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00:00:00   [MUSIC PLAYING]

00:00:03   Hello, and welcome to Connected, episode 366.

00:00:13   It's made possible by our sponsors, CleanMyMacX,

00:00:16   Squarespace, and Smile.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I am joined

00:00:20   by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   Hello.

00:00:23   Hi.

00:00:23   How are you?

00:00:24   I am good.

00:00:25   How are you, my friend?

00:00:27   I am very good, yes.

00:00:29   We're also joined by Myke Early, our other friend.

00:00:33   Salud, Steven.

00:00:34   Ooh.

00:00:35   Hello, other friend.

00:00:37   How are you?

00:00:38   Fuatibine.

00:00:39   What?

00:00:41   I'm speaking in Romanian today.

00:00:42   This is what I decided to do.

00:00:44   Oh, interesting. Okay.

00:00:45   How much Romanian do you know?

00:00:46   You just heard it, my friend. You got it.

00:00:49   Oh, that's it?

00:00:50   That's it? Okay.

00:00:51   Okay.

00:00:53   When it comes to just, like, general conversation,

00:00:55   that was it. You got it.

00:00:57   Other than that, it's the occasional word here or there.

00:00:59   I'll work on it.

00:01:00   Okay. I have some very exciting news.

00:01:04   Okay.

00:01:04   We closed out our St. Jude campaign.

00:01:07   I'm gonna read the exact number.

00:01:09   $701,220.26.

00:01:16   Man, I wish they had that hype button nearby right now.

00:01:19   I don't know where mine is. I got a bell.

00:01:20   Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

00:01:22   There you go. I made the noise.

00:01:23   Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

00:01:25   Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

00:01:28   It's incredible. Thank you so much to everybody that donated. We could not have

00:01:31   even dreamt of that number, I feel like. I know I didn't. It's truly incredible. Thank you.

00:01:39   So here's the thing. September is a very exciting time, right? I woke up this morning and checked

00:01:45   the fundraising page and then remembered that it was over. So I'm just looking for some excitement.

00:01:51   You just want to feel alive again?

00:01:52   Podcastathon again next Friday!

00:01:55   Good luck.

00:01:57   What if September was twice a year?

00:02:00   Like what if you had September one and September two?

00:02:04   And that will let you do two podcastathons.

00:02:07   Doesn't our calendar come from ancient Rome in a way that's your fault that we

00:02:11   don't?

00:02:11   Look, I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did, you know,

00:02:15   killing each other off in a colosseum like this.

00:02:18   That's probably a good, good, like, just like a good general rule to take.

00:02:23   Yeah.

00:02:24   I will also say I am not responsible for what my ancestors did.

00:02:30   Yeah.

00:02:31   Oh yeah.

00:02:31   Same.

00:02:33   Does America even have ancestors?

00:02:36   You're like four weeks old as a country.

00:02:39   Yeah.

00:02:39   Wow.

00:02:40   There's some pretty crappy stuff in those four weeks.

00:02:43   Oh, that's true.

00:02:43   Yeah, it was a pretty bad four weeks as far as four weeks ago.

00:02:48   So here's the thing.

00:02:49   During September, we gamify everything.

00:02:51   Everything is exciting.

00:02:53   I just want to feel something again. So I have come up with something called the connected

00:02:57   raffle. Wait, what is happening? Okay. Well, I just want to state this, this, whatever

00:03:02   this is, is this a secret topic? Okay. Steven has decided to do this 100% on his own and

00:03:09   has now has now branded something with the entire show. So maybe me and me and Federico

00:03:16   will not apologize for what Steven's doing. You know? Yeah. I also don't know what's a

00:03:21   a raffle. So, okay, let me start from the beginning. You draw a number and then you

00:03:28   win. So if we all had tickets and Jason was on stage, because Jason can pick a number

00:03:33   out of a hat, he can't flip a coin, but he can pick a number. So it's like a lottery?

00:03:38   Yes. Like a lottery. Yes. Okay. So what I've done, I've broken today's show down into 11

00:03:43   components. And Myke, you need to have dice by P Calc ready. We have done this before.

00:03:49   had an episode of a bunch of mini topics and then someone had to choose a number.

00:03:57   Well this time Dice by Peacock is doing it. I've done all the topics. I've broken

00:04:02   follow-up into four sections and I put the ads in. It's gonna be fun.

00:04:08   Yes, this is amazing!

00:04:11   I'm sorry, I'm the guy who doesn't get any sort of game like...

00:04:19   Try explaining it again.

00:04:20   Try explaining it again.

00:04:21   Okay.

00:04:22   So say that we roll a six, then we talk about tables in the craft app.

00:04:27   Why?

00:04:28   If we roll a ten, I read the Squarespace ad.

00:04:30   All right, so hold on, hold on.

00:04:32   Et cetera, et cetera.

00:04:33   I need to try and explain this.

00:04:34   I'm completely lost.

00:04:35   All right, all right, all right.

00:04:36   So Federico, what Stephen's done is he's taken the show today and behind the scenes cut it

00:04:40   into 11 separate chunks.

00:04:43   So we don't see it.

00:04:46   Stephen's done it.

00:04:47   Okay, now we see it.

00:04:48   - Yeah, so T's taken 11 segments and put them together.

00:04:53   And now I guess we'll be rolling, what, an 11?

00:04:59   Like how do I go for 11?

00:05:01   - There's an 11 side, Dias, right?

00:05:04   - No.

00:05:04   - Is there a 12?

00:05:06   - Yes.

00:05:07   - Okay, I will break up iOS 15.1 and tvOS.

00:05:12   - There you go, so we now have 12 things.

00:05:14   And so what if we get the same number?

00:05:17   Do we re-roll?

00:05:17   Yeah, yeah, because I can't read the Squarespace ad four times, I'd be in trouble with Carrie,

00:05:22   so I absolutely adore that the ads are part of this, because we could just like triple

00:05:28   the ads in one go.

00:05:29   Yeah.

00:05:30   Probably, I actually don't know if we, we'll find out if that's a problem later on, I suppose.

00:05:36   Maybe we don't get paid for this episode, we'll see.

00:05:38   And then I guess Steven can compensate me and Federico for his idea.

00:05:42   I really enjoy this.

00:05:44   This is a lot of fun.

00:05:45   Good.

00:05:46   I guess I should roll the dice, right?

00:05:48   - Yeah, and do it where we can hear it

00:05:49   so you're not secretly, you know, behind the scenes.

00:05:52   - Oh yeah, okay, so I have to turn on speak dice.

00:05:55   All right.

00:05:56   And play dice sounds.

00:05:59   I don't know why it said D12.

00:06:00   It's five is the answer.

00:06:02   I'll try and see if I can, oh, speak results.

00:06:04   That's what I needed.

00:06:04   Number five is what we're starting with.

00:06:06   - Okay, some follow-up.

00:06:09   The iPad Mini is a great bathtub iPad.

00:06:13   I put this in the show notes,

00:06:17   which I thought would be fun for Federico

00:06:19   because I would almost assume that he would naturally assume

00:06:22   that you put this in there.

00:06:23   But I have taken two bathtub baths,

00:06:28   I don't know why I said it like that,

00:06:29   in the past couple of weeks,

00:06:32   and I've used the iPad mini both times.

00:06:34   I have one of those things

00:06:35   that goes over the top of the bath, right?

00:06:37   That you can put things on, you know what I mean?

00:06:39   Like it's like a little shelf.

00:06:40   - Yeah, I got one too, it's great.

00:06:41   Yeah, and I've been, I have my iPad mini in there

00:06:44   and watching videos and stuff on it.

00:06:46   It's really good.

00:06:47   'Cause the big iPad, I always worry

00:06:50   I'm gonna knock it into the bathtub.

00:06:53   And is that, do you just watch things?

00:06:55   - Yeah.

00:06:56   - Yeah, yeah, I just watch things.

00:06:57   I don't think you could read on it.

00:06:59   I don't think I'd feel comfortable reading.

00:07:00   - No, you don't wanna touch it

00:07:01   'cause you're, if your hands are bubbly.

00:07:03   - So that's that.

00:07:04   - Federico's not really a bath person.

00:07:06   He seems noticeably silent in this section.

00:07:08   - Do you have a bathtub Federico?

00:07:10   - I do.

00:07:11   You do have a laptop. Okay. Yeah, I use it.

00:07:14   Oh, you check a bath. Yeah, I don't bring my electronics in it.

00:07:19   Do you listen to things when you're in the bath? It's just like quiet time for Federico.

00:07:23   It's just quiet time. Yeah. Just relaxing time, you know? Yeah, I don't. I prefer to

00:07:32   read like at night or when I'm just like, like an afternoon break on the couch with

00:07:39   my dogs. Like, I don't play games, I don't read books. I just lay there and usually fall

00:07:45   asleep. You fall asleep in the bathtub? Oh yeah, sometimes. You know, light some scented

00:07:51   candles. That's nice. Wow, you're having the most bath. Yeah, that's like big, big time

00:07:57   bath. Yeah, and we have... Mega bath. You know, we have the scented, like the flavored,

00:08:04   they call it the salts that they do.

00:08:06   - Vassalts.

00:08:07   - Vassalts and the different colors.

00:08:09   That's cool.

00:08:10   Yeah.

00:08:12   But no devices in the bathtub, no.

00:08:17   - All right, should I roll the dice?

00:08:19   - Please.

00:08:20   - Did you hear that?

00:08:21   One. - No.

00:08:22   It's very quiet.

00:08:23   - All right, well, 'cause the issue is

00:08:24   I have to leave my phone off silent,

00:08:26   but it's on Do Not Disturb anyway,

00:08:27   so I'm sure it won't avoid people too much.

00:08:29   - That's fine.

00:08:30   - It was number one.

00:08:32   All right, Myke, you want to tell us about iOS 15.0.1?

00:08:37   (laughing)

00:08:40   - It shipped last week and breaking news,

00:08:44   it restored the functionality for the mask unlock.

00:08:47   - No way.

00:08:49   - It totally did. - Really?

00:08:50   - Yeah, breaking news, it's back.

00:08:52   Federico, are you on like 15.1 on your iPhone?

00:08:56   - Yes, I am, on all my devices in fact.

00:08:58   - Why, I mean, when I say, I was gonna say,

00:09:02   You ask why?

00:09:03   Why? But it was more like why? Why do you continue to keep the beta on now?

00:09:07   Well...

00:09:08   Because you're not writing a review about it, you know?

00:09:10   No, but I think I'm going to have an article about it. It's always interesting to see what

00:09:18   fixes and what features make it in the first point release.

00:09:21   Yeah, I guess point one is probably the one to keep it on for, right? Because that's everything

00:09:25   we didn't get to.

00:09:27   Yeah, but there's also a matter of shortcuts is unusable in 15.0.1 or whatever the stable is.

00:09:35   Is it also, is it usable in 15.1?

00:09:38   Eeee!

00:09:41   Barely.

00:09:42   Beta 3 just came out a few minutes ago before the show and I'm hoping that we're gonna get some more fixes in shortcuts, but it's bad.

00:09:51   It's very bad.

00:09:52   So that's part of the reason why I keep it on all my devices is at the very least it's got like

00:09:58   some minimal functionality added to the editor that makes it barely usable. But like in beta 2,

00:10:09   for example, I could not edit a shortcut on my iPhone at all. So one of my shortcuts had

00:10:22   a little too many nested blocks.

00:10:25   You know when you drag in a block of actions in shortcuts

00:10:28   and it gets indented in the editor?

00:10:31   Like it's sort of like it's slightly indented

00:10:34   to the right side of the screen?

00:10:35   Well, you add enough of those,

00:10:38   and basically all my actions had disappeared

00:10:41   into the right side of the editor.

00:10:44   - They're just tucking them away in there, man.

00:10:45   - They're tucking them away.

00:10:46   They were hiding.

00:10:47   It's like, "No, don't touch us.

00:10:49   Don't modify us, please."

00:10:52   Enough with the base64!

00:10:57   So I had to use my iPad, but the iPad had different bugs, so it's been challenging to

00:11:02   work with shortcuts lately.

00:11:04   I'm hoping that beta 3 makes it better.

00:11:06   I have a weird thing on my iPad where just one shortcut that I use a lot isn't working,

00:11:11   but it works on every other device that I have.

00:11:14   I think I shared this with you, and I get this weird NS-Coco...

00:11:19   Oh John gets the same error!

00:11:21   - And I tried doing what you suggested to me,

00:11:23   which was to reset all the privacy.

00:11:25   That did not work, no.

00:11:26   - You know what you and Jon have in common, Myke?

00:11:30   You run Federico's beta shortcuts.

00:11:33   - Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that's broken something somewhere.

00:11:36   - Jon gets NS file provider error domain on his iPhone.

00:11:41   - Mine is something else.

00:11:43   I wanna see if I can, I know I put it in a iMessage thread.

00:11:48   include steps to reproduce. I don't want to do that.

00:11:55   NS... wow man this is gonna take me ages to find. But yeah hopefully this

00:12:02   gets better in beta 3. NS Coco error domain 3840. Ah sure, that one.

00:12:10   And it just says open the shortcut for more details. There's no details. And there

00:12:13   are no details. There's no details. I know. It's like open for more details. Like yes

00:12:17   there are more details now I can finally understand and then you tap it and nothing happens.

00:12:22   Zero details. Like all this is supposed to be doing is uploading a pdf to a to a dropbox file.

00:12:29   That's all this is supposed to do. So all this does is I get a pdf and it's like a receipt

00:12:36   and I just want to upload it to dropbox and does not and this is what I'm left with. So

00:12:43   Shout out to the dice again.

00:12:45   Please.

00:12:46   4.

00:12:46   4?

00:12:47   Yeah.

00:12:48   Okay.

00:12:48   Follow up.

00:12:50   Zwift UI.

00:12:51   Why is all the follow up at the beginning?

00:12:53   Myke, are you playing us?

00:12:55   You can hear it.

00:12:57   What do you think I can do with that?

00:12:58   Like, it's silent.

00:13:01   It is.

00:13:01   I cannot hear it.

00:13:02   Oh, really?

00:13:03   I mean, I could try turning it up.

00:13:06   Yeah, and stick the thing around the microphone.

00:13:08   Come on.

00:13:08   All right.

00:13:09   Well, it was 4.

00:13:10   4 was the number.

00:13:11   Okay.

00:13:12   I can show you a screenshot if you want it.

00:13:14   If this show goes perfectly in order, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

00:13:18   I mean, it's not perfectly in order. We've got 154.

00:13:21   Yeah, but we've done top of the following.

00:13:23   I did have a thought a minute ago, by the way, that when we get down to the back half,

00:13:26   there could be a lot of dice rolling until we get the numbers that are left.

00:13:29   Oh, I know.

00:13:30   We'll have to work out how to fix that. Oh, you know. Okay, great.

00:13:32   I thought through this.

00:13:34   Okay.

00:13:35   We spoke about SwiftUI and how it seems like maybe it's really good for some types of applications,

00:13:42   but not ready for others.

00:13:43   I got a really nice email from our friend_davidsmith,

00:13:48   who is probably, in addition to being the world's

00:13:51   most educated developer about Apple Watch development,

00:13:55   he probably also has the most popular SwiftUI app

00:13:58   in Widgetsmith.

00:13:59   - I think that's probably fair to say.

00:14:00   Like, who else has got an app bigger than Widgetsmith

00:14:03   that's entirely in SwiftUI, right?

00:14:05   Like, that feels pretty fair. - No one.

00:14:07   - I can't imagine that anybody does.

00:14:10   - Yeah, so I'm gonna read a little bit

00:14:11   about what he wrote, because I think it's really good.

00:14:14   - I could have said shortcuts in iOS 15,

00:14:16   but you know, that's the joke.

00:14:18   - I bet more people use Widgetsmith.

00:14:22   - I think so too.

00:14:24   - Interesting, okay.

00:14:25   You think so?

00:14:28   - There was a clarification, I think I wrote this down

00:14:31   in a minute somewhere, independent was the,

00:14:33   but because I'm sure there's other apps on iOS

00:14:37   that are written in SwiftUI, but as an independent app,

00:14:41   Like a developer has no say over SwiftUI, right?

00:14:44   Like can't call someone in the SwiftUI department

00:14:47   to ask them why this isn't working, you know?

00:14:50   - So Underscore wrote,

00:14:51   "SwiftUI is absolutely ready for production

00:14:53   "and is capable of delivering robust user experiences."

00:14:57   Then he talks about how he uses WidgetSmith

00:14:58   and how it's been excellent for him there.

00:15:00   "SwiftUI also has profound limitations."

00:15:03   This is what I really liked.

00:15:04   "It possesses a constrained circle of competence,

00:15:07   "a limited area of features and functions

00:15:10   that is able to do an adequate job of performing.

00:15:13   If a developer ever steps outside

00:15:15   of the circle of competence, then their users

00:15:17   are severely punished and the experience will be awful.

00:15:21   The circle expands every year, but if an app's features cannot

00:15:24   be completely encompassed by what SwiftUI can do,

00:15:27   then there just isn't an appropriate tool for the job.

00:15:30   This was funny for me when I was reading this.

00:15:35   I was thinking, oh, Dave's disagreeing with us.

00:15:38   Like, because the first point, it's like,

00:15:40   SwiftUI has been excellent for me,

00:15:43   and enabled a wide range of features

00:15:45   that would have taken dramatically longer

00:15:46   to create in traditional UI kit.

00:15:48   I was like, oh no, I've upset Dave.

00:15:50   And then he's like, oh, by the way,

00:15:52   if you do anything even a little bit more

00:15:56   than it wants you to do, it will punish you.

00:15:58   And I think that this is a good example,

00:16:01   'cause what we were trying to get across last week,

00:16:03   I don't know if we did a good job of explaining it,

00:16:05   was the main issue seems to be,

00:16:08   If you take an existing app that people use and know,

00:16:12   and then decide you're gonna make a SwiftUI version,

00:16:15   you will cause pain.

00:16:16   Like if it's complicated,

00:16:18   and you decide you're gonna move it over,

00:16:20   things aren't gonna work the same.

00:16:22   And I think that was what we were trying to get to.

00:16:24   And as we've been, it's a running joke now at the episode,

00:16:27   Shortcuts is a good example of this, right?

00:16:29   It was a very complicated existing application

00:16:32   that they moved to SwiftUI,

00:16:33   and it got some really nice features

00:16:35   and some nice design stuff.

00:16:37   but there is a bunch of problems with it.

00:16:39   - Yeah, that's really the...

00:16:41   And also what Dave says about the circle of competence,

00:16:45   like what we were saying about complex experiences

00:16:49   and complex apps.

00:16:50   Like when you have these productivity tools usually,

00:16:54   where you have all kinds of different controls, right?

00:16:57   And you have all like shortcut, again, look at shortcuts.

00:17:00   You have multi-window,

00:17:01   you have different multitasking states,

00:17:03   you have drag and drop, but also copy and paste.

00:17:05   You have context menus, then you have sliders,

00:17:09   and you have dropdowns, and you have model windows.

00:17:12   Like, you have all kinds of controls

00:17:14   overlapping with each other and having

00:17:16   to coexist within the same editor experience.

00:17:20   It's a complicated experience.

00:17:22   This is not like a wallpaper app or something,

00:17:25   or a utility to let you pick a watch face.

00:17:28   This is a complex programming tool.

00:17:32   and they decided to move from the previous version to the SwiftUI version, and that's been causing

00:17:39   a whole bunch of problems to existing users. Users didn't demand a framework rewrite,

00:17:46   users just wanted to keep using shortcuts and maybe have a bunch of new actions.

00:17:50   The problem is you are forcing your internal decisions, your technical decisions upon users,

00:17:59   And it's not like shortcuts in 15, it's this major upgrade, right? I mean, as we've seen in my review,

00:18:06   like, sure, there's a bunch of actions, the files actions are welcome, but they haven't revolutionized.

00:18:12   And I think it looks like, visually, just when it is working, it looks way nicer and cleaner,

00:18:18   but I don't know if you needed to change to SwiftUI to do that.

00:18:24   And I wonder if they would have done it at all if they weren't bringing it to the Mac.

00:18:29   And the Mac version on Monterey is just a disaster visually.

00:18:37   I mean, lots of weirdness, lots of broken things.

00:18:40   And we're... it's October! We're pretty close to when Monterey is probably

00:18:44   going to ship. I mean, I think it'd be in the next

00:18:46   four to six weeks. I just don't know why they felt like that it had to

00:18:50   go down this road. I saw screenshots of the Mac version

00:18:54   sent to me by John, who was testing some of my shortcuts a few days ago.

00:18:59   It's bad. Like, it's in a bad state. Like, alerts that are empty and spanning the full height of the

00:19:06   display or contextual menus that appear in the wrong place. Shortcuts that don't open at all.

00:19:14   Like, it's at least as of beta 8, which again, beta 9 came out a few minutes ago, we cannot test it.

00:19:21   But as of Beta 8, it was not good.

00:19:25   It was not nice.

00:19:27   And it's slightly concerning, I think.

00:19:30   - Yeah, and as Jason points out in the Discord,

00:19:34   was Catalyst not an option?

00:19:36   Like, it's just sitting right there.

00:19:38   I don't know.

00:19:39   I'd love to hear what went into this decision.

00:19:41   And I think Federighi said this on an interview,

00:19:45   maybe I'm just making it up, but like, someone said it,

00:19:48   that by shortcuts using SwiftUI,

00:19:51   it's like push SwiftUI in new directions and they're like building things out just for the shortcuts team, but it's not enough.

00:19:58   Well, it was similar of Catalyst too, right? When Apple started making more of their apps in Catalyst it pushes it.

00:20:04   Look, and I agree with this thinking and I'm very sure that SwiftUI is going to

00:20:11   be everything to everyone in the future.

00:20:15   But the point that we were making last time and continuing to make today is that I

00:20:21   not sure that that time is now.

00:20:23   And if you make this decision,

00:20:26   you've got to make it real careful.

00:20:29   Because if you commit to this,

00:20:30   I don't know, like, I don't know.

00:20:33   How long is it going to take them to fix

00:20:36   the issues that you're seeing in shortcuts?

00:20:38   Like, could it be fixed in a month?

00:20:40   Or is it going to take a year?

00:20:41   It's like they forced you to move into a new house

00:20:45   and construction is still going.

00:20:46   And you're like,

00:20:48   I was perfectly fine where I was and now there's this whole big mess around me.

00:20:54   And like, I don't know how long it'll take, right? Nobody knows.

00:21:01   Maybe it won't be long, right? Maybe, who knows?

00:21:03   Maybe it won't be. Maybe it won't be long.

00:21:06   But it's not, you know, we keep... Every year we have these discussions about how, like,

00:21:12   "Oh, this is the year that people discover shortcuts, that regular people discover shortcuts,

00:21:16   and it becomes approachable by the masses.

00:21:20   And you have to wonder, like, what's the first impression

00:21:23   if when people upgrade their devices, they see this,

00:21:27   and they think it's their fault, but it's not their fault, right?

00:21:32   It's bugs in the app.

00:21:34   What's the kind of first-run experience

00:21:36   that you get from that?

00:21:37   And also, there's a whole other argument to have here,

00:21:40   like, is Apple still really chasing that dream of,

00:21:46   let's make programming approachable to the masses.

00:21:50   Have they given up on it?

00:21:52   Because on the one hand,

00:21:54   you don't see any meaningful improvements

00:21:56   in terms of shortcuts on the Apple Watch, for example,

00:21:59   or shortcuts in Siri.

00:22:00   You don't have changes for those features

00:22:04   that are in theory the mainstream flavors of shortcuts.

00:22:09   But then you see some power user improvements

00:22:13   on iOS, HyperOS, the Mac version,

00:22:16   all the automator stuff. So is Apple accepted that there's only so far they can go when it comes to

00:22:23   making shortcuts more approachable to regular people? And that's a different discussion. What

00:22:29   we have here is a problematic rewrite of an existing app that does not make for a good

00:22:37   first impression, right? But also only 20% of people appear to have updated to iOS 15,

00:22:45   so there's also that. Like, I was checking out the latest numbers from Mixpanel yesterday.

00:22:50   I keep a note of these adoption rate numbers throughout the whole year, and iOS 15 is

00:22:58   considerably lagging behind 14. I mean, obviously, right? 14 had the new home screen and widgets.

00:23:05   15, in comparison, has nothing. So it's not surprising that only 22% of existing users have

00:23:12   updated to 15. Also because if you go to the software update screen on iOS 14,

00:23:18   Apple is not really pushing that upgrade. There's only like a small link at the bottom that says,

00:23:26   "Oh, iOS 15 is also available." So it's a complex conversation, and maybe Apple is enforcing these

00:23:33   updates because there's a whole bunch of problems, right? Not just in shortcuts. iPadOS has its own

00:23:39   share of problems, for example. Like, there's still no way to reopen a window that you have

00:23:45   accidentally closed from the shelf. Like, just to name one problem. So maybe these updates

00:23:51   aren't being pushed so aggressively because Apple knows that they have to fix a few things

00:23:55   before, and maybe in a couple of months they'll go, "Oh yeah, iOS 15, big splashy screen

00:24:00   in settings, go update now," because all the bugs have been fixed. I don't know.

00:24:05   All right, you ready? Yes.

00:24:07   D12, 6.

00:24:10   Steve Jobs.

00:24:11   That's such a strange transition.

00:24:16   So yeah, this week marked 10 years since the passing of Steve Jobs.

00:24:22   Which is, these things, they have a way of creeping up.

00:24:25   Like one, I never remember, it's around this time of year.

00:24:28   And also I kind of can't believe it's been 10 years.

00:24:33   And there's been a bunch of things, like I'm going to put some links in the show notes.

00:24:37   One, Apple put a video on their website.

00:24:39   Somebody put it on YouTube.

00:24:40   I put that in there.

00:24:41   Johnny Ive wrote a really nice article, editorial,

00:24:46   I think in the "Wallship Journal" magazine.

00:24:47   This is the first time I've ever read anything in Apple News.

00:24:50   It's freely available in Apple News in its entirety.

00:24:53   I guess if, or maybe like I get Apple News Plus,

00:24:56   I don't know, maybe 'cause I'm on the iCloud premiere thing,

00:25:00   whatever they call it.

00:25:02   Tim Cook obviously wrote a memo to staff

00:25:05   And Scott Forstall had a very nice tweet,

00:25:07   which I actually wanna read 'cause it's just a tweet.

00:25:10   I found this kind of touching, I think we all did.

00:25:13   "10 years ago today, I lost a mentor, colleague,

00:25:15   "collaborator, design partner,

00:25:17   "and most importantly, a friend,

00:25:19   "when Steve Jobs left us too soon.

00:25:21   "He had an incalculable effect on everyone he impacted,

00:25:25   "which as far as I can tell, is everyone on the planet."

00:25:29   Like that is such a beautiful line.

00:25:31   That's like so good.

00:25:33   And Johnny Ives, I don't even know if I can read quotes

00:25:36   from that 'cause it gets me.

00:25:38   You can feel in every word that he writes his sadness,

00:25:42   I think, and that one, it's a very beautiful article

00:25:47   I recommend people read, sorry.

00:25:51   But it is, I don't know, it's tough.

00:25:54   That video has now been taken down, by the way, so sorry.

00:25:58   You know the YouTube video that you put in the link, Stephen?

00:26:01   - Yeah. - That you put in the note,

00:26:02   soon yeah I think apples apples taking care I think Tim Cook had a tweet with

00:26:06   the embedded maybe we can put that in the notes oh great I'll find that put

00:26:10   that in there too yeah it's hard to believe it's been a decade yep it it

00:26:16   really is and I mean I think people in our community like everyone has a

00:26:20   different connection to Steve Jobs and I think some people more than others but

00:26:25   there's no doubt that he left an impact on on all of us and and and that I think

00:26:32   Apple is his greatest creation, right? Not any individual product, but the machine that

00:26:37   makes the products. I think it's what he really focused on towards the end. And, you know,

00:26:43   we all get to continue to benefit from that.

00:26:45   Yeah, this makes me feel weird. I don't like to think about this. It was also not a good

00:26:51   year for me, like 10 years ago. That's right before I was diagnosed and this was happening.

00:26:58   Really?

00:26:59   So, not a happy year at all.

00:27:04   But I can't believe it's 10 years already. Wow.

00:27:07   And yeah, that Johnny Ive article is beautiful.

00:27:10   So go check it out.

00:27:12   You can click the Apple News link and it takes you to Apple News and you can read it for free.

00:27:16   At least that worked for me and I'm not an Apple News subscriber or anything.

00:27:21   Yeah, I don't really know what to say about this, to be honest.

00:27:25   it's

00:27:25   it's not the same

00:27:28   You know like apples not the same. No, that's not what I mean yeah, yeah, no, but like

00:27:35   Yes, they that is

00:27:38   obviously like

00:27:40   Obviously true right like it is you cannot argue right, but that would be the same for anybody

00:27:46   That has passed away. It worked at Apple. You know link. It's not the same because he's not there, but like I just mean that like

00:27:55   Because the problem with saying that is people are like, "Yeah, you know, Tim Cook sucks!"

00:28:00   And it's not what I'm saying.

00:28:02   It's not that.

00:28:03   Right?

00:28:04   It's not that.

00:28:05   The point is it's like, so you watch that video, right, that Tim Cook tweeted.

00:28:10   Everything just feels different.

00:28:11   The presentations are different because he did them, right?

00:28:15   Yeah.

00:28:16   And it's not that the products are better or worse, but it's because there's been stuff

00:28:21   that's better and stuff that's worse, same as when he was there, right? Like, there were bad products

00:28:26   when Steve Jobs was in charge. It's just different. And I don't know what Apple would be like now,

00:28:34   if he was around. They wouldn't be what they are now. And I think that there's some good and some

00:28:40   bad in that, you know? But it just feels so strange because he would still be doing it,

00:28:50   you know? He would still be coming out on stage and doing part of the presentation.

00:28:55   Like he would still be there doing it. And that kind of, I don't know, that makes me feel a little

00:29:01   weird. I feel like more than other companies whose public figures have passed away, I feel like in

00:29:11   In Apple's case with Steve, it's unlike anything else because his persona was so deeply embedded

00:29:19   within our idea of the company before, like, and I'm gonna give you an example.

00:29:24   When Satoru Iwata passed away, the former president of Nintendo, that, like, honestly,

00:29:29   that still sucks, right?

00:29:31   And I still think about it, because like, me growing up, Satoru Iwata was the example

00:29:37   of like, the game developer who became the president of Nintendo.

00:29:41   And if you've never watched any of Satoru's presentations, there's a really good one from

00:29:46   the Game Developers Conference that I highly recommend you go check out.

00:29:51   But the thing is, Nintendo still feels Nintendo.

00:29:55   Nintendo still has that quality that is... it's a separate layer from the Persona.

00:30:08   And I don't know if this was, like, Nintendo as a company managed to isolate itself from

00:30:16   the public persona, right?

00:30:19   And come up with the Nintendo spirit, the Nintendo touch, call it whatever you want

00:30:24   to call it, that doesn't depend on a single individual.

00:30:27   But in the case of Apple, you can tell the difference because the company itself, every

00:30:32   single aspect of it was depending on this public figure, right? The idea of the, you

00:30:42   know, the director, if you will, having his say on even, like, the smallest details. And

00:30:48   with that person gone, the difference is so much more stark compared to a company like

00:30:56   Nintendo, for example, where you can... And not to say that this is... that Apple is bad

00:31:01   now, right? We're not saying that. In fact, the products are even better. Maybe, like,

00:31:05   the iPhones are better. Sure. But you can still look back at those days with nostalgia

00:31:13   and say, not that things were better then, but they were a certain kind of things, and

00:31:22   those things will never be again.

00:31:24   And that's the problem for me.

00:31:26   Like that era will never be again, right?

00:31:30   That's what gets me.

00:31:32   It's a moment that was in time and then it was over.

00:31:36   - I think like what makes Steve Jobs

00:31:40   or what made Steve Jobs different,

00:31:42   even when you compare him to someone like Iwata,

00:31:46   there's like a bunch of things.

00:31:47   Like one, he was the founder, right?

00:31:50   - Yeah.

00:31:51   And I think that that spirit just lived through him.

00:31:55   He created the company and that was intriguing, right?

00:31:58   In a way, right?

00:31:59   Because, and then he had his story, right?

00:32:02   Of leaving and then coming back and saving it, right?

00:32:05   And that's like a whole thing.

00:32:07   And then also the guy was incredibly gifted at what he did.

00:32:12   He was very, you know,

00:32:13   he really knew how to make interesting products

00:32:17   or to help people like lead people

00:32:19   can make interesting products, and he was also a really good presenter. Like, probably

00:32:24   the best. And that made, those three things, and probably a bunch more, I think led to

00:32:31   like, why is he seen so different to many other people? You know, and it's also worth

00:32:36   remembering that like, this whole thing that we have now of CEOs giving presentations,

00:32:41   it comes from him. There is literally zero reason that the CEO of any tech company should

00:32:47   be the one to give the presentation. It doesn't make any sense that it would have to be that

00:32:51   person but everybody does it because Steve Jobs did it.

00:32:55   Yeah.

00:32:56   Right? And like you can see it like Tim still does it but Tim's not as good as many of the

00:33:01   other people they have now which is why his role is like tiny now compared to how it was

00:33:06   when Tim took over. Tim used to do way more of the keynotes than he does now. I think

00:33:13   that role has shrunk over time. But like, yeah, he defines so much of what is in technology

00:33:21   and defines so much of how other companies run themselves. It's, you know, and that's

00:33:27   just one of the many things for why people miss him.

00:33:30   Can you imagine how Steve would have dealt with the remote events, with the pandemic?

00:33:36   I was thinking about this. Like, I was just thinking like in general, like what would Steve,

00:33:42   what do I think Steve Jobs's response to just the pandemic in general be?

00:33:46   And I kind of just, it's just funny to me. Yeah. Not that I think he'd be like,

00:33:51   like a denier, but like, I could just imagine that, you know, company culture stuff,

00:33:56   it all seemed to come from him. And I can imagine that he probably would have pushed to like,

00:34:00   how do we get at least some people back as ASAP?

00:34:04   Oh yeah. Oh yeah. For sure.

00:34:05   Like, like which, which Apple employees want to volunteer to live in this building

00:34:11   and we lock it down. Yeah, something like that seems plausible, yes. I also wonder what do you

00:34:16   think Apple, as Apple has become a more political global power, like I don't think he would have

00:34:23   gone to the White House under the last administration. Well, I don't think it, I just don't think it

00:34:28   that they would be. Like they would be massive but would just not participate in any of it good or

00:34:35   bad you know yeah and that also means like Apple is a social good company

00:34:42   there's also that yeah right I don't think many much of that would have

00:34:46   existed either but like we can never know not right like and there might be

00:34:53   people that have a decent idea they're not us we didn't know the guy no we have

00:34:58   no idea what we're saying and you got to be fair and remember there were lots of

00:35:02   things about him that were pretty not good.

00:35:05   - But I'm problematic.

00:35:06   - Yeah.

00:35:07   - Yeah.

00:35:08   - All right, let's roll the dice.

00:35:10   - Oh, I'm gonna unlock my phone.

00:35:12   - Nine.

00:35:15   - Amazon.

00:35:17   - Oh my God, I was really hoping we were gonna get to an ad.

00:35:20   It's gonna happen, man.

00:35:21   They're all gonna come one after another.

00:35:23   All right, so, what was it?

00:35:25   Last week, Amazon had a product event.

00:35:30   And they've done these a few times

00:35:31   we've covered them on the show where Amazon's whole thing seems to be like,

00:35:35   "Hey, come to our event. We have 70 products to show you." Right? And most of

00:35:41   them you've never heard of before and we're gonna see which ones work. We're

00:35:46   not gonna talk about all of them but I'm gonna give a run through of some of the

00:35:49   stuff they did and then I guess the thing that we'll stop to talk about is

00:35:53   is the robot. Okay. Yep. Okay, so Echo Show 15. This is a 15 inch Echo Show. It's a 1080 screen.

00:36:04   The idea of it meaning to be like a shared hub for families and they keep showing it mounted to

00:36:09   the wall like a picture frame. Includes a camera for video conferencing and stuff $249. Interesting

00:36:17   idea. Which is I guess is the way to say about most Amazon Echo products. Yeah, interesting idea.

00:36:22   Here's one that I think may be very strange, Echo Glow, which is a video conferencing device

00:36:31   for children!

00:36:32   It features an 8 inch display in portrait mode with a touch sensitive table projector

00:36:39   to play games, read books and make art.

00:36:43   So it has a projector that mounts down onto the table and projects things which interact

00:36:48   with touch.

00:36:51   I don't know. Maybe I need kids. I can't get my head around this one.

00:36:54   I mean, that feels like a pretty big commitment for one section of one pockets episode,

00:36:58   but you do you follow up.

00:37:02   I do. I do want to back up to the echo show 15 for a second,

00:37:06   because when I read about it, I was like, Oh, it's like a thing you hang,

00:37:09   you know, in your hallway and it's like this big screen,

00:37:12   15 inches isn't very big. It's like nailing a Mac book pro to the wall.

00:37:16   It's like, it's, it's too small to be useful.

00:37:20   I mean, it's not small.

00:37:21   But it's not. I mean, have you seen a TV?

00:37:23   Like, it's not big.

00:37:24   Yeah, but I wouldn't want an echo

00:37:25   the size of the television.

00:37:27   Maybe.

00:37:27   That's too big.

00:37:29   I don't know.

00:37:29   The 15 inches sort of like made me chuckle.

00:37:32   It seems like a weird size.

00:37:33   Here's what I'll give you.

00:37:34   All of the images that they show

00:37:36   make it look bigger than it is, I think.

00:37:38   Well, yeah, like there's the one where it's like

00:37:39   in the dining room, it's like,

00:37:40   is that dining room really a closet?

00:37:41   Like, there's just like a tiny little space.

00:37:44   I'll give you that.

00:37:45   Like, what they're meaning to say

00:37:46   is you've mounted on the wall,

00:37:48   but I think you might be right

00:37:49   that's still at 15 inches that might be too small to be what they imagine it to be.

00:37:54   Which is something you just walk by and see every now and then.

00:37:56   It's like a Michael Scott's television.

00:37:58   Yeah, yeah.

00:37:59   It's just like that.

00:38:02   Halo View.

00:38:04   Halo is their line of fitness products.

00:38:08   This is like a Fitbit, this one.

00:38:10   And Amazon is creating something called Halo Fitness, which is a fitness plus like service,

00:38:15   like everybody's doing now.

00:38:18   I think this is the next part, right?

00:38:19   So they all got into TV.

00:38:21   Now they're all getting into fitness streaming services.

00:38:24   Amazon had one of these before that kind of like,

00:38:28   listened to your voice to judge your mood a little bit,

00:38:31   like in this one has had the mics removed.

00:38:33   So it's only got any microphones on it.

00:38:35   - Thank goodness, because that's super creepy.

00:38:37   - Like the constant listening

00:38:38   to see how they think you're doing.

00:38:40   - Yeah, it's like, you seem angry.

00:38:42   It's like, yeah, I'm angry.

00:38:43   I'm wearing a Halo fitness device.

00:38:46   Hey Disney, this is a Disney themed Alexa "experience" they call it.

00:38:52   This is something that anybody can enable on their existing Echo devices but you have

00:38:58   to pay for it.

00:38:59   They're also selling a Mickey Mouse stand for an Echo Show 5 to make it look like it's

00:39:04   Mickey Mouse.

00:39:06   This is going to be in all Disney result rooms.

00:39:09   That's why they've done this.

00:39:10   I stayed in a hotel once that had an echo in the room and you could control like all the lights and

00:39:17   the shades and all that kind of stuff with it. I think this is smart like people go to hotels to

00:39:23   stay in the hotel and they get introduced to what it could be like to have this thing in their home.

00:39:28   I think that's what they're partnering with Disney for here right like we'll create this thing for

00:39:32   you we'll make a little thing that looks like Mickey Mouse and then you can put them in all

00:39:36   of your rooms in all of your hotels all around the world and then millions of people will be exposed

00:39:41   to our functionality. Amazon's making a smart thermostat. Of course. They've opened invites for

00:39:49   the ring camera drone. Do you remember this? Yeah, so this is it's got a little base station.

00:39:56   Yeah. That you like sit on your counter or like on your side table or something and when you're

00:40:00   not home this little like quadcopter with a ring camera on it flies around your home

00:40:06   it keeps an eye on things i don't think it does it on its own i think something has to happen for

00:40:12   it to do that so like if you have an alarm like sensor tripped in the house like say you've got

00:40:20   like the upstairs window then the then it pops out and flies upstairs this seems weird right but if

00:40:27   you think about it it means you don't need to put cameras in every room which is better

00:40:33   i mean until the bad guy like just knocks the drone out of the sky and then steals your tv

00:40:38   yeah but you've got the image of him it's the same as someone can just pull a camera off the wall

00:40:43   you still have a flying drone inside the house though yeah but what i'm saying is i don't i

00:40:49   think that it's easy to assume like to think of this as creepy but it could actually be quite

00:40:54   useful because like why is this different to put in cameras in like

00:40:59   multiple rooms of the house? Because it flies. But what's wrong with that?

00:41:03   What's wrong with the flying? It's creepy. It's a drone inside. Why is that creepy?

00:41:08   Like inherently I'm just intrigued. Because you have a flying

00:41:12   object that I don't know if I imagine if things go wrong and there's a bug and

00:41:17   this thing starts flying around the house. Yeah I mean you know yeah if

00:41:21   If things go wrong with the camera, nothing happens. It's a stationary device. Here you

00:41:27   have a list, a component of risk of this thing thinking on its own and saying "I'm just gonna

00:41:33   go for a stroll." Yeah, I feel like I could beat this thing in a fight though. It's only

00:41:38   small. It's just like a ring doorbell with a little propeller on the top. I don't know.

00:41:42   I am, as we'll see in this conversation, I am very much against moving robotics. Okay,

00:41:48   there's a little teaser. What I say is when I first heard about this I thought it was

00:41:52   stupid but over the course of this conversation I'm kind of like, "It's not that bad."

00:41:59   One thing that's cool is you can set up flight paths and so you'll be like, "Oh, fly by the

00:42:05   stove and see if it's on," which is one of the examples.

00:42:07   That's cool.

00:42:08   Which is pretty cool. I definitely filled out the form to request an invitation so maybe

00:42:13   I'll get to do that.

00:42:14   This thing is gonna give dogs heart attacks and I feel very sorry about this.

00:42:18   That's probably true.

00:42:20   It can also only fly, I'm just reading this now, always home can, can fly up to five minutes

00:42:25   before needing to recharge.

00:42:26   Yeah, but also like you're only doing this in emergency situations, right?

00:42:32   It's not just gonna get up and patrol on its own randomly in the afternoon for you.

00:42:36   You think so.

00:42:37   And it's only pre-set flight paths, so if you say I never want you to fly into my bedroom

00:42:43   or I only want you to fly to my bedroom, it will do that.

00:42:47   - Look, I understand what you mean Federico,

00:42:50   but there are so many things that can go wrong, you know?

00:42:53   And like them going wrong could, like for example,

00:42:57   all of your echoes could just turn on the microphones

00:42:59   24/7 a day.

00:43:01   - Yeah, sure. - Do you want that to happen?

00:43:02   - No, but it's a microphone, it's not a flying drone.

00:43:07   - But it's not like, this isn't a drone

00:43:09   with like a razor blade on the side of it, like.

00:43:12   Because still, like, what if it starts flying at night and it falls on your head?

00:43:16   I mean, why should I go looking for trouble?

00:43:22   You know?

00:43:24   Yeah, okay.

00:43:25   This is the smartest.

00:43:28   The next part.

00:43:29   Are we seriously okay with an Amazon drone inside of our apartment?

00:43:32   I'm sorry, but like, I'm gonna be that guy.

00:43:34   Why are you okay with multiple Amazon microphones in your house?

00:43:37   Like, I don't know why the drone thing is the issue.

00:43:41   one but... You only have one echo now? It's a f... I have one echo, yes, in the

00:43:46   kitchen. Okay. It's... I don't know. This crosses the creepy threshold for me, okay?

00:43:51   Everyone has one, right? And I'm not saying that you're bad for having it.

00:43:55   Moving gadgets? Nope. I'm sorry. Do you? What do you think about Roombas?

00:44:00   I don't have one. So, like, what do you think about them? I just want to... What do you

00:44:03   think about Roombas? Unnecessary. Just vacuum clean yourself. That's my opinion. So, yeah.

00:44:10   me I don't know. I'm not looking to fight you. Alright let me talk about what I think

00:44:16   is the smartest thing that they announced. The Ring Alarm Pro. It's a ring alarm base

00:44:20   station with an eero built into it. Yes! More of this, right? Like if I'm gonna put one

00:44:26   box somewhere in the house, make it do a bunch of things, right? So why not put an eero inside

00:44:33   of an alarm base station? Put an eero inside of the thermostat. But you know what I mean?

00:44:37   let's bring these products together so I don't have this stack of white boxes in the corner.

00:44:43   This is very cool. I like that a lot. Did you also see you can get external batteries to keep the

00:44:49   alarm online if the power goes out? Mine already, I have one. I have the ring alarm thing and it has

00:44:57   that already so I don't know if this is a different thing. This is I think in addition to that so it

00:45:01   can run for like hours and hours. Okay. It's pretty cool. I mean the ring alarm thing also has like a

00:45:06   3G connection too because the Wi-Fi goes out. Yep, I've got one now. I've kind of gone all in on the Ring thing

00:45:12   Yeah, it's cool. It's cool. I think this is this is smart

00:45:16   I mean we talked about this with like the HomePod and like

00:45:19   Airport stuff is like why couldn't Apple just make a thing that I put in my kitchen and takes care of a lot of different

00:45:24   aspects of a smart home and they're not there but Ring is doing it and

00:45:29   Amazon owns all these brands and so why not continue to put those things together?

00:45:35   Astro, this is Amazon's,

00:45:39   I don't think it should be called a robot,

00:45:41   but we'll just call it that for the sake of it.

00:45:43   Okay, so I'm gonna give you the basics.

00:45:45   This is Astro, okay?

00:45:46   It's a home security monitoring system and it moves around.

00:45:51   It has a screen on the front and then a little base

00:45:54   and the base has some wheels on it.

00:45:55   It doesn't have arms or legs, it just rolls around.

00:45:58   It can map your home, it can recognize things

00:46:02   and you can send it from room to room.

00:46:05   because it has wheels, it can only be available on one floor of a home.

00:46:09   And if there's any steps in that home or whatever, then it's going to not work.

00:46:14   It can only stay where there's no stairs, right?

00:46:16   Because otherwise it will be destroyed.

00:46:18   Astro can recognize people so you can deliver items to specific individuals

00:46:24   because you can put things in it or on it.

00:46:27   So you could, for example, put like a Coke and say like, take that to Federico.

00:46:31   And it goes to Federico.

00:46:32   and Federico would kick it. That's what would happen.

00:46:36   So Federico comes over and you say, "Hey, take this Coke to Federico."

00:46:39   And it goes near Federico and he pushes it down the stairs

00:46:41   and says, "I don't know what happened."

00:46:43   - What? - It has a periscope camera on it.

00:46:45   So you could say like, "Hey, check if the oven's on."

00:46:48   And it would have, because it's low down,

00:46:49   and it has a little periscope camera that comes up

00:46:51   and can take a look at things that are high up.

00:46:53   It can play music, it can play video, like any Echo Show kind of thing.

00:46:57   It has a USB-C port built into it

00:46:59   so you can charge things from its internal battery.

00:47:02   It has a recharging dock of its own.

00:47:04   It can move around for two hours per charge and then will go back and recharge on its

00:47:09   own like a Roomba.

00:47:11   The screen is a 10-inch touchscreen that shows a little face most of the time when it's not

00:47:15   showing you something else.

00:47:17   It uses obviously the Alexa assistant and has the voice of that one.

00:47:22   I read like a couple of articles of people that used it in Carolina Milanesi I think

00:47:26   was who made an interesting point of like it should have its own voice which is I thought

00:47:30   was an interesting point rather than the standard one because then it has its own personality.

00:47:36   This thing's gonna cost a thousand dollars if you are accepted for an invite to buy it.

00:47:41   So you have to apply for an invite to buy it for a thousand dollars.

00:47:45   Then $1,500 is what the expected price will be later on.

00:47:48   Nope, I'm sorry.

00:47:50   And is this a similar thing of like you just don't like the idea of a moving whole thing?

00:47:56   We've gone too far.

00:47:58   Like you don't need a robot to hand deliver you a coke. Like you don't need it. Just move.

00:48:07   Like you, we have settled into this lazy lifestyle and we are lazy enough as a species, all right?

00:48:17   Like we have all the comforts in our Western society that we could possibly need. We don't

00:48:23   need a robot on wheels that follows you around.

00:48:27   Is there any kind of robot that you could imagine you would want?

00:48:34   Robots are useful in warehouses, in science, like for example there's robots that do surgeries

00:48:41   for example.

00:48:42   Like, robots have a place.

00:48:44   I'm not saying that.

00:48:45   I'm saying that this is unnecessary.

00:48:49   You don't need it.

00:48:51   This is just...

00:48:52   Construction?

00:48:53   I bet robots would be good in construction.

00:48:54   Sure.

00:48:55   Absolutely.

00:48:56   and that's like I'm not against robots I'm just saying that we don't need this

00:49:01   stuff to fill our homes with flying drones and robots on wheels like why

00:49:07   honestly like so here's the thing I pretty much agree with you when it comes

00:49:12   to this thing all of the stuff it can do I don't know why I need something to do

00:49:18   any of it right like I have a Roomba that's great because I don't like

00:49:23   vacuuming right goes around vacuums like fantastic plus you could put a coke on

00:49:28   the Roomba to take to Federico so you don't need a robot to do very true I

00:49:32   could I could do them are people delivering cokes to like other people on

00:49:37   the same floor so when I read that it could do this I was like why like I

00:49:43   don't think anybody needed it's just a thing it could do right this is a made

00:49:48   example. It felt very much like what can we make this thing do? Well, we can recognize people so I

00:49:56   guess we can take things to it? Usually people just go to the fridge and they open the fridge

00:50:02   and they grab a Coke, like usually. Now, you know, one of the things that I thought was interesting

00:50:08   in this is like these types of uses could be helpful for people who otherwise struggle with

00:50:15   movement right and like sure all of us here by the way when we're saying who

00:50:19   needs this we obviously don't mean that right like sure right like we're gonna

00:50:24   call an amnesty on this like obviously if there are people that do require this

00:50:29   kind of assistance helpful for them similar you don't have to say it but

00:50:33   yeah yeah yeah right like those are use cases where something like this could be

00:50:38   great but let's be real that's not who Amazon's making it for no right because

00:50:42   they're making you pay $1,000 for it, right? So like, yes, this could be useful, maybe

00:50:48   sometime in the future, but like right now, like this product is being made for Amazon

00:50:53   to profit on it. And so like they are trying to make a product for the three of us to buy,

00:51:00   ultimately. Now, one thing I will say, actually, Steven, what do you think about this?

00:51:04   I wouldn't want it in my home, but I think if you did, it would be kind of a fun, weird

00:51:11   but I kind of I mean I don't I'm more on Federico side I think than I thought I

00:51:17   would be it's like I don't see really what purpose it really adds like if this

00:51:23   unlocked something that seemed really meaningful to a to a large percentage of

00:51:28   the population maybe I'd be more excited about it but it's just basically a toy

00:51:33   with a camera on it I will make a counterpoint for our opinions right now

00:51:37   which is the Amazon Echo, right?

00:51:41   When we saw that for the first time,

00:51:43   we all laughed at it.

00:51:45   Like, what do I need this thing for?

00:51:47   It looks stupid. What?

00:51:49   Like, you remember the weird ad that they did with the family?

00:51:52   Remember that?

00:51:54   -Oh, yeah.

00:51:55   -And so, like, you know, maybe in five years' time,

00:51:59   it could be really cool,

00:52:00   but with the set of features that it has right now,

00:52:04   I don't feel like I need this.

00:52:06   The one thing that I could consider as useful is the periscope camera thing, where it could

00:52:12   check if the album was on.

00:52:14   But ultimately that's literally happened to me zero times in my life.

00:52:20   I think that those kinds of things sometimes are just used as like, "Oh, it can also check

00:52:25   if this and this."

00:52:26   And I think I read this in a Verge article where they're like, "Well, it can't turn it

00:52:31   off."

00:52:32   So, you know, like it can't press buttons so it can tell you the oven's on but then you have to go turn the oven off. So

00:52:40   Yeah, it's an ink. It feels like very incomplete like every single thing

00:52:46   It can do there is a big problem with it

00:52:50   I do think though

00:52:51   There is a line that that point of view doesn't take into account that a camera is

00:52:57   fundamentally different than a microphone and having something to Federica's point that

00:53:01   Has a camera that could be where you don't expect it to be

00:53:04   Yes is a very different thing than even have a camera looking at your front window

00:53:08   Yeah, I think that this thing definitely makes the point Federico was was concerned about

00:53:13   Much more strongly in that Astro will just move around on its own. Mm-hmm

00:53:19   Which and that's like an intended thing that this will do where the ring drone is supposed to only be in alarm situations

00:53:27   this robot

00:53:30   It's like whole thing is like it just goes around and is there and I think a lot of them will follow you which I also

00:53:35   Don't I'm not comfortable with

00:53:37   Yeah, I mean good luck to them. They've done a bunch of things right so they also have done glasses. So, you know

00:53:45   We'll see what happens and for me. This is a you know a step too far

00:53:51   I'm sorry, like it's not because it's Amazon could be Facebook could be Apple

00:53:56   for could be could be Google like

00:53:59   there's a step too far for me at this point with these things.

00:54:03   And when it comes to electronics that move and fly or follow me around and have cameras,

00:54:11   no. I'm sorry, it's why I think headsets are creepy and weird and... no, no.

00:54:22   Like AR glasses type things you mean, right?

00:54:24   mean right? No like no not for me I try to have less technology in my life not

00:54:32   more and like obviously the tech industry wants to go in the opposite

00:54:37   direction because they want to make more money and they always need to make more

00:54:40   things all the things but yeah I'm I'm good here thank you. Let's roll. Okay here

00:54:50   Here we go.

00:54:51   - Six.

00:54:52   - Did that.

00:54:53   - Yep.

00:54:54   - Three.

00:54:55   - Follow up.

00:54:57   - We're never gonna do the ads, man.

00:55:00   - Fonts on iPad OS.

00:55:02   So Federico, you mentioned that fonts didn't move over

00:55:06   the way that you migrated your devices.

00:55:09   And I realized like, I don't know much about fonts

00:55:11   on iOS and iPad OS 'cause I don't use any custom ones.

00:55:14   Could you give us a quick explainer about how this works

00:55:17   and maybe why people should be interested?

00:55:19   - Yeah, Apple introduced a native API, I believe,

00:55:23   for font provider utilities a couple of years ago.

00:55:27   I think it was iOS 13 maybe.

00:55:29   Nobody is really using it.

00:55:31   I think the idea was that with these API font companies

00:55:36   would be able to release like official apps on the App Store

00:55:40   so that you can natively buy and install fonts

00:55:44   from the App Store.

00:55:45   I think I've seen like maybe like two apps

00:55:48   two years ago for this.

00:55:49   Does Adobe have one?

00:55:52   Maybe they added that feature to their creative cloud apps, maybe.

00:55:59   And I think we wrote about it.

00:56:00   I think Jon wrote about it on Mac Stories.

00:56:05   But when you think of custom fonts, that doesn't solve the problem that most people like us

00:56:14   and the people who listen to Connected have, which is I have a font file and I want to

00:56:18   install my own custom font on my iPhone and iPad. That's not what these apps do. If you

00:56:25   want to do that, because those apps, like, they come with pre-installed fonts, and they

00:56:31   offer those fonts to the system. So that, for example, if you install an Adobe font,

00:56:36   you can use the same Adobe font in pages, right? Because the two apps are using the

00:56:40   same font picker API. Whereas what people want to do is, I just want to use a custom

00:56:45   font. Like, I want to manually install SF Mono, for example, which is not available via the system-wide

00:56:54   font picker. How do you do that? And if you want to do that, you still have to use the old system,

00:57:00   which is based on installing a custom profile on your device. And these days, the best way to do so,

00:57:07   in my opinion, is FontCase, which those who have been around long enough on Twitter may

00:57:15   remember FontCase as a different thing from back in the day. It was a desktop

00:57:20   third-party font utility that's not around anymore. Now, FontCase today is an

00:57:27   iPhone and iPad utility that lets you install fonts via the old profile-based

00:57:34   installation method by just picking font files from a file's picker. So what I do

00:57:41   is I keep my fonts in iCloud Drive,

00:57:44   and I use Fontcase to install a custom profile

00:57:47   to make those fonts available in all of the apps

00:57:50   that I wanna use on my iPhone and iPad.

00:57:52   But because profiles, they do not transfer over

00:57:57   when you set up a new iOS or iPadOS device,

00:58:01   that's what I was complaining about last week.

00:58:04   Profiles, they stay on the old device,

00:58:07   they do not move over, and that meant

00:58:10   that my custom fonts were not following me around

00:58:13   on the new device because the profiles,

00:58:17   the profile is basically a file that contains the font

00:58:20   and it gets installed in settings.

00:58:22   It doesn't get transferred over, which means no custom font.

00:58:25   So if you wanna have custom fonts on a new device,

00:58:28   you gotta start over and do the installation method

00:58:31   from scratch.

00:58:31   So yeah, you can have native font providers,

00:58:38   but they don't let you load custom font files that you may own,

00:58:43   because maybe you're the kind of person like me

00:58:46   who actually purchased a license for a specific font.

00:58:51   That was the dream, right?

00:58:52   When they announced that they were doing the font thing.

00:58:55   Like FontBook on the Mac, where you just double-click a font

00:59:00   and it installs quite easily.

00:59:02   Or that a third-party app would let you do what you wanted, right?

00:59:05   Like, it could hook into the API,

00:59:07   you load a font in there and it just appears.

00:59:09   You don't need to do this whole profile thing,

00:59:13   which is really annoying.

00:59:16   - And the thing that I'm trying to confirm now,

00:59:19   so they moved, right, where you can find the profiles

00:59:24   that you have installed in iOS.

00:59:27   It used to be in Settings General,

00:59:28   now I have no idea what it is anymore.

00:59:31   - Because there's like a device something something place.

00:59:34   Like it's like something on profiles or something like that?

00:59:38   - So the thing that I wanna confirm is--

00:59:40   - VPN and device management inside of general settings.

00:59:45   That's where profiles live. - General, VPN.

00:59:48   So yeah, what's unfortunate

00:59:50   about the old font installation method,

00:59:53   the one based on the profile, is that these fonts,

00:59:57   they do not show up in settings, general fonts.

01:00:02   That's the downside.

01:00:03   That fonts page that was added a couple of years ago,

01:00:07   that's only for the official, if you will,

01:00:11   font apps from the App Store.

01:00:14   But if you wanna do what we were talking about,

01:00:18   which is I wanna use my custom fonts,

01:00:20   you gotta use the profile method

01:00:22   and those fonts, they do not show up in settings,

01:00:25   which is a shame.

01:00:26   - I think the other thing people were hoping for too, right,

01:00:28   was just like a font foundry would create an app

01:00:31   and you could just buy a license,

01:00:32   but like it's just not their business model,

01:00:34   they don't care, right?

01:00:35   And I don't doubt that, like I don't blame them.

01:00:37   Why would they care?

01:00:37   - No, they don't wanna give Apple 30%

01:00:40   when people can just go on a web browser

01:00:42   buy those phones.

01:00:43   - And I'm sure this is what Apple hoped

01:00:44   people were gonna do too, right?

01:00:46   - Yeah, so it's not happening, so yeah.

01:00:50   - All right, here we go again.

01:00:52   - Four.

01:00:53   - Did that.

01:00:55   - Mm-hmm.

01:00:57   - Seven.

01:00:58   - Oh, geez.

01:00:58   Tables and craft.

01:01:00   So this is something we've been asking for for a long time,

01:01:04   the note-taking app craft to get tables.

01:01:08   It's a start.

01:01:10   I hope it's a start.

01:01:14   I hope that this isn't it.

01:01:15   I mean--

01:01:16   You say start with a very interesting tone, Myke.

01:01:20   Why is that?

01:01:21   Because I don't know if they think that it's it, right?

01:01:23   Like, they have referenced in, like, you know,

01:01:26   we want to see how you use them and hear

01:01:28   about how you use them.

01:01:30   So here's Myke Hurley telling you if anybody's listening.

01:01:33   So there are no sorting options in the tables.

01:01:36   So you can create a table inside of a note.

01:01:37   It's very easy to add one.

01:01:38   They've got all the features that you'd

01:01:40   want for creating one, right?

01:01:41   You can add and remove rows and columns really easily.

01:01:45   But there's no sorting options.

01:01:46   So you can create a column, but you can't

01:01:49   sort that column in any way.

01:01:51   There isn't an easy way to rearrange the rows.

01:01:55   So like you can't like click and drag or tap and drag a row.

01:02:00   It's, you know, Steven, I know you've gotten the notes

01:02:04   that you found a way to do it.

01:02:07   - Yeah, you've got to go into the little more menu

01:02:11   and then it's like move column left, move column right,

01:02:13   move row up, move row down.

01:02:15   And you should just be able to grab it

01:02:17   and it lift off and move it.

01:02:18   You know, move them around.

01:02:19   The way that iWork does it,

01:02:21   I think iWork is the app to copy here.

01:02:24   Yeah, I mean, even Google Sheets does it pretty okay,

01:02:27   to be honest.

01:02:28   And Apple Notes does it too.

01:02:31   But I don't know if this is possible to do on iOS at all.

01:02:37   Oh, okay, hold on.

01:02:38   If you double tap something,

01:02:39   I just saw edit rows and columns.

01:02:42   There we go.

01:02:43   All right, so you can long press on a cell

01:02:47   and it will bring up the menu to do that.

01:02:50   Anyway, not easy.

01:02:51   And moving one at a time is not great.

01:02:55   Large tables become scrollable.

01:02:57   It doesn't continue through the page.

01:03:02   So a craft document is an infinite page, right?

01:03:05   You can just keep adding stuff to it.

01:03:08   But when a table gets beyond a certain set of rows,

01:03:14   the box becomes fixed in height.

01:03:16   And then you have to scroll through the table.

01:03:18   I don't want that.

01:03:20   Do you understand what I'm saying?

01:03:22   So like, say it's 20 rows.

01:03:25   Once you get to like 21, 22, 23,

01:03:27   you have to scroll the table.

01:03:30   It doesn't just continue to grow down the page.

01:03:32   I don't know why they've fixed the height of a chart

01:03:37   or whatever you call it.

01:03:39   Does that, am I making sense?

01:03:40   - Yeah, okay.

01:03:41   - Right, so I have some large tables

01:03:43   and I wanna be able to see all of the information in them

01:03:46   just by scrolling through it.

01:03:47   Like it's just scrolling down the page.

01:03:49   It's arbitrary maybe, but I don't know why they've fixed it.

01:03:54   I've never used an app that does this.

01:03:57   Notion doesn't do it this way, Notes doesn't do it this way.

01:04:00   I don't know why there's the need to treat it

01:04:03   like it's this block which has a restrained height and width

01:04:06   and then it has to be scroll.

01:04:07   They're not scaling it in a way that I would want.

01:04:10   Overall, the whole thing feels pretty delicate.

01:04:14   It feels very 1.0-y.

01:04:16   So I hope that they do more,

01:04:19   like basically what I want is sorting options.

01:04:21   I don't want them to cap it

01:04:23   and I want better ways to move the data around

01:04:26   inside of the chart or the table, however you call it.

01:04:29   - Yeah, I don't use tables.

01:04:34   I use Kraft for collaborative documents.

01:04:39   I actually like the widget a lot

01:04:41   because you can install multiple widgets

01:04:43   and have different workspaces.

01:04:46   - Yeah, it's nice.

01:04:47   - Into widgets, so that's very cool.

01:04:49   But I don't, like what sort of data

01:04:51   do you keep in tables, Myke?

01:04:53   - Yeah, maybe it's easy if I explain it.

01:04:55   So also, well, one thing I forgot to mention,

01:04:56   it doesn't do any calculations of any kind.

01:04:58   It doesn't need to do that,

01:04:59   but I would have liked it if it could have.

01:05:00   So I'll give you the two things that I'm doing.

01:05:02   So one thing that I do is I have,

01:05:06   so sales data of the theme system journal,

01:05:09   I record the sales numbers every week, right?

01:05:12   So I go in every week and I add a new row,

01:05:14   and like, okay, this is a day,

01:05:15   we sold this many?" and then I'll say like "and how many is that over the previous week?"

01:05:19   and I just record that in there every week. I mean and now I have like a few, like a couple

01:05:25   of months of data so now I have to scroll it. Like I can't just see the whole thing,

01:05:29   I now have to scroll it. The other thing that I like, the main thing that I want to do is

01:05:34   to keep a list of all of the various keyboard parts that I've either bought or are on the

01:05:41   way to me. And with those, especially with stuff that I'm outstanding, I want to see

01:05:47   the whole list in one go. I don't want to have to scroll through this list within the

01:05:52   list. I just want to see it all there. And one of the things I like about Notion for

01:05:58   this is I can sort by expected arrival date of the product. So I see the bottom of it,

01:06:07   which is what I could do at the top if I wanted to,

01:06:09   the things that the dates of delivery

01:06:11   expect you to be sooner.

01:06:13   And so, 'cause you know, some, and the reason I do this

01:06:14   is because some of the stuff that I buy,

01:06:16   I'm probably not gonna see for like another 18 months,

01:06:19   'cause they're products that need to be made.

01:06:20   It's like a pre-order kind of group,

01:06:22   like a kind of pseudo Kickstarter-y type thing,

01:06:24   the way a lot of this stuff is sold.

01:06:26   And so I like to be able to have all of that

01:06:28   in just like a little table that I can go through.

01:06:31   And like, yeah, I could put it in a spreadsheet,

01:06:33   but I didn't wanna put it in a spreadsheet,

01:06:35   and Notion does it fine for what I need.

01:06:37   And I'm probably gonna stick with Notion,

01:06:40   but keeping my eye on craft.

01:06:42   Like I'm gonna use,

01:06:43   then I'm gonna continue using this table

01:06:44   for like the tracking of the sales numbers

01:06:46   of the Cortex products,

01:06:48   'cause I was putting it in a bulleted list before.

01:06:50   So now I'll just put it in a table.

01:06:53   But I think that they could do a lot better

01:06:56   to make the data more maneuverable and also more clear.

01:07:00   - Got it, okay.

01:07:01   - It feels very much like what it is,

01:07:04   which is shoehorned into whatever they were doing before.

01:07:06   - Yeah.

01:07:07   - Yeah.

01:07:07   - That's what it feels like, 'cause that's what's happened.

01:07:09   And I'm not criticizing it for it,

01:07:11   but I'm very confident that there's a bunch of things

01:07:13   that they could do.

01:07:15   Like even like sorting is like one

01:07:16   that really needs to exist, I think.

01:07:20   It kind of feels to me more that they looked at

01:07:22   the way that you do it in Apple Notes

01:07:24   than the way you do it in Notion.

01:07:26   And they were closer to replicating Apple Notes than Notion.

01:07:30   And I think that was the wrong place for them to look.

01:07:33   I agree with all that I'm all in on craft for my notes, and I'm excited to have tables

01:07:37   But they need to keep pushing it

01:07:39   Thanks

01:07:41   Apple watch pre-orders oh

01:07:43   man

01:07:44   Stephen this isn't good, but

01:07:46   Talk to James

01:07:52   Okay

01:07:53   Yep, going then Apple watch pre-orders have been announced for this Friday, which is October 8th

01:08:02   you can get up and

01:08:04   Order some Apple watches 5 a.m. Pacific just like the iPhones were a few weeks ago

01:08:10   They deliver a week later on Friday the 15th as of today

01:08:15   I just looked they're not in the Apple Store app or on the Apple Store itself. So you can't make a favorite

01:08:21   You can't have them pre-save for faster checkout

01:08:26   Maybe they're gonna do that, but maybe not maybe if they're really are constrained they want to slow people down and ordering them

01:08:31   I don't know my biggest issue right now is like it's not even very clear to see like what are all of the colors that

01:08:38   Are available like I can see all the aluminium, but like I can't see that. We'll stay in the still ones that I have

01:08:44   Do they have titanium ones like?

01:08:46   You know, I mean you can you can see that on the product page. Yeah, there's not a store page for all that

01:08:52   It's very strange, but they don't even really show on the product page

01:08:55   Like if you look on the product page, it doesn't clearly show you like these are all the things we have available

01:09:01   Because they have all the aluminium colours, but when you go down, you scroll down, you see like half of an image of some of the colours.

01:09:07   So, it's very compl- it's like, not very clear, but I don't know.

01:09:13   Yeah.

01:09:14   Are you two gonna order an Apple Watch?

01:09:16   I don't know.

01:09:18   Maybe.

01:09:19   Do you want one?

01:09:20   I think so.

01:09:22   I think we're gonna get a- I think Sylvia wants one for sure.

01:09:25   I haven't really looked into this. I think I'm gonna get the stainless steel one again.

01:09:30   Do you get this the regular stainless steel? Yeah. I don't know if they do the colors like black.

01:09:38   Yeah but I feel like this time I want to go to the Apple store and check it out in person.

01:09:44   Like I don't care about getting it day one. I think now that we can go again, we went to the

01:09:50   mall today and that was super nice. But now that we can go again I think I'm just gonna go check

01:09:56   it out for myself in real life and see if there's like any other color that I

01:10:01   like more. Mm-hmm. Steven? I'm gonna get Mary one for sure.

01:10:05   She's on a Series 5 on the small one so the battery life is not fantastic two

01:10:11   years in and she's I'm gonna do the starlight for her she has that on her

01:10:15   phone and really likes it and I showed her the other ones and she's like yeah

01:10:18   all these colors are bad. I was like yep, yes they are. So she'll get an aluminum starlight the

01:10:24   small one I'm still on the fence if I order I'll do the titanium again but I

01:10:29   haven't made up my mind yet I think I'm gonna go gold stainless steel but I want

01:10:34   to see at least on the website somewhere but yeah I don't know when I'm gonna

01:10:40   pick it up either but I'm interested in it I do think actually Federico this

01:10:44   finally means that we can settle the fact that I have won the bet which one

01:10:48   That you bet that I would buy a series six.

01:10:52   And what was the bet? I'm supposed to give you money?

01:10:54   I don't think there was anything. The bet was just you said I would do it and I said

01:10:58   I wouldn't do it. Interesting.

01:11:00   And the stakes I think are just I know me better than you know me.

01:11:04   Well, that was like, that's why I had this bet to, you know, to make you feel good about

01:11:11   the fact that you know yourself. Oh, come on. You can't always win everything,

01:11:16   know. I just did. So. Well, okay. You should thank me if anything. Thank you so much for

01:11:24   helping me truly understand myself and my own value. You're welcome.

01:11:28   Two. Follow up, follow up, tvOS. Okay, so tvOS, Logical Sky and the members Discord

01:11:36   said "I'm so upset that Myke's tvOS app review" and it's not an app, but it's not, you know,

01:11:42   correct yourself Logical Sky.

01:11:44   - Wow.

01:11:45   - TV OS review did not even mention the key feature

01:11:48   of TV OS that they fixed the Apple TV and AirPlay interface.

01:11:52   You can now see episode information,

01:11:54   easily scroll and simply click the screen.

01:11:57   So I had to look into all of this

01:11:59   because this didn't make complete sense to me.

01:12:01   So I did more research for everybody today.

01:12:04   They have cleaned up the default video viewer.

01:12:07   So if something uses the TV app

01:12:09   or did like the standard video viewer.

01:12:11   So there are now, when you go, like if you say you tap

01:12:14   the circle on the remote or the touch thing,

01:12:17   there are now buttons that exist.

01:12:20   So there's, you've got like the name of the show itself,

01:12:23   right, and like the scroll bar and stuff,

01:12:26   and then you have a subtitles button,

01:12:29   an audio options button, and a picture in picture button.

01:12:31   You can scroll over to those and click them.

01:12:33   You can go down to the play head,

01:12:35   or then you can also go down, it can swipe down

01:12:37   and get to like the information about the thing

01:12:39   that you're watching, you know, where it's like,

01:12:41   hey, here's the description of the episode,

01:12:44   that kind of thing.

01:12:45   I'm not sure why the quote audio options button

01:12:49   looks like a bar chart.

01:12:51   It's very interesting to me.

01:12:53   Like I don't know why that was what they chose.

01:12:54   - It's like a visualizer of three bars.

01:12:58   - But there's some stuff that's better.

01:13:00   So I have some better options for you.

01:13:02   So you can bring these controls on screen

01:13:05   by tapping the touch surface as we always have, right?

01:13:08   To bring up the controls.

01:13:09   or you can now just click the up button on the new remote.

01:13:14   So you don't have to tap anymore,

01:13:15   you just press up and these things will appear.

01:13:18   And if you wanna see the information about the show itself,

01:13:21   you just click on the down button.

01:13:23   You don't have to do the tapping and swiping anymore.

01:13:26   You could just, from there being nothing on screen,

01:13:29   click the down button

01:13:29   and you'll see the episode information,

01:13:31   get to chapters if it's got chapters in it,

01:13:33   that kind of stuff.

01:13:34   And because I obviously dropped the ball here,

01:13:36   I've written another haiku.

01:13:38   you can use buttons to control what is playing,

01:13:41   not just touchpad.

01:13:43   We can now close the book on the TV-RS review.

01:13:47   I will accept no more on the follow-up

01:13:50   and it is now complete.

01:13:52   - It's beautiful.

01:13:54   - All right, you ready to listen to me roll the dice

01:13:56   for a really long time?

01:13:57   - Yep, we need a 10, 11 or 12.

01:14:00   - Okay.

01:14:01   - Two, three.

01:14:03   - Four.

01:14:05   - Five.

01:14:06   (laughing)

01:14:08   - Nine,

01:14:09   12.

01:14:11   - Hey.

01:14:12   - Hey, okay.

01:14:14   - This is much more dramatic for me

01:14:16   as the person who can see the dice.

01:14:18   - That's probably true.

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01:15:42   Let me give you my good luck. So after you roll this, it's going to be an 11. Okay? Go.

01:15:48   All right. Well, I already rolled a 12. So the next roll. The next one. Go. Wait, you

01:15:55   You want me to roll it now?

01:15:56   Oh, 'cause we already did 12, didn't we?

01:15:58   - Yeah, we did 12.

01:15:59   - Yeah.

01:16:00   This one.

01:16:01   - Three.

01:16:02   - I'm sorry.

01:16:03   I'm out of luck.

01:16:04   (laughing)

01:16:04   - Four.

01:16:06   - I'm sorry.

01:16:07   I tried.

01:16:08   - Five.

01:16:10   - This is all James Thompson's fault.

01:16:12   - This app is whack.

01:16:14   - Nine.

01:16:15   - It's James.

01:16:16   What?

01:16:17   This is not how numbers work.

01:16:19   - 11.

01:16:19   - 11.

01:16:20   - 11.

01:16:21   - Ah, okay.

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01:18:04   Relay FM. All right we're looking for a number 10 now. That's right.

01:18:08   Eight, six, four, five, one, two, three, two, three, two, three, two, three, two, three,

01:18:32   Yeah, okay.

01:18:34   Eight.

01:18:36   Eight.

01:18:37   This is the worst game of bingo I've ever played.

01:18:40   This is terrible.

01:18:42   Eight.

01:18:44   Come on!

01:18:45   We're literally just sitting here, listening to numbers.

01:18:49   From an app.

01:18:50   Three.

01:18:51   Made in Scotland.

01:18:53   Six.

01:18:55   This is terrible.

01:18:57   Six.

01:18:58   This is not a good podcast.

01:19:00   Eleven.

01:19:00   Well, but I guess this is the interesting part is now everybody really wants to hear that ad.

01:19:05   Mm-hmm.

01:19:06   Right?

01:19:06   Because then it means that we can get out of this purgatory that we found ourselves in.

01:19:11   It's us against the computer and James Thompson.

01:19:13   So...

01:19:14   12.

01:19:14   2.

01:19:17   Oh my god.

01:19:18   Oh!

01:19:18   I'm thinking the anxiety arise here.

01:19:21   6.

01:19:21   1.

01:19:23   Oh god.

01:19:25   9.

01:19:27   No!

01:19:30   one oh seven is james disabled 10 to troll us 10 yes

01:19:40   advertisement okay

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01:21:26   I think that does it. I think we're done.

01:21:29   Doesn't the episode just have to immediately end now because we didn't actually put a dice roll to the final segment?

01:21:36   Oh, that's true.

01:21:38   I guess not because we didn't put a dice roll to your intro of this thing either.

01:21:42   That was before this was introduced, you know.

01:21:45   Maybe we can roll the dice until the numbers three six six individually come

01:21:51   out which would be the episode number and that means we're done with episode

01:21:56   366 but that's a terrible idea because I also gotta make dinner. I can just roll the

01:22:02   six sided dice. Five. No, no, no, stop, stop. Three. Six. Okay. Four. No. Seven.

01:22:14   Oh, I pressed the wrong button there.

01:22:18   One, one, two, six.

01:22:22   Wrap it up, we're done.

01:22:25   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, they're in the show notes at

01:22:28   relay.fm/connected/366.

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01:22:43   sure how I'm gonna do that this week. Does it even matter this week? I guess I'll figure it out.

01:22:46   Does it even matter?

01:22:48   [Laughter]

01:22:52   Oh man, it's actually probably worse because you have to just listen to the dice rolls and then nothing happens.

01:22:59   You've accidentally destroyed your business for the Japes, so Matt, respect to you, Steven.

01:23:04   Yeah, I hope you're happy with yourself, Steven. We're not gonna get paid for the ads and no one's gonna sign up for the ad-free version.

01:23:11   You did it for the Japes and we salute you, Steven. Well done.

01:23:17   Thank you. Thank you all. You can find us all online. Federico is on Twitter at Viti,

01:23:23   V-I-T-I-C-C-I, and he's the editor-in-chief of MaxStories.net. Federico, what's going on at MaxStories?

01:23:31   I'm working on shortcuts. I'm working on focus modes, and we are in the early...

01:23:38   Not so early, actually. I would say maybe mid-tier planning stages for the Max Stories Selects awards.

01:23:45   Those are coming up. Trophies, baby! Trophies, and those are coming up. And so we're now

01:23:53   going through all the apps and updates that have come out in 2021 so far, and

01:23:58   decisions will be made in the near future. So we'll see. It should be fun. Okay, that's awesome.

01:24:05   You can find Myke on Twitter as @imyke.

01:24:10   Myke's on a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:24:13   He does the Friday Keyboard Club over on Twitch.

01:24:15   Anything else, Myke?

01:24:17   Not for the next couple of weeks.

01:24:18   You can go to clotexmerch.com and buy yourself a journal or a notebook.

01:24:23   Wow.

01:24:25   We had to listen to you talk about calendars for like two months.

01:24:27   That's true.

01:24:28   Yeah, I mean you literally did a Kickstarter for calendars.

01:24:31   Yeah, it's true.

01:24:34   At least he's got an actual company. You're just making calendars in your office.

01:24:40   Your calendar's not a company, yeah. The Cal-Axe Co. You should call your calendar company Cal-Axe.

01:24:49   I bought a Cal-Axe today. Cal- like calendar.

01:24:52   Yeah.

01:24:53   Oh.

01:24:54   Axe.

01:24:55   Cal-Axe.

01:24:56   Well, you can find me online. I'm on Twitter as ismh. I write over at 512pixels.net.

01:25:01   Oh, there's a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:25:04   I'd like to thank our sponsors.

01:25:05   I really would like to thank them.

01:25:07   They're just the best.

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01:25:24   Until next week, say goodbye.

01:25:26   - Arrivederci.

01:25:27   - Cheerio.

01:25:28   - Bye, y'all.

01:25:30   [Music]

01:25:34   I absolutely adore that the ads are part of this.

01:25:37   [Music]