365: Sorry, I'm Plastic


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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined

00:00:19   by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   TV OS review, it's coming today.

00:00:23   Big day, big, big day.

00:00:25   Really?

00:00:26   The whole hour dedicated to it.

00:00:29   Get ready, get ready, strap in.

00:00:32   It's gonna be a big one.

00:00:33   - Wow.

00:00:34   - We're also joined by Mr. Federico Fatici.

00:00:36   - Hello, it's me.

00:00:38   - Hello, it's you.

00:00:39   - TV OS review listener.

00:00:42   - Kinda sewer.

00:00:43   - Yes.

00:00:44   - Everyone's into it.

00:00:45   Just a talkin' to town.

00:00:46   - I'm waiting for it.

00:00:48   - It's not happening yet.

00:00:49   We have follow up to do first.

00:00:50   - Okay, okay.

00:00:52   - We do, just off the top, I just wanted to mention

00:00:55   that iOS 15.1 beta 2 fixes the Apple Watch unlock bug with iPhone 13 users are seeing.

00:01:04   I'm seeing it, my wife's seeing it, she was like...

00:01:06   What is this follow up to?

00:01:08   It was like a, it was a thing that didn't have a place to live so I just stuck it in

00:01:10   follow up.

00:01:11   I'm going to be John Siracusa and you're going to be Casey Litz. You haven't read the document.

00:01:15   Look two bullet points down.

00:01:17   iOS 15.1.

00:01:18   Yeah?

00:01:19   Yeah, well no one cares about SharePlay.

00:01:20   It says big fixes.

00:01:22   Like big fixes.

00:01:23   Big fixes!

00:01:24   Shush.

00:01:25   Don't worry about the spelling mistakes. Look, bug fixes like watch face unlock.

00:01:29   Watch slash face.

00:01:31   You say, "I put it in a document."

00:01:32   Unlock.

00:01:33   Yeah, but you know what that means.

00:01:35   I can't believe you didn't read Myke's notes, Steven.

00:01:38   It's disgraceful.

00:01:39   I added it on my phone. I probably just didn't scroll down far enough.

00:01:41   Anyway, Safari 15 extensions. Let's talk about that.

00:01:44   [laughter]

00:01:46   Over on this little website called...

00:01:49   I think I'm pronouncing this right.

00:01:51   MacStories.

00:01:52   MacStories.

00:01:53   MacStories.

00:01:54   stories. The one true John has put together a nice roundup of cool

00:02:00   Safari 15 extensions so far. I gotta say there's a lot more out here than I

00:02:05   thought there were already. I'm excited to see developers going after it so

00:02:09   quickly. The one thing I was struck by with the list that John put together is

00:02:15   it was like there's lots but there like it's like four categories and but

00:02:19   there's like three or four different things in each of the four categories

00:02:21   but they just found funny. I don't know if that's like a "this is kind of the best stuff

00:02:27   you can do of extensions" or it's like "these are the low-hanging fruit" so like a bunch

00:02:31   of people made a similar kind of thing, you know, like "here's four dark mode things,

00:02:35   here's five like amp blockers", you know, and then my assumption will be it will move

00:02:42   on from there. I think I saw that, is it "ampsplosion" was the one we were talking about, it was

00:02:46   like number one in the app store or something?

00:02:48   - Yes, in the utilities category, I think, for top paid,

00:02:53   which is a-- - But that's wild.

00:02:55   - It's a popular category, so yes, that's wild.

00:02:58   And there's all kinds of extensions to block Google AMP,

00:03:03   and I think it's a case of developers

00:03:05   seeing this opportunity and different people

00:03:09   having the same ideas over the summer.

00:03:11   I tested another one, Over AMP is also another one.

00:03:16   So yeah, I think now--

00:03:16   Noire has been doing really well too.

00:03:18   Like here in the UK, it's number 15 overall in paid apps.

00:03:23   Yeah, I'm using it on my phone, it's great.

00:03:25   It's a good extension.

00:03:26   Yeah, I think as time goes on, we should see more,

00:03:31   I don't wanna say interesting

00:03:33   because these extensions are interesting already,

00:03:35   but like more diverse ideas

00:03:38   in terms of what can you do with Safari now?

00:03:40   And it should be fun.

00:03:42   Well, because the last week has proven

00:03:44   that there's a market for Safari extensions, it turns out.

00:03:48   So, I mean, you know, this isn't widgets,

00:03:52   but it's something, you know?

00:03:54   So like people maybe have new ideas

00:03:56   or I think the other thing that I find interesting about it

00:04:00   is different types of developers, right?

00:04:04   So like, I would imagine a lot of people that are doing this

00:04:09   they're like used to making web extensions

00:04:11   and that's like a different type of developer

00:04:13   who's now able to maybe do something on the App Store as well.

00:04:15   iOS 15.1 is in beta,

00:04:20   brings SharePlay and also bug fixes like the...

00:04:24   -No way. -Yeah.

00:04:25   -Really? -Like the Apple Watch

00:04:28   and Face ID unlock thing.

00:04:29   -First time I'm hearing of this. -Yeah.

00:04:31   -Wow. -First, you know, I'm in the comments now.

00:04:34   -First. -First.

00:04:35   First, yeah, so there's bug fixes.

00:04:38   Federico, you're running...

00:04:40   Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

00:04:43   - What? - You didn't read the document.

00:04:44   You skipped over my OS 9 follow-up.

00:04:47   - Oh, 'cause I don't care about it.

00:04:48   - We talked about-- - I do not care

00:04:50   about where the puzzle piece comes from.

00:04:52   I don't care.

00:04:53   I don't care.

00:04:54   It's a bad icon.

00:04:55   It's the same as like,

00:04:56   I think I was talking about this in the Discord.

00:04:58   - You also didn't read whatever it, look, look.

00:05:00   OS 9 and other earlier versions of Mac OS

00:05:03   use puzzle pieces as they load extensions

00:05:05   on the startup screen.

00:05:06   Those puzzle pieces look better than what's in Safari.

00:05:08   OS 9 had better puzzle pieces.

00:05:10   - What, where do you see the puzzle pieces?

00:05:12   - You understand, Stephen, I don't care about OS9

00:05:16   or puzzle pieces.

00:05:17   - Yeah, but it's bad, you have to look at it

00:05:19   in Safari every day.

00:05:20   And you can just think,

00:05:21   "I wish we could have better puzzle pieces."

00:05:23   - Which one is the better puzzle piece?

00:05:26   - The OS9 ones.

00:05:27   - Where, where am I looking?

00:05:28   - Look at the tweet I put in the show notes.

00:05:30   - They don't even look like puzzle pieces.

00:05:32   They don't look like puzzle pieces.

00:05:34   - They're terrible!

00:05:34   - Yeah, they actually look less like puzzle pieces.

00:05:38   If this was a puzzle,

00:05:40   None of the pieces would stay together in this puzzle.

00:05:42   Like they don't interlock in any way.

00:05:45   Like this, that is actually a terrible puzzle piece.

00:05:47   - I mean, that's kind of a good description of Mac OS 9

00:05:51   on a meta scale, but.

00:05:52   - This joke is completely lost on the two of us.

00:05:55   Hence why, like OS 9, I don't care about it.

00:05:58   If my understanding is nobody did.

00:06:00   I don't know.

00:06:01   - What is OS 9?

00:06:02   Why are we?

00:06:05   - I don't know.

00:06:06   Unfortunately, we have to talk about this now.

00:06:09   Are we done with OS 9 now?

00:06:10   - I have some breaking news.

00:06:12   - Okay, please.

00:06:13   - OS 9.5 is out.

00:06:15   (laughing)

00:06:16   - iOS 15.1 includes bug fixes

00:06:20   for unlocking your Face ID phone.

00:06:22   - Whoa!

00:06:23   - Oh, that's so good. - Really?

00:06:25   - I've been struggling with this

00:06:26   with my Apple Watch and the Face ID.

00:06:28   - It is actually an annoying bug.

00:06:30   - It's really annoying.

00:06:31   It sounds so frustrated by it.

00:06:34   - How is it broken?

00:06:35   Like what?

00:06:36   - I don't know.

00:06:37   this is one of those bugs that's inconsistent, right?

00:06:40   Like I know people who it's working for

00:06:42   and people it's broken for, and it isn't everybody.

00:06:45   And it seems like it has kind of nothing to do

00:06:48   with how you transfer from phone to phone.

00:06:51   Like it just seems to be quite random.

00:06:54   So I don't know.

00:06:55   I feel like on this show,

00:06:58   we've asked the question a couple of times,

00:07:00   where's Johnny Ive?

00:07:01   So we know that he had a multi-year partnership with Airbnb

00:07:05   and then went quiet.

00:07:06   Now he has a multi-year partnership with Ferrari.

00:07:10   - Okay.

00:07:11   - They are going to be quote,

00:07:13   well they will be to explore projects in luxury business,

00:07:16   in the luxury business.

00:07:18   I don't think Johnny's gonna design a car.

00:07:20   Like I do not think that that's what they're gonna do

00:07:23   because there are a lot of people who I am pretty sure

00:07:26   can design better cars than Johnny Ive

00:07:28   'cause Johnny Ive has not designed a car

00:07:32   which is driven on the road.

00:07:34   But Ferrari does lots of things.

00:07:36   and they are a luxury brand in many ways.

00:07:38   Like, you know, just the Ferrari brand is a thing.

00:07:42   Honestly, I think the whole thing about Love From

00:07:45   is a bunch of companies who have some money

00:07:47   and kind of want Johnny Ive to be around a little bit.

00:07:50   - Yeah, it's gonna make the cup holder for a Ferrari

00:07:52   and it's gonna say this is the best cup holder

00:07:54   you've ever seen.

00:07:55   - Yeah, I told my wife, you know, about this,

00:07:58   she said, "Oh, he'll probably design the interface

00:08:00   "that goes inside of the Ferrari car."

00:08:02   I was like, "Yeah, that could make sense."

00:08:03   Right, like he helps design the software or--

00:08:05   luggage, you know, all the stuff you get with your--

00:08:08   - The rich Corinthian leather on the seats.

00:08:12   - It's gonna make a button-less key fob,

00:08:15   and it's gonna say this is the best key fob you've ever seen

00:08:17   and it doesn't have anything, it's just a piece of plastic.

00:08:19   - This is the pure essence of a key fob.

00:08:22   - When you think of a key fob, what is the essence of it?

00:08:26   - This just smooth, chamfered edge.

00:08:29   All of the cars are gonna be chamfered.

00:08:31   Every edge on a Ferrari is gonna be chamfered now,

00:08:33   so look forward to that.

00:08:34   You will not even be able to open the door because it's just gonna slide right out of your hands.

00:08:38   [Laughter]

00:08:40   It's such a smooth subject.

00:08:41   It's completely smooth.

00:08:43   Yeah.

00:08:44   Yes, as Myke says in the Discord, it's unapologetically smooth.

00:08:49   [Laughter]

00:08:50   I love how he used to say that. It's such a funny thing to say. It's like unapologetic.

00:08:54   Like, what is apologising to me?

00:08:57   It was the 5C, I think, unapologetically plastic.

00:09:00   It's like when I make a typo in one of my stories, I say, this is unapologetically incorrect.

00:09:05   You know, I own my mistake.

00:09:06   Sorry, I'm plastic.

00:09:07   That's what other phones say.

00:09:09   Yeah.

00:09:10   Maybe he reaches further back in his history and the new Ferrari is like clear acrylic.

00:09:16   You know, he goes back to his early 2000s.

00:09:19   That would be sick.

00:09:21   If they did that, Ferrari would sell a billion cars.

00:09:25   Right?

00:09:26   Because look, you know, Ferraris are beautiful machines and they are also,

00:09:31   and I would expect a lot of instances, bought by people who want to show off, right?

00:09:35   Wouldn't it be amazing to show off your car being see-through?

00:09:40   That's a pretty baller move.

00:09:42   Personally, I'm just happy that Johnny's out there doing stuff.

00:09:45   He's enjoying his semi-retirement, you know?

00:09:47   So I'm like, "You go for it, buddy. Just write a book."

00:09:50   It's all I want.

00:09:52   Like, it's all I want.

00:09:54   I just want to read the Johnny Ive book.

00:09:56   Johnny didn't write a book. He made a... Designed by Apple in California. Yeah, Jimmy will get my

00:10:02   copy for you. That's not what I want. I want the... I want like a Johnny Ive water biography. It's never

00:10:08   gonna happen, but I want it. It could be cool. That'd be sweet, man. So that's what... that's what

00:10:13   Johnny Ive's up to. We'll see... we'll see where that goes. We'll check in with the next multi-year

00:10:17   partnership. Yes. We'll be sure to let you know. I mean... on Johnny Ive Watch. Look, I don't want to blame

00:10:23   Johnny Ive for everything but but he worked with Airbnb and then we got a

00:10:28   pandemic that almost destroyed their company what's gonna happen to Ferrari

00:10:31   did you hear in iOS 15.1 they fixed the Apple watch face unlock no way really

00:10:38   seriously it's incredible and I can't wait I can't wait to do this September's

00:10:51   coming to an end. September's about to end which means this is going to be the

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00:12:21   When we broke $600,000, I think it was yesterday?

00:12:28   That was last night, yeah.

00:12:29   Last night at some point.

00:12:30   I think you and I both had a very emotional moment.

00:12:33   Yeah.

00:12:33   That took a little breather there.

00:12:36   Yeah.

00:12:36   I had like goosebumps.

00:12:37   I had like run inside and took my family.

00:12:39   It was a lot.

00:12:40   Yep.

00:12:40   So thank you so much to everybody that's donated.

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00:12:47   We're gonna just keep that money coming in

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00:12:51   - Myke. - Yes.

00:12:52   - Give the people what they want.

00:12:54   - Okay, hold on.

00:12:55   - You ready? - Comfortably, okay.

00:12:58   - I got some water.

00:12:59   - Whew, okay.

00:13:01   I'm ready.

00:13:02   - So this year I'm gonna give the TVOS review for TVOS 15.

00:13:07   I'm gonna give it about as much care as Apple gave TVOS 15.

00:13:12   - Okay, which I assume is a lot of care, okay.

00:13:15   - Yeah, yeah.

00:13:16   - Okay, I'm ready.

00:13:18   - Sound is the focus, AirPods, HomePods and Spatial.

00:13:22   They say it's smart.

00:13:24   Shared with you is here.

00:13:26   View many HomeKit cameras.

00:13:28   SharePlay comes later.

00:13:30   That is my two haikus that I wrote.

00:13:33   - Oh, so good.

00:13:34   That's it?

00:13:36   - I wrote two haikus, that is it.

00:13:39   Basically it's nothing.

00:13:40   They added some sound stuff for AirPods.

00:13:44   - Wait, that's it?

00:13:45   - Yeah, man.

00:13:46   Yeah, that's it.

00:13:47   - Double Haiku all the way, baby.

00:13:48   - Where's the big thoughts and the opinion?

00:13:51   - Okay, my big thought and opinion is not in Haiku.

00:13:53   - No, unacceptable.

00:13:55   I'm leaving the show, unacceptable.

00:13:56   - My big thought, you want my big thought?

00:13:58   - I'm leaving.

00:13:59   - They ran out of ideas this year.

00:14:01   There's more in HomePod 15 than TVOS 15.

00:14:03   They kind of, there isn't really anything.

00:14:06   That's the end of it.

00:14:07   I have no big thought this year.

00:14:09   It's impossible to have a big thought about tvOS this year.

00:14:13   Like you Federico, I decided to scale it back this year.

00:14:17   This is what you've got from me.

00:14:18   I'm back.

00:14:19   Did you say something?

00:14:20   I actually left.

00:14:21   Like you, how you scaled yours back this year?

00:14:24   I scaled mine back.

00:14:25   I had nothing to work with.

00:14:26   It got shared with you, spatial audio, AirPods now get that thing where it's like "hey, do

00:14:31   you want to connect to the AirPods when you're near it?"

00:14:34   It got HomeKit camera enhancements, and you compare two HomePod minis.

00:14:38   That last one was pretty cool though.

00:14:40   Yeah, but I have two regular home pods. They didn't even create a tvOS 15 page on Apple's website

00:14:47   So, you know, it's fine

00:14:49   You know that you don't have to do wild stuff all the time

00:14:52   But it's just like if it comes to being a tvOS reviewer like me, you're kind of a little bit stuck

00:14:57   So that's as much as there is I'm afraid

00:14:59   All of the features for tvOS 15 are like written somewhere at the bottom of the Apple TV 4k product page. That's sad

00:15:08   Yeah, they really didn't do much this time. Seriously, there are more features for the

00:15:15   HomePod than there are for TVOS.

00:15:17   Oh, you mean the HomePod Mini, which is the only HomePod that Apple makes?

00:15:21   No, like HomePod 15. Like the software.

00:15:24   Ah, the software, okay.

00:15:25   They added more there.

00:15:28   What are they doing in the home, seriously? Like, what's their strategy?

00:15:33   I do have another big thought for you though, if you do want it.

00:15:36   Okay, please, yes.

00:15:38   I think they're resting. I expect Apple's home strategy is about to change and tvOS

00:15:44   will play a bigger part of it. So I think that they're not adding anything big because

00:15:51   they have future product ideas that will come down the line that will need something. But

00:15:56   until then they have nothing.

00:15:58   Okay, thank you for the haikus.

00:16:00   I at least worked on those. I put more work into the haikus than I would have if I would

00:16:05   have just read from 9 to 5 max tv os 15 page which is otherwise what i would have done

00:16:10   for you i've got to say that i i was hopeful you had done a haiku because the bullet points

00:16:16   are blank in the show notes so i'm glad that you surprised us with that there you go two

00:16:22   you got two haikus would you like to hear them again yes sound is the focus air pods

00:16:27   home pods and spatial they say it's smart shared with you is here view many home kit

00:16:33   cameras, SharePlay comes later. Yeah those are good, those are actually good. And now

00:16:38   I'm done for the year. So is Apple. Do you want to talk about your process like mind

00:16:43   map, which text editor you've used, I assume you got all of this in Obsidian, of course.

00:16:49   Yeah, I've now deleted all the to-do apps from my phone. Right, with the backlinks,

00:16:54   you know. They're all gone, no I've deleted everything now so I can just start fresh now.

00:16:58   Now I've got that off my plate.

00:17:00   - Sure, sure.

00:17:01   I can imagine.

00:17:02   And you time tracked yourself for this big project.

00:17:05   - 67,000 hours.

00:17:08   - Yeah, 67 seconds.

00:17:10   - 67,000 hours.

00:17:13   - Wow.

00:17:13   - I did all of this this morning, by the way.

00:17:15   - Thank you.

00:17:16   Thank you for your service, Myke.

00:17:17   - Here's a fun thing.

00:17:18   I didn't even realize, I hadn't even installed TVOS 15

00:17:21   on my TV, I didn't know.

00:17:22   (laughing)

00:17:23   I had no idea.

00:17:25   So there you go.

00:17:27   I've really gone through a whole new level of review this year.

00:17:30   - Wow, yeah, we appreciate it.

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00:18:46   - That's true.

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00:19:07   Okay, so we have gotten the important work

00:19:10   of the tvOS review out of the way,

00:19:12   and now we move to Apple's less important product,

00:19:15   the new iPhone.

00:19:16   - Federico, do you have one now?

00:19:18   - I have two of them, in fact.

00:19:20   - Oh, big money.

00:19:21   - I have, no, these are,

00:19:23   I have two review units, one for an iPhone 13 and another for an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

00:19:29   I posted a picture on Twitter, I have a gold Pro Max and a Product Red iPhone 13.

00:19:37   Mostly been using the 13 Pro Max, but I've also played around with the 13 yesterday and

00:19:42   this morning.

00:19:43   So yeah, I have two, I've been collecting my thoughts, I've been playing around with

00:19:47   camera, taking some cinematic videos and we can talk about these products.

00:19:53   How did you both set your phones up?

00:19:56   I have many thoughts here and many complaints.

00:19:58   Steven, just before, by one second.

00:20:02   Steven, do you have many complaints?

00:20:04   I did the direct transfer deal.

00:20:06   That was the thing this year, everyone's on the direct transfer train.

00:20:09   I don't know, yeah, I mean, it's great.

00:20:11   I don't know why you wouldn't do it.

00:20:13   Mine did take five and a half hours.

00:20:14   So it took a long time.

00:20:16   - Mine took two and a half.

00:20:18   - But I had my Android phone set up with a SIM card in it,

00:20:21   so I was able to take a phone

00:20:22   to go pick up my kids from school.

00:20:24   I had to leave my iPhones here at my desk doing their thing.

00:20:27   - Mine was two and a half hours,

00:20:29   but I was setting up my iPad mini during the time,

00:20:31   so I kind of didn't care.

00:20:32   - But mine had no problems.

00:20:34   The only apps I've had to log back into were the bank apps,

00:20:37   which I expected, and the official Twitter app,

00:20:41   because it's bad, was all logged out.

00:20:43   I was like, okay, come on.

00:20:44   - Mine was logged in.

00:20:45   - Mine too.

00:20:46   - In the Twitter app, I stayed logged in.

00:20:48   The only apps that I was logged out of were phone apps,

00:20:52   Slack, but that was because I was on TestFlight.

00:20:55   - Yeah, it doesn't move TestFlight apps,

00:20:57   which is a little bit annoying.

00:20:58   I hope they can fix that,

00:21:00   because TestFlights are public, you know?

00:21:01   - I had a thought about how to fix this for next time.

00:21:05   I won't remember this,

00:21:06   but if it's an application that has a store version,

00:21:10   download the store version over the top of the TestFlight,

00:21:13   do the transfer and then reinstall the test flight

00:21:16   back over the top of it.

00:21:17   - A little test flight sandwich.

00:21:18   - Yeah, I won't remember this.

00:21:21   I will tell you this now, I will not remember to do this.

00:21:24   But at least signing into Slack isn't that bad now

00:21:27   because you can do like the email thing

00:21:29   and it has all of them there.

00:21:31   - The problem is I'm in like six different Slack channels.

00:21:35   - With three different email addresses.

00:21:36   - With six different email addresses.

00:21:38   I think they're all different.

00:21:40   - In theory it works.

00:21:42   Yeah, if you're not a person, right,

00:21:44   who's gotten out of control in Slack.

00:21:46   So mine went pretty well.

00:21:47   - Mine went pretty well too.

00:21:48   - I ended up with the 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue,

00:21:51   or like the Sierra Blue, it turns out.

00:21:54   The Midnight Case is not black.

00:21:56   It's definitely like a dark kind of indigo-y blue,

00:21:59   black color, but it's fine.

00:22:00   And it looks nice with the Sierra Blue, I think.

00:22:03   So Federico, what happened?

00:22:09   - It's not as good as people have been tweeting about it.

00:22:12   So I-- - For you.

00:22:14   - For me, yes, everything I say is my opinion.

00:22:16   It represents the views of my-- - He's a direct transfer

00:22:19   truther is what's going on here.

00:22:21   - Yeah, everything I say represents the view

00:22:24   of my employer who is also me.

00:22:26   So everyone was tweeting about it

00:22:30   and I figured it's the thing this year.

00:22:32   Every once in a while in our community,

00:22:34   someone says something and everybody starts doing it.

00:22:37   I guess I also do that from time to time

00:22:39   but still. In this case I was on the receiving end of the hot take.

00:22:43   But it's okay when it's your...

00:22:45   Like when you say it and everyone does the thing, that's fine.

00:22:48   Yeah, because I'm always right. That's the thing.

00:22:51   So...

00:22:53   Yeah, I mean...

00:22:55   That's a different topic. In any case...

00:22:58   Everyone was tweeting about it, so I figured

00:23:01   I'm also gonna do this and see what happens.

00:23:03   First of all, it tells me this is gonna take

00:23:06   take one hour and a half and it was like almost three hours.

00:23:11   So, you know, right there is the first issue.

00:23:14   The second issue is I ran into a bunch of problems

00:23:18   and things that were not transferred at all,

00:23:21   which made me question like,

00:23:22   what's the advantage of this over just restoring

00:23:24   from an iCloud backup?

00:23:26   - You've left out an important middle part, I feel like.

00:23:29   Read a, I have a dramatic reading from our iMessage thread,

00:23:33   which is Federico saying,

00:23:35   "I accidentally canceled the transfer from my iPhone."

00:23:38   FFFFFFFFFF.

00:23:40   I just wanna state that there is a potential

00:23:42   that you may have caused some issues for yourself.

00:23:44   - Nope, no, no, no, no.

00:23:46   - No?

00:23:47   Impossible.

00:23:48   - That never finished because, and I'm gonna get to that.

00:23:52   I'm talking about the actual transfer

00:23:54   that was completed afterwards.

00:23:55   - Ah, okay.

00:23:57   Did you refer-- - The first one--

00:23:58   - What happens when you do cancel it, by the way?

00:24:01   - I just stops and it says,

00:24:02   the transfer was canceled, you gotta erase your phone and start over from the very first welcome

00:24:07   screen when it says "ciao" in Italian. I was taken back to that. I canceled it because here's the

00:24:14   problem. So when you start the transfer on the old phone, so on the iPhone 12 Pro Max in my case,

00:24:20   the transfer screen takes over the entire device. But I was waiting for a phone call yesterday,

00:24:30   And that phone call never arrived.

00:24:34   And I was getting concerned that, I don't know,

00:24:38   I had never done this before.

00:24:40   And I wondered, is it maybe possible

00:24:42   that when you're doing this thing,

00:24:44   like it's not showing you any notifications whatsoever?

00:24:48   And this person actually called me and I missed the call

00:24:53   because I'm doing this transfer.

00:24:55   So I, like, it's not, when I say I accidentally canceled it,

00:25:00   I manually canceled it, but I shouldn't have,

00:25:03   because it turns out it doesn't block phone calls.

00:25:06   Those are the only thing that comes in

00:25:09   when you're doing the transfer.

00:25:10   - My phone still kept buzzing,

00:25:12   but just nothing was happening.

00:25:14   - Mine didn't, because I disabled the buzzing

00:25:16   for everything on my phone.

00:25:18   And so that's why I was confused.

00:25:20   I shouldn't have canceled it, and because that was silly.

00:25:24   The phone call was not there,

00:25:25   And later I realized, oh, phone calls are the only thing that comes in.

00:25:28   So right there, I feel like there should be like some sort of explanation of like,

00:25:32   what happens when you're doing this transfer on the old phone?

00:25:35   If you're waiting for an emergency, will you get that phone call or something else?

00:25:38   There should be some kind of explanatory screen, I think, or some sort of message or something.

00:25:42   I don't know.

00:25:43   Still, I wait three hours.

00:25:46   It's longer, almost double than what was initially advertised.

00:25:50   And I'm going to go through the list of things that happened.

00:25:53   When I set up this phone, I saw on the home screen,

00:25:57   basically all of my icons doing the download thing.

00:26:03   Just like you see when you set up a device

00:26:05   from iCloud backup.

00:26:06   - That's normal.

00:26:07   - Okay.

00:26:08   - Nothing was wrong with it.

00:26:09   I was surprised by this too.

00:26:11   - I was basing my strategy here on what I saw on Twitter

00:26:16   of people saying it transferred everything, perfect.

00:26:20   Everything moved.

00:26:20   It's like, no, it's not like a one-to-one copy.

00:26:24   - It's downloading the apps, but it's keeping the data.

00:26:27   - Okay, so I was surprised by that.

00:26:30   - I was surprised by this.

00:26:31   I thought it hadn't worked when my phone was on.

00:26:32   - I was like, okay, fine, at least I still have

00:26:35   my wallpaper, I still have the apps in the same arrangement

00:26:38   and my home screens for focus modes, so that's good.

00:26:40   I set it up, signed in with my iCloud account,

00:26:44   everything is working.

00:26:46   I open iMessage and I see this error message

00:26:50   that I've never seen before.

00:26:51   I sent you guys a screenshot.

00:26:53   What did he say? - I didn't even know

00:26:54   iMessage could do this.

00:26:55   - It was like a special-- - Let me see if I can find it.

00:26:58   - It was like a special alert.

00:26:59   - Yeah, I pulled it up.

00:27:01   In bold, iMessage is signed out.

00:27:04   An error occurred in your account, your iCloud email,

00:27:07   is signed out of iMessage.

00:27:09   You may miss messages as a result.

00:27:10   Please go to settings to address this issue.

00:27:14   But it's not a modal, it's like slid down--

00:27:17   - It's like a dropdown.

00:27:18   - Yeah, from the little-- - It's very strange.

00:27:20   - The little name of our group.

00:27:24   Very strange.

00:27:25   - Yeah, so I went to settings, but I was signed in.

00:27:29   And what happened there, after a few minutes,

00:27:31   the alert just went away,

00:27:32   and I was able to resume my iMessaging with you guys.

00:27:35   So, okay. - And pulling stuff.

00:27:38   - All of my shortcuts, well, not by all,

00:27:41   out of 170 shortcuts,

00:27:44   150 of them were moved out of folders and placed in the "All shortcuts default" folder.

00:27:53   So basically all of my folders except for one are now empty, and everything has been thrown back

00:28:00   into the "All shortcuts default" category. And I imagine for Federico Vatici that's

00:28:05   a lot of organization. Like there's a lot of organization went into that.

00:28:10   I, you know, some people enjoy this, I don't.

00:28:13   I don't like organizing my shortcuts library over and over and over.

00:28:17   Like, I just like to do it once and be done with it.

00:28:19   But now everything has been reset.

00:28:21   No apps that were based on a Google login kept their credentials.

00:28:28   That's the same for me.

00:28:29   Google, that was the same for me.

00:28:30   I had to log into all my Google apps again.

00:28:32   Yeah, because apps can set, can you guys set a setting or a flag saying don't,

00:28:39   don't move credentials or don't back up credentials.

00:28:41   And of course Google would do the worst option, right?

00:28:45   - Of course. - Of course they would.

00:28:46   Of course they would.

00:28:48   Because, ooh, my Google Docs, right?

00:28:50   - Yeah. - Ooh, so scary.

00:28:53   - Like I said, the transfer kept my shortcuts widgets

00:29:00   and my icons on the home screen.

00:29:02   But when I tried to run those shortcuts,

00:29:05   I kept getting an, like, NSUser something,

00:29:09   not user activity, like NSURL domain minus one error.

00:29:14   It's like, what is, like, NSURL coco domain,

00:29:19   something like that, it's like, what is this?

00:29:20   - Oh my God. - What is this?

00:29:23   And I figured, oh, I know what's happening here.

00:29:27   So you know how in iOS 15, there's a new privacy section

00:29:31   inside each individual shortcut,

00:29:34   where you can review all of the privacy permissions

00:29:38   that you've granted to each shortcut.

00:29:40   Those privacy permissions were transferred from the old phone

00:29:44   to the new phone.

00:29:45   But the problem is, the system isn't working.

00:29:49   And it thinks that, oh, you've set the privacy permissions,

00:29:52   but actually you haven't set them on this new device.

00:29:55   So what I had to do to resuming being

00:29:58   able to use all of my shortcuts, regardless of whether I was

00:30:01   using them from the widget or from inside the shortcuts app, I need, because I still

00:30:06   haven't finished doing this, I need to reset the privacy permissions in all of my shortcuts

00:30:11   one by one. I need to go into the privacy screen of, again, each single shortcut and

00:30:17   tap on the "Reset Privacy" button, because those permissions, they don't carry over when

00:30:22   you transfer from the old phone to the new phone. As you can imagine, this is quite a

00:30:26   thing that I have to do now for hundreds of shortcuts. Whether you've granted access to a

00:30:32   folder or a website to any kind of, like, photos, you know, any kind of permission, it carries over

00:30:39   in the UI, but it doesn't actually carry over when you try to use the shortcut. So that's, that was

00:30:45   another thing. Testflake betas, of course, don't carry over. Now, I understand, like, this is the fact,

00:30:52   like, "TestFlight betas don't carry over." Why do we need to accept this?

00:30:57   Yeah, no, I agree with you. Like, I know, yeah, it's like, yeah, I know this is the case.

00:31:01   I know, it's, well, I think it's the wrong approach. Like, what? I don't care. Fix it.

00:31:07   Like, if it was not Apple TestFlight, you know, like, how TestFlight used to be,

00:31:11   fine. But, like, I don't understand why this is an issue.

00:31:16   Like, I am literally signing into my Apple ID, all of my accountants.

00:31:21   I have my old phone here and my new phone here.

00:31:25   Transfer it.

00:31:26   I don't care if this is what it's like right now.

00:31:28   Make it better.

00:31:29   And I was kind of hoping that it's been a few years

00:31:32   since we've had this new setup process just make it better.

00:31:35   And lastly, I realized maybe this is a very specific thing,

00:31:39   but profiles don't carry over either.

00:31:42   So all of my custom fonts, I opened Obsidian

00:31:45   and I was presented with Times New Roman, I believe,

00:31:49   because my custom installation of SF Mono did not carry over.

00:31:54   Now, I understand it's like, "Oh, it's the way things are,"

00:31:58   and I think the way things are is wrong.

00:32:00   Like, you should transfer everything.

00:32:02   Like, why is it so that we are on version 15 of iOS?

00:32:08   We've had this thing for 15 years, 14 technically,

00:32:13   And we still do not have an exact one-to-one way to transfer all things into the new thing.

00:32:23   Like, I don't care. Let me confirm my password 50 different times. Just don't let me do the setup

00:32:29   again. Just don't let me manually... Just move it over exactly as it is. And it's not that.

00:32:37   Yeah, like, migration assistant, basically, right?

00:32:41   Am I right, Steven? Like, Migration Assistant is effectively, it's a one-to-one.

00:32:46   Yeah. Do that. And it's still like, I understand that some people think that this is the,

00:32:53   that they did it, that they finally did it, they fixed it, but no. They didn't fix it. It's maybe

00:32:58   slightly better than before, but this is still not it, in my opinion.

00:33:03   I wonder if the, I would say, I wonder if with the custom fonts, like the team that works on

00:33:07   Migration, like, didn't know there were custom fonts in iOS? Like, everyone just forgot about

00:33:11   that feature what there's what now I say like I can see that you have had those

00:33:22   issues right and so like if you're having those issues then the system is

00:33:26   not good enough and also like even though some of the issues you had I

00:33:32   don't think are the standard there was a bunch of things in there that was the

00:33:36   same for me right like a bunch of apps didn't transfer that they are over or

00:33:40   or there's like these weird edge cases for certain types of things like test flight or whatever.

00:33:46   So it could 100% be better than it is right now.

00:33:49   I would say for me this is the quote unquote best experience after the fact,

00:33:56   but I still had to wait for a couple of hours for my phone to do whatever on earth it was doing, you know?

00:34:02   Yeah, yeah, I agree with that.

00:34:04   It was better for the iPhone 13.

00:34:08   maybe the problem.

00:34:09   - Okay, you've had a decent experience then

00:34:12   with the other phone?

00:34:12   - Yeah, because that one we tried with Sylvia's Apple ID

00:34:16   and maybe it's that she has less things on her iPhone.

00:34:21   - Federico, you know what it is, right?

00:34:23   - Base64?

00:34:25   - Yeah.

00:34:25   - No, no, I have spent, I have spent the past week, okay?

00:34:34   So I've been working on a brand new version

00:34:37   of my Apple Frames shortcut, the one that puts the screenshots that you take on your

00:34:42   device into the pretty physical device frames. I have spent a week recreating my entire system

00:34:51   for storing those images as, yes, base64 encoded text, and I'm now storing that as a separate

00:35:00   document in the Files app, because it's been, it's become impossible to keep that in shortcuts

00:35:07   at this point. You know, that shortcut got so huge, and by huge I mean 20 megabytes,

00:35:11   but I guess in shortcuts, own little world, 20 megabytes for a shortcut is too much.

00:35:16   I wasn't able to share that shortcut anymore, for example, on iCloud. It would just give me an error.

00:35:23   I couldn't share the file for that shortcut anymore, and I'm now storing that as a separate

00:35:31   document in iCloud Drive. It's like a text file. So I don't think it's that. But even then, like,

00:35:39   if you make a tool for power users and you like to, rightfully so, I think, point out how much

00:35:46   you've invested into making the tool better for power users this year, you know, you cannot have

00:35:53   it both ways. You can't say, "Oh, we made it better for power users," but also, "Oh no, that's an edge

00:35:58   case for power users, you know? So I feel like, absolutely, like, yes, I'm doing wild

00:36:06   things with shortcuts because you allow me to do those things. So, yeah. Again, make

00:36:14   it better. And I mean, there's a whole separate conversation about shortcuts in iOS 15, which

00:36:18   is at the moment, it's honestly a mess right now. I don't know if it's SwiftUI, I don't

00:36:25   know what it is. I don't know if it's like the read yet another redesign of shortcuts

00:36:30   because it's also coming to the Mac. The Mac version. Oh, John has been playing around

00:36:36   with that. And let me tell you, it's even worse. It's really bad. I don't know how to

00:36:41   ship this thing.

00:36:42   Oh, bad. Like was it crashy?

00:36:45   Oh, no, no, no, no. I have a screenshot for you guys.

00:36:49   Oh, okay. This makes me sad because I was super excited.

00:36:52   John sent me a screenshot today saying,

00:36:56   "Trying to set a parameter in shortcuts for Mac."

00:36:59   And you should see an empty translucent window

00:37:04   on top of shortcuts.

00:37:05   Coming from the menu bar?

00:37:07   Coming from...

00:37:08   What's it doing out there?

00:37:10   I have no idea.

00:37:12   But, yeah.

00:37:14   That's fine.

00:37:15   Yeah, so...

00:37:17   Yeah.

00:37:18   We'll see with shortcuts.

00:37:20   But yeah, this transfer could get better than in previous years, maybe still not perfect.

00:37:28   Like when I see this tweet saying "No, it's perfect."

00:37:31   No, it's not perfect.

00:37:33   To come back to shortcuts for a second, I've used a couple of apps that are built completely

00:37:38   out of SwiftUI, like shortcuts is now, right?

00:37:42   It's all SwiftUI basically on the iPhone now, right?

00:37:46   Is that right?

00:37:47   I think so.

00:37:49   least it's a lot of Switch UI, right? There's a lot of it, yeah. I don't think complex

00:37:54   applications can be built out of Switch UI right now. I'm gonna say something. Especially if they have

00:38:00   previously existed in another form. I am gonna say something. Okay. It's my job to

00:38:09   talk to developers, we cover a lot of apps, I see a lot of developer thoughts

00:38:15   and reactions. And I'm asking this, and I'm asking this with like, I'm keeping an open

00:38:22   mind, I respect the folks working on SwiftUI. We say this all the time, we're like, we don't

00:38:27   hate anybody, we're just critics, you know, and we point out flaws. But is SwiftUI good?

00:38:35   Would be my question.

00:38:36   I think it is a very good idea.

00:38:39   Yes, and I think you nailed it.

00:38:43   But it's still early, right?

00:38:45   Like to do what it is trying to do, which is a huge thing, we're still pretty early

00:38:51   in that cycle, right?

00:38:54   So like I have used a bunch of apps that made out of SwiftUI that are new or are simpler

00:38:59   and it works great.

00:39:00   Like you, it's fine.

00:39:02   You would never know that there was a problem, right?

00:39:04   Like there are no problems.

00:39:05   It just, it looks good.

00:39:06   It's nice and simple.

00:39:07   I think where I've seen it start to fall down is applications that are, as I say, pre-existing

00:39:12   that are complicated.

00:39:14   It seems like that's where a lot of the issues lie.

00:39:17   Like, you know, I'm very aware of the fact that, like,

00:39:19   SwiftUI is apparently fantastic for watchOS development.

00:39:23   Like, just really great.

00:39:25   Like, I was talking to underscore David Smith

00:39:27   about this, and he thinks it's a really great system

00:39:29   for watch development.

00:39:31   I'm not sure if it's ready to really do its thing

00:39:38   for complicated apps of some description.

00:39:43   And I really don't know how it's going to fare

00:39:46   on non-iOS-related platforms.

00:39:49   -Yeah, that's a good point.

00:39:54   I don't know. I feel like --

00:39:56   And I see this especially with complex applications

00:39:59   that are doing, like, very complex things,

00:40:01   like multiple levels of navigation,

00:40:04   nested menus, drag and drop, you know,

00:40:05   of those more advanced interactions.

00:40:09   And I keep running into these issues and explanation of like,

00:40:12   oh yeah, that's SwiftUI.

00:40:14   And I wonder, maybe it just isn't ready

00:40:17   for that kind of experience just yet.

00:40:19   And you have to ask like, is it like the way I see it,

00:40:24   you should be wondering like,

00:40:25   is it better for the customer, for the end user

00:40:29   to run into all these problems?

00:40:32   Because I, the developer really wanted

00:40:34   to use this fancy new framework,

00:40:36   but does it actually enable me

00:40:38   to provide a better experience to users?

00:40:41   Because ultimately that should be your goal, right?

00:40:43   To have a stable, solid, useful experience,

00:40:46   especially for productivity apps.

00:40:48   But if that's not the case,

00:40:50   is it worth it to use a young, maybe,

00:40:53   framework that still has some growing pains

00:40:57   just because it's fancy and new and the future,

00:41:01   where it may be the future, but the present is so buggy.

00:41:05   That's my question.

00:41:06   - My argument would be probably not.

00:41:09   Anyway, we are, I don't even know how we got here

00:41:12   at this point. - No, me neither.

00:41:14   - But this is where we are.

00:41:15   Can we go back to talking about the iPhone now, please?

00:41:17   - Welcome to "Connected," a Zwift UI show.

00:41:21   - Can we talk about the iPhone?

00:41:22   'Cause like, again, like, you know, we are, I mean,

00:41:25   maybe there's a slight,

00:41:26   there's definitely a sliding scale

00:41:27   of understanding of this stuff.

00:41:28   I am at the bottom of that.

00:41:30   I am expecting probably Federico's at the top of that scale.

00:41:33   But even I think of the three of us,

00:41:36   you've probably spent the most time looking at this.

00:41:39   Steven, you can correct me if you think I'm wrong.

00:41:42   - I'm a big Swift UI boy over here.

00:41:46   - I knew, I knew I was gonna say this.

00:41:48   - Okay, great.

00:41:48   So we're gonna refactor that scale.

00:41:53   Steven is now the most knowledgeable.

00:41:54   Steven, please tell us something about it.

00:41:57   - Well, you can use it to make your UIs quickly.

00:42:00   - Oh, is that what it means?

00:42:02   I didn't know that.

00:42:03   - Guys, hold on, I have some breaking news.

00:42:06   - Okay.

00:42:07   - In iOS 15.1 there are two.

00:42:08   (laughing)

00:42:11   They fixed the Apple Watch unlock.

00:42:14   - No way.

00:42:15   - Yeah, yeah.

00:42:16   - No way.

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00:44:33   The cameras on these phones are really fun huh? Yeah. I really like the features they

00:44:37   added. I like the macro mode a lot and I like cinematic mode a lot too. Me too, but

00:44:45   So I have I've been having so much fun with the macro mode on the 13 Pro Max

00:44:53   I've been you guys know because I've been sending you photos I have...

00:44:58   It's been funny to watch you because you when did you get your phone yesterday?

00:45:02   Yesterday. Yeah it's been really entertaining for me to watch you go

00:45:06   through last Friday. Right? Yeah. Because you got a little late and so like you're like "Oh have you guys seen this?"

00:45:13   "Yep, yep, yep."

00:45:15   Well, you know, I only get that excitement once a year, so let me have it.

00:45:20   You can have it. I'm into it. You keep sending me pictures of eyeballs.

00:45:24   Yes, I've been taking pictures of eyeballs of my family, so everyone has been so kind to let me photograph their eyeballs, and I appreciate it.

00:45:35   And it's really quite impressive. You can see what the eye is made of, which is kind of gross and beautiful at the same time.

00:45:41   time, it's a weird feeling to see the material that makes it. Anyway, the macro mode is fun,

00:45:48   but I feel like it's kind of strange that there's no UI for it. Like, that it "just

00:45:56   works," but it's not like a toggle, it's not like a mode of the camera app, you just do

00:46:03   it, which I can appreciate. It's like, oh, you don't need to worry about it, you just

00:46:08   get up close and take a photo? Sure. But this is also the same camera app that has icons

00:46:14   for everything. There are like multiple buttons for the flash and live photo and all sorts

00:46:22   of options. Wouldn't it have been better to also have a button for the macro mode at this

00:46:27   point? You know? It's coming. Okay. Well, according to some journalists, Apple was aware of it

00:46:37   and they're adding it.

00:46:38   So they will add it.

00:46:40   It was a strange decision though, right?

00:46:42   Because I understand that,

00:46:45   I think what they were building off of

00:46:47   is that the lenses change automatically

00:46:49   depending on what you have available to you.

00:46:51   So if you're in a low light situation,

00:46:53   you don't actually get the telephoto,

00:46:55   you get just like a cropped version

00:46:57   of the wide angle lens, right?

00:46:59   Like I've been doing this for years.

00:47:01   So you can see how they were like,

00:47:02   "Oh, well, if someone just gets up close,

00:47:05   we'll just switch to the macro mode

00:47:07   because it will be better for focus, blah blah blah.

00:47:09   But the problem is, it physically switches the camera.

00:47:12   So most of the time, once it's switched,

00:47:14   I'm not hovering over the thing

00:47:17   I wanna take a picture of anymore.

00:47:20   Which is very funny for me.

00:47:21   Like you go up close to something

00:47:23   and then you're right on it and then it switches

00:47:24   and now you've like gotta move the camera again.

00:47:26   But anyway, I'm pleased it's gonna change.

00:47:29   So I've also had some weirdness where

00:47:30   I've not wanted to take a macro photo,

00:47:33   but the cameras wanted me to.

00:47:35   - Yeah. - Look what I can do!

00:47:36   Let me do a macro picture for you.

00:47:38   - I feel like in this case,

00:47:40   these are some complex things that Apple is doing with,

00:47:43   you know, computational photography, all that sort of stuff.

00:47:47   But I feel like a better way to do this is just

00:47:51   look at portrait mode.

00:47:52   Like you press a button and then the camera tells you,

00:47:55   move closer.

00:47:56   Like it gives you like plain English instructions

00:48:00   on what you're supposed to do.

00:48:02   And I feel like that resonates with people

00:48:04   because it feels like, oh yeah, I'm doing it right.

00:48:06   you know, good job me and following the same with panel mode.

00:48:10   It literally tells you slow down and you're like, okay, sorry phone.

00:48:14   I'm slowing down, but yeah, just let me press a button that says macro mode and

00:48:18   like, get closer. And like, okay, I'm going to do that. And you know,

00:48:22   instructions. What an idea.

00:48:24   It is truly incredible though. It's just how close you can get. Like it's,

00:48:29   I love it, man. I'm taking pictures of everything. It's so great.

00:48:33   like I'm into it. I've wanted this for a long time, you know, for taking pictures

00:48:37   of like keyboard related stuff or whatever like I like it. This is a very

00:48:41   good feature. I'm very happy to have yes, but overall and also cinematic mode.

00:48:46   It's fun to play with. I think my favorite thing about cinematic mode is

00:48:50   the editing after the fact. You know, I think that is incredibly cool technology

00:48:55   that you can go to a video afterwards and change who's in who or what is in

00:48:59   focus or change to have the focus track across an image.

00:49:04   So someone's walking along, keeping them focused the whole time.

00:49:06   Or that you can also change the amount of blur is on the image, like with portrait and

00:49:12   all that kind of stuff.

00:49:13   I think it's super cool.

00:49:14   I think as a version one is, I think, better than portrait mode version one was, which

00:49:20   makes sense, right?

00:49:21   Because it's building on what they've learned.

00:49:23   And I mean I just expect that within a few years time this is going to be an excellent

00:49:29   feature right?

00:49:30   Like right now it's like really good and fun to play around with but maybe you don't want

00:49:34   to shoot everything this way.

00:49:37   But I could imagine it being more of a default option in the future.

00:49:40   If you want to see by the way like what an actual professional can do with this, a friend

00:49:44   of the show, Tyler Stallman, made a really great video on YouTube where he did an extended

00:49:50   cinematic mode thing and it looks fantastic because he knows what he's doing. I recommend

00:49:55   people go and watch it if they kind of want an idea for what this feature is able to do

00:49:59   in the right hands but I know I've been enjoying taking videos and stuff in my studio and just

00:50:06   changing focus and stuff. I just think it's fun. It's like really fun. It's really well

00:50:10   done. It's super fun. It's like you're sort of like changing reality in a way like this

00:50:15   is what you saw and what you did but also you can alter that after and it's so cool

00:50:21   I think it's really well done it's fun to you know I have two dogs and I did this video

00:50:25   last night where I was like focusing on Ginger and then like there was Zelda that was blurred

00:50:30   in the background and then I kept changing focus between them and that was super fun

00:50:34   I think it's fun.

00:50:35   Do you boys remember the Lytro camera?

00:50:40   We said this on the show last time didn't we?

00:50:42   Did we?

00:50:43   I think we did.

00:50:44   I think yes.

00:50:45   was a company that like built a camera that could do this this was their whole

00:50:49   thing about changing focus after the fact all the way back in 2006 Wow okay

00:50:57   so now they're a feature in the camera app of the iPhone well they're not it is

00:51:02   yeah yeah they're gone they shut down in 2018 oh no mm-hmm yeah the cinematic is

00:51:09   cool being able to change it after the fact feels wild like that shouldn't be

00:51:15   thing that you can do. I love it. Yeah. But it's, it's, it is cool. I think I agree

00:51:21   with you that it's better than portrait photos were in the beginning and I think

00:51:26   that's really impressive because this seems way more complicated to me than

00:51:30   portrait photo stuff was and so I can imagine that they're using, if not the

00:51:35   same, I mean they're not using the same technology I don't think but necessarily

00:51:38   but you know building on where they've been and that's exciting. Promotion.

00:51:43   Incredible. Makes a difference. You can see it right away. I love it.

00:51:47   I'm so happy that you agree with me here Federico. Because I think various people have different...

00:51:53   I mean, obviously Steven's turned it off. Did you even try it?

00:51:58   Yeah, for like a few minutes and then I thought I was going to die so I turned it off.

00:52:04   That's fine. I love it. It makes everything on my phone feel like an absolute joy to use.

00:52:10   That's how I kind of it makes me happy because everything is so smooth and responsive and everything moves so quickly and it just feels

00:52:17   Nice, it's excellent. It feels nice. It's faster and not just like oh, it looks faster

00:52:24   It actually is faster and you can try this for example do a quick test

00:52:28   We used to do this tests years ago on the iPad Pro and now it's also the case on the iPhone

00:52:34   Try to tap quickly

00:52:37   twice on a folder. And watch how quickly the second time you tap, the folder closes.

00:52:44   Like, you know, if you try and tap on a folder...

00:52:46   Oh, like a folder of apps?

00:52:48   On a folder of apps on the home screen, you tap twice and it opens and closes, right?

00:52:52   It flashes briefly on screen. On the Pro Emotion display, it closes faster

00:52:57   because the animation is faster because the screen refreshes more quickly than the other one.

00:53:02   So it actually is faster than the older models, and I just love it

00:53:07   when you're scrolling, like reading articles in Safari,

00:53:11   you know, mail, I mean, I'm not getting excited about, you know,

00:53:15   high refresh rate in email messages, but still, you can tell the difference, like when you're scrolling photos. It's beautiful. I love it.

00:53:24   I'm so happy that it's here, and I can tell the difference right away.

00:53:29   and it now leaves the iPad mini as of course the only device that I have with the bad display,

00:53:38   but we'll talk about that later. Yeah, I love it. One more thing before we move on about the cameras,

00:53:47   specifically the camera app. We were talking about this on iMessage. I feel like the camera

00:53:58   app is next in line for needing some kind of customization redesign. And by that I mean

00:54:09   the camera at this point, I mean of course it's amazing what you can do with an iPhone,

00:54:14   but it has a lot of features. There are a lot of buttons, a lot of icons, and I feel

00:54:20   like over the years Apple has been adding more and more symbols and menus that expand

00:54:28   and collapse, and there's a ton of different modes that you can switch back and forth.

00:54:33   I feel like it'd be helpful now to be able to say, "You know what? I don't need to see these buttons.

00:54:40   Let me disable them." Some basic customization. Like, I mean, look at Apple Music, for example.

00:54:45   I know that it's a different experience, but in Apple Music you can go in and say, "I don't want

00:54:50   to see these sections in my library. I just want to turn those off." And you should be able to do

00:54:56   the same in the camera because I can imagine like I never use features like

00:55:01   time-lapse for example why is it an option there you know and there's like

00:55:05   or if I ever need it like I don't mind going through a couple of menus to get

00:55:09   it exactly like that this whole like swiping down thing or whatever it is to

00:55:15   get to certain actions I would prefer some of those to be immediately

00:55:19   available to me like I know I don't need the live photos toggle there because I

00:55:24   I always have it on and if I want to turn it off,

00:55:27   I will edit the photo after the fact and turn it off, right?

00:55:29   - Exactly.

00:55:30   - That one doesn't need to be there all the time.

00:55:31   I agree with you.

00:55:32   I like that they have so many options.

00:55:34   - Yes, me too.

00:55:35   - But it would be cool if I could maybe say

00:55:37   which ones I care about the most.

00:55:39   - Yeah.

00:55:40   And lastly, I don't understand,

00:55:42   and I know that there's a technical explanation for this.

00:55:44   I don't understand photographic styles.

00:55:47   I don't understand why we have both filters in photos

00:55:51   and photographic styles.

00:55:53   Like what--

00:55:54   me to explain it to you yeah because you said you don't care but i can explain it to you if you want

00:55:59   me to maybe i will care after you explain it to me all right so filters you take an image and you

00:56:04   put something over the top of it and it changes the color of the entire image right so everything

00:56:09   has changed because you've just applied this filter over the top and so it's changed all the

00:56:13   colors of the image the filter is equally applied to the entire image and different colors will react

00:56:18   differently to the filter because you've you're just putting something over the top of it the

00:56:22   With photographic styles, which also is funny to me because it sounds like, I said this on upgrade,

00:56:27   but it sounds like this person is related to Harry Styles.

00:56:28   I don't know what exactly why it is to me, but photographic style sounds like a person.

00:56:32   But with photographic styles, you are changing some of the effects to say like the warmness

00:56:40   or the contrast of an image, but it is applied with like a sliding scale depending on what.

00:56:49   So it's not equally applied to the entire image.

00:56:52   So different parts of the image will

00:56:54   be affected by the photographic style in different ways.

00:56:57   So it's being basically put into the image processing part

00:57:01   that Apple has.

00:57:02   So they have their image processing stack.

00:57:04   And you are now tweaking parts of that image processing.

00:57:07   So the difference is when you take that photo,

00:57:10   that's just the image.

00:57:11   You can't take the filter away-- you can't take the style away.

00:57:14   It's part of the image.

00:57:16   It's baked into it.

00:57:17   So you can say like, I want my images to have more contrast,

00:57:21   or I want my images to be cooler or warmer.

00:57:23   And it changes all of the things needed.

00:57:25   But it doesn't do stuff that's not necessary.

00:57:28   So for example, it doesn't affect skin tone as much as,

00:57:32   say, the color of a wall.

00:57:34   Because the skin tone should probably remain somewhat

00:57:38   similar to real life.

00:57:41   So it just tweaks the image a little bit,

00:57:43   rather than universally applying this color filter

00:57:47   to the entire image.

00:57:49   Does that help?

00:57:50   - Yeah, thank you.

00:57:52   I still feel like it's kind of confusing.

00:57:54   Like it still feels like they are two similar things

00:57:56   and one is a slightly different mode

00:57:58   and they shouldn't be two separate features.

00:58:01   - Well, then I've not done a good job of explaining it.

00:58:04   - No, I understand the difference.

00:58:06   It just feels like you're still modifying the look.

00:58:11   I'm trying to think as a normal person here, right?

00:58:13   And I'm a normal person looking at the camera

00:58:15   like, okay, these two things, they kind of change the colors slightly differently, but

00:58:20   they are two separate things that I now need to understand. And maybe it should be unified

00:58:26   into the same feature that you... I don't know, it just feels kind of confusing to have

00:58:31   two separate interfaces for all of this. I understand that they do different things,

00:58:36   but it's also kind of similar. When you look at it, yeah, you're kind of changing the color,

00:58:41   you're kind of changing the tone and that... I don't know. It feels kind of confusing.

00:58:46   Let me see if I can try and do it again. Again, like just in case this might be a better explanation,

00:58:50   in case anybody else isn't following. So you know like if you go to an image and you go

00:58:54   to edit the image and then you can change warmth, brightness, contrast, sharpness.

00:58:59   Yeah, which I never do, but yes I know.

00:59:01   Right, but someone can do that if they want to. Photographic styles does some of that

00:59:05   stuff before.

00:59:07   And why would you do it before?

00:59:09   if you're always making those amendments to an image, isn't it nicer to just have the

00:59:14   camera snap the photo that way?

00:59:16   But you can also like take a picture with a style and then go in photos and apply the

00:59:22   filters.

00:59:23   Yeah, but I don't know why you would do that.

00:59:25   But it's there.

00:59:26   See, that's my problem.

00:59:28   Yeah, but you can still do it.

00:59:29   But okay, so again, right, so I am someone who when I post photos to Instagram, I heavily

00:59:35   edit them, right?

00:59:36   I use VSCO and I heavily edit them.

00:59:38   This is a call back to when Tyler came on the show and he taught me how to do this and

00:59:41   then I've been doing it since.

00:59:43   There is some stuff that I will eventually work out how my photographic style to do to

00:59:48   do a lot of that before so I need to do less work after.

00:59:51   If I'm always making similar edits to like saturation or warmth because that's the way

00:59:57   that I like images to look, it's just easier and nicer for me to have those applied to

01:00:02   every photo that I take, rather than needing to always do the edits, always.

01:00:08   Got it, got it. Now I understand.

01:00:11   It is confusing because they are, on the face of it, very similar features.

01:00:17   I feel like everyone is just gonna call them filters.

01:00:20   Yes.

01:00:21   And it's one of those cases why I wish I could customize the UI to just remove that thing

01:00:29   with the new icon because I'm never going to do this.

01:00:32   Like, the way I think about photos is I take the standard photo

01:00:36   and then I'm going to edit the photo.

01:00:38   Just the way I think, you know?

01:00:41   And I understand, thank you.

01:00:43   I wish I could turn it off.

01:00:45   Well, it is off.

01:00:47   No, but there's an icon for it.

01:00:49   Only when you go into the little thing.

01:00:51   Yeah, I don't want to see it.

01:00:53   That's just...

01:00:54   You never want to see it.

01:00:56   I just wish that I could make the camera UI a bit more simplified,

01:01:00   because it makes me feel bad that I'm not tapping all these buttons

01:01:05   and using all these features, because I'm not a pro.

01:01:07   Like, I just want to take a photo, and I want Apple to tell me,

01:01:09   "Look, we're taking what we believe is the best photo for you."

01:01:12   Like, now I'm starting to feel the pressure of,

01:01:15   "Oh, look at all these buttons here. Am I supposed to use..."

01:01:18   Like, maybe it's weird. Maybe it's just me,

01:01:20   but I feel kind of bad for not using them

01:01:22   and for seeing them at all times.

01:01:25   I think one other difference to consider is that, at least the way Apple talks about it,

01:01:31   the styles do more to preserve some of the, like, the sky should be blue, a person's face should

01:01:41   look like this, where the filters don't necessarily have that intelligence, because the styles are

01:01:46   being, like, baked into the process that the image pipeline uses. Whether that's a big difference in

01:01:55   in practice, I don't know, I haven't played with it

01:01:58   and I compared them side by side.

01:02:00   But I think that Myke's point of the convenience of it

01:02:03   is probably why most people who are interested in this

01:02:05   will use it.

01:02:06   But I do think that if you're editing all your photos

01:02:10   in a same stylistic way, an additional benefit

01:02:13   of moving to this may be that they actually end up

01:02:15   looking better in certain ways.

01:02:18   - But I agree of what you're saying.

01:02:20   If you don't ever wanna use that feature,

01:02:22   like I never wanna use filters,

01:02:24   I don't need the button there.

01:02:26   - Yeah.

01:02:27   Well, thank you for the explanation.

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01:04:00   - We have iPad minis now, not just a big fancy Federico.

01:04:05   So I wanted to talk, Stephen, I want you to tell me

01:04:08   what your experience with the iPad mini has been so far.

01:04:11   - It's been really great.

01:04:13   So I did the direct transfer thing for my iPad Pro,

01:04:16   but then I basically rebuilt the home screen to really be focused on things

01:04:21   like reading and media. I've got to say it's,

01:04:24   it's great for like an around the house sort of,

01:04:27   I'm watching a YouTube video while, you know,

01:04:30   washing dishes or something and I just want something small on the counter.

01:04:34   Or of course, you know, everyone says reading a bed or reading on the couch.

01:04:37   It's great for that. The size really is fantastic.

01:04:42   It feels a lot better than the old iPad Mini design.

01:04:47   The flat edges, of course, are awesome,

01:04:51   but it's just more comfortable to hold, I think.

01:04:54   And I think the flat edge design has really proven

01:04:57   to scale really well from like the big 13-inch iPad Pro

01:05:01   down to this one.

01:05:02   And I've been very impressed.

01:05:04   I do have a weird issue.

01:05:06   I wanna see if y'all can hear this, okay?

01:05:07   - Okay.

01:05:08   - Oh, that was me tapping the mic.

01:05:09   That wasn't the sound, hang on.

01:05:10   - I heard that.

01:05:11   sounds like is the problem with your microphone. Here's the sound. There's no sound. Well my touch

01:05:17   ID button on mine moves side to side a little bit. It's very weird. Does yours do that? No, mine is

01:05:25   completely solid. Like it wiggles in the spot that it's in, do you mean? Yeah. Like it slides slightly

01:05:33   maybe? Oh yeah, actually a very little bit. Like a sixteenth of an inch, like just a hair. Isn't that

01:05:39   that always like it was the case with the iPad Air before I think. I wouldn't

01:05:42   have noticed that before you mentioned it. Yeah well now it's all you can think

01:05:46   about. So maybe yours maybe yours is a little more? Maybe. I mean I have a

01:05:51   complex like relationship with the Touch ID button. I do find myself just staring

01:05:56   at my iPad expecting things to happen and then they don't. Yeah it's like I'm

01:06:01   happy you're here but I don't want you is kind of how I feel about it. It's like

01:06:07   "Thank you for being here, Touch ID, so I can open my iPad,

01:06:11   but I really want Face ID instead."

01:06:14   But, you know, Vegas can't be choosers, I guess.

01:06:17   Like, I know I wasn't gonna get that

01:06:19   because Face ID has not found its way out

01:06:22   of any of the two products lines that it's a part of, right?

01:06:25   Like, I wasn't expecting it,

01:06:27   but I still know that I would want it.

01:06:30   - Yeah, and maybe over time,

01:06:31   it will come to like the iPad Air and then eventually this.

01:06:34   - I mean, history would suggest

01:06:36   that would occur right but just in general you've actually made me think of something

01:06:40   just in general like I have more thoughts I want to share but I was listening to app

01:06:43   stories this week and Federico put a fear in me it could be a really long time before

01:06:48   they update it oh yeah and that makes me feel uncomfortable about how much I love my iPad

01:06:54   mini because I think this iPad is fantastic I adore it it's like perfect for what I want

01:07:00   an iPad for like most of the time right now but I don't want to use just this one for

01:07:06   the next six years and that that worries me a little bit I I think that's

01:07:12   definitely possible I mean putting the a15 in this like they didn't have to do

01:07:16   that right they could have done the a14 I'm sure it would have been totally fine

01:07:21   but putting the current system on a chip on it definitely makes me think that

01:07:26   this is the iPad mini that we're gonna have for quite a long time I'm good of a

01:07:31   couple of years right like two years three years at most like I feel like I

01:07:37   could live with that after two years it's gonna feel weird I'm thinking but

01:07:42   I'm still using a 2018 iPad Pro hmm and it's and I wouldn't know like my my 11

01:07:48   inch iPad Pro I'm using the 2018 version and it's like it feels just as good as

01:07:54   the 2020 iPad Pro that I have right like the larger one okay I don't feel any

01:07:59   issue with it but at some point I know I will and and the thing is is it wasn't

01:08:05   so much time with the iPad mini it was more just like it was very visible that

01:08:13   it was old like there were issues of it when you were using it but you looked at

01:08:17   it and it looked like a relic of a bygone era right yeah in the realm of

01:08:22   technology and I really hope that that doesn't happen to this product because I

01:08:26   I think that they have really found like,

01:08:30   they've really, this is like a really good sweet spot

01:08:34   that they've hit for this iPad.

01:08:35   Like, I think it's perfect, obviously,

01:08:39   for reading and watching stuff.

01:08:40   It's capable for handling work tasks if I need it to.

01:08:44   You know, like I need to bring up to app side by side

01:08:46   and send an email while looking at referencing something

01:08:49   on the other side.

01:08:49   It is not how I would want to do all my work,

01:08:52   but it is very capable of doing it from time to time.

01:08:55   I recommend if you do ever want to do that, use the floating keyboard option on the iPad Mini.

01:09:02   You press and hold on the keyboard button and get the floating keyboard and you get an iPhone

01:09:06   keyboard because the landscape software keyboard on this thing makes basically the entire iPad

01:09:11   unusable. You can't read anything anymore which is very funny. I find it very funny to me.

01:09:17   If you're wanting to do side by side multitasking and then you bring up the keyboard,

01:09:24   it's, you know, it's fine, but it doesn't really work very well.

01:09:29   I love my dark cherry cover, it at least brings out a little of the purple in my iPad,

01:09:33   because otherwise, you know, as Federico was saying, it doesn't exist.

01:09:37   I've been very pleased, I did the space grey, and it reminds me of the old slate colour they

01:09:44   did on like the iPhone 5, remember that? Like the really dark, it's like a very dark space grey.

01:09:49   Well, because there is no space grey, it's just space grey is relative.

01:09:53   Yes, depending on the product. And John had talked me into the bright orange cover, which I really

01:09:59   like the contrast. I will say I had missed the simplicity of like a little folio cover, right?

01:10:05   Like flips over and you can make a little stand out of it. It covers the back. It's the first

01:10:10   time I've ever had an iPad case that was not a keyboard that covered the back as well. So it's

01:10:14   like this little orange notebook with a space gray interior. Makes it feel more book-like.

01:10:21   Definitely. Which I like. Yeah, I'm into it. I don't really have anything more to say about it

01:10:28   that hasn't already been said other than the fact that I love this little thing. I think it's fantastic.

01:10:32   How are you using it? Basically for everything I'm using an iPad for. So reading in the morning,

01:10:40   social media stuff in the evening, checking some email, responding to messages, you know, like,

01:10:48   as in like you know maybe slack messages maybe iMessages or whatever

01:10:51   it's basically the only device i try to use when i'm at home

01:10:58   so i'm probably using it the most out of the three of us

01:11:02   uh and i am enamored by it i think it is fantastic

01:11:06   so it's not it's not a secondary ipad no right now it's my primary ipad same

01:11:14   main one yes interesting yeah interesting because

01:11:17   I'd moved from the 12 to the 11 for this reason, because I was finding that the majority of stuff

01:11:24   that I was doing was using it as my home computer, but not my work computer, if that makes sense.

01:11:30   My work computer is at the studio. My home computer, so just the thing I would use when

01:11:35   I'm at home, was my iPad. And most of the time I had it outside of the keyboard case because I

01:11:40   wanted to be holding it to read and stuff like that. And then I would put it in the

01:11:46   the keyboard case whenever I wanted to type some stuff. And so right now I'm still trying

01:11:49   to kind of work out what that looks like with this iPad mini I've been using the software

01:11:53   keyboard and all that kind of stuff, obviously the most but maybe seeing if there's something

01:11:57   else that I want to do there. I'm not sure. But it is the the the iPad that I'm using

01:12:02   most and I for the foreseeable future expect that to be the case.

01:12:06   Yeah, I was talking on MP you rather so David where I've just finally just accepted that

01:12:13   the iPad isn't a work product for me.

01:12:16   Like I just prefer to do it on a Mac and that's fine.

01:12:20   I'm not saying anything about anyone else's decisions.

01:12:23   But in a way the iPad mini makes that even easier

01:12:26   because like, I don't know,

01:12:28   I feel like I have a set of expectations

01:12:30   having an iPad Pro with a keyboard and a track pad.

01:12:33   In a way this is so unlike my laptop,

01:12:36   it kind of frees it up to be the iPad that,

01:12:38   how I wanna use it.

01:12:40   So yeah.

01:12:40   - I think this is one of those things

01:12:42   where it's like the definition of work, right?

01:12:44   Where like a massive part of my work,

01:12:47   of my work is like communicating with people

01:12:50   and this iPad's fantastic for that, you know?

01:12:53   And that's because I do a lot of that,

01:12:55   like a lot of email, a lot of like dealing with salespeople

01:12:59   and communicating things in Google Sheets

01:13:01   and this iPad handles all of that stuff very, very well.

01:13:05   I mean, there are times where I do wish I had a trackpad

01:13:09   'cause I really loved the trackpad experience.

01:13:12   But the most of what I'm doing when I'm at home

01:13:15   is not that kind of stuff.

01:13:16   It's like I'm doing that stuffing in a pinch, you know,

01:13:19   like, or like, oh, I want to do something quickly,

01:13:21   I'll just do it now.

01:13:23   So it's allowing me to still get into that work mode

01:13:25   when I need it, but for the rest of the time,

01:13:27   being the exact size and portability I want from an iPad,

01:13:32   it's like for reading, for watching video

01:13:34   while I'm like doing the dishes or whatever,

01:13:37   like this just fits in all of the places

01:13:40   that I want an iPad for more than any other iPad

01:13:44   that I've used.

01:13:45   Like it's, the screen is big enough, right?

01:13:47   Like it's big, the screen is big, relatively.

01:13:50   And it's small, so it fits in places, you know?

01:13:54   Like I could imagine Steven,

01:13:57   this would be a great bathtub iPad for you.

01:13:59   - Yeah, I think we talked about that last week.

01:14:00   I should test that.

01:14:01   - You should. - For the show.

01:14:03   - Please let us know.

01:14:04   - You still haven't?

01:14:06   - No, I haven't, it's been a busy week.

01:14:08   know if he had he would have told us because he loves to tell us when he takes

01:14:12   a bath I'm gonna get in the bath I'm gonna have an iPad mini and we'll get

01:14:15   the CalX website it's gonna be a great night it's gonna be fantastic I I really

01:14:20   like that it has USB C even though I'm not using it as a USB port but it just

01:14:25   really makes me even more frustrated that the iPhone is still on lightning

01:14:28   it's like this just plopped into the place where my iPad pro charged every

01:14:33   night and it was fine I can charge it on my desk with the USB C cable I have if I

01:14:37   to have a MacBook Pro there. So it's a nice mix, something like really small and portable and then

01:14:44   still like plays nice in the USB-C world. I'm into it. I wasn't expecting me to be as into it as I am,

01:14:53   but like, okay, so like I love my iPhone, right? I love the new iPhone. It's awesome.

01:14:58   I love the iPad Mini more. I can relate to that. It's a feeling that I've also been having,

01:15:06   Like, it's a...

01:15:08   It's such a nice...

01:15:10   I mean, you're probably using it for everything I am, right?

01:15:13   Yeah. Like, for me, it's my non-work iPad, right?

01:15:17   Yeah.

01:15:18   Read, listen to music, watch TV shows.

01:15:22   Like, I associate that device with relaxing and reading, playing games.

01:15:32   and so I feel like, "Oh, this computer makes me feel good."

01:15:36   You know, it helps me unwind.

01:15:40   It's -- And maybe that's why I love it so much.

01:15:43   Like, "Oh, this is not the machine

01:15:45   where I have to sit down and write and do e-mail," you know?

01:15:49   But I just love it because it's like --

01:15:52   It's very portable, weighs just a little more than an iPhone,

01:15:56   but the screen is so much bigger than an iPhone still.

01:15:59   I think it's like also nostalgic for me in a way because for the last five years the

01:16:08   iPad has actually become a big bulky thing.

01:16:15   And this is this goes back to the you know to a decade ago.

01:16:20   The iPad the old iPad mini the old iPad air right like those products when they started

01:16:24   to get smaller and lighter because they got bigger right but then they got physically

01:16:28   smaller but then we added these really heavy keyboards to them. So like the iPad for me,

01:16:35   the iPad Pro mostly, had become like size, weight of a laptop. But this thing, it feels

01:16:43   like it's lighter than my iPhone. I know it isn't, but it feels it, which is what you

01:16:47   were saying last time. So it's like it there's also this like nostalgia to it. By the way,

01:16:54   The one regret I have is not getting the cellular version.

01:16:57   I haven't got a cellular iPad for a long time, but I feel like over time I'm going to regret

01:17:01   not doing that with this one.

01:17:03   Yeah, I did cellular this time and actually moved my service from my Pro to this one just

01:17:10   to kind of see what it's like because I do want to try like the thing of like this is

01:17:14   the iPad you can take with you.

01:17:16   So I want to kind of explore that some.

01:17:18   So good.

01:17:19   It is good.

01:17:20   It makes me happy that they're still making it because I think for a long time most people

01:17:25   thought well the iPad may just gonna go away at some point.

01:17:29   But it's still here.

01:17:30   Yeah and it's not just that they're still making it like they're making it to this level.

01:17:34   This is just a excellent product that they have made.

01:17:39   So they're still making the iPod touch you know they could have done that.

01:17:43   That didn't make an excellent one of those in a while.

01:17:46   Not yet.

01:17:47   You're still holding out for that one now.

01:17:49   - Was it DAK? - No, no, remember mine was it was gonna be taken down from the from the store and it has never happened.

01:17:55   Oh, I thought that the DAK was added to the touch, that was like a separate standalone product.

01:18:00   Guys, I just, I have some breaking news.

01:18:03   - Damn it, I was gonna do it! - It's not the joke!

01:18:05   - You caught it there! - No, it's not the joke!

01:18:07   All right.

01:18:08   Remember, I talked about this on remaster, Myke.

01:18:13   the controller, the game controller that I have for the Z Fold 3.

01:18:19   Yeah.

01:18:20   So we have a video game show, if you're not familiar,

01:18:22   it's called "Remaster" here on Relay,

01:18:24   and last episode we talked about--

01:18:25   The wonderful viral sensation, Sheikh Mohammed.

01:18:30   We talked about emulation and playing with, you know,

01:18:35   with a bunch of old Nintendo games on different kinds of devices.

01:18:41   I just realized Myke, the game controller that I bought for my Z Fold 3, I can use it with the iPad Mini.

01:18:50   The iPad Mini fits inside of it.

01:18:53   It fits inside of it?

01:18:54   It fits inside of it and I'm just, I'm using it right now and I'm gonna send you a picture.

01:19:00   Oh my god, this is incredible.

01:19:01   Oh my god, so this is the Shaxx gamepad.

01:19:04   Yes, and I'm sending you a picture right now.

01:19:07   This is the Shaxx gamepad. The iPad mini fits in perfectly and stays in place, it seems.

01:19:12   I'm sending you a photo. Oh my god, Federico.

01:19:15   Hold on. And I know this controller shoots as there's an iOS button, so I think it pairs with

01:19:22   iOS over Bluetooth just fine. This is so janky looking.

01:19:26   Oh, but it works. Looks like it's gonna fly off the top of this thing. Yeah,

01:19:31   yeah, I would maybe try and center it up a little bit.

01:19:33   I'm gonna play around with this and follow up next week.

01:19:36   Okay. Oh, but also in iOS 15.1 beta 2. I was just gonna do it then too.

01:19:42   They fixed the Apple Watch authentication, so there you go.

01:19:46   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, head on over to the website

01:19:49   relay.fm/connected/365. 365, 5, 5. Surround sound.

01:19:58   No. What does it mean anything? This means nothing.

01:20:05   Spatial audio man get better headphones. Federico knows what I'm talking about.

01:20:08   I think out of the three of us I'm probably the only one that uses spatial audio.

01:20:13   Yeah, yeah I think you are.

01:20:15   It's like ProMotion for your ears probably.

01:20:18   They remixed the Kook's first album recently and it sounds really good.

01:20:21   They put the spatial audio mix, I like it.

01:20:24   You can find us all online. You can find Myke on Twitter as @IMYKE.

01:20:28   Myke what else are you up to this week?

01:20:31   So I'm gonna be updating my phone to iOS 15.1 because they fixed the phone I'm watching.

01:20:36   Wow.

01:20:36   There you go. I got one in there. I wanted to get one in, you know?

01:20:45   You can find Federico on Twitter as @vitiicci and he's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:20:53   What's going on at MacStories?

01:20:57   We're covering apps with iOS 15 updates.

01:21:02   Jon is working on his macOS review, and I'm just catching up on...

01:21:07   I think I'm going to do a story in the next couple of weeks about how I'm using different

01:21:12   focus modes for different home screens on all of my devices, and it should be a fun one.

01:21:17   Do it, because I...

01:21:19   I'm looking for inspo.

01:21:22   He's looking for inspiration.

01:21:23   Inspo.

01:21:24   Inspo.

01:21:25   I'm looking for focus mode inspo.

01:21:27   Yeah, yeah, I'm your guy for that. I should have some examples coming soon.

01:21:32   Very good, I will look forward to that.

01:21:34   Oh, and a big update to Apple Frames, which I call Apple Frames 2.0. It's gonna be a big

01:21:38   one.

01:21:39   There's also a big update coming to iOS 15.1.

01:21:42   No way.

01:21:43   Yep. And it adds Shepling.

01:21:45   Did they fix it?

01:21:48   They fixed it, apparently.

01:21:49   No way.

01:21:50   They fixed it, yep.

01:21:51   You can find me on Twitter @ismh and my writing over at 512pixels.net.

01:21:57   This is the end of September.

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01:22:36   And until next time, guys, say goodbye.

01:22:38   Adios, tch you.

01:22:39   Cheerio.

01:22:40   Bye, y'all.

01:22:40   Bye y'all.