364: One True John Demands Your Allegiance


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 364.

00:00:11   One more away from 365, but one newer than 363.

00:00:17   It's how this works.

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00:00:22   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:23   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:27   Hello and welcome to connected 364.

00:00:29   Yes.

00:00:30   Which is one number less than 365.

00:00:32   I've heard that.

00:00:33   Yeah, that's true.

00:00:34   Yeah.

00:00:35   Yeah.

00:00:35   I just realized.

00:00:36   Yeah.

00:00:37   We're also joined by Myke Early.

00:00:39   Hello.

00:00:41   In two weeks time, we'll be able to say it's one more than 365.

00:00:44   Man, what a system we've created for ourselves.

00:00:48   How do we keep up with it?

00:00:49   That will be the Leap episode.

00:00:51   Oh, because it's 366.

00:00:56   Wow.

00:00:57   Numbers, right?

00:00:59   Man.

00:00:59   Well, you know, that's all calendar stuff.

00:01:01   We know how much you love that, so...

00:01:02   I do love calendars.

00:01:03   I got the...

00:01:04   Shout out to the old episode of Connected, "Steven for Calendars."

00:01:09   An all-time great title from the back catalogue of the show.

00:01:15   Man, that was so prophetic.

00:01:18   Dude is prompt 56.

00:01:19   Wow.

00:01:21   Okay.

00:01:21   "Steven for Calendars."

00:01:23   How long did it take you to actually make a calendar after we prophesized that you would be a calendar?

00:01:27   Well, that episode was in 2014, so it took seven years.

00:01:32   Man, you need to hurry up with that.

00:01:34   Can I read the description for this episode?

00:01:37   Yes, please.

00:01:38   "Myke, Federico and Steven follow up on Sherlocking and discuss photo management in the light of the upcoming Photos app from Apple."

00:01:45   Upcoming Photos app.

00:01:47   Sounds about right.

00:01:48   Then Myke shares his experience with Android Wear, and the WeeklyPix sound effect gets

00:01:52   played for the first time in ages.

00:01:54   "WeeklyPix sound effect?"

00:01:56   Remember that?

00:01:57   We used to pick apps every week.

00:01:59   "WeeklyPix!"

00:02:00   "WeeklyPix!"

00:02:01   What I like is the idea it was called "WeeklyPix," but we hadn't done it in a while.

00:02:05   Maybe we should bring it back.

00:02:07   Let us know if you want us to bring it back.

00:02:09   "WeeklyPix!"

00:02:10   "WeeklyPix!"

00:02:11   "WeeklyPix!"

00:02:12   "Can we do it in Italian?"

00:02:15   "Pixa ti manare."

00:02:16   Oh man, there's a bunch of broken links in these show notes. It's sad.

00:02:19   There's a link called Myke and Hats and it's MykeHats.tumblr.com.

00:02:24   Why is that a thing that existed? It's just a bunch of photoshopped images.

00:02:28   I think because we were doing Myke chats for a while

00:02:31   I was blogging on tumblr about your typos and then somebody made Myke hats.

00:02:36   This is incredible.

00:02:39   Oh, there's a bunch of images of me wearing

00:02:41   Photoshopped hats.

00:02:43   No, there's a bunch of images that I've for some reason taken of me wearing a pebble watch or something

00:02:50   Like of a color screen

00:02:52   Where can I find this? Okay, Myke. This is all in the show notes of this episode my cat

00:02:58   Wow

00:03:00   Time back then

00:03:01   Tallyho Joe

00:03:03   So much gold. Oh, I things there's both of you is Mario and Luigi there

00:03:08   What's going on? Oh

00:03:11   Android where Kate has pointed out? Yeah, I don't remember ever owning an Android where watch

00:03:17   Apparently no one does that was something that I did. Oh, there's a link to the potato salad Kickstarter. Do you remember that? Nope? Yeah

00:03:27   Okay, just get on with the show now, please I think we've done the best we can do already

00:03:33   We started the show with follow-up. Let's talk about what iPhones we ordered because orders went up on Friday

00:03:40   I think at least a couple of us ordered something Myke. What did you get exactly what I wanted gold?

00:03:46   Actually, that's incorrect what I just said

00:03:49   Yeah, you need to explain how you're bad at the Apple Store app. I did it wrong again

00:03:55   Well, I think I did it wrong in my mind. I wanted a

00:03:59   256 gigabyte

00:04:01   Gold 13 Pro Max and I ordered a 512 gigabyte

00:04:06   gold 13 Pro Max and I don't remember maybe like I I don't remember I thought I only needed 256

00:04:13   but obviously a part of me thought that I needed a 512. I don't know if I need 512 but

00:04:18   It's what I have ended up with. Get your phone and look. What do you mean? Look at the storage

00:04:24   You're using on your phone now. Oh, no, it's nowhere near enough

00:04:27   Like I'm nowhere near the 256 so I don't know why I did any of this stuff, but it's just what I've done

00:04:33   I'm using 168 giga...

00:04:36   Oh, I have a 512 phone now, why?

00:04:38   Why do I have to do this?

00:04:39   I'm using 168 gigabytes of storage space on my phone.

00:04:43   - So maybe you thought, oh, I can go down

00:04:45   because I'm using photos in the cloud or whatever.

00:04:48   - But then I didn't.

00:04:49   So I have ordered a phone,

00:04:54   I'll be picking it up on Friday

00:04:56   and I'm very excited about it.

00:04:58   - Okay.

00:04:59   - We'll talk about iPhone reviews later on in the episode.

00:05:02   - Yeah.

00:05:03   - Did you order one?

00:05:04   - I did, I did the 13 Pro Max

00:05:07   and my wife talked me into Sierra Blue.

00:05:09   So it's the first time I've had a non,

00:05:12   basically black or white phone.

00:05:15   - You got a case?

00:05:16   - Other than the blue Tenar that I reviewed

00:05:17   a couple years ago, which I really liked.

00:05:19   - Mm.

00:05:20   - So.

00:05:21   - What case color did you get?

00:05:22   - The Midnight, which is, it came yesterday

00:05:27   and it looks like the black leather case

00:05:28   in sort of on its own,

00:05:30   but when you put it next to the black leather case,

00:05:32   it's very clear there's some blue mixed in.

00:05:34   Very, very, very dark blue.

00:05:37   So I think it's gonna look nice with the Sierra blue.

00:05:39   It's kind of a--

00:05:40   - It's probably gonna be a good match, yeah.

00:05:41   - You know, just blue vibing.

00:05:43   - Yeah, I didn't order a case.

00:05:46   - You went caseless this year, right?

00:05:48   - Yep, survived the entire time.

00:05:50   I bought a new PopSocket.

00:05:51   - How does that feel?

00:05:52   Not to break a phone.

00:05:54   - Fantastic.

00:05:55   - Weird. - Actually.

00:05:57   And also easy.

00:05:59   I didn't do anything different.

00:06:01   I just used my phone.

00:06:03   I feel like one of us is very quiet at the moment.

00:06:06   - Are you looking at me?

00:06:09   - Yeah.

00:06:09   - I'm not looking at you, but I am.

00:06:11   - I can see you right now.

00:06:12   - Okay, I'm looking at you.

00:06:15   - Why?

00:06:16   I've done nothing.

00:06:17   - Exactly. - Exactly.

00:06:19   - Yeah, I just, I kind of want to make fun of you.

00:06:20   - I've ordered an iPhone.

00:06:21   I've ordered an iPhone. - Have you?

00:06:23   - I'm not telling you about it.

00:06:24   - No. (laughing)

00:06:27   - Why?

00:06:28   - You never know.

00:06:29   - What do you mean?

00:06:30   Yeah, no, 'cause you wanted-- - Have I ordered an iPhone?

00:06:31   - Yeah.

00:06:32   - I don't know, maybe, I don't know, who knows?

00:06:34   I don't know, maybe, I don't know.

00:06:36   No, I've not, I'm not, I'm sorry,

00:06:39   no, I've not ordered an iPhone.

00:06:42   I just didn't have the time for it, man.

00:06:44   It's, I was busy.

00:06:47   I don't have a new iPhone.

00:06:49   I didn't get one.

00:06:52   I'm not waiting for one, like I just,

00:06:56   this is like when I forgot to pre-order the PS5

00:06:58   and then the PS5 came out

00:06:59   and I realized I wanted the PS5.

00:07:02   - Yeah. - You know?

00:07:03   So I called my guy and I got a PS5.

00:07:04   - So you're gonna call your guy and get an iPhone, huh?

00:07:06   - Yeah, Eddie, I'm gonna call Eddie and say--

00:07:10   - I mean, maybe. - My guy, come on.

00:07:11   - Who knows, who knows of you?

00:07:12   I mean, we're gonna be talking about the iPad Mini

00:07:14   that you've had for a few days later on in the episode, so.

00:07:17   - Yeah. - Who knows what you end up

00:07:19   with these days?

00:07:20   - I don't know, I don't even know,

00:07:21   but I can tell you that I did not order an iPhone,

00:07:24   but if I were to order an iPhone--

00:07:27   - Were to? (laughs)

00:07:29   - This is what I would order.

00:07:30   - If I were to order an iPhone,

00:07:32   I would get like the 512 Starlight, maybe?

00:07:37   Is there Starlight for the Pro?

00:07:40   Pro Max Starlight 512.

00:07:42   - Yeah, I think it's actually just silver, but-

00:07:45   - Silver?

00:07:46   No, then maybe the dark one then.

00:07:48   - Yeah, Mary got the Starlight Mini.

00:07:50   That's what she opted for with the pink case.

00:07:53   - It's so confusing to remember which colors now.

00:07:57   They've made it harder to understand.

00:07:59   - Yeah, it's the 13 and the watches

00:08:02   have like the new names and new colors

00:08:04   and the iPad mini and the 13 Pro

00:08:07   have the old boring colors.

00:08:08   - Yeah, it's Sierra blue, silver, gold, graphite.

00:08:12   That's the pro colors.

00:08:13   - Sierra blue, okay, so Sierra blue, fake color.

00:08:18   Silver, no.

00:08:19   Gold and graphite?

00:08:21   What's the graphite like?

00:08:23   - It's confusing, very confusing.

00:08:27   You can indeed turn off ProMotion.

00:08:29   We now have this from a reliable source

00:08:31   who has had the phone.

00:08:34   Dieter Broh at The Verge tweeted,

00:08:36   "You can turn off the variable refresh rate,

00:08:38   "and that setting is found in accessibility."

00:08:41   So there you go.

00:08:42   - Yeah, told ya.

00:08:43   - Some people were upset that you didn't have

00:08:46   public proof of your point,

00:08:47   and that we gave you the point anyways.

00:08:48   I thought we covered this in the show,

00:08:49   that we trusted you and your information,

00:08:53   but some people didn't think that was enough.

00:08:55   - No, Luca was correct.

00:08:56   Luca was correct, so...

00:08:58   No, you see, the whole reason behind this is because it wasn't a big claim.

00:09:03   It wasn't a big...

00:09:04   Like, if you had claimed something completely, like, off the wall,

00:09:09   we never would have given you the point.

00:09:12   Like, it just wouldn't have happened without the proof.

00:09:14   Well, I mean, at this point, though, if I'm saying something with absolute certainty,

00:09:18   I like to think that I have, not to say some authority, but, you know,

00:09:23   like, I know what I'm talking about.

00:09:25   So, if I cannot share public proof, it's because I cannot share public proof.

00:09:30   Yeah, but you don't get that anymore, because the rules are going to change.

00:09:33   Yeah, sure, sure, but the people who are upset, like, I'm sorry, this is how things work.

00:09:39   Worked. They won't work like that anymore. For the Rickies, anyway. You can say whatever you want on Twitter.

00:09:47   We'll find a loophole. We'll find a loophole. I'm Italian, I will find a loophole.

00:09:51   No, I don't think you understand. There's significant rules to stop loophole.

00:09:56   No, I don't think you understand.

00:09:58   Well, I am the current reigning champion, so I think I understand something.

00:10:01   Oh, here we go.

00:10:03   Yeah.

00:10:03   Oh, here we go. Okay.

00:10:04   Yeah, Federica, do you remember when he wanted to make his own rule to make it easier to hold power?

00:10:09   Do you remember that?

00:10:10   Yeah, I wanted to make a rule to become a dictator, basically.

00:10:14   Yeah.

00:10:14   Oh, yeah. I still got my time.

00:10:17   Okay.

00:10:17   Yeah.

00:10:19   Yeah, oh look at that! It's labeled exactly like I told you it was going to be labeled.

00:10:22   Thank you Jason Snell in the Discord for pasting a screenshot.

00:10:27   So I'm sorry but this is how things work. When I know things I say things and in the future

00:10:33   we'll find a loophole. You're incredibly tricky to predict, saying.

00:10:36   Wow. Still, you won because of a coin flip. So...

00:10:42   Yeah and you got a point because of a technicality.

00:10:45   Hey look, at least I lost honestly.

00:10:47   No, you can't come in with that. You just lost because you lost. That's just how that works.

00:10:51   But I lost with integrity. I'd rather lose with integrity than win by cheating.

00:10:56   Who cheated?

00:10:58   Both of you.

00:10:59   No, nobody cheated.

00:11:00   Everyone cheated but me.

00:11:02   Because you lost.

00:11:04   I mean, the numbers speak for themselves, I think.

00:11:07   That you lost?

00:11:08   If I hadn't lost, I would have won, but y'all won, so I had to be the loser.

00:11:12   That's just how it works.

00:11:14   I don't know how I feel about this. I don't like this.

00:11:17   this is not good I'm not a fan of this this this reasoning that you're putting

00:11:22   forward okay well that's fine can I open that package yet nope no but but you

00:11:28   need to text with me Federico every day for him to go to the post office because

00:11:33   it's really killing me that that thing's just sitting okay you also need to write

00:11:36   for me on my behalf my section for Mac stories weekly okay okay you know what

00:11:43   okay yeah do you okay so you can you can write what I will write for you no no

00:11:50   no you have to write like me oh that's easy you do it it's me

00:11:56   sure sure what else fantasy okay that's all that's all oh I reviewed an iPad

00:12:09   mini by hacking a Nintendo ROM onto it. Okay, so this is like a whole tag cloud

00:12:15   that you have for me. So like keywords that make me... It's more of a mood board to be honest.

00:12:22   A mood board, okay. A Federica mood board. I love it. Federica mood board. Pasta, espresso, iPads, Final Fantasy,

00:12:31   Nintendo ROM, what else? Nintendo ROM, what else could we get in there?

00:12:37   Zelda, there are some obvious candidates in the tech. Good boys beach. Oh the dogs.

00:12:46   Snakes. Wait what? Snakes in the ISP. General internet problems. General, my ISP

00:12:55   is down. On fire. Yeah. That's another, that's another old, old reference.

00:13:00   Catherine says Metroid Prime.

00:13:03   Yes.

00:13:04   Metroid Prime's good.

00:13:05   Anything Pokemon related.

00:13:08   Competitive Pokemon.

00:13:10   I mean, you're just thinking of video games though.

00:13:11   Like you're not.

00:13:12   All right.

00:13:13   Yeah, but I mean, that's your thing, you know?

00:13:15   That's my deal.

00:13:17   That's a big part of you.

00:13:18   Yeah, what's your deal, Federico?

00:13:20   What's your deal?

00:13:21   What is your deal?

00:13:22   DAX.

00:13:23   Yeah.

00:13:24   DAX.

00:13:25   Oh yeah, headphones.

00:13:26   Just like look at my headphones.

00:13:27   Oh, I have more headphones.

00:13:29   Have you seen my headphones?

00:13:31   These are my new headphones.

00:13:33   Hey, look at these headphones.

00:13:34   These are all individual things.

00:13:36   I've got a cable.

00:13:37   Do you wanna see the cable?

00:13:38   - Okay.

00:13:39   - I like the Echo now.

00:13:40   I like Siri now.

00:13:42   I like the Echo now.

00:13:44   - I have nine home pods.

00:13:45   I have no home pods.

00:13:47   (laughing)

00:13:48   - I have all the home pods.

00:13:50   - I prank my mother who loves me

00:13:52   more than anything in the world.

00:13:53   - Does she?

00:13:54   Okay.

00:13:55   Moving on.

00:13:58   - Let's talk about St. Jude.

00:14:00   - Yeah.

00:14:01   - Great idea.

00:14:02   - I'm gonna read you a number right now.

00:14:05   And I want y'all's reaction to this number.

00:14:07   You ready?

00:14:08   - Okay.

00:14:09   - $527,227.64.

00:14:14   - Well.

00:14:15   - That's what the Relay FM community has raised

00:14:17   for St. Jude this far into September.

00:14:21   And we still got over a week to go.

00:14:23   - I feel like it could be more.

00:14:24   - This is what I was gonna say.

00:14:26   It's incredible, but come on.

00:14:28   We could do more, right? We could do more.

00:14:30   - What's this? Five, two, seven, two, two, come on.

00:14:34   - You know, my dad said that we would hit 600

00:14:36   and I told him I didn't think that was possible

00:14:38   and you know, prove him right is what I'm saying.

00:14:41   - Oh, I don't know about that.

00:14:42   I don't know about 600.

00:14:43   - He's a dreamer, you know.

00:14:45   - We've only got eight days left.

00:14:47   That's a lot of money.

00:14:48   That's 10 grand a day.

00:14:49   - Yeah, but there's a lot of people out there.

00:14:50   I know how many people have donated.

00:14:51   I don't know how many people listen to our shows.

00:14:53   - That's true.

00:14:54   - There's a lot of y'all who haven't donated yet

00:14:56   And look, you don't have to donate $26,000

00:14:59   like 1Password did.

00:15:00   I certainly can't donate that.

00:15:02   I know hardly anyone who can.

00:15:04   But 10 bucks, 20 bucks, 50 bucks, 100 bucks,

00:15:07   getting your company to match it to double your money

00:15:10   for free just with an email.

00:15:12   There's lots of things you can do

00:15:14   to get involved in this campaign.

00:15:16   And there's still time, stjude.org/relay

00:15:19   is where you wanna go to do that.

00:15:21   It's where you wanna go.

00:15:22   The podcast-a-thon is live on YouTube.

00:15:26   So, you know, settle in for a cool eight hours

00:15:28   with your buddies and watch that.

00:15:31   I will just say that I got the CEO of Halsack,

00:15:33   which is St. Jude's fundraising organization.

00:15:35   I got him to do something that I don't think anyone

00:15:37   thought I was gonna ask him to do and he did it, so.

00:15:39   - A very important person.

00:15:42   - Yes.

00:15:42   - Fate smiled on us perfectly.

00:15:45   - Yes.

00:15:45   - We got him to perform an act of barber-y,

00:15:50   would that be it?

00:15:51   - Computer aggression.

00:15:52   - Computer aggression.

00:15:53   - It involved safety goggles,

00:15:55   which they made me hand him.

00:15:56   - Yeah.

00:15:57   - So you can check that out.

00:15:59   But I mean, seriously, there's still lots of time left.

00:16:02   Please go donate if you haven't.

00:16:04   If you have donated and you wanna donate again

00:16:06   because you feel guilty about buying an iPad mini

00:16:08   and a new phone, you should go do that.

00:16:11   And the reason we do all of this

00:16:12   is because St. Jude treats kids with cancer,

00:16:15   including my oldest son,

00:16:17   with the best treatment on the planet

00:16:19   and they do it without charging the families a single thing.

00:16:23   Nothing. So nothing for treatment, nothing for scans, nothing for doctors visits, nothing for physical therapy, nothing for if you need a brace or dentistry work or an eye doctor.

00:16:37   All of that stuff is all paid for. Food is paid for. Travel is paid for. And it's because people like you all donate every year.

00:16:46   And so you should go get on board with that.

00:16:49   It's a real honor and a privilege, truly,

00:16:51   to be able to talk about this and do it.

00:16:54   But we still got eight days left,

00:16:55   so we wanna keep seeing that number go up.

00:16:59   Myke, this may be a good time to tell people

00:17:00   what we're gonna do on Sunday,

00:17:01   because we unlocked a stream way back at $325,000

00:17:06   that we are going to do this weekend.

00:17:09   - So this Sunday at noon Eastern, noon US Eastern time,

00:17:14   I'm going to be opening up a video iPod and replacing the battery and the hard

00:17:25   drive at flash drive with an SSD. Yeah it has a hard drive now yeah and we're

00:17:30   gonna put a an SD card in it. That's what I meant I said SSD I meant SD. I've

00:17:35   never done anything like this before so Steven's gonna talk me through it. I have

00:17:41   all the tools. You know it's not a keyboard right? You know it's not a

00:17:44   keyboard. I, well I hoped it might be but I don't think it is so that's that's why

00:17:49   I need Steven's help if it was a keyboard I don't need no one's help but if it's if

00:17:54   it's not a keyboard I need to help. Look at me I'm Mr. Keyboard. I'm Mr. Keyboard Mr. Big

00:17:58   Keyboard over here. Let's do a mood board for Myke okay it's okay keyboards

00:18:02   keyboards colors stickers beard products I don't really do stickers anymore

00:18:09   except my desk. Have you seen your desk? Yeah but that was a challenge. Caramel macchiato with extra foam or something.

00:18:18   I did have yesterday I had Starbucks ice latte. I had a caramel and maple sugar latte from Starbucks.

00:18:27   It was ridiculous. Uh-huh. F1. Nintendo Switch docked on the television. Because he has weak hands. Weak boy hands.

00:18:36   - Week boy hands.

00:18:38   - Pants, pants, pants.

00:18:40   - Pens, watches.

00:18:42   - Watches.

00:18:42   - But really an Apple Watch that he's ashamed of.

00:18:45   - Public transit.

00:18:47   Takes the train, takes the trains.

00:18:49   (laughing)

00:18:51   - Public transit?

00:18:54   I don't care about public transit.

00:18:56   I just need it.

00:18:57   - No, you take, you love the train, man.

00:19:00   We all know.

00:19:01   - Do I?

00:19:02   It's like saying food.

00:19:04   - Oyster card.

00:19:05   - That's also a thing. - Yeah, there you go.

00:19:07   - Yeah, that same wallpaper you use on all your devices.

00:19:09   - Yes, oh, messy wallpapers, messy wallpapers

00:19:12   where you cannot read the labels of the icons.

00:19:16   What else?

00:19:17   - Multiple task apps on your home screen.

00:19:20   - Multiple task apps listening

00:19:23   to the same music albums over and over.

00:19:26   - That's almost anybody our age.

00:19:28   I don't think that's unique to Myke.

00:19:30   - Yeah.

00:19:31   - Oh, he listens to music that was cool in high school.

00:19:33   Yeah, we all do.

00:19:35   Yeah, it's difficult to be like, I have a group chat with Federico and John.

00:19:39   Of course you do.

00:19:40   We mostly talk about video games.

00:19:41   Look, because you don't care, all right?

00:19:43   Yeah, it's called the Switchers, right?

00:19:45   I know it.

00:19:46   I've seen it in screenshots.

00:19:47   I know I'm not in it.

00:19:48   Yeah, that exists.

00:19:49   And every now and then there's music recommendations in there too.

00:19:51   And Federico and John are very like, they listen to lots of new music.

00:19:55   And I'm just like, "Hey, have you heard this Tai-Tai Joe album from four years ago?

00:19:59   I think it's really good."

00:20:00   Yeah, I don't listen to new music either.

00:20:02   Scott Pilgrim. That's good. Yep. Company tattoos. We've got two of those. That's true. I'm a

00:20:09   company tattoo boy. Can we do Steven now? Oh, Steven. Okay. Computers. Old computers.

00:20:16   Calendars. Breaking devices. Lots of children. Accidents. Just general accidents to himself

00:20:24   and things he owns. Anything can be broken. Hang on. We need to be really clear that you're

00:20:28   separating having multiple children accidents we need to separate those two

00:20:33   things just like just hey I don't know just separate those two things yeah I

00:20:36   mean I mean you do you it's you know yeah yeah whatever you think man it's

00:20:40   fine yeah yeah wheels just south yes south south the southern things anything

00:20:50   Oh yes. All the intolerances. Gluten, you know, that's it. Gluten. Dairy. Dairy. Dairy. Just like all food really.

00:21:01   What else screams of Steven? Having a mustache once a year? Mustache once a year, but desperately wants to keep it, but no one will let him.

00:21:11   Yeah. I don't know, when I think of Steven, I think of bathtub. You take a lot of baths.

00:21:17   Steven loves a bath. I mean, he loves to tell you.

00:21:19   Yeah.

00:21:20   He loves to tell you when he's had a bath.

00:21:22   Yep. Sometimes I'll just text you, I'll be like, "Hey, I'm in the bath thinking about y'all."

00:21:25   He loves to tell you during the bath.

00:21:27   Yeah.

00:21:28   I'm in the tub, Kindle in the tub, iPhone.

00:21:30   I bet the iPad mini is going to be a big tub computer for Steven.

00:21:33   It's a big tub computer for sure.

00:21:35   Mm-hmm.

00:21:36   Have we taken a break yet?

00:21:38   No.

00:21:39   Oh boy. Settle in, I guess.

00:21:41   What else? We're not done with Steven yet, though.

00:21:44   Flip-flop. Flip-flop.

00:21:46   That's for cutie. Big flip-flop of milk and the remembering of it.

00:21:52   Mm-hmm. Yes. Except can't consume it but loves to remember it. There's a big one that

00:21:56   y'all haven't mentioned that the livestream chat mentioned. No IKEA.

00:22:00   That's a good one. Too good for Calax. Yeah. That's one. Yeah. Dad jokes. We're gonna

00:22:08   put your mood board on a Calax. See what you think of that. Put it on a calendar,

00:22:13   hang out on a cow, Anx.

00:22:15   Dog cow is a good one.

00:22:18   I think that's it.

00:22:20   I think you're roasted now.

00:22:21   Oh, K-BASE.

00:22:23   Oh yeah, K-BASE.

00:22:24   Yeah, yeah.

00:22:26   K-BASE, K-BASE of the week, baby.

00:22:28   Yeah.

00:22:29   I can't believe you still do that.

00:22:31   Yeah, I can tell you how many I've done.

00:22:33   Give me a second.

00:22:34   It's like, oh, Devin Think.

00:22:36   Devin Think is also on the mood board.

00:22:38   I'm opening Devin Think to tell you

00:22:39   'cause I pulled them all into a group.

00:22:43   that I search because sometimes I think, "Have I posted this before?"

00:22:47   and usually the answer is yes.

00:22:48   You've definitely done it multiple times, but you know what though, Stephen?

00:22:52   Hmm?

00:22:52   Only you know.

00:22:54   Yeah, no one else knows.

00:22:55   You could have just the same 52 and you just post them, like,

00:22:59   once a week every year and see how long it would last before someone would recognize.

00:23:03   It's 309.

00:23:05   You posted 309...

00:23:07   Wait, so how many years is that?

00:23:08   Yeah.

00:23:09   That's almost six years.

00:23:12   I mean that's a thing you've done there.

00:23:13   I know, you know, nothing if not consistent.

00:23:15   Yep.

00:23:16   Mostly with my hair style and facial hair.

00:23:19   You are not consistent with your facial hair.

00:23:22   Get out of town or your hairstyle.

00:23:25   I got a little breaking news.

00:23:26   I made a promise on the podcast-a-thon,

00:23:28   the hair thing reminded me of it.

00:23:30   I made a promise on the podcast-a-thon

00:23:31   that I was going to up the ante for the shave or save.

00:23:35   Oh my god, I meant to ask you about that.

00:23:38   And I didn't.

00:23:38   I just--

00:23:39   You never revealed it.

00:23:40   I just forgot about it.

00:23:41   Like it wasn't me hiding it, it was just like, I mean,

00:23:44   look, at the end of eight hours,

00:23:46   you're lucky to remember your own name,

00:23:48   let alone something you said on the air four hours before.

00:23:52   So we're doing this thing, save or shave.

00:23:56   If you donate now, you can go vote.

00:24:00   And right now, save the mustaches winning like two to one,

00:24:05   because it should.

00:24:06   - It's the best, then it should be saved.

00:24:07   John just texted me another thing for Steven Smoothboard.

00:24:12   He just sent me a message that says, "Trucks."

00:24:15   Yeah, I feel like that could have been like,

00:24:20   South bracket trucks, you know?

00:24:22   Like, I feel like that kind of went together.

00:24:24   I ordered a tool to fix something on my truck

00:24:26   just this morning.

00:24:27   I just got a DM from Jason that said,

00:24:28   "Trucks and KVase hack it."

00:24:30   So, everyone except me in Federico

00:24:33   knows you as Truck Boy, I guess.

00:24:35   Big Truck Boy.

00:24:37   Big truck boy.

00:24:38   - We ready to move on?

00:24:40   - No, you never said it.

00:24:42   - It's like 8 p.m. - You never said the thing.

00:24:44   What are you upping the ante to?

00:24:50   - So for the last three years, we've done Save or Shave,

00:24:53   where I grew my beard out for a while

00:24:54   before the podcast-a-thon, and then I shave it off

00:24:57   and to a mustache.

00:24:59   I think I wanna keep that going, 'cause I think that's fun.

00:25:03   But there was an idea for the podcast-a-thon in 2020

00:25:07   that we couldn't do because of COVID.

00:25:10   And I thought, you know what?

00:25:12   If we get to do it in person next year,

00:25:17   and I really think we'll be able to,

00:25:18   we could come back to this idea.

00:25:20   And the idea was that instead of just shaving the beard,

00:25:25   that I would also go for quite a long time

00:25:28   without cutting my hair.

00:25:30   Maybe a year, maybe from the podcast-a-thon,

00:25:33   and then we have a barber come in,

00:25:35   and like give me varying hairstyles as the day goes on.

00:25:38   - Or me.

00:25:39   - Or someone who knows what they're doing.

00:25:42   - You gotta do the whole professional,

00:25:45   like vintage barber stuff, you know, with the warm cloth.

00:25:50   - Yeah.

00:25:50   - Yeah, yeah, and everything, and the music.

00:25:53   - That's how I, that's what I do.

00:25:54   That's, well, not me personally,

00:25:56   but I have all that stuff done.

00:25:58   - Myke gets to pick the hairstyles, Matt says.

00:26:00   James says "goodness, I thought he was getting shaved more" yes.

00:26:02   Although the problem with that is the time that it takes to cut hair.

00:26:06   Yeah but if we're both in person...

00:26:07   Takes a long time.

00:26:08   You know, like we can...

00:26:10   You'll just be in the barber chair the whole time.

00:26:12   Yeah. I don't know, we're just gonna think about it.

00:26:15   I do like the idea of doing something with your hair, so growing your hair out for an entire year would be an interesting thing to see how that ends up next year.

00:26:23   Live tattoo could be fun, I'm just saying.

00:26:27   Wow.

00:26:28   Live tattoo.

00:26:29   - Not sure I could get them to agree to that happening.

00:26:33   - It could be fun.

00:26:34   - I just wanna up the ante.

00:26:35   So maybe it's hair, maybe it's something else.

00:26:37   You know, let us know.

00:26:38   I'm leaning towards hair.

00:26:40   - I think you should grow your hair out

00:26:41   and see what we do.

00:26:42   - So as long as it was during the quarantine,

00:26:45   like you know, in 2020, that was about six months.

00:26:49   So if you go back and look at my old videos,

00:26:52   that was about six months and it was pretty long.

00:26:54   So a year it's gonna be like,

00:26:56   it's gonna be ponytail time, so.

00:26:59   I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

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00:28:30   iPhone reviews.

00:28:32   They're in.

00:28:33   Are out.

00:28:34   They're in, they're out, they're all around.

00:28:36   They're in, they're out, shake it all about.

00:28:39   So the iPhone reviews are out.

00:28:41   I've just basically this year consumed video reviews only.

00:28:46   I haven't read any written reviews yet because I've been reading other reviews, mostly by

00:28:51   Federico.

00:28:52   Have you?

00:28:53   Yes.

00:28:54   I know I'm working my way through. I have made a personal pledge this year to read the entire iOS 15 review

00:29:02   Because because you made it shorter

00:29:05   Which is what I wanted so I could read it all and I'm like hot and nearly halfway through now

00:29:10   And I'm gonna make it even shorter next year. I can tell you that, you know

00:29:15   I've written a couple of a couple of haikus

00:29:18   Maybe you get your iowa 16 review all the way down to a into a haiku

00:29:22   Now that would be incredible, especially if you worked on it for three months.

00:29:26   Can you imagine?

00:29:28   Haiku generator. So Myke you go on with the iPhone 13. I'm gonna make a Haiku for Steven.

00:29:33   All right, awesome. So the colors of the iPhone 13 overall seem nicer than the iPhone 13 Pro.

00:29:40   I think we already knew that though.

00:29:42   But it's like, there's just the saturation of the iPhone 13 colors, like the blue, the iPhone 13 blue

00:29:49   It's just so much better than the Sierra blue in my opinion.

00:29:51   The same goes for the Midnight.

00:29:53   Just looks way better than the Graphite.

00:29:55   Like, the colors are just better.

00:29:57   And it is, you know, this is overplayed now.

00:30:01   We've said it on this show, like, 20 times already

00:30:03   in the last three weeks.

00:30:05   I don't know why Apple refused to put cool colors

00:30:08   on the Pro lines.

00:30:09   Like, they just keep things really, like, muted

00:30:12   and I don't get it.

00:30:14   I didn't know this, like, that the phones

00:30:16   were a little bit thicker and heavier.

00:30:18   and apparently this is battery related and probably camera related too.

00:30:22   A trade-off I'm fine with. Like, okay, I mean, I think you're gonna get to this in a second,

00:30:28   but all these reviews talk about how bonkers the battery life is. It's like, okay, if my phone is,

00:30:33   you know, half a millimeter thick or whatever it is, and a little bit heavier in my pocket,

00:30:39   like, but I get an extra two hours of battery life, like, okay, I'm fine with that.

00:30:44   I'm into it. Like, two and a half hours extra battery life on a phone that has more than

00:30:49   enough battery life already, which is the Pro Max, like, yeah, I'll take it. Like, give me that.

00:30:53   The smaller notch hasn't changed anything UI-wise at all, which is, people keep saying they want the

00:31:00   battery percentage. I don't care about the battery percentage. I used to, I don't anymore. I mean,

00:31:04   they're so good. It doesn't bother me anymore. Federico, do you care about the battery percentage?

00:31:08   No, I always keep it turned off. Do you know what? I think this is a thing about

00:31:13   without having the big fun.

00:31:16   Like if I had an iPhone mini,

00:31:17   I would probably really care about the battery percentage.

00:31:19   - Exactly, yes, I agree.

00:31:20   - But now I'm kind of just like,

00:31:22   if I ever need to know, I just look in Control Center,

00:31:25   but it's very rare that I need to know

00:31:27   because my battery will always last me all day

00:31:29   and the only time I ever need to know my battery percentage,

00:31:32   my phone tells me, "Hey, you're 20%,"

00:31:34   and then I go into low power mode.

00:31:37   Big, the camera bumps big.

00:31:39   It's big, it's real big.

00:31:41   It's like half the phone now

00:31:43   And I just don't know if it can get big.

00:31:46   I feel like it can't get any bigger, right?

00:31:48   Like I feel like...

00:31:50   Just do the Pixel 6 thing and just have a bar across the whole thing.

00:31:54   The camera bump is so big it should pay taxes.

00:31:56   I mean it's...

00:31:57   Hey-oh!

00:31:58   Look at this guy over here.

00:32:00   We got some Apple-related stand-up going on.

00:32:05   I actually think, like, looking at it, it looks like it goes further than halfway.

00:32:10   Like looking at the images.

00:32:11   Tim Cook!

00:32:12   More like Tim Crook!

00:32:13   -Right. -Wow.

00:32:14   By the way, according to this website,

00:32:17   write@haiku.com, I have it.

00:32:19   -Okay? -Okay, then please give it.

00:32:21   Wait, what is this of?

00:32:23   This is iOS 15?

00:32:25   -iOS 15, yes. -All right.

00:32:27   So this is my new review.

00:32:29   iOS 15, not so big.

00:32:31   Changes in apps, not design.

00:32:34   Maybe more next year.

00:32:35   Oh.

00:32:37   -That's it? -That's so good.

00:32:39   Who needs any more than that, really?

00:32:41   I mean, I could have done this years ago and saved me the trouble.

00:32:46   iOS 15, not so big.

00:32:47   Not so big.

00:32:48   Changes in apps, not design. Maybe more next year.

00:32:51   That's the best part. It's kind of sad at the end.

00:32:54   Maybe.

00:32:54   Maybe next year. I don't know.

00:32:57   I like the commas. I like the commas I enjoy. Not so big.

00:33:01   Not so big.

00:33:03   Yeah, I'm a poet now.

00:33:05   The keyboard bump. I don't have these phones in hand. I'm not a reviewer, but...

00:33:09   Keyboard bump.

00:33:11   I mean, the keyboard bump, not so big.

00:33:19   The camera bump.

00:33:21   So just looking at like the 12 mini case that came from my wife's, the 13 mini case that

00:33:25   came from my wife's phone that I pick up on Friday, it's a lot bigger.

00:33:29   Now on the Pro Max, it's not that much bigger, but I think on the non-Pro phones, it's going

00:33:34   to be a more noticeable jump in terms of camera bulk.

00:33:40   I mean it doesn't bother me really but like it's just interesting and I can't

00:33:45   it's more just a thing of like I just can't imagine how it could like it

00:33:50   realistically could be bigger than this but I guess we'll find out next year but

00:33:54   the camera I mean but really though it seems like it was worth it because the

00:33:58   ultra wide looks way better the macro photos look amazing I can't wait to play

00:34:02   around with that some reviewers were saying that at the moment it's not great

00:34:07   because there's actually no macro mode like in the iPhone is just switching

00:34:12   itself but Apple have already said that they're gonna add this probably with

00:34:16   15.1 but they said with an upcoming software update so you will be able to

00:34:19   like manually switch into macro whether that's gonna be like a macro mode or

00:34:25   maybe it's like another one of the buttons with the like the 0.53x that

00:34:30   kind of thing yeah so we'll see low-light photos apparently a much

00:34:35   better night mode is sharper. The thing I am most excited about in the camera

00:34:39   which I don't think many people will be like I am is photo profiles so this is

00:34:45   where you are able to actually tweak the images that are being taken based on and

00:34:51   still take advantage of a lot of the stuff that Apple is doing with their

00:34:55   image processing but you can like for example change the way that the camera

00:35:00   takes images so they're more saturated or higher contrast and you have some

00:35:05   level of tweaking that you can do with that. Now, when I take pictures of, say, I like,

00:35:13   when I travel places, I like to take pictures of buildings. This could have been in my mode

00:35:18   board. Takes pictures of buildings. I have like a very specific way that I like those

00:35:22   images to look and being able to get part of the way there in the camera, that excites

00:35:30   Like being able to like increase you know the saturation of an image before

00:35:36   I've even taken the image so I can see it in the viewfinder. That is something

00:35:40   that I'm pretty excited about and I like that if you make tweaks saves them and

00:35:44   you can just choose if you want regular or to use a photo profile. So I think

00:35:49   this is an awesome feature that I'm really actually excited to play around

00:35:52   with. I thought it was interesting in the in the Verge reviews kind of the way

00:35:56   they put it was like some people like the way the iPhone looks. A lot of people

00:36:00   including me, also really like the way the Pixel camera looks and others like

00:36:04   what Samsung does. And the way they kind of put it was now you can make

00:36:08   your iPhone take pictures that are more like those other cameras, those

00:36:13   other phones, because all these have some sort of opinion in them. Apple says they

00:36:17   want to be as lifelike as possible. Samsung wants nice punchy colors. The

00:36:22   Pixel is kind of like moody in a fun way. And yeah, I think it's gonna be

00:36:27   gonna be fun. There are some limitations, right? It bakes it into the

00:36:30   image, which I understand why, based on how it works. Apple's like, "It's not a

00:36:36   filter, the Internet's like, it's a filter!" It seems like how it actually works is

00:36:40   it is tweaking those things in the pipeline and still applying things like

00:36:45   "a sky should look like a sky," "a face should look like a face," you know, trying to

00:36:49   balance it all out for you. So I agree with you. I'm looking forward to playing

00:36:52   with this and I think that their methodology of set it and new camera just works this way.

00:37:01   That's really really interesting to me that you can change all of your...

00:37:06   It doesn't feel very appley really.

00:37:09   It doesn't, it doesn't right?

00:37:11   It's like you're changing how your phone works and I think that's very interesting.

00:37:15   It kind of feels like, oh don't worry we will help you take the good photos, you don't know.

00:37:20   a couple of years ago, the controversy for capture outside the frame.

00:37:25   Oh yeah.

00:37:26   It reminds me of that.

00:37:28   Like the phone is doing things on my behalf and I don't exactly have control over it and

00:37:35   it kind of feels strange.

00:37:36   In fact, the following year they tweaked that option and I think it's gone now.

00:37:42   I think they changed it.

00:37:44   We had a whole episode on this show about capture outside the frame and we still didn't

00:37:50   managed to quite explain it with the iPhone 11. It's incredibly confusing. What was the

00:37:55   thing that turned it off? A setting? No, but there was like if you if you decide if you

00:38:00   used your phone or something. Video, maybe. No, no, no, it was if you turned on the sweater

00:38:05   mode, right? It was something like that. If you turned on, what was it, what was that

00:38:10   actually called? Deep Fusion. Deep Fusion. I forget what it was. There was something

00:38:14   that if you if you turned it one setting on it meant you couldn't use capture outside

00:38:20   the frame anymore.

00:38:21   Yeah, the Discord will catch up with us.

00:38:23   They say I'm right.

00:38:24   Oh, you know what it was?

00:38:25   Sorry, it was if you had capture outside the frame on, Deep Fusion wouldn't work.

00:38:32   That's right.

00:38:33   The opposite way around.

00:38:34   You're right.

00:38:35   Yes, there you go.

00:38:36   And you could only use Deep Fusion if you turned off capture outside the frame.

00:38:40   That's right.

00:38:41   Which just like conceptually makes no frickin' sense why these two things fight against each

00:38:47   other.

00:38:48   Exactly.

00:38:49   So the settings have been changed. So if you go to Settings > Camera, in the composition section,

00:38:55   it's now called "View Outside the Frame", which I'm not really sure what it does.

00:39:00   Like, it went from Capture to View Outside the Frame.

00:39:04   Maybe that's just, you know, like sometimes...

00:39:06   The little preview that you get.

00:39:08   Yeah, the camera UI goes away to kind of show you if you use the ultra-wide here,

00:39:15   it will give you this different type of thing.

00:39:18   But yeah, the cinematic mode for me feels like the first pro feature that I feel like

00:39:26   I could approach.

00:39:29   Because all of the raw stuff is too confusing for me, but I feel like it's part of the way

00:39:34   there.

00:39:35   It's being able to manipulate the data that the camera is taking in, in a way that seems

00:39:43   simple and that I could take advantage of.

00:39:46   Yeah, pro-raw and that kind of stuff.

00:39:48   It's just too confusing for me

00:39:49   and I don't really know what I'm doing with it,

00:39:51   but I do have an idea for how I want images to look

00:39:54   at the apps like VSCO

00:39:55   and even Apple's photo editing tools can help me do.

00:39:58   I like the idea of being able to go part of the way

00:40:02   towards the look that I'm after

00:40:04   in the viewfinder of the camera.

00:40:06   That is pretty exciting to me, honestly.

00:40:09   - And that feels like Apple flexing its silicon

00:40:11   a little bit of like,

00:40:12   we don't have to do this afterwards.

00:40:14   you were looking through the viewfinder in real time

00:40:17   and we're doing this just as you point your camera around.

00:40:20   Seems like a pretty intensive thing.

00:40:23   I think it's pretty cool.

00:40:24   - Yeah, it's an A15 feature only for that reason.

00:40:28   Cinematic mode, this is portrait mode, right?

00:40:32   Like in the sense of like, you can use it,

00:40:35   it's kind of janky,

00:40:36   it's probably gonna get better in the future.

00:40:38   Like it just, I mean, it is portrait mode for video

00:40:40   in a way with some more cool stuff,

00:40:43   But like portrait mode originally was like,

00:40:46   okay, there's a bunch of problems with this,

00:40:48   but you can kind of see it and it might get better.

00:40:50   And at this point, portrait mode is fine, right?

00:40:53   Like we know the issues that remain of it.

00:40:55   Like if you wear glasses, it will cut your glasses off.

00:40:58   But portrait mode is just like, I use it now, it works.

00:41:03   And you can get really great images out of it.

00:41:05   I expect cinematic mode is gonna be the same.

00:41:08   You know, some reviewers said it's fun.

00:41:09   Some reviewers say this is useless.

00:41:12   I'm going to take a bunch of video with it when I get my phone because I want to play

00:41:16   around with the editing afterwards because that seems kind of fun.

00:41:20   But it's also like, you know, it's restrained to 1080p, all that kind of stuff.

00:41:23   Like it's definitely a 1.0.

00:41:28   And it's funny really because it feels like this would have been the feature that's like

00:41:31   coming later, you know, like they always have like one of those features is like coming

00:41:34   later but cinematic mode is here.

00:41:38   Promotion is apparently amazing.

00:41:40   I can't wait.

00:41:41   I stand by the fact that this is going to be the thing that people are going to be like,

00:41:45   "Oh yeah, this is why you want that phone."

00:41:47   And we can't really talk about it until lots of people have it, or you can go into a store

00:41:53   and look at it because no YouTube video can show you the experience of it.

00:41:58   And I'm just convinced that it's going to look so good and it's going to be much better

00:42:03   than a larger screen because it just tends to work better on a smaller screen.

00:42:08   I'm convinced it's going to be better than any Android phone because Apple scrolling

00:42:12   was already so good.

00:42:13   So I'm so excited for this.

00:42:16   I'm super pumped for this phone.

00:42:19   I'm really into it.

00:42:22   It's got a couple of features to it that I'm very, very excited about.

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00:43:57   So Federico, as soon as you published your iOS 15 review, the big one, not the Haiku,

00:44:03   you immediately had to get to work on an iPad mini review.

00:44:07   - Yes, that's how it went.

00:44:09   So as I was wrapping up my iOS and iPadOS 15 review

00:44:14   last week, I was editing the review last week

00:44:18   and then I got an iPad mini.

00:44:20   I got a nice box from Apple with an iPad mini,

00:44:23   a new base model iPad, an Apple Pencil second generation,

00:44:29   an Apple Pencil first generation,

00:44:30   SmartKey portfolio and a 5G SIM card and also a purple Smart portfolio for the

00:44:36   iPad mini. You've been spending a lot of time with the new iPad? Yeah, yeah, in fact

00:44:42   I actually unboxed it today so yeah I literally did not remove it from the box

00:44:49   so I realized that obviously time-wise I would have to just focus on one of them

00:44:57   and it was pretty clear that I was gonna write about the iPad mini because it was

00:45:01   the device that I think a lot of people were expecting, I know that a lot of our

00:45:04   readers were looking forward to that, and I know that I was also looking forward

00:45:09   to that myself because I've been waiting for this iPad mini, right? We've been

00:45:12   talking about it, like, imagine when we're gonna get an iPad mini that looks like

00:45:16   an iPad Pro, and like, it was one of, like, I was actually anticipating this iPad

00:45:22   meaning more than an iPhone 13, honestly. Just because I'm also like, I'm gonna use

00:45:28   this a lot. And so, yeah, so basically what I did was I received this Thursday morning,

00:45:35   not Friday, as some people said on Twitter, I got it on Thursday morning and I got to

00:45:41   work immediately. And so what I would do was I was gonna edit the review during the day

00:45:48   the big iPad Pro, and then at night I would read my own review on the iPad

00:45:52   Mini. And I tried to, you know, relax, play some games on the iPad Mini as well, but

00:45:58   you know, not so long because I also needed to finish the review. And

00:46:05   then I wrote the introduction of the iPad Mini review on Sunday? Monday? And

00:46:13   And then the whole thing yesterday, basically.

00:46:16   I'm pretty happy with it.

00:46:17   It's one of those easy reviews, right?

00:46:20   I knew what I was gonna say.

00:46:22   I had an idea of what this iPad was gonna look like.

00:46:27   I knew the sort of angles that I wanted to take,

00:46:29   which is I don't have time to do,

00:46:30   and also I think it's kind of boring

00:46:32   to do like a tech specs review.

00:46:33   Oh, this iPad mini, the battery life.

00:46:36   Nobody cares about this.

00:46:37   I mean, not that nobody cares,

00:46:38   but it's not how I like to write.

00:46:41   What I wanted to write was--

00:46:41   Talking about Battery Life.

00:46:44   Exactly. Or the A15 and the bind chip, whatever. It's fine. It opens Safari, it opens books,

00:46:51   and you can watch YouTube and play games. Done. What I wanted to write was about the

00:46:55   experience of like, okay, so a small iPad. What kind of, first of all, like, my question

00:47:01   was, what kind of person are you, reading this review? Are you a Mac user? Are you an

00:47:07   an iPad Pro user like myself, do have an iPhone? I assume you do. Where does this iPad Mini

00:47:15   fall in the lineup for you, and what sort of role does it fill? What's the purpose of

00:47:24   this small device? And the limitations that it has, do they have an impact on what I was

00:47:31   planning to do with this iPad Mini? So that was my angle. Take the iPad Mini and write

00:47:36   about why would I want to use this instead of the iPad Air, why would I want to use this

00:47:41   instead of my iPhone, how does it compare to the big iPad Pro, the M1 with the XDR display,

00:47:48   and how does it compare to the old iPad Mini. So that was my angle. And then a bunch of

00:47:52   like miscellaneous thoughts at the end, like I always do. So that was my approach.

00:47:57   I think it's the right approach. I feel like you said we kind of knew what this iPad was

00:48:02   going to be, right?

00:48:04   A small iPad Pro or a small iPad Air.

00:48:07   What it made me think of is, you know,

00:48:09   back in the day, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini,

00:48:14   for a while, were basically the same.

00:48:16   Just choose your size.

00:48:18   I think that was in the iPad Air 2 era, maybe.

00:48:20   And over time, they've drifted apart.

00:48:22   But the thing that excites me about it,

00:48:24   and I pre-ordered one, it'll get here on Friday,

00:48:27   is the way you talk about it kind of fitting in places

00:48:32   that the big iPad doesn't.

00:48:36   And I wonder if you could maybe talk a little bit

00:48:38   about where those places are for you.

00:48:40   - The obvious one was reading books,

00:48:43   reading articles in Safari, that sort of stuff.

00:48:46   And I mean, you can do that with the big iPad Pro, right?

00:48:50   The big iPad Pro is still a tablet.

00:48:52   You can still take it out of the Magic Keyboard

00:48:53   and you can use it as a tablet.

00:48:55   You cannot hold it with one hand.

00:48:58   I don't know, maybe Android Giant maybe could have held

00:49:00   the big iPad Pro with one hand, but I cannot do that.

00:49:04   I like to use my iPad Pro as a tablet,

00:49:07   but usually I just place it on my lap

00:49:10   when I'm sitting on the sofa or something

00:49:12   and I'm just using the iPad Pro as a tablet.

00:49:15   But when I wanna read something in portrait mode,

00:49:18   that's a big and large iPad.

00:49:20   And that was sort of the first problem that I identified

00:49:23   and sort of... obviously the iPad Mini is a much better device for this, because it's

00:49:27   super lightweight, right? It's kind of strange when you think about it, how it weighs 70

00:49:34   grams more than an iPhone 12 Pro Max. And as I also wrote in the review, I like to use

00:49:40   the iPad Mini when, usually when I'm in bed and I want to read something before I go to

00:49:44   sleep, I hold the iPad Mini without a case on, because I don't like how floppy the smart

00:49:49   is in the back. I'm not a fan of like how it moves around and it jiggles

00:49:56   around, so I just take it out of the case and I just hold the iPad Mini. But I never

00:50:01   remove the case from my iPhone, and so if you consider how I always use

00:50:07   the 12 Pro Max with a leather case on, the weight difference goes down to 40

00:50:11   grams between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPad Mini. And additionally,

00:50:17   The 12 Pro Max, because of the weight distribution in the device, it feels like this little dense

00:50:24   brick that you're holding.

00:50:26   And even though the iPad Mini is technically heavier than the iPhone, it feels lighter

00:50:32   because of how the weight is distributed across the iPad Mini.

00:50:35   So it's nice to hold and use, and it's super lightweight.

00:50:40   Now, the big problem, obviously, when it comes to saying, "OK, I use an iPad Pro during the

00:50:46   It's got this beautiful display, XDR, excellent colors.

00:50:51   I switched to an iPad Mini at night,

00:50:53   and the screen kind of sucks, right?

00:50:55   And yes, it does.

00:50:56   I mean, I had a comparison photo in the review,

00:50:59   and you watch a TV show,

00:51:00   you watch a movie on the big iPad Pro,

00:51:02   and you do the same in the iPad Mini,

00:51:04   and the colors are just terrible.

00:51:05   It's washed out.

00:51:06   It doesn't have the deep blacks of the XDR.

00:51:10   You can go take a look at that photo yourself,

00:51:12   which I took with Night Mode disabled.

00:51:14   So it's exactly what you see in the picture.

00:51:18   But the thing is, if I want to use an iPad Pro in bed

00:51:22   to watch movies or TV shows like that,

00:51:25   I have to prop it up somehow, right?

00:51:28   Either I use a magic keyboard on my lap,

00:51:31   or I switch to a smart folio and I try to pop it up

00:51:34   without having it tip over on my bed.

00:51:38   But at that point, the question is,

00:51:39   if I have to hold this large tablet in bed,

00:51:44   Why can I not just watch a movie on the TV in front of me?

00:51:48   So the trade-off is you're leaving behind the XDR

00:51:53   and those excellent colors.

00:51:55   But with the iPad Mini, a couple of nights ago,

00:51:58   I caught up on Ted Lasso.

00:52:01   I watched three episodes of Ted Lasso

00:52:02   just holding the iPad Mini in landscape

00:52:04   on in front of my face, and it was excellent.

00:52:07   I mean, that's the kind of thing

00:52:09   that you can do with the iPad Mini.

00:52:10   So even though you're making a compromise

00:52:13   on the screen quality, on the image quality, you are gaining the fact that this is an iPad,

00:52:18   bigger than a phone, right? That you can hold for hours at a time without feeling like your hands

00:52:26   are about to fall off. So it's a decision that you gotta make, but to me this is the kind of iPad

00:52:33   where I know that there are some compromises that I have to accept, but what I get in return

00:52:42   is a super portable iPad that is like the word "delight" I used a lot in my review,

00:52:48   and it really feels like that. Like, it's a delightful little thing that lets you use iPadOS

00:52:53   anywhere you want, and you can just hold it with one hand, which is not something that you can do

00:52:59   with the Air, not something you can do with the Pro 12.9. Is this a content consumption iPad?

00:53:05   for most people, yes.

00:53:07   Not, okay, you can use this as a—

00:53:13   I quickly skinned Jason's review.

00:53:16   I saw that Jason edited a story

00:53:19   and a podcast episode on the Mini.

00:53:21   You can prop it up with a keyboard

00:53:23   and you can get it done, for sure.

00:53:25   I was editing—

00:53:26   I was reading my own iOS review on it.

00:53:28   It's obviously not optimized for that, right?

00:53:32   It's—

00:53:33   Because also the software keyboard in landscape takes up basically the entire display, right?

00:53:38   Exactly. The software keyboard in landscape takes up the whole display also because in landscape

00:53:42   it's shorter than before because of the different aspect ratio of this iPad.

00:53:47   So you can get it done. You just got to be aware of the fact that Split View,

00:53:54   it's pretty cramped and small. Slide Over is even smaller. Try and use something in Slide Over

00:54:01   in landscape mode on the iPad mini, it's quite comical, really.

00:54:06   This is kind of like where the iPad Pro is a landscape iPad.

00:54:12   It feels like from reading yours and Jason's reviews that really this is a portrait iPad.

00:54:18   And that you can do a bunch of stuff on it, but the majority of the time you're probably

00:54:22   going to use this in portrait mode if you're not watching video or playing games.

00:54:25   Yeah, I agree.

00:54:27   It is also because like they made it taller, right, than before.

00:54:32   And it feels like they know that this is an iPad you're going to use most of the time in portrait mode.

00:54:38   Not just if you're reading stuff, but even like if you're sketching, right,

00:54:43   you're holding it in portrait mode and it feels like a piece of paper,

00:54:45   like a little sketchbook that you're writing on.

00:54:48   It's also optimized for that.

00:54:49   So it does feel like you put it exactly right.

00:54:52   The iPad Pro is a landscape iPad.

00:54:54   This one is a portrait iPad.

00:54:56   And that is also another factor as to why I can use two iPads, right?

00:55:04   And they are still iPads, they run the same OS, but they produce these wildly different experiences.

00:55:11   You know, on the iPad Pro it's all about multitasking and the keyboard and split view and multi-window, multi-column.

00:55:18   On the Mini, it's more of an old-school iPad, which is one app at a time, sort of the old saying,

00:55:23   it becomes the app you're using, you know, it's a book, it's a browser, it's, you know,

00:55:27   it's an RSS client, it's a game, that sort of experience, yeah.

00:55:31   So hilariously to me, the 11-inch iPad Pro is still thinner than this one.

00:55:38   I find that very funny. It's just funny, like, I just, it's like, because my favorite fact,

00:55:45   I say this all the time, people probably hate it by now, the 11-inch iPad Pro is the thinnest iOS

00:55:49   device ever made. It used to be both iPad Pros but the 12.9 got thicker this last time.

00:55:55   So the 11 inch is still thinner. Looking at the images of the old and new mini side by side

00:56:02   is wild looking at the two of them next to each other. Because it's like the screen is so much

00:56:09   bigger but it's physically smaller. I find that really interesting and it also is wild to me that

00:56:16   The iPad mini is, you said, like it's 41 grams heavier than your 12 Pro Max in a case?

00:56:24   Yeah.

00:56:25   Which I guess with the 13 Pro Max, it's going to be 20 grams of difference.

00:56:29   Yeah, yeah, exactly.

00:56:31   And the iPhone still feels heavier because it's dense, right?

00:56:37   It's more, it's a smaller physical object, so the weight is all, you know, constrained to that smaller object.

00:56:46   That's why it feels heavier.

00:56:47   - I think you call it perceived lightness in the review.

00:56:50   - Relative lightness.

00:56:51   - Relative, that's it.

00:56:53   Which I really like that as a term

00:56:54   because it is important and it's hard to explain.

00:56:57   - Yeah.

00:56:58   - But it's kind of like the physical size of something,

00:57:01   the way the weight is balanced, where the weight is,

00:57:04   all that kind of stuff.

00:57:05   It makes a very, very big difference to how you use it.

00:57:09   'Cause like similarly, the 12.9 inch iPad

00:57:13   it's not that much physically bigger than the 11.

00:57:16   It's bigger, but it's not.

00:57:17   But like, that is impossible to hold in one hand

00:57:21   when the 11 isn't.

00:57:22   Like it's comfortable, not as much as a mini would be,

00:57:25   but you can hold it in one hand.

00:57:27   But like, I don't like even propping up the 12.9

00:57:32   with one hand.

00:57:34   Like, you know, like just hold, like resting it.

00:57:36   Like it doesn't feel very comfortable, but the 11 does.

00:57:39   So it's interesting how these devices kind of feel

00:57:42   -Yeah. -326 ppi.

00:57:47   -Yes. Yes. You can tell the difference from --

00:57:49   -Client in the iPad Pro.

00:57:51   -Yeah. You can tell -- If you look at text up close,

00:57:54   you can totally tell the difference

00:57:55   where I was doing a bunch of tests

00:57:58   with articles on Mac stories on six colors

00:58:00   and on a bunch of -- on apple.com, too.

00:58:04   And you can tell if you get real up close

00:58:08   that text is kind of blurry

00:58:11   on the lower display density devices.

00:58:14   It's one of the other niceties of this device, right,

00:58:17   where text is super sharp.

00:58:19   And it kind of--

00:58:21   somebody asked a question about this

00:58:23   when I did the live stream today.

00:58:25   Like, does it make up for the lack of promotion?

00:58:29   It doesn't really make up for it,

00:58:32   because when you scroll, when you switch apps,

00:58:34   when you navigate pages, that lack of promotion

00:58:38   hits you right away.

00:58:40   So the text, yes, when you're just looking at text

00:58:43   and you're not scrolling, you're not doing anything,

00:58:45   it's much sharper, it's crisp, it's nice to see.

00:58:48   But then you scroll and you move around

00:58:50   and you can tell that that 60 hertz refresh rate is there.

00:58:54   And it's one of the things like when I use this,

00:58:59   I immediately notice that it's not ProMotion,

00:59:02   that it's not XDR.

00:59:03   So still, it comes back to that argument

00:59:08   to that argument of, is this a trade-off that is fine for you to accept? And ultimately,

00:59:14   I think the portability of it, it's what makes it worth it.

00:59:20   That screen density, the 326 PPI, is not new. It comes from the fact that this density was

00:59:30   what the iPhone was at in the sort of original Retina series of phones, or 326 PPI, and the

00:59:37   the iPad mini 2 and it with retina yeah pick that up and yes and so everything

00:59:42   is slightly smaller in the term of points I'm gonna get that backwards

00:59:48   probably forgive me but things are physically smaller on the screen but you

00:59:52   have a higher screen resolution and the big iPads have been at whatever they're

00:59:59   at for 264 264 forever that's from the iPad 3 I think I don't think they've

01:00:04   ever changed that. I think so. The iPad mini is a little bit of an

01:00:10   outlier and its screen is really better thought of as a big iPhone screen and

01:00:16   less of a small iPad Pro screen.

01:00:19   Yeah, yeah. And I also think it's interesting to point out how the

01:00:25   adoption of the Liquid Retina display went a little differently between the

01:00:31   iPad Pro and the iPad Mini. In the case of the iPad Pro, in 2018, when it first

01:00:36   moved to the, you know, liquid retina, quote-unquote, "edge-to-edge" design, the

01:00:42   iPad Pro got physically smaller than the previous 12.9, but the screen stayed the

01:00:47   same. In the iPad Mini, it got physically smaller, but the screen got bigger, and it

01:00:56   kept the same display density. So I think that's a fascinating approach that Apple

01:01:00   took here, which is keeping the same display density, but stretching the screen vertically

01:01:04   so that it's taller, and a bit narrower, I believe, what is it, the difference on the

01:01:09   horizontal side? 48 pixels? Less than the old iPad Mini, but 218 pixels more on the

01:01:19   vertical side. So the fact that it's narrow, you barely notice. I had some screenshots

01:01:25   in the review showing like, "Oh yeah, in Safari on the old iPad Mini, you see a bunch of extra

01:01:31   pixels for tabs, but 280 pixels more on the vertical side, you see more text." So that's

01:01:40   the nice thing about this new display, is that it lets you see more text, which again,

01:01:45   it's made to be used in portrait, and it's ideal for reading stuff. And I guess playing

01:01:51   games in landscape, but I also pointed out this in the review. All the Apple Arcade games

01:01:58   that I tried on the Mini, they were letterboxed. They had black bars around them. I assume

01:02:06   that some...

01:02:07   This is the same as the 11.

01:02:09   Yeah, maybe some updates will come out on Friday when the iPad Mini launches officially.

01:02:14   But yeah, all of them were letterboxed.

01:02:17   Because it's technically a different, not technically, it is a different screen size,

01:02:21   right?

01:02:22   Like, shape.

01:02:23   Yeah, different aspect ratio.

01:02:24   This is the same with the 11 inch, like the 12, when the iPad Pro came out, the 12.9 inch

01:02:29   could do fine, like it was even with the rounded corners it wasn't an issue.

01:02:33   Well maybe it was a little bit of an issue but it wasn't that bad.

01:02:35   But the 11 inch, people had to like, they had to resubmit their apps built for that

01:02:41   device because it was a new screen shape, I guess.

01:02:44   Here's the thing, apps were not letterboxed, just games.

01:02:49   - I think games struggle harder

01:02:53   because they're not able to take advantage

01:02:57   of the adaptive UI stuff.

01:02:59   I don't remember what it's called, size classes.

01:03:01   I don't think games can take advantage of that

01:03:03   in the same way because it's mostly video assets and stuff.

01:03:06   So it seems like in history,

01:03:09   it's not been incredibly difficult

01:03:10   for a lot of developers to rebuild for that.

01:03:13   So according to Vida, if you build the app with Xcode 13 release candidate, the letterboxing

01:03:18   goes away.

01:03:19   Oh, there you go.

01:03:20   Okay.

01:03:21   So just a case of people updating their applications.

01:03:25   I really loved this line from towards the end, I think it's in your conclusion, which

01:03:30   is kind of ironic coming from me.

01:03:31   I can finally say I prefer using an iPad as my non-primary computer, except of course

01:03:37   that my main computer continues to be a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

01:03:40   So there's so many people that are like, "Oh, you know, I also use an iPad, but my main

01:03:44   computer is my MacBook or my iMac."

01:03:47   But now it's like, your main computer is a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and you also use an iPad

01:03:51   Pro as your non-main...

01:03:52   Like, I just like that idea.

01:03:55   I just wanted to say that.

01:03:56   I thought it was funny.

01:03:57   It's like, "Yeah, this is my non-primary computer, except that the primary computer is also an

01:04:01   iPad."

01:04:02   But that's the thing.

01:04:03   It's just like, what will people say?

01:04:04   It's like, "Yeah, I have an iPad," or, "Yeah, I use an iPad."

01:04:06   You'd be like, "Yeah, I have an iPad.

01:04:08   I use it with my iPad."

01:04:10   (laughing)

01:04:12   - Let me sit down my iPad and get my other iPad out.

01:04:15   - So yeah, it was a fun review to put together.

01:04:17   I really love the Mini.

01:04:19   I think anybody who's excited about it

01:04:22   should be because it's really good.

01:04:24   It's really nice object to hold.

01:04:28   It's obviously smaller than the iPad Pro you're used to.

01:04:32   It's smaller than the Air.

01:04:34   Multitasking isn't great on it,

01:04:36   but watching videos, playing games, reading stuff,

01:04:39   catching up on Twitter, catching up on RSS,

01:04:42   like all of these single app activities,

01:04:45   I think you're gonna love it.

01:04:47   - I wanted to give a bit of follow-up.

01:04:48   So tomorrow, which is Thursday the 23rd,

01:04:51   podcast that I do with Austin Evans

01:04:55   called "The Test Drivers."

01:04:56   We have an interview with Tom Boger and Steven Tonner

01:04:58   from Apple about the iPad mini.

01:05:00   - Oh, nice.

01:05:01   - One thing I would say, I asked them what Starlight is.

01:05:05   So if you wanna hear Apple's response to what is Starlight,

01:05:09   Check it out.

01:05:11   So that's gonna be episode four of The Test Drivers.

01:05:14   The truth will be revealed on The Test Drivers.

01:05:19   Looking forward to that.

01:05:20   What is styling?

01:05:21   Big answer.

01:05:22   Big answer to the Starlight question.

01:05:25   This episode of Connected is also brought to you by StoryWorth.

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01:07:11   >> IpadOS and iOS 15.

01:07:12   I did that in the wrong order, but you know what I'm talking about, but nobody ever says

01:07:16   it that way around.

01:07:17   But nevertheless, here we are.

01:07:18   The 15th edition of iOS and what, the third edition of IpadOS is now available.

01:07:26   Obviously, Federico has written a big review.

01:07:28   He spoke about the review as well on App Stories.

01:07:32   So if you want to get more detail about what's actually in those, you can go check that out.

01:07:37   I thought maybe the three of us could kind of just talk about a little bit, I think maybe

01:07:40   me and Steven more because it's newer to us, some of the stuff.

01:07:44   But I guess some of the things that I wanted to talk about today were like apps and stuff

01:07:48   that have come out since, which we may not have had that much time with.

01:07:53   I think the best thing that I have found, well not that I have nerfed it myself, but

01:08:00   My favorite thing so far, there we go, is the 1Password Safari extension.

01:08:06   Yeah, that's good.

01:08:07   It's so good.

01:08:09   Oh man, I love it.

01:08:12   I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I do, but having everything just there

01:08:18   rather than needing to like, oh, you need the one time password, well, you've got to

01:08:24   leave the app or you've got to do something.

01:08:26   Like, it's all just like everything's there.

01:08:27   It's so much easier.

01:08:29   I think Federico, did you say you turned off some of the autofill stuff?

01:08:33   Yeah, I turned off like a keychain and now I can just use one password.

01:08:38   If you turn off the...

01:08:40   I think Apple should do something about this.

01:08:43   If you turn off password autofill for one password, so it just works at the extension,

01:08:49   then it turns it off in all your other apps.

01:08:50   And so if you're in an application and want to log into an account that's in one password,

01:08:54   it doesn't show up above the keyboard.

01:08:57   And Safari View Controller seems to not have access to the extension too, right?

01:09:02   Uh, yes.

01:09:03   I believe that is, because those are like separate processes.

01:09:07   So I would like for that to be cleaned up a little bit.

01:09:10   I think most people who come across a web extension will be people using password managers

01:09:14   and it feels like there's too much overlap right now between the old and new systems.

01:09:18   Yup.

01:09:19   But it's so good.

01:09:21   It is good.

01:09:22   And on the iPad, you get the little icon in the door bar,

01:09:26   in the like, in the address bar.

01:09:27   - Yeah, just like a real computer.

01:09:30   - That's the whole thing of extensions.

01:09:32   You can get like pop-ups and all kinds of UIs on the iPad,

01:09:37   but on the iPhone, it's always that little like sheet

01:09:40   from the bottom of the screen you get.

01:09:42   - Can we talk about how bad the puzzle icon is?

01:09:44   - So what's this thing with the puzzle icon?

01:09:47   - It just looks bad.

01:09:48   It's just a bad puzzle piece.

01:09:51   - Okay.

01:09:51   - So you obviously have a lot of puzzle piece thoughts.

01:09:56   - I do.

01:09:56   I think that my main complaint is that

01:09:59   there's not enough open space.

01:10:02   It's just like the puzzle,

01:10:03   the little horns on the puzzle piece.

01:10:05   I know there's real names for this.

01:10:06   Don't at me, puzzle people.

01:10:09   - Puzzle people.

01:10:10   - It could look more puzzle-y.

01:10:11   - The piece that goes in, that's called a Puz,

01:10:14   and the part that sticks out is called a Zill.

01:10:16   - You're making that up.

01:10:17   - I'm not making it up.

01:10:18   Where do you think they got the name for it?

01:10:19   - Yes, if you are making that up.

01:10:20   It's a poz and a zl.

01:10:23   Did you say the zl?

01:10:25   No, zl, it's like Z-L-E, zl.

01:10:27   You got the poz and the zl.

01:10:29   P-U-Z and Z-L-E, that's how it works.

01:10:31   The poz, the poz and the zl.

01:10:33   Yeah, that's what that is.

01:10:34   You're the poz to my zl.

01:10:35   That could be, that puzzles to Myke's mood board.

01:10:39   So that could all be better.

01:10:41   There are some--

01:10:42   I just don't understand why it needs

01:10:43   to be a puzzle piece at all.

01:10:45   Yeah.

01:10:46   Because it's an extension and you're--

01:10:48   But that's not a puzzle piece.

01:10:49   What do puzzles extend?

01:10:51   Misery.

01:10:53   [laughs]

01:10:55   It's a puzzle because like

01:10:57   it's a puzzle in addition to Safari.

01:11:00   No, I don't know. I honestly don't know.

01:11:02   I don't know why it's a puzzle piece.

01:11:04   That doesn't make any sense to me.

01:11:06   But I like it. Can you boys tell me about other extensions that I should be looking into?

01:11:11   I'm gonna tell about all the...

01:11:13   Look, we're gonna give you a list of extensions.

01:11:15   You gotta try them all. Okay?

01:11:17   Stephen, you go first.

01:11:19   Okay, I will go with PippaFire, which will picture in picture any video in Safari.

01:11:26   How much...

01:11:27   Like, where are you coming across videos in Safari?

01:11:31   Mostly just the Wall Street Journal website.

01:11:33   But if you, you know, if you're one of those people who like don't want the YouTube app

01:11:37   because you think Google's following you or something, you can get picture in picture

01:11:41   there.

01:11:42   They definitely are.

01:11:43   It's just about whether it's a problem for you.

01:11:46   I don't consider it a problem for you, but what else?

01:11:49   Okay, so one password we already mentioned.

01:11:52   Yeah.

01:11:53   You, okay, you want to block Google AMP search results, right?

01:11:57   Yes, just like Mr. Vitici in the New York Times.

01:12:01   Yes, Mr. Vitici in the New York Times, that's a throwback.

01:12:04   Somebody will paste the link.

01:12:06   So why do I want to do this, though? Why do I?

01:12:09   Do you like Google AMP results and the fact that they hide the real link of a page?

01:12:16   I mean, in Shredeck, I just tap the thing at the top and get the link.

01:12:18   But why that's... Okay, so you don't have a lot of AMP thoughts.

01:12:22   -So that's unfortunate. -Not really. I don't.

01:12:25   I know that this upsets all of my friends a lot.

01:12:29   Like, this is one of those things.

01:12:30   Every now and then, something gets everybody real mad,

01:12:33   and I have zero opinion about it.

01:12:37   -AMP is one of those things, but... -That's fine.

01:12:38   That's how I feel about most things.

01:12:40   But AMP, it really amps me up.

01:12:43   -If you're... -Hello!

01:12:44   I'm good today!

01:12:46   You're very good today.

01:12:47   It's because you're done with the review now, so now 100% of your brain

01:12:51   can just be here on the show, you're not writing the review in the back of your head.

01:12:56   My brain is all japes right now.

01:12:58   So, okay, but if you were to care about AMP...

01:13:02   If one was to care.

01:13:04   Two extensions I recommend.

01:13:06   One, over-AMPed.

01:13:07   Do I need both of them?

01:13:08   No, just one, but you can pick and choose the one you prefer.

01:13:11   Which was the best one?

01:13:12   Choose your children. Choose between your children.

01:13:14   which is the best one.

01:13:15   If you're gonna make me do this, I want the best one.

01:13:18   Okay, I feel knowing you, you're gonna like Amplosion more,

01:13:26   which is the one by Christian Selig, the maker of Apollo for Reddit.

01:13:31   But I don't use Apollo, so...

01:13:33   You don't need it for...

01:13:36   You don't need Apollo.

01:13:37   I only want to say that because Apollo is another one of these things where everyone's like,

01:13:41   "It's the only Reddit app!"

01:13:43   I was like, no, I don't use it. I don't like it. But okay.

01:13:46   Me personally, I think I prefer over-amped, but knowing you,

01:13:51   I think you prefer Amplosion.

01:13:53   What is this?

01:13:54   You're more of a visual person, right? We have established that.

01:13:58   Why do I need visuals?

01:13:59   Because there's like a Tamagotchi-like game in the settings of this app.

01:14:04   Are you being serious? I want it right now. I want it right now.

01:14:08   See, I mean, you want me to make recommendations, don't question them.

01:14:13   Okay?

01:14:13   But you gotta tell me!

01:14:14   You gotta tell me why!

01:14:15   You can't just be like, knowing you!

01:14:17   No, blind faith!

01:14:18   That's how Max Stories works!

01:14:20   Blind faith?

01:14:21   Wow, I was like, "You must submit to Max Stories!"

01:14:24   The one true John demands your allegiance.

01:14:28   I give my allegiance to one true John today.

01:14:33   I spent an hour on a Discord call with John today

01:14:40   trying to get the two of these chuckleheads set up for streaming to

01:14:45   Twitch. Wait, did they wait to the day of to get it to work? Yeah, that's why

01:14:48   they're chuckleheads. I mean, I was writing my review until 4.30 a.m. last

01:14:53   night. What do you want from me? Well, I'm just saying you're a couple of

01:14:56   chuckleheads and I helped you out because without me, without me, it

01:14:59   was gonna be a disaster. Let me tell you that. They gave me a test today, like, "Hey,

01:15:05   "Hey, can you see this right now?" and Federico was exploding out of the speakers and John

01:15:11   could hear himself. There was a point where I was on the phone with John trying to work

01:15:17   this out and we got into just the worst feedback loop in a way that neither of us will ever

01:15:22   know how it happened. Anyway, it was, we had a real time today but we got it working.

01:15:27   I'm gonna send you a box of chocolates to make up for it. Thank you for your help.

01:15:32   No dude, the way you repay me is just telling me the apps to download.

01:15:35   Ok, so Amplosion, that one you need.

01:15:39   So you like dark mode, don't you?

01:15:41   So I've tried this app, Noir, right?

01:15:43   Yeah, Noir, yes.

01:15:45   It was doing things that I didn't want and I was a bit confused by it.

01:15:49   So it was off, but still affecting the color of some elements of a webpage.

01:15:56   And I didn't understand why.

01:15:58   OK, so you gotta tweak the settings and you want to enable...

01:16:03   There's like different ways that you can go about it, which is like if a website has a dark mode,

01:16:08   don't do your custom thing. If a website doesn't have a dark mode, do it.

01:16:13   But only when I switch to dark mode myself.

01:16:17   There's a couple of ways that... There are two settings and you need to play around with those.

01:16:21   Right? So, but yeah, it's really good. When it works, it's really good.

01:16:26   Now, this one, Myke, I think you're gonna love it.

01:16:29   You're based in Europe, we all know that.

01:16:31   Go on the App Store, search for--

01:16:35   Look, Brexit did not change geography.

01:16:37   I know, and it's Americans, right?

01:16:41   Anyway, Super Agent for Safari.

01:16:45   What this extension does,

01:16:47   it blocks the cookie notices on websites.

01:16:50   No!

01:16:51   Why are you telling me this one first?

01:16:54   (laughing)

01:16:55   Super agent for Safari.

01:16:58   Okay.

01:16:59   (sighs)

01:17:00   Then...

01:17:01   - This is everything I want.

01:17:02   - Okay, so we have also established

01:17:05   that you don't watch videos in Safari, so...

01:17:09   - No, I do, but they're all YouTube videos.

01:17:11   I'm just not sure.

01:17:12   - So, okay, so maybe Steven will appreciate this more.

01:17:15   Vidimote, V-I-D-I-M-O-T-E, Vidimote.

01:17:20   This gives you like global controls, especially on iPad.

01:17:25   It's very nice, you get this pop-up with all kinds of controls for all kinds of videos,

01:17:29   like playback speed, skipping backward and forward.

01:17:34   It's very nice.

01:17:35   It's like global video controls for any video on a webpage.

01:17:39   Wait, what does this super agent do?

01:17:41   I feel like I can't configure it all.

01:17:44   What is it doing?

01:17:46   It just blocks the cooking notices.

01:17:47   Oh, you just leave it, you don't have to do anything, it's just doing the same?

01:17:50   No, you don't have to, no, you don't do anything.

01:17:52   You just turn it on, you give it access, and you're done.

01:17:55   That's all.

01:17:56   - Oh, amazing.

01:17:57   - Yeah.

01:17:58   The last one I wanna mention,

01:18:00   maybe Myke will like this, maybe.

01:18:04   So I don't know if you're familiar with,

01:18:05   this is a start page extension.

01:18:08   It's called Momentum.

01:18:10   So this is a popular custom start page on desktop,

01:18:13   and it's now on iPhone and iPad too.

01:18:15   The reason you will like it,

01:18:17   it's got Todoist integration.

01:18:21   So you can have a custom start page, you can turn off, like they have a set of default

01:18:26   background photos.

01:18:27   So this takes over the Safari start page, OK?

01:18:30   When you open a new tab, you get a custom one instead.

01:18:34   If you are a plus subscriber to Momentum, you can upload your own wallpapers or your

01:18:39   own photos, and it cycles through those.

01:18:41   So now when I open a new tab, I got photos of Zelda and Ginger as background, which is

01:18:46   nice.

01:18:47   And there are a bunch of modules that you can configure.

01:18:50   You can have quick links, you can have search engines, you can have a little box that shows

01:18:55   you your tasks from Todoist, you can have a world clock so that when you open a new

01:19:00   tab, you see times around the world, and you can configure all of this.

01:19:04   You can also have things like your mantra or inspirational quotes, you know, that kind

01:19:10   of stuff, which you can turn those off.

01:19:12   I know that you don't strike me as the poetic guy, which is fine because I also turned the

01:19:20   I don't like poetry, I just don't like inspiration quotes.

01:19:24   But it's very nice how you can, like, I set it up with my own background photos,

01:19:29   Todoist integration and a word clock, and it's very nice.

01:19:33   And lastly, I have just one more, but I need to confirm the name.

01:19:38   I don't think I want to see my Todoist tasks outside of Todoist.

01:19:42   That just feels like upsetting to me.

01:19:45   I get that. There's an extension.

01:19:49   Oh my God, this app is balking at me.

01:19:52   Yeah.

01:19:54   Yeah, that's the Amplosion app.

01:19:55   It's balking.

01:19:56   That's Mr. Waffles, right?

01:19:57   Okay, so- Mr. Waffles?

01:19:59   Yeah, that's the name.

01:20:00   I love it.

01:20:01   So X Search for Safari.

01:20:04   This lets you set up custom keyboard shortcuts

01:20:09   for search engines.

01:20:10   What?

01:20:11   Stuff like, so you can do things like W

01:20:14   and then you type, I don't know, London

01:20:17   and you search Wikipedia.

01:20:19   Or you can type, it's like the shortcode syntax on DuckDuckGo,

01:20:24   but in Safari for all kinds of search engines.

01:20:28   And you can even have like these custom queries and stuff.

01:20:31   It's very configurable,

01:20:32   and you can save a bunch of time if you set it up.

01:20:35   So you can set up these shortcuts for all kinds of websites,

01:20:38   like the Internet Wayback Machine, GitHub, YouTube,

01:20:43   all kinds of stuff.

01:20:44   And you can set up custom keywords

01:20:48   to activate those search engines.

01:20:50   It's cool.

01:20:52   I can have a shortcut for Amazon Italy

01:20:55   and Amazon US, for example.

01:20:57   There are some other extensions like these.

01:21:01   I saw Dan Morin on Six Colors recommend

01:21:04   Safari keyword search.

01:21:06   I think it's a similar concept,

01:21:07   so you can pick and choose if you want, I guess.

01:21:10   I like this one myself.

01:21:12   But yeah, these are--

01:21:13   - What was that called, that one?

01:21:16   - Xsearch.

01:21:17   X-Search. One word.

01:21:21   Playing around with things.

01:21:22   And that's...

01:21:24   And I guess I can also mention the ones that I have that you, Myke, will not care about.

01:21:29   Achoo! HTML, also by Christian Selig, is also like a very good web inspector on iPhone and iPad.

01:21:36   If you ever want to inspect HTML on web pages, you can use that one.

01:21:40   Beautiful icon, too. Too bad you're never going to see the icon because it's an extension.

01:21:44   Christian also made an opening Apollo extension, if you want to automatically redirect Reddit links to Apollo, which is nice.

01:21:52   That's clever.

01:21:54   Yeah, it's very clever.

01:21:56   And, yeah.

01:21:58   Man, there's a lot of these, huh?

01:22:00   Yeah, it's...

01:22:02   This is like...

01:22:04   THE category this year, right?

01:22:06   Because basically nothing else is new in iOS.

01:22:10   So a bunch of developers, given the absence of SharePlay,

01:22:14   rightfully so, they have realized,

01:22:17   "Well, I guess I'm going to make an extension."

01:22:19   You know? And it's nice.

01:22:21   I spent a bunch of money, like the other --

01:22:23   Like, it reminded me of the old days of the App Store

01:22:25   when there was, like, a new thing,

01:22:27   and you go in and you buy everything

01:22:28   because you want to test them.

01:22:30   Some of those will not stick around,

01:22:32   but it feels like a new way for developers to make money

01:22:36   with these new features.

01:22:39   It reminds me of the old days of extensions and widgets, you know, that kind of deal.

01:22:45   This is really good though, because he's genuinely useful too.

01:22:48   It's not just like a fun thing, right?

01:22:50   This is genuinely really useful stuff.

01:22:54   And super cool.

01:22:55   Yeah, I'm into this big time.

01:22:57   How cool.

01:22:58   I'm trying, I've tinkered with the Night Mode one.

01:23:01   I have another one that maybe this is very specific, but...

01:23:04   So do you use tab groups in Safari?

01:23:07   I do, yes.

01:23:08   OK. Does it annoy you that when you open a tab group, maybe you switch to it after a

01:23:14   while, the tabs are all from the day before, like they haven't been refreshed?

01:23:22   I don't think I've noticed that.

01:23:23   This is a problem for me because I use tab groups as like... For example, I have a tab

01:23:29   group called Italian News, and it's just Italian news websites. But when I go in, especially

01:23:36   on the iPad Pro, they're always kept in memory.

01:23:38   And so I'm getting like, I open the tab group and I switch to the first website, and it's

01:23:42   from the day before.

01:23:44   And I gotta go in and refresh each one of them.

01:23:48   Now I can just use this extension called "Reload all tabs for Safari."

01:23:53   That does exactly that.

01:23:54   It reloads all tabs.

01:23:56   So if you use tab groups like me, you can use this extension and reload all the pages

01:24:01   that you've saved in the tab group, which is convenient.

01:24:04   But now I'm done for real.

01:24:06   Nothing else.

01:24:08   What about stuff on the iPad?

01:24:11   We got widgets on the home screen now.

01:24:13   How are you all liking that?

01:24:14   I love it.

01:24:15   I will say I've surprised myself at the fact that I have actually found multiple extra

01:24:23   large widgets that I like.

01:24:25   I did not think that I would like them or want to use them because it feels like that's

01:24:30   surely too much space on the home screen taken up but Timery, Fantastic Owl and Carrot Weather.

01:24:40   Timery isn't out yet. It will be at some point. Yes. They have a great extra large widget.

01:24:46   Very good. I do this to Timery all the time, to Joe all the time. I feel like I get a pass.

01:24:50   I talk about things that aren't in the app yet but hey it's good. Be hype because the

01:24:55   extra large widget in Timery is excellent if you're a Timery user. It's a very smart

01:24:59   way of creating one. Or you could say it's Excelent. Oh yes. What happened to you? You

01:25:07   were me. He's working at 125% today. That's what's happening. What's happening to me?

01:25:15   I don't know. This is post review Federico. The Fantastical one and the Carrot Weather

01:25:20   one they're really great because it's like I always want to see more information about

01:25:25   So I'm using them on the home screen, which is super cool.

01:25:28   So I'm very happy about that.

01:25:29   Especially better for me now that I didn't know

01:25:33   until a couple of days ago that you can rearrange

01:25:38   your widgets and app icons in both portrait and landscape view

01:25:41   and they're remembered independently.

01:25:44   That is very cool and a very unintuitive feature

01:25:47   via PadOS 15.

01:25:48   - There are so many of those.

01:25:50   - Yes, yeah.

01:25:51   And so that's cool that that's there.

01:25:53   But yeah, I really like the extra large widgets.

01:25:55   And just having widgets on the home screen is great,

01:25:58   but the extra large ones were a surprise to me

01:25:59   now that I'm seeing more developers update for it.

01:26:02   - Yeah, yeah, I was kind of hoping that

01:26:06   I think GoodTask has done this.

01:26:09   So GoodTask, the Reminders client,

01:26:11   they've done an Excel widget

01:26:13   that lets you use the board mode,

01:26:17   sort of like the Trello Kanban mode that they have.

01:26:20   it lets you view that in an Excel widget.

01:26:24   And I was kind of hoping that Todoist would do that as well,

01:26:27   because they also have a board view setting for projects

01:26:31   and filters and that kind of stuff.

01:26:33   But they have an Excel widget for Todoist,

01:26:36   but they don't make it configurable

01:26:38   so that you see the board mode with the sections and everything.

01:26:41   Todoist's widgets are so...

01:26:44   I feel like they are lazy from a design standpoint.

01:26:48   But they are pretty well done from the configuration part.

01:26:52   The features are good!

01:26:54   Features are great.

01:26:55   It's like they forgot to put any design on those widgets.

01:26:58   They're just lists, you know?

01:27:00   It's like, here's three bullets!

01:27:01   It's like, okay, that's great for people that want that,

01:27:05   but I would like maybe how many tasks I have for the day,

01:27:09   or anything other than, like, here's a task!

01:27:12   Okay, thank you, Todoist.

01:27:14   I don't use the Todoist widgets because I think that they're really ugly.

01:27:18   So yeah, I do like the widgets on the iPad, I like the big widgets.

01:27:22   I wanted to ask the two of you if you had any specific focus mode inspiration for me.

01:27:28   Actually, let's save that, because before we go today, we have to talk about Quick Note,

01:27:33   because we said we'd talk about Quick Note.

01:27:34   Okay.

01:27:35   And we can maybe save focus modes for another episode.

01:27:38   We can come back to some of this stuff.

01:27:39   So who wants to go first to Quick Note?

01:27:42   We all have things to say about Quick Note, apparently.

01:27:44   I just want to say that I love it, especially for the Safari integration.

01:27:47   how you can highlight stuff on web pages and it saves the highlight with the text from the page,

01:27:53   and it keeps it linked, and then you can search for that text in Notes. I think it's really nice.

01:27:58   I wish that I had that kind of integration in Books for highlights. That's not supported.

01:28:05   I mentioned today in my iPad Mini review this EPUB reader called YOMU, that's Y-O-M-U,

01:28:11   and it does what I want it, which is you highlight something in an ebook,

01:28:15   and it supports Quick Note. So you make a deep link for that annotation,

01:28:21   which is what I want Apple to do in books. But otherwise, I'm a big fan.

01:28:25   I love Quick Note and I use Obsidian, but it's the kind of feature that, like,

01:28:32   it's very compelling as a Notes user. Too bad that there's a bunch of other problems in Notes,

01:28:37   but yeah, I think it's really well done.

01:28:39   My issue with Quick Note is that it's kind of really only an iPad feature, like really.

01:28:46   Mm-mm.

01:28:47   And I don't feel like I will be able to get enough use out of it until the feature set is expanded more broadly.

01:28:56   And it does feel strange for that to be the case because most of the time the iPad is the device that doesn't get the feature, right?

01:29:03   It's like either an iPhone feature or it's a Mac feature and maybe the iPad's kind of supported by it.

01:29:08   But I just think that there's ways that they could do it for the Mac and the iPhone to

01:29:14   make it work better, really.

01:29:17   The iPhone, it kind of just doesn't exist at all.

01:29:19   Apparently on the Mac, it's like, it doesn't really, at the moment at least, doesn't really

01:29:25   seem to be doing a lot of what makes it good on the iPad about being able to collect up,

01:29:30   you know, like, "I'm on this page" or "I'm in this part of the app" or whatever.

01:29:35   Yeah, a lot of that user session stuff isn't in Mac apps, especially AppKit apps.

01:29:41   And so, yeah, on Monterey it's maybe not quite as useful.

01:29:44   So I find that to be a shame.

01:29:46   So I feel like I can't really give it the full use that I've wanted to because I would

01:29:51   feel like maybe I would be losing out the functionality in other places.

01:29:56   I feel like I also need to just give it more of a go.

01:29:59   I was kind of waiting for a lot of the apps that I use to be updated to support it.

01:30:04   I don't know if it has been yet, but I was wanting Reader.

01:30:07   Reader would be a really good one for me,

01:30:09   because I very frequently go through my RSS

01:30:12   and add links to a note.

01:30:14   I'm like, "Oh, I'll read this later on for show prep."

01:30:19   So Reader is a perfect one for me.

01:30:21   I haven't checked if they've updated to support it yet,

01:30:23   but I hope that they do if they haven't.

01:30:25   - I don't think so.

01:30:26   I don't think Reader supports that, maybe,

01:30:30   but I know you don't wanna switch.

01:30:33   I'm sure that NetNewsWire supports that already.

01:30:37   And maybe Lear, which is L-I-R-E.

01:30:42   - But I really like Reeda though.

01:30:45   - But me too, me too, that's the problem.

01:30:47   Hopefully we'll support it soon.

01:30:49   - 'Cause I mean, if Reeda wasn't good,

01:30:52   you know what I mean?

01:30:53   Then I would move, but Reeda's really good, so.

01:30:56   - I don't know what it is, but it's super good.

01:30:58   Yeah, I always go back to Reeda eventually.

01:31:00   There's something about it.

01:31:01   It's one of those apps, like there's something about it.

01:31:04   I don't know what it is, but it's so nice.

01:31:06   I hope that they support this feature then for...

01:31:09   Because it feels like these kinds of applications

01:31:12   where you're already triaging through a bunch of information,

01:31:15   being able to very quickly save stuff to a note is kind of like perfect.

01:31:21   So hopefully, Reeder will get that in the future.

01:31:24   I still want to have...

01:31:27   I want to quick note my reminders.

01:31:31   Obviously, I mean, says the guy who made a plugin for Obsidian to have

01:31:34   Task Manager and note-taking integration, but I really would like to

01:31:39   put a reminder like an actual

01:31:43   deep-linked reminder in Notes and have that sort of integration. Some developers have done this. I think things to do is

01:31:50   I believe they have Quick Note integration now, but imagine if Apple could do it and

01:31:56   And imagine if Apple were to support quick not in reminders

01:32:00   and you will have like a special deep link

01:32:02   with the check box.

01:32:04   Imagine if you could have a reminder deep link

01:32:07   and it has a check box and you click it in notes

01:32:11   and you mark it as done.

01:32:13   - That would be good.

01:32:14   That feels like fluid office or whatever it was called.

01:32:17   - Yes, I mean, they are doing like this,

01:32:20   Apple is already doing this custom deep links,

01:32:23   like the Safari one, when you highlight text on a webpage,

01:32:26   Developers can do that. That's an Apple only thing

01:32:29   So if they were to or I mean why not do an Apple music quick note custom thing?

01:32:36   Which has a music that lets you play the music

01:32:38   you know

01:32:41   Maybe I don't know maybe in the future and Steven you said that all of this made you sad

01:32:45   I just I just wish I could use it with craft because I've moved everything there and

01:32:50   I really like it. I don't want to move out of it. I'm not going to move out of it

01:32:53   So this is not a super useful thing for me, but at the same time

01:32:57   I don't really do this sort of work on my iPad. So I feel like it's

01:33:03   Just not for me. It's

01:33:06   doing it but

01:33:08   Imagine in the future you will have

01:33:10   Default quick note apps and you can use devon think instead imagine that that would be cool

01:33:16   I mean, it's not too far-fetched, right? No

01:33:18   Maybe it is though. I don't know who knows

01:33:23   Yeah a little more follow-out Sunday's MPU will be all about iOS and iPad OS 15

01:33:28   So David and I get into the the weeds of that. I can't help but notice there's been no tvOS review Myke

01:33:34   I haven't started it because honestly I forgot about it until two days ago. Okay, I

01:33:39   Completely forgot that that was a thing that I did

01:33:42   But honestly, I think I could probably tell you real quick

01:33:45   Nothing except a couple of little tweaks and some new war papers, but let me look into it properly

01:33:52   and I'll get back to you because I 100% forgot that that was a thing that I apparently do every year.

01:33:58   Yeah, well, you know, don't keep us waiting too long or we're gonna find a replacement.

01:34:03   This is gonna be my year where it's a month late.

01:34:05   Okay, that's fine.

01:34:07   We'll get one, right?

01:34:08   Yeah, you'll get one. Okay.

01:34:10   We'll get one. I was on time last year.

01:34:12   All right, you can be late. It's fine.

01:34:15   I completely forgot that this is the thing that I do, so.

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01:35:04   - Arrivederci.

01:35:05   - Cheerio.

01:35:06   - Bye y'all.