367: The Rickies (October 2021)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 367.

00:00:13   This week on the pod, we're making our picks

00:00:16   for Apple's October keynote. (laughing)

00:00:20   I hate myself.

00:00:22   You never lived that one down.

00:00:25   Big thanks to our sponsors, Fitbaud, Mac Weldon,

00:00:28   and the intro zone for making this possible.

00:00:30   I'm joined as always by my two competitors,

00:00:33   we are friends, every other week of the year,

00:00:36   unless it's Ricky time.

00:00:37   Up first we have Federico Vittucci.

00:00:40   - Hello, I'm bringing the passion,

00:00:42   and I'm gonna win the Ricky's.

00:00:44   - Big Mac passion this week.

00:00:46   - Big Mac passion, the most passion for the platform

00:00:51   I care about the least.

00:00:52   That's how I roll, you know?

00:00:54   - Somewhere the TVOS team just smiled.

00:00:57   yeah Myke Hurley the reigning champion do it properly Michael Hurley the

00:01:04   reigning champion it's not proper Michael J Hurley come no no it's Michael

00:01:09   he has two middle names no it's not that either you know what I want say it I

00:01:15   actually don't know what it is could you just say it go to go to either of the

00:01:20   Twitter accounts and you'll find it what are even the names I don't remember

00:01:25   Let's see and your chairman or keynote chairman. I remember them because I own them both. It's really easy. It's in my Twitter

00:01:31   Why are you listening to him?

00:01:33   Say it why his Royal Highness the consolidated champion. Thank you

00:01:39   Thank you everyone. I have come back to talk to the public to talk to to my citizens

00:01:47   As I once again crush

00:01:50   My competitors bones into dust

00:01:53   Wow. For the rookies. This new MacBook is made of 100% recycled podcast bones.

00:02:02   That's what I want. Apple Watch pre-orders. What did we get? Nothing. You tried though, right?

00:02:10   Like this isn't like when Federico was like "Oh I forgot to order an iPhone." It's not

00:02:16   like that. Oh, so busy. There's no way I could possibly get one other one. This isn't like that.

00:02:23   Yeah, no, I actually tried. What was it that I could actually I should have

00:02:29   screenshots of the thing that I wanted. You got receipts. I got proof that I did try.

00:02:37   While Federico was looking through iMessage history, I ordered the gold stainless steel

00:02:43   with the gold stainless steel melanase band. I also got a one of the blue like

00:02:49   the dark blue solo loops and also the midnight leather link thing.

00:02:57   Wow.

00:02:58   Hey, I load it once every two years and go all out.

00:03:03   Okay, so I wanted to get stainless steel 45 millimeters. What's it called? The leather

00:03:12   loop?

00:03:13   Leather link.

00:03:14   Leather link? Is that the name?

00:03:17   Yeah, the magnetic thing.

00:03:19   Yes, that one.

00:03:20   The magnet link thing?

00:03:21   I don't know.

00:03:22   Magnetic leather link.

00:03:23   I don't know.

00:03:24   In white.

00:03:25   Okay?

00:03:26   Like, I couldn't find an option in the main, like, gallery on the Apple Store website.

00:03:33   Myke tells me, "Go to the Apple Watch Studio."

00:03:37   Sort of do-it-yourself online tool.

00:03:39   I assembled the options that I wanted, and it just said "unavailable."

00:03:45   And the "add to cart" button was grayed out.

00:03:49   I couldn't click it. And that pretty much summed up my experience that day. Like I tried

00:03:53   for five minutes and then I was done with it and I said, you know, I'll get it eventually.

00:03:59   It was of all, I should say it was all very confusing. Myke, you talked about this on

00:04:03   upgrade. The whole experience is kind of a mess for getting an Apple watch. Like there's

00:04:09   no really good default color anymore. I don't understand how it all works. Like I don't

00:04:17   understand the default combinations that are offered by Apple. I don't understand

00:04:22   why there seems to be some kind of discrepancy between what you see on the

00:04:26   store and what you can put together on the Apple Watch Studio. It all

00:04:31   feels very confusing, like you have some options on one side and then some other

00:04:35   options on the other, but they don't always work. I don't know why they even

00:04:41   sell them in pairs anymore. Yeah, like... The Apple Watch Studio should just be

00:04:47   the buying process. Exactly, because you either offer all the options, you either offer like

00:04:54   pre-made permutations of all the possible combinations. Which is what they used to do,

00:04:59   or like they only had like a set selection that you could buy. Exactly, or you make the studio

00:05:06   the default online ordering process, right? Because right now it's a mix of both and none

00:05:16   None of those options really work, right?

00:05:19   It's very confusing.

00:05:20   So that one, I'm going to try and get it eventually.

00:05:23   - What case material did you, were you trying to get?

00:05:25   - Oh, steel. Steel.

00:05:27   Steel, like regular steel colors.

00:05:30   - 'Cause I was wondering if you might've been having,

00:05:31   like, the partial problem that Jason's having,

00:05:34   'cause like, he wanted titanium, so you, like,

00:05:36   they make you take the titanium sport band.

00:05:39   - So my problem with titanium,

00:05:41   I also wanted to get the fancy titanium one this year,

00:05:43   I figured, you know, maybe I should try,

00:05:45   but it's not shiny, right?

00:05:47   - Mm-mm.

00:05:48   - That's kind of flat looking.

00:05:49   - And I feel like if I'm paying a lot of money

00:05:52   for a fancy watch, it should be shiny.

00:05:54   - I understand that.

00:05:55   - You know, I don't wanna--

00:05:56   - That's why you get the steel though, right?

00:05:57   But I know you're struggling to get that.

00:05:59   - Exactly.

00:05:59   Like I don't wanna get,

00:06:00   like I don't wanna spend a bunch of money

00:06:02   for the top of the line watch and it looks boring and sad.

00:06:05   I want it to be shiny.

00:06:07   - Steven, how do you feel about your boring, sad watch?

00:06:11   You have titanium, right?

00:06:12   Yeah, I did the titanium with the abyss blue.

00:06:17   Then I got that one.

00:06:18   That's the sport band color that I got, abyss blue.

00:06:21   Yeah, I think it looks nice.

00:06:22   Hmm.

00:06:23   So I'm excited.

00:06:24   I had a titanium series five and I really liked it.

00:06:27   I liked the sort of flatter look.

00:06:29   I liked that it weighs less than the steel.

00:06:32   So I'm very excited.

00:06:34   But yours is when?

00:06:35   When does it arrive?

00:06:36   The first week of November.

00:06:38   Wow.

00:06:40   Were you slow?

00:06:41   I got it as quickly as I could. It's interesting. It also seems like they're

00:06:46   having some issues. A friend of the show, underscore, was furiously texting me. He was really

00:06:53   struggling to get one. I mean, because he was like, "Are you having the same issues

00:06:56   that I'm having?" And I was like, "No, man. I just, I took my time too with the Apple

00:07:01   Watch. I was like poking through all the bands and stuff like that and just

00:07:05   placed my order and I'm picking it up this weekend." Yeah, I don't think any

00:07:08   titanium's shipped in the first the first round from what I saw but I also

00:07:15   ordered a watch for my wife she's been on a series 5 and I got her the aluminum

00:07:22   starlight she really likes that on her 13 mini and I surprised her with the

00:07:27   watch she wasn't particularly interested in upgrading when we talked about it you

00:07:32   know the day of the event but I surprised her with it and that is for

00:07:36   pickup on Friday so I will go get that and it came with one of the she likes

00:07:42   the sport loops a lot so one of the yellow gold ones I forget the name of it

00:07:46   husband did a year over here there are a few Apple watch reviews they are out saw

00:07:52   the verge and I justine and MKBHD among others we have a few links in the show

00:07:57   notes for those I think the overall story here is probably not surprising

00:08:01   with the reviews. If you've got a Series 6, there's really not a huge reason. It seems

00:08:08   like the thing Apple was kind of showing in its images, like the screen dripping off the

00:08:15   side of the phone, it doesn't seem to be a big deal. It doesn't seem to radically change

00:08:19   how the watch even looks, I think, at least on the videos that I saw. So probably not

00:08:24   a year over year unless you're just really into tech, but if you're coming from, I think,

00:08:29   series four or five definitely something older than that this is gonna be a

00:08:33   really nice move for people. I'm looking forward to like this isn't a thing

00:08:39   that's normal for me just because of my life and the things that I prioritize

00:08:46   right like I usually get I usually refresh my daily technology every year

00:08:51   or whatever because it's I think it's important to do it if this is what you

00:08:56   do for a living and you have the means but I haven't upgraded my watch so I'm

00:09:02   I'm excited to get two years worth of upgrades for my Apple watch even though

00:09:09   I remain begrudging that I won't get a white one to replace it with. We spoke

00:09:13   about iPad mini being a really good bath computer mm-hmm and it turns out that our

00:09:21   friends over at the Wirecutter, we don't know them they're not really our friends

00:09:24   Friends of the show, the wire cutter.

00:09:26   Wow, shots fired.

00:09:28   Steven hates the wire cutter.

00:09:29   He said they're not our friends.

00:09:31   Hey, Mr. Viticci is the one who's been in the New York Times.

00:09:33   Anyways, they have a nice article about the best bath trays.

00:09:37   I will say my bath tray is not in here.

00:09:39   I just got something cheap on Amazon years ago.

00:09:42   But there's a lot of options out there.

00:09:44   This number one option looks really good.

00:09:47   This is a whole setup.

00:09:49   Like you have a tray and a glass of wine and a book.

00:09:53   Wow.

00:09:54   - That iPhone is, in this image,

00:09:55   is pretty precariously placed on this bath tray.

00:09:58   - Then I don't understand.

00:10:00   - I don't know why, like, you would give,

00:10:02   you'd be so careful with the coconut oil

00:10:05   and make sure that's completely on the tray,

00:10:07   but the iPhone can just hang over the side.

00:10:09   - Look, if you drop a tub of coconut oil into your tub,

00:10:11   you have to move, so it's never,

00:10:14   it'll never not be slippery.

00:10:16   Mine has a place where you can put a stemmed glass,

00:10:20   like this wine glass,

00:10:22   but you like slide it in from the side

00:10:24   so you can't knock it over very easily.

00:10:27   - Now that is genius.

00:10:29   - It's really good.

00:10:30   If I can find it, I'll put a link to it in the show notes

00:10:33   'cause I've been very happy with mine for a long time

00:10:36   and it has a thing where you can,

00:10:38   it has like a back sort of thing that you fold up

00:10:41   like a laptop and it's canvas.

00:10:45   And so if you don't have your iPad like in a cover,

00:10:47   you can lean up against that.

00:10:48   I like it as just like a little shield,

00:10:50   I guess for the back of the iPad.

00:10:52   - I guess what?

00:10:53   - I don't know.

00:10:55   Water?

00:10:55   - Splash is.

00:10:57   - Here it is.

00:10:58   - How waterproof is the iPad mini?

00:11:00   - Not at all.

00:11:01   - Hmm.

00:11:03   - Oh no, it's not available anymore.

00:11:05   - Yeah, you bought the last one.

00:11:07   - Maybe.

00:11:08   - I think so now the problem is now if you need a new one,

00:11:12   you can't get it.

00:11:13   - Here, I found it on Amazon dot, oh it's India.

00:11:17   I found it on India Amazon.

00:11:18   - Oh, in India and Amazon, that's good.

00:11:21   - I'll put a, I'll just drop it in the Discord

00:11:23   so people can kind of see what I'm talking about

00:11:25   with the wine glass thing.

00:11:26   Look at this. - India and Amazon.

00:11:28   There we go.

00:11:29   Oh, that's, that's like, that's a lot of compartments.

00:11:33   Do you also burn incense?

00:11:36   - I think those are just candles.

00:11:36   I don't think that's necessarily incense.

00:11:38   - No, there's incense on the side.

00:11:40   - Is there?

00:11:41   - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah.

00:11:42   - Oh, in the first picture there is.

00:11:44   I mean, I have burned incense, not really in the tub.

00:11:47   I will say this looks like Adina's been here,

00:11:49   'cause look, there's two loose AirPods just sitting.

00:11:52   - That's true.

00:11:53   - Talk about the iPhone not being a good idea.

00:11:55   Loose AirPods on a bathtub tray is not good.

00:11:58   Don't do that.

00:11:59   - There are just AirPods everywhere in my house, man.

00:12:02   (laughing)

00:12:03   I've got like a little epidemic of loose AirPods in my house.

00:12:06   There's just a lot going on here.

00:12:09   There's so many, they're everywhere.

00:12:12   I find them all over the place.

00:12:14   It's a real problem.

00:12:15   - Is she listening right now?

00:12:17   No, but she'll hear it later on.

00:12:19   (laughs)

00:12:21   Do you know what?

00:12:22   She'll probably only hear on one of them

00:12:23   because one of the battery life would have run out

00:12:25   in one of the AirPods.

00:12:27   So, you know.

00:12:28   That's good.

00:12:29   We have an Apple event next week.

00:12:32   Oh really?

00:12:33   We do.

00:12:34   (laughs)

00:12:34   What?

00:12:35   Wait, what?

00:12:36   When?

00:12:37   What?

00:12:38   Well, you got a couple of minutes

00:12:39   before we start making our picks.

00:12:39   They're doing a new one?

00:12:41   When?

00:12:42   (laughs)

00:12:43   Again?

00:12:43   They're doing more?

00:12:44   They just did one.

00:12:45   They're doing more?

00:12:46   Mac just came out two weeks ago. How many more things do these guys have? Come on.

00:12:53   Any thoughts on the very Star Warsian artwork or anything? I like Unleashed as a name.

00:13:02   We're gonna get into this, right? Obviously. There's a lot of expectations for this MacBook Pro,

00:13:13   which is likely the center of this event.

00:13:17   And the phrase unleashed, it's interesting

00:13:21   because it's like,

00:13:22   - Unleashed from Intel.

00:13:23   - Let's show you what we can do.

00:13:25   Yeah, like now we control the whole thing.

00:13:27   Let's show you what we can do.

00:13:29   'Cause like, if you think about it, right,

00:13:30   like the iMac that I have in front of me

00:13:33   is the first true Apple Silicon computer, right?

00:13:35   Like it's the first like full design that came.

00:13:38   - Right.

00:13:40   - And it's got, and it's so interesting and different

00:13:42   and perfect for the iMac, how thin it is

00:13:45   and all that kind of stuff.

00:13:46   But it's things that you probably couldn't have done before

00:13:49   and it's like, you can imagine,

00:13:52   basically as perfect for a design

00:13:55   as Apple would want for this computer.

00:13:57   And it makes me, that phrase,

00:14:00   when looking at this MacBook Pro,

00:14:02   it makes me pretty excited, right?

00:14:05   What can they do when they have no constraints in theory?

00:14:10   So we'll see.

00:14:11   Well, I mean, last time they had no constraints,

00:14:13   there was a solid gold Apple Watch.

00:14:15   So let's not go crazy.

00:14:17   Was that the last time?

00:14:18   No, probably not.

00:14:19   Yeah, I agree.

00:14:20   I was talking to Quinn Nelson about this this morning.

00:14:23   I'm just like super hyped about this event.

00:14:25   I think that this is gonna be the first time

00:14:29   that we really see, like as good as the M1 is,

00:14:32   they're really gonna flex this time, I think,

00:14:34   in a way we haven't seen yet.

00:14:36   And if that's some ridiculous number of cores

00:14:39   or some wild GPU numbers, whatever it is,

00:14:42   it's just exciting.

00:14:43   I think even if the MacBook Pros look similar,

00:14:45   I think they'll look similar, we'll get into that maybe,

00:14:48   but just what they can do, like you said,

00:14:52   is the potential feels sky high with this one.

00:14:55   Before we get to the rookies though,

00:14:59   we're gonna take a break, if y'all are ready.

00:15:01   - Totally ready.

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00:17:17   Before we get started, we do wanna remind people

00:17:19   that you can follow along.

00:17:21   Rickys.co has an amazing page set up for the event.

00:17:26   Rickys.net is the place to go

00:17:29   If you are looking for comprehensive results in the past,

00:17:33   so rickys.co and rickys.net should both be open

00:17:36   as we go through this.

00:17:38   And rickys.co now has a search function,

00:17:40   which is useful and we will get to why in a minute.

00:17:43   - Mm-hmm.

00:17:44   - It's time for the reading of the rules.

00:17:46   Please stand. - Okay.

00:17:48   - Oh, I gotta add, okay, fine.

00:17:50   - Standing, all right.

00:17:52   - I'm standing.

00:17:53   - The Bill of Rickies.

00:17:57   last amended on September 8th, 2021.

00:18:01   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:18:04   There are two types of Rickys,

00:18:07   Annual Rickys and Keynote Rickys.

00:18:10   The winner of the Annual Rickys is named Annual Chairman

00:18:13   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:18:15   for the full year.

00:18:17   This position is awarded every January.

00:18:20   The Keynote Rickys winner is named the Keynote Chairman

00:18:23   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:18:26   until the next keynote is held.

00:18:28   Order for annual rookies is based

00:18:30   on the winner of the previous year.

00:18:33   Order for keynote rookies is based

00:18:35   on the previous Apple event.

00:18:37   The loser goes last.

00:18:38   To earn any points, everything written down

00:18:46   in the prediction document must come true.

00:18:49   No half points may be awarded in any round

00:18:53   and picks cannot be reused.

00:18:55   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:18:58   in the first two rounds.

00:19:00   Two points will be awarded for correct picks

00:19:03   in the risky pick round.

00:19:05   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point

00:19:08   and the two other hosts must agree

00:19:10   that your pick is quote risky.

00:19:12   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts

00:19:15   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:19:19   The winner of the regular and risky picks

00:19:23   must be granted access to the annual or event chairman Twitter account and will

00:19:27   retain access until another winner is named. As a reminder, Myke is the current

00:19:33   annual chairman and the current keynote chairman. That second Twitter handle is

00:19:40   on the line.

00:19:42   I have some suggested changes based on what happened last time. Pretty

00:19:52   significant changes. I'm gonna start with the easiest and we'll work to the most

00:19:56   difficult. The line, the winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted

00:20:00   access to the annual Twitter account. I think we can cut that.

00:20:04   I don't think we need that line anymore. The risky picks don't have anything to

00:20:08   do with the... Yeah, it's the overall event, so I think we just get rid of that line.

00:20:13   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the event begins and

00:20:17   closes when the picks are scored. No way, why are we getting rid of that? It was,

00:20:21   - It's redundant.

00:20:23   - Yeah, it's--

00:20:24   - Oh yeah, because it's mentioned before.

00:20:25   Yeah, it's mentioned before.

00:20:26   Yeah, okay.

00:20:28   - So this line about the scoring window

00:20:30   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored,

00:20:33   last time there was a point based on information

00:20:35   that wasn't necessarily public.

00:20:38   And it led to a lot of anxiety

00:20:43   amongst the passionate ones.

00:20:45   And I think we need to clarify,

00:20:47   and my suggestion is that the information

00:20:49   needs to be known publicly.

00:20:51   And so that means it's on, for example, Apple's website,

00:20:55   or in an interview, or, you know,

00:20:57   someone has discovered it and written a blog post about it.

00:21:01   So I think like whispers in the night is not enough

00:21:05   for a pic to be deemed correct anymore.

00:21:07   - Wasn't a whisper in the night, but okay.

00:21:10   - I mean, I don't know how your sources talk to you.

00:21:12   - I assume they always say,

00:21:14   Federico, you can turn the promotion off.

00:21:17   - They don't whisper.

00:21:19   - You don't know?

00:21:20   How is it possible to know a whisper in text? They might have been whispering.

00:21:25   Well, there's that whisper screen effect. The text is really tiny.

00:21:31   ProMotion can be turned off, Federico!

00:21:34   Yes.

00:21:34   So, for Keynote Riki, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:21:41   What I would say is information must be publicly verifiable.

00:21:47   Nice.

00:21:48   To be used in scoring.

00:21:50   Yeah. Okay.

00:21:51   Okay. That feels pretty good.

00:21:53   Picks cannot be reused.

00:21:56   This is tricky because we ran into last time.

00:22:02   This is tricky.

00:22:04   Oh yeah.

00:22:06   (laughing)

00:22:08   Last time something changed.

00:22:10   We either reused a bunch of picks

00:22:12   or people noticed that we started reusing picks.

00:22:15   My guess is-

00:22:16   Yeah, I think what happened was last time

00:22:18   someone remembered this rule while we were recording and started calling it out

00:22:21   because there's no there's no way that it was just that time that that happened

00:22:26   and it happened constantly all of a sudden. So I think that the spirit of

00:22:31   picks cannot be reused is good because I could just pick the same thing over and

00:22:37   over until it came true and that makes the game less fun. So maybe we put a time

00:22:41   cap on this like you can't reuse a pick within a year or two years or three

00:22:46   events? What do y'all think? 12 months. Yeah, 12 months. I mean, in 12 months we

00:22:52   usually have what, like three, four events at least. But also just like, if we want

00:22:59   to say new MacBook Pro, you get like one chance a year individually to say that that's going to happen.

00:23:07   But you get the next time, next year or whatever, right? But, but okay, you know me,

00:23:15   I love rules. I love specifics.

00:23:17   - I think we all love rules.

00:23:18   I think that's the one thing we can all take away.

00:23:19   - 12 months starting when?

00:23:22   - Well, I was gonna say 12 months is also too vague.

00:23:25   So I would say,

00:23:27   picks cannot be used within one year

00:23:30   of being made on an episode.

00:23:33   - How is it different from 12 months?

00:23:34   - Because 12 months,

00:23:35   (laughing)

00:23:36   you have several weeks of variance.

00:23:41   And so let's take the annual rookies, for example.

00:23:44   Say that we make those picks on January 3rd,

00:23:47   and then the next year, we don't make them until January 5th,

00:23:52   just the way the calendar falls.

00:23:54   In 12 months, if that's the rule,

00:23:57   you wouldn't be able to use that pick again.

00:23:59   But if we said within one year,

00:24:01   the one year resets on January 3rd.

00:24:05   - That's exactly the same.

00:24:06   You have to say a calendar year.

00:24:08   - Within one calendar, exactly one year.

00:24:11   - Wait.

00:24:12   - Exactly one year.

00:24:14   But if it's exactly one year, then we go back to what you just said,

00:24:17   which is if we did the episode on January 5th and then did the next one on January 3rd,

00:24:23   you couldn't reuse any of the pics.

00:24:25   Exactly. Yeah.

00:24:26   Let's just say 365 days.

00:24:30   Let's say, hang on one second.

00:24:33   Then we have a leap year problem.

00:24:34   You know what I want to...

00:24:35   Hang on.

00:24:36   We should say 8,760 hours.

00:24:42   What about if we go with instead 525,600 minutes?

00:24:50   Okay we get it, you know how to use Peacock.

00:24:52   Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing.

00:24:54   I think within 365 days is good.

00:24:57   Okay.

00:24:58   Yeah.

00:24:59   And then that means that it opens a weird door every four years, which is fun.

00:25:02   Yeah, and that's gonna make the checking of this incredibly complicated.

00:25:06   You have an op- no, you just put- you just go to Wolfram Alpha or something and you say

00:25:10   this date minus 365.

00:25:13   And also while we're on this,

00:25:15   is that per person?

00:25:17   Or if I say

00:25:20   MacBook Pro,

00:25:21   is it per person or per like

00:25:24   for all three of us?

00:25:25   What do you think Federico?

00:25:26   I'm torn.

00:25:28   I like the idea that if a pick is

00:25:30   taken, then it's dead for a year for

00:25:31   everybody.

00:25:32   I think it has to be like a global it

00:25:34   has to be a global switch.

00:25:35   Global death.

00:25:36   Yeah.

00:25:37   OK.

00:25:38   Picks cannot be reused by any

00:25:40   host, any contestant. I like that. Now we're putting in a really weird

00:25:45   loophole that it doesn't have to just be the three of us that can be in the

00:25:48   Ricky's. I mean if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I feel like the Ricky's

00:25:54   should go on in my honor and I want y'all to live a happy life after me. I

00:25:58   mean cancel the next one out of memory of me. Nah. If there's an event we're gonna do it.

00:26:04   it but you know hey look this Twitter accounts I mean you do it for the

00:26:14   account you know yeah look it's not me if something happens to one of us I think

00:26:17   the one true John is next in line yeah I think that's been I think that has been

00:26:21   previously established that John is next yeah this covers the one true air okay

00:26:28   so I think I think and then it's one of John's sons comes after hmm as long way

00:26:34   after John after John John John then automatically through lineage goes to

00:26:41   one of his children has to be Finn has to be Finn can be well unless Finn

00:26:46   abdicates his responsibilities host right in that case it goes to the next

00:26:52   son in that case let's just say that the default fallback is James Thompson

00:26:57   That's also fair. I feel like James is after John provided it's not John.

00:27:03   Okay. So, you know, because then we go into the Voorhees lineage.

00:27:09   Okay, so hold on. Steven gets hit by the bus. There's John. John abdicates or gets hit by a bus.

00:27:17   There's James. John's son. No, it's John's son.

00:27:21   Yeah. And then if I then get hit by a truck, James comes in to pick me up.

00:27:26   Mmm. Right. Okay. So he's the second line, kind of. Yeah. Okay. No matter which one of the Voorhees is

00:27:32   currently occupying the first. This, by the way, is not in the rules of the Rickies.

00:27:38   I just want to make that completely clear. But maybe we need a document of succession. This is a whole separate document.

00:27:41   You know, maybe we need a whole separate thing. Who's my replacement? Who's my replacement?

00:27:46   Anyone. It could be James. It's not, we ain't got our own individual replacement. Okay, so James is like the, okay, okay.

00:27:51   The next person after one true John.

00:27:54   And then probably Snell, his third.

00:27:56   Yeah, actually. Yeah, then also Jason Snell.

00:27:59   Then it'd be John, James, and Jason.

00:28:01   Really, we should all just get hit by buses so the show can just have three J names.

00:28:06   Do you think those three are secretly plotting a podcast together?

00:28:09   They could now, couldn't they?

00:28:11   If they're like, "Hey, let's go on a bus trip together."

00:28:14   It would be called Disconnected.

00:28:16   Ah! No, that's what happens if you get hit by the truck.

00:28:18   It's called the triple J podcast.

00:28:21   Triple J!

00:28:22   Can I just say, that's like the laziest way of naming something, right?

00:28:27   Like when people just name something with the letters of the names of the individuals

00:28:32   involved in the thing.

00:28:34   That's a sick podcast title burn.

00:28:37   Well, there you go.

00:28:38   Just come up with something.

00:28:39   We had some friends who had a podcast called the B&B podcast.

00:28:42   I guess that's a burn to their dead show.

00:28:44   Yes, that was lazily named.

00:28:45   They didn't mention that.

00:28:48   I will say it, they lazily named their show.

00:28:51   - Take that, Sean.

00:28:52   - Uh-huh. - Round one.

00:28:53   - Sorry, Sean, I love you,

00:28:54   but you could do better than that.

00:28:56   Wait, wait, wait, I feel like, look,

00:28:58   we went off on just an incredible tangent.

00:29:01   Can we just nail down that rule that we changed, please?

00:29:05   - All right, let me read it again.

00:29:06   - Yeah.

00:29:07   - Picks cannot be reused by any contestant within 365 days.

00:29:13   - Okay.

00:29:14   - 365 days of first being made?

00:29:17   There you go, adding more complexity, okay.

00:29:20   - And really, I don't think it'll be that hard to check

00:29:23   because you could just look in the archives

00:29:26   and see like when the event was a year ago.

00:29:29   - Well, but--

00:29:29   - You know, I don't think,

00:29:31   I don't foresee any complications with this rule.

00:29:33   - Well, okay, but like--

00:29:35   - He said.

00:29:35   (laughing)

00:29:37   - Within 365 days, so if it's 360,

00:29:41   if it is 365 days, so let's imagine,

00:29:45   but is that within?

00:29:47   Yeah.

00:29:48   But what if we then go to time?

00:29:50   We'll deal with that as it happens.

00:29:52   And what about leap years, as Kate says?

00:29:55   Well, leap years, that doesn't really make a difference.

00:29:57   It's just you get an extra day.

00:29:58   So, yeah.

00:29:59   It opens an opportunity for you to cheat.

00:30:01   That's right.

00:30:02   Yeah, leap days are the solar system's way of cheating.

00:30:06   And I just want to confirm, all of these rules,

00:30:08   they make effect for now, right?

00:30:10   Correct. It's now.

00:30:11   Yes. Okay.

00:30:12   So if we've reused any of these picks in the last year,

00:30:15   we gotta change them.

00:30:16   So James is making an interesting suggestion Discord that it should just be year.

00:30:24   No, no, because it means the first half of the year is really easy.

00:30:28   Yeah, exactly.

00:30:29   Alright, fine.

00:30:30   James is already trying to lay the groundwork for easy victories and we're all dead.

00:30:35   And I will not stand for it.

00:30:37   See, we can't trust James when it comes to rule setting anymore because he's just trying to lay good groundwork for himself.

00:30:43   Yep.

00:30:43   Kate has made a connected line of succession.

00:30:46   [laughter]

00:30:48   Okay, that's... alright, great. That's in the Discord.

00:30:51   It's incredible.

00:30:52   I like it. Okay, so Myke, Steven, Tichi, John Voorhees, younger Voorhees, James, Thompson, Jason, Snell.

00:30:58   Okay, round one!

00:31:00   Oh, God, okay.

00:31:01   So the order of this time is Myke, and then Federico, and then me.

00:31:07   I'm coming from behind this time.

00:31:09   Myke, you're first.

00:31:10   So I would like to, at this point, establish that I have kind of like a new approach when it comes to the Riki's and my pecking

00:31:18   of the Riki's, of like my personal pecks. I go with obvious, passionate, risky.

00:31:28   That's like, that's what I attempt to do. Everybody else can decide on how I perform with this, but that's like my thing that I attempt.

00:31:40   Right? So my obvious pick, which is my first round pick,

00:31:44   Apple unveils a new MacBook Pro.

00:31:46   Okay.

00:31:47   So I said it was boring.

00:31:49   This feels like the obvious, I mean, honestly, this feels like the obvious thing.

00:31:52   If this doesn't happen, I don't know what the event is for, you know?

00:31:58   Yeah, makes sense.

00:32:00   I mean, it's what we're all expecting.

00:32:03   So that one for sure.

00:32:05   I think you're like, this is a point because like, we know this is coming, right?

00:32:09   And the existing models are out of stock in many Apple stores.

00:32:13   So this is happening, this is coming, and it's launching shortly, I guess, within the

00:32:20   next couple of weeks, I would say.

00:32:22   So yeah, okay.

00:32:26   My first pick, so I don't like to put a label on myself, you know, unlike Michael.

00:32:31   I don't follow a strict system.

00:32:33   I just go with the flow, go with the passion.

00:32:35   I'm not saying people have to do what I do.

00:32:38   Yeah.

00:32:39   I just wanted to share my methodology with the group, you know?

00:32:42   At least one new MacBook Pro model has an upgraded webcam.

00:32:47   Because really, the existing webcams are bad.

00:32:50   Alright, so here we go, it's time to ask some supplementary questions.

00:32:53   Okay!

00:32:54   If they just change the image signal processor...

00:32:58   Is that an upgraded webcam?

00:33:01   Umm... no.

00:33:04   It's not.

00:33:06   So we're saying they have to reference the camera hardware has changed.

00:33:13   So what's the current resolution of the existing MacBook Pros?

00:33:18   100p is the current ones.

00:33:22   Technically speaking, is it 720 still?

00:33:27   720p.

00:33:29   Yeah, so they put a 1080p camera.

00:33:33   The pic is not 1080p, I don't think you need to go with that, but it has to be better than

00:33:38   a 720p camera.

00:33:41   It has to be better than the 720p camera, yes.

00:33:45   And if I were to speculate outside of the context of the pic, it has to be a 1080p camera.

00:33:53   So when it comes to phrasing the pic, at least one new MacP

00:33:53   So when it comes to phrasing the pic, at least one UMac Pooper model has an upgraded webcam

00:34:04   should do it.

00:34:05   Like I'm not talking about the signal thing, it has to be an actual upgraded camera.

00:34:15   If resolution is the thing that you're mostly focused on, we could say a camera with a resolution

00:34:22   higher than 720p? Yeah I would like some I would like that clarification in the

00:34:26   rule in the pic I think. As an upgraded webcam with a higher resolution yeah

00:34:34   that's fine. A question for you both actually I have two

00:34:40   questions I don't think that these are in any of the pics so stop me if they

00:34:44   are face ID center stage do you think that the MacBook Pro would get either

00:34:52   of these not face ID yes center stage yeah I think that's where I am too I

00:34:57   think I think center stage is coming everywhere I mean the iPad mini got it

00:35:00   for crying out loud yeah the the cheap iPad got it so I think it would be in

00:35:05   these Macs why no face ID do you think I feel like they don't wanna well first of

00:35:10   all I don't think they are ready to have like a dual biometric

00:35:14   authentication system. If they're keeping Touch ID, I don't think they want to do

00:35:17   Touch ID and Face ID on the same machine. What about my assumption is that if it

00:35:22   had Face ID, it wouldn't have Touch ID? Yeah. I don't know, computers like

00:35:27   laptops, I feel like, yeah, maybe I guess it works with the iPad Pro and it's fine.

00:35:33   It would be great. It would have been better, right? Probably better.

00:35:37   I don't know. I don't think the hardware is small enough yet. I don't

00:35:42   think it's thin enough. I mean I know like you can do it on a Windows laptop

00:35:45   with Windows Hello but that's using basically a camera and some others I

00:35:50   think maybe uses IR. It uses infrared. Yeah but it's not the same technology Apple

00:35:56   uses in Face ID necessarily with the dot projector and Apple's stack I think is a

00:36:00   little bit different and I mean even looking at teardowns of the new phones

00:36:04   with the smaller notches that's not thin enough to put in a laptop screen so I

00:36:08   I don't think face ID is coming to the Mac yet.

00:36:11   And if it did, it would show up, I think, first

00:36:14   in something like the iMac or an external display,

00:36:17   not a notebook, for that thickness and price reason.

00:36:20   - Okay, I want face ID.

00:36:22   - Oh yeah, yeah, me too.

00:36:24   I just don't think this is the time.

00:36:26   - I believe it will happen.

00:36:28   I agree with you about that, I don't think it's now,

00:36:32   but I thought it was just a question worth asking.

00:36:36   My pick? At least one new Mac model announced ships in November.

00:36:43   Okay.

00:36:44   At least one, okay. It has to be November, right?

00:36:47   Yep. I'm saying it very plainly. I think at least one of the models won't ship,

00:36:51   you know, they'll say that it's not shipping until November or next month or, you know,

00:36:55   however they phrase it.

00:36:55   This is an oddly specific pick.

00:36:58   Well, I mean, we're already halfway through the month, and so I feel like I've got some

00:37:02   leeway there with the time and if these things are... I mean look, Apple wanted these things out a long

00:37:09   time ago if rumors are to be believed and I don't think it's... would be that unusual for them to say

00:37:16   "yeah hey you know you can pre-order next Friday and they'll ship the first Friday of November or

00:37:20   something." Pre-order next Friday? That seems like a bold thing to do. I mean I don't... I think... I don't

00:37:27   think they'll be that specific. I think they'll just say "hey coming in November!" They did it with

00:37:31   with all the M1 stuff too last year.

00:37:32   So they've been a little wishy-washy with their dates

00:37:36   throughout the pandemic, which is understandable.

00:37:38   I think that will continue with this.

00:37:39   - Yeah, I'm just saying, I'd be surprised

00:37:40   if they did an event on Monday

00:37:42   and nothing was available for two weeks.

00:37:44   - We should talk about the Monday thing.

00:37:45   Google has a Pixel event on the Tuesday.

00:37:47   So I guess that's why Apple's going on Monday.

00:37:50   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:37:51   - Yeah. - That's why.

00:37:52   - There's literally zero obvious reason, you know,

00:37:55   like, and that's a very clear reason, I think.

00:37:58   Because the Pixel 6 has a lot of hype.

00:38:01   If Apple counter-programmed, they would lose out, I think.

00:38:04   And there's a Samsung event on Wednesday, right?

00:38:07   Yeah, that Samsung event is probably nothing, though.

00:38:09   Yeah.

00:38:10   But yeah, it's on the Monday because of Google.

00:38:14   I see some people on Twitter say, "Oh, it's Monday because Monday Mac with the M."

00:38:20   Talk about a reach. Oh my god.

00:38:23   It's just a Google event on Tuesday.

00:38:26   Understand that Apple knows they don't want to go up against Google like it. I don't need to it's not like

00:38:30   Get people anywhere. I like your imagination. Yes, but it's the explanation is more boring

00:38:37   Yeah, all right round two

00:38:40   Okay, Myke you're up. We got a color option that is new to the MacBook Pro in either name or hue

00:38:47   Okay

00:38:50   Name or you define all this please. Yeah

00:38:54   Yeah, so like imagine they bring out a Macbook Pro and it's like a dark color and they're like

00:39:01   "hey this is midnight" right?

00:39:03   Yeah.

00:39:04   Or instead of "this is space gray" or the hue would be like "here's a laptop and it's

00:39:10   like orange"

00:39:13   Well okay.

00:39:14   You know what I mean?

00:39:15   But where do you draw the line?

00:39:16   Like what if they bring out a laptop and it's more silver than the previous silver?

00:39:23   Oh yeah, I see how I've done this incorrectly.

00:39:27   So what I was trying to say is, um, okay.

00:39:31   Because what I was trying to get against was like they bring out a one and it's like a

00:39:35   dark silver and they call it graphite.

00:39:37   You see what I mean?

00:39:38   Right.

00:39:39   Right.

00:39:40   So really it's like either it's a new color or a new name of a color.

00:39:47   I can probably get away with this by just saying a new name.

00:39:51   So it's really two peaks in one.

00:39:53   either like can you do a pic where you're like oh it can be a new name for

00:39:57   an existing color or it can be a new color I'm gonna say in name okay all

00:40:02   right I think that I think that clears it up and I honestly I think gets me the

00:40:06   same thing that I wanted anyway because they're not gonna say like look at the

00:40:09   new space gray and it's pink you know any sense so they'll give a new name if

00:40:15   they have a new a new color what I was trying I was trying to also say that

00:40:19   like you know if they if they show off one and it's silver and they call it

00:40:23   starlight because you know what they're like. They have names for colors and they're different

00:40:26   in every single device. But I think like a new color option, so I'm gonna say we get

00:40:32   a color option that is new to the MacBook Pro in brackets name. This color option, the

00:40:37   name of this color option must be new to the MacBook Pro platform. Yeah, that works. Okay.

00:40:46   I don't think we're gonna get like rainbow like colors, right? But I do think that they're

00:40:52   gonna change it up a little bit and I expect it will probably be Midnight and

00:40:57   Starlight. I think so. Like that's what I reckon they will come in

00:41:01   Midnight and Starlight. That's what I think it will be. But we'll find out

00:41:05   because Midnight and Starlight... Starlight is the pro phone or no? None of

00:41:11   the pro phones? No. So that you know that could go against me right but at the

00:41:15   moment I think Apple's colors are all over the place. Yes they are. But also

00:41:20   like the dark one could be you know for pros if you will because it's because

00:41:26   apparently pros only like dark colors I don't know okay so like what do they

00:41:32   call the colors now in the MacBook Pro? Space gray and that's it? No? Space gray and

00:41:40   silver so I'm hoping on either a third color which is also possible or they

00:41:46   call the space gray they make it darker and call it graphite or something. Why

00:41:50   Why can't they make an orange MacBook Pro?

00:41:52   Like I don't get it.

00:41:53   That'll be the Air, I think.

00:41:55   Yeah, they'll make an orange MacBook Air.

00:41:57   Like that's gonna happen next year, but...

00:41:59   Yeah, but they also do this on the iPhone, right?

00:42:03   Why can't I get the most expensive one that also has a fun color?

00:42:07   And it is weird because they made the Pro color much brighter this year.

00:42:12   It doesn't really follow the same convention as the previous two colors, which were much

00:42:17   darker, deeper colors.

00:42:18   I don't know.

00:42:19   We said it, everyone's saying it at the moment,

00:42:22   Apple's color decisions are a bit all over the place right now.

00:42:28   Okay, my second pick.

00:42:30   Johnny Ive was the only person keeping that in control, that's what we've learned.

00:42:34   Johnny Ive leaves and the colors go out the window.

00:42:37   My second pick is a boring one, I will say that,

00:42:40   but you gotta win some points, right?

00:42:43   A release date is provided for macOS Monterey.

00:42:46   I think it's about time. They're putting out betas every few days at this point.

00:42:52   Up to beta 10 now. Beta 10 just came out a few minutes ago and I believe I've heard

00:42:58   a few things about there being some changes to the tab bar in Safari.

00:43:06   Is that publicly available information? It's not publicly available information but if I

00:43:13   were you know to be running Mac OS Monster 8 that's what I would check you

00:43:17   know what I mean hmm you know I hear things occasionally and this is one of

00:43:26   the things I hear and so maybe they're continuing to listen someone whisper it

00:43:31   to you in the night someone whispered to me in our message Safari is better

00:43:39   somebody whispered and I took that whisper and I turned it into a louder

00:43:45   sentence for a podcast. You amplified it, you shouted it. I amplified the whisper and I

00:43:51   made a podcast out of it, you know? Is it in the current beta? Beta 10, the one

00:43:57   that just came out a few minutes ago. So how come nobody's talking, why is nobody

00:44:01   talking about this? I can't believe nobody's talking about it. It takes a while to

00:44:05   install a Monterey update. So by the time everyone's listening to this episode

00:44:09   they already know. Yes. They already know whether the whisper was a whisper

00:44:14   of truth or a whisper of, you know, a whisper of deception. A careless whisper.

00:44:23   You could say that. Nice. So yeah, MacOS Monterey, there has to be a release date.

00:44:33   So we're saying by date, by the way, alright, we're gonna go with day of the week or numbered

00:44:39   date.

00:44:40   Yeah, what if they say it's coming next month?

00:44:43   That's not a date.

00:44:44   Yeah.

00:44:45   Or like October.

00:44:46   Oh no, that's a date.

00:44:47   No, that's a date.

00:44:48   No, it's not.

00:44:49   No, that's not a release date.

00:44:50   That's a release window.

00:44:51   Hey, I just want to point out, we cannot contest these picks.

00:44:55   We can only ask for clarification.

00:44:59   We can contest them.

00:45:01   But it doesn't have to change them.

00:45:03   I mean, any kind of release, okay, any kind, here's my pick, any kind of release timeframe.

00:45:12   Is that good for you, Steven?

00:45:14   Yeah, man, you watered that way down.

00:45:17   That is the weakest pick.

00:45:19   This is weak sauce right now.

00:45:21   MacOS Monterey continues to exist.

00:45:23   Yeah, MacOS Monterey is coming out at some point, and that's fine for Federico.

00:45:28   Yeah, yeah.

00:45:29   Hey, look, you can do what you want.

00:45:31   I know. You know what? I'm not gonna fight you, but I think our listeners know. You predicted Apple

00:45:38   unveils a new MacBook Pro. Come on. You said you were coming into this with picks of passion,

00:45:43   and I think that was a lie. That's not passionate. Now we haven't seen his Ricky yet. No, you are

00:45:50   tricking me. You are tricking me into changing this pick. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna

00:45:54   fall for it again. I mean, if you don't want to be a man of your word, that's up to you. You pry on my

00:46:00   insecurities when it comes to passion threshold and you use that to your

00:46:06   advantage. You are a bad man, Stephen Hackett. You should know better than to do this.

00:46:13   It's a bad move. Can you imagine for a second, they do this event, we get

00:46:19   two or three new Macs and there's just no mention of Monterey ever coming out.

00:46:23   Can you just imagine what people would say then? That would be incredible. They don't have to

00:46:29   say it all. No, I mean... They could just say "Here's Mac OS Monterey, you know him."

00:46:36   And then just move on. You guys know Monterey. You know Monterey, right? You've seen it.

00:46:41   You guys have seen this thing, right? No, but what I'm curious to see, and we're going

00:46:44   to talk about that later, I think it's in... Is it in my Flexis? Yes. What happens with

00:46:52   this release date, and I do think we're going to get a release date, but what happens to

00:46:56   two features, SharePlay and Universal Control. Because in theory, SharePlay, I suppose it

00:47:03   is coming later, but later was referring to iOS and iOS. Now, the later is now. So, does

00:47:11   Monterey launch version 12.0 with SharePlay or not? And also, what happened to Universal

00:47:19   Control? Does that feature still exist, or has it gone the way of pinned folders in files

00:47:26   in iOS 13, which is, you know, never to be seen again after the WWDC.

00:47:32   I want to bring to the table an interesting thought from the Discord, an interesting point.

00:47:38   They are saying, I can't prove this is accurate right now, but that during the iPhone event,

00:47:45   an actual date for iOS 15 was not given.

00:47:48   Well, but this is not a draft for upgrade, right?

00:47:52   We have a...

00:47:53   Ah, yes, it could have come later, couldn't it?

00:47:54   Yes, I forget the rules.

00:47:56   Who knows how rules work?

00:47:57   We just read them!

00:47:58   Do you want me to read them again?

00:47:59   Please stand!

00:48:00   Yes please.

00:48:01   Can you remind me of rules one through four?

00:48:02   The scoring time frame.

00:48:05   That rule?

00:48:06   No, I actually remember it.

00:48:07   It's pretty straightforward.

00:48:09   The Discord are confusing me.

00:48:11   I don't know why they tell me this.

00:48:12   If it's gonna be counted, then why are they telling me?

00:48:15   You know?

00:48:16   Throwing me off.

00:48:17   For my pick in round two, I am...

00:48:20   I'm gonna go back to my old friend the Mac Mini.

00:48:24   know I won the October what he won with the Mac Mini yeah remember remember that

00:48:30   yep I said there was gonna be an M1 Mac Mini no one believed me I had a dream

00:48:34   about it where Tim Cook was on stage a lot of the lighting was like red and

00:48:39   angsty and he introduced the Apple Silicon Mac Mini called it a bad little

00:48:47   Bad little b****.

00:48:49   No, no!

00:48:50   No!

00:48:51   You can't say that!

00:48:52   I'm gonna bleep it!

00:48:53   You can't say that on the show!

00:48:54   I'm gonna bleep it!

00:48:55   Give it the mip!

00:48:56   Hold on!

00:48:57   The mip!

00:48:58   Guys!

00:48:59   Bleep!

00:49:00   Hold on!

00:49:01   Okay.

00:49:02   I have some breaking news.

00:49:03   Oh, is the mask unlocked?

00:49:04   For real!

00:49:05   No?

00:49:06   macOS Monterey Beta 10 System Preferences Displays

00:49:13   There's a new menu.

00:49:14   your cursor and keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad. There's a checkbox and

00:49:21   it's labeled as "beta". Oh, so it's gonna ship. Yep. Alright. Cool. Is that news or

00:49:30   is that a whisper again? No, this is on Reddit. It's not a whisper. The only thing that we

00:49:35   care about, which again, everybody listening to the show already knows about, is if they

00:49:39   changed anything in Safari. Yeah, look at Safari. So that pick was in November 2020, which was...

00:49:46   No, no, but I haven't read my pick yet. My pick is worded in a way.

00:49:50   Yeah, yeah, and I'm not saying this in a repeat. I'm just saying, like, as a reminder for people,

00:49:53   in case you said, "A desktop Apple Silicon Mac is announced, and we both thought that you'd

00:49:58   lost your mind." And it proved to be genius. And it's coming true, yeah. And so I'm building upon

00:50:04   that my round two pick apple announces a Mac mini that is more powerful than the

00:50:09   original m1 model okay either a new one or one on top of the line that's you

00:50:14   know m1x or m2 or whatever what does more powerful mean we can know what more

00:50:19   power what is power what it's no we don't what is power what is it saying

00:50:23   that it has more of a control over me and my emotions it probably will because

00:50:27   you're gonna be like I need a Mac mini if it draws more electricity is it more

00:50:31   powerful? Yeah. So if we didn't draw... so if it draws less electricity than the model it replaces,

00:50:39   is it less powerful? And like, does that less power balance out the more power of the chip?

00:50:44   What is power? We won't let you win with the Mac Mini again, I'm sorry. We'll see if my Mac Mini

00:50:52   dreams come true. Are you going to define power? You know what it means! It's more performant.

00:50:58   Say that then. Put that terrible word into the...

00:51:01   More performant.

00:51:02   Performant.

00:51:03   Yeah, I hate that word.

00:51:05   Performant.

00:51:05   Then the original... Apple...

00:51:09   That's not spelled correctly.

00:51:10   No.

00:51:11   Performant.

00:51:12   Because it's not a real word. You cannot spell...

00:51:15   Yeah, it's like performa with an "ut" on the end.

00:51:19   Apple announces a Mac Mini that is more performant than the original M1 model.

00:51:22   Okay.

00:51:24   Can you imagine?

00:51:27   Can you imagine if they had a new Mac Mini and they're like,

00:51:30   "This one is to sit below the current M1 Mini in the line.

00:51:35   We wanted to make a really cheap computer."

00:51:37   It's $200.

00:51:37   And then Steven loses.

00:51:40   Can you imagine if they had a slide that said,

00:51:42   "More performant than the competition."

00:51:45   That would be incredible, right?

00:51:46   Throw me into the sea.

00:51:50   All right, so that is the end of round one of round two.

00:51:55   Okay.

00:51:55   I think we're all feeling pretty good. I think so. It's time to change that with the risky picks after this break. Mm-hmm

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00:53:30   the show and Relay FM. Can you give a reminder on the the importance of the

00:53:35   risky pick for people that I know? So one point is awarded for round one and

00:53:40   round two picks. If your risky pick is correct, you get two points, but if it's

00:53:45   wrong, you lose a point. And of course we agreed previously that these picks were

00:53:51   risky. We do that over iMessage. In this case, in the 24 hours we had to put this

00:53:56   together. Yeah, this one was rough compared to usual even.

00:54:02   All right, my risky pick is Apple teases another Mac product. I don't know why I

00:54:07   I phrased it that way, but I did.

00:54:09   Another Mac product that is not for sale right now

00:54:12   with Pro in the name and says it's coming next year.

00:54:16   - Wow, that's a lot of qualifiers.

00:54:19   - You know what I thought?

00:54:20   Well, the qualifiers are, that's what makes it risky.

00:54:22   Mac product could actually work out good for me

00:54:24   'cause if they're like, hey, we have this new keyboard

00:54:26   for our Macs and it's called Keyboard Pro

00:54:29   and it comes next year, then your boy over here

00:54:32   gets a point, but yep, Mac product

00:54:35   that is not for sale right now with Pro in the name

00:54:38   coming next year.

00:54:40   - Like a DAC Pro.

00:54:42   - Could be a, it could be a,

00:54:43   I mean it could even be an Apple Pro display

00:54:46   coming next year.

00:54:47   Any of these things--

00:54:49   - Oh, I didn't think about that.

00:54:50   Oh, I don't like that all of a sudden.

00:54:52   'Cause what you meant is Macintosh, right?

00:54:55   You meant computer. - No, no, what I meant

00:54:56   is what I said, Mac product.

00:54:57   - No, no, you're backing out now.

00:54:58   - Well, a display is not a Mac product.

00:55:01   A display is not a Mac product.

00:55:02   - It's just a product on its own.

00:55:03   they said it was only for the Mac right like then but it's not gonna be I know

00:55:07   it's not gonna be but they might make a display and it's like hey we've got this

00:55:11   new connector it's called the Mac connector and but like look even then

00:55:14   they're still risky. No. What do you mean no? No it's my pick. When I agreed that it was risky I read it and

00:55:20   understood it to be another Mac computer. I can't I can't help how you understand it

00:55:24   it says Mac product. And I think product makes it less risky. No Mac product that is not for sale

00:55:29   right now with Pro in the name says it's coming next year. Mac product like is

00:55:34   trying to be clever around this but Mac product means a Mac product like if it's

00:55:39   a display we're not gonna give him the point. That's true. Yeah all right just

00:55:41   get rid of the word product. Okay. I tried. Another Mac. I should have kept this

00:55:48   arbitration for afterwards and I maybe could have won this on that. So this is

00:55:53   like what they did with the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro. They showed it off W2C, came

00:55:57   out in December, what we're saying is they would show it off in October and it would

00:56:02   come in in the next year sometime. So here's the thing, I don't really think this is gonna

00:56:06   happen. I think that they would typically do this the way that they've done it in the

00:56:10   past. WWDC for like six months later, right? As you say, they did it for the iMac Pro,

00:56:16   they did it for the Mac Pro. They did it for two Mac Pros. They did it for the trash can,

00:56:20   they did it for the iMac Pro, and they did it for the Mac Pro, the cheese grail. It's

00:56:25   That's how they introduced the Mac Pro.

00:56:27   It's how they always, any professional Mac, they introduced it this way.

00:56:29   It makes a lot of sense because you've got people in the room, they're all going to scream,

00:56:33   you know, everyone's so excited.

00:56:34   Yeah, except there's no room anymore.

00:56:37   There's no room.

00:56:38   There's no room where it happens.

00:56:39   The only reason that I'm picking this is on the off chance that they wanted to do this

00:56:44   in June and couldn't have.

00:56:47   And so they're doing it now because there's been a delay on these products and it's actually

00:56:52   are going to come in like February or something.

00:56:54   Because I do think that there is, even without WWDC

00:56:57   in the picture and people in a room,

00:56:59   for when it comes to the professional machines,

00:57:02   I do think that there is a benefit in pre-announcing them.

00:57:05   They get to flex a little bit.

00:57:07   They get people to talk about it.

00:57:08   They don't sell in large numbers anyway.

00:57:11   And it allows for some of their professional customers

00:57:13   to make more informed purchasing decisions at that high end

00:57:17   so that there is genuine benefit to it.

00:57:20   So I think that, you know, you never know.

00:57:23   I'm betting on there possibly having been some delays,

00:57:27   which definitely has been, I feel like.

00:57:29   All right, look, actually we know there has been

00:57:31   because all of the entire computer industry is delayed.

00:57:35   And I think it's probably fair to say

00:57:37   nobody was expecting these MacBook Pros to have come out now.

00:57:41   I think that the rumors for these things

00:57:43   has been going for a very, very long time

00:57:46   as if they were just around the corner the whole time.

00:57:49   I'm going full passion, full risky with this one.

00:57:53   So we've all been operating under the assumption

00:57:56   that this is going to be the MacBook Pro event.

00:57:59   I'm going to say this is going to be the Mac Pro event as well.

00:58:02   And my risky pick is the new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon

00:58:05   is fully announced for release later than October.

00:58:09   I think they're going to announce the Mac Pro.

00:58:13   It's not going to come out in October, of course.

00:58:15   It's going to be later than that, later than October.

00:58:18   You know, could be January, could be December,

00:58:19   could be March.

00:58:21   - Okay.

00:58:22   - But I do think it's not gonna be a teaser.

00:58:23   It's gonna be a full on announcement of the new Mac Pro

00:58:25   running the M1X or M2, whatever.

00:58:29   - Y'all's two risky picks are very, very similar.

00:58:34   - They're close, but they're not the same.

00:58:36   - I'm saying it's not a Mac, like a generic Mac.

00:58:40   I think we're gonna see the new Mac Pro.

00:58:42   - The new Mac Pro.

00:58:42   And you're saying full-- - And it's not a teaser.

00:58:44   - Full details.

00:58:45   So it's not like a slide where it's like half of a Mac Pro in the shade,

00:58:51   and you know what it is, but they're not fully telling you what it is, right?

00:58:56   Like, it's not a teaser.

00:58:57   This is like specs and/or price.

00:59:00   Yeah, this is like, here's the Mac Pro.

00:59:02   Here's what we are announcing, you know?

00:59:05   Now, I would argue that if this happens, I also get my point.

00:59:09   Mm-mm-mm.

00:59:10   No. No, because you specifically said tease.

00:59:13   No.

00:59:13   So? If it's not available, it's a tease.

00:59:16   No, but, well, the verb that you use matters,

00:59:19   because if Apple announces the Mac Pro, it's not a teaser.

00:59:23   What does "fully" mean?

00:59:24   That's not a verb. It doesn't matter.

00:59:26   Right, but there could be what --

00:59:28   It's not all the information.

00:59:30   What if there's some information that they don't give onstage?

00:59:33   Well, that could be true for any iPhone or iPad event.

00:59:36   Then they never fully announce anything.

00:59:38   Well, that's more philosophical.

00:59:41   It goes beyond the scope of this show, though.

00:59:43   I think anything...

00:59:44   Like you're saying it's a teaser.

00:59:46   I'm saying it's a regular product announcement

00:59:48   during an Apple keynote.

00:59:49   I don't know how to better explain that.

00:59:52   I think it's pretty clear cut.

00:59:54   I think that difference is actually clearer

00:59:56   than I thought it was.

00:59:57   Like a teaser, you know?

01:00:00   Or we have to, where do we draw the line at teaser then?

01:00:04   I would say we need to see,

01:00:08   well, okay, so I'm thinking about the iMac Pro.

01:00:09   The iMac Pro, they announced almost full specs at WBC

01:00:14   and it shipped months later.

01:00:16   - Yeah.

01:00:17   - The Mac Pro, they didn't quite announce full specs.

01:00:20   I don't think-

01:00:21   - I think we need to, if you're gonna say

01:00:23   that there is a possibility

01:00:24   that we couldn't both get the same point,

01:00:28   then I think that we need to have,

01:00:30   there's a line for what's a teaser.

01:00:34   Like it has to be established.

01:00:36   teaser is just showing off a teaser shot of the machine.

01:00:46   Like, for example, in here, something else we're working on.

01:00:49   We're not ready to share the details just yet.

01:00:52   They've done that time and time again before.

01:00:56   Alright, so the way that I was thinking of this,

01:01:00   if they show it all off, like they show off the way it looks,

01:01:04   you know, and stuff like that. Like they actually show the whole product, like this is what the

01:01:07   product looks like, but they don't have any more information or whatever. That's still a teaser in

01:01:11   my mind. Like I think we need to work out what the... I think I would say if they don't give a date

01:01:19   and they don't give a price, that's still a teaser, no matter how much more information they provide.

01:01:26   Oh well then we have the same pick then. One of us...

01:01:29   Well, no, no, I'm saying there is no date and no price.

01:01:32   Like, we're fully announced.

01:01:34   Yeah, but if they go in...

01:01:35   Well, but what if...

01:01:37   So if they go into the full details of the specs and the chip they're using

01:01:41   and the graphics card they're using, does that qualify as a teaser for you?

01:01:45   I don't know.

01:01:45   Well...

01:01:48   I don't know.

01:01:50   But what I'm saying is I picked first, right?

01:01:52   That's the rules.

01:01:53   So I get first crack at a pick.

01:01:56   And I don't want to lose my risky pick.

01:01:59   Right, but you can say that a teaser applies to all kinds of announcements. Like you may

01:02:05   go first but a teaser means something.

01:02:07   I'm saying we have to agree now what that line is. That's what I'm saying. I'm not saying

01:02:13   I'm not going to allow any agreement. I just want to know up until what point is it considered

01:02:19   a teaser or not. Because I just want to say visuals I think are important. If they show

01:02:25   a picture of a new Mac Pro, that could still be a teaser, I still think that's a teaser.

01:02:31   So I guess...

01:02:32   Alright, so a teaser would not include a date, right?

01:02:37   We can all agree on that, and it wouldn't include a price.

01:02:41   Say generally yes, but even next year is a type of date, and scrubbing back through these

01:02:48   other machines they've done this with, they've announced a starting price.

01:02:52   So my feeling is that either Federico has to be more specific in a way that differs

01:03:01   him from Myke.

01:03:03   Like say it is going to come the end of the year or come in, I don't know.

01:03:08   I think they're too close.

01:03:10   I wish we had spotted this before the show, but here we are.

01:03:13   Okay, I'm going to reward mine.

01:03:14   It's fine.

01:03:15   Okay, let's see.

01:03:17   The new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is announced with specs and starting price for release

01:03:29   later than October.

01:03:32   Is that better?

01:03:33   Well, that's what I said a second ago.

01:03:35   Even their teases of the previous Mac Pros and the iMac Pro included some specs and the

01:03:40   starting price.

01:03:43   So if that's true, then Myke needs to say...

01:03:46   Myke, are you saying that we don't have specs and we don't have price?

01:03:50   What my pick is, is that they do what they've done in the past, basically.

01:03:55   But says it's coming next year.

01:03:56   Yeah, so I think your picks are now completely the same.

01:03:58   So we have the same pick.

01:04:01   This was my problem for this event.

01:04:03   Like I honestly have no idea what else could be an option.

01:04:07   Okay, I don't have a pick.

01:04:11   So...

01:04:12   I mean, Apple teases another Mac that is not for sale right now

01:04:16   with Pro in the name, says it's coming next year.

01:04:18   Okay, you know what? I'm changing my pick.

01:04:20   Okay.

01:04:21   Okay.

01:04:21   I'm going full risky.

01:04:23   Okay.

01:04:23   I'm typing this.

01:04:25   There he goes.

01:04:26   It's happening live.

01:04:27   We're doing it live.

01:04:28   Apple announces a new display.

01:04:35   A new display.

01:04:37   That is not...

01:04:39   Oh, it carries on.

01:04:39   That is not the...

01:04:41   What's it called? The big...

01:04:42   -Proteus Play XDR. -Proteus Play XDR.

01:04:44   Okay.

01:04:45   New Apple display. Is that risky enough?

01:04:47   It's been rumored...

01:04:49   It was rumored months ago, like last year.

01:04:53   It's only been rumored in...

01:04:55   I don't think there's ever been a solid rumor on this product.

01:05:00   It's...

01:05:01   Would you be willing to add a time frame of release?

01:05:06   Sure. Why not?

01:05:07   This is not my pick anymore, anyways.

01:05:08   This is somebody else's pick.

01:05:10   This pick is just flowing through your body.

01:05:13   If I'm losing this, I want it to be on the record.

01:05:15   Like if I'm losing this game and I'm going to lose this game,

01:05:17   it's because they made me change my pick.

01:05:19   Whoa, whoa, whoa.

01:05:19   No, I'm not allowing that to happen.

01:05:21   That's what happened.

01:05:22   You can argue that.

01:05:23   That's what happened.

01:05:24   One, I pick first.

01:05:27   So that's rules.

01:05:29   Two, I was giving an option of we both get the points.

01:05:33   And then Steven came in and was like, no, no, no,

01:05:35   that's not happening.

01:05:36   I just want to say, I never said you couldn't have your pick.

01:05:39   Yeah, whatever.

01:05:40   All I was trying to do is make sure I still got points if you got points.

01:05:43   That was all.

01:05:44   Apple announces a new display that is now...

01:05:47   What do you want, also? Date and price?

01:05:49   I think date's enough.

01:05:51   Okay.

01:05:52   That is now the Pro Displays XDR.

01:05:55   Launching... This is ridiculous.

01:05:58   Launching within three months.

01:06:01   Is that okay?

01:06:02   -Yeah, okay. -I like it.

01:06:03   Alright.

01:06:05   Cool.

01:06:05   Why not just do it by the end of the year?

01:06:07   Launching in 2020, whatever year right now. By the end of 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere.

01:06:21   Detailed enough? Perfect. Okay. Works for me. All right. My risky pick. 5G becomes an option on at

01:06:31   least one MacBook. Any comments on that? I was expecting something. Yeah, well, I mean, I guess

01:06:37   it makes sense to bring 5G to, like, it's on the iPad and it's laptop-like. I mean close enough

01:06:46   to a laptop anyway. I think it's risky. It's also like, I don't know, like, I love this pick because

01:06:56   it's something that I really would like to see. It'd be sweet. Like, it'd be super sweet to have this,

01:07:02   So I really want it, you know?

01:07:04   Breaking news!

01:07:06   What?

01:07:07   They moved the book box bar above the tab bar.

01:07:10   Of course they did, I told you.

01:07:12   There you go.

01:07:13   Really? Do we have screenshots?

01:07:15   It was not a careless whisper.

01:07:17   Yeah, from a friend of the show and...

01:07:19   What do we call it?

01:07:21   Person in succession, Jason Snell.

01:07:23   There you go.

01:07:24   Okay, the tabs are still stupid, but okay.

01:07:31   at least they're in the right place.

01:07:32   - Thank you, Jason.

01:07:34   I'm retweeting now.

01:07:36   - The, I guess the only thing is,

01:07:38   is Mac OS ready for cellular networking?

01:07:43   You know?

01:07:44   Because the Mac-- - Yeah, I thought about that.

01:07:46   - Doesn't care.

01:07:48   You know, like we've all been on these situations

01:07:50   where like you tether and blow through your data cap.

01:07:53   - Yeah, and I think Apple at this point would just be like,

01:07:55   ah, that's for you to deal with.

01:07:58   - Really? - I think so.

01:08:00   Does macOS Monterey support low-power mode on the Mac?

01:08:05   - Yes. - Yes.

01:08:07   That is a Monterey feature, low-power mode.

01:08:09   - Because that potentially,

01:08:11   like if you're doing a 5G MacBook,

01:08:15   it makes sense to pair low-power mode with it, right?

01:08:20   If you wanna control those, you know,

01:08:22   data transfers, for example, and make sure that, you know--

01:08:24   - Or am I thinking of iPadOS?

01:08:26   I know iPadOS got it.

01:08:27   Did macOS?

01:08:28   - I thought it did.

01:08:28   - I think Mac OS, I remember Marco tweeting about it,

01:08:32   like finally we got low power mode in the Mac.

01:08:33   - Mac OS, low power mode.

01:08:35   Yeah, I found a Macworld article for how to turn

01:08:38   on low power mode in Mac OS Monterey.

01:08:40   - All right.

01:08:41   - So 5G becomes an option on at least one MacBook.

01:08:44   You can see the story, right?

01:08:46   Like, hey, you're out in the field shooting a documentary

01:08:49   and you need to upload footage to your editor

01:08:52   and the iPad sucks at files, so bring your MacBook Pro.

01:08:55   They'll probably leave out the part

01:08:57   the iPad being bad at files, but the rest of it jives in my mind.

01:09:02   Yeah. Alright, so let's recap these risky picks, which, you know, took a while to get right.

01:09:09   Do you want to have another go Federico? I don't want you to leave here feeling bad.

01:09:14   No, I don't feel bad. I mean, I think they're gonna do a display. Like, I'm not upset, okay?

01:09:21   It's just for the show. I just want to double check, right?

01:09:23   No, thank you. It's fine. It's like it's my persona on these games, you know.

01:09:27   No, don't say that part. You're lifting back the counter too much.

01:09:30   I mean, people know by now, right?

01:09:32   I just wanted to double check.

01:09:34   No, I'm totally good. I'm totally good.

01:09:37   Also, like 5G on the MacBook, it's something that I really want to see.

01:09:43   I will be so upset if they do not have a display.

01:09:46   Like if they bring out the MacBook Pro and don't have a display for it.

01:09:49   I will genuinely be over it.

01:09:51   Exactly. Exactly.

01:09:52   So, risky pick round we have. Myke says, "Apple teases another Mac that is not on sale right now

01:09:58   with 'Pro' in the name and says it's coming next year." Boy, if all this comes true but it's coming

01:10:06   this year, you are in trouble. Well, it wouldn't be a tease then, would it? Yeah. But I guess we

01:10:12   don't have to worry about what's a tease and what isn't anymore. As said, "Apple announces a new

01:10:18   display that is not the Pro Display XDR launching by the end of 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere.

01:10:23   So it's not launching in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, but no, the Northern Hemisphere is not

01:10:29   correct though. Yeah, you get rid of that. We don't need that part, we just don't need that part.

01:10:34   By the end of 2021. And also if, that's nice, also if they bring out a new Mac Mini and don't

01:10:42   have a display, it's also going to be equally upsetting. Exactly, exactly. Yeah, because then

01:10:47   I get the point and you lose yours. So launching by the end of 2021 somewhere, and by somewhere,

01:10:51   I mean at least in one time zone, it's the end of 2021, and the Pro Display XDR, it's launching.

01:10:58   Looking at you, Australia. Yeah, and Stephen said 5G becomes an option on at least one MacBook.

01:11:06   So we have... Australia's first, not last. It doesn't matter. So we have, at the end of the

01:11:11   the Risky Pic round we have Mac Pro, a new display, and 5G in a MacBook.

01:11:18   I just want to say I could also get if they do an iMac Pro.

01:11:21   Yep.

01:11:22   Oh yeah.

01:11:23   Yeah.

01:11:24   Or Mac Mini Pro.

01:11:25   Mac Mini Pro or something brand new.

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01:12:49   Okay, it is time for the flexies.

01:12:51   Please stand as I read the rules for the flexies.

01:12:54   - I forgot we had to do that.

01:12:56   And I just hit my microphone and punched it into my nose.

01:12:59   (dramatic music)

01:13:02   The loser of the flexis must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to the charity

01:13:07   of the winner's choice.

01:13:09   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

01:13:15   Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

01:13:20   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks.

01:13:25   The winner is determined by the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis, and the money must be

01:13:30   donated on air. A tie in either the regular picks or the flexis is to be broken by coin toss.

01:13:38   As Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping the coin, dice by p-calc in relay FM mode is the

01:13:46   official way to flip a coin. All right. I have a phrase I'd like to change and it's just because

01:13:53   I have to read it and it's a little repetitive. I would like to say dice by p-calc in relay FM mode

01:13:59   is the official way to break a tie, not flip a coin again.

01:14:04   - Okay.

01:14:05   - Okay.

01:14:06   - Just a reading thing.

01:14:08   So last time the Flexi winner was Federico,

01:14:14   Myke was the loser and I was in the middle.

01:14:16   So that's the order we're gonna go in.

01:14:18   Federico, you're first.

01:14:19   - Okay, so I really struggled with these Flexis,

01:14:22   just like, I mean, I struggle with the risky pick,

01:14:24   but this one's especially,

01:14:26   so I had to be a little creative around the edges.

01:14:29   The first ones were easy.

01:14:32   So HDMI and SD card reader are back on the MacBook Pro.

01:14:36   Seems that everybody's...

01:14:39   You know, I was thinking about this.

01:14:41   I was wondering, like I know what the rumors say,

01:14:44   and I know how great it would be,

01:14:46   but the HDMI connector is a pretty big port.

01:14:52   I feel like the port itself is not... like the connector, like the plastic around it, is big, but the port itself is not huge.

01:15:02   It's at least wide.

01:15:04   It's wide. It's maybe slightly wider than USB-A, maybe, or about the same width.

01:15:12   There is a small version, but it sucks.

01:15:16   Yeah, it's not good.

01:15:18   Also, I wanted to remind you all that it's not just the rumors.

01:15:23   Remember how a while back, a few months back, there were those leaked schematics

01:15:28   from the, what's it called, Quanta manufacturer?

01:15:32   Yeah, they got pirated, right?

01:15:36   They were holding them to ransom, right?

01:15:38   And they were like, "Give us money or we will release the schematics."

01:15:41   And they were released on the deep web.

01:15:44   "Joe, release the schematics!"

01:15:46   Yeah, pretty much like that.

01:15:48   So, and HDMI and SD card reader were there.

01:15:53   Good point, good point, good point.

01:15:55   Second Flexi Apple demos a Mac app that takes advantage of the updated neural engine.

01:16:02   I like this.

01:16:03   Seems like a thing they like to do.

01:16:06   Yeah.

01:16:06   You know, and you have to assume that machine learning will be mentioned as one of the improvements in these new Pro models.

01:16:14   So yeah, we're gonna see some kind of demo or you know, here's this app that does something with it

01:16:19   that wasn't possible before or that is now so much faster.

01:16:23   You have a problem with your next Flexy, I think.

01:16:25   Oh, yeah, I gotta change this because it's already been invalidated.

01:16:28   So originally this third Flexy was going to be

01:16:32   "universal control has been postponed to a future Mac OS monetary update."

01:16:37   I mean, it still technically could be.

01:16:40   No.

01:16:41   Yeah, but it's in the beta. I think I just think this one's sort of dead in the water.

01:16:44   Okay, so we're skipping this for now and I'm gonna think... Oh, what did I do?

01:16:50   I don't know what you just did.

01:16:51   Hold on. Let me get to the end and then we're gonna get even more creative.

01:16:54   See if you get more inspiration as you go through these next days.

01:16:58   I need some flexy inspo right now.

01:17:03   Okay, third, new third.

01:17:07   Apple brings back the black MacBook

01:17:11   for the new MacBook Pro, and it's called Space Black.

01:17:16   Okay, black option for the MacBook Pro.

01:17:20   Space Black MacBook Pro.

01:17:21   - I was gonna say, what does bring back

01:17:23   the black MacBook main?

01:17:24   That's the part that threw me off.

01:17:25   - Like there used to be years ago--

01:17:27   - No, no, I know that, but like--

01:17:29   (laughing)

01:17:31   Resurrecting a plastic MacBook.

01:17:33   Look, Stephen, you probably weren't paying attention.

01:17:36   You don't know.

01:17:37   What? They made a black MacBook.

01:17:41   The color, okay, you know what?

01:17:44   You two are being too difficult.

01:17:47   I had nothing to do with this.

01:17:49   Announces Apple.

01:17:50   Unveils.

01:17:53   Just space black MacBook Pro will do it.

01:17:56   Dude, that would be sick.

01:17:57   I'd be all over that.

01:17:58   Space black MacBook Pro.

01:18:00   Yeah, but you know it would be kind of grey.

01:18:04   Like, you know...

01:18:05   Not space black.

01:18:07   But they have a space black...

01:18:09   These names don't read anything.

01:18:12   The titanium, the stainless steel watch, isn't it?

01:18:15   It used to be. Used to be. Space black, yes.

01:18:18   I think it still is the Hermes one?

01:18:21   I think so.

01:18:22   But yes, space black is in their terminology of colours.

01:18:30   And I think they're going to do a black MacBook Pro.

01:18:32   I think it's going to look amazing if they do that.

01:18:35   So now we need to get creative.

01:18:39   This used to be my last Flexi.

01:18:41   Now it's going to be the fourth Flexi.

01:18:43   John Turnus is wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

01:18:47   Okay?

01:18:49   - He sleeps in that, I think.

01:18:50   - So I actually did my research on this.

01:18:54   I went back and watched the John Turnus segments

01:18:57   of all previous keynotes available on the apple.com website.

01:19:02   John Turnos is a man who likes jeans, you know?

01:19:07   He's always wearing jeans in these events.

01:19:10   - He's pretty ripped too.

01:19:12   - He is, and now the upper body wear varies.

01:19:17   John Turnos has worn a green t-shirt, a blue--

01:19:25   Do you have like a file?

01:19:28   Like you have like...

01:19:29   No, I don't.

01:19:30   I took notes, but I don't have screenshots.

01:19:33   Green t-shirt, gray t-shirt.

01:19:35   Do you have a Ternus inspo?

01:19:38   I have a mood board that is just John Ternus and Seth.

01:19:42   It's good.

01:19:43   It's good.

01:19:44   I like it.

01:19:45   John Ternus.

01:19:46   My John Ternus mood board.

01:19:47   So yeah, jeans.

01:19:50   usually black shoes with some white accents or not is also worn pure black

01:19:55   shoes. Space black shoes. Space black shoes. It's done green t-shirt, grey t-shirt,

01:20:03   blue sweater. That was new last year. So I feel like in keeping with the theme of a

01:20:09   pro event and if they do the Space Black MacBook Pro, black t-shirt. Why not? You

01:20:15   You know?

01:20:16   Jeans and black t-shirt for John Turnus.

01:20:20   Now I'm missing a flexi here.

01:20:23   And I cannot use the AirPods one.

01:20:28   Oh, this is interesting.

01:20:34   Okay.

01:20:38   I'm typing this live.

01:20:41   There is going to be a funny scene involving one of the characters of Ted Lasso.

01:20:50   Yeah, so I'm thinking they're going to do a scene where one of the characters from the

01:20:55   Ted Lasso series will do something related to the event in character.

01:21:00   Like imagine, for example, Ted Lasso talking about the new MacBook Pro or, you know, Nate

01:21:08   using the new AirPods or something like that.

01:21:10   So I think they're gonna use one of the characters from the series as part of the event.

01:21:15   Either like as a funny movie or an ad or something like that.

01:21:20   Maybe it's Roy Kent and he can be everywhere with 5G on his laptop.

01:21:26   Yeah.

01:21:27   That's very funny.

01:21:28   I like that.

01:21:29   Could be Higgins doing something like that.

01:21:31   Yeah, because Higgins can get his desk from anywhere.

01:21:34   Yeah.

01:21:35   This is good.

01:21:36   This is good.

01:21:37   Okay.

01:21:38   All right.

01:21:39   All right.

01:21:40   I'm up next I

01:21:42   Seven

01:21:44   USBC charging is faster than the new max safe. Okay

01:21:50   MacBook Pro can ask you a question. Mm-hmm

01:21:54   Hey, this isn't a clarification. It's the question. Yeah, do you mean in general or on the machine on the MacBook Pro?

01:22:02   Do you think you'll be able to charge with both as well? I'm asking

01:22:04   I think the MacBook Pro will be capable of charging for both

01:22:07   It'll have max safe, but if you have a USB C charger that is capable of going faster

01:22:12   I think that that makes a lot of sense and I hope for that reason

01:22:16   USB C remains a charging option. I think it will

01:22:20   And and it kind of helps the thing of like well, I have a bunch of USB C chargers. Well, that's cool

01:22:26   You can keep your 95 watt from your old laptop. It'll still work fine

01:22:28   MacBook Pro colors don't include anything radically new for the line

01:22:34   So no orange or green or pink, you know, hmm and they're gonna stay in the tones. They've been in

01:22:40   Mm-hmm. The chip is called the m1x a new MacBook comes with at least one non USB C

01:22:49   Slash Thunderbolt port on the laptop itself

01:22:52   Huh? What?

01:22:54   Okay. Yeah, I see what you mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay

01:22:57   The new MacBook Pro displays run at native 2x

01:23:01   Right now the default is like a 1.5 X. I think and

01:23:05   Mark it makes mark a very upset

01:23:07   Mac OS Monterey features are reviewed

01:23:10   That one feels pretty good

01:23:13   Mm-hmm, and then the new MacBook Pro power bricks have ports on them like the iMac does for Ethernet

01:23:19   I hope that they at least do the internet one for that

01:23:22   And again, that's a pro thing you know

01:23:25   six flexes six

01:23:28   Okay, no seven

01:23:31   7 7 flexi 7 7 ok well i'm a mac power user you know

01:23:36   We'll see won't we if you lose on the end of that low gasps

01:23:40   Sorry david yeah if you lose then now you look silly don't you you know if federico beats you in the flexi's

01:23:47   You know like a real thing john turn us in his black t-shirts

01:23:50   Can you imagine if like it's ted lasso taking a computer to john turn us

01:23:56   It's like, it's going to be a terrible interview.

01:23:59   Like, "Here you go, Jon."

01:24:01   And then Jon says, "Oh, thanks."

01:24:02   And then Ted says, "Nice t-shirt, Jon," and then walks away.

01:24:06   Okay, yeah.

01:24:07   You know what?

01:24:08   If that happens that way, then I'm okay with being defeated.

01:24:13   It's like they're reading our document.

01:24:15   My Flexi's new AirPods.

01:24:17   Okay.

01:24:19   Just standard AirPods?

01:24:20   Yeah, I don't think we're going to get AirPods Pro or anything nice to beat.

01:24:25   Because those AirPods, AirPods 2, they've been around for a really long time now.

01:24:28   Several years.

01:24:29   Yeah.

01:24:30   Yeah.

01:24:31   Okay.

01:24:32   MacBook Pro has a mini LED screen.

01:24:33   Ooh, I hope so.

01:24:34   This, if they do do this and also don't have a standalone display, it will only make me

01:24:39   more sad as someone who uses a MacBook Pro in dock mode all the time.

01:24:43   And I could see this being like a 16 inch option, but maybe it's not on the smaller

01:24:47   one.

01:24:48   I know you don't say anything about that, but I could see that happening.

01:24:50   That would bum me out.

01:24:51   Me too.

01:24:52   Because I don't want that space.

01:24:53   I don't want a 16 inch laptop again.

01:24:54   that was as ship aircraft carrier that's what I'm looking for it took me four

01:24:58   tries to get that right chip is not called m1x ooh okay I actually think

01:25:06   Myke is right on this I was I was wondering about this anyway just because

01:25:11   they don't need to do this they could call it whatever they want and then I

01:25:14   think I saw Mark Gurman saying last night that like m1 is kind of old now and

01:25:20   M2 will be here pretty soon? Yeah. And is it gonna get confusing as to which one is

01:25:28   the more powerful one? Yep. I don't know, I don't have like what I would call it, but

01:25:34   I just am not convinced that they will call it M1X. Guys, I have some very sad breaking

01:25:40   news as a follow-up to previous breaking news. Oh dear. You know how I mentioned that checkbox

01:25:46   for universal control.

01:25:48   Okay, is it gone already?

01:25:50   It's not selectable.

01:25:52   So maybe you shouldn't have changed that Flexy.

01:25:58   Oh, it's so good.

01:25:59   No, while it's still there.

01:26:01   Who knew Apple was using SwiftUI and system preferences?

01:26:04   Yeah, what if it's just accidentally in Beta 10?

01:26:08   No, I feel more confident with the Ted Lasso cartoon.

01:26:14   Do I?

01:26:15   I don't know, man.

01:26:16   No, no, no, no. Yeah, I'm not bringing it back.

01:26:20   All right, what's left?

01:26:22   Webcam will be called highest quality on a Mac.

01:26:25   Okay.

01:26:26   The laptops will be thicker than the models they replace.

01:26:29   I actually agree with this.

01:26:31   Okay.

01:26:33   Yeah.

01:26:34   Hold on.

01:26:35   Thicker where?

01:26:37   The screen part?

01:26:39   In the specs.

01:26:40   Just the specs.

01:26:41   Okay.

01:26:42   Like the actual specs, you know, like when you go to the...

01:26:45   general okay yeah the overall thickness okay and my what makes me think of this

01:26:51   is the the iPad when they went to mini LED the iPad got thicker

01:26:57   I think it might be for that reason that they would make it a little

01:27:01   thicker and plus I think Apple of 2021 has clearly shown that they are not

01:27:07   they're not as worried about this as they used to be like they'll go thin

01:27:11   where they can, but if there's a reason, like a good reason for battery life or whatever,

01:27:16   they'll make their products thicker. Like the iPhones have been getting thicker for

01:27:19   the last few years.

01:27:20   Like putting new ports in it or...

01:27:23   Yeah, and that could be a problem. Not like, you know, a reason, a certain problem. But

01:27:27   like, you know, I wouldn't want it to be much heavier personally, but a little thicker for

01:27:33   good reason. I'd be fine with.

01:27:36   Well those are our picks for the Unleashed Apple event taking place on October 18th.

01:27:43   So we'll be back next Wednesday to judge our picks to name a chairman.

01:27:48   Until then, if you want to find stuff we spoke about, head on over to the website at relay.fm/connected/367.

01:27:56   There will be links there to the Ricky's website, so don't get spoiled by that.

01:28:01   Listen to the show first.

01:28:02   Well I guess here at the end of the show...

01:28:04   Well by this point, it's totally fine.

01:28:06   fine don't spoil your previous self. If you did, we tried to warn you but it was just a little late.

01:28:14   We tried to warn you after it was already happening. You can find us all online,

01:28:20   you can find Federico on Twitter as @vitici, he is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net, well

01:28:27   we're assumedly we'll see a Mac OS Monterey review at some point, maybe? And a Mac Pro review also,

01:28:35   Working on that.

01:28:36   You know, if you did a Mac Pro review and you didn't hire me to do it, I would be

01:28:41   legitimately sad.

01:28:42   I'm just going to say.

01:28:43   I'm just going to say, OK, I keep that in mind.

01:28:46   If there's a new Mac Pro, I'll review it for Mac stores.

01:28:49   OK, deal.

01:28:51   Wait a second. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

01:28:54   Hold on. I want to dig into this.

01:28:56   Yeah, because this is now that thing where Steven can be like,

01:29:02   "Oh, I had to buy the Mac Pro because Federico needed me to review it for him."

01:29:06   [Laughter]

01:29:06   And I'm very confident that there's some kind of bet.

01:29:10   That we have had a bet about Steven replacing his Mac Pro.

01:29:14   I think there is a bet somewhere.

01:29:17   Probably.

01:29:18   Gonna hold off.

01:29:19   Unless Federico asks you to review it.

01:29:22   Unless I need to do it for my journalistic integrity.

01:29:25   Then I'll upgrade.

01:29:26   Yeah.

01:29:26   I guess I will.

01:29:27   Right.

01:29:27   And for science.

01:29:29   For science.

01:29:29   You know?

01:29:30   Uh-huh.

01:29:30   He's a professional reviewer.

01:29:32   Put them both on wheels, race them down the street.

01:29:34   Doing professional things.

01:29:35   Oh man. Yes.

01:29:38   Yeah, we gotta do that.

01:29:40   Do you think they will still support wheels?

01:29:42   I hope so. I got like four sets of them in here.

01:29:44   It depends. If it's small, I don't think so.

01:29:47   Right?

01:29:48   They only have wheels because it's so friggin' big.

01:29:51   No, it's because pros move them around between editing bays.

01:29:54   Didn't you watch the keynote?

01:29:55   If it's small, they just put a handle on it and say, "Pick it up, Lazy."

01:29:57   There's handles on it now!

01:29:58   Wheels!

01:29:59   But if it's small...

01:30:00   Or...

01:30:01   Listen, I got it.

01:30:02   Instead of wheels, they put skis on it.

01:30:05   No, they just make it round.

01:30:07   Like completely round.

01:30:08   Like the Nexus Cube?

01:30:09   Remember that thing?

01:30:10   Oh my...

01:30:11   Yeah, you just roll it down the hall.

01:30:13   Or...

01:30:14   Or...

01:30:15   Hear me out.

01:30:16   What if it's a cube again?

01:30:18   Huh?

01:30:19   Oh, I think it will be a cube.

01:30:21   Like I think it will be a cube.

01:30:23   But a cube with a handle?

01:30:25   Yeah.

01:30:26   Oh man.

01:30:27   Well, the handle could be like what they have now, right?

01:30:29   it if it's a cube with a handle so if if Apple doesn't in basically like a

01:30:33   Nintendo game cube but it's a Mac Pro I'm gonna get one hmm I don't care if I

01:30:38   don't need it if it's a cube I will get the cube apparently in the Ricky the

01:30:43   annual rookies for 2019 my round one pick was the Mac Pro will ship ungraded I

01:30:48   waffle on sticking with my Mac Pro we all know how that ended mm-hmm you can

01:30:53   find Myke on Twitter as I am y ke Myke hosts a bunch of other shows here on

01:30:58   Relay FM, including Upgrade, where you and Jason will be playing a draft. It's a

01:31:01   different game than what we do. Very different rules. Myke, when are you all

01:31:05   doing that? Tomorrow. #PrayForMyke.

01:31:11   According to tomorrow, at noon Eastern time, which is when we're doing it live, it will be out

01:31:18   tomorrow. Doing it live. You can find me on Twitter as @ismh. You can read my Mac

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01:32:27   - That's true.

01:32:27   - It feels really good.

01:32:29   You know, it's one of those things that you do it,

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01:32:46   You don't need more t-shirts.

01:32:48   Yeah, be like John Turnus.

01:32:49   Have three that you rotate through.

01:32:51   What you need is to hear how Steven buys furniture,

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01:33:09   Myke loves all of his kids, right?

01:33:11   Yes.

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01:33:48   - Adios,