

00:55:30   about how the mouse and how the applications interact

00:55:34   with the notch.

00:55:35   If you're in full screen mode, basically it just goes away.

00:55:38   I think it's totally fine.

00:55:39   Look on the phone, we all lost track of the notch

00:55:42   basically after three days.

00:55:44   So I'm not fussed about it.

00:55:46   And I like what Federico said about new.

00:55:49   Like it has the, it just looks like a modern computer

00:55:54   because lots of modern computers have notches on them.

00:55:56   And I know that people will say like,

00:55:58   well, the iPad doesn't have a notch,

00:56:00   but then the bezels would have been bigger

00:56:03   around the whole machine, right?

00:56:05   Around the whole screen.

00:56:06   And I prefer them to push those bezels out on the Mac

00:56:09   and get it to a 14 inch laptop

00:56:11   without it being too much bigger than the 13

00:56:14   and get the bezels to be as small as they can and have the notch.

00:56:17   I think they made the right trade-off.

00:56:20   Exactly. And some people would have complained anyway,

00:56:22   because if you have bezels, then they say,

00:56:24   "Oh, and Apple claims it's edge-to-edge," but it's really not.

00:56:27   I mean, look, a mini-LED display without bezels just doesn't exist.

00:56:31   Or Apple can make one at the moment.

00:56:33   So you may wish for one,

00:56:35   but then you just got to accept reality that it's not possible.

00:56:38   But the bezels are like, they're smaller than on the iPad,

00:56:40   but the iPad's bezels are for a good reason.

00:56:43   Like you need to be able to hold.

00:56:45   - To hold it, exactly.

00:56:46   - Yeah.

00:56:47   So I think this is the right mixture of stuff too.

00:56:50   - Little parking spot for your thumb on the iPad.

00:56:53   So yeah.

00:56:54   - And the iPad most of the time is in landscape

00:56:58   for a lot of people, but Apple still contends

00:57:00   that you can use it any way you want.

00:57:02   And so like is the notch on the side sometimes?

00:57:04   So that would be, it would help break that illusion

00:57:06   I think on the iPad where you're not gonna turn

00:57:08   your MacBook Pro on its side probably.

00:57:11   The other thing that is a little unusual about the screen is that it's rounded in the top

00:57:16   corners but square in the bottom corners if you look at their marketing images.

00:57:21   I don't like that.

00:57:22   Why is it not round in the bottom too?

00:57:24   It's like the mullet of this place.

00:57:27   It's rounded at the top and squared off at the bottom.

00:57:30   Would that be party at the top, business at the bottom, right?

00:57:35   I don't know why they did that.

00:57:38   I wish they would have made a decision, right?

00:57:42   Like it's either corner, it's either sharp or rounded

00:57:45   because my iMac has sharp corners on the screen.

00:57:48   They didn't round that.

00:57:49   Like, I don't know why they went just halfway.

00:57:53   That's a curious decision, I think.

00:57:57   - And of course it's 120 Hertz.

00:58:00   So, have fun with that.

00:58:03   - Let's go in the real world.

00:58:04   - I'll be disabling it.

00:58:06   - Oh, of course you will.

00:58:07   Yeah.

00:58:07   Okay, so that is round one.

00:58:11   Myke, one point. Federico, one point. Stephen, no points.

00:58:16   Neil Pois.

00:58:17   Round two. Myke.

00:58:20   We got a color option that is new to the MacBook Pro in name.

00:58:24   Nope.

00:58:26   They screwed me here.

00:58:26   That's silver and space gray.

00:58:28   They screwed me big time.

00:58:30   How about no.

00:58:31   Like they didn't even do what I thought they were going to do, which is like,

00:58:36   Just rename the space gray, you know, like to some other color, you know.

00:58:40   Just call it graphite.

00:58:41   I mean, they did not do it.

00:58:44   They did not do it.

00:58:46   Can we reiterate on the show how messed up the color situation on Apple computers is as of October 2021?

00:58:55   It's a disaster right now.

00:58:56   - Why we have silver MacBooks, but that sort of, you know, champagne-like starlight on Apple watches and iPhones.

00:59:09   - Well, some iPhones. Some iPhones are silver. - But some iPhones...

00:59:14   - Hey, look, I would much rather be complaining about this and keyboards that don't work.

00:59:18   So, like, we have it pretty good. - But you still, you know, it's...

00:59:23   you still gotta maintain that thing you complain about because it's good for your soul.

00:59:28   Like, to have a small...

00:59:30   Yes, because you gotta have a very small negative feeling inside of you

00:59:35   to make sure that the positive ones can flourish.

00:59:37   Yeah, most of those negative feelings, you just have to push them down.

00:59:42   Just like...

00:59:43   Yes.

00:59:43   Push them down. That's the healthy part.

00:59:46   You push them way down.

00:59:47   Is it though?

00:59:48   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:59:49   Just take them, squeeze them into a little ball,

00:59:52   Push them down. That's the way to handle it.

00:59:55   But it needs to be a small thing that doesn't consume your life.

00:59:58   That's why the butterfly keyboard was not an ideal small negative feeling,

01:00:03   because that was going to consume your life.

01:00:05   Too big, you can't push that one down.

01:00:07   Because if you pushed it down too hard, it would break. Am I right?

01:00:10   Yes.

01:00:12   Speaking of which, I need to tell you guys something.

01:00:15   OK.

01:00:16   I think I typed too much on the Magic keyboard

01:00:22   and I broke it. The iPad one.

01:00:24   Well, break it like how?

01:00:27   At the backspace key is wobbly.

01:00:30   Huh, you made too many errors, huh?

01:00:33   I made too many typos. I correct myself too much.

01:00:36   You've been... There you go, Apple's punishing you.

01:00:39   Yeah.

01:00:40   Big, more correct.

01:00:43   Yeah. Anyway, it feels like color will now be the thing where it's like, "Oh, these MacBook

01:00:50   Prose are amazing, but it's like this thing, if only the colors were better, you know?

01:00:56   They gotta leave something for you to complain about, so that also it looks like when you

01:01:01   recommend the computer to other people, it looks like your objective.

01:01:06   Because then you say, these computers are amazing, but if I can tell you one thing,

01:01:09   it's color.

01:01:10   One thing.

01:01:11   And people are like, oh, you know, this guy's objective, because it's like raising complaints.

01:01:15   So it's my whole theory about, you know.

01:01:18   one thing that you don't like so that you can appreciate everything else and appear

01:01:23   more objective in your criticism.

01:01:26   What's your pick?

01:01:29   What was my pick?

01:01:31   Any kind of release timeframe is provided for macOS Monterey.

01:01:36   This is a terrible pick, man.

01:01:39   This is the... like reading this pick back, this pick sucks.

01:01:43   Why?

01:01:44   Any kind of release timeframe.

01:01:46   Yeah, but he got the point.

01:01:48   Who has the passion? Who has the passion?

01:01:50   Oh, now you're playing this card on me because you know how things are going for you.

01:01:56   No passion at all.

01:01:58   No, you guys! Oh, you were saying no.

01:02:01   You think they're going to mention MagQuest, Monterey?

01:02:04   They're never going to do that.

01:02:06   Oh, you'll be lucky if they mention Monterey at all.

01:02:10   I feel like you're just making all this up.

01:02:12   There's literally no way to know what was said on previous episodes.

01:02:15   Yeah.

01:02:17   No passion.

01:02:18   macOS Monterey launching Monday, October 25th.

01:02:23   I'm gonna have a review on Mac stories.

01:02:25   Stephen is gonna do screenshots for 512, the official resource of macOS UI.

01:02:33   And I will be installing it.

01:02:34   You will be installing it.

01:02:36   I am using it right now.

01:02:39   Wow.

01:02:39   It's okay.

01:02:41   It's fine.

01:02:42   So if there's any audio issues of Federico's track, it's because he's using it.

01:02:46   - I'm just saying if, not me.

01:02:49   - No, I am gonna blame you.

01:02:50   If it's your fault.

01:02:53   - Well, it may be my fault, but I still get the point

01:02:55   because Mac OS Monterey is coming out.

01:02:57   Apple said it, so this is a point.

01:03:00   - Apple announces a Mac mini that is more performant

01:03:04   than the original M1 model.

01:03:06   - They didn't do either of those things, did they?

01:03:08   - There was no Mac mini and it wasn't performant.

01:03:11   - Performant.

01:03:12   I hate that you put that in the public record.

01:03:15   - Performant.

01:03:16   performance. This didn't happen at all, did it? No Mac Mini! Just two laptops.

01:03:22   Just laptops. You haven't been really performant in this Riki's so far, Stephen.

01:03:27   I think you always do really bad in the Mac focused events. You won last year

01:03:35   with the Mac Mini. Yeah. Was that a Mac? Oh yeah, it was a Mac focused event. I'm just bad

01:03:40   this time around. All right, you've just done really bad this time. Mm-hmm. I'm the

01:03:44   one that is usually bad with the max stuff. Yeah, so at the end of round two

01:03:49   Federico has two points, Myke has one point, and I have no points. It hurts. It

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01:05:25   All right, time for the risky picks. Myke, you're up first.

01:05:31   "Apple teases another Mac that is not for sale right now with Pro in the name and says it's coming next year"

01:05:37   Or also known as "All the ways Myke doesn't want to say Mac Pro in a pic and still get a point"

01:05:47   Look this is part of my previous strategy of complex multi-staged Ricky pics

01:05:55   multi-layered Ricky Biggs. I said, well, let me rephrase, I was forced to say...

01:06:04   No you weren't. What difference does it make?

01:06:06   Apple announces a new display that is not the Pro Display XDR, launching by the end of 2021,

01:06:12   somewhere. The somewhere is still my favorite part.

01:06:16   It really is.

01:06:20   You know, I was thinking, we have a problem now, because now, obviously this risky pick was wrong,

01:06:28   but now neither Myke nor I can pick these picks for the next year.

01:06:36   None of us can.

01:06:37   None of us can. I can't use them either.

01:06:39   Yeah, oh, right.

01:06:40   So the next Mac event is gonna be, it's gonna be rough. It's gonna be real bad.

01:06:45   Yeah, because we picked them now.

01:06:47   And you know as well this is going to come back to bite us because I am definitely going

01:06:52   to forget this.

01:06:53   Yeah.

01:06:54   Right?

01:06:55   So we're going to be, we're going to have to get in the habit now of checking our picks

01:07:01   before the show.

01:07:03   Or we need to understand that there's now a strategic element to not making certain

01:07:10   picks unless you're sure about them.

01:07:12   It's sort of like playing Pokemon when like competitively...

01:07:14   No, because the strategy is, alright, so follow me here.

01:07:19   The strategy is knocking things out for other people to be able to pick later on.

01:07:26   Or it could be that.

01:07:28   It could be, right, there are two equal strategies.

01:07:31   So either you withhold your moves because you don't want to waste them or you want to

01:07:37   burn it just to make sure that nobody else can use it.

01:07:40   Which is spiteful, but I love it.

01:07:43   my first picks of the year I'm just like "new iphone new mac!" and just like burn the first set of rickys

01:07:50   and then hope to pick up on it later on. That is a strategy that honestly they should make like

01:07:57   rickys the board game. We're creating a meta game now and that's that's the first step towards

01:08:03   a trading card game. Matt make a game board for us. I want a trading card game. Don't let Zuckerberg

01:08:09   hear you that you're making a meta game or is there a guy or us meta versus look

01:08:14   is now called connected no that was suck right wouldn't that suck so bad like

01:08:21   when that movie the move which we were very lucky said it was a movie that was

01:08:26   gonna be called connected on Netflix but they changed it to something something

01:08:30   something imagine if Facebook rebrands us really okay so my risky pick I felt

01:08:38   so good about for a second because they were like you know I owe and

01:08:43   connectivity is really important for pros and I was like they're gonna put a

01:08:47   5g in it they're gonna do it because she said connectivity 5g becomes an option

01:08:53   on at least one MacBook I never thought this was gonna happen yeah this because

01:08:59   this feels like one of those things that like you would need to really see the

01:09:05   the kind of groundwork for it in macOS first, like that they wouldn't be able to hide it,

01:09:12   you know?

01:09:15   You know what would have been incredible? If this pick was right, you would have seen

01:09:21   the beauty of the Riki's. Because if Apple had brought 5G to the MacBook, Steven would

01:09:30   have won the game despite not having any regular pick right up until the risky pick round.

01:09:38   So for those people out there that criticize the way that the risky part worked, that's

01:09:44   the joy of it, right?

01:09:45   It all rides.

01:09:47   But obviously Steven did not pick right, so the argument is invalid.

01:09:53   The final score is Federico has one point, Myke has zero points, and I'm at minus one.

01:10:04   Congratulations Federico.

01:10:05   So we need to change our trophies.

01:10:07   I am back.

01:10:11   I am like, I'm trying to think of a funny parallel.

01:10:16   I am taking back control from the British monarchy in a way.

01:10:21   thing Italians ever had to do? I don't think so. No, but I feel like I'm

01:10:25   sympathizing with America here. So I'm like, I'm, you know, my rebellion, this is

01:10:32   stage one. Sure. I mean, I just got a bit tired of winning all the time, really. I'm happy

01:10:39   for a new challenge. It's more fun to be in the hunt, really, than to

01:10:43   just be a consistent winner, winner, winner, over and over again. You literally began the show by asking Steven to

01:10:50   introduce you with your royal title. Yeah, yeah, because that was something I

01:10:54   earned, you know. King Flexy, actually King Ricky is here now. Wait, okay. Well, that

01:11:04   would be me. You're just gonna be King Ricky? I am Prince Flexy and King Ricky.

01:11:09   You're Prince Flexy, are you? Well, we'll see about that in a minute.

01:11:13   I'm Prince Flexi at night.

01:11:15   King Ricky.

01:11:17   That's one of the Pilates that does that.

01:11:19   You and Joseph Pilates.

01:11:21   I guess that's a pro show thing, right?

01:11:23   That's not what we all do. No, it's in the main show.

01:11:25   We're talking about it in the main show.

01:11:27   That felt like a very pro show topic, but nevertheless.

01:11:29   This is stage one of the rebellion.

01:11:35   Taking back the keynote chairman title.

01:11:38   Now I got my eyes set on the annual chairman title.

01:11:42   What is the rebellion?

01:11:44   The rebellion against you and your monarchy inspired rule over the chairman titles for the past year.

01:11:54   So your way to rebel against the monarchy is to become a king? That sounds very rebellion.

01:11:59   No, but see I'm a modern king.

01:12:01   What does that mean?

01:12:03   For example, I will not demand any kind of special introduction. I will be a king of the people.

01:12:11   Again, I don't think such a thing exists.

01:12:15   But you can keep telling yourself that if you like.

01:12:17   I will be an approachable king, you know?

01:12:21   One that engages with the people, with the passionate ones.

01:12:26   Not unlike you, with your fancy title

01:12:29   and your fancy introductions.

01:12:31   You'll see.

01:12:33   Congratulations Federico.

01:12:34   Thank you.

01:12:35   Yeah, congratulations Federico.

01:12:36   This is the first time in a minute

01:12:38   someone has had a negative score, I think.

01:12:40   So that hurts. Do you have a negative score? Yeah. What are you, minus one? I lost every,

01:12:47   I didn't get a single thing right. It's kind of funny that I won the Mac event and you

01:12:52   scored a negative point, Steven. Yeah. It's especially funny considering how much you

01:12:57   were complaining last week about being forced to change your picks. I have no idea what

01:13:01   a Mac is, all that kind of stuff you were saying. And now look at you. He's sandbagging

01:13:04   I was fooling you and you fell for it.

01:13:09   I don't believe that for one second. I believe absolutely zero.

01:13:13   You fell into my king-sized lap. So...

01:13:18   King-sized?

01:13:20   I don't like that.

01:13:21   Is that a Pilates related thing too?

01:13:24   Fully thigh-based Pilates.

01:13:27   Really just...

01:13:29   Troubling down.

01:13:31   He's a thick king.

01:13:32   [Laughter]

01:13:34   There we go.

01:13:36   [Laughter]

01:13:38   I love my curvy monarch.

01:13:40   Did you say curvy?

01:13:42   Did you say curvy monarch?

01:13:44   Yeah, he said I love my curvy monarch.

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01:15:17   It is now time for the flexies.

01:15:21   Please stand.

01:15:24   Okay.

01:15:25   Okay, again.

01:15:26   I sent my photographic proof, by the way.

01:15:31   My photographic proof has been texted

01:15:32   to the two of you that I've changed the truth.

01:15:34   Okay, yes, that's good.

01:15:35   I will send you mine.

01:15:36   Loser of the flexies must compensate

01:15:41   the winner of the flexies by donating

01:15:43   to the charity of the winner's choice.

01:15:45   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexy

01:15:48   made by the loser.

01:15:50   Each host must make a minimum of five flexy picks.

01:15:54   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks.

01:15:58   The winner is determined by the ratio

01:16:00   of correct to incorrect flexis,

01:16:02   and the money must be donated on air.

01:16:04   A tie in the regular picks or flexis

01:16:08   is to be broken by coin toss.

01:16:12   As Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping the coin,

01:16:15   dice by P-Calc in relay FM mode

01:16:18   is the official way to break a tie.

01:16:21   Myke, you are up, no, you're not at first.

01:16:23   - Wait a second, wait, wait, wait, wait a second.

01:16:26   Is that part about the coin flipping only in the flexi rules?

01:16:30   - I've started reading them separately

01:16:32   and I think they need to be read together again.

01:16:34   - No, I like the reading of the flexi parts separately.

01:16:39   So like maybe we need to put that in both parts.

01:16:43   - Maybe.

01:16:45   I think we also have a problem

01:16:47   of like explaining what the flexis are.

01:16:49   So maybe we can deal with this next time.

01:16:53   Yeah, I like the separation of powers here as it were,

01:16:58   but I think that we need to maybe move some stuff around.

01:17:03   - I'm making some comments for next time.

01:17:05   - This is a big production over here.

01:17:06   - Mm-hmm, all right, Federico, you're up.

01:17:10   - Okay, HDMI and SD card reader are back on the MacBook Pro,

01:17:15   and that was the only correct one that I got.

01:17:18   - We're gonna ding him?

01:17:18   - Oh yeah, sorry. (bell dings)

01:17:20   - Thank you.

01:17:21   Then we have a collection of wrong picks.

01:17:24   Apple demos a Mac app that takes advantage

01:17:26   of the updated neural engine.

01:17:29   Nope.

01:17:30   Apple unveils a space black MacBook Pro.

01:17:33   Nope.

01:17:34   John Turner's is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

01:17:38   Unfortunately-- - You were so close.

01:17:40   - I was close, but he wore a blue t-shirt, so.

01:17:43   - This pick was like, just in,

01:17:46   after this was very funny to me

01:17:47   in a way that I'm not entirely sure why,

01:17:50   But it was just like really hilarious to me afterwards,

01:17:52   'cause I'd completely forgotten.

01:17:53   And Federico in our text chat was like,

01:17:56   "It's black, it's black!"

01:17:57   And they're like, "Oh no, it's blue!"

01:17:59   (laughing)

01:18:00   It's a very strange thing to come across.

01:18:04   - And lastly, I said,

01:18:06   "There's going to be a funny scene involving

01:18:09   one of the characters of Ted Lasso."

01:18:11   And nope.

01:18:14   - So you got one out of five.

01:18:16   - Yeah.

01:18:17   - What is the percentage of that?

01:18:19   not good 20%. So yeah, 20%. I'm just correct in my trophy because I had Federico in the

01:18:27   complete wrong place. I think I need to label these somehow, but I've got you in the right

01:18:31   place now. That's good. Yeah, this little tricky to kind of work out where they all

01:18:35   go tricky. Ricky Ricky Ricky trophy. The tricky should be the name of the trophy is not the

01:18:43   official Ricky's trophy. It's the tricky. Oh my God. Yeah, I like that. I'm on board.

01:18:47   That's 100% cosign from me.

01:18:50   Tricky.

01:18:51   Named the... I'm begging a comment and we'll deal with it next time.

01:18:54   Because it's tricky to get right and it's a trophy.

01:18:57   Yeah.

01:18:58   And it's a tricky trophy.

01:18:58   And it seemed tricky to make.

01:19:00   My picks.

01:19:02   USB-C charging is faster than the new MagSafe.

01:19:05   Other way around.

01:19:07   There's been a lot about this, like backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards.

01:19:12   So you can charge by USB-C.

01:19:15   Yes.

01:19:15   If you're on the, if you have the 14 inch,

01:19:18   I believe USB-C charging will charge as fast as MagSafe,

01:19:23   which can do like 50% in half an hour

01:19:26   or something like that.

01:19:28   But that's not the case for the 16.

01:19:32   Because the 16 needs a huge Apple's first GAN charger

01:19:37   to get it to work.

01:19:40   - And that thing is enormous.

01:19:42   It looks like the old Airport Express.

01:19:45   Yes, it's a big charger.

01:19:46   I wonder what it looks like in real life though.

01:19:49   Maybe the perspective is strange on it.

01:19:51   I'm intrigued, but yeah,

01:19:52   there's been a lot backwards and forwards

01:19:54   about the charging.

01:19:55   MacBook Pro colors don't include anything radically new

01:20:01   for the line.

01:20:02   I like that you had to say radically.

01:20:06   You could have just said no.

01:20:07   Chip is called quote M1X.

01:20:12   No.

01:20:14   a bit more on than that one, could you? A new MacBook comes with at least one non

01:20:20   USB-C Thunderbolt port on the laptop itself. Got a whole bunch of ports.

01:20:26   Plenty of ports. HDMI, SD card, headphone jack. The way you read that made me think

01:20:34   that it was like a non USB-C Thunderbolt 4 port, like it was a different

01:20:39   Thunderbolt 4.

01:20:41   Sorry, what does that mean?

01:20:42   I see why that's confusing now.

01:20:43   Yeah.

01:20:44   The new MacBook Pro displays run at a native 2X.

01:20:49   Mac OS Monterey features are reviewed, so I have this one in yellow because I

01:20:56   need I want feedback on it.

01:20:58   Yeah.

01:20:59   Craig spoke about Monterey and how Mac OS in general can run apps that are for the

01:21:07   Mac for iOS, iPadOS, but we didn't get like a, this is SharePlay, this is how this works.

01:21:14   I don't think he did it. He like said the Mac can do things and said that Monterey was

01:21:19   coming but because even the stuff that they showed like they were M1 features, they're

01:21:24   not Monterey features.

01:21:25   Yeah, so that is incorrect.

01:21:27   Yeah.

01:21:28   Yeah.

01:21:29   And then lastly, the new MacBook Pro power bricks have ports on them like the iMac does

01:21:34   for Ethernet.

01:21:35   Surprised about this actually. I thought that that was a bit of a given.

01:21:39   I was until I saw something in the discord. I'm sorry. I don't remember. I didn't write down who said it

01:21:45   But I realized as soon as I saw it

01:21:47   that

01:21:49   You probably don't want your

01:21:51   network connection

01:21:53   To like come out of the back of the laptop and magsafe on the laptop is designed to pop out

01:21:59   And the magnets on the iMac are really strong and so it doesn't really pop out. So I don't know.

01:22:05   But also, you never unplug the iMac.

01:22:08   Right?

01:22:10   - Yeah, right.

01:22:12   - It's not like you're like,

01:22:13   oh, I need to move my iMac over there

01:22:15   or unplug it for a bit.

01:22:16   Like you don't, that's not a thing.

01:22:18   I mean, you could still do it.

01:22:19   I still think there's an argument for it,

01:22:21   but I understand why you might not do it.

01:22:23   - I think it'd be cool, but oh well.

01:22:26   - 'Cause otherwise there is no ethernet port on the laptop,

01:22:29   so you're always using wifi,

01:22:30   so you could at least when plugged in,

01:22:32   you have ethernet speeds,

01:22:33   and then when you unplug it,

01:22:34   to switch to Wi-Fi. Yeah. Oh well. I understand why it's maybe a tad trickier then. So I got

01:22:42   three out of my seven. Okay. Which is 43%. So I'm ahead of Federico at his 20%. Yeah.

01:22:54   - Okay, Myke.

01:22:54   - New AirPods.

01:22:57   MacBook Pro has a mini LED screen.

01:23:01   Chip is not called M1X.

01:23:05   Webcam will be called highest quality on a Mac.

01:23:10   I was so close.

01:23:11   - You missed it by one word.

01:23:13   - Yes, I needed the word notebook.

01:23:15   - Yeah.

01:23:15   - They seem to interchangeably use notebook and laptop,

01:23:18   and I don't know why.

01:23:19   - They do.

01:23:20   They also like called it a machine several times,

01:23:22   which Apple used to never do.

01:23:24   Yeah, notebook.

01:23:25   I don't know why they call them notebooks.

01:23:27   Is that a thing that people still call laptops notebooks?

01:23:30   I feel like not.

01:23:31   My portable computer.

01:23:32   Nice.

01:23:35   Laptops will be thicker than the models they replace.

01:23:37   These computers are bigger in basically every dimension.

01:23:41   To the point of if you have a 13 inch something

01:23:45   and you can do the 14 inch, it might not fit in your bag.

01:23:48   Like be prepared for that.

01:23:49   Wow, yeah, that's a good point.

01:23:51   I'm very concerned about my backpack.

01:23:53   Well, no, you love a new backpack, so...

01:23:56   That's true.

01:23:57   So I got four out of five.

01:24:01   Which is an 80%.

01:24:04   Which seems significantly better than the two of you.

01:24:07   So I lost a new one, the Flexi.

01:24:10   I'm Prince Flexi now.

01:24:12   You can try and use that title, but it'll never be fully yours.

01:24:15   Okay, hang on. I would like to be...

01:24:17   I guess we can do whatever we want at this point.

01:24:21   You can be the Duke of Flexi.

01:24:24   I could be the Duke of Flexi.

01:24:25   I could be Viscount Flexi.

01:24:27   Yeah.

01:24:28   What else could I be?

01:24:30   I like Duke, actually.

01:24:32   Duke Flexi.

01:24:34   The Duke of Flexi.

01:24:35   Or would it be just Duke Flexi?

01:24:37   I guess Duke Flexi makes me sound like I'm an American.

01:24:40   Duke Flexi!

01:24:41   That just sounds like an American person.

01:24:42   Nice job, Duke!

01:24:45   It would be kind of incredible, right?

01:24:46   if there was this one phrase that like when I admit it's Duke of Flexi when it's

01:24:51   Steven it's Duke Flexi but there isn't a third one that makes sense

01:24:57   you could be the Duke of Flexington I love it yes yes yes yes I love it the

01:25:05   Duke of Flexington that's me I've been I've been mailing out a bunch of

01:25:10   calendars and it's amazing some of the towns and stuff in the UK yeah we have

01:25:16   some great town names. It's like "Hampingshireton" on something else.

01:25:21   Over the last couple of weekends I could take it a couple of trips in England and

01:25:25   I have come across many places which I've literally never heard of before

01:25:28   it's very fun for me all our little towns like it's just I just never heard

01:25:32   of these places I never would have known that they would have existed but yes I

01:25:36   am now the Duke of Flexington. Okay Myke you need to pick a charity. Yes I have

01:25:41   picked the charity. And Federico, you have four wrong flexi, so you're donating $100.

01:25:49   Okay, where to Michael? You're going to donate to the charity called Mind, and you're going

01:25:58   to mind.org.uk. So Mind provided advice and support around mental health issues, ranging

01:26:05   from direct financial support, to raising awareness, to providing services and support,

01:26:11   promoting the understanding around mental health. Their whole mission is that they don't

01:26:16   give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. So

01:26:20   mind is my charity.

01:26:22   I am donating £100 because it just feels nicer that way.

01:26:27   Thank you Federica.

01:26:29   Donation type. I am donating my own money.

01:26:33   Because of a bet.

01:26:34   Let us know why are you, uh...

01:26:38   tell them. Please don't tell them. In memory of a loved one. Okay. Their first name. No,

01:26:47   no, no, no, no. I mean, what should I do? I only have three options. Because of your

01:26:54   experiences, because of the experiences of someone close to you, in memory of a loved

01:26:58   one. The middle one. The experiences of someone close to you. Please tell us more about your

01:27:04   gift. I had to ask a lot of questions huh? I lost a bet on a podcast, but I am very happy

01:27:16   to do this. Perfect. I am not a UK taxpayer so I am just gonna do my donation and you

01:27:23   guys please you can wrap up the show and I will send you the receipts in a minute. You're

01:27:30   in pronunciation now. I enjoyed the P. The pronunciation of P.

01:27:34   I went for it. I went for it.

01:27:36   I have the letters in there, I'm pronouncing it. I've lost the point of being in there.

01:27:41   Postcode…

01:27:42   This is a nice website.

01:27:44   Steven, this is your point to take over.

01:27:46   Yes, it's a very modern website.

01:27:48   I like the colors a lot.

01:27:50   Yeah, it's good, right?

01:27:52   Well that wraps up the Ricky's October 2021. The next time we play, it'll probably be

01:27:58   for the annual ones. I don't think there's gonna be another Apple event so...

01:28:02   I'm just gonna say it now, please let it be the next time we do this.

01:28:06   Yeah, I don't want to do a November event. Last year was it was so much.

01:28:10   I don't want to do a November, Ricky's.

01:28:11   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about, like Triple J or Joseph Palates or

01:28:18   David Sparks laptop, head on over to relay.fm/connected/368.

01:28:26   But seriously, check out Matt's blog post about the trophies.

01:28:31   Look at the images.

01:28:32   It's amazing.

01:28:33   Thank you again, Matt.

01:28:35   That's made my day.

01:28:37   - Yeah, so good.

01:28:39   - If you wanna leave feedback or follow up,

01:28:42   there's an email link on that page as well.

01:28:44   And most importantly, you can join Connected Pro

01:28:46   from that webpage.

01:28:48   And if you join Connected Pro, you get some cool stuff.

01:28:51   You get longer episodes of the show each week.

01:28:53   They're also ad-free.

01:28:55   And this week we spoke about music and the Beatles.

01:28:59   - And our own band.

01:29:01   - And our own, the Connected band,

01:29:04   which is minimal in every way.

01:29:06   - Sergeant Connected's, Ricky losing band.

01:29:09   (laughing)

01:29:12   - Sergeant Salty's losing band.

01:29:14   It's like Salty's a-

01:29:17   - No, no, no, I got it.

01:29:18   I got it.

01:29:19   - I didn't want it to go by, you know?

01:29:20   - We have a whole collection of albums on the band.

01:29:24   we have that one we have the album you know it's like the white album but it's

01:29:31   without colors we have let it pick which is let it be but then after the rickies

01:29:38   yep you know I hate the segment instead of revolver it's a revolving Robin

01:29:45   you know, because sometimes we do round robins.

01:29:48   - I really don't.

01:29:49   I just, I hate this.

01:29:51   (laughing)

01:29:53   I hate this segment.

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01:31:40   All right, we need a title I feel like I need to flip a coin and peacock or something

01:31:47   So I think James I think James did some he's freaking out about it, right? I think he did something

01:31:52   Do we want to just flip the coin between some titles maybe? Yeah, okay

01:31:57   So we need I'd say we need three titles and we round them out with coin flips

01:32:03   Oh, oh, I see what we're gonna do here. We're gonna gamify title picking. We're

01:32:07   doing like a title coin flip flip-off. Yes. Like when we had to do that on

01:32:14   stage and I spent an afternoon devising a like a bracketing system. Yeah. So I

01:32:21   think we... Jason's makes a good point that four would probably work best for creating a bracket.

01:32:26   Okay. So pick them and I'm gonna draw up a bracket and draw the coin flips. Alright, so how do you

01:32:33   flip a coin in dice? Well you have to have relay FM mode. Myke's gonna, Myke you can

01:32:38   do it. I got it, I got it all set up. Okay. Eaten by the Italian post office is all time

01:32:45   tie a all pick. It needs to be I love my curvy monarch, right? I mean. It's also up there,

01:32:52   I guess the good thing about the way we're doing it this time is it could be any of the

01:32:57   Okay, so we have eaten by the Italian post office. Yeah, I love my curvy monarch I

01:33:03   Don't want to use the trophy one because I don't want to ruin the surprise. Yeah

01:33:08   Stretching in his grave. Yep stretching in his grave

01:33:12   and

01:33:15   I think

01:33:17   Like stretching in his grave

01:33:19   No, no, you don't want to do that. I don't want people to think we're talking about Steve Jobs or something. Oh my

01:33:26   Right. I don't know why I'm okay with saying about Joseph Palazz, but you know.

01:33:31   What about King- what about King-sized Lap?

01:33:34   That's good. King-sized should be hyphenated.

01:33:37   Yes.

01:33:39   King-sized Lap, and then I also want to do "Don't Vote" for this title.

01:33:44   Okay. Okay. Okay.

01:33:47   Don't vote. Alright, I have the bracket system drawn up now.

01:33:51   Okay, so the first round is gonna be between Italian post and curvy monarch, okay, okay

01:33:58   So I'm gonna go Italian post his heads. Okay, curvy monarch is tails. All right, okay and do it

01:34:03   We can all hear you know, turn your phone up stick it in the mic. I've done that already

01:34:06   I've done that. I'm just double-checking. I got all the sentence. Correct. All right, you ready? I

01:34:10   Don't even know if James is here anymore, but

01:34:13   Wait

01:34:17   Who was that

01:34:20   What was that?

01:34:22   What was that?

01:34:24   What was that? It wasn't even

01:34:26   in English!

01:34:28   Wait, wait, wait.

01:34:30   Is that a demon?

01:34:32   Was that Romanian?

01:34:34   No!

01:34:36   It what?

01:34:38   Wait!

01:34:40   Oh!

01:34:42   She's in the shot!

01:34:44   She's confirmed it!

01:34:48   Yeah, it was. So is that heads or tails in Romanian? Which one is the big R?

01:34:53   Oh. Oh. I don't know what heads or tails is in Romanian. Hang on let me

01:34:57   Heads it was heads it was heads it was heads it was heads. So the winner of that round was Italian post. Okay

01:35:04   All right, so the second round. Oh my god banul banul banul

01:35:09   See the problem is like we had this with Jason. When you hit like that, it's an Italian post

01:35:17   When you win someone like it's impossible to recognize who these people are in these moments

01:35:23   Yeah, like that's my wife and I didn't it's about they today. Well, I have about they're Dina

01:35:28   It is impossible to detect someone I think when it's on unexpected like that

01:35:35   All I knew is I heard a sound, you know what I mean? All right, so we're gonna do another one

01:35:40   Okay. All right. This is heads is king-sized lap tails is don't vote for this title

01:35:46   What?

01:35:48   *laughter*

01:35:50   That's Sylvia!

01:35:52   How did they do this? Is that Sylvia?

01:35:54   No way, yes!

01:35:56   No, fuck no!

01:35:58   What? How?

01:36:00   What did James do?

01:36:02   So James, I'm assuming

01:36:04   I'm assuming that Mary's in here now

01:36:06   James contacted our significant others

01:36:08   Had them record Heads and Tails in separate languages

01:36:10   Yeah

01:36:12   Their names were in separate languages

01:36:14   separate languages. Yeah. They're native tongues. What is she doing? Yep. Oh, man. Oh, my God.

01:36:19   Okay. So, that was "Don't vote for this title"? No, that was "King Sigh's Lap." Yes. Yes.

01:36:26   So that was "Heads." She said "Heads." Yes. She said "Heads." So now we have "Heads" is

01:36:31   Italian, eaten by the Italian post office. "Tales" is "King Sigh's Lap." Okay. Alright,

01:36:38   ready mm-hmm okay that's the dinner again which that does not sound like a

01:36:44   Dina that just sounds like a Romanian series so that means that eaten by

01:36:56   Italian post office is our title yes but now we need to flip the coin a bunch of

01:37:00   time yeah we do we do both have colds right now so we're like yep that's Mary

01:37:08   There you go.

01:37:10   James...

01:37:12   This is just incredible.

01:37:14   What are you going to do next time? Get in touch with our parents?

01:37:16   Like, what are you going to do?

01:37:18   Yeah, I see. James, you've entered into the typical trap of anything to do with connected,

01:37:24   where you have too quickly upped the ante.

01:37:27   We have fell victim to this way too many times, where you...

01:37:32   James, let me tell you, as one who's organized surprises before, now you're on the hook.

01:37:37   Yeah, you're gonna get a tattoo next time.

01:37:39   It does mean that Dice by a Peacock will be a guest on the connected pro version of the show

01:37:46   *BANUL*

01:37:48   *BANUL*

01:37:50   I've learned a new word

01:37:52   *BANUL*

01:37:54   *TAILS*

01:37:56   Wait, wait, wait, this is just flipping the coin.

01:38:00   Yeah, now I'm just flipping it.

01:38:02   *MARKA*

01:38:03   What's that? Tails?

01:38:04   That was... Marka, which I'm assuming that was Edina again.

01:38:09   Yeah.

01:38:09   Who knows?

01:38:10   Yeah.

01:38:11   Sleep again.

01:38:11   Testa.

01:38:13   Ah, that's Silvia again with heads.

01:38:15   Testa.

01:38:16   Marka.

01:38:18   That was Marka.

01:38:19   Okay.

01:38:19   Marka is tails.

01:38:21   Marka.

01:38:22   Testa.

01:38:23   Oh, always heads? Okay.

01:38:25   It's always heads.

01:38:26   We could be here all day.

01:38:27   Okay, let's go on.

01:38:28   Okay, so let's continue the bracket.

01:38:30   Heads.

01:38:31   *laughter*

01:38:33   What?!

01:38:35   Was that Mary doing a southern accent?

01:38:38   I think it's probably the multiple options, right?

01:38:43   Which is a thing that we hit before, right?

01:38:47   Go on, keep flipping.

01:38:50   *Marika*

01:38:52   No, he's- okay.

01:38:54   *Tails*

01:38:56   Okay.

01:38:58   Wow.

01:39:00   This is incredible.

01:39:01   Yeah, I don't know how many times I'm gonna need to flip this to get like...

01:39:05   I think it should just...

01:39:07   Cross it.

01:39:08   Oh, nice. Okay, that's tails.

01:39:11   Okay.

01:39:11   There we go.

01:39:12   Okay, so...

01:39:13   The bracket.

01:39:14   Final.

01:39:15   We need to pick a title.

01:39:18   No, we did.

01:39:19   Oh, we have.

01:39:20   Eaten by the Italian Post Office.

01:39:21   Eaten by the Italian Post Office.

01:39:22   Oh, that one won?

01:39:23   Yeah.

01:39:24   That's what won.

01:39:24   Very well.

01:39:25   Very well.

01:39:25   Knockout competition.

01:39:27   Bravo, James.

01:39:28   James.

01:39:28   Well done.

01:39:29   yep well done Sylvia says she's been withholding this information for a week

01:39:36   and now I will get the details soon as we're done I feel like Jason Snell was

01:39:42   involved somehow oh so that's why she asked me today how can I listen live oh

01:39:49   you should have known something was up oh that's why I had no idea she she was

01:39:56   clever because she tricked me she asked me oh you're gonna talk about the

01:40:00   pilates segment I want to listen live that's that's that's some waving did she

01:40:06   plant the pilates idea in your head well this gets this is multi-layered this is

01:40:10   like in such she did not but then she used that coincidence against me mm-hmm

01:40:16   Snell helped John Voorhees the triple J strikes again wait who's John for he's

01:40:23   involved in this? Yeah. Oh, he's, he's a link to Sylvia. I guess John spoke to Sylvia, right?

01:40:28   Yeah. Oh my God. Oh my God. I, you know, I, I was convinced that they were all going to

01:40:34   have something to do with something today because I know that they set up a group. An

01:40:39   iMessage. Yes. The triple J struck again. The triple J are like the diamond dogs from

01:40:45   Ted Lasso in my mind, but in a way that is completely unhelpful to the three of us. And

01:40:50   now. They have conspired against us now.

01:40:54   Yeah, they're like the evil versions of us.

01:40:58   You know how in Mario Kart you have like evil Mario? The triple j is like that. Wow. I have

01:41:07   no words.